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Ballad Peace Poems | Ballad Poems About Peace

These Ballad Peace poems are examples of Ballad poems about Peace. These are the best examples of Ballad Peace poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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A House On the Cliff's Edge

There is a house on the cliff’s edge,
Around a quiet, unmarked shoreline
At night, the tide lifts high against a foggy moon
In the morning, gloomy clouds settle with the sea
At times, not even the birds are seen or heard
The house is left to nature’s caress

Home-crafted seashell chimes sway and sing with the wind
Crushed sand dollars lie together on the back porch
The shells were once whole, collected by the former owners
Long gone are they now, smiling with the moon
The owners are the very sound of the ocean spray,
Striking the rocks, announcing the cool dawn of day
They are not the dark, empty rooms,
The rooms that nobody thinks of as they go about their lives
The quiet owners are long gone—thought of only by one
A stillborn legacy about as tiresome as the sun,
When the clouds crisp out its beams . . .

A seawater puddle is in the middle of the dining room
Nobody knows it sits there, sinking in the floorboards
It used to be a far larger puddle after a storm,
Stealthily leaking into the house
But now it is small—so small—and the boards are moist,
Moist with its only companion amongst the instilled silence

Nobody thinks of empty, abandoned rooms
Nobody remembers the former owners
They were not much for socials and gatherings
They always lived their quiet, happy lives
Without a care of the outside world,
Far from anybody’s thought
Miles from the nearest home
Where the next generation comfortably lives 

He never finished fixing that leak . . .

Sometimes the puddle gets bigger after other storms
And when it does, there is almost life there again
You can see the chandelier reflected on the unperturbed water
As a crystal dangles and falls from on high
The dark silence following the drop is as deep as thought . . .

Nobody thinks of empty, abandoned rooms
Nobody remembers the former owners
There is merely a house on the cliff’s edge
Around a quiet, unmarked shoreline

-March 21, 2013-

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If the world were full of hippies

If the world were full of hippies
there'd be nothing left to prove
except peace and understanding
and a little bit of groove

Noone would be homeless
Like many live today
We'd build beautiful communes
where anyone could stay

Together we'd make music
to the beat of mother earth
there'd be no fighting or war
Everyone sharing equal worth

We'd grow our own vegetables
 and create trinkets to sell
We'd open up our minds
break free from our shell

Every colour and every race
would teach one another
we'd become a united family
every sister, every brother

We'd bless all gods creatures
show respect for the land
Give free hugs to everyone
openminded to understand

Nature would speak to us
Our world would become one
with peace and understanding
and a little bit of fun

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This is what my heart says

i swing into dreams
i swim into the deepest sleeps
i never seem to get back in time

now the world seems clearer
my friends say i am getting better
i wonder if those are just words to deny

and a lover of the abyss
you sprang out of the mist
but i cannot give you what you seek

the phone keeps ringing
and my heart keeps doubting
of all the words you have tried to speak

so speak no more.

so let me go.

please dont speak anymore

now i just want you to know.

there are rainbows and clouds
better than what i am right now
you can find them somewhere out there

my heart cannot bear the pain i will send
because i am not mister evil again
please my heart says i want to get out there

my heart says i want to let you go
i just want you to know.
i dont love you anymore.

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In My Dreams

I was telling a friend the world will someday be a better place
He said, "You're out of your mind. Get out of my face.
The rich man sings while the poor man screams.
A better place? Maybe, in your dreams.
I said, "You're right. Maybe in my dreams.
Because in my dreams, I see it changing
I see the world rearranging
In my dreams we will hate no more
In my dreams there will be no war
In my dreams there is a world of love
With blessings showered from heaven above.
There are lakes and rivers and clear mountain streams
I can see it all in my dreams.
The bitterness you feel will all be gone
There will be a brotherhood to carry on
There will be charity and faith and hope
And a caring heart to help us cope.
There will be an end to human fears
We will no longer see a mother's tears
We will stand proud, we will stand tall
In my dreams I can see it all.
In my dreams we will know our worth
In my dreams there will be peace on earth
So, in a way, you're right it seems
I can see it happening in my dreams."

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I’m tired of you.
Back stabbing me and not keeping it true.
Deceiving and lying
When I caught you, here comes the fake crying
The sad bedroom eyes hiding behind a guilty face
The phony kisses and the warm embrace
What you hide in the dark always come out in the light
Sometimes our secrets we thought we hid is revealed in our own sight
You claimed you loved me 
But it’s more like you hate or envy me
If you really don’t love me just let me be
Everyday I tried, believe me I prayed
But I hope you don’t think you’re here to stay
I even loved you when you did not love me
“So why are you still with me?”
So take your shoes and go
Don’t tie up your laces so slow
Remember I gave you love when nobody else would
I even took away your doubts that every man is no good
“Shush don’t say nothing don’t even talk.”
Just take your shoes and walk

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When youth sets us beautifully aglow
to soar on the swift wings of a sparrow,
and altough the unknown may frighten us:
we will not stop from living out those dreams,
because we are the constant seekers
bolder than the soldiers of fortune 
willing to stare in the face of events that'll follow, 
be in the incognito and confront fate alone...

Our main reason for being here
is to accomplish unthinkable and amazing things;
to start where the smallest dream begins,
and make it grow by taking the giant steps of an achiever...
We should never fear the challenges that lie ahead, 
but is it worth to step back and not speedly act...
imagining of the wonderful visions 
of the the unseen tomorrow that
rampantly flourish inside our impatient head?

Will we fall from the flaming,crimson sky
and grope our way to a passing cloud above
with the certainty of having found love,
or will we quickly come down to earth and die?
Which one is better:  being a disillusioned dreamer,
who can still dream,or a sullen-looking miser?

Our main reason for being here
is to love with grace and intensity,
and have the willingness to break down
the ugly and horrible barriers of alienation;
and finally let all thoughts flow in without diversity,
to discover who we really are...

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" have one duck... I saw it."
"no crickets, but yes, the sound"

~I have some fish, swimming around...

Who are you? And where do you be?
As I walk this forest, how do you, see me?
A cricket's sound, some fish around,
But you and you lost to my sea.
Why, do you two follow me?

An open door, extended before,
A hand, a smile, I waited awhile, with
hopes and maybe some fantasy.
I hoped you woulda, woulda hit on me.
But in retro, I did so see...

My time of past, dyes deep and fast,
a flow, a hum, my life was numb.
In a time of change, I rearranged,
the elements of my being.
I changed, to my Me Becoming.
And I stopped in my tracks,
while in my running.

Hanging there was Venus dear,
A photo I gave you, from above.
The Sun ablaze, the Moon amazed,
while I heard your Heart. My love...

But questioned I when you raised an I,
and you didn't reply to my song?
I sang again! And I glared at you then,
but you turned, as though I were wrong?
A butterfly, a kiss by your eye... and yet,
I still wonder why your park is gone.
And the Indian Sang, but you heard no song?

~Know. The journey is Long...

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A true friend

A Friend.

Associates, I’ve had so many
But let us speak of friends.
It be a term so often used
But I’m the worst of men
When it comes to picking holes in things
And a true authentic friend
He be as rare as rocking horse poo.
On a friend you can depend.

A friend would be there to the end
He’d take naught for himself
Oh yes a friend be wonderful
And adds to life much wealth
You know that when the chips are down
And the whole wide world looks grim
That friend will always be with you
His light will never dim.

This be as rare as hens teeth
But when the day does come
That you find this special friend
Your life will cheer up some
She’ll always soothe and comfort you 
And make you feel real great
A friend is someone sent to you
By the tender hand of fate

Cherish him or her so much
Cause when some-one your heart does touch
There ain’t no treasure on this Earth
There nothing that could have the worth
Of the one who loves and listens to
And gives support always to you
A true friend he till forever
He will not betray you, never!

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I woke watching television news
The jet plane is soaring high note
Operation Sulu is launched forth
Until the intruders to get out
Malaysia always chose to peace
Come and let us all save peace

Philippines is wanting peace
For Sulu Archipelago is its part to ease
Sulu Royal Army chose to enter because of peace
They call homeland in the book pages 
They decide to stay and die never ended
Many see this is not a good choice
But for them this is a pride to hold and take
Come and let us all save peace

For Malaysia also has to protect its state
Its sovereignty whether lives at stake
It has chosen the space to negotiate
And has given the time to withdraw in peace 
But the “intruders” is hard to take the leave
Come and let us all save peace

Many children cried
Much wives shed tears
Every Mothers weep
Their love ones died but with pride
Our prayers to put ahead their faith
Come and let us all save peace

The eyes of the world where are you?
The humanitarian aid you have to do
Don’t you see the lives are here waiting?
The civilians need your helping
Do not wait until the time lapse to nothing
Come and let us all save peace and do something.

Come and let us all save peace
Take part and let us all save peace
Pray and let us all save peace
Where are you peace activists?
Come and let us all save peace
Let us all save peace!

This is the day that Malaysian Forces conducted “Ops Sulu” to drive the group from Sulu that recently entered Tandu’, Lahad Datu, Sabah. 12:41PM, 5th March 2013, Bandar Sandakan, Sabah, Malaysia. 

Please Print and Distribute to Save Peace. Thank you
Get the copy here:

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The True Christian's Mission!

In my quest for this mission,
Many days and nights I prayed,
But plagued by selfish visions,
I asked what the Spirit had to say,

The battle engulfed self and spirit,
Screams of desire flooded my mind,
While fierce haunting demons appeared,
My voice of reason was such confined.

Yet the Spirit moves in silence,
And while this Spirit ever grows,
It ever gently reminds us,
By whispering gentle blows,

Thus the tranquil wind,
Burst in upon the storm,
And the quieting din,
Deafened hellish horns,

And in hush's sweet embrace,
The Spirit within me said,
Messages filled with grace,
Of how others must be fed.

Give them glimpses of wonder,
Inspire them with your faith,
Yes, give them much to ponder,
Yet in a much more simple way.

Don't lose them in scripture,
But to the word remain true,
Only teach that which is sure,
And that which you can prove.

There will be those who oppose,
All that I would have you say,
But this is why you were chose,
For this great mission today.

For you have been surely blessed,
With a faith complete and whole,
You've been prepared for this test,
Now go and share what you know.

And keep in mind your quest,
To gather the children who know,
That love's the answer to this test,
Upon which a true Church can grow.

Now I come before you today,
For help in spreading this word,
For its the Church we must save,
To find a path true and sure.

The end times are now upon us,
We need to be better prepared,
With a Church which is more just,
To embrace those lost and scared.

Our Church should always be righteous,
And offer salvation's warm embrace,
It should help the groom to find us,
And with our lamps full we will wait.

But our task reaches further still,
As there is much work to be done,
For we need to ensure God's will,
On earth as it is in heaven!

We'll teach love and forgiveness,
Of both trespasses and debts,
Our mission does not glorify us,
Rather the Lord who gave us this quest.

Once we believe our mission complete,
Humility will show us we have more to do,
And we will always endlessy seek,
That which the Spirit tells us is true.

And above all we will keep in mind,
That it takes a heart wide and great,
Filled with all the love we can find,
To pass through the narrow gate.

So a call to action must be made,
For our great holy quest has begun, 
Visit us whether or not you're saved,
At True Christian Church dot com.

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The big cat roars

A big cat roared in the wilderness,
As the birds fled to the skies,
As the echo's of the thunderbirds
Be drowning out their cries.
As mad, mad man goes off to war,
And young men die 
Oh Lord what for?????

The dark green bird with the big propeller 
Be dropping off some fine young fellows,
To fight a mad, mad, war in tears
As anguished mothers face their fears.
As boys, some dying for leaders pride,
Be forced to thrust their souls aside.

The Romans march they off to war,
They're still with us, and that's for sure.
The Gulf, Iraq and Vietnam
Does anybody give a damn???
About boys dying in the night,
And who be wrong and who be right.?

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An eye for an eye

Though I am not considered to be a Christian, [I love most religions] But I lover to read the gospels of Mark and Mathew, so I wrote them all in verse...Peter

Eye for Eye.

Folk were listening to our lord
Such a crowd had gathered round
The news of this enigma
Had spread from town to town.
The multitudes all came to him
To hear the words he spake
He’d been speaking there for quite a while
And the day was getting late.

The lord with Passion in his tone
He told those multitudes
{There were poor and rich, and saints and sinners
The good Lords words, their food}
He said to them “now you have heard
An eye for eye, and tooth for tooth
But I give you another law
So listen to my truth”.

“Do not resist an evil person
When struck on the right cheek
Turn to him the other also
Just hear these words I speak
If someone wants to sue you
And take your tunic too
Then let him have your cloak as well
This, I do say to you”.

If someone makes you walk a mile
Then walk with him for two.
Give what one may ask you for
This be the thing to do.
If someone would borrow from you
Then do not turn away.
Hear ye this, it be the truth
These words you hear me say”.

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Dear Music

Dear Music- would you marry drum?
for it will be beautiful when played under the setting sun
How would you love to be tomorrow’S heading
will you invite Guitar to your wedding?
From million miles your melodies be heard
As soothing as the morning hymn of a mocking bird
Since happiness can only befriend you
For you’re surely beautiful and true.

Music- queen of the ballroom
You Indeed are dominator of the mind In vexed volume
Could you stop the violence- happening a thousand mile
Sole Perceiver of peace - thence thou shalt smile
For you are one of the timbers of earth
As every soul knows you since birth
Only you can manipulate the choice-less
And can also speak for the voiceless.

Music- should you need a king,
Who will endear you with a diamond ring
You can think of Michael Jackson and Bob Marley,
From your talented basement to your lobby,
And even to you, Lucky Dube, and John Lennon were dear,
among the spot earners on the isle of the phenomena 
As they, the aforementioned had no limit of valence
Yet they lived and died under our pitiful surveillance.
Dear Music- I wish you could walk for the disabled
For they indeed are hopeless- and subtracted from the fabled
You mesmerized, thence emphasized the beautiful life
But don’t the laborer deserve a break from the hunger and strife
I admire your stance to point out the lies- that demised many dreams
However I’m disgusted by the ignorance of the poor’s screams
Music- you define immortality- yet omit the underlying reality
I wish a few will see beyond generalization one day- and preserve equality-

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I want you to undress you heart,
      And show me how much it hurts
            Show I can show you
How I intend to make it stop.

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Way Up High

Way up high
In the sky
That’s where we will be-will be
Soring there
In the air
Up above the clouds
You and I

Way up high
Where the birds fly
You are safe- safe with me
Soring there
Through the air
Sleep little one
Sweet dreams to thee

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Princess Angelina

Princess Angelina

Princess Tinsels baby daughter
Has grown up quite a bit
And my, oh, my, she’s beautiful
Oh, she has all of it
A heart of gold, a lovely form
And she’s so full of bliss
Her name is Angelina
So very sweet she is.

She has a way with animals
That seems at times like magic
She loves all people, all of them
And when their days are tragic
She’ll give them the milk of kindness
She has the healing touch
And even gnomes and bitter demons
They all love her so much.

Angelina, she is loved
By all who hear her name
Folk they come from miles around
To see this girl of fame
One day she will be their queen
And it is plain to see
That when she takes that station on
A wondrous Queen she’ll be.

6 September 2013 @ 0535hrs.

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Forgiving The Unforgivable

Forgiving The Unforgivable.
I held my peace and sung a song,
that echoed through the righteous hall,
my right, my truth, all put to wrong!
As judgment fine had met the pall.
How can there be a better way,  
to tell the world of foul play,
than those, your words, that captivate,
and that, my looks, you separate; 
your lies, your tricks, my punishment!
In years to come a sure lament;
but life shall only last its days,
until the sun these men does gaze;
then deeds shall bind our spirits such,
would implore it the heaven's touch,
so again shall meet face to face,
when shattered is the time and space,
there I shall pardon and forgive,
as not in this dimension live,
and from this burden be relieved,
that had a trusting friend deceived,
and yes, I have just this to say,
that friends and foes alike decay,
but on that day, you I shall see, 
as an error of mortality.
I hold my peace and sing this song,  
That echoes through the righteous hall,
My right, my truth, all put to wrong!
as judgment fine has met the pall.
R.N.Khan, © 2012

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My sickness and my healing

My sickness and my healing

When I came back from Vietnam
I was afraid of everything
I really don’t know why this was
Cause, no danger did it bring
To me, my stay in that country
But the poisons that they used
Convinces me that they stuffed my mind
Those powers, our heads abused.

That fear in me was so intense
My mind was filled with dread
I was afraid of being alive
I was afraid of being dead
Sometime I’d freeze so totally
Like I was paralyzed.
I went to so much counseling
So many tears I cried.

And then one day I searched the net
And I found this little site
The site they call it ‘just one look’
And they did do me right
It took four years, but now I’m sane
I have no fear at all
And I have no anxiety
I’m no more a crazy fool.

5 September 2013 @ 1345hrs

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Silent times

Silent times

Sometimes, I really do not care
About anything at all
My mind goes kind of quiet then
My mode is kind of cool
And all I really want to do
Is sit here looking in
Forgetting all the world outside
Forgetting all the din

There’s a time to send ones energy
And circle it around
But then there comes a sacred time
When the harmony is found
Waiting there within the dark
To hold one cozily
A time to be in her soft clutch
And bask there happily.

Then when the muse has been recharged
It’s time to wander back
And let the words come pouring out
Cause just along the track
The wind, the flowers and dancing trees
Have replaced the mystery
So now the words they may flow free
With much more energy.

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The world spinning round 
A park bench 
The wind... 
The only sound 
Red and gold 
Tumbling leaves 

How a world can stop 
Turn by turn... 
Park bench 
Life burning by 
Sit through the day 
Passing play... 
Park bench 
It's the only way 

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Starlit night

Starlit Night.

Way up there in the great North West
In a place called Exmouth town
I’m lying on a sandy beach
With sea so vast and grand,
And I’m waiting for the turtles
To beach and lay their eggs,
As the evening’s soft and balmy
And the sand’s a snug warm bed.

No turtles came ashore that night,
Cause folk were everywhere.
With too much foolish people noise,
Oh, so much din was there.
No turtle would be that insane,
It was like a circus show.
So me well I just settled down,
And went me with the flow.

I lay there looking at the skies,
And as the day went dim,
I saw the stars a gleam like jewels,
As me, I dived within.
And Venus glowing like a lamp
Reflected from the ocean.
Aphrodite did shine through her,
I could feel me loves devotion.

And Orion was above my head,
Three stars there in a row.
And above them was that greyish haze,
It was like a milky glow.
And that milky- way poured into me,
As I felt such mystery.
And in that mystic space so vast
I glimpsed me ecstasy.

Two hours passed, my mind was stoned ,
By the beauty of the night.
As the star of love shone so intense,
With no moon there in sight,
And I thanked the all so tenderly,
For the bliss I gained within.
I never saw no turtles there,
But I cleansed my mind of din.


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No Quiet Such as This

There is no quiet such as this,
At least none that I know;
Like moonlight on a downy drift,
So fell those flakes of snow.
In a deep dark wood it happened
As the flurries stirred the air--
And the quiet overwhelmed me
Leaving me a captive there.
Bound by such a peaceful sight
I wandered not a bit,
But tarried in that deep, dark wood,
And in reverent awe of it.
Still the chill did overtake me
And most sadly I did go--
But I've not heard such quiet since
As those falling flakes of snow.

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If that's possible, if am distracted, we'll stop!
It’s possibly could, while we are enjoying our moment together.
We’ll see, just keep focused.
We could focus, while calling.
I love you...
I love you too...
I love you and I love you too...
Do you know why you love me?
I know because you love me too.
That’s sad…
What if I didn't love you?
Will you not love me?
Don’t be sad…
The feeling of love cannot be put in a sentence.
I did love you because I felt it.
I cannot dictate my feelings to love you, 
It dictates to itself that I indeed love you.
I would love to see that my beloved is seen beautiful and smart by others
This as long as showing interest doesn’t makes me feel jealous.

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China sets

Oh, Let’s get married in a white chapel
sip coffee, listen to blues 
 and read morning’s headlines. 

Let’s get married in white chapel
Live in a brick house, build a picket fence
 and watch the good neighbors stroll by 

Cause he’s something to look at
Can pick him out from bustling restaurant
  just by his gait

Cause he’s something to look at
got a wide mouth, gaping grin 
 always fashionably late. 

When he’s nervous, 
his posture is fleeting. 
it’s unfitting, 
because he’s got the world together. 

When he’s nervous, 
his words 
string together like magnets 
across a refrigerator door. 

But then-
I’ll say something ‘bout my world views
and you’ll suddenly deliver the quickest line 
and I’m laughing
finally i’m light 

Oh, Let’s get married in a white chapel
sip coffee, listen to blues 
 and read morning’s headlines. 

Let’s get married in white chapel
Live in a brick house, build a picket fence
 and watch the good, good neighbors stroll by

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Termite country

Termite Country

We’re heading north to Exmouth,
Carnarvon we’ve just passed.
We be driving up a serpent road,
As the country seems so vast.
It’s hot outside, but in this van,
The air cons on and all,
As all along the road we pass,
Little goats, so beautiful….

And everywhere, most endlessly,
There’s a billion termite mounds.
Like baked brown little mountains,
They’re everywhere around.
We stopped near one, I marveled,
That a tiny beast, and blind!
Could build these blessed monuments,
It nearly blew my mind.

I took me then some photographs
Of these engineering feats,
As I let the awe and wonder,
Into my dull mind seep.
In such a vast, still country,
In the silence of the way,
Those mounds stood out so powerful,
In the heat of a sunburned day.


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Weather's Changing

The air is sweet, the sky is clear
I know for sure that summer’s near
Pass my sandals and shades my dear
I’ve joy in my heart and nothing to fear

Winter was dark and long and cold
Not even the sun could break its cruel mould
It rained so hard I’m glad my house could hold
But when winter ended, my heart turned to gold

I’m searching a good spot, my place in the sun
I’m yearning for laughter, compassion and fun
To stretch my long legs, see how far I can run
To find my soul mate - and say “You’re the One”

Well I’ve found a good spot, I’m searching no more
I’m laughing and running until I’m sore
My heart has mended, its really not raw
Now I can say “This is what I’ve been looking for!”

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Jerusalem, Jerusalem

parody,  ballad

I was a child creating kidstuff,
I lied and cheated just enough
to feel the guilt when all alone at home.
I copied homework from friend Sue
and passed it down the row to Lou.
We knew so little of Jerusalem.

Jerusalem, Jerusalem  (chorus repeats after each verse)

When in the end, I turned a teen
I tried the drug and boozing scene.
With just a few bad trips, it all hit home.
I spent a weekend in the jail
I thought I’d died and gone to hell.
No peace in that place,  no Jerusalem.

So glad was I when they said to me
let’s go to church as family.
It was belief that brought us to Shalom.
We’d fought like cats and dogs for aye
There had  to be a better way.
True contentment began at Jerusalem.

Of course, there is a God above!
I know Him as the God of love.
He  made the rules and guides us on to home.
He wrote the law, then paid the price
Son, Jesus  came as sacrifice
so we could know the way to Jerusalem.

'Twas there I learned to place me last
to put God first;  now when they ask,
“How come on Sundays you never stay at home?”
I am one who found that lost chord
no longer scared to serve my Lord -
I’ve found the peace that comes in Jerusalem.

I did not take Christ’s name in vain
I am a Christian with much to gain
and thus I greet you with a hearty Shalom.
I cannot keep Christ to myself
I cannot put Him on the shelf
for He is the Way to blest Jerusalem.

Jerusalem means  place of peace;
Jerusalem needs no police.
we’ll see that when God comes to take us home.
Salvation means that we have learned
forgiveness never will be earned.
This gift is from the Hope of Jerusalem.

substituting these lyrics for Larry Cohen's Masterpiece 'HALLELUJAH.'
I make no apology for the up-beat nature of this parody.
Cohen and I just found different lost chords.

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The Human,The Demon, And The Angel

The Human,The Demon, And The Angel

I'm the one who must stay
I'm the one who must kill you
I'm the one who must reverse time

I am to die when the new moon is in range
I am the one to be your executioner your taker of life
I am to observer and to take note of everything and of every life

Who are you to say I have no future
I say what I please for I am the bringer of death
I want to help I wish to free you I need to save you

There is no more time for my life 
You never had a life to begin with
She was free until you stole her very being

I am the human who must die
I am the demon who only wants her body for it kill
I am the angel who will take her soul once her body is gone

We are in one body
We are in one mind
We are three trapped by one bond

These times are different then the last 
These times are different then when I was young
These times are different then when the earth was made

Oh how we let this control us
Oh how we take our worlds and live for such granted
Oh how we let who we are put fear in our hearts

I leave this to you
I leave this to you
I leave this to you

We have exceed 
We have flown 
We have drowned
We have died
We have lived
We have made many wonders
We have created a new life
We have done evil deeds
We have done good deeds
We have but to wait for the one day
We have but to wait for our freedom
We have each other 
We have nothing but that
We have nothing but each other and to wait 
We have to wait for freedom

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Feeding time

Feeding Time

Those birds sit in the Banksia tree
They wait there silently
Then every now and then these guys
They screech on out to me
The trays are empty down below
There ain’t no seed to eat
And so they call on out to me
And give to me some heat.

I run outside and fill those trays
Like every day before
Those Guys they watch me from the tree
They’re smart birds that’s for sure
I do my job and move away
Then they dive bomb through the air
All squabbling and a bickering
And fighting for their share.

The big boss Coccy I call him Fred
He seems to run the show
He calls the shots, he always  does
He’ll always let them know
That he’s the boss and with his spouse
{]I call his misses June}
They feed alone on one seed tray
But they be finished soon.

Then all the parrots crash on down
Doing wheelies in the sky
A screeching and a carrying on
Oh lord, they’re noisy guys.
Then when they’ve finished feeding
Well suddenly they’re gone
They fly so crazy through the air
Oh how they carry on.

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love, peace, and harmony.

i shall dance upon the wings of your love until i become so intoxicated with your 
peace that i am resting within the spring of your life.

let me touch the pain of your most hidden self and take you to a place that the 
rose give birth to her petals and the fragrance of time give jubliance to harmony.

i have tasted the cruelty of life and its fallacies and came to know this simple 
truth.  only the sweetness of love peace and harmony can only truly be founded 
once you have really known the indept heartaches of life.

then shall you truly appreciate the essence on love peace and harmony that shall 
be free from deception.  truly then shall two hearts become symbiosis and know 
the splendor of the GOD-LOVE given only to those beings who are worthy if its 
nectar that flows ever so miraculously  betwixt their physical-self.  all else is just 
and illusion to love, peace, and harmony.  yes! they are mere moments of wasted 
pleasure without substance.  oh how mellifluous is the heart and mind that 
knows what it's been missing?

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The forest of grief

The forest of grief:

At night I can hear the pain filled screams coming from the forest of grief. Longing, despair, and terror seeps in from the thick tree line into my bedroom window.

Their inhuman wails send chills down the nap of my neck rendering me unable to move. 

“What horrible events accrued inside this desolate place?”

No vegetation, growth, or life exist.
Only the suffering from distant pasts.
Time itself seems to be halted by the walls of the dense forest that shelter its ghostly inhabitants.

“Do they know death?
Do they know of the life they once led or can they even hear their own horror filled cries?

I do, I feel every heart breaking emotion as I lay in wait for dawn to break.”

There is no rest for them or me, the lonely women who tends the forest of grief.

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Everything around me is so dark,
only the frigid sky shows its hues...
as the cold robin flutters on the sill of my bright window,
to pick up the last breadcrumbs left  by the ragged widow;
and she, with a cart full of gifts, is looking for kids 
to give them she seemed unable
to move around in her worn-out shoes,
and I surprisingly catch some sadness in her smile!   

Dripping candle glowing in the frosty snow,
chase away every approaching shadow
from her tweedy, wind-blown coat,
to spread light on her gliding path:
where snow-drifts may reduce her sight!
Dripping candle glowing in the frosty snow,   
let her kindness be remembered on this Christmas' Eve...
as we all share in that spirit of giving it all!  

And I will remember her, too, in my joyous glee; 
as she goes past the lamp-posts of each silent street,
humming her tuneful carol with a soul so spirited...
echoing the enthusiasm of a dashing child!

Dripping candle glowing in the frosty snow,
ask her if you can be her friend...guiding her on her journey; 
dripping candle, brilliant with hope and light ,
make her joyfully smile down the snowy road of this Christmas' night
by letting all the bells of the gloomy town ring like they rang before...
when she went door to door to spread the season's good tidings, 
and are those vivid memories reflected in her nostalgic and kind eyes?
Dripping candle glowing in the frosty snow,
don't die out...until her weeping face beholds Christ's glory,
and she can forever rest in His comforting arms! 

Copyright 2008 by Andrew Crisci

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the road

Trust in me and hold my hand
We'll travel north to a distant land
I discovered a map, faded and old
To a land where its neither to hot nor too cold

Its better, I heard, to travel in two's
The journey is long but won't damage our shoes
Its known why we're leaving - let us not be coy
We travel together and that brings me joy

I've tried my best, but my last journey ended
By trying to keep straight on a road that was bended
So yes I know a bit of navigating now
Let me lead the way so you can learn how

Can I tell you how long and how far?
Shall we travel by foot or by car!
Child even from me that wisdom is kept
What matters is that we must take that first step

At night we may shiver and doubt the way
May all our fears vanish with the coming of day
We were at a place where peace is all we sought
Though in silence and gesture, great lessons you were taught

I'll watch you close as you will me
Together we triumph over obstacles that may be
You're fearless, eager, inquisitive and wild
I'm mother to you and I'm honored, my child

You entered my life at just the right time
You came and emptiness suffered a steady decline
You give me a strength that knows no end
I may be your nurturer but I'm also your friend 

Sin abounds and cloaks all with darkness,
You've seen me at my lowest in starkness
With angelic strength you have pulled me up
I drank too long on a poisoned cup

If I get tired please understand
The path is laden with rocks and with sand
This way is worth taking, to look back at where we've been
We'll start over again and wipe the slate clean

This journey will be hard for me
Taking you from point A to B
Seeing the effect my life has on you
I hope you'll see what's false and what's true

So trust in me and hold my hand
We'll travel north to a distant land
There will be stops along the way
But that won't mean for long we'll stay

We won't be alone, there are others too
Out there searching for peace like me and you
They'll try to bind us but we must not blame
Please understand, no two journeys are the same 

They say life's a journey, well I see its so
I've asked the wrong people what I needed to know
Now I've found my answers, in mercy and prayer
Thy will be done, all that's happened is fair.

Our bags are packed, just one or two
So I can carry you when I have to
With courageous hope and truth  and love
We'll commence down this road as angels watch from above...

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Peace On Earth

Driving through this neighborhood 
Of boarded houses, nothing good 
A scary feeling wraps me tight 
I shouldn't be here late at night 
My brother called, I had to go 
Beyond my help, 'I know, I know.' 
Yet still I need to recognize 
It could be me behind those eyes 
Of lost forgotten souls that thrive 
In poverty with hopeless lives 
The future is a memory 
Of things they used to think they'd be 
Their thoughts were not so grandiose 
A roof, a job, a life, at most 
And now they go down every morn 
To drink a jug of methadone
Each day begins and ends the same 
They burned their bridges, their family's name 
The loss we feel as we sit smug 
Has deepened like the hole they dug 
The life preservers that we threw 
Were used as tools...'We knew, we knew.' 
To drag them down to deeper depths 
We watch them drown as they repent 
Their children cry, their parents hurt 
Their only peace comes in the dirt. 
Peace on earth, peace on earth.

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Baseball life?

What does it take to step up to the plate?
Every time there is a mistake

Life seems unfair at times and you get out
Other times "HOMERUN" is just shy of foul

Family and friends are your team
Communtication and practice prevent your defeat

Without it you make mistakes and get tagged out
or cause an ERA and begin to doubt

So when it happens that final day
when its bases loaded, two outs and your up to the plate

3 balls 2 strikes and your down by 3
You decide how its going to be

Sure, in the end it doesn't matter who wins or loses
The decisions in life always leaves its bruises

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The Collection

A scatter of iridescent wings
beneath the shattered glass.
A collection of still butterflies,
dead memories of my past.

An attempt to break the patterns 
of a life not lived before.
The remnants of a squandered fortune
I'm left no less, no more.

I try to see beyond my walls
of Crystal city's broken dreams.
I listen in the silence,
for my own protracted screams.

I'm growing yet, I'll grow still more,
to be a better man,
like a diamond forming in the ground,
to glitter on your hand.

A scatter of iridescent wings,
beneath the shattered glass,
a collection of still butterflies,
dead memories of my past.

The past is ever fading.
The days ahead seem bright.
I tried to overcome the drug,
God knows I lost the fight.

The only way I'll win the war,
is to give my soul, my life to God.
He is the Fisher of all men,
I'm bending down the rod.

He is my strength, my source of light,
when I'm lost out in the dark.
I know that he will save my life,
and allow new light to spark.

A scatter of iridescent wings 
beneath the shattered glass 
a collection of still butterflies,
dead memories of my past.

The butterflies will stir again.
They'll fly the winds they did before.
The shattered glass will crystalize
and bend the light once more.

A rainbow of refraction.
The sun beams through the glass.
The collection of still butterflies,
is free again at last.                           

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No comprehension

Is it me? Or do I just not comprehend? When I do comprehend you look at me crazy, when I do not comprehend you look at me like, “you’re just proving us right.” Or is it that you don’t want to comprehend on purpose? Because when they don’t comprehend with you, you kind of feel crazy then you think let me just go along with it because it is not worth it for you to get ignorant with a person who has already achieved that goal. My definition of no comprehension is not listening to one who speaks carefully or not paying attention. To all of you who do not comprehend LISTEN TO A PERSON FOR WHOM THEY ARE ON THE INSIDE, AND NOT WHAT THEY APPEAR TO BE ON THE OUTSIDE. 

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Formal Question

In other words, 
     the bombing of China 
and the bombing of Hiroshima 
        done in form 
The chains must be broken 
enter into the fray 
   Winds must open
 up the minds of the readers 
so mental flowers can grow 
   and guns melt like 
butter in a frying pan 
   The taste of what 
we have previously loved 
      ushers us into new realms 
I qualify that by encouraging 
  your mind and spirit to 
dance the dance of peace 
If - and only if - they are 
   ready to 
A cheerful "Shalom" 
  to all of you out there in the darkness

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I am 
hoping that life gets better
that my words ring in your mind forever
that my memory never leaves you

I have
been crying, behind this smiling mask
wanted to tell you all
been dying on the inside

I wanted 
to explain this 
to tell you i needed help
to ask you all for help, but my heart was just to heavy

Only my memories remain here
i hope you think of me everyday
just know that life got hard
way to hard to bear 

i love you all
but the hurt beared to be too deep 
the that finally come
for presence on earth 
to go from 100 to 0

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Let the stars explode,
Let the drama unfold.
The of unraveling a code,
Is all this Christmas hold.

A season  is over;
Our hopes and dreams,
May stay stronger,
Though we feel no steam.

To this day we celebrate a years end,
Peace and love to all humanity.
Let love grow without a bend,
And make this season a velvet memory.

Merry Christmas!!!

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La Sibylle Blanche du Rhin

La Sibylle Blanche du Rhin La Msytique est la Specatatrice du Divine Elle Parle au mot que je ne comprends pas "Soilel vous deffinissez est mien Pourtant vous, vous laisser il saigner Comme un nouveau vin Triste - ons ne Saurant Jamais Triste - ons ne Verront Jamias" Parle a moi, si prestine La Mystique La Sibylle Blanche du Rhin La Specatatrice du Divine Ton Voix sefane dans Le Chanson entrain de Mourir

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The Change of Sweet Rain

O sweet rain wash me away
Cleanse me of my sinful impurities
Purify my soul, revitalize my spirit

Bring with you; the wind of change
Strip me of my old garment
Allow her breeze to carry new raiment ashore

Become fresh in the new day
No longer fear my insecurities
For when the wind whistles, I want to hear it

A sound that's no longer strange
Soaked in his glory of life
Dancing in the rain; to a sound that is pure

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The Summer Breeze

One thing is certain about summer
It never last forever
Be that it may sometimes be a bummer
You will always remember the weather

The ocean breaths 
As you sometimes hear
Through the summer breeze
And the starry nights are clear.

Sweat and games are ever more real
With a summer breeze
It’s the coolness you feel
Which provokes a peace?

For it’s the memories you’ll steal!

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Just Because Of You

I'll write this just because i love you,
I'll write this just because it's true.
I'll write this just because of you,
I'll write this just because i do.

When you smile, I feel alive again,
When you smile, i can feel no pain.
When you smile, my world is free,
When you smile, it feels like you have owned me.

I love you, 
I love you.
I love you,
I love you.

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Daydreams and Nightscenes 1

Neon skies and a Horizon of eyes
Paintings Staked on Innocent Walls

Halos and Wings, Time will say, “Time to Fall’’

Such are Daydreams and Nightscenes

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The Only Me Is Neutral

The Only Me Is Neutral

Neutral heart, mind, and soul, is all I feel at this moment. But for moment I felt happiness the sadness and pain joy that crept all over me at once. Who would of thought I lose it all but now I’m over it and I’m making my own name without you. I’m laughing I’m crying I’m smiling I’m bleeding these things they make me neutral the make me blank they free me yet trap me. I never asked you and never will to set me free this isn’t killing me this isn’t letting me live it keep me in one place. I never really thought that I had feeling for they felt frozen and yet they’re there and then they aren’t. What this is me I’m neutral, I’m neutral of heart of mind and soul never moving never stopping.

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Best Buds Forever

I still remember that day when you were a kitten,
You were so small and fit in my hand like a mitten.
I knew when I held you I would raise you,
The love I felt was more than true.
I was with you at my grandma's till I could take you home, 
Then the journey of raising you began...

We brought you home and I showed you our house,
I still remember when you saw your first mouse.
You jumped out of my arms and made your attack,
I stood there and watched you get your afternoon snack.
Then we were deciding on names for you,
I just felt something with dexter and knew it was true.
I was only 8 and didn't know any better,
I did some things that I still regret.

I tormented you so bad,
Looking back it makes me sad.
But I grew up and knew how to take care of you,
Even though what I did when I was younger made me feel blue.
You grew up so fast,
I never thought me and you as buds would last.
But it did I'm so proud for that,
Because in the end your my cat.

Then came the day we would move into a bigger house,
But you never again got a hold of a mouse.
You were so scared but I took you under my wing.
I showed you around the house and you were so happy.
I redeemed myself from everything I had done.

Things got better between us as the days flew by,
The love strong that were flying so high together in the sky.
You greet me when I walk through the door,
I feel so touched that I fall to the floor.
I cherish every second that your on my bed or just saying hi in my room,
The smile that's on my face brings a tear that would make flowers bloom.

Now your all grown up and still getting older,
The temperature in my heart has gotten colder.
So cold because I know your time is soon up,
I'm struggling to figure out how full is my cup.
I only wish you could live longer and we still be together,
But we will always be best buds forever.

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He seems like jolly Santa driving a beat-up car 
loaded with lots of presents and while driving 
he'll be caroling, greeting everyone waving 
at him; and they should put on happy faces,
be kind to each other and exchange embraces...
never thinking it's old-fashioned and bizarre!

O Yule giver, reach out with your kindness,
it's the Holiday Season...why be so greedy,
and not share with the ones less fortunate? 
O Yule giver, touch them with your generosity
and they will once again believe in love, not hate!   
O Yule give, touch everyone's heart with your gifts!

The festive avenues are the mirror of wonderland,
shops displaying animated figures with merry eyes,
as music plays in a background of twinkling lights;
why shoppers are in such a rush...will the sales soon end?
Look at you, Yule ring your golden, glittering bell
and spread the Christmas cheer: you have a story to tell!

O Yule giver, remind them who will be born tomorrow:
a Savior and King to take away their pangs of sorrow,
will they believe you and gather around to listen?
They may have never heard of His birth announced by trumpets: 
was a stable fit for a heavenly king who God had gladly chosen?
But why such humbleness from instill love in proud hearts?

O Yule giver, you will dazzle and amaze them with a reading from the Holy Book, 
and if all stopped and heard of the Nativity story Herod hated:
the smiling babe, who wears no crown would certainly look,
and invite them in to worship Him whom a virgin conceived...
O Yule giver, proclaim the Shepherd who promises eternal joy:
seeing no color or race, but welcomes everyone into the kingdom of endless glory!

Entered in Linda-Marie's contest,
" Holiday Hearth "
Written by Andrew Crisci

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From my northern city full of rain... 
I came to this splendid island of Capri,
and through the blue eyes of Emily,
that constantly remind me of that southern sky,
I saw the beautiful expression of a true smile,
a smile that drove this man insane!

" Ci vediamo a Capri, " 
she said to mer sadly...
trembling and trying not to cry; 
and though the April' breeze was  so warm,
she shivered...reaching for my  hand to hold!  
Oh, Emily that wasn't a goodbye!

O island so full of fragrant, pretty roses...
waiting for those passionate lovers:
I must depart from you with sadness,
hoping that tomorrow I will be back! 
Oh, sweet darling...oh, lovely Emily:
I won't be gone for long...from you and Capri! 

" Ci vediamo a Capri, " 
I told her with an emotion, so hurt and deep,
that brought me to tears...until I couldn't breath!
" Ci vediamo a Capri, " 
I said aloud as I caressed her face so soft and young,
a face that I would remember in my Neapolitan song!

" Ci vediamo a Capri," I shouted over the calm sea!
" Ci vediamo a Capri," was my promise to Emily! 

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The Battle Field

The Battle field is ready for a messy day
Throats will be cut and blood will spray

Great feats will be achieved and a wonderful display
Of armies in mortal struggle, the fray

Giants, Demons, Angles and the like ready their blades
The battle drum beats then they rush the glade.

A master white stair case to heaven is the Demons goal
The General shuts his visor and leads his hoard through

Magic, Death, Music, Strength, and Weakness all happen
Only one makes it through the havoc….

His last sprint up the stair case a final task
At the top he unveils his metal mask

A young mans face with demon horns peers at the gates
In front of him guardians decide his fate

One question is all he has for them and the lord
Can I see my beloved from childhood from before?

The Demon kneels to show no threat before his grace
Then he sees her solemn sad little face

He didn’t move his great muscles as she approached him
Her actions were very simple…she bent over and kissed him

He then turned and walked down to the stair case
Threw his sword and spear then leapt from its base

He very well could have opened his great wings
He completed the only wish he had…. See the King!

Genevieve his angel

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Small Town Big People

I look in the mirror and see the years gone
I can look beyond the glass out the window
To the yards of my childhood
I can smell the flowers and feel the grass ‘neath my feet. 
I can hear the music blasting on the radio
Mama callin’ me for supper.  

I yearn to go back to that danged town
I fought to get away and never look back,
I never wanted to live there again. 
I guess there’s a piece of me
There in that little town. 

The town is small and so are the events
You’re everyone’s business 
You can get a break and can’t get away
You don’t even have a say
You go to and from and people protest
And those same people will still put you to the test

I yearn to go back to that danged town
I fought to get away and never look back,
I never wanted to live there again. 
I guess there’s a piece of me
There in that little town. 

I made it to the big town K.C, 
Got myself a husband and a son and a place to live
Settled in and made a life, got a career
I swear I’ll never return to my best friend
Comfortable where I stand, 
Happy where I am 

I yearn to go back to that danged town
I fought to get away and never look back,
I never wanted to live there again. 
I guess there’s a piece of me
There in that little town. 

Well times are hard,
And people are ruthless in this cut throat time
Jobs are scarce and bills run high
You never know what you’ll hear at night
The people are small in this big town
Yeah people are small in this big town

I yearn to go back to that danged town
I fought to get away and never look back,
I never wanted to live there again. 
I guess there’s a piece of me
There in that little town. 

I guess the town is small
Just good ol’ boys and girls havin’ fun
Small place, small town, small world
People may talk and people may watch
But the biggest thing in that small town
Are the people after all. 

I yearn to go back to that danged town
I fought to get away and never look back,
I never wanted to live there again. 
I guess there’s a piece of me
There in that little town. 

-Heather Birdwell 9/22/2009

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Our Eyes See All

Through our eyes we see a world that is ever changing. We look on as the children play carelessly in the parks and fearfully on the streets. We see the joy in a new mother’s eyes and the pain in those of the homeless one as she searches desperately for food and shelter. 

Our Eyes See All.

Through our eyes we have seen our country both flourish and suffer. We have been witness to wars and depression. We have cheered for freedom and democracy. Through our eyes we have seen slaves freed and women included. We have helplessly watched on as family values declined while crime was on the rise.

Our Eyes See All. 

Through our eyes we can see our future. We watch on proudly as our children grow and learn. We see the innocence and hope in their eyes as they begin to live out their dreams. In the future we see our children living in a world we could only dream of, never truly expecting to see. A world virtually free of crime, hate and violence. A world where all are treated just as they were created, equally. 

Our Eyes See All. 

Through our eyes we have witnessed our history. We have seen a constantly changing world. A world full of struggle and promise. When we look around us we see the world as it is today; all of it’s beauty with all of it’s flaws. As we envision our future we see a world living in peace and harmony. A world where everyone has the right to truly live freely and happily. We see the future we have all been waiting for, a future of rewards. 

Our Eyes See All.

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A tender child is sleeping in a warm manger
watched by a sweet,happy mother;
joy bells ring in glory,
in the blue Heavens
shines a yellow star!
This night is too cold for the sheperds
watching their sheeps over the hills of Bethlem;
the Angel of the Lord will surprise them:
as they'll tell them,"The King has come!"
That star will lead them,
and they will find the little King...there;
kept warm by the breath of his mother Mary!

Joy bells ring in glory;
the Wise Men are coming from the East,
to bring Him the precious gifts of destiny...
to worship that humble child
sent from a caring God:
to show the hearts of men His love at last!

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Healer Of Pain

A man struggles to see the light, 
Which shined so bright.
Darkness impours him and he fight's to break free,
But there's no light and he can't see.
The darkness is strong he trembles with fear,
He makes a cry to God loud and clear.
Forgive me for I have done wrong,
The evil around me is just to strong.
I come to you,
To help me through.
He opens his eyes and suddenly can see,
The light he had lost but now found for God answered him and set him free.
He thinks to himself how could I have been so vain,
But he forgives himself for he was saved by the healer of pain.

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The Beast

                              The Beast
                    The void, the emptiness
 What is that to which drives our inner soul to feel its pain
         The loneliness of love we find hard existing
         The beast, he live's there hungering to eat
  The empty you fill, lurking in the the darkness
Thriving on the bitterness of the hearts pureness
     There it dwells, eatting at your fleshes desires
     Love, it's bitter of betray,anger and hearts stomp
Where is the taste, we endure to bestow and feast
The Beast, it eats; I die as an awakening
    My eye's open, I do not see
    That of my death I experience
What of the darkness? Is there life or just myth
I hunger with thirst, I cry out in anger
   Love me never more that I may be set free
But love me yet or I die this day of my love for you
   That I only breathe the breath you take
That my life be yours til that day

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Can there ever be harmony
In a world so full of hate?
Where nations are divided
And so keen to subjugate:
When people have no tolerance,
They see only their own truth,
It’s no wonder there are 
And human rights abuse.

Our leaders seem inflexible,
They will not compromise;
They spout their view with 
It’s hard not to despise.
So – called democracy,
They will abuse at every turn;
To covet what they really want,
It makes your stomach churn.

Sincerity and honour
Do not feature any more,
They’re seen as values of the 
No credit do they store;
It’s vested interests that prevail
No matter what the cost,
Alas, for every so – called gain,
There’s always something lost!

One thought recurs above the 
A heartfelt plea to all.
That we should recognise our 
And hearken to recall;
Time honoured codes and basic 
Our parents held so dear,
So harmony and common sense
Can once again appear.



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As the dreary night slowly vanishes,
taking along the weary stars,
but the wakeful moon decides to stay...
I awaken with the new sunrise
admiring the glimmering sea
with colors resembling diamonds!

I breathlessly wonder
why God has created it
with a painter's hand,
and giving us that joy...
a devine joy as a reminder: 
that all He has made is entirely His;
and in the same manner
we care for our bodies 
with much preoccupation,
we must take care of all creation,
so that our children 
can enjoy it indefinitely!

Among fields of jacandra and dandelions swaying,
I awaken with the new sunrise in sheer delight...
to face life as it was when nobody was there;
and we can imagine the thought running
through God's mind to put a human being there:
to watch and control the beautiful earth!

I awaken with the new sunrise,
to discover a small bird soaring...
going further and further up until
he has picked up the speed of an eagle;
I awaken with the new sunrise...rejoicing, 
opening up my spirit to a song of praise!

If I'm still living, I owe it to my Lord,
and there aren't days I don't proclaim His  word...
when I awaken with the new sunrise,
and I gladly watch the golden sun radiantly rise!

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The War General..Not Just another Field Marshal

He is the African War General,
After his massive Digestion of Seven "JUMBO" Spliff Joints and more,
The sage wont forget to mention his Gulp-in of four pints of dark 'Wicked' Rum before 
His Very taste of a Healthy,Well-Balanced Breakfast,
His soul must be very Strong or Twice this Dead..'Once a soldier must I die a 
soldier'..Words that put the heart of man to rest.

To carry-on...thus to Tarry-on...We must Carry-on 'Words I learnt from The very Lips of 
the King of the Clan..He Truelly Tarried-on,
In Tarrying-on what shall we do...Bowing to worship 'Man' what oxygen shall we breathe,
How many campaigns did He Launch,
Sitting before this campfire chanting war Slogans,Songs and corrosive War Slangs,
I believe it was his very words that made those Flames and Sparks leap this High,
In the battle's very heat did he Unsheath the Heads of Three War Chieves and more.

He is the African War General...
Please do imagine him as he Emerges so strongly from the burning coals that attendeth 
the paths of a locale warlord,
Steaming red foaming blood...It is a hard sight..Really not too Dark a sight for an 
Intelligent promising Lieutenant,
Who took that last life saving accurate shot that saved 'The-Then-Fiercest-of-War-
Who slung that same lethal...killing shot..Pumping in Hot-Lead into the same Man we all 
slaved to Save.
The Sundry Deeds of a Highly Martial Mind...Appraising Salient Field Marshals and More.

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Everywhere I go, It Reigns

Everywhere I Go it Reigns

Still the Son today – stretch a gauze across his face.
Stir remorse amid the clouds,
Unto me, I say – tiny hands of angels, millions swarm the skies to pull the curtain
closed, yet to reveal dull surprise—
This mist shall send a message, the vapor spins a web – each thought we murmur, say, I
say, I said with no regret.
For gathered in this scheme,
The dreams of Gods and men,
The surface shimmers new, a cleansing solace new.
For God’s breath – renounced, the fluid pure it flows,
He lives!
So close,
So vehemently to you,
But you’ve known this all along,
Reach out and feel his tears upon your palms
More than any psalm I say,
More than you this day,
A gift of love and harmony,
He sheds such concepts blue,
Place your face towards the skies,
You’re being there renewed.

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A Grim Abscond

Walking on air. Thirsting for sorrowing despair is the only way I know how to keep you near. My spirit lingers for a moment, searching the softly dead silence for the words to say... forever the words are left unspoken. How can you speak when there is nothing but hungering darkness filling the eeiry quiet? My thoughts are left open in the night beauty filled with a gentle light. You see me; your gown is delicate, innocent and white. I look down at my own garments, clothed in black, I am a rainbow of darkness, mastered only by the forsaken raven... longing to thrive in the precious color of snow. A red rose drips with horrid blood, Why must I leave you now? Why must I go? You slowly reach for my hand, but you just don't understand, my heart is breaking. I don't want to bid thee farewell, but to live in such a dastardly sorrowful place would be like living somewhere else. My heart longs to be with you, and I know that in my dreams you will softly whisper "I love you" in my ear. Little do I know that one day soon it won't be in just a dream, because surely I will be with you here, So beautiful sweetheart of mine, do not dread, do not cry, For it is the words you have stolen from thy mouth "I love you", 'tis the only way I will forever depart. These words quietly unspoken still linger, silently in thy mouth evermore in thy heart... At thou grim abscond shall we forever part. Your frozen hand gingerly touches my cheek, wiping me free of all my tears. Surely, tenderly, I will soon be with thee here, until then, darling I love you. Let us forever dance in the dawn of the light, as my black garments miraculously transform, and turn into pure white. Sweetheart I am with thee here, in the night beauty filled with the glorious light. You have saved me from thy distress, thy sorrowing despair. Forever I will rest with thee, in thy heavens of everlasting light... close to you dear. "I love you" once again repeats its story as we forever slowly rejoice, dancing in victory. The two roses; black and white, silently stop crying, transforming in the light. They find refuge in each other, and live in the peace of hope, love, and looming, spectacular, innocent light. A grim abscond I once sang, as the roses drip in horrid blood, thus they prophecy destined them to be so much more, and now they stand against the beauty of the wind, forever bound together with thy treasured love.

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Justice Done Right

Before you win you have to lose,
But make sure to think about the path you choose.
Cause the wrong one could ruin it all,
To where you stumble and fall.
Rise above the equation,
Getting rid of anger and frustration,
Even though it may not be a great situation,
Have to seek forth with pure concentration.
Keeping your focus to the light,
It shines with passion in the night,
Helping you burning so bright,
To give you strength to stand and fight,
Justice done right.

Before you win you have to lose,
Always keep a look out for that shortened fuse.
It could explode bursting  into flames with a huge cloud of smoke,
Spreading rapidly in all directions with no air to breathe everything starts to choke. 
Dying off seems the only way,
You start to day dream about yesterday,
Then it starts to fade away,
Your holding onto strings better left to fray.
Suddenly you see a light,
Burning with passion ever so bright,
You break free and continue to fight,
Justice done right.

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dark dreams

a shadowed room...
my permanent cell,
the hatred by others intense.
blades fly through the air,
tearing through my flesh,
my attempts to scream futile,
my mind going blank,
I look up,
my finally thoughts happy,
"the pain is finally over,
my death is now to come,
the anger of others gone,
the scars from fights painless,
the shadows of my past pointless,
as i pass away tonight."
slowly my heart decreases its pumps
my vision goes to black,
my body suddenly heavy,
then when i think I may finally have peace,
I wake into a world of hate.
the final fight wasn't lost,
for it has only just begun.

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Salient Mild Daze In Writtings

These were found Amidst the flames of Creativity that Burn deep down Salient 
Is there a Likelihood between Bats and Platypuses....
Or maybe between Vampires and Dragons...
Aha! The writings of Saliency on these mild pages...
Damning Thy Six Mad Spirits sending Them Off to that City of Rages...
Life is to be taken in Stages...
Honouring My Quail,Ink and This Wise and Humble Page.

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For Thee


You are my moon 

My sun

 My rock 

For the moon protects me at night 

And the sun guides me through the day 

As the rock keeps me solid 

A voice so gentle, but true 

I look at the land of green 

The sky of blue 

Tis You, Your love, Your hand 

I will pick up the pen and paper for Thee 

And write the sweetest love letter I could ever prepare 

How you carried me through the endless sorrows 

The rivers of tears 

The hopeless hours 

How I dedicate to Thee 

In the morning 

And here we are 

Yes, I'm a fool 

To walk the road without 

I'm empty and useless with myself

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Many wonderful voices are heard...
the brighest star is seen;
o joyful bells ring in glory!
In the blue Heavens....see
the angels proclaim God's Word;
this night is cold for those 
sheperds watching their restless sheep
on the Bethlehem's hills.

A shining angel startles them,
as he tells them...the Child
prophesied long ago, 
has born! And that star will lead 
them to the manger, where He
sleeps so calm and mellow;  
doesn't Mary know that Her baby
will soon save Humankind?

O joyful bells ring in glory!
Let every angel praise
the glorious birth of a Prince,
who'll be the Sheperd of many...
whose hearts have longed for real joy!
O sweet child sent from God,
you've come to redeem the sinful world!
O joyful bells ring in glory!

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Sitting on a smooth rock
as waves crash into it...foaming,
and splashing their salty water on me;
it is warm and soothing after burning
on dunes of sand...listening to rock,
and one of the songs caught my fancy...

The dreamer who follows the stars
is an unloved soul running from time,    
searching for secrets in this Universe...
but finding only sympathy for himself;
he can see the sea-birds in flight,
and wishes more peace at every sunset!  

This pen dashes all thoughts off,
to relieve this mind of unwanted clutter,
clearly seeing beyond the noiseless shore;
and like survivors of a shipwreck:
I let out a deep breath, to feel life 
at its best ,and joyfully play my clarinet...

The dreamer who follows the stars
 loses their traces into space,
they go further and further and disappear from his sight;
he counted them all when they stood still and shone
above the ragged canyons of a dreary moon in silverlight, 
and how can he hope for their return and not dream alone?  

Fugitive darkness gives away to dazzling sun-rays,
the shrills of the gathered sea-gulls, by the beach-house,
bring me back to an existence of joyful laughs; 
I am repulsively sad to have fallen into sleep,
to have missed moments that could have inspired, indeed,
another song for the dreamer who followed the stars!

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The Lord's Presence

The Lord's presence blows through the trees 

as you feel the air flow past you

you just feel that He is there with you

there watching and proetcting you

and you don't have to be afraid of anything

because the Lord is there with you and everyone

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Many wonderful voices are heard,
the brightest star is seen...
o joyful bells ring in glory;
in the blue Heavens...see
the angels proclaim God's Word!
This night is cold for those
shepherds watching their restless sheep 
on the Bethlehem's hills!

A shining angel startles them,
as he tells them...the Child,
prophesied long ago,
has born! And that star will lead them
to the manger, where He
sleeps so calm and mellow.
Doesn't Mary know that her baby
will soon save Humankind? 

O joyful bells ring in glory!
Let every angel praise
the glorious birth of a Prince,
who'll be the Shepherd of many...
whose hearts have longed for real peace!
O sweet Child sent from God,
you've come to redeem the sinful world! 
O joyful bells ring in glory!

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Most High

Most High,
Reigning in the sky,
Thats how he sees the Sovereign Lord..
It begins with a man,
A young man,
Walked with God when he was young,
Didn't know wrong from right,
Left the Lord out of his sight,
Was a troubled kid in his school,
His school life was sent in a whirlpool,
Failed a yr and worked really hard,
He passed got dealt two good cards,
But God dealt him a hand that would change his life forever..

A terrible accident had happened,
Lucky to have survived,
Lying face down,
He cant feel from the neck down,
Taste of blood in his mouth,
He blacks out,
Wakes up being helped on a stretcher,
He was put into a helicopter,
He blacks out again,
Wakes up in his room,
Not knowing whether he can walk again,
He cries out to a nurse,
"Will i walk again?",
She says "Your very lucky dear boy,
And there was no permanent damage, 
It will take time,
But you should be walking in no time.",
He smiles,
Tried to pick up he cup made of styrofoam,
But he cant,
He finds out his wrist was broken in two places,
And will heal on its own,
He notices a long scar on his knee,
He was told he did permanent nerve damage,
And wont be able to feel anything on it or around it,
In what felt like a long time,
He made a complete recovery,
Grew stronger with his legs,
Goes back to school,
A day after his birthday,
And thats when the nightmare began.. 

Then one day,
His parents saved him with their kind words,
His eyes were opened,
He saw everything clearer and brighter,
He accepted God's word,
Hes grown stronger through Christ,
He was redeemed by his Savior,
God's unfailing love truly means the world to him,
His walk with God have been a journey he can not explain,
But the smile on his face says it all,
He walks stronger and stands tall,
For he put his trust in God,
The Sovereign Lord..
Most High,
Reigning in the sky,
Thats how he sees the Sovereign Lord.

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The War Part 2


The infantry open up for the cavalry
At full horse power speed they attack
Too late to use artilleries now
But it made some horses tumble, about a fifty
Six hundred horse ran to the infantry

Infantry too late for squares ran to the cavalry
They fired there muskets, brought down some sixty horses
It was the time of the cavalry lances where release
Unlike arrows it killed two at a time. The cavalry ran 
On the infantry. Head out of necks, arms out of scapulas, and legs out of hips.

The whole army retreats, they send their whole cavalry
Cavalry meets cavalry. One thousand lances released on a four hundred
Horrible! Men were carried from horses to horses, lances
Horse were raise up high, neighs turn to roars, lances
Now nine hundred and fifty to sixty, the opposite retreat.

The colonel seeing the sixty running ordered a chase. Fool!
The opposite's Brigadiers laughs, he ordered his brigade
To get ready. After their sixty drove in
The infantry made squares. At their captain's orders.
Salvo's were head, two thousand shots on a nine hundred and fifty.

Sympathetic bullets entered heads and hearts horses tumbled
They caused confusion, de-horse horsemen ran back.
It was only a ninety that penetrated killing a forty
Twenty horsemen retreated with wounds
There was silence, scout men where sent to count losses

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The Invincible Tiger

The Invincible Tiger
  Unlimited Power
The Tiger watches over us
Ultimate Protection and Care.
Evil not to enter
Not even to Dare.
The Mighty Tiger
Ever Watching
Ever Knowing
...Her Family
Keeping the dynasty intact
So Strong their possession attract.
With Sovereign Grace.
Over Their Place.
The Mighty Tiger
The Mighty Tiger
Forever Shall Reign

Peter LeBuhn

Copyright ©2006 Peter B. Lebuhn 

Peter LeBuhn 

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Why the dogwood tree grows

Why the dogwood tree grows.

In the middle of a vacant filed stands a grand dogwood tree where the  crows gather daily. People flock far and wide just to gaze at its majestic stature and overwhelming beauty wondering silently amongst themselves, “How this tree came to be.”

Shrouded in secrecy lays the scattered bones of a dead man. 

His hands rest against his thighs, his head turned upright as his soil filled eyes gaze upward awaiting the warm glow of the sun that sadly never comes.

The man laid to rest beneath the black dirt over time had long been forgotten, he no longer had a name, no home, or even a family of his own. Just the loving roots he had been encased in long ago.

But how this event came to be only three could say.
The women, the murder, and the forever silent dogwood tree.

The restless bones belonged to a man, a young man who had fallen in love and courted another mans betrothed. The women cared for the simple gardening man and the many trees his nimble fingers tended but her fiance was a jealous chap with rage to match.
And upon one final night after witnessing their true loves kiss the grief stricken cohort stuck the man down with his rusted pick axe and banished the gardener to his hand dug grave, placing his lifeless corpse in a vacant filed in which no one came. But what the enraged man didn’t foresee was the seed of a dogwood tree.
It fell from the deceased pocket and grew from the gardeners heart.

Year after year the tree budded magnificent flowers each possessing a hint of red staining their petals.

People marveled in its splendor gazing at the unique tree, gasping in awe and glee, but for one women its beauty agonized her for its existence was a constant reminder that no justice, nor revenge could ever be won for her simple gardening man.

And as the roots steamed onward feeling the caressing flow of a spring wind on its crimson petals the mans chest flooded with air and his dry, frail skeleton once more exuded life; 

And  as she eyed the swaying branches his memory suddenly came to life.
He was the air the tree inhaled, the nutrients it desperately needed to grow, and the reason it thrived.

Even in death he had the gardeners touch.

Her wrinkled face light up with love and for the first time in fifty years she smiled in happiness thinking to herself.

“That is why the dog wood tree grows, its out of love for my dead mans bones.”

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Worth Fighting For

Walk of fame,
Walk of shame.
But what is it really worth?
If we win,
We only live to fight again.
If we lose,
Then it was worth fighting for.

Road to somewhere,
Road to nowhere.
But what is it really worth?
If we win,
We only live to fight again.
If we lose,
Then it was worth fighting for.

Sea to shining sea,
Tree to rotting tree.
But what is it really worth?
If we win, 
We only live to fight again.
If we lose,
Then it was worth fighting for.

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The War Part 3


Corpses and torsos lay on the disvirgined field, some have lances on there 
Some bayonets on their hearts, some sabers in their stomachs.
Blood flowed like water. Lucky ones groans
But they are killed by the other wounded enemies
The cloud turns red. More still to go.

They wait for whom to attack first, the opposites did
They never touched their artilleries when their bombardiers did
Guns danced in the air, hands up, heads up, mouths up all down.
Their artillery returned fire, the same happened
The opposite had more arms, the killed more.

It was now time for the royal armies.
Each sides commanded by the Field Marshals.
White horses took to the fronts the whole army at the back
Seeing their Field Marshal’s Very Light the horses moved
The clashed was not ordinary. It was spiritual.

Heads rolled in the air legs and arms dance alone
For an hour the war came to its peak.
Artilleries were fired, square where made
And the cavalry moved like stampedes
The war was now disorganized swords were drawn.

Swordsmen reined while musketeers failed
Ten thousand men all dead of a course side will have to win
It was only a difference of hundred men. 
The reason for war?
A princess who is now married to a charming peasant.

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Believe It Or Not

Believe it or not, there will be a time.
When peace will be amongst all mankind.
Pain, death and violence will be no more.
Life itself will be worth living for.
As for the youth generation gap.
They will honor thier parents.
There won't be no peer traps.
And as for the parents arguments about bills.
Money shall be useless when we get over that hill.
Yes, right here on earth  where hatred  now  lands.
Love will conquer all and take it's stand.
Just as sure as white is the color of the doves.
All shall worship the true God in heaven above.
Just think all the animals will be free of their cages.
Hard to believe that since it has been unseen in ages.
You may have heard these promises before
yet , you have not found.
How peace can come upon this earth once more .
With love, unity and happiness abound.
I believe that there will be a time for by carefully
searching the scriptures you too, can find.
It's found in the bible book of Revelation
Jeovah God is our only means of salvation.
You think I am  just dreaming, that it's just all in my mind.
Well. believe it or not there will be a time.

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Let it flow, let it flow

The Vibes

The realism

The energy

The inner most spirit of your Divine nature 

Let it flow, let it flow.

©Copyright Brian Pierre-Alexander 2005

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The Very Words Your Morrow was just waiting for....!!!

Heavy shootings and more,
Primitive lead Automatics and their ancient songs, Contemporary Lasers and 
these sights of your futuristic DNA-CONTACT-ELIMATOR and more,
Please lets speak to Rome....The very place the revolution will erupt,
Where in this filthy universe will earth's volcanoes gather to Feast and Campaign,
Solitary Military base stations...oh! My lord do take my mind off all these waste, 
destruction and sacrificial human flowing blooooo...

The world has gone Deaf and Numbly cold...Alas! All of a sudden she belches a 
deep belch,
She has becomes so sweet,warm and cuddly,
My fists have clinged this tight to my wise Quail,
Do Imagine a situation where quails deactivate your high profile bombs like 
knockouts or popped chewing gums,
The purge...Our upsurge neither your salient Beards nor Your aged eyes will 
hear nor witness such Grave Wars, Disasters,Hate,Destruction,Madness 
and....such truthful Bliss...

On later Stages..Pulpits..Podiums and on your fiery Pages shall we uncover the 
mystery of those unborn generations who will see tears as flowing blood,
Salute my Napoleone,your Hitler and many kisses to adore this Satanic cool 
We the 'Kings of Rome' have seen our impending Doom,
Tell us Now Great Sir...What next steps shall we take,
What shall be done to a-tone for the World's excess iniquities and more,
Maybe a consortium of like minds writing to drive away looming angry clouds,
Still... must there be jacob's troules?

Tell my Grandmothers that we will never take them too far away from their 
brooms and Quilts,
Granddads must all cherish those moments Smoking pipes,
In a way, Tommorrow's mind must drift,
Goats must learn to eat minced meat and Salts,
Tell Gretel I love Smoked Salmon along with the freshness of Coconut liqueror 
and plumes,
In those Fiery steaming Jungles of tommorrow did i see Marijuana prepared like 
Stewed Chicken soups along with a glass of Strong Shepe,
Marijuana broths eaten along with one chicken,Two Mice and a Happy Bowl of 
spiced Coconut Rice,
My waists are heavy with come lets Prance! to those days of Perfect 
Perfect Bliss...Salient Peace after..and only after the Coming of that Revolutionary 

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                                         Have you ever closed your eyes
                            And retreated to the stillness of your heart 
                                        Allowed yourself to dream
                                        To wonder who you are
                            Your soul will whisper it's desires
                         If you would only take the time to listen
                                     Life is all around you
                            It is in the rustle of the leaves 
                          As they carry a gentle breeze
                         In the sweet song of the birds 
                            As they flit from tree to tree
                      Today I think I will take some time 
                            And get to know me

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The lovely thought of being remembered...
rarely crosses the unperceptive mind 
of the uncaring ones who live life all for themselves,
and one day soon...all that will change;
on their last, expiring breath...
they cannot call on anyone who's not standing by!
How I like to be remembered...
is to think of me as simple and wise,
loving as true as anyone else;  no regret
for having been helpful and kind!
And this name will be honored and read out aloud
by a generation that never knew me at all,
and it's the legacy of an undying spirit:
still challenging and vibrant!

Many great men and women have come before me,
and I don't call myself the greatest...most certaintly; 
this decision is left to the lovers of literature;
all they will see is my distinguished signature
on the bottom of each poem and song...
how wonderful it would be to hear them recite and sing along!

On my a country  not of my own, flowers
will bob upon my gleaming grass,
and undearneath the cold soil I will rest;
and my body will become a skeleton without flesh;
it's everyone's destiny to turn into dust,
until we are resurrected by that  Almighty voice!  

Like the very fragile petals of a rose,so perfumed,
that will scatter before the flight of the gull;
I'd like to float as brightly as these after dawn:
to be elevated by my spirituality
and reach that place of profound serenity,
thinking how I like to be remembered...

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Last Night I Went to War

Last Night I Went to War

Last Night I Went to War,
On an unknown battlefield known to secret soldiers clothed in shame and 
Tongue speaking samurai,
Last night I went to war,
On an unknown battlefield with weapons of mass destruction,
God given warfare of a secret guild, 
I went to war not against Iraq, but the spirit of blind fundamentalism,
Last night I went to war against an unknown enemy who torments me day and 
With a brother from old who I love dearly,
A brother of great courage and integrity,
Last Night I went to war against my father’s cancer and mother’s insomnia,
Last Night I went to war against my daughter’s fear of isolation and my 
therapist’s impending neck surgery,
Last night I went to war for America and the freedom that it stands for,
And I’ve had many casualties,
I’ve heard voices telling me to drive off the road,
And I’ve felt dark forces rise up in my mind to steal the beauty of my 
Last night I went to war for my nation,
A wondrous eagle, young and impetuous, righteous and misguided,
And I felt the strength of the cosmos well up within me and I knew for a moment 
that God is real,
Last Night I went to war with a brother for life and longer for a 4 year old girl 
tormented by the beauty of her own soul,
And It through me off track and now once again I sit confused and alone,
But look into her eyes I tell you and see the peace of freedom,
To look into her eyes I tell you and see the peace of a freedom that alludes me,
It’s worth it, 
It’s worth every moment of torment,
For to look to that day,
That blessed day,
When all the Jews and Muslims and Buddhists and Hindus and Right Wing 
Christians and Atheists and Agnostics and Liberals and Conservatives and 
Blacks and Whites and Reds and Yellows and Communists and Murderers and 
Terrorists and Infidels and Thieves and Saints Alike are all on the same side,
To look to that blessed day when all are one and we look to the enemy and 
say “No not one Satan, YOU CAN’T HAVE EVEN ONE!”
To look to that blessed day I tell you, I am chosen beyond the dismal nature of 
this moment.
To look to that blessed day I tell you, I am lifted high above to the mind of God 
and know Joy,
I don’t care how many friends I lose or loved one’s turn against me, I will keep 
I will keep fighting in unseen battlefields,
Until all are one.

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A walk in the Dawn

He called my name
I heard from my dream
Jumping up from the bed 
Misplaced my sleep

Five thirty am it was
I carried his travelling bag.
To the bus stop we aimed
Forgetting the gate key delayed a little

Within seconds we felt 
The blue dark dawn
We walked fast, but i was ahead
With our footsteps cripping behind us.

Doors were closed
The street was silent
And two to four beings we bypassed
It was a peaceful and jolly walk

At some metres before the bustop
I asked "Did the phone woke up?"
"Yes the alaram woke me tahnks to it"
I set the alarm

We waited for taxis
But they failed us
He was forced to enter 
A rickety Danfo

A bad way to start a twelve hours journey
We exchange  goodbyes
I stayed till the Danfo faded 
Going home was involuntary

My footsteps cripping behind me
The road having infected my slippers
And my feet and the road 
Had been linked with dust

Echoes of a strong bark was heard
It was repiled by a tried and exhaust one
Metres away from home 
The call to prayer was recited

And a lady was preaching prosperity
Both microphones were fighting for reign
They was later joined by a man preaching eternity
The voice of the mosque was conquered

As i entered my red gate
I found my sleep

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Everyone is with someone else they can't stay apart,
and this sadness shouldn't be mine today or ever...
because His birth makes light much brighter
in this lonely soul searching for comfort,
and that's why I'm loudly singing for Jesus:  my Redeemer!

What I feel comes from a heart that desperately 
desires its tears to erase what has been its yesterday,
and loudly singing for Jesus:  my Redeemer does me good;
praising His coming and proclaiming Him my Lord!

Nobody more than I...has the urge to be consoled,
when arms don't open to welcome me inside;
and His mighty arms, although trembling and small,
open up in loving gesture to greet my call!   

Come Jesus, friend of gentle hearts and kind souls,
spend Your day telling me what is in store for me;
how Heaven echoes of the angelic, eternal voices...
unlikely the earth that waits for a Savior to end its misery! 

Without instrument, music sheets, or choir on a snowy day: 
I'm loudly singing for Redeemer in the simplest way,
and my gladness is expressed in every verse of my song;
oh, how I'd like to thrill baby Jesus with the words I sing! 

I'm loudly singing for Redeemer,   
as I shiver under the cold sky of December!

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President Kennedy

Sir, its what we can do for our country, yes but Our country
does for us, Presidents Protcol, because of Presidents like
Washington, we sit my a tree in Paradise, the cherry tree,
I can't tell a lie sir, yes its what you sir need for your country
to help all of us.

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Nightfall Ravens shadow westward twilight wings unfurl daylights span receding as darkness envelops the world. Stephen (Stoic)

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Morning Berry

in the wet shamans garden
a budeful pass places the moist taste of a berry  
worn in it's tougen bush lasting in the shade of dawns
a soft prick from a thorn dances through the poor mans hand
as the common growth withers there claim
the spout of  a smiling flower spikes him dead
 the mass of the horizon shows the play back of a cowards tale
muck the it's rising the fields perish
now the death has not passed it's bright
the shamans sing to his dead mans calling
with the suns heart shining and beating like a drum
the liking of his wounded parry
evegant breath drowns the man in vein

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Low Man Is Due

A low man is due...
My eyes seek reality,
My fingers feel for faith.
Touch clean with a dirty hand,
I touch the clean to the waste.
I fall cause I let go,
The net below has rot away.
And I cry to the alleyway,
Confess all to the rain.
But I lie straight to the mirror,
The one I've broken to match my face.
The fire is so warm,
But nowhere safe from the storm.
And I can't bear to see,
What I've let me be.
So wicked and worn.
So as I write to you,
Of what is done and to do.
Maybe you'll understand,
I won't cry for this man.
Cause low man is due.
So low the sky is all I see,
All I want from you is forgive me.
My eyes seek reality,
And my fingers seek my veins.
There's a dog at your back step,
He must come in from the rain.
But you bring that poor dog in from the rain,
Though he just wants right back out again.
So my fingers feel for faith,
And my eyes seek reality.
So as I write to you,
Of what is done and to do.
Maybe you'll understand,
I won't cry for this man.
Cause low man is due.

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Aquarain Dream III- Children of Concordia

Used to be Controlled by a Tyrant of lies Then one day The swift unseen knights Came and stormed all who Deteste the Aquarian Wish Be Free and live long we are the Children of Concordia Nothing shall be in our way Comely as what a Siren signs Bravery of what a Lion brings The Grey Haven lies beyond the mist The Children of Concordia They have no word for trist Will you let me join your world? Will you open up the doors? A people of concord and more than they seem They live in the shadows of an Aquarian Dream A place of Liberty and Harmony Ruled by magic and Lore Deep in the Golden forest of Clarity Filled with enchanting tales Of Immortality and evil’s causalities You can find Eden’s people she said what humans were meant to be Comely as what a Siren signs Bravery of what a Lion brings The Grey Haven lies beyond the mist The Children of Concordia They have no word for TristWill you let me join your world? Will you open up the doors? the safety of your real that could never fall Comely as what a Siren signs Bravery of what a Lion brings The Grey Haven lies beyond the mist The Children of Concordia They have no word for trist Will you let me join your world? Will you open up the doors?

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Mistress of my night

a word with pain is soothing
Alore acursed my heart today
The fold out of it's tastire left me blue
The move of it's pearl speeks memory
let nutral sea fall too ashes 
beganing every verse with nathches
work hard when u place yourself in doubt
long for a moment of victory in triumph
A singnal to  horses blank note symbolzies the future quotes
a grave sworn to poland it's taker
A protongment for it's waker
A tardin for places
A paper wait a fold of ace's
A begging diperate maul speeks out
looking for answer to his freedom
he sweeps through the open-ended mardom
In messeagers of the broughter
Aloned walked the manked barrower
he resides the aoom of the acrowned
navley setting for closer
his bed saved from exposer
A winlrd passive word of confusion
The walls impalmped with bulushion
stow the brutes fine shade 
I warnaze a matters of pentance

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The Old Rugged Cross

Surrender Me Oh' Lord, As I Sacrafice
Myself To Your Cross, Where You Once 
Layed Nailed By Hands n' Feet With No
Place to Go.

I Meant To Purify My Soul, Which Now 
Excludes My Sin For The Thorns Were 
Worn Apon Your Head Deep In Blood
Of The Lamb.

As Day n' Night Passed You Realesed Me
From The Pain, That Haunted You I Claim
To Return Along Your Words Of Survival.

Walk With Me Down This DeadEnd Road,
And Give The Power To Carry On In Your
Name: Oh' Lord.

Here Is Where I Want To Engage To Retrieve
The Undying Love That Was Taken From Me,
By A Selfish Deed.

Where You Can Cast It Out Apon Evil distructure
Into The Pit Of Hell, I Was Forgiven And Delivered From
All Convictions Of  Guilt Unto You.

I Will Rise Again With Ever~Lasting Love
And Joy For Life, Where It Has Become 
My Only Miracle...

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Upon your eyes did I look, upon the tree of destiny, where Love Crucified hung so desperately. Awaiting your judgement. Friends watched. Soldiers mocked. Townsfolk jeered. I saw you through my eyes, drowning in solitary tears. Your arms spread out so openly, your spirit fading. The day became the night in the blink of an eye. A temple's veil torn in half. At your Father's one command you let out a cry, slowly, silently, slipping from your life. I gazed upon your lifeless body. So lost am I, frozen at the pinacle of the cross. Shepherd me home where I am again safe with you. Save me, Bread of My Soul. Body of My Life. Savior, Lord Jesus Christ. Echoing your one ascending name, again shall you rise. Dancing away with all of my sins, God of the Skies. Giving me the chance to live again, Redemption, sweet Redemption.

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Indescribable Awakening

People of God why can't you see,
The shining light that sets His believers free.
His mercy is so powerful its shakening,
His love is an indescribable awakening.

Darkness seems to be around,
The light is lost it cant be found.
People are sinning worshiping idols,
When times get tough they wanna give up becoming suicidals.
God is looking down on them shaking his head,
Wondering why these people are turning away making their own bed.
God stays hidden so we can seek Him,
It makes the light shine so instead of drowning we swim.
People of God why can't you see,
The shining light that sets His believers free.
His mercy is so powerful its shakening,
His love is an indescribable awakening.

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Little Cosmic Serenade

My little silver shooting star,
such energy you do possess:
A chilling, silky elegance, 
from you, I would expect no less.

You twirl about me gracefully,
illuming, as I lay you down.
The planets play a raggish tune
while diamonds jive about your gown.

My little white marionette,
oh are you meant to play that part?
For there is not a single string
confining your resplendent heart.

You stagger-step so perfectly
into my orbital domain.
The Taurus comes to break our bond,
but quickly you restore the chain.

				~That said, the Sun began to set,
				 awaiting mother Moon’s reply.~

								My little flaming center piece,
								so gentle is your citric light.
								Your seared momentum shepherds me
								to compass you throughout the night.

								You never falter, though the dance
								has rhythms far from uniform.
								You brave the floor so passionately
								with feet as skilled as you are warm.

								My little spheric candlelight,
								how is it that you grant me peace?
								Perhaps it is your steady hand:
								O may this feeling never cease!

								You bend your knees as I bend mine;
								such mimicry deserves great praise.
								You are my other shining half
								who lifts me up on golden rays.

				~Together now, the two hold hands,
				 enveloped by each others glow.~ 

Our little black tranquility,
an endless plane for countless steps:
it’s here our joy first learned to dance,
a feeling we have always kept.

								We set the shadow-sky ablaze
								with symphonies of lows and highs.
								Into the night, we scatter dust,
								the twinkling-tango fireflies.

Our little distant chandelier,
a stellar lantern burning bright,
compelling and immensely grand,
we sway beneath its blessed light.

								For us, there is no solo act:
								our sep’rate ways we’ve never gone.
								How could we ever not perform
								the pas de deux of dusk and dawn?

				~Eternally, the pair will last,
			         for night and day must always be.~

				   A little cosmic serenade, 
				   the melody of time well spent.
				   Celestial bodies resonate
				   to compositions heaven-sent.

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' Warriors ... The Battle Cry Song ... '

There Are Sounds of Ancient Thunders
There Are Sounds of Ancient Drummers
        Calling … Brave Warriors
         Gladiators and Warriors

And They’re Marching To The Cadence of Their Hearts’ Pounding
Marching, To The Cadence of The World’s Rage Resounding
They’re Going By The Beat of Their Heart’s Pumping
By The Steady Flow of Blood and Bloodlust, Tells Me Somethin’

               … Warriors …
         Courageous Warriors …


But, We’ve Seen These Men, Playing With Their Children
We’ve Seen These Sons and Their Laughter, I’m Hearing
We’ve Seen These Men, Loving Their Babies
And Tenderly Holding and Kissing Their Ladies

               … Warriors …
         Courageous Warriors …

2nd Chorus:

Oh Lord, Please Stop These Warriors’ Battle Cry
And The Battle Cry, Coming From Their Mothers and Wives
The Battle Cry, Coming From Their Little Ones’ Eyes
The Battle Cry, Coming From Warriors … When They Die

               … Warriors …
         Courageous Warriors …

Sticks and Stones, Swords, Arrows and Bombs
Lances, Knives, Hand to Hand Combat, Napalm
God Almighty, Oh, Thy Kingdom Come
Please Rescue Us, From The Kingdom of The Gun …

And Prophecy Is Marching – Listen, All Who Arms Bear
Warriors, Must Beat War Weapons Into Plowshares            ( Isa. 2: 4 )
And When War, Is No More, Then We Will Hear
All Warriors’ Battle Cry, Will Be An Amen Cheer !

              … Gentle Warriors …
            Peace-Loving, Warriors …

2nd Chorus:

Oh Lord, Please Stop These Warriors’ Battle Cry
And The Battle Cry, Coming From Their Mothers and Wives
The Battle Cry, Coming From Their Little Ones’ Eyes
The Battle Cry, Coming From A Warrior’s … Last ‘ Why ? ’

                … Warriors …
           Courageous Warriors …

How Can Flesh and Blood, Mortal-Men, Be So Fearless, I Wonder
Are They Strengthened By Duty, Love and Honor
Facing Danger, Death and Being Torn Asunder
Sacrificing All, As A Fallen Soldier …

                 … Warrior …
           Courageous Warrior …

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The Magic of Christmas

The magic of Christmas
Finds its foundations in God’s love;
Showered down from heaven
Like snowflakes from above;
The children singing carols
And the fairy lights so sweet;
The joy of peace and good will
Offered to all we meet.

The magic of Christmas
Began two thousand years ago,
When Christ was born in a manager;
Humble beginnings for God’s child below.
The three wise men bearing gifts—
Worthy of a king’s majesty;
The Star of Bethlehem shining bright
To lead them to this child of heavenly beauty.

The magic of Christmas
Is still with us today,
As long as we remember
God’s greatest gift to portray.
For God’s great love shown to mankind
Is the reason for the season;
Giving unselfishly to others
Demonstrates heaven’s liaison.

The magic of Christmas
Brings excitement for all;
The excitement of family gatherings;
The good times to recall.
It’s a time to offer love, peace and joy
To loved ones and those in need;
Indulge in unselfish giving
For each gift is God’s love seed.

Maureen LeFanue

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A Dead Man'sCove

We had turned the western fold
ecliped in the setinenrs nold
Where abendindeta was told 
This story is far too old
  with dreams shealtering the bold 
 In a time dangerous and so cold
This story is far too old
 A fearless leaders distine cry
Here i  was just  a marksmen soilder of deception with a heart of gold
 Never blink in  your enemeies gamble
Driven bye this i walked behind blue eyes       
Shouting in raiseing my daggers too the sky
True morals have swept the fortold bloodshed
Few quarrel's say this man's dead
Family wars is where i rested my head
 to began the breath of my last death bed
A netural of messages's sent
an borken ties and it's forgoten lent
I've reached for all in my rise in fall
And took no parallel in up-lifting my needs
Place your hand in mine here u will find security in love everlasting
I seek the foul carson who was their watching
The fools rabbit sits at his grave
the man cree of a playing   
I have shed no tears under the rumoured name

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Pembe Ninem

Acimiz buyuktur 
Pembe ninem
Yuregim  yurudu
Kopruler eksik

Bu ne bitmez hikaye
Ne donme dolap
Yigitlerin agiti
El olur er kisi
Utanir  kendinden 

Kanamis gelincikler
Yolun yarlarinda 
Sicak basmis irkilmis
Kapali odalarin kararlari
Gorunmez isiltili aynalarda

Irlem  terletti acilmamis 
dikenleri gundogana vurrgun
Pembe ninem
Ne yoldur bitmez
Yurumekle  beraber

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Aquarian Dream II- Leaving Kali Yuga

A glimpse in your gilded eyes Tells me all inside your lieing mind How can you Stand without a spine How can you speak without a will Failed to announce the pain Will they realize the illusion Is it all to late? The lies that are so common Have put up a delusion Infront Of the people's mind So deep away from the dark Will we come when father is coming For us, is it all to late? Soft little messenger I dare you to spread the word About our dying world All come far and near Listen to what we have been waiting to hear The walls have broken down The gates have been breached The Keep stormed in Praise and sing They have killed our king Our conformity is on it's last day All Black Skies have been tainted with grey Our flags are now just tinder The palace has all been burned to cinders Our Empire has fell Praise and sing They have killed our king I see the light of a dawning Age Let a new era begin An Aquarian dream a day where we are all free Inside our minds; our hidden refuge But there's no need to hide perfection Concordia shall be our queen Justice, independence, liberty are our only virtues free to be whoever our heart let's us be Go to the tower, strike the bell Soft little messenger And tell of Victory All come far and near Listen to what we have been waiting to hear The walls have broken down The gates have been breached The Keep stormed in Praise and sing They have killed our king Our conformity is on it's last day All Black Skies have been tainted with grey Our flags are now just tinder The palace has all been burned to cinders Our Empire has fell Praise and sing They have killed our king All come far and near Listen to what we have been waiting to hear The walls have broken down The gates have been breached The Keep stormed in Praise and sing They have killed our king Our conformity is on it's last day All Black Skies have been tainetd with grey Our flags are now just tinder The palace has all been burned to cinders Our Empire has fell Praise and sing They have killed our king

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undined castle

Here lie men of good favor
In this world their are know braver
This masiline view it seems to protrude like glass
It breaks my mind 
An undined castle that sits blush in the evergreen
of peoples choice a unheard voice a days lure 
work-filled courtyard tends to fold unseen
The artists gathering amongst the fellow-ed brother
around here we are together
None have played like we have stood
All troubles all ties broken under a hood
I'm a knack individual with a long shot
A midnight linger and renouned singer am in need of a cot
A worn mace A ball in chain it's open game
A palce needed a space pleaded true internship
cool nay blue in shade a new class In the morning pass
Apaishin allusion amaishin a new relationship
With antiga in-found all rights atrine in fine
I see a need that is greater for the the common people

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A sisters love!

           No More Hurt And Pain

A sister and also a child of God is who you are.  You brought laughter, tears And 
joy to those who knew you, close and far.

Your smile made people’s hearts feel warm inside. Your Kind and gentle touch 
was always part of your pride.

In times of need we now know pride was all you wanted to keep. Although In 
hinds sight, It made you weep.  A phone call always revealed an “upbeat voice” 
and “I’m doing Great!.” If only you revealed to us your true heartache.

God felt the time had come to take his plan one step more.  He wanted to
Make sure you were there at his door.  

We know in your heart you knew who made you, and gave you life.  At times we 
don’t understand  and it causes us strife.

We question the plan that he has made for you, but we know you are at
his side , not having to worry with the thought of pride.
We will miss you so much and life shall pass, but not ONE MINUTE
Will tick by without your memory and face as if etched  in glass!

God took you home to be at his side April 10, 2006.  No more sickness, no 
More tears, most of all, NO MORE FEARS!

God is your father, and he shall keep you safe.  You are in his mercy and his 
Grace.  Most of all, you are standing with him face to face.

We love you and you shall never leave our hearts. Rest in peace now Jan, 
And he’ll do his part.  We will meet all again in one accord and separation will be 
no more!



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' By All That Is Holy ... ' (Medieval # 1)

By All That Is Holy… The Knight Rode Away
Yonder o’er the Borders and Hills
Away to a Kingdom… to be His One Day…
Bound by Pledge and Royal Seal…

… for Valor and Honor and a Deed Well-Done
He wast’ given the Titles Thereof…
Glory and Power of A Champion
Of The High-King, He Loyally Loves…

By All That Is Holy… We Speak of His Fame
By All That Is Holy… Comes Thru His Name
That Strong, Gentle Knight of Light and Love
By All That Is Holy… Be Blessed Above

By All ‘Tis Holy  -  Pure, Virtuous
He Vanquished all His King’s Foes
In Obedience and Boldness… So Beauteous
That Forevermore… Everyone Knows!...

By All That is Holy… He is Now, Lord of Lords
GOD’s Will, ‘tis His Shield… Justice ‘tis His Sword
Prince of Peace, Paid a Ransom… we could nay Afford
… an Eternal Crown… ‘Tis His Priceless Reward

By All That Is Holy… The Hero Rose Away
By All That Is Holy… He Will Return One Day
We wilt’ Herald and Cheer, as Sir Mercy passes through
By All That Is Holy… He can Save You Too!

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Last Will & Testament

To Mr. Otto Osips Ochs
My friend, the dream is exhausted
But as long as you chase it, I will follow
Mr. Dylan Thomas 
Perhaps destiny it’s self will spare us
To yours, mine, our struggle 
Their smiles
Here’s to serenity 
Accept this peace
To those who do not understand 
Perhaps you never will
To Forsythe 
Orange monkeys, brown bricks
To Fallen days 
Summer musk smirks
So we wish upon autumn stories
And still recall a sudden May
The Garden district 
Birds feed, individuals chirp
The sudden closure that lurks
To holidays 
Like people they come, they go
To Knowledge
What is good language?
Ignorance, my southern king
My Etruscan dancer 
Kiss the mistletoe of your beloved tragedy
I beg of you 
Keep your self reliance
So I ask you, what do you do?
When life points all its fingers at you?
To End, despair, and happiness
Why not just coexist within struggles
To the most adorable infants
I insist that you cry
Because in the future 
When things go not your way
Your peers and I 
Will simply tell you to stop whining
To harmony 
I’d rather have your faults than marry
My well wishers
It’s been fun
I insist that you play
Enjoy the withered ways of the hours that fade
When life begins to settle around you
You begin to only focus on 
What you have to do
To the harlots I lay with in
You can do better than me
To those whom stood foot in sand
Wrap your self in a warm memory and let it be
To fatal attraction 
What ever happened to you?
Until the end, my friend
My lord this is as far as we go
To my viewers 
I leave you my despair
My expired whereabouts
My truth in well being
I leave you my absence on days I do not miss
My love
My only beleaguered wish
To life
The darkness I continue to kiss
To my conscience
I cannot get over you
To the world 
The end, all is yours
To our sun
The moon, the blemishing
To Phoebe 
Be eternal, mark, and benefit from it
To relinquishing 
I keep trotting
To this decision in essence
Where will I go? 
For now, I do not know
But maybe that’s the significance in the matter
To Colorado 
I look forward to our rendezvous and tryst
To departure
A lavender scent
To laughter
A soothing melody to present
To my tears 
You are nothing more than failing worries
To Eternity 
Time seems wounded, love please hurry
To Monroe Louisiana 
Maybe I’ll see you all around sometime
As for my will 
I leave none, it carries on within me

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Now that your gentle ways have given me the best, my head can now on my 
pillow calmly rest.

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Harvest Fantasy

Harvest Fantasy
The Day is dark
Rainy...and all so whet! 
But with her
Life is illuminating
And warm

As we frolic in the rain
With all the passion and vigor
That our hearts can generate
Our arms wraped around each other
With a tender embrace

The rain has ceased
The sun has risen
All the colors of the rainbow
Are upon us
As we lay in a mountain
Of colorful fall leaves

I look at her I know she is joyful
Because of the smile in her eyes
And the glow upon her face

Peter LeBuhn

Copyright ©2006 Peter B. Lebuhn 

Peter LeBuhn 


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There Is No Fear In Love

“18 There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear, because fear has to do with punishment. The one who fears is not made perfect in love. 19 We love because he first loved us.”  1 Jn 4:18-19 NIV

There is no fear in love.
Fear has to do with punishment.
The presence of fear itself
Is indicative of love’s abandonment.
We love because God first loved us
And love cements God’s people.
A world without love
Would be so scary and horrible.

There is no fear in love—
All fear is laid to rest.
Peace floods the soul
Even when submitted to life’s tests.
Fear is a lonely place;
A place from where peace flees.
Love knows no fear;
Love with peace agrees.

There is no fear in love
For fear is of the enemy.
Perfect love drives out fear—
A heartfelt testimony.
Whoever lives in love,
By love is made complete;
Knows love’s successes,
And escapes fear’s defeat.

There is no fear in love
For in love we find God’s presence.
In the presence of God above,
Fear must find its absence.
In the battle between good and evil,
Evil will surely fall.
Love is the conqueror—
The conqueror of all!

Featured in my book No. 4, "Poetry To Touch the Heart & Soul"
Copyright © 2011 Maureen LeFanue

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sliver tears

silver tears swept it all away
loose it on the peace and love
happiness seems so far away

some how some way there is a way
oh where is my soul lasting prayer

some say

some how some way there is a way 
oh where is my soul lasting prayer

sliver tears swept it all away
loose it on the peace and love
happiness seems so far away

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Yakomazlar acti
Vurulmus yildizlara
Bahcemde sardunyam
Sallandi gunun aksamina.
Yarim  elim  elinde
Yurunmemis adim
Alcanak yanaklarim
Konusulmamis aci
Bekledik durulsun agri

Kanayan gundogan
Biber bastik acimiza
Hep bir yoldan
Hep bir agizdan
Sevdik devsirdik
Elele yuruduk
Acinin umutlarina

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Beneath Heaven's Helix

~ Oh tender Heaven's Helix, ~

I wait for you on hilltop high!
The morning bulb has just awoke.
How shall you grace today's blue sky?

				The wind comes rushing fervently
				and marks the air with whistling rings.
				It brings forth waltzing butterflies
				with bright prismatic paper wings.

								They whirl about impulsively,
								not knowing that they've formed a line;
								and skipping in a blind parade,
								they twist about transparent spine.

				~ Oh regal Heaven's Helix, ~

				I wait for you by lakeside low!
				The flaming star has dimmed its light.
				What is it now that you will show?

The sky is filled with citric shades
and paints the pool an orange hue.
The pallid plane invites black wings
to dance along a massless screw.

				The pattern of these tainted doves         
				appears to be a braided bow.
				These ravens twirl with drunken glee,
				reflecting in the glass below.

								~ Oh joyous Heaven's Helix, ~

								I wait for you in pasture pure!
								The candle has been blown away
								to aid your luminescent cure.

				A pacifying zephyr lilts
				and from its breath come playful sprites.
				A gathering of fireflies
				encompass me with ivory lights.

They flicker all throughout the night
and cast on me their midnight-spell.
They wildly spin on magic wings,
just like a moonlit carousel.

				~ Oh sacred Heaven's Helix, ~

				I ask of you to bless this day,
				and carry those who choose to stay...
				beneath your fluttering spiral.

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Grand Kaleidoscope

The world's a grand kaleidoscope comprised of shuffled scenery. It shares its everlasting grace as we walk amongst its majesty. Green geysers sprout from earthen springs with herbal shards as ornaments. The blossoms of the world parade to the joy of floral increments. Somewhere wet winds from sunken skies are lapping at the copper shores, while boiling citric blood erupts from the depths of tawny mountain cores. Small sugar stars come shooting down from ivory puffs like joyous tears, and raging river rapids roar at the royal sky so crystal clear. A veil of sable feathers whisks across the evening's coral lake; the sparkling sprites of moonlit night promenade throughout its dusky wake. The choral cries of quadrupeds resound from caves and forests deep, while busy pinion-folk take wing to their nests where helpless hatchlings sleep. A searing guild of golden tongues cascades from mouths of ashen gales, and passive clouds of floating dew skim along the rugs of vernal vales. A school of silver shadows dance beneath cerulean sheets of glass, while frail auroral arthropods play amongst the rows of emerald grass. Somewhere a frozen pyramid is rising from a powdered sea, while bright prismatic tapestries serenade the heavens' purity. The world's a grand kaleidoscope, revolving, free from mortal strife. Can not we learn to cherish it, as we turn its fragile shades of life?

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a song for storms

We live
We look for strength 
To go on
Day in
Days with in a song
We give
Second to our ribs
Circle of my thoughts
Where’s home

Collectors coming for my sins
I’m just as filthy as most refuted men
Whom disputed over realms of broken limbs
Sounds of an acoustic rose
Singing with in my misery
No other agony could produce these lows
The stabilization of man kind
History is only statistical values on rewind
My logic to look further than a keepers find 
I hope you become the change you look to see
Giving it back for all that this 
State of being has taken from me
This broken image I have awaken to be

We live 
We search for strength
To go on
Days in
Days with in a song
We sing 
Circles of my thoughts
I want to go home

Don’t give up on life
Don’t let it get the best of your nights
Nine children, from no two women
But one 
Woman’s worth taken beneath a shaded sun
Sympathetic I cannot be
For I never really referred to her as “mom”
Your economy appears to crumbling
Why I tend to give you all 
The bitter half of the songs in me 
Look forward, toward tomorrows coming
For days know not where they come from
If it gets no better, allow us to breathe
Take upon the breeze with leaves
For autumn seems to strangle 
Suffering from our sleeves
A New York warmth 
Hidden beneath winter charms

We live 
We search for strength
To go on
Days in
Days with in a song
We sing 
Circles of my thoughts
I want to go home

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You are my jazz oasis
With clear blue skies
Fading emotions and our babies cry
Silently keeping me awake no matter what night
My new mystery and my biggest fight
Trumpet play the loudest blown horn
Beautiful and busy since the day you were born
Wilted and withered worried we are
Figuring mistake made but how far
Will this go and when will it end
Your my jazz oasis 
My little man is torn in his bright eyed mind
So physically strong unlike any kind
Love him sing to him you always do
All the dreams not put on hold
Waiting to see if society's normalcy unfolds
How do we know this is our gift
Make no changes of mind struggles don't shift
What has been given to you quietly
Gentle touches caress him
Only you know his melody
He is my jazz oasis.

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In the Great Hall
A gem glowed
Within its' heart
Much love flowed
So many....
Have come so far...
On Christmas Eve
On a clear night
By the light of the stars
A trail lit by stars
That swirled above
That swirled below
Soft light
Faerie love
Faerie glow
The turrets and spires
Pierced the night sky
Reflected light
Of stars
Of Faeries
Of love
For you and I
It was Christmas Eve
At Castle Heartstone
The soft light
That lay in your heart
That lay in a gem
Let the magic weave
Love and stars
On this night

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My Colie

In the night i cannot slumber
staring at the wall i ponder
what's it like to be together
after the distance dies away.

In the morning babe my heart aches
at the thought of you so far
i can't wait till the day break
and our souls merge as we meet
face to face.

And if you were lost in the darkness
I would shine a light for you
know that i would do it all
just to prove that i love you.

In the evening i am screaming
sick and tired of bad dreams
but your face is just so gleaming
chasing all my inner demons away.

As you stare into my eyes
you could always read my mind
know that i would never lie because
in my heart, my love you'll always

And if you were lost in the darkness
I would shine a light for you
know that i would do it all
just to prove that i love you

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Life is tricky as most of us have found,
it can slap you up and it can slap you
The sun always rises to meet us each day,
the sweet air is blowing and making it
our way.
The day seems long as we start the 
trip, we always hope we wont fall
or slip.
The temptation of the human mind is 
all around, it can bring us up and it can
bring us down.
To be "strong" they say is what we have to do,
but how can we do that, if its only just
Being alone is a punishment for me, you see,
I sit and wonder, how to set myself
I hate the night as it falls around me,
I feel captive, trapped and needing
to be set free.
Sleep can help and take me away, 
to a place that i can be at peace,
and often play.
Dreams are all i have to help me now,
I think on them daily from sun up to sun 
Dont take that part of me from which i 
live upon, without that within me
i would surely be gone.  

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My Peace

oh wow the first time I kissed you
I envisioned myself on some island
wrapped up in your love blanket
we cuddled til the sun came up
the whole time we held hands and touched
told each other
how we wanted it to be forever
neither one had ever felt such bliss
that happened one night with a kiss
as you tuned into me looking in my eyes 
I knew it was the answer to my woes and cries
finally we it is a bond that is mended with our hearts
distance of love in our dreams we never part
from the true meaning of how it all started 
as we take deep breaths of this sandy air
we await the exhale cause you and I care
as the remnants of us ride in the waves of the ocean
taking our thoughts to a place unreachable
few have been there most tend stay
as we reach our favorite destination
it's no doubt were in love

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Where do you belong? 
Alone on a windswept beach? 

Everything I gave 
Everything I taught 
Nothing to save 
All came to nought 

Alone on a windswept beach 
These grey clouds flying by 
Nothing more to teach 
Hear the wind sigh 

Alone on a windswept beach 
Where do you belong? 
These things I cannot teach 

For the wind swept me away 
These grey clouds flying by 
Sometimes this is the way 
Hear the wind sigh 

Wind song 
These grey clouds passing me by 
I am feeling strong 
I know where I belong 
Passing through 
Windswept sky 

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Your hidden treasure,
deep inside
I want to find,
what you hide
Deep inside,
your mind

Your hidden treasure
I want to find
I want your pleasure,
your mind,
your hidden treasure

New things to explore,
every talk
A new door
Deep inside
You cannot hide

Your hidden treasure
I want to find
Your pleasure
Your mind

Your treasure
Physical pleasure
Your mind,
greatest treasure
I want to find

A new door,
the things to find
The treasure of your mind
I want it more

Hidden treasure,
new door
Physical pleasure
I cannot ignore
Me, to find.........
The treasure of your mind

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Night Time Prayer:Based on Psalms 4:8

Thank you father for another day that has passed
Thank you for the life,health,and strength
That you've blessed me with.
Thank you for all of your great love and forgiveness
help me to be the person you planned for me to be
when you created me.
I will both lay me down in peace and sleep
for thou lord only make me sleep and dwell
in safety.
Thank you for my family and friends,thank for all of the days or years
you've appointed for me.
Thank you for you constant guidance and ordering my steps
even when I mess things up for myself too often.
thank you for all the doors  that you have opened for me and my whole family
the ones i know and the ones I've never met thank you for protection in known and
unknown dangers in the land of the living.


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True Warrior

The presence of a giant in a frame so small
Heart of a warrior standing tall
The soul of an angel with the touch of a child
She walks so proud on the longest mile

She won’t give up, it’s a fight to the end
May have lost the battle, but won the right to ascend
And after she’s gone when there’s no more pain
The memory of her touch will remain

A True Warrior with unshakeable faith
The battle that she fought would make most runaway
A True Warrior, A Gentle giant inside
Dealing with a monster, she kept her dignity and pride

The hour draws close, her time is at hand
As she prepares her journey to a promised land
The peace that awaits and calls to her soul
Has her name etched in light on a heavenly scroll

Her battle’s nearly done and her war draws to a close
To face this monster is a path she freely chose
But look up in the sky pretty soon you’ll see a light
As she’s held in the arms of an angel tonight

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The Way You Stall And Cover

Why would you...
    Pull the plug
    Cut the chord
    Hang the harp
    [or] Bend the board
Sometimes it's best to just let things fall as they may

The wind is cutting life a knife through my fingers
I could have taken a hint just the same
But to take this as one is simply insane
I've only got a block or two 'til I get somewhere familiar

They call this part of downtown
The vampire's lair
Seeing as nothing even breathes until there's no sign of the sun

So I cross the street to my favorite spot
Find the darkest booth and begin to talk
To these blank pages
With words of ink
And like everything else, I let this rot and falter
Because sometimes it takes
More than a change

I make my way outside and head up the street
I can hear some friends I intended to meet
And we talked for what seemed like forever
About politics and people and whatever
And then we split our tab
And we split our paths
They head for the lot
And I begin to walk

Only two more hours until I sink into my bed
But don't forget me or the things I may have said
Because somewhere there's something that someone has summed up
And that somewhere is calling for you

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The Brothers, Jo

Standing there before the air,

A brother stood on high.

I remember the day,

When he couldn’t play,

And they forced him,

to say Good-bye.

Sold was He, to captivity,

And seeding the deed,

brother Jealousy.

But brothers know and

Those Brothers, Jo..?

They chose, just not to sea.

Looking now, two forgive,

Seeing how, they wish to live,

Knowing now, of what they did.

And standing there, seeing care,

A Brother stood on High.

I remember the day,

He forgave their way,

And loved them, under the sky.

It took a while, a test, a trial,

But Brothers once again.

From up on High, up near the Sky,

The Sun-shine in just then…

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Song of the Dying

You don’t feel upon lying
So you sing the song of the dying
Sunday afternoons 
Pastors choose reign in a spiritual doom 
The sun plasters we coons 
Stand out and fade faster with the moon
I bid you the same old static and blues
The one always in favor of tempered news
The trail of adventures and rules 
We don’t heal upon crying 
So we sing the song of the dying
The highways haunts you
Night sky’s taunt the blue 
All life wants from you
Is the truth
The secrets they’re telling you
One just knows not what to do 
Feel like you want to cry
Coincidentally you realize 
It would be better to die 
We don’t feel upon lying 
So we sing the song of the dying 
I’ve given away myself in every song
Driven the bars last liquor home
No sympathy for an aging man
For I cannot feel your tears 
Upon my rough hands 
My scared palms 
My irrelevance 
bared in chapters of Psalms 
Until my ending is calmed 

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The Monk

White space. Where am I now?
No place. I'm awake somehow?
Know sounds, in the air around.
So I'll walk... On know ground.

"... 155..."
~Am I alive? I hear later on.
"... I gave you a song..."
~So, I walked. My middle is Long.
~Did I speak to you Snake?

White space. Where am I now?
No place. I'm awake somehow?
Know sounds, in the air around.
So I walked. Onto know ground.

Hey. You. Olld man there...
Where'd you come from?
"...speak your question, little one."
Do I dare? Was I here...?

He was content to take his Time.
I stood there, silencing my mind.

Then.Motion. Out of no motion,
His hand came round, from around,
left side, and through his dark eyes,
White.Paper flies....

And stunned was I, step back to dye.
No, lept! I cried! His eyes! I wept!
Steadfast. Straight past, fixed,
to the sun was I, in the midnight
glide while the stars fell by...
And in the light... his white,
Paper.Butterflies from the skies.

Then silence.
I turn again.
So still til then. This old man.
He changed my Time.
He played the knic nac,
with the pretty kitty cat,
he played the switch.back,
with my mind...
"... I'm the Monk..." he said,
" and you're the bow tie, This Time.Love"

To assume, the Lady would have given her ear to a snake again....
was too, simply assumed. ~We need two ears to fly with.Dragon~Sang.The Lion.
We learn first, the right time.
We painted it fuzzy, to reMind...

"And we ;pLay, all day Long..."

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From a Hero's Eye's

I’m away from this world 
I cannot follow your sheep
The mourning inside
These elements we prefer to keep

I’m away from your tears
Whispers sound away from my ears
Your smiles linger below my fears
The moments inside
They seem to blossom and hide

Hero’s do not smile
I’m no longer your wandering child
Your Guardian, I cannot be 
Is there anyone who may cherish me? 

Your piano may play
What useless lines this melody may say
I wish that I had flesh
I wish that when I fell
I bellowed out with purity from the chest

I’m away from this world 
I’m away from your tears
Hero’s no longer smile
I cannot follow your sheep
I’m no longer your wandering child

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The Last Sleep

 Turn back the sheets to be under
Mind not storm and mind not thunder
Sleep -O, sleep to be the wonder
See not the ghost eye stark!

Shut out ghostly faces hailing
Till the morning and the wailing
And the ghostly voices failing
Fear not the dark!

Move into days not to number
Move into a gentle somber
Move into the mist and slumber
Fear not the evil bark.

Hear not ghostly voices calling
Hear not of your sprit falling
Hear not of your scream appalling
Fear not the dark!

See not ghostly mist go yearning
See not ghostly spirits turning
See not ghostly light hell burning
Fear not the ghost eye stark!

Touch the wind cold and sleeting
Touch the cold heart stop beating
Touch the light glowing fleeting
Fear not the dark!

I give to you not a warning
I give to you gifts of morning
I give to you no bell horning
Fear not the evil bark.

Sleep in peace evil out-driven
Sleep in peace fear un-shriven
Sleep in peace so be forgiven
Fear not the dark!

Sleep not craven or unseemly
With no night light gleaming dimly
See no ghost-face watching grimly
Fear not the ghost eye stark!

Faith of heart, must not be taken
Or from shadows of night shaken
Never will you be forsaken
Fear not the dark!

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My Conclusion

This is where the story ends
A young man fallen in his own mischief
Times I shouldn’t have
But I really adored my friends 
Forty days, is forty or more sins
This is where my story ends 
Not a whole lot of spiteful
Spiteful, unused energy
A headache is simply adding integers
Past chances is blown wind
Reassure my friends 
That this is where the story ends
Cole street
No gravel below my feet
Fifty silverware a person
The next hour of continuous cursing 
Pregnant hostess 
With an infant that needs nursing
She spoke 
But I never once heard her
Chips and salsa
That mistake is going to cost you
IOU’s with bronze coins to spend 
I wish this was where the story ends 
Do you miss me 
I’d kiss you 
But for twenty minutes now
I’ve been observing you 
Through a glass lenses 
Nineteen years 
I’ve fallen before broken amends 
When I held tears above my chin
Sadly this is where my story ends 

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Beyond My Journal

As a hero
You become what others could not
You attempt the task 
In which you know you may never complete 
As for my spectators, please take your seats 
Because you held me 
When no other would love me 
My audience
My reader
Expendable I may seem
On this lifeless meter 
As one can see
I have become vulnerable, useless
Soulless, my finale
At your carnival, these are my excuses 
Because you held me 
When no other would love me 
I can no longer fly 
But because you see doom amongst the stars 
I shall reach once more for the skies 
It may seem pointless
But it gives them hope 
So my failure will not be a complete disaster 

“I live in triumph
My tragedy” 

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In our splendid universe,
there's more than diversity...
undiscovered planets:
like the warm beats of the heart;
huge skies of blue where anyone's
eyes cannot reach their infinity!

There can never be dark days,
and the pure joys of two loyal souls
will only lead to other unknown desires;
what keeps others from reaching this height,
and free themselves from what makes them writhe...   
without having to give up anything?
That secret lies mainly with us,
 jealously protected, but if curiousity overwhelms them:
we're holding the magic key...
to unlock this amazing mystery!

In our splendid universe,
all the stars take refuge in myriads,
and keep us safe from shadows,
so that we will not know sorrows;
and if the warmest sun shimmers
and breaks trough the darkest clouds,
when  another storm threatens its peace,
we'll be assured to behold its magnificence!

Unworthy  hearts search for an unreachable God,
but can't find Him where they wish...
until their wait becomes desperation;
why do they fail and turn back to the starting point?
We have that answer with an assurance:
turn away from all those dreadful
things that cause unnecessary pain,
and have a sudden change of heart !

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Perfect Peace

Whatever is sure
Whatever is pure
Whatever is beautiful
Whatever is true 
Whatever's of You
O Lord it is wonderful

To think on such things as these
As I keep my mind stayed on Thee
You will keep me in perfect peace
Since I put all my trust in Thee   

Whatever's of love
Whatever is just
Whatever is good and pleasant 
If there's any virtue
Whatever's of You
O Lord it is excellent

To think on such things as these
As I keep my mind stayed on Thee
You will keep me in perfect peace
Since I put all my trust in Thee

Whatever you've learned
Whatever you've heard
If it's of good report
Whatever you've seen
If you've been redeemed
Practice and praise the Lord

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ur Reflection

Rose of your saddened angel
Patented as a stranger
Template of tears
Do not shiver, my dear

You should know who you are

What is one to do? 
When life points all its fingers at you
Paranoia claims your sanity in every line
Only stars are dreamed upon in time

You should know who you are

My decrescent nights
Pleasant statues reflect blurry to life
The essence in having less value
Come along, follow this isle of truth

You should know who you are

"Are you whom you say you are? 
Are you just another dreamed upon star?
You should know who you are"

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AS EAgles Fly the Creators and Gods

America the beautiful his lady to thee, were eagles fly HI apon and
by the sea's his beauty never dies, Land and Air by clouds up high
the spirts of the creators fly bye and bye, to carry the gun, not against
the good women and son but for the baby in liberty's arms were they
laid, to protect the air, land, and oceans, Bast and all the awesome
creators cried, bye and bye and of course in time they will go bye
to carry them home one day, On the Moutain top were Gaints of 
men small and large men that are all ,of us, a ,gaint in the skys 
Golden godness, that dance on the clouds to carry them home
in the heavens sky, There the thrones of Gods line up for all
of the brave, for thanks, given we may have a party to the divnes on the
4 th of July may be creators brithday in the universary sky, Blast all
we sing our song for ever more Happy Brithday to all. Giving by
angels also and anyone who has a party.

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Miss You

I miss the way you looked at me,
That one time in the store;
Your eyes were the color of dirt

After you spit in it-
The color of chocolate, 
Melted on a gray coffee table.
Your socks were wrinkled that day,
They reflected your smile,
Dry and cold, wet in the corners,
Your lips looked as though they were sunburnt.
That day I hugged you a lot,
I was afraid you would slip away.
Your eyes were like my stars at night,
Bright and innocent,
And beautiful to look at for long amounts of time.

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Life in my eyes.

   Look deep into my eyes and see what I found,
Look at my smile it's life's and undefind, untouched, and experienced.
  My demeanor....the way I walk and talk it's life's up's and down's,
A story stored, memorries harnessed, pain subsided, not unexperienced.
  To you I smile for I know not, for me I smile for I untied life's knot,

I seen life flourish, I seen life fade,I have seen life tarnish in a look.
  I've witness a life gone,I've witness life emergance, I witnessed a life so strong,
I remember my mom's last breath, I remember my kids first breath they took.
  I saw a life taken, I saw a life end, I saw a life stop like a sad love song.
  To you it's for not, to me it's what my eyes sought.

I felt life's heart aches, felt life's rain, but above all I felt my life break,
  Life in a bottle, life in a nut shell, life's begaining and life's end,
I've seen, witnessed, felt, remembered all at steak.
  I live for life raised me to see, fill, cherish and bend.
To you, it's just another breath, to me I now it's all mine till death.

So sing your sad story of pain, pity, remorse, teachings that should be untold,
  Frown, wine, speake of all you heardships blame it all on life,
Close your eyes to what's before you look away from what life beholds.
  I'll live, love, smile for we all hurt at one point and time it's sacrifice.
Live life's breath, live, love and just be, till death.          

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Withering Away

You’re going to miss me when I’m gone
Home the one place I do not belong
As spoken in first person 
Sometimes life just is not worth the cursing
Infants, we casualties of less nursing
From this very instance, situation worsens
Walking in shadows
Follow this mysterious league of adults
Swallow my tears, but I cannot handle yours
For I fear you may dismantle 
Losing whom you truly adore
Purchase your freedom
But how much scrutiny can you afford
Gripping my throat, losing my edge
Slipping as a goat, choosing my pledge
Scandals out weigh my sledge
As it appears, I’m still breathing
Sincerely in days, I will be leaving 
Only hours foreshadow my doom 
Dreams no longer linger
As my nightmares loom
This darkened rose withers so soon
You’re going to miss me 
When I’m gone
Outcast, an unknown
Home, the one place I do not belong
You’re going to miss me when I’m gone

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The sound of those keys,
Resonate in my memory as I paint rainbows,
Daffidiles and summer frolics to foreign lands.
The sound of those keys,
Resonate in my past,
Opening doors to happy memories of,
Love and pain and anger.
The sound of those keys,
Wake my spirit to dream,
Of lost riches and conquest in my mind.
The sound of those keys.

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Eternal Lullaby

Sleep, baby now rest
Don't you know? To me your the best.
Close your eyes until tomorrow
Although you know the morning may bring you sorrow.

Peace child, don't you know?
You bring happiness in this world filled with foe.
It's not your fault people don't understand,
But I'll stand by you; I'll hold your hand

Ssh young heart, don't you cry,
Here, wipe that tear from your eye.
You must be scared, we all are
But you have the strength to be a shining star.

Believe, young dreamer
Follow your dreams but be a believer.
It's not the weight of the world that holds you down,
It's the weight on your forhead, your heavy frown.

Patience high flyer, it takes time,
But like a fanfare the bells will chime.

You are never alone
I am always here
A silent whisper
'Have no fear'

Sleep, now rest
Through time you've become the best.
Close your eyes, and trust in me.
We will be together for eternity.

Alison kaine

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I Knew It When I Saw Your Face

 I Knew It When I Saw Your Face
I knew it when I saw your face
I don't know your name
It makes no difference just the same

Do you believe in Love at First Sight? 
I hope and pray
You Will Say
'I just might'
Do you believe then...
...In taking off into flight 
I hope and pray you will say
'Outta Sight'

I knew it when I saw your face
I don't know your name
It makes no difference just the same

Not a word ever spoken
There is no need
Words our spoken in silence with our eyes
...With our minds
You and I...A breed of a special kind

Oh, how I long to make you mine
With you my rainy days shine
You make them feel oh, so fine
Oh, How I love to cuddle beside you by firelight

I knew it when I saw your face
Now that I know your name
It makes a difference just the same 

Peter LeBuhn

Copyright ©2005 Peter B. Lebuhn 

Peter LeBuhn 

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Rose, Precious

To my precious Rose 
To what do I owe thee
To someone special 
To look inside of me 
And you were right
It's what's inside that counts 
Now my dear rose 
to what might I amount 
Personality shed the truest feelings 
Sometimes tears are emotion killers 
But now my dear rose 
it seems your petals need healing 
And I could never turn my back on you 
Cause you never once 
Pretended to act what's true 
If it is love you see 
Then it is love in me 
And never again 
From your precious face 
Do I want to see a tear fall free 
Cause I know 
In my precious rose 
A tender heart there'll always be 
And sometimes beauty kills 
But from you 
My heart is what beauty steals 
Though we face temptation 
I only bring what's real 
And sometimes what's deep 
Is so hard to feel 
But for my precious rose 
No one else knows
But for you my heart grows

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A World To Ponder

As I lay, the world around me alive yet hushed, time rests still to let the mind 
catch up with it. A night sky with one sea of clouds and the sun reflecting 
monsters created by accident lays still. While these beautiful monsters, in their 
size, kill the grass they stand on, their beauty takes away breath from all living 
things. Soon the sun will cease to shine on the melancholy above us. The waters 
will recede back into the horizon as the sun wakes up to shine on flowers 
abroad ‘till it is bored of sitting in these flowers and goes off to explore all the 
other wondrous designs once shown in Eden upon soft pedals of gentle, yet 
plagued life.
	Songs of sorrow come from the ones left in the presence of one 
mightier than the sun until the beautiful monster comes again with his deadly 
Watching, wandering, and wondering, the sun asks, “How is this death so 
glorified. Do none wish to grow, or do they confuse north and south?”

The fish calm, the waves roar to the horizon in understanding. As this reality 
becomes my fantasy-I live in this world that men before me have created.

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Tears well
heart tight in chest,
is this for the best?

Parting is always hard
hard on heart
hard on spirit
hard on body

such lonliness
hand outstretched
grasp of air

nobody there
millions of people
but no one there

The sense of finger on cheek,
eyes beginning to leak
no one there as such,
but you can feel.....................
The Touch

deep heart rising
touch of heart
touch of spirit
touch of body

Touch,the best sense of all!
makes the heart,spirit and body freefall!

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I soar endlessly 
on an ocean 
so blue 
the wings ache 
I know... 

Such space 
in a world 
of such blue 
what I flew 
I know... 

Silvered wings 
on an ocean 
so blue 
it is everything 
I know... 

So many miles too 
in a dream 
on an ocean 
so blue 
I know... 

What is to become of me? 
the wings ache 
I soar endlessly 
I know... 

On an ocean 
the spirit flies free 
on the blue 
I know 

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On an eagles' wings 
I climbed high 
Saw many things 
Saw me 
Oh my! 

A golden feather, 
to fall 
Take it 
It is for you, 
hear its' call 

I saw many things, 
on an eagles ' wings 
My heart to follow 
An eagle feather 
I came to know 

On an eagles' wings 
Golden light 
Sky of blue 
My heart 
So true 
I saw many things 

So many things too 
My heart, 
I knew 
Knew it to be true 

My heart... 
My life... 
On an eagles' wings 
I climbed high 
for such things... 
Never die 

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Cool water lapping at the edge of white sand, 
holding my hand 

Warmth of sun, 
warmth of hand, 
Warmth of love, 
Warmth of sand 

No one for miles, 
wearing nothing, 
but our smiles 

Footprints in sand, 
none but our own, 
walking along the shore, 
we know what it is all for 

Hand in hand, 
walking on sun bleached sand, 
no words we can say, 
on the beach of eternal play 

For, no words are needed, 
our thoughts,words are as one. 
You and I under golden sun, 
hand in hand 
on sun bleached sand 

Shade of palm, 
you by my side, 
serene and calm, 
the beach stretched far and wide 

Wearing nothing but our smiles, 
we can see for miles, 
paradise perfect, 
crystal clear sea, 
blue and green reflect, 
the love you have for me 

Cool water lapping at edge of white sand 
holding my hand 

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Pray About It

Are you Okay about it?
Are you in disarray about it?
Then I have another question-
Have you prayed about it?

If you feel swayed about it,
If you feel delayed about it,
Then answer my question-
Have you prayed about it?

Did you get upstaged about it?
Have you been betrayed about it?
Well, even through your testin'-
Did you pray about it?

When you're outweighed about it,
When you're enslaved about it
Tell me, during the lesson-
Do you pray about it?

If you feel crazed about it?
If you feel dazed about it?
Then answer my question-
Have you prayed about it?

Are you enraged about it?
Even if you're Okay about it?
Then I have another question-
Have you prayed about it?

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my wings.

our freedom,
our religion,
our race,
our time,
our way,
our space,
the angry won't look into your eyes to see,
the hurt wont say it out loud,
even the happy hide it behind a smile,
it's the frustration that follows not only you but me,
politically correct,
society's neglect,
how people reflect,
judgments already set ,
opened pages of the news as we justify all the wrong doings,
never willing to say the truth just take a side of the one before you'
wrong are right you wouldn't want them to think your that way,
on one side are the other it's just business as usual, (hiding you wings,)
close your eyes and just say it,
if our world was truly blind would there be so much hate,
blind to the truth as we are today we see yet we fear taking that one last step,
then as we walk away we say we should of said this,we should did that, our regret,
as I write these words for any one of any place of any race,
these are my wings,
I fill sorry for all man kind,
for no one sees the truth, no one looks into the eyes, no one justs sees a face,
history noted in our minds, 
time shows us what they didn't find,
now the presents is unkind,
can we not repeat it, can we just cross all lines,
show the children at our feet a new way,
teach them the right thing to say,
let them not pay for what we do today,
these are my wings... this is who I portray 

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If and when times of desperation
become the daily,intolerant strife 
for so many who have given up their fight 
and their reality is threatened by alienation;
then,by all means, come to their rescue
by being a messanger of truth...

Show your compassion
and good intentions toward anyone;
strangers laugh and just look away...
as if they don't have an ounce of pity!
Don't be like them
who think of themselves,
but put others first;
be happy to be the last,
show your compassion,
because nobody should be turned away!

If and when times of delight
are in favor of those needing light,
be glad for them and share their laughters,
because they've waited for that moment
when the skies would open up... 
to shower them with blessings!

Show your compassion,
instead of indifference and hostility;
they need your strong hands to
lift them out of the abyss they had fallen into;
and it wll take an extraordinary faith 
to accomplish that in any given situation;
begin with one simple step... 
to challenge anyone's credibility!
Show your compassion,
with the truest intention...

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I search endlessly
for this golden light
I cannot rest,
search with all my might

This golden light
I want to hold in my hand
This golden light,
will enable me,
to leave this pointless land

Its soft glow,
fills me so

This golden light
I search far
Far in to the night
The soft glow
I need it so

This golden light,
find my plight
Rescue me
from this dark night
Set me free

This golden light
I hold in my cupped hand
Gentle blow,
watch it glow

This golden light
I see its' face
This golden light,
eternal grace

Save me from the night,
for you are in sight
Oh golden light!
I see your face,
my eternal grace

Soft golden glow
Let me touch it so
Gentle blow,
fills me so

Dark of night,
left behind
Golden light
I have found

This dark night,
is not for me
This golden light
The place to be

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Seekers Of Truth

Led by lies, and deception, seekers of truth,
how do we know, so much to lose.

Knowledge is a temple, sought by man,
the octopus of evil, in the doorway stands.

Wars, and famine, heartless ones prevail,
paving their pathway, they follow so well.

Innocence seems weak, to evils hand,
but the day will come, for the believers to stand.

Greed is the ruler, he who has the most,
bowed before, and offered a toast.

Such a noise will be heard, as the earth turns black,
pity, and pain , no turning back.

Then out on a cloud, bringing the rain,
vengeance will be given, for all the pain.

Weak become strong, and the strong become weak,
standing in judgement, on that golden seat.

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Such beauty passed my way 
Fields of cosmos 
Birds of the air 
Another golden day 

Is it all for me? 
can I share? 
For such beauty, 
is more than I can bare 

Blue oceans 
Colour dreams 
Such beauty 
Warmth of emotions 

The colours grew 
From the heart 
Beauty and magic 
Flowed through 

A touch of hand 
Open to the sky 
Golden sand 
See the birds fly 

Such beauty passed my way 
Always golden 
Always another day 
Therein  lies the magic 
In my heart, it lay 

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This Must Be a Battlefield

Over dramatic phrases bring back thoughts of old time,
My overdrawn heartbeat sets the pace of every line.
I look through this window as the wind sweeps the trees,
My gaze becomes a stare as my thoughts become beliefs.

My stare begins to fade because there's nothing left to see,
My life becomes my glory as the Spirit speaks to me.
So take a few steps back, let's look at this scene, with the trees,
I'm stuck in this windy forest, as if there's nowhere else to be.
The wind becomes a stutter as it slowly fades away.
The night-life dances off, as the dusk becomes the day.
I begin to wander off, but the Spirit says to stay.
It continues to flow and whisper so swift in the night behind me,
The epic, bittersweet words are faintly spoken, as if to guide me.

Overplayed insights of the future yet to come,
Oh so many years, but yet you're still the one.
I've tried so hard for these words to come out right,
Who would've known I'd be found in this forest, on this night?
The trees are still swaying with the help of the gentle breeze,
Words once held in, now fade away with ease...

Now let's not fool ourselves, the Beast still lurks around.
As if a portrait of bland colors swirl about as I turn around.
He’s waiting for the chance to catch me off my guard.
Who would've known that being faithful could be so hard?
The thought of giving up begins to pound inside my head.
The beast says, "Keeping this 'faith' will amount to nothing in the end."
"How are you so worthy, when you run about and sin?"
"What will you have to give your God when time is up, and you are dead?

But the spirit turns the corner, revealed from surrounding trees.
"Son, save yourself, and just listen to me.
Open up your heart, and be obliged to close your eyes.
I am the worst, I am the best, I am your light when you are blind.
So break the curse, and leave the rest.  Follow me, it is time."

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As I lay asleep I felt the presence of an angel. She gently whisper in my ear
listen to what I have to say. Oh angel how will I know on what path I must
go. She said just follow me for I will let you see. That which will help you
trhough. Will work together me and you. That someday you will see how
happy you will be.

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From the heart, 
comes from deep within 

That deep pool 
of rich emotion 

Tranquil and calm 
this sea of goodness 
on which our actions flow 

Grace,to delight in the smallest of things 
call of bird, 
to hear a child sing 

This deep pool hides many a thought, 
I sail on this pool,hand trailing in its wake, 
new feelings sought 

To dip in and reach what you want to be, 
accept what what you are, 
what you can be 

Grace,the most precious pool we have within us 
We have many wells of emotion 
Grace,the precious of all. 
cannot be given away,only sailed upon 

If you have that sail boat, 
sail with me 
Sail with heart unfurled 

comes from within, 
reflected actions flow, 
from the tide of my heart 
gently lapping on the edge of my life 

From the heart 
from within