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Water Ballad Poems | Ballad Poems About Water

These Water Ballad poems are examples of Ballad poems about Water. These are the best examples of Water Ballad poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Crying River

Crying River (The Untold Ballad) 

Undercover waters of rain dashing
The children are cold, no longer splashing
Tragic sobs, epic force of the mountain rain
Beautiful as it may seem, -shallow basin 

She cries, a tune, 
Mocking the Maple lands, a beautiful tune
Crooked Cornwall, she steams with the moon
Oceanic dreams, monsoon season, she swoon's
Frozen, dead, ice skating rink
Her winds, Pretty Chains O' Lake 
Wet and Wild, the Elk drinks from its garden
Water falls from the lids of Jordan
Beautiful as it may seem with open curtain

When the ocean succeeds away from the sea
She's awake during winter's rain torrents and breeze
Lost in the mud's of Bellaire's heartache,
River Blues, icy cold naps, bayous shutting up
Racing rivers crying by the western gutter
Silent, bells chime in the Black Mallard waters
Streams, blowing and drying dew droplets
Little rapid tears, everything spotless
Sugar, Swan waves down by Devils Creek
Listen to the thunder bay rolling deep
Beautiful as it may seem, she weeps

A northern world with streaks of falling rain
Pretty running white hair pane
A weather vane, snow dangles above her domain 
Beautiful crying winds
In the Eyes of Michigan


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Running Tide

Knee deep in surf
The water clung to her
Changing silk gown
To wrinkled shiny  skin
Never had I envied ocean water so
But then t'was I who'd let her go
Drowning in green eyes
With fear of clinging ties
Holding me back

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Walking by the ocean

The ocean

I used to live beside the sea
It was not long ago
A footpath went along the beach
One could walk, and watch the show
As the ocean played its song of love
And the seagulls made much din
It was a lovely place to go
As each day, it did begin.

I loved it in the morning times
When the moon was big and round
It seemed to rest upon horizon
Such joy I often found
Admiring me, this yellow orb
That seemed so very huge
And as I’d walk, within my dreams
I’d often take refuge.

Sometimes I'd walk there, evenings too
And watch the sun go down
As the sky would turn to marmalade
And it seemed this Sphere would drown
As the ocean swallowed it all up
And the night came creeping in
And seagulls sang there evening songs
How I loved their noisy din.

There’s something about the mighty ocean
That makes me want to write
The seaweed and the salty breeze
Give me such sweet delight
I love the rivers, love the lakes
And yet the wild, wild sea
It has a treasure of it’s own
That just calls out to me.

5 November 2013 @ 0950hrs.

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This lake so beautiful

This Lake so beautiful.

The lake so very beautiful
Paints pictures in my mind
Ducks, Ibis, and Pelicans
And birds of every kind
Mix with the shades of many greens
And the clouds that ride the sky
All these things added together
Make me one happy guy

A Kookaburra in a tree
Gives out his ghostly laugh
Giving a sense of solitude
On the silent morns behalf.
And all around that lake there lies
Islands green and tiny
As morning sun shines on the lake
It looks so sheeny, shiny. 

The other shore holds many homes
Their roofs of reddish brown
Appear to me like in a movie
Of a little lakeside town
White egrets wade in the water
Their world all harmony
As two black swans come floating by
With all their mystery.

A flock of seagulls fly above
There whiteness oh, so pure
As the sun shines down on them
I’m filled with such allure
Oh, all the beauty of this lake
 Gives to me so much joy
And fills my mind with memories
That nothing could destroy.

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Dark as a demon, but with the soul of
an angel, he's a Portuguese Water 
Dog who's never been to sea, but, as 
he oughta, he loves water, and highly
proprietary when you're watching 
TV, downtime is shared, so it's his paw
on your foot, or else it's his head. 
Morning ablutions, one leg in the air, 
he waters a thicket, which wakes up a 
cricket who begins to sing. The world 
is his lavatory. Noblesse Obligatory. 
It's a Water Dog thing.

                   for my granddog...

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Rain Drops

Have you ever listen to the sounds of rain ,
As it pitter patters against your window pain?
The sound is like music and it is so sweet,
As it gathers in a puddle around your feet.

Rain coat and boots is what you need to wear,
To keep the rain out,and stay dry under there.
Without little rain drops, where would we be?
All dried up and blowing in the breeze.

Flowers need rain drops as much as the sun,
They spread thier little leaves to catch every one.
Into the ground the little rain drops do go ,
To help the roots to get strong and grow.

Rain drops make a pond where fish can swim,
Without the water we would not have them.
To watch them swin around here and there,
Makes one wonder how they got there.

The oceans are vast ,with water everywhere,
But without that first drop of water ,the land would be bare.
There would be no trees ,no brush , no grass,
If the rain drops stoped falling, nothing would last.

The next time your out walking and it starts to rain,
Remember the little rain drops will cause you no pain.
Hold out your hand and you will see,
Little rain drops were sent from heaven for you and for me.

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Why do I love water

Why do I love water?

Oh, why do I love water?
What is this thing in me?
That always wants to be there
Near Lakes, rivers, and sea
What is this deep, deep longing?
That fills my heart and soul
When I sit beside a river
And it makes me feel so whole.

What is it about the wetlands?
That magnetizes me
I find it so enchanting
To walk between the trees
And hear a million song birds
Or see a tiger snake
Or maybe a small terrapin
A swimming in the lake.

Why is it in the early morn?
As I walk, and moon so yellow
Seems to be sinking in the ocean
It makes feel so mellow
To see the ocean so at peace
On a morning so serene
There’s something about the water
That magnifies each scene?

11 February 2014 @ 1037hrs.

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Real love is like water from tropical mountains
It will find ways to flow down from the hills
Wild water is draw by forming beautiful river
Battered and tumbling down to kiss big boulders

Made noisy to cruise a hundred miles of destination
The birds and flowers cheering together in the excursion
Running water made high ways to reached the amazing journey
A journey that river and ocean met and lived happily

What a wonderful world man be falling in love
Find ways in reaching the impassable road of love
Building a strong meaning of loveliness
And vanished all doubts meaning of loneliness

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The rains are back

The rains are back

The rains are back again
Oh it’s so wonderful
There’s not been rain for a long time now
Hey man, it’s really cool
To hear that thunder in the sky
And watch the lightning too
Hey ho, the rains are back again
It’s great I’m telling you.

No need to water, not today
The rain is pouring down
Some folk they really hate this rain
But it don’t make me frown
To hear it’s rhythm on my roof
Oh my, such sweet elation
The rains they’re back with us once more
No call for consternation.

The rains are back again
Oh, I just want to dance
I want to sing a merry song
My life this does enhance
It’s wonderful, it’s beautiful
The rains are back again
So much joy, it fills my heart
I’m like a man insane.

21 March @014 @ 0600hrs.

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The frog and the butterfly

The Frog, and the Butterfly.

The little frog lived in the well
In a garden filled with flowers
One day he saw a butterfly
Who spoke to him for hours.
The butterfly would tell him tales
Of the big wide world outside
But he only knew his little well
He thought that she had lied.

One day she lent the frog her wings
And he took them for a while
Though he had never flown before
And it wasn't quite his style.
That frog he flew above the well
And saw the painted flowers
Then he flew above a lovely lake
And he felt all of life's power.

Then he flew above an ocean
Stretching out a million miles
Then flew above some fluffy clouds
As his face took on a smile
When he came back to that old well
He told that butterfly
That he'd not live in that well again
He'd be free till his day to die.

Dec 3 2003.