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Depression Cowboy Poems | Cowboy Poems About Depression

These Depression Cowboy poems are examples of Cowboy poems about Depression. These are the best examples of Depression Cowboy poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Christmas Toy

I'm just an old cowboy Christmas toy
One that's not feeling all that fine
That's because all I want for Christmas is to be a kids toy
One that will always be mine

I'm just an old cowboy Christmas toy
To all you grandfolks I do plead
Stright from this old cowboy's heart
Please find a lonesome kid for me

I'm just an old cowboy Christmas toy
One that's always been left behind
'N let me tell ya, at Christmas time, that don't feel very fine
All it does is to make want to cry

I'm just an old cowboy Christmas toy

TRULY BillyWild
p o 8 c o w b o y @ a o l . c o m

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ABC's of Love

Don't get hurt in the summertime
love sure hurts in the summertime
love burns hot in the summertime
I'm tellin you!
Don't love much in the wintertime
love is tough in the wintertime
there's not much you can do with love
in the wintertime.
Spring is a bad time to love someone
before you know it they're up and gone
Autumn is no time 
to fall in love.
Don't fall in love in the Fall
that's all.
Love sucks.

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Payin' Tension

Now Burly Turly weren’t much tall,
In fact, I’d say the man was short—
But he was plum stout to a fault
And fer as nice, he was low a quart.

No matter how big the man was,
They knew ya didn’t cross ol’ Burr,
Them what did soon changed their tune
Or they found themselves now a “her.”

Then one dark day out in the barn,
Me and Burr admired the new stud—
When that big hoss stepped on Burr’s foot
And I knew Burr was out fer blood!

But much to my amazement then,
Ol’ Burr seemed calmed and jest surprised—
But ‘fore I moved he raised a sledge
And whacked that hoss right twixt the eyes!

“Now why’d ya go and kill yer horse?”
I asked with misapprehension—
“He jest paid me no mind,” Burr said,
“So I had ta git his ‘tension!” 

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No Joy

Today I'm feeling so depressed,
Cause my life just really sucks.
And honestly , I can say this
if not bad luck, I'd have no luck

For so long I've been unhappy,
I've been stuck here many years.
There's just no joy within my life,
I've cried so many tears.
I know for just one person,
I've had far more then my share. 
The constant hell I'm put through,
Is just seems so unfair

I'm so tired of this feeling,
Always hurting from the pain. 
But yet everyone arould me thinks,
It's not hard for me to change.

The day they walk within my shoes,
feel exactlly as I do, first hand.
And if that day for them does come,
Only then, they say they understand.