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Johnny Had A Girl

Johnny was my best friend through our early teenage years;
Wherever one of us went the other could always be found near;
Until he found a girlfriend who soon supplanted me,
But because he was my best friend, for Johnny I was happy;
Johnny had a girl
He had a girl
Johnny had a girl
She rocked his world
Johnny had a girl.

Throughout four years of high school I was always the third wheel;
Going off often by myself, leaving Johnny with his girl;
They learned about biology outside the class room walls;
Johnny always had plans with her every time I would call;
Johnny had a girl
He had a girl
Johnny had a girl
Oh, what a thrill
Johnny had a girl.

One week before graduation, coming home from a date,
Johnny never saw the drunk driver until it was too late.
For three months in a coma, I sat by Johnny’s side;
I knew that when he woke up, someone had to tell him she’s not alive;
Johnny had a girl
He had a girl.

I took him to the gravesite so he could see it with his own eyes;
We stayed there for hours so Johnny could say his goodbyes.

Johnny got in his car that day and started heading west;
Nobody has seen Johnny since, I wish him the very best.
I’ve taken care of her graveside for thirty years and more;
If Johnny ever comes home again, we’ll be friends just like before;
Johnny had a girl
He had a girl
Johnny had a girl.

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We'll climb over paper mountains
Cross over distant seas
We'll give away our fortune
We will get down on our knees
We'll be analyzed and scrutinized 
Receive training from the best
But until at last you're in our arms
We will never rest
We will never rest

We're dreaming of the first time 
We will see your face
Such a sacred moment
That'll never be erased
All the sacrifice worth it
None of it a waste
'Cause when this journey's over
You'll be in this place
You'll be home
Finally home!

Today we got our travel approval
We're packing up our bags
Been through highlands and valleys
We've overcome a hundred snags
Done things we didn't think we could do 
We feel so very blessed
But until at last you're in our arms
We will never rest
We will never rest

We're dreaming of the first time 
We will see your face
Such a sacred moment
That'll never be erased
All the sacrifice worth it
None of it a waste
'Cause when this journey's over
You'll be in this place
You'll be home
Finally home!

*Story of a family's long journey to adopt a orphan with special needs

Sponsor: Roger Horsch
Contest Name: Many Miles Away


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The country gathering

The country gathering

Sometimes the folk all got together
In the little country house
Now there was Tom the tiny tiger
Well, he could be a louse
But could he play that old guitar
Man! he made it speak
And when the folk did hear him play
He made their legs go weak.

There was Winifred the otter
How she did those drums
Her rhythm it could suck one in
If you were feeling glum
You’re legs would start to dancing
As you’d rise up to the sky
And all those troubles that you had
They’d fade away and die.

Now Mugly Minie, could she sing!!
She was the porcupine
She’d stand there with a glass of wine
And she’d just blow your mind
As Billie basset, the friendly bear
Would play that bass so cool
Now he was quiet, and very shy
But lord, he had it all.

People came from miles around
To hear those  fellows play
They’d dance and sing Chicago blues
Their hearts alive and gay
They’re going to be a big time band
One day, they all know this
But all they really want to do
Is play, that’s how it is.

24 July 2013 @ 1150hrs.

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The girl

See the girl living on the streets? does anyone know she is there,
Do you see that girl down in the dumps? and does anyone care.
We don't know the reason that she left her home and do any of us want to know?
She's out in all weathers without any covers in rain, hail and snow.
Does anyone wonder if she's ever lonely when we're all tucked up in our beds,
when she's wet and cold,  and we're warm and cosy does it ever enter our heads.
She might have been beaten when her home she left, she's sad and she's lonely and often bereft. 

Does anyone see me alone on the streets? trying to smile at all that I meet,
asking for pennies for a warm cup of tea, we're not all on drugs, at least not me.
I'm trying to avoid going down that road I try to remember the things I've been told.
Stories of people lying in the gutter, and people passing by all of a mutter.
Do they care, what they see there? I suppose they think it's everywhere !
But I would like to say to all of you . I don't take drugs, I'm one of the few.
So to all of you sat home by your fires, spare a thought for me,
when you pass me by tomorrow, I'd love a cup of tea.

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For them

For them.

To her the word love refers to a boy.
Something she yearns for and misses dearly.

The day they met was cold and fraught with January chill.

“Oh, that does seem so long ago.”

That is the untarnished memory she replays over and over again when events in her life go array.
Back then it was tangible and real, their lives together had not been succumb to so much misery and woe.

They have triumphed, failed, and even caused each other more pain than can be imagined; But through it all they always walked the path together, holding each others hand.

She loves him unconditionally and for that some people cant understand but love needs no excuses, certainly not for them.

She adores him for working so hard, slaving to the man trying to base a future and a plan for them, but she feels guilty that  their small American dream over the years has always led down a dead end.
With today’s hard times she knows they are not to blame, but still her idol hands carry burden with them.

A plot of land, a small farm, and a home to call their own so they may grow old.
that’s all the pair desire.

He loves her to, a thought that at times is unfathomable.
He admires her dreams, even if they are bigger than the world and never distills fear in her that they wont one day come true. She thinks ill rationally and believes in things as a child would, but this merely makes him smile at her spontaneous outlook.

To him she is like a wild bee, searching ferociously for something.
At times he doesn’t think she will ever find it, that’s why its so hard to see her cry.

Life hasn’t been fair for them.
It’s a tragic book that just keeps reading on.

But they muscle through living on their dream and knowing that as long as they have each other, everything will be alright.

And as they drive home to their house with no walls, catching glimpses of each other in their ratty car they don’t feel so alone.

Behind those blue eyes, she will be forever nineteen to him and to her, as she gazes into his brown large pupils; the boy she knows has grown into a man and at that moment they know, one day all the sacrifices they have made will pay off.

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heaven on the water

trawlers steam out from dutch harbour
patroling the frozen waves
serching for gold under the sea 
to feed my family

in the wheelhouse the stars shine in
skyes dark and air so thin
no mater where this vessel takes me
my heart is yerning out for you

heaven on the water
is where im dreaming of my love
i see your face on the misty spray
as im calling out your name
heaven on the water
it wont be long my love
for a few more days i know you`l guide me 
guide me home to you

icey winds shiver my spine
as we bring out catch abord
empty net and broken dreams 
as the waves come crashing down

storms break loose with a crash of thunder
rolling across the bering sea 
up and down around then under
but still i dream of you

heaven on the water
is where im dreaming of my love
i see your face on the misty spray
as im calling out your name
heaven on the water
it wont be long my love
for a few more days i know you`l guide me 
guide me home to you

i see you face as the boat goes down
sea whispering my name
beconing me to the river
where we first found love

heaven on the water
im still here my love
watching you and our daughters 
from the stars above
heaven on the water 
calling out your name
calling out your name
heaven on the water
calling out your name

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I'm Coming Home

He looks through the curtains as the meal is served

The sweat on his brow and the I.V. drips

Mom wears her apron with a picture of a turkey on it

It was her favorite and the music playing

And I'm coming home to where I'm loved

Father sits watching the game as the plate goes round

He had  money on the wrong side but he swigs a beer

Everyone seems happy and content so he knocks on the door

No one hears  and he stirs,trying to break free of the restraints

And I'm coming home to the warmth when I'm cold and alone

Where a man works and his wife cleans and raises the boys

Where desolation has no place to hide and no regret

And Mom hasn't begun drinking because her son left and will never come back

Where the geese still fly South to the warmth

Dogs bark and people have to stand to switch the channel

And I'm coming home

No cell phone or video games to gaze at and 24 hour news

The nurse brings a syringe and plunges it into my I. V.

The Angel wipes my soaking brow and gives me comfort

I'm alone with the mist and the murmur of the crickets

I'm coming home

The house is quiet and emptiness within

But Mom left a light on with expectation

A sign was set for all to know I'm coming

The quiet is lovely and the light welcomes


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NO MAN STANDS ALONE - The Ballad of Barney Ross

No man stands alone
in the street, the ring or the combat zone
some lay in the gutter
some sit on a throne
but no man stands alone

At the age of fourteen 
he had a dream
to become a rabbi 
Chicago 1924
then his dad was killed by men
who tried to rob the family store
his brothers and sisters were sent away
to an orphanage where they would stay
and though his faith was blown away
he vowed to bring them home someday

To God and man revenge he swore
he walked with gamblers, 
hoods and whores
he fit right in 
then on a whim
he walked into a boxing gym
he fought Canzoneri in ‘33
for the lightweight title victory
he made up with God 
and finally
he could reclaim his family

Those McLarnon fights 
were the stuff of lore
the only man 
to ever put him on the floor
he won two out of three, 
then in the Armstrong bout
he nearly died 
but was never knocked out
then in 1941
the Japanese pulled a sneaky one
so he joined the marines 
and he got a gun
and he sailed into the rising sun

On Guadalcanal, 
he fought so brave
overmatched like old King Dave
he put twenty attackers 
in an early grave
for the one marine 
whose life he saved
in a hospital bed 
for months and days
they kept him in a morphine haze
then sent him home 
strung out and beat
to the pushers on the mean, mean street

Hollywood was very keen
to put his story on the silver screen
but they focused on the drug abuse
he tried to sue 
but what’s the use?
Barney Ross was brave and strong
they couldn’t keep him down for long
his rabbi said that he must try
to be a model Jew in the public eye

but from the public eye he slipped
like a phantom radar blip
they say he hunted Nazi criminals
and he ran some guns to Israel

Barney Ross was brave and strong
I thought that he deserved a song
he did some bad
he did some good
and he saved the world
the best he could

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One of the happiest days,
Is  bringing our soldiers home alive,
To where they can be seen,
By their families once again,
To show them we love them,
And care about them,
In the ways we should,
Cause they gave up their time,
And their lives for this country,
For our freedoms we often take for granted,
To protect us from the domestic evils of today,
Whether we see them or not,
We should praise them all,
For all that they have done,
Including those who have fallen,
And can Not walk back through the gates of home,
For they have fallen and given more for this country,
And sacrificed more than we pay attention too,
To save us all for our freedoms,
Which our country will often forget,
With time the fallen one's,
Because we often pay attention to those,
Who are here in front of us and can fight,
One day at a time,
Which is the wrong way to be,
Cause all soldiers are made the same,
And should never be forgotten in anyway,
Day after day cause we have what we have,
To remind us all of all who have sacrificed their lives,
For the freedoms we have to keep us safe,
Each and everyday!

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I'm Comin' Home

Well, I'm high on country music.
And my mind, it won't refuse it.
The memories of our love.
I'm comin' home..

And I'm high on constellations.
Buddy, I've got relations.
The memories of our love.
I'm comin' home..

Now, you see it your way.
And baby, I see it my way.
The memories of our love.
I'm comin' home..

'Cause I'm high on country music.
And my mind, it won't refuse it.
The memories of our love.
I'm comin' home..

And I'm high on constellations.
And buddy, I've got relations.
The memories of our love.
I'm comin' home..

Now, you see it your way.
And baby, I see it my way.
The memories of our love.
I'm comin' home..

'Cause I'm high on country music.
And my mind, it won't refuse it.
The memories of our love.
I'm comin' home..

Country Music-Lyric By Kim Robin Edwards
Copyright 1996,2014..ALL rights reserved..

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My kiss from Heaven

My Kiss from Heaven

I used to have a Ouija board
I’d play with it for hours
I never really believed in it
I thought it had no power
It was just a novelty
To me, a piece of fun
Then once when I was playing it
Just before the day was done

All of the room went kind of still
And a silence touched my soul
It felt like angels were all around me
And my world felt kind of whole
My hand went whirring round that board
Like me, I could not stop it
I felt that I had no control
It disturbed me just a bit.

A message, well it seemed to come
It seemed to say to me
“Phone your father in the old country
And do it speedily”
So I did this, I phoned Mum up
She told me dad was sick
And If I wanted to see him alive
I’d have to get back quick.

Well I got back to see my dad
Then he died not too long after
I let him know how much I loved him
And we shared some tears and laughter
I ask, was this a kiss from Heaven?
It seems like this could be
All I know is I’m glad it happened
It changed my life for me.

11 September 2013 @ 1453hrs.
Peter Duggan.

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Loneliness - A Country Song

I wonder what I am going to do.
I wonder where U are.
& I wonder why the cocktails, are no longer free at the bar.
I wonder why my ankles swell,
And I wonder if U know.
I wonder if the sugar’s sweet, and if ice really tastes like snow.

If you think my sugar’s sweet,
And ice really tastes like snow,
Then I wonder if when you remember me - you’ll call home and let me know.

It would be better for both of us,
If you’d call home and let me know.
Perhaps then, I’d know where to go.

I wonder if U love me,
I wonder if you’re true.
I wonder if the yard guy we hired is really out with the flu.
I wonder what happened to last night,
I wonder why I didn’t know.
& I wonder if you will spit in my hand,
And try to sell it as snow.

If you believe you will spit in my hand,
And try to sell it as snow,
Then I ask if when you remember me you will help me, by letting me go.

It would be the best thing for the both of us, if you would let me go.
I’m alone when I’m with you, alone when I’m not
I swear babe, I just don’t know.

I wonder why I give a damn,
Because clearly you do not.
I wonder when I’ll get a life, and stop wanting the one that you’ve got.
Wonder if I will grow some cajones,
I wonder where mine are,
And I wonder if it’s after five cause then cocktails - are free at the bar.

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The Ballad of Malcolm McCorey

Come and listen awhile I pray
To hear a sad love story,
I have only a minute to stay
To tell the tale of Malcolm McCorey.

I'm Malcolm, Sally was my bride
I've loved her since grade school,
She was my life and my pride
And, I was her ever loving fool.

Work let off early that night
And it was pouring down in sheets,
When my eyes beheld the sight
Of Sally whoring 'tween the sheets.

My Sally was not forthcoming
And, I was blind by love's adoring,
I swear I never saw it coming
The day my Sally went a whoring.

This wasn't some casual adoring
That I might could understand,
This was at our home a whoring
In our bed with another man.

It was a cold and rainy night
And it was pouring down in sheets,
I wasn't prepared for the sight
Of Sally whoring 'tween the sheets.

The truth came like a blinding light
She couldn't wait to shut the door,
When I came home early that night
While she gaily played the whore!

She glared up at me in surprise
At seeing me suddenly arrive,
I stared back into her lying eyes
Down the barrel of my forty five!

It was a stormy and dismal night
And it kept pouring down in sheets,
I'll never forget the awful sight
Of Sally whoring 'tween the sheets.

The Padre' comes to comfort me
My life's now run it's course,
Today my pain will cease to be
Soon, I'll feel no more remorse.

I forgive myself of all at last
My soul will soon go soaring,
Today will soon be o'er and past
The pain, of Sally gone a whoring.

* Malcolm was executed in may of 1969. May God have mercy on his soul.

                        Timothy I. Brumley

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I know You Cape Breton

Hey, how are you

	Have you heard this one?
	Where there’s a midnight sun

		Listen to me now,
		Listen up young one
		One day I left someone

	Where did you say
	you were going?
	She looked so sad
	with her tears showing

		showing her a map of you,
		around the world to you,
		flying so fast at you,
		I left my Papua New Guinea,
		my home sweet home for you.

			So... like déjàvu, 
			You look so...
			Do I know you?
			No, don't say no...
			I know you!
			you were in my dreams

	You know that moment, 
	when you see her, 
	the light,
	that shines, 
	that lifts you high 
	into outer space so high

oh how I longed for you,
Just you and me,
your seasons, my wonder..
I wonder when thunders,
remind my mind, 
my sleeping child,
suddenly awake,
But Nova's away..

	They say people say,
	you'd miss home, 
	you'll miss POM..
	you said no,
	No, No, No
	you'll be home
	From winter to Autumn
	Just you and I
	you'll be fine

		So when the leaves fall,
		Or when snow falls,
		Remember me,
		Remember us,
		Our time, may be dying,
		Maybe someday I'll find,
		My child no child,
		and the sun so fine,
		I'll be home bound,
			To my Ocean playground..


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                            Where is 
that place were I can just be, 
silent and peaceful
                      Like the paced 
waves of the sea. I long for a 
space inside heaven 
                      Were I'm free, 
I'm finally home just like it was 
meant to be.
                      Friends and 
family wear their hearts on 
their sleeve, love and devotion
                      Meets our every 

                              No longer 
do we  struggle, or faint or 
fight to be free, for
                      We are finally in 
the place we can just be.
                      Not a blemish 
or fault can be found within 
me, my savior has cleansed 
                      Me of sin I am 
free, to worship and praise in 
complete divinity.

                            My father 
and his son and a place made 
just for me, crown on my head
                     White robe down 
to my feet, beautiful mansion 
towers over the sea, emerald
                     Waters glisten 
diamonds for free. I can run, 
jump, even fly if need be, in 
                     Wonderful home 
created just for me

                         No pain, fear 
or worries plague this heart 
inside me, and I am alive and 
                    Coexist in 
complete harmony.swung open 
are the garden gates, as they 
                    Intended to be, I 
now sing, laugh and play in 
heaven where I'm free!

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We live we die and then we eat pie,
Sharing it with angels in the sky
To drown the sorrow and the pain
To stop time and start life all over again

But no, this is how its to be 
we live we die for our country
And if we make it home again
We hope our country will be our friend
To some of us life begins,
But to others comming home is the end.

Our lives are over, our future on ends
our country neglects us
there is no end, to the hurt 
that never ends.

So we live, we die and the we ear cheese
While our country does what it please.

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Old Flame

I was born in a small village,
with no distinction or privilege!
I loved every inch of that land
And carved the roads on my hand!
I kissed each olive tree on the trunk
Some thought I'd been really drunk.
It's always been my old flame,
And I still adore it the same.
It's always been in my heart
It nurtured my taste and art.

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BALLAD OF THE BAD BOY In MONTANA dedicated to my grandmothers twin sister

Some songs
Are of saddest times
The skies of darkest days
Some words
Bring such discontent
There are no gentle ways
To tell the tale
Without the tears
That tear the heart in two
But I will share
This saddest tale
Of hearts both black and true

There was a widow 
With a son
He was a spunky lad
And when she found 
Another man
The boy turned
Mean and sad.

The maid who cleaned the widow’s house
Saw the what was going on.
How each day the battle raged 
As soon as she was gone.

The man took off
His silver belt
And like a man insane
He beat the boy, he cursed at him 
And called him filthy names.

The mother’s love had maddened him
 He hounded the poor child
Jealousy had filled his head
By hate his heart defiled.

He loved the widow, now his wife
Her son was in the way.
He sent the boy away to school
On that their wedding day.

The boy wrote home--
He hated school
They beat him there and worse
They starved the boy
To punish him
For writing silly verse.

The boy wrote home to plead his case
He promised to be good.
He begged to be at home again
He’d even chop the wood!
At the widow’s urging
The man re-read the letter
'He must come home'--his sweetheart cried--
'He's promised to be better.'

The man sent off the widow 
Quick to get her son
She left him on the next train
Before the day’d begun.

The day was hot, the winds were bad
The clouds, they shouted rain
The neighbors said that angels wept
As they hailed the train

The man stopped by to get the mail
Without his widow’d  wife
Another letter from the school
How tiresome was his life!

He put the letter in his bag
And headed his way home
When bedtime came he got it out
He liked to read alone.

'Your son is dead,' the letter said,
The hand was from a man
the school was starving naughty boys
the lawmen had a plan.

The school would close, the boys all leave
But one boy would remain.
The dead boy would be with his ma
When she returned by train.

The man who loved the widow
And took her for his wife
Hanged himself before the dawn
And took his own dear life.

The widow and her son
Returned through beating rains
She walked into that darkened house
And blew apart her brains.

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home, when can i be with you?

laughter around a room..
familiar faces doesn't leave any doom..
under the dusk of moon..
i will be there soon..

scents of fresh buds and dews .
it beckons memories many not few..
walking circles with my shoes
shifting melodies in cues...

in the little kitchen
i saw mama in big mittens
holding viands and flans
exaggerating any bounded plans...

outside, lots of puppies
running jumping with glee..
some waggles their tail
some hounding in frail..

deepening outside..
old faces side by side..
all they are what a sight..
they'll be glad im on cite..

missing home; missing home..

my heart warms just thinking its soon...

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Ballad of Trinidad: Part 1

 Remember when days were long
   And all de children do is play:
 Or how de burnin sun hot like fire
   And snow cone ice melt away,
 When I was a wee lad in Trinidad

 And licks fuh so in de bam bam
   If I do or say I right when I wrong!
 Playin cricket in de front yard
   In ragged shirt and watchicong,
 Wit my bat and pad in Trinidad

 Hear de dogs of Independence,
  "Masser's day has come" dey bark,
 And snarl "now we in charge!"
   But all dey do is fete and skylark,
 Dats why tings bad in Trinidad

 Den me Faddah "really speakin"...
   And me Muddah, how she grieve:
"Aye yah yie, it time to vamoose...
   Oh time to leave",
 Dat all hell gone mad in Trinidad

 I say to she "yuh makin joke!
   Mummy, what is dis tomfoolery?"
 Man, next ting I know I on a boat
   Past de Bocas headin out to sea,
 And I was sad to leave Trinidad

 Dey get vex and riot in de street,
   Trow stick, pelt stone, and cuss:
 Shout "Black Power...Malcolm X..."
   PNM say "why all yuh makin fuss?"
 But tings get real bad in Trinidad

 Trinis start to swell up dey face
   And ax demself "is all yuh fuh real?"
 Criminals was skinnin dey teet
   Burnin and lootin lookin to steal -
 Destroyin what we had in Trinidad

 But I would from my exile return
   De land of rapso, kaiso, and calypso!
 Where de panman play, "padna"
   And de Cahneeval jumpin fuh so,
 Den I was glad to see Trinidad

 Back to limin on sandy beach
   Wit buss-up and shark 'n bake...
 Drinkin rum, Carib, and Stag spyin
   All de girls backside shake!
 Girls sweet too bad in Trinidad

 If yuh see party fuh so in East
   Or fete in de village dong Sout:
 And Jouvay dawn at Pelican Inn
   Till Road March jump and shout,
 Dis is de lime I had in Trinidad

             End of Part 1

January 2009

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Oh, to be in Trinidad

  Oh, to be in Trinidad
Where the hot scented currents flow;
  From Caroni wetland to Nariva
Chaconia and silk cotton tree grow:
  Where reaching palms whisper
Across island reef and coconut lagoon,
  And the forests of Papa Bois
Crawl with water lilies in bloom

  Oh, to be in Trinidad
When equatorial rains have passed;
  And gaze Big Wet to Big Dry
Burning canefield and wildgrass.
  Lowland baptism of blossom
Resurrect from Toco to Mayaro Bay,
  And in reacquainted seasons
Waves of consciousness slip away

  Oh, to be in Trinidad
Where tales of bacchanal abound;
  How old chimes with new
Yet uprising does a trumpet sound!
  And ghosts of the revolution
Fan the flames in the hot raging sun;
  Where dat voodoo spirit rise
The Obeah Man when day is done

  Oh, to be in Trinidad
For Crab and Callaloo on Sunday...
  Let the Boca gulf gates lull
And stars over Tobago my fears allay.
  Dream and moonstruck gaze
Till Monos windsong wakes no more;
  Listen and you too shall hear
Rapping upon her hideaway shore

  Oh, to be in Trinidad
For the Scarlet Ibis returning flown;
  Hummingbird's backward dance,
Beauty I'm richer for having known!
  And in days of future past
Tread again these island strands;
  First trod on Maracas Beach
Or Rancho Caballero grasslands

  Oh, to be in Trinidad
When the Oval's at its raucous best,
  And the lions of Queen's Park
Bay for Christians in noble contest;
  Where the air sweet with rum
Fills with Doubles and Pepperpot;
  And the drums and soca play
Till everyone feelin' Hot! Hot! Hot!

  Oh, to be in Trinidad
Playin' Mas' with cart and barrow;
  When masquerade and fete
Jump loudest to Kitch and Sparrow!
  Calypsonian tents jammin',
Limbo flame sparks the night flare,
  And Carnival streets jumpin'
From old St Augustine to St Clair

  Oh, to be in Trinidad
Among the blood of African slave,
  And not be destined, alas,
To lifeless fill a cold foreign grave!
  Lo, where indentured cargo
In waves landed upon South Quay...
  I pray the bells of Greyfriars
Will gently toll in absence for me

  Oh, to be in Trinidad
When the great Savannah dawns;
  Hot Roti and Roasted Corn
In early light over its tracks and lawns.
  Land of my nativity begun
From hills to blue Caribbean Sea;
  I miss that golden age ended
And lament why so it had to be


August 1995

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Dakota Skies Part 1

My brother and I walk the south pasture on an early spring day,
The warmth of spring slowly melting, the cold of winter away.
The golds of old growth are broken by the green of new,
And we are drifting in dreams, though we have work to do.
Gathering the cows for milking, we allow Father Time to pass by,
When a shadow in the barbed wire catches my brother’s eye.
We run through the stubble of last season allowing dreams to lead, 
Shaped by childhood stories which we had seen and read.
The cries draw us near where she hangs, limply as if half dead.
Each barb is cutting deeply. She slowly bleeds the earth red.
The life within her still pulsing its unbreakable bond
We make a solemn vow, a promise, to the crying, broken fawn.
Freeing her from her prison, we discover she is too weak,
She cannot stand or fight, has lost the force of her instinct.
My brother lifts her to his chest and orders me to go on.
For the chore of our cow gathering still must be done.

Miles between us and home, they trudge, a child with a child
Him dreaming of what will be when we tame the wild.
The weight of the burden breaks him and he falls to his knees.
Looks to the heavens for strength, but there is only me.
Her hooves drag along beside and I cradle her in my arms -
The weight of her pulling me downward, and yet I struggle on.
We entrust her to the dancing shadows of the oak tree in the yard,
And beg our mother for help but her motto is “Life is hard.
The veterinarian is more than we can spend. Milking still needs done.
Wild animals should be left to nature and the course which it will run.”
With a child’s gesture of love, we leave her and gather grain.
The labor of farm children - as essential as the rain.
(There is a Part 2 which can be found on my page.)

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Vehicles flow on the road
Engines rumble loudly throughout
All vehicles are running on the same road
But as each of them is different destination

So many people travel back and forth 
They step on the same path 
All of them are in a hurry and introvert
But they do not converse together
Each of them has own target

I blend with those people
I do not know them and they do not know me as well
I only recognize who am I? And where to go? 
My destination is my beloved  motherland 
I look upon someone's waiting for my return
Darling...!! I will be back...

Ho Chi Minh City. November 04, 2014

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Last Days in Maine

I am powerless in mind and within my body,
This alcohol has got me down and I am paralyzed,
The world in which I call home cannot be analyzed,
All through this drink, with this I have declared my hobby.

My Friends do not respect me to which I cannot blame,
I am depressed beyond recognition and with it I feel shame,
Years without and years repressed and years I call lame,
Not one happy relationship, not with family or dame.

Salvation is coming and I keep telling myself bleakly,
Each day my sanity goes through hoops only to survive meekly,
The end has only that alcohol to calm my stress,
This alcohol feels as if I am saved from the rest.

I'm almost there and almost free from this asylum,
My friends around seem to care not even some,
I'm losing the fight even when both sides are done,
Three days until I'm home again...any longer and my life be gone.

(I survived and am now much healthier)

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The Sailor with the one-eyed look

'Twas a cold wintry day
the road was frozen white and gleamin'
a pale sun stood over the clouds
watching them float lazily by
in the corner of a street
on a flat stone, so to speak
sat an old man, bearded and bare
he is the sailor with the one-eyed look

Sat as straight as a ramrod, did he,
back to the blizzard, now astride
with fingers so numb, eyes dim to see
getting a ha'penny from a passer-by
tramps and urchins flocked at he,
told them stories of the seas, he did
with arms a'waving like sails, you see
a gleam of joy in his eyes show'd

For he'd been to the wars
sailing on the ships of Her Majesty
seen it all, he's did, and lived,
came back home to muffins and tea
t'was on the seas he lost an eye
plucked out in an enemy fight
wounded and left behind to die
but didn't, and now home and dry

Retired from Her Majesty's service, he'd
now homeless, helpless, this once proud sailor
left with neither coin, nor a roof over his head
forced to the slums, living out of the gutter
t'was a piteous sight to behold, fie it!
would'a loved to chomp on choicy bit
displayed in the streets like in mama's kitchen
but not for his palate, just to be seen

Then it came, one bright sunny day
oh, what a bliss from snow and hail
tramps and children, out to play
free from the fear of icy pain
but alas! no sign of the sailor
save a snowy effigy, and on it his comb
for while snow lasted, the snow tailor'd
a snowy covering on him; it was his tomb!

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alcoholics ballard

A bitter and twisted tale to follow,
everyday the same as tommorw,
same old madness that will follow,
empty dreams and a heart that's hollow.

Ill begin each day the usual way,
look in the mirror and see decay,
a hopeless soul is what they say,
still dressed in the clothes of yesterday.

I sit on my bed with no real plans,
except for liquid, to steady my hands,
frantically search my bedsit floor,
till i find what i'm looking for.

A half empty can of a real strong beer,
lost under the bed for maybe a year,
sit back on the bed with ergency and speed,
can to my lips for the liquid i need.

with every swallow the shakes dissapear,
twenty four hours till again the'll appear,
with ergency for more i head for the door,
checking my pockets to reveal my last score.

Now out on the street i encounter a stranger,
paranoid feelings as if my life were in danger,
stare at the floor to avoid eye contact,
and focus my attention on my beer contract.

as i walk i scan the floor for butts,
so i dont waste money on buying roll ups,
long ones a bonus but short ones a start,
for when i get home ill pull them apart.

arrive at the shop and drool at his stock,
calculating what i can get for my twenty spot,
eight cans of tennents and two bottles of cider,
then proceed to pay the shop minder.

the usual pleasentrys as i pay,
and as i leave he bids a good day,
with the job half done i head back to my slum,
not quite a walk and not quite a run.

arrive back home and slam the door,
just as the sweats begin to pour,
sit back on my bed place beers on the floor,
the liquid profits of my score,

drink the day back into the night,
slowly more getting as high as a kite,
drowning self sorrow and drowning self pain,
to keep myself from going insaine.

now a waste of a life i have to agree,
but i cannot deny that life was me.

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Headed Home

    There is a mist 
on the waters 
    As the ocean laps 
against the shore we 
     realize it is time 
for our journey to begin
   The ship in the harbor 
stands tall
   It will take us 
beyond this vale of tears 
   to a land where 
stories have no endings 
  It will take us 
      over the sundering sea
to a place seemingly foreign to us 
    yet one we actually know well 
    in the deep recesses of our heart
  As we board the ship 
we experience a bittersweet 
We will miss the joys of Middle Earth
    but we hear the call of Elvenhome
and we know it is time to forsake mortal lands 
Time to head to the place which is our real home 
     Time to head to Elvenhome

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Ballad of Trinidad: Part 2

  Me Faddah, he like de ole talk,
    De ghost of Jumbie Bridge in he head:
 "Murder!" He laugh at all dem Trinis
    And how dey all "fraid de dead!" 
  In Big Bertha clad from Trinidad

  He tink of tings back home like
    When de plum and de mango ripe:
 "Jeez-an-wrinkles!" He bol' face say
    How "Crapo smoke yuh pipe!"
  God bless my dad from Trinidad

  He steups so and he say "boy,
    Trinidad full of ba'john and ole tief!
  Riddled wit crime and corruption...
    Warahouns in charge, Good Grief!" 
  And for all dis I sad for Trinidad

  Me Muddah too, she say to me
   "Hold strain and calm yuhself chile!"
  She say "son, doh be a saga boy,
    Doh flash and doh make style" 
  Lest you be a cad from Trinidad

  Man, de whole place gone to hell
    And dey doh know how to fix she:
  All de younger generation fuhget 
    What it mean to be a Trini -
  To be proud and glad in Trinidad

  Now dey pull out cutlass and gun
    If on dey tail yuh lash out and cuff!
  Man, dese days no-one safe at all,
    Trinis fed-up and had enough!
  How tings get so mad in Trinidad

  All yuh in T 'n T so blasted vex
    At de government and Manning:
  But in trute yuh still like to fete
    And drink and lime and ting!
  Den bawl bobbol bad in Trinidad

  It jus like back in de Canboulay
    When de lawless slaves run wild,
  Or in de dark days of rebellion
    And uprisin when I was a child,
  When tings went rad in Trinidad

  A pelau or buljol in yuh mout -
    Sorrel, a mauby, me ginger beers;
  Gimme pastelle and ponchecrema
    From Christmas to Ole Years!
  Dis is de taste I had of Trinidad

  De Spanish come, de French too;
    Boy, de British dey bring a queen:
  Dat was way back when dis island
    Was de jewel of de Caribbean -
  Before I was a wee lad in Trinidad

January 2009

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Beyond These Walls

I lay here helplessly on my pillow
The silence is loud, the lights are low
No trace of my love to touch me in places
Where only she knows and where my spot is
I cannot wait to be at home
This is just a house when I'm alone
Yet don't fret, contented I'll remain
Until the distance fades and she comes home again

Beyond these these walls far away, yet so close
Is my only love, the girl I love most
Her kiss still lingers on my cold lips
That awaits the warmth of her tender kiss
Although there are days i can't understand her
Her Individuality makes my heart ponder
Yet somehow she has my constant attention
And she reassures me that I am still the one

So I'll wait for her to make it home again
When she comes to let all her love flow
I'll forever cherish the times we spend
Whether between or beyond these wall, I won't let her go

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I'm Dreaming/ A Liberal Xmas Tale

Who was this white haired Claus 
With rabbit teeth? 
Carrying a ton of peanuts 
For all to eat.

Dragged in a sleigh pulled 
By Agnew and Nixon, 
Who ran right beside 
Donnar and Blitzen? 

He circled Camp David, 
A fast fly by; 
With lox and bagels for 
the Jewish guys. 

A carpenters’ pencil 
Was poised by his ear, 
And boxes of nails dangled, 
From the gear in the rear. 

Why! Its Jolly Ole Carter Claus 
Draped in menorahs. 
Handing out home plans to 
the Arab before us. 

Visions of world peace 
Danced in his head; 
As, he flew straight to Afghanistan
‘Fore noggin hit bed. 

When down from the sky 
In the form of deer dung, 
Fell fruit tree seeds 
Too be sown in the sun. 

And, as CarterClaus’ whip cracked 
O’er Nixon's ear, 
As Agnew blanched, 
His eyes filling with tears. 

Droplets hit sand with 
A plop and a splatter 
’Pon the fruit tree seeds with 
Nary a clatter. 

The desert grew green; 
Trees sprouted and grew; 
Hearts filled with wonder, 
Bellies with stew. 

Homes were rebuilt, 
as before the fall, 
Cook fires were lit. 
Children grew tall. 

And Ole Carter Claus 
Flew home in a daze. 
Passing out sandwiches 
That Roslyn had made.

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Bitter Sweet Journey

Nine years a stranger in a strange land,
     Travelling to my island in the sun;
A native son returning a native strand
     Where the journey had all begun

Of Icarus in the sun I death contrived,
     And my beating heart grew ever loud
When the BeeWee wings of wax dived
     Into that misty archipelago cloud

Piarco tarmac on grassy plains below,
     Soon upon the trail of Queen's Park;
Charting the maps of time long ago -
    'Twas late and the boulevard was dark

The Banyan trees, the rustling palms,
     Glow of that high December moon;
To my soul a succour its island balms,
     And balmy breezes bore a gentle boon

Down the Churchill-Roosevelt I did see,
     Beetham shanties and LaBasse go by;
But 'twas Port of Spain's restless quay
     That conspired to grab my roving eye

Fishing boats off the high seas berth
     Her clamorous city docks and pier;
The Gulf of Paria's sleepy channel firth -
     And's Independence Square

Upon the corner of Sweet Briar and Gray,
     Where as a boy I played in the rain;
Waking by carol song on Christmas Day,
     And hearken, Greyfriar's sweet refrain

See ancient Savannah parched and bare,
     Tormented by season's blazing sun;
Yonder hazy hilltop ridges no better fare,
     But soon the rains will in deluge come

Over blustery Northern Straits we flew
     To Buccoo Reef and blue island coral;
Tobago's Crusoe shores came we to view
     With her verdant hills rich and floral

Upon the Coast Road to Maracas Bay
     Drinking a fool's fill by the fire's flame;
But I was seventeen almost to the day,
     And at seventeen I was always game

I met a lass - her eyes through me tore,
     More lovely than words can convey:
Beauty I've not known, not since or before,
     I'd like to remember her this way

Fondly I gaze the dormant Oval grounds,
     Rapturous but for a short lived respite:
At my window did roar out the sounds
     Of steelband and parang in the night

With February upon us quickly I fear -
     Carnival's sleeping tribes awakened;
I had no costume, no robes to wear,
     Yet my burning spirit was unshaken

Behold on Jouvay morn at break of light
     Spilled hordes out of Sparrow's tent;
Revellers in the streets day and night
     Till Last Lap, Ash Wednesday and Lent

But our time here had drawn to an end,
     And leaving again bitter sweet for me:
Saddened alas but my heart does mend,
     For this is my home and always will be



May 1992

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Books are a way of learning a trade
Books tell us stories, poetry, and plays

Books entertain our vast minds to the fullest
Books are in my opinion the coolest!

Books describe people of the past
Books are abundant at home and in class

Books bring home dragons and ghouls
Books aren’t apart of uneducated fools

Books represent a means to an end
Books are there when you haven’t a friend 

Books are hard and soft sometimes
Books are in brail to educate the blind

Books will be here and with me forever
Books without you doesn’t bring us together

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I’ll  tell ye now of the lovely Selkie,  
She  married   Dingle man  Cagans
For a short span of time, then returned to the sea. 
Near   Kerry’s  land of  goblins

He  found her  drowning in his net  one day
With his strong hand he  saved  her life 
And took  her  Selkie's skin   away, 
He wanted her  for  wife, 

The  man then married  this  seal-woman
She’d be his true  lover 
She  become human and  shed  her  seal skin, 
His love had won her  over 

Oh boys,  but  her true home was the sea, 
The waves and tides of the Bay
She’d leave if the chance came to be free
But, faithful  girl, she  stayed. 

Cagans one windy  winter morn -
In his nets trapped far from shore -
The end, he feared.  But  then  he mourned
The loss of  his darling more.

His cries like waves broke  in her ears:
She changed back to seal-form 
Then she swam right fast and quelled his fears,
And he was saved  from harm. 

Says she, “ I’ve lost our home and bed
But I’ll always swim near you.”
“Then I never will sail from Dingle,” he said, 
“But swim out  each day with  you.“

And every day they were seen in the bay
On the  sea or near  the shore,
A-catching fish and always at play
Till one day they were no more. . . . . . . .  

 . . . . . . Now, a dolphin’s come to Dingle Bay
Fungie’s made it his home.
He’s never left us, but decided to stay,
Never more to roam. 
Dingle Bay is famous for a young bottlenosed dolphin which appeared at the mouth of Dingle Harbour  in 1984. In Dingle they say it is Cagans swimming always. Christened "Fungie" by the local fishermen, the dolphin rarely ventures far from the mouth of the harbor, a fact that has baffled scientists and specialists. A simple explanation given is that at the time of his arrival, the body of a young female bottlenose was washed up locally. Dolphins are thought to show great fidelity in their relationships, and may only have one mate for life.      Dingle is also  famous as the location for three movies:  RYAN’S DAUGHTER 1969,  FAR AND AWAY 1992,  THE FIELD  1993.

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He'll be back 'round Sundown

There he goes again, takin’ off on that stud
I know he’ll come back all covered in mud.
It kills me, seein’ him leave
I’m afraid he’ll get hurt even though I know he’s not naïve.
He tells me he thinks about me while sittin’ ‘round the fire eatin’ beans
So then why does he still head out there by all means?
Herdin’ those cattle and movin’ them from town to town
Brings home the bacon, but always seems to get me down.
Seein’ my Cowboy leave breaks my heart
But when he arrives home I’m ‘specially happy we are no longer apart.
I hear his boots tiredly walkin’ up to the door
And just that alone makes me giddy galore.
I know it sounds absolutely silly
But holdin’ those rough chapped hands sure makes me happy.
When he smiles at me his nose crinkles
And I see that the long tough days have given him wrinkles.
It’s crazy how much he has changed
But I know he is still the amazin’ man I engaged.

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Sunderland N for Nuts

Sunderland N for Nuts 461 Squadron Sunderland fought alone the Battle Of Biscay in.1943 Big old seaplane Sunderland, fought in the Battle Of Biscay Had 4 engines, would she float, would German cannon make her pay? Aussies put in belly guns, 2 old machine guns Vickers. fired only .303 bullets Poms might laugh about this deed, the Germans didn't snicker Only 8 of these Ju88s attacked, to shoot a Sunderland down Aussies cut the crutch out of German might, with the Vickers caused a frown Sunderland like a Swiss cheese, had so many holes left in it 5 ju88s went into the sea, 3 ran for home that minute Germans said it wore heavy armour plate And it fired a 37mil cannon?..... Said bullets bounced off it mate? Its death were still a planning So she waddled back to the British coast And landed on the beach at Cornwall Aussies got sausages, tea and toast Brave Sunderland then did fall
Don Johnson
Moral:Don't fight with the Aussies they might give you a touch up. The fight by Sunderland N/461 against 8 JU88s on 2nd June1943. One man died on the Sunderland Ted Miles a Lewis gunner, most of the men were injured. All 8 ju88s were hit by the Aussies. When a fighter/bomber ju88 started firing the Sunderland went into a corkscrew move, to evade cannon shells each time, during the twenty attacks made on it. Sunderland had been a pre war 4 engined sea plane, the current Jumbo Jet of its day. The bullet riddled old warhorse carried them home to England.and broke up on the beach Friday 13th August in 1943 their luck ran out 6 more Ju88s attacked Sunderland DV968 eight of the earlier surviving Airmen from the deadly Nuts Flight disappeared

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Joe White

Back in 1880 you will find, Joe White he was about. The brumby runner master mind. Of this I'll leave no doubt. He took from Mugan station, 600 brumbies yes my friend. Had the best riders of the nation, on which he could depend. From Mungindi to Sydney town, drove brumbies didn't fail. They'd stop em block em right around, horse broke em for the sale. The horse who broke and left the mob, got grabbed by the tail and threw. A sideline or a hobble's job, made of green hide it'd do. Wet greenhide sideline when applied, front to back the legs were held. He couldn't canter if he tried, to stay he was compelled. Joe saw the difference in every track,to read from them he knew. He was as good as any black, he'd track ants across the dew. Two Dancy boys they wandered lost, were gone a day or two. At black tracker's, oh these kid's did scoff, Joe found them pay his due. These small dark boys they had some fun,yes hid their tracks with care. Joe saw the tracks of only one, or the other ones were there. One boy would carry piggy back, then came the others turn. A way to hide one fellows track, gave the tracker some concern? Joe followed cantered in their wake, knew their tracks in any bunch. To find them was a piece of cake, so he took em home for lunch. Joe's brother Dick was branded bad, now an outlaw on the run. A publican robbed him, made him mad, Dick smashed his grog, the bum. The traps they came but couldn't find, Dick's cave the hideout site, Couldn't follow the White's, who didn't mind, scrub galloping day or night. So Dick White he then set off, with brothers Joe and Charlie too. They rode due west three states they'd cross, till Broome came into view. Dick's wife and kids by ship did pass,then on to Broome by overland. Joe left Dick there safe at last,rode east through desert sand. Joe and Charlie back they came,through the land that worked the horse. They'd throw scrubbers, brumbies they were game,horse breakers yes of course. They'd throw a brumby on his side,quickly lugged his head by force. Would saddle up and mount and ride, and coax him home a horse. Joe entered the open campdraft mate,with a wee small handicap. Left his bridle and girth straps on the gate, won the Mungindi cup old chap. Joe's brumby runners one was Dan, at Glenrowan hadn't died. Alex Wilkie chased as off they ran, and Moffat he could ride. The legend lives of Joe this man, true master of the horse. The drovers talked of him and Dan,and Hippy yes of course.

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Just Beyond
Boles of Cotton-Fields
Rosethorn ... Where A Few Folks
Stick Together - For Good, For Real

Rosethorn:  Famous For Its First Family's
Annual Ball & Bar-B-Que Grills ...
But Where Most, Barely Make A Living
... Paying Over-Dues and Bills

Rosethorn ... Over The Viaduct-Tracks
As Trains' Warning-Whistles Shrill
& Distant Echoes of The Drummers of
Rosethorn High School Marching Drills

And Hear The Poignant, Clear Call
of Owls & Crickets & Whipporwills
Just Outside of Rosethorn's Many
Worn-Down, Yet Open Window-Sills ...

O' Throw A Kiss On The Wind
Wherever You Find - You Are ...
and I Will Catch It Quickly ...
Beneath The Biggest & Brightest Star

Rosethorn ... Where Your Hidden Waterfall
& Memories - Froth & Spill
Where There's Hunting Frozen-Footprints
Thru The Woods In Winter's Chill

Rosethorn ... Your Abandoned Drive-Inn Screen
Cast Fallen Shadows On Movie-Reels
- Is Now A Vacant & De-Valued Lot ...
Where Teens Had Parked For Thrills

Rosethorn ... Just Below Those Sloping
Far-Away, Hometown Hills
Just Past The Steel Yard's Welding
and Sawdust Lumbermill ...

Amid Rosethorn's Namesake Flowers
And Transported Blue Jonquils
and Ropes ... That Hanged A Man ...
That They Said Raped Women & Serial-Killed

Rosethorn ... Where The News Station
Is The Local Cafe & Bar
and Overated, Glowing Personals
and Reviews In Its 'Telegraph-Star'

Rosethorn ... Once Rised On Blossom-Way
A Place Where Dreams Could Rebuild
But Now, Its Just A Stem-Cell-Site
The Young - Cool Their Jets ... Until ...

Rosethorn ... Is The Last Resort
But First Route To Remember How It Feels
To Travel Thru A Space In Time ...
As A Prickly-Pose, Stands Still ...

O' Look Up To The Night Sky
Wherever You Find - You Are
and I Will Be Watching & Wishing
On That Same Big & Bright Star ...

As You Keep Rosethorn In Your Heart's Horizon
... and Rear-View Mirror of Your Car ...
and Dried Between The Pages of Your Mind
... Wherever You Find - You Are ...

                   Quilled & Copyrighted ©:  5/6/2014
                           by:  MoonBee  Canady

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Black Tracker

Smell of fresh horse dung on the breeze, Not far away, just north of here, Keep walking on the rocky ground , No panic, yet no fear, Palm island Prison, I escaped, Swam ashore, I nearly died, Saw the fins of noahs arks, (sharks) Dog paddling, still so tired, Black tracker follows me, I see him in my mind, Jacky sticks like glue, does he, My tracks are pretty hard to find, The Traps they come, at walking pace, Tracker picks the way, Up or down the river , Might cost em half a day, Eat a few mussel clams, found under the waters edge, just a creeping through the water, doubled back under a ledge, Traps they hurry away to the west , follow them, I might find, And now I’m tracking Jacky , I think the buggers blind, So the Traps get tired of looking, My track just can’t be found, So they return to the coast, say they think I’m drowned, So I walked inland four hundred miles, Went home to live in the bush, Lived off the land, Goanna and Sheep, In the land of the wait awhile. lovely Crayfish that I keep, In my home land I do sleep, me Boomerang goes woosh, no need for me to bloody rush, wild duck will have me fed. Don Johnson
Dedicated to Bill Hopkins who did just that....know as hoppy...

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A walk in the Dawn

He called my name
I heard from my dream
Jumping up from the bed 
Misplaced my sleep

Five thirty am it was
I carried his travelling bag.
To the bus stop we aimed
Forgetting the gate key delayed a little

Within seconds we felt 
The blue dark dawn
We walked fast, but i was ahead
With our footsteps cripping behind us.

Doors were closed
The street was silent
And two to four beings we bypassed
It was a peaceful and jolly walk

At some metres before the bustop
I asked "Did the phone woke up?"
"Yes the alaram woke me tahnks to it"
I set the alarm

We waited for taxis
But they failed us
He was forced to enter 
A rickety Danfo

A bad way to start a twelve hours journey
We exchange  goodbyes
I stayed till the Danfo faded 
Going home was involuntary

My footsteps cripping behind me
The road having infected my slippers
And my feet and the road 
Had been linked with dust

Echoes of a strong bark was heard
It was repiled by a tried and exhaust one
Metres away from home 
The call to prayer was recited

And a lady was preaching prosperity
Both microphones were fighting for reign
They was later joined by a man preaching eternity
The voice of the mosque was conquered

As i entered my red gate
I found my sleep

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My Blues Are Being Picked Apart

Today I am pulled from everywhere, don't know which way to go
Like a kite with no string for the wind to blow
Don't know which way to go
Lawdy Miss Clawdy, come cleanse my soul
Alcohol has poisoned my red heart
It is hard to pick when your blues are picked apart
What do you do when there is no beginning and no end
No family to call, no help from a best friend
I said no help from a best friend
If no beginning or no end, where do I start
There is all cheap meanings to life when your blues are picked apart
So she left again mad, third time this week
I tell her don't call so we don't have to speak
I get out my home made hooch from under the sink
I am saying that my home made hooch is good enough to drink
After a little booze, everyone is wise, everyone has smarts
Your senses are fogged when your blues are being picked apart
Since my future is dim and dark, no sunglasses for me
Another bottle polished off, another drunk's story
I guess I don't need anyone to check on me, or my well being
Playing my guitar all day, fingertips now bleeding
What I yearn for can't be bought at K Mart
The helpless feeling you get when your blues are being picked apart

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There's a road I know
And it's takin me home
It's a long windey road
But no matter how long it takes I'm goin home
Yeah, I'm goin home

My home where ever it be
Weather here, or afar
My home is with you 
it's a shinin, shinin star
Yeah it's a shinin star

I've got my black boots on
As I'm, singin my song
Singin my song for you
I'm goin on my way, headin down that highway
Back to our fathers arms, yeah

As I'm lookin through those clouds
And I see all of those frowns
I promise you, my love will shine through
let my spirit guide you too, so turn those frowns upside down,
I'm smlin now, Yeah I'm smilin now

Please be sure that you know
That I'm FOREVER, ALWAYS in your heart
In your dreams day after day because
Because I LOVE YOU!!!

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	I'm so tired of tumbling down that highway
	Like a tumbleweed in the wind
	I'm so tired of drifting away
	Without the blessings of the canyon sun

	A ship upon that desert sea
	Sunlight so far away from me
	Back where the mountains start to fade
	Rolling hills rolling hills rolling hills start again, some oasis
	A joker amongst these aces of spades

	I'm so tired of a pointed thumb
	Deadend beginnings and songs never sung
	Words of hesitation upon my tongue
	I'm so tired of what has never begun
	This other journey back home back home back home

	Wild apple blossoms soon take shape
	And the ripest fruit start to rot
	Buttercups for all my past loves
	Even when my tongue's in knots
	I'm so tired of giving in without the wild meadows

	I'm so tired of concrete for a love
	Four years of wandering and I've started to come undone
	Come undone come undone come undone
	When the sunset leads to the sunrise again
	The canyon sun's first ray shines without end.

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Come to me my green eyed girl

and give me something 

that soothes me like a summer storm

so easily my green eyed girl

sharing my life's burdens

and keeping my spirit warm

We both rode that roller coaster

getting stoned laughing, and getting sick

but now we're home and the ride is over
Lets do it why don't we just do it

Come to me my green eyed girl
and give me loving

that soothes me like a summer rain so easily my green eyed girl

come to me girl and come and come again

 I know we've both gone off the high dive

we close our eyes , hold our breath , and go

and I thank God that we're both still alive

cause we never checked the water down below
Everything has a reason they say

I know there's a reason why I'm feeling this way

Come to me and come to me again

The places that you take me

sure better than where I've been

Yeah we both rode that roller coaster

getting stoned, laughing , and getting sick

but now we're home and the ride is over
lets do it, why don't we just do it
Come to me my green eyed girl

and give me loving

that soothes me like a summer storm

so easily my green eyed girl

sharing my lifes burdens 

and keeping my spirit warm.

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The Kings ,met 
For a home to call 
Must be built, 
before nightfall 

The King of Earth 
with the King of Flame, 
set to work 
For the journey was long 
For a home to be built 
In the mountain 
In which they did belong 

The Faeries flew on ahead 
Through forests 
Over streams 
Rising higher 
Onwards they sped 

You do not choose a mountain 
A mountain, chooses you 
So it was... 
As the faeries found 
The mountain... 
Gave its' ground 

Heartstone Eagles, 
called with glee 
Circling high 
The air, so sweet 
From a mountain, 
that gave so willingly, you see 

The Earthen King shaped the rock, 
in to halls, rooms and stairs 
Turrets and spires 
Creating something new 
The castle... 
Grew and grew 

The King of Flame, 
touched the stones 
Changing the colour 
Drawing out the precious metal 
Locked within 
Mountain rock now gleamed 

A shimmering jewel 
Amongst the deep green forests 
From a mountain 
That gave everything 

A secret path was made 
From the golden sand 
Up through forest glade 
To a castle, so grand 

The Princess of Magic 
Cast a spell 
To hide the secret path 
Only to be revealed to those who uttered the words.. 
The Wise Ways 

The ships were unloaded 
The treasures taken up 
Such precious things, 
once under spell, lock and key 
Could now be displayed for all to see 

Wooden ships, empty and forlorn 
Lay quietly in the bay 
The island hidden from all 
The ships were released , to roam 
An ocean, so blue 
This was their new home 

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A Long ago fairy tale

Long ago and far away 
There stands in the harshest of lands 
A man without plenty 
He dreams of a place to call his own 
He wanders from home to home 
Fighting his fights and plundering his goods 
Lives like animal deep in the woods 
He follows a group with out rhyme or reason 
Roaming through life and all of the seasons 
There to his wonder he found but a dream 
There lays a woman crying in need 

She was tattered and frightened and very alone
And here, from her horse she was thrown 
Her eyes were like a vision that he’d never known 
Her hair was long and golden brown
And upon her head she wore a small crown 
So he helped her with her darkest fears
And kindly wiped away her tears 
She had never met such a man 
With ripped clothes and dirty hands 
The man she ran from was cold mean 
Causing her to run from that scene 
This man had a smile that was trusting and compassionate and true 

And in the smallest of hours her love for him grew 
But he feared he had nothing to give her 
No fancy clothes, home and nothing to eat  
So with his defeat 
He raised to his feet, and walked away 
And minutes later she run after him to convey
And say, “I love you”, please stay 
Together we can be happy and gay
I don’t care about jewels or money 
I know if I stay with you everyday will be sunny 
So off they rode into the woods with just the clothes on their back 
And she felt so content with a man named Mac 

 ( This is a fairy tale with a message!)

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over a coarse of time

Seems I’ve reminisced 
The feel
Of a home cooked meal
Ducking the pleasures 
Of a sainted veil 
A clause in the end
From which finer things appeal
Black jack matches not
To a fisher mans luck
On an antique reel
But on the real
The expectations in this life
Remain a comfort 
That refuses to chill
Let your thoughts rest 
On an old lads chest 
Considering the circumstances
If we make it 
We can all attest 
And adore this political mess 
If not then as victims of stress 
Unblessed in this planet 
Of slanted chess
We’ll confess

Another night
Another days passes 
Do you find it lovely 
How nothing ever last
But many men have cured
Their fascination 
Of becoming non minute men
Flawed by incarceration
Deep within the dungeons 
Of a  softer conscience
In irregular form
A veteran lies victim
Of defeated white blood cells
A child with no home 
And swollen tonsils 
The dark settles 
Flashbacks meddle 
Trouble around the corner 
As a lunch line unveils 
Never was a fighter 
Just a swinger 
As I found myself catapulted against 
The cafeteria wall
The integrity 
My sucker punch instilled 
Broken glass jaws 
Over a 4th grade meal
Or mainly just an individual 
Twice the size of me 
With an inability to feel
I sat still 
As the principal sought 
A stern punishment
Not as astonished with 
The other kids compliments
For my stomach ache
From a lack of warm condiments 

Moral of the story  is 
I was fighting then
I’m still fighting now
Obstacles tend to ware me down
The inexperience of my peers 
Seem to no longer enlighten me now
Have to find new ways to learn
Or disappear into the unclear
Fatigued as a writer
Tend to want to touch on subjects 
Closer to lighter
Symptoms of a September baby
A Virgo born of a harlot 
With nine children unknown 
A none buffalo soldier
A phantom on a Harley
The ghost of Robert Marley
An astronaut in my younger years
Screaming for Apollo thirteen
As the thunder neared 
Off my coarse of inspiration 
I veered 

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Tiger bright, 
Moon light 
Shadows walking 
A moon lit sky 
The stars 
The tiger, 
huff and sigh 
The tiger's eye 
The shadows roam 
Jungle home 
Night sky 
Huff and sigh 
Tiger's eye 
Shadows roam 
Green jungle home 
under moonlit sky 
Tiger bright 
in jungle moon light 
Tiger's eye 
Tiger, huff and sigh 
Shadowy light 
Tiger bright 
Tiger's eye 
Moonlit sky 
Shadowy home 
Tigers' roam 
Swish of tail 
Moonlight veil 
Hunters night 
Tiger bright 
Tiger's  eye 
Moonlit sky

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Stone crops flash by me, 
blur of speed 

Flick of wing,turn of beak, 
the hunt is on 
for the prey I seek 

Spears of rock 
are my home 

This magnificent mountain 
strewn with scree 
capped by frost 
ringed by tree 

Rising high,it stands alone, 
granite buttresses 
keep it company 

Planes of rock make me twist and turn, 
complex flying I must learn 
to circumnavigate this world of stone 

Timeless unchanging mountain, 
my home in cool,crisp air 

Wind whispering, 
call me invitingly to the search 
for I am the Hawk of this mountain 

A mountain i know well 
for it is living breathing stone, 
my place ,my home 

Scent of pine  fills me 
as i scan for prey 
Blur of speed on rock 
endless scree 

My mountain,my home, 
this is no solitary life 
for I am not alone 

Weathered rock,clean air 
scent of green 
are my companions 
not always seen 

Spears  of stone reach for sky, 
turn of wing I fly by 
complex flying 
rock sighing 

This mountain stands alone , 
my hunting ground,my home 
strewn with scree, 
capped with frost, 
ringed by tree 

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quite please.

Captain sir I'm not going to die there,
 sir I sit in darkness waiting with my fear,
back home there are those who say we shouldn't be here...
Solider...dry your eyes and do not cry,
I will not let you die,
we are here to survive-
as they walked to the door she knew,
the boy she once held now grew,
he left this world to start a new,
As the fallen look back,
don't let them see how they react,
they died and for their reason you attack,
You say they didn't have to die,
did that ease the pain as that mother sits to cry?
a son,father,husband,brother,sister,daughter,mother, wife won't say why,
They are over there to fight for us all,
they are there to do what we didn't when our country called,
they are there and for our freedom AND FOR YOU they are willing to fall,
And you yell back home it was all for not,
telling there family it was a useless war they fought,
do you think it helps those kids playing in the sand lot?
they are my heroes when this world needs one,
they are my brother and sisters who protected me in under foreign sun,
they are people I could never make it up to or will be forgotten,
dads they didn't die in vain,mothers they didn't cry when Christ came,
now fathers,mothers sons,daughters watch from above with out blame,
and those back home who have any thing to say...that solider had a name
with life's lost freedom lives on.

Thank you to every solider that stands up for my freedom & fought for my life.

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People In Bars

One more for the good times, one for the bad
Another round for the happy, then for the sad
One more to clear my mind for that long drive home
Your nights are spent at the bar, so you are not alone
Reality hits hard when you are at home by yourself
You put your loneliness where no one can see it, it is placed on the very top shelf
If you buy them drinks, they will sit and listen
But they never will define what you are missing
When you socialize with a crowd who has had too many
Your thoughts ramble and your words are plenty
Once again you make it home quiet and afraid
Behind closed doors, you are misery\'s slave
The next day you are back where everyone knows your name
At one time or another, we all have done it, so bare no shame
Strange girls, a frequent one night stand
The Bluebird of happiness never seems to land
Sometimes it\'s better to live your life full of dreams
So some things become not as bad as they seem
Every hopeful in every bar wants their place in the sun
The bars will always be packed, some dreams may never come
I guess it\'s just another place that allows us to be who we are
Another group, another click, people in bars 

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Stone crops flash by me, 
blur of speed 

Flick of wing,turn of beak, 
the hunt is on 
for the prey I seek 

Spears of rock 
are my home 

This magnificent mountain 
strewn with scree 
capped by frost 
ringed by tree 

Rising high,it stands alone, 
granite buttresses 
keep it company 

Planes of rock make me twist and turn, 
complex flying I must learn 
to circumnavigate this world of stone 

Timeless unchanging mountain, 
my home in cool,crisp air 

Wind whispering, 
call me invitingly to the search 
for I am the Hawk of this mountain 

A mountain I know well 
for it is living breathing stone, 
my place ,my home 

Scent of pine  fills me 
as I scan for prey 
Blur of speed on rock 
endless scree 

My mountain,my home, 
this is no solitary life 
for I am not alone 

Weathered rock,clean air 
scent of green 
are my companions 
not always seen 

Spears  of stone reach for sky, 
turn of wing I fly by 
complex flying 
rock sighing 

This mountain stands alone , 
my hunting ground,my home 
strewn with scree, 
capped with frost, 
ringed by tree 

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For the Holidays

A simple decision
I came to accept at a younger age than known
I don’t remember my earlier birthdays
But since it fell in place
September, November, December
Then it’s a depressional season alone
If it were up to me, when I reached seven
I would have been heavenly gone
And you ask me
Will I be coming home for the holidays?
Holidays, they come, they go
For smiles and snow, a New York warmth
I’d trade with any convict doing death row
You punish me, but it seems to be
Something more than mischief
A flaw in your parental morals 
Let’s graph the hope held in each poor child 
You and I 
We have-nots were claimed as plurals 
Life long friends 
How much more can we endure pal
Do you no longer ask
If I’ll be home for the holidays
This is for your birthday, each passing Christmas
The wars in which you continue to enlist us 
The days you missed us 
The casualties whom bit the dust 
The individuals whom pissed on trust 
For those entitled to this imperishable crush
Will you be home for the holidays?

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EVEN part one

There’s a score to be settled, there’s revenge to be had,
And it’s best to not f  k with a woman this mad.
But like always, you push me, you push me too far,
So now I’ll discard you like the trash that you are.

Did you think I’d forgive you after all of your lies?
Did you really believe me? Trust my loving disguise? 
Are you really so stupid that you thought that I could,
Or are you so arrogant to think that I would?

A liar, a cheater, a thief and crook,
Too late to give back my soul that you took.
So here I am lover, with a hole in my chest,
And I’ve planned to destroy you, so prepare for my best.

Now that you love me, and it’s me who you need,
I wonder how badly I can make your heart bleed.
My anger stays patient, behind this empty smile,
But I am the judge and you will soon stand my trial.

I’ve not been so faithful, who knew I could be so bad?
And instead of feeling guilty it’s the most fun I’ve ever had.
The cheating wasn’t the thrill, it was the coming home to you,
Knowing what I just did, and then giving it to you too.

I don’t know when I became so dirty, I really have no shame,
But you made up the rules, I’m just playing your game.
At first I had to get even, but soon I had upped you one,
And before I could even stop it, Vendetta was on the run.

Every night I come home to you, I look you in the eyes,
I speak of love and life, and fill your head with lies.
Every night when I make love to you, I want you to know,
But I keep my secrets deep inside, and let your feelings grow.

Karma has been waiting to kick your a s for quite awhile,
Anticipation of your broken heart really makes me smile,
Because very soon my love, the full attack is on,
And everything you think is true will very much be gone.

So you can find another sucker to grow old with and lie,
And I can be the one you think of til you die.
The one that got away, the one who broke your heart,
The one who took your house of cards, and tore that s  t apart.


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Poverty and rage is all he sees
in a furtive,doleful glance,
and the brightly-colored lights
cannot console the wretched soul
of his malnourished,shivering body:
bundled up in rags and visible to all
the hurriendly and careless passerbys,
who seem blind in their own pretense...

He rejects the mournful sounds
interfering with his needed sleep;
and yet,he lifts his drooping head
to peak around the wratful trees
to assure himself that 
the wooden and metal shack
is well-secured and safe;
his numberless doubts delve deep...

In the middle of a furious February,
winter has failed to invite the generous sun 
to warm up his frosty home so run-down;
an impoverished home in which he repulsed luck
that could have turned his life around;
his regret is an unremissible remedy:
consumed by a wishful valor
that ended in bitter squalor....