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Couplet Christmas Poems | Couplet Poems About Christmas

These Couplet Christmas poems are examples of Couplet poems about Christmas. These are the best examples of Couplet Christmas poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Sparkling snowflakes were falling around Making a thick blanket on the ground The lights on the Christmas trees Twinkling brightly in the breeze Carol singers sang a Christmas song People around joined in the throng Their lanterns casting a golden glow Their shadows dancing in the snow Two excited children were ready for bed Having left food for the reindeer's and Santa to be fed They’d left their stocking by the tree Their eager eyes sparkled with glee Hoping the stockings would be filled with gifts and toys They put in their letter they’d been good girls and boys Tommy had asked Santa for a shiny new bike The red one in the shop was the one he would like Ella asked for a new doll and a pram that was white The thought of it made her eyes shine with delight They sleepily climbed the stairs to their room Through the curtains they saw the light of the moon Soon they both were fast asleep They slept so soundly there was not a peep In the morning they bounced out of bed Wondering if Santa and the reindeer's had been fed Bits of straw and carrot peel lay on the hall floor Their mouths dropped open in wonder and awe The living room door was slightly ajar Santa has visited on his trip from afar Their stockings bulged with gifts and toys Santa had kept his promise to these good girls and boys 11~23~14 Contest: Children’s Christmas or Holiday Contest Sponsor Carol Eastman ~awarded 1st place~

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/\ *** ***** ******** ************ ************** *************** ***************** ******************* Faces bright with anticipation Awaiting Christmas illumination Dad turned the switch on at the wall The Christmas lights twinkled in the hall The children gasped at the wondrous sight Smiling faces beamed with rapturous delight A magical moment for us all to see Dad switching on the Christmas tree ******************** ********************** l l l l \___/ 12~02~14 Contest: The Hush of Christmas Past Sponsor: Mystic Rose

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This year we will remember Happier times in past months of December This year we will certainly see A massive void where you used to be This year we will sit and stare At that forlorn and empty chair This year we will sit and reminisce You are not here for us to hug and kiss This year we will definitely see No gift for you under the Christmas tree This year we will shed a tear For dad as you are no longer here This year we will raise a toast To our dad who we loved the most This year will be so difficult for us all It was the year the Lord did my father call 01~07~15 Contest: Past, Present and Future Sponsor: Kelly Deschler

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What's up with Santa

What's up with Santa

Chimneys not swept Santa isn't happy
He is sick of the soot making him snappy

Families have lost the one thing that gives a room soul
A roaring fire of wood or coal

Toasting your toes as well as the bread
Held in front of the coals which are glowing red

Back to Santa who is beginning to stumble
No longer mince pies, sometimes fruit crumble

The tot of whisky has become a shot and Fanta
The reindeers are fed up, with a drunk Santa.

Talking of striking which isn't pleasant
A Xmas morn without any presents

All because Santa can't say no to the offings
Quaffing the goodies that are left out for him

So come you Mam's and Dad this is the test
Chimneys clean a mince pie and tot is best

Children will wake up to a happy morn
Celebrate the day a baby boy was born.

Reindeers will be happy too, that's nice
So will the elves and the live in mice

Happy Xmas Santa, once more you have survived
Delivered the parcels and kept tradition alive

Left me a sackful that's kind of lumpy
Opened to find a red eyed Santa that's grumpy

So night night Santa time for a snooze
Remember next year to keep off the booze

Penned 22 November 2014

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Tenacity and Audacity

Tenacity and Audacity

When day does start then has been through
What will it be that most men must do
To make sure his marriage becomes complete
So she thinks everything is oh, so sweet.

Each morning he does dust mop floor
See Seattle Seahawks game and the score
And back to man cave he will flitter
After cleaning up all of the cat liter.

Brings Christmas decorations down each stair
And every time as they will look out there
People at all of it have gazed and gazed
Each one of them ended up truly amazed.

His daily duties are complete and all done
And now realizes he is the only one
Who found this to be within his capacity
Thoroughly with audacity and much tenacity.

James Thesarious Hilarious Horn
Retired Veteran

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Christmas Dinner

A Christmas dinner that can’t be beat
Here is the menu of what we’ll eat

Mashed potatoes whipped smooth and fluffy
Green bean casserole; nice and crunchy

Pickles and olives on a perfect relish tray
Cranberry delight that’s been chilling all day

Sweet potatoes such tasty treats
Hot rolls steaming both white and wheat

Homemade honey butter and strawberry jam
A gorgeous honey glazed Christmas ham

Turkey and noodles are piping hot
A fuzzy naval salad; I almost forgot 

A slow roasted turkey golden brown
And broccoli rice casserole; pass it around
For dessert we’ve a variety of tasty treats
Tons of scrumptious goodies to eat

Chocolate chip cookies and brownies so sweet
Four kinds of pies including minced meat

It’s all there so fill up your plate
I’m getting mine, I can hardly wait

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Coffee at Christmas with Joyce

It was at Christmas time that she invited me to her home
This wonderful Northwest lady that I feel I’ve always known
Her coffee pot was brewing as I entered her living room
To find her tree adorned with an angel who had died too soon
Little Joycie was but a child when God called her back to him
As we shared a cup, tales of our past and future were woven
A grandmother with a gift for words reached out and touched my heart
I brought a hand-made Christmas stocking, hoping joy to impart
A special connection I made with this talented poet
To be able to call her a friend, I am blessed and I know it

Written by Carolyn Devonshire and Dedicated to Super Souper Joyce Johnson
For Michael's "First words over coffee" contest

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nature sings softly her lively recital
everything  is glorious and looks vital
the swans exhibit courtship behavior
their dances visual pieces for their spring-paviour

thrushes chitter their earliest symphony
birdseed germinates and outspreads spring widely
two newts show a beautiful mating dance
strawberry plants use their early spring chance

a show of new born green just above the ground
alders pollen causing sneezing peoples' sound 
few snowdrops,  celandine,  white dead nettle
and hazel trees show leaves and huge mettle

appetite dictates this walk with our dog
a craved annual entry in our blog
at length awaited while walking and watching
dozens of reasons for thinking and talking

the artificial Christmas tree just packed
the baubles and the glass peak safely wrapped
a large cup of hot chocolate a good mate
served forthwith stale Christmas cookies on a plate

(c) Elly Wouterse
(edited 12/17/2014)

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Christmas Castaways

Christmas Castaways

My good friend Jerry’s unemployment had run out
I feared print journalism’s future was in doubt

But while we commiserated on Christmas Eve
A disheartening report was broadcast on TV

Local law enforcement had been busy that day
People found living in the woods had been cast away

These homeless families had set up tents on state land
And police had ordered these squatters to disband

How heartless it seemed that these souls should be tossed out
Poor folks who had nothing and learned to do without

We shut off the TV, couldn’t take it anymore
And headed for a café with joyful décor

Just twenty degrees as we drove down the highway
Where a sight neath a bridge caused far more dismay

A couple and their small child huddled together
Trying hard to stay warm in cold winter weather

Sad images of Bethlehem flashed through my mind
With no room at the inn for the savior of mankind

I looked at my friend and he returned my glance
We both felt this family needed a second chance

“Pull over,” he murmured, “we can’t just leave them here
These folks deserve to share in our holiday cheer”

So money that could have bought steak dinners for two
We used to buy hamburgers for our five-member crew

Some cash left over for a room at Motel Six
Not a real solution – a temporary fix

We returned Christmas Day; our church would take them in
But they had checked out; it was half past eleven

For long I’ve wondered what happened to this family
And what each Christmas holds for those who are needy 

*Recollection of Christmas, 2007, when the economy started to fail.

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All I Want for Christmas

For Christmas I dream that it often seems
It was merely a dream for Christmas I dream

For Christmas I dream it is often alright
The demons sleep fast on Christmas Eve night

For Christmas it seems that I often dream lies
For Christmas I dream you have heeded my cries

Often for Christmas I dream it shall be
You are home for Christmas; you are home here with me… 

By: Tim Ryerson
Written on 12/16/2013
For Deb’s contest

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A Christmas Story

A Christmas Story

He looks at the cards hung over the fire
Suspended in air by the finest of wire
One from his wife, his children and friends
Christmas he loves and he’s sad when it ends

Ceilings are decked with the seasonal trim
The tree is all set, baubled to the brim
Presents are wrapped, all ready to give
It’s that time of year he loves to relive

He sits by the tree and a fire lit ball
The image reflects of the babe in the stall
A donkey is there, the parents look on
Surrounded by shepherds and kings in a throng

He see’s the whole story, slowly unfold
As each in their turn, gives baby a hold
And the great star above shines brightly and new
And the world is at peace for a moment or two

He then see’s the past when his children were young
The house full of laughter and carols were sung
When visitors called for a glass of best sherry
Good cheer was abroad and everyone merry

Now the children have grown and live far away
No more with new toys will he see them play
His wife had passed on, a long time before
Each year that passes, he misses her more

Then the ball on the tree shows him all alone
In the house that was once his family’s home
Rolls a tear from his eye, drips from his chin
Does somebody, somewhere, still think of him?

He leans back in his chair and his eye catches sight
Of the cards he hangs there each Christmas night
Suspended in air by the finest of wire
He looks at the old cards hung over the fire

A knock at the door brings him back to life
He answers and finds it’s the ghost of his wife
“They’re not coming to you, so we’ll go to them”
It’s our turn to travel to Bethlehem”

From my place on the tree, the room I survey
Though he’s still sitting there, he’s on his way
To watch over those he loves above all
But, he’ll never forget what he saw in this ball.

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Naughty Kitties In A Silver Tree

Came home just the other day
Caught my kitties well at play

Cats like to climb up trees it's true
They have the Christmas spirit too!

But not my lovely Christmas tree!
They looked as innocent as can be

With ornaments hanging off his nose
One came out smelling like a rose

For his little sister was worse than that
She was a silver garland-wrapped cat!

Oh they had such fun 'til I came home
Their saucer eyes so brightly shone

I couldn't stay mad for very long
Soon was singing a different song

Found the camera and flashed some shots
Cleaning up all the messy spots

Re-hung the ornaments on the tree
Again it was lovely as could be!

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It’s the night before Christmas, still I am annoyed Visions of North Pole, now crumpled and foiled While youngsters prepare for deer bells to ring Above moon-filled sky, voices caroling. Fireplace adorned with trimmings on Yule rug Awaiting Ole Claus to sneak by... humbug! Wishes for red bike never came last year My card he ignored, did it disappear? Now,I wonder if you really exist My eyes smolder as I’m not on the list; Even Mama dances by the flames so proud Repeating your name like a tune, aloud. “Dear Santa, I doubt the speed of your ride How can you bring presents in hours, worldwide My, is this St. Nick a fantasy’s weave?” Then note falls,“like love, you have to believe!” In a dash, my bike turns up to my delight, Jingles fade out, “Ho, ho, ho; bless this night! Jerry T Curtis' What Up With Santa by nette onclaud 11/29/2014

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Christmas Bliss

I cherish the Christmas time of the year.
People are in the streets grinning ear to ear.

Children faces light up with joy.
Pondering on their favorite toy.

This the season we remember to give and share.
It is a way to let others know we really care.

We are told wise men came to a manger to seek
Later wise men would hear this child speak.

If I had but one Christmas wish,
It would be for you to know a Christmas bliss.

Edward J Ebbs - Christmas 2003

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The Best Gifts

My youngest child taught me something today
That I had almost forgotten along the way

At this precious age the focus isn’t money
Or finding the promised land of milk and honey

As soon as we decorated our Christmas tree
She placed a gift beneath it saying, “For mommy from me”

It wasn’t a gift from a catalog or store
This special gift was so much more

She ran to her room, found her favorite toy, you see
Then placed it in a cracker box and gave it to me

No wrappings or ribbons just the heart of my child
With glowing eyes and a tender loving smile

That, my friends, is how Christmas should be 
Because the best gifts aren’t found beneath the tree

Copyright © 2009   Lena “Lolita” Townsend

“…and a little child will lead them.”~ Isaiah 11:6

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Under the Christmas Tree

Under the festive Christmas tree
Down there we lie, just you and me

The lights have dimmed, but candles blaze
In tranquil night, my arm you graze

I lie still in this quiet night
Passion shines there, in your eyes bright

Your lips, they warm me with a smile
You let it nestle for a while

The colored lights on our tree blink
How do they know, I'm on the brink?

And then you love me, sweet delight
All else just blurs away from sight

No one to witness this exchange
As your hands play emotion's range

The fire gives that added glow
I am adored, and this I know

This Christmas, love has been reborn
As new vows by our lips are sworn

You touch my hair and plant a kiss
Under the tree, I taste sheer bliss

Eileen Manassian

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Who am I?
Am I defined by what is near in sight?
Am I defined by what I have done,
Or am I defined by what I could become?

Perhaps I'm of no use.
To him, or her, or I, nor you.
Or perhaps I'm too misunderstood to be defined,
And it is something like understanding that comes in time.

And if to the world I'm never shown,
Yet in my own light I've grown and grown,
And so I can know no happiness but my own--
The reason for my smile, to you, will forever be unknown.

I do not pray for the world to know my name.
For it and verse; the letters are the same.
And if a man should find his sorrow in what he reads,
I pray his pain my words to keep. 

Should his eyes rain on my page,
Better tears than storms of rage.
And if a man should find his sorrow in what he reads.
I pray his pain my words to keep.

And if to the world you're never shown,
Yet in your own light you've grown and grown,
And so you know no happiness but your own.
Let the reason for your smile, to you, only be known.

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Christmas Shopping

Town malls are cluttered with Christmas shoppers,
toting packages of last-minute-list-droppers.

Carols echo from high pillared ceiling,
leaving one and all with a charitable feeling.

Door frames draped with assorted Christmas light,
center stands a lit tree, what a glorious sight.

Children align mall walls waiting for Santa Claus,
to listen to their wishes and wants, just because.

Long grueling lines wind through department aisles,
confirming it is Christmas with occasional smiles.

Feet are aching from walks to distant shop,
shoppers sitting on benches, some refuse to stop.

Copyright © 2011 By Caryl S. Muzzey

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The Reason for the Season

When did Christ get pushed aside
for a fat man and reindeer on a midnight ride?

I'm sure if Jesus had his way
he'd change his birthday to a different day.

Competition's too tough on Christmas day
when it's all about Santa and what's on his sleigh.

There's no room to park at the mall.
Is this why Christ died for us all?

So we could buy bigger, better toys
to fill our hearts with Christmas joys.

Do the little ones even know the reason
for this Christmas holiday season?

Santa's recognized by everyone 
but do we even remember the son?

Do they even know the story
of the manger, wise men and God's glory?

Santa Claus is all the rage
and Christ's day he does upstage.

So have yourself some Christmas cheer
'cause it just gets worse year after year.

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It's Christmas

Its Christmas time again and the bustle is on ,
cleaning the house, bring out the new stuff
A  touch of paint over there, I’m almost done,
The lights are up, tree fully decorated, My place is decked out !!

In the early Christmas morn, the gifts I lay beneath the tree,
Everything is in place……Ohhhh, what  a beautiful sight to see!

Now retired to bed, pleased as could be
He spoke  - and it caused me to look at the thing I did not see
I’ve cleaned and prepared my house for the day
In the midst of this, have I done the same with life in any way?

The scripture rang  loudly in the blanket of the quite morn-
“A child is born and a Son is given”- am  I ready to receive this gift that’s given?

All the lights I’ve hung, He’s the light of the world
The ornaments on the tree, He’s so precious to me
This tree that stands in my hall so tall
Upon a tree he hung, offered vinegar mingled with gall……

My responsibility right now, is share what’s been offered to me
If you did not have lights or decorated a tree, Could not buy a gift, or just didn’t know the story…

Jesus is the gift that’s waiting for you
Yes, you can receive Him, its long overdue
Just open up your heart, he’ll make it brand new
Take a moment to ponder-
Christmas is celebrating what Jesus has done for you !!!

Merry Christmas!!!

12/15/11 revisited 12/17/12

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T'is the Season of Golden Fish and Bells

Sudden fever, limbs trembling, the clog in breathing
why now when I wish to sing of the golden coming our way?

Packages piled beneath tree, lilies opening their heart
and I can't think, no story, no news, no hellos.

So I have only my new toy phone and these crazy fish
mating and multiplying and swimming past golden bells.

Who am I kidding, how could I not be productive every minute
when rest is denied me for a cough, swelling at throat.

No excuse, one could say, fish will always be fish, darting
from threat, meeting their feed needs, following children.

So why am I no fish, no human with this glazed brain
when the carols unroll with the bowing of violins, trumpet

of joy. Isn't that enough, sheer piping pleasure blared
to night, to dare fears entrance, to light up world

Isn't that the true message, you and I here, meeting 
for an hour, a gift of sharing, the unrolling of fatigue,

the quieting of sorrow with the birth of a new world.
How new? Minutes new, this is enough for joy

to cherish the golden fish swimming into you life
disappearing like tomorrow's sun forever but alive.

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Santa's Spirit

Santa's spirit is forever serendipitous.
December's dreams never die within us.

They simply slumber in that wistful world
Where we were once boys and girls.

When once upon a time translated to tomorrow
And happy hearts had no space for sorrow.

We wished sorrow so far far away
Its sadness today was tossed to yesterday.

So let Santa live in December's schemes;
Hoist hearts high - deliver dreams.

Nov. 24, 2013

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Hours before tolls rang of Christmas midnight
My godchild quite young, cuddled me real tight,
Above, he pointed at the biggest star
Then named it after me, brilliant from afar.

My heart sang with his boyish thoughtfulness
Amidst revelry, cheers started to progress
Tidings and food graced the house and pine tree;
Opening gifts on eve of jubilee.

Beside my loot stood a wobbly paper bag
With drawings my fingers had to untag
Surprised, I murmurmed my holiday wish;
Inside was a handmade star on creped varnish.

Teary-eyed, a note of love written down
Across a pad trimmed with bows all around;
His precious gift  made breaths rise, to exhale
Oh, from a child who couldn’t rightly spell!    

Contest: Deb Wilson's The Perfect Christmas Gift
Poet: nette onclaud

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A Child's Christmas

With wonderment and gleeful bliss
she gave her mama a goodnight kiss.
Then off to bend the stars till dawn
and watch the snow adorn the lawn.

Hoping so much to see a sleigh
the wee one bowed her head to pray
for Santa's safe journey and such.
Really she didn't ask for much.

Her nose frosted the window panes
as she reached for some candy canes
to feed to Santa's swift reindeer.
How she could feel their presence near!

Finally she lay down to sleep
so quiet she didn't make a peep.
She watched from her bed to the moonlit sky
to see if Santa Claus really did fly!

Fatigue took over;the little girl slept.
Her guardian angel it's vigil kept.
Off she slipped to a dreamland sweet
till she heard the clatter of reindeer feet.

It's morning and down the stairs she flies
among the toys and a dolly that cries
there stands a tricycle in pink
and Mama gives her a smile and a wink!

written Christmas Eve Dec.24th, 2013

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The Ninth Of December

Daddy left Mommy, when I was two
She really didn't know what to do
Four little children under the age of six
Was a situation, she just could not fix

Christmas was coming, she didn't have a dime
The bills were piling up at the same time
She tried to focus on her belief,
Lost the battle and applied for relief

A county program, for the very poor
Barely kept the collectors from our door
So sad she was, by her lack of funds,
She couldn't buy presents, for her little ones

With grandma watching us, she left to go out
She never came home, we were forgot about
I was too young to remember Christmas that year,
It was years, before the whole story, I'd hear

Grandma tried hard to make it right,
She took care of us until Mom returned, one night
Branded in my memory, the day of her return
After nine long months, I would later learn

Mom never mentioned the time she was away
She loved us to the fullest every single day
Twenty-four years quickly flew by
When I think of the day it happened, I cry

God took my mother on the ninth of December
Unexpected, a loss I'll always remember
Going through her belongings, we came across.
A small newspaper article, that intensified the loss

How we found it I will  never know
This plea, with a picture, from so long ago
As I read the article, blurred by my tears
I was transported back, through the years

To a little girl on grandma's knee
Looking at a shabby, Christmas Tree
Crying for her mommy, who wasn't there
While grandma patted her silky hair

Grief, it hit me, no time to hesitate
When I saw the significance of the date
December ninth, the paper, said it all
Memory upon memory, I would recall

Two events, so many years apart
Yet, I could feel the child with a broken heart
Holiday Spirit, sad to say, I had none
Decorating that year without the usual fun

Mommies little tree, on a table it sat
Her homemade ornaments, and a tree mat
Going through the motions, I have to admit
All I wanted to do, was quit

Events don't shape us, they make us learn
Even grief, has its turn
Memories of a Christmas, thirty years past
Impressions, they fade, but still last

By Karla Null~Godsgift~

Your "Saddest" Christmas Ever Contest

Sponsored by Constance LaFrance~A Rambling Poet~

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The First King Size Bed

The first king size bed was fashioned nearly two thousand years ago,
Not by Thomasville, Broyhill or Bassett, manufacturers we all know.

There was no pillow-top mattress made by Sealy or Simmons for the bed,
Nor a chenille bedspread or foam pillows upon which to rest His head.

The bed was not located in a cozy Hampton Inn or Embassy Suites,
But in a lowly stable with a bed of straw sans snowy-white sheets.

The first King size bed was a simple manger for a royal destined to rule!
A King of Kings was born whose birthday we celebrate this joyous Yule!

Robert L. Hinshaw, CMSgt, USAF, Retired
(c) 2014 All Rights Reserved

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White Christmas

Presents opened by the hearth,
Gifts of goodness from the heart.

Christmas snow is falling down,
A fresh white blanket for the town.

Little eyes are opened wide,
Snowmen and angels dance inside.

A pure "White Christmas"  for us all.
Warm inside, we watch it fall.

Happy as our hearts are lifted,
A Christmas present God has gifted!

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Santa's Wish

On a late winter's eve through the night Santa rides,
much more swift than the stars that now fly through the skies.
Now lifted by faith and a tiny child's kiss
on the eve that we celebrate baby Jesus.
Through the dreams and the wishes and love that abounds,
from their songs to the heavens their voices resound,
and the prayers in the Temples of God now do plead
for the hearts of all Christendom to humbly believe.
Then the bringer of gifts is the first one to say,
"Merry Christmas to all on this bright Christmas day"!

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Oh, Christmas Tree

An unusual thing occurred at our house Christmas Eve.
It caused us anger, it was enough to make us grieve.

We waited to the last minute for a live Christmas tree:
A brimful tree of precise size, with perfect symmetry.

On Christmas Eve, we pulled it inside the house to trim.
As we tugged it through, we discovered something grim.

Although the tree was green, it was dead as a doornail.
As we carried it in, pine needles rained down like hail.

It was too late to find another tree, the problem to rectify.
“We can’t have Christmas without a tree,” I wanted to cry.

Long gone the days to trek into woods & chop one down.
I wanted to stomp my foot, I wanted someone to crown.

Not only was there no tree, we vacuumed piles of needles.
“Honey, we need an artificial Christmas tree,” I wheedled.

 ‘After Christmas sales,’ afforded us a great opportunity.
  Now, I can decorate the tree each year, with impunity.

  No worry about limbs drooping, no watering to do. I
   like the convenience. I like the look of it too. After 

                               the tree 
                            that counts, 
                       it’s what’s under it. 
                        Don’t you agree? 

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Christmas kisses

  On Christmas eve my
excitement grew When
I found out I'd be
seeing you

So I put your present
under the tree And
hung the mistletoe
for all to see

You arrived early on
Christmas morning
Just as snow started

Santa must have
brought you on his
sleigh I  thought I
saw him riding away

Then we exchanged
Christmas presents
You were my gift,
heaven sent

Then as you walked by
me your smile did
glow As  I kissed you
under the mistletoe 

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Ho ho ho

 Santa Claus, as we all know
is a jolly old soul who says ho ho ho

When the kids are fast asleep
He comes down the chimney without a peep

The he puts  the presents under the tree
And off he goes to make another delivery

From the north pole he comes each year
Bringing joy and Christmas cheer

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Copyright © 2012 
(A Purpose So Clear) 

Like children we fear 
  In secret a somber tear 

Like learning to walk 
 Babies listen to talk 

And reach for a hand 
  To help them stand 

This too, we all must do 
  By HIS Hand made anew 

by: LP

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Twas the Night Before Christmas Hillbilly Style

'Twas the night before Christmas and all through the hills
The kinfolk were drinkin' as they tend to their stills

The longjohns were hung by the chimney with care
No stockings were found, just underwear

The children were nestled so high in their bunks
Their quilts made of skins from rabbits and skunks

Granny with her false teeth and gun on her knee
Was waiting for Santa as she sat by the tree

From out of the barn there arose such a noise
We thought it was Grandpa drinkin' with the boys

But what to my wandering eye should appear
It was just cousin Cleatus in mama's brassiere

And then from the rooftop we heard it at last
Like the sound of thunder or a shot gun blast

We have Christmas dinner, it's finally here
Granny kidnapped Santa while we shot his deer

Venison all covered with onions for stew
And even old Santa enjoyed some too

His belly was full when he walked out the door
But he couldn't resist when we offered him more

Well that's the story of our Christmas here
Merry Christmas to all 'til the same time next year

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Santa's Flight 2013

Just a quick reminder to my Souper friends far and near,
You can follow Santa's flight on your computer this year!

Christmas Eve NORAD will guard and guide him from Colorado Springs!
Yule be thrilled and fascinated as 'round this blue marble he wings!

Go to, fasten your seat belt and enjoy the flight,
As NORAD and the reindeer guide Santa through this special night!

Robert L. Hinshaw, CMSgt, USAF, Retired
(c) All Rights Reserved

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Christmas Past

Christmas past       

We always had a Christmas tree
My wife would decorate it without me

So many gifts by the tree
No empty space could you see

Our little ones would crawl all around
They would try climbing the gift mound

Year after year on Christmas morning 
Kids tearing open gifts and I’m yawning
The kids woke early on Christmas day
We told the kids your older so go away

With the years going by
We could sleep longer my wife and I 

Now since its just me 
No more do I need a Christmas tree

My kids now grown and they see
What its like to do the Christmas tree 

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Christmas Lights

Christmas Lights

My son lives in Florida with his spouse 
I was visiting them at their house 

On my last day in the warm sunlight 
He was outside hanging a Christmas light 

I walked outside and my eyes started to tear
Because my wife is no longer hear

I always disliked hanging Christmas lights
Early comes the winter days and nights

My wife would always give me directions 
On how to hang the decorations 

I now miss hearing my wife say
No don’t do it that way 

I didn’t always take her advice
To hear her now would really be nice

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Once A year

The family's gathered together and swarmed around the Christmas tree
and even Grandpa Elmer has shaken and rattled the gifts ,you see.

The ham has been glazed to perfection and Mama calls us to the table
but Uncle Fred is floating in eggnog;as for getting up he's just not able!

Grandma's disgusted the young-uns;she pinches the cheeks right off each kid.
Auntie Midge has much to say about the neighbors's secrets they've hid.

Cousin Joe shows up with his girlfriend,a stripper from the local club
and while the family finds their seats,Daddy stumbles home from the pub.

Across from the stuffing and mashed potatoes Mama shoots him a nasty stare.
If looks could kill he'd be dead as a doorknob but Daddy doesn't seem to care.

We bow our heads now to say grace;I look at all the faces dear.
I'm grateful for each wacky one and that Christmas just comes once a year!

written 12/13/12

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A Quest for Peace

American soldiers in foreign lands
Spending their Christmas on hot desert sands

I pray for these soldier so far away
Wishing they would be home for Christmas Day

Indeed the holiday would be happy
If “Peace on Earth” blessings would come to be

How can we enjoy a Merry Christmas
If safety of our soldiers we dismiss

As we celebrate the joy of Christ’s birth
We need to acknowledge harmony’s worth

This joy that exists just one day a year
Would last much longer if throughout Earth’s sphere

All nations made a commitment to peace
And the pain of warfare would simply cease

*Entry for Carol’s contest on what would make us happy this holiday season.

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Twelve Days Of Christmas

His young bride took The Twelve Days of Christmas to extreme extremes!

His true love kept piling on useless stuff well beyond his wildest dreams!

On the First Day of Christmas she gave him a shovel for shoveling snow!

On the Second Day of Christmas she gave him a cheap jug of Red Bordeaux!

On the Third Day of Christmas he was presented with a scruffy mutt!

On the Fourth Day of Christmas he received a one-way ticket to Terre-Haute!

On the Fifth Day of Christmas she graced his skull with a silly beanie cap!

On the Sixth Day of Christmas she handed him an African contour map!

On the Seventh Day of Christmas he got a used Michelin radial tire!

On the Eighth Day of Christmas he was stunned to receive a roll of barbed wire!

On the Ninth Day of Christmas he received a membership in the Red Hat Society!

On the Tenth Day of Christmas a collection of buttons - a most bizarre variety!

On the Eleventh Day of Christmas a parrot that spoke dirty words so gross!

On the Twelfth Day of Christmas he got a Visa Card bill leaving him morose!

He was underwhelmed by all her generosity but thought it mighty queer,

And was so thankful that Christmas came around just once a year!

Robert L. Hinshaw, CMSgt, USAF, Retired
© All Rights Reserved

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Happy Birthday Jesus

My mind oft digresses to a passed time and day
And in thought I see a manger so far, far away. 

I visualize the first Christmas gift swaddled and fair
No fancy gift-wrapping and few that would care.

Millenniums are now spent and yet silently I pause
Remembering this event, predating Santa Claus;

I contemplate at length, why so few seem to care
Demonstrating not angst for their soul and it's fare.

Being overly preoccupied in the spirit of the season
Oft captures my thoughts, from Jesus, the reason.

At times I'm Immersed with seasonal things to do
But to this gift of Christmas I will never bid adieu.

So with Christmas upon us let the message thus be
About a child named Jesus, whose mission was Calvary.

Give the gift that keeps giving, one born in a stable
For He did for mankind that which no other was able.

Happy Birthday Jesus!

Merry Christmas Everyone
Jesus Loves You

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Santa's Problem Sleigh

Santa called me the other day
He has a problem with his sleigh
It’s far too big for the elves to mend
I said to Santa, a hand I’d lend!
‘But what on earth am I to do?
It’s Christmas in a day or two!’
We talked and talked throughout the night
To solve the problem – to make it right
I’d have to give Santa Claus a lift
To make sure you all get your gift
We emptied the sleigh into my car
And travelled for miles, near and far
We covered the ground all through the night
The snow filled sky was such a sight.
As daylight came, we were all done
And watched as children had their fun
So next year Santa, remember me
And leave a special present under my tree!

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So how was Christmas
And how do you feel
After turkey and tinsel
And the presents which
We’ll recycle on E-bay
Before New Year’s Day?

Or is it just those folk
Whose lives ruled by greed
Are always desiring
Far more than they need,
Ignoring the kind thought
Of the gift someone bought?

Well gratitude should be
The best feeling of all
When receiving a present
Which may be quite small,
But our spirits should lift
For the best Christmas gift.

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Do we put Jesus in a Box contest

God came down and became a man
He wanted to fully understand
Since the consequence for sin has always been death
Jesus had to Indore our punishment up until his very last breath
He became the ultimate sacrifice
So all mankind did not have to pay the price
His 33 years on this earth science can fully prove, and his horrific death was recorded in history
The miracles Jesus performed, to a believer, hold no questions or mysteries
Many struggle with the concept that Jesus was God in man form
However, he did this so he could guide us through our life storms
God knew there was no other way
To save man from their future judgment day
He saw that humans had limited power 
To resist temptation and be their own strong tower
So he sent his son to die for me and you
So we could live in heaven someday too
The only thing you must do is receive
Accept Jesus in your heart and truly believe,
Something so simple has become so hard,
For many in this world are deeply scarred
They question his goodness and question if he cares
For life can be extremely unfair
he never said we wouldn’t suffer pain
that the hurricanes would not saturate us with torrential rains
However He did promise he would give us peace
That we would walk through troubles with his release
He promises to turn it all around for our good
He has been misrepresented and misunderstood
There is a purpose for all who trust in him
He assures us that if you are his child, you win!
Yet, so many put Jesus in a box
Pull him out like old Christmas socks
Once or twice a year
go to church, say a prayer and then disappear
forgetting that God has feelings too
And that he is desperately in love with you
Many believe the lie that he is mad
That they are to damaged and have been too bad
They overlook that his love has never changed
Humans walk away from him, Jesus always stays the same
Don’t underestimate his grace and power
That can transform you in your darkest hour
You don’t have to believe me 
Ask him yourself and you will see
You never know until you try
Don’t be ignorant; he is not just a theory in the sky
He is everywhere, at anytime 
It is your wellbeing that is on his mind
So during this holiday season
Don’t forget to celebrate the real reason
The birth of Christ
Is what gives each person a chance at a new life
He is no respecter of persons, and he is not counting your sins
He’s waiting for you with his hand stretched out 
Begging you to let him in.

By: Sabina Nicole

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Lady in Black

'Round & round the block she goes
Whose house she stops  nobody knows

Curtains are drawn lest darkness appear
Clip-clop the lady in dark we all fear

Neighbors are heard, sobs distant muffle
Drones in the sky create a kerfuffle

What evil minds invent such a horror?
I pray to Mother Mary, help us! I implore her

"Cease-fire for one-day" he exhorts with mirth
"Bombings will resume" just after His Birth

© All Rights Reserved

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A Very Wet Christmas

When I was twelve, the rains came and came
On Christmas Eve it was just the same
The beautiful presents waited under the tree
We never got to open them, for you see
The swollen river could hold no more
We had no idea the horror  in store
With nothing but the clothes on our backs
We left our home, that night so black
Through waste high water to higher ground
The swirling current a terrifying  sound
Huddled together with neighbors and friends
That night our Christmas came to an end
Our home was gone..but we had each other
Me, mother, father and my older  brother.
On Christmas Eve I stop and  remember
The fear on that day in late December
But thankful that we had trust and love
The best gifts, gifts from our father above...

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Enter a gate, a house on a hill 
A busy street, a closet still

Enter a heart, discover there
A new birth of hope, amid despair

When music fills all the air
It’s Christmas, Christmas everywhere

Once a year, God touches the earth 
With the magic of His holy birth

Once a year, We sing of the One 
Who came to us as God’s own Son

Oh, to have Christmas every day 
But truth is only for Him to say

The truth that Jesus, living still 
Longs each day our cup to fill

With peace, joy, love divine
Just as now, at Christmas time.


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Have A Big Heart

Have A Big Heart 

 It sure was such a wonderful sight 
 Could feel and see joy day and night 
 With snow which was always so bright 
 Nibbled on things and down on did bit. 

 We were now free from all despair 
 Knowing God and Jesus are there 
 And moments together we would share 
 Love and contentment everywhere. 

 Each Christmas can be a magic moment 
 And by God His great Son He had sent 
 Who we all will admire here at Advent 
 Be saved from sin when we repent. 

 Upon death our body and soul will part 
 Return to God soul soon does start 
 Back to heaven but while at the Mart 
 Buy things here and have a big heart. 

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Royal Christmas

What is more beautiful than thee,
The exquisite Christmas tree.

With lights so bright,
Shinning on Christmas night.

Ever so elegant and tall,
To be viewed by all.

The decorations many and varied,
To our house they were carried.

Spheres red and gold,
Beautiful to behold.

The Christmas manger,
Mary, Jesus, Joseph, and the Wisemen.

Sounds of Christmas to be heard,
Many wise and exceptional words.

Parents and children gather round,
To praise the Lord, what a good sound.

Copyright: Gwen Meyer-Erlach Schutz

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I can’t stand another year of this
With the sales that start after summer’s bliss

And the songs that play round the clock each day
And the cock-eyed ice and snow

And the ho ho ho’s and the ringing bells
And the wasted time; makes me mad as hell

And crowds that block every road and shop
Every dog-gone place I go!

No, I can’t stand so much as another day
Wish this time of year would just go away

And leave me here to my mansion 
Warm and snug

Cuz I’m tired of the groans and the chains that creak 
And those three damn ghosts who won’t let me sleep

So to you and them I say…


…Jeff Bresee

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Beneath The Tree

A tackle trunk beneath a tree.
It's knurled top a bright red-brown.
A rod leaned up against it's side
bought at a store from the next town.

A magic moment held in time
by elves for parents that I pride,
but not for gifts at Christmas time;
for thoughts abound and in their stride.

The tree Blue Spruce with silver boughs
seen standing still in vacant air.
The room aglow with warmth and wishes.
The first to view as though a prayer.

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Santa Laughs in July

A Christmas kiss for that Miss Surely her lips he could not miss Heartwarming and enticing That beau was truly in-loving A kiss since so long due Filled with artful cue A Christmas kiss in July The magic in this month did fly A time when laughter was on those lips Except for her and him who strayed from those trips Surrounded by doom and gloom A kiss which made each other bloom Love, wonderful state of bliss Lacking in it caused them to be amiss Repaired by a Christmas kiss in July Santa could only laugh from the sky

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The Meaning of Christmas

The whole world loves to hear of the Babe who came to earth,
and will often pause to sigh at the wonder of his birth.

They marvel at the young Lad who sat in the temple that day,
astonishing the great teachers with the words he had to say.

They are pleased with Jesus turning water into wine,
healing all who came to him, feeding thousands at a time.

They see him walk on water, his power the waves to still,
his boldness, cleansing the temple, and it gives their hearts a thrill.

They hail him as a teacher and claim him as a prophet
but ignore the things he taught. Just what is it they all scoff at?

It is easy and safe to worship a tiny babe in a manger,
but the man hanging on a cross, to the world is but a stranger.

Is it birth or death we think of, when at Bethlehem our thoughts lie?
The real meaning of Christmas is that Jesus came to die.

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Golden rings

   On the first day of Christmas I asked her to marry me
  And to her I pledged all of my love

  With a lifetime together to spend
  We'd be like love birds then

  5 golden rings to her I'd give
  And geese of gold as long as she lives

  Then I'd give her 7 swans
  And 8 maids singing Christmas songs

   All the ladies would be dancing
  And  their paramours would be romancing

  And the piper would play yuletide songs 
  As the little drummer boy plays along

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Christmas In The Attic

Silver Angels, with golden wings,                          *     *
                    wrapped in tissue, with other things.     *     *

Stockings, hand knit, by my Grandmother,
    *      *       folded neatly away, one atop the other.

Favorite ornaments, growing old and brittle,                         *   *
                    that were hung, each year, when I was little.  *       *

A faded Nutcracker, that by the door, stood guard.
   *    *          A lighted Santa, that would always grace our yard.

All, left alone, in the attic this year.                              *   *
                   To look upon them, only brings dry tears.  *    *

The very act, just...takes away my breath.
  *     *         There is no joy.  In fact, there's nothing left.

There will be no twinkle lights on the mantle.                      *  *
                    No evergreens, fragrant and ornamental.   *    *

The radio will be silent, the baking oven cold.
  *   *           No Holiday spirit, in my heart can I hold.

Just this deep, defeated feel.                                           *   *
                   A sadness that invaded, refusing to heal.   *   *

Grandchildren will call, their excitement clear.
   *    *                   In their hearts, they hold the Holiday cheer.

I'll have my mask, firmly in place.                                             *   *
                   I'll answer and question them all, with false grace.  *      *

Then as I hang up the phone on the wall,
*      *          I'll turn away, as though, nothing happened at all.

Seeing these things, listed here, in print.                                *   *
                   Just leaves me numb.  No emotions were spent.   *    *

So, I will continue, in this life that I live.
   *     *        Like a dried Christmas tree, with nothing left to give.

By:  PaulaSwanson
For:  Constance La France ~A Rambling Poet~
Contest: Your "Saddest" Christmas Ever
Placement:  5th


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Only God Knows

Only God Knows

My soul will never leave me or ever perish
If Christ I love and soon start to cherish
Allow in my life and mean more than anything
So on Christmas many carols will start to sing.

We welcome Christ's birth into this world
With big, bright eyes and hair that curled
A friendly sort who had been hard to find
In big room, His Apostles wined and dined.

Christ remains in my heart and does not die
God sent His Son here so on we would rely
Hear all questions and answer all our prayers
Made in church or maybe up or down stairs.

How happy I am knowing Christ is up there
In heaven where Both are beyond compare
Never suppose and know where each one goes
When Christ will return again, only God knows.

James Serious Mysterious Horn

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Glorious voices in praises
From the oral of beautiful faces.

Angels flew to and fro
In  a delight void of sorrow.

The God seated upon the throne
In a mysterious glory shone.

Pondering a rise to the man
Who fell at the flat flaws of the woman.

A divine friendship project
An heavenly submitted subject.

And there was the need to send
So for an ending enmity end.

The sacrifice for the closed gap
For men to draw and grace tap.

The Son had such great love
For  is abode is love above.

For He chose to be made
And lower  than the angels was he made.

In a virgin grace He was breathed
And in the manger at birth held.

Joy broke loose at His arrival
In the streets of men for the come revival.

In heaven was gladness
Such that angels chorused in a depth of goodness

The mother eyes lighted with an unscathed  glittering
And father's hands patted the divine offspring.

Grew and waxed strong 
And to fulfil He held not too long.

For yet in flesh yet compassionate
Loved still though flanked by hate.
Of suffering He brought comfort 
And to sinners He stretched come forth.

A servant to all yet led
For man His blood shed.

Bruised, spitted upon and beaten
As it was written.

The valley of skulls erected His hanged
After the bitter cries of each nail banged.

A silence broke into heaven
And a heat arose as of the oven.

 The sins were melted 
And the gap was mended.

He rose to ascend into glory
For the change of our wretched story.

The pathway of the  saving grace
To draw and see the Father's face. 

And man was made friend  with
At a reconciliation sincerely  lent.
The reason for this season
His birth, death and risen.

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Santa Claus

Racks on reindeer scissor high.
Santa's raised into the sky.
Red clad jacket; red clung toque.
A cute old man you'd call a kook.
With wired frames of bottled glasses
and long bent scarf that waves in passes.
His snub-like nose a faded rose
to match his cheeks and famous pose.
White bulging beard of bouncy motion
yet pepper smeared as though with lotion.
And bold blue eyes that twinkle flakes
and rest below his two brow cakes.
A golden bag with golden ropes
in burlap stitched in seams and slopes.
Holding reins of soft black leather
in pearl white gloves for every weather.
And should you see him for his cause.
Christmas comes with Santa Claus.

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A Christmas Poem for My Wife

“A Christmas Poem For My Wife”

I love and support you until my days are no longer
I will be there with hope and love until we grow stronger

Let us not lose touch with the coming of Jesus and the season
Through all the pain and hurt I will love you until reason

When you put on this ring it was put there for life
And I thank the Lord over and over that He made you my wife

I will be there always even if you push me away
For I see through faith a bright and sunny day

Happy birthday to Jesus He is my life and my guide
Hoping some day in me you will truly confide

So Merry Christmas to you my wife, my Love, my friend
I will Love,Love,Love you until my days come to end

Merry Christmas 1/18/2010

Copyright 2010

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I Have No Wife To Unwrap This Year

Entry to "Your 'Saddest' Christmas Ever" contest sponsored by Constance La France- A Rambling Poet I Have No Wife To Unwrap This Year by Rick Rucker For well over forty years, We always had presents, never tears. We never spent Christmas apart We always spent Christmas in each other’s heart. Cancer has done its vile thing, I have no one that wears my ring. All the ads show couples holding The joy of life, for them, unfolding It seems I have no like fate, This year I will have no mate. I have friends that try to cheer, But I’ll not be without a tear. As long as I remember, I planned for Christmas, starting in September. So many fun things to do, Baking cookies, buying presents, too. Just picking out a tree, Can be its own cause for glee. Just doing things together made them fun, Not the same for only one. I’ll see her in her hospice bed, Withered, peaceful, newly dead. I’ll have no tree this year, The angel that topped it is no longer here!

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Here and in Heaven

Here and in Heaven

Wherever on earth we happened to go
Hills and woods were all so full of snow
Much happiness we found in many places
Smiles on faces came from God's graces.

In our silent soul and spirit, God was in
Each day returned and came again and again
Plenty of food was found on our each plate
How good God is and also always great.

Thanked God for the things that He did
For me even when I was still just a kid
And under Christmas tree was sure to see
All the presents which were meant for me.

I thanked God and how glad I now was
And know it must have been because 
He had put me on earth and now I know
Here and in heaven, He loves me so.

James Serious Mysterious Horn
Retired Soldier

For: Regina Riddle

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This year we pooled our money to give to a needy cause.
So we’re not expecting much on Christmas Day from Santa Claus.

Of course the children all will find their hearts’ desires beneath the tree.
They are too young to know the thrill of giving to a charity.

So we’re breaking with tradition in limiting our spending spree
On lavish gifts for one another. What a big change that will be.

But there is one last tradition that we follow slavishly.
We celebrate all family birthdays to the very nth degree.

When we wake on birthday morning we know the whole day will be ours.
From the youngest to the eldest, this day brings us super powers

And so much love and true devotion that we’re treated like a queen
Or a king as gender dictates, but you all know what I mean.

From one year to over ninety, there’s a party every year.
We are showered with gifts and honor from the folks we hold most dear.

We will gather Christmas morning just the same as every year
As we watch the children open gifts, with happiness and cheer.

But we know we’ll be remembered when our birthday comes around
When everyone will gather with the best gift to be found.

Gifts and love and honor, enough cake to make us groan,
We look forward to our birthdays with a party of our own.

Written for Paula’s “Tradition” contest  won 9th place

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Christmas Carolyn Holiday Tag to Barbara Gorelick

No snow to be seen in Ormond Beach
Christmas scenes seem out of reach

So I’m packing my sleigh and heading North
Let falling flakes replace unrelenting warmth

But I won’t need Rudolph to guide me this year
I’ve prepared my own style of holiday cheer

A lighted wreath decorates my fender
Passing joy to children from this sender

And I’m leaving a note on my chimneyless roof
That has never felt the pound of a deer hoof

“Please, Santa, deliver my gifts to New Jersey.
You should have time, if you hurry!

“Don’t let this Christmas Carolyn down
Just because she’s headed for Middletown!”

This tag was received from our Highlander, James Fraser, and I now pass it to Barbara 
Gorelick.  Merry Christmas to all!

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Thoughts Of Christmas

The flickering lights of my lovely tree
Provide a certain peace to me

I'm well at ease and deep in thought
With future plans and visions sought

The blanket of white from my window view
Awakens my Christmas spirit too

Wrapping gifts while music plays
Counting down the December days

Baking cookies and making fudge
These Christmas tasks are not a drudge

Special greetings and cards to send
To family and every friend

I love this special time of year
Chock full of things that I hold dear

My spirits lift,my heart does soar
Wish it was Christmas evermore!

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Christmas Shopping

There is no rhyme nor reason
For Christmas shopping season
Only during this season do you find out things you never knew
Like 80 year old women get football scholarships to BYU
An old man saw a dress that was just his wife’s style
So he tackled the woman holding it in the third aisle
A daddy bought Elmo to give his child some joy
A nun said I got a gun, so hand over the toy
It isn’t bad enough that someone’s stepping on your toes
But she’s letting her kid pull off Rudolph’s nose
Then I hear Santa saying ha ha ha hee hee hee
Because ho ho ho isn’t politically correct you see
Now I’m fuming, if there was a fire I’d fan it
I began to wonder if I was on the right planet
A little old lady put a bruise on my face
Then smiled at me so I sprayed her with mace
No one can imagine the way I felt
Until I put some mistletoe on the back of my belt
One thing for certain next year I’ll try
To do my Christmas shopping in July.

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Be Our Friend

What we had was a wonderful neighborhood
All of the adults were nice and children good
And to God all of us had been grateful
For not having any kids who were hateful.

Children were cute and adorable as can be
Both sitting there beneath the Christmas Tree
Who had needles it would so often shed
Before going to bed, their prayers were said.

Santa during the night had been let in
Early next morning children were up again
To sorts through things Santa had brought
Who they always loved and cherished a lot.

Christmas is best time on earth to be being
So many sights and snow for us to be seeing
When the day finally reaches a fabulous end
We're glad God let Santa be our favorite friend.

James Thomas Horn

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Holidays are Here

The holidays are here, they feel so warm
Even if outside the snow is causing so much harm

My Christmas tree is glowing
With little lights and decorations, so lively and flowing

There, I sit and enjoy the glowing essence
Of the festive season which makes me reminiscence

With eagerness and zeal, I anticipate,
The golden surprises Santa shall leave for me and my cellmate

Yes, the jail is my home,
Not a house but one with love and care, yes, my home

Here, I spend with my brothers of deed
This Christmas holidays, even if the aroma is one of bitterweed

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The Ghost of Christmas This

The Ghost of Christmas This by Rick Rucker I have found a woman who, With everything that she can do, Has made me want to jump and sing, Or do any other thing That a young lover might try, Seeing only blue in the sky. Now, it is a fact She has shown me what I lacked, She brought me back from The Brink, From her cup, I'll always drink. She has taught me all of Love, That not all of Heaven is Above. I thought Love was through with me, In Love again, I'd never be. I guess, somehere, there is a Plan, It didn't want a Lonely Man! Christmas is a time for giving, Singing, eating, hugging, living. That I wish to do these things once more, Has nearly knocked me to the floor. The Ghost of Christmas Last came last night, I must have looked an awful fright! He showed to me how it had been, And how it would have been again Had I not met this Vision, Who has prompted a Decision. With whom I want to be a part, 'Til the years still my Heart! Tonight, I expect to see The Ghost of Christmas This with me His image will cause no terror, For she and I are a loving pair! If Christmas Future plays the game, The result will be the same! Ever like this, with repeats, In my Christmas stockings, only treats! Merry Christmas, My Love!

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Christmas Day Born

Christmas day is final come
To celebrate God's only Son
As He was born to save the lost
The sacrifice upon the cross
To remember that first Christmas day
He who lay upon the hay
So this Christmas look and see
And cherish the sweet memory
Of the babe born far away
On the first of Christmas days

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Glad God Let Santa

Glad God Let Santa

We have such a wonderful neighborhood
All adults there are nice and children good
And to God everyone is grateful
For having gorgeous kids never hateful

Children are all adorable as can be
While sitting beneath the Christmas tree
Whose needles seem to always shed
And heard the prayers that each child said

When Santa comes God please let him in
And next morning wake us up again
So can sort through things Santa brought
Which we will love and cherish a lot

Christmas is best time on earth being
So many sights and snow to be seeing
And after the great day came to an end
We're glad God let Santa be our friend.

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Straighten Things Out

Straighten Things Out
There are Achilles heals and thorns in sides
Bible we will read and God who in us abides
Even some sins we may have committed
Which later in prayer, we often admitted.

Without God what would we ever do
Is only one who did make dreams come true
Along with Christ who once had been here
And still in our hearts is always near.

God's Son im my life still does shine
How happy I am knowing He is all mine
High up in heaven while waiting for me
And I am here busier than a buzzing bee.

With my many poems, I become amused
By couple occasionally could be confused
And when we may be deep in dastardly doubt
God and Jesus helps us straighten things out.

James Serious Mysterious Horn
Retired Veteran

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The Greatest Gift

Away in a manger no crib for his bed
Christmas is the greatest story I’ve read

A God for a father it was a virgin that gave birth
To the greatest blessing that ever walked this earth

People from all nations every race and creed
Reflect for a moment on what others may need 

Before I start on the presents or share in the glee
God I humbly thank you for sending your son unto me

I do wish you all a Merry Christmas and I ask you all to pray
Remember the shelters when the giving spirit comes your way

Even the most adamant nonbelievers whether they admit it not
Knows Christmas is the most blessed day that every year has got

I wrote this poem for Brian's Advent
Poetry contest. The Homeless shelters
are always in need of donations this
time of year, Please consider helping
them if you can. God Bless, MJ

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Many Presents May Put In

I have heard some say that Santa Claus
Has a cute cat who gnaws his paws
His deer have hooves instead of feet
You'll never see sitting on a toilet seat.

Santa even has a bunch of bright elves
Who help put your toys on tall shelves
And on which one it does not matter
They may have to use a long ladder.

When they finally fill Santa's sleigh
It is into sky up, up and away
You will know when he is on your roof
By scratching sound of each deer's hoof.

When Santa arrives he's greeted by God
Who will give Santa a gentle, nice nod
All of the children so nice have been
Their house many presents may put in.

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In My Stocking

God has given all of us Santa Claus
And son Jesus we love just because
They are always in our every breath
And we love them both to death

They are under our Christmas tree
Which is a perfect place to be
And every time I open up each gift
My spirit up they always lift

I never will worry or have to hide
With Jesus and Santa on my side
And outside when I often take a peak
It is always sunny and never bleak

Jesus and Santa, this I want to say
Under my tree can be, yes you may
Now that our ship is safely docking
I saw Jesus and Santa in my stocking.

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Tinsel and glittering childen’s lights mean nothing 
To the aged in shop doorways, hungry and sleeping.
Churches filled with strong believers, with smiles
For fellow worshippers, mean nothing, when for miles
Your world is a pushed shop-trolley filled with rags 
And you carry all your life in two plastic bags.
Miraculously the glitter could become supper, 
The tinsel could change into a warm room upper. 
Then the Christmas warmth of the churchgoers strong
And the laughter of the season  -  could belong

To every one of God’s children 

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 

Entered in Carolyn Devonshire's Contest    Your Christmas Miracle

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Return Again

Return To Earth Again

Oh Thou Jesus true, most Holy one
So many bad things I have done
By myself and in my life I may
Eventually pass away one day.

Jesus, Son of God will forever be
From all my sins seat soul free
Now how happy I have become
As my heart did beat like a drum.

Lord love me like you always will
Return again one day and fulfill
What was promised among all men
And women; You would return again.

James Serious Mysterious Horn
Retired Veteran

And have a Merry Christmas
Which will be complete bliss.

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Christ Has Created

There is a fact upon which is well agreed
God's love is all which we will need
On this here earth where we can exist
Unless there's something I may have missed

I'm sure I know, its Santa of course
Who only has deer and never a horse
Now our roof top will have to expand
On it now Santa can safely land

Christ one day left us all behind
Even though He was courteous and kind
For Him quite a while I have waited
And Santa for me Christ has created

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A Moving Christmas

Up to my eyeballs with boxes of history
this decision I made is really no mystery.

I've worn myself to a definite frazzle
but as I look around it's beginning to dazzle!

A crazy time to pick up and go
yet the time was ripe for leaving I know.

Sad to tell my dear sister good-bye;
we certainly both had ourselves a good cry.

As the miles burned by with the roar of the truck
I thought about my good fortune and luck.

I'm blessed with friendships so wondrous and rare;
they've helped me so much nothing can compare.

Now the crumpled newspapers lay in a pile;
I need a good rest but I'll work for awhile.

There's cleaning,unpacking,so much to do
but it caught my eye and a crazy thought grew.

In the midst of this chaos a tree now shines bright;
stepping over the boxes I plug in the light.

A smile glazes across my tired face
and Christmas arrives in this new-found place!

*note* I really just moved 4 days ago and I did put up my Christmas tree despite how totally exausted I am!  Happy holidays everyone!

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A Christmas Tale

As snowflakes form into crystalline  beds
Santa dresses up in his suit so red
Reindeer restless to come out of their stall
Christmas is the most wonderful night of them all
All across the world it's so beautiful to see
People taking the time to fill others hearts with glee
Somewhere high above the clouds in a special place
God and Son sit on their throne a smile upon their face
The reason they are smiling is it warms their heart to see
Love and cheer is everywhere that it could possibly be
Somewhere in a little town nestled nicely away
A worried man looks at the bills he knows he must pay
As his daughter points at the advertisement on t.v.
Excitedly asking of her dad, "Will Santa bring that for me"
Suddenly he hears more mail land in the box
With a thud that hits his heart like a thousand locks
As he shuffles through the bills that day he runs across a card
So he stops and opens it right there in the yard
The thing about this card that made the odds so slim
This man had absolutely no idea who sent it to him
It said,"We know times are tough and what your going through"
"So we placed $500 in this card and sent it off to you"
He searched the envelope and card but there was no name at all
He reckons that makes this wonderful gift the greatest gift of all
He talks it over with his wife and they give half away
To help the local shelter feed the hungry on Christmas day
As we scurry about these days in an awful fuss
I believe up in heaven the Lord is smiling down on us
Because he knows on Christmas day that most all humanity
Takes the time to stop and say, "Lord we give thanks to thee"

Totally fictional poem but the message is one that
needs be heard. In every town across our nation
hungry families will file into the many shelters
hoping to get them and their children a hot meal
and possibly a single gift. If everyone who could
afford to give a dollar would no one would be
turned away - Merry Christmas

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I Was Fed Kindness

The ham was crusted,done to a turn.
This meal was huge,I never learn!

I always cook too much for me.
From years of being a chef,you see.

But this is Christmas Eve tonight.
And I feel sorry for my plight.

When suddenly I had a thought.
I took the gifts that I had bought.

I found some shelter folks to feed.
But really,they fulfilled my need.

For cos' of them I'm not alone.
I bless them for their kindness shown.

for contest Your Christmas Miracle
sponsored by Carolyn Devonshire

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Place of Honor

I like way that God treats you and me
Which I know always will be equally
While we're down here, He's up there
Whatever He dues is good and fair

Many things possibly may be Biblical
And about Christ some were critical
While He was setting a perfect example
Saying you'll only need what is ample

God and I will take care of the rest
And thing of all that is the very best
For Santa including Blitzen and Donner
In heaven will be a place of honor.

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Merry Christmas Tom

Tom you may be gone but these words are true
There was a wonderful legacy left here by you

This is the first Christmas since you passed away
Everyone I ask “Lets take a moment to pray”

Lets not mention the pain and all we have lost
For every life has a price and death is the cost

Lets all be thankful because these words are true
Tom Bell was a blessing to everyone he knew

He was more than a poet he was a mentor and a friend
Always so kind and witty with the advice he would lend

As I would read his comments I could imagine his smile
He is one who never let me doubt my soul was worthwhile

I penned this couplet though it’s a community message I send
Merry Christmas we love you and treasure your memory our friend

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In Disguise

In South, if Santa landed on a porch
It may be so hot it could scorch
And if off to Germany you do go
Some say you can see Santa grow

To make many toys, Santa's work begins
After God freed him from his sins
Much joy to children Santa will bring
Especially those who don't have anything

To church all Christ's children we did take
Where much nice music choir did make
Returned back home and what did they see?
Many great gifts under a Christmas tree

So to see Santa be sure to go to church
To hear sermon from priest high on his perch
In his sermon he said to our surprise
Jesus died and came back as Santa in disguise.

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Which Was So Small

Could it come to life if you enable?
A certain thing that is under your table
Who is Santa Claus in the making
And when he appears will be breath-taking

There he is with his eight reindeer
Who just happened to land over here
On my roof top with such a clatter
I think  he's becoming fatter and fatter

Must be something in what he does eat
Sweet like pretty wife we'd like to meet
Of all, she sure is greatest cook
For no one else could they be mistook

In an instant, it was them I could tell
Sounded so happy like a ringing bell
Both had been jolly as can be
When I saw them it was plain to see

After Christmas I had hit the sack
Thanked God for bringing Santa back
And was told that greatest gift of all
Is a wedding ring which is always small

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Christmas Pleasant

Christmas Pleasant By Rick Rucker It seems I’ll have a Christmas pleasant, I’ve found the perfect Christmas present: Not too tall, awfully sweet, Lovely, from head to feet! Has been burned in the past, Looking for a Love to last. She thought that Love was just a myth, That she would not find one to be with. We responded to an ad, I thought I had made the first date bad, When I asked her out again, She said “Yes,” I said “Amen!” I have all that I could wish, A thinking woman, who’s a “dish.” It took a while to win her heart, Now, we long to not be apart. We’re making plans to blend our lives, To live together, to see if Love thrives. I will gladly take the time To show her that I’m So in love that there’s no doubt Her Love is all I care about! If Santa will but grant my wish, And present me with the “dish.” She is all I wish to see, Unwrapped under my Christmas tree!