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Tree Cowboy Poems | Cowboy Poems About Tree

These Tree Cowboy poems are examples of Cowboy poems about Tree. These are the best examples of Tree Cowboy poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Up in Colorado, in the forests of Pikes Peak
A cranky critters conference was held just this week
It was led by a mouse, 3 legs, whiskerless & without tail
"Against a common foe!" He said "We must Unite! We must prevail!"

He hobbled out to the edge of the woods & pointed toward a house
In that house, I once lived a good life, a young & healthy mouse
Then one day the rancher's wife decided she'd had enough
I will say she is a worthy adversary, Mercy she was tough!

He looked around at all the critters, weasel, skunk & squirrel
& said "I hate to admit it but I was bested by a girl!"
Its true, I escaped alive but she got her trophies, too
For I left my tail, paws & whiskers stuck there in her glue 

The squirrel spoke up in a streetwise Brando voice
I'll accept the challenge! For this mission, I am the best choice!
I know this lady well, having enjoyed seeds & nuts out on her deck
I am not afraid of her & will show her we deserve respect

So the squirrel plotted & waited until the time was right
He saw his chance & took it while in the birds she took delight
He scampered up a pine tree & scurried out on to a branch
While she was distracted with a phone call & a pretty bird, he seized his chance

He took a flying leap, landing square on her blond head
Taking great delight in her squeals of surprise & dread
He then let loose with a torrent of the defecation sort
"That's for all the dead & walking wounded!" was his parting retort
The moral of this story, for one there must be
Is be mindful of avenging squirrels when you sit beneath a tree 

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The Griz

In a forest in the middle of the great Shoshone,
my instincts tell me I'm not alone.
I pause for a moment and listen for two,
silence sometimes is not a virtue.

I start back toward my trek that I have set,
but the snap of a twig stands the hairs on my neck.
I turn quickly to see what it is, 
running straight at me is a 900 pound Griz.

So I dropped my pack which detours him long enough,
for me to make my way down to the nearest bluff.
I jumped with all my might for a low hanging branch.
That Griz toppled down the bluff barely scrapping a path.

Now to say this old bear was just a little perturbed,
wouldn't at all be how I'd describe the whole blur.
He picked himself up and shook that tree,
and I felt like an apple about to leave.

He roared and snarled and scratched and clawed,
but I was just a bit too high for the ole boys claws.
He shook and pushed and growled some more ,
till finally he just stopped and sat there on the forest floor.

He looked up at me and I at him,
And I knew that I was the lunch he was thinkin,
so we sat there staring for an hour or so,
the next thing ya know I had to go.

So I did what I had to right on that old bear.
I think it must have startled him, which is somewhat kinda rare.
that ole boy lit out of there screaming  like he was fire,
guess that left a taste a little less to desire.

So I climbed back down and went on my way,
never again to see that old Griz to this day.
I guess the moral here is; if your ever treed by a Griz,
don't be afraid,
to just let it whizzzzz.