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Sorry Cowboy Poems | Cowboy Poems About Sorry

These Sorry Cowboy poems are examples of Cowboy poems about Sorry. These are the best examples of Sorry Cowboy poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Cowboys and Angles

Cowboys and angles fell in love
one day the angle loves the cowboy 
I am a angle my boyfriend is the cowboy 
forever and ever we were in love before
we got together 7 months ago 
we both have had 
a bad relationship before 
we get togther it have been 
8 months now we might fight now 
and than but it is making 
things work out when we fight 
I fell like cring but I say that 
I'm soory and make up

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The Cowboy


Her heart was breaking as she stepped into the bar,
This time her cowboy had pushed her just a little too far.
The neon lights seemed to be calling as the music took it its toll,
Pour me a couple of them little shooters I feel I’m on a roll.

The music was inviting as she watched the couples dance,
Until she met this cowboy who held her in his trance.
She still had on her wedding ring as they danced across the floor,
This cowboy had ill intentions as he danced her to the door.

He said let’s go get some air as casual as that,
She said I’m sorry cowboy I just don’t like the color of your hat.
She turned to walk back in but he grabbed a hold of her,
She said you best be turning loose or else you’ll feel my angry spur.

He turned her loose right then and there this girl with golden hair,
When right behind her stood her cowboy whom she’d thought had been unfair.
He said I’ve come to take you home, and I’m sorry for what I said,
But you’re just so gosh durn pretty I git messed up in my haid.

She said you are my cowboy I’ve got my brand on you,
But you’re gonna have to loosen up on them reins when I ask you to.
He said you got yourself a deal I’ll give it all I’ve got,
No more roping or the rodeos cause honey making you happy truly means a lot.

He grabbed up his little filly and sat her in his truck,
And told her that he loved her and with him she was stuck.
They rode off into the sunset,
This story had a good ending so listen don’t you fret.

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Old Saddle Bags

Thar's lots of strang thangs I've seen in my days.
A' bit back a' old cowboy walked by me with two old saddle 'bags'.
I could see they'd seen better years.
'Cause here 'n thar they'd begun ta sag.

But, he was a' walkin' proud with them old saddle bags.

When he got real close I got me even a' better look.
They'd seem'd ta have been left out in the rain.
But taday they were covered with a' days dust.
They looked like they'd been left in the scorchin' sun ta cook.

I could tell they once look'd  very good.
Thar blonde color had turn'd,
'N it was a' dirty lookin' brown.
They weren't lookin' as good as they really should.

They look'd like hunks of dried out old beef.
'Cause thar serfaces had so many cracks 'n rankles.
I was a' wonderin' why he still kept 'em 'round.
Ta throw 'em away would of caused me little greef.

But, he was a' walkin proud with them old saddle bags.

He stopped 'n said "hello".
He look'd real hot 'n bone dry.
He ask me fer a' cool drank of water.
I handed him my canteen ' cause he seem'd like a' nice feller.

I took this chance ta look at them old bags real close.
Thar trappin's were still in pretty good shape.
But ta try 'n save 'em was far to late.
'Cause they resembeled over cooked toast.

The silver on 'em twinkled 'n flashed in the bright summer sunlight.
'Cause the snaps 'n buckles were kept highly polished.
'N I ain't seen more fancy silver anyplace.
Lookin' at them trappin's was sure a' delight.

But he was a' walkin' proud with them old saddle bags.

The old bags straps were holdin' up this 'n that best they could.
The catches on 'em were baddly warn.
'N the engravin's on their leather had gone flat.
Seem like he hadn't taken care of 'em like he should.

But this here old cowboy seem'd ta be as happy as can be.
As he handed me back my canteen then said, "thanks".
'N walked off with them old bags.
But they were far to weathered fer me.

I staired after them in sad regret.
Sighin' 'cause of the lost looks, 
Of the once young 'n handsome cowboy,
'N his two old cowgirl sisters.

But he was a' walkin' proud with them old saddle bags.

                     The End of the Tail