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Couplet Winter Poems | Couplet Poems About Winter

These Couplet Winter poems are examples of Couplet poems about Winter. These are the best examples of Couplet Winter poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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A Day When Winter Said Goodbye

In the midst of morn she quietly rose to greet the dawn of silent repose She searched beyond the frozen hills and through the bough's of crystal frills She danced in dream as clouds rolled by in hopes the sun would pierce the sky As moments passed nil of light the wind kicked up with all it's might In tumbling turmoil the west winds raged in fluttering beauty to turn the page Within a breath a single sigh the Winter wrath had waved goodbye As sunlight burned of velvet white upon her face a shaft of light... ______________________________________ Poet ~ Rick Parise

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- Diamonds In The Snow -

Sparkling snow crystals in a bright blue winter wonderland in your hand
A lovely thought about my pretty and beloved mother land

If you see angels in the snow you can remember the time with romance
Enjoy the tranquility descend while giving your childhood a second chance

Snow glistened and sparkled as the most beautiful diamonds at first glance
It was almost a little magic in what happened.... or was it romance

Childhood memories aroused when you see the rabbit tracks in the snow by chance
Oh, so rich I felt as a child in the clear, cold winter nights in snow crystals dance

Small red kids boots in sharp contrast to the white snow and a diamond remnants
Childrens eyes shining in delight and snow crystals sparkle of happiness evidence

A-L Andresen :)

Sponsor :Gail Angel Doyle
Contest Name:A Diamond's Remnants
Deadline:	1/15/2014 12:00:00 

(5th in the contest)

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nature sings softly her lively recital
everything  is glorious and looks vital
the swans exhibit courtship behavior
their dances visual pieces for their spring-paviour

thrushes chitter their earliest symphony
birdseed germinates and outspreads spring widely
two newts show a beautiful mating dance
strawberry plants use their early spring chance

a show of new born green just above the ground
alders pollen causing sneezing peoples' sound 
few snowdrops,  celandine,  white dead nettle
and hazel trees show leaves and huge mettle

appetite dictates this walk with our dog
a craved annual entry in our blog
at length awaited while walking and watching
dozens of reasons for thinking and talking

the artificial Christmas tree just packed
the baubles and the glass peak safely wrapped
a large cup of hot chocolate a good mate
served forthwith stale Christmas cookies on a plate

(c) Elly Wouterse
(edited 12/17/2014)

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Stardust Artist

Virgin snow sparkles in the darkest hour
as stardust dances with celestial power.
Silently it rains upon mother earth
giving witness to such an idyllic birth. 

A fawn and doe now break the glaze
like tiny spoons upon crème brulees. 
Below Polaris they prance and snort,
for they seem to know the time is short.

For such a night is a rare event,
as blue light above is heaven sent.
Wondrous luminescent tranquility
trumps any earthly poet’s ability.

Now the first rays pierce the frigid night
and Orion’s bow soon fades to light.
White carpet dulls now without the luster
of a nocturnal painter, the starlight duster.

James Nichols 12/29/12

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Will Shed a Tear

Will Shed a Tear

Woke up this morning to a new dawn;
Looked outside and Autumn had gone
Winter was here and the wind did blow
Then everything was covered with snow.

Old year had gone and new one neared
Following Autumn that had disappeared
With colorful leafs beautiful had been
Soon will be able to see them again.

About Autumn, what do I like the most?
In Halloween they always have a ghost
But still does remain such a pretty scene;
Leafs covered grass which once was green.

Autumn to many has been known as fall
Then under Christmas tree will be a doll
This will be my favorite time of the year
And now that it is gone will shed a tear.

James Thomas Horn
Retired Veteran

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A Winter Blanket


 First green, then gold, now downy white
 Fields wear their gown of wintry delight
 Flakes soft upon the evergreen glisten
 The doe quietly raises her head to listen
 No sound but that of a winter wren
 Calling to her mate in the forest glen
 Beneath her blanket rests the earth
 Gathering strength for spring's rebirth...

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Winter Wonderland

A bountiful bevy of beautiful birds flew by Their soft and shining silhouettes eliciting a sigh They dipped and dove and drew pictures in the air That delightful , dazzling, December day so fair The snow so softly settling on the sated ground Cheeky, chattering, calling birds the only sound Silvery shards of sunlight on the frozen lake A perfect picture, now pleasured breathes I take Nature can naturally nurture and nurse our soul When hackneyed, harried days have taken their toll
For the Alliteration , Consonance, Assonance contest

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Rainy Days

We would get used to the heat
If not for the body-armor.
We could always taste the dust
Which made it seem even warmer.
Ballistic sunglasses blocked the glare,
But didn't keep out the sweat.
The smell of raw sewage and rot
We would never soon forget.
I assumed the ground would be sandy,
But it was really all silt and clay.
There was so much fouled standing water
After their annual rainy season days.
The only time I wasn't over-heating
Was in January's rains in Mosul, Iraq.
After wading through so much filth,
I'm happy to never, ever, ever go back.

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No Basketball

The playing starts each October in the fall.
But alas, this year there is no basketball.

Another season should have started for the NBA.
However, fans will not see their teams play.

From the Knickerbockers in New York, to the Lakers in LA,
will this competition start?  Nobody can say.

As we approach winter, there is increasing doubt.
The owners have gotten together and locked the players out.

We will not see free throws or slam dunks today.
It appears there will be no playoffs in May.

With no basketball to see, where shall we go?
Perhaps a blizzard will come, and we will shovel snow.

For Francine's Winter Couplet contest (a winter sport (watching or participating) category chosen).

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Daffodil's Hope

Finding an image to focus on
My mind lifts my soul with song

Simple... my perceptions changing
Negative vibes rearranging....

Yellow daffodils spring to mind
So early a blossom, winter shines~

Sweet and hollow its trumpet appears
Soaking up sunshine as snow disappears

Crisp and bold flawless in scheme
Long winter's magical dream

Blossom Daffodil all around my lawn
Adamantly filling the crisp damp dawn

Boldly obvious blossoms in snow
Complicates winter with her glow

Daffodil arrivs at winters' end   
Offering hope to a despairing friend



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Jolly is the coldest season 
Loving Winter is no treason.

Rain, sleet and snow
A marvellous show.

The Winter solstice
Daylight of injustice.

Man should wrap up in armour
Often known as a willy warmer.

Woman with thick tights pulled up their legs
Keeping them like a well cooked bacon and eggs.

Winter of discontent
The homeless in torment.

Not many insects found
All buried underground.

Flocks of sheep abiding
The shepherds trembling.

Hedgehogs in guileless sleep
Foxes hungry for sheep.

A triumphant winter adored
Praise be the cold and bored.


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Global Warming Frenzy

Step aside, Mr. Gore, as the world's people rebel
Despite your predictions, Earth is not as hot as hell
We took your global warnings seriously at first
But for your dire forecasts, we no longer thirst
UN scientists who'd backed up your warnings
Now say there's no evidence the planet is warming
Instead, a mini ice age raps on a frosty door
A whiteout winter lingers; snow still covers Earth's floor
Was it all a ruse to propel yourself to the spotlight?
As the blizzards wreak havoc, you've fallen from our sight
And worse, we are left to wonder why you paid no heed
To historical cycles that made your theories weak
Prehistoric species fell during a period of heat
And proof of past ice ages are preserved in Mammouth meat
So please do us a favor and stay, as now, in hiding
Your doom and gloom prophecies we are now deriding
With each shovel of unprecedented winter snow
Angry Americans shake their heads and want to know
If it was the speaking engagements and book sales
That led you to express your global warming wails
Or did corporate backers of your "green energy" business
Lead you to attempt to spoon feed us utter nonsense
Pollution is of great concern to all with conscience
But attributing climate cycles to it simply made no sense
The UN scientists now say they've lost all supporting data
Belief in "global warming" has been tossed back at ya

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Darkness Sleeps

Single file in a row
bare feet freezing in the snow
in a pile, bodies burn
all wait fearfully for their turn
ash and smoke clog the air
ringing with screams of despair
moving closer to their end
their minds begin to slowly bend
the snow is stained with crimson red
drinking in the blood they've shed
in the trees, starved ravens wait
to feed on those who've met their fate
more bodies burn, the bells tolls on
the moon reveals a scarlet dawn
as all the corpses burn in heaps
just for now, the darkness sleeps

By Morgan Mise
Written December 3, 2012

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Beautiful celestial crystals grip the earth by the neck 
And all servants of shiver on the skin pore deck.
A Tit in elegance flaps her leathery wings
And sings all blessings that winter brings.
Nude trees coated by soft pile of snow
Stand in awe and worship the silvery glow.
The Robins can never be left out,
The sweethearts of the very cold sprout
Dressed in orange-red and glittering brown feathers
And offer adoration to the cold weather.
No charmer like the winter's silvery gown
That carpets the dull face of every town.

For Francine Roberts' contest: A winter couplet

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Spring to Life

 By a road traversed by many
 Where few uphold her beauty
 She stood a figure so queer
 Which only drew me near
 I wonder if she'll ever know 
 How marvelous she was in snow
 She shields her blessed bloom 
 Which blossom till the warmth of June
 A gentle shove upsetting her stance
 Her echo besets a familiar dance

 Sentiments have no place in my heart 
 But beneath this enthralling arch
 The falling fragrance of floral grace
 Shall trickle my soul to its sweet embrace.

                                                                   Inspired by Muses: Lori KA & Sharron

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Winter Magic

There's something truly magic, when snowflakes start to fly.
A fairyland of wonderous white, beneath a clear, cold sky.

I enjoy looking at the leafless trees, standing there so bare.
I also love the evergreens, which are also standing there.

The world is white and silent, draped in pure white snow.
It's a lovely winter wonderland, everywhere you go!

A mild north wind is blowing, snow comes swirling down.
It creates a feathery blanket, which covers up the ground.

Walkers footsteps are quickly hidden, by the freshly fallen snow.
Kids are out with friends on sleds, their faces all aglow.

Sounds of the season all seem new, with the crunch of boots on the ground.
There's so much to see in the great outdoors, when winter comes around.

Ralph Taylor
A Winter Couplet
Winter Scenery

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Love in the Time of WInter-

In an icen forest ,
inside a crystal grave,
beneath the ancient snowy trees,
a tiny fairy lays.
In frosted air above her,
brushing wings with glassine leaves,
snowflakes dust the branches,
as all faerie-kind does grieve.
For a summer fae was never meant
in wintertime to bide,
the northern King,thought love would be,
enough to warm his bride.
But the King’s brother did wish her heart to claim,
and when she did not turn,
he poisoned her with holly,
and left her with frost burn.
But justice is not lacking,
for the evil deed was seen,
a sprite was in the window,
but could not save the Queen.
The King’s brother we see frozen,
hung now from diamond thread,
he thought to win the Queen her love,
but now has lost his head.
So now forever sits the King ,
in the winter land of Fae,
to never love another ,
from the land of Summer’s Day.

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A Winter Walk

Last night's snow a white blanket on the ground The beauty of it does my heart astound In coats, scarves and wooly hats we wrap up tight And venture out to see the glory of the winter light Across the pond on summer's bridge we walk Sharing the sights of winter with our girlish talk Oh, the geese and ducks are parading, hear their hungry cry Some grain may soften winter's harshness by and by We toss it at their feet with a happy heart And hope this days small reprieve we may impart
Inspired by George Dunlop Leslie's painting A Winters Walk

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cold air whispers her frozen story
of short dark days and long silent nights
gone is summers' colorful glory
in mid winters subdued little lights

her sharp wind soothsaying ice and snow
when I exhale I create a cloud 
the fish in their pond deep down below
paralyzed under their water shroud 

the next morning Jack Frost is in town
he governs with a very firm hand
his world dressed in a sightly white gown
an enchanting winter wonderland

snow creates a layer of white gold
creaking ice the winter blues hummer
I cringe surrounded by the intense cold
like the flowers of the last summer 

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The Cold Of Winter

The cold of Winter makes me shake
Oh no! Here comes the first snowflake
I watch it as it falls and floats
I wish I'd worn a bigger coat
It falls upon the frozen ground
Landing there without a sound
Others come to join there fare
I tell you now, it's just not fair
Here comes more from up above
"Dang it!! Where'd I put my gloves?"
The chilly air brings ruthless bite
The falling snow makes all things white
I shiver at the seasons change
I'm not prepared for this exchange
Forget the reason I'm outside
I guess I'll just go back inside

Rockman   :-)

Written for Francine Roberts' contest, "A Winter Couplet"

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The frightful winter storm is o'er, now all is so serene.
Mellow moonbeams now flood the wondrous wintry scene!

The gaily-festooned sleigh glides silently o'er the pristine snow,
Laden with festive revelers, their ruddy faces all aglow!

The two svelte steeds trot rhythmically o'er snowy hill and dell.
Sweet melodic tunes chime merrily from each tiny harness bell!

Mom keeps hot cider flowing to fill each empty mug.
Recalling days of yore, Dad slyly steals a kiss and hug!

The kids urge Dad to make the horses go a little faster.
"No" says he, "With drifts ahead we'd surely court disaster!"

Candlight welcomes them to Grandma's house just beyond the bend!
Boundless love and a roaring fire await them, on that they can depend!

Robert L. Hinshaw, CMSgt, USAF, Retired
© All Rights Reserved

Placed No. 8 in Francine Roberts' "A Winter Couplet" Contest - November 2011

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Winter Blues

White ice black ice
neither is nice
me falling twice
paying the price
living up north
winters not worth
second month always bad
seeing March I'll be glad

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Winter Wonderland

Raindrops, God's tears for His creation,
When frozen, His jewels for decoration.
The hoare frost bedecks the trees,
A wonderland set in a frieze.
Driving out on  wintry nights,
Sparkling jewels caught in headlights.
A spiders web is on display,
White with frost that passed that way.
A watery sunrise fails to melt away,
The winter wonderland that is today. 

© Dave Timperley 16 January 2015.

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A Lover's Night

Sparkle sparkle flakes in flight.
Sparkle sparkle crests in white.
Snowflakes falling blowing bright.
Side to side in squalls pressed tight.

Cooling winds from upward gusts.
Frosted ice falls down in thrusts.
Foreheads cold in clammy rusts.
Frozen stiff 'till something busts.

Banks weighed down like heavy flour.
Snowflake pieces charged with power.
Hills and valleys waves that tower.
Simple curves much like a flower.

Dim and hazy light of moon.
Yellow mustard simply strewn.
Calm and quiet for a tune.
A lover's night to make us swoon.

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Burried Bellow

Burried bellow
Is a girl with no soul.
Her eyes, 
Black with despite,
And her heart,
As cold as a winter night.
She cries into the night
With an echo of fear,
But her eyes do not 
Leak one single tear.
Burried bellow
Is a girl with a growing soul,
Her eyes now show light,
But her heart,
Still cold as a winter night.

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Snow Flakes and Easter Lilies

Snow flakes and Easter lilies scatter the ground
Winter time and Spring time seem to be having a round
Like a game of tug of war each side wants control
Today it was winter who wanted to rock n roll
Tomorrow maybe Spring time will give it a heave ho
Guess we won’t know till tomorrow though

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December Night Snowfall

Drifting snow, so sweet, so silent- but echos in the dark blue sky
The trees, so dark, are now bright with the snow's lullaby

They sway to the whisper of the sweet wintry wind
While the animals hide and huddle, feeling cold and chagrined

The snow stops falling, and there is hardly a sound
Save the wind making the trees push the snow on the ground

The sparkle of the snow reflects the light from the moon
and the trees eat it up with a light silver spoon

No footprints exist in the pure land of sparkly white
but the prints of a doe who passes too quickly for sight

The clouds come back in- slowly, they creep in
Whispering to the trees that another snowfall will begin

                                                 WINTER SCENERY :P
                                                   a winter couplet

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That Silver Lining

When the days grow shorter, the woods are solid gray, 
that old sun hides his face and won't come out to play;

When tree branches are bare, grass turns to dirty brown,
flowers wilt, fade away, no hummingbirds abound;

When heavy coats come out, snowflakes begin to fall,
water freezes on ponds, dreary dread comes to call;

That's when wonders appear in the stillness of night, 
icy sleeves on bare branches, sparkling winter delight.

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Wintry Glaze

The first day of spring arrived one week ago
Leaving winter behind like a shadow

Mornings after were filled with sunlight
Dancing daffodils and budding trees in highlight

But winter won’t give up the fight so easy
Weatherman calls for rain, it’s now freezing

As the spring rains first begin to flow 
Prayers go out that there will be no snow

Forgetful of the most harsh winter days
We didn’t pray to miss the icy glaze

This morning in awe I stepped out to find
Winter has left one last mark for the time

Like beautiful crystal it hangs off the trees
Coating like glass all that one sees

It sparkles like firelight reflecting sun’s rays
This most wondrous icy wintry glaze

Copyright © 2009 Lena “Lolita” Townsend

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Rolling Hills In Winter

It is cold this morning, my breath a cloud of white
No snow yet, although it rained a bit last night

My path today meanders around the quiet lagoon
Enjoying the white of last nights winter moon

Far away mountain peaks are iced with snow
Faint sunshine gives them an aerie glow

Almost every leaf is gone from the old apple tree 
But there is beauty in the gnarled skeleton I see

Coyotes cry from behind the oak topped hill
Perhaps they know harder times are coming still

There is a stark beauty in this winter face
I find a certain kind of peace in this quiet place

For The Winter Couplet contest
A winter walk....