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Ballad Free Verse Poems | Free Verse Poems About Ballad

These Ballad Free Verse poems are examples of Free Verse poems about Ballad. These are the best examples of Ballad Free Verse poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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The Ballad of Travis the Knight

Travis was not tired one bit, he had no intention of sleeping.
He desired more than blankets and covers, and the promises his sheets lay keeping.
In bed, he squirmed, as the candlelight burned, he tossed and turned on his side.
-Oh that he could be someone, somewhere far away, he could be Sir Travis, the Knight.
"Gather round this table" he'd bellow to all, "a dragon approaches the town!"
While villagers trembled, the brave ran away, but Sir Travis, the knight, stood his ground.
This dragon blew flames of blue from his mouth, not a pupil was seen in stare.
But Sir Travis approached, undeterred by smoke, and the fury awaiting him there.
 Black were the wings of the serpent whose talons were known to cut armor.
Swift was Sir Travis, his shield, unyielding as sure as his galloping charger.  
Fields of wheat were blown back from the impact of sword ringing notes against claw.
Songs sung by creatures of flight were silenced amidst the screaming and brew ha.
A dust hurricane strained to obscure the view from the townspeople watching outside.
The noise and the power unleashed from both sides ensured there was not a dry eye.
And from the cacophony a silhouette formed and a figure emerged from the ashes.
Triumphant, our savior, his sword raised, there was that brave Knight called Sir Travis.
And the villagers cheered and the trumpets sang tributes of many  peaceful times to come.
And tales were told of Sir Travis' Dragon and passed down from the old to the young. 
-Yet, that night, Travis was not tired one bit, and he had no intention of sleeping.
He desired more than blankets and covers, and the promises his sheets lay keeping.
but to his bed he returned, as the candlelight burned; he lay down and closed his eyes,
As the moon smiled in phase, he again became someone, somewhere far away.. 
He was Sir Travis.
Sir Travis, the Knight.

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A Ballad of Fading Flesh

Under your skin lies a new body, 
a body so perfect you'd skin 
yourself if you knew how sublime 
existence could be with such 
perfect, shimmering and angular 

The same practice works with 
your mind. Just get rid of it, 
(a shotgun works well, or an icepick) 
and another will grow back in 
a few days, one without any of 
the prejudice, hatred, jealousy or 
of your old mind. 

The old mind goes to mind school, 
and learns how to not be a piece 
of sh*t. 
Then, it gets inserted into the open 
and waiting cranial cavity of a 
newborn Kamchatkan tribesman. 
This process is known 
as 'brain-birth.' 

Hopefully the Kamchatkans 
will never discover that 
their precious ritual 
is little more than 
psychosomatic thrift shopping.