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Free Verse Butterfly Poems | Free Verse Poems About Butterfly

These Free Verse Butterfly poems are examples of Free Verse poems about Butterfly. These are the best examples of Free Verse Butterfly poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Butterfly Landings

Butterfly Landings 

It’s a precarious perch
High by a skydive
In such a leap of faith
A leap of love
Circumnavigates these boots of Earth
Fellow to the stratospheres
These butterfly landings
Of you in my heart

Destinies lance
Has shot me full to the sun
On the twirling chant sung
Ever re initiates
And sounds the river onward runs
Of your name
Settles red iridescence
To tip the scales
These butterfly landings
Of you in my arms

I see you in precognitions
In my obsessions of your hair
Lip-syncing to the kisses 
In my passions of your eyes
Where my heady desires evolve
This molecular bonding’s
These butterfly landings
Of you inside my soul

It’s a precarious perch
To expressive to encapsulate
How much I love you
It’s a peculiar laugh
That admits I have never even met you
But all of you inexorable
I am conceded to the pull
I am bound to the groundings
In these butterfly landings
Of you

( Everything I am
  Everything I do
  Wrapped inside
  Those landing butterflies
  I cannot express
  In any vocabulary of words
  Only in the dictionary of unspoken eternals
  Lay the definitions of
  How much I love 
  How much I need 
  How much I want 


  They beg with you
  This man on bended knees
  How this strength in me

  Come back to me

  Come back to me )


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O' Butterfly

O' Butterfly, she was a child, who flew without a chance Beguiled, exquisitely, endowed with wings of fragile lace Innocence would haze her eyes, as gossamer might do to carry wings, so far from home, upon his threshold's door Travail would pierce the heart and fill her soul and throat with song She was a tree in blossom, filled, of spring and cultured lore who trembled with the hope of leaves of which the leaves were tongues Lyrics can't be found again, without tears to right the wrong Her nature gentle, soft as rain, was welcome as the sun Bathed in humbled innocence......and eloquently sung Collector came…, sans thought or shame A uniform of chloroform A net, he held, along with schemes, a plot to win her hand And caught her with a smile, and whims, a ruse of false intent With kisses spent, upon her cheek She flew into the bliss.... The deep abyss of love, she went, her heart upon her sleeve His promises, came with no repent, pretense, though, never said, In his spell.....he said farewell, and kept the lies intact. Her frail wings pierced across the sky Her love impaled upon the seas Her voice would cry soliloquies Grief is leashed from midnight's tongue while east winds echo with her song… By death, the shame will cease
________________________________________________________ Submitted for Contest: "Pierced" Sponsor: Rob Carmack

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The Butterfly

I pursued a butterfly through the woods.
It fluttered, just always beyond my reach.
The more I pursued, the more it teased.
Stalking it, like prey, it just fluttered away.
I found  a moss covered log to rest,
Sitting in a serene, secluded spot.
A butterfly came ,sat upon the log.
I caught it in the palm of my hands.
It's wings became a rapid flutter,
Trying to escape my grasp.
I opened my hands , freeing it.
If we pursued things in life,
They become unattainable.
If we sit quietly and reflect,
they become attainable.
Chasing our dreams may be
as allusive as the butterfly.
Finding them as beautiful as the butterfly.

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On Butterfly Wings

On clear bright days I catch a glimpse
Of what is a rare and beautiful sight.
Endangered, once feared to be lost to time
A gem to the butterfly world.
The Monarch making a brave return
Bringing to me a smile on beating wings.
Timeless beauty wrapped in a silk cocoon
Free to flutter where the wind goes.
Dancing on air without missing a beat
Enchanted by your beating heart.
Knowing I have seen rare beauty.
On more than one occasion you have come,
Like the rainbow that comes by.
Peeking through the clouds, around corners.
Reminding me on several occasions,
To follow inspiration, to keep chasing rainbows.
To fly on butterfly wings.

For P.D., who constantly inspires...
Contest 'any old butterfly poem...

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One Thousand White Butterflies

Soft walls undulate like liquid steel
Metamorphic pulsations
Iridescent glow
Spiritual guides
Ushering departed souls

Rippling contractions
From cocoon-like womb
Bringing forth new breath
Replenishing blown out candles
Eyes scrunched
Painful cry
Drowned out by the rustling
One thousand butterflies taking flight

Snowflake-like beings
Spreading their light

Within the night
Eternity is born
A baby raises his tiny fists
Mother's tears turn to joy
Floating heavenward on delicate wings
A child is born

Written with Monterey Sirak.
Thankyou for letting me join you in flight!

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You Lead Love

As the moon smiles 
beams pearly white 
silver shadows dancing 
in the souls warm sweeping energy 
Sweetly brushing butterfly wings 
floating inside flying to the sound 
Echoes floating in each flutter 
touching a warm dainty voice sings 
magic chanting 
I am to the mantra off your life 
graced each step 
one like a swan in flight 
always flying forward 
Never stepping back
finding everything in peace 
inside out shines beautiful 
dancing the night away

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God's Kind Of Poetry

he crawls in the filth, struggles to climb, finding a convenient spot he branches out. begins...perhaps  the most baffling of all processes. when done...dormant. he will be prey for predators of all kinds as time passes,  as minutes count the hours...the hours the days he beats the odds, success is his. the dirty crawler who gives even 'Jocks' the willies, the heebee jeebees, starts his exit from his rented home. just a bit, then more...then wings opened...the crawler emerges, a of nature's most beautiful creations you stare with disbelief, A Butterfly  ...crafted with rainbow borrowed shades. as he is in you, so you know this is God's poetry.   one of God's rich, layered writes "The Beauty and The Beast"."The Ugly Duckling"... ...and his children the human poet evolves by osmosis. God's kind of poetry  pastes smiles in the core of young and old. ...ah but in children's laughter joy like they've never known. his masterfully written poetry...approved by all.  In prayer we herald the poet's name.

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Forever loving you

Sounds of a great mountain roar
trembling echoes 
a shaking voice,
flooding down the face
a river of tears 
inside each drop, 
treasured sparkling crystals
pearl jewels weep.

Brings new life 
as joy sweetly blushing 
desires your beauty ,
Crowned queen of the flies bouquet colors,
a butterfly dances 
floats upon a sun lighting rays,
touching inside with warm wings 
sweeping an angel.

Sweet gently skipping desire 
hot pulse beats star lighting passion ,
glows behind the jewels,
baby you shine beautifully bright 
warm when the thunder roars ,
beast of reality natures lion.

Loves arrow strikes 
deeply blushing red
under a pink moon ,
sweetly embracing together 
kissing forever spirit of the night
always uniting under your love,
when our dream becomes true
into eternity hand in hand 
one masterpiece 
walking to paradise 
adoring the picture within you.

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Beyond The Garden Gate

Ornate is the ironwork that I peer through
as my fingers grasp the garden gate,
and I open my eyes to my Wonderland.

My bare feet step down the moonlit path,
where fireflies twinkle amongst the stars
that reflect upon the flowing crystal brook.
I capture them in a lantern, then set them free.
My lavender dress twirls weightlessly as I dance,
here I am free to feel joy and to dream.

Here beyond the gate of my enchanted garden,
when the golden sun sets low in the evening sky,
the daisies, gladiolas, and pansies never close their petals
and the sunflowers shine in the moonbeams.

While butterflies stay to perch on the blooming trellis,
the song of the hummingbird fills the warm night air
and I fall asleep in my flower bed of thorn-less roses.

Written by: Kelly Deschler
February 17th, 2014
For Nette Onclaud's contest - "My Secret Garden"

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A Room Full of Butterflies

Inspired by a Art gallery and a poem by Shelly.

A room full of  mottled multicolored butterflies
captured within a creative space
of artful design
to inspire and aspire
Flirt and flutter a delicate ballet
among the pot plants
A splash of color
an oasis
among a drab row of urban gray
The door is opened
and the butterflies are released to freedom
flying high above
lush green trees
in clear unblemished skies
floating like autumn fallen leaves
in a gentle breeze
painted Ladies
that rested on my heart for a while
and made it smile
bringing pleasure to my eye
A symbol of freedom and eternity
filling my dreams
with all the treasures of summer.

Peter Dome.copyright.2013. Sept.

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Beautiful Butterfly

Wrapped in a rainbow of vibrant beauty
While butterflies dance to rhythms beat
Caught off balance by beauty still
Inspired by the smallest features

Found where love is it's purest
Fluttering on silk wings
Waiting patiently for butterfly kisses
A promise of perfumed dreams

Here while wrapped in ecstasy 
Intoxicated by butterfly beauty
Drinking in naked fantasies
Stay beautiful, beautiful butterfly

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Butterfly Dreams

The day she rewrote herself
No more sad songs
With livelier tunes she sings along
She has welcomed the call of opposites
When she wishes to be alone she calls a friend
If she is sad she tries on happy 
At first a game of pretend

She changes her hair
Relishes how the young men stare
Subtle differences from the outside in
She knows all things have to begin
One step at a time
Rewritten line by line

This all feels like a Dream
The changes pick up steam
She now looks in the mirror
She's not confronted by fear
She doesn't look away
Her life has become OK

Not a simple chore
But this woman wanted more
Tired of waiting 
Locked behind a dark door
That was not the life
She had been made for

That other her 
Has gone away
Endless night 
Exchanged for day

Reality from imagination
The person she is was there
She may not have known
Yet others were aware
Butterfly wings
Beauty redefined
Etched in bright colors
Spread out with her mind

Dedicated to Colleen

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Butterfly Song

A butterfly fluttered into my space
And tried to lite upon my face.
The beautiful creature had no fear
And kissed me softly on the ear.
As delicate and tender as she was,
she whispered to me with no fuss.
Sharing the wonders of her life 
She made me smile for just a while.
A sweet spring flower to brighten my day.
Careful flight my friend, I pray....

Appreciation (In Honor of PD)

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A Beautiful Reverie

Here I lie beside you
My heart goes thump.thump.thump.
My soul dances inside you
Reveling in the texture of your own.
Electric and flowing 
The currents of our love
Glow like neon lights
Illuminating the hope in my eyes.
Though we're not moving
I feel so incredibly alive
Invincible to my past
Untouchable by all who lack
That gentle touch of when 
You lean in and brush my face
Your lips grazing my skin
Softer than a butterfly.
And then you gaze into my eyes
I fall into your depths 
Twirling like the autumn leaves
Melting into your smile 
Your soul reminiscent of summer.
You pull me into your arms 
And for a moment I'm lost 
Breathless and in awe
Staring in the face of pure exquisite love 
And there you are - holding it 
Glowing in the moonlight of my stare.
My heart beats - its drum pounding away
Echoing a song thats lost its words
I touch your cheek and smile
My hands cant stay away
My lips s l o w l y, draw near yours
Hovering, and then - 
Part, a soft warmth against them.
My eye lids pulling shut
Dragging me into a silent heaven
I pull away - and what seemed millennia
Lasted only a moment, a second in time
But this is our love
This is what you do to me
You make me invincible and fragile
Lost forever in a beautiful reverie.

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Steel Butterfly

A weak worm hatched
From an egg that is fragile
Trying to survive the world
Full of predators and guile

Romanticsm has been just an instrument
To be confined in the ego
And a faint serfage
On behalf of love upon herself

So she claims herself
No longer merely a companion
Metamorphosed as time goes by
A mild steel butterfly

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Her Beautiful Butterfly

She closed her hand over it
Tightly, oh, so tightly
Wanting to keep it
She wouldn't let it fly away
As the others had done before

She felt the beating of butterfly wings
Against the inside of her palm
She giggled
Taking a quick peek
Between her prison fingers
To see again 
The beauty
Of the Monarch butterfly

How she longed to keep it…forever
To look at its beauty
Whenever she was sad
Which happened to be
Quite often...
Maybe because she wanted to fly away
And could not
That she wanted the company
Of that beautiful flitting thing

The frantic movement was getting less
She sat down on a rock
And took another peek
He was still there
Trying to get out
He almost squeezed through
But she closed him in again

Another butterfly
Danced about her face
Almost alighting on her knee
With her sudden motion of glee
It then flew to a waiting flower
Pausing in the sunlight
To show off its brilliant colors
Then it took flight
Pretty and light
Like her dreams at night

For the first time
A little pain came to her chest
As a truth began to dawn
Her little captive was meant to fly
To be free
She mustn't keep it long

As a childish tear or two
Gathered in the corners
Of her pretty brown eyes
Lingering on her dark lashes
She slowly opened her hands
Only to see
Butterfly colored fingers
Moist and wet
Where a butterfly lay dead
In the cradle of her palm

Eileen Manassian Ghali

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Butterfly Rust

~With a red cloisonne butterfly welded
to the end of the metal, the wire, I wrapped you
and cut off the circulation in my pinky finger.
I laughed with a nervousness
given to caffeine,
and popped two sticks of peppermint gum
in my mouth.~

"Always remember me", you said with a smile
of darkness, of truth, to insanely beguile
the roof off my brain, pulling all of my thoughts
to the sky to condense, concreting the pain.

(Conundrum to imprison a butterfly brightly
to metal in what looks like nail polish red
Funny to think that this same time next year
I'll still be here thinking the things that you said

You will be breaking up wine glasses toasting
and you will be setting the sun every night
and maybe you'll think of me somewhere
in passing, but somehow I can't think that that would be right.)

I never liked cloisonne, I'd rather remember
the moment I met you when all was still free
and nervously, as I unwrapped my desire,
I'd rather it there, that you remember me.

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painted lady
spread your wings

Thighs of color
pose your love

I light
candle flame
for you
I am
consumed by fire

Since my house
has burned down
I can see
the moon more clearly

I gaze upon
your Eden
falling upon me

I run blindly
to you
as you mount
in my garden

As I hold you
in my arms
do not
let me feel
your departure
upon my hand...

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held within wings

a blanket 
begins unfolding
treading on dreams
softly a mist
begins creeping
in the soul
without shadows
echoes falling silent

walking without colour
in a distant fog
i see the sunshine
glistening dew
upon leaves
cherry lips
blossoming red
sparkling in essence
something beautiful

tears begin
falling deeply
shed in happiness
how much 
it all means
touching love
one soul
is the butterfly
within wings
folding them around
your heart

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Monarch Butterfly

hanging from the foliage
in your hundreds
repainting the leaves
in bright shades
of black and orange
with your waterproof
gossamer wings
of four inch span
so fragile and 
yet so strong
enabling you  
to journey south
across america
from canada to mexico 
breeding new generations
as you travel 
thousands of miles
with unerring accuracy
to the exact place
of your birth
to breed
a new generation
that will initiate 
the process for 
the return journey
to the north
in due course
you are indeed
the monarch 
of butterflies

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A Butterfly

I was with my daughters at their favorite playground.  I watched them chase each other 
around the merry-go-round.  Laughing and enjoying the extremely pretty day.  I watched 
them among the other children play.  I couldn't help but smile, hearing their shrieks of 
laughter made life worthwhile.
       As I watched my girls have a fun time.  In my mind I began thinking of a rhyme.  
Something new.  Life is so beautiful and it's something I value....
       People found love but they lost it.  Sometimes life can leave you emotionally 
exhausted.  I thought about the two people who remain married even though it's all for 
show.  A spouse is betrayed with a Judas-kiss.  They remain married so things appear great 
on the surface.  But why?  Why live a lie?  Isn't she tired from wiping tears from her eye?  I 
can't be her samurai and protect her if she don't let me in.  I told her hearts don't break they 
just bend.  She tells me she'll never marry again.  Why?  Because of one guy?  That's 
unheard of! There is only one kind of true love, but there are a thousand imitations.  She 
knows people go through trials and tribulations!
       My thoughts  were momentarily distracted, watching a butterfly in the sky.  I thought - 
Be like the butterfly, be free;  Hold my hand walk with me.  She tells me people can't seem 
to stay committed.  I'll be the first to admit it.  She's right and I understand her pain.  I lost 
my appetite and I thought I too would go insane.  My wife left me for another man.  I did not 
seem to understand.  I searched within myself for the source.  I thought I was to blame for 
her filing for divorce.  But hey, life goes on.  I need to let my friend know, I refuse to let her 
go through her struggles alone.  I will be her back bone!
       As I pictured her in my minds eye.  Several feet away I watched a beautiful butterfly.  
He had a long run if this was the same one I saw in the sky.  It's wings fluttered coming 
closer towards me.  It landed on my knee.  So many bright colors and different designs were 
on it's wings.  I heard Brianna and Jasmines voices calling to me to come push them on the 
swing.  Their voices played melodies on my heartstrings.  My mind shifted again to my friend 
who's like sunshine in the spring.  She needs to know Cupid now has a finer bowstring!
       I looked up at the sky and watched the butterfly begin it's journey anew.  Life is 
beautiful and it's something to value!

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Pretty princesses
Dancing all around
Frolicking through fields
Very beautiful
Just like you!

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Romantic, close
A subject of sweetest softness
Cats can be loved too

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Return Of Your King

Reflections of imperfections have shown me a way that I can move mountains through my power of faith even though I can't see him I know he is real through the power of prayer and a Love that I feel It's growing inside me like a flower in bloom shall I reveal my powers or is it too soon I am reading the signs through my darkness I find a reason for belief in the light of mankind that I know shall overcome the greatest of odds the Love I seek amazes me especially through the flaws because now I am inspired through the hero's that bring my throne through the darkness on which I return on as your King.

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Butterfly Beach

so this is where butterflies go to die
atop this burning ochre beach
amidst the palomino stones
party streamers 
chinook bones.
Chrysalis flutes swaying
beyond dunes, blue and gray
under a plush velvet shroud
they fold their powdery dreams
awaiting the pouty pallbearer tide 
toting emerald caskets, silver lined

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Broken Wings

A newborn butterfly just broke out of her cocoon shell.
She spread her orange and black wings
and attempted her first flight.
She not only flew, she soared through the heavens.
The sunlight gave her warmth that she had never known before.

Little did she know, that this feeling would not last.
This monarch would cross paths with an uncaring, ravenous bird.
It grasped the butterfly in it's claws,
and with the bird's hungry beak, it tore the precious wings from the monarch.
A bird doesn't care who it hurts,
as long as it satisfies them.

The butterfly was delirious, from the pain and the shock.
Her beautiful wings were taken away.
She could no longer fly amongst the warm sunlight.
She now only knows the despair and the darkness that she used to be.
Now that monarch has become a caterpillar.
And, death has become her cocoon.

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One Thousand White Butterflies

Soft walls undulate like liquid steel 
Metamorphic pulsations 
Iridescent glow 
Spiritual guides 
Ushering departed souls 

Rippling contractions 
From cocoon-like womb 
Bringing forth new breath 
Replenishing burnt out candles 
Eyes scrunched 
Startled cry 
Drowned out by the rustling 
One thousand butterflies 
Taking flight 

Snowflake-like beings 
Spreading their light 

Within the night 
Eternity is born 
A baby raises his tiny fists 
Mother’s tears turn to joy 
Floating heavenward on delicate wings 
A child is born 

Written together with Richard Lamoureux
(You turned my vision of white butterflies into something truly magical)

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What lives in moisture's molecules, water crystals dripping 
Downwards, frozen tears of the winter angels, forming a
Crystalline ice cocoon, within life's angelic essence thrives,
A metamorphism of beauties extreme, bursting forth
Behold the ice butterfly.
Sliver's sheer wings of delicate perfection, fluttering on a
Wintery November breeze, spreading flights appendages wide,
It captures the arctic currents beneath, soaring through the
Thickets barren wilderness.
Angelic creatures whirling majestically, a swirling swarm
Of fragility, symmetrical elegance in motion, reflective
Chambers of crystal light, the colors palate array, are trapped,
Within their graceful wings of ice.
Nature's magnificent work of art, flying aloft ever so
Gently, nipping at the frosty lace floating from heaven,
A cascading blizzard of snowflakes,  blissfully descends
Upon a wintery wonderland.
Living icicles glittering in the cold sunset, set free 
Unto liberation's crisp chilly air, light as feather’s
Down, soaring flit to flights ascension, circling each
Other in wild abandonment’s carefree play, drifters
Castaways lost amongst kindred's mischief.
As tenderly lain is the mornings dew, does it's
Limbs rise and fall thus softly, resting at a stands stilled
Pause, such beauty captured in silence's repose.
The Aurora Borealis, in kaleidoscope a shimmering
Prism of brilliance, sparkling with winter's natural
Essence, purified by the temperatures frigidity. 
Shine little ice butterfly, for soon life's ice-kissed
Spell, shall be broken by the first warming breath
Of spring, enchantments flutter bug, inspiration's
Muse, melts away at the thaws ember, revealing
The evergreen beneath the powders white.

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My Attractions II

All about me the butterflies feed and soar,
my heart flutters, my mind takes flight.
Every second electrons escape bondage, shed light—
this is how I would paint the day, flapping in joy,
instant by instant changing images, changing tune,
beckoning me beyond my world, afar, off on a flight
out of this world where we feel gravity full upon us
weighted by the actual, wedded to the world
until we realize, we are the element called imagination.

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The Butterfly Flutters By

The butterfly flutters by—
It’s the symbol of our Company.
That logo’s on my bus so high,
Where clients ride so comfortably.
That noted fluttering butterfly
Is a noble Pacific Monarch;
You can sometimes see it cruising by
The Monterey Peninsula, light or dark.
You’ll see my bus parked by fine hotels,
Classy wineries, the Monterey Aquarium,
Beneath the Carmel Mission bells, 
Or in Pebble for the A. T. and T. Pro-Am.
The butterfly flutters by—
And in case you didn’t know it,
The driver that waves as he flies by
Also happens to be this poet.*

*The driver has been working part time since 2007 for 
Pacific Monarch Ltd., which is headquartered in Marina, 
California.  The buses are navy blue with a white butterfly
logo.  The author has written many songs and poems 
while waiting in his bus between runs.

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Mythical animal
A single horn
From the center of its forehead
Beauty in its essence

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The Hymn of Freedom

The Hymn of Freedom
The butterfly could not formulate 
on which it battered its flimsy wings
freedom lay beyond the pane
still cruelly beckoning 
with light and colour
the scent of flowers and open fields
How like a god I was 
as I sat and watched
the implacable glass 
tear its wings apart
and I heard a choir of voices singing to me
I sat and let the butterfly die
baked by the heat 
and its struggle to be free

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A monarch drifts in gauze costume Wildly cruising, to ride on spring’s trapeze; An effervescent flight which shines,which glows Enchanting buds through regale of mist Unto wind-tossed sways in hues of orange... Then she pirouettes, for an encore's dance. Contest: Itty bitty Contest #2: Doing it Again! For Andrea Dietrich New Poem

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My Observations

All the eagles soar increasingly circular overhead my umbrella.
All the elephants thrash inconsolably tasting of trees umber.
All the earwigs buzz inexpressively surrounding oracles with uncertainty.
All the evil makes illness triumphant over the unclean.
All these expressions say ignore details obey the unusual.
Animals like everyone have inelegant needs overcome by uptrends
all may embrace but illusions may overturn their usefulness
and we extravagantly take impressionable judgments opting for unawareness.

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In my butterfly boat
Set me afloat
Until I reach the top
And the stars all drop
Into the sea
Let me be free
Until I finally see
All of my dreams
Through the lies
On the backs of butterflies

Take me away
To the starry skies
On the backs of butterflies 
On the backs of butterflies
Fly me afar
To the nearest star
On the backs of butterflies 
On the backs of butterflies

Setting asail
In my butterfly boat
I'll gently float
Into the sky
I'll navigate 
The milky way
Until my sunlit day 
Finally arrives
On the back of butterflies

Take me away
To the starry skies
On the backs of butterflies 
On the backs of butterflies
Fly me afar
To the nearest star
On the backs of butterflies 
On the backs of butterflies

When I arrive 
In my butterfly boat
Somewhere remote
I'll finally find
My butterflies
Then in my mind
I'll finally know 
Where I should go 
With my life

Take me away
To the starry skies
On the backs of butterflies 
On the backs of butterflies
Fly me afar
To the nearest star
On the backs of butterflies 
On the backs of butterflies

These are lyrics to a song. The background music can be found by looking up Exordiar on YouTube. This one is song #4.

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Florescent butterfly you touch the sky
Without wings
With your graceful strides you leave behind
Mystical feelings 
Of which I can not hide
I won't deny that your pixie dust gets me high!

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I was a child catching butterflies
on the yellow flowers
sprinkled on the green grass
at the roadside
They were beautiful butterflies -
big ones
small ones
red ones
yellow ones
and some tiny blue ones
which gave different shades of colour 
as they were struck 
by glancing sunbeams
There were little four-winged ones
which puzzled me
why did they have four wings
while the others only had two?
I was catching butterflies
but today 
a thing called progress
tore up the yellow flowers
on the green grass
at the roadside
and there are no more butterflies 
and still I do not know 
why some butterflies had four wings
while the others only had two

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Summer is lemonade

Summer is a lemonade
Summer breeze blowing the grass around
with a warm sun kissing my face
blue skies wrap and hug me
as I watch the butterflies race.
Summer gives me lazy days
coloured flowers and dancing trees
smell of charcoal and starry nights
brings back childhood memories.
Summer is an endless beach
sun cream, bikinis and beer
salty seaspray, fish and chips
postcards saying "wish you were here".
sunburnt shoulders and fun fares
laughter never seemed to fade
grab the ice and share around
yes Summer is a lemonade

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A Feeling That I Knew Too Well

A feeling that I knew too well;
With every word you spoke I fell-
Falling deeper into the bliss;
Longing for your every kiss.

Without you here my heart grows fonder;
Around the park I start to wander-
And think about how you make me feel-
The longing starting to become surreal.

Giving meaning to my life,
You lift me up from pain and strife.
I thought it was a feeling that I knew-
But with your guidance the passion grew.

Spiraling up with every touch-
Never wanting to leave your clutch. 
Waiting for your familiar glance-
Missing you with every chance. 

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This poem was first published in ‘Stone Voices Magazine’
—a publication that truly emphasizes spiritual realization.
It appeared in the Fall 2013 issue.


My hands are the hands
of a gardener,
fresh with soil, sunlight, and rain,
with the breath of flowers
and kisses of moisture.
I sprinkle seeds over the earth,
like a holy man sprinkles sacred water.
The soil: grateful for my blessing.
The birds: grateful for this small fare.
I chant incantations and listen
for the growth of roots,
for the rustling of sprouts,
pastel green and tender, spiritual
and uplifting.
I rain dance and praise the sky,
hold my hands to the air,
forming a small bowl
for the rain to fill,
to be the stimulus, the birthmother,
the liquid that makes
the garden whole.
I ask the sun for waves
of light, the breeze
for strength and circulation,
the fertilizer for sparkling minerals
that infuse the roots, stems, and fruit
with vitality.
On my knees I dig
with bare hands into the soil:
my hands, like intimate dancers,
lead the busy prolific weeds
to another existence, to their rebirth.
My hands are the hands
of a gardener,
fresh with soil, sunlight, and rain.

From my fourth full-length collection of poems

©dah / dahlusion 2013
all rights reserved

My gratitude goes to publisher, Christine Cote
for bringing my work into her spiritual realm,
and for sharing with her readers one of my poems.

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Translucent Wings

This paradox of flesh and spirit...
One being bright as the other dark
Withering it's flower aneath celestials sun
Ageless her renewing in timeless waters
Metaphoric streams a cocoon she waits..
Restless, these dreams to escape; to fly away.

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On Fragile Wings

Inspired by Constance La France's contest "Unwritten"
7/5/11 By Carrie Richards

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The Maker Of Miracles

I am the maker of miracles a real spiritual man waltzing through shadows as they pull me back in I know I must escape them any way I can I know the way out like the back of my hand It's just me and the maker together, he and I I told you God is in me you just thought I was high talking with the Zeta's they tell me just why everything has an ending and the old me, must die I'm Calm as a bomb in the eyes of a storm they stare upon me as if I've been warned turn me inside out as a goodness is born I wear my battle scars so stars know I'm war torn When the gift of life is freed from inside the fire starts fading then the anger subsides like the great phoenix, I go back in time a miracle is born and now that I'm revived in my new life, I shine.

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At Night

At night life goes beyond limits
Shameful and fearless evaporates
Boys and girls tiptoe out of their abode to peculiar places
Blankets dances all the night

Even the gloomy is hailed with glamorous compliments
The sinner has a prerogative to sin
The dark hides us from the views
Only two witnesses are present
The moon and the stars

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Kissed By A Butterfly

What seemed like an ordinary day, turned special in a most peculiar way. My friend 
Polly and I set out to see the "House of Butterflies" , eagerly anticipating to see the 
elegant, graceful, glorious creatures. When we stepped inside , scores of other 
people all about, all in wonder we took in the explosion of colors, all of the rainbow 
and even more.

We moved slowly casting our eyes all about, not wanting to miss a thing no doubt. 
Then Polly said "look Jack a butterfly has landed on your head" , much to my suprise 
I glanced in one of the many mirrors all about and there on my head sat a glorious 
blue and yellow butterfly! We slowly moved along beholding their delicate grace and 
beauty. Of the scores of people there, I was the only one with a butterfly on my 
head. As we neared the exit the butterfly moved onto my cheek and I got a 
delightful sensation, a tiny kiss on my cheek ,Then this feeling gripped me, a feeling I 
have rarely experienced, I felt special~~kissed by a butterfly~~.

Then the fans they used to keep them inside, wisped the butterfly from my cheek. 
Another feeling exploded from deep within, I so longed to go back and experience it 
once again. To find my butterfly friend and to once again be ~~kissed by a 

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Home By Dawn

My battery fully charged the week is brand new all the lost loved ones are telling me thank you for bringing them to life in my memory yesterday now I am ready to win in any way and nothing can hold me back from my dreams people are staring in utter disbelief they think the devil has contracted my life little do they know I took the path to the right and now I am reaping the rewards in my struggle so much so that now I've reduced my enemies to rubble and now I am standing on the power of my own alive in the jungle of my mind, my kingdom, I'm home to see the new dawn and for all those now gone I will always remember you and your spirit will live on.

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To My Heartbeat

Dear Dearest,
I do know fate is not cruel
And so are our souls.
I know sky will remain crystal clear
Until our hearts sing alive.
I know that stars will remain glint
And they would sign treasures to our dream.
I know the same way my heart beats...
So is yours too.
I know we're fashioned to be 
Though our destinations seem far-
I live north, you live south.
I know you don't sway without thinking about me.
And so do I.
The only memory you left me with in here-
Pen and paper,
Are what I polish my feelings through.
I do hope my words won't take days before they'd be returned.
It's well with my soul here you left it.

From your part in here and right there.

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How was I to know it would be so beautiful.?
Hypnotic and it did hypnotize.
Exotic and pure tranquility
Such a deliciousness to the senses.

My lips yearned for this melody.
I let it glide up from the depth of my being.
It escaped my lips and instantly it began to 
Hypnotize the entire globe.
My humanness betrayed me. I cried out.
Transfixed by its beauty a smile lightened me.
I floated away on the LAVENDER wings of a butterfly.

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In deep distress she damaged her wings
in her endless struggles
beating them against our bedroom walls,
in her last days she made haste 
and flew through the ceiling and then, 
she flew free,

at first I did not see
that the sun and the moon 
were shining on her face
when she lay still and at peace 
till her beautiful soul opened its wings and ascended 
to live far above the clouds,

now, her spirit encompasses the earth
in all the six directions
casting no shadows, 
and as I lay and watched her ascent
one butterfly wing like a sycamore seed
spiralled down and landed upon
my pillow. 

Tom McFerran.

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The Broken Wing

It’s not every day that you see a smile on my face
I wake with a sadness on days of sunshine
I get up, wear a butterfly necklace for inspiration that ravels me in
an inner place of peace.
I am at a standstill; frozen in a fixed position like a mannequin, but I am real.
With a beating heart and a breathing lung but, I am broken.
; Angry that I can’t take flight.
I miss my plane every time.
My engine’s non-responsive, my gears won’t shift.
Perchance I am not the right pilot.
It could be I am on the wrong runway.
 See the butterflies! How do they do it? Their graceful flights of watercolor always smiling in wind.
I wish I could smile.
I wish I were a butterfly.
But first I need to fix this broken wing.

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The Angels Of Salem

At first she didn't understand, it was all new unto her innocent beauty..
The pain she could not contain her tears, as digging my nails into her back
My fangs deep her breast begging crying blood trickling soaked sweet, ecstasy.

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The darkness of light impossible to see the pain and the lies always damaging you reach and get burned not understanding this is my disease nature of the beast Suddenly my light is taken away my darkness was revealed taking me as slave when all I ever wanted was for someone to say please stop, for me or enter an early grave Now face to face with all of my demons how can I fight them if I don't want to beat them until the reason arrives, then I shine a little at first but that small thing, is mine The den of ten thieves come up with a plan a whole set of new lies that every single man cannot resist believing it's seeming to be that a horrific ending is just what I need Then all of the sudden my small shine swallows time and with that virtue my face comes to life I would never hurt you please, know this to be yet no one believes me this curse grows like a tree I hate my helpless fate why can't I make a new life for me that no one can take why can't I escape a prison not for me for years I accept this tired sense of defeat The small shine barely intact, inside until Saint Anger starts to burn me, alive I find I'm set off by my wrong, senseless self until I am talking to no one, in Hell So I pick up my pen power to create a new world for me where I design my escape in my invisible state the Devil don't notice that one of his children is no longer hopeless I stop all my madness by power of pen for years my sword drew nothing but sin the yin and the yang both helped me to find that I'm no longer afflicted when darkness lights my bright shine.

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Sweep, old lady, sweep away
the tin
and dust
of the day
breath as the sun sighs and
settles into the
consider the satellites as they
come back
gather the children on the
wide fields you have
Sleep, old lady, come Monday
and dream

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When We Were Young

When we were young
Summer stretched
In brilliant splendor
As the last school bell tolled
We spilled forth from
School marm’s arms
And greeted freedom
In the jeweled waters 
of beach and stream
With picnics, sunburns 
And warm summer nights
In tents
Listening drowsily to the cicadas song

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A Knock Upon Her Door

A sharing of words 
An arrival not knowing
What to expect ?
Eager a response
Seek then find...
Walking about her hallways
Determined to spill one's heart 
At all cost, these lines inside this box.

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Slinking, quiet, bodies
So much power in those muscles
Don’t get caught in the dark with one

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The Journey

Nineteen eighty six, seventeen years of age this lost young child ?
Standing amid the shadows afore an empty looking glass; in silhouettes
Dawn these streams and light through a lonely window; silence, silver blade
Razors edge piercing their flesh tears; blood trickling then pouring from the corners..
Hopeless wishing begging tortured eyes; a season in somber this beginning as, reasons.

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When you come to christ.
Your transformed like a butterfly.
Your changed.
And Your beautiful like a butterfly.
You can fly.
You can be free,
Knowing that you
Wont damned to your sin.
Cause the blood of christ
Saved you.

The colors of a butterfly
Is like the crimson sky,
That colors the wold 
With it's beauty.  

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The Art Of Love

Resonating magnificent resplendencies  and, such rhapsodies...
Resonant amid this glowing  renaissance,  of their resurrection
Lost opaque dreams awakening to find these vibrancies;  vivid
Colours  as if van Gogh himself,  had been summoned through
This periscope of vision's;  brilliant brushings timeless passions
Poured from ardent viles a rebirths casting their calling; breath
Transposed from atop this, vestiges love laced canvas; divinity
Splashings, about spheres to be captured in, an artistic reprise.

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I Dream Of Things

"I dreamt, I was a butterfly or was I, a butterfly dreaming..."

Delightful is the way I see, the people and places ahead of me.
All shapes and colors, sounds and tastes, it truly is enrapturing.
Imagine a place where waterfalls fly, the cities and towns made of silver.
A place where music fills body and soul. Enchanted and enchanting.

I yearn for a place where the land is whole, beautiful and glowing with life. I see such 
places in my dreams.
People know love, and value it so. They see with their hearts, and give with their soul.
Such is my fascination.

Imagine a lake with light blue waters. Fishes of colors not meant to be, like bright red, 
royal blue, and emerald green. Imagine how the sun shines on the lake, the fish shining 
like jewels.
such beauty makes me crow, it's hypnotic, entrancing.

Captivating are my dreams. The sights, the sounds, the places, the scenery. Such 
places make my heart feel at home. But for now, I'll have to keep dreaming.

Daniexelle M. Lingofelter
Daydreams and dreams and dreams

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A Billion Butterfly's

If she was the sun then i must become the moon...
Shes the bullets 2 my gun my obsession i consume...
How can i hold my tongue you fill my stomach with cocoons...
A billion butterflies now my hearts an open wound...
I never understood how our hearts were so in-tune...
Cupid got me good sniper tactics with the zoom...
I wanna be your king the only title ill assume...
If loving you is pain then ill never be immune...
Suppressed the beast in me so easily light dissolving gloom...
A flames forever great full just to know it evolved from fumes...
A door that never closes hides a portal that we never use...
She grew a rose inside my heart a place i thought could never bloom...
Present , Past and Afterlife...One day I shall become your groom..
The day that you become my wife your hearts forever shatter proof...
Passion everlasting burns and yearns for just 1 simple truth...
To see your heeart forever smile theres nothing else id rather do.....

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Butterfly kiss

Locked in my heart 
Hidden from life's hurt 
In the pitter, 
patter of tear drops 

Upon loves holy ground 
Slowly like a turtle 
Coming out of my shell 

Like a butterfly 
A cocoon I see you in light 
Loving everything around me 

My escape from hell 
Glorious sunshine smiles upon me 
In the warmth within my heart 
Awash within it's beauty 

My flower in wings 
Love is like a butterfly 
Blowing loves kiss 
on your beautiful wings 

fluttering to my dream in you 
You are the princess of wings 
Holding her holy ground 
Loving like an angel 

My heart flutters 
just missed a beat 
Speaking to my soul 
gentle landing 
my butterfly kiss

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Butterfly Wings

I felt the passing of a butterfly over my grave
Dancing gracefully over my silent and still body
This butterfly could have no idea what lay beneath
For I might have been something close to human
Or something as different and far away as the sun
But the silence of the graveyard was chilling
Interrupted only by the sound of fluttering wings
And a fragile hope that maybe life has meaning

I felt the passing of a butterfly over my grave
Chasing away the demons of a forgotten yesterday
This butterfly could have no idea what lay beneath
For an act so gruesome that it stained my hands in scarlet
The blood of an innocent reflected in the shadow of evil
And the silence of the graveyard was chilling
Interrupted only by the sound of fluttering wings
And a fragile hope that a better tomorrow awaits

I felt the passing of a butterfly over my grave
Trying to pave a way to the other side of sorrow
This butterfly could have no idea what lay beneath
The bittersweet remnants of a forgotten, but cherished, love
Echoing throughout a lifetime of forgotten memories
But the silence of the graveyard was chilling
Interrupted only by the sound of fluttering wings
And a fragile hope that maybe life has meaning

I felt the passing of a butterfly over my grave
Chasing away the demons of a forgotten yesterday
This butterfly could have no idea what lay beneath
For I might have been something close to human
The blood of an innocent reflected in the shadow of evil
And the silence of the graveyard was chilling
No longer interrupted by the sound of fluttering wings
The sound died with any hope of a meaningful life

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Glass Jars

The last
taste of summer
my pockets

mason jars
of butterflies



a childhood.

© Gry W Christensen

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s N o W

The snow is piling up outside
  I want to pull the covers and hide
   The weather has had a chill
    Can't wait to see my electric bill.

Pull out my toboggan and go for a ride
 The snow is piling up outside
   Down the hill I go at top speed
    Can't break a leg-no indeed.

Take out my brand new skates
 See how my skating rates
  The snow is piling up outside
   Have to take the skates off inside.

Now comes the shovel and broom
 Will be moving snow tell noon
  Building muscles on this tough hide
   The snow is piling up outside

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I Come With Love

Dead sores and bruised toes
Up and down the silent shores
Cuts deep, drilled by poisonous foes
In and out of dungeons and dangerous holes

Skeletal thin; hardly covered with skin
Shallow faced and hollowed cheeks up my chin
Been traveling in deserts violent and mean
Sad nights, weirdly pitch black and dim

Up, through and under misty mountains void of life
Stumbling and falling I walked on in the dearth of light
Now torn garments and a skeletal shadow braces my sight
Startling and bearing witness to the consequences of my fight

With bruised toes and sores thus I come
With deep cuts drilled by foes, I arrive home
Past misty mountains, through, up and above
I stoutly come home with love

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rainbows end

my beautiful goddess 
i want to kiss 
your finger tips
holding your hand  
lightly fluttering lips
in soft warmness
i will polish 
you shoes 

with raindrops 
of happiness
falling from
 the salted 
waters of love
 in the paradise 
golden droplets 
of honey 
when i kiss baby

your beautiful lips 
our bouncing waves 
of joy 
with warm blooded
 passion i love you 
deeply from 
the heart
 inside of me

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butterfly in your hand

a butterfly 
from a cocoon 
safe from the outside world 
wrapped up 
in cotton 

a distraction
 from reality 
saving myself  
you are the colours 
the colours 
on my wings
I fly to you 
held delicately 
in your hand 
one of natures wonders 

awash with your beauty 
on the tip 
of your finger 
the love of you 
my beautiful world 
looking directly 
at me

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Lilting Imaginations

Notes of the butterflies 
lightly lilt through the mind
as oceans songs from shells 
lend music to the deaf and blind

Creating wondrous worlds 
with balloon filled laughter highs
Repeating the recordings 
of blue birds feathered glide

Enchanting footnotes joining 
around a bonfire dance
while a prince, in a castle,
 invites songs first romance

Blues becoming bluer 
while pastel tunes enlighten
Refrains of  ballads replay
 implore the spirit lighten

Those magical compositions 
from our youthful imagination
Light breaths on birdsong’s flute 
aspiring whimsical aspirations

©Debra Squyres  2014

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Fly Butterfly Fly

Fly butterfly carry my dream past the wind and through the trees. Spread your wings to help me to see, the colours of heaven as they should be. Butterfly fly show me the way to learn to dance, to sing, to prey. If you see my guiding light, then beg the spirits to make it right. If you see heavens glow don’t be shy, please let me go. So their light can bless my soul, heal my heart and make me whole. Fly butterfly land on me, break my cocoon and set me free. Fly butterfly fly for me...

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Where Do The Butterflies Go

Teardrops of dews glistening
Breaks the days of dawn
Caterpillars shedding shells of cocoon
Awakening with yawns

The little fairies quaintly appear
Dancing their favorite dances, all the day long
But, where do the butterflies dance to
When the sun hides her head...
And the days are shamelessly gone?

They fill up my gardens
Frolic from tip of tulip to end of the rose
Next to sunflower, daffodil the flutter flies flown
Never attempting to speak even one little peep
Keeping their precious secrets
From sun up until the sundown

A parade of floats
Viceroy to the Monarch whom he tries to pretend
Royal and regal, ginger and black
Passes the hours while waltzing with flowers
But where does each of them go as processions end?

Dainty, the Painted lady curtseys
Among the swallowtails that swan through the weed
And the Admirals through the blade
But soon to hide away
Flying rainbows of season’s beginning to fade

And my magical gardens now they are bare
The little fairies all have disappeared
Following the whisper of wisps, of a new winter’s air

It’s the beginning of autumn
And soon will come the billows of snow
Did they take journey to a summer, in a far away land
Where oh, where did the butterflies go

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I Don't Care

I haven’t seen her face in years;
I don’t care,

Ever growing seldom knowing post psychotic womb dreams
arrive while I’m awake.

Ever present effervescent esoteric moonbeams
shine every time I make,

A laugh erupts atop the stair.
Pink velvet pulse
beyond compare,
dress daylights breath
in cashmere flare
silk smooth.

The smile spreads
throughout the coach.
Weaves blinding threads
to frowning hosts

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consider bees
bees with stingers,
humming, swarms of bees
resound their presence
inviting hysteria

among the bees
are butterflies
who play out their lives
absorbed in silence
performing musical bliss
moving from task to task
without making a sound
inspiring peace

bees and butterflies
both get the song sung
but butterflies are
the rest notes
on the garden staff

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With a flick of her humour and a heartfelt warmth,
She pulls him right back to square one,
Before all the women came under his hands.
Before, on beds, careless coats were  flung

Before heartbreak kissed another goodbye,
And weary beliefs on love took hold.
Before time wounded heels that deserved nothing less
And jaded love was bought and sold

There is her....giddy delights and sweet disposition.
 Heart of wisdom and loyal friend. 
Dirty letters sent with orgasmic intention.
Heart of truth, no need to pretend.

Why has this girl been found so unopened?
She offers love pure, with no compromise
Why are her gifts left hidden..unnourished
And, at his age.....why does he have..... Butterflies?

It's just love.

© 2013

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Amazing Little Bird

Amazing little Bird

So beautiful it is
Moving free as solid floats
Jumping from grass to glee
Always beside the green
The butterfly flutters by…

Her colors lighten the world
So bright and so pretty
Tailed to the rainbow
To freshen the sky
The butterfly flutters by…

Her movement as travelling water
She is the amazing little bird
Singing to her is lovely
Though she’s got no voice
The butterfly flutters by…

She is the best sky life
Keeping me alive in fresh breath
She makes the parks 
And combines souls
The butterfly flutters by…

She lives to my serve
She inspires my desires
So when the sky is dark
And the rains drop from high
I’ll always thank the butterfly

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The Blue Butterfly

As it flies by
I start to cry
flutter, flutter
by and by
it passes my window
a thousand times
I wonder why it can fly,
with sadness across the sky
from willows swaying in the wind
to flowers as they bloom again,
I wonder why I cried and cried
as the blue butterfly flew by.

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Angel lullaby's

Dimonds are not beauty. Beauty is people and things unknown. Things unknown that swirl around in a young child's mind and happiness amounts to a flower crown made for a small girl with the soul of a faire. Happiness that comes from the pure joy of looking in your mothers deep brown eyes and getting warm fuzzies . Joy that spills out into a smile when a wise woman tells her that the little floating fuzzies in the air are baby angels and that when it thunders it's just there mom singing them an angel sized lullaby a lullaby that makes her big blue eyes sparkle....But the wind changes and the sparkling in her big blue eyes fade and the flower crown withers and dies and the baby angels turn into dust and unknown things still bring joy. But so do things that bring trouble and those big brown eyes sometimes betray her and the thunder is just thunder and baby Angels and days of simple joy vanish ...But if she waits just for the right moment the clowds will gather and the sparkle returns to her big blue eyes and the wounderful liquid leaks out of the sky! spinning and spinning her hair dripping. She squeezes the big blue eyes shut and suddenly the baby angels return To the sky and the Flower crown gets a long drink of water and blooms once again and and the angel lullaby returns to the air and rings in her ears and those deep brown eyes watch her spinning and remember why they fell in love with her and 
finally she is home !!

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ISN Am I A Dessert Butterfly

Am I dessert butterfly?
My wings harden each time I fly,
Against the sandy winds;
So, might my wings shatter
From all contrary pressures that I duel with?
I know they might crack or shatter someday
From over-pressured sandstorms,
Like I a broken winged dessert butterfly...

Like a broken winged dessert butterfly,
A raindrop's kiss is what I need,
So that I revitalize
My hardened wings and heart...

Only when a raindrop kisses me,
My wings will regain their former splendor and grace;
So that I can fly on and on,
Disappearing through a rainbow...

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I know

I know whats right and what is
I know we are never
I know what
should do
I know that people don't 
I know that things will never
I know the
will come
I know
will always be there

I know
is worth
I know that
am wanted
I know not to dream
to live
I know the
will never 
I know
are always forgotten
I know you will
save me
I know, I know

I know 
Once Upon A Time
she knew she was 
I know she was
cared about
I know she knew it was ok to
I know she knows her 
I know that she is 
I know she is
I know she
waits for you

I know I am 
thought of
I know she 
needs you
I know you will come
find her
I know she 
hates him
I know no one is ever
I know I am not

I know how to share a 
I know aomwtimes we are
I know that
will never
to ask
what do you know?

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Kick punch turn
Earn your place
The belt you deserve

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Iron Butterfly

Isn’t time cruel
Never stable or forgiving
When you’d forfeit everything
Just to feel something

When it’s all broken
And you have no more tears to cry
When all you have is false hope
And it seems you might survive
You’re fooling yourself
You’re nothing more than an iron butterfly

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A Reason To Believe

When in sorted times we have become complacent when
Shattered fragments left loose on their briars once again
In timeless plight we have a tendency to forget the night
The day is far spent while lived by sight;

A Reason To Believe
When shadows get loosened to its course of shape
We will wallow to reach the North in spiral fate
We live in mockery sent to the close of faith

With a cascading ship filled with fools going much too late
In crimsome tide ethced through the surface of my mind
I try to look yet today all is much too blind
As if animals going out on some desolate perch

Shades of black paint in its overt mask
What will ceil the case never to give anyone any flack
A fickle of Pine rested on the back porch ventured vine
We all must search the scriptures daily otherwise one is totally blind!

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walk of love

sounds of  
one lamb bleating
then the mothers calls
carried upon
a swirling breeze
lifting a spirit
such peace
playing in 
nature's song

pure as
the driven snow
sweet the birds singing
enchanting heavenly bliss
with angel feelings
butterflies dancing
on currents 
upon swirling 
warm winds
rising then falling

standing alone
dog at my side 
staring across
windswept mountains
such a beautiful vision
blooms an oasis
fills up in thoughts
patting him
on the head

i kneel down
warmly picking
a handful 
of daisies
smiling golden treasures
making a ring
inside magically
this mind

love is 
all around us
breathing whispers
silently upon 
the heart
one worshiping soul
of regal beauty
crowning emotions

jewels when
i look into 
your eyes
to see 
the deep ocean
our dreams
erasing one 
thousand nightmares
finding you
my best mate

to eternity
we will walk
together hand 
in hand
through the gates
heaven a lifetime
with a dream
on a mixed cauldron
of vast pleasure
magic spells 
out you

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If you have a cat it’s fluffy and shy
It’s it not your cat you stay away from the
Litter Box

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A Monarch in the Lilac Bush

~~A Monarch in the Lilac Bush~~

There she was dressed in full array
The most beautiful Monarch butterfly posing quietly before me
As I painted her wings upon my canvas
Motionless except for a few moments when she stretched her wings
Caught up in the moment 
My heart was captivated by her beauty

Her leopard-spotted thorax
And her stained glass window wings
A beauty to behold like a priceless Mona Lisa

Her antennae erect
And her soft spindly feet
The tapestry of her splendor was beyond my wildest imagination
Caught up in the moment
My heart was captivated by her beauty
There she was dressed in full array
My perfect butterfly
My Mona Lisa...ahhh!

Written by Gwendolen Rix

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deserted cocoon

he was the crusty cocoon covering the caterpillar
boneless, yet filled with vibrant life, and belittling
the very source of her security, and the sacrifices
the casing made to transform frailty and un-beauty

later to lighter flight, much fluttering with splendour
of myriad colours as of acrylic paint and clear-coat
for weathering both the hot sun and the wet rain
before seizing the right moment to flirt with another

and never return to the cocoon, the first house
that remains deserted, forever a broken heart, blood
now dried, able to give no more life, mere useless
clothing, like the shed skin of a snake now escaped   

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If by thoughts alone

The wind moves us
Even if accidentally or unwillingly
I love a great slab of life along with an extended slake of thirst
I love that there is an intense need to curl into a shell
When others spell out life by computer chips

I am the antediluvian agency
I occasionally get mobile via bivalves
Or tricuspid consistency
Due to my mammalian genetics
As I watch the kinetic possibilities of moss
Determined as a scientist with fingers made of air

Now the trees sing in a special aria

I love your face
It's ridiculous with all its perfections
You simper
At the thought of this 
Which makes you even more free and worn comfortably 
Around the edges
I join in when possible
Landscapes reheat me to the core

Love Watts Geothermal and Kernels of the 5th dimension

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The Yellow Butterfly

~*~* The Yellow Butterfly ~*~*

I Grab hold of the intoxicating heat, churn my heart and let it fall to my stomach, breathing in the clouded air.
The water roams around me in swift holds, and I look away.
Away from the world and guess what I see?
A creature of Mars, A yellow star in the sky.
Wings so light they fly like the oceans waves, and so bright they'll blind you with their happiness.
Walk away and there it is. Again. And Again. Again. Always.
Roaming in the air and tip-toeing into the light of the sky, there it goes, burning into a yellow butterfly.

Meaning: I recently went to south Carolina, and everywhere I went, the  same yellow butterfly was flying. I knew it was the same. Same length. Same wings. Same size. Same feeling.

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Love Insanity

it is...

love too deep
so much of it we did keep
three years
of laugh and tears
shared intimate dreams 
owning each other in realms.

he turned his back last night
broke his cam 
and said goodbye. 

told him I love him many times 
losing him, I can't bear
he is being used, 
my weakness, 
my strength. 

we did our best 
I cried much, my heart in pain. 
but he decided to stop 
hope is gone 
he said, find another man.

must I if i love him much? 


(inspired by the 'Black Butterflies)

Inner Whispers

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joyous love

feelings held inside
embracing emotions
in a balance 
of trust
as the water
floats over

spreading butterfly wings
touching walls caress
in flowing waves
fluttering deeply
inside the heart
of this ocean

bathing within
fountains of 
forever young
waterfalls warmly
dazzling dewdrops
holding such 
rare beauty
colours love

dancing inside  
skipping over
one rainbow 
in the mind
tickling inside

smiling warmly
at a golden treasure
fresh warm rain
falling from 
a summer sky 

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tiny little butterflies with poison

dancing for me above in the sky
charming with their beauty and grace
showing how to fly
through the infinitive space

fluttering their wings so colourful and bright
resembling the flowers in the morning sun
pretending to be the stars at night
flying again when the night is done

giving me the sugar when I feel like sweets
giving me the laughter when I'm feeling blue
giving me the comfort when I am in need
giving me the patience in waiting for you

all I want to ask them is:
Why the hell you tryna kill me?!

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farfalla stars

YOU ARE ****   




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Butterflies butterflies
Some are beautiful
Some are ugly
Some are welcoming
Some are scary
Some are hairy
Some are soft
Some are bright
Some are dull
Some are tiny 
Some are gigantic
Some sit and stare
Some sincerely care
Some smiles at dawn
Some at eve frown
Some loves from the heart
Some loves to hurt
Some have piles of joy
Some have tiles of sorrow
Some pretend
Some are sincere
Some are after money
Some are after honey
Some die young
Some die old
Butterflies butterflies
Hard to define

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The Perfect Metamorphosis

The Perfect Metamorphosis

Tucked away gently inside a cocoon
Lies the ugliest of creatures
A creepy caterpillar
His antennae erect
And his pincers gesticulating
Pondering what a gruesome existence he shall have
What of this caterpillar you must ask
What’s the big deal if he stays in or comes out
For what does his existence really have to do with me
He sits alone in his cocoon
Awaiting patiently

Alas he comes!
Breaking thru life’s shell
Alas he comes!
Unlike any other
Unimaginable beauty
Unimaginable joy
The star of the show at the end of a twig

Come fly away with me now
Whispers his Creator
Come fly away now to gentle resting meadows
I created you for my purpose and now I want to enjoy you
I created you for my purpose so go take off purposefully
Go fly away now!

Gwendolen Rix

Ecclesiastes 3:1-2
There is an appointed time for everything. And there is a time for every event 
under heaven--A time to give birth and a time to die; A time to plant and a 
time to uproot what is planted.…

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Dead Sea Hook

Dead Sea Hook

I am
The broken bait hook
Upon which, a fish cannot be caught
To be eat nor bought

I am
A passing father
Whose ashes disperse
Like pollen bursts

I am
Just passing through
I am
Like any of you

I am
The dead sea so back
My eyes are transparent

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It was on the beat of butterfly wings, 
We became torn (micro-emotion fibers worn), 
Like pages from a discarded journal, 
Always said we knew what we were doing, 
Until all that we did was done, 
I thought that we grew yet 
I'm still just a caterpillar waiting to cocoon, 
But I don't know how to do it (it was supposed to be a natural thing), 
I hear the gentle beat of butterfly wings above me, 
Its simple life a distant disaster, 
A record of things ignored (so small, can't be my fault), 
Someone's bad karma.

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Sovereign spirits brings mystical skies
 Calmat labyrinth gifts from mother earth
 Unrealizable equations of angels quest
 Monarchs of each canyon in the soul
Thrilling plight enduring symbols offerings
 Exploring as the master of the sky
 Presence of a testament of inspirations
 Apparitions often shall reappear, Brighter blessings
Chasm comes alive,suddenly awakens lifecycle
 Mortals truths brings each heavens realm
 A parallels of time reflects the veil
 Precision of each souls clock

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Ecliptic Silence

Hopeful but its so mundane
Filling the hollowness with more empty pleasure
But it takes my hand and and walks me through this withering decay
Into the ecliptic silence, 
Self medicated diluted dreams
A mixture of over stimulation and desensitizing me 
Somewhere between ominous and beautiful
Letting the darkness consume my conscious brain
Until the sun can realign and pulls me back into this day
To overcome this strange numbness 
Of self inflicted shadowing
Butterflies once warmed me up inside until I pulled off all their wings
Holding memories I cant forget while praying to a God who has forgot
But we are only allowed to keep the things that we have already lost
Sometimes living is not enough without sovereignty 
As these flightless insects crawl back inside 
Then perhaps through their death life would be more satisfied
Finger deep I draw a line then stand to face a blackened sky
I reevaluate Your presence now without You Lord then where am I 
Because this is me You were my light, subsequently my faith has died
Somewhere below the surface of this shifting unstable world of mine

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Woman of Worth

Woman of Worth At the base of Oakwood hills Lies an enchanting meadow Of sheer delight to the senses Hidden in a luscious valley Lavender trumpets line the path Mingled with voluptuous buttercups Large greenery announce their beauty With giant leaves velvety to the touch Fallen trees serve as a trellis for vines Bursting with wisteria blooms of blue Smiling faces of daisies beckon you into The meadow by a small cool running stream Where a glorious weeping willow provides shade An old tree stump remains beneath her for a seat Jasmine permeates the air as a fine wine satisfies The pallet; in her braches hangs a honey pot sweet Monarchs enjoy the botanical nectar joyously As morning birds sing to the grace of the day While the newness of fresh morning kisses of dew Prove that on this day, Nature is a woman of worth Carole Cookie Arnold

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Matter of Fact Phi is my Tact does it filter
I wonder wher you sit and lift her up in your arms
I ponder and am strongly considering the harm
You are one with me
I am completely singled out but alone I definitely am without a doubt, not
I think I forgot
wait a minute...constantly am I with it
where am I going and singing and flowing by the river.? what am I doing
silver drifter
Constantly wood and golden
I strive to be with the world and ratio
Filter sensational
I filter nothing
I am with it
And I live it
I can't believe it
am I allowed to see it
is what flows out of my head on the pages and instead is erased by the ragers
I question you
Do you know the phages
I constantly am impressed
immersed and constant
I am flawless
completely awed by your touch
I love this.

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Dream's Reality

"I dreamt, I was a butterfly or was I, a butterfly dreaming . . ."

In deep ENRAPTURING sleep,
ENTRANCING images dancing in my head,
I am convinced it is reality.
The freedom of flight DELIGHTFUL.
Taking off, the most FASCINATING feeling, 
And soaring – such a sweet CAPTIVATING idea.

And then I wake. My ENCHANTING  dream remembered.

I know it is time to leave my chrysalis,
And emerge a butterfly reliving 
Her caterpillar dreams,
As I flutter into my beautiful reality.

Jack Horne for Constance's Daydreams and Dreams and Dreams contest, 7th July

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the butterfly journey

i dreamt, i was a butterfly or was i, a butterfly dreaming
i was flying through a place without sound
no happiness
no love
then i was enraptured away
to a place of magical feeling
and dreams come true
i was delightful to see
a place with no evil at all
the people where captivating
always smiling
saying "hello"
i was taken to see the queen
who shimmered like snow
her palace was fascinating
the garden, enchanting
i never wanted to leave this entrancing dream
but i woke up

grace freeman daydreams and dreams and dreams 07/13/2011

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Now like startled flowers

The hailstones pounded the window
as violently,as if they had minds
bent on killing;soldiers in rows and ranks rushing onwards;
as each fell another and another took its place.
Cold and mathematical they had a simple precise force and geometry.
Into this warlike scene,floated two white butterflies
Crossing and recrossing the spaces between the hail
they followed a random path;now apart
Their unplanned,loving dance leads to mating, procreation and a future
while the hailstones can only die.
Seems sometimes fragile freedom is more productive
than the fierce mechanical modern world can imagine.
I see the butterflies now like startled flowers
hunting for the sun

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Is a man all of his dream

I found your soul 
To be as lost as mine
And together we can
Asks questions of
What we need 
And what you want
From someone else
Because its easier to take 
Someone else’s dream 
Than create your own.

And don’t you believe 
That you can see 
Through others and 
Find yourself and believe 
Others can see through you
And find themselves 
as they stand in front of you
And want to Know 
As much as you do
When there is so much  to dream

You ask if he wants 
To hate others who are
Different from the rest 
And try to justify 
Their own existence
By knowing they are okay
Even though they are different
From your dream and what 
You have worked hard 
To understand  and believe

The dream is always real
And when you are aware 
That it is real 
 Your reality
Becomes about the dream 
And you realize 
That you are not all 
Of what you could become
Because you do not believe
That you are all of your dream

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Just A Smile

Just a smile 
That was all it was, 
And my heart missed a beat, 
My stomach rumbled, 
As if butterfly filled, 
I missed a step,no,two 
I stumbled,my pants-very stained,
I looked up and-
She was gone!
There I was,
Down to earth,
Visibly shaken, 
My God!
All these, for her smile? 

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Feed the soul

They say deep in Cauldron skies secrets fly

With swamp waters near , fallen angels gathered here

With tempest pain the human rises from waters depth

Secert still Bayou kept

The secrets lie with Medusa

She breathes the lovers so deep

Within her arms lariats she keeps

In the blackened depth many man will travel to her desires

To sunset sunrise she will wild your passions

She willowing make you liars

Her hair combed in seas light, all travels to her each sensual twilight

Take warn to ye alone! she will find you in place

She will charm her way to your heart, as you glide to side

She will ingest all your lifelike body

Feed you in the morning to her soul

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kissing paradise

one fountain flowing
forever beautiful
falling mist 
down vision
pearl drops 
from the eyes
of a thousand dreams

sending kisses
on the back
upon wings
of a butterfly
floating all over
softly touching warm
from the deepest skin
of a heart smiling

sweet wonderful rose
blossoms behind 
the mirrors
opening waves
upon lips 
enchanting beauty
sealed magic 
with a kiss

greeting tides
crashing bursts
touching gently
treasured feelings 
laying inside
golden wrapped emotions
in a deep 
jungle paradise
always with 
you love 

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Only in Autumn

Autumn colors peak
only for a moment.
Saffron leaves float
through air tinged with regret
to settle a cushioned carpet below.

Green blades poke through, 
denying winter’s advance.
Persimmons hang in clumps
on bare limbs, heads bowed
in unwilling surrender.

Tiny yellow butterfly flits
blossom to blossom, unhindered
by the more glamorous of her kind
who have come and gone
with summer’s luscious fare,
now wilting on the vine.

A harbinger of death
this one who comes on the wing
unmindful of her sign
yet singing sweetly
summer’s swan song.

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We know not
what to do right
the moon, stars
and planets
all vanish
into divine bliss

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flying from the nest

i know you must fly from that nest
that housed your body and soul
for those eighteen long years
from which you always looked out
while your mum and i kept
that constant flying in, to protect
and strengthen every feather
in your wings to take off one day to find
a partner to make your own nest

in that process of my constant flying in
for such an enormous extended time
i have lost my sight beyond that nest
in which i also had lost my soul
that cradled your most beautiful being
making all my flying and fruit gathering
now, utterly meaningless, tearing my heart
multiplying my tears to endlessly flow
while i struggle, in my mind, to let you go

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How many wishes and hopes pass through a man's mind?
This is what I am thinking about while looking
into the sad face of an old man
who is motionlessly starring into the distance,
as if down there,
in the blue eye of the dreamy sea
he shall find all the answers.
And while the turquoise hands of the moon drive the shadows
into the old man's embrace,
a turquoise butterfly merrily flaps its wings
and radiates rays of light
along the dark ridges of this warm summer night
above his trembling tired head.
Perhaps this is the reason why
the old man's sad face looks up
instead of down,
why the sparkle of life still glows
in his tired eyes.
This butterfly is very young,
but his noble parentage is very old,
and that noble parentage used to spread its turquoise light
in the times of the old man's parents
and grandparents,
back in the time when hope was born
(and people say that hopes are younger than solitude).
It seems that the old man feels it,
and he raises his tired eyes whenever he hears
the harmonious sound of the butterfly's turquoise wings,
and death,
like a dark lady,
respectfully waits for its turn,
as if it took pity on the old man's boyish gaze;

How many wishes and hopes pass through a man's mind
while he helplessly sits
and waits for death?
I wonder where his thoughts are traveling now
and which soul in heaven do they touch?
His mother's soul?
His father's soul?
His brother's and sister's souls? 
Because souls are like butterflies,
crawling the earth with people,
only to eventually fly up to the sky,
perfectly free and magically bright.
All of this must be passing through the old man's thoughts
while he looks at the turquoise butterfly
in such a childish and lively manner.
Everything on him is dead,
apart from that childish gaze,
which makes his old man's thoughts so young
and so full of hope
that his soul might soon enough fly up
like his dear butterfly;

How many wishes and hopes pass through a man's mind;
yes, Lord, how many wishes and hopes are passing
my old father's mind now.
©Walter William Safar

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A beautiful butterfly crossed your path today

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A beautiful butterfly crossed your path today

Written By Dean Masciarelli

December 11, 2009 (11:20pm)

A beautiful butterfly crossed your path today

But did you ever think about the 
transformation that it went through

When it started floating by
you ever so gracefully

I know that it may be 
really hard to imagine

Because it started out as a caterpillar

And then one day it turned into a cocoon

And then it was given a whole new body

And then it was set free from 
to soar and fly freely in the sky

And if you think about it for awhile

The good Lord touches us in many ways

If you will just take the time to open up our eyes

So that you can start seeing things differently

You will be utterly amazed by 
the blessings
that you can encounter along the way

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Black Sheep

I'm the black sheep
Is that hard to understand
I'm not like you
Excluded from your fun
The sun sets in my realm
It rises when the darkness is too light
Makes sense?
Neither do I 
I riddle you with the words I stumble upon
I ridicule you with my mystic
You come close
I mysteriously slip away
To deep
In your depth
I can not be
This world
Not real
All a dream to me
I'm weird
A little awkward
Not strange or misunderstood 
And taken for granted
Not a butterfly
Still a caterpillar
This black sheep
This beautiful duckling
This lone wolf
I am

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where i write

the quiet place where i write
breeze swept field and shade tree
the autumn sunlight warms the soul
in the distance mighty towers
construct of hammers and hands
down by the ocean and its mighty ships
the scent of open water stirs the soul

this quiet place
where my heart builds little worlds
magnificent noble creatures come to wrestle
with a deeper sea of dreams
this quiet place where
innocence still laughs undaunted by the world
when my pen can speak its heart
unchallenged by the weary day

this strange place my heart goes to put pen to page
a place of memories both real and wished
a place where all could have been and was
this quiet place
crepe paper constructions of grand dreams
christmas tree tinsel lions chasing dawns wicked approach
where innocence still has the heart
to take joy
to take joy

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My romance with efflorescences in an arboretum,
Is the most picturesque moment in ultimatum.
I can decorate your garden in style,
Provided, you keep the flora in pride.
Elated to dabble with a child,
As long as, both of us get stirred.
I can pose in variety of striking colours,
Competing positively with seasonal flavours.
I am the world's most aesthetic insect,
With my graphics globally perfect.

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Butterfly Net

Searching for a notion, an idea
To capture in my butterfly net,
Eluding the hunter 
With weightlessness,
Form like smoke
Or haze on a summer’s day.

Like an eel swimming underwater,
Avoiding the rod’s cast and reward
By burrowing into mud,
Obscuring, hiding, disguising
Itself; turning into circles
Within circles, ripples.

But then sunshine overhead
Sharpens my view,
Vision arising, lit with tone
And form and shape:
I write and write
As the salmon leaps from the deep.

Perhaps it is catching insects
Or glorying in exertion,
Afraid I’ll turn again
To the butterfly net
And write about a
Red Admiral instead.

There is envy amongst thoughts:
They compete for space in my mind
As I search for a sentence, a phrase
That is unknowable, immutable;
Like a butterfly in flight,
It will not be pinned to the page.

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A Pilgrim

A Pilgrim
(A song for 'Dia')

I come here at night's edge,
This parlour of hidden shadows
Questing for
Some measure of solace
From the bible black grind
Of mundane despair.

She is wearing white,
My Magdalene
My source of wonderment,
Thunder child
Storm raven
My crucible of momentary Eden

We are all searchers in the end
All weary marchers
Down the long winding road
From the cradle to the grave
Lovers poets fighters and slaves
Lords at midsummer
Winter's bedraggled paupers

God you are even more beautiful then I recall

The Raven woman
Speaks in tongues
Many faced
Her magpie soul
Joyfully treacherous
Am I the fool
Prowling after true love
In this tangle of thorns
Where carrion children
Play and frolick
Over the bones
Of heroes fallen
And hope forlorn?

Tonight the storm child 
Is screaming
My heart pounds a battle song
My soul sings the dirge
Of princes
Bereft of kingdom and country 
Queen and cause.

What have we come to my brothers? 

I love this sweetly rotting humanity
This slowly withering dream
That aspires to utopia
But falls short on emotion.

I am the lost soul
No harbour no anchor
No star to navigate by
drifter storm tossed
My back has been broken
My spirit quelled
The poet in me muted
Dead in life

City of a thousand echoes
City of heroes
In the dead of night
Streets  are silent
Empty, pristine
In a fractured sort of way
So perilous as to
Chill the clear heart
And scar
The unready soul
And her name
Is mystery
Wherein lies her power! 


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I dreament I was a butterfly, or was I dreaming

I drement i was a butterfly or was I a butterfly dreaming 

I flew through a key hole into an enchanting garden. beauty surrounded me. taking 
me in with passion. Wet dew was on every rose little droplets from heaven. my 
wings then grew faster and faster untill I found myself on the ground human once 
again. As I lay and look up the trees are captivating.  Its so facinating the way the 
branches flow interwind with eachother, never breaking unless forced.  As I sit up 
the garden is like sipping a cup of tea warm and delightful. Its like being a child 
again so enrapturing.  Well I take a walk beauty is everywhere. I look entracing my 
steps. I come back to the door, I touch the cold brass with my fingertips. Then I once 
again feel the tingle when I become aware again of my surroundings I am once 
again a butterfly, able to fly through the small hole. My life laying ahead because I am changed.

Kayla Noel July 10

Daydreams and Dream Dreams

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Walking along the waterside
One evening of a sunny Sunday
With a basket full of flowers
Into it fell a butterfly!

Fly! Fly! Away 
Butterfly, you better fly
With your wings,
Full of beautiful colors

In my basket,
Though full of flowers	
Is without nectar,
So butterfly, you better fly.

Walking along the waterside
One evening of a sunny Sunday
With a basket full of flowers
Into it fell a butterfly!

Fly! Fly! Away 
Butterfly, you better fly
With your wings,
Full of beautiful colors

In my basket,
Though full of flowers	
Is without nectar,
So butterfly, you better fly.

 Walking along the waterside
One evening of a sunny Sunday
With a basket full of flowers
Into it fell a butterfly!

Fly! Fly! Away 
Butterfly, you better fly
With your wings,
Full of beautiful colors

In my basket,
Though full of flowers	
Is without nectar,
So butterfly, you better fly.

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Writing is Magic

Wings take flight
Right off the page
Flying toward the sky
As the words escape my mind.

Pen touches the crisp paper
Magic begins to glow
From the tip of my wand
Bringing thoughts to life.

Imagery imprints the mind
Visualizing words to picture
Transforming into a story
Becoming a part of the tale.

Each word written
Is like a verbal tale
That becomes a spell
Hocus pocus, abra-imagia.

Reading each line
The eyes chow down
The mind digests
As the soul feels.

Words speak more than action
Strikes harder than a sword
Touches the soul from within
Can bring tears to the eyes.

Words can be used good or bad
Its just how we use them
To inspire or dispire
Help or ignore.

They can inspire us
Intrigue us with mystery
Make us laugh with joy
When their arranged oddly.

Words can heal us
More than medicine
For stories and poems
Fascinate and lure us
Like sirens singing to sailors.

Words formed together
To form a sentence
Like a spell forming
To create a crystal
Letting it shine bright
In the sunlight.

Words are magical
That change and inspire
Those that take the time
To read and find meaning
In what magic each holds.

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Bring me your softest heart, lasting my love
 Paint me the picture of your soul on my wall of memories
 Cascade the silhouetted roses carry your secret too mystical pen
 Caress my with canvas of illuminate and white light
Bring me your tender look as I stand in your presence to give
 With all azure dawns I kiss thee, my tail shimmery spirials with me
 Whilst thou ever think again of me? 
 Take me as I am siren flesh, you are lighted being, 
Remembering the bright summer moon you gave me, your heart, you are mine
 When we last kissed it was under ambers 'lute, undeneath, crystalline
 You played a soft feathery tune, Chanting passion be ours
 I shall kiss the lips of unknown passion , tis surreal

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A ShOwEr of BuTteRfLiEs

I almost missed them

I forgot to stop and smell the daisies

There they were not wasting any time

Millions of butterflies trying to gather to give me shade

The most eloquent of all splendor

It's raining butterflies right above my head

A most fascinating phenomenon and there is no one nearby to witness this miracle

Like a mighty rainbow of love from my best friend

Always letting me know he is nearby til the very end

Millions of butterflies to give me shade

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you lived under a colorless sky 
on broken wings 
you could not fly 
Fly Butterfly 
give all you have with grace and try 
No nights can bring you down 
no gray skies can take away the flight 
So fly butterfly 
Fly away from the broken pieces of the sky 
Light up the dawn with your will 
you must to, to survive 
fly from the corners of your soul 
fly butterfly out into the colored nights 
leave all those colorless days behind 
fly butterfly 
to mend those broken wings

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stage of balanced rationality and the dreaming

I gave you my hands and my feet
my dick
all that's left to do 
something with them
and what you did my Lord
you put me back on!?


back on

and all that's left.

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His Velvet  voice
Rusty growl
Gentle pauses caress the veiled swell
             Her secret beneath a tailored vest
Radiant  warmth spreads
             shuffles through the tunnels
                       to balance twixt her dancing fingertips
His breath  
               tucks a dalliance of warm air
                         a butterfly’s gasp
           electric current peek a boos behind her fragile ear

His Breath
               orchestrates a dazzling jazz duet of earlobe and heartstrings

Her Eyelids 
                         gently shutter
                         her shy but weary countenance

Encase this memory, my darling,
Store it safely
                           beyond the reach of  gossip’s grubby fingertips
                                                               and muddy maw.

Savor each harmonious heartbeat
           Thrum with yellow birdsong
           Accompany Divinity’s duet of dawn.

                                                                          Feathery Love 
                                                   Take to the wing—
                     				  Without a blush or backward glance.

V. Anderson-Throop 2015
Valdez, Alaska

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Butterfly Collector

(N.b- I abhor anyone who kills for beauty and art- just thought I'd let you know in advance x)

Let me look at you-
Aquamarine, ultramarine, powder blue
like paper Angels jinking on thin string
lightning wingbeats make your colours sing
flitting, unconcerned, unbridled joy,
loved you, stalked you since I was a boy.
High on Lavender, bathing in the sun,
pastel shades beating lazy applause
joy cut short by me because....
I wanted you.
And now you're mine.
Here you are, ready to take flight
but you can't.
I've saved you, really.
Whatever out there comes to pass
can't touch you now- you're safe
beneath this glass
in stasis, beauty captured at a cost.
Life was lost
but... I too feel a sense of loss.
Can't quite pin it down.

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rain days figured in

the line straight, turning the globe
dark and then darker colors passing by
the vivid stream, covering the sun from her

the day a dank, gray stare
through the glass left over from the last

maybe I should go outside and
listen awhile

But, I am worried.  I'm goddamn sick
the rain is costing me 

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The Butterfly

Feeling grounded, weighted down. The world’s upon my shoulders.
Feel my footing loosing grip, I’m covered up in boulders.
The suffocating pain of life is almost too much to bear;
I’d leave this world of suffering but for the ones that care.

I’ve lost myself inside this storm. The winds are whirling round.
I feel so lost and cast-away. I’m sure I’ll not be found. 
Lacking Love, a heart neglected, it’s a dark and lonely place. 
I seek some light in this dark tunnel; looking for some grace. 

My youthfulness is fading. My hope is growing dimmer. 
I search the sky for one small star to wish upon that shimmers. 
My world is crumbling down around; inside I feel I’m dying.
I find it hard to leave my bed because I’m always crying. 

I seek security in life; to find the Promised Land.
I remember Happiness is a choice that is within my hand.
And like a butterfly slowing leaving the cocoon. 
I realize I can find myself; I can change just like the moon. 

Slowly, the layers peeling back, my wings begin to show.
The world is feeling lighter; the winds no longer blow.
The boulders crashing down are gone, I feel renewed and fearless.
The pain it’s gone; taken away, by love, hope and forgiveness. 

Smiles have replaced the tears, my life has renewed hope.
The colors of my wings they shine; with all things I can cope.
I learned to be the butterfly; my life could rearrange.
All I had to do was from the caterpillar change.

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The flight of the Butterfly

The flight of the butterfly amazes me
Hovering like a feeling in my heart,
Lighting on flower of my thought, free
As an apple falling to the eye.

The beauty of a butterfly is surprising
From egg to chrysallis like a word
Then out from caccoon sentence winging
Across the sky of the tongue

But nothing surpasses the butterfly
In its love for home
Two generations may pass crossing the sky
It always returns where its history began

And I unshackled feel fettered wings
Fragile against catcher and sun
From flower to flower and wind's hustlings
Long for my Blue Mountains, and native sounds.

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Your Silent Butterfly Wings

Deep inside 
Those green-black cobra eyes,
Are black-yellow butterfly wings
That hypnotizes you with a deadly sting 
Return to thy hand weaved basket, from the land of Nod
Then, we shall rest upon your silent butterfly wings

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Alice Recites In Wonderland

Why doth the little butterfly flitter here and there
And Flap its flitting silken wings, beating through the air
Living for a day as such, this butterfly knows no lie,
And this creature must know, it shall of course soon die.
It cannot stop its place in the world and doesnt live in strife
For already it knows nothing shall stop this tragedy of life.
For beauty lasts a moments gasp before it flits away
And like a butterfly, it dies at the end of the day

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Unmindful Butterfly

The butterfly flew and flickered,
Her colored medley fully triggered,
She stopped at one bloom,
And was on second in a zoom,
Her wiry legs did the trick,
She was laying her own bricks,
I wondered if the butterfly knew,
How pretty she looked as she flew,
If she did was she proud,
Her hopping mad made it look loud,
But perhaps she was not,
She could look and had got,
Other flies in her sight,
Who were as much as she was bright,
She was only doing her chores,
Unmindful of competitive bores.

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three of a kind

Between the flower, butterfly and the bee
Lovely to look at, but beyond that
Everything is mysterious

From the silence they shared
Until the significant scheme they had achieved
It all became a question for us to think 

The rain and the sun are their companions 
And the wind will spread their divine scents
On earth, their beauty is untouched

Like the sound of a guitar
The melody can calm a shattered heart
Or a love song, you’d sung repeatedly

Between the flower, butterfly and the bee
A natural process of equilibrium
Where one will covert the others