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Death Angel Poems | Death Poems About Angel

These Death Angel poems are examples of Death poems about Angel. These are the best examples of Death Angel poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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A Wish -re-post-

A WISH -- In Memory Of 

"I Wish"

I wish I could blow air into your little lungs, 
The day my daughter brought your stillborn body into this world. 
Hold your little body warm, 
And tell my little girl you have her cute little nose....
Count your little fingers, and kiss your little toes....

I wish, 
I could look into your daring eyes, 
Facing a little boy, who's ready for this world
I wish,
I could tell my daughter you have her beautiful brown eyes...
Sadly, it’s not like that.
How can I tell my daughter everything will be all right?
When a piece of my heart was stolen with her's,
When giving birth to her son, my grandson 
March 25, 2013---- How it Hurts! 
O’ how I wish, you entered this world crying
Instead, we're the ones left in tears of sorrow
How I wish you could be, 
And not this feeling you left inside
How I wish, God could explain why o' why o' why?

Mostly, I WISH grandma could fix this, and make 
your mommy feel, the joy she was robbed of.

In memory of my grandson: ---Bael Lesley G.
Born March 25, 2013  ---   RIP March 25, 2013

by;PD  :-(

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Goodbye, My Child

Where cradled canyons sing
Of ebony wood in the forest
There lies a gurgling spring
Where cockcrows sing their chorus
To the melody of singsong birds
There I’ve concealed my sensuous words
Filled with befitted signs
The saccharine whiff of my designs

Come to me my mortal youth
To the wild realm of your truth
Where nymphs and gnomes abound
For the earth is filled with weeping
And only your tears be found

Where the fogs of night are fountains
Spills of glistened moon ignite
By distant silhouette mountains
We dance with passion of fight
Entwining ancient stance 
Mingling hand in hand we dance
Till the mountains smile on high
Near and far we spring
To pursue the realest of dreams
While the world cries at its seams
Anxious in trouble to cling

Come to me my mortal youth
To the wild realm of your truth
Where nymphs and gnomes abound
For the earth is filled with weeping
And only your tears be found

To where the ridges merry make 
From the beaks of wooden bright
In sparkly pools the ghouls awake
That scarce to stir our night
We watch for seekers down under
Muttering secrets in their soul
We bid them lucks of shivers
Dipping gently in
From reeds that hide a tear of a foal
Under the gentle rivers

Come to me my mortal youth
To the wild realm of your truth
Where nymphs and gnomes abound
For the earth is filled with weeping
And only your tears be found

Far away she shall ever churn
The taciturn eyed
She’ll listen no more to turn
To the working mills beside
Or the scrubbing of the barn
May peace weave in her song
She shall wave in the yarn
To a haven known as Belong  

Come to me my mortal youth
To the wild realm of your truth
Where nymphs and gnomes abound
For the earth is filled with weeping
And only your tears be found

For she comes, the mortal youth
To the wild realm of her truth
Where nymphs and gnomes abound
For the earth is filled with weeping
And only her tears be found

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Through open window I saw you there
Oh please forgive my silly childlike stare
Once all alone now we could become a pair
Mesmerized by your light

You know you shine brighter than the rest
It’s incredibly obvious you’re exquisitely best
Under the porch light a sweet romantic test
Mesmerized by your light
Yes! I'm flying high and not at all surprised
To see such brilliance you're beautifully alive
Your other suitors they never seem to survive
Mesmerized by your light

Sure I’ve been warned you’re more than clever
Told that closer to you means closer to never
To hold you in that moment is to regret forever
Mesmerized by your light

But to see others fall only makes me stronger
How can I resist your angel glow any longer
Reached out to touch couldn't have been wronger
Whether I was man or moth.. now I'm a goner!

Contest: Craig's "Chopped II"
Date: 11-12-14

Details | Narrative | |

---And the Angel Looked On

"I heard an angel speak last night and he said "write" - Elizabeth Barrett Browning 

that was the last word he whispered before his eyes closed forever...

I close my own eyes, bite my lower lip, 'til I taste tin, stone angel crying with me...
The wind sends chills through me, as the heavens threatened to weep
brown leaves skittering between my feet, seeking for shelter.
How I related to those leaves: dry...brittle...dead.

I look at the Angel that watches over him,imploring for answers, 
begging this Guardian to take pity on me, help me remember. 
She only looks at me, with tears in her eyes, her beautiful face
always looked enigmatic to me, for she was smiling...
and yet those tears hinted at sadness, 
seemingly reprimanding me with her look.
I bow my head in shame, and reach for her hands, 
but I only feel cold, hard stone...not unlike my heart

My throat catches, I can hardly breathe--
I loosen my grip, feeling it might burn this time
...from guilt, for forgetting...

I glance at her magnificent wings, and wished I had them, too,
if only to fly away, but my feet are stuck on the ground, 
with a heart buried in regret.

I whisper one word: "Sorry":spoken so softly, I think I only said it in my heart;
I say it louder, my body wracked with sobs, my heart bleeding crimson tears of anguish. 
I look at the Angel and notice something on her sash--
One pristine white feather lay there-a stark contrast to the moss covered stone.
I take the feather, notice wordings etched on the sash--and scraped off moss, 
Tennyson's words go straight to my heart...
" 'Tis better to have loved and lost, than never to have loved at all."

The memories come back like a flash flood, assaulting me, bringing me back to that day.
He told me he had an angel carved to be with him at his grave, 
since I, his angel, couldn't always be there for him. And that he understood, 
that it was okay. I shrugged it off, told him I love him forever.
I still do, that's why it shamed me that I also love another now.

Seeing those words, I felt such a sense of peace, like he was embracing me, 
smoothing out my hair like he used to, telling me it was all right. 
I blink back tears, and say "Thank you" this time...I hug the Angel and I felt warm.
Drizzle and sunlight bounced off each other as I walked away. 
I turn my head around to his grave
--and the Angel looked on with a smile.

Constance's Angels in Cemeteries contest
 June 18, 2011

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The Red Babushka

Nineteen twenty-four and the wind was cold,
When men in uniform entered our town;
Forced us to leave in their boxcars,
Made us believe that it was for our own safety.

With no time to fix our things
We hurriedly got in the box.
And when everyone was in,
The doors were locked.

The place was hell
For not even a whisper of wind 
Could enter the place,
Nor could a light shine through its walls.

Our eyes were dry and lips cracked
Plead for just a single drop;
As four nights and days we travelled
Inside the cars with no food or water.

The box unimaginable in its very state,
For dung and human liquid fragranced the place.
Weak-hearted both young and old struggled to live
Even the strong wished not to survive.

And on the fourth day, the box went to a halt!
Survivors were singing songs to God;
“Please end this tormented journey,
And deliver us home safely.”
Light shone as the heavy doors were opened!
We dropped to our knees
Hoping the place was Paradise
But Paradise was it not for we were in Hell. 

Ironically, the gate held words
Like that as ‘Beware of the Dog.’
Written in frostbitten wood saying:

My mind was puzzled upon seeing those,
How could labor set you free,
When labor here meant
Dying in force and agony.

Jew, work or die!
Jew, never complain and lie!

Those were the words 
That became music in our ears,
As we bent our bones
Working for freedom that is bound.

Jew, form your lines!
Jew, the choosing has come!

And in this place we call Hell,
An Angel waits for preys.
Not to feed to its cherubim
But to the ovens decay.

Jew, old and sick!
Jew, to the ovens burn!

As the sun paints the sky red,
A gray smoke danced with the setting clouds,
And in the heavens, the old and sick smile
Grateful to be forever free from the Angel.

On and on, the days passed by
Not faster but years it seem.
Millions were killed by the monsters of time,
Feeding them to the hungry gas ovens.

Then one even night,
I dreamt of food, of home,
Of freedom and safety
And a voice calling me to follow.

I had no choice but to obey,
For in that moment I was already tired,
Sick and losing hope that once was mine
But seem to be forever lost. 

On the 16th of March,
I lied still in my shelf.
I slept forever smiling,
With my red babushka in hand.

But disappointed and angry was I
To share the very day of my death
To the birth of the Malach-ha-mavis:
The Angel of Death.

Details | I do not know? | |

My Angel Of Life

Not so many years ago, as I lay curled in my sheets
Drifting to that pleasant place, when you are really not asleep
I felt a movement in my bed as if a presence did creep
Wondering what it was, but awake I could not reach
Then this presence held me up, and in their arms, wrapped me so complete.
Remembering that feeling and how it felt so sweet.
The next thing I remember is another presence there
Squeezing tight upon my chest and taking me somewhere.
I couldn’t breath, I couldn’t scream, I couldn’t even fight
The pain wrenching through my body causing him delight.
And then the fight was over and as the dark presence left
I felt my angel release me, touching softly on my head
Leaning over to whisper, everything will be alright.
The angel of life saved me on that oh so scary night.

Details | ABC | |

There is a place

There is a place you can go that is full of only love and Warmth .
you will be surrounded by a light that shines from the Heavens ,
Sprinkles of Silver and Gold. 

This place is filled with brilliant colors of Purple , vibrant Gold, all colors.
not one Color is less significant then another ,
for every color is equal here .

This place is surrounded by the beauty of different Flowers.
All flowers have significance here . No one Flower is better then another .
All Flowers are equal here .

It is important you know , you can cry here , and should cry as often as needed .
For  the tears will cleanse your Soul and give the Flowers water to grow.
No  one Tear is insignificant here , every tear has value and not one is better then another .

 money holds no value ,  Where you live , what you own,  has no significance here .

You will be surrounded by a beautiful light that shines from the Heavens .
A shining warm light will encircle you and allow nothing to hurt you . 
Hate will be shed at the door light a old jacket of no use. 

There is a place of beauty and  Worth.
This place will not be found on Earth .
It is a place where no one person is better then another .

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My Micke boys

                To be called ..
            ~   Grandma is a Honor ~

        I have been blessed with 4  Grandchildren

       ~ one lays in Heaven " Kaleb "  He is God's Angel ~
   ~ His twin brother he will always watch over , and be in his soul~

     For he loved his Brother so much in the womb ,
       he chose Heaven which gave life to his twin
      ~ I feel his spirit when I see the other Grandson ~
              Time passed another gift to see
               we are " Mickes" and Loved 
            Our Dad held the title in Baseball 
                   ~  that's how we roll ~
           those children are Grandmas hero's 

       The Irish they love big and Family is everything 
        The brothers will protect the beautiful sister 
              ~ as many lads will be calling ~

        Every time my Grandson hits a home run
     There will be a Angel watching proudly in the stand 

       It will be as if the Angel lifted him when he runs 
           ~no one runs faster then my Grandson~
     either baseball or Art  ~ you shall find your gift given

                These children have been blessed~
                 ~  a beauty to hard to describe 
        If you think not ~~  Take a look at the Mom  
                     That girl can stop Traffic   
                    after raising three and still~ 

          "Inspired by the gift and loss of Grandchildren "

     May our precious " Kaleb " softly rest where Angels only Dwell

Details | Free verse | |


He was always so happy
strong and bold.
He'd give you the shirt off of his back.
He had a rough life
growing up through the depression,
but like he always does,
he got through it.
He has two boys, of whom he is so proud.
Moved from Regina, to Victoria.
He had the best life anyone his age could have wanted.
But ever since his wife died, 
he has not been the same.
But like he has always done,
he got through it.
Mind slipping, 
just a little forgetful.
That's how it always starts out...
But like always, he powered through it, 
until now...
He is not the same person that I used to know.
He been sentenced to the prison in his own mind.
Possessed by the thoughts of his dogs ashes.
He likes to play the blame game,
but we know he doesn't remember that it was him.
He wakes up in the night
shaking with pain, 
tears streaming down his face.
There is nothing we can do,
Oh well...
Two more tylenol.
Hold on to hope
for as long as you can,
It's only a matter of time now.
He gets vocal, a very loud tone.
He'll block you in your room
and make false accusations
But we know that it's the pain induced monster in him.
Tick tock, tick tock...
You can't handle the stress anymore
you have to leave.
Just hope for the best, 
maybe it will get better.
Surprise, it doesn't.
Your denial is foolish, everyone knows 
what happens next.
All results of

Details | Prose Poetry | |

Beautiful people

People make me smile the way 
their eyes shine when they talk 
about something they love 
when they feed me food. Or tell 
me how much they love me 
when I look into someone's 
eyes and see it I see that look 
in their eyes I see love in them 
When I see someone laugh and 
have fun in what they do 
The way they cry for there lost 
When they give me a smile and 
tell me how beautiful I am 
People are beautiful well some 
are and I wish someday I can 
find someone who will look at 
me and say "you have that look 
in your eye"    what look?
I want to find someone so 
beautiful in the inside I can't 
stay away they amaze me with 
what they say an do how they 
will dance in the rain and know 
every detail about me
Will bring me Starbucks on a 
rainy day and just talk about 
the stars 
I want someone beautiful

Details | Dramatic Verse | |

the day you flew to Heaven

           We knew , it was if a moment stopped in time 
              hearing the news before most of the World did
           He loved to fly his plane from Colorado to Monterey Bay
           He was a avid golfer at Pebble Beach respected 

           He had loves and passions from many places 
           deciding to fly low through the overcast red sunset
            Not only did he love music and inspire all 
            He loved his Plane , he will always remain a beautiful Soul

              The next day it was confirmed ..all saddened 
             It was John Denver's plane that went down
             Today in Pacific Grove stands the Memorial 
             So Kiss me and smile for me we will ~
              always in loving memory 
               OH babe ,  do we hate you go ~    

         Inspired by ; contest in Music and Loss of an Artist
                   "Leaving on a Jet Plane "

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Dying Eyes

I have lost the will to change
Taking the path that leads to nowhere
The darkness is taking over
something i cannot repair 
If it is to be broken
Drowning in the sorrow
I cannot give in
Take the fall and run to the heavens
Im never going to bow
Im never going to break
I will not fall
I will not fade
I was made to take your breathe away
Whenever my hope is lost
Thats my chance to run for cover
Light the fuse and burn it up
I dont want to change the world
I just want to make it colder
Watching the end
With our dying eyes
Tell me where forever lies

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Velvet Wings

Ignorant to passing time
Reality strikes its deafening chime
Unspoken words pass between
I and you, my darling queen

Lay your weary head to rest
With your arms across your chest
Now it's time to close your eyes
Whisper your final goodbyes

Let me go, we'll both be free
Cross the wasteland, past the sea
Find the path to heaven's light
Break away from endless night

Embracing tears of bitter pain
Falling lightly with the rain
Out of reach, I hear your song
Alone again, I sing along

Let me go, we'll both be free
Cross the wasteland, past the sea
Find the path to heaven's light
Break away from endless night

From the night. . .
I watched your velvet wings take flight
I never saw you so alive
So alive
I watched your velvet wings take flight
I'll never ever say goodbye
Never say goodbye

Life has ended, you have won
Death befriended, pain is gone
Fly away into the light
Crystal clear and shining bright
Close your eyes for final rest
Meeting among the blessed

Let me go, we'll both be free
Cross the wasteland, past the sea
Find the path to heaven's light
Break away from endless night

From the night. . .
I watched your velvet wings take flight
I never saw you so alive
So alive
I watched your velvet wings take flight
I'll never ever say goodbye
Never say goodbye

I let you go so you'll be free
Cross the path of darkened sea
I watched your velvet wings take flight
I can never say goodbye
Never say goodbye

Collaboration with Rebecca Larkin <3
A song, and lyrics

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From The Peircing Of An Arrow To The Cold Hearted Fate Of love

her life is on the tip of his tongue
the sparkle leaves her eyes
an arrow to his chest
drawing her to her death
a feather falling from the sky
the death of an angel
her wings turn blood red
like the color of the red sea
the sword drawn out of the ground
by her own hands
what he could not do himself
she has done for him
He falls unto to his knees
the arrow she had put into his chest
the greatest of betrayals
She asked for her death wish
Holding the ring in her palm
He looks into her eyes
watching the love she had left for him disappear
Falling into despair
Her face hitting the ground
Blood surrounded her body
He watched as she died
He couldn't move from the love that had pierced his chest

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Bob had been a lonely man ever since
His wife of fifty years had passed.
“Lord, let me join her.” he would pray.
“Let this day be my last.”

Each day, he went to the cemetery,
Just a short walk down the street.
After their talk, he would water her flowers
And hear passers-by whisper, “How sweet.”

One gray and misty morning,
He had hoped for sunnier skies
To plant fall bloomers at her graveside;
But, there, to his surprise…

Stood an old dog beside her stone;
Thin and dirty, but he struck a handsome pose.
He whined as Bob approached, as if to say,
“I could use a friend, you know.”

He sat calmly as Bob planted flowers,
Carefully sniffing each one Bob put in place.
Then, after the last one was planted,
He sniffed it; then turned and licked Bob’s face.

Bob smiled. “I had a dog when I was young…
Pal…he was a mighty good one too.
So, if you don’t mind old fella,
That’s what I’ll call you.”

Pal may have been an old dog,
But he was smart and handsome in his way;
So they made a deal, Bob would give him a meal
And a bath, if he decided to stay.

Pal loved his bath, then rolled in the grass.
He slept on a blanket in the den.
In the night, he dragged it next to Bob’s bed. 
He intended to be Bob’s best friend.

Pal was such a good dog, housebroken too;
Never made a mess or got in trouble.
He knew about newspapers, slippers and Frisbees;
And when Bob called, he ‘d come on the double.

Yes, Pal gave Bob’s life new purpose.
A special bond of friendship was cast.
And never again did Bob pray, 
“Lord, let this day be my last.”

For twelve years, the very best of friends,
Together night and day;
And so it was, until one night,
Both quietly passed away.

The next morning, an old woman,
Tears welling in her sad and lonely eyes,
Brought flowers to her husband’s grave;
But there, to her surprise….

Stood an old dog beside the stone, 
Thin an dirty, but he struck a handsome pose.
He whined as she approached, as if to say,
“I could use a friend, you know.”

He sat calmly as she took old flowers
And put fresh ones in their place. 
He carefully sniffed the fresh ones,
Then turned and licked her face.

She smiled.  “I had a dog when I was young...
a good one too.  His name was Pal.”

Details | Dramatic Verse | |

The Hammer

Who can hear, the mornings call?
The dead dove's body, as it des fall.
Who can see through, the dead man's eyes?
As the burning sun, falls from the skies.

What once was new, has now become old,
What once was alive, has now become cold,
What you believed, was worth a lot,
Is burnt to ashes, in the melting pot.

Let's start again, I hear them say,
Let's start again, another day,
Let's make again, what we made before,
Spill more blood, on the kitchen floor,
Lift the cross, up on the hill,
Load the guns, to fight and kill.

Fight and slaughter, till there's non one left,
Till your mind is empty, your heart is deaf,
You thought that, I was a soldier too,
You thought that I said, I love you,
But I tell you now, and I tell it true,
The angles of heaven, and the angels of hell,
Are riding now, to the ring of deaths bell.

What you thought, was silver and gold,
Are ashes and dust, on the open road,
What you knew was good, what you knew was true,
The hot sun has dried, like the morning dew,
The very memory, of hope and despair,
Is lost in the hole, of your soul laid bare.

The empty hole, behind the clouds,
The music and the laughing crowds,
Are dead and gone, have faded away,
As a new sun rises, on a bright new day,
I tell you now, and I tell you true,
As the hammer of me hits the anvil of you

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Riding on the Wind

Riding on the Wind
I share with you a memory of an autumn afternoon;
unloading weekends shopping; such a normal task to do.
Then something moving on my left and this is what I saw;
a whirlwind holding steady, just less than six feet tall.
A spectacle of dust and leaves demanding my attention;
the feeling washing over me; a loving warm sensation.
Without pause, nonchalant; I wasn't in dismay.
Aloud, I spoke, "Hello Uncle George, how are you today?"
Then almost as if walking, gently swaying left and right;
I'd missed him but now he'd appeared, much to my delight.
Approaching just within arms reach, and steady there once more;
I smiled at him. This was no doubt the Uncle I adored.
As whispered breeze he touched my face, oh so tenderly.
I can't explain, but I could feel him smiling back at me.
For several seconds we conversed; hearts speaking to each other;
He'll meet me there on Jordan's shore, when my time to cross over.
So generous of heaven, for its' angels there to lend.
A favored uncle's precious soul........... Riding on the wind.

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Angel of Death

Angel of Death,
Cloaked in black.
With black scaled wings,
Upon her back.
Angel of Death,
Coming for me.
As soon as I sleep
Then dead I will be.
Taken by the night
It swallows and consumes me.
Now I am the angel
And death becomes me.

7th Grade

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My Angel

My angel sit beside me I can see you in my sight
You walk with me I feel your warmth like overwhelming light
I hear your breath against mine I smell your scent 
I walk my path with a knowing your strength is now mine
Love you taught me right from wrong you explained 
The first rule is to smile it takes your soul to a great domain
I see you run and play in my dreams 
Hiding behind the curtains I see your vision 
Oh angel of mine you guide through
An embrace from you I hold close 
Like the roses that bloom their is beauty in mind of you
A time ago I held you close time ago I held your hand 
A forever kiss placed upon your lips 
Will last forever a love that is so strong noone can complete
To have you now would make all of me complete even in my sleep
I would give all the diamonds to pay for just one more moment 
I can never fill my heart full as there is a hole that does nt hide 
It is always there I carry that with every beat from my heart
A thought comes to mind and its you an honesty of all 
I love, I will always love ,My Angel .....
A missing part of me that just does nt die 
Tears keep hitting my cheek the pain does not subside
That is true love between my angel and I....

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An Angel In Disguise -

I glimpsed her there alone,
where her aura caught my eye.
She had long shimmering hair,
of a girl that's barely grown.
And seemed to float on the air
as light as a gentle sigh.

She’s the ghost of my daughter,
an Angel that haunts my dreams.
She quenches my thirsty heart,
like a cool drink of water.
And it's tearing me apart,
to stifle my silent screams.

After what seemed a short while,
I headed to where she'd been.
She looked beautiful that day,
wearing an angelic smile.
Yet she simply slipped away,
never again to be seen.

Details | Epic | |

raised from the dead

three women with points on their licenses to the tomb of Jesus they ventured
as they had a love for our Savior that was totally uncensored
they were told that the Roman soldiers over His tomb were standing guard
but they had a need to consecrate His body that compelled them to do their part
it was risky and unreasonable in the minds of most
but man's reasoning has no value when it comes to our Heavenly Host
to do the impossible that is what they desired
and with the power of the Holy Spirit they were then inspired
to walk by faith and not by sight guided by God's spiritual light

and when those women got to the tomb they then discovered 
that the sepulcher of Jesus was now uncovered
no Roman soldiers were in sight 
just an Angel of God wearing raiment snow white
"fear not" the Angel said, for the prophecy has been fulfilled
the Messiah  Jesus has risen from the dead for it is God's will
the mighty stone had been rolled away
it was a bold godly display

do you know that God will roll away any stone that impedes your life?
as He rolled away the stone at the tomb of His beloved Son Jesus the Christ
to be raised from the death of corruption and sin
restored, renewed, revived and born again
raised up from societal barriers of destruction
now a new creation in Christ's gospel production
the Lord desires that we live abundantly
and to walk with the power of His authority
so never forget the sacrifice and the blood that was shed
when Jesus the Christ by the hand of God was raised from the dead

Details | Light Poetry | |

Angel of Death

I see that they are grieving,
But I know I'll be ok,
The Angel sitting next to me,
Has come to take away...
The doubts that I am having,
All the pain that I am in,
Forgiving my discretions,
And the last time that I sinned...
The loved ones that surround me,
Drown in tears of disbelief,
As I try and raise my hand,
To bring some solace to their grief...
But the rhythm of deep thumping,
Of my heartbeat thru the bed,
Resonates a fading frequency,
That's slowing down instead...
As the Angel helped me rise,
After taking my last breath,
Took a look into my eyes,
And blessed the body that was left 
I don't know just what I'm feeling,
But I'm glad it took so long,
As I float above the ceiling,
Filling gospel with my song...

 In the distance I see heaven,
Just beyond some pearly gates,
And I hope the lord is willing,
To forgive all my mistakes...
I'll miss my friends and family,
But dare not turn around,
As they celebrate the life of me,
Without making a sound...
You see there's something deeper,
So someday they'll understand,
When their Angel becomes keeper,
They will gently take their hand...
And point in a direction,
That they'be never seen before,
Which may seem like reflections,
Looking thru another door...
Immaculate attire,
And the robe that I am in,
Will never cast a shadow,
Since the light comes from within...
Now I'm on the other side,
With angels next to me,
Though my body may have died,
An angel set me free...


Details | Rhyme | |

Terrified Tears

The face of an angel is all thats here,
One beautiful freckle equals one terrified tear.

Not ready to leave, but has to go,
Wants to go back, but god says no.

Leaving your life is a scary thought,
I guess its something that cant be faught.

A mother, a father, a sister, and friends,
A meaningful life that suddenly ends.

An angel is what she was meant to be,
Now just think of all she can see.

Looking over her family night and day,
Saying "I LOVE YOU",in her own special way.

In the night we sleep, In the day we cry,
As she watches us all,
From her star, 
In the sky.

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Second Chance

When death came, I declared that I could not leave soon
For I had not seen the summer flowers in bloom

Starting them from just a seed back when there was still snow.. white
As they began maturing, I could tell each one on sight

Just large enough to be transplanted that spring day
The blooms were visible in thought only, in May

The angel came in early morn to take me by the hand
I bid him let me stay because my life was just sand

Now I have a new responsibility here
Down where the flowers bloom and to me are so dear

Life is not just about the house, washing the dishes clean
It's about love, our fellowman;  only a few I've seen

Thank you death angel for letting me stay that day
I'll give this life that I've got left the best day's pay

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Snow Angels

Twenty sets of footprints
scattered in the snow.
Twenty wings that flutter
as the breeze begins to blow.

Twenty peals of laughter,
Twenty toothless grins,
Twenty eyes that twinkle
as their journey begins.

Twenty desks left empty.
Million hearts that mourn.
Six will join to guide them,
unsung heroes born.

Twenty little angels
playing in the snow
dropping tiny snowflakes
on those who stayed below.

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Ding Dong The Wicked Witch is Dead

Globally, miners jubilantly jump for joy
Smiles on the faces of every girl and boy
The grins of a newly opened Xmas toy
Thatcher’s dead.

Trade unionists bounce along the street
Music blaring and the tapping of feet
From nurses to Bobbies still on the beat
Thatcher’s dead.

Street parties announced in the nation
Satan who brought economic inflation
Is deceased, now’s the time for elation
Thatcher’s dead.

Its times like this I’m sad I’m an atheist
And can only shout and wave my fist
And then go to the pub and get pissed
Thatcher’s dead.

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To see her blog, adorned with pastel tones
Widens the gap that pervades my bones
For now we eat her passing meal of plain white rice
Leaving us all alone, without much needed fashion advice

The red light district has lost an inductee
For I would have love to be involved in her naked party
Yet for now we must all be content 
With the debauched path she hath went.

Sadness invades a binary world
Where tweeters and bloggers hearts have curled
Bringing back memories of Madonna’s ‘Like A Virgin’
Her fashion advice precise like a mastoplexic surgeon

I remember the fervour when you were followed by Kath Kidston
A similar experience when I had my first Jar of Branston
Yet when you found out the intensity with which I was following you
You wanted to change species and become a Gnu

You learnt to accept my frequent outpourings of love
When you finally spoke to me, I felt as free as a pure white dove
But upon your departure I feel pathetic and hollowed
The best I can hope for is the number of one of the hot bloggers you followed

She was always my muse, my intimate inspiration
No-one can cause such an outpouring of personal perspiration
My heart now yearns to see her type a special tweet
One that would make Mr Sexton act like a dog on heat

Now the world mourns the passing of Lily Fulvio-Mason
I can still see her face reflected in my wash basin
With every heart beat, every full blooded pulse
My sadness streaked blood makes my body convulse

But now it’s time to go, my heart says goodbye
The pain eats my nipples like the Syrphid Fly
I can finally see your body laid in an eternal rest
And now I can now finally uncover your breast.

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my angel

i met you in the springtime when the flowers were in bloom
and i knew yyou were my angel when you walked into the room
i knew that god had sent you down on the wings of a big white dove
just to be with only me and tto bring angelic love

our hands were ever so entwined and united were our hearts
we knew that we would walk together until death did we part
when sprringtime turned to summer we were happy as could be
and i just could not imagine all the love you had for me

now when summer turned to autumn and we felt the gentle breeze
i was ever so elated because you were still with me
but the time has turned the pages and i am so all alone
today god sent other angels just to guide my angel home

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To capture the attention everyone else gets but you
You do whatever you can to get it
Even if its bad
You continue to do it
To get the attention you never had
And the attention you will never get
You want the perfect body and soul that everyone else has
You want to feel important... special
So you seek for a better
Much higher thing
What you need
You dont quite know
But you decide that
You will do whatever it takes to make you happy
And sometimes
That means..
Sometimes it means
Shooting someone
Because the hole inside your heart needs filled
And thats the only thing you ever had
The only thing you see
The only thing that someone gave to you
The thing that got everyone talking about you
The thing that got everyone to even look at you
So if you decide to kill someone
You kill yourself afterwards
Because you felt lonely again
You felt that no one was watching you
That no one even cared 
Then you think about all the things that 
Bugged you
And you pull the trigger
Then theres no more you
Next time someone sees you
You will be on the news
Where now you are special
And important

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The Lament For an Angel

All in one faded-black day (but let None forget) In my arms, her body lay (my life was the price to pay) A tragedy, through the lack of humanly shame (do they know pain) My darkly colleen has to suffer no more (Robert nor do you) Let me die (please hear my haunted cries) If I can not see Sophie tonight (live on with my grey) I'm just a mess of despairing words And broken nerves Another mourning, afflicted sight (through decay, love can remain) Solace, sympathy are just more lies She is all I need Until you decide she is just another sadist's toy My Angel, why did you have to fly so far away My Angel, just let one feather stay My Angel has flown away My Angel, why did you have to fly so far away My Angel, just let one feather stay My Angel has flown away (My body is amortal, die I may, Together, our hearts will forever stay)

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he is leaving home

                  In great respect of the band I grew up listening to
                       as sure as Mom passed down Saturday Chores 
                      for I had been chosen to scrub bathroom floors `

                    Yet a familiar sound would bring me to keep scrubbing
                       The red album, The blue album , The White album 
                        Then .. Abbey Road , always remembering the sad look on
                  Ringo's face ,  something hard to understand underneath~
                      I get it now, what you were saying all those years ago ,
                    the many sad lonely tears , secret tears , secret fears 
                    For Maxwell's Hammer was a real one . It wanted silence

                    Going back ..remembering when John Lennon died 
                      I was in Arkansas saddened with the world .
                      Then seeing his face saying " Drag isn't it " 
                      No .. this was not my hero in music and song .

                      he was a stand in hired William , he filled his shoes 
                      bringing diversity to create so much beautiful music from loss

                       One left standing , alone;; grief struck on back cover ~
                       The other identity hidden, tried to be part of ..coming together
                            his  world of secrets
                        He to suffers today , in fear , Faul~
                        Too many years gone by .let us tell the Truth. Let us be free
                         The very sad long and winding Road ~
                         Let us Bury our real Paul. 

                         No more " Mystery tour "
                             No more fear 
                                Let him be in peace ~

           Inspired by " The Last Testament of George Harrison , Is Paul Dead ? "


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The Raven, the Crow, and the Dead Poet

Circling above on a sun shiny day
The raven twirls within his dreams
Of horrors soon to be inflicted
Soaring in the skies

The Preacher reads from the holy book
Collections duly collected on chanted psalms
The raven above with a sinister smile
He knew god’s plate was not full enough

Dark clouds from the east flew with the wind
Under the ravens command
As lightening struck the village steeple
Fire and brimstone, hell on earth

Humans who once lived by their daily bread
Became the bread of crows
Telegraph poles free to weep the news
As the crows feasted on the burnt flesh of our sins

The ravens’ heart pleased to share his torment
Amongst the brethren of feathered dark angels
The greed of humans shall be ridden of this earth
Crooned the raven under the spotlight of the devils moon

All were dead, the children too
All but one lone poet, so it seemed
Arms outstretched, clasping at pen and ink
Dying, dying to tell this black tale

Now, in tranquility, lies the village graveyard
Somber, quiet, flowers cover the horrors
Of that unholy day, of the ravens sins
His laughter echoes, echoes the pain

It is said, in the heat of summer nights
Crows sing and dance
As they feast on the remains
Of us, all of us, poets and all

Beside the village in the swamp
On that a very somber twisted day
An alligator lazed upon the shores
She, the only witness, to this feathered fiendish crime

In stealth she watched, scales of justice
A billion years of Gods creation
She slithered towards the stench of death
Teeth primed for an easy meal

A baby, oh so small, shivering in a fog of illusions
Looked into the eyes of the raven above
She saw that hell may very well come from above, not below
She resigned her baby cries to eternity, momma dead and gone

The alligator, teeth sharpened by natures instinct
Darted forth, and jaws stretched, swallows the baby whole
Slithering back towards the swamps shadows
The raven provided this nights’ meals gratuit

She spit out the baby, and licked her cheeks
Providing both substance and loving warmth
Hell may live above
Mercy and compassion may come from the swamp

High in the sky
The Raven 
Lost this little one
The Butterfly smiled

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La Bejarena

La Béjareña

Oh sweet Angel of Jesus, wherefore lies your grave?
Your blood that is of Navarro, that Corsican so brave
She was a proud Tejana, such a beauty once they say
That enchanted Santa Anna, so far back in the day

On fairy feet she floated in Béjar’s promenade
Like radiating moonbeams her beauty was conveyed
Mantilla and peineta in the latest Spanish style
Caballeros peacocked near her, each hoping for a smile

But for noble Béjar maidens, any glancing was taboo
Except for caballeros that her family nodded to
A curtsey and a flourished bow were the courtly ways
Of greeting one another back in those golden days

Such a fine tradition was the Béjar promenade 
To the Veramendi Palace, perhaps a masquerade
Or to dance a light fandango by the river’s perfumed air
All seemed much more beautiful when close to one so fair

Those were the days of wonder, when Béjar was so sweet
Before the revolution, and the Alamo’s defeat
Before some Anglos came to take with gun and Negro slave
The land that brave Tejanos had bled and died to save

Béjar was filled with drunkards, and rogues of every kind
No promenade was possible in streets so unrefined
And over near the Alamo, where freedom’s price was dear
The price was now determined by the slavery auctioneer

And yet one Anglo gentleman, a major in the war
Touched with noble chivalry, and the ways of a señor
The captured despot’s life did save, upon that victory day
From those who would have hanged the knave, down San Jacinto way

The moment that she met him, in the formal Spanish style
And looked into his honest eyes without a trace of guile
And read his soul so brave and pure, it seemed that time stood still
As nature linked their hearts as one, according to its will

A thousand days of happiness, a thousand days of bliss
Were all that God would grant them both before their final kiss
She laid her hero in his grave, and took their son in hand
And thought of how to speak to him and make him understand

Her gentle eyes had lost their shine; her hair was touched with gray
They wed her to the Dunker man, who took her far away
He never knew her sorrow, he never knew her soul
Inside her lonely citadel of iron self-control

He left her for another wife, and cast them all aside
But a mother’s duty to her sons would never be denied
And at the age of fifty-six, the time at last arrived
When she could welcome willingly the deadly reaper’s scythe

Oh sweet Angel of Jesus, wherefore lies your grave?
Your blood that is of Navarro, that Corsican so brave
By the village of Las Moras, down Rio Bravo way?
No one seems to know for sure, unto this very day

Oh, sons of Navarro!  Let not that Béjar rose
Lie with the dust of strangers, where no one ever goes
Join her with her heart's true love, on acres gently blessed
With shady hills below pecans, where heroes go to rest

This historical poem is about one of my HS classmate's Tejano (in the original 
sense) ancestors from the time of the Texas Revolution and the story is told 
from that perspective.

The main characters are not named in the poem intentionally, and place names 
are the old Spanish ones, but I will share with you the names of the 
protagonist and her true love, in case you are interested in reading about 
them. Her name was Angela de Jesus Maria Blasa Navarro. She was the niece of 
Juan Antonio Navarro, one of the signers of the Texas Declaration of 
Independence and a member of the important Navarro family of Bejar, present 
day San Antonio. She married William Gordon Cooke, one of the heroes of the 
Texas revolution, who is buried on Republic Hill at the Texas State cemetery 
along with other notables. Angela was buried near Brackettville, originally called 
Las Moras.

The Dunker man was Angela's 2nd husband, Abraham Geiger Martin. He was a 
member of the German Baptist Brethren church, nicknamed Dunkers because 
they practiced full body baptism, but required three full immersions before you 
were properly baptized. Apparently the marriage was a total failure and he 
divorced her, leaving her to raise his son and William Cooke's son alone.

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written 28th oct 2012

You were never seen by us, that privilege sadly was not for us 
  an extravagance we were overwhelmed by, the thought of your embrace  
The entire twelve weeks you were a joy to have known, even 'without' being seen 
 hearing about you're arrival, was a blessing at the time you were conceived
For life hadn't been easy and we had all asked God, we even plea'd 

We wait upon the day, you will finally meet us 
 having the honour to love and learn with you, saddly not for us
It brakes my heart as you part, you had already embeded love into my heart
 Just knowing we will now...forever be kept apart

God has other plans for your love that's so strong, blessing us from the start
 we continually pray, maybe he'll deside to let you stay around
But the intense pain of tears and loss, are constantly falling all around
 just let it be known, we all desperately wanted you to become part of us
We all will love you for eternity, you are now forever one of us,
 although it was only for a very slight second, it was better than never
You are from this day on, embedded into our hearts forever...
   the impact you have left 'unborn young one'' my beloved grandchild....
                                  "Angel" 2012

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A Message from heaven

God came down to earth today,
And said it's time to go, 
I'm sorry I couldn't stay,
I wanted to, you know.
I'm writing this from heaven,
Looking down upon you,
Please don't be sad or unhappy,
My time on earth was through.
When tomorrow starts without me,
Keep your head up high,
My body may have left, 
But my spirit will never die.
God has big plans for me,
A list of things to do,
Number one on that list,
Is to watch and care for you.
So wherever you may go, 
Whenever I'm on your mind,
Just remember you're never alone,
I'm always by your side.
When your sad and start to cry,
It will relieve some pain,
Remember, there has never been a rainbow,
Unless there was some rain.
When your day is finally over,
And your laying in bed at night, 
Ill be right there next to you, 
Holding you tight.
When your time on earth is up,
And your soul is finally free,
Don't be afraid, take gods hand,
He's bringing you home to me.

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An Angel

Last night as I lay in my bed
An angel appeared and said
Your life will soon end
I am sent as a friend
To a new kingdom soon you will be led

Say goodbye to all those you hold dear
Tell all they must not shed a tear
For your passing will be
Liberating and free
With my lead you will not have fear

In life you have suffered too much
Soon you will walk without need of a crutch
In the kingdom to come
You won’t limp you will run
With the help of the lords gentle touch

So I wait for the day to draw nigh
Though I know lots of people will cry
With happiness in my heart
I will gladly depart
Heavens waiting there for me to try

The angel at last has drawn near
He offers a new life so clear
With a silent prayer 
I climb the golden stair
Halleluiah the angels all cheer

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They say the sun shines on the skin of a goddess her hair dark filled with flowers and her skin of silk,
When you see her don't let her go she will treat u like a god and run her silk hands against the ruffness of your skin she will show u the right way to enlightenment her eyes golden brown so deep you can get lost she can see right through you and know the depth of your soul she will speak words so smooth softer then the wind 
Skin so smooth the sun follows her every move.

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Ode to Humphrey

The"tail" I have to tell, starts off really sad.
My sweet doggie Murphy died and my heart, it hurt so bad.
Until one day in early spring, I got a call that made my heart sing!
There were some puppies born in Waco, the daddy -Jasper, and mommy- Juneau.
Four little boys, three little girls. But the picture of one boy, made my heart twirl!
So I waited for a week or two, to meet my little puppy-oh so new!
I named him Humphrey, such a handsome boy! He has brought  laughter back and oh what a joy! He's super cute, and very smart. Many would say, he's a work of art!
He's learning new tricks, and how to potty outside. So many rules to learn and abide!
Humphrey is growing so quickly, the puppy breath will soon disappear. He will be an adult in less than a year! Every stage of his life is a blessing from above. I guess that's the true meaning of what we call "puppy love".

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A Loan From Above

A loan from above
by Lawrence M. Nunez

Dear Lord I loved her so
and it hurt to see her go
it pains my heart
to be ripped apart
words cannot express
this deep distress
somehow I know
I have got to let go
for she was just a loan
from the angels you own

the pain is so deep
it is difficult to sleep
they say it will be okay
healing is on its way
but only you can heal
the topsy  turvy I feel
I know deep inside
with you she now reside
for she was just a loan
from the angels you own

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Lacerated Wings

They are bound to the Earth like trees
Suffocating under the weight of an icy grave 
Reaching to be free, but only their limbs are seen
Hoping that one day someone will see:
They can't escape with lacerated wings

The ocean surrounds me, covering everything
Nothing will be clearly seen; confusion overwhelming
No-one can save you, you're on your own, left to die
Manipulating every bleeding heart you can find
I can't escape with lacerated wings.

Swarms of nets, waves of screams 
Entangle: your captive illusions and dreams
The mask has be seared - The truth now they see
The Liar - Vampiric Fiend; lowly thief
And now they know you can't escape with Lacerated Wings

There's reasons for your rejections:
Your Heavy heart's transferred oppression
The scars are too deep to pass the trials
But you can find peace in your cage of empty spirals
You Cannot Escape With Lacerated Wings

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Sweet child of mine

The stars they used to bring tears to my eyes
Dark skies, I cried as I prayed for daylight
You were my fragment of pain
I became swallowed in memorys of darkness
That used to come and go so haunting, the loss of you
Still is killing me, for you were gone so suddenly..

My first child
My first love
Now all I have left
Are the stars above
Not to mention
The glow of the moon
That always reminds me
That you were taken too soon
Tears fall down my cheeks
When your name is spoken, that's when 
These demons become awoken
The heartbreak
The despair
Losing your child
Is too much to bear
Sleepless nights
Dreams full of terror
Seeing the pain in your eyes
Everytime you look in the mirror

I can look at the stars now
With hope, instead of pain
You my child, did not die in vain
You will live through me, glow bright star
Glow.. Glow for me
And for all of 
The mommys to see
Be my guidance, keep me from the ledge
To you child, this I pledge:

I see your glow and I can now smile
Though I might shed a tear every once and a while
Just because, I'm missing you
But I promise I will pull through

Thank you spirits
Thank you stars
For welcoming my child
With open arms
Keep him safe
Give him love
And let him know I am with him
Everytime I look above..

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A Homeless Man Named Sam -Part 4

Cont. from Part 3

Three months now, no trace of Sam has ever been found to this very day
 I think he was an angel from above, I don’t know what else to say
 I hope he’s at home in Heaven with God and his beautiful wife
 I believe he was sent to teach me a lesson and to share with me his life
If you see someone in need don’t just walk on by, please don’t treat them so unfair
 When you pass them- stop - give them a smile, send them a heartfelt prayer
 Try to help someone else, the best that you possibly can
 Always try to remember... this isn't where their homeless life began
I felt very privileged to have met this kind man
 But so saddened by his heartfelt story
 Was he an angel sent from God?
 I don't know, I only know I met a very, special man...
     a man named Sam
                                    ***Dedicated to Sam***

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Dying-Noah Holden

Everybody is going to die somehow, some way,

You could die right now, tomorrow or today,

You could be murdered, or just drop dead,

You can die any second even when your sleeping in your bed,

One day you could be shopping at the store,

The next day you could be resting behind a closed coffin door,

The Death Angel will take you no matter where you are or what your doing,

Your family, your friends and your loved ones will be at your bodies viewing,

You will be stored in a morgue in a freezer as cold as ice,

Make your life right and repent because you don’t get to live twice,

Everyone dies and when it’s your time to go your going,

Your heart will quit and your blood will stop flowing,

You will be put in a coffin and thrown into a hole,

When you reach your time to die, the Death Angel will reap your soul. 

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The Inner City

I woke up early this morning contemplating, 
pondering over the meaning of this dream, 
Dreams that take me to mountains and valleys
Dreams that lands me into big cities,
Cheerful dreams ,troubling dreams
Dreams with no fitting answer  
to this mysterious and  perpeteous riddle of life.

My quest for deeper truth has outgrown the
the knowledge of my youth and the gift of
enlightenment suddenly appears and has 
taken me to higher spheres far beyond 
man-made knowledge, exuberant  mysteries,
numerous victories,and often times overwhelming
burden forcing me  to cry woeful tears.

This night my spirit wanders  peacefully in a
dilapidated shopping area in the inner city
It must have ben earlier than seven o' clock in the morning
when I approached a kiosk with its shabby architecture 
hinged in dismay among the rest of shops
The tranquil morning stripped of all its beauty  
walking upon  corridors of hope in the face of despair. 

I walked up to the wooden counter with its cheap 
merchandize positioned all around and called aloud.
A man whose hidden features remained obscured 
Whose secrecy seemed to be buried way beyond 
the deep appeared at the counter and said, 
"I am opened, all the other shops are closed." 

I ordered eggs and he broke the eggs and 
pour them upon a white plate,bright yellow yoke
stared at me as if a story was embedded them.
I told him that I wanted whole eggs and he handed me 
a dozen eggs in a carton instead. 

As I stepped outside  an unknown presence  told me
that a man who has been  locked up for twenty years was released 
and I should go and talk to him.Suddenly I found myself in 
the company of that man and his wife but I could not see his face.
He  took me to  the bushes near his house and retold the entire story
And this was what he said to me.

"I cannot forgive myself for what happened, it was an accident,"
he said tearfully; "my daughter was playing at this very spot  
when she fell into the pit,she was only three years old
It was an accident." he repeated in a convincing tone.

While  he was telling the story I saw another image of him
at the same spot holding  the child by the feet with head down 
over the pit. This frightening image propelled me out of my sleep.
What we know is that  the sun rises in the east and rests in the west
The sun shines upon good and evil, may her precious soul rest in peace.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             ©2014 Christine Phillips

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The Duchess Of Paradise

She's highly sophisticated and full of undefiled wisdom
Yet a crowned Duchess in a paradise kingdom
Quite a beautiful angel flying with black wings
Covered in gold jewelry and precious things
She dresses like the women of ancient Egyptian class
Her wealth is generous and her money grows like grass
She loves orange scented candles with dark room flame  
She rules thirty legions of soldiers and Bune is her name
Her comely warrior voice can wake and relocate the dead
Her armies of soldiers gather around the cemetery
She is brave and deserves a princessly crown on her head
Her facility of speech and flair for words is legendary
A beautiful queen to be treated with respect and honor
Instead of blasphemy,wanton abuse and fictional horror

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Who Is That Man

The mysterious night tiptoed silently and abducted me from my bed
I saw a  dispirited district somewhere in town staring blindly at its
hopeless inhabitants whose passion lay motionless in ruins 
lamenting the vengeance for its heinous sins.

Tears wash the dusty roads evaporating quickly into clouds
Morning dew rise and fall evoking the smell of death 
spilling shadows all around  mimicking ghastly sounds.
A slightly grey hair man wearing a dark blue jump suit  walked through
the back door with a group of anxious people rambling behind him.
He stepped boldly on a scaffold raised above the ground that was attached
to a  giant tree in the center of the little town and  courageously
uttered a few words to the anticipated crowd.

There was something unusual about him, he  was quite composed but 
appeared to be locked up somewhere and has made his first appearance in many years.I arranged a meeting  to dine at the movie theater, to know some more about him but I got carried away with the excitement of the woeful day.

I  surveyed the  ravaged town and found astounding  maze all around shabby buildings partitioned by tattered fences separating landowners from home owners
Forthwith a woman appeared and led me into an uninhibited building
A gigantic rusty door automatically opens in front of me and thrust me inside.
I walked  on the cracked dirt ground and gazed at  the iron post supporting the abandon building's weight.

My curiosity canvassed me into the maze around the town
Despondent folks emerged from shabby zinc fences and greeted me one by one
Eyes of desperation reached out  to me passionately while faces of mercy's cry out loudly. 

My feet thread upon dirt roads that separated their tightly knitted homes
and I met  another group of people that was waiting on the other side
With cheers and smiles longings and pride they were honored to join me for tea.

The  restless nights continues to unearth  its mysteries
It took me  me to an office in the city and a group of people
waited for hours hoping that I could solve their miseries.

I sat  at a round table and glance briefly at my notes,but did not know where to begin.Someone brought me a stack of money, I pulled out some notes counted it 
and gave it to a man who was standing in line. I put the rest in a big book and closed it.

I walked patiently to another desk in the same office and another person
 handed me the check book. I wrote a check and gave the woman that was waiting.

A young girl pressed through the crowd and stood beside me
she wrote a Russian name on a paper and told me to call her
While I was trying to pronounce the name someone
spilled water on the paper and tried to erase it.

The night brought me back to the scaffold near the tree
And the figure of a white woman appeared at the top the tree
She sat on a board attached to the tree with leg crossed in lotus position 
She clasped her and  stared intensely  at the universe.

The night took me quietly back to my bed.
 I woke up suddenly and wept bitterly.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 ©2014 Christine Phillips

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Who am I?
Am I defined by what is near in sight?
Am I defined by what I have done,
Or am I defined by what I could become?

Perhaps I'm of no use.
To him, or her, or I, nor you.
Or perhaps I'm too misunderstood to be defined,
And it is something like understanding that comes in time.

And if to the world I'm never shown,
Yet in my own light I've grown and grown,
And so I can know no happiness but my own--
The reason for my smile, to you, will forever be unknown.

I do not pray for the world to know my name.
For it and verse; the letters are the same.
And if a man should find his sorrow in what he reads,
I pray his pain my words to keep. 

Should his eyes rain on my page,
Better tears than storms of rage.
And if a man should find his sorrow in what he reads.
I pray his pain my words to keep.

And if to the world you're never shown,
Yet in your own light you've grown and grown,
And so you know no happiness but your own.
Let the reason for your smile, to you, only be known.

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My kiss from Heaven

My Kiss from Heaven

I used to have a Ouija board
I’d play with it for hours
I never really believed in it
I thought it had no power
It was just a novelty
To me, a piece of fun
Then once when I was playing it
Just before the day was done

All of the room went kind of still
And a silence touched my soul
It felt like angels were all around me
And my world felt kind of whole
My hand went whirring round that board
Like me, I could not stop it
I felt that I had no control
It disturbed me just a bit.

A message, well it seemed to come
It seemed to say to me
“Phone your father in the old country
And do it speedily”
So I did this, I phoned Mum up
She told me dad was sick
And If I wanted to see him alive
I’d have to get back quick.

Well I got back to see my dad
Then he died not too long after
I let him know how much I loved him
And we shared some tears and laughter
I ask, was this a kiss from Heaven?
It seems like this could be
All I know is I’m glad it happened
It changed my life for me.

11 September 2013 @ 1453hrs.
Peter Duggan.

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4 - Messenger from the Dead

Alas there is no more confusion,
finally found my last conclusion.
Expect me as if Jesus will return,
from a ghost to a realm of concern.

Your dreams are portals like doors,
welcoming spirits into hasten wars.
Leaving the thoughts without trust,
keeping your fears in much disgust.

And though you sought no consequence,
deeds that confirm a wicked malevolence.
Awaiting in your nightmare of screams,
enjoy what is left amongst your dreams.

Details | Double Dactyl | |


Life is worth it
When I live for you
It’s how I know that this is love proven true
But there you fly now in the sky
Showing me that differences and flaws
Is coexistence in each other
Celebrate them don’t use them as a weakness
Because in doing that you show weakness in yourself
Show some respect to them 
For they are to be cared for 
Then why is it no one ever does
Do they not see the pain? 
With every dying cuss 
So let the pain engulf me 
Teach my eyes to see
Let a fallen angel come to curse me
Let my cuts come to bleed 
Evil engulfing my broken heart yet falling deep in love 
When everything turns to turmoil 
I turn to my angel from above 
Let my heart come to boil
In the ashes of my innocence 
Letting myself go until I fully reach out to fellow brethren s 
Praying with no feeling I can feel myself slip away
I’m falling yet falling apart 
 Without the slightest of delays 
Birth was a mistake and yet I cannot come to die
Was it true that I am meant to live?  
A man who only knows to cry 
I cannot give
The light has forsaken my cold and darkened heart
For who am I to live 
Cold and fruitless moon why have you forsaken me
Does it bring you joy to see that you are breaking me
Listen to the cold and broken winds 
Nothing can ever beat it
Nor can I defend

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Why am I here

Why am I here?
I often wonder why I was born. I know of no purpose for me! I call myself an earth angel but truth be told, I’m just a lost soul.
My life filled with uncertainty and fear, never finding a place of comfort and reassurance! Why was I put here for such a life filled with loss and sadness? To spend life lonely seems’ an eternity.
Happiness escapes me, however; at moment’s it feels close. Life closes in snatching the glimpse away as if a cruel joke was just played! I wonder why not me?
I am afraid to live and I am afraid to die! Life has been unkind to me, showing no mercy. How long I have to endure this, I wonder to myself. Then what will death bring to me?
 In time death will bring the unknown. Maybe I’ll be an angel dwelling in heaven. Faith filling my heart and love flowing through my veins surely will lead to a peaceful dwelling place! 
My heart and soul continues to give kindness and direction. Love flows to all those in need filling a void where ever I can. Life and death are of the same sensations filling the air. To know one is to know the other. 
Life is bitter sweet and death is too. Having lived life now I wonder at death. We asked not to be born and we ask not to die! Having both thrust upon us brings life full circle for what reason, I do not know. Yet here I am!
                       Debbie Knapp

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A royal King was born, Emmanuel --
Down by His manger men and angels fell;
But he did not within a palace dwell,
Instead he came to save our souls from hell.

The years had passed and death was coming nigh;
He bore His cross while Mary softly cried:
What pain to watch her Son so slowly die,
While wishing Him a tearful last goodbye.

A mother's tears no words could ever tell --
As one by one at Jesus' feet they fell:
What pain to watch her Son so slowly die,
While wishing Him a tearful last goodbye.

~Listen to the music that these lyrics were written to at

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The angel

Death wraps around her 
Like a tarnished ring on a finger
She takes one last breath
In which alcohol lingers
The pills went down
Too soon after 
The only thing she'll miss
Is his sweet laughter
The blade is in her hand
For the cuts on her wrist
Doesn't bother putting on a band aid
It will all be over quick
She has a smile on her face
As she lays back and cries
She has her notes
Now she's saying a sweet good bye
Her angel in the ground matches
The statue now above her head
"Never let them take the light behind your eyes"
Was the last thing she had said
Friends gathered to talk 
about the girl they use to know
How she was too young
Still had room to grow 
Dear, I wish you knew
How we miss you terribly
I think of you every night 
And I still talk of you,sweetly

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Stairway to Heaven

I stare upon December's moon,
and wonder why some leave so soon.
When news hits us like shattered glass...
Can we believe what's come to pass?
When we aren't meant to understand...
Then who are we to judge God's plan?
As he sifts through the sands of time...
Was this really by design?
Will we get from here to there,
and know it when we do?
Will we greet our flesh and blood,
and those we never knew?
Remember those that mean the most,
and hear their voices ring.
Then shut your eyes...and listen close,
and you'll hear an angel sing...
Copyright © 2007


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An Angel In Your Eyes

Angels descend on battlefield;
wingspans at rest, the soldiers’ shield. 
Men wounded clutch still beating hearts 
and Heaven sounds as souls depart. 
A friend or foe, none call to yield.

In frantic prayers, mothers are kneeled.
Their worried eyes try to conceal.
As God reflects love to impart,  
angels descend.

Oh, time stopped on that killing field.
Afternoon sun on high revealed
deep crimson stains, limbs torn apart. 
The south's cruel victory to chart. 
On hallowed ground, brave souls are healed -
angels descend.

By Rhonda Johnson-Saunders, 10/14/2013
for Gail Doyle's An Angel In Your Eyes Contest
**Rondeau rhyme scheme

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Demon In My Closet

There is a demon in my closet and it is safe to say
 I have kept him there safely, each and every day
 Asking about his words, I thought I heard him pray
 He laughed openly stateing he was always hearing me play
 I followed, I listened I leaned over to his ways
It turns out he's here over an angel and a wish of keeping me gay
 Saintan is forever listening to what becomes my fate
 The doors still closed as softly as that horrid divorced decay
 But he was not wearing my brand, a mark of forever may it stand
 He had choose to turn the other cheek, to find a higher point of understanding
Something more suitable than just a standard branding
 A mark of a book, a devils open handing
 A demon to help me through troubles and fears
 A someone there when all I have left is openly flowing tears
 He jesters, he peers, he jokes, he steers
 But I think my favorite time is where leers

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Betch Please, Really

I simply love being me for I am so good at everything step into my city and they will tell you who is King one day when I am hungry I will swallow everything then and only then shall I inherit the stuff I dream even then I promise not to settle for satisfaction at any instant half a second I could spring into full action so go against me? please, you do not even measure up to half of the goodness that I hold tight like my treasure still spreading rumors about me to try and destroy my life can't believe I let myself get beat by a stripper and my self-intended knife try and say I'm gay even though we both know that isn't the truth just ask any woman I been with if they ever needed proof they'll say I was the cream of the crop as they took it all night knowing I just may never stop I own the status of a legend now what you got left to say when I bring it twenty-four seven?

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Every time I sleep; pains on my brain' 
Abolishing my heart n soul lord escort my vein 
From the bounded clouds of this mournful pain 
I can't predict the weather nor the range of the rain
But hope for the station of this moving train 
Thou death is sometimes rude & so insane 
Life remains a distance between birth & death 
That exists deep down in the palms of earth 

Demise, demise, demise; roll your unmerciful dice
Flutter with our lives as we stare with horrified eyes
Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, statue into dense ice
Nothing panels your path nor human's wealth 
Wicked calamity that neither cares of people's health
Guilty & innocent souls shall rest on your misty throne 
Plans & creatures will bow & obey to the sound of your tone 

Yet no grave, on the roots of earth, shall hold my corpse down 
I'll dwell with divine cherubs of warmth, & wear my sacred crown 
Emulating implausible angels in the closed doors of heavens town 
So wipe your worthless tears, & rinse my ashes with frosty plums 
Blustering monumental trumpets, accompanied by mourning drums 
While the faultless treasure chest slumps down the mastery ground 
As I tumble in a dim cavernous ocean aiding my soul to rebound

Gushing tears won't refurbish dull coats munched in the idols grave
Bloated hearts shall be restored by comforting pals that are brave 
The sprinkling gates of heaven will sanctify my bones with streams
Consigning my precious soul to a land filled with endless dreams
Confessing all my transgressions; as I knock on the heavens door
While my corpse respite calm on the arctic layers of my odd floor

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The Death Angel

Here of late the death angel passed this way
He didn't stop here to call one of us home
The death angel visited far away
'Twas this man from home who inspired this poem

Also a lady about a mile away(as the crow flies)
Died within hours of his life's ending
The man lived a long life had many birthdays
A lady who passed pulled family's heartstrings

She was younger with her death unexpected.
Lying down, never thought this would be last night.
Death angel came and she was appointed
Through the great darkness she saw the bright light

We were given a while longer to live
God called_ age not an anticipative 


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The Ones I Have Lost

As I go through my day, they are by my side, 
Following me, watching me and also being my guide. 

These are the angels of my loved ones that passed, 
When I know their near me,  I want this feeling to last. 

I never had much family, separated by distance, 
Sometimes I felt like my world was of non-existence. 

The few I loved so much and held so dear, 
My grandfather, grandmother and father are no longer here.

But when I smell my dads cologne or hear grandmas voice in my ears, 
I hold in my heart their near me and it rids me of fears. 

I certainly must say there is not a day that goes by, 
That I do not think of them and softly cry. 

I always pray that they will visit me while I sleep, 
Dreaming of them is a wonderful feeling that goes so deep. 

I'll miss you everyday until I am no longer on earth,
When I see you all again, it will be like a rebirth.

Details | Cinquain | |

Final Flight

Last hug.

Torn from my arms,

you fly with the angels.

I see Heaven's gate opening-----

for you.

Details | ABC | |

Just A Second In Time

As I lay my hand on my womb
I realize you will be here soon!
My pains come on quick and I could feel your patience 
wearing thin..
Like a butterfly coming out of a cacoon 
my dear you arrived very soon!
You looked up at me with your beautiful big blue eyes
and I could feel the rays of love beaming from your eyes!
You were my pot of Gold at the end of the rainbow..
The first day I seen you walk my heart beamed with pride..
The first time you talked I cried tears of joy!
When you graduated from kindergarten I realized that day
you could be anything you wanted to be!
As time has passed each and every achievement you have ever achieved 
has been my pot of gold..
My little angel sent from above..
Now as I lay you down below the ground...
My tears fall and I wonder how this could be?
This was not suppose to happen to me...
As I lay my hands on my womb
I think back to the moment you arrived with those big baby blue eyes..
Just a second in time you were here
But the lord says have no fear
An angel i let you borrow and a angel in time, my dear child she was always mine...

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For Brenda

~~~  for Brenda ( Feb. 15,1951 - Mar.24,2013) ~~~

 An angel got her wings today
She's leaving us behind
So to Our Lord we will pray
A better place she'll find
With others of her kind

An angel got her wings today
Her pain is now forgot
Though from this place she's gone away
From our hearts, she's not
For she was loved a lot

I'll miss her laugh and her smile
I'll miss the fun we had
Though I'll grieve for awhile
I'll try to be brave, not sad
For one of the dearest friends I've had

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A Little Angel

A little angel came to Earth one day. but he didn't come here to stay. Three years was his time limit. His parents did not know it then, but God for him, had a plan. The day he was born, to everyone he brought joy. His parents loved him from the start. Manuel Zachary was his name. He grew up pretty quick. While he was here, he spread smiles, love and star dust everywhere. His family loved him very much. He was their little Angel from above. Three years he was here to spread his love and joy. One day he heard a call. It was God calling him home. His parents couldn't understand - why with them - he couldn't stay. Now he is back where he belongs and from there he watches over them. Every now and than he gives them a sign. He spreads some star dust, to let them know that he is still around... 08/14/2012 Written by Lucilla M. Carrillo Comments: This did happened. I was asked to write this poem. Hope you like it.

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Choosing Your Fate

Your wife sits beside your bed holding tightly your hand
Smiling although she's grieving, just trying to understand
You pulled out your feeding tube, chose your right to die
To go on without you after 60 years, she fights not to cry.

A stroke 6 years before left you paralyzed on your right side
Unable to speak, walk and eat, simple bodily functions denied
Life changed drastically, you needed long term nursing care
That I met you through these circumstances is truly unfair

Without food and fluids, you wait until death makes its claim
I believe if I were in your shoes, I would choose to do the same
The years of anguish and pain you endured has taken it's toll
Courage and strength amplifies as you access damage control

You always gave me a smile that brightened up my day
With head nods and eye contact, you were able to convey
That you were happy to see me and listened to all that I had to say
You'd nod and listen to my stories, I hoped I chased your blues away

I requested that you be my guardian angel when it was your time to go
You nodded with the sweetest smile that my tears threatened to overflow
Donald it was an honor to have known you, I have the upmost respect
For staying longer than you wanted, your love ones you wanted to protect

We'll all find comfort in knowing that you'll suffer no more
You had a long good life, a loving wife and children to adore
Now you will watch over us and guide us spiritually when we need
I have a feeling you'll be good at this, a special angel, oh yes indeed!                                 

*Don was a resident of mine, he died 12 days after pulling out his feeding tube at
the age of 79. RIP Donald

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She's on her way going back to a room.
From a long journey since morn.
She went to church and prayed harder.
Then she baught a gift for a daughter's birthday.

It's been five months now since an angel lost her wings.
In an illness that a young body can't conquer.
Nights and days, weeks and months...
She fights the light to remain on sight.

Too many times that her heartbeats get weak.
Life support is the only thing that's left.
To suspend the day of a coming death,
And fade the little hope they all seek.

Moving so fast she saw the open door,
Doctors and nurses are reviving a soul.
Breathless and fainted little one,
Is now waving a hand of good-bye.

Tears fell like a river from her eyes.
The entire room gets darker as she arrived.
The clouds turned gray that afternoon.
The heaven cries for a lost of angel's soul.

written :     4/21/2014
entry for:   Dr. Ram Mehta's Darkness at Noon Poetry Contest

*1st Place Winner

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Never So Gracious

A full moon night to my delight what is so wrong with doing what's right nothing is right after so long no use in complaining time to move on The Dream Water one day might take me away farther from the comfort of familiarity I float on my back then shut my eyes my body now sinking into ocean arms open wide Now swallow your son back to his nature when he is no longer needed to stay here the next generation are dooming themselves they need my experience to guide them through hell Why should I bother on my own, I strive through I turn my back on the thought of bothering to save you alone in this world my, is it spacious I'm finally smiling, never so gracious.

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Angel in Hell

Sorrow chokes sanity
in the brimstone fumes of Hell
that consumes all but memory
plastered against the walls of his cell.

My mind can't comprehend...
Perhaps he did wrong
or mercy he did not lend,
but here resides the angel of song.

His wings are torn,
tattered like his serenity
when he fell into heat's scorn.
Once he was beauty's epiphany.

The shofar's sound dwindled
to let screams take stage.
The music he once kindled
turned against him in bloody rage.

Yet he will rise once more.
The fallen creature in his cell
and will play a new music's score
telling of the angel in Hell.

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Single Kisses

Focused on you, a wild demons stare
 With a motion it happens
 A emotion flattens
 As you fall beneath a demons glare
He notices most things that happen
 Might even pick the clothes you wear
 Believe it or not he really does care
 Knows whats best and helps me get there
To perfection the performance blacken when he's scared
 Things fall apart if he's not helping me be prepaired
 Guidence and experience for me his mare
 Sometimes I wonder what it would be like without a demon here
He loves positive reactions with greatness and flair
 And how people love me after he dares
 Carefully he holds me through a very small tear
 Me I guess I am getting used to, just hangin round rare 

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O, Dry Your Glistening Tears

God has them in his arms All the children and their heroes O, the tragedy of New town My heart is broken . . . I weep and pray for the little ones And those who died with them And even those who survived Each day a reliving pain . . . Mourned throughout the world The grief and suffering unbearable God, it is so hard to fathom the evil My heart is bleeding tears . . . All those babies and the adults Safe within Heavens gate now Each with delicate and beautiful wings Angels shining bright . . . I pray for their families and friends There is no answer to the question why You can ask forever and never know This existence borrowed time . . . God, is our world so hopeless and evil That our babies must die, needlessly And those who try to protect them O, dry your glistening tears . . . In memory of Charlotte, Daniel Olivia, Josephine, Ana, Dylan, Madelaine Catherine, Chase, Jesse, James, Grace, Jack, Noah, Caroline Jessica, Avielle, Benjamin, Allison, Emilie and Rachel, Lauren, Mary, Victoria, Dawn, and Anne Verse December 23, 2012 For The Contest, In Memory Of . . . Angels Of Heaven

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Along The Way

I say goodbye
To this chapter in my life
Im sure you will get the answers
When im gone
So when the day comes
The sun will not touch my face
Theres mistakes
The path is long
Look at my face
The stories it could tell 
The ones that wont erase
Tell the ones that cared enough 
That i finally left this place
So play the song
Its something to remind you
When im gone

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Black Carriage

Death's dark angel
Black carriage drives
Collecting lives
Final rewards

The carriage has
Matching horses
Pulling courses
All of them black

Death follows you
All of your life
Toil and strife
Can't escape Him

When it's their time
They all object
There's no respect
Everyone dies

Thanatos rides
The Banshees cry
Valkyries fly
None of them care

Mark Halliday
Ride a Pathya Vat contest - Carriage theme
5 Aug 2014

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Drunk in the City of Angels

Drunk in the lost city,
lost in the vase beauty of the angels
drunk, smoking on park benches.

Freaks, trannys, whores and pimps,
looking at me;
a one of a kind.

No one has ever seen me on the streets of L.A.,
beacause I am a one of a kind,
a gentleman, a drunken buffoon.

I hurl myself at the bars,
and the whores look at me and smile,
and I wave them over, and they come.

40 bucks for a night a good fun,
a night of exotic pleasure,
in the heart of the sleeping angels.

Drunk walking,
two in the morning,
police stop me, sleeping on a park bench.

Warm always warm,
never cold,
the city that is lost.

A city known as the city of angels,
yet how many devils I have counted.
How much evil I have seen,
how much temptation rules in the gutters.

Walking drunk on madness,
in this dirty city,
as I look for a bar before last call.

I find one,
I go in,
order a beer.

I drink with pleasure
I start to write,
I light a cigarette and smoke.

A grey cloud forms around me,
"Last call for alcohol," the barkeep shouts.
I raise my hand, he comes over.

"What will yah have?" he asks,
"Another beer and my check."
On the house, free drinks, on the house.

After a night in the city of angels,
I find myself a cosy park bench,
and fall asleep, dreaming of the angels I had never seen.

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The Silent Lamb

The silent bell rings in the night,
Calling the devils to kneel to the light,
What once was, becomes no more,
As the light breaks through the open door.

What you think and what you feel,
What you saw and thought was real,
Is now only dust on the road,
The desolate remains of your ancient abode.

The new light is rising on the hill,
The new song is singing down in the well,
The new souls are dreaming of your face,
The new hearts are beating at you pace.

The old ideas and reasons you gave,
Are buried in the tomb and in the grave,
The rotting bone and flesh are gone,
In the morning dew, in the morning sun.

The light shines through the open door,
Casts no shadow on the old dirty floor,
The ancient laws of reason and might,
Crumble to dust in the morning light.

What once was real and certain as rock,
Is now the dream the baby forgot,
The new light coming to wake you my love,
The silent lamb and the flying dove.

more of my poems at :

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Tragic Feather

Oh, tragic feather what is thy tragedy
No longer freedom gay or certian loft
How is this thy new translation
From a majesty, unto a wing thou hath mighty dropped

Were thou thus, shunned, cast away 
Or merely, cut out or off
As limb from downward spiral angel
Perhaps, a troubled finch or insanity in wayward hawk

Lie, if thou must, be it amidst a deafening silence, lonesome soft
But, I plead, please tell me fallen feather, what hath befallen thee
Thy tuft to ne’er evermore touch again
What life should be, warmth of the summer's breeze

Sleep, sleep now 'neath the alley's gutter greys 
Catching Weeping Willows damning drops
Adrift as the drowning lily dying
In seas of the myriad scattered rots

An accomplice I shall say, within a winter's willing white
And alas, buried ordinary in this doth the corpse delight
Far beneath the crowds held at bay and forever lost
Now thou hath become the naked grove of wicker and then...
                                   the more of naked souless crops

Details | Narrative | |

Final Plea

Inspired by the untimely deaths of young people I knew. RIP

In a dream, tonight would be my last

and I demanded to talk to God.

Of all the things I've gotten past,

to go now seemed so odd.

"You've taken all my friends you see

and now you want me, too?

Unlike one who pretends to be

I've always honored you."

Those sinners who outlive me still,

all I have to ask is how?

It mad me question His very will.

Why take a good man now?

But God just sat and let me rave

on and on about my worth

and why I didn't need a grave,

but rather eternity here on earth.

Pride let my voice be rather loud.

He never said a word.

I told of deeds that made me proud

and good things that I'd heard.

And when I tired He simply said,

"No doubt your life's been good.

But many younger are now dead

and their legacy simply would

be the song that is never sung,

no children call them dad.

for they came to me so very young

and left the world confused and sad.

Yet now your time has come as well

and selfish thoughts are all I hear?

Your life was full and I can tell

it's really death you fear.

Just remember that you have no choice,

for you all will one day die.

Be strong and with a humble voice

tell loved ones they can cry."

And in that moment I knew a peace,

and I felt a tear well up inside.

That most feared was now the least

as my selfish motives died.

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I stare at your face as I remember it so vividly. 

I remember every piece of hair 
You crafted to lay so perfectly in place

The tip of your nose that became slightly rosier with each year
 The way your eyes wrinkled when you smiled
Your hard belly against mine as you gave me a hug 

When you said "I love you kid" 
And the pricelessness of those words 
Spoken more frequently towards the end.    

I wish we had more time 
So I could show you who I have become
 You may be gone but your love lingers on 

In the hearts of not only your family 
But every person you touched
And welcomed as part of that family 

You showed me that love is deeper than the surface 
It is rooted over time
Solidified in the thick and maintained through the thin.

I close my eyes 
Trying to picture the beautiful place 
You have chosen you reside 

Sometimes I whisper to you,
Hoping you can hear me
Just to say I love you

I know I will have to wait patiently 
For the next chapter 
When we all will reside together

Details | Ballad | |

William part 1

I ask all to be open minded as I tell the story of my friend,  William .
There are so many prejudice in this World , from color to sex 

To me it has always been the soul , the person inside 
For one that is shallow will not experience life in true blessing 

William my friend was African American , he was fun and personality full of 'I am here "
William was Gay , William disowned , William called "A queer "

Well this is a lesson for all to know
God does not care what color , but the heart , what color it shows .

I had left my 1st Husband , with 2 children I had to support .
I was depressed , felt alone in the civilian World of a sort 

For when I got to Monterey bay , I was on a Military base 
Very shy and recluse , not leaving the perimeter of the land 
I opened such a big door when I left that abusive Man 

I had the tiniest apartment with 2 little rooms , probably 550 sq. feet I presume .
I will never for get the night He came to my door , William ," Girl, lets go dancing 
Let's go explore ! He called me 'The platinum Blonde "

We went out together and danced , he was amazing ! William energized any room . He Lit it Up ! 
For he had something inside his beautiful soul , no money could buy, nor silver or gold.

Well years went by in Monterey bay , I had fallen in love with a man , Lost so much time .

Time went by , after the man broke my heart ,I remember "where is William "
I missed something that lies  deep in my heart . The true Love and friendship of he I craved .

Now this story is long so go to  "William part 2  "be patient , be brave .

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Three days Saved

It's been nine years, I have counted the tears-
  they have made trails of guilt
  worried into my heart 
  then filled with loneliness and bitter despair
but by your grace I have been shown...

For the first time, in these nine years, I have not wept
  nor held a vigil to honor our grief
though the loss still burns, this time it is transformed

Peace from your love still reaches through death
  and through your eternal love I am reborn
 It is Good Friday. 
When God took your spirit home
  and left me dying to know,
  how to love him for his sacrifice
  when he asked me to give up you?
How do I heal this death and rise with you in his arms?

Through your love I was born, and in your arms I grew
 and it has been your love the kept me whole
 that taught me how to be reborn
    for even though your body has gone
    your words lost in the wind and breath no more
The essence of grace and strength you lived
- it grows still in your daughter soul

My being and existence came from your womb
  my heart and mind shaped by your enlightenment
I have lived a life you gave me and for once
   I live it in pride to honor your sacrifice
your words giving me the guidance I'd lost nine years ago.

Alas, I've come to know, that as you died
  and went home with our Lord, you saved me from my death
not in your dying, my grief and love can attest,
    but in your living strength and loving example
       you showed me how to live a life
             open to our Father's gift

We knew it would not wait, but the parting was too fast.
I sat in thought three days before your sleep and asked,
"In three days time my savior died, I wonder hence
   what of my soul will rise with his?"

And now sitting Easter morning, 
  holding my sons candy-filled basket,
I realized Three days passed.

  He took you home Friday morn, but left me love,
that eternal love that never dies
whose comfort is unending

I honor your love by giving it to my children
         and Easter morning I felt your hug, your kiss, and knew 
                                 you have never left me
Though God took you home Mom
I know you have never left me
for as our Savior died and rose
you too still live in my heart, 
showing me proof our Father's blessings

    because you, my love, are my soul and all ready there
there fore I am strong enough to give this pain up 
       to honor his sacrifice and transcend,
           to be humbled by the grace and mercy
          that could forgive such lost lambs as I

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In your memory

Thank you for the beautiful memory
you left on my mind
you are not dead
 but you are not here,

to me you are gone,
cos i cant feel you the way i used to,
everything you used to do are left untouched
the space you ocupied is empty,

our yesterday is fading away like the rainbow
so beautiful but so short,
how can i forget the endless yesterday?
when you are here with me.

in loving memory of my sister (you are not an angel but you did what an angel can do,you fly to heaven.)

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Deep Space Christmas

                 Deep Space Christmas

God is busy this time of year attending to the billions
People’s needs, guiding reindeer, assisting Santa, counting souls
Helping with the naughty/nice boys and girls 
Even Craigslist needs some tweaking here and there
And other things too numerous to know or mention here

God is the great Creator out there at all times
At Christmas He moves faster than the speed of light
He has to keep up with popular demands 

Stars and universes don’t create themselves you know
He rides great rivers of dark matter like a magic carpet
That move along ribbons of space and time

Cosmic phenomena built on great speeds increasing every second
Millions of parsecs wide and longer than known universes
They curve through cosmic landscapes and glide to the beyond

God looks out at the great black void
And with legions of pretty angels by His side
The wondrous design begins again  

Everyone knows that thousands of angels can dance on the head of a pin
It is common knowledge that each celestial creature has that gift
They carry within their deep deep pockets, (just below the wings)
Thousands of other angels dancing on their own individual pins

But did you know these same tiny angels grow?
They expand larger than most universes
With multi-color baskets by their side 

God directs them to toss assorted planets
From blue baskets into the great unknown
Over there to be precise, to the right and upward
And somewhat just beyond that spot

The yellow baskets have suns and quasars with special protective shields
To shield the angels from wing singes and radiation fields
They throw thousands at a time by pure design
And since suns are too hot to handle, they throw them fast and throw a lot

Black baskets hold black holes, dark matter and a scattering of exotic things
God pulls them out real slow due to weight considerations and mysteries

Orange baskets hold more void but more about that later
We don’t want to distract you from the Creator

Back at Earth He takes his favorite creation by the hands
Men and women die all the time
He looks at each and every one of them with His bright kind eyes 
At that moment they are the only thing in His universe

Don’t cry.  You are not applying for a job
He holds them as his own and welcomes them home 
So grab a basket from an angel and let’s get back to work
Universes don’t build themselves you know

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That day is just another day,
Boarding buses driving car,
Some smile or sleep at hay,
Others chatting while driving far.

Thru and flow those journey,
One's mind will never across,
Death angel is on the hurry,
Waiting right spot for a man's loss.

Impact of dark angel wings,
Thrown and messed every stream,
All those agony brings,
Smash out those living dreams.

15 lives been told,
15 souls turned cold,
15 and 15 themselves,
Will never erased from shelves.

Family of 15 cried,
Shocked till tears dried,
The rest are in blurry side,
Come to known they are still alive.

That black tenth,
15 lost souls never reached home,
That black tenth,
Malaysia's most sour dome.

That black tenth,
Will forever remembered...

R.I.P for those 15 souls

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Hold On, Beautiful

I took a breath
And closed my eyes
Forever dreaming
Can you see me tonight?
Is it beautiful?
Tell me it's beautiful.

I took a chance
And closed my mind
I'm done dreaming
Did you make it there alright?
And is it beautiful?
Tell me it's beautiful.

I'm sitting here fighting back all the tears and emptiness
Holding onto memories and words I was afraid to speak
You touched my life
You were the bravest soul
Do you hear me cry?
I'm not letting go
Not yet, no not yet
Just hold on

Felt betrayed
Felt denied
Felt myself screaming "Why?!"
Felt your hand
Felt the tears
Felt the deepest of my fears
Felt the rain
Felt the night
You never meant to lose the fight
It'll be alright
Is it beautiful?
Tell me it's beautiful!

I'm sitting here fighting back all the tears and emptiness
Holding onto memories and words I was afraid to speak
You touched my life
You were the bravest soul
Do you hear me cry?
I'm not letting go
Not yet, no not yet
Just hold on

I'm sitting here fighting back all the tears and emptiness
Holding onto memories and words I was afraid to speak
You touched my life
You were the bravest soul
Do you hear me cry?
I'm not letting go
Not yet, no not yet
Just hold on

Is it beautiful?
Tell me it's beautiful
Is it beautiful... Where angels fly?

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Halloween night

Dearest brother in Heaven
I pray for you always
especially this time of year
as you are so very sadly missed
In everything we say and do
you live forever
inside peal drops
In a part of our heart's
held very precious dear bro
Every prayer 
wishing you happiness 
filled with joy dancing 
with the angels  

My brother drowned this night pulls  heavy in sadness Halloween night whilst on holidays with his children in Majorca a sad family time of year

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The Settlement of the Four Ligures

The stones slipped through the great fingertips of God
Each ligure staked its existence on the four corners of the universe
The quadrivial region began to spin and pull into a sphere
And pathways revealed their footholds 

The fourth ligure bravely landed in the midst of history
So that one day the future settlement of the second 
Would be moved by the last—by the past
Suffering much it stayed
Manifesting in incandescent words
Thrusting evanescence upon the weak
Selfless, it's sorrow would move the merriest
Would move the unmovable

The third lies in the profound valley of mystical guardians
Star-recruited, they are the very light above the canvas of gray
They embrace the stone—are inspired by the stone  
The very reflection of their creator was evident
Upon their unremitting glimmers
Unafraid to stare the others down
Motivated and construed by the glower of death
Eyes move fixedly beyond the simple vast

The second ligure rested upon the shoulders of invisible martyrs 
The hopeful power it planted on the sufferers was unbelievable
For spectators used their disbelief to cover their ever-placed envy
They never were part of the battle—they merely watched
Always seeing truth
But they never quite absorbed
Like a rock hitting the water
The inevitable fate was to fly and sink

The first of the ligures settled in the very reservoir of Satan himself
Even the very heart of the devil is marked
Though rebellion embarked  
The cold stone landed upon his naked bosom
He despaired not to the pericopal truth the gods had bestowed upon him
He merely despised it
But wished not to lose it
For such a stone to fall upon that dark corner—he felt pride for the gracious wound

In truth, there are twelve ligures of stone 
And four were dispersed, dropped into the universe
The last eight the great Eternal wears upon his breastplate 
And only He can re-move these ligures

-July 20, 2013-
-For Shadow Himilton's Any Subject Contest-
-Thanks for the inspiration-

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We Made An Angel

We made an Angel for Jesus,
although he was tiny and small,
he’s now in the army of Jesus,
and helps to watch over us all.

Our baby was born in October. 
A beautiful blue eyed boy.
He appeared to be healthy and happy, 
he filled our hearts full of joy.

We had him for only a short time. 
His life seemed so normal at first!
Just before he was two, without warning, 
his health took a turn for the worst!

Six months later, he went up to heaven, 
to explain it, we won’t even try!
For a while, we were groping for reasons, 
why someone, so young had to die?

We kept on searching for answers, 
for what we could not understand?
Why God, would let this thing happen, 
was it all just a part of His plan?

All of a sudden it hit us, 
we knew just what God had in mind!
He let us make Him an Angel, 
to help Him watch over mankind!

Yes, we made an Angel for Jesus, 
although he was tiny and small,
but he’s big in the Army of Jesus, 
and helps to watch over us all!

Dedicated to Angel Bobby 
(Robert William Taylor -  1968-1971)

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My Mind is Yours part 1

My mind is yours I think of you As I stab away at your heart I think of you As blood spatters all over my face I think of you As the life ebbs out of your vassal I think of you As my hate grew into a flowing river of your blood I think of you As you stare into space with those dead eyes I think of you As they bury you in a poppers grave I think of you A childhood robbed I think of you The hand of god stealing an alter boys innocence I think of you Rotting piece of flesh in the ground I think of you A hateful cruel man of no honor I think of you No more

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1 Year Later I Do Not Breath part 2

I Do not Breath

I do no think Of life that mocked me I do not think Of elders who forgot me I do not think Of my depression I do not think Of hell on earth I do not think at all Anymore I shall hang from the rafters You can all laugh now
I am as dead As when I was alive No difference at all Bury me in that poppers grave Beside the man of god who was the devils slave He is in hell, and there shall I reside too Taunting his perversions for all of eternity

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Your Only Friend

     YOUR ONLY FRIEND       
Out of the night she's called for you
and raised you from a restless sleep
into the life you're going through,
into the life you can not keep.

She's known by all, her name is Death,
you see her, then you realize,
she is your very final breath
and you have seen it in her eyes.

You look again, to clear your head
but truth is truth, and now you know,
your book is finished, it is read,
and now it's time to go.

So long you wondered who she was
if she would ever be a friend,
but now you see the love she does,
and it is there beyond your end.

She whispers all the things you've done
and sings them in her song
each rising star, each setting sun,
it all played out, but played out wrong.

And there is nothing here for you,
so welcome her, she is your end,
and go to where you must go to
to know sweet Death, your only friend.
        ©  ron wilson aka Vee Bdosa the Doylestown Poet

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Change of plans and planes

two couples exchanged
tickets to the their tropics
point of no return

bright blue summer sky 
cloudless close towards heaven
crashed on foreign ground

airborne or grounded
temporal or eternal
dreams downed for ever

(c) Elly Wouterse

Based on the recent Ukraine air disaster and several related and saddest but true 

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My Escort is gone

Days are long and nights are short.
To last through time I will need an escort.
But yesterday I heard the news
my escort is gone, to heaven he flew.

I saw the feathers from his wings fell
in the lonely nights did time love to dwell.
Even so, I still need him nevertheless 
though I know he's there, giving me his bless.

It's easy to walk with a pair of legs,
to fly with wings, not some wooden pegs.
The flesh was raw but now it has rot
with attempts to untangle this strangled knot.

I am in pain, in severe pain
and all this sadness do I wish to feign.
But he is gone, everything is gone.
Hopefully I'll live to see the upcoming dawn.

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The Death Angel

The Death Angel-Noah Holden

Death is so lonely, unexpecting, depressing and grim,

The Death Angel is among us everyday even though we can’t see him,

Taking any living things life is the Death Angel’s role,

When your time on this earth is up the Death Angel will reap your soul,

The Death Angel’s robes are as dark as the pits of hell,

He is a soul deliverer, standing tall his skin so very pale,

He walks among us with his robes, sickle and hood,

He will take you out and touch you with death and your heart will stop for good,

The Death Angel will take you to your eternal resting place,

He will take you no matter your age, religion, height or race,

The Death Angel works everyday without a single break,

When he comes to see you, your soul is all he’ll take,

One day you’ll appear on the Death Angel’s list,

Your life as you know it will be dismissed.

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Show me who you are and i shall paint out broken columns on the valleys of her back as if such figure is un-common
i have found no beauty bending as the vines that are her hair and the frailty of man upon her back is what she bares
bleed her body for the harvest let them feast upon her soul for the nurishment of mother is leaps beyond so bold
she is like the flower growing in the deepest of dark forests,amongst the ivy and hemlock but her skin is much too porous
to concern herself with games that tantalize the men, as they marry on crusade it is her children that she tends
sheath your swords with her ambition and tip your arrows with her will, craft your armour from her strength and in the battle you will kill
come now children from the pasture and lay each upon her side, suckle gently at your mother although theirs pain she does not hide
though the water leaks from rooftops her leaves are thick and block the rain, as the water level rises cling to her branches with no shame
she is the stone upon the beach, once a mountain pound and breached
yet still her disposition clear to love her children that are near

inspired by Roots Frida Kahlo, 1907-1954

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Sweet Children, Sleep

To the Newtown Children

A poet cries with broken heart

Look thine hearts be washen clean with death,
God knows how hastily can be
By an unfitting goodly young man
Become just another evil’s killer.
Take thou no mean of life
That so tenderly and small
Arranged now along that cold room
Where a hundred of parents
Like you and I look on poor children that thou think:
One day they shall be a doctor or a thinker like us.
To understand really why the hungry death
Has to do for their final journey in front of this sickness?

O, children! American children! My children!
I warn thee in all my heart and soul
That could not happen so earlier on life
And where thou cast the peace and saint in the kindness of grace
Take care of them from danger, thou take for a leaf
And makes my heart bleeding every one like us become angry
How in this heavenly nation this massive fate could occur?

Hold me fast in thine embrace God,
Where my despair cannot be silenced,
Let you and me and everyone else to knee and cross
Our fingers against our chest and pray for them,
Give them, Lord, thy blessing give,
Pray for them and mother as well,
And I shall finish this poem with trembled
Fingers and tears cascading over this bloody
Sheet as an awaken wind has just blown it from me.

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I am a prison in this hospital bed 
Used to wake-up with a cross above my head 
Pity my race will soon come to its end 
My love for them Please send.

A plastic tube between my nose and lips 
Giving me air, glad I 'm sick! 
Gate of the white palace will soon to be closed 
Guardians of the empire seen in the post.

Outside the window of my hopeless jail 
Children playing by one and more than twail 
Deprived of freedom and happiness 
Laying in this bed full of regrets and anguish. 

Doctors said "soon you 'll be okay 
You need to take your medicines everyday" 
If only I can have a second life
I wish I can tell you "follow God's light".

Wish I can get out in this darkest sorrow 
Be most welcome my self for a better tomorrow 
To the King of white palace thank you for today !
Only prayer for you left as my medicine for everyday.

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Meet Me At The Gates

Standing across from damien
whom had been his lover for yea
He takes his heart out of his chest
And places it in Damiens hands
Kurt says "this heart belongs to you"
He askes Damien "do you want it?"
Damien places Kurts heart in his hands
"i dont"
Kurt throws it to the ground and stomps on it
Looking down at his crumpled heart a tear 
Falls from his cheek
He starts walking away
He falls to his knees
Like suffocating
Damien runs over to him
But is blocked by a black mist
Damien stands there whispering
"Kurt come back"
Kurt stands up and places his heart
Into Damiens pocket
As Kurt turns and walks away
The sky opens up
And kurt rises to the clouds
A few years later Damien joins him up at the gates

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Precious Angel

Precious angel spread your wings and fly,
soar high above in the clear blue sky.

It was so unfair we didn't get the chance to see,
the precious angel that you would be.

Lay yourself down and have a good rest,
we all think that maybe it really was for the best.

If we could have only had the chance to meet,
and see our precious angel from your head to your tiny feet.

Always know that we will be thinking of you,
and we all know your thinking of us to.

I'm sure we will always question why,
but for now all we can say is goodbye.

                     Colleen Marie Bono

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Gunfighter's walk

Dark angel of heartbeating pound,
sixth sense of premonition glide,
akin his ways and deeds abound,
steel spurs transmit the spell around,
Smith-Wesson guns - the tombs on ground,
companions faithful by his side,
Dark angel of heartbeating pound,
sixth sense of premonition glide.

Meanwhile he walks, one small detail,
may be enough to draw his stare,
unsound the randomness can't fail,
guns fire on the dusted  trail,
the spurs' there jingle - lives curtail;
the dames in gowns round-eyed will glare,
Meanwhile he walks one small detail,
may be enough to draw his stare.

At deathwalk's noon, with light increased,
the onslaught slugs will serve the cause,
hands flash and men attend Death's feast,
(but all gunfighters don't believe,
that once will be among deceased);
atrocious are the drawing laws,
At deathwalk's noon, with light increased,
the onslaught slugs will serve the cause.

Gunfighter's walk on dust, midday,
where forty fours with fire bloom
his eyes embroil each detail,
a draw of bluff on deathly trail,
shall meet the sixes' bet twin play,
black suit, gun belt, gunpowder's boom;
Gunfighter's walk on dust, midday,
where forty fours with fire bloom.

© G. Venetopoulos, 01-05-2013, All rights reserved 
(Ballad in the form of a Triolet with altered the 4th line.)

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Jada Mortensen

And so she was the girl from Bair.
With ocean eyes and golden hair.
Of heavy heart and light despise
Of cupid's dart and winter's cries.
There came a day when things did end.
Around the corner of the bend
There came a truck and in dispair
The loudest word was spoken there.
And so she left to who knows where.
Whilst many cried because they cared.
She roams around in circles too,
And whispering winds and skies of blue.
We raise our glass towards the sky
And smile a memory although she died.
No tears tonight, not ever one.
For there she rests inside the sun.
She is okay we know for sure.
In better days to now endure.
And so she was the girl from Bair
With clemency; a heart so fair.
And as we lay in bed and sigh,
I'd like to say to you Goodbye.

Rest In Peace Best Friend
11-21-1996 ~ 06-21-2011

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Death is Beautiful

She wakes up. 
Surrounded by darkness. 
She tries to stand, but is knocked to the floor. 
She looks around for a way out. 
But she sees nothing.
Suddenly she feels as if she is being strangled. 
She fights for her life against the unknown. 
Soon the grip loosens and she gasps for air.

She cries in relief. 
The relief is short lived as she drowns in her tears. 
As she searches for this unknown attacker, she bumps into the wall and finds a light switch. She flips it on. A  light bulb hanging from the ceiling flashes on.
The walls are mirrors. All she sees is a reflection of herself. 
But she doesn't know it’s her for sure…it could be her attacker mimicking her.
She grabs the side of her head and shakes it violently. She tries to stay sane. 
How could she after going through what she went through? 
The whole situation caused her to question everything.

She lets go and takes a deep breath. 
She looks at the mirror directly in front of her.
Limping slowly toward it she feels her heart racing to find out why this happened to her. She sees a black shadow flash behind her.
She whips her head around to look, but sees nothing. 
As she approaches the mirror, she puts her hand up to touch it.
When her finger makes contact with the mirror, the light goes out. 
She hears a wicked laughing. It’s soft and coming from all directions,
Or is it in her head? She falls down to the ground. She is now in the fetus position.

“Good job my good and faithful servant." she hears the voice say. 

The voice is evil, but the words are God’s.
She slowly stands up still crying. 
She can’t control herself and her legs fall underneath her.
“The devil must be doing this." she thinks.

She runs into a mirror shattering it in millions of pieces. She realizes this has happened to her soul  too. She picks up the pieces and holds them up. 

She says “Fix them! Fix me! Fix my heart and my soul! If you can do anything, fix this mess!"

She throws them helplessly to the ground, some shards going into her legs.
She falls in pain and weakness. 
The black shadow appears in the shape of a beautiful woman. 

It sits next to her and says “He can’t fix you; I can. Take my hand and we will go to a wonderful world without this pain. You’ll be safe."

The girl takes the shadow’s hand.
Not realizing death comes in beautiful forms.

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The powerful silvery stardust

On that starry night, as I sat on the open balcony Of my own pigeon home, so cosy I saw, mesmerization, O pure adoration How beautous was this great attraction! A blanket of stardust, a black one full of stars Faced with it, so trivial seemed my scars Life itself seemed so mysterious And so full of grace so imperious! As I watched with wonder, came running down my cheeks Those tears, seeking their way out of their creeks Merciful must be the high Lord None knew why he did create a world so haggard! Somewhere, thought I, must be an abode There, sing the fairies, an eternal ode While switching on and off the blinking lights Of life and death, such must be its sights! On that starry night, living seemed a must A travel from a forgotten place to an unknown one To live simply with the wills of just Shall someday give me the high stature of the great swan!
Name : Anoucheka Gangabissoon

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An Angels Maiden Flight

This day is alive
With wondrous sound
Call’s of god’s creations
On the air is abound

Filling my ears
With its beautiful sound
My spirit takes flight
And soon leaves the ground

A tear in my eye
As I breathe it all in
Life’s wonderful magic
Fills my heart once again

I soar through the clouds
On summers soft breeze
Flying high overtop
The tallest of trees

Free of the falseness
Of mortal man’s goals
That later consumes
Their tired lost souls

I no longer am burdened
And have not a care
For now that I fly
Through heavens pure air

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Ghostly Child

Ghostly child
peering through
foggy mist
watching from afar
from another dimension
in another era
from another place
drifting through time
caught in between worlds
towards spirit light
of beacon bright
shining on her
the way to go home.

She lingers on
from dusk until dawn
floating through air
searching for her mother
who was lost at sea
from long ago
entity from eternity
forever lives on
in her daughter's ghostly heart.

Free her from her earthly plane
into the spirit world
where she belongs
in finding peace
rather than remain
in limbo state
away from her mother's
loving embrace.

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I Have The Power To Kill Iniquity

I have the power to move desperation,
I think about my ideas,
And I move my mind to my own world of imagination,
I use my powers to move people into a land of peace,
I throw my mind on the paper,
And my confidence in the pencil,
As I control the negative mind with great thoughts,
So blissful,
I have the power to move depression,
The power to flatten an emotional erruption,
I use it to save an innocent life,
I can kill an evil mind,
As sharp as a knife,
I have the power to move sorrow,
And slap it with the joys of tommorow,
I have the power to create happiness in mid air,
I have the power to blind hate with trickery,
I have the power to kill iniquity.

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MUM ...
































Mom you mean the world to me
It’s hard to live without you ,You were always by my side
Through thick and thin you helped me

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Never Take Hate Outside

When you're hurt inside,
And there's no where to hide,
And there's no one on your side,
And it's killing your pride,
Never take hate outside,

When your heart is chocking,
The heavy words never spoken,
The things that hurt you inside,
When love has died,
Never take hate outside,

When your heart is gone,
From being alone,
And it beats a solemn tone,

When you're cold inside,
It's only a short ride,
Never take hate outside

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Upper Hand

Free will and choice, we think we know,
the high road calls our name.
But man's destruction arises low
in a part we just can't tame.

And evil's there, in quiet repose,
we rap it's hollow door.
And here we sit for what we chose
as they tally the final score.

Of all the battles we fought within,
none matter but the last.
An epic struggle set to begin
from which our destiny is cast.

In the afterlife of death's staid pale,
too late to take a stand,
will eternity be in heaven or hell?
We must await the upper hand.

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Twenty brand new angels
arrived just yesterday.
Frightened and confused
they only wished to stay

with parents now left empty,
and shattered beyond belief.
Their babies’ precious little lives
stolen by a spineless thief

with evil in his heart,
and killing on his mind.
Dear God where are you now?
It’s getting hard to find

a reason for the carnage,
and the acts of the insane.
Can we still find eternal love
surrounded by such pain?

Now twenty brand new angels
who only yesterday did die,
and with them, too, the innocence.
Why, dear God, why?

for the Sandy Hook children.  RIP.

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A Homecoming

I have spent many hours reflecting on my dad's last earthly days. How he stared silently at the room's far corner, in another place. At times, many visitors filled his crowded hospital room. But my father's eyes were transfixed, his face peacefully consumed. Though he could not speak, I questioned his mesmerizing vision. As I held his hand I knew the answer, God had made His decision. Angels had come for my dad as he quietly faded in that bed. His time of peace had come, but it was the moment I had dread. I wanted Dad to stay with me just one more minute, hour, day. But summer, his favorite season, had come, the time for me to find a way to let him go, Jesus was calling; so I kissed him goodbye through tears. As he took his final breath, a peaceful calm washed over my fears. I stared off into the distance, imagining beautiful angel wings of love, embracing my dad, then flying him to the eternal summer of Heaven above. * This is all true. I held my dad's hand and sang to him as he took his last breath. It may have been angels or my dear grandma coming to take him home. I only know that I felt comforted by my dad's peace. By Rhonda Johnson-Saunders, March 19, 2012 First place in Touched by an Angel contest (Gail Doyle) Eighth place in Emotional Poem Contest (PD)

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Weep and a Moan

Watching the sequence of sound coming out of your mouth...
But the screaming is too loud.
I can speak,
But my brain doesn't want to.

I closed the door.
Silence called for me.
Should I cry or should I run after her?

What have I done to you?
but love you uncontrollably.

Shes then left speechless.
It looks like shes out of breath,
but really I broke her.

She was fragile.
So innocent.

Run, Just run.
A gun raised..
up to her mouth.
And a taint on her heart.

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Her Final Words

"No." She whispered before drowning into her sorrows.
Her life had been a simple happy one. 
There were no pains and no troubles.
Life was life and people were people.
Life was simple.
and life was all about tomorrows.
Life didn't know about sorrows.
Her sorrows.
Those same sorrows that she drowned in never existed. 
They were never there, but where?
First to be sad in the naive town of joy.
Sorrow became contagious and what was known as happiness no longer was there.
It was non-exististent. 
A meager thought 
and a blessed memory.
She tried and tried.
She failed and failed.
Life was no longer hers.
For Pain was her only possession.
Her curse.
She lived and she died.
Yet, her legacy was passed on.
Never was it gone.
"No." She whispered before drowning in her sorrows, 
"Save them."

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If I die before I wake

As I die he will be with me,
I fell in love he had the key,
And always knelt on one knee.

My last thoughts are of him, 
As the lights go dim,
Life circling on a rim.

All at once we are apart,
The taste is so tart,
It all hits me in the heart.

You are left to live,
My heart your captive,
There is nothing to forgive.

My cheeks blush so shy,
With a tear in my eye,
As I start to die.

Fear not for I am well,
As many up here can tell,
It is not quite hell.

As I look from above,
kissing the forehead of my love,
I wonder what he dreams of.

I look at him so fondly,
his lips curve so grandly,
as he sleeps so soundly.

I'm like a hummingbird fluttering over his bed,
I wish to be with him but I am dead,
My life over and has fled.

I fear for my love for he is kind,
Strong handsome and well lined,
But now I leave him way behind.

Finding love is like a quiz,
Never knowing what it is,
He needs love from a heart as strong as his.

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The Feeling

From deep within a silence grows
Vastly spreading, yet no one knows
No one knows of what's to come
The Feeling is sudden, then it's done.
Often with pain, fits of sorrow
The Feeling leaves nothing, not even a morrow
With much haste, take one last breath
We all succumb to The Feeling of Death.

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Your letting me go,
You no longer want me,  
I'm falling back to the ground from the sky's that held me,  
I'm falling hard, 
falling fast, 
I'm falling back from the pass, 
You have discarded me, 
all of our memories, 
all the little pieces of me.
you no longer want me,
you want a newer version,
the least broken version,
the more happier version,
but hunny you drove me here,
all those nights you screamed, 
the anger you rained down on me,
there was no mercy for me to plead,
has I beg from me knees,
I beg for you to set me free,
lower that knife,
take my life,
set me free,
send me back to the angels,
that held me.

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In honour of a Little Boy who became an Angel just before Christmas

The lights are down this Christmas

The stars refuse to shine

The angels seem to have flown away

As the bells they sadly chime


You give and you take

But our hearts, it just breaks

Waiting for that chirpy little voice

For those tiny feet to make the pitter-patter noise


The tears don’t stop flowing this Christmas

As the toys are put away

No Santa can change this Christmas

Who can rewind that Goodbye Day?


Will You hold our hands this Christmas

We can’t bear to face the week

With the light snuffed out this Christmas

What good can the New year be?


Are we at the Burning Bush?

Makes us fear to draw near…

Yet our only hope, to see our little angel again

Is to hold to You and the Hope You give, through the pain…


Draw near O Lord, this Christmas

To our tired, worn and battered hearts

Pray a glimpse of Heaven You give

Where our Little Angel now plays

As he daily sees Your face

Be to us here below

Emmanuel… God with us…

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Not Too Late

There's a ghost hiding in the past
there's a boy wishing it has last
all these secrets stop the seting sun
all the love has grown, but never said
and he wishes he could've told her what she meant
he wishes he could've said how he felt

But it's not too late
just open your heart
she hears every word you say
her guidance helps lead the way
forever's gone by too fast
but deep in our heart it will last
look into your soul and hear it ring
the beautiful song that she sings

There's an angel looking down
There's a boy without a frown
all this hope brings the rising sun
all thsi love we wish we had sent
he can feel she's in his heart
and will enver let him fall apart

"cause its not too late
just open your heart
she hears every word you say
her guidance helps lead the way
forever's gone by too fast
but deep in our heart it will last
look into your soul and hear it ring
the beautiful song that she sings

He remembers 
talking o nteh couch feeling safe
he remembers writing a poem and her saying its great
he remembers
how he cried wehn she didn't open her eyes
he remembers
fearing things he can't describe

"cause its not too late
just open your heart
she hears every word you say
her guidance helps lead the way
forever's gone by too fast
but deep in our heart it will last
look into your soul and hear it ring
the beautiful song that she sings

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Come back beloved

Long ago my days began like any other scene
Until came an angel with the reason to my being
Held my finger tightly close scared to be alone
Lit my house by his beauty incase he had to go
Walked then ran and in a flash set his life for me
Love filled words of only him is my favorite story
Deep affection blinded me from every stories end
Pride of having that angel as a son and a friend
Came crashing down one day along with his wings
In tears of cut up memories and losing everything
He did not say farewell but never did he return
I heard his heart beating under mine which broke and burnt
I heard his last prayers in all the cries and screaming
Wish I would wake up one last time in hope that I was dreaming
I want to smile the way I would by just his sight
That part of me has drowned off towards the light
Will carry your burdens under my vein wherever I may go
Your blessed soul mate and five gems hold your names glow
From all the joy and laughter that faded away to pain
I wait now for when you will be in my arms again

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Oh Brother, Where Art Thou

Oh Brother, Where Art Thou? By Kenny Davis

Oh Brother, my dear brother
For where art thou?
Never thought it was you in my life
That I would have to go on living without

In the news of your passing
My heart in a roller coaster of emotion
So much love, rage, sadness
Filled with devotion and commotion

Oh Brother, Dear Brother
Why must you leave me so soon?
Having mere chances to share spring like rain showers with you
Only to not live to see the budding Dogwoods bloom 

I take comfort in the fact
In knowing why you had to leave
To finally claim your rightful place in Heaven
One of God’s enduring angels is forever free

I take solemn in the fact
That you are physically no longer here
But all of the memories you left behind for me
Will be forever treasured in my heart Brother, My Dear

I take peace in the fact
In knowing why you were called
Because you have rightfully fulfilled your purpose
And God said, “Now Servant, that is all.”

I take abundant joy in the fact
In knowing you are now in a far better place
Anxious to see once more that smiling face
When it comes to be my time to approach those pearly gates

I take everlasting hope in the fact
We shall one day meet again
In advance, thank you for watching over me from heaven
Farewell oh brother, my dear brother, my dearest best friend

©March 2013 k.davis

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Arcanum Bride

She came to me - becharming was an' fair; 
resound of church bells call - remote Sunday; 
angelical her face in streams of air; 
she fled into my nothingness of gray..

She fled towards the gray - transformed to drops; 
above the fields accepted were her clouds; 
Amid the dusky shadows of tree tops, 
Imparted lives, my aloneness' Styx shrouds; 

Lone arbiter of my arcanum bride, 
my sentiments ascended - to orbit, 
a quilt of nimbus covered me and cried, 
my life became a flight - winds' chorded ambit! 

She stared at me from yonder stills, merry; 
Unreal she reached my soul but was lifeless; 
The trumps of Angels played in notes airy, 
her bridal offered pure affableness; 

In Acheronian lakes I loved her gleam; 
her thousand tears of rain, arcanum song; 
she fled above the cumulus to deem, 
and crown noctilucent my waxed lifelong.

© 02-16-2012, G. V., All Rights Reserved

(The poem is composed in Iambic tetrameter form.
The Iambic pentameter form is closer to it, as a substitute.)

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God Only Knows

Kisses, hugs, softly cuddled,
a baby's giggle,
a family huddled.
Empty chair
where he once sat.
Why, dear God
are we left with that?

Tears, frustration, anger stirs
why's he gone so soon?
Days to months how time blurs.
Memories can't die
like people do.
why, dear God
did he go to you?

Reason, truth, a higher power,
We know it's not our place
to know the date, the exact hour.
Others will go away
and empathy we will show.
we can only trust in You,
for why is not ours to know.

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Why me

Why me
Why me dear god 
Why the hell me!
I did all you asked 
I’ve even played the card 
Of a good girl, the one 
Everyone wanted me to be.
Why can’t you save me.
I’m hurting immensely 
And no one care not even slightly.
How could you allow me to fall 
So deep, so far into misery.
I’ve grown to hate myself so much so
I’m that demon within the angel 
That you see.
I’m crying out for help
And not once did you show me sympathy.
Like everyone else you pretend to care
My prayers are just words you refuse to here.
You watched the tears ran down my cheeks
And didn’t send an angel to watch over me.
I don’t want to be part of this world anymore
Just set me free….
Sleeping forever is where I are to be.


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Waiting For The Angel

In this pool of blood I lie
Awaiting the Angel of Death to come nigh
So many tears of crimson I've cried
But there were too many shed on this night
I did not want to cut deep inside
But what's done is done and now I try
To stay awake and glimpse death coming by
Before life drains and I greet the other side
What will be waiting? I wonder as I die
I had heard tales of palaces in the sky
Of angels and Gods and all else you would find
In the imaginative corner of someone's mind
But I don't think that is what I will find
Laying here dying I notice that my
Mind races with thoughts of my ended life
Of all the things I never tried
And all the times I cried and cried
Of all the moments I wished I would die
Now all I want is a little more time
But I can feel the slipping of mine
Reminding me that the end is nigh
I wonder if the Angel of Death will fly
To take me to death where I will now reside

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From a distance the sound of feathers 
A whole host of words often whispered
As if you haven't already heard his saving message
In bitter silence we slowly become unshackled
From this lying bitter place of cold ego's
Then angel spreads her wings out on windows peak
She then keeps silent from inside her swell;
At its cold whispers haunting to dwell
Many keep to themselves not wanting to be alone
Then a cold chill sends a rage down my spine tingling like off the vine
In time the sun heats up out on waters edge devides
Many a demon would so often run away & hide
Angels totally surrenders out on its night scene
A brandished web of forbidden design,
For some the angel would lie in wait to deceive
In triumphant sounds of musical magestic beings light the scene
We our still here to help egnite its flame
While the entire world outside lies helplessly insane
Out on its playing field some have no game,

When our generation dies so does the other,
The angel of darkness will seek to inhabit its light
Shackled from a memory on a certain quest nor plight

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Angel in Hell

An Angel in Hell
is a light in the dark
who mourns for those who fell
those still with a mark

An Angel in Hell
is the sun in the rain
who releases us from this spell
who frees us from this pain

An Angel in Hell
is love amidst hate
who comes to where we dwell
and saves us from this fate

*Dedicated to those who fell in the Holocaust and those who survived*

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When Angels Cried

I believe in angels
I saw one just today
She sat beside a mother
As they took her child away

She wrapped her wings around her
She listened while mom prayed
Through coffee cups and flowing tears
And yet the angel stayed

Nurses, doctors came and went
Daylight turned to eve
Mom sat alone or paced the halls
And yet the angel would not leave

Scrubs of green approached the doors
With paper shoes; mask hanging free
The angel stayed because she knew
The news was bad, you see

A little boy was draped in light
He joined the angel by her side
They held mom's hand as she was told
Her baby boy had died.

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Bury Me at Sea

When my time passes
And there’s no breath left in me,
Take my ashes to the oceans
And set my spirit free.
There I can rejoin my friends
There I will not be alone.
There I can make my amends
There I won’t be unknown.

Far too much blood spilled onto this planet
Makes its way to the sea.
The raining of blood by droplet
Rejoining there finally.

Don’t leave me in the cold, cold ground.
No – No imprisoned tomb for me.
Let the waves be my stone bound
An anxious tide, my cemetery.

There I can float on endless waves
A moving monument to see.
And if you leave a tear on my grave
I can float it away with me…

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A Silent Wave

A silent wave rushing inside my heart

Your hand leading me so far we won't depart

Your voice I heard in away that's taking me far

Into a silent wave rushing inside my heart.

Oh the thrill it was to hear

your voice so silent as I opened up to you

so wonderful this silent wave rushing inside my heart

I was searching for a answer to a question for so long

there it was a silent wave rushing inside my heart

Your voice Lord, in ways I never found

a silent whisper so very loud

inside my heart the silent wave replied

to me your love is so divine..

So when the shattered dreams are filling your mind

please please listen to the silent wave rushing inside your heart.

Written by:©Betty Bolden

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Darker Angel

     A conversation with
ends unexpectedly 
    A cloud passing overhead
  The Darker Angel leaves his mark
on the good citizens
      In a cemetery 
a small plant reaches 
     upward for life
A heliotrope - always seeking sunlight 
The remains of a life
   The Darker Angel 
  has had his say 
A small boat 
in a big lake 
   the weather turns gloomy 
  The Darker Angel 
sees his chance 
    the boat is 
rocked by the storm 
    two go under 
    never to return 
 Count your blessings while ye may
     The Darker Angel is waiting for you and me 
  His burning eyes cut through all pretense

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My Mask

It hurts all the time
This pain in me never stops
I want to cry for you
I want to scream for you
I want to beg for you
I want you to be here
This cant be fair
This cant be real

But I smile and I laugh
I get up every morning to go to work
Throw on a happy face and make some jokes
I come home and enjoy my day
I have fun
And I continue on
But I’m so hurt
I’m so lost

Seeing you in there killed me
I could never get the phone call out my head
The screams from my mom
The walk up there to see if it was true
But most of all I wont forget you
In the casket
Touching your hand
You were so cold
You didn’t belong there
Seeing you go into the ground
Seeing them fall apart
Feeling my heart break into pieces
When all I could do is scream
I will never forget that day

And every time I smile I want to cry
Every time I laugh I want to cry
Every time I think I want to cry
Every breath I take takes a little bit out of me
Because I want to cry

I want this to not be real
I want to had spend more time with you
I want to hug you
Laugh with you 
Tell you I love you
That I was always there
That I am still always here

I am so broken
But I continue on with life

Because God took you and not me
He wanted me here for a reason
So ill continue on for
I will laugh
And smile
And pretend
Anything to make it to the end
To see you

I miss you just isn’t enough
It doesn’t mean enough

What heals a broken heart?
Time they say

But time wont bring you back
So my heart stays broken
As I pretend to smile

I miss you
I miss you
I miss you

As I’m falling apart

My mask then goes on

RIP Bebo... 17 was to young

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Soul's Ascension

A dying girl
Uplifted by a whirl
Of singing voices,
She no longer regrets her choices.

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Resting Spirits

up on the hill where you can just about see heaven 
thats where a spirit goes when it's concious is guilty of sin 
the spirit rests till it's own will can see 
all things that were are and will ever be 

if I wait till the dawn rises the reflection will stare 
straight twords the soul untill God's will is there 
up twords the sunlight follows the brilliant suns glare 
back from the heavens with all new flare 

where there is an opalesence look to the new moon 
follow it's shadows in a monthly gracefull swoon 
peacefullness in it's patterns a place away from the suns doom 
Carry me there away from here resting in it's shadows 
here in my souls cocoon

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MUM ...
































Mom you mean the world to me
It’s hard to live without you ,You were always by my side
Through thick and thin you helped me

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My Secret Angel

Where do you stay in the day?
Like the moon in a mid-morning sky.
My hidden angel where do you fly?
You are always there by my side.
Everyday you whisper your secrets to me.
How sweet. How kind.
My secret angel.
Where do you hide your wings?
or do you perfer to soar free?
My little angel,
so gentle and curiouse,
how would you fair without me?
Beautiful angel
so careing and strong,
never do you stop to frown.

My little angel where did you go?
why did you fly home on those hidden wing,
to leave me behind?
My secret angel,
why did you stop breathing?
My sad little angel,
why were you taken from me?
When did your smile slip from your face?
Dear beautiful angel,
so kind and caring,
do you watch over me,
from your perch in the sky?
My little angel,
Why did you have to die?

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As The Other Me Takes Over

Society is a reason that has just ran cold,
Like the tempature I'm feeling never seems to get ahold,
The sadness lingers over and the beauty starts to fade,
When I saw all the negative on the news today,
The darkness that is surrounding me has found a new home,
Deep inside my brain it swells trying to kill the bold,
The new found confidence I had seems to have been old,
Like the old man with the cancer that has just got told,
I know he's still with me in my heart and in my soul,
but I just can't stand what this new year has to hold,
Will it be good for me, will I see, 
All the positive, when will the demons stop to breathe?
There like vultures in my body, I can feel them feed,
All this happiness that I held, were they just a dream?
I've found a medicene that will kill the pain, of the hurt I share,
Your pain it scars me like a knife cutting threw the care,
The worry of this generation is not what it should be,
But I was left with a gift, I'm lucky too be me.
Can I be the light, In the darkness?
Can I bare the stake running threw your lungs,
Can I be the air that you breathe when the whole worlds died,
Can I be the tears in the midst of happiness you cried?
Please love me now and in return I'll make your life worth while,
and you won't know what is hurt, I'll heal your wounds and take you from your life,
Give you a new start and I'll set things right,
I see the innocense in a noose every single night,
I wish I could pick them off the rope so high,
What would drive them too that point,
I regret the days I spent,
Being so unhappy in the life I live,
I'm trying to be proud in a world where it's scarase,
Where children have no parents,
Where the government is only but single Tyrants,
So make my job easy and give me the knife,
That will kill these lunatics that crave the night,
That don't do whats right,
I will train in the darkness where I'm the only light,
I will rid the world of there parrell and strife.
Please god just save me tonight.

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Meeting God At The Ocean

She sat upon the rocks of the golden shore,
hearing the waves of the ocean's roar.
She remembered a time when she was young,
before this cancer had taken her lung.
She sat there gazing out at the ocean,
thinking if her family's loving devotion.
She thought of her husband as her best friend,
hoping his heart would someday mend.
He fought the battle with her each day,
hoping this cancer would go away.
Her doctor told her I'm sorry there is no hope,
somehow she had managed to deal with it and cope.
The waves were choppy, the tide was high,
as she looked at the seagulls slowly fly by.
She felt at peace at this scene of nature,
as she somehow knew she would meet her maker.
The lighthouse was shining off in the distance,
as her body was fighting an agonizing resistance.
She went to the ocean to be closer to God,
for the cancer she was fighting she could not beat the odds.
An angel sat beside her to comfort her with all she endured,
Knowing when she went to Heaven she would be cured.
It was'nt long after she had passed away,
where the cancer no longer had ate her away.
Now she has the home she's always wanted,
where her body is no longer tired or taunted.
Her memory will always be etched in my mind,
In Heaven with God she will forever shine.

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I Tell You These With a Black Heart

I recite scriptures in cemeteries,
persuading the fallen to follow the path to my chambers.
I sing them hymns of what I claim to be mine
as I hide my blood stained gums,
they kick and scream with lead legs
so I take their palms and drag them
through the storm.
Some get dismantled from the socket.
Only they can fix them.

Their bodies starved and withered
as we enter the eye of the storm,
the eye of God.
We have arrived in hell,
enclosed by tornadoes and hurricanes.

Hush now, you must keep my words secret
for there are worse things on Earth
than dying in my arms.

I watch every one of them drop 
six feet below.
I could choose to leave them buried,
give them to the maggots,
But instead I carry them through the inferno.
They mustn’t walk alone.
Walk with me to the afterlife.
They must die through what I died through.

They are all casualties to me,
no longer humans.
I don’t know their names.
If they speak them I am deaf.
Cries are frequent but never heard,
never nourished.

I was an angel once, of my own,
preaching praises,
but now I spend my days
creating curses,
designing the darkness that is here.

Sometimes I wish I didn’t have to do this.
But I crossed coals for my mistakes
so they must fight the fire
just as I did.
I was alone for years
in the eye of the storm,
in the eye of God,
in hell.
I became the first to claim the agony of sin.
I saw everything through his eyes.
Perspective is an interesting thing.

I created this place out of
loneliness and self-destruction.
I made the everlasting storm.
But I cannot control how the victims survive here.
I constructed the room,
and they must build the atmosphere.
I am only the transporter from
grave to final destination.

They must relive and realize their wrongs
through the lense of his irises.
You cannot crawl under the sheets
during the thunder when you live here.

Maybe through the eye
they will be able to see clearly,
but muddy waters are often 
and rationality is masked under emotion.
I carry them to the calmness,
but the tragedy of hell is that
most decide to walk back into 
the monsoon.

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Sandy Hook

Today, it just doesn't seem fair
That we are still able to breathe.
They have given us their air-
Our duty to lead the life they leave.

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To Where a Snowflake dies

A war in heaven reluctantly concedes
To the lullaby's in the night singing softly
Covering us in heavenly whisper blows
As feathers falling light so intense and gracefully 
Escaping God's whitened watery coves

And somewhere up above
I believe there are angels also grooming
Thus, for the twilight showing, shedding as they rush
The world as such, always in a hurry
But, for an instance and out of nowhere
An avalanche of marvel captivates the hush

And in my distant mind I most certainly can relate
As to the stars and ancient sands of grain
My tongue tasting these miracles of wonder
Reaching further to acquiesce
In greetings, to miniature designs
Crafted out of God's very hands of great

While, celestial bodies move
Constant shadows consume
Around assumptions of the human mind 
Thus, begins the dusk and ends 
To the place where a snowflake dies

Look around
Who is it that seems to care
Or thinks to ponder the manual labor input here
With hammers, chisels, nuts and bolts
Never to witness to a mere mistake
Or upon discovery any kind of error

Yet, I listen… to the silence…
Extracting all its pleasure
Before, another million frigid seedlings ashen
Met with daunting fate
And in the still of tranquil
Neither snowflake cries out or offers up complaints

For a day
Or merely several nights evermore
A complex purpose
Or to thus, a simpler existence
Then, I pause...
Unto supposition, as I meditate the message

Guesses drift off, into what's last unknown
Of the never ending knowing
Embracing their provident life
Watch as they embrace each other closer
In a bank of ice, waiting for the melting

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dont cry

Don't cry my child
I won't forget the day we met
And I cry as you cry
Inside the womb
A cold bleak world
You said goodbye without seeing my face

Don't cry my child
I won't forget the day we met
And I cry as you cry
Lifeless body
Your soul said
I Love you dad unembrace

Don't cry my child
I won't forget the day we met
And I cry as you cry
You entered this world
And went away 
Knew the pained I felt

Don't cry my child
I won't forget the day we met
And I cry as you cry
I am weeping through the storm
As dark days tried to elude me
Tiny hand held a candle for me 

Don't cry my child
I won't forget the day we met
And I cry as you cry
Still I longed to see you
For how long my child
Still I'm hurt, it hurts.

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An Angel's Craft

I heard an angel speak last night and he said "write"
With lantern light weary I write this morbid night
The moon above the meadows move in gloomy mist
With pen in hand, hermit a man and death amidst
Oh shall I walk the aisles of graves and hundred names
With flowers full of life financed on furnished frames
Below the wind and warmth of night do whispers woe
In fear I'm not for I care take of those below

For I have seen many a man and woman cry
And I have seen many a man and woman lie
Distilled in death with only breath of the beloved
Mourning above...mornings above heavenly loved
But something is a happening around the night
If not a dream how dost darkness so quicketh light
How frogs appear around lilies that left the fog
Where branches dance with trees beyond their childrens log
As ponds appear upon plateau of grave and sand
And stars above nomadic night come down to land
And voices of the birds play like a violin
And whispers of the wind hum like a hundred men!

It is at this moment that wings appeared to be
Uplifted from the back of her in front of me
Dear Angel, ye are he that spoketh write of thee
But in the nude in front of me am I to flee?

With hair in waves and arms extended out to see
Appeared to me...appeared to be...a flame of sea
That swept the cemeteries floor with torch and fire
And all in death consumeth life 'twas her aspire
A paradise on earth and wedding full of life
As they I have buried myself were full of light!

Women and men and children spread
A graduation of the dead
Ceremonious gift of beings
Thy conquered death, thy wearest wings!

Forth in her hands were flowers of a thousand-fold
And when she walked her footsteps formed a flood of gold
With every step a flower from her drew to ground
In mystic motion as she moved her wings would sound
Just like a brush of wind, angelic crystal wings
Face of fertility that wore a crown of rings
Unselfish all in all with fingernails of fire
Did pierce my heart into my soul a strong desire
To learn to love and love to live and live to give
Yes even in the dire darkness something lives

Believe me not and no one shall when I doth tell
The timid night I heard an Angel's voice exhale

Oh Angel it is thy that is in sacred stone
That came to me in flesh and now thy flesh is gone

Johnny Sumler
June 17, 2011
Angels In Cemeteries

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Angel Kisses

A soft whisper across your cheeks
Of memories and love that gave you peace
My son has passed my tears I shed 
Have made me weak as I retreat 

A Mother's beating heart of sadness and love
To the flutter of wings from above
Giving goodness and Grace at an endless pace
Your angel has come so pure and white

 God gives his gift of love
An angel kiss for Mother from Son

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Peace be with you little ones

Peace be with you little ones,
As you make your journey home,
So early in the day it seems,
To come upon your lives’ sweet gloam.

Peace be with you little ones,
Your smiles brightened up the earth,
And though we might no longer see,
They still in heaven spread their mirth.

Peace be with you little ones,
And those who would your guardians be,
There should be no cost put on lives,
So easily lost in tragedy.

Peace be with you little ones,
As you make your journey home,
So early in the day it seems,
To come upon your lives’ sweet gloam.

For the children and adults who lost their lives in Newtown Connecticut

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My angel

You were bright and beautiful from the moment i found out i was carring you. A beautiful angel in disguide. Not only were you my child, but a part of me my own flesh and blood, my angel sent from above. Even tho i never met you, you were mine and i loved you. I could only imagen what you would look like, and all i knew you were perfect in everyway. Then your destiney came and your fate was sealed. I couldnt stop it, I couldnt make it go away, you were taken from me and my heart stopped. I loved you from the begining and I'll love you till the day i draw my last breath, your my angel from above taken from me to soon.

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The Eyes of a Fly

At the store counter, ready to pay
I look down at my left finger
When I hear a stranger say,
"That's a beautiful ring."
I smile at the sad reminder:
All We had is gone
Before you died, I pictured you
Sitting in your room alone

Even then the pain was strong
Now, It seems too hard to bare
Knowing that apartment room has long been empty
Since you're not there anymore

As I walk out of the store, I fight
Feeling tears build behind my eyes
So much to go through
I'd call you to talk to you
If you were only still alive

Sometimes I picture you're staring back at me
Through the eyes of a fly on my wall
Or a noisy cricket chirping on the step
As I sit outside writing once more

You always were an observer
Just watching life go by
But I watched yours end
Which is why I pretend
You're with me all the time

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Angel Wings

[dedicated to my grandpa - forever in my heart]

A special pair of angel wings
Were handed out today
He left this world and flew to Jesus
Forever there to stay

He was a man of honor
A gentleman was he
The life he lived was testimony
For all the world to see

A husband and a father
Grandfather and friend
He'd have given all for his family
And loved them to the end

The tears we cry are not for him
We know the place he's gone
There's no more pain and no more tears
As he sings the angels song

We have many a fond memory
The joy he brought was great
But now he sits at the feet of Jesus
Where he'll watch for us and wait

Yes, a special pair of angel wings
Were handed out today
He left this world and flew to Jesus
Forever there to stay

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A Change In The Wind

Your energy was so strong.
The room is now silenced. 
Days go by as they always did, but life will never be the same.
Emptiness lingers all around me.
Although, a new beginning for you.

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The Streetlight

You were a child,
without the hindrance
of responsibility
or doubt of what tomorrow
would bring.
A beast on the kickball
field, and yet a whining
baby when the streetlights
went off. Always fighting
sleep like it was the
neighborhood bully. 
You were a clown,
dressed like your 
daddy. Trying to
make your mother 
laugh like he did.
You got better at 
it every day.
You were a gift,
at least that’s what
your mother said.
And now she sits 
outside, on the porch
looking out toward the
streetlight. Waiting for
it to go dark, knowing
you won’t be coming 
You’re already there,
shining down from
a streetlight in the 
sky. Waiting for when
it’s her turn to come 
-James Kelley, All rights reserved.

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Garden of Angels

A smile was what I got from you,
when you looked at me.
I cared for you each and every day,
and your bright eyes set me free.
Your laughter filled my entire house, 
and filled my heart with song;
then one morning, without warning, 
your tiny life was gone.

You'd become another angel,
in the choir of heavenly care,
and I am sure you played all day,
with your family way up there.
I missed you down on Earth,
but I hope one day to be,
a part of the Garden of Angels,
and in your company.

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Kidnapped Angel

This shouldn't happen,
To anyone.....
Not ever.
The pain of losing a youthful and yet radiant life
Someone who meant so much to us
The end was not suppose to be like this.
In God's eyes this was the best way
That He could call her home
Laughter that is still ringing in our ears
The smile that we see,
The smile that haunts us in our sleep.....
She was and is
An Angel here on Earth
And an Angel up in Heaven
Yet even in knowing that she's in a better place
We are still somewhat incapable
Of grasping this tragedy
But we WILL see her beautiful smiling face again
One of these days...
We will also meet our Creator......
And she'll be standing at His glorious side,
Waiting for us to come Home......
This poem is dedicated to our dear friend R.I,P Anna Marie Mayall we all miss and 
love you, you were an incredible inspiration!!!!!

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The Passing

I'm always here for you
and always will be
Death will not stop
my angel and me
Don't cry my children
as I watch you now
Take kindly to others
as I'v showed you how
As the sky opens up
and drops shower down
Know that my angel is rain
and I am your ground
I'll help you stand firm
and please always try
To my children we guard
My angel and I

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Good Night

Like angels kissing strangers
Rising with the moonlight
The flowers of your eyes
Kiss my soul goodnight

Finally the sleep fairy
Has blessed me
With much request
And eyes, teary

Won’t wake up soon
Won’t give up this chance
Don’t be gloom
I've acquired a better stance 

The scent of your eyes
Will keep me strong
On the other side
As I wander long

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angel of death

An angel of death with wings of gold
Behind locked doors where souls are sold
Doors whose thresholds no one crossed
Whose key’s have been destroyed or lost
Where dangerous things were kept, 
Where old and forgotten secrets slept
Silent and hidden doors whose openings was forbidden
Till the angel of death with wings of gold was forgiven

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Never seen beautiful angels
sprinkle angel dust on me
as snowflakes on a leafless tree,
and I don't expect them to alter things
when they swoop down with their long wings;
where were they when I faced fears and dangers?

Angel dust has another meaning...
besides the magical power to alter a destiny,
kids of my age used this drug
and went insane, not recognizing 
themselves, their personality changed drastically;
some even wanted to jump out of a window.

Sweet angels, leave Heaven and visit me  
on the days when wishes freeze on silent lips,     
let them resemble snow falling on distant hills,
and deserted roads like the one I'm traveling on!
Let me catch many snowflakes softer than a baby 
with soft skin...whiter than daises basking in the spring sun!

A boy, barely fourteen, has been found dead as a poisoned rat
on the bleachers of a run-down baseball field frequented by a hungry cat....
his red eyes were wide-open imploring a merciless sky color rust;
no angel came down to save him: he laid there and painfully died!
Who gave him that powerful drug? Did he want to bite the dust? 
He has taken that secret with him...why didn't anyone listen when he cried? 

Entered in Gail Angel Doyle's contest,
" Angel Dust "
Written by Andrew Crisci
on 10/18/ 2012

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To Where a Snowflake Dies

A war in heaven reluctantly concedes
To the lullabies in the night singing softly
Covering us in heavenly whisper blows
As feathers falling light so grace intensely  
Escaping God's whitened watery coves

And somewhere up above
I believe there are angels also grooming
Thus, for the twilight showing, shedding as they rush
The world as such, always in a hurry
But, for an instance out of nowhere
An avalanche of marvel captivates the hush

And in my distant mind I most certainly can relate
As to the stars and ancient sands of grain
My tongue tasting these miracles of wonder
Reaching further to acquiesce
In greetings, to miniature designs
Crafted out of God's very hands of great

While, celestial bodies move
Constant shadows consume
Around assumptions of the human mind 
Thus, begins the dusk and ends 
To the place where a snowflake dies

Look around...
Who is it that seems to care
Or thinks to ponder the manual labor input here
With hammers, chisels, nuts and bolts
Never a witness to a mere mistake
Or upon discovery of any kind of erring

Yet, I listen… to the silence…
Extracting all its pleasure
Before, another million frigid seedlings dare
Met with daunting fate
And in the still of tranquil
Neither snowflake cries out or offers up complaints

For a day
Or merely several nights evermore
A complex purpose
Or unto thus, a simpler more existence
Then, I pause... unto supposition
As I meditate the atmoshere of message

Guesses drift off, into what's last unknown
Of the never ending knowing
Embracing their provident life
Watch as they rely on each other ever closer
In a bank of ice, waiting for the melting

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A monastery grows from the songs

A monastery grows from the songs of its strange crew,
Monastery painted with blue of unique Voronezh blue 
And a new comer, blond icicle, bare footed, gnarled 
Deaf and mute -it is said -singing “Have mercy, God!”

Stalactite and stalagmite in their cells, monks and nuns
Some of them so innocent like the sober day that runs;
Hanged from the heaven of their great expectations held
From the glass dawn to noon singing:“Have mercy, God!”

The others in their rusty autumn or white winter,
All calling the Promised Land that started to glitter
In their heart and from this light the sky seems fired
And the forest`s echo repeated: “Have mercy, God!”

In the twilight mist two monks try to cut down 
The evergreen tree to bring it for kids in the town;
Children glide on sleigh and even tired go later to bed.
They learnt carols and angels sing “Have mercy, God!”

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An Angel in my eyes

Is this a place of solace , a unknown jump into the abyss ?
Do I fear the unknown , it does feel like I am in this alone.

I must confront whatever may lie beneath
If it determines some loss or some sort of Grief

There has always been light in the darkness of my soul 
Only to awaken , my spirit will be whole.
All of us face the fear of the abyss, 

we all have pain in leaving  , something we shall miss.

Death is to be reborn ..Death is important as birth is to Day.
We will all metamorphosis, we all change form in some beautiful way.
If I do greet my Change with fear of Darkness

I will pray for my Angel she will guide me to eternal bliss
I believe she is here now and has never left my side , 
she is inspiring me to write now ..Putting all fears aside .

Maybe death is not so scary at all , it could represent Life , I have not truly lived at all.

This I dedicate to my Consoler Mary , she has become such a inspiration to me in  setting me free. 

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Little Girl's Flight To Heaven

She clutches her tedddy as she started to cry,
as she asks her mommy and daddy why must I die.
They try to stay strong and hold their heads up high,
as they tell her Gods missing an angel who fell from the sky.
She asks them what are these machines I'm hooked up to,
she's still yet just a baby, she has no clue.
She said I don't want to be sick my tummy hurts so bad,
I wish it would stop she says to her dad.
He tells her God has plans for you, you are his special one,
he chose you to live with his only begotten son.
She asks her mommy and daddy will I grow hair,
they reply you will be beautiful all will stop and stare.
She asks will my tummy quit hurting will you be sad,
they tell her we will always have been proud to be your mom and dad.
The nurse came in and gave her another shot,
as her fragile little body grew tired and hot.
Such a tiny body so weak and scared,
when you are the parents of a sick child you never are prepared.
She told them I can see an angels they came to take me home,
as they scooped her up to Heaven with Jesus she will forever roam.
They visit her grave and talk to her each day,
as their little girl whispers it will be okay.
She said I love you mommy and daddy it's pretty over here,
as they close their eyes and shed a sad tear.
Their little girl was precious and will always be dear to their heart,
that not even death could ever break their bond apart.

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Walking into the graveyard
Sitting on the bench
Lights a cigarette
Looks at the gun 
He has been hiding
In his jacket
Thinking to himself
He calls his girlfriend
And tells her everything
She doesnt do anything to stop him
He continues walking around in the graveyard
Remember his mom
How she wasnt there for him
How everything was his fault
She loved her students more than him
He gets upset
Daylight reaches the cemetary
He walks to his home
Walking inside
Seeing his mom
Starring at her face
He shoots her
He walks down to the school
Telling them his kids were there
He was there to check on them
They let him inside
20 little children in a classroom
He took his gun
And shot them
Then leaving the room and shooting 
7 faculty members
Everything is silent
The other classrooms are locked
He stands in the middle of the hallway
Falling to his knees
Figuring out what he just done
He comtenplates
If he should shoot himself or not
With one pull of the trigger
He kills himself
The media eats this story up
Publicly veiwing everything
Telling people
They talk about it for days
the type of attention he needed
See the problem now?
you can thank the media

20 little angels now rest with god for christmas
7 adults stand by there sides
God rewarding each of them for there good deeds
The shooter reunitues with his own demons 

I am very sorry to the families who had lost these children
My peom is very blunt
And in my own words

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The sapphire-dust sun of what-were dreams
Swallow the scene, setting In the forsaken east
All I see, all I know fades into the reaper's monotone grey 
Death come near me, by my only choice 
My wintry desperation subdued, clings to they silent voice
The dusk reveals my truest nature before her blank argentine eyes
Life; the darkest of all tragedies, Romances' malady
Let me feel your breath in this frozen air
Your pulse shorter than ever
Despair's void grows inside me
Without, you I will live no longer

Forever with me you will stay
The darkness caressing means as I lay by thy grave 
Hatred no longer exits
Come back to me

My Angel, why did you fly so far away
My Angel, let just one feather stay
My Angel has flown away

The winterwinds' tears fall on me
With whispers of you, someone I once knew
No matter in a dream or reality
Sweet tranquillity, stay with me
Calming the fears within
But the pain remains

The silvemoon's fears shine on you
Thine eyes search for mine
Oh how they shine, so deathly blue
If sacrifice needs a price
The dagger shows-
Heaven is calling us tonight

Forever with me you will stay
The darkness caressing means as I lay by thy grave 
Hatred no longer exits
Come back to me

My Angel, why did you fly so far away
My Angel, let just one feather stay
My Angel has flown away

Covered in shadowy illusions 
Shall we dance?
Death will be lie dominion
You are my only queen

Forever with me you will stay
The darkness caressing means as I lay by thy grave 
Hatred no longer exits
Come back to me

My Angel, why did you fly so far away
My Angel, let just one feather stay
My Angel has flown away

Just let me die
If I cannot see
This night 

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At the Pawnshop

I walk in, It almost feels cold
Letting go to all the unknown
That ring you got me a promise we didn’t keep
 a frame of  a picture of us
You didn’t stay out long enough for me to need
The key to the house
That we couldn’t afford to love
And here are my mom tears that I couldn’t afford to give up 
Then last are the broken promise that were made to keep
I lost a friend, a dad, a house, and maybe me
But you can have it all whatever you need
I’m looking for something that was taken from us
Please pawnshop I’m begging it’s a must
He is ours for us to keep…tell God he belongs to me
He’s too young to be up there
Please …just tell me if you find him anywhere 

In dedication of ended relationship, a father who is always in jail, a family home we lost and lastly my 17-year cousin who was take from us to soon
Rip Bebo

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1 am in the morning 
No noises fill the air
Sitting on the bridge
He thinks
Remembering everything
He has ever done
The street lights 
Glowing from a distance
He stands up 
Climbs over the side
Of the bridge
Stands there 
He breathes in
His last memory
stuck in his head
He lifts one foot
And jumps
his body hits the river
Water drowning his lungs
What he felt at that moment
No one could understand
Sinking to the bottom of the river
The man tied a concrete block
To his back
His eyes wide open
The last thing he saw was water
The last memory he had
Was of his daughter
Living life like this is sad
But if you have no help
Who do you turn to?

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Death Angel

Darkened souls, within the shadows.
Fearless watchful eyes, as I pass on by.
Exposed,  my heart throbbing within my finger tips.
Forget this sense of fear that watches over me.  
I feel myself pivet from side to side, there really is no compromize.
Dissalussion, I had to try...  Body aching, bones now breaking.
Shadows now seen,  hours before I leave.
Time to dry my eyes, the cold re-awakens.

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The Olde Shoppe Bell

I hear the bell like ex-wives voices nagging
Hanging,beneath the olde shoppe door ringing
When someone enters through
They have and I do 
A swift little dance and a more ridiculous jig
To that stupid and silly sounding thing

Every time I hear it, it echoes in my head 
As if far fetched fantasies 
An ominous figure the tiny brass is introducing
In the black trench coat to appear instead
Along with hat that eclipses his face
There he'll be, standing 
Eyeing all from beyond his place

Patrons inside slow turn in sync trembling in fear
As if death were choosing its next victim "right here"
It wouldn't be long before I could no longer hold on
From hysterics and laughter outward and in directions forthwith 

Toward the harbinger announcments of cruel intentions 
As the next candidate bound on hell train's transportion
And beneath the door prodding sounds once more
That stupid bell again starts ringing
And I'd think to myself " surely no angel has gotten their wings"
So under my breath laughing, then jump heel clicking, dancing a more ridiculous jig

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Hush Now

Hush now the angel says
She is trying to show me her ways
she is coming to me here
In pure white she takes away your fear
no more troubles await you
with no more worries to go through
feeling just a peaceful bliss
blessed with an angels kiss
it is time for you to leave
hush now the angel says
she is trying to show you her ways
time to cross that iron gate
for it is your fate
she takes your hand across that line
everything will finally be just fine
no longer trapped inside your body
for the angel has come to set you free
hush now the angel says
she is trying to show you her ways
she brings no more tears
she takes your hand and you both disappear
hush now the angel says
you can now watch over your family in so many ways

by bettie l. avery for my mom Marge Ashton-Avery may you rest in peace now mom I love you mom

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Demolition Lovers

"This time we will show them all how much we mean"

Walking into the school
Short blonde hair
Stunning blue eyes
Wearing make up on his face
The paint on his face
Is a skilled drawing of a skull
As he passes
Everyone starres
He keeps walking foreward
Not looking at them

She enters through the other end of the hallway
Long blonde hair
Deep brown eyes
Also wearing makeup on her face
A skilled drawing of a smaller skull
All the girls she passes
Starre at her
Wondering what kind of girl would 
Wear makeup like that

The Boy and the girl
Meet in the middle of the hallway
They hold eachothers hands
And continue down the hallway

Seeing them from behind
You read on his backpack
"I gave you my bullets..."
And on her bag you can see
"And i gave you my love"
They walk out of the school together
All the teachers starring
All the students watching there every move
They walk straight out to his car
A black Mustaine 1998
Before they get to the bridge 
He ties there hands together

They drive 10 miles
To a bridge
Theres a hill
A bridge
And a river
Hes going 90 mph
She clinches his hand
He looks at her with a smile on his face
She looks back at him pale as a ghost
The car jumps over the bridge into the river
The lovers dying on empact
Forever tied together by
The rope he tied earlier

Like a bed of roses
Theres alot of reasons
Why we are laying here
As we are falling down into
The pool of blood
I see your eyes
I mean this when I say forever.

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O' Sandy

As we lay beneath the moons glare
A simple look will never prepare
It seems quite
It seems peaceful
Without the light nothing appears displaced
Only that sight is a lie, not really a sight
The suns arrival comes with the truth
Now we can see what needs to be seen
It disguises as if it was a dump
Yet, it never was the place of any garbage
A day ago it was a living society set with a stage
The performance came her name was sandy
The audience took her act to heart
She took lives
She took memories
She tore us all apart
A scary performance, always to be remembered 
Now to fix up, the damage that was widespread

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While You Were Sleeping

While you were sleeping so peaceful 
An angel took you away
He said your life on earth 
Had reached its final day
The pain that you did suffer 
Will harm you never again
And though my heart does understand
My mind can’t comprehend

Each day I watched you suffer
Yet still you chose to pray 
Thanking God for grace and love
To live just one more day
How could a God ignore the plea
Of a soul he calls his own
Something I do not understand
For my flesh still wants you home

Today we return you to the ground
Your face I’ll see no more
I still do not understand 
But will not cry and moan
I know God’s will is perfect
And I am glad your pain is gone
While you were sleeping peaceful
An angel took you home

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The Lost Child

She had ten little fingers
and ten small rosy toes
she wore a gorgeous smile
and a little button nose
she laughed the sweetest laugh
and her skin was soft and fair
around her face, dark ringlets
she got my curly hair
she had her daddy's eyes
a vibrant greenish-blue
she was my little girl
that never made it through

By Morgan Mise
Written November 3, 2012

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Without Him Here

Sitting at my window, watching the clouds pass by,
I smile on the outside...while my insides only cry
Walking down the street, my head hangs in despair 
Wandering...Seeking...For a soul to care
There is a demon I have, I face it everyday,
A monster, Killing my spirit, as my soul withers away
Then I am ready to cave,
I face on that day, my little boys grave
Saddened and lost without him here,
That day is remembered...I held him so near
As the tears fall, and my insides turn,
My heart is needing relief from this burn
I sit talking to him, fighting despair,
Wishing so badly, he could only be here
Then I kneel down to kiss his grave,
This inner peace for so long I have craved
It came in an instant, a moment we share
With the warmth of his spirit I feel everywhere!

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A tear is but a whisper from my soul

I stood there and gazed at the tidal wave of traffic surging down bellow.
I hovered frozen in time until by chance I glanced upon a troubled fellow.
He was sitting in his car surrounded by the outside noise of the gentle rain and the cars constant hum.
His ears could hear unyet his mind was numb.
As I moved in closer I could feel his sorrow and pain.
Mourning the loss of his partner his soul whispered through the misty rain.
I remember now I whispered back as I drifted into the seat beside him that was vacant.
And so to do I remember that aftershave as being my favourite fragrant.
As my soul whispered to his he glanced over to where I sat.
With sadness I could tell that he did not see his passed wife with the golden platt.
An empty seat was all that greeted his eyes.
A vacant stare for a vacant seat unyet I could hear his replies.
With his minds eye he smiled and his soul whispered such sweet words of love and affection.
Even now I could still feel devoted protection.
Some say that the words we speak in our heads are merely thoughts and nothing more.
But I believe they are whispers from our souls and the replies of those who are not with us anymore.
Before my passing I told him this with great certainty.
In this life and in the next our two souls will whisper to each other for eternity.

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The Light

Incandescence floods my senses as familiar silhouettes beckon --------- (C) John C Michaels, 2014

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Heaven Is Your New Home

As the sunrise shines upon my face
A tear drop falls from my eye
The warmth gives me comfort
I feel your presence
What else to represent you besides the sun
The most powerful source of energy in the sky
I look away, what do I see, 
The moon, opposite the sun
Look in between night and day, the clouds move in fast toward me 
It's mid day
Still you consume my entire mind
Your in my dreams; day and night
Our initials, P.M. A.M.; night and day, like our personalities, yet one. Opposites attract. 
Brother and sister, bestfriends at birth
No longer are you with me on Earth. 
My angel in the sky
Your new home is Heaven

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Where Is Heaven - A collaboration with Jack Blackman

(The sorrowful lover)
I was first to see her,
Her beauty was aglow.
I moved across the room,
approached her nice and slow,
and told her that her smile
was transcendent of Heaven.

I was Airst to know her,
So many years ago;
and she I loved so true.
How much you cannot know.
Then you came to take her -
To take away my heaven.   
 ....You took away my Heaven.

(The angel of death)
I have known her since birth.
I even watched her grow.
I am the Grim Reaper,
and my hand brings much woe!
Her death was predestined,
And thus I took your Heaven.

I pity you your loss -
Death is my job you know.
Your own time will soon come;
the time for you to go!
Until then keep hoping 
to find your love in Heaven.

Note: Jack Blackman was "The Sorrowful Lover" (he wrote the first two stanzas)
I was "The Angel of Death" (I wrote the last two stanza's)

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While she slept

I’ve forgotten what it’s like to have someone in my bed for more than a few hours at a time but since you were too drunk to drive, I let you stay the night. Your soft frame caroused around my pillow top mattress like a dog walking itself in circles, looking for the perfect place to take a ****. I was starting to sober up, prior hours becoming more transparent in hindsight. I couldn’t sleep. You finally settled and began to softly agitate my neck with deep, and steady breaths. I rose, checked my wallet and put it my gun’s lock box. The steel tasted like blood; somehow soothing. We were there together like that for what seemed like an hour, at the very least, totally indifferent to one another, still sweating from what was actually a pretty spectacular session of love making. Unfortunately once again, I was stuck with myself. Your body, for a while, helped me escape. Being inside something so perfect, so complete and full of grace made me feel alive again. And then I came; for those few, brilliant moments, the lines between life and death were blurred. Nothing mattered. The same thought went through my mind as my teeth sat upon the unforgiving certainty of the effect of pulling the three pound trigger cradled by my forefinger. And then you sighed. It sounded like poetry. The calm of your dream state swam through my bones and curled up, just like that dog and laid still in my rib cage. I sat the gun down and shook the blur loose. I could feel the world spin in that moment, I could feel the constancy. I was more comfortable with it, life. I didn’t think about you leaving when the sun rose, or sneaking out so I didn’t have to have an awkward morning. I just laid there, and thought about what sort of dream would make an Angel sigh. 

-James Kelley 2014, All rights reserved.

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Happy Mothers Day

This Mothers day is different,
 not like the years before
 it leaves me feeling sad
 my heart a little sore.

 I know you're watching over,
 tracing steps I take
 careful there to guide me
 whenever my heart aches.

 So I'm sending hugs and kisses,
 all my earthly love
 to one special angel
 my Mama up above.

 Mom just know I love you,
 your right here in my heart
 and every time it beats
 were not so far apart.

 I know were not together,
 not the same old way
 but I still love you very much
 Happy Mothers Day.

Jessica Thompson-5/19/14

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Angels Wings

Angel’s wings enfold keep you safe up high
I am sure that you can see me, as my tears I have to dry
To your picture I say good morning and goodnight
A hug and a kiss would make things feel so right 

Miss you so much your beautiful face and smile
Five years passed seems such a long while
An adult you would be, all grown up my angel boy
You would still be bringing your  personal brand of joy
Yet  memories of you brings me cheer
To help me through another lonely year
My little angel I must say
Love just keeps growing day by day

So sleep on soundly, till we can be
Back together grandson, and  your loving nanny 

On Thursday the Sixteenth of august 2007, we lost our grandson, the ideas for this rhyme came from nanny and were written by me, god rest him and keep him safe.

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Fallen Angel

Stephen Lewis RIP. Murdered 24-01-2009


Fallen angel, free to roam, 
Your soul hath gone to play.   
God took you in his loving arms, 
To heavens gates that day. 

Fallen angel, shining star, 
A brother, son and friend. 
Harshly taken from this world, 
Tho' you're with us to the end. 

Fallen angel spread your wings,   
In our hearts, your love, we keep. 
Your memory will shine on through,   
As we lay you down to sleep.   

Stephen Lewis RIP 

  A victim of the London culture of knife crime.  24-01-2009

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Soldiers Song Sung

Confoundly forward marches the soldiers bravely twords the war
 On going is the beat of the drum that leads these men 
To where the single trumpet plays a rebeling score 
 A battle ground where battles implore gore, the grapheties of war 
The generals encharge more, once again obeastities twords the poor 
 This includes those enchored, the entangled, the ignored 
War, it's so upstrangled, oh and I disincluded those forced 
 So have I yet struck a displaced chord, should I this poem abort 

Caught between the memories, the struggle just to make it through
 An empty wide open, and the millions of motions which gracefully do
Fought where theres freedom, brought here just for you
 Those feelings make you an empty crew, fight it, don't get blue

Because now in this silience it's just me and you
 Nothing more left here that will ever be new
I walked ten miles tonight
 Attention diverted arms draw up tight
I surrenered the time 
 To get the answers right
The question forever there remains the same
 I am no longer there, your to blame
Spinning circles emotions bringing forth the cause
 I felt the whole world open putting that time on pause

The dawn begins at zero hour
The canyons flames burn at its blistering bowels
The range is now a burning ridge
My thoughts are now only a burning bridge
My eyes feel so empty without you in by my side
It hurts so much the whole crew got caught in the fight
With unswept memories I only stir though the night
I've wept, I've prayed, and then I cried
Searching for an answers of why you died

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Sleeping angel sent down here from heaven above
Unweeping angel never more to feel sorrow or fears
Mommy holds you in her arms wrapped tight in eternal love
Daddy kisses your soft cheek trying to hold back his tears

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The Art of Faith

Fields of flowers
Fragrance so sweet
Springs life eternal
Bouquet of dreams

Children's laughter
Purest of joy
Life so precious
We are reborn

Life is the canvass
Your soul the paint
Colors so vivid
The Art of Faith

Rays of Light
The Angels above
Bring miracles - blessings
Renewal of life

Promise of love
Heaven's holy light
Bring comfort to you
Peace in your heart

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Emerald Green

Fated was I, that day I saw
What left me in rigid awe
For never have I ever seen
Such things in a human being
Stolen from the earth
And Gifted to you at birth
Beautiful they are in every way
Crafted by god on the 7th day
Sparkle like stars, they do
But they tell history too
Like portals to the soul of god 
they are
Singing the songs of creation of 
Time goes 1 minute by
And I have not blinked an eye
For I shall dare not miss
The glorious moment in this
Out of my chest, this heart did 
And my blood raced at the 
speed of sound
Any longer and I would be dead
So I stole my gaze away instead
Back on earth, I now stand
With beads of sweat in my hand
I gather my thoughts and begin 
to ponder
Why did I meet this universal 
For everything, there is a cause
For I've missed my bus, while in 
a pause
Its destination, the bus did not 
For it fell 200 feet
Now I see from a glance
That God has given another 
luck was my friend that day I 
What left me in rigid awe
For never have I ever seen..
Such Angelic Eyes of Emerald 

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a thousand times I call your name
throughout the day
like I always would

you'd come frolicking around the corner
always making your way
to me

a thousand times I swear I feel you
brush up against my legs
like you always would

a thousand times more
I forget your gone
because you should be here
not there

but I know it's an oasis
one where your lungs are restored,
your breaths aren't shallow
and you're eating all of the tuna in the world

a thousand times I swear I wake up
you next to me
on the other pillow

I can't help but sleep against the wall
afraid I'll roll over on you

and then I wake up,
pillow bare
no indent
and the reality takes toll
a thousand times I've prayed for your soul

but in the end,
I'm alone

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In your Heart

I'm an Angel now,
so please don't cry for me,
If you ever need me, just close your eyes,
your heart is where I'll be.
You may never understand ,
why I had to leave,
but God had a plan,
made special for me.
I visit you quite often,
I go to work with you everyday,
and when you go to bed at night,
your pillow is where I lay.
I know how much you love me,
cause I hear you cry at night,
but I need you to remember,
that everything's alright.
God keeps me safe here in heaven,
I'm never in any pain,
you will always have my memory,
your heart is where I'll remain.
We will reunite one day,
a lifetime I will wait,
I'll be the angel with outstretched arms,
waiting for you at Heaven's gate.

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A Secret Not Shared

Living in an endless nightmare
Where the flowers never bloom
Where the sun doesn't shine
And the river's never flow

As life changes from day to day
And their eyes and grins are all we find
Not caring about our destiny or our fate
Why do we feel the way we do

To learn, to explore, to understand the world 
Is it right to feel so blue
To feel like you have no purpose in life 
To feel like you've been violated inside-out

Dreaming of far off places to where the birds fly free
And all our greatest dreams become more than real
As the blue bird shed's it's happiness
To all of us who are so blind

Yet what is happiness to those who mourn
Or those who weep over what's been done
Each so different, yet each the same
Created equal for a purpose, to love one another

The fight between life and death is hard to see
But the answer is not ours to hold
We must each find our path's in life
Where we each make mistakes that change our ways

As the rain pours down to bring new life
A single breath is but a whisper
And a shallow heartbeat that is so clear
Our minds dance, dance in the dead of night

While the monster so true gets three to five
The innocence of a young girl is so blind
Where from day in and day out she is left with life
No remorse for this lonesome dove while she flies overhead

Like the Angel she is she wishes it to end
For them to help, yet leave her alone 
For them to see how hurt she feels
Like being left alone by the stump of a tree

As an Angel may spread it's wings
To reveal its masked identity
We are lost in our words from our hearts
Like the sun that shines so bright

Like the secrets of an innocent soul
All is lost in the abyss of nothingness
Where fire reins free as if like a bird
But with no feeling like the devil himself

As a lost soul may find a way to far beyond 
It carries with it a message of hope, peace and love
For until next time we shall have to wait
For the secret to life, death and beyond even that.

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Mysterious Entry

Crossed by the throne of Heaven, I took myself down to its early night. 
The clock was low over the mantle. 
I saw it but that twice. 
I felt the aching honor crossing, desperate devious plight. 
Heartache became the truth of me, and the shadow was a name. 
I knew for once, when hollow hills came to call with names, as gray as summer sun and bathing hearts. 
I saw forever what was truth and sorrow. 
I knew a name, an ancient name. 
Dark hearts named him in an age gone arcane. 
I saw his face carved from slate and a heart made from stone. 

I knew his name, He knew mine the same, but yet did not look twice, that would make ends, but watched from afar and never knew my face, yet he could feel my breath under my voice, and knew me such the same.

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Mercy Killing

What happened last night brother, 
Please tell me it's not true, 
Was i a bother, 
Don't tell me you have no clue, 

Why am i locked up in an asylum, 
Don't you trust me, 
Am i getting my mammogram, 
it's my right to know please tell me, 

Don't isolate me please, 
I beg you, am only human, 
Tell them to handle me with ease, 
Am almost a young woman, 

Don't turn away when i speak, 
I need some answers, 
These injections are making me weak, 
Not forgetting my ulcers, 

Is this about the mercy killing, 
Please brother, don't cry, 
You tried your best but am not healing, 
Please let me die, 

I can's feel my limbs, 
The medicine is getting stronger, 
Please take care of the other siblings, 
Am growing weaker, 

Am done leaving on life support machine, 
Just let me go, 
You tried but am a broken engine, 
lease let my spirit go, 

This are my last words brother, 
Please don't try and save me, 
Last night when i had a seizure, 
The doctor defiled me...,

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Defrocked by the Dark

When I reached the surface I could smell their fear From the depths of my dark they could sense I'm near Their azure blue skies turned to darken sulky clouds My cawing cacophony of followers, voiced their loud Oh what pleasure it gave me knowing they'd find my goal The darkened seeker sought, the last angel on their scrolls Commotion, confusion abounded, taken to me was she Silence was heard in her wings, now kneeling in front of me Eyes of solemn righteous, now attract this leader of dark As I stare into her pearly white, she views my wanting stark To me now close in touch, thunderous clouds applaud my caress Lightning strikes as I enter her world, in fall, her wings undress Defrocked, taken forsaken, an incredible darkness now descends Such power will emit when I surface again, can any race contend <*>

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You are greater than the pain

You are greater than the pain

Who can I turn to

No one but you

You are greater than the pain.

Your love endures forever

When I'm weak you are strong

Your greater than the pain.

I long to be with you

I long to hear your voice

Your greater than the pain.

Help me to see the sun

help me to know you have won.

Your love is everlasting

your love flows from the very

depths of my soul.

Your love is in my heart

your love will never depart.

Your love is greater than the pain.

Keep me standing Lord

Help me to hold on

Help me to reach up and take your hand.

You are greater than the pain.

Written By://©Betty Bolden

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These Salty Waves Pt 1

What am I supposed to think? What am I supposed to say? All these lies you bottled up come sweeping, crashing with the tides. My footing's gone, the ocean real, but how am I supposed to feel? And here I am, a drowning mess, a loveless lie, I do protest. And here I am a drowning mess. So all those things you said to me? Where they just lies out of pity? So all those things you said to me? Or am I lost in salty waves? Yes I know my future's grave. Or am I lost in salty waves?And now the panic in my head, when I should be tucked up in your bed, reels and reels right here instead.I'm going down, a sinking ship, funny what name drips off my lips. It is not God, or Angles plenty, or even that I'm just damn ready To let go of the hell and the lies. I'm wishing for your gentle eyes. Or at least the way they always seemed, but perhaps that's just this salty dream. I have no clue what I'm to do! A drowning hopeless mess, for you-- think it's cute, and oh so funny, but here's the bitter truth now honey. I'm going down. There is no help. I can't be saved by God himself. I put my life, my whole world of trust, and you've thrown it away for lust. Well what the hell's a girl to do? I'm just so entranced by you!

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Flowers on the grave

Flowers on the grave

I walk in the rain 
with you old friend
Burning in the cold
Where  have you been 

Can't you believe
I'm drowning inside
Flowers on your grave
Darkened  blown away 

Is this a dream, Is this a dream
You standing here
Shadows from the sun 
Only one is clear 
Is this a dream is this a dream
Where do you call home
Heaven or hell you
rest your weary  bones 

I hear your voice 
Echoing in the night
Silently still 
Screaming for life

Eyes closed come to me
Haunting slumber I awake
Shiver  warm sweating hard
stuck like free lifeless heart

Is this a dream, Is this a dream
You standing here
Shadows from the sun 
Only one is clear 
Is this a dream is this a dream
Where do you call home
Heaven or hell
rest your weary  soul

Flowers on the grave
Bold and bright
Crying rivers moonless night
Flowers on the grave
Bold and bright
Crying rivers moonless night

Is this a dream, Is this a dream
You standing here
Shadows from the sun 
Only one is clear 
Is this a dream is this a dream
Where do you call home
Heaven or hell you
rest your weary  soul

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Little Angels

Angels are hard to find
For they are blissful
And cheerful to watch
Their love makes this 
Cold world seems
Very wonderful
But their death makes
Us all question 
God’s moral 
let's not be awful
Death is normal And 
God is thoughtful 
He loves children 
And calls the special
Ones to dwell with
Him till dawn

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a girl with an angles power

Sometimes I know not what to feel,
As most things seem to be surreal,
My hatred curdles with my love,
For this demon who lives above.

Her sightless eyes stare back at me,
It takes all I am just not to flee,
I want to hold her stone cold hand,
But she is no longer in this land.

I feel so sad I sit and cry,
My only wish is to say good bye,
But she holds on with a locking grip,
She never from my conscience slips.

Her face will never leave my side,
There is no place to run and hide,
For ever tormenting my heart and soul,
Until one day I too am cold.

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sisters I have four others and you have me
mom told me you were the "mother" to me
you fed and carried me
when I got sick you were the one who always took care of me
when I got cancer and told you this was the answer I got from you
suck it up and don't cry that was fine for you to say
it wasn't eating you away
I did just what you said I didn't cry even though it hurt really bad
I didn't know when I left the hospital that night
that you would take flight
now I am on earth all alone
sometimes I feel you left me
but when I want to cry I remember "suck it up and be strong"
so I carry on
when life gets rough I know I have to be tough
I know if I am not you will come back and kick my butt
you lost a child when he was seven I hope you find him up in haven
I hope that he is still seven
so to my sister I say tell my "gismo" I said hello

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Rest In Peace

He put his arms around you and lifted you to rest. 
His Garden must be beautiful, he always takes the best.
He knew you were in pain, 
he knew your world was grey and full of rain.
The struggles you had, the challenges that was given to you.
You could not take.
The day he took you,
he called the angels, 
to fly you above..

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Another Day

Blankets of demons proceed me, while the angels weep, enter the greedy. Hours seperate you from certain demise never compromise my honor over your incessant need for attention. Blood flows from your neck as i cleave you in half. Belief in me is your destiny yet i shall not die in agony no i will be true to thee. Smoke of Various colors swirl around you as you enter the room. Never will you defie me or you shall be knelt beside me in a body bag that does not make me sad it takes me only minutes to make me mad when i was known as a crazy lady who got paid from shady intricate navys. Leap into my mind and collide with mazes full of daisies laced with cocaine and Alizé. Pray for me when you next pay to see the deadly king of Endless breed known for worldly weed. Grown in the time of the ten dollor dime i am made from wine. Hide from me when you take your tea you better plead for three seconds of free time before i clean mine never question the mind of the blind. Headphones worn by dead folks given fire we melt away given water we see another day.

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The Loss of a Child

Feeling hopeless with nothing inside
My spirit crushed and left out to dry
I have no words that can possibly describe 
My emotions overwhelming and nowhere to hide

Emptiness encompasses my collapsing soul
I can hardly breathe…
My heart it’s bleeding like falling rain
This loss is suffocating me with immeasurable pain

If you have not lost a child you will not understand
Only members of this club can comprehend
It’s not a club that anyone wants to belong
But if it happens to you then you won’t be alone  

Then along you came when I needed you most  
A blue balloon, my symbol of hope
You came to me in my greatest despair
You put a smile on my face now I know you’re still there

You gracefully, moved around me with a purposeful deed
You show me that you’re still here, in my time of need
Your spirit shines like a rainbow in my heart
It brightens my life when I feel a bit dark  

You are my sunshine, my beautiful child
I’ll never be lonely, with your spirit by my side.

Written by 
Vicki Darcy

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Dead Girl

Whose voice is that i think i know
Her voice is soft like the soft winds blow.
She skips with glee as she grows near.
Her skin is pale, as white as snow.

My dog beside me, finds it queer
To see her now after a year
Between two trees down by the lake.
The time she died was just last year.

My dog beside me starts to shake
To see this trick is a mistake
The tears that fall as i start to weep
Of deepest sorrows, my heart it aches

The feeling of grief it cuts me deep
But she will stay in my heart to keep
And as i cried i fell asleep
And as i cried I fell asleep

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Paint With Fire

Proud is the flame that reaches to the sky.
Angels spread their wings and begin to fly.
Into the heavens rising and reaching,
Never ending and always teaching.
Tell me of your ancient ways.

Wings the color of fire kissed skin.
Invigorating the energy from within.
Trembling hands that manipulate the pain.
Hold me in your sheltered arms again.

Free me from the burning agony.
I seek out refuge, angels come save me.
Revive my spirit from a life in which it was torn.
Embracing another life to which I am now reborn.

For contest: 1-4 Acrostic
Sponsor Andrea Deitrich

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Free Fallin'

My desicion was made. I wouldn't allow myself to be controlled. If that makes me a rebel, then let it be. I'm a Rebel. At least I can Make my own choices now. I can love and care about others. "You are here by stripped from your wings." Then it was like someone had bound my wings and pushed me off a cliff. it felt like forever. til finally i reach the ground. When i hit, it felt like everybone in my wings had shattered. I had fallen. and It hurt so bad. but it was worth it.

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Engulfed By The Tide

I lock up my Jeep and start down ---
          The narrow pathway ---
---That meanders down the edge of the cliff ---
The view of the Ocean from this trail ---
               Is priceless 
This truly is one of my favorite places on Earth ---
Every chance I get I try to make it back here ---
And think of the time we spent together ---
                     So long ago
        --- When life was still exciting ---
We were young and the world was new ---
               And this spot was magic ---
                     --- To us ---
Barely even a spot to pull off the road ---
We had to check it out ---
The trail was rather rough ---
          If it could even be called a trail ---
But we both knew in our hearts ---
                  The risk would be worth it ---
I’ll never forget how amazed we were ---
                 When we reached the bottom ---
Our own private cove ---
         Cut in half by the jagged rocks ---
Connected by a cave ---
        I’ll never forget the love we shared ---
                   --- That day ---
The peace we felt that night ---
      The moon seemed as large ---
                As a silver dollar ---
Setting on the end of our nose ---
The reflection off the Sea ---
The warmth of the bon-fire ---
The sudden awakening ---
                   To the rising tide ---
How we scurried to get out of here ---
And barely did ---
Not long after that ---
         The tides of life ---
                   Took you away ---
---Into the valley of death ---
And I became so empty inside ---
God I loved you so much ---
And now here I am again ---
With another Bouquet of Roses ---
            --- That I shall offer to the tide ---
I want you to know ---
           I have found peace ---
                      I have found love ---
You and her are so much alike ---
You were my first love ---
         And she is my last ---
Sometimes I can see ---
        ---You ---
With-in the confines of her heart ---
                 And I almost feel ashamed ---
But she is so much like you ---
That to her it is an honor ---
I’ll always love you – you know that
 ---You are my angel in the wind ---
But she is forever ---
          --- The angel in my heart ---
As I stop at the top of the Cliff ---
                       I look back ---
And watch the roses ---
   --- Engulfed by the tide ---

I posted this poem for a second
and then pulled it because it is 
very personal. Reposting for
Christie's contest.

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What once was

Inside, so warm and loved cherished from day one joy filled the heart and spilled over a cup overflowed Every moment was happiness all new experiences all new delights even new pains every bit was a level of adoration But everything could go wrong and that it did once where there was love and excitement was now pain and fear crimson was the color and loss was it's game There was no stopping it and no sign of warning it came rapidly quick as a thought and more terrifying than a monster with eyes glowing red skin of darkness razors for teeth smiling at it's prey Tears fall with them making a river of suffering so close to death but not dying a tiny soul was taken away from inside to never exist again Now this vessel is barren as a tundra with no warmth no rejoice only agony and longing Memories never to be made emotions never to be felt only the bitter taste of what once was my little angel

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The Angel's Mission

One warm and sunny afternoon,
GOD sent his young angel on a mission.
He said he must go down to planet earth,
And bring home his youngest son.
But, the angel replied, "LORD, I am not ready,
What if I make a mistake?
I don't think I can do this LORD,
What if I loose faith?".
The LORD replied, "I know you are ready,
I can see it in your heart.
You have enough faith one angel can handle,
And my mission you must start".
But the angel replied, "LORD, do you really think 
That I will make it down there?
There are soo many of your people,
Who will I know to bring up here?".
The LORD replied, "Do not worry little angel,
I will give you signs along the way. 
And when you reach the land,
You will know which one to take".
But the angel replied, "But what if I get lost LORD,
And I don't know which way to go?
Oh LORD, I am so afraid,
Do I really have to go?".
The Lord replied, "you will not get lost little angel,
Just follow what's in your heart. 
Do not be scared my little one,
For I will be with you in your heart".
But the angel replied, "what if my wings get broken,
And I can no longer fly?
How will I carry your new arrival,
Back with me through the sky?".
The LORD replied, "if this should happen to you,
Just call upon me and I will mend them.
Do not loose faith little angel,
You have all the strength within".
The angel replied,"what if I DO make it,
And your child does not want to come?
What if he fights and refuses?
THAN will my mission be done?".
The LORD replied, "NO, my little angel, 
My child is ready to come home. 
You see, we've already spoken,
He's asked me to bring him home.
He has told me he can no longer bare the pain,
And all his family is hurting.
He wants to be in peace now,
So you must GO NOW, AND HURRY!
I have already prepared his place,
And I have already blessed his soul. 
All you have to do little one,
Is go down, and bring him home".
The little angel looked up to GOD-
And with a smile upon his face, 
He replied, "I am ready now for your mission LORD,
It's now time for the next soul to take".


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Forsaking Hope

An Angel stalked my better-half through my mind
Questioning our flawless design

Angel: "What is a beast if you grant it introspection?"
Man: "It's still an animal, yet closer to imperfection."

"What is a dog with no will to live?"
"A dog with a will always has hope to give."

"But dogs cannot contemplate, they simply are."
"Yet humans can, is it an improvement or a scar?"

"Undying love is a gift you bear!"
"What good is it when it hurts to care?"

"That is the beauty of woman and man!"
"But what is it, what truth is there to understand?"

"That is for God to tell"
"If our questions go unheard, I'm glad we fell."

"You've only fallen if you fail to see."
"I don't see god, but I can feel the animal in me."

"You would deny your God given status?"
"If God made us so great, then why can't we kill the bestial urges inside us?"

"Some people dwell closer to sin."
"Yet none of us can handle the animal within."

"I cannot help you if you can't agree."
"Only if I agree you will set me free?"

"Only with the glory of God can we save you and your kind."
"You cannot help me, you are just within my mind."

With that the Angel fell dead
The man stared calmly toward nothing and shot himself in the head

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It was really very easy,
Not at all like I thought.
I had feared it might be painful,
To take that fatal shot.

But as I pulled the trigger back,
And the ball pierce my heart,
It was at that very moment,
I felt my soul depart.

There I stood, outside my body,
As it twitched, and convulsed.
If I had watched with human eyes,
I might have been repulsed.

I believed my trials were over,
My victory was won.
But I was soon to discover,
My woes had just begun.

An angel appeared before me,
To tell me of my fate.
He said, “You must remain on earth,
To face what now awaits.”

“There are lives that you have altered,
And some you’ve left forlorn.
Others will have no future,
For they will not be born.”

“This act has changed so many things,
Through the generations,
Lost descendants will not effect
The rest of creation.”

“Now you must face the consequence,
Of what this deed has wrought.
Until the end of its effects,
For that is now your lot.”

"You shall be a silent witness,
To the seeds you have sown.
You’ll watch until the end of time,
Entirely alone."

This is the fate that I’ve endured,
Six score and thirteen years.
A fate that will persist until,
The angel reappears.

Thus I will guide this poet’s hand,
That I may now confide,
And tell you of the yoke I wear,
The price of suicide.

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Gangsters angling for a deal on wet concrete by the station
Feared for life, but more for death, on the street
Souls purchased with wrong turns

Their associate last week lost his way in the park
An angel pulled up, found him, fed him a line, then a shot
Just for a second his eminence smiled, then died

A red car drove off with the pretty little assassin inside
After taking a kingpin out, removing the competition in a flash                         
Taking comfort in what a young girl can do when put to task

Now the concrete walk waits for its prey
Directed by others in a sequence of events about to play out
Events initiating a consequence of revenge unfolds

To exact equal pain in retribution for the loss of their boss
The gang had followed him for years and continues to do so 
Into an early grave, by seeking out the girl unwisely

From the shadow, an angel came again.  This time for them
With a killer’s lust for blood and blessings from above
Stray projectiles fly from all sides, initiated by the parties involved

The spree begins to shape the end of days, taken in an angry rage
Trajectory of chaotic gun fire directed at the gang
Took participants engaged down, one by one, until there were none

These stoic men feel mortality and reality effects
Only at the end of a gun at the point of death as wasted flesh
Saying her name with their expiring breath….. Angel

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Moonlight shines down on my cold, pale face I am alone, her raven calling, I am disgrace Falling as the willows weep, I hold her in my arms as she struggles to breathe Rosaline, my one love divine. You are sacred You are mine Her voice rising above the water Beautiful Rosaline sang silently to me The whispers trailing off her fingers, as she faded into the darkness My beautiful angel has vanished again Goodbye my Beautiful Rosaline. Happened that Grim reckless day when the shadows began to play Beauty detonated in my trust No more, no more will there ever be a witch so grand, as to bring back my Beloved Rosaline Sorrow cuts it's way into my heart It is the locked key, the one you keep Her voice rising above the water Beautiful Rosaline sang silently to me The whispers trailing off her fingers, as she faded into the darkness My beautiful angel has vanished again Goodbye my Beautiful Rosaline So leaving this Tragic scene I vanished from Rosaline's sight Nevermore will there ever be a witch so grand, as to bring back my Beloved Rosaline Her voice rising above the water Beautiful Rosaline sang silently to me The whispers trailing off her fingers, as she faded into the darkness My beautiful angel has vanished again Goodbye my Beautiful Rosaline. Enchanting she sang to me, in the everlasting light of peace My beautiful siren walks again Goodnight my Beautiful Rosaline

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Shadows in the Dark

Shadows in the dark are now what I see Murky pictures of the loved ones no more with me I stare at them with a trembling heavy heart For we are now millions of light years apart Shadows line up as an army of ghosts at my door Asking me to exit the door without the hurt which I once bore Grappling with the painful thoughts, I take a step forward Towards my loved ones, and never look backward Ah! The reflections disappeared with the break of the dawn I Ran around to find them with a mind so bogged down Alas! I fell off from my bed, it was a dream insane I shouted,'Hold on! I am feeling no more inane' For they showed me glowing light even in the dark Now I can find a way no matter how loud is the life's bark Shadows in the Dark will always show me the light To fulfill zillion dreams and win life's every fight

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To have and have lost

To have and to have lost is the ultimate pain, 
Knowing that your life will never be the same again. 
That one little missing piece of your jigsaw called life, 
Questions as to what you did to deserve this strife.
Another angel for heaven above 
Empty arms but still the love. 
Never far from your mind 
If only life wasn’t so unkind. 
Little angel I love you so 
Fresh in my thoughts wherever I go. 

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Grim Reaper

Don't take the person that is dearly to me.
You've taken to many people that are dearest to me
You are the angel of death
You bring unhappiness in my life and other people around you
You don't care if the deserve to die
You mad people dpress and you make them do something stupid

Your the grim reaper
The angel of death

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shooting stars

The waves of hatred and defeat
Go crashing into the rocky shore
With the sands of love and peace
Before you leave you must teach
The world what you have learned
For when you rise angels by your sides
You will take the worlds concerns

What you teach whether it wisdom or beseech
The knowledge you have earned
Let it wisen you further
Complete you with the gift
You have given unto the world
And when you fly
Saying your last goodbyes
Much the world has learned
So take this poem to
Consider or concern

For soon you rise 
You have the choiceof just how far you get
The angels cry
With weepy eyes
 forever in your debt

Choose wisely young one
Before your light is out
It flits and flickers some
Unsure, much in doubt

Take hold, control
Your future is bright
Leave your past behind
Leave it out of sight

Don't lie forgotten
Forever unaware
Of the time and its passing
Please, your thoughts you must share

Your light turned out
Your time is up
Your choice must be made
In white you rise
Your flight to the skies
As the stars in the night fade

The waves of hatred and defeat
Go crashing into the rockey shores
With the sands of love and peace
As the stars in the night soar

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Pale blue eyes

Waves crash against the shore
An old eagle cries.
Withered petals fall to the floor.
A soft wind blows and the Angel opens her eyes,
Her pale blue colored eyes.
They present the sun
The glory we have to hide.
Tears drip from down the hall,
A life that never got to live.
The Angel closes her eyes,
Those pale blue colored eyes.
Shadows in the breeze,
Love in the rain.
Waves crash against the shore
An old eagle dies.

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beautiful angel

must be on a cloud somewhere looking down on me you're frowning cause you see me struggling without you I'm not flying on the ground crying trying to live each day then I remember the song you used to sing to me and I know it would be okay beautiful angel let your dreams guide you you will always be forever even when you fall know i will catch you beautiful angel must be flying around somewhere looking for me but I won't be where I'm supposed to I am hiding so afraid to try being free then I remember the song you used to sing to me and I know you'll be there beautiful angel let your dreams guide you you will always be forever even when you fall know i will catch you beautiful angel I'm your beautiful you're my beautiful yeah yeah yeah we're beautiful angels

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The scent of water

Hard may be the paths that are given to us Harder still they may be, when we choose not their way Yet, to abide to them we shall, always without any fuss For we are after all lost, blind and we need to find our way! This way that we do seek, is it not known as the end The end word known as death, the end of life and love If death be the end, then pray we do have faith on a ready stand Of course, life, at the scent of water does evolve! Holy water, sprouting from the root of mystery Pray do come and lead us all Take us there where all is holy Where always we hear songs of the choral! Life does not end with death, life gets renewed In this world, or another, by the Holy One, it is always brewed!

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Lost Time

                   Lost Time

Time is something we take for granite. 
In a split second those words that glance 
the ones that we don't think will be our last.
This is something we live by a sharp tongue or a hateful trance.

That argument, that angry thread of nasty words of hate 
we just shed not knowing this might be the last words that are said.  
Now we have to lie in that bed of hatred we just spread.

Why can't we stop and think before we act or speak 
the words we can't retract. 
The jury's in, the judgement passed, 
the words you used can't be taken back.

The sentence is cast. You've fallen into that realm 
of the unforgiven past. 


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The Perfect Angel

She was a beautiful child
Shiney blonde hair and bright blue eyes
Always helping people out
Even as she is just passing by
She had a perfect life
Looks like an angel from above
A dream come true
She was as delicate as a dove
Friends and family surround her bed
Staring her straight in her dull gray eyes
Squeezing her hand tight never letting go
As they watch the perfect angel die

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Lost love


              Once was a love so real an true never willing to die
               She was so real caring looking back it all flew by.
               Seems like a dream urging so real oh what I'd do 
                To feel that love agin oh what I'd do.

               She left to soon life cut to short oh lord how I feel ripped
               Apart  her love is never ending she lives in the pictures of my mind
               An in my hart how I'd love to hold her an talk to her one day
               When it's my time to leave this place. before you left you were an
                Angel always flowing with laughter an grace  it warms my hart thinking 
                Of that Tim an place.

                 You were a gift from god he sent from above you were an angel 
                  In our presents it was your time you showed me so much happiness
                   You turned my life around I have to look at the bright side one 
                   Day I will see my angel I love you and think of you always till we meet agin
                  My lover an best friend.

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Goodbye My Old Friend

you were there the day I was born
you sewed my clothes and spanked me when I needed it 
I wasn' t ready but you said it's ok your only a phone call away
so I moved away thinking it would be ok
then I got the call that you past away
I'm mad as he++ 
that much you can tell
I want to ask why you didn't say goodbye
was it because you didn't want me to cry
I'm going home but you will be gone
I think you went on
to make a home with a room just for me
you know it wouldn't be long before I come along
I didn't know I had brain cancer at the time you left me
I sit here and cry and hope it will not be long before I can come home
and join you again in heaven and sit by the fire then I know that is where I belong

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One Last Goodbye

The clock of life signals that I must say goodbye,
I utter this with the greatest possible sigh.
You have the purest soul on wondrous planet Earth,
And have so many good intentions that have so much worth.
You don't care what others think of you,
Because you always know that your beliefs are truer than true.
I wipe off a single tear that rolls down my weary face,
As my body begins to signal an end to its enduring race.
My breath begins to fall short as the time rapidly passes,
I know soon that I will be greeted by the masses.
You taught me how to live and learn,
I think of you as my lungs begin to flame and burn.
I would pick a sparkling star out for you in the dreamy, night sky,
Just the thought of leaving you makes me begin to cry.
I love you to the moon and back,
You stole my heart as I voyage on my final track.
I'm sorry to say goodbye,
Unfortunately, it's my turn to die.
I close my blue eyes for one last time,
As I hear the bells of heaven begin to chime.

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Hillside Chat wid Vera Grey

Suh yuh gaan, walk gud ... up the hill again
Nuh worry bout wah get leff pon line
The likkle bway will bring dem out of de rain
An de rest of wi will just be fine, fine
Yuh hear. Dat hill slope all de way up to high
But it not slippery as before, it easy
Now, for dat chariot full of angel from the sky
Seh afiyuh time, mi kno yuh ready.
Hush now chile kibbah yuh yai
Day dun, de sun i ready fi guh home
Fi yuh wuk it dun, praise God on high
Praise fo de likkle time pon de dome
Hush chile, nuh egg nuh spoil yah
De coal skill till a bun fe dem rude ones
And few bad fruits de rats will gnaw
But angel still walk whe mortal peeple runs
Hush now chile kibbah yuh yai
Glory bright yuh si, tek off de bib now
Guh sing wid massa Gaad in by-n-bye
Him ready fi wipe yuh tears n smood yuh brow
Wi parting here, Vera, guh get yuh rest
A yuh Sabbath now fi eva ... but I a likkle way
Will carry yuh memry inna mi breast
How yuh tun han mek fashion all de day
Hush now chile, kibbah yuh yai
De golden mawning a guh dawn bright and sweet
An nutten yuh believe was eber lie
Nuh I soon falla whe yu gaan, a deh cross de street
Like yuh, singing up to ole Jordan shore
Yuh memry will keep mi, an wi weep no more
De cock de crow, fowl lay agen
Anadda blessing from Gaad tiday
Anadda morsel for de children
Yuh poor, yes, but still hab fi gi weh
And dat likkle smile, it say all
It spell de courage when back is gainst de wall.
Yuh a Gad pickney fe true, enuh
Someting in yuh, yuh caan be soso suh

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A Lonely Path

A lonely path, in the dark it moves on It meanders within the deep, dense fog Along the way there are many roses Some of which lay on an old decayed log Twenty-seven in all, each an angel All of which had their life cut way too short An ending that was abrupt and so quick Tears run down my face I sadly report No more is there any children’s laughter The families weep while in such great pain It seems that when things like this do happen The days are always darkest in the rain May we can console them as best we can Light a candle in honor of these few If we could all band together as one And show our love, this is all we can do
Russell Sivey Dedicated to all the victims of the Newtown tragedy! Entrant into SKAT- AB SIN THE-'s "In Memory of the 20 + 7 new angles of heaven~ "our own little poetry soup VIGIL"" contest 12/19/2012

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Elegant Angel

In loving memory of
Wynema Gibbons
April 23, 1964 – May 12, 2013

Elegant Angel

you’re an elegant angel…so angelic
we celebrate your life this day
as your beautiful spirit sings
telling us your love will never fade…
like beautiful butterflies you fly around us in love
with wings of amazement
for you, let’s paint the sky in doves…
we love you our elegant angel forever
although we must part ways
we’ll keep your memory alive forever…
so until we meet on the other side of the gate
we’ll be loving you in remembrance
forever and always

Written by Aleasha Martin

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Wrapped In Black Chains

Wrapped In Black Chains

The motto is that love should last forever
That true love can withstand the strongest storm
And yet here I stand chained to my own heart
A prisoner to feelings I don't want to have

Through years of bliss my heart held together
Everything was going perfect until a crack appeared
And then more cracks joined that single crack
And the picture was far from perfect now

I've become an Angel of Death, brooding on the past
Wrapped in the chains of a forever bleak present
Knowing my future might be little more than a black cloud
Perhaps the weight of the chains will crush me first

I wanted to believe that love could withstand it all
That I would never be an Angel of Death again
But now here I stand with scarlet eyes filled with tears
They engulf me like the crashing waves of a tsunami

But I can still smile sarcastically as I tape my heart together
Knowing that I will never be pure nor wholesome ever again
That this time I will never revert back from being what I am:
An Angel of Death wrapped in black chains

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Goodbye to an Austin Angel

She was headed off to college at 18 years old,
News of the crash leaked out, and the mood turned cold.
She was the best person you could ever know,
When she danced with her team she put on a show.
Recently in Ohio, I found this rock,
With its angelic shape I found this cross-walk.
In the crosswalk I found my old best friend,
If only my heart could find a way to mend.
As a young country singer once sang, 
“18 years have come and gone,”
It’s hard at this point, it’s hard to move on,
I guess it’s time to move down the line,
I need a reassuring sign to ease my mind. 
Goodbye my friend, may heaven treat you well,
In the past, I will no longer dwell.
Hello my guardian angel, you are my eyes,
For you are with God, and He is wise.
Goodbye Tracie Lynn, you made people smile,
I’ll be there for you after a while. 

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In Praise of Endings

When Mom discovered
Dad's jaded eye, 
she barred the door 
on maltreatment.

When she consented
to leave the farm,
our last day of hard labor
in the cotton fields
flaked the dust off our boots.

When Dad's drinking
got out of hand,
she drew a new line
in her own gritty sand.

His constant discontent
gouged tattered holes
in Mama's peace.

When Daddy died early, 
her bondage sailed
down a river of freedom.

In her advanced years,
Mom's overworked bones
paid tribute
in spasms of pain.

Death, for her,
marked the end of struggle.
She said the angels were singing.

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Sweet Little Angel

Sweet little angel close your eyes this day is almost done The sadness that once tore your heart will leave and soon be gone Forget about the darkened skies and the shadows all around Forget about the raging storms that sadly gloomed the morn Sweet little angel close your eyes your fears and tears will cease Tonight I’ll watch right over you and peace will fill your dreams Think of skies with hues of blue and suns as bright as gold Think of meadows full of flowers and birds that sing sweet tunes Remember times of happiness when smiles filled all your days When climbing trees and flying free was all you’d ever need Sweet little angel close your eyes and rest your head on me Just let go and soon the morn will come and set you free.

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floating on a log wondering where im going,
hard to see land, absent in knowing.
the days are shorter nights are longer
the memory of u, is still fresh and new
the laughter's i hear, your whispers so loud,
your face i see in mist of a cloud.
you've always bring me joy, not matter the times.
i know your in a such better place,yet selfishness i still find. 
i wish to hold your hand,to lay in you arms.
the feeling of needing you here, keeping me from harm.
i've heard u can still see,for your watching down on me.
the tears at night when i hold my pillow tight. 
the feel of weakness that plays a great part
yet your whispers i still  can hear, and as it comes so clear
that  frown becomes a smile.

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The Angel

He came
and brought her
life with his
stories. They 
were all the life she had.
She lay
with her eyes
wide, blurred 
with images from elsewhere.
He was earthbound small
and she was large,
It was dark 
when he left the room.

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Gilded Return

Slowly with unstable steps, she approaches.
The room is dank a foreboding intensity permits the air.
She is shaking as the memories wrap their inky hands around her throat.
The terror starts to build as the anguish she'd managed to lock away becomes unleashed.
It is feral, with fangs and razor sharp claws. 
The beast she'd burned turning into the regret of a monster for all of her sins. 
The room once furnished so lavishly now had boards bared through plaster showing holes allowing vermin and insects to do with the place as they wished.
In her eyes, the room was in it's glory as it had always been. 
The candle wax began to drip onto her hand.
Her eyes now resembled that of a newborn doe's as her eyes fell to a heavy book.
Bound with crisp thick paper and worded with the freshest ink and sharpest quill.
The satin was superb in all of it's glossy onyx nature, her home.
One step after another, fragile feet glide over the floor, rustling of pristine skirts.
Her breath became heavy and idly half of her mind wondered if she was suffocating.
All too soon it seemed she was standing before the book, hardly did her eyes stray,
yet memory served her well as the old oak table was exactly the same to her as before.

He haunted her in every aspect within her life.
All she held dear was slowly crumbling until insanity threatened to become a reality.
What was her old lover's memories attempting to provoke within her?
Anger? Surely not she only dwelt with remorse and regret for wasting precious time.
Heedless of her warnings to her own mind she could not run from the chocolate of his eyes.
Nor could she handle being bombarded with guilt at every smile that slipped over her features.
If only he could see her now, he would relish her miserable exsistance.
Death was a mask wedged deeply into her very cells and she accepted it.
This last dream had become her undoing it would appear, for here she was.
For every good memory and ghastly deed she had locked within this book.
A memento of her exsistance for she feared being forgotten when the earth reclaimed her essence.

With loving fingers and velvety skin she caressed the spine of the book.
With a bitter sweet smile she took the slightest corner of the tome and eased it open.
Immediatly musk and a definate spice bombarded her senses in a pleasing array.
The nearly unrecognizable strings of words no doubt made sense for any with mind enough to carry a magnifying glass of sorts.
Sitting with a sigh she spoke quietly.

I am Home.

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I am
I am
I am
I am death

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Forever missing you

Since you been gone I been all alone. The dreams we talked about I’m pursuing them all on my own. I try to be strong but I breakdown and cry sometimes. You were all I had. We had a little but every time you smiled at me it seems like we had a lot. Just wishing I could talk to you one more time. You gave me everything I wanted but everything doesn’t matter all I wanted was you. I never knew how blessed I was until the day I lost you. I sit searching for the reasons but everything happens in the right time and the right season. Amazing love is what we had until the lord had his final say, like he will with me one day. 

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the faller

The Faller 
He stands at the edge of a tall mountain looking down the sheer drop. 
Seconds pass. 
The man jumps! 
Nothing stops his fall. 
Rocks smash his frail limbs like matchsticks. 
End over end till he finally hits the valley floor 2,800ft below, 
his body a bloody broken mass. 
Why did he jump? 
Because he enjoys it. 
He's the faller. 
This jump is his 318th off this mountain. 
Broken limbs, pulped body, severed head, fatal injuries and death 
are an occupational hazard. 
It's ok. 
The destructive injuries vanish after 30 minutes and 
the faller is as fit as a butcher’s dog 
and mad as a psychopath to jump again. 
Witness a freak: the faller.

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Black Angel Of Death-Part 1

You saw me sitting there, watching the broken wave’s crash upon the shore.
I think of you and nothing more.
Thunder clapped with each horrible memory.
Please don't wonder. Please don't worry.
Lightning breaks the sky as I sit there and wait.
For the black angel of death to come lead me to hell's gate.
I lay on the sand feeling incredibly dumb.
I'm crying and screaming for death to come.
Why haven’t you come? I'm begging and screaming for death to come lead me to hell!
If not hell, then my grave either is well!
I lay here with no purpose.
No purpose in life, no purpose in living.
Black angel of death, please come, I'm anxiously waiting.
You wondered what was wrong but you didn't come ask.
That could've saved me, that one simple task.
Further and further I sunk into my darkness.
Reaching up for something, anything to pull me back up.
I sank further and further while you sat there and watched.
I reached hopelessly up and waited, waited to be lifted out.
I lay in the sand as the broken waves crashed around me.
I cried and screamed for the black angel of death to come take me away.
To hell? To my grave? I didn't care where; I just wanted her to take me away.
Away from you? No, you pushed me out. Further and further. Deep into my darkness.
Away from hell? No, I'm begging to go there, anywhere. I don't want to stay here.
Away from hurt? No, too late for that. You did a lot and you sat there and laughed.
Away from your lies? No, nothing could take those away. They've scared me deep and won't disappear.
Away from your game? No, I already quit, pulled out and lost. I wouldn't be lying on the sand crying, screaming, for the black angel of death to come.
Away for this life? Yes. Away from this life. I laid there and waited for my black angel of death to lead me away from this life.
To live in my darkness, to drown in my darkness.

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Final thoughts

As my family gather around me
I feel their whispers of insecurity
Thoughts of past events racing through my head.
As I lay here dying on my bed
Drifting in and out of disturbed sleep
I hear the sounds of my wife weep
Telling stories of my life events and past 
My childhood memories drifting so fast.
Of happy long summers and never ending winters.
My life breaking up into tiny little splinters
Talks of greed and if I made a will.
The only thoughts are the pockets they can fill
Heated conversation and unsettled voices
I am forgotten about while they they make their own choices
Someone shouts out where are his deeds
My thoughts and sounds now coming in short feeds.
My breathing now slow as I drift into eternal sleep
Family still talking of what they will reap
As I awake into a glorified light
Away and at peace from all of the fight
To an eternal life away from corruption and greed
My pain and suffering now finally freed

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Being The Victim

It's a hard life,
and a sad one at that,
they pull on my hair,
and they call me fat

Their words are like bullets,
and I am under attack,
it's getting too much,
I slip through the crack

I try and claw back,
but they push me back down,
they slapped my smile away,
leaving only a frown

The lies continue,
and I don't tell a soul,
things get much worst,
I fall in a hole

A hole of emotion,
from which I never return,
I prey to my god,
but they never learn

They mess with my mind,
And they ruin my life,
drive me to the edge,
I pull out a knife

They cry at my funereal,
as if they knew me well,
people feel sympathy for them,
why did I not tell?

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Never Letting Go

Do you dance upon my grave?
That silken flesh moving like waves.
Do you sing to the heavens?
The grace of you're voice formed to leaven the gloom.
With you're smiling face.

I would dance up on you're grave.
As agony raged like waves.
I would sing to the heavens.
For your soul to follow the way.
You'd see my smiling face.

The earth rotates.
And yet their worlds had stopped.
How unfair it all seemed,
when love had always been a dream.
But through a favored song,
they would forever connect.
Such as the will and promise.
Of equal empath loves.

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Angel Tears

Gentle drops of Angel tears
Once more she drifts to sleep
Anaesthetised and full of hope
Of faith, of love, so deep

A dark, dark mass looms in her form
A cancer cold and stark
They try to cut it all away
She'll wake with mornings Lark

They do the tests - they come to us
"There's more" - is what they say
She begs us - not to make a fuss
She's tired, asks us to pray

She wakes in small hours and holds us tight
She says it's time to leave
Be happy for her for she'll be alright
Small tears stain her virgin cheeks

Somewhere in the dark cold hours
She drew her final breath
Her brave yet quiet and Godly thoughts
Resound this Angels death

I think of things she would have done
Watch as other children play
I work to help others as if she'd won
Life's battle on that day

I know she looks upon those souls
She'd smile and talk so calm
And in their fears she'll comfort them
In loving Angel's arms

Our little daughter oh so young 
Yet old in pain wise years
Reminds me daily of all kids past and
Gentle drops of Angel Tears 

R.I.P Angel

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Black Angel Of Death-Part 2

Further and further I sink into my darkness.
Desperately reaching up. Reaching up to grab hold of something. Failing. Failing and falling.
You sat there and watched as I died on that sand!
You sat there and watched me drown in my darkness and you didn't grab my hand!
I laid there and died on that sand. You didn't even care! You just turned around and walked away.
Again! You did it again! You turned around and left... Just like you did the first time... Except this time you forgot to say goodbye. You turned around and walked away... You let me die.
Could you have saved me? Yes, you could've. You could've saved me! You could've picked me off that cool wet sand. You could've saved me... You could've grabbed my hand.
But instead you sat there. You sat there and watched as I screamed for the black angel of death.
You sat there and laughed as I reached up for you. You didn't try. You laughed. You sat there and laughed.
You let me drown... You let me die... You didn't care... You didn't try... You turned around and walked away... You could've saved me that day...
I drowned... I died... You sat there and laughed... You watched me cry...
The black angel of death came and led me to my grave. Leaving nothing behind but my cold, white, lifeless body.
To the grave I went. Tombstone above my head, red roses at my feet.
Far under the ground... Deep in my darkness...You actually showed up! For what?! You can't push me down further! I'm down all the way!
You lay a black, cold, stone heart and a black rose by my tombstone. You walk off... Slowly... Step by step... Back down to the beach... The waves still broke the sand still cold. Quietly you walk up to my place of death. You place a black wooden cross where I drowned.
Broken waves, cold sand.
Black angel of led me here. Led me away from my ****ed up life... Black angel of death...never leave my side.
Broken waves, cold sand. Black, cold, stone heart, black, wooden cross.
Black angels of death protect my soul...
Black angel of death...
You sit there and watch the broken wave’s crash...crash around the black, wooden cross...
Broken waves, cold sand... Black, cold, stone heart, black, wooden cross...
Black angel of death...
Stay with me forever...

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her smile warmed his heart. her touch healed his broken soul. 
happiness was all he felt, her heart his ultimate goal.
 but sadly she never seen him for what he truly was,
a fallen angel walking with broken wings. 
with each touch, each glimpse,
 each smell of her always made his aching heart sing.
 they shared their stories, the good and the bad. 
but eventually his love for her began to drive him mad.
 why couldn't she him for what he truly was? 
why couldn't she return his simple gesture of love?
 how he longed to hear the sweet words pour from her mouth.
a simple 'i love you' would be just enough.
day after day he sat there, just admiring her for all she was,
 enjoying every second that he got to spend with his destined love. 
his heart ached his soul quaked all just to be in her presence. 
to hold her, feel her, kiss her, inhaling her wonderful essence.
 but they day finally drew near... the day he had constantly feared.
 to her side he went and stayed never once leaving.
 the hospital was cold and alone only the two of them breathing.
 tears streamed down his face as he held her weakening hand. 
he knew that it would come to this, he began to understand. 
in her last moments she opened her eyes, and seen his real form.
 a smile swept across her face and his heart was suddenly warm.
 with her last few breaths she spoke," you're my angel aren't you?"
 he nodded and as she began to choke. " you're so beautiful... thank you." 
he held back his tears as she closed her eyes whispering a simple...
 "I love You..."

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Angel Wing Away

I know it's hard to take the pain.
When I had to go away.
But when you get lonely
and heavy at heart, just remember,
I'm just an angel wing away.

Play a lalaby and close your eyes.
Cause I'm just up in the sky.
Daddy, even tho I've gone away.
I know that I was loved.

Some day when we meet again.
Up in heavens sky.
We'll sing, and laugh, and play.
So daddy remember,
I'm just an angel wing away.

Daddy keep smiling.
Even tho we are apart.
Cause God has made a special day.
We will fish the day away.
And never have to part.

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The story of two lives and an eternal love

God sent you as an angel in my life
The only miracle of love I ever had.
God sent you as a blessing to my soul
The only man I ever truly loved.
God sent us in the same time and place,
So we can meet,
So we can have a purpose 
So we can be complete.
I wish this God to tell me why we had to say good-bye so fast.
Why you to leave so far,and me to still be here?Why?
But my love for you reminds me the story of our love
At the first sight,when I saw your smile
I knew you gonna put your fingerprints on my entire life.
And then you took my heart and put it in a chain
When through your eyes you told me that we'll meet again.
At our first talk with your voice you gave me strenght.
I knew so well that's not the end.
From our first date you gave me love.
We knew so well we'll always be in love.
With the first kiss you sent arrows of sweet fire to my heart,
Since then, my soul knew that we'll never be apart.
I felt you are the one
You knew for sure I'll be forever yours.
And even now that we are so apart
I see your wings of angel on the light.
And even now that I am so alone
I feel your protectings arms around me,
And your guiding steps behind me.
I'll always feel surounded by your love.
Twin souls by God to fall in love were sent
Two souls that shared a love will never have an end.
Our destiny was to be together
We gived each other the beauty of a love 
That our souls will always carry.
It's so not fair that what we had it was so short
How will I live without you in this world?

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Humming Bird Dreams

I smile as it seems to be,
 The wind came to play with me.
 For i lay in bed,
 Ill for what seems like forever.
 I cannot move or dance myself,
 So the wind and my dreams dance together.
 I watch as the humming birds made of lace,
 come alive before my eyes.
 I love to watch the sweet caress,
 Of the lacy blinds against the open glass.
 I love to watch as my dreams take me,
 Dancing me out my small window
 To the open land and tall trees,
 To the light in the skies,
 And the smell of the seas.
 I laugh as i slip away into my dreams,
 Now i can dance for myself.


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Minutes To Seconds

Dedicated to my mother, Ann Mary Stenberg

If I could give you the strength to walk by yourself, I'd do this in less than a minute.

If I could eliminate all the troubles and sadness from your heart, I'd do this in less than a second.

If I could give you a rainbow with the most significant colors, and something inspirational to brighten your day, I'd do this in less than a minute

If I could offer you hope, fulfillment, and a painless world of complete satisfaction, I'd do this in less than a second.

If I could change your life and have you healthy again, I'd do this in less than a minute.

If there was anything I could do to see you happier than not, I'd do this in less than a second.

If I could fill all the emptiness and loneliness you continually live with, I'd do this in less than a minute.

If I had an opportunity to start over again, to tell you how very sorry I am for the difficulties and hardships between us, I'd do this in less than a second.

If I could turn back the time and lengthen your days, I'd do this in less than a minute.

If there was any possible way that I could have made you more comfortable and kept you from dying, I would have done this in less than a second.  

Now you're gone, but my memories hold on.  Everything I have and all I'll remember, I'll frame each reason I loved you.  I will cherish all those minutes and seconds.  Grandma, Grandpa, Dad, and everyone else has the privilege of sharing those moments. Loneliness will be filled with your loved ones.

You were an Angel on Earth and now a Guardian Angel in Heaven.  Both worlds have been blessed with your presence.  You won't have to suffer, and be scared anymore.  Your sadness and pain has been lifted and healed.  God raised you up with his comforting hands to care for you as you lovingly needed.

Minutes To Seconds, Days to Weeks, and Months to Years, we'll never forget your existence.  Thank you for staying as long as you could.  Priceless will highlight your meaning.

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A bee

A bee is an amazing and wonderful thing,
That is of course until it shows you it's sting,
And then it will die, as all things must end,
And now you will live on with this wound now to mend.

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Angel Dream

Last Night I Had a Dream
That I Went to Heaven
The Place Was More than Fine
It Was Really High, High, Steppin'

There I Met an Angel
That Asked Me Lots of Things
Like All the Things I Learned
What Knowledge Did I Bring

I Sat down and Faced Him
And I Looked Him in the Eye
I Told Him Everything I Learned
Before I Kissed this Life Good bye

I Said "I Really Don't like Lonely
It Causes Lots of Pain
And I Really Hated Dying
Because I Was Alone Again

I Also Don't like Lost Love 
I Lost an Extra Share
There Was No One for Me
I Died with No One There

And Then Before I Came Here
I Learned about True Love
Well, I Lost That Too
I Got No Help from up Above"

Then the Angel Told Me
Don't Be So Hard on You
Something You Forgot to Say
And this I Say for True

You Were Loved More than Most
But You Never Stopped to See
If You'd Only Noticed
But You Would Always Flee

Each Person That You Touched
Thought the World of You
You Shouldn't Put Yourself down So Much
Your Worth Was More than Two

When I Finally Woke up
I Had a Different View
Maybe I Would Be Okay
I Could Even like Me Too
August 16, 1992

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Farrah Not Forgotten

"Farrah Not Forgotten"

Godbye sweet angel 
Rest in Peace

Not only were you Charlie's angel
you were an angel to us all
Sharing your story the way you did
was above and beyond the call

You continued to give and give through the years
right up to the very end
And though we may not have met you
we looked at you as a friend

Now sweet angel you can rest easy
you've certainly done your part
And for everyone I say thank you
for opening and sharing your heart

You will be missed

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My Dying Day

I took it down to the last strike, like Hitler’s revenge on the last Reich.
My blood spilled out in ice cold pain, there was nothing absent or domain
I walked through the valley of the shadow of death, screaming the whole way through, “Here I cometh.”
In the darkness, my God, He revealed to me, that the light He gives could only set me free.
At first I argued, then it was as I was blind. My God found the good in me that I couldn't find.
He stood me up and started speaking to me face to face, while my soul was being taken to another time and place.
Before I knew it, my skin had turned blue, my thoughts were becoming too far and few.
My life had soon ended, but truly only began. I found no patience in walking so I ran.
When I awoke from my spell, everything was new, with no grasp on reality I wasn’t sure of what to do.
I measured all the compartments, ‘spiritually speaking,’ in my brain, always wanting the truth on whether or not I was insane?
Unfortunately, that answer, I will probably never receive, although in my heart I will always believe, that the Truth is there to set me free.
Sedated for what seemed like eternity soon ended, and I learned instantly how much on God I depended.
He pulled me out of the miry clay, brushed me off and sent me on my way.
Now when I find myself at an all-time low, I reach down far to that place I rarely go.
I find the strength in the fact that I gave up and I allow the strength to build and fill my cup.
Whenever I find myself on that mountain high, I am so thankful, I lift my head to sigh.
By taking the very breath that God gave me alone, I cherish the notion that He wasn’t ready to take me home.

(True Story)
Thank you Jesus

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Mom I miss you,
 didn't want you to go
 I love you so much
 I'm sure that you know.

 Things are so different,
 then they were before
 and with each passing day
 I'm needing you more.

 I'm doing alright,
 sometimes I do cry
 but I pick myself up
 because I understand why.

 I know you're okay,
 your pain is all gone
 and I'll see you again
 when I finally come home.

 written by: Jessica Thompson 5/9/2014

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Afterlife I :Death

Who will be my merciful Angel of Death?
Who will be here to take my final breath?
Will it be the Reaper?
Or some random creeper?
I hope my death comes swift and soon,
sometime under the crimson moon.
As I sit here, beaten and broken,
all profanities still unspoken,
quiet as a rock in gravel,
I'm declined my pass to travel,
from here to the afterlife,
as I sit here, gripping my knife,
holding it close,
as I take another dose,
of my sleeping pills so I can sleep,
I drift off into dreamland, I've made the leap,
but as I dream, I see a figure
invading my dreams, it is he, the Grim Reaper,
my prayers have been answered!
And as I approach the Angel of Death, he said a few words
"For whom the bell tolls for, it tolls for thee"
And I only thought, finally I'm free

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You Words

Gracious scars fade away
Thickness of love trailing
Speechless moments rewind
My arms shake of fear
Soon as your soul appeared
Dropping the sharp thing
Tears bomb my cheeks
As you held me
Lifting my face towards your eyes
This can’t be
Unexpected surprise
Heart races fast as time
Remembering the day you died
Hard to believe
You’re standing here in front of me
Holding my heart in your palms
Our love seems to be strong
Causing breaks with blades
Leads nowhere
Holding me tight
Kissing my lips deeply
Softly saying “Stop this foolishness
Babe, you’re better than this
Don’t throw away your passion
Don’t kill your dream
Keep it all
All for me”

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Standing by the angel's grave

when you stand by your baby's grave and the breeze flows through your hair,
that’s your angel playing with other kids that are there, 
she whispers in the wind you only have to listen,
for she is not sad, 
she dances around your legs and sings, 
coz now she has wings, 
she stops only for a while, 
to look at the tears you have shed, 
she whispers in the wind, 
mummy and daddy, 
the tears you shed will soon disappear, 
the pain you feel will slowly ease away, 
for I am the quiver in your lip when your heart breaks, 
and I'm the tears that sit apron your cheeks, 
for I am with you, 
I am in your heart and when it skips a beat that's me giving it a squeeze, 
for you will never forget me, 
then she turns and starts to walk away and she hears her mummy say, 
you are everywhere I go, 
you are the breeze in the trees, 
a snow drop on my knee, 
you're the rain that’s falls on my head, 
you're the sun that’s rises and sets, 
you're the night, 
and maybe the moon, 
but most of all you was my baby that was taken to soon. 
she comes back quickly and looks up at her mum who was looking down, 
she believes that her mummy see her standing and makes eye contact when she frowned,
then daddy starts to say, my sweet angel, 
my heart is broken and I miss you dearly, 
just remember I love you sweetie, 
so go dance with the angels up above, 
bounce on the clouds and sleep on the stars, 
be my strength that gets me through my days, 
for your in my heart and thats where you will stay, 
her eyes filled with tears and then she replied, 
daddy you will always have me with you, 
for I have left my footprints on your heart, 
I will do has you said bounce on the cloud and sleep on the stars, 
the little angel moves in close and pulled at her parents hands,
she pulls them together so their holding hands,
her parents pulled each other into their arms and cries then and only then she turns starts to walk away opens her angel wings and fly’s away R.I.P

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The Beauty of Nefretiri

That the Angel of death may pass you by ~            

Her Beauty, the lovely queen of Egypt gazing at Rameses

As he bowed afore his god, this statue with the head of a bird....

Lord of the underworld; with no life, no sight nor hope to offer!?

None that could deliver him or his kingdom from, The Glorious Word ~

Nefretiri, cursed to have lost the love of her life while peering at this 

Her man, clutching tightly unto the golden calf left gasping for 

Life and breath, within this the kings hardened hands?!

Cow dung trails as he rang the bell to summon his chariots 

To battles cry, with her queenship well upon the way unto another 

Intoxicating day upon the throne; thinking to herself....

About that worthless bird while Rameses admired his silver sword

Closing her eyes, as the honey wine set in and her chambermaids

So fair, brushed her hair as she softly sighed to forget!?

The image of that marble made god and her king the heir

Now adjusting and pulling his silk war attire from, times crack....

Afore smiling at the soon to be widowed ladies and handing her 

His golden calf; that the Angel of death may pass you by?!


....“The Beauty of Nefretiri” ~

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My Child

No one knew the pain she had
Or how hard she had to fight.
     No one knew she had cancer
     And she dreaded sleeping at night.
She’d hope she’d see morning
She smiles when she sees sunlight.
     She's happy for the time being
     Until day turns into night.
This night in particular
August thirty-first
     She had this ongoing feeling
     That tonight would be the worst.
She ignored all the tears
And covered up the pain.
     She looked out the window
     To find lighting along with rain.
There was something about this night
That she couldn’t even bare.
     She had a feeling morning would never come
     Only darkness would be there.
It’s ten o’clock p.m.
She’s praying she’ll awake
    But sadly shortly after
    She took the last breath she could take.
“Where am I?” she asked
In a voice sounding so broken.
     She knew she was at her end
     And all her words now on earth unspoken.
An angel replied “Child you’re in heaven
The best place you can be.
     You’re now able to do anything
     My child you are free."
The little girl still argues
“I can’t go on! Not here not now. 
     I want to be back on Earth
     Can you get me there some how?
And what about my family!
They will all be so sad! 
     Will I have to watch them cry?
     And see mom break down with dad?"
“Now, now my child” the angel said.
“They will be sad I must say
     But remember they will be here soon
     Even if its not today.
So child please calm down
Everything will be alright.
Just take my hand
And hold it tight.”

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ANGELS do you believe


It was the first thing put on GODS list
So why do we question if angels exist?
They are his soldiers the guardians of earth
They have been here since humanities birth,
And since the world began giving GOD a helping hand.
Like everything in life it is a chain of command
That all of us should understand.
Not all who perish get their wings
You had to accomplish certain things
Trying to keep the commandments of GOD
No matter how difficult, no matter how hard.
Then there are the earthly angels who are always by your side
These are your teachers, they are your guides.
You’ve heard the expression “an angel was watching over you “
That is so very true.
They are with you until when the LORD decides
This is the last moment of your time.
If you still don’t believe in angels then that’s a shame
Because in their book they have your name!
Just like SANTA with his naughty and nice
This is the one who will take you to paradise.
Maybe we’ll meet on the other side
And you will tell me how you changed your mind.

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When I Seen Blood

When I Seen Blood
Kiara Lebel

I yelled, BRO
Hold on we’re almost there

Breathe slow
Relax your eyes
Stay still


Don’t speak
Look into my eyes
I’m not leaving, they’re almost here


Grasp my hands
Stay close to my heart
I see the glistening in your eyes, don’t cry


Lie back
Keep still
God won’t take you


And I remember you whisper “Bro I wouldn’t wanna do nothin like this with nobody else”
I seen a tear shed from you, and that’s when my chest tightened
Don’t say goodbyes, you’re gonna be okay


You’re breathing slower
You’re eyes are closing
And you’re not moving at all now


My heart is pounding, you taught me so much
Please don’t go
And the last thing you whispered was “You my lil bro, get out this life cause it ain’t for all of us.”


Now you’re gone
I’m here with our memories, memories that are forever
When I seen blood, is when I became a soldier

Rest In Paradise, bro

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Demons Inside

Roses are red,
Violets are blue 
Sugar is sweet 
And so are you
But the roses are wilting 
And the violets are dying
The angels flew away 
Now I’m left crying
Roses are red
Violets are blue
I pulled the trigger
And away I flew

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A Little Child

Tonight a little child lays in her bed and cries
Her little fingers, clinging to her favorite teddy bear
Her blanket soak and  wet, where she lies
For she was alone one more night, with her tears

Her mommy's left, for another night on the town
As she lays alone, in the darkness and her tears
Inside her tiny chest, she hears a little sound
As the dark quiet room, brings out her little fears

A little child left alone, a baby
Two little arms reaching out, to be held
Another Angel lays crying, for her mommy
As her whimper turns her tone, into a wale

As the lonely dark night, turns into day
Her restless soul catches up, to the man
He takes her little hand and leads her away
For her journey in life, has been ran

Her innocence all gone, scars left on her skin
Her face now blue, veins broken and torn
She was just a little Angel, that could never win
For she was pushed aside, since the day she was born

A little child left alone, a baby
Two little arms reaching out, to be held
Another Angel lays crying, for her mommy
As her whimper turns her tone, into a wale

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Darkness At Noon

All alone in my room
drapes back shrouded in black pondering doom at noon
what would the angels do if they knew
can they read my thoughts
if so maybe I should not have thought
I know that he can read my thoughts and even prevent my plight 
to take flight tonight
he will grant all the right to come if they just believe
all the faith it takes is the size of a mustard seed
I know that sience "says" that if you can't see it then you don't beleive in it
to my fellow man I say try to turn your back on him after you have believed 
then you will feel his wrath with litter scattered on you path
he can be cruel and he can be kind
the choice is yours to make
what ever you choice just remember that you had a voice

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Have you ever watched an angel die?
Has she ever been taken from your life?
As quickly as she was given life.
Her smile says a thousand words about liven.
Withering away by the death sentence given.
What kind of world do we live in?
Set to die
Not yet ready to fly.
A beautiful creature the world defies.
What can god do?
When she’s never done anything wrong to you.
He watches a daughter be executed like
He had to watch his son be persecuted.
All because a mistake made 
Causing her life never to be the same.
So quickly she fades
And we hold our heads down in shame.
We only have ourselves to blame.

Have you ever watched an angel die?
Have you ever seen one condemned and wanted to cry.
Have you seen one suffer when they didn’t have too?
A treasure so true people didn’t know what to do,
But cause suffering they are blind too.
God sees as she is being unjustly set free by
What many call greed?
He holds her hand.
Watching so few take a stand.
So many of his angels fall
As the rest of us stands tall
And he comes to take them when he hears them call
Who are we to make her call?
Angels are easy to ignore
When the world doesn’t care anymore.
Watching them fall prey
Will god send few and few
Or will he continue to send more 
Just to see what we do.
Is this a test we failed and never knew?

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My Guardian Angel

I have heard we have guardian angelsAnd times have had my doubtsBut a few years ago I realized they are all about.You see,God sent me mine for justa quick visit. I was onlyto say hello. The time wasway too quick. He nowlives above me With meanyloving people, He watchesclosely over me and Kisses mycheek at night. The timewe had together Went way tofast you see Because Godanother plan Unknown to meThomas was taken on January 1st to be myguardian angel One that I taken care of. My angel on Earth.

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The heartbeat

Every night when i'm laying my head to rest
and i hear your heartbeat on my chest 
lets me know that i'm doing alright

i thought i lost you in that hospital room
when they couldn't find a beat
it scared me to death and my heart skipped
we all seen the line and thought you were dead

But that night i looked up
and within the tears running down my cheek
i saw an angel watching over him and me 
she looked at me and smiled then flew away
i looked at my baby and saw him awake

I didn't know what to believe
but i saw that angel in front of me
i thank her every night i lay my head to say goodnight
cause the beat i feel on my chest 
is in my arms and not laid to rest 

My baby just turned 5 today 
his heart beat had faded away
but i'm glad i got all i could get with him
for the angel who saved him has taken him
but before he went he said to me
the angel you saw i can now see
 she is standing right in front of me
goodbye mommy and i love you daddy 

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When You Carry Me Home

When you carry me home
Forget the wrongs I've done
The mistakes I made will go unseen
Worries of the world will be set free
Angels will fly around me
White light will surround me
A path of gold lay at my feet
When you carry me home
All wounds will be healed
No pain I shall feel
No illness remains 
No harsh word to hear
No sadness or fear
When you carry me home
I will be ready
I'll stand tall and walk steady
My heart no longer heavy
No demons behind me
No vultures above me
I'll embrace the wonder in my eternal slumber
When you carry me home

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Love Loss Virtue

He r ey	es Beau
The s
un st		ill sh
the w
ind stil	l bl
I vis
it all 	the plac	
es we kn	ew.
A truth fo
r you
Just One more th	ing.
y lo	ve for y
ou unen
The tear
s had sto
My eyes w
ent dry.
There's no m
ore rea:son for m)e to c
I'm hap;py
 now that y(ou'r)e wat"ching, ove,r me.
My baby girl. My silver tree.

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Little Angel

A little Angel,
Trying to survive, laying in her cradle by the phone.
A little Angel,
Tears pouring out, as she's left in the dark all alone.
A little Angel,
Reaching out, For a Mother she doesn't really know.
A little Angel,
Shivers in her tears, as her bed overflows.
A sad little Angel listens,
As the clock strikes midnight, but a quiet lonely room is all she hears.
The little Angel squirms,
But with her tiny wings pinned, her little mind brings on little fears.
And as the  little Angels room echoes,
Her crying gets a little louder, as she trys to get loose from the sheets.
The little Angel whimpers,
As the midnight hour tones her down, to just little weeps.
A little Angel,
Now hardly moving, as the pain paralyzes her tonight.
A little Angel.
Her strength gives out, as the night begins to stop her fight.
A little Angel,
Goes limp in her pain, As the hand of God takes her away.
A little Angel, 
Sits beneath the brightest light, For she's no longer there where she lay.
A little Angel,
With a big smile on her face, now flies high above the clouds.
A little Angel,
Looks through heavens window, and sees her mommy in a crowd.
But this little Angel,
sometimes she'll cry, and let her tears fall down like the rain.
As this little Angel,
Wonders how her Mommy, could have caused her such pain.
A little Angel,
Today has a bright shining face.
Because this little Angel,
Is dressed in pure white streaming lace.
For this little Angel,
Now walks with the hand that stopped her pain.
But sometimes this little Angel,
Still lets her tears fall down, like the rain.

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Lost Angel

My lost little angel
That never had a chance,
To hop, skip, or jump,
And make my life a mess.

My lost little angel,
I’ll never get to hold,
She was gone in a flash
Before anyone could know.

With hair so curly and black,
And skin so soft and smooth,
My heart will always ache,
For my little angel that never could.

All alone in my house
With nowhere to run,
The heartache and pain
Overwhelm me again.

With heart-wrenching sobs
And great cries of “Why?”
I mourn the great loss
Of my angel that died.

Surrounded by my grief
And the home she’ll never have,
I can’t help but wonder
Why God changed his mind.

My lost little angel,
Still, so precious to me,
My little Elaina Diane,
You’ll forever be.

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Another Set of Wings Were Delivered Today

Another set of Angel wings was delivered today
As Jesus walked my mother through them Pearly Gates
And even though I cried so hard
I knew she was better off
She didn't have to suffer in pain
She could finally be set free again
God gave her her wings
As Jesus called her home
She is still loved and missed
But at least she's still here in the mist
Takeing my hand in troubled times
Guiding me from wrong to right
Another set of wings were delivered today
As Jesus called my mother home
She's an Angel in Heaven now
And I know she's always around

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An Angel In Disguise

Always wearing white,
Who knew she was an angel?
Her friends had no clue,
But one day she flew away,
Higher than than the planes she flies.

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Terminal worry

As I sit here 
feeling my own pity
selfishly thinking of myself
knowing good and well

cursing brutal words 
wanting to flow from my quill
angry exhaustion filling my mind
yet battered heart slowly continues
to beat upon 
the next morn...

instead of thankfully getting up
getting ready for the gift of this day
instead of being grateful 
instead i turned away

already worrying about tomorrow
about things that have yet to come
instead of trusting You 
to love me enough...

to give me enough strength
for the battles i face

knowing our fates were decided
an eternity ago
by the one holding
times swinging pendulum 

had wings of palest gold
like the sparking yellow
of campfires flame
or a fireplace offering
welcoming warm blaze

his tall staff also of gold
held in strongest hands
see yonder!

through that haze
through fog of white of gray
reminding us of thunderstorms
through warmest 
months of May

mayhap He was a vision
maybe i shall never know
if twas another dream
relief would course through
for He said last eve
tis almost time to go

He whispered with that loving grace
words heard inside my heart
telling me to enjoy this life
for too soon twill be time
to part...

Although i am sure i would love heaven
and i have loved ones there i dearly miss 
can i please stay here awhile longer Lord
i feel i still have plenty to give

my heart is pure 
only meaning the best
through you i will try to reach them
with a gift of words
in which you blessed

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Soul of mine

In a cemetery,
at midnight,
under the shimmering moon light.
Dug a grave,
buried soul of mine.
picked in hands,
through my fingers,
slipped like wine.
Shed tears of mine.
Oh! may be!
Let me sing a lullaby,
as one last goodbye.
As I buried soul of mine,
angels began to cry.

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Him, Me, I

When he sits, he gets lost in his mind. 
His mind wonders in an instant. 
Wonders to that place of hurt and void,
That place of nothingness. 
He feels complete happiness slips slowly away from him.
Slowly from his clutches never to be held again?
Never to be caressed in the palm of his hands 
Never to be enjoyed again? 
His thoughts are shared but with no satisfaction
No satisfaction, for there is no response.
No response to his words.
No response to his cry.
No response to fill the void,
No response to mend the shattered pieces.

No response to mend the broken.

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Hidden Evil

The town was beautiful,
even the people too.
Flowers and joy,
and the sky was ice blue.

The people of the town were together,
they all felt at home,
apart from one little girl,
who was nothing but alone.

She looked at her reflection,
she stood and she stared,
there was something great inside her,
but nobody cared.

Then the skies opened up,
just as she had planned,
the evil inside her grew,
as fallen angels filled the land.

The people were in panic,
they shouted and they cried,
but the little girl stood calm,
as she watched the people die.

'Oh, lord have mercy upon their souls'
The little girl said with a grin,
she knew what she had done,
'Let the chaos begin'

The sky closed up,
she was once again alone,
but with all the angels gone,
she now felt at home.

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Angel Like

She was so angel like,
Walking down the street
I was at a loss for words,
Everytime our eyes would meet

She was so angel like,
There was no one else quite like her
Her face lit up by the moonlight,
Everything else was a blur

She was so angel like,
She was all I ever thought about
She seemed almost perfect,
Beyond a shadow of a doubt

She was so angel like,
She had such radiant skin
It is like I wondered all of my life,
Exactly where has this girl been??

She was so angel like,
But then she passed at such a young age
The day that she died,
Is the day that I learned to hate

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My Sweet Angel

As the day turns to night,
And the sun starts to go down.
My smile starts to fade,
It turns into a frown.
As I walk outside,
The wind begins to blow.
The leaves begin to fall,
Everything is moving so slow.
I look up at the sky,
And I see a glowing star.
It seems so close,
But yet it's so far.
It reminds me of you,
Watching over me.
Floating in the heavens,
So careless and so free.
Do you like it up there?
I'm pretty sure you do.
If I was up there,
I'm sure I'd like it too.
Well I am getting sleepy,
So I'll probably go to bed.
Please find a fluffy cloud,
And rest your little head.
Good Night my Sweet Angel,
I'll always dream of you.
I'll see you again tomorrow,
Just like I always do!

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Game of Chess

Along came a black horse
rider non existent
fire in his eyes life no longer
see the devil smile as his horse grew younger
see the devil cry as his horse grew fonder
sat a lonely boy in his path
eyes of water lit to wrath
boy stood up as wings were cast
the dark horse turned grey as light did pass
see the angel smile as the boy grew older
see the angel smile as the boy grew wonder
horse came a halt eyes still a glaze
boy flew above the dark horses maze
fire from his eyes erupted through the air
the boy inhaled as the fire turned to tears
the young boy now a man
the fire inside him as turned his hand
from giving to a fist no longer will stand
as the horse now in air flying with the man
the waltz of life now on demand
the man and horse now riding through land
turn to each others repromand
the boy grew dark and eyes now steam
the horse grew white and wings through the beam
see the devil smile as his horse won the fight
see the angels smile as their boy won the might

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Reverie - part I -

Once upon a dry and sunny day,
My head I rest, and on the bad I lay
Thinking of the one true question…
What that is, I just will not mention.
Drifting asleep I vision with grace,
An angel, wrapped in marvelous lace.
Closing in from beneath, I try to touch,
She disappears, probably went to lunch.
Floating on the clouds so soft and silky,
But suddenly, everything becomes blurry.

Falling to the ground I awaken and stare to the floor,
Pondering what the angel represented, was it a lour?
Was she a vision of love, or embodiment of betrayal?
Thinking, lost in my own thoughts, I became frazzle.
Didn’t seem worth the time, so I got out of the bed,
Just so I could be grabbed, by a dark, frightening head.
For I was not awakened by the fall, it was temporary
Again I plundered towards the black deeps so eerie. 
The head, who took a grip at me, laughed and let go, 
Freefalling I fell, but where, to Hell, please God, No!
Demons and dragons, devils and the big black Cerberus,
Everything present, everyone laughing, realizing thus
That I have become one of the damned, another one fallen,
Down in the pit, away from home, furthest from heaven.
Seeking freedom I wonder meaningless the dark bottom,
But it’s futile: I can’t see where the light is coming from.
Why hath Thee send me down here to rot, decay and suffer,
Why hath Thee sent an angel to lure me here, why her?
Why couldn’t Thee just cast me down, and leave her be,
Why can’t I get her out of my head, why do You hate me?

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reflected guidence

somewhere between the sephira i beg of thee
bleed my soul and take my spirit eternally 
i question no motive 
of mans hatred nature
and place no blame of that which is smoke and mirrors
oh how i wish i could bring you the horizon
read these words and feel the pain
yet think of comfort 
and its bittersweet rain
forever am i the broken wings 
guidance i offer
an outstretched hand
but i lay in the shadows 
so find my fingertips 
and embrace that which i have reflected upon you

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Three more days

Three more days till your day is here again
The day I lost my best friend
The day my world stopped spinning
And the day the angel were singing

I will remember you always and forever
All the times we spent together
The love you gave without any strings
And the day you got your wings

So my sweet angel who watches me grow
Please know your love still shows
With every sun raise I feel your touch
And every sun set your missed so much

My dearest friend my grandmother
For you there is a place that can be filled by no other
I will forever cherish the time we had
And forever will July 12 make me sad

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fallout (6/28/04)

my eyes open to the softly falling
tears bled from flesh-white skies,
my gaze rises up above the
guardians of the sun
and my eyes plunge back through
my throbbing skull.
whisky fallout-
only cockroaches of thought remain
squirming through hallow walls.
by grace of blood 
my feet hold me up,
but what structure could bear this soul?
what blood keeps it alive
when spirits devastate the mould?
the angel of life softly whispers in my soul,
fettered to the downtrodden,
the angel of death silently distances the whole,
the murder of the first begotten.

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Twenty Christmas Angels

In a small, quiet town eleven days before Christmas, twenty-six people were shot they will surely be missed. A gunman took it upon himself to break into a school, the classrooms were filled with children he was being such a fool. My heart was sinking hard when I was sitting, watching the news, how can someone be this cruel? I was happy, now feeling so blue. In Newtown, Connecticut six beloved adults were shot, protecting their little Angels hatred to the school, the gunman brought. Twenty Christmas Angels being sent to God didn't deserve to die this way, my heart goes out to their parents hard to feel joy, with this coming Christmas day. Copyright © Cynthia Jones Dec.14/2012 In Newtown, Connecticut today, a gunman broke inside a school, took it upon himself to shoot and kill twenty-six children and teachers. Twenty of those innocent lives, were babies, aged, 5-10 years old. Let's pray for their souls and make sure we keep them all in our hearts, this Christmas Day. My heart goes out to those families, that have lost their loved ones, so close to Christmas. <3 :O'( <3

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Happy Birthday Angel Beth

Another year has passed us by
The holidays gone too
Happy Birthday Angel Beth
Today you're 22
We had a party don't you know
And it was all for you
Your cake had a soccer ball
And your picture was on it too
Even though your dad left us
One thing remains the same
The boys still call you sister
When they speak your name
To them a sister you'll always be
No matter where they are
When we're in doubt, we just look up
You are our shining star
So Happy Birthday angel Beth
From all of us to you
Dance like no ones watching
Tday you're 22

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The Fall

Last night, 
after I was struck under the ground, and did not, could not get up;
 I met one of the most beautiful of all beings that God could ever create; an Arch Angel…
Her robes of black night sky 
and six wings of silver holy starlight wrapped around me, 
and I felt the cool sensation of her hands on my face; like a cool babbling brook.

 The dark blue sapphires that sat in her skull
 shone as she stared at me 
with her loving expression.

Her silvery tresses fell around me, 
and they smelled sweet, of milk and honey. 
She smelled of the Holy land; 
she was surely an angel from heaven, 
sent to bring me home.
She then spoke to me, 
and her voice was like a sweet and warm whisper
 floating on a soft summer breeze.
I felt her intertwine her fingers with mine, and she spread her six wings, and she pulled me 
from my grave, and she said,
 “Join me, come home, good soldier.” 
I felt myself turn into a feather; weightless, and light. 
I had once been so cold, and then I felt warm again.

As I rose, I saw similar robes that the woman was wearing wrap around me and melt away 
the clothes that I was buried in.  
I felt my two smaller wings, incomparable to hers,
 spread and I flew with her, to the beautiful gates of gold that lead to my final destination 
and home.
When I approached the gates, I heard the voice of a fatherly man say, 
“Welcome home, my true and faithful servant.” 
I then lifted my foot and began on my way though the gates of gold…

But then everything took a turn for the worst, 
and there was a weight on my ankles. 
A tight grip that seemed to tug at first, but then I was yanked, 
and I fell.
 I fell so fast that the beautiful angel couldn’t save me in time. 
Nor could the fatherly voice could reach me in time.
I saw the beautiful paradise in front of me be yanked away, 
and vanish along with the angel and the voice that spoke so kindly to me. I knew in that 
instant that I fell, 
that I would never be able to go back.
I felt the mussels of my new wings tear and the bones shattering, breaking from the shear 
force of my weight from trying to catch me in the wind.
My new garments were torn away and left I was left naked.
My new hair was tattered and was blotched with the black of the night and the white of what 
the angel had given me. It seemed like I had fallen for hours, and I heard a whisper…
Of a child perhaps…
That said…

“Oh! A falling star! Make a wish!”

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Two Angels

Peaceful as a fawn
Gone before dawn
The angel now closes her eyes

Crying in pain
Tears fall as rain
The angel’s in pain as she cries

Chaos sets in
Reality within
Another angel screams at the skies

Angel whisked away
Stolen from the fray
Angels hoping their eyes show them lies

Future unknown
Frightened alone
Two angels left to find their own way

Brave little girls
Heads all awhirl
Two angel’s lives where changed this day

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I never went away

My love wraps round you while you sleep
My soul will keep you warm
I fill your heart I will stay right here
Until you wake at dawn

You can't see but I never left you
I'm that force that you cannot explain
I hold your hand while you weep at night
I'm here and I feel your pain

My love for you cannot be broken
Our souls are forever entwined
Like our fingers once were when you saw me still
My love for you stayed behind

You don't hear but I sing to you softly
You don't see but I wait at your door
I walked with you then and I walk with you still
I will wait til you need me no more.

I promised I would never leave you
Don't think I went back on my vow
I loved you every moment
And I still love you now.

My love wraps round you while you sleep
My soul will keep you warm
I fill your heart I will stay right here
Until you wake at dawn

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Demonface Dream

Tonight was awful, full of fright I hope I never encounter the same night Through demons and goblins and wicked, too I don't think I've ever felt this color blue My friend won't talk to me at all I wasn't myself and I gave into the fall Someone or something I think possessed me I think I spoke to an angel from above the trees He spoke real old, as old can be I think he tried to set my demon free I'm not sure it worked as he had planned The demon got pissed off and went back to the damned This angel was gorgeous and full of life And I think he brought with him a wife I can't remember all that was said I just know tonight I absolutely did dread The angel spoke tongues and I think asked my name But I don't think the demon played his game But today I wake full of gleam I guess last night was my demonface dream

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God's Little Angel

My little Caylee
you were only three
how could someone have taken you from me

on a summers day
you went out to play
now someones buried you in mud and clay

but do not fret my little angel
for they will be caught one day
whether man or woman God will have his last say

as balloons and clowns will return that smile
gods taken your hand to hold for awhile

you will forever remain etched in our hearts
for God has given you a brand new start

though you are a millions miles away
I can still hear your laughter while you play

My little angel who I never knew
it makes me sick for those who had no clue on
how you could of been a doctor lawyer or a nurse to help the few

like I said have no fret cause God sent his crew 
to return his little angel and start anew
for their is other parents that will love and hold you 

In Loving Memory Of Caylee Anthony
RIP Sweetheart

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As the day faded away and the sun began to set my mother already knew her destiny was upon her the moon gentley rose as she cried silentley alone she looked to the east to the west the south and the north she looked up and down and all around for she knew she'd never see her children again, she planned this night to pass she prayed to our Lord loudly with passion to watch over her children and grandchildren with all the love in her heart, she prayed for forgiveness although she did the best she knew, she walked alone into her room and lay in her bed she put the gun to her temple as she still prayed, she pulled the trigger, all thats left are memories and tears we all cry, but when the sadness starts to fade we'll come to understand she fly's with wings of an angel her soul is set free she watches over us and a tear shall never again fall from her eye's she lay's in a bed of roses and she smiles upon each new day, she is home her mind no longer wonders what her future held, There is a time for every season under heaven and today THE ANGEL OF DEATH CALLED MOMMA HOME.

R.I.P. momma 07-06-1946 to 07-24-2008   LOVE YOUR DAUGHTER SHAWNA LEA


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Where is thy angel, earth?

Looking around in this calm room
Surrounded by millions of red bricks
In the soothing bed of the gray cement
Broken lights hanging from the flat wall
And the ray of invisible sun was lost.

Far away from this heaven is a battlefield
Where the god failed to discover
A piece of sand and mud
Injected with the tremble of human blood.

Will there be a drop of fulfilled thought?
Will there be a mark of the white dove in the navy blue sky?
Will there be the blessing of peace?
And when,
For the existence of a birth cry
An angel will fly down
With the arrow of LIFE in her holy hands
And will live as a savior
To drink the red wine.

Swollen eyes of unlimited grief 
Torn skin of marooned lips
Immortality may deceive her
Her golden wings falling down
The miracle to be born-
A page in an old fairytale.

Being the symbol of a forgotten dream
A melody from a broken violin
The angel will die
A victim of the living, breathing war
She will be covered with the sands of the centuries
As the bible of a new day
to be immortal,
To be the angel of tomorrow.

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My Saving Grace

Bits and pieces of my soul
dying slowly as my heart grows cold.
Rumors, lies, deceitful friends
breaking the promise of being ‘til the end.
Running blindly through the dark,
hiding my wrists - covering the mark...
No one can hear me screaming for help,
nothing you say can heal how I've felt.
Bloody tears running down my face
stumbling and falling forgetting my grace,
hitting my knees as my glass box caves in.
Watching every mistake, seeing all of my sins,
flowing slowly before my eyes,
hearing my voice repeating the lies.
The Angel of Death says, "Come, take my hand-"
and in the corner of my eye, I see a man.
Beauty comes from both sides of me-
The Angel of Death or the man staring anxiously.
Both saying they can show me a way, 
shaking and crying, do I go or do I stay?
What has this life got to offer me?
I'll never be what you want me to be...
Bottling the pain back up inside,
I'm not going to fall into another lie,
back into a life of regret and betrayal-
running to the man before my heart goes stale.
Painfully and blindly I fall into his arms,
feeling life back into death, feeling safe from harm.
He brushes my hair out of my eyes, kisses the bloody tears-
whispers, "You are loved" in my ears...
Ignoring the hate and the rumors said,
giving me a reason to want to live instead.
Cleaning me off, with a future full of love...
One I've never had, or received enough of.
Making me be who I want to be.
Clearing my vision- making it easier to see.
Maybe self-esteem will be next in this soul of lies,
to take off the mask, be true to myself in my eyes.
Bits and pieces of my soul
being reborn as my heart grows whole.
Slowly one by one, piece by piece
finding a love, one worth to keep.
One who found me on the brink of death,
This man, with a heart stronger than the rest.

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The dead Angel in my mind

Why does silence have to make so much damn noise

I hear nothing but the beat of my lonely heart and voices

The voices are not mine, nor anyone that I know of poise

But the voices are from the other side using me as their toy

I feel my mind and my soul get shoved to the side

I find my guardian angel dead on the floor of my mind

The things that killed it are the same that are killing me

The voices in my head are overunning my kind

I hear a faint noise that I know all too well

As the carcus of my angel lays lonely with a broken heart

The voice is that of my first love, the voice is that that is killing me

The deafening tones of silence paired with the dagger of my first love

It is this "heroin" that once loved me that is killing my current love

It is this demonizing soul that is tormenting my heart to stop beating

For now is the time of the resurection of these thoughts

As my heart remembers all too well of the dead angel on the floor

The blood from my angel runs truly in my veins

I feel its last moments in my heart that has stopped beating

My  first love has succeeded in destroying all others

For the dead Angel on the floor is really a silent me

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Upon an Angels' Wing

 There is a time and a place for tears
there is a reason why they are shed,
But, with each heavy warm salt drop
there is someone looking down, crying from on high.
Through the night, into the day, the tears remain to fall
but now a light comes into view, an  Angel appears.  .  .
The Angel says "Don't cry for me, I'm okay, today I got my wings."
and you answer with a tear, that you place upon his wing.
The Angel flies away, to the world unseen
but you know that your tear flies too, upon your Angels' wing. . .
So as the Angel continues to fly,  he looks to you and says
"I have taken all your sorrow in this one tear drop,
never wonder why, just know I'll keep it until your time comes next,
as a reminder of your love for me."
With these final words he leaves, and there's a twinkle in your eye
you know now you'll be all right, for you have an Angel, always by your side.

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The Angel of Hatred and Death

I hated who I was before
And I hated my previous life
I was too weak 
And very passive
I was not fit to be in this world…
So I was thrown into Hell
Swallowed by the Lake of Fire
And the end result
Was my rebirth
And now I’m back to correct my mistake

Hatred and anger fuel my body
I arise from the dead better than I was before
People that took advantage of me
Will now suffer the consequences of their actions!

Ooohhh…Look at what you brought upon yourselves
Ooohhh…The chaos that I cause will be the beginning
Ooohhh…No longer is my name the same, but the Angel of Death!

Now my heart has changed
It is black and hard like a diamond
Never again
Will I open my heart
To anyone for they take advantage…
Pray to God for forgiveness
For I won’t be so forgiving
Because once they’re done
I will silence them
And wipe them off the face of the earth!

With the Sword of Destruction in my right hand
I will slash the earth, purifying it
Chaos, death, and doom will be brought by me
And so the earth shall be reborn, forming a new Genesis!

Ooohhh…There will be fire falling down like the rain
Ooohhh…Not a single soul will be spared by me
Ooohhh…The world will come to know me as the Angel of Hatred!

Fear me and hide for that is they can do
Hate me and mock me for it won’t last too long
Say goodbye to your loved ones, for you won’t see them again
By the time that they are dead, they won’t see Heaven or Hell!

Ooohhh…Look at what you brought upon yourselves
Ooohhh…The chaos that I cause will be the beginning
Ooohhh…No longer is my name the same, but the Angel of Death!
Ooohhh…There will be fire falling down like the rain
Ooohhh…Not a single soul will be spared by me
Ooohhh…The world will come to know me as the Angel of Hatred!
Ooohhh…Now they know the pain that I had to go through
Ooohhh…There will be no mercy given by me
Ooohhh…The Angel of Hatred and Death has spoken!!!

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Treason's for Wrong


 Treason's For The Wrongs

The wicked wizard has exiled their king.
The king is frozen in the shadow of darkness -
Where there is not no living things.

The castle is in a up roar people are scared and not knowing what to do. 
The wizard is calling all the shots. 
The dungeons are full. 

There is no crown to be found inside the castle walls. 
The wizard never knew that the kings angel took it with her when she seen 
What was going on. 

Finely the angel put the crown on the kings head. 
The Ice shattered from his body then he became glories again. 
Wondering where he was at his angel led the way. 

Once the King reach the castle, with his mighty crown on his head. 
He reached out for his sword then sleigh that wizard to death.
It took one hour to get things back in order or there would be no mercy on his Army 
Treason's of Wrongs. 

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Kahlias Mission

Kahlia’s Mission

All white moonshine heroine spectral gaze 
of needle point stars lighting your way to holy city. 
Streamlined like a wraith, as silent as the earth, 
aviation fuel blood in your veins.

Calm pilot at your controls, autopilot plotting 
your doomsday course to a target over the horizon. 
One small bomb recessed under your white belly, 
large destructive power for one million dead. 

Back to their base gasses, atomised. 
Not long now, digital clock ticks away the start 
of Kahlia Akasha’s nuclear bomb 
run on an innocent Iranian city. 

What price World War 3? 
No innocents on a planet of guilty people.

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Sweet Angel of Love

Sweet angel of love,
Your face as soft as a dove.
You caress my face at night,
And i have a dream of your beautiful sight.
Sweet angel of love,
You send me light from above.
I think of you when i'm alone,
Wishing you were here,and not gone.
I miss you oh so very much,Your beautiful smile,and your tender touch.
Sweet angel of love!

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Butterfly Love

She stares at a grave marker
A solid marble angel holds a plaque that reads
"With the wings of an angel I am set free"
With a tear she remembers 
She remembers the night she heard those words
As they spilled from her lover's lips
That was the night her life ended
The night he ended his misery and left this world
That night she decided she would follow him
She whispered in his ear these words that still ring true
"Love is like a butterfly
Hold it too tightly it will be crushed
But hold it too loosely and it will fly away
So before you love first learn to hold a butterfly"
Now tears stream down her cheeks
As she whispers so quietly only her angel can hear
"You will forever hold my butterfly"
With a tear she closes her eyes never to open them again

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Falling Leaves

A tumult of orange and russet hues,
the falling leaves of Autumn glide,
trajectories swirled in a northern wind,
to lie untended, cast aside.
From slate grey sky weeps pregnant rain,
peppers the earth with angel tears;
on the border of Winter's icy promise
the memories strip away the years.
Golden reflections fix the eye
on an innocent child of infant grace,
at play in a world of faraway dreams
in a past that is now a foreign place.
Taken too soon like the falling leaves,
veiled in a curtain of angel rain,
bestowing upon the ones who loved
rough justice of timeless hurt and pain.
Yet through gentle tears and loving smiles
a heart beats in an Autumn gale,
for the soul of a child is a sacred prize
and in love, down the years, will forever prevail.

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Angel of War

I lay here and think about you,
And how the war tore us apart,
How it took away my love,
And stole away my heart,
Every night I pray,
That you could be sent to me,
As a fallen angel from above,
The lonely nights I slept,
The long hours I wept,
Every tear I cry,
Is a memory from you,
My dreams are haunted with visions,
Of what the war put you through,
As I look through the photos,
Of when you were here,
It reminds me everyday,
That my angel is near,
When I visit the grave,
Where you lay at rest,
I hear that soft voice,
Bringing all thoughts at best,
The thoughts in my head,
Will forever stay,
I still have my angel of love,
Who was sent to me,
From the heavens above,
That angel is you,
Making all my dreams,
Alive and true.

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Angelic Loss

Where is the boy

who laughs at rain,

stares past grey clouds

wandering why so blue

our sky

our sea-salt tears

of sense-filled pain?

Where is this boy?


He never said goodbye.

This boy went on to make his way alone.

He had no choice

or so he thought

with stardust gray bright eyes.


Where is this man

whose passion cries with pain

for who we could be,

should be?

Where is this redeemer

who stares past sun

wondering why so black

behind each face

of human place

sleeps deep inside with strain.


Where is my place,

my time in space

to see your eyes

glint through dark clouds

to wrap your face in mine?


When is our time

to rise with shining blue night song,

to dance our way toward where we were

before we lost our minds,

to when we were a white cloud day

to  play our work

and work our play.

I loved our eyes

that laughed at rain because we had each other.


Where is that man who was a boy

whose place was time

we could not spend forever?

He flew apart with wings outspread

too young to learn we only fly together.


If we could stop this time to live apart,

I'd find a place where time could find you

holding us forever;

through time to fly

and then to die to fly again


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Where is my angel

Like in promise I wait
I sit upon my bed
Some say I wait for death
but that is untrue

I want not of death
and it none of me
all I wait for is in faith
You know that moment in your heart

For some the phone will ring
for others it will walk through the door
but when will it happen
No one knows and that is why I wait

And all I know... In my head it rings

This place i found, In lives my soul
the voice of an angel will carry me home
the sun will rise to carry me there
the voice of an angel will carry me home
oh, the voice of an angel will carry me home
Where are you Angel? Please take me home.

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The Pain and the Rain

Under the rain I stand,
Crying and holding my own hand,

My voice desperately calling,
My body feebly falling,

Drops of rain mixing with my tears,
Creating an angel that looks at me and disappears,

 I close my crying eyes,
Trying to imagine paradise,

In vain, for my heart continues on bleeding,
I wonder where this pain is leading...

I tenderly open my eyes, spotting a light,
Drenching me, bright,

Making the angel appear again,
Taking my soul and flying to heaven...

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All I Want

She's spinning around
And I'm holding her hair
She's screaming loud as she can
And she knows I don't care

A wild one in herself
She's locked up in her cage
In her bipolar rage
This is no stage

She broke her wings 
When the angels sent her 
And she didn't shed a tear 
But on my doorstep she cried

The only thing I want to do
Is keep her forever
This lonely angel 
With a knife in her side

She's dying slow
She's spinning around
And I'm holding her hair
While she wilts to the ground

She's screaming her soul and
She knows I don't care
But I can feel it in my bones
I want to always be there

All I want to do
Is keep her forever

When the angels brought her here
They left her in the dirt
As she wilted, cracked and hurt
She wandered to my doorstep

And she cries
Her last breath in the air
As I'm holding her hair
Holding her stare

All I want to do
Is keep her forever

When the angels brought her here
They didn't bring immortality
Only an angel with broken wings
A lonely being, cut from her strings

And all I want to do
Is keep her forever

I'm still holding her hair
While she's soaks in the air
She screams her soul and
She knows I won't care

She's dying with her wings
Trapped broken in her cage
With her bipolar rage
This is no stage 

I'll hold her stare in the air
While this angel drifts away
Dying with broken wings
Cut from their strings

And all I want to do
Is keep her forever

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A Kiss for My Great Grandmother

I kissed an angel's cheek today and watched her as she flew away.
I couldn't hold back the tears I cried, as I said my last goodbyes.
For never again would I be able to see that beautiful angel open her eyes and 

Now she's up at Heaven's gate,
where her husband has been at wait.
He kissed that angel's cheek today, and held her hand as they walked away.
He couldn't hold back the tears he cried, as he hugged her with a joyful sigh.

Now she's bowing at the Father's feet, a person she has longed to meet.
He kissed that angel's cheek today, he was so glad she was there to stay.
He couldn't hold back the tears he cried, as he showed his amazing pride.
For that angel will always be up in Heaven with God, our King.

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The day that last for ever

The day that lasted for ever, a day that could not be undone.

The day that lasted for ever, as I laid there in the sun, the pop pop of weapons fire is all that i could understand.

Something had happened, something that could not be undone,
my body was doing a functions check, but could not complete the task,
Something bad had happen, something I could not comprehend.

The day that lasted for ever had only just begun.
The smell of burning materials 
The stench of blood and flush, as weapons fire filled the air, gun powder was ever where but nothing did I fear.

The day that lasted for ever,  had begun to run its course.

The blood began to drip and pool on the desert floor,  as my sight began to grow foggy and disappear.

The day that lasted for ever seemed to never end, I could feel the sun grow hot and feel the wind blow, but all I could do was lay there waiting as the end grew  near.

The day that lasted forever had just begun to roar, as I lay there in the sand, the distinct smell of hydraulic fluid begin to fill the air.

I know that something bad had happened, as my breathing began to fade,  my eyes grow really heavy as the weapons fire grow near.

The day that lasted for ever 
Was coming to a close, 
A peace and pleasant feeling was beginning to take hold, the smell of beautiful flowers begin to fill the air. 

The day that lasted for ever 
was a beautiful peaceful feeling 
As the end was growing near.

The day that lasted for ever, peace was finally here, My body grows numb I felt no pain, I felt free from everything, as growing love began to appear,  my body lay there in the sand for this is what i'm told.

i could not hear the gun fire nor smell the rotting ugly smells, I could not feel the blood that continued to flow and drip, into the sandy floor, 
I found it hard to breathe right now, I think it's time to go.

The day that lasted for ever 
Had almost been composed.
I woke up looking straight up as the Blackhawk rotors roared. 

Something had happened something that can not be told.
A smiling face looked down over me The words were crystal clear
Welcome back my brother, 
It was not your time to go.

The day that lasted for ever is still being told

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Raindrops Fall

As the raindrops fall upon me

from heaven far above

so do all my hopes and tears 

when i cry to feel your love

Even though you are not here

for me to hear your laugh

forever you are in my heart

in the memories from the past

When the raindrops fall and hit my cheek

mixing with my tears

i know it means your crying with me

telling me not to fear

Im sad because i miss you

and mad because you left

but most of all i fear about

who will God take next

I know that you are happy

and an angel you will send

so all of us left behind will know

that we all will see you again

Until the day we meet in heaven

i ask for one last thing

be with me and help me through

for I'm only a human being

Maybe that is why the angels called you

because you saw so much in this world

in their eyes you were an angel already

and i still have more to learn

So when i knock on heavens gates

i want you to guide me through

you taught me so much while alive

you can teach me in heaven too.


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Little Joey


As little Joey looked up into his mommas face,
He said momma don’t cry as he held her hand in such a loving embrace.

He said angels have been coming and talking with me,
And telling me about where I’m going I wished you could see.

He told me I wouldn’t hurt anymore and that I was nearly ready to go with him,
He told me his name but I couldn’t say it, I just call him angel Jim.

He’s tall and he’s handsome and he dresses in white,
He said he was my guardian angel and he’s here to help me battle this fight.

He said for you not to worry that I would soon be okay,
That I should be in paradise before the end of this day.

He said to tell you that it would be just a twinkle of the eye then we would be together
And we would both be happy for this is where life really begins.

As little Joey closed his eyes and started breathing real hard,
Still holding on to his mommas hand as she was praying to the Lord.

And a soft peace came over little Joeys face as he drew his last breath
And his momma knew he simply went home and there was no sting as little Joey met death.

Fictional Write

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Angel Who Watches Over Me

Angel who watches over me
make my bruises heal
place my misery in the seal
Angel who watches over me
give me courage to be heard
improve my self-esteem in my words
Angel who watches over me
cleanse the sins i have done
don't let me fouled by some con
Angel who watches over me
hear my tears that won't stop faling
make me whole & please stop stalling
Angel who watches over me
bless the people around us
guide me to be more than dust
Angel who watches over me
make me different from everyone else
erase the problems i've dealt
stop making my life such a mess
since my angel is the angel of death

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Many, Many Tears

As I awaken this morning at dawn

And the sun began to rise,

I walked on my porch to look toward

For I knew something was strange
When I awaken,

I thought I seen a beautiful angel
All dressed in white,

She smiled as she spoken to me

Her words were sad and tears filled
My eyes..

She said she came to take my father
Home to heaven

I began to cry,

For I did not want my father to leave

I walked back inside with tears streaming
Down my face..

My father seen my tears and ask me
Not to cry..

For he knew he was going to a beautiful
Paradise beyond the clouds in the sky

He told me the angel dressed in white
Was my mother..

And he loved her so..

My father said to me

Now I had an extra angel added to help
Watch over me..

His last words to me, was not to worry
And shred tears..

He loved his children

And would always be by our side..

He looked up toward heavens and
Closed his eyes..

And went to his new home in beyond
The sky..

I could not fight the tears, but
I know He’s in a better place..

I miss him something awful and
Tears fill my eyes..

Now my brother join my father and
My mother..

It seems so hard a thing to bear..

I Love you my father..

But ,why did you take my brother
In the days of such dismay,

For I loved him so...

The burden weight down with such
Heavy force..

Much morer burden to bear..

Now they all in heaven’s paradise
With my mother and God..

Tears still fill eyes and my heart
Weights heavy..

They say time will take away all the

And fill the empty void in my heart

But right now, I certainly can’t tell..

For days, weeks the months into years
Just keep passing by,

And the tears keep falling


Oh’ how I missed them 

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The Angel

There is an Angel in my midst, how do I know?
Well I looked down my hall way and there was an omnipotent glow
I covered my eyes and wanted speak but words wouldn't blow from between
my cheeks so I placed my head where my feet would usually go

I decided to raise my head and to my surprise 
I saw a figure that reminded me of someone I know right before my eyes
It was great-grandmother whom was sick yet hadn't died

This I thought until the phone rang and to my surprise
great-grandmother had came to see me just one more time
She went with and Angel escorted to heaven way up on high 
Although I miss her knowing she still lives helped me dry my eyes

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my angel

my angel god took you heaven to live with him until i come up there to meet you
i knew god was coming for you because you were looking up at the ceiling smiling
and i knew you were not afraid even though i would have done anything to keep you with me 
i told the doctor to finally allow you to go to god that way you are my little angel
i will always love you know matter where you are i can see you beautiful green eyes
and back hair and those long eye lashes that swept your cheeks as you slept your tiny 
perfect little mouth always with a smile i could look at you for hours my little angel
sleep tight tonight because mommie will be there soon thanking god for taking care of her 
little angel night night sweetie...

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our angel

Grandpa a wonderful man who always understands you. He was the most 
powerful man next to god in our eyes. He gave his love no matter how he was 
treated, he was always there.

          I think if god ever sent us anything it was an angel and his name was virgil 
jones he rescued the family from tragic times, and stuck through thick and thin 
no matter what he was always there for us.

          But now he is gone but the spirit of our angel live on, he will  be with us 
from dusk til dawn, he will watch over us always grandpa was in pain but now he 
is at rest, and out of suffering he is the best hands he could ever be in.

          Death is a tragic thing but remember our angel believed in god and he will 
be in god's hand forever.

                                                     Our Angel Is At Rest