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Ballad Dark Poems | Ballad Poems About Dark

These Ballad Dark poems are examples of Ballad poems about Dark. These are the best examples of Ballad Dark poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Disturbed Child

That disturbed child
The teen girl with no friends, 
and is rejected by her loved ones
She feels broken inside,
like theres no other choice
She takes the iron razor, 
she puts it to her arm and hopes the pain will fade,
but in the end it only makes her feel worse
She does this to herself not because she is sad, 
but because she doesn't think any one cares
She thinks 
What if I put this razor to my throat,
and ended my life
Would they care then?
She feels like no one cares 
What she doesn't realize is, 
if she died a river of tears would come,
even faster then the blood would run from her
If she only knew life can be brighter 
If she would only see, 
that she is loved
That disturbed child, 
We miss her
and theres no getting her back
What could we have done
Was there any changing her mind
Only God knows

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Is It Worth It

Love can seem so happy and so wonderful
But it can hurt and take away from life too
You make me so happy and make me feel so special
But then you turn around and make me feel like ****
love can turn you into a whole new person
But you could change into to something great or something no one wants
Love seems so wonderful at first 
But spending my days not knowing if you want me or even care for me is agonizing 
Sometimes i feel like your lying to me but if i say that then you'll get mad again
Your such a loose cannon, ready to burst with rage and tears
Love is so temperamental 
so can you tell me....... 
Is It Worth It?

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A House On the Cliff's Edge

There is a house on the cliff’s edge,
Around a quiet, unmarked shoreline
At night, the tide lifts high against a foggy moon
In the morning, gloomy clouds settle with the sea
At times, not even the birds are seen or heard
The house is left to nature’s caress

Home-crafted seashell chimes sway and sing with the wind
Crushed sand dollars lie together on the back porch
The shells were once whole, collected by the former owners
Long gone are they now, smiling with the moon
The owners are the very sound of the ocean spray,
Striking the rocks, announcing the cool dawn of day
They are not the dark, empty rooms,
The rooms that nobody thinks of as they go about their lives
The quiet owners are long gone—thought of only by one
A stillborn legacy about as tiresome as the sun,
When the clouds crisp out its beams . . .

A seawater puddle is in the middle of the dining room
Nobody knows it sits there, sinking in the floorboards
It used to be a far larger puddle after a storm,
Stealthily leaking into the house
But now it is small—so small—and the boards are moist,
Moist with its only companion amongst the instilled silence

Nobody thinks of empty, abandoned rooms
Nobody remembers the former owners
They were not much for socials and gatherings
They always lived their quiet, happy lives
Without a care of the outside world,
Far from anybody’s thought
Miles from the nearest home
Where the next generation comfortably lives 

He never finished fixing that leak . . .

Sometimes the puddle gets bigger after other storms
And when it does, there is almost life there again
You can see the chandelier reflected on the unperturbed water
As a crystal dangles and falls from on high
The dark silence following the drop is as deep as thought . . .

Nobody thinks of empty, abandoned rooms
Nobody remembers the former owners
There is merely a house on the cliff’s edge
Around a quiet, unmarked shoreline

-March 21, 2013-

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Daisy trips and falls apart
The mysterious rider brings her back
And now wonders how she ll find
The way back home cause is its off the line
And runs away leaving the rider alone
He comes back for her 
On the dark dawn
She refuses to go back to his lost life
The angered rider loses control
Cause daisy was the one whom he loved from soul
And for one last time he asks her to go
To the dark den with him for eternal light
For daisy nods no cause she loves her home
Fuming with fury he wins along 
Cause daisy said she will stand her ground
The rider calls in his horse to take  leave
Distressed yet still in love he climbs his horse
Galloping his horse he starts to race
While snatching daisy from her most beloved home
Cautious and anxious she struggles through the ride
Then comes the deepest valley with the bridge
Daisy unknown of the little bit of it 
Tussling and grappling the little doll piece
Falls of the bridge before he could grab her
Bawling for help when taws’ to late for her
And once again
Daisy trips and falls apart
But the mysterious rider on black mare couldn’t save her fall
For he is down with the heart ache of his lost love
And as said so........ 
He wanders on the edge of the bridge you see
In search of his lost love or her screams
not knowing its too late for all her pleas
'Cos the daisy was the one whom he loved from h soul.
And daisy said no cause she loved her home
And so goes the story of one lost soul who took control with her innocent prose

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rolled Durham smoke - Ballad

It transferred like bequest's constrain;
the ghostly harbor - my sixth sense,
men's goals had died, on lives' expense,
- this notion bothered me again.

Had sent the mail - my filed advice -
the ghosts of gunmen who have died,
on moors they stood yonside old pride,
- the Rider asked his deathly price.

In air he thumped, his rhythm - gust waves;
demanding cruel new death toll;
in town each woman wore black stole,
the 'killed in duel' dwell in graves;

The Rider hummed - our vessel moored
inside this port on Nueces' edge,
much red was shed on cypress sedge
- my instincts sharpened and inured.

Tall stood he on the wharf - I knew
the wind whipped ropes upon head-mast,
- we drew the guns; he lifted fast;
my two guns bucked debt-law to ensue.

I felt the slug - he moved across,
already-a-ghost, on moors he stood;
I tasted blood - got up - I should,
with red drops staining grass and moss.

I saw her standing on the field
amid red poppies and tall trees,
her thought became my holy shield,
bestowed thenceforth, her grace in breeze.

She spread her arms and called me eft,
above the clouds to Astral Halls
athwart stood gunman - fast and deft
in Tombstone, Mobile and Sioux Falls.)

I rolled and lit a Durham smoke
with children watching me round-eyed;
that March, (I thought), a gunman died,
I heard bells' knell and two crows croak.

© G.V. 07-18-2013
(Ballad - Iambic tetrameter)

Sponsor: Poet Destroyer A
Contest Name: Ballad (old/new)
Deadline: 12/28/2013

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Succubus In Bloom Lyrics

Well you’ve gone where the cold wind blows, and the soil is plagued with fear.  Treat your wounds. Rest awhile, 
the DEVIL can’t find you here. 2X
Box full of bones and the serpents they know not to cross her path. 
The locusts they rise and take to the sky, 
you know not the spells you cast. 2X
Sweet misery she comes pure and fair round the witching hour.
Her smile cuts deep as I drift off to sleep.
In a box my bones will go.4X
Father bless this child of sin consume her eyes and salvage her skin drape it across her mother’s face to bind and hold the tears in.
Mistress of black, I know you’ll come back with razors thirsty and clean.
This canvas of flesh Please remove your dress and (drain me of my sin)4X
Sweet misery she comes pure and fair round the witching hour.
Her smile cuts deep as I drift off to sleep.
In a box my bones will go.4X

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The Wanderer Part two

I grabbed her hand
Hope and love sweling
Mixing into an enticing brew
Whose flavor
brought forth
all the wild creatures
from the desert araound me.
They applauded m success
and ran back for their's

But I had the luck
of the blessed
I held her hand tight
Told her who I was
She nodded
Her light engulfed me

Suddenly my fright swelled inside
What if she left too?
The dark roadis too hard
for me now.

She grabbed my hand
Told me she loved me
In twelve seconds
she smelt my fear
tasted my love
Tired of my existence
and departed

I was rooted to the spot
Her flesh's warmth
had yet to leave my palm
when she passed into the sunset

Shock numbed my feet
Shock numbed my tongue

It was dark
Darker than it had been
Too dark to breath
Too dark to walk

I fell by the roadside
To the vultures
Even crawling was too hard
I poked out my eyes
So no more beauty could touch my soul
I cut off my feet
So I could not walk
It took all of two seconds
for the vultures to come
My end is here
But death is preferable to pain
I welcome the big grey birds."

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The Other Side of the Moon

     You won't 
be able 
      to turn 
       from the bright shining 
it's gleam 
the dark night
      yet we wonder
yes we wonder
      what's on the dark side of the moon
             Men have walked on this 
         which the 
poets and the ancients 
     In our struggle 
to be free
    of all we call
we have relegated 
     the moon to the realm of
   yet there is 
a "dark side of 
the moon"
       which is known 
to seers, bards
prophers and
whose second sight
allows them to 
penetrate the 
mist enshrouded 

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From fabrics torn, in ruin, she hail,
Above the deck, beneath the sail,
Above silent meadow, the sea,
Her frosty breath, in doom, she see.

Her fondness torn, her kids apart,
Though love follows her broken heart,
Her sorrow tears on rusted chains,
For holding children once again.

The howling steam erased skies,
And fright gallops the silent cries,
As faces pale in feeble grip,
And sea moaning the crowded ship.

The days are past, remedies none,
The burned down farms from firing sun,
They bent on knees for kids to feed,
Beneath the feet for coin, indeed.

Her husband dead from bones to sweat,
Hard labor earning, closing, debt,
She buried body, beneath the farm,
And begs for mercy, waiting harm.

The beats in rage far fierce than flame,
The bells were rung, with chains they came,
Her toes were trembling, wrath unfolds,
They tortured, beat and tied her, cold.

While taken heart and soul from kids,
The slave in chain with tearful lids,
They dragged and stripped in crowded street,
And brought with slaves to ship, the fleet.

Through cries unheard and night she sails,
With slaves in ship with fuming trails,
To hungers deep in scalding cold,
And chapped lip-lines numb, breaking hold.

Her skin was pale, the hunger tale,
As blue veins rose beneath her nails,
To fading night, her dim eyes sleep,
Her moon-light fades and die asleep.
©Anees Rahman

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Today I am crying
I am crying that my brothers are fighting
The fighting started from historical claim
The claim that never any sides to give in
Today my tears fell to my bosom
I am anxious to what happen

Why never the peace is reign?
Why war shall be the end?
Why the people love to kill?
Why there is no way to end without blood spill?

I am not superman to stop the falling tears
I wanted to embrace my brothers to say please stop!
Please stop the war that spills blood.
I wanted to cry out loud but my sober is louder

Please end the war 
Stop and give ending
There would be no winner fighting between brothers
The only winner in war is “loser” for fighting with brothers
There must be other ways - to the end the bloodshed!
Please stop it, stop the war!!!
Stop the war!
Stop the fighting!
Stoppppppppppppppppppp the War!!!!!
Where are you UNNNNNNNNN?

Sunday, 3rd March 2013

A poem for the current skirmish in Lahad Datu and Semporna
Sabah, Malaysia. Let us all pray for PEACE! 

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The storm

The storm

The sky above was filled right up
With big, black, monstrous clouds
The thunder hit the blackened skies
His voice so very loud
Forked all across the morning skies
Fiery fingers streak on out
Then the thunder rumbles loud and strong
And rain is all about

Oh how that rain came teeming down
Just like it’s on a mission
To wash away the whole damned earth
As with her quiet precision
Mother Nature puts the pressure on
To warn us human souls
Of the damage she could do
With the power in her role

The rain, It pours down onto me
But I don’t feel a thing
I’m covered by my wetland gear
And my heart begins to sing
For me, I love these thunder storms
With all their mighty power
Though some on seeing all this drama
Would hide away and cower.

17 August 2013 @ 1708hrs.

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Star Child

Constellations in my eyes;
Windows they're said to be.
Look into them now, and tell me what you see.

Calling every angel born in Hell:
"A child of the stars looking for his soul to sell.
So few are left to be birthed of Orion's Belt."

Soon they came; rulers of every layer.
Each to make their offer, 
And leave their summoning prayer. 

"Centuries of wisdom, and a mind that holds no time.
The past, present, and future are all close friends of mine,
And the Titans of the Universe I stand so close behind."

They opened all my wounds to taste how I have suffered,
Shamed me for my scars and all that I've recovered. 
Then mocked me for my weakness, known only as 'The Lover'.

"It is forbidden for us to deal a soul of the cosmos,
And you taunt us for what you wish to sell.
But we've found something in you to make us heroes down in Hell."

You are protected by forces greater than your own.
Should any God or Demon make you bow before him,
Death would surely find his throne.

It's your heart that we desire, and the love that you still hold.
Grant us this purity and surely you'll have more than this world can hold.
Let it be known that your heart is the heaviest to hold.

Surely it is quite the burden to bear.
So strange in it's nature, let us free you from it's wear.
Success will quickly follow and embrace you in it's care."

Yes! Take from me all that you desire!
No longer will I suffer in it's muck and it's mire!
Do with it what you will in the cold and the fire!

With their prize, they left with no hesitation.
Legion upon legion; Hells' United Nations.
All for their Master and all in celebration.

Lowly creatures is what they're cursed to be.
They know me by many names, they know me by many faces.
And my heart I've sold on every occasion. 

Fools! Surely they must know!
That every heart I give away
Brings me the love that stays.

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This soul was dying and crashing,
But she gave me a breath of life.
She whispered beautiful words of life,
That rejuvenated the strength within.
I started to feel the life within me rise,
And made me feel alive again.

With the breath of life I rose again,
And the petals of my life blossomed.
Once more I felt the warmth of love,
Melting down my once cold heart,
Into a warm heart that can hold love.
It is a good feeling of happiness,
That makes this heart make a beat.

In the shadow of my own loneliness, 
Life was as dark as a dark night is. 
The sun in my life had never set,
And the moonlight was never bright,
To light up the world around me,
Until she gave me a breath of life,
That filled my heart with love.

She is coming from the far horizon,
But I can smell the smell of her perfume.
With her majestic move I hear her steps,
And my heart is beating in expectancy,
With every step she makes closer.
My hands are widening up for her,
Ready to hold her in my arms of love.

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Far Dorocha

The dark man rides throughout the land,
true servant of his Queen;
and follows he, her stern command,
to fetch the sweetest seen.

He never speaks, this silent man.
His gaze is straight ahead.
But mortals understand his plan,
and let themselves be led.

The dark man he will play his part.
He’ll whisk them clean away.
Tho’ if the Queen feels kind of heart,
they’re home again next day. 

But woe betide the ones who speak
of such a fairy game.
The dark man once again will seek
to blind, strike dumb or maim.

Then as the hallowed e’en draws nigh,
let mortals all beware:
When witches ride the midnight sky,
the dark man will be there.

October 12th 2011
See about this poem

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heart break

My mind always run and hide so i crawl into a a bottle and wait  for tomorrow my  brain want’s to borrow some courage to put a gun to my head end this suffering. My heart is living in sorrow from this heart break cant take it no more my eyes are bloody from crying  I’m dying inside so please come end my misery. why  you can’t heel my broken heart you said forever and always I guess that was a lie my heart cry for you and what you do you stab me in my broken heart with a knife so please come end my life .

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Some Of Us

Some of us get it, some of us don't.
Many of us start the work some of us won't.
Different rooms with unfamiliar faces
Similar stories from a myriad of places.

"Keep it simple, take it easy". That's what I hear.
Truly a blessing not to cower in fear.
Trying to be silent, absorb what is said
To leave the group hopeful, not filled with dread.

Thoughts of my brother now four years dead.
Still feeling pain over angry words said.
Knowing with his God he is at peace.
Asking of my God for some sense of release.

Struggled along the way to six months earned.
Know how to stir up hornets nests, that I've learned.
Hearing the wisdom of all the aged codgers,
Grumpy old men thinking they're Mr. Rogers.

Making amends to those I had harmed,
Most understood, while others not charmed.
My path is clear, of that I'm certain.
Others decide to raise their own curtain.

Failure of others is painful to see.
Not watching my ass, that could be me.
The beast is a menace, indifferent to all.
Some of us rise, too many of us fall.

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darkness at noon

the blue sky turns darker
as the Sun leads the wars
against dark moons 
and dark allies
that take over our world
leaves become snakes
and theives rule the land
in the battle for days
our nights are in our hands
trees and flowers grow in sleepy cars
seas roam the galaxy seeking new ways
of light
birds fly away in search of warm blue days
and all that remains are people and wishes
of fruit, love and wisdom

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You are the Good: I am the Evil

You are the light of a day,
I am the darkest of grays.
You are the significant Sun,
I am the forgotten Moon.

You are the sweet make-believe dreams,
I am the tragic nightmares.
You are a glorious angel,
I am a dreary demon.

You are the bright rainbow,
I am the dull rain.
You are the boat that floats,
I am the anchor that sinks.

You are the peaceful Valley,
I am the destructive war.
You are the tame beauty,
I am the wild beast.

You are the precious living,
I am the shallow dead.
You are the glistening stars,
I am the darkening night.

You are the wonderful strength,
I am the terrible weakness.
You are the beautiful heavens,
I am the unpleasant hells.

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Shona McFee

She lived in a house in a deep dark wood,
Her name was Shona McFee.
When she let down her hair where the oak-tree stood
The mist rolled in from the sea.
It curled and it twirled and enfolded itself round
The remarkable Shona McFee.

She walked up the hill where the snow leopards stalked
The indomitable Shona McFee.
The animals came and they walked where she walked,
How I wish they could have been me.
She turned right round and embraced every one,
For she was loving, was Shona McFee.

As night stooped down she came down too,
The delectable Shona McFee.
She lit a fire by her hut and she clapped with her shoe,
Come, little creatures to me!
And the owls and the bats and the forest’s deer
Came dashing to Shona McFee.

In a town not far from the deep dark wood,
I dreamt of Shona McFee.
She lets down her hair in romantic mood,
And the startled animals flee.
She walks and she walks and her heart beats fast,
Come hither, Shona McFee!

In a town not far from the deep dark wood,
I lie dreaming of Shona McFee.
I hear her steps step on the stippled grey road.
And know she is coming to me.
I run downstairs and throw open the door,
To no sign of Shona McFee.

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The Horsemen

You know they are coming
See the dust in the air
Feel the ground tremble beneath your feet.
Can't quite see them
But you know they are there
Suddenly your face is white as a sheet.

The Horsemen are riding
Your world is ending
No use complaining it just isn't fair.
Swords scything down
Trumpeting stallions
The battle is over so don't even care.

Man's castles are falling
His caverns no respite,
Armies are dust in a flash of might.
The judgement is binding,
The deep dead are rising,
Their sad faces form in the fading light.

You're torn and your tattered,
The scent of blood heavy
Old Earth is shaking, you try to run.
The darkness is closing
You better be ready
The Horsemen are coming, the end has begun!

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Growing Emptiness

My flesh and bone, can't seem to hone
in on the substance I once had
Right and wrong, difference known
I never can choose anymore good over bad
I once was an optimistic hope filled inspiration
Now consumed by an empty shallow occupation
Fame, sex, drugs, feels good to the touch
but never, inevitably, amounts to much
Loving pleasure, hating to face pain
The suppression just makes me insane
Selfishness, recklessness and pride prevail
My half hearted attempts at decency always fail
Not because normalcy is unattainable
But because I choose instead to have my belly full
Once I chose depth and sincerity over surface greed
When darkness calls I now heed
While these things seem to satisfy now
I can't help to see my outlook on life is increasingly foul
A self inflicted wound, I must admit
I know this life is not a good fit
Once again I'm reminded that time after time
and all the same signs
I just can't seem to repress
This growing emptiness

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An Ode to Struggle

All the days go by desperately,
Everyday is a day to be overcome,
I am struggling to get through them,
Just to live another day in agony.

I wish to come out victorious,
Of all the turmoil I have to bear,
Of all the pain that I go through,
Of the loneliness that grips my heart.

Each day passes by me unnoticed,
Each day has become my sworn enemy,
Each day I wish for things to change,
Everyday I pray for a miracle to happen.

I hope to get through this unharmed
Without a scar to remind me of this
This story I wish to end well or let me be
Without any expectations of what will be.

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In The World Of Hell

Born in night to Dhore and Ghore,
Lots of roar he was to make,
Taught with those the best they had
Fought and won the best of bad,
Turned to red then black and blood,
flooding bones of hellish beasts
mighty prince thus conquered hell.
'Prince Devil' they called him thus
sirens roar to send him down
Into earth with evils blood.

Bright and light have seen fire,
not this prince, they haven't yet!
All of hell had bowed him thrice,
every good he split then slice ,
Walks earth in men and women,
Making evil with each spell.
mighty prince grew fast in fame,
lots of hearts he turned to war
After gold, they led their heart
As men he touched felt no good.

From among men, fed by then,
He placed his steps for a walk,
Saw no man for long a way
Went so mad with not a ray,
A sight of light, far in night,
Then drew him close to its height,
Not light, but a girl there stood,
Seeing her, he dreamed a life,
Human life with her in it,
But late he was far to reach.

Not a king, but king of kings,
Will he be in days to come,
Orders came to steal her light,
with dark sufferings, true fright.
Tried too hard but failed with heart,
Across he stood against dark,
Earthly love then bound the prince
Hell's world was flared in anger,
Evil dark, the king of kings,
proclaimed war against the prince.

No demon, no prince, she knew,
nor he was, from where she knew
Fought his heart in best of hells,
Days, nights, in his world and else,
blackish blood smoked with fire,
Blew from hell with smell, desire,
The prince of love, fought so brave.
killed he was, in deadly war,
Hell and heaven, barred his soul
for crimes done in all the world.
©Anees Rahman

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Sarah's Door

My son there are fields you may stray 
With flowers to take hearts away
Where you can be happy all day
But listen to words I now say
Enjoy life mid kisses galore
But stay away from Sarah’s door
So into the world boy did go
And boy did the boy put on show
The flowers would wait in a row
In hopes to just bask in his glow
Truly this was what youth was for
Now who would dare a dream for more
The Joy of day ran into night
There never was a time so right
Another kiss lurked out of sight
An endless flow of sheer delight
Had sparked his mind to Sarah’s door
From somewhere he had heard before
He shared his longings with a friend
Who warned him of some evil end
It’s Sarah’s door let’s not pretend
Rich kisses here we must defend
Such crazy thoughts we must ignore
Abandon thoughts of Sarah’s door
But Sarah’s door entered boy’s dreams
From it imagination streams
What lies behind its golden seams
To push his passions to extremes
It calls him taunts him to explore 
What madness waits at Sarah’s door
Now there’s still fields for hearts to play
Where flowers wait to kiss the day
And youthful airs are on display
Except for one who went astray
Now they don’t see him anymore
Since he had knocked on Sarah’s door

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Don't got no heart 
It's just a black hole
Cold as stone 

Haven't found anyone
to make it beat
make a rythem 
Bring it back to life 

There's just a empty space 
Where my heart should be 
It's just a black hole 
Been  broken so much
Nothing left for anyone to break

My heart's been hurt so much 
Couldn't take it anymore 
SO it decided to shrivel up and die

In it's wake it left me 
Feeling broken and cold inside
All that's left is a black hole
to replace my shattered heart

Till someone can make it beat again 
make a rythem 
Bring it back to life!
Let me have a heart again 
There will be nothing but a black hole 
In my chest

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Sensual Fool


I know how started in a lonely sort of way, wanting so bad to have a new day!!!
You came unexpectedly an didn't defeat ..I wasn't so sure if we should even meet..!!
I wasn't  attracted to you at first....but the sound of your voice gave me no choice!!
Little did I know that you war a mask!!! An the battle had begun for you to complete your task!!! That you would get what you wanted at any cost..!  That Maybe So,but you are Lost!!!

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Coming out of the shadows

When I was a young man
I spent nigh on a year
In an ugly, war torn country
That drove me close to tears
They sent me home before my time
For my health was down a tad
And my nerves were shot to pieces
Like I was going mad.

They said I had the symptoms of
That post traumatic stress
And so they put me on a pension
Oh I was in a mess!
Anger, stress, anxiety
And paranoid as well
Oh, I was in the darkest place
An awful place to dwell.

I tried so many things, did I
To try to cure this thing
Gurus, shrinks, and self help books
But none of this did bring
The sanity that I did need
I just got worse and worse
As I drove all my love ones out
Oh, I was so damned terse.

Then one day I found this pair
Whilst searching through the net
They taught me how to look at me
How lucky can one get?
The looking made my life so sweet
I’m now completely sane
Each day’s so pure and wonderful
I’m through with all the pain.

15 July 2013 @ 1340hrs.

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The Return To RotGut Part 1

They say he had three Mothers
The Earth, the Wind, and Water
And His father was the Sun
And the Moon was his daughter 
He wore a gun in his belt
With clothing made from hide
As He walked, He made no sound
And never broke his stride

Folks say he was part Cherokee
Others say, part Crow
There wasn't any clarity
There was no way to know
He wore a shiny locket
On the inside of his shirt
That he took out of the pocket
Of a dead Comanche’s' skirt 

The feather in his hat
Made the white folk all take notice
And on his belt a sack
With an ancient Aztec Poultice
The myth, was he knew magic
Taught by spirits raised by  Shamans
And because His birth was tragic
He was thought to be a Demon 

As he passed through our town
The People, looked away
Afraid of being cursed
They where glad he didn't stay
The sun sank in the East
As the wind blew from the West
And he walked in a straight line
Like a man bent on a quest

He climbed up to the foothills
Where the Injuns made their graves
There he raised them from the dead
As he made them all his slaves
No one knew his purpose 
For the dead upon that mound
Not at least, until that day
He came back to this town

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The Devil's Dead Roses A prelude to the Bete Noire

The Devil's Dead Roses
A prelude to the Bete Noire 

Please stop Please stop
Don't look at my face
Please stop Please stop 
Don't look at my face.                                              
  -  Every time you see what I see     
  -  Every time you see what I see 

So precious 
Disgusting taste 
Back handed smile plays
Your devious face 
So lost without me 
Looking down without grace 
Masquerade - You dance high
"So Great"
And the needle's laced

The Blood of Christ 
In my hands 
Understand! Understand!!
Still you laugh through me in sin
These cravings 
So thirsty
Me first please
I'm fiending 
So lasting this laughing 
It's fancy, us dancing 
Dilusions in envy
Pornographic Fantastic 
Your eyes bleed
So frightening 
My flesh disappearing 
Your lies scream 
You hate me
So blinding 
My eyes sting
Left silent Sick violence
We play for today
"My little prey come this way" 
Separate from peace
A pornographic feast
And this poison that you're spitting on my flesh
And this poison that you're spitting is so fresh 
And this poison that you spit
Is coming at me
It's all coming at me 
And up my spine 
Such wicked chills                  Diluted in envy 
Why you coming at me
Why me
Why me
Why you coming at me
Naked hand in hand
Sends wicked chills 
And up my spine
Twisted little thrills 
"How Divine!!?"
A blind dream
I'm finding YOU WATCHING 
This hate thing
Your mask is so frightening 

Back handed smile 
A little guile 
So sick
Looking in at your grin
When you stick me
"You fuqqing win" 
So I just laugh and I laugh
And I sing and I laugh
And I dance and I laugh
And I laugh and I laugh
And a couple more drinks
And a couple more drinks ...

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Once upon a time there was only your rhyme
No one thought of committing a crime
No one even dreamed of challenging you
You played games and wrote as two

You looked at the world from the top of the heap
Hidden plans oh the secrets you'd keep
But now the wind is being an Arnold to you
Whispers softly in my ear all you've been up to

How does it feel
How does it feel
To be losing your view
Knowing new turks are chasing you
You might be tired but their not through

What you've done.. How do you live with yourself
You killed conscience and set it on the shelf
Like an animal on the wall it's a trophy to you
You thought pride was strength but it's blinding too

So I'm not asking do you see what's taking place
Your favorite mirror won't help in this new race
Run as fast as you can with two broken legs
Your coffee cup's empty now taste those dregs 

How does it feel
How does it feel
To be losing your view
Knowing new turks are chasing you
You might be tired but their not through

For years you tore down barns to build bigger ones
You used cut and paste dollars as primary funds
While the homeless couldn't get a full bowl of soup
The manipulated masses didn't know they'd been duped 

But the wind is picking up and it's got a story to yell
A raging storm is coming.. going to feel as hot as hell
And when the clouds clear the light is going to expose
An army is coming with an unrelenting passion to depose

How does it feel
How does it feel
To be losing your view
Knowing new turks are chasing you
You might be tired but their not through

It's like the Good Book says from the One who cannot lie
The sins you sin in secret.. He's going to write across the sky

How does it feel
How does it feel
To be losing your view
Knowing new turks are chasing you
You might be tired but their not through

*Numbers 32:23 "Be sure your sin will find you out!"

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Transformation of Thought

I thought I was living, but I knew I was dead
My essence was draining, leaking making me wish I could see
This wheel I ride was a simple device
Running down the road I knew it would never end
Forgive me for I have but one notion in this world
A crazy time, but it spits me in a kind of swirl
The existence of man is my one real legend
The dog came and put its head on my lap
Love so deep I felt it to my bone
Yes now I knew God was here
At last salvation, the time for wondering was over
I was really going home
Then the window opened and I was falling 
Help, help I screamed
Only the laughter echoed in my mind  

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The wind

The wind can speak to us, it whispers soft things in our ears. 
Saying sweet things, it eases us giving us security. 
Brushing our hair behind our ears.
The wind seems to comfort us, when no one else can. 
But then, just as it started out so sweet it turns dark and violent. 
All of a sudden the wind yells at us, it degrades us.
No longer is our hair gently swept behind our ear, but pulled and yanked.
No longer is it comfort but now the wind brings us pain, 
The wind has seemed to change.
Maybe this was never wind, but our imaginations way of coping,
Our very own façade, perhaps we compared this man to the wind,
So we could get away, we could create an alternate outing.

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Don’t you know Deirdre’s gone? Don’t you know Deirdre’s gone? I can sence her embrace that feels like Tragedy A heart to have, slipped beneath the waves The dark pulse now beckons us closer How many days will this passion bleed away? We will be the ones left to blame Beware we’ve become their prey They say you’re addicted to your pain A lifeless cold barren soul left to die in the rain A whisper too close to the edge A call from the dark Brings out a saving spark An Exodus from her Pain Her Life Spent breathing in Shame A Shadow Call breaks the Silence Am I the one to blame? Don't you know Deirdre's gone? Don't you know Deirdre never said wrong? Don't you know Deirdre's gone? “My Decadence was just for you Though you’d never care what I’ve been through Enter the world were empathy is clandestine A world created by you, just for me What’s Lying in my heart is why You want to through the stone” I call your name towards nightfall’s reign But they take you so far away A dark angel so divine Cursed by Eden’s heart I will avenge every tear An Exodus from her Pain Her Life Spent breathing in Shame A Shadow Call breaks the Silence Am I the one to blame? Don't you know Deirdre's gone? Don't you know Deirdre never said wrong? Don't you know Deirdre's gone? Don’t you know Deirdre’s gone? Don’t you know Deirdre’s gone?

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The lakes edge 
Shone in silver light 
A moon , so bright, 
in a dark forest night 

The moon rose silently 
In a clear starlight sky 
The creatures of the night 
Came out in a dark forest, 
to play, in moonlight 

Such unnaturally tall trees, 
with no branches in sight 
No leaves 
Stood still 
In a dark forest 
Under moonlight 

As I drew closer 
The tall trees were all in a row 
No branches in sight 
I pulled away the tangled vines 
I could see... 
Masts, spars ropes and lines 

The ships! 
The wood in which a ship is made 
Returned to the dark forest 
Where the keel was shaped and laid 

The wooden ships that carried the Heartstone 
Across a sea, so blue 
Had returned to a forest 
That the timbers once knew 

When a ship comes to die 
It must return 
To where its timbers were born 
A ship to lie.... 
Amongst the trees 
The masts, swaying in a gentle breeze 

The whispering trees 
Took the ships 
Took the wood 
Made it their own 
As any magic could 

In a dark forest 
Graceful ships of wood 
No longer hear the sea roar 
instead of sails they once wore 
They hear birds singing 
Leaves rustle 
Masts creaking 

Ships, run aground 
In a dark forest 
Back to wood 
Back to trees 
Waiting to be found 
Leaves replaced sails 
Spars became branches 
Became something new 

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Beneath Death's Dark Veil

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A careless Swathing of Death's face- pale
Burn the images and erase the memories
Bury the lies beneath Death's dark veil

Dig deep- finding secrets beneath the remains
Salty tears pierce the bloodless veins
Hiding the lies beneath Death's dark veil

Burn the soul and leave the remains
Speak your filthy words-never escape the chains
Live beneath Death's dark veil

cover the truth- with a fairy's tale
Revive the breakage-but it's far too late to mend the damage
All will be revealed once you enter hell beneath Death's dark veil

Your useless sorrow buried with lies
And still you refuse to hear the burning cries
And the truth remains-left decaying beneath Death's dark veil

Burn the remains-bury your life
Give in to the world of never ending strife
Lose yourselves in the void-far beneath Death's dark veil

Never strive for much- always fail
Wondering what has become of this empty life
Receiving a decayed response of ash in the depths of Death's dark veil

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The Return To RotGut Part 3

A single soldier stayed
To guard against the animal
From digging up the grave
He felt awful for the Injuns
Disgusted by their plight
So from his bag he took a chalk
And upon a stone, did write

These Injuns lie beneath this land
Through no fault of their own
Their only crime, was to take  stand
And defend their rightful home 

Part 3

It’s been 12 years since that day
Now the wind blew from the east
A strange scent in the air
Which frighten, all the beast
And with the wind came sickness
A plague upon the town
It left the people, weak and feeble
As the virus spread around

But I alone stayed well
And never once felt ill
But at the edge of town
What I saw gave me a chill
He wore feathers in his hat
And a cloak made of rawhide
But he didn't have his gun
Just a pouch tied to his side

He made his way, straight to me
As I stood there on the walk
Then using broken English
He began to talk
He said that in his sack
There contained an ancient cure 
That could make the town's folk free
From all that they've endured 

To be continued

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The dead line

Better look to the lamb
and fall to your knees
for the Reaper
witnesses all that he sees
This fallen angel’s
made a career of evil
the father of sin
this black/red coated devil
He minds over death’s valley
With his hot road to Hell
and with determined temptation
will lure you with his spell
He’ll sit by your shoulder
and by ill thought word or deed
your conscience will torture
and your pained soul shall bleed
This masterful serpent
with fire of unknown origin
whose pit of raging flames
is the prize that you’ll win
So beware of the tongue
and do what is right
stay away from the darkness
and look only to the light

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hello mr morrison

hello mr morrison
tell me, are the indians
that you saw when you were young
still on that dusty road?

did one take control of you
spirits now are one, once two
after that the arrow flew
and "squirming like a toad"

the brains of thousands tuned to hear you speak
the poet, philosopher and the tweak
the genius but never the geek
is welcome in my abode

i idolize the lizard king
let the long lost trumpets sing
love, despair, unholy things
found in his lost odes

resting in a grave in france
lucky me,i got the chance
to see him rest, but at a glance
on a motorbike he rode

to make a future lost as gold 

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Ballad of Alexandria the Female Knight

Alexandria was a gallant knight,
She used to sit at Arthur’s Round Table.
Dressed as a boy, she helped knights fight evil
As the Blue eyed hero of this fable.

The young lady fell in love with Arthur,
But unknowing, he married Guinevere.
Alex’s heart was hurt, but she stayed true,
She battled alongside him without fear.

Sparring with Lancelot, she learned to fight,
Alex earned respect from her belov’d king,
He never knew she was an armored girl.
He only saw her long weapons in swing.

On a dark and stormy night they set off,
The knights of Camelot looked for The Grail;
Alex as custom rode by Arthur’s side.
They searched through forest glades without avail.

Finally they came across a large cave,
Its dark and dank depths were filled with despair.
Alex entered in front of the brigade,
Arthur gave her braveness no thought or care.

Down in the black unfathomable cave,
At the farthest reaches a light appeared.
Guided by instincts, they knew this was it,
The home of the Holy Grail they revered.

The room guarding The Grail sparkled with gold,
Hundreds of cups lined the intricate walls.
Together the comrades stood and puzzled.
Which of these cups would bring about their falls?

Would it be a goblet, made out of glass?
Could something like The Cup be plainly wood?
Arthur studied the many chalices.
He thought he’d found it, no one understood.

On a pillar was a gold glass, shining.
Its pleasant brightness filled up the whole room.
Arthur was about to drink its liquid
When Alex interfered and met her doom.

Arthur’s brave knight wanted to try it first,
She knew the wrong choice would bring instant death;
So she begged Arthur to let her test first,
After drinking, she soon ran out of breath.

Alex knew that Christ was a carpenter,
She wasn’t surprised that he’d chosen wrong.
Alex knew that her love would bring her fall,
So our hero bade a silent so long.

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You Took More Than You Gave

You Took More Than You Gave
You say you want to be friends 
But I think I will hate you instead
You took more than you gave
Then put me in the grave
Of lovers left behind
How could you be so unkind?
You lead me on for two solid years
The happiest of times
Until I told you I need to be loved
Now I remain unloved
A victim of your crimes
Crimes of the heart
One of the women
That you left behind
You threw me away
Went on your merry way
You say you want to be friends
But I think I will hate you instead
You took my happy heart
You tore me apart 
You said I deserve more
Then closed the door
My broken heart is still bleeding
It’s your love I am still needing
So yes 
I think I will hate you instead

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There is some darkness in you and me

 There is some darkness in you and me.
There nests in our soul some iota of monstrosity-
Wanting to be set free, to break loose in glee:
It burns in our veins, and nags our pale soul.

There is some evil in you and me.
It has been nursed, fed with greed and blood-lust.
It has been comforted and hushed
For that special moment when it would be unleashed.

There is some monster in you and me.
The darkness has so soon transformed-
You gave it breathe and let it evolve!
Now burns evil in your adrenalinal lungs.

The greed and cupidity gave it life-
The lies in our lungs gave it vile
The treachery in our dark heart gave it a personality.
Now, that darkness has become an unstoppable monster.

There is Death around you and me.
It began like a little darkness in you and me-
Fed along, it became the itchy evil in you and me.
Then it became a monste in you and me

The greed and Cupidity gave it life
The lies in our lungs made it strive
The treachery in our dark heart gave it a personality.
That monster had then taken another shape.

It had feared the light and detection
It is a shy and shameful monster-
The face is pale white
The fingers crude and evil.

But it had to feed, and move
Then had it taken another shape
to scuttle in both darkness and light
Unafraid, free and unpredictable.
We let it loose from that darkness in you and me.

There was some darkness in you and me.
There nested in our soul some iota of monstrosity-
Wanting to be set free, to break loose in glee
It burnt in your veins, and nagged your pale soul-
And was placed at Lucifer's command.

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The Ballad of Delilah Logan

Delilah, the young woman with the yellow locks
Light skin, brown eyes, vengeance in her walk.
On the run from a past filled with gloom
Can’t escape her curse; suffering and doom

The darkness calls her name as she runs from the devil
Monsters of the night out to terrorize and revel
Blood left in her path but not by her own doing
For the gift of immortality, death is ensuing

Oh wow what she’d give to not have to run
Every life and every soul, another mistake
Her soul she would give to see the demons be gone
But her curse is eternal, no way to break

Delilah, the beauty with a heart of stone 
The queen of the dance, lonely hearts as her throne
Intoxicating kiss, she brings men to their knees
A hundred years of running, yet she can’t drown out their pleas

To be in her bed is both a blessing and a curse
One night in bliss; and the next night in a hearse
But the curse is not so absolute, there’s more to it than death
The trail of blood goes deep before the final breath

Oh wow what she’d give to not have to run
Every life and every soul, another mistake
Her soul she would give to see the monsters be gone
But her curse is eternal, no way to break

All she wanted was to be loved; she didn’t know what it would cost
All she wanted was him; but in the end he was lost
Lies and deceit, adultery and sin; the price the heart pays for a fading moment
A hundred years later, there’s nothing within. An eternity of torment, cursed to repent

Oh wow what she’d give to not have to run
Every life and every soul, another mistake
Her soul she would give to see the evil all done
But her curse is eternal, no way to break

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Stones are cold to sleep upon, 
but compare what to this when your home is gone.
A mother once singing but long since silenced, 
my father also taken stolen by death’s sirens.
Liberated by those who claim themselves kin, 
beaten, broken and trained by those of darkest sin.
A cold blade thrown towards our enemies like and arrow,
shown a different path and renamed the ‘Sparrow’
Treading a path that most would think seem black and white, 
but nought a thing exists to a bird that must fight or take flight.
Building the tools to save Millennium’s souls, 
one step closer to the flock’s aims and goals.
When darkness falls, the flock will descend. 
Where evil dwells, the owl will tend.
The Raven soars and the Boy of Night flies,
the Hawk leads forward unto evil’s demise.
The story seldom ends for the builder of the arrow, 
a former shadow renounced of his face, now a Lark and Sparrow

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My Moondust said to me….

At the waters’ edge

Of a stream, running free

Beware the Dark Blue World

You are not ready


I fixed her with a quizzical eye

She smiled softly

Faeries have always known

Of things beyond

For now…

My love 

Let it lie


The Dark Blue World

Knows of you

You know not of futures made


Here and now 

Of paths, laid


The path to travel

Is not yet made for you

Only with me

Can you be guided safely



Under an Autumn moon

We can see

Everything in the Dark Blue World

what it means to me

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Reading from a man`s mind “facial expression “
‘My face my shuttered face’
His face tells more than a mouth could tell
‘My face tears running down my face’

It tells out more than you can read from his heart
‘My heart a bleeding heart’
For a man is a reserved creature where emotions are hidden 
‘My emotions when love is involved’

For loving is caring and kind as is 
“A gift from above a gift from God “
So are the feelings that present what it reads in heart
‘My heart that trust my heart fear disappointment’

The feeling of loving is the feeling of longing
‘I am longing for a soul mate a true friend’
For a man has lost a rib in the beginning for creation of a soul mate

‘Yes he lost one rib for a reason to create... The one and only’
And yes the feeling of loving is a feeling of reclaiming back thy creation to make a man complete. 

Surviving the times of loneliness is like walking on a desert
‘A desert of no hope with high temperatures’
Yes a desert of no hope where a man can’t live for long without water
‘And yes brave men do’ to reclaim their belonging

He will survive thy temperatures “forever “he will love thy creation
“Neither” will he hurt nor lie to her
As he walks through the desert he think about her, he sees her face even though never met her, his face is wet as tears of joy running down his face

But he still continues even though there is no hope for water along the way 
As tears and sweat run down his face and body he hopes to meet a true creature made out of his rib, few more steps going ahead he smiles he feels complete then he sings”                                                                                                                                 “He wishes for love not tears of blood from a broken heart”

Tears of blood fall from a broken heart
A man never wish to separate from thy creation
for he wish to hold on "forever"
 "never “do he wish to part ways with thy loved one

”Say you love me, look in the eye and make a promise”

“Please don’t leave me please don’t hurt me”

“Your tender touch, a soft kiss”
“things about you I enjoy most”

“as I often cry when I’m with you deep down I smile and tears of joy falling down my face “

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Weakened By Emotion

A sadness has come over me,
A darkness has set in;
The search for lone identity,
My patience wearing thin.

With yesteryear behind me,
an new ones yet to come;
I feel I'm blind and cannot see,
no direction to or from.

My quest is here, my time expired,
I set my life a sail;
I'm cold, I'm lonely, and I'm tired,
with this I start to wale.

So with my thoughts I dry my eyes,
and follow twisted winds;
With hope and fervor as my guides,
my journey now begins.

A day gone by and nothing yet,
to tame that which I fear;
My sadness I cannot forget,
its' voice is all I hear.

The darkness still upon me,
My course I cannot find;
And so I drift amid the sea,
In weakened state of mind.

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Diedre II

Don thoust not know Deidre’s eode Don thoust not know Deidre’s eode I cunnan sense her embrace that felans gelic Tragedy A Heart to hath, slipped beneoðan waw The dark pulse nou beckons us closer How many daegs will this passion bledan way We will beon the ans left to blame Bewarian we hath be-came their prey They say thou hast ben addicted to thy pain A life-leas cold barren soul left to die in the rain A whisper to close to the edge A ceallian fram the dark Bringan ut a saving sparke An exodus fram her pain Her life spent braeð in shame A Shadow ceallian brecans the silence Eom I the an to blame Don thoust not know Deidre’s eode Don thoust not know Deirdre naefre said wrong Don thoust not know Deidre’s eode “My decadence wesan just for thee Though thou never hast cared of what I hath been through Enter the world hwaer empathy is clandestine A world created by thee, just for me Hwaet is lecgan in my heart Is why thou wants to through the stan” I call thy name towards nightfall’s reign But they take thou so feorr way A dark engel so devin Cursed by Eden’s Heart I will avenge every tear An exodus fram her pain Her life spent braeð in shame A Shadow ceallian brecans the silence Eom I the an to blame Don thoust not know Deidre’s eode Don thoust not know Deirdre naefre said wrong Don thoust not know Deidre’s eode Don thoust not know Deidre’s eode Don thoust not know Deidre’s eode

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Now Jock he was a friend of mine
In those good old army days
When teenage boys were herded in
And made to change their ways
He told me one fine summer’s day
With a big blue sky above
"I'm glad that I'm a soldier boy
This army life I love".

They shipped him off to good old Nam
Placed a rifle in his hands
And said "now you're a soldier boy
I hope you'll understand
We're fighting those old Vietcong
You've got to see us right
You don't know what it's all about!!!
Nor us, just go and fight"

Poor Jock ain't with us any more
God bless his poor old mum
Our lad he was a forward scout
No use his bloody gun
As the flying metal put him down
Our jock the hero died
As politicians wined and dined
So many tears were cried.

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Never Converse With Chaos

Find peace, 6 feet under 
Harsh wind tears the skin off of her soiled fingers
She's set fire to every bridge she built 
And inhales the smoke that lingers 
She's stroked Dawn's crimson ringlets 
And grasped her blood soaked hands 
As she made love to regret 
And turned shame into a dance 

She crawled on her hands and knees like a wounded slave 
And whispers that this is how she was taught to pray 
Then begs him, "Please, don't think any less of me, because you are all that matters to me now."
He pleads, "God, please set her free,"
She's writhing in circles on the floor 
Screaming in hatred of an unknown origin 
"She's speaking in tongues again.."

He found her digging up the flower bed 
Talking to an invisible stranger about white roses 
And how they've been planted beneath her fingernails 
"They're so pretty, but the thorns grow from beneath my skin,
And it hurts me.."
She claims she can't feel the pain anymore, though 
So it's alright, the scent of fallen petals helps her sleep at night 
She swears, "I'll be fine,"

She falls on the steps of Constantinople 
Running from a crying child
Despite the dirt and decay on her hands, he helps her to her feet 
He says, "Come walk with me."
She remembers the last time she stained his robes 
He punished her by feeding her every lie she ever told 
She follows him anyway, she'll believe anything he'll say 
Wrapped in his rain, she feels safe from harm 
So he is burned by the stars and she is leaving bloody footprints in the sand
As they walk beneath the picture perfect galaxy, arm in arm 

She vows,"That whole scene was just a dream."
There could never be a demon disguised as a priest 
But she knows they think she has lost her grip on cruel reality 
In time, I should tell you, this girl dwells inside of me 
She and I, we still collide
She's like the catastrophic queen in my mind
We pray the memories will fade with time 
But not even the most anesthetic soul forgets that kind of obsession 
This story is one I call "The Possession"

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Ballad of Dreams two: Insidious Darkness part one

started May 2013, completed 08.06.2013 (miss placed memory stick I had it saved on... oops)
A wasteland of empty space, void of light A fearsome nowhere, a darkness not even night Can this really be the realm I once called home The broken empty caverns, the dying light of chrome Nothing appears to make much sense in this version Doubtful whispers taunting the air. A fearful incursion A fearsome empty air, nothing can penetrate not even light, a foul beast; dark, darker, darker, than night... How long it has been since I've seen the blanked face friend I know not; I wander in this dark wasteland with no hope for end Caverns empty and broken with light that's dying...dying, dying and a sound is heard, faint, but much like crying, crying, so much crying I cannot make sense of it all, in the darkness I see that red bird of old Perched on it's roof top in a nest of straw made of gold the fantasy realm that turned into this nightmare reality what happened? What happened-I have nothing but uncertainty Beneath the realm of Reality Lies a secret- a world of fantasy fantasy, fantasy...fantasy burns away into boiling nightmares a world that burned in black flares Reality reality when did my reality burn into this fright fest Delving into a vast world of the unknown-no rest no rest feasting eyes, festering eyes bleeding...bleeding eyes make them stop make them stop STOP THE CRIES! Where protector have you gone was I right to worry about you all along was it you who brought to this insidious darkness inside this foul..foul, foul, foul beast-the prince of darkness My faith in you demon protector has died my heart heart has cracked, and my heart has cried I never knew why I loved you Everything was so new... Demon demon, master of fright, I implore thee Why have you imprisoned me here in this, the emptiest place of my mind where nothing, not even light, can find Why....why did I ever love you Did you love me too you never did say but still foolishly I fell but silently, silently silently...there was nothing left to tell You promised, promised, promised your return to me but still, the darkness, the black, the fear is all I see The hooded mystery is gone as well And still...there is nothing left to tell A wasteland of empty space, void of light A fearsome nowhere, a darkness not even night Can this really be the realm I once called home The broken empty caverns, the dying light of chrome

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Ballad of Dreams two: Insidious Darkness part two

started May 2013, finished 08.06.2013 (miss placed the memory stick I had it on... oops)
Why were you not there... I thought you cared, why did you not catch me...catch me when I fell still having something left to tell This darkness claws at my back and chokes my pleas I can hear it's laughter, it's cackle of glee I'm so lost, and alone, alone, alone I long, I Dream for the castle upon the hill, the beautiful stone That forest land I wish to see once more But I have lost my way, trapped in a darkness forevermore Kept away from what I so desperately yearn for To return to that mysterious home I adore But I am lost, and trapped in space No where can I find the entrance to that place silence fills the ever darkening void All my hope, my faith in you destroyed Beneath the realm of reality lies a secret world-a fantasy beneath the world, a secret of lies all but the cold, and petrifying darkness dies Beneath the realm lies a wasteland of empty space, void of light A fearsome nowhere, a darkness not even night long ago I was taken from my home far, far away from everything I've ever known

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Only Earth Can Stop Me

Poetic Lyrics By Thomas Lam Hsi

SAVE FROM Satan...who plays 'all' roles...the devil...the 'Lord Jesus'...
the 'Father'...the 'Holy Spirit'...all 'Other Gods'...and 'alien gods'...HE...THE
IS THE ONLY WAY TO GOD THE FATHER...and to an Actual Heaven!

Purple moons and gliding waves of veiled, faceted, energized sparkling blue lights.
In the darkest of nights...THE DARKEST NIGHT!

My only connection to a distant past, a distant past.

Earth needs a what price to pay?

You ask a Super what He can do?

Not what He wills...what He wills!

And now He dies...HE DIES!


In a blinding flash of red and blue.
I Serve You!

Now with vengeance in MY EYES!


His 'Grave to Show'...STAND BACK...HIS 'MONUMENT'...TO LAST?

And I serve you blind...SERVE...YOU...BLIND!

An enemy of mine...or someone for you to dine?


A counselor...a guide...or an enemy of mine?



And I serve you blind...SERVE..YOU...BLIND!

My only connection to a distant past, a distant past.

Earth needs a Savior...AT WHAT PRICE TO PAY?


You ask a Super what He can do.

Not what He wills...what He wills!

And now He dies...HE DIES!



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The War General..Not Just another Field Marshal

He is the African War General,
After his massive Digestion of Seven "JUMBO" Spliff Joints and more,
The sage wont forget to mention his Gulp-in of four pints of dark 'Wicked' Rum before 
His Very taste of a Healthy,Well-Balanced Breakfast,
His soul must be very Strong or Twice this Dead..'Once a soldier must I die a 
soldier'..Words that put the heart of man to rest.

To carry-on...thus to Tarry-on...We must Carry-on 'Words I learnt from The very Lips of 
the King of the Clan..He Truelly Tarried-on,
In Tarrying-on what shall we do...Bowing to worship 'Man' what oxygen shall we breathe,
How many campaigns did He Launch,
Sitting before this campfire chanting war Slogans,Songs and corrosive War Slangs,
I believe it was his very words that made those Flames and Sparks leap this High,
In the battle's very heat did he Unsheath the Heads of Three War Chieves and more.

He is the African War General...
Please do imagine him as he Emerges so strongly from the burning coals that attendeth 
the paths of a locale warlord,
Steaming red foaming blood...It is a hard sight..Really not too Dark a sight for an 
Intelligent promising Lieutenant,
Who took that last life saving accurate shot that saved 'The-Then-Fiercest-of-War-
Who slung that same lethal...killing shot..Pumping in Hot-Lead into the same Man we all 
slaved to Save.
The Sundry Deeds of a Highly Martial Mind...Appraising Salient Field Marshals and More.

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Ballad of billy Crow

The ballad of Billy Crow

A man lived in the city
By the name of Billy Crow
He was a handsome fellow
And the girls all loved him so
He loved to drink the whiskey
And he smoked a lot of dope
And most folk who did know him
They gave him little hope.

One day this handsome fellow
Met a girl who loved him well
She was a pretty lady
And for her Billy fell
Then one day they got married
He put a ring upon her finger
But Billy he was not the type
That with one girl could linger.

Now Jenny ling was jealous
It was just the way she was
She tried to trust her Billy
But she could not, because
She’d seen him eying other girls 
With lust, there, in his eyes
And Jenny she’d seen this before
From her other loving guys.

One day she followed Jimmy
To the bar where he did drink
And what she saw within that bar
It made her kind of shrink
She took a gun and shot her man
And put him in his grave
Something it did burst in her
No thought to this she gave.

Now she rots in a Prison cell
And he lies in the ground
Jealousy is such a curse
But when a husband’s found
Making love to another girl
Then this too be a curse
The murderer, or the cheater
Can you tell me  ‘Who is worse’?

10 July 2014 @ 1957hrs.

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Bought and sold

                  Bought and sold

Come listen, come listen to this winds final gasp                                               
As a woman scurries from sight,                                                        
While the tempered glow of a dying flame                                        
Shows the mass of nothing in her cold, dark face                              

Streetlights brighten the silent shadows                                             
Held quiet as dusk approaches,
But hear the sounds of far off voices                                                
Greeting the moons arrival                                                                

For she bares the sin of classic doubt
Of those unnamed in her quiet house,                                                   
And waters wash away the aimless souls
When the lies for tomorrow are bought and sold                            

Into the hour this darkness falls                                                        
In a hush of the cool of the night;
And like thoughts foretold shes holds a dream
Lost in a memory past
It dwells not in an instant of time nor place,
Nor deep in her life's encounter,
Nor where a midnight so soundless waits
For a tomorrow that never comes

Leave her to think of lost respect,
When emotion vanishes from thought;
But forever is kept this moment of doubt
With those who are bought and sold

Hold faith forever between hope and desire
Until her dreams subside
Until she trembles to the touch of a hand
And is haunted by those things within

Listen as it ticks upon the wall, a clock
A clock of age and design,
While on busy streets to hidden alleys
She waits for day's arrival

For gone is t he sound of winds final gasp,
Here in the cool morning breeze,
When fate decrees its dark design
To the lies that are bought and sold.

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The Hour of the Owl

I feel so down, I feel so low
Time and time again, as if, I told you so,
I’ve been burning, since the world’s been turning…
Debt of despair is all I owe.

Savior me, savior you,
Sinner me and saint but who?
How do I save my aching mortal soul?
And when will I escape, from the wraths of the blue?

Voodoo my soul, mystic my spirit
Usher the black, so that, the white can light it,
Will me your magic miracle
Let it sparkle shine my instinct.

Is life nothing but one big tease?
What I’m after, riches won’t please.
All I seek, is the divine consciousness,
And I’ll live and die, just as I please.

(C) Obaidur Rahman. Published in the poet’s debut book of English poetry titled “The Mystic Inferno” in 2012.

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The Choice Abundance

In the midst of the cynical red
Lies the tranquil of the sonic of seasons, 
When the flesh of the cube reveals the spirit of the circle
The power illuminates the magic of the reasons.

Time after time, blinding the scenic eyes of the sublime
Raids in, the mesmeric from within
And the tempest of the melodic ferocious,
The senses-euphoric settles the score of the fleetingly tragic
In a hallucinating spell of the conned victorious.

Run for cover? Every time fear takes over?
Be enslaved by desire? Or master the Earth, wind, fire and water?
Or let the mystic of my wisdom rule the heart of my kingdom,
And command the path to the grandeur of my empire.

(C) Obaidur Rahman. Published in the poet’s debut book of English poetry titled “The Mystic Inferno” in 2012.

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The Avowal

Alone in my own ruin,
This soul aches, deep from within.....

(C) Obaidur Rahman. Published in the poet’s debut book of English poetry titled “The Mystic Inferno” in 2012.

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The Vision

The fire was out, the flame was gone
But one small shaft of sun yet shone
And that one shaft did make a hole
In that dark dungeon of my soul
I saw it as it broke that crust
And cast into the air was dust
Into that hole my hand did thrust
And deep inside that hole I found
The rarest treasure all around
A butterfly that spoke one sound
And "love" it said, then it was bound
Into the air and off it went
As if it were from heaven sent
The wind picked up, with newfound hope
My dungeon fell away to smoke
I found myself then in a meadow
And that was when I saw her shadow
Her silhouette was beautious fair
And blowing in the wind, her hair
Was moving with such perfect grace
It was then that I saw her face
It was the most enchanting thing
I'd ever seen. But then the ring
Did catch my eye. On her finger there,
A golden band with fiery flair.
But then and there she heaved a sigh
So fraught with woe, she began to cry
But my dark face must have caught her eye
For when she simply turned around
My heart began to leap and bound
And then I caught sight of her name
But NO! she couldn't be the same
As the other person that I knew
Of that same name, could it be true?
Her name was carved there in a tree
So that anyone who wished to see
Would simply look and know 'twas she.
Her hair was darker than before
But her beauty was all there. And sore
Was I to see her go with wind
That did begin to blow. So pinned
Against a wall behind me there
Forlorn with loss then I did dare
To scream into the wind with pain
Her one eternal lovely name

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Parting from Christabel

My life, she did alter
And that, I wouldn’t falter.
So inspirational were her words all together,
As if she were a sister to Desiderata.
Of our difference , we tried to patch
But, alas!! there was always a latch.
I tried to keep her for a year and four,
But was chagrined when she couldn’t take it anymore

Thus we separated without tears
Though our hearts wept in distress.
I could have begged for her light
But was held back by my pride
Alas! alas! it cuts like a knife
And for days, I brought myself to starve.
Parting from her was like escaping from heaven,
and till date, haven’t found yet another haven.

It was a day of sorrow, the day we parted
Had chill as if slept without a blanket.
the saddest of all my days.
though we have parted in disgrace,
I still love you like in our youthful days

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"Road to Kiloree"

In the dark of sullen night, on the road to Kiloree...
Rode the finest of the castle, with his lass upon his knee...
Off to wed they were, of bliss so full to brim...
He in love with her, she in love with him.

As the wind began to howl, on the road to Kiloree...
Rode lass with lad so bold, with no care but to be free...
Off to spend next hunnert years, or such as time would tell...
'Til winter's winds did cease to blow, or out of love they fell.

As clouds did gather 'round about, on the road to Kiloree...
Paused they for a moment's bliss, beneath the great oak tree...
Off to lands imagined, found in lover's charms...
He in her embrace, her trust within his arms.

As lightnin' bolt did descend, on the road to Kiloree...
Time was to then stand still, their future not meant to be...
Off to heaven's long sought door, their dreams so set them free...
In the dark of sullen night, on that road to Kiloree.


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Lonesome day knocking on the door, 
Brand new day crawling on the floor, 
Wonder when my fortune 
Would be kind to my luck, 
Time is chasing 
But life just won’t work.

Twilight that guides the shooting star, 
Lazy poems to heal the scars, 
Was there ever any beginning…
Or is this the end?
But somewhere waits for me, 
My dear old friend.

Fortune teller out there selling some dreams, 
For a while it makes me forget where I've been,
Life does not offer
All the answers to all the questions,
In the end we are all just tired souls,
Searching for redemptions. 

Sail away once again, into the darkness...
Destination nowhere, all along with hopeless, 
Sometimes I wonder, 
If this life was a mistake?
Dear coldness in sleep, 
Please don't leave me awake.

(C) Obaidur Rahman. Published in the poet’s debut book of English poetry titled “The Mystic Inferno” in 2012.

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Empty Hollow Girl

Deep dark shadows crawling from my mind i looked for love but its something i couldnt find
shallow water empty glasses hollow hearts and torn up faces darkened streets full of empty
people all feeling dead inside at the ones who have lied find me Im waiting for you
waiting for something to become true 
Empty hollow girl alone without a smile empty hollow girl does'nt belong in this cruel
world searching her soul for the one who remains searching a dream for days empty hollow
little girl will make it one day but at whose price will she pay? 
she made it through the darkened streets with a heart of steel wishing she could only feel
feel his arms around her tight 
hoping for a shining bright light 
but he never came so in the dark she will remain feeling once like she did all over again.

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Hello Daisy, What worries ye? Take it easy, Oh, let's see what is it that engages your eye! Oh Daisy, my sweet and charming Daisy, Black, White, Green, And...I know how choosy are ye! Perusing all those fifty different shades, so actively? Let's see...ah, I see you have chosen your fav as grey! Remember those days, when I got up early to meet ya? I admired you so much, in that polka-dotted red frock. You'd come oh so late, chat few moments, and say 'Cya!' Did I ever knew it hid a heart so black? You never cared for nobody, what worry can you have now? You, always so bejeweled, one could hardly see the skin! How else could I be defrauded, by mind so shallow, And thoughts so thin? Daisy, Oh Daisy, had I not been such a fool - Had I not been such an awful sissy, One who was always at your beck and call - Might have I known then, seduction is so easy-peasy! Even if not Beautiful, even if not Unearthly, Had I been so Dominating, so Grey, Had I used you, and abused you, the way you did to me, Could you O Daisy leave me then so easy? Farewell to you o heartless witch, Fairer maidens are they whose inner charm hold the sway! Know ye, it takes but little to make a heart switch, While you ponder upon your storybook wedding day, I am on my sweeter way...

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In the darkness he tapped his cane
The sound, tap tap tap
Knowing well to return again
On the path he had tapped 
His spirit lit a lamp inside
In a private lonely place
For him to see or to hide
Behind his empty face
Slowly tap tap tapping
Where he again can find
The secrets he is mapping
And keep within his mind

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But There Are Stars

One day a father’s father died.
He wept and walked with his son that night.
As they walked, his son asked, “How do I become a man?”
The father responded, “Follow me to a cross and I’ll show you a Man.”
“Who is he?” the son asked.
“He is the king of kings.”
“How do you know?” the boy questioned.
The father told his son to look up and answered with tears in his eyes, “night sky 
is dark, but there are stars.  Bright orbs of light that mock the night.  And life is 
dark but there is Christ, he quenched the sting of death and brings blind sight.”
“But Why?!” the son demanded.
“There is no why, just what!”
“Believe and know why night can’t stop sun’s light.”
“Believe and know why death can’t sting God’s might.”
“Believe and know why sorrow cannot last and suffering must fade.”
“Believe and know why broken hearts are best, yet hearts of steel can’t rise.”
“In these dark days of doubt and lies.”
“My son, in these dark days of doubt and lies.”
“Just know, night sky is dark but there are stars, bright orbs of light that mock the 
“And life is dark but there is Christ, he quenched the sting of death and brings 
blind sight.”
“He is the author of truth and craftsman of joy.”
“Confidant to whores yet sovereign master over strife.”
“And soon he’ll come to judge the dead and rule the just.”
“He’ll set things right.”
“But now my son, right now just lift your hands, let his love grab hold, and let 
nothing in this sordid lie of life distract from that embrace.”
“In these dark days of doubt and lies.”
“Believe and know why night can’t stop sun’s light.”
“Believe and know why death can’t sting God’s might”
“He is the author of truth and craftsman of joy.”
“He steals the sting of death and brings blind sight.”
“Confidant to whores yet sovereign master over strife.”
“He is the king of kings, the Christ.”
“Believe on his name, my son, he’ll make you a man.”
“Believe on his name and live forever.”

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Swallow That Pill

        I destroy childhoods and tear homes apart.
	I make you neglect your bills and blacken your heart.
	I’ll cost you a small fortune. I’m more valuable than gold.
	No matter how expensive, I’m normally gone before I can even be sold.

	I’m readily available; you can find me all around.
	I could be on a back dirt road, or in a bank downtown.

	I out stay my welcome with the rich and dwell around with the poor.
	I could move in your neighborhood, maybe even next door.

	The power I hold is unlike any kind.
	I can have you falling asleep, act crazy, or just basically lose your mind.

	If you just try me once, I might just let you go.
	But, if you come around for seconds, I will own your whole soul.

	I can make you start thinking, seeming logical to steal and lie.
	That’s the power in my potion, all just to get you that high.

	Some users of me commit crimes, some just brake down.
	Most have to leave me for jail or for an emergency ‘get out of town.’

	You’ll lie to your mom, lie straight to her face.
	Not bating a lash at all the false schemes you just made.

	I can make your morals foggy and you’ll most definitely lose your way.
	You’ll transform into a different person than the way you were raised.

	I take kids from parents and parents from kids.
	I turn people against God and separate them from their friends.

	I can be quite needy; I’ll steal your youth and your pride.
	But, you can never escape me; I’m always by your side.

	If you try to leave me behind, I will make your life hell.
	I’ll let the anxiety and shaking take over until you can’t help but fail.

	In the future you will regret the day you tried me, they always do.
	Don’t blame this on me alone, you came to me, not I to you.

	I will be your master, and you will be my slave.
	If our relationship progresses, I can take you to an early grave.

	Now that I’ve introduced myself, what will you decide to do?
	Give me a try or pass? It’s completely up to you.

	I can deliver more misery than words can ever tell.
	Swallow that pill and I will lead you towards hell.

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Don't tell me you expected love

As the moon pass the dark skys it laugh and said he
expected love love what love, well a dove flew by and
said love he wanted what love well lord above he 
expected love and moon and dark sky's pass by and
said is that the lord above God did he expected love
Well, bless my soul of old we wanted love up above
Whats love got to do with it, and the moon dansin by
said lord above love love love

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Don't pull me up

When we first got together
we where dying to evade the
vicious cycle of mistakes that
both of us had made.
but we culddn't figure it out so
we fall out of a lovers embrace.

Don't pull me up
i might just break your hands
sometimes we need to fall back down
for us to understand
Don't pull me up
i might just break your hands
Sometimes we need to fall back down
for us to understand

Im lying here in shadows
hiding from all my mistakes
yet they always seem to find me and
it seems like i can never catch a break
memories that haunt us they're
replaying all of our fates giving
me an uneasyness that i can't
seem to shake!

don't pull me up
i might just break your hands
sometimes we need to fall back down
for us to understand.
don't pull me up
i might just break your hands
sometimes we need to fall back down
for us to understand

i know you've given me all
the sympathy that you think that i'm
allowed. don't you know that it's killing me
yes your killing me
but i cannot let you down
i'm gonna get up
even if it's on my own
i think i've had enough
i'm no longer yours too drown.
let are hands part now i must
go away!

Don't pull me up
i might just break your hands
sometimes we need to fall back down
for us to understand
don't pull me up
don't pull me up
i need to understand!

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In the centre of the room

Quietly stood

Amongst the gloom

A bow

That gleamed

Of dark wood


I traced my finger

Along its’ curve

To its’ centre of inlaid bronze

It quietly stood

Six foot of dark wood


The centre of inlaid bronze

Was of an eagles’ wings

I was not to discover the meaning

Until I was a man

When I learnt of new and many things


The arrows that I saw

Straight and true

Eagle feather flights

Of brown and gold

That lay quietly

In a room

With everything to find

And more


I visited the room


To see the longbow

That gleamed

Of dark wood

That quietly stood

In the gloom


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Darkness has now completely fallen 
The dark angel comes softly calling, 
He comes to her from within the darkest mist.
All the while bringing with him a forbidden kiss,
To tempt this innocent beauty that stands before him.
He offers her a thousand lifetimes to see all the world, 

The fruit of passion he brings is bitter sweet
Yet still I greedily embrace his treat,
From behind the clouds the moon peaks out.
the wolf sends a call to his mate with a shout,
A lovers embrace awaits within the darkness. 

Standing before him, triumphant his golden eyes gleam
Together ecstasy is reached with a passionate scream, 
Over and over he buries his body and his fangs deep.
So very slowly through his veins her blood seeps,
With a soft command telling her to drink deeply of him.
The wolf and his mate finally reach their dreams. 
A velvet caress of his tongue across the mark he made, 
While binding them heart and soul with the words he said 
When she wakes to a world of eternal darkness ,
She goes willingly to be the Dark Angels mistress. 
With the gifts he granted her hidden in a kiss, 
Hand and hand they return to the growing mist .

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A new beginning

A dark night black as could ever be I see all the shadows of my past haunting me laughing at mocking me I'd give anything to rewind erase or relive but I know they say you shouldn't have any regrets but honestly how many people can say they have none we always have what if's but on this dark night I seen a shooting star and finally things come into perspective instead of wanting to hit the rewind button hit the record button and start today as a new one and remember the past is the past and hasn't happened and the future hasn't happened so live today as its a brand new day a fresh start to help ease all of your regrets 

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The Closet

I’m afraid now, even more.
More afraid, than ever before.
I wish my mom, was with me here.
So there would be, no need to fear.
But my mom is gone, she went somewhere else.
She left me here, all by myself.
She went to the store, to get me some food.
I asked to go with her, but she was not in the mood.
So I had to stay home, with that thing inside.
Inside my closet, is where it likes to hide.
I sat down on the sofa, and down the hall I turned to look.
It’s not real I tell myself, and opened up a book.
I thought I saw something, from the corner of my eye.
I slowly turned down the hall, to see a dark figure walk by.
My pulse began to quicken now, and I started to cry.
I prayed that it would go away, I didn’t want to die.
My prayers were never answered, is how it seemed to me.
It moved back across the hall, by then I could hardly breathe.
I wondered if I should get a weapon, something to defend myself.
But I realized it would be pointless, I couldn’t fight off hell.
I decided to take it like a man, like I thought my daddy would do.
It wasn’t as easy as I thought, as nearer to me he moved.
I thought about the past, had I lived a good life of mine?
I had barely lived a life at all, I was only nine.
By the time it got to me I was sobbing, tears rolling down my face.
I pretended I was somewhere else, any other place.
As it laid it’s cold dark hand, upon my shaky arm.
I thought for a second that this was my friend, and didn’t want to cause me harm.
The thought quickly disappeared, as it yanked me down the hall.
With my head, I broke the fall.
Into the closet, we disappeared.
No one would miss me, was my only fear.

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everyday we get closer to the dawning of the moon
the great wonder
In all times we look to not fear .to love 
In a childs eye i see that 
long ago but not far away we killed out of fear 
We long to be ,do not settle down .
In the dark place there is longing and long dark dreams,
you cant step outside,
i want you to know heaven is inside 
the rose ,look around and you will see it too.
i pray my love is endless ,
and death will come gently like a lover.
reawaken me,so i can step inside .

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"Buzzards of Barnegat"

Oh those buzzards flew from Barnegat,
In search of easy prey.
As sailors donned dark woolen hats,
On frozen winter's day.

Saints cared not for whom they prayed,
For none a'shore had stayed.
Maidens wailed through that gale,
No lovers left to save.

Stout their ship as so could be,
In search of depth of sea.
Bowsprit down into wave,
No time then left to save.

O'them who sailed from Barnegat,
In search of easy prey.
None then knew from whence she flew,
That storm of winter's day.

While wind so chose to hide from all,
In her misty cold dark cave.
That silent deep a secret keep,
'Til maidens cease to weep.                       


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Went Away

Night's so dark and day's do gray
As I close my eyes and try to visulize the last time I seen Your Face
I think to myself that no one will ever take your place and that you can never be 
Night's so dark and day's so gloomy
I set here asuming that you will return
But knowing I my mind that you are gon and you are never coming home 
I makes me sad
Night's so dark and day's so gloomy
The thought of you not be here just sends cold chills right through me 
Night's so dark and day's so gray 
I really wish that you had never went away

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The Dark King

"All blades perish that pierce the Dark King" - J.R.R. Tolkien "The Return of the 

    Ringwraith - Morgul lord
    Veiled in shadow
    riding on a dark black steed
    Prisoner of his own desire for power
    He has become a slave of 
    Once proud leaders of 
    mortal men     
    The nine drew them 
    all to the Necromancer
    Now they must do his 
    The most powerful of the nine rides forth
    Seeking the one
    which their shadowy master
    is searching for
    Nine walkers set out 
    against the Nine Riders
    The leader of the Dark Riders is a wraith twisted
    by lust for power
    The nine walkers 
    have one who
    has resisted temptaion
    and who will soon be
    dressed in white
   The darkness versus the light
   Thus it is now
   Thus it shall ever be  

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In the depths
Of your space
There lay a dark star
The light
Shuttered from within
I only learned
Of its' presence
When I reached in,
and got burned
In the depths
Of your space
there lay a dark star
The light
Never emitted
I tried
To open the night
Nothing glittered
In the depths
of your space
There lay a dark star
Only you
Can release
All of the light
That you hide within
The internal peace
Fading the night

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I step ashore 
I now know............ 
What is is all for 
To come this far so 

These people mingle, 
my thoughts tingle 
These spirit lights, 
change these dark nights 

This ethereal glow 
Emanates from the isle 
Known only to us so 
The ones chosen to be......................... 
The happy 

Dark glassy sea, 
protects me 
Those who live, 
those who forgive..................... 
Come to be 

Golden lives, 
step ashore 
They now know, 
what it is all for 
What the spirit contrives, 
golden lives 
Carried by golden dhow 

This golden dawn, 
new lives reborn 
The golden throng 
This is where they belong 

For the life now passed, 
the golden soul continues to last 
The spirit lights, 
that mingle 
Light up the dark nights, 
their thoughts tingle 

This happy place to be 
So far,far away, 
on the dark glassy sea 
Is much more than I can say, 
for the golden spirits mingle.................. 
and play 

Spirit world, 
my golden light unfurled 
Spirit light 
on an island 
So bright 

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A dark day

A dark day

Nothing stays the same
Where ever you turn
The wind
And its’ song
Can never return

A dark day
When ever
The wind  hushed down
For nature knows
When to leave
Such dark things
To let them go away

When all is lost
Or so it seems
A dark day
Will never stay
A soft golden sun
Will burn off the frost

Nothing stays the same
Where ever you turn
The wind
And its’ song
Can never return

And so it was
In an Eagles’ land
Such things spurned
A few feathers fell
No matter
A Shadowfire
In his heart did dwell

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Gold sails of light, 
silently carrying me 
in dead of night 

Soft billow of golden sail, 
takes the lead, 
I hold the rail, 
watching increasing speed 

This dead of night, 
glassy dark blue sea, 
this silence, 
carries me 
Far,with gold sails of light 

I do not steer this vessel, 
I am its only passenger, 
my thoughts I must wrestle 

This glow from golden light, 
from sail, 
through the night, 
carries me , 
far on dark glassy sea 

No ripple disturbed, 
golden sails reflected 
on dark glassy sea, 
I am unpeturbed, 
no fear detected, 
for this ship only carries me 

No stars to guide 
in this dark of night, 
this silent ship does glide 
with gold sails of light 

For ,far ahead 
is an island 
bathed in soft yellow light 
is this where I have been led? 
For I see many gold sails, 
so bright! 

These golden sails of light, 
carry me 
back to the fold, 
for the precious cargo that they hold, 
is my soul 

I step ashore, 
I now know what is is for, 
my body I leave behind, 
a new beginning I find 

This dark glassy sea 
is not for me, 
gold sails of light 
are what makes it right, 
for this is meant to be 

For,in this new land 
the golden sails have spanned, 
carried me here 
For I have no fear 
For I am........ only me 

Gold sails of light 
over dark glassy sea 
Silently carrying me 
to island ,so bright 

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Dark stones........... 
Painted in dusky dark 
Deepening hues 
Deepening views 

Dusky gold 
Dusky dark 
Dusky stone.......... 
We are not alone 

Dusky stones, 
gather on the shore 
Dusky rock, 
beginning to flock 

Dark stones on a dark sea 
Flocking on the shore 
The colour night, 
is what they wore, 
or so it seemed to me 

The quiet rippling, 
of the dusky sea 
Gold stippling, 
of dusky sky 
Would you agree? 
This belongs to you and I? 

This dark wet glistening 
Quiet ripple of sea 
Rock listening 
This might be......... 
You or me 
Set on a dusky sea 

Dusky rock, 
beginning to flock 
Dusky sky 
Dusky gold, 
passing by 

For you and I, 
are a dusky stone 
For we are not alone 
under gold dusky sky 

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A mere speck on the dark blue, 
turning slowly 
Looking for you 
By the light of the stars 

Translucent glow... 
It is you... 
That I got to know... 
By the light of the stars 

Such emotion, 
was there all along 
A secret ocean 
By the light of the stars 

A caress of hand, 
brushed your thoughts away 
Your head on my chest 
By the light of the stars 

Love , reflected, 
in the colour of mars 
On the dark blue 
By the light of the stars 

A mere speck... 
Turning slowly 
Looking for you 
By the light of the stars 

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It's the children who suffer in loneliness,
who feel the desolation
in all its ugliness and bitterness;
at such tender age,pain 
could definetly be an obstacle
to the realization of those dreams
promising to be so remarkable
by leaving a mark so indelible...

Those children who are left
 to unpleasant decisions,
devastated by violence
and the fear of their choices...
will not refuse a stranger's kindness;
and they,once afraid of strangers,
become the profiteers
and the abusers... 
doing the oppositive of what
they were taught!

It's the children who suffer in loneliness,
who demoralize themselves
when alternatives are the basic
to their uncertain survival...
It's the children who laugh 
even in tragic moments,
to reject their unworthiness
with clues they can't unravel!

They walk in dark alleys,
sleep in dark corners...
dreaming of having a home:
like the one they had before;
don't ask for their names...
they've lost their identity,
because they'd rather forget...
than bitterly regret!

It's the children who suffer in loneliness,
who pay dearly for someone's mistakes;
and they sleep by day
and wander by night:
to find that affection
that was denied them,
feeling no ebarassment  or shame!

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Shadows, flew 
across my heart 
Dark too 

Such dark beauty 
Such mystery 
Shadows too, 
in the heart 

Amidst the shadows 
A light grew 
A spark... 
A rose... 
That was me 

Spilling out 
Petals falling 
Colour calling, 
I heard it shout 

To travel 
so far... 
Mysteries of the heart 
Such dark beauty, 
becoming light 

The smokiness within 
The battle of light 
The battle of dark 
A curious whim 
A curious spark 

Light and shadows, 
flew across my heart 
Such beautiful things 
Cannot rest in the 
mysteries of the heart 

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I search endlessly
for this golden light
I cannot rest,
search with all my might

This golden light
I want to hold in my hand
This golden light,
will enable me,
to leave this pointless land

Its soft glow,
fills me so

This golden light
I search far
Far in to the night
The soft glow
I need it so

This golden light,
find my plight
Rescue me
from this dark night
Set me free

This golden light
I hold in my cupped hand
Gentle blow,
watch it glow

This golden light
I see its' face
This golden light,
eternal grace

Save me from the night,
for you are in sight
Oh golden light!
I see your face,
my eternal grace

Soft golden glow
Let me touch it so
Gentle blow,
fills me so

Dark of night,
left behind
Golden light
I have found

This dark night,
is not for me
This golden light
The place to be