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Ballad Angel Poems | Ballad Poems About Angel

These Ballad Angel poems are examples of Ballad poems about Angel. These are the best examples of Ballad Angel poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Six Things Satan Did To Get The Boot Out Of The High Place

1. When Satan was an Angel:

    He discovered fault finding easy in the Heavenly Society.
    No reason to put forth an effort to improve,

    Just dis.

2. When the Sky-Boss wasn't around

    He would slip memos to hes fellow workers,

    "There is no union,

    Nothing to coordinate the wants of the Winged Servants.

3. He claimed the Heavenly Chorus sang off key:

    And sounded like it was suffering

    From a case of group herpes.

4. He reminded everyone:

    As often as possible,

    That the Holy He created women as a lesser species,

    :After all, Eve did come along as a side issue."

5. Wherever God asked,

    "Are you working?"

    Mr. D. would always answer in the affirmative,

    Gut, his task was too often centered on group diffusion.

6. The final straw in his disposition:

    Occurred after he had constantly complained to the Almighty

    That the thermostat was set too low,

    "I can't stand the cold up here!  Why don't you do something about it!:

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If We Could Switch Shoes

If you could step into my shoes
Would you see the things I see,
Would your head feel dizzy like mine is now
Or would you still walk easily?

If I resisted like you do
Would I be this wreck of a girl,
Do you think I'd have turned out stronger?
... A lighter step, a happy twirl

If I was as white as you are
(Or as you seem to be)
Would I be someone's angel too?
Like the angel you are to me.

If you could step in my shoes
Would you understand my pain,
Would you have fallen just as hard
Or do you think it was all in vain?

Take a look through my eyes
And tell me what I'm doing wrong
Tell me how to fix it all
Whether the situation be short or long.

If you could step in my shoes
You'd see much better than I
Your beauty, wisdom, pure intent
Is enough to make me cry

If I could step in your shoes
I wonder what I'd see,
Would the world become more beautiful;
Does it all depend on me?

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Stuck in a world, she can't find her place
Feeling like noone cares, 
looking for away out of this evil crule place she calls home
her mother pretends like nothing is happening 
she pretty much raises her 7 year old brother and her 9 and 10 year old sisters
she thinks that she isn't brave anymore
that all happyness is gone
she tries, so hard, she ends up with a fork in the road
noone sees it coming
she can't leave her brother and her sisters behind, 
they are the only things keeping her alive, 
her father is crule, sick, twisted, so many ways to discribe him 
she's afraid that if she tells, she'll be taken away from her siblings 
she's tries to hide behind her walls, she paints up her walls
she tries and tries and yet...
She's still stuck in a world where she can't find her place

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The Dream

Oh, do you know the finest road
That leads to my desire?
Nobody walks that trail but me,
My dreams will set to fire.

That one heart I was looking for,
The heart of Anthony,
The purest heart I’ve ever seen,
Someone perfect for me.

A dream occurred while I’m asleep
We’re walking hand in hand,
We sat down, I lean on his chest
Down there on fine, white sand.


Another night, another dream
It made me feel in awe
"I'm weary of this journey, love,
I want to be with you"

My tears fell down but I smile,
The feelings were the same
So when he turned and looked at me
I said “I want your name”


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Star Child

Constellations in my eyes;
Windows they're said to be.
Look into them now, and tell me what you see.

Calling every angel born in Hell:
"A child of the stars looking for his soul to sell.
So few are left to be birthed of Orion's Belt."

Soon they came; rulers of every layer.
Each to make their offer, 
And leave their summoning prayer. 

"Centuries of wisdom, and a mind that holds no time.
The past, present, and future are all close friends of mine,
And the Titans of the Universe I stand so close behind."

They opened all my wounds to taste how I have suffered,
Shamed me for my scars and all that I've recovered. 
Then mocked me for my weakness, known only as 'The Lover'.

"It is forbidden for us to deal a soul of the cosmos,
And you taunt us for what you wish to sell.
But we've found something in you to make us heroes down in Hell."

You are protected by forces greater than your own.
Should any God or Demon make you bow before him,
Death would surely find his throne.

It's your heart that we desire, and the love that you still hold.
Grant us this purity and surely you'll have more than this world can hold.
Let it be known that your heart is the heaviest to hold.

Surely it is quite the burden to bear.
So strange in it's nature, let us free you from it's wear.
Success will quickly follow and embrace you in it's care."

Yes! Take from me all that you desire!
No longer will I suffer in it's muck and it's mire!
Do with it what you will in the cold and the fire!

With their prize, they left with no hesitation.
Legion upon legion; Hells' United Nations.
All for their Master and all in celebration.

Lowly creatures is what they're cursed to be.
They know me by many names, they know me by many faces.
And my heart I've sold on every occasion. 

Fools! Surely they must know!
That every heart I give away
Brings me the love that stays.

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Memories Linger

Memories Linger
	Soft and sweet, so little and tender,
I pray again someday we’ll meet.	
Memories that seem so far away, replay in my mind again today.
Giggles sound as your tender touch is felt!
	Then and there to here and now prayers form;
bringing memories back into sight.
Soft and sweet, my little angel plays. 
Breathe it in; smells' baby soft from memories past, 
unfold and bloom!	
Until we meet again, memories forever linger of my little angel.

Debbie Knapp

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The Ones I Have Lost

As I go through my day, they are by my side, 
Following me, watching me and also being my guide. 

These are the angels of my loved ones that passed, 
When I know their near me,  I want this feeling to last. 

I never had much family, separated by distance, 
Sometimes I felt like my world was of non-existence. 

The few I loved so much and held so dear, 
My grandfather, grandmother and father are no longer here.

But when I smell my dads cologne or hear grandmas voice in my ears, 
I hold in my heart their near me and it rids me of fears. 

I certainly must say there is not a day that goes by, 
That I do not think of them and softly cry. 

I always pray that they will visit me while I sleep, 
Dreaming of them is a wonderful feeling that goes so deep. 

I'll miss you everyday until I am no longer on earth,
When I see you all again, it will be like a rebirth.

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Love Above The Elements

I know love with you...

The sea in violent wave 
will not submerge our hearts,

The fires of fast fury
cannot finish the poetry of our tender touch,

The gales that gust grimly
will not wear away the warmth of our eyes,

The stubborn earth in it's shifts
shall not quake and crumble the structure of our love's monument...

Dedicated to my Love Muse...the future knows our pulse...


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Is it quiet enough here in your head? The chaos of the mind has subsided to a dull roar. The battle with self has come to a stalemate. Both sides have withdrawn, not in retreat, but in an attempt to resupply.

The rancid smell of past thoughts permeate your senses. Memories are left strewn across the war-zone, their death stark upon your emotions. It is time to recruit new dreams to send into the fight, to become heroes; or be left for dead on the battlefield in your head.

That the battle could be won says nothing of the war in your soul. It is here that the conflict escalates to nuclear proportions. Even though you hold your fingers over the button, your resolve is smashed. You bring those trembling fingers to your face, wipe the tears, and know you have failed again.

Or is it failure when you live to fight another day? A simple foot soldier in the trenches of yesterday never believes they are the future General of tomorrow. Often you live in the present fight, with tunnel vision focused on the enemy surrounding you. It is hell when you realize that the enemy is only you. But your back is against the wall and you are not accustomed to losing.

And the battle rages on, dreams are shattered against the front lines of reality. The masses engulf the weak; will is broken. The once barren plains now run red with the blood of hope. The skies are clouded with the mists of loss and the scent on the air induces the desire to stop breathing forever.

The last sounds you hear are screams. You never realize that the screams are your own.

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Read that
Aw, made me blush
You didn’t got my way to write a poem
Same thing I did to Lontie
That’s why I kept on asking you
Read here
Sulu Sail there
Indeed, you read it?
Yes, you know what?
I don’t know, what is it
You know the entire time that I was mocking you 
And yet you still have cornered me with your charm.
What do you think of that poem?
Charming, you really know your way to my heart no?
I love the poem I wrote because someone is inside it.
Was there any poem you have written without anyone in it?
Yes, but in this poem is only you is that someone
One poem of me then
Indeed this is the poem for you
Who has the most numbers of poems who have written about?
I mean, you have written about
No one except my life and journey
And right now this poem is you
What contains in my poems is my journey in life
But personified by moment
So to whom is that ilyimy line then?
Iloveyouimissyou that is for you!
Go, you're a flirt!
Isn’t it cute?
Lost for words as always
What do you mean?
No one has ever written a poem about me, but you.
My pleasure!

1:53AM, 9 March 2013
Sandakan, Sabah Malaysia

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My kiss from Heaven

My Kiss from Heaven

I used to have a Ouija board
I’d play with it for hours
I never really believed in it
I thought it had no power
It was just a novelty
To me, a piece of fun
Then once when I was playing it
Just before the day was done

All of the room went kind of still
And a silence touched my soul
It felt like angels were all around me
And my world felt kind of whole
My hand went whirring round that board
Like me, I could not stop it
I felt that I had no control
It disturbed me just a bit.

A message, well it seemed to come
It seemed to say to me
“Phone your father in the old country
And do it speedily”
So I did this, I phoned Mum up
She told me dad was sick
And If I wanted to see him alive
I’d have to get back quick.

Well I got back to see my dad
Then he died not too long after
I let him know how much I loved him
And we shared some tears and laughter
I ask, was this a kiss from Heaven?
It seems like this could be
All I know is I’m glad it happened
It changed my life for me.

11 September 2013 @ 1453hrs.
Peter Duggan.

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wind windy, windy shore,
wind with affectionate lonely hug of soul
from whence comes the wind
if not from thence prank
The long-shore winds
wind blowing so long
wind came into the forest
taken by sea goblin

kota kinabalu

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The Mirror of Abaddon

Fourteen-thousand years ago, a devil played a game
In his garden with an angel whom I shall not name.
The angel won or so he thought, “Now you must pay what’s due”
I’ll take your mirr’, your favorite one,  and break the thing in two.

The mirror was a magic one of evil dark and black
“The beauty of a perfect world, now what’s the fun in that?
This one’s far better, it twist, it pulls it shrinks before my eyes.
Instead of showing true reflections, this one shows me lies”

“I’ll tell you what, you won it fair, it’s yours but let’s do more;
I’ll help you break it here and now and it will be no more.”
The angel smashed it into two, his hammer in his hand.
“But why stop there?”, the devil said and smashed it into sand

The Devil grinned, “Good work my friend. See, I don’t even care”
He scooped a handful of the dust and blew it in the air.
Among the people of the earth, the grains of mirror blew.
The angel warned them “Close your eyes!” and blew his trumpet too

“What gift is this?” some people thought, Eve’s lesson was not learned.
and soon awoke with crusty eyes that itched and teared and burned.
“I see it now!” the faithless said “I am no longer blind!”
“Don’t be cross” the devil said, "Their eyes see now like mine".

Some were seized with a panicked fear, “The enemy is nigh!”, 
and with cruel rocks marched on their neighbors and sentenced them to die.
Others were charmed by shiny stones “Supplies are running out!”
The simple gifts that God had given were left to lay about.

Some saw themselves with grandeur high “I’ll wear this mighty crown”, 
I’ll be the King, you be the serf, and bow when I’m around.
The other ones yoked to the plow, “These types aren’t men at all”.
I’ll tolerate your presence if you're at my beck-and -call.

Of arrogance and fear and greed the mighty nations grew.
And men would starve and wars would rage for these unfaithful few.
So hear me now you righteous ones whom the devils would refuse:
In the game of life Good always wins, but bad will never lose.

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Hidden Evil

The town was beautiful,
even the people too.
Flowers and joy,
and the sky was ice blue.

The people of the town were together,
they all felt at home,
apart from one little girl,
who was nothing but alone.

She looked at her reflection,
she stood and she stared,
there was something great inside her,
but nobody cared.

Then the skies opened up,
just as she had planned,
the evil inside her grew,
as fallen angels filled the land.

The people were in panic,
they shouted and they cried,
but the little girl stood calm,
as she watched the people die.

'Oh, lord have mercy upon their souls'
The little girl said with a grin,
she knew what she had done,
'Let the chaos begin'

The sky closed up,
she was once again alone,
but with all the angels gone,
she now felt at home.

The town was destroyed,
the people were gone,
ashes and flames,
and the girl's evil had grown long.

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Mild wind touches my hair from the back in a ponytail. 
I removed the tie then start flying.
The wind of Putrajaya sisshing in air

Beneath the silence, 
The country's flag swinging near the lake-river,
Upon it’s a proud being.
Looking at the bridge I am seeing, 

It is like a flower in the middle morning.
The tourists of different nations here coming, 
Taking Cruise Tasik roaming around the lake, 
The man was making.

I also can see the palace of the king,
The state Selangor flag is also flying. 
I love you lake. Layag Sug!

With Asree Sug. He is doing the caricature here.

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My Angel

My Angel is a woman with red hair and beautiful green eyes.
 With a smile brighter then the starry skies.

My Angel gave me a great surprise.

When I found out that she's the devil in disguise.

But see, I like it and that's the good part.

Cause see, My Angel has stolen my heart.

I've fallen for her, but I'm only a man.

For I'm a sucker for a girl named Marianne!

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old brick wall

i dreamt
i moved into a apartment
with an old brick wall
and its decaying face
the old light hanging from a thread
swings on the open breeze
from the window
time seems to slow down to a crawl
so i can see each and every flaw
so i can feel each and every thing she wanted me to feel
so i can know each and everything she saw
and so i see the the moment captured in ink
on her sketch pad
a drawing of the wind in the trees
a image of the smell of the fresh cut grass
the thoughts of the passer-by
who looked with such stark wonder
at this open display of what we have all taken
for granted we could never achieve

the old brick wall
leaned into the wind
and held
for one more day
kept safe the world she held so dear
safe for one more stormy night
the old brick wall
with its spray painted messages
like how joe loves daisy
and how we should make love not war
the old brick wall
holds back the world
from coming into her quiet soul
into the paper flowers and lace curtains of her life

the old brick wall
was once the west most piece of
the boxers rebellion
he was sad all his life
torn from his violent profession
and forced to retire
and his fists lay idle
with objections written on them like scars
but after years he came to terms
with the reasons great and small
with the rationalizations made up and real
and found peace
he found his fists could be hands
and hands can pet a cat
hands can paint a masterpiece
write a love poem
hands can touch another person without hurting them
and he suddenly he didn't want to hurt anyone ever again
because he loved having hands
and all the beautiful things they could do
he would never have fists again
and that change in him  
was so profound that it became magical and
part of the old brick wall

so it will endure past its years
to protect her little scavenged world
her delicate life
her frail thoughts
because beauty isn't always
what the world thinks it is
a boxer can tell you that

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Does this Poem make my Soul look big

This morning I wanted to wear a poem,
Around my Soul,
As if it were a scarf, around my neck.
I looked into the heavenly mirror,
And wondered if the poem I chose,
Made my Soul look big.
Is it that humility should be honoured,
Above all things.
Or maybe this is a rehearsal,
For what sister Death brings.
I know the poem didn’t match my outfit,
But the Angels were too polite to say.
Instead they gave me a Sun in the sky,
A clear blue halo, grass of green,
And the knowledge that it is good.
From now on I intend to wear a song around
my heart,
As a peacock might show bright feathers .
And I hope this song makes my
heart look big.

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William part 1

I ask all to be open minded as I tell the story of my friend,  William .
There are so many prejudice in this World , from color to sex 

To me it has always been the soul , the person inside 
For one that is shallow will not experience life in true blessing 

William my friend was African American , he was fun and personality full of 'I am here "
William was Gay , William disowned , William called "A queer "

Well this is a lesson for all to know
God does not care what color , but the heart , what color it shows .

I had left my 1st Husband , with 2 children I had to support .
I was depressed , felt alone in the civilian World of a sort 

For when I got to Monterey bay , I was on a Military base 
Very shy and recluse , not leaving the perimeter of the land 
I opened such a big door when I left that abusive Man 

I had the tiniest apartment with 2 little rooms , probably 550 sq. feet I presume .
I will never for get the night He came to my door , William ," Girl, lets go dancing 
Let's go explore ! He called me 'The platinum Blonde "

We went out together and danced , he was amazing ! William energized any room . He Lit it Up ! 
For he had something inside his beautiful soul , no money could buy, nor silver or gold.

Well years went by in Monterey bay , I had fallen in love with a man , Lost so much time .

Time went by , after the man broke my heart ,I remember "where is William "
I missed something that lies  deep in my heart . The true Love and friendship of he I craved .

Now this story is long so go to  "William part 2  "be patient , be brave .

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In the distance I saw you there
Forgive my silly childlike stare
But lately I’ve become so aware
Of your whispers of light

You shine brighter than the rest
It’s incredibly obvious you’re the best
All night flight I’d gladly invest
For your whispers of light
I’m not surprised when I arrive
To see such brilliance you’re so alive
Your other suitors can’t seem to survive
Your whispers of light
I’m getting closer to your flame
This journey has been somewhat insane
I'm expecting the miraculous, girl I finally came
To your whispers of light
I’ve been warned you’re more than clever
That closer to you means closer to never
To hold you in that moment is to regret forever
Still I'm drawn to your whispers of light

To see others fall only makes me stronger
How can I resist your angel glow any longer
Reached out to touch couldn't have been wronger
Your whispers of light made this moth a goner!


Sponsored by: Gail Angel Doyle

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babe dove

All of ma life I was dying for a touch like yours.

Then u made that a reality,

U held me in ya arms,

As warm as ya touch,

ya arms were.

U Gave me a sweet tender kiss,

These made me feel at home.

 Because home is where the heart is.

Now this is where I wan spend the rest of ma days.

I don't wanna loose ya touch again.

I will hold u so dearly

And love u with all my might

Because with u I can finally b myself again


It feels like the doves have been set free,

So they can fly in the sky nd sing sweet melodies.

But the baby dove will come back,

For it knows that this is home,

Where it belongs

Like the morning breeze,

 which opens up the flower's petals

As they release the sweet scent of freedom nd love.

I will be there to grab the love nd freedom brought back by the baby dove,

Nd we will live by that for the rest of our days,

I will take ya hand nd keep u warm al night,

and when eva u need me,

all u have to do is call ma name,

nd I will b there to do that u desire.

For I know u are my empire,

Nd it will put a smile on ya cute face,

A smile always accompanied with warmth, truth and love,

I will always be there

To shower ya with love.


If m nt there to answer,

Do not cry for me,

For the Mississippi is already overflowing with water,

Ya tears will make it worse.

Be hopeful for my return,

For I will always b back for u,

Cos I will never abandon u,

I will forever b wit u


I have always wished and desired .

Being with u is a dream come true,

I will give ma all for u to be happy,

because happiness is all I want and desire for you....

Please smile....

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I do understand

Tell me what you guys think about this, I want to use it as my talent show try out piece

I know it's difficult
for you
to look at me as 
a person you once knew

My mind is 
not around and this is something that your fear
but please listen to me
 my body is still here

The thing we
once shared
I fear I forgot
but I do remember 
a little and a lot

I will not behave or act
like I was
this is a disease
I have no control of

I'm sorry for the 
burdens I put upon you
you'll be crying and feeling
feelings of blue

I then see
how I make you feel
but I don't know why 
it's such a big deal

I fuss I hurt,
I feel all the pain
of some of which 
I truly gain

My life was a journey
I disguise
a life of love
which many surprise

I feel all your love
and warmth in my heart
I'm always with you
far and apart

don't worry 
my loving family
I'll remember 
one day hopefully

I'll be leaving soon
for any on like
it's goanna be tough

I don't want 
to say goodbye
even though
I'll carry through 
the next life

thank for everything
you've done
the light that
 came and shun

I'll love you
 all forever
My time is up
being with
 y'all was a

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I am a prison in this hospital bed 
Used to wake-up with a cross above my head 
Pity my race will soon come to its end 
My love for them Please send.

A plastic tube between my nose and lips 
Giving me air, glad I 'm sick! 
Gate of the white palace will soon to be closed 
Guardians of the empire seen in the post.

Outside the window of my hopeless jail 
Children playing by one and more than twail 
Deprived of freedom and happiness 
Laying in this bed full of regrets and anguish. 

Doctors said "soon you 'll be okay 
You need to take your medicines everyday" 
If only I can have a second life
I wish I can tell you "follow God's light".

Wish I can get out in this darkest sorrow 
Be most welcome my self for a better tomorrow 
To the King of white palace thank you for today !
Only prayer for you left as my medicine for everyday.

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My love

The sound that stirs my inner soul hath no comparison to the beauty in you I 
behold. My heart though it longs to be bathed in your grace, I yearn much more 
to hear you speak my name. For your words are like gold more precious than life 
that to hear your spoken word would bring peace in this night.

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Puppy Love Begins

Poetic Lyrics By Thomas Lam Hsi'n-black...or...a...tender-heart?















Poet's Own Notes:

Taylor Swift says, "PUPPY-LOVE...SETS...YOUR...HEART...'JUS-RIGHT!"

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Riding Alone

Poetic Lyrics By Thomas Lam Hsi

SAVE FROM Satan...who plays 'all' roles...the devil...the 'Lord Jesus'...
the 'Father'...the 'Holy Spirit'...all 'Other Gods'...and 'alien gods'...HE...THE
IS THE ONLY WAY TO GOD THE FATHER...and to an Actual Heaven!

Dusty roads...'n'n...DIED!
How...would...I...EVER ALL A LIE?
He said..for better...or...FOR WORSE...and I...said...EVEN...FOR WORSE!
NOTHIN..BUT...LIES...till...I...DIED...AND money...HIS LIES!

Summer Camp...a...TIME...IN-THE-SUN...'n BOWLS of FUN...and...CHILI 'n DOGS!
Journals 'n FUN...circling 'round...DUSTY ROADS...alone...LOST...TILL FOUND!
HE...WAS...SO I...till...I DIED...when...SHE CAME 'ROUND!
I...came...'round...FROM ROUND-TO-ROUND...till...I CAME AROUND!
And...BEAUTY...did...HE...say...HE FOUND [from, "You're a fatty...and a ROUND NOSE!"]!

Riding alone...on...a...WHITE STALLION...'n MY BLUE...SUEDE BOOTS!
Cool as a cucumber...HOTTER...than...WHISPERED... GOLDEN-FLAKES....on a 
What starts as...GOLDEN-BURSTS & WHITE LILIES...and...leads...TO ALTARS...

From...dusty ROADS...from...SYLVAN
'N...MY...BLUE...SUEDE BOOTS...THE...MAN...ON-THE-MOON...whispered...
YOU...were...ALONE...AGAIN! LOST...AGAIN...the...JEWELS...

I...came 'round...FROM...ROUND-TO-ROUND...a...HEART...I...FOUND...

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Riding Alone

Riding Alone
Poetic Lyrics By Thomas Lam Hsi

SAVE FROM Satan...who plays 'all' roles...the devil...the 'Lord Jesus'...
the 'Father'...the 'Holy Spirit'...all 'Other Gods'...and 'alien gods'...HE...THE
IS THE ONLY WAY TO GOD THE FATHER...and to an Actual Heaven!

Dusty roads...'n'n...DIED!
How...would...I...EVER ALL A LIE?
He said..for better...or FOR WORSE...and I...said...EVEN...FOR WORSE!
NOTHIN..BUT...LIES...till...I...DIED...AND money...HIS LIES!

Summer Camp...a...TIME...IN THE SUN...'n BOWLS of FUN...CHILI 'N DOGS!
Journals 'n FUN...circling round...DUSTY ROADS...alone...LOST...TILL FOUND!
HE...WAS...SO BEAUTIFULL..and so...WAS I...till...I DIED...when...SHE CAME 'ROUND!
I...came...'round...FROM ROUND-TO-ROUND...till...I CAME AROUND!
And...BEAUTY...did...HE...say...HE FOUND [from, "You're a fatty...and a ROUND NOSE!"]!


Riding alone...on a...WHITE STALLION...'n MY BLUE...SUEDE BOOTS!
Cool as a cucumber...HOTTER than WHISPERED... GOLDEN-FLAKES...
FALLIN on a BED OF PINK & RED ROSES...on a BED...of a...

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Lights of Hope 
They say hope is believing in something we can’t see… 
Hope is believing, in the tiniest of living things… 
Hope is believing that 
There are angels above 
Who will rain rays of light upon 
Our heavy heart so it 
Will stand strong in the midst of chaos 
In the midst of a fight that can’t be seen 
Hope is knowing that life is a gift 
And we are riding on the wings 
Of eagles and we shall overcome unseen obstacles……..  
Kandee March 2013

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The Beautiful Spirit

This beautiful spirit comes to me in my dreams
It's always the same the ora she displays just gleams,

Some times I can see her so clearly
And other times I can see her bearly,

She floats in mid air and signals me towards her
Wanting to let me know that miracles do occur,

The silence is all I hear
And for some reason it all seems so clear,

This spirit I speak of is my beloved sister
It has been 6 years and we still miss her.

Written By: Unique Poetry 2015

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Who needs a title

Thunderous palpitations upon benign sedaments,
Miscreants vindicate with justice of six cents.
A vociferous tyrannosaurus bursts sickly
Sanitized wives and rodents scurry very

Sedately towards dainty cliffs and heights
Of unforeseeable depths-withered sights.
A Persian rug is spread across garnered grounds  
Before touring gypsies which please sound.

Great stories gather precariously on the head
Of a pen sent from hapless flutters in bed-
Sensations traverse a thing called a universe,
Discoursing various travesties as a nurse.

In gambits trained by substantial lapels
And triumphant whores who cast spells
Of priority towards declining propellers.
But, you're right, titanically proportioned cells.

Dwelling in tumultuous storms just to feel,
To melt the ashes of memories, means to heal.
Neglect the skeptic who's late for dinner
Skinning prunes and my meat suit's a winner.

Standard debasement sits beside youth
Stinking of stale sex and sweat of a sleuth
In the waiting room planning substantial
Equations translating to aliens:

We're still here...