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Couplet Loss Poems | Couplet Poems About Loss

These Couplet Loss poems are examples of Couplet poems about Loss. These are the best examples of Couplet Loss poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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The old man sat with eyes closed, dozing in his chair
Until a little voice he heard say “Grandpa, are you there”.

He gazed upon a little boy while waking from his nap
Then reached down with a sweeping move and placed him in his lap

The child was carrying a book that he wanted him to see
He held it up and  asked him “Grandpa, will you read to me”?

The old man cleaned his glasses then opened up the book
And suddenly the two of them a wonderous journey took

They ventured lands so far away, sailed seas not sailed before
Met knights and kings and wizards on every distant shore.

Together they fought dragons, saved damsels in distress
Freeing lands of monsters and the treasures they possess

When the old man closed the cover to end their magic ride
He told the boy “We're much like books, what's important is inside”.

But one day when the boy arrived and rushed to Grandpas chair
Much to his disappointment, his Grandpa was not there

He ran to find his mother for surely she would know
Why the chair was empty, where did his Grandpa go

She sat him down and asked him if he remembered in each book
The adventures and the journeys that he and Grandpa took

He took you there to show you the things that you can find
The wonders that are yours to see if you open up your mind.

But he still walks beside you in the stories you have read
You're not left to go alone, he’s just gone on ahead

The child then went and chose a book and climbed up in the chair
And opening up the cover whispered “Grandpa, are you there”?

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A Meadow's Sigh

The meadow’s breath a gift to all, the mist, the morning dew,
a silent sigh, a heartfelt call, a prayer to me and you.

Green and warm, full of life, the forest's skirt, the Maid's delight,
where rabbits dwell in lovers’ dells, a dream in morning light.

Gold and bright, full of life, the forest's skirt and Knight's delight;
life lies in grasses high, where lovers sleep and passion cries.

White and fair, full of life, the forest's skirt of pearly white;
burrowers sleep in bowers deep, hearths alight on chill nights.

The meadow's breath a gift to all, the mist, the morning dew;
a silent sigh, a heartfelt call, a prayer to me and you.

The men have made the meadow home, no rabbits now play there,
no deer appear so near the roads for cars bring them dispare.

The meadow was home to many things, butterflies, birds on wing,
yet, few can dwell where men reside, the forest's skirt swept aside.

The meadow’s breath a gift to all, the mist, the morning dew,
a silent sigh, a heartfelt call, a prayer to me and you.

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As The Wind Blows - Chan's Memory

As  the Wind Blows

When you feel a warm wind caress your face, do you think of me
Do you hear a soft voice whispering as it rustles the leaves

Sit, close your eyes; do you smell the soft scent carried on the wind
Listen to the trees, they sing a song that was meant to never end

So is the strength of my love, able to be with you though I am not there
Caressing your face through the breeze, its essence carried on the air

The song of the trees, the whisper in the wind, listen with your heart
I am calling to you love, our bodies separated for a time, but our spirits never apart

F. J. Thomas

Though I do not personally believe in heaven and hell 
the same way many do I would hope that, whatever your belief,  
you do believe that he no longer suffers as he was.

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The Box of Stuff

I heard him close shut the attic door,
I snuck in and saw him on the floor.

He found the box that I stored away,
As I turned to leave I heard him say.

“Mom, could you come here for a few,
Whose badge is this and what does this do?”

Placing the hat on top of his head,
Come close my son I softly said.

With a saddened tone I lowly spoke,
Pushing words over the lump in my throat.

That box of stuff belonged to a man,
Who left one night with his keys in hand.

He heard his pager go off late one night,
He jumped in that suit and dashed out of sight.

To answer a call, not knowing for sure,
The dangers his heart would have to endure.

He’d always been brave right from the start,
And was a good man with a courageous heart.

He wasn’t a man like typical dads,
That was mainly because the job that he had.

That box of stuff is his way to pave,
The bright good man you’ll be someday.

Because in that box that you delved into,
Belonged to a man who looked like you.

If you can understand I’ve never known why,
Before you were born that man had to die.

I cannot imagine what he went through,
To save a stranger he never knew.

He faced a danger he didn’t deserve,
He gave his life to protect and to serve.

He wasn’t respected most of the time,
But still he laid his life down on the line.

With all this that I share this day,
There’s a few final words I’d like to say.

All the stuff that’s within that box,
I want you to know belonged to a cop.

There’s a lot of things he never saw,
He lost his life defending the law.

And one of those things that he didn’t see,
Was watching you become what you came to be.

You’re brave like him in the things you pursue,
I know he’d be proud of the life you ensue.

It’s been along time that my heart has cried,
I still remember the night that he died.

Much has happened since the night he was slain,
I think you should know that you bear his name.

Yes there are times that I still get sad;
But I want you to know that man was your dad.

So put the box up my little snooper,
Now that you know your dad was a trooper.

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One Toy Soldier

One Toy Soldier

Little toy soldiers are all put away
Training is over for this time of day.
Where do these little boys go now to play?
Away from their home to die in the fray.

Little toy weapons are no longer there
But boxed in attics by mothers with care--
Where keepsakes still hold a lock of his hair--
While rockets and missles challenge his fare.

Little toy bad guys and little toy good
Haze in the distance when misunderstood.
Where fall the lilies on long crates of wood
And each gave their all--as good soldiers should...

Little toy soldiers are coming back home...
Mothers are weeping, laments all alone
Where flags lie folded--the gift of Shalom...
As the long box is lowered...'neath the loam

One little toy soldier is placed on the top
Remembering All--so that None be Forgot.

deborah burch©                            


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Taken, never Forsaken

When I try to look back, it hurts to start A mother I was now in continual broken heart In the innocence of that Sunday quietly shopping away When my thoughts to humanity go in angered astray One minute he held my hand, the next he was gone In suspended silence I float amidst stared public throng Questions through confusion as to where I stood last Still feeling his hand, that loving maternal grasp Lights became brighter, louder were the voices Still confusion abounds in sporadic lost choices Who could have taken him, where has he gone So many voices not singing the same song Continually I dream about these words you've just read To the end of my days I can't think of him dead <*>

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The Zoos and Us

We went to the zoo that fine summers day
Seeing many an animal in captivity play

From all over the world, five continents all
Where many are thriving, and many will fall

I find it ironic when we view and we stare
For outside we slaughter, in their dens and their lairs

The above line tells me that the zoos are the place
To save her gems whilst us humans lose face

As her marvels diminish, we praise these acres of land
And salute those who cared and drew up their plans

For the zoos they created are their dreamed thoughts ahead
Without these few acres, many species would be dead

So next time you visit, either a zoo or a park
Look beyond their boundaries, as you stand in the Ark

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Nightmare of a Beautiful Dream

I dreamt my mother mourned a broken doll,
porcelain, sad brown eyes, and five feet tall.

Entombed it in the finest place she could,
a cottage encircled by sunlit wood.

She danced a silent waltz with it, keening,
encouraging life in the wretched thing.

And it mended as she was worn away.
She did not hear when warned of her decay.

I was left a pristine porcelain doll,
and a broken mother in its enthrall.

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I had a love, but it flew like a 
out of the cage, but never 

I had a voice that spoke with 
rendered softly, but now I 

I had a charm that melted like 
Now it's forming artery clutter.

I ballooned lungs, possessing 
your air,
but your absence left a 
pulmonary tear.

I had wide eyes endulged with 
but they can't relay what a 
heart can see.    

I had a heart that beat like a 
but it's been chewed like shoe-
stuck gum.

I had honey dance in my 
playful mouth.
Now it's tasted onion, hard to 
brush out.

I had a belly that held 
Now they've come out like once 
hidden lies.

I had tickled ears filled with 
your melody.
They pranced like deer, into a tree.

I had pennies wasted on vain 
Now they're poisoning the 
I had a nose filled with rose's 
but it blew with the breeze, a 
memory spent.

I had smooth arms secure in 
your care.
Now they're free, yet lonely, 

I had soft hands, interlocked 
with yours.
Now they hold open their own 

I had silken legs you loved to 
I keep them neatly under my 

I had eyebrows raised with 
Now they're abased, full of 

I had a smile, like a child's for 
I still wear one, but it's a fake.

I had instincts, but I let them 
like a rambling tongue, for 
ego's show.    

I had a feeling this would end,
but remained devoted like an 
owing friend.

I had deep wounds, dripping 
with blood.
The stains are hidden under the 

I had regrets of the worst kind,
but I've released them, lost in 

I had a self, differently sorted,
vibrantly alive, now aborted.

by Juliet Ligon
for Giorgio's "Favorite Poem" 

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The Bird Sings

If I were a bird, would you clip my wings
then cage me away with pretty things?
And, if my wings were to be clipped
why not just burry me within a crypt,
For a cage is too small for a master of sky,
I was meant to kiss the sun, soar, and fly.
For to have wings that cannot soar,
then why not nail me to the floor?
Tonight I shall make my final swan song
knowing I have been locked away so long.
For a cage is too small for a master of sky,
I was meant so kiss the sun, soar, and fly.
So still the caged bird, she sings
without her sky, without wings.
Sometimes laments, sometimes sighs,
sometimes she whistles her own reprise.
For a cage is too small for a master of sky
I was meant to kiss the sun, soar, and fly.
So then curious is it, the caged thing
who finds she has the heart to sing?
Because it would seem a great strain
to be caged seems twisted and profane,
for a cage is too small for a master of sky,
I was meant to kiss the sun, soar, and fly.
When asked, why do you sing, bird?
The answer is a simple word,
hope, for escape from behind these bars
that keep me caged from the stars.
For a cage is too small for a master of sky,
I was meant to kiss the sun, soar, and fly.
Birds should have no master, no kings
and love cannot be clipping wings.
But now it seems I must live confined,
in this hand crafted cage of your design,
but a cage is too small for a master of sky
I was meant to kiss the sun, soar, and fly.
So must I wait for these wings to heal
and relearn how the wind may feel.
If I must be caged, still my heart sings
of the day I can again use my wings.

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Never Tell

He smiles in my direction as he walks in the door
And laughs at my heart, now a puddle on the floor,
The people walking by turn, point and stare,
I repeat over and over, “there’s nothing there…”

Rains of passion, waves of homicidal angst,
You can’t look backwards and still walk straight,
A million signs are screaming out at you:
Stop-danger-watch out-you’re running too

Quickly, swiftly your friends all walk away,
I’d like to say something, but it’d be so cliché,
Silently you sit and watch them go,
Hoping inside that they don’t know,
Maybe they won’t know, but everybody knows…

I think of you and I think about stars,
Captured fireflies in marmalade jars,
Beautiful reminders of what may have been,
But the fire goes out, and they lay there dead...

He says, “The poison doesn’t do it for me anymore,
I need a pain to leave me lying gasping on the floor,”
My eyes go cloudy as he looks to yesterday,
I say, “I never meant to hurt you anyways...”

It broke my heart, I almost cried
To see you hurting, so broke inside,
Twist, plunge deeper, lemon and salt it so,
Some suffer in silence, I’ve come to know,
You’d rather be alone, you asked me to go...

The colors flew around the walls,
How I got here I don’t recall,
He handed me the bottle and I didn’t think twice,
"Just get rid of the pain, whatever the price..."

I think we danced, at least we may’ve,
Silly boy, to think I’d misbehave,
He said, “I bet I can change your mind,”
Slow down, stop, (learn to) rewind,

“Hold my hand,” I pleaded, to who?
I don’t think so, that’s not something I’d do,
Stop, not there, leave me alone,
I don’t want to be touched anymore…

A glance at the reflection as I pass a mirror,
I thought I saw a smile, but it disappeared,
Spin around and around, a crystal ball,
Reality’s a mist that surrounds us all…

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Peer Pressure of the Worst

Peer pressure of the worst no matter who they are
They can be a boy or girl that they believe to become martyr's

Strapped to these young souls, is something they just don't understand
Yet the cowards who persuade them to miss, becoming a woman or a man

What, where, why or when, does this quest justify it's means
For it arises in the warped depraved, in twisted confused dreams

For in this book that they all crave about, this they cannot do
It's against their religion to request the suicide of you

For all their Cleric's whom they are, they sit and witness so
Not one has ever spoken out, to stop this exploding blow

Why is this I ask myself, for they fear the bullet of a gun
Because it's easier to suppress their young, terrorism has again begun

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Breathes of Souls

The night grows heavy as the bells do toll,
And tears will fall, all will behold.

As deep in Gods earth is laid to rest half a soul
Once entwined and beautifully blessed.

Now those left behind will cry out with envy,
For the peace of ages the lost holds so clearly.

Those hearts left behind will cry out with the cold
As bittersweet memories circle of old.

Emblazoned images circle of walks once walked,
As the other half now goes with God to talk.

Hearts do tremble with sadness that once knew love,
As time stretches, a lonely run begun.

Time will carry forth until the other flies free
Dispatched by deaths angel to soar with the breeze.

Then those dispatched by deaths’ grim thoughts will unite
Together to find peace at last.

As the breathes of two souls will heal and hold fast,
And love will again hold them close, at last.

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Marble in Columns on Green

On a slope graced with green
White marble stands in proud salute

For beneath these engraved pillars of memory
Lie the resting places of heroes

A solitary green fir looks down
As if sheltering the lost and the taken

So many names, from all walks of life
A father, brother a girlfriend or wife

On a sunny day, they glow radiant like their lives
On a dull day, they stand out against the greys

For the living, life goes on 
Tomorrow is another day

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Civil War

This evening I listen to a Rock 'n' Roll band
Their track is Civil War, as our world now expands

To us it's the same size but to others they despise
For the want of greed exists in their killer hungry eyes

Where do I start, to say of their evil spread
A different starvation leaving the world in evil dread

It's not our today's but our yesterdays years
That our history tells us, of our everlasting torn tears

Cambodia, the Lebannon, and Sri Lanka's Indian sun
Rebels who demand better at the end of a gun

Guaetamala and Peru with their Shining Path
Villagers in terror decrying it's ever last

Democracy is our power in it's controllable exist
Like the Shining above, how long will our future paths persist

Recent news in the Arabic World, has taken tyrants by surprise
For decades they have stolen with their torturing infidel lies  

I could go deeper and deeper to describe these evils acts
In wanton blood spillage, to increase civil war torn facts

For this is the world we live in, it appears we determine to live
Maybe in our lifetime it will be on our doorstep, we open, our lives will sieve

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I was talkin' with the Lord when He said to me
"Are you okay?  Need some company"?

I told Him that even with all His creatures
I couldn't find one that had my features.

"Well, no need to worry about it." He said
Then he gave me a nightcap, and put me to bed.

When I awoke I was awfully sore
Little did I know there was to be a lot more.

For He had taken a bit of my hair and a piece of bone
And whilst I slept, formed for me a unique companion.

I caller her "Eve" as it seemed to fit
As time went by we were a hit.

We would talk and eat and walk the garden nude
No neighbors as yet,  we needn't be prude.

Then one day she said to me,
"Hey Adam, here, try some fruit from this tree."

Not knowing the difference between evil and good
I took a big bite, as together we stood.

Then in a flash everything turned black
I knew we were in for some serious flak.

"What have you done?"  I asked aloud
"Was this from the tree, which was not allowed?"

"Well", she said, "The snake gave me the word
That if we ate it, we would be like the Lord."

We realized we were naked and ran off for some leaves
When the Lord started calling, we were hiding in the trees.

"What's going on?"  He said to me
"Have you eaten of the forbidden tree?"

Like all blame shifting men not skipping a beat
"Yes, Lord", I said, "Eve gave me some to eat.

"You foolish creatures . . . it would have been wise
You could have spent eternity in this Paradise."

"I'm sorry Lord, I can't say it enough."
"You're right, you can't, so I'm making this rough!

Because now, you will have to scratch out a life
For yourself, your children, and especially your wife.

If you think this is bad, you're in for a trick
Wait until some banker dreams up plastic.

She'll be shopping and buying and going all around
It'll be enough, to put you in the ground.

As for her, she'll suffer as much and more too
After all, now she'll have to put up with you!"

So an angel took us to the gate in the garden wall
Saying only, "Be careful, now it will hurt if you fall."

So there we were, On the Outside Looking In
At that manicured garden, where we committed our sin.

I wouldn't mind if so much weren't at stake
Now all she says is, "I have a headache."

I've tried to forgive her and a gentleman be
But I still can't let her control the remote for the TV.

So here I am thinking, "I've been such a dupe,
For posterity . . . I'll put this on Poetry Soup!"

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Armano the Auracano

Armano the Auracano of Rock Star fame
Will never be singing on his stage again

A fan. a critter, or even a possum 
Has taken his life, he will no longer blossom

He was a handsome dude, tall and preened
With shiny red rustic feathers, and did the girls scream

A newspaper reporter asked his manager Dane
It must be hard for you, as you will miss him playing

Yes i will, things will never be the same
But another star will be born, to look after his dames

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Matters Of The Heart

We've come a long way
I can honestly say
As I look to the past
I never thought we'd last
But look where we are
We've come so far
We've given and we've taken
We've done things forsaken
We've laughed and we've cried
Sometimes we've even lied
I've hurt you and you've hurt me
But our love feels like it was meant to be
My heart is yours and your heart is mine
It is rare to find a love so divine
Our love is strong and it will come to grow
Forever together is a long time you know
By your side, I will always be
I love you and you love me
We'll stay together and never part
As long as our love comes from the heart

Copyright © 2002   Shari E Davis

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My Best Bud Joe

I sit and think what could have been	
a life with Joey, my best friend.

The many things we could have shared,
The special way he showed he cared.

At age fourteen he stood six foot five
Was big and strong and so alive.

Why wasn’t I there that fateful day
To try and save his life some way?

I had no way to say goodbye,
Why did he go, why did he die?

At first I blamed my God for this,
For taking him, the life he’ll miss.

But since I’ve come to understand, 
It wasn’t God but the fault of man.

The careless company that took him away,
Should be made to suffer, made to pay.

I’m still so mad it hurts inside,
I miss him so, I feel deprived!

It’s so unfair he died so young
Not knowing what he could become.

Now he’s gone and I’ll never know
How life could be with my “Best Bud Joe”.


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my brother the river

out on the water..............
 hear the music
 rise and fall 
it knows no bounds
and through it all
I see the colors of the notes 
a windy rain,
a mist that floats
so gently on the surface mode
just like the waves
display the code
the sunlight
dazzles in my eyes
is that you whispering 
you never knew 
the rulesat all
you said that 
you could take the fall,
somehow you thought
you were immune
to every madness
'neath the moon
and now we've washed
you out to sea
I told you so...........
you are 

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Washed Away

Dont despair that I dont miss you
  want to hold you
wait to kiss you
  I cant see you , I can feel you
with a heart line I can reel you
   Right back in just like the River
HOMOSASSA taker, giver
   In some light you flow beside me
seek to steer me, move me, guide me
    To a place I cant remember
Like a glowing, dying ember

    Of a time I cant recall 
But I know you have it all
     Saved on waves of long ago
Washed up somewhere I cant know
     Where each tide must rise and fall
Some Lagoon where nightbirds call
     Everyone sits 'round the glow
Waiting for someone to know
     How to read the map to find me
Even I am left behind me.

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What I didn't know then

  Persimmon sunshine
 in my mind
I think about you all the time
I drink the crimson silver spill
the overfloe from every thrill
The mercury from off the lid
of every shocking thing you did
and how I held on to the door
around the curves
to Nevermoor.
the raging wind the windy waves
the way you said the word that saves
the savage 
from the civilized,
I never even realized,
I was the one you carried high
like a banner in your sky
I wish that I had known back then
how much you loved me 
as a friend.
would have rocked the world
I would have searched
until I found
the place for us 
beneath the sky
how dare you have 
the gall to die
and leave me just when I
the truth about 
love that burned,
a hole in yesterday's 
I know it now............
I won't 

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In A TIme

In a world filled with lust and sin,
People knock, but can't get in.

There is no right, and there's no wrong.
There's no perserverance to carry on.

There's no happiness, and there is no sorrow.
Folks look forward, but not to tomorrow.

Uncertaincy grips you as you proceed with caution.
Victories are won, but not very often.

Now is the time of broken hearts,
When folks move on, and don't get very far.

Where you want to hope, you dare to dream,
And everything in life is more than it seems.

A time in life of missed opportunities and lost chances.
Where people no longer believe in "love," or "romances."

The world once known has come to an end,
And a 'new,' less appealing one is about to begin. 

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Old Man

Don't cry for me the old man said
To the young man standing by his bed
The time has come for me to go
But there's something I want you to know
From the day you were born until this day
There is something I have tried to say
I have always been a stubborn man
But I think I can say it if you hold my hand
You will probably think it's long overdue
But the truth is Son, I love you

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Murphy's Gone

My son called me at work to let me know
Murphy was ill, he didn’t have long to go
Then he called again later in the day
To let me know Murphy had passed away
Tears flowed freely in the afternoon
Guess I never believed he would die so soon
This dog brought joy wherever he went
Unconditional love, a life well spent
Sometimes I look at his picture and smile
Sometimes, alone, I cry for a while
I knew it would hurt when he had to depart
But I can’t understand how it ripped out my heart
Friend stopped me and asked “What’s going on?”
In a barely audible whisper I said “Murphy’s Gone.”

Dedicated to Murphy, my son’s Chihuahua
Who died on May 21, 2010

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Beyond The Gates

Behind these gates lay quite the scene
So very surreal, yet not a dream

Beautiful headstones, manicured lawns
My God the memories this place spawns 

The winding road, first turn to the right
Back to the beginning of my plight

Stopping next to the second trail
My heart and head pound like hell

On the left eleven headstones away
Like a movie my memory starts to play

People gathered from all around
My mother knew everyone in town

At the time I was still unable to speak
My shattered psyche was far too weak

I stood there broken and full of fear
Ashamed I could shed not a single tear

Ashamed I could speak not a single word
Inside my head so many voices heard

What did those voices have too say
That’s another story for another day

Those gates now hold so many I love
Everyone I once held above

Last time I entered them I was 32
Even though those gates hold all of you

Next month I’ll go back and explain why
Tell my mother the reason I couldn’t cry

Apologize to her for being broken
Leave flowers, a poem, and my N.A. token

That way she will know without any doubt
What her little boy ended up being all about

That her little boy is not broken anymore
Overcoming adversity is what adversity is for

And one day when I’ve completed my fate
I’ll be looking for her, “Beyond the Gate”

The Shafter, California cemetery holds my mother, Grandparents, my cousin James and many
close friends. The last time I visited them was approx. 18 years ago. It’s very strange
that I received, “Beyond the Gates” as my topic, because; I’ve been planning this trip for
months now. If not for that fact I would have most likely written this poem about prison
gates. I reckon all things happen for a reason. Thank you Constance writing this poem has
given me strength to help me do what I plan to do. Go make amends to the person who gave
me life and taught me the things, which stuck with me through it all. My Grandparents
never lost hope in me and always said, "One day Mikey will remember the things we taught
him and return to the Lord." I think they will be proud of the man who comes to visit them
next month.

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Thank Heaven For Little Girls

(To The Memories of Jon Benet Ramsey, Sherrice Iverson and Ryan Harris)

Sometimes I reach down to hold your tiny hand
And I come up feeling powerless and helpless and
Unable to understand, why I will never see you
Playing in a schoolyard, backyard or
Playground because someone decided to take 
What the world had found:

Three beautiful little girls,
With ponytails and bright faces
Whose pictures and stories have
Turned up in so many places
To tell stories of torture and abuse
To show the world that you refuse 
To die down and disappear
Because if you do I fear
That no little girl will be able to play alone
Without the benefit of a bodyguard or chaperone

Increasingly, day after, day, I wake up
In the morning and I hear in the news that
Another little life has been taken by a crazed 
I then immediately think of my precious 
7-year-old and quickly react:

I say dear God, sometimes
I reach down to hold her tiny 
Hand, and I still come up feeling 
Powerless and helpless and unable to
Understand why I must never let go of
Of her hand... But God, I still thank 
Heaven for little girls. 

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Letter To A War Widow

With warmest regards and the saddest lament
I write this small note with the best of intent

The newspaper’s account of your husband’s death
Made me feel as if I was short of breath

As the son of a Veteran who twice went to war
I’ve often wondered, what my life would have had in store

If my father had not returned home one day
And I had to share my grief on public display

I was not born the first time he went away
And was just ten when he left again, somehow feeling betrayed

I didn’t quite understand why he had to leave
It took a while to learn not to grieve

I read that you have two little boys, just six and eight
I can’t imagine what you say to make their restless dreams abate

My mind used to play out my greatest fear
Misplacing his last tape recording, saying his coming home date was near

On return tapes to him, I played guitar and talked too
Trying to make him feel like he was home, even if untrue

I write this note to help me remember
That even though my father returned in December

Many that go off to war, do not
And sons, daughters, spouses and families are caught

In a process of grieving that abates only with time
It takes as long as it does, there is no magical chime  

To help you and your sons with your journey that I feared most
Enclosed is a contribution to their foundation host

Not at all a fair trade, just to help provide for their well being 
I know you remind them that their father’s love is all seeing

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Safe At Home

When I closed my eyes and fell asleep in the premature hours of dawn
I never dreamed Your face would be
The next I’d look upon
My vehicle came to rest against the square concrete pylon
And those who found me declared to all
“It appears as though he’s gone”
They said I had the look of peace upon my face so fair
And in my lap my hands were laid
As if God placed them there
Just underneath those hands of mine my Gummy Bears were found
How is it that they rested there
And were not tossed around
You chose for me the greatest dad and mother one could have
And my sister; she’s so beautiful
Will you hold her for me Dad
For all of those that knew me knew how much I loved the game
But they also knew I loved you Lord
And someday you’d call my name
I’m grateful that I prayed the prayer to receive you in my heart
Now I know for sure that heaven is real
And we two shall never part
My final game was played that day as I heard you say “well done”
I ran into my dwelling place
Where I’m truly “safe at home”

Dedicated to RJ Ledesma jr who was called from this earth much to soon. May you rest in the Lord's care till we see you again. October 29, 1992 - September 24, 2011

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Dearest Momma

Dearest momma,
I sure do love you and miss you.
From this helicopter, I get a gruesome view.

Some friends are wading in the mud.
Carrying one wounded keeping him out of the crud.

I hate to say it, but Vietnam's like hell.
Everywhere you look you see fragments of blown up shell.

When will this war ever end precious one?
Will I see you at home or beyond the sun?

Keep praying for these copters to stay in the air,
and to keep us here in Vietnam, safe from all the fire.

Momma darling I must close this letter.
And we'll hope and pray all our days will get better.

Your loving son,

Jimmy Anderson "World of War: Vietnam" contest

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The Library Man

How often do you visit the Library? And what do you see?
I see oceans and seas of books plus a homeless man doing zzz’s..
He’d apparently been reading before, he fell deep asleep.
He can stay there, they say, as long as he doesn’t lie down to sleep.
Sitting up is OK and of course, as long as he doesn’t create a scene.

He’s kind and gracious and a little strange but can debate any role
When he walked over, we had a talk about the devil verses mind control.
Without asking, what he really wanted was someone to buy him lunch.
There’s a McDonalds two doors down from where we were bunched.
I don’t know what I expected when he woke up and looked around.

But when I asked if he was homeless he wasn’t fazed at all.
Yes, I have been for a while, he said, but my boat will soon come in.
And I realized the library is a warm, safe place to relax and to be.
And the librarians seem content to just let him be.
In the end, I was sorry I couldn’t buy him that lunch.

But recently, my abilities to do so had become a little stretched.
I used to buy the books I read… now the library is more my taste.
I just hope if it comes to that… he’ll graciously share this place.
The library even has computers from where you could write.
And the people there are varied and really rather kind.

I’m on the edge but whole family’s once prosperous are already there.
Cheap hotel rooms in even cheaper hotels, once skirted are full.
The jobs don’t pay for anything more. They are: Bitter, Disgruntled, Lost.
Needed are better and more jobs to re-establish the American Dream.
To give them some hope so they can go back there again…
And don’t just act toward them… like they’re your library man…
Give them back their American Dream as best you can.

Voice of Reason Contest

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Blessed on a Deserted Island

Who would imagine that my life would come down to the edge of a blade
worked and worked on stone, scraping off goo and removing the bites?

Or that when I tumbled and rolled in the surf, unsure what was up.
storm rolling hard against breakers that I would remain intact?

It’s breath holding time, while rain smashes down, winds howl and the stir
rocks you until you forget your name and then finally silence, the deep breath

sauna time arising with sun, I scramble for cover, glad my Teva sandals
prevent the shells slicing at my skin, I must duck down into forest

looking to quench thirst, handy filter bottle in hand to conquer
all the parasites and villains unseen about to attack what is left.

Forgive me then, Father, for I have fallen to worship my survival blade,
prying out oysters, scraping out crabs, peeling the papaya

for I drink well of thy wine, fruit of my body, rendered and purified
and wander as I will through this vast new place I’ve come 

lost to find self, and prayer for the fragile web of blessings
that save me from skewered, smashed, expiring, but shaded by your love.

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Who Should We Blame

Soccer moms need gas each day 
To move their vans along the way.

How can a jet leave contrail lines
Without the fuel to fly so high?

Little did the Ford man know
How fast the number of cars would grow.

750 million today
To double in 30 years they say.

This thirsty world requires a drink
350 million barrels per month, I think.

So when an oil spill makes us mad,
When oil stained beaches make us sad,

We shouldn't blame the companies
That try so hard to meet our needs.

Or curse our government and president,
When we see where the spilled oil went.

They'll work together best they can,
New laws and money to clean the sand.

New technology will be invented
To contain the leaks when they are vented.

If you look for whom to blame,
His name and yours may be the same.

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Too Much to Lose, Now I'm Behind Bars Blues

Let me tell you my story about my behind bars blues
For doing something I shouldn't, now too much to lose

It all happened quite a few years ago when I was a boy sixteen
Living on the Dublin estates, where you had to be part of the scene

Gangs became part of the culture, live here you'll see what I mean
Generation after generation, it appears to be in our genes

I close my eyes to recall, whilst a shiver runs down my spine
As I follow my steps that night, still scared of what I'll find

We, me and my gang, readily terrorised our streets
Frightened of no one we were, no matter whom we'd meet

Then came that Friday night down at the local bar and grill
A Rock Band played in the corner, Thin Lizzy, their guitars spill

Next thing all hell breaks loose, a rival gang enters en masse
No prisoners were taken, no creed, colour or class

Amidst the chaotic scenes you could hear the flick of a blade
Into flesh that was previously perfect, a member makes his grade

Scattered echoes resonate, shouting and cursing extends
Screams of fading life bellows, as another knife internally bends

Broken glass now glistens in pools of crimson red
Dishevelled clothed creatures, lie punctured close to dead

Sirens out of nowwhere wail, flashing blues descend
Another Friday night downtown, societies current trend

I stand in frenzied stare, a redded steel gripped in my hand
Me becoming one of many, that a parent had never planned

At sixteen years old I have been taken, but I see another day
There were three on that fateful night, who never came back to play

Liberty was never a word, that ever entered our thoughts
Or even the others we inflicked, whom we brought to nought

The day I stood in the dock, knowing behind bars blues were near
At sixteen years old going inside, it's now my turn to fear

* For Miranda's "Behind Bars Blues" contest *

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An old weary owl

On a moonlit night,, as I was on a search
An this old weary owl, flew down to perch

Startled,  I became a statue, perfectly still
Cast in stone, as I had lost all my free will

My eyes fixed, I saw his and they intrigued
What words he might speak, if not fatigued

This Silence was broken, he spoke as a man
Saying "I'm am nothing to fear", as he began

As I have searched this earth, many a night
For the rats that folly, when the moon is bright

Instead, I see you, a women, creator of life
What is it you search for or are you in flight

Can the hollow feeling inside, from a past strife
Be filled by earths beauty, in the moonlight

You see twilight, in darkness, your hope is alive
Joy again will fill your heart, your baby will thrive

You see it isn't the moon, it's a morning sunrise
Wisdom discerns truth, as knowledge comes alive

As I search darkness, wisdom protects me from strife
Let a wise old owls knowledge, assist you in life

inspired by painting " The owl and the ***** cat"

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My Perfect 10

If I picked my Valentine
she'd be a perfect 10.
She'd have blonde hair with highlites
and answer where and when.

She'd be a little shorter,
yet tall enough to kiss.
Her reach a little longer
to torture us in bliss.

Her shape would be the bomb.
As sexy as they come.
With hair up for the moment
I'd meet her at the prom.

She'd talk a little faster
with words I'd say are smart.
Yet keep me to attention
in hugs up to my heart.

A smile just like a lion.
Her face a source of pride.
One to show my mother.
And then to make my bride.

My Valentine was perfect
as I lost her way back then.
How was I to know that she
would find her perfect 10.

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The Gift


My arms are empty my heart in such pain
For I know that I may never ever see you again
That mother’s love so strong, gentle and true 
Has to be put aside, forgotten in favour of you

Who knows how long this sadness will last?
Will I ever recover and get over the past?
My prayer is fervent and is always the same
That you be cherished protected this is my aim 

It was different up to the very day you were born
I had made up my mind and had always sworn
We would stay close together whatever the cost
But I looked into your face and was immediately lost

You deserved better than me and my rebellious boy
We prepared for you as if you were a living small toy
Reality changed the moment I held you so close
I knew then and there that I did not have a choice

And so we said our goodbyes that cold winter day
I cried so many tears that I struggled to find my way
Out of the refuge into the wide world once more
Your loss to remain with me an open weeping sore

But my awful sadness became someone else’s true gain                
My sacrifice made sure two strangers would forever remain
In my debt grateful to me for the selfless gift I had made
This knowledge alone helped make my deep sorrow fade

What of the future who knows what life may bring?
Perhaps a connection that will make my heart sing
For whatever the heartache, the trauma and pain
It is as mother and daughter we will forever remain

©Copyright Dilys Brown 3rd September 2013

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Copyright © 2013

Skittles and a soda
against a gun in its holster?

One day that scream
will be known as a teen
not a heinous lying Fein

What a sinister ploy and twist
with a loaded gun and no fist?

Had everyone sitting and waiting
doomed by a verdict just delaying

Was this just an optical illusion
or, a devious planned conclusion?

Now, this generation too afraid
wearing hoodies will get you dead

But, the Klan was still glad
hoodies they've always had

A verdict they too saw,
ushering in martial law

by: LP
edited: 7/30/13

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Pluck your soft and gentle strums, Forcing out your fading hums Sing forgotton words, now empty, That used to tug my tears a plenty Whisper through soft lips, the truth, Awakening your dying youth Words of saddening emptiness, Between the Bars, just one more kiss Mumbling lyrics, fumbling strums, Forcing out the softest hums Brush the air with every breath, Until all sound is put to death

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As we move through our daily life
Sometimes with heartache pain and strife
Along comes an angel with eyes of blue
Then you're convinced she was meant for you

As we wade through uncertainty, wonder, and fear
Thanking the Lord for someone so dear
That there can be such goodness beauty and love
Convincing me this is a gift from above

As God lifts me and heals me from my loss
There are unfound mysteries and bridges to cross
One of my crossings has led me to you
And to be by your side is all I want to do

We have both seen our share of sorrow and hurt
Then you find yourself in a place where they do nothing
but flirt
That's all gone now and I have firmly decided
By the Lords good hand I have surely been Blindsided

Copyright 2010

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Pro-Life vs Pro-Choice

Has this ever been a choice you had to make Considering life or death ~ deciding anothers fate Who has the right to judge if and when one procreates Should politicians or priests decide what’s at stake What about the child who’s raped ~ does she have a say Which choice is right ~ keep the child ~ give him away A mother carrying a child with an abnormality ~ what’s right To watch her child suffer ~ witness his fatality ~ what a sight Is it fair to say if you decide to abort ~ you don’t care I don’t claim to have an answer here ~ but say this I wouldn’t dare I wouldn’t dare ~ it’s not fair ~ I wouldn’t dare This choice is the most difficult for anyone to bare Lay

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When Shadows Fall

Summer is on the turn, into Autumn we now head So close this day approaches, inside many heads now dread We now view through our eyes, our windows of life What do we see now, do we absorb our awaiting strife Be like me and others and listen to peripheral sounds It's what we have come to know, it's us all around Day by day we view, the turning of life's greenery But what are we going to see after, on this future days scenery Is it intrepid anticipation, human wondering entering it's abyss We're the blind leading our blind, just what do we make of this *~* The eve of this reckoning day, in hourly wait we await Autumn has taken it's turn, are us humans in use by date This morning we have awaited, curtains drawn I view There's something different about the sunrise, sees me a through From my balcony I witness, now seeing from where I am Shape shifting no longer applies, I just don't understand In sorrow fill hungered loss, I lose life's lust for thrall From my balcony I now witness, I view when shadows fall *~* Inspired by "Touchstone's" <> "When Shadows Fall" from their album "The City Sleeps"

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My Heart Keeps Beating

Written By: Ryland Joshua Matthews
Date: Thursday, September 9th, 2010

My heart keeps beating

While my body dies, my heart keeps beating
As the world sighs, this heart keeps repeating

A strangled cry, a desolate embrace
Of a flower strewn grave. Of a lover erased.

A dream long ago fulfilled, it no longer lingers
Brought to despair by Thanatos’ brushing fingers

As my feet move me forward, one step at a time
I keep looking back to that witch was mine.

I can’t help but wander what wrath I did incur
To bring me to this place, this pain I must endure

At the precipice of madness my mind will now dwell
The horrors made real, all the ravages of hell.

And in this world what we sew we must go reaping
And even without a soul My Heart Keeps Beating.

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Micaela II

You're Still The Most Beautiful song,

That I've Ever Written

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My Love

Separation makes your heart grow fonder, whether it's hours apart or a need to wander.
contest entry for SUCCINCT

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A Tear That Is His

                           That same raindrop catches me either in the sun or shade...
                            The clouds look all the same but for a few that won't fade...
                                        The taste of a tear is always on my tongue...
                                                A salty spice from a cry not sung...
                                             I look up to Heaven to see who it is...
                                               My unborn child , a tear that is his...

                                                      written by Michael J Falotico
                                                         Falling Raindrop contest
                                                        sponsored by Carol Brown

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Goals, Dreams and Aspirations

My aspirations are torn into shreds,
Had wonderful dreams but nmow they are dead.

I tried and I tried to follow my goals,
But now all those visions are burnt down to coals.

I'm sick oh so sick of my failing so much,
The way I can't prove I am good realy sucks.

So now my conclusion to this idiocy,
I'll never know why I had the nerve to dream.

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Indigenous I Am, from the Stolen Generations

This is a journey, a trip call it what you will It follows the footsteps of my ancestors, and allows my thoughts too spill Firstly let me take you back, to tell you so little of my past Indigenous I am, from the "Stolen Generations" I did not last This is why I must make this journey, to allow me to find the real me To retrace the few steps I made, to rediscover what my young eyes seen How ironic that the person I'll ride with, is the son of the then official Whose deliberation to round up us children, the scene, locale It's now the morn of our travel, where I look I find hard to see The peripheral of the distant horizon, is all that really captures me The town where I grew up so young, barely to the age of five Perth, now bustles like a termites nest, zig zagging in busily strive Into the bush we go, to a place where us youngsters so enjoyed Moore River Native Settlement, which soon became children void As I walk my arid lands, patterned in the heat of this day I recall with every step, where us Indigenous children played We could survive on the smallest of fruit, water we could easily find Even the son of the then official, said that we are a superior kind He marvelled when I spotted tracks, traces of where animals crossed Remembering back to when I was five years old, our lands always talked We opened up as we led our horses, introduced all those centuries ago They opened up my lands, rivers we walked, now the white man flows This is a journey I had to make, it's called, it's in my will No more "Stolen Generations" no more will my culture spill

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Life is like a hurricane.

Life, is like a heavy rain.

A lake of pain like lake Baikal.

Tears, flow like a waterfall.

People are like granite stone;
in the end your'e left alone.

But what of the good things?

Like the sound of when a church bell rings?

Or the miraculous, beautiful way 
one helps another through troublesome day?

Tragedies of life aren't fun, 
but in the end we learn a ton.

Though pain we do remember,
the flame eventually turns to ember.

You see, the thing about walking through earth each day, 
is The King turns the curse to a healthy pathway.

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Below We Drifted

Holding hands, into our eyes we stare As we turn to the bleak that awaits us there Deafening creaks like thunderous roars Her arching back in ripping soar Screaming explosions as the waters seep Tears of many as life ends their keep Below the cobalt in a coldly drift Sinking debris in continual shift Our hands still held amidst disappearing lights We no longer focus as we enter our blight Below we drifted, two souls soon to be gone How many of us end up where we don't belong *~*

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The Ninth Of December

Daddy left Mommy, when I was two
She really didn't know what to do
Four little children under the age of six
Was a situation, she just could not fix

Christmas was coming, she didn't have a dime
The bills were piling up at the same time
She tried to focus on her belief,
Lost the battle and applied for relief

A county program, for the very poor
Barely kept the collectors from our door
So sad she was, by her lack of funds,
She couldn't buy presents, for her little ones

With grandma watching us, she left to go out
She never came home, we were forgot about
I was too young to remember Christmas that year,
It was years, before the whole story, I'd hear

Grandma tried hard to make it right,
She took care of us until Mom returned, one night
Branded in my memory, the day of her return
After nine long months, I would later learn

Mom never mentioned the time she was away
She loved us to the fullest every single day
Twenty-four years quickly flew by
When I think of the day it happened, I cry

God took my mother on the ninth of December
Unexpected, a loss I'll always remember
Going through her belongings, we came across.
A small newspaper article, that intensified the loss

How we found it I will  never know
This plea, with a picture, from so long ago
As I read the article, blurred by my tears
I was transported back, through the years

To a little girl on grandma's knee
Looking at a shabby, Christmas Tree
Crying for her mommy, who wasn't there
While grandma patted her silky hair

Grief, it hit me, no time to hesitate
When I saw the significance of the date
December ninth, the paper, said it all
Memory upon memory, I would recall

Two events, so many years apart
Yet, I could feel the child with a broken heart
Holiday Spirit, sad to say, I had none
Decorating that year without the usual fun

Mommies little tree, on a table it sat
Her homemade ornaments, and a tree mat
Going through the motions, I have to admit
All I wanted to do, was quit

Events don't shape us, they make us learn
Even grief, has its turn
Memories of a Christmas, thirty years past
Impressions, they fade, but still last

By Karla Null~Godsgift~

Your "Saddest" Christmas Ever Contest

Sponsored by Constance LaFrance~A Rambling Poet~

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There was a ballplayer named "Ron",
I would always run home to watch him on television.

He batted fourth and played the third base spot,
That's the corner they always called "Hot".

As a power hitter and great fielder he stayed,
Fifteen years in the big leagues he played.

An "All Star" player many times over,
Because he was a perennial "Gold Glover".

He wore the number 10 on his uniform,
But his emotions for his team on his sleeve were worn.

Ron Santo was this player's name,
He should be in baseball's "Hall of Fame".

He was tenacious about his life's view,
Ever positive, as he fought Diabetes and Cancer too.

I had the good fortune to meet the man,
And listened to his story of the "Black Cat"....SCRAM!!!

He raised awareness and millions for JDRF,
Gone now to the ages, this his legacy would be left.

One thing that all of you should know,
Wherever he went, he put on a great show.

On a "Field of Dreams" he now will play,
Where he can click his heels every day.

Swollen with tears now our red eyes we rub,
At the endearing loss of "This Old Cub".

We'll miss his radio groans, his sighs, and his laughter too,
Because like us, his veins ran only with "Cubbie Blue".

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Earthquake in Japan

Friends across the Internet
Disaster struck my heart has wept.
Are you safe beyond the sea?
Will you meet the tsunami?
My soul cries for your safe sojourn.
Continued friendship, my hearts yearn.
We have bound our thoughts together.
Through thick or thin understandings tether.
Catastrophically Japan’s earth quakes. 
Too many lives devastation takes.
People are trapped amid the rubble.
The young and old lay in peril.
Tsunamis wash the wretched shore.
Destructions waste forevermore.
From far away I pray…protect from harm.
Loving moments and friendship’s charm.
Fearing for you, my friends, so far away.
Praying you will see a brighter day.
Wondering, questioning. 
Oh frightful happening!
Please tell me you are out of harm's way.
I send my hope for your safe stay.

Lovingly, Dane Ann
March 11, 2011

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You are My Romeo and I am Your Juliet

When we we’re young we we’re deeply in love
My daddy said no but cupid was watching us from above
And they we’re never going to let us fall apart
No matter how much my father wanted you to depart
And as he tried to separate us we fell in love even more
We’re not going to worry because we’ve been through this before
I remember when you were throwing pebbles on my window
And my father just wanted you to go
But I was begging you to stay
I looked for you when I thought you went away
Romeo, Romeo where art thou
They’re trying to tell me how I feel; I need you now
I was starting to feel like if I’m lonely
But you were never gone, you’re always beside me
He pressured us so much that we both died
But in this life our love is revived
And now we have time to do all things we wanted to
I was meant to forever love you
Because you’re my Romeo and I’m your Juliet
And we knew it the first day we met
We’ll be together even if we have to run away
If I ever go a day without you everything would be black and gray
This is our love fairy-tale
Our love is real so it will never fail

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Valley of Trees Caleb's In The Woods Contest

I looked everywhere to find some woods
I asked a friend to show me if he could

There once was a time there were trees all around
Although we kept looking there were none to be found

I've seen pictures of forests that used to cover the earth
Sadly they all vanished long before the day of my birth

Way back in the past I'm told the world was pristine
Trees, forests and animals, lakes that would gleam

They just watched, the warnings they didn't heed
The planet decimated, people just watched it bleed

So off to a museum called the valley of the trees
Artificial replicas, real ones destroyed by our disease

I'm forced to travel to the woods in my mind
Although I've searched long and hard, only pretend can I find

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Collision of Fate

How Long Has it Been Since Two Strips of Red Flesh
Have Puckered and Uttered The Word Blaze?

The Mind is Void and One By One the Carvings and 
Paintings of My Friends Diminish into Obscurity.

                       - Dust Covered Palette -

Father, I model My Entirety Around Your Genius,
Yet The Misery Does Not Subside Nor Relinquish.

Focusing On One Aspect at a Time, The Self
Destructive Pre-set in My Head is Running.

                        - Right On Schedule -

Pain is Relative, I Have Suffered More Than A
Holocaust Survivor and Less Than an Adored Child.

Sometimes The Acceptance of This Insignificance is
Enough To Make You Shine Brighter Than God.

                        - I Hope One Day -

                                 - Our Paths Collide -

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Her little linen doll

That little linen doll from December
She gave me with her heart, I remembered.
By her tiny hands thus not as perfect
But ‘twas a memory I couldn’t neglect.
My little baby really tried her best,
I saw her stitching at night without rest.
And when that needle jabbed her soft, white skin,
She’d be strong, hid her tears with a large grin.
Then that day had come, her doll was finish
December twenty-fifth, I would not wish,
The Lord took her away, out on the street.
Just a young child, her youth’s still incomplete.
As we pull her out from the twisted wreck
Wrapped in her arms, something I wouldn’t expect.
There held in tight, her little linen doll...
The picture was so vast, I must recall.
I will never forget, that fateful night,
When the angels sang to the blinding light
But she is gone, what’s the use of regrets?
What was left will always be in my chest.
Our memories and times we were together,
Sewn in her doll, sealed by her endeavor.
Though the doll and my baby have come to past,
They remain in my heart, forever to last.

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Not Enough

It is so I'm not rich with no money to burn
It is true I have no assets or profits to turn

It is only all of me I have to offer and give 
It is with this though you could not live

It is then I was told that it is not enough
It is what made wanting to go on pretty tough

It is in those words causing such hauntings untold
It is not enough shattered my heart and crushed my soul

It is not enough to hear what you had to say
It is even worse letting you go as you walk away

It is still in the shattered pieces of my heart you know
It is there my love for you that will truly never let go

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Through Cobalt Blues I Drifted

This journey of which you now read, happens to many of us
It's what happened to me, my thoughts through the waves in discuss

It was on a normal day, I was fishing on craggy rocks
When out of the blue it came, this wave and me became locked

Salted eyes and gasping for air, hazed glimpses of where I once stood
My thoughts in flickering capture, the youngest of our family brood

The last catch of land I see, as I'm trawled so far into this blue
My heart emitting signals from their youngest, I, their loving true

Deeper and deeper I'm swallowed, marine life simply abounds
For marvels they definitely are, just like those marvels on common ground

Nearly ten minutes has passed, yet I'm as alert as I would normally be
My eyes now appear to be customised, as I view what's all around me

Dolphins play chasing Tuna, Hammerheads patrol like guards
Species like the Mola Mola, so wonderful, their definitely stars

Momentarily I glimpse through the light, as it diminishes into cobalt blues
The sights that I start to see, are species in identity confuse

Upon a fallen whale, it's carcass in steadily clean
Are hundreds of half meter Hag Fish, of them I wouldn't like to dream

Suddenly a movement catches my eye, a Sixgill Shark swims close to me
Strangely I don't feel nervous at all, beside this marvel of the seas

This flowing through these cobalt blues, is like a feeling I've never known
Was there a desire on this day, for the wave to take me, now shown

This journey of which you now read, happens to many of us
On a beach many hours later I awoke, around the schools I now discuss

When ever you are close to the waters, whether oceans, lakes or seas
Me, well I have no answers, be careful and you won't be me


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Those pearly gates

                                    THOSE PEARLY GATES
08/28/11             .
                  "True love can last a lifetime, but only if you forget to love"
                        The pearly gates of heaven is where you walked through.
                        The love we had for each other was everything we knew.
                                   Now that your gone I won't know what to do.
                                       My love for you is why I'll always be true.

                                      Cause you went first please say you'll wait.
                                 And together we'll walk through the pearly gates.

                          We've crossed alot of bridges and walked so many miles.
                           Now that your gone I'm not sure if I can stand the trials.

                                For me to hold you in my lovin arms just once more.
                                   When you were taken I was broken to the core.

                                       Cause you went first please say you'll wait.
                                 And together we'll walk through the pearly gates.

                                Layed on our bed I slept on the left you on the right.
                                     I smell your sweet scent in your pillow at night.

                                          I miss you my darlin I'll never love again.
                                       You are my only love I'll love you till the end.

                                         Cause you went first please say you'll wait.
                                    And together we'll walk through the pearly gates.

                                          I finally fell asleep with you on my mind.
                                           Why darlin did I have to stay behind.

                                               I'm left with nothing but my memories.
                                                    Our love our life was our destiny.

                                              Cause you went first please say you'll wait.
                                         Then together we'll walk through the pearly gates.
                                                 Teresa Skyles
Entered in Constance La France~a rambling poet~"A poem please"contest

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The prison of the keys

And now I've lost my papers,
My passport and my wife,
The very essence of
My identity and life.

My bank account is empty,
My cloths and garments sold,
My skin and bones are ashes,
Spread thin on the open road.

My old car's broken down,
No wheels to touch the floor,
The motor been dismantled,
Stripped clean down to the core.

The bailiffs and the policemen,
Have emptied my abode,
The promises I made you,
Have been auctioned out and sold.

The love I hold within me,
Is all that I now have left,
The rest is bleak illusion,
The bind man and the deaf.

The imaginary people ,
I thought were my friends,
Have left the scene forever,
As the road of life does bend.

And now I stand alone,
Upon this lonely hill,
I gaze upon the meanings,
The years have silently killed.

In the roaring storms of thunder,
In the lightning in the night,
In the whispering of the children,
In the white doves lonely flight.

In the dust of many ages,
That has settled on my soul,
In the ashes of my humanity,
That has filled my begging bowl.

The ancient breeze is blowing,
Calling me to my knees,
To behold the light within me,
In the prison of the keys.

more at

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You Can't Take Back

You can’t take back the tears I’ve shed,
you can’t take back the words you said!

You can’t take back the loneliness in my heart,
you can’t take back the feelings to depart!

You can’t take back the endless lies of deceit,
you can’t take back the miles of defeat!

You can’t take back the torture I’ve endured,
you can’t take back insecurities you’ve ensured!

You can’t take back the disloyalty to me,
you can’t take back the demeaning debris!

You can’t take back the selfish displays, 
you can’t take back the relationship of decay!

You can’t take back the need to dominate,
you can’t take back the destruction you did create!

You can’t take back the chaos and mental despair,
You can’t give me back, wasted minutes, days, and years!

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Second Chance

As the never world awaits me, 
The lord darkness, his cloak now draped.
Haunting images that appear in dreams,
Invade the subconscious, till again I wake 

Complative thoughts well before the dawn,
I walk the morning shore,
How many have stood on these same sands,
Reflecting the echoes of those no more.

And still the waves they pound the shore,
Relentless in their quest,
As they crash on the rocks with deafly roar,
White tipped and foaming zest.

Dawn breaks with gilded cotton clouds,
Waiting like courtiers to their king.
Gathering round the sovereign sun,
Bestowing his warmth on everything.

Would that life compare to the shore,
All worries get washed away.
Cares thrown to the four winds,
As on my knees I pray

© N A Windle 2009

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His Screaming Silence

The absence of him speaking cries aloud
Hearts can bleed when there's no sound

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                          - Your Hair Was Long When We First Met -

Flickering Over a Computer Screen Her
Projected Light Soaked into His Eyes.

                         - You Made Me Weep With Passion -

I Became Nocturnal Just To See You,
It Killed My Bones and Enriched My Head.
                         - Your Smile Moved My Skin -

Holding Your Hips While Your Hands 
Became Soaked in Dish Water.

                           - I Remember Clasping Them in Mine -

Leading You Up To Our Room and The
Love, it Exploded Through The Walls.

                           - Ten Years Later With Our Clique of Friends -

Your Hair Flickered Through The Candlelight
And Through The Meaningless Conversations.

                          - But It's Just Old Light -

The Various Candlelit Parties Strove On For A
Decade or Two and Your Beauty Multiplied.

                          - Nocturnal Again -

Although Our Appearances Where Grey We
Held Each Other on the Sand, Time Slipping

                          - Slipping So Quickly -

The Moon Fragrented The Sand A Crimsoned
White, and Your Skin Tingled Beneath Mine.

                          - I Held You Till You Slept -

                                         - You Were So Weak -

Back in Candlelight, Your Hair Reflickered, And You
Smiled Even Though You Could Barely Breathe

                         - I Stroked Your Hair -
                     - And Told You All About Us -

"You Are My Sweetest Downfall, I Loved You First"

It Was Repetitive and I Whispered It Right into your
Ear Until Your Breath Caught Up With Your Heart.

 - You Were So Weak -                       

              - And I Held You Till You Slept -

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Spritual Gangster

You don’t want to miss this
But don’t be confused this aint Christmas
You’ve gotta get real my brotha and kiss this
I’m a spiritual criminal with lipstick

If you’re lucky you just might make my hit list
Coz I’m a murderer killing *****es ego’s with fake riffs
If you’re a moral criminal and do the minimal you can’t hit this
We must stand together my brother to beat this

Pleasure - pain, generosity - blame, loss - gain infamy and greed
It’s not hard don’t get angry and there’s no need to bleed
It’s just like John Lennon said when he said love is all you need
Stand with me my friend and let go of fear if you want to be freed 

I’ll mind punch you in the heart and give you a soul diss
Aint no big brotha gonna hold me and frisk this
You’re not lost or all alone coz my arrows fire straight and can’t miss
Things aint changed and love can still fix this

Pleasure pain, Generosity blame, loss gain infamy and greed
It’s not hard don’t get angry and there’s no need to bleed
It’s just like John Lennon said when he said love is all you need
Stand with me my friend and let go of fear if you want to be freed 
Love -love- love is all you need

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Remembering My First Lost Love

Meeting my first lost love came unexpectedly.
Although I was young, I still remember him...sadly.
Dressed in  a dark dress without ribbons or bows,
Slowly walking into the room to see my dad's dad,
I saw my grandfather for the very first time...dead. 
He was handsome, like his picture, in a nice suit.
He had been out in the world on his own pursuit.
Emptiness, not knowing joys consumed me that day.
I wondered how it would have been with time to play.
His skin, pale and gray, was cold when I kissed him.
I wondered if he ever ran to the beach for a swim.
Hugs and kisses were never known and no Granddad laugh.
The preacher there said a prayer on Grandad's behalf.
In the chapel, there were folks I had never met.
Back in 1956, I felt my first regret.
Many times I thought of him as years passed by.
I wonder, would he wipe my tears if I should cry.
Or listen to excitement when I learned something new -
Long ago, when granddad died, we said adieu.
But even now, I think of him with family love
And hope we'll have a chat someday near God above.

June 7, 2012
Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen

Written for Poetry Soupn Member Contest:  Remembering a Lost Love
Sponsored by: Gail Doyle

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Our Part

The honored dead lay in their graves
While on this special day we praise
Their unselfish contributions:
Each gave their lives for this nation;
A great country with liberty
Enjoyed by its citizenry.
What do we do to contribute?
Lay flowery wreaths, a tribute?
We the living need to do more:
We must earnestly strive toward
A lasting peace, not just in words
But deeds, so war does not recur.
The toll is too great on the young:
Our dead and wounded are its sum.

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We Made An Angel

We made an Angel for Jesus,
although he was tiny and small,
he’s now in the army of Jesus,
and helps to watch over us all.

Our baby was born in October. 
A beautiful blue eyed boy.
He appeared to be healthy and happy, 
he filled our hearts full of joy.

We had him for only a short time. 
His life seemed so normal at first!
Just before he was two, without warning, 
his health took a turn for the worst!

Six months later, he went up to heaven, 
to explain it, we won’t even try!
For a while, we were groping for reasons, 
why someone, so young had to die?

We kept on searching for answers, 
for what we could not understand?
Why God, would let this thing happen, 
was it all just a part of His plan?

All of a sudden it hit us, 
we knew just what God had in mind!
He let us make Him an Angel, 
to help Him watch over mankind!

Yes, we made an Angel for Jesus, 
although he was tiny and small,
but he’s big in the Army of Jesus, 
and helps to watch over us all!

Dedicated to Angel Bobby 
(Robert William Taylor -  1968-1971)

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My Escort is gone

Days are long and nights are short.
To last through time I will need an escort.
But yesterday I heard the news
my escort is gone, to heaven he flew.

I saw the feathers from his wings fell
in the lonely nights did time love to dwell.
Even so, I still need him nevertheless 
though I know he's there, giving me his bless.

It's easy to walk with a pair of legs,
to fly with wings, not some wooden pegs.
The flesh was raw but now it has rot
with attempts to untangle this strangled knot.

I am in pain, in severe pain
and all this sadness do I wish to feign.
But he is gone, everything is gone.
Hopefully I'll live to see the upcoming dawn.

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Above me I hear the pounding shells,
The mechanical sound of war.
And like so many, just cannon fodder,
In my mind hard to ignore.

They say that times a healer,
My thoughts still far away.
To see the cradle of my youth,
And the haven of yesterday.

Under the canopy of subtle green,
Down a little leafy lane.
A wooden stile sit’s, a gateway,
My hope that some thing’s, stay the same.

Though the pathway to it now is worn,
By those who have gone before.
In it’s post carved forgotten loves,
Now on show for ever more.

From the time of it’s construction,
It has watched the world go by.
Sweet hearts filled, with loves emotions
A teardrop wiped, a final kiss, is this goodbye.

And through out the year it stands there,
As each season comes then goes.
A robin red breast say’s good morning,
As it shake’s off the winter snow.

© Nicholas Windle 2008

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The Ugly Sin

We can't get back the years we have lost
The Demon inside stole you at all cost

The father you loved and trusted in
Took your innocence a mortal sin

Your broken spirit yearns more of the same
Now he tells me... that I am to blame

I should have not left you and trusted him
Denial has ways of making life grim

Now what can I do since he took my child
In ways someone could never take mild

I have no witness but you my sweet girl
Protecing your secret till God's grace unfurls

In bed thinking what could I have done
Of all Ugly... this the ugliest one~

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This Place We Once Called Home

Barren, desolate, this place we once called home It's where so many wonders lived, and so many roamed But all it takes is some, to determine their madly thoughts Invitingly we enter their world, where us innocent are caught How brave of them they are, to think of who they've become Abusing man made creations, the continuation of their gun How ignorant they must be, surely they have family and friends But they buck the trend of life, purely driven round their bend What could have gone through their thoughts, once the button was pressed Were there flashbacks back to their past, were they even stressed Did they ever imagine, skin melting from skeletal shapes Where once stood a person, a dusting shadow the wind now takes Landmarks in their city of life, flattened in crumbled dust lie For once the button was pressed, you would barely hear a cry Rivers, lakes and streams, became steam filled released pressure cookers Yet the decision to press the button, in depths hidden were the lookers We are now barren and desolate, this place we once called home There is no point in looking, no one can be found, even with a fine toothed comb

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For Love Of A Child

For love of a child, a heart was stilled A pledge to his son had been fulfilled A promise that although apart He'd be there always in his heart For love of a child, a father gone His baby left to carry on Without his strong and caring dad To share the times they should have had For love of a child, he risked it all To protect his little one so small Gave everything that he could give He died so that his child could live

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Missing Thorn

I've got this thorn and it stuck to my brain.
Doctors called it a tumor because it was one heck of a pain.
Though it made me laugh and formed tears in my eye,
but doctors said it was time to kiss it goodbye.

Yesterday, the thorn was pulled out.
It didn't hurt much, all said was an "ouch".
But now there's a hole in my brain - and it hurts
even though the doc. said he had scrape off all the dirt.

I want the thorn back in my head...
it stopped the blood from leaking when I lay down my bed;
it filled in the empty gap and made me more firm.
I want it, I need it. This feeling...what is the term?

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His Final Letter

I now lie here alone, the wounded have joined the dead
Hours pass like years, my body, in shrapnel torn shreds

My duty, my love for my country, I can no longer give
Memories knowing I have lived, are now starting to sieve

Being so far away from my family, so far away from my home
Daylight like my life, allures me to a darkening roam

  To my love I write this letter, my wife my lovely Serena
  My words are all I have left, in this war torn theatre arena

  Remember when I moved in next door, you were first to say hello
  And the day when you asked me out, I was too scared to go

  I know we were only eleven but something clicked that day
  Into our teens we grew, knowing I'd marry you one day

  The day of our wedding, was the happiest day of my life
  For knowing my heart was true, when I asked you to be my wife

  Thank you for being who you are, and what you made me to be
  Never wanting me to enlist, to protect the land of the free

  I'm seeing places of our past, the greens, our courting grounds
  You playing with your lovely blonde hair, twirling it around

  Serena, my love, my friend, thank you for being my wife
  Tell our kids I love them dearly, thank you for being in my life

I'm growing ever weaker, as I write through redded stains
The darkening roam allures me, the light now starts to drain

~*~ Inspired by an image created by Serena Dunaway ~*~

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So Many

Don’t go I heard her cry,
From a door that was kept ajar.
The message very poignant,
Knowing how many had gone before.
Then given that we make a choice,
So who are we to say?
Across our small blue planet,
Would this happen anyway.
Souls and there are many,
Sacrificed in freedoms name.
Lay on the battlefields altar,
To justify, another’s gain.
We all must share the burden,
For who is there to blame.
Given the point, from their perspective,
From our view, would be the same.

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Inner Gehenna

Over The Past Years I have Become Increasingly Obsessed
By The Fear That Surrounds Growing Older Alone.

However, My Constant Instability, Combined With Intuitive
Intellect, Have Shown Me That To Be Utterly Knowledgeable.

                                 - You Have To Experience Fear -
                                          - And Nourish it -

Where I would Usually Indulge Myself in Repulsing Even The
Slightest Idea of being in Isolation, Maybe it's Become Necessity.

Hell, Maybe I'll Kill Myself Just To See if I've Got The
Necessary Testicular Fortitude To Embrace The Everblack

                                 - There's So Much New Misery Around -
                                        -Mine is Becoming Obsolete -

Nothing Hurts More Than a Summer Spent Fitting Sanity
Back Together Like a Child Attempting a 10,000 Piece Jigsaw.

However it's refreshing to be able to Feel to such a depth
That the eyes become Wet, Narrowed and Bloodshot.

                                 - The Realisation That Pride and Masculinity -
                                       - Is Just Another Product of Society -

Hopelessly Built Upon Thousands of Years of Irrelevant
Hierarchies, Throwing us Back into a Feudal Cage.

We are The Omnipotence. We, The Human. Not Some
Dreamt Up Creator Who Disguises Fear as Faith.

                                 - Maybe This is Hell -
                         - And We're All Burning Together -       

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Her Name

She colored my eyes red
She's broken, filled with dread

She looked into my eyes
Through glass that made a disguise

And cried me a solemn lullaby
When I said hello she said goodbye

She took my hand in hers
She healed the scars of spurs

She held onto me, her song
Of loneliness, far too long

I look into those eyes
And see through the red disguise

See through the shattered glass
Through the blubbered mass

She colored my eyes red
Her soul striving, her body dead

But living all the same?
Confusion is her name

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How Many Times

How many times does God forgive,
Again and again, please just live,
How many times, can you fall down,
Over and over, you’ll be found,
How many times will I just pray,
For all your pain to go away,

For you were once my dearest friend,
In my heart your presence ends.

How many days go quickly bye,
How many birds sing when they cry,
How many cherubs fight for you,
How many angels dance the blues,

How many demons tried to take,
How many stripes for our mistakes,
How many times could I confess,
I never loved you any less
I never loved you any less.

How many times does God forgive,
Again and again, please just live,
How many times, can you fall down
Over and over, you’ll be found’
how many times will I just pray,
for all your pain to go away,

For you were once my dearest friend,
In my heart your presence ends.

By: Sabina Nicole
Written: For DRS

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It Wasn't Fair

I hear you whisper, but you're not there.
Your voice, melodic, floats on air.
I don't understand why you chose to leave.
My heart, rendered, alone it grieves.
Life was painful and oft unkind
but I never imagined what you had in mind.
I don't understand why you chose to leave
the life you had. Did you believe
death was better ... safer... more kind?
I never imagined what you had in mind.
I hear you whisper, but you're not there.
What you did to us... it wasn't fair.

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-Silence is Only Golden, To 
                       Those of Us Who Can Hear it -

Even in The Pitch, The Rumbling of Nothing
Stirs Up The Voices Behind My Eyes.

The Virtuousness Withers as My Patience
Rots Like Wilting, Weather Beaten Wood.

             - I Love How The Creative Brain Studies  
                                Academic Precision as if it Were The Enemy -

And There it is Again My Friend, That Voice
Which Whispers So Lucidly, " You're Alone" 

It Strips The Oils From Your Skin and Turns
The Eyes into Harnesses of The Dark.

              - The Strain of the Dilation Dries The Liquid,
                                 And The Hollowness Overtakes The Mindset -

Trapped inside a Head That Doesn't Want You
There. Sharing A Skull With The Devil.

The Searing Heat Creates a Deep Scar, A
Comforting Recognition of Overcoming Pain.

               - We Tend To Fear What We Can't See, But
                                 I'm More Afraid of What's Staring Me in The Face -

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Opened the Wound

So much to say but nothing comes out,
One minute you’re in my arms and the next I am filled with doubt,
So much to tell you but nothing will do,
I gave you my heart and you weren’t true,

Older does not mean wiser,
And time just makes one forget,
How selfish ambitions were how we once met,

Dreams are just dreams when it’s one-sided my dear friend,
Your words turned to poison when you betrayed me again,
Forever is a long time and you can’t even handle the now,
So why complicate me with those intimate vows,

Love is an action not just a feeling,
You have no idea what it’s like when someone is still healing,
Jump from one bed into another,
I can’t clean up your mess as if I were your mother,
You bailed once before when you didn’t understand
How foolish of me to think you wouldn’t do it again,

Time keeps on flying for it stands still for no one,
You dance with an angel but kill with a gun
Closure can come just on one’s own,
It’s called closing the door and allowing the cut to be sown,

So stitch me up once again,
For I allowed myself to open what was meant to end,
Bandage me oh so tight,
To stop this pain tonight,

For I know when a heart breaks it never mends right,
It never mends right
It never mends right.

By: Sabina Nicole
written: 09/29/12

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My Expiration 2K11

Mine eyes shall come benighted - Sunshine gone; Winded upon final stretch of marathone. Whilom self - A Brother - Cousin - Friend, Writer - Son; An earthly throb dealt its end. Fated finish line - Spirit delighted; Many questions answered when enlighted. O blues come - weep not at a shallow grave, As I'll be heart bound yet - Not in such grave. 'Twas a soul exhausted and it called home; 'Tis that same presence in such a poem.

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You Almost Fit

You almost fit with harmony,
But almost would be the death of me,
You came real close to complimenting my space,
But real close would leave me in an empty place,
The puzzle piece I can no longer wedge,
I made my vow and said my pledge,
Later on deep regret would follow,
And once again I'd become hollow,
You almost fit with ecstasy,
But almost would be the death of me.

By: Sabina Nicole

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It's Time I was Moving On

Sad news today, February 6th in our year 2011
To "The Great Gig in the Sky" sell out in Heaven

My favourite blues rock guitarist, Mr Irish Gary Moore
Joins the "Midnight Blues, "Too Tired" no more will he tour

At fourteen years of age he received his first guitar
Like many budding rockers aspirations to be a rock star

The Beatles, Elvis Presley and the amazing Albert King
Heavily influenced this left hander, who made his right hand sing

As he grew past his teens, the genre he'd enter would mean
The likes of John Mayall's Bluesbreakers and Hendrix, now he's seen

Blues Rock it was to be, when Peter Green caught his ear
If you grew up with this maestro, you'll know his career

It started way back, way back in 1969
Skid Row, from Dublin he joined, as the music industry would find

This is where his association began, with Lynott, bassist extraordinaire
Many nights sharing the blues, this two Irishmen would share

His solo career just grew and grew, then into Thin Lizzy he would blend
Sharing the Black Rose stage with Phil his Irish friend

The blues became his life, with two Albert's who'd share his stage
Guesting with his 'Midnight Blues Band' many a jam they would engage

I now close my humble tribute, for he'll always be in my heart
On this day in Estepona, Spain, my hero in final depart

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Angel Dust

Lonely and dull was the path Seeing the way, none could laugh Disease hung in the air Life seemed to go nowhere Of what use would be living If maimed, none would dare to be boasting Desperate was the current flow When hope sparked us all in one go Dust flew in from the skies Dust came in without any ties Angels cried at our plight Saddened at our darkened sight So they gave us a boon, Stardust, sparkling, in the heat of noon Silvery, shiny, deep with hue Lyrical, magical, it seemed not true Those who did inhale the dust Could do nothing except to let go of their lust Life is meant to be lived Life is meant not to be re-lived! So, come, let us sing and dance To the name of faith, in all abundance!
15 October 2012 Anoucheka Gangabissoon

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written 20th may 2013

As the world shuts down
 lavish ladies put on their gown

Rest comes, as they comb their hair
 while others, fight the midnight air

All living lives, they had exactly detailed
 not a thought goes out, to those who failed

Homeless man...where was his fall?
 can any of you see or care, that no one heard his call

One tiny second, it's lost
 the next one to fall....could be anyone's cost

Be wise, and look to the skies
 for he is the one, you need to recognise!

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I'm Not As Strong As You Think I am

I'm not sure how much more of this I can take,
At any given moment, I may break.

It's harder than I thought, to watch you die.
I say "I'm good", but it's just a lie.

Every visit, leaves me broken.
With every jumbled sentence spoken,

You fight so hard, to maintain your grip.
Even still, I watch you slip.

I'll laugh and smile, as long as I can,
But I am not as strong as you think I am

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My History of Me, One Day

We awakened, we argued, just like we had done before
It was mostly about football, the Celtic versus Rangers score

I would choose my team, as usual he would choose his
Pushing and shoving would then entail, growing brotherly bliss

But this was a day that was going to unite us, brothers, yes we
For we were getting our uniforms, the Boys Brigade's 4th Company

Football squabbles we left behind, to Bishop Edens we would go
It's our Primary School, did I tell you, our learning's in scholar show

As usual we met at playtime, in the same team we always played
We were like Pele, no doubt, well! it's what we tried to display

To the clock we always watched, as we told each other after school
Lets hurry home to have supper, for the 4th Company in us ruled

We left the caravan together, then brotherly competition arrived
Hey James! I'll race you to the canal, my little legs in strive

Into the distance he ran, blimey! he's much faster than I thought
I must continue to look up to him, he's my elder, I'm sure well taught

Just as I turned the corner, now knowing that I'm lagging behind
One minute he was there then gone, images now run through my mind

What I have witnessed, is now focused, a JU250 van has swept him away
It's impact I feel in my heart, I'm now in slow motion play

I now reach the junction, in my peripheral I hear my brother scream
Nothing like this I have heard, am I absorbed in a nightmare dream

The driver exits the van, his head he holds in his hands
I'm seven years old in tears, just trying to understand

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Teacher of Pain

             teacher of pain 

         why do you stay?

         I had my lesson 

                     for today.

     You tore the last shreds

             of my dreams
    you heard the last

          of    tortured   screams,

         Hoarse and huddled
                  in the rain

    why do you turn to me ...again?

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A Cowboy Is

The movements of others to far away lands
Drifted into American folklore, within histories hands

Fur trappers they started many centuries ago
In a country to become as the years truly flowed

Centennial by centennial, amidst wars between they
Slowly they emerged into cattle driven play

The vast expanses of prairies so green
Lured Barons of the beast to their riches they always dreamed

Herds in vast amounts recreating the Bison's exist
Where they eventually replaced in numbers, in numerous consist

The eventuality of the Iron Horse, opened these lands up even more
Sheridan, White Oaks even Tombstone, led to street filled open sores

The James Gang and William Bonney, are two that history has shown
No care for what they declared that the Wild West was their throne

The sad thing about the cowboy era, is in the scenery that was left behind
On many a prairie from their past, where greed has left them so blind

We have the opportunity to look back and rewind, for hindsight allows us to do
So many were never ever heroes, just what do we find in them so true

Just for a moment to the future, whilst countries in our time have been invaded
They are the modern Indigenous, like the past, the cowboys left degraded

The above are written from my heart, if you know me you will know me to be true
For if I was born to the Indigenous, to your ancestors, I'd stand in front of you

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Forgetful Moments....

Forgetful are those moments
which have passed by
and if I don't forget them
I shall surely cry

The moments which didn't last a few seconds
but do have a great importance
it surely occurred amidst my friends
but neither of them could ever sense

The moments which I knew
The moments which she knew
The moments of unwilling strangeness
in which neither of us could confess

She kept on searching something
which she could never find
but by the looks on her face
I knew what went on her mind

The moments when we met together
by some strange co-incidences
she always did try to avoid me
creating an artificial strangeness

Moments when we met alone
I could see in her eyes clearly
that she talked to me as such
she was made to do forcefully

Surely I must forget these moments
but how can I do so
with life so close to her
where I must surely go.

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a flock of lies

Pardon me……
Did u just see……….
A flock of lies, 

A murder of fleas, 
Swarm together, 
To descend, on a farmland of truth. 
 brimmed up minds with ideas uncouth. 

   Pardon me……
Did u just see……….
Lessons, learning, emotions & love 

   Pardon me……
Did u just see……….
Amidst misty backdrops the sun shivers, 
As the silent breeze in the cold quivers. 
 Between the dawn and sunlight, 
Lies trapped a day of anticipated surprise. 

   Pardon me……
Did u just see……….
As moments drop past……
The tangerine sunlight.

   Pardon me……
Did u just see……….
As farmyards of life bask in sunlight,
Mind chokes in dark ideas not so bright.
A flock of lies……….
Another crushing blow for the truth ...but it never dies….

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Summer Pain

As she walks in the pouring summer rain, That plays an endless song of pain. Though he left her so very long ago She feels him near everywhere she goes. The days hurry past her, But she'll always remember The last time she saw him in the sun. It was the day last summer had begun. The rain in which they once kissed, All she could do now was miss, The long dances with him in the rain, The kisses that chased away all her pain. The sky blackens above and the wind, Grows strong as the sky is dimmed. The weather reflects the storm in her heart. Everyday with him gone tears her apart. To feel his arms just one more time, A mountain in a heartbeat she'd climb. As she sees the beast made of wind and cloud, She says his name once more, aloud.

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The Quivering Rabbit

The quivering Rabbit lies upon the cold frozen ground
Ground of thorn thickets cockleburs and tall sun dried sage brown
The hidden openings  rocky places it had played its escape
The hounds of death had chased it from these it thought safe
It had prior since run for its life from such numerous hounds
Each experience taught it that life won- is a daily round
But the older and wiser the rabbit became
The fatter and slower- thus the hounds did gain
Tattered flesh its hairs viewed plucked with red stains abound
The dogs of death have ceased their chasing madding sound
For this now dying rabbit- its death now does face
The quivering rabbit does pay for its mistakes 
Breath the struggle- breath the riddled body desires
Breath of the last- till there is breath no more
The quivering rabbit stills upon the cold frozen ground

By Mark A. Goodson

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Lucky White Star

I miss watching my Luck man run,
Sweat glistening in the morning sun;

The smell of leather in the frigid air,
Tossing his head without a care;

The soft sounds of the stable yard,
The only place I let down my guard;

Telling secrets to my horse,
Just letting nature take it’s course;

The confidence he gave to me,
My Lucky boy, my trusty steed;

He leant me courage I never had,
He was always there, through good or bad;

My shoulder to lean on, by best friend,
He was there for me up to the end.

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Back Again

You came back, demand rent of my heart
act like it was nothing, again we can just restart.

You don’t hear a single word I say
even when I have nothing left to give away.

My broken bones beg for mending
for they know just what you are intending.

You’re leaving me no room to breathe
around my heart place your poison oak wreath.

I tell myself to stop this, you’re nothing that I need
for I know I can’t forever satisfy your greed.

But I believe you’re not ok, so I will never go too far
I’ll be the light across your sky, a moment’s shooting star,

I’ll breathe in the space where there is no air,
I will walk with broken bones, much to their despair.

You demand rent again on my heart
take yourself into their rafters, let the decay start.

And I don’t know why I fight for you this way
when you leave my heart in the open to oxidize and decay

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A Rainy Night Visitor

The air is drunk on the scent of trellised roses
Snails draw trails on a rain soaked white washed shed
Shapes draw eerie life like human poses
Stars reside among white clouds overhead. 

I saw her framed in the arbor in your garden
Chatting with kids now raising kids of their own
Her visit did not illicit a word of pardon 
She would be proud to see how they have grown. 

My shadow a shimmering path across the grass
Invited me into worlds now torn apart
But present tense reigned over memories past
As my mind bowed gracefully to my longing heart. 

I was not surprised or saddened by her presence
She is ever present in all that matters most
At times like this when I feel her very essence
I wonder who's alive and who's the ghost. 

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Morning Loss

Started off as friends on a cold lonely night. 
You were there to make it all right.

Days, weeks and months had passed
and we would just laugh.

We sat and chatting for hours on end.
We became more than just friends. 

Wish I would have seen the signs
before it got out of line.

Things went to far and emotions ran high
Now I watch you walk on by.

I would look forward to the morning sun. 
Just so we could have some fun. 

Now the mornings here and you're no longer around.
I wake up this morning with a frown.

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Caucus Over

      Caucus Over
©2012 C. Brent Cloyd

Romney claims he is most electable
Results conclude that is debatable.

Bachman stood firm on defense and health care law
Discovered her support was filled with straw.

Santorum touched palms, wore out shoes and truck
Had clear narrative, timing and good luck.

Perry soared, forgot, “oops,” and millions spent
Said thanks, boarded plane, back to Texas went.

Paul hates the Fed and loves the constitution
Deplores war, and young folks like his solution.

Gingrich defied odds, then truth made him sag
He moves on with hope, yet carries his bags.

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Cancer, I hate you with a deep passion
You took my dad not in a timely fashion

My dad was the backbone of our family
His absence left an aching need cavity

He held our family together with prayer
Away from Satan’s snare and hell’s fire

Then one day he was so terrible sick
We thought this must be a silly trick

The doctor said he had not much time
O no the family thought this is a crime

The best father there was down by cancer
Riding on a black horse this hated lancer

For Michael J. Falotico's contest

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Falling to pieces

The best part of me was always you
Now I don’t know what to do
You are gone so far away
If only I can be with you today

 I’m stuck here feeling so alone
As my heart’s turning into stone
And my mind’s screaming give me love
But you went away to live above

I’m falling to pieces like single tears
I’m breaking apart and releasing my fears
I crave to be cradled in your arms
So you could make me feel so warm

My world is crumbling, turning upside down
While I’m just stuck wearing a frown
I’m dying even more as my sorrow increases
And I’m endlessly hopelessly falling to pieces

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Words from The living Dead

Wait in the car I’ll be right down,
Don’t want to get sick, I’ll be quick, so stick around.
I feel so bad you know I don’t want to do this,
Don’t hug me and don’t give me a kiss,
I deem myself powerless
And your God must lie
Even your tears these days don’t move my eyes,
Wait in the car I’ll be right in,
Just one more fix and then we can begin,
I wish this stuff was better but I swear I don’t want to get high,
I can still feel the pain in my body… but I swear I did it just to get by,
It’s all about me now don’t you know?
Are childhood love I keep injecting away as the years go,
It’s all about the past… forget that it’s a new day,
My life died along the forbidden way,
Wait in the car it might take me some time,
Gota set it up just right, be nice and clean while I lose my mind,
You know I am a good listener tell me how you feel
That’s what all the junkies tell me while we digest our daily meals.

“I am done waiting in the car you might as well have injected me too
I lost my best friend to something brown and blue”

By: Sabina Nicole
Written: Oct 2, 2012

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The Dying Embers of Chivalry

Darkness in the world suffocates and prevails 
I retrieve plaintively The Canterbury’s Tales  

Begin my own pilgrimage to the land of kings and knights 
When there were other meanings to the word heights 

To the time of true chivalry not outrageous impudence 
To the time of faith, nobility and reticence

To the time when audacity was more than just a software
To the time when allegiance wasn’t a singular affair

Knights of the Round Table heralded their pledge and prowess 
To their fellow men, they bestowed justice and largess

Well, such were the tales of true homage and humanity 
Before the human race was destroyed by the caltrops of vanity 

Along the path of my journey, I became aware of one truth 
It’s our own Renaissance that should be sought by our youth… 

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The Deadly Dart

Wherever I go through out my whole life,
I end up struggling with lots of strife.
Thinking that my life is a total waste,
Wanting it to be over in a haste.

I can feel the pain inside my own heart,
Like someone through at my a deadly dart.
The wound is easing deeper and deeper,
Will the pain ever stop getting bigger?

Feeling emo is never a good thing,
Cutting your arm makes a really bad sting.
Blood is dripping from my arms and my heart,
Failing to dodge the largest deadly dart.

Drowning in all the lies and self pity,
I live each day but always feel sh*tty.
I have lots of thoughts about suicide,
But then I think about those who have died.

Those who have died not just from suicide,
But also those who are really nice guys.
...This "poem" was actually suppose to be a couplet (on any thing you want) for my english 
class but i made this kind bcuz i was feeling emo that day...and also after i was done i read it 
over and it almost sound like a rap song which, i guess, is kinda funny and cool.........

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Wild Ways

Thru all the things that could be, and all the things that have been,
You, my son, have led your life… as if living it were a sin.

You’ve danced in all the confusion, the fallout, and the rain…
As we did try to join with you, to direct you to a life you could obtain.

Life is not an endless party, where the music will simply never stop,
And we can’t forever continue to be your ultimate, supportive, backstop.

The merry go round that’s circling will have to eventually stop and let you off.
And I know the world, for you, will be… at its best… immensely very tough. 

So forget about the parties and set some long-term goals you can hold to…
Or when you’re old and all alone, no one will want anything to do with you.

They will have their families, their vacations, retirements, and their friends…
And if you don’t stop playing… you’ll have nothing in the end.

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Peter Pan Envy

Peter Pan Envy 

I envy Peter Pan
He never get’s old as a man

He can fly back and forth to never-never land
To his lost boys a merry band

If I had Tinkerbelle’s fairy dust and could fly
I would go up and up into the sky

I would fly up to my wife who’s in heaven
And take her back to nineteen fifty-seven 

The fifties were a great time in life
It was when I met my future wife  

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Kill Me Dear

The most incredibly ironic scene
To everyone, it is quite obscene
A scene where a lover has to kill
Their soul mate, against their own will
They were trapped in a wicked game
One must die or it would be lame
If they choose not to abide by the rules
Then the world doesn't need more fools
The killing weapon is a gun
So that the injury cant be undone
How is it you're supposed to choose
When your loved one you can't lose?
The two truly loved each other
They can't settle for another
Their code was always and forever
Now, will it ever happen? Never!
She wants them both to stay alive
But she's in denial, both can't survive
She doesn't know what to do
It's just a dream, none of this is true
She closes her eyes wanting to wake
This cruelty she can hardly take
She sits still and cries a river of tears
Struggling to control her own fears
He's already made his choice
But he doesn't want to lose his voice
The pain he's going through is surreal
He wished, it, he could seal
Facing his fears, he walks the line
He convinces himself everything is fine
Walks to her with all his might
His temptation, he must fight
He embraces her, he can't lie
Because one of them has to die
He can't lie and say it'll be okay
Can't charm her with his usual way
He pulls the gun to his head
Logic from his brain has fled
She grabs the gun and yells "no"
The gun has become their mistletoe
Felt like forever, a final kiss
with an eternal bliss
"But honey, you're the one to live
Protecting you is all i have to give"
He puts the gun in her hands
"C'mon do it" is all that he demands
He puts her finger in the trigger
Pulls it, a small bullet with a, damage, bigger
The shot, echoing still in her ear
While he mouthed "kill me dear"

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Unfinished Life

Unfinished life

Joey was the girl that I married
For the years my name she carried

We made a family my wife and I 
When she passed I did cry

What will be with the rest of  my life
Someday again to be with my wife

I would like to say to my wife thank you
Also again to say I do

I wish she was here to see
What our grandchildren will grow to be

From a young girl to a woman to my wife
She’s gone and left an unfinished life

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Pleasurable Nights

Basking in the beauty that is the night
Lovers embrace within dreams delight
Thoughts intertwine in each other’s arms
Succoring peacefulness, knowing no harm
A blissful respite from this earthly realm
Where worries smother and life overwhelms
Reconnecting thru wanderings in depths of slumber
For it’s here spirits thrive in time unencumbered

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We Came Upon A Clearing

We came upon a clearing as we all started to choke
Our eyes hurting, painful, us soldier serving blokes

Pieces of black floated, sporadic burning embers passed
Hazed buildings we could see through the trees, chimneys a fast

A stench captured our senses, nothing like this war has before
As we progressed through this something, my heart skips to sore

Beyond the barbed wire fences, deadening cries filter all around
And then I see skeletal beings, it's they who make those sounds

Emaciated to thin, I've killed men before my eyes
Women, men, and children so young, it's like watching the walking die

Through the gates we go, human carcasses piled so high
The hardened in us tremble, and many of us start to cry

The strong that we meet, hold our hands and welcome us so
Leading us into some buildings, we entered, they wouldn't go

On entering we now understand, their unwillingness to follow we
It beggars belief, mans inhumanity to man, that allows this kin to grieve

Furnaces still roaring, burning bodies consumed by their heat
Do I image they were alive or dead to meet this ghastly greet

We enter another building, witnessing piles of shoes and suitcases
I've seen many a sight in this war, but never a sight such as this

The strength of me now exhausted, in wretch I'm sickened to disgust
It's plain and clear, so evident that I've witnessed murdering lust

To the air I wanting go, for their memory I'll never forget
And for the rumours that these places existed, for some will they regret

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Why the Rose Always Cries

Night after night, she sits down and contemplates
In her mind she knows her loss, but still she sits and waits

He, her husband, another statistic he has become
Killed in a far away land, another soldiers blood has run

Day after day she's taken back, to moments they had shared
Carving their names on a tree, showing teenagers cared

Through green fields of pastures new, season after season
At fourteen years old they clicked, love was a reason

Whilst she paces their family home, his steps gone forever
Killed in a far away land, another life now severed

In her time their kids will be told, daddy's never coming home
For the angels have asked him to stay, just to let him roam

Memories of their pasts resonate within her mind
For she knows she'll find no other, for he was one of a kind

Outside the window where she stares, under many seasons skies
She sits down and contemplates, why the Rose always cries

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My Daughter Reborn

I remember the day my daughter was born Like she had been here before, but now reborn Through the terrible two's she behaved like the rest When she came to mingle she had a different zest She spoke so young and observed all around her She would talk to herself in private confer Then along came school with it's different surrounds She became more outgoing as if on common grounds Her early teens came she was like a stranger to us She would recite ancients scripts and bring us to cuss Feelings I felt having never known her at all But the day I followed her, scrawling on the church walls I see her scribing, ancient symbols and satanic verses As she turns to me with Latin curses She looks at me her eyes black that were green Your no father to me my real fathers to be seen My daughter my princess she falls to her knees Her back rips open she smiles as if appeased A black fluid appears, next a bulging mass Dark wings unfold as I stare and gasp She turns towards me again I can see pain in her eyes Her eyes are now green and theirs tears in her cries Daylight is now darkness, dancing shadows on walls Black winged angels ringing humanities death knoll Where my daughter is kneeling buildings are collapsing The arrival, her father, as his black winged angels sing I run to my daughter, masonry falls all around As we collapse together on natures hallowed ground She was never his daughter although she had been here before For her eyes turned from black, because she loved me even more We lie bloodied and bruised on natures battered floor What happens when were gone, we have gone before !<*>^<*>!

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Distant Thoughts

Her thoughts drift off in time . . . memories from afar
Beckoning, calling back to days grief cannot mar.

Childhood moments cherished, captured like pictures, still,
Images of faces, dear, her heart's album fill.

Gone away  - too many, devour'd by greedy war,
Fathers, uncles, brothers who will return no more.

If she could just reverse the coursing stream of years
That swept the flood of glory down to a sea of tears.

Proudly they marched away beneath fair Dixie's waves;
Never to come home, they now lie in lonely graves.

No book read can compare to their glorious day
Before the curse of war destroyed the men in gray.

May 27, 2014

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The Best of Luck

Remember me,
In every sun set and every rise.
Let no cloud dark your skies. 
When the rose has withered upon it's last peddle,
I shall no longer mend or meddle.
When I shall not meet your eyes anymore
We will be what was before. 
I will not be there to hold your hand,
Or guard behind you as you stand.
I will not be your soothing succor,
Or your sweet and subtle future.
Gather all of your fond memories.
Remember me. 

Be me something that you once cherished,
And let my lasting words never perish. 
Be me something you could never sever,
I shall go away forever. 
Into the plains to lay my head,
Where I can lay my worries to rest.
In this place you'll find me not,
For it is a secret place I long have sought. 
I do not know if we shall meet again,
So know that I will always love you until the end.

If you should find yourself at a loss,
Remember me for what I was.
When the rose has withered upon it's last pedal,
I shall no longer mend or meddle.
Love me if you can, like me if you may,
But the winds have come to take me away.
Please keep them safe, all of our memories
And remember me. 
With life's new seed that I have safely tucked,
I now wish you the best of luck.

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We Came Upon A Clearing

We came upon a clearing as we all started to choke Our eyes hurting, painful, us soldier serving blokes Pieces of black floated, sporadic burning embers passed Hazed buildings we could see through the trees, chimneys a fast A stench captured our senses, nothing like this war has before As we progressed through this something, my heart skips to sore Beyond the barbed wire fences, deadening cries filter all around And then I see skeletal beings, it's they who make those sounds Emaciated to thin, I've killed men before my eyes Women, men, and children so young, it's like watching the walking die Through the gates we go, human carcasses piled so high The hardened in us tremble, and many of us start to cry The strong that we meet, hold our hands and welcome us so Leading us into some buildings, we entered, they wouldn't go On entering we now understand, their unwillingness to follow we It beggars belief, mans inhumanity to man, that allows this kin to grieve Furnaces still roaring, burning bodies consumed by their heat Do I image they were alive or dead to meet this ghastly greet We enter another building, witnessing piles of shoes and suitcases I've seen many a sight in this war, but never a sight such as this The strength of me now exhausted, in wretch I'm sickened to disgust It's plain and clear, so evident that I've witnessed murdering lust To the air I wanting go, for their memory I'll never forget And for the rumours that these places existed, for some will they regret < :( >

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Curiousity Kills

My poor heart didn't realize, 
My brain was so quick to deceive, 
Curious feet jumped in love side by side, 
At my age, so naive.
Really? ? It didn't matter, 
If my heart broke clean in two? 
My memory proclaimed heartbreak wasn't that bad, 
Now it's changed its point of view.
I remembered loss as a tiny sting, 
A little bump to my ego, 
A heartache I had in my twenties, 
With a boyfriend I had outgrown.
Oh boy I would have listened, 
If my instincts shouted NO! 
But they didn't because they were in on it, 
They too wanted to know…
If my heart really knew what love was, 
Had I stared devotion in the face? 
Had I really merged with another, 
With a commitment time can't erase? 
And now we all know the answers, 
Thanks a lot you guys! 
He's gone and my heart has turned ice cold, 
Its centre runs hard and dry.
I have suffered the loss of my one true mate, 
A mirrored, beating heart, 
At least in the past my heart kind of felt whole, 
I was unaware it was only half.
Although ignorant bliss has been taken from me, 
All protection has been stripped, 
The lesson has made me feel quite grown up, 
But curiousity my friend, is a *****! 

© 2013 
Ruby Honeytip

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How I Tried On Valentine's

How I tried on Valentine's
all over the many years.
I've lost all of my Valentine's
and most of them in tears.

How I tried on Valentine's
to find my merry mate.
Working through the ugly
and possible first-rate.

How I tried on Valentine's
Forgetting all my failures.
Moving to the next one
oblivious of the bailers.

How I tried on Valentine's
to settle for much less.
Hoping that the next one
Would change and reassess.

How I tried on Valentine's
to go the other way.
Hoping that they'd chase me
finding me as clay.

How I tried on Valentine's
to say what's on my mind.
Shouting out my arrogants
and baiting the wrong kind.

How I tried on Valentine's
to make a friend at first.
Only to be shunned again
by girls who want you worst.

How I tried on Valentine's
to wait for the right time.
Left to find my girl
on another's dime.

How I tried on Valentine's
to spin a small milk bottle.
Landing on a stranger
foreign without throttle.

How I tried on Valentine's
to meet up with a bore.
When all she kept on talking 'bout
was nothing and no more.

How I tried on Valentine's
coveting one man's wife.
Only to release her
sharing in man's strife.

How I tried on Valentine's
Loving her full body.
Finding that she had no mind
and wished she had a hobby.

How I tried on Valentine's
Waiting to make love.
Ending up with others
When push came into shove.

How I tried on Valentine's
Seeking out a hottie.
Making me a sickly boy
who's doctor now called naughty.

How I tried on Valentine's
Expecting an easy date.
Getting just the opposite
but figuring it too late.

How I tried on Valentine's
Jailbait in short skirts.
Quick to kiss what doesn't last
and limits to their flirts.

How I tried on Valentine's
making the first move.
Only to find I'm ignored
for others in her grove.

How I tried on Valentine's
forcing my own way.
Told by a cold shoulder
How I could not stay.

How I tried on Valentine's
two instead of one
Only to be shot down
and told that I am done.

How I tried on Valentine's
Perfect to a tee.
Wanting only to be seen
in a bar as fee.

How I tried on Valentine's
Cautious and carefree.
Never knew what she was thinking
or who was bird or bee.

How I tried on Valentine's
remembering what I've learned.
Speaking words of wisdom
and loves that have been spurned.

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Moonlight Melodies

Melancholy notes drift through the breeze
Suspending every breath they seize
Stealing every broken wish and hidden sorrow
Embracing the gaze of one who will never see tomorrow
Holding captive every sob and tear
Unrequited love and heartbreak it holds near
The emotion of a funeral in every chord
Each a final prayer to their lord
Memories of times past 
Thoughts of how the good times never last
Unrealized hopes and dreams
A fake smile and everything that isn't as it seems
Pure life entwined with every line 
Grief and loss, a distant "I'll be fine"
The harmony enveloping every dull ache
Deep regret that's hard to shake
The symphony is of these emotions and lost chances
Alongside the midnight moonlight, this broken melody dances

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Goodbye to you my Best friend
It’s hard to believe that we’re worlds apart.

 We were like strings on a guitar,
Making harmony and pleasant tones.

You were there when I took the first step,
And gave me directions ever since.

You taught me life’s valuable lessons
And saw me through my mistakes.

Unable to see the virtues you bestowed,
Cut-short by nature’s worthy call.

A decade now past and I realize;
This friend is gone but ever-green.

But with the gift of the Name
Like a tattoo I will always have.

And even if I hate to believe you’re gone,
Goodbye to you my Best friend.

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The Fukushima Fifty

A country's pride and circumstance
Has called the common man to dance.

Feet ablaze in a pool of pain
Seeking neither name nor fame.

Today's committed Samurai
You carry on, condemned to die.

You stand with hose in stead of sword
And do your best to save the world.

The world says, "Thanks" then moves along
And most won't even know you're gone.

But I'll remember; I'll declare
The Fukushima Fifty were there!

© 2011, R. Erin Lenth

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Fallen Angel

“Angels descending, bring from above, 
Echoes of mercy, whispers of love”
Glory abounded, light that was rare
Musical cherub now chained cold and bare,
Created for greatness, glimmered and gleaned,
Turned from the brightness, an Immortal machine,
Arrogance and vanity destroyed by rebellion,
Now a Fallen Angel, a force nolonger compelling,
Redemption polluted,
By views that were diluted,
The original sin,
To think you could win,
It wasn’t enough to be right under success,
You desired to be the ultimate best,
Everlasting wounds with eternal demise,
The most beautiful Angel now covered in lies,
Magnificence lost,
By the saviors cross,
The lake of sweltering fire,
Your new kingdom that has now transpired.

By: Sabina Nicole

Contest: Fallen Angel

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In Search Of Jacob

<          riding home with brother and friend from convenience store
            this masked man got out of his trucks door

            asked each boy what was their ages
            made them place bikes in ditch or face guns gauges

            Jacob was the oldest of the three
            just 11 good gracious golly

           St Joseph Minnesota close to St Cloud
           days weeks month lined with flowering shrouds

           his mother and father got congress to sign an act
           for crimes against children and sexually violence attacks

           now there is a bridge of hope
           called Jacob Wetterling foundation so families can cope

           our little lost sheep
           we still to continue to shed tears and weep

           for there is still an unmarked date
           where death has not been filled in on your headstones slate

Taken Oct 22 1989 From St Joseph Minnesota

In Search Of Jacob Wetterling still goes on

You Are Not Forgotten 



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Buzzard Fart

They dip into ur mess
2 add 2 the stress
The ones that they caused
Because of their flaws
They're afraid 2 admit
Because they know the natural hit
The hit that'll bring the truth
That'll restore their youth!

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No Warmth In The Kitchen

 Loose are the oven mitts that covered mama's hands. 
 Cold are her rustic pots and pans. 

 Stained are the pages of her favorite cookbook. 
 Lull hangs her ladle on its metal hook. 

 Hiding on the ceiling is the once dancing steam 
 of beef stroganoff's sour cream. 

 Silent is the spatula that served family guests. 
 Quietly the food processor rests. 

 Daddy can only cook up a sweat, 
 and I'm too young to read a recipe yet. 

 There's no warmth in the kitchen since mama's decease. 
 These objects are resting, but not in grease.

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Mackenzie and Vienna Couplet Fog

I sit her in a fog,
Trying to continue blog,
And I feel like a cob,
Sitting her in this fog.

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All You Were Was Wishes

All you were was wishes
      written on the wind,
blown about by breezes,
    less than just a friend.
Sad to say I'm sorry,
for landing on that edge,
where heart and mind
      are ill defined
and fantasies must end.

Look I see you sighing
    off across the dawn,
notes of mental messages
    of yesterdays now gone,
as hollow as the echoes
     calling back to say..
Don't hate me now,
    you see somehow,
I have to live this way.

I really am so empty
     of love and faith and hope,
engaging you, 
       is what I do............
       my only way to cope.

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Conquer Peace, not Rest-in-Peace

Terror ! Terror !
Conquer People, not Corpses

Coward You are, dwell amidst Ammunition 
Arms in embrace are stronger than Arms in hand

Non-Violence is courageous than RDX
RDX is powder sans detonator and suicide bomber

Once in a while 9/11 or 26/11 is not a Victory 
Erecting few Tombs and Memorials is not glory 

If vengeance is the intention
Kill monsters of Poverty, HIV, Global Warming

If disruption, loss of Life is Terrorist's wishful Victory Podium 
Such Victory carry Prize on Head, no clap from Headless Corpses  

Terror ! Terror !
Conquer Peace, not Rest-in-Peace

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Time Mends The Broken Heart

One day I woke up and my heart was broken, nearly in two.
One day I had lost the words that always brought me to you.

My mind was in a fog that took away the color of my thoughts.
In fact, it took away all the beauty and the rhyming became naught.

It took away the great ideas so creative in their fun filled lines.
Everything I desperately sought for… was suddenly declined.

The mirror of my thoughts became so empty and very blank. 
As further into the knowledge of where my mind was going, I sank.

The treacherous workings of my mind, started with a simple little cold.
But in it’s depths lay the trigger, which forced all I know…to unroll.

As my mind shut down, the medicines were useless, but still all there.
And as none brought me back where I wanted… it all seemed so unfair.

For two weeks the dreadful interference continued it’s awful reign.
I didn’t want to go back to the years where to be normal I had to strain.

So I slowly waited out my time… with a prayer readily on my mind.
Allow this illness to diminish… allow those words once more to be mine.

(A lament on my epilepsy that was triggered lately.)

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Love Found a Way

A childhood basked in the essence of sheer betray.
Through the eyes of innocence; love found a way.

Damaged, not completely broken by the memories.
I am the woman I am today, for what you did to me.

Abuse, pain and torture, from my lover yet I stay.
Through the eyes of madness; love found a way.

Amidst those eyes of hatred, a daughter it did bring.
Beautiful and dainty; a painful heart now proudly sings.

Vicious shots of venom; at my cost and my dismay.
Through the eyes of verbal abuse; love found a way.

Each poisonous word out of mouth, helped me realize.
The loving husband persona was only a crafty disguise.

A psychological diagnosis, as if I were on display.
Through the eyes of insanity; love found a way.

Creativity blossoming with the passing of each word.
Articulate with a passion for my life's saga to be heard.

A past full of trauma has made me whom I am today.
Through the eyes of victory; love found a way.

Life has many trials which all of us must endure.
But love will find a way to open those closed doors.

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The Dance

Illumination comes only
     From the far side of the room,
A faintest glint of yellow
     Amidst the blackness and the gloom.
No thoughts or feeling left
     Except anticipation so pure;
Let the music play—
          Whilst they stand now,
     Dance, they shall, soon.

His touch on her, a delicate caress
     Upon her skin;
Cradled, she is, gently
     Like a fragile figurine.
And as she lay her head upon 
          his chest,
     He held her close;
The circle closed by their embrace
     Became, to them, the world.

The first of many notes play on,
     A song from long ago,
A lullabye of broken promises
     And bitter loss;
So soft, and yet it scratched the scabs
     Of wounded memories,
And flared the pain of hurts
     She most not want to reminisce.

He raised her face, to his surprise,
     Tears welled from her eyes;
The most sincere and honest gesture
     In a place of feigns and lies.
Should he, could he comfort her?
     —no, she pushed away,
Mumbled an excuse, as if ashamed,
     And left in haste.
A mystery of life, up to this day,
     He can’t digress,
How he found admiration
     in that moment of her weakness.
Is it compassion? Is it pity?
     Is it love that’s doomed to fail?
‘Cause if it is, oh,
     the consequences it entails.

It’s closing time, last call for
     Goodnight kiss before they part;
Tomorrow comes to sell love
     To another’s waiting arms.
So in a day or two, what’s been today
     Won’t ever matter,
For when the music stops
     Then the dance is truly over.

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Nothing You Can't Do

Everyday when his dad came home he was waiting there
This was the special time that his dad always had to share

He taught him to throw and to catch how to swing his bat
Every game he played front row is where his dad was at

Started off with tee ball and even then he was a superstar
Not one of the older kids could hit the ball near as far

Then he moved up to softball and what was clear to see
The boy had a natural gift as natural as a gift could be

When he made it to hardball believe these words are true
Matt was one of the best pitchers the world ever knew

Through school and into Collage there never was any doubt
Their best player step up to the plate, Matt would fan them out

Sometimes in life just when we start thinking everything is great
Whether or not we deserve what happens we meet a divesting fate

Matt was out on a Friday night after pitching a picture perfect game
With the stands full of pro scouts promising him a career and life of fame

His fastball clocked at 98 and his control was pinpoint on the spot
After every game he would hug his dad and tell him “Dad thanks a lot”

A drunk driver ran a red light and ended Matt’s career that night
Being left a Paraplegic as it turns out would be Matt’s final plight

A lesser man would have been angry he would wallow in his hate
But that path was not for Matt he just stepped right up to the plate

Became one of the worlds greatest sit down skiers, the first to do a flip
Matt didn’t just come back swinging he was swinging from the hips

You see Matt’s dad didn’t just play with him he taught him the game
He taught him how to fully believe in himself, the W by his name

What Matt learned from Baseball he taught to you know who
Long as you believe in and assert yourself, nothing you can’t do

Written in honor of Matt Oberholtz
who I was fortunate enough to meet
because my friend Nick Jenkins was
his roommate. Want to talk about a
cool guy ice cycles shot out the back
of his water ski. Oddly enough I wrote
Matt's poem for Matt's contest.

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Dickinson Said

Dickinson's dead below her bed.
Words she said below her head.

Dickinson "Said"

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A loser

Only a loser misses 
his accidental misses.

Volodymyr Knyr 

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Weigh The Risks

I never planned on saying goodbye
If I had it my way we'd both have wings to fly
I never planned on making you cry
But not letting go would be living a lie

Neither of us know, nor could we tell
If falling in love would turn out that well
But what could I do, I watched as you fell
Wishing for the simple saving grace of a bell

You said, "weigh the risks" and that's what I did
Risks are better not taken, smiles better off hid
It saves so much pain to keep a closed lid
And it can't be opened with a bribe, the highest bid

So I hope that your hurt doesn't last very long
I hope your heartbreak isn't lived in every song
I never planned on this being so wrong
But it would be a lie to just play along.

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To Mister Narcissus

To be up is to be exalted by one’s own self,
Where conceit reigns high upon the shelf,
And self camera shots of high decadence,
Have brought forth absence of altruistic prevalence.
Self love invigorates the status quo,
But not without its toll upon the ego.
An age of likes has bestowed upon the many,
A single photograph can bring about plenty.
Nostalgia remains for selfless virtue,
To whence modesty prevailed over hairdo.
Is it not the void within men that seeks appraisal,
For the keen features that lie ever so hazel?
Be not lovers of these “perilous times”,
As foreseen by St. Paul for their vainglorious crimes.

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Small Seed

One and only, great sweet dream
Lullaby, my sun beam
Moonlight’s music, sky’s first kiss
Stars and magic, my one bliss
You’re just a little seed; you’ll grow into your skin
And be filled with love from both hearts within
You’re just a tiny seed deep within the soil
I only hope that you didn’t spoil
I dreamt that you grew as tall as a tree
I dreamt that you were always there with me
But dreams don’t always become true
And I have never got to be with you
You’re just a seed; you’ll grow up very strong
I only wish that I wasn’t wrong
You’re just a small lovely seed 
In four months you started to bleed
My one and only, hold me very tight
I only wish that everything was right
Lovely infant, dear young dream
Golden daylight, my sun beam
You are the reason that I will always cry
Why did you ever have to say goodbye?

Dying more than ever before
Every time I miss you more
A first child that wasn’t born
Dead, now all I do I mourn

Baby only four months old
A treasure I never got to hold
Big hole in my heart tonight
Yelling “Why didn’t you hold me tight?”

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Sunken Cathedral Six

Huge bronze bells peel muffled engulfed by sea 
above unhearing in depths deaf to thee

drowned the dead the lost tsunami friends
not figuring quick and sharp their ends

black churning death coming from the sea
no distinction twixt them you or me

death some surprise shaken a shock from the sea 
xept not dying in autumn like you or me

God please grant them heavenly peace
God please grant them peace

chancel and naves filled ghostly a new congregation
gentle barnacle claimed pews giving us no separation

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Heart beats, Heart stops, Stomach hurls

It's ok, I dont need you anymore 
My feelings for you are gone i'm sure

Theres still the days that you walk past 
I smell your scent and my heart beats fast
Or the times i see you sitting with girls
when my heart stops and my stomach hurls

But thats fine it should stop in a bit
Although at times its hard i admit

I hurt you alot, time again
I put you through alot of pain

But its not just you who hurts so much
I torture myself with the loss of your touch
Just a glance of your smile can be enough
Yes indeed this year has been quite rough

But like i said, now im fine
So carry on while i watch you shine

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The Girl That Was Forgotten

Virgin skin and smiling eyes
lightly steps in black disguise.
The shadowed depths to travel in
‘neath lofted moon’s pale unveiling.
Spirited way on her lover’s calls,
sneaks through silent mirrored halls,
through the arch of guiltless pleasure,
down unknown flights of enthused lore.
Startled by the prickly shifting breeze
that stirs the ground that shadows seize.
Upon the hill steely gate unfairly wrought!
‘Tis the place where her lover sought,
and bid her in the high of the night,
through misshaped gate, past blinking light,
past chiseled warriors and over cobbled bridge
to their first meeting place the old garden ridge.
In shivering skin she stubbornly waits
pondering naught why her lover is late.
Her innocent heart not broken nor bent
doth not see what impatience may invent.
A tidy minute leads to a weary score,
a guard’s hour, and then many more.
Now heavy lidded her frowning eyes
play witness to the changing of the skies.
The darkness fades to the colour of rum
as she wishes well for whatever did become  
of her lover, his kisses and knightly accord
to flatter her with the poetry she adored.
Her innocent heart somnolent and beset
lays its new pillow in the night of regret.
The dawning now bells jilted and wronged
for the girl was forgotten by the love that she longed.

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You've lost me

Dont read into what i say and do
Trust that deep inside im just like you
We don't agree on each every word
But just the idea of it's totally absurd
I don't claim perfection in myself
But just for this i'm put on the shelf? 
Happily you point out all my faults
While my retorts I shut up in vaults
I dismiss what you say as valid remarks
For the pain I caused has left its marks
But someday you might stop and see
The hurt kept in is why you've lost me

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The Nightmares

Nightmares that come are so bad I'm  afraid to sleep
Exhaustion enters making sleep needs reach their peak

A little light sleep to settle down falling falling deeply sound
The horror no no go away nightmares please dissipate

Same dreams every night since my darling baby cried
She nursed, very well fed in the morning she died

Nightmares night afer night awaking my baby I dread
Being rocked, rocked, rocked, looking down my baby's dead

(My adoptive mother lost a child, a little girl at age nine months old.  Back then people used 
home remedies very seldom saw a doctor.  The child had been sick with a cold, mother fed 
her and the next morning she was dead.  The  doctor who examined  the corpse said that 
she had had pneumonia and choked to dead on the mucous.)

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Father of Lies

you gave me life,
and let me fly,
you ripped it out,
and let me die.

your bloody hands,
and messed up mind,
tore out my eyes,
and left me blind.

these deadly wounds,
won't ever heal,
those other souls,
you'll violently steal.

don't be this way!
i'm telling you now!
the others don't know
you'll break a vow.

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The Night She Died

Murder was in his gaze,
As he seized her and slapped her face.
She knew then, she had to fight,
And that was the moment - she died.

He tore her clothes and scratched her arms,
but there was nobody to raise an alarm,
She tried to hold him back but he just pushed her aside,
And the second time that night - she died.

She did not even raise her voice,
But that animal, he left her no choice,
It killed her to do so, but she defied,
And a thousand times that night - she died.

When she begged him to kill her and he roared,
She couldn't hold it together anymore,
Her soul withered, she broke down and cried,
Coz that night along with her husband - she too died!!!

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                               THE LIGHT HEART

                           She lost her light heart
                 Somewhere between dead parents
                           Not being worldy smart
                  Had the rest Lover-beaten out of her
                               No matter where--
              Life's magic has been lost or wrapped in fur
                                 Her light heart
                            Has vanished in a blur

                       Victoria Anderson-Throop  12/4/12

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A Life Saving Whim

We are going to Corfu, what a great thing,
Come on its booked, let’s go and buy everything.

‘Hang on,’ say’s hubby, 'In Corfu it rains a lot'.
'I want more sun, not the rain, we have already got.'

But it’s booked we are ready one week to go,
‘I want to change it’ he says, 'so to Rhodes we will go.’

At that time we didn’t know what a crossroads that was, 
Instead of Corfu, we changed it because,

My husband and I wanted more sun than the rain
That was the point in changing our plane.

Ok, we are at the airport, now watching and waiting
The flight we were booked on was just to the runway taking.

It stopped all of a sudden and smoke did appear,
The poor people on board, they could not get out of her.

We had changed our holiday on a whim because of rain
Fifty Four people died in front of us on that plane.

The plane we had booked but had changed at the end
Took all of those lives but our prayers we did send.

The crossroads had appeared we were lucky that day
We had changed our course and our lives that we can say.

But to the families of those that perished back then
We have never forgotten and ours prayers still go out for them.

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Home Upon a Shore

From the back of a cul-de-sac the world one knows goes round and round
Woodlands to the rear, afore the home unplanted ground

The living scent of ocean and suburban family sounds
Mild days upon the sand, fresh night seafood on the town

Neighbors but in name, more aptly titled ghosts
Each group upon its own deck isolated in its roast

Few times a year a trip into the city for sport or rarest art
Salted pretzels, honeyed nuts, or steaming dogs upon a cart

One day all torn asunder, a household bound in strife
Pictures last not till forever, at least not in modern life

A home, a family, one small tale carried on to future years
To leave it all behind, a day of hopefulness and tears

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My Old Boy

My Old Boy

I’ve written about a little dog that I had
But little Maggie was really bad

I had to return her, she was to much for me
All over the house she would poop and pee  

So again it was just my old Bandit and me
His health getting worse even just to see

After I lost my wife
He helped me go on with my life

Then I had to face that tearful day
To put him down was so hard to say

I still look for him in his usual place
The rooms are empty I don’t see his face

More pain and more tears
It hasn’t stopped these past years

 He gave me loyalty and love
Now he’s also in heaven above

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That Dog

-Dedicated to Abby (written in 3rd grade, okay.) 

there was a dog
she was my friend
she wasn't "just a mutt"
she always came when you called her name
and she always looked left and right 
before she crossed the street at night
i loved her so much
but now she's gone
that dog was special
that dog was sweet
she wasn't a "mutt"
she wasn't a "full-breed"
she was my friend
she's still in my heart
she's still in my mind
she's sitting, listening all the time
always with me
always there
not always licking my hair,
but there.

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a shadows head

i am a man with out my shadows head
cause i cut a tree with my axes sharp led

i got a new job of a wood cutter
but i put my life to litter

i know time cant come back
i wish i had a time sack

then i had gone back in time
after my work i would sing a rhyme

god if you give another chance
i will show you a dance

how would you feel if you were in my place
or happily run in a race

i want to be a normal man eating icecream
i forgot to tell you it was a bad dream

i am going to tell my boss what happend
or my shadows head will be chopped

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Breaking of agile pieces of flesh you have torn.
Taking this fragile soul like a mask you have worn.

Trust is a magnet; A fake crown I humbly wear.
Thrusts have become stagnant, and beyond my repair.

Lying in darkness the dead now awake.
Trying through blindness you drive in the stake.

Silence is beckoned by your foolish pride.
Balance is reckoned as you walk in stride.

Frightened now I walk this shallow ground.
Hardened you balk, yet loudly you sound.

Showing you only what you handle well.
Ceasing ever lonely in our bondage of hell.

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Within Myself Sept 5 2011

So far buried beneath a mound of pain,
the surface now polished washed clean by the rain.

Carried through by the pre-manifestation's that dwell deep inside,
or is it the overpowering accusations causing the waterfall of tears I have cried.

The light at the end of the tunnel has burnt out,
only to be left with stacks of insecurity and doubt.

Lost in the dark with no ideas or visions,
all alone, scared and unable to make any of my own decisions.

My frame of mind has been setback to childlike stages,
with many countless unbecoming fiery pits of rages.

Helpless as can be, Am I'm loosing my mind?
Someday's I wish it's my entire life I could rewind.

If only I could get back to what I used to be,
A woman that was happy, wild, alive and free.

I used to carry my freedom securely and by myself,
with my fears locked away on the highest shelf.

I have already given all of my heart and my devotion,
with many tears, with many laughs, along with many other emotions.

I would trade anything to be "normal" again,
I pray most of everyday for a miracle, "Dear Lord, Amen."

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Eyes of the Forlorn

The Sun dawns and the Day is born
Its light shed on the souls forlorn

The clouds part and thunder desists
As they march on, lost in the mists

Step by step to the end of time
In perfect rhythm; perfect line

The sun sets and darkness becomes them –
A dead calm smothers the bedlam

Torments of night encompass all
With burning mem’ries of the Fall

A rain of stars breaks through the skies
Reflected in their frigid eyes –

Trembling fingers, shimmering tears
Quiet whispers and haunting fears

The sun dawns and a day is born
Gazed upon by hollow eyes Forlorn

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Unsung Tears

Ignorant, she walk
As stealth shadows stalk
Pure was her name
Misfortune, her mane

Then out of midnight's light 
Comes the wicked of the night
Her desperate struggles
Are flooded with pain

Lost in night rain
The echoes of disdain
Her innocent fears
And unsung tears
Masked in raindrops

Her womanhood scathed
Glowing dreams quenched
As her body lay drenched
Cold, yet hot 
Till all hope is lost

Passions unwanted
Pleas neglected
Blood sheared
Whereas evil cheered
O poor soul, have mercy I pray

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New Beginning

Introduction: It’s a piece dedicated to the lullaby of a different kind. It’s something which has happened to many out there, but the experience is distinctively significant…

A priceless surprise, silenced all in its tune By a soft heavenly cry, from the delivery room Only a few hours was the night; so young Where for the first time, she opened her eyes, While by her side her dearly loved one For the last time, closed her teary eyes Father held her near and resounded to her cry; But all mother could share was, this lullaby – The long last beep from the ECG Echoed her heartbeat…The last goodbye Happiness and sadness broke through the night With streams of tears for mother’s plight; She never had the chance to hold her close But left precious prayers that never left her side As she came down to their hearts Her soul flew up high apart, The transfer of two lives through one, Their journey was complete and done Caught within that reverie He conveyed the Azaan through her ears, In the wake of such irony He fell down to prostrate in tears When all hopes seemed to end, father’s prayer did transcend O’ Almighty became her closest friend and had for her a Grande plan, Under HIS mercy and HIS guide, she flourished through the darkest nights To a new beginning – she set off to write.

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Two Hearts Kissed

Two Hearts Kissed

Thank God that families can be forever.
Now you and your Barbara can be together.
Separation by death has pains, tears rain.
And hope teaches of togetherness, again.

We two met, became “best friends”, loved and married, 
Although marriage passed, friendship remained.
No widow, I, but there is still some pain…and our son.
God, please comfort him through grief with shining sun.

One man, many children, our son’s father, my daughters' “Dad”
The tragic end to a giving life, lost in a blink…more than sad. 
Tears fall, souls ache, and demenors remain strong while hearts break.
X-husband, father, brother…and friend – too soon, the Lord did take.

My love I send to his children, sister, and to his every friend.
Dear God, a forever family prayer I ask for Barbara and him.
Please comfort those who loved him; he shall be missed.
And thank you for the years we shared…two hearts kissed.

Lovingly, Dane

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My Guardian Angel

There’s an Angel watching over me, in everything I do;
Even though I can’t see him, he’s out there to help pull me through;

I never have to worry, cause I know he’s always there;
And when I have a request for God, he relay’s my prayer;

He helps me make the right decision, when I’m being pulled in two;
And sends something to brighten my day, when I’m feeling blue;

A simple thought or a flower or bird, just something to make me smile;
As soon as I see it I know it’s from him, and I watch it for a while;

I know he’s out there somewhere, helping keep me out of harm’s way;
Just like when he was alive, he’s there to save the day;

He is My Guardian Angel, out there like a penny in my shoe;
And if your reading over my shoulder, Grandpa, here's a big Thank You!

~For Constance's Contest~

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Terrified of nightmares, all the lies they share,
Show me my one love and how hes more content right there.

See him with another one, see him in his lust,
In these dreams I see him and I watch in pure disgust.

I cannot read my heart, nor my hopless emotion,
I cannot tell if I am still or if I am in motion.

I feel like I am dying, as I see him lay with her,
I'm starting to feel dizzy as things start to go ablurr.

I see him so impressed, as she pleasures him so sweetly,
And as I cry around the corner hear them 'cry' contently.

I know he'd never hurt me, but it's so hard to believe,
When I'm seeing everything occur in front of me.

I know its just a nightmare, it's never as it seems,
but why must I be haunted with these horrifying dreams.

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Cold Heart

Heart turns cold,
Dark rain showers,
Happiness fades,
Hour by hour.
As nights go by, 
And days roll on,
My only hope
Is to be strong.
My only fear is that one day,
You might leave
And just walk away.

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You can't change your past but you can learn from it
Its not about dwelling there, but more so what you earn from it
Sometimes I wish I hadn’t let others influence my prior choices
But other times I'm thankful for those few truthful voices

Guiding me in the right way, letting me know my wrong
Creating the fight inside me, changing the tune of my song

I wish you could see me now, and how much I've progressed
Now I see past my accomplishments, where my faults lay to rest

Blinded by reflections, who knew the mirror was convex
What I thought was simple and obvious, was much more complex

Today I look back and remember, how could I ever forget
How you were my satisfaction, but now you're my regret.

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You're the One

You’re the one who tore my world apart 
Now you want to make a brand new start
We stood before God and made a vow
I can’t believe what is happening now

You’re the one who said you’d never leave
Now your words, I just can’t believe
We were happy, at least, I thought we were
Now you say that you are in love with her

You’re the one who made me blue
You said that you would be forever true
Now you have found you somebody new
I will have to live my life now without you

You’re the one who will have to pay
She will do this to you someday
You will remember what you did to me
Please take me back, will be your plea

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Wizard - Contemplation to Finalisation

On this ledge I sit in contemplation
My slipping mind in desperation

In hesitant pause I'm in deliberation
Closer to the edge losing concentration

The voices in my head are now muffled to transparent
My foil of human shall soon be apparent

In life ending glide in it's wake I'm reserved
Ending this living deny, it now becomes so deserved

Cold waters absorb into another world I'll now dwell
On pillows of water I'm now taken, as I end now, my living hell

*~ All used * draped, slipping, pause, edge, muffled, foil, wake, deny, dwell & pillow ~* 

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Remember Them

Tears in the eyes of the young and the old.
A poppy on our chests, our gratitude told.

For those who died and those who did not,
We shall remember them, they'll not be forgot.

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spilling nothing but lies
hopefuly they will meet their demise

putting words in your ear
but nothing's made clear

they contradict
claming to predict

that many will die
but thats just to save lives

so they say
but is it really the right way

is this just to bury
what the truth may carry?

they think this is art
the way they make soldiers depart

they claim they help
although they make them yelp

heh, but dont worry
i could of just made up this story

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Loss Of Habitat

I watch the swaying brown tipped rushes
Against my cheek the gentle wind brushes
On quiet blue a dragonfly dips its feet
Landing where the sun and water meet
Blackbirds flash a wing of ruby red
Busy keeping a nest of fledglings fed
Bullfrogs with throaty voices call
Declaring  their presence to one and all
Faint sound of traffic accosts  my ears
As twilight descends and darkness nears 
Saddened by the coming months of fall
This habitat destined to be a shopping mall......

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Putrefying Overthrow

I plan my murderous ways deep within my mind.
She is ruthless and demeaning and so unkind.
Telling no-one of my prearranged scheme today,
No-one that can discuss this deed in anyway,
She is uncanny, mysteriously, skulking in house.
I despise her fortitude making me her mortal louse.
She deserves this death a thousand times more.
She has traveled from this place and that store.
Shopping and traveling with a hunger unknown.
She is destroying my castle and taking my throne.
A widow stumbling upon me, not once but twice,
Her planned arrangement, slightly at any price,
Our merger won by nature’s fortitude and design.
Coupled in society we had lived in life so fine.
She was about to meet the end, my perfect crime.
Our unity really forbidden, calibrated in time.
This murder will never be traced back to me.
No-one knew she existed, a complete mystery.
Poison my choice for destruction for my lady.
An agonizing painful death for Mrs. O’Grady,
She was a female that held a gratified divider.
My prey and murdered victim was a spider

written by
Cecil Hickman

written for
Sponsor Susan Burch 
Contest Name Getting Away with Murder/Murderous Thoughts 

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You're Gone

Screaming to be free
Detesting all of me
Wishing you were here
Drowning in my fears
Crying to be whole
Loathing your new goals
Fighting to survive
Longing to feel alive
Struggling with this fate
Trying not to hate
Smothering all this pain
Explosive once again
Combating this new plot
Hoping I’ll get caught
Probing feelings naught
Tasting hateful lots
Pleading for your help
Banish hurtful yelps
Dejecting the unknown
I’m tired of being alone

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Frozen Amber

A world filled with confusion With every little delusion Casting its shadow on life Pushing against her in strife Holding the glass she saw everything That her hasty decisions had to bring The damp glass began to drip From her hands it began to slip Till it would hit the floor with a crash Shattering to broken glass All of her life that she saw Was now in freefall Dispensed in the air She couldn't even care As her dreams slipped past Out of her reach so fast She now lost her world In the amber liquid swirls

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Family Matters

Empty bottles lie strewn out on his floor
Tears stream down my face as we enter the morgue.

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A Mother With No Child

It's the saddest story you will ever hear
Tragedies, can't even come near
It's about a lonely woman with no child
She wanted one to make her life go wild
A young lively kid who brings trouble
Average would be fine, even double
She wants to bear a child so badly 
Never ever will she have one, sadly
All the kids and parents have such joy
Their bonds are always ready to employ
She cares for all kids, like a mother
As if they were her own, not another
But she never felt the parenting bond
Of that, she's not quite fond
Blames herself for all the mistakes
Never knew life will sour her cakes
She goes mad day after day
When will her kid ever come to play?
Will she ever break out of this sorrow?
Will there be a brighter tomorrow?
Waiting for her eternal dream 
A ray of hope to fall, a beam
Some miracle to coincide
So she is no longer, the mother with no child

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On Calvary Hill

I awoke in the morning to a different world From the world I'd left, they'd find it absurd To alls past acclaim, on Calvary Hill It was not he who bled, but a woman's spill She, the daughter, of a long loved king To him now lost, what does his tomorrow bring Naked to bare, cast amongst others Was it so bad that she now smothers Crowned of thorns, sorrow postured be Never should ones icons, be as we see In any world that this event was undertaken No matter the cause, believed, now forsaken Yet nothing was indifferent it was the same old nails That held her to post, yet the same people wailed Days turned to decades, centuries now having past Then I awoke the next day, not even aghast .

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 I was going on a vacation with my family one day,
 We thought we would head down Louisiana way.

 It was great being with my wife and daughter, 
 Until I saw a black bird coming out of the water.

 It struggled to get to the beach we were on,
 When we looked again, it seemed to be gone.

 But it was there, floundering on the beach,
 Along with the fish, shrimp, and other birds just out of reach.

 All of them were strewn on the beach so far,
 Each was deathly sick, and blackened like tar.

 The sand which I knew should have been pristine,
 But the vision we saw was a totally different thing.

 The waves that approached were black with goo,
 Carrying more dead and dying creatures too.

 "Can't we help them, Daddy?", my little girl said,
 "Not now, dear, as most of them will be dead"!

 "But why are they dying?", she said to me,
 How could I explain about the oil from BP?

 "There was an accident from an oil company's rig", said I,
 My little girl looked at the animals and began to cry.

 I tried to explain that man uses so much oil,
 He has to drill in the earth, sometimes in underwater soil.

 "Well then we need to stop it if the animals die!"
 "I know", I said, "We just haven't tried".

 "I will try harder to not use oil", she said,
 "Especially if so many pretty creatures will end up dead!"

 I held her close and wiped her tears,
 Knowing full well that she was wise beyond her years.

 "I'll try too", I said to her,
 Not wanting to see this again occur.

 So I've made a pact with myself to be,
 Less OIL dependent so that others may see.

 If I have to walk a little more than so be it,
 It's better than having to watch the death of an Egret.

 Pehaps we could all take a stance,
 And with Big Oil, not take the chance.

 For anytime man's greedy hand gets into the mix,
 Then the environment is always in for a fix.

 But we can change, adapt, and try to help out,
 By being less dependent of Big Oil's clout.

 We had to come home early because of the spill,
 Like most people, we tasted that bitter pill.

 So now on a crusade with my daughter I will go,
 Trying hard to advise others and put them in the know.

 Especially of what I have seen thru my little girl's eyes,
 Those sickening deaths under clear blue skies.

 I will do my best to get others to stop in their oily run,
 Not only from BP, but Shell, Citgo, Marathon, and Exxon!

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Any thing lost

Any thing lost
has no cost.

Volodymyr Knyr

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New Colours

Colors , I just saw of everyone's
Including the nearest one's
knowing everyone little by little
I realize how much I need to fill.

Periodically season changes
never does it remain the same
So why do colors need to be
kept in the time frame

Man is the best color changer
for no one knows when can it be
unless and until it changes
no one knows who actually is he?

Thought I could understand people
But lo ! I wasn't right
for I received series of setbacks
in the bright moonlight

Am I still a maturing bud
maybe I think so
as I'm unable to judge
where and when I need to bow.

Colors I have seen many
changes I have seen many
never the colors of this kind
changing faster than the mind

After all I learnt a new thing
no one is near no one is far
it depends how you keep them
and how good your relations are.

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I Miss You

I miss the way you pull me close and tell me it's all right
I miss the way you stroke my hair and tell me not to cry
As the years go by the memory of you starts to fade
As if I'm stepping into the shade
The look of your face I start to forget
And I try not to fret
I know your not here today
But my world is turning gray
You are in my heart though
As I am beginning to grow
You are in a better place now
And for that I take a bow

In memory of Charles Moser

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Pennies from Heaven

Copper pennies she would save throughout her younger years,
to indulge in penny poker with her husband and her friends.

She’d tuck away her winnings in her special penny tin, 
hoping each and every week that she would win again.

But alas her nights of poker would come crashing to an end,
with her husband’s passing followed by the death of poker friends.

She kept her tin of pennies for the memories they possessed,
their significance in her life was more extraordinary in her death.
For when she passed the hurt was so intense I could not bear, 
for her gift of life to me was gone, my soul was in despair.

Then suddenly without warning pennies started to appear, 
strategically left in places to remind me that she’s here.

The places I have found them are remarkable I attest,
like atop of my salt shaker, for to her salt was the best.

I found one on my keyboard as she knows the time I spend,
working diligently on a computer from morning till day’s end. 

Of all the twelve I’ve found so far, the most incredible I think,
is the one left on my birthday in the center of my sink.

For each one I receive I thank my mom from deep inside,
For sending pennies from heaven makes my aching hurt subside.
This story is quite sincere, so I felt it must be told,
As all my pennies from heaven are as precious as pure gold.

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That November Day

I will never forget that cold day in November.
It will be a day I will forever remember.

Anxiously sitting in the courtroom,
Praying that this day does not end in doom.

All the testifying that day is said and done.
I am nervously awaiting my fate and that of my sons.

The judge is gone but only an hour,
The expression she is wearing is quite dour.

She sits down at her bench and gives her verdict to me.
They are going to take my sons, the three.

She says I am not a good mother,
She says her choice was no other.

I sit there in disbelief and stun,
I cannot believe they are taking my sons!

She won't let me say goodbye,
I am not given the chance to try!

I sit there in that vile room and cry,
Please wake me from this dream and tell me it is a lie.

Unfortunately it is no dream and I lose my breath,
This is hell for me, without the death.

I try to make sense of this some, 
But I cannot, I am way too numb!

Life without my babies, this cannot be,
Please someone just answer me!

What I have ever done,
To make me lose my sons?

I thought I was doing right,
By asking for help that night.

God, If only a warning had been given,
I would not have made that decision!

You would think the pain would go away,
It does not, it is still with me today.

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In Desperate Attempt

Chase your dreams,
If only, if only...

As the last words I speak
Pierce the hearts of the loved.

If he's anything like you,
Do I really want to go there?

It's a question of acceptance.
Fighting to wrap myself around it.

Just breathe, just breathe,
I stumble around feeling,

Glazed over in reality,
Nothing; not you and I exist.

Desperately looking at a legacy,
17 years in the making;

If only, if only,
I could chase my dreams.

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My New Language without you contest

#As dr0plets descend fr0m the 1nf1n1te d1m sky
#  My heart cr1es 0ut and hungers t0 fly
#   Far fr0m th1s fragmented f1lthy space
#    To a world with true l0ve and genu1ne grace
#     F0r ages 1 prayed t0 be carr1ed away
#      1 th0ught f0r certa1n y0u w0uld always stay
#       But valleys came between 0ur land
#         Y0ur l0ve began t0 scratch l1ke gra1ns 0f sand
#          Wh1rlw1nds ech0ed thr0ugh 0ur 1nsubstant1al trees
#           0n that day y0u dec1ded t0 pick up and leave
#            Are you 1n a better place?
#             1n my m1nd 1 st1ll see y0ur face
#              0nly t1me can fade th1s p1cture g00d
#               F0r 1n the end 1t was 1 wh0 m1sunderst00d
#                Pass the h1ghways and 0ver the d1stant seas
#                 There 1s 0ne greater wh0 w1ll c0me f0r me
#                  Dreary n1ghts were just a phase
#                   1 n0w kn0w me 1n better ways
#                     L1fe has segments and subtle c0urses
#                      Y0ur departure br0ught new f0und s0urces
#                       1 felt the tr1ckle 0f the end
#                        1t wasn’t a break 1t was just a bend
#                         Wh1ch caused me t0 see thr0ugh new f0und eyes
#                          Evap0rat1ng all your crystal c0vered l1es
#                           The pr0m1se land 1s cl0ser than bef0re
#                             1 just needed t0 slam the gates and seal up that d00r
#                              Y0ur malfunct10ns and c0nstant self-destruct10n
#                               Defect1ve eg0 that had faulty 1nstruct10ns
#                                 Are all n0w s0me0ne else’s merchand1se
#                                   1 p1ty the purchase even at 1ts d1sc0unted pr1ce.

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Opposite Ends-

I don't understand why.

Why you hurt me all the time,

and try to make me cry?

I know that I'm not perfect,

but I never claimed to be.

I only know one way to live,

and that's just to be me.

I get that we're polar opposites,

you're the sun and sandy beach.

I'm winter , cold and drifting,

the moon you cannot reach.

I'm sorry I can't be the person,

you need me to be.

I don't know how to change it,

so I'm setting myself free.

I'm one thing and you're another

and I'm tired of playing games,

I'll always be just who I am ,

I'll always be the same.

It hurts that you don't want me,

but I have to let it go,

I can't take these lies anymore,

they're bruising up my soul.

So now you're free to be the person

you want so much to be.

I'm just here in the shadows, now

so don't worry about me.

I'm going on with what I have,

and leaving you behind.

I hope you have much happiness,

and peace to soothe your mind.

I'll always hold a prayer for you,

and hope you'll say the same.

I'll save the good times in my heart,

and never forget your name.

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Torment manifests in my soul
Loved ones seem compelled to console

I live my past again and again
People’s sympathies bring back pain

Suppressed feelings vanquish
Longing grief shall languish

Infuriating my flesh with pain
Someone remind him of his shame

How I wonder about her fears
Far beyond my withered tears

Believe me when I tell you this
My child’s father stole her bliss

Such torment frustrates my world
Satan exploited my little girl

How can I subjugate this hell 
When Satan lives within her shell ?

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Amongst the many masterpieces of neglect known..
Stood the hollow house of stone
That homed the pains & stains of degeneration..
Murmuring the mystery of a bygone generation!
Now light hesitates to penetrate inside..
But this was the place that lighted worldwide
With the glowing gems of creative ink...
When the world of emotions was about to sink!
They say a poet lived in this place...
Searching for words or,rather,solace...
With the self-imposed task of writing for the world..
Immune to the anguish of abuses hurled!
The melancholic hall still holds the smell
Of his archaic ink that volunteered to tell
Sorrowful stories....unread,unseen:
Fresh like the glaze of foliage green!
This house defies history & stands...
Like a daring artefact built in sands...
That beckons the sea innocently...
Beware that the waves will efface it wholly!
This neglected art of ruins & rupture...
Still stands like an imposing structure...
Reminding the anecdotes of a forgotten poet....
Whose eyes had hope but words were wet!

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Chorus of Angels

sounds of explosions all around
whitelight; ringing sounds

then the silent credits roll
and the light turns cold

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Promise Me

Promise me that you wont cry,
When my time comes to say goodbye. 

Promise me that my ashes will set free,
Drifting slowley in the endless sea.

Promise me you will always laugh,
While remembering our good times in the past.

Promise me to walk in the night,
Knowing dark is as good as light.

Promise me that you will stay strong,
Never let go, and always hang on.

Promise me that your heart will set free,
For this is not the end, but the begining, of me.

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After the Knock

Two young children play outside the house,
Inside a mother watches through windows folding a blouse.

With the kids in the back she heads to the chair,
When through the front window come soldiers, a pair.

One is dressed like her husband the other more like a priest,
Then came the knock, sounding like a relentless beast.

Her mind said just leave them outside at the door standing,
Her hand opened the door, on her knees she felt herself landing.

The soldiers told of her husbands fate,
Wanting them to just leave her tears could not wait.

The two young children came in the backdoor,
Seeing two soldiers and their mommy on the floor.

The oldest asked mommy what is the matter,
Come here my blessings, hugging, I will explain it later.

Her world had flipped, turned upside down,
He returned to her in a casket with a flag draped all around.

They had to drive from the airport to their small country plot,
She couldn’t count the people lined along the road, but it was a lot.

Each one waved a flag, some cried as if they knew her girls’ dad,
She’d never seen most of them, but seeing them now made her glad.

She saw signs that read “Welcome home Hero” and she filled with pride,
Even that couldn’t stop the tears, at the gravesite she just cried.

She stayed there saying goodbye, her family had to pull her away,
She’s glad they did for she wouldn’t have left his side that day.

She is exhausted, overwhelmed, she must sit down,
Then she sees the photo of him in a Tux and her in a wedding gown.

How could this be real, she’s too young to be a widowed wife,
He was her partner, best friend, the love of her life.

Now the hours have past his vessel is in the ground,
All the parties are leaving she’s alone in their home, not a sound.

She weeps in her chair alone in the dark no sound but the clock,
God help her find strength, a way to move forward, after the knock.

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Barely out of her teens, just seventeen
To be like the rest, she has to be seen

Peer power, to be amidst, life's pressure shows
Her hunger to be accepted, internally grows

Dark corners she turns into an unseen abyss
Becomes a parents nightmare, she's still in wish

No matter their words to allure her to family life
Peer power, she's amidst, deeper in strife

From alcohol to drugs to sleeping around
What becomes of ones daughter, so quiet and sound

Then came the day, but does their nightmare end
Their daughter so precious, into darkness descend

Peer power has taken, entangled she has become
No longer is she amidst, her blood no longer runs

Bravado, call it what you like, was a bridge to far
Peer power, now just forgotten, a momentary star

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Internal Bruise

Here I am, back again
Hoping to find some words to say
Wanting it to come like rain
Pouring out with disarray

All through today I have been
Wanting to let out my scream
Crying to let go of the sin
She has forgotten, so it seems

Why can't I transform the blows
The ones that attack the heart
So I could just easily expose
Physical pain that quickly departs

Glances at you turns to hurt
Listening to your voice
My mouth tastes dirt
You gave me no other choice

Now I loathe the time I spent with you
How I wish I could take it back
Way back then, I  never knew
Behind your disguise hides a plague

I have tried so hard without result
You seem so neutral towards
My explanations, an insult
To my effort, no fruit of reward

So here I am, back again
Just wanted to tell you this
To keep myself from being insane
Your friendship I will no longer miss

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Remember Me

As we lay him down to rest, we say our last goodbyes. 
The parting words are hardest, as we send him up high. 
The life of a child cut short, but he finally has his peace. 
His mom cries and runs a hand down her dress, flattening a crease. 
His voice comes to us, like the wind.
"Forgive me for what I have done, forgive me for my sin. 
Do not weep for me, do not shed any tears. 
Promise me one thing, that you will face your fears. 
I love you all but I must go. 
Remember me, but without the slightest woe." 

-In memory of Brandon E. Bitner & Adam Clayton Young 
R.I.S.P Brandon & Adam

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Now you may wonder, what lust means to me?
I can sure tell you, it's in all that we see.

It's on the computer and it plays with your head.
When you're searching the web, and sex pops up instead.

It comes when you're innocently watching the game.
Here comes that commercial, she's calling your name.

Ooh, Michelob rocks have a sip, come on in.
If you drink this brand I'm yours, score and win.

It is often next door laying out by the pool.
Wearing a thong with no top, so you drool.

I find that it most often comes with a fight.
You made me mad, I'm getting lucky tonight.

It likes to creep up when passion gets cold.
Oh, let's have a threesome; Dare to be bold.

It's at your job when you're feeling defeated.
One marriage down, now you've gone off and cheated.

The fact is that lust is temptations best friend.
It may be enticing, when you let it in.

Yet, when it is through using up your good name.
It will spit you back out, and it leaves you to blame.

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War-Born Lullaby

I hear a mother softly cry
As she sings a war-born lullaby.

The song of a father who went away,
To give freedom one more day.

He promised that he would return,
Return from watching evil burn.

It was a promise he could not keep,
As now he sleeps an eternal sleep.

He gave his life so his child could see,
A land of freedom and liberty.

His body now rests beneath green grass,
His medals and picture behind clear glass.

His soul, however, is not gone.
His ideas and dreams are carried on.

She sings the song of war’s high cost.
She sings the song of freedom not lost.

She sings of a father’s sacrifice,
For his country and family he gave his life.

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oo Sense Offense

We’d gag as we whizzed through the town if someone rolled the window down. It was a most offensive smell and a persistent smog as well. Committees formed, complaints were made and rules and regulations laid upon the owners big oak desk, to obey rules or face the risk of paying a most hefty fine. I was glad that mill wasn’t mine. Miill closes down and cleanups start. Hundreds of folks wtih a sad heart. Wage-earners paid the massive price, but now the town smells very nice. Won a third place in odor contest.

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Daddy Please

Why can’t you see?
You love that bottle more than me.

I’m crying out to you!
Do you know what you put me through?

I know why you’re sad.
My brother’s been bad.

You lost him he’s gone.
But I’m still here and you’re doing this all wrong.

Bottle before me, unfair sacrifice.
If you’re not careful you’ll lose twice.

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Rusted Iron Heart Contest

Her heart may appear solid,
But rust has started to form,
Left in isolation, through countless heavy storms,
Weaken, bare and brittle,
Pieces crumble away,
Even though it's made of iron,
Her heart has formed decay.

Contest: Rust

By; Sabina Nicole

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Broken Heart

The rain is the tears your lover dont see, 
The pain is the ear your lover don't hear, 
The wind is the breath that meant every word, 
your heart was the bird that was never heard, 
Your eyes are the fire that burned away, 
Your arms never took its place, so i didn't stay, 
Your legs stop walking they fell to there knees, 
your lips of a shallow kiss, made me not breath, 

Your lies turned to why's, and questions turned to cry's 
and the ambition we always had, never stayed alive. 
By the time you understand, love will always be this hard, 
just listen to the other side of a broken heart 

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In Life We Roam

We find ourselves cowering from their RPG's
Grown fighting men being brought to their knees

Kandahar is where we are so many miles from our homes
Trying to keep focused but inside we steadily roam

Incessantly we hear the zipping of bulleted lead
Invisible to the eye, for they can bring us near to dead

A silence suddenly falls amidst clouds of ashen grey
As we suffer a direct hit, modern man finally plays

In my peripheral I hear a scream, that I've never heard before
Then I hear a pleading by weaponry in maiming score

Upon the dust lifting, I view a blood stained earth
Limbless my colleague is, is what we're fighting worth

He's nineteen years old, so many miles from his home
His body torn and burnt, where does his mind now roam

"Medics, medics" now deafen the surrounding screams
Shell shocked we are, grown fighting men beside crimson streams

Our tour of duty is now over, us fortunate return to our kin
As we remember he, our fallen, and their roaming in us within

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Curled Up

Her skin white, drained
Her expression dark, pained
Eyes staring out, completely blank
Hair lifeless, dank
Her fingers curled, still
In her mouth, a cyanide pill

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I did a bio and you would be proud; I even spoke of you.
I tried to join you the other day and shot the needle too.

A Seminole with no control, still no one can compare.
Your dark black hair and deep green eyes made every groupie stare.

You led the way much like John; Yes, I still listen to the "Who."
Things have changed quite a bit, but bands still rock, though few..

There is a band called Evanescence, they are a cross between,
a Celtic orchestra and metal like we thought we'd be.

I remember when we got high you would always say.
"If I die before you do, promise me you'll always play".

I tried my love, but I was hooked and had to take some time.
I ended up in rehab, for I found poppy so sublime.

I met someone the other day who I talked with for a while.
He reminded me of you at first, but lacked your class and style.

I did not see him in a way where romance comes to mind.
I was caught up in your memory, but he was so unkind.

I am writing poetry right now; I'm censored and that blows.
I know what you would say to that, "Whatever, if it flows!"

Believe me I have pushed the limit here in many ways.
I am still a rebel, darlin; I just keep it in these days.

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unforseen tendencies

I'm tired, yet still wide awake 
Thinking about how all we had was dull and fake 
I stood there and saw you kissing her 
everything has become a heavy blur 
I could tell in your eyes that's all it took
she got your heart with just a look
I don't know why i even try 
all you do is make me cry 
all you do is break me down, but you've made me see 
there's no way in hell we were meant to be

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The Anniversary Waltz

March 23, 1973

Thirty-two years ago, today, we said I do.
Now you have been in heaven for almost two.
As I do the anniversary waltz all by myself,
I remember that you never loved anyone else.

Together and then apart for six years.
We loved and fought and shed some tears.
Married other people and then each other again.
Guess we were just meant to be together, my man.

Now as your body lies in the cold, cold grave,
Another’s loving arms, I do now crave.
But I will never forget you and the love we shared.
Our daughter is a precious reminder that you cared.

Happy Anniversary, Sonny

I'll join you 

Written On March 23, 2005

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I linger long after you've gone
and watch the coming of the dawn,
with crusted eyes from little sleep,
a cross to bear, a wound too deep
for me to cauterize or stitch,
an all-consuming, scratchless itch
that aggravates me to the core
and cruelly whispers nevermore.

A locket in my pocket and
a tear-stained kerchief in my hand,
emblems of a stillborn romance,
listlessly I change my stance
and wander mindlessly, my eyes
fixed firmly on the ground, the skies
are cold, the wind is gray, 
I never will forgive this day.

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Old Red Barn

The old red barn is falling down
But we don't care, we've moved to town
We couldn't keep the farm after Papa died
There was too much work, but we tried
Life on a farm can take it's toll
You can still be young, but feel so old
I now work in a Wal Mart store
And Mama doesn't have to work any more
Sis got married and moved away
And we miss her every day
So let the old red barn fall down
We don't care, we've moved to town

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Cobwebs and Dust

Cobwebs obscure the heavily lain sky From branches reaching like fingers on high Eerily looming in foggy night air Where luring creatures all tangle and snare Specks of dust blot out bright visions of hope Calling the dark from unraveling rope As gnarly trees weep in dull shades of gray Choking wood and dale where children did play Howling wind beckons the soul to remain As cobwebs cluster in a crumbling brain Spinning in a maze of thickening dust While wild dogs eagerly devour the crust Alone in your fear, the filaments trussed In constricting webs, the mind reaping dust *Theme, Cobwebs and Dust By Rhonda Johnson-Saunders, March 13, 2012 For Cobwebs and Dust contest (Francine Roberts) Third Place

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What Did I Ever Do To You

There are many things that are caught by the naked eye
They could be weird or strange or even crazy things that'll make you cry

Think my strangest encounter thus far
Was a little skunk caught in a snare from my car

In underbrush and weeds so high
Heard it's whimpers then saw it's final sigh

Razor edges wrapped around its head
For sure I thought it was dead

As I moved in closer to take a peek
Its hind back arched and sprayed oh how it reeked

Poor little guy I could do nothing for
Except call D.N.R and cry once more

As they placed it in a steel cage
Heard the officer say it was that of young age

When do you think one will learn
Gods creatures did nothing in return

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Me and You

Things have changed and so have you..
They ain't the same, the things we knew..
If in seasons could I retrograde,
Many a thing today wouldn't have fade..

When one gets locked, the other comes free..
Yet my blues had failed me to see..
They're mistakes I have to learn,
Instead, refusal wishes that they be burnt..

I'm sorry, it's you I've failed..
But naught could change the things we've veiled..
The we they know is but our mirror;
The true reflection is what that's clearer..

If things have stayed and so have you..
They'll be the same, the things they knew..
We'll walk in light; stay as dear,
And many a thing today would still be here..

Dovey Annie

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Samuel's Heart

As the "Legends of the Fall" unfold
One story stands out, needs to be told

When Samuel heads out to fight a world war
Brother Tristan is sent to be his protector

Young Samuel's motives were clear and pure
And the ravages of war he chose to endure

But to a barb wire fence he clung, then fell
As enemy rifles cast their deathly knell

Renegade Tristan resolved to seek vengeance
As he watched his brother's soul sent to the heavens

He not only killed enemies, but scalped them as well
Then returned to the site where Samuel fell

As taught by a Native American wise man
He removed Samuel's heart, brought it home again

To bury on a serene Montana hilltop
But the tears in his eyes, Tristan could not stop

For Samuel and Suzzanah would never be wed
And Tristan cried so hard, his tears ran red

He felt like a failure, his world fell apart
But at least he'd returned Samuel's precious heart

To the family ranch where his brothers and he
Had been raised by their father so lovingly

Legends live on and this much I surely know
Brad Pitt stole my heart as well as the show

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A Soldier Departs

A soldier dies for the sake of his country
He lived in a land where we’re all meant to be free

Bleeding from his wounds he speaks before his life is done
“Not every soldier goes to heaven and I fear that I am one”

“I fought to save the innocent from suffering”
“I fought so hard but I couldn’t save them from dying”

He gasps as he chokes on his tears
His mind is but a fleeting memory thinking of long forgotten years

“My parents said to grow up and live strong”
“If they could see me now, would they hold me before I’m gone?”

“Or have I crossed the line between man and beast?”
“Oh Lord I beg of you, let this pain cease”

“Or has God forsaken man?”
“Does it matter? I’ve already fought and died for this land”

Hovering between life and death
He speaks with his last breath

“Is God watching now, have I done well?”
“If not heaven, where else can I go? For I’ve already seen hell”

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When One Sits on the Moor

When one sits on the moor at this Culloden place Where the Clans of the Tartan lay in deathly deface On many a night through the following years Families would gather, and continue their tears If you listen carefully you can still hear their screams Run through so young ending their freedom of dreams When one sits on the moor at this Culloden place Where a proud nation fell, nearly disappearing without trace On many a night through the following years From every nook and cranny we would rise again without fear If you listen carefully you can still hear their screams We are now a nation so proud, their tears to esteem

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What's The Point

What's The Point...I smile on the outside to hide the pain.
     No one knows that thoughts of suicide are slowly driving me insane!

What's The Point...Deep in my heart I'm crying.
     Childhood memories are tearing me apart and I feel like dying!

What's The Point...I wonder why grandpa would do that to me.
     "Protect me grandma, for you are all I have in a family!"

What's The Point...There are nightmares, and so many fears.
     I feel no one cares, and I hide the tears.

What's The Point...So look beyond a smile, and grin.
     Because no one knows ones lifestyle, or the cause of ones sin!
             What's The Point???????

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Our Love took flight

Written by: Catherine Reinke

Poems of others
I’ve read to you
of my love lost,
heartbreak and sorrow.

But to you
neglected, rejected
outstanding  and true,
this poem will 
not wait another tomorrow.

My  head and heart
were turned  from you,
our love steadfast, 
yet I was blue. 

My heart split in two.
One for he
And one for you.

In our bed
confused our heads
Is our love dead?

Who am I this aging soul,
lost in torment hells death door?

Graveyards simmer.
My life gets dimmer.
No more shimmer,
aged and thinner.

Sexless sinner.
Shut up!
Headache shouts
no more bed
nor sex to couch.
Ugly, ragged
haggard too
can not stand the sight of you.

Married bliss lost indeed, 
looking for a younger steed.
So are you… don’t deny,
Younger she, has caught your eye.

Once together we were wed.
Want no other in our bed.

On this day all has changed.
Wanting not you,
nor the same.

Hate you replaced 
love this night.
All our years of love
took flight.

Can not even converse blindly
Foul language curse and slimly.
You bitch from Hell,
 can’t stand your yell.

All from now 
from grace you fell
this I tell your soul to sell

Money maker made you from I.
Can not find our love, I sigh.

Dollars big green and tall
Dollars spent  in shopping malls.
So small feel I 
from love with held.
Once too many times I fell.

Fell from heaven to 
earth below.
Fell from love to hate now flow.

Alone not I, loveless whore.
spending money, legs closed door.

Heart warmth  not tender, 
frozen no hopeful  mender.
Send me, send me
Forgetful alcohol bender.

Drink me stupid 
cold and frigid.
Do not touch me
sorry so candid.

But you destroy 
all gentle in me.
Mean and spiteful,
bitch all three. 

Once a beauty prize for thee
until this garage wreck made me.

Throw me in trash belong.
Let me end my sad, sad song.
Life has passed me by this time,
another life make not of  slime.

Believe not then, this future dream. 
That love is other than it seams.
Needy, hungry passion pair
devils delight watch and stare.

Not at first you took your bite. 
So slowly steady, 
our love  took flight.
Out of sight.
Our weak love night.
No more love
Can I fight.

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A world explored but never found.
A king born but never crowned.
A boat sunk that never sailed.
An experiment lost that never failed.
A ninja master who never fought.
A dangerous criminal who was never caught.
A rusting plane that never flew.
A clueless teen that never knew.
A knowledge far beyond our years
That makes us shed many tears.
Could we never make it right?
Will we forever refuse to fight?

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Why do I try, just to feel hurt.
Why to I hide these scars,under my shirt.

Why must I feel, why must I cry.
Why can't I run away, why can't I die.

Why do I fail, Whenever I try.
Why did you let our relaionship die.

Why are we evil, why are we dumb.
To you my dearest, I shall bite my thumb.

Why can't I win, never succeed.
Why must i feel like my loved ones will leave.

When all falls apart, I'm left all alone.
Only my Love can melt my heart of stone.

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Sitting Alone Inside My Head

Sitting inside my head all alone
Wishing God hadn't called you home

It's the way he decided it to be
The day death took you from me

Sorrow filling my broken heart
Having been that way from the start

My love for you has no end
Through Heaven it must transcend

Our life together I must replace
With loving memories I embrace

Vast amounts of tears I have shed
Knowing life without you lies ahead

Sitting alone inside my head 
Many days wishing I was dead

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I have this desire
To write and inspire.
But would the world open its ears and listen
When most of my life has already been written?
What about my life could possibly be said
To make it worthy of being read?
Sexually abused by a family friend,
These were dark times that seemed to have no end.
Raped and verbally abused,
This was a life I didn’t choose. 
As a third grader I was obsessed with my mortality.
My mother had a severe hoarding tendency. 
My father was physically there, but emotionally absent.
I possessed a strong fear of peer judgment.
Drugs and alcohol littered my street.
Strangers became the only people I’d meet.
 I saw men bleed until their last breath.
I’ve felt the sting of a premature death.
I saw evil on a daily basis. 
I became just a number in a social worker’s cases. 
I feared I’d be called a liar.
It was a constant battle to keep my head held higher.
The stories of my life could fill a book,
But would anyone bother to take a look?

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My American Soldier

When you walked away I said I wouln't cry but I almost did when you said goodbye when you did come home you weren't very well you said you weren't hurting but you were I could tell I stayed by your side as your breath slid away whispered to you on your final day as you took your last breath you told me don't cry no matter what happens this isn't goodbye you now have peace my soldier lay at rest because you my american soldier were one of the best as time goes past as you asked I don't cry I kept my word because you promised this wasn't goodbye.

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Soul revival

From the deepest shadows
To my hidden sorrows
In a land full of disease
Where the fire cannot cease
A place where a lonely sin
Desire within
Hunts my lust
Throwing me into the dust

And when I wake up from your dream
Wishing you'd be my greatest sin
I lose my actions and my destiny
My desire to be your mistery
And bow upon my chosen fate
And my desire to be your mate

And now a lonely child is born
With no desire to watch porn
Society bans him
With the desire to be mean
He desires Everything
But there is no such thing
He outsmarts Everyone
Yet he loves No One
He commited greatest sin
To have no desire within
Loneliness and lack of passion
Made his heart enjoy no fashion

But there is someshe in his brain
One she which fights in vain the pain
Killing the beast which has the right
To have his life and throw no light

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Usually, my morning starts kind of late;
too much sleep makes my back ache.

And to ease some of the spinal pain,
I walk blocks to chat with uncle Bin.

On the way back home, I pick up the Daily News;
I scan its pages, but little bugs get into my shoes. 

I pass by Linda's coffee shop and the smell
of pastries make me want to stop and chill.

Even strangers say hello with their regional accents;
Helen is from the South and she's made many friends.

" Have some fresh coffee! "  they shout as they invite me in,
" Do you live on North Street? " He asks..." My name is Glen."

Usually, my morning starts kind of late while the town is fully awake;  
I miss the sunrise over the placid lake, the songs of bluebirds at six. 

Written by Andrew Crisci
for Francine Roberts's contest,
" A Couplet Morning "

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For Jenny

An innocence that once was lost
Lives within a broken heart

There it lies in hope and wait
Barred behind a lonesome gate

Waiting for to be revealed
A true desire long concealed
Joy and light beyond compare
Filled with beauty true and fair

Certain it shall find a way 
To live and love another day

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Through the Window (2006)

Looking out as I do
Wondering where are you
My heart overflows and I see you. . .no!
My tears start to flow 

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A Driving Force : A World Apart

We were like the sun in the month of May Now we're like June, with the sun gone astray Like Ice on a July mornin Now, we don't belong We were like sand on the beach; so cleansing & smoothe But now we're like the shore, that's washed away We used to be sunshine on a cloudy day Now we're like the clouds, Gloomy & gray We used to connect on so many different levels But now, we're so far apart, there's no reception Now we can't talk We have no connection Our bond was so strong it could not be broken Now it's broken down with words unspoken We used to finish eachother's sentences, but Now we speak a different language We used to care about eachother,but Now we care about ourselves We used to get eachother,but Now we get tired We used to work things out,but Now we're both fired Used to be in our own world,but Now we're on different planets Used to share a mind,but Now,our thoughts are hard to find We used to know eachother so very well,but Now we're strangers We used to be joined at the hip,but Now we're a thousand feet away No force could pull us apart Now a driving force has separated our conjoined heart. .

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Woke to Fire

He woke up in a place filled with demise
Sentenced, from a life occupied with compromise and lies
Decay scorched through his once mortal skin
He was now aware of all his unrepentant sins
Mounds of volcanos were overflowing with torment and fear
Screams from souls whose words he heard crystal clear
He was trapped in his own personal blazing cell	
This man realized he was suddenly in hell
Cry’s for mercy, he began to express with pain
He knew now he had took the truth In vain
Then, suddenly he was met by a sinister choir
Groaning “For eternity you will be continuously set on fire.”

Written: 4-24-12
Contest: Fire
By: Sabina Nicole

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My mind knows how long my wife’s been away
In my heart it feels like just a day 

The meaning of closure to me
Is closing the door behind my wife and me

At night when I go to bed
I have thoughts in my head

If after I turn off the light
I should pass during the night

If I should pass during the day
The same words I would say

I wish it’s my wife that I see
Looking at me

I’ll be happy and calm
When she takes me by the arm

We’ll go off together
This time it will be forever 

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The hope that cant be found

Miss Mary Jane is constantly filled with joy, 
she loves the lord but not as much as this boy 

Her hopes are high, as she tries not to sigh 

She wants to be happy and always see the light
but it reminds her of her pain and the constant fight

Everyone is happy as can be 
But she doesnt understand and cannot see 

This love that once dwelled within 
is struggling to even feel a thing

Why be nice when they dont care 
when you need someone and they arent there 

She loves you God, you need to understand 
She just needs some time to comprehend

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What's Left

In my breath I love you
In your death came hate
tomorrow comes as always
opens up the gate
so many tears have fallen
so many you don't care
lord please we have called on
and passed around the plate
you laugh with your mouth open
with your ugly mouth agape
and so we walk on burdened
and you asleep and turned in
you care not of our fate

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The Pioneer

With hammers and get rich schemes

He ravished the mountains and polluted the streams

And never recorded at what cost

He paid for paradise lost

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Written by Catherine Reinke

Ancient sources tell us of one old God
forbidden from all others,
Yahweh declared he, from the sun,

named  him Baal. His ceremony enticement
many could not resist,
believe one God only’ certain  may  this one.

Each morning clockwork He would arise
feeding nourishment  they and plants alive.

Not only life give’th  He in  sun’s magnificent glory
 how few could understand
why Yahweh to war went with Baal.

Fought in heavens sky for power supreme complete
resistance forces fought immense
until victory found when Yahweh   produced his demon fail.

Destruction of our earth, when  Yahweh   flood waters  sent.
Save select few , Noah and they
in his arch rescue set  omnipotent God sail.

Declared… drown the followers of the sun!
Yet ,rise each morning Baal still won.

Today  from the watery grave they  have risen 
those who worship all that Baal The  Sun has given.

Plead  we now, no  more destruct  us for such love 
condemned to  wait return of the arch  homeless dove .

Mend your rivalry Yahweh  with Baal, we  pray
that   in service both, in gratitude and love we may.

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Love and Tragedy

Most poets would agree
True love ends in tragedy

Spilling out sonnets of sorrow
And worries of a dreaded tomorrow

I prefer the latter argument
Following my own sentiments

I believe true love never ends
It does not follow the trends

That poets have already laid
The pain and sorrow love hath made

Love doesnt hurt; it heals
Even when the hurting is all you feel

A part of your life forever changed
A piece in lifes puzzle being rearranged

Sometimes it's not meant to last
But to the memories you should hold fast

You'll look back and smile at what you see
The proof that love doesnt end in tragedy

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Most Broken

I thought that I loved you, I loved you so much.
Supporting your life, I was your only crutch.

I wrote you my songs, begged you'd sing along,
I tried oh, so hard for you, now know it was wrong.

I begged you before, to not leave my side,
but you stole my hope from me, why would you lie?

You've broken my heart, all done in such pride,
This rough bumpy road was not worth the ride.

I gave you my all, you still didn't care,
Not allowed to be sad, which just isn't fair.

I stood up for you, I rooted for you,
Heck, I was enrolled at a hospital for you.

At one point I pleaded, please dearest don't cry,
But now your forgotten, won't care when you die.

You're out of my life, and it's for the better,
Cuz I don't deserve all the hardships we've whethered.

You talk bout self worth, you speak now of life,
But you've only left me with this pain and strife.

I now know your heart, no, you never cared,
Cuz you wouldnt help me, no matter how scared.

I'm done wasting time, I'm saving my breath,
Cuz darling you would have lead me to my death.

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"Write me a poem", she once said from her chair
And tell the dark secret that lies under there
Dig it up from the deepest and blackest of holes
Tell in poetry what you’ve not told to a soul
Write your way through the layers of cover you’ve used
To conceal the real issue that lies at the root
Of the vines and the thorns that grow out of your heart
Tell me, what do you keep so far down in the dark
For you never can heal if things stay as they are
Using bandaids and makeup to cover the scar
Yes, you’ll always be stuck in this state that you’re in
If you won’t write it out and let healing begin
…Jeff Bresee

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Our Son, Our Tears, Our Tomorrow

Born from my soul new to this earth
This marvel of life that we call birth

Dedication endurance, gestation of time
To hold him so close our son so fine

Tears from my eyes, fulfilment of joy
Proud parents we are of our little boy

We look to tomorrow to live our lives
As we remember his dad whom fate has deprived

He was a soldier, just nineteen years old
Too early to leave us for his young life to fold

At Southampton Docks, where I waved him farewell
My tears were so different our future looked swell

Frequent letters arrived declaring our love
To the birth of our son a gift from above

Then came the day your whole world falls apart
A knock at the door, where do they start

They sit you down, knowing the words you will hear
My eyes start to swell, with a different tear

They tell of my husband, father to our son
Heroic in war, lost to the enemy gun

They leave, the door closes, I'm in momentary empty
My life not that long ago was blissful of plenty

We said our farewells my son and I
With a lifetime of tears I will internally cry

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A Letter to Mama

Dear Mama,

You have been gone for sixteen years
During this time, I have cried many tears
I am thankful for the time we had together
But I believe I will miss you, Mama, forever
You’ll live on in the my heart lovingly
A mother can’t ever be replaced, you see
As I sit here reflecting on my memories
You are such a big part of all of these

Sitting there sewing on your machine
Creating a designer wardrobe for this teen
Growing a garden and putting up goods
In the winter months we’d appreciate the food
Cooking up a mess of conrbread and beans
The best desserts you have ever seen
Worshiping God with the church on Sunday
Talking things over with your good friend, May

God gave you children to nurture and love
God sent me even though you had enough
I believe that He saw the desire of your heart
For a daughter who would always be a part
Of your every dream and for life’s trials
Whether we shed tears or were all smiles 
Together we learned to depend on each other
You and I were a matched pair, dear mother

God called you home much too soon
You left before the roses could bloom
The smell of honeysuckle lingers still
In my mind it always will

Love from your babygirl,

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Poets are Tough Enough!

Do You Think We Are Not Tough Enough?

Poets and contests are not a strange mix.
Though, winning or not, emotions play tricks.
We are competitors, really quite buff.
And “fighting” with words, can truly get tough.

We might not be rough or want our knees scuffed.
It might be true, with our hearts on sleeves fluffed
We enter some contests hoping to win.
Waiting with passion competing with friends.

We might not like loss for fear of no fame. 
But all the same, it's a glorious game!
How does one vie without wanting to cry?
Fearing a loss when ones bests have been tried.
Emotions and contests played as a sport.
Tensely awaiting the judge's report.
And if one has lost, are emotions chucked?
Do poets think they are down on their luck?

Nay!  I say nay!  Poets are not all fluff!
We can take rejection; we're tough enough.
Contenders are strong and not powder puffs!
Sock it to us judges, our words your quaff.

© Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen
    November 24, 2009

Dedicated to Poetrysoup judges who "suffer the agony" of picking winners where there are  
so many wonderful poet's entries.

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who can heal a broken heart contest

New life comes and over takes,
From former things and old heartbreaks,
Devastation fades to dust,
When liquid love penetrates the rust,
Washing hearts as white as snow,
Healing comes when one lets go,
Allow Gods love to overtake,
When you have that inner ache,
For when you know absolute adoration,
From the one who heals all complications,
Scars suddenly fade away,
Beauty is restored from what was once decay.

By: Sabina Nicole 
written: 3-26-12

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Cant Hold these Leaves

Darkness hovers over this tree,
The chains of bondage deceive thee,
Oh shake them off through each new breeze,
The devils grin can’t hold these leaves,
Beneath the bark nourishing sap does lie,
The sweetest taste awaits its sky,
Just shake them off through each new breeze,
The devils grin can’t hold these leaves.

By: Sabina Nicole
contest: secondhand emotion

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Saint Valentine who were you?
Were you in love with someone too?
Its your day today,
Is this a joke to make me pay?
This day makes the loneliness hurt more,
Especially when I see red roses in the store.
I know no one wants to give them to me.
With tears in my eyes from the store I flee.
In my room I cry about it,
No one wants me I don't fit.
Saint Valentine were you a fool?
Or did you make this holiday because you were cruel?

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I walk through a dark an empty street
With nothing but cold concrete beneath my feet
The air is bitter and cold
“Life is hard” from what I’ve been told
Takes so long for my pain to subside
So many thoughts have crossed through my mind
As I walk through this path, an take a look at my life
I soon realize I have nothing left
My mixed emotions are running wild
I feel just like a child
The four walls in my room just keep on spinning
Pain and emotions are tearing me up and winning
My future goals have run out, or so I can see
Waiting for that person to come and rescue me
But as I look in the mirror, stop and stare
It’s all but one person that needs to care
Hold your head up high
Wipe your tears, its ok to cry

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Death Awaits

Death awaits the young marine
The touch of a woman, true love, never seen

Bullets tear through him
He drops to the ground, with blood soaked skin

His companions push forward for victory
He’s left to die, nobody listens to him scream

Angels come to save his soul
Demons laugh for the life they stole

As the soldier cry’s from the pain
He thinks “If I’m to die, who’s to gain?”

A victim of reality, thoughts through his head
Choking on his tears, knowing he is dead

A flag upon his body, his comrades stand and mourn
His parents watch on, staring at the flag, as youths they burned

A memorial was held and heads were hung low
But war must be continued and soon it’s time to go

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Broken Shells

And we stood high…over the edge of our life,
Mesmerized…by the churning waves of fight,
Falling down…we let go…of each others hand,
Now we are…but broken shells… lying in the sand.

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he pulled the trigger
the bang ensued

the barrel exploded
in a white flash

the bullet had
not far to go

in less than one second
she would be dead

the bullet entered her head
without a sound

then exited
pulling with it

what had been inside it
before the shot's resound

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Why Lie ?2005)

If you go through her pain why give her pain?
If you love her why are your efforts all in vain?
You love her then kill her half way
You promise to never hurt her but you do the next day
You say you never lie 
But you do why?

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love yearns

i wander in love's alley blind,
rather than wander blindly in love's alley .

my heart will only yearn for you my love,
its up to you my love to yearn for my heart .

I cannot decide and expect you to respond,
to respond is for you to decide.

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From The Past

Of all the friends that I’ve known and lost
I reckon at times life will collect its cost

Sometimes the thought makes me sad
As I start thinking of the dreams we had

I know who was right and who was wrong
I reckon it all plays out like a country song

Life of the party is how the song did start
But I reckon it ended with broken hearts

As the years pass by and the memories fade
I remember how we thought we had it made

If life was a bull we had it by the horns
Got the rose by scratching through the thorns

I loved you all more than words can say
I never meant to hurt anybody in any way

But most of my life that was my only curse
I tried to make it better as it just got worse

Just as the guitar player starts a new cord
I turned my life and will over to the Lord

 I’m setting here wishing you all could see
The light of the Lord shinning bright in me

I reckon life is less than funny that way
There are some things we never get to say

Things that are forever etched in the heart
Pulling all of us further and further apart

The Lord has given me a wonderful wife
Together her and I share a beautiful life

As far as our children it is beautiful to see
We have formed a melting pot of a family

From two families broken totally apart
We all do cherish each other’s hearts

I wrote this poem in hopes that someday
You’ll read my words and feel what I say

And know in your hearts its words are true
Especially the ones, “I love all of you”

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Stop right there before you die,
I throw away the knife and cry.
Living hurts too much I don't want to live.
I can no longer forget or forgive.
No! This has become out of hand.
The knife is now banned.
Please save me.
Don't be deaf to my plea.
Don't let me do it.
Hold my hand and guide me through it.

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Sometimes it is better to fail....
So that someone else has a chance to prevail...
Sometimes it makes sense to be insane....
When even loss seems like gain....!

Happiness lies in moments sweet....
Irrespective of success or defeat....
Without being mesmerized by mortal glories....
Let us discover joys in simple stories....!

Staying back by pausing the pace....
Not considering the Fate of the race....
Just to help someone who is behind....
Is just a loss of a different kind....!

Such moments of happiness aptly define....
The mystery & magic of life pristine....
Even if one loses such a contest....
The peace of the soul is at its best....!

Wins and losses are just two sides.....
That the script of life creatively hides....
A win is a win...a loss is a win....
As long as it soothes the man within....!

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Scars, on my skin,
Why did I let him in.
Look at me why do I do this,
I need a conversation, a hug, a kiss.
Unloved and dejected,
Bleeding and infected.
A feeling in my gut,
I don't want to stop, I want to cut.
Covered in blood, I rise.
I think of excuses.Lies!
Scars everywhere,
I'm not ashamed and I'm not scared

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Worthy Mountains

I think of mountains moved and souls crushed
I think of hurdles cleared and dreams rushed

I think of battles won and the lives that were lost
I think of the first exhale on a cold winter night and all the intentions seized by frost

I ask am I worthy to reach the top?
I don't know, but it's better than staying here to rot

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Nothing Can Happen

I stare into the dark abyss
Midnight ice; a wicked hiss
Wading through the solemn storm
Deepest depression takes its form
Shattered promises and lost dreams
Happiness torn apart at its seams
Phantoms dance gleefully in the hail
They knew that your life would derail
Was it not they who hid in your mind?
Whispering their assurances, all will be fine
Perhaps today this wasn't the case
Hot salty tears trail down your face
An answer to the winter wind
Leaving fear with those who've sinned
Enveloped finally by sweet surrender
Inside fades a dull ember
Giving in, succumbing to midnight entrapment
Heaviness descends, of course... nothing can happen

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I Want My Mommy

as I lie in this womb
for it's my heart you'll hear beat soon

da beat beat beat
and da tapping of tiny feet

attached cord
was my mighty sword

words of disgrace
embedded in my taste

drug of ill fath
served on my plate

you have rather me died
than to hear my wimper and cries

I could of made you proud
instead of being wrapped in this tiny shroud

now I am someone else's angel
wearing a nice shinny golden halo

as my unspoken words goes out to you
I hope your next child won't have to go through this too

Tribute To The Unborn

Entery For 
Raul Moreno's
Unspoken Words Contest
GL All

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Johnny 's Song

He was born to sing upon his land
Now he's resting in God's Everlasting hands

Didn't matter who you were
That voice you'll remember for sure

A voice that could shed many a tear
Or make you just want to stand up and cheer

Oh how'll I miss this one hell of a man
Made me today of who I am

Across oceans far and wide
Johnny sang his songs with passionated pride

Now he soars amidst his eagle friends
High above the rockies bends

Oh Johnny this song's for you
As I sing about your eagle friends too

In Loving Memory 
John Denver  { 1943 -1997 }

Soar My Feathered Friend

  {  R.I.P. }

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The halo of happiness I craved to wear,
Wasn’t in my reach or in my share.
My eyes turned green, my heart went dead,
On seeing it embedded on another’s head.
I was a victim of my own depressed thoughts,
And reflected how to undo these grave knots.

Happiness although not simple to attain,
Makes things simpler when attained.
Shadows in the life are caused and designed,
By standing in one’s own sunshine.

I sought for happiness in the distance
My endless endeavors made Little’ sense 
When somebody whispered this hint,
It’s growing under your own feet.

If you are a master of your own self,
You can end sorrows without another’s help.
Pleasure can be created too,
If the true benefits of joy is found within you.

For happiest moments we ever spent
Are those shared with a special friend,
Great happiness has it’s own unique talent,
“Great joys like grief are simply silent.”
                                                                 ZEHRA ABBAS 

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Beautiful insect cupped in my hands,
Released to the air to fly over lands,
Assured that keeping you would speed your death,
You were released, I held my breath.
Gently above me then floating away,
Orange glow from my hands deeply allays.
Within moments of a lifetime, brush cut, 
Feelings replaced by a punch to the gut,
Knowing its future like being aware 
My shadow follows someone else's dare.
Insanity is sadness for thoughts of
Others better care of the one you love.

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Silence and Shadows

In lightless pit of silent vale 
Treading softly on broken shale
No noise I plead, no noise I beg
Lest I wake the beast with in my head

A shadow that slides from place to place
A ghostly shade without a face 
Slipping through light, slipping though day
Embracing shadows where I may

In black on black the look of Cash
With foot prints that leave not a splash
Past community I softly tread
Lest they wake the beast with in my head

I stopped just once and there I fell
Through velvet pump into sweet hell
With golden bangs, with liquid fire
To fane the flames of velvet desire

In this sweet hell were pools of blue
A dancer’s beat that skipped and flew
Bright shining lights for all to see
But this woke the dread inside of me

Its rapid eyes no longer moved
It twitched is once still cloven hooves
Unlocking doors with a big red key
The once sleeping beast had broken free

Once sickly sweet now never more 
A poisoned font with every flaw
The carpet pulled, no longer tread
With this beast free inside my head

Language spilled like jungle vines
Angry colours and poison spines
Thinking fractal though kaleidoscope
The angry beast gave me the rope 

Now sweet hell swings in the breeze
Shattered dreams cut off at the knees
Auto torture, self effacing hate
Are favourite games when he’s awake

Killing this self yet one more time
I killed my friend, my intertwine
No more I scream, no more I beg
As I lock it away deep in my head

Now the lovers clinch and wrestling 
The birds, the bees, the doves that sing
Are things of fear are things of dread 
Lest they wake the beast with in my head

In lightless pit of silent vale 
Treading softly on broken shale
No noise I make, no words are said
Lest I wake the beast with in my head

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dot dot dot

dot dot dot
you love me, you love me not
yeah i get it, we are kids
life is kind of like mad libs
but i just can't stand this all
my life with you has finally completed the fall
i want to be your friend
but the relationship part, has come to an end
if you still like me that way
then there is nothing else to say
i will have to leave your life
this too will cut me like a knife
but until you are over me
i will have to watch and see
so i'm sorry but please make up your mind
while all my thoughts i try to find
dot dot dot
i was in your life, maybe now i'm not

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No Time To Lose


My mother screamed, “House is on fire.”
We awakened to a danger dire.
Dashing across the snowy street
We ended up with frozen feet.
From neighbor’s home we watched it burn.
Our things were gone, not to return.
Our home had burned right to the ground.
It lay there in a blackened mound.
With blistered feet we stayed in bed.
“Fifty below”, the papers said.
Our feet and our loss caused such deep pain,
I hope it never happens again.
But if it should and I could choose
I would, I think, look for my shoes.

(This is no lie.  It really was fifty degrees belowthat night back in that cold winter in North Dakota.

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We heard from the Cape, that orders have been given For we must retaliate, our enemies to be driven To be circling the earth on this fateful day No contact with our loved ones, as the atoms below us play The feeling as we orbit as we watch the vapour trails Explosions so unbelievable, watching nations on earth impaled Mushroom clouds expand whilst their sonics resonate Like ripples on the water they drift freely interstate Atomic atmosphere abounds, for the earth we cannot see Mans history in modern warfare, was always intended to be Us seven on the Shuttle now orbiting for half a year View many changes on our planet, when we land what do we fear Scrambled messages we have received, telling us where to land Remembering the day when we left, we never could have planned Our destination advised, to the Salt Flats of Utah now set Six months orbiting the heavens, being spared heartfelt regret From what we viewed above, to the landing site we head Touching down we're met by officials, what we're told is not easily said A rogue faction had triggered an attack, the outcome, Atomic War I can't begin to tell you my thoughts, for man, I begin to abhor We are taken to Los Angele's, suited to protect from the fall Passing carnage so indescribable, witnessing mans eventual appal Where once stood icons, that thrived with modern life Now stand tattered and jagged torn, irradiated in atomic strife Shadows of the former, silhouette where they fell Children, families and individuals show fear in deadened yell Skeletal shapes lie spread, whilst little life shows face As we pass past twisted wreckage, viewing mans disgrace Sporadic spotlights shine, as if clearing to start anew Looking back as we reach our destination, a city in war torn spew We turn to each other in silence, viewing but we can't comprehend Such an intelligent form of life, can take us to disaster send

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My Tears are Gone

Because of you, the cry of my heart cannot escape through my eyes.
My tears are all gone, but not the pain I feel inside.
The sleepless nights, full of heart wrenching sobs,
No longer plague me but… I want the tears to fall.
Without this luxury, there is no escape.
The pain overwhelms me, like my heart’s being reshaped. 
It’s been so long now…they said it would get better in time.
I’ve waited and waited; only to see through their lies.  

To everyone else, my heart has healed. 
But I’ve become a good actress, and put up a shield.
My shattered heart won’t let anyone in.
I feel all alone in this battle I can’t win.
I’ve tried to get over him; I’ve tried to move on
But without him with me, I feel so wrong.
Its unnatural living, as I go on my way.
I feel something missing, every moment, every day. 

Oh I cried and I cried, but like a sudden drought,
Somewhere along the way, my tears ran out.
I have no one to talk to; I can’t tell him my feelings.
So I live my life, pretending I’m healing.
Inside there’s a fire, burning at my soul.
A huge void is left, only you can make whole.
As my heart grows numb, I long for escape
I have yet to find it. And so I will wait…

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Love, The darkest angel..

Life, O how it means so little any more,
My heart was made of steel and the maker made no door,
How is it that my soul once seamed to sore,
But now the pain seeps through while leaving a pool upon the floor,
Nothing makes sense and I feel so confused,
She's left me alone, my spirit's been beaten and used,
But there's a cruel smile that crosses her face,
Like the darkest angel with some unquinchable taste,
A taste for a life that seams just out of reach,
So I'm left here alone with nothing to learn or no one to teach..

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He Got His Life Back

Tainted Oilman Hayward, geologist-in-chief
Oddly opined amidst deep misery and grief 

He said the oil spill would have a modest impact
Did not want the “small people” to over-react

Yachtsman saw a “tiny” leak in the “big ocean”
Wanted to stop the oil spill, without commotion

Did not grasp the urgency of the Gulf Coast plight
Until the president said you will “make it right”

Then, he agreed the spill caused “massive disruption”
Touched his own life, with a massive interruption 

Frustrated Hayward said he wanted his life back
While oil spill victims tried to keep their lives on track

His self-serving words invoked disbelief and wrath
Spread swiftly and portended his demotion path

After facing lawmakers on Capitol Hill
Hayward flew to London for a yacht racing thrill

Gulf Coast residents became extremely upset
They could not relax while the oil was still a threat!

Rebuked and scorned in each befuddled Gulf Coast town
The embattled yachtsman was ordered to stand down

Hayward got his life back, in a timely fashion--
More free days to pursue his yacht racing passion

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at the mall

when took a trip to the mall
to touch the statues and the wall
where all the names, etched in deep
of lives lost, remembrances to keep

and those greyed with that-day mind
come to remember or put behind
the ghosts of theirs killed that day
amends awakened to come and say

a prayer for the known and the not
and cry a tear for what they've got
that seems was given at high cost
of friends and strangers futures lost

vets want the rest to know their pride
and grieve with them for all that died

© Goode Guy 2011-11-12

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To My Mother For Mother's of The World

Way back when the skies were blue
I wish I could have somehow knew

That after 4 there would be no more
The reaper took you up out the door

I never embraced mother’s day
Another excuse to throw it away

A shameful fact that is no lie
Just another reason to get high

I’m pretty sure today you can see
I have become who I should be

Everyday is another roll of dice
I don’t gamble its not my vice

What I do is give it all away
Just another prayer I shall pray

Lord for the mother’s everywhere
A short simple meaningful prayer

Never doubt within their fears
A hungry child sheds their tears

In our world so easily embraced
Hard to imagine a Mothers face

Who’s Child has not a pair shoes
Dying from some unknown flue

Only thing they really know for sure
Death is going to be their child’s cure

Sometimes the depth of what we write
A world away in the dark of night

Tears will become their only gifts
As a child’s soul their angel lifts

To these Mothers I pen this write
Babies in heaven finally alright

To my own mother I proudly say
Mom your son turned out this way

No need for greed or desire of lust
Just a simple man doing, as he must

A man forever planting his seed
For those who are more in need

I think we here in America often
Lose how desperate some parts
of the world truly are. I will be
spending today in prayer for the
Mothers who have nothing more
than faith to give or receive from
their Children. Always remember
even in these troubled times your
spare change can make a difference.
May God Bless you all

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Lace filtered dawn, falling softly
Duvet of down, brush lightly

Drifting, timeless, floating here
North Sea breeze, hint of ocean air

Scent of green, languish awhile
Sunday at home, Irish mist smile

Remembered dream saved in heart
A soul remains worlds apart

Stephen (Stoic)

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~Invisible Ink~

(Ultimate Express Mai).

Paperless here, ink invisible for "write" 
Cyber space cannot reach.. far offsite..

Sadly missing you, things not same..
Taken from us.. whose to blame?

Such great tragedy, your untimely demise.
Leaving us grieving, with no reprise..

Lives damaged when your Spirit departed..
Hearts aching.. lost much when parted..

Lover of life.. Sweet natured Soul..
Nursing, tending.. You kept us whole..

Family oriented, guided us.. one minded..
Brother, Sister, and I .. siblings binded.. 

Still close because of values instilled..
Basically good, like you.. strong willed!

Always kind, ever thoughtful, very giving..
Even our biggest errors, graciously forgiving..

Beautiful, savvy~ Wise, funny and smart..
Too soon.. suddenly.. you did depart..

Cannnot send "e-mail", postcard or letter..
Taking it higher.. ultimately much better..

By Jesus messenger, Wings of Dove..
On Angel's Wings.. to Heaven Above..

Since normal means, esp wouldn't do..
Sending ~Prayers~ .. "Mama, We Love You"..

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Bummed out Baby Boomer

My skin is all wrinkled
my muscles are jello,
I'll tell you right now
I'm one bummed out fellow.

My joints are all achy
my eye sight is shot,
it feels like my head
is clogged full of snot.

My lungs are all blackened
from decades of smoke,
I'm not in good shape
and I look like a joke.

I used to be able
to run a fast mile,
now every ten feet
I rest for a while.

I need a new kidney
a heart that beats right,
I need a new bladder
that last's through the night.

My teeth are all gone
and my ears give me pain,
I don't have the sense
to get out of the rain.

Just some complaints
from a speck on the earth,
that life is not easy
for what that is worth.

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Losing our Rights

How can we just watch and under our breath complain,
While are rights are being thrown down the governments drain,
Why do we close our enlightened eyes?
Instead of speaking the truth and exposing their lies,
If suddenly we had no human rights,
To believe in what made our hearts once ignite,
We would wonder how it got this far,
America don’t you know who you are?
How can we live every single day?
Complacent, or in fear of what they say,
Distracted by media, entertainment and fraudulent news,
While every second we are losing our right to choose.

By: Sabina Nicole

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Demons Below

go ahead with the the lies coming out of your mouth when you know that in the end the truth all comes out. everytime you go to bed, the demons awaken your soul to torcher and tear away what's left of your control. they'll tear you apart, don't underestimate the power of the dead when they just began to start. for each sin you've made comes another demon on the way. just remember there's no good in the world anymore, so there's no point in trying to lock your door. evil spelled backwards is live so evil is what we live for. don't try and deny it because if you really think about it anyone can defy it.

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So gracefully grazing the sky,
Higher than blue birds fly

Above the cauliflower clouds,
Below the starry crowds

Such a commanding machine of man,
Speedily sweeping the land;

Now carefully descending down,
Their gaze cast to the ground

A frightful fearsome eye,
A baby child's cry

Ensnared in a teething trap
The towers did collapse.

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A Dead Rose

The rose grows unbalanced to the right
Because she is deprived of light,

Water is scarce, but when it can run,
The rose soaks it up and leans into the sun,

Her thorns are stunted and endearingly tender,
Though this means they do not have strength to defend her,

Her petals are thin and so easily torn,
Such a delicate flower the bush never had borne,

But far fairer roses selfishly surround her,
And this is how the gardener found her.

So pull out her petals so pretty and pale,
And break off her prickles so fragile and frail,

Then cut off her head and leave her to decay,
Tend the wilier roses and just walk away.

And as her sap weeps as she withers and rots,
The rose is watched smugly by the flowers in their pots,

And as she lies dying in darkness on the floor,
They turn to the sun and lounge in it some more,

And when the rain washes the dead rose away,
The flowers are asleep and have nothing to say.

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If acorns could fly

Imagine an acorn that falls from the tree
As i fell from my parents 

When I hit the ground I fell in love
My roots grew deep in you and you made me strong

You cut those roots of and now I am dead
Yet I still stand like a rotten old tree

It's a shame acorns can't fly
Never having hit the ground I might have lived on 

My son Tyler is my acorn he made falling from the tree 
Well worth hitting the ground

Help him grow strong as you did me
But teach him to fly For the ground is nothing but dirt!!!

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Just A Dream

Everything was perfect,
Just how I thought it would be,
Everyday I was smiling,
But how was I to know,
It was only just a dream…

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An open street, an empty night, a slight hum of the wind.
Yet darling is cluttered, and jumbled, and feeling fractured deep within.
The eyes gaze with a smile but turn away with a frown
Such an eloquent style as the pedals fall down.
The dance of the piano, and the hand on your cheek.
Such an eerie cold whisper as your hearts feeling bleak
The air fragranced green and gold and the darling off course.
The water is uncalm and the smile is forced.
The skin changes shades and the warm turns to raw.
This most horrifying scene was the darlings last straw.
The tuberose and lillys create a mood ever sweet.
The tires stop turning but darling cant move her feet.
The crowd starts to murmur uneasy and wait for her face.
Its just so topsy turvy she needs out of this place.
She stands for an hour holding red rose in hand.
She throws it in after him, but does not understand.
She feels angels and demons climbing straight up her back.
For a spot on her shoulder and for vision in black.
She screams and she smiles no one knows how she feels.
Poor darling's a mystery but her story is real.
You'd never know it if you saw her, her rays shining bright.
But deep down sweet sweet darling, she has never been alright.

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The Tears That I've Cried

A tear for every lie
Every lie that I've told
Every time I deceived
Deceived someone I loved

A tear for every loss
Every loss that I've gained
Every time It rained
Rained on my parade

A tear for every time
Every time I've been unfaithful
Unfaithful to the God I serve
The God I serve and adore

A tear for every time I cried
I cried and wept miserably
For every pain that I've felt
That I've Felt for every Pain

The tears that I've cried
That I've cried every time
Has made a river from my heart
My heart that's found despair
My heart that's welcomed despair

The tears that I've cried
My heart that has cried
That has cried the tears of despair
My heart has welcomed despair

The Tears That I've Cried
The Tears That I've Cried

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In The Deep Recesses Of My Mind

In the deep recesses of my mind
There is no easy answer I can find

That answers the question why
On that day you had to die

I'm left alone to suffer in grief
From which I receive no relief

Together we were meant to be
Left alone now, it is only me

Every day as I begin to awake
Hoping your death was a mistake

Sorrow has taken it's toll
Invading my hollow soul

Our love will be forever entwined
In the deep recesses of my mind

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Eyes Wide Shut

I loved you like i had loved no one else.
I'd hoped you loved me, but you only love yourself!

You're selfish, evil and loathsome, while you're abusing.
You lie, cheat, do drugs, and I'm the one you end up accusing!

I've given you my heart, and every piece of my soul.
How do you fall for someone whose heart was not whole?

Why did you ask me to take your hand in marriage,
If you were going to dwell on the difference of our heritage?

So what if you're black and I'm white?
Is that the real reason we argue, fuss and fight?

Is it that I no longer allow you to tell me what to do?
Or is it because I saw through to the real you?

You may be darker than me, but you are so very transparent.
I was wrong to put a ring on your finger, you weren't good enough to wear it!

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Look Deep Enough

Look deep enough in my soul
You will see i'm not completely whole

Death has taken you from me
That's how God has planned it to be

Losing you has hurt me so
I hate that you had to go

Pain fills my heart every day
Wishing you could have stayed

Loneliness taking over my life
Still wanting to be your wife

In heaven we will once again meet
Until then, save next to you my seat

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undecisive suicide

Stepping in the bathroom,
With a razor in you hand,
Your about to meet your doom,
As you have it planned.
You better lock the door, 
So that no one can walk in,
During the act of slitting your skin.
Committing your suicide, 
Should be a simple mission, 
But coming to find out, 
Do you give yourself permission?
Sitting and thinking, 
As the tub fills up with water,
You're about to particpate in the act of self slaughter
Now accepting the fact that your happiness is gone,
You put away the tool, because it is time to move on...

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Time and friends

The time that I wasted, the friends that I lost –
I didn’t know really how much they cost!

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The Case Against The Moon

She held the case against the moon
in bubbled glasses sea green hewn
and whispered nothings to the fish
her sea fins swishing at her wish
"The case against the moon", she said,
"began the day that I was wed
and on that day the tide pulled back
to swirling waves to ships attack
It 'twas this day my love embarked
a voyage to sustain my heart
while I a lowly mermaid be
he came to set my spirit free...
His ship was bitten by the wind
a low and moaning hull of tin
His eyes of coal to be immersed
while I searched for my wedding purse
Pearls from oysters for my crown
and seaweed stitched a wedding gown
His laugh and all his love did die
and, on my fins, I know not why
And so bold moon, I challenge you
to bring the worst that you can do
and I will fight with all my will
until the tides return to still."
The passive moon, it heaved a sigh
and tides began to do or die
while waves in turmoil turned to swell
the fish turned too, and wished her well.
She threw her glasses to the sea
and dove to indigo caves once free
to tether nets of liquid ore
to quell the moon forever more
On flying fish she pulled her nets
beyond the sun's impartial sets
to catch the moon and hurl her down
a luminous splash, and then no sound
The earth went dark, the sea went cold
all mermaids there went grey and old
The sea floor shook at the moon's embrace
in a glowing ripple of pure disgrace
Still in the sky in purple wind
the mermaid whispered: "I have sinned"
She shed a thousand briny tears
and flew the skies with grief and fears
'till deciding at last what she should do
She set a course to save the moon.
She dove to the bottom of a sea of light
and what she saw was quite a sight
The broken pieces in scattered glow
This wasn't the moon she used to know
So gently, with fins and liquid lips
she balanced a shard on her mermaid hips
and flew to the ink, to the sky of sorrow
with a sadness of what would be brought the morrow
The sliver she placed in the sky that night
became the "new moon" to dimly light
the ocean each month to gently grieve
it's ships and it's mermaids to long bereave.

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School is over and we're on top of the world,
Our futures ready to be unfurled,

Who knows where we'll be in twenty years;
Married and with successful careers?

Or deadbeats living on each other's floors,
There's just so many open doors!

But as one thing starts, another ends;
For fourteen years we've been best friends,

One summer more and we'll be dispersed,
But we're going to make some memories first,

These times will end before we know it,
So let's not waste a single minute!

I'm loving the rollercoaster ride,
As every day is spent outside,

And though it's sadly undeniable
That we are spontaneous and unreliable,

It only adds to the teenage thrill,
As all our wishes we rush to fulfill,

Staying out most every night,
Then dancing home at morning light,

Sleeping in most every day,
Sending waking hours into disarray,

Delighted smiles in impulsive filming,
Pure happiness captured as bonds are building,

And yet it's scary and sort of strange,
Not knowing how things are going to change,

But one thing's certain as round our necks
Our cherished friendship pendants rest,

As the dawn of a new era arrives,
We know we'll be friends for all our lives.

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Candy, roses, and presents are a thing of the past.
True love, devotion and vows never did last.

Anger, hurt, humiliation, infidelity and pain:
what once was love that is all that remains.

Love, honor and trust were given to him.
He used her up after she went out on a limb.

There's nothing more of her for him to take.
She fell in love with a man that's a fake.

Even his family was full of lies.
No one to help or hear her cries.

He left her broke with nothing, alone.
Is this the behavior a Christian would condone?

God fearing people are what they portray.
Wolves in sheep's clothing is what they'll stay.

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A Tear Frozen on a Timeless Cheek

Life, lies, and deceit
A tear frozen on a timeless cheek

A past love, a past life
A new love, a tortured wife

A whirlwind of drinks and drugs
A push, a shove, a broken love

A rope, first flight, no life
A tear, time stops, no wife

The beginning, an end
The end, a beginning

Life, love, lies, and deceit
A tear frozen on a timeless cheek

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Breaking Point

My best friend is gone, Ended her life
Turned around and she cut herself with a knife
Body lain, Soaked in blood in the bathroom tub
Why did she have to join the suicide club?
Kassidy's gone, I dont know what to do
My other friend Savannah, Im pretty sure she's gone too
Got a knife, got depressed, and cut her vein
Why is this happenin? Girll you were my main!
Left me all alone just to bite the dust,
God d*mn this f*ck*n life's a bust
Cheated on everytime left and right,
Can't one girl be faithful for a night?
Haha my friend has a british accent, so cute
You have a gun? Point it at me.Click, Shoot
In December i really hope this world will end,
Because of everything my heart has too many hole to mend.

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one round per customer

 no you can't be a kid anymore 
can't try it again
can't be as before
nobody cares if your heart
didn't grow
they can't look inside
and no one will know
just head for the exit as fast 
as you can
there's no money back 
and there's no other plan
one round per customer
go read the signs
your crying won't 
save you or change
any minds
the reason you're naughty
and still being bad
is because of the awful 
time that you had
you got a bum ticket
on tornado day
the theme park blew down
and your dad flew away
your mom fell in love with
the two headed man
and left you all night  with
an old geek named Stan
he sold you for chickens
and cranberry pork 
to eat on a bus trip he took to 
New York.
you just won't believe that
that's all there can be
you beg for a refund
but you got in for free

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Staring from afar at her silent agony
She mouths out words of pain. He cannot set her free
The handcuffs pull relentless at her pale and fragile wrist
Though her own heart holds her prisoner, her face had beauty kissed
Sun spilled from Olympus, begged its' child to break her chains
And two colossal pewter eyes refused to dry the rain . 
To shoulder twice her burden, be her oxygen would he;
one thousand lifetimes over, just to hear her screaming free
His tortured flower, five feet tall and forty feet away.
Took all his heart to swallow that today was not the day.

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Creaking shadows, creeping over fettered floors
Shattered suspicion, silence cutting jagged scores
Preening portraits, conspicuously hung in full view
Callous hands, bleeding memories which do accrue

Adagio movements, nigh nocturnes of orchestrated harm
Prowling predators, facetious footsteps which do not alarm
Opulent treasures, gaily gleaming behind double doors
Pirated stars, surreptitiously swept off to foreign shores

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Prisoner OF Grief

I've become a prisoner of grief
From which there seems no relief

Sadness and loneliness fill my heart
It's been this way since we've been apart

Eight months ago you passed away
I think the sorrow I feel is here to stay

My true feelings hid deep down inside
Not letting others see the many tears i've cried

So I remain a prisoner of grief
All because death stole you like a thief

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Death Took You Away

Sounds of sweet music coming from your lips
The gentle touch of your finger tips

Your arms so lovingly around me
These are but a few things I miss from thee

Memories of you are all that is left
My life once full of hope is now bereft

Tears flow easily down my cheeks
This has been going on for weeks and weeks

My heart is so full of pain
Grief hitting me like a train

When all I wanted was for you to stay
Death came and took you away

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Surviving in Memory Lane

Thanksgiving is almost here
In my heart your love I hold near

Apart we must now remain
Our love surviving in memory lane

My heart breaking as I plea
Lord, give the one I love back to me

For he is the one who made me whole
Sadness now fills my empty soul

Our love must survive time and space
Until once again I feel your embrace

In death we will once again meet
Where my soul will become complete

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A Moment In Time

A moment in time is all we had
Your death leaving me alone feeling sad

All the emotions of grief I have felt
Life without you is what I am dealt

Joy in my life has been taken away
Unhappiness stays with me each new day

On that dreadful day you had to perish
Now i'm left with only memories to cherish

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A Mother's Love

A mother’s love is a rare and special thing,
It’s like being carried on an eternal wing.
As you listen to the sound of her precious voice,
When she gives you life, it’s the right choice!
The moment the doctor laid you in her arms,
You feel safe and especially warm.
Once you look up to see your mother’s face,
Her heart is over joy and begins to race.
A mother’s love should never be taken lightly,
She makes you feel secure and holds on tightly.
As she watches you begin to grow,
She wants to teach you everything she knows.
She tries to instill the morals and value of life,
so that you may make somebody a good husband or a good wife.
She listens to everything you have to say,
She will make time for you no matter what comes her way.
Sometimes she faces struggles as hard as they seem,
She wants you to live up to your potential and pursue your every dream.
She can see so much inside of you until you don’t understand,
Don’t worry she won’t mislead you; just hold on to her hand.
A mother’s love goes beyond the duty and beck of a call,
She wants to guarantee and hope that you will never fall.
Every time you get hurt she wants to wipe away your tears,
With her guidance and strength, you can face your fears.
Don’t take advantage of your mother’s love,
You can slip it on your hand, like a perfect glove.
I would like to dedicate this poem to all the mothers that are still here,
Just to look at my mother one more time, it will definitely bring on tears.
My mother died at the young age of forty-two,
It was something hard for me, my brothers, and sisters to go through.
Even though my mother is not here, she’s still in my heart,
I thank God for giving me a brand-new start!
I’m going to cherish every moment me and my mother had,
The beautiful smile on her face made me feel glad.
So each time I see a pure white and innocent dove,
It makes me think of a mother’s L-O-V-E

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Upon Wars End

Deep, the trenches, cold, the ground
Through the air, rings a terrible sound

Brave hearts stand for what is right
They pray to win this tragic fight

These soldiers take a valiant stance
As they endure this ferocious dance

As I lay, safe, inside my bed
Thoughts of them run through my head

Damp, and hard, the place they lay
The cost of freedom the brave do pay

Surging on, despite the cost
As one more soldiers life is lost

Loved ones cry, such scorching tears
As, realized, their worst dreamed fears

Uniforms, they wear with pride
Lay, heads on streets, at evening tide

When shall all this heartbreak end?
As their hearts are torn, they still defend

Their country, yes, so we live free
Us, our souls, we just don't see

The sacrifice these soldiers make
As so many lives, these battles take

Tears fall down from happy end
For soldiers that come home again

Shed wrenching tears, from wars attack
On precious souls that don't come back.

(For all the soldiers, survivors, or not, that fight, and fought, with such pride, and heart.
Bless you all!)

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I wear a mask to hide my heart 
This face in the mirror tares me apart.

I wear a mask to hide what others should not know
Without my mask I’d be forced to bare my soul.

I wear a mask because it is my shield 
Without it everyone would know what I feel

I wear a mask to hide myself 
I can’t let anyone know that I need help.

I wear a mask to hide my tears 
I guess I hope it takes away my fears.

I wear a mask to hide my shame 
And all of my self-blame.

I wear a mask to show everyone false inside
This way no one how much I cry.

I wear a mask to hide my heart
Maybe someday I can break this mask apart.

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Farewell Sunset

There was something in the way
That the sun left the sky that day;

And when the Sun began to sink
The way the orange and red and pink

Dissolved and blended through
The green and brown and blue

On my beloved, sweet bayou
Somehow, I think I knew...

This storm was coming with my name
And we would never be the same

You and me, our chosen city
Would soon be named a nation’s pity;

This farewell sunset calls to me,
Beckons us to come live free

And forever let the fires burn
Until one day we can return

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The Sands Of Time

The sands of time slowly trickle away
Bringing sadness each new day

Our souls forever entwined
As tears fall like rain in my mind

Drowing in this grief I always feel
From this pain my broken heart won't heal

I've cried enough tears to form a river
At times hard enough to make my body shiver

I wish I could feel you holding me tight
Keeping me close to you all through the night

Loving you since the day we first kissed
You will be forever missed

To heaven one day I wish to ascend
Reuniting with my husband, lover and best friend

As the sands of time slowly trickle away
Being with you again is what I pray

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Sadly not a life worth saving
Not a song worth singing
Not a heart worth pumping
Not a mouth worth laughing

You told me I'm not worth it
Yet you held me close once
You touched my heart once 
You kissed my eyelids once

Laughter was our medicine before
Starry were my eyes long before
Neverending were our conversations before
Shivers were sent with every touch before

Alas the time has come for us to part
For we no longer complete each others heart
Alas the days were bright full of delight
But now the memories hold no longer bright

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Grief Weighs Heavy

I cherish the day we became man and wife
You're the one with whom I wanted to spend my life

Death came and took you from me
I guess that's how it was meant to be

Grief weighs heavy on my heart
Not wanting us to be apart

I've awaken to a new tomorrow
It's still filled with so much sorrow

Knowing my future isn't with you
Wondering how I'll make it through

I miss you more than words can say
To be with you again is what I pray

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Crimson Faust

Shattered thoughts pierce into the flesh of the souls betrayed
Wicked wounds forced beneath the crimson blade
Her last pain-staking wish to be taken under graceful Cherubic Wings
Will fall with Faust- A sacrifice to which no knowledge can be seen
Darkens descends with sickening pride
Wounds sting whilst they start to cry
Deceitful settings viewed with pale, dead eyes
Blur and darken only to die
A soul being sifted into the hands of fate
Descends below in an abomination of hate
Stained forever in a loathsome, spiteful pain
The gate shall open for all the slain
Hell's angels cry for joy as they court solace with one another
They cried heaps of crimson rain down upon the newcomer
Then staring up with blinding eyes
Matricide children told her their lies
On how they've never done any wrong
Whilst the angels start to weep in a harmonious song
And to think woeful thoughts that had brought her to fault
A world's wretchedness brought her to a sudden halt
If only visible desire was shown to stop hurting her so
Lucifer would have perished her not, like a nymph-like foe
Wishing the diabolical hell was all a dream, 
She closed her eyes and began to scream
Tears began to streak her face
She ripped open her eyes in a menacing pace
Then staring down at the twisted nails of fate
She woke with sudden uttermost hate

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Stolen Dreams

Do you ever recall the times we played together
Do you even remember the jokes we told one another
Maybe you think about those endless summer nights
And with the easy flow of the river the fireflies delights

I know you cannot forget our shared secrets
When my elder brother would look for us so vexed
When we raced all day and ate melted ice creams at noon
When we swam in the ocean so inviting and warm
Do you remember the years we grew so close
Do you think about the day you gave me that rose

I still remember the time you told me you were going
And you promised me forever under the great old oak
And when summer drew to a close our sad goodbye
When you went away never to come back my way

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Another Holiday

It is yet another holiday without my kids,
And once again I feel the urge to keep the pain hid.

No one knows how truly alone I feel.
They just tell me in time I will heal.

How can I get over this though?
This is the most excruciating pain I know!

It is not physical but a pain of the heart.
It is unfair to keep mother and child apart.

There are days that my emotions are so raw,
I just want someone or something to cleave and claw.

This is pure agony at its best.
I no longer have a heart in my chest.

Maybe oh maybe this is a dream.
No it is not and yet I cannot scream.

The choice for them to leave was not mine to say,
The wonderful state decided it was my price to pay.

So once again I mourn my loss and cry,
For my asking for help came at a cost way too high.

I sit here in no one way or other,
And ask myself " What am I if I can't be a Mother?"

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Last Breath

You were such a meaningful part of my life
I was so happy to be your wife

I've been left behind and all alone
Forced to greet the future on my own

Learning to live with the pain
Thoughts of you always on my brain

Your last breath you did take
My heart now will forever ache

The love we shared was so strong
Death taking you from me was just wrong

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Heaven, Your Home IN The Sky

Baby Leigh Ann died today
In Heaven now she must stay

Bobby's with her up above
Surrounding her with his love

Forever in our hearts they will remain
As we suffer through life with our pain

Tears flow easily from our eyes
Just like rain falling out of the sky

Our hearts continue to break
Wanting their death to be a mistake

Not understanding why you both had to die
Making Heaven your home in the sky

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Who Knew

I sit and wonder each and every day,
Why with you did I stay?

Was it truly because
It was just the way it was?

Maybe it was because I felt love does endure.
Or maybe just maybe I was not so sure.

Maybe it was my price to pay,
For getting my children taken away.

Maybe being black and blue,
Could match the emotional pain I was going through.

Maybe it can never be enough,
You see this pain is just too rough!

I tried to change you and me.
For now I know that was never to be.

Now the time has come to let you go,
But the pain of you is all I know.

The good times that we had,
Will always be outweighed by the bad.

I wish I could forget us even from the start,
But unfortunately you still have a piece of my heart.

I never thought I would have this to say,
You are the one regret I have to this day!

You cost me more than heartache and pain.
You made me feel so insane.

I may never know all my reasons for staying,
As to this day I am still paying.

I have now walked away from you,
To try to start life anew.

The day has come, who knew?
The day that I regret ever loving you.

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Mambo Music

Mambo music played all night long
Bringing such joy with every song

Teenage girls flirting with the boys
Dancing kids with their blinking toys

Mambo music plays in my mind
Tonight our broken spirits shined

We are back home now and their asleep
Didn’t take long to count their sheep

Taking them out was a blessed time
They drank soda and I drank wine

There is so much pain in our life
Husband died…I’m a widowed wife

But something about that Mambo
Dancing rhythms of the bongo

It grabbed my sorrow tore my grief
And brought us all needed relief

Billions of people feel this way
Does it get better none can say

Having your love stripped from your life
Managing the house still in strife

Never would I wish this on you
Broken inside feeling so blue

Mambo music brought a smile
Music and time heal with style 

(pure fiction....and dedicated to my best friend)

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How Do I Go On Without You

How do I go on without you
This is something I must now do

Our life together was way to brief
Leaving me here to suffer from grief

My heart still breaks everyday
As I hold my tears at bay

Your death removed joy from my life
Wondering if i'm still considered your wife

Since I am no longer with my one and only
Life has been so sad and lonely

With each new dawn
I must decide to live on

Having seen life from grief's point of view
Do I really want to go on without you

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In Heaven He Does Wait

Grief is pain without the one I love
I know he's looking down from above

His eyes sparkle as he looks lovingly at me
Now he is finally forever pain free

No more suffering will he do
Trying to see death from his view

Our love strong enough to out last all
Even death's invisable wall

In Heaven he does wait
Until I come through the pearly gate

Reunited we will once again be
Together forever in eternity

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General Lee

“Let us cross the river and rest in the shade of trees”
Converse like gentlemen, with our bayonets at ease
We were once brothers, declaring independence for these lands 
Now we murder one another, for the right to shackle two hands

Where were the voices, emancipating your values from skin
Taking the glory from generals, immortalized by crimson sin
Lives were railroaded, as Kansas bled into a Missouri stream
Bodies buried in the compromise, of a transcontinental dream

Was it a War of Secession, or a rebellion of recourse
Fire-eaters scorching, an abolitionist’s civil discourse
600,000 lost, tangled in the matted wool of the rancid free
One Bloody Shirt cleansed, by Sherman’s March to the Sea

Do you still hear their viscid screams, clinging to the charred air
Mottled faces crying, broken by artillery soaked fields of despair
Gettysburg shook, as corpses crumbled under death’s rolling gait
The tide had turned, but war only recognizes one ephemeral state

I have heard of leaders, speaking on the residue of tyranny’s grave
Reconstructing a widow's faith, eulogizing the sacrifice of the brave
So why do we proudly remember, how you outmaneuvered harm
Stonewalling the Constitution, before sadly losing your "right arm"

**NOTE**  The first line of the poem is a quote from Confederate General 
Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson, as he lay dying from a mortal wound at the battle 
of Chancellorsville. Upon learning of his greatest commander's death, General 
Robert E. Lee somberly responded that it was as if he lost his "right arm".

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So Many By Now

So many by now are tumbling down
They come  and don't know how.

Meanwhile pain is gripping her heart
Squeazing with a clamp each part.

Flowing tears can't seem to stop
Quietly her soul absorbs each drop.

so many by now are tumbling down
They come and don't know how.

Outside the night is dying down
She hungers ,again, for the dawn.

For now pain is gripping her heart
Squeazing with a clamp each part.

Flowing tears can't seem to stop
Quietly her soul absorbs each drop.

Dorian Petersen Potter
aka ladydp2000


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Salute of Gratitude

Dictators roamed the earth, enforced the hand of justice blinded
And tipped the scales on youths defending lives of those like minded
Tenaciously with tooth and nail they’d claw instinctively
But barely scratched the surface of surviving through this tyranny
With senses slaughtered, presently, a mystery marred in grey
Darkness reared its head and scarred our history in dismay
The souls of fallen comrades, stories untold, turning, grave
Aimless restlessness in crypts where fortune favors brave
Muddy pastures fertilized with dormant incompliance
Heroes recognized in red and green fields of alliance
And innocence ignited soar beyond the barricades
Rebirth, growth and healing on a spiritual crusade
On the path towards the open doors of possibility
Fluorescent understandings speaking truth and seeks serenity
Respect in combat, courage serves a cause so incandescent
Suppressing the oppressors with unheeded prayer’s confession
Pay homage to tin monuments, but don’t proceed to follow
Bear testament to tears of fire brought on by Apollo
Baron skies once filled with fire sparks of mass destruction
Replaced with fireflies and works, displaying reconstruction
Burning hopes and drowning sorrows, ember echoed temperance
Salutations, floating reefs and candles of remembrance
Purple hearts and silver stars for dear departed soldiers
Hollowed gunshots, flags and trumpets honoring our boldest

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I've been transformed by willingness, and a desire 
to move forward without keeping sad things in mind.

Confident to smile with surprise and allowing love to flow in;
faces don't avoid my glances that were unfriendly and sullen.  

Something that happens unexpectadly can give someone an unusual thrill; 
I distrusted people who were different from me...having no character, no will.   

Followed by my shadow, fear captured me to create unnecessary fright;
my room became my habitat and escape from a society claiming their plight.

With no friends to meet at cafes and local restaurants, I closed my windows,
prohibiting a glint of sunshine...assuming it wasn't meant for me, but for others. 

Glued to a wide screen, watching documentaries of tragedies and unaviodable fates;
empathizing with them, and yet convinced that I shouldn't have been grabbing at straws. 

Hackneyed words came out of my mouth, a habitue' of negative and dubitable thoughts;
and filled with their drudgery,I stopped listening to positive folks, thus, doubling my loads.

How can one be transformed by willingness? Discard the habits that amount to nothing; 
find the source of your uselessness, and be inspired by all who have achieved their goal.

Copyright 2009 by Andrew Crisci

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don't reveal your clockwork crystals

   pristine forest just behind you
lost where no one else will find you
off across the vast domain
of your childhood you remain
don't reveal your clockwork crystals
in the mist all
things will right themselves
in time
the crime

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Since The Day You Died

Since the day you died
Life has been an emotional ride

The numbness starting to subside
So many tears my eyes have cried

Emotional pain becoming part of everyday life
Grief cutting through me like a knife

Wonder how much pain I can endure
Before I just can't take it anymore

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This man of mine, never one so divine, 
He has touched my heart so many times 

Just being with him makes me feel complete, 
I enjoy him very much, he is so sweet.

How could I have found him? 
Where did he come from? 

To have found this man who found me, 
Is it a part of a divine plea?

This man of mine so strong, so true
Who loves me in ways I have never knew

He is caring and giving so gentle so endearing
These words I am speaking are not even completing

I love him so, this man of mine
My heart is his, my life entwined

Together with Gods special touch
Bring us happiness hope and trust.

Written by,

Diana Jackson

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Misguided Teen (Through his eyes)

I see you standing at the grave site
Familiar feelings come up and take flight
For I stood their mourning once too
Sorry for this pain bestowed onto you
I’m sadder today then I’ve ever been
This being that just turned sixteen
Please don’t be sorry or mad
Unanswered questions may leave you sad
But forgive my misguided deed
My short lived anguish now decreed
Misunderstood burden you must carry
Can’t stand to see this tragedy
I’d give anything for you not to feel this way
Except the event that brought you here today
Don’t hate me, please, soften your heart
Pray for this soul that must depart
I heard and felt the tears you cried
The stinging burn you felt inside
Was me praying for acceptance
A final request of remembrance
I caused suffering and made you yearn
And passed the point of no return
Wish I could take away your pain
Until that day we meet again
Helpless, but right through crying skies
Our tears still show grief undisguised 

"Dedicated to the memory of Winston Wayne Swartbooi"

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Go fly a kite
Take a hike
Get off my track
And don't come back
I'm moving on to a better place
I don't want you polluting my space
You thought your lying was so funny
All the time you were spending my money
You think you're God's gift to women
If you were a fruit, you'd be a lemon
Actually, a lemon is sweeter than you
So, FREELOADER here's what you do
Go fly a kite
Take a hike
Get off my track
And don't come back!!!

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Dark times

I’m sit in misery, up to my eyes,
I cannot even breathe,
My mid is deaf to my souls cries,
I cannot even leave.

Despair has become my only friend,
Conversation is small 
My tears despair loves to spend
Always I have to crawl

There is no door in this sad place
No where to run and hide
I cannot even hide my face 
Believe me I have tried.

No escape from this night filled hole
No glimmer of light
Like being stuck in a prison of coal
An eternal night.

Now as I stare down, knife in hand
Soul cries release
What is it no my arm has planned
To give me peace

As my arm begins its slow flight 
I glimmer I espy
My arm held back against all my might
A vision of the sky

In my coal black prison I still remain 
Trapped in my grief
But I know now I can keep myself sane
Just a drop of belief

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As the crow flies from the bars of the frame, the sea lies
Two hundred miles away, and she cries

At the rolling tapestry, stained a green gaol,
A prison landscape cast in a black gale.

Her posture, it twists, it begs, beseeches,
Arabesque, her hands, outstretched, she reaches

For a grip on his life beyond the pallid glass,
For her saviour’s return to come to pass.

Uncertainty, draped in widow’s weeds and cowl,
Bones vibrating as the four winds howl;

White talcum skin, burnt black ringed eyes,
Light dappled iris flickers and dies.

Rain streaks and distorts, opaque like plasma,
And she stares, simply stares at the futile miasma;

Even when the night creatures goad the moon,
She pleads for redemption to transpire soon.

Still the pendulum swings in the carved oak chest,
A relentless curse that will not lay to rest;

Oh, to know of the truth, is he bloodied and dead
Or alive with amnesia tearing his head?

“If you live, come home, make for the light!”
Her lips spill the words softly into the night.

“If you live, take heed, make your way back!”
She whispers and trembles, nerves poised to crack.

When dawn light breaks, she waits fearful of that
Dreadful telegram death-fall descent to the mat.

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My Blue Skies Have Turned to Gray

My blue skies have turned to gray
It happened on that dreadful day

My happiness washed away by the tears
Left only with our memories and fears

Your life cut short by disease
Death brought me to my knees

As my heart aches from the pain
Sorrow flowing through my vein

Beginning to consume my soul
This grief is beyond my control

Holding on to the love we shared
Life without you leaving me scared

Days are filled with such despair
Wondering if it's more than I can bear

...My blue skies have turned to gray

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Time to Grieve

They say time heals all
I just want to bawl

How much time does it take
Before my heart doesn't ache

As time goes by
I still wipe tears from my eyes

Time creeps slowly by
And I just want to die

Time is a curse
I can't imagine anything worse

Then having time
Time to grieve

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Grief Will Take You For a Ride

Grief will take you for a ride
From these feelings you cannot hide

Sorrow is now racing through my veins
Causing my heart to break from the pain

Sadness encompassing my soul
Feeling like i'll never again be whole

Death has taken you away from me
This isn't the way it was suppose to be

Our love now only exists in my heart
Wishing we didn't have to be so far apart

Please wait for me, my love
Until we meet again, up above

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Hide and Seek

  Why can't I wake to find you here
a bad dream took you off my dear
why can't it just be hide and seek 
you know I promise not to peek
and you can find me every time
I'll count to eight or twenty nine
if you'll come laughing through 
the door
I just can't like this game no more,
you're playing mind games
with my head
yesterday ,
I found you dead.
now just get up and
hide again
it's scaring me and I
can't win
I even gave you CPR
but you went off in
someone's car
That ain't the way 
to play the game,
your rules are
driving me
it ain't 
the fun
it was
so I 

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You are more than just a kitten to me.
You are a member of my family.

Today I know you were not you,
What  was wrong I had no clue!

I made a rush to the vet.
For I was not ready to let you go yet.

I let you lay upon my chest,
For that was your favorite place to rest.

The vet said the we were too late,
So now Jasper you are at Heavens gate.

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Because of You

Because of you my life was given to me,
Becuase of you my life is what it was made to be.
Because of you I felt abandoned and thrown away,
Because of you I never thought we would stay.
Because of you I can't trust anyone but me,
Because of you many horrible sights I was forced to see.
Because of you I was abused in more ways then one,
Because of you my childhood was filled with horror instead of fun.
Because of you I learned that drugs were the thing to try,
Because of you look at me I can't stop and you keep asking me why?
Because of you I learned how not to be a dad,
Because of you I'll give my kids everything i never had.
Because of you i hate me,
Becuase of you I can't break free.
Because of you I learned how to be tough and never get hurt,
Because of you no one can ever make me feel like dirt.

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Last night a sad dream I had,
This one, for me was quite bad.

I was at work and my baby I did see,
He knew right away it was me.

He broke away from this person other.
The new one he was to call mother.

Into my arms, my child flew,
There was no other joy to compare to!

My youngest son, my baby boy,
Oh the feeling of utter joy!

He says" I want to come home Mommy".
Oh Lord the pain hits like me a tsunami!

I awoke with a start!
Breaking was my heart...

Tears streaming upon my face,
The pain just won't erase.

For me the pain is with me every day.
It will never ever end I dare say!

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Search my heart and tell me what good you find
Please give me a reason to put my past behind

Tell me what you see, who I am, and why you love me
Please tell me, if you see my potential, who you know I can be

Give me a new spirit, a new heart – a PURE heart
I want to come back to you, but I don’t know where to start

I want to love you; I want to live my life for you,
Take every minute of the day and give it all to you

But I’m tired and weak; I’ve lost my desire to live
The world has stripped me of everything and now I’ve got nothing left to give

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My Memorial to Him

With great sadness and fond memories, I regretfully say
My brother was killed on Memorial Day
Almost 15 years now and so I often I think
How life goes by quickly, just in a blink

Strong, yes he was, a navy man, proud
I loved him so much, as could be allowed
Just 3 years older, the closest one to me
I wonder, if here, how different it would be

Being the youngest of ten was not a great thing
Not knowing the older ones, left me wanting
For he, my brother, my friend, my bud
Was taken from me, when he spilled his blood

He had come back from the Gulf, to his wife and son
The wife wanted a divorce, he reached for his gun
I guess he couldn’t take losing the war of his love
So he took his own life; hopefully went up above

Well, I know what they teach, that by doing that, no
Down below is really where he was destined to go
But deep in my heart, where I keep him there still
I believe he’s in Heaven, now doing God’s will

With a family spread out, they don’t understand
They never really knew him, the brother, the man
But I knew him best and therefore must say
I love you dear brother, Happy Memorial Day!

Many years have now gone, I still think of you
My son born that year was named for you too
So I’ll never forget you, no memory end
I’ll always love you, my brother, my friend

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A Father Never There

To my father who was never there,
my earliest memory of you, you said you didn't care.
I was only three and didn't deserve this pain,
It wasn't my choice to be born in vain.
To chose to create three beautiful lives, a mistake?
Your kids went without parents responsibility you should take.
Because it has been yours from the beginning,
Maybe if you were here i would be winning.
Instead of screwing up and doing drugs to cope,
If i had a father I might have had some hope.
Where were you when I was molested,
my life you were never interested.
You've never been there your nothing to me,
a sperm donor is all you'll ever be.

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Do you wonder how I am, think of me?
Did you pray our love will always be?
Do you ever want to see my face?
Take my picture from its hiding place?
Remember how perfectly we fit,
When we retreated from this world?
Just the two of us;  what caused the split?
Why am I now your yesterday girl?
We chose other paths, life  was not the same;
Yesterday days  love was ours to claim.
Yet, once again, I do not hear from you.
I sigh;  I ask myself, is this "deja vu"?
Life  and love have many surprises in store.
Will this chapter end, sadly, as the one before?
Alone now, I listen to our song  the "Duke of Earl".
Am I the "Duchess",  or just yesterday's girl?

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Last Dance

Remember that September
in the mountains in the rain?
You wore a sash of satin
and you tossed it from the train.

I have it in the pocket
of my old trench coat back home
along with that small locket
and your silver brush and comb.

Just trinkets and momentos of
a life that might have been,
I see you in the mirror right behind me
there my friend.

You look a little hollow eyed 
and wild
like New Year's Eve
you know I never even cried
the day I saw you leave.

Come dance a gentle dance with me
and whisper in my ear,
I don't care if no one can see
For I know that your'e here.

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close your eyes and take a deep breath
take everything in and think about what is left
though your heart aches and your mind is exploding
you should never give up especially when you are just learning

relationships come and go
and as you get older you grow
learn from your mistakes
just be yourself and never be fake

live life to the fullest because you are still young
you have plenty of time so everything has just begun
don't waste your life thinking about the past
forget the things that hurt since they didn't last

now you can finally feel free
disregarding all those sorrowful memories
have fun and live by the days
don't think too much for right now everything is okay

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No beating heart

Beating heart was ripped from my chest,
So no matter what I must eternal rest.
My love has died, my light gone out
My poems of joy I no longer shout
Cold the grave, of my missing heart
So very cold, so many worlds apart
Like a corpse, I just sit and rot 
Never to move from this very spot
Here I will say, forever more
Without my heart, that out was tore.

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Raining A Sequel

He turned his face up
to the moon,
the rain was on him
like a wound
in rivulets it ran
him down
in waves of pain
intent to drown,
the anguish of
the love he feels
the torrent takes
him and he reels
from all the heartache
and the pain....
and rain.

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Upon the arrival of it all,
It is still quite hard to recall.
Was it day or was it night?
Did she do it out of fright?

Who could of expected this from a sweet and innocent girl?
No one even knew that she was in her own little world,
For she hid her feelings, speaking to none.
Everyone asked "how had all this begun?"

She trusted no one, not even those who cared,
For there was too many things that she had feared.
Her fears came from the past.
She didn't want those brutal memories to last.

Not wanting things to repeat,
She decided to repress all of the heat.
She took everything in, not saying one word,
Knowing that eventually she would explode.

She lived life pretending to be fine,
But as time passed there was no sign.
Situations became more disastrous and confusing.
Her thoughts began to become more perplexing.  

No one could save her, not even the person she loved.
She thought that he would bring her above.
Above the sorrow and above the pain,
Above all these things she couldn't explain.

Everything to her was meaningless.
The things she tried to fix constantly became a mess.
Her stress had caused her to take her own life.
She had succumbed to all of the strife.

Tears was what was left when she had died.
It was amazing the amount of people that had cried.
If she could of seen how many people did care,
She would have believed that there was nothing to fear.

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Moment of Release

This kite electric
tangled in the power lines
tattered silk like paper skins
of dyed and colored onion rinds
With salty satin stains
flapping in the ocean air
it once held tight a child's hand
tingling knuckles white and bare
Updraft caught and carried
jangling raw up on the wires
electric now ungrounded
white heat lightning fuel tipped fires
Now it begs release
from the metal to the sky
With my own eyes as witness
sparks reach out to catch it fly.

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Somedays Ludichka, Somedays...

Somedays I wear you in an opal ring
with gold and with fire devoid of it's sting.
Somedays I tuck you in pockets of wool
reminding me privately I'm but a girl.
Somedays I show everybody your smile
gregarious nature, impeccable style
Somedays I hide in a nocturne and sleep
(Those are the days when I can't help but weep)
Somedays the moment you left is quite clear
you without memory though physically near
Somedays that moment is blurred and erased
leaving me silent, dumb struck, and in haste
Somedays I miss you like half of me's left
I'm stuck with the other half, beauty bereft
and somedays I know that you still are my voice,
the whisper of conscience I chose as my choice.

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Mothers Day

When very young, no more than a lad, 
mom spanked my hand when I was bad.
Tommy don't meddle, son don't do that,
then on my bottom was placed a love spat.

I could not climb to reach things high,
from where I stood they touched the sky.
I dared never venture to play with fire,
for this would surely bring mother's ire.

Boys don't fuss, boys please don't fight,
you've both been taught this isn't right.
Don't play on the couch, get off the bed,
when we persisted our fannies became red.

As older I grew along came the switch,
this tool of the devil could make me twitch.
Upon my legs red whelps were bared,
to a headstrong boy from a mom who cared.

A mother who at times slept on the floor,
who worried and waited to open the door.
A mother who always gave us what she had,
one who influenced my life when I was a lad.

On this mothers day although she's not here,
in these simple lines I still feel that she's near.
At eighty hard years her life's work was done,
now at ease with Jesus, her victory's been won. 

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Good Or Bad


From daily living we all wanna a break 
Some relief!sometimes things are too much! 
We are thrown in a darkest pitch 
From where our bones soon start to creak! 


We are thrown in a darkest pitch 
From where our bones soon start to creak! 

The world in which we live turns so bleak 
At times, we make our way with a shriek 
Things in life we're expected just to seek 
It crosses our mind then to have a tiny sneak! 


We are thrown in a darkest pitch 
From where our bones soon start to creak! 

People want to be good or bad 
Sometimes both they wan'na be 
After all when having fun,nothing matter, 
They believe everything is valid, all in a day's pay! 


We are thrown in a darkest pitch 
From where our bones soon start to creak! 

We are thrown in a darkest pitch 
From where our bones soon start to creak! 

We are thrown in a darkest pitch 
From where our bones soon start to creak! 


Dorian Petersen Potter 
aka ladydp2000


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So Called Love

You were the  man that was once my dream,
But now with you all I want to do is scream.

Today, in the mail, yet again I received your letter.
You asked how I was and was I better?

You pleaded and begged for yet another chance.
You said you were a changed man and are tired of this dance.

When did you begin to see, 
That your so called love was exacting its toll on me?

Was it the first night that your so called love
Hit me in the face like a boxing glove?

Was it the day you did not come home?
For the woods called your name and there you said you had to roam?

Was it the first time after taking yet another beating,
You forced yourself on me and said it was to prove I was not cheating?

You ask for forgiveness and want to still be my friend.
All I want is for this nightmare to end!!!

I now see that to you this is not love but an obsession,
To you I am not your wife but  only your posession.

I no longer wish to receive your emotional and physical pain, 
I want a normal life, I want to be sane.

I am putting an end to me being your wife.
I want out of our marriage, I want a new life.

Our friendship is gone and for that I do mourn,
But you I now see were never torn.

To you it is your God-given right
To take what you want with force and might.

Oh, I do believe that once you are free,
That you will change for a month or maybe three.

I no longer want your love or our marriage.
This relationship has become something that I truly disparage.

Forget I exist, please forget about me,
In the past it was easy for you to let me be.

I am so very tired of you doing me wrong,
For my self respect I will be strong.

I hope the divorce papers give you the clue,
That I no longer need nor am in love with you!

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Tainted Love

When we first became aqainted, 
I had no idea your love was tainted.
I let down my guard and invited you in, 
I thought for sure your love I could win. 
I came with so much innocence and devotion,
You brought so much pain and commotion. 
But still I believed not seeing your lies, 
And you'll never know how much this boy cries.
Cried for what I thought was love,
I used to think you came from above. 
Maybe it's true maybe you did, 
Now I know inside your just a kid.
No I don't blame you for all my hurt and pain,
Soon someday you'll stand shivering in the rain.
When that day comes you'll think of a boy,
And wish you hadn't treated him like a toy.
You will remember his devotion and unmatched love,
Then you'll think he was the one sent from above.
You'll wish you didn't mess up your one chance,
Because with me you won't have the last dance.
I still don't blame you for all my hurt and pain,
Just remember who's standing cold in the rain.
I will never forget our time as lovers,
But never again will you have a place under my covers.

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Someone Died Today

  That scary edge of angst
a cold wind blowing through your chest
bare limbs scratching at the window
strangers where your mother used to be
  Someone died today
"wait here!" you heard her say
"I'll be back and it's okay,
close the door ,don't go outside
someone's giving me a ride"
That was yesterday or more
anyway it was before
people came who had the key
they came inside and looked at me
  I ran and hid beneath the bed
the skinny woman turned and said
"leave her there ,for now at least,
she's always been a little beast."
  a spider crawled across my face
I breathed the dust that hung like lace
someone laughed and shut the door
I couldn't hear them anymore
  I knew she wasn't coming home
something cold and quite unknown
crept inside my soul just then
I never was that girl again
  The one who challenged every wave
the wretched sea of mankind gave
the girl who whistled in the dark
who skipped the stones in Central Park
  And she was right when I heard her say
truly,"Someone died today.".

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Love on the Line

   He said too much
or not enough,
his mind could not
encompass love.

 the word was hanging
in the wind
behind the house
might have been

  strung on a 
in a row,
with other words
he could not know,

 like hope and happiness
and truth
concepts stolen
from his 

 a woman penned them
on the line
because she didn't
have the time

 to use them to enrich
the life
of children born
in times
of strife

  wet with tears
she hung them
forgetting what
they were about

 and like a child
without his clothes
he's naked in the
things he knows

wet with tears
he cannot cry,
his mother hung love
out to dry.

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Shivers from the cold entered her palms.
Her heart beated slowly as if everything was calm.
Her mind exploded when she's reminded of her past.
Life as a young woman for her never did last.

Tears of joy have never been cried.
No one stood beside her on this rollercoaster ride.
Fate left happiness out of her life.
It only let in what was known as strife.

Her ultimate desire was the love from others,
Yet she received nothing from those around her.
Though there were many people who did care,
She was never truly self-aware.

Life has gone by and she has given up.
It's too late for anyone to even help.
She has decided to stop everything as it is,
Forget all of the lies and all of this.

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I hate knowing you won't be with us much longer.
For our bond has only grown stronger.

Your siblings for Heaven now have depart.
They will forever be in my heart.

I know now it was your disease
That took your siblings with such ease.

Feline leukemia is killing you
And real soon again I will be blue.

In the space of just one week
Death in this house has not been meek.

So my dear Emmett how do I let you go?
More heartache and  pain is coming this I know

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The Old Crow

She commissioned her good humour to put up with it once more.
A reoccurring miscreant still knocking at her door.

A demon spawn of evil tricks he beckons her to open,
Incessant little parasite his ritual nary broken.

Away the door - it shuffles in without a care implore
She grasps the tome of many creatures and forgotten lore.

A paragraph within it’s pages brings a mental sight
The demon spawn of loathsome evil listens to the plight

Tired from the sinful stories that were encased within
She puts the Book beside the spawn that put her in the spin

Her snoring became silence as a quiet moment rose
Her weary face no longer knotted was now a happy glow.

His tiny fingers touch her face, obliviously adored,
“I love you nana” he exclaimed and gently shut the door.

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 There are men whom my pity strikes
For loss of child or loss of wife

Who are saddened by internal strife.
Pity, just for this moment in their life.

There are others for which I grieve
Whose loss is also so very deep.

There are children with no family found
Abide in foster homes just passed around.

Low the homeless out on the street
My heart goes out to these I meet.

Yet I always cry a tear, for the man
Who turns his back on Gods generous hand.

Then provokes His holy might
To lose all hope for eternal life.

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the Last One In

He would sit on the lawn with his soldier toys
there with the dog who was overjoyed
to wag his tail against attacks,
from ninjas
up and down his back,
until I called him in at dark,
while the other kids were at the park,
he could hardly wait to play again,
for he was always the last one in.

They said the same of him today.
I took the flag and walked away,
they said he went back 
to save a friend............
you know he was always ,
the last one in.

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An Addict

The sad reality of me is that I’m dead.
And its so extremely hard for me to live inside my head. .
You can never understand an addict so don’t pretend to try
This is me. I’ve always had it, the compulsion to get high.
Well maybe I am unworthy of a better life
Maybe I would rather let myself believe the lie
Or maybe I just sold my soul, Cause I had better things to buy
Monotony is more miserable than coming down, you see
Higher highs make lower lows, and that’s okay with me
I’d rather feel pain than nothing, rather make words rhyme
Always the same sad ending, but It hurts so good sometimes
Dark poetry implies a negativity in poets
But there is beauty in despair, freedom for those who show it.
Pleasure coming out of pain; its no concept that we haven’t heard
I like to cut my self in vain, regret the scars, but never learn
“God Help me,” I try to repent, but my desires make me sway
I let him down again, and now reluctant to attempt to pray.
 I’m so tired and you have to know that I have put my all in this
I can’t acquire strength enough, to rise above my selfishness.
I seek you out Lord, crying, my candle’s flame is growing dim
The fire deep inside has died; I have no choice but to give in.
Blow it out as if to say, there is no hope for me
Effortless to stop you I’m afraid that dope will steal my dreams
The sad reality of me is that I’m dead.
But when I become aware of this I drown myself in drugs again.

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A Bouquet of Sighs

  Olives and almonds
and tea in the park
breathing your breath
on a bench
after dark
Smelling the lilacs
that grew in the yard
when you were twenty
and trying too hard
   Now that's the dust 
that blows from your hands
sticks in your throat
and blankets 
your plans
with a layer of hopelessness
etched on your eyes
now you wait 
in the hall
with a bouquet of sighs

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Emotions always tend to be rising and then declining.
Life seems to be forever endlessly spinning.
Never stopping for anyone to take a chance,
Impossible for those around her to take even one glance.

She hides in the darkness in an attempt to not be hurt,
Letting no one in her life have the opportunity to push her in the dirt.
Fake smiles is what she see's when people stare at her.
"Everyone that I'm surrouded by hates me," is what she infers.

How difficult it is to establish a life of peace,
Especially when she is being held by a leash.
She yearns for the freedom that she has never received.
Never giving up on life is what she has learned to believe.

This quiet and lonesome girl hasn't been through much in these past years,
But no one even knows how many times she has cried with a face full of tears.
She hopes that one day she will be able to overcome all of this anxiety,
For she is determined that her life can be full of happiness and felicity.

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