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Couplet Imagination Poems | Couplet Poems About Imagination

These Couplet Imagination poems are examples of Couplet poems about Imagination. These are the best examples of Couplet Imagination poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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I'm still alive and I don't know why?
My heart survived falling from the butterfly sky

Caught by the hands of destiny
With visions only I can see!

My love I heard your call
Wings of a butterfly broke my fall

Love motion is in the air, a love no one can compare
Indulging a look-a-stare- that we both share

Reminiscing our love made out of stolen hope
Awe~:*! To  them butterfly kisses that felt so real

Flowing like Amazing Grace, 
A shining light upon my face.

I traveled fast and far, longing to be in your arms
I desire, the warm sensation of your charms

Your safe love will help me carry on,
With the strength and bond~the love you set upon

Nothing is better than a sensual butterfly kiss
Beyond the sensation of heaven's pure bliss

Fluttering in the clouds aiming for the moon
A dream of reality, out of my cocoon I bloom!

Valued by the art of true beauty and its rarity
True love flapping in the mist of clarity

I entwine that I am yours and you are mine
Bonded together till the end of time

With the vision my heart is no longer blind
Two broken hearts at last combined

I glide below to touch your lip.
Our lashes touch from tip to tip.

Caressing each other as our wings expand
Two hearts- kisses collide and land

Holding your hand reaching to the rainbow sky.
Kisses:*kisses:* like the butterfly!

Dedicated to *Nathan*

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The Fiddler's Cat

An ebon sky, darkness to light
Diamond stars, mosaic night
Bright lunar sphere of brilliant white
Floodlights a scene of will and might.
The Fiddler’s Cat, sips warm Bordeaux
Fiddle to chin, strong paw to bow
Rosin to bow on amber ice
Wide upward swing, long downward slice.
A rotund dish, the restless spoon
Race through the night below the moon.

Ah, Fiddler’s cat empties Bordeaux
Strikes violin strings, with Dante’s bow
He plays of sorrow, he plays for chance
As spirits soar, he plays to dance.
He plays of peace, he plays for hope
To love and trust, he plays the most.
Fading ebon screen, pale ginger sky
An exhausted shrug, a weary sigh.

A new ordinance decreed by spoon and dish
Keep catnip away when serving fish.

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Soup To Go

~Soup To Go~

This summer~ all I want is a bowl of soup 
A secret flavor that combines every veggie group 

An outcast taste of ancient granola herbs
All kinds of extracts that create different verbs

I will leave the table only to dance out in the rain
Round and round in wonder catering out my sweet refrain

I will visit mother and tell her I forgot her recipe
Brag about my soup and how I used and stole her ecstasy

Paint about the life she gives the grounded trees
Think about the sugar that makes me surrender to her sweet debris

I will order me a special~ with the right poetry breeze
Exchange my cookie dough with mothers pollen seeds

Hide behind her oak tree and listen to her endlessly
I can even cook myself a picture making nature my enemy

Close my eyes and smell the mist of self control
Hold on to my emotion and take a sip of my soup bowl

Add extra salt and pepper to every line I manipulate
Swirl my spoon around and smile at every thing I hate

Come sit down with me and collaborate
Lets cabbage out on mothers nature's plate

Wakening up to her blossoming sauce that drips with a certain flow
Driving by her White castle, and stare at another soup to go

Order me; a soup of all the things I see
Order me; a soup  made out of mystery
Order me; a soup out of the things I wanna be
Order me; a soup made out of the sadness found inside of me

Order me; a coffee to go with my poetry soup
Type me a funny comment that will add a smile to my food group:-)


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Fantasy World

Was it real or in a dream
Wizards and kings, chocolate ice cream
Dinosaurs roamed from early morn
Flying zebras and a unicorn
Dancing in the sky from star to star
Travel the universe in a flying car
Make believe ship manned by pirates and thieves
And a tree that was covered with spearmint leaves
No one cared about silver or gold
We were children again who would never grow old
There was a horse in the field talking to a mule
My cat said horses can't talk, don't be a fool
I told my cat that the prince once was a frog
A firefly whispered your cat once was a dog
The earth began rumbling but I took it in stride
I just jumped on my rug for a magic carpet ride
I stopped on a mountain when I reached the peak
A polar bear asked me whom do you seek
I reached for the bear and he began to smoke
Then a penguin stopped by and told me a joke
I flew back to earth when I heard a bell toll
As fate would have it, I ran into a troll
He huffed and he puffed and smiled and said
Come have a conversation with my talking head
The head was a monster but I wasn't afraid
He said I'm getting a body as soon as I get paid
Then I walked down a road that was red and yellow
I noticed the shrubs were made of strawberry jello
Suddenly a space ship landed from out of the sky
In a field that was filled with banana cream pie
This may be hard to believe but i swear that it's true
As sure as my skin is green and my hair is blue.

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Before The Sun Sets

The sun set with a golden glow the day on which you I met
 On that special  walk in the beautiful  park as the sun set

The sun set a glowing red as I walked with no threat
Amongst the trees of different hues as the sun set

The sun set slowly going down dropping, to it I'm indebt
To enjoying every minute of color as slowly the sun set

The sun set quietly didn't say a word but drew
Others to come in and watch closely as the sun set

The sun sets for you and me my handsome dear
Come close lets get all we can from life before fully the sun sets

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Take me back to a more romantic time
Of kings and castles and love sublime

When chivalry was in the air
Let me kiss the hand of my lady fair

I'll walk the land in days of yore
When tales were told by a troubadour

I will go where the ale and wine are poured
I will serve my queen with fire and sword

I could scale the castle walls in the dark of night
To see the woman I love, what a beautiful sight

We could steal away from the castle and then
Join forces with Robin and his merry men

A life full of daring, knowing not fear
Dining in the presence of Queen Guinivere

Each morning launches new escapades
Mounting my horse to join the Crusades

Oh please take me back if only in a dream
Where honor and courage were held in esteem

Where wizards cast spells and dragons breathe fire
To become a knight was a young man's desire

Oh let me be brave in times of duress
And save that damsel in distress

Let me bend to one knee before we part
Gaze into her eyes and win her heart.

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Steel Horse Wings of Feather

It took me a steel horse with wings of feather
To ride me through heavy thunder clouds

Through troubles and struggles it led me..
Knowing there would be sunshine behind those heavy clouds

Riding on top of black and darkened storm clouds
Knowing at some point I needed to dive into it

The steel horses`armored exterior withstood it all..
Hail,lightning,furious turbolence combined with unhuman forces

Sunlight drying me face as my steel horse leads me out of it
Now wings of feather takes over,and smoothly we drift towards the sun..

September 9th 2012

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Loony Tunes

<                                        Cascading lakes and streams
                                           The loon stands out it seems

                                           Minnesota's state bird
                                           I know it must sound absurd

                                           Adopted in nineteen sixty one
                                           Wails and yodels heard under the sun

                                          Black and white bearing red eyes
                                          Wingspans five feet can make one cry

                                          Body lengths up to three feet
                                          Yet  clumsy on lands and moss peat

                                          They are high speed flyers
                                          And great underwater divers

                                          They can dive up to ninety feet
                                          In pursuit of fish they want to eat

                                         They are even on our license plates
                                         An critical habitat drawn on metal slates

                                         Twelve thousand of these unique birds
                                         God that has to be a lot of turds

                                        But for now I'll enjoy it's captured views
                                        Of this beautiful loon and it's most colorful hues

Written By Katherine Stella
Entry For Mini - Blog  Beautiful Bird Contest
By Constance ~ A Rambling Poet

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Leaving All I Know

                                                   This empty feeling
                                          So many places I have seen..

                                                   All I ever knew
                                                Leaving it all behind..

                                                 Thank you for the light
                                     The one that gave birth to my soul..

                                            Now my soul is in captivity
                                Darkness embraces its last bit of freedom..

                                                Leaving all I know
                            Awaiting my death in a cold and wet prison cell..

                                  My feet,shackled to the slippery floor
                 Fear of death written on the wall with invisible characters..

                                             The last spark of hope
         Licks my thoughts as a sunbeam squeezes itself through the tiny window..

                   "Oh,Heavenly Father..are you there to collect my tired bones
                                           ..or to set my soul free?"

                                           I await the bell to chime
                      Knowing they will come and take me to the executioner..


                                           September 2nd 2012

* Inspired by a song called "Hallowed Be Thy Name"

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A Rainbows Cry

                                                        I sat under a cloudy sky...
                                                   Looked up to see a rainbow cry...

                                                    The colors ran down to my feet...
                                             In a puddle of sadness it filled the street...

                                                  With just two hands I scooped it up...
                                              And brushed it back on with little disrupt...

                                                    Now all the colors put back in place...
                                                   With a touch and feel of silk and lace...

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Inside My Eyes

A Poets eyes are small windows that don't hide...
Easily seeing out but a blur to see what's inside...

The view from a distance might be one of dispair...
Yet behind those shades sits a dreamer that is rare...

The walls on the outside are splashed with lovely colors...
While the inside has tangled words and see through covers...

With transparent letters that twist into concrete phrases...
They are now free to stand alone and above a poetic haze...

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From stark equinox, a cold wind blows
Maiden Winter closes the final rose,
Now she stands at the frosted gate
Decked in pristine robe so ornate
Dusted leaves drift from balding trees;
Crowning tiny pearls of arctic breeze.
Her wand sparks pale Eos’ quiet thrill
Quilts of eyelids wake on threadbare hill,
Soon kingdom’s carpet will turn to steel
And dashes of fairies pour a misty reel.
All snow -bound hours and icy nights
Blinkies*, a million twinkling lights
Scatter their magical flakes once again,
For powdered toes to whisk on capped lane.

And so the frigid bouquets will cling
Till crystals explode across Beira’s* wing.


*Eos- Greek Titan goddess of dawn
*Blinkies—Jamaican term for fireflies
*Beira—Celtic goddess of Winter

Fairy Tails Contest by nette onclaud

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Soulful Cries

Writing words across a clear blank page…
Sharing thoughts let out of a cage…

Toss it up into the sky…
Watch it scream as it flies...

Over bent back treetops that hide rainbows…
Grabbing colors like a picture show…

From my fingers to your eyes…
The words read clear in soulful cries…

Toss it back up with your smile…
And blow a kiss that covers miles…

To my hand it returns with peace…
As poetry glides with tender ease…

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A Road Still Driven

                                  I'm driving on a road that pours into the sky...
                            The scenery I can almost touch like paper blowing by...

                                     Your smile is there in the corner of my eye...
                          It's your hand I feel under mine as my fingers hold a cry...

                                    My head rocks back to a chill of being alone..
                             With the window cracked open the air drops like stones...

                                   The rearview mirror reflects all that's not seen...
                         A man touched by life over and over and still doesn't bleed...

                                The clock on the dash never seems to move or trip...
                     I squint into the past and see a soul that was bruised and stripped...

                               And blink into today and the road I drove and walked...
                       But always remembering the place where I sat but never talked...

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Come, my muse, to that mystical realm And shower me with imagination at the helm, Let’s run again along green meadows fair Floating, flirting like fairy wings of exalted air If it just be for a sweep time, or only some hours, Yet for a long while my words, they will flower To weave threads on loose pages, now like weeds Once bathed in fountains of blooming seeds, Then without care, a burst of moonlight shall claim A birthing of free spirit, hands daring without shame © . . ……..

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Theodore Drake

Tediously bored, Sir Drake
Prolonged afternoon of tea and cakes
Jam coats his chin with gooey paste
A beard of crumbs hangs from his face
His manner somewhat hard to grasp
Small fingers smother giddy laughs. 
To sup he’d need a tuning fork
to confound the smacks from lamb and pork.
Lanky strands of cabbage slaw.
Gravy splashes grease his jaw
Pastries flurry dandruff flakes
A grubby mess, grandiose Sir Drake

Theodore Aka Teddy Bear
With soggy paws and matted hair
Needs a scrub from his stout chin
to the furry spats about his shins.
Carried off by loving arms
A bath restores his stately charm.

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Stardust Artist

Virgin snow sparkles in the darkest hour
as stardust dances with celestial power.
Silently it rains upon mother earth
giving witness to such an idyllic birth. 

A fawn and doe now break the glaze
like tiny spoons upon crème brulees. 
Below Polaris they prance and snort,
for they seem to know the time is short.

For such a night is a rare event,
as blue light above is heaven sent.
Wondrous luminescent tranquility
trumps any earthly poet’s ability.

Now the first rays pierce the frigid night
and Orion’s bow soon fades to light.
White carpet dulls now without the luster
of a nocturnal painter, the starlight duster.

James Nichols 12/29/12

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Some lives are like a stone quickly skipping over the ponds top, forever tossed.
My life is below the surface trying to reach upward with each breathe lost.
But there is still beauty, deep down here in the great depths below…
For the solitude holds me in its grip as I dwell with what I know.

My occasional trips to the surface leave me vastly wanting more…
Still, my life below the surface doesn’t scare me as it did, once before.
And the breaths will come when given, as my life continues to flow.
True it is dark but beauty lingers, everywhere the currents move below.

At times, the surface reflections seem surreal, as if it’s a place not to go.
Comfort comes more and more to my soul, as the deeper I glide below.
Here I dwell within myself, with words, and thoughts, that carry me along.
Perhaps I have found where I truly belong, as I sing my siren songs.

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The Bird Sings

If I were a bird, would you clip my wings
then cage me away with pretty things?
And, if my wings were to be clipped
why not just burry me within a crypt,
For a cage is too small for a master of sky,
I was meant to kiss the sun, soar, and fly.
For to have wings that cannot soar,
then why not nail me to the floor?
Tonight I shall make my final swan song
knowing I have been locked away so long.
For a cage is too small for a master of sky,
I was meant so kiss the sun, soar, and fly.
So still the caged bird, she sings
without her sky, without wings.
Sometimes laments, sometimes sighs,
sometimes she whistles her own reprise.
For a cage is too small for a master of sky
I was meant to kiss the sun, soar, and fly.
So then curious is it, the caged thing
who finds she has the heart to sing?
Because it would seem a great strain
to be caged seems twisted and profane,
for a cage is too small for a master of sky,
I was meant to kiss the sun, soar, and fly.
When asked, why do you sing, bird?
The answer is a simple word,
hope, for escape from behind these bars
that keep me caged from the stars.
For a cage is too small for a master of sky,
I was meant to kiss the sun, soar, and fly.
Birds should have no master, no kings
and love cannot be clipping wings.
But now it seems I must live confined,
in this hand crafted cage of your design,
but a cage is too small for a master of sky
I was meant to kiss the sun, soar, and fly.
So must I wait for these wings to heal
and relearn how the wind may feel.
If I must be caged, still my heart sings
of the day I can again use my wings.

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Angels In Cemeteries contest

I heard an angel speak last night and he said "write”
I had been going through a personal plight,

I ventured off into a place,
Where all I saw was love and grace,

The season was the beginning of spring,
When life can be heard, and the air starts to sing,

But the place I was in was an endless row of rest,
Yet I was able to admire how well it was dressed,

Glory symbols stationed all around,
One stood tall far off the ground,

Wings wide- ranging, angelic that gleamed,
Surrounded by flowers whose colors were sheen,

Blues of the ocean, reds of the evening sky,
I reflected on greatness, as the time passed by,

I came upon a sculpture, a cherub, with a face,
A tear in his right eye, looking down at this place,

A letter to God leaned against this particular one,
It read clearly on top, “Please Lord, hold my son”

I continued on, walking down this strip,
When suddenly, I slipped and had a hard trip,

I fell by a giant weeping willow tree,
Then looked up at the fixture right in front of me,

Out of all the others, this monument was painted the best,
Its beauty surpassed all of the rest,

I marveled at his golden strands,
His skin looked like the color of sand,

Looking up from off the ground,
It looked as though he wore a crown,

His creamy gown was long and still,
My eyes felt like they had started to spill,

His mere presence seemed to fill me with humility,
My legs were limp, I felt a lack of mobility,

What was this kind, who had made him?
Then, he spoke  “You were never forsaken”

Chills overwhelmed my body quite fast,
I had no idea, I was his task,

I said, "what is your name,"
And He gently sighed,
“Your never alone, just enjoy your life’s ride”

I had been in a struggle, for quite some time,
He spoke once more, “You will be Fine”

His glimmering light calmed my inner plight,
His afterglow, made my heart know,

That sometimes in life we go through a trial,
And even when it seems like it’s lasted awhile,

God sends his messengers right on time,
He is never late, and His words are like wind chimes,

Soothing the mountains, calming the inner storms, 
Restoring us back to our proper forms,

I looked up once more, but He had disappeared,
My faith had grown deeper, and I knew God was near,

I rested a while, under that old willow tree,
I felt compelled to write what had happened to me, 
It was now the early part of night, I began with,
"I heard an angel speak last night and he said to write.”

By: Sabina keough

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Lucid Dream Ink

A dream in tune with waking world,
meanings grasp conscious unfurled,
alive alliteration aligned,
beautifully poised and perfectly timed.

Lucid dreamer weaving webs,
create rising tide that never ebbs,
perihelion pendulum swung medallion,
riding thought speed's unbroken stallion.

All the while the rising tide grows,
does atmosphere expand does water overflow,
brain makes madness meandering call,
beckoning stars to earth they slowly fall.

Full lotus seated at Everest peak,
three eye's sight voice of mind to speak,
conducting planet's orchestral symphony,
nature moves to wave of hands rhapsody.

Awake in tune with sleeping world,
meanings grasp unconscious unfurled,
alive alliteration aligned again,
pen poised perfection safe from meaningless ink stain.

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Writing In Daydreams

                                                    Glass outlined in wood trim...
                                     A powder blue background pours down the rim...

                                    I make words from passing clouds with my fingers...
                                         Each letter tickles the tree tops and lingers...

                           The rising chimney smoke underlines my thoughts with care...
                       Catch my poem in the sky before the day goes and becomes bare...

                                             The moon will soon erase my thoughts...
                                    Till another day when my daydreams can be caught...

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Written to Death

  In God's own ink
with bloody hands,
he writes his life away.
   yet he's free
to have his final say.
        Dark and dank,
his tiny cell
         becomes a living tome,
to tell a tale of villainy,
      of madness 
    and of home.

 His maiden fair
     returned his love
with evil and deceit.
    She led him here into a trap
his enemy to meet.

    At length 
she saved him 
     from an end
a death both quick and sure.
She left him in this dungeon dark
forever to endure
the memory 
     of her false heart
and one who stole it all.

He tells it all right from the start
      it flows upon the wall,
and when his bright red ink runs dry
    the angels come to read.
He falls upon the stones to die
    with no words left to bleed.

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The sun burning bright,across clear blue sky
The lightning so bright,it blinds the eye.

Not a cloud floating by,in a sky so blue;
Do you hear the thunder rumbling through?

Grass,flowers,and trees smile at the sun;
Gray ominous clouds across the earth do run.

Eagles fly higher on a clear summers'day;
The rain and the wind wash their nest away.

Birds and bees in the sunshine will forage,
Dams were made as a thunderstorms' storage.

Jet black clouds crying tears of lifes'pain.
In the east the sun rises starts over again

Graveyards are weeping as the storm subsides
New dawn brings sunshine,rays be our guides.

Rain becomes sprinkles,spots on the ground;
No more rain,grass and leaves turning brown.

Thunder and lightning,a soft summers'rain;
Blue skies,warm sunshine is all that remain.

Sun and water don't you know,Rainbow Rainbow

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Pterodactyls Thriving

Pterodactyls Thriving

On steamy summer days as warm waves lap the shore
     The pelicans pass over in perfect V-form

Their silhouettes appear dark beneath yellow sun
     An eerie reminder of a species thought gone

Pterodactyls, you see, first came to mind
     When as a small child I looked up to find

Winged creatures with long beaks like dinosaurs
     Angular features, pteradactyl norms

I knew nothing then of evolution
     But marveled at this species' procession

Casting shadows on crystal sands below
     Sparking a child's imaginative flow

Watch closely; can you see the resemblance
     Might pterodactyls thrive in the present tense?

Friends, at Yoni's suggestion I am providing the following link (just one of many) regarding 
modern-day pterodactyl sightings:

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Scrolls of Dreams

Like small waves in the ocean, the
curtains blow back from a breeze so tender...
Through my soul silent whispers travel 
and are placed where they slowly surrender...
Behind my eyes the small echo of chimes
dance to a moving sound...
And my hand starts to glide across a slippery
page that bleeds so proud...
And now I'm left with scrolls of dreams that 
never made it to the night...
Just a poet who walks and breaths through a
window of second sight...

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Morning Light

Dense fog lingers and crawls
Forrest trails lead to the falls

Cool shaded streams flow silently
Stars strewn above shine brilliantly

Morning sky flirting with night
Clouds run together dark meets light

Orange Rust Clouds trying to shine
Darkness and time staying behind

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Brewing Darkness

Beguiling placidity of luring hiss
Upon the oblivion of a venomous kiss

Like the grasping toxin of a viper’s sting
Amidst a violet lullaby the night-sky would sing,

Sable sky, O reflection of debility
Clutching the soul into peaceful futility

With your visage so pallid, and O so white
 Shining above clouds ashen as the night,

Brewing darkness, dwelling with might
Tearing the sun as your opaqueness ignites

Approaching you emerge with eternal power
All orbs fade as dreams devour…

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Word-O-Lator Complaint Dept.

My word-o-lator system failed
The "Robert Frost" you had on sale,
has gone berserk and won't obey
a single thing I try to say
It thinks it's really Robert Frost
I try to write, it says "Get Lost".
It wants to try to reawaken
an interest in "The Road Not Taken"
It wants to take the morning train
to New England, what a pain
it says I'm acting like it's father
that taking orders is a bother
"Independant I shall be"
That's what it likes to say to me
Can you advise or just refund?
I'm really feeling rather stunned
Although, I'm starting to relate
There's still the train, it's not too late
Maybe we could pen an ode
Man and robot on the road
With a good pal at my back
I could be Jack Kerouac
Hey, never mind I'm feeling better
Kindly disregard this letter
Looks like Robert Frost and I
have found our niche,
                  So Long, Goodbye!

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I can’t remember everything, I can’t recall my birth
Aimlessly I wonder what my goal is here on earth
The prospects here are wide and vast, I seek my very cause
I’m switched on at the crack of dawn and dusk is when I pause
Deflated and depleted, I ponder then I do
Believe what I was programmed to, replaced by versions new
Existing just for mere research, experiment I am
My life “To let”, “for sale”, “for rent”; in shambles or a sham
Emotions first uploaded or rebooted and erased
Remote controlled with batteries recharged at every phase
Mirrored in an image, then observed through looking glass
My Father and Creator notes down everything that’s passed
Today I conquered obstacles according to the plan
One virus might turn bad to worst within outdated brand
If circuits fry a terminating prospect is abrupt
A live or die for me could mean abort or self-destruct
When all the data’s gathered and my purpose here is lost
The switch will flip, I’ll power down, repaired at extra cost
Core of bone covered with flesh, diverting all suspicion
That I was cloned and molded to a Master’s rendition

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Beethoven's Lost Composition

"It happened at dusk, on the eve of my bed
a series of symphonies out of my head
Whistles and pattering, octaves outstretched
Violins wailing and tubas distressed
Starlight shone into my window in white
heaving my breath with this musical sight
leaving my features and shadows in grey
while the melody mastery started to play
First all the strings, then came the percussion
Brass building stamina, with no discussion
Drums most determined and then all at once
the notes of the piano, fortissimo jaunt
Lights popped and fizzled and wrinkled in time
Walls bending backwards a musical rhyme
Bass like a heart beat moving the air
all in the blink of an eye, I was there.
My skin soaked and battered, my eyes shining bright
all concentrating on motion, on flight
After they slowed I beamed with devotion
and stood on my tiptoes, a standing ovation
I've packed solidarity into my chest
to tell you this story, to truly impress
for it happened at dusk on the eve of my bed
a series of symphonies out of my head"

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The Arc of Time

 to disguise,
from stranger eyes
than the ones who see you now
tip your hat and take a bow.
you have fooled the greater masses
with your cape and opera glasses,
I ,
know your name,
and the source of all your fame
Great Magician,
hocus pocus,
try to keep your world in focus,
you have found us through the ages
wielding warlocks and their sages
you desire to see the ending
of the arc of time you're bending,
fades to black
you face the ending of the track,
come now 
your disguise,
can't hide the darkness
in your eyes,
angels tremble in suspense
to watch the last of grand events
the stage is set,
the players rise,
the Dragon faces
his demise
and you must face 
your own disaster
if satan truly is your master.

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Late last night I had a dream
I'd gone to heaven, or so it seem
I opened a golden door
And walked into a "goodie" store

There was lots of food on every shelf
With a big sign saying, "Help yourself"
So, I ate my fill and put some in a sack
It was a long way home, I might need a snack

I started to leave, but to my dismay
Something at the door blocked my way
It was Satan, with a smile on his face
I wasn't in heaven, it was that other place

"You must step on my scales", he said
I was thinking, "I'd rather be dead"
It was then I woke up screaming
I sure was glad I was only dreaming!!!

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Put on the red coat, put on the mask
Flash dancers wait just to finish the task
To raise up the curtain on all of these acts
I don't know for certain, I don't have the facts
But somebody told me that you were the one
to brighten the moonlight and turn up the sun
to call in the ocean when twilight enfolds
the seashore at sunset when someone beholds
that miracle moment when all thinking ceases
When lovers and losers are equal in pieces
of puzzles in Sanskrit cascading free
If you give me your hand you can take all of me
I haven't a coin nor a deed real or written
I know you aren't sure and you haven't been smitten
but yesterday morning I saw something new 
I think it was me and I know it was you
Riding a rainbow, boy what a blast
Do you think there's a chance for a love that could last?

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It’s the night before Christmas, still I am annoyed Visions of North Pole, now crumpled and foiled While youngsters prepare for deer bells to ring Above moon-filled sky, voices caroling. Fireplace adorned with trimmings on Yule rug Awaiting Ole Claus to sneak by... humbug! Wishes for red bike never came last year My card he ignored, did it disappear? Now,I wonder if you really exist My eyes smolder as I’m not on the list; Even Mama dances by the flames so proud Repeating your name like a tune, aloud. “Dear Santa, I doubt the speed of your ride How can you bring presents in hours, worldwide My, is this St. Nick a fantasy’s weave?” Then note falls,“like love, you have to believe!” In a dash, my bike turns up to my delight, Jingles fade out, “Ho, ho, ho; bless this night! Jerry T Curtis' What Up With Santa by nette onclaud 11/29/2014

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Sweet Carmel

The taste of homemade Carmel so sweet/ everyone I know desires the treat.

After one night in the kitchen covered/ half the pan gone, next morning discovered. 

 Is it my beagle Lily whom loves any food? / she seems in a hyper beagle mood.

 I know I heard a squeak in the night / a dream ? No, for low was the kitchen light.
 T'was my husband, for he can't resist/ soft , buttered brown sugar , a Vanilla twist.

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Night Awakes Fear

Walking alone in the middle of the night
Holding hands with the cold in the pale moon light

I hear more than my footsteps; look over my back
The shadows from the trees were on the attack

I walked a bit faster, my heart began to race
The mist from my breath teased the skin on my face

Should I make a right? But I look to the left
In between my imagination and reason sat a cleft

I began to panic, but what the heck for?
Because fear was of the essence and nothing more

Sounds ricocheted off of who knows where
Like a scene displaced from your worst nightmare

Something was watching or following me
I was just waiting for something to jump out of a tree

Or grab my shoulder or touch my back
Causing me to urinate before I have a heart attack

I took a deep breath and leaned against the next street light
It must be my mind playing tricks on me tonight

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A Different Verse

A different time, a different place
A different life and different face

Different wants and different needs
Different values and different creeds

Different Pomp and Circumstance
Different songs and different dance

Different likes and different hate
Different foods on different plate

A different boat on a different sea
A different you and a different me

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When two stars align

Up in the ink sky
A lone star shines

My eyes fixed on its sight
winking at me its diamond eyes

Empowers me to strive
To make a wish come to life

To bring someone special a smile
By love, a dancing light, beguiled

Crossing my fingers tight
That God, His love, my light

To trust His will, surrendering mine
To find he who will bind life with mine.

Our souls as one, an even brighter shine
As when two lone stars come to align.

Up the ink sky, my eyes search the night
Just to find your shining light.

By CarolineCecile
Copyright © 07.28.11

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A Pony From Mars


It came from the sky, a gray silver stallion.
I looked up high, and I also had seen a dragon.

With so many things in this universe.
I'm on 24/7 alert with a camera in my purse. 

Who would have known I'd be the first to spot a PEGASUS.
The town folks wave hi every time I walk my hippopotamus.

I enjoy showing everyone pictures of a flying horse.
I don't understand why they call a DOCTOR every time I call the TASK FORCE.

I think they are jealous over all the things I've seen.
Ever since I sighted a LEPRECHAUN when I turned fourteen.

No one ever believed me when I saw an army of dragonflies.
They had a name for me "the who See's too much in the skies!"

I don't know why they can't see what I see.
For all I know they don't even believe me.

If you don't believe me then explain how I got this magic MEDALLION.
It was a gift from the silver stallion.

I also have many pictures of a  UNICORN.
Who gave me a piece of its magic horn.

We sat together while UNI" drank from the lake.
We enjoyed talking, --talking about how U.F.O.'s are fake.

Why can't they see?  I fell off a boat and got rescued by a MERMAID!
Who would have known a mermaid swim around with first-aid.

I also remember the day I followed a LEPRECHAUNS.
We were playing under the rainbow having fun.

When I told my doctor about all the things I've seen.
He locked me in a DUNGEON, thinking I was an ALIEN QUEEN.

I begged and I told him I don't believe in any type of alien.
Too bad the master of this dungeon came from another region.

In a way he looks like that one SILVER STALLION from Mars.
The first sighting I'd seen the day I fell from the monkey bars.

I have this picture of this horse of course.
JUST help me out of this white-jacket!!! ;-)
If you want to see the coolest picture of a flying horse. 

Mother & Son

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Homage to Bon Jovi

Homage to Bon Jovi
I’m going out in a “Blaze of Glory”
So “Bang A Drum” as I tell my story

With “One Light Burning” “I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead”
“Chained” to the “Right Side of Wrong” in my head.

“Shot Through The Heart”, “You Really Got Me Now”...
Your “Bad Medicine” destroyed me—somehow.

“Dead Or Alive” don’t “Lay Your Hands On Me”!
“The Boys Are Back In Town”--I’m not lonely!

“Dying Ain’t Much of A Living”…you’re right
Too late found “Good Guys Don’t Always Wear White”!

So, “Billy Get Your Guns” and “Raise Your Hands”…
There’s “Justice In The Barrel” of time’s sands.

“I’ll Be There For You” and your “Cold Hard Heart”.
“You Give Love A Bad Name”--Feel "Lucky"? Start!

deborah burch

Titles in quotes are songs by Jon Bon Jovi 

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Shades of Green

     "Shades of Green"

In meadowland, fragrant heather cascaded
While I walked hand in hand flowered kisses invaded.

Pollen descended from golden honeybees
Buzzing contently upon billowing breeze.

Gazing at blue sky, I brightly smile
Into evening light, my eyes to beguile.

A haven of refuge in this peaceful place
Sun-rays touch so gently every leaf's face.

My true love appears in shades of green
As tender emotions emit unseen.

A fantasy paradise, sweet and serene
Passions overflow among beautiful green.

My dreams of delight transport me there
Immersed in embrace without a care.

As tall as green grass, the winds, I kiss,
Curve on curve sways, bending in bliss.

*For Catie Lindsey's Re-Write One of My Poems Contest. 

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Only Me

I stare out a blurry window and dream...
With squinting eyes I see past self esteem...

I press my lips on the glass and speak...
Muffled words and distant sounds barely leak...

Water drips faster down this chilled scene...
With the image of a faded smile slowly seen...

My hands wipe the coated vision that I see...
To the reflection in a mirror of only me...

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Mental Rhythm 2008 Version 2

Less stress
More Sex
More Partying
More Laughing!

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The Evil Jack O'lantern

Walking near the Old Dark House under a morose moon sky,
I spied a furtive glance at Old Demon Jack’s big ugly evil eye.

This Jack O’lantern is not by any means a friendly funny face,
For he makes your blood run cold with a leering gruesome grimace.   

While looking at people with a distinct Mephistophelian delight,
Both of Old Demon Jack’s eyes give all a quite palpable fright.

This Jack O’lantern sits perched by the Old Dark House front door, 
Waiting for each Halloween to seek its revenge and even the score.

Old Demon Jack’s spirit eternally lives on in this undying fruit gourd,
Annually resurrected for Halloween—one of the Devil’s own horde.

This Jack O’lantern is indeed a macabre physical object from Hell’s pit,
And Old Demon Jack’s spirit lives there possessing souls as He sees fit.

On Halloween beware of the Old Dark House there on Old Hob’s Lane,
As Old Demon Jack and The Devil, will cause you agony and unending pain.

Now you know this is not the house on Halloween to make a trick or treat,
For in the end it will be your final destination and you’re The Devil’s Treat!

Gary Bateman, Copyright © All Rights Reserved, Schoeningen, Germany (September 25, 2014)

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What they didn't tell her about Fairy tales

They told me from the time I was two
“One day prince charming is coming for you!”

They made me read these inspiring fairy tales
About mermaids, evil step mothers and 
servants whose childhoods were unfair,

They told me that even if I was troubled and had to put up with a lot,
That someday my adversaries would have to surrender
to me and scrub my pots,

They told me I wasn’t alone; animals would be my friend
So I tried that, then one night they bit me, 
I suffered another tragic end

They said to always be kind-hearted that’s what all man want,
When I got into high school I found out no one wanted to talk to the fat girl in the corner who ate chocolate glazed croissants 

They told me to find seven dwarfs, a crew of little people
My school only had four of them 
Their names were; scuba, geek freak, muffin top and meatball

In eleventh grade they said, "ask God for a fairy godmother to get a dress for the prom"
I went to a Catholic Church, got one for 75 cents, 
with red stripes and one missing arm

They said after graduation the wise thing to do would be to go to college 
and Not rush into getting married
So I got knocked up my senior year by the school janitor,
His name is "Prince Larry!"

I dropped out a month before school ended and you’ll never guess where I reside
I am currently employed doing Disney parties, where I get to dress up as all the great characters who told me those fabulous lies.
Got to Love fairy tales…

By: Sabina Nicole

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I love soup

An appetizer is the first part - of a meal
I love soup

And I like - alphabet soup
Such letters make up her eloquent bouquet

And one can’t go past such a delicious repast
Served daily at word restaurant - Poetry Soup

But this is just starters - the first part of the meal
For what comes afters’

Is no mean feast – it is served up with such verve
Your palate will be satiated- on succulent meat

And for dessert - what an amazing array to choose from
A cuisine of cultural delight-you’ll not have enough-

You will always want-more!

©? Brenda V Northeast   10th January 2012

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A Friend

If      you're lonely, sad, or distressed
You            feel so deeply pressed

Need         just the one that will listen
A               constant love given

Friend        I'll be there to lend an ear
I'm             willing to appear

Sailing        in your shadow my friend
Right          in your heights ascend

Behind       you all the way 'til the end
Like           a sturdy defense
A               provider, a confidante
Bridge       not iconoclast  

Over         tea or just share a plea
Troubled  mind will appease

Water     over the dam is past hurts
I              in you immerse

Will         be your friend forever
Ease       your mind together

Your        life has value my true friend
Mind        you I'll defend, my friend

Sponsor: Roy Jerden
Contest: Bridge Over Troubled Water
February 13 and 14, 2014

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My hand holds your hand

My hand holds your hand and that`s enough.
In the green`s intervals, the weather is rough;
The blue wind freed its own ghost’s chain
Following the rhythm of the crystalline rain;
With the leaf`s thrill and embrace`s embers
Patient ruby hidden in alabaster chambers, 
Far from the desert of mirrors, standing aloof
As vulnerable as the surge`s serenity`s proof;
Simple surmise falling down with the mist,
Suspension bridge above the yellow East;
Looking from the season `s round roof,
Solitude seems hit by a rueful cold hoof.
Like the violet dawns date with the pale moon,
Chapel`s morning joined the emerald afternoon;
Air angels with white wings are our mates;
Trees beg for heaven to let open the gates; 
We listen to inner chansons sung by Edith Piaf
My hand holds your hand and that`s enough.

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Portrait of Hannah and Otto on a Lake

Written on April 14, 2012
For Bill William's Palindrome Contest

Hannah and Otto lived by a lake
In a house with an address of 8008.

Some nights they would kayak around and around
So quietly; there was nary a sound.

One night they heard an erie toot and some beeps
And rowed towards the sounds without making a peep.

They each gasped twice when they saw what was there.
It was Ogopogo coming up for air!

Ogopogo turned and smiled at them
They were both wowed; he seemed like a friend.

It turned out that he was quite civil and charming
His conversation was respectful and, therefore, disarming.

And at the end of the exchange, he asked, “Do you happen to know
Where my girlfriend, Loch Nessie, would possibly go?

I’ve been looking around this lake for centuries, it seems
And if I don’t find her soon, I will simply scream!”

Gail DeBole
(There have been claimed sightings of Ogopogo, a Canadian Lake monster that is commonly described as a 40 to 50 ft. sea monster.)

Note: Part of the Portrait Poetry Collection

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Humans are being busy as bees
Busy killing, destroying all they see

Bees at least are in Nature's plan
The same can't be said for the likes 
of Man

When Man discovers his greed is 
Will he change? of course not he's a 
greed addict 

He's quite sure earth's resources won't 
deplete in his lifetime
After that he cares not what there is to 
left to find

It might be wondered when Man leaves 
the planet
Will karma forget the damage Man's 
done on it

When Man then tries to leap over Styx' 
stagnant pond
Karma will have him dancing with the 
devil in the great beyond

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The Pub

Weak audible creaks from a faded pub sign
Preludes a visual crash, combed by critical eyes
Though the structure was sound
The worn brackets were faint
Flaking words curled and dropped
With the tired peeling paint. 

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In Cinderella Fashion:

Imperative to see what fits familiar feet
with slippered glass and sand blown memories
of times which swift occurred then swept away
the remnants of a luscious perfect day
to wishes in the wells of self-defeat
and tragedy too painful to complete
the harmony eclipsing shadowed moons
to cool the concrete footsteps sunken hewn

It's with this feeling that I trace your steps
and hope to feel emotions that are left
like elements unmoving, set in stone
I feel them beat my heart when I'm alone
and in this solitude I see your face
as real and as alive as my disgrace
from blowing passed integral memories
imperatively set beneath your feet.

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Where does the Time go

I feel as though time is slipping away,
And more is gone each passing day…

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In A Hotel Room

In a hotel room together, locked behind the door
A king-sized bed and heater, who could ask for more.

The bath is built for two the bubbles already on the bill
Bubble bath for lovers there can be no bigger thrill.

To wash the bubbles from his skin as he steps out in all his glory
Waiting on the bed for me, now there’s another story...

Two lovers meet in hotel rooms the magic goes on and on
To be entwined with the one you love with baby oil for fun.

To make love on the king-sized bed, to make love on the chair
No body is watching just the two of you are there.

Hotel rooms were made for fun not the weary and the tired
What better hobby could one have when one is retired?.

In fact I cannot wait now until I’m old and grey
And just hope these Hotels are open when it’s my retirement day.

© 6/02/2013

Contest Entry : In a hotel room .

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Round heels of crumpets,
aromatic lavender jam.
Poached eggs in a skillet,
succulent portions of ham.
An awakening stretch had heralded
a yawn mouthed long and loud.
While rain fell down in splatters
from the dark pewter clouds. 

Dated Macintosh slicker,
hoary exhausted gum boots.
Tenacious steps into nature
in search of family and roots.
The fallacies of the wind
twists hair into long plaits.
Across wide fields of enchantment
new journeys await.

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An Impossible Dream - A Cry of a Truck Pusher

An Impossible Dream (A Cry of a Truck Pusher)

The street is my home
It is where I belong
I know no love
So I make it not part of my daily vocabulary
One sachet of pure water
 Enough to perform the magic
In cooling down the body
The small lotto kiosk is my sleeping place
My heart was filled with merry
The day she looked my way
I wish to dream a dream
Even if I lost my memory
Her beauty I will always remember
But we both belong to different worlds
I push and pick before the hand can go to the mouth
She is welcomed with smiles	
With servants at her beck and call
What am I feeling?
Is it love?
But how can this be
Love is not love
I can only dream of her love
I can only visualise her embrace
I can only imagine her warmth and kisses
Oh! Allow me to dream a dream
I have long suffered on this street
For tomorrow may not be mine
Don’t blame me,
Maybe I have a slow faith
From her posture
I knew she were a creature
And it’s in her nature
To capture my heart
Oh! How I wish I were a preacher
To tell the world about the moisture in her love
Oh! How I wish I were a teacher
To lecture about how she will feature
In my future dreams.
But it is just an impossible dream
Because I am only a truck pusher.

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A Shaft of Light

There, within the sinister forest of despair he stood
Numb, lost as to what next to do

Before him lay a pathway to where…so unclear
As an empty feeling grasped his psyche, instead 

Being a man, in subtle silence he bled
And in solitude made plans his heart held

Many boulders, stones lined the way
Soon became craggy mountains meant to stay 

With blind faith, his gradual steps moved him to find
A future yet unseen, yet vivid in his mind

Soon, his eyes widen as he watched the fading night
As slicing through dense thicket arose a shaft of light


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The day after Thanksgiving I didn't have to work
So, I decided to do something which was kind of a quirk.

I thought I would do some early shopping
For those Christmas gifts that would be eye popping.

As I started my car to begin my store raid
Something went amiss to stop my escapade.

I opened the hood to find the problem there
When I saw it, it really gave me a scare.

Our neighbor's black cat had crawled onto the engine block
Feeling the warmth, but not taking stock.

When I turned the key to give it a start
The cat shrieked as its tail was nearly cut apart.

Oh, it wasn't intentional that I hurt that poor pet
But you've never seen anything like it I'll bet.

When I heard the noise and the hissing you see,
I thought one of the hoses had broken...leaking fluently.

But it was the cat that was hissing when I raised the hood
All he could think of was to jump for where I stood.

With claws all out and teeth set to bite
Him coming at me was quite the site.

Fortunately he missed me with his outstretched paws,
Or I would have been really attached to those razor like claws.

When he hit the ground he ran away
Scared the crap out of me...that's all I'll say.

So I had to collect myself before I could go anywhere
Went back to the house and just stood shaking there.

Of course, I had to have a pop or two
To settle my nerves before I started anew.

Before I knew it, I was asleep in a chair
I never attempted to go anywhere.

All because a black cat wanted to keep warm
In the end, I was thankful I did so little harm.

"Black Friday" would have cost me a heck of a lot more
Had it not been for that cat's dozing for sure.

So, now whenever I go to the store
I buy some cat food, for that kitty next door.

He still remembers my opening that hood
I still remember him trying to claw me where I stood.

But we've come to an understanding that cat and me
And I tap the car before starting it to let him see.

As it is now...he stays out of my way,
Except when I feed him, for all the money he saved me on "Black Friday".

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There is a lot to be said about the spoken word,
But sometimes it takes silence to be heard…

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A Horse Of Course

<                                        Horses and snowflakes
                                   Illuminating to it's tongue's pallet's plate

                                              Open carriage rides
                                         Falling flakes in the eyes

                                             City strewn lights
                                  Hoof's echoing through out the night

                                             Fleece blankets
                                              Cider drank it

                                              Horns blare
                                              People's stare

                                        New York's Central Park
                                       An home for many after dark

                                         Four miles of bridal paths
                                    Drawn coaches to bring you back

                                          So horses and snowflakes
                                      Fills this ones poet's pallet's plate

Written By Katherine Stella
My Theme Was Both 
Horses And Snowflakes
This Is An Entry
For Constance ~A Rambling Poet 's ~ Contest
G.L. All


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The Faeries

Bracken breached hawthorn hedgerows
hide teeny folk with tiny toes.
Sheer gossamer wings; shy butterflies
Dew-drops lit by dawning skies.

Sandy hair, blue raven locks
Auburn streaks on chestnut stalks
Valley lilies invert to hats
Wee portabella mushroom caps.

Acorn shoes with resin soles
Lace gartered legs and leafy shawls
Dresses spun from brushed lime silk,
petal pinks, or white as milk.

Impish grins stoke laughing smiles.
whimsy’s sound sets music’s tiles
Curious eyes, small budded nose
cream tinted skin, pink cheeks aglow.

They live near boles of ancient trees
Drink nectar from a hollowed seed
They climb the stems of hollyhocks
They twitter but will rarely talk.

So when you take a morning stroll
pause beside to a sun-lit knoll  
The calls you hear mightn’t be birds
and cricket strums won’t mimic words.

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Under My Dreams

                                 Wading through water as the level creeps up high...
                                      Chin stretched out as my pleas travel wide...

                                          My feet are moving to feel the ground...
                                        Like chasing whispers that are all around...

                                             The sun hides behind a dark silk sky...
                                               With frozen teardrops left to glide...

                                              With dark rooms that light can't find...
                                                I drown slowly in a place not kind...

                                         My eyes flicker open to a world under dreams...
                                       Where a fading shadow is never what it seems...

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Self Centered Universes

Searching, searching for the core,
to be the root, on we bore.

To see mankind as the sun 
around which all universes run.

Look to Venus, look to Mars
see man’s face on moons in stars?

Personify, all of God’s creation
do we deserve such elevation?

The Man or Sphinx, on Moon or Mars
perhaps it’s Woman who’s gone so far? 

Perhaps, it’s all man’s imagination
Leading us to such egocentric creation. 

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The Door

"I open the door and cross the threshold of imagination”
To a world of new creation
Somewhere amid this serenity...
Dwells my eternity

"I open the door and cross the threshold of imagination”
Looking for my lost love ~~~~
As I sit beside the secluded cove
My mind smiles at the ray of inspiration

"I open the door and cross the threshold of imagination”
And the roses bloom and the daises smile***
As he folds me into his arms
The birds sing, the butterflies dance
As together we make music
For soon the day will break...
And the fairies will collect nectar
And our souls will sadly part
Until I open the door to sublime again

By Tahera Mannan

Forms used
Enclosed rhyme
Free Verse

For Constance’s  “Three Gems” contest

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I thought that this would be an interesting topic to write
As some thoughts about this year's awesome events came to light.

Recalling the year's events made me pause
Yet several "awesome" events gave me cause.

In thinking about one particular thing I would say
That finding Poetry Soup has made my day.

Not ever knowing how addictive it can be
To write my thoughts in words for others to see.

And then there are the friends I have found here
Who's poetry sometime will bring me a tear.

Oh, I laugh at some, cry with some, even get quizzical 
But it only makes my fingers want to get physical.

My brain starts to ache as I work up a lather
Typing words into rhyme as fast as I can gather.

Yes, it is a gem of a site that I see
But the real gems are the others who write poetry.

Their words are more elegant than mine
And I often wonder how they come to them sometime.

When I read their work it is more than a cure
They express the thoughts which are ever so pure.

Like distilling fine cognac from its brandy base
The words that I read all fall into place.

So it makes me want to make my own work better
And to them I have become a debtor.

For the words I write come from inspiration
And some of the contests exact great consternation.

You see, I don't know an Iambic from a Pentameter
But, that's what makes me want to try harder.

So I write words in ways that I think are good
Hoping that my thoughts can be understood.

Many a comment passes the site each day
All, to me, are special when sent my way.

I appreciate the thoughts of others who will take the time
To read the words I have tried to rhyme.

So in looking for something happy that happened this year
This "Awesome" site makes me want to cheer.

Poetry Soup may not give you the zing,
But then, next to's the next best thing!


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Fastest Gun In The West

<                                      Now hold on there Tex !
                                        Let me get     dressed  !

                                        Let me saddle up my horse
                                        To trollop around this Halloween course

                                        Got on my chaps
                                        My spurs and cowboy hat

                                       Replica's of forty five's
                                       Riding on my hips very high

                                       With lasso in my hand
                                       This little cowboy has a plan

                                      So all you ghost and goblins
                                      It's candies bounty I'll be coming an robbing

                                      And I'll be taking  loot for mummy
                                      And for my daddy who has a bigger tummy

                                                  Happy Halloween To All
                                   Especially little tikes who are so cute and small

Entry For 
Halloween Costume Contest
G.L. All




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Paradise Found

Walk with me into a paradise...
Up steps to where hearts shall rise...

Rhyming letters and strumming tunes... 
Flowing dreams like floating balloons...

Floors of love with untouched peace...
Where a poets world could drip with ease...

Take a ride on this Ark of dreams...
Over land to sea we connect like streams...

inspired by Sukmawati Komala's dreams..
now my dreams too..

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In My Mirror

In this mirror, you can hear the child in a tall grass field and running wild The timothy grass hides this boy from view Your watching, and wondering, is that you Too few summers, with many lessons to learn from earth, deer, trout, eagle and fern As student's we gain and strengthen our voice for the path we follow in life, is our choice Take joy in this journey but, leave no track If Mother Earth cries, then you can't go back I see in this mirror, that the child has grown a man,now stands strong, to hunt on his own As he ventures through this forest of strife making choices that affect generations of life Pray that his choices weren't guided by greed Mother Earth cried, the "Great Spirit" takes heed 50 years of choices, in this generation's reign Tears come to my eyes, I feel Mother Earth's pain Man's greed and arrogance spoiled water, air, sky and land Mother Earth, I see is crying, poisoned by human hand With grand-children sick, from this contamination of earth I ask grand-father's guidance, that he return Mother's mirth Man has stopped listening, he's only guided by greed Are only deaf people listening, I keep planting the seed I need your strength and wisdom to guide me along without fear of what's coming, my relations are strong Now I see in the mirror, an elder in white This mirror fades to darkness, I pray for the light
for "The Rhyming Game" contest The mirror doesn't lie!

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Frozen Fingers

Frozen fingers reaching down
Silvery tips pointed toward the ground

No matter it long or short
Breath of air determines its unjointed contort

Grabbing the Sun’s light of day
Glowing and gleaming with each flickering ray

More than five fingers on its icy hand
The reach of each extended by cold wet sand

Tapping sound of drip, drip, drip
Wiggling goodbye, while releasing a tired grip

By: Richard J. Long 
February 2014

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Dream Weaver

Moon dancer, in your petticoats, swirling on the lawn,
dewdrop drinker, night wind stalker, daughter of the dawn.

Castanets coil your fingers, diamonds drape your toes;
not equal, but greater, if with normal juxtaposed.

Beautifully different, a gypsy sort of soul,
one, who out of nothing, music can cajole.

Lightly stepping, ever reaching, walking upon air;
if searching, one will find you climbing heaven's stair.

Don't let the stale world change you; continue to pursue
your dreamy fabrication--living impromptu.

September 28, 2014

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Gold Fish and The Frog

There was a Goldfish who thought he was a shark.
He kept biting the lily pad of a Monk Frog.
Behave said the frog, for you are no shark.
I can if I want, said the goldfish, if you are a Monk.

The goldfish kept attacking the lily pad with ardor and spunk.
He wouldn’t be gainsaid on being a shark.
As the Frog studied relentlessly to become what was wont.
Neither one believing the other… could become what he did want.

Now along came a snake to eat the monk frog on his ark.
But to him… this lily pad was sacred, and he didn’t want to disembark.
So the goldfish attached a leaf to stand straight up on his back…
And as he bit the snake’s tail the frog hollered SHARK!
Pandemonium ensued as the frightened snake did run off…
Thinking it’s better to be safe, than as some one else’s dinner doffed.
So some how, together they both became what they did want.
Living happily ever after, as friends in that great lily pond.

The moral my friend is you can be whatever you want.
Still, don’t stop as the path becomes hard, that you sought…
For if a gold fish can become a shark… and a Frog a Monk…
Then with work and friends made… you can become whatever you want.

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The Nightmare


                                         Being trapped in the poultry pen
                                    With one mad rooster and an old hen

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What would we do without technology?
I think we would all fall into lethargy.

I am upset because the computer is down
It's got me running all over town.

Trying to get a new modem is rough
When the provider gives you nothing but guff.

So you say to yourself "Myself I say...
Go get your writing fix in some other way!"

So over to the local library I trot
Where I can hit a keyboard and keep it hot.

Yet, I dread to go home to that box I have there
Because all I can do is sit and stare.

I could pick up a pen 'n paper I suppose
To try and write some witty prose.

But that makes my hands ache these days
Since I learned the keyboard and its simpler ways.

So I am just writing this ditty about technology lost
Because when it's keaster gets frost.

And if any of you have been looking for me
My e-mails won't open so I just can't see.

Here in the library you can't speak very loud
Not the way to handle a furrowed brow.

Because I can't speak, hear, see, or write
I guess I'll just go home and call it a night.

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Looking For Love In All The Wrong Places

<        this poem is not about what is written, but what is not written
          like the smile upon her face that looks nil and somewhat smitten

          and lochs of hair hanging instead of with bows and lace
          tell me my angelic angel have you fallen from God's good grace

          has your garments of thread gone out of time
          has your dance with the butterflies gotten out of rhyme

         have you been cast from your lovers heart
         or are you just looking to start over with brand new start

         has clouds silver lining rained upon your dreams
         has leafs dance gone frozen in crystal streams

         time stands still amidst wondering thoughts
         time stands still when lovers cant be sought 

Written By Katherine Stella 7/4/11

Entry For A Rambling Poet's 
The Unwritten Contest
G.L. All      







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shards of colors reflect a complex beauty of light

a Kaleidoscope, I twist and I turn a fortress of imagination...

diving deep into a jungle of crystal visions

I enter into the big top, the circus has come to town! 

the excitement races my heart and my hands sweat with anticipation

I fall deep into a Kaleidoscope dream...

I giggle and laugh

as the ring master flips and turns landing on a pony's back

the lions tumble and roar melting into a cotton candy delight

my grip tightens so I don't loose sight

the man on the flying trapeze turns into a elephant on his hind legs

the colors mesh and melt alive 

such a grand display comes to life 

painted clowns juggle balls splashed in colors of the rainbow

the crowd cheers and screams 

released in a huge explosion, the human cannon ball flies beyond belief 

a fun filled afternoon of a brilliant extravaganza  revealed

a Kaleidoscope, I twist and I turn a fortress of imagination...


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Through An Angels Wings

Each sunrise, A new day of hope and peace.
Each day begins and the old day we must release.
Something is watching over me and I don't know why.
I can feel warmth all around me when I look into the sky.
My family, My friends, all those I love.
In my heart, I sing for the lost ones up above.
Someone or something must be watching over us.
Every fiber of my soul, I beleive that and I trust.
I'm so proud to be given, 
This new day full of living.
Everyday is a gift that makes me so happy I could sing.
This is what it's like looking through an angel's wings.

-Good Tuesday Morning my friends.
-Not written for any contest.

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Pieces Of My Dreams


                                             As dreams frequent our nights…
                                                 Disarray plays in our sight… 

                            We remember in the dark what we can’t see in the day…
                       Flowing in and out of reality as the pieces fall out of the grey…

                         A cold breeze from an open window splashes on my chest…
                               For the relevance of what I see may only be a test…

                                           The clock ticks and the hours spin…
                                           Daylight struggles where to begin…

                                           As lifeless dreams now sink away…
                                          I play on paper all through the day…

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The Pleasure Has Been All Mine

<               I have dipped my pen in the sublime, it's my gift to you
                 Now use it wisely and write about some captioned caught views

                 thus that of an snow-capped mountain with an eagle that soars
                 or white sandy beaches where ribbed tides rolls back to it's shores

                 maybe stars and moon dance reflecting off stilled bay's port
                 in ones head you must determine choice of words to now sort

                 from beautiful to just pleasure does not hit it's mark
                 beneath recant memory that caused the ignited spark

                observer of denial you can not destroy ones voice
                within pens stroke there comes a poet with another choice

                seize the day and come bow to the chosen word of the day
                dont let an overpowering object just get away

Written By Katherine Stella  6/26/11

Entry For A Rambling Poet's

Writing In The Sublime

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Cauliflower clouds drift past broccoli trees,
where bright carrot paths lead to vegetable seas.

Tall corn sentries stand straight in a row,
while wild little radishes have no where to go.

Straight stalks of celery spar with asparagus heads,
with an audience of onions and green lettuce beds.

Big juicy tomatoes go look for a thrill,
they stomp on the squash but fall flat on some dill.

Fresh cut potatoes walk boldly around,
quiet cucumbers make barely a sound.

All of them gather; sliced, cut, skinned and pearled,
as I survey my great edible world. 

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Look Mom No Hands Couplet Challenge

<                                           I really hate to do laundry
                                             Why can't it be hands free ?

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Racks On Reindeer

Racks on reindeer scissor high.
Santa's raised into the sky.
Red clad jacket; red clung toque.
A cute old man you'd call a kook.
With wired frames of bottled glasses
and long bent scarf that waves in passes.
His snub-like nose a faded rose
to match his cheeks and famous pose.
White bulging beard of bouncy motion
yet pepper smeared as though with lotion.
and bold blue eyes that twinkle flakes
and rest below his two brow cakes.
A golden bag with golden ropes
in burlap stitched in seams and slopes.
Holding reins of soft black leather
in pearl white gloves for every weather.
And should you see him for his cause.
Christmas comes with Santa Claus.

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Into the kitchen for a cup of jo,
then it's off to my study, I will go.

Sit down, relax, get everything right,
before I know it, morning is night.

Roll the paper,  neatly into place,
tap,tap,tap,don't forget the space.

Mind is in gear, words flowing with ease,
oh crap, where's my white out, I hit the wrong key.

Page after page the words start to flow,
stop, take a break, I really have to go.

Grab a quick snack,  then it's back to my chair,
to finish my masterpiece, without a minute to spare.

It's been a long day, my works finally done,
until next time typewriter, for another long run.

 Colleen Marie Bono
Put your best rhyme forward contest

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Remember Spring

When the snow begins to fall and its chilled outside
Our spirits begin to fade like a misty tide

It's hard to keep our head and chests up high
We want to lay in beds and do naught but cry

But we should remember what comes after the snow
The sprouting hope of the rose petals show

That happiness can be found inside a soul so cold
One that has found that it feels way too old

So smile today, and smile tomorrow
On memories of spring, we borrow

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Coco For Ten

<                               Coco was his name
                                 Spider monkey all the same

                                Dad worked for zoo
                                Feeder of Coco too

                               Brought the little guy home
                               Boy did Coco love to rome

                               Droppings here and there
                               Mom  covered up his dairy - air

                               Shoulders he did seek
                               Knocking  younger ones off their feet

                                Bananas and salted nuts
                                Made Coco dance and strut

                               Each day a animal of new
                               Dad brought home from the zoo

                               But the one I'll remember the most
                               Was coco who shared my daily toast

Tribute To 
Como Park Zoo
St Paul Minnesota

Coco And Daddy

Can You Imagine
A Monkey Playing
With 10 Kids  LOL


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"That's not my elephant!" You could hear her say,
As quickly she ran, caught on film, heading this way.

The 2nd graders all laughed as they watched the movie,
Many of them thought it was really "Groovee."

For this was a film shot of their teacher Ms. Ella,
Whose performance in it was anything but stellar.

She was running for her life as the big bull feigned his charge,
The one she was supposed to ride wasn't nearly that large.

But it made for a good chuckle when she showed her class
The home movie of her trip to India's Kyber Pass.

Soon it was lunchtime...the cafeteria line was fun
As they laughed about how fast their teacher could run.

Spaghetti was on the bill of fare
Passing it wouldn't dare.

Because they would need all their energy tonight
They had a test coming on the Bill of Rights.

Ms. Ella was a good teacher and her kids liked her a lot
But her tests were difficult as if she had some plot.

She would send them home with work to do,
But they learned from her film, not everything is work too.

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Won't it be a sweet sixteen

How is it going?
I hope life is still as flowing
because it isn't right now.
At fourteen, you only get faults and fouls.

Will you look back at me today
and laugh in a despising way?
What will you do, who will you meet?
Are you still willing to help the beggars on the street?

Is your heart full of passion or has it turn cold?
Do you praise yourself or do you still scold?
Do you still see the world in blackish white or reddish blue?
Do you still want to bid your sadness adieu?

Are you alone right now, do you remember me?
If you don't, then please look at the willow tree.
You know which one, it's behind our lawn.
I carved my name on it before December's dawn.

If you look at the initials you might recall
the memories you had of me and him late that fall.
Maybe you aren't as innocent as you were any more
but that's okay because life wouldn't be such a bore.

Tell me about yourself, tell me what's going on.
I want to know if you still visit that lake of swans,
that wooden tree house and that fort made of vines.
I want to know everything, isn't anything fine?

In two years, you'll tell it all
but hey, no one's stopping me from breaking the walls.
I want to know my future, I want to know you
so I will be aware of what I'll shortly go through.

Hopefully I'll get a reply soon,
probably on my birthday, some time in June.
You'll write to me and solve the mystery
that once was hope, but built your history.


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Writer's Block

You know what I hate about writer’s block,
How my creativity is hidden behind a lock;

Time ticks away as I stare at my screen,
My heart beating faster from the strain of caffeine;

The cursor flashing lulls me to doze,
Til a fly lands smack on the tip of my nose;

I swing at the fly and glance at the clock,
How did 10 AM turn into 5 O’clock;

I stand and I stretch and then walk away,
And say goodbye to another wasted day;

Maybe tomorrow will inspire my brain,
Or I could be slowly going insane…

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all kids sitting behind their desk with an intense focus on their screen

all two-units almost statuesque and beaming intimate extreme sheen

buttons and fingers are dancing as scenes sound like a violent war

their eyes and face only smiling while yelling loud another high score

when having a break and a large coke another screen with breaking news
a story about some old bloke his body all covered with tattoos

he was shot in a blind alley and just seven bullets were enough

he had lost his dead man’s rally also being kicked by the real tough

one picks up a remote control thoughtless pushing a killing button

it is causing no changes but is  game on' to be a real option

©Ellie Daphne 2013 

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A Fairy Told Me

I asked the  little fairy perched upon my knee,
Can you tell me, what is this Stardust that I see?

She thought a moment, then softly smiled at me
"It is a wonderful bit of magic, a lovely mystery..

It is dreams and memories that you love the best,
And all the amity you have, gathered to your breast..

It is the scent of roses that brings back memories,
And the sound of breezes blowing through the trees..

Stardust is the blanket that keeps you warm at night
And the hopeful smile that comes with morning's light.."

Tiny wings outstretched, she disappeared from view,
Reality? Probably not, but I think her words were true..

For the Stardust contest..

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The prison of the keys

And now I've lost my papers,
My passport and my wife,
The very essence of
My identity and life.

My bank account is empty,
My cloths and garments sold,
My skin and bones are ashes,
Spread thin on the open road.

My old car's broken down,
No wheels to touch the floor,
The motor been dismantled,
Stripped clean down to the core.

The bailiffs and the policemen,
Have emptied my abode,
The promises I made you,
Have been auctioned out and sold.

The love I hold within me,
Is all that I now have left,
The rest is bleak illusion,
The bind man and the deaf.

The imaginary people ,
I thought were my friends,
Have left the scene forever,
As the road of life does bend.

And now I stand alone,
Upon this lonely hill,
I gaze upon the meanings,
The years have silently killed.

In the roaring storms of thunder,
In the lightning in the night,
In the whispering of the children,
In the white doves lonely flight.

In the dust of many ages,
That has settled on my soul,
In the ashes of my humanity,
That has filled my begging bowl.

The ancient breeze is blowing,
Calling me to my knees,
To behold the light within me,
In the prison of the keys.

more at

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Out There Somewhere

I know you're out there somewhere, perhaps wishing on a star.
Probably dreaming, just like me, but I don't know where you are!

I'm wondering how your voice will sound, when you whisper in my ear?
How our loving arms will feel, when we hold each other near?

I'm hoping that our hearts entwine, when passion takes control,
and if it does, I know sweetheart, true love will soon unfold.

I wish to wake-up by your side, neath a galaxy of stars!
I know you're out there somewhere, I just don't know where you are!

Ralph Taylor
Challenge - Max 8 Lines

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Tasting a Raindrop

If I was a raindrop would I ever fall...
Maybe I would just blend in and stall...
I might drift around a sky or two for a ride...
And land softly on a tongue that can't hide...

My taste may have an artistic blend...
But an honest soul that would never bend...

Lean your head back when your in the pouring rain...
Just might be me fluttering above eyes that are the same...

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Who's Romantic Now

Who's Romantic Now? My Hubby is so Romantic that he told me I had infinite beauty the other day. And he said he is going to prove it, by looking at me from infinity, far away. But that’s OK I have to say, for he looks a lot like me. And I send him daily off to infinity; as to work he has to be. Now what’s so romantic about that, you may rightly ask? You see… he was supplying my muse, so my poem won’t come in last. CSEastman: Written on: 4-10-2012 Contest: 1-6 lines of Romance & Love Free Poetry Contest

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A Dark Fantasy

I’m on a planet with a golden kiss
It shimmers with glory, such bliss!

As I zoom in, it turns into a dark land
Peep in, I’m afraid, I cannot stand!

In darkness, I see a bright glowing tower
Inside, a plethora of so called ‘man’ power

Zoom in; I see ‘beast’ kind disguised as ‘man’ kind
Alas! Not a single kind beast could I find

I hear roars of uncivilized beings
And moans of so-called weaklings

I see a trail of emotional turmoil
Those 7 deadly sins wrapped in a dazzling foil

Gifted to humanity, his power, his grey matter
It separates humans from animals and allows us to shatter

The once created planet with a golden kiss
Will it ever show the signs of holy bliss?

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Pet Sit Panics

<                                             Dam Dog !

                                               What a hog !

                                               Ate Cousins Dope !

                                               And Started To Choke !

                                                Starry Eyes !

                                                Wobbly Thighs !

                                                To Vet !

                                               250 Dollars I Bet !


                                               More Test !

                                               They Suggest !

                                                Hell No !

                                               Let's See How It Goes !

                                               Just Needs Sleep !

                                              And Plenty Of Water The Little Creep !

Entry For
Sharon Tideswell
Pet Sit Panic's Contest




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Dirty Dan

<                             Driving along in my automobile
                               Seen homeless man holding sign will work for his meals

                               Should I stop or should I just Go !
                               Should I give Or Should I just say hell No !

                              But what if that was me
                              Crying out with such pitty

                              Not knowing where to get next meal
                              Three kids crying at worn out heels

                             Cardboard boxes to call our home
                             Dumpster diving for pieces of foam

                             Think I'll give him a piece of my pot
                             Opened wallet and gave him alot

                             A nice twenty came on out
                             Wiped out was his sadden pout

                             Drove by an hour later
                             Homeless camp wiped off roadmarks slatter

                             Wonder where dirty Dan had now roamed
                              Just hope he finds a better suitable home

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My World Of Dreams

Tonight my ink runs down my cheek...
It flows past my lips to a place it speaks...

It catches paper dreams that can't be torn..
Like seeing through written pages not born...

I wink my eye to brush away a tear...
Then slowly the lines fade and disapear...

I crawl away from demons that know my mind...
Drifting into a place where words  are kind...

My eyes close in hopes of a peaceful night...
In a dream that spills into my morning light...

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Sinking Rationality

Quicken my perception with your poetic prophecies 
Preach with persuasion, until your theories are believed                         

Mixed me in the mortar of your mental monument,
Illuminate my psyche with your divine enlightenment

Chronicle your intelligences onto my solemn scrolls
Let me read you like a mystery and watch the plot unfold 

Speak to me in riddles and watch me crack your codes
Light the fuse to my confusion and feel it explode

Brand my brain with the force of your profound conviction
Explain to me your logic, dissecting fact from fiction.

Take me to a higher level while my knowledge elevates
Deadlocked in your insight; no way to escape

Engrave your explanations into my wild imagination
Revive my unawareness with your clarifications

Submerge me in your subconscious until I fathom your meaning
Intuition knowing, growing, over flowing in your reasoning

Drown me in the seas of your possibilities
Fill me with your brilliance beyond my capacity

Manipulate my mind and reposition my thinking                   
Throw me a life preserve;  my rationality‘s sinking

Chiquita Baity


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Goodnight Moon

<                                              Goodnight moon
                                    Only God knows if I'll see you soon

                                    As I stand under this canopy of stars 
                                    It looks as if you're riddled with scars

                                      From your illuminating harvest glows
                                   To those frosted faces from a winters toll

                                          You even play your peek a boo
                                          With clouds that shuffle by you

                                            Don't you know I love you so
                                         So please stay and don't you let go

                                               You're my guiding light
                                       My shining armor through-out the night

                                    The crickets are even playing our love song
                                             So let's dance all night long

                                         For I know the sun will be rising soon
                              And we'll start hearing yodel calls from a loons tune

                                             Well    goodnight moon 
                                          You've slipped away all to soon

                                                    It's been fun
                                        Dam ! now here comes the sun

Entry For
Deb Guzzi's 
Harvest Moon Contest
G.L. All










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bucket list of wants

Tons more I wish to do, Much more I want to do, Before I am laid on the pyre facing the sky deep blue, Much more I wish to do………. I want to scale scary heights, I want to bungee jump without any fright. I want to travel rough terrains on bikes, I want to make it through forests and go on long hikes. I want to wander singing songs, I want to sing about how I mended my wrongs. I want to be creative again , I want to write about my joys thrills and pain. I want to pour my heart and passion in my works, I want to write verses & haikus without reactions knee jerks. I want to take many a calculated risks, I want to learn from the entire process without shortcuts or fancy tricks. I want to contribute for a good cause, I want to give without siphoning material or emotional dross. I want to untangle messed up issues, I want to wipe off tears with empathy laced tissues. I want to work on taboo subjects, I want to solve regression of y on x. I want to listen to my music loud, I want to pen my work in a place far from the madding crowd. I want to sow seeds and many a plant, I want to bask in sun rays that into my room slant. I want to drench in the rains, I want to make paper boats and sail them in the drains. I want to pick up from the ground and smell fresh wet earth, And then joyously have my speech filled with mirth. I want to boldly write about myself only for me, I want the world to know me & my mind as they will always see. I want to meet often the persons, who mean a lot to me, I want to be able to emote my passions and feelings of love and glee. I want to be happy about just any small thing, And all this I want to do before the last breath to my nostrils I bring. Facing the blue skies on my funeral pyre, I want to be on the best craft my soul can hire…. All this I want to do very soon, Before sets into me dreaded gloom. But the life I live is taking its toll, I am yet to get out of this oblivious hole. Time is just right to set aside, And take a ride Fulfill my wants and dreams that I nurtured in me to grow, And I had put away sheathed in a cocoon of time many years ago. Now I don’t want a moment long, And I will do what I want and sing my own song, And do what in me I let grow, Many, many years ago.
by: Sashi.Prabhu

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A Perfect Day

I sink into the steaming bath and soak my cares away,
A glass of wine to cure the pain the damp brought on today;

No screaming son to demand my time, today is just for me,
A book is all I need to be as content as I can be;

I call the local pizza place as the water cools and bubbles fade,
I order up a large for me and hope it’s not delayed;

Soon the delivery man is on his way with a heavenly pizza pie;
And I intend to enjoy every slice, just me, myself and I;

The rain is coming down in torrents as I snuggle up on the couch;
I slowly start feeling more like me, instead of Oscar the Grouch;

I turn on my favorite movie, the one I’ve seen a thousand times;
I enjoy every second as I relax, feeling sublime;

My family will be home soon and their needs I’ll have to tend;
The sun sinks lower in the sky, as my perfect day draws to an end.

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Excited for halloween

Fire and ice
The sinners device
Holy fire, raging hell
Fell upon the witches spell
Earthen grave, eternal sleep
Opened pit, gone down so deep

Fire and ice
The sinners device
Holy fire, raging hell
Fell upon the witches spell
Earthen grave, eternal sleep
Opened pit, gone down so deep

Hold your heart, see Angels cry
Holy water in everyone will dry
See the darkness that shall swallow
All the light in me, my corpse be hollow

Skeletal tears, and old mans fears
On tombstone heads, with lonely beds
Rots the hero, the one and only
Above them all, righteous and holy

Fire and ice
The sinners device
Holy fire, raging hell
Fell upon the witches spell
Earthen grave, eternal sleep
Opened pit, gone down so deep

Fire and ice
The sinners device
Holy fire, raging hell
Fell upon the witches spell
Earthen grave, eternal sleep
Opened pit, gone down so deep

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Freedom gives itself away

Everytime i think i am hiding
hiding from experience 
the thought flow forever blinding
captive in its omnipresence 
certain paths have no finding
beware of any convergence
a rigid view forever binding.
Seek to witness truth in beauty
witness the beauty in truth
a bite of apple can prove fruity
each natural chunk holds proof
change perception alter reality
experience the magnitude of truth
don’t assert the definition of congeniality.

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Island Of My Dreams

There is a special island that's known to none but me
I can really only go there in my deepest sleep you see

Trade winds do softly blow soft upon my cheek
And my heart finds the quiet places that I seek

There is the sound of water falling from a fount
And the flowers are just to numerous to count

The ocean softly beats a rhythm on the shore
And the birds sing their songs just beyond my door

I know I visit this healing place only in my mind
Yet here I come to rest and heal the wounds I find

 I could not really tell you the direction or the way
But if you find your island, you will surely want to stay

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Shaft Of Light

As the black clouds parted, a shaft of light suddenly shone down
It hit the grass where I was laying, a silver circle like a crown

There was no rainbow there, so it was no pot of silver or gold
The shaft of light was dazzling, but it made my heart feel cold

 It seemed to be an icy shaft, but dazzling all the same
 Shinning I was fearful, was this God’s finger pointing out my shame

Shaking with fear I watched, the shaft of light still glowing there
Then I saw it shining, on the head with silver hair

The head of hair belonging, to the man beside of me 
The shaft of light shining, showing the love that I now see

The light is still glowing and it is just like a crown
On the head of the man beside me, the one that was also lying down.

© 3/02/2013
Entry For Shaft of Light Contest Sponsored By: Seren Roberts 

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The creativity of human beings, will never be destroyed on earth
If their imagination and thoughts, are allowed to flourish from birth

Any NEW rhyming couplet contest

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Life is an Aventurous Squirrel Run

I have my Hubby’s steadfast belief in me.
He loves how my poems are light and airy.
He’ll give me an idea once in a while…
Then he escapes to come back, later to read my new child.

He calls these run-throughs a squirrel run.
For they can take off in directions, yes, any one.
Crazy thoughts become crazier still…
And story time leads to god knows, where they will.

My thinking is kind of like chasing around a tree.
You never know where the end will be.
But somewhere I eventually become truly still.
And that is where my Hubby adds into the trill.

Then the squirrel run begins again…
Light and fluffy and full to the brim.
Each day a new adventure... waits around the bend.
Live it. Love it. Write it... You'll be happier in the end.

Contest: Emotion: Squirrelly and fun   CSEastman

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Calamity Strikes Again II

Neptune must have used as parchment
Mother-of-pearl to inscribe his laws
For he’d richly rewarded the oysters
With an oceanic spa.

So, while seeking calm through deliberation
And enjoying the mud bubbles of my bath
Who should I spy in the distance?
But Calamity trudging up the path.

His foot arched out proud and haughty 
Like the neck of a noble steed
As he pulled his crustaceous carriage
At a break-neck snail speed.

The mud began to feel like mortar
As I stonily  watched him draw near
That audacious, contemptuous clam
Made my heart cry out with fear.

He passed by slow and haughty
Like an imperious, dismissive sigh
But as my tension began to dissipate 
He kicked a mudball at my eye.

I watched warily, his insolent passage
Until he was but a tiny speck of dirt
Knowing I'd formed another pearl of wisdom,
From that impetuous, narcissistic squirt.

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   When I was the tender age of seven
   I was to go on a week's vacation...I thought "heaven".

   My uncle had a '55 Buick in two tone green
   A vehicle in which I would always want to be seen.

   As we drove from the city that hot Saturday
   I watched the roadside as we went along the way.

   No tollways then, just the roads heading north
   It was an adventure all the way as we went forth.

   My Aunt kept my Uncle in the front seat on track
   My brother and I watched the green cornfields pass from the back.

   A long destination to the farm, you know
   I felt like we'd traveled for a week or so.

   But when we pulled into the dirt road alongside the farm
   All I could think about was its interesting charm.

   There was the White Cottage where we would sleep
   And the Old Red Barn, weathered and need of upkeep.

   We weren't to play in it because of its danger
   But to a seven year old, that is no stranger.

   I went in when no one was around
   Saw the stalls, the loft, the ladder, and the straw on the ground.

   The big door creaked as I swung it open
   No one heard least I was hopin'.

   The smell of that barn I will never forget
   With the straw and the a musty ommlette. 

   With a roof that had perches high up in the air
   And holes in the shingles through which you could stare.

   It was haven for us kids in the weeks to come
   As we played and explored and hid in it some.

   There were the railroad tracks that went past it in back
   We'd walk them to look for interesting stones to put in a sack.

   That barn was even the backdrop for my uncle's .22
   He was aiming at the cans, but missed more than a few.

   I can still remember that musty old barn today
   Sometimes it comes to me on a wet summer day.

   For the smell, the sight, and the memories live
   Too many old barns gave what they could give.

   But you will still see a silo standing next to a barn in the field
   I wonder sometimes, how many bushels of corn it had to yield.

   For most of the barns are weathered with their red paint in fade
   Like some poor traveler, lost and waylaid.

   Yet, they all stand as proud as can be
   There to fill my childhood memory.


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Autumn In The Wood

I will enter the quiet wood, 
On the rustling leaves I will dance, 
I will watch the Godhood, 
I will prance to the autumn’s romance. 

I will wear a colorful dress, 
I will mix up myself with the leaves, 
I will hear what wind says, 
I will feel the tender breeze. 

I will see a birch in gilding, 
A maple in its nice crimson, 
A spiders beautiful sewing 
Created with Gods benison. 

The Sun will play with the dewdrops, 
The leaves will dance rock and roll. 
Feeling desirable aromas of hops 
The autumn will be a droll. 

I will be fascinated by the autumn’s beauty 
Where only peace and harmony are on duty. 

©Larisa Rzhepishevska (Odessa, Ukraine)

For Russell Sivey contest "Up in the Autumn Air"


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Twenty-Nine In One Stroke!*

"He is brave and a warrior fine--
In a stroke, killed twenty-nine!"
Thus went word from town to town,
Only to come back around...
"A better man there be none,
Seekest thou a finer one?"

Crept-in a common sight of doubt:
Who's it they talk about...?

"'tis the Tailor from this land--
He hath the strength of Heracles' hand--
There he goes, tall and proud..."
Seeing whom, approached the crowd.

"Tell us, O Courageous one,
How didst that you have done?"
"Tell us, tell us!"cried the throng
Only to shroud his path along:
"I know not what 'tis ye talk,
I'm in a hurry, ye impede my walk.."

"Don't be humble, tell us about't",
Jumped up He, whilst all shout't;
"I will tell what you want to know,
About what, tell me though...!"
"Tell about your twenty-nine",
Sang all folk in a line:

"The Twenty-Nine",so he thought,"that I kill'd,
For me an éclat this has built..."
"I am glad I talk to you all,
Of this emprise--this caterwaul...
When on a fine, wintry morn,
I sat sewing pieces worn,
There came a lady selling jam",
He gazed,"I called--Ay, ma'am!--
Who, sensing a prospective buyer,
Told she had the best of Shire",
Again he stopped, all looked rapt:
"So I bought what I thought apt;
Now then, I stitch and stitch and sew,
There's buzzing-humming and the numbers grow",

He saw they'd still eager eyes:
"That's when I strike at the flies!
And behold--I kill 'em folk,
I kill Twenty-Nine in a stroke!!..."
*it is based on a story i once read as a child...though its plot was different, my poem just derives the 'tailor' and the initial 'killing spree' from the original story to combine with my own ideas..all comments appreciated...

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Forested Trail

You see a path, a forested trail-
The ground of which, to you seemed stale-

Covered by trees, dead by cold-
Footsteps made, now are old-

To thee it seems a dreary way-
To me it seems as light as day-

To know the secrets wherein are hidden-
Safety, shelter I will be ridden-

To find my path, not alone to take-
Your love of me, then shall not fake-

Since if it happens, my soul alone-
Until another path I’m shown-

I found my path, not alone to take-
For your love of me, you did not fake-

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Behind the Clouds

Behind the Clouds

Is that your face I see in the clouds
Wearing a sapphire-studded crown

Soft winds usher changing formation
Each passing breeze, new revelation

A prince’s sad frown turns upside down
A joyful smile, witnessed from the ground

Only for a moment it endures
But I won’t forget that smile of yours

My head to pillow, it recreates
And wondrous dreams your smile generates

Some people say the mind is a maze
Yours is amazing; interest you raise

Such qualities are not found in clouds
I settle for smiles when nature allows

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When lids were shut

I closed my eyes,
stopped myself from the cries
and soon fell asleep
without having to weep.

You were right by my side
in your arms I’d hide
through the cold, lonely nights
I had forgotten the frights.

In my dreams you appeared
and chased away my fears.
I’m happy with you in mind
but reality I could never find.

Morning came, I woke
and into laughter I broke.
Knowing that it was all 
but my imagination befalls.

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Valentine Romance

Valentines day is always something special to me, I explained. 
So I planned a romantic evening and got ready for my campaign.
The children were at a sleepover with their favorite friends they adore.
So I met my hubby as he came in, accidentally tripping and making him hit the door.
Thank God his head is hard as he hit that, the nearby TV, but very little more.
I made Cherries Jubilee as a snack while he sat there with an ice pack to his head. 
But before I knew it, I’d knocked it over and almost burned down the house instead.
When he finally put the fire extinguisher away…
I got up and got some of the kids’ apple tarts I had made. 
He bit in deep and burned his mouth, declaring he wasn’t hungry and the pain would fade.
Next he decided to go upstairs, but I had put rose petals down everywhere in spades.
And yes you probably guessed it… he slipped and ended up needing a little aide.
At this he decided to take an aspirin and lay down upon the couch. OH  HHWell…
But I knew the rest needed to happen above, to totally create this romantic spell…
I had to get him to the candles and bubble bath, where my romantic dreams still dwelled. 
So I got out some scarves and danced toward him, tying up his hands before he fell.
He never knew what hit him as he was lassoed and gently bounced up the stairs.
I guess I wouldn’t have had to tie his feet… a few words would have done as well.
But you know me when I get going, my mind tends to lose a few brain cells…
He was flustered, exhausted and bruised when he got there, but he’s made of the right stuff.
Though as I took off the scarves, he flopped on the bed pulling the covers over his head kind of rough.
He said he loved me, but living with me could be kind of tough.
He said it was better to leave it to him, for the romantic endeavors and such.
He said he had reservations and play tickets in his shirt pocket for later on that night.
But what he needed now was some aspirin and a few moments of quiet respite. 
So with a sigh he started snoring, and my romantic dreams were momentarily crushed.
I dearly love the man you know. But, do you think maybe I tried too much?

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Smile Your On Candid Camera

<                                         sphinx ~ head
                                             who ~ said

                                           roman ~ God
                                           without ~ bod

                                           shadow ~ illusion
                                           causing ~ confussion

                                           butte ~ mesa
                                           I ~ guess ~ a

                                           transition ~ zone
                                           with-out   ~ phone

                                            oh ~ my   ~    cydonia
                                            don't ~ all ~ just ~ wanna ~ ya

Entry For
Carolyn Devonshire's
Sphinx Head On Mars Contest
G.L. All

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Darkest Day, Brightest Night

Darkest day, brightest night-
Golden ray, silver light-
Happy smile, dreadfully sorrow-
Stay awhile, eternity borrow-

Give me your hand, and lend me your shine-
Gorgeous girl with eyes so fine-
Give a man as I a chance-
I promise your life I will enhance-

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Fade Away

                                                With my hand I wrote across a rainy

                                                 My words dripped down in a poetic

                                                  Messages not read will soon fade

                                            As my hands fold into and rest until another

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Eyes that tease and promise more Unspoken expectations soar Lips that tempt you with their smiles Products of a woman's wiles The beauty of an ample breast Taut nipples against fabric pressed A derriere both soft and round Imaginations fantasies abound Shapely legs and thighs that rise Erotic places they disguise It's oft the things that I can't see That conjure sexy thoughts to me
Bob Quigley Written for the "Sexy" contest

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Out Cast

<                                Mirror mirror on the wall
                                  This isn't my face quite at all

                                  A ribbon in hair
                                  This seems so unfair

                                  Painted eyes
                                  Painted lips this I cry
                                 Dress of  lace
                                 I feel so out of place

                                 So I  cast this spell back to you
                                 Tee shirts and jeans will just have to do

                                 For now I tend to be running a little late
                                 From  mirror casting own spell which I hate

Entry For 
Matt Caliri's Mirror Contest
G.L. All

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The Broken Glass

Staring in the mirror, my reflection staring back
There’s a murderer here shrewdly covering her tracks
Inch by inch, step by step, sneaking through the forest quietly as kept
Slowly trying to make her way to the end
Knowing the darkness is going to catch her for her sin
She starts to feel weary like she weighs two hundred pounds
It’s something glowing in her pocket pulling her down
Her arm reached and reached and reached bringing out a mysterious broken glass
Deja Vu is what this felt to her as if she had seen this once before
She looked deeply in the splintered mirror and was amazed at its shiny galore
The world started to turn going back in time 
To set her where she committed the crime
So tangled as to what has happened on this day
Now, asking God to show her the way
She finds herself wondering into a dark gloom 
She sees a light under a door leading to a room; opens the door and what does she find…
It is her in a mirror locked up and confined.
Staring in the mirror, her reflection staring back
She’s captive now and there’s no turning back.

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Her Name

She colored my eyes red
She's broken, filled with dread

She looked into my eyes
Through glass that made a disguise

And cried me a solemn lullaby
When I said hello she said goodbye

She took my hand in hers
She healed the scars of spurs

She held onto me, her song
Of loneliness, far too long

I look into those eyes
And see through the red disguise

See through the shattered glass
Through the blubbered mass

She colored my eyes red
Her soul striving, her body dead

But living all the same?
Confusion is her name

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When Mercury Spills

When mercury spills on my tear stained face
and all that's left is a rancid taste
I decline to speak but it matters less
than any whore of yesterday or today.

When mercury spills onto my breasts
lumps in motion contrive a demeaning narrative
an assent unto nothingness darker than the rest
of all my days and nights comparative.

When mercury spills into my veins
darkness is the blanket that warms a cold soul
until at last what comes out from within
resembles something better, changed, whole.

When mercury spills into my mouth
and all my words come rolling right out
like dark pearls from an oyster bed of lies
when rose petals bleed a sad demise.

When mercury spills into my heart
pulling into light what I had stuffed into dark
corners and corridors and outside the fence
wreaks havoc on my emotions with no defense.

When mercury spills into my life
when choices were made to not be a wife
and ten thousand regrets pound in my head
until every childhood dream is finally bled dry
and mercury spills.

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Poetry sets me loose

Poetry sets me loose
No, I haven't had the booze!

It just gives me a chance
To jump into a written trance!

I play with all heartfelt thinking
And dig out every feel of sinking!

I pen it down into lines
Hoping each word shines!

I feel the words across my face, breeze
Giving me a momentary freeze!

Now that its in the open and out
I feel like yelling a joyful shout!

Yes, oh yes, Poetry sets me loose
No, I haven't had the booze!

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Mother bear has said no climbing trees
in the woods
But she climbs higher than little bear 
ever could 

It's sometimes a good exercise this 
climbing around
There are occasions when you're safer 
up off the ground

Of course when climbing high up in a tree 
A bear never knows what the next 
encounter will be

A small bear advancing near a bee hive
Should have stayed below before here 
he arrived 

But aroma of honey caught his attention
Except one thing mom forgot to mention

These small creatures called bees 
Have needles in their little rears
And a sting from them will bring a baby 
bear to tears 

And then the speed of this baby bear's 
Would match an Olympian's best 
all time sprint 

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An English Ghost Story

Yet again last night I dreamed I went to Manderley.
Again the rhododendrons perfumed the evening breeze.

I drifted through the terrace doors into the dining-room.
I found Mr. De Winter, sat in the gathering gloom.

Before him on the table, just within his reach,
Lay seven silver salvers, with a cover still on each.

“So hungry, Max?” I asked him. “Oh no!” came his reply.
“For these I have no appetite, yet each one I must try.”

“What are they, then? Do say, Dear! Are they not to your taste?”
“Oh yes, my dear! I loved them all … each in her time and place.”

“My dear, are you unhappy? Why do you feel so sad?
You’re home now, in the place you love. How can that be bad?”

“It is just what you see, Dear, that fills me with despair.
Those dishes on the table, and what is hidden there.

“Each one contains a human soul, of some-one that I wronged.
I must consume them all, or else they will consume my own.”

“If that is so, then eat them, for you cannot hurt them now.
They are all dead, and can’t be harmed, so save yourself somehow!”

“You’re right, my dear,” my husband sighed, “This thing I have to do.
 I am so very sorry for the pain I brought to you!”

“It is not pain, it’s love I feel.” I murmured in reply,
But he had started eating, so I left him with a sigh.

And yet I hid behind the door, and watched him as he ate:
Upon his face, a secret smile each time he cleared a plate.

He worked his way from soul to soul, all seven in a line:
But when he reached the final one, I screamed …

That soul was mine!


Very loosely based on “Rebecca” by Daphne Du Maurier.

Entry for Joe Flach's "Twisted Minds" contest

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Fur Ball

<               my little girl came to me and asked for a pet
                 to me my heart just hasn't been quite set

                 but who could resist those baby brown eyes
                 and all those little wimpers and desirable sighs

                 so off we went in our broken down wagon
                 where the rear end you could tell was sagging

                 to petland is where we went
                 pocketbook really took a dent

                 odie and garfield was their chosen names
                 two bunny hampsters very different but the same

                 oh my little girl was not yet done
                 said mama we need hampster ball so they can have alot of fun

                  and don't forget their bedding liners
                  so their living will be much finer

                  but first you must buy them their cage
                  oh my little girl is quite smart for her age

                  she knows they like fruit and snacks
                  so she doubled order with ten sacks

                   ring ring ring ding ding ding
                   did it's cash register ever so did sing

                   eighty five fifty
                   well ain't that nifty

                   handed lady one hundred
                   mumbling under breath was said

                   left store in a hurry
                   with our clothes looking so dam fury

Written By Katherine Stella  7/3/11

Entry For Francine Robert's
Pick A Pet Contest
G.L. All

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A journey to a world of fantasy

Accompanied by a heavenly choir chant I dance. Shortly divided from the world of silence. I dance and dance, along with other lonely souls. An absolute veneration for the creator of joy and sorrows. Despite the sole of my feet bleed, I stay careless. And the exquisiteness of the red ornamented my flesh. I can feel the insistence of happiness to gain. As of being hypnotized, I ignore the pain. Oh there is life more life in this fantasy. Life that a poet could only manifest in his reverie. Fortunate, grieved, splendid, dreadful. A life that's full.

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Hieroglyphs unknown by Champollion

Kids are playing with strange blue graffiti
So, they wrote several times: ”Neffertiti” …

And drew the most beautiful queen`s head.
The whole history of Egypt written in red, 

With sacred hieroglyphs unknown by Champollion:
The Pharaons` destiny dandles a dewy dandelion…

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Beyond my Window

Outside my window life moves slow…
But inside the glass a different show…
Past the frame a blue sky kisses the trees…
Behind the curtain a poet’s pen bleeds…
Scripting nature from beyond my room…
Where the lamp is my sun and the voices my tune…
The shade pulls down as the horizon takes the day…
Shadows fill the spaces into tomorrow’s yesterday…
What’s left on paper is for you to perceive…
Behind the words I once conceived…

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From Mankind's birth on Earth
They looked on animals for their worth

They didn't  accept animals were their kind
They thought to exploit all they could find

Man rejected he too was an animal
But couldn't  dispute he's actually a mammal

Animals at first had no fear of Man
Until, that is, the killing began

Having no defense against such predation
Though animals were earth's first creation

The animals tried to hide and away from Man stay 
To no avail they were tracked anyway 

Finding their dens humans proceeded to kill
Using body parts and their stomachs they did fill

Proving a lesson the kingdom of animals did find
Humans call themselves Mankind but Man is not kind

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Finding Peace

I walk among the weathered stones, Contemplating my life alone; Staring into the vanishing light, Praying for the courage to face the night; Fearing the endless days up ahead, I’m stuck here alone, no friends but the dead, Trapped in this place, never to be freed; I was deserted by all in my hour of need; I look around but no one is there, Filling my lonely heart with despair; The soulless blackbirds fly overhead, “Tirzah” they whisper, my name brings me dread; I’m stuck here alone with naught but my fear, The path to my future remaining unclear; I cling to the memory of my fading past; Hoping that I can find peace at last.

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Stillness of the night,And the dullness in my sight, A cold dark cloudy winter night,The pathway lights shine on bright. Perched comfortably in the balcony of my farm house, The vista so great that the dormant poet in me arouse. The cool breeze envelops my surround, A few dew drops from the moistened leaves drips aground. The languid wing of air the fragrance of it carries, Of blossomed flowers, trees, plants and berries. Once again the freshness in my mind, Seems to be awakening from the blind. Welcome, come in the joys of happiness, Its now time to say to "good bye" to darkness

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Little victories

The city moves and laughs and sings
Of lurid lights and fancy things 
Of static electricity 
And many opportunities 

The acid clouds are dismal gray 
Leave not a single trace of day 
Wind withers and regains its speed
A buried, lonely poplar seed 

But while the city screams and clanks 
And people march in suited ranks 
A little light the clouds do show
Wait now, the seed begins to grow

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Would You Like One Lump Or Two

<                                               Only one
                                              Mastoid  begun  

                                               Behind  left ear
                                               Boy  did it appear

                                                 Mom freaked
                                                Dr. she seeked

                                            Thought it was mumps
                                             But was a larger bump

                                                  Fead me pickle
                                              Didn't and wasn't fickle

                                                 That's all I know
                                                 From 50 years ago

                                             So Check newborn ears
                                   For ungodly lumps that suddenly appears

Entry For
Catie Lindsey's
Baby Boo's Shoes Quicky Contest
G.L. All


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A trail of birdseed lies near a birdbath in my yard Little friends of every kind have come for the reward Not only are the birds singing… yes, you guessed, it’s true… Now their friends of every kind are there singing, too. It’s worked out rather well… As harmonious bliss gathers every day A most amazing thing…the squirrels are growing wings along the way I just can’t wait to see them take their… first ambling flight With a little practice and time, I’m sure they’ll be quite a sight. Soon the little bunnies will be nesting in the trees so… I think that on Arbor Day I’d best plant more trees I think God might be laughing or evolution is on the brink I call it Devine Intervention or perhaps him giving us a wink

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Angel Dust

Lonely and dull was the path Seeing the way, none could laugh Disease hung in the air Life seemed to go nowhere Of what use would be living If maimed, none would dare to be boasting Desperate was the current flow When hope sparked us all in one go Dust flew in from the skies Dust came in without any ties Angels cried at our plight Saddened at our darkened sight So they gave us a boon, Stardust, sparkling, in the heat of noon Silvery, shiny, deep with hue Lyrical, magical, it seemed not true Those who did inhale the dust Could do nothing except to let go of their lust Life is meant to be lived Life is meant not to be re-lived! So, come, let us sing and dance To the name of faith, in all abundance!
15 October 2012 Anoucheka Gangabissoon

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girl in my dreams

By:  Sashi. Prabhu (Zeauoxis)

Behold! My eyes see you in my dreams tonight,
Graceful, sensuous, ecstatic, like an angel with a halo bright.

A damsel so enchanting, I have yet, my eyes to believe,
My lovely ‘DREAM GIRL’ my passions you bluntly sieve

Your mortal beauty so captivating for me
The sun rays caressing your body, so captivating for me to see

My eyes behold your sight now……
A dream every artist, on the canvas yearns to bring somehow…..

Strangely, I recon the sun on its own
On seeing you in its path has halted and begun to swoon

You haven’t even spared the sun.
And his heart too, have seized, oh! What have you done?

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                                              .Death took a life and left a soul all alone.
                                                  No one heard any screems or moans.

                                                They couldn't answer the question why?.
                                                 Who killed that girl,did she have to die.

                                                      Buried in a fire under all that ash.
                                                          Her life was taken in a flash.

                                              An abandoned bus is where her body was hid.
                                            Remains were so small they thought it was a kid.

                                               Police couldn't answer the why,when or who.
                                               Because of the fire it burnt up so many clues.

                                                   But when the police finally figure it out.
                                                 They will be found guilty without a doubt.

                                                     Her soul was lost but now it's found.
                                               Now she can rest and be put in the ground.
                                                        Teresa Skyles    August 21, 2011
Based on a newspaper artical.

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Take a step back to a simpler place,
Where the world revolved at a slower pace.

Think about Andy, Opie, Barney and Aunt Bee,
Enjoying life in the small town of Mayberry.

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My Kitty The Dreamer (Crystal)

A sophisticated strut quite arrogant in her theatrical play
on the move creeping silent nights, lounging in bliss throughout the day

A king of her domain strength and pose a simple gift of prestige
very few shall ever touch, no other shall come close to her league

With white boots in the moon light slinky and smooth 
a true heart of a gangster with something to prove

A beast of an arrogant notion, a lioness in the midst of the hunt searching for her prey
my clever satin love cunning and pure robed in a coat of armor with accents of grey

A sophisticated strut quite arrogant in her theatrical play
on the move creeping silent nights, lounging in bliss throughout the day 

Written By Rick Parise

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Beyond This Blue sky

I see beyond this blue sky there is another sky to fly. A distant island deep lush green centuries ago there I had been. Veil of mist covering that island history not unearthed lost under sand. Centuries ago as a bird on its flight I was there under the soft sunlight. Looking for a nest hidden among trees I had covered so many raging seas. But never could I find that nest to sit on it,take a nap and rest. Still today while flying in this sky I know always there is another sky to fly. ============000============

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Waiting to be Remade [Mannequin Series 4]

Now that you are gone from here
I am all alone my dear

The touch that had made me real
A ghost of that is all I feel

With cold unfeeling skin
You crafted me mannequin

I was perfect and supine
The mastery of your design

I ate the fables from your hand
That lay me down at your command

So now I sit here waiting, perfectly displayed
Looking out the glass window waiting to be remade

A piece of forever past
Sits the mannequin behind the glass.

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Poet Tree

A leaf that tumbles in the air
And drifts upon the ground.
A person who sighs and smiles
With eyes that speak no sound.
Poetry is rooted in the earth,
And flies upon the wind.
It is not a sonnet nor a verse,
It’s a feeling from within.

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Demi god

 Phantom white,

illuminated by the flight

 of the stars across my eyes

bursting power synchronized

with the rising of the moon

chanted in an ancient rune

spoken secretly by slaves

bowing at their master's graves 

in the pyramids of pain

where I meet you once again

on your way to someone new......

another soul to worship you.

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A Glass Dream

Encased in glass, I'm stuck in the sand...
Climbing up the sides, I slide and land...
Struggling to walk up steps made of water...
The top so far away as the vision does flutter...
Halfway up I see its not a place where I could breathe and stand....
Just a dimmer of light that pours down to reach my hands...
Now my fingers loose their grip and the vision becomes small...
Now I'm chasing reflections down a dream flooded hall...
I've given up and will lie outstretched in the sand...
Blowing kisses to the sky where a light touched my hand...

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Le Vacance Pretentieuse: Darts

Drops of sweat slip from my furrowed brow
Eyes squint, select a number and let fly now

Miss again, a millimetre is a mile once more
Aimed for triple twenty, only got double four

The walk of shame, my oh so familiar friend
Silence broken, on alcohol I forever depend

The steel point of eyes bore into my neck
My opponent leaves me a juddering wreck

I lose the match; the wife won’t give me a kiss 
I wish I could have been anything else than this... 

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Seagull and the Penguin

A sea gull flew over the ocean admiring his reflection every day.
Passing over the shore, he saw penguins at work and careful play.
What an ugly bird they are he suddenly proclaimed.
They can’t fly and still they strut… know they no shame!

One day the gull was swooping down angling for a fish…
When suddenly an orca whale knocked him in the briny brink.
Snapping and churning the orca would soon have his way.
The gull was surely lost, if he could not gain the air to stay.

Moments before the whale pod arrived the penguins chose to assist.
They chose to distract the whale, giving the gull a chance to resist.
The orca didn’t care which meal he had as long as there was one…
He finally beached himself upon the shore, and still he hadn’t won.

At that point the gull realized, the penguins were really seriously cool.
They could certainly fly in the water, if maybe not the air to rule.
Now friends for life… he would scout for them safe passage to their fish.
Indeed, the gull flew away that day a little wiser, knowing he’d been remiss.

Everyone in life is different. He surmised… It’s not a choice they’ve made.
But now he knows each demands respect… in their own separate way.

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Blue Women

If married women were painted blue
so men knew who to hit on to.
And fatter women came with numbers
so men could tease their weight than wonders.

If meaner women wore bright socks
so men could save themselves hard knocks.
And stupid women's shirts had stripes
that dumb old men could find their types.

If all these wonders became true.
The day when women paint themselves blue.

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A PBS SPECIAL: IF AS SUNG BY BREAD Mm mm, if I had a sweet tooth, I think I would be sugar proof. A cake would be nice to satisfy this appetite. Sweet rolls are in the stove. Let me turn my music on. I must send a wavelength to the cook. She or he will prepare bread, if his or her mood is good. I am mill in here. I am self-rising flour dear… Oh, she hears. Greetings darling! Hello Mill, she is retrieving me. I am about to be intensified. Oh, she coming back for me now. Sweetbread she will behold in her eyes. Many desserts to come, he has joined, shouted Mill and Self-Rising Flour. _______________________________________/ Sponsor: Seren Roberts Contest Name: "IF" as sung by Bread - write me a masterpiece Entry Date: March 29, 2014 Date Written: March 29, 2014

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The Lips My Lips Have Kissed

Summer was here I enjoyed it not
Heat and humidity did not hit the spot
Spring now a different thing_in spring_love
Slightly warm days flashing of color, Dove
Blooms from bulbs_so many shades of green
Upon the trees_renewal of all seen
Fall is almost here banishing summer
Shorter days_cooler nights_welcome color
When winter comes blowing fall asunder
Barren trees_cold days even nights colder
Then the memory of the flavored kiss
Rose flavored kiss under the rose trellis

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Black-The Jack Of All Trades

"Hello I'm Johnny Cash" his warm hearted greeting;
they knew it was the man in black they were meeting.

And this color black is also well favored
by those whose lifestyle is "goth" flavored.

Ladies all over have closets brimming
with black clothes which are supposedly slimming!

There's the black heart of the liar and cheater
which makes the other lovers seem sweeter.

The black jellybean stands out from the rest
there in it's Easter basket nest.

In black of night I wrote this all down;
might be the most versatile color around!

By Deb Wilson
for contest"The Colors Have It"
sponsored by Russell Sivey

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Linda Marie The Sweetheart Of P.S.

<                                            Sweetheart

                                          Where shall I start

                                              Linda  Marie

                                         You'll surely agree

                                            Travels  around

                                           Soup    land   town

                                     North  South  East  and  West

                                 Your poetry she  will taste and test

                                        Never leaves smitten notes

                                    Or even some nasty blog quotes

                                  She packs you in her traveling suitcase

                                     You know the one dressed in lace

                                          Wether stateside or abroad

                                          This woman is not a fraud

                                         Only kindness and senserity

                               If I was a guy even would ask her to marry me  { LOL }

                                          But for now will be forever friends

                                   Like A shining armor I will always's defend 

                                             This sweetheart of poetry soup

                            Who makes me not to want to fly from this coupe



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Glowing Enchantment

"Glowing Enchantment" footprints softly sifting on warm beach to view golden hazy orb of sunglow beaming radiant hue. sharing a picture oerfect moment as day dawns bright pen and paper prepare to feast on words of sheer ignite. new morning rise inspires senses absorbing visual imagery inhaling God's magnificence of breathtaking scenery. sweet blend of orange pekoe tea soothing balm to greet flying flock of glorious gazelles gently as heartbeat. two canines frolic in brown sand splashung on ocean waves in playful energy to welcome beauty Summer paves. this miracle from night to day, as darkness tumbles light and vibrant dreams soon fade to real with enchanting delight. *For Francine Robert's A Couplet Morning Contest. Written by: Linda-Marie The "Sweetheart" of P.S. *August 12, 2012.

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If I Didn't Think What I Think Here's What I'd Think

If I didn't think what I think
here's what I'd think
There is good in everyone
From the butcher of children to the defrauder of the elderly

I would trust the viper not to bite
For my ignorance would protect me 

I could leave my keys in the car or my house doors unlocked 
No one would take that which doesn’t belong to them

I could preach the Gospel to the world
For all would believe in the love of Christ our savior
And none would persecute the bearer of such good news

There would be no child left behind
Regardless of their economics and opportunities in life
All would fulfill the full measure of their talents

I would think my political leaders would balance the budget
As I have learned to live within my own means
For the shame of being a debtor is ungodly in practice

I would believe that there is a cure to any disease afflicting mankind
That our mother father and children would reach a full healthy life time
No tears for cancers heart attacks or deformed bodies necessary

If I didn’t think what I think
I’d think I would have died and am now in a better place
A place where such does exist
I would think I’m in Heaven

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I Wish You Could

"Whose woods these are I think I know"
I'll walk awhile in the light snow

Maybe I'll see a Christmas tree
Wild Holly berries_just sightsee

These wood end at beautiful quay
Ocean's song lures to be carefree

The quay is long solidly built_ stores
And shopes with goods along these shores

I'll walk this way though circle back
Through the woods by the hermit's shack

A nice long trek through winter's woods
I'm glad I went I wish you could....

First line a direct quote from Robert Frost"s 
poem "Stopping By The Woods On A Snowy Evening"

#2..A Winter's Walk
Sponsor: Francine Roberts
Contest: Winter Couplet
Click on
"About This Poem"

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My Fruspoemeter

I've got a clever new invention in the works
Going to make a fortune when I work out a few quirks

It's no bigger that a breadbox and lighter than a feather
It's easily transported and is not affected by the weather

It measures poetry frustration on a scale of one to ten
Sounding an alarm when you must put down your pen

It measures blood pressure, caffeine, and problems with the soup
You can even program it to give a heads-up to your group

The idea is to prevent the loss or graying of your hair
And to keep expletives from fouling up the air

To keep the cost down it comes in just one style
Am working on a sporty model if you can wait awhile

If on the brink of insanity poetry makes you teeter
You may want to try my trusted Fruspoemeter......

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Beyond the Pleasant Hill

Was just a walk beyond the road -- a shortcut past the bog,
No different than the night before but this night there was fog.
I climbed the pleasant hill from which the ‘yard had got it’s name,
So cold and dark it was that night, a dim light I did flame.
Blackest of the blackest eve’s I thought I might go blind,
So quickly paced, I past the stone’s of relatives that died.
Just past the breeze that got the willow shaking in the night
I saw someone just standing where my path comes into sight --

I wondered why tonight they’d chosen 
To walk the same path I was roamin’
A closer look, not man nor woman…
So still -- as if their form was frozen…
“They must be lost“, I thought out loud, no light to find the path,  
So maybe they’re just standing there awaiting someone’s laugh.
Or maybe they are frozen stiff by seeing my form too --
I couldn’t move though,  be it  just another passing through
My flashlight though, so dim, was shining on them, so it seemed…
…No looking up, no squinting eyes or arms to hide the beam,
How could they not have noticed me, the light is right upon them?
And just as I brought down my hand to light the way  so trodden…

I heard them move in front of me
That form that stood beside the tree
A quick response I shone the light
Back at the path ahead in fright
No person was still standing there…
Just Trees, beyond the path I dared --

I stood there for eternity a-gasp and scared to death,
Staring hard upon that spot where someone drew their breath.
They’re somewhere past the beam of light that’s dimming by the second --
The eerie melody from lonely crickets only beckoned.
A sudden crackle at my feet as if one stopped behind,
I felt my heart beat through my chest, I thought I’d lost my mind.
I thought I felt a windy chill then whisper past my ear,
But turned to shine my light upon no stranger standing near.

That instant -- I had dropped my bag and ran towards the gate,
I swore I heard them running too I had no time to waste.
So as I reached the entrance, looking back I think I said, 

“If you’re still there, I’ve changed my mind, I’ll take the street instead.”

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One's First Love 2K11

No Fairies, no Genies, nor wishing-well.  
Sorcerer's duplicate not first love's spell.  

No Time-Machine to moments of one's yen;  
Ah, bathe in love for one's first time again!  

With memories one sips Fountain-of-Youth;  
Transporting back one where love first proved truth.

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The satin sky as the moon rises bathes us in silken moonlight
Gazing at infinity and a God given awesome sight.

Pondering on how small we are in Gods great universe
Planning out our lives but finding there is no rehearse.

Wondering what might have been, but it does not get us far?
Things are now, what time we have, yes that is what they are.

Change is a difficult thing, but imagination is a gift
Sometimes when things are not just right, this can give us a lift.

The harvest moon time is approaching; days are getting shorter in length
But lying here with our thoughts entwined knowing you are there gives me strength.

© ~GG~29/08/2102

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Breaking Free

Adrenaline pumps
As thoughts fill my mind
I'm going to do it
I'm leaving it behind.

I dash for an exit
Hoping to break free
Large ropes from the darkness
Wrap around and pull on me

They don't want me to go
As i fight to get away
I try to get out of the trap
As the force makes me sway

I can see the light
But the ropes pull me back
I struggle to get there
To get into white, and out of black.

I gnash my teeth
Tears well up in my eyes
The ropes are too strong...
I give up, and to the black my bodie flies

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He says that he is going to take my turtle away
No longer can I hold it and spend time at play

The beauty of the dark turtle shell with the feel
The feel of a rock that has been washed by water 'til

It is smooth to the touch delicate soft sleek
But no_ no scent of that famous plant leek

No my turtle is special for he was designed for me
To entertain me in my lonely afternoons that be

He says that he is going to take it and make soup
How can he even think that thought impossible_doupe

How can I stop him from doing that what can I do
Hide that is what I will do __come out and boo

While I'm in hiding I will unwrap the wrapper
Quietly and enjoy the turtle that lusious trapper

That sugar free Turtle in the famous package
The red and brown wax coated that makes rackage

That will stop him_ no Turtle soup
Nope! Just joy for me he's douped

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A Piece of World Peace

Close your eyes and imagine this-
Paradise in a place of bliss.

World peace in a piece of the world.
Without loss and bombs never hurled. 

Snow that falls that doesn't freeze.
Sun that shines that doesn't cease. 

Fields of green with flies of butter.
People that laugh and never mutter. 

Manners are common and minds are at ease.
People are thankful and always say please. 

Lovers with a flame that doesn't smolder.
Aging in years but never look older.  

A land where the forever is real.
A scene where the sick always heal.

Throbbing aches and pains that never hurt,
Families and friends that never dessert.

As impossible as it all may seam,
Welcome to the place where I dream.

- Yours Truly

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Listen my children and ye shall hear,
A tale to make ye quake with fear.

'Tis a scarey tale I tell ye no lie,
Of a man who was told he had to die,

For a crime he committed in the dead of night,
And on each Hallow's Eve he returns to the site,

Where his body was hung on an old oak tree.
Steer clear of the place or he'll come after thee.

He searches for them who hung him there,
'Thout proof save the voice of the golden hair.

'Twas she who belied his where-abouts,
So he searches for her within and without;

So if ye be fair with hair of gold,
He'll carry ye off where it's dark and cold.

Keep ye by the hearth on All Hallow's Eve,
Now I've said my piece and be taken' my leave.

                                                          Judy Ball

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Miss Otis Regrets she's unable to lunch today

    “Miss Otis Regrets she’s unable To Lunch Today”

He tried to dance a tango; but she preferred a waltz;
He served a new fandango; but she cures her meats in salts.

When the lady got her stockings; in some kind of bunch;
The fellow took them off for her; and served them up for lunch.

So he rolled it in a wrapper; something made of corn;
It was very neat and dapper; thus a Southwest dish was born.

Did the fellow get too quip; and the lady took an issue;
And the man was troubled at the toilet; because there was no tissue.

When her nose got out of joint; conversations were a mess;
So he suggested that they stop; and give that crap a rest.

He said I’ll see you latter; she asked him to hang on;
She reminded him of Dark Vader; when just like that was gone.

Perhaps he lacks respect; maybe she’s too pent;
Maybe he’s to brazen; perhaps she likes to vent.

It was such a load of do-do and it smelled like methane gas;
I guess that’s how it goes my friends; when youngsters have such sass.

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Copyright © 2014 

What will tomorrow bring 
  current crisis must be a dream.

ISIS gaining desert steam 
  like a locomotive they seem.

Putin's Russia returning COLD 
  this Cold War deadlier we're told.

Whole town of Ferguson up in smoke 
  illegal shootings destroying hope
  with militarized police it's hard to cope.

Fallen Angels and GOD'S Promise 
  End of Time events now upon us. 

So, what will tomorrow bring 
  current crisis must be a dream.

Prophesied, a war against Satan's Allies 
 defeated by a shout above these skies.

Some say it is Biblical, and must come 
  an in-bound missile, or a trumpet's hum,
  or maybe that asteroid they could avoid 
  but by HIS Word, our Savior, and Lord.

Voices of Liberty sought a better destiny 
  so shall by HIS Power the faithful to be.

Many refused to admit there was a climate change 
  now our planet's system permanently rearranged.

So, what will tomorrow bring 
  current crisis must be a dream.

These crises of 2014 - 2019 
  might not be what they seem.

by: LPruitt 
edited: Dec 27 @ 8:37am

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Gatekeeper to the compost pile
the boatman for the river Styx
I'm trying to cross the last mile
adventure's done, I'm calling it quits

Shadowed Charon silhouettes the dark 
lowly murmurs, "You got I.D.?
a passport, something of that sort,
something with a picture to see?"

I gaze at the black outline above
evaluating this unexpected request
Is terminus admission really that tough?
Do I need to comply to this behest?

"Sorry", I say, "I left my pockets in life
I assumed you'd have records here."
"We do", he replied, "our info is rife,
but identities we need to insure."

"Birth certificate, and two credit cards,
or driver's license and utility bill,
cancelled check, something of that regard
some documentation, you know the drill."

"But I'm dead" I stammered, "What does this mean?"
"Am I not permitted time to decompose?"
"This transition from betwixt and between
to eternity seems like I'm - indisposed"

"You, good boatman, may think it fine, but, 
to carry proof of identity, I must disagree"
"Sir, you must stand aside of the line.
Go back to purgatory and get some I.D.!"

© Goode Guy 2014-02-13

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Oven of my Heart

by Michael J Falotico

                                               I had a dream when I couldn't sleep..
                                          I chased away tears when I couldn't weep..

                                           Released balloons that stayed in my sight..
                                        And watched them flutter in air with no height..

                                           I swept up letters that fell from my hands..
                                      Planted them in my mind where words now land..

                                           Gravity pulls out my thoughts and desires..
                                          In the oven of my heart that still burns fires..

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Mine. Forever Lost.

A lover lives a life forlorn:
To walk and weep where lovers mourn.

Forsaken dreamer, cast away:
Will live a life of disarray.

Courageous characters alive:
Will die too early, not survive.

The ingenuity of thought:
It passes slowly, soon forgot.

Amuse the mind at any cost:
What’s left is mine. Forever Lost.

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deep dreams

deep beneath the ivory dome
pools of bending colors show

lashing out into the air
all around have stopped to stare

paint their faces to the sky
weaving out an endless lie

dripping down to blind their sight
weave them all into the night

the hazy fog obscures the view
all colors seem to start anew. 

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New Futures Borne

Intergalactic travel reveals some kinks.
Man visited mars and left a sphinx.
Cydonia and Mesopotamia saw new futures borne.
The “Tower of Babel” and ancient technology…men mourn.
Was man’s “spirit world” formerly preserved on Mars?
Did “sons of God” once travel among the stars?
Egyptians learned to build sphinxes to provide for souls.
Their tradition, also, distantly reverenced afterlife’s goals.
The Tower of Babel…great technology…lost.
Travel through the heavens was stopped at great cost.
Many marvels, modern man cannot explain.
A sphinx on a distant planet, mysteries remain.

© Dane Smith-Johnsen
September 15, 2010

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Storm Over The Glens

The sky grew darkened as the day neared it's end
Clouds of black cloak the glens, impending in their send

Drops of rain on the rooftop now fall, it's like music to our favorite song
I glance over seeing you stoking the fire, lightening throw shadows like they belong

My hand cradles a glass of chilled wine, sitting next to my darling man
Whilst the howling winds tempt the trees to a dance, as if it all was planned

In our highland cottage so warm, the storm rages on, as we lie in blanketed clutch
Tomorrow the glens will be calm and serene as I am awoken by your touch


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Polar Bears And The Penguins

Some times they say the great and mighty do fall…
And the penguin story of greatness, should be heard by all.
Polar bears are mighty and cunning with massive brute strength.
But they messed with the penguins, a mistake, I do think.

The polar bears went after the penguins and cute little chicks.
So you’ll never guess what those cute little penguins did.
Using the most courageous penguins as a target so nice.
They lured all the polar bears, for the first time, out onto the ice.

The greedy bears moved out in force for the kill.
But the penguins pushed the ice flows into the currents windmill.
So intent on dinner and full of themselves, were they that day… 
That the polar bears didn’t notice the ice caught in the currents sway.

The polar bears were way out to sea, before noticing their plight.
And, by then, the penguins were safely at home tucked in for the night.
You might say, the current was a friend to the penguins that day.
For it eventually sent those polar bears to the North Pole far away.

Now the moral of this story is here to easily understand.
Brute strength is not the greatest thing to cherish; it is far greater to plan…
And, never turn your back on a penguin I say.
They’re the reason there’s no polar bears at the South Pole, to this day.

Tell Me A Story Contest

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In Search Of Jacob

<          riding home with brother and friend from convenience store
            this masked man got out of his trucks door

            asked each boy what was their ages
            made them place bikes in ditch or face guns gauges

            Jacob was the oldest of the three
            just 11 good gracious golly

           St Joseph Minnesota close to St Cloud
           days weeks month lined with flowering shrouds

           his mother and father got congress to sign an act
           for crimes against children and sexually violence attacks

           now there is a bridge of hope
           called Jacob Wetterling foundation so families can cope

           our little lost sheep
           we still to continue to shed tears and weep

           for there is still an unmarked date
           where death has not been filled in on your headstones slate

Taken Oct 22 1989 From St Joseph Minnesota

In Search Of Jacob Wetterling still goes on

You Are Not Forgotten 



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This old Shack contest

Darkish blue, purples and reds,
Strokes of paint dance inside my head,
Evening lights, brushed just right,
I can taste this special night,
Moon far off, fading through this black frame,
Focus geared towards the star lit name,
Mina Mills, written in cursive swirls,
Each letter has a twist and twirl,
Extended road, destination straight,
Longing to know what awaits,
Autumn trees, almost bare,
Colors drip, as I stare,
Below, in the corner, hidden but alive,
a place that exists, though it's been Deprived, 
A little shack leaning against a tree trunk,
Broken windows with a roof that has sunk,
Vacant and cold,
Abandoned, and old
Some what misplaced,
In such a beautiful place,
Leaves me questioning the artist intentions,
What was her reason for this subtle mention.

Contest: the picture frame

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Signing in the stars...
Buying trendy cars...
Having a lot of money....
& life as sweet as honey...!

Having an island or two...
Or getting the moon would do...
Quality time with all the celebrities...
& a home with heaven-like-facilities !

Plucking the stars one by one...
Or dimming the light of the Sun...
Dragging the clouds to my roof-top....
& making the train of Time to stop....

This was how I dreamt as a child...
Crazy to the core...& oddly wild !

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London Time

A step in time I took one day
On specters mist who led the way
Down cobblestones and garden paths
Armless statues guarding baths
Armored beasts reflect the sun
Gallant knights are all for one
Hedge puzzles line the gardens fair
Hide and Seek for those that dare
Ladies clad in whale bone stays
Surreys pulled by chestnut bays
Sticky buns and honeyed mead
Cards and races slate the greed
Then on he led to shanty town
Down rows of tenements falling down
Sewage stench accosts the street
Where doxies in the alleys meet
Walking peddlers hawk their wares
And homeless children, no one cares
Disease spreads rampant through the town
Renaissance Art, the churches frown 
Then through the mist he leads again
Back to my time; my heart to pen.

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Edit and Waste

Crop, copy and paste.
These are the days of edit and waste.

Digital pictures matching our taste.
Everyone fuzzy in dot-matrix.

Saved as a file in some special place.
Not just a folder, a name with no face.

Shared with our friends all over the net.
Nobody wiser to that they've not met.

Clicked on again to remember the time.
Scrolled by a mouse; through thumbs in a line.

Dragged in and dropped to folders where bound.
Making them searches of files to be found.

Beautiful pictures fill up my screen.
Some of them larger than what I have seen.

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Ring Around The Collar

<                                    ring around the collar

                   now don't it just wan na make ya ~ scream and holler

                                      whether day or night

                                      it can be an Erie sight

                        you stand there and ~ scrub ~ scrub ~ scrub

                     even sometimes bent over  i n  that  ~ tub ~ tub ~ tub 

                       water and soap dripping up and down your arms

                         dog and cat fighting trying to cause you harm

                                  yelling and screaming at the kids

                                   wondering now what they did

                               you kicking the lid shut on the commode

                              saying ah crap this stuff's getting too dam old











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We are We can We must

Foreign are the thoughts of others
Like the minds of past lovers

Thoughts to which we may surmise and guess
Intentions remain questions, answers yet to confess

Reasoning reached through the labyrinth of the mind
Shared reactions due to the nature of our kind

Fractured we stand, divided by difference
Splintered we are, lacking repentance

We may pass, but hope remains, burning from within
We may ignore, but hurt remains, entrenched in sin

Pride leads to want, leads to power, leads to war
War leads to fight, leads to hurt, leads to more

Rise and fall, we cycle through civilization and destruction
Start and stall, we succumb to self-imposed attrition

Time unfolds and we're forced to react
We constantly plan, but we often lack the tact

To mend the cracks that divides our kind
To embrace the momentum of our time

To believe we can and must strive for more
To turn the key and walk through the door

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Birds In Flight

<                                    birds in perilous flight

                            illuminating to this watchful eye's sight

                               outstretched wings ~ soaring high

                                bidding  ado ~ waving goodbye 

                                      homebound is their quest

                           offsprings await  safe return ~ back in nest

                                            red sky ~ tonight

                                    glad ~ I've captured this flight

                                      oh fly ~ my feather friends

                                    hope to see you  ~  once again


                                     for this love ~ so brand new
                                        what's drawn ~ me to you

Entry For
Carolyn Devonshire's
Heaven Sent Smiles Contest
G.L. All






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Fly With Me

Fly With Me Barefoot, tiptoeing on the soft grass Spreading arms out, lifting at last Higher and higher we meet as one Nothing else matters under the sun Move forward, never look back Remember oneself and stay on track Love All, you can't go wrong Touch another soul, tag along Really were united all as one On this great earth under the sun Live your life with this feeling of free Free to be youself, yourself with me Written by: Debra M. Falgout

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fire sparks

now close your eyes and see afar
the leveled horizon of the raconteur
who wields a power to conjure up
past daily drudge and interrupt

the mind to spark synapse connection
and fill it full of extrospection
tales of manes of horses and highways
and roughish plots galloping sideways

lovers and warriors and conniving wives
jesters too clever, and kings too unwise
jungles and oceans and barbarism abound
chests well treasured, and ships run aground

the chronicles continue crafting of characters
sublime scenes surveyed, defying descriptors
but sit, carry on flying fast o'er the earth
to hear the whole story of the whole universe

as the narrator goes on giving of account
with panache and flair to roundly expound
to ears of intensive interest say the least
about angels, gods, and the mark of the beast

to frighten, to enrage, to amuse for the now
to tearfully weep, for protagonist not allowed
to come to the zenith of courage and triumph
instead falling to dispair, of dim-lit asylum

and the teller continues on with the tale
of wills and inheritance and prospects unavailed
our enchantment's complete, attention absolute
to relish the stories with complete gratitude

crowds riot and armies and plagues awash over
the forests, the cities, green fields of clover
to roll on with the chronicle told by the fire
bombastic or mundane, more infatuating desire

the story is loved, and by the teller caressed
to be passed to the listener now happily blessed
what, we wonder, could be better than this
to be held by this tale, and passionately kissed

© Goode Guy 2014-02-24

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You Just Never Know

Some see the Virgin Mary in potato chips
Alot of craziness from our collective lips

Jesus posing there in remnants of grilled cheese
Elvis near the gates of Graceland if you please

Now we see the Sphinx on Mars but who's to say?
Life as we know it could be changing anyway

As time flies on around us wonders could transcend
We must acknowledge things that we can't comprehend

So look around and try to keep an open mind
You never know what sort of miracles we might find

**for Caroline Devonshire's  Sphinx Head On Mars? contest

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My Birthday is Here - PLEASE READ IMMEDIATLY -

Just to let you know,
A very special day is approaching

Taking place on May 24th

The day I was born
And my mother and me adjoined

Cuddled and comforted
In each other's love

Tomorrow is the day
That I turn thirteen

Finally I will have entered,
My teens

From then on it will be consumed
By hormones and PMS and what-not that I will deal with

Somehow I look forward to aging even more
I grow more mature, but also more old

I think I'll be taken
Quite a bit more seriously

Not treated like a child,
How most people think we should be 

So yes it will be my birthday,
In about two hours

I hope I get lots of comments
Wishing me a well one!!!!!

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Costumed creatures of the night,
Cinderellas and Snow Whites,
Power Rangers and Superman,
Pumpkins, pirates, Peter Pan.

Off they go in pure delight,
With watchful parents still in sight.
"Trick or treat!" the children sing,
In anticipation of sweet offerings.

Candy, gum and other treasures,
Guaranteed to bring them pleasure,
Fill their bags up as they go.
Door by door their booty grows.

Halloween brings back fond memories,
Of childhood fun with friends and family.
Dressing up and making believe,
Are what I like best about All Hallow's Eve.

Kim Merryman   9/25/11
for Russell Sivey's Halloween contest

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Christmas nears.
I do hear.
Holding ground
with one ear.

Sights I see
With out eyes.
Wonders only.
Wishes by.

Scents a’ lurking
all around.
Ghostly manners
pound for pound.

Taste of nothing.
Winter's bliss.
Flavor pulled
before a kiss.

Christmas nears
Of this we know,
without us saying.
The wind will blow.

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A Place

There is a place few can see,
A place of dreams and fantasy;

Horses have wings or a single horn 
Never to be touched,  we have sworn;

There is an enchanting ocean,
Mermaids' sing the wave's emotion;

You may see a Harpy way up high,
Or a Phoenix begin to fly;

You will hear Dragons scream,
Their eyes hold a sinister gleam;

Earth Air Fire Water
Creatures in every corner;

Look carefully and you will see 
If you choose to believe.

5/31/13 Mythological Animals or Birds Contest 

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Realm Of Imagination

Lost in my realm of imagination
where i seek wonders of skillful investigations

While i am imprisoned in my creative mind
i am never too surprised of all i find

I am not quite i simply reserve my thoughts
it carefully selects another and then exports

Do not dismiss me upon your judgement
but engrave yourself in my secret development

Inquire if you may
i assure nothing will fray

Lost i may be i find my way back
coz in my journey i find there's nothing i lack

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Humble for my own sake

I do not turn the other cheek,
so you can boast in my defeat,
I do not love my enemies
with but a smile, but earnestly,
I humble my once proud heart
in hopes to reach maturity.
Ive had my share of battles fought,
and scars to show for lesson taught
still no reason conceit
will ever I pursue or seek.

I do bless when others curse
to show my weakness with remorse
but I becomes a broken horse.
Following my master's righteous course.
I find no joy in any pain
but I pursue knowledge to gain
an ever steadfast path in life
not dictated by my strife,
so I do none of these for you
but for my certain peace of mind
that when I'm struck down by another
my heart still knows how to be kind.

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On the Beach

Welcome to my house on the beach,
Where there are condos for $5 each

I, for one, am an interesting figure,
With my siamese fish who likes to paint pictures

And my single daughter Rosie,
Who's immune to posie

This place is somewhere with two sides,
You live your life first, and after you die.

I died at thirty-eight
From tripping down stairs just after I ate

Welcome to my house on the beach,
Come on inside and we can enjoy a peach!

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Amber Nectar

The glass she placed down on the table She would have another now, if she were able The pain melted for just a little while This amber liquid could make her smile Her life was spiraling down and down like the drink Round and down, but she thought she would not sink. Inner strength she knew that she possessed Would it save her when she was put to the test? The pains the problems would all dissipate She would show them all, if it wasn’t to late. This amber nectar she knew was just a crutch As the last straw, the drowning man will clutch. The dregs in the glass, they are smiling now Tempting her-fill me once more, you know how. “I make you feel better, most of the time Go on take another sip, it isn’t a crime.” The man at her side put his hot hand on her knee Squeezing it, “I’ll get another in and then we will see.” You get on outside the customers are waiting Get out and work now, there’s no more debating. You will earn what you drink, that’s what you desire This amber nectar is now all you require. You know nothing in this life ever comes free Now get on out there and earn money for me. And with a last sip this saddened lass Drained the now painfully empty beer glass… Entry for the "And with a sip" contest by Paula Swanson

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Full Moon

Look at the bright full moon
It appeared so soon
Stare at the skies
While the ground is lit by fireflies
Absorb the scene
At midnight, its so serene
A scene of perfection
To it, there can be no rejection
Listen to the echo of silence
A precedent for an act of violence
Here I am showered in this light
No resistance, nothing else in sight
Giving me catastrophic power
My expectations were no lower
I sense a change in me
A demon that has been set free
A monster hiding under my skin
As if it were my very own kin
I can feel my features disfigure
Thanks to this mystical trigger
I feel indestructible
Annihilation I'll cause, unthinkable
I'm a hunter by instinct
All my logic, extinct
This little prey
Will have a price to pay
I'll play with it for a while
Run after it for a mile
Corner it, then I will
Savouring every moment of my kill
Every bite is a bliss
Feels like an angelic kiss
Every slash is holy
Giving me ultimate glory
My conscience watches the horrific scene
While the remains of my victim, I clean
In my head its a melody in tune
That is my curse and the full moon

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I do not know what tomorrow will bring

I do not know what tomorrow will bring
But today, oh today, just let us sing

Songs of life and all its creative potential
We are spirits born of something truly transcendental 

In the world, not as one, together we all live
We feel the pain, we feel the joy; we take and we give

Some are bad, some are worse, but we share the same soul
To see past form, the transparency of life, some strive for this goal

We are alive, not then and there, but here and now
But perception blinds us; only seeing what it will allow

We have so much more locked deep inside
We mustn’t be afraid, we have nothing to hide

For all hopes and sins are shared; part of the human condition
If we do not strive to grow, we will fight a war of endless attrition

Arrested development; so much potential gone unnoticed
We live in our habits and regret moments missed

If we go inside and nurture that strength
We can be calm in the storm, no matter the length

Discover what brings this out of you
Because it’s through action that makes this true

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Eyes Not Shallow

I sat and leaned with my head stretched out...
With glassy eyes I studied what was about...

I placed my chin over a rainbow that was black and white...
And let my tears roll down as drips of color filled my sight...

As my eyes cleared there was a valley of red, orange and yellow...
Nothing but smilles from eyes that are seldom shallow...

Don't stay hidden or be afraid to cry...
Just have a taste before my colors fly...

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Where it Hides

In winter's snow, sharp and bright
In darkest days, my sleepless nights

When my hands are shaking
When my earth starts quaking

The words soothe my sour brain
Help me cope with all the pain

It's in his big, bright smile
In the bathroom's tile

The tears in my eyes
In the clouds in the skies

The cravings I feel
My addictions that heal

Love's sweet embrace
The new paths I face

The hand I hold
The stories I've told

From a grin or a nod
To a pea in a pod

The sickness in my mind
Til the light that I find

These lyrics save my life,
These words heal my strife...

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My Friend, Red-Tail Hawk

Once long ago he flew high and free
The flight was farther than most can see
Then one day as I watched him in his flight
Close to evening when it was getting dim light

Seeing him in the dim light there was a change
Feathers flew__he pitched and turned seemed strange
Slowly falling to mother earth landed in lurch
Going close so I could maybe see if he was hurt

He was on the ground with feathers all around
Swiftly going home and getting a bag to cover him round
Took him to a rescue ranch to see if he had a chance
He would heal the all seem to feel, on his perch he had stance

But he did not heal__ his psyche was permanently crushed
He longingly viewed the sky remembering when he flew freed
Stuck on his perch he grew swiftly old no more freedom no more gold
Hating each day but not able to go on with his goal

Dreaming, night dreams and day dreams to fly high again
To soar with the eagles up in the night sky.

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A restarant on the beach front shore.
Making an invitation at a table of four.
For my mom,dad,granny and me.
My passed loves just those three.
They told me of life and how to stay strong.
How to make choices from right and wrong.
Always keep your heart in the right place.
Cause in life there will be troubles to face.
They will stay in my heart no matter where I go.
I will love them til we meet again this they'll always know.
                       Teresa Skyles

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Room In My Head

Room In My Head

Drive it all away, when it’s just confusion
Up in my head, like a screaming illusion

Time after time, the memory drives
Until I can’t breathe, and still it strives

On it goes, like a pulsing beat
So far, no will, to collapse in defeat

The moment is here, make your choice
Scream if you can, but you have no voice

When it’s all said and done, you swallowed the pill
I’m up in your head and I won’t stand still

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picture this

every day seven hundred million video clips
are shot and stored on memory chips
then uploaded to some video cloud
and vaporously saved for society proud

the dog tricks, the hilarious cats, 
pretty daughters, the mundane facts
the sunsets and beautiful flowers
seven hundred million fractions of hours

personally amorous indiscreet porn or
grieving mother cradling child forlorn
proud fathers shooting son's ball game
the clips of our lives we want to frame

weddings, funerals, baby bubble baths
the stupid stuff we've done for laughs
protesting people marching in streets
saints, sinners, the just plain creeps

if stored on iron, the bits, would rust
if shelved, be clung to, by bits of dust
yet we long to capture meaning somehow
to be reviewed tomorrow, when time allows

press record, click shutter hoping to keep
feelings, emotions, these moments discreet
our very act of attempted save to relive
an attempt to pass on lives - to outlive

our mortified flesh and calcified bones
the incessant drifting of time's sands blown
incarnating our lives to immortality acquire
and so fulfill our Ozymandian desire

© DGoode Guy 2014-01-27

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Walking on the street

After dinner I was just walking on the street,
Suddenly behind me I heard sound of someone's walking feet.

It was 10 at night,
And around me I felt that evrything wasn't right. 

My inner soul said that " turn around and whose there take a look ",
But my foot ignored it and another step forward it took.

Suddenly the atmosphere was also a different dish making,
And the trees around were thunderously shaking.

I was really shivering though it was not very cold,
But I motivated myself by remembering a thing that to me was told,
That in such a situation we should always be bold.

On my skin goosebumps I found,
But I took the name of god and turned around.

But fortunately only a few number of wards I could see,
And " where I am " came a voice from me.

I continued wondering that: I am where? 
Suddenly I realised that I was just reading a book named " a place called here !"

I understood that I was just reading a big tale,
But of fear my face was still pale.

I thanked god and the sweat generated due to the fear I swept,
And again in the horror of the story I slept.

Book- a place called here 
Character-sandy shortt 

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Welcome to my Mind

Welcome to my mind, it's a place you will seldom see
You have to be in my peripheral to see the inside of me

For if you are ever welcomed to enter through it's door
You will be forever invited to grace your futures floor

The iconic of mans past will resonate all around
Shaped buildings like Easter Island, in our cities will so abound

Squared skyscrapers of our modern times, will disappear from our view
Statues of man in salute, below purpled skies so true

The skylines you see today, so institutional of their time
It's a place you will seldom see, unless your welcomed into my mind

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Butterfly - repost

Sweet butterfly with wings of gauze Give this tired heart a moment's pause Unburdened by the human cloak Freedom's spirit your flights invoke Dreaming times in cloudy spheres Raining droplets made of tears With not a whisper you fly away I would not bid you here to stay Beside your path goes just a bit of me For one moment my soul flies free
for the Butterfly contest

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My Pal Joey

<                                         my pal Joe
                                    well don't you just know

                                     his illuminating writes
                              will drawn you to his pages site

                    epulaeryu ~ burlesque ~ didactics ~ or sonnets
                      you'll wanna wear a nice and sunny bonnet

                                          land sea or air
                            let your imagination take you there


                                     inspiration bounded for your soul
                                       my pal Joe surely does know

                                  glad he's just a phone call away
                                 to lift my spirits in so many ways

                                    and if you want succulant mango
                                first you'll have to dance to the tango

                                        So please stop on by 
                          to give my pal Joseph Spence's poetry a try

Entry For
Adaleke Adeite's
Praise Your Poetry Pal Contest
GL All

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Wolf Drinking Water by Moonlight

Never a crescent but opalescent
This globe, suspended and always present
And the Wolf cannot be flesh or bone
In this void in time's dim desert zone

The Wolf drinks water by frozen moonlight
Tween slurps She's panting with all of her might
Behind Her is cool, clear space, not a sound
Only the dream, the moon, the pond, the ground

Before Her, Her own urge to lap abounds
Wet shadow animates Her slurping sounds
As She's prowling, the dreams of human minds
Resume here, and secret voices She finds

While the Wolf lingers in psychic powers
None shall wake, but quake, for several hours
Their minds in this clearing, none can hide
Into this stretch they've strayed, some petrified

Sleeping souls, unseen, drift round Her shadow
Longing to escape to some green meadow
Gathered souls meld with Her strange oasis
Their liquid ripples squirm like their faces

In each warm, active mind synapses spark
Captives perceive images as they arc
Meanwhile, the Wolf; in spirit world She drinks
A united sea; thoughts each dreamer thinks

Her lips draw in the collective spirit
Of their curious nature; they fear it
In Her belly flows their merged collages;
Impressions of their entwined barrages

The Wolf's clear as glass, exposing patterns
In colors blazed like Neptune's, like Saturn's
From Her drinking head down to Her wagging tail
She's made of dreamers captured by sleep's spell

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     It's not a subject into which I like to delve
     But the ancient Mayans predicted something would happen in 2012.

     Not knowing themselves of its restrictions
     They could not foresee the impact of their predictions.

     Scholars have argued about it for years
     Only to ramp up the population with fears.

     Some predict that so many planets will align
     That there will be a great celestial sign.

     Others believe that the poles of the earth will change
     Causing catastrophes, both great and strange.

     I, for one, am of a different thought
     Believing that that year will have a great and wonderful change brought.

     It will be something that for millions will bring relief
     For such is the strength of their common belief.

     We dream about it in our slumbers
     Yes, 2012 are "Magic Numbers".

     "What change will happen?" you ask in your queries
     Only one so grand . . . the CUBS WILL WIN THE WORLD SERIES!

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Come In, The Wind Dancer

Come in, you wind, please, settle down
Must be quite tired, all that rushing around!

Tell me a tale – oh, come on, dear wind!
Tell me what you’ve seen, tell me where you’ve been?

Yes, please come in, wind, to tell me a story –
Whatever you speak of, I know will not bore me

You’ve flown over here, blown over there,
Visited places no one would dare

You’ve traveled so near, traveled so far,
Say, what is it like to touch all those stars?

You can drip like the rain, rush like the water,
Cool things way down or make them much hotter

You come on in, my dear, dear friend wind
Blow right through my soul, cleanse me deep down within

Then, take me with you as you go, my dear wind
Carry me gently, pull me loose from my skin

Let’s dance windy waltzes as we swirl through the air
A lover’s embrace – feel the joy we will share

When our wind dance is over & you return me to human,
I’ll feel so much better, a happier woman!

Yes, let us go then, wind, you and I
Throughout the galaxies let us spread wings and fly

Across the blue, true dream of sky
Let us go then, wind, just you and I

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A Place To Hide Away...

I need a place to hide away 
That i can go whether night or day
to lie and dream of you and i 
In a world where dreams and hopes dont die
Far away from the greed and wrath
Sloth, envy and pride link to one path
All on this path travel in dark 
Money and wealth will give them no spark
Along their path comes stife and pain
Quick, easy pleasures consumed in vain

I think of the future that they pursue
                 and my own future i seriously review

I decide i want to be an exception

As this dark path does not suit my perception.

Yes, lying here has been quite a refreshment

It is now easier to suffer torment

Knowing soon i shall drift and leave them behind

New friends, new cultures, new people i will find

Feeling rejuvenated i proceed to open my eyes
                   Life will not have structure, but adventures ready to arise

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   We started that colony when we first came
   Never realizing that on earth we would do the same.

   We put our face on the planet as a mark in time
   Only to find that we would have to repeat it in kind.

   We found that the angry red planet could not make a suitable place
   To deposit our seed and continue our race.

   We had to move to a home with a more temperate life
   Wanting to not continue contending with the heated strife.

   We saw the blue sphere was inhabited there next in space
   Your people were more than hospitable than others in any kind of place.

   We put our face on your blue planet, too
   Knowing some day, it would be discovered by you.

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Here Take My Seat

<                                          Racial      Segregation
                                             One         Nation

                                              Why   Oh   Why
                                              Did   King  Try

                                              Right   Or   Wrong
                                              Everyone   Belongs

                                              Black     Or   White
                                              Put        Up   Fight

                                               Americian    Made
                                               Blood          Gave


                                                Share        Wealth
                                                Spare        Health

                                                 Rosa         Parks

                                                 She   Did   Bark

Entry For
Adeleke Adeite's
African Attitude





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Heaven Can Wait

<                                            left behind
                                              how divine

                                              his choosing

                                               my losing

                                            unfinished work

                                              must  assert

                                           I truly understand

                                         " God's"  choice in plan

                                     for " He " needs bigger wings

                                            to carry all my things

                                    and when those clouds spread eagle

                                      it will become finalized and legal

                                              my final destination

                                        will be "Heaven's" sensation

                                         and the reunion will be nil

                                     with family and friends lying still

                                               so for now I'll wait

                                       for my sweet "Lord" to set the date

                                              to return for only me

                                            in  clouds more of three

Entry For 
Catie Lindsey's 
Left Behind Contest
Gl All










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Eyes of the Forlorn

The Sun dawns and the Day is born
Its light shed on the souls forlorn

The clouds part and thunder desists
As they march on, lost in the mists

Step by step to the end of time
In perfect rhythm; perfect line

The sun sets and darkness becomes them –
A dead calm smothers the bedlam

Torments of night encompass all
With burning mem’ries of the Fall

A rain of stars breaks through the skies
Reflected in their frigid eyes –

Trembling fingers, shimmering tears
Quiet whispers and haunting fears

The sun dawns and a day is born
Gazed upon by hollow eyes Forlorn

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Nose pressed against glass, breathing fog onto the already hazy window,
A boy peered out.

He saw not the dreary buildings sat mournfully on withered streets,
Nor did he see the sluggish pace of those who bared marks of unfulfilled dreams.

Light of the Sun reflected in his eyes,
Blinding, protecting him from the world he knew not.

Gifted with the sight of positivity,
He had yet to see the world through anything other than the cloudy window of naivety.

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Lunacy Fringe

There is meaning in my psychosis
So the doctor said in his diagnosis

Feral smiles from lupine eyes
The yellow moon hangs in the skies

Four white walls, a padded cell
For the mind demented of hell

Mid-day delusions and razorblades kiss
Parchment skin and bloody lips

Monsters lurk inside my head
Hide from the fluorescent lights overhead.

The doctor awaits me scalpel in hand
Dissect my brain doctor, but you’ll never understand

The parasites host never even knows
And sanity will decompose.

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Terrified of nightmares, all the lies they share,
Show me my one love and how hes more content right there.

See him with another one, see him in his lust,
In these dreams I see him and I watch in pure disgust.

I cannot read my heart, nor my hopless emotion,
I cannot tell if I am still or if I am in motion.

I feel like I am dying, as I see him lay with her,
I'm starting to feel dizzy as things start to go ablurr.

I see him so impressed, as she pleasures him so sweetly,
And as I cry around the corner hear them 'cry' contently.

I know he'd never hurt me, but it's so hard to believe,
When I'm seeing everything occur in front of me.

I know its just a nightmare, it's never as it seems,
but why must I be haunted with these horrifying dreams.

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Midnight's Robe

Midnight has come to drape her robe
Of darkness over this side of the globe.
Smooth, like velvet, it muffles all sound
Save for the hem touching the ground.
And from its deep folds, bright jewels shine forth:
Lyra, Orion, the Star of the North. 
Such riches never before seen on Earth
Sparkle these diamonds of unmeasured worth.
Midnight displays her riches untold;
To her stars are dust. How would she treat gold?

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My Fantasy Life!

Sometimes when I feel life is too tough,
And dealing with pain gets too rough;

I disappear into a my favorite place,
Where no one can find me, not a trace;

I never have to travel very far,
It’s only around the farthest star,

I lose myself in another’s life,
I don’t have to deal with my own strife;

I can just sit back and enjoy the ride,
That my favorite book always provides;

And after reading my favorite tale,
I always feel like I can prevail;

And I can come back and face my fears,
Without ever breaking down in tears;

I know when I lose myself in Fantasy,
I can always come back to me!

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Jeannie: Grant Me These Three.

My dear sweet Jeannie,
don't be a meanie!
No holds barred, 
Here they are:

I might aspire at first to what Solomon had,
wise enough to ask, forever grateful and glad.

Then my caprice might turn towards great wealth,
but in lieu of the gold, I surely settle for health.

And last, I would hope to find more than one friend,
who would be there throughout and there at the end.

Grant me these, Jeannie, then  thank you, depart.
Forget all the rest for with these three I"ll start.

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revolution will

The revolution will come bit-by-bit
freedoms for securities, a stock split

The revolution will not be streamed
things aren't always what they seem

The revolution will occur in silent din
future different from what has been

The revolution will certainly be cloned
both rich and poor will be bemoaned

The revolution will not be boxed
change refuses to be outfoxed 

The revolution will make us worse
and better too - our coin's obverse

The revolution will not be painless at all
but a deep gut pain in abdominal wall

The revolution will be bloody and clean
when we're overtaken by our infernal machine

The revolution will be from inside out
'cause that's what revolution is all about

The revolution will be beyond comprehension
when people point out, a point of contention

The revolution will not be equal for all
many will rise, as, many will fall

The revolution will not be streamed
The revolution will not be Tubed
The revolution will not be Twittered
The revolution will not be podcast
The revolution will - 'til next revolution - last

The revolution will be, in the long run, forgiving
The revolution will be -- in our living
The revolution will begin - and be, in you

© Goode Guy 2013-03-09

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I Know Where You Are

My heart knows well
Where to find your dwell
You live in smile of flowers
You live in the soft showers

You wander with the rising sun
Your playfulness is in the bun
You laugh in the buds’ cracking
You bump in the fall of spring

Among the deep dark of night
You shine in stars on the height
You float in the morning wind
You chirp in the sour tamarind

You sit hiding in the clear moon
You give warmth of sunny noon
You live in my shadow behind me
You lie in the heart’s core dreamy

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The Beautiful Streams

I ponder at the beauty of the sea
Aesthetic paintings of the clouds displayed across everything I see

Birds migrate to different places of the world
Pens and papers await to write annals of this year's other side

Wind's red carpet leads the way
The sun adorns the distance's sway

A candle called me back to life
And drew me into the light of a smile

Was it a dream; a mere imgaination?
For I was a bird flying with no hesitation

I was going to knock on a door
But, a candle held me back from stepping onto the floor

Now, I smile as I walk across the lake
For it was not completely fake

For the lake held a picture 
Of the moon's foundation

It was the moon's hand that carried me
Into Imagination's beautiful streams...

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Just a Glimpse

                                                   ~ Just a Glimpse ~

                                         Through the ink spills my soul…
                                    A flow of feelings to keep me whole…
                                    Tipped and poured into a paper jar…
                                      Glimpses from a window left ajar…
                                     Shades pulled down nice and slow…
                                Off to a world where this mind can flow…

                                                     ~ PoetMike ~

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The Monster

The monster became a living, walking nightmare
my dive into insanity, no longer perfect, containing a blank stare

I should resist, the monster will find me, run away with me
Pretend to hear my meager complaints, force me to see what I'm afraid to see

Blame and guilt, volleying right and left, up and down
It's crashing me closer, with every step, I'm falling to the ground

It's all a game, just play along, play the game, play it well
Brimming confidence, dissolved in thoughts, of what? I won’t tell

Demons, devil born souls, run quick, run fast, stand my ground
No sense of fear, n sense of foreboding, not even a slight sound

High speed, pursuit of hell, bent on going, bent on crashing
Giving into the power, life's faster, lights flashing

Crash and torment me again, my eyes close after all
The beginning of the end for me, feeling numb after the fall

Is there a way out? I'm different, distant and moved on
Listen to the water, calling, coaxing into death, I'm gone

Endless, empty cloud; dreamless oblivion; oxygen, exhalation
Am I dead? Still alive? Broken into pieces, I need motivation

Reality closes in, walls me in; until there’s nothing there
Death comes behind me, containing a blank stare.

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The three fork

trees are building the walls
the sun shows the stalls
leaves color the roof
along the path I hoof

damped footsteps resonate
wait and hesitate
in front a three fork 
a forested torque 

along the smallest path 
with a homely lath 
branches move aside
light rises a new tide 

talking causes a blot 
a small hidden spot
with a heavenly gun
a pond mirrors the sun

©Ellie Daphne 2013

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You Snooze You Lose

<                                                  You Snooze
                                                     You Lose

                                                     Lazy Head
                                                     Get Out Of Bed

                                                      No Bread
                                                      No Fead

                                                      Big Bob
                                                      Get A Job

                                                      Soap Queen
                                                      Loves To Dream

                                                      Got Dough
                                                      Hell  No !

                                                      Rather Sleep
                                                      Then Leap

                                                      Sweet Dreams
                                                      Wanna Scream

                                                      Gotta    Go  !
                                                      Work You Know 

                                                      See    Ya    Later
                                                            Alligator !




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     Well...I wanted to do something silly as I did,
     In writing a poem for this bid.

     It took but a TINY HERCULEAN try,
     All the while, I'm asking "Why?"

     I thought of writing about the time,
     When I didn't even have a dime.

     But then I realized how silly it would be,
     To write something, only about me.

     I decided not to write about me at all.

     Instead, while eating my JUMBO SHRIMP,
     I decided it would best to be an OVERGROWN IMP.

     Writing about the CARNATION CARRIED by the COURTIER,


     Yet, only SONG SOOTHED him when his SHACKLED SEVERITY SEPIA aroused.

     Thus, often abed the king would go,

     And if this silliness be not a poem the rules will fit,
     Maybe I should just lay down my pencil...and QUIT !!


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Circular Motion

Bleeding, living, dying
Hurting, loving, crying

Emotional distortion
Such a tumultuous portion

Humans in transition
On display, on a mission

Failure, success
One may only guess

Overall it’s underneath
After all it’s all belief

Stuck in motion
Inevitable devotion

Despite what some may feel
We all whirl around the wheel

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I Have

I have seen you bare through my dream fuelled eyes
I have stroked your breasts my hands ran down your thighs

I have kissed your nape my hands ran through your hair
I have touched your heart for into my eyes you stared

I have been beside you for many many years
I have watched you laugh and even wiped your tears

I have dreamt in awe in memory of what I've seen
I have confirmed to me that your everything I dreamed

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They filled me full of milk so white
Semi-skinned,fat free and light

The supermarket's, a place real cool
Full cream,my cousin, made folks drool

In and out of the fridge each day
Then,crushed in a recycle box,I lay

To the waste tip that week I went
Off to the plastic factory I soon was sent

Instead of rotting in brown earth
In a green revolution,I have rebirth

They filled me full of milk so white........

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Now I Bawl

:<> :-x  by d8:) the one on M&M commerical
ITD :-* now not I-O I know this will be controverial

Now o-+-> but :-D still :-I by :-*
That M&M d8:) my + left me in bliss

ITD :-| d8:) hasn't called
SITD  :e  %-)  now I bawl

Amazed big kiss by cool guy the one on M&M commerical
In the dark kiss, now not bored I know this will be controverial

Now doing nothing but happy still hynotized by kiss
That M&M guy my knight left me in bliss

In the dark disgusted cool guy hasn't called
Still in the dark disappointed confused now I bawl

Sponsor: David Williams
Contest: Text Talk
Written:Septmeber 2, 2012

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Venture off on this Path contest

This journey started many years ago,
A Woodland path, I walked it slow,
From the beginning I had a plan,
To venture off into this land,
The road looked endless from where I stood,
I knew it was time to do the best I could,
My eyes were fixed on what was all around,
What I experienced was quite profound,
The treetops high they could barely be seen,
The air was fresh, crisp and clean,
The sky was vast, with melting shades of greens and blues,
Each step I took, I experienced something new,
The first time I stopped was because I heard a call,
A hurt exstrodanary bird named Afabulouscoo had a hard fall,
Her colors reflected the morning sky, 
Pink, yellow and blues, with a song that sounded like a cry,
She let me pick her up off the ground; I tried not to make a single sound,
I gently put her in the trunk of a tree, till she healed and could fly free,
Then I continued on my way,
It was still the early part of the day,
Purple Chipmunks scurried across my trail,
Shaking their bushy little tails,
Miles down there was an abandoned home,
Windows shattered, so I decided to roam,
Looked in the first room and found a pink crown,
Took a quick glance, to make sure no one was around,
I placed it on my head for a moment of glory,
This was just the begining of my strange little story,
Then I walked out and continued on my way,
When suddenly I heard two monkeys play,
Swinging from the branches above me,
They tried to take the crown from on top of the trees,
They were not very nice, evil I would say,
Screaming "come back here, we just want to play"
I ran real fast, and suddenly tripped and fell,
Looked up and realized I was next to a well,
There was a red bucket, It had a note inside,
"Get in and take a wild ride"
I climbed in and could barly fit,
I realized I was falling into a dark pit,
I Jumped out real quick, before I could not reach,
Then, saw a tree that had a giant peach,
I was feeling hungry so I took a bite,
Instantly the day turned into night,
The weather changed it started to rain,
The woods screamed out as if in agonizing pain,
“what did you do”” What did you do”
“Wake up now, or are forest is through!”
I rubbed my eyes really hard, 
 realized I had fallen asleep in my backyard,
My mother was standing over me,
Saying,“I just went to the store, here is a peach, eat it, it’s healthy”

Go ask Sabina (Alice) contest

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Dream State

I broke my pen today
I lost my own way

Forgot what I could find
Consequently I am blind

I won’t be the same
Again I’ll eat the blame

Feel but do not touch
This pity is my crutch 

Pray to God and break
Keep me alive, not awake

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Flying High

<                                            my deepest passion
                                              outstretched wings of an eagle in fashion  

                                              encircling his domain 
                                              tride and true he remains  

                                              sno-capped peaks
                                              for mate he seeks

                                              call of the wild
                                              imatate like a child

                                              fields of green
                                              crystal streams

                                              beyond horizon
                                              sun's new arising

                                              take me back home
                                              to where the eagle roams

                                              for the capture of ones flight
                                              is purity for ones watchful eye's sight

                                              so come join me on this excursion
                                              inspiration you'll be splurging

                                              I thank you my feather friend
                                              be safe until we meet once again

                                              for you hold your own glory
                                              as it's told in this tales story

Entry For Amy Green's Contest
My Deepest Passion
G.L. All


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Imagine that

Imagine tying bed-springs
   To your feet
       And bouncing up and down the street

Imagine fixing a kite 
   to your back
      and flying up for a cloudy snack

imagine building a rocket ship
   full of dials and lights that blip
     roaring up into the winking sky

imagine having a mom and dad
   to kiss the good and punch the bad
     and lullabying a dreamy head
     to sleep

imagine that…

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Hawk and the Sparrows

The hawk was flying low: he was the fiercest in the sky.
He bullied all the little birds, and flew off with their lives.
The little birds were peaceful, and didn’t want to fight.
To them it was better: to run and hide, then finally to take flight.
Day after day he drove them closer, to the proverbial, final brink.
Then came the day, they rose up, and no more away to shrink.
Soon there would be hatchlings, so the bully, simply had to go.
No longer were they timid, it was their time to truly show.
Banding together they hatched a plan to run the bully day and night.
One can fight, one or two, but a mob shows way more might.
Constantly in pursuit, the bully was never allowed to rest…
The bully finally admitted defeat, and even moved his precious nest.
He could not protect it, if they kept him running away, and stressed.

The bully had finally learned the truth: that is my moral here… 
The small may look an easy mark, but are not as helpless as they appear.
If the meek are brought to their knees… look out my bully… dear.

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Brief Me

Inside the center, creator of inventor, who is there Onion from which I stare, mystery of me, who is where

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Sudbury Noodles

If people were noodles and lakes were their soup,

Sudbury's basin would be a great scoop.

300 lakes or just a bit more.

Some have been counting and some are just bored.

Sudbury's water is healthy and clean

leaving our noodles shining with gleam.

Fresh water soup minus the salt,

fresh as going into; fresh by default.

Trees for our parsley cover our shores

keeping us fancy and breathing for more.

Soup we serve fresh out of each bowl

welcoming noodles the world whole.

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The Meadow

Floating on the low flying cloud that looks like Shriek
Over the meadow full of purple cone flower decked

A road in the very far distance does it go into town
Where the peace of the meadow with sound is drown

Thank you cloud for the ride over the mountain, many trees
Your comfortable cushion I've ridden with a day's ease

Let me down gently into the meadow so fair
I don't want to go back to life with reality so bare

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It's The Beauty Inside That Counts

Beautiful people
Under God's steeple

Just reach out
Stomp Holler Shout

Let one know
They're Loved So

Inspirations Aspirations
Show Em Representation

Tell Em their doing a great job
Never call them a big fat slob

Lend them your ear
Help wipe their tears

Illuminate their thoughts
Help them with their sought

Open new doors
Let less fortunate sleep on maple floors

Spare a dime
For you commuted no crime

Break bread if you must
For in God we trust

So beautiful people shine on
Come join all in this Heavenly bond

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Get A Rope

Gun slinger
    Matt Zinger

Dressed in black
     Didn't come back

High Noon
    Was Doomed

Quick Draw

Got A Rope
   Hung that dope

Undertaker Called
    Dead Body Hauled

Poured the whisky
     From Junction 60

Dead Man's Trail
  Where slingers failed

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Dawning realization 
Reality dreaming true
Harnessed imagination
The future bright in view
Healing thoughts breed unity
Compassion lead us to
A world of utter impunity
Divinity seeping through
Distant suffering memories
A species born anew
Powerful new abilities
Bequest  upon me and you 
Sought beneath the wreckage
Hope shall see us through

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You'll Get A Rise Out Of This

The rise of Atlantis
For this I don't want you to miss

Coming of the new world
With Justice dressed as it's girl

An apple from God's slate
Filling the hunger for ones plate

Safe harbor to now call home
Empowered by minds that love to roam

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When cadence is the key

A open verse flies free

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       	your husband works til ten
        your wife has cramps again
         your kid stays out all night
Things at work don’t seem just right

Reasons why may be a lot
while your gut ties up in knots
Easiest and often worst
Is the thing you think of first

Occam says:

Many reasons could explain
Why bad actions have been done
But the first that hits your brain
Usually is the accurate one

*Occam was a 14th century philosopher/scientist that said the simplest answer is the best--this was in reference to science as well as life

Razor:  short concise answer

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Freedom was always calling - A Poet's Prison Memoir

Throughout the years of bars and fences, several things kept me from falling
My Faith in God, My Mom, My Writing...and, that Freedom Was Always Calling
The nightmare started in "93", shipped off to do a second bid
I knew my mother was hurting deeply from all of the pain her silence hid
Downstate was another dagger, the lonely days, the nights, the "Draft"
In times of peace the seagulls shrieking...and, I could have sworn at me they laughed
Then came Green Haven/the pain continued; those forty months in just a cell
Abundant vermin, to live determined...where most Co's were scarred as well
College courses would keep me focused, mixing with others who sought degrees
To be well rounded my reading varied from Og Mandino to Sophocles 
All was good, then times grew darker, by "95" my health had waned
Some forsook me while others wondered how my Trust in God remained
On bended knees I prayed this daily..."Not my will be done, but thine"
Then I was showed One set of "Footprints" which I knew could not be mine
Deliverance came, yes things got better; I thought my sorrows were finally gone
Until I left to live in Fishkill, which in truth was Matteawan 
Intellectually I was their equal, they had no choice, but to grin and bear it
For, I knew their books, their words, their history...and many things deemed esoteric
Bogus tickets, the box, harassment, they thought I'd fold from all the stress
Still, what would I be if I didn't suffer?...a spineless man who acquiesced 
People have asked me how I survived it, a prison life sometimes appalling
I inhaled deeply, and finally told them...That Freedom Was Always Calling

Freedom Was Always Calling by Poetiq1der aka Don Simmons

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My first Couplet

Take flight, up high
Sky land, with a cardboard box?

So high, up clouds
loudly up, barrel light?

Do tricks, take a pick
ice cream licks, boomy boom?

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out of keys

pages turn in blackened winds
time looks on and shares a grin

pinwheel spinning silent songs
of endless nights of endless loss

a tear conceived -unrecognized
a trail of salt on keyboard vines

starlight paints frosted eulogy
white roses whirl in arctic seas

suffer through bluing ecstacy
sparkling pinnacles of heart valleys

skipping stones over diamond shoals
kissing perfumed nape while breaking bones

when {grave} becomes the home
a star sighs out of key


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You Are No More Hidden

Run away as far as you can
But I have in my hand a pen

It will tell the world as a whole
Where you have a light stroll

It will picture you in sexy way
As in my heart you always stay

It will not lose a lovely chance
To depict you when you dance

My pen is more powerful than me
It will never let you run and flee

It will keep you alive in my eyes 
And hold you in drops of my cries

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Just One

<                                             The Rose
                                               I  Suppose

                                              Unfurl Petals
                                             Magical Medows

                                                Long     Stem
                                              Starlight  Gem

                                               Crystal Adorn's
                                                Table's  Born

                                               Womens  Heart
                                                  Man's   Start

                                               Passionate Bliss
                                                  Velvet    Kiss

                                                   Just     One

                                                  Loves   Begun

Entry For
A Rambling Poet's
The Flower Contest 
GL All








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Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal is the beauty of ages;
A beauty lost in time,and lost in dreams.

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I thought for this'n I be a dodger,
But the Cap'n told me to hoist the Jolly Roger.

Skull 'n Bones on Black in the air,
Ye know, matey, that I be thar.

Me peg leg be a clompin' so loud,
Ye be sure to find me, even in a crowd.

With a patch o'er one eye 'n me parrot too,
Ye be sure that we be lookin' fer you!

Cutlalsses out 'n daggers in our teeth, 
Ropes from the yardarms, hangin' b'neath.

If'n ye see me thar up on the deck,
Ye can be sure I be wantin' to put a rope 'round yor neck.

We be after the spoils of a bounteous sea,
That means RANSOM to you...GOLD for me!

For we be sellin' you to someone for gold,
'Else ye be not gettin' very old.

'N if we be needin' any more,
We be a takin' all them trinkets in ye ship's store.

Our Cap'n orders the ship turn about,
We be after yorn, without a doubt.

The Cap'n be a mean'un ye ought to know,
He be a blood spiller from long ago.

That's why he be the Cap'n ye see,
'N the crew to his word, we all step lively.

I seen him cut a man in two,
Cut out his heart, 'n eat his liver too!

So I be doin' what he tells me I should,
'Else I could become the Capn's food.

Any man of our crew ye would not want to see,
They be all cutthroats, just like me

The crew is lively that's for shor,
Especially when we get ashore.

We take no baths and get no scrub,
We be downin' all the ale, left in the pub.

They may look dirty and smell to thee,
But they be pleasin' 'n have a sweet aroma to me.

Oh, the pirate's life is one o' glory,
'S long 's ye be 'round to tell yer story.

'N one thing more I be tellin' you,
A'for I go 'n get a brew.

You can tell one's a pirate if'n ye want to seek,
Their talk is filled with contractives and other speak.

They eat only meat 'n fish fer no Gar,
"N at the end of their words, they al'ays say RRRRRRRRRRR!

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He had seen a lot of it 
In his lifetime growing up here

Gently falling snow 
All about the roads and fields 

Each and every year it comes 
Gentle and unexpected 

Just like tears of ice 
Somehow misdirected 

He often wondered 
How each year it looks so new 

White and frozen, crystalline 
A winter’s rendezvous 

Looking out he wondered, how many 
More years he’d live to see 

The snow, like feathers falling 
With pleasant urgency 

Many stories ran through his mind 
As he watched the winter’s rain 

Of car rides, and family trips 
of life lived through a windowpane 

Memories of his so very special 
now and long ago 

Captured in the falling 
Of precious, newborn snow

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The Power of You

Human nature the epitome of despair
Ask around, does anybody care?

The submissive to the strong and the strong to the circumstance
Historically falling into the same traps by chance

Prove a point by looking the other way
Or step-up and change today

The problem with living in this Democracy?
We can’t see the walls when we assume we’re free

When simple ideas are fed with simple lies
The power overwhelms the opposition’s cries

We live to love
Some obsessed with the power above

The power of faith can blind
Sometimes true answers are harder to find

Criticism is an instinct
Try to slow down and think

The ideal for you 
Can’t always be true

The world can’t change overnight
But we’ll never know if we never try

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Falling Star

Shining, sparkling in the darkness night You’re the light from above that so bright A falling star that I’ve been waiting Hear my wishes as now I whisper And feel what my heart is been a desire Falling star you like an angel Send by heaven with a magic spell Show to me the light that dance in a glow, I hear you singing as you go away It granted my wishes as like what I say To let my dear friend here to stay. Twinkle, dazzling, dancing in neon light let you be an angel and keep us guide can I touch you and hold you tight all I can do is to stare at you saying my wishes hope it will come true.
----September 2009.----

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 It was there when I put the basket down
 Now here I am, scratching my crown.

 I know that they were accounted for
 Prior to my closing the door.

 Yet, here I am beginning to vent
 Because I know it's here in this basement.

 If I can find it, it will make my day
 If I don't, there'll be hell to pay.

 I don't have a clue as to where it might be
 That little white glove...for my footsee.
 It happens each time...I do not know why
 I only know it's when the cycle is set to dry.

 It must be sated, this one sock hunger
 That the dryer has each time we launder.

 Maybe the answer lies in buying the same
 For that way I could match them without any blame.

 Or I could bind them before washing which would do
 Save me the trouble of looking for one or two.

 But even as I stand here the intrigue goes on
 Where are Sherlock and Dr. Watson?

 They were not real, so now I must take stock 
 But, I'll bet they could find my missing sock.

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What Did I Ever Do To You

There are many things that are caught by the naked eye
They could be weird or strange or even crazy things that'll make you cry

Think my strangest encounter thus far
Was a little skunk caught in a snare from my car

In underbrush and weeds so high
Heard it's whimpers then saw it's final sigh

Razor edges wrapped around its head
For sure I thought it was dead

As I moved in closer to take a peek
Its hind back arched and sprayed oh how it reeked

Poor little guy I could do nothing for
Except call D.N.R and cry once more

As they placed it in a steel cage
Heard the officer say it was that of young age

When do you think one will learn
Gods creatures did nothing in return

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What if the sky was an illusion?
What if everything wasn't real?
How can you love something that isn't there?

What if the sun didn't shine so bright?
What if we didn't survive the night?
As all the dark creatures run wild
and try to devour us all.

How can you ever think about living in such a place?
Where everything we touch dies

So what if its was an illusion,
Your heart will always be mine.

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   It's a mystery to write when you have nothing in mind
   Especially when every thought seems to be unkind.

   "Write from the Heart" is what they say
   But, if your head isn't in it, there's trouble along the way.

   So you trot out ideas that may be plain
   Then you bring out the ones that are completely inane.

   Oh, for an idea to get something started
   Only the heart and the brain have long since parted.

   In desperation you ask someone to give a title to you
   They give you that blank look, because they think you a fool.

   But, even their negative response can trigger the flow...
   I just heard one when they said,

   "Don't ask me, because I don't know".

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A mountain speaks

I stood atop a mountain high
Surveyed the vastness of the sky
With arms extended outwardly
A moments thought inspirit me.
I pray you mount, I beg bespeak
Please share with me your grand mystique;
Bestow on me the things you know.
An echo thrice said, “No!.. No!.. No!”
Why? I asked, disconcertingly
Meaning is all I seek, only
Please, please impart what I should know.
Again the echo,” No!.. No!.. No!”
Instantly it began to rain
‘Twas then my quest was all in vain.

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Windy Winter's Night

Lips burnt with translation,
searing into words.

Perfect little white flowers
dripping from the nectarine

tree. Roots looking out,
calling to the Goddess.

Praying to end gender bias,
soiled by religion.

I can hear the women sing
on a windy Winter's night.

I can hear the branches 
plead for an early Spring. 

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Perception Interruption contest

I woke up one morning and to my surprise,
Another person’s reflection looked me straight in my eyes,
Screaming in sheer horror at what I clearly saw,
An image that was not my own made me drop to the floor,
How could this be, what had taken place?	
This woman in the mirror was not my face,
Recently I had been wishing that I didn’t look like me,
But now that I had changed, it had become very scary,
I immediately ran back into my bed, pinched myself to see if this was real,
But then I screamed again, that pinch, I definitely could feel,
I turned on the TV and instantly saw a tall man wearing a funny hat,
He said in a deep raspy voice, “Are you tired of feeling fat”
“Do you wish you didn’t look a certain way?”
“Are you emotionally drained from negative thoughts that consume you all day?”
“I offer you a manuscript to change how you look”
“You will only see the change yourself, if you call now, I’ll sent you our free book”
I picked up the phone and asked him to send it to me fast,
To my surprise, two seconds later, my bell rang and I gasped,
I opened the door and their stood a paperback text,
It read, “Open me now” it looked quite perplexed,
“When you look in the mirror you will be elated everyday”
“However, others will still see you your original way”
Suddenly these written words made me feel rather sick,
Had I wished me away or was this some sinister trick,
I began to realize how superficial I had turned out to be,
I was the only one in this big world that wasn’t accepting me,
Now I would do anything to see my true reflection again,
I didn’t want to see someone in the mirror that was just pretend,
I quickly called back that man, I knew he would understand
“Please sir, I want to look like me”
“This is not who I am supposed to be”
He said, “Close your eyes and say three times, I love who I am, and then you will get sleepy”
Closing my eyes, I thought to myself, how this day had been rather creepy
Once again the doorbell rang, I opened it, but no one was there
As I walked back from the door, I noticed my long blonde hair
At that moment, I realized, I was back to the real me
Never again did I wish to be someone I wasn’t meant to be
My new focus was on making me beautiful inside
I did away with my vanity and sugar covered pride
As for that crazy book, it vanished; it was no longer in my room when I returned,
What’s even stranger is that I never saw that program on television again; maybe it was just a lesson I had to learn.

BY: Sabina Nicole

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   John Wayne movies have been a thing of mine,
   But my "Top Ten" I think divine.

   "Rio Bravo" as number one I rate,
    The "Duke" and the cast were just great.

    "The Searchers" is a close number two,
    His unique portrayal of a troubled character so true.

    "The Quiet Man" is next in line,
    I have to see it, come St. Patty's time.

    Number Four would be "True Grit"
    He won an "Oscar" for his role in it.

    At number five is "The Shootist" for me,
    The old gunfighter facing personal tragedy.

    "Red River" comes in sixth I'd say,
    From young man to old in less than a day.

    Seventh to "The Sands of Iwo Jima" would go,
    A reminder of the sacrifices our parents would know.

    "The Man Who Shot Liberty Valence" comes in number eight,
    "Tom Donovan", a portrayal of values and love just great.

    "North To Alaska" forget I would not dare,
     The role he played with such comic flare.

     "They Were Expendable" rounds out my ten,
     The action and heroism portrayed then.

     But I have to admit that this ten was hard to come by,
     As he made so many great my minds eye.

     "Wings of Eagles", "In Harm's Way", "The Commancheros" all are there,
     Not to mention "She Wore A Yellow Ribbon" would not be fair.

     Let's not forget his breaktrough role in "Stagecoach" when
     John Ford picked him to be one of his "Top Ten".

     Oh, I could go on and on about the movies he made,
     But it was the American character that he displayed.

     Maybe that's what is missing from our lives today,
     A man that will stand for something, and lives as he'd say.

     As movies for us are but a relief,
     Especially in these times of grief.

     "The Duke" was a man who lived life and the American Dream,
      A dream that he captured, time and again on the "Silver Screen".

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Run real fast to a far away land ...

One day it will stop, and i'll take your hand
We will run real fast, to a far away land
Everything will be good, and we will smile
Everything we have done, will have been worthwhile

In this land 
there's no lies
In this land
nobody cries
In this land
We'll be okay
In this land
We will stay

Upon this day, the clouds part for stars
We will watch and know, this place is ours
So far away, that the sun will always shine
So far where the scents, and the scenes intertwine

In this land
you'll love me
In this land
we'll be free
To this land
I hope you'll come
Cos in this land
I need someone

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Through the glade

The maidens face, fair and pure
The Devils will, sinister and obscure

She runs gracefully among the oleanders through the glade
Deep below, evil lurks, above light begins to fade

Darkness stretches across the land, spurring the young lady’s imagination
Rushing to the surface, Satan hides behind her nervous elation

Devious thoughts of goblins and witches dance through her mind
He feeds off of the desires and urges that tempt human kind

She falls asleep under a great oak tree, intoxicated by her vivid dreams
In her slumber he speaks to her, gently whispering “Not everything is as it seems.”

Springing to her feet she sprints back through the trees
Silently he watches her as she flees

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My intention is to write some prose
Why it comes out poems, nobody knows
I struggle, wiggle, leave me alone
As I sit happily writing a poem

Words are created and suddenly rhyme
I hardly revise them – I’ve not the time
Give up the idea of writing a book?
I feel I’m caught by a crook and a hook

Following rules as the semester unfolds
Smothers my brain; puts creating on hold
When I find a second that isn’t filled
I’ll write a poem, ‘cause I’m strongly self-willed!

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Teetering on the Edge of 2009

In times that both try and excite
To what do we apply our might? 

To electronics, toys, and fad
To make each man an island glad

To relieve conversation, dull
To color in each little lull 

To get one from point A to B
With no adventure in between 

True plagues of mind and joylessness
Seem scarcely ever are addressed

But who will offer sympathy
At the cost of efficiency?

For hours no modern man can spend
We'll build a wondrous robot friend 

To lend an ear no man can share
When relatives nor colleagues care

Its cold steel arms will warm embrace
Us in our inhuman rat race

A hunk of hulking cords and wires
Its lifeblood of internal fires

Telescopic lens for eyes
A sound card, too, to mimic sighs

A monstrous voice of monotone
Reminds us we are not alone

Compressing our hand through the dark night
Whispering "It will be all right"

We won't be sad but overjoyed
O, praise the tenderheart android!

And praise to us, to build this 'bot
To learn the love that we forgot

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Little Sister

Piece by piece we set it up Near the end I had about had enough Next came the decorations Different sizes and all Thought I couldn’t reach the top For I was not that tall Yet when it was finished It was such a grand sight As we turned the lights, off It lit up the night We lay on the floor Gazing up at the tree When she walked on in And sat next to me Looking up high Up at the tree She looked back down Back towards me What she said next Shocked us both you know She said daddy, sissy You are my hero I will remember that for years to come The way she said that to me Every year at this time When we put up the Christmas tree

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The Minds Elusive Light

To die, to hope, to love, to give
To fight, to hurt, to want, to live

Life as a star, scorching heat, burning bright
Under the sun, scorching heat, reflecting light

Angels and demons all burn by flame
Illuminated, they are the same

Under the sun, within the mind
We are one, light leaves us blind

Compare and contrast, how long will we last?
Slow to fast, quickly, before we're passed

By our morals, convictions, the sun above
By our zeal, ambition, the moonlight love

Swallowed instead by our stubborn lethargy
Consumed, mislead, by our comatose apathy

Do not rely on the sun to always give
Do not lean on light, life eternally to live

Time is long, life is short, passion even less
Reason can be sound, memory can be stout, the mind can regress

Choices can be wrong, life is short, plans turn to mess
Answers can be found, decision and doubt, chance prone to guess

Spend wisely your brief life, utilize passion to find purpose
Remain fluid and elusive, overcome weakness, pursue your bliss

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The Surreal

“The Surreal”
A blue-grey house atop a hill,
Molding, shaping to a creator’s will.
/A green, hilly peak with nothing below,
Pressed against a sky the colour of sorrow.
/Grey-brown trees line the ground,
Twisted, and tangled with no life to be found.
/In the house a light appears,
Tiny, and dim, but showing no fears.
/Soon more lights flicker on,
Enough light now to mimic the dawn.
/The light bursts out the warped windows,
Striking through the sky defeating its foes.
/The once dreary scene, dark and dead,
Bursts with life and extinguishes dread.

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A world explored but never found.
A king born but never crowned.
A boat sunk that never sailed.
An experiment lost that never failed.
A ninja master who never fought.
A dangerous criminal who was never caught.
A rusting plane that never flew.
A clueless teen that never knew.
A knowledge far beyond our years
That makes us shed many tears.
Could we never make it right?
Will we forever refuse to fight?

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Misunderstanding Planets

Cognitive ability beyond educated theory

The strive to know, the strive to grow

People like planets, grouped into galaxies
Knowledge constantly streaming, truths and fallacies

Misunderstanding turns into conflict
Religion tried to solve this, the results have been... mixed

Silly planet people don't they know that many galaxies make up one universe?
I know this message is mostly ignored but I will never cease to sing this verse

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Pecos Bill

we bury the past like but not with dread
wounded hearts triaged and on the mend
we bandage the cuts, scratches and mars
slowly they heal with just a faint scar
we pick it all up from yesterday
start again fresh, another clean slate

what we put in is what we get back
tenacity a virtue that you never lacked
you see the lightning, hear the thunder
a red-flag warning that causes some to shudder
an Irish tempest with eyes that flash
you may have finally met your match

you can't say that it is ever boring
you lassoed a tornado with your lariat
like Pecos Bill you ride though it bucks
going till the buzzer with any luck
you hold on tight, with one arm in the air
spurring me on with your special flair
ride on Pecos, hold on tight
this could be the ride of your life

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The Full Moon (The rest of it)

Tonight is the full moon, through  the clouds it’s blazing bright,
And from the tingle I feel in my bones, it’ll be quite a night;

It’s the one night a month that the moon has control,
I can feel it in my being, all the way to my soul;

The sway the moon holds over me, is calling out in victory,
I can feel it now I’m letting go, soon the monster will be free;

Just one night a month the beast can roam,
And it’s the one night a month that I never come home;

The brute takes over my body and will,
And destroys everything with deadly skill;

All I can do is sit back for the ride,
All conscious thoughts are trapped inside;

So many times I’ve tried to get out,
But I can’t even do so much as a shout;

When the demon inside me once again is at large,
Beware to you all, because I’m not in charge!

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Invitation to the Monster's Wedding

           and the Beast
invite you to a fiendish feast.

     Bring a present,
   something fresh,
        made of fish or fowl or flesh
  from a unicorn as white
        as the moon will be tonight.
             We will dance 
  around the tomb,
of the Queen we will exhume,
     who will marry us and then,
we'll lay her back to rest again
As we leave the cemetery,
   Throw white lice 
  and wish us merry.

    Reception afterwards will be...
on Haunted Hill,
"neath Hangman's Tree.

           Y'all Come !

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A Night on the Road

On the crossroads of power and love
I find myself lost in sorrow

On the crossroads of power and love
I find myself awaiting the morrow

Before the scales of death and birth
I wash my hands in the river of time

Before the scales of death and birth
I ponder beneath the stars that shine

Within my soul a battle rages
Between Angels pure and Devils vile

Within my soul a battle rages
Yet I must walk my final mile…

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Dearest, sweetest, Genovive, I pray that you will see,
The beauty of earth's many wonders, I pray that you'll believe.

When you look upon the ripples of the pond's great mass,
I beg that you would see your beauty, free to fly at last.

Beauty lies within your soul, and it's not hard to see,
And when you gaze at your reflection, you're gazing back at me.

Because you will be of my flesh, and you'll be of my bone,
Just remember when you glare, you're not staring alone.

When you one day are blessed to us, when our family is built,
We'll keep you safe, we'll keep you warm, wrap you in finest silks.

And if you're wondering, Genovive, if you are truely loved,
Just look down at your sweet reflection, you'll always be enough.

                                     By Chelsea Stufleben

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Bridges through life

Bridges through life
Whether dancing through lifes circle or sitting in the pews, 
the world is full of wonder and knee-jerk news..
For those full of spite and woeful complaining, 
the world is full of darkness with no hope remaining...
For those full of love and caring, 
the world is full of warmth in sharing..
So take that chance to build many bridges 
elevating love and lifes many privileges..
You can make this world a beautiful place
if you toss away frowns and put smiles on a face.
But you are who you are smart as a fox;
why confine yourself to a bleak little box?
When all the bull*****and fiction turn into fact
Don't destroy your bridges, leave them intact
The journey stops with the ending day
you will never again pass along that way
You spanned the chasm and turned the tide
now look back in safety from the other side
There are generations that will follow
who need your bridges to cross their hollow
They will laugh at uncovering a hidden gem
and realise these bridges were built just for them

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Who invents a great mind?

Asking questions can get you far
Nevertheless, can’t answering those questions get you further?
A ditch along you path to adulthood,
The prevention of a taught ketchup sachet
Inquisitive, knowledgeable minds?
Real off lists of special features demanded
For a great mind,
Like the unknown animal rights protestor
Who just saved an innocent living life?
The degree to which avoiding your struggles are essential?
Why not fall; you shall experience the consequence,
Alternatively, is naivety the achievement of greatness?
Finding the cure for cancer, 
Rather than seeing its label – knowing its ingredients
Either, possibly could determine a great mind?
Thinking and a response of planning an image and processing physically
Maturity beyond your years
An enchanting sunset that you capture the youth of…
Before it travels silently to the other four corners of the world.
Black and White, colour, diversity of belief,
Opinion, well known to all is the significance of personal view,
Thus expansion of knowledge leading to the engagement of opinion.
Diversity in a cultural sense all coded in a great mind,
Who…invented a ‘great mind’? 
Relatively the faith we have in one another that the world economy won’t collapse.
Everyone can wake up tomorrow as a developed race
Who can be the judge to say what is great when all humanity wants the same,
The thinker in us all, 
A soldier whose adrenalin crushes through their bodies as children scream, and blood is abused as 
a sign of a victor.
A great mind, is daunting and powerful beyond ones control.
The thought of such depth and meaning, proving impossible for others to merely comprehend – 
could there…
Even be a reason for a ‘great mind’?

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Cat's Breath

You are the cat that stole my breath.
I was deep in sleep when you snuck in.

Your sleek body crouched down
and crept up, just like your kin.

You pounced on my soul like paper
to be played with by a house cat.

I let your spirit take the bite.
I let myself become the toy mouse

filled with catnip, for your pleasure.
I knew you needed my healing

and I had plenty of energy to give.
Foolishly, I thought I had no feelings.

Dean Walker

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The Professional Tinkerer

Basement full of odds and ends
in metal bits and comprehends
Glue and gumption, grease and grit
born from nimble hands of wit
Dimming evening, find him there
in the basement, light of care
winding ribbon through the glass
watching movies from the past
Tiny brushes, sticky paint
Clock strikes one, it's getting late
Dolls in poses, birds in wood
whittled and misunderstood
Nuts and bolts of stainless steel
forming legs and arms so real
Skylights etched from glass in lead
with words he hears inside his head
Beauty that he pours out free
stuck inanimate though they be
All these hobbies free the mind
Tinkerer, you are divine.

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Wake Up Sleepy Head

Pegasus of thy night
Take me away from this eartly plight

Lay down your golden reigns
Let me climb aboard your mythical train

Stars and moon's cresant's dance
Illuminating to others who gets this chance

Gold dust sprinkles in your hair
Closed eyes for take me there

Up Up and away we go
Pegasus take it nice and slow

Lustrious valleys and sno-capped peaks
Sparkling blue waters for which I seek

Just you and me my mountain friend
Taking this journey till the very end

As I lay my head upon your shoulders
For I feel their turning so much colder

Cannot feel from my head to foot
This dust sprinkle had turn to soot

I'm decending fast and furious
Woke up from dream being more curious

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Prelude to a Dream

In the hazy, scarlet radiant glow of evenings dusk
When the air is filled with the faint allure of musk
Before the first stars of twilight begin to shine
And a balmy summer breeze feels so divine

Amidst the ebony silhouetted branches of a tree
Where fluttering birds both wild and truly free
Sing passionate songs as they retire for the night
And fill the air with intoxicating voices of delight

The seduction of a cascade’s calming tune
Reflecting the first light of the rising moon
And the whisper of a soothing murmuring stream
A tranquil lullaby and prelude to a dream

And as the light surrenders to the stars
To galaxies far beyond Sun and Mars
The delicate memories of day begin to fade
Until slumber overtakes the serenade

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Pimpernel Palais

Fairies rejoice and dance ballet                                            
Scarlet brandishes the Pimpernel Palais

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The Poison Spreads

I've obsessed so long it's become real
This beast inside, this need to feel

Unkind words drip from my mouth
All calmly spoken, no need to shout

The poison spreads far too quickly
It takes effect, soon it is me

The beast is dying, but so am I
No hope this time, just a stifled cry

In the dark, I can see my fate
Alone I sit as I quietly shake

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Little Knobs

To little knobs on my closet door,
I walk across my bedroom floor.

I pull them apart, far and wide,
Hoping to see my dreams inside.

I step within and close the door,
And float away to crystal shores…

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The Knight of Day

Perched upon feathery gems
Above the earth, above the elms

Thy slanted rays lolling amidst
The emerald leaves cloaked by mist 

Thy indolent careen, thy waltz of sky
Slows the time as it glides by...

Sullen straps of the mighty night
Now approach to ignite a fight

Thy power emerges, a sword aflame
A fierce battle now became

The night prevails, its stars aglow
It takes thy place, your frailty bestows

You descend the clouds, you penetrate
 Now thy struggle, thy will to retaliate

                                      Shall await dawn,,, 

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Tinsel and glittering childen’s lights mean nothing 
To the aged in shop doorways, hungry and sleeping.
Churches filled with strong believers, with smiles
For fellow worshippers, mean nothing, when for miles
Your world is a pushed shop-trolley filled with rags 
And you carry all your life in two plastic bags.
Miraculously the glitter could become supper, 
The tinsel could change into a warm room upper. 
Then the Christmas warmth of the churchgoers strong
And the laughter of the season  -  could belong

To every one of God’s children 

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 

Entered in Carolyn Devonshire's Contest    Your Christmas Miracle

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State Port Pilot

Outstanding State Port

No reporter could ever be better or sharper
Then both Morgan and happy Ed harper
Who in eyes of locals which are many
Are best of all and better than any.

Many points about Harpers will be won
After this poem has been over and done
Then they will engage the newest rage
By having a becoming poetry page.

All residents are always our great neighbor
Write poem for them have started to labor
Hoping Pilot newspaper will be impressed
Knowing that mine will always be their best.

Poet Laureate one day still prefer to be 
When my poems they read and start to see
Even if outside it may be rainy and wet
New standard for Pilot my poems will set.

Of course could continue to go on and on
Start searching for some star to wish upon
Instead of selling myself short will support
All of those fine reporters at State Port.

Close To Ocean

Close to ocean were near and beside
Waiting for beginning of a new tide
At point where things would be calm again
Was a perfect place where we had been.

Southport so peaceful stood waiting there
For us a quint town beyond all compare
And often I have heard so many say
Want to live here forever and a day.

Trees are truly beyond belief standing tall
Not destroyed when building shopping mall
They preserve our privacy with their presence
In Southport we all love in every essence.

Maybe Port Pilot might have a change of heart
Poetry page in newspaper again soon start;
Have harped on this and will continue to do
Until my poetry dream finally does come true. 

James Thomas Horn
Retired Veteran
RiverSea Plantation

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The Wild Girls

Under the moon light we dance, complete
We, the chaotic, who seldom sleep,

Sauntering strangely the way between,
Compelled by only our wildest dreams,

The wind is whipping through my hair,
Reminding me that I wish you were there, 

But I keep on dancing with the dream brood,
Partaking of the sweetest elaisian food,

But, though we are so wild and free,
I find myself missing a part of me,

You remain home, as I walk this line,
And I now return to find you’re still mine.

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With muse in hand
How do I make one understand

I love colors of shaded green
Does not make me nasty or mean

For it's in our lakes
And even in things that we bake

It 's canvass for our trees
Even sometimes stains on our knees

There's hues of bladed grass
Where we have all plop our ass

Even passing clouds
Looking purified and aloud

So here I'll stand and raise a toast
To the color green on money who everyone loves the most

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Peter's Transmogrification

Petey's chillin', that La-Z-Boy
Gulpin' Big his refreshing joy
swellin' swell his bellied pot
chillin', thrilling, harey sot

fast-food's bagged, the carton void
Pete's tummy growls a bit annoyed
paper's crumpled and tossed aside
McGregor's garden done gone deep-fried

smartly grasping his cell phone
so he's not alone, when all alone
paws kicked up he's nearly prone
kickin' back his chillin' zone

blue jacket became a red T-shirt
athletic-style that might exert
but rest a minute, take off them treads
and matching headband for forehead

whether stylin' cool or stylin' hot
nothin's stylin' like doin' squat
sista's pleadin' "get off yo ass!
outta that chair an' grip a grasp!"

Mopsy rants loud to no avail
an' so do Flopsy and Cotton-tail
chillin' Pete ignores their behest
relaxin's what ol' Pete does best

remembering that ol' gal B. Potter
sloth feels great but hadn't oughter
all those tales should cut 'im slack
over exertion might make a heart attack

© Goode Guy 2014-02-21

inspired from Suzanne's wonderful sketch at ODU art department showing 2014-02-20

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Crayola_____Colors Of Nature

On days of early sunrise many colors greet my eyes
Girls in their pastel Easter dresses is one my eye spies

When looking at all the colors presented by Crayola
As I repose on day off in my pergola

Down where wild things play and I would want to stay all day
Where I could reach.. touch the sky-blue sky from this place of play

Across the way where Mulberry Tree gives its fruit to me
Then I can make that Mulberry jam that will draw many bees

Mulberry such picture pretty color to spread on toast
Great color Mulberry for jam on toast this I will boast

Over by the Mulberry Tree where the Brown Turkey grows
Just below the running rose on the trellis of Misty Rose

Nature offered Crayola colors that we favored
Even Razzle Dazzle Rose sunsets that day's end flavored

(This was inspired by Linda-Marie Brianna contest about Crayola Crayon.)

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If I had a Child

If I had a child,
I would stroke her head for a while

As she drifts into a trance of sleep,
Counting one-by-one the sheep

Found in her imagination,
She can live within her creation

When she is finally as quiet as a mouse,
I will turn out all the lights in the house

And creep back into my own room
To join my soon-to-be-groom

We will have ourselves adjoined
Until we hear little footsteps, sounding like a coin

Pattering down the hall
Until we see her face, cutest of them all

Say, "I had a nightmare"
I'll reply, "Come here and bring your teddy bear"

If I had a child,
I would stroke her head for a while

As she drifts into a trance of sleep,
Counting one-by-one the sheep

I will finally rest back my head,
Thinking, oh how nice it is when this whole thing is read.

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Who Love's Ya Baby

who loves ya baby
hmmm now let me see

I know my mommy did
even though her shoes I did hid

I think my daddy did
when I didn't make him snid

brothers and sisters well maybe just a little
when I didn't get in the middle

my grandpa and grandma surely does
for I'll do anything for them just because

I know my little girl loves her momma
even better than president Obama

my dogs and cats loves me
even if they continue to make me sneeze

even my close friends new and old still spark the love
for we will alway's go on and well above

paperboy surely does
cause I tip him for keeping my paper out of bushes and shrubs

milkman used to
when I didn't make him shu

bill collectors oh yes
for I'm their baby who they love the best

so who loves me
well lets just continue to see

Tribute To Love

Also Entry For
Deborah Guzzi's 
Who Love's Ya Baby Contest

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Warrior Princess and the Ultimate Sadness

Her Blackberry hair ,

her azure eyes

denoted her a wondros prize,
but she was through with war and men
She strode the mountains with a friend.
Doing good 
as recompense
to make up for a great offense.
 her inner wound,
would bleed her out,
but not too soon,
She still has time to fight the fight
with Gabrielle ,
she'll put things right.

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Eleven days before Christmas, as we were singing, " A Child Is Born"...
fluffy snowflakes came down and they were as big as white popcorn.

Surprised mom yelled, " Run to the window, they are more beautiful than snow flowers
and daises... " Go, catch some into your warm hands and dream of Bethlehem's stars!"

Astonished as those shepherds watching their sheep under the starriest sky,            
we saw pretty snowflakes not a wondrous star followed by the three Magi.

They kept on falling and floating like dry leaves on a December's cold evening...
when carols were played on a church organ that was taller than any ceiling.   

Merrier than angels announcing Christ's birth, we stared at His bright stable...
and what we felt was the humbleness of a King whose love was so ample.  

Once again, we ran back to the snow-dusted window and looked into the quite sky,
among the gleaming snowflakes: a golden child appeared asking for a happy lullaby. 

Entered in Francine Robert's contest,
" A Winter Couplet "
My theme: First Snowfall

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Leo the Mighty Lion stalks the starry sky
As Orion the Great Hunter aims an arrow at his eye.

A battle splayed among the stars
To the world's farthest fars.

A big bear helps a little one cross the Milky Way.
Taurus fights a Red Dwarf, what more can I say?

Cancer keeps on waiting for the ocean's tide
As Aries is running for a place to hide...

From Draco's mighty fire seen from here on earth.
It shows the other stars who has ruled from birth.

And Leo the Mighty Lion pounces in the sky
As Orion the Great Hunter lets his arrow fly.

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Forest Faeries

Hidden among the foliage of the giant spruce trees
High amidst the branches where nobody sees
Dwells lively little faeries of the dappled forest scene
Dancing in the sunlight and the deep and leafy green

Entire faerie gardens filled with hope and peace
Dancing in the shadows and flowers so cerise
Following the dirt roads to a place that’s so serene
To the crossing of the rainbow to places yet unseen

Conjuring up their magic to make wishes all come true
As they dance and run and flitter in colors they imbue
Blowing wonderous spells in bubbles far and wide
Being ever ready to be with you at your side

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Only if Lady Liberty Came to Life

She has stood gacefully in the harbor for years.
She witnesses the peoples happiness, defeats, and tears.

This lady definately has a lot on her mind, she definately has a lot to say.
The very momnt they end this war, will be a great day.

We must unite as one, together we all stand.
She encourages you to join her, it's easy, just take her hand.

Only lonely cold nights she had conversation with the man in the moon.
His face full of worry, and he wished our soldiers would come home soon.

She will continue to hold that torch, this being our guiding light..
She will stand for equality, and for all that is right.

She may be a statue, but she has watched over this country for an eternity, or so  
it would seem.
She stands proud to represent the people of the United States, and the American 

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I Want My Mommy

as I lie in this womb
for it's my heart you'll hear beat soon

da beat beat beat
and da tapping of tiny feet

attached cord
was my mighty sword

words of disgrace
embedded in my taste

drug of ill fath
served on my plate

you have rather me died
than to hear my wimper and cries

I could of made you proud
instead of being wrapped in this tiny shroud

now I am someone else's angel
wearing a nice shinny golden halo

as my unspoken words goes out to you
I hope your next child won't have to go through this too

Tribute To The Unborn

Entery For 
Raul Moreno's
Unspoken Words Contest
GL All

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Johnny 's Song

He was born to sing upon his land
Now he's resting in God's Everlasting hands

Didn't matter who you were
That voice you'll remember for sure

A voice that could shed many a tear
Or make you just want to stand up and cheer

Oh how'll I miss this one hell of a man
Made me today of who I am

Across oceans far and wide
Johnny sang his songs with passionated pride

Now he soars amidst his eagle friends
High above the rockies bends

Oh Johnny this song's for you
As I sing about your eagle friends too

In Loving Memory 
John Denver  { 1943 -1997 }

Soar My Feathered Friend

  {  R.I.P. }

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And the Storm Will Speak

Left ear, right ear,
Now It's in your mind

Boom like lightning,
Mountains fiercely grind

Clouds gloom rolling,
Giants in the sky.

Storm gazes down,
Brightly glowing eye.

Angry seas swell,
Tsunami's crash down,

Earthquakes rumble,
Silence is the sound.

Glance to the stars,
The moon calmly bright

Reach to the skies,
Your hand starts to write.

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Vampire Desire (footle)

One bite
So right

My soul

I feed

Souls fire

I bite

Soul gone
No con

We need
One seed

For now
I vow

To bleed
In deed


My sight

Brings peace

One goal
Free soul

Forth night
Day light

We die
No lie

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Kiss of Death

Angels of death, thieves of hearts
You are trapped once their entrancement starts
The only escape of their spell is eternal rest
Hades enjoys using temptation the best
His servants are well versed in his charms
Demons of magnificent grace leading you into his arms
Their beauty hides malicious intent
Their master is Satan, from fire they were sent
To lure those on the brink
Into the merciless pits of anguish they sink
Succubi and incubi, creatures of darker than night
Look instead to the light
It is so easy to fall to their enchantment
Their evil shows not a hint
False feelings take away every care
Past everything, into your soul they stare
Unbearable is the loss of their presence
Heartbreak involving them is intense
Once you taste their power you'll always want more
Yet, be it by homicide or suicide, only the end is in store
Kiss me now, steal my last breath
My darling, my love, my life and my death

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To a dripping ceiling in a monsoon rain
To a three sided coin, an unwinnable game
To a moth with no wings eating red super coats
To a pen long exploded, in splashes, it wrote
To four open daisies, compelled to a smile
To the moment you found me and saved me awhile
To stitching the soul back to legs of my shadow
To diving a neck crack in waters too shallow
To a minute with ego who thinks it's an hour
To a shoot in the arm filled with superman power
To a broken down car with no gumption to live
To a second the world just becomes what it is
To morning when no one has opened their eyes
To babies who silently practice their cries
To books glued together to never be read
To living enormous before you are dead
To a cup full of coffee with curing caffeine
To a person who sees you and knows what you mean
To a riddle which staunchly will not crack a grin
To a mirror which shows you the shape you are in
To wishes in mercury under your brow
To what we were then and what we are now
To that little red moth who left only the buttons
To the silence of sorrow until it is nothing.

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love as it relates to baseball

I stand on the plate with the sun in my eyes
the pitcher is ready, a fastball he flies
I swing just as hard as I possibly can
love says "strike one" as I try it again

I choke up on the bat, pull down on my bill
nodding my head, a new pitcher on the hill
it hurls past my chest, just missing my heart
love says "ball one" as the clock again starts

it's the seventh inning stretch, I need the relief
I brush off the dust, no way will I retreat
the coach saunters over, giving a pep talk
as the lines are redrawn on the infield with chalk

the board shows each tally, each inning not close
no intervention from heaven or its holy hosts
and I shut the book on yet, another losing season
I'll still play the game with faith in the reasons

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When I Was A King

Woken was the king to a reality when he was once great. 
He rises to his feet to rise to the occasion, but only to find out he’s years too late. 

You see, all good things must come to an end. 
There are more things important than the money you spend.

Time is on the side to those who side with it.
Don’t blink because beauty you just might miss it.

The beast is the truth, and the lie you told yourself.
With love there is no need for wealth as I always say myself.

The throne slips through your fingers like sand.
No longer do you have a queen to hold your hand.

They say it’s better to have loved & lost than to have never loved at all.
I disagree because I see her face on every girl as she is my downfall.

However, you cannot force a king to rule. 
He might be cut out to jester or be a petty fool. 

The queen may never have been a queen to start.
She might take your riches & rob your heart.

I was once a king…
But I’m nothing more than a boy lost in love with no hand for my ring. 

I guess love had my imagination in an odd place.
Either that or I should have seen the signs when you wanted “space.”

My mother always said my first love would be a fling…
But 3 years later I still feel like she was my queen & I was her king…

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I dream dreams Of a life that's happy Filled with love and laughter As pleasant as it can be. I dream dreams Of a warm and cozy nest; Not a house but a home Where all tensions can rest. I dream dreams Of bright and sunny days And cool breezy evenings, Caressing with their soothing ways. I dream dreams Of a stream's gurgling waters Flowing alongside hills and rocks Unperturbed by all trivial matters. I dream dreams Of contentment's fulfilling shade Whereby all ambitions cease But the dreams never fade.
I dream dreams

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Changes of Our Time

If you learn about the left,
You learn about the right.
If you learn about the sun,
You will learn about the moon at night.
As above, so below, 
are the wise words once told.
Until modern civilization,
Fell victim to a new control.

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My Magic Butterfly

I was so sad I was about to cry
When she appeared in the corner of my eye
Being carried gracefully by the wind
I believe she wanted to be my friend
She had rainbow wings and big brown eyes
Like silver dollars floating in the sky
There was a reason that I was so sad
I’d lost the most beautiful thing I had
It was more precious than anything
For I’d lost my diamond ring
I had my ring since I was four
But now at 5 I have my ring no more
Dad and I backtracked my steps nice and slow
Searching for my ring both high and low
When the butterfly came floating down
Landing on my ring lying on the ground
I ran and got my ring up off the ground
Right here on my finger it can be found
I thanked Mrs. Butterfly with a smile and a tear
Waving goodbye as she disappeared
Into a rainbow that crossed the sky
My magic ring finding rainbow butterfly

Written by my daughter Michaela and I

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playing' for change
turn on a dime

inna New York minute
the blinked eye

Fates heaven sent
this turn of events

gain the momentum
angels sent 'em

tide is turning
elation or angst

dare we dream
not what it seems

level suddenly tips
secondhand slips

avalanche breaks
trivial mistakes

everything changes
the world rearranges

mass and its velocity
a beautiful atrocity

seen from your eyes 
looking so surprised

© Goode Guy 2011-06-05

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Into Forever

Do you ever wonder what it would be like?
To take flight into the night?
Where there exists no light,
No gravity,
and only stars in sight.
Where the stresses of life aren't strapped on so tight.
Where people's insights aren't so uptight,
and aren't focused on if your "black" or "white."
Where the strongest man has no might,
and where the laws of justice have no right.

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The Dark Night

A sweet Little Worm crawls silently through the dirt.
Where has the light gone?  I have no worth.
Feeling dense and dark, the worm surrenders its life.
What’s the use of living when there is no light?

Coiled unto herself, Little Worm falls fast asleep.
Unwilling to feel the dung of this compost heap.
Surrendering to the dark night is the worm’s only thought.
Eyes closed to her world, allowing all thinking to stop.

Asleep in the black tunnel, Little Worm dreams of the light,
Rising sun soaks through her skin; the heating pad of delight.
Dreamtime expands into an unknown inner glow.
Fiery furnace melts the frozen core as her heartfire grows,

A safety net surrounds Little Worm like a web of security.
Encasing her now in a gentle comforter, woven of purity.
Spreading a delicate balance while dusk and dawn merge
Cocooning Little Worm as she sleeps, enabling fears to purge.

Little Worm awakens with alarm; something isn’t right?
I’m smothering in this security blanket, and I’m feeling fright.
Little Worm gives a strong kick to break free; it is a flap.
She pushes with all her might; a flutter falls quite flat.

Flap and flutter; flutter and flap; frantic movements all.
Still I’ll try and try until I’m free of this blanketed wall.
All the flaps and flutters create a crack in the shell.
Her lungs fill up with sweet, moist air; Ah, now all is well.

These flaps and flutters feel different; actually, quite strange.
Appendages like angel wings now provide a vast new range.
Relief saturates Little Worm like a sponge lying in sweet gentle rain,
As she arises from the clammy, wet compost heap without any pain.

Slowly, tentatively, Little Worm gazes into the ocean of blue above.
Excited flapping and fluttering soon lifts her from the muck
Soaring now into the dewy spring of a fresh blossoming birth,
Little Worm acknowledges the need for the dark night to occur.

Flying freely now with the emerging glow of true freedom’s ring,
Accepting this new power contained within surrendered feelings,
She’s enchanted with her new life, although she’s not sure who she is.
Surrendered suffering has created this new day of pure joy and bliss.

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My Little Princess

Gotta go down to Heaven's Jublee store
To buy a speical gift for the one I adore

Doesn't matter if it's big or small
She won't care at all

Just as long it comes from me
I know she'll be totaly happy

Jenny is her name
So I have to think of something insane

Maybe a doll
Or some kind of ball

I know it's gotta be pink
Or she'll think it will stink

She loves the moon and stars
And how they twinkle from the galaxe so far

So maybe something glittery
For someone else to come see

Awe there you are
Hiding under barbies car

Aw shucks only one left
Someone could call this a theft

A bargin deal on this star shaped pillow
To rest her little head under our wheeping willow

Now to give it a name
Not to name it would be such a shame

So I'll call it my little princess of the stars
Because it fits her boldness by far

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The Pool Table (Adult)

Gray clouds shift from left to right
A storm is brewing, may last all night
Tree leaves ruffling in the wind
She heads for her house, hides in the den

She feels so safe in that special place
No thoughts of storms, just of his face
Though it is pouring and gives a scare
She know she’s safe for now, in there


He pulled her into his big strong arms
Saying he’d protect, keep her free from harm
They walked slowly to the billiard table
Romantic, the two, like Dietrich and Gable

Smiling, demurely, she leaped to the table
Seeing it was strong and ever so stable
She motioned for him to come over to her
After that moment, it became just a blur

She played a new game of billiards for sure
Cue sticks and balls were thrown to the floor
The two were having fun playing there on the felt
As she reached for her lover and pulled off his belt

The two now aglow by the pool table light
Had worked up some heat on the dark rainy night
Then, intertwined, hearts raced out of control
Love making went on, absorbing each soul


Thinking of that night when they shared that time
The happiest of feelings had all come to mind
The fear in her head and then in her heart
Had drifted away from her there in the dark

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Beautiful Heartbreaker

                    Beautiful heart breaker
                    The lonely heart taker

                    Silk words dressed to feel
                    Barbed tongue , sharpened knife edged , honed to kill

                    Soulful darkened eyes , luring tender hearts
                    Says " Good-bye " if feeling starts

                    Smooth he is , it's understood.
                    Too smooth in fact for her own good

                    What should he expect she say or do ?
                    When all that's said was never true

                    Another time another face . 
                    Giving broken hearts , much needed space

                    Beautiful heartbreaker
                    Had her heart tho couldn't keep her

                    Gently placed it on the floor
                    Then turned and fled out her door

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buttered dreams

driving the highway the other day
past buttercups on the median way

and rows of corn on the other side
a beautiful sight for noontime ride

my dreaming mind started to wonder
a cornucopia of crops golden color

as buttercups rose into the air
and crossed the lanes without a care

to drip onto the corn so buttery
a pleasant dream feeding absurdity

still the taste imaged on my tongue
with a bit of salt and pepper clung

to bright yellow kernels of my mind
a noontime fantasy tastefully defined

© Goode Guy 2011-06-24

not too much salt...

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it grows

The white page reflects onto my face,
Out come the words woven like lace,
Here I spill from, my heart does bleed,
The pattern grows, like a tree from seed.
And now it's done, my thoughts perceived,
I leave for you, to open and read.

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Important Of Music In Our Lifes

Important of music in or lifes
Helps sooths termoils of daily strifes

Flow and temple of boasted notes
Rythem and rhyme that continues to float

A song from an lonesome heart
Ignited by an passionate start

Fantasy of wanting to belong
In or named in just one song

Spirits can be held on high
And can almost make you cry

So tread on your walk of life
And enjoy the melody that cuts like a knife

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Will You Let Me Sleep

Violet hues
Birds in flight coo's

Starburst fashion
Sun's hot passion

Crystal streams
Valleys of green

Sno-capped peaks
Eagles that speaks

Call of the wild
Echoes of a lost child

Can't seem to wake
From this dormate faith

Have no fear
For vision is  clear

Arrived at Heaven's shore
Was woken though by husband's dam snore


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Demons Below

go ahead with the the lies coming out of your mouth when you know that in the end the truth all comes out. everytime you go to bed, the demons awaken your soul to torcher and tear away what's left of your control. they'll tear you apart, don't underestimate the power of the dead when they just began to start. for each sin you've made comes another demon on the way. just remember there's no good in the world anymore, so there's no point in trying to lock your door. evil spelled backwards is live so evil is what we live for. don't try and deny it because if you really think about it anyone can defy it.

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T & A Nationals

T's & A's shown in the sun...
Stock & Hotrods...
Everybody having fun...
Racing till the day is done !

                                             By Perri Voge
                                             Copyrights 11/2007

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Vivid contrasts emanate lively hues
from the brilliancy of colors,
to radiate skin, hair and eyes;
and these are the wishes of all lovers!

He's a handsome man in a dark suit well-pressed,
and she's a beautiful woman in a scarlet dress;
he doesn't like ladies with flashy clothes,
and she only likes guys with ripped shirts!  

Amelia fascinates her partner with her adorable smile,  
Riccardo's blue eyes see a woman no man can resist;
and with his sexy eyes and killer's looks makes his conquest;
how exciting she seems and how happy she is to feel alive! 

Their cheeks occasionally touch as kisses of a soft wind,
passion arises, but the dance must end with a standing ovation; 
they're the only perfect pair who are rehearsing and getting recognition,
other dancers are getting impatient and are dying to come in.

The violin and piano begin to play in full harmony, " Un Ballo In Maschera,"
and all the guests come out gracefully to join the masquerade ball without timidity...
wearing luxurious and colorful costumes of the legendary Venetian Era;
and they elegantly dance on the diamond-shaped floor, trying to gess each other's identity.

The chorus adapts a moderato tone as wished by the conductor's baton, as the harmonic tones 
accompany the high pitched soprano, who suddenly bursts out in a hissy scene;
she shouts, "My Riccardo has betrayed me! Take his mask off, and let him see me!"
And while the melody is embellished by the harmony, in anguish, she discords her vivid notes.

Entered in Brian's Strand contest, " Colours "

Copyright 2009 by Andrew Crisci

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A Mochary of Democracy

Watch away the seconds, the hands of time
Whether its a life of glamour or a life of grime
minutes make hours and hours make days
Good thing Bad thing the memory stays
The life you lead is through your own choice
dont be controlled stand up and have a voice
Bad life is hatred, a gaping big hole
we are all human just bricks in a wall
the more bricks you use the higher they tower
As the bricks increace so does the power
Truth is false, hope is gone
The land of the weak dominated by the strong
Another worl leader another bomb drops
being raised as a boy in a bubble but now the bubble pops
If the message is there to help then why is it so subliminal
If crime never pays then why is there so many criminals
This country is strong, protected by political fear
If the world is such a dangerous place, how much longer are we here

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Daisy Mae

My name is daisy
And I like to bask in sun and be just a little lazy

Yellow is my domain
Don't it want to drive you just a little insane

I am a world traveler
Dressed in many coated furs

I love to lounge by valleys and creeks
Even mountain tops at their highest peaks

Don't mind my matted hair
May be parted but its still has golden flare

Been stepped on one to many times
But I bounce back every time

Members of family had heads chopped off
By farmers who want to lower their crops

I love to play splish splash with the rain
Makes my fragrance drive one insane

I can even tell  if you like butter
By holding me under chin like there's no other

So stop by and just pluck me up
For I just want to be somebody's butter cup

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Turnaround Is Fair Play

The maniacal genius, with crimes, his intent
Used for a weapon a bag of cement
He threw it from, the skyscraper high
Where innocents didn’t see it fall from the sky
He said that the sacrifices had to be made
For many a man he had to kill to be saved
But what of this fool that knew not what’s true
He missed everyone and he got what was due
For now in a prison yard breaking the stone
He’s making cement, for purpose, not his own
At night in his bunk, the lights dim, a twitch
He new what was coming as he became someone’s…

Payback is one too…

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Siberian Vespers

A blinding wind rescinds my vision of the tundra’s rich ruins
White-dark obstructing the dark-white frigid dunes 
Gloves numbly clutching shovel dumbly
Lunging for ore or foreign money
Turnipbottom dirtpale the truest shade
In Siberian vespers all colors fade
But each double parka’d sweatdrop bleeds a Bombay summer
Tickling, trickling south like my fantasy sojourn
Each snowflake calls to mind a pachyderm, a
Moment fleeting, dying on terra firma
Siberia may not be fain to offer freedom
But India will remain my spirit’s Eden

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We have a very wierd pet whose name is Nicki
He is, at the least, very tricky.

Nicki can actually speak you see
Although he must do it thru my wife or me.

His high pitched tone is quite the gaff
Because he does it when we want to laugh.

It started long ago when my wife
Thought she could ease some tension and strife.

So, she bought a little Huskie at the store
From the time he got here we've never heard him roar.

Nicki is only ten inches high
Grey and White, with Big Black Eyes.

He stays put wherever we say
Not that he cares, he likes it that way.

We usually find him under our covers
It makes things awkward, when we want to be lovers.

But I'll just toss him out you see
It's the only way we can truly be free.

He doesn't eat or drink, or have to go out
What a great pet, without a doubt!

Nicki just started to talk one day
In a playful, silly, high pitched way.

He'll say something she has on her mind
Then he'll reply thru me, as if in kind.

So he just waits to say something new
Whenever the mood strikes him, or should I say we two?

His expression never changes no matter what
Yes, he is quite the friendly mutt.

In case you haven't figured it out you should know
Nicki is a plush puppy, she bought to decorate the throw.

We love him as a pet, and that's the deal
He is alive thru us . . . For us, he's real.

My theme was a "wierd" pet . . . for the Rambling Poet's 'What's My Theme' Contest.

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What Does Silence Say?

Lovely daffodils, there on the hill
The breeze is strong yet you are still
Why do you not, in the wind, sway?
What brought this sorrow to your day?

Has sun not shone its bright complexion?
So why has diminished, your direction?
It is with joy that I see your glow
So tell me please, I must now know.

Is there a darkness that I don’t see
Looming over the hill, daring me?
Yet, here you stay, no turn to have
As I watch you safely, from this path.

Is there a meaning at all to find?
Please give me now, peace of mind
Or, is it that you’re young, not grown
And in the wind, you stand below?

I shall walk on now and hopefully see
What lies ahead… waiting for me
But if you know, would you dare tell?
Goodbye, sweet flowers, I wish you well.

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Weed And Feed

On my day's journey
Think going to a basketball tourney

Stopped by sisters house
It was as quiet as a mouse

Out in her garden she sits
Hoe claw and gloves of misfits

Peddle pushers to kaboot
Gotta love her for she's a hoot

She kept digging at those weeds
And filling the holes with new seeds

I asked if she was tired of this
She replyed no as she turned and twist

See hoeing your garden
Is like a life's pardon

You might say it's like losing weight
Shedding unwanted pounds you hate

The hurries and worries
Even if their some kind of snow flurries

As we laughed and cried
I felt more pride

For my sister did it to me once again
Helped me weed out my own garden from within

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Dance of Delight

Twirling gold
Truth be told
Golden light
Dance of Delight

Leading the way
Delicious play
Upward flight
Dance of Delight

Infinity circles
Creating life miracles
Wondrous sight
Dance of Delight

Rhythm change
Hear the new range
Transformative heights
Dance of Delight

Learn the new step
Become more adept
Golden violet white
Dance of Delight

Harmony reigns
Dance is the same
Experience tonight
Dance of Delight.

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The Healing Time

  The sign swings like the wings
of a tethered bird
thrashing in the wind
offering succor to a friend
  Before the storm you duck inside
shelter over riding pride
Lightning flashes cross the room
a face,a figure,heavy gloom
  Two candles flicker
shadows dance
Y ou crave the healing 
 pour out your pockets
spill the filling
  everything inside that's
all the rhythem and the rhyme
come on in it's healing time
  Quill and parchment on the desk
you are the invited guest
Blood red ink or black and blue
everything is there for you
  Pour it out upon the line
come on now it's healing time
  children running in the rain
dancers dance,in love again
spiders weaving webs forever
silky thoughts you thread together
   You feel the wonder wrap around you
once again your muse has found you!

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I live just south of Windymoor

a place you may have seen before

when you were one or two or three

I made it up for kids like me

who never grew up with their years

who want to play on through their tears

it's colors glow on castle towers

and sparkle on through snow or showers.

A princess laughs and sings all day
she waits for you to come and play,
anytime you have to spare,
just call to me and I'll be there.

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Orange blossoms bloom heavenly
Citrusy orange growing carefully

Full with juice gratifying desire
Orange tree reaching ever higher

God’s passion ripened in the sun
Scent that lingers off each one

Filling the pitcher pouring it in
Feel a quench of thirst begin

Pour a glass of Orange Juice
Pulp in side is good for you

Satisfy the morning routine
Orange juice is nature’s vaccine

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Victims of Circumstance: Miles Apart

It's a feeling that's so hard 2 explain I smile at the mere thought of ur name I can't seem 2 put a finger on y I feel this way It's like u've touched all of me, but ur miles & miles away It's a burning desire, 2 have u close 2 me on a lonely night & just hearing ur voice, it just feels so right I'd swear that u were meant for me When I look into the future, ur all that I see I wonder & wonder, if this thing was meant 2b Did God place u here in my life for a reason Or did he only want u here for a season I go thru it over & over in my head I even picture u in my bed Is it really just me takin it 2 the extreme? I really do not know what it all means Y do I do this? I do not know? U have a hold on me, & will not let go I feel stupid sometimes, like I've fallen for a total stranger Like I'm just putting my heart in danger Bcuz I have not met u yet & I get so upset Bcuz u may not be what u appear 2 be & yet, ur not a stranger 2 me I feel like I've known u for a while & this just makes me smile It feels like I'm waiting for u 2 come back from a trip & we are in a long distance relationship I swear that's how I feel Something about this, just has 2b real U've touched my mind,body,&soul, without u even being here U've even touched my heart, which was once closed with fear U opened me & it's really hard 2 explain it 2 u I've been so cold at heart, & it's warming bcuz of u I know it sounds crazy, & nearly insane 2 fall hard for someone, that's in a whole other lane Falling for someone that i've never met before, I never thought I'd see the day Damn u opened me in a whole other way I don't wana b crazy for feeling what i feel But oh well, I'm just being real I pray every night that some sense will come of us I pray that there will be an "us" I pray I that I will meet u soon, & we'll hit it off just right My faith has never been so strong in my life Distance should not keep 2 ppl apart, that were meant 2 b I just pray, in this case, that It's u & me...

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It's Whats Inside Of You That Counts

The true love of your heart
Now where shall I start

Mine comes for ones that are lost in storms
Or for children who heart's thats been ripped and torn

One may even say I had opened many doors
To let the homeless sleep on maple floors

Or they may say you were the one to spare a dime
But have commited no other such crimes

Then theres another that may say just get out of their way
And you reply with only have such a lovely day

For there shall be no love of another
Like your love you held for my passed sister and brothers

And that heart that was sewen unto you
Was woven by God's holy hands of skew

So the true love of your heart
Is what brought me here from the very start

Tribute To My Jenny Rose
Mama Loves You Peanut

Also Entry For Michael Jorden's
Inside The Heart Contest
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Raptured Tempests

Verbose crystalled tears bestride
Flaring high on ornately veined clouds

Racking thunderclaps fracture the horizon
Protesting the abdication of daylight

Here the morose summer showers weep 
In heavy erosion washing yesterdays pains

An ascending dusk pursues the mislay moon
Lost in the felled bodies chafing the steely skies

Phantoms murmur atop flamed winged steeds
Dancing on the peaks of the worlds rooftop

Tombs satiated in truth opening with echoes
Are purified by the banks of rolled morning mists

And the harmonious stillness of dawn
Drones out the silence of innocence   

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The Case Against The Moon

She held the case against the moon
in bubbled glasses sea green hewn
and whispered nothings to the fish
her sea fins swishing at her wish
"The case against the moon", she said,
"began the day that I was wed
and on that day the tide pulled back
to swirling waves to ships attack
It 'twas this day my love embarked
a voyage to sustain my heart
while I a lowly mermaid be
he came to set my spirit free...
His ship was bitten by the wind
a low and moaning hull of tin
His eyes of coal to be immersed
while I searched for my wedding purse
Pearls from oysters for my crown
and seaweed stitched a wedding gown
His laugh and all his love did die
and, on my fins, I know not why
And so bold moon, I challenge you
to bring the worst that you can do
and I will fight with all my will
until the tides return to still."
The passive moon, it heaved a sigh
and tides began to do or die
while waves in turmoil turned to swell
the fish turned too, and wished her well.
She threw her glasses to the sea
and dove to indigo caves once free
to tether nets of liquid ore
to quell the moon forever more
On flying fish she pulled her nets
beyond the sun's impartial sets
to catch the moon and hurl her down
a luminous splash, and then no sound
The earth went dark, the sea went cold
all mermaids there went grey and old
The sea floor shook at the moon's embrace
in a glowing ripple of pure disgrace
Still in the sky in purple wind
the mermaid whispered: "I have sinned"
She shed a thousand briny tears
and flew the skies with grief and fears
'till deciding at last what she should do
She set a course to save the moon.
She dove to the bottom of a sea of light
and what she saw was quite a sight
The broken pieces in scattered glow
This wasn't the moon she used to know
So gently, with fins and liquid lips
she balanced a shard on her mermaid hips
and flew to the ink, to the sky of sorrow
with a sadness of what would be brought the morrow
The sliver she placed in the sky that night
became the "new moon" to dimly light
the ocean each month to gently grieve
it's ships and it's mermaids to long bereave.

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Test Time

My blessed heart
Where shall I start

I thank my dear Lord
For being my mighty sword

For fighting these demons within
Who try to make me faulter or sin

I thank the Heavenly angels above
For bringing me someone new to love

I thank family and friends
For showing me how to fight till the end

I feel blessed for the air I breath
Even if it tends to make me sneeze

I feel blessed to watch my child grow
For she still loves the way I kiss her fingers and toes

So when I'm feeling so down and blue
I recant back to things of being so brand new

So thanks to others whom I pass on these blessings
For the Lord will alway's do his own testing

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He grows in his garden

He grows in his garden porcelain lips; kisses for the rain.
And the flowers wanted to look out, so he planted a window pane.
He grew a shiny crystal eye; to wink at the sun.
And a thing to keep the prowlers out, so he made the gate to look like a gun.
He rooted there a metal clown; entertainment for the flowers.
And just so time would not make a fuss, an hour glass to sift away the hours.
He sprouted silver branches there, for the tired birds of June.
And an awesome golden harp is planted, in hopes the wind would play a tune.
He grew this magnificent china bird; to tease the worms.
And there by the gate a rubber mouse; insurance against the pachyderms.
And for all to see, a green jade thumb; ask not for what or why.
He grows these things, smart or dumb, to entertain a roving eye. 

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Halucinatrix diaries...Monster 2

  The monsters 
manifest themselves
in clever wicked ways,
they think I cannot see them
wrapped in cellophane and haze

but I was taught in childhood
how to watch them in between,
the edges of the evening 
and the tragedies I've seen.

Sometimes they wrap around you
like a shining shawl or cloak
sometimes they slither up your spine
and shimmer at your throat.

they're always at the window 
or the corner of my eye
dancing in the darkness
with a silver alibi

for staying close to twisted souls
who don't know what to do,
you see I'm not afraid of them
for I'm a monster too.

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When I Sing

When I sing 
I sing for Him

When I rise
I rise for Him

When I bow
I bow for Him

When I seek 
I seek for Him

When I ask
I ask for Him

When I shine
I shine for Him

When I crumble
I crumble for Him

When I yearn
I yearn for Him

Tribute To 
Father Son 
Holy Spirit

Maybe Gospel Song
Let Me Know
Thanks Love 
Kathy & Jenny

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Locked ia a Cage

Locked in a Cage

I Have been locked in this cage.. 
I am going crazy - up in a rage.. 
They should of put me - in a padded cell.. 
My knuckles are bleeding - all to hell.. 
Feraously mad - I have lost all control.. 
My mind went bent - then my soul, went into a hole.. 
When they came - to lock me up.. 
I begged them - to put on, the hand cuffs.. 

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you sang to us, spontaneous
and smiles grew like candyfloss
the air awoke with quaver notes
your words coiled in the sky like smoke
i try to catch them in my hand
but they shatter into dust and sand
and sprinkle on the grass below
so the ground takes on a golden glow

the golden glow begins to spread
and sneaks into my lover's bed
it wraps us up together tight
it's tendrils twisting in the night
so i am him and he is me
and we are 'one' so playfully
and when it finally lets us go
it'd found its way into my soul

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Far across the closing of eyes
Far across the cerulean of skies

Upon the length of distance
Upon the absence of existence

Afar the haze of dreaming
Afar thoughts’ streaming

Amidst supreme sanity
Amidst intangible vanity

Amongst mirage, fascination,
Unrealism, sensation…


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The Fool Kid Named Benny Pence

October had now come again just like it did back since,
The gunfighter Sam Holt had shot the kid named Benny Pence.

It was on All Hallows’ night with the moon high and blood red—
When Benny came lookin’ for him before he shot him dead.

Why would a fool farm boy try to draw on that gun slinger?
When he had no chance on God’s earth if he raised a finger?

But sure enough on that night, that’s what all the town then saw—
When Benny Pence raised his gun and said the fatal word: “Draw!”

But that had been a year ago come this All Hallows’ Eve,
And Sam Holt felt a cold wind blow that made him want to leave.

The harvest moon now hung above as Sam walked down the street—
He stopped for one brief moment at the place where they did meet.

Then like a dream that voice came back that meekly called him out—
Sam’s cold, sweaty hand then trembled as he began to shout:

“Don’t call me Ben! I’ll shoot you dead, and this time I’ll make good!”
Then Sam wildly drew and fired at the pale moon where he stood.

Somewhere a hoot owl screamed and Sam’s loud shots rang out on high,
As he fired and fired again at Ben’s shadow so he’d die.

But when the gun smoke cleared and that dim vision was not there,
Sam Holt now stood just a dyin’ in the dusty street square.

There were no gunshots in Sam’s body, no marks found at all—
His hair now white, his once ruddy flesh now a deathly pall. 

Yet when the town folk buried Sam, they noticed at Boot Hill,
Two other graves marked Pence by the one they had come to fill.

Benny Pence and his brother Bud, had died a year apart—
Both shot down by Sam Holt that feared gunslinger with no heart.

And so the three now rested within gun fire of the others—
Holt now dead of fright from those two departed Pence brothers.

And so each year it happened: other slingers would meet fate—
And die of fright All Hallows’ night when the hour was late.

So now folk knew the story of that fool kid Benny Pence—
Come back to revenge his brother each All Hallows’ night since. 

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An Artist's Legacy

Threads of waxy turpentine
woven 'cross the spans of time
Tossed away from art's 'amen'
only to be bruised again
Horse hair brushes dipped to shine
silk in oil, cleansed divine
Soaked in ochre, touched to white
canvas breathes an ochre sigh
From clean palette worlds ignite
Straw reflections, sharp delight
Portraits posed and shadows drawn
leaving art to speak alone
Turpentine on air dried skin
painted with a hue of sin
Signed then dated, frame: a must
woven colors, blood and rust.

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A heavenly  morning  springtime bliss.
Early in our day,   sun’s kiss
Wakes the frosty path we’ve passed.
In  moving  shimmering  mist  it’s grassed.
It breathes its first passion.
Our journey has begun.

To where? Or how or when? Who says?
Floating  fingers  there of  haze

Point to unknown fields and dales.
Our footsteps light will leave  no trails.
In swirling, billowing, sun-white veil.
We lose the track of this green vale.
White  gossamer of breath,
Obscures our grassy path

But  fog and passion dissipate.
Early  breath can  sublimate.

The morning’s stronger  rays.
Allow more  focused gaze.
More grassy and  lush 
Growing  clearer.   Hush!
The path tells us where to stray - 
Reaching, stretching all the way 

From the green vales of  Eden
To  the  sunlit  dales of  heaven.

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 A flurry of stars,
exalted moon,
purple midnight from a spoon
soothing indigo delight,come
taste a dream come true tonight.

Potions printed on the leaves
of pregnant avocado trees,
pestled up and mortared down
in cooscoos and the tears I found
falling from a bright cascade

in WindyMoor,a place I made,
trembling lightly on a hill
where children come to drink 
their fill,
of soothing indigo delight,come 
taste a dream come true tonight.

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My Flying Mustang

Along time ago just the other day
I saw a magic horse who flew my way
Well all in all jackpot in hand
It flew me off to a distant land
A place where the Land meets the Sea
We landed there this horse and me
Somethings in life should not go to waste
Such was the beauty of this special place
Secluded and surrounded by sheer rock walls
With an abundance of beautiful waterfalls
Creating rainbows that filled the skies
Oh, This place was beautiful to the eyes
As I looked all around at the giant ferns
Into my heart this place did burn
While listening to the beat of the sea
We had a picnic this horse and me
Then down the beach we took us a walk
And without a word we had us a talk
Life is full of many wonderful things
Like my flying Mustang with golden wings

Written by Michaela and I

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Untouchable Questions

Where is it that we go, behind closed eye lids?
An untouchable imagination, beyond the physical and off the grid?

Where is it that they go, in man made machinery to the sky?
A place unseen but seen, and gravity is what they defy?

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The Mimic

This companion never goes away 
And keeps me company every day. 
In happy times or when there's strife 
You mirror my existing life. 

To mimic me in perfect time 
An energy that's just like rhyme. 
A preference for the out-of-doors, 
Too restricting is the indoors. 

I take a walk, you go with me 
Keeping in step, being carefree. 
As darkness falls, and you depart 
I'm on my own, I'm a la carte. 

Wayward stranger is how I feel 
Forging through the darkness I steal. 
I'm individual although 
I have met my twin, my shadow.

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What if we are all in someone's dream
Reality non-existant, not as it seems
No plan, no God, no ruler supreme
Everything a vision of alternative theme

Envision all taught since young - misheard
Provision just wasted, Gods promise is absurd
Decision made - making history blurred
Derision, ridiculing His holy written word

Making, creating - it's all gone wrong
Society is impressionable - drifts along
Even though we speak different tongue
We understand in others dreams privacy belongs

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Rascals at Play

Let's go out on the battlefield
Okay, make sure we have our shield

Get your men and all their sons,
Get all of their big black guns

Then it will be all peaches and cream,
Cuz we defeated the other team

We've had lots of fun although,

She'd think I'd dropped an atom bomb, 
Guess who it is,it's my mom.

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Love Cycle - Broken

Resulting from the purest love, sparkling bundle of joy
A perfect gift from up above this healthy baby boy
Opened my eyes felt safe and warm right from the very start
Loved family became the norm, foundations of my heart

As I grew the joy we shared became my main desire
Trials and tribulations bared was something to admire
Proud man I am today for that I thank you very much
A soulmate now the aim to pass a love as great as such

Greatest moment of my life, the ring slipped on my finger
“I now pronounce you man and wife”, these words forever linger
Continuous stipulation meant her dreams had been achieved
A day of jubilation when we found she had conceived

Longed for this day since I was little, the day of my child’s birth
Our livelihood became brittle, a complicated girth
50/50 chance, saved her to try again in future
but unforgiveness gained became my everlasting torture

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Riding in Fog

Cool grey mists, hugging the land . . . 
Hiding the landscaped art, of the Master' hand.

White eyed vehicle, search the road to see . . .
Their bright light reflected, mirrored back at me.

From out of the gloom, other eyes do appear . . . 
Growing in size, as they come near.

Quick they come, and more quickly gone . . .
They are but, a momentary companion.

Hidden roadsigns, make known their display . . .
Vigilant sentries, along the way.

Ahead is our goal, so onward we press . . .
Passing alone, in this shrouded caress.

Finally home, we are greeted by wife, child, and family dog . . .
Thankful once more, to have passed through the fog.

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If it's Good Pass it On

Just fifteen years old, pregnant and all alone,
A child herself but in a family way as she checks the coin slot in another pay phone.

Homeless, hungry, all alone and terribly scared,
She just wanders the streets totally unprepared.

Her folks told her she was an absolute disgrace,
And how were they going to look their neighbors in the face?

With tears in her eyes and a broken heart she left not wanting to cause her parents pain,
A few clothes packed she heads out in the pouring rain.

She had been victimized and raped by someone her parents held dear,
She figured they would take his side and the only thing left was for her to just disappear.

Quickly she found out just how hard the streets would become,
And out here if you’re to make it you learn fast not to act dumb.

Shoplifting and panhandling was the only way this young girl had to survive,
And she didn’t know what to do cause in a short two months the baby would arrive.

But her luck was about to change with a young couple she was about to meet,
They were searching for someone like her and they were wealthy and sweet.

In exchange for her child they promised her, her education and a chance at a brand new start,
She knew she could never support the child and this was the way they should part.

On the day of the delivery the baby was taken away,
Not even knowing if it was a boy or a girl they were separated that day.

The couple honored their agreement and the young girl became an educated woman with wealth of her own,
And she uses that wealth to help others in dire needs returning to others the kindness she was shown.

Note: Isn't this a better alternative than abortion?

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FormedbyFaith inUnknown Forces

So she shifted 
       and she shifted
till the veil from off her lifted,
and she turned around 
      and saw you,
              got her pencil out 
to draw you,
  All the bells and buzzers
Someone said that 
         she was hounded,
       by incessant circumstances
caused by incandescent dances,
          in the darkness
               with a lover
dressed in silk and under cover
       of the shadows
            in the garden
Say hello ,I beg your pardon,
                    but would you
 consent to kiss me,
leave me soon and say you'll miss me?
                    Ride away 
on shadow horses,
formed by faith in unknown forces,
           or would you
 prefer to squander
            precious moments
        just to wander,
         on alone and sad forever.
Make your mind up,
       you are clever.
Will it be a sweet romancing?
           Or are you content with dancing?

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The Black Tulip

The touch of his had was  electric
As he gently took her hand and kissed it

The kiss was soft and an easy touch
He was the man she felt the rush

He was the man of her dreams
The great charmer so it seemed

But he was really like a black tulip
That is a dark, dark purple that rules it

Underneath the darkness lay
It didn't come out for many a day

By the time the tulip bloomed
Her whole life lay ahead surely doomed

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Curiosity killed the cosmos

Then came first light, the heavens begun
Inter stellar policemen patrolled the sun
Beseeching universal conformity
Harmonious peace treaties, uniformity
Paranormal delegates of astrology
Astronomical fusion, mythology
Breaching distant galactic borders
To restore misconceptions of order
Cosmopolitan senates hold candles
Of cosmic folklores and vandals 
Here confined we are assigned duties
Designed to marvel at Venus’ beauty
Is the star called earth just as bright?
As the goddess’ reflection each starry night
Do we simply pale in comparison
Do we sour the face of oblivion?
Do they mourn for stars falling from skies?
Or wish for contentment at others demise 
Do they value each yearning sensation?
Do they too dream of space exploration?
Do all beings look across galaxies?
Is over stepping boundaries a felony
Does everyone wish to learn more?
Is invasion considered an act of war?
Are they prepared to meet, do they have a speech
Like: “We mean you no harm. We come in peace”
Will I know their handshake before my doom?
Does Armageddon for everyone loom?
Will we be erased like solar eclipse?
Will our light be turned off from alien abyss?
Will knowing too little forever haunt
Till apocalypse comes and meteors daunt

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The Last Flicker

The circle is starting to come together, 
Like a storm you feel it approach and you brace for uncertain weather.

You know that your flame which once burned so bright, 
Will be extinguished like a star that shoots across the night.

You just hope that you made a difference and were the best that you could be,
That you led no one astray and was a good influence for all around to see.

And when your candle makes its final flicker,
You’ll be ready to go without a qualm and face this day with just a snicker.

You can never have things finished or completely in order,
No matter how hard you try it only gets harder.

My motto used to be “always try to leave things a little better than you found them,”
And I hope when I’m gone people will say, “Gosh I'm going to sure miss him.”

Or maybe he was a good guy or he was a true friend,
That is how I’d like to be remembered and thought about in the end.

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Knows not

A man of con knows not of quality
A man of betrayal knows not of loyalty
a man of crime knows not of possession
a man of sacreligion knows not of confession
a man of lies knows not of true
a man of contradiction knows not of what to do
a man of great power knows not of concern 
a man of great humility knows not which way to turn.

Why is this?

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Old Jim

Old Jim was always ready with a smile,
And it became contagious that was just his style.

He never let life get the better of him,
And you could just see it, the love that transported out of those old eyes of Jim.

Jim never got married said it was just to hard to choose,
And he would say, love is sometimes a gamble and it’s to painful when you lose.

But you could tell as Jim grew older that, that was the part of life that he missed most,
He thought he had it all figured out and along towards the end all that was left to do was sit back and coast.

But the walls have a way of closing in and loneliness is a bitter friend,
Especially on those long cold winter nights that seem to never end.

Well spring brought about a different Jim, one who looked haggard and worn,
And that once so impressive smile was now a look of scorn.

Till one Sunday church social old Jim decided to go,
There his life was about to change, there he met the love of his life, her name was Betty Jo.

She said old Jim you don’t impress me much but I sure like your smile,
He said I need you to come and be my bride, for it’s you I’ve needed for such a long, long while.

They were married on that very day, two lonely souls came together as one,
Now his smile is back again, you should see old Jim and his newborn son.

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Oceanic Romance

Soon to the ocean we'll go
This is the place to restore my soul

Beautiful sunrises over rippling water
On the beach I will surely saunter

Down across the boardwalk
 We'll really talk

Holding your hand as we stroll along
Maybe even listen to my favorite song

It will be nice to renew our love
Love that was surely sent from above

At night we'll watch the tide come in
We will still be holding hands

It will be four days of love
Surely this is a blessing from above

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 A bright tornado spins inside her
only living God can guide her
In the sparkle of the spiral
breathes a force that's wild and viral,
filling others with a passion,
only pure romance may fashion.

Tear the mantle ,stop the twisting
break the power she's enlisting,
spattered colors fly around her,
staining every soul who found her.

Blue and purple in your eyes
adding life to her disguise,
whirling spectrum there before you
living only to adore you.

Everywhere she touches down
living lovers start to drown
in her thirst for many colors
don't you blend in like the others,

she'll stir you up and suck you in
to paint her world in love again.

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A single word

It started with a single word- then came another five.
When I got to my second line, I nearly began to cry.
Chapter two developed in an unsuspected way,
and the characters began to grow a little more each day.
The plot began to thicken by the middle of chapter three,
and ‘he said- she said- who did what?’ was now a mystery.
By the end of chapter four, somebody will die-
and someone else will fall in love by the middle of chapter five.
Chapter six begins with the sound of wedding bells,
and they’ll probably have a baby if chapter seven goes well.
Chapter eight needs more excitement to keep the story strong.
Maybe between nine and ten someone new will come along.
A wondering eye in chapter eleven ignites a love affair
and chapter twelve will begin with a marriage in despair.
Thirteen and fourteen will hold together the threads of a broken heart,
but in chapter fifteen they will finally decide they cannot be apart.
Sixteen will rekindle passion, seventeen a vengeful hate,
and in the beginning of chapter eighteen someone will meet their fate.
Chapter nineteen will be the greatest finale ever heard,
And twenty will be the end of the journey that started with a single word.

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Leprechauns Curse

My gold for your love my flighty flirty girl,
You spin my head in a special certain whirl.

Our love not to be allowed, forebode to succeed.
My fairy princess of my soul and heart, indeed,

Leprechaun and you, fluttering fairy to see,
Our hearts and passions will not truly ever be.

Therefore, I secure my soul offer my pot of gold.
That anyone will seek to capture me so bold.

I will trade Gold, for the magic, I seek divine.
That I become a fairy prince, and make you mine,

If my wish shall never be granted until the end of time,
I place a curse on poets, upon their labor of all rhyme.

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Fountain of Youth, Evergreen Style

Evergreen juice, in a cup, on the sill
The cup's made of copper, the juice made of will
Will to stay green passed the prime of the frost
Would you take a sip, lest your plumage be lost??

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A Bad, Bad Dream

In the far off distance the cannons make their report,
As we huddle in groups to show our support.

Blindly attacked, all we can do is to try to hit back,
Hiding in light, it’s at night when we assume our attack.

Outnumbered and outgunned since the government took nearly every one,
They made it illegal for citizens to possess any type of gun.

But some held on and it was a good thing that they did,
As the enemy infiltrated our borders and shores we retrieved them from where they were hid.

There is no Geneva Convention, and no rules to this war,
Brutality and chaos have been our strongest weapon so far.

This was the way it was given to us, so reverse play is fair don’t you see,
They wanted to take our freedom but that is something you won’t take from me.

It was like a horror movie that night that seems so long ago,
In the middle of the night it started with no warning you know.

Loud noise and confusion as mortars and rifle fire entered our peaceful little town,
People running and screaming and for no reason being mercilessly shot down.

9-11 was just a testing of the waters to see how we would react,
As they put together their plan for this unholy attack.

Our country has been divided and our resources are few,
But we’ll fight to our death, that’s all that’s left for me and for you!

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Ner' A Hollow Morning

Hollow dense vapor sets along the brook
Never imagining dawn breaking in
Earth meets air and it's mysterious show
Stillness so still .. it feels like utter sin~

None could tame the unspoken vigor
Water meets Air above an untamed breeze
Justice is served  Mother Nature's eager
Vernal life lines the brooks simplistic ease~

The breath of comfort calming and placid
Brook does not babble but silently flows
Nor is there a scene like this one today
Breathtakingly unique double rainbows~

If all nature is not a warrior.....
There would be rot  in desolate spaces
How then could her graceful exterior
Know natures place is among these places?

When you're out  walking in nature's way
Ignorantly avoiding her bountiful mass
Recall to your divine spirit that may
Murmur negativity away, be steadfast~

Forest anew with decadence steady
Society must learn to be ready for war
Mother Nature's ner' hollow but ready
Know nothing has ever stopped her before~

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Where speaks the mind’s most silent voice
So deep, internal, offering choice
It sways decisions, so then to make
With hopes that good are those to take

It may be loud, resounding high
To then see clearly with thine eye
It may, too, be low, a whisper soft
To not be heard when mind’s aloft

Yet, know its presence, hold it true
Always listen, sense it, within you
For there residing, with hopes to be heard
Is your little voice, with spoken word

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the Healing Too

  Ring the tiny silver bell
that's the way that he can tell
when a visitor arrives
trying hard to stay alive

  Grandpa smokes his pipe at noon
says "You're here,and none too soon!"
claps you on your scrawny spine
"Come on in it's Healing Time!"

  Grandma brings a purple quilt
one that Aunt Matilda built
something stuffed with eider down
with an underside of clowns

  Laughing at you,with you too
just so serious won't do
now come wrap up by the fire
sister,come and play the lyre

  Uncle Willy,make some tea
sassafras with mint for me
pour a nice hot cup for all
Grandma,get your story shawl

  Bring the puppies from the yard
Tom cat too,oh he's a card
he'll curl up with you for sure
that will be a double cure

  Now lean close and tell your tale
outside hear the howling gale
tell us how you braved the war
left your soul in  Zanzibar

  whisper ,lest the night birds hear
and take it to anothers' ear
the night is dark and cold and deep
Wait,Grandpa,look,he's fast asleep!

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Time Well Wasted

George talks about 'Them Cowgirls,"
While Willie's "Blue Eyes Are Crying In The Rain."

Tim talked about "Back Then"
And Bucky admits "It Was A Different Life."

Toby is a "Man Of His Convictions"
But Brad is "Better On Line."

Josh "Stopped Loving Her Today"
But Kenny said "She Can't Be Anything But Mine."
Does that mean one of them will have to "Walk The Line?"

Kenny says "Don't Blink"
Or you may find Tim is "Already Home."

"Tear Drops On My Guitar" has Taylor like Lambert
"Famous In A Small Town."

I arrived "Down In The Boon Docks"
Only to find Rodney was "Going Through Hell"

Rascal Flatts hit the "Long Broken Road"
Telling my Billy "You Are The Only World I Know"

Tracy Lawrence was talking to "The Keeper Of The Stars"
And Lee Greenwood was asking "God Bless The USA"

Toby Keith was bursting with pride as he said "I'm An American"
And John Michael Montgomery was busy sending  "Letters From Home"

Darell Worley asks "Have You Forgotten?"
Toby Keith replies with "The Taliban Song."

"Yee Haw" hollered Jake Owens 
While Steve Holy "Got A Brand New Girl Friend"

Direks says "Free And Easy Down The Road I Go."
While Tim and Faith were telling each other "I Need You."

Josh asks "Would You Go With Me"
As Dierks Bently agrees with me " Every Miles A Memory"

Kenny C. said "You Had Me From Hello"
But George prefers the "Beaches Of Old Mexico"

I saved this special song for the end.
Alabama's "Angels Among Us"

Every time I hear this song I break out in a cold sweat.  Many years ago my 
granddaughter Mariah in Casper, Wy was attending the summer camp, on 
Casper Mountain, for her boys and girls group. This group included handicapped 
children. Friday afternoon the children presented a program for the parents. It 
was magnificent. The children helped the handicapped children get on and off of 
the stage for their part in the program. The finally began with all of the children on 
stage.  They played Alabama's song "Angels Among Us" but the children all 
preformed it in sign language. There was not a dry eye in the audience.  A well 
deserved ending to a successful summer camp. 

God Bless, Cile

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  They formulate a clever plan
to educate the outer bands,
of Romulus and Remus too,
         of wolves and warlocks,
just like you.
  They imitate the wildebeast,
they tempt the lions,
without a feast,
or famine if you choose to stay........
they paint your wagon every day,
green or blue or 
        What you Will.....
Orsino plays and gets his fill,
of music 
just to feed his love
of  stars in heaven up above.

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 Shattered,battered,tattered soul
living half a life,
wake to scream your inner anguish
in the mirror you must languish.
Push and pull your wounded shell
keep ing silence,
never tell,
any living thing of flights
taken through the starry nights
to the land of make believe
or the friends will make you leave
never to go back again 
in your dreams of lizard skin
where you really are a knight
in your armor shining bright
or a dragon to be slain
doesn't matter
you're insane.
who can tell if you are still?
Shut your mouth there's time to kill.

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Lilac Breeze

Early evening’s warm fresh breeze
Sented aroma adrift with ease

As afternoon sun melts slowly down
Day light concludes with a dusky crown

Evening beckoned me out for a stroll
Dainty placidness quenching my soul

A silky breeze makes my spirit content
Picking up lilac and trailing her scent

Sun dripping slowly down her pink sky
Eloquently melting as birds fly by

Enraptured by this lingering breeze
Relinquishes hope for tomorrows ease

By Jane Bowen

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composition in a minor key

in a minor key
swirling low 
so sad and free.
dark magenta,heavy laden
clouded skies
above the maiden
standing silent as a stone
in the garden all alone
flowers falling all around her
rising winds like wolves
to hound her,
just a statue of a soul
only you 
can make her whole.
composition in your mind
write the notes that
sight the blind.
the passion ,burning ,
hope that sets the world to
her eyes that shine 
for one
who sees her as the morning
pen cascades of circumstance,
that find them in a gypsy dance.
her away from here tonight
into his arms to hold her tight.
A composition all your own........
a minor key ,
and your alone.

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tiny chiklets of laughter
on the air
fireflies flicker in her hair
she's kissing the roses
with color sublime
it's her job to finish
before blooming time
The princess of fairies
is waiting to play
just outside your window
come start a new day

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Lighthouse On A Lonely Rock

Lonely lighthouse on one lone rock
Guarding the rocky shore around the clock

Standing stately flashing your light
Even though ships no longer come in the night

Birds love you, they cling to the rock
At your feet hoping just hear your clock

When it strikes its last chime
Saying that it is now the end of time

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Sunrise's Painting

Gently, light touched my eyes
As it tickeled my thighs…

A soft breeze entered my door 
A melody played across my room….

A heart beat was heard
As a new day approached….

Lowly, I opened my eyes,
Where a beautiful view was in display…

A view birds can't wait to see…
A view where life begins to speak…

I rested my eyes that morning,
on the sunrise's beautiful drawing...

The drawing that displayed a harmonious painting,
of red, orange, yellow, and the people who are smiling…

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Releasing, Refrain

Simply unsung or tremendous in voice
wrapped around freedom and packaged in choice
All of your actions stiff counted on chains
hung rigid in metal and held in refrain
Just like the keys on the jailer of old
tempting and rusted on one ring of gold
Penitent prisoners in songs of release
Jailer's legs up on the table in ease
You hold the keys to this infinite fire
which burns through the chords of every desire
and snaps up to lick at the base of your heart
a whistling of tragedy 'bout to depart
You can ignore all the noise in the cell
singing each song you know perfectly well
or you can reach down to your skeleton keys
and unlock the voices to let them fly free.

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Sunset Symphony

This quiver of my lip, is such a gift,
He shared his eyes to see his brilliant sunsets,
Reflecting up from cherished memory,
So many hearts a common muse away,
Most things they don't ring true, but a few can pierce veneer and move to that 
We swell and weep sublime,
Visions soul, the song, the captioned paper screen,
Is such a gift to give and get,
Times are few that vision touches you,
In that blink the doubt of God and house and heart, 
Flee beneath the clarity of genius,
When poison catch jingle, single pornographic faint,
Ficades and numbs most poignant sensation,
I still love because I think of them who give to us so vividly,
The sunset in their symphonies.

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Listen to the sound
That is all around

The gentle chirp of the birds
Can put me at a loss of words

Nature's sound is all around
Shedding light that can not be found

Only heard with the ear
So close your eyes and do not fear

Listen to the gentle echo
And the sound will glow

For the stillness of sound
Even when we don't know it's abound

Can drown out reality
And open our eyes to see

That hidden beneath what we feel
Sound can heal

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You Are My Inspiration

You are my inspirator and I love you much
You are my inspiration and I need to feel your touch
I long to be in the comfort of your loving arms
Where I'm protected, thus I'm safe from hurt  or harm.

You are my inspiration; you illuminate my day
You are my inspiration; don't ever go away
You are my inspiration; in your presence I feel relaxed and free.

You are my inspiration; you give me courage to reach my highest goal to be all 
that I can be.

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Butterfly Bones are Lighter, They Say...

Flow with me gently or flutter on by
Your butterfly tears stain green your blue eyes
In rivers and inlets or far away streams
your tears follow currents in search of your dreams
The butterfly swimmers with wings blue and gold
refuse to taste nectar that's any less bold
than you are in flight dipping through night
an eclectical sight, your reflection so tight
in your very own eyes shines bright from the tears
They strengthen your ties and lengthen your years
The spread of your wings cast shadows warm blue
to all that you love, and all who love you...

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Dream Train Opus part 1

ve                              Box Car Blue
   He jumped on board the dream train
chugging outward through the rain
heve shook himself and looked around
at once amazed at what he found

   The air was azure,blue and green
heavy laden,ocean scene
Mermaids swam around his head
brilliant corals,orange and red

    Seaweed tangled in his hair
He forgot how he was there
Atlantis offered him a hand
he swam down to a magic land

    Canyons rose and ledges fell
He felt the ocean's mighty swell
He rode a seahorse thru a cave
to reach the key a merman gave

   He came upon a golden door
down there on the ocean's floor
Seven sisters stood within
swirling hair and fine of fin

   "Choose between us now " they said
only one of us is  dead
If you pick a living wife
you'll have treasure and your life

  If you choose a love gone cold
you will reap a heart of gold
His mind was full of fear and doubt
His breath in bubbles boiled about

  He swam toward the open door
He dove and rolled and hit the floor
and now the rocking of the train
he saw the station,home again

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Healing Ellie

I met you hollow as the bones
of sun scorched trees with roots upturned
Worn to smoothness, polished grey
I met you when you'd less to say
But time and temperance green the ground
by pushing growth and sticking 'round
The seeds which scattered, dormant, light
in a gust of wind and time, took flight
They settled with your words and grew
with limbs of strength, they became you
And soon you laughed and bloomed in pink
and unwrapped time as a gift to think
Soon, your roots entwined the earth
You opened your arms to a million birds
and swayed in the wind to their favorite tune
as you etched them into your friend, the moon
Now you speak as all nature does
with a heart full of passion that's rooted in love
Each limb of growth reaching into the wind
Your words are a healing, You're on the mend...

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One Force

One night
In fright

I found
The sound


To make

No deal
With steel

Knives thrown
They moan

This night
I fight

For life
My fife

I play
To stay

An elf

I say

Lost now
In foul

Lost course

One force

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The Crone in the Woods!

Stirring up love with her chant.
Frogs eyes, Bats wings and the lips of an Ant.

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the witch has one

Black and gold with seven threads
running clockwise
through our heads
I was you and you were me
until a quarter after three
  then she turned your face around
and let you see your feet were bound
tied with ribbons to my hands
{had I ever made demands?}
we shared every single thing
the silver moon in early spring,
my old guitar and your bassoon
and every single nightbird's tune
but she regretted every sigh
that passed between us,you and I
I only wished to have you near
I never touched you,did I dear?
but jealousy,the ugly witch
untied the threads,yes every stitch.
now eye can't see you for the sun,
the ribbons fall, the witch has one.

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Eerie, Beery Night

After one too many beers, in the wee hours of the night,
I whizzed around town in my motorbike, feeling light;

     I zoomed into a dark side street and who or what did I meet
     but potholes, like drunk hobos, recklessly crossing the street!

I ran over some of them, they fought back and  muddied me,
made me swerve and splash into murky puddles I couldn't see.

     I stopped to catch my breath on the black deserted highway
     by my bike, the only one that stood by me, I should say;

but nastier than potholes, the asphalt was a different case,
it leaped and stood bolt upright and slammed hard against my face;

     In a split-second eternity, I swam the eerie border
     of the real and the unreal,  this beery night to remember !

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Changing Times

The Sixties are over 
the 90's are here 
Let's head out for an ice cold beer

The 90's are over
It's 2007
Listen once more to 
"Go to Heaven"

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Sense of Tumor

the neighborhood is stirred 
     as if by a fiery furor
everyone trembles, gasps 
     with horrid horror

as, at last, he catches and cuts 
     the culprit tumor
long ailing him with tingling, 
     painful tremor

fatal to him now to commit 
     the slightest error
when all he really needs is just 
     a sense of humor.

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The Waiting Place

Beneath the willow, there she lays
Full bodied figure on display
Quiet, peaceful, sound asleep
She waits for him, a date to keep

As shadow reaches upon her face
She awakens in that peaceful place
Where all her dreams do, there, come true
When, quickly, her eyes open to you

With crystal settings, her eyes, then wide
Show her feelings felt deep inside
A hand, she reaches for his, too
To touch her heart, refresh anew

With voice so soft, she whispers sweet
Words of love, to a lyrical beat
Together there, they share a dance,
In willows embrace, set to romance

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Glitter Lake

Sunken to the bottom in the snap of blue delight
to simply bathe in glittering and crystal slushing ice
Silt and streaks of sunlight blowing through the gills of fish
sneak their skin upon my lips to usher in a kiss
Winter wilts and stutters as I shine my surface eyes
bubbles slipping upward toward the warmth of summer skies
Hold my breath to silver while I listen to the flow
Giltter lake alive my pulse until I start to glow

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Ambergris and Abalone

 is what it was 
that washed up on the dunes ,
 in the hands of children 
'neath the moon.
fallen from the sky ,
and Sseaweed for our heads
we fell asleep along the reef 
upon our sandy Bbeds .

the Ddreams 
that came 
were Neptunes' own,
He held a triton on his throne,
he bade us ride a steed below
a spritely  Sseahorse all aglow

we wondered why he even cared
to show us , but we gawked and stared
at  Ttreasures measureless by man
he said he had a clever plan,

if we should want to breathe the air
we'd have to bring a  Ttreasure there
or stay forever down below,
we begged him just to let us go,

he said just one could rise above
and prove an everlasting Llove
by casting Ggold into the sea
and then the other would go Ffree

I went ashore 
and straight to bed,
I still hear voices in my head
they say .......
"'where have you gone my dear?"
when I hold  Sseashells to my ear.

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Little Conversations

A running conversation stood catching it's breath
on the hill of decision, on the day of it's death
In an effort to stop the inevitable flow
of the moon in it's belly on a mission to grow
It stepped to the edge of the hill and transpired
with verbiage gone ancient and aching for fire
It stood up on tiptoes and opened it's mouth
to let the sun in, or to let the moon out
This running conversation was made up of air
and moods of the moment and bent silver hair
which reflected the sun in an effort to stir
all the things that it loved while he motioned to her
It took a look down to the Pool of Dissolve
and felt the earth shimmer within it's revolve
In an effort to keep conversation alive
it trampolined toes into a swan dive.

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the Glass Well

  The well was glass when I fell in
I broke the way I've always been
I split the best of me in half
I heard  the echo of a laugh

  you really think that you'll escape
without a potion or a cape?
why yes I said with confidence
I've got  a feather and some sense

  I'm just like Dumbo I can fly 
I've got my feather and the sky
The well was filled with colored ink
I made a quill and in a blink

  I wrote myself  a pair of wings
[my feathered quill can do those things]
then I wrote a patent pending
for Magic Quills....a happy ending.

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Fragrant Beauty

Upon the far off hill, with the sun beating down
are just hundreds of flowers that grow from the ground.

Each one is distinctive in its very own way
And each has a fragrance that will make your head sway.

The loveliest of flowers, oh yes, to behold
Planted by the eternal gardener, or so I am told.

He planted the seeds with thoughts and with care
With the hopes that his people will see beauty there.

He knew all too well of the beauty He had made
The senses they all please and the comfort they gave.

He knew that in time we would return at an hour
Of need for love from His most fragrant of flowers.

He had blessed all the petals and stems with His touch.
He gave each one beauty and love, almost too much.

He made this a heaven on earth for all to then see
But t’is better to smell, of the fragrant beauty.

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Island Surprise

I close my eyes and feel the oceans spray
Tinkling wildly against my solitary display
I can see the easy wind blowing gently fly
I can tell the time for siesta has rolled by
The children head home in the afternoon glare
Hot and clammy each hand entwined on the stair
Strands of unruly hair flitter as if by dare
These islands I live on seem so without a care

I close my eyes and feel the oceans spray
Tinkling wildly against my solitary display
The golden beaches warmed by the sun
The melon vendor on his bicycle run
I open my eyes and see many a giant door
I'm still stuck in this metropolis forevermore

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And the Sun Spoke

The clouds fell down abruptly upon me this day
As the sun pushed them down, it had wanted to play

I looked to it, with a squint in my eyes
For it seemed so bright, there in the skies

It smiled and said, Michael, please write of me
I want the world to know just what I can be

I am more than just light, to brighten the day
I am inspiration, growth and a reason to play

I flourish the fields with multitudes of flowers
I give people reasons, in those fields, to spend hours

I am artwork, unpainted, but crafted from above
I am a gift from almighty, provided with love

So, Michael, can you please write of me now
Please let them all know, what I do and just how

Please choose your words wisely, so all to see clear
Just what I can do and just why I am here

I said, do not worry, they all know it true
For the words that I write, will be those poured from you

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She'll walk around the house,
Not quite knowing where to go.
Just feeling the soft carpet 
Run amidst her toes.

Then she stops at this door..
She puts her ear to it and listens closely 
To this beautiful soliloquy.

She hears question after question,
Agreeing with it as much as the last.
"Why am I here now?"
"How have I changed through what has passed?"

She hears something,
Snaps back to reality.
I then begin to realize,
The only one that is speaking is me.

So as my mother calls me away...
We'll come back to this another day...

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Old Ruth and the Preacher

The traveling preacher would visit us on a monthly bases,
Unless an urgent need like a wedding, burial, or a birth to welcome new faces.

Most folks in these parts paid with what they raised on their old dirt farms,
He’d preach hellfire and brimstone then we’d all pray with outreaching arms.

We hardly ever had services at the same spot twice,
Wherever he camped the night before he reckoned that place would be nice.

His poor old mule so swaybacked and lean,
Had carried his old carcass betwixt and between.

They’d been partners for more than twenty two years,
She’d seen him shout to the Lord and watched him when he’d fall to his knees and shed bitter tears.

He called the old girl Ruth, it’s from the Bible he said,
And she’s been a great friend as he patted her old head.

He said I can’t really complain cause the Lord’s been mighty good to me and old Ruth,
He said we’re both getting pretty tired and mighty long in the tooth.

Said reckon this’ll be the last time I make it out this a way,
He laughed and said heck when you’re as old as us you thank God for each new day.

There must have been four to five families here and kids by the score,
As the old preacher dismissed us you got that sinking feeling you wouldn’t be seeing him no more.

This man of God deserved so much more than his old mule and the clothes on his back,
But he said my reward is not of this earth, as he placed his old Bible into his traveling sack.

As he got ready to leave he shook everyone’s hand and rubbed a few heads,
Then he mounted old Ruth, and the little crowd handed to him a sack of coffee , some bacon and different kinds of breads.

He said God be with you good folks and always walk in His light,
Then he tapped old Ruth and they suddenly vanished plumb out of sight.

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sliding down the Rainbow

  Stop your talking!

someone said............

"the elevator's turning red!"

I feel the pressure in my head,


the things you tried  to say,
the night is dark,
the moon is gray,
the colors melted all away,

I scooped them up and licked them down
red and yellow,green and brown
I live to be the shades I found,

I am dark no more
look inside the  open door
of my lips and taste and see
what a rainbow love can be.

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splitting up

  white hot brands 

of comet trails

     across the river

          cross the vale.........

  in your eyes I set my sails
away to Timbuctu,

on your lips I taste the sun
in Monico when day is done
and we are by the sea to run,

I know you see it too.

on your skin the sudden feel,
of fantasy and yet it's real
like fairy tears that all congeal

within the morning dew.

encapsulated in our sphere
somehow we live alone in here
in just one body ,
two are clear.

the best of me is you.

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  Seeking wisdom
shall we find
the dictates of
a shattered mind

written wildly
on the run
scribble everything
you've done

suck the wind
right through
your spine

the hollow tune's
a haunted rhyme

blast of passion
mixed with power
written in the
witching hour

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Creature Feature

Swallow hard or sip your fear
Many different ways my dear
Taste a couple every day
and soon they'll all just slip away
Ooh the dark or closed in places
Higher ground and scary faces
As a child, real they were
gnarled werewolves thick with fur.
Men who swore with raving madness
killed their women, raw with passion
Older shows the blood was grey
Scares me silly to this day
Drink with me around the clock
Shade the windows, make it dark
Cozy now I know we're safe
and yet still I'll hide my face
To the taste, my fear, it's pure
Facing it's the only cure...

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Eyeless in Wonderland 2

  Blue eyes opened,Mother said,
get your big feet off my bed!
Go sit in that rocking chair
Get a brush and comb my hair.
   Mother may I stay with you?
Don't ask like you always do!
You know Santa Claus can hear
he won't come for you this year
    Santa sat beside the bed
smiled at her and shook his head
The King of Sweden lives here too,
there's just some other place for you.
  The nurse dressed up like
Peter Pan,
came along and took her hand
Come on Alice,the party's done
Halloween was so much fun
but the Hatter's Mad at me enough
without you getting into stuff
take this pill that makes you small
I'll let you sit out in the hall
then Mother Goose can have the time
to make you up another rhyme.

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Transformed in Flight

She flew in through the fissure
in the roof above my head,

I saw her block the moonlight
and I felt a touch of dread,

but she had wings of sapphire,
and a vision for my eyes,

and when she whispered secrets
I began to realize,

That i was shrinking quickly,
into something such as she,

I felt my skin grow prickly,
and a sparkle covered me,

we rose up through the ceiling,
then outside in the rain,

my mind was wildly reeling,
from the lack of wracking pain,

For I have been a cripple
since the day that I arrived,

and now I feel life ripple,
with a reason to survive.

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Secret Admirer

She's alone, 
Though she's at home.
She's scared, 
Though she is aware.
She shakes,
But she's far from breaking.
She's strong,
But she's not where she belongs.
She hides.
She hides behind her glimmering eyes.
She's willing 
To hear about the world they're killing.
She's open
Before she knows her chance is taken.
She's been through emotional murder,
But, still, somebody loves her.

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Cultivating a friendship

 When my friend Lydia was alive
she made the world
around her thrive,
this garden grew so high
and wide,
you couldn't find the other side.

she had red hair and azure eyes
so like a flower in disguise
perhaps she was a hybrid host
a woman blooming as a ghost
inhabiting this bit of land
to cultivate her garden grand.

her colored skirts of daffodils
her collars ,lillies full of frills,
I never noticed it before..............
what are  these seeds upon her floor?
perhaps her season came and went,
bright annual whose time was spent.

I'll  gather all the fallen seeds,
I'll plant them all and pull the weeds
thatmust be why she brought me here,
to help her grow another year.

and in the springtime she'll arise
and stretch her arms and kiss the skies
and let our hearts  like vines entwine
she'll grow  to be a friend of mine.

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Midnight Wishes

   Sixteen years was stamped in gold
upon her shoulders sevenfold
pale because of circumstance
and yet no one was at the dance
to spin the princess
'round and 'round
to buy her drinks from out of town
she cried and left to go back home
but no one had a telephone
to take the call 
about the time
that she would be at forth and Vine
and so she didn't make the train
the one that left for rural Spain
as Halloween crept into sight
in late October on that night
she made a midnight wish of sorts
and walked into a teleport
that took her off to Disney world
and now she is a happy girl.

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  Oh far far distant shore recalled
where once our words of love were scrawled
opon the sands of Xanadu
when we were young and hope was new

  Oh far far distant dreams of times
of sylvan forests in my mind
reclining on the parapets
of castles made of sillouettes

  shadows of what might have been
behind the shades of if and when
lit by candles in the gloom
the two of us,a spell,a swoon

 Amagic wish to take us there
sussurations in the air
a gasp,a spinning faint and then
alterations on the wind

  the skein of  life,the reel of time
flashing  back  along the line
until I feel you take my hand
to write I love you ,in the sand.

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Something's brewing

At present there are many cases
Where modern folk of different races
Need food for body, mind and soul
Craving to be nourished, to be whole
Thought I could introduce to you
Fulfillment in the form of stew
An age old family recipe
That sends emotion soaring free

Take one chopped liver, be precise
Add just a pinch of happy spice 
Two teaspoons full of loyalty’s nice
Handful of hope in small cubes diced
Pieces of courage thinly sliced
Two ripened hearts firmly spliced
A gracious sauce, senses enticed
Enrich the soul with beauty of life

Tickle the taste buds, play with your food
Set the table with all that’s good
Dig in, be happy, understood
This masterful dish will lift your mood
Tastes best when served with pure delight
So have a blast with all you invite
Serves all who’s willing to join the feast
Experience perfection while you eat

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One Man Banned

  Hear the music,
be the dancer,
never seek the necromancer

swing away to Northern counties
where they have no written bounties
on your head
though  you can't clear it
all that's left is sword and spirit.

Don't return until I call you,
something magic may befall you.

Evil seeks to hold your hand,
now you are the one man banned,
until Merlin waves his wand
and brings you home,
you must be gone.

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Last Dance

Remember that September
in the mountains in the rain?
You wore a sash of satin
and you tossed it from the train.

I have it in the pocket
of my old trench coat back home
along with that small locket
and your silver brush and comb.

Just trinkets and momentos of
a life that might have been,
I see you in the mirror right behind me
there my friend.

You look a little hollow eyed 
and wild
like New Year's Eve
you know I never even cried
the day I saw you leave.

Come dance a gentle dance with me
and whisper in my ear,
I don't care if no one can see
For I know that your'e here.

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Dirty Laundry

                             Dirty Laundry
Last night in a dream; he was in the strangest place;
He was surrounded by a group of singers; that sang Amazing Grace.
There was a lady in the middle; who had a sign that said divorced;
She wore it like a corset; so tight it changed her voice.
   She offered him assistance; even though he knew just how;
   He had washed his cloths before; and he didn’t need it now.
   Politely he did listen; and even seemed amused;
   He told a little joke to her; and she came off as abused.
 Latter on while folding cloths; some others tried to help;
Mrs. Divorce restricting corset; cried out with a yelp.
She said he was pathetic; or something such as that;
Amazed and jaw slapped open; he thought, what ever kitty cat.
   Next thing that he knew; he was sitting in a room;
   And people were conversing; how the end was coming soon
   Everyone agreed; as their heads did nod in time;
   Isn’t that just peachy; was what was on his mind.
Latter on that night; still with-in his dreams;
The lady with the corset; was ripping at the seams.
The ladies kept on singing; as if it didn’t matter;
But the list of all their grievances; just kept on getting fatter.
   They mocked him for his socks; obviously mismatched;
   They watched him like a hawk and angry looks dispatched.
   His detergent was unacceptable; it didn’t have a brightener;
   And his bed sheets and his underwear; didn’t have a whitener.
When his washing was completed; he thought of toilet habits;
And when they shopped for tissue; by the cases would they grab it.
Of course there’s scented candles; and fresheners for the air;
That would cost a piece of change; but of course they wouldn’t care.
    A dream about the laundry mat; and the queens up in the room;
    Speaking out their cackles’; like the witches with their brooms.
    The odyssey about it all; it’s the same thing when awake;
    Life can’t really be like this; this must be a mistake. 

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Love, Words And Writing

Such is when writing poetry--
We’re pretty willing to be free

And go to places, anywhere
All ‘cos beauty is out there

When, in haste, words do flow 
The mighty pen and paper glow 

O, we play with them, like love 
That comes like a haloed dove

We take the risk of being hurt--
The pain, hidden behind its skirt

That no one would like to have
What special is how we behave

In any given conditions or forms 
Against any unprecedented storms

We need to work our imagination
For enjoyment and self perfection

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Dreams Are Wishes

Dreams are wishes 

Made in your heart 

To reach for the stars 

And find their chart 

Every day dream 

Of all those things 

Your heart within sings 

Dazzled by their beam 

Never stop dreaming 

Never stop wishing 

These are gifts 

Don't let them drift! 

Sail this magical ship 

Don't let them ever slip! 

Dorian Petersen Potter 
aka ladydp2000 


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  Her heart is a strand of barbed wire
her tongue,a burning house afire
her hands are razors set in steel
her breath is acid,you will reel
each time she passes with those shrieks
she saves for losers,clownsand freaks

  exterminator paid in cash
to weed out vermin, fools and trash
she'll chop you up and spit you down
the other side of loser town
she's all in black and blue and red
bright with fire and dark with dread

  you can't escape her burning ire
barbed wire women don't expire
they just get covered with the shreds
of flesh and hair from victim's heads
until they turn into a ball
a catamari thru it all
the acrid smell of losers grows
the barbed wire woman always knows
where you hide and what you said.....
the barbed wire woman
wants you dead.

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Driving on the asphalt

I was sipping on some whiskey when a black cat crossed my trail;
There was a black magic woman that liked to swish her tail.
   It was a black Cadillac that took my daddy to his grave;
   It was a black beauty potion that almost made me out its slave.
A black night was falling the night my baby went away;
It is a black phone I’m using asking her to stay.
   A nasty black tarantula scared old Harry half to death;
   It was hiding in bananas but then it turned and left.
I saw a black panther prowling, for a bite to eat;
I saw the black panthers armed and marching down the street.
    Black Betty had baby, blam-a lam;
   And when she has her toast, she spreads blackberry jam.
There’s a story of some black birds, cooked up in a pie
The Raven that was at the door, would stare with crocked eye.
    There’s a dark midnight calling, I’ve seen this once before;
    There’s a black colored squad car, parked at my front door.
A black rain is falling, that’s turned to sleet and ice;
And Black Death is calling; He’s been knocking once or twice.
    A bruise will turn to black, from the dotting of the eye;
    It’s a black gun I’m buying, making sure that he will die.
A country crooner singing all dressed up in black;
There’s a long train that’s coming, up along the tracks.
  Black colored liquorish, in a baby’s hand;
  Black colored activist, trying to make a stand.
Business that struggle, to get into the black;
Secrets that you’ve gave away, while riding in a hack.
    A leather black address book, filled with women’s names;
    A divorce decree that’s typed in black, that’s listing all his blames.   
The dealer on the corner, who will sell to you some crack;
The black cracks on sidewalks, that will break your mothers back.
   This is all that I have to say, about the color black;
   And any new ideas, unfortunately I lack.

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Pain and Paint

Tremendously guarded, with mask and malaise
steel tipped and smiling through cloud lugging days
Hundreds of frozen dreams melt on your back
to be slipped on when least on your guard
Blessedly smart, so they've said once or twice
Always so gentle and saccharine nice
If they only knew the exposure within
They'd burn like a fire's obsession for air
We'll find you at night washing white down the drain
from the grease paint you don when your face is in pain
We watch through the window as you sink to your knees
in the pool of a million lost star dust decrees

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  we found the cave behind the waterfall
and stood and simply wondered at it all

the night was dark and we were
far from home'
you laughed and said
this place was for a gnome

we built a fire and shivered
in the glow
a fantasy ,a feeling
seemed to grow,

your eyes were just too bright
for me to trust,
I saw strange footprints 
forming in the dust

A golden goblet 
o'er my head
a mist poured softly
blurring all you said

you leaned to touch
my lips with jaded hands
and I forgot tomorrow
and our plans.

I felt a jolt 
to never be alone
the footprints in thedust
are now my own.

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Dreams or Delusions

Dreams or delusions - who is to say? 
For one may dive ocean's to find her own way,
another may grow wings and fly 'cross the clouds 
- to the portal of sound, past the infinite crowds
A butterfly dancer, a fish with tin scales,
who teases the bellies of great balloon whales
by darting the currents in the scattered shard sun
If dreams are delusions, am I dreaming one?
Have I powdered wings or paper ribbed fins
which slice through the top of the ocean's thin skin?
Sinking like leaded lures, brushing the sand
powdery wings melt like paint in my hand
Grow me some aqua lungs, plow through the salt
while time ticks it's liquid sound straight to a halt
Dreams or delusions - who is to say?
Do you tend to fly by the night... in the day???

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the Blue Bliss Mirror

     the blue bliss mirror has my face
when i had a certain grace
has my jazzy smile and frown
when i was an awesome brown
has my golden eyes and brows
when i lived among the cows
   blue bliss mirror knows i'm real
knows exactly how i feel
really loves me,feels my pain
wants to see me love again
   blue bliss mirror still unbroken
filled with dreams,so real,unspoken
thankyou for your estimation
of my tragic situation
in your visage,i am fine
blue bliss mirror,friend of mine.

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  I cannot say a thing you hear
I think I"m going blind my dear,
now everything's so very clear.
the night bird called me on the phone,
reminding me I'm not at home,
the origins are all unknown
To wake and yet to be asleep,
and have no promises to keep,
and still the evening makes me weep
and wander off to distant isles
to sleep with colored crocodiles,
with wanton eyes and sneaky smiles.
So tuck me in and wake me down,
I smiled until I couldn't frown,
I've gone so dry I'm sure to drown,

accumulated tears.......

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Just One Person

I feel no coat of burden, despite guilt’s overpowering ways
For freedom lies within my heart, as honesty fights the days

I feel no sense of regret, though decisions are so often made
As choices not for my own good, but for the many that outweigh

I hope to have the ability, sensibility to always do what’s right
For then my conscience speaks to me and warms me with its light

I hope to possibly change the world, just one person at a time
As my heart’s wide open, head held high, so eagerly sublime

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Sweet like a serpentine
Stunning in glass
fuming with poison
from pain that has passed
Limp like an iron cast
Push while you  pull
starving from vomiting
when you were full
Gripping like falling sand
Streaming in veins
starts out like sweetness
and ends up in pain
Sweet like a lemon green
Tart like a hiss
broke open with frost
from a serpentine kiss.

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Alter Ego

   After euthanizing Nancy,
I decided to forget,
all about that being fancy
and I think that I should quit
formulating other faces
in this factory
of mind,
no , I can't be in four places,
I must leave it all behind,

 Yes my mentor told me Monday,
that this Sunday is the last,
anniversary of Done Day,
when I finished up the past,
threw away the key to making
molds of Mother and the guys,
though I have a way of baking 
up a batch of sweet surprise

Disconcerting things keep waking,
in the cottage in my head
Such a sweet world I was faking
but I can't live there instead,

someone needs to do the laundry,
feed the dog and bake the bread,
so I guess it's just a quandary,
who I'll be until I'm dead.

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  Building Haunted,
it warned,
The sign hung crazy,

All five of them broke inside
I stayed out
and they all died.

They all died and I ran off,
I heard a monster
laugh and cough.

He's tried to find me everyday
since that night I ran away.

He has big hands and burning hair
I wish I'd stayed away from there.

The others look out of his eyes
they haunt me and they mesmerize,
every one who stares their way,
I saw them waiting yesterday,
outside the schoolyard
in the park,
burning brightly in the dark.

The matches were not even mine
neither was the cherry wine

I ran back home but they all stayed
they lit a fire,
the music played.

They set the haunted house afire
but it became their funeral pyre.

The gang just wants me back again
The monsters' eyes say.....
"Come my Friend."

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A curio shoppe on the edge of Khartoum
on the edge of the world
on the cusp of our doom
  smouldering incense
bade us come in
a cornucopia
whispered my friend
an aura of daydreams
dappled the air
a cyclone of chaos
strewn everywhere
antiquated cast a ways
cadence from a bygone day
  a cossack in a dark burnoose
offered potions
swirled in juice
pomegranate  grated fine
adrift in elderberry wine
the phantom laughed
a banshee sound
a scarab scuttled
'cross the ground
  a bouyant vapor floated past
ambergris,a glowing glass
carousel of fantasy
castanets inside of me
I don't know how you found the door
wicker splintered
something more
then the wharf,
cerulean sea,
the coral moon
and we were free
in the boat I breathed a sigh
until I caught the
scarabs eye.

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Color of Music

With a rose wood neck and pearl inlay 
I placed my fingers on her, just to play 
A time enjoyed more, I never had 
The sounds she now made, made me glad. 

She sang with beauty, each note she hit. 
Melodious? More than just a bit. 
With love I gave, then closed my eyes 
And she gave back with charming sighs. 

Her body, curved, felt just so right 
As we played together on this night. 
The color of music that we made 
Went on eternally, as we played.

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Words gone wild




words gone wild,

stealing off a favored child,

take this silver scale and token,

write the words 
your Muse has spoken,

etched in fiery streaks 

of Murder,
tell the truth the way you heard her,

see the monster in the mirror,
hurry now your fate grows clearer,

break the circle drawn around you

say a prayer,
the Truth has found you.

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snow and the blanketing midnight surrounds,

muffles the madness,

and snuffs out the sounds,

rising in billows 

from wandering souls,

fluff up your pillows

and stare through the holes,

letting in moonlight,

like eyes of an owl,

asking Who

loves you,

beyond deaths'

dark cowl.

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Primordial Man

   I followed in his footsteps 
but far back a ways you know
It wouldn't do for him to see 
the way the goblins grow,

from every puddle that he left
an entity ,alone ,bereft
has raised its' head to look
up from the muck,out of the ground.

some are fairies and the like 
and some are elves
and some are tykes
that soon may grow into 
a troll
to hide beneath the bridge
and roll
ole Tony down when he comes back
a strolling cross his
evening track,
he'll ask a riddle of the man,
and when he doesn't understand

he'll say "what have you lost and found
since you past by and went to town?"

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Peel Me a Poem

Whisk them all to peaks of passion, 
Words and letters, deeds and action, 
Flow them, grow them in the sky
All exhaled we burst and fly
Butter wings and liquid lifting
Swelled balloons for fingertipping
Catching words, pulp and peel
Need to eat them,  just to feel...

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When words come alive

Words have characters, words have soul
But lack one thing to make them whole
If it was within our power to do so
How would their physical appearance go?
Would “time” stand still, or run or fly
Or “scary’s” face make you want to cry
Run towards “brave” where you’ll feel safe
And hide behind his flowing cape
Would “haste” be out waiting with “lazy”
for “slow” who always drives him crazy
would “deaf” even be friends with “yapping”
and “sleepy” always be out napping
would “silence” be all gold and special
while “noisy’s” just an empty vessel
Would “good” and “evil” bear the scars
Of rivals always up in arms
Yes, quite the spectacle it would seem
The prospects of a poet’s dreams

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Celebrating Rainbows

After a healthy downpour of rain, 
Side by side, always the same
Today or tomorrow, a simple bow
The signal of hope, sunshine must follow 
A destined bond, family tied
Silhouette of unity, predesigned
A joyous echo, long established norm
Classical collision, ensured, conformed

If each color grew tired of the next 
Would independence leave us perplexed
Lava lamp like, these morphing beams
The stuff that’s only seen in dreams
Nature’s fireworks, marvel at the sights
Curse the sun’s interference despite
the churning clouds that bring the scent 
of awaited drops that must descent 

Which would you then celebrate  more
Winter, long nights and stars galore
and rainy days, bountiful displays
or summer beaches and butterfly ways
The future may one day demonstrate 
Impacts of change from the current state
For now, uplifting, shoulder to shoulder
Beauty, simplified, in the eye of the beholder 

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through her eyes

Thirsty mind ,she drinks  the day
And the night and takes the clay
That she makes out of the Dawn
Yearns to swing  it in a song 
All around  her as she swirls 
Near the edges of the world
And we 'll never think the same,
           yes Tatyana is her name.

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   I represent all human kind                   
My birth begins in their mind  
  Majestic like an eagle’s flight                    
Life’s passageways of insight 
  Thru my words souls are bared           
Yet no tongue have I to share    
  I have a strong worthy stand   
Yet can be crushed in the hand
  Souls of millions I have seen
Despite no eyes to intervene
  I have traveled far and wide
Air, land and sea all in stride
  The plea of many I have heard
Yet no ears I have to hear a word
  My identity an endless sky
Amazingly untold names have I
  Many things I could be
In a Poem for all to see


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  THe House of seven gables and Wuthering Heights,
the places where you spend 
all your days and your nights
looking for Heathcliff
out on the moor
through the dark heather ,you search evermore
a thick ray of darkness
covers your face
I search every night but I just find the place
full of rubble and shingles
and blistered black bones
I know you're here somewhere,
bereft and alone
Jane Eyre would have wept
for your sorrowful plight
the victim of love
so far out of the light,
weeping and wailing,
I hear and respond
I follow your tears to the edge of the dawn
wraith in the moonbeams
cast through the walls
what's left of the mansion
hears your mournful calls
seeking a lover who never returns
relighting a fire that forever burns
If I ever find you I'll show you tomorrow
where true love will vanquish
your anguish and sorrow.

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Dreams Come True

These dreams I have, they hold me strong
With people in places, do I belong?
I do, however, like their way
They make me smile, brighten my day.

While fast asleep, I have these dreams
Of being places, with others, it seems.
It seems so natural, as if it should.
It can’t be bad, but is it good?

They are but dreams, within my being,
Exciting my senses, with all I’m seeing.
I’ll keep them eternally hidden for me
Others might not like just what I see.

Dreams are just that, well hidden sights.
Fantasies, yes, to get through the nights.
Does it mean that what I have is bad?
No. Just a way to help me feel glad.

Suppressed feelings or needs, nobody knows.
My dreams do things that make me glow.
With music or loving, fantasy or real
My dreams are just dreams and  that’s how I feel.

If you happen to be in one of my dreams,
Don’t worry, enjoy! Not as bad as it seems.
In them, you do for me as I’ll do for you.
For maybe one day, all dreams will come true.

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Sway aloft on moonlit night
Arm in arm as we hold so tight
I give to you this lover’s glance
Here and now we share romance

Contain my heart there in your hands
This victim of love’s circumstance
It’s given to you to have and hold
Treasure this darling, until we grow old

I will be with you until that day nears
We will enjoy all the upcoming years
One day look back and smile to know
Love was the reason we were both set aglow

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crisp and tart is the air
quickened paranoia like the rabbit n hare

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The things that time can do to me; so different am I now;
Time has put me on my knees; and left me asking how.

Long ago I took to flight; like a rocket to the sky;
Now death and caution holds me back; no longer do I fly.

The things that time has done to me; as I rehearse my closing act;
Today my future’s overshadowed; by the weight that’s on my back.

Too late to start all over; but it’s never time to quit;
It seems that all there is to do; is expend my comic whit.

The thing that time now does to me; leaves me wondering why;
Why is it when I call to it; options pass me by.

Desolation is not prevalent; escape can always come;
Even time might look away; it’s then I’ll break and run.

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Illicit thoughts, erotic dreams
Nothing is ever what it seems.
Sweet delusions, my illusions
Rids me of all life's confusion.
Drifting to another place
While my life becomes a waste
Addicted to the ecstasy-
The ecstasy of fantasy
Everything will always be-
Better when its fantasy
Everything will always feel-
Better than if it were real
Real life's a waste of time,
Live life within your mind.

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I Give You, the Poet

He sees with his heart while writing with his mind
As words can sometimes be very hard to find
While seeing beauty in a flower, or even a brook
A poet sees everything, with more than a look
For he gathers inspiration from everything seen
Or felt within his heart, interpreting meaning
He composes, not for others, but shares just the same
For the writing is his pleasure, his fate and his game
He’s a master of language, of poetry and prose
A storyteller, who feels, everything that he knows
For more than a story does a poet then weave
He provides you experiences, if just you believe
And as he settles down, for his slumber each night
He keeps a pen and some paper on his table, by the light
For many a time, each eve, he may awaken from his sleep
With new lines to write, with new verses to keep 

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Travelling Hearts

Walking on the Thames, taking in the scene
As the sun sets, o’er the house of the queen
My heart is here, engraved with your name
Tell me, darling, do you feel the same?

Now off to Egypt, base of Pyramid, stand
Just you and I, again I’m holding your hand
Enjoying the culture, the artifacts and more
As the beauty I admire, but it is you, I adore

Now off to Venice, on the gondola’s way
Together we sit with our hearts on display
The man in the back just pushes along
As together we share a splendid lover’s song

All over the world wherever we may be
We’ll see so very much, but only you, will I see
I would never ever venture to these places, as one
It’s more romantic with you and so much more fun

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Poetry World

Lines of golden threads strung along 
Creating a magically moving song 

Capturing eloquent words on fancy and delicate 
sheets of paper 
Each piece written speaks of a crafted caper 

From deep inside a mysterious and powerful soul 
Emotions pour over and start to take control 

Stories hidden between the lines 
Whispered out with each limerick or rhyme 

Captivating to all - drawn into every line 
Easily takes hold and loses all track of time 

A world of poetry with colorful imagery to see 
Painting pictures of vibrance for you and me  


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Imagine Life

Imagine for a moment please
If the world had total peace
The sky then eternal blue
Civility between me and you
A permanence of happy times
All words would simply rhyme
Smiles then affixed in place
Upon, every child’s face

Now, think of the things to do
To make all of this, just come true
Reach in and feel it in the heart
That would be the very start
For it only takes just one being
To make a change that can be seen
Life would then be truly gold
Just as He promised, so foretold