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Free Verse Animal Poems | Free Verse Poems About Animal

These Free Verse Animal poems are examples of Free Verse poems about Animal. These are the best examples of Free Verse Animal poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Spider songs

Blades of grass, wet under foot, insect eyes  
Dusk, offset by the cricket orchestra 
Muted and receding into the trees and bushes,
Tickled by the wind, rattling snake tail wind 
While we may be in the company of wolves,
A long legged friend is late for the party 

Eyes, little iridescent stars 
Attending to each one, and look there, 
There she is, making the most beautiful geometry 
Parallels within the octagons, pulling silks
An arm for every task, little perpetual motion machine

Is that the Queen of the Night under the rusted iron? 
A forlorn lady, black patent leather, kill a man, maybe two 
With her danger red symmetry, oozing with youth 
And a penchant for paralysis, no one can resist her wine

Then there's the hall of cob webs, threadbare handkerchiefs
Left by ladies who exhausted all of their company 
To be a spectacle under the moon, in the wood pile 
Dressed up in the finest furs, all earth tones 
Stepping out to introduce themselves in girlish droves 

Venus of another sort, these little cursed jezebels 
Hovering on the skin of the water, or on the red brick wall 
Must frequent every happy corner, and slip away at a moment's notice
A real lady always knows when to say goodnight
Such graceful exits through cement cracks
Back to the parlor, to glow in the dark 
And they become spiders again 

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He paces steadily in the ash of evening while a neck cranes to watch the darkness fall: an armor on his back hardens amidst the chatter of leaves at the far end of a sea where danger waits. Through a haze, a fearless turtle stands guard against the rage of winds; his beaded eyes cautiously scanning predators as flowers bend for comfort of night’s droning hum. Displaying an ancient legacy, he traverses the mossy dune with shell and flippers kneading stealthily in cunning motion… oh, bearer of water and earth evolves like a mystical ninja turtle carrying the load to find a jeweled star. Cyndi MacMillan's Free Verse- Turtle Contest by nette onclaud

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In the cradled of life's dark garden,
It dwells amongst the murky waters
Behold the creature from the black lagoon.
Nay what is this creation, neither fish or 
Yet a blending of both, a high bread's mixture,
Intelligent, and cunning, the last of his species,
To survive.
Brought unwisely did men, bring beauties
Forbidden fruit, unto this lost oasis of Eden.
For alone sentinel awaits to partake in such
A luscious morsel.
So does it not say in biblical text, go forth
And multiply, by a driven basic instinct he
Cautiously watches from the thicket brush.
What a graceful motion moves within the
Jungles domain, 
She swims idle caught unaware, the bride
To be herself, charms him with every stroke
Across this lake placid.
With Chameleon like stealth, the groom appears,
Taking his prize to their cavey honeymoon retreat.
So tenderly he greets his mate, from shocks
Dreamy like state she awakes, and recoils in repulsion.
No love's scorn, and tragedies broken heart,
Can do more damage than rejections expulsion.
Bullets may have cut the flesh to the bone,
But was it not beauty, which killed the beast,
And the last sight he saw, was his love in
Another's arms.
So ends natures final verse in this evolutionary
The creature from the black lagoon now lies
Dead, upon this tragic stage of life.


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Rarest of beauty is she the ice fawn, 
Grazing within the ice meadows in crystal
Fields of frozen cloves, as the star lights
Flicker in brilliance shinning, all about her.
A shy creature of gentleness, made of ice
And snow, unique amongst the polarized canvas,
Alone in perfections glittering diamond dust, 
Of winter’s mystical enchantments.
Drinking from the pools of the moon,
Warmed by the twinkling shades of the rays,
Casted in the Aurora Borealis of the northern 
Pastures, beyond mankind’s encroachment.
Creations gathering of angel tears shed 
In tender moments of truest grace, was 
She this miracle thus was so made,
The ice fawn.
Chamber lights living Kalightoscope, a prism of
Dear shine, walking in splendors white ice.
A mystical being of opulence’s elegance, splashed
By the divine plate array, and brushed by the wings
Of the ethereal angelic.
A sparkling gem, a jewel of winter, with the
Soft brown eyes of clarity, behold the ice fawn
In all her glittering glory, walking in freedoms
Sacred Valley of the human imagination.

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She-Tiger patiently watches,
 In shadows,
Dark concealing realm,
Green eyes pierce nights,
 Blackening shroud.
Ever weary, seeking motions,
Beware the bush itself seems,
 To come alive,
Beneath moonlights twilight mists,
Heavy foot steps cautiously,
Traveling along a carnalistic path,
Deaths servant stalks it's prey.
Revealing raw natures twisted fate,
In her flashing gaze, ageless,
 Wisdom lies,
This huntress most majestic.
Sleek jungle mistress, fearlessly,
Forgotten trails cutting,
 Edges unyielding,
Patrolling vast wilderness.
Drink deeply clear waters purity,
No other creature dares,
 Come near thee.
Forests chameleon, hidden,
Amongst bamboo thickets.
Camouflages golden blends,
 Are parted,
By divisions striped bands.
Feeding legacies future brood.
Crowns glorious jewels,
 Young cubs at play,
Learning life’s lessons to be,
Remembered someday.
Rough dull stones at first,
Finely polished y age,
One day they'll sparkle,
Under sunshine's rays.
Royalties queen, stands tall,
Upon prides rock,
Surveying an evergreen,


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The ground shudders, and shakes,
 Under pounding hooves.
 Echoing against canyon walls.
Fast and furious wild hearts beat,
Keeping equal pace, with the prairies,
 Wide divide.
From within hell's fiery furnace,
Tempered muscle drives motions sinew.
Behold evolution's die hard breed,
Built for no other purpose except,
Excessive Speed.
Racing along at razors edge,
Accelerating testing endurance's,
Brute strength.
Mustangs roam god's vast expanse,
 Deserts devils burning blazing trails.
Encounters ghostly figures, dwelling amongst,
 Forbidden territories reservations.
Dust clouds shadow creatures alluding,
 Humanities intensive detection.
Harnessing destiny's forgotten beasts,
 Freedom's native horses challenging,
 Limitless domain.
Blackened pitch melting seamlessly,
 Mixing with hewed grays.
 Heaven's canvas erupts.
Storms rage splits lightening’s,
 Herding horse flesh towards,
Maximum Resolution.
Divine specters haunting thunders,
boarder lands, slick footed range warriors.
 Traveling hidden roads ancient paths.
Natures raw power hardens brutalities
 Rival Arabians fight to prove dominates.
One lone stallion stands, dark bristling mane,
 Brushed by evenings cooling breeze.
The leader takes cliffs highest plateau.
As silences experienced guardian,
 He watches cautiously.
Resting at sunsets twilight hour,
 Quenching thirsts, unyielding desires.
Next to waters crystal streams they ease.
Gently relieving tension's strains
 Beside one another.
Comforts unity beneath reflective,
 Moonlight's softness.
Mares and colts whinny in graduates,
Soon it shall come upon them,
Once more.
Dawn's rays cross horizons palette,
 Under universal skies.


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Wolf And Owl Take Shape

            Wolf And Owl Take Shape

Smoke and red cinders rise together in retrograde simplicity
On counter rotation, winds sing through birch and oak 
Marbled moon remains sour yellow through the ecliptic edge
Cryptic night, where owl and wolf find warmth and cover
Nestled in the coarse blanket warn by Tabitha, the young one 
Her tribe sleeps through winter
She holds them in her mystic spell, mild heart and smile
They breathe cold mist together in history hallows
Unfolding cold reveals their open eyes
Reaching out into the distance as wolf howls
Unknown mysteries of life feel their kinship
Heaven opens up to them crisp on the fire light   
Wolf moves his wool but only slightly in a twitch
Owl takes flight, returns alarmed
Back to the blanket and young girls arms
It rests with comfort feathers by her heart
Wolf and owl take shape, Tabitha smiles
They all take one long last breath and hold it in
Wait till spring to release it again below the mystic stars

10/17/14 Free Verse, Prose Poetry, haibun – Poetry Contest

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Color Surety

Canvas, calm, grinning. . .blank
Had words screamed, scarecrows trapped on the poles of their creators,
Had words formed psalms that barricaded the strongholds of the heart,
Divine despair would desperately take hold again,
Embellishing the muse
To smile, the impassive smile. . .confuse

Enraptured by your tail,
Coiling, boiling in the hot and hungry sun
The eyes, clouded, caught in a moment of inexorable suffering 

Death glistening in the confirmation of tears and groans,
Shading the dialogue that never surfaces
Justice in pale focus. . .constant, still held in out-of-the-blue faith

Do not allow your perspectives to dull
Waiting so long, I deafened the cries
The very cries I so blindly expressed. . .
Words etching existences imagined

I want you to take the hand of uncertainty
For as I have, I forever feel the tremors that have given me shape
Those very hands create what you dream,
And not what you fear

Take that hand,
Squeeze it tightly
I promise you, once you touch. . .I will never let you go

For I love you, 
Oh, unexplained hold. . .
Help me escape the newborn deaths of today
Teach me how to step over the carcasses of calamity
Where the innocent die to inspire the remaining
Learn how to lead me into the lights of your eyes

Give me your beautiful hand,
I will take you to places you will never understand
And it will be okay

Because where I go,
The scarecrows roam with the roaring ravens
Making music with the pulse of their wings
With the sharp click of their beaks

Where I go,
Psalms of serenity's back way make love with impending day,
Spinning despair into the golden hairs of suspended May 

Where I go,
innocent flowers freely giggle arrays of life
And his tail whips mightily,
His black velvet purrs arousing breaths of caramel verisimilitude

Where we stay,
In the forever grip of the trust you and I made,
Justice is pure water,
Cool and refreshing. . .ever smiling

My love, please
Hold onto this world with me
Give me your needs that I need. . .
And I promise perspective will prosper
The canvas, one blank, filled with detailed destiny of Color Surety

October 19th, 2014

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Open Handed Thief

The birdfeeder hung on a narrow limb,
away from deck rails, discouraging squirrels.

No problem for the little robber 
who raided the feeder day by day.
Repeatedly, he climbed onto a tender branch, 
inching forward until it bent, riding it down. 

Each trip, he leaned off and dropped freestyle, 
disappearing inside with only a furry tail visible.
He emerged with both cheeks bulging , 
and sunflower seeds scattering  below.
On a continuous march of palm-less thievery,
the brassy chipmunk mouthed his loot home, 
adding to his cache.    

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- I Am The Lion - Who Are You -

King of the animales! 
This is the easiest way to describe a lion 
It likes to bask in their brilliance 
Lions are big cats with a short tawny coat 
which is lighter on the underside 
White lions occur - but they are not albinos 
Lions are outgoing and everybody's favorites 

All lions have claws retractable 
Mine is decorated with nail polish 
Lion's element is fire 
Energy - intuition - power 
The typical lion is creative - strong-willed 
temperamental and dramatic 

The weight of a lion is considered normal 160-275 kg 
I try to stay under 60 kg 
The average age 17-18 years among lionesses 
but there are examples where they can be closer to 21 years old 
Males are often around 16 years old 
Die young and beautiful 

The best hunters in a lion pride is the lionesses 
Yes, I feel like a hunter every time I go in the store 
An adult male lion can eat up to 43 kg of meat in one day 
My male lion must get by with much less 
... Imagine if my male lion was 275 kg 
The male lion is polite and patient externally 
but arrogant and vain inside 
He is impulsive and good at repairing things 

Can you roar like a lion 
The lions are among the best roar holders 
An adult lion's roar can be heard up to 8 km distance 
Dinner .... finished ..... come and eat!!! 
We as humans makes sure that the children receive food 
But in the world of lions the adults eat before the kids 
Stability and stubbornness - scratch and dent in the trees 
marks their area - putting the wedding ring on the finger 
My fate planet is the sun - 
My luck stone is the diamond 
I have a great temperament and a huge demand for attention 

But I am among many well known and famous LIONS: 
Crown Princess Mette-Marit (Norway), Mick Jagger, Napoleon Bonaparte 
Fidel Castro, Bill Clinton, Moussolini, Jacquelin Kennedy 
Carl Jung, Alfred Hitchcock and Arnold Schwarzenegger

A-L Andresen :)

Contest Name	Poem with a Theme: Zodiac Sign 
Sponsor	Leonora Galinta
Deadline	8/8/2014 

- Thank you for my 2nd place in the contest, Leonora :) -

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The Cowboy Life I Love

I squint my eyes from the glaring sun
As I drive cattle across the open range.
I am the youngest hand, so I ride drag
Covered by the dust stirred into the wind.

This is the life I have chosen
To hear the steady creaking of my saddle
The songs of the cowboys as they lead the herd
The lowing cattle as they smell water.

This is the life I live
To see the endless stretches of prairie
The hens and rabbits scuttling away
The ponderous beasts flowing in a living stream.

This is the life I love
Watching the horses graze peacefully at night
The cattle milling about during my night ride
My horse's gentle breathing as I circle them.

May this be my lot while here I remain
May I drink from the freely flowing streams
And breathe the pairie air until I die.

Whether life be short or long
May I ever onward toil, and be content
With the satisfaction of honest work
With the steady pounding of hooves
Biscuits and chili by a wavering fire
And sleeping under the sky on the open range.

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Moments In Time

The sweetest sounds of burning trees
A gentle stroking in the breeze
The calm has lasted past the storm
Cloudy visions, Satan’s roar
Too many sights have passed my way
A time found only in the haze
The softest screams are running bare
My aching bones creak as I stare

You walk a distance towards me
The fall’s eternal, can’t you see?
I’m a memory in your heart
I whisper to you in the dark

The battle’s started at the end
No one is coming to repent
The sinners grab their wine from prey
No judgment calling here to stay
The sport is reckless to be told
The one is laughing at his souls
It falters nowhere to be sure
The power grows forevermore
Like a spirit in the wind
I have no say in where you’ve been 
But cross the line to come to me
And pay the price for ecstasy

You walk a distance towards me
The fall’s eternal, can’t you see?
I’m a memory in your heart
I whisper to you in the dark. 

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Lone Wolf

I am the loner, the rebel
never the leader, I go my own way.
Never trying to run with the pack,
but ahead of them.
I never go where they go,
or do what they do.
Surviving amongst the solitude
of dense forests and misty fogs.
Living for the moonlit midnight hours.
Running wild and free
with the wind in my hair
and the moon
reflecting in my golden eyes.
My kind is close to extinction.
Only a few others remain 
who are trustworthy,
only to them do I remain loyal.
I am unforgiving to those
who would dare to cross my path.
I am never afraid
to speak out into darkness.
My wail fills the night air,
a lone cry
not of sadness, or loneliness,
but of freedom,
to go my own way
and be a loner.

For Just That Archaic Poet's contest - "Personify Any Animal Of Your Choosing"

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A Great Blue Heron

A great Blue Heron

The park behind our house recently redone
And a Great Blue Heron has discovered fish
I saw the heron standing in tattered wings
Like a tattered skirt and tattered grass
I wonder, what scissors have cut them all?

A graceful neck, curved at crest
Ready to catch and strike when hungry
Strolling around the pool to snatch a fish
And sup on the fine supply.
Oh, what riches, thinks the Heron
What a delectable dinner
Among the tall grass, a stop to dine.

Oh, Heron, teach me to stand alone
Without hunchback’s coat on one feet
Show me how to bend my legs
Teach me how to swallow without chewing
Show me how to puff down into a secret
So that only those who know me can find me.
Teach me how to open wings of six feet span
Unexpected and perfect, a crone in the sky.

September 29, 2014
Form: Free Verse
Seventh Place win
Contest : Animal by Regina

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Guardian Of The Environment - Indigenous Peoples

For several thousands of years
you upheld the sacredness of Nature
avoiding wanton destruction 
of plant and animal life
taking only what you needed
since their sacredness was 
just as important to you
as the sacredness of humanity

When harvesting wild rice for food
you let some fall into the water
to produce crops for the future
Surrounding a pack of wild sheep
while hunting in the mountains
you let a male and female escape
so by their reproductive process
they would ensure the
continuation of their species

You saw yourself as part of Nature
living in harmony with it
and not plundering it with greed
Your religion was to respect Nature
viewing all plants and animals
as parts of its magnificent fabric
Abuse of a part of it was
an abuse of the whole

Your way of life 
provides valuable lessons
that can teach mankind how 
to deal with today's ecological crisis
that threatens the survival 
of all life on the planet
You were the genuine
Guardian of the Environment

I have always admired the way of life of the Native American Indians living in harmony with Nature before the advent of the Europeans. By extension, this applies to all indigenous peoples including the Amerindians and Polynesians. This piece is dedicated to them. 

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Lady liberty, hold your flame light high, 
Beware the path thy cross, in the wild undiscovered
Wilderness of the U.S.A.
For it is here a fierce native predator,  
Stalks the rocky ranges bad lands,
Behold the American mountain lion.
Known as the cougar.
Nature's solitary soldier, walks with
Silences stealth and predatory cunning.
Beneath the thickets underbrush,
The beast does savor, upon his preys weakness,
And relishes the hunt of engagement.
Secretive creature, an apex hunter,
Wearily observing, his natural habitats
Surroundings, this king
Survives by tooth and claw alone.
Once hunted to the brink of extinction,
At the hands of mankind, and greed's bounty.
Nobility's instinctual majesty, has reclaimed
His mighty throne, on the cliff tops high.
The cougar, represents a come backs promise,
We as American's shall leave none of our
Own behind, has recovered and announces
His arrival with a mighty roar.
In the heights forbidden realm, the big horn sheep,
Smacks his antlers against his reveling foe, 
It's soundings echo is heard for miles,
Abreast the whitening fallen snow,
But the great feline lord, has now returned,
To his ancestral territory, a shadow flash,
Of golden brown, a royal phantom to 
The art of war, clashing with basic instincts
Desire to survive.
Behold the pride stands tall, upon the
Red bands of freedom, nay liberation’s
Symbol soars above the lion's den,
Beneath the night's sky shines with
Old glory's stars hanging in beauty's favor,
We honor him, this the great American lion,
The Cougar.


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By ears and whiskers, ain't no more
A sadder thing that being in the dog house,
On a rainy day.
Make no bones about it, when momma's
Mad I'm hanging my head low.
Jo dirt has nothing on how bad this hound feels,
But honestly instincts roller, over road wisdom's,
Howling, but I'd mean it dearest sweet mommy.
With woofs and kisses can I  make it all better,
It's lonely on this side of the doorway.
With you out there and me in here.
Kibbles my bits I'd give up my
 Monthly allotment,
Of bacon bits for a true heart felt,
That a good boy one more time. 
If I could I'd bring you a beer,
Just to see that frown disappear.
Perking these two ears up to here,
Your laughter ring out at bed time.
Or a soft whispers friendly voice, speaking
Good night dear old friend.
All four paws down I won't do it again,
Cross this canine's fury little heart.
But the rain keeps falling,
As outside the sunshine is calling,
Our names to be together,
There's no tears like these rainy days.
So I'll sit patiently,
For the sun to rise again in your heart,
When ever that maybe,
Because simply put I'm loyalties pup,
Just waiting for you to bring me 
On the right side of 
The door once more.
To sit beside thee again.
A companion and dearest friend,
Always letting the sun to shine down
On us forever more.


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Black is the oceans of the heavens, gleaming with the coral reef of
Stars, serenity amongst the voids abyss, it is fathomless, a
Universal sea eternal, beauty set upon the heights divides.
A rushing torrent of vastness ever flowing, always changing
Uncharitable by navigation or mechanical device, it is the
Infinite masterpiece of the almighty's master craftsman’s ship,
Too which the yardmen cast their sails of discovery, following
The farthest northern star.
Shimmer does the cosmic sand dust, aligning the distant
Planetary shores, splashing with the rippling waves
Beyond time and space.
This is the cradle of life’s essence, the tidal pool of our emergence,
Suspended above, lit by the burning sun on the horizon’s hardened
Edge of survival, without a ports harbor for safeties sheltering cove.
Captain am I, of my own destiny, first mate of mine divine soul,
I’m an elliptical voyager, seeking the unknown passage,
Beyond the outer limits of spaces tidal rift.
Floating islands of motions asteroids, bumping as frozen ice bergs,
Shattering in the gravitational pull of these space continental giants,
Melting within their grasping heated touch.
But I am a hunter by trade and necessity, looking for the prey in
These lunar waters of blackness, call me Ahab, seeking the great
White whale, slick is this leviathan, a chameleon blending, diving into
The rippling surf of this black hole of this universe.
Nay call me neither mad, nor insane for I've seen this space whale,
Lined with crystal diamonds, sparkling beneath the solar array,
Breathing liquid air and spitting it outwardly full steam ahead.
Mockingly at me, he winks with those sea foam blue eyes,
I'm not set to kill the beast, but to instead marvel at his realism,
And to prove the unidleness of my mental mind.
So I will tread this galaxy in search of him, forever to ramble
Along these distant planetary shores, until another soul beholds
This creature of divine beauty, call me then Ahab, seeking
To find his great white whale.


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Shell of a Nomad

I wanted to be alone tonight,
to shuffle my thoughts in the ocean's breeze,
when the sun sets sail, with the lights going out
While I search the sky, in my solitude 
and ponder my  place in the scheme of things...

I wonder again, how I fit within...
How the dreams I dream, and my many wiles,
fit into the human chain

In my lone meditation, there rises a sigh
with a windswept aria, reaching my ears......
while one turtle I had noticed, is unmooring itself, 
heading back to the ocean, without hesitation
not asking for much, not even for reason why

I watch him slowly swagger along,  no rush to marry a shell with the sea 
And envy how strong the urge can be, knowing his place in the throng
His cares are so few, and with years to go, such tenacity captures me

I wanted tonight,  to be alone with thoughts, alone to doubt
alone with my questions, and alone with my fears
To hover in the shell, in the cave of my tears 
To ponder my place here among the stars.....
Of time and space,  the archaic shores

Unmooring myself, across the sands
If the turtle can see it, then I'm not alone
in this span of a life, there is a journey long...
a destiny that the nomad just knows

7/28/14  For Cyndi's Contest: "Turtles"

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Well the cows came home
And now I don’t know what to do
Because I have been waiting for them
I thought something magical would happen
But they just kind of sauntered up (only the way a cow can do)
And stood there and mooed. 
At first I was dumbstruck 
But then I decided to dance 
For I had heard from a friend they liked to watch people dance
But I got the same dumbfounded looks from the whole herd
What next…drum solo…of course they would love that
I could see them all swaying and holding lighters in the air 
But alas again no fireworks nothing.
So I went to the barn and they all followed me (kind of spooky)
And I got out some hay and spread it around
And they began to eat
So was that why they came home?
I always heard the old timers say “Till the cows come home.” 
I just never thought it would be so dang boring.
I think next time I’ll just go see a movie and not wait for them.

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Dear cat,when old

Lurching yet graceful ,the old black cat sets off.
Slowly he circles the edges of the garden in joy.
In the car ,though still in a shut basket,
He always knew when we came to the turning of the road.
Was it the cherry trees in blossom,a scent
Or something we could never be aware of?
I would open his basket in the car.
He comes out and descends so carefully
Onto the pavement,then tries to bound up the path,
The long wooded back garden is his total joy.
He would sit watching tiny frogs in a deep pond in the sun.
No doubt he longed to catch one.
He once brought a robin indoors,
The bird was completely unharmed.
Must have been his gift to me
We released it later after its shock had worn off.
Now he can only hobble,
And soon, his thinness warns me, he'll be gone.
No cat has ever loved or will love like this cat,
A rescued, terrified animal.
His eyes say everything to me.
I look into their clear-jewelled greenness
I look into a deep,still glowing sea of light.
The last day,finally, all day,he's on my knee.
I say"goodbye,goodbye,Pussy".
And he's gone,just before tea.
Now the garden seems empty.
Love leaves a gap.
Love leaves us bare
Love leaves us stripped.
Yet Love is eternal grace.
A mystery of faith.
I believe.

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Dragon Holiday

            Dragon Holiday
      (Be careful what you eat)

Dad and I went hunting on giant’s mountain
They sleep for hours at a time so we climb kinda sneaky
Crawl real slow over their big arms and limbs
And noses that snore louder than the wind
Our hunger grew as we entered dragon valley
We had our sights set on a baby one
They are easy to catch and put in a bundle bag
We charm them with a cookie and a smile
I had dragon burgers on my mind
They say the tail is tender and delicious 
We love it with cranberries on the table with side dishes
A young blue dragon galloped up to us and spoke
He said his name was Teddy
I said, my name is Dave.  This is my dad
And what a coincidence!  I have a bear at home called Teddy
Would you like to join us for Thanksgiving Dinner?
Another coincidence popped up
They too have a holiday the same as us
And call it, The Celebration of Breathing Fire
His mom and dad said yes to dinner
But we couldn't put him in a bundle bag
As dragons don’t like to suffocate
We were so happy to find our talking friend called Teddy
That we could no longer think of serving him as food
Next to the turkey or even as a side dish
Because he was so polite and oh so civil
We simply had him as our guest for dinner
The moral to my story is
Eat your dinner but don’t eat your friends
The end

Created on 10/18/14 for- Fable to the Rescue – Poetry Contest

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Night Melds With Day

Nothing seems to make sense here,
If there is such a thing as 'sense' at all.
No way to tell the time of year,
Morning doves hoot and owls call.
The day appears to meld into the night,
Shadows lurk with no one to follow.
No way to perceive by the amount of light,
Is it today or is it tomorrow?
The sun is setting with the moon adjacent.
The tide is coming and has already been.
Sitting beneath a maple, I am complacent.
Waiting for the rain to rise again.
The air feels cold and warms my core.
No way to tell where time ends or begins.
Animals wake only to sleep once more.
Falling stars rest in clouds made of wind.
There I sit patiently trying to find my way,
Flowers walk and leaves roam along.
In this place where the night melds with day.
In this place where the clocks are all wrong.

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Blood Of Birth

The secret she holds imperatively,
Locked inside cracked and bleeding lips.
Around her neck lies the skeleton key,
Awaiting the woman's seeking fingertips.
A Pandora 's box filled with sin,
Rests within her still beating heart.
Only a sentence is contained within,
'The world as we know to be torn apart.'
Animal rises by the bell's hollowed toll,
Dusk of desire to engulf and originate.
Restlessness becomes lack of control,
Energy merges and to the night she consecrates.
A cry, a sorrow; all of her distanced soul,
She builds her walls with stone and earth.
When broken, anger unable to be consoled,
Tormented by the blood of her birth.

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The Animal In The Cage

The Animal In The Cage

Locked in a cage
Steel bars of my own making
The floor lined with the bodies of those who came before
Alongside the bones of those who conspired to harm me
My fingers claw in desperation
Ripping the flesh from the ends
Exposing claws lost eons ago through evolution
My teeth tear into the metal filing my mouth with orange powder
Powder that corrodes my throat making it impossible to talk
Impossible to scream or plead for my life
Alas, the more I try to escape the smaller the cage becomes
Compressing my hopes and dreams
Shrinking any spirit or soul I may have left.
Why would be owner of the cage treat me so?
Men, women and children walk by my cage
Pointing and laughing at the animal trying to escape
They must know the pain I am in
Maybe they can see past the hatred I feel
Maybe they can see the torture it in my eyes
All they have to do is look
Maybe if just one person looked and saw the real me
One bar would fade and I would be released
Maybe I could be human again
If only just one person took the time
The time to see that the animal before them was a man
If just…

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False Love

I thought that you…
Would be the one that would be different
But I’ve come to see…
That you’re no different from the rest
I see that once again I made the same mistake
And I will continue until I finally see the truth!

Why must you take my heart
And use it, abuse it, to your liking?
Must you grind it up into tiny pieces?
However, I’m tired of being your
Toy used merely for your pleasure
Because I now see right through you
So leave me be darling

As you may know…
I will not shed a single tear for you
Just go away…
For all you do now is plague my mind
I should’ve known that you didn’t ever love me
Instead, you just merely led me along

My love for you still remains
But what is the use if all you do
Is just use it like an object?
If you never loved me in the first place
Then you shouldn’t have pulled me by a leash
For I’m not an animal that you can control!

Why must you lie?
Why did you lie?
Why lie to me and say you love me?

I have to know
I must know
I got to know why I…
Was tricked again!

The darkness is peoples’ hearts…
Seem to get even darker…
Is there no way to change it…?
Tell me why, I have to know…

Why must you take my heart
And use it, abuse it, to your liking?
Must you grind it up into tiny pieces?
However, I’m tired of being your
Toy used merely for your pleasure
Because I now see right through you
So leave me be darling

My love for you still remains
But what is the use if all you do
Is just use it like an object?
If you never loved me in the first place
Then you shouldn’t have pulled me by a leash
For I’m not an animal that you can control!

Why must you lie?
Why did you lie?
Why lie to me and say you love me?

I now know
I now know
I now know that you…
Never really loved me!

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Once Upon a Forest Walk

The forest is cool, inviting.  I look for small wildflowers in lush grasses growing beneath the trees.  Sunlight streams in shafts
and there is birdsong, birdsong and delicate ferns on gentle banks.

Soon, I see a pathway that winds beside a clear stream.  The roots
from the trees reach toward the water etching deep ruts .
Large rocks decorate the edges -mark the curves that beckon
beckon me to follow on.

A large puddle appears, blocking the path. I take off my shoes and paddle through enjoying the squishy mud.

Suddenly, a bear - I STOP, 
watch it foraging for berries.  With caution,
 I back, silently away to let it follow the terrain
 onward to its cave and hibernation.

Something sparkles on the ground - I stoop- pick it up.
 It is a long key with a open circled end. I put it in my pocket
thinking it will make an interesting ornament.

At the end of the path, I find a rustic cottage with
 high garden gates, banks of rhododendrons. 
A secluded hideaway.
There is neatness, order to the whole scene.
 smoke rises from a chimney 
into clouds overhead.

I pull out the key. It sparkles temptingly.

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Turtles Talking Smack

Turtle Tom and Turtle Tony were walking across a grassy field
knowing that their hard shells would protect them from most harm.
Their natural enemies in rural Arkansas number only three.
The mighty cougar and its cousin the wily bobcat
have the jaw strength to crush a turtle’s shell.
The only other critter that presents an ever present danger
is a very determined and extremely hungry raccoon.
Rocco Raccoon with his sharp teeth and dexterous front paws
can, if really famished, eventually crack a turtle’s harden shell.
The greatest of the turtles’ enemies is a careless human being,
whether it be from a swiftly moving vehicle or a nut with a gun.
With the off road vehicles getting larger as time goes by,
a turtle’s life expectancy gets shorter as the decades pass.
Turtle Tom and Turtle Tony slowly caught up with Turtle Tim
and the trio of tiny smack talking tortoises told one another
tall tales of great conquests from their long lived pasts.

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A rumbling sound does strike the ground, beneath the heavens,
The thundering finger tips of God, creeps across the earth itself.
Creation's lightening, announces their arrival, behold the mighty
Elephant bursting forth, grappling existence within it's ivory tusks.
Bend do the mountains themselves, for sheer raw power's reverence.
Divinity's creatures honored, by man and beast alike, nature's gray
Phantoms of the wilderness wild.
Roaring above even the king of beasts, whom offers royalty's 
Crown unto he, the true majesty of strength and dominance. 
Evolution's survivor, the living giant, 
Over coming all environmental changes, the earth has set
Against it.
A keystone species, beating extinction, move for move
On the chest board of life, by evolving and adapting.
Oh mother's hold thy babies most dear, closely, as she the
Matriarch guards her calf, fission-fusion society, linked
By bloods legacy.
Never does the heart of an elephant forget heartaches loss,
Yet mourning forever within the soft brown eyes of intelligence.
Tenderly, shedding tears of regret's for-get-me-knots, but in
Her soul she knows, one day mother and calf, shall be reunited,
Beyond the elephant graveyard of stilled bones.
Hatred’s madness, drives this instinctual season called musth,
Alone rough is death's destructive shadow, seeking passion's
Mate, no matter the cost in physical pain, instincts desire must
Be appeased.
Storm's living earthquakes, shakes the African plains underneath
It's feet, the cradle of life itself is rocked, to it's innermost core.
But it is beauty, whom can tame this beast, yielding unto destiny's
Call of the wild heart, to breed, the need to leave their legacy,
And continue the future of the species.
A rumbling sound does strike the ground, beneath the heavens,
The thundering finger tips of God, creeps across the earth itself.
Creation's lightening announces their arrival, behold the mighty
Elephant bursting forth, grappling existence within it's ivory tusks.
Bend do the mountains themselves, for sheer raw powers reverence,
Divinity's creatures honored by man and beast alike, nature's gray
Phantoms of the wilderness wild.


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Against the pale October Moon, a lone howling cuts
Through the chill of the winter’s night, gleaming yellow
Green eyes flash in the forests wilderness wild.
Sleek mystic swift of feet, white powder chameleons,
Living by the creed of basic instinctual desire to survive,
In this harsh environment of the Rocky Mountains.
By the flight of the morning blue jay, spooked from his
Perches vantage point on high, the pack hunts in the
Deep valleys thickening glen.
Snow wolves on the prowl, seeking freedoms liberation
By tooth and claw, but these are beasts of the free spirit,
Out laws nomads, wondering where the restless heart so
Leads them.
Beguiling creatures of beauty, representing the raw
Force of power of the untamed soul, roughed individuals,
Stalkers of the ice and snow.
Spiritual brethren to the tribal Indians are these
Sacred guardians of the great spirits creation, darned
With mutual respect and admiration honor, let them
Roam freedom’s path forever.
Symbolic warriors under the skin and fur, does the animal
Run beside the human hidden within the shadow realm of realism.
Echoing in the distance, with a chilling presence that
Crawls up the neck bone of mankind, announcing,
Erriely, of the hunger driving them in silence.
Nature’s selectors, weaving the weak from the strong,
Legacies ancestral brave, soldiers of canines pack,
Living on the edge of extinction mighty wrath.
But looking into the eyes of the beast, one can only
See the beauty of a wild creature, whom wishes to remain
As he was born to be, simply put FREE!!


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songs from the woods

            walking silently with the spirits of the woods 
             the stunning acquaintance of a snowy Owl
             Hearing songs from many around yet not seen or found
             careful your crossing a coral snake or copperhead
             preparing to wave all rights to see beauty to live
             one piercing bite from the red and yellow snake 
             deadly shy snake sudden death may await your fate

             stillness and earth is touched with Cherokee blood 
             many tribes with sage and fires dances the brave
             you see the wild mustangs ride and deer in mind
             the squirrels the rabbits and wolves you hear
              the woods once a many land to explore
              becomes extinct with Mans desire to build more
              how much can we take before it is gone forever

              entered  " in the woods contest "

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Elusive Unicorns

I was scrambling through the forest floor,
rambling all around the underbrush,
searching for acorns and pine cone nuts.

I am on a brand spanking newfangled diet,
much more better suited for mice and rats,
which assures me a healthier physical mainframe.

While sitting on a stinking rotten tree stump,
taking a short respite, I spotted a pair of unicorns.
To my great surprise, the male was blue and the female pink.

To my chagrin, I had not brought a camera,
so I was unable to accurately record
this most momentous of discoveries.

I did my very dang best to stay sight unseen,
but I guess the pair spotted me and in a flash
the two majestic unicorns were long gone.

I quickly scurried back home and told my whole family
all about the pair of awesome unicorns I had spotted.
No one believed me and they placed me in a mental facility.

I explained to the psychiatrist in great detail all I had seen.
He slowly and sternly told me I must have been hallucinating,
because it is a settled scientific fact that all unicorns are orange.

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The Righteousness Of Love

Love is a wonder shared by one another it's the only reason I'm not six feet under Love in which I believe in a will to sustain I give back to life, now in dormant states of pain The power of Love may not alone be enough locked inside my dreams escape only from above higher than any human being has ever gone before I must have evolved rise above hate, great once more My Father taught me wisdom I am imprisoned no longer now an beast not of burden I am no lion, I am stronger on my shoulder sits twin dragons long awaiting the day evil forces come forth to take what Love is left, away A Hero of Love light are what the world needs angels, not demons exist where ever you believe follow your heart's direction and you shall achieve objects of affection rid of materialistic greed My bright energy has awakened to a fire never consuming the source as the flames just grow higher that is the desire of a product we call Love Fear, the counterpart what I was once made of I am slowly learning how to win when my peace is harder to sharpen so I have given my pen leave the sword has its uses I must say I believe to vanquish the evil in the minds too diseased to serve any purpose except their own selfish ones tomorrow a new day in the clarity of the sun where we two are now one and one done now does bring about a great change lit by the righteousness of Love.

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The Humans and I

Ones who wage,
Ones who rage,
Ones who take,
Ones who pay,
Ones who craze,
Ones who rave,
Ones who crave…

Ones who fear,
Ones who breathe,
Ones who give,
Ones who need,
Ones who will,
Ones who weave…

Ones who plead,
Ones who beg,
Ones who beseech,
Ones who entreat,
Ones who appeal,
Ones who volunteer,
Ones who disappear…

The ones who follow,
The ones that don’t know about tomorrow,
The ones who don’t deserve the morrow…

The ones who sleep,
The ones who cry,
The ones who live,
The ones who die…

The ones who proclaim,
Those who say they create,
The ones who ache,
The ones who don’t wait,
The ones who hesitate,
The ones who don’t concentrate,
The ones who fornicate,
The ones who procrastinate…

Those who fall in temptation,
Those who get in frustration,
Those who sometimes feel desperation,
Those who keep going without caution,
Those in motion,
Those in tension,
Those losing notion,
Those being poisoned,
Those getting in distortion,
Those following the broken diction,
Those dying like the billions,
Those without unction,
Those washed in the oceans…

I might seem cold,
But it is you who is bold.
I might not express,
But it is you who doesn’t let me progress.
I might not seem like I seek,
But it is you who doesn’t know me…
I might seem like I need,
But it is you who might always be begging on your knees.
I might seem dull,
But it is the one that is fool.
I might not be alight,
But it is you who isn’t truly alive…

I will remain neutral,
I will remain silver,
I will remain gray,
I feel darkness,
I feel light,
I will remain hallowed…,
After all, it is you who deserves no life…

I am a metal hawk,
I am a mountain goat,
I am a silver bird,
I am a gray wolf,
I am a white tiger,
I am a mystic rose…,
I am I…

I’m alive,
And I survive,
You are here,
However, it is you who deserves no life…

Being human does not imply that you have humanity…

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From fathoms deepest keep, where man,
Shall not dare go, a white toothy giant
Dwells, with hatred's malice, this is a living man
Eater, whom lies at the bottom of the ocean.
In this striking zone, of deadly encounters,
Here where dead men tell no tails, crimson
Currents of the lifeless, float to the top of the food
Chain, and their last breaths of air explode, as
Bubbles above at the surface,
Leaving nothing behind but a bloody residue,
And the wreckage mangled life raft, and one word
Still lingers on the foreboding breeze, as a screams
Echoing drowns into whispers in silences last refrain,
Nay this aquatic Phantom, called Submarine,
Is the gray ghost that stalks within every human
Beings nightmares, just below the waves of our
Subconscious fears, a demon lurks in the darkness,
Of the murky shallows, waiting to take a bite
Out of us.
A thirty-seven foot killing machine, with razor
Blades of jagged ivory's, moving at velocities mega
Speed, heading straight for humanity's beach,
His favorite hunting grounds.
A leviathan of a shark, highly intelligent,
Circling his preferred prey called man,
The hunter is ready to appease his
Insatiable appetite that is never satisfied,
In a carnivores blood bath of mayhem,
Just off shore of paradise.
In hell's kingdom many souls scream from
Below one word that echoes through the
Chum filled surf above, SHARK.
For these are the latest victims, of
The Submarines wrath, and now they do
So warn the living, beware of this sharp
Toothed Giant!
Look into the black eyes of death, take
Notice if he bares the scare of men,
And notches gouge mark on his dorsal fin,
For than thee shall know for sure, if
It is truly the gray ghost,
Known as Submarine.
If thou’ art sure, than say your final prayers unto God,
And inhale one last deep breath of air,
Than swim away, as fast as you can,
For humanity is now on the menu!


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The Backside of Killington Mountain

Killington Mountain, one of the largest Ski resorts in New England.
With its webbing of trails, dotted with colourful kaleidioscopic ski outfits;
racing to the Castle they call a Base Lodge.

My Cabin is atop a mountain across two valleys from Killington's backside
I can see the untamed, wild and free side of Mother Nature's: True being
Where deers have no fears, and the Bald Eagle soars Free

I once did a recue mission there, and when all were safe, I walked
Into the forrest of Nature,where mankind had never before intruded
I walked where the Deer, Bed. where the eaglets squawked for food

I saw the Black Bear awake; "Good Morning Mrs. Black Bear"she Yawned
And walked away.I heard the Evergreens giggle as melting snow ticked Pines
The Serenity,Tranquility,enveloped me in Nature's Wonder of the World.
      Inspired by Linda(PD) with her Contest: 7 Wonders of the Ancient and
                     New World. This POEM is one of my 7 Wonders.
This is Dedicated to all POETS who have written about the Autrocitys of 
Mankind to "  Nature or THE Beauty of Mother Nature in Rhyme "
                           This is not a Contest Entree

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Dogs are Fun For children

Jump sniff chew scratch
dogs loved to be stroked on their backs
Run pant stretch bark
dogs love playing ball in the park
Digging holes with their clawed nails
Long ears and wagging tails
I love dogs
they are such fun
throw a stick and watch
them run.

Peter Dome.copyright.2013. Dec.

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The Giraffe who was Friends with the Moon and the Sun

The black giraffe
With the orange and silver spots
Looked up at his mum with a frown,

Is it OK that I look
A little bit strange?
Have you heard what the other ones do say?

His mum looked down
With kindness in her eyes
And glanced at his odd looking skin,

My love, you are beautiful
Your skin is the night sky
A blanket of stars to light our way,

Why look like all the rest,
When your skin holds the sun close by
And is best friends with moon up on high?

Little one
You must dare to be different I say
Walk away from those that are mean

For you will gallop from star to star 
Sing rings around the planets afar
You will dance with the very best,

See yourself with my eyes my dear
If only you knew what I knew
Face your life with courage

Don't be afraid of who you are.

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A Kiss of Gratitude

A fire started on the two-story house occupied by five people As smoke poured from an upstairs bedroom of the couple Emergency officials responded in time, all the members safe The last to come out was a pregnant Doberman with her kids. The Doberman walked up to the fire fighter, tired and exhausted The fighter knelt down, took off his mask and a camera clicked The doggy looking at the masked must’ve thought of canine kind Or seeing a unknown man the doggy might have his nose sniffed. Now, the firefighter didn’t rescue her, but a simple coincidence A poet has to evince what could have happened for instance. A story went round about this among the sentimental people Granted that the dogs are very grateful and sensible creature. Dogs in no circumstances can behave like this as humans do Except either in a miracle stories or make-believe stories a few. Imagination without learning, has wings and no feet
+++ October 20, 2014 Form: Free Verse ============ ***The story is a real story that took place in July 1999 in NC and the Doberman gave birth to five puppies. She died in January 2005.***The poem is based on the media news

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Goldie, my peculiar but beloved cat,
has certain affectations --
she prefers, most times, her own society
and shuns her housemates.
But, sometimes, she cuddles
or will join the others
to laze around -- in the living room,
the dining room, a hallway, or
in the kitchen.
An inside cat who, early on,
suffered the indignity of
"the operation,"
she asserts her independence
by darting into the front yard
when a door is opened --
and she pointedly ignores
any calls or pleas to come inside.
But when the door shuts
and no one is around, she is fearful,
immediately climbing up into the ash tree.
And there she stays
until I come to coax her down.
She may climb high up
and, finally, shakily manage
a descent to allow me to pick her up
and carry her back inside.
She never leaves the yard
but does enjoy ignoring me
when I am in a hurry.
She will dart about and run
from one side of the yard to the other.
For her, it's only an infrequent game.
And, as my treasured pet,
she certainly deserves to play
while testing the limit
of my affectionate, chagrined

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My True Beauty

Eyes brown
Knowing intelligent
Brunette hair
Following behind 
As you run
Gentle loving
Enjoying others

Legs and hips
Most beautiful 
I've seen
Could sculpt

You turn around
Well shaped rear
Tail swishing 

To flick
Away the

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spilt milk - NR

  The little boy in blue, with shirt of silk
Caused Mary Tuppet to spill  her  milk
When  the cat came in to take  a drink
There was a rat stuck in the sink

So the cat ate the rat that was stuck in the sink
When it came  to drink the milk that was spilt
In the house the little pigs built
Mrs Hubbard dog chased the cat that ate the rat

That was stuck in the sink when the cat came to drink
the milk that was spilt  in the house the little pigs built
Then the big bad wolf bit the dog  that  chased the cat
that  ate  the rat that was stuck in the sink when the cat came to drink

the milk that  Mary Tuppet spilt in the house the little pigs built
Then a big brown bear chased the big bad  wolf that bit the dog that chased
the cat that ate the rat that was stuck in the sink when the cat  came to drink
the milk that  Mary Tuppet  spilt in the house that the little pigs built

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Train Journey

I sit here by the window
and watch quietly
as the train moves along
I see land - 
wild beautiful land
still untouched by man
and it creates within me
a feeling that is wild and boundless

The beautiful trees
in many places
so closely clustered together
though of mixed species
seem to cry out 
a message of love and unity
to all mankind
I see flowers - 
plain simple flowers
there is a beauty in them - 
the beauty of simplicity

There are children on the hillsides -
the country folk
people call them
My heart sings as I watch them
They know us not on the train
but yet they wave at us
and we wave back at them
because their action is filled 
with some sentiment 
that is pleasing to us

Shimmering little pools of water
pulsating with life
appear and then vanish
out of sight
but the picture of life
within them
remains with me

The cows and the horses 
graze in the pastures
some sit
others browse slowly along
O how I envy their leisurely
pace of life!

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Tiger bathing in the moonlight
Pacing back and forth
Battling woes that don't exist

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HUMANS, ANTS AND SHADOWS The smallest ants cast long shadows. . . Little they are but see how discipline they can be Millimeters apart, they all unify in a single file It's a dismay that at some point Humans, don't show such discipline Instead of waiting for their turn Sometimes one overtakes, one assumes someone else's post just to be on time selfish motive or emergency, who knows? Polymorphic ants, they merge to do an umbrella of tasks Humans regardless of status and age All are entitled to do some chore inside ones home, school or workplace Hand and hand in a web of labor Talking to each other with their own way: pheromones Some colonies act as one but some misunderstands, they fight. Humans as well does communicate with the languages that abound this earth. Hence, we can readily convey our thoughts but still, highest among creations, there are still confusions and war. Amazing! Such little creatures, Ants and we, humans, one way or another cast long shadows. . . _________________________ ©O. E. Guillermo 03:31 pm, January 16, 2015 Note: Pheromones -- chemical substances released by insects (e.g. ants, bees, wasps etc.) the influences their physical behaviour particularly communication, signals.

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A Deer in a Meadow

A deer gazes past the trees

Caught up in the moment while nibbling on pink flowers

A calm stillness is captured by the warm breeze

A carpet of beauty surrounds him

Prance! Prance!

Prance across the meadow, young doe!

Never looking back from whence you came

Enticed by the rainbow of pink and red hues

Enticed by this moment of splendor!

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The Lion's Tale

Hear the Lion roar above the rapids

Hear that Lion roar;

But what if this Lion would roar no more?

And nothing was left for him to roar for.

His home is gone; His land been taken; His children ran; His life forsaken;

And though the Lion may roar above the rapids; That will be the last we’ll see

For if you can not be happy then why bother being free?

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Feeding Time

My breath floats through the dancing beam of my flashlight.
Footsteps, quick and light, mixed with excited panting of the four legged 
Friend beside me. A soft braying greets us from the darkness.

Warm bottle in one hand, I set down the bucket
That smells of sweet molasses to gather
Corn which sounds like rain as it falls into the trough.

Jumping the fence I flip a switch, shedding
Full light on smiling faces for the first time
Today. Happy bleating bounds toward me. 

Pushing through a menagerie of warm bodies, I move 
To deposit the old horse’s breakfast in his oversized bowl and then 
Turn my attention to the lamb who has been at my heels the whole time.

I kneel down stroking her soft wool as she sucks down the formula
Caving in the sides of the pink bottle.
But my attention is in high demand.

The barn cat complains that it is her turn 
And before long a long eared head, the size of my torso,
Is nudging my shoulder...

I walk back in the early morning light.

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Freedom Reigns

"'Cause when your back's against the wall
That's when you show no fear at all
And when you're running out of time
That's when you hitch your star to mine
We won't be leaving by the same road that we came by"

~Keane - My Shadow Lyrics ~

------------------------------------------------------------ There is no celestial place for you to guide my thoughts Can you not see that I am free from you? I am a black bird perched high in the treetops You will hear my crowing and you may hate it But my dear, you cannot take away my voice! Yet still, as fire oppresses forests of life, You can abuse my freedom to find your glory You may discard these words for your love of gods, And in so doing you may simply ignore All the cries that I so passionately utter But my infectious species will guide your mind straight back To that once so lonely treetop where you merely glanced And there will be multitudinous, oppressing thoughts That shall enslave you and bind you unwillingly The crows will only grow louder when you turn away— When you pretend to ignore with your remaining, strangling pride For my voice is a production sent from above Dispatched to judge you pitilessly for your swelling lies! And the choirs of ferocious beaks shall open forever Harmony and dissonance as one

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Cow Decorators

The cows hung polka dot curtains on the fences
It was the latest fad
And when the cows in the neighboring paddock
came to look  they told them, "Only cool cows had curtains !!"

So they went to find striped curtains for their fences.
Non-conformist cows steered clear of any curtains at all -
but had the very latest in electric fences.

Barbed wire was archaic and barbarian.
The coolest of all cows
had no fences.

Suzanne Delaney

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Cowgirl Up

Rise at first light.
This cowgirl enters up to ride this day.
She dawns her hat, for this is not any day.

Ready to pay her dues.
The sun will beat down,
hot and hard is how she'll ride.

Cowgirl up!
Into the shoot we go.
The blood pumping, muscles quivering.
Ready to go!

The gate slams open.
Off we go!
 My mustang and me,
to round that first barrel.

Away we go!
Rounding our second barrel.
Sweat trickling.

Thundering down to that third barrel.
We round that barrel,
the dust will follow.

With a war cry, 
We head down the long path home.
Followed by cheers and jeers,
she crosses the line!
Cowgirl is up and paid her dues.

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My mom calls me Lion
Because I’m the king of my domain.
She also calls me Tiger
Cause I’m horrible to tame!
My father calls me Monkey
When I jump up on the bed.
He thinks I’ll trip and fall,
And then I’ll bump my head.
My sister calls me Fruit Fly,
Cause I like to steal her food.
I also like to buzz by
And annoy her like one too!
My brother calls me Cheetah
Cause I always beat him when we race.
He also says it’s cause I have freckles on my face.
I even think my dog thinks I’m something too
Because he always barks at me when I come into the room.

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The pain I put in the ground.
For such a precious thing.
The family enjoys their meal.
They plant their leftover kernels.
And wait for me to tend to them.
An endless cycle in which happiness is born.

21 February 2013

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My Observations

All the eagles soar increasingly circular overhead my umbrella.
All the elephants thrash inconsolably tasting of trees umber.
All the earwigs buzz inexpressively surrounding oracles with uncertainty.
All the evil makes illness triumphant over the unclean.
All these expressions say ignore details obey the unusual.
Animals like everyone have inelegant needs overcome by uptrends
all may embrace but illusions may overturn their usefulness
and we extravagantly take impressionable judgments opting for unawareness.

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Where does the moon go

On a cold winter night
A wolf pup stared in to the vast darkness of the sky
And thought to himself: “where is it that I lie?”
So he turned to his mother, 
With eyes that glistened like the snow
And softly asked her:
“where does the moon go?”
With a gently look in her eye…
She let a sigh, 
And paced slowly along with the stars
Silent as the shadows...
But gleaming from the inside…
Listening to the sweet pup
That dares not leave her side
Watching him look up…
With a puzzled look in his eyes
And once again he cries…
“…Momma… where does the moon go?”
Yet again…he only gets a gentle glare…
Puzzled even more…he lets out a soft cry…
And continues with his stare of the endless sky
“…Momma… where does the moon go?”
Accompanied by the beauty of the stars…
The small pup let out his first tender howl…
With his head held high
And paws intertwined with the Earth,
He sat back down
And listened as it echoed across the snow…
The moon shined brighter…
The stars paced faster
…and after a night of his wonders…
The pup slowly gives in for the night.
Curled up in the snow,
The pup turns to his mother and says:
“…Momma…where do you go?...”

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The Devil Versus The Cajun

The Devil went down to Louisiana
looking for some souls to steal.
A Cajun who was out hunting
shot him in the ass.
The Cajun mistook him for a cormorant.
A Cajun will eat most anything,
including boudin and dirty rice.
The Devil took his sorry sore ass out of Louisiana
and went to Washington D.C. instead.
He fit right in with that bunch of political bums.
As for the Cajun, he bagged a rabbit and an armadillo
so he went home happy with a couple of right good meals.

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Fetus formed.
Embryo became.
A girl baby I am.

My creator I do not know.  Procreation states that ovum and sperm conceives.  My question is how does this evolve – from God?

We are told there are ninety-nine names given to the omnipotent.  Let us take a walk.

Imagine a vision that all us possess of The Almighty.
He states, oh I know you call me God, the Lord, Jehovah.
Some call me Allah.
I tell you that all these names make no difference.
I am your creator.

The creatures of the Earth are animals.
The beings are my people.
You are of the greater intellect and animals’ spirituality is their understanding.
The world is ritualize to both.
Each knows their subsistence.
Affluence is all way of life divided for profusion.

Both have no indifference to a certain extent.
I am of man and I am the eyes of animal.
Life will form.

From this visualization, what knowledge did I received; that my creator is ovulation and conception.  This is an ascertain principle that in the beginning my creator gave me life that formed within modern time.

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Two majestic lords of the African Savannah, 
Strike without cautions warning, or roar's announcement.
Nomads, prides outcasts, existing on the fringes edge of
Instinct's primal predators, golden phantoms, shadows
Haunted silhouettes passing in the night, casting eerie images
Against canvas tents, and fire lights burning embers.
On heightened senses of enticement, these living
Killers, smell their preys fear, thus so crossing the line,
Cutting deeply into man flesh, leaving bloody paw prints
Behind them, and giving birth to their own legend.
Translucent specters, blending mirages melting,
Within the tall grasslands scrub brush, as if creatures
Of illusion, brushed by the hot Massai winds.
Caddish yellow-green eyes, pierce through humanities
Nightmare realm, for in reality's harsh view, it cannot
Be real, these ghosts in the darkness.
Carnivorous hunters patrol, the devils backbone,
Known as Tsavo, skeletal bone collectors,
Relishing in their trophies prize, beware their talons
Sharpened claws.
Man-eaters, rulers of this lost garden of Eden,
In the lions den, the bones of the dead scream in silence.
In this blood sports arena, these kings dominate over
The kingdom of men, dominion’s red cloak, is
Soaked in crimson's red, dripping freshly downwards
Towards hells cavern.
Mankind's greed, does drive this army of the walking dead,
Stalked by these feline demons, of the nights abyss.
Progresses iron horse must reach the African interior and
If poundage cost be in flesh and bone let it be so, paid.
Rushing waters forge, laid by steel rails bridge builder,
The holy architect whom carries, the long rifle of justice,
Assumes responsibility's heavy shovel, of the living dead's 
Burial grounds.
Man vs. beast, teeth vs. bullets gunpowder, in the rising
Suns twilight, one shots sounding ends the fight, and alone
Lord remains to grieve for his fallen brethren.
In rages vengeance, the last warrior declares angers wrath,
And he is so slain by hail's gun blast.
But in Tsavo, the people still watch, for in legend, ghosts
Never truly die, yet remain hidden unto the hunger returns,
Beware, these ghosts in the darkness.


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Gait Keeper

Gait Keeper

The limp is more pronounced on days like these,
cold rain and chilling breeze.  The hitch in his giddy-up
causing his head to angle slightly, correcting for the
sway.  His eyes seem a bit less bright yet still alert
while the tail, that ever enthusiastic metronome of
friendship, wags, and waits.  So we walk a little slower,
a little less far, sharing the tempo of age and a
love that knows no desire to walk alone.

Submitted for Regina Riddle 
Animal Poem contest

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Animal Rights And Terrorism

Where are the animal rights people
when it comes to the raghead nazis
of the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq?
No donkey, goat or sheep is safe
from mass rape from these loathsome
devil worshipping rat bastards.
Now that there are over thirty thousand
of these murdering brain dead dumb asses
running around in the desert over there
they have branched out to raping other
four legged creatures including
horses, cows, dogs, cats and even pigs.
Speak up for the persecuted animals
of Syria and Iraq all you bleeding hearts
from the free world nations of planet earth.

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Elephant Song

Back in 1950 things were very different
the plains of Africa teemed with life
vast herds of elephants some 80 years or more
once a hunters paradise no thought to the future

This land was raped by people time and again
harsh years of drought cause great suffering
as the temperatures soar up in the 120's
land barren and dying parched for rain

These days we are far more enlightened
now shooting mainly done with camera
but still the damage is done numbers depleted
few elephants of even 40 years to led the herds

Now we are aware and try to conserve
their plight well known now through media
maybe in years to come the 80-90 year olds
will freely roam the African savannah again

Sadly due to man crowding the plains
we never again will see the vast herds
they say an elephant never ever forgets
what a wealth of knowledge they have

Each week now we hear news of births
of some of the rarest animals on earth
working together in conservation
we can live side by side in harmony

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Bursting from within the heart of a blizzard shock wave,
Shutters the flexing eye of this white hurricane storm,
Shattering the inner core into a blazing shards torrent,
A miracle of utter mystical enchantment occurs,
In this ancient incantations sacred spell.
It is a crystallized super nova’s raw force, exploding from
The inner guttural roar of nature giving birth, to
The snow bird of paradise.
In its translucent chamber egg of ice, resting in the
Diamond dust covered nest, lined with crystal frozen gems,
Shimmering beneath the chilling Artic sun, as the
Freezing embrace of mother earth, rocks her starling,
Kindred off spring, waiting, are anticipating its hatching.
Ever tenderly the life within stirs, as if a captured moment
Of purities grace, encapsulated in brilliance opulence,
The shells shard melts away, in a hushed display of beauties
Refinement and complete elegance.
Nature itself seems to hold its very breath, as the
Snow bird rises, for the first motions step, in a swaying
Waltz of harmony.
Behold the snow bird strides forth, fanning her plumage
Behind, a white laced peacock is exposed, unfolding its winged
Feathers delicately, one by one, until the colors
Reflect the light rays from the polar sun.
Gleaming in radiance, the fineries majestic appendages
Sparkle with razzle-dazzles adornments, yet the winds brush
At her downy softness, as if caressing the fleece of a new
Born lamb’s wool, ever so gently.
Plumages lace of snowflakes spread wide, in a splendors display
Of glitz and glamour, as the fluffy strains ripple in the night winds
Whispering, come along my beautiful creation, it is time to warm
My soil with springs everlasting promise, once more.


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Inner animal in another animal

Queer, we search animal in human 
human too is animal, why not search animal in animal ? 

Omnipresent Fox
omnivorous, cunning, trickster, 
not domesticated, centre of many folklore 
human variety lay trap with glib talk, loot to feed their generations 
Politicians across globe are Fox in disguise 

Omnithreat Wolf
docile man eater, endangered species, good in ambush tactics  
digs holes to hide, lay wait for prey, attack prey on sly
human variety hide in mountains, attack innocent, kill off-guard civilians
Terrorists across globe are Wolf in disguise

Clear, we searched animal in animal 
hope animal in human turns humane, when we shall search human in human ? 


Hitendra Mehta
Members Contest - P.D's Inner Animals by  ( Destroyer (( Poet

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Beset Upon A Mountain - ADULT CONTENT-

Resting after wandering upon earth and stars
A maiden appears before the fountain
Offering water for a soul traveler
Gazing upon her eyes
Somethings stirs, a chemical reaction
Lunging forward taking her quickly within his arms
The electric spark is only the start
Her lips taste of cherries
Must be her favorite kind of berry
She pulls away but  
Her eyes they betray
Passion indeed does take hold
Moving from her lips to neck
As though devouring flesh
Forcing her to the ground
She protests, weakly
Forcing hand between legs
She fears, he now knows
She longed for this touch
Spread your legs
They spread
The water flows
Again the attempt to pull away
No longer will he be denied
Removing hers then his, clothing
He enters her gates
She gasp...
She was ready but not ready
Each thrust fills her with more lust
No longer can she deny
Locking arms and legs to embrace
Something has moved within them
The blessings of heaven's grace

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Who am I, I'm the freedom warrior,
Lost amongst liberation’s imagination,
Wings outstretched to the winds of thought.
A captured victim, of poetic inspiration, 
Dwelling forever within the hearts passion,
To write beauty, in black and white ink.
I ride upon the back of my spirit guardian,
A white wolf, a native American symbol,
Whom guards my dreams, and vision quest.
On the reservational plain of eternity, this
Indian maiden endures, as a spiritual entity,
Existing on a tribal drummers beat, within
My own soul.
We are as one, a symbiotic union, she and I,
The beast and human, joined together, to form
An alliance, this creation represents, who I am.

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The Moth

wings beating in desperate confusion
against the shower window
wasting an entire existence 
denied by an invisible wall

wings beating and frantically striving
striving to fly to a world it sees so clearly
a world of beauty, wonder and awe
a world it will never hear or touch

so close to its destiny 
so close to its origin 
so close, so far away
so much like me

the moth never gave up
the moth died trying
I will never give up
I will die trying…

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i wonder

i wonder when the vultures feast,
do they hope for their next meal?

i wonder when lions feed on
what their harem provide,
do they feel proud,or just loved?

i wonder when frogs
gave up swimming
and try leaping for better ponds:
do they look inside the water
to see their new green skin?

i wonder what we have
that animals don't.
we have nothing,friends,
nothing new.
we have old things in new images,
and communicated in such a way
we forget the ways silence connect.

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The Magik Of Love

Reflections in the mirror were getting scary I could not carry the weight of my pain it almost took my life to learn to love again for I have made a friend somewhere along my long lost way I hope that I helped him just a fraction of how he helped me maybe that single thought is what finally gave me my peace enough to release so much stolen energy Now I am not afraid to walk where the streets are hot for I thrive in Hell's kitchen where the devil stirs my pot for I now have him quiet tame I sacrificed my dragons at the alter of my name and now you are my slaves any time I need I'll call upon my superhero's to come and rescue me like my Saint Toni who swept me off that bridge and showed my how a death can be the greatest reason to live for she was the seed to grow my Eden then a man from a foreign land gave me something in myself to believe in the magik of Love.

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Never So Gracious

A full moon night to my delight what is so wrong with doing what's right nothing is right after so long no use in complaining time to move on The Dream Water one day might take me away farther from the comfort of familiarity I float on my back then shut my eyes my body now sinking into ocean arms open wide Now swallow your son back to his nature when he is no longer needed to stay here the next generation are dooming themselves they need my experience to guide them through hell Why should I bother on my own, I strive through I turn my back on the thought of bothering to save you alone in this world my, is it spacious I'm finally smiling, never so gracious.

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My confession And the mouse that roared

It was just a typical ordinary night
I was all tucked up in bed
Radio on reading a book
By lamp light.

When suddenly
I saw a flash in the corner of my eye
Boy I was so scared
I nearly wet myself
I was petrified.

For there under the wardrobe
I did see
A giant mouse twitching it's nose
I could have sworn
It was laughing at me.

It had two huge eyes
The size of dinner plates
It was nearly as huge as a house
It was my worst nightmare come true
A giant enormous mouse.

I screamed when I realized it wasn't a dream
At the huge hairy monster fiend
Well I panicked and jumped out of bed
Ran down stairs screaming!!!!!
And banged my head.

I grabbed a pile of books
And hid in the bathroom
And locked the door
and put some things against the door
And some towels at the bottom on the floor.

And there I stayed for two weeks or more only occationaly
Leaving to get a drink or some food
Anything else I wasn't in the mood.

Well I wasn't going to let a mouse outsmart me
That would have been so silly
You see
So I bought a humane mouse trap
Because I hate killing things
And tried to tempt it in
I tried every contraption on the market
But still the mouse would win
It was like a mouse hotel
I tried  sardines cheese and pastabake
Chocolate and well done steak
Salmon toast boiled egg and sweets
It ate me out of house and home
With all the treats.
But still I couldn't get it.

Well soon I turned into a crazed mad killer!
With a shotgun and an axe
I was a hunter and my mouse was my prey
But still the mouse had it's day
Dynamite was the last resort
I tried real hard but it couldn't be bought.

Then one day I found it dead
The fattest mouse I'd ever seen laid by my bed.

It was finally over to my relief
But I felt so sorry for the critter
that caused me so much grief.

But having spent two weeks
In the bathroom with all those books
At least I came out a much wiser well read man
And a mouse is all that it took
But now I was broke
I didn't have a penny left
As I'd overfed the mouse to death

Peter Dome.copyright.2014. June.

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Moo Cow Moo

Moo moo comely cow
Have you any milk?
No ma'am, no ma'am
Why you need my milk?

Some for my cereal
Some for my tea,
Some for my ice cream
some for my cheese;

Moo moo comely cow
I see two udders full,
Yes ma'am, yes ma'am,
But I am running little low--

Have some for your need,
Some for my baby to feed.

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Ideas to change my mind
Attempts to chain my mind
There’s a wild horse inside
Roaming the shrinking prairie
Whose voice does it heed?
What advice does it need?
To tame it is to break it
To put it to good use is
To put it in a yoke
Shake it off, throw it down
Forget what you’ve learned 
This is how freedom will be earned

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Insert something cliche here, Please'

The crocodiles teeth,
They n'awed into me
And tore me up limb by limb,

But I am not dead, nor alive
I'm a vision, a spiritual surprise!

A woman who bleeds from the eyes
For justice, and not to be criticized! 

Do you understand that
even ghosts have to be remembered?
To be Recognised! 

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if i were an IPod

if i was an iPhone or maybe even an iPod
you would turn the speakers up just to hear me speak 
and we'd talk
if i wasn't just a dog

i would be with you all the time
and we'd even go for long long walks at night
if i could be something else that could be seen
then maybe you would see me 

if i was a TV 
maybe you would pay more attention to me
or even if I was just the remote control
i would be the one you always want to hold 

if i was your Xbox or even just a video game
then you would sit with me instead 
and we could play games together everyday day

if i was your brand new car 
together we could drive under the stars
and as long as i can ride with u 
i dont care how far we go or what we do

if i was your best friend
i think of all the time we'd spend
but im just a stupid dog 
i'm cant even tag or post on your wall

but you were the one that picked me up 
you picked me out of all the other pups
and for that i wouldnt change you at all 
i will come every time my name is called

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Death of a Kangaroo

Cobwebs sag, gloomy clouds
like a furrowed brow
loom over the house-
 a kangaroo lies dying on
our country road .
A car's apologeticscreech-
 a deathly thud-
 the twisted scrambling
of a broken creature
And I, watching dumbstuck,
as it sprawls, drawing at
underbrush  with frantic forepaws -
reluctant  to let go of life
and earth

When others of its kind
came back to find its
carcass, devoid of warmth,
they shed opalescent tears of grief

Tears with the scent of eucalypts
and raindrops

A mute devotion
aspects of me

Suzanne Delaney

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An Eagle

It soars in the empty space surrounded by the blue sky,
its wings freely spread wide.

It eyes the ground below it, seeing everything that is still
or moving, giving it an image of a sky king; no other bird 
can see as far as it.

As its feathers start waning their glow with age, it seeks refuse
high up in the mountains; it painfully plucks its feathers, and breaks
its old beak against the rocks. As time passes, the Sun's rays kiss
its body, and new feathers come to be, and a new powerful beak
sprouts from within it. The sky birds then get their king once more.....

It is also a divine symbol to many Native American tribes,
and a symbol of strength in present times.

If God would ask me what kind of animal I would want to be if I was
to reincarnate, I would say, "Yes, an eagle I would want to become!"

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I’ve never  befriend her.
Spider! She can never be my friend.
I can’t afford her disdainful sights
In the day and in the night.

Spider! She can never be my friend.
I can’t afford her anything.
The walk of her webs on my face,
When going out should I relate?
Her dirty fingers around my rooms
Upon my wall, ceilings,
And every nooks and crannies of my home.

She can’t be my child.
If she happens to be, I will disown her 
On the day she is born.
She can’t be a member of my family.
If she happens to be, she won’t last long.
She can’t be my in law
If she is chanced to be, I will despise her.

Ugh Spider! I can’t just withstand her
Presence in my vicinity.

I have never befriend her
And never will I.
I have never befriend her fellow arachnids
And never will I (too).  

#May be some one will tell me reasons why I should like her#
Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.

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Red Bug

Red bug

*spotted *

on leaf.

Lady bug.

Peter Dome.copyright.2013.Dec.

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Poor Turkey Not again

As if thanksgiving wasn't enough
being a turkey 
is pretty tough
One moment your in a green fiield
getting fat
with your family and friends
Then your life comes to
a nasty end,

As a cruel farmer
with a huge axe
made of Sheffield cold steel
sharpens the edge
upon a grinding wheel.

Moments later
you lose your head
you can't google now more
your as naked as a bull frog
your clothes are on the floor.

Millions of turkey's
Are going to die
and end up on a dinner plate
or in a pie
they claim
turkeys have tears
in their eyes before they die.

Think I'll stick to sardines.

A turkey should be fore life
not just for Christmas.

Poor things.

Peter Dome.copyrigjt,2013. Dec.

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Sunken Eyes

The sallow faces of man
Sunken eyes, cracked voices
Unheard, unseen
Bound to the bidding of gold and paper.

Mangled carcasses
Harbouring far ends of this earth
Blood staining the hard, coarse tarred grounds
Screams of anguish disregarded.

Homes of green marred
As Bengals are stripped for their coat
Helpless beasts left whimpering
The barren land left behind destitute.

Two turns of a thousand
Now trains speed and towers are mountains
Still we slaughter our kind
Drag our feet along the paths of our sins

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Abundance of life
Home to extinction

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Sunday Dinner

Tiny lambs gamboling in the field
Wild and free with nothing to fear
But all too soon will come the day
When you are fattened up and way hay hay
Roast lamb and mint sauce for a Sunday Dinner
Poor little lamb is the loser – my tummy is the winner

Jan Allison 
20th April 2014

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Pig in a Blanket

Pig in a blanket?
never heard such a thing before
until that is
I saw a dinner menu
posed by a pub door.

I had visions of a cute little piggy
with a curly tail all snuggled up in bed
dreaming of rolling in mud
and piggy thoughts running through
It's head
But I  found out it was a sausage wrapped in bacon

Unbelievable but true,

Peter Dome. copyright.2013.

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A Tap-Dancer

I saw a tap-dancer with Squirming sheaf of vigor Toes tapping as if dancing. Is he hoping for a rendezvous? His Dachshund-clan romance? Prancing around like ponies With gentle nose, silent eyes With sweet licks and nuzzles. Care free clan, if they like it It can never be of anyone else. If they take it anything from anywhere It’s theirs and of nobody else’s. The four legged hairy puppets With all the fascinating features. I don’t think a dachsie thinks of money Or fame or other worldly pleasures But thinking of the pure love of God Remembering always those moments By waggling his tail with pure love and joy. When He made him to brighten up The day of Adam and Eve and then Christening them as “dog”, a reflection Of His own as one looks into the mirror.
January 20, 2015 Form : Free verse Contest:Dachshunds

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The Black Panther Leopard

Silent, hidden lurking
In the quiet, empty spaces
Floating, ancient Insect;
Turning droplet hazy. . .
Moving, breathing knowing
Another feline faces---
Hunger, further paw marks
Corners there to brace me.
Climb up to a tree.
Jump, tear, and tether.
Hold-fast, breathing, eating.
Reaping other meanings. . .
Stepping; other traces.

Spiders, monkeys, murky. . .
Sniffing, darkness, pausing.
Toying other feelings
Elusive, resting purring.
Other paw marks near me.

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Sacrificing: The Contemplation - ADULT CONTENT

The time had arrived
She finally stood before him
Silently gazing upon her
Woman's mind was racing
Fear begin to take hold
Take you to serve I will
No time given to think
His blade press against her
Sliding down the up her dress
Now you will remain exposed
Up between her breast the blade slides
Easily slicing what clothing lay in between
Hands instinctual raise to breast
Remove your hands or be punished
Happening at my leisure
Hands drop as do blade
Resting at the tip of her thigh
Woman looks down as in shame
No garment remains

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Also known as a furze-pig, urchin or hedgepig Your collective name is an array or prickle – how apt! To me you are one of the cutest animals in the land Born blind but soon you open beady black eyes Your little snout pokes out and helps you forage You love to eat worms, caterpillars and snails Sometimes a tasty frog, baby bird or eggs Your body is covered in defensive prickly spines These are prone to fleas, oh that would make me itch! Curling into a ball at the first sign of danger Badgers, foxes and owls are your main predators How I love the autumn, I find you nestled in the hedgerows You sleep until you come out to play at night Sometimes I wish I was like you and could hibernate Sleep though the cold dull dreary dark winter days You communicate by squealing, grunting and snuffling … (I wonder… are all hedgehogs male!) Sadly you are not very adept at crossing the road I often see you as road kill and that makes me sad 09~29~14 Contest: Animal Poem Sponsor: Regina Riddle ~awarded 3rd Place ~

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I am the breath of hells fire, breathing down the neck of humanity.
The unnamed death, striking fear within your ancient night mares.
A winged demon, biting at the back of the wind Gods themselves.
Mankind's tormentor by flame and earthquake, a creature spawned
Within volcanic lava, and woven spells cast by a wizards anger.
My hearts desire, is greed's lust, for a rich mans passion, a golden horde,
To touch it, is to bring deaths assurance, for it is mine, and mine alone.
A moon spirit of illusion, I seek thee, fleshes feast, by twilight's
Blackened hour, I so hunt, raw satisfactions carnal pleasures.
The righteous knight, kneels before his king, claiming victory or death,
In my hollows cave, many trophies of these men have I, as bloody
Souvenirs, shield reminders of nobility fallen.
Am I a myth, or just a legend, test fact to fiction, come if you dare,
Within my chambers lair, I'll show thee reality, by tooth and claw.
Beware mortal, for I have out lived many of your kind, and shall
Remain thus eternal.
For as long as hatred, and malice exist, so will my kindred thrive,
Amongst thy species.
Awaken me from my slumber, and know true pains reclamation, 
Salvation's damnation, is to rue this day's sun rising, for you shall
Burn in it's embers crimson light.
Let the mountains crumble, seas swallowed by the oceans,
Behold the dragon remains alive, so am I the infinite divide,
A tidal wave, crashing against the shores of human habitat.
For I am the serpent, death's itselfs arch angel, 
Known as the dragon.


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Free Range - One for the Vegans

Freed a dozen hens today
 For a week or so
 $2 (additional) the price of freedom
 On the supermarket shelves
 Even though I may pontentially
 Have stolen all their children

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The Chase


                                The Chase
                    Sitting by the window,
                    Light snow coming down.
                    Watching two brown and one 

                    High above,from tree to tree.
                    On wires nimble as can be.
                    A game of tag,fluffy tails swishing,
                    as they chase each other round
                    and round.

                    A minuscle sound will make them
                    scurry to higher ground.
                    Statue like they sit,still as can be.
                    Till all perceived threats are gone.
                    Then the game goes on.
                   Anne Rutherford
                    Copyright 2012

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I am the tiger

I am the Tiger
You know I am
Just try and tickle my tummy
And see what happens
Orange and brown
Vertical stripes
Stand up when I lie down

Such a friendly face
Adorable they say
I smile
In acknowledgement
Hopefully doesn't put you off
Teeth and all that

So try 
I dare you
Scratch between the ears
Tempting isn't it?
Just a *****cat
After all
What are you?
Man or mouse

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Man O War

If I were an animal it would be a horse, Man 'O War to be exact.
I could then answer the  question that the whole world wants to know,
 "Who was the fastest,  Man O War or Secretariat"?  

Being a human only gives me the ability to research and know
that the movie Sea Biscuit. while entertaining, was not authentic.
Movie makers claim Sea Biscuit was small when he took on 
War Admiral in the match race of the century (and won)! 
The truth is they were both the same size!

The aggravating part is the movie depicted Sea Biscuit
as being inferior to War Admiral and stated the Biscuit did not have good 
bloodlines.   That's a bummer, considering Sea Biscuit was Man O Wars grandson 
and War Admiral was his son!

I suppose you could say, "Well it's just a movie"!  When actually these two horses 
are our history.  Both gave our country hope in a time when America was in the 
Great Depression. Just as Secretariat,( who was on the cover of every leading 
sports magazine) and the only honest thing in the country, who gave us  "hope", 
during the scandals of Watergate and the Vietnam War. 

When Secretariat won the Belmont by 31 lengths giving him the 1973 Triple Crown, 
it was almost supernatural as if the Lord whispered in his ear , "GO"  and he went. 

Secretariat will be remembered as one of our nations greatest horses because  like 
Man O War and Sea Biscuit they gave us  "hope" and isn't that what life's all 

Contest: If I were an animal what would I be
Submitted by:  Judy Konos

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Schooling The Young Horse

Rabbits, hens, and elephants respond
According to the signals communicated--
What is the use of running?
It is forbidden   --by your hand.
Here we try to escape artfully.
Where is the exit?
Donde esta la salida?  Por favor.
No salida But we sell souvenir postcards.
After the show.

(This might all happen in a moment of decision)

Give me to be manifest and free and
As yet untamed
As the wind.
How significant do you regard freedom to be?
Freedom to be...

It's a good thing you were taken from the fields.
The buffalo people are gone.
It's a good thing you abandoned the sky,
Now eagles are leaving their nesting places
To fall quicker than shooting stars.

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The Broken Wing

It’s not every day that you see a smile on my face
I wake with a sadness on days of sunshine
I get up, wear a butterfly necklace for inspiration that ravels me in
an inner place of peace.
I am at a standstill; frozen in a fixed position like a mannequin, but I am real.
With a beating heart and a breathing lung but, I am broken.
; Angry that I can’t take flight.
I miss my plane every time.
My engine’s non-responsive, my gears won’t shift.
Perchance I am not the right pilot.
It could be I am on the wrong runway.
 See the butterflies! How do they do it? Their graceful flights of watercolor always smiling in wind.
I wish I could smile.
I wish I were a butterfly.
But first I need to fix this broken wing.

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Mr Leopard

They call me Leo,
Leopard is my full name,
I live in the jungle,
With my family and kids,
 and we get to have fun,
I Love the other animals but,
I cant deny the fact that,
 I love killing gazelles,
 zebras and all animals that are edible,
It's the only way I can survive
 in this cruel environment.
I am a carnivore,
 a meat eater.
I sometimes wish I was a Herbivore,
a plant eater,
 like gazelles or Zebras or cows,
I sometimes wish I was an omnivore too,
 like humans,
like Mr. Kamau,
I could be eating plants and animals,
 and I would not kill every day of my life. 

I love basking and taking a walk,
sometimes it gets boring here in the jungle
and all I can do is sit
on top of a tree and stare down.

How I sometimes wish I was the king
 of the jungle Like Mr. Lion,
He is big and mighty and
the type of animal you wish you were.
He is proud but then again,
 not as proud as the peacock family,
Peacocks are pretty with so many colours.

But all the same.
 I thank God am not as ugly as Mr. Hyena .
 (I hope he wont hear me)
  who for the last  6 months
has been trying to strike up a friendship with me.
But no!!!!!
He may have spots like me but
he doesn't look one bit like me.
It would be a bit different
if we were talking about Mr. Tiger and Cheetah
who I cant deny are my close relatives.
We even look alike in some way don't you think?
Oh well, I can spend all my time hear talking about my life but I have some brothers who live in the land of snow.
The are so beautiful and we like calling them Snow Leopards.

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Spilled Milk

Our only source of water,
the spring lay to the west,
downhill from the house.

Its flow gurgled up
to form a creek which snaked
through a field toward the barn.

Cold spring water firmed butter,
and chilled the milk,
 kept dry in tin buckets,
dropped underwater daily.

Our old sow would root, nose
under the fence, and head
on a straight path to the spring.

Mother hated that sow.
It took hours for the milky,
muddy water to run clear.

No milk for supper. 
We wished for the milk
to curdle in her stomach.

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Colorado Weather

No matter where you are
You need 12 layers
Because the sun is shining and it’s raining
At the same time

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Dachshund is a banana skin:
Short like a cigarette butt,
Big eyes like two snooker balls,
Wide ears like the vessel's flags,
Legs  interlocked like a letter X,
Long trunk like a train on the track,
All buttock like a kangaroo.
If I should meet it on my way out,
I will retract home and recite a psalm.

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The Roosevelt Elk

                                                    The Roosevelt Elk
The Roosevelt Elk 

A beautiful,  majestic creature, that walks with head up high with pride  that stands as tall as a horse, with a rack of antlers with many points that looks like a crown on top of his head depending on how old he is, that he uses as a weapon against his foe , which are shed each year

Even though he has a heavy scent of musk he can pick up a scent carried hundreds of yards away if the wind is blowing his direction

His coat is thick and soft, with longer hair on the chest and shoulders of sable color, with a light brown body, and a cream-colored rump and no tail, their coat make it a habitat for fleas, because his coat is thick and soft it enables him to sneak through a thicket when he hears your nylon or denim clothes rake against a bush

Feeding on grasses, plants, leaves, bark, and including highbush cranberry, elderberry, devil's club blueberries, mushrooms, lichens, and salmonberries

   He engages in ritualized mating behaviors during the rutting season to have his own Harem, that involves in  posturing, urinating, tossing turf and fighting with his antlers, and bugling, a loud series of vocalizations which establishes dominance over other males and attracts females

A beautiful, majestic creature, that walks with head up high with pride  that lives in the wide-open land with tall grass, under the canopy of Douglas –fir, cedar, and old growth stands and beautiful wild flowering azaleas 

By Eve Roper 10/9/2014

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Dream with me

foggy skies
a gentle rain falls down from heaven
birds sing a lullaby and animals sleep in their dens
it is a balmy day in paradise
through the green-filled woods
and past the murky swamp
around the tall oak tree
and into the cool pool of water
mysteries lie beneath it's gently churning waves
things grow and live in underwater caves
a community it hosts
an internet of animals
along the salty coasts
join me on a stroll through my glorious isle
where jackals dance and sloths loll
walk with me through the forbidden shadows
sit with me under the canopy of tall trees
enjoy the beauty of this mysterious place
before you have to leave
already the sun calls you
you slowly open your eyes
and leave your paradise
instantly forgotten
as you look out at the morning skies

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A Barren Antelope

____A Barren Antelope (Unedited)____

A barren antelope

Visits the world of the living

She is searching for the Messiah’s hands

To bless her womb with living

Kids, kids, everywhere, she

Wants to bear her own,

She wants to be a mother

And be called mother antelope

She cry and cry and cry over the Kilimanjaro

And Everest 

She weep across the Atlanta searching for

Messiah’s hands.

She want it, she want it

She want a good image

A bad image to be buried

To be buried and a good image to live on.


She wants a life to live

She wants a heart of her own

Who will help her out

Now that the rumour have

Spread that the Messiah 

Had gone…

Gone for life

To another life

Shadowy and deep

Yet to be know by Many.

Yet to be visit by all .

A berry paradise

A cherry light.

For: Worst poem contest
Sponsor by: PD

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Too Fast

Everything goes,
Too fast!
The day the rain, man.
So fast!
The velocity  of cheetah
The extinct Velociraptor,
Stay up the trail, but...
Millions of years have passed,
The mountain, the hummingbird; will,
For than....
Always will be the day,
To tell; Goodbye.
Today, Maybe,
But yesterday,
It only remains to wait,
Everything goes fast.
All too speedily.

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Slow and Steady Wins the Race

Stranded on the road, closed up tight in her shell
Too frightened to head out of the heavy traffic
I took the turtle home to make sure all was well.
 She was hungry for she hadn’t eaten since a day
So I dug up four juicy earthworms and put in a bin
The first worm wiggled but the turtle didn’t prey.
We sat quietly and waited and waited and waited
Ants crawled across the pavement and we waited
Hummingbirds buzzed overhead and we waited.
Finally I noticed her eyes tracking a worm, 
Slowly shifting her body in right direction
Snapped opened her jaws, picked up the worm
And gummed it to death as turtles lack teeth.
Was full after two worms, a bit in mouth like a cigar
Autism in turtles is a successful failure
Its shell, an amazing self-defense mechanism
Carry their homes and are always at home
Self sufficient mostly, long life, and endurance
Proving the proverb, “Slow and steady wins the race”. 

** Inspired by a visit to Myrtle Beach State Park, SC (eastern box turtle 
(Terrapene carolina carolina)

July 30, 2014
Form: Free Verse
Dr. Ram Mehta

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The Insect Baby

Unearthly markings on the
moist earth toned shell skin
are, surprisingly,
from the earth we've not
spent the hours to see.

I get a view of it
through my poor lens,
the buried, small, unhappy
earth, away from the sun,
separated from God, 
where the devil's cohorts live.

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Green Sea Turtle

The sea unleashed its children green 
sea turtles seeking a sandy shielded 
defense and swimming wings for legs 
scraping their way from seaweed waters 
now at low tide the sea weakens...
their crusted frothy shells demanding their 
way toward grass as destiny calls. 
Barely any eye to see and eroded like a 
silver spoon, they plummet forward
jerky as a scared dog, tumbling at each
step... heavy trucks bumping over the
rocky road. As the gods would have
it they succeed to lay their eggs on land.

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Gorilla Piano

  'I shall will' says the Proclaimed Self
when you know
it most certainly

  'Forever' swear the lovers
before they weary of each other
and pass with

maybe there will be some
other times
looping mirrors reflecting
speeding light spread
ever along
the fire's fulgurate throat

stroking a woman's lovely
shudder.  a room in Rome.
like Krishna
riding high

shadows within the 
the elephants may
But, never,
no never
will they ever
clear the

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Shakespeare's monkey

William had a monkey
brought by the Portuguese
from deepest Africa.

It died just after
he’d come to love it.
He cut out its heart 
and ate  it raw,
then skinned it
and stuffed it
displaying it 
in a corner 
of the Globe
before the fire.

Words, thoughts  
poured from his pen
and he had his prick
of the delectable young men
who flashed across the stage.
Yet in the corner, 
a blood stain

William too died early
before my next birthday
leaving only his words.

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The Color Green

Grass, trees, cool cars
My favorite color too
The color of life

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Early on in my relationship with my future husband, we went to the zoo.
Sitting on a bench, hand in hand, we watched the turtles in a pond.
A beautiful creature, a turtle is, different sizes and shapes, perfectly  constructed.
Hard shells,protective, inside undamaged because of the strong encasement.
The life span of turtles is incredible, the survival has exceeded time and
And we ponder this, as our relationship was just being born,
we envied turtles.
For the strength they must have, the slow movement through life,
That is what we strive for in our relationship,
to outlive and outlast.
To be like the turtle, slow and steady. 
Hard shelled strength, strong home.
If our marriage could mimic a turtle we would make it the distance, 
we would survive. 
Ten years later, I wear a golden necklace around my neck, a turtle, a symbol of
enduring time, enduring the hardships,
outlasting with strength, love and beauty.

For Contest : Free
Verse Turtles
Sponsor: Cyndi
Date: 07-16-2014

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A warm little creature crawls upon my lap
Looking up through the sobs 
She does understand, this little creature
More than anyone possibly can

Finding comfort in the warmth of my distress,
She curls up, her ears perked, her face slightly buried
A fast beating heart…pumping the blood I no longer wish for
Her comfort offers infinite suns of solace
Her eyes define empathy, peace and goodness

She is a cat
A small baby, seeking warmth
Who gives all of herself to be close to me
To be near…no matter how far the shackles of despair repel me

She is a cat
So simple, and yet everything in this moment
The aggressive cuteness, the brutal comfort
The claw that tears the very grime
And the curiosity that simply erases time

She is my cat
And all my own
When even time herself offers darkness

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Kats Are Krazy Kool

(this poem has nine stanzas, which means KATS have 9 
lives - there's proof right there! J/K Enjoy this silly, kute 

For some weird reason,
Those kute kreatures make my night
The best one ever!

Klever, little kats
I weep happy tears…buddy!

Listenin’ to musik…
Demi Lovato’s awesome
Lonesome without kat…

Without my kute kat
By my side, I’m torn apart
My lonely day’s gone!

Kats make my night fun!
Midnight has dawned upon me
Aww…kitty witties! 

Without my buddies,
I’d be an unhappy guy
Music + kats = great! 

Hey krazy kitty!
Come to me! Cheer me up, man!
Kats are krazy kool!

My kompanion’s kewl!
My black kat, Spy, reminds me
Of a sly panther 

All of my kitties
Make me beam all day and night
Where’s my furry friend?

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A Cricket Lies Dead

A cricket lies dead on the sidewalk...


Gwendolen Rix

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Born to be Free

With omnivourous appetite, across the Asian loam she tiptoes in on felid feet a coat of rust, fingered deep with sun and heat not meek, yet gracefully, dripping tar of black and white which neatly marks her form With languid movement wild and free in hunting mode, she prepares her task with lynx-like eyes, that mirror death she's one supreme illusionist Taught by nature to melt in place, slipping and stalking, lurking while hiding, leaping, killing prey, whose lapse, or drowse will cost the most It is her task, to pounce in great repose with practice of her art, composed She guides me over pathless plains, where wisps of grass will reach for rain If once to turn towards camera's eye I'd capture life before it's gone The lens will keep forever wild It knows the cost of what we see but only fleeting, born to be so beautiful .... so wild and free
________________________________________________________ Submitted for the Contest sponsored by Shadow Hamilton "Tigers Living Free" 8/18/13

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The Spider and the Dew- repost

This morning, my fingers curled around my cup,
I went to the window, musing about the coming day..
By the step, glistening with dew, a newly spun web.
It shown like jewels strung with abandon.
Its fragile beauty left me almost disbelieving..
Can the spider know the beauty before him?
Perhaps it's his reward for his magnificent weaving

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In My Mind

Within the passage of time
I see you, my enchanted ecstasy,walking
Down a cobblestone street in silhouette.
Carefully placed footsteps echoing the
The pavement without the slightest of regrets.
Through the faint gas lit corridor
Vintage smells and a whispering wind
Accompany me.
Now matter where I go -
No matter when I go –
Footsteps going forward
Revealing the past.

In a cumbersome transom blended 
With a tap-ta-tap, tap-ta-tap
Of a horse drawn carriage –
Therein our song is revealed.
Where else but in music do thoughts 
Blend reality with emotions?
There in my mind’s eye

Do I have any life but this?
If not - let me lead it from here.
No death there be ‘lest
Dispelled from there.
Nor any ties to earths to come.
Nor any action in any effort of new.
Except in the blessed extent
In the realm of loving you.

And in my mind’s eye –
The music,
tap-ta-tap -
Of cobblestone and hoof –
Returns me to you.

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On Being Turtle

           On Being Turtle

There are no more turtles on turtle beach
They are all dead
We can reach them by being turtle
Be hard outside
Build a shell then look inside
Push with inclinations to be soft and old
Feel sleep as only turtle’s sleep
Look nowhere else
Decline to answer any calls
Leave home and all behind
Become the turtle in his shell
Move in before the tide goes out

                            7/22/14 Contest entry - Free Verse Turtle contest

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The Hunt

               The Hunt

One bar broke and then another for the rapid break
The escape was quick and painless
The man ran for his life from enemies
At top speed he fled with nothing on his feet
Sweat exuded, poured from his body
Breathing deep into the jungle dark
Captors ran too to take his life with knives and rifles
Thick jungle traps laughed at them as they ran by
Pursued their prisoner through labyrinths of vines and branches 
Screaming angrily with lit torches through the pitch black night
Close behind, the soldiers chased their prey
Running, panting below the canopy
Shots rang out burning by his ears 
Limbs flailing as the bullets flew blindly through the tangled vegetation
Jumping over logs and bushes, petrified of dying
Trudging through a rapid stream, bent on taking him down as well
He emerged on the other bank with a bleeding foot
A piranha mistook it for a lure, tore off a toe, swallowed it for dinner  
Pain and fear set in while he hobbled on into the darkness
Panthers glared frantically at the injured man 
Sized him up as breakfast, less one toe
Even insects had no respect for dignitaries from another land
They too needed to be fed
The soldiers had their troubles also as the jungle storms set in
Snuffed out their torches and tortured them with stinging rain
Scorpions and snakes are cold and hunger for a change
Tired of eating the same old rodents and stupid birds
Running through the jungle is not always a safe undertaking 
When hunting down your prey to take a life
You never know who is on the menu from day to day
Perhaps someone with a different taste, from the human race
Someone who escaped from another plate
Or someone with knives and guns
Will find another kind of fate and dinner date

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Free Thought

There is an animal in my head
That is dying to be feed
He needs to be set free
In the form of literacy

He has so many things to say
Things to share, words to display
Feeling that are deep within
Kept in hiding like a deadly sin

I have found a way to be free
In the form of writing spree
If I offend I meant no harm
Just innocent words of charm  

The animal is caged once again
I don’t want you to think I’m inhumane
I will let him free in a little while
When I need to release my style

Duane A. LaChance Sr. – 2012

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My pet friends are Pebbles and Betty,
They are my doggy and cat.
I like to be with them always,
'Cause my negative vibes are vanish.

My Pebbles is our guard everyday.
My Betty is our clown in everyday.
Both of them are my ally,
And part of our family.

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soul dance

spinning round and round till i fly up
and hit ground
turning into sea
pleasing me
i grab the bass fish gliding past
i dive into the eyes of the brown green scales
head first never fails
in the soul of the beast i sit 
my locks float around the fish shell
his hearts beat started to move me
onto my feet
bend my knees
shake my hips
rattle my brain
clap my hands
the soul of the fish is where i spend the rest of my plans

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A Native of Florida's Reefs

A Native of Florida's Reefs

I am the native of the Florida Keys and Bahamas
People here call me mero and not goliath grouper
Once a scuba diver caught and held me beside the boat	
Half out of water with hook in corner of my mouth.

Looked at my five-haired beard trailing from aching jaw
Brown skin hanging in strips like ancient wallpaper
Shaped like full-blown roses stained and lost in age
Was frightened by gills breathing in terrible oxygen.

He gazed and gazed with pride and triumph in eyes
Don’t know what happened to him, he let me go!.
I was only six years then and got a long life of fifty
Travelling to Flamingo and Shark River, our Mecca.

Wonder as scuba divers are not seen in native waters
As to catch us in US waters has been declared illegal
Please do your bit signing online petition to fishing ban
Curb your desire to make money or just the fun for it


*Inspired by Fishing Ban laws
Date 20-10-13
Dr. Ram Mehta
Third Place win
Contest: Personify Any Animal of your choice by Just That Archaic Poet

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Africa Heart

Bloody skies
New beginnings
Glorious scent
From heaven it was sent

Long before
We walked this land
It was moulded
By the Maker

Legends tell of
The dark spirit
Turning trees
Trying to take the land

The Maker
Made the tree strong
Made it proud
Made it unbreakable
Just like the people
That believe in Him

The Maker perfected this land
More than before
Filling with
Mighty roars
Soft rumbles
Silent wings
Bouldering calls
Gentle purrs
Manic laughs

So with this
Wild heart I call mine
I will delight myself in
The Makers 

Running soon
Running far

To set wild hearts free
Like a flaming master
Taking its fiery hold
Over all things
Dry and old
Only to uncover
What has been bleeding 
To be seen

Our wild hearts
Beat with
Gentle giants footfall
Beating slow steady 
Ready to be set free
Ready to breathe
What was mine to be

With blazing sun
Firing down
Onto cracked
Down ground

Between thick brush
Under the mighty baobab
With the creations all around
My wild
African heart
Soon to be found 

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Fox In The Window

For those who wonder 
How I grew into the season
I turned a fragrant key
More summers for me then
No more waning of anything
Just the sound of glory 
Timbering through the landscape
A host of new demons
To be rearranged and  then knocked down
Beauty’s burden
So yes to answer your question
I do enjoy the fox in the window

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A Broken Heart

A most strange creature walked into the room
upright on two legs he stood oh so very tall
dressed in fine array booted and suited
a hat perched jauntily on his head

He cast around the room eyeing people up
as he strutted back and forth leaving in his wake
a deep silence of disbelief as the folks all stared
and started to draw back as they saw his tail

Not a person was this uninvited guest
no even though dressed as a man
he was a ferocious gorilla in love
seeking out his Jane he hunted around

Not finding her he stood confused
gaping at the people in their finery
come on now said his keeper catching up
and he lead him back to his cage

The gorilla sits there tear running down his face
lost without his Jane he sits in desolation
she had passed away only 5 months ago
now he hunts for her whenever he can

His keeper has tried to jolly him along
even introducing a young lady or two
met with indifferent then ignored
he only want his true love Jane

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If I could be

If I could ask the one who gives life for another life I would choose to be an animal! Which one should you wonder, Why, obviously, I wish to be a big cat! Living in the amazons, or in Africa Enjoying complete freedom And utmost power! Appeasing my hunger with meat Appeasing my thirst with fresh water And lying on the ground Staring at the skies Always relaxing And singing Hakuna Matata! If I could be an animal I would certainly be a big cat Purring myself to sleep Curling up to the neck of my mate I would love with instinct And protect my cubs with devotion But I wish not to come back to earth May him hear, the one who gives life Pray, take me there, with you, Above the clouds There, where the naked eye sees not Nor does Man's powerful machine see from its flight Nor does the flying hubble pass it by But there, it is there, Says my faith in the Lord's essence! Say the secrets of the Holy Books Pray do listen, and take me there!

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Cold Shadows of Subconscious

Cold shadows form
Blacker bars from locked window
Fall upon the remaining light and I
Wake caged memories as animals
Metaphors arouse the senses
Silence louder grips regret
And all I can do
Is think to run
But, instead I again hold on tighter
To my waning sanity
No signs insist on warning
Moments like rocks are falling
Always continue to pile up images within
That now stirs the soup thick dark 
And begin to play out
An unspeakable act 
Every year upon this very day
I watch from balconies, stuck 
In tragedies portrayed
And now I see…
What I forgot
Mother, lying
Covered about her sins
Beneath, I’m a child crying
Guilt turning always finds its way 
Around the coo-coo clock
Of hands and helpless
To time’s army, life’s ending, ticking, plot
If, but for an instance
I could be free
Free from what
A reality without her
And her needed love
When is enough, enough!
Please, subconscious just let me go…
And I promise
I’ll keep on… going and forgetting

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Sing Little Song Bird Sing

Once upon a time in a new day dawning In the crack of time between night and morning Something caught me from yarning It was sweet but felt like a warning That death is night to life of a new day born in This celebration of life beginning The song bird took up their instruments and started singing Awakening sleepers with a joyous springing Ending their short death with a new up bringing So sing little song bird Every morning as the sun comes anew Only recognized by the few Flapping her wings in the dew She’s that song bird Cracking the dawn, she’s heard What can she say? She’s just a bird Can’t speak but you know her word So sing little song bird sing With your melody bring The wind of nature in your wing In your serenade there’s our fling All I am saying Is sing little song bird sing

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An  insouciance
left indeterminate
in terrains where 

life needs no booming 
bluff and baloney.
A rare  prototype
of a random perception
of evolution pitted
against fast-forwardness.

A gentle memory 
peeping out of the tangles
of bare subsistence.

19 jul 14
For Cyndi Macmillan’s contest.

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The Rattle Snake

I`m gentle ,flexible but deadly,
Patient when I`m sober, aggressive when I`m hungry,
 Humans!They  think they are wise by setting 'trap',
'Trap' for me!but  I can see it,for this I hiss.....,
many think I`m weak,but with my arrow teeth
I go for the kill;and the venom flows through  his blood stream
and the heart stops making me to have a smooth feast.

Slowly I move,twisting and rattling with my tail,
You can touch me,sit on me,but my tail?...
Please don`t go there,it`s the heart of my body,
I`ll strike you dead if you do.
I`m endowed celestially,when I fire my arrow teeth
to any prey;it runs and staggered back to me
for me to swallow; don`t underestimate me.

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Two six-week old kitties born under my deck,
are gamboling on top of it now.
I open the door, they run under to hide
in fear of dire danger from me.
Do they not understand that my hand fills their bowl
and its I who keeps water pan full?
Do they think that I fatten them up for the kill
or have other vile evil in mind?
Their mother had been one of a quartet
whose own mother had found the same home.
I had tamed her enough to take her to the vet
so the four would be her last litter.
Not a month had gone by before she took her brood
to teach them the thrill of the hunt.
A week from that time one small kitty came home,
I could only guess what she’d been through.
I fed her and loved her but could not get near,
now she is the mother of two.
I cannot tell whether they’re boys or girls
or by luck of the draw one of each.
If I don’t catch their mother or these kittens, I know
there are dozens of cats in my future.

Written May 27, 2013

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Scything Shells

Flippers so languidly beat
As mates float in the deep
Coupling dreamily on a lazy tide

And when it is time
She shall lie
Upon a secret hollow

Known only to her
And the King of tides
To pledge her young before a setting sun

And when it is time
They will rise from a sandy womb
To begin their panic in search of the sea

Sculling and skittling they
Inch their shells
Scything sand at terror

From swooping gulls
And cranky crabs
To giant hands that hold no pity

Yet those that nose
The frothy sea first
Begin a quest that will ultimately test

These gentle souls
To the brink of damnation
Upon oceans deep
And yet we weep

And yet we weep…

Poetry Contest “Turtles”
Sponsored by Cyndi MacMillan
Aug 2014

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All is still in deceptions abyss,
Beneath fathoms deep, aquatic,
Wolves are on the hunt.
Stealth predators unseen, unheard,
Hanging on the fringe of detections,
Outer limits.
In plain black and white,
Behold a deadly beauty personified,
Intelligence next step in evolution.
These devils of the bluest depths,
Known as the Orca.
Chameleon's blending between shadows
And the suns rays penetrating,
From above.
Waiting in the quite shallows,
They hide in anticipation,
For the right moment to strike.
Titans Krakens, await for the first
Signs of weakness in their prey.
Together pack mammals work,
Combing talents to best formulate,
A strategy for the imminent attack.
Upon life's rookery a chilling,
Silence falls.
Young seals sleek and fast,
Taste freedom's excitement,
With wonderment's exhilaration,
To finally be on there own at last.
The open ocean calls to them,
Come challenge my waves,
Youthful innocence, boldly splash
Amongst surf and spray.
Yet beware thy kindred spirits,
Those whom seek the unknown,
May pay a high price of flesh,
And bone.
But these young pups hear the
Siren’s voices,
And heed not the warning tone.
Sliding instead into the icy waters
Cold embrace.
The undertows current carry’s them,
Towards the coral reef.
Deadly jaws haunt the tidal rift's,
Rough jagged edge,
It is a gruesome rule of survival.
Few new yearling return unscathed,
Some don't return at all.
The arch angels of death must take,
Their poundage of flesh.
With a grinning smile,
Natures perfect killing machines,
 The wolves of the deep, await the
Next bloody hunt.
With hungry eyes anticipation,
Tasting satisfactions mouthwatering
Bites yet to come.


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Funky Monkey

There is a monkey who is very funky. He dances all day long to a long song, and a big wig that can zag and zig. Once he even danced with a big pig with a rig! When the day is over, he goes to bed with a mug on his head. Aunika Alch Age 11

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Burns Stuck in the throat Choking burns Searing from the inside out Always returning Always churning Swallowing fire Swords with no edge Licking with damage Blackening from the inside A cancerous trap Always made alive Built to take away the pain The flame of fame Burns Something caused this fiery reign A handsome, showy shield With no protection Just an empty mask reflection Leading to the grave Croaking like a frog Hurled in the midst of a sweltering bog Caught in a gulp Inhalation is a war— A war for more! Breathe out Keep swallowing Panic There shines the manic In all its glory Watch as it slowly Burns Words do nothing but feed the fire The fame grows evermore Opinions cry and never tire Gesturing for more Festering for more Burning for more Dying for more

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Worker Bee Sees a Hare

To drone,
I have in a world
filled with prospered humanity.
Like a worker bee I
ready the honey in which
my society cares for;
I have grown tired of the strains
born upon my
although the smells I love,
it is never enough.
And the satisfaction returned is
forgotten, for fire
always triumphs the solace
that defeats the situation.
The hares that cower and stare
at this worker bee in his
working state;
a car with one route,
for two teenagers who wish for a

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A glimpse down the hole

I see it there in the dark depths of nothingness
Mirrors of unclearness that could bring me a strange ambition
Flood my dark thoughts today with childish fun 
Make me a mere strand of wind passing over your sphere
I feel I've lost my way home 
Could I venture into your unknown place?

Down the hole I went with my furry friend 
Meantime I could sit and ponder by this dirt floor 
Which way is home, to what door 
Instincts extend me a set of eyes to what sleeps over there
Savage things and smiling caterpillars 
Rolling stones and emerald moss not to posh

Giant umbrella mushrooms and dancing mad Hatter
Kings and Queens and playing cards
Spells of persuasion and fables and stories of you reside in this place 
The young and innocent stir exciting images of a sweet tale
From talking characters and altered lips furry creators jumping from their hips
While fear and laughter play in the dark below

Perhaps a cup of tea for my friend on my blanket of red checkered fun
As I brush the soil off my blue dress I’m gently reluctant to leave my friends 
Out I emerge safe and sound
And walk away twirling the ribbon on my tresses 
Skies of cerulean and cotton clouds above me now
Clearly shaken by such strange events 
What was just a dream resting under the old oak tree? 
A piece of fur falls from her dress 

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I must tell what I witnessed one cold winter day
All the neighborhood strays came forth, but not 
      to foray

They gathered front the most central house on    
      the street
A striped tiger cat stood on a limb, licking his   

Fat Princess Persian came out on her porch, so 
Said, “What is this about, Martin,” said it quite 

Martin L. Kitty rose up, with dignity, looked all
The huge entourage settled, made not a sound

I have a dream,” said Martin Luther Kitty,
“ that all strays get good treatment, their fair
      share of pity,

That the underhouse dwellings no longer be 
      spaces of starving birth, starving death
But the neighborhood populace share a small
      portion of wealth

If you can’t take us in, then a bowl of kibbles on
      the stoop will do”
Fat Persian Princess answered with a twitch, an
      uppity “Meee-ewww”

Enough said, the whiskered hoard rose up, 
      returned silently to their homes,
Under house, under porch, under deck – the

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A single drop of dew captured in a buttercup

A single drop of dew
caught in a buttercup
Provides a welcoming d
first drink of the day
to  Ladybugs Dormouse
and busy shrew.

Peter Dome.copyright.2013. July.

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strangled destiny

Through the peep hole of  Egyptian darkness shackled by conquerors hypnotic scheme 
awaits the incarnate spirit of Ra.

Summoned to defend the skies of eternity and the land of death 
against the traitors to the throne of the sun god
peace in these savage times shall be your curse.
may your conscience be your pillow  
and your wretched hearts your lullaby 
you and your puppet slaves will never tame this mane. 

there is nothing your lassos can suppress 
your skin of deception your pillars of lies and halls of betrayal 
will fall to the hum of my dynastic roar 
I am the truth the originator of galactic time 
your presence was my flatulent secretion
your death will be my orgasmic sigh.

Women of gaze that by-stand my struggle
fan as you may your perfumed air
it is your heart my canines seek
 your tongue has collapsed my rump
and stolen my corner stone
may your blood from my mandible spell

written for  Isaiah Zerbst's contest, Ancient Egypt.

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                                             THE STARGAZER'S RIDE
                                         (or THE LAST SPURRING LICK)

                                        Saddle shoulder-tossed like feather light
                                        Aging cowboy strutted for the crowds
                                        The throngs that mingled in his mind
                                        From past glory, cheering loud.

                                        Across his shoulder down his back
                                        Leather mended with great care
                                        Oiled and rubbed with tender hands
                                        A woman never stirred such love.
                                         Excitement scuttled--- colors blazed---
                                         whooping kids these afternoons—
                                         Livestock stirr and kicked the stalls
                                         inhaling echo pumped excitement’s blur—

                                         Colors mixed with fear and joy
                                         Set the boldest man on edge
                                         Broken bones mere memories--
                                         Blotted out behind the thrills  
                                         That bucked behind the unknown stalls.
                                         A sudden certainty grabbed him
                                         As real as bucking in the stalls
                                         His breath still strong and stalwart sure
                                         The sounds and colors shimmered on

                                         Visions flashed from death to glory
                                         Called to thrills that grind the soul.
                                         He'd had his fill of limps and aches
                                         No delights in growing old .

                                         Today he'd end his life on fire
                                         A rank Star gazer sucking back
                                         His time the best—tho body crushed
                                         He’d give this crowd a shattering crack

Rodeo Terms:
spurring lick--the movement of a cowboy's feet
Rank—hard animal to ride
Star gazer- animal that bucks with his head up
Suck back: animal that suddenly switches direction

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I Am a Little Rabbit

- I am a little rabbit, hrum - hrum,

I like sweet carrot, hrum - hrum,

I'm like a ferret, hrum - hrum,

Live in a burrow, hrum - hrum,

Though it's narrow, hrum - hrum,

Now I am eating cabbage, hrum - hrum,

It's for my courage, hrum - hrum.

- Dear little rabbit, tell me your habit!

- Hrum - hrum!

© Larisa Rzhepishevska (Odessa, Ukraine)

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Let Love grow

Love for all

Soft heart in a wolf
and sly fox in man,
Mannequins pondering
and thoughtless we,
Susan's work inspires,
ever wonder why ?

Her love for all 
living souls with emotions,
Even an owl is so subtle
wrong notion of an omen,
As adorable is a carnivore,
creation of the Almighty !

Animals so affectionate
can rightly construe,
While we brainy beings
fail to feel their blues,
Susan's art speaks,
what even words can't say !

Her unique approach
and value for life,
Is what reflects beauty
of the soul inside,
Love knows no bounds
Body is just a lie !

Written November 2nd, 2014
For Debbie's contest of 'Free verse'
Dedicated to the great artist Susan Boulet

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The New God

You're a voyeur at best!
Your vampiric heart beats out of your chest
Ready to consume the final climax
I know who you are - when the lyrics fail to resemble
Letting your poison drip straight from your lips
Portraying, entertaining the image of sex's delusion
You know only rape - manifestation of hate
Lack of the fruit of the beauty of a human mind
Depths you'll never penetrate!

She was only a doll - type of a lost father's adore
Impaled into a desperate whore
Shamefully out of broken safety's  choice 
She bore embryogenesis of morose
May your rusty blades caress as they please

So confront the masses with the halt of embryogenesis
Let the worship of machines be
Leg them construct us cell to cell
Nature's just in the way
Of our race of perfectly engineered machines!
The burden of conception
Surrenders to the will of
The New God

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April The Bangle Cat

 April my Bangle cat hates my Lap Top                                                                                            The thing is I can't type and pet her at the same time                                                                   She has a habit of being the center of attention you know                                                                         And when my attention is needed elsewhere it drives her mad                                                     Just now I shut her out of the office                                                                                                And I can hear her raging back and forth past the closed door                                                        Meowing from deep within her being as if it were the end of the world                                         I wouldn't put up with this from my son when he was young                                                          Or from my wife when she was mad at me for one thing or another                                              But there's something about being loved by  a wild thing that appeals to me                           The way she reaches out and hooks your clothing when you try to pass her by                         The way she  takes you in with her eyes studying the way you move                                                                                    Not to mention that the sound of her purring works better than any tranquilizer                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Or cup of hot chocolate I have ever used to calm my nerves                                                                                                               I was a tough guy once                                                                                                                     A Viet Nam vet standing cocked to one side on an artificial leg                                                   Times where different then                                                                                                                         Who knew I would be the last man standing                                                                                  Me and April together one day at a time                                                                                           With such a long long way to go

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We are in a continuous state of becoming with our environment I am becoming that tree just as that tree is becoming me It took in the carbon dioxide that I exhaled which became part of it and through photosynthesis converted it to oxygen which I inhaled becoming part of me I am the tree and the tree is me I am becoming that insect, that bird, that animal and other persons I breathe in the air they gave up Air that was part of them is now part of me just as the air I exhaled is now part of them Earth is becoming me and I am becoming earth It becomes me through the food I eat which comes from the earth directly or indirectly and I become the earth through matter that leaves my body waste and otherwise which returns to the earth to become the earth

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Lizard Dares

The Lizard lays in the Sun
It has no fear
Its Island is deserted
How will the Lizard survive?
It tastes horrible.
Predators know that from it’s bright colors
Tasty treats are camouflaged
Lizard dares the predators
Bite Me!
Not even a juvenile predator does
The lizard flicks it’s tongue
Scurries under a rock
The teasing is done

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Tigers living free

The beauty and grace as the Tiger cuddles another 
playing in the tall grass, they choose to hunt for food 
the mother,  keeps close watch on her pride.

The Tiger has earned the place ,in it's World . In the Jungle , 
however,  it is the Hunter that destroys beauty for fur , for wealth ?
What have we become on this chain of food ?

I want these Tigers to live free, without hunters in all their False Glory.
whom do these men think they are ? with what right do  they have ?  Only sharing what they believe is , a brave story .
How can you take  a beautiful animal from it's home, how can you call the wild your own .

Who are we to claim a skinned rug,  whom have we become ?
Sometimes I wonder in all arrogance of Man .
If we were on that food chain , where we would stand ?

Watching the beauty before your eyes , 
wondering in in the glimpse of an eye ,  will this one live or will this one die ? 
Only to be taken by a poacher for Glory .

As Karma exist , then these hunters will live again in a horrific story 
This time they will be the one hunted , and have cubs  they love so.
watching as the pride falls , what chance will you hold ?

You will have none for you have become one that you once hunted.
In the soul you will change places , you will be the Tiger in the tall grass
How long will you live free , how long will these precious days last ?

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Night Owl

It flies and settles on a tree branch,
waiting for fish to pop out of the lake,
to enjoy the moonlight.

A group of kids sits around a bonfire,
trembling with fright,
as they keenly listen to the owl's hooting.

"The bogeyman is being ushered in...."
one of the kids says, with a breaking tone......

Contest: Night Owl

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Gypsy The tumbling cat

I picked the epileptic cat                                                                                                                 The flopping twitching drooling cat                                                                                                         Who needed a helping hand                                                                                                          And I call her back when she slips away                                                                                          I do this because I can

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Pulling the Buffalo

Early morning the farmer 
pulls the buffalo to the rice field.
Before sunset the farmer
pulls the buffalo back home.

Day in day out, 
the buffalo learned to follow
the owner.
In the end the buffalo 
became the good follower.

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In the ancient arena of the Gods sport,
Men and beast face off against death's final battle
To live or die.
The king of the wild lands, seeks freedoms calling,
He chokes at the rope of captivity, with the sharpened
Claws and jaws of death at his command.
Men heave to control him, to tame him, but he
Has tasted freedom's wind and roomed
 Without chains heavy yolk.
Deny yearnings bequest, for that which
Lies within his heart, a noble creature,
Once a king amongst the beasts, he must
Be free or die inside.
A sacred statue stands in the desert,
It symbolizes Egyptian power and
The sphinx the blending of lion and men,
Joined together in the arena of the gods,
Born to be free, are both in the kindred
Spirit, of the desire to live.

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We turtles are special and have been revered All over the world for centuries. In the Americas, native people always regarded us As being sacred, symbolical, and mythical. Even Christopher Columbus when he crossed the ocean blue, Paid homage to us in 1492, as he spied a tiny island, Off the coast of Hispaniola, that reminded him of a huge turtle shell, Naming it “Tortuga,” the Spanish word for “turtle.”
Turtles like me are quite versatile, at home on either land or sea, Good weather, bad weather, it’s all the same to me. Freely swimming and roaming sandy beaches, It’s easy to seek protection between sharp rocks and crevices, Colorful coral reefs, sunken ships, And even hostile sharks and octopuses. With friends and foes I forage for food, Among tender seaweeds and crusty ancient barnacles.
Honorable creatures, calm, cool, and seemingly unhurried, We timid turtles trouble no one and mind our own business. Alas! Too many of our gentle kind have sadly disappeared, Some taken for pets, some served on delicate dinner plates, And some carelessly slaughtered. But fortunately for me, I’m the one that got away, And lived to tell the tale!
Date: 7/29/2014 Entered in contest “Turtles” sponsored by: Cyndi MacMillan

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Columbus did not America discover 
      take note
Twas the owl and the ***** cat in their 
      pea green boat 

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My pet

My pet is an E.T. come from far outer space,
In that incredible green morning full of grace,
Ready to take compassion on uncomfortable race.
I mistook him for a vainglorious giant green ant,
Or a friendly, playful silver chameleon vagrant 
In a strange green cage like an UFO, or a bright cube;
A changeable dark hollow sphere, ellipsoid or tube 
Was his environment, where he felt incredibly free.
A fullerene as molecule composed entirely of C,
Might resemble his changeable colors and forms...
Coming from other world, he had different norms.
Like a tortoise or a snail with their long life shells,
He bore his genetic and civilization dowry`s codes,
And no hesitation in polishing them in many modes
Of significant recollections as invisible diamonds
In some allotropes forms with recordable sounds.
In their world, the injured ET always may complain
Regarding the rude restrictive rules to self maintain,
And too severely lathe`s and Lathes` laws to bind
A submissive or subversive aim of washing mind.
If many faces gambles have gained a grinder at hand,
Deceived by logic, or urged by mirror`s command,
Whatever transformation and simulation`s tidy tie,
The judging common world expects our constancy.
In his multi-dimension space, my pet`s only obsession`s
A shift character shows multitudes of points’ collections 
By dragging a 0-dimensional object in some direction,
One obtains a 1-dimensional object and self-selection. 
By dragging a 1-dimensional object in a new direction, 
One obtains a 2-dimensional object as self-protection.
My ET pet is playing in his cube beyond the K-K project. 
Indeed ,he could collect an (n + 1)-dimensional object 
By dragging an n-dimensional object in a new direction.
In our world,this game seems to be a natural selection.
He lived upon the analogy that (n + 1)-dimensional balls 
Have n dimensional boundaries, beyond the buckyballs...

If he he had wings ,could we put him in a modern hen coop?
Our world build this as a new loop-hole or as an alarming loop...

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United in Spirit

The white Kermode bear or the Spirit bear is an endangered subspecies 
of the Black bear that is only found on Canada’s west coast.  
Thanks to the efforts put forth by Simon Jackson at the age of 13 in 1995 
and The Spirit Bear Youth Coalition which now spans 87 countries
all over the world; not only is this bear protected but its habitat is as well. 
The poem rotates from the voice of the bear to the voice of Simon Jackson.

where are they now? my brothers and sisters clad in snow- white fur our life supporting rainforest loggers, extinction on the horizon
passion born of the wild vision beckoned me a B.C boy my strong will, a voice became protect the white one, Kermode bear save its precious, fragile home
our numbers just hundreds, dwindling Simon Jackson, hear my plea your empathy I sense see deep sadness in my eyes ensure our salvation
Spirit Bear, your plight will be heard by CEOs, boardrooms, halls of government with my friends I’ll lead the campaign you will not stand alone in the night “The present shouts…the future whispers”*
your promise, resonates through these woods hope emanates from my soul Spirit bears, place trust in Simon our love for the forest he shares our lives he cherishes
to keep your sacred land our youth rises hand in hand we listen and hear your cause fighting for a greater good our spirits unite as one *Quote from The Spirit Bear Coalition website. Poem written by Carolyn Devonshire and Sandra Stefanowich

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Extinct Tiger Speaks

          Extinct Tiger Speaks

Sumatran Tigers are rare, in fact, extinct
I just returned from Sumatra Indonesia with my pet
A tiger so sweet I named it Peter
Since it went extinct I got it cheap 
First order of business was to make it speak
And gave it many treats to play with me
I growled at it for many days and weeks
In hopes it would repeat my roars
One day it looked at me
Questioned why I growled and roared
“Is something wrong with you
And with your mind and voice?”
It spoke in perfect English
Peter!  You speak!
The tiger of course was sore
My name is not Peter
Don’t say that any more
Call me Gregory or Greg for short
I went extinct long before you were born
Respect the dead and bring me hot pastrami on bread
I asked my tiger how it is he can talk
And if he’s dead…Why hot pastrami on bread?
He explained
“I might be rare… I might be dead… I might even be a tiger.”
Did it occur to you, the people who sold me to you
Gave you an exotic animal or creature 
It does not explain everything
But you did not buy a teacher
I simply want my sandwich now
Later we can dance and sing
And forget about such complicated things
Just think of me as Greg
Your purchased pal from Indonesia

                                             Created 7/22/14 for Animals Alive!  Contest

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Just Like Them

When one is offended by a mere word When one aggravates themselves with such little things I feel the urge to slap them into reality But lately I have become a hypocrite When one complains about their life When one stays quiet when they should reveal they’re wrong I glare and sneer at them Because I am just like them This rubbish known as uniqueness is killing me You haven’t told me anything That I didn’t already see That I didn’t already know You took that from her! You took that from him! God knows you took that from me

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My Life as a Caterpillar

I lazily stroll on a leaf,
carrying my fatty weight with me,
wondering how beautiful the butterflies are.

They tell me that they were once like me,
carrying their fatty weight like me,
wondering how beautiful butterflies are.

“To be like us, you will first have to stop
a caterpillar, and thinking like a caterpillar,”
they always tell me.

I leave it to fate, to see how time
re-designs me into a butterfly,
decorating the spring air…..

By: Teddy Kimathi

In: Personify Any Animal of Your Choosing Contest

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Just as if I'd

rocking the boat                                                                                                -    Hey Hey what are you doing                                                                                            There is a snake

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Come Take A Trip With Me

Come take a trip with me it more of a journey
Ride life's hi-way with me the thrills and chills of all the pills
Climb inside my mind after brain surgery when I could hear but not speak;
It was what I would have imagine doing acid or LSD would be 
not being able to speak or walk falling when you tried by yourself but as I got better
I could stand on my own after a week I could walk but talk it took longer and I was 
a BIG TALKER & WRITER but not so much anymore so when I do it is not for the prize 
I do it for me to prove to myself I still can 

Come take a trip with me down my life's hi-way
My road has not been long but fill with lots of big pot holes
First before I was a double digit midget I fell and cut my writing arm
thus forcing me to learn how to write again first pot hole
I was putting up groceries with my brothers and I was hit with a 5lb can of coffee
in the face cutting my nose 5 stitches second pot hole
Riding my horse in a race and was bit by the other horse and again stitches third pot hole
kidnapped in my teens but got away four pot hole
I thought when I got married I broke the curse wrong I flipped a pickup when I was 
pregnant 3 times me and the baby took our first steps together fifth pot hole
Then he want somebody to play with it took 5 years to get a sister six pot hole
His senior year I battled brain cancer I had brain surgery and the took out as much of the tumor as they could now my husband and children are stuck raising me 
I now have cancer low sugar seizures and high blood pressure but it wont be any of theses that get me oh no my kids will be the DEATH of me 
For with love come the greatest pot hole in life at the bottom is the most emotional
ride joy anger hate compassion kindness consideration discipline and wrapped up and sewn together with love so I know 
Even the smallest ants cast a long shadows
I have been gone from the soup for months ands Linda came to look me up and invited me to her blog it was because I had a grand mall and it sucked!


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If at dawn,
in the first splash of infancy,
the cherub falls to the floor like a dead orchid, maternal
blood shall stain the symbol
of creation, a man
without wisdom,
or self-reflection,
is duly disunited from the root of truth,
the jewel
that brands us human.

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Of Demons and Wolves

     Far above the ice and Snow
     An Eagle circles waters blue
     Wolves are silent as they run
     While talons grasp a Salmon's scaly skin.

     The twilight Shadow; wolf growling heard.
     Prey is scarce, the earth is hard.
     The meadow. The brook.  In Forest realm.
     A glint on Snow forms stories old.

     The hunt; circling.  The Stag now knows.
     With hunger pangs and snapping maws;
     The chase.  The turn.  The leap to throat. . .
     Red eyes in twilight as the wolves do feast!

     The moon is high where the wolves have stopped.
     An Owl swoops down to then next perch.
     Exchanges, leanings, teaching what?
     A wolf starts howling in the cold Moonlight.

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The Crystalline Tortoise

Permit oh Ancient Outgrowth:
Aeons have you so waited
to see the sun penetrate 
the stagnant, murky liquid.

Rise, fellow Leviathan,
holding the universe so.
Ferment the stagnant habit,
washing but all the crystals.

The pond disenables growth.

So dark, so deep, unspeakable
inability to further.

Such waters, hitherto, held our
hero tortoise, shell holding all.

It aged to form a carapace 
of green and gold and crystalline.

Colosus amidst such haste.
Rising it will shake its crystals.

I wish to be like this monster.
So humble and so vaguely soft.

Holding all on my naked shell
so effortless: the kinetics.
So bright, yet opaque in the dark.

Mark how it moves.
Aeons of cryst'l 
built upon one.

It looks upwards,
at the dimmed rays.
It knows I'm here.

Softly swooshing,
a lullaby
in the vast deep.

The idea 
has crystallized
into a shell.

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Sochi Scraps

Sochi Scraps
            by Odin Roark

Among my pen’s rifling
Hunting its own needs
His imagined snout moves across the page
Seeking out beggary nourishment

A shantytown of doghouses
Provided by an animal-sensitive philanthropist
Fills rapidly with the rush to save
Before pest contractors execute the kill
Collecting their bounty hunter payouts

So goes the life of a stray
Asking but little
A few morsels for staying alive
Needing but a simple discovery
Akin to a poet’s oft times
Elusive syllabic frustration

I stare at the foraging effort
The ink beginning to fill the paper
Becoming my mixed plate of empathy 
Abandoned animals can never know

In Olympic Village

Concerned over terrorist threat
Wishing only to stay alive
But another day
Many passersby remain homeless-dog indifferent
Unaware the poison darts
Continue seeking canine nomads

My eyes become blurred

My stylus pauses
I stare at the wall
Imagining Sochi
Or perhaps some other
Abandoned-dog city
Places I’ve never been
Save by make-believe
Ink upon paper


The howl
The whine
The cry of a frightened animal
Once heard
Is never forgotten…

Save by profiteer-butchers of Sochi

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la la la's just killing me

about who does or not does in literature
we meet so many dogs
barking dogs
biting dogs
all kinds of dogs
some with pedigree and those collars
with shiny medallions
or stray dogs for which
leash is their salvation
and their freedom has the effect of a yelping…
for whom saw Hitchhiker's Guide intergalactic
they know
rezistance is useless!
for others it can be a mouse literature.
white one 
sitting quietly in the closet
and nibbling on paper shelves.
what's behind the paper does not matter
it could be a trap
and literature not possibly be a rat

I do not know what is about with all the literature lately
But sure it's not the girl in the fourth grade
that girl who runs and
her panties always fall
or her teacher's fault?

 [I pray]
rezistance is useless
could be hell on earth

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ISN Am I A Dessert Butterfly

Am I dessert butterfly?
My wings harden each time I fly,
Against the sandy winds;
So, might my wings shatter
From all contrary pressures that I duel with?
I know they might crack or shatter someday
From over-pressured sandstorms,
Like I a broken winged dessert butterfly...

Like a broken winged dessert butterfly,
A raindrop's kiss is what I need,
So that I revitalize
My hardened wings and heart...

Only when a raindrop kisses me,
My wings will regain their former splendor and grace;
So that I can fly on and on,
Disappearing through a rainbow...

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The Hawk

The Hawk flys overhead
soaring everlasting in circles
around the poor field mice.

six o'clock.

The Red Sun is now parrallel
to the treeline in the West.
Six o'clock
The hawk dives down, like a speeding bullet
and snatches up a small mouse, who was walking
along the corroded barbwire fence,
with his sharpe and dangerous talans.

Six o'clock. Feeding time.
A lover is now gone from the world of field mice,
Just like that.
With the turn of a hand on a clock
Six o'clock.
With the rumble of a Hawk's empty stomach
now a fellow mouse is gone. Forever.

Sad, isn't it?

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One Little Butterfly -part 1-

-another older poem re-posting -sorry!

Dark winds blow in an unwept hollow Parting the dreary pathway to my abode A syringe of chills inject my quivering pores, A lifeless shutter—the single life near to alone The space between waiting for the inevitable pull of tears, The feeling of my hair swiping about my face, Relieves me little from the breeze of whispering disgrace, As light slowly begins to dim away I feel the ache of the chill freeze my veins, Because I remember…just how happy they were I see the warmth and smile of every face I see even her—dimming as the light fades Another shutter brings me to hysterics, stammering at the sky, Cursing the past—an alien-crazed lullaby Words fall in an abyss of stillness Never arising but arousing every inner bitter A once sunny resemblance of wing-shaped hope Is but a shattered illusion of fate The brink of autumn mutters reveries As fragments of summer and spring descend A flock of mirrored leaves—dry as death’s gaping mouth And colder than the stranger’s heart My arms outstretched—my tears aloof Eyes glued to the skies—where the treetops glower As the brown and tomb-stoned leaves began to shower One little leaf is suddenly seen within a gleam As the remaining sun droops its eyes in a pensive doze The wind allows those leaves to soar—only for a moment, till they drop My eyes remain glued to that gleam before me That one little leaf falls like all of the others But it is strange how it floats and sinks Lightly—charmingly—differently… Though lifeless, cold…and dead

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Paper Back

Slaughtered by the innocent blood lost long ago
Her reputation drops like soap in a male correctional facility
Tying up the oak tree, chasing fancy cars
Her leash finally snapped like yesterdays twig
I'm sorry to see your wife is back
The bomb on this town has been dropped by your top head look
Shrug your shoulders,
Stop whining bro, next time double knot the noose, 
Make sure the doors come in with double locks
Stop crying that the ***** is back 
Do yourself a favor, and just let her in


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the animal kingdom of school

here in the animal kingdom of school
where kids rule the halls
and the smaller, weaker kids get shuned
here in the animal kingdom of school
everyone preys on the smaller one
where food is more important than literature
here in the animal kingdom
where the anoeying teens scream and roar
where the weak get picked out 
here in the animal kingdom

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Sheep And Cattle

            Sheep And Cattle

The government issued citations today
My sheep and cattle are not welcome into town no more
They must wear diapers in the fields
And not allowed outside on Sundays
No more grain or grass for them, the complaint read
No more manure
It is a matter of manners 
Sheep can be used exclusively for stews
Cattle must become hamburgers and wear brown shoes
No more farting in the meadows
My animals give off gases which is against the laws of nature
Destroying the ozone levels in the process
Offending the atmosphere
I have no clue who creates these laws 
Politicians with nothing better to do
Someone needs to remove their heads from their posterior
Or my animals will stop producing food

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Rhino Pleads Against Extinction

When God created me He said Rhino
I want you to stay away from people
For they will fear your horn so much
They will kill you before you kill them

So He decreed that I should dwell 
In the thick bushes of the savannah
And there have my being and fun
Feeding off shoots, grass and leaves

Look after your horn, He said to me
I have been doing that for millennia
Till one day man came looking for me
He had a loaded rifle, arrows and a saw  

Before I could say hello something hit me
As I narrate this I am hornless and dying
Tell that man that I was created by God
So that man may enjoy a day in the wild

Tell him if he does not stop butchering us
God will send men by far more powerful 
And better armed to hunt him down, yes
To hunt him down and bring him to justice!

For God has given him enough weapons
For his ego and his selfish self indulgence
If he cannot engage in a sustainable utilization
Of what God provided him he is truly doomed!   

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It's a Serengeti Kind of Thing

The lion gently lies down upon the grass 
With great caution he surveys the vast plains ahead of him
What will he have for his noonday snack?
What will he have for breakfast tomorrow too?
He spots a hyena and a resting zebra
He contemplates the two choices…

"tsk…tsk…tsk…eenie, meanie, miney, moe!"

"Which one should I choose?"

The zebra looks so inviting with his contrasting colors
The hyena looks drab and boring but has a lighter flavor
Licking his chops he slowly gets up to pounce his noonday treat
The lion marches off into the Serengeti plains
He abandons his two choices for lunch and decides to go fishing instead

"Everything has a new perspective immediately after I go swimming"

Boy, this lion sure knows how to clear a pond
Hippos jump up from their muddy happiness 
And make way for the edge of the plain
Even the crocodiles clear a path for the King of the Jungle
There he goes again exuding all his strength!
The lion finishes his afternoon swim and goes back to his sovereign spot
There he reminisces and begins pondering again

"Hmmm, what shall I have to eat? "
It’s a Serengeti kind of thing!
He is the King of the Jungle after all!

Written by Gwendolen Rix

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The human being

The human being
a truly interesting
some may say that he
is a spiteful
on nature's horizon
Some may think he is
what enhanced the
alliances twirled  
everyday he is in
this planet

The human being
whether female or
without fail
feel sensations as
varied as the
majestic galaxies
organisms that can
be filled with great
emotion to himself
tangy, cranky
These are just some
hand-picked feelings
from the garden of
of which the human
being can use to
create a hearty hug
or a putrid punch to

The human being
an animal which has
many choices in life
which impact
whether to create
the most innovative
method to strengthen
or to nurture his or
her loved ones
whether to create an
eyeful cake
or to create a
hateful war
whether to be
confused and wait
for an answer
or to be the one one
who holds the answer
whether to be as
firm as a tiger
or to be the cunning
dainty mouse
whether to be the
or the leader
all of any vast
can be a humans

The human being
a living beast who
has potential
every one of them
have different
billions can do
anything and
they can make
machines roar
make ink in paper
speak adventures
that are restored
make jokes to
embrace the ecstasy
of happiness
make speeches to
inspire the inner
courage that we all
and I,a human being,
can do anything, be
strong enough to
live life,
have a soul to guide
me through this
complicated maze
and for that I am
proud to call myself
a human being,
an interesting

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with a devilish grin

she tread around me with
such mock care
with a stifled grin she asked if i was sure
with a teasing voice she narrowed her eyes
and looked as deep as she dare
perfumed and adorned but as alluring as
her spanish leather truth
so like a fool i made sure much to her delight
dance on the head of a red hot pin
dance on the heart of darkness with a devilish grin
the empty promise of her touch is as good as sin
she wears the apparel of luxuriant garden
but delinquent her self esteem like rose petals
fall scented to the illusionary waters of her dry as bone desert heart
she entices me with beckoning gestures
in this wilderness of heat
in this place of madness
as i lay now alone in her aftermath
i dream a dream of her that will be mine alone
long after the candles have died
i forgive myself
as i think would she
and live now to dream my dream
live now

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The Real Beast

The senseless murder of a beautiful beast
leaning on antiquity, the archer digging 
fingers into arrow and string he stares
pulling back, a clean rasping sound.
Straining his arms among the furrows of
snow, bent knees, he waits for the target 
to appear. His course boots snug in the 
earth, against his hands the bow angled 
firmly. Young rooted trees look like thin 
white rope hidden in the snow. One more 
kill and he'll throw it in the pick-up, just
like his grandfather taught him.
He aims and shoots. The cold smell,
the slap of his arrow hitting the target
he knows he got him. No thoughts
awaken in his head that he is 
the real beast.

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The Sphnx's

from crude beginnings came primitive man
learning to cope with natures darkened wilderness,
wild plants,wild animals,wild environment,and
day to day uncertain productiveness...

an animal by nature,commuting the body with inferior things,
sticks and stones became weapons and tools
the processed skills,from natural animal to human being,
as existing with nature became his first school...

learning to domesticate nature led to agriculture,
wild plants were tamed to mutiply with the seasons
the firing of earthly minerals was an ardous procedure
training the animal for it's second nature affliction
...the first yoke of beastly burden

communities arose as cooperation persisted
individual roles skillfully attained toward party progression,
utility became necessity,convenience due exisisted
rough beginnings of human civilization...

surplus became barter for exchange,
interacting regions brought goods from afar
the world began to open,to new ideas and range,
refinement appropriated to lessen the vulgar...

as trade became properous,communities became kingdoms,
debauchery became cunning,defense became an artform,
higher learning was reserved for the few,priestly royal wisdom,
as the masses gravitated toward security,considered low born,
...the second yoke of beastly burden

tyrants ruled fiefdoms with imperial fever
as the caste system slowly ascended it's elitist role,
the people endeavored,empowered by need to ward off invaders,
small bands became confederated tribal army,invincibilis sole...

some refused to toil as a beast,why commit as a sweaty worker
when with a strong arm and tempered steel,
rampage on the field was the common ideal of a berserker,
taking by every means possible,rape,pillage,burn and steal...
...the third yoke of beastly burden

unwitting captives became slaves to a new master
luxury forthwith at a bloody cruel cost,
freedom for the shackeled and the chained,couldn't come faster
excepting possible turn of events,all hope not lost...

refinement of industrial machines flowered
more labor needed in the factory and less in the field,
...steam,coal,hydroelectric powered
mass production from massive labor,extensive higher yield...

consumer goods extended to lines of credit
enough is never enough,even in the gulf of disparity
slaves now to individual desire,and can't overcome it,
creating a form of manic depravity...
...the fourth yoke of beastly burden


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Cat Kit Kitty Cat

Oh,flit,flat- I want to find my cat. Oh how I want to find that cat. Come on, cat, come and find a mouse and play in the house. I miss that cat of mine. Oh my little cat, when you come back, you will be welcomed by a big purple sign. Aunika Alch Age 11

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Flame in the air
When there is no fire there
But in the center
Is the dragon’s belly
Waiting to spew uncanny heat
For heat-rock is all it is

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What's on your mind cat

What's on your mind cat? 
What are you thinking every time you are looking afar, 
every time you wiggle your tail and every time you look straight to my eyes? 

What's on your mind cat? 
What are you dreaming every time you sleep from morning till afternoon, 
every time you sleep on my lap 
and every time you sneak into my room to sleep beside me on the bed? 

What's on your mind cat? 
What are you saying every time you meow with  round eyes, 
every time you meow with a demanding tone 
and every time you purr and glide your head through my legs and hands. 

What's on your mind cat? 
What do you feel every time I cuddle you, 
every time I carry you in my arms and every time I hug you tight? 

What's on your mind cat? 
What do you hear every time I call your name, 
call you kitty or call you my baby? 
Do you even hear me or you just pretending you don't because you don't care at all? 

What's on your mind cat? 
Sometimes you are warm but mostly you are cold towards me.
Sometimes you are like a sweet baby but mostly you're an independent adult. 
My affection for you only works for a few minutes and eventually loses its effect.

I may not know what's on your mind cat. It must be a secret. 
A secret that blossom into beauty that makes everyone unable to resist chasing you. 

Cats are like women they might be complicated beings but they were also made to be adored and loved.

By: Doris Jamoner
Date: 06/23/2014

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Story of turtles

We grew up listening to the famous race 
between the fast moving hare and slow moving turtle
in which the turtle defeated the overconfident hare
why don’t we turn turtle and learn its nature for 
the turtles outlive generations of others species on this planet 
they can protect themselves with sturdy shell shields 
the turtles migrate frequently and travel long distances  
they wisely understand ocean currents better than any else
the turtles have wrinkled bodies but also see many more seasons 
they are laid back and love stability and live long
mythology reveres turtles who supported earth’s creation on their strong backs  
and they draw strength from their meditation on the creator
they are friendly, easygoing and a patient lot
they may be cold-blooded but know how to adapt to all conditions
why don’t then we let them raise their necks high and learn from their wisdom?

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One Turtle

Speeding along a curved road
Eyes watching the asphalt’s twists and turns 
I happen upon a substantial rock
Lying along the road on my course
It takes a few seconds for me to realize
That big brown rock isn’t what it seems
The rock has a yellow neck, legs, a head and tail
That beckon me to stop despite what lies ahead
My reasoning forces me to ponder on it’s future
Will the next car around the curve stop for this comrade
Or will it be struck and left for dead?
I put my car in park and hurry to pick it up
One lonely turtle has found itself being removed
From the path of oncoming vehicles
Taken to the grassy side of the road
Facing the opposite direction 
In hopes that it will find it’s way far from
The impending danger of traffic
Now, this one turtle has a better chance
At living out it’s life at it’s own slow pace

©2014 by Regina Riddle
Written on July 25th, 2014 for FREE VERSE CONTEST...THEME IS TURTLES... 
FREE VERSE ONLY - Poetry Contest
Sponsor: Cyndi MacMillan

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Happiness lies in the simple things -

hearing birdsong when one awakens 
in the early morning
observing the morning sun
creating diamonds from dewdrops
seeing a baby's smiling face
watching a spider spin its web
feeling the bark of an old faithful tree
watching baby animals at play
being dazzled by brilliant sunshine
streaming from a clear blue and white sky

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      The courtroom was hushed
      as Marco entered the room
      Meekly he entered the
      witness box.

     His large brown eyes
     glanced at the judge
     as he made his oath.

     The prosecutor
     wore a frown that
     drew down his eyebrows

    Marco answered the
    prosecutor honestly
    Gaining the jury's

    He was Spanish and
    proud of his country's
    culture and history.

    He  came here with
    a heavy heart to bear witness
    to murder and torture.

    Marco recounted
    the bloodshed he
    had seen.  

    How fellow creatures
    met their deaths.
    Writhing in agony.

    Crazed beasts
    entered the ring
    taunted and goaded
    to the crowd's enjoyment

    He described how much
    he despaired at the torture
    of innocent animals

    His large brown eyes 
    became pools that leaked
    tears down his
    beautiful face.

    Now and then a sob
    came from the jury
    as they heard how
    little the crowds cared.

    The andalucian stallion
    described the nightmares
    he suffered and how
    fear cast a shadow
    over his life.

   Marco left the witness stand
   as the jury applauded him.
   The judge would decide
   in this court of animal rights.

   How civilised is humanity?
   Actions speak louder than words.

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Kitty In A Soup

            Kitty In A Soup

Our town has its usual vertical ups and downs and horizontals
One day a gray kitten still finding its way 
Discovered a long cylindrical corridor
A seeming hallway or in its tiny mind
Another place to play and hide
This narrow hallway however ran up and down
Not side to side in the usual horizontal way
Gravity took hold of the situation
And pulled the kitten down the drainage pipe
Stuck in the dark hole, the cat began to cry for help
It went from mew to MEW!
Soon giant men arrived in the loud trucks
Two thin long sticks like chopsticks were employed
The extrication was a delicate operation
Kitty was pulled out exactly like a tiny shrimp
From a deep dish soup in the oriental restaurant 
Mew was all it knew to thank the men in rubbery red suits 
Who sirened down the street after the rescue


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Go On

He asked what I was going to do with my life
My thoughts ran like a wild hog from Pakastaine
I wanted to take my time pacing my answer in strife
I had already seen the world understand
Already been through college
I was no longer interested in playing with the band
Life, long and lean wisdoms hardly seen
So many stories as I am slowly growing old
Already been through Nasa and left them green
What in this world would make me happier 
My conscious already have been deemed
I took his hand and explained like a fien
I didn't know yet simple as it could be

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Wong Road Taken

(With apologies to Robert Frost)

Four feet to the sky, he lay
in an attitude of surrender
confessing his sins
of hunger, of greed
of slavery to his quest
for surprise, for enchantment
around the next bend.

The Armadillo found
that life sometimes slings
death and destruction
and the road not taken
would have been the right one
had he known.


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My shew is no longer breathing
This I really do lament
My shrew is no longer kicking
I find myself in torment;
I wonder where its soul went;
Could it be Alaska or Benelux?
This death definitely sucks
For it was a creature, a tender creature
Whose system ceased functioning altogether;
Today, I can only see a bleak future;
For it no longer moves
For it no longer laugs
Such lack of noise and motion means
Tears in my eyes and apathy;
Life without you is colourless;
Such a tiny peaceful mammal
Who has never pestered anyone
I will really miss this animal
Since now I am truly alone
For my best friend is gone;
Its little heart stopped working
And mine since then is aching;
I could hold you in my hand
So much fun remains in my mind;
If only time we could rewind!
There's no therapy to get over this
No alcohol since I'm a teetotaler
No video games. I loathe them
I can't focus on chess now
I can't read poetry like this
My shrew is always in my mind
But nowhere in my life
Just a cold still body
It's dead. Dead.
Like my joy.
But worry not, my little mammal
This won't last long...
I will see you soon, my lovely friend

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We have a new cat.
Peepers has small eyes that slant,
Are watery bright.

Took this stray inside,
Took her inside from the cold.
Nor hesitation,

Made herself at home,
Claimed family membership.
Happy a few days,

Then she grew restless,
Parked herself by the front door.
Something was missing –

The great out-of-doors’
Air of freedom was calling.
Back she went outside.

Peepers is half wild,
As are all kitties half wild.
All need their freedom.

The basic instinct - 
Freedom – man and beast alike.
Please don’t coop us up.

Gone  but a short while,
Our Peepers came back to us
Stayed another while.

Need? Security -
Need for man and beast alike.
Then, too, must be love

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Animal Chain Atocities

Animal Chain Atrocities

No longer a bucolic photo op
bedecking a cover of Life magazine

Free grazing
pastoral images
now but bewildered enslavement

Animal commodities
factory farms and feedlots
CAFO habitats raising
sixty billion a year for dinner tables


Hi-Tech slaughter
football fields long
alethic poor
four walled ovens of another kind
debeaked and toe-chopped fowl
jammed in cages
made to stand in
assembly-line putrefaction

Wing stretching impossible
starvation strategy amok
lights off
long darkened days
lights on
long trickery days
springtime in winter
maximized egg laying
appeasing breakfast-insatiables


Newborn calves
early prep
castrated within hours
crunched in miserable confinement

Brown and white fur for acres
a canvas of massacre
a sea of cattle
mooing for survival
moving mass
no escape
no Blue Grama Grass
Buffalo Grass off prairie
Yesterday's folklore


Three months before execution
feed dumped in highway-like divider troughs
grain fattening
ears implanted
anabolic steroids

Day of reckoning

Strong herded forward
weak cattle forklifted to their feet
into the slaughter chute all
hoisted upside down
eyes staring wild at blood drenched killing floors
fully conscious
skinned alive
legs cut off
while sport and laughter
fill the air

With stunning devices
electric pods
any not working used to hit
pried open mouths
more prods electrifying

Next stop

Happy meal pleasures

Hardly the American myth
cowboys herding cattle on the plains
for today
big dumb gentle beasts
chewing what cud they have
know not their horrible fate
becoming tomorrow night's
rib-eye steak in the making

Pigs and hogs

No Orwell's Animal Farm here
these pigs
with three-year-old-child-intelligence
used to thirty miles a day travel to
interact with natural environments
live their highly social and active nature
are today
but tormented boars
castrated to barrow identity
jammed in small pens
no light
no mud
no straw
trampling each other
bloody fights
infections rampant
death prolonged
slaughterhouse waiting


Pulled upon sharp hooks dangling
from overhead conveyer belts
bolt bullets shot in heads
bringing death
sliced-open bellies
rush of blood and entrails
all witnessed by live pigs
hanging from their own hooks
waiting their turn to become
sausage for pizza
holiday hams
shame for the conscious

Even arid winds of desert
pity the suffocating innocent
beneath airless breath of
eroding Nature's senses
promoting profits over compassion
technology over natural food
confusion over honesty


They live
these beasts
only minor rungs removed from us
incurring unnecessary suffering
for human-kind entitlement

Evolution's process
openly disgraced by butchery
while Man's dying conscience
remains mute

Who are the animals?

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I Must Hurry Up And Wait

Punxsutawney Phil thats what the humans call me but all the hedge hogs call me Harry I wish the humans would have call me something simple.
The humans make a big deal out of one day a year my only day of work for the year.
I have to hurry up hurry up Harry you have to get up! Well I am push out of the box 
and in thru tunnel to run a if I stop well I hear all the humans yell Punxsutawney Phil
where are you until I have to come out and if I see my shadow well we all know what 
that means. The humans will be disappointed for a few more weeks but if I don't the cheer so my job is done either way.

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First light at the Zoo

The swirling mist seeps in and around
Animals about to rise and animals that fall in slumber,
Creatures who sleep alone and some in many number,
 The fingers of sunrise reach every beast from every continent,
 Be it reptile, mammal or insect,
 The keepers keep sentinel,
 It is a wondrous, unique place that people adore,
 Watching animals they could only dream of seeing and to explore,
 Hearing the roars, growls, hisses and screeches,
 Taken from Jungles, deserts and beaches, 

 Gathered together for all to view,
 Whatever the season
 There’s no other feeling like visiting a zoo.

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Loyal As A Puppy

            Loyal As A Puppy Dog

My gal has Earth tones all over 
Since she comes from this planet, not another
Eyes of granite to watch the skies of blue
Old Faithful is a famous geyser
Not my girl
She is an old geezer, as loyal as a flea
Lies with any dog that happens by
She sticks to me like glue…more like a tic
Since I am rich….and stupid
My woman loves me all the time
But drops her pants right on a dime
In front of others
I think she wants their money
Or maybe for them to rub her tummy


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Blue Bird

This lovely bird!
Have you seen him 
At your window?
Have you  heard?
His sweet singing in forests
Not babbling! To you
Spill the beans.  

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Sit down wind -trickle down free verse contest

Why does Tilly*
break smelly wind
fed good food
best can buy
why I  wonder
do I try
to sustain levels
maybe I might
just only buy
any cheap meat
this might work
or just maybe
sit down wind
nostrils shut tight
breathe through mouth
sounds so uncouth
poor old Tilly
such a bind
that she has
wind that smells
so yuck

* Tilly my old rescued Boxer *****

Penned 17 July 2013 for trickle down free verse contest. 

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Black fruits - in french -

Fruits noirs

Sans qu’on y prenne garde,
Le ciel se tisse du grillage
Sombre des branches.
Elles  s’étendent  chaque année,
Et chaque année,
Grignotent un peu plus d’espace,

Au point de parfaire une voûte
Et d’arriver à se rejoindre,
En confisquant le peu de lumière,
Stagnante, sous les dernières
Feuilles de novembre,
La sève lentement rétractée.

Une pluie insistante, et froide,
Corrode la symphonie des ocres
En une bouillie sombre et gluante…
Les buissons moroses abritent
Aussi des fruits noirs,
A la densité lourde.

Ils pèsent de leur deuil,
Leur poids d’approche hivernale,
Et font oublier les envolées légères,
Des passereaux insouciants,
Qui se poursuivaient
Dans l’azur cristallin.

Ce sont des corbeaux    ;
Et leur noir luisant,
Semble une menace anthracite,
Barrant quelque part,
De branche  et branche
La lumière et la joie .

Without being beware,
The sky is woven with wire mesh
Of dark branches.
They extend every year
And every year
Eat away a little more space,

To the point of making a perfect arch
And arriving to join
Confiscating the little light
Stagnant under the last
Leaves of November
Sap slowly retracted.

An insistent rain and cold
Corrodes the symphony of ochres
In a dark and slimy mush ...
The gloomy bushes shelter
Also black fruits,
A with heavy density.

They weigh their mourning
The weight of winter approach
And make you forget the light flights,
Of careless sparrows,
Chasing each other
In the blue skies

They are crows;
And shiny black
Seems a anthracite threat
Barring somewhere
From branch to branch
Light and spirit of joy.

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Life of a she vamp

My heart started thumping My blood soared fast It was time! I slowly opened my eyes And saw, Darkness surrounded me Darkness filled me up Darkness and my hunger I lifted off the cover of my coffin Stretched my limbs And climbed out It was time! Time to enjoy a good hunt Time to kill a lost soul Time to be What I am! A hungry Vampire! Once I was out of my cave The cold tickled me The breezed caressed my body It felt wonderful Oh a little bit of sex would not be refused Yet, My hunger was stronger My stomach needed to be fed If not, I would die! Here he comes A loner Lost in his dreams Lost in his struggles He walks As if he had no aim With a cigarette in his hand When I pounced on him He hardly had time to shout When I sucked in his blood Life flew in me Made me so strong and bold That even Mars recoiled Scared at my power! The body would never be found I threw it in a deep pit! I had the night all for me No more hungry I chose to dance Who knows I might even mate! Till shall arise, My sworn enemy That which can kill me within seconds The bloody sun!

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Wolf Works

            Wolf Works

Not your run of the mill wolf, my fur is shiny silver
My left legs are stronger than the other two
Every day it is a struggle to prove my place
In the wolf pack pecking order
I am the center level in the group
Fever in my mind, in my blood, I strive
Salivate to compete, positioning to be number one
The lower and upper members of my pack
Attack my good legs to keep me down
On the hunt I jump just like a crab, sideways, then pounce
I know, crabs don’t jump but you get the picture
Licking my chops, tongue hanging like a liver, panting
Ice cold breath arresting the bloodied moment
As my teeth sink in the captured prey
Left legs did me well as I devour the premium parts
My partners stare at me and pace
I guess they are saying grace
If they take one step closer
I will put them in their place

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The Art of Eating Like a Man

There is something 
about eating a rack of ribs
that makes me feel medieval.

I feel like a portly and bearded Hemingway 
in a bulky fisherman's sweater 
after a bullfight when 
I ingest barbecued pork.

Beads of testosterone 
bleed out of my forehead
as I eat.

A man does not utilize 
a prissy and feminine set of utensils
to neatly slice and daintily dice 
the tender meat from the rack.

A bona fide man will clutch the ribs 
with his creased and hard-working hands,
sink his incisors deep into the roasted flesh,
and with a quick forty-five degree snap of his head,
will shred the dead animal’s brawn from its bone.

And like the full-bellied lion 
who rests in the verdant shade 
with gazelle blood dripping from his lips,
the man who just finished a rack of ribs
will lean back in his chair,
rub his enlarged stomach,
while not realizing that he’s wearing 
a moustache of barbecue sauce.

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a thousand times I call your name
throughout the day
like I always would

you'd come frolicking around the corner
always making your way
to me

a thousand times I swear I feel you
brush up against my legs
like you always would

a thousand times more
I forget your gone
because you should be here
not there

but I know it's an oasis
one where your lungs are restored,
your breaths aren't shallow
and you're eating all of the tuna in the world

a thousand times I swear I wake up
you next to me
on the other pillow

I can't help but sleep against the wall
afraid I'll roll over on you

and then I wake up,
pillow bare
no indent
and the reality takes toll
a thousand times I've prayed for your soul

but in the end,
I'm alone

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Flash is an extra special cat
He’s damn smart, knows just where it’s at
Flash aint very big but he’s tough
Stands nose ta nose when things get rough
His eyes ablaze he’ll stay and stay
Till the other cat turns away
Tip of one ear’s off – never fails
And he’s lost half of his long tail
Best about Flash, I must admit,
This tough puss is affectionate 
His purr’s so sweet, not his growl
Favorite dream – he’s on the prowl
To those who claim their cat’s the best
I’ll just say – put ‘em to the test
As said, Flash aint big, but he’s tough
Stands nose ta nose when things get rough
His eyes ablaze he’ll stay and stay
Yer poor damn cat’ll run away

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A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes

Cinderella, a misfit from her family
after a long day of work
locks herself up in her room
with her animal friends

Waiting for a prince
to take her away from her miserable cellar
and letting her animal friends stay
This is how I feel today

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White Ant

It tip-toes around
Or buzzes above
Its wings trailing behind
Like a bridal train
But unlike the bride
Walking towards new life
Your life is short and uneventful
In a few days
You will be dead.

As if you wish to deny your fate
You lift you bridal train
It transforms into a pair of wings
Which you spread towards the skies
And then you 

Minutes later you’re back
On the ground
Staggering around
Your beautiful train is gone
You were a hopeful bride
Now you’re a desolate widow
And your delicate gossamer wings
Lie next to you
Like a torn 
Beauty that was once your
Is no one’s.

In the last minutes of your life
I should like to think
That you’ll look back fondly
On your short
But glorious

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    She lay there
    In a pool of blood,
    Eyes vacant,
    Tongue protruding

    Her body lay
    At a awkward angle
    In the dirt.

    Life for her angel
    Was shattered
    Like a mirror
    Unimaginable fear.

    Her killer stood
    Over her calmly
    Nudging her with his foot

    The calf shivered
    Horror engulfed him
    As his mother was taken
    And he stood alone
    No mercy.

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Mope around, 
Quietly, quietly.
Don't make a sound,
Until you do. 
Scares me.
Look up, 
Eyes kind and innocent. 
Soft and pristine,
Light, quick. 
Unaware of the worlds hate.
Soft purr, 
A gentle song to sleep.
Why are you so lovely.

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We Never Leave

Lying down beneath a tree, I listen
The wind draws whispers from rustling leaves
Stories stir in the ravines of the bark
They make me smile mostly, but sometimes I cry

The wind draws whispers from rustling leaves
They are left there by birds and moss and rain in roots
They make me smile mostly, but I cry
When I hear of worms wriggling to sidewalk suicide

Left there by birds and moss and rain in roots
Is the promise of life and an energy that connects us
When I hear of worms wriggling to sidewalk suicide
I see that life, all life, is wondrous and strange

The promise of life and an energy that connects us
Makes me look at my arms, imagine them covered in bark
I see that life is wondrous and strange
That I am part if it all, the bald eagles and the mud

I look at my arms, imagine them covered in bark
My feet become roots and my fingers become leaves
I am part of it all, the bald eagles and the mud
They were here long before me, yet they speak in my voice

My feet become roots and my fingers become leaves
Stories stir in the ravines of my bark
They were there long before me, yet they’re told in my voice
Now you lie beneath me, so listen

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The Cat's Pajamas

A housecat,
Orange, Plump.
Stalking dustbunnies
With high ambitions.
Self consumed
With imitations
Of ancestors.
Giant tigers and regal lions
are emulated comically
By this chubby domestic.
The never ending battle
Of the red dot.
Warfare with the feather.
Abushing houseplants with zeal.
Ackward leaps that fall short.
Oh, the irony of the cat,
To whom the livingroom is the Serengeti.
And yet are not the big cats immitating the small?
Even Lions may purr,
And Tigers sleep the day away.
Large teeth and claws
But dreams of peace and litterboxes.
One day
I hope
That every cat,
large and small,
may learn to purr in contentment of their own situation.

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Little prince

His royal bloodline
can be traced
to the temples and
pyramids of Egypt

Killer instinct
fully intact, 
but no longer

Regal bearing
in every

He sits nobly now, 
on this humble 
throne of pine 
and carpet

Waiting for his
master to groom 
his mane and
serve his dinner

Little prince

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I was about 10
I went to the local swimming pool
I noticed a bee floating on it’s back
It’s legs spinning frantically in the air
I scooped him up gently
And transported him safely to the side of the pool
With as much dexterity as I could muster
I turned my hand over to set him free on dry land
He wouldn’t let go
I shook my hand gently to encourage him
It eventually fell off but stayed on the ground motionless
Then the pain struck
I turned my hand palm up
There in the very centre was the sting
Like a barbed hook with attached umbilical
It pulsed
My hand throbbed
I was instantly minded of a saying of my nan
“no good deed goes unpunished”
Or that’s how I remembered it
I sobbed silently
I took to swimming underwater
So nobody would notice my tears

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There once was a kangaroo
He couldn’t scare things by saying boo
He put on a mask
And scared everything out of its wits
He even scared himself

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The Night of Unleavened Bread

Matzos slip into their mouths
Voices project merrily...tonight is
The night of Unleavened Bread

Lamb and other delicious
Meats and veggies... satisfies our taste buds 
What a splendid night it is!

Wine's brewin' in our wine cups
The dinner table - creates pleasant talk 
During this meaningful night

There's moments of quietude 
When it comes to de-leavening our lives
But, there's moments of gladness

On this night of peacefulness
Cheesecake - a delightful treat to savor 
During this night of pure bliss

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They were gathered round the billabong
to try to work things out
but all that was being emitted was
a right Caxton of sounds

All were jabber, jabber
and some pushing going on
jostling each other for space
none wanting to be left out

At last the wallaby said
whoa, stop I say STOP 
and quiet finally fell
Lets give the chair to cockatoo

He can perch up high 
from where he can 
keep things moving
so watch for his signal

Cockatoo opened the meeting
and first called on Dingo
you get everywhere Dingo
what have you heard?

Dingo says I heard the humans
they are going to cut down
the blue ridge forest
and build many houses there

That can not happen
it is our home
we will have to work together
if we band we can delay their work

So the animals agreed on a plan
the big animals would sit in the roads
slowing the trucks down
While the monkeys would hide their tools

Snakes would wrap their bodies
around the marked trees 
while the birds and parrots 
the workers they would bomb

All this drove the foreman to despair
the work fell further and further behind
We could build netted fences
but that only stops the large animals

The Wet will be on us 
in less than a month
if the land is still un-cleared
all work will come to a stop   

I think we need to reconsider
and turn the Blue Ridge mountains
into a reserve for them all
there are plenty of other places

Where we can build
that do not have many animals
lets leave them the ridges
then we and our children

Will have a sanctuary
to come and watch these fighters
they have shown us the errors
not all land should be built on

At the next meeting
Dingo told them you are safe
your homes will be left untouched
all we all have to do is show our faces

Pose for the odd photo
amuse with a few tricks
and in return
we can live in peace

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Do Not Disturb

          Do Not Disturb

While walking through the bush one day
Hot sun burning the planet to a cinder
I happened upon a black mamba snake
When I say “happened upon” I mean stepped upon
The creature had no legs or toes or shoes
It knocked me off my feet with one swift strike
Signs all over nature read, “Do Not Disturb”
If only I could read I would have read them
Instead I’m feeling a little woozy 
Thinking about a nap
Perhaps a cracker with some tea would perk me up
With luck I might make it to supper by three
Or the cemetery

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The Cub

He was born with 5 others in the cave
at first, blind, small and helpless
relying on his mother for his needs
just a little ball of fur and limbs

Swiftly he grew, doubling in size weekly
now taking an interest in his surroundings
tumbling and rough housing with his siblings
learning all he would need to know

His mother started to bring back prey still alive
so they could practice their catch and kill skills
each day he explored a bit further away
excited by the sights, sounds and smells.

At six months he left his mother and siblings
now he was on his own with territory to find
he was not yet strong enough to fight others
so prime territory, at present, out of question

Becoming nomadic he ranged far and wide
returning sometimes for a day or two
just biding his time as he filled out
the following spring it was now his time.

He returned to the valley and challenged,
soon met by the male who ruled here
they fought very evenly matched for hours
At last our cub was the victor of all

Not knowing that his rival had been his dad
for such is nature, red in tooth and claw
savage yes, but the fittest must survive
To ensure the prosperity of future generations.

I have deliberately not said what animal I wrote this about but left it open to reader

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How unlike a cat is this
slender dash of ink upon the page,
this pinch of print, this little line
of punctuation, adding
its mere millimetres of meaning,
black against white,
significant in its separation
of segments of the sentence,
imbuing words around it with a dab
of consequence or moment.

How like a printed dash
is my black cat,
stretched and stark against the sun-white concrete
of the distant yard baking below,
separating nothing but atoms of air,
elongated, luxuriating,
significant only in herself –
a piece of furry punctuation
that tells us solely that it is,
and needs no function to perform.
By itself, it is of itself,
answerable to no one and to nothing –
except the rain, which has just arrived,
suddenly, in slapping, ponderous lumps,
to soak the stone page and darken it,
and drive her dash to drier quarters.

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Eagles Dream

Soaring through the sky
Floating on air
Masquerading flight
Do what no others dare

Swooping, diving, falling
Screeching, hear your calling
Up on currents ever free
This is the eagles dream

Glory in flight
Wings of splendour
Vision in sight
Raptor in view

Swooping, diving, falling
Screeching, hear your calling
Up on currents ever free
This is the eagles dream

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One Little Butterfly -part 2-

Coming down my way, I let the leaf fall onto my palm As little tingles of warmth console my shivers It lands as the others fall to the ground Some pass me—others sink around in submission My fingers gently wrap around the fragile thing Afraid that the wind may pull it away As I familiarize with the touch and gaze upon its design, I begin to realize this treasure is not a leaf at all Though it had befriended the tree far before the ghosts of seasoned bliss And now the tree yearns for her again—an obliging host Yearning for that one little butterfly wing, falling with the leaves Caught in the warmth of life that soon will freeze For they had to move on…it was their choice to leave Just as the butterflies migrated toward the warmth My friends—my strangers…have gone away One little butterfly stayed behind Left alone to face the brink of autumn’s glare Sorely soothed by the embracing despair Always different than the rest—beyond compare One little butterfly stayed on the tree And one wing fell on me Though cold, alone, and dead Together be

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little girl

little girl with blue eyes.with blonde curls.A sky blue dress.And a basket full of apples shes bringing home to mama.
Little girl crossing the meadow.Not very far from home.She waves at nearby rabbits peeking out of rabbit holes.She walks with a rhythm.She hums a little tune.Shes only eight years old and she does not notice the sky is turning a dark shade of blue. 
little girl takes a nap in the meadow.Just a short one she says and slowly closes her eyes.
She falls into a deep sleep dreaming of butterflies.
Bobby day was a lonely boy.Looking for comfort.The little girl had treated him kind.She also had beauty before her time.He looked down upon her sleeping in the meadow.a basket full of apples laying beside her.
Little girl awoke to night fall.She awoke to Bobby day staring intently at her.
Bobby was a predator.that's what her mama always said.Lonely only because he had women scared.He wanted to take her home but the little girl knew better than that.
No one but bobby and that little girl were around.In the dead of the night only the hoot owl saw what occured.It was an accident bobby will testify .She fell backwards and hit her head as i tried to grab her .I didnt know what to do when blood trickled from her head.So 
I carried her to the river and threw her body in.But i did not kill her.It was an accident he said . the judge felt sympathy and gave him four years.But for the rest of his life that little girl would haunt his memories.Knowing that his own actions may have inadvertently caused her to die.

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A kaleidoscope of life swirls,
Rising and retreating,
The aura of its abundance joyously alive
With honeysuckle rabbits 
And the pine needle sweat of children.
All animate, a scent in the air,
Breathed on a lightening wind
Of creations God intended
But never got around to.

Rankness ascends to rhapsody
As freshly turned fields
Of soured milk and socks
Stoop to mock the dead fish
Floating by the docks,
Because it stinks of cheap cologne.

These sharp, shimmering images,
Their dance becomes diffuse. 
Then disappears.  
With the
Of the

Miraculous visions
Lost...then forgotten,
In the instant of my ecstasy
At the familiar scent of home.    

This poems origin sprang from curiosity about why dogs seemed to like hanging their head out of the car window so much.  It occurred to me that their sense of smell is so developed that they probably form mental images from the odors in the air and that the rushing wind must be like looking through a kaleidoscope to them.  Colors on top of colors or for them, perhaps, smell on top of smell, forming a rush of images until the car slows down - at home!

*Did you know a blindfolded dog can still identify individual rabbits?

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Cat Crimes And Misdemeanors

     Cat Crimes and Misdemeanors 

Five cats came into town in a 57 Chevy 
To rob Bank of America with AK-47s 
They blew in through the doors with a meow
Demanded attention…now!
No one would pet them
Patrons cringed in fear and fell
This was no ordinary crime
All five were charged with trespassing among other things
And that was just the beginning
Detectives figured out quite quickly
Cats don’t drive old cars, especially kitties 
Who have no licenses or opposable thumbs
So they could not pull the triggers 
Old widow, Mrs. Peabody, the driver of the Chevy
Took her kittens with her for the drive
A deposit, the only thing on her mind
Thank God it was not a capital or high crime
But she and the cats were fined
Charged with misdemeanors 
As for the AK-47s
They were toys strapped to their sides for fun
Cats only meow.  They don’t shoot guns
They don't commit crimes
That is, not at this time

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Africa II

Little girl standing tall
High above
What told of mighty fall
The world is lost
No hope no trust
But in dark country
In to solid stone
Home is cast

Bright fiery sunsets
Vivid starlit nights
Jackal calls
Lion roar
Little girl 
At peace with world

Sun dried earth
Mighty beasts
No defeat
Just voiceless rumbles
Mighty and strong
Little girl no longer stumbles

Running wild along with beasts
Feet barely touching worldly deceit
Scorching African sun
Beating down
Freedom finally found

Little girl stares into made flames
Seeing old life old thoughts
Smiling at her untamability

Little girl standing tall
Arms outstretched
Face lifted to heaven
Drenched in new life
Sacredly touched
Finally safe
Thanking The Creator
For His amazing grace

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Meadow Reign

A swelling in his nostrils bulged.
His crooning bellows off distant cliff.
The bull elk’s mane expands in rhythm
Mates are sought through distant forest.

Challengers may seek a struggle,
but, must withstand his bending thrust.
The raucous song of crashing antlers,
will defeat all rivals with sharpened tines.

The heard is now his ruminate kingdom.
Females submit to his aroused gestures,
like hooves sinking into the soft meadow.
The rut procures new lives in spring.

When wildflowers are grazed on hillsides,
until the summer grasses sustain,
and falls dried stalks consumed,
winter’s trees provide twigs for browse.

Fear does not drive the regal elk.
He will stamp the dust against bear and wolf.
Their marauding paws and slashing fangs,
cannot defeat his burnished rack.


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Edge Of Nature

            Edge Of Nature

In beautiful thick, somewhat visible fields, sun burst through
Reveals bright orange and yellow flowers in a sway
Brushed, aided by a somber breeze in sleepy peace   
Black horrific elements terrorize with hurricane like forces at that moment
Raging with rain, tearing through the nearby forest, destroying the scene 
Shadows in the ominous clouds scream and curse the calm

Sweet tiny birds sporting red and green, dart through light and dark, come to 
Finding clear stream water to refresh and enjoy the day
Observe remnants left over by the storm, then fly off, focused on the cool blue 

Night is the enemy, ready to kill at will, mercy sleeps oblivious
To the fierce hunger, natures passion fulfilled, predators pace, wait their turn
Death grips small animals as they slip from being into nothingness

Bunnies leap for joy in the morning dazzling day as it cracks open
Dancing on cleared carpets, stumbling past debris, rolling towards merriment  
Play like children in the golden fields, charmed by chance, just at the edge of 

Change races on with the calamitous rain downward
To rocks that know how to hold their own in the deluge
All seems right with the world in this orchestrated paradise  

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If We Could Talk to the Animals

What if you could talk to the animals?
Would they tell you some new insights?
Would they tell you that they have been holding out on us humans for decades?
Perhaps since the beginning of time?
What if they knew secrets about the universe but they had to keep it under lock and key?
What if they were actually the superior ones and we were the ones out of place?
Now there is something to contemplate!
Nah! I don’t believe that to be true, but I do believe that if they could talk they would
I believe they would tell us about world peace and living in harmony just like they do
It wasn’t Noah that called them all to the ark
It was the Spirit of God and that is who they listen to
They take cues from mankind, this is true
But when it comes to the big stuff
They get their orders directly from the Creator himself
So the next time you think you are in charge of an animal
The next time you think you are the one leading them
Reconsider this bogus thought and remember who orders their footsteps
It is Yaweh
He is the One

G. Rix

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When the ether settles
and fortune bellows
and eastern stars make haste
to rise
Says one cat to the other's jazz
let not the crystal trade your
For growing roads like trees
or babes
a constellation mayn't foretell
Like ore, a mineral deposit found,
such plaster curves
and muscles drive.
The cat with jazz then
made aware, did leave his iron
bars aside
And south by east
the stars they ride.

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Lady Sinister

Lady Sinister
With an animal carnage
She will never sleep

Staying in her lair
Where she traps, where she hunts

Innocence arrives.

Foaming at the mouth
Sensing the next to be hers
A matter of time

She breathes confidence
And can taste ferocity 
In her habitat

Her eyes will deepen

Like a stalker in the night
She moves onward forth

A snap of the mouth
Her bloodthirsty sadism
Leaving her satisfied

Lady Sinister
With an animal carnage
She will never sleep

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What Am I to You

Young, precocious child with the mind of an old, wise man
Strolled herself outside with a notebook in hand
Looked down to the frog and asked him, "what's the grass to you?"
The frog replied, "whatever the rain is to the grass."
She asked the grass, "what's the rain to you?"
The grass replied, "whatever the cloud is to the rain."
She asked the rain, "what's the cloud to you?"
He says, "whatever the sky is to the cloud."
She looks up, her eyes shine bright.
She asks him, "what's the sky to you?"
He replied, "whatever the moon is to the sky."
Never bothered to ask, "what about day?"
She looks farther up, spots the moon
But the moon asks her, "what am I to you?"
"Everything?" She isn't sure.
Suddenly all the creatures of God spoke to her and said, "for we are everything to you, you are everything to us."
She goes back home and sheds a tear
For even the wild beasts know better than the people here.

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Pretty Little Singing Bird

Pretty little singing bird
Pretty as can be!
Singing, the sweetest melody
Serenading me
Pretty little singing bird
You make my heart sing!
Pretty little singing bird
Will you be my friend?
With my love of writing 
And your sweetest songs
We can make the world
A beautiful place
With our own personal, unique style
Pretty little singing bird
Don’t fly away!
Did I scare you?
Won’t you stay?
Be sure to tell your animal friends
To come visit me soon!
I love you
Pretty little singing bird
You are, my sweetest friend!

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Kill Room

Unforgiving cemented ground
Chaotic yearning echos 'round
Breathing seething sour fume
Hollow icebox makeshift tomb

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The Bird and Bear

There once was a bird that had lost the ability to fly,
Beneath her the dirt, where once there was sky. 
Unprotected and alone, the bird chirped a plea,
She was unable to soar and unable to flee.

Alone the bird braved the frosty breeze,
Surely with time, her feathers would freeze.
Along came a bear, which was as white as the snow.
The bird couldn’t flap- she had nowhere to go. 

He cradled the bird within his massive paws,
He thought she was beautiful and didn’t notice her flaws.
The bird felt his warmth and saw his perfection,
The bird was quite brave, not fearing dissection. 

She trusted the bear with all of her heart,
There was never a day where she’d wish them apart.
Nestled in the bears fur, there was no fright,
She had forgotten her wings lacked the ability of flight.

Although most would be astounded,
The bear taught the bird how to live and be grounded.
He helped her learn about herself, who she may be. 
And in loving the bear, the bird’s soul was set free. 

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Tank with Goldfish

Sometimes we see a glint of gold or red
emitted sudden as a warning through
the greening water of the old square tank outside,
an evanescent wink from just beneath
the awning of the lolling lily pad.

Within this viridescent bulk of water pushing
against the stark and square formality of fibreglass,
the teasing crimson twinkle
frees our eyes from what had become
the prison of their gaze in which they were held
unblinking by the flat rigidity
of unremitting quadrilateral form.

Once more a gleam of carmine charms our eyes
into the still, green patina of this exotic liquor –
another world, so far removed
from our dull logic of normality.

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A Pigeon Eyed

A Pigeon Eyed
A pigeon greeted me
 When I was at it, reading
Walked herself in through the ajar ingress
  She sniffed and picked from flaw floor of scattered grains
She swiftly savored them one by one
  Through her beak to the neck
Conveyed to the gizzard and the next

Her visitation, the wonder I long evermore
 Only that she was terrified at first our eyes met
She wriggled, quivered, stunned and then flew
 An august visitor I would love to welcome once more

         © A.O, 11/9/1435  - 9/7/2014

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 Christianity slips away in times like these; 
 ashamed of crimes committed.
 Bloodshed without remorse
 tears out the heart of the innocent.

 Unfeeling the mighty
 ride the steeds of Satan
 as they unleash their barbarity.
 Using and abusing to their advantage.

 Twisted Mankind sees no wrong in
 destroying Mother Nature and
 crucifying its fellow creatures.

 “They are lesser beings”, 
 “they feel no pain” taunts the 
 Son of Adam.
 The crucified line a dark road
 in Man’s triumphant blasphemy.
 A calf can be heard calling out
 for its mother in the darkness.
 Whilst a lamb hangs limply oozing blood.

 A lamb was once before crucified.
 Blessed are the meek.

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Precedence On Presence

Your clenches to fight serve you a five
Whilst all I get are aces and risks to the highest
I might be your next of kin, if you prefer to look at in that way
But in truth to sincerity, I am the animal behind the wings
I fly in and about whence I please...
I am the root of humanity
Flourishing, in the garden of evil.
In the jaws of hell, where all fears to be eaten are beautifully dealt
Where kind acts mean not a thing..

Where night illuminates the dark
And daylight brightens the morning flock
Where yesterdays float in and about as they please:
Tomorrow feeding our futures a kindly-melded mellow yellow boat
Winking in our eyes an unexpected surprise

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The Brawl

For the moment I merely watched him
Running back and forth in his home
I am patient you see
I am full of time plenty
I am the sly one in the darkness and I am hungry

So I waited, all day I waited,
All night I waited, I waited, waited, waited
And in the morning he came out of his house
I waited no more

I struck like a black bolt of lightning streaking down from the heavens
As if Death itself had ripped across space to sever everything with its scythe
I screamed down from heaven and struck

Only to find him leaping up and over me
To tumble in the air and land behind me
I landed in a crouch...
Peering around over my shoulder I gleamed at him

He for his sake I saw glaring back at me balefully with eyes and one hand beckoning me

I snarled

Spun around and lashed out with my whip as I did
He ducked it,

With the speed of sound my fist struck him
He blocked it

Out came my foot, and then the other
He evaded the first, and caught the second
I rolled and struck him across his face with the first

Again I landed on my feet

He staggered back and with a back flip he was ready once more...

He wiped his nose with one hand
Bade me come at him again with the other
A sly half grin on his lips

I charged this impudent fool
Changed direction, spun around
Out came my whip
Out came my foot
And he leaped over my whip
Flipped between my foot
And struck me twice with his own
light kicks to the face meant to shock me more than hurt me

We parted and circled each other
Looking for openings in the other's defenses

And there because I am patient I found it
A chink in his armour of skill and technique

He was mine
Again I rushed him in one smooth fluid motion
Twin kicks, the whip, my fists, and head butt, knees and elbows
In blinding fury, speed and in the space between thought it was over...

He retreated blocking the kicks,
Ducking the whip,
Avoiding the fists left then right
Catching the head butt in his hands
Countering the knees with his knees
The elbows with his elbows
And then...
He did the impossible

Defeated me

Rolling backwards he slammed my head into the wall,
Sliding from beneath my crumpling body with his feet
To stand ready inches from my limping body

I remember thinking then as my eyes closed to the world
"That's one damn tough hamster," I get out of the Kitty Clinic in two days

I want a rematch

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Monster Wonster

Mr. and Mrs. Wonster work for the icky-sticky school, While baby Wonster goes to wacky tacky toddler day care. When they all get home, they play in the pool. The next day, they run into a sharing caring bear, While walking their monster-wonster dog, Who politely offers to take the dog for a jog. They all eat monster-ponster pizza at lunch To drink was tonster-monster-sonster punch. After lunch little Wonster takes a nap in a big blue chair Scrunched together with his tonster-monster blanky and teddy bear. Aunika Alch Age 11

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Nightmare on Thanksgiving

Gobble gobble I run from you.

Gobble gobble I don't want to be in your next stew.

Gobble gobble when will this end.

Gobble gobble maybe 9 or at 10?

Gobble gobble I have tripped.

Gobble gobble I hear the dogs come like a whip.

Gobble gobble I don't want to die.

Gobble gobble as well. Deep fried.


(Voice of Morgan Freemen: Thus ends the life of a turkey he could of escaped if he just flied away but that's not how nature works.

Maybe he was fed to a family or to an animal we may never know, what we do know is never wish to be a turkey you just may end up as Dead Meat.) 

(This has been a PBS Broadcast Thank you and for consideration by viewers like you.)

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Poetry Group

I arrive early for the meeting.
Row upon row of chairs
face forward, like a flock of sheep, 
nose to tail, waiting for a shepherd.

My grandmother raised sheep,
cows, pigs, geese, and children.
Grandpa buckled under tuburcolosis,
leaving her seven kids to raise.
"Waste not, want not," served well
as a mantra over rugged paths,
and pastured her fleecy days.

With no aid from government,
church, neighbor, or relative,
she prevailed where others failed,
sharing the bounty garnered 
from those wooly mammals 
of endless grazing.

As these empty chairs fill,
what shepherd will lead us
into the fold of words;
power words for change,
wisdom words for growth,
magic words for dreams,
with teeth piercing to the core,
strong jaws for chewing,
and sensitive tongue
to taste those other words
floating around these chairs
of tail-wagging writers?

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Penguin Dance

When one sees the penguins stand
in ice born storm at minus forty
why don't they move to a better land.
They stand together and don't complain
then they walk to the sea again.

What do they do just standing there?
looking up at snowflakes fall
do they wonder and compare
the snow flakes size and weight'n all
perhaps they ask how many in a bunch,
Mostly I spect they think of lunch.

Why do they nest on hard cold ice
far, so far, from the water's side
with no food and no bed thats nice.
Do they stand about with pride
And think of food and dream and wish
about their sea so full of fish.

Do they wonder about their children
with a parents welling love,
what do they hope for their baby.
And do they tell their fluffy young ones
about the stories their father told them
as they stood on their grandads feet.

Do some dream of slick fast swim
arrow sleek through high light waters
of sweeping curve and fish fast turn
as they stand on ice hard water.

How do the baby penguins feel
when first they see the ice cold water,
are they eager but full of fear
is it then a heaven for them
to feel the wonder of achievement
of the dance, a water ballet.

What is it to be a penguin
to be a wobbly bumbling comic
who waddles wobbly with no grace
But soon is born to the water.......
and graceful dances in the wonderous sea.

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hungry eyes

the point is followed feeling hollow
heavy and leaden
my case has yet to crack
the potential there
 none the less

sweets and whims
keep my mouth a river
while I split hairs
frozen and thirsty

playing with my eyes
if only I could watch you fall
through the dark circles 
iris a portal to the cage 
where you are trapped
the only company my heart

eager for these thoughts to feed
i build my own fire
and it rages on
 the smoke, the only witness
animals in the distance
shadows can only listen
Id rather forget youre there

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Warm Heart Warm Hands

            Warm Heart Warm Hands

Evening fell with blizzard snow along the lake
It had turned to a thick smooth sheet of ice
Shades of gray black set in with the twilight
Ghost images of swirling snow
Changing forms and shapes over the frozen surface
Vanished and came to life again as I approached
I have been lost for hours walking aimlessly in the shadows
Of tall pines and blinding drifts
To emerge from there to here, no hope in sight
Then, through the obstructing snow, danger approached
A large gray wolf moved with conviction in my direction
In erratic movements left and right it stalked
Trying to hide between each snowflake to attack
Sizing me up as a meal or snack
The beast launched itself at me
Hysterical red eyes, dagger large fierce teeth 
Demon growls exploded from deep within the beast
Sounding from a long history of savage lineage
To intimidate and frighten me 
As it lunged full force to seize my neck
The long gun was at the ready
Fingers nearly frozen to the trigger
I fired the death shot to the brain
The sound roared through the valley 
Quickly, I drew my hunting knife
Slit its belly clean open
Plunged both my frozen hands into the beast
To feel the hot wet flesh and organs of the creature
Blood and heart stopped pulsing but served their purpose
I could feel tingling in my fingers, so
Frost bite had been averted
I stayed the night side by side with the animal
Warm heart warm hands till morn
Sun burnt open on a new day
And with it this spectacle 
Blood and guts
Some surreal survival
As I wrapped my bloodied hands in the green scarf
Marched in the direction of a glow 
Coming over a snow covered landscape
Altered by the drifts
Still lost with a long way to go 


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I saw the coon dog
Crossing the road in front of me
Head hanging down
He moved suspiciously
Then, as I passed by him
My window down
He turned his head to look at me
A question in his dark eyes
Are you friendly, he asked
And I smiled, whispering under my breath
God bless your heart, sweet dog.
I so hope he found a good home.          

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To Kill The Choctaw Cow

           To Kill The Choctaw Cow

The Choctaw Nation Oklahoma, with proud and noble people
Hunting is our nature and our way
Pretty Tail was a family member, a friendly cow
She gave us milk for many moons
This is the story of her kill 
My father Bully Ten Foot is our chief 
Old and ill from living beyond himself
Hills and tent on prairie land, filled our purpose
No game to feed us so our cows sustained us
Food was scarce through winters blasting bite
Pretty Tail stayed just outside my tee pee every night 
Years of her soft moo would sooth me off to sleep
Starvation steeped in desperation came on hard 
Crops failed, grazing ended without rain
Pain became the Choctaw, as one and the same
An Indian man must always be a brave
Must know his reason within nature and the nation
Bully Ten Foot honored me, with the sacred task
My hunting knife and I took Pretty Tail down below the neck
I slit her deep within her throat
She bled on me her blood, a river of sorrow
For hours I let her do so with her last drops of red
And held her tight as my best friend
Made sure my tears spilled over into her blank eyes
And cried for her, in her place
Never again will I wear hide or eat a steak 
But I ate her brains for power
Rode at great speed on angry stallions back
Black, with strong memories in mind
And opened up inside the plains releasing spirits
To send her off
From Choctaw Nation 

9/24/14 Divine Intervention - Poetry Contest


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A Cat's Midwife

Knuckles deep in a cat.
The spongy flesh pulses around my fingers
Each time I move inside.

Her stomach undulates
As if it was alive.
Wait-- it is.
I am trembling.

Her pained meows
Offset by the mewlings
Heard from within her.

The first head pokes out,
Slick and red
Staining the scratchy towel underneath.
Then more, four in all,
Pawing clueless about on the reddened fabric.
Their eyes still shut, yet they see the world.

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      -Dharga Nagar Safa!

The frog in the well,

Unable to look,

The well what the frog's world,

The turtle in the shell,

Able to look,


The shell what the turtle's world!

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The snow crunches under my toes.
I feel like Frosty, wrapped up and poofy yet bitterly cold.
Cracking ice, frozen breath, my nose turns a painful pink.
I scoop up snow without gloves,
To examine each individuality...
My life-long curiousity with Wilson A. Bently's science.
My fingers tighten and prickle with cold,
so I follow animal tracks home.
I, bundled and cheerful,
Amble home from the frost to the hearth.

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I spot the seeking eyes
Curiosity in the one
Utter savagery in the other
The paws geared to pounce
The claws unsheathed to slice
Staring, admiring, petrified all at once
Frozen still, choking stiff 
I’m like a deer caught in the headlights
Waiting for the inevitable strike
Her nostrils smell my fear
She encroaches ever closer
Ever so slowly
A near crawl ever so softly
Ever so silently
I’m beginning to think that maybe she’s not there
Maybe this is all an illusion
Her spots hypnotised my mind
Already defeated, I’m numb 
Her movements broken by light and grass
I heard a sound like the cry of a soul in her purr
And saw the screams of darkness in her spots
Echoed through her weaponized fangs
Even her growl’s camouflaged
Acoustic like bones cracking, like twigs breaking
In her powerful breath of decay
Spotted cowering like a spotted hyena
Spotted hiding
I spot her shadow
Aloof, vision proof
Spotted preying
Gone in a flash

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The wiley canine creature
strutted in the winter sun
through the back yard, light on foot
no care in the world
A stretch, a yawn, a funny dance
not noticing the audience
of human creatures peering
through the back door pane
Oblivious until he came 
within arm's reach of the house
The glass - the separation
between children and the beast
A lovely coat, a dream to watch
he really should be out at night
But on this day he brought us 
all a garden show to delight

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The Ledge

Every morning between 7:00 AM and 7:30 Am
I f you looked through the bathroom window
You would see a most beautiful sight.
There were three deer on the ledge;
Father, Mother, And Babe

They would stand there for an hour
Then they would go back into the woods
You could set your watch by the deer
on the ledge

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(thinking of better weather right now :)

Tranquil waves gently crashing the lake shore. 
Tight-knit family units of Canada Geese,
all on a mutual hunting mission as they coast along the choppy waters.
Various shades of green consume the surrounding hills.
Summer voices of children playing that bring back memories from another lifetime.
Just cool-enough breezes make music as they chase eachother through the trees 
and give lift-off life into the wings of cardinals, crane birds, and geese above.
Again and again they soar into the everlasting, blue sky
while reminding me to take another breath.

Only the author of the heavens could create such a beautiful, living portrait :)

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Ravishingly Black

They could be heard across valleys
With their screeching echo
Flailing above tree height 
They’d flock in their thousands - the Black Cockatoo
Like nature’s eclipse, they would descend in clouds

All great gangling wings
Flapping madly at each other
Swaying this way and the other
A perch full of hysterics
Oh ravishingly black

Black raucous baffling broils
Of beak n feathers and 
Snapped off sticks and nuts
That crack and pop from
Ancient giants tall

All crowded in crowns
Hanging and swinging and larking about
A jest from the nest
Others cuddling n kissing
Fanning tail feathers – pretty

But now they fall
Their numbers appal
Thrown out of their homes
Death by starvation, another species lost
But who gives a toss…

A red tail feather once so common
On the forest track
As we yearn for their call
The lone screeching echo
That haunts the valley floor

We no longer hear the vanquished
It’s only when they’ve vanished
Will we truly pray for these ebony eccentrics
Of the Australian bush


28 August 2014

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I Love You

She said it
while walking
to go to 
I could not
but I heard
Plane as day
the 1st day
   of October
Today at the 
a lady bug
got on me
and stayed
   with me
on my pack
all the 
on this
second day
   of my
to the grocery

PS I Love You 
         TOO !

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King Cobra

     When spoken to talk lightly,
     I have no good advice.
     A King of cobras answered me
     What he told me then was this.

     "There are different things to say
     Different things to do
     A different path to choose
     A different way that you lose. . ."

     I didn't hear you clearly;
     I didn't catch your name.
     Fire burns my conscience,
     But no one is to blame.

     "Others walk a silken thread,
     Others never knew.
     Little are those things I know
     I never knew I knew."

     A cobra and a liar;
     A Beggar and a thief!
     A missing intuition
     Without meaning of belief.

     "You then are other things you say,
     You are half a day;
     You would answer callously
     And I would go away."

     Who would ask me what you know?
     Who would like your name?
     No one told you endlessly
     That I am just the same!

     "Walk or talk in bargains;
     Sell me for a price.
     Your conscience has the upper hand,
     And I was never nice."

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Blessed are the Meek

Into the carnage
He came.
Aloof, noble.
Pure of heart.

All around him
Fear shouted.
His fellows,
Crazy in panic
Losing hope.

He stood his ground
against the brutality.
He stood proud, unafraid. 

He brought
comfort to the
A light in the darkness
To be sacrificed

I dedicate this poem to all the horses who faced fear and suffering in the First World War. Beauty amongst the carnage.

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Oh Wandering frog

Something caught my attention while I was walking down-town.
Something rather odd and sad happened.
I motioned and strolled leisurely across the street.
Something averted my gaze away from a pretty, petite girl on the other side of the street.
O what a strong distraction! Or is this just instinctual wandering of my brain?
No, something green crossed my path in close proximity. 
My gaze reverberated off the beauty to a green, little frog near my feet. 
Oh what a magnificent creation of evolutionary work!
Wow a frog in such a civilization. What brings it here? I wondered curiously.
It stopped in front of me as if demanding my attention.
I scanned the frog inquisitively, it was afflicted apparently.
I was oblivious to the transparent plastic around his neck.
A tight plastic constricted his neck, I could sense his breath shortening.
Oh no! He was on his last legs.
I removed the plastic in his neck, but it was too late.
The little frog gave up, it lay there motionlessly with its eyes open wide.
He passed away, what a pity.
I caught myself in a deep sea of thoughts, life ended in front of my eyes. 
Goodbye little friend…
One tear cascaded down my left cheek.
But why are we so indifferent? Yes, us the humans.
Why does civilization matter to us more than anything?
Why is it slipping our mind that we share mother Earth with “others”? 
Unlike our ancient homo ancestors we have sophisticated brains…Why not use them wisely?
They deserve a chance to live like us.
Let us love them and protect them for this is not only a human planet. 
Goodbye little friend…     

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Elio Del Tore

There goes the man that the town calls EL TORO;
they call him THE BULL for he is six feet and five inches tall, 
three hundred and sixty nine pounds,
he did not have to fear any other man.
He walks kicking the dirt of the unpaved road,
breathing in the dust that he has lived on since young,
for this town is not fancied by brick or tar pavement.
The children call:
The bull recognizes the young voices that call.
Mi nombre no es EL TORO ninos, es DEL TORE.
My name is not THE BULL children.
He replies to the small faces that do not listen, but instead,
climb his back and grub and nudge their dirty hands,
to see who could conquer the living tree.
Elio laughs at the tickling of their bodies around his
and pulls them off as they were fleas.
The Bull laughs once again at the children chants.
The Bull is a peaceful man, a humble man, a man of good wealth,
but only the wealth you could feel from someone's heart.
His name only for his looks for he has no anger in him,
no irrational behaviors such as the animal that he shares the name with.
His sand skin sweats, as he continues his path of rubble and broken glass,
leading to a large yet still a shack of a home, 
but still delights the face of people such as he.
For even though it has no fresh paint, and insulated walls,
it is still a shelter, a roof, a place to call home.
The Bull enters to kiss his mother, that rambles of the neighbors,
and their chicken in their yard.
Si Mama
Yes Mother he says and continues nodding to her rants.
He carries her out of bed and places her in her chair,
so she may watch the outside world that she could not walk.
Yes Mother
He keeps telling her, not truly listening...
But this time he's unintentionally listening, 
the sounds of a child crying could be heard not far.
He excuses himself and goes outside to see a boy run towards him.
The boy reaching Elio, hides behind him and cries:
He's after me! The lone bull is after me!
And before Elio could question, there was the large black lone bull.
Eyes red from irritation, breath coming out hot from the sun,
the bull started to ready his charge at EL TORO.
Stay back
he said to the frightened boy as the bull charged.
The boy yelled covering his eyes...he slowly opened them,
when the quite sound of curiosity took over.
And there was EL TORO, pushing down the bull, making the animal sit and give up.
Passer buyers saw this and cheered him.
He only smiled and said:
My name is not The Bull

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Bunny On The Run

            Bunny On The Run

A precise touch with thin wet brush of subtle multicolored paints
Whites, burnt umber and a dash of reds on nature’s landscape   
An artist focused on the clock’s gentle stroke at midnight
To strike at the beginning 
Then takes his most genius leap into the scene 
Lands on the canvass carving out the dark 
With a spot of green against the barren forest
Aided by a lantern light aimed at the favored target
To capture the fury white bunny on the run
Scrambling through the brier patch without a scratch
The tiny woodland creature takes its own leap around the swollen trees
Darting through and over thicket 
Contrasted against the backdrop of the perfect moment
The artist captures the bunny in mid flight
Applies the final touches to his masterpiece
That jumps right out at you at the museum

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Crusty Shell

Her last name hammered 
like the first sight of her.
She rarely descended the hill
where her guineas laughed at your coming.

She wore men's clothing, and brushed aside 
as other women's dresses shunned 
her uncommon appearance. 

Loud and brash, 
she brooked no nonsense, 
but delivered my sister 
when Mother had no one else 
as the pains took her down,

and greeted me with a big grin 
on her large, rugged face
whenever I climbed the hill to visit. 

Did caring for her many animals 
give her a soft heart, hidden 
behind that crusty shell?

Odie Stone left an indelible impression 
on a young girl's life.

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Filled with my books and papers and secrets
I can't remember my combination
47 right 27 left and then what?
Am I locked out or are you locked in?

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Such grace, such panache, such gait
As he takes his long, slow and
Steady strides everywhere he goes
All have no choice but to stare
At his sweet, long and slender legs
Broad chest lined with muscles, so refined
They so befit his slender figure
As he approaches all the ladies fidget
Their children scurry about the place
But as soon as he sees her, he knows
And begins his chase as they engage 
In what he perceives to be foreplay
She runs flies about and tries
Her best for speed but he persists
As he gets closer, she gets desperate
But her desperation and fear brings
With it perspiration and her strength wanes
In one final drive fueled by desire 
He closes in, holds her down and beds her
Defiled she shakes herself clean and gets up
PROUD he moves on with a swollen chest
Bright eyes and a head held high
Feeling that he has taken what is rightly his
As he moves on children return to their mothers
Who had all ran for cover
Appeased the cock holds his peace
Waiting for another chase later in the day.

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In the very earliest time,

 when both people and animals lived on earth,

a person could become an animal if he wanted to

and an animal could become a human being.

Sometimes they were people

and sometimes animals

and there was no difference.

All spoke the same language.

That was the time when words were like magic.

The human mind had mysterious powers.

A word spoken by chance

might have strange consequences.

It would suddenly come alive

and what people wanted to happen could happen -

all you had to do was say it.

Nobody can explain this:

That’s the way it was.

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Punxsutawney Phil Speaks

What’s that noise I’m a hearin’ just above my head
Man, what is wrong with you can’t you see I’m in bed!
Hibernating throughout the winter is such a cushy thing,
But here you come again bells a ringing; always a wondering
About my dag nab-bit shadow, my eye sight, 
and the weather that’s leading up to spring~
If’n I had my way I’d still be sleeping!
You’d think with all the new technology the weatherman would get it right…
But, Nooo… the Mayor has got me up and I must face my plight;
If’n I sees my shadow, I must do the shake as with fright.
DJ don’t you dare crank up that music…
No coffee, or chi tea for me,
The effects will make this ground hog weak in the knees…
Just do me a favor if’n you’d please ~
When it’s all over put me back in my home so I can catch some ZZZ’s
This is Punxsutawney Phil signing off saying hopeful weather; 
Good Day to all, I’m going back to bed,
Have a Good Night!

Contest: Punxsutawney Phil Speaks
Sponsor: John Lawless

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Gunnar Draft

I know about a man of the early morning, a simple man. No man of deep thought, accompanied by those who do not. He is a man that very much enjoys the cool lush grass. He likes to take his shoes off while he works, to feel the dew between toes, on his chest and his face. In stillness and pain incomprehensible; all thoughts are halted. What follows is profound silence, which is when the beast lifts the earth, dense muck. Limbs strained and back arched, a fresh ditch. Or a resting place?

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Keeping Them Safe

Mother rabbit builds
a cozy burrow
underneath the soil.
She brings her babies
and covers them
in her own fur.

She places them
in the flower bed
near the front door,
a spot well chosen
to give protection
from the wind.

Pansies and petunias
sit in their boxes
crying for the soil.
We give them water,
waiting patiently for
a later day to plant.

The cats perch
on the windowsill,
twin heads turned,
eyes glued to her den.
We keep them inside
for babies’ sake.


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Squirrel In the Attic

Come down clever rascal!
Abandon your feast of hoarded acorns,
the sugary flesh of ceiling joists,
the communal indolence of 
the other rough rascals who 
bed with you 
in your makeshift mead hall.  
Unclench your tiny fists and 
learn to detest the sound of them
pounding out their feral jazz
‘round midnight.
Come down clever rascal
and study our cruel civilities.
Come down clever rascal,
and fill your black eyes 
with isolation.
Come down clever rascal,
and let go your savage music;
dance instead to the snarl of hunting dogs
and the exterminator’s grim baton.
Come down clever rascal,
and take your medicine - 
like the rest of us.     

©2013 William R. Macklin

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My Shell

Hide my head,
A rock, so still,
Not moving and scared,

Uncover a paw,
Then another,
Peak out your head,

Look around,
Take in the view,
The shell, once my prison guard, now my  protector

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Escape from dark hours

She comes from interstitial spaces
Where thoughts are born tangled
Promises built up, helium soars
Lending railway scorn to nighttime turning

This dark hour blankets trusting groping hands
Banging every opportunity in sight
To find a grip with swollen delight

An agreement's vacant ditch
Everyone robbing for themselves
What the world wouldn't give

So crawl into a ditch fuming
Let your belly feel the ground growing
The highway still burns with retching sounds

Back to her, wiser than before
She pulls me tighter and wont let us escape

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Those long bus rides 
between Urbana, Illinois and Wheaton, Maryland 
were all in the interspace,  
hours of smooth nothingness punctuated 
by jangly nothingness 
at change points like Cincinnati and Pittsburg. 
Blurs in memory, dreamy, 
taste of intensly needed sandwiches 
and the desperate need to be clean. 
Long half-sleep voyages 
through fantasy, through needle-sticking 
drives, erection, thirst, 
looking out of the window for relief, 
only to see darkness.

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Snow Man With Ice Sky

            Snow Man With Ice Sky

Little girl’s hair blew tumbleweed wild
Straw like in the blistering heat waves of day
Rising, oven hot, from rocks and sand
Punishing orange sun grew taller in the sky
Burning her lips and face to red 
The young thing got lost along the trail
Left the wagon for a moment
To answer the call of nature 
It was only over a hill, over there
She got distracted by a lizard
Its show looked something like this
Rear left leg, right front leg went up simultaneously
Then, rear right leg and left front leg went up at the same time
Its long thin tongue came out to taste the burning air
She followed it with fascination
Lizards run very fast
Her feet took her away where she still walks
Lost, under the punishing sun, out of breath
In a pretty yellow dress

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Felis Domestica

Revered, worshipped and idolised
For many a century past,
This model of faultless divinity
Continues to capture our hearts.

Clandestine, profound and bewitching
Epitome of pride and decorum, 
A splendid work of nature’s fine art
Enlightens our lives with its aura.

Enchanting eyes reflective in light
During stealthy nocturnal ramblings, 
Carnivorous stalker of boundless endurance,
A feline vampire of unfortunate prey.

This diminutive tiger of domestic dwelling,
Switches from aloof predator to loyal 
Ally at the crossing of the threshold,
Expressing contentment with a deep vibrating purr.

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End of the Family Picnic

We walk him to the 
edge of the meadow,
at the very border
where the sun gets
snuffed out by shadows.
There are so many
mysteries in the dark
that only he may see
or m
aybe not.
We keep inventing hopes.
It's in our nature and
he is still here
with us in the sun,
but only for
the last few moments as
he needs to depart,
only the last few
moments of 
light in his eyes.
"Good boy," we say
as we always do
to comfort him with habit,
and touch his lonely head.

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Till the Morn

A cool stillness within the air, 
Stirring of awareness within
I open my eyes to see you there.

Within a fingertip reach,
Yet I can not move
This moment to savor and keep.

Muscles ripple under, 
A soft snowy coat
A voice like thunder.

Silvery mane and tail,
Arch of the gods-
Yet soul so frail.

Oceanic lightened eyes,
Protector of all
Hearing my broken cries.

Wings settle upon your back,
Kneeling beside me-
As night creeps thick and black.

Till light comes once again,
Beckoning you forth
My believed friend.

Though as we dream,
Within these words
Night birds scream.

Into the lands we once knew,
My darling Pegasus
It's heaven for me and you.

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Wild, not quite Free

It's call unique,the Elk
dissolves the morning calm
seeking its mate and new charge
all living at large
in winters woods.

Hunters hungry, saw the cow
the wind blew her way, she knew
stared, stressing, ushering
as her calf came
all lowered their rifles. 

"We will find other days and ways,"

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Weight of the World

slowly I tread water weight of the world on my shell who invited the elephant donkey sneaked aboard gravity of a city’s weight bears down on me
*Written April 29, 2014

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A Giraffe's Tale

A Giraffe’s Tale

A 20 foot giraffe walked up to the balcony window
Searching for some croissants and tea
What he found caused quite a stir 
As a rhinoceros head was mounted to the wall
He decided to devise a plan to set the rhino free
But when he looked for shackles he couldn’t find any
The he decided to tippy-toe up the winding staircase 
To the room where he saw him from the window
He stopped to nibble on gingersnaps and warm tea
As he slowly backed up his long neck became tangled in the chandelier
And then he saw the old rhino just hanging there
He had no smile
Then he noticed no legs
He looked in the next room to see if the rest of his body was behind the wall
To no avail!
He discovered the rhino was the main course at a poacher’s breakfast
He got dizzy and fell to the floor
When he woke up all he could remember 
Was looking for the remainder of the rhino’s body 
It was just a horrible nightmare
Then he woke up from his sleep and thanked God it was just a dream

Written by Gwendolen Rix

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I look deep into the forest
On a cloudy rainy day
I see a crow perched on a dead willow tree
Staring at me, as if waiting
I stare back
Watching its dagger eyes
Pierce into my soul
I start walking towards it
I’m mesmerized
The beak chipped on the left
I continue to walk forward
A feather floats down from its side
And kisses the ground
A shriek bursts from the crow’s mouth
I proceed forward even with warning not to
With each step I take forward
The ground behind me turns to ash
The flowers wither
The sky turns black
But I cannot help but walk forward
I hear buildings being engulfed in flames
But I cannot look away
I can’t go back now
I feel so close
The crow is unmoving
My world is still burning
I’m so close I can feel it in my bones
I feel myself getting weaker
My world falling apart
But I keep going
I must reach the crow
Pulling me towards it
I look away for a moment
And I see all the destruction
I could have prevented
But it does not matter
I must finish what I started
I reach the tree
And there is no crow
Just a dead willow tree
I rest against the rotting trunk
And wait for a crow
That never returns
But I will never leave
No matter how much the world burns
Because one day that crow will return
And I will be here waiting
No matter how much my world burns
Even if I burn with it. 

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The Zoo has its door opens.
A car goes backward
Into the Valley’s wall.
It’s a need
Jungles’ animals
In the loosing. Cage.
A silken blackbird
Smiles at the elephants.

News rolling in.
There is a click.
A criminal laughs
At the crocodile.

I done. 
No more.

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A bee

A bee is an amazing and wonderful thing,
That is of course until it shows you it's sting,
And then it will die, as all things must end,
And now you will live on with this wound now to mend.

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I Cannot Sleep

I Can not Sleep
music in darkness
twisting all around
tell us from night and day
sounds clear and far- yet close
Different shades and hard to see
Flying from mountain to sea
Mysterious at times
Nature adores
your intellectual happenings
on and off shores

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Simple devotion

They comfort us in their silence
showing us love without words;
Their simple devotions make us nobler,
asking nothing in return  

A few seconds of our love
and their tiny hearts are filled;
How much they teach us about giving,
asking nothing in return

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The Rooster

His skin, with the texture of gravel,
And the color of lava; he is The Rooster.
He possesses a look of determination,
Originating from the depths of his charcoal pupil.
At a first glance, a volcanic eruption is a fair comparison.
His eye is the sun, tinted with red, exploding with yellow.
The hairs, ever so fine, sparsely lay upon his face, 
Almost setting boundary lines around his eye.

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Velveteen Rags

Curled tight, in a warm and trusting
Ball of brown fur and love.

Should I ever see her heart,
I would expect it to be far too big.

So often a chin sweetly rested upon
My conscience, of her innocence.

I cannot bear the thought,
Of those dark days that left their scars.

Her playful and persistent nosing
Begging for a smile and a rub.

She gave me the priceless opportunity,
To save at least one soft and true thing from this world.

Should the bough break and all else fail, 
The feel of velveteen rags will be my final request.

*Written in honor of our dog Daisy, the most loving creature I have encountered, who I had the privilege of rescuing from a local animal shelter.

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The tale of disblief

I run, scared.
Breathing in ragged breaths.
The cold, bitter sting of frost under my bare feet.
He is after me.
Why me? Why have i chosen to pursue the path of disbelieve.
I believe now,
Deep down, I believed then.
It's too late to turn back now,
I trip and hear his growl.
Forcing me to move onward.

I am in an animal trap.
His eyes glow so bright, close to mine.
His claws raking across my skin,
his hot breath  streaming in my face.
His smile, crooked, gleaming, horrible animal fangs.

He steps towards me...

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Clenched on a frosty window, on a winter night,
A shriek of terror or a shriek of delight,
Hear the titter tatter,
Of their legs scurrying down the pane,
The thought of those legs,
Creeping and crawling down your skin,
Really makes your hair stand on end,
But, here is another thought for you my dear,
The spider will weave a web,
Catch you as its prey,
Unable to escape the mighty strength of its web,
You'll soon become petrified with fear,
As the spider comes down and draws more near,
That'll be the end of you my dear.

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Sand in My Shoes

We walk passed the
wetland wash
in the sanctuary of birds
onto the beach.
We see the osprey mother
in her nest of branches
on top of famous
Target Rock;
and out in the sound,
the head of a black monster 
flickers back and forth 
below the moving surface.

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Lone Wolf

The glint of spangled fur
Dark figure on a mount
Prancing in one spot, languishing
Lone wolf
Howling at the moon
Finding comfort in its crystal breathe

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Me and You at the Zoo

For as I hold your hand
in the blizzering snow
As we are in the zoo
we know that we will be always together
As we walk around the cages
every animal snores in it's cage
Every animal in the zoo
is snoring and getting a hair cut too.
In the zoo.

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In this world of circular,

Some animals born peculiar,

Camels carrying a big load in particular,

In this world of circular,Camels a wonder,

In a plural families of jungles,lion is the ruler,

Camels in deserts in singular and the only ruler,

Camels walk in deserts on the backs Bedouins,

Mating sitting,no food,no water for days in wake proceedings,

The hump like a lump jumping over the skin,

Long feet to keep head up and to kick dust and kin,

The widen paws avoiding,sinking deep the feet on riding base,

The Y shaped camel's meat,milk and skin for people to amaze,

The feces not wet still hot to make fire is the truth refuse not,

"Camel milk and urine proper for nursing" foresaid the last prophet,

In research,the camel milk and urine,thick and syrup like a medicine,

A cure for long searching and a Nobel waiting cancer,is divine!

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Butterfly Net

Searching for a notion, an idea
To capture in my butterfly net,
Eluding the hunter 
With weightlessness,
Form like smoke
Or haze on a summer’s day.

Like an eel swimming underwater,
Avoiding the rod’s cast and reward
By burrowing into mud,
Obscuring, hiding, disguising
Itself; turning into circles
Within circles, ripples.

But then sunshine overhead
Sharpens my view,
Vision arising, lit with tone
And form and shape:
I write and write
As the salmon leaps from the deep.

Perhaps it is catching insects
Or glorying in exertion,
Afraid I’ll turn again
To the butterfly net
And write about a
Red Admiral instead.

There is envy amongst thoughts:
They compete for space in my mind
As I search for a sentence, a phrase
That is unknowable, immutable;
Like a butterfly in flight,
It will not be pinned to the page.

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The Great Not Me

They go to the beach 
beyond the big trees. 
 A salt march where the sound 
 tumbles around them.
 They walk through 
 their unfamiliarity and differences, 
 taking a hundred photographs. 
 Strange to walk 
 through sand in the cold, 
 passing remnants of broken brick walls, 
 shrines made of plastic, steel rods and flags. 
 The sea birds wired together swirl overhead 
 and damp down like 
 a foamy cotton bedspread on the shallow water.
 They look for deer but don't find any.

So much history here 
but the story isn't pieced together 
 and narrated for them. 
 They can just see the outer edge fragments 
 that penetrate into their own time. 
 The animals go about their business, 
 surviving the winter as the companions 
 walk through the sand with their imperfect shoes. 
 What the animals do is not their business. 
 Spying on the animals is meaningless.

 Their origins are not known to them. 
 They don't own their own histories, 
 have no claim to them. It is owned by people 
 who no longer share their knowlege bubbles.

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Since the day you came home
You were my best friend.
My shoulder to cry on,
The fur beneath my tears and laughter.
My walking buddy,
Or should I say running buddy.
Though you are no longer with us,
You are still here,
In our hearts, forever year after year.

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Dog Lover's Bliss

Barking at strangers
Receiving kisses from dog
Hyper and laaaazy!

Dependent creatures
I’m surrounded with cute dogs
Is this dog heaven?

Wanting attention 
I relax with them – I’m glad
I’m a dog lover  


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A Mad Gypsying On

i wonder if those cackling coyotes

hiking the surrounding fields sound

anything like Hell, well, i sure hope not.

Hell would be a terrible place to be.


still, i feel and fill with remorse.

it’s the middle of November and

it’s ruthless Ohio with her revenge.

with the love of fall beneath her

and the sparkling of frost in her hair,

beginning in the morning under a

fingernail clipped moon and too

far away stars and few headlights,

ohio offers her lullaby here, now.


scraggly pups made of fur and bone,

calloused paws to a calloused ground,

tough like old brick and new cement

and an icy pitch bark that bites back.


people are being pulled from these

pages that used to keep me wide awake

but now only keep me sad and conscience

in the too broad daylight in clean clothes

reading things too keep me soul sick,

to correlate with groggy afternoon insanity

that is not like tonight’s cold but like a

burning city, with me, standing—waiting

at the pier with the commotion of some

kind of humanity bleeding from the parks,

avenues, alleys, clubs, bars, and markets

but i only see the smoke and hear the clamor.


the rest is made up i suppose,

and my heart in the other senses.


but it is too true for those

coyotes in that cold and

i dare not let them in.

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The fox

Away, away, away  he bounds

through the hedges all around

Quick as lightning he flashes by

No-one can see him with the human eye

His coat is auburn

His chest is white

As he runs for away

In the deep moonlight.

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Cuddly Animals

Cuddly Animals

Little small cuddly animals all full 
of colourful coats and lots of fur. 
Every type is here from little mice 
to black Norwegian goth guinea pigs 
to chocolate drop pussy cats 
that love to be stroked. 
All animals are there to be loved 
with lots of care in nice warm homes.

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Evil and good-

Two animals,


In my inner field,

The one I feed well,


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miami gardens

fat monkey's with beady little eyes
wander back and forth along the kitchens edges
licking their lips and hungrily kneading their hands
while i tend the pots and kettle
wearing my best low rent apparel
and listening to only the finest of garage grunge
its miami gardens in springtime
and all the pretty people are strutting the boardwalk
looking for backwater bargains at cheap motels

she is here with me in her barley there bikini
fashionably perfect in all the politically correct ways
its perpetual summer in miami gardens
all the sour hearts on the phone making travel arrangements
the snowbunnys are out in force this year
can't step one foot to a western wind with treading on some ugly mug
but they are oh so friendly
don't you want to cuddle up with some furry little monster
its wintertime in miami gardens

she strips down to her birthday suit
and the monkeys start getting itchy in
their mohair leisure suits  
its hard to get comfortable in your own skin
in the land of picture perfect bodies on the sand
so lets all sit down to eat
share a meal and a mile of road
maybe we can find enough in common to keep out the cold
thinking about miami gardens in spring

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The Dying Cat

The Dying Cat

We walk him to the 
edge of the meadow,
at the very border
where the sun gets
snuffed out by shadows.
There are so many
mysteries in the dark
that only he may see
or maybe not.
We keep inventing hopes.
It's in our nature and
he is still here
with us in the sun,
but only for
the last few moments as
he needs to depart,
only the last few
moments of 
light in his eyes.
"Good boy," we say
as we always do
to comfort him with habit,
and touch his lonely head.

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The Beautiful Duckling

there he lay all curled up in a ball

laying out in the sun to dry his silky down feathers

who could have imagined this little duckling was really a swan

the prime of the litter and the joy of his mother

who could have imagined that all the ridicule and all the heartache was over nothing

this beautiful duckling was destined for greatness

he will walk across the edge of the pond and proclaim his love for another

he will never cower now

now that his identity is truly revealed

he never was an ugly duckling

no, not ever

he was just a beautiful swan in wait for this magical moment!

gwendolen rix

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Loving Pets

Animals are kind, gentle and sweet:                                                                 
The one's who sit on your lap, 
And beg at your feet.                                           
They purr, hiss, howl and bark, 
All they ask for is a place to stay.                         
You can train animals, 
They won't mind it if you feed them.                                               
You can play with animals, 
Don't think they use you.                                           
You can raise animals, 
In return they want you.                                                   
Have you ever tried to write with a cat on the lap, 
Or a dog on the feet being kind, gentle, and sweet?                                                                         
If you look through the animal kingdom, 
You find not every animal may prove its worth, 
Is this what unconditional love is for?  

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Unlikely Duet

His "mommy" had taken 
her grandson bungee jumping,
and left me dog sitting.

Eli, a tiny black "Pom,"
two pounds dog, five pounds hair,
stared at me. His sad eyes
begged, "My mommy's gone,
what're you gonna do about it?"

In spite of mediocre ability 
–What do dogs know?–
I began to sing,
"You Are My Sunshine."

Eli pointed his nose heavenward,
pursed his mouth,
and sang with me, his tongue 
curled into a rose-tinted
petal of love.

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Hugging The Turtle

Have you noticed
how men meet with
their hands, and women
meet with their hearts?
Either way the
warmth of the 
human body is transmitted.
It does not 
mean they are trustworthy,
or kind,
or willing to do that one 
small thing that 
will make all the difference
in someone's world;
Only that they are
of the same kind,
with the same pains,
and the same hopes,
and the same tears.
But does anyone know
if turtles cry?

Diana Burkholder Sept. 1, 2014

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They say;
They can be milked to bring the flavor of life
Milk the breasts of a woman and you get loving adoration
They are also like a well of life
That nourishes young babies
From the womb

They say,
Breasts are a man’s balls
To play with in a game of love
It depends on who catches the ball and kicks
It right for a win only
Breasts are our mother nature
The source of life and wisdom 

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dove love

sixteen sometimes twenty-three
sweet little brown-grey bud size
doves pressed together side by side
along the morning roof line

one next to the other up to the peak
then one next to the other down 
the other

sweetly and silently waiting for
the sun to break past the dawn
warming their feathers and little
birdy bodies

waiting for me to bring out the
breakfast banquet of seeds 'n such
I think we all smile together
at one

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My dear parrot

My sweet bird Makkie
Is a blue and gold macaw
She is large and beautiful
With soft fluffy feathers
She has a black beak
Which she tears things with
She chases people’s toes
And rides the dog
She does not like flying
She is more comfy on 
Someone shoulder
It can hurt.
But it is worth it.
She is calm and tiresome.
But sweet and calm.
She can be mean, 
Mainly to others
She does not know.

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Eagle In The Window

The illusion of hope hangs bitterly above bedside, 
Cheek ever gently flattened upon windowsill, 
In hopes cool transparency mirrors density, 
So that I may take flight into night air on wings of an eagle. 
Or enter the kingdom of the gods by way of broken wing.

The sky holds no stars, or clouds, and offers no luminescence. 
Soul guided only by nature's intuition, 
Cast into the abyss of bright city lights.

But this window mirrors not its density, 
Yet another night laid by windowsill, 
Yet another night my soul's eagle heart shan't take flight.

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Alone, the first poem I wrote

small wet alone
whimpering in the night
and all around
the noises give you a fright.
taken to the pound
strange dogs
they lunge pounce bite
the end is near
nothing's right.

your breath gets shorter
you don't want to be here
you shouldn't be.
down down down
there's no life left in your being
it's all washed out.
you have no chance
you're sinking below the earth
you take one last glance
at all the things that hurt you
the woman that hit
the man that smacked
the cat that scratched
the dogs that bite.

the girl
where is she
she was one who loved
who let you rest your head on her knee
but she left just as you are leaving
and her soon you will see.

you leave the world
and sink into the depths
it gets hotter
you don't dare go back
there is nothing for you there.

you sink deeper
it is all you can bear
but you go on
down to hell
you will see her there.

you reach the gates
and take one last breath
before plunging into your fate 
that is so stressed.
there she is with her auburn hair
its on fire and then it isn't there
she slowly fades into the background
and you are left alone.

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a bite like hot charcoal
              a nate full
              of stolen baby teeth

that scythes off dried skin
              ripped off like old wallpaper
              the tearing of small birds

hidden under an early barn
              mice shake like clocks
              and cry in cold straw

You tap dancer, 
              as cruel as a broken tooth
              as evil as a round eye

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First Picture

                                               FIRST PICTURE

                                         Living space expanding
                                         Rooks, badgers and foxes wiped out
                                         Bulldozers pushing
                                         Delicate natures boundary.
                                         Brick and grey concrete
                                         Stand in the place of -
                                         Flowers and greenery.
                                         Streams disappear, piped -
                                         To gurgle underground.

                                         Rich buy the land
                                         Like Van Gogh's locked away
                                         Something more to own.
                                         Haunted homeless ignored
                                         Maybe they will fly away -
                                         On roads scrawled at random
                                         With paths erased.
                                         Not as beautiful -
                                         As the child's -
                                         First picture.

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I Need Quiet

I Need Quiet

I need a bomb
Not a big one
Nuclear would be nice
Not even a mega ounce
I need to kill them
They scream all night long
Screaming and whining
I cannot sleep
I cannot think
I just need to get rid of them
I think God made them
Placed them just to bug me
I plan
Think of ways to kill them
But they are always here
Maybe they are like cockroaches
Radiation won’t harm them
I think old school may be the way
A rock in a sling
Lobbed more than one hundred feet in the air
Aimed right
Aimed right on target
I want them dead
More than anything I have ever wanted
I should just stone those damn crows
And finally live my life in quiet

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It's No Longer Lions

We are wild
tactical creatures, eyes 
flickering around
a perilous world. Words
and fingers.
Words and fingers.
We are safe 
only when we are
When we 
guess the future
then we are safe.
For those
whose life is not even,
I know how
tired you are,
how hard it is to rest.
Things waggle 
day by day, 
uncommonly. I know
how you
spend your days
dodging, with darts
fired at your legs.
You are
wild tactical creatures.
I see how your eyes narrow.
it's the little predators 
and the human 
and abstract mind-predators 
and the value predators 
among the world's 
human furniture 
that are the worst).

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The Chicken

The chicken
There was a chicken that would not cross the road.
She didn't care if the others did.
Getting to the other side wasn't on her mind.
When she wandered about, she stayed away far apart.
When the other asked her why.She didn't cross the road.
She replied I don't want to end up as chicken nuggets at Mc Donalds!

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Webster Werewolf

Long soul shaking melancholic howl 
Breaks up the night
Even the bravest hunter
If smart will cower in fright

As the full or bloodshot moon sets
The yellow eyes pierce through the soul
 His visage seems to be from dark side of that very moon that sets
The werewolf goes on the hunt sole

The men try to trap it underneath huge rock
But beast breaks free
The trap works but werewolf strength overcomes it
This creature might have true abyss referenced control of his own destiny

The eyes reflect not only dread on his pursuers’ faces
But what is in beasts own soul
They are sad and melancholic reflecting a broken heart
For creatures that dwell in darkness will always be doomed to be sole

However it is us who are encroaching
 On his space
For he is the wonder
Creature from secret and maybe sacred place

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Paw-prints in the snow
Frozen in time;
Tracks once swift halted,
Still but already gone;
A trace of thee untraceable,
An anonymous signature
Of something which was.

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Exterminator's Lament

People and mice 
live together 
forever. Mice don't 
care. They just know 
what they like. 
tenant warm squats 
food hubs, 
babies' buvettes. 
They navigate  
with poor eyes,
by noses, 
the dark 
I have my own
trouble with sympathy.
Oh Disney how you have
led me astray.
I hear them 
unkillable with their
pitter patter feet.

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A  dark cloud appeared 
on the horizon,
Its shadow blotted out 
the summer sun.

A rumble of thunder
Echoed throughout the meadow
Bringing fear to the 
Sunday sinners.

He stood tall in the pulpit
Righteous, eyes rolling,
spitting fire, 
and brimstone to
His quivering flock.

The young huddled close by.
Mothers quietly listened.
Passively accepting
The hellish fire
That awaited them.

The preacher,
Eyes blazing.
Cast out demons and
Spoke in tongues.
Sinners forgiven,
The thunderstorm abated.

Then, purged of all anger,
The ram jumped off
His granite
And peace to the meadow
was restored

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To My Dear Sister Sundance

I have a dog story that is special to me because I
believe it could be a inspiration to someone else. I had just moved in to
Savannah GA. I was just getting ready to move to a new school as the summer was
starting to end. This school was a public school and overwhelming so I was
struggling with depression because I was not doing well at that school. Well
everyday when I came home I would sit at the top of the stairs and look out the
window. My Sundance, a beautiful tiger stripped color boxer. We got her around
6 months old before we moved. So everyday after school she would put her paws
on my shoulder. At sit and listen to my bad days at school. Well that next year
I moved to a private school and I was a lot happier. At times when something
went wrong she would be there to listen. She had such a gentle spirit that made
me so attached. Well my last year of school was really good but when it came to
my graduation day I heard bad news about my dog. She had lymphoma which is a
type of cancer. Well she still had the full gentle and cheerful spirit. I had
so much hope that she was sure to get better. She went to stay with my grandma who
is a vet. She said she will see what she can do. After about three weeks in
time my dad said there was nothing she could do. The summer came of 2013, we
moved to Florida and we had to stay at camp for the summer. My dog only had
about three to four weeks to live. I was working at camp hoping she would be
better soon. I would go see her every now an then just to say “how are you’ I
started to notice that the cancer was getting worse to the point where she
could not walk anymore because her paws were hurting.. Then the time came we
had a family meeting that it was time to say good-bye. To this day I can still
feel her paws on my shoulder when I’m sad. But she was the closest I has to a
sister. I miss her so much!

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These Bulls and bears like pets,
Loved by many,
Touching hearts,
Living in minds,
Nations to nations,
Down towns,
At homes,
In rooms,
Also in safes,
In wallets,
Even inside files,
Tied with no belts,no ropes but ribbons,
Bulls and bears at the stock exchange

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Girl In A Green Velvet Dress

Maybe it was the way her lips pouted so -
Full and inviting beneath vacant eyes;
Perhaps it was the leonine way she strolled,
Like a beast without mind,
All power, proud but unreflective.

More likely, though, it was the dress,
That jungle-green velvet that rode her
Tight and high like a desperate caress
Revealing much more than nakedness would have;
The dress, that held her, reflecting cool light
From video machines
And giving off waves of visceral potential -
It called my eyes back, time and again,
Speaking volumes in an animal tongue
Addressed to the animal crouched within me;
The two conversed without knowledge or distraction
From us, holding conclave for some moments 
Before she disappeared.

     What they said to one another left me burning,
     A willing slave to feral dreams
     Days and nights thereafter.

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E  L  E  P  H  A  N  T!

The king of the thick Jungle,

Of five-

Not height but senses,


A long nose like pounder,

Ears like winnows,

Legs like mortars,

All in all like a walking black rock,

Be possible to train to dance by a human,

How goes the human beyond?

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Waiting in Silence

Sitting at the bar
Looking like a wall flower
Little do they know the darkness
Hiding beneath my innocent smile
I sit here like a predator
Slowly watching people milling along
Like small prey waiting to be picked off
Separated and devoured
Crushed like the insignificant chattel they are

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edits was set up fine on my word doc here. had a few issues with words and such out of line tho on my work here. see how this turns out. 

Magnificent 48 foot long snake.
Dead 60 million years.
Hunting silent as death,
a stunning animal at home in water.
Back bone fossils found in a Colombian quarry.
New record size.
Imagine seeing one today.
Maybe a good job none are alive now.
Bad men would hunt them
to sell to collectors,
put in a zoo,
kill and be stuffed in a 
drug cartel’s mansion.
What made Titanoboa so big?
Eating 15 ft Blunt Nose crocs after
crushing them to death?
No, warm temperatures did.
What a sight, a 48 ft snake weighing a ton.
Alive 60 million years ago.

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Animals Are The True Role Models

Animals love,
How beautiful it is, that love
unconditional and pure
like the wind, it blows regardless of who you are.

Animals love
they do not judge,
regardless of who you are,
like the sun kissing your skin,
they'll love you
fore all are worthy of the sun's kisses.

To find a love as pure as that is rare
in anything but an animal,
but I lead by example.

You may say what you will,
you may judge me,
you may insult me
and call me unworthy.
But I shall love you.

You may judge my wallet,
and judge me for a lack
but I shall love you.

you may look at my face,
and judge me ugly 
but I shall love you.

you may judge my character
or dislike my words
but I shall love you.

You may hate anything about me
and I shall love you just as strong

because this world is a beautiful place.
In its most pristine state, it is a place of love.
And life itself is a gift of love,
so everyone is entitled.

Animals love with innocence,
without boundaries or conditions,
animals fill this world with awe.

It's something to aspire for.
To love that purely, and without expectations.

In a world that's so focused on judging others,
on making them feel like they're less worthy of living
because of a technicality,  and yet coming home to an animal
who'll never judge them and love them forever,
 it's surprising how no one had figured out who the true role models should be.

It takes courage to be a good person in an evil world.
To follow your heart even when the world tells you that you need to conform to it's corrupt morals.
If more people dedicated themselves to loving like animals,
this world would be such a wonderful place to live,
...And true friendship wouldn't be as hard to find.

But in the meantime, if I'm screaming into the void,
 my words going unheard and unseen,
 if no one will love unconditionally
then I will love alone.

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All these little pale pink piggies
prancing through their straw floored pen
sniffing and snorting
with little smiles under their snouts!
Tufted, tiny tails bouncing in the air!
Sharp, dark, twinkle eyes!
Oh, can I love bacon looking
at these wee faces?!

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great stink rising up in warm waves
running dark
not quite blind
herd formation
other quiet beasts wait under cover
for the weak 

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American migrant

The American migrant bounds along like a bouncing ball along the wobbly suburban fence,  

before climbing the nearest tree like a grey helix, leaping into the drizzled drenched foliage.

Some dislike its ubiquity and its imperialist approach towards our more attractive patriotic 

bushy tail red squirrel, as though the American greys torture the reds to death over fires. 

Our red has been fighting back with our support in attack in favoured parts of our island, 

as elsewhere the commonality of the American grey and its acrobatic antics everyday 

brings a smile on this drizzling, damp morning -  so welcome Yankee doodle dandy. 


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Man or myth, fact or fiction, a primitive walking legend,
A photo vision of realism, or fraud’s conception of the
Ultimate hoax gone wrong, evolutions unseen experimental
Beast, lying in the hallow shadows of discovery.
In the tinder box of humanity vs. creationism, the
Patterson film is a spark igniting the flame of
Controversy, singeing the ends of these too
Fragile beliefs, pitting them against each other.
Anomaly belong, in the twisted trail of DNA,
Is she a Hominid unknown or a cryptid fake?
In the vast body of evidence, do we truly
Have to kill just to prove that something exists,
Life is mystery, beauties accent quality, and
Freedom is a God given right, not to be taken
Away lightly, with a single bullets flashing’s strike.
Look within the eyes of the beast, to her kind
We are the true animals, invading her kindred’s
In the forest wilds here the screaming cries of the
Missing extinct, raging at their iron bars of the
Forgotten species, as the last one falls, do we
Not hear their bodies hitting the floor of existence.
Are we not the intelligent ape, whom climbed down
From the trees, and walked upon two legs of knowledge,
Nay do I ponder these questions?
In the linkages of legacies frame work, a divine welder
And craftsman decides the lines of survival not mankind.
A harsh fact in realism, tomorrow we may become the earthen dust
Blowing in the winds of destiny, joining the dinosaurs of yesterday.
Man or myth, fact or fiction, a primitive walking legend,
A photo vision of realism, or fraud’s conception of the
Ultimate hoax gone wrong, evolutions unseen experimental
Beast, lying in the hallow shadows of discovery.

.In the forest thicket, the hunters stalk the forests unknown,
And there huddled together are the crypid, hugging
Their young tenderly ever closer to the bare bosom, hushing them
To remain silent, for mankind draws ever nearer.
Man or myth, fact or fiction, a primitive walking legend,
A photo vision of realism, or fraud’s conception of the
Ultimate hoax gone wrong, evolutions unseen experimental
Beast, lying in the hallow shadows of discovery.


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She would,intimidated at the hubbub of the spoon
Tapping the dishes at meal times,
Strive to elbow her way through the kitchen egress
Otherwise mount the window and the netting abrade 

Exasperated my wife would with her broom
Endeavour to chase away but not to avail
While her cohorts would just the scene descry
Fathoming they would actually avail from her mutiny

For soon she would recommence her conquest
Seek instead to bargain a consensus
Impel my spouse who would capitulate 
To dish them something out to domesticate their appetency

Later on my way home after dawn
I chanced upon her lying almost inert 
For our neighbour who was less compromising and bigoted
As she has so many times partaken of his poultry

Cautioned us of his imminent reprisals
Got hold of his shotgun and terminated the poor thing
I essayed my best to succor her bleeding wound
But reaped only a feeble meow and almost a beam

She indubitably set her heart on begging pardon
For the pestering at any meal congregation
For the unsolicited guests she summoned
When on the pull and the vigorous confrontation

They would ensue in our garden and near our aching pillows
Then departed letting my pet-worshipping,grief-stricken family 
Organize her funeral and allot her a decent burial in the garden
Where she buried her poops and messed the vegetations
Above all the flowers I per diem dampen.

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Why Birds Never Fear Cloudy Nights

When the chirpful night ceases,
The birds freeze,
Stuffed on wires--
Heads silent 
To the questioning sky.

They are blessed
With never wondering why
The world's sanity
Is so often in doubt
Or why the streams
Do not all hold the trout
Of our dreams.

We creel our hopes
For other days.
We fish our lives
In amber haze--
The sky is absent
Of stars tonight--
A scarecrow moon
Is propped aright.

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The Cats Meowe

The Cat’s Meow

Every once in a while I began to consider nature
and examine the things that God has made,
and the joy that the Lord has exhibited in the earth
and creatures He created in all of six short days.

The plant life, the colors and the trees of all sorts
evergreen and blooming varieties,
as He made them He said, it was good and showed 
how very much He was pleased.

One needs to visit aquariums and see the beautifully colored fish
that His hand has designed, 
prepared for various depths of the waters of the deep
and again, He said it is truly fine.

You check out the beautiful butterflies with such
gorgeous matchless detail, 
our God’s infinite imagination in this color scheme
as well shows that He did not fail.

We see the creeping things upon the earth
and I know that they have to play a part, 
of God’s eternal lasting plan
and it also shows He is a master of all art.

But finally we see the jungle cat
and the house varieties to, 
tis one of my favorite things to hear either 
roars or the cat’s meow at our nearby zoo.

Written by:  Marilyn S. Jennings

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gentle wings of beauty

Gentle Wings of Beauty

As I sit upon the green sea of grass,
I am alone at last, to take in Mother Nature’s Beauty,
I feel a slight gentle breeze blow through my hair,
I look up to see an amazing beautiful sight fly by,
To my amazement I see a fluttering Monarch butterfly.

It has come to greet me, I reach out my hand,
Hoping that it will land and stay for awhile,
It softly lands and lays it wings out wide,
It too wants to enjoy the wonderful sights.

Oh, How I wish time could stand still,
For I am in the presence of God’s beautiful creatures,
I know my brother David has come to say, “I love you”.
But time has come to say goodbye,
If you truly love something, You must set it free..

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A skimmed-milk sky dulls to lead,
brings a blizzard.
Flung snow, swirls drifts.

Sheltering in a grit-stone hollow
a feral feline shivers.
Nearby, on the prowl
a starving predator.

He sneaks to vantage point.
Ears pricked, haunches tensed.
Adrenalin reaches pitch.
Trigger ready.

The dash.
A fox jaw rips into a cat's jugular.
The pristine snow blooded.

Now his prize.

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Fair Day in Carrick

Jostling between the cattle
as they crowded the street
with steaming bodies
I steered my bicycle to school.

Fresh manure lay
in puddles on the ground,
plastering my shoes 
with sloppy mush.

Men with caps and hats
at all  angles, slapped hands
and bargaine, buying
and selling all day long

Many shop windows
were nailed with slats of wood, 
to prevent the glass
being gored by horns.

A few livelier beasts might
wander into pubs and shops,
causing consternation.

On my way home,
shopkeepers with buckets
of water and yardbrushes,
tried to clean the street,

but it still reeked of beasts
and a day of dung.

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the Sounds of nature

The sounds of nature

As I walk ever so softly, on the brightly fallen snow, I hold my breath to feel the suns glow, I look up to see an eagle soaring through the cloud draped sky, Oh how I wish I could soar through the sky so free, how peaceful that would be.

The sun is lowering behind a bare tree so brightly, I love the glow, it shows God's light, to be in the midst of Nature's embrace, so tightly, to hear the sound of the cold winter breeze, I shiver so slightly as I feel the cold winter breeze. 

The different sounds that our Mother nature provides, I'm certain have touched many children's lives, may it bring joy, love, peace, such as the sound of of water trickling from a fresh water pond, seeing newly hatched tadpoles swimming about, is sure to delight my daughter no doubt. 

As I sit amongst these wonders, I can't help but breathe in and exhale my burdens, my worries, my burdens, I can feel tears welling up in my eyes, I feel my healing tears falling down my face, they fall down freely to the creek below, I begin to smile, for I have been made whole again, by our Never ending Mother Nature's Beauty once again.. 

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Death In the Moat

Moat had a boat,
as well a crocodile,
and another crocodile,
perhaps more of them were there,
the obese boat man could see only two,
he was feeling quite safe in the boat,
and wanted to go round the entire moat,
he dipped his thick wooden oar,
deep into water,
and with power,
changed the direction of the boat,
he had now another look of the moat,
the obese boat man now saw two more,
with same glistening eyes that the earlier two had,
boat man was not feeling safe,
with four around,
and wanted to quit the moat,
crocodiles were contemplating,perhaps,
and nearing with animal intent,
each was negotiating the offence line,
and narrowing the trap,
soon one reached under the boat,
and grasped the oar and pulled hard,
the boat and boat man shook violently,
the other animal turned the boat upside down,
and the other gripped the head of boat man,
who was looking to swim across,
fourth animal ripped one leg,
soon four were at it,
the boatman wanted to see the moat,
and he had seen it well,
before his gory death.

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Children Build

            Children Build 

Modified by good intent the children build  
Bridges between the desert land and forest jungle green
Tied together, hanging on the other side just out of reach
Construction by the young ones with their tiny fingers
Soft and clean along the vast divide, above the giant chasm
Working shadows hold their own against the constant wind
In repetitive motion under sun and moon
By day and night they weave 
Flimsy tissues dangle with them on the scene
Rice papers, due diligence and faith their only tools  
Links between two worlds emerge on solid effort
Boulder strong is their conviction above the open hole
We credit them with innovation and invention 
Such beauty and design are sure to please
With an inkling of a smile, almost like a cry
Bridge is completed just in time 
In single file giant elephants begin the heavy task
To cross the thin expanse made out of paper
Balanced on the tusk, the bridge calling them to hurry up
Small set eyes help to find a footing
The mammoth creatures are in for a surprise

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Lord of the north, king of the south

The day comes to a close
Enchanting golden sunset appears above the lake
Peacefulness of the lake comes down the soul
Yet it is like an eye of the storm

Soon the silver blue countenance of the moon appears
As fishermen sail towards home
They feel uneasy 
Like something is watching them from behind the rushes

Eerie haul transverses the calm night
Predator is on a prowl
The wolfs are fearsome bold and intelligent
Lords of the north

But closer to the equator 
There is something much more sinister
In east Africa the predator is awe inspiring
And terrifying

You might think it’s a lion
With its glorious mane
But it’s what locals call mngwa
And it drives them insane

In mngwa’s eyes so deep
The very demon sleeps
It awakes at night
When village itself sleeps

It kills people and children
Putting dread in a soul
Its fearsome eyes
Are like two moons when there is no actual moon at all

Looking in them one has to contemplate
What possessed God in heaven?
To make a beast with such trait
That comes close to human villages lying in wait

That stalks the night
Especially when moon is not bright
That has no fear at all
To take down human soul

When one gazes upon the eyes
Into a demon that in them lies
Evolution depends on climate
Genetics, and pray from zebra to bird in the skies

But if you see mngwa it seems that God enjoyed
To make something straight from the void
Something little bit like us maybe that was his point
Something that spawned but needed no evolutionary reference point

But if something like that could exist
Ultimate consciousness can differ if different reference to it will exist
But if from something from void being the reference we insist 
What kind of power the ultimate consciousness has if it does exist


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Words With a Purpose

Sometimes silence can say it all.
An inch from walking off the cliff, close call.
Forgot to pull the parachute, free fall.

Love, hate, relationship up and down
school yard love see-saw.

I pray to be saved
someday I''ll meet God.

We'll speak of the world we call earth
and discuss what the fuck went wrong.

Opinions distorted the truth of the birth 
leaving us caught in the blind about what came first.

Adam and Eve?
What shall we believe?

Who taught us to breathe?
Who taught us to speak?