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Couplet Mystery Poems | Couplet Poems About Mystery

These Couplet Mystery poems are examples of Couplet poems about Mystery. These are the best examples of Couplet Mystery poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Gettysburg Hauntings

Gettysburg Hauntings

When General Meade met General Lee
At Gettysburg in 1863

Sons of the South battled Northern brothers
And neither side has ever recovered

Fifty-one thousand lives lost in three days
Of a summertime swelter, July haze

Souls rose not to heaven from bodies piled
On blood-soaked battlefields spanning 40 miles

An on-scene photographer moved fallen men
To snap better images with his lens

Hats off to Alex Gardner if you please
Today picture-takers’ cameras freeze

At a large bouldered site called Devil’s Den
Sharpshooter hid, killed unsuspecting men

Travelers at night on Pennsylvania roads
Claim they see soldiers, hear cannons explode

A century after the Revolution
United our states to wage war as one

Virginians were forced to choose blue or gray
Mason Dixon Line divided that way

If only Tom Jefferson’s wise notion
Had not been struck from the Declaration

Slavery, the impetus for war and hate
Would have been quashed before State versus State

Gettysburg might have been a peaceful farm
Where soldiers had never succumbed to harm

But restless spirits, faces pale and gaunt
Never retreat from their Gettysburg haunt

Our nation’s darkest hour plays out each night
And passersby still marvel at the sight

Where sons of the South battled Northern brothers
For neither side will ever recover

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I saw him on the highway
Thought he was insane
Standing with his thumb out 
In the pouring rain
I don't usually stop for hitchhikers
But something said I should
Besides, it was raining awful hard
And the wind was blowing good.
I said, "Hop in, it's cold out there.
Where you headed on this stormy night?"
He said, "Down the road, I really don't care
Just somewhere else will be all right.
I ain't got no license, so I'm travelling kind of slow
They just left me out of prison a few nights ago."
I might not have stopped had I known
Now we were on this dark road all alone.
I didn't know if I was in any danger
But as I drove, I listened to this stranger
He spoke of life and of acceptance
He spoke of sin and of repentance
A story of gratitude and saving grace
And I saw a smile come on his face.
He asked if I'd take him a little farther down
And drop him off in another town
I was already late but I said okay
And I listened to his stories along the way. 
When he was getting out he said, "Thanks for the hand.
God will bless you. Soon, you'll understand."
There was a new feeling inside me that I found
And I began to turn my life around.
I stopped at the prison to find out about Jack
And tell him how I got my life on track.
The warden listened and he shook his head
Saying, "I have a hard time believing what you said.
It couldn't be Jack, I'm telling you so.
You see, Jack died this day, eighteen years ago."

Angels come in strange forms sometimes.

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Soup To Go

~Soup To Go~

This summer~ all I want is a bowl of soup 
A secret flavor that combines every veggie group 

An outcast taste of ancient granola herbs
All kinds of extracts that create different verbs

I will leave the table only to dance out in the rain
Round and round in wonder catering out my sweet refrain

I will visit mother and tell her I forgot her recipe
Brag about my soup and how I used and stole her ecstasy

Paint about the life she gives the grounded trees
Think about the sugar that makes me surrender to her sweet debris

I will order me a special~ with the right poetry breeze
Exchange my cookie dough with mothers pollen seeds

Hide behind her oak tree and listen to her endlessly
I can even cook myself a picture making nature my enemy

Close my eyes and smell the mist of self control
Hold on to my emotion and take a sip of my soup bowl

Add extra salt and pepper to every line I manipulate
Swirl my spoon around and smile at every thing I hate

Come sit down with me and collaborate
Lets cabbage out on mothers nature's plate

Wakening up to her blossoming sauce that drips with a certain flow
Driving by her White castle, and stare at another soup to go

Order me; a soup of all the things I see
Order me; a soup  made out of mystery
Order me; a soup out of the things I wanna be
Order me; a soup made out of the sadness found inside of me

Order me; a coffee to go with my poetry soup
Type me a funny comment that will add a smile to my food group:-)


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The POW's Escape

POW confined in a cage
Through Viet Cong jungles bullets raged

No sweat from his pores in unrelenting sun
Dehydration, famine, yet his needs were none

A tepid river so foul with blood’s scent
But the outcome of torture was not as meant

He tasted cool ice as his spirit soared
Freedom came fast once the war was ignored

Hovering o’er killing fields his soul’s eyes
Saw not the wounded, heard not their cries

Though his weak body lay crumpled below
Pain free he reveled on clouds, heaven’s snow

Through astral projection he’d been set free
Each day he survived, taking this journey

When rescued at last many months gone by
The US militia did not know why

GI Joe felt no hate, seemed so serene
And not one of his rescuers could glean

Why this soldier survived, what kept him sane
For they’d not escaped inside this man’s brain

The awareness he’d achieved spared his life
So he could return to his son and wife

Who’d prayed everyday that he would come home
Only to say they’d never been alone

Their spirits communed on another plane
And life as they’d known it would never be the same

*Entry for Caties Out-of-Body Experience Contest.

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It is said that when she was alive Marilyn Monroe wore Chanel Number five Yet in death there is doubt New information has now come out She ordered 6 bottles of Floris Rose Geranium Scent For Floris to find this in their records was heaven sent It was delivered to her hotel when recording ‘Some Like It Hot’ Was this really her favourite scent or not? 10~11~14 Contest: the Scent of Your Soul Sponsor: Anthony Slausen

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Some lives are like a stone quickly skipping over the ponds top, forever tossed.
My life is below the surface trying to reach upward with each breathe lost.
But there is still beauty, deep down here in the great depths below…
For the solitude holds me in its grip as I dwell with what I know.

My occasional trips to the surface leave me vastly wanting more…
Still, my life below the surface doesn’t scare me as it did, once before.
And the breaths will come when given, as my life continues to flow.
True it is dark but beauty lingers, everywhere the currents move below.

At times, the surface reflections seem surreal, as if it’s a place not to go.
Comfort comes more and more to my soul, as the deeper I glide below.
Here I dwell within myself, with words, and thoughts, that carry me along.
Perhaps I have found where I truly belong, as I sing my siren songs.

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Cult of the Bone

The cult of the bone 
the bone
the bone
Chalky and porous and white
as a stone
crushed in a cauldron
in flames in a fire
brewed as a potion
to cure my desire.

Inspired by Anthony Slauson

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Never Tell

He smiles in my direction as he walks in the door
And laughs at my heart, now a puddle on the floor,
The people walking by turn, point and stare,
I repeat over and over, “there’s nothing there…”

Rains of passion, waves of homicidal angst,
You can’t look backwards and still walk straight,
A million signs are screaming out at you:
Stop-danger-watch out-you’re running too

Quickly, swiftly your friends all walk away,
I’d like to say something, but it’d be so cliché,
Silently you sit and watch them go,
Hoping inside that they don’t know,
Maybe they won’t know, but everybody knows…

I think of you and I think about stars,
Captured fireflies in marmalade jars,
Beautiful reminders of what may have been,
But the fire goes out, and they lay there dead...

He says, “The poison doesn’t do it for me anymore,
I need a pain to leave me lying gasping on the floor,”
My eyes go cloudy as he looks to yesterday,
I say, “I never meant to hurt you anyways...”

It broke my heart, I almost cried
To see you hurting, so broke inside,
Twist, plunge deeper, lemon and salt it so,
Some suffer in silence, I’ve come to know,
You’d rather be alone, you asked me to go...

The colors flew around the walls,
How I got here I don’t recall,
He handed me the bottle and I didn’t think twice,
"Just get rid of the pain, whatever the price..."

I think we danced, at least we may’ve,
Silly boy, to think I’d misbehave,
He said, “I bet I can change your mind,”
Slow down, stop, (learn to) rewind,

“Hold my hand,” I pleaded, to who?
I don’t think so, that’s not something I’d do,
Stop, not there, leave me alone,
I don’t want to be touched anymore…

A glance at the reflection as I pass a mirror,
I thought I saw a smile, but it disappeared,
Spin around and around, a crystal ball,
Reality’s a mist that surrounds us all…

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There was a little boy so blue.
Amongst the pain of life he grew.

He wondered where he'd be one day,
so, Satan helped to lead the way.

He longed to walk home in the sun,
but evil forces made him run.

The Fallen Angel's sick revenge
was to use children to avenge.

He made them bullies; very cruel.
"Persecute this child to - and - from school!"

No one to trust to teach him well,
so evil led his pride to swell.

There was a little girl as well.
Who grew up in a different hell.

She was abandoned by her Mom.
Her life was anything but calm.

She was adopted by a frigid pair,
but she longed for love and truth to share.

Nobody seemed to fit the mold,
Consumed with lies that she was told.

Satan also grabbed this chance.
She ran through life without a glance.

A player; she could not commit.
Her soul-mate had to be legit.

Now, he's my husband; I am his wife.
I finally took that chance in life.

For I was ready to forgive,
But he had never learned to live.

How ironic, that these two should meet.
I'm ready to ground; he runs in defeat. .

Now here I sit back at the start,
While my  "soul-mate's" going to break my heart.

See, he's still a runner and I'm here to stay.
Two people can't grow if one is this way.

He promised to give his soul to me,
But I am still one in this unity. 

We have since decided to compromise and things are much better. 

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Time to be twisted, following suit with maurice using jans twist

Thump. Bump. What is that noise inside the wall?
Bump. Thump. The echoing in the empty hall.

Silence, it hums and drums in searching ears.
Voices, inside my head, creating deepest fears.

Thump. Bump. Eyes react to the pitch black.
Bump. Thump. Spiders crawl from the ceiling crack.

Screams, the vibrate through the empty space.
Fingers unseen, sticky they claw at my face.

Thump. Bump. A fly lands on my nose, I can't smack it.
Bump. Thump. I twist around in this straight jacket.

Coldness, of memories, to nudity they made me strip.
Experiments, I endured on the aliens mother ship.

Thump. Bump. This implant under my skin itches.
Bump. Thump. Next time please let me get abducted by witches!


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          She bounced right off of Saturn's rings
                 nnnnnnnnnnnnnweaving through the stars.
     She had her fill of earthly things.

                  Like cantelopes and cars.

               She only yearned to start anew,
        she only meant to try,
   to do the things she couldn't do,

                     Like look me in the eye.

                       She treads the silver surface,
   twinxt Jupiter and Mars,
                          The Ether's cold but she grows bold
     and relishes the scars.

                      She navigates the cosmos,
with glitter in her hair,
                             The stardust lands,
       on all her hands,
                                 but still she doesn't care .

                       She won't bring back a Moonstone,

      she won't bring back a rock.

                                  She flies alone
        out on her own............

                            I think the girl's in Shock.

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Beautiful Day

Adoration grows tenfold, sublime serenity convenes
Above the starry skies I see legends meet
Cloaked in a whisper of a mist delighting the mind’s eye
Gently gliding towards my sight I draw a deep sigh
Contemplation of wispy memories long said
Succumbing to whimsical, perhaps unheeded shred
Great beauty insistent in its plight
Grips my very haphazard sight
Alas I cry but I look anew
Surrendering to wondrous view

Conjoining eves amid midsummer’s bathed conviviality
Intensely gorgeous plateaus encounter mystical assembly
Magnificent sceneries encompass still untouched milieu
Astonishment weathered by saturating the view
Stilled backdrops sprouting splendour inspired
Awed by intimate fervour the mind remains wired
When days have dawned and dusk has drawn 
Pray hear me do not grow untimely forlorn

For the day may draw to a close but know
Another so splendid will surely grow

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The Arc of Time

 to disguise,
from stranger eyes
than the ones who see you now
tip your hat and take a bow.
you have fooled the greater masses
with your cape and opera glasses,
I ,
know your name,
and the source of all your fame
Great Magician,
hocus pocus,
try to keep your world in focus,
you have found us through the ages
wielding warlocks and their sages
you desire to see the ending
of the arc of time you're bending,
fades to black
you face the ending of the track,
come now 
your disguise,
can't hide the darkness
in your eyes,
angels tremble in suspense
to watch the last of grand events
the stage is set,
the players rise,
the Dragon faces
his demise
and you must face 
your own disaster
if satan truly is your master.

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 From his pocket 
    stardust fell
on the beach she knew so well,

 In his eyes the moon
still shone,
where had he been?
and not alone.........

on his skin an aura
something secret

from the sea....
scales of silver...
one two three.........

clutched there in his 
dying hand.......
the mermaid left him 
on dry land.

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Sweet Carmel

The taste of homemade Carmel so sweet/ everyone I know desires the treat.

After one night in the kitchen covered/ half the pan gone, next morning discovered. 

 Is it my beagle Lily whom loves any food? / she seems in a hyper beagle mood.

 I know I heard a squeak in the night / a dream ? No, for low was the kitchen light.
 T'was my husband, for he can't resist/ soft , buttered brown sugar , a Vanilla twist.

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Night Awakes Fear

Walking alone in the middle of the night
Holding hands with the cold in the pale moon light

I hear more than my footsteps; look over my back
The shadows from the trees were on the attack

I walked a bit faster, my heart began to race
The mist from my breath teased the skin on my face

Should I make a right? But I look to the left
In between my imagination and reason sat a cleft

I began to panic, but what the heck for?
Because fear was of the essence and nothing more

Sounds ricocheted off of who knows where
Like a scene displaced from your worst nightmare

Something was watching or following me
I was just waiting for something to jump out of a tree

Or grab my shoulder or touch my back
Causing me to urinate before I have a heart attack

I took a deep breath and leaned against the next street light
It must be my mind playing tricks on me tonight

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Mysterious orb of silvery light
please shine down on me tonight.

Fill me with your wondrous light
whisper to me your secrets this night.

Do not seek the cover of clouds
I need your light with all its shrouds.

Paint the world with glorious light rays
and light up all the deeply hidden bays.

Moon, oh dear moon blessed you be
always light up the right way for me.

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An Aqua Reverie

The great mystery of the House of God
Within the aqua reverie of a facade 

A choice He gives to us- of evil or good
All we ever do is divinely understood.

An apparition of Heaven held in a hand
Given by the Creator, for us to understand.

Glimpses of euphoria and merriment we envision 
Heaven- the reward bestowed for the right decision

The great mystery of the House of God
Be worthy in this life; and at the Gate you'll get a nod.

There are but a few things He demands
You, alone, carry the power in your hands.

Honorable Mention in the "The Power in Your Hands" contest by 
Carolyn Devonshire.

A. Green

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Turtle Soup?

Some call it an aphrodisiac.
They say it gives a man a strong back.

Like a good woman, turtle soup makes no sense;
 Can something so delicate be so intense?

Like a woman, the flesh has several delightful flavors.
Remember, each mouthwatering sensation should be savored.

When you taste her, bask freely in the sapidity,
Acquire the feel for this pure tortoise delicacy.

Don’t rush, familiarize your taste buds.
There is no such thing as a first sight love.

Recognize, there is a mystique behind that hard shell.
Did someone say turtle soup? That does not ring a bell.

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In Cinderella Fashion:

Imperative to see what fits familiar feet
with slippered glass and sand blown memories
of times which swift occurred then swept away
the remnants of a luscious perfect day
to wishes in the wells of self-defeat
and tragedy too painful to complete
the harmony eclipsing shadowed moons
to cool the concrete footsteps sunken hewn

It's with this feeling that I trace your steps
and hope to feel emotions that are left
like elements unmoving, set in stone
I feel them beat my heart when I'm alone
and in this solitude I see your face
as real and as alive as my disgrace
from blowing passed integral memories
imperatively set beneath your feet.

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Mythology of Fire

In the beginning thus Prometheus who loved mankind
Stealing fire from the Gods of Mt Olympus 
Then to Earth he did resign
Man marveled at fire’s glowing light
Finding comfort from its warmth at night
Rocks which surrounded the campfire pit
Melted their metals into the ashy spit
Man’s observant brilliant idea dawned
A forge a hammer a chisel and a spear
Once ferocious King of the beast who roared death
 Learned to tremble with fear
Bellows of goat skins did man blow across the red hot coals 
The white hot warmth thus saturated the metal into hammer and fold 
Pound the copper beat the tin-
So man did master the fire therein
Shields and weapons- tools and blades 
Due the love of Prometheus made friend
We the man did gratefully accept
To Prometheus we are in his debt
And for his trouble did Zeus make plain
To steal from a God is unforgivable and disdain

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Is anyone there

Step outside and feel the cold
Daily routines seem much to old
Walk the drive, get in your car
Drive to work, it's not too far
Check in early before the sun
All the machines begin to run
Drive around to scattered spots
Look on the moon and see the dots
Turn around no one is there
Paranoia brings a heightened scare
Just shrug your shoulders, look away
For every minute comes ne'er the day
Your hands are cold, nose is numb
Hear that noise, sounds as a drum
Turn around no one is there
Shrug your shoulders if you dare
Your time has come, can't run away
Never shall you see, the light of day

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Looking For Love In All The Wrong Places

<        this poem is not about what is written, but what is not written
          like the smile upon her face that looks nil and somewhat smitten

          and lochs of hair hanging instead of with bows and lace
          tell me my angelic angel have you fallen from God's good grace

          has your garments of thread gone out of time
          has your dance with the butterflies gotten out of rhyme

         have you been cast from your lovers heart
         or are you just looking to start over with brand new start

         has clouds silver lining rained upon your dreams
         has leafs dance gone frozen in crystal streams

         time stands still amidst wondering thoughts
         time stands still when lovers cant be sought 

Written By Katherine Stella 7/4/11

Entry For A Rambling Poet's 
The Unwritten Contest
G.L. All      







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Ted Bundy

He was young  and attractive and quite debonair,
An upstanding young man who was going somewhere.
Or so it would seem if you knew not his history.
To we in the know he’s repulsive dark mystery.

When I think of it now I feel chills descending,
He went to same school my child was attending.
But as far as I know, he hadn’t yet killed.
At that art, with practice, he became very skilled.

In 1974 women were disappearing.
While Ted with his studies was still persevering.
He had way of asking for their sympathy
By pretending to have broken arm or bum knee.

By now the police knew their suspect was called Ted
Clued in by some girls who escaped being dead.
Many others who listened were not seen again
And parents were left with unbearable pain.

Not born in our state, had moved here at age five
So much better if he’d been born dead not alive.
Wherever he went there was death visitation.
The mysteries were a multi-state-wide sensation.

Nita Neary came home and found her door ajar.
She saw a man carry a log to his car.
What she found in her home were two roommates dead.
Each was bludgeoned to death in her very own bed.

He was stopped by police for traffic violation,
What they found in his car was a gross aberration.
There were handcuffs and ice-pick, crowbar, and mask.
He was questioned by those with right questions to ask.

He was arrested and tried for his various crimes
But somehow escaped from justice three times.
Wherever he went he was brutal and bold.
His last victim of all was just twelve years old.

Ted Bundy died in the electric chair
The most hated man that ever went there,
A hundred dead females at least was the count.
Other lives shattered, unrecorded amount.

Written May 26, 13    A true story.

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Sea of sand, on this sun bleached land, painted desert's fight for life
Mountain peaks, ten thousand creeks, the balance of bliss and strife

Red dust swirls, yet splendor unfurls, covered by magnificent cloud canopy
Cactus is king, in the struggle for living things, narrow, twisted trunk, tree

Oasis and wasteland, more beast here than man, music is in the wind
The miracle of a desert in bloom, infinite expanse of room, lovely friend

Beauty to amaze, eerily echoing passageways, the eagle is flying high
Rain is seldom seen, a phantom often mean, the edge of earth and sky

Fire and ice temperature shifts, sheer edge of mountain cliffs, to survive
Secrets written in the rocks, rebel breeze that often talks, a canyon alive

A wretched place of solitude, creatures with attitude, hard rocky ground
Dusty trials lead nowhere, purple shadows everywhere, treasure's found

Lightning's rage, takes a center stage, see the tyranny of a relentless pour
Canyon bath in nature's suds, single rose in the mud, life springs once more!

*A kaleidoscope of views and impressions from the Grand Canyon

For Linda's "Nature" Contest 
Date: 5:21-14

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Architects of Humanitarian Crises

Copyright © 2008 #03
4/12/2008 // (Edited: 1/22/2013/lp
(a historical glimpse of humanity's rise)

*This poetic epic begins with the
greatest sin against humanity

*This poem is dedicated to all
serving and protecting the
¨Basic Rights of Mankind¨

Once, mankind was forgiven from sin
but continue to embrace it like a trend

After the Flood many nations strolled
some didn´t want true history told

All mankind has got to realize
humanity had been vandalized

A few condemmed HIM to a Cross
and mankind became a hope lost

His testimony was like no other
a promise bonding men as brothers

So, was it hate, shame or pride?
The Shroud of Turin now abide

Something embedded itself into minds
their egos separated mankind thru time

From images of Christ to the Sphinx
mankind altered their faces with ink

Societies increased across the land
but some became marauding bands

Enslaved many to learn their ways
called indentured servants nowadays

Learning finally opened many minds
forbidden to most throughout time

Conquering became a lust
many thought they must

Barbarians embraced warfare
believing in war over prayer

Some journeyed to build
but most decided to steal

Robbing nations precious gold
slaughtering the young, and old
another story that was not told

Saw oppressing others was nice
ensnared some as their sacrifice

Oppression increased in the land
because of the barbarian's plan

Their business began to boom
and corruption shot to the moon

America, land of morality and hope
still someone was signing for dope

Capital´ism made a few very rich
sin and immorality, Islam tried to fix
paganism and Communism a glitch
a conflict to shove Christianity in a ditch

Old governments embraced the Klan
still got history's blood on their hand.

Kept society busy with Santa Claus
knowing its origin is spiritually false

They knew global warming was real
maybe too late, this just sent a chill

Interested learning secrets of the brain
Drug gangs driving societies insane

Kids with little future left in sight
hopes dwindled like the Knight

Then, later came Robin Hood
with good news from the wood

Someone revived human rights
still, some decided not to fight

No need for humantarian crises
diabolical plans rolling the dices

These sinful plans between hands
slaughtering the lambs of the land

We need to fix this mess
before we come to rest

Most of  world history twisted
some are now rying to fix it

For some Nations, it was too late
capital'ism quickly sealed their fate

Africa was a continent very rich realizing it is in a ditch
never should´ve trusted Mitch

I even heard the Rossette Stone
was hidden in someone´s home

The secrets of Giza
painted in Mona Liza

Even the Eyptian Sphinx
tried to give mankind a wink
now hides her missing links

And, the pyramids contained a sacred Key
stolen by those not wanting us to be free

Someone hide Pandora´s Box
with final desination Fort Knox

Even, saw the Bible's Holy Grail
shipped by Fed-Ex Express Mall

Most gold, and precious artifacts
was found stolen, and hijacked

It´s hard for most to understand
they kept us busy with their plan

So, in this life we must cast our vote
moving forward with faith and hope

Those affected have become a scorn
got them hungry from dusk to dawn

World economies causing a recess
ego and pride got us in a big mess

The Middle East became a feast.
I wonder who planned that piece?

They say Mohammed started this fuss.
through history who dare finger Guss?

These differences in world religions
still affecting mankind's decisions

Humanity began in Africa and Irak
but millions destituted in a shack

The Americas to China has similiar pain
but yrants' view them as a social stain

And, there was oil for food
but someone became rude

So, once again East meets West
fighting over another treasure chest

Expenses reaching trillions
recovery costing billions
death in the millions

The greatest gift is charity
why concentrate on disparity?

We need to fix this mess
or earth soon to rest

Mismanagement of world funds
resources available by the tons

The poor and depair need more
still someone's locking the door

Feeling no guilt with pride
and the fortunes they hide

Corruption and terrorism sown
by a few of government´s own

Someone´s selfish plans ahead
have now made us very afraid...
maybe baked or nuked instead

Distitute's nourishment is baked dirt
nothing else or their stomachs hurt

Most of the time with nothing to eat
weeping for a peaceful night sleep

The 3 pathways to Heaven are narrow
selfish can learn from the sparrow.

When the next ATOM splits and divide
some gonna try to run and hide
knowing they deceived many and lied

So, don´t worry about a thing tonight
soon GOD will make things alright

Then, all children will be able to play
The Prince of Peace will come to stay

So, remember before it´s over
they too needed a shoulder

by: LP

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The prison of the keys

And now I've lost my papers,
My passport and my wife,
The very essence of
My identity and life.

My bank account is empty,
My cloths and garments sold,
My skin and bones are ashes,
Spread thin on the open road.

My old car's broken down,
No wheels to touch the floor,
The motor been dismantled,
Stripped clean down to the core.

The bailiffs and the policemen,
Have emptied my abode,
The promises I made you,
Have been auctioned out and sold.

The love I hold within me,
Is all that I now have left,
The rest is bleak illusion,
The bind man and the deaf.

The imaginary people ,
I thought were my friends,
Have left the scene forever,
As the road of life does bend.

And now I stand alone,
Upon this lonely hill,
I gaze upon the meanings,
The years have silently killed.

In the roaring storms of thunder,
In the lightning in the night,
In the whispering of the children,
In the white doves lonely flight.

In the dust of many ages,
That has settled on my soul,
In the ashes of my humanity,
That has filled my begging bowl.

The ancient breeze is blowing,
Calling me to my knees,
To behold the light within me,
In the prison of the keys.

more at

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A Fish's Viewpoint

Undersea exploration comes to me in my dreams
As a fish in the deep I see only faint sunbeams

Enough light there is to reveal a lost continent
I wonder what led to this golden age’s descent

Colorful fish swim among ruins of a pyramid
A former city’s gilded streets, giant squid now float amid

Huge, submerged statues of gods suddenly catch my eye
Just as a fish-tailed, sweet mermaid happens to swim by

Stroking through the water as sea plants flourish below
Unquenchable curiosity continues to grow

Is this Atlantis?  Am I on the Bimini Road?
Buildings here have cryptic writings I cannot decode

Schools of many other fish are surrounding me now
Are they wondering too?  Or just seeking plankton chow?

When I awake in my bed, the sheets are soaking wet
And my body is writhing in a chilling night sweat

The sights I had seen provoked deep-founded fears
The North Pole is said to shift every ten thousand years

That time is approaching; may I return to the sea?
Let me dwell in the ocean as landlubbers flee

The earth rises and sinks on a regular basis
Only in the ocean will I find my oasis

*For Gautami’s “In the Deep Sea” contest

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What makes me tick serens contest

What makes me tick?

You ask me the question on what makes me tick
Well this I will answer, and answer it quick

Flowers and trees, the birds and the beasts
And all of the beauty on which my eyes feast.

Rivers and lakes, and oceans as well
And all of the dreams in which I do dwell

Music and poetry, Astrology too
And all of the wonderful things that I do.

These things keep me breathing and loving my life
And last but not least is my beautiful wife.

10 September 2013 @ 1353hrs.

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No Matter

How much I scrub in the morning
My fingernails are always dirty by evening.

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Are the "Missing" Linked?

Tibetan monks share legend-colored reports
     Taking wide-eyed listeners from valley floors

To peaks in the sentinel Himalayas
     So how could such holy men’s tales betray us

A dark, furry creature’s outline has been seen
     Startling climbers on mountains so serene

Leaving bipedal footprints on pristine snow
     Stumping searchers who try to learn where they go

Yeti, the not-so-abominable snowman
     Much maligned being of God’s creative hand

Never attacks, just appears and quickly flees
     Allowing sighters to suspect what they please

Howling in the pain of loss from lofty peaks
     Perhaps for a missing cousin Yeti seeks

One who traversed a lost land bridge from Asia
     Then made his way south from the Arctic Tundra

To explore lush forests now U.S. Northwest
     Where for centuries Bigfoot has done his best

To elude capture by settlers and hunters
     And scoff at ever-hopeful photographers

Publicized encounters with both have been made
     But only footprints, blurry photos remain

Of man’s intriguing, unevolved ancestors
     Scientists think they’re human predecessors

But their imprints on Earth have been minimal
      Never chopping trees or scarring pinnacles

They’ve reason to hide from creatures who pollute
      Posing threats to life by developing nukes

Perhaps these "beasts" we should emulate
     Learn from our ancestors before it’s too late

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Excited for halloween

Fire and ice
The sinners device
Holy fire, raging hell
Fell upon the witches spell
Earthen grave, eternal sleep
Opened pit, gone down so deep

Fire and ice
The sinners device
Holy fire, raging hell
Fell upon the witches spell
Earthen grave, eternal sleep
Opened pit, gone down so deep

Hold your heart, see Angels cry
Holy water in everyone will dry
See the darkness that shall swallow
All the light in me, my corpse be hollow

Skeletal tears, and old mans fears
On tombstone heads, with lonely beds
Rots the hero, the one and only
Above them all, righteous and holy

Fire and ice
The sinners device
Holy fire, raging hell
Fell upon the witches spell
Earthen grave, eternal sleep
Opened pit, gone down so deep

Fire and ice
The sinners device
Holy fire, raging hell
Fell upon the witches spell
Earthen grave, eternal sleep
Opened pit, gone down so deep

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Three nights in a row, exhausted, no sleep
Catatonic state, inner demons shall creep

Dose (Was I asleep?) jerk violently awake
Heavy pressure on chest, the weight of heartbreak

Arms spread; you were nailed to the living room wall
Struck dumb; I could not heed your faint, pleading c... 

***Succubus is the female form of Incubus, demons believed to torture their sleeping victims by lying on there chests

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If you read between my lines
You'll find secrets in my rhymes

In these shadows I expose my soul
On the surface it's still untold

There's more than meets the eye
I hide it well but I don't lie

Take a pen and make a list
Even now there might be a twist

If you really want to know me
There is more so look and see!

Date: 6-13-14

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Oh, The Hills

Oh the hills, the green hills that wander to the sea
Are there places there unknown to men like me
Where fawns are safely nestled in their bowers
And a meadow blooms with hosts of yellow flowers
Does the eagle soar freely above the silent land
And of the lives of man have no need to understand
Will the red fox bark with unmitigated glee
Knowing with certainty that he is living free
When the sun sets and turns the hills to gold
Are there stories in the hills that are yet untold?


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Beware the Kraken

Legends abound from society to society
But Norwegians have one that evokes great anxiety

A mythical sea monster of immense proportions
May be fifty-feet long, or its size has some distortions

With enormous tentacles it’s said to have grabbed sailors
Squeezing and consuming the bodies of Nordic whalers

Is the Kraken truly a product of Norwegian lore?
Perhaps its targeted vessels fell to the ocean floor

“Fish tales” are popular in many seas throughout the world
But the Kraken is a squid and many ships it has hurled

Since the concept originated in Norwegian tales
Giant squid sightings are reported wherever man sails

The Kraken is surely a most intriguing sailors’ yarn
But Norwegians take heed of the tall tales that warn

For none wish to test the near-impossible validity
Of a Nordic legend ripe with vivid morbidity

*Written July 18, 2014 for Anne-Lise’s contest
(I will not be able to respond to comments at this time)

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Arms spread; you were nailed to the living room wall
Struck dumb; I could not heed your faint, pleading call

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An English Ghost Story

Yet again last night I dreamed I went to Manderley.
Again the rhododendrons perfumed the evening breeze.

I drifted through the terrace doors into the dining-room.
I found Mr. De Winter, sat in the gathering gloom.

Before him on the table, just within his reach,
Lay seven silver salvers, with a cover still on each.

“So hungry, Max?” I asked him. “Oh no!” came his reply.
“For these I have no appetite, yet each one I must try.”

“What are they, then? Do say, Dear! Are they not to your taste?”
“Oh yes, my dear! I loved them all … each in her time and place.”

“My dear, are you unhappy? Why do you feel so sad?
You’re home now, in the place you love. How can that be bad?”

“It is just what you see, Dear, that fills me with despair.
Those dishes on the table, and what is hidden there.

“Each one contains a human soul, of some-one that I wronged.
I must consume them all, or else they will consume my own.”

“If that is so, then eat them, for you cannot hurt them now.
They are all dead, and can’t be harmed, so save yourself somehow!”

“You’re right, my dear,” my husband sighed, “This thing I have to do.
 I am so very sorry for the pain I brought to you!”

“It is not pain, it’s love I feel.” I murmured in reply,
But he had started eating, so I left him with a sigh.

And yet I hid behind the door, and watched him as he ate:
Upon his face, a secret smile each time he cleared a plate.

He worked his way from soul to soul, all seven in a line:
But when he reached the final one, I screamed …

That soul was mine!


Very loosely based on “Rebecca” by Daphne Du Maurier.

Entry for Joe Flach's "Twisted Minds" contest

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Hieroglyphs unknown by Champollion

Kids are playing with strange blue graffiti
So, they wrote several times: ”Neffertiti” …

And drew the most beautiful queen`s head.
The whole history of Egypt written in red, 

With sacred hieroglyphs unknown by Champollion:
The Pharaons` destiny dandles a dewy dandelion…

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Nightmare Or Dream

First it seems real, then it's not She stands anchored in her spot First excited, then afraid To this place where she has strayed Standing in a field of wheat A dusty trail beneath her feet Fighting back a sense of dread From the farmhouse up ahead A single light to guide her way Should she approach, or run away Indecision clouds her mind To forge ahead, to leave behind Caught between nightmare and dream Nothing is as it may seem Is a fairyland beyond the beam Or will her muse end with a scream
Written for Tracie's "Between Nightmares and Dreams" contest

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Mysterious Love

Love is a mystery with excellent archery shoots at a stance making the heart dance when souls meet creating memory sweet days transpire at a pace as if time is at race when cupid strikes who dare cross? for it pricks with a sharp dose. © Nadiya (14 Jan '15)

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The clear pictures, taken by the satellite orbiting around Mars
for over a decade, have finally arrived here and fascinated us.

The Sphinx head in Egypt and the one on Mars have many veritable similarities...
wouldn't you agree? But who built the one the Red Planet:  the extraterrestrials?

Leave that to the imagination, or try to solve the mystery of the ancients;
now, don't assume that life will be found there despite those striking images. 

Although scientists speculate that Mars has water, only facts are a true possibility;
no assumption can come close to such a reality, if it hasn't been explored entirely.

Until NASA builds another spaceship and sends more brave astronauts into space,
we must hold our breath,...'till they return with proof of another extraordinary race.

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                                              .Death took a life and left a soul all alone.
                                                  No one heard any screems or moans.

                                                They couldn't answer the question why?.
                                                 Who killed that girl,did she have to die.

                                                      Buried in a fire under all that ash.
                                                          Her life was taken in a flash.

                                              An abandoned bus is where her body was hid.
                                            Remains were so small they thought it was a kid.

                                               Police couldn't answer the why,when or who.
                                               Because of the fire it burnt up so many clues.

                                                   But when the police finally figure it out.
                                                 They will be found guilty without a doubt.

                                                     Her soul was lost but now it's found.
                                               Now she can rest and be put in the ground.
                                                        Teresa Skyles    August 21, 2011
Based on a newspaper artical.

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The Night That Never Was

In cold melancholy the spirit sings,
As angels toss their darkened wings,
Grotesques upon yon pillared manse,
Awaken for this gruesome dance,
Fountains spout their molten flames,
Whispering forgotten names,
With furtive glance does Time evade,
Memories to dust doth fade,
And moonbeams shine on frozen glass.
A hollow gong of rusty brass
Chiming from the tower stark,
Nestling in the unbidden dark,
Where songs of joy and songs of hope
Vanquish'd in some gruesome stroke,
Resound in halls 'twere never built,
As oak and ash do groan and wilt,
For naught is true but falsities:
Shall this night ever come to be?

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The Lux Paradox

The mysterious times and seasons                                                                              The changing light is this the reason?                                                                             A harvest moon giving light for work to be done                                                        White light the usual reflection of the night sun                                                      Flowing light from orange’s to red’s                                                                                  some words disappear when moonlit read                                                           Gathering up all red’s is the harvest light                                                                   Even the rose looks grey and dead by night                                                            Stranger still is the mysterious hue                                                                         Where does it come from the Blue?                                                                     *                                                                 *     Note, Strange Moonlight- NASA science

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Wigging Me Out

Early one morning my Hubby was sleepily shuffling around and about.
Dawn was almost breaking and we were becoming late no doubt.
Toiletries were a waiting, as he shuffled near the morning throne.
Opening the lid, you’ll never guess what exited as a rocket blown.
EEEWWW …Poor little thing… Oh Who, you will never guess…
Out popped a little tree frog jumping at mach 2 in his quest…
Yes, he was wet and doing his very best as he stuck to the vanity. 
For who can say how long he’d been trapped in there, you see?
It puzzled me to wonder… How he’d got to the second floor?
Poor little guy… I doubt he could have withstood very much more.
Now here we were to scare him… Yes, another time, I confide…  
We had to get him past 3 dogs awaiting for food and to go outside.
It wouldn’t have been so bad if 3 squirrels weren’t watching from the tree.
None might have been so eager, if they’d known he came from our potty.
My jammied hubby ran for the mulch pile where sticks and leaves abound…
As I entertained the squirrels and doggies with tempting morsels all around.

Now I can’t say it was traumatic to save a little wayward froggy…
But I won’t be opening that lid without a light, especially, if I am groggy.
And I’ll move back out of range as I lift the lid… I thank you all the same.
And next time I won’t forget to clean the toilet in a timely way, to my shame.
And I won’t ask my hubby to wash his hands 10 times daily… come next May.
Now I know you may not believe me… but I'll take an oath on this… I say.

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A New Dawn

Copyright © 2013

A New Dawn in His Glory
  foretold in a biblical story

Coming for those preparing
  skyward we will be starring

Like descending parachutes
  sounds of trumpets and flutes

Captivating our hearts
  giving us a new start

A New Dawn is coming 
  listen, nature is humming

Idelology clashing blows
  a tale between 2 foes

Revelations foretold a day
  when more begin to pray

World events getting crazier
  humanity's future  hazier

Waiting on ONE to stop this mess
  or, were we just another lab test?

by LP

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The Sunflower Mystery

We all saw the sunflowers turn their heads by day
But who saw the fairies turn them 'round the other way?

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Demi god

 Phantom white,

illuminated by the flight

 of the stars across my eyes

bursting power synchronized

with the rising of the moon

chanted in an ancient rune

spoken secretly by slaves

bowing at their master's graves 

in the pyramids of pain

where I meet you once again

on your way to someone new......

another soul to worship you.

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Beware the Beast

       Substituting for you?
Is that what I'm supposed to do?
   I woke to find myself alone
       inside this shell,
     this rancid home.

       Am I supposed 
to play the part....
         A monster 
with a broken heart?
Where has your lover up and gone?
Is that why I am so alone?

  This mirrored face,
this mirrored form,
so far removed now from the norm,
This jagged soul feels no remorse
I cannot keep this beastly course.

  Madness whispers in my ear,
come back! ,come home!
or else I fear,
These jaws of death must surely seek
an innocent so mild and meek,

      there is a force
 within these bones
    driving,driving ,hear them moan?
         or is that me ?
         I cannot  tell,
the blood,the bones,the rancid smell,

    I feel the merging of my will,
        the beast will out!
          I feel the thrill,

the moon is rising up my spine,
      beware the beast............

     the night is mine!

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A Constant Wheel Of Hell

The shame you bring upon my heart,
your words so painfully strong,
the tone you use I get so scared,
but never explained by a song.

My throat is pushed back and when I swallow it hurts,
I force myself to stop,
before i utter a word, the tears
come streaming down my face.

The sadness you inflicted on me
is heavily overpowering,
your voice so stern and your words so sharp,
they sting and I find myself cowering.

They stick in my head and revolve around,
like a constant wheel of hell,
the excruciating pain so deep,
Like your dark hole in which I fell.

My eyes grow wide and I start to shake,
I need to get away,
my true thoughts you will never see,
inside my heart they will always stay.

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I Could Have...

Upon the dusty shores I watched 
the calming waves of sea debauched. 
They seem to whisper in my ear 
then motioned me to venture near. 

Now had I known to swim not sink 
I could have held the salty drink. 

I drifted deeper into sea 
then felt my spirit wander free. 
I saw a phantom fierce and wet. 
His ghostly ship was sailing yet. 
The sea surged up, its laughter hard 
and caught the seaman off his guard. 

I felt the blow of pounding waves 
that pulled me deeper into caves. 
Above me, trackless waters grew 
then turned the sea a blacker blue! 

If only I had learned to float, 
I could have grabbed that raft or boat. 

The paling smile of sandy beach, 
grew far outside my grasp or reach. 
When doomed ships wreck when oceans flare, 
a ghost must turn the swells that scare,  
and sail them first with haunting kiss 
then cast the winds that howl and hiss. 

I dare you brave this unknown vast 
to see a specter raise her mast. 
Sea goers know who's at the helm. 
For it is I who ride the realm! 

But had I learned one swimming stroke, 
I could have wrote this as a joke! 

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The Deadly Dart

Wherever I go through out my whole life,
I end up struggling with lots of strife.
Thinking that my life is a total waste,
Wanting it to be over in a haste.

I can feel the pain inside my own heart,
Like someone through at my a deadly dart.
The wound is easing deeper and deeper,
Will the pain ever stop getting bigger?

Feeling emo is never a good thing,
Cutting your arm makes a really bad sting.
Blood is dripping from my arms and my heart,
Failing to dodge the largest deadly dart.

Drowning in all the lies and self pity,
I live each day but always feel sh*tty.
I have lots of thoughts about suicide,
But then I think about those who have died.

Those who have died not just from suicide,
But also those who are really nice guys.
...This "poem" was actually suppose to be a couplet (on any thing you want) for my english 
class but i made this kind bcuz i was feeling emo that day...and also after i was done i read it 
over and it almost sound like a rap song which, i guess, is kinda funny and cool.........

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The Lips My Lips Have Kissed

Summer was here I enjoyed it not
Heat and humidity did not hit the spot
Spring now a different thing_in spring_love
Slightly warm days flashing of color, Dove
Blooms from bulbs_so many shades of green
Upon the trees_renewal of all seen
Fall is almost here banishing summer
Shorter days_cooler nights_welcome color
When winter comes blowing fall asunder
Barren trees_cold days even nights colder
Then the memory of the flavored kiss
Rose flavored kiss under the rose trellis

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If I Didn't Think What I Think Here's What I'd Think

If I didn't think what I think
here's what I'd think
There is good in everyone
From the butcher of children to the defrauder of the elderly

I would trust the viper not to bite
For my ignorance would protect me 

I could leave my keys in the car or my house doors unlocked 
No one would take that which doesn’t belong to them

I could preach the Gospel to the world
For all would believe in the love of Christ our savior
And none would persecute the bearer of such good news

There would be no child left behind
Regardless of their economics and opportunities in life
All would fulfill the full measure of their talents

I would think my political leaders would balance the budget
As I have learned to live within my own means
For the shame of being a debtor is ungodly in practice

I would believe that there is a cure to any disease afflicting mankind
That our mother father and children would reach a full healthy life time
No tears for cancers heart attacks or deformed bodies necessary

If I didn’t think what I think
I’d think I would have died and am now in a better place
A place where such does exist
I would think I’m in Heaven

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They took him away, I don’t understand
He was wrongly accused, I’m taking the stand
They said he was bad, was that all they could say?
He was actually good; isn’t that a shame
He suffered badly;  can’t believe he didn’t won
Ten years in prison, now this is wrong
He payed the price, can you live with that?
Keep questioning yourself, did he take that shot?
They said life is too short, I’m disagreeing with that
I think life is unfair and that’s a fact.

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Beyond the Pleasant Hill

Was just a walk beyond the road -- a shortcut past the bog,
No different than the night before but this night there was fog.
I climbed the pleasant hill from which the ‘yard had got it’s name,
So cold and dark it was that night, a dim light I did flame.
Blackest of the blackest eve’s I thought I might go blind,
So quickly paced, I past the stone’s of relatives that died.
Just past the breeze that got the willow shaking in the night
I saw someone just standing where my path comes into sight --

I wondered why tonight they’d chosen 
To walk the same path I was roamin’
A closer look, not man nor woman…
So still -- as if their form was frozen…
“They must be lost“, I thought out loud, no light to find the path,  
So maybe they’re just standing there awaiting someone’s laugh.
Or maybe they are frozen stiff by seeing my form too --
I couldn’t move though,  be it  just another passing through
My flashlight though, so dim, was shining on them, so it seemed…
…No looking up, no squinting eyes or arms to hide the beam,
How could they not have noticed me, the light is right upon them?
And just as I brought down my hand to light the way  so trodden…

I heard them move in front of me
That form that stood beside the tree
A quick response I shone the light
Back at the path ahead in fright
No person was still standing there…
Just Trees, beyond the path I dared --

I stood there for eternity a-gasp and scared to death,
Staring hard upon that spot where someone drew their breath.
They’re somewhere past the beam of light that’s dimming by the second --
The eerie melody from lonely crickets only beckoned.
A sudden crackle at my feet as if one stopped behind,
I felt my heart beat through my chest, I thought I’d lost my mind.
I thought I felt a windy chill then whisper past my ear,
But turned to shine my light upon no stranger standing near.

That instant -- I had dropped my bag and ran towards the gate,
I swore I heard them running too I had no time to waste.
So as I reached the entrance, looking back I think I said, 

“If you’re still there, I’ve changed my mind, I’ll take the street instead.”

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The Warning Sung Loudly

The warning sung loudly through the silence of dawn.
A siren of chirping like a whistle did spawn.

The mammals lurked leery and the chickens did blare.
An invisible intruder surely locked in their stare.

Beneath the canopy in oneness we live.
Domestic with nature, our shared purpose to give.

No song of delight was sung that daylight.
Just a blending of noises notifying plight.

I walked to the deck to see what caused alarm.
Nothing to spot, but a stillness fearing harm –

Not one bird in sight, no leaf flickering in the wind.
But the blended alarm from silence did transcend.

Was it a snake?  Or had the great hawk returned?
I stood and I watched, the reason unlearned.

Something was there, a predator from night.
The warning was loud and elicited a fright.

Shrillness of pitch pierced the listener’s tuned ears.
Vibration and sound upon the sensing appears.

A slithering unseen or a creeper not found,
Retreated from the warning without making a sound.

Then, silence returned beneath the canopy of trees.
And stillness laid waiting for the coolness of breeze.

I went back inside, knowing all was well.
Amazed at the unity that survival does tell.

© June 15, 2011
Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen

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Distant but ever neighbouring,
Misplaced though ever familiar,
Distinct though somewhat vague,
Absent but always looming.
To define would be nothing but foolish,
For meanings, it shares many.
Burdens, forever rest upon its aching shoulders,
Of that of previous happenings,
In ones harried lifetime.
Others can hold contentment,
Grief and loss,
Friendship and loyalty.
Hushed secrets of the past,
Pending stories of the present,
And probable tales of the future.

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deep dreams

deep beneath the ivory dome
pools of bending colors show

lashing out into the air
all around have stopped to stare

paint their faces to the sky
weaving out an endless lie

dripping down to blind their sight
weave them all into the night

the hazy fog obscures the view
all colors seem to start anew. 

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Lucky escape

I stood in the door way of this cinema town
A punch to my head and a fall to the ground

Staggered back up to my feet in a flash
A black tooth sheep herder stared back in a dash

Dressed like a tramp in wellington heel
The manure had a stench and litle appeal

I moved down the hill as another punch came out
Some traveller girls screamed and did shout

I turned in a temper a boot to his frame   
Crumpled below but nothing would tame

Got up once again and I asked for the law  
Came at me and dived I pucnhed his red jaw  

Then head locked this idiot and dragged him to toilet
A public amenity I just tried to foil it

Round by the sink and taps hit his head
and dragged him back out as the blood ran quite red

Then he cried solefully and said dont you know
A bag on his side he decided to show.

I said I knew not and you should not then fight
Medical care your mind had no sight

So finally said he may never be let
Drink in my Ma's bar in future he bet

Many years later this stranger was caught 
Playing with sheep and a case it was sought   

True story.

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Moonlight Melodies

Melancholy notes drift through the breeze
Suspending every breath they seize
Stealing every broken wish and hidden sorrow
Embracing the gaze of one who will never see tomorrow
Holding captive every sob and tear
Unrequited love and heartbreak it holds near
The emotion of a funeral in every chord
Each a final prayer to their lord
Memories of times past 
Thoughts of how the good times never last
Unrealized hopes and dreams
A fake smile and everything that isn't as it seems
Pure life entwined with every line 
Grief and loss, a distant "I'll be fine"
The harmony enveloping every dull ache
Deep regret that's hard to shake
The symphony is of these emotions and lost chances
Alongside the midnight moonlight, this broken melody dances

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                                      . A haunting in our house

                                 .The haunting started years ago.
                       Our children were small but our money was low.
                      We moved in the house in the middle of summer.
                              It was so hot the heat was a bummer.
                            Our daughter was the one that felt it first.
                       The boys were next they woke up with a thirst.
                  They went to the bathroom and heard their sister scream.
               She said a man touched her and she thought it was a dream.
                     He was a man who made them think he was a kid.
                          With whatever he said and whatever he did.
                          After that happened I put them all in our bed.
                Thats when we found out about him and why he was dead.
                  He tried to talk and touch our kids while we were asleep.
                  Heard a voice and walked down the hall and took a peep.
                      As I opened the door he saw me and disappeared.
                      Told my husband we gotta move we can't live here.
             After we moved from the house no one ever lived there anymore.
                    They finally tore it down to the dirt and under the floor.
                                                     Teresa Skyles               13-Sep-11
Entered in Constance~My dear heart~"A creepy,scary haunted house poem please"contest

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Chilling Blues from Davy Jones' Locker

Beneath the cool and seemingly serene Atlantic Ocean
Lay the remains of the Bermuda Triangle’s commotion

Ships and aircraft rest far beneath the perpetual sea waves
Mystery surrounds what led so many to watery graves

“It’s blue on blue,” the perplexed pilot of Flight 19 exclaimed
On this mirage deaths of all training crew members are blamed

The commander could not tell which way was up and which was down
Sea and sky blending as one produced an undersea ghost town

Where spirits of all those lost over many hundreds of years
Ponder fate in Davy Jones’ locker of all who disappear

*Entry for Francine’s contest: “Blue on Blue on Blue”
(Chose Blue Ocean)

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In Search Of Jacob

<          riding home with brother and friend from convenience store
            this masked man got out of his trucks door

            asked each boy what was their ages
            made them place bikes in ditch or face guns gauges

            Jacob was the oldest of the three
            just 11 good gracious golly

           St Joseph Minnesota close to St Cloud
           days weeks month lined with flowering shrouds

           his mother and father got congress to sign an act
           for crimes against children and sexually violence attacks

           now there is a bridge of hope
           called Jacob Wetterling foundation so families can cope

           our little lost sheep
           we still to continue to shed tears and weep

           for there is still an unmarked date
           where death has not been filled in on your headstones slate

Taken Oct 22 1989 From St Joseph Minnesota

In Search Of Jacob Wetterling still goes on

You Are Not Forgotten 



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Misty Days

A fall from heaven and a slip of the tongue a hope to remember and a song to be sung always forever and not a moment to spare for sorrows and kindness hung in the air Through a broken haze, through a broken haze no longer sunny but better than most days can't recall a better time than that and the other best not to remember and better yet not to bother Only a tear drop or more can clear a foggy mind plenty to go around, too few to be kind Heavy like morning dew the kiss between me and you better to forget them, passing them out of view

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LOVE - a secret

Love has no bounds; 
it can have feelings beyond the skies.
It has no sound, 
but still anyone can listen gazing in eyes.

Its devoid of any language, 
it lacks partiality of races.
Some or other day, of course
it brings smile in our faces.

Love gives company, 
even one walks in solitary. 
Love teaches to write phrases; 
even one is not good in poetry.

It is full of mystery, 
only heart can find its history.
Live with your hearts open, 
otherwise love will remain secret for you forever.......

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Dreaming Life

What magic made dreams Then made life Made everything seem possible Then made life When I wake it’s gone Nothing lasts There alone The dream has past Always the dread That greets the light And a longing again For the magic of night Rendered risen life Curls from the heart The smoke of dreams Where end is start It’s there that I live More truly and whole Where there’s peace For a dreamer’s soul Once the day comes And some day no more A final night comes A dream I implore A dream long and worthy Noble and due A sweet note played To see eternity through

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She, Atargatis

Hey you out there I'm here, but I'll sure let you dream All you big boy burly sailors, I'll allure to your unseen Even going back to my ancestors, away back, down Assyria way Our goddess our love, Atargatis, became doomed by your say To escape you, you men, who desired to reap your want Why should she internally repent, to the depths, a Mermaid now sent And now through your aeon of time, perilous events we've now shared If us Mermaids had never have existed, you'd probably say you'd been spared Even through the ages innocent animals have been accused Is it your typical human we, it doesn't matter who's abused Dugongs, Manatee's are beautiful, creatures of whom we've swam Remember, you've never been the elite, ever since we all began Hey, let me say, to your National Ocean Service, what makes you think you know When we've been around so much longer than you, who says we have to show? <*>

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Birds In Flight

<                                    birds in perilous flight

                            illuminating to this watchful eye's sight

                               outstretched wings ~ soaring high

                                bidding  ado ~ waving goodbye 

                                      homebound is their quest

                           offsprings await  safe return ~ back in nest

                                            red sky ~ tonight

                                    glad ~ I've captured this flight

                                      oh fly ~ my feather friends

                                    hope to see you  ~  once again


                                     for this love ~ so brand new
                                        what's drawn ~ me to you

Entry For
Carolyn Devonshire's
Heaven Sent Smiles Contest
G.L. All






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Full Moon

Look at the bright full moon
It appeared so soon
Stare at the skies
While the ground is lit by fireflies
Absorb the scene
At midnight, its so serene
A scene of perfection
To it, there can be no rejection
Listen to the echo of silence
A precedent for an act of violence
Here I am showered in this light
No resistance, nothing else in sight
Giving me catastrophic power
My expectations were no lower
I sense a change in me
A demon that has been set free
A monster hiding under my skin
As if it were my very own kin
I can feel my features disfigure
Thanks to this mystical trigger
I feel indestructible
Annihilation I'll cause, unthinkable
I'm a hunter by instinct
All my logic, extinct
This little prey
Will have a price to pay
I'll play with it for a while
Run after it for a mile
Corner it, then I will
Savouring every moment of my kill
Every bite is a bliss
Feels like an angelic kiss
Every slash is holy
Giving me ultimate glory
My conscience watches the horrific scene
While the remains of my victim, I clean
In my head its a melody in tune
That is my curse and the full moon

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Part 2 the wolf story contest

They surrounded him with ruthless intentions,
Until he quickly decided to mention,
“I am more like you wolves than you think”
“I am your human, missing link”
“Let me prove to all of you”
“That I am capable of being a wolf too”
Their blood thirsty eyes suddenly subsided,
He was given 24 hours to show them he should be permanently invited,
For he had nothing to lose and everything to gain,
He had just survived a grizzly bear’s night time game,
The man explained that he had just retired,
The life he had lived had simply expired,
He was now more alive than he had ever been before,
Little did he know what these wolves had in store,
The journey was to begin at sundown,
When all was quiet and no one was around,
They would come for him at half past eight,
And challenge this man and test his weight,
They said their last words then scuttled away,
Leaving this man to his thoughts all day,
He knew he was different; his head for the first time was clear,
He felt empowered and had not one fear,
With it all planned out in his mind,
He was confident that they would accept him after tonight as their kind,
He did not question what would happen if he failed their test,
With pride in his heart, he was confident he would be the best,
To keep himself busy until they came back, 
He walked to a nearby stream, pulled out a knife from his knapsack
Caught some season trout,
He showed those fish what he was all about
He spent the rest of his day relaxing in the sun
Until darkness arrived and the fun had begun…

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As My Lovers Scream

As my lovers screams my heart always shatter. 
Eye's turned red holding back crystal's of a spatter.
As she is willing to never listen to reason. 
Always defensive thinking of a treason. 
As the full moon rise then the gravity pulls. 
Crashing waves of high tide the hatefulness unfolds. 
The Illumination of the moonlight sparks do shine.
As lovers greed we eventually start grinding.
Like the magic cougar when I stalk my pray. 
Soon there will be nothing for me to love away.
Confusion in my head always needing to be free. 
The only way out is my personal poetry. 
Sex and fantasy has always been overrated. 
When fantasy comes it is always has been forsaken.

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WIZARD - One Hot Summer Night

It was late in August, on a hot summer’s night,
When I encountered the most horrible fright.

The drapes hung freely over each window,
Head nestled deeply in the goose down pillow.

I heard a soft rustle near the edge of my bed,
So I looked up quickly, and saw a young women’s head.

She was ghostly transparent, reached out her hand.
Her speech was muffled, so I could not understand.

I slipped in the covers, I am not sure why.
She scared the pajamas off me, I cannot deny.

After a few minutes, she just floated away,
But I will never forget, what happened that day.


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Shaft of Light- For contest

Black clouds ever surrounding me
But look, a bright ray of light I see

From where does this light appear
Has it come from far or from near

A million thoughts enter my mind
A sign from above, that I’m behind

Quick explanations though, never pass
Nor do a thousand, I have grown crass 

About this shaft of light what can be told
I don’t know now, maybe when I am old

Desire to know, imbedded since our youth
Philosophy teaches there really is no truth 

Penned 2/2/2013
Contest: Shaft of Light

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Are rarely
As they seem.

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The Stuff

the stuff legends are made of mysteries from the skies                                                    lightning marks the spot as allusive as the thunder birds cry                                        hidden in the rocks of time one warrior leaped through                                                  but many treasure hunters lost never find the clues                                                     silver and gold they cannot find blinded by their light                                                         like the protector of jealous fire do hidden warriors still fight                                             as he saw the shape shifting men dawn their wings and fly                                              like Hiawatha heavenly messenger The Great Peace they hide                                           guarded by legends some are figures of the true                                                                but greedy men search for Jonathan swift's mine too                                                      on bloody ground maybe hidden in the blue jacketed hills of Kentucky                                 Wyandotte Shawnee Iroquois Mohawks slayed the stories grow mucky                             or maybe some other ground may lay far through an ice cave                                       rock art showing compass but in winter they lose their way                                          from Solomon's mine or golden cities men do temporally search                                      not leaving it behind like Boone's trail to seek the true church                                            asking Jesus for truth and looking for the day that ends abrupt                                        do not lay treasures upon earth where thieves steal and rust corrupts

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Each milestone sees him as evenings enfold
Where crystals touch his soul with chilling cold,
A lantern shines through his painted face
While his robe waves upon a steady pace,
Until he comes to an old trove without doors
Which felt welcoming like glown summer shores,
And he slumbered on grass greener than mould
Through the moon's shaft, he watched God's eyes, behold.

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Drinking in the reflections of you                                                                                Your poker face on I’ve not a clue                                                                                 All the right moves one step ahead                                                                            Calls are opaque and never shed                                                                                   Lightly your misty eyes do betray                                                                              Closer I draw the heart does weigh                                                                      Balances are overturned today                                                                                        If it was not it should be written                                                                                    By your beauty I was smitten

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Fundamental Questions

I can't say the catty word, much less ******?
I can say dick, prick, hard on anything but the anatomical *****?

Isn't it weird there's a lotta guys named after *****es
and very few women (I don't know one) named after ******s?

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A Place To Hide Away...

I need a place to hide away 
That i can go whether night or day
to lie and dream of you and i 
In a world where dreams and hopes dont die
Far away from the greed and wrath
Sloth, envy and pride link to one path
All on this path travel in dark 
Money and wealth will give them no spark
Along their path comes stife and pain
Quick, easy pleasures consumed in vain

I think of the future that they pursue
                 and my own future i seriously review

I decide i want to be an exception

As this dark path does not suit my perception.

Yes, lying here has been quite a refreshment

It is now easier to suffer torment

Knowing soon i shall drift and leave them behind

New friends, new cultures, new people i will find

Feeling rejuvenated i proceed to open my eyes
                   Life will not have structure, but adventures ready to arise

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   We started that colony when we first came
   Never realizing that on earth we would do the same.

   We put our face on the planet as a mark in time
   Only to find that we would have to repeat it in kind.

   We found that the angry red planet could not make a suitable place
   To deposit our seed and continue our race.

   We had to move to a home with a more temperate life
   Wanting to not continue contending with the heated strife.

   We saw the blue sphere was inhabited there next in space
   Your people were more than hospitable than others in any kind of place.

   We put our face on your blue planet, too
   Knowing some day, it would be discovered by you.

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The hills are alive

The hills are alive

These hills are alive with mystery
As I sit here all alone and free.

It’s morning time, so beautiful
As I listen to the wild birds call.

That God is here I know for sure
Her presence fills me more and more

I hear music loud and clear
The song of nature’s always here

Among these hills that I love best
I sit here filled with happiness

25 June 2014 @ 0826hrs.

I offer this pathetic write to Scots contest, sorry mate, too short for me but done my best

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Heaven Can Wait

<                                            left behind
                                              how divine

                                              his choosing

                                               my losing

                                            unfinished work

                                              must  assert

                                           I truly understand

                                         " God's"  choice in plan

                                     for " He " needs bigger wings

                                            to carry all my things

                                    and when those clouds spread eagle

                                      it will become finalized and legal

                                              my final destination

                                        will be "Heaven's" sensation

                                         and the reunion will be nil

                                     with family and friends lying still

                                               so for now I'll wait

                                       for my sweet "Lord" to set the date

                                              to return for only me

                                            in  clouds more of three

Entry For 
Catie Lindsey's 
Left Behind Contest
Gl All










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That Night's Tale

With the moon above, shining bright And darkness lurking calmly(and quite Failing to ensnare the light), Now at this hour in the depth of night, I move on a living, breathing plain; (Some stray melody fills the brain) The eyes look up at the sky (A myriad of stars shines on high Only at me)and the Gods are kind As I trace my track, leaving the rest behind.. Strewn about this ground seem, bunches of grass (A little pond's covered with moss); The wind bellows, trees swish around; A patter of feet--no other sound: A heavy breathing feels my own- (or is it?)I hear a groan: A dark patch gleams in the velvet glow (Some thing's moved, I'm sure to know!), Something swiftly just dashes past me, While my keen eyes struggle to see. (Before this thing should try to harm, I must ready and gather arms) With a stone in hand and a sturdy stick, If I hit in time, I'd do the trick! For a moment all motion's ceased- The beating of the heart's increased; The air about's filled with a scent (My senses awake to this stench)- Two fixed-eyes shine to stare: Standing firm, I return the glare (Though courage seems to fail, I still make no move) But with nothing much to prove, I start to back a little slow. With the beast growling low, I'd thought of standing up to fight But now I think that I might Better as well change my way To be safe, so to say. Thus taking a few paces back, I turn around and change my track. Unclear and perplexed in mind- The silhouette having left behind- Lost from path and unsure, I come up to a door (Is this the place I have to go- Whether or not, I do not know). Stopping, I knock, and wait to tell (As a friendly face greets me well), ''On the shore of a wood, away from din This cottage stands, and if I be taken in: At a late hour tonight, I ventured on a path left behind; All this while the Gods were kind, For I escaped when death was nigh....'' (Before I end, there's heard a cry)- Even so, before another word- Nearby, a gun's shot is heard Followed by a hapless moan, An anxious fall at the ferny floor (I look-out to make sure): And a wounded man with a gun Walking-in from a battle won, Stands, while still in pain, ''As few paces remain To be traversed to reach This house'', begins he in his speech, ''A shadow of this beast confronting me, pounces and gets me down'' (His face changes to a frown) ''Whilst we struggle in a fight I try to reach with all might My gun on the ground that lay still, Take a shot and make my kill..!''

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My Fantasy Life!

Sometimes when I feel life is too tough,
And dealing with pain gets too rough;

I disappear into a my favorite place,
Where no one can find me, not a trace;

I never have to travel very far,
It’s only around the farthest star,

I lose myself in another’s life,
I don’t have to deal with my own strife;

I can just sit back and enjoy the ride,
That my favorite book always provides;

And after reading my favorite tale,
I always feel like I can prevail;

And I can come back and face my fears,
Without ever breaking down in tears;

I know when I lose myself in Fantasy,
I can always come back to me!

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Another Crisis

Copyright © 2014 

Mankind rolling dices 
  causing another crisis. 

From police shootings 
  to hoodlums looting. 

Every month a new crisis 
  and we still have ISIS. 

Did Revelations truly see 
  a certain crisis before WW3? 

Mankind rolling dices 
  causing another crisis. 

Melt down those weapons of Mutually Assured Destruction 
  or thermonuclear war will be the ultimate extermination. 

Yes, the World is now MAD 
  and we'll miss what we had. 

Or, will it be you, or you 
  who reduced us to a few? 

by: lp/3:11pm

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Brief Me

Inside the center, creator of inventor, who is there Onion from which I stare, mystery of me, who is where

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The Real Beauty

The most beautiful people on Earth are sometimes the ugliest
They indulge in evil and sin best

Though beautiful on the appearance
They hardly deserve that we do cast them a glance

Inside, they have nothing, no values, no morals
They can even be filled with diseases, reminding them that they are in fact 

The most beautiful people are those rare ones
Those who are as swift and subtle as Pan

Those who care not for the materialistic
Those who relish the meaning of that which is mystic

Those who  have seen the realm of the Lord
Those who know, that if they do act with grace, they shall be given a reward

Those who care for others,
Those who are, for this world, mere lovers!

In love with all of creation,
In love with its toils, and its solutions!

Such are those people who deserve, to have beauty
For they are the ones shining with purity!

If you do meet such a beautiful person,
Pray do treat him like a son!

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Beautiful lights that glare before me,
Magic delights you allow me to see.

Mystical Rain in the sky up above,
Mystical Rain throwing stardust of love.

A surreal sight as I stand and adore,
Leading the way - so that men reach the shore.

Mystical Rain in the air all around,
Mystical Rain making love without sound.

Marvelous specks of desire in my view,
Lightly you peck at my face like the dew.

Mystical Rain; blue metallic and green.
Mystical Rain; play your tune quite serene.

A show so alive as you dart through the sky,
Helping planes through the mist, where pilots do fly.

Mystical Rain; shine your light in my path.
Mystical Rain warm my heart; make me laugh.

Editing by Lindsay Laurie

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Curled Up

Her skin white, drained
Her expression dark, pained
Eyes staring out, completely blank
Hair lifeless, dank
Her fingers curled, still
In her mouth, a cyanide pill

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Then There Are Those

Then There Are Those

Then there are those who in terrible terror

Want to escape when they commit an error

And also everyone always try to avoid

Who you disturbed and are now annoyed.

Once full of terror are completely terrified

And out into the night often have cried

Only darkness do you found in the shade

And is there actually black color in jade?

Around and around did search and search

Through museums, shrines and every church

Where else could black jade possibly be;

Black must be in middle so you can't see.

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Unrequited Love's Last Chance

Ambiguity undefined
Overuled and underlined
by Blood red hair that hides
the ship that sunk in sea blue eyes

empty life and bursting heart
betrayed by senses in the dark
haunted by the righteous wrong
a strangled heart's silent song

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What's The Point

What's The Point...I smile on the outside to hide the pain.
     No one knows that thoughts of suicide are slowly driving me insane!

What's The Point...Deep in my heart I'm crying.
     Childhood memories are tearing me apart and I feel like dying!

What's The Point...I wonder why grandpa would do that to me.
     "Protect me grandma, for you are all I have in a family!"

What's The Point...There are nightmares, and so many fears.
     I feel no one cares, and I hide the tears.

What's The Point...So look beyond a smile, and grin.
     Because no one knows ones lifestyle, or the cause of ones sin!
             What's The Point???????

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The Full Moon (The rest of it)

Tonight is the full moon, through  the clouds it’s blazing bright,
And from the tingle I feel in my bones, it’ll be quite a night;

It’s the one night a month that the moon has control,
I can feel it in my being, all the way to my soul;

The sway the moon holds over me, is calling out in victory,
I can feel it now I’m letting go, soon the monster will be free;

Just one night a month the beast can roam,
And it’s the one night a month that I never come home;

The brute takes over my body and will,
And destroys everything with deadly skill;

All I can do is sit back for the ride,
All conscious thoughts are trapped inside;

So many times I’ve tried to get out,
But I can’t even do so much as a shout;

When the demon inside me once again is at large,
Beware to you all, because I’m not in charge!

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Carpe Noctem

They confine us to the dark,
So we will seize the night.
Shadows full and beautiful,
Full moon and pale starlight.

Closing eyes with parting lips,
And drawing final breath.
Drawing blood and lines of love,
Awoken in this death.

Pleasure, drowning, lost in you,
My skin lays bitten, bare.
The sweetest suffocation,
I’m loving, lacking air.

The moon has left me Lycan,
And you're allowed to bite.
They confine us to the dark,
So we will seize the night.

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Who invents a great mind?

Asking questions can get you far
Nevertheless, can’t answering those questions get you further?
A ditch along you path to adulthood,
The prevention of a taught ketchup sachet
Inquisitive, knowledgeable minds?
Real off lists of special features demanded
For a great mind,
Like the unknown animal rights protestor
Who just saved an innocent living life?
The degree to which avoiding your struggles are essential?
Why not fall; you shall experience the consequence,
Alternatively, is naivety the achievement of greatness?
Finding the cure for cancer, 
Rather than seeing its label – knowing its ingredients
Either, possibly could determine a great mind?
Thinking and a response of planning an image and processing physically
Maturity beyond your years
An enchanting sunset that you capture the youth of…
Before it travels silently to the other four corners of the world.
Black and White, colour, diversity of belief,
Opinion, well known to all is the significance of personal view,
Thus expansion of knowledge leading to the engagement of opinion.
Diversity in a cultural sense all coded in a great mind,
Who…invented a ‘great mind’? 
Relatively the faith we have in one another that the world economy won’t collapse.
Everyone can wake up tomorrow as a developed race
Who can be the judge to say what is great when all humanity wants the same,
The thinker in us all, 
A soldier whose adrenalin crushes through their bodies as children scream, and blood is abused as 
a sign of a victor.
A great mind, is daunting and powerful beyond ones control.
The thought of such depth and meaning, proving impossible for others to merely comprehend – 
could there…
Even be a reason for a ‘great mind’?

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It Jars My Memory

Ever had a problem you need to solve
to find the solution is your resolve

The pieces just will not fall into place
a jigsaw puzzle without any face
When you go to bed, it’s still on your mind
you toss and you turn for a long-long time

Finally your brain drifts into slumber
how your subconscious works is a wonder?

In jars your memory, looks at each option
finds a solution for your adoption

You’re jarred awake with the problem resolved
and have no idea how the solution evolved

January 21 2012

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Wake Up Sleepy Head

Pegasus of thy night
Take me away from this eartly plight

Lay down your golden reigns
Let me climb aboard your mythical train

Stars and moon's cresant's dance
Illuminating to others who gets this chance

Gold dust sprinkles in your hair
Closed eyes for take me there

Up Up and away we go
Pegasus take it nice and slow

Lustrious valleys and sno-capped peaks
Sparkling blue waters for which I seek

Just you and me my mountain friend
Taking this journey till the very end

As I lay my head upon your shoulders
For I feel their turning so much colder

Cannot feel from my head to foot
This dust sprinkle had turn to soot

I'm decending fast and furious
Woke up from dream being more curious

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Little Knobs

To little knobs on my closet door,
I walk across my bedroom floor.

I pull them apart, far and wide,
Hoping to see my dreams inside.

I step within and close the door,
And float away to crystal shores…

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Him Or Me

I see the picture on the wall
It is not me, if I recall

the children seem to think its me
for they confuse the facts they see

the picture seems to be a man
with youth his avid loving fan

why should a man consume the space
that's not of kin inside my place

my servants dust and clean the frame
and often call him by my name

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Kiss of Death

Angels of death, thieves of hearts
You are trapped once their entrancement starts
The only escape of their spell is eternal rest
Hades enjoys using temptation the best
His servants are well versed in his charms
Demons of magnificent grace leading you into his arms
Their beauty hides malicious intent
Their master is Satan, from fire they were sent
To lure those on the brink
Into the merciless pits of anguish they sink
Succubi and incubi, creatures of darker than night
Look instead to the light
It is so easy to fall to their enchantment
Their evil shows not a hint
False feelings take away every care
Past everything, into your soul they stare
Unbearable is the loss of their presence
Heartbreak involving them is intense
Once you taste their power you'll always want more
Yet, be it by homicide or suicide, only the end is in store
Kiss me now, steal my last breath
My darling, my love, my life and my death

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Iron Lungs

A film of bubbles on her hull
   as ice around her crowns it's chill

      descension pits and twinks it's tune

         to merry wandering fish full bloom

         In white, albino, skeletonised

       with scales of silver for their eyes

     as liquid in their mouth, it glides

these hollow sailor's wave goodbye~

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I can't see you, but I know you are there.
I can't  touch you, but I feel your strong air.

Although, I do wonder how good you would taste.
I fear disappointment and my time I won't waste.

Now I can hear you, and it's all became real.
Yet, I will not tell you the way that I feel.

I like it for now and that's all I will say.
A wraith becomes real and my mind gets to play.

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What Is It about you

What Is It about you
That makes my spirit soar
I feel like Im on a roller coaster
With my heart and mind at war

What Is It about you
That keeps me wanting more
Waves of emotion pass through me
With new feelings for us to explore

What Is It about you
That gets me to the core
Im savoring this new found happiness
And the opening of a whole new door

What Is It about you
That keeps my heart from the floor
These crazy energetic feelings
What Is It that they Implore?

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Changes of Our Time

If you learn about the left,
You learn about the right.
If you learn about the sun,
You will learn about the moon at night.
As above, so below, 
are the wise words once told.
Until modern civilization,
Fell victim to a new control.

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Into Forever

Do you ever wonder what it would be like?
To take flight into the night?
Where there exists no light,
No gravity,
and only stars in sight.
Where the stresses of life aren't strapped on so tight.
Where people's insights aren't so uptight,
and aren't focused on if your "black" or "white."
Where the strongest man has no might,
and where the laws of justice have no right.

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Dark and lean she spins her web preparing for her prey.
Intelligent and diligent she works both night and day.

She is by no means evil, for this is all she knows.
A genetic trait passed down to her and so the story goes.

When her work is done she will get ready for her scheme.
To lure her helpless victim in her well constructed gleam.

A tattoo on her stomach, he stops to take a glance.
Her beauty and her mind combined, he doesn't stand a chance.

He goes in to get a closer look not knowing what's in store.
She has her victim now and when they're done needs him no more. 

He never knew what hit him for she won't suffer him his pride.
Her mission is accomplished, and her legacy's inside.

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Will You Let Me Sleep

Violet hues
Birds in flight coo's

Starburst fashion
Sun's hot passion

Crystal streams
Valleys of green

Sno-capped peaks
Eagles that speaks

Call of the wild
Echoes of a lost child

Can't seem to wake
From this dormate faith

Have no fear
For vision is  clear

Arrived at Heaven's shore
Was woken though by husband's dam snore


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Breaking the Madness

Livid with nocturnal madness
Octavious shed his robe
as he pierced his skin of solitude
and headed toward the road
The eve met him with yellow pine
and pearl juice set a'sprinkle
As the sky dolled out her decadence
the frost hung still and tranquil
He found his path into the woods
descending 'neath the branches
as he swept his hair past nervous eyes
and forest floor expanses
While he approached, the trees stayed clear
the smell of human in the air
and just when no more could he bear
he found his water passion there
A slip into the brackish kiln 
would fire the chill and clean the skin...

A winter night's insanity
erased him as he swam to sea~

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What Does Silence Say?

Lovely daffodils, there on the hill
The breeze is strong yet you are still
Why do you not, in the wind, sway?
What brought this sorrow to your day?

Has sun not shone its bright complexion?
So why has diminished, your direction?
It is with joy that I see your glow
So tell me please, I must now know.

Is there a darkness that I don’t see
Looming over the hill, daring me?
Yet, here you stay, no turn to have
As I watch you safely, from this path.

Is there a meaning at all to find?
Please give me now, peace of mind
Or, is it that you’re young, not grown
And in the wind, you stand below?

I shall walk on now and hopefully see
What lies ahead… waiting for me
But if you know, would you dare tell?
Goodbye, sweet flowers, I wish you well.

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He grows in his garden

He grows in his garden porcelain lips; kisses for the rain.
And the flowers wanted to look out, so he planted a window pane.
He grew a shiny crystal eye; to wink at the sun.
And a thing to keep the prowlers out, so he made the gate to look like a gun.
He rooted there a metal clown; entertainment for the flowers.
And just so time would not make a fuss, an hour glass to sift away the hours.
He sprouted silver branches there, for the tired birds of June.
And an awesome golden harp is planted, in hopes the wind would play a tune.
He grew this magnificent china bird; to tease the worms.
And there by the gate a rubber mouse; insurance against the pachyderms.
And for all to see, a green jade thumb; ask not for what or why.
He grows these things, smart or dumb, to entertain a roving eye. 

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Halucinatrix diaries...Monster 2

  The monsters 
manifest themselves
in clever wicked ways,
they think I cannot see them
wrapped in cellophane and haze

but I was taught in childhood
how to watch them in between,
the edges of the evening 
and the tragedies I've seen.

Sometimes they wrap around you
like a shining shawl or cloak
sometimes they slither up your spine
and shimmer at your throat.

they're always at the window 
or the corner of my eye
dancing in the darkness
with a silver alibi

for staying close to twisted souls
who don't know what to do,
you see I'm not afraid of them
for I'm a monster too.

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Untitled #129 / The more I read

The more I read, the more I write
the less I like to sleep tonight

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Coaxed from its vile sheath
To appease the voices from beneath

An instrument of unruly malice
A weapon as wise as it is callous

No fool shall get past it
Only those with wit

Only Those who are wise
Who Learn not by their eyes

Only they stand a chance
They who hold their stance

Do not flinch do not waver
Unless its death you savor

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The Fool Kid Named Benny Pence

October had now come again just like it did back since,
The gunfighter Sam Holt had shot the kid named Benny Pence.

It was on All Hallows’ night with the moon high and blood red—
When Benny came lookin’ for him before he shot him dead.

Why would a fool farm boy try to draw on that gun slinger?
When he had no chance on God’s earth if he raised a finger?

But sure enough on that night, that’s what all the town then saw—
When Benny Pence raised his gun and said the fatal word: “Draw!”

But that had been a year ago come this All Hallows’ Eve,
And Sam Holt felt a cold wind blow that made him want to leave.

The harvest moon now hung above as Sam walked down the street—
He stopped for one brief moment at the place where they did meet.

Then like a dream that voice came back that meekly called him out—
Sam’s cold, sweaty hand then trembled as he began to shout:

“Don’t call me Ben! I’ll shoot you dead, and this time I’ll make good!”
Then Sam wildly drew and fired at the pale moon where he stood.

Somewhere a hoot owl screamed and Sam’s loud shots rang out on high,
As he fired and fired again at Ben’s shadow so he’d die.

But when the gun smoke cleared and that dim vision was not there,
Sam Holt now stood just a dyin’ in the dusty street square.

There were no gunshots in Sam’s body, no marks found at all—
His hair now white, his once ruddy flesh now a deathly pall. 

Yet when the town folk buried Sam, they noticed at Boot Hill,
Two other graves marked Pence by the one they had come to fill.

Benny Pence and his brother Bud, had died a year apart—
Both shot down by Sam Holt that feared gunslinger with no heart.

And so the three now rested within gun fire of the others—
Holt now dead of fright from those two departed Pence brothers.

And so each year it happened: other slingers would meet fate—
And die of fright All Hallows’ night when the hour was late.

So now folk knew the story of that fool kid Benny Pence—
Come back to revenge his brother each All Hallows’ night since. 

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Untouchable Questions

Where is it that we go, behind closed eye lids?
An untouchable imagination, beyond the physical and off the grid?

Where is it that they go, in man made machinery to the sky?
A place unseen but seen, and gravity is what they defy?

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Sailor Sam

On a darkened ocean night
in solitude so great,
where waves are crashing into rocks
and endless waters wait.

Sometimes when you look out there
you'll swear you've seen some light,
it's probably just old sailor Sam
he's fishing out tonight.

Sailor Sam is quite a man
he's been around sometime,
to fish along the ocean floors
and profit in his find.

But the people of the town close by
have never seen his face,
or hardly mention of his boat
which they can hardly place.

Sailor Sam will fish the sea
the darkness he won't fear,
he's Sailor Sam the fisherman
he's been a hundred years.

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Riding in Fog

Cool grey mists, hugging the land . . . 
Hiding the landscaped art, of the Master' hand.

White eyed vehicle, search the road to see . . .
Their bright light reflected, mirrored back at me.

From out of the gloom, other eyes do appear . . . 
Growing in size, as they come near.

Quick they come, and more quickly gone . . .
They are but, a momentary companion.

Hidden roadsigns, make known their display . . .
Vigilant sentries, along the way.

Ahead is our goal, so onward we press . . .
Passing alone, in this shrouded caress.

Finally home, we are greeted by wife, child, and family dog . . .
Thankful once more, to have passed through the fog.

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What's one to do

What's one to do when right tight finances
prevent travel, tipping and hot ballroom dances?

What's one to do when bureaucracy’s failures
bind innocent hours of time seeking court's favor?

What's one to do when the men who seem sweet
are encumbered by narcissism, women or weed?

Meditation and prayer move when weekdays provoke...
Friday night hot bath, red wine, chill jams. Let's get soaked!

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The Fuss

There are the substantial and the oft insubstantial. Must we all be the same way, the same differential? There are mountains of atoms, there are eon's of space time. Yet, the importance, what matters depends on the climb. Does matter, matter? Are atoms are all of the rage! If we can't see a one, as it dances on this page! So do, believe as you will, and dream on as you must Just stop claiming you're the only right as you fuss.

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FormedbyFaith inUnknown Forces

So she shifted 
       and she shifted
till the veil from off her lifted,
and she turned around 
      and saw you,
              got her pencil out 
to draw you,
  All the bells and buzzers
Someone said that 
         she was hounded,
       by incessant circumstances
caused by incandescent dances,
          in the darkness
               with a lover
dressed in silk and under cover
       of the shadows
            in the garden
Say hello ,I beg your pardon,
                    but would you
 consent to kiss me,
leave me soon and say you'll miss me?
                    Ride away 
on shadow horses,
formed by faith in unknown forces,
           or would you
 prefer to squander
            precious moments
        just to wander,
         on alone and sad forever.
Make your mind up,
       you are clever.
Will it be a sweet romancing?
           Or are you content with dancing?

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the river below,the balcony above,and love

  Beads balloons and colored  lights
on the balcony tonight
    one drop
    two drops
   three drops
tears are falling on the floor
   one sigh
   two sighs
  three sighs
are you glad to be alive?
  one look 
  three looks
  five looks
sailing down the river styx
when they ask you who you were
tell them you could not concur
with the others you recall
who you are\ were through it all.

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Knows not

A man of con knows not of quality
A man of betrayal knows not of loyalty
a man of crime knows not of possession
a man of sacreligion knows not of confession
a man of lies knows not of true
a man of contradiction knows not of what to do
a man of great power knows not of concern 
a man of great humility knows not which way to turn.

Why is this?

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Death's Encounter

Today there's something strange in the air
taking lives without a care.
Thoughts of suicide and death,
of inhaling one last breath.

Oh what a gloomy day
headed down a dark pathway.
So many faces dead and gone.
Will the world last to inhale another dawn?

Today I paint a smile upon my face
without an ounce or bit of faith.
I watch the world slipping away
as I debate whether or not I shall stay.

The reaper is present here,
bringing an end to all our cheer.
We begin to question our own fate,
but for all we know it may be too late.

Is this the end? 
Will us and Death befriend?
Where will we go? 
Is it like they always told us so?

Who do we turn to? 
What should we do?
So many questions left unanswered.
So many words thought wise now altered.

What will come of the earth once we've died off?
Will everything just shut off?
Maybe our souls will still be here,
but left alone in darkness and pain so severe.

For now just listen up and behold
for we have come to the next threshold
where what's to come is but a mystery,
and you're allowed to bring nothing but your own misery.

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Christmas Mystery

You could have been born in a palace
yet, in a dark manger it came to pass.

Or trumpets blaring in the light of day
instead of a cold night in a bed of hay.

Maybe a P.R. stunt in the eyes of many 
but to true believers a lesson in humility.

Christmas, oh what an enigma you are,
God's grand design, written in the stars.

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composition in a minor key

in a minor key
swirling low 
so sad and free.
dark magenta,heavy laden
clouded skies
above the maiden
standing silent as a stone
in the garden all alone
flowers falling all around her
rising winds like wolves
to hound her,
just a statue of a soul
only you 
can make her whole.
composition in your mind
write the notes that
sight the blind.
the passion ,burning ,
hope that sets the world to
her eyes that shine 
for one
who sees her as the morning
pen cascades of circumstance,
that find them in a gypsy dance.
her away from here tonight
into his arms to hold her tight.
A composition all your own........
a minor key ,
and your alone.

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I shall never

 I shall never all this earth survey, nor acquire the leisure that I seek..
But if I take it day by day and keep the breeze upon my cheek;
Who knows… I just may.
I shall never all my friendships fulfill upon this great and gracious earth.
But if I am strong of will and toil at it from birth;
Who knows; maybe I will.
I shall never enjoy the entire splendor that God’s fairer creatures provide.
But if I don’t give in or surrender and all my beliefs I applied;
Who knows; I might be a contender.
If I traverse with utmost care and live the fullness of each hour;
and of sweet nature stay aware through sunshine and noonday shower;
Who knows… I may journey everywhere.
If the tallest mountain I should pursue or tread some valley woven with streams;
there is a chance before I’m through That I’ll fulfill my worldly dreams;
Who knows… it could come true.
If I discover just one pleasant place that to others has gone unseen; would not 
the joy that I would trace urge me on and make me keen;
Who knows… I may win the race.
If I should ramble far and wide and embrace the plain and simple things;
If I did all this before I died, with gladdened heart and spirited wings;
Who’s to say I never tried.

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Some kind of creation,
Dooming us to damnation.
Try with all our might,
To win the fight,
With these hellish beasts,
Choosing us as their feasts.
One by one we go,
As the drag us below.
"Come on Sam"
Then 'Bam'!
They try to break in
And hit me in the chin.
Chromosome twenty four
Will make me hardcore.
I try to resist,
At this she insists.
I know you,
You'll be one of the few.

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blisterbeads and poppysocks

     blisterbeads and poppysocks,
she had 37 locks,on her door down by the park
new york city after dark
she had hair,a weighty sheaf,tied with vines,a maple leaf,
drifted in upon the breeze
late october,'neath the trees
he was thin as silver beams
slicing thru the window seams
where the blinds blinked neon lies
he in love and full of sighs
she descended from the ghouls
feeding on the souls of fools
thought him silly and naive,had a wild card up her sleeve
     doused herself in thick perfume
she the bride and he the groom
tred the aisle to paradise,his a virtue,hers a vice
he gave morning glory blooms
blue and purple in her rooms
she gave something with a beak,black and feathered,
cold and sleek
he complied and drank the draft
hearing nothing but her laugh
as he fell into her box
of blisterbeads and poppysocks.

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the witch has one

Black and gold with seven threads
running clockwise
through our heads
I was you and you were me
until a quarter after three
  then she turned your face around
and let you see your feet were bound
tied with ribbons to my hands
{had I ever made demands?}
we shared every single thing
the silver moon in early spring,
my old guitar and your bassoon
and every single nightbird's tune
but she regretted every sigh
that passed between us,you and I
I only wished to have you near
I never touched you,did I dear?
but jealousy,the ugly witch
untied the threads,yes every stitch.
now eye can't see you for the sun,
the ribbons fall, the witch has one.

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Golden Girl (2006)

There she stands
A heap of gold
Dances with her band
In the icy cold
A ray of light in a stormy night
A good girl’s heart melts the ice
And turns the weed into a crop of rice 

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The Darkling Prince

   Oh darksome prince,
how I bowed at your feet
you asked me for bourbon 
and nothing to eat
  I followed you close
as a pitiful pet
you gave me a pill 
thatwould make me forget
  But I must remember
with switches and whips
to punish myself
for the taste
of your lips
  your lips and your arms
oh darkling devine
imprison my soul
'til the last drop of time.

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Why do you look at me untrusting so?
Is there something I should know?
Who are you to judge me, here?
Should I really express this fear?

Why do you continue leering?
When I’m gone, are you jeering
Over many things I may have done?
To judge me, are you the one?

Cast not ever, evil aspersions.
Dare not ever make bad assertions.
Lest you be judged in the minds
By those with nothing good to find.

So, judge not others, ever each day
Treat them as yourself, in every way.

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Enveloped in a shroud of sapphire
Lay a listless child by a fire
Who sought an adventure and lost his way
Who had mourned the passing of the day
Gone had fled the light
His home now far from sight
For hours did he moan
For he was now all alone
But then glowed the embers of the sky
The child looked up and tears did dry
His fears and sorrows gave way to wonder
No longer cursed he at his careless blunder
The stars did then smile in glee
As then the boy did see
No further did he have to roam
For they paved the pathway to his home 

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Secret Admirer

She's alone, 
Though she's at home.
She's scared, 
Though she is aware.
She shakes,
But she's far from breaking.
She's strong,
But she's not where she belongs.
She hides.
She hides behind her glimmering eyes.
She's willing 
To hear about the world they're killing.
She's open
Before she knows her chance is taken.
She's been through emotional murder,
But, still, somebody loves her.

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Dead of the Dead

Solace lacks in the crimson night
Diabolical vindictiveness lessens the light
Drink up your absinthe and feed on unsheltered prey
Not to walk beneath unmarked shadows at day
Fearing the loneliness consuming your soul
As well, blood sinfully shed for sense of control
Courting dread mentally within your being
And loosing sight in what you are seeing
The corpse of the earth keeps proposition in sight
When you are walking alone in the dead of the night

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U. F. O.

Do you know
about the U.F.O. ?
Have you ever seen
a strange flying machine?
Questions to ask.
Answers that mask
the unknown, the mystery
of otherworld  history.

Man cannot fly
was once the cry.
The world is flat.
Now ... imagine that!
Truth you must face
of an alien race
may mean
man is not supreme.

Project Bluebook did not deny
that many strange things over earth can fly.
It only said that none were a threat.
So, after forty years we get
perfect resistance
to explain their existence.

Thanks to Betty and Barney Hill
and Stanton Friedman who still
with thousands of other sighters
remain government fighters
that someday we may all know
the true reality of a U.F.O.

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Hark Liar

Taunting and pestering they continue their charade
Blinded by their lies I assist their masquerade
Alas my heart has been wrenched from its rest
Unable to understand their harsh lies I draw a test
Woe beseiged my innermost sentiments
Aid I wanted to present to her at that moment
What fraudulent ways of achieving monetary gain
Thankful I am to my aid who helped me see their game
Whirring in this gyre, this forced entrance so eerie
I see my ruin and save my cherished sanity
Entrenched I would have been in this menacing cruelty
Adieu I bid you you conniving menace to society!!!

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Prisms and pomegranates

             S  falling from a basket
where  a sapphire tunic
catches the 
color of the sea,
prisms from her teardrops
slice the happiness from me,
turning rainbows into oil slick
churning colors
round and round
tambourines and pomegranates,
making love without a sound.
Bathing in the fragrant fountains
at the base of waterfalls
we are shadows in the mountains
Love primieval rise and fall.
May the turtledove be silent
let the eagle cease to fly,
ere we dare to break the circle
of our passion 
you and I.

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the maze in my eye

  Show me the rest of the riddle,.
teach me the end of the rhyme.
I need to love just a little.
I need a way to define,
what true love is to the lover,
what real hope is when it's fine .
please will you help me discover ,
I know they say love is blind,
but somewhere a someone is living,
breathing each breath with a sigh,
seeking the love I 'll be giving,
when I solve the maze in my eye.

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Enjoined forever and never to part
I duly heed your warning dear heart
Solitude becomes me although somewhat subdued
Open to avenues unthought of and so new
I walk around in splendour totally engrossed
So wanton so wilfull so wicked so wildly lost
I take each step in this life so exciting
I look at each situation so inviting
Right or wrong my conscience voices
Yet painfully aware I am of my choices

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The Walk

As I walk through the misty rain drenched woods 
I hear the whispers of my ancestors drifting through the trees

I have past here time and again, physically and mentally
The ghosts of deer and many rabbits and squirrels are here

Heavily worn deer trails have been my steady path 
The bases of many old trees have supported me lost in thought

The sound of raindrops pattering the wide leaves my tune
The flicker of winged creatures and the barks of squirrels echo

The sound of running water as I lay to drink from a stream
The hiss of a disturbed rattler and the chill of fear in my bones

The sound of hassling and soft footsteps of my best friend
We have shared these woods on strolls and jogs many a times

Often I have entered this path a very troubled young woman
But, after some time and thought, my troubles soon melt away

I will always remember these fine walks in my dreams
The smell of the damp Earth, insects, and the haunting quiet 

I lie beneath the ground very near my old walking path
I don’t know the name of the man who buried me in this place

He must have watched me frequently before he made his move
Dragging me through the woods, raping, killing, then hiding me

I have felt his presence nearby repeatedly over the years 
Paying me little visits from time to time, ensuring I’m still safe

I have haunteded these paths for many years, just another lonely ghost
Until he releases me, I shall walk these paths and dream of me 

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Mother of Pearl

  She wasn't really black no more
she'd washed away out on the shore
she seemed to be reflected gray,
a pearly hue ,
sunlight at play,
like  shale or stones 
up from the creek
the special smooth  ones
that you seek
to rub your fingers
quiet upon
after day is done 
and gone
Silent was she,
yes she was,
a purpose there
without a cause,
I wish I'd called her 
by a name
all I know is that she came,
and went again
out with the tide,
I wish I knew
the  way 

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  Oh far far distant shore recalled
where once our words of love were scrawled
opon the sands of Xanadu
when we were young and hope was new

  Oh far far distant dreams of times
of sylvan forests in my mind
reclining on the parapets
of castles made of sillouettes

  shadows of what might have been
behind the shades of if and when
lit by candles in the gloom
the two of us,a spell,a swoon

 Amagic wish to take us there
sussurations in the air
a gasp,a spinning faint and then
alterations on the wind

  the skein of  life,the reel of time
flashing  back  along the line
until I feel you take my hand
to write I love you ,in the sand.

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One Man Banned

  Hear the music,
be the dancer,
never seek the necromancer

swing away to Northern counties
where they have no written bounties
on your head
though  you can't clear it
all that's left is sword and spirit.

Don't return until I call you,
something magic may befall you.

Evil seeks to hold your hand,
now you are the one man banned,
until Merlin waves his wand
and brings you home,
you must be gone.

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Pain and Paint

Tremendously guarded, with mask and malaise
steel tipped and smiling through cloud lugging days
Hundreds of frozen dreams melt on your back
to be slipped on when least on your guard
Blessedly smart, so they've said once or twice
Always so gentle and saccharine nice
If they only knew the exposure within
They'd burn like a fire's obsession for air
We'll find you at night washing white down the drain
from the grease paint you don when your face is in pain
We watch through the window as you sink to your knees
in the pool of a million lost star dust decrees

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  Her heart is a strand of barbed wire
her tongue,a burning house afire
her hands are razors set in steel
her breath is acid,you will reel
each time she passes with those shrieks
she saves for losers,clownsand freaks

  exterminator paid in cash
to weed out vermin, fools and trash
she'll chop you up and spit you down
the other side of loser town
she's all in black and blue and red
bright with fire and dark with dread

  you can't escape her burning ire
barbed wire women don't expire
they just get covered with the shreds
of flesh and hair from victim's heads
until they turn into a ball
a catamari thru it all
the acrid smell of losers grows
the barbed wire woman always knows
where you hide and what you said.....
the barbed wire woman
wants you dead.

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Heart of Stone

It was a painted puzzle
of a poet in the rain.
somewhere in New Jersey

blowing bubbles
on a train.
She ate her last Dorito
and scribbled down a line,
about a shattered goblet full
of poisoned berry wine.

she didn't see the changes
all around her shadowed form
and how the color ranges
left the spectrum of the norm.

she thought she fell asleep and
of  dandelions and home

her open eyes transitioned
as she turned to hardest stone.

Her density had doubled up
and doubled once again
every time she turned her face
and failed to help a friend,

I put her in my pocket and I put her
on my desk
her heart of stone ,
is mine to own
T'was I who loved her best.

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  we found the cave behind the waterfall
and stood and simply wondered at it all

the night was dark and we were
far from home'
you laughed and said
this place was for a gnome

we built a fire and shivered
in the glow
a fantasy ,a feeling
seemed to grow,

your eyes were just too bright
for me to trust,
I saw strange footprints 
forming in the dust

A golden goblet 
o'er my head
a mist poured softly
blurring all you said

you leaned to touch
my lips with jaded hands
and I forgot tomorrow
and our plans.

I felt a jolt 
to never be alone
the footprints in thedust
are now my own.

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Words gone wild




words gone wild,

stealing off a favored child,

take this silver scale and token,

write the words 
your Muse has spoken,

etched in fiery streaks 

of Murder,
tell the truth the way you heard her,

see the monster in the mirror,
hurry now your fate grows clearer,

break the circle drawn around you

say a prayer,
the Truth has found you.

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Halucinatrix Diaries...assisted flight

the other side
of morning 
in the
deepest valley down,

she flew skyward
without warning
in her faded wedding gown

all her 
in a coup d'etat of flight
as she scattered invitations
to a wedding
in the light.

said the bride groom
would be waiting
on the stairs to heaven's door 
said she was anticipating
seeing his dear face once more.

so I waived and waved
and wondered
if she found him on the rise,
and if every day is numbered

you can't blame her if she tries,

reuniting with her
solider, killed abroad
in foreign wars

she could not grow any
older waiting underneath these stars.

now I stand here in the
in the moonlight
in a trance,

and I'm  sure I saw
a shadow 
of them
whirling in a dance,

straight across the 
cold division
straight along the milky way,

and I hope my dark decision
sent her on her
fated way.

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Dreams or Delusions

Dreams or delusions - who is to say? 
For one may dive ocean's to find her own way,
another may grow wings and fly 'cross the clouds 
- to the portal of sound, past the infinite crowds
A butterfly dancer, a fish with tin scales,
who teases the bellies of great balloon whales
by darting the currents in the scattered shard sun
If dreams are delusions, am I dreaming one?
Have I powdered wings or paper ribbed fins
which slice through the top of the ocean's thin skin?
Sinking like leaded lures, brushing the sand
powdery wings melt like paint in my hand
Grow me some aqua lungs, plow through the salt
while time ticks it's liquid sound straight to a halt
Dreams or delusions - who is to say?
Do you tend to fly by the night... in the day???

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Sweet like a serpentine
Stunning in glass
fuming with poison
from pain that has passed
Limp like an iron cast
Push while you  pull
starving from vomiting
when you were full
Gripping like falling sand
Streaming in veins
starts out like sweetness
and ends up in pain
Sweet like a lemon green
Tart like a hiss
broke open with frost
from a serpentine kiss.

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Found On My Shore

You washed up as a smooth white bone
of concave breadth and marble hone
You washed up when the tide was high
Held to my cheek to feel the sky
You dragged in with the silver tide
a secret to the waves confide
You lost me then inside your spell
I felt to faint, a bit unwell
You salted skin upon the beach
when you were there, within my reach
You played the waves to sweetly slip
in equilibrium to tip
You waited there to hear my name,
to soak the sand in pouring rain
You slept awhile until my hands
brushed off debris of golden sands
You washed up like a Grecian stone
when I was walking there alone
but now I'll throw you past the shore
You're not the treasure I'm searching for...

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Primordial Man

   I followed in his footsteps 
but far back a ways you know
It wouldn't do for him to see 
the way the goblins grow,

from every puddle that he left
an entity ,alone ,bereft
has raised its' head to look
up from the muck,out of the ground.

some are fairies and the like 
and some are elves
and some are tykes
that soon may grow into 
a troll
to hide beneath the bridge
and roll
ole Tony down when he comes back
a strolling cross his
evening track,
he'll ask a riddle of the man,
and when he doesn't understand

he'll say "what have you lost and found
since you past by and went to town?"

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 We shared a cell for seven weeks
before he finally up and speaks,
he turned around and shook his head
he tore the mattress on the bed,
inside he kept a sacred book,
he said that I could take a look,

I read six lines and heard a scream
I felt that I was in a dream
the cell walls vanished in the night
the moon above was shining bright

I don't know if we're really gone,
but I feel like I went back home,
a trance or harsh reality,
it matters not.......
for I am 

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What Bliss May Come . . .

With breathless anticipation I watch as the old oaks dance
I peel my eyes to scrutinize the shimmering fairies as they prance
Clandestinely I survey the elves so intense in their impish play
Oh! what heaven I behold in these covert encounters so gay
The stars wink in disbelief at this unforgettable dewy delight
I furtively drink in the animation exhilarated with this spectacular sight
The air is pregnant with expectancy beyond compare
Unicorns capricious in their play ignite the mystical air
Enticing, appealing and enchanting, sentient with undulating movement
Exquisitely provoking fantasmical conjoured images and masterful events
Ah! What an enthralling menagerie of fabulous cuisine
What absolute thrill to pass life in bliss so serene  

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I search over valleys and hills
My search ends fruitless as hell
Over oceans and mountains I search
Swollen Lakes and intimate rivers I see
I retire in vain, alone and aquiver
Alas what I look for is unclear
I search all over for this yearning I feel
O what uncertainty I know not what I seek

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Wanton and wild she whispers wizened
So delectably opaque she surrenders sated
Her fledgeling mind warbles tremblingly unblind
So altruistic so soothingly defined
Coloured adornment flames brilliantly in heat
So trembling and trying she walks until him she meets

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   I represent all human kind                   
My birth begins in their mind  
  Majestic like an eagle’s flight                    
Life’s passageways of insight 
  Thru my words souls are bared           
Yet no tongue have I to share    
  I have a strong worthy stand   
Yet can be crushed in the hand
  Souls of millions I have seen
Despite no eyes to intervene
  I have traveled far and wide
Air, land and sea all in stride
  The plea of many I have heard
Yet no ears I have to hear a word
  My identity an endless sky
Amazingly untold names have I
  Many things I could be
In a Poem for all to see


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Jane Doe

Her golden hair moved in the breeze
Like cornsilk highlighted by the sun
Nobody knows what her name is
Or from where she has come

Her body was found by the roadside
Thrown from a moving car
It's now been three weeks since
And nobody has claimed her so far

Surely, she wasn't in this world
Without a family or friend
We want to find out who she is
But just don't know where to begin

Her picture is in the paper
Maybe someone will know
So she will have her own name
Not a headstone marked, "Jane Doe"

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I pose a dare to all of you who can guess what I am
If you can guess just what I am then good for you ma'am
I am velvet to the touch and round as a tub
Oh, and I love to have my tummy rubbed
I spread love with me wherever I go
I come in hues so different you know
Whoever sees me falls in love with me
Dark poses no threat to me you see
Predator like with a fiery temper
Vamp like is what people whisper
When I'm good you love me like no other
But when I'm bad you won't like to be my mother
Pray what am I have you guessed yet pray tell
It may be better if too long you do not dwell!!!

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I Say Good-Bye

I say good-bye to things of the past,
To things I thought would always last.

I say good-bye to the ashes of home,
Its halls no more for me to roam.

I say good-bye to the kitchen table, where at dinner, we all sat,
And to the living room, where everyone would sit and chat.

I say good-bye to the bedroom, where through many storms I sat,
And listened to the rain on the roof going pitter-pat, pitter-pat, pitter-pat.

I say good-bye as I stand and look,
And realize what the good Lord took.

I say good-bye to the things of old,
And into prayer I go, in my lap, my  hands I fold.

I say good-bye to the things I'd lost,
And realize the  sacrifice was worth the cost.

I say good-bye to what I see,
And thank God I've still got my family.

I say good-bye and I feel liable,
That the only material survivor was the Hoy Bible.

I say good-bye to the bed, where at night I lay,
And sometimes take a nap during the day.

I say good-bye to the freedom I loved,
The freedom, I'd known.

I say good-bye to the freedom that I harbored,
The freedom that, over the years, had grown.

I say good-bye to the freedom I had known,
To the freedom I had thought was my own.

I say good-bye to the things of old,
To see them no more, or so I'm told.

I say good-bye to the memories so grand,
Taken from me by God's own hand.

I say good-bye to things so beloved, so sweet,
Only the building process, we must repeat.

I say good-bye, and realize there is soil to turn and fields to reap,
There's so much to do, I have but little time to sit and weep.

I say good-bye, and though I'm sad,
I know there'll be no other.

I say good-bye and give you the culprit, or so I hear,
He was my very own, dear brother.