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Couplet Friendship Poems | Couplet Poems About Friendship

These Couplet Friendship poems are examples of Couplet poems about Friendship. These are the best examples of Couplet Friendship poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Under the Same Moon -3-Way-Collaboration-

 ~Under the Same Moon~

Our days are different, living under the same moon
Down here in TEXAS, life carries a different tune
This world spins on its lovely axis
Listening to our Tex-Mex of our English lexis
We share a world made with the trust of God's hand
Revealing the beauty that life continue to expand
Don't underestimate our football image of our Cow Boy land
A mysterious Mockingbird only we Texans understand
Surrounded by the sweetest Pecan trees
The Northern Winters come in like a breeze and a tease
We also have them Blue Bonnet fields that come and go
Tell me about CANADA, what makes its motion flow?
Branded like a Long Horn, with my Lone Star State pride
How about you, CHRIS A. What's up on your side?

Chris D.Aechtner
Different lives, different lands, living under the same moon,
waking up to the ghostly calls of the wild loon.
Look upon mountains and forests stretching into infinity-
mighty Sequoias and tall Douglas firs stand majestically.
I could offer stereo-typical images of hockey, snow and moose,
or sockeye salmon, maple syrup and the great Canadian goose,
but we Canucks are becoming tired of idly standing by
as the rest of the world dips its fingers into our Northern pie.
We are a nation of peaceful, open-minded hospitality,
shying away from brutality by offering liberal neutrality.
Before I blow my top as my strong emotions collide,
I should definitely step away from my nationalistic pride,
and ask about the Philippines and its tropical flair-
how about you Nikko, what is happening over there?

Oceans away, here I am, living under the same moon
Sun’s rising over there; here, dish runs away with the spoon
My sleep is whacked, so I’m wide awake when you are,
amazing how we can all be in one place even if we’re all very far
Where islands form the shape of an old man, waters hug our shores
Tropical Paradise here, when you explore the great outdoors
Awesome sunsets, bountiful fiestas, the warmest smiles to greet you...
We here just love to eat when there’s nothing else to do!
Colorful rice cakes, freshest seafood, the most succulent mangoes~
Sunny days or rainy days, the creativity here just flows.
Resilient. This is a word that pops to mind when I think of us Filipinos-
We bend and bounce back, no matter how hard the wind blows.
This is just a sneak peek, but I’d love to know more about Utah
Care to share what’s on your side, my dear friend Andrea?

      ( 3 Way Collaboration )

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Your words flow freely like a cascading waterfall
Such beautiful writes, I can relate to them all

Words that reveal the pain in your eyes
The hurt you feel you cannot disguise

Tender words full hopes and of dreams of romance
Find the girl of your dreams, then take a chance

I am honoured to find such a treasured friend
Together lets hope our dreams never end

Jan Allison
8th September 2014

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I felt I’d known you all my life When I met you and your lovely wife Your daughter and grand-daughter too A friendship forged, we will again renew When I saw you at the airport today Hugs and kisses came my way Treasured memories of the days we met These precious times we will never forget Hugs Jan xxx Jan Allison 4th November 2014

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One Year Ago

Well, it has been one year since I joined Poetry Soup.
I smile now, because I have met this wonderfully diverse group.

August 7th, 2013 was a day that would change my life.
I finally found the place where I could express my cares and strife.

I know that I say this often, and yet it is still not enough.
Thank you all for bringing me happiness on days that were rough.

To Linda, The "Poet Destroyer" and her sister SKAT.
You both welcomed me warmly and I will never forget that.

To Chan Hurst, who is much more than "Just That Archaic Poet".
We will always be friends to the end, and you know it.

To Nature Boy, .... well ..... what more can I say?
You have helped and inspired me to blossom in every way.

To Gail Angel Doyle, Debbie Duncan, Cheryl Dunn, and Michael Clarke.
Thank you for knowing that good things can come from the dark.

To John "Jake" Posey, who mentioned Poetry Soup while on another site.
You were actually the first person to tell me that I could write.

To Isaiah Zerbst, with whom my first collaboration would be.
Thank you so much for seeing the poetic potential in me.

To Mustapha Mohammed, a true "partner-in-rhyme".
Thank you for allowing my poetry to take up some of your time.

To Peter and Vera Duggan, Liam McDaid and Carolyn D.
Your kindness and friendship always meant so much to me.

To Bindu Vijayan, Johnny Rhinem, Yasmin Khan and Becca L.
Thank you for truly understanding my words so well.

To Andrea Dietrich, Nette Onclaud, Debbie Guzzi and Giorgio A.V.
I truly appreciate the encouragement that you've given to me.

To F.J. Thomas, Mystic Rose, Richard L., and Anne-Lise A.
Meeting kind-hearted people like you has made me want to stay.

To Thomas Simunsen, Karen Anglesey, Dr, Ram Mehta and Drake E.
I think you have read almost every poem ever written by me.

To Matthew Anish, Charmaine C., Shadow H., and Dave Wood.
Thank you for making me smile more than anyone ever could.

To Robin Davis, Danesh Morgan, Roger H., Litan D., and Sara K.
I appreciate all of you visiting me nearly every single day.

To Christopher Thor Britt, Carrie C., Justin Bordner, and Craig C.
None of your written words have ever failed to inspire me.

To Casarah N., Robert Lindley, Paul Callus and Arthur V.
Thank you all for just being so friendly to me.

We all share a common passion through the writing of a poem.
I am so lucky to have found a place that feels like home.

There are many friends that I have met along the way.
So, thank you all for brightening up the last 365 days.

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Woodland Path

Fae circles of mushrooms
Lanky yellow toadstools
Firm jelly tot larvae 
Feed from rich stagnant pools.
Fungal disks cling with wanton 
To the grey trunks of trees
Cricket strums join to bird song
Sending messages of peace.

Lambent beams break through foliage
Gradient tones tint the scene
Yellow, purple, and whites
showcased by backgrounds of green.
Fractured rock nests bright flora
Compost mats engage moss
A place of breach and survival.
Nature's gain, (one might say) 
is the product of loss.

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I know that you would understand I’d be there if I could and hold your hand If you could look and see my footprints You’d see they never ever leave your side If you could see my shadow it would be next to you I’m with you every step of the way in everything you do Jan Allison 28th October 2014

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Deeply Hurt Love

Feet not up yet dreaming looking into the deep distant horizon screams
need to take turf in remembering howls across oceans mourning dream special wish

You would want a good fire tonight for sure ice stormy fierce cold cutting
out walking giant waves hitting of the shore thundering pounds lashing clash 

Today the wind fairly woke me up piercing wide eye opening vision
Then when I got home just felt ten years younger alive again one storm

Now that's a good omen laughing to myself carries one to the high Heavens
Must be the salted spray love mixed with sea mist smashes you to the ground love

New therapy go out to the sea front as gales howling with angry force break news
blowing giant waves crashing heavy of cliffs thundering roars echoes inside sad 

Wind spitting sea salt sand peppering the face in your hardened heart
hate remains your driving engine unforgiving hung up on the past 

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The Pub II

Inside pub steins stout magic spoke
‘neath genie wisps of bangle smoke
Brown cone cigars, deep chubby pipes
Aromatic spills to breach the night.
Music calls to muted songs 
Rough knuckles echo Bodhrán drums.
Flute, melodeon, bouzouki*, mandolin
Penny whistles, uilleann pipes, one feisty violin.
Pied piper rhythms, pied piper beats
Bold Celtic persuasions to move proud legs and feet. 

To Daver and friendship, thank you!

* Bouzouki...A stringed instrument that could stand up to the volume and intensity of fiddles, flutes, accordions, and pipes.
*uilleann pipes...Irish bagpipes...melodeon. an Irish accordian

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a Friend to the Wind even now

On a leaf I would write you a letter 
and mail it into the wind
that's the chance I had in finding ,
my once in a lifetime friend.

But it landed right there beside you,
tangled in threads of your shawl,
with only your heartstrings to guide you,
you found me where dying dreams fall.

The Gypsy wind whispers a reason,
the where and the why and the how,
but I will remember that season........
I'm a friend to the wind
even now.

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To touch a dream

Dreams come in many forms
Some are cold and others warm

Some play like a movie in black and white
And some are no less than a guiding light

Some are visions of times to come
Some just simply leave us numb

Some we remember and some we forget
Some we cherish and some we regret

Some we just can't help but treasure
Some give us embarrassing pleasure

I close my eyes and dream of you
All the things I've put you through

See I had a dream that went sour
An awful dream of money and power

Then I learned one cold hard day
Some dreams take years to pay

Sometimes reality is clearly seen
Another will soon touch my dream

As these tears run down my face
Some dreams are just to good to waste

I can only imagine the pain in you
Trying hard to be faithful and true

Sweetheart some dreams are to hard to play
As I slowly start to fade away

A single year has came and went
I have seven more at eighty-five percent

Sometimes reality is sad as can be
Sweetheart I want you to let go of me

I learned love is worth more than gold
You deserve somebody to hold

This type relationship is totally insane
I want you to free yourself of my pain

If our love is truly meant to be
My dream will bring you back to me

Strength of character  is hard to find
As I treasure yours please treasure mine

I believe our love can break the mold
Be a timeless romantic story told

About two lovers who broke apart
In order to save each others hearts

And let their love be a miracle seen
By having faith to touch a dream

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Our single soul

As the trials of life come and go
Accept there blessings into your soul

Let them become without a doubt
A model of what you're all about

Don't let them get you all depressed
All things in life need be addressed

Let your spirit be like the wind
Your unseen dearest friend

As I see the lines in my face
Each a reminder of certain place

Do I wish they would go away?
Or that my hair wasn't turning grey

I have no desire to regain youth
For I have learned to speak my truth

When I was young I was so lost
I let my soul pay the cost

Running hard against the grain
Using drugs to kill the pain

Now I feel each and every day
Use the Lord to take the pain away

Do what I can accepting what I get
Treasure blessings that come of it

Thank the Lord through the poems I pray
Use what I need give the rest away

I seem to be driven by a single goal
Can you feel my heart and soul?

I slice them open in hopes they will bleed
Something that someone might need

The single fear I know so well
The fear that my words will fail

So once again I face my fear
As I write I shed my tears

Because these words are spoken true
My heart belongs to all of you

And through it's love I hope to show
We all share a single soul

A soul that is bound by love
Given us by the Lord above

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LindaMarie The Sweetheartof P S

  ~ Linda-Marie The Sweetheart of P. S. ~

When it comes to a friendly hi!
One of the best poetry, hearts we can't deny!

Our Sweetheart Linda Marie
No one is smoother and sweeter than her- our peach tree

Always stopping by to say hi, no matter, rain/sleet or snow
Her contest Zany Zoo, one of the soups best show

A woman who never judged me from the start
Linda Marie, thank you for being such a sweetheart

Sharing her delightful poems,  a double doze for me
Oh Me- Oh My- That woman can write so much poetry!

I am sure she is loved by the poetry soup staff
LOL! How this blonde bombshell  made us laugh

Remember, when she took her laptop to a sandy Island 
She smiled, and shared, how the laptop was damaged with so much sand

Hanging out with Linda, it's like singing "Kumbaya my Lord"-- I felt her holding my hand
How sweet of Linda, when she invited us to meet her new Husband?

Linda Marie is loved by her very own BBF team
Letting us know, life has been more than a dream

Her heart so big, she worried when her BFF's weren't around
Leaving notes, making sure we have not hit a poet break down

She keeps us in her heart when we are not logged in
Her beautiful and clever/witty poem will forever remain 

Most of her poetry made me smile
Linda Marie's poetry had so much Style!

We prayed for you when we heard about your son
Thank you for sharing your faith in God. -Linda You're #1

A poet I highly recommend
Linda Marie my poetry soup best friend

Dedicated to:
~Linda-Marie The Sweetheart of P. S. ~ 2012
~I"M gonna miss you, 2013
Happy birthday to you :-(  Don't leave, 2013

(STILL MISSING YOU) Love always, YOUR BFF -- 2014
Sending my Heart, To one of the soups Leading Ladies
RIP. Linda-Marie Bariana You are forever loved

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On loving the literary soup,,

When my spirit was fogged in gloom
After i impacted concrete; like a lead balloon

It lifted my strength as i started to write
Of a beautiful girls toy; on its maiden flight

Intended for a contest by souper trouper P D
But i wrote it wrong in "form" if you look you'll see...)

Yet on its immersion in "the soup" i felt satisfied
It seemed to numb the pain; i had been feeling inside

Its not winning or losing while on "the soup" 
Though neither string bean; or minestrone (i feel) in "the loop"

There are many places to spend a while,
But the "draw" for me is "the soups" unique flavor & style

It has content..) that's peaceful, stimulating," its fine"
Yet words versus" its essence is exercising my mind,

Let its writers and their themes be the answer to why
I extol "the soups" virtue; that's my definitely my very best try..!

Copyright Joe Maverick 2012
in support of Carol Browns what you love about "the soup"
amended 19 02 2012.  




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Goodnight Dear P D

Go to sleep dear need your rest
Tomorrow will be to be at your best
Children and know they are wild
They'll wear you out...and thats putting it mild
Oh no the better not forget
Cooking and serving...your body wet with sweat
A shower, a shower...and you can wind down
Asleep, asleep in your bed...Not making a sound
Send me to sleep contest Sponsor: P.D. Written by Carol ~Sunshine~ Brown 10/25/2012 2nd Place Winner

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Saved by a Bandit

You call me Bandit ‘cause I rummage through trash cans
Searching for leftovers with my five-fingered hands

Mama Coon, believe me, I wasn’t expectin’
To sort through the rubble and find this sweet kitten

She was tired, hungry; I shared my bounty with her
She licked my face and fell into a deep slumber

Can I keep her, Mama Coon?  She doesn’t eat much
And she purrs in response to any loving touch

Yes, I know that she is not really one of us
It seems she was abandoned; please don’t make a fuss

Remember the pig “Babe” who was raised by a dog
She was loved and never realized she was a hog

She can sleep in my bed, cuddle with me at night
To send her back out alone just doesn’t seem right

See how comfortably she fits into my hands
And she’s far safer here than in the hands of man

You know how hunters pursue us just for our fur
I’ve grown attached and want a better life for her

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Dutch Hill Park

I took a walk down Columbia Street
Back to the place where we used to meet
Where we played as kids until after dark
And hung out together up at Dutch Hill Park
Although alone, I could hear the sound
Of laughter coming from the merry go round
Sometimes we'd meet there in the early dawn
The dance hall, pavilion and the swings are gone
I saw those pine trees and I thought of you
And all the crazy things we used to do
Like sleeping out underneath the stars
Hanging upside down from the monkey bars
A swing made from  a rope and an old tire
We baked potatoes on an open fire
Squirrel nut zippers and an RC coke
Transistor radio and we'd have a smoke
We walked in the woods and we climbed some trees
We scratched our faces and we skinned our knees
Never dreaming that it would ever end
If I could, I'd do it all again my friend
Those memories I have will never part
I carry Dutch Hill Park inside my heart
And all those memories of yesteryear
Heading back home now I shed a tear.

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Helped You Fly

I held your face and caught your tears..
On my fingertips they balanced and disappeared..
Swallowed your sadness with an open mouth..
Lifted grief away and showed what love is about..
Took a dream and gave you the starring role..
A place to run and play and feed your soul..
Now your free to dream your own..
Just remember me, your never alone..

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Mabuhay, Andrea :D

Mabuhay, Andrea :D!!! Such a happy day, guess who's tapping the knocker? It's lovely Andrea, that's who! My Soup doppelganger! Why don't you come inside, oh I just love your eyes! I got truffles, tiramisu and I cooked you a surprise Better yet, let's stay outside, I just know you love the sun Let's talk poems, and food then throw in meter for fun! Here's my surprise,coconut and clam soup, my mom's specialty What day won't be complete without soup? Just me being goofy :p Food, friendship, laughter and one of the Soup's best as my company, I hope this won't just be wishful thinking, but a happy reality! *** Mabuhay is a typical Filipino greeting, wishing the recipient "Long Life" and it is also generally used as "Welcome!" -- sure would love this day to come true though ;) 04062011 --nikko :) for Michael's "First Words Over Coffee" contest :D

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Gift Exchange To Brian From Mandy

To Brian From Mandy
My gift I give to you is more of a character inspection
I give you permission to leave your ongoing introspection

Stop worrying your artistic self with form and stanza true
Let yourself, really go and lets find the real you.

You are educated and artistic but that’s what your blogs say
Just express you yourself, and not quote other poets for just one day.

My gift is given in love, I would like to hear the real you
Not the man behind the educated artistic, and the formal poet too.

Please take my gift as it is given in love, and let yourself really go
I can’t wait to see the real you when your artistic juices flow.

You study form and stick to it but the more that you try
To get it right, which you do, I feel the real you pass on by.

For your excellent poetry and your artistic talent too,
I know you will give thanks to God, for giving them to you
Use them once for you, be selfish, don’t worry about form one day.
And lets the words flow from you, and not what other poets say.

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Blowing A Kiss To You

As if there were a dandelion here inside my hand,
I am blowing kisses here in Poets’ land.

Imagine fluff of dandelions; when you softly blow,
all the tiny seeds disperse; scattering, they flow.

Through the air and everywhere, they waft to every friend.
Particles of happiness everyday I send.

They’re filled with poetry delight, joy and best wishes,
and you've now been sent one of my dandelion kisses.

(A kiss for everyone at Soup!)

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A Gift of Red

He caught me one night,
As I shivered with cold,
His words drew me forward,
As hearts stories were told.
Stories of love,
Of passions so pure,
Of lifes deep regrets,
Yet...his good humour endured.
Here was a man,
Complete and unending,
A man with deep talents,
A man worth befriending.
Now what he pulls forward,
With  his poetic display,
Is the opening flowers,
In loves sweet bouquet.
A beautiful saviour,
Warm arms outspread,
My hearbeat grows stronger,
For my gift of Red.

A tribute to Red O'Mara

© 2013
Ruby Honeytip

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No Heaven Without You

The end of my life the beginning of my death
I shall start to slowly inhale my final breath

Fast forwarding memories race through my mind
There is one in particular that I’m trying to find

Is it of the hottest night or the brightest day?
I really don’t know how could I possibly say

White capped waves to snow capped peaks
As I start to exhale I feel so tired and weak

Funny how everything has started moving so slow
As my mind races to learn what it shall never know

Suddenly everything ceases as clouds fill my eyes
For I have frozen in the memory of you and I 

Nothing but darkness here at the end of the race
As my final breath of air softly kisses your face

As I travel through the darkness I feel no fear
I’m lost in the taste from the salt of your tear

They say eternity is no more than an equation of time
Consequences of our life heaven or hell shall define 

There is one truthful fact regarding my fate
Our Lord Jesus Christ will meet me at the gate

But I won’t go in that’s something I could never do
There is no heaven for me until I walk in with you

I’ll sit down right there just outside of the gate
I’m certain for you the Lord will let me wait

I know you’ll be mad because I waited so long
Sweetheart you are the message inside of my song

And the message my song shall forever send
It could only be heaven if I have my friend


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My Liege

H.G. my liege, you lead the heed
Your heartfelt writing filled with need

To give voice to honest words 
For thoughts to reach all free birds

Encouraging those whose passion burns 
Experiences presented down winding turns

Vivid expressions easily painted
Seeing your dedication I almost fainted

H.G. my Liege, I dedicate to thee
Dedicated just for you, from me

Written for H.G. (Harry) Daniel Esquire
With many thanks love always Shannon

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Stardust Dreams

Not a cloud in the sky
And we weren’t feeling shy
In the back of the truck
Wishing on stars for good luck
We shared our dreams
With the moon’s beams
Cloaked by the night
Realities out of sight

Friendship shared for years
Knowing each other’s fears
Stardust blankets caught our tears
As new hope filled our ears
Time escapes all meaning
When two friends are dreaming

Debra Squyres

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In The Cafe With John

And so, my love, we finally meet;
the air is rare and the coffee sweet.

The words we shared in mutual fantasy,
the longing and yearning, are now reality.

From dream to hope, our springtime loving;
tender touches we have long been craving.

All our cold tear-lonely nights have passed,
warmed by the light of a love that will last.

All distance surmounted, our love to share.
These heartfelt words spoken to show that I care.

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A blessing in my life

I usually write in couplet rhyme
Its simply what I do it's not by design
It's just the way the words seem to flow
Into my head up out of my soul
I love the ones that are full of light
See they are what brought me up out of the night
People prove they care by the things that they do
So I write this light for all of you
I write it because I wish you to know
True beauty is born with-in the soul
The soul is a thing that cherishes the light
Do you not embrace the stars through the dark of night
Well as you do know my words are true
They may twinkle bright but not as bright as you
You are angels who covered me in your prayers
Let me know I'm someone worthy of care
I hold you all in my heart just like my wife
Like her you are "a blessing in my life"

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H Garvey Daniel poetry friend

His students proud to so declare
He is a Chef Extraordinaire

Keeping love for evermore
His late wife, sweet Lenore

From his mountain he looks out
Finding inspiration all about

Writing words from living life
His past, his share of human strife

He writes  with such emotion deep
Poetry that often makes me weep

He hasn't written much of late
Ill health has been his recent fate.

But, thanks to God he's on the mend
My best wishes I daily send

For all my life, my dearest friend
HG, my love to you I send...

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         Writing is my challenge each day
     But it's not the words or what to say.

     It is the connection with other writers here
     Because I feel I'm not worthy or equal I fear.

     The talent expressed by so many others
     Often makes me want to hide under the covers.

     The gems that are written and ones that I read
     Are so inspired, personal, and give me a need.

     That's why I come here every time
     To see what others have put in their rhyme.

      Carolyn always has a message for me to ponder
      And others write things that make me wonder.

      I often race to the "New Poems"  just to see
      If by some chance there's one by which P.D has destroyed me.

      And Carol, Bob, Nick, Emily, Wilma, and "the Sweetheart"
      Write things that sometimes I just can't pull apart.

      The Doc has written so many things
      I am amazed sometimes at the thoughts he brings.

      Others are here who write so well
      Their words do me so oft compel.

      For like unto them I want to be
      Writing words that have meaning for others to see.

      Will they be worthy I say when I'm done
      Or will they be read by others, as I've intentioned.

      You know I feel so many emotions just now
      Because of all these writers, I just don't know how.

      For they are a driving force for me
      And part of my challenge each day is to make them see.

      That because of them I have to write
      Sometimes into the wee hours of the night.

      To pick a favorite writer is...well a difficult choice
      So I pick them all, because they shout with one voice.

      "Write, you fool, then write some more"
      Words I hear and cannot ignore.

      So I choose them all...all here in this group
      The ones who have made me hungry for Soup.

      There, I've said it...and you know that's not in haste
      The Soupers that are here are the best of all to taste.


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He Wrote a Perfect POEM

I BOW to YOU : James, The Title “ I Closed my Eyes to See, I now Dream “
Caught my eye The form Couplet : (which I’m not Good at) Touched my Heart

A bit Critique: I wonder to myself ; why YOU did not Mention
The Softness of her hair; (Curly Blond : Ebony Tresses : Flowing  “ Auburn “)

 “Azure Blue Eyes” My Lenore had Emerald Green ; Reflecting in the Forest
Where  all of Nature Could be Astounded by the Mirror Images of Themselves

“A scent so Beautifully strong “  It lures the Man’s Heart; to indulge in Forever LOVE
“ my Queen” ,  my breath , my Heartbeat: My Everything I was born For; I die for

A massage “  Her nape, shoulders the back “  Creating a Moment of Pure LOVE
“ Beauty in she Abounds, through Loved eyes my Love I see" : entwined Eternity

Inspired by James Fraser’s POEM “ I Closed my Eyes to See, I now Dream “
                 Dedicated  to James Fraser, and all that He LOVES

Author’s Note :  I Thank-YOU James, for writing the Best POEM I Have ever Read 
I am putting this as a "Natural Couplet" I'm sorry it doesn't Rhyme Please Advise

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Hiding in the Flow

Ask me not for which I write
I simply wish to share my plight

Searching for answers, one little clue
I don’t understand the things that I do

I reckon I lost it somewhere in a tear
Shed over someone that I hold dear

But how can I find it, where did it go?
I think its hiding somewhere in the flow

The flow seems as natural as it can be
My own special way of dealing with me

The thing about writing is that I love to learn
Somewhere along the way we all get our turn

Our turn is crucial and there’s no going back
I swear, I could get lost on a small oval track

I reckon that’s the thing I love about our site
I shall never get lost, not as long as I write

To me writing is not just joy it is also a key
That opens the door and then sets my soul free

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    There is a spirit that watches over you
    In the daylight hours, and nightime too.

    You may not think that they are there
     But there is a way to make you aware.

     I learned the name of my angel a long time ago
     Because I was interested and I wanted to know.

     His name is "Maximus" and is with me here
     To learn of his presence once made me fear.

     Because what you do is watched all the day
     The angel keeps tabs, God finds out that way.

     I guess you think I'm being naive
     Trust your faith, if you believe.

     If you want to know your angel's name
     There is a way to find out which is no game.

     Say a prayer for three days in a row
     And after each time ask him to reveal his name to you.

     If you believe in him he will tell you true
     If not, he may be silent to you.

     I know of others who have tried this I can say
     Some, have learned the names of their angels this way.

     When you pray for their name do not think it absurd
     Some, I know, will hear that singular word.

     It won't come as a shout from heaven on high
     But rather as a whisper, when your angel is nigh.

     These spiritual beings are here for us all
     Sometimes they wait just to here us call.

     And when you do wouldn't if be grand
     If you knew the spirit's name...who behind you stands!

     Try it and see if you think I'm fooling around
     Be honest with yourself with both feet on the ground.

     As someday that spiritual angel you will greet
     Wouldn't it be nice to be on a "first name" basis when you meet?

     And if you try but do not hear their name
     Keep on trying because your conviction was lame.

     I know many will think I'm crazy with this
     But knowing my angel's name has brought comfort and bliss.

     So try it yourself and see if in kind
     If your angel will speak to you...they really don't mind.

     Because then a dialogue with them you can share,
     Even if they never speak again,  you'll know...they're there.

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Like No Other

Before the future and after the past
We have found each other’s souls at last

In the beat of a heart I was able to see
The rest of my life belonged to thee

When our eyes met it wasn’t a glance
Locked together in a forbidden trance 

For we had each given up on love
And being forgiven by Lord above

We were forever lost and on the run
Burying our pain by having our fun

Children scattered from here to there
As we stayed so high we didn’t care

We each knew when you come down
You lose your mask and face the clown

And that was something we couldn’t do
Until the day you met me and I met you

Unplugging the phone we locked the doors
I told you my sins and you told me yours

The people in our life just couldn’t believe
We found in each other the strength to leave

To change our fate was quite the chore
But there was noting we each wanted more

My children love you and yours love me
Because we have melted into one family

I wrote this poem because I want you to know
You beat with my heart and live in my soul

You have always been way more than my lover
You’re the friend I found who is like no other

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Like candy for strangers

  Like candy for strangers 
on Halloween night
she ties up her sweet words
in wrappers of light

 Expressions of happiness 
laced with a thought
of poignant remembrance
of childhood she caught

from reading your life
as you wrote it all out
in peppermint  sparkles
and chocolate doubt.

holding her apron,
     she captures the fall
of every confection
 and rewraps them all

 in yummy new sprinkles
 with strawberry swirls,
she flavors the taste 
for the rest of the world.

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The Black Sheep

Pushed aside, location of home obscured, limited by isolation:
drifting aimlessly - subscribing to a voluntary incarceration.

Outcast by an alternative perspective, a differing sense of direction,
through a desire to develop resolutions to numerable imperfections.

Others recede into bad habits - shirking from every challenge,
placing emphasis on ignoring responsibilities; yet expecting a life that’s lavish.

So it’s hardly surprising when their dreams fall by the wayside,
having taken the easy road too often, they’re fighting against a landslide
to recuperate what was lost, or rather thrown away by being lax and care-free,
they’ve imposed upon themselves a limit, as to what they can achieve.

Armed with the powerful weapon of fore-sight, I clawed myself out of the rut,
but it’s little consolation for having to watch my friends get stuck.
Trying to avoid a patronising tone, I conceal myself into anonymity -
uninspired by foolish games, approaching every overture with timidity.

Wanting to tell them to change, to realise their mistakes,
but sometimes things are hardest to see when they stare you in the face.
It’s their life to live, and do so how they wish -
I just pray they realise: there’s more to it then “getting pissed”.

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My Lover and My Friend

Looking into your eyes I see the depths of your soul
Our hearts are crying out to one another longing for one to hold
Passion and pleasure in a touch that we know so well
Kisses, hugs and nibbles, and my barriers seem to melt

Free to love entirely and stirring up the flames
My soul is blazing untamed and I feel not ashamed

Your skin soft upon mine and mine upon yours
Keeping these secrets locked behind closed doors

Friends in the daylight and lovers through the night
Dreaming of one another out of touch not out of sight

It is only a short distance between these two souls
Astral projection and mysteries untold

This ring upon my finger a symbol of your love
White gold and some diamonds blessed by God above

In life you were my partner, my lover and my friend
Today you linger in heaven but my love will never end

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My Honesty

Do you ever think of tomorrow and wish you had a glance?
Tell me if you had a crystal ball would you take a chance?

Do you ever think of yesterday, a song you used to sing?
Embracing all the memories, joy and pain they would bring

In the space of your today, up underneath your skin
Do you find a certain comfort the one that’s born with-in?

There was a time in my life I really couldn’t stand myself
I was so confused as to what a man should hold as wealth

Every life has a turning point as it teeters to and fro
And sometimes it is very hard to know which way to go

There is no way to excuse the choices that I have made
And I’m the one who is to blame for prices I have paid

There is nobody else to blame for the things I’ve done
It was of my free will I chose, not to follow the chosen one

I rode with demons as they laughed and watched the angels cry
Never even once second-guessing or asking myself why

And I used to be a liar I would lie all the time
Was no end to the excuses come out of these lips of mine

But that was many years ago I’m not that man today
You see I found the Lord and got down on my knees to pray

I said, Lord as you know I’ve wasted every bit of my youth
Today what I’m asking of you Lord, please grant me the gift of truth

I figured truth and honesty would be a good place to start
To try and better understand how the bless the human heart

I quickly learned a lesson, a lesson of untold wealth
The trick to being honest is being honest with yourself

For if your honest with yourself to another you can’t lie
And if you just confess everything you have no reason why

My methods may not always appease but know these words are true
Honesty is the motivating factor behind everything I do

And everybody knows it they don’t even question why
They know I would have lied about myself if I were going to lie

And the reason that I know this I’m very proud to say
Is by the comments left to me just the other day

I just wanted thank everyone for their supportive 
comments the other day. You have became such
an important part of my day I would be lost with
out you guys, God bless, MJ

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My Best Bud Joe

I sit and think what could have been	
a life with Joey, my best friend.

The many things we could have shared,
The special way he showed he cared.

At age fourteen he stood six foot five
Was big and strong and so alive.

Why wasn’t I there that fateful day
To try and save his life some way?

I had no way to say goodbye,
Why did he go, why did he die?

At first I blamed my God for this,
For taking him, the life he’ll miss.

But since I’ve come to understand, 
It wasn’t God but the fault of man.

The careless company that took him away,
Should be made to suffer, made to pay.

I’m still so mad it hurts inside,
I miss him so, I feel deprived!

It’s so unfair he died so young
Not knowing what he could become.

Now he’s gone and I’ll never know
How life could be with my “Best Bud Joe”.


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Smiles are free, and a gift to give
Making life worth more to live

A friend that holds your heart within
They keep me going with a grin

Bolster up my confindence
My beaming face is the evidence!

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Piece Me Together

Silence and deaf ears.
Sad times and many tears.
Friends and family so relieving.
Eyes and hearts in me believing.
Times of trial hard to recover.
No time or love from another.
Welcoming arms and open hearts.
Help and comfort and a new start.
Take these things and piece me together.
Take away the bad things and I'll feel better.
Haven't you needed this yourself?
Will you add to it or will you help?
  Hold me close and never leave.
  Keep the puzzle together and you'll be an important piece.

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Disappointment was never as lovely as she
Hope caught in my heart fighting delicately
She's always the dream that never fades upon waking
The cause and the comfort for all of my shaking

I like to glance over then turn carelessly
Just to see if it makes her come over to me
Her smile is infectious and wipes away fear
If it fades then I show her that I'm always near

Sometimes we are split by self-built barricades
So I break through our silence of awkward blockades
And no matter how often old times we recall
We'll forever laugh and the false walls will fall

They all think I'm crazy my truth to repress
Do anything for her and never confess
Yet silently love I continue to show her
It's enough just to feel that I'm getting to know her

But despite my devotion and adoration
There still remains space for one complication
The spark in my eyes grows colder and dim
When I am reminded she's happy with him

Surely love wants the best for the person it's for?
Not selfishly trying their joy to ignore
But however hard jealousy my heart will dent
If my darling is happy, then I am content.

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Living Legend

  After I left you alone in the firelight
I wondered if ever I'd see you again
the day of departure loomed on my horizon
the last time I'd ever have time with my friend,
nobody told you to pack allyour heartstrings
to turn off the future you planned in your head,
nobody warned you of incoming missles
imploding within ,turning everything red.

you sit there in silence to gaze at the embers
humming a tune a piano once played
out on a stage surrounded by angels
oblivious maestro ,you ebb and you fade.
but I see that moment you triumphed in Paris,
white doves all released to welcome the one,
who soared on the notes of ultimate beauty
who carried us up to the fire of the sun.

Dear Phoenix I know you must die in your ashes
before your rebirth can ever take place,
but there in the fireglow I still see the flashes
of genius alive in the light of .your face

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What I didn't know then

  Persimmon sunshine
 in my mind
I think about you all the time
I drink the crimson silver spill
the overfloe from every thrill
The mercury from off the lid
of every shocking thing you did
and how I held on to the door
around the curves
to Nevermoor.
the raging wind the windy waves
the way you said the word that saves
the savage 
from the civilized,
I never even realized,
I was the one you carried high
like a banner in your sky
I wish that I had known back then
how much you loved me 
as a friend.
would have rocked the world
I would have searched
until I found
the place for us 
beneath the sky
how dare you have 
the gall to die
and leave me just when I
the truth about 
love that burned,
a hole in yesterday's 
I know it now............
I won't 

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Come, Let's Play

               My hand’s outstretched, within your grasp
                     So hold it, please, and take it fast
                         Allow it not to hang and wait
                             Destined to a lonely fate

                 It reaches through a thickened haze
                  Calling you out for welcoming days
                     Needing to feel you take its hold
                       Releasing from its bitter cold

               Our friendship waits for new day’s sun
                To bask and play until the day is done
                  Then, in sleep, we’ll continue play
                     Until we rise on sun’s new day

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God has a plan,
And it is out of my hands.

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This Very Day

Make a wish then live that way
Me, I don’t know what to say

Since one and one equal two
I simply do what I must do

The hardest choice I now make
I prefer my icing on top the cake

My taste is set I will never roam
In your heart, I’ve found my home

Your love is like a rush of power
A thorny rose of tender flower

I swear of this I could not joke
Be still the thorn inside the poke

Like a lake aside a mountain pass
Your eyes are pools of liquid glass

Inside those pools what I see
A hero is what you see in me

You’ve made a hero of a villain
In your arms, I’m happy Chillin’

Days to weeks, months to years
To you who comforts all my fears

I reckon that, which I wish to say
I would die for you this very day

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Robin Hood

Of all the trials and test this year
A lot of nerves, a lot of fear

By the grace of God I’m here to tell
It all ended up going very well

If life is a journey, school is a maze
A wonderful way to spend your days

So much diversity, so much culture
Feels so good to no longer be a vulture

Picking scraps up off the bone
Heart encased in a block of stone

I simply love being tender and true
Like a billowy cloud in a sky so blue

Floating on air for the world to see
Like a peacock strutting proud as can be

Yet, forever humble and forever true
Eyes no longer red they’re clear and blue

No longer living all tired and funky
I kicked the crap up out of my monkey

Kid’s gather to me like chicks to a trough
I welcome them in I never shrug them off

Which is truly as strange as strange can be
I once would have said, “Get away from me”

“Nothing in me should be considered good”
“You’re looking for a hero, I’m no Robin Hood”

Today, I’m first to school and first in my seat
With exuberance for life, which can’t be beat

With kids gathering to me looking to study
Listening in awe to their gray headed buddy

I’m forever speaking on life and all that it entails
Guiding my younger friends down happy trails

Being very careful to not criticize or judge
You can’t help someone holding a grudge 

I tell all the youngsters with a heart so true 
I traveled one hell of a road to get to you

I have a single goal before I enter my grave
I want to teach you all how to not be slaves

Don’t let fears and addictions control your life
That’s an endless road of sorrow and strife

Make your dream and grab your star
Let the world see who and what you are

Whatever you do, do it with a smile
Life is truly a gift enjoy it for awhile

It feels so strange to feel so good
We all have it in us to be Robin Hood

I dedicate this poem to all the youngsters
who come over to my house to study. You
know, I never would have dreamed that I
would be considered a good example. It's
truly amazing what the Lord can do in our
lives. The correlation I'm speaking of with
Robin Hood; is that we all have it in us to 
take from the bad and give to the good.

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Mildred Noland

I wish I had just one more day,
to say the things I wish to say.

To walk along behind your wheelchair;
How you could out run me just wasn’t fair.

Have our morning coffee; sit and chat,
once again call you an old senile bat.

Millie, I always admired your will to fight.
Talking with you made everything all right.

Funny how nature’s rules centrist and bend;
Millie you were much more than my friend.

You were the mother I so long ago lost,
you taught me how to face and pay life’s cost.

You were always there to lend me an ear;
offer advice, which I shall hold forever dear.

I will miss your voice; raspy from the smokes,
you were one of a kind who loved to tell jokes.

We found my family and we found your son;
two wonderful things, which we got done.

Millie you may have passed but this is no lie,
up inside of my heart you could never die.

The message behind all of these tears I cry;
I will see you later, I will never say goodbye.

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Betrayal is a subject I know to well
A one-way ticket to a place called hell

Whatever the case when trust is lost
A piece of your soul will be the cost

Be it by a lover or a dear friend
Regardless it will lead to the end

Something as special as it can be
Tossed to the side for pure misery

Built on treachery and based on a lie
No doubt all of the blue has left the sky

As the sky turns dark and sheds its tears
Shame and guilt fill the guilty with fear

My friend turned me in; ratted me out
I was found guilty without any doubt

What happened soon as I hit the pen?
My girlfriend up let him move on in

Full of hate and driving on the yard
Hands of fate played a beautiful card

He got busted one very beautiful day
Right to my yard they sent him away

Scared to death and shaking like a leaf
He walked on the yard to my disbelief

I was due to parole the very next day
Yet off the SHU they shipped me away

One of those things you just can’t let go
Regardless of the price and cost to the soul

You know sometimes choices can be real hard
When you’re a junkie walking the prison yard 

Written for the Betrayal contest

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Happy Birthday Carol and Antoinette

April seven is joined together in two special ways
My wife and Carol Brown were each born that day

In so many ways, they remind me of each other
For each one has the heart and soul of a mother

Like a great big clown riding a little bitty bike
Antoinette and Carol are the type we naturally like

Two separate women who hold pieces of my heart
Although, each one holds a completely different part

Antoinette was able to see what no one had seen
Inside of this nightmare lived a very beautiful dream

Carol’s beautiful heart was able to help me to see
Poetry Soup was exactly the place I needed to be

Two very different women with two similar souls
Played significant roles in my reaching my goals

One helped me piece together my shattered heart
The other helped me keep it from falling back apart

I think I’m truly about as lucky as any man can be
There are so many different people care about me

Carol is just one of many I love here on the soup
I’m lucky to have landed in such a beautiful group

Carol, never doubt the truth in these words I say
This is the highest complement I could ever pay

To be written alongside a poem with my wife
Means “I Love & Respect” every drop of your life

You’re the very first to have landed in this spot
Old friend I reckon that means I love you a lot

April seventh I’ll proudly find my knee’s and pray 
You’ll have a wonderfully blessed special birthday

i wanted to write Carol a Happy Birthday poem
but I wanted to give it special meaning. Anyone
who knows how much I love, admire, and adore 
my wife; knows that for me to place someone in
a poem alongside her, is the highest complement
I could ever make. Carol thank you for the love,
friendship, support and prayers you have given me 
over the years. I'm very honored to be your friend.

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What A Friend Should Be (A tribute to John Barns)

My friend John Barnes is as special as can be.
When it comes to friends God sure blessed me.

There are some things we lose, while others we win.
Some games we play lead us into sin.

I’ve have been lucky enough without any doubt.
I have a friend who always helps me out.

He drove across the state to find me on the roam.
Said, “get into the car I’m taking you home.”

He never once asked for a thing or questioned me.
I reckon that’s how a good friend should be.

We worked together off and on, our entire life.
I’m on number eight, John’s with the same wife.

John and Lisa have most certainly had their fights.
In the end they always do what is right.

Work it out, stay together, never giving up.
Realizing they already have a full cup.

They have raised all their kids, which should include me.
I reckon that’s how a parent should be.

John’s not really my dad but he is my brother.
He’s a friend to the end like no other.

A perfect example of what a friend should be.
That’s what John Barnes has always been for me.

From the start of the game to the end of the show,
John’s been the friend who has never let go.

He has stood by my side through thick and thin.
I’m very proud to be a friend to him.

Through the love of my friend I was able to see.
This is exactly what a friend should be.

You guys know that twinkle that you see in a star.
When it comes to life that’s what good friends are.

John Barn's is my best friend. Him and I met in the Oilfields outside 
of Bakersfield where he still resides. We worked together on many
different jobs together over the years operating heavy equipment. I
reckon I was about 20 years old when I first met John and Lisa, his 
wife. I haven't had 8 wives but I have 3 had wives and 5 significant 
others during the time we have all known each other. I'm very lucky,
as well as, very proud to have had them in my life. We may not be
blood but we are family. Several times in my life they have opened
their home and helped me. Never asking for a thing or questioning my
behavior. Of course, them I would never disrespect. Not even in my worst 
days. In fact, I never was a disrespectful or rude person. I just had bad
habits. I wrote this in honor of them but it is how I feel about all of my 
friends. You guys all shine in my eyes. God Bless, mj

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There is an old fellow I know,
Who just turned 96 years old.
His health is not bad in the usual sense,
But with his everyday memories he does fence.

Oh, he can remember specific things,
But day to day, he has questionings.

It is difficult for those around him you see,
To put into perspective this reality.

They love him as a father, brother, and friend,
But against his barrage of questions is hard to defend.

He doesn't know how it hurts them so,
To see him wandering to and fro.

Yet, there is One who watches all,
And one day He will come to call.

For another chair will open for Jim,
There's a seat there reserved just for him.

And another card player will join the crowd,
That plays card games all day and laughs aloud.

I can only hope that for me will be there,
Some day, an open place with another chair.

Because the Lord deals all the cards,
For us on earth, that is what's hard.

We know not when He will our pinochle deal,
But when He calls the trump, our life has been sealed.

As things go here, we can only play our best,
And when our time comes, trust Him to do the rest.

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LIBRAS ~ Two of a kind  


Enigmatic SOUPER STAR--Only you know who you are.
Since we first met you've come so far.
Diamond Darling of the SITE--Soul on Fire--Never TRITE.
Your varied edges cast Blue light.
Our BIRTHDAYS are the same--
You share my Pretty Sister's Name.
A tease of Fate?...perhaps--She loves to play her games.
Friends here easily let me go--But with you I always know--
We'll always call each other friend.
Unwavering friendly Soul Mates to the end.


You are Secretive like the color Blue;
My mind wonders when it comes to you.
Shadows that happen fast, 
and still your KNOCKING~@$$
Yes, a HAPPY BIRTHDAY to me and you.
We are what I call... "MAGIC OCTOBER BLUE!"
What a treat my son * my brother, RANK with the same name Frank.
We work hard Pleasing ~ Captivating and Robbing the same bank.
You hide it well & keep smiling through all the pain,
Not letting no one near the rain. 
A thousand falls, a thousand calls, 
Than he or she' wonders, why your back is against the wall!
Trust will only come, through the same disguise.
You are a True Friend,- Who's more than meets the eye!


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Angel Hearts

Angels lay their hearts across the sky.
Thing about that is, is there one for you?

What I'm saying is, you can pick anyone.
But is that the right one for you?

Who are they to say it's not for you.
Don't get me wrong, every heart should feel love.

I mean isn't that what it was created for ?
Every heart surely deserves love , don't they?

I'm just asking, do you know the right one ?
I know how it feels to have love dance around
your heart strings , then float away " poof" .
Just to let you know how it sometimes goes.

Who am I to tell you who to let pull on your heart strings.
I wonder is there a tender heart waiting out there for me.

As I see the angels lay their heart strings across the sky.
I reach for one  so I can fly . 

9/ 10/2012 Mon. 1:30pm

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The lights of Bethlehem still burn,
For Ruth’s mother-in-law to return.

Since her unfettered faith, so strong,
Convinced Ruth, with her, to come along.

Facing bravely the consequences of God’s plan,
Ruth, with Naomi, went to the Promised Land.

To live on in Bethlehem was their decision,
Both seeking to receive God’s provision.

God doesn’t stop being God in adversity
Is what Naomi taught Ruth to believe.

So there in Bethlehem, Ruth sought for a man
To help her with the consequences of God’s plan.

And Boaz of Bethlehem, Naomi’s rich kinsman,
Found Ruth to be both charming and winsome.

So he shared with Ruth the bounty of his field,
When he learned her faith, though foreign, was real.

Thus they became one with the grace of God’s will
And with a prophecy of God their duty to fulfill.

Ruth’s faith in Naomi’s God found reinforcement
While lovelorn Naomi was freed of her resentment.

God’s will it was to give Ruth and Boaz a boy,
And for Naomi to restore her spiritual joy.

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Dear Rapunzel

It seems ages since we met over your long, golden hair
an hour glass on the table keeping the meter.

It seems like too many dress up doll days when we played
take me to the river but don’t get our feet wet.

It seems we lost our inner selves painting our faces
painting our nails, singing karaoke at the bars.

Oh, to regain those lost years of our youth, unwrinkled skin
turn back all the pages, like winding gold on a spindle.

Instead we have just leaves, grieves, and grandchildren
with their laser guns, plastic skin and smug attitudes.

They never challenged gamey little midgets with foul intent
they had us to pad them safely with money, love and scent.

Dear Rapunzel, do please let your hair down one more time
and play climb out of the cellar and up the apple tree with me.

Signed Your Dearest Play Mate.

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“Oh Emma, my cherished and unholy soulmate;
Woman of air! Raw phrases leap with love and hate.
Behind glasses seethes a romantic, daring the night
August child of gothic verse, lines we all recite.

Yet , when soirees roll, your flame the men desire;
It surprises me how that glance changes like fire!
In class, we ignite our teachers’ ire with naughty quirks
Creating romps as the batch mimes our theatrics.

Tonight, we pluck more wild seeds of younger memoirs
Still coloring our lives as time waits for girl- hours.”

* Emma is a dear friend way back in college. As an activist,
 writer, and down-to-earth woman, she graduated with cum laude
honors. We regularly meet up to bond and nourish our friendship.

Emma Contest of Juli-Michelle

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At the Door of a Friend

At the Door of a Friend

With footfalls heavy to this door 
Where I would see my friend no more
What comfort could I hope for me 
Now you’re gone to destiny

No more welcome of the hand 
Just empty space, a rift in sand
And no more face with smile of glee 
That heralds informality

Where will I go to search my soul 
Who will help me reach my goal
Who will stab my selfishness 
Put my mind at ease, at rest

Call me up with sports results 
Suffer my insane insults 
Mark me as a friend indeed 
Be there, in my time of need

Your light was always on for me 
The truth I now stand here and see
Those times of sheer belligerence 
Those wasted hours in ignorance

The fallouts that we often had 
Those times that always felt so bad
Were only testing of our strength 
To know what friendship really meant

Opens the door, she passes note 
I read the words therein you wrote
That scribble, that once so annoyed 
Is more welcome and enjoyed

I smile and read how this is neat 
As all my words above repeat
And more to know when I am gone 
To look and find, that light still on 

Written  24 April 2013
For Becca Lucas Contest; 
What a Friend Really Is.

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Best Wishes

2011 was here but is now gone away
2012 is here now with one extra day
I am not going to make a resolution
Simply because it causes me confusion
Wishing the best to all I hold dear
Joy,love,good health for this year

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~ ~ ~  ~ ````~ ~ ~ ~

with my wind-blown mane riding with time’s first cherubic chance
the early dusk’s gate opens; “ Oh,’s you”, he smiles in a trance

in the porch, trays of capers and breeze of tea sing of smiles, so much to know
he slowly rewinds pages of Hispanic tales; i feel his poetry and life escapades grow

we sip our passion for books and rare sentiments, bonding like old friends for hours
rising then pausing about music, humor and tears, lost loves and even April showers

his peppered hair defies what he calls gentle aging, punch lines grant us release
as stars shape an ending of one night with pleasant tingles of fun and deep peace

after a slight buddy pat, i hand him my painting with hopes we  meet once more
knowing he warmly enjoys the gypsy and angel in me, as i gaily walk out the door

all rights reserved

(( for Michael Falotico's " First Words Over Coffee"))
    by nette onclaud

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Just One Letter

Footsteps on the corridor outside my cell.
Thank goodness it's time for the mail.

Been waiting all day long for a letter.
I've seen many days that were better.

March madness has me stressed to no end.
Now if only I can receive a letter from a friend.

Letters calm me like nothing else can.
Even in the sun I couldn't relax and tan.

Maybe a friend from Poetry Soup will hear my prayer.
Do you think there is anybody on there that will care?

Don't cause me more stress my friends.
Write me a letter and we will make all amends.

For Carolyn Devonshire's "March Madness" contest

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Friendship Blessings

There are many blessings in this life,
One is friendship to relieve your strife.

A friendship lives within the heart,
You know it’s there when they do not depart.

A friendship is a special gift
For those sad days to give you a lift.

It’s a gift from heaven above,
Another way God shows his love.

When you find yourself down
And all you have is that frown

Sometimes it only takes a friend’s smile
To help you carry on that extra mile.

Edward J Ebbs - 1997s (sick with Lyme)

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Thanks. You are Souper!

I thought I would just say
Have a Happy Thanksgiving Day!

For all of You Souper people are 
In my estimation, the ones who care.

It is wonderful to have your comments, too
When I write something here for all of you.

The joy of reading your works and words
Goes well beyond the things I've heard.

And in the short time that I have around you
Friendships through words abound, too.

I say that you are the cheeriest bunch
With whom I have never sat down to lunch.

But I'll say a prayer of thanksgiving for all
And hope that the Lord hears my call.

For tomorrow when we remember the good things in life
I'll count all of you in, with a thought none too brief.

With you I feel like I am a true part,
So, I say "Thank You All, from the bottom of my heart".

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Friendship Wish

I have a wish for my all my friends,
that life gives you a smile around every bend.

May the number of your days be many,
for the reason in your life is plenty.

May there be strength in your stride,
and let happiness in life be your guide.

If you find yourself going through hell,
just remember to ring that bell or yell.

I will be there for you my friend,
even if this takes us to our end.

Edward J. Ebbs
Contest: "UPTO TEN LINES any form/theme"

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Dear Friends

My dear poetry friends as the year's end draws nigh
I look back on many happy times with heartfelt sigh.

Laughter and tears have been shed as poems I read
the warmth of sharing, sometimes a rush to the head.

Now looking forward to New Year may wishes come true
and may we be blessed with friendship without any blue.

Let the festivities begin as we party in good company and cheer
and no sore heads from the demon spirits stick to the beer

Happy New Year

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I Woke up in a Dream

I woke up in a dream on a coast I've never seen But somehow in a way, I knew I'd be here one day I'm detecting a touch of Spanish, language it is not All I see is leaving Galleon's, raped, now forgot I'm seeing centuries before me, colonial now so free The Japanese like them before, ravaging in spree On a beach I walk to the light, attracting I to enter I'm there, as I walk through, my viewing now centred Into this lush land I walk, not knowing where I'll be There's something that desires, I'll know when I see Walking, walking, walking, it's all I appear to do Clearer my mind becomes, I know I'm walking to you Further my weakened feet, stride through their weak I know at the end of my journey, I'll meet whom I seek A village, a town nears, as I look back to whence I came Awakening in this dream, praying this person feels the same .

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A true friend to me

A true friend isn't a daydreamer and won't daydream for you.
He isn't a bad wisher and will wish luck for you.

A true friend is a painkiller, he exist to heal your wound.
He is a consultant, there to help you grab and stand your ground.

A true friend is rare to find in a vacuum.
He is always at a wait by your door room.

True frendship’s beauty never fades.
Day by day, its beauty tree grows shades.

A friend who is always there whenever we need
Him most, is a true friend you and I need.


For: Becca Lucas's "What a Friend Really Is" Contest 

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Linda-Marie The Sweetheart of P.S.

Linda Marie is a very nice and special BBF.
She gives us all her cheers and still has some left

She offers support, even when she is mad or sad.
She offers us hope, when things for us are bad

She welcomes everyone she can from the start
Giving you her warm smile like a true SWEETHEART

Never does she show us the meaning of negative
Writes about God and all the warmth he can give

Now that she has a new life with her husband
I prey for her happiness that comes with her wedding band

Reading our poetry without blindness
Leaving nice and sincere comments from her kindness

She has a gorgeous and delightful spirit, like a beautiful swan
Never forgets us when we are not logged on

Just a fair warning about this bomb shell 
She really is nice but still a bat out of hell 

Wishing her  the very best 
her comments simply are not like he rest 

Linda Marie you are such a dear
Always in the center of our sphere

Your charms connect when it comes to dots
Your brightness exceeds over 100 watts

To the one poetess who made me part of her bbf group 
Our...........Linda-Marie The Sweetheart of Poetry Soup

-SKAT'S contest

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Michael,let's sing 'Imagine'

Welcome Michael,I am so glad that you have come to meet me,
so many things I want to share with you over this cup of coffee.

I know your poetic heart Michael,and that you're a dreamer like Lennon,
I too love his'Yoko Ono' and 'Imagine' is one of my favourite song.

So,you do landscaping?That is a wonderful job indeed,
I also love sketching,painting and can play guitar a little bit.

By the way,how are you going to celebrate your birthday on April 17th?
This year you must invite me and I will be there with a surprise gift.

Oh,you have finished your coffee!Don't want another cup?
OK,let us start singing'Imagine',I am tuning guitar in B-Major Sharp!

© kashinath karmakar

Placement:5th;(April 2011)

By:kashinath karmakar (6th April 2011)

Contest:First Words Over Coffee

Sponsor:Michael J.Falotico

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My hand holds your hand

My hand holds your hand and that`s enough.
In the green`s intervals, the weather is rough;
The blue wind freed its own ghost’s chain
Following the rhythm of the crystalline rain;
With the leaf`s thrill and embrace`s embers
Patient ruby hidden in alabaster chambers, 
Far from the desert of mirrors, standing aloof
As vulnerable as the surge`s serenity`s proof;
Simple surmise falling down with the mist,
Suspension bridge above the yellow East;
Looking from the season `s round roof,
Solitude seems hit by a rueful cold hoof.
Like the violet dawns date with the pale moon,
Chapel`s morning joined the emerald afternoon;
Air angels with white wings are our mates;
Trees beg for heaven to let open the gates; 
We listen to inner chansons sung by Edith Piaf
My hand holds your hand and that`s enough.

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thoughtful paws

Place your hand upon my coat,
Watch me shiver so,
Pure ecstasy with you I feel,
Through my eyes I touch your soul.

For ill be there at your waking,
My tail, wagging to and fro.
In the evening bring you comfort,
When the days, stress has took its toll.

Can there be a friend so loyal,
Who will be there when you call?
In this ever changing world,
Some things never change at all.

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I wanted to enter the contest offered by P. D.
As I can do couplets like 1 - 2  - 3.

When looking at the list of Foxy things to write
The Silver Fox Fur for P. D. came home to bite.

She doesn't deserve one of reddish hue
But Silver, yes indeed with, she could do.

For the special poetry writes P. D. puts on
Many a contest with them she has won.

Words that flow like "Slam, Bang, Boom"
Could only come from P. D.'s Foxy Room.

When they are read and and read over by me
Sometimes I see how Foxy she can be.

That's the real art in the written form
Doing something outside the established norm.

Words so clever, cute, rewarding, and sly
Make P. D.'s Foxy side show so apparently.

That's why the color of fur cannot be red
It wouldn't fit the gifted nature that fox can tread.

So "A Silver Fox Fur for P. D." is one I would award
To one of the Foxiest writers I am drawn toward!

For P. D.'s Inner Animal Contest.

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When I Think Of You

When I think of you dearest Catie, I feel a sister’s love,
A love that's true, unblemished, sent from God above.

You have shown how much I mean to you,
By the way you care and the things you do.

No matter how difficult the task I face,
You stand by me each challenge embrace.

You have helped me when times were difficult,
When my heart was under the enemy's assault.

Across the miles our spirits blend and flourish,
A smoothie of love and compassion to nourish.

When I think of you, I know I am truly blessed,
When it comes to friends, God sent me the very best.

You inspire me to let God direct all my ways,
to follow where he leads, each and every day.

When I'm down and life has me feeling low,
I know I've got a friend, somewhere to go.

Your friendship always strengthens and cheers me,
inspiring me to be the very best friend I can be.

Joy ~ your lovingkindness is never amiss,
in my heart I will always call you, 'Sis.'

Written By Catie Lindsey and Joy Wellington

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No Wings To Fly

"My pen drips of sorrow and on this paper, I write each tear

I promised not think of you that way..
But in my dreams your smile haunts my day..

From coffee to dinner I'm free to play..
But late at night I hear the words I couldn't say..

If you only knew how my life is wrapped up in two..
But maybe then you would have stayed and not flew..

The wonders of love and pain are walking hand and hand..
But I'm not content to be a lost pebble in the sand..

I scribble on a paper what is etched in stone in my heart..
But my words don't have wings to fly , so for now we stay apart..

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Poets Passion

Poetry soup satisfies so well,
Comments making hearts swell.

A long awaited return to grace,
A writers haven, a sacred place.

Each one telling their own story,
Hoping for prestige, honor and glory.

Poetry flows the way it wants,
Bursting from one's own taunts.

Belief in those who believe in you,
A poets passion always holds true.

Dedicated to my loving soup family...

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Christmas Sleigh Ride

The sleigh bells jingle merrily across the horses backs,
The snowflakes fall around us, filling the horses tracks;

The silver silence broken by boisterous Christmas songs,
Midnight chimes on the clock over head but we’re still going strong;

The whiskey warms our insides as we pass the bottle around,
Aside from the caroling voices, the night doesn’t make a sound;

We’re snuggled under blankets, breath fogging in the air;
Riding along with family and friends, living without a care!

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Where Is The Blame

                                                   Where is the blame...
                                        When teardops fell just the same...

                                           Pointing fingers in the darkness...
                                          Only spreads a sheet of sadness...

                                    I never left, only walked backwards away...
                                Then you were small like a flower of yesterday...

                                  We faded like to two sunsets across one sky...
                          We both pushed tomorrow away as hard as we can try...
                           The tide of pain washed in and pulled us far out to sea...
                   Where we tumbled and drowned in a love that wasn't meant to be...

                               I could stand now and say I'm sorry till the end of time...
                         But you deserved more then a partime lover who only rhymes...

                                                      Where is the blame...
                                                        We both can see...
                                       Yesterday and today it's always on me...

                                                 ~dedicated to an old friend~

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Back Again pt 2

Your eyes look at me again,
I feel myself turn mannequin.

I know the fate that awaits
as you tempt the three fates.

You words are masterfully designed
in a trap, and I am so inclined

to see there is no escaping you
no matter what I try, I’m one for two.

Forced to watch my heart decay
in the glass box you have on display.

That taste of forgiveness is poison on my lips.
From your rancid mouth I take the liar’s kiss.

Why do you keep coming back to me
if you never do plan to stay, simply?

I can’t always pretend to be all you need
for just like you, I know that I can bleed.

Your eyes again they look at me
but it was never me that you did see.

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Loving You is Blissful - My Darling Hubby

          Again a small poem guys dedicated to my Darling hubby.. 
                          wrote by Mrs.Madhavi Suyog Pagare

 Loving You is Blissful - My Darling Hubby 

 Twilighting glow of the sky..
 Wanna fly so high..

 Sparkling amidst the million stars..
 chosen the crazy pal and so life is excellently par.. 

 As like the blossom were kissed by soft rain..
 Your arrival in life diminished all my pains..
 God has entwined me..with my emarald diamonite gem..
 Enlightening new vistas in life as like your next aim.. 

 At an astounding pace time flew..
 But When i didn‘t see you..I feel like..Life is been dew..

 Your divine presence in life rejuvenates me..
 Every tick of my heartbeat resonating wit your‘s or whatever it will be..

 Your innumerable naughtiness made me silly..
 But yep, your beautifying nature had an fragrance in life like lilly..

 As like snow crested the nestled mountains..
 You cuddled my a sip of fountains..

 Being With you, Life is euphorically elated..
 Full of high spirit and delighted..

 Thanks for being accompanying me my theist..

 Your admirer with lots n lots of Love:
 Madhavi. Suyog.Pagare

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The Wounds From a Friend

Proverbs 27: 6-  Wounds from a sincere friend are better than many kisses from an enemy.

The words you said cut down to my soul
My friend, you did that to make me whole

You love me too much to cover up
So you help me drink that bitter cup

You simply won’t let me play the fool
So you help me live the “Golden Rule”

You’re not pleased with my “Let’s just pretend!”
My faults you help me to comprehend

Funny, I’d rather be hurt by you
Than be kissed by him who is untrue

The wounds you inflict are meant to save
And when I fight back, you remain brave

Your love keeps my heart from doing wrong
Your faith in me keeps me going strong

You will not leave me in my dark night
And though it hurts, you turn on the light

You keep that drug just out of my reach
Your restraining arms, your only "speech"

You know when to wound, and how to heal
My deepest sorrow is yours to feel

What I’m trying to say, my friend, is this
Your friendship to me is heaven’s kiss

Entry for Becca's "Friend" contest. April 22, 2013

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I thought that this would be an interesting topic to write
As some thoughts about this year's awesome events came to light.

Recalling the year's events made me pause
Yet several "awesome" events gave me cause.

In thinking about one particular thing I would say
That finding Poetry Soup has made my day.

Not ever knowing how addictive it can be
To write my thoughts in words for others to see.

And then there are the friends I have found here
Who's poetry sometime will bring me a tear.

Oh, I laugh at some, cry with some, even get quizzical 
But it only makes my fingers want to get physical.

My brain starts to ache as I work up a lather
Typing words into rhyme as fast as I can gather.

Yes, it is a gem of a site that I see
But the real gems are the others who write poetry.

Their words are more elegant than mine
And I often wonder how they come to them sometime.

When I read their work it is more than a cure
They express the thoughts which are ever so pure.

Like distilling fine cognac from its brandy base
The words that I read all fall into place.

So it makes me want to make my own work better
And to them I have become a debtor.

For the words I write come from inspiration
And some of the contests exact great consternation.

You see, I don't know an Iambic from a Pentameter
But, that's what makes me want to try harder.

So I write words in ways that I think are good
Hoping that my thoughts can be understood.

Many a comment passes the site each day
All, to me, are special when sent my way.

I appreciate the thoughts of others who will take the time
To read the words I have tried to rhyme.

So in looking for something happy that happened this year
This "Awesome" site makes me want to cheer.

Poetry Soup may not give you the zing,
But then, next to's the next best thing!


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My way

They ask.....
I answer.......

They hear.....
But don’t listen

They talk and tell…
They say and command

They do all…..
But try to understand………

Ask me again…..
And I hope you listen

Cause all I have to say….
I am doing it my way

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Joyce Johnson Understanding Lady

Joyce Johnson has something common with me
Someday this lady I will get to see

Soon I'll meet a person who understood
All my heartache for in her heart there's good

We'll sit down, settle with mugs of coffee
Talk as we munch on that homemade brownie

Inquiring how she withstood her great grief
Tell me your story, please do not  be brief

She and I will share stories long I've held
We'll drink coffee, eat brownies,  sit a spell

Contest:"First Words Over Coffee"
Sponsor: Michael J. Falotico
Written by: Sara Kendrick

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Beautiful Ghost

I feel such empathy when I look at you,
I see the pain you're going through,

I hardly know you, you hardly know me,
But we acknowledge each other silently,

Your face disgraces your usual smile,
And for a second I wish I could have it awhile,

The envied are so often the ones envying most,
The beautiful faces underneath, are the ghosts,

Scary, the masks we work hard to build,
Crumble like ruins of a wicked King's guild,

I hope all is well, that you'll be alright,
That sleep will come to you peacefully tonight,

And when life is cloudy, remember, dear one,
There are people around you to bring out the sun.

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Trust is it something earned or something given freely?
Do we have to have it in one go, or can we take it weekly?

Is it something that is measured, that we buy by the foot and inch?
Or is it sold only by weight, so we need to buy a pound or a pinch?

Trust if it is trustworthy, how does one really tell?
But we need to have it with each other, if we want to get on well.

Trust the word is simple, it is only five letters long,
But devastation follows-if we get those letters wrong…

Trust, one needs to earn, and not just  to expect it free, 
A word bandied about a lot, but it can be squashed just like a flea.

Trust one should be wary, but try never to leave it to late
Trust one hopes can come in sizes I’d like mine at five foot eight…

 BTW I am 5'8" 
© 25/09/2102~GG~

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  When I was just a boy, growing up in Chicago
  My best friend was "Jimmy", who loved the monsters so!

  He was younger than me in more ways than one,
  But I enjoyed my time with him...we always had fun.

  One year for Halloween he bought monsters to build,
  Needing my help, we painted and glued and every cavity filled.

  There was Dracula, Frankenstein, the Werewolf, and the Mummy,
  Resplendently painted, delicious and yummy.

  Each was about 12 inches high
  With features that would make a little one cry.

  We set them in a window box with a black light behind
  Turned off the house lights for a real "Trick or Treat" find.

  Jimmy went out in to get his share of the goodies, too
  And when he came back, there was more than enough for us two.

  What really struck me that Halloween night,
  Was the five foot ghost, below the street light.

  Truly a sight to behold it was there,
  And to more than one person did it give a scare.

  Its white shaded body was like none I had seen
  With a face of a gorgon, I was ready to scream.

  It just stood there on the sidewalk watching the kids at the door
  You can believe that those kids always got more.

  I watched this ghost go up and down the street
  Watching the youngsters getting their sweets.

  Then, I realized, it was Jimmy's mom dressed in a sheet
  It covered her over, from her head to her feet.

  The mask that she wore was a scary one 
  But like the monsters in the window,  just done for fun.

  That fluorescent face I will never forget
  I didn't care for monsters...with little regret.

  Her costume rocked me to the core that night
  For the first time I saw it, I had a real fright.

  For I had never expected to see an adult
  Dress up in costume, much less the occult.

  So that is the Halloween that I remember the most
  When a lady I knew, dressed up as a ghost.

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Gold Fish and The Frog

There was a Goldfish who thought he was a shark.
He kept biting the lily pad of a Monk Frog.
Behave said the frog, for you are no shark.
I can if I want, said the goldfish, if you are a Monk.

The goldfish kept attacking the lily pad with ardor and spunk.
He wouldn’t be gainsaid on being a shark.
As the Frog studied relentlessly to become what was wont.
Neither one believing the other… could become what he did want.

Now along came a snake to eat the monk frog on his ark.
But to him… this lily pad was sacred, and he didn’t want to disembark.
So the goldfish attached a leaf to stand straight up on his back…
And as he bit the snake’s tail the frog hollered SHARK!
Pandemonium ensued as the frightened snake did run off…
Thinking it’s better to be safe, than as some one else’s dinner doffed.
So some how, together they both became what they did want.
Living happily ever after, as friends in that great lily pond.

The moral my friend is you can be whatever you want.
Still, don’t stop as the path becomes hard, that you sought…
For if a gold fish can become a shark… and a Frog a Monk…
Then with work and friends made… you can become whatever you want.

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You Inspire Me

You Inspire Me

What inspires me?

A song lyric-------a brave, determined person (Man or Woman)

A gifted child

An Innovator, innovators are individuals that are firsts to do something.

That inspires me and by the way…

O mother you inspire me (most of all)!

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Earthquake in Japan

Friends across the Internet
Disaster struck my heart has wept.
Are you safe beyond the sea?
Will you meet the tsunami?
My soul cries for your safe sojourn.
Continued friendship, my hearts yearn.
We have bound our thoughts together.
Through thick or thin understandings tether.
Catastrophically Japan’s earth quakes. 
Too many lives devastation takes.
People are trapped amid the rubble.
The young and old lay in peril.
Tsunamis wash the wretched shore.
Destructions waste forevermore.
From far away I pray…protect from harm.
Loving moments and friendship’s charm.
Fearing for you, my friends, so far away.
Praying you will see a brighter day.
Wondering, questioning. 
Oh frightful happening!
Please tell me you are out of harm's way.
I send my hope for your safe stay.

Lovingly, Dane Ann
March 11, 2011

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Thanks Donald

How do we touch a person we do not know?
By being ourselves and letting feelings show.

Some silently observe to see who we are.
Pictures can be clearer standing from afar

A potential friend who has made himself known
With a gift of words a special kindness shown

So I thank you Donald you have made my day
My gift back to you I express it this way

Your hand held out in friendship I now accept
As a fellow poet you have my respect

I have also read your words your heart is true
I look forward to learning more about you.

Thanks for the dedication Donald you surprised me.

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I wish for you
warm happy thoughts
soft peaceful nights
kind lessons taught.
I hope that love
runs straight and true
but if it curves 
you’ll walk it through.
Hold to your breast
fond memories
tranquil bonds of bliss
When if your eyes
cloud up with tears
know that the Lord
will chase your fears.
Don’t let your smile
be doused by hate
throw it behind
won’t cross the Gate.

My wish for you
is that you see
a cherished life
is yours to be.

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                               A LIFETIME FRIEND

He's my husband my partner my lover my friend.
A lifetime spent together until the very end.

We were just teens when we first met.
Us staying together caused our friends to loose their bet.

He taught me the good things I needed to know.
Teaching me about life's highs and lows.

He taught me how to be a good wife and mother.
Also taught me how to treat and be kind to others.

We were both each others childhood sweethearts.
So growing up together we decided to never part.

As the years pass we'll always be together.
Cause we believe our love will last forever.
                Teresa Skyles
Entered in Micheal Hornschuch"Ode to a friend"contest

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To be alone

No one sees you walking by
No one cares to you say hi
You feel alone, with not a soul
Accompanying you inside this hole

Your heart is clasped with a cold hard touch
From a society absent of this it is so much
It hurts so bad when no one sees you cry
To be your friend no one cared to try

Look this way and your soul to behold
That I am someone that has felt the cold
Of a society absent and no one cared to try
To lift me up, because nobody saw me cry

Dear lonely person with no one to hold
Come seek friendship from me it's not to bold
Sure I tend to shy from the crowd
But I will listen to your heart that speaks not so loud

I do not pretend to be someone I am not
So of a true friend you have confidently sought
Look no further I will always care to try
For I always will be here to carry you when its time to cry

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Dry Ground

At times my witness to this young mother was sorely lacking,
So many times I pondered, if in my heart, I might be slacking;
My words fell, or so it seemed, beyond her range of hearing,
And God, at times, allowed my heart to near a point of searing;
For her, why had God chosen my heart to so encumber?
This burden tendered me had power from morning light to slumber;
Was it because my immediate thought was turning her away?
That God chose to place her in my heart that meeting day;
Because she worked for me I felt bound in just what I could say,
For fear that something might be taken in an inappropriate way;
So thoughts concerning her became burned beyond my forgetting,
From the time she left our lives just like a sun at setting;
My objective concerning her has not changed since early days,
I wanted/want my life to be a witness to her in some small ways;
I prayed/pray Dear Lord, use me no matter what the cost,
Just keep Shirlene in a place in life, wherein she won't die lost;

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Friends, hold tight, with each friendship combined
Take care of, gather ‘round, like wildflowers entwined

Befriend new bonds, they will grow faster than you know
Advice, they like your voice, just listening to it flow

Give all that you will, become closer than you can
Listen, love, it will last a lifespan.

©Holly P. Moore  
   February 2013

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~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ 

There is a place called Heaven,
that I hope for everyday.
I ask God to help me be a better person
by following Christ's way.

Somedays it doesn't come easy
to find compassion in my heart.
Or show forgiveness needed
to a friend who has torn it apart.

Jesus never said it would be easy
to pick up my cross each day.
Or remember to be thankful, 
and get on my knees to pray.

He said to trust in His mercy, 
and to give it to others in need.
Because of His Love and Sacrifice, 
of His words I take heed.

For Christ is The Bread from Heaven, 
and we are who He comes to feed.
Take part in His kindness and mercy,
from all sins we are freed.

The gates of heaven are open,
the veil has been torn.
No need to sit in sorrow,
no need to weep and mourn.

Christ has risen, 
Yes, it's true! 
Through Him, all things 
have been made new!

There is a place called Heaven that I hope for everyday.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

5/1/11 ~ Divine Mercy Sunday

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If my words have brought you pain
Made your heart’s tears fall like rain

If my words have been a knife
And sliced the joy out of your life

If my words have brought you sorrow
Cut me out of each tomorrow

Oh, If I knew that this were true
I swear I’d make it up to you

But I know that you won’t confess
You will act strong just to impress

So, I’m not sure just what to say
To make it sweet like yesterday

Maybe this truth will touch your heart
I stopped that love for you to start

To be unfaithful will not do
Not for me and not for you

So, take my hand and be my friend
To this kind of love, there is no end.

Eileen Manassian Ghali

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Please Listen/ Listen To What I'm Saying

Listen to what i'm saying, and not just what you hear
Don't jump to conclusions, and freeze me in a stare.

You think you know what's going on, but truth is you don't
So you can't tell me what i'm doing wrong, because who REALLY knows?

For all that matters, I could be seriously hurt
But if i said anything, you wouldn't understand at first.

You tell me what I'm thinking, and why I act the way I do,
Since when do you read minds? Thinking your eyes see through?

Well this isn't about what you see, or even what you hear
This is about listening to what I'm saying, but you couldn't care.

I'm telling you this now, just to be treated fair
Listen to what I'm saying, and not just what you hear.

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It’s pick on Jan day What else can I say No more will I write I’ll bid you goodnight Maurice, Tim and Cas Have all had a laugh Some fine words they have written In his lastest poem Tim was smitten But the truth it is out So I’ll cry and I’ll shout My real name is Stan I once was a man Jan/Stan Allison 3rd October 2014

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Sleep just for awhile

         Hush sweet baby please don’t cry         
     I’ll sing you a love sweet lullaby

    Never mind the boogie in your head
        Come lay on top of your silken bed

                      Sweep out things you can’t understand
                             As I play this song on the Baby grand 

                     You are quite special can’t you see
                    Many try to change like you to be

      So never think any less of your self
   Please come back being the naughty elf

Come let me sip water coconuts
From the word palm tree besots

            You have slept long enough
                 Grab your pillows shake and fluff

It’s just not the same without you
Please don’t send me to sleep too

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Second Chance

As the never world awaits me, 
The lord darkness, his cloak now draped.
Haunting images that appear in dreams,
Invade the subconscious, till again I wake 

Complative thoughts well before the dawn,
I walk the morning shore,
How many have stood on these same sands,
Reflecting the echoes of those no more.

And still the waves they pound the shore,
Relentless in their quest,
As they crash on the rocks with deafly roar,
White tipped and foaming zest.

Dawn breaks with gilded cotton clouds,
Waiting like courtiers to their king.
Gathering round the sovereign sun,
Bestowing his warmth on everything.

Would that life compare to the shore,
All worries get washed away.
Cares thrown to the four winds,
As on my knees I pray

© N A Windle 2009

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Soul sisters

"Imagine a lovely garden, tea for two, and this story . . . "

Two soul sisters knew at once
That they were kindred spirits, under the sun

After too many moons, hanging by ropes,
They breathed in life and sparkled with hope

Till somehow they let their friendship flutter away -
Like dandelion wisps on a gray, windy day

The loss, like a stone, in their hearts' homes,
But each too proud, to let the other one know


Received 6th place in  “I Fancy Another Sad Poem” Contest

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Are You Smiling

Spring,Sprang,Sprung You stepped in elephant tung Chip,clip,clasp Oh how I did laugh Fling,flang,flung I fell in the elephant tung Chip,clip,clasp Now you did laugh Now if it was just for a bit you heard The joy from within my silly little words I hope that upon your face A big smile has been placed

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~ She fondly engraves her signature,’ My Dear Heart’
With poetry that paints pictures, a style setting her apart ~
Those hands gliding with decorative touches and lyricism
So vintage like her soul ~ a woman of depth and mysticism ~ ~

Yet ~ she is more than a top rhapsodist; she is a staunch friend
Inspiring me to dip the quill down to the gut; to soar, to bend
~For word scenes that are uniquely dramatic, funny or divine ~
And every chance we get online, she shares her love of all time

“This is how my day went," ~we laugh and frown about simple things
Making  cyber world so warm, a space of trust that sweetly sings ~
Though I may be a ‘young’ souper, it seems we understand each other
Accepting our moods ~ and rising above petty site issues, rather;   *

*Constance plods on while her melody swoons  on renowned pages
Hosting contests quite strict with rules; but that’s how she really is ~
And now ~  I search for her in the forest of my withering dear heart
~ Wishing she would spring back; oh, don’t you think she must?  * *

                                             ~ * ~

For Cyndi Mac Millan: Missing Souper, We Love You!
By nette onclaud


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Circle of Gathering

Communal spirits rise into the air
Cautious of the white rabbits stare

Circle is the frame of choice
while laughter is the authentic voice

Curtains of white move with flair
taking on shapes an eagle, snake, or a bear

Clamoring for the right place
little ones realize a roasting pace

Cooking white clouds to brown or black
looking like a cumulonimbus stack

Curious stories are told to one another
unwinding witty tales to someone like your brother

Crackling noises fill the dark air
driving away thoughts of despair

Contented spirits embrace the night
glowing embers fade from sight

By: Richard J. Long - September 2012

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N and n

Nymphs over oceans ignite cyber wonder kindred sparklers twinkle, lips of girl-talk flutter though faces never met, distance can’t keep them apart as cheers of ”huggs” and “yo's” flame kindling hearts yes, nette gypsy-angel and nancy funky rebel jive cool insomniac ripples, sisters in one pebble having much in common like buds' triple-decker spring they share giggly musings as wavelengths go soul-rocking two "N" lockets of warmth, time polishing them well rare duet linked by unity, aren’t they freaking swell!
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ for: Tracie Edwards' Grab A Mate... Contest by: Nancy Jones and nette onclaud

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Pet Sit Panics

<                                             Dam Dog !

                                               What a hog !

                                               Ate Cousins Dope !

                                               And Started To Choke !

                                                Starry Eyes !

                                                Wobbly Thighs !

                                                To Vet !

                                               250 Dollars I Bet !


                                               More Test !

                                               They Suggest !

                                                Hell No !

                                               Let's See How It Goes !

                                               Just Needs Sleep !

                                              And Plenty Of Water The Little Creep !

Entry For
Sharon Tideswell
Pet Sit Panic's Contest




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Great Day

It was really a joy to see you all
Certainly not a fancy dress ball

The jokes and laughter did abound
I'm so glad that you came around

We really should do this again
The problem being where and when

It makes me know friends need to be seen
I wish us to be closer than we have been

We may not see each other as much
But we really never do lose touch

Let us make it a pact that we will be
Closer this year than the previous three

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Spritual Gangster

You don’t want to miss this
But don’t be confused this aint Christmas
You’ve gotta get real my brotha and kiss this
I’m a spiritual criminal with lipstick

If you’re lucky you just might make my hit list
Coz I’m a murderer killing *****es ego’s with fake riffs
If you’re a moral criminal and do the minimal you can’t hit this
We must stand together my brother to beat this

Pleasure - pain, generosity - blame, loss - gain infamy and greed
It’s not hard don’t get angry and there’s no need to bleed
It’s just like John Lennon said when he said love is all you need
Stand with me my friend and let go of fear if you want to be freed 

I’ll mind punch you in the heart and give you a soul diss
Aint no big brotha gonna hold me and frisk this
You’re not lost or all alone coz my arrows fire straight and can’t miss
Things aint changed and love can still fix this

Pleasure pain, Generosity blame, loss gain infamy and greed
It’s not hard don’t get angry and there’s no need to bleed
It’s just like John Lennon said when he said love is all you need
Stand with me my friend and let go of fear if you want to be freed 
Love -love- love is all you need

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Met A Friend On A Bench

The old woman shifted her weight from her hip.
As I sat down beside her she chewed on her lip.

I flashed her a smile and wished her good morning.
She did not expect me to speak without warning.

This old wooden bench had pulled us together.
on this beautiful morn of clear springtime weather.

Finally she grinned and she whispered hello.
I reached out my hand and she took it so slow.

"You have such kind eyes" she said with a smile.
So we sat on this bench and chatted for awhile.

All her years had made her enchanting to me.
I asked her if she'd like to come have some tea.

I made a dear friend for life that day
as I listened to all she had to say.

Now the morning waned but the friendship grew.
This bench had brought me luck I knew!

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The People and Places of my World-FB LINK of Picture Poetry

Come and see paradise
Feast on it with your eyes

See Jacaranda trees
Ruffled by a soft breeze

See beauty in the faces
That live in my heart’s spaces

Come and visit with me
I want you my world to see

Our friendship has reached that place
Where I want you to see my face

I want to be known by you
Come see my life’s special hue

You’re more than a cyber-friend
You’re a treasure heaven send.

Come and see….
Come and see!

Eileen Manassian Ghali

I know that some of you made comments about the jacaranda trees that I mentioned in my Limerick, Meeting Guru Jad at Three. Others don’t have a clear concept of what Lebanon is like or what the Middle East has to offer. Remember, Lebanon is mentioned in the Bible: Psalm 92: 12- The righteous will flourish like a palm tree, they will grow like a cedar of Lebanon. Here is a link to an FB album I created for my Poetry Soup friends. The setting is for public, so all of you should be able to view it. There are a LOT of pictures. The first ones are about the campus and the jacaranda trees some of you asked about and of Lebanon in general. Then the rest are a glimpse into my life…family and hobbies. I know only the HARD CORE fans will go through it all, but it is a gift to you. Enjoy. Love you all! <3 

PS….There is a picture of one of my students who has recently joined the Soup. Her name is Eve, but she goes by Vivo Sadek. PD has already commented on her work. You might like to SEE her! Hope you visit her work! Hugs to you all.

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Fixing a Rainbow With Words

I sat on half a rainbow and dangled my feet...
I think your on the other side, but to far to reach...
Maybe we can cast out some words to close the gap...
My ideas are near like a bag of thoughts sitting on my lap...
But I must choose the right ones to connect our lines...
Any diversion from this theme will leave us stranded in time...
So tender pieces will be built with care for each word to flutter...
And in the end a couplet of smiles will pull this rainbow back together...
Now a string of poems spread out across my sky to yours...
And all my thoughts and love find their way to your doors...

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Fair-weather Friends

Fair-weather friends are NOT for me
So, I must make them ...history!
I need a friend who’s ALWAYS there
Through sunshine or storm, he shows care!
Someone who knows that I’m weak,
And will plant a kiss on my cheek.
A person who knows what is real
Who’s not afraid my pain to feel!
A friend who knows that I’m not whole,
Yet sees the beauty of my soul.
A friend who’ll never tell a lie
Who can look me straight... in the eye!
My warm shelter from pouring rain
In life’s madness, he keeps me sane!
Fair-weather friends, I kiss goodbye
At least they know the reason why.
“All-weather friends” are very few,
What I’ve longed for, I’ve found in YOU!

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Life is an Aventurous Squirrel Run

I have my Hubby’s steadfast belief in me.
He loves how my poems are light and airy.
He’ll give me an idea once in a while…
Then he escapes to come back, later to read my new child.

He calls these run-throughs a squirrel run.
For they can take off in directions, yes, any one.
Crazy thoughts become crazier still…
And story time leads to god knows, where they will.

My thinking is kind of like chasing around a tree.
You never know where the end will be.
But somewhere I eventually become truly still.
And that is where my Hubby adds into the trill.

Then the squirrel run begins again…
Light and fluffy and full to the brim.
Each day a new adventure... waits around the bend.
Live it. Love it. Write it... You'll be happier in the end.

Contest: Emotion: Squirrelly and fun   CSEastman

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He’s there for me through thick and thin; Closer to me than my next of kin; With big ole feet, a long wagging tail; And a nose that’s never lost the trail; His long droopy ears have caught many a tear; But I always have comfort whenever he’s near; And I know whenever I am upset, He’ll be there, my loyal pet; He’s got my back, no matter what, My silly mongrel and devoted mutt; My baby Zeus, My faithful friend; The one that will be there till the end.

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Songs and minutes, smoke and maroons
Swirl and shake in a majestic monsoon

Words and winds radiate from this relic
But it's heartily broken, hardening into a brick

She's surrounded by specks of sparkling sand
But notices nothing in this loathsome land

She feels frustrated-- thrown for a lonesome loop
In the desert and deserted, all she does is stoop

It's not a secret that she's surrounded
But how she remains alone leaves her astounded

She looks, and listens, and does legwork
But somehow all she sees is dust and dirt

There's not a place of paradise-- one oasis
Except for her lone entity that can grace all graces

Her feelings have descended, discouraged by not a find
How can a sapphire so beautiful be so blind?

March 2010

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The Butterfly Jinn

One jinn butterfly flew on his wings three wishes lay.
One wish was for true beauty to grace forms caste of clay.

For though all things are beautiful, their mind doeth say neigh
And discord comes when envy vies and jealousy doest play.

And once man’s reached reality as to truth he’s reborn
The butterfly in me would wish true kindness would form.

Kindness, so that none would hurt another and fear be allayed,
kindness for each and every day, so anger and hatred are kept at bay.

The third and final wish my jinn butterfly would carry
Would be forgiveness when in weakness good men do tarry.

Each of us like the butterfly feel trapped ‘tween the glass
Praying to fly free before our glory days have passed.

**In Arabic, a genie (also jinn, jinni, djinni, from Arabic jinni) is a supernatural creature which occupies a parallel world to that of mankind

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Tick Talk

When the days stretch into evenings
When the evenings slip into nights
When the minutes pull together
Silken threads greet the sunlight

When the days span into months
When the months spin into years
With the silken moments carted
Iridescent strands will then appear. 
When the threads run through the loom
When the tapestry unfolds
What might have been weak and faded
Becomes more beautiful and bold.

We are the weavers and the spinners
So each tapestry is our own
We ourselves must choose the colours 
Before the edges can be sewn.

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                                                        .THE TEA PARTY OF TEARS
                              ."Each experience is locked within my heart and only I hold the key..."
                                                        .A tea party for just us two.
                                                        Bestfriends are me and you.
                                                  In church is when first we met as kids.
                                                 Always together no matter what we did.
                                                  We had good times through the years.
                                                  So much laughter and not many tears.
                                                      I'll keep you in my heart forever.
                                                    Bestfriends will always be together.
                                                   It broke my heart when you passed.
                                                    But our friendship will always last.
                                                 The white flowers I will lay at your feet.
                                                   In heaven is where again we'll meet. 
                                                            Teresa Skyles                   20-Aug-11
            Entered in Constance La France~A rambling poet~"A FRAGMENT OF LIFE"contest

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Jada Mortensen

And so she was the girl from Bair.
With ocean eyes and golden hair.
Of heavy heart and light despise
Of cupid's dart and winter's cries.
There came a day when things did end.
Around the corner of the bend
There came a truck and in dispair
The loudest word was spoken there.
And so she left to who knows where.
Whilst many cried because they cared.
She roams around in circles too,
And whispering winds and skies of blue.
We raise our glass towards the sky
And smile a memory although she died.
No tears tonight, not ever one.
For there she rests inside the sun.
She is okay we know for sure.
In better days to now endure.
And so she was the girl from Bair
With clemency; a heart so fair.
And as we lay in bed and sigh,
I'd like to say to you Goodbye.

Rest In Peace Best Friend
11-21-1996 ~ 06-21-2011

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True Friendship

 ~True Friendship~

 True friends are really a treasure so rare
 There are not many like that who really cares.

 If you happen to have one exactly like that
 Be happy you got lucky,so toss high your hat.

 Real friends wish to share everything with you,laughter and tears
 And like finest wine they just get better all throughout the years.

 They will be loyal,honest and true no matter what you may go through
 A true friend will not hurt you on purpose and she always care for you.

 There are not many good friends around like this they're hard to find
 Better just have one true than maybe dozens that are untrue and fake in kind.

 So if you already have a true friend consider yourself very lucky everyday
 And treat well that friend with all the love and respect that(she or he)deserves all way.

 Dorian Petersen Potter
 aka ladydp2000


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Swimmin' in the Soup of Love

The ocean’s wide the ocean deep 
and in the soup the turtle sleep.

Some live on land and we know that is true,
then we call them tortoise, land lubbers like you.

They been around a long, long, time
longer than man and their extinctions a crime!.

Some like their soup salty some like it plain
so, the ones in lakes we call terrapin. 

All of us came from the soup of the sea,
we all have shells though no turtles be we.

Like turtles when scared tend to pull in their heads
hiding like children deep under the bed.

All the lessons here seems very clear
be kind to all creatures in the Soup we have here.

Don’t pull in your neck, stick it right out
For the love of each heart here is what Soup’s about.

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For Karen O Leary

For Karen O'Leary

Dear friend, you have blessed my life,
serving as a guiding star in deepest strife.

Your decision to leave, I understand
for it seems your talents are in demand.

Your poems are featured in venues worldwide;
the success of your book must fill you with pride

Thank you for sharing your poetry with us --
perhaps six years here is just enough

to hone your skills and embark on new ventures.
You will surely succeed in all your endeavors.

Your presence will sorely be missed on the Soup,
so please stay in touch; keep me in the loop.

Our calls and emails will continue;
I wish you blessings in all you do.

Love to Karen,
Carolyn Devonshire

*Written for Cyndi's challenge in honor of Karen O'Leary who has recently posted her "good-bye" to the Soup.

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a friend

a friend is a satin ribbon
which wraps around your life

a friend is a golden button
that does away with strife 

a friend is a silver needle 
that keeps you sharp and true

a friend is a good strong thread
that livens you anew

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Living contrasts

two people telling their stories
one fighting, one worries
warm breath shifts into white clouds
cancer’s death a freezing shroud
I listened to the both of them
their trust a private  gem 
I felt their huge and intimate fears
while walking on both saw my tears

©Ellie Daphne van Stralen 2012

GiMmI.. WhAt I wAnT.. wHaT I rEaLlY rEaLlY WaNt..... <3 
Contest Judged:  12/17/2012 12:00:00 AM	 
Sponsored by: Tracie- Indigo Dreamweaver

5	Living contrasts        Ellie Daphne van Stralen

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Karen O'Leary

January Fourth, she said good-bye She took her poems and went to fly To other places, a new somewhere. This site’s better that she was here. We’ll miss her sweetness, her haiku. She tried to show us that we, too Could write in this delightful form. She left comments, sincere and warm. Fascinated by her measured word, Hers was the first voice that I heard When I first chanced upon this site. I loved her poems, short and light. I’m glad I bought her “Whispers” book, Though missing her, I can still look Into its many treasured pages And find the wisdom of the sages. Joyce Johnson 1/5/12

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Easy to love
Easy to bed
This is the trap
driving nice men to wed

Easy to cry
Easy to sob
Then he'll be mangled 
Like corn on a cob

Easy to spend
Easy to lose
This is the life
That most fellows choose

Just call a lawyer
He’ll fix it for you
Get rid of the woman
Who snazzles the screw

Pack up the kids--
Send them to mom--
Hope their new school
Has no majors in bombs

Find a new wife
Any looker will do
A paper doll woman
Is easy for you

Work and grow old
It's usual to do
Find someone to hold
Never fret about ‘true’


If you’re a man
With an itch to break molds
There lurks a companion
To have and to hold

Don’t look in a bar
Or pick-up soiree
Stay off of the sites
featuring boobs of the day

haunt musty books
near old movie shows
Find someone laughing
Or blowing her nose

a genuine character
packs humor and wit
When brains are a match
other parts learn to fit

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It's a final sale, no exchanges, no refund; grab anything that you like...
all items sell for a dollar or less, even grandfather's four-wheel bike.

Over forty two years I have collected transistor radios, vinyl records, ceramics dolls
and plates with famous faces on them...oh, Debbie from The Wizard of Oz enthralls!

I am making room for new furniture, and must get rid of them...
it's sad to give them away when they offered much excitement! 

In those boxes and crates, you'll find many commodities...
soap bars, bathing towels, curtains shower and perfumes.

Take a look at some funny clothes that I wore in my teens: tight blue jeans,
wool sweaters, cowboy's shirts, boots and hats, trying to look like sexy Elvis!  

Browse and find that item you couldn't it Marylin Monroe's furry shawl? 
If the final sale is not complete by early evening, I will draw a winner to take it all!

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Tonight I'm Your Angel

                                              I sat on a cloud and watched the rain.
                                           Counted raindrops that looked the same..

                                                   Waved my hands over your day..
                                         Blew sweet kisses that would reach and stay..
                                             I blanketed your world with all my heart..
                                                   Fixed cracked pieces that fell apart.

                                          With tender touches I consoled what was pain..
                                             I craddled what was broken with loving aim..
                                               So just sleep and rest your weary head..
                                                  Tonight I'm your Angel and your bed..

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Where would we be without good friends
They are here for us when a relationship ends

Listen to us to and hear our worries and fears
Comfort us when we shed many salty tears

Stick with us through good times and bad
Give us a hug when we are very very sad

Share happy times, life isn’t all doom and gloom
Drink coffee together in a comfy sitting room

Life is complex and is sadly all too short
True friends are priceless and cannot be bought

So cherish the friends that you hold dear
They are incredibly precious that is very clear

Jan Allison
23rd August 2014

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Tough Friends

Just like football we’re hard hitting and rough,
If you want to hang with us, you’ve gotta be tough;

No sissies allowed, we don’t cry when we’re hurt,
We’re the kinda people that play in the dirt;

Daring each other to become more extreme,
Our bold eyes shining with a terrified gleam;

“I dare you to go slap that bull and run away”,
Is a typical thing we hear everyday;

Some call us crazy and they’re probably right,
Cause this bunch of friends is one scary sight.

~For Kristen Bruni's contest~

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Summer Fun---grammer school days

The day was hot as red rose sunny
We gathered eggs from holes like a bunny

Down to the grocer’s store we went
Sold our eggs funds on candies spent

With grandma abed off comes the coat
On goes the sneakers shaped like a boat  

Big brother goes racing up to the gate
The youngest trying to be quiet shout wait

Round the corner comes the show truck
Reels of movies in boxes securely tuck

Hercules Ben Hur High Noon Dracula and such
We saw them o’er and o’er he hadn’t  much

Big brother hops on the truck going up the hill
The youngest and I ran behind we know the drill

Hopping onto trucks is a skill perfected by boys
We girls had to be content playing with toys

Inside the show house the movie starts
Everyone must hear our throbbing  hearts

Written Sept. 8 2012
For Craig's contest: Summer Fun

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Broken Fortune Cookies

While some of Sally's fortune cookies are broken into bits;
it's easy reading fortunes when their open in the blitz.
She saves them for my rainy days or so I'd like to think.
It's how to run a business when you serve one with a drink.
I tell her all my fortunes are always coming true.
More importantly their tasty and very good to chew.
She knows I don't need luck; that her cookies are a treat,
and sees me wash them down with a coffee extra sweet.
And with the cookies and their luck thirst will come to me
as Sally goes with friendship like a coffee or a tea.

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Against Sunset, "they're" Captured

Heavenly skyline of orange and red
Skeletal treeline in sporadic shred

The line of the bright is turning to night
In smile they grace us, nature's sight

She shows her emotions, sometimes we don't see
This lady all around us so pleases me

Come the 14th of July, this year 2010
Carolyn, look to your skies, and you'll see the birds when

They dip their wings as they fly past you
A poet so wonderful, yes you, I mean you

Enjoy your day into your sun setting night
For these three winged gems, gliding smiling delight

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Friend of a Friend


He’s a friend of a friend of a friend
Who did not know a friend at the bend
He’s a friend of a friend of a friend
Who, at the furthest friendship end,
Had, lurking by, a heinous fiend

Heinous friend clothed like a saint
With fast peeling holy paint!


5th February 2014 

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Flying With The Birds

If I were to believe in you, would you believe in me?
If everything that I promised you actually came to be

If I were a beautiful rainbow, a reflection in the sky
Formed by the rays of light as your tears you cried

Sweetheart I am just a simple man with a complex plight
My blessing is you’re here with me, as this quest I fight

Sweetheart you know I’m a warrior, though I live like a ghost
I fight and write living my plight, inside the belly of the host

From shore to shore, a forever war, that will never end
Just today I got the word the host has taken another friend

Another soul another goal of course another wasted life
God I am a lucky man to have become one with my wife

Pains insane it shreds my brain and tears my heart into
I’m left here asking myself, “Was there anything I could do”

I have to write a eulogy though I just don’t know what to say
Here is a soul, another hole, for someone who lost his way 

Sobriety is really great but at times it is truly rather hard
You watch them take another friend and plant him in the yard

Another smoke, another joke another party has reached its end
Here I sit in a spiritual pit feeling totally lost about my friend

I hope someday someone reads what I say, takes another course
Pass on doing that shot, love it or not, death upon the black tar horse

So I shall write my Eulogy falling to pieces about my friend
Who made fun of the man I turned out to be, until the very end

But that’s ok it was just his way, right up until the day he died
The one true light shinning bright, lives inside of you and I

So will all of you join with me let your spirits pen my words
About a beautiful soul, who found his goal, flying with the birds

Very few people in this life that I love enough to let make fun
of the changes I made in my life. Addiction (The Host) took 6
friends in 2007, 5 in 2008 and this is the first in 2009. He didn't
overdose he was shot a couple of days ago in Chico, Ca during
a home invasion robbery over his heroin debt. I used to always
pay his debts when it reached this point with bags of Meth. This
time I couldn't go there for him and now he is dead. This is my
life, my gift and my curse. God Bless you all, mj

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I Love My Dog

A true partnership, we share the need
to roam, and to relieve ourselves.

He pulls me forward, in his scented
search for residue, he is also yearning.

We drift through his neighborhood, he
exposes me to his dreams, I follow.

I begin to see things from his point of
view, we share underlying curiosities.

And then she appears, apprehensively we
skirt around, until she disappears.

We turn around, and return to our lesser
world, to revisit and reflect anew.

I know how it feels old boy, the pull of
the leash, putting her just out of reach.

Quietly we make our way, footsteps
toward the creaking door, I love my dog.

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The Shattered Heart Of A Friend

She cried on the phone as she told me the news.
I listened as I put myself in her shoes.

This dear friend I've loved for thirty-five years.
We've shared some sorrow,some laughter,and beers.

The love of her life is now gravely ill;
a cancer with no cure and no magic pill.

His chance for recovery is very slim.
And she says she won't live a day without him.

So I packed my bags and I raced to her side.
I held her head in my arms as we cried.

We talked for hours deep into the night
I felt her release by the still morning light.

There's so much power in the love of a friend.
It can surely help a broken heart to mend.

By Deb Wilson
for contest"How to fix a broken heart"
sponsored by Michael J. Falotico

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A Silver Fox Fur for PD

One thing a pink fox needs is a silver fox fur.
She is so mystifying; this will make her purr.

Lady with pure instinct; can never be tracked down.
She can mesmerize her mate, with her triple crown.

Her passion foxtail, deadly only unrequited,
Her deliberate path, rages when ignited,

She can never be caged, unless she rules the roost.
Endangered maybe to see, never to be reduced,

Cute and cunning like a real fox she lives life full.
Maybe different sign, though like Taurus the bull.

Silver fox fur provides look of wisdom that exists.
Cagey and wily, her mind and soul has many twists.

Silver fox fur brings out more of animal indeed.
Her appetite may ravage, although she shall not feed.

She maybe carnivorous, her hunger no desire,
Thirsting for her sustenance only will transpire.

Loving and caring of nature’s young wilderness child.
Captivated by their tenderness, fully compiled,

This pink fox so delicate, with a soul full of fun,
Her feminine wiles renowned cannot be undone.

Never under guess this pink or silver fox words.
She can slam you down; wipe you out like herds.

Written for

Sponsor (Destroyer ((Poet 
Contest Name P.D's INNER ANNIMAL 

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My Angels

They say friends will be there until the end
That’s why I don’t call my group my friends
I rather that I call them my angels instead
Because they’ll be in my heart even after I’m dead
And I’ll be on theirs like a real tattoo
Now and forever I’ll be with you
My angels know how to keep me strong 
Without my angels everything is wrong
I am not worthy of their heavenly love
Yet I fly with them in the skies above
My angels a true; my angels are sweet
The sweetest angels to ever meet
With smiles of the sun and hearts of pure gold
Their comfort keeps me from ever being cold
And when they build up right through the stars
Passing the moon and passing even Mars
I feel like holding them to keep forever
For they are the jewels that made everything better
They’re the reason I get through the day
Just by burning all my pain away
I call them my angels instead of my friends
Because we’ll be together even after the ends

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Internet romance questions

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Do you enjoy a glass of wine or a few beers?

What makes you who you are?
What would you wish on a shooting star?

How would you describe yourself if I was blind?
What is the one thing always on your mind?

What is your worst attribute or flaw?
Do you drink from the glass or use a straw?

What is the number one quality you are looking for?
Would you drink milk from a dairy or must it be from the store?

Water from a bottle or out of the tap?
Do you like our president or is he full of **ap?

Well some were deep some were not,
But here is a list of questions I forgot.

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Lilac Revolution

She’ll trumpet a mid-summer’s lilac revolution
To smash and grab and take your affection
A twinkled-eyed assault of sweet-toothed pleasure
On half-composed clarity’s measure
She’ll launch a pillow-cannoned war
On every certainty of beauty you had before

She throws light around like a star in the sky
Even her sleepy exhaust is a heavenly sigh
She gilds the clouds on drizzling days
She makes hope smile by her vibrant ways
If her lover embraced her in all her truth
She would be her lover’s fountain of youth

In moonshine night of wine and song
With gypsy-like fever she’ll wring out the wrong
She’ll dance and in dancing burlesque
Ideals of woman and grace painted picturesque – 
By the moralistic mentors of caged-bird blues.
How this bluebird’s a phoenix by night’s fiery hues!

In hangover mornings of tangled heart-strings
Within the houses of healing you’ll hear she still sings
Of undesired responsibilities in a shaky jilted voice
A dew-soaked ballad to sunrise to which your only choice
Is to cater to her jazzy Simone-like disposition
To every her wiled whim, to her warmth, to her lilac revolution

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A Friend

A friend will stand right by your side,
And help you stem the raging tide.

A friend will fight with you, back to back,
And give you the strength that you lack.

A friend will hold you, to dry your tears;
And make you laugh to quiet your fears.

A friend will tell you when you are wrong,
And direct you back to where you belong.

And friend will lift you up when you are down,
And rescue you from the lost and found.

I have such a friend, who is tried and true;
And, my friend, that is you.

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My Kitty The Dreamer (Crystal)

A sophisticated strut quite arrogant in her theatrical play
on the move creeping silent nights, lounging in bliss throughout the day

A king of her domain strength and pose a simple gift of prestige
very few shall ever touch, no other shall come close to her league

With white boots in the moon light slinky and smooth 
a true heart of a gangster with something to prove

A beast of an arrogant notion, a lioness in the midst of the hunt searching for her prey
my clever satin love cunning and pure robed in a coat of armor with accents of grey

A sophisticated strut quite arrogant in her theatrical play
on the move creeping silent nights, lounging in bliss throughout the day 

Written By Rick Parise

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Do You Know?

Do you know how much I care
My world is empty without your there

Time has passed, yet I ache,
now I know, I made a mistake

A whole new world led me astray
Bonds of friendship were thrown away

I thought that I was so grown
What it cost, I couldn't have known

From a life as an innocent child,
I rode the fast lane, free and wild

Souless people, traveling in one direction,
became the object of my affection

Hurt, betrayed, and tossed aside,
I lost myself, purpose, and pride

Comfort I sought from friendship gone cold,
lost, no arms were waiting to hold

Learning a lesson, sometimes takes long
What ever hurts, makes you strong

Starting over, is never too late
Letting go of old hurt and hate

On, myself I can always depend,
memories of our friendship won't end

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My Love For You Is Easy

There is so much I want to share with you,
But my words are lost deep within me
I have oh so many emotions
How do I make you see

Life is not always that simple
Hear this from my heart
Our faith will concur all
As we stand here at the start.

Not speaking to you is going to kill me
You there and me here
But one day soon that will change
And I will finally have you near.

The Angels they did send you
The day that we met
Our love will last forever
As in stone it was set

Come fly, fly with me baby
Oh come fly with me
We can explore our love together
And set all our deepest emotions free

For the skies are without limits
And the tree tops we sour too
Perched upon a branch
Our love is forever true

I never meant for this to happen
But I am sure glad it did
Hearing your love and laughter
Makes me feel like a kid

Please never doubt my love
What is shared between you and me
Cause I am here to forever hold you
You just wait and see

But for now, I have to be patient
And except our destiny
But I promise you this my darling
You are forever within me.

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I ignore hurtful or rude comments, its something that I abhor
But if you praise my poems I will go on writing more

I am quite new to poetry so I appreciate any words you say
If they are constructive and helpful it will really make my day

I try my best to comment back and join in and make it fun
Some comments are hilarious, I laugh and my tears do run

Ever since I joined the site I’ve tried to write with humour
Us Brits can laugh at ourselves - it’s not a nasty rumour

I’ve learned so much in a short time I feel part of the crowd
My self-confidence is sky high and now I feel so very proud

Written for Jack Horne’s Comments Contest
~all entries awarded 1st place~

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Forgetful Moments....

Forgetful are those moments
which have passed by
and if I don't forget them
I shall surely cry

The moments which didn't last a few seconds
but do have a great importance
it surely occurred amidst my friends
but neither of them could ever sense

The moments which I knew
The moments which she knew
The moments of unwilling strangeness
in which neither of us could confess

She kept on searching something
which she could never find
but by the looks on her face
I knew what went on her mind

The moments when we met together
by some strange co-incidences
she always did try to avoid me
creating an artificial strangeness

Moments when we met alone
I could see in her eyes clearly
that she talked to me as such
she was made to do forcefully

Surely I must forget these moments
but how can I do so
with life so close to her
where I must surely go.

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I Want to Know What Love Is - Co-Written with Carolyn Devonshire

I heard the song and wanted to know what love is, so I turned to James
The Soup's king of romance knows it means more than just flirtatious games

     Dedication absorbed with love, for to feel it for the very first time
     The unification of two must gel like words in a poetry rhyme

This, James told me, and we explored the meaning much further
Many types of love, including a child and father

      Family life is important, reciprocation leads the way
      Whether blood, fostered or taken on, it's loves bond that says

We see an elderly couple walking hand-in-hand
This is but one type of love that many years withstands

      For so many fall by the wayside, taking different forks on life's roads
      Where a previously blossomed love has journeyed into destructs corrode

The deep affection felt for those whom we call our friends
Nestles deep within our hearts, a bond that never ends

     This we must truly cherish in a world going from day to day
     It does not matter where we come from, we are part of earths bouquet

Love knows no bounds and is shared with all humanity
One that respects each race and religion’s dignity

~*~ Co-Written with Carolyn Devonshire ~*~

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Love is not a science

Love is not a science 
Nor a story of self- reliance 

It does not lay claim
To those who place blame

More than a perfect first date
Or what was once thought to be fate

Love is sadness in a mothers eyes
As far away her son flies

Dropping it all on a dime
For a friendship impossible to define

Love never looses sight
Of what it knows to be right

Impossible to ignore
Like waves crashing upon the shore

It surprises us all
Like a child's first steps from a crawl

It will break us down
But only then can it be found

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Coffee with Carol

So nice to finally meet you Carol
Let's sip our coffee by the window

So tell me how things are with you
And I'll tell you how I am too

I feel awkward when I meet someone new
But your so interesting to listen to

Then I find myself just rambling on
About my life, my loves my home

The cafe is busy but we are unaware
Too caught up with our conversation in the air.

By Emma Buckeridge 
Person i meet up with in poem is Carol Brown

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Words That Fly

Last night there was a message across my sky...
All words tucked away finally got a chance to fly...

My heart warmed as they were fed to you in a tasty style...
And a soul was reached and held for a night with a smile...

In the morning the feelings may fade and disappear...
But for one night I know all my words were felt clear...

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Lucky White Star

I miss watching my Luck man run,
Sweat glistening in the morning sun;

The smell of leather in the frigid air,
Tossing his head without a care;

The soft sounds of the stable yard,
The only place I let down my guard;

Telling secrets to my horse,
Just letting nature take it’s course;

The confidence he gave to me,
My Lucky boy, my trusty steed;

He leant me courage I never had,
He was always there, through good or bad;

My shoulder to lean on, by best friend,
He was there for me up to the end.

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Soupdom Draftee

Just weeks after Dad died, I found my way here
Hoping unsettled emotions would disappear

Hope and warmth came from poets I’d never met
Artists helped me as pain I tried to forget

Their comments so kind and suggestions welcome
In a few months time I’d made many a chum

Experienced writers introduced new forms
Honing skills, I saw my verses transform

How glad I am to have found Poetry Soup
I went from being alone to part of a troop

What keeps me here now is the contacts I made
Poets whose inspiration will never fade

Even those who have left with the passing years
Still stay in touch as they embark on new frontiers

There is no greater gift than friendship to me
Happy I am to be a Soupdom draftee

*Written January 11, 2012 for Carol Browns “What I Like Most about Poetry Soup” contest
By Carolyn Devonshire

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Seagull and the Penguin

A sea gull flew over the ocean admiring his reflection every day.
Passing over the shore, he saw penguins at work and careful play.
What an ugly bird they are he suddenly proclaimed.
They can’t fly and still they strut… know they no shame!

One day the gull was swooping down angling for a fish…
When suddenly an orca whale knocked him in the briny brink.
Snapping and churning the orca would soon have his way.
The gull was surely lost, if he could not gain the air to stay.

Moments before the whale pod arrived the penguins chose to assist.
They chose to distract the whale, giving the gull a chance to resist.
The orca didn’t care which meal he had as long as there was one…
He finally beached himself upon the shore, and still he hadn’t won.

At that point the gull realized, the penguins were really seriously cool.
They could certainly fly in the water, if maybe not the air to rule.
Now friends for life… he would scout for them safe passage to their fish.
Indeed, the gull flew away that day a little wiser, knowing he’d been remiss.

Everyone in life is different. He surmised… It’s not a choice they’ve made.
But now he knows each demands respect… in their own separate way.

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Choosing to be Happy

Come, let's do anything but this Sit and speak of those we miss For I, the man filled with pride For you, the mom who held you inside We could share sorrows for hours this unrequited love that cowers Happiness waits around the bend Come, let's call the other friend By Rhonda Johnson-Saunders, May 29, 2012 for 50 Words contest (Shaz Cheesman)

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If I should wake

Every night I try to sleep I lie awake tired and weak I dread waking the next day with fear it will end the same way.Then when I can see your face my life stops flowing as a disgrace my life blossoms like a flower praying together another hour.I bid farewell to you my friend. For the poem this is the end

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Virgos and Valkyries

In years gone past, as thunder rode a stark and blackened sky
in Thor’s abode lived Valkyrie’s, women such as I.

Virtuous, valiant, shield maidens, brought victors on high 
Virgo’s, surely, sisters all, who ordered those who died.

Judges true of pure intent whose honor none belied
for all of life seeks order, if chaos would be denied.

An independent nature every Virgo’s does maintain
with thoughts of selfless causes and the shunning of acclaim.

With fire and fidelity your Virgo’s never tame
but, you can trust a Virgo’s, a Valkyrie all the same…

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Hope should always spring eternal even in a life that sometimes feel infernal
Love that proves to be unconditional, to the soul is always medicinal

If things are not going your way, look forward to the coming of a new day
Look inside you and pray, know that the Lord will make a way

In the dark  times do not feel fear, no need for you to shed a tear
Remember the friends who are sincere, those that you hold dear

God put them on your path to help you through no matter what
Just give it all you've got, give this life your best shot

Do not weep, do not grieve, peace and wholeness you will achieve
God's grace and blessing you will receive, all you have to do is believe

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Words from The living Dead

Wait in the car I’ll be right down,
Don’t want to get sick, I’ll be quick, so stick around.
I feel so bad you know I don’t want to do this,
Don’t hug me and don’t give me a kiss,
I deem myself powerless
And your God must lie
Even your tears these days don’t move my eyes,
Wait in the car I’ll be right in,
Just one more fix and then we can begin,
I wish this stuff was better but I swear I don’t want to get high,
I can still feel the pain in my body… but I swear I did it just to get by,
It’s all about me now don’t you know?
Are childhood love I keep injecting away as the years go,
It’s all about the past… forget that it’s a new day,
My life died along the forbidden way,
Wait in the car it might take me some time,
Gota set it up just right, be nice and clean while I lose my mind,
You know I am a good listener tell me how you feel
That’s what all the junkies tell me while we digest our daily meals.

“I am done waiting in the car you might as well have injected me too
I lost my best friend to something brown and blue”

By: Sabina Nicole
Written: Oct 2, 2012

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The Deadly Dart

Wherever I go through out my whole life,
I end up struggling with lots of strife.
Thinking that my life is a total waste,
Wanting it to be over in a haste.

I can feel the pain inside my own heart,
Like someone through at my a deadly dart.
The wound is easing deeper and deeper,
Will the pain ever stop getting bigger?

Feeling emo is never a good thing,
Cutting your arm makes a really bad sting.
Blood is dripping from my arms and my heart,
Failing to dodge the largest deadly dart.

Drowning in all the lies and self pity,
I live each day but always feel sh*tty.
I have lots of thoughts about suicide,
But then I think about those who have died.

Those who have died not just from suicide,
But also those who are really nice guys.
...This "poem" was actually suppose to be a couplet (on any thing you want) for my english 
class but i made this kind bcuz i was feeling emo that day...and also after i was done i read it 
over and it almost sound like a rap song which, i guess, is kinda funny and cool.........

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A Fork In Our Road

We've known each other a long time
Our bond too strong to sublime
We are the example of friendship
Stuck together through the hardship
We've always had each others' backs
In each others hearts, we left our tracks
The bond uniting us is too strong
Giving us a sense we truly belong 
We belong to each other you and I
I don't know how, I don't know why
We've always helped each other
If we didn't meet, we wouldn't bother
Trying so hard to reach our goals
We set a flame to our sleeping coals
Working hard to what we aspire
Fighting for our own hearts desire
But my dearest friend I take my leave
That letter, didn't you receive?
The bond uniting us has been forbidden
Reason behind it, no longer hidden
We can no longer divide our load
Because there's a fork in our road

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Linda Marie The Sweetheart Of P.S.

<                                            Sweetheart

                                          Where shall I start

                                              Linda  Marie

                                         You'll surely agree

                                            Travels  around

                                           Soup    land   town

                                     North  South  East  and  West

                                 Your poetry she  will taste and test

                                        Never leaves smitten notes

                                    Or even some nasty blog quotes

                                  She packs you in her traveling suitcase

                                     You know the one dressed in lace

                                          Wether stateside or abroad

                                          This woman is not a fraud

                                         Only kindness and senserity

                               If I was a guy even would ask her to marry me  { LOL }

                                          But for now will be forever friends

                                   Like A shining armor I will always's defend 

                                             This sweetheart of poetry soup

                            Who makes me not to want to fly from this coupe



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Adam's Raven

As I stood at Adam’s burial today,
I was searching for comforting words to say;

I felt his presence and looked to the sky,
And overhead a mighty raven did fly;

And atop his wings I am sure,
The spirit of Adam’s soul did stir;

They leant me the courage to speak and be heard,
To give his family an encouraging word;

And I watched the raven and tried not to cry,
As he took Adam’s soul to God in the Sky.

(In my culture Ravens are the vessel's that take your soul to the next world)

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When we come to a meeting
We are welcomed with a warm greeting

We come together because of a loss and pain
At our meetings, always something to gain 

We try to help a friend
With hope and talks right to the end

This is a place you may see tears
We all have those fears

Where here to help our heart and our mind
All the people here are so kind

We talk about our loves, the good and bad
Sometimes we may get very sad

We listen to what someone would say
Someone may cry and that’s okay 

One of our own had started a group, BSG
Bereavement Social Group come and see

Life is to live and then we die
It’s those in betweens that can make us cry

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One-Sided Mirror

I'm staring at you through tinted glass
you can't see me through this glass

on your side all you see is you
ironically, it's all my side sees too

i watch as you turn to the mirror beside
re-apply makeup, true nature you hide

you are someone you weren't meant to be
I can see you but you can't see me

you look into my eyes but see your own
all I want is to bring you home

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Tactless Travel

Let’s travel to the edge of the earth

With sunshine in our veins

Let’s see how much this life is worth

As we leave out all our pains


We’ll go for miles, and we won’t stop

The sun will soon attack

Our lives we’ll trade, our hearts we’ll swap

We’re never coming back


A whole new start, a second chance

Floats softly into June

We’ll wade our time in cheap romance

As we howl at a transient moon


An ice cold flood of independence

Forms our own wicked sense of style

Our world needs more transcendence

This world just needs to smile


The ringing in our ears is no longer just a sound

The image of freedom is no longer just a dream

Because this limitless world is just a playground

Or so it may seem

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The Love triangle: A boy, his dog, and a ball

One day I discovered a love triangle going on in the yard, where I sit.
A boy loved his red ball, so did his dog, and the balls love was split.
Back and forth the ball went forever into play, never to quietly sit.
Nowhere could it find the right place in which to ever fit.
First to the boy, then the dog. It’s love kept it on track.
The ball traveled with them everywhere, nothing did it lack.
It’s life consisted of simple things, and following them around.
The beach, and grassy park became their beloved friends in town.
A few times it did escape, but was quickly caught and put back in play.
But all in all, every thing was fine as it was sent, to and fro each day.
Some times they would roll it.
Sometimes they would bounce it.
Sometimes it hit the roof.
But it never failed to sparkle, no matter how much punishment it took.
Once a storm came along, and they hugged it in the house that shook
It was the courage of the little ball, which kept them safe, no doubt.
When the rain went away, they went back to the sunshine to run about.

Then the little boy went away, now the dog and the ball patiently wait each day.
Someday, several little boys will come here again to play.
It’s just like children to come along, you know they definitely will.
But for now, I have a surprise, for I’ll be babysitting the boy down the hill.

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Breaking Free

Adrenaline pumps
As thoughts fill my mind
I'm going to do it
I'm leaving it behind.

I dash for an exit
Hoping to break free
Large ropes from the darkness
Wrap around and pull on me

They don't want me to go
As i fight to get away
I try to get out of the trap
As the force makes me sway

I can see the light
But the ropes pull me back
I struggle to get there
To get into white, and out of black.

I gnash my teeth
Tears well up in my eyes
The ropes are too strong...
I give up, and to the black my bodie flies

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I look at you as you sleep,
  without you my life would be incomplete.

Always with a warm smile,
  you always go the extra mile.

I love my dysfunctional family,
  with you I can just be me.

Thank you for taking this chance,
  because having you makes my heart dance.

We've been sisters for almost half my life,
  no one believes that you're not my wife.

So here is to 18 more years,
  we stick together through happiness and tears.

I'll love you through thick and thin,
  I'm VERY BLESSED to have you as my best friend.

Dedicated to the best woman I know. Aleera(my sister wicked) I heart you!
                               LOVE ILLY(Demented)

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Dr. James E. Martin
©May, 2013

A friend is a treasure that will long endure
If it is found to be genuine and pure.

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Night Thoughts-

I ‘ve had the strange sensation,
thoughts swirling in my head,
Like “Where do fireflies go at dawn?”,
“Where do they go to bed?”

“What do owls dream about,”
,”while sleeping in their tree?”
“Do they dream about their night- flights,
“, and where the mice might be?”

“What fancies do the small bats see, “
“what memories do they keep?”
“I’d like to listen to their thoughts,”
“when they are fast asleep. “

Where might we all travel?
Which places would we be?
If we could know the night -one’s thoughts,
while dreaming in the tree.

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Sally version 2

Gracious Sally; my black haired Sally.
You've dawned a bright red cap.
My chicken balls; my coffee please.
A fortune before my nap.
You've tinged your bell; the coffees ready.
The customers turn their heads.
It's you I see; you waiting free!
with chicken balls in their breads.
And when at cash you call for me
and nod a tray you pass.
That after money and after thanks
your smile comes with a laugh.

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Dry Ground

At times, my witness to this young mother, Was sorely lacking, So many times I pondered, if in my heart, I might be slacking. My words fell, or so it seemed, beyond her Range of hearing, And God, at times, allowed my heart to near A point of searing; For her, why had God chosen, my heart To so encumber? This burden tendered me had power, from morning Light, to slumber. Was it because my immediately thought was Turning her away, That God chose to place her in my heart That meeting day; Because she worked for me I felt bound in just What I could say, For fear that something might be taken in An inappropriate way; So thoughts concerning her, became burned, Beyond my forgetting, From the time she left our lives just like A sun at setting; My objective concerning her has not changed Since early days, I wanted/want my life to be a witness to her In some small ways; I prayed/pray Dear Lord, use me no matter What the cost, Just keep Shirlene in a place in life wherein She won’t die lost.

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Miss Otis Regrets she's unable to lunch today

    “Miss Otis Regrets she’s unable To Lunch Today”

He tried to dance a tango; but she preferred a waltz;
He served a new fandango; but she cures her meats in salts.

When the lady got her stockings; in some kind of bunch;
The fellow took them off for her; and served them up for lunch.

So he rolled it in a wrapper; something made of corn;
It was very neat and dapper; thus a Southwest dish was born.

Did the fellow get too quip; and the lady took an issue;
And the man was troubled at the toilet; because there was no tissue.

When her nose got out of joint; conversations were a mess;
So he suggested that they stop; and give that crap a rest.

He said I’ll see you latter; she asked him to hang on;
She reminded him of Dark Vader; when just like that was gone.

Perhaps he lacks respect; maybe she’s too pent;
Maybe he’s to brazen; perhaps she likes to vent.

It was such a load of do-do and it smelled like methane gas;
I guess that’s how it goes my friends; when youngsters have such sass.

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In The Stars

Beautiful stars twinkle in the clear, midnight sky.
As the stars align in the hemisphere, the twinkling begins to magnify!

The stars emerge, row upon row, diagonally and horizontally.
As light begins to surge, words begin to glow, and names are spelled out above me.

The names seem to be engulfed in flames for the whole world to see.
Although the phenomenon is unnatural, clearly the words spell: "Jimmy and Audrey!"

Wrote for my dearest friend XOXO

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Getting To Know You

Last year had just met you about this time Now have dozens of friends, a very long line It stretches far and wide all over the globe What a wonderful way to travel life's road You poets are amazing without any doubt The friendliest group, wanna dance and shout Feel very lucky, one of a very select few Welcomed warmly with friendships so true Can't find the words to express how I feel Overwhelmed by the love, it's very surreal So happy to be part of this loving community Really impressed with it's boundless energy Much time has passed and I'm as thrilled as ever To be part of P-Soup, it's an absolute treasure <3 <3 <3 © Jack Ellison 2013

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A Farewell to Friendship

Poor Prince Hal, just wanted a pal, a friend
Someone to drink and laugh with til the end

Pawning all his hopes on white lies so far
Spending all his coins at Quickly's bar

Playing pranks on Falstaff to pass the time
Jolly as the youth, but well past his prime

Wagered then lost in the field, all bets found
Til death do they part and in friendship bound

But a  king has no need for washed up knights
Against his own will, the young prince now fights

And Hal then forsakes his friend John the Clown
As King Henry, he now takes up the crown

My ode to Henry IV by Shakespeare

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What was once a matching pair are now so very far apart
You hold one key, I hold the other, you are forever in my heart

I use the key daily, and it always reminds me of you
A gift unique and special and I know you use yours too

Jan Allison
27th August 2014

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Time Stop

Time Stop

There was a moment in time when everything stopped,
It was like a dream on an entirety with you.
It  there could be a moment to take back the regret, heartbreak and confusion I doubt I would.
I fear telling you how much I love you.
Thinking it ruin are forever relationship,Not knowing it was mutual. May we be of flesh may we be of soul may we have  that savior peace.
What rules then are our own? 
If we break that promise which bond each with a letter in blood.
As time stop the wind blows,we who bore so close taking the finally blow.
As we gaze into each to each tear streak face we smile and know.
Today we can be together forever in each other arm.
As though time kept going but for us,it stopped.So our moment int time where only the wind blew.
This is the most wonderful dream we have ever shared.

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At my side

After you explore your heart and soul
And all their pain has been let go

You are no longer bound and held by sin
The true healing process does begin

You start to see life in a different way
All things are dreams we have yet to play

Grasp your honor and hold it true
Let it define the person in you

When it comes to love, love who you must
And in the Lord always trust

Be strong and proud in your truth
Love and protect the innocence of youth

At the end of the game I now pass on the tweak
For it’s wisdom of life that I now seek

I wish to better serve my Lord
As my words play another chord

The words I write are soft and true
For I learned we are what we say and do

There are choices in life we all must make
Forks in the road we all must take

I finally have nothing left to hide
All in all with the Lord at my side

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Dearest Lexi

You must open that forbidden window to play with me.
I'm the one who'll set your body aglow beyond this poetry.

Don't think, just follow your heart, and it will guide you.
This love will be a canvas of art, so let me come inside you!!!

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Bear and the Mocking Bird

Should I? Could I? Would I?  The teenage bear was getting nowhere, fast.
He wanted that big salmon that had come up the falls, almost to his grasp.
But the current appeared too swift, for even a bear as strong as him.
Still, that salmon’s presence mocked him; he was dinner on the fin.
So as the bear lumbered out, a mocking bird suddenly began to mock…
“You’re going over the falls in one more step. Stop! Think! Think! Stop!”
“Didn’t your momma ever teach you even one simple little thing?”
Now, he had left home because his Momma had always told him what to do.
So he turned to the bird and growled… “Why should I listen to you?”
The bird mocked back… “Because you don’t stop and think things thru.”
Then, at that point the bear slipped, and almost went over the falls, it’s true! 
He heard the bird mock, “Stop! Think! Think! Stop! Listen, you lumbering brute!”
Angrily and begrudgingly, he admitted the bird was right: a plan was due.
So with a branch he sent the salmon down to the bottom of the falls below.
Then, later with dinner replete, it was now time for dessert to bestow.
So he decided to visit the berry farmer and plunder most of his crop.
Again the mocking bird hollered at him. “Stop! Think! Think! Stop!”
“The farmer has a dog and gun! If you destroy his summers’ crop…”
“A bearskin rug will be your fate. So Stop! Think! Think! Stop!”
After 3 or 4 more times at mocking… The bear finally gave in… 
For each time he had mocked him… He had also saved his life, again…
Since he had left momma behind, he now realized that he had done nothing right.
And though they were both rough, tough, loners: they still became strangely tight.
So in the end, they became fast friends, with each one helping the other out…

The moral to my story is: there’s a friend that can understand anyone, even you.
Friends don’t have to be beautiful or popular to be true and help you thru.
They are all very precious and none should be thrown away.  
For you’ll need all their understanding to help: see you on your way.

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  Whenever I smell the sweet aromas made by a log fire,
  I recollect past times of great desire.

  The crackling of the wood, the heat it produces,
  Only more and more memories induces.

  There was a time in college that I spent a Summer outdoors,
  Each night, around a campfire, with a dozen others.

  We sang and laughed and enjoyed life you see,
  Mostly, we enjoyed each others' company.

  Oh, we cooked our hot dogs and burgers too,
  But when the guitars came out, we knew what to do.

  We sang our songs of the joys of life,
  Few of us felt then the pangs of strife.

  Things turned that Summer, at least for me...
  My father died rather suddenly.

  I remember the call I got with the news,
  The fire, that night, had different hues.

  The coals that burned and sparks that flew,
  Foretold of a life...different and new.

  As I grow older and by some chance,
  Smell wood burning in a fireplace by happenstance.

  I recall that Summer when my world changed
  You might say, my life  was "rearranged".

  When I hear the hiss of embers that die,
  I think back to a time when I asked, "Why"?

  Yet, it is still the happy moments of that Summer I miss,
  With the sweet aroma of a wood fire, and its burning hiss.

  For I would not trade that Summer you see,
  It has a special place, here in my memory.

  And once in a while I go back to that spot,
  Where I was young, with passions so hot.

  The sound and smells of a campfire remind me...
  Those times are "burned" in my memory.


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Fellow Soupers

Let me begin by saying Thank-you
For making me feel welcome where I am new

Although I've been writing for twenty-two years 
I have much to learn from incredible peers

Individuals with style and grace
Where originality wins first place

Humbled am I to be among such talents
Each comment brings a sense of balance

Wishing to meet, to come face to face
Relishing in the idea if only a taste

After years of thinking no one was there 
To come to find so many more care

All share a bond through writing and words
Each unique like a flock of exotic birds

Honored to be among others with a passion like my own
Knowledge surrounds me, unlike any I've ever known

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Win or Lose

You win
I give in
Just friends
I will take
My heartache
And try to begin
To live again

I lose
You choose
To live alone
So I am gone
You don't want me
Or what we could be
This I clearly see

I win
I'll love again
My heart to give
To love and live
A new day
You'll pay
With loneliness
Missing my kiss

You lose
Remember whose
Heart was true
To only you
You threw away
The love I gave
Think of me
Mr. Lonely

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Brand New Day

Introduction: Some days you feel alive, some days you don''s the elegance of life which many face in the days of existence. Through our own fray whatever it may be, we look out for a brand new way towards the light. We wander, more or less as a rabbit looking for its new home; crawling in and out within this baffled world to find serenity - To find a brand new day filled with everlasting aurora of peace and contentment.

Sometimes the sky is blue, sometimes it looks so white
Sometimes the truth hurts too, sometimes it's blinding bright
Sometimes this life feels short, sometimes it seems so long
Sometimes we go abroad, and at times we feel belonged

Sometimes we want to heal, sometimes we just let go
Sometimes we feel so real, sometimes we feel hollow
Sometimes we don't forgive, sometimes we don’t forget
Sometimes we feel captive, and at times we do regret

Sometimes we sure wonder and pray to leave things back
Sometimes we surrender and we get back in track
Sometimes we learn to deem the truth from the lies
Sometimes we feel the change and start a whole new life

One day we see one light that brings in so much hope
It shows one true love, in a whole new view
That day may be today, reading this here and now
These words aren't just to rhyme, but to put a vivid smile

A smile which won't leave off today
As we all know it's a brand new day.

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                                  Hey to all you poets out there.
                                  Thanks for the comments they
                                            show me you care.
                                  You all inspire me to do my best.
                             I'm glad no one here thinks I'm a pest.
                                        Everyone will know it.
                                Cause you all say I'm a good poet.

I only have one typing finger so if you don't get a comment back thats
why but remember I appreciate them all.Teresa

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How blessed I am that you are in my life
Not a day goes by when I do not think of you
You make everything alright
To you I do not have to prove myself
For you know me
I love you

How blessed I am that you are in my life
How honoured I am to be a part of yours
Memories made and shared
With you the one I love
My friend, my lover, my queen
'Til the end

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I do not know what tomorrow will bring

I do not know what tomorrow will bring
But today, oh today, just let us sing

Songs of life and all its creative potential
We are spirits born of something truly transcendental 

In the world, not as one, together we all live
We feel the pain, we feel the joy; we take and we give

Some are bad, some are worse, but we share the same soul
To see past form, the transparency of life, some strive for this goal

We are alive, not then and there, but here and now
But perception blinds us; only seeing what it will allow

We have so much more locked deep inside
We mustn’t be afraid, we have nothing to hide

For all hopes and sins are shared; part of the human condition
If we do not strive to grow, we will fight a war of endless attrition

Arrested development; so much potential gone unnoticed
We live in our habits and regret moments missed

If we go inside and nurture that strength
We can be calm in the storm, no matter the length

Discover what brings this out of you
Because it’s through action that makes this true

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In a moment of peace, 
I wondered, I hoped the pain will cease

Drowning in confusion, I sought comprehension 
Is it a Reality or an illusion?

As a virulent cancer, the past gnawed me ruthlessly
I think back on the days of purity & sincerity. 

With anguish, I doubt every word, every touch, every glance…
Now, I wander through the days and nights as if in a trance…

For a moment of peace & truth, I crave
Regardless of the pain, I forgot and forgave…

Again, my mind agrees & my heart denies.
Forever, I will remain in this chaos of lies 

The difference is now I’m aware of the mask within 
Oh Universe, let the pretensions begin…

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Welcome Debbie

Welcome Debbie, come in, have a seat
finally face to face, we have come to meet

first of all I would like to say
with your rebel attitude and your creative way

I feel in gratitude a debt I must pay
for each dream woven you have inspired my day

right back at you with words of love and light
I heed your instruction and precious insight

I thank you so much for the time we have shared
although too little, this moment we've faired


Poet~Rick Parise

In regards to: Debbie Guzzi 

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Take me into your arms
I don’t want more qualms

So near and so far away
To be close to you I pray

‘You can trust me’ – you say
‘Maybe I will’ – one day...

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Where Moonbees Fly

So where do you fly now Moonbee?
Oh yeah, back to Titan, I see
Please answer my pitiful pleas
And zap me again wouldja' please?

You taught me to fly did you not?
Now I'm grounded (such is my lot)
Come visit, 'twill be on my dime
(Or give me a sting anytime)

Remember that quick trip to mars?
Then you took me to visit the stars?
Stop by when you take your next flight
(Or give me a buzz if you like)

For Moonbee Canady

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Heart beats, Heart stops, Stomach hurls

It's ok, I dont need you anymore 
My feelings for you are gone i'm sure

Theres still the days that you walk past 
I smell your scent and my heart beats fast
Or the times i see you sitting with girls
when my heart stops and my stomach hurls

But thats fine it should stop in a bit
Although at times its hard i admit

I hurt you alot, time again
I put you through alot of pain

But its not just you who hurts so much
I torture myself with the loss of your touch
Just a glance of your smile can be enough
Yes indeed this year has been quite rough

But like i said, now im fine
So carry on while i watch you shine

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My Pal Joey

<                                         my pal Joe
                                    well don't you just know

                                     his illuminating writes
                              will drawn you to his pages site

                    epulaeryu ~ burlesque ~ didactics ~ or sonnets
                      you'll wanna wear a nice and sunny bonnet

                                          land sea or air
                            let your imagination take you there


                                     inspiration bounded for your soul
                                       my pal Joe surely does know

                                  glad he's just a phone call away
                                 to lift my spirits in so many ways

                                    and if you want succulant mango
                                first you'll have to dance to the tango

                                        So please stop on by 
                          to give my pal Joseph Spence's poetry a try

Entry For
Adaleke Adeite's
Praise Your Poetry Pal Contest
GL All

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Loving Thy Neighbor

When the dew drops gather and drop as fallen rain
As the night’s fog lifts its blanket of gray
When the first light of morning’s sun gives ray
I awake to face yet another glorious day
Be the cheerful light that shines
Give the best to all that you find
Speak the words of grace divine 
Let your worries diminish and be you kind
Hold close abreast your love for Lord
Work for truth so true you may afford
Sing the praises of who made thee
Worship in spirit and God will not flee
Give unto others as your journey unfolds
Bless your children with stories told
Play the child’s game of bluff blindfold
And in your old age the child will console
To live your moments in testament of faith
Help the less and praise the Great
For in so doing befriended as first mate
The grace of thy neighbor knows thee by name
Your walk in the Lord his kingdom to gain

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To Eileen

Driven by passion she drives us to true sincerity 
Letting us feel the lights of her creative creativity

She owns a golden heart especially for her students 
She gives us her all and leaves behind no remnants 

When she writes she’s the silver lining of our coterie  
And what she is best at, is gifting us with vivid poetry

She’s a friend you can depend 
She’s a friend  & a God send xxx

Mystic Rose 

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He Answered My Prayer...

I heard from one of my good friends last night, I knew by his voice something wasn’t quite right; It sounded a lot like he was saying goodbye, He even broke down and started to cry; He told me he was sorry for the things left unsaid, What he was saying scared me and filled me with dread; He told me a tumor was nestled in his brain, I could tell he was nervous, his voice had a strain; “I go in tomorrow to have it removed”, “The procedure is risky but the times have improved”; “Ten years ago they would’ve just left it there”, Silently I’m thinking this is just so unfair; At 23 years he’s too young to die, When I got off the phone, I sat down and cried; I couldn’t sleep when I went to bed last night, Worried and hoping it turns out alright; Now I sit here praying to God up above, To save my dear friend, that I cherish and love…
~He's home now - No sign he even had a tumor~

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the scent of oneness

cloudy night, an orphaned star
spinning into wayward heart

they drift as one upon a stream
glowing light aurora dreams

when time pounds the kettle drum
they draw in tight, becoming one

the morning sun, chimes all is well
night ogres retreat back into hell

sharing soul and sweetened seeds
two silver swirls on sapphire seas

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I am neither an architect nor an engineer
but sure, i can bridge gaps..

I'm neither a doctor nor a surgeon
but sure, i can relieve pain and save a soul..

I'm neither an artist nor a musician..
but sure i can make you soar with my voice..

I'm neither a lawyer nor  judge,
but I can be your avid listener of woos and truths...

I'm neither an angel or a devil,
but I'm sure I'm all just lain human...

who is willing to accept the whole you..

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Coffee With Larry Belt

There is one funny man I'd especially like to greet
Over morning coffee I hope that we might meet

He has a sense of humor that resounds with me
Larry can  make me laugh out loud with glee

But he has more serious and lovely things to say
I'd like to ask him how his poetry found its way

His poetry is some of the best I've seen
The way his mind works seems so very keen

In our coffee plan there just is one little flaw
I think he wants to bring his mother-in-law.....

For Michael's contest...

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Severe whiplash to the heart
being thrown then torn apart

The selfish paths people take
make us forget all the lives we forsake

I yearn to stand close to you all my life
laugh at the damned planet and all it’s strife

This isn’t how it has to be
you can turn your life around and stand by me

Ancient addictions may tug at your sleeve
but I will be there to force the wicked to leave

I will ban my own wants just to cope with your needs
I just need the same from you, for me, please...

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The words you said,
and blew my way, like arrows on the wind.
Tore right through my open arms,
for I THOUGHT you were my friend.
I had in mind to reach for you,
and share some special thought,
you passed right by , your only aim,
to take the open shot.
We’d been friends, but now somehow,
you say I don’t belong,
somehow you’re bigger, better, MORE,
and I was just a pawn.
You’ve gathered up your little group,
and circled round to feed,
I was only scrap for you,
now nothing that you need.
Perhaps you think that all are fooled,
and don’t see what I have seen,
but you have cut me deeply,
and God has seen me bleed.
So keep up your game of “I’m so much better”,
and direct your little play,
there’ll come a time when all’s revealed,
and always a price to pay.

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A Place To Hide Away...

I need a place to hide away 
That i can go whether night or day
to lie and dream of you and i 
In a world where dreams and hopes dont die
Far away from the greed and wrath
Sloth, envy and pride link to one path
All on this path travel in dark 
Money and wealth will give them no spark
Along their path comes stife and pain
Quick, easy pleasures consumed in vain

I think of the future that they pursue
                 and my own future i seriously review

I decide i want to be an exception

As this dark path does not suit my perception.

Yes, lying here has been quite a refreshment

It is now easier to suffer torment

Knowing soon i shall drift and leave them behind

New friends, new cultures, new people i will find

Feeling rejuvenated i proceed to open my eyes
                   Life will not have structure, but adventures ready to arise

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The circus tent is filled  tonight.
I  enter  front-door, nerves a-tight
Climb  uncertain angles and heights
Spangles and tights and flashing lights
Up,  around, fall-defying
High trapeze - terrifying
Out of reach, smiling twirling, 
Kept in balance, blonde hair swirling

Anxious glance below, and pause,
Then climb down to wild applause.

Never noticed by the crowd
Below in darkness,  old man proud
His steady  focus with anxious up-gaze,
Adjusts the ropes, the nets,  and  main-stays,
Tighter,  slacker,  under me constantly.
Applause   his signal to go instantly,
Leaves  by back-door every  night,
Knowing his job has been  done right.

Satisfied, content, and all unknown
The netman sleeps and dreams alone.

. . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Written by Sydney Peck
Entered in David Williams's Contest 	Circus

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Yesterday's Feelings

I wonder if you ever view
That panorama that I drew
But I doubt you even ever did
you’re in a world I so forbid

Blinded and tainted by yellow
The pique to all you bellow
By the stars will the wild card
led to this gash - so scarred!

I sew, I mend, I tried to save
But yet you chose to dig that grave
Buried in time our tears and joy
Over something jokingly toy

To you I named Yesterday’s Feelings
Here’s the gun I give to your healings
Sorry couldn’t mend your broken heart
So goodbye and here I shall depart.

Dovey Annie

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A Loyal Friend is a Strong Defense

Just sitting under my umbrella, chatting with a friend,
sharing a precious moment, not wanting it to end.

Soon the rain will fall, my friend will go his way,
but with me will remain the memory of this day.

Life is full of many things, each day brings something new.
the umbre1la against the rain, a friend good and true.

Some days bring trouble, some bring hurt, other sorrow,
yet God fills me with hope and gives sunshine for tomorrow.

I know I must remember when I’m  worried or tense,
God gives to us, each other, a friend is a strong defense.

And I must keep in mind as I think to defend,
God provides the umbrella, but I must be the friend.

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A masterpiece of comely art, you display in vivid forms.
An intellect with a colossal heart, you shoot them out in swarms.

Your utopian approach to life steals thunder from most men.
While they coach in little league; you surpass them with your pen.

A visionary with great sinew, you ride your valiant steed.
A true poet - that is you; A successful man - indeed!

This is to my friend in poetry:   Michael D.

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In Need

Living just to die is just too sad, 
let us fight for the good and keep at bay all the bad.

Alone you are not, for friends you have my dear, 
fighting together, right past and through the fear.

Time changes, indeed it does so, 
so we must change with it and keep up the go.

Do not stand still, do not wait for a second, 
time changes all and we are all at its beckon.

So fear not the marching on of time, 
for you have a friend to be there at the drop of a dime.

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Shadow And Vienna Couplets

She is the dearest friend I know way back in high school 
She was the one who had my back when boys did rule 
They taunted and made fun calling Messy sticky tooth 
Shadow told them to get lost, giving them the booth 

Shaking my fist, I put them to rout
sending them fleeing to their hideout
I dusted you down and gave you a hug 
you smiled tenderly as you felt so snug

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Two Women at a Window, ca.1670

It's another mild day and the sky glows white
The air is still and cool as the midday light

Admirers giggle, perhaps at a young caller
One hunches over, the other stands taller

They don't look wealthy, yet they don't look poor
Perhaps trusted servants, but what can't they ignore?

They've taken jolly notice, as if on a whim
Of a miming youth who should be pruning a limb

Posted at the window the younger one peers
At this croaking lad, flattered by what she hears

Hunching near the potato patch across the way
He waves in a fluster with a few word words to say

He's glances side to side, behind the wall, stepping back
Emerging again from a passageway's crack

Between the tool shed and the gardener's house
He sneaks with the startle and twitch of a mouse

She remains calm, though tickled by his manner
For he might as well wear a bright purple banner

The older woman chuckles in faint squeaks
Hidden by the shutter around which she peeks

The younger one looks quite near seventeen
With floating white sleeves rolled up yet clean

Her girlish neckline, cut wide and low,
Displays to her suitor how well she can sew

Her hair is tucked with a bow on one side
Her grin is reserved with her eyes opened wide

Could her silly boy still have his pruners in hand? 
Is he skilled with the saw and tilling the land?

Two women at a window, quite content
Is this how many of their moments this day are spent?

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Two Hearts Kissed

Two Hearts Kissed

Thank God that families can be forever.
Now you and your Barbara can be together.
Separation by death has pains, tears rain.
And hope teaches of togetherness, again.

We two met, became “best friends”, loved and married, 
Although marriage passed, friendship remained.
No widow, I, but there is still some pain…and our son.
God, please comfort him through grief with shining sun.

One man, many children, our son’s father, my daughters' “Dad”
The tragic end to a giving life, lost in a blink…more than sad. 
Tears fall, souls ache, and demenors remain strong while hearts break.
X-husband, father, brother…and friend – too soon, the Lord did take.

My love I send to his children, sister, and to his every friend.
Dear God, a forever family prayer I ask for Barbara and him.
Please comfort those who loved him; he shall be missed.
And thank you for the years we shared…two hearts kissed.

Lovingly, Dane

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For My Best Friend

When we were teens , we knew it all.
We married young, not expecting the fall.
Side by side, our children we raised.
Together, as friends, our dreams we chased.

Our children grew, our friendship did too,
And almost forty years later, the friendship's still true.
You had remarried, started raising young ones again.
My second marriage had ended, nearly drove me insane.

Through four marriages, eight kids, grandkids too,
Our friendship remains as if it's still new.
It's the thing I rely on through bad times and good.
In all my ups and downs, you're the one who understood.

I thank God your dear hubby understands our bond
And lets us have our "girl" time of which we're so fond.
When we're old, in our rocking chairs, we'll be sitting side by side
Looking back on this friendship, saying "Boy, what a ride!"

written by Francine Roberts 24/08/2010

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You can't change your past but you can learn from it
Its not about dwelling there, but more so what you earn from it
Sometimes I wish I hadn’t let others influence my prior choices
But other times I'm thankful for those few truthful voices

Guiding me in the right way, letting me know my wrong
Creating the fight inside me, changing the tune of my song

I wish you could see me now, and how much I've progressed
Now I see past my accomplishments, where my faults lay to rest

Blinded by reflections, who knew the mirror was convex
What I thought was simple and obvious, was much more complex

Today I look back and remember, how could I ever forget
How you were my satisfaction, but now you're my regret.

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Sally Says

Two years old the coffee'd be
each time that Sally would say to me.

Second half of day is what she'd say
and I'd just flinch and go to pay.

Last cups mine she'd grin and smile
and we'd both drink and laugh awhile.

All these things that Sally'd say.
A laugh or two to fill the day.

The day was Sally's as we all knew
where jokes were common and feelings true.

Sally'd work from day to night
full of cheer and joyfull sprite.

You'd see her laugh and stepping back
her humour strong would never lack.

She made you smile while giving change
that you'd lose count in the exchange.

She always had a special sense
that made you welcome and feel less tense.

And everyday would be the same.
where Sally'd laugh with you by name.

And in the end would Sally be
a friend to all and all to me.


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I Am Your Shield

You've been a help,
You've heard my call.
You've lifted my soul
And gifted me whole.

A blessing you are
And rare to find.
You are like the star
Which cometh to help at night
And follows the moon
When the work is done.

You've been a friend
From whom I have learnt.
How intelligent would I be
If I never had you in me.

Listen to me now
I will replay every debt
Of I this unworthy friend.

When its time for war,
Even against the world,
Call me to join
And I shall suit up
For that 'friends clarion call'

Not a sword can I use,
Nor a gun can I shoot.
So, I have nothing to give,
But then I'll be your shield.

Once against you the earth talks,
Hold my hands, we'll stand tall.
When the chair breaks his back,
Lean on me, I will be your back.

As we march forth to greatness,
Be not nervous
For I am your shield.

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Friend's Voices

In a deep pool of memories from the past year,
there's a streams of friends' voices for me to hear.

From those loved ones I extricate yours of pure gold
that touched my heart deepest and trembles my soul.

Amidst cheerful laughter and disappointing tears,
us hand in had, we encountered our fears.

What doesn't break us makes us greater,
oh friend, our friendship will never falter.

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Try a Little Tenderness

A broken heart is often born of anger and neglect
and should be treated lovingly with honor and respect.

The gentlest brush of fingertips across a tear stained cheek
a two armed hug and chocolate, for those of us who're weak.

An old movie, too, can aid in healing, one that makes you smile,
with buttered popcorn and jujubees and soda on the aisle.

A brand new pet, a pup or kitten, will work just like a charm
and help to bring our dear ones back from those who did them harm.

And with time and much attention the broken will come to see
there should be no apprehension, for what will be will be.

So, gather up the shattered shards of all those wretched, broken, parts
and greet the new day's sunny face, with your own new sunny heart.

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Treasured Relic

“As long as it stands with four walls and a door, a church will remain a refuge”

		   Treasured Relic 

I stroll upon the sandy path along the ocean side
And come upon a little church, well worn by time and tide.

Walking up the wooden steps, I open unlocked door.
Aware I am trespassing I continue to explore.

Fresh flowers at the altar and I soon come to realize,
This church is not abandoned. I was too quick to surmise.

Light through the stained glass windows is reflected on the walls,
As if lighting them for guidance of the choir to their stalls.

And then I hear them singing, notes still hang upon the air
From the last hymn they had offered to parishioners gathered there.

I turn as the church door opens and a small figure appears.
It is not a ghost or phantom, I see plainly as she nears.

She is a white haired lady with a smile upon her face. 
I stumble quickly backward but she does not slow her pace.

I stammer an apology for my bold intrusion there.
She says, "You need not worry you are always welcome here.

It is kept for wayside travelers who might need a place to pray
And a refuge from the weather should one need a place to stay.

We still hold Sunday services when vacation folks are here.
Stay as long as you would like to stay. You’re welcome, never fear."

With a smile she turns and leaves me and I linger for an hour.
As I pray I feel His presence and His everlasting power.

Then gathering my coat and hat, I walk back to my parked car,
Knowing I have found a refuge after traveling afar.

By: Joyce Johnson 9/23/11

for Constance-My Dear Heart’s contest “A Church By the Ocean” Place no. 2

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The Monster

The monster became a living, walking nightmare
my dive into insanity, no longer perfect, containing a blank stare

I should resist, the monster will find me, run away with me
Pretend to hear my meager complaints, force me to see what I'm afraid to see

Blame and guilt, volleying right and left, up and down
It's crashing me closer, with every step, I'm falling to the ground

It's all a game, just play along, play the game, play it well
Brimming confidence, dissolved in thoughts, of what? I won’t tell

Demons, devil born souls, run quick, run fast, stand my ground
No sense of fear, n sense of foreboding, not even a slight sound

High speed, pursuit of hell, bent on going, bent on crashing
Giving into the power, life's faster, lights flashing

Crash and torment me again, my eyes close after all
The beginning of the end for me, feeling numb after the fall

Is there a way out? I'm different, distant and moved on
Listen to the water, calling, coaxing into death, I'm gone

Endless, empty cloud; dreamless oblivion; oxygen, exhalation
Am I dead? Still alive? Broken into pieces, I need motivation

Reality closes in, walls me in; until there’s nothing there
Death comes behind me, containing a blank stare.

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Just a Little Something-Something

In a world with so much life and culture,
All you need is just a little something-something

It's better than a whole lot of something,
Because then it might be too much

Like love,
All you need is a sample

To realize
It isn't the only thing to make someone happy

And if they think it is,
All they need is just a little something-something

Tell them they're better off without
Another terrible heartache

That there is nothing more better than being 
Free from the name, "So-and-so's girl"

All they need,
Is just a little something-something

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New Colours

Colors , I just saw of everyone's
Including the nearest one's
knowing everyone little by little
I realize how much I need to fill.

Periodically season changes
never does it remain the same
So why do colors need to be
kept in the time frame

Man is the best color changer
for no one knows when can it be
unless and until it changes
no one knows who actually is he?

Thought I could understand people
But lo ! I wasn't right
for I received series of setbacks
in the bright moonlight

Am I still a maturing bud
maybe I think so
as I'm unable to judge
where and when I need to bow.

Colors I have seen many
changes I have seen many
never the colors of this kind
changing faster than the mind

After all I learnt a new thing
no one is near no one is far
it depends how you keep them
and how good your relations are.

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Blessed Friends

A friendship is a precious thing
Or as fleeting as a bird on wing.

Like all things wonderful that grow,
Good nourishment must keep it so.

Don’t let a friendship fail to thrive
It must have care to stay alive.

Ten thousand strangers can’t compete
With one true friend, steadfast and sweet.

You’ll find when you have grown old.
Friends are more valuable than gold.

Written: 8/24/10

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Betrayal apology

Betraying a friend is wrong
I should have known this all along
For I should have given you my trust
Instead I screamed and cussed
So to my dismay
To this very day
All I can think is I am sorry
Just know my eyes are starry
Because every time I look at you
I see what I almost blew
And it make me sad to think
That all in a blink
You could be just gone
And I would be lonely for so long
That all I try to say
Although it may be cliche
I love you, from your boy Jay <3

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PoetrySoup Friends (Footle)

My heart
             Your part

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I Lost My Brother, So

Don't tell me that you understand, don't tell me that you know,

Don't tell me that I will survive, how I will surely grow.

Don't tell me this is just a test, that I am truly blessed,

That I am chosen for this task, apart from all the rest.

Don't come at me with answers that can only come from me,

Don't tell me how my grief will pass, that I will soon be free.

Don't stand in pious judgment of the bonds I must untie,

Don't tell me how to suffer, don't tell me how to cry.

My life is filled with selfishness, my pain is all I see,

But I need you, I need your love, unconditionally.

Accept me in my ups and downs, I need someone to share,

Just hold my hand and let me cry, and say,

"My friend, I really do care."

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You played my mind 
With that tricky style

That untamed shimmer in your eye
Leaves my world upside down

You disappeared like Houdini
And came back with nonchalance

You shared a new world
Then took it all back

You held me and soothed me
You whispered love to my soul

But you lied, and you stabbed me
Yet I stand tall, unbroken

You are too real to be real
Too believable to believe

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I don't know why we do what we do.
You banned me so I banned you.

I don't know what made you so mad.
I may never know, and that is so sad.

I don't know how I am still here.
It wasn't my time and time must be dear.

I'm not sure if I'm glad or let down.
That sounds bad and may cause a frown.

I do know I have opened the door.
You are not banned from me anymore.

I will be here if you change your mind.
I have found friends are so hard to find.

I don't know why we do what we do.
I guess I'll know one day - when my day is due.

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Healing a Broken Heart

When the broken heart becomes lost and sadly will not mend, in grief, it crawls ever weaker needing help to ascend For if the trodden heart does not heal, it will surely die love showers will bring rainbows when raindrops cloud the eye The hopeless will need passion, the soul cannot abstain a broken heart can mend when it feels love's embrace again After the chill of winter, the earth needs the warmth of spring as the doleful heart in silence soulfully desires to sing Prayers will lift the broken heart with God's strength and healing touch the clouds will part, the sun will shine, God's hand the heart will clutch The spirit needs uplifting; give comfort to a forlorn friend With abundant love, hope and friendship, the heart will surely mend By Rhonda Johnson-Saunders, March 17, 2012 for the How to Fix a Broken Heart contest (Michael J. Falotico)

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Sun Through The Rain

Sun Through The Rain

You're the greatest care giver
you lift me up so high

It's more than I've ever known
and makes me want to cry

Tears of joy of course for 
helping to ease my pain 

You make me see sun 
through the pouring rain

While this world that we're in 
can be so cruel and cold

Your beauty shines through and 
makes me want to hold

Onto these moments where memories are made
It's impossible to think these feelings will ever fade

Away like a sunset saying goodbye to the sea
I know that's something that won't ever worry me

I love where we are and I'm excited to see
Just what the future will bring with this heavenly lady

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At table

He is fatter who is able 
to ignore his friends at table.

Volodymyr Knyr

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Window seat at the Poetry cafe

  At the window seat at our old cafe
is the  place we meet almost every day
and the view outside is another world
where your mind is free 
and your dreams unfurl.
Tell me what you see when you look out there?
flights of bumblebees or a polar bear?

Are there colored lights on the evergreens
are there jack o lanterns in between
Will the knights come jousting 'round the hedge
Are  we teetering on a wind swept ledge?

Waiting to battle or devour a new creation every hour?

Come sit here and let me see,
what your world turns out to be.

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My New Year Wish For You

~My New Year Wish For You~
 (Unmetered Rhyming Couplets)

 With all the love I feel here in my heart for you
 I am wishing a most wonderful New Year to you

 I wish you lots of happiness and laughter,
 From this day on and every year ever after

 I wish you a heart filled of peace and love
 And every single blessing from God above

 Wishing you everything above and health
 Consider all these your true cache of wealth

 Leaving all bitterness far behind 
 I am wishing that God,love,peace and joy you may find.

 Dorian Petersen Potter
 aka ladydp2000


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Among the kind and responsive friends on this Poetry Soup site,
I'd would love to meet Carolyn whose comments shine as light.

Scanning hundreds of poems posted daily, I wouldn't miss the title
of her new I read it and indulge in the delight of each line.

Anyone who reads her work, agrees that her poetry is overwhelmingly ritzy,
and admiring her talent and intellect, I'd would love meeting her over coffee.

So today, I will send her an invitation to meet me at my favorite cafe',
and we'll start an interesting chat over hot cappuccino, or cafe' latte.

I will certainly give her the warmest hug as she approaches me with joy,
" Hi, Carolyn!" I will say..."It's my pleasure to meet such a legendary lady!"

Written by Andrew Crisci for Michael J. Falotico's contest,
" First Words Over Coffee "
Dedicated to Carolyn Devonshire

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Hawk and the Sparrows

The hawk was flying low: he was the fiercest in the sky.
He bullied all the little birds, and flew off with their lives.
The little birds were peaceful, and didn’t want to fight.
To them it was better: to run and hide, then finally to take flight.
Day after day he drove them closer, to the proverbial, final brink.
Then came the day, they rose up, and no more away to shrink.
Soon there would be hatchlings, so the bully, simply had to go.
No longer were they timid, it was their time to truly show.
Banding together they hatched a plan to run the bully day and night.
One can fight, one or two, but a mob shows way more might.
Constantly in pursuit, the bully was never allowed to rest…
The bully finally admitted defeat, and even moved his precious nest.
He could not protect it, if they kept him running away, and stressed.

The bully had finally learned the truth: that is my moral here… 
The small may look an easy mark, but are not as helpless as they appear.
If the meek are brought to their knees… look out my bully… dear.

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Pause and Applause

First there always has to be a pause 
Before you hear all of the applause
Fabulous smiles and friendly grins
After coming up from out of the dins.

What we wanted were songs to sing
Which closer together would surely bring
Us as another new song we will try
About people who are passing by

Come in and hear us sing once more
Now knowing what our great God is for
You can make noise or just read along
While we will sing to you another song. 

Beauty of our singing could not be denied
People came here and so often cried
Out of joy and with much pure respect
Was that God in you who we did detect?
James Thomas Horn

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Michaela Payne

How does one pick a single soul in a field of Flowers?
God would find it rather hard with all of his powers

There are so many beautiful people as we all know
I’m finding it rather impossible to pick a single soul

Even as I pen this one is coming clearly to my mind
Michaela is a very rare gift that is impossible to find

She is like a spiritual daughter that blesses my heart
She has been a very special friend right from the start

Her and my daughter Michaela share the same name
I have chosen my very dear friend, Miss Michaela Payne

When we first met on the site each of us was fairly new
She was the essence of the word “pure” through and through

Michaela is so pure of heart and she is so pure of soul
Beaming with a beautiful innocence so few ever know

It was really hard at first because these words are true
I thought, “Someone like her doesn’t need to know you”

Sometimes in life the Lord brings together two souls
As they each help each other understand their goals

Through her friendship I was eventually able to see
That there was still some good left up inside of me

I truly doubt that Michaela could ever begin to know
Beautiful blessing she has been up inside of my soul

She knows that if ever she needs it I have a real good ear
As I know my knowledge is something that she holds dear

She knows what ever the subject I can offer sound advice
For I haven’t just seen it all, I have seen most of it twice

Never know how good it feels for a tired old convict like me
To help someone as beautifully innocent as a person can be

I reckon that leaves this old man with just one last thing to say
I hope my Michaela grows to be just like her some beautiful day

This Poem is written for Christie's contest and i must
say I found it so very hard to choose just one person
to write about because I have truly been blessed by 
many wonderful friends on this site. God Bless you all

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Internal Bruise

Here I am, back again
Hoping to find some words to say
Wanting it to come like rain
Pouring out with disarray

All through today I have been
Wanting to let out my scream
Crying to let go of the sin
She has forgotten, so it seems

Why can't I transform the blows
The ones that attack the heart
So I could just easily expose
Physical pain that quickly departs

Glances at you turns to hurt
Listening to your voice
My mouth tastes dirt
You gave me no other choice

Now I loathe the time I spent with you
How I wish I could take it back
Way back then, I  never knew
Behind your disguise hides a plague

I have tried so hard without result
You seem so neutral towards
My explanations, an insult
To my effort, no fruit of reward

So here I am, back again
Just wanted to tell you this
To keep myself from being insane
Your friendship I will no longer miss

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1 across - 8,5

Swiss misty roses; cryptic clue
This one, my Muse, is just for you

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Gaze upon beMUSEment

In almost drowning, I swallowed the thought
Of colors in bubbles and pride well caught 
The constant concrete fear at my feet 
Shackled and dragged me down to the deep
Oblivious uncertainty caused me to yearn
And showed me how much I’ve yet to learn
You dipped me in rainbows of gentle stokes grim
You’ve filled me back up and forced me to swim
While teaching no limits when I wanted to fly
Embraced my mind and opened its eye
You’re the goddess of inspiration and prowess
The SOS before my call of distress
You’ve washed me in color, in doing so, raised me
Authentically molded, repainted and saved me
An awe inspiring greatness so gallant
In turn, I thank you for sharing a talent
that marveled emotions and left them dazed
And promised a future that’s yet to amaze
Quite frankly this gesture has left me wide open 
I’m blown and bemused by art honestly spoken 

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You can have fun with friends
Everyday from the start to end

But without anyone
You really can't have fun

And when it's time to say goodbye
You will surely say 'oh my'

Oh what fun I had today
It's so fun to play

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  I wish I could be like Linda-Marie,
  Whose words are always filled with generosity.

  To say that she is a poet of repute,
  Is something none of us can ever refute.

  Her works are sometimes harshly gentle,
  And all could well adorn our mantle.

  Her personal writings are so deep indeed,
  I often wonder what might have planted that seed.

  She gives credit to those when credit is due,
  When she comments on a poem or two.

  I know that she takes us wherever she goes,
  Even to the beach, where the sand warms her toes.

  For so many of us know how this is true,
  I am not the only one who will extol her virtue,

  So, when it comes right down to the call,
  She has been there for us, each one and all.

  There are so many poets here who are worthy of note,
  She's told each one, in the words that she wrote.

  I didn't know just what I could say,
  About a person who is always writing away.

  But, I thought I needed to get a few lines in,
  So that I would not feel chagrined.

  The one thing that I have to say on my part,
  Yes, Linda, YOU are the Poetry Sweetheart!

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She's a pretty Pop Star with amazing and unique vocal cords...
why find a similar one after her heart has been broken into pieces?

No, Adele's solution is not mine! Do I need a quick-fix?
I'd rather forgive that foolish heart than remember another heartache! 

In past eras lovers were more realistic, patient and forgiving...
and they waited for their swethearts and loved them with a more intense feeling!

People constantly change by seeking someone more gorgeous...
love can be fickle and nobody seems to mind, but doesn't that lead to regrets?

Entered in Michael J. Falotico's contest,
" How To Fix A Broken Heart "

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A Winters Walk

A winter’s walk may sound cold and unexciting.
Would you believe it can be so warm and inviting?
Indeed the beauty that is seen can warm you inside.
Not just the bright scene of snow, bringing pride.
Take the fresh smells that surround season’s glory.
Each step that you take brings forward a story.
Remembering childhood play, snowball fights you won.
Sled riding with friends to see who could be number one,
When your spirit and mind recalls adventures of past,
Angels shall fly overhead and fulfill your soul fast.
Let’s bundle ourselves go for a walk along this lane.
Knowing sweet hot cocoa waits, within our domain.

written for
Sponsor Francine Roberts 
Contest Name A Winter Couplet  

my choice topic
2)a winter's walk
  Couplet--- Acrostic

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Mad Russian Rhapsodies

  She was

 Reconciled to Rhapsodies

transfigured and transformed

recognizing some of these

as wildest wizards warned,

exquisitely transplanted,

a token from the North,


she let her Muse 

hold  forth.

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Still Connected

From planted seeds, trees have grown.
My hope, regards this scene, is to remind you of home.

Rooted and grounded have the trees come to be.
From different forests, though, are both you and me.

Yet, like one tree that grows and bares many branches:
Rather northward, to the south, eastward, or to the west;

And no matter where fruits from a tree are selected.
I want you to know we're still connected.

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A genuine sparkle

You listened to me 
All night long 

As i cry to you 
this sad sad song 

Fears of worry, pain and hurt 
but that doesn't stop the love you've learnt

You understand and care 
even though you aren't near  

Thank you for listening 
even though im not glistening 

Your amazing and significant 
I will think of you when I'm distant

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friends forever

True friends give a new meaning to our lives
It is because of love, such friendship thrives

In times of despair ,they are your support
With them you will always find the comfort

Happy times are without them incomplete
For they make those beautiful  times more sweet

With them you can share your deepest secrets
Between you and them ,no space for  regrets

Your words they will get without an effort
Meaning  from your silence ,they will extort

True friends are for you ,a present from God
Walking with them, you’ll  have a life to laud

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Raven by the Graves

I believe in the protector of the dead.
I see her every time I am there.
When I'm sitting by your grave,
thinking about the good times and bad.

She sits on top of your headstone,
as the most beautiful bird ever known.
Her dark feathers shines in the moonlight,
her eyes dark as coal.
She stares into my eyes when she near,
giving me a message very clear.

"Oh, my death Raven...
You have taken upon yourself to do this,
to protect the ones that are gone.
I love how you are close
so now we know their never alone.

I truly love you as a friend,
and I hope you're here in the end.
My dear Raven, understand
you are always in my head."

You have to understand that this is forever.
She knows what to do because she is clever.
No, She will never leave.
You would just have to believe.
She made this as her duty 
Cause she feels right where she belongs.

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My Shame

I tasted the breath of death, just the other day
Please bow your heads with me, let us all pray

There was the darkness all curled up in my mind
Looking for something that was not there to find

There was no shame; no guilt there was no reason to lie
I answered each question, about the how and the why

I ask about my wife, my daughter and even my Doctor to
I couldn’t believe I had overdosed; after all I have been through

My wife talked with my Doctor who gave me a hug and a grin
Scared to death that I was about to lose one of my dearest friends 

He said, “Mike that is the number one thing that I love about you”
You ask about how all of us are feeling, with your heart so true

Mike You’re the one table, you’re the one you just about died
Yet it is for each one of us, all of those tears you have cried

Mike look at all the people that are concerned about you
It’s because you have learned how to be truer than true

I bet this little story will be written for the whole world to see
With no shame in your game, guess what just happened to me?

Mike that’s why this whole town loves the person you are
When it comes to the cold hard truth, you shine like a star 

Where most people would be running off someplace to hide
You’ll tell the truth to the world with the Lord at your side

Somebody mentioned the 12-step program and yes I do attend
Though these days everything I do depends on the pain I am in

I created many games in Prison to test ones threshold of pain
Most folk would agree mine sits on the border of totally insane

My nerves have been crushed, cut and broken almost broke into
Which happened to the cartilage in my knee and a ligament or two  

Through it all I’ve helped everyone I can, I have refused to stop
When it comes to my spiritual mountain I’m driven to reach the top

But ever since I overdosed that day, I am on a journey of rest
See the Lord will go to every extreme so we will learn his test

This poem is a beautiful story that keeps running though my mind
Though I reckon I should end it now that there is no more to find

Everyday is a miracle in a single breath our lives can be taken away
Tell the ones that you love I love you, and take time with them to pray

As for me I reckon that I make my mistakes I’m just a part of the game
That little part with a great big heart sharing every last drop of my shame

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Whispered Silence

I yell, but you respond not
I cry, but my tears do not spill
I fear that I might be left here to wrought
Now the dark cold is the only thing I feel

I reach to grasp your hand
But my movement is slow
My memories of you slide out of my mind like sand
But still around me, the darkness grows

Finally feeling to just give in
Your image appeared out of the dark violence
You looked upon me with a miraculous grin
You took my hand in yours, finally I have been
Freed from a whispered silence....

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Run real fast to a far away land ...

One day it will stop, and i'll take your hand
We will run real fast, to a far away land
Everything will be good, and we will smile
Everything we have done, will have been worthwhile

In this land 
there's no lies
In this land
nobody cries
In this land
We'll be okay
In this land
We will stay

Upon this day, the clouds part for stars
We will watch and know, this place is ours
So far away, that the sun will always shine
So far where the scents, and the scenes intertwine

In this land
you'll love me
In this land
we'll be free
To this land
I hope you'll come
Cos in this land
I need someone

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Sing, My Idol

Oh, sing me with sweetness the songs that you share
The words and your voice show how much that you care
The light in your eyes, so twinkles for me
Oh, sing me your songs, which make me happy

The stage that you stand on means nothing for sure
For there’s love in your words that just seems to outpour
I know with each word sung, that smile you show
Is secretly for me, of this I do know

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To Barbara

Do miss Barbara; passed away
Always was so loving and gay

Was in touch with what is real
At least that's the way I feel

Found peace above with God
A resting soul; And new bod

She is also looking down
Don't treat this with too much of a frown!

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Why do I try, just to feel hurt.
Why to I hide these scars,under my shirt.

Why must I feel, why must I cry.
Why can't I run away, why can't I die.

Why do I fail, Whenever I try.
Why did you let our relaionship die.

Why are we evil, why are we dumb.
To you my dearest, I shall bite my thumb.

Why can't I win, never succeed.
Why must i feel like my loved ones will leave.

When all falls apart, I'm left all alone.
Only my Love can melt my heart of stone.

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For My Friend J. F.

Sometimes things just happen in life we can't quite explain.
The loss of a loved one can cut like a knife causing unbearable pain.

I know you've felt you were at the end of your rope, but kept on.
And you nearly gave up hope, preferring to be all alone.

I look at your pretty picture and smile because you're a beautiful soul.
Your daughters make life worthwhile because they pulled you from that dark hole!

It's hard for me to comprehend, but I often think of you.
Hearts don't break, but bend and I'll be there regardless what you're going through.

To show you I love and care, I reach toward the sky and pull you down a star;
And your burdens I will bare no matter how intense they are!

I know you're a little suspicious and shy because I'm just an inmate
I'm a passionate guy and your love, friendship, and correspondence I'd appreciate!

I'm entitled to mistakes and I'm not perfect, never claimed to be;
And there will never be no heartache in the friendship discovered in me!

So my friend give me a chance, and I'll show you something new.
I'll even teach you to dance, and whatever else you would like to do!

Let me bring this to a close, and let you think about what I said.
I send a gentle kiss to your nose and one to your forehead!

*To a beautiful woman and friend...Janette

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Usually, my morning starts kind of late;
too much sleep makes my back ache.

And to ease some of the spinal pain,
I walk blocks to chat with uncle Bin.

On the way back home, I pick up the Daily News;
I scan its pages, but little bugs get into my shoes. 

I pass by Linda's coffee shop and the smell
of pastries make me want to stop and chill.

Even strangers say hello with their regional accents;
Helen is from the South and she's made many friends.

" Have some fresh coffee! "  they shout as they invite me in,
" Do you live on North Street? " He asks..." My name is Glen."

Usually, my morning starts kind of late while the town is fully awake;  
I miss the sunrise over the placid lake, the songs of bluebirds at six. 

Written by Andrew Crisci
for Francine Roberts's contest,
" A Couplet Morning "

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Thanks To Rhoda

Rhoda gave me a gift
She gave my spirit a lift

But at her hurt or dismay
This act came into play

Rhoda gave me membership
As she was leaving the ship

I do not know why she left
She said it was complicated I'm bereft

My gain and her loss
A gift at a great cost

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never met a dream come true such as you

never met a dream come true such as you
once again God proved me wrong and proved that His Word is True

you showed me a different way to view this abstract world
you made me be still and look when all i did was trample, flip, fall, and twirl

the passion of your sincerity hit me in the head like a tasteful flavor
for the first time in my life i felt as if i was truly in God's Favor

the journeys and the excursions are amazing adventures i will never forget
i pray to God that we will have more experiences that we will never regret

once upon a time i thought the picture in my head was the correct assumption 
now i know that true beauty is defined by the simpler ways that i am able to function

with that i say thank you from the most sincere part of my heart
with the hopes that our unique bond and friendship is infinite and our foundation will never part

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Breakfast At Work

I like to have breakfast at work,
I sit with such interesting folks.

We chat about silly ole things,
From the news to who's having a fling.

It's all in good humor,
To laugh at these rumors.

We could have our very own comedy show,
For laughter is good medicine, you know.

It's our way to start a new day,
Right before we rush-off on our way.

We leave with a smile on our faces,
As we go to our departmental places.

Each day we find out new things,
New stories to share with our friends.

Then early for breakfast next morning,
While half asleep and yet, still yawning.

I'm sure to be awakened by such laughter,
Of each day's exciting new chapter.

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Just A Soul

You know it feels funny coming out of a box
Shackled by chains behind a thousand locks

To a wide open world that seems like a dream
 Not one solitary part of my life is now obscene 

I have friends I talk to that live all over the world
Across thousands of miles our souls have been twirled

They have twirled together in a wonderful dance
Which binds the heart in a deep, spiritual romance

Each of us live together yet we live so far apart
You can’t measure distance, speaking of the heart

An inch is a light-year somewhere out in space
I reckon someday we will all find our place  

You know heaven is what I pray that place will be
It’s very hard to imagine all the people we will see

A place where all things will be put forever a side
You can just sign me up boys I’ll go for the ride

Death is just freedom from all that we know
I wonder what it will be like, just being a soul

I just want to say it saddens my heart to go from
one of our top community builders for over two
years to barely being able to sit long enough to
post a single poem and make very few comments.
I have actually reached the point where I'm starting
to feel like Job who faced one test after another.
This poem is how I feel about us, we are more
than friends we are a poetic family and one day
our souls will be set free. Always remember every 
trial is but a doorway to a blessing. One day our 
souls will meet and I will be proud of the friends
I have chosen. God Bless you all, mj

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Listening to Hear

Listening is a working delight:
to hear the birds gamely chattering;
to convey to you songs of joy; to 
learn what makes you whole is
all a form of listening. It is the
secret of friendship fully seasoned
by serving each other and learning the
stops and starts of love. What
beauty is to hear the voices
of earth speaking brightly, the
galaxy in every word. Even when 
darkness falls and the only thing 
left to hear are lies in darkness,
we can pass them by knowing we 
have done right to listen. Learn.
Hear each other with new
awareness that never holds back
to grasp the knowledge of one
another more fully.

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Complications Aside

It started out of curiosity
this friendship became a priority

through months of nurturing
many days of cluttering 

complications aside
we are still side by side

making lightweight of every obstacle
in our aim to grow nothing is oracle

no one believed it would work
little did they know that God's hands were at work

plugging and tugging
molding and forming

complications aside
He is still on our side...

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Dearest Linda Marie

Dearest Linda Marie,
My heart goes out to thee,
For I heard that your boat has had some trouble at sea,
Though the waves have formed turbulence,
And the winds have loudly roared,
I want you to know that you are still very much adored, 
May the storms in your life be suddenly stilled,
May God give you new strength and allow you to be absolutely filled
With peace that passes all understanding
After all you have endured you shall have a safe landing,
Rest in the fact that in this New Year,
You will overcome and be victorious my dear,
Even though you may not know me and we have never met,
I sent to you all the smiles, joy and love that someone could ever get,
And I know that you will recover and be better than before,
Because you’re a poetrysouper that has greatness forevermore.

By: Sabina Nicole
To: Linda Maria
Written: 1-12-12

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This is for a friend, and you know who you are.
My ear I will lend, though the distance is far.

Things as you know are fighting our need.
That may be so, but I'll fight back til I bleed.

I am an empath, this I know and believe.
Here is the path it will take to succeed.

Grounding's a must and I will tell you why.
Me, you can trust because I don't lie.

We have to be strong and not let it in.
The process is long but our hearts we defend.

Go get a stone as it says on that link.
You're not alone and I won't let you sink.

We have a gift , though it seems like a curse.
We can uplift those in need who feel worse.

Some are not worthy, so we leave them alone.
To avoid feeling dirty, let it absorb in the stone.

Practice is vital to allow us to deal.
No time to be idle, these feelings are real.

The stone is a tool but the grounding's the way.
Do not let it rule it's a crutch that can't stay.

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The Best I Can

You may cross the valley with its fields so fresh and green
Or go across the mountains that seem as there a dream

You can scale the ridges that run up and down the coast
Cross the seas that have collected their own share of ghost

No matter where you go or what ever you may see
You’ll never meet another soul that has two sides like me

On one side is the past on the other is the now
As I see it most of it doesn’t even matter anyhow

Life is but a roller coaster spinning up and down
One day we wear a smile the next may be a frown

One day we feel young and strong the next all worn out
A day in time creates a rhyme is this what I’m all about

I’m all alone in my home this window is my best friend
It is all in this life that lets the outside world come in

I don’t really go out too much I’m afraid of what I may do
So I sit here and live my life like the little old lady in the shoe

The pain and doubt wear me out weighing heavy on my soul
As I wonder would it be best if death just came and took its toll

Then I see my beautiful wife in her car coming down our road
I remember the reason I’m here is to help her with her load

It’s just another day I’m here to say, sitting here in my chair
I guess the old saying is true; “no one said life would be fair” 

If it were fair I reckon my ashes would be resting in some Urn
But I guess its up to God who picks when it will be our turn

If pain is gain then I’m insane, I’m in a grip of pain every single day
The fact of the matter is I’m in pain, each and every step of the way

But its all ok I’m here to say for I am still on a spiritual path
You don’t really have to be a genius to learn and do the math

One plus one equals two, and my darling that would be me and you
For the things you say and do, know my heart and love are forever true

When we met I was shake & bake always take, flying upon a distant star
Mess with me and very soon you’ll see, inside the trunk of my car

Now I’m give and love holding Christ above, just trying to be a man
Some days are good and others bad but know I’m doing the best I can

When I write it out you can have no doubt, it’s out of my control
Sometimes the words pour out of my heart and other times my soul

All we are is the things we do so I wrote this poem proud and true
The reason I do what I do ; I reckon I love each and every one of you

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Most Broken

I thought that I loved you, I loved you so much.
Supporting your life, I was your only crutch.

I wrote you my songs, begged you'd sing along,
I tried oh, so hard for you, now know it was wrong.

I begged you before, to not leave my side,
but you stole my hope from me, why would you lie?

You've broken my heart, all done in such pride,
This rough bumpy road was not worth the ride.

I gave you my all, you still didn't care,
Not allowed to be sad, which just isn't fair.

I stood up for you, I rooted for you,
Heck, I was enrolled at a hospital for you.

At one point I pleaded, please dearest don't cry,
But now your forgotten, won't care when you die.

You're out of my life, and it's for the better,
Cuz I don't deserve all the hardships we've whethered.

You talk bout self worth, you speak now of life,
But you've only left me with this pain and strife.

I now know your heart, no, you never cared,
Cuz you wouldnt help me, no matter how scared.

I'm done wasting time, I'm saving my breath,
Cuz darling you would have lead me to my death.

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When you're looking at the full moon 
As if it has taken some part of you,

When you are running from such a scare
But waking to see it was only a nightmare,

When you are pondering the color of love,
If it's red as a stain or white as a dove,

When you're sitting and thinking of mystery,
Or just trying to imagine just how much you mean to me,

When you put together the puzzle you call a life,
Even taking it apart when living in strife, 

When you stray to thoughts of when we die...
And how honestly and humbly they'll miss you and I...

During all this and more, just want to 
Remind you that, through all this, I'll always love you.

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All that gathers are dreams and lust. 
Yet we both recollect to dust. 
Snarls and entrapments our enemies conceive. 
Smiles and smirks; they all deceive. 

Come onto me and never betray. 
Speedily swift and never delay. 
The long-lasting love, hidden is, within fortresses. 
Seekers we are, dwelling within whimsical wildernesses. 

Trust me, do you? Do you have faith? 
I will never disappoint. Promise, I do; in comfort we bathe.
The doubters say we live an enchantment.
They criticize and condemn the lovers’ entailment. 
Fly and soar we will.
Laugh and cry upon happiness’s hill.
Live and die together we shall,
Because you’re my only love and truest pal.

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The Tracks of life

I was once a little train, sitting by the track, Listening to the freight yard’s roar and all the rushing clack When one day came steaming by an engine large and brave My heart did a quiver leap, my wheels a twitter gave Every day when passing by, the more our friendship grew With each fleeting whistle blast, and more each time it blew Then one day in passing, upon his track I went Joyfully to meet him, from wither he was sent Blasting from the distance, an airy cloud of steam I rushed forth to meet him, the engine of my dream Then with shock and wonder, my joy was gone alack! For though we both were meeting, he wasn’t on my track Off into the distance, he chugged and puffed away Sweeping with him pieces of my broken heart that day Often now I wonder, will he come anon? Or was this a chance meeting, and now again he’s gone? The tracks of life are tangled, in the freight yard of our race We meet other engines that hold both heart and place How to live? I wonder, when through our lives there sail Many other engines, that aren’t upon our rail Will we grow quite bitter, when those meetings on the tracks Seem to mock the aching heart for all the love it lacks? May each little engine take heed to what I bade This life below is scattered, with meetings on the grade Take each passing whistle not as one of gloom Pushing back the others, and making itself room I will always cherish, that engine bold and brave Remembering now with fondness, the joy to me he gave But now into the distance, I hear upon the breeze That fleeting cry of freedom, upon which my heart did seize Once every while, I gaze sadly down his track But in my little engine heart, he’s never coming back And so I hold those memories close, and never do I fail For God had a reason for our meeting on the rail

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Michael Torres

It’s New York’s very own,
Making Poetry-Soup his home.

For we all know his caring heart,
From his loving, caring, honest remarks.

Not only does he remodel homes,
His watchful eye loves to roam,

On Poetry-Soup late at night,
To bring us humor and delight.

There’s times he speaks of things,
That pulls on our heartstrings.

He’s his own masterpiece,
With loving beauty that’ll never cease.

I read his comments everyday,
And love what he has to say.

Michael Torres you’re our friend,
Someone special I’d recommend.

You’re a kind and loving soul,
That we’ve all come to know.

And a fine contemporary bard,
This poem’s for you, with my regards.

Michael, this poem is for you and it's my way to thank you for all of your beautiful and loving 
comments. You have been a blessing and an inspiration in our lives and in our poetic 
journeys. Your love overflows in every area of your life. Poetry Soup would definitely not be 
the same without you, my friend. I hope my words are accurate to some degree, if not drop 
me a comment and I will correct them, Your poetry and comments are more than a piece of 
literature, They’re more like the chronicles of Michael Torres. With love, peace, and respect 
from one poet to another...Raul Moreno 

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Ode to Fuller

Always lending an open ear
To hearts no one wants to hear

Helping young and old without complain
Teaching each not to shift the blame

Changing the course of each one 
Learning to appreciate who they've become
He has impacted my life when I was blue
Mom's, dad's, sisters and brothers too

He has embraced his life's profession
Helping people cope with life's lessons

Mr. Fuller, I wish you the best with love
Continue your work, from here thereof

You help to lighten everyone's load
and for that, I write you this ode!


This was written for the tribute  contest hosted by Christie Moses

Mr. Fuller Is a great person I'm so thankful to have him as my friend. you're the best!!!!!!

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The Wild Girls

Under the moon light we dance, complete
We, the chaotic, who seldom sleep,

Sauntering strangely the way between,
Compelled by only our wildest dreams,

The wind is whipping through my hair,
Reminding me that I wish you were there, 

But I keep on dancing with the dream brood,
Partaking of the sweetest elaisian food,

But, though we are so wild and free,
I find myself missing a part of me,

You remain home, as I walk this line,
And I now return to find you’re still mine.

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A New Beginning

We weren’t looking for one another nor did we know
Once we met, how things would go
We’d both been hurt and we’d both been cheated
Companionship and affection are what we needed
We seemed to hit it off right from the start
But we have to be careful about sharing our heart
Life is too short not to at least give this a try
Let’s just enjoy each other and not ask why
I know that you’re scared; I am too
But for some reason I have no problem trusting you
I give you my word; I’ll be honest and true
Just know that I expect the same from you
No time for lies, no time for games
The things you and I want appear to be the same
We don’t know what the future holds
We just have to live day to day; It’s the best way I am told
You’ll have my shoulder to lean on when you need a friend
I’ll be there when you need me, on this you can depend
No plans for the future do we need to discuss
Right now things are going just fine for us
Happiness with each other can be found in many ways
Under moonlit skies or on sunny days
You have a way of making my heart smile
That’s something it hasn’t done for a while	
I’m sharing my heart; I’m letting you in
I’ve made the choice to trust again
I know this relationship is still new
But I really love getting to know you
I love the time we spend talking each night
It seems as though things will turn out right
If nothing else, we’ll have a friendship never ending
In this poem I hope you’ll get the message I’m sending

Copyright © 1999   Shari E Davis

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A Card For You

I was looking for a card for you,
one day in the Wal-Mart store.
Along beside me was my husband,
He almost began to snore.
I tried and tried to find the one,
that could tell you how I feel.
None could thank you for all you've done.
Not one of them seemed real.
I still persisted for quite a spell,
My husband now isles away.
How long I lingered I cannot tell.
But probably most of the day,
When it comes to you, a card won't do,
that I should have learned.
No poem written old or new,
Is good enough ,where you're concerned.

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Carryout Box

Noodle dinner, Italian restaurant
we leave half the food on the plate.
I'm not full but I want to leave
I say, "I'm tired and it's late."

A new ex-boyfriend, another one
learning about your encounters.
"What are you thinking?" I smile
Unsure, the fork twirls leftovers.

Carryout box, unfinished meal
resolved to say all later.
Bruno's, amazing as ever!
Though the talk isn't served by the waiter.

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The Girl's Night Out

Happy hour, two for one,
This is how we have our fun,
Make up sorted, dresses new,
Shoes supplied by Jimmy Choo,
Perfect perfume, perfect tan,
Now all we need's the perfect man.
Hit the town at half past seven,
Then hit the floor around eleven,
Dance to music thumping loud,
Lose yourself within the crowd,
Let your worries swirl away,
Forget the work of yesterday,
Forget the things you have to buy,
Forget harsh words that made you cry,
Remember how you felt when you,
Were eighteen and all this was new.
Drink on now 'til we turn back time,
Our vodka fuelled dance feels sublime,
Those dancing feet stamp out the stress,
And each girl feels a dream princess,
For one night only we can star,
In our own film, here in this bar.

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Who Love's Ya Baby

who loves ya baby
hmmm now let me see

I know my mommy did
even though her shoes I did hid

I think my daddy did
when I didn't make him snid

brothers and sisters well maybe just a little
when I didn't get in the middle

my grandpa and grandma surely does
for I'll do anything for them just because

I know my little girl loves her momma
even better than president Obama

my dogs and cats loves me
even if they continue to make me sneeze

even my close friends new and old still spark the love
for we will alway's go on and well above

paperboy surely does
cause I tip him for keeping my paper out of bushes and shrubs

milkman used to
when I didn't make him shu

bill collectors oh yes
for I'm their baby who they love the best

so who loves me
well lets just continue to see

Tribute To Love

Also Entry For
Deborah Guzzi's 
Who Love's Ya Baby Contest

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Warrior Princess and the Ultimate Sadness

Her Blackberry hair ,

her azure eyes

denoted her a wondros prize,
but she was through with war and men
She strode the mountains with a friend.
Doing good 
as recompense
to make up for a great offense.
 her inner wound,
would bleed her out,
but not too soon,
She still has time to fight the fight
with Gabrielle ,
she'll put things right.

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Good Friends

A chick met a duckling one day,
Right away they started to play.

They quickly became good friends,
And were through thick and thin.

They were like two peas in a pod,
Though, others thought it was odd.

Some would even stop and stare,
Others would say, well, I declare!

To see the two friends together,
Through the best and worst weather.

It didn't bother the chick or duckling,
Their lives were full of chuckling.

They were each so very zestful,
Their time together was special.

Their friendship survived the years,
And brought them good reason to cheer.

And as they together grew older,
They lovingly cared for each other.

Because they vowed to be good friends,
Which they were until the end.

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From The Past

Of all the friends that I’ve known and lost
I reckon at times life will collect its cost

Sometimes the thought makes me sad
As I start thinking of the dreams we had

I know who was right and who was wrong
I reckon it all plays out like a country song

Life of the party is how the song did start
But I reckon it ended with broken hearts

As the years pass by and the memories fade
I remember how we thought we had it made

If life was a bull we had it by the horns
Got the rose by scratching through the thorns

I loved you all more than words can say
I never meant to hurt anybody in any way

But most of my life that was my only curse
I tried to make it better as it just got worse

Just as the guitar player starts a new cord
I turned my life and will over to the Lord

 I’m setting here wishing you all could see
The light of the Lord shinning bright in me

I reckon life is less than funny that way
There are some things we never get to say

Things that are forever etched in the heart
Pulling all of us further and further apart

The Lord has given me a wonderful wife
Together her and I share a beautiful life

As far as our children it is beautiful to see
We have formed a melting pot of a family

From two families broken totally apart
We all do cherish each other’s hearts

I wrote this poem in hopes that someday
You’ll read my words and feel what I say

And know in your hearts its words are true
Especially the ones, “I love all of you”

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Your Taste Lingers

The emotions you stir are deep within.
Emotions so risque surely they're a sin. 
Please close your eyes and feel me near.
I want to hold you my precious dear. 
Laying next to you as you go to sleep. 
This pleasant dream is yours to keep.
I am looking into your pretty face. 
Filling my heart with your sweet grace. 
My warm hand glides across your skin.
Then I see you begin to bear a grin. 
Your body responding to my gentle touch.
You are wanting more of me so very much. 
I softly kiss your full lips and cute ear. 
My wanting you sweet heart is all you hear.

I gently place my lips upon your neck.
Your heart and body are at my beck.
Our pulses race together as we kiss.
The passion we share is an abyss.
I trace your sexy lips with my finger.
The taste of them on my tongue lingers.
My body aches for your sweet caress.
Breath caught in my throat as you touch my breast.
Take me, I'm yours, just don't break my heart.
I crave you like a drug, and I don't want to be apart.
The need for our bodies to be one is oh so strong.
Is my want for our bodies to touch wrong?
Your body above mine, my legs around your waist a must.
I beg for you to be in me and you enter with an aggressive thrust.
I cry out in pleasure as my body responds to you.
Our bodies entwine as a gratifying rhythm grew.
We kiss passionately as you grab a handful of hair.
This much pleasure is almost too much to bear. 
All night we make love, as we tire and fall asleep.
When we wake I only ask if you're mine to keep.

A Collaborative Duet Between Myself And The Great MPK Mickey Pig Knuckles, Whom Is My
Inspiration And The Sweetest Man I have Ever Known, I Hope It Was All You Hoped It Would
Be Fan Boy!!!!! XOXOXOXOXO

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Living & Giving

Another blessing on another day
Just another chance to pray

Pray for what, “Well lets see”
Everything the Lord does for me

Not to mention what he does for my wife
Praise be to God what a wonderful life

Facing life on its own terms
Was a lesson we had to learn

Had to learn to say “no’ to the high
Stay on the ground and reach the sky

Whatever we need we get for free
Lord looking out for us you see

Wanted some plants to landscape the yard
Lady said no its all-free put up your card

I’ll even come by and offer my advice
Heard from Brian you folk are really nice

Then I’ll bring the rest of the plants for free
Need help planting count on my family and me

Spiritual Enlightenment is all I can say
Living and giving is the only right way

Never pushing our forcing advice
Let our actions be our words of life

Living by example with no words said
Come on in lets break us some bread

Day started off in so much pain
Getting out of bed seemed in vein

But as I end this poem all I can say
What a wonderfully beautiful special day

Another day the Lord filled our need
Man I love the joy of spreading seed

For each seed planted ten more sprout
We use what we need and give the rest out

Which in turn brings so many more
Living and giving is what life is for

Today I started my day on the site waiting
on my Doctor worried i had a large blood
clot in my leg - Thank God it wasn't and 
the rest of the day - God sure does bless 
us. God Bless and Good night from
Michael, Toni & Michaela

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Sisters are people who care
Sisters are people who listen and share
Sisters are love
Like a gift from above
Someone who sees the best in what you do
Someone who was always around as you grew
Anybody can be a "sister"
But can they be a friend too?

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Lost Opportunities

I should have chosen honesty,
as away from me, I now see how much you meant to me.
The tender touch often given to my skin so frequently,
now mirrors a distant past in this circumstance of common grief.
The colour of truth couldn’t begin to dye these darkened blues,
as my heart is decomposing from your wretched news.
Un-answered questions become the theme to my awful excuse,
sleepless nights recalling mistaken words is all that is left to do.


If only I could escape this prison of regret,
and begin to break free from the image of our broken silhouette.
Only then shall life become as beautiful as the sunset,
living an existence of joy, too powerful for sadness to forget.
Yet my insecurities left me too weak to say “I need you”,
leaving feelings aside in the hope you’d say “I need you too”.
My transparent tears cried out for the truth to pierce through,
but as a man, I was taught to never leave emotion as a clue.
In the mist of sorrow, swollen pride is all that is left,
recollecting past memories, my mind unwillingly kept.


No amount of breath could ever reach the pain of my depth,
wishing responsible errors could be wiped clean from my debt.

For more poetry goodness, visit my website: 

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My Star in the Night

Falling from up high, not knowing where I’ll land
Love has always been transient, like a name on the sand

But I’m walking in darkness; only spots of light in the sky
Enwrapped in confusion, not knowing truth from a lie

I was set up to feel ashamed, to feel lonely (so I’d come back)
Which I did until you found on my heart’s walls, there was a crack

You’re far from perfect, not even close to being the best
But there’s a sense of warm attachment I feel in your caress

You might not be the sweetest, you don’t spoil me, but you’re real
And somewhere along the way, somehow my heart, you did steal

So I might be in the darkness, but you’re my star in the night, indeed
The shine that transmits from your love is all the light I need

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Alone or With Someone Else

I wonder how long it takes to get used to
Having someone else to love you
How long does it take to get used to
Having someone else to kiss and hug you
Do you really prefer to spend most of your time alone
Rather than have someone waiting for you at home
Someone else to talk to, someone else to care
Someone that appreciates just knowing you’re there
Someone who will listen to anything you want to say
Someone to do the little things for you from day to day
Life can get very lonely when you spend so much time by yourself
Life is much nicer when you spend some of your time with someone else
Isn’t it nice to know that when you need a friend
Someone else is there with a shoulder to lend
Time alone or with someone else is something to think about
Listen to your heart and the choice will become clear with little doubt

Copyright © 1999   Shari E Davis

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Precious as a Kitten

Once I found myself with my back against the wall
Trying hard to contemplate the meaning of it all

It was then I bowed my head and ask of the Lord
Is it better for a man to use the cross or the sword

The answer came as suddenly as a bolt of light
There are times in this life that a man must fight

Instead of fighting with our fist we fight with our prayer
Ask of the Lord and his guidence will be there

I’ve laid down my boots and said bye to my gloves
Let the hate leave my heart so it could fill with love

Love is the most beautiful thing we could ever know
For it is the thing that binds the heart to the soul

As I bring an end to this little rhyme
You are about to read the love story of all time

For the love of the Lord simply can’t be beat
What good is the A-1 sauce if we have no meat?

As this poem reaches its end I hope I have clearly written
Offer yourself unto the Lord and become as precious as a kitten

I would like to dedicate this poem to my dear friend
who is precious as the kittens that she so dearly loves.
Rhoda this one is for you. I thank you for the love and 
support you have shown my family and I.

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He’s found his groove again
His pen finds a fount to reign
In the smile of a lady, he muses
In her voices, his rhyme bounces
Her presence illuminates his lines
Her thoughts take him thousands of miles
His rhyme is her unfading beauty
Her personae is his poetry 
Her life is his prose
With this poem, he offers her a living rose

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Johnny 's Song

He was born to sing upon his land
Now he's resting in God's Everlasting hands

Didn't matter who you were
That voice you'll remember for sure

A voice that could shed many a tear
Or make you just want to stand up and cheer

Oh how'll I miss this one hell of a man
Made me today of who I am

Across oceans far and wide
Johnny sang his songs with passionated pride

Now he soars amidst his eagle friends
High above the rockies bends

Oh Johnny this song's for you
As I sing about your eagle friends too

In Loving Memory 
John Denver  { 1943 -1997 }

Soar My Feathered Friend

  {  R.I.P. }

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The Moment (So Few Ever Find)

Tonight was real and also a dream
I was standing by a mountain stream

The mountain peaks covered with snow
Absorbed the moonlight and seemed to glow

The sky was clear and the stars were bright
On this cool and crispy winters night

From behind the trees you did appear
This is why I hold this dream so dear

Suddenly time just froze in place
As the moonlight illuminated your face

You moved with such grace and ease
As though you were one with the breeze
As you came closer and our eyes did meet
My love struck heart found a brand new beat

You placed my hands around your waist
Then offered your lips for me to taste

The only music was that of our souls
As we started to dance soft and slow

Some things in life are just meant to be
As I gave my all to you, you gave your all to me

It was magical how everything just felt so right
As our bodies steamed in the frosty night

There was no thinking ahead or looking behind
For we found the moment so few ever find

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Lovely Reflections

A thought fell on me,
and calmly my heart sought to see,
to comprehend, in solitude,
its size and width and magnitude.

There's one who seems to me a gem,
whose influence no man can stem,
with eyes expressing great radiance; 
a face engulfed with great brilliance;

I see a heart that calms my heart,
a face that tears my soul apart,
I see eyes that set me on fire,
and melt my heart with desire,

for true, unbounded genuine care,
not pain that I can hardly bear;
for such that fills my heart with joy,
what thought! With this I cannot toy.

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Can This Go On

As friends forever to be. 
Sacred broken rules inside sexuality. 
Forever we were mistaken drifter apart. 

Can this go on loving you my friend. 
Or is it wrongfully wrong should we make it end.  

The feeling of love at friendships sake. 
Did we go to far when we love made. 

Does it need to stop emotions so confused. 
Was it a mistake did we just love use. 

Closing me eyes i will never forget. 
Tell you the truth I have no love regrets. 

Walking forward was it just a need. 
Hoping its just a flower a sprouted see.  

Can this go on loving you my friend.
Or is it wrongfully wrong should it end?

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Do you want to hear a story, perhaps an anecdote or two . . .
There is a place to do it, when life caves in on you.

There is a group of people who share their lives today . . .
I found them only by happy circumstance, as I was traveling this way.

They get together once a month, to tell tales of their past . . .
Each one in their particular way have stories that will last.

Each one could talk for hours on end, and there would be no lulls . . .
For the times and places they have been, are etched upon their souls.

Their pleasure in remembering is a joy to all who hear . . .
We like to listen to the tales they tell, they give us all a cheer.

The lives they have led, the people they've known, the places they've been to . . .
Are celebrated with us each month, as if we'd been there too.

The moments in time that in our hasty lives, we often will forget . . .
Are cherished now as memories, especially the ones we seem to fret.

Memories, I know, are not for us alone and need to be shared . . .
Even the ones we don't want to think on, the ones that made us scared.

The stories they share with us are not just a reason for rhyme . . .
But I wanted each of them to know, how much I enjoy this time.

Because of them, I have remembered so many things of my own past . . .
Times that I'd forgotten, but have come back to me at last.

The darkest corners of memory are brightened by their chat . . .
I, for one, know I will always be grateful for that.

Our thought are put in new perspective - even the darkest ones we save . . .
But however dark and grim they are, as memories they behave.

To all the MEMORY MAKERS present and past who grace us all this way . . .
This rhyme is for you, "Thank You" for sharing your lives with us, past, present, and today.

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Special Touch

A kiss from another, 
A kiss from a lover 

Will give you the peace 
you require to breathe 

A gentle touch from a soul 
will make you feel whole 

As you understand whats within
to learn to love and start to begin

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Funny Friend

I had a funny friend
Who lived around the bend
He had a sense of humor and wit
That would leave you in total split
I wondered how he could be so gay
Even when it was such a cloudy day
The truth I came to know  infact
When on his tombstone I read in black
“ Johnny Joe loved to fool the world around
But God only you knew the underground”

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dot dot dot

dot dot dot
you love me, you love me not
yeah i get it, we are kids
life is kind of like mad libs
but i just can't stand this all
my life with you has finally completed the fall
i want to be your friend
but the relationship part, has come to an end
if you still like me that way
then there is nothing else to say
i will have to leave your life
this too will cut me like a knife
but until you are over me
i will have to watch and see
so i'm sorry but please make up your mind
while all my thoughts i try to find
dot dot dot
i was in your life, maybe now i'm not

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     Have you ever noticed the angels around?
     In this world, so many abound.

     They influence our lives every day
     At home, on the road, at work or play.

     They are the people whose spirits are great
     Who greet us with smiles, joy, their laughs never abate.

     They look like the waiter, teacher, or just common folk
     But their spirit is contagious, and lighten the burden on our yoke.

     You can find them in stores, restaurants, shops, and places miles away
     But you'll most likely find them in the place you call home today.

     So look a little closer at that person sitting down
     It might just be an angel, one who has always been around.

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Family Of Friends

Families walking in the halls
Searching for comfort within these walls
Many times we've heard things said
Discussing things so many dread
Children with an illness are here
Seeking comfort to calm their fear
Sometimes their treatments are very painful
For days that are easier, we are thankful
As time passes and each day goes by
We find ourselves asking "Why?"
We're not alone in this place we must stay
We can trust in our faith and begin to pray
Coming together as a "Family of Friends"
With a shoulder to cry on and an ear to bend
Strength in numbers may conquer some pain
Share our hearts when they begin to rain
Here for our children with hope for healing
Let's share the pain we are often feeling
Let's join together as a "Family of Friends"
Let's show our support and lend a hand

Copyright © 2004   Shari E Davis

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My Magic Butterfly

I was so sad I was about to cry
When she appeared in the corner of my eye
Being carried gracefully by the wind
I believe she wanted to be my friend
She had rainbow wings and big brown eyes
Like silver dollars floating in the sky
There was a reason that I was so sad
I’d lost the most beautiful thing I had
It was more precious than anything
For I’d lost my diamond ring
I had my ring since I was four
But now at 5 I have my ring no more
Dad and I backtracked my steps nice and slow
Searching for my ring both high and low
When the butterfly came floating down
Landing on my ring lying on the ground
I ran and got my ring up off the ground
Right here on my finger it can be found
I thanked Mrs. Butterfly with a smile and a tear
Waving goodbye as she disappeared
Into a rainbow that crossed the sky
My magic ring finding rainbow butterfly

Written by my daughter Michaela and I

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Nocturnal feast on the beach

3rd march 2012, by: Sashi Prabhu (zeauoxian)

Lying between two coconuts trees,
On a swinging ham mock feeling sultry breeze.

Waves erupt repeatedly on the hibernating sandy shores,
The moonlight now festoons the sand and sea with milky Lumina galore.

The coconut trees foliage houses my shack beneath,
Is grimly laden with dew drops , the wetness it drips within.

My pals with whiskey, rum and beer are laden within,
Singing songs of love, sorrow, happiness, friendship and topic akin.

The stone electric pole sheds fluorescent light,
Making the ambience great and the vista very bright.

Into the night, eat smoke and drink,
Our confined and harnessed sorrows we will drive out from our body’s brink.

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I Was Fed Kindness

The ham was crusted,done to a turn.
This meal was huge,I never learn!

I always cook too much for me.
From years of being a chef,you see.

But this is Christmas Eve tonight.
And I feel sorry for my plight.

When suddenly I had a thought.
I took the gifts that I had bought.

I found some shelter folks to feed.
But really,they fulfilled my need.

For cos' of them I'm not alone.
I bless them for their kindness shown.

for contest Your Christmas Miracle
sponsored by Carolyn Devonshire

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Merry Christmas Tom

Tom you may be gone but these words are true
There was a wonderful legacy left here by you

This is the first Christmas since you passed away
Everyone I ask “Lets take a moment to pray”

Lets not mention the pain and all we have lost
For every life has a price and death is the cost

Lets all be thankful because these words are true
Tom Bell was a blessing to everyone he knew

He was more than a poet he was a mentor and a friend
Always so kind and witty with the advice he would lend

As I would read his comments I could imagine his smile
He is one who never let me doubt my soul was worthwhile

I penned this couplet though it’s a community message I send
Merry Christmas we love you and treasure your memory our friend

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Look Out, HG—You're Tagged!

Look Out, HG—You’re Tagged!

HGarvey Daniel Esquire, you began the end rhyme. 
I know your form of poetry will catch on in time. 

You are so creative; I enjoy reading your writes.
They’re full of sweet emotion; the words used are just right.

“The Respected Poetess” and poetry “Hodgepodge.”
Mental images created out do a mirage.

Your poetic colleague, I am delighted to be.
Consequently, I’ve decided to send this poem to thee!

Although you may be busy with poems and broken hearts,
It’s time to take a break and play; this is where fun starts.

There’s a new game floating around Poetry Soup.
So, read a little further and I’ll give you the scoop.

I hold a hot potato; I’m passing it to you.
You have twenty-four hours; pass it to someone new.

Tag HG you’re it. 

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My Lover My Friend

Where were you my love when I wore my frown?
When my mind and heart were completely down,

Matters not, now where you were those days,
All that matters now, how I feel in many ways,

A smile that sweetens my day and night so pure,
Words that you whisper, raptures my demure.

One touch of your hand lures me awake.
Your kiss, so soft, warm like a summer lake,

When we touch in love our bodies in tune,
Our passion secured, embodied in the moon.

We walk each hour holding hands, feeling secure.
Our sanctity guaranteed, forever love insured.

My lover, my friend, confident forever more,
Entwined, sensually bound, in fantastic allure.

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Choosing whom to an unsolved dilemma, we humans seldom attest;
how can love be shared equally among the ones who delight our very heart?

I can't love one person more than the other, it's utter unfairness on my part;
what troubles me is to whom I'll give the deserving affection that can last...

If many haven't loved me or touched me in the simplest, truest way: I can go past that;
and wouldn't hold it against them, but what I will tell them is to be my friends and chat.

And the saddness of the matter is that friends aren't like God who's ever-present; 
they live among us for a short while, then they depart to begin their jeourney's quest.

Many dark days have see me waiting on someone like a hopeless beggar: bitter, cold and sad;
no nickels, dimes or quaters were tossed into my coffee cup I held up with a trembling hand.  

Fate, unfair fate will there be a time when you'll show me sympathy, and not embitter me?
If another chance at being loved were given to me, I wouldn't forfeit it when it accosts me.

Choosing whom to an unsolved dilemma, causing confusion to clearly think and pause;
not all can be certain of hearing that they are truly loved by offering them a beautiful rose.

Copyright 2009 by Andrew Crisci

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I'll Be Amazed

Come to me on this lovely day,
So that I may be amazed -

By the brightness that you bring,
That cause my heart to want to sing.
I want to see your glowing smile,
Yes, I hope you'll stay awhile.

Cause it is you that I adore-
And wish, soon, you'll open the door.

To spend this lovely day with me,
Oh, how exciting it would be.

For on  this day I long to hear-
Your voice that sounds, to me, so dear.

I want to consume each word you say,
In such a caring and loving way.

To gladly receive your warm embrace,
Then kiss your tender, soft-smooth face.

And yes, I'll know without a doubt,
That love has truly brought you out-

To share with me, on this lovely day -
And once again ... I'll Be Amazed!

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Our Walks

Midnight moon and nights lonesome sound
Sparkling stars and clouds surround

Whispering meadow filled with flowers
Whiling away many late night hours

The Kansas plains roll like a stream
Wheat fields wave like the ocean in a dream

The crimson dawn of a fresh spring morning
A storm raging in and tornado warnings

Mountains that stretch to the heavens above
Red birds calling and the wings of a dove

A bale of hay standing near the road
The view from the bluff with wetlands below

Our walks together always made my heart sing
But your smile to me was the most beautiful thing

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Since God, ushered you into our lives that day,
Your hair has become dappled with wisps of gray.
Other superficial changes have now taken place,
But a youthful spirit still covers a comely face.

The thing seen most changed lies within your chest,
In your heart now, is Jesus, making you the best.
We spent many hours in concern through the years,
Oft times these thoughts were awash with tears.

Holding you up in prayer is all that we knew to do,
And we like to think, that we crossed your mind too.
You've been a sweetheart to us, both gentle and kind,
For a better friend, we'd be hard pressed to find.

Written for Shirrlene

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Waiting Here

Soft as a winters kiss
to me you are a dreamers bliss
tucked away behind a glimmer smile
only if you could stay another while

Softly you leave me wanting more
you leave to join the worlds daily war
but here I stay waiting here
until the time you are near

Softer than a winters kiss
alone in my bed now I know only this
that when the day comes and surely then
I'll forever be glad that you're my friend

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Truth Beats the Lies

Today I pen this poem for all of you
Know in your hearts every word is true

There was once a time that I was insane
Everyone I loved, I caused them pain

Grandparents to my children’s hearts
I honestly tore them all totally apart

Uncles, Aunts, Sisters and Brothers
She hadn’t drown probably my mother

The best of friends and all of my mates
No one was exempt from sharing my hate

My hate was a river that forever poured
My soul was thing that I forever ignored

So why is that not the Michael Jordan of today
One day I ask of the Lord, “Please guide my way”

The road wasn’t easy true change never is
My life was no longer mine I considered it his

And what he ask, what he wanted me to do
Is use myself as an example of how to be true

Being true to myself I quickly learned was the key
I couldn’t anything for you till I was honest with me

And no matter what I do it could never be enough
When it comes to amends I have a lifetime of stuff

But none of that matters it no longer matters at all
I now bow to the Lord but to the world I stand tall

I no longer hold to excuses or offer up alibis
I have learned how to let go of all of the lies

My truth is my shield as I write for the Lord
My heart writes lyrics as my soul plays the chords

I don’t even really know what this poem is about
Sometimes I’m blown away by what comes pouring out

I guess it’s just another way to rise above the sin
For it’s the words I write that teaches me to win

What am I trying to win, I do hope it shows
A little more love in my heart and light in my soul

What this poem is about I have come to realize
No matter how much it hurts the truth beats the lies

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Her Eyes

Her eyes were as beautiful as they could be
A puppy dog’s frown looking back at me

As they smiled they truly danced with life
Those big brown eyes of my beautiful wife

I sat behind glass as they filled with tears
Scared and alone her eyes danced with fear

The depth of her eyes expressed all of the pain
Dancing all around me I could feel their shame

But when they met mine these words are true
Beauty of their love broke me completely into

I gazed into her eyes into the depths of her soul
Lost up inside those eyes I had found my goal

It totally broke my spirit as I realized her pain
The thought of it drove me completely insane

Over sixty months later when mine got set free
Can you guess what eyes were waiting for me?

Two beautiful eyes that were so deep and brown
Now had a beautiful sparkling puppy dog frown

They also had a sternness I had never seen
Saying the only way to us is by staying clean

All these years later, eyes still as deep as a well
I am still lost in their beauty, bound to their spell

Telling me good morning as we start another day 
Her eyes shine with so much love in a beautiful way

Sometimes in life we try to be all that we can be
I didn’t pick her eyes because her eyes picked me

I am lost in the treasure of her beauty and grace
I reckon beautiful eyes deserve a beautiful face

Expanding on her beautiful eyes that mirror her soul
Is no less than my life’s honor and a beautiful goal

Written for Sami's contest

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Walking this Mile

I accept what i need offer up what's left
Let ridicule fall on ears that are deft
Just as a fisherman catches fish on his hook
I write out my poems and put together books
The reason I do it is clear as can be
I feel it's what the Lord ask of me
For 41 years I had no idea I was a poet
But if I couldn't cook it I could damn sure grow it
My life consumed by Marijuana and speed
Trusting in them to provide what I need
They replaced my job and even my love
They were everything that I held above
They picked me up whenever i felt low
If I got to high they helped me to slow
No, I didn't write poems or watch the T.V.
Never touched a computer said, "Thats not for me"
Traded in the girls because the next on was cuter
Woke up with a shot went to bed with a hooter
I would run day and night until I would drop
Running more from myself than from any cop
I chemically induced away all my dreams
See rivers take mothers after being formed by streams
These days my head feels like it's in a vice
I'll tell you right now my pains nothing nice
Weekly shots I take for the Hepatitis C
Epidural Steroid blocks in the spine for me
Every doctor I see I greet with a smile
Not feeling to good but I will after while
They say my attitude is one that is great
I see the beauty of love with no time for the hate
I have no reason for anger or time to be mad
No reason for all that this is my bad
This isn't that bad hell I've suffered more
At least I can turn my knob and walk out the door
Reality is real but it's also a dream
Things that are clear may not be as they seem
The Lord is my master to whom which I serve
For he's already given me more than I deserve
Children who love me and a beautiful wife
All the blessings a man needs in life
So Doctor tell me how can I not smile
At least I'm not alone walking this mile
I have you guys and the Lord walking with me
And thats about as beautiful as beautiful can be

I dedicate this poem to all of my doctors
Dr. Garrison - Primary
Dr. Merliss   - Neurologist
Dr. Aldwari -  Infectious Disease Specialist
Dr. Johnson- Pain Management Specialist
Dr. Beck      - Physical Therapist 
I feel very blessed to have such a fine 
team working so hard on my recovery.
I also wish to thank everyone for all the
Prayers I have received. I love you guys.

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Thanks Today

I just want to say, “Thanks in a special way”
This is why I pen this Poem today

It’s for those who always stand by me
Those who are as special as can be

I won’t mention names you know who you are
Through the dark of night you are my stars

Such a special group in such a special way
“I’m honored to know you,” is all I can say

You are all teachers because without a doubt
You have taught me what I’m all about

One more thing you can believe is true
Before God blesses me I hope he blesses you

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It's not just cuz he's black,
That I got his back.

He just wants to be free,
Just like you and me.

I'll count on him through and through
I expect all of you to too.

I hope all of you, yes and yo momma,
To respect Barack Obama.                                                                                        

                                                         Thank you Mr.President

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   I know now that I would go through
It all again to be an inspiration to you!

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My Friend Sharon

I reckon this poem is long overdue
Sharon this poem is in honor of you

I’ve come to respect the things you say
Let them brighten and enlighten my day

When it comes to advice it’s hard for me
For I once was a fish in a bottomless sea

Lost in the waves that seemed to forever roll
Always one step away from my pot of gold

Never knowing who or what I could trust
Lost in the ashes and buried in the dust

Your friendships a treasure I will forever hold
Your advice is worth more than that pot of gold

When it comes to respect what more can I say?
I reckon your one person who has earned her way

I reckon you and my wife would get along fine
And your husband would be a dear friend of mine

But as fate would have it were a continent apart
But from my family to yours we love your heart

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The Most Beautiful People

Sometimes we write in a certain way
That’s the style God choose that day

I pick no subject I just start to write
I just simply rely on my inner-sight

I truly feel pretty good on this day
It’s all just a frame of mind they say

I headed out back so I could mow
Busted and disgusted, wife said no

I hurt all the time the drop of a dime
Pain will always be a friend of mine

Pain is the only one I had for years
So much pain full of so many tears

Love on the inside, pain on the out
It last day after day without a doubt

I’m not quite sure where this will lead
As I eat all the pain and plant the seed

Love planting them, then watching them grow
Into the most beautiful people I could ever know

One of the most beautiful, check this out
Tag Chris Higgins, what this poems about

I'm pretty sure by now we all know just how 
special Christopher Higgins is to our mixture
of perfect homegrown soup,  Bro I love you
                                     God Bless, MJ

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Education For Life

Changing schools was the rule
Never stayed long and get in the groove

Making friends never ended
Fitting in was always mended

So a loner I became
I don't remember many names

But I learned to love to learn
Still have a heart that yearns

For knowledge on many subject
Even on aliens that abducted

Went to college after I wed
When all my children were in school instead

Finished a college degree
When I held a grandson on my knee

Then I continued my education
Master's Degree in Christian Station

Ten hours on a PhD got so tired
Oh! I was totally mired

Thinking about going again on a wager
Work on a psychology major

With a minor in poetry  
Where I can write and just be me

(Poor excuse for a couplet but will have to do.  This is for Education Game passed to me by 
my lovely daughter Doris Culverhouse who received the torch from James Frazer.  I pass the 
thinking cap to James Marshall Goff to write a poem about education.)

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Cousin R

I think that he is crazy,
though he's a lot of fun when he's nice,
and his conversaitons are rather hazy,
I think the word "swears" will suffice.

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Am I Wrong

Am I wrong
for what I long?

A family here love and care,
Feelings deep, for us to share.

A friend who will be there for me,
One to take my problems so I won't worry.

A wish that everything was fair,
All the steps we take everywhere.

So, am I wrong
for what I long?

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The understanding traveler

I have traveled down many a road
I have carried my share of the load
I must now face the fact
Can't help but reflect back
As I do know it is true
I smile about a thing or two
Also in my past it’s found
Many times I have frowned
I have lived one hell of a life
Full of joy as well as strife
Never I am here to say
Have I taken life the easy way
I lived fast and rode hard
Always played the wild card
I’ve been rich and I’ve been broke
Crossed paths with all types of folks
Dealt with C.E.O.s as well as bums
Been friends with strippers as well as nuns
Known men of no faith and those who believe
Honest men as well as thieves
One thing in life I found to be true
Can’t understand until you wear the shoe
Once you put it on and wear it around
That’s when a true understanding is found
Once you understand then you are able
To play your cards at the table
As you play them you start to show
All the understanding you’ve come to know

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Beautiful Light

The meaning of love seems so hard to find
How did we all come to be so blind?
The love of the Lord is free to us all
Yet we constantly bang our heads against the wall
There is no great illusion that keeps us so blind
It’s true I want yours but you’re not getting mine
If we follow the mustard and laid open our seed
The Lord will give us all that we need
No need to worry or be full of despair
Just ask of the Lord and he will be there
He died on the cross bearing the burden of sin
Although not a one came from with-in
See there is a divine reason he died on the cross
So all who believe need not be lost
I was broken and lost inside of the pen
With a ocean of pain brewing with-in
I ask of the Lord please come unto me
Right then and there he set me free
Right then and there I started to write
Up from the darkness came a beautiful light

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Time and friends

The time that I wasted, the friends that I lost –
I didn’t know really how much they cost!

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School is over and we're on top of the world,
Our futures ready to be unfurled,

Who knows where we'll be in twenty years;
Married and with successful careers?

Or deadbeats living on each other's floors,
There's just so many open doors!

But as one thing starts, another ends;
For fourteen years we've been best friends,

One summer more and we'll be dispersed,
But we're going to make some memories first,

These times will end before we know it,
So let's not waste a single minute!

I'm loving the rollercoaster ride,
As every day is spent outside,

And though it's sadly undeniable
That we are spontaneous and unreliable,

It only adds to the teenage thrill,
As all our wishes we rush to fulfill,

Staying out most every night,
Then dancing home at morning light,

Sleeping in most every day,
Sending waking hours into disarray,

Delighted smiles in impulsive filming,
Pure happiness captured as bonds are building,

And yet it's scary and sort of strange,
Not knowing how things are going to change,

But one thing's certain as round our necks
Our cherished friendship pendants rest,

As the dawn of a new era arrives,
We know we'll be friends for all our lives.

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Halloween Preparations

A slide of sticky slimy glue
Newspaper on an orange balloon

Red sheets over all the lights 
Corners full of plastic mites

Spiders hangs from a thread
A fancy lady with out a head

Pumpkins spilling out their guts
Liquid oozing from long fresh cuts

Green pocked zombies from Montana 
Outer-space vampires with antenna

Cinnamon and sweets spicing the air
Witches wondering what to wear

And when it seems that all is lost
A brand new cloak made for cost

Hand-made by a dear good friend
Painted blue, with a hookah that bends

With sabers and glitter lighting the night
We shall cause quite a fright

Be not alarmed, things aren't what they seem
On this cool and shocking Halloween

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When All Is Said And Done

Regarding the darkness, the treachery of man
I’ve inhaled its breath; I’ve held its hand

Look at the fate of the Jews in World War 2
Condemned by coward who killed himself to

No guts to face the horrific crimes he had done
I reckon there are those who will follow anyone

Our Son home from one war waiting on another
As I watch it tear out the heart of his mother

And after all is said and done, “Who am I”
Just an old wore out convict waiting to die

At least I have the balls to go out with a fight
Though sometimes the day recedes to the night

So tell me why is it that man acts this way
Nailed Christ to the cross one real dark day

It’s amazing we can live with what we’ve done
Just the shame that I alone carry is not any fun

One day each and every of us will meet our maker
He will either accept our soul or let Satan be the taker

When all is said and done the only thing I know
To help you get to heaven Satan could have my soul

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My Flying Mustang

Along time ago just the other day
I saw a magic horse who flew my way
Well all in all jackpot in hand
It flew me off to a distant land
A place where the Land meets the Sea
We landed there this horse and me
Somethings in life should not go to waste
Such was the beauty of this special place
Secluded and surrounded by sheer rock walls
With an abundance of beautiful waterfalls
Creating rainbows that filled the skies
Oh, This place was beautiful to the eyes
As I looked all around at the giant ferns
Into my heart this place did burn
While listening to the beat of the sea
We had a picnic this horse and me
Then down the beach we took us a walk
And without a word we had us a talk
Life is full of many wonderful things
Like my flying Mustang with golden wings

Written by Michaela and I

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It's Your Choice, Not Mine

Certainly, to share is to love, as for love is to share
If truly, you share out of love, then you really care

Easy to understand, and it is not my own command
If, you do not wish to listen, then stop your pretend

Always be there for you, a loyal friend, real and true
Not here to sue you, but, to share with you, my stew

Indeed, you have been told, O, People of this World
Be steadfast and be bold, but still, you are very cold

Ok, you hate without pretend, you suffer till the end
Remember, the One, being sent, he died, for all men

It is your choice, not mine, with me, you will rejoice
If you heeded my voice, you’ll live, without remorse

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Friends And Lovers, Lies And Alibis

His friendship was the one I held dear.
He said he was the one I never had to fear.

The two years we were together before we were wed,
Were not so bad, truth be said.

Then one day out of the blue,
He was no longer the man I knew!

Our nights and days of wedded bliss,
Soon turned into hatred and a distained abyss.

His anger and cruel, nasty rage
Kept me wrapped in a fearful cage.

Each day and night kept me wrapped tight.
Fear of anything done or said, would soon end in a fight!

Too many stories and ruses,
To cover the many black eyes and numerous bruises.

I grew tired of telling so many lies,
To cover for all your abuses and give you your alibis.

I will no longer cover for you!
I am tired of being black and blue!

So many nights of terror and confusion.
Once what was love is now just an illusion.

So many many sins and uncare
Will never be forgotten! How unfair!

Now that love and friendship is lost. 
It went from me at a great cost.

After numerous times of him landing in jail,
I have decided it is time for me to bail!

An act, I know, that just seems so unfair,
but right now I just don't care.

My sanity was at stake.
So for it how could I forsake?

Now a new love has entered my life.
Eradicating all that angst and strife.

Each day is precious and new, 
There are still days that I am oh so blue.

Who knows where this new love will go?
Who's to say? I do not know.

For now, will take it one day at a time.
Who knew in a friend a lover I would find.

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Tag Sharon Weimer "You are IT"

Sometimes in life it is so clear to see
My friend is as special as she can be

Things happen and we don’t know why
But for my special friend I would die

I started the (YF4L) club just for her
Sometimes I stutter but I never slur

My wife knows that Sharon is special as can be
They’re the only two who calm the beast in me

Be the first admit, I don’t always think right
I’m a true man of God with a Soldier’s plight

The “Man of God” part is all brand new
Sharon I have penned this poem for you

But it’s not just a poem, Sharon it is a tag
Pull yourself a name from the Poetry bag

And then tell that Poet how special they are
From the bag of Poets pull yourself out a star

This is a game that all of us poets used to play
Hopefully we can relight that flame today

Anyone but me Sharon you can write about
Just answer the “Tag” and let your love out

You know I've been here long enough to say.
"Back in the day" we used to play tag, i miss
it a lot - Rules are very simple, I write a poem
for Sharon and tag it. Sharon now can write a
poem to any other poet but me and tag it. Then
they do the same. Lets rock and roll, heart and
soul and see where it may lead. Tag Shar, your it.
Now this is a wide open game, anyone can pick
anyone they wish at any time. The object is to
keep the ball rolling. This used to be a very special
part of our site and I do hope we can relight that
Flame, God Bless you all, MJ

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A Visit in Style

Hello there my dearest old friend, it’s been a long, long time
I wish of you to sit a spell, indulge me with your rhymes

I have a few to read to you. I’d like to know your thoughts.
I have so many styles now. It’s great, what I’ve been taught!

The Cameo is popular; I really love it so.
The Septet, too, is oh so grand, I wanted you to know.

The Haiku, though so short, is a descriptive piece to read.
It provides all the clarity and imagery you’ll need.

A Tanka is much like that but has two more lines instead.
It really sounds just as descriptive, if out loud it’s read.

One that really is a fave, is the Diatelle; it’s great!
With many lines and syllables it’s surely to elate.

So many styles to say the least, I cannot say them all.
We must revisit them one day, so please pay me a call.

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So, Till We Meet Again

We have poems that make us really different from one another;
You already mastered the rhyme, whilst I‘m still trying to discover.

I have played several times, with this cute little haiku,
While you, deeply, longing to amaze its twin sibling senryu.

And yet, without doubt, we all meet everyday on this central stage,
Where you, un-selfishly, spreading yourself on this blank page.

While my complicated thoughts are being stocked in deep confusion, 
Because I am undecided yet, in what form I must uncover my passion.

For not only you, who suffer in this so-called un-poetic indigestion;
But indeed, happy are those who continue sharing their poetic vision.


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Tag Poem Continued

I'm sitting here trying to be serious
But reading your tag made me delirious

Sometimes my words may be a little hazy
But that's okay 'cause I'm a little crazy

I never laugh at people with green hair
Because when I touch my head there's nothing there

Now I am here and you are there
And we still have stories we can share

There's a lot of great poets on this site
So I'll pass the tag when the time is right

Tell you what, Mike, old fella
I'm going to tag Katherine Stella.

  Katherine, you are now officially it.

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The Last Flicker

The circle is starting to come together, 
Like a storm you feel it approach and you brace for uncertain weather.

You know that your flame which once burned so bright, 
Will be extinguished like a star that shoots across the night.

You just hope that you made a difference and were the best that you could be,
That you led no one astray and was a good influence for all around to see.

And when your candle makes its final flicker,
You’ll be ready to go without a qualm and face this day with just a snicker.

You can never have things finished or completely in order,
No matter how hard you try it only gets harder.

My motto used to be “always try to leave things a little better than you found them,”
And I hope when I’m gone people will say, “Gosh I'm going to sure miss him.”

Or maybe he was a good guy or he was a true friend,
That is how I’d like to be remembered and thought about in the end.

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In the deep and starry void

 friends surround me
in this deep and starry void
near and far and all arround me
writing how the pain destroyed

fragile holds they had on Morning
casting them back to the gloom
with their spinning threads adorning
walls within my tiny room.

Terrible the beauty haunting
wistful words of tears alone
of how deeply they are wanting
wondros love to come back home

come back from the grave or garden
where they argued or betrayed
seeking sustenance or pardon
I love everything they said .

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Heads Up!

    You just don't play well with others,
had no sisters,had no brothers.
Also you have seven heads.......
in shades of blues and pinks and reds.

  Makes you rather hard to pair,
with someone nice  for you to share,
     life and love and poetry.

  Good thing all my heads agree...
that they like you ,
                  yes they do.....
     (except for maybe one or two)

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Wind Words

 I wrote my love 
on a maple leaf
and mailed it into
the wind.
That's the chance 
I had in finding
my once in a lifetime
but the westwind
took it to you,
on a whisper 
and a prayer
and somehow
my heart knew you
would be reading it 

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Send me an Angel for me to hold, 
 One with wings and a halo of gold.

Send me that precious gift I long for, 
 A smile so sweet and eyes to adore.

Send him here for me to cherish, 
 Make him kind, loyal and garish.

Send him here with love and grace, 
 A child whose unique style I'll embrace.

Send me the patience to be a mother, 
 Hoping he'll love us and his brother. 

Not a typical family is what we are, 
 But we could be much worse by far.

Jordon is the answer to my prayers, 
 A big brother, for Chris, who truly cares.

Love is what we have to give, 
 Without my son I could not live.

Thank you God, you've done what I asked.
 As a good mother, please tell me did I pass?

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Last gasp

Conjoined at the brain, bound at the hip
Two halves of one heart as we skip a beat
Inhale and exhale, though happy or sad
Reliving content days we never had
Roots planted firmly in gail force winds
Not breaking, but bent by futile beginnings 
Crooked, but growing from much needed rain
One sided, outranking the undeserved pain
Screaming and shouting, silently led astray
Deafening whispers while breath wastes away
Struggling for air amidst hurricane wrath
The end is in sight, we’ve chosen our path
Compassion while hoping that mercy is shown
Air lifted when sand or snowstorms blow
A vacuum absorbing ill fated defeat
Bloated paranoia swept from its feet
Balloon shaped, soaring on wings with a song
Two wind chimes hitching a ride all along
Winds of change will sing of a tale
Of a sail filled with wind or a wind filled sail
That brought to shore a limitless supply
Of peace and wisdom and undying pride

Floating on loveboats brought in by the tide

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Broken Crutch

Another soul has been set free
Trying to be all it can be

Which in reality isn't much
Another cripple on a broken crutch

Slowly trying to make his way
Through the trials of another day

Through my pen energy is spent
As I try to circumvent

I search for ways to relate
I was once so full of hate

I hated God for taking my mother
The fact I was the forgotten brother

I hated the poverty I grew up in
Then I truly learned of hatred in the pen

I rose to the top of the hatred pool
Took pride in being a home-boy fool

Just as a mother pulls her baby to her breast
I blasted my hatred all over my chest

I took love and hate placed them on a scale
I weighed out heaven and weighed out hell

I suddenly became overwhelmed with shame
As I realized that I had gone insane

For it became clear as clear could be
The only thing I truly hated was me

The last time I walked out the prison gate
I stopped and shook off all my hate

Praise God and the power from above
My heart and soul were filled with love

I came home and started to rebuild my life
Was taught how to love by my loving wife

I learned to love my neighbors regardless of creed
Offer my assistance to anyone in need

If your battling hatred heed what I say
It's a hell of a price for a soul to pay

Take your hatred and go to the mirror
Ask of the Lord, "Help me see clearer"

For hatred is just like any other sin
It's not external it's born with - in

You will discover a joy like no other
As you learn to love yourself then your brother

Another soul has been set free
I'm trying to be all I can be

Which in reality isn't much
Another cripple on a broken crutch

This poem is dedicated to Milton Hemsted who
carried himself in such a way that in the most racial
of environments I found myself with no choice but
to love and respect that man. He broke down my racial
barriers and taught me to love my Lord, myself and my
neighbor. I hope someday we will get to meet again
as free men. Love & respects Milton.
I apologize if I have offended anyone and for the 
man I once was. God bless

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Given to me

I once was a wizard who treasured the night
The earthly pleasures full of empty delight

An empty monster who had no soul
Feeding the flames was my only goal

Then one day a lesson I learned
Dance in the fire and you will get burned

Burnt to a crisp and black as coal
Thats what the mirror said of my soul

Thats the day I shattered my mold
Let the blanket of love shelter me from the cold

My poetic teacher was a ray of light 
At the end of the tunnel dark as the night

The poems I wrote were no less than a torch
Leading through the darkness to here on my porch

And now that I'm here I can't help but say
I treasure the blessings I receive everyday

There easy to see if you've walked in my shoes
Everyday it's a blessing I don't go out and use

In losing my freedom I've learned what it means
Everyday is a blessing I'm waiting to dream

Of the pain and trials I now face everyday
There future blessings I'm saving to pray

Today as I sit on my porch with a smile
I thought "maybe I should write for awhile"

And look what that thought turned out to be
Another blessing the Lord has given to me

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Turkey Time (for Don Meikle)

White meat or dark, or in between
I don't care, just so it's lean                                                                           
My personal favorite is the wings                            
And gravy made with those gibbly things                    
I also like the" parson's nose"
Not many people would serve you those                                             
Mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie
That's mighty good eatin' my, oh, my
With family and friends gathered round
We say a prayer, then all chow down
There's so many cakes and pies and such
It' just soooooo easy to eat too much
As the last left-over is put away
I thank everyone for a wonderful day
We should honor the dead, celebrate the living
Don't you wish every day could be...

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He Is

What he is, to me as a child
He held me close when all was wild
He gathered my heart, when it was broken down
I knew he would be there, just always around

The tears that were cried never went to far
For he saw the pain and healed the very scar
The life behind this wonder of love
Can be loved apon from the One above

Take for granted not his kind hearted ways
He tells me this time, Its Just One of Those Days
I truely believe he loves me and my messed up life
But I know in my heart, on day, I will be his wife

Married by body, and bounded by soul
It was each others own heart, that made us whole
A whole in our ways, and a whole in our minds
Our love is so very rare, there are not many kinds

He once was a bad child, and killed all aspects to life
But deep inside all of that hatrid and anger, he was sharp as a knife
He gathered the peices, that were once my broken heart
And began mending them back together, so our loving could once
agian start.

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A dumb officemate landed a promotion but not me,
it's alright, it was not based on good looks anyway.

I am grossly underpaid but come to think of it it's okay,
I cannot be relying on this damn oil company's charity.

I wrote many songs that no one buys even for a dime,
perhaps, like Van Gogh, I was born ahead of my time.

Got into karate and my opponent broke my collarbone,
well, even the great Ali's jaw was busted by Ken Norton.

It did not hurt a bit at all, not amounting to a scratch,
although it was like a kick landing right on the crotch.

A woman turned me down but it was clearly her loss,
crazy not falling for a guy who looked like Tom Cruise.

I admit my poems stink, sorely lacking any meaning,
but Joe's are even worse, not amounting to anything! 

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I've been transformed by willingness, and a desire 
to move forward without keeping sad things in mind.

Confident to smile with surprise and allowing love to flow in;
faces don't avoid my glances that were unfriendly and sullen.  

Something that happens unexpectadly can give someone an unusual thrill; 
I distrusted people who were different from me...having no character, no will.   

Followed by my shadow, fear captured me to create unnecessary fright;
my room became my habitat and escape from a society claiming their plight.

With no friends to meet at cafes and local restaurants, I closed my windows,
prohibiting a glint of sunshine...assuming it wasn't meant for me, but for others. 

Glued to a wide screen, watching documentaries of tragedies and unaviodable fates;
empathizing with them, and yet convinced that I shouldn't have been grabbing at straws. 

Hackneyed words came out of my mouth, a habitue' of negative and dubitable thoughts;
and filled with their drudgery,I stopped listening to positive folks, thus, doubling my loads.

How can one be transformed by willingness? Discard the habits that amount to nothing; 
find the source of your uselessness, and be inspired by all who have achieved their goal.

Copyright 2009 by Andrew Crisci

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The Good Ol-Days

While reflecting on the good ol-days
Each so special in their own ways
Places I’ve been, the people I’ve loved
Hands a lot warmer once its been gloved
The message that I truly hope to relate
Good ol-days weren’t all that great
Like all other days they had highs and lows
In the bag of days that’s just how it goes
As we ponder days lets make it understood
If not for the bad would the good be good
These days the days fly by so fast
How can we expect their memory to last?
So, lets forget yesterday with all its sorrow
For the best of all good ol-days is tomorrow

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Healing Ellie

I met you hollow as the bones
of sun scorched trees with roots upturned
Worn to smoothness, polished grey
I met you when you'd less to say
But time and temperance green the ground
by pushing growth and sticking 'round
The seeds which scattered, dormant, light
in a gust of wind and time, took flight
They settled with your words and grew
with limbs of strength, they became you
And soon you laughed and bloomed in pink
and unwrapped time as a gift to think
Soon, your roots entwined the earth
You opened your arms to a million birds
and swayed in the wind to their favorite tune
as you etched them into your friend, the moon
Now you speak as all nature does
with a heart full of passion that's rooted in love
Each limb of growth reaching into the wind
Your words are a healing, You're on the mend...

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Words Of Love

O gee, hate…love…hate…love…hate.
Why do other people have to debate!?

The words of love, we shall now give;
These we have once…twice, received.

It brings peace and light to their spirit;
Of those who are in hungry need, of it.

It gives strength and hope to their life;
Of those who have nothing…but strife.

The words of love, we shall now give;
These we have once…twice, received.

O gee, hate…love…hate…love…hate.
Why do other people have to debate!?

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My Oldest Baby

So precious at birth tender and pure
For an aging heart they are the cure
My oldest daughter Sarah Jho
Is such a blessing to my soul
Brutally honest in what she has to say
A wonderful mother in every way
She gave us Joshua my first grandson
What a marvelous thing she has done
Together her and Justin walk through this life
Together forever husband and wife
These days that seems an impossible task
It seems everyone wears some sort of mask
But these two kids were made for each other
He is a good father and her a good mother
I wrote this poem so they would know
They are a blessing to my heart and soul

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They Share a Kiss

Two hearts that meet upon the shore,
One day of bliss, there can’t be more.
Though enthralled, deep within a kiss,
Thinking, their lives, they both would miss.

These two souls that sparked a fire
Knew, inside, of their desire,
The wanton act of untamed heat
On that one day, that they would meet.

They felt their longing deep inside,
The feelings they knew, both should hide.
For they both knew their selfish gain
Would hurt some others and bring shame.

They still kept passion as their friend.
Be rest assured that cannot end.
The fires deep within their soul
Kept burning on, out of control.

The lovers knew, as friends, should be.
Perhaps one day, some chance, they’ll see.
Until that day of lover’s bliss,
As friends for now, they share a kiss.

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The War

This war has raged for many a year
Mothers & Fathers shed oceans of tears
It’s fought here at home and on foreign soil
I’m not talking about terrorist or oil
Fought from home to home and coast to coast
There are no boundaries when addiction is the host
I remember once a lifetime ago
I advocated this war with my soul
Then I devoted my mind and took a stand
Looked up at my Lord then kissed his hand
Up until that moment the day was dark as hell
For when the Lord saved me it was in my cell
There is a fact that I can’t hide
I became a traitor and traded sides
Now days I travel from jail to jail
Donate my books to the poor souls in hell
Telling them all “Please believe what I say”
“Our Lord can make this all go away”
I am a living example for the world to see
Just look at the changes the Lord made in me
Some kid said, “Boy this one got way to spun”
Homeboy pulled him aside and said, “That’s Jughead son”
Then they ask their questions and I answered my best
Told them “Take what you need and leave the rest”
I hugged my homeboy with eyes full of tears
He just caught an L with 37 years
At our age I reckon he’ll die in the pen
Someday I hope to see him again
Him and I were as close as any two brothers
I stopped by his house to consol his mother
To the mothers and fathers please never lose hope
Our Lords more powerful than all that dope
To the addicts I say, “Just look at me”
Living simple, honest, loving and free
At the end of the road my castle awaits
Provided I earn my way through the gate

   Authors note: I would like to dedicate this poem to all of the mothers, Fathers, Brothers and Sisters of addicts 
and or convicts in prison. To all the addicts I urge you to consider what your lifestyle is doing to the ones you 
   A special dedication I wish to make to Mary Duhart. Mary my heart is with you always

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This man of mine, never one so divine, 
He has touched my heart so many times 

Just being with him makes me feel complete, 
I enjoy him very much, he is so sweet.

How could I have found him? 
Where did he come from? 

To have found this man who found me, 
Is it a part of a divine plea?

This man of mine so strong, so true
Who loves me in ways I have never knew

He is caring and giving so gentle so endearing
These words I am speaking are not even completing

I love him so, this man of mine
My heart is his, my life entwined

Together with Gods special touch
Bring us happiness hope and trust.

Written by,

Diana Jackson

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The Many Sides of Me

I have a mind, a body, a sense that I am one
I am a husband and father, but first I was a son
I do have faith, but I question, the many times I’m tried
As, that just goes to prove that I have many sides

I am a worker for a dollar, with hopes to get much more
Truth be known, if I was richer, I’d know not what it’s for
I have a burning passion every morning, noon and night
To express my thoughts poetically, these ideas that I write

I also am a dreamer, allowing my mind to let me play
It helps to break monotony, to make a better day
I teach sixth grade religion, because kids today know not
They have no values, nor morals, truly they know squat

But, if I were to sum it up, this man of whom I speak
I would honestly have to say that I am quite unique
Though I may share some interests, commonalities you’d say
I am just me, with good and bad, I’d choose no other way

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Our English Doll

A girl so picturesque, so very sweet
A heart so tender, to know it is a treat.

We are here to catch you when you fall
To pick you up and mend you, doll.

All you are we shall defend
For you are quite a cherished friend. 

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mental motoring

  Lack of communication
causes much exaspiration
fill me in on where you are
in your mental motor car

  maybe I can meet you there
we still have  a lot to share
I 'll be there on roller skates
so you may just have to wait

  Take your lead foot off the gas
look back at the things you've past
in your rearview see me there
right behind you ,I still care

    when you crawled around my chair
when I used to wash your hair
no one knew you'd drive so far
in your mental motor car

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The Branch

Up across the sky's clouds
An eagle decides to land

Descending slowly from its flight,
It lands on a branch that's so light

The branch was about to crack
When it felt the eagle's sorrow's attack

Thus, it collected all its power with might
As it helped carry the eagle and help when the time's right

Hours passed, yet, the branch's strong breeze didn't last
As it broke and fell with a breathe of exhaust

Now, white wings left its lover's hug
As they flapped towards the sky's lug

Tears fell from the eagle's eyes
Unto the branch they splashed with a surprise

Those tears were a gift from a friend
Thanking the other for what it has done

And so...The eagle flew with pride once more
For it has lost its sorrow that it bore due...

To the weak branch 
That felt like the comforting ranch...    

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A Friend Indeed

  No I have no social graces
but my world is an oasis
for the craziest of crazies
in the town

no I don't look like a model
but I always have a bottle
full of spirits and I'll help you
drink 'em down

I ain't got no cooth
or manners
and my life don't fit on 
but I welcome you if you 
should come around

That is if it is't Tuesday
for that really is my snooze day,
and on Weekends,well
I never can be found

Monday morning I'm at church
that may leave you in the lurch
and on Thursday I'm moonlighting
as a clown

any other time is fine except  Wednesday
after nine
and on Fridays when I try to get 

so you see that I am here
for you  anytime my dear,
with advice that you will
find is true and sound.

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At first we were just names on a screen,
Not a thing did our words really mean.

Two people just talking at each days end,
Two lonely souls looking for a friend.

One much older than the other,
But not old enough to be his mother.

Then one day he spirits did fall,
That I felt compelled to give him a call.

We started talking via phone,
It felt like we were not alone.

Both knowing each of us was not free,
But our friendship just seemed meant to be.

For a few months there was no contact,
As an end came to my phone contract.

Then one day out of the blue,
He got a text from someone he thought he not knew.

We resumed our friendship once again,
But there it did not end.

He started saying things that gave my heart pause,
He said he loved me just because.

Claimed he knew for quite a while,
Even though my divorce had yet to be filed.

No matter what given reasons for us not to be,
He says he is in love with me.

I fell in love with this young man,
Over the course our friendship span.

He gave me his heart and he has mine,
For him I will try to shine.

My young love is cleverly spoken,
He loves me, even though I am broken.

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Best Advice

Within each there's sure to come a day,
when consoling a friend we'll search for words to say.
We try to imagine the funk that they're in,
but can we truly know if we've not there been?

It's during these times that their souls lay bare,
searching for answers or friend to care.
While seeking advice they pour out their hearts,
while continuing to give place to sin's fiery darts.

Their problems most often, almost to the one,
could quickly disappear by going to the Son.
Out of sympathy we may offer encouragement that day,
but the best advice we have is to show them the way.

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A Thought

She cons.
She cons the con artists.
She lies.
She lies in his arms.
She steals.
She steals his heart.
She fights.
She fights herself when he's not there.

He gets angry.
He gets angry with how he world is.
He cuts.
He cuts away all her unwanted strings.
He disregards.
He disregards it when they say she's too good for him.
He doesn't trust.
He doesn't trust anybody but her.

They overcome.
They overcome hardships for each other.
They escape.
They escape to uncharted corners of the mind.
They reveal.
They reveal themselves as well as so much more.
They read. 
They read he book of life and understand together.
They know.
They know they love each other...
Or is it all just a thought?

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   Do you regret what you've been through
And if you could take it back, would you?

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theSynergy of Drowning

 The result is greater than the sum of its' parts
the combined effort of two hearts,
Mark the power and Happy the grace
gives the soup an awesome taste!

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Island Surprise

I close my eyes and feel the oceans spray
Tinkling wildly against my solitary display
I can see the easy wind blowing gently fly
I can tell the time for siesta has rolled by
The children head home in the afternoon glare
Hot and clammy each hand entwined on the stair
Strands of unruly hair flitter as if by dare
These islands I live on seem so without a care

I close my eyes and feel the oceans spray
Tinkling wildly against my solitary display
The golden beaches warmed by the sun
The melon vendor on his bicycle run
I open my eyes and see many a giant door
I'm still stuck in this metropolis forevermore

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Best Friend

Manic mood swings now and then.
Don't worry, Day, I'll be there, just tell me where and when.
I love you and your smile, but worry about your tears.
Keep smiling, you know I understand you and all your fears.
You are so much like me, it's like looking in a mirror.
You can be there for anybody, but as for me, I can't hear her.
You can run from your fears and make a scene,
Be overwhelmed, and need therapy by age fourteen.
I'm here, I know how it is, how many times must I say
I love you? You are my partner in crime, I'm here for you Day.
Know that I'm here unti the depressing end
And that I would do anything, anything for the love for the love of my best friend.

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Love and Friends

I have always been in love with you
Yet all these years you never knew
You were married to my friend
And I didn't want that marriage to end
But when he died, I waited my chance
Until you were ready for a new romance
So  while I was biding my time
You married another friend of mine
Now I'll be ready if this marriage ends
For I don't have any more friends

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  Would I have ever known you 
If I had not been through what I've been through?

   (For Matt- Good luck)

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Harvard Night Introspect (Walls Vs. Bridges)

Harvard, at night - You still sit on the lawn
with the weight of both structures alive in your arms
Rachmaninoff's tears turning black at your hips
The counting of friends on your five finger tips

Sawdust and poetry, building the wall
A thousand feet wide, a thousand feet tall
Running for life times, for miles, a span
built in your introspect, with your own hands

Frailty and friendships locked into the bridge
Braided in steel as you reach and you give
High above mountains and high above land
all this entwined with the stretch of your hands

Still in the dark, on the lawn, as you see
a friend walking toward you, no shoes, and it's me
I'm a reminder of one bridge you've built
This effort the same as brick walls made of guilt

We span interlocked over oceans for miles
Stronger in steel when we reach during trials
Bent but not breaking, leaning but locked
Bolted in faith made of granite like rock

You are a thinker, musician, a muse
knowing that bridges or walls you must choose
Harvard night introspect, weighting the skies
burning Rachmaninoff tears in your eyes

In an instant you build the bridge, swallow the land
as you rise to your feet you hold onto my hand...

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spiraling down
in my mind,
an angry clown
tears the fabric of 
my life
with a silver 
painting knife,
cuts the streamers
long and thin
in colored streaks
of might have been,
from the sky,
they float to you
you ask me "why?",
and then I'm not so
all alone,
the spectrum 
of my grief has blown
bright confetti
on the wind,
straight to an

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   a pride of lines
a line of pride
the words you write
the road you ride

   reflections on a pomegranate
music from another planet
   ripples on the stream of time
letters written in your rhyme

   lines on lines
you wrote and said
in your head

   measure me 
a pride of lines
that your faith in me refines
bring me back a souvenir
  of our love,
     I love you dear.

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I could afford to use the money
On both rainy days and sunny

I would buy a brand new car
Then donate mine to a crash stunt star

I'm not interested in traveling afar 
I'd rather buy my friends a new car

What a treat to buy brand new clothes
A comfy coat and shoes without holes

A home with acreage I can call my own
A hot tub and pool table to come home

Shower my family with financial wealth
They can always spend in good health

Honor Veterans who served our Country
Financial aid, for they are worthy

College scholarships to those in need
To Help them strive and succeed

Take the homeless off the street
Into a home with food to eat

Hire someone to think of creative ways
Help those in need and brighten their days   

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Too Far Away?


                           “Too Far Away”?
Once upon a time in; the land of primp and pomp;
Lived a group of mixed inhabitants, who often yelled and stomped.
   They sang their little theme songs; to a melody of love;
   Yet sometimes with their comments; perhaps they just might shove.
The ladies had their little circles; of a membership elite;
And they had their welcome wagon; to welcome those they meet.
   The men would grab their banjos; and strum a little tune.
   They claimed to be misunderstood; and their divorce was coming soon.
Mrs. Rothenberg was running; for sheriff of the knoll;
Standing on a platform saying; the incumbent was too old.
   John boy at the daily news; was editor and chief;
   Making sure the type was set; for tomorrow’s new release.
Lady C was president; of “Lend A helping Hand;”
She collected pearls of wisdom; and helped out where she can.
   Mr. T the gambler; was looking for a loan;
   For because of careless gambling; he lost all he once owned.
Out there in the country side; lived the lady of the cups;
She dropped in every now and then; to comment while she sups.
   The villagers came every night; to gather in the square;
   And officials served their famous soup; so all could ease their cares.
Latter in the evening; it was time for open mike;
Some would offer up a poem; while others watched the site.
  People had opinions; of what they had just heard;
  Some would say hurray for you; while others yelled absurd.
One night when the moon was full; marched an army of contempt;
Led by captain doom and gloom, that came to circumvent.
  Documents were shredded; bleakness filled the heart;
  And the peoples inner structure; had been completely torn apart.
So if you come to join them now; bring an offering of love;
And remember captain doom and gloom; when you think you want to shove.

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How do I give her gifts away?

  Her dreams are bright,

their colors vary,

I keep them in an aviary

I'd really like to let them go,

but somehow I think 

she would know.

  I never had a hope so fine

like feathers on a valentine

like kites alive on Christmas day,

like presents that can fly away

to distant friends

with ribbons trailing

across the moon 

a sweet unveiling

gifts alive with her goodwill,

even destiny can't kill.

now they remain though

she can't stay..........

how do I give her gifts away?

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Cultivating a friendship

 When my friend Lydia was alive
she made the world
around her thrive,
this garden grew so high
and wide,
you couldn't find the other side.

she had red hair and azure eyes
so like a flower in disguise
perhaps she was a hybrid host
a woman blooming as a ghost
inhabiting this bit of land
to cultivate her garden grand.

her colored skirts of daffodils
her collars ,lillies full of frills,
I never noticed it before..............
what are  these seeds upon her floor?
perhaps her season came and went,
bright annual whose time was spent.

I'll  gather all the fallen seeds,
I'll plant them all and pull the weeds
thatmust be why she brought me here,
to help her grow another year.

and in the springtime she'll arise
and stretch her arms and kiss the skies
and let our hearts  like vines entwine
she'll grow  to be a friend of mine.

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I've never played tag before, I say
But being tagged has made my day
If I wrote my thoughts, my arm would droop
Trying to tag all the great poets on Poetry Soup
Now I hold Tamiviolet and Carol Brown dear
Karen O'Leary and Marycile Beer
Tammy and Jill both make me smile
And JeanMarie has her very own style
Reading Bill Robinson is time well spent
And Charles Fuller is so eloquent
Don't forget Deb Simpson and William Ward
Linda Smith strikes another chord
There's Kim Mulroney and William Jones
Even more great writing. It's Daria Stone's
If I wrote about all the great one's on this sight
I would still be writing on New Year's night.

   You are tagged.

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Sweet is poetry soup dripping with honey
It would be nice if it turned some money

Friends there help with minor mistakes
Some people seem to all night stay awake

Knowledge is gained if you study real hard
But sitting all day long makes one grow large

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Breakfast on the Balcony

apricot morning
tea and the dream
so slowly 
alive in the steam
rising in mists
from the china 
she saved
from Russia 
with love
barely snatched 
from the grave
of czars
and czarinas 
in exile
in France
watching the
write words
to a dance
inspired by
the leaves on the
trees in the wind
blown on the balcony 
shared with
a friend.

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Ode to Friendship

  Every friend should really be
just a little more like me
  I who always pass the test
for sympathy of those depressed
  Like a balm so cool and sweet
but I work best with the elite
  smiling at the passersby
waving gently,suave am I
  If I'm seen at Marde Gras
the Riviera or the Spa
  ask me for my autograph
(or better yet,just see my staff)
I'm always there to help you dear
  except at certain times of year
like holidays or early May
 and in the summer I'm away
But if you're looking for a loan
be sure to call me on the phone
 I'll send the number in the mail
when I get back from Macy's sale
 You're looking well,for old times sake
the greatest friendships always take
 looking after like a garden
excuse me dear,I beg your pardon
 but you are blocking all the sun
I simply must get this tan done
 if you will write it in a note
I'll read it later on the boat
 and do include your address dear
and tell me everything you hear
 I'll send a card fromZanzibar
to show you what a friend you are.

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You Are the Cause

You are my ups; you are my downs.
You are the cause of my smiles or frowns.
You are my joy; you are my sorrow; 
You are the reason for all my tomorrows.

You are my times, good;
You are my times, bad.
You are the cause of my happy times or sad.

You are answer when the question is hard to find;
You are the cause of my very peace of mind.

You are the "one" that I hold dear;
You bring about my fear and my cheer.

You make my day or you break it apart;
You are the cause for my living-
You hold the key to my heart.

You are the fulfillment of my dreams;
You make situations better than what they seem.

You are my darkness and you are my light;
You are the cause of my wrong or my right.

You are the "one" I need at that special hour;
You are the cause; the source of all my power.

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Yet Another Dream

I wake up from yet another dream;
He seems to be a theme.

Can’t get him outta my head,
But it’s not something I dread.

He’s everything I wish I could be;
Yet he’s just like me, to a degree.

He can manipulate my every being,
Without me even disagreeing.

His eyes are gorgeous green.
His body so lean.

He catches me when I fall;
I have found no better man that I can recall.

He’s my rock in troubled times,
That is why this even rhymes.

Without him I am no longer whole,
Without him I’ll lose control.

Because of him I am stronger,
Because of him my life will go on longer.

Because of him I have a goal,
For to him I must trust my soul.

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Warrior's Requiem

why isn't she sad?
why doesn't she weep?
the angels ask her in her sleep
  because she brought a cat along,
a shroud of memories and song
yes song rolled tightly in a roll
light soldiers carried
in her soul
  she did her best
she ran the race
she shows the journey 
on her face
 her armor dented,stands austere
by the visitor's easy chair
in her swirling dream of dreams
she's gypsy dancing by a stream
Rachmaninoff and Chopin swirl
a smaltzy tune and she's a girl
ballet dancing in the rain
why am I crying?
there's no pain.
She doesn't suffer anymore
I turn and watch her from the door
she's smiling at another face
another time,a better place.

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Letter go home

To my dear and dearest friend
that's the way the words begin
time has torn us limb from limb
and now the days are growing dim.
Come and sit here in the yard
come pet the cats,
let down your guard
the fountain of our friendship flows 
forever onward
heaven knows
I'll never be the same again 
but I will always be your friend.

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Between You and I

Whisper to me and say
all those little things that I would have you say
lend an ear, lend a hand
bring me a shoulder when I need to take a stand

So early in the morning
you come to me so beautiful without warning
a smile showing beneath your eyes
so bright and clear, just come on here, and sing to me all your lullabies

I need you here with me so bad
afterall, you are the best friend I ever had
sitting there at my table, sipping caffeine
and me so occupied by your confident self-esteem

Before I knew you there was nothing here
just an empty chair, and a blank stare without you near
this table was so lonely without your presence
breakfast unfulfilling without your company's essence

This world can all go to hell
all the countries and places and things outside our private spell
Just as long as we have you
this world coming to an end and we have this wonderful view

Spinning 'round, so around and loud without any cloud
to blockout your sunlight, sunrays making all these days so proud
just between you and I, this world can pass us by
as long as you are here, so near, who needs this land, this world, this sky

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the mourning,morning air
the cortege passing
takes her there.
black on black 
and black again,
the morning funeral
of a friend.
Light so light
she has become,
lighter than the mourning son
brave as angels on the wing,
how she valued everything.

  Saw the good in me and you,
even though it wasn't true,
shared the bread of peace and love
wings of beauty like the dove,
flying low there on the wind,

the morning funeral of a friend.

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Peace and love comfort me,
mercy and strength surround me.

Forgiveness and salvation are mine;
JESUS CHRIST is my everything.

Within my heart He plants each silent partner
that strengthens me.

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 the words fall over the cliff of my lips
and as they fall they die.
nothing says the way I feel
except your lullaby.
the one your old piano plays
late on a winter's eve,
I lie upon your dark green rug
and blend into the weave.
To get as close to nothing
underneath the notes that fall,......
I watch your fingers bring to life
the memory of it all......
the tears we cried for daughters,
who flew off to the sun,
so clever in their feathered cloaks
intent on having fun.
oh sweet Moonlight Sonata,
you wrap me all around,
cocooned in friendship's
loving hands
and music's 

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Sentiment Slivers

A button collection in an old tin can
A dipping wax model we made of our hands
at the Renaissance Festival, one day in fall
The first sound of Mozart in Benneby Hall
A love note gone crumpled in earthenware pots
A needle thin necklace bedraggled in knots
A wooden carved zebra with amber eye shine
An old Trosser canister for coffee to grind
White toast with butter and honey in stacks
A morning mint sun folding shade on our backs
A summer of tar stains on feet without shoes
while we endeared moments we never would lose
An evening with salt on our skin from the beach
The height of emotion you suddenly reach
when peaches are washed off of sand in the gulf
You sweet and salty and sure of yourself
Seven good friends you can count on your hands
Mango tree sugar in silvering sand
A laugh like your jaws will detach in relief
A twinkle in eyes growing wise in belief
The pocket thesaurus, nineteen twenty two
My eager ambition to be close to you.

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Now And Then

I just love to read and write 
Pen my thoughts day and night. 
I just write what I like 
And now and then what I don't like. 

I thank all my readers too. 
Sometimes we share alike view. 
Your feedback is so encouraging 
My friends and poetry are such a blessing! 

Most of my readers seem to like me. 
Love what in my poetry I have to say. 
I write with all my heart on the golden sands 
Of time and I just hope that you understand. 

Readers ask me "please never stop writing!" 
Again I thank you for this asking. 
You're so kind for this requesting. 
And I never want to stop penning. 

I've met and made some good friends 
Some fine folks online I have befriend. 
All these people in the flesh I don't know. 
But in my heart I do and that's so. 

I thank all my dear readers and friends. 
Thanks for all the love to me you send. 
I appreciate so much all your support. 
All my friends are such a great sport! 

Readers tell me" never stop writing!" 
And I never want to cease penning. 
Most of my readers seem to like me. 
And knowing this makes me so happy! 

My gift of writing is such a blessing. 
And I will never stop writing. 
I thank you all my readers and friends. 
Thanks for all the love to me you send. 

I just love to read and write. 
Pen my thoughts day and night. 
Most of my readers seem to like me. 
And knowing this makes me so happy! 

Dorian Petersen Potter 
aka ladydp2000 


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Thank You

Thank you for your smile
That brightens up my day
You'll always be close to me
In a very special way
Thank you for your touches
That we share late at night
Your soft stolen kisses
That light up my life
Thank you for the fun we had
Throughout the many years 
For sharing all the laughter
And calming all my fears
Thank you for your kindness
You've shown me through and through
Thank you for the memories
And just for being you
So I thank you for being there 
My lover and my friend
And know that I'm still loving you
Until our time must end

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Being Tested

I have a friend who came to me to ask me for advice
She was upset, clear to see, when I looked into her eyes

She asked that if I thought that God puts us to a test
I told her that I think He does, but it’s always for the best

She has so much going on, that affects her daily life
I needed to say something to alleviate her strife

I told her that regardless of how one does on the test
They must consider themselves lucky, consider themselves blessed

For the test is not a one day thing, but goes on everyday
It’s not a test of just one thing, but we’re tested in many ways

Fear not results of the test, for the results are in the trying
Fear not to put your trust in another, fear not even dying

She seemed to understand then, everything I had to share
She then gave me a smile, for she was grateful that I cared

I told her anytime that she would ever need an ear
That she could come to me and to never have a fear

For one test God gave me, was to be a friend to her 
So forever will I be her friend, a tested listener.

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Sweet Dreamers

In wildest dreams, In snow and silence
We speak only whispers, like velvet violence
We curl up our brows, in fashionable distaste
and dive into mirrors with liquid grace
You'll warm by the fire, I'll wish I was there
to sip and discuss all the words in the air
To fill up on secrets, to laugh 'till we cry
A pair of sweet dreamers, that's you and I...

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Words Glitterati

One rhyme at a time,
One love to linger on;

A little piece of you
And me, the glitterati

Of sonnets, and 
Of free verse;

We let ourselves to flow,
Sometimes, we overflow;

Coating in the passion
To shed out the emotions;

Poetry brings us together,
Re-unites us, when we fall;

You are my poetry
And I’m your rhyme;

You are my free verse
And I am your sonnet;

For words are out there,
Sweet as we whisper.

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A Garden of Verses

  In this garden so untended
we are growing undefended
from the parasites and beasts
who approach us for a feast

  Pomegranates and persimmons
cherries,grapes and even lemons,
grow haphazard all entwined
we are strong and ill defined,

 Hold me up along your vines
I am weak and short of lines,
to express my fevered state,
feed my roots, insure my fate,

 write me out a sunny day
rhyme a rainbow,and then say
soft spring showers came and went
my head hangs low,my stalk is bent

A sad sunflower I should be
without you growing next to me
to let me lean upon a friend,
your magic keeps me on the mend.

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Donny's family moved next door
When he was six, and I was four
At first he wouldn't play with me
I was,"just a girl", you see

When he found no other kids to play
He decided I was, "ok"
So, he taught me how to ride a bike
Climb trees and fly a kite

We did "Show me yours, I'll show you mine"
When I was seven, and he was nine
I'm glad my mom never knew
Or my butt would still be black and blue

Donny's family moved when he was ten
And I never saw him again
I've forgotten a lot about "way back when"
But I remember Donny...he was my  friend.

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I'm Always Here

Oh please, oh where, oh why, oh when
Will you come back here ever again?
I wish to speak just one more time
Perhaps offer hope, through words of rhyme.

Oh me, oh my, I miss you so
It seems that you just had to go
But I’ll keep a candle there always in view
Left in my hearts window, meant solely for you

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Happiness is Time With You

So splendid that you made the time to sit with me today
The sun, it shines so bright my friend, as if it’s on display

Together we will share some words and tell a joke or two
As happiness is all I’ll know because I’ll sit with you

Now, here’s a chair, relax, sit down, would you like a cup of tea?
The roses smell so good right there, isn’t here so great to be?

This sunny summer special day is leaving me with a smile
And all because, oh friend of mine, you sat with me awhile

Thank you, friend, I love our chats and the smiles that you bring
So, like the birds perched in the trees, my heart with you, it sings

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I Took a Walk with You

I took a walk with you this morning, for you invited me.
I am glad I had accepted, for it gave tranquility.

The peacefulness upon the path, that we both chose to take,
was ever so amazing and one not to forsake.

We heard the chirping of the birds; saw the rising of the sun.
We welcomed morning upon the earth and peace for everyone.

With hopes and joy and carefree thoughts, we ventured on our way
and were thankful for, the two of us, His gift, this very day.

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Please reach inside and find his heart.
Stop the pain from being ripped apart.

Please take his hand in your gentle way.
Show him the gift of a brighter day.

Please reach down, touch the lines on his face,
and give him a smile to take their place.

Please reach in the sky for a few bright stars,
place them in his eyes to cover his scars.

Please reach down and hold him tight,
and carry him through till he sees your light.