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Free Verse Anniversary Poems | Free Verse Poems About Anniversary

These Free Verse Anniversary poems are examples of Free Verse poems about Anniversary. These are the best examples of Free Verse Anniversary poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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365 Days

"This is dedicated to all who understand this. Whether we like it or not." -D.J.E.

I wasn’t gonna write this


Emotions are stirring high
Cannot believe
How much time has passed

Still feel your presence

Of the slowest death
Ever felt
Running parallel
To these present seconds

An ugly revelation
Tainted the sunshine
That bared on our souls
365 days ago

So many tears
Had filled the ocean
Of despair
For love’s river
Were held back by presumption’s walls
The dam’s of what could have been

Here I stand
In this present moment
Your essence still lingers
Like the flakes of a dandelion b r e a k i n g 		f r e e
From its home

Tormented echoes of “why”
“How come”
“Please don’t go”
“I love you…I love you so much”

High pitched resonations
Float upon
Rafts of secondary importance
And yet
This heart still knows

For it will always recall
Its truth

Played me a fool
While you held hands
With inevitable

Crossing fingers
With diffusion
Across my shoulders

Left me uncomfortably numb
All my rights

And all the while

In tomorrow

My foolish hopes
Continued to warp my mind

Maybe if I didn’t look back when you walked away
Like the rules said…
…No matter.

These soft acoustic riffs
Replay in my head
You were my “Wonderwall”
“You could’ve been the one…to save me”

But I overcame
For I
Saved myself

Didn’t want to be an inconvenience for you

Colors of Fall
Your favorite season
Kinda ironic
You were like Summer & Winter

Knew when to turn up the heat
Make me sweat

Each new arrival
A summer equinox
Each departure
A rainstorm

But, when it was over
Nothing but cold
Blizzard languages
Even solace’s bandages
Could not heal

But, I weathered the storm
And would do it again
Cause it was for real


Here I am
52 weeks have past
Occasional recollection
Of that hourglass
With no more sands
Buried in dragon’s chest

You are in my silent prayer

Know this

Even though you are contained
Within my heart’s asylum cell block home
I loved you
With all that I had

So much

That you will be the only regret
I will ever be proud of.

© Drake J. Eszes

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Stygstrome - Updrafts

"Stygstrome" is the Afrikaans version of "Updrafts", one of my earliest poems (including some showcased naivety :D), and is the first poem that I ever publicly    posted online, right here on, 3 years ago to the very day. 

I am also including the English version to this post.

Swart vere absorbeer altyd
die meeste sonskyn -
'n Volmaakte fusie
van donker en lig.

Ebbe oë glinster 
hoog in die kalm, koue hemelruim.

'n Vinnige daling
tot vlerkpunte
sagkuns soen,
die byna onsigbare
boom-toppe deurdring 
digte Winter se mistigheid. 

Sterk strome strik skielik, 
'n Voël van staal
donder oorhoofs,
breek die antieke fokus
met sy dreunende, magtige brul.

Herwin gedagtes.

Stryk neer,
in 'n stygende vlug
van suiwer vergenoegdheid.

Swart vere absorbeer altyd
die meeste lig --

Black feathers always absorb
the most sunshine -
a perfect fusion
of dark and light.

Ebony eyes glitter 
high in the calm, cold sky.

A quick dip downwards,
until wing-tips
gently kiss
the nearly invisible
tree-tops piercing
thick Winter's fog.

As currents suddenly catch hard,
a bird of steel
thunders by overhead,
breaking ancient focus
with its loud, powerful roar.

Regain thought.

in a flight 
of pure contentment.

Black feathers always absorb
the most light.

*A warm thank you to the ever-lovely Christine Ueri for finding 
the perfect Afrikaans words to poetically translate this poem.


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Still Falling


Did you close your eyes? Did you think of them?
Memories come every year and I weep, alone and wondering
if at the top and at the end you had a fear of heights
as if the answer could make a difference.

Yet I'm dismayed to watch it again, acrophobic, imagining...
a room afire and the smoke making signals to the World
no easy means of escape, no places to hide, no exit.
Suffocated in that vision, I stay breathless trying to perceive...

Hot gasses in red eyes begging for the luxury of  fresh air 
a burning window and the fall-space: coin with just one side
pieces of crystals in livid hands without time to wave 
sticky blood warming fingers in a last cold morning.

And I weep, helpless and thinking in what you saw from above
that pandemonium of alarms, yelling and the sound of the fire
just an instant to decide how to face it, how to accept it 
an instant in which you may comprehend our brevity.

Perhaps, you could say goodbye... Did you have time?
Did you close your eyes? Did you think of them?
in their faces, their eyes, their voices, their scents...
Behind, below, inside...Death, waiting for your decision...

And I weep for your innocence... for your panic...for you
I'm with you now, terrified... yet, I can't follow you...
But you drag me and I jump with you, as every year 
as the only way I can remember you...feeling you, being with you ...

And I weep...recoiling to that morning that will live in infamy
in its intense impact, in those images 
Because the towers disappeared in its collapse
but you, through the're still falling.

Footnote: This short video is very disturbing; it shows people falling and jumping from the towers. I don't recommend you to watch it because it may offend or hurt your feelings. However, it shows the true horror of that day and I think that it's the true extent in which those innocent people lost their lives.

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Found Love

When first I came to know this world, my eyes were young and hurt,
And O're the years I came to know, the expression in my heart,
I fought my way through love and pain, through heart break, and much worse,
Until one day I found a man, who could love me at my best and worst,
He would drive me to the point of insane, yet bring me back to laughing tears,
He could make my eyes weep in shame, yet hold me close and i would heal,
18 years, it took to know that I would never leave his side,
For when I was born I knew this man; Inside my soul, the knowledge survived,
I found him after 16 years, And knew I loved when i reached 17,
Now the age of womanhood is apon me, and if asked Ill respond,
it is his wife I shall gladly be,
Sweet eyes so young, but aged too,
my love today, I explain to you.

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His Light

I sat in the darkness and waited 
For the music to begin 
For the words that were to come; 

He picked up every strum of stress 
And sent it to the Northern Hemisphere 
Where Angels sieve, retrieve 

I lost the strain of my attempts only to regain 
My long lost strength;
As I sat in the darkness to wait, 
Something beautiful came raining in, 
His light and his might; 

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My Son Moon and Star

            My Son Moon and Star ~

        Approaching the celebration of his Birth 
                cherishing the gift I received 
           within weeks of conception I knew
            something amazing was in Creation ~

            the Stars held a party
            sending me with one of their own  
    Gazing at 3 shooting stars twinkling crossing the sky   
       It was magic  It was destiny taking its flight.  

           In love with an October full moon 
               drawing and painting I liked 
             thinking of Vincent Van Gogh ~
                caught in a loss of time 

          Hours going by as choosing my color  
           a wittness to three falling stars 
             A clear night sky sparkle's
           A once Famous Star was sent 
            inspiring the tiny child inside ~ 

           Never a doubt in my mind at all     
       child bearing was worth any pain received
      yours will be in a pursuit of a dream ~
             one to cherish and hold
          My Son was born the following August ~

    working on the set of Grimm 3rd season this year  
         as the set of Leverage for 3 years .

              Has done a Indie movie here  
             In Paris it was seen and honored
             coming soon filmed in Portland ~
                 "The House of Last Things "

        awaiting the credits , you will see
    1st Assistant Director ~ production assistant 
                 My Young Lion Mans dream ~
        A proud mom I watch every show and the credits 

        as foretold in a whisper to me 25 years ago
              My Son &  Moon and Star  
               A name you will all know ~

            Happy Birthday to my creative Son
             you will exist in my heart forever~
                        and thereafter               

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Standing Amid Thank-fullness

                                             thank God
                                                for the present.
                                                  The present through
                                                       past and current
                                                          trials and
                                                                 Present through
                                                                   laughter which
                                                                     has become
                                                                    our strong foundation.
                                                                  To my dearest heart of hearts, it
                                                              doesn't go in vain the love you’ve
                                                        given to me.  And I myself must agree, that
                                                   as a man, I’m sincerely lucky to be me.
                                               Knowing that…When I stand…
                                          You stand
                                      then We stand
                                    becoming the
                                     singular while holding on
                                       to life hand in hand.
                                         Regretting not anew the treasures
                                           and experiences we’ve shared amongst
                                             each other with no one else
                                               to compare… And for that, 
                                                  I love you, I love you, I love you

Pace, G

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missing piece

i sit here thinking about the days.
remembering the time we first met.
i was crying in the rain,
feeling the water and the pain. 
until you came, and wiped my tears away. 

you were like an angel in disguise, 
you never ever fail to make me smile, 
you were a stranger in my world, 
but you made me realize my worth 
when you touch my hand
i know that you understand. 

I feel so safe whenever i'm with you, 
the way you hug me tight when i feel blue. 
you are just like a dream come true. 
i wouldn't need anyone else but you. 
and from now on i offer you my heart.. 

so i thank you for coming into my life,
for bringing the sunshine and making me feel alive. 
you made my life complete, 
baby, you're all i need
you are my missing piece. 

PS:wrote this 2 years ago. i had this poem hidden and reserved for Mr. Right. :-)

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When I Emerged

When I emerged from the black ~~~
Acrid smoke and dust impaired my vision ~~~
Once settled ~~~
Iconic giants were no more ~~~
History reminds us, where we were at that time ~~~

(1)~when      2~I         3~emerged      4~from
5~the         6~black    (7)~Acrid    8~smoke 
9~and     10~dust        11~impaired   12~my
13~vision       (14)~Once     15~settled   (16)~Iconic
17~giants      18~were     19~no     20~more
(21)~History        22~reminds           23~us
24~where    25~we         26~were   27~at
28~that      29~time

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This Present Darkness

Freedom I long to hear your bells ring
If you only knew what it would do to me
Auspice and a pair of Jacks, its sudden destruction
And the Poetry World's composure was completely destroyed
As we complete the circle of Life and Avalanche and bury the Poets
The organ plays and the funeral starts
As they compete with a man of God
Angel's and Chariots of fire
A demonstration of God's Power on earth
Extraordinary as her performance, I express myself
Court is convened now, she got the message
A star falls, I expand, 
Lost Treasure discovered inside ourselves
How could I deny the fact
You gave me strength when no one else was ever there!

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First Love

We treat it like a marble 

in our pocket for a while 

we win it 

we lose it 

but no matter where it goes 

it always holds 

the warmth of our hands

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This morning I
Allowed God to open his hands
I wanted to see
My space in the universe
To find some meaning
For the the sixty years I traversed his grace
And never reached the edge of it
I wanted see again
The zig-zag path of my search
But the water gnawed the sand
Where my footprints were stored
In the world of God's hand
This morning I
May never know where the road bends
Or where it will go up a hill
I only know that I follow a calling
That following it before
Make all meanings strange to me
For faith determines nothing
More than an agreement to be pliable
No matter what
The sunrise comes to me
And the sunset leaves me here
In God's hand I
Have no where to go
Nothing more to know
Than there is no edge near my feet 

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Fort Sumter

April 12, 1861 the cannons could

be heard for miles around,

the war had started,that

led both sides to a long

and hard struggle.

Why was this site

chosen to start the fight,

it may have been that

this fort was not prepared

for a battle of any kind,

a shortage of cannons,

and other weapons,

hardlyl gave them any

chance to defend the fort

Abe Lincoln later in

his most famous speech,

said A Nation divided cannot stand,

which is a true statement.

The Civil War was to become

the bloodiest war in our history,

before the firing

on Fort Sumter

it was an unknown place

to most of the  people,

now it stands out

as a major landmark

in our country.

wrote 4-12-11

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Happy Anniversay

For making it a little easier to get up in the morning, and putting up with my less than friendly 

For making everyday that much better because you are a part of it....

For spending your nights dreaming with me, and working everyday to make those dreams 
come true....

For being a great husband and father, and helping to make our home a loving place to be....

For spending the last 14 years loving me and making me feel like a special part of your life....

For being my best friend, and always being there for me no matter what....

For all these things and more, I LOVE YOU! Happy Anniversay to the love of my life!

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Oh my delicate Mother, with zest, stood up from the wheelchair then began tapping dance steps under new moon rising. Like a floating butterfly guided by notes of a theme song, hands trailed away around the room, while she gracefully led her pace. And thirty roses decked a love-couch enlivening cheeks reddened by bliss, while her feet regaled in eased motion unmindful of trickling heartbeat. We gazed at Mom, awed by surged vim lovely in a crimson dress billowing, as joyous Dad grasped her for a slow waltz highlighting their fateful pearl anniversary. Mystic Rose’s The Good News Paper by nette onclaud 11/ 14/2014

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A Candlelight Dinner

I had a candlelight dinner last night.  My love and I was feeling alright.
Neither one of us was frustrated.  We cherished the moment and our
love was so elevated.

We both stared into each other's eyes, our heart racing oh so fast, just
sitting and thinking how long or love would last.  We each touched each other
and felt sheer pleasure, we could not forget about this special moment we
both enjoyed, it helped relieved some of the pain and struggles that we
had confronted that day, right at this moment nothing seemed to get in the

The candlelight shining so clear and bright gave reflections of the way in
which we felt that night. It was so peaceful and serene, nothing but our
souls and spirits feeling one another, there was no trouble.
We both felt blessed to have enjoyed such memorable moment at the
present time we were in, just he and I sat there sipping on some gin.

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One Day

As I sip on aged Cognac
swirling in circular sadness,
contained within cup made
of broken stained glass memories,
I witness.

Witnessing Cloud 9’s silhouette
surround this glued enigma.

Lionel Ritchie was the rock for this moment’s bliss.

“Truly in love,

Emanating across cathedral uncertainty,
breaking its glass.

This was a celebration of priceless Silver.
A currency only earned by the Philanthropists of Love.

Creating justifiable fantasies
with attainable dreams.

It was amor, maintained.

While I sip on Cognac’s remnants,
mixed with retina’s loneliness,
with smile craving soul-pack solution,
I exhale.

In “Deep Sigh” Symphony: No. 9.

With my ventricle chambers
kissing subconscious on forehead,
in preparation for dream come true.

Because one day,
that will

© Drake J. Eszes

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A devil
Evil spirit
Regarded as cruel
The jealousy

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Midnight Lullaby

I wrapped all my tears, to see you smile.
you are the best, always by my side.
I tell you my feelings will get you crying,
you must think I’m out of my mind.

You don’t know, what I know,
all the angels let me go.

We were born to teethe and die,
you will grow to be so fine.
Fall in love, feel your softer side,
Remember me when life is kind.

When you go, let me know,
don’t walk away like the world and go.

Life is rough and the world unkind,
fight them down and you will be fine.
The truth of live is a brutal sight,
make no mistakes, you can learn from mine.

You have a strong heart, you are unique
I treasure times when you smile at me.

Live the life, I could not find,
be there for me, when I say goodbye.

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The Righteousness Of Love

Love is a wonder shared by one another it's the only reason I'm not six feet under Love in which I believe in a will to sustain I give back to life, now in dormant states of pain The power of Love may not alone be enough locked inside my dreams escape only from above higher than any human being has ever gone before I must have evolved rise above hate, great once more My Father taught me wisdom I am imprisoned no longer now an beast not of burden I am no lion, I am stronger on my shoulder sits twin dragons long awaiting the day evil forces come forth to take what Love is left, away A Hero of Love light are what the world needs angels, not demons exist where ever you believe follow your heart's direction and you shall achieve objects of affection rid of materialistic greed My bright energy has awakened to a fire never consuming the source as the flames just grow higher that is the desire of a product we call Love Fear, the counterpart what I was once made of I am slowly learning how to win when my peace is harder to sharpen so I have given my pen leave the sword has its uses I must say I believe to vanquish the evil in the minds too diseased to serve any purpose except their own selfish ones tomorrow a new day in the clarity of the sun where we two are now one and one done now does bring about a great change lit by the righteousness of Love.

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Return Of Your King

Reflections of imperfections have shown me a way that I can move mountains through my power of faith even though I can't see him I know he is real through the power of prayer and a Love that I feel It's growing inside me like a flower in bloom shall I reveal my powers or is it too soon I am reading the signs through my darkness I find a reason for belief in the light of mankind that I know shall overcome the greatest of odds the Love I seek amazes me especially through the flaws because now I am inspired through the hero's that bring my throne through the darkness on which I return on as your King.

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In late October the reddest moon didn't change its phase,
it remained in the same spot to watch the witches' ballet;
the loud music matched the mood of the mystical night: tambourines
and flutes frantically played; sneers, jeers, giggles of the ugliest witches
mixed with the goblins' roars while they danced around a huge, hot fire.

I smelled a foul odor, the wild dogs feasted on a bloody oar,
" Leave some for us, or we'll turn you into bats! "
the hunched witch snarled with menacing eyes,
but they roared and threatened her with sharp teeth,
then Olga began to speak Latin words to cast  
a spell on them and before it worked, they fled.

Glad that they had left, she dragged the dead animal
and hung it on a long rod to roast on the sparking fire;
hungry witches continued to dance with forks and knives 
in their hands, anxiously waiting for their Halloween treat.  

Written by Andrew Crisci
for Russel Sivey's contest,
" The Ultimate Halloween Contest "
10/5/ 2012

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Gene, Gene, the Singing Machine

(in memoriam, Eugene Lawler, d. January 29, 2012, aged 83 years)

--- Note:  "The singing machine" is a not so tongue-in-cheek reference to Gene and his penchant for singing whenever and wherever he wished, as well as to his karaoke
equipment and his nickname at bars that featured karaoke nights. ---

You fancied yourself a singer,
and indeed you were.
What songs we heard from you
you had made your own,
and you gave them freely
to all who would listen
(though we were just a few
who were, at times, inattentive.)
Time and remembrance may color
the images you left behind,
and the sentimental songs
you sang (and scribed on silver disks 
for us to hear when, and if, we will)
may prod us to recall
your willful, dour demeanor
which could bloom into benevolence
or darken further in stormy sneers
at tardiness, or at perceived
maltreatment of any sort.
You were your own arbiter of behavior
who kept before you expectations
of what was appropriate, for yourself
and for us, the others of your kind.
We were few (still fewer now),
who flocked together on occasion
to celebrate, in quiet fashion,
whatever anniversary we chose --
perhaps your passing date
will become another to be marked.
And your voice, reproduced mechanically,
amplified, may remind us of our loss,
and of yours.  

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4 Jon On Our 22nd Wedding Anniversary

Your love is
quite sensational –

Your laughter tastes
    like spring-time rain

Your tears smell
    like sweet lemon flower petals

Your voice looks

Your heart sounds
    like exquisite violin and harp concertos

And your eyes!

Your eyes feel
    like early autumn sunset’s amber-gold lengthening glow

Oh, my love, your love
is entirely, completely,


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In a time
When men stood out
Being courageously stout
I saw a man
Raising his children
He was not perfect
But was Gods' elect
He had some flaws
Concerning his laws
But with help
From the Lord
The children grew
And were made new
Becoming Men and Women
Fulfilling Purpose and Destiny
A chosen generation
Sent to the nations
From God above
Just like the dove
Through one man
This man is YOU, Dad

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Mythical animal
A single horn
From the center of its forehead
Beauty in its essence

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Happy Birthday

We were on the road
the road that ended somewhere
something flew right into my eyes
I closed my eyes for a while
but then you were gone
we could have made it
to the end where our dreams
were waiting for us,
but then they were shattered into pieces
somehow you changed,
those pieces were not small enough for you
then you broke them into even smaller pieces
and still all those broken pieces
if it were to be re arranged would
have your name on it
we had our share of fun, laughter
and great memories, that will
walk with me to my deathbed
but now its too late to be reminded it
your face with a stranger
everyday on the electronic screen
I'm still the same way you left me some
four years ago,
and you're not the same person that you were
things have changed,
they've been rearranged
nothing looks familiar anymore
specially you
but I still cannot forget those times
and even though I hate you for what you did
how could I forget this day
even if those memories in your head
lay there alone to rust
Happy Birthday to you, old friend
and Happy birthday to us!

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Bearded Dragon

Scaly small lizard
Eats bugs, but not very often
Where’s the beard?
It has no hair

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Being Here Without You

I am living in a world where the wind no longer blows through your hair my love                         And the warmth of the sun no longer falls upon your face                                                             Sometimes I feel like I am doing something wrong                                                                                 Being here without you                                                                                                                      As if someone is going to stop me in the mall and demand an explanation                                     I know in my mind that for both of us I will carry on                                                                       But sometimes my heart tries to rule the day                                                                                 Happy fortieth anniversary Sweetheart

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Our Past and Present Love

I went back to the place where we had our Reception
Saw the window under which I sat
A new wife; full of hope, full of joy
Anticipating my life ahead with you
Oh! It's as if the ten years hadn't passed
So fresh and powerful was the memory
The tapestry bench no longer there
But the grand old fireplace
With its pot belly stove
And attractive iron guard
Still stand majestic to this day
The coat of arms has disappeared
So too the plastic swords that mock their sting
But the soft, ambient lights remain
Against the thick tudor beams
And the gentle song of conversation
Harmonizes with the tinkle of glasses
I remember well our wedding party
How we cut the cake 
And pretended to fight over the first slice!
We sucked in the helium gas
Of the pretty "just married" balloons
And spoke in a high, squeaky voice!
The company was intimate, friendly
Full of celebration and good cheer
So much has happened in that decade
But I have absolutely no regrets
In having the gold band on my finger
I am honoured to be Mrs Forth-Eglon
Thank you so much for being my husband
Through laughter and through tears
We've witnessed joy but also sorrow
Deep in my heart
I hope you know who I am
It's been a long journey for you, my love
You don't have to keep fighting
If you want to fall asleep, go ahead 
But darling, let me tell you this
Thank you for ten wonderful years
I know that in the glorious future
We will be together forever
I look forward to seeing you there 

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Love,Life and Death

Life and death
Are mysterious things
You love a living one
in your Heart, 
By your heart 
You also  love a dead one
But in your Mind, in your memory
When your beloved is no more 
When she is dead
Your love shifts places
From Heart to Mind 
You want her corpse to be removed
as soon as possible 
and buried, burnt in fire
Or left to the vultures
depending on what last ceremonial plan
 you believed in 
and chose to perform
Living ones are loved 
Dead ones too 
but death is so scary 
that whenever someone dies
one tries to get rid of him atonce!

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The Magik Of Love

Reflections in the mirror were getting scary I could not carry the weight of my pain it almost took my life to learn to love again for I have made a friend somewhere along my long lost way I hope that I helped him just a fraction of how he helped me maybe that single thought is what finally gave me my peace enough to release so much stolen energy Now I am not afraid to walk where the streets are hot for I thrive in Hell's kitchen where the devil stirs my pot for I now have him quiet tame I sacrificed my dragons at the alter of my name and now you are my slaves any time I need I'll call upon my superhero's to come and rescue me like my Saint Toni who swept me off that bridge and showed my how a death can be the greatest reason to live for she was the seed to grow my Eden then a man from a foreign land gave me something in myself to believe in the magik of Love.

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May 4th

May 4th is still alive.

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Never So Gracious

A full moon night to my delight what is so wrong with doing what's right nothing is right after so long no use in complaining time to move on The Dream Water one day might take me away farther from the comfort of familiarity I float on my back then shut my eyes my body now sinking into ocean arms open wide Now swallow your son back to his nature when he is no longer needed to stay here the next generation are dooming themselves they need my experience to guide them through hell Why should I bother on my own, I strive through I turn my back on the thought of bothering to save you alone in this world my, is it spacious I'm finally smiling, never so gracious.

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Tonight, the full moon blooms
And foils the looming gloom.
The remnant doom from noon
Has lost it's bullish tune.
And embraces dusk's eerie cool.

The village square it illuminates
Arena of moonlight tales of late
The little ones gather and wait
While the elderly engage in debates
And the goats noisily ruminates

The bright night, lights sparks
Of bliss and joy in trees' barks
The tall iroko whistle in parks
Where young lovers end their tracks
And skimpy skirts lose their tacks
The son of perdition frets unsure
The thief in the night fears exposure
The pirate sailor steers from ashore
The night fisherman denied action
For the kind light bathes the ocean

Tonight, the full moon beams proud
As the town crier makes his round
Belting forth a piercing sound.
While the town's chorus echoes loud
The stage is set for the yearning crowd

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Who would have known time flew so fast
The first forty years are now in the past
Today is a ruby of a day
Then next comes golden, climbing it's way.
Forty years together as man and wife
Times of happiness, special moments in life
All in all we have come a long way
That's why I am sending my love today.

 Happy 40th Anniversary to my Husband

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Be My Valentine

     Sweetheart you make me smile,
     and my life worthwhile.
     I cherish the day we met.
     You mean the world to me, you are
     my sunshine, the rainbow after the rain.
     The moon and stars are no match for my 
     love for you.

     No other can fill this space in my heart.
     Celebrate and enjoy this special day with me,
     my partner for all time.
     I love you , please say you'll be be my valentine.

     Anne Rutherford
     Copyright 2008
    Poems From The Heart

  note- I wrote this for him
  because we never got 
  valentines . we were married on 

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Flaming Reflection : " Bon Appetite "

My Dear Carolyn, I want to Thank-YOU for YOUR Contest “ The Work You Do? ”
I usually Do not Brag, but I’m going to in this Piece I also may throw in  Kitchen Humor
I Dedicate this to YOU : Carolyn Devonshire My POETRY “ TEACHER “ LOVE, HG

The first two quotes I heard in the beginning of My Career
“People will always Eat” ( Chef Lis ) : “People eat with their eyes” :
( Mr. Franklin Whalen ; ) Owner  of The “Barrington House Restaurant”
Forty-Four years later, the Sonata of these words Still Rings in my ears

The Aromas, sweet and spicy, sour ,tart, fruity, meaty, waif through my nose
I remember the smell of burning starch, elbows set in ice cold water on the stove, two hours
Taste buds come alive, epicurean;  connoisseurs : enticing  The palette soothing the throat
I read my breath, in the dire cold of the freezer:  a block of ice becomes A Heart of Swans 
         The Center Piece of Mr. & Mrs. Posner’s 75th Wedding Anniversary Dinner
On a Pedestal , in the centre of the “Swan Heart : I carved the “POSNER"  Holding Hands
How Sweet, When they asked me “Would You makes us one of YOUR Classic Dinners?”
“The Rack of Lamb, with the Plum- Mint Jelly” “ Don’t forget his Famous “Béarnaise Sauce”
A Vegetable Bouquetire , Cottage Fries, with a special “Flaming Cherries Jubilee” for Desert
Perhaps, as they did when : Young : Their eyes found each other, as they fed each other
The Gleam in their Eyes, reflecting the Jubilee’s flame Opening the Mirror of Their “ L O V E “
As a Chef The work I do is very Rewarding and I shall Cook until I die( and even Then!! )

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Ons almal sterf alleen

'n Oomblik waardig van afsondering
'n Vreemdeling nie deur ander gesien
Is ons die verlate?
Is ons die verlater?
Lewe in die nag om sy wreedheid te skuil
Hul gesigte belig die skerms
Die rykes maak geld uit dié oorlog
Die sterftesyfer styg
Nog 'n verraaier
Die leuenaar, die patriot
Hoeveel leuens, hoeveel sterftes
Afgemaai soos 'n lam wat geslag word
Nog 'n spook vir jou verlede
Nog 'n gelowige, nog 'n slagoffer
Ken nie die pad van die tou na die vloer
Kyk in die gesig van die wat jou verraai
Jy is die gejagte, die slagoffer, die prooi en die vervalle
Ons sterf almal alleen.

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Anniversary Bubbles

Put on a new dress, was looking really hot, Dyed my hair with several blonde highlights, Applied my MAC makeup... ooh-la-la, I’m singing Al Greene, “So In Love With You” Its our wedding anniversary, 29th and you knew Bubbles overflow from the champagne bottle You beckon me to come hither into our room Which shoes to wear... oh you burst my bubble! Written by Lee Ramage September 8, 2011 Sponsor Debbie Guzzi Contest “Bubbles”

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Power of Your Love

To a Bride and Groom

You have the power
over my love
to make my day rain or shine
it all began the day you asked me
"to be mine" and I wrote my name
in blood, on your hearts
dotted line
the power of my love
to fuel what feeds within me
pounce on me as a tiger
humble me as a mouse
your strength envelopes me
as if standing in an unbreakable
glass house
you have the power
over my stare, as you glare
into my inner spirits soul
those who dare to try to divide
I heed them to beware
the power you have over my love
leaves me content, without a care
floating together, we share, in
true loves enchanting bliss
what started years ago, with a friendly
hug, is reincarnated within every
new days kiss

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Seven Year Anniversary

I thought for a long time

to try and do something right

(in your eyes)

I've taken the blows

and the comparatives 

of every beauty you know

You love me, you loathe me,

I'm evil and detestable

You take me to my depth,

then, deny I've ever been

(there in the shadows of destruction)

(where one must sometimes fight to see the light)

I've been under bondage, n'er a day passes

that I do not try

Yet you splattered the truth and it helped me

for all the time living and giving,

 never drawing a breath for today;

 reflections of the past

Today my God Given name is special

For maybe I am not what I seem

Beneath this shell, redemptions plea

Seven years and months I've thought of how I could say

what it is that I need to say

Once the weight of humanity sat upon me, 

every part of me cared and in my depth, 

darkness and despair shadowed me, moving about

It doesn't matter the cost,

the dead are not living, but it's the lost

Lost was I, so cold to the Lord and I told you so

You were nice to me and cared

I loved you

Far be it to me now to brush back the tears streaming

at all cost, freedom is what I want

free to believe that I can be redeemed

Somewhere in days ago

was the writer that was the big joke

the one whose feelings meant the least

This monster

something evil

Your woe

A Wo-Man

Trust me not, for I do not love you anymore

Lest I shall die a horrible death

Seven years and months to say what I needed to say

You gave me brushed pink and yellow pastels of love

and brushing another tear back,

where the darkness's of all your lusts and loathing resides

Do not trust me, for I do not, could not love you any longer

Stars at night tell me I am right

they synchronize their twinkling with fallen hopes gone by

still it is beautiful

a light none the less

Where struggling through our nightmares we found dreams, awakening this 

Do not trust me, I am deceit, I am your fear, I am the worst for you truthfully

I am your woe, man

Your woe

Now go

For John Rhinem aka Johnny

link<>, John Rhine M John Rhinemiller Rachel st cross, tristen temple Jeremy Street  Christopher Marcum whoopi goldburg

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Love is as Love grows

Love  is as love grows
It grows when you raise children 
and laugh and cry
It grows when you overlook
the beauty of a new flower
to the beauty of crushed flowers 
in your memory book
As if to remember what had budded
in your youth
but is still precious as it ages
and sages
are confounded to perceive its presence
but as each day passes
you are bound by faith  if by nothing else
to abide by the changing generations
that define it
Finally, Love is simple
So let us enjoy it before we grow ancient
and fail to remember because 
Love is as love grows

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On bended knee

On bended knee
I hope you know
Of how much I feel
my heart bestow

For now I offer
my hand my love
a golden band 
and pure white doves

Perhaps you'll arrive
in princess carriage
what ever you want 
the perfect marriage

Through happiness
and sickness too
I've one true love
and that is you

So if you'll say yes
and marry me
through all my days
I'll cherish thee

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No Expectations

A very wise person said to me only yesterday
Why do you have such expectations in life
If you have expectations, you will only be disappointed
It was like a light bulb suddenly lighting up in my head
Of course that is where I have gone so astray in life
I have always had expectations and have always been let down
A Parent has expectations that their grown up children will call
A wife has expectations that on her Anniversary a fuss will be made
Children have expectations that the world around them swirls
Men have expectations that their wives will at them always swoon
Oh yes one can have dreams and hopes and future plans
But the word expectation means eager anticipation
In other words the total act of expecting what you want to be given
Now flowers can be given on an Anniversary to celebrate love
If you are not expecting the gift, then what a pleasure it becomes
So expectation is really a Want, I want the kids to call
I want you to love me, I want you to need me, I want you always
Love should be given not demanded, love should be free
Kids will call if they love you and care about making you content 
Flowers should be given from the heart not expected as a right
A person in anguish should not cry out for you to save them
A person in anguish should love themselves enough to save themselves
We should not expect a rainbow in the sky, but be happy when it is there
Things should be given freely not expected, then that is real joy
I will from today try to expect nothing, and in the process grow stronger.

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Husband and wife sit across from each other,
eyes meeting over that old kitchen table.
No words are spoken.

A girlish smile breaks over the wife’s face, 
a grin follows across her husbands.
Faces they each know so well,
 a thousand stories could be told.

Memories flood the quiet between them,
 going back oh so many years.
Time reeling them both back into youthful days
 when a lifetime was stretched before them.
Remembering the first time their eyes met, 
the husband could still see that spark in her eyes.
A first date the wife waiting for his arrival, 
she remembers being swept off her feet by him
 at the doorstep.

Husband and wife take another step down
 that lane of memories.
that first kiss the wife can still feel it,
 just like it happened yesterday.
Tender when he held her face, 
gently in his hands, so sweet was that moment. 
She still remembers the words he murmured,
 whispering softly. 
“I could love you for the rest of my life.”

That first kiss led them to a dance floor.
 When they danced their first dance, 
holding each other tight in each other’s arms. 
It was as if it was only the two of them on that dance floor. 

The husband and wife dance down memory lane.
To meet each other’s parents a most important moment. 
To know of family and kinship. 

The wave of memories takes them to when, 
the husband was before her on one knee.
 So humbled was he, 
asking the wife to build a life with him. 
The wife had cried in delighted surprise. 
She could remember her joy, at the promise of a life together. 
He still brought joy to her life.

Traveling down memory lane together,
 to the alter they went. 
Where each pledged solemn vows,  in earnest to each other.
 To last them all the days of their life.

The husband and wife could hear the ring of their children’s laughter,
 greeting them with children of their own. 
This anniversary is one of many.

That first look. 

The first kiss.
A first dance. 

First promises. 

The first I love you is where it began, all those years ago. 
Where it has led to is the husband and wife sitting at that old kitchen table, 
gazing into each other’s faces.
Not a word needs to be spoken.


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How I Met My Wife

It was the fall of fifty-four and “cool” was the in thing. I was a senior in high school and had just moved to Camden High. I was checking things out. Rambling down the hall one day I just happened to look into a freshman classroom. There I saw the most beautiful face. Two very large dimples began to bloom as our eyes met for only a second. She blushed and it highlighted the turned up corners of her perfect lips. Strange, I felt I knew her. I did know her. She was the faceless dream haunting me my whole life. She was the one I knew I would meet some day. The one God guided my way. The one I knew would be my wife. I was smitten. How could I meet her without being so blatantly obnoxious? A friend of mine was dating her cousin. I was told her name was Carolyn. Patricia, the cousin would try to set it up for us to “accidently” meet. Carolyn went to church quite often to the Sunday evening service. We lived in a small town and Sunday evenings were spent "cruising" from a drive-in restaurant on one side of town, to another on the opposite side. What a “coincidence” we all turned up at church on the same evening. Pat asked Carolyn if she would like to go ride. She did, but would have to go home to ask her parents. She was too young to date. When she asked her parents about going out for a while they each said for her to ask the other, They finally agreed because Pat was with us. The next Sunday evening we spent the evening at her home. After that we went out just about any time we wanted to but, “came back early”. Those were the best of times. So, began the start of a relationship destined by the hand of One who protects and twines. After graduation, I was away at school. There as a ministerial student, I felt displaced. It didn’t take long to know it was not working out. I settled the mounting pressures of school, the church, by joining the military. While I was stationed in Japan for almost three years she finished school and worked while attending Carolina. After that I was away in another town working. We claimed each other for six years while shaping, settling, waiting for the right time. We decided we would marry in 1960. November twenty-sixth was the date set aside. It was a simple, pretty wedding in my church. We left the wedding and spent the night in Columbia, leaving there to honeymoon in the Blue Ridge. We returned on Monday, for I had to work and brag about my new bride. © Sept. 25 2010 For Frank's 'Love" contest

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Show me who you are and i shall paint out broken columns on the valleys of her back as if such figure is un-common
i have found no beauty bending as the vines that are her hair and the frailty of man upon her back is what she bares
bleed her body for the harvest let them feast upon her soul for the nurishment of mother is leaps beyond so bold
she is like the flower growing in the deepest of dark forests,amongst the ivy and hemlock but her skin is much too porous
to concern herself with games that tantalize the men, as they marry on crusade it is her children that she tends
sheath your swords with her ambition and tip your arrows with her will, craft your armour from her strength and in the battle you will kill
come now children from the pasture and lay each upon her side, suckle gently at your mother although theirs pain she does not hide
though the water leaks from rooftops her leaves are thick and block the rain, as the water level rises cling to her branches with no shame
she is the stone upon the beach, once a mountain pound and breached
yet still her disposition clear to love her children that are near

inspired by Roots Frida Kahlo, 1907-1954

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A Poem for her Majesty the Queen on her Jubilee

To be English above all is not just a given, from the beginnings of time to the new world position.

It is of bravery and honour that has built the empire we know, that no matter what we may face no matter how big the enemy or challenge we will not quiver we shall not shudder nor walk away, our upper lip will remain stiff and the lions heart our enemy will feel in protection of Queen and country.

In a world of corruption and deceit, floundering morals as sources try to wash them away, inside this mayhem will always lay a loyal army to her Majesty and country that will fight tooth and nail to protect.
No matter the hatred or non believers we shall not fall. 

The most powerful family in the world that has ruled through generations of change and is echoed through the story of time this is my promise to you your Majesty we will always be here waiting on your every word to follow and serve as your loyal army. 

May GOD save the Queen and protect her people through time,
For we are ENGLAND . .  full of love . . . full of Pride! 

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I and the Other on the Anniversary of Victory in Europe Day

                                 I and the Other

Sadly since the dawn of humans there has been the I and the Other.

Indifference at best and hatred at worst, times primitive or advanced, 

Dragging a child of another tribe away from the parents in complete

Indifference or hatred, to today's multifarious actions and reactions, 

From bombing by air to a bomb on planes, or ignoring the plight of

Other humans on this planet. Take your pick on the work to do on the 

I and the Other...............................................................................






Did you need more lines, or hopefully fewer hatreds or indifferences to complete? 

Past, present and future until those from space attack, a chemo-biological attack rap?

The only hope is Hope itself. We are better educated only if morality does not moulder.

If there is no hope then what is the point of writing any poetry even as bad as this? 

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By all means undress me. Shirt off. Bra unclapsed. Fingers in my hair.
 Us falling on top of each other on a bed.

Your tongue in my mouth, lips on my body. Pants off. Panties down. 
Gasping, moaning, funny noises, making love faces. 

Tracing each others bodies, turning each other out. I've never wanted something so bad before in my life.

 And yes its much more than us naked that I want. But Ill go crazy thinking about all that stuff so I dont. 
For today, tonight all I want is us... Naked. Bodies plastered together like glue. sweat dripping off each from the heat. 

Passion is what I need from you.

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Guilty one
Capable of gross wickedness
A vile wretch
A scoundrel
A rascal
Unprincipled character

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The darkness of light impossible to see the pain and the lies always damaging you reach and get burned not understanding this is my disease nature of the beast Suddenly my light is taken away my darkness was revealed taking me as slave when all I ever wanted was for someone to say please stop, for me or enter an early grave Now face to face with all of my demons how can I fight them if I don't want to beat them until the reason arrives, then I shine a little at first but that small thing, is mine The den of ten thieves come up with a plan a whole set of new lies that every single man cannot resist believing it's seeming to be that a horrific ending is just what I need Then all of the sudden my small shine swallows time and with that virtue my face comes to life I would never hurt you please, know this to be yet no one believes me this curse grows like a tree I hate my helpless fate why can't I make a new life for me that no one can take why can't I escape a prison not for me for years I accept this tired sense of defeat The small shine barely intact, inside until Saint Anger starts to burn me, alive I find I'm set off by my wrong, senseless self until I am talking to no one, in Hell So I pick up my pen power to create a new world for me where I design my escape in my invisible state the Devil don't notice that one of his children is no longer hopeless I stop all my madness by power of pen for years my sword drew nothing but sin the yin and the yang both helped me to find that I'm no longer afflicted when darkness lights my bright shine.

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My day can be like a tidal wave, forcing itself through.

But when I come home, I can always be at peace with you.

There is war in our streets almost every day.

We’re deeply affected by war in foreign lands far away.

Sometimes I reflect and wonder what this whole world is coming to.

That’s exactly why I cherish every moment of every day that I can come
home and be at peace with you.

Alfredo Leon

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Love Will Out

In February? Sun burn from looking up at the sky? 
My Oh My… Yes, it’s so very nice and warm.
The trees are blooming and it warms my heart.
Even the groundhog came out, smiled, and looked around…
Six more weeks of this winter? The Best there’s been…
I’ll get out my Valentine trappings tomorrow at dawn.
Then I will go get our leaf blower and make it to blow…
Bubbles and Valentine hearts high in the air…everywhere… 
When my Hubby reaches our home and walks in the door…
I’ll cover him in hearts full of love… with kisses galore…
Yes, I’ll show him my heart… As he walks in… 
I’m sure… On Valentine’s Day our hearts will soar, again…

Happy Valentine’s Day to All and your Loves…

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An Angel

An angel did befriend us, on earth, before one Christmas day.
Some say she was a comet, some say she was a star.
I say she was a gift from God, here to light our way.
She was a thing of beauty that shone across the land.
Leading to a humble manger, found in Bethlehem.

And what could be so important, for her to come our way?
A savior to our lands, and yes, our hearts and souls…
Triumphantly born on Christmas Day.
That day he was born the heavens truly did rejoice.
And she, a glorious light, continued to beacon forth God’s love.

Such an important part, that angel was given on that day.
She was a beacon to our hearts and the gifts of love… 
Guiding the Wise Men and shepherds endlessly along their way.
Thru her we learned lessons, such as: patience, hope, and how to give…
And yes, she led us to the Wondrous Man, who taught us how to live…

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Never Look Away

                                                                                      Armistice day, 2012.
                               Never Look Away

Remember, remember,
11th November,
No more gunpowder,
Gas screaming rot.

Remember this day,
Never again,
And tomorrow those who fell we forgot.

Remember, remember, remember.

                              David Nickle Read   

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Coffee Love

Swirling flakes
Needles on skin
Icicle nostrils
The Coffee Shop
Sitting there
Sweet tones of conversational music
Eyes like twin lasers
Target my heart
Deep connections 
Insides bursting
Endorphins raging
The girl of my dreams
Animated, flighty
Feisty, bouncy
Hair long and curly
(at that time, now long and straightened)

“I drank too much coffee”

I heard that right?
Is she interested in me
or just sensitive to caffeine?

After 14 years
Still drinking coffee

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I see you now and your smile
Lips parted and your black hair
Hair that smells of freshness
I wonder if you see me
And miss me as the sun
Eyes blue and loving only you
And those famous lips
Do you reach for me in your dreams
Can't catch me through the mist
My tears fall as rain and burn my soul 
I promised to love you
I failed and am filled
with shame
The ticking of the clock
A bird chirps
The bugs rub their wings
It reminds me of the walks we will never have 
Arm wrapped on mine and your head on my shoulder
Where do I go now
How will I breath without you
How will I make it work
I see you in the window searching
I hope you find what you look for
Hope you find love
Peace and joy
Light a candle for me when it rains
Cool fresh rain that washes all the sad memories away
Leaves me fresh 
Light a candle and pray 
Pray God sends me air 
Pray I will sleep
Long sleep and know you were loved
Loved like no other 
Know that for once in my life I meant something
That I felt loved for once and it was the greatest moments of my
Thank You

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Slinking, quiet, bodies
So much power in those muscles
Don’t get caught in the dark with one

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Eight for the count
Brings five to five
Eight for the fight
Keeps us alive
Eight for the clock
Climbing time’s dive

Eight for the furniture
Eight for the clothes
Eight for the flights
Eight for the music

Eight for the butterfly
Eight for the zombie

Eight for the win
Because this room goes
Eight by Five by Five
And who needs more
Than this little room?

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January 2nd

Constrains, remorse tarnish me
Selective amnesia, emotional paralysis
You sigh and whisper an expletive,
that reverberates, like an eternal echo-
through my trembling self, a shell. 
Its my birthday, I keep reminding.
It wasn’t a mockery you plead, I smile.
I turn my fleshless skull skywards,
awaiting a single drop of solace.
A brand new diary, the old diaries some pulped, 
some lost, some stolen, hidden in hated nooks, 
Cynical lipstick, frosted cherries always the same colour;
Year after year, brownish orange like anodyne blood.
Sudden longing for parents, for things that were.
Voice break, swing between fantasy and reality,
grows larger until it swallows the frame-
takes a form, becomes a lost paradise.

Kisses, “surprise!” yelled into deaf ears, hugs.
wrapped goodies, another book, another bangle
A useful box of handkerchiefs, immaculate white, blue bordered,
no kitten this year too, atleast a tiny gold fish?
Curry, conversations, a candle blown-
piece of icing and cake stuffed into a placid mouth,
The weary tongue barely tastes the creamy morsel.
Sorrow of unfinished deeds, incomplete thoughts
a vague scrawl, etched, charcoal-black, across the moon mirror.
Ego gives away to egolessness;
Suspended animation, a limp balloon. 
Cataracted inner eye shuts slowly
Age has withered thoughts, 
A stale, out-dated fragment
An archaic ramble; the metaphorical toothlessness,
A long drawn bitter shriek- 
I mumble intelligibly while the rest of the world moves away;
grating breath leaves odour of decayed memories.
Shrunken, withered, old
Senility hath set in
I turned 24 today

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Rose Petals

Glowing and white, pure liquid flowing
My heart is expanding.
And I hear angels singing a song that fills my soul.
Rose petals are falling.

A slow steady walk, a gentle loping grace.
My smiling man in all black
So gorgeous. So perfect.
So mine.
My face is shining.
The angels are singing.
Rose petals are falling.

A steady warmth
So strong, and so deep
That gentle heat fills me to my core
And I find myself falling


Rose petals are falling.

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to one who was never born

to one who was never born 

I cannot fit you amongst dead sisters; 
put you to sleep with humming lullaby.

I cannot, for you 
have never been born.

Mapping a womb sometimes reveals you, 
coiling, illusory and innocent.

Just any womb 
carrying a girl.

You seem iridescent midst mother’s warmth; 
it means nothing to you, if you may

never be born as
my little sister

whom I have not put to sleep with a song.

© 2009 - All Rights Reserved Kushal Poddar

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Done For Good

Her look that day,
Should have told me everything she could not say.
Unprepared, I stared.
She walked away.
As she tossed our ring,
I felt the sting.

If I’d known then
How I feel today,
I'd heal the abscess and my heart’s decay,
Before her affection left me there that day.

JS Lambert

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Tender Heart

You my dear have stood by me,

all of these years through better

or worse, just like our vows stated.

Beginning to look like you will

stay until death do us part,

the words you repeated so

many ages ago.

I don't really deserve to

have you as my dear wife,

but here you are, still

with me, so today as

we share this Anniversary

together knowing that

your heart is still tender

and wishing you another

happy Anniversary and

loving you so.

Written on our 41st Anniversary

for my wife Judy on this date

May 18th 2011

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Was Methuselah an ancient astronaut?
Did he live nine hundred years?
Yes to both say a few enlightened seers

Did he visit Earth in a rocket ship?
Did he wear a space suit?
Possibly    and used a laser gun to boot

Did Ezekiel really see a wheel way up in the middle of the air?
Was old Methuselah piloting that space ship?
Had he taken an impossibly long trip?

Truth is    no one really knows
Witnesses     though many    are all dead
Belief must be taken on faith    enough said

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For nine months
With love and pain
With joy and suffering
In her womb she carried me
A mother she is 
And a woman of virtue.

When there was no one, she was the only one
Even left alone, she never leaves me alone
Indeed, she’s a mother 
And a woman of virtue.

When toddling, she cared
And still directs when I could run
She is a mother of the child and the adult
In her thoughts are all, even the descendants to come
Many names will I call her; “A mother of all”
And a Woman of Virtue.

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Celebration comes when we see fit But we can only celebrate just a little bit 'Cause with all the travesty that surrounds us We look for a good escape, And it does not matter Neither the time nor the place. One man's trash, Is another man's treasure. So is one man's victory Another man's defeat. Never do both the men Run at a parallel. Thus, who deserves happiness When they both meet. This must be a familiar trait All humans tend to have in common; Plus fighting for our wants, And the things we don't see coming. We must find some form of joy, The smallest spec of it in our lives. Even if some of the joy Will bring trouble sometimes. So, we simply set our minds As long as the moment feels really right We will let tomorrow happen If we make through the night

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Love is you 
Beauty on the inside and the outside too

Love is overriding the mad
Getting over the sad
Yet let go og those who had

For some don't know what to do
But those who do, knows how to pursue

Motivating and captivatingsets up the stage of a positive sense of energy
Everyone seeks to be with you but still want to carry the negativity

Love is the fruits of goodness that we are responsible for everyday
However, it looks elegant and pure when you are placed on display

Put in action
Sweet satisfaction

And wouldn’t trade you for anything
Unconditional on the just and unjust seems insane sometimes but love reaps the    greatness of blessings

Love you never die
Only memories of truth while rest where hearts lie

So love I’m glad to know you and you know my soul
For it is what makes me complete and whole

For you bring conviction when I’m wrong
Also a true friend that has been by my side for this long

Love is there when I go to bed at night
There in the morning dew embracing my face even in the darkest circumstance in sight

Light remains the same
Thru the love it brings

Therefore I’ll stay on this side of the fence
Love makes sense

When you know what love is

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I want to taste her.
Not anyone specifically,
I just crave to know 
what it all could really mean.
I would fall for her. Knock down these Berlin sized walls I have up. But my world sucks because Her is just a figurative way of discribing something that may never come.

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Much prettier than the f word
I descend from the position
that I know is better
A thought 
to cascade to a point 
in the name of (the l word)...
in order to romanticise a decision
Surely I can be at grace and (the l word)
from afar
The Lord does it...or does He?
Do I have to give myself away
in order to feel the proximity of a moment...
recall it it tortures my
To be sucked into a reality
so familiar
only to be moving to impurity
Let me subside
and land into my comfort zone..
wherever that is!

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Roswell -July 8th 1947

The inhabitants of Quintar V Were in many ways like Man They evolved from legless blobs And from the unkind sea Ventured onto land. Their technology advanced In only a few thousand years. Hyperspace was soon available. So the greater minds left to search the stars. For many light years they travelled. Through universes and galaxies galore Generations grew up on their ships The young were taught space ship skills And prepared in peace to greet new life. Eventually they came upon Earth. And at Roswell began their descent. But despite all the knowledge gained. The spaceship into the ground crashed. The brainiest creatures in all the Milky Ways Did not know how to land.

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Nerves Gone Wild

Nerves in a jar, my life is a mess
I hurt form this world as my poem suggests
Cut from a rose that smells no more
Healing like a dove thats flown shore to shore
What became of our love thats anybodys guess
We forgot about thinking, now about what comes next

Some of the times I will remember more I will forget
It hurts today tommorrow I will give it my best
My head becomes heavy my mind becomes my nest
What to do with all of the love I have here hidden in my vest
Come to my sences my heart in my hand
I think about all of the things that I can
My now today I understand
I can will you the love to better comprehend
From here I wish you the world
The universe a best
Untill you are willing 
The person beside me is only a guest

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what it is

You want to know what is on my mind
I want to know what is on your 
Its these two differences that set
us completely apart.

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Happy New Year

Ladies and Gents, 

I come bearing full my compense, 

For all of my misgivings causing reader repents, 

Upon further review, 

the message I was trying to construe, 

at times crossed over boundaries that originate in the pew, 

Fortwith presently I swear, 

forswearing manner seen debonair, 

I shalt tone down the rhetoric whilst maintaining it's flair, 

To those in the know, 

whispers abound my style has begun to plateau, 

this has filled me with anguish and tempestuous woe, 

from my hedonistic head to my calloused big toe, 

My blessed constitution moves forward yet forcefully with no fear, 

For my resolutions, with some substitutions, I shalt devoutly adhere, 

As we embark on this journey to the 2013 frontier, 

I endeavor to wish All of you Good Tidings and a Happy New Year!

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Salve Epithet's Clique

Last name here, First step there, only one allay...
Vestige sagacity, flaxen ochroid genes skitter down, 
Diddle drizzled dints to acquiesce an ugly axis,
Whet of whiled grime, tips on me thus to dawn,
In hands of lonely children, bid these lips bye-bye...

Bequest oaths, for ode by love is a home plight,
Coalescing pivots crux fine fortunes through,
Docent tasks fathom nature's dew of grief,
Tons of totes vex abstruse wills to loot,
But virtuous lenity glib adept heartfelt reefs,
Gait jiffy haps with tribes so grim time tears,
God's flanges tarry finales who lope o'er losers,
But foremost, guerdon sojourn souls aiding others...

Accouter the outfitter by concords of trust,
Master a gentlemen and woman of good taste,
Upon Sunrise and Sunset, leave wise and do weep,
The bequeath of ensuing generations propound... 
Upon birth and grave, life and death, -but more life...

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From A Husband To His Wife

It's been seven years since i said "I Do" and times got hard but we got through them because I have you. I miss the partying and clubbing, but I love this kissing and hugging. Being in a relationship, you must be ready to commit to the loving, fussing and fighting and the long nights. I gave up these things because I wanted the best for us. I wanted you to know that I was ready for your loving, caring and trust. Years have past and I'm glad we made this commitment because you are the best thing in my life and I'm glad to call you my wife.

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Slender Man's Wedding Gift

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Deep in Slender Man's void of existence, Long fingers open an old-fashioned, gothic box She watches excitedly for his reaction A mini puppet show plays within, Featuring little children— Little, creepy dead children Strange, carnival-type music plays off tune As the pale children dance in a circle with glee In the midst of the dancing there stands a tall figure without a face And a very happy woman in his arms The children open their hearts and sing: "Oh happy days have cometh, For Mr and Mrs. Slender, Though dead we are we runneth, With mirth ever rendered! We sing this song on your behalf, With dancing, joy, and many a laugh..." And the smallest, creepiest, bloodiest girl Comes up with a dazzling dress twirl: "There shall be a pause of slaughter and beheading, For Mr. and Mrs. Slender's wedding!" And with charm the children dance and sing some more As the slender man in the box does dance with the girl But soon the little children disappear from view Back into the box, in their respectful coffins And the two figures in the box stand alone As the girl hands him a wedding gift with a wink Long fingers close the old-fashioned, gothic box Looking happily at his wife in awe To his delight she winks with many a blush

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We are in a continuous state of becoming with our environment I am becoming that tree just as that tree is becoming me It took in the carbon dioxide that I exhaled which became part of it and through photosynthesis converted it to oxygen which I inhaled becoming part of me I am the tree and the tree is me I am becoming that insect, that bird, that animal and other persons I breathe in the air they gave up Air that was part of them is now part of me just as the air I exhaled is now part of them Earth is becoming me and I am becoming earth It becomes me through the food I eat which comes from the earth directly or indirectly and I become the earth through matter that leaves my body waste and otherwise which returns to the earth to become the earth

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Chris and Chelsea

Chris and Chelsea
          For their death anniversary 

Buried together
With roses lined with love
From family who couldn't hold their tears.

Never did he think he could survive
Without Chelsea by his side,
He must have her.

A life was taken for his true love
and her engagement ring
That was a gift on the night of her unexpected death
Was given to a close friend,
"Don't let your love go. Don't let her leave. Give this to her."
Chris spoke softly.

The next day he was gone,
Buried six feet under he lays
With his love.

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FREE CEE live to evolve

                           LIVE TO EVOLVE
Have you ever noticed that the  letters in the word love are sequestered inside the word “evolve?
Because to me that is what love appropriately does
It evolves
It revolves
It solves
And after sixty-plus years together love does, 
in many ways, 
change its ways of wonderment
and is often altered on a course to sheer contentment
for that is the result of the continuation of a consecrated commitment
an abiding faith that the others faith rests upon the others shoulder
as they grow ever so much older
remembering a time of working hard together to get through the hard times together
that old fishing boat she hated so that became battered and eventually succumbed to the weather
while all the while smiling because each year seemed a bit brighter than the last
and all the joyful events that are now part of a bejeweled and fulfilling past
a past reflected in each partner's eyes which gaze upon a tribute to dedication
a coupling worthy of adulation
he being content to make her content proves the content of their cohabitation
a union rich with rewards that come in the mail bearing pictures of their first great grandson born
a baby with beauty by an angel at birth besworn
so there they sit sharing a couch and swapping a calliope of memories
he talks of fishing and she of a cool Autumn breeze
as each agrees
sixty-plus years weaves two souls together as tightly as any weaver ever wove a sweater
and for some fated reason the last decade seems somehow, in retrospect, better
well not so much better as just plain more comfortable
no surprises, no red flags, and no warnings to heed
just a mutual and spiritual type of need
the need to talk away a partners tears
while knowing that his partner truly hears
and dries her eyes compliantly
to face yet another hardship defiantly
ever eager with a gentle finger to wipe away the wet that it might no longer linger
because these are two who vowed with strength that forever, to them, actually meant forever
traversing together mile after mil
through the trials.. through the riches and through each smile
but most notably through all the determination together to damn away their fears
it seems to me that love evolves ever so softly after sixty-plus years
       © 2012....copyright PHREECEE..~free cee!~

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the old you

How can love come and go so fast?
I really miss the way we were.
I still love you even though I hate you
I hate that you made me cry
And how it is so hard everytime to say goodbye
I didn't like that last hug
I can feel little heart strings given a tug
I want the old you to hold me 
I want the old you to come back
I want my whole life to be back on track
The ringing is about to stop
No more "I love you, I really do"
No more staying on skype till two
The old you is gone and for awhile even you're not coming back
I wish I woudn't have got mad for somethings so dumb
So that now my heart wouldn't be so numb
If we could have made game plans and talked things through 
Right now I wouldn't be missing you 
The old you would still be here
And I wouldn't have these painful tears

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For As Long As The Stars Shine

Today the planets align,
Blessing from the celestial divine.

My love is now thine,
Our romance coincides a cosmic sign.  

For as long as the stars shine,
You will always be mine.

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Birthday Wish - A

There lie cake and candles
And I'm not knowing what to do
I clap along to their singing
Hoping they finish their quadrilingual song
And we get through
I lean over the cake pulling my hair away
Reminiscing quickly over the past year, past day
I hear someone tell me to make a wish, asking me if I will
So I think of everything I wanted, things I claimed that to have them I would even kill
But it all seemed so petty for a birthday wish, too superficial
I wanted this wish to mean something, something crucial
I glance up quickly and scan the crowd
Listening to their tone deaf singing, so proud
Think of what helped me survive, made everything okay
And I know what to wish for
But I steal a glance at the door
She isn’t there, though I hoped she was
Guiding, watching me grow, like she always does
I know what to wish for, and lean forward at last
Structuring my wish fast
I wished for them
I wished for her who was there for me day or night
To talk to, play with, even fight
I wished for him who spoke his heart so true
But hid it so well I never had a clue
I wished for him who was too small
But his personality built him up so tall
I wished for her who never did overreact
She's crazy and placid, that’s a contradicting fact
I wished for him who's bribed to walk
And makes me laugh with our random talk
I wished for him, his smile so wide
Remembering that when he left, I cried
Wished for her who always nags
Always there for a vent, a gush, and loving me always, in riches or rags
I wished for him, the one I held a hidden love for
The one that always gave then gave some more
I wished for her, the total crazy
The one so different, yet the same as me
I wished for the two to trust
The true male version of us
I wished for the one I feel the need to shelter
The one that has helped me just as I've helped her
I wished for the perfect couple standing by
Who will probably be in love till they die
I wished for the guy who shares my dad's name
For his smile, conversation, and jokes that are just plain lame
I wished for the brother missing
Despite all the years of fighting, hitting, and dissing
I wished for each and every one of them, for them all
The kids crowding around me, filling the room wall to wall
I wished to have them by my side till the end of time
There to catch me at every fall and help me with every climb
The ones there with me through this journey
The ones I love, and who love me
I want them there with me through every endeavor
So I wished to have them forever and ever

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The sound of June sounds like nothing but June.
Sweet! like the last drop of fine wine dripping from the warm tongue of a lover.
Leaving you wanting more for the remaining 29 days.

The sound of June to me is like music from 7 harps and a grand piano.
That sink my soul into the timelessness of the moment.
Junes come and go like rain.
Like porcelains leaving circles on the table.
Memorable photographs left hanging on the thin wooden
walls between love and hate; pleasure and pain;
lessons and mistakes; friendships, fights.
Coincidences; serendipity; synchronicity; light.
Epiphanies; truth; lies.

The sound of June breaks my heart.
Cos it reminds me of a little midget king plucking sunflowers to his mama.
Wearing a big permanent smile like the world would end if he didn't.
Now he's all hardened; like ice in a cold world.
No room for big hearts like his in the city.
Time's changed. But will change again.

It's still a beautiful world; With beautiful people.
Beautiful minds. Beautiful things.
Beautiful songs. Poetry; words.
Beautiful nights; Places.
Beautiful month.

For the sound of June sounds like nothing but June.
Sweet! like the last drop of fine wine dripping from the warm tongue of a lover.
Leaving you wanting more for the rest of the year.

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Everything I've Wished For

You could give me flowers, gifts, a brand new car
You could take me to movies, dinner, even a dance
But no matter what you could offer me
You’ll never give me anything greater
Than what you have already given me
You’ve given me a chance to see
What it means to truly in love
You’ve shown me more than I could ever imagine
You’ve given me everything I’ve wished for
On that special day when you told me, “I love you”

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8Th of October

No sunlight today
Naught but a cloud
No bliss this day
On this day of October
The day you were born
Oh, somber Tuesday

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Collaborating in the CLOUDS

.... Today is a new day
     But I can see no sunshine
     I look with great pain
     Nothing but clouds in this cold night

.... Today is a new day
     Tell me where are my answers
     One question to replay
     A thousand answers I can't find

.... Today is a new day
     I need to see her face
     Bring my wife home to stay
     She's been gone for three years

.... Today is a new day
     Remember, a day added to my devotion
     Kill this lonely-sadness inside of me
     Turn every tears in my heart to extinction

.... Today is a new day
     This time, I need to hear YOUR voice
     The ONE that cuddles without dismay
     Yet shakes the awesome pillars of the world

.... Today is a new day
.... Today, though it hurts, I smile
     Even if I don't hear what YOU have to say
     GOD, today.... I smile

By Kbillion

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Spring summer

~ Where should I start this poetic trace? ~

Supple summer, season scene
Takes off coats and welcome warmth
And tranquil under soften sky.

Spring 'O' Spring precedence over summer...
Summer host long light evenings,
Carol patterns and seldom pit-a-pat.

Fertile season, holder of juicy jubilee
Easter burners' night, palm Sunday pedestrian...
And good Friday chorus.

March-to-October, love you so much.

~ Hope I am not missing out? ~ 


Dedicated to the lover of the above poetic summer season.

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I am the child
For whom most parents suffer
I am the child
For whom most mothers go through pain
Yet I’m not given the needed attention
Some abandon me on the streets
Others,in deadly pits.

I am the child
The smallest in the society
Yet I grow up to be the greatest
I’m the child
Who grows up to be the future president, lawyer, doctor
And other desired men of the society.

I am the child
Who may also grow up to be the robber, murderer, 
And other nuisance of the society.
All depending on the attention I’m given
So mum, dad and brethren
Let us all help create a better world for children
For indeed, an adult is a child who has really survived.

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In love

I remember staying up all night 
With silly thoughts of you in my mind
With each thought a smile
Appeared on face
You my grace 
And I'll forever embrace
Every moment spent in your presents
Cause every minutes spent with you is pleasant
You my future past and present
You present me with joy  every day
You my happiness
Though sometimes u cause me stress,wen I lay my head on ur chest all my problems rest eternally
You complete my existence
Without u near I hesitate to take my next breath
I'm afraid without you
Life makes no sense
Its nonsense
Its a nuisance
That I cannot stand
I hope now you  understand what you mean to me<3

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The Red and The White

It is hard to see
all the hurt that was done
in wars that went before,
Red poppies help
and  say that we will remember them
but seem to imply that wars will carry on.

Above all it seems we do not remember them.
To remember them we must turn our backs on war
then we really remember them.

They say that white poppies stand for peace
more, that they do not stand for war

I want most of all that we make a tudor rose
a kind of poppy thing with red and white. 
Two flowers together 
a small white upon a larger red.

This pleads to stop all wars and show what hurt 
went on before and that many fought who did not want.
Let us remember  not to send our people out to fight.
Let us remember them before they go.

We will remember them.

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Anguish taunts through a barbed wire fence with edged grasp

Actions in which human beings rebel against a holy God
Miss their purpose for their lives
Surrender to the prince of the power of the air more then God
Cause  all of their deeds were evil!

An eclipse of the sun had tainted my inner vision
Push back the pain with radiant guide
Does this notion in thought come at any big surprise?

Weak willed tyrants from the flood of dispinsation
Shattered fragments loosed in gloom climatic abrasion
Parts unknown from the setting of the sun

Leading gullible women captive under the false cloak of compromise
Abortion on demand
When will they ever understand?

Blood shed in our streets
Evil tyrants from elected officials overly prideful taunt & pull!
We each our responsible for our actions before a holy God

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Her Hundredth Birthday Party

It was quiet in the meeting room
just down the hall, as I came in.
I knew that she would be, as well.

And there she was, propped in her wheel chair,
body in pink jumpsuit, cocked
far to the side, not quite asleep.

For her, there was no false facade.
One saw, and got a mumbling ancienne
and no apologies.

Then suddenly it was time
for people, punch, and platitudes,
kids and candy mints and cake.

The honored guest, forsaken
just as if she were not there,
reached out...I saw her once,

accepting then one small remembrance,
but too late, the speaker
had already turned away

and I, but for the press of day,
had need to cry; they missed it--
souls who turned hello into goodbye.

The small ones never really knew you, mom,
and that's ok; your spirit longs
to break away. The authors

of the books you knew, will soon
make room for Elna in their dusty rooms
along a corridor in paradise

where dusty reticence is blown away
by one enchanted newborn spirit soul
and her new spirit breath of joy.

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Homeward Bound

I can’t wait for the day I’m home,
But where is home?

Is it a past memory of childhood of the family sitting around the living room watching the TV with a takeaway on a Saturday night?

Or is it the future that’s yet to be created, a family of your own and a new place to call home?

Maybe it’s a feeling one of love and joy the kind you first created playing as a young boy?

But I believe it is not just one of the above, but them all in twined into a magical feeling, one of wonder and belief.

It is to complex for us to understand now but trust me my friends, when your home . . . you’ll know.  

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Heart Throbs

His brushing a stray tress from her cheek brought a twinkle to her weakened eyes… The light of youth and steadfast love returned when he cupped her face such grace… Dusting off his shoulders caused a tilting of his head lamplight glanced off his bald pate. Chuckling, they walk in sync “I can dress you up,” each says to the other “But, I can’t take you out anywhere!” Laughing, like the teen heart throbs each still sees in the others eyes they board the plane for Cairo…

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Adoption Day

Today is so very special
the day you were chosen
the cutest smile
and most vibrant halo
you were brighest of the cherubs
and once again we celebrate 
the day your path was laid
that lead you to my door step
and conquered my heart

 So I say have a very special
Adoption Day
be cheerful and proud
for this day means as much to me as it does to you.

(for my wife Courtney Dyer)
P.S read her poetry she's good

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A Personal Letter From the Nine-Eleven Shrine

So you who ran that day
Have returned at last
To be the heroes of my death
And what would you say to my face
If after your pious words like apples are poured
Into the smoke and dust where I rot
There was a ressurection
And no more room for regret
How would your life unwind
All the opportunities and liberties
You took of my unexpected demise?
You see now why I could not weep
For me, or them who killed me
And sacrificed stupidly the only pawn they had
This ground is wet with tears for you
Still corroding in my misery

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Engineering Nostalgia

What is value?
I stand here peering out at the bar tab
Wondering what fallen soldiers reside here
Belatedly sipping away staring into space
He checks his phone on and off 
Searching for some message and meaning
Takes another shot, stares
Waiting for a beautiful bride perhaps
To jump suddenly into his frozen arms
Then again the door floods open
People shuffle around looking for their seat
I'm wondering where I'm supposed to be
Walking back into the kitchen
The chef tells me not to stand at the bar
So promisculously 
I agree, its not favorable to see

What is value?
I go out into the darkened streets
Glowing with artificial heat
Wondering, if you can engineer destiny
The way little store shops
Recreate nostalgic mystery
Collecting pennies by the breathe

The ocean front is murmuring 
In languages i still cant understand
As clapping heels gawk 
And old folks talk 
Newspaper gossip talk-
I'm standing in the space of no space

Wondering what is value?

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In you I found
A new Beginning
In you I found
A new Friend
In you I found
The new me
Thank you
For giving me
A New Life

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The Visit

I feel you here in this quiet place,
my soul is at peace
My fingers trace the letters of your name
The scent of flowers pervades,
I smile, remembering your love of them
Sadness fades as remembrance visits
I see again your smile, close my eyes
in the joy of your laughter
and know you are here with me
I will rest here too one day
my name sharing the polished marble
The knowing gives me solace
The wind tugs my coat wistfully as I leave,
in that familiar caress again I feel you
I will return one day
and I will stay
I promise."

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the year

one year ago the darkness started to cave in
I was losing control until she came along and pulled me out
she saved my life and gave me hope and a strong sense of 
love and compassion and now here I am this year starts tomorrow and its been 
the happiest time in my life 

 Cheyenne I love you

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Gone But Not Forgotten

your birthday
reminded me
one more year had passed
without you here
i love you

for Joann's contest: Ninette
free verse

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lighted fingers

our father, who art in heaven
hallowed be thy name thy kingdom come
a muttering chorus amidst the silence
as a firefly lands on my fingers

sending tribute to either god
or the soul that the unbelieving congregation mourns for
a constant mummer of your name in untouched hearts
a procession of empty prayers for the ashes

scattered in an urn of porcelain encased in
a shroud of guilt and confusion and shock
on this 3rd day of the 4th month
may the world weep for the
man they never knew.

the fireflies are burning in the air (are you there?)
breathing graves three feet under where my feet stand
where his no longer are
and no longer will
but oh— will you please come back?

come, may the light of these fireflies linger upon the
tears that fall from the empty. may
thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven
may hopeless hope lift the ungrounded spirits of this
congregation of faithful cynics with steeled hearts and bolted minds.
and in this time and space of desperation—

give us this day our daily bread
it is only in these moments
that the entire world believes just for a moment that maybe
just maybe god will be there

and in that moment— that god must be there

the last slivers of thread as the fingers let go
forgive us our sins as we forgive those who sin against us
but in our hearts a symphony of loathe and
hatred for everyone and everything
where blame is a burning firefly that refuses rest.

the light on my fingers is a faint flicker

lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil
that reigns in our blood but flows into grief
a multitude of concentrated desolation where
the firefly graves are in the hands of our people

for thine is the kingdom and the power and the glory
and the stills moving in an endless wave as we walk away
an overwhelming voice of many voices
whispering the lords prayer

as we all did,
as we all one day do

now and forever—

– – –

i watch you fade away into the darkness
shining eyes; lighted fingers
waving goodbye, ill be okay
retreating into the mist of the morning,

leaving me as wordless
as the god i once believed in

– – –

since youve gone away
ive started loving the world so much
all i ever want is to leave it

– – –

and so i whisper my final prayer, oh god–
if youre up there,
take me?

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In Remembrance

It was a majestic sight
To see in the distance
The New York City skyline
The twin towers standing bold
It was a sight to behold
Where else but in America
Can you see something 
That leaves you in wonder
This has always been with me
Till that day of terror
It hurt my heart to know
My children will never see it
On September 11, 2001
I lost a part of my past
My present and it hurts
Because it is no longer there
I grieve more deeply
For those who lost
So much more than me
The lost a loved one
I will never forget
The scene on Television
Of the smoky towers
That once stood majestically
Nor will I ever forget
The people who die
On that horrific day
God bless their souls
Our heroes and our loved ones
Will always be remembered
Their loss will always
Be in my heart and my prayers

Written in remembrance on the 2nd anniversary  of September 11th

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Flower Plateau

It's pretty late, isn't it?
The day's done, Midnight draws near
You mischievously glance at me
I carry you away to our room

Along the way, I think
Of all the last four years have given me
Scar tissue that I wish you saw
Warheads all rusting in peace

Four years ago, I was still so innocent
Fresh eyes, clear mind
Chasing some distant dream
Through a lush, lovely forest

And in a massive clearing, I found the dream
And took her in my arms
She ripped herself away before I could blink
And dragged me down into her suicidal spiral

It took months to escape
To pull us both out
My eyes became jaded
And her innocence was given to another

Latching onto a beam of light
I clung to another
Treating her emotions like a toy
And feeling that I was making her stronger

I became addicted to her quickly
I lived to repent my sins
And repent I did
As I became the toy to her

And in that time, I headed west
Trying to ease the pain of loss
Dragging yet another soul down
And running when it became too much

I've yet to apologize for that
Maybe it goes without saying
But if it doesn't
I send my prayers and sorrow to her skies

And as I walked upon the plateau
Where nothing but weeds grew
I found a single flower
Weakly blooming under the dust

That flower would change my life
And alone I sat on that plateau
Blooming alongside it
Blooming alongside you

And as time passed
The plateau began teeming with flowers
As my life and yours
Became increasingly intertwined

My sorrows melted away
Every loose end that caused me strife
I went back to tie up
And close another chapter of my life

My thoughts come to a halt as I look upon you
Your body under mine, our heartbeats in sync
I take you in my arms and press my lips to yours
Here atop this flower plateau

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happy birthday to my wife

 Happy birthday to my wife
A ray of sunshine in my life
Another year older, that is alright 
Beacon Hill seems like last night 
It seems our love even grows stronger 
I hope we enjoy it much longer 
So,what is another year
Let's jump and cheer
May your birthday be spent along side me
Maybe go to the mountain and just roam free
I'll be here as long as I can 
It may be a long life span 
Happy birthday have no fear
Look around, I’ll be here
May your day be merry and bright?
Hay; how about we get together tonight
             Happy Birthday 
             With Love Buzzie
             Jan 2002

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50th Anniversary

“Together” Written: by Tom Wright January 2015 Let this picture be the symbol Of our fifty years together. It hasn’t been from always agreeing For opposites seldom do, Or that we haven’t been disappointed For we certainly have, But we accepted each other The good, the bad, the ugly, God put us together For better or worse, In sickness and in health. Therefore it is only fitting The death of one, Should separate us Temporarily.

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Dear Life: Dear Love

I know when I talk, 
I am passionate. 

I know when I act, 
I am driven. 

I know when I love, 
I am scared. 

Thing is, we are all passionate about something. 

I flip out a lot, 
I sometimes shake with frustration,
I sometimes lose my breath. 

I know I am not the most open person in the world, 
But you have to cherish and appreciate the moments
I knock down some walls. 

I apologize for the moments I say things out of anger, 
I apologize for the moments I turn away.  
I have my flaws, 
I am not perfect, 
But that's the best thing out of life and love: 
It's to build foundations and grow from them. 

I hurt easily. 
I only expect the best, 
Because I've seen the worst.

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The better life - soft lullaby

I lay a'sleep
taking comfort from your warmth
dreams bring tears to me 
And you hold me in your arms
Hush my every fear 
The pain stabbing my heart 
You sing to me 
And I lay a'sleep 

Once I had my doubts
It comes with a past 
Mistrust is a habit 
That will leave you on your ass 
But you proved to me
That I can trust my own heart
You sing to me 
And I lay a'sleep in your arms 

I cant imagine 
A better kind of life 
Than to live and love and grow 
With my best friend by my side
I cant imagine
A better kind of life
Than to grow and live and love
and to be my best friends wife 

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Spate of the Union

 He thinks of better women
She thinks of lesser men
	the kids think
    Two Christmases!
Neither thinks of them
	but he won't budge
      cause she'd get half
	and she won't budge
      cause she'd only get half

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Unions Cross

A twist of fate with slashing blade
In this my heart's deep gash...
Watching her from across the way
Making love, to another girl; passion
Then ripped these dreams apart
Their beauty as hers, melting amid
Scorching flames she cried I wept
While cold the blood, did turn red...
Marble marked but now its gone; tears
Wiped away this love; aside a flower bed.

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MAY DAY 2012

May Day brings us many things
And once it brought us you,
Wishes for you we all want,
HAPPY BIRTHDAY love and joy.

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Festi and Fireworks

Zurrieq Festa our destination
Driving off late into the night
Over terrible roads, chasing islanders
All worth it to see the sight.

The church golden and brightly lit
Shining out for all to see
Bunting and stalls lining the streets
Everywhere people, excitement is building
Bands lining up to be heard as they march.

Suddenly it's midnight!

Melodic sounds keep time with fireworks
Each display more impressive than the last
Whirling and twirling freely on posts
Physics at the base of their design
As beauty shines through in the colours and patterns
Hands clapping, people cheering, part of the moment.

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Viva! Cinco deMayo!

Freedom and Liberty.
Bought with blood.

We've fought side by side.
Guided from above.

Mexico stood brave.
United States couragous.

Won their wars
And stood victorious!

So let's remember as we celebrate freedom
From our common foes.

That if we always stand together.
We shall surely never fall........

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Love For Sale

In the slight of hand at the dead of night will stand
Hoping someday soon all will live to understand
The heart that will beat the tone of the feet
Love for sale

We ask for more yet for what?

In the passage of time their lies hurdles

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Anniversary Waltz

In the faint orange daylight of autumn
       young woman       young man
        strike a flame,
And all cold weight of a past
        is lifted.
The year closes, yet all crisp air is laden
        with light,
Sun-ripe gold and red leaves
       lining each trail and every road with heavy
At the end of November, they bear
       new fire.

The wind has its way
of shaping the leaf, 
      which bends wind around it's form:

      the gentle pressure of touch
      leaving everything green.....
      greener than before.


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What I Meant To Say

What I meant to say was...

I'm sorry, and
I miss you,
And I forgive you and I hate you
I meant to tell you that I want to work it out 
between us,
And it could never work between us, 
There's this thing between us,
Though you have my whole and soul
I listen for your whisper at night,
All day,
I sickly dread crossing paths
I promise you I meant to talk to you again,
Unless I got in my way
I cry to you, at you, sometimes for you
But nevermore in front of you
You've made me stronger than that, though
I do love you
I meant to tell you that you're scum

What I meant to tell you was that
I can still feel your love
Your lies
Your kiss
Your sighs
The quiet way you left me in the night
Or the messy way I ripped you from my side
Your wish to die
Your guilt, my guilt, my lies
Nevermore I want to cry

What I meant to say is I'm drawn to you
For love of danger, or neglect
Not for love of myself (or is it?)

What I meant to say is that I love you,
But I choose me.

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~A Searing Tradition~

Autumn’s tortoiseshell sky
reclined across mountain’s chaise longue,
content to linger
while night stirred and rose.

A tangled weave of broken limbs
lay like nest for dragon’s sleep,
and they came, draped in woolen armour,
quilted masks pulled high
against flailing artic wind,

virgin warriors, wide eyed
tasting the wild adrenaline,
anticipating their conquests flesh
as it roasts in dying embers
of funeral pyre.

Now from the cart
frozen in fear, they carried our victim.
Alabaster skin reflecting flickering brands,
no sounds escaped his painted smile
when we placed him, like a king
upon his final throne.

A circle of stony stares
let murmurs slip,

“Remember, remember the fifth of November
gunpowder, treason and plot.
I see no reason why gunpowder, treason
should ever be forgot... “

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I got to confess
The first date, you in that black dress
Had me quite possessed
Eyes glued to your chest
I didn’t know what to expect
All I could think was when can I see you next
Now I know why grandpa use to say show respect
Because now I’m the only man laying kisses on your neck
And in other places to make you wet
And it’s the bomb you can bet, yup
But it’s not just about the sex
It’s the T.L.C you give to me
Baby you know what I mean
It’s the times I get to hold you that mean the most to me
There’s no better feeling than having you close to me
Because when your next to me it’s like ecstasy
I can finally feel free and that’s no doubt
Cause you can see in my eyes, full of ‘wow’
Every time I see your bright smile
And I promise
Only in bed with you will I ever act wild

-bkmjr 2010-

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Truth Through You

The all knowing,
showing our hidden
secrets of
deep crushes;
that boy in the back row with
long blonde dread locks,
snowy-blue eyes,
with hands that sweat
when he is called upon by the teacher,
though only you recognize this fact.
Or that girl,
always wearing chains
hair black and red,
too small to be recognized;
I don't think she cares.
They shatter our hearts,
when they promptly decline the return
of love.
Secrets of
hidden pasts,
the world; turns black.
You never realize the
the way your body,
without the help of your logic,
but the help of your daytime thoughts,
your desires,
shows your heart,
your basic wants,
your needs,
like the loves you want,
and the true feelings
of those
closest to you;
love, hate, jealousy.
As you are
as deep as an ocean
with your
shining subconscious,
with love,
like the sun's early morning beams
on a calm blue ocean.
You have more to hide,
than a cursed vampire,
always running from the truth,
though you are not he,
but a waiting woman,
beautiful in sight,
unforgettable in thought,
for the vampire steals your knowledge;
ensuring you that you are safe,
forcing you to relive those
pain filled moments
so that
he can
with the past
and future.
But you've already given
to him
the symbol of your sincerity,
through a promise.
A promise to stay with him,
to make things work,
solving each problem,
fixing every broken part,
a promise to,
in the end,
be together,
I take them easily,
from your willing hands,
your previous thoughts,
and the love you give me.
So when, that night,
me basking in the
bright light
of my favorite computer game,
battling others on the
fields of justice,
the League of Legends,
and you gradually rolled over
opened your eyes, glistening,
impossible to miss
even in the
dark, enclosed room,
and you ask of me,
with thoughts of purity,
"Come to bed,
I want to sleep next to you,
feel your warmth"
I lost myself in you,
and even though I wasn't tired,
I wrapped up in the large
warm blankets
draped my arms softly over you,
and lost myself to my own Subconscious,
in hopes you will see,
through the most inner parts of
what makes me,
that I truly, truly love you too.

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Birthday Homicide

The singing is about to end,
Happy Birthday, my little friend.
Please think before killing me,
I’m just a cake candle, you see.
One exhale from you and I’m out.
If I had lungs, you’d bet I’d shout.
I want to live and grow hearty,
Not die at a birthday party.

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Anniversary Poem

Our love is infinite
Forever is what are union is
Complete is what you make me
When Dark clouds are before me
I know you are not far behind
Watching over me
Guiding and Protecting me always

Imperfect perfection
Is our relationship
Tears fallen, hearts broken
But, when it is all said and done
I know you will be by my side
Because you live your life just to love me

Loyal and true
You have been there
Through all my mistakes
And never thought any less of me
You always said that I was perfect in your eyes
Though my life has lacked achievement and stature
I feel like the richest woman in the world
Because I have what most people search their whole lives for
A soul mate who completes them
Your love is a priceless gem that I will always treasure
Thank you for loving me

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They walked together
down a golden path
through trials and tribulations,
through hopes and dreams, 
joy and fear;
with mutual sacrifice 
and collective determination.
With passion, purpose
and enduring love
they remained united 
for half a century
in a beautiful relationship
that made them one.

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somber annuals

eyes of sunken hollow
skin stretched thin as tallow
stooping for a coin
so shallow
and falling
for that pretty shimmer
hammered with a faierie's splinter
pupil eyeing in the snow
so shallow the sallow
heart of him
with legs unsteady
and brain too heady
he let the pretty shimmer go
and wept to bleed 
bright red white snow

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Born into the family of seven
Handed over the last born baton
By the other descendants of the 
Pa Noah  “Mekolani Olajide’s” fame.
Her sojourn in life starts from 
The far down “Sora”,
Sora to “Odo Alafia” 
“Odo Alafia” to the West of “Oraborode”
“Oraborode”  of  “Odojomu”
“Odojomu” of  “Ondo town.”
She shone like a million star in all.

“Ariyayosi” grew up eating the fear
Of the Lord as Breakfast.
Brave and Intelligent “Yemi Mekolani” alias
“Mama Ondo” leaves no stone unturned as
She prepares her self-discipline, hardwork
And cleaningness as Launch.
As charismatic and erudite “Pa Noah Olajide”
“Baistically” prepares “Aribabagbojule” Dinner
Meant to cushion the effect of
Ups and downs of life
All  these in the Biblical Ark of Noah
Of the Pa Noah Olajide;s house.

No wonder the other kinsmen
I mean the six others of the Olajide
Strong Spiritual  Siji 
Innocent Innovative Iyabo
Fearless Fascinating Fisayo
Lanky Lively Lanre
Lenient Lawful Luwale
And of course
Faithful Famous Funmi ,
Gave her all the needed love to 
Make her shone like a million star.

Aunty Rose went through the rigous of
Secretariat knowledge as part of the needed
Catalyst to catapult her to Queen Elizabeth palace
Right into the waiting hands of amiable Martins Babatunde
Martino, a loving and understanding husband
Has all it takes to thank God for giving him
A good wife, indeed a vessel unto honour.

The emergence of Sade Innocent,
Later Sade Ronik, now Manchester University
Was the needed tonic for quest for greener pasture.
The lovely wen-wen sound of a new born baby
That signaled Sade’s entrance was
Not enough to distract her focus.
Similola shone like a million star

Then comes the arrival of Saintly Sagacious Sayo
And ever Stylishly Shy Seye on stage.
For the lead cast role has Scientific Splendid 
Sade at the back of  the stage. 

As a Sister, she is a rare gem
As a Wife, she is rare breed
As a Friend, she is a rare specie
As a Confidant, she is a rare seed
As a Teacher ,she is a rare scroll	
As a  Mother, she is a rare plant.

Alayande Stephen .T
August 10th,2005

Packaged for my Aunty’s Birthday in London
Its was one of my earliest poem, hence, the
Colloquial usage in the poem. 

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Happy Birthday U.S.A.!!!

Regardless of what the world may say
And who always gets it right, anyway?
Endless ideas, personalities in one pot!
You’re still the greatest the world has got
Never lose sight of your Fathers’ dreams
Of God and freedom’s vibrant song

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September 9, 2001

September 9, 2001

I was only five
When I learned what a terrorist was.

Sitting in class
Talking to tiny Ben
When the teacher from across the hall
Busted through the large wood door.

Her eyes were in tears
As she pulled Ms. Martin out,
Everyone was silent.

We listened intensely 
To hear the news she was given,
But no one could make out a word of it.

Ms. Martin walked back in slowly,
With a face of terror and depression.

No one dared to say a word.

A large, deep breath was taken
Before she finally spoke,
"Kids, it seems an airplane was taken by terrorist... They crashed it into one of the Twin Towers... Everyone is dead."

My heart skipped a beat,
My breathing stopped.

I looked at Ben,
Ben looked at me 
With eyes of question.

I stood up
and hugged Ms. Martin,
She cried out 
With grief and sadness.

I wasn't really sure why she was crying,
Maybe it was that the people died,
Perhaps she knew someone on the plane.

Fifteen years later,
Almost to the exact hour,
I sit here and write this remembrance.

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On My Birthday

Transfixed upon a lucite sunray
the iron blood of longshoremen
washed beneath the whisperings of the bay
a pupil canvas pierced through
by the scalpel of elephantine deceit
vision yellowed in the flowering of a lost identity
the young man swallows deeply and mourns
the gist of his first twenty-nine years.

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Unabiding Ritualistic Radiation

A ritual born as radiance toils straight forth from my center eye threatening to overshadow everything that you are like a bad cancer that takes life from afar that takes back what was never given and return what was never there as a sign you truly care if not now when, how and where? I can't feel back very long I can't send back what went wrong I can't sense that in a fog that's encircling so many pawns A blue baby is always sad just maybe there's more to that his happy gland broken, he hopes it back pick up the pieces then glue them intact I am more than a maybe but less than a yes more better than average yet far from best at least not the worst its reserved for a time when I give up trying and pay all an unpaid mind A care these days is hard to give a bad decision is hard well lived a stare unknowing to spark a burst that sets off a chain into random verse that starts a seance of heavy chanting until blood and sweat build from heavy panting I'm alive, survived where others fell went in and came out of the wishing well with more than just a fist of pennies I let loose a wish so pretty it will radiate now for years to come why do I wait forever when twenty eight years have come and gone?

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A Walk In The Garden In Moonlight Part 1 of 2

( Song of Solomon 4: 16 )

We Walked In The Garden At Midnight
We Walked Thru The Garden In Moonlight

Among Azealeas & Verbenas & Blue Jonquils
Sweet Honeysuckle, Yellow Primroses & Daffodils
Among White Phlox & Orchids & Pretty Pink Quills
Two Lovers Holding Hands In Romantic Thrill
Your Touch Grows That Budding Power Still

As We Walked In The Garden At Midnight
We Walked Thru The Garden In Moonlight

Among Tulips and Lilies and Wine-Hued Amaryllys
Intoxicating Lilacs & Jasmine & Ground-Cover Iris
Breathing In Lavender & Vanilla & Bougainvillea Scents
Wafting Heady & Sensual Yet of Shy-Perfume Strength

While Walking In The Garden At Midnight
While Walking Thru The Garden In Moonlight

A "Home Sweet Home" Brass Plaque Cast Soft Glints
By A Heartshaped Box Holding Moonflowers & Herb-Mints
Symbolizing Love's Nature The Way It Was Meant
& There Was A Touch of Citrus Somewhere, Just A Hint

Wafting From Beyond Our Closest Neighbor's Fence
Bowed To Our Queens of The Nights As Darkness Squints
and Slender Topiary Stands Crowned With Hyacinths
Guards Our Garden Where So Much Time Is Spent

Walking In The Garden At Midnight
Walking Thru The Garden In Moonlight

Our Garden, Well Tended, Cultivated Thru Till & Toil
Thorn Blooddrops & Brow-Sweat - Has Moistened Our Soil
 Sprouting Tendrils & Offshoots That Loops Softly In Coils
On Our Garden's Ground - Grown So Large & Lovely & Loyal
(as More Queens of The Night & Roses Reigned Royal)

The Story Is: 
We Saw The "For Sale" Sign ...  & It Was Love At First Sight
For Our Family & Our Future, It Would Fit Us Just Right
We Bought The Ground-Plot - Our Land of Dreams So Bright
... Built A House, Made A Home & A Garden of Delight

Filled With Peonies, Carnations & My Philodendron-Fetish
Hydrangeas Spilling Riotously All Over The Trellis
Ivy Interwoven All Thru The Surrounding Lattice
Periwinkle & Prize Winning Magnolias Embellish
As Cattails Encircle The Pond - Our Garden's Chalice
We Walked Past Gladiolus & Silver Sage At Midnight
We Stepped Into Our Private - Garden Stage In Moonlight

Our Eyes Became Stars A Reflective Shine
Our Lips Became Sprinklers - Our Arms Were Vines
That Clung To Both Limbs - Yours & Mine
That Attached Like Roots of Evergreen Pines
That Rose Like Stems That Bleeding Heart-Flowers Climb
Among Four O'Clocks & Hollyhocks & Silver Thyme

While Wading Thru The Garden At Midnight
While Wooing In The Garden In Moonlight

(Part 1 of 2)

Copyrighted ©:  8/30/2013 
By: MoonBee Canady

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Ode To Sony

Eighteen years of sorrow and abandonment.
Eighteen years of drowning in my own tears and the pity of the pathetic bystanders.
Eighteen years, and it finally comes to me in a sweet epiphany:
MY life starts here.
And what a better way to begin a life than to share it with another?
With a woman no words can describe, no matter how beautiful and exotic
(it would be an insult to say I could,
 for she is anything but definable).
I have an eternity to look forward to with this woman who I pale,
in comparison.
The woman with the dazzling eyes and perfect smile.
I can forget about regression
and progress to achieve everything I never believed existed in the world.
At least, 
not anymore.
I hear in her voice the sincerity I have craved my entire life.
It's a wondrous thing when you can admit,
that you can literally hear love bubbling up inside the crevices of someone's soul.
She has opened my eyes and ears,
spirit and heart,
when I needed a rescuing no one but her could have offered
with words unrelatable to a past that's eaten holes into my heart.

And she calls herself lucky...

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Their Anniversary

Looking about 
on a starry night 
An old man turned to his wife. . . 

"I see all the love we've shared 
somewhere -- 
beyond the moon in your eyes." 

She beamed.

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Cofin Nails

35 years tonight without my mother,
Way longer than the time I spent with you,
Missing the fun we could have had,

db May 2014 

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PIKE’S PEAK – (14,000 feet + )

Shallow stream
    Across the mountain path
Along the sand and pebbles

Rest stop
    and just off the trail
        then WAY off …Kansas!

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A Walk In The Garden In Moonlight Part 2 of 2

(Part 2 of 2)

While Wading Thru The Garden At Midnight
While Wooing In The Garden In Moonlight

Still Sharing Secrets That Our Shadows See
On This  Rendezvous To A Path of Our Life's Journey
We Come To A Stop By A Stand of Myrtle Trees
This Is The Spot Where The Earth Seems To Breathe

As You Kneel In Blue-Star Grass Upon An Older Knee
By The Purple Violets - Where You Proposed To Me
Oh, What Better Way To Start Each Anniversary
than In The Place That We Both Share Passionately 

... When Walking Thru Our Garden At Midnight
and Waking In Our Garden In Moonlight

                     Written & Copyrighted ©:  8/30/2013 
                      by:  MoonBee Canady

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911: Remember Their Pain

Each year we talk of  911, but time has made it less, my friend.
Have we already forgotten the holes in those lives it left behind?
Their family’s memories will last forever. A whole lifetime…

What if you’d been trapped in one of the towers, with them?
What would you have done while waiting for the end?
With smoke billowing from below, and the heat rising within.
The staircases and elevator shafts are crushed, you know…
There’re impassable. A few injured are with you, still?
Would you believe you’re going to die or live?
Would you hold hands with other survivors of the crash?
Would you wait a rescue from above? Would you pray to God?
Would you smile when others prayed in another language at your side?
Would you wait in silence? Would you simply cry?
Would you take your phone out and call the family, you love?
What would you say when you got them on the phone?
This may be the last time to talk with them, you know.
Would you ask your beloved to hold the phone, to hear the baby’s breath?
Could you even talk amid the tears and pain?
Would you share your phone, for others to do the same?
And when the building began to tremble and rock and fall… 
Would you cry out to God above?

No one above survived. A memory we must not forget.
But don’t forget the thoughts and prayers that were going on within…
Two hours of fear, hope, prayers and pain before the end…

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Freedoms Verse

Written in stone, not an honor but rather a reminder
Written into the bone, no longer in pain but in solace
Written and never gone, far longer than they should be
Written as a tear on someones cheek, that was never meant to be
Written as heroes for doing what we should all endeavor to do

Write their names down, carved into the depths of memory
A reminder there it shall sustain our thoughts and prayers
And serve to constantly acknowledge that they have already
Written freedoms verse.

P.S. Those of you out there who are writing this down, and think that perhaps you will pen the next poem or prose in its antithesis.  May I remind, that those who pen evils, will barely be a footnote to the epic that they have already written.

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Banana John

There once was a banana
he did not have a nana
until he got a name
john was his name yay

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A Fireman's light


A Fireman's light

There called to duty , knowing the hardships toll

When the flames rise and flickering high , out of control

Strength courage, as the brother and sisterhood fireman brigade

Rolls out the shiny red engines along Gods highway

 Each is hailed as they go about the towns, turning lights

Side by side they fight the flames all through each tough  day and flicking  night

They pull families on there back as they crawl in back drafts, near to walls

Thoughts only rendering to save the lives of all they can, without having one fall

 They don't blink a lash,as they band together pulling one at time

 To there clinging backs passing them to each other on the ladders, and nets , sublime

Knowing as they catch the families to there safety they give there all

As they return to await another fireman's call



by Deborah Shepard

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My Teddy

Warm, cuddly, and just for me Me and my teddy are meant to be Through good and bad he's there by my side Always listening or making me smile My heart always flutters when he is near He is the one thing I hold so dear I'm so glad I found him Because he's the best thing in my life I wrote this poem to let him know The love I have sings deep within my soul And if you're wondering just who my teddy is Close your eyes and count to ten Because soon we'll be together again To live our life hand in hand. When I see him I almost run, I already know we'll have so much fun, I give him a hug and whisper in his ear, Stay by my side And we'll laugh and cry Trough thick and thin Until we die And if you haven't yet guessed My Teddy is you." He looks at me with a mocking smile, Almost as if he knew all the while. With his caramel eyes shinning like gold, He opens his arms and around me they fold. Don't worry my dear, the night's not yet through, Smile, be happy because you're my teddy too."

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Queen Elizabeth 2nd Diamond Jubilee

                           Nineteen fifty three 

                           monochrome life for us all

                           colour sixty years galore

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It's Saturday...
It's today...
The shouts are familiar afar
behind the bars of my mind
It's today…
The streets are packed with people,
but, the day's troubled in pain.
Crows disperse off the trees,
intimidated by the hoots of a 7 train
I'm walking and time flees
with the head fixed up in the sky.
Can't help thinking,
The Sun still shines,
squirrels are  frolicking...
Today is my birthday.
I take another lonely breath in,
even the sea is celestial blue,
It was four, three hours back,
Don’t know why, no clue,
everybody is here,
except you.

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When he went away

When he went away,

He said,"Lehitraot,mama."

Do vstrechi.

He died but I'm still here

Yes,in my heart I feel his love.

But why did I live,

And he did not?

Auf wiedersehen


Yes,darling,I'll see you later,

When the sky turns black and all the stars blaze bright

I'll see you shining in the night.

I'll see you in my dreams alas.

Do vstrechi.

But why you and not me too?


I can't understand.


A plus tard

Some where in this world,you fell

But no-one,not even God, can tell.

God was absent then or in some other place

He's gone again.

They said He's died too,

But He didn't have a mother like you.

Do vstrechi.

My breasts ache and my heart and soul,

My breasts were made to make you whole.

To feed, give love and to console.

A plus tard

And now they ache with grief as my tears fall.

A bientot

My body trembles in the night

As dreams may bring my lost ones to my sight.

A plus

I'd walk across the roughest bleak terrain

If l I could find my loves and hold your hands again.

Do vstrechi.

The bell rings on the ancient clock

As time goes on as normal ,it doesn't stop.


I wish the hands of time could be reversed,

And I was not living with this curse.

People forget that I once had a son.

They think my grieving has been done.


But grief and loss and pain will never end

Until the curtain of my death descends

Auf wiedersehen.

Meantime I look at flowers and birds and trees,

But it's really you my deepening insight sees.


Th inscape of my heart is shown to few,

An artist of the lost would know this view.

I know I want to see just you.

Do vstrechi.

But for me there is no

Auf wiedersehen

Never again will you say

What you said that day




A plus tard

Tot ziens.

See you later

See you soon.

See you.


 the beloved

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Toe dit als eindig
Daar was nêrens om te 
Ek het myself versteek
Gehoop iemand sal my 
Die dag het nooit gekom

Soos tyd verloop het die 
pyn verdwyn
Ek dog die herinneringe 
was finaal weg
Ek was verkeerd
Die keer is daar nie uit 
kom kans
Uit die deur aan die einde 
van die oorlog binne my 
Daar is geen aan beweeg 
van waar ons op gehou 
Daar is geen toekoms vir 

Ek het so baie van binne 
Ek het die pyn anvaar
Ek sal nie terug kyk nie
Ek sal nooit
Jy weet nie
Jy gee nie om nie
Jy sal nooit besef

Al wat ek weet van liefde 
is pyn
Die persoon wat jy eens 
Is dood en verot
Ek lewe met 'n mes in my 
'n Herinnering van wat ek 
nie kan wees
Daar is niks wat jy kan 

Jy besef nie
Jy ag nie
Jy was nooit deel van my 
Jy sal nooit wees nie

Ek was gebore sonder 

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Happy Anniversary.

    Today nineteen years ago,
     we said "Ido".
     This poem I dedicate, to you.
     The sun was shining then,
     as today,
      it was the fifth of may.
      Nineteen years, a long time,
      I'm so glad, your mine.
       I am not the easiest  man,
       it's true, but I do love you.
        We , had many obstacles,
        along the way, we came through,
        look at us today.
         The fifth of may, our special day.
         Happy anniversary.

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Master of Disguise

Come to the place where the grass is green and real
Where the trees can feel
And the plants can speak the healing words
When green is clean
When heat is sand and mess and sting
When air is fly and kiss and dream
When type can make me so many things
Be here with me
Kry to the drama kings
And be the rain in the storm of life
Be thee mess and strife
I am wife
Looking to get out get out get out
I am always here it is always there
I am young and real and fake and scared
Money is green
It grows legally and illegally
Its like the room and chair cry stop
Like the pain is real and heal is fake or not
I love her energy
I loved him momentarily
I’m a collage of word poetry

Master of disguise momentarily


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loves flies eternal

once fleet of foot
these paired feet two
no longer fly
and silver steps are measured
in minutes
as time whistles by
humming the same old tune
that touched us so
long, long ago
when only radios played our songs
and films reeled black and white
writing wild fantasies
of adventure and romance
into pubescent minds
sowing funflower seeds  
on virgin fields of dreams…

and fun we reaped
in tons and heaps
back when we were fleet of foot
dashing through days and dough
as though they would never end…

but end they did…

and as we swing into life’s
twilight zone
hands intertwined in a union
clinging to fleeting branches of our memory tree,
know that the die is cast
and though fleet feet never last

true love flies eternal….

~ P

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We be Americans

It is about that time
when firecrackers start popping
small bombs exploding and
flares shooting out beautiful colors
the night sky will be an extravaganza
for a few days and a lot of exploding noises
during the day, it is the Fourth of July 
the day of our independence and during
this time of celebrations 
we let the whole world know
that  We be Americans
descendants of the native, the slaves,
the rejected, the indentured and 
the unwanted, what we call immigrants
our founding fathers put us under one umbrella
and we called ourselves Americans
as in United, though we live in different States
we have fought each other through the years
but, We be Americans 
and through fighting each other
we finally realized to do this right 
we got to live together because
We be Americans
so we formed, meshed and 
we got some kinks still
and we know that but 
We be Americans, so, after
three or four generations if my math is right
we don’t want to admit our blood is red, white and blue
unless somebody tries to mess with us
then  we decide what course of action to take
the problem today is liberal minds
want to be politically correct 
and that is so un-American
but they be Americans to, whatever
so , while you eat your cue and drink your brew
remember, at some time or another
all of us was what you would consider illegal
but guess what? now you got it!
We Be Americans!
Happy Fourth of July America

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The world that sets aside its halcyon days
will not reprise
the time we seized our genitals
for one audacious drama starring two,
will not recall the lightning strike
that instituted sacrament
to mark an end and set eternal fire
upon a new creation,
you and I. 

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The Ride

  Liquid filled dreams crept through the cool night breeze as a still distant thunder cracked the horizon.

  I thought to my self that an earth quake must be taking ground for it’s sake. 

  Safe over the hill and still quit far up aways my moms home baked cookies broke the day.
  I had my own “Loc Ness”, quite the demon, and as not to sneak snacks was an easyprice to pay.

  My world began empty and cold as it seemed from one life bring wisdom.
Rough enough storm to destroy, every thing that we knew, the tusnami -a wave of a storm.

  I confess to hearing her laugh what a story this was going to make. 

  Later they tried to pan the bottom of the oceans floor hoping to avoid more. 

  And I will leave you here on your own but then after it’s done you’ll be home.
  No matter what you’ll stay, but if another one comes Austrailia is that way,my moms arm waved.

   And I see her begining to stare, her mind was set on wide open to get it all those people saved.

  I do still answer myself again and again about why if it hurts so bad, 

The answers all began to be crystal clear and the answer is; 

She worked hard to make it a decent place to live and storms bad enough they called in the Hubble.

   A tusnami destroys everything. 

  Everything she loves about her life is in rubble.

 Based on the idea of how people live,

   And why she cares when they die, 

Fighting with intimacy, 

  While they drag the sea to collect people who died, 

  And my mind begins to wonder why the storms taking so long to decide, 

We are waiting here waiting for another heck of a ride.

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I am happy
I love my better half and kids
The treasures of me they are.

I am happy
Days of mine are good and nights are silence
No worry in my life.

I am happy
No debts, all the having are my own
Simplicity the word I like.

I am happy
The In box of mine is full of friendly mails
Show the true friend ship.

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I have never come here
because I was sure I wouldn't find you,
but now that I have arrived
this silent autumn's garden
makes me feel you may be around
I don't hear your steps
like a lost tired ghost
or see your shining transparence
or listen to a whispered voice.
No, I can't feel hot or cold
or any creeping sensation.
It is just that when I read your name
in this clean and clear marble
and saw your black and white picture
where you appear so young, so healthy,
(I had chosen it myself)
when this silence invaded my soul
and the image of this garden
brought me the memories
of your happy and strong steps
through the grass of our house,
and these memories came so alive
I knew you were at my side
Well, what to do?
I sit in this nearby grave
and lay down on your lap
waiting for the old peace to come.
Dad, is it true
that you have talked to my brother
and that you have helped him?
Is it true that he has asked
and that you have answered?
I was the one who used to believe
in such unbelievable things, remember?
And yet I hadn't come here before today
for I was sure I wouldn't find you.
As you can see dad, I changed my mind.
I changed my faith and so did my way
two seconds after your leaving.
I was supposed to be the strongest
I am ashamed of my weakness
Would you forgive me, my father?
Could you?
I felt lost, dear
I felt angry, and I felt alone
I hated God, I hated to be alive.
Now that I have come
and that you are here . . .
I can see my wasted life
Not anymore, my love
Not anymore, heavenly God
Eat this marshmallow pie I brought
and let's enjoy your birthday.
Thank you for bringing me back
to the good old times
and o.k., Mr. Silly 
for next year, strawberry pie.

Patrícia Evans

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On My Birthday

(This is not my birthday...just a "what if"

There are a thousand births like mine
in that cluster of the noosphere
the rolling earth had left behind—
where birth and death joined hands
to siphon off the heavens in a moment,
in a block of space
etched by an evanescent time.

A thousand births, a hundred years,
and altogether disappeared
as father of the father of my father
will not cause extrusion of a single tear
nor anything beyond a dusty line
of history—the earth will not look back
upon the airless cubicles, and I

may smile upon the moment
when my father smiled, and let it go.
Within that crystal box, and scarce observed
there is a breath drawn in,
another sent away...
a candle life ignited, snuffed,
to float out to the stars, unseen,
where memory is like the rising mist
that one time only
may refresh the morning air.

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Twisting up my body emboldened
Hyping my spirit to Planet 9
Thrusting gently my soul to an off beat
Jerking up my feet in no fete
Throwing hands in the air

Moving my carcass to an unheard hurly-burly
Heaping up dance on my hips
Humming to a tune of no name
Shaking ones head like an Agama.

Until my Fibula was aching
I became hyper-active
For what, I queried myself?
For a dance of no tune
Indeed a Fandango only of the Spaniard. 

This time in Samonda, Ibadan.
In my quest to situate the 46 years
Independence Anniversary of Nigeria.
We are dancing to no tune in particular.

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-Future Nuptials-

Your hand holding my hand

Your eyes locked into mine

Our lips slightly wet from our kisses

Your body singing my bodies song

Your heart beating in time with mine

Our minds thinking our same thought

Your mouth speaking my words

Your mine and I'll forever be yours

For Lorena & Carlos, 2008. May you have a happy long lasting marriage.

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love's touch

the swans glided gracefully
making circles on the pond
the sun's luminous glow
a mirror reflection of their souls.

her heart skipped a beat
as her lips parted to smile
his arms wrapped her tightly
tender fingers graced her cheek.

he gently caressed the softness of her hair
his touch, a warmth she always adored
she clasped his hand in hers with care
the feeling electric; the way it had begun.

her hand stroked his lovingly
she beamed with pride from within
slowly she turned to gaze into his eyes
he was her heart, her joy, the love of her life.

he tucked her hair behind her ear
cupped her face in his hands
as he deeply & passionately
kissed her rosy, full lips.

they soaked in the moment
of love's words through touch
feeling the beautiful essence
they had created with love.

with nature as their witness
guarding their precious moment
they honoured their day
their anniversay; the way it had begun.

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Five: The Great Destroyer

The thousand arms of Lucy come beating on my door at that very second my instincts set on soul survival first I run and dodge them then I fight the losing fight until I am surrounded by a never ending night every direction wicked I don't know which is best is the fight still worth fighting when we have such little left? A needle in the darkness is suddenly stabbing me everything is a warning caught in hypersensitivity everything destroys me hurts me to the bone but I continue forward until I am far from home Lucifer and his army of degenerated brains existing in a real world like pawns in his warped game the world is all here, with the veil cast upon us you must now ask your God, why would he want us? Why would he need us? when he holds so much power acting brave until the chains pull with such force downward now we are enslaved to the void that forms before us little being known that we are in motion to be the great destroyer

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Hold Me
..& don't let go until I tell you to.
You see because when you hold me all my pieces mend together.
And even the slightest cracks are filled with your love.

Kiss Me
.. Kiss me like theres no tomorrow.
Because truth is there may not be a tomorrow.

Tell Me
..Tell me how much you love me 
& tell me how much I mean to you.
And don't let a day a go by without expressing
how you feel.

Because everyday is not promised however
love last forever and the only thing worse than a goodbye,
is a silenced heart.

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That spooky time of year
Creeps up upon us, again
We celebrate death, goblins,
and evil things
We might as well celebrate
If we are to celebrate creepy things.

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My Love Four of July

O my Four of July, what dream of mine
Shall I give you wolf?
A job? A foreclosure paradise?
A world of light
Towards the spectrum of death?
But such awareness call it nightmare –
Not even the illusion of being buried by dust
Under the heat of a claiming day
Like silly worm tries to hold life telling the moon it is going
To be a tomorrow better
And sing the waste of a song
That old song as you can see it.

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The Firefighters Helmet.

All I can think of is that dented firefighters helmet
As I recall that concrete and twisted steel tomb
Those dazed and dusty faces lost in disbelief
In the rubble of the fallen towers

Only moments ago, the planes assailed New York
Pulverizing the heart of the nation
Steel supports gave way, bodies fell from the smoke
Our delusions of safety burning away

From the debris we plucked the pieces of hellish reality
The rescue workers keeping theirs, and I mine
Holding fast to the hope of a chance to find life
Somewhere in the hazy gray of uncountable names

Those who’ve been lost now sleep around us as we work
Although they’ve been consumed and ripped
Their spirits, our hope, and a brighter future remains
Healing the wounds, cleaning the blood, and drying the eyes

As we lifted a piece of broken wall the helmet fell free 
Tumbling down the tor of steely concrete to land at my feet
Burning the truth of that day beyond any comprehension
Side by side we worked understanding...that unspoken moment

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Thirty-three and holding

Birthdays suck therefore
I refuse to turn thirty-four
August third just another day
And that is all I am going to say

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MoonBee's Madrigal

Oh... Oh... Come Into The Moon Light …
        And Dance With Me Tonight
I’ve Pink Champagne, Lit FirePlace Flame 
        And The Stars Are Twinkling Bright
I’ve Put On Your Favorite Dinner and Rose Dress
        For Your Delight
Ooooh, Come Into The Moon Light …
        And Dance With Me Tonight

Heeeey, Honey, What Happened To The Lights?
        You Paid The Bill … Alright?
Bring Me A Beer and That Remote Here
        The Cowboys Play Tonight !
Why’s The Table Set… We Got Guests?
         Is That Dress A Little Tight? ……
              * *///// # # ////\\
I Don’t Know Sam… She Just Picked A Fight !
Hauled-Off and Hit Me… With All… Her… MoonBee…  M i g h t  !

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Last Sights

Lost with my last sights it seems little else could go wrong,
Left without any legal rights it seems to be a dance and song,
Caught outside the window of evenings long remembered,
Only for the memories that will be willingly rendered,
You are only a hero to me, 
And for ever that will be,
Listening to my own hearts own empty desires,
Moving only here making it now on dampened fires.

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The jazz men of Grand Central Terminal
Gathered on the dirty edge of Park Avenue
Wearing the green-white guayaberas and some honeymoon sombreros. 
Suddenly we have been interrupted at the last minutes our jokes
Because an old scholar of ours has asked to do so; 
He wishes to sing a song he has written 90 years ago!

For a while we stood there watching his face.
The small eyes not even the shadow of a failure.
As far as I could see it he was right. 
We're no longer young anymore!

But they shake their heads. "This our last chance
And you aren't sure what it was. The line of Living
And the line of being dead." As they're gazing over the bush land
With my old blue guitar who's gazing the Speaker
With whom they came to raise a question from a past with the tune
Of "Green Bridge where I go to die
Either I'll cry or flame myself by rage!"

Even as now I talk, in shake hands too, they do not listen.
And now and then, I see the reason, the handsome gull is growing
Old too but not the fight their own
And his voice was still sharp. Oh what a song! 

Moment by moment, I look at him. Look strong, 
Following each word well under the cloudless heart of ours.
"Who is singing the Guantanamera's song in English?"
Rise, manhood, for full grace, with fire in his eyes
Once were waved with age-tears. "I am, with the birds!"

He gazes at us, fascinated. Making a sound, when, 
just as we are ready to explain this is not for him, 
he turns back. Since we try to understand what happen,
I can see him walking away to 42nd Street, untouchable 
by the wind. While us, like a group of kids
We are still playing on the mug.

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My Broken Angel

When I see you, I see hope.
The hope of a soldier,
Fighting his way in a war,
Who wants nothing more than
Just to make peace, and to
Make it home.

When I see you, I see light.
It's the light of kindness.
But its buried underneath
Everything that's harmed you.
And it shines bright just for
The one you love most.

When I see you, I see strength.
Your strength overpowers all.
It comes for the pain you've
Ventured from, the scars that
Mark your skin. They've made
You stronger.

When I see you, I see inspiration.
With all you've witnessed and
Dealt with, how you can make it
Through is amazing. That solely
Helps me to remember that
I can go on with all this.

When I see you, I see a hero.
Like the one Marvel would make up.
Although you've been to Hell and back,
To the moon and Sun, you still have
Just one piece of you that
Gives you reason to stay.

When I see you, I see an angel.
You are glorious, magnificent,
Greater than anything I've seen.
You're sweet, loving, brave,
And you ask for very little
In return.

And that's why I love you.
You're wholesome, you've beaten
All odds, you don't judge, you are
Amazing. You are everything I could
Ever want and more, and the best part:
You are completely real.

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My birthday is coming,
so should i say when?
should i be happy or sad
or be as chipper as ever?
Does birthdays matter,
when you are turning old?
I am sure my birthday is coming...
so is it when, again?

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I Do

Admist the rocky mountains
And the natural springs 
Comes a better place I remembered things

under this lamp post is where
you first asked me to take 
your hand in marriage 

I remember you down on 
one knee and the snow was 
just starting to fall 

You looked like a little lost puppy 
looking for a way to speak I
took your hand and said yes

That was over twenty years ago
And to this date we still come back
to the Springs of Colorado and say I Do

Tribute To Colorado
Rocky Mountain High

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Our country, right or wrong.
No, our country.
Not perfect, needs work
Work  harder, laugh longer
Stand taller, give easily
Love deeper, share  daily
See clearly, talk softly
Go quietly, feel deeply
Play freely, sing loudly
Be Proud.

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Sweet Winter Fire

Shut in three days
howling wind whipping
power lines dangle

Ham and beans simmer 
atop the old wood heater.
a head start on tomorrow's hunger

four finally tired 
Children asleep in bunches
scattered around the warm barn

Mine and yours tumbled together. 
forgetting to be jealous
we know it can't last

Daylight spent carrying wood
and entertaining children
I am all out of games

But nights, heart to heart
we danced by the light of
our sweet winter fire


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salute to the fourth

A cigar in my mouth
An ice chest by my side
Every American this day
Should hold tremendous pride

A day such as this
Calls for celebration
For it is the birthday
Of our exemplary nation

Kids round the country
Light works of fire
And all of these children
Never seem to tire

Today calls for drinks
Lined up all around
Tequila shooters
Time to paint the town

Some may say
I party too much
They are probably right
But I don’t listen to talk of this such

If they degrade me for my actions
That is their own decision
I don’t care
For my life is led with precision

All of my life
Everything I do
Is based on freedoms
Our ancestors chose to pursue

The building block of this country
What holds all things together
Was written 52 in pen
Made from a feather

July the fourth
Seventeen seventy six
Our nation was formed

Today was the day
We earned the right to be free
Our founding fathers deserve
Our respect to the highest degree

Many have forgotten
What this day means
Today years ago we broke off the ties
To all kings and queens

Life, liberty
And the pursuit of happiness
Is what our founders fought for
230 years ago today
Round the world came a roar

For this great nation
Was finally made
Our road to freedom
Was finally paved

Two centuries have past
And some choose to ignore
How our eagle
Began to soar

This day isn’t about fire works
It is a tribute
Finally there was an end
To this bold dispute

We stood up and faced
The current world power
Victorious was the outcome
This was our greatest hour

To the warriors
To the men
To all I solute
For this day is when
We stood up and said
no longer shall tyranny
we will have to endure
Was now finally secure

We did prevail
A day to be remembered
For its epic scale

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Hurrican Wilma in Aftermath

It was a baren world
We fled without a feather of pride
After the storm was gone
Escaping the aftermath to hide
What in you was going on
I remember the fury of the night
And you coming, coming, coming
But never reached beyond the thought
While our lives in a drama was caught
I was your butterfly
And knew when flitting your net
Unless my wings were given rest
The agony of desire
Would exhaust the dream complete

So after the storm had battered roofs
And shredded doors apart
We gathered all that was given
For safe keeping to our hearts
And across the tattered landscape
Of broken arrangements
And sweet interminable arguements
We pick our way
Leaving broken poles of light
Hemmorrhaging water mains
Trees cast on the rubble before our sight
And proude places we could not recognize again
Things so solid
Fallen to tide of air, leaning on our fear
Amidst the squalor's emptiness
Being gripped in the sense of nothingness
And precarious or vulnerable, I do not know
I like a barge was towed against the flow
And Wilma was gone
Long gone, the poor discontented winds, the storm

And looking beyond the first meet
In what language did we learn
This was supposed to be love
Because after frozen life of tepid cities
Compassion becomes a need to give
I saw the dove beating in your hand
A heart about die
But I could not outrun you
We fled beyond the limits of all Gommorah 
And love breathing hotly
Its pounding footstep keeping pace
With our puffing bodies 
Out of wind, with so much wind already wasted
In the destruction of everything
No obituaries are intended
For so the days that well were blended
And I wade these moments
Breast deep in memory

I wish I could explain cruelty
Or tell the world some science
That would make us beautiful
Without the disgusting violence of the heart
What is it that provoke rational people
To expose their meaninglessness 
As if we were all dogs
Crotching landmarks everywhere
And I could not have known with my eyes turned away
For I find great pleasure in the scent of flowers
And scant time to sniff
The vulagarity through us like flotsom drift
There is such a terrible beauty in the past
When the present can only a momengt last
O yes tomorrow though
Tomorrow and tomorrow is so better off
It is always better what we do not know
Always better you should know
Reality is a pale reference
To our expectations
So I will not chide
The borrowed time
And I bear no envy to such a clime
Without the wretched writhing storm.

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On Going . . .

Under a witch’s moon
blows the wind that blows within
she sings her songs
in out of tune 

In her troubled heart
sorrow blows across her soul
on a restless storm
going . . . . away

Her slender shoulders carry weight
of you
who looks inside and weeps
God you were a friend
she cries
a river winding
through valleys dark
where you have gone
Where endless deserts end
sand catches between her toes
scuffing pretty plumes 
of prismed moonlight
into dust

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A feast of joy in my heart..
All in the season...
Jingle the bells..
The beats are the same as my hearts.
Smell and touch of the weather..
And the taste of chicken..
From the sky..
I will pick a star to adore my neck,.
The dumb sing a song of merry christams..
Merry seems uending..
Such as freedom from a prison.
I smell in the air,the effect of a laughing gas..
To this beautiful day,all to it..
The rain claps..
On this day,between my foes..
I bridge all gaps..
All pains,today,santa shall mend..
From our hearts we sing songs..Of jingle bells to 
the end..

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As I awake each morning, 
I thank God for a safe night.
The birds are singing, 
And the sun is so bright.

What a difference today is,
From yeateryears,
when woke discouraged, 
My mind full of fears.

To accomplish simple tasks
Was more than I could meet.
For me to leave my comfort zone,
Would only leave me in defeat.

I lived behind closed doors,
Not a friend to find,
but in my isolation,
Found restoration in my mind.

I woke this morning giving thanks,
For the sun shinning bright,
Knowing today wii have its fears,
But with God's help, an easier fight.

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A Mother's Love

A Mothers Love

My mothers Love, I feel so strong,
She shows me constantly, we have a special bond.
She hugs, kisses me, sometimes too much.

My mothers Love, I see her tears, I know she is reflecting on the past 12 years,

We play, we go for nature walks, we splash in the clear, cool, refreshing river of the Minnehaha Falls.

We spend hours, gazing up at the clear blue sky, our hearts skip a beat at the sight of a red tailed hawk.

My Mothers Love, is unconditional,
We have each others heart, forever sealed,
Our love for Nature, is truly mutual,
My Mothers Love, she tells me,
Was started the moment I was conceived.

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July 4th (Sedoka)

Finally the day 
Relaxing in my lawn chair 
Barbeque grill smoking; 
Smells oh so good! 
Volleyball over the net 
Family fireworks—Wow! 

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Ode to Audrey

Glamorous, fun and full of life
Always an interesting and loyal wife
Around the village she is known
For living life in her own particular tone

For her family she does prepare
Many a feast beyond compare
For the animals so oft alone
She has given much love, shelter and even her home

Come Christmas time the house is all a glitter
As Audrey runs around doing the annual jitter
Smiling from within is this special being
Generous, giving and all seeing
Her energy would seem to overflow
Never one to leave others low
This is my grandmother The Great Grandy
Whose life runs circles around those less than 80!

To my life you have brought
Something which can never be taught
You gave yourself, you made me smile
As I saw you go the extra mile
Within my thoughts I hold you dear
And in that way you are always near
I close my eyes and picture your face
And know that time cannot displace
The essence of the inner you
That in my life now follows through

Thank you for always being such a dear
Your effect on my life is more than clear

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America my home,
 America is where I grew up, 
America where I thought I was safe.
One day America let me down,
It was not longer safe, the place where I grew up.
A terrorist attack happened that day,
I was at school ready to run away.
There was fear in the air,
more than 30,00 people lost their lives, which is not fair.
Four planes crashed and many died,
I was so surprised.
The world trade center towers are not longer there,
they are no where.
I went to school like any other day,
but watched the news instead of played.
I hate the thought of this day,
But it is one I will remember forever, everyday.
We bought flags and stood with pride,
for our country we would not hide.
We will find whoever did this to us,
even if we have to travel by bus.
This is one day that will never go away,
September 11, 2001.

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APRIL 13th, 2004 90th BIRTHDAY

Dear Aunt Louise
Happiest of times are made so
By people around us and
Those connected by
The crossing of paths.

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Lyrics of Wonder

Dou dou kla fla bam bam hit. Troo floo blew blew bubble bubble bubble pop.
ladder ladder ladder. step step up.
wonder wonder wonder; boom boom pit,
what lies down and what lies up-
what can we know until we try,
Goo ha goo ja jibber jibber jish.
ladder ladder ladder. step step now.

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electrons on my right

how i love the times
we have already forgotten
in the slip stream of 
another argument
as to how it really was
oh how i miss my clarity
and now you tell about 
how you also miss
your clarity
and as we try to mesh
these different stories together
we turn into
waiting to cool
into soil
that produces
palm trees
and beaches
but thousands of miles away 
from one another
standing like shells
washed in from archaic oceans
listen within
the conch
to hear our far reaching
tell tales
with hard ears
and tongues of 

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After millions of seconds,
every second seeming,
much longer than the other.
All we wanted was good news, 
all we wanted was you...

 A night with little excitement 
only listening to the music, 
and watching stars make lame jokes,
 my sister and I heard a ring,
only faint cause the phone was outside.

Praying that everything was all right
we only wanted you safe,
we hear a sob from my mom.
As the moment my life fell apart
the good news never came.
You ran,
you jumped,
you swam, 
you quit.
I don't understand.

We still haven't stopped asking questions,
Why you? Why us? Why then?
Those questions will never be answered.
It's been almost five years

When you left you took a part of us with you,
My mom says hello, 
Can you say hello to Ashley for me? 
I hope you take her camping, and watch the stars at in the sky.
I hope everything's alright.

I know your dad came to join you,
Does it make you happy when people join you,
maybe that's what was going through my sisters mind,
maybe we all miss you more than you'd expect

Ever since you've been gone,
there has been a silence,
never questioned cause we don't want to face the truth
I wonder if you had more time if you wouldn't have done it,
do you regret it, or do you like the silence in the clouds.

We will never understand why you ran.
Life hasn't been the same since,
it's gone done hill from there,
you will always be in my thoughts.

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They are Cruel

How many of us suffered to death?
How many of them gained more wealth?

How many of us mourned?
How many of them earned?

How many times we suffered such a pain?
How many times they will do this again?

They are Cruel


We don’t have to be.

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Come Away with Me

Come away with me…
to a place that’s safe and warm,
where love abounds and none can harm;
to a place where clear blue waters meet hot white sand,
where we can stroll together forever, hand-in-hand.

Come away with me…
to a place where dreams take flight,
and they don’t disappear with the night;
to a place where crashing waves serenade 
lovers lying in a hammock in the shade.

Come away with me…
to a place where we can be free,
where you can be you, and I can be me;
to a place of dancing in the rain,
where we can leave behind all the world’s pain.

Come away with me…
to a place where our bodies become one,
on a blanket under the stars or under the sun;
to a place of no secrets, no regrets,
where forgiveness lives and hurt forgets.

Come away with me…
to a place where bodies entangle in passion’s embrace,
where gazes linger and wild hearts race;
to a place of ecstasy, joy and peace,
where fireworks explode, oh sweet release!

Come away with me…
where no one else can be,
a place reserved for just you and me.
Just hold me tight, get lost in a kiss;
for in that moment is where this place exists.

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Thank You

On this day 12 years ago- I said yes to a man I knew would love me through and through.
   This one is for you

Destiny, its just another word for me and you.
Life is funny how it plays you, bringing together strangers like you and me.
It was not love at first sight, but more like a curiousity I wanted to bite.
The first years were the worst, I was following my sometimes rocky destiny.
You were there holding me tight and wiping my tears without a fight.
Your love never faultered or failed, never once did you bail.
Good times and bad we have had it all, and your still here standing tall.
My love for you has fully bloomed, more then I thought I could ever give.
Destiny is what I say,  for it seems to me we were always ment to be.
Thanks to the powers that be for bringing you to love me.
Thanks to my husban for twleve years of loving, always and forever.

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Cameron skies

Loud fluttering sounds, adorn the cameron skies
 Butterflies,heavens light shelterd us
 Timeless petals lay on our jasmine pillows of grace
 I love thee, kiss my lips

 There are two angels, one of the sight, cradled lull
 Lightness tenderly the voice of your gentle soul , I am she
 I shall feel this with cherubs laughter, each angels sleeve
 Tenderly you carry the rose to my breathe

 Beneath, all rafters, I seek thee
 With scented candles dancing , celeste teas
 We shall kiss my winged one,Watching rippling of tides estuarine
 With many woven dreams, I miss thee

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            Each day I open my eyes and the sunshine through my window and I wonder 
what's out there.

 Who's going to be main course today for dinner? Chewed up and spit 
out like some piece of prime rib we all need to be Carnavour or we were all better 
off dead.

 Counting off the terrorist stories and tragic mysteries of how many girls 
disappeared today? Oh next it might be me.

 That's why I look both ways when I  cross the street and on dark nights I stay on the 
sidewalk where there's light enough to see my predators lurking. Because you never know 
in the jungle " she wrote" and she'll finish it.

 She's not sympathetic to those who are idiots because your just walking and you'll fall 
into her trap. 

You better be smart or she'll have you lying on the ground crying. Don't think she's a 
punk because being ignorant never got no one a slice of pie. 

She's sweet but she can also be bitter, and you don't want to catch her on her bad side.

Dreams and determination can keep you on a straight arrow 
out of the jungle but some never leave and they never will.

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Loves first kiss

Walking down the Serenity beaches, soft stranger of my eyes
 Endless seashores with twilight souls , in the shadows you called me
 Beyond the reaches of thee, I could feel your heart so far away
 Caressed in souls love, I await you
 Beauty in my angels window, his velvet dark wings can be seen
 To the raging's seas I call he
 To dusty mirror shedding my equine
 Come what may , to my Rose lithe
 Shall the mornings bring sweet treasures
 Whilst thou my heart?
 All feathered brightest stars, Each waking part
 Sacred reunion laced auras, I feel you
 Take my hand, My gentle spirit
 See the blue espied moon, cascading whispers
 It captures forever in my soul silvery kiss, My secret one
 Lyrics for the melody you sing in my forgotten soul
 Romance , hypnotic essence
 In quadric moon rises murmuring kiss

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Scoring scores three times
I must move on
To wait the rest of my death

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My Other Half

My heart flutters when you’re around.
My eyes gleam when you tell me you love me.
Our love is strong.
It is whole.
My soul is complete.
You fill my other half.
When your body clashes against mine,
My body becomes agitated for more,
With only the slightest touch.
You know me inside and out,
And I love you for that.
You don’t cause my tears,
You scare them away,
The moment you hold me.
Tell me everything’s alright,
Scare my tears away.
Tell me you love me forever and for always.
Cause my heart to flutter,
And my eyes to gleam.
Then and only then,
My pain will end,
So that my soul will be complete.

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Forever-Part 3

We get off the plane and smell the lovely air. Hawaii. One of the most beautiful places. I look at you and smile. "This place is beautiful," I say, spinning around. "Yes, it is," you say and pull me close. "I love you," I say. I love you too," you say and kiss me. Hand in hand we walk into the setting sun.

The sun's poking through the shades in our room. "Good morning beautiful," you say when I open my eyes. "Good morning," I say and smile. "I've got a surprise for you," you say and smile. I look at you questionably. "Just get dressed and I'll show you." "Okay."

You take my hand and lead me down to the beach. "I heard you've always wanted to do this," you say and smile. You point to two goals. My face lights up. "Sand soccer," I say happily and look at you. You kiss me and smile, "I figured you'd like it." We walk down to the two goals and we'r e put on a team. We play for hours and hours.

When the game is over, we sit on the sand by the shore. "That was fun," I say and look at you. "Yeah, it was," you say and lean in and kiss me. "I love you," I say as you warp your arms around me. "I love you too," you say and smile. We watch the sun set on the beautiful sea before we head back to our room.

The next day we surf. We surf for hours. "This is great baby," you say as we sit on our boards. "Yeah," I say and smle, "you must really like doing this," I say and brush a srand of hair from your face. "Yes," you say and you lean in and kiss me.

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Before the Deluge,
God had forbidden
His chosen people 
to eat animal flesh...
it was after the Big Flood
that He ordered Noah
and his family to eat it.
Why be reluctant to eat pork
on New Year's Day...
is it dirty and disgusting?
But isn't poultry or beef
any cleaner that pork is?
Let me have this tasty meal,
and ridicule those who won't:
hypocrites, I say shamelessly....
don't call me a guiltless pagan, 
I read from the Holy Scriptures
as God spoke so adamantly.
Let me have sour kraut
and black eyed peas along 
with red wine and crunchy bread:
to celebrate what the Lord created
and the Earth abundantly gives!

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Torn apart

Broken dreams Torn at the seams Ripped apart Like a broken heart Left alone To restart. Time and again People part Till you find that special one To hold your heart.

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Ancient giant tree
Century old;
Free spring leaves emerge

Song of sorrow
Sadness gives birth;
New joy springs forth

Live mass people's parade
Invited guests arrive;
Cheery celebration

TV and new media
Watching big parade buzz;
Wonderful feelings surge

Roaring full house 
Crowded grandstand;
Plenty to celebrate

Smiles now style
Moments of grace;
Kids of all ages

Gratitude floods
Attitudes change;
Joy cements bond

Leon Enriquez
10 August 2014

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Holiday Traveler

Holiday Traveler 

Millicent from Milwaukee Wisconsin was using the library computer trying to 
adjust her schedule to actually catch her flight home her collage is in ROME. 
Tommy Thompson is in Albuquerque trying to get back home to Texas, Nome. 
The notion of travel upsets most people and they swallow too much Dramamine 
in quantities not meant to be consumed they leave the shelter of the dome 
depending way too much on average Joes as such as cab and hack motivators 
in a non controlled zone using money as a buffer as they roam to assure the 
certainty of connecting to the airport dome. Sholom waved shalom at Kiev airport 
and he will wave shalom when he returns as Solomon. Cindy Breckinridge 
cooked a turkey at her home and stayed there with the turkey frozen partly in the 
oven cooked on one side so her husband could have some. Little Johnny apple 
seeded all the trees in TerryTown and walked another mile with that silly iron pot 
upon his top. Charlax rode his bus to kill the time he has his pass his November 
usage paid from GOD. Thanksgiving time come. 
 Holiday Traveler     

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What a Difference a Day Makes

Loyal listener.. perfect friend..
   keeper of my secrets..
    I feared you knew not your wortH!

Offering your shoulder...
   my burdens to bear..
   How we laughed at life's DramA.

Velvet lies dripped from your tongue..
   enticing a confession of my Love..
    I prayed that we never parT.

Enchanted by your smile..
   infatuated by your embrace..
   I gave to you my lovE

How could you..
  You knew what my heart felt..
   I loved you so welL.

Affection dead and buried..
  remorse holds my hand..
  my trust just an  empty echO.

Tenderness has deserted me..
   callousness floods my soul..
   I would have your heart on a shiV.

Emotionless I see the real you..
    my devotion dead..vengeance flickers
    I shower you with hatE!

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Dawn of a New Era

Crowd everywhere
This is a scene seen once in every score years
The city centre bubbling
Anticipation high
Then out of the forest comes masquerades
Only they aren't the major attraction
Naked young virgins are
They have come to celebrate fertility
They mustn't match the bare soil
Red rug are laid in their heed 
They match very slowly and majestically across the town towards the
 city centre
Rain is drizzling to wash away the iniquities of the land
Caps are pulled off and umbrellas are put off.
Everyone must be cleansed by this falling water
Finally the entourage arrive the market square
The virgins make sacrifices to the goddess of fertility
Hey!This is the cry of jubilation.
Dances begin at the city square
Everyone participates donning loin cloth
The goddess has been appeased
A new era has dawned

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Dark fixed at night to fright in deep consciousness flight

Gone in desperation quick fix to hide inside pain
In heated pleasure silenced to a slow pitch
In fetters sought with creatures among lines drawn in features


Dark in dusk who do we trust
Blackened stench in negate trench
A trance sold out advance per chance
In limestone some engrafted in time

A warm encounter with ghost sublime

Fought back the tears to hide the pain
Along lines asunder totally insane filled in dreams slight scream with Summer's rain
Eyes filled up with coffins chill in brain
Suffering chill down spine through a collapsed dispare

An eagle fly's above shelter lies dormant amidst the pain
Not some door mat bent on any high healed excursion
In the pit of silence nursed back the tear of ellusive hate

We carry dreams filled with timeless fragmentation in ellusive lines filled in imagination
Carry me further down by the river pilgrims process shelter lieth dormant
Amidst modest apparell to appease the night in sullen asps in seperation into a vile 

Chaste impulse that derives an analogy sullen fragments
Cemetary very scarey even if your in the weary
Trampled back its timeless clause by impulse an explosion of applause

Having long hanging viscious fangs that bite in the night to fright
A shout of intense madness filled with sadness
Shadows fixed within timeless clause
A plausible cue toward a viable loss...

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I love Her

I love her more than words can say
And I know nothing will get in our way
I love her more than anything in the world
And I know she’s a blessing from the lord
I love her more than I can express
And could never love her any less
I love her more than anyone knows
And I know things will never get too low
Because I love her more than anything.

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Footprints Of Love

There she lies in the sofa
Reading a novel
My lovely princess
Born on a Valentine’s Day
Fair she was and cute
Delicate and soft
She exuded wisdom
She portrayed love
My Valentine pal
I remember her smiles now
Her solemn kisses
She lived a life to her fill
As I cast my mind back
To the past Val seasons 
I spent with her
Good thoughts re-echo 
In my mind
We walked for miles
We sat close to each other 
Beside the shore
We admired God’s unique creation
The words she spoke 
On her twenty-fifth birthday
Sounded so true to me
“Darling, you really mean so much
 To me
 Your unfailing care surpasses 
 My imagination
 Your daring strength 
  Has brought us thus far
 You kept our secrets
  You shared them 
   With no one else
   You kept me 
    As a priceless Jewel
You carried me gently 
In your hands”
Today marks 
The fifth anniversary 
Of the day 
We exchanged 
Our espousal vows
My heart is full of joy
As I ponder over these things.

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Forever-Part 4

We get off the plane, back in LA. We drop our stuff off at home and go out for the day.


You wait outside the bathroom door. "Baby," I say. You stop breathing. "What is it?" I slowly open the door. "Yes." I say and smile. "Yes!" you scream and pick me up. You spin me around and kiss me.

9 months later I step out of the car. 3 of us this time. Isavella. Our first daughter. "She looks just likeher mom," you say and smile. "With her daddy's eyes," I say and look at you. "I love you," you say. "I love you too," I say and gently kiss me.


We're older now we've made it a long way. We sit on the deck and watch the sun set. "All or nothing," I say and hold your hand. "All or nothing," you say and lead me down to the sand. "30 years is a long time," you say to me and pull me close. " So is forever," I say. You hit play and Amazed comes on. "We'll make it that far, I swer," you say as we start to dance. We look at Isabella playing in the sand. "I know baby," I say and smile.

We'll last forever. Nothing will break us. We'll always be together.

Together forever.

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Our Picture Perfect Home (Angel of Sadness)

As you count the days, I’ve been gone
I wonder has much changed
Since I last left home
It takes so much more than I love you
And a kiss on the forehead every morning
To make a relationship work 
My hearts so sore and it keeps telling me
If I go on without you much longer
It’s going to make this companionship hurt
A warm hug won’t make everything better
But it helps, so forget these simple steps
Charms could never linger in this weather
For there is no such depth
Still you count the days, I’ve been gone
Still I wonder has much changed
Since I last left home
I know I can’t be there every moment you cry
But when I am, it makes your loneliness die
And who’s there to watch the children
Maybe tomorrow lady liberty will burn
I’ve come to find that you have much to say
It’ll be seven years of bumping heads in may
So whether it’s in my grave or beside you
That’s where I’m going to continue to lay
I wonder do you still count the days I’ve been gone
Tell me, has much changed
Since I last left home

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A lone blade of grass

The sense of nature sweet with fragrance flourishing

In times of uncertainty marked on a blotted page
Within solace we release its pain,
Shouts of madness torn asunder.
Pilgrims progress sharpened its pencil


Marked on a blotted page yet fully intact
When will we act our age,
In demonic torn relics of suede in billows creation
To frolic in the inner ambiance of the day

A humble way by which to bow the knee to pray

Although its shivers down my spine in frolic
In chosen ambiance onto its beckoning call,
The way of a poor child after the fall

Then marked on a blotted page all alone

With emmense inner conflict & pain
Shoulder to cry after the rain
A quiver of the nerve pressed on a heal in sore vex plight

Innocent killings of the unborn in their mothers womb
To ceil their tomb from harming fumes
Bras being burned in our streets

Children returning to war zones we call schools

The march of the soldiers & fools
The eclipse of the sun had tainted my inner vision
A quest for power in sore derision
A decision of laughter in the height of the wind

A feeling of neglect by which one faintly can depend
Shouts of praise filled with sounds of laughter
The preparation of a guest to await the great here after

Children having baby's & crazy
Crimes of the innocent in the blood on our streets
Getting crazy in the linens on the sheets
Crazy music as we learn another timely beat

A heart pulse torn in a crazy way,
A different dance display
A laughter in the rain
A page of intellect in my brain
A bridge in circumstance amidst the pain

Sadness in the heart again
Perhaps its best to hold my breath
Then count to the number ten
In shadows the darkness creeps in

Society is going straight to Hell!

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Idea Present

Rapping paper
Giving undivided
Counting minutes 
On the door step
Surprise order

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Random Thoughts*18* My Birthday

Twenty third of September
two thousand nine.
A night to remember
the casino smells of pine.
I have just turned twenty nine...

a mixed crowd.
I'm in the smokers lounge.
I'm a sex hound.
while dancing.
We make our rounds.

R&B sounds,
Coming from above.
Dancing with fury,
drinking without care.
Tomorrow is going to hurt,
alone in my lair

Jared Pickett

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30 yrs. together

30 years together today
Sure does not seem that long
But time flies when your having fun
Its not always roses and sunshine
I guess its what you make it , that counts
You sometimes struggle with obstacles
that get in your way
Together you greet the challenges of a marriage
The tumbles you meet get easier together
Times are sometimes rough , but being a family
helps out
You look to the positive end of the stick and you survive
Happy 30 th anniversary to my husband 
Let's make it last some more years

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Like veterans 
Home from war
I miss you 
As you were once
At my bedside
Like a stone 
I am forever rolling
toward a reluctant

Apologies my friend
I truly will miss you
I am sorry 
I was just wondering 
If i'd ever see you again
Here's to you my friend

The coldness
That warms us all
Do as you will 
But I became 
One to beg upon
Your absence
As you were once
Along side my bed

Apologies my friend
I truly will miss you 
I am sorry
I was just wondering
If I'd ever see you again

"Memories of a few good men"

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Baby maybe?

            I sat up all night afraid of the answer, I peed on a stick does that 
seal my faith forever? Honestly tell me we were in love and then I will feel so 
much better.

 You said you wanted me the whole me, I said you complete me and then 
we finished it.

 I never meant for this to occur this new life that is struggling to 
survive, mommy needs, mommy wants, but what does this little thing ask? I can feel 
it as I touch my tummy it's like it's vibrating almost the same sound that my heart 
made when we hit extasy and i'll never forget.

 It was supposed to special, it was supposed to be real you told me you wanted this and 
now your pointing fingers at me.

 I am desprately trying to hold on to something that I never really had, I heard about 
the other girls is that why you don't want to be a daddy? Am I holding you down, am I 
tying you up? I can do this on my own if you don't feel up to it.

 It's the future it's here and i'm sad to say it can go either way... do you want to be 
included in it or do I have to trash your name but never call you daddy? I cried a 
million tears, my well is dry and my baby is trembling.

 She needs you and I need you I want this to be perfect. No more chasing after an image 
that was supposed to be us.
I can't excape this not without causing some strange disaster.

 The girl looks up and glances at the stick and it turns out that it's negative, she 
smiles to herself and then she gets sad she walks to the telephone to make a phone call 
that would end all the madness.

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it creeps in

the feeling that 
you know
have to let go of 
or die
everyone knows when they're
maxed out
and they just can't go on
with the b.s.
it's all organ shots at this point
move to safe grounds 
and make due with the cavemen
they don't know about booze yet
but when they do
... oh ... all hell breaks loose
@ least it's a little while
until the next jump
the next desertion
on plans for nothing
on your menu of humans
waiting for your
maxed out
whilst having no shoes
and, possibly, no

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Beauty Pressure

       Waking up in the morning, Knowing that if your hair isn't proper your going feel 
the sting.

 It shouldn't be this way but shallowness is what makes the world twist and 

Beautiful people get hired every day and we'll never know if it was because of 
their stunning ness or their portfolio.

 Honestly the first thing you do in the morning is check in the mirror. 

It's not because your shallow, you just want to make sure that you look good because you 
know that people talk and if they do it shouldn't be you that's ever mentioned. 

It hurts to hear whispers in the air and your name is being thrown every where and 
there's nothing you can do about it. 

Fix yourself up, even add a little make up to hide the things that even a magnifying 
glass couldn't see. 

You turn in the mirror in your most expensive high heel shoes, Your just going to the 
office but god knows the trip there is like a fashion show.

 Your just walking down your block but it feels like a run way, Girls can't help but 
check each other out it's just the principle female instinct.

 All this pressure to make yourself look good 20 dollars down the drain 
at the best salon to get your hair done and then it's sweated out in the hot summer sun.
What's the use you start to think, but you could never ever change... even if you 
decided to chop it all off you would still have to pay to keep it straight.

 You want to look like holly Barry that's a tough act to follow, she makes it look so 
easy and then you end up looking like some knock off.

 Are you from canal street some fake guy will 
ask? Because I could sworn I saw you your just another copy cat.

 Ouch that hurt you though as you kneeling down in the mirror trying your best to survive 
the sharks that are thirsty for blood. 

Tears pouring down your face and you cry until the morning.

 The tears have dried and your eyes are red, hair is puffy so you grab that comb and 
hurry the same routine. 

It's sad but it's true some say beauty should be natural but there's 
only few  who are natural bueaties.

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Happy Thanksgiving

 Happy Thanksgiving
Working men, and
Working women,
Who are left behind
Happy Thanksgiving
Street’s poets,
Happy Thanksgiving
Low-wage happy face,
And the running delivery man

Happy Thanksgiving,
And prairies
Of America

Happy Thanksgiving,
Sisters and fathers
In the big churches
Or in their tiniest houses
Happy Thanksgiving
And firefighter.
Happy Thanksgiving
My friends
My street mates
My Café mates,
My bus mates,
Who is watching me
And I did not notice.
Happy Thanksgiving
Who is sleeping,
And who is dreaming,
Who is on the road,
Who is traveling
Or who is orbiting
Around the planet.

Happy Thanksgiving
And the European:
The first who came
And the last who are trying.
Happy Thanksgiving
The lost and found
Happy Thanksgiving given Native America
Happy Thanksgiving to the lost and found
Happy Thanksgiving
And new born babies.

Happy Thanksgiving Eileen.
Happy Thanksgiving

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To Have and to Hold

You have some things
That I do not possess
That I need from you;
But will I be abased
And look to you to receive it
The way you will give it.

I have some things
That you do not hold
That you need from me;
But will you be humiliated
And look up to me to take it
The way I know to give it.

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A Piscean Death

child's spirit, tinged with sadness, 
you played us your soul, 
and we each took it away with us, in little pieces
your eyes they haunt me still
I miss the way they used to question and accuse
my crippled angel,
broken by the world's injustice,
I feel the pain in your voice,
your hair hung in pale streaks
across the shadowed beauty of your face
you radiate a light so pure, 
a steady flame set in a tavern window 
my beacon of hope
through the darkest hours of my soul
So like the single flame I now burn
to keep watch through the long, silent hours
of the night, every April fifth
to preserve your memory
gone too soon, love
gone too soon

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Sweet is only a matter of taste gentle for the soul who dosnt dearve the kind words
She dosnt prejudge she only cpntemaplates
The outcome
that'll be the final verdict she saysdon't worry if you was figjting for the wrong cause it'd be plain for all to see
And as I behold the spell she dosnt even blink to cast
It's her burning desire yet to be fully understood
A compelling conversation she seeks to engage 
to initiate. And then there's a need she feels 
A pull so strong its a battle to fight back
Minds can't deny tell me tragedy can be prevented
Tell me disaster is only a matter of time
a matter is only a moment that never last forever
See now ypu know the unspoken is so dear gravity dares me to take the plunge
Her heart signals me to look in her eyea I look and see stealth and secretive thoughts she can't seem to hide, success to those who succeed I'm only sweet till you feel the sorrow I still hear the souls that scream for the unjustice that was done
a minute is a memory yet the hours they spend strengthimg the needy is a powershift, strickly the advantage is clear, others see but don't say a word
message I no longer attemt 

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the Sounds of nature

The sounds of nature

As I walk ever so softly, on the brightly fallen snow, I hold my breath to feel the suns glow, I look up to see an eagle soaring through the cloud draped sky, Oh how I wish I could soar through the sky so free, how peaceful that would be.

The sun is lowering behind a bare tree so brightly, I love the glow, it shows God's light, to be in the midst of Nature's embrace, so tightly, to hear the sound of the cold winter breeze, I shiver so slightly as I feel the cold winter breeze. 

The different sounds that our Mother nature provides, I'm certain have touched many children's lives, may it bring joy, love, peace, such as the sound of of water trickling from a fresh water pond, seeing newly hatched tadpoles swimming about, is sure to delight my daughter no doubt. 

As I sit amongst these wonders, I can't help but breathe in and exhale my burdens, my worries, my burdens, I can feel tears welling up in my eyes, I feel my healing tears falling down my face, they fall down freely to the creek below, I begin to smile, for I have been made whole again, by our Never ending Mother Nature's Beauty once again.. 

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Their Rendezvous

His intention was not to fall in love right away but then you came along.
You were not as bubbly as the other girls he met.
There was something different about her.
It was if he was destined to be with her.
She seemed to be on some kind of a mission.
He could see a faraway gaze in her eyes.
He wondered what she was thinking about.
She noticed him looking at her and said, "We are surrounded by splendor under the cherry 
blossom trees."
"I could stay with you here forever", he said.
Every year for the past six years, they came back to the same spot.
The familiar unrequited love has rekindling in them.
It seemed as if they never left at all.
Just before they left again, they promised to never forget their rendezvous. 

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Grand Gala 50

The pageantry was pure splendor, you may say
I longed for the pomp of it 
The dazzling ceremony gone when tomorrow goes away
The new milk to nourish the tired spirit
There is a show man here
Left out of everything but his own silence
Don't you see it
Singers and songs dancing away
Potters and painters forgotten
The sweet dead comes to life on screen and is met
By children like strangers trying hard to remember
How they forget, and still not knowing
Except the dancehall gift of new liberty.
If you had seen beyond the magic
You might have known too
How compelled I was love the boat on the waters
Or anancy's white web bonding us
At the edge of another day's feast.
Every industry was there incoherent still
And Rastaman lost his voice, they spoke for him
Much better than that other silence 
And buzzard's beak breathing on his life.
I was waiting still for the dignitaries ... beyond my expectation
Or the pocomania excluded from the nation.
I drank my cup of pride in slow, long sips.

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Supreme Love

Everything is your kiss so divine and sweet
A touch of your hand is my only desire.
Our bodies embrace and the Angels sing.
My love is strong and till end of time.
Your face envelops my eyes of a dream.
A dream that is for real and forever kept.
Deep in my heart and soul, cherished so.
Every day our love is here and now.
Every year it grows beyond any limit.
My spirit commands that I love you dear.
My arms await the next embrace we share.
One sweet kiss from you is my eternity.
I pledge to fulfill our loves hold and more.
For you entered ecstasy into my design.
For you my dear are my love supreme.

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As This Dying Day (from My Secret Sin)

Are you as lovely as this dying day
Because I’m weak, I’m fragile, I’m so weary
Yes your as precious as living this day
But I’m weak, I’m fragile
My tears fall innocently packed with fury
Are you as lovely as dying this day
I could never live this life forever and smile
I beg of you all, bless “Never” upon this child
Maybe it’s comfort in your arms that’s so warm
Kisses so sympathetic, yet frowns burn in such charm
As we tiptoed in harmony
How did your soul become so fond of me
Are you as lovely as dying this day
Because I’m weak, I’m fragile, I’m so weary
Yes your as precious as living this day
But I’m weak, I’m fragile
My tears fall innocently packed with fury
Are you as lovely as this dying day
I’ll console you warmly, 
Gazed upon eternal memories of us
I’ll crumble 
But we’ll remain humble through memories of trust
How far are you from this one isle
Step by step
It’s seems you’ve been coming forward for miles
I don’t want to live this life
And regret not asking you to be my wife

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Our Dream

  OUR DREAM (Dedicated to my friends at their Golden anniversary)

As we both lye down to be of rest
Fluffy pillows placed beneath our heads
A Dream begins for both as one
Blanket of envelopes the power of red

In this dream, they gathered all 
To the showing of honor and cheer
Toasting with laughter hugs with a smile
All of our friends we collected through the years

Children so beautiful all in a row
 Masterpiece to the eyes that have vision
Each holds the link to strength we call family
Placement of love in the heart no incision

Can you believe this is what we have built?
 50 years of the teaching and learning
Experience life in magical ways
 Kiss on my cheek, I glow, flames still burning 

A celebration they say is in order
 Lifetime achievement for what we created
 Values, Respect, Commitment and Trust
Just a few words held strong, never faded

Night in shining armor is I
Queen of the castle your throne
I defend always my soul mate
In this life together etched in stone

Hummingbirds flying resting on flower
To observe life’s beauty has gifted
Take a soft petal home for the warmth
 The cold sets in winter, desert, after Christmas

At the end of my day I find refuge in knowing
My best friend is the one I have chosen
Relationship manifested from a dream we both had
 50 light years away we remain together frozen

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Super Hero

  I'm super, i'm a hero but inside i'm broken like pieces of lead. 
  I'm magic, I have super powers but at night they don't keep me warm.
  I'm safe from all danger but that doesn't mean that i'm not afraid.
  Danger comes when it wants and sometimes I can't reflect pain.
  Because when i'm just me and i'm not hiding behind some disguise 
  it really becomes real to me and i'm not a fictional Character. 
  And what happens then when i'm inviable again and people don't
  see me as hero material, will I miss it? Will I miss this thrill of
  people thinking that i'm invincible? They could always count on me to
  be there when they fell, but what about when I fell? Was I even allowed
  to not do well. Was I always expected to come when they called? Was I
  that predictable? Did my disguise fool people into thinking that I was 
  immortal and that I had no feelings? But I just saved a baby from a burning
  building how can I not have emotions? I always question myself, where should I
  go who will be my next victim. Why can't life just settle? Why can't I not
  exist at all as a super hero anymore? Why should I always be the one to save
  you? Can't you save yourself and leave me alone so I can be who I really want 
  and that's me myself and I. 

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All Great Things Must Fall

What is getting in the way of our love?
My parents, we both agree.
Lets show them, What our love can be.
We'll proove them wrong.
Show them just how our love will grow strong.
Here we are holding hands.
The day we know we'll last forever.
Saying I do.
While I rub my stomach.
A daughter on the way.
Oh my god!
Today is the day!
Here she comes, oh honey I do.
I love you more then words can say.

Now ten years later.
What else can I say?
I still love you more then words.
You still love me.
Our little girl now ten years old.
Two little boys, seven and four. 
Another on the way.
My parents still trying to get between.
Saying we wont last.
We've got to proove them wrong.

Now twelve more years.
Our first turning twenty-two.
Two reaching nineteen, three coming sixteen.
Four and Five coming on twelve.
Were did we go wrong?
We feel like we're falling apart.
But we know, we love each other more then words.
We fight, yes we know.
Teenagers and babies, 
Parents and all.
What can I say?
All great things must fall.
All and all we were right.
Love was the truth, 
We'll never change that.
We prooved my parents wrong,
Because here we are, 
Still pushing our love to go strong.

Though we may feel our love is fading.
Each time I kiss you, 
I remember when we were dating.
The roses, the kisses,
We still hold them dear.
Twenty-three years later,
You and I are still here!

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Happy Birthday Sis

H eaven delivered you this special day,
A llow me to thank God in some kinda way.
P recious as you were when you arrived at birth,
P robally the cuttest little girl on earth.
Y es, it is true, that day in September, God gave us you.

B irthday present to our beloved mother,
I ronic as that was we wouldn't have asked for any other!
R enee is what they named you on this day filled with bliss.
T hey can call you that I'll stick to calling you sis!
H onored that I am lucky enough to be your baby brother,
D elighted and overwhelmed that we grew up together.
A lthough we didn't see eye to eye all those years,
Y ou're still my sister and for you I'll always cry real tears.

S ister, I love you for being my absolute very best friend.
I 'll always love you sis, that's the truth and not pretend.
S o Happy Birthday Ne-Ne, 
                                 and hopefully this poem makes all your troubles go away!

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Do you remember back in time
when life was so beautiful,so calm?
when things were not spoiled by technology
when people could see each other often?

Then days came when  life is fast,
when horizons above us is hard to stare,
when the noise and traffic,and the digital
world takes power...

Do you want to go back in time
and think for a minute what is there
to remember,to appreciate or reject?
Maybe you do,or maybe not,
it is always your own choice.

Life teaches us what it should,
our discovery of the future
being good or bad for us,
to help or to destroy,
what do you believe the most?

And here comes the robot,
dressed all in silver and wires,
only that the wires are not visible,just the metal dress !
And it is this technology that matches you with the robot,
can't   the  humans see?

Not that I do not like progress,yes I do!
It is just the sadness of leaving a world behind us,
somewhere that we cannot find the way again
and the trail to bring us back.

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Sometime between 10:47 am and 11:02 am

Sweet heart 
Sweet baby

I promised I would take you to the Ocean
Your Soul does not belong in a little box 
Your Spirit is too big to be confined
I know that you are already gone but I cannot let go of you just yet 

Sweet heart 
Sweet baby 

I promise I will, one day, take you down to the water so that you can see 
the whole world and all of the oceans

I cannot do that today

Sweet heart 
Sweet baby

I need your beautiful box close to me when I go to sleep, when I wake up
I want to keep you a little longer
I have so many more lives to live before I get to the place where you are now 
I know you led a beautiful sweet life
I know that your journey leads you to a more beautiful place
I need to keep you here with me 

Thank you for letting me keep you here with me

I love you 
Sweet heart
Sweet baby
You came to visit me in the sunshine and in the wind 
Most of the time you're gone 

You took a little piece of my heart and soul with you on your journey
You let me keep a little piece of your heart and soul here with me in return
It was the best exchange I ever made

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Circles on the Floor

All night long
Over and over again
We danced
In circles on the floor
We held hands
And each other close
Only letting go
To place the needle
Back in the groove
We would return 
Where we stood still
Holding hands
And each other close
Until the music
Moved through the static
We kissed
And caressed
Again and again
Until we danced
Circles on the floor

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I cannot remember yesterday
The days without you near
I cannot think of loneliness
It’s as if
I woke up and you were there

The lights eternal in the sky
Shone brightly there for years
Your love that so well holds my heart
Has trampled darkened fears

It was as if you were always a part
As if your heart, you always shared
I can’t remember times before
It’s as if
I woke up and you were there

So, life can’t be, there’d be no flame
If you could not share with me
As time permits us, our hearts dance
In love, which sets us free

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I can taste you.
Almost feel your essence. 
The literature calls
to me. The algebraic expressions
romance me in my dreams.
I crave the hidden
books inside your huge 

Sadly membership isn't so 
easy to obtain. So I stared at
you from a far looking at you as if 
you were something I could never
obtain. I got denied access
a year ago and I nearly lost my soul.
There were no odd jobs I could do or any 
sob stories I could tell.

I got barred access. 
For another semester I waited.
For another semester I 
cried and felt unworthy.
Until one day I picked my head 
up and wiped off the tears.

I realized that I do deserve this. 
I put on my gloves 
and I started to fight I won't 
get denied not this time. 
I've never been this willing
to fight to change my life before. 
Sometimes you have to break
through the bars in front of 
your dreams or you'll never 

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   My lips tremble thinking about what you said last night.

   I close my eyes and dreamed of a place you couldn't make me cry.

   But your always in my dreams, Bitting, fighting to be seen.

   I don't want to see you, but you make it some how and torture me my soul cries at 
   night to survive.

   I didn't want this to be how it is. You made me laugh occassionally so that's what 
   love is?

   I cuddled, you screamed some how love is far away from what you said it was.

   I soaked in the bathtub for hours and still I can smell you on me.

   Don't you know how that feels crying I walked out on the porch.

   You made me feel so helpless and down and now that your gone I crave for your blood.

   I want you I need you, no one else beats me like you.

   But then again I guess i'm just addicted to lies and abuse you wanted me to like it 
   didn't you?

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Falling Down 911 Tribute

                     There were two towers that had hit the ground. 
                             Though many had not been found;
                                        You hated the sound of
                                  the towers hitting the ground. 
                                           And how profound 
                                            that it may sound; 
                                         But these two towers 
                                      should of not came down;
                                  From someone that is abound
                             and someday in hopes to be found; 
                               Now There is be a better sound; 
                                About the way our American Hero's 
                                             had kept their ground; 
                                  In hopes that any more of our towers 
                                            will not be Falling Down.

Tribute To 911 Victims 
And Our Hero's 
May You RIP


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