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Ballad Adventure Poems | Ballad Poems About Adventure

These Ballad Adventure poems are examples of Ballad poems about Adventure. These are the best examples of Ballad Adventure poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Indian Girl

--Virginia Slim--

Different eyes, the same world 
Ancient skin, dirty Indian Girl 
Smokey, eyes, exotic raven hair 
---Now listen to  the colors, of transformation, 
On the day she was born, the wind blew in, 
A blessing ---her soul, fallen from the heavens
A  gorgeous puff of smoke, Miss Virginia Slim

Able to walk the world with an open mind, she twirls
Pocahontas, one of her many names. 
She carves, and climbs on trees, this little Indian Girl, 
Her feathers ride with the wind, against her red titian skin
Daughter of Chief Powhatan, a powerful tribal, red man 
Peace and love with the Indians of her Virginia Lands,

Many myths, many stories, maybe a mad woman, 
A new Christian, living sad poverty, a silent hero, 
Twisted tales, from savage green to ivory white religion
In her eyes, life never was about greed and skin
Her new look, attained an altitude precision
Pocahontas, tricked and captured, 
Set to sail another tribe, lands were taken over, 
Boat sailed out of Virginia Lands

Tribes acclaimed her to be wild and ambitious
"The naughty one," searching for admission
Native American child, before princess, 
Her beautiful soul, a short auspicious beginning
Leaving her world, beautiful and fearless
Forgetting her roots-- From Mother Willow's Vision 
Pocahontas, the Indian Legend from, The Virginia Lands


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Dance among the flowers
Let's have a party and a tea
Dreaming of the future, and
How I think that things should be
Life should be an adventure
A Prince should take me to the Ball
The wind always fills my sails
When I'm with him, gonna have it all

I dream out loud to make it clear
This little girl has no fear

Growing up is not easy
So much is not what it seems
No time to smell the roses
Or to think of childhood dreams
Life just becomes survival
My Prince was really a pauper too
My ship never left the harbor 
Happy days are all too few

My dreams long gone, nothing near
Grown up girl.. So many tears

Hide behind the surface
So you think that I am strong
Inside I'm falling to pieces
How could everything go wrong
Life can make you bitter
A shell of what you could be
Drowning out in the ocean
So far out that none can see

Prayed for a miracle, a new song
That a true Prince would come along

Met you the next morning
Your humor made me smile
The way you looked at me
I hoped you'd stay for awhile
You came a little closer
Then you gently took my hand
Words can't describe it all
Lost dreams were being fanned

You were my miracle, you were my song
All of those childhood dreams, They were inside all along

Dance among the flowers
Let's have a party and a tea
Dreaming of the future, and
How I think that things should be
Life should be an adventure
A Prince should take me to the Ball
The wind always fills my sails
When I'm with him, gonna have it all

I dream out loud to make it clear
This little girl has no fear

You were my miracle, you were my song
All of those childhood dreams,
They were inside all along

*This is the story of a little girl growing up with amazing dreams, only to be devastated by the harsh realities of life.  Then by chance, in her adult life,  she meets someone that restores her belief in dreams she thought were long gone.

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Bloom Not, Wolfsbane

Bloom not, cruel wolfsbane
In this forward spirit of mine
Let the moon dim and wane
For love has diseased my kind 

The girl was luscious in the wake
Rising at break of dawn
If only she knew I was a mistake
Before we made the bond

I grew fond of her everyday
And night gave me loathe and dread
My heart was weak, I couldn’t send her away
But fed in her desires instead

I kissed her in the forest of green
I had forgotten what I am
I gazed into those eyes, so keen!
A smooth and gentle lamb

One day I stopped to think a bit
My stomach wrenched and twirled
Through love I had lost my sense and wit
To a pitiful village girl!

Avoiding her best I could
I hid from beauty’s caresses
But again she found me in the wood
And so grew the obsession

But so grew the moon
And the waning was abstaining
Good night, wonders of the noon
With memories remaining

Alone I wandered in the cold
Knowing it was coming
The sky grew dark, the sun was sold
Behind the madness blooming 

Transforming! Changing!
My mind went all a blur
Rage deforming! Madness deranging!
I couldn’t think of her…  

The time was gone!
The night had come!
I thought I was alone
But then I saw her standing there
Pale and stiff as stone

I woke up that dawn sitting there
On the forest floor
And there lay she all bloodied and bare
The lamb that I adore!

The wounds I found were like a gift
I know they were from my girl
I’m glad she fought her will to live
As I blindly devoured her

An honorable lamb with bloodied hooves
She’ll never leave my vision
Sacrificed for ravenous wolves  
And no cry for jurisdiction 

 Bloom not cruel wolfsbane
In this forward spirit of mine
Let the moon dim and wane
For love has diseased my kind 

-an oldie , hehe
For Pd's Contest : )

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Signing Off

--Goodbye--To my Addiction-

The time has come to part,
I will leave many with broken hearts
If one day you call on me,
I'm sad to say I will hold my tongue missing each one relentlessly 
I'm not doing this for me; I am doing this for you
I could stay here and win, and not give in 
But, this soup bowl comes with demons and nasty shadows
Demons and nasty shadows, taking and crashing my light
Demons I had to fight off the entire time I was here
Shadows hating the way I welcomed every poet with a happy cheer
Demons and shadows whom drown in their selfish everyday pity.

For those smiling on my departure, 
I want you to have this wonderful gift 
So please copy paste this moment from the bottom of my heart
**I hope this gift brings you laughter, knowing 
I've been sad, these past few days, drying up my final soup tears**

I will miss this part of what makes me ME -my love and lust for poetry.
I agree with many I should never surrender to the envy of demonic dust
Giving up the passion that completed a part of my soul for years
But, the reality of life, is the life's I give and given when I make love happen
In my heart I know it's time to give myself back to reality
SO AT THE END I WIN, I'm the one who ends up with an everlasting smile
I'll finally be free from this place, where most treated me unfair & unkind
Free, from the negativity of the few who hide behind a dishonest disguise?

Wait until you notice your soup bowl's going stale
You will miss me, and I will miss you
But, my enemy will miss me even more
Reminiscing the times we spent hogging up 70% of blogs,
Arguing and fighting over not agreeing with many thoughts.
But, it was never the differences of opinions, it was more like---
Let's slay the Destroyer, a name like that should never be on top
So please know I am sad, and this is not the way I want to go
I'm not leaving you because I want to 
I'm leaving you because, the rumors are 
"The soup is better without the sweetness of the poet destroyer."
The only big thing about me -was my heart not my ego 
I never claimed to be the best; 
You're the one who claimed I am good enough
You took me in and returned my love
In ways others could and would not accept.
And for you my loving poet friends, and fans
I will walk away with my dignity/integrity; 
I guess I'm finally growing up 
In becoming the bigger/better poet.

Signing Off ---Love 
The Poet Destroyer

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I am he as you are me

When the night wind changes course
sending breezes from the north,
when farmer's fields lie brown and fallow
and empty ropes swing from the gallows,
when children's faces are drawn and gaunt
and earth-bound spirits wail and haunt,
when eagles scan the barren snow
and field mice shiver deep below,

The dragon stirs deep in his lair,
the townfolk sense him with despair,
the mountain rumbles as he wakes,
he spreads his wings, the valley quakes.

He snorts and breathes a sulphur fire
and eyes his cache with dark desire,
gold and gemstones line his cave,
a sea of diamonds with emerald waves.

The trees are black against the snow,
one warrior stands to face his foe,
chain mail clanking, his sword is honed,
he goes to face his fate alone.

Fire breathing, wing-spread vast,
the warrior is at first aghast,
the dragon's chest and stomach, too,
shine with gems of multi-hues.

He'd slept so long upon his loot,
he wore a jewel-encrusted suit.
He saw the warrior's weapon glint
and chuckled at this innocent.

The dragon swooped and breathed his breath,
the warrior smelled the scent of death.
Many times the dragon dove
and set aflame the fields and groves.

Lost in this game, he gave no thought
to the warrior who mattered naught,
and as the dragon flew by low
the warrior drew his mighty bow.

The bow and arrows were Elfen-hewn,
inscribed with words in ancient runes.
The warrior held his breath and aimed
and steeled himself against the flames.

The dragon saw the arrow cocked
and turned his head, their eyes were locked.
The arrow's flight was straight and true,
into the dragon's eye it flew.

The warrior was elected king,
he wore fine jewels and heavy rings,
but though he tried, he found no peace,
he'd formed some strange bond with the beast.

The corpse was plucked clean of its jewels
and all the people danced like fools,
though he was king of hill and glen,
they never saw him smile again.

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Door o' Green

Door o’ green The door of green it stands ajar, I enter here in a dream, so far, A rough hewn table, here it sits, Big yellow candle splutters its, An ancient room, of meditation ….. As I look about the ancient room, A figure seen within the gloom, Svelte of body, bosoms loom, The sweetness of creation, She comes to me with loving eyes, No words are needed, sobs or sighs, And pressing close, and locked of eye, I hold this incarntation, The sudden chill of nipple freeze, The points are made with subtle ease, What can I do but play on these, No words of explanation? Moving closer within her thighs, I trace her form, though things do rise, Her bosoms rise, in breath caught size, Inpaled by the situation, I try to leave, she says don’t go, The fire is burning me, you know, Till passions fire has had to blow, Exhaustion’s generation, The magic place behind the door, Where love does wait for me and more, Fantasy says, yes me explore, A mental apparition…. Don Johnson

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Love Story Gone Wild

when beauty met the beast
she was a cutie, he was a beast
she thought that she'd speak to him at least
and at least find out what made 
a beast, a beast

as the beast looked at her 
he wondered; what a feast
but the way she spoke to him
was gentle and curiosity increased

he found her some what pleasant
and laid his aggression aside
for now he'd grown accustom
and hoped she would abide

as time past he looked at her
as he never did before
tender conversations
brought his knees to the floor

she'd become his weakness
his task forever more
he liked to hear her voice
and see her walk through the door

on holidays there were presents
on birthdays a feast
each special day that brought her presence
was a holy day to say the least

now i am wholly human 
and i can tell you well
that jealousy fits us humans
and beast very well

one look at competition
can take us all to hell
we can never avoid perdition
when one other than God
we our souls sell

and from God comes the testing
old men and prophets tell
the beast asked God for patience
and God knows how to teach it well

the next time the beast see's beauty
there is a ring on her hand
he didn't care to mention it
but that was one thing he couldn't stand

worn down he ask her
what the ring meant on her hand
slowly she confided, it meant she'd
marry another man

the beast now was furious
he did not understand
that all these years confiding
he was suppose to be the man

what then would become of her
his conscious did demand
all the years he spent with her
were coming to an end 

yet love had one more service
his heart would command
tell the maid he loved her
and ask her for her hand

let all the powers of wickedness 
and goodness take their stand
upon this maids answer
i'll bravely take my chance

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Dullahan Rides

Walk with me in the dank moonlight
through the chill, rising, storm
so we can grasp the majesty
of Dullahan still born.

Without heads his horse and he ride
across the countryside
His head in hand they roam the land
none live where he abides.

A rush of blood, a gory spree 
will take the sight of man, 
then off they gallop wild and free
Dullahan, head in hand.

Here’s hoping he don’t call your name
for that would be worse by far  
your soul would flee and fly with he
a soul as black as tar.

Carry your gold for I am told 
this alone does he fear
and we can watch as he rides by
come give us a kiss now, me dear.

The winsome lass took his strong hand
and down the lane they walked
as in the distance hedgerows fired
and hooves clapped as they talked.

The sound drew near, a gate flew wide
the lassie shrieked and ran 
so only her randy lad was 
taken by Dullahan.

So, don’t think to woo by moonlight
near the shore in Galway
Dullahan hunts with cruel sight 
each wayward soul a stray.

*While no-one knows for certain how the Dullahan originated, it is thought that he is the embodiment of the Celtic fertility god, Crom Dubh, who was worshiped by an ancient king of Ireland, Tighermas. Each year, Tighermas sacrificed humans to Crom Dubh, and the usual method was decapitation. The worship of Crom Dubh ended in the sixth century, when Christianity came to Ireland. 
* music in About the Poem

Poet: D. Guzzi

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Big n hard well babe its been big n hard, the dumb retard? wants planting in pleasures planting pot, or bring some stole viagra, just in case its not:) get a keeper maybe should, enhance his mood, stiff as wood, the blood flow enterprising, could be bloody mystifying, as any phallus should, yet babe im shagged, deflated bags, me ball bags teste-fying, get back you baitch, can’t have an inch, bo-didly aint supplying… Don Johnson

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of suffering deep, tween pain and asleep, and the curse still lingers like crime, a fiendish mind wheels, still turning out deals, and slip-sliding thoughts to begrime, get back in your box, un-sweet albatross, begone to the nethers of mind, bad voices are still, mourning their loss, in spirit i'm doing just fine, got a grip on its throat, never mind, bad thoughts continue to gloat, yet the battle is mine, bloody mine... of: p.d. "Cronic Pain" Don

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hot n steamy is the night,
when erotic fantasy takes flight,
below a moon of fullness bright,
when passion rears and forms my dear....

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the ever helpful angels, we meet along the way, ones who will pick you up, till you are happy, bloody aye, boot the black dog up the Kyber pass, and the mongrel whines away, depression knocked off, on its asss, when the angel comes your way, take the world by scruff, yer tough enough, be happy bloody aye, let the inner spirit shine, plum duff, is all that johnson says... Don Johnson

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Red of fire

Red of fire Reddish fire in place of loins, Fiery hell to thee enjoins, Kundalini coiled it waits, until, Opened doors the chakras willed, Enjoined to feet of clay. Orange door is very bright, Growing larger orange sight, Fill your mind yes until, Strength of purpose is your will, That’s right. Yellow blossoms brightest day, Cast the very blue away, Brighter still to make you blink, It be written, don’t let it shrink, The spirit is in play. Green of heart the healing mill, Help your fellow man until, The darkness gone, from night, Lift spiritual from the blight, enjoin the great God’s will. Blue of throat the hearing feel, Sound of others gone, revealed, Light blue veil is unsealed, Therein, within the night, Hearing is our right. Purple smoke the eyes beheld, Image seen, ding dong the bells, Danger comes as seen ther-in, In the purple flashes dim, It is your birthright. Kundalini seeks the light, From top of head a glowing white, Understanding fruit of gall, Aura glowing nine feet tall, A spiritual delight. We do have these swirling chakras, these spiritual devices… Don Johnson

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chocolate covered cherries

and smitten with her moist entwine, he savoured like the red, red wine, as passion engulfed the post, she was the surely most, till oblivion unwinds.... and he gave up his ghost, and a sympathetic mine, no lesbians this time, but that gets on your Goat, till next head butting time, he kissed her subtle throat, and it began to climb, no not the Billy goat, intercourse aint a crime, chocolate covered cherries are the toast:} the heat remained sublime, dem cherries are the most! Don re Debbie Duncan "chocolate covered cherries"

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Cousin John

War is such an awful thing, insanity can sometimes bring, like my cousin the zippo man, who burnt the huts the squealing and, came home and shot himself... poor John was Vietnam. sad and true and tears the heart, war is deadly, the aching part, they go away, do not return, just leave living heartache burns, no delight...Don Johnson

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Sperm Whale Dementia

Sperm Whale Dementia. Here I am an old Sperm whale, A swimming in the deep, Sucking on the Crill, inhale, As fearless I do leap. And then I come to surface, And clarity does seep, Dementia nursing home this place, Me poor old bones do creak. Back beneath the water, A swimming in the deep, Happy as a tadpole, More Crill to maybe eat. Back up to the surface, Who is that woman here, She says she is Molly Brown, A rellie so sincere. So come visit sweet Molly Brown, I may be far away, Or surfaced with a puzzled frown, A sperm whale here today… Don Johnson 22-aug-11

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Pig a billa

Pig a billa Good tucker is ol pig-billa, Porcupine Echidna hey, Favourite food of Aboriginals, Has him own spears anyway, Track him cross the hot red sand, Which way does he go, today, Claws on his back legs are a pointing, Where he come from, there we say, Dead possum hanging oer the water, Maggots falling soon they may, Yellow belly sucks em sorta, Big ol Cod could eat em hey, Marbuk silent as a Gum-tree, Waits with fishing plurry spear, See the flash of yella-belly, see, Him on the coals to sear! Swish of killer boomerang, As the wild ducks leave the water, Pelted as a hundred swam, Got a Shag hook nosed just sorta, Break-em wing as it leaves the water, Bloody tough meat make you chew, Yarraman is a horse you see, Milinbri beast of cattle, be, Crocodile he waits for you, Don’t swim where he will maybe chew, After the death roll kills you, oughta, Fresh meat ol tourist brought ya, To Cape York for interview. Ole Croc can get you too! Sidestep this frenzy slaughter…. Whatever ya bloody do. Ole Johnson the reporter …Don

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A Cowboy's Life

I didn't want to break your heart,
I had no thought of that at all,
When I told you I'd be leaving
Right after roundup time this fall.

A cowboy's life is lonely,
With saddle, bridle and his horse,
A bedroll just to keep from freezing
When he's wandering off his course.

Your own daddy is a rancher.
He should have warned you from the start,
Should have cautioned you to never
Let a cowboy win your heart.

I'll be heading to the south lands
Until some wrangling work I find,
Didn't mean to fool you, Honey.
I didn't mean to be unkind.

If I had a stack of money,
I'd settle down, make you my wife.
Until I'm through meandering
I can't ask you to share my life.

Dry your eyes my little lady
And let me see that pretty smile.
There will be another cowboy
Who will outshine me by a mile.

If you find one with a bankroll
Who can afford a little spread,
Get your lariat and rope him,
Forget about these tears you've shed.

I'll be thinking of you, Honey
As I travel across the range,
But this cowboy is a rambler
And I expect I'll never change.

Placed 2nd in Ballad contest

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rolled Durham smoke - Ballad

It transferred like bequest's constrain;
the ghostly harbor - my sixth sense,
men's goals had died, on lives' expense,
- this notion bothered me again.

Had sent the mail - my filed advice -
the ghosts of gunmen who have died,
on moors they stood yonside old pride,
- the Rider asked his deathly price.

In air he thumped, his rhythm - gust waves;
demanding cruel new death toll;
in town each woman wore black stole,
the 'killed in duel' dwell in graves;

The Rider hummed - our vessel moored
inside this port on Nueces' edge,
much red was shed on cypress sedge
- my instincts sharpened and inured.

Tall stood he on the wharf - I knew
the wind whipped ropes upon head-mast,
- we drew the guns; he lifted fast;
my two guns bucked debt-law to ensue.

I felt the slug - he moved across,
already-a-ghost, on moors he stood;
I tasted blood - got up - I should,
with red drops staining grass and moss.

I saw her standing on the field
amid red poppies and tall trees,
her thought became my holy shield,
bestowed thenceforth, her grace in breeze.

She spread her arms and called me eft,
above the clouds to Astral Halls
athwart stood gunman - fast and deft
in Tombstone, Mobile and Sioux Falls.)

I rolled and lit a Durham smoke
with children watching me round-eyed;
that March, (I thought), a gunman died,
I heard bells' knell and two crows croak.

© G.V. 07-18-2013
(Ballad - Iambic tetrameter)

Sponsor: Poet Destroyer A
Contest Name: Ballad (old/new)
Deadline: 12/28/2013

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Ballad of Dreams: One: Beneath the Realm part one

Beneath the realm of Reality
Lies a secret- a world of fantasy
Feasting my eyes upon the faded stone
Delving into a vast world of the unknown

Whispers dance in the curling fog dancing amongst the dead trees
Murmurs of those who have long passed, float against the breeze
Passing the large tree, the gate surrounding the stoned castle
A slender inhabitant, dazzles my mind, his speech facile

Shall I trust this unknown creature, from this the unknown world
His arms, his...tendrils, curl...and around me swirled
My thoughts-he knows them-for he and I are entwined
Further into the dead woods I wonder, a sense of fear encompassing my mind

A bubbling stream I faintly hear, as further I go into the forest
The watery grave seeming to get closer, it's symphony-a chorus
Entranced I follow this fellow into the unknown
Closer and close to the stream i go, further away from the grey stone

Above the lines of fantasy
This, has become my reality
Dreaming-this land I return, once was I lost
But now here I am at home, everything quiet and soft

I search for you amongst the dead
And there, standing behind those gates is cloaked figure-hood on head
I wonder who this master of mystery is, but he soon disappears
A blink of my eye he is gone, and I have not seen him again in years

I search once more for you, my fiendish friend,
But soon I fear you have left me here-to come to my own end
I do not wish to wake, I do not wish to leave this place
Soon I come to spot your featureless face

The King of fright, so tender towards me
Showing me, when I lost my way so long ago, out misty dead trees
But I could not stay away, I wanted to see him again
And thus he promised to return to me again

That forest land I wish to see once more
But I have lost my way, trapped in a darkness forevermore
Kept away from what I so desperately yearn for
To return to that mysterious home I adore

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Brainwsh, Ann-Lise

Brainwsh Ann-Lise thoughts are deeds, words are the weeds, the mind collects sometimes, a salesman speaks to in your mind, hard sell his only crime, the pressure aint sublime... brainwash the deed, it chimes.... Don Jonson

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Green door speaks

the green door speaks, the hinges squeak, candle large of yellow streaks, of black smoke oil of dreams, do enter there, my beauty rare, to see me enter yeah, the rough hewed table seems, to resurrect the scene, and love is in between, the table and the chairs, a shelter so serene... Don This Green door place is inner space, A darkened room of dreams, A place an state to meditate , To focus mind, to see, Be in another time an place, Where thoughts an dreams can be, A mental time surreal in space, Across the mystic sea

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Silver strands

Tuppy Silver strands silver bands and the rings on her hands, Her hair was the colour of grey, Eyes far away, with the thoughts of her day, As her grandson an audience sought, I was there that day, with an empty head thought, just a boy, but loved this I say. As I looked at her troubled eyes, A Catholic she’d once been married, To a Church of England, man called John, so now she was surely harried, Excommunicated by a priest on that day, So she caught up a rifle, pulled off a few shots, Bounced bullets, as he was running away. The only pleasure to be got, Anyway. With polio born she couldn’t stand, But dragged herself onto a pony, She did eventually walk, But she walked in the path of the lonely.
Susan Burch Contest Name Silver Strands

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3 holes Hut on Cubbie

3 holes Hut on Cubbie Yep me an Sow the wild pig were, Under the low set hut, yessir, I was 12 months old, I be, Nappies were short, so I had none see, The piglet kept me clean, Did he… The old hut is now a fallen down, Where piggy an I would wriggle around, I only came out, when she needed to see, When mama fed the fat piggie, Then I’d crawl and bound, 1946 I say it was, under the one room hut of cos, we had no lectricity, and cooked outside under a tree, brown boredrain fed the pig an me, till civilized I got because, I needed to be, Tommy Hook he came to me, A lousy Jack, one legged he, Noisy family bird was, see, Great chatterer, quite featherly, A talker of the bush, We came there by sulky, with an unbroken horse, it had the blinkin blnkers, to maybe force, it not be frightened see, by the sight of a close sulky, across the watercourse, so harnessed up and circling free, at the canter it, came round for me, when mum threw me up by force, an poppa caught me in the sulky, one hand was free, I got caught, she sprung aboard next circle brought, and off sailed the family, to old Cubbie, yet of course, to the stink of wet Gidgee, after rain, the smell so coarse… Don Johnson Yes Joe...8 Yes at a year old i needed a friend, so a wild piglet came and then, was a pet of the family, brought by my pig chasing dad for me, from a brood that an old Sow had when, he found em in the thin Lygnum bush old friend, in the shade of a Gidgee tree...

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caged like a Tiger in her way, passion, power, sensual hey, do not cross the one in stripes, she will rip ya, tear ya like sliced tripe, dodge sidestep, swiftly run away, or p.d. will have her way, ace of spades, delight, surreal, wake in fright, death comes swift they say.... thanks p.d. 'Tiger in a cage' Don

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Sometimes users do enthrall, and take advantage, its their call, but judgement waits, on another date, their persecution, is their fate, thats all... Don Johnson
Carol's poem :)

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Re : Ring of Power

Re: Ring of power Ring of power enhances it, Gives it volume quite a bit, bigger, a nice snug fit, give me all, don't u quit Obsession comes when you hit gold, big and hard: I'm sold! If you want him big n bold, Warm him just a bit, Get the right size ring, to fit, As strong as days of old, interest sure relit. Struggling guys wear the ring, Too keep it hard, its just the thing, Not too tight on the dingaling, Adjust to size and passion, Enhanced by more tongue lashing, Home truths for passions pit, The keeper ring will do its bit. Keep up the good work. Don, Ralphie Sue....

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if ya get 2 over 60, it gets harder oh so swiftly, to make that great connect, have the faith, no time to waste, blue satin dress wears next, be looking for her mate! but women wait for you out there, your eye must seek just everywhere, or you will miss the come on smile, upon the prettiest of dials, the clock that runs to you, the seekers wish comes true:) in a little while... Don Johnson
hey yes Russell. Robert Haig, alternative is to play the game, wrestle with her,light the flame, words get bypassed sounds so lame, physical joust for sweet Igraine, sometimes... Tony Lane, tic a toc little clock, just needs a little winding, johnson sure, grabs what he saw, although her speed was blinding.

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Undertaker blues

reminds me of the funeral job, at the morgue 40 tables, i logged, one of a hundred jobs id see, blood n guts an misery, macarbe on mentality... but id come to get ol Marge, suspended on 3 chains, was large, stiff as iniquity, came flying though the air, 6 feet up without a care, no bloody dignity, as naked as a Jaybird she, but death had set her free, as she said to me... re:"While Waiting At The River Styx" Terry O'Leary Don Guys at the morgue like to shock ya, so i get this naked lady zooming towards me suspended on 3 chains attached to rollers on the under the neck, one under the waist, and one under the ankles..a shock to the system... as i come in the door...the tables 40 were all occupied with the grim reapers handiwork...

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Brainwashing Brainwashing is a flowing, right there on your TV, Oh they sell life insurance to 20 year old’s, or guys like you an me, Brainwashing sure is flowing, and the lies won’t let you be, And they call it advertising., money flows, so merrily.. Yes the old time Liberals, Used scare tactics well, Commies under the bed , Would get you, they would tell, Voters were frightened with the lie, So they voted for the master, Wages dropping bye n by, Cheap labor they are after. don’t kid yourself, that it isn’t so, last federal Liberal government, forced down the wages - workers know, overseas workers is the lever-meant, the super-rich employ, morality in the dunny, and fatso jumps 4 joy., ho-hum dum-dum Leroy Don Johnson

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Greedy rich hogs a plenty about guess the fat little toads have figured it out, in the money trough fore to dip a snout, moral corruption and lies, will the Lord perchance sympathise, born next time Nigeria no doubt, to be trained as a scammer, the lout.... the worthless gets pain no surprise:) Don you can make dollars till the grave, a fancy funeral 4 you babe, but what happens when ya dies, upon the eternal judgement side, where you get cursed or blest, decide:) be or not a pest, while alive, karmas sow n reap the test, applied...

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re Russells Nymph

of Russell's Nymph the rendered spell, the nymph can tell, distraction never changes, i too have been caught as well, the nympho re arrangement, i swore by Gaul to end it all, would run into the ranges, but quick as night she pinned me tight, don't ever make love with strangers... good one Russell mate... Don

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and onward ever onward, all through the sleepless night, still searching for the other, half of self to make it right, but soiltuide is virtuous, dream-time bring her might.... thanks Mikkie 'melancoly' Don

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Coocoon butterflies so sweet a flying, wafting lightly, floating there, sometimes, mostly hypnotising, life is short but death repairs, coo coo cocoon is a waiting, bug deciding time is right, nother butterfly is a flying, mother nature’s sweet delight. Don Johnson

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world turns

the world still turns, though passion burns, if the veil is crossed today, we carry the total experience learned, as our spirit wafts away.... thank you Joan Grisetti..."I Lay Dying" Don

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Zorro's sorrow 4 Sweetheart

Zorro of the sorrow small, kissed a lady in the hall, coming back still feeling bliss, caught the same girl, was a miss, not Carmelita at all. thinking she was, Carmelita in the dark, kissed her mouth, hands did wander way on south, had a pistol nothing neater. panting sweet was Carmelita, fire burning in her heater, enraptured plunging, something sweeter stayed until the time had come. spent the Zorro's, brow did furrow, coming to the candle light, Where was the sweetest Carmelita, some old shiela smiling bright? Zorro said "oh good to meet ya," bounding on black Diablo, in flight!
Don Johnson 14-aug-11

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In London, away in a terrace
Half-hidden with elm trees and grime,
Lived young Violet, in her parents' house,
Left alone for near all of the time,

As her mother had no patience to teach her
And her father was working all day,
Violet read to herself through her childhood
Forgetting her seclusion in play,

Any friends she made as a young woman
Would laugh at her stitches and cloth,
For they knew that Violet was quite useless
And so showed their neat needlework off,

Poor Violet kept trying her best, but
Each time everyone ran her down,
She retreated back into her mind's warmth
Far away from that cold-blooded town,

Then one night, as the raindrops were piercing
Through the rueful, restricting twilight,
Violet threw on her Sunday attire and
Did at once in the darkness delight,

So she ran through the alleys and gardens,
Dancing down the pitch-black London streets,
Her beautiful dress flew about her
As she skipped past the other deceits,

Violet's stories swam round in her memory
As she flew through the night and the stars,
And she bathed thoroughly and with relish
Until Violet was cleansed of her scars,

Now her heart was open and happy,
So she laughed and fluttered her tail,
Carelessly gliding free through the water
And onwards to the ocean did sail.

As the weary sun rose on the next day
Her friends could be seen on the pier,
Dabbing at their dry eyes with their hankies,
Voices straining trying to sound sincere,

"It has hurt us so indescribably,
That because of her poorly-sewn hems,
Violet felt she was inferior to us
And has drowned herself in the Thames."

Violet's parents had not yet noticed
The absence of their only daughter,
And they would understand even less
How she came to be dead underwater,

But Violet was now free to prosper,
To swim and to dance and to glide,
And with angels and mermaids to play with,
She would always in her dreams reside.

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Slip away

Slip away … Will you slip away to the dark side, Will you worship money and power too, Do you see any wrong on the inside, The moral code of you . Do you really think you are better, All equal under God, Just a little deceitful to yourself, Do you get the liars nod. Do you see the hurt you do , Supporting the monied rich, They want your last penny too, greedy son’s wanting it. So give your vote to the rich man, So he can have his way, He sent all the jobs offshore, Cheap labor is his plan, today, For sure I say… Don Johnson

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Waste of time

Waste, time If life is not a total waste of time, perhaps we had a different other line, back and forth a hundred thousand years, with blood n death impaled by spears, sometimes, duty caused the crime, if it's not a total waste of time? resurrection, sometimes, have some faith I’ll bung it in:( oftimes, borne again upon the wind, another chance to help a friend, or waste your life, in worthless sin, but, on you I can depend! Sometimes? Is grey a seeming state of mind, overcast has gray behind, but then the sun comes out... unwind...friend, And suck some life back in! sometimes. Don Johnson 29-aug-11

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Brisbane Rain squall just came from east of me, Came blowing from the big blue sea, 5 pm the windows shut, For I in Brisbane be. Brown snakes and lizards do hide, From the city dwellers, do slide, Green Frogs there used to be, Cane toads suck em down for free, Green Frogs don’t suicide. Fly screens keep the mossies out, Midges sand flies, catch you out, They come through to get you Clyde, There is no itch in doubt. The sun the sand the cooling breeze, Live on the beach, be at your ease, Hippies still enjoy the lifestyle, these, Things are of our nation… Brisbane at 5pm

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suffering by the sentence made, the pain wave breaks the surface, the whips cut and the slicing blade, the masters bloody purpose.... to be owned by the master, and treated like a curse, resentment burns hereafter, karma is ten times worse, time repays the master, the next life reimbursed, not blest with this life with laughter, so miserable so cursed "Indentured Servant" thanks Antony Nutter great poetry mate.....Don Johnson

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TOOTHLESS in 1927 Toothles her tail began to switch, Tuppy said “you’re too old, just stay a bit,” Tuppy rode away to where, A knocking stick a Roo would snare, Roo hides pegged upon the ground, Pounds shillings and pence, to be found, From whence. She galloped down the boundary fence , Clubbed a Roo right out of sense, Got down then to skin this Roo, Who sprang right up and bit her too, He grabbed her close and then, Jerked up a foot to disembowel, when, Toothless cleared the fence, Toothless took the Roo by the throat, Strangulation the intent, I quote, Death did then commence. Kangaroo would seem very nice, Docile friendly, but watch twice, If his female is in season, You could be clawed, bitten and slashed, And Skippy might. Don’t let your dog in water with, Old Skip will drown him till his stiff, But Roo’s out there in millions are, Springing bounding fences ha ha, And following the grass Tom Tit… Toothless was an old greyhound female used for catching Roos on the bound….Don Johnson

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What are your Words of Poetry meant for Oh Sage

The wrothful man has regotiated his saliency,
The humble man has neglected his post of "Your Excellency",
Let the pirate look through my one eye of transpareency,
Hope my superman sings along to those dracula's frequencies,
These are not Bulls written in pure fantasy,
Our fleur-de-lis and its very ecstacy,
Not meant for agilely minded Perverts,
Spliffs meant for Godly minds,exhalling Wisdom and Truth.. Selah

Reading to the salient ears of age,
Your teeth gleaning this vast ears of corn,
Seeing men's rage shorten their years,
Or what your ladies who smiled at my no-beard-style have become,
Easy skanking is what my ears hear,
A tip of God given talents,
Many a quail showering my Sweet Heart with "Works so excellent",
God breathes his creative spirit to minds We call "Salient", Selah

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UNWOUND Sex n interest is a state of mind, the better the tease the harder it climbs, conversation puts it down, distraction men have found, it breaks the concentration, spring unwound, unwanted relaxation, frowns, so close your ears and hear her not, concentrating hard as what? slipping sliding till she's besotted, sweet loving from a time forgot fills the imagination..... Don Johnson

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Ex Drover, me

Ex Drover, me As the cleaner sweeps the street, And the saddle leather squeaks, cos he's riding ol Darkie, an his mind is with the herd. He remembers the cold nights, Leaps from his swag at daylight, To stand by the fire , For some breakfast egg n bacon. Yes bloody sah! An the coffe black as char, Sucked from his quartpot , jar. And the toast is a burning , Like a bad cigar. Is burning , And the sun comes up, aha. So we’ll move them poley bullocks, On the grassy stock route millet, And the bore drain will water , Them poley bullocks shortly, Till we get to Mungathar. Don Johnson 8-aug-11

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Drinking drugging

Drinking drugging, chug a lugging, Cruising down the poncy street, Drunk a 40 cats a hugging, Look out 4 this ***** on heat, Brain a thumpin, blood a pumping, Dogs a humping, jelly beans to eat, Cant get me car outa park, So brain dead I cannot speak, Flashing forth in me v6, On the footpath, sometimes creep, Uh oh downed a letter box , Postie he will surely freak, Blue lights flashing, they in fashion? Sirens blaring, dodge concrete, Off the walls it seems I’m bashing, Police-e-man I’m yet to meet…

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Contract In a little town away out west , the Contract was out, the thunderboxes best, Tommy Bumble offered 20 cents a tin, To take the human manure in, With the contract he was blest, Tommy Tartar was in haste, He offered twenty five cents, got replaced, By the cheapest contract in, His fart cart got a win, He got the council contract. This is just how business works, When Abbot gets you contracted, an smirks, Your lowest wage HE does win, Others cheaper offerings, Might undercut your perks, Cheap labour for the cunning rich, Contract forced on the worker, Howard’s damned work-choices pitch, Voters rejected him, the smirker. Their aim is just to buy you cheap, More dollars for the greedy creep, Will you join up with the other sheep And get mulesed into the bargain, Weep… Don Johnson

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Andrea Dietrich Contest Name WORD WIZARDS' CHALLENGE Draped upon a slipping pillow, Cuddling real nice, Muffled pause did foil deny, Dwell me wake on edge therby, Thoughts do billow… Gave me pause to try. draped/ slipping/ pause/ edge/ muffled/ foil/ wake/ deny/ dwell/ pillow

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I'm sitting here again,
Just waiting for a call
So I can put on my suit
And help someone get up from their fall.
It's not an easy job,
This whole Superwoman thing.
Flying through the sky,
Moving at lightening speed.

As I sit here waiting,
I'm contemplating
Whether or not I should do something,
Because this is getting boring.
The music is on its sixth rotation.
I had every word memorized after the second,
But I know as soon as I start something,
Of course, I'll hear the ring.
It never fails.

When it finally does ring,
I put the "S" on my chest.
I'm there in two seconds
Helping clean someone's mess.

Broken lives and tattered dreams,
This is my reality.
Broken hearts. So many tears
I've wiped from eyes for all these years.
The children are the hardest to behold.
How do I save them from shattered homes?
The "S" on my chest is only a sign.
I'm not God. I can't go back in time.
I can't change the lives given to them.
I'm just here to help their little hearts mend.

When my job is done,
I head back home,
Take the "S" off my chest,
And lay down to rest.
Until the next time I get a call
And put my "S" back on to save someone from their fall.

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Pock marked

Pock marked Bert was cooking in a bucket, Knew his hide at any rate Pock marks on his thighs an biceps, Shot that day by a sniper, mate, Sniper chopped by Aussie Bren gun, Fell from palm in many pieces, Driven back by charging soldiers, Jonno’s mates were ‘ridge e didge’, Next day they drove off the Japanese, Checked the cooking pots for tucker, Fermenting rice, not much chop, Starving Jap’s, not any luckier, Two armies starved, no tucker, in these green mountains, grim, slaughter at point blank range, shoot first boy, or get done in, Evidence at the war crime hearing, Jonno and the Doctor gave, Several cases were reported, Of Kokoda’s missing brave’s. Don Johnson…true story…16-aug-11
This Aussie war in New Guinea, was concurrent with Gaudacanal's desperate U.S.fight with around 20,000 Japanese ...We only had 13,000 armed Japanese bent on coming over Kokoda mountains, and then on to Australia, they had the Japanese 10 shilling note occupation money in their pockets. The Japanese say they were ordered back over the mountains to Gona and Buna, it saves face hey. The reality was they were dying slowly from starvation, malaria 2 types, plus Dengue fever was killing many, and the 2500 fresh Aussie blooded veterans drove them back from Irobiawa mountain top with fixed bayonets. After a day or so of our 25 pounders blasting them. Time to leave.

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The Drifter

A drifter came in to town one day,
Looking for a place to stay.
He got a room and payed a week,
To find a job ,he walked the streets.

Not wanting some thing that would last,
For him it would be like walking on thin glass.
He looked for something  for a week or two,
To buy some clothes and a new pair of shoes.

His money was starting to run very low,
Without money he had no where to go.
He got a job at a gas stop,
It dident pay much , but enough to shop.

He bought new shoes and a matching sweather,
For it was getting cold and staying warm is better.
He met a friend along the way,
But made it clear he couldent stay.

She wanted him to settle down,
But he told her he has no roots in any town.
She beged and pleaded for him to stay,
But he knew he was leaving at the end of the day.

He thanked the gas stop for the job,
Said his good buys to his other friend Bob.
Gathered his nap sack and out the door,
Headed down the road to be seen no more.

After a few  rides ,another town comes in site,
He said thanks for the ride , its just turning night.
Booked into a hotel for another week,
It was just a place to rest his feet.

Such is the life and its lonely i know,
But to a Drifter , its the only way to go.

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When I Stopped That Day To Pick Death's Rose

I heard a little rumor from
a stranger on the road today;
he wore a heavy veil of dusk
to keep the winter's song at bay.

His face was well concealed; although,
his shriveled hands had drawn my sight;
it seemed like they were withering
and, like the moon, a pallid white.

"A little further down this road,
there lies a curse'd patch of grass
obscured by trees to hide its shame;
for that, I know I am to blame.

The flow of time had left that place,
yet still the living wandered in,
until they saw that wicked plant
whose very growth was deemed a sin."

The frigid notes were ominous,
like most of what the old man said,
and quickly did his coal-coat flee
to leave but silence in his stead.

A trav'ler's prank is what I thought,
but further down the road I saw
an isolated trust of trees
with polished trunks and lively leaves.

Surveying past the tow'ring brown,
I stood in awe at Gaia's gate;
if anything, I had to know
how nature could intimidate.

The grass was like an emerald floor,
a regal rug for royalty,
and aromatic jewels stood proud
amongst the scattered shrubbery.

But then, I sensed a mournful soul
and heard a fright'ning tearful call;
at center grew a single rose,
left weeping within wooden walls.

Its petals were like chimney soot,
but had the most enchanting smell;
its stem and leaves were silver clad,
a gorgeous blossom spawned from hell.

Despite the omens I had heard,
there was a certain beauty here.
If such a flower bred disgust,
I'd shelter it, neglecting fear.

There was no trace of bitter cold,
upon return from curse'd land.
I left that world with fragrant sin
clutched tightly in my mortal hand.

My heart gave forth compassion,
when I stopped that day to pick death's rose.

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love it luv it lubbit.... the modern curse of what you eat, come back to sit an stay in the meat, the blubber is arising , unwanted an surprising , so fat cant see me feet, drattalising:( but i got a well padded seat:) Don Johnson thank you Sara Kendrick "Chocolate-Trochee"

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Aussie Drover's tucker

Russell Sivey Contest Name Good Luck Meal Aussie Drover’s tucker Build your fire upwind of the billy, If you want it to more than shepherd boil, Thick slabs of Corn meat n damper, (camp oven bread) with a drop of tomato sauce, Or corn meat fritters fried on the coals, In kidney fat of course, A billy full of Bushels tea, Just sitting on a log, And banana fried well, fritters, Washed down with some tea or grog, Sometimes . On New year’s days a droving .

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Mulga Mick

Mulga Mick The ice was thick round Mulga Mick, His thoughts were in disorder, Shiela had gone off with another chick, Got the “Raw Prawn” bloody sort of, His car had died when a Roo he tried, To eat the old cars number plate, Death slapped down, upon the Roo applied, Destroyed the water radiator, So staggering through the ice an snow, Was poor ole Mulga Mick, He wore the Roo hide, wrapped you know, Pocket knife had skinned it quick. Roo tail soup for Mulga Mick, Before he walked away, He staggered back to the township, Catch a new lady is the only way. Don Johnson John, when your girl runs off with another girl, you feel like you've been given a raw prawn. aussie slang ... Tony, like mcguyver you have to use what's available to survive....

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magic touch

the magic touch, the sweet embrace, the hunger burns, the heart does race, sweet love it comes, souls interlace, and thunder comes a crashing...hey:) Thanks Andrea....Don

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if ya Cark it

a smile on the dial as off you go, saint Peter is waiting ya maybe no, stay away from me Joe the crow, u aint gettin me eyeballs later ...oh
Don If ya lived awhile in west Queensland, out in the red soil dust, where crows will pick ya eyes, out n bore water is a must. When you or an animal is dying the crows line up for sweets...

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The Aussies looked in disbelief, When the twin towers they did fall, Terror rained on the Pentagon, Figher Jets came to call, Americans fought for a plane, To beat the terrorists down, Bin Laden’s high was to be denied, plunged into the ground, Yes we do fight, against this blight, Upon humanity, Murder all, day or night, Inhuman, obscenity.

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Were you there

Were you there in the slaughter of millions, Did you sail away to the great world war, Tween 1914 and eighteen, with the crimson of blood an the gore, Were you bullied there by the master, To do your duty once and ever more, To fight for the Empires fat masters, get cut down, No you’d never a chance, with the gas and the dance, And the murder when 200 guns roar. Ultimate class distinction was there, You were Hobbs or a Jackson, rare, And the officer was always mister or a Sir, But in your mind you called em cur, When they walked you into the machine guns. They should have sent the generals into bat, War would be over rat a tat tat, More blood n guts upon the flat, With just the generals wife a crying… Don Johnson

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Mrs. Brown You've Got A Lovely Jewel There!!

Mrs. Brown you've got a lovely jewel there,
Jewels like her are something rare...
She can't  disguise it,
Ruby's red eyes show "blues" in it,

Fred, you wanna add the refrain?
Don't worry about Herman & pals-
They're all hermit crabs now-a-days.

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searching ever searching, 4 the other half of me, twin soul to make me whole , serender-dipity ah yes complete and ever sweet, the lovers game of passion, the world can fall into disrepair, delete, as long as i get my ration, never stop looking, 4 the one, the sweetness of the song, like our ol Butcher bird has sung, a melody just so strong, his voice is a sweet delight, tuxedo is his fashion, in colors black n white, solitude seeking passion... Don Johnson

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Outer Space

Are we visited from another world?
I think we are ,but we are never told.
They visit some times late at night,
So they are not detected  by our lights.

Our radars they can fool,theres no doubt,
They fly through our air space, in and out.
The only way we know that they have arrive,
Is when they put thier space ship into a dive.

One crashed in the desert , a long time ago,
But it was all hushed up, no one was to know.
It leaked out in the press that very same night,
By people who witness the falling lights.

The army told people to stay away,
To have nothing to say about what they had seen that day.
But we as a people, think all should know,
If you want to visit the site, then you should go.

We often wonder why they would come this far,
From a distant planet out there in the stars.
Is it because we are related in some way,
Or are they just passers by, its hard to say.

Now its our turn to travel to other worlds,
To see if we can meet other boys and girls.
We hope they will be friendly, when we finally meet,
To live with out War , now that would be neat.

I hope they dont see us as a war type,
And have come there to cause trouble and fight.
For its Love and Peace ,that we should share,
Even though we still dont have it here.

Innocent people are dieing here every day,
We know we can stop it, so lets find a way.
We have to bring people togather in love and peace,
So when we get to thier world, we will have a smile on our face.

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Lationshippers blues

Lationshippers blues relationships the ebb n flow, are they the one, its hard to know, some never let, true feelings show, the end result regret, another game n set, busted heart throb throes, like a punch in the bloody nose, better luck next time ol Mose, catchem shiela if m let.... thanks Russell Siveys :Finding reality" Don

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Who is

Who is Who is this twerp to lecture me, That I shouldn’t suck my spaghetti, Put up the seat for we we we, When I go on vacation, How dare he say I caint text too, Unhygienic, on the jolly loo, Guess he thinks he’s Hitler new, No cause for celebration. What’s wrong with me new vibrator, New gal says, she’ll catch me later, Yes now I’m cast as woman hater, it an me, amalgamation? Don Johnson 9-aug-11

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Delete blockages

Delete blockages See the red light a shining, Red light shining, yes on you, See it fill your mind an body For a minute, chakra grew, See the orange light a shining , Take it in, breathe in, yes do, See it grow, don’t start a whining, This will help, a healthy you, See the yellow light a shining, Solar plexus connected too, See it grow and breathe the color, Closed chakras, means sickness due, Green of heart light, is a shining, Like the one out on the kerb, See it fill your heart exciting , Strength of healing is the word, Light blue colour of the sky, Eyes that see the colour, blue, Let it fill you till you sigh, Till aunt Maud can talk to you, (through the veil) Purple of the psychic pictures, Third eye opens just for you, Predictions warnings, don’t restrict you, If this is what you are wanting too, White of light the astral channel, Out of body drifting you, Daydreams can be surprising, When you’re somewhere else, True blue… If you want to be balanced and healthier? Works for me….Don Johnson

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Windy, You got that right babe, immortal are, immortal be, life comes n goes eternally, caint stop the voices, never see, one might be gone, but comes back free, eventually, like me, hehe. Don Johnson
If there is no point in the universe, if it's a total waste of time, if man an god are similar thought, resurrection to pay for crime, on this hell planet, mine!!! :(

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darkness reigns beyond the pale, the downcast experience it and fail, to see a new horizon, when anger burns the ones we meet, see darkly, hatred indescreet, keeps sanity from rising? thanks Russell....Don Johnson

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Hopkins Snakes

Hopkins snakes Old Hopkins had a rope ladder, To keep snakes out of the house, Snake killing sticks under the rain water tank, In the shower, where a snake ate the mouse, The fowls all lived up in the trees, Brownies were sucking eggs down, (deadly mulga snakes, dozens) The bantams were sitting on eggs in bird nests, Till the chickens were walking around, Half wacked Jack, demented, said some, Went to see a drover come through, On a grey brumby horse, naked of course, An was strip bollicky too, (horse riding naked) Hopkins he said “me two best friends, Are me shovel an hurricane light,” He’d be punching holes , With crowbar alone , And fencing on into the night, So if ya go near StGeorge , where the snakeys do gorge, dodge death, climb up the rope ladder, if the brownies don’t get ya, death adders aint better, just go to the pub it’s your shout! Don Johnson 10-sep-11
I like this one because it is true story Destroyer A Poet ~ Contest Name Your (OWN) favorite poem......

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A Dark Fairy tale

There once was a princess
so beautiful,
That all those who beheld her
Wanted her hand forever

There was, at this time,
A White Knight
In shining armor
(save a few tarnish spots
he'd somehow overlooked)
Who roamed the land
Seeking justice and true love

Unbeknownst to those
in the kingdom,
The beautiful princess
was secretly controlled,
and endlessly tortured;
By evil dragons
Servants of a Dark Sorcerer

Dragons of abuse, loneliness
and jealousy-
She desperately sought a love
One promised in a dream...
A total and true love
Independent of her beauty,
or her wealth

The White Knight;
Clumsy at times-
Had the keenest vision
in all the land
And the purest inner heart

His sword was sharp
(sharper than him)
And dragons fled from him

He searched the land
For the true love he so needed

One day the knight
came upon the Princess's realm

One glimpse and his heart
was hers
But dragons have wings
And the host of dragons
flapped their's
so furiously...
that the ground shook

The knight stumbled,
Smiting his head

Suddenly his vision fouled
He knew in his heart
he had to rescue her...
from these fierce dragons

But his vision, now blurred
Would not let him
wield his sword in defense

Heros sometimes fail-
As did our brave knight...
And the dragons

The princess still waits
In her lonely tower

She will not forget-
His love, and his valor-

She will not be free...

She will await a
new, braver,
stronger knight

But he may never come

And the dragons
may lose next time...
And the princess
our knight prays...
Will be happy,

And free-
At last."

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grey days Trace

sadness reads through every word, many are alone with their despair, when darkness comes of mind within, you feel downcast, what was my sin, my story reads like you, what's a man to do, within? seek n you will always find, the lady with a sweeter mind, looks enchanting from behind, and life is sweet within... loves ya babe be happy Don

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Goodnight Moon by Shiveree

 I've told some of you about this  song- it  is fall incarnate, with a hint of danger
check it out, you will wind up seeking the C.D.....It is haunting!  Visually rich, 
musically beautiful...just ast Christy!!

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" have one duck... I saw it."
"no crickets, but yes, the sound"

~I have some fish, swimming around...

Who are you? And where do you be?
As I walk this forest, how do you, see me?
A cricket's sound, some fish around,
But you and you lost to my sea.
Why, do you two follow me?

An open door, extended before,
A hand, a smile, I waited awhile, with
hopes and maybe some fantasy.
I hoped you woulda, woulda hit on me.
But in retro, I did so see...

My time of past, dyes deep and fast,
a flow, a hum, my life was numb.
In a time of change, I rearranged,
the elements of my being.
I changed, to my Me Becoming.
And I stopped in my tracks,
while in my running.

Hanging there was Venus dear,
A photo I gave you, from above.
The Sun ablaze, the Moon amazed,
while I heard your Heart. My love...

But questioned I when you raised an I,
and you didn't reply to my song?
I sang again! And I glared at you then,
but you turned, as though I were wrong?
A butterfly, a kiss by your eye... and yet,
I still wonder why your park is gone.
And the Indian Sang, but you heard no song?

~Know. The journey is Long...

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Haggis and Drinks Mi Luve (Mythology)

Let’s hve haggis and drinks mi luve
Find de bes ina de ole land 
Lay yu head on mi chest mi luve
Whilst wi dance musik wid de band

Dance wid de band in de Highlands
Backyard jig good fer de ole soul
Tickle mi nose with yu gold locks
Tigether wi bade ead to toe’s sole

Call Fionn mi Luve with his jug
Nice poems he read at de gate
Summon the Clooties with a mug
Aye, they will cum and bles dis date

We’ll sail de river on Loch Ness
Kelpies will protect our flanks
Goddess Scotia says we bless
Oh mi chamin' sweet Sidhe, tanks

Aye! Mi sweet luve; Boobrie will fly
He will fetch up the Salmon Ring
And a knot cross de land we tye
Red Caps our guard til cum de spring

Then wid haggis and drinks mi luve
Goddesses'pipes blow dem great songs
In the grey mist we skip and dance
Then like Boobrie we fly with doves

Scottish Mythical Legends:

1. Fionn is a Scottish magician, warrior and poet
2. Clootie is a Scottish name for the devil.  The name originated from the word cloot, which  
    mean a division in the cleft hoof of an animal.
3. Kelpie is a Scottish water devil who lurks in lakes and rivers and drowns its victims.
4. Scotia is a goddess normally portrayed as an old hag with the tusks of a wild boar
5. Sidhe (Shee) is the Gaelic name for fairies in the Highlands of Scotland and also Ireland. 
6. Boodrie is a wonderful water-bird from the Highlands.  It haunts and protects the lakes  
    and wells.
7. Red Cap is a sort of short, stocky old guy with long gray hair and claws instead of hands 
    and fingers. He lives on the Scottish border and guard the ancient ruins of castles

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In Fantasy Land

There is a place where one can go
To laugh, to hope, to always know
There’s nothing too hard for you to stand
When you dare to come to Fantasy Land.
Oh Yes, do come to Fantasy Land.

Come soar with me to heights unknown
To ecstasies not yet full blown
To dreams, and schemes and wondrous plans
They’re here – right here in Fantasy Land.
There’s laughter here in Fantasy Land.

There is a place with song, and dance
And moonlit nights made for romance 
And all these things are at your command
If you believe in Fantasy Land.
The air is fresh in Fantasy Land.

With sunlit days and starlit skies,
And streams and lakes; palm trees so high
And oyster pearls to hold in your hand
But you must believe in Fantasy Land
The sun is here in Fantasy Land.

Imagine your troubles are melting away
With thousands of moonbeams lighting your way
Whatever you need, or want and plan
Is yours, when you come to Fantasy Land.
Enhance your mind in Fantasy Land.

For what do you have if not today?
Those sorrows and problems can fade away
For a time, at least – yes, feel the sand – on the beach
It’s here, in Fantasy Land.
Across the bridge, in Fantasy Land

Composed on: 7/2/2009
Entry in Contest:  "Out Of Water"
Sponsored By:  Sheri Fresonke Harper"

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A Poetry Ballad

Ballad of the poet

When the moon kissed the sun, and light spread upon the earth. *hh*
Bright and early, 
early bird gets the worm.

With sullen time on stand by.... *DJ*"
Spurns emerald valleys that blur upon my new-found perch  *J.M.G*
While all nature wakes from slumber in timeless glory. *E.G*
Morning glory stroked by a ceremonious dandelion... whisper~   *K.D*

Bitter like morning breath.
Rooster crows, two songs, I share a note with him.
My cat rises to the sun of a new day.
Stretches into a c with her tongue curled and tail furled  *S.K.*
My coffee offers the sweetest taste after a goodbye kiss.
Clever and warm, I twinkle to the new morning light,
as I step outside, something pierced my heart..
~Wing broken, his bow in tow, arrows strewn, 
~No flight for thee, love lost, bent arrows I see,"  *R.M*
Everything I see, everything I feel around me.
Becomes a new song.
Born of many emotions.
I roll them on a paper without a pen. 
BUT!  In my mind they speak clearly to me~
Look into My eyes with your heart... and there you will find your soul  * R.A.D.*

"I hear an angel calling The beastly being within"   *R.S*
A new creation awaits beyond the path of dreams content,
Eros and Cupid both shoot through my heart."  *J.H.*
As the arrow's liquid enters my soul...    *RON*
Will that winged creature with the bow and arrows stop blinking his eyes?" *R.P*
He has stretched his wings too far this time.  *V.B.*
"His arrow of love is strumming my heart with golden grace.  *L.M*
A Halo'd smile upon my face.    * L.H*
Has suddenly turned to a grimace!   *G.S.*

(( feel free to add a line** in my comment box... ))

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" In Maudlin Verse "

In maudlin verse his tale was told,
Of sailors, ships or captains bold.
Naught for us but fancy seemed,
Thought mayhap 'twas what he'd dreamed.

Of sea or song or adventure grand,
We listened well all us of land.
As wind caressed our mountains old,
In maudlin verse his tale was told.

In hope of journey without end,
We all to him our ears did lend.
Thus we found our hearts he rent,
In maudlin verse our day he spent.

His eyes were clouds upon a sea,
His voice cold wind of yesterday.
We found his tale more a plea,
In maudlin verse so swept away.

To us he spoke of sights so seen,
Of wonders imagined in deepest dream.
Of times of riches or days of lean,
To us his tale real did seem.

As he spoke dark clouds did gather,
Wind once swift now grew slack.
Sky once blue took hue of black,
In maudlin verse his tale he'd rather.

Worlds unknown yet discovered,
Moons above us the while hovered.
Maudlin was his tale that day,
Our very hearts so did he stay.


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So Swift the Days Will Pass

Up on the hill I found my joy
on grass of green and gold
I would roll down when a young boy
for I was fast and bold.

Oh how we'd play from dawn to dusk
in torn pants and bare feet
The day a thrill when winds were brusque
yes we were colts so fleet.

We ate the small fruits in the grass
sweet ones red and blue
Oh yes the joys found as time passed
were there for most of you.

Up on those hills who was to know
that time would fly so fast.
That life would bind our bare foot soul
and days so swift would pass.


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The Windmiller's Lady

The day was warm and sweet with spring
no breeze came to tease me.
I'd wondered what my love would bring
I'd wondered. "Where could he be?"

His mill stood high upon the hill
a short ride from my home,
a picnic planned would be a thrill
but that man would not roam.

I grabbed my bonnet, left the shawl
and out the door I ran,
perhaps, he had forgotten all
no sense of time that man.

I found him on the windmill's walk
staring at the gilded sea,
clay pipe in hand he watched a flock
dazed in silent reverie.

He smiled at me and cocked his head
and said love, "Don't you agree?"
what better place to share our bread,
"Have you brought lunch for me?"

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Living my dream

Living my dream

I had one dream when I was young
To go to another land
In life I wasn’t satisfied
I wanted something grand
Lions, tigers. Kangaroos
And all those wild, wild beasts
Africa, South America
Or Australia at least.

Possessive Mother was my curse
How could I get away?
Every time I mentioned it
She had so much to say
And made me feel so guilty
Really cramped my style
And then one day there came along
Something to make me smile

I’d just turned my nineteenth year
When this great girl came along
She hailed from West Australia
And filled my heart with song
So we got married, had some kids
And here we are in Oz
Been here for half a century
And I came here all because

It was my fate to find this girl
She was my destiny
There’s be a whisper in the skies
That knows how things will be
It takes one’s soul, and leads it on
So growth, it might occur
And I know that west Australia
My heart, it sure does stir.

4 August 2013 @ 1440hrs.

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I wanted to put myself in a space occupied by happiness
Sweet embrace of the breeze felt in the sea side of Pahut Bongao near Sanga-sanga
Everyone is happy doing the ritual of Panulak Bala’
The month to throw misfortunes that Tausug believed
Beach full of dancing waves from the sea 
Never limit the horizon of falling leaves of trees

2 January 2013
Bongao, Tawi-Tawi Island
Sulu Archipelago

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Rapture's Light

I’ve just had an experience unlike any other.
It was so great, cause now I’m with the Father.
I’ve just had an experience unlike any’ll know.
‘Cept for those who came with me in the flow.
Of Light! That is. The never-endin’ Light of the Lord.
The never-endin’ Light of the Lord!

I’ve been through hell all thro’out my life.
And I’ve had all kinds o’ different strife.
And I’ve been hard-press’d.
And I’ve been depressed.
And just when I thought I got the hang o’ things,
They change, and they rearrange.

I’ve done all sorts o’ things.
Stupid things. Crazy things.
But now times have changed.
And everything has rearranged.
And all that I e’er knew,
Has come back to bite you.

I’ve just had an experience unlike any other.
It was so great, cause now I’m with the Father.
I’ve just had an experience unlike any’ll know.
‘Cept for those who came with me in the flow.
Of Light! That is. The never-endin’ Light of the Lord.
The never-endin’ Light of the Lord!

So listen closely as I tell what’s happened to the world.
The world’s spun it’s last spin and has finally hurled.
The Hea’nly Host has brought us up.
All us Christians, that is, pup.
Anyone listening to this,
is more ‘an likely in any state but bliss.

If this is bein’ heard,
Then e’eryone is real disturbed.
You may’ve just witnessed all of us disappearing,
But there’ll still be another hearing.
Like it’s been for all of life, ‘cept for this one instance that is,
You may come to meet the Lord after you perish.

You’ll have an experience unlike any other.
It’ll be so great, cause you’ll be with the Father.
You’ll have an experience unlike any’ll know.
‘Cept for those who’ll come with you in the flow.
Of Light! That is. The never-endin’ Light of the Lord.
The never-endin’ Light of the Lord!

I shall end this now for I’m ent’rin the Pearly Gates o’ Heav’n.
It’s more beautiful than can be describ’d by any Reveren’.
If somehow this reaches you people on Earth,
Remember this one thing from the hearth.
There’ll always be hope, so stay strong!
Don’t worry, this torture won’t last long.

You’ll have an experience unlike any other.
It’ll be so great, cause you’ll be with the Father.
You’ll have an experience unlike any’ll know.
‘Cept for those who’ll come with you in the flow.
Of Light! That is. The never-endin’ Light of the Lord.
The never-endin’ Light of the Lord!

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A New Day

I might sparkle in the night but I'm not the only star you might not see them in the sky it depends on where you are Am I the only light in your eyes that makes you smile when you cry if your favorite's what you say don't you blink it might fade away Only when we give everything we're truly ready for better things we invite ourselves off to drift the steam rises and our spirits lift Follow me, into sun sets be brave and strong with no regrets and when the sea takes the light we'll find a new day after the night there's still a new day after the night

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Star Child

Constellations in my eyes;
Windows they're said to be.
Look into them now, and tell me what you see.

Calling every angel born in Hell:
"A child of the stars looking for his soul to sell.
So few are left to be birthed of Orion's Belt."

Soon they came; rulers of every layer.
Each to make their offer, 
And leave their summoning prayer. 

"Centuries of wisdom, and a mind that holds no time.
The past, present, and future are all close friends of mine,
And the Titans of the Universe I stand so close behind."

They opened all my wounds to taste how I have suffered,
Shamed me for my scars and all that I've recovered. 
Then mocked me for my weakness, known only as 'The Lover'.

"It is forbidden for us to deal a soul of the cosmos,
And you taunt us for what you wish to sell.
But we've found something in you to make us heroes down in Hell."

You are protected by forces greater than your own.
Should any God or Demon make you bow before him,
Death would surely find his throne.

It's your heart that we desire, and the love that you still hold.
Grant us this purity and surely you'll have more than this world can hold.
Let it be known that your heart is the heaviest to hold.

Surely it is quite the burden to bear.
So strange in it's nature, let us free you from it's wear.
Success will quickly follow and embrace you in it's care."

Yes! Take from me all that you desire!
No longer will I suffer in it's muck and it's mire!
Do with it what you will in the cold and the fire!

With their prize, they left with no hesitation.
Legion upon legion; Hells' United Nations.
All for their Master and all in celebration.

Lowly creatures is what they're cursed to be.
They know me by many names, they know me by many faces.
And my heart I've sold on every occasion. 

Fools! Surely they must know!
That every heart I give away
Brings me the love that stays.

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i need a kiss
so i can smile
i need a smile
so i can kiss
anyone can smile
anyone can kiss
so i can kiss and smile
let's smile just no kiss
let's kiss with smile
pass the smile to kiss
that is flying the smile as kiss
so kiss and smile
that is flying kiss
i love you smile.
layag sug!

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Star-Gazed Nostalgia

Lets climb up that old tree, 
make the clouds disappear. 
Let’s climb up that old, lemon colored tree, 
make the rain clouds disappear.

Rough wood, and a rickety ladder,
White christmas lights trim the slumping roof
over a few branches 
and we're crawling-
through the doors 
of a star-gazing tree house
 full of nostalgia. 

Sounds of traffic, cross walk conversations 
Trotting past that old jazz bar, 
a mexican family arguing on the stoops, 
funny how an unknown language 
can still make sense on the inside.
the mother gestures her son upstairs to sleep, 

But my world’s only waking. 
There’s a party up ahead. 
and there’s something ‘bout the nights’ breeze
blowing off the cars and into the trees. 
its Got my heart singing about this new love I’ve found.

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We Thank You, Pikachu

From our earliest times to the most recent of our days,

We've grown with pokemon, and we've learned their ways,

We've learned the evolutions, the special attacks,

We've learned what pokemon hide in tall grass,

We've learned the weaknesses and the advantages of them all,

We've learned a lot from our friends in a poke-ball,

We've battled hard against Team Rocket, Team Plasma, Team Aqua and Magma,

We've seen the impossible and defeated the improbable,

We've grown in a way that's practically inseparable,

Through the duels, and gym battles galore,

We've learned the companionship of a friend and more,

For this we look through the trees of Veridian forest,

And give thanks to our pokemon friends for enduring this life-long quest,

To be the best, surpass the rest, and grow together as a team,

To have our friends by our side and become the supreme,

For this we tip our hats, to these special pals our ours,

For standing by our side as we travel through towns, voyage the sea, and climb Spirit Tower,

Through thick and thin, we have a friendship no Vine Whip could damage,

And no matter the course, our pokemon seem to manage,

This is why, I suppose we all do, we grow strong with our friends by our side,

Cause no matter the challenge, our dear friends are along for the ride,

So no matter the game; be it blue,red,silver or white,

With pokemon at our side, the adventure is twice as bright.

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Rising From The Sea

From out of the mist he traveled alone,
rising up from the sea.
A patch on his eye a hook for a hand,
he came to set the pirates free.
Sure they pilaged, burnt down part of the town,
for a pirate must be who he be.
Freedom and gold coins treasures and maps,
to be raised up from the sea.
In the mist their mistress waits for them,
a ship called Serenity.
She needs her crew to sail the seven seas,
a woman of grand mystery.

They joined with her, so very long ago,
their mistress of the sea.
she beckoned them all, they must return,
without pirates who would she be?
Her journey would end here in this harbor,
her voyage of insanity.
The Captain charged to complete his task,
rising up with power from the sea!

The Captain so brave he approached the town,
he said "ye better be listenen to me.
There is somethin I'll be tellin ya all,
you're goin to want to be settin me boys free.
Or haunted you'll be all a yer days,
A serpent will rise up from the sea."

"For the ship she be our only master, 
our mistress of the sea."
"She will not let you lock her men away.
be persuaded to listen to me."
"I truthfuly speak to one and all,
the ship can be a cruel enemy!"

The townsfolk release all the pirates,
once again they all be free.
Back home with their mistress, 
the mysterious Serenity.

Ist attempt at a ballad.

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Warrior's Turf

Poetic Lyrics By Thomas Lam Hsi

SAVE FROM Satan...who plays 'all' roles...the devil...the 'Lord Jesus'...
the 'Father'...the 'Holy Spirit'...all 'Other Gods'...and 'alien gods'...HE...THE
IS THE ONLY WAY TO GOD THE FATHER...and to an Actual Heaven!

X is the spot...or IS IT?

When the blood has run the K OVER?


WHY the CRIES and those ECHOES...or SHOULD I CARE?









Honor and commitment...ARE THE PRESSES...AND YOURS!

IF you MUST...YOU...PLAY with the SCORES!


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Family First

I cant believe Im going to have my own family, something I never had; 
Its time to step up and be a real dad; 
Now I can remember the things that make me happy and forget the things that make me sad;
 Its time that I start doing good than the bad; 
I want for my child to see me as a role model; 
Its time I break my own chains to that alcoholic bottle; 
I want to be that someone who can be trusted to follow; 
I silently cry at night because the truth is hard to swallow; 
I jus hope I can make that change today not tomorrow; 
I got to change before I end up in an?early hearst; 
My art is my gift and alcohol is my curse, I must break my own alcoholic thirst;
 I must relieve my own selfishness tendencies before they burst; 
I got to stop making alcohol my only because its no longer just about me, because my very own family comes first

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Im Gone

Life as a lonely lost poet bred from dark cracks 
Lost soul living plain and simple among the people black and white 
Drug along with alcoholic among us distracts 
Lost values and principles around one many continue to lack 
Everyday simple facts, its like breathing through plastic sacks 
Slowly suffercating until the brain goes wack 
Once death comes my way I must keep it part of my past 
Aint no way God going to bring my little brother back 
I guess its a curse upon all those of us living like outlaw of an outcast 
How the **** will I ever truly outlast until I heal and break out my cast 
God cant you see Im tired of wearing this permanent mask 
I know my poetry has hidden answers if I look and read closer so I shouldnt have to ask
 Staying lost is a choice in the open road with no gas 
So as a lost poet through hardships now and in the future I will outgrow it 
The devil trying to get my soul and behold it 
but I know only this one man controls it 
Its too priceless for even my own greed to have sold it 
So as a lost poet I will climber higher than high if not then right below it 
Found in a world of lies with few truths as but another lost poet

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My Lady, A Sailors Lot

Jumped on a ship in Boston
Set sail for the open seas,
Give my lady one last kiss
It'll be awhile she'll be seein me.
I said, "dont worry darlin,
I'll carry you right here in my heart;"
 I watched her wave with a tear in her eye,
You know it tore my soul apart.

Been travelin now bout four months
Or maybe a little while more;
Sent off a letter to my lady-love
The day we first made shore.
Told her how much i missed her,
And how i longed to hold her so;
Please know im thinkin of you baby,
But for now love i have to go.

Boson handed me a letter,
When we made the next Port of Call,
Tore it open like a kid at Christmas,
Now i wished i didnt touch it at all,
She said she was so lonely,
And she met a man who loved her so;
She said," sorry it had to be this way,
but its for the best you know."

Time seems to moves so slowly,
When the sea becomes your home;
Loves will come and go with the wind,
And you still wind up all alone.
Now the sea has become my lady,
She gently rocks me to sleep at night;
And though i miss a womans touch,
My soul will be with the sea tonite.

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Gazing Windward on a summer's Evening

Gazing Windward 
	on a summer’s evening
Loch David Crane

Whose waves these are, I think I know:
   his home is in the sea below.
He will not see me stopping here
   to watch the whitecaps come and go.

Enlisted sailors think me weird
   -- civilian with no duty near—
they stop to wonder, one or two,
   if they can help me out of here.

Up from the depths comes royal blue,
  which lightens into turquoise too;
the aerating bubbles rise
   dissolved to see the cycle through.

Dark and deep beneath the skies
  the pulses in the ocean rise.
So lonely, not a seagull cries;
   so lonely.  Not a seagull cries. 

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Colors Everywhere

It’s so much easier to just live in memory.
Easy to taste chocolate cake.
To see who loved me and ate from my kitchen.
A lovely day with friends
is so very far away now…
I try with my hand but can’t touch it.
Even in dreams I don’t have the pleasure.

It doesn’t feel good to write about 
the reasons.
They aren’t tangible anyway.
As the world spins by
whole and beautiful…
I watch as it goes round and round.
and wonder…
Could it stop for a moment and I’ll get on?
Sounds easy enough.
But so much separates me from this.

Out in a field, I see the distance.
Everything there says “go”.  Just get on.
Hesitation, then, I’ve missed my chance.
Am I wearing the wrong clothes?

I soften with the evening time
and melt into everything.
Let me say a prayer which brings me 
some kind of understanding…
Everything will come easy.
Sparkly and colors everywhere.

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yesterday i was young, seawater tried to drown me lung, i was dog paddlin alone, in the sea, a rip was going, taking me far from home, i tried to swim against the tide, didn't work, no panic side, i headed up the coast to be, coming out of the bloody sea, till the current was denied, and i reached the shore applied, determination me.... Don re Therese Bacha "yesterday"

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Angels feathers

Angels feathers now an again you find, the little feather, yes i have found me some, no birds a poncing in me house, but still indeed they come, angels feathers some... Don Johnson re Gail Doyle "Feathers From Heaven"

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nature has its place of  worth,
human must endure no dearth,
for we are natures child,
predator oft reviled,
though bloodlust be reversed,
not far away the distant wild,
remains immersed...

re: Let the eagle alone

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Little Leprechaun 
Abab Iambic T
a mischief, laden Irish elf of Irish men quite bold one collects, inspects, golden gifts the bantam weight of gold a legend bold of many told the phantom thrills of chase the race in sight of shining gold is thither yon, the place the thither yon, abasing race for little pot of ore the tricks are slick, amazing pace …… a rich and golden store the little elf, hombre, is spiff a must to tether soul the little bantam weight is swift the little elf is bold the Irish phantom elf of gold a somber bearded man of Ireland legends clearly told a rainbow’s golden plan the Irish rainbow bows to bond as magic thrill unfolds of stories one becomes quite fond “of legends boldly told”

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sounds like the bitter former lover, venom with a point of view, copped a few darts me, whenever, crossed her path the arrows flew, that december... blue :( Don re:Poisonous Barb.....Owen Yeates

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The Truth

         Whatsoever you read, its in you.

Whatsoever you eat its in you.

          whatsoever you speak, comes from you and not

me or another. The truth is you and me.

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A Race To Death

Poetic Lyrics By Thomas Lam Hsi

SAVE FROM Satan...who plays 'all' roles...the devil...the 'Lord Jesus'...
the 'Father'...the 'Holy Spirit'...all 'Other Gods'...and 'alien gods'...HE...THE
IS THE ONLY WAY TO GOD THE FATHER...and to an Actual Heaven!

IF LIFE were only played out on a RACE TRACK,
WHICH CAR would you choose…BUGATTI, FERRA)RI…or an…easy DEATH,
CAN IT be so simple…THAT YOU never KNEW ME to be ANY…THING,

And I’M coming UP…I’M COMING UP,
FOOLS that you were…I’M coming UP…I’M COMING UP!


TIN CANS and sodas…were all I ever knew,
And I’M coming UP…I’M COMING UP,
In a FLASH of red, yellow, blue, and green,
And a checkered yellow flag…TO MY OWN NAME…TO MY VERY OWN NAME!

And IF…in my FINAL race…it ENDS in a TORTURED FLAME,
I was beautiful…AT LAST…AT LEAST…in my very OWN NAME...AT LEAST in name!

FLASHING round the track…JERKING all  the same,
YOU…were coming up…YOU WERE COMING UP,
HUMPING YOUR OWN ASS…was the blue Bugatti…that I ALONE DROVE,

In TIME…the checkered yellow flag…was ONLY MINE…ONLY MINE,
Bubbles, BAUBLES, and furs…were ONLY MINE…they were ONLY MINE,
And the scarred horror of my FINAL CRASH…and the press that BURNED MY VERY OWN BONES,
To them I was beautiful, and I WAS…and I WAS…BEAUTIFUL at last, BEAUTIFUL at last!

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The Singer's Cloak

The singer sang from beyond the grave,*
Or in his grave, to be true.
His voice reached up to the architrave
And vibrated in every pew.

The vicar called on the choir to sing
As loud as loud they could.
But the voice had an even louder ring
Sending quivers down the rood.

Oh Lord, they sang, oh mighty God,
Gloria in excelsis deo.
But the singer sang of life’s hard rod
And of Hell's undying blow.

The women looked up the pillars tall,
While big-eyed children cried.
The singer had them in his thrall,
But was not to be descried.

The vicar read his sermon out,
As if proclaiming from the mount.
The singer responded with a voice so stout,
He sang of fear’s rich fount.

The congregation lost relation
To the good man’s godly word.
They stood in helpless trepidation,
Their souls so far disturbed. 

The church’s doors swung open wide,
To a cascade of chattering leaves;
The screams and panic and terror inside
Shook the church to its very eaves.

And then, oh then, oh horror pure,
The spectre appeared at the door.
His bloodied hair, his sombre allure,
Chilled the living to the core.

The vicar clutched up bible and ran
Through a hidden door to the side,
The singer opened his cloak like a fan
And wrapped all the children inside.

The women bemoaned this cruellest loss,
They wailed to the crucified Christ.
But bound and weak and nailed as he was,
There was nothing he could do.

* This Poem should be read in conjunction with 'The Pauper's Grave'

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Great White Shark

stay away from the water deep, our great white shark thinks i'm nice n sweet, the terror of the deep n wide, perhaps relate to suicide, on the west coast the widows weep, around ol Perth swift death does sweep, to just be bit in halves, by a monster shark that starves, great monster of the deep... re: 'On the Ocean Waves' Russell Sivey Don Been a few lives taken lately Jaws is out here...

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Read that
Aw, made me blush
You didn’t got my way to write a poem
Same thing I did to Lontie
That’s why I kept on asking you
Read here
Sulu Sail there
Indeed, you read it?
Yes, you know what?
I don’t know, what is it
You know the entire time that I was mocking you 
And yet you still have cornered me with your charm.
What do you think of that poem?
Charming, you really know your way to my heart no?
I love the poem I wrote because someone is inside it.
Was there any poem you have written without anyone in it?
Yes, but in this poem is only you is that someone
One poem of me then
Indeed this is the poem for you
Who has the most numbers of poems who have written about?
I mean, you have written about
No one except my life and journey
And right now this poem is you
What contains in my poems is my journey in life
But personified by moment
So to whom is that ilyimy line then?
Iloveyouimissyou that is for you!
Go, you're a flirt!
Isn’t it cute?
Lost for words as always
What do you mean?
No one has ever written a poem about me, but you.
My pleasure!

1:53AM, 9 March 2013
Sandakan, Sabah Malaysia

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the nasty taste of betrayal, the false god, with his feet of clay, shallow men, a truth that fails, toothless liars get to pay, when handsome gets a coat of grey, and no one wants ya anyway:) yer mojo has set sail... re: Debbie Duncan "Missing Pieces" Don

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I colonize to unite, they colonize to divide
It is time to return the union of the archipelago
To unite the community through dinar and dirham
The colonizers colonized our homeland
Through divide-and-rule tactics at hand 
To colonize the colonizers should be done
Through unite-and-rule tactics must become 
I love you freedom!

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Upon a Bed of Petals

On a pile of fragrant petals,
I found a small bird nest.
It had fallen from the plum tree 
And settled there to rest.

The blue eggs were all unbroken,
Petals had softened fall.
Mother bird was loudly chirping,
Hovering over all.

I dared not touch the fallen nest
To leave a human smell.
I merely looked into its depths
To see that all was well.

Pushing bright petals around it
To hide it from plain view,
I gave a wave to mother bird
And said, “It’s up to you.”

I did not chance that way again
For a full month or more. 
I stopped to check upon the nest
That had been there before.

The eggs were gone, the fallen nest
Was lying all askew.
I worried that bad had happened
To the small eggs of blue.

And then I heard a happy sound
And spied the mother bird.
A message passed from her to me
Without a single word.

I took her song as a thank you
For my feeble attempt
To guard her nest from predators
Who’d treat it with contempt.

There were four balls of downy fluff
On the branch right by her side.
I stopped to admire her little brood,
Then went on with my ride.

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Let's opinion be different so there is story
I do not like to air criticism
I just only like to ask
And the question itself will be criticism
Criticism on people who were asked
If to ask would be more prudent
Criticism is quite violent
I am so afraid of violence
I have to use the technique
Technique to ask with its critique 
And that is certainly more painful
Like a snake that run along quiet
But the extract of poison is very painful
I also laughed when criticism aired among
True indeed… 


Oleh Neldy Jolo

Biarkan pendapat itu berbeza jadi ada cerita
Aku tidak suka berkritik
Aku suka sahaja betanya
Dan pertanyaan itu sendiri akan jadi kritikan 
Kritikan pada orang yang ditanya
Kalau bertanya akan lebih berhemah
Mengkritik itu agak keras 
Aku sangat takut kekerasan
Aku kena menggunakan teknik
Teknik bertanya dengan kritikan bersamanya
Dan yang pastinya itu lebih pedih
Ibarat ular yang menyusur tenang
Tetapi bisanya sangat pedih
Aku juga tertawa bila berkritikan sesama
Benar belaka…

Wednesday, 20 March 2013, 4:59 PM
Let US All Save Peace. Ilyimy. Layag Sug!
Puisi hasil perkongsian cerita dengan Cikgu Ezza Fazlina Jamlidi

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We fought as one, the blood it run, All around our feet , Our bronze age swords , Were not ignored , We sliced and diced so sweet, The dragon came again, again, it’s Stinking breath remained, remained, Like sulphur as it chilled, the best of brains, We tottered on our feet, When we beat it back, t’was bloody lame, Still it fought just fought, the bloody same, Our sanity remained insane, No quarter no retreat, Its blood all the hollows filled, We fought, yes fought all day, Till finally a death did play, Its part so sorrow-full, Greybeard lay in the hollow way, My friend was by the Dragon killed, So I slashed some more, and foully swore, *%@!!- My blade would bloody spill, His blood and gore, for bloody sure, Until, I did that Dragon slay? I thrust some sure, my anger raw At its throat with careful skill, Blue murder, I aimed for the throat the more, I hacked and punched and shrilled! He reared up in awful pain, Almost drowned, by the red blood cloud, as I stabbed for its heart again, Through the sticky red blood shroud, he fell on me teeth a biting see, I hacked and sliced his throat, My one good arm and blade were free, Till crimson was his coat, The death rattle came to he, The eater of our sheep, His spirit soared away from me, Till, Death on him did sweep, So in legend, speak they well, Of mighty men these two, And how the warrior Greybeard fell, When he the Dragon slew. …. Don Johnson

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Youtuba love it mate get on youtube and relate, johnson did an he's no kid, just the one to esasperate? me youtube on johnsondon2 you'l find, (250 of) if the Lord don't really mind, listen and suffer up your fate, shut up johnson don't rewind.. oops too late! re Slam Dunk by Dave Williams Don Johnson

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Behold A Nation

Let's presume all is well
Though we know truly in our minds
That we are still crawling
Like a snail under its shielded carapace.

Let's presume it is well
Though we know we are not yet there
Midst nepotism and bureaucracy politics
In that which our nation is canonized

Furtherance into our country web of hierarchy
Will renounce your reliable imaginations,
Your emotional inappropriate findings,
And your shortsighted quest around time and space.

Believe it or not
Their says must be well felt
Since they are the holder
Of anything go transient tools.

In doubt or not in doubt
Mysteries will sooner than later
Unveil themselves in due time
This is not far from our reach.

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Today is Tuesday, 19 March, 2013 36th days, after some armed men from Sulu archipelago spotted in Tandu Wau, Lahad Datu. This caused the bloodshed between Muslim brethren. I am still monitoring the sad stories happened to our new recorded history. If this conflict cannot be resolved today what more the coming days that will pass by our way? I am always optimistic that any problems shall have its solutions but if the parties will lead to apply it. It is very hard to live where someone doubts everyone and everyone doubts anyone. It is hard to live in an open cage; you know you can fly, but you have no able wings to fly. I am praying to the lord Allah to find ways of solving the misery that both people of Sulu and Sabah are feeling right now. The remnants of colonisers continued to divide us. We are all victims. There must be no hatred spark among. We must be vigilant; there might be any other agent to hand us instruments for us to play the music and they are going to dance. Allah has all the wisdom, He is the only grantor of peace had we wish! Ya Allah please help to Let Us All Save Peace. Tuesday, 19 March, 2013, 7:27PM Sandakan Nature City, Sabah Let Us All Save Peace Ilyimy. Layag Sug!

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The Black Pearl Poem - Booty Returned

Like many merchant vessels
That sailed from our Mersey shore
This sturdy piece of timber
Can hold its own in tales of yore

A dried up piece of flotsam
Washed up on Wirral banks
Was dutifully cleaned and dressed
And a verse written on its shank

Amid the other bits of timber
That made up the Black Pearl
This poem had taken its place
With the many flags unfurled

Everything in Pearl had stories
Of pirates tales galore
Made up, true or invented
No one really knows for sure

But each made up this pirate ship
That was not built in any dock 
Neither wind nor tide could shake her
Sturdy on her rock

And then one day a storm rolled in
December Twenty thirteen
Unleashed torrential fury
That until then none had seen

Tempest battered Black Pearls flanks
Steadfast in the wind she’d sway
Ripped viciously at her robust planks
Sadly some things were washed away

One of these was this poem
That a little boy had wrote
Whose parents could not see the ship
Now at sea awash did float

Although lost in the Mersey’s waters
Both brown as murky tea
This poem on wood was never lost
Nor did she sail back to sea

Instead with the tides it ebbed and flowed
Liverpool’s docks had called it there
From where it may have started
No one knew or even cared

And then one day some months ahead
Lewis Baigent found sure fame
For bobbing in dock waters
He found the very same

Words still clear upon the wood
Not a letter out of place
The chain and rope still part of it
And the skull and crossbones face

The word got round to Black Pearl’s crew
The booty was held and fast
They sent a party to redeem her 
To be returned again at last

To take its place once again
Upon famed Black Pearl’s hull
And stories, myths and legends
Will abound ‘til we are full

Of yarns and tales and stories rich 
One greater than the other
Dredged from imaginations
And narrated without any bother

So gather round my children
Mums and dads and more
Dogs and cats and grown ups
And you loiterers on the shore

For what I have to tell you 
Is not all just hearsay
This poem has ventured near and far
But has been returned this day

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Sharpened Stones

Sitting at brackish-brown water's edge
Hands, blue-veined, sore to the bone
Strong searching fingers through muddied sand dredge
Seeking Early Man's sharpened stones

Breeze soft with whistles of melodious song
Waves lapping rhythm to Earth's heartbeats
Strong searching fingers through muddied sand long
To feel that ancient, sharpened strength

Floating on jasper and obsidian dreams
My mind re-creates this place long ago
Strong searching fingers, through muddied sand glean
To reap Early Man's sharpened stow

A stone sharpened to pierce, take down
A spirit meant to feed, make warm, to survive
Strong searching fingers, through muddied sand drill
For the need to know him; sharp and alive

Sitting at brackish-brown water's edge
Hands all shriveled, sensitive, clean
Strong searching fingers, through muddied sand, slide
Touch, then know perfectly sharpened means

To feel with strong tanned fingers, this
To hold though none have held before
Since one who sent this lance to kiss,
Ask forgivness and become his store

Such a moment is addictive
Such a moment is quite rare
What a victory to have been predictive
I pray he knows, I know he was here

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Blackness resides

in blackness resides, the everything inside, but too powerful to know, easy as you go, driven to suicide, bro, too many names many places, the subconcious erases, a thousand voices in time, schizophrenia i know seems to flow, and the guilt of the crimes, and your heart beats in time, for the mortal cant know, too awful to show, why he's doing his time in the Earth... Don Johnson re: ABC of Life by David Williams

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LOve Hurts

love puts a spring in every step, but painful is if you been left, depressing is the rain:> black n white the picture stain, an round n round again, im wishing i was dead, but sandgoanna aint fed? so i willl remain, a Pelican of brain, poor ole bird brain Fred? Don Johnson

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Not Homeless,

Not Homeless,

Im ok babe currently,

When my wife run off with wife stealin cousin Wayne,
she thought about it once again,
and to me a letter wrote ,
gave me her house,
she gets my vote,
My sweet Christine,

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The river cried-- oh what stones have i carried. All must resolve, all must dissolve, none of my sands may vary.

Have no fear, your waters are clear. Resilience is found in your currents. Let no stones dam your flow. I am the lake. I am your rest , i am the beauty beyond your mistakes.

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The Midnight Watch

The Captain bellowed out the order,
soon after the midnight bell;
He said, "batten down the hatches boys,
we're in for a night a hell.

Seems storm force winds were brewin,
a Nor-easter in all it's might;
Sweeping down hard from Labrador,
with no shelter in plain sight.

The Deckies scrambled with precision,
and gave each dog an extra heave;
And never waivered from their duties,
amidst the pounding seas.

The water seeped in where ere it could,
and the cookie stored the mess away;
We all silently knew one truth,
there be no last meal this day.

The skipper yelled, "Hard into er",
as the wheelsman yanked the helm around;
The Mate watched into the blackness,
so no rogue wave would bring us down.

She blew herself out by mornin,
and ragin seas became gentle rolls;
And we silently gave thanks at breakfast,
for we never lost one soul.

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Ole Twitchy

Ole Twitchy Ole Twitchy was a healer type, Who saw the way to make things right Was a bit of visualizing, The positive thought, the certainty, When face he saw of sickly she, Aorta bulge would shrink, see’d he, To the doctors consternation, Thoughts are deeds , When you flesh em out, Begone you doubting weed, Closed mind of subtle doubt, is condem-damnation, yes indeed,. Our maker creates with his mind, The dummy healer tries to find, A way to help the human kind, A poor copy is his ration, We are a copy of the maker, And have weak power of the mind, Tradition of doubt, keeps us down, Lest co-creator you will find, All supplied by the great Creator. Don Johnson Twitchy 4 the shudder i get , asking in the Lords name, you bet, seeing him 4 an instant yet, 4 a one second shudder, neuralgia is blown asunder, no pain, the now i get, faith produces wonder, no pain an no regret :} ol johnson from downunder...

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The Anne Marie Gale

There she sits, ready to fly, to be free and take sail
A beautiful ship, the love of my life, The Anne Marie Gale
Ready to take on the harshest storms, the hurricanes
The darkness and the rain, typhoons, and all the pain
She sails off, leaving me behind, lost forever in vain
I watch you slip away, my beautiful Anne Marie Gale 
When you were once here, in the harbors of my heart 
Set off to sail, and to take the wind, as I watch you part 

You are a beauty, an angel, sails are your wings of the sea, 
where behind your veil, You look out ahead, and see 
all your flags are flying, your sails of pearls are furled
On your mast your colors, are waving you on to your destiny
Here you took my heart, and now you are taking the world
Leaving me a shallow old man, to cry alone and wail
Where have I gone? Lost in time, with The Anne Marie Gale
Will you return someday? And return to a place once home? 
Where I stand at the oceans’ edge in the waves, sand and foam 
I watch from the light houses, and islands, their tallest towers 
Waiting your return, counting each day, each second, each hour
I feel the wind and rain pour through my veins, ripping my soul
Taking my heart to the depths, into the end of times final hours 
where I cannot not escape, nor do I dare let go the ropes holding me
Binds me, keeping me tied forever a knot, only time unfolding me  

Soon the winds of a gale will take me, and my strength will soon fail
As I wait out my life in wonder of the beautiful Anne Marie Gale
Do you ever remember me from your heart? See me through the veil?
Or are you set free by your sails forever with the winds and gales?
That take you into the adventures you seek, of The Anne Marie Gale
A beautiful clipper, built from the heart of my woods, and of golden rails
The storms of my heart, a gold jewel of the sea, the wind in your sail
Forever I will be a ghost aboard the pure heart of the Anne Marie Gale,

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Love love might be what you think it may, or time to spend with, owed today, perchamce its written fore we come, is this your part young tweedledum? preplanned a mission hey... thinks..the..stumble-bum, slipped in subtle quip hooray :{ Don do we have attracting love contracts before birth, hence the fatal attraction.

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A Race To Death

Poetic Lyrics By Thomas Lam Hsi

SAVE FROM Satan...who plays 'all' roles...the devil...the 'Lord Jesus'...
the 'Father'...the 'Holy Spirit'...all 'Other Gods'...and 'alien gods'...HE...THE
IS THE ONLY WAY TO GOD THE FATHER...and to an Actual Heaven!

If life were only played out on a race track,
Which car would you choose…Bugatti, Ferrari…or an easy death?
Can it be so simple…that you never knew, never knew me to be any…thing?
Fool…your times up…and I’m coming up…I’m coming up!

Your head’s full of problems…while I was…playing my own game!
You never knew it…never knew it…while I was playing my own game!
And I’m coming up…I’m coming up!
Fools that you were…I’m coming up…I’m coming up!

Diamonds, jewels and furs…were all you knew!
Tin cans and sodas…were all I ever knew!
And I’m coming up…I’m coming up!
In a flash of red, yellow, blue and green!
And a checkered yellow flag…to my own name…to my very own name!

And if…in my final race…it ends in a tortured flame!
I was beautiful…at last…at least…in my very own name…at least in name!

Flashing round the track…jerking all the same!
You…were coming up…you were coming up!
Humping your own ass…was the blue Bugatti…that I alone drove!
And I tore on the petro [gas]…I tore on the petro [gas]!

In time…the checkered yellow flag was only mine…only mine!
Bubbles, baubles and furs…were only mine…they were only mine!
And the scarred horror of my final crash…and the press that burned my very own bones!
To them I was beautiful…and I was beautiful…beautiful at last…at least beautiful!

As the pendulum swung at ‘haf mast…you laughed!
As my embers burned…it was my past!
You knew I died…but you lied!
‘Cuz I alone survived…as you all died!

In time...the my last!
Now the last...the...very...last!

A were...too fast!
Now...I...alone...will forver...last...a distant last!

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                       DARING ADVENTURE
                     LIFE IS EITHER NOTHING;
                     PAST AND NEW TO WHAT,
                    LIES BEHIND EACH AND EVERYONE.
                     TINY MATTER;S CONPARED TO WHAT?
                       TO EACH LIES WITHIN ALL.
                      GOODNESS IS THE ONLY INVESTMENT,
                       TO KNOWLEDGE  SPEAK;S,
                                  BUT WISHOM LISTENS.

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on the road

Alone again and on the road, Walking with the dusty toed, Me swag on a back almost bowed, An outcast me I wonder? To get a fair wage yes we fought, From daylight to dark six days for ought, A slave of the black balled sort, {no job for him} A persecution wanderer. Old time shearers stuck together mate, Formed trade unions in every state, Went to jail there’s no debate, Sometimes made a blunder, To aid the working people poor, Equality of wealth worth fighting for, Deprive the stinker rich for sure, The hog trough leaks, yes under, We forget just who to trust, The Liberal party, sacks us, must, Serves super-rich, the poor are flushed, Down the gurgler, just like chunder? {spew} Don

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darkness at noon

the blue sky turns darker
as the Sun leads the wars
against dark moons 
and dark allies
that take over our world
leaves become snakes
and theives rule the land
in the battle for days
our nights are in our hands
trees and flowers grow in sleepy cars
seas roam the galaxy seeking new ways
of light
birds fly away in search of warm blue days
and all that remains are people and wishes
of fruit, love and wisdom

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a new way

I make a decision
and Here it Comes....

I decide upon a course of action
and Sure Enough
it stops me 
dead in my tracks.

At night
while reading,
I think “oh yes, a great idea”
and upon waking,
a tug and its over

I do believe
Fear is the greatest
prevention of successful plans
the cog in the wheel

Ideas can’t take flight
if it is present
New things can’t be birthed
The world must go ‘round

Fear is just “faced.”
it is.  it’s there.  it shall be.  Always.
and alongside the plans, it sits.
whilst they’re all happening

New ideas explode
Energy is expended
Babies born
Love has a chance

I thought of it that way this morning
It is not an enemy
but just a companion
of a different kind
doing its job

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Chill by beach of Pitas. 
Rain comes in a heavy task. 
Return home to a break. 
Another night to medicate tired. 
Thanks Allah we intend. 
Well-intentioned we are blessed. 
Preach in the village of Rungus. 
The Maulud rejoiced.
Kota Marudu we go.
Still raining until while ago!

Kota Kinabalu
21 Jan 2014

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(1 January 2013 – 12:01AM)

By this first day of the year 2013
I am asking anyone to forgive me if I have things done that hurt you. 
I was sudden with the firecrackers
Sounds of bullets flying in the air
This is becoming a culture
That by the end and start of the year there shall be having a gun fire
Is this so not to put a gun as inutile?
I have no new year’s resolution at hand 
But I wanted to do my best to change whatever things needed to be changed. 
Oh God please witness my changes to manifest in my entire being 
from good to very good, from ordinary to extra ordinary and from evil to no evil. 
Let me love memories of 2012 that I have
Please forgive me God through everyone’s forgiveness.
I love everyone and someone. 
Thank you God! 

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of how it was and how it is, perchance the master gets his turn the whiz, where they roll back time, perhaps ther-is vengeance, in an ironic situation, on the plantation of Damnation... the Lord thy God, is subtle, is. Don re: Father and Son by Dave Williams about the old south and the bad treatment of the slave by the master....

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Stonkered toilet humor

went to the toilet it tickled my snout, the best defence is offence , i havent a doubt, so i fired round after brown, till it was all bloody out, till me toilet cantered away, hope it returns at the end of the day, till then its your bloody shout , and johnsons just having his way, sent by some big assed lout ...ok, ...

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Lost and Found

To imagine after all this time that has gone by,
    I would be talking to the one that once caught my eye.
Out of nowhere one day she just seemed to appear,
   Just so incredibley surprising to me after all of these years.
Sharing all those thoughts and dreams we once had ,
   How we laughed at those days yet it made us a bit sad.
For the feelings I did not know she had for me ,
   It only makes me wonder what our lives would be.
Our hearts now beating as they did back in the days,
   How we are acting like children going out to play.
The love I feel for her has never felt so strong,
   A love that once was I thought was forever gone.
But to my excitement I can honestly & sincerely say ,
   The love that was lost has been found and here to stay.
This thing we have found in this love between you & me ,
   Joy and happiness for the rest of our lives is what I see.

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Picture Perfect QB

Poetic Lyrics By Thomas Lam Hsi

SAVE FROM Satan...who plays 'all' roles...the devil...the 'Lord Jesus'...
the 'Father'...the 'Holy Spirit'...all 'Other Gods'...and 'alien gods'...HE...THE
IS THE ONLY WAY TO GOD THE FATHER...and to an Actual Heaven!

Sentient and pre-escient...a mo-men-tary...'lef hint,

Pure 'n simple...pic-ture per-fect...SHINY GRIN,
'N a...toss 'TA WIN...OF AN ALL...TIME-HIGH!

'Niny yards away...FANS SWING AWAY...OH-IT-AIN'T 'MAH DAY!
'Yella tiny ring...DOESN'T HOLDA THING...shiny X-mas wrapper...'DOWNA 

SO BOMBS AWAY...a pitter patter drill...two 'lefs...A-NOTHER SPILL...



When the lights go there's no tears...or shouts.





Pure 'n simple...pic-ture...per-fect...SHINY GRIN,
'N a toss 'TA WIN...OF AN ALL...TIME-GUY!






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Budgeri The good budgery fella with a bottle of rum, Pretty good bird is the budgery-gar one, Arthur eyeshades came a walking by, One eye one ear one rissole, Looking for the budgery fella, why? A little nip was good as gold, Where are you budgery fella, Ole Yarraman the horse he was, And Milinbri was cattle, If the boss see me a spearing one? cos, good meat yer brain might addle? so duck ya head sidestep away, go into a Magpie smother, flail ya arms like a loonatic hey, don’t go and tell yer mother, Budgeri fella was right here, On his horse he rode away, Sucking on a bottle of rum, ya hear, The pigrooter threw him hey? Don Johnson

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my boss said 'stand on that cricket,' i said 'no, let it live,' id stand up for the underdog, he sacked me, didn't forgive, his loss here hey, Don re: "crickets sing their song " Sara Kendrick never mind Steve:)

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5 Billion poor


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A lazy cartoon Saturday
Me and my sister in the house
When mom came in and said,
"Go outside and play Mighty Mouse"

Mighty Mouse was a Super Hero
In spite of his small size
He had untold strength and power
Sis said, "And don't forget he flys!"

The power of imagination
Formed over years being outdoors
Wanted super strength and vision
I would play and long for more

Oh, in times of great conflict
When danger would surround
Everything seemed hopeless
No help could be found
When you needed a Super Hero
And you didn't know what to do
Just look up and cry out for help
The Super Hero would come to you

One night while I was dreaming
Heard a voice say I'm Atti Ant, dude
I'm here to offer you super power
Through a force called "Attitude!"

Attitude is not a super power 
How lame a Super Hero is Atti Ant
Strength only in determination
And avoid sayings like, "No I can't"?

"Just try it" said the super bug
And so quickly you will see 
If you concentrate on Attitude
There's no limit to what you'll be

It didn't happen immediately
But over time I decided to try
I discovered the power in "Attitude"
This Super Hero within can fly

Oh, in times of great conflict
When great danger surrounds
Everything seeming hopeless
There's no help to be found
When you need a Super Hero
And you don't know what to do
Look within and find "Attitude"
The Super Hero is there in you!

*Geared for older children but suitable for all

Contest: Carol's "You're A Super Hero"
Date: 8-10-14
Poet: Lyric Man

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Red Beard

Red Beard laughed at this lad
Stumbled on the wrong ship he had

Stowing away on a pirate vessel 
Turned himself in not even a wrestle

Stout young lad must be at least ten
He wasn’t sure of the trouble he was in

To the plank cast him aside!
Then the boys knees buckled….he cried

Red Beard yanked him up and stared deep
Some use of this boy, if I want to keep

To the crew or to the sea? Red Beard thought
A pupil to over see if well taught

“Take him below!” are his orders
“Food and water in my quarters”

The boy moved quickly at the thought of food
Take his mind off of his saddened mood

A feast laid before his weary eyes
Hot bread and large chicken thighs

Warm milk and cool fresh water too was in store
He ate and ate till he couldn’t anymore

It was eve before the Captain appeared
The boy was asleep his mind without fear.

Into his arms the boy went
Carried to the cot for his rent

An orphan too, was this pirate knave
Maybe this child he could save

Schooling was what first struck his mind
A great teacher was hard to find

Sailing and piracy was all he knew
“I want more for this lad. A start anew.”

…..A rapping came to the cabin door
Urgent business he had to make sure

“What is it?” Bellowed a voice
“A British flag and jack a hoist!”

A war galleon was on the horizon 
A battle was on the rising

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wind windy, windy shore,
wind with affectionate lonely hug of soul
from whence comes the wind
if not from thence prank
The long-shore winds
wind blowing so long
wind came into the forest
taken by sea goblin

kota kinabalu

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My sickness and my healing

My sickness and my healing

When I came back from Vietnam
I was afraid of everything
I really don’t know why this was
Cause, no danger did it bring
To me, my stay in that country
But the poisons that they used
Convinces me that they stuffed my mind
Those powers, our heads abused.

That fear in me was so intense
My mind was filled with dread
I was afraid of being alive
I was afraid of being dead
Sometime I’d freeze so totally
Like I was paralyzed.
I went to so much counseling
So many tears I cried.

And then one day I searched the net
And I found this little site
The site they call it ‘just one look’
And they did do me right
It took four years, but now I’m sane
I have no fear at all
And I have no anxiety
I’m no more a crazy fool.

5 September 2013 @ 1345hrs

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Shona McFee

She lived in a house in a deep dark wood,
Her name was Shona McFee.
When she let down her hair where the oak-tree stood
The mist rolled in from the sea.
It curled and it twirled and enfolded itself round
The remarkable Shona McFee.

She walked up the hill where the snow leopards stalked
The indomitable Shona McFee.
The animals came and they walked where she walked,
How I wish they could have been me.
She turned right round and embraced every one,
For she was loving, was Shona McFee.

As night stooped down she came down too,
The delectable Shona McFee.
She lit a fire by her hut and she clapped with her shoe,
Come, little creatures to me!
And the owls and the bats and the forest’s deer
Came dashing to Shona McFee.

In a town not far from the deep dark wood,
I dreamt of Shona McFee.
She lets down her hair in romantic mood,
And the startled animals flee.
She walks and she walks and her heart beats fast,
Come hither, Shona McFee!

In a town not far from the deep dark wood,
I lie dreaming of Shona McFee.
I hear her steps step on the stippled grey road.
And know she is coming to me.
I run downstairs and throw open the door,
To no sign of Shona McFee.

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Pegasus And The Unicorn

On a clear blue night
A shadow flies across the sky
Silhouetted on a beaming moon
Silver wings of a pegasi
In the night of magic
On a mountain path
Step four golden hooves
And a single horn
On a unicorn's head moves
In the night of magic
Unicorn stands brave and tall
As the pegasus a moonlit path
And the two meet on hidden ground
In the night of magic
Folded wings gently brush
The Unicorn's silken mane
And their eyes shine brightly
With a loving glow of fame
In the night of magic
Moonlight Rendezrvous 
Of two magical creatures
The luminescence of love
Shines on their shaply features
In the night of magic
You are that Unicorn
And I am the pegasus

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too much or too little,

too much or too little, the storys abound , the rich n the poor, on the merry-go-round, happiness-health- give me more, till i canter across the fatal shore, poor as a church mouse this old hound, forever for bloody sure:) Don re: EASY WAY OUT AT 83 Daver Austin

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THE SUN AND MOON DANCE        V Anderson-Throop  2013, June 

 A sky-borne swan
 on the wing
I  face true North
when it is Spring
Forget sore wings
or broken heart---
I heed a call---
tears me apart

No sweeter sky
that soars the mind---
 when sun and moon
 Dance side by side

North Summer nights---
the white nights call---
there is no time
to fret or stall---
no excuses, no one to blame
in heading North
There is no shame.

Thru White nights dance
both sun and moon
no lover's parting 
Arrives too soon

In icy Spring
 Like Grandma's broom
The white night's sweep
Life into bloom

Midsummer night
Snow-dark has fled
And time has flown
My True Love's bed.

 Over these mountains
Like Grandma's broom
The white night's sweep
Life into bloom--

 Thru White nights dance
both sun and moon
no lover's parting 
arrives too soon.

 Hang on tight--
If you dare
Travel light,
for it is far.
Come,  Darlin' Love,
 share this delight
No thrill soars past
My white North Nights

imagine time
that never ends---
 bodies entwined---
eternal blend


 June 2013

V Anderson-Throop

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Contract hey

Contract hey Santas on the thunderbox, Contract given to George Knox, He bid 20cents a tin , To bring the crappy nightsoil in. Crumbob poo had made his bid, He only had 14 kids, 25 cents a tin was it, undercut by another half wit, Great farting in your underjocks, when Tarring the tins for the thunderbox Moral of this story crude, Contracts won by the lower dude, How to force the wages down, Come in sucker it’s your frown The system has you screwed… Don Johnson

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Damn the torpedoes

Damn the torpedoes Damn the torpedoes the Yanks did say, When duds hit a Jap ship and fell away, Firing pins weren’t working well, One sub loosed 13 didn’t break the spell, Just sometimes one was right. Bloody thing would ignite, And the Yanks would bloody yell. Nineteen fourty four, pins good now for sure, Sam Dealy and submarine Harder, Transporting Aussies to Borneo, for, To upset the Japanese pardeners, Muiat Suki, Jap Destroyer, charged the submarine, Head on was sitting Harder, 1100 yards Dealy fired 3 torpedoes, i mean, Chopped the fork out of his enchilada, Next day at 650 yards, Destroyer Hayanani came, 3 torpedoes hit this Destroyer, Too many holes it was a shame, Blew the fork out of his nighty, Just the same, The Reaper danced, begorrah, Z Force men went ashore again , Into the wilds of Borneo, and then, Ole Harder went a hunting men, Of the Japanese type of fauna. Don Johnson Submarine Tinosa (ss283 ) July 24th 1943, attacks Japanese oiler No 3 Tonam Maru west of Truk, Tinosa fires 15 torpedoes 13 hit but only 2 explode. Tonam Maru is towed to Truk by light cruiser Izuzu and used as a floating oil storage tank.

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pain an suffering in the subtle hell, 
where war an slaughter do so well,
 to go anywhere that's nice,
 a great step at any price, 
enjoy your new world belle...
 may happiness dispel,
 cos now you have a life :)



"The Immigration Officer Asked Me"
Therese Bacha

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Cap'n and the Wench -part the fifth-

Cap'n & the Wench *part the fifth* Says the Wench to the Cap'n " We'll dabble in Real Estate!" So says the Cap'n to the Wench " 'Twould seem 'tis our Fate! As Tales are often Told from Time to Time & Again~ So doth it go twixt Wenches & those very Bold Men~ This Great Saga of the Cap'n & that Wench so Very Dear~ Had been begun then to continue Year after ever Year~ But all Sailors well know if'n they've oft Smartly Tacked~ Yer in Irons fer certain if'n yer Royals are Backed~ Makin' speed astern would allow such One chance to Box~ Mindin' Gales gone a'lee creatin' Naught but Fear~ Only a keen SeaWolf might again Sail as would the Fox~ All surely believin' his Great Ship could naught but Wear~ 'Twould be a course destined by Fate were the Helm hard a'Lee~ Maidens of the Depths gatherin' as Winds did'st now Howl~ Yet t'was a plot laid by SeaWolf as his heart Set him Free~ For Great Winds & Waves now did'st appear & Truly Growl~ From Deep Down under this Tormented Surface~ Came now to the ears of all Those now Enraged~ Softly with Empathy & Fanciful Purpose~ Silent Sounds heard well ~ all distinct Reason had Swayed~ Lee Rail's buried beneath Wind Torn Sea~ Gale a Howlin' thru the Riggin' & Spars~ From SeaWolf nary a word nor any Certain Plea~ His Eyes & that 'sprit a'fixed on Far Stars~ This Tale oft whispered in Taverns & Pits....... Ye'll hear it fer certain Bit by little Bit..... Pay Heed to Lessons Learned thus Herein..... 'Twere it to be Pleazure in life yer Truly to Win~ For Never Again Will Be Seen that Great Ship at Sea~ Only possibly for some who truly Set themselves Free~ In Dream Foggy Nights fiesty with Calm Swells~ Listen Well off in the distance for that Great Ships Bell! SeaWolf ©

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Permission is needed , before loved ones can leave, the heart interceded, but spirits do grieve, till we join back together you know:{.... so we move with the flow and the flow... Don re 'eternal breath' Anne Rutherford

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Another job

Another job Get yourself another job, Says the bloody Tory snob, Commo’s under the bed he says, Dead an buried are those days, Few Commo’s left Magog… (Communists) Trying 4 a job to get, Tory buggers will not let, Want the contract, just with me, Lowest wage bidder, gets it see, paltry greedy type of snob, Cheapest worker gets the job, Builds a Tory money tree, More greed & frequently, The rich get richer Bob, On the sweat of thee, Yet the unions had their way, Got us wages for today, Greedy master wants it cheap, Keep down the worker, it’s a sheep, Exploited in every day, As the super rich do say, Import cheap workers, snitch, but judgement comes to they, born poor and in the ditch, next time 2 suffer nasty itch, more suffering the more on bones of butt 4 sure, clean bowled without a stitch, why the suffering deplore? Not knowing, doesn’t click, Un-remembered crimes before, Logic, God’s and mans do mix, Cool reaping, are you poor? Ol sheep… Don Johnson

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An eagle's space adventure

I see little humans playing around
I fly through the clouds to and fro
I fly on the top, to search for prey
I pounce on a rabbit on the go

Extremely high altitudes, I fly on
Everything below looks negligible
Today my leap was higher than ever
To touch the stars, see if it’s possible

My flight can’t feel the pressure today
What happened to the gravity? Where am I?
Everything looks different, lighter I feel
A strong bird I am, but have the urge to cry

A round sphere I see, blue and green
A little further away, is a small whitish thing
On the other side I see, rings around a sphere
No other birds, no sound, nor a blink

I thought I could touch the stars in the sky
Perhaps I went wrong, I can’t see any star
Instead the sun is bigger, shining crudely on me
I’m lost but I recall, there’s a planet called Mars

I fly towards it, to see if life exists
I’m gonna do something even humans haven’t yet
When I reach the planet, I alone will rule
Not that I don’t now, but then I’ll be King
And show all the humans, my regime…

by Apoorva Patrikar
for the contest Deep Space Odyssey 
sponsored by Nathan

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Powder Monkey

The noose is a nightmare for any seafaring man
Especially those who thrive the best they can

Danger lurks on the waves like a mugger in the shadows
The only concern is the prize and the gallows

For the young pressed into service have two labors
Cabin boy or powder monkey are their favors

A fair share for those who survived
Though not to many lived to enjoy the ride

Mostly master gunners would employ the young ones
For the task of loader and powder runs

A grizzly sight to any mother of today
Blood spattered, powder covered, limbs severed portray 

I dare say I met one intact and conscious 
He was rude and quite audacious 

No name had he just an X above the knee
His mark given by Captain of the Breeze

A sloop of war in Caribbean was this
Massacred whole crews drunk as piss

The boys attitude so moved my heart
That I had to set him free from his part

Before I saw him he was the only one left to be hanged
Port Royals mob clawed and fanged 

I set to watch when I saw how young he was
I had to do something for his cause

I bid the court give me custody immediately 
They awaited the response from the Admiralty

The response was yes almost to late
For the executioner just removed the safety plank

He kicked and cried for a moment then released
With the knife of the kings lease

A bruise found its way around his neck as a reminder
For a life against the grinder

I sailed him back to London to learn a trade 
And go to school for a decade

I later named him after my name kidd
Later to be known as William Kidd

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Spaced Dutchman

Vacuum of space surrounds his hold
as he leaves the fair Cappellan
Darkness without and bitter cold
he seeks the far Magellan
How far he travels in search of gold
wrinkles line his star tanned face
Shouting I AM the adventurer bold
no echos resound in space
Silence answers he is  alone
darkness whispers its tragedy
the tanned faced turns to bone
an endless voyage on an endless sea.

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I need a visit from the blonde in the hall, passion fire and that's not all, (yeah in that appirition) the memory of it nice, to recall, (yeah , I imagine it would) better than realitys, device. Don

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Designed By Dreams

Come my love, let us dream and fly away to France.
C’est la vie when night time falls and déjà vu grows strong.
Let us risk reality and dream the whole night long.
Fantasies, come twirl and dance then, bring us sweet romance.
Joi de vivre perchance askance, let our thoughts enhance.
Say au revoir, everyone, together we belong.
Forever joined in happiness singing life’s sweet song.
Let us cross that great expanse where hearts are free to prance.
Embrace with me this nighttime dream; fly away…perchance!

Dreams become reality, grown from thoughts and days.
We’ll stop to drink café au lait strolling down midways.
Hear Edith Piaf’s “La Vie en Rose” sing to our minds.
Reality can make headway watching dreams' sashays.
Let us go to Arc de Triomphe, then, watch the French ballets.
In notre Paris we shall be, as by our dreams designed. 

ã June 3, 2012
Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen

Written for Poetry Soup Member Contest: 
Sponsored by: Cyndi MacMillan

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Bubba bubba bound Bubba bubba bound

Bubba bubba bound Bubba bubba bound on my drumes i like to pound. 
Bubba bubba bound Bubba bubba bound i think it has a very cool sound. 
Bubba bubba bound Bubba bubba bound i would love to here it going around. 
Bubba bubba bound Bubba bubba bound don't let it turn your smile into a frown. 
Bubba bubba bound Bubba bubba bound here there where ever i am found in the sky or on the ground. 
Bubba bubba bound Bubba bubba bound i am so glad JESUS CHRIST  i have found. Bubba bubba bound Bubba bound and heaven someday i am bound. 
Buba bubba bound Bubba bubba bound.

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The Spaghetti Man

On Wednesday nights there is action in Midtown...
A unique opportunity to serve the Lord has been found.

About a minute past dark the homeless can be seen...
They are looking for food and a good meal is their dream.

A bowl of spaghetti tastes like a banquet meal...
And to some, a hot roll is even a big deal.

The Spaghetti Man and His friends are making their rounds...
And hungry people being fed makes joyful sounds.

A blanket, a pair of socks or even a trash bag...
A clean towel is much better than an old dirty rag.

The Spaghetti Man and his friends are on the streets to serve...
Showing love and compassion without any reserve.

Jesus is with them in Midtown on a dark Wednesday night...
He is part of the team and He is making things right.

This Homeless Chef is touching a life or two...
And he covets the prayers from me and you.


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The Voyager

 He ventured from out of the west
    In a small cabin amidships:
 Stole away in an unknown quest,
 Salty ocean brine wet on his lips

 In the concealment of dim twilight
    Neptune braced his trident,
 And offered safe passage in the night
 When stormy seas grew more violent

 Into locks and narrow canal tide
    Ocean to ocean Panama led:
 Two continents yonder either side,
"No turning back now" a voice said

 Starboard to port - stern to bow -
    The turbines below decks on:
 He'd be back someday, somehow,
 But alas, not for a long time gone

 Blinding rain cracked the dark sky,
    And heat of hurricane wind:
 Out from beyond shadows slip by
 In the playground of the dolphin

 Sped over vast nautical canyons
    Deep into southern latitudes:
 Lifeboat drills required all hands
 Lest we sail a sea of vicissitudes

 As a cool morning breeze rolled in
    He'd hear that droning hull:
 Feel the shift of the sea in motion
 And watch the Albatross and gull

 On his maiden voyage went he far
    Into the Tasman a sea rover:
 No longer shone the Northern Star
 But soon the journey would be over

 Natives in canoes off Tahiti - sellin'
    Beads and cloths finely sewn:
 Like Columbus, Cortez, and Magellan
 In foreign lands not unlike his own

"Last port of call" they shouted loud
    Down gangway's shiny gloss:
 Ahoy! Land of the Long White Cloud -
 Farewell good ship SS Southern Cross


From Port of Spain, Trinidad 
To Auckland, New Zealand: Dec 1968

July 1994

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broke dreaming

The sadness of broken dreams, the might have beens, and the sometimes, gladness, a life lived in between, goodness n badness.. it would seem... can up n downs bring madness, when too much hurt has been? Don re: Debbie Duncan "Missing Pieces"

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The Light

Two and sixty days ago —
Two months, or so I'm told —
I wandered, wistful, without cause,
Through a memory of old.

A hall of walls I wandered, tall,
As tall as tales I could weave,
But none as tall as this regale,
A story that you won't believe.

I walked near endless hours,
My only friends the cobblestones,
Ringing in my steps the sin
That only time atones,

When upon that pallid plaster
I did spy a shocking sight:
Upon that place's rocky face,
The wall had turned to light.

"Curious," I cooed and questioned,
Calm as I could never be,
"Perhaps it might be that this light
Is rightly mine, I see?"

And as I pondered that hall I wandered,
A chilling change I never chose arose:
That light so rife with delight and fright
Began to open, and I froze,

For that particular portcullis I pondered
Put me in a vice.
I nary noticed that walls in focus
Had changed into a hall of lights.

Transfixed, the light engulfed me so,
As slow as my bewildered head
Could comprehend the candid land
I planned my final stand in dead.

I whizzed through spaces, unknown places,
In stasis from the faceless force
When finally I fell, the frenzied light
Still tight from an unseemly source.

All at once, those two months
Became a fraction of a wink;
The frost was lost as I was tossed
Among the lights of what I think.

And where else would I find myself
But in this courtyard we call love?
My journey never left my head,
Nor bed's unconscious dreamland hub.

Two and sixty days ago,
I heard these words so true,
And in the dark they were my light:
You told me "I love you."

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Southern Cross

• under the southern cross we stand, • and liberty is our demand, • you stand on us , we will stand on you, • careful how you treat us blue, • cos we will fight , be damned....its true....Don Johnson yes the extreme right wing is on the prowl, bjelke in his grave might howl? we sure remember him, the peanut king, brown paper bags endowed... corruption free this crowd? sometimes kiwi dng-a-ling, a Premier under a cloud, bible bashing his i ching... re: current Police state Queensland where you can be jailed for fifteen years for wearing a biker uniform or just the belt of. And fifteen years is applied to any sentence mandatorily... Bikers wear pink in the cells too?

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Hussshhhh of the sea breeze
Bolobok Cave nears it
Rain drops falling on my face
Trim down my long pony-tailed hair
Small crabs crawling over the brownish sand surface
Small stones scattered over
 Small caves with limestone
And having freshwater downstairs
Said there were ladders to climb and unclimb
To see the down caves
Now in a mysterious looks waiting for renovations
Where are these caretakers of nature?
The beauty of eye lenses looking at it
Please come and rescue this whispering ambiance of serenity 
For generations to enjoy
If this is an early human settlement 
Come take your responsibility
Oh the caretakers please come
Thank you

3 January 2013
Early Human Settlement
Bolobok Cave (Sungab Bulubuk)
Bongao, Tawi-Tawi Island
Sulu Archipelago


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a quiet freedom

Have you ever found yourself....
in a place you didn’t understand.
That had nothing to do with
your “real” life?

Then, memories rush back.
Ahh, everyone’s gone now
either from this earth
or they didn’t want to follow me

Through more of my trials and tribulations
or more mood swings and blood
I guess the life of a Manic Depressive
takes a different road than most.

Dramatic, unexpected choices
that threatened friend’s own marriages
“She’s so bold as to leave her husband for love”
and then it actually worked out

“Now she’s in Seattle”
“Wow, she just left her kids”
Assumptions were consistently made
with no grounds whatsoever

They didn’t know
that I was so vulnerable, I allowed myself to be Placed here.
and that I was so stuck, I couldn’t get myself out.
My heart ached, yet nobody asked me.  Nobody knew.

It’s time to go now.
My window of opportunity.
As vulnerable as ever,
But more desperately needing....

I want Me again
with choices
needing to know it’s still possible
to be out from under and be free.  For once.  
Nobody knew .  But I did.

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Sir Archibald and the Black Knight - Part 1

Let me sing you a tale, a story of old,
Of a man without fear, of a knight brave and bold,
He sought out adventures, whenever they called,
And the name of this knight was Sir Archibald.

Whilst out riding his horse, a steed of great power,
He saw in the distance a creepy old tower,
At the top of this tower lived a pretty young maid,
Who was cold and was lonely and longed to be saved.

“Oh Sir Archibald, won’t you please rescue me?
I’m stuck in this tower and there’s nowt on TV.
I’m forced to stay in here, and wash all these socks,
While the evil Black Knight holds the keys to the locks.”

Sir Archibald loved the maiden so fair,
With her glittering eyes and her long golden hair.
“Of course I will save you!” was the knight’s brave reply,
“Or at least I shall give it a jolly good try!”

Sir Archie rode onwards, as fast as he could,
Until he came to the edge of the wood,
And there stood before him a terrible sight,
The tall, strong and mighty, the evil Black Knight.

The Black Knight was massive, someone to be feared,
With a scar on his face and a huge tatty beard,
Our villain’s description is only complete,
When we mention his dark eyes and big smelly feet.

“What do you want?!” called he with the big booming voice,
Of a man you’d avoid if were given the choice,
“You’ve got a young girl there, who you must set free.
Let her go now, or else answer to me!”

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The Boy and the Dragon -PART ONE OF TWO-

Long ago and far away
In a town called Mellongourd,
There was a boy who tried his hand
At training with a sword

The boy was young and energetic,
But not quite agile and free.
He stumbled and bumbled and tripped and fell,
Right into the apple tree

The boy was small and very weak
And he wasn’t too quick with a blade,
But the boy was smart and much too clever
And he never acted afraid

Now over the hill and ‘round the bend,
There was a giant cave.
And in that cave there lived a dragon
Who made even the mighty no longer brave

And ev’ry night at ten-o-clock
The dragon would visit the town
The people screamed and hid and ran
Yet in his fire they still would drown

This lonesome town had a kind
Who feared the mighty beast,
“Whoever kills this thing,” he said,
“Will be thrown a splendid feast.”

So knight and knight would try again
Only to be defeated
They’d try to trick the awful thing
But it simply couldn’t be cheated

Every day as new knights marched by,
The boy would smile and wave.
He’d watch them go up to battle,
And most likely their grave.

Constantly the boy would train
With his combat teacher
For the boy had a simple, sly plan
To slay the awful creature.

One day the boy thought he was ready
To complete his dangerous task.
He grabbed his sword and shield
As well as a large bucket and a flask

That night the boy snuck out of his house
And went on the small dirt path.
He reached the dragon’s gigantic lair
And hoped he wouldn’t feel its wrath.

The boy reached the dragon’s hollow
And stuck his head inside
“Come on out, you mean ol’ monster!”
He prayed he wouldn’t be fried.

The boy began to survey his surroundings,
To ensure his plan for the brawl.
He saw some trees, a river,
And the massive, stony cave wall

When the dragon slithered out of his den,
He was met with a sly smirk.
The dragon reared back to burn the boy
Then, “Wait! Don’t be such a jerk!”

The dragon stopped and stared at him
As the boy pulled out his shield.
“What does it prove to burn a young boy?”
He asked as he backed into the field.

“Nothing, I suppose,” the dragon muttered
And scratched his scaly head. 
“But what do I do, if I don’t burn you?”
The dragon slowly said.

“Well first of all, you could prove to everyone
That you can burn anything to the third degree
If you can, you will be more than able
To scorch that massive tree

“Of course I can,” the dragon scoffed
And reared its mighty head
With a giant breath and a burst of flames,
The tree was gone and the ashes were red

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and round an round we go, getting it wrong you know, no instructions can be woe, will i get it right this time, or commit another crime, to come back again though, i've been a so n so, will my spirit ever shine, on the 7th level sublime, i just don't bloody know??? re: "Life, Death, Rebirth ...Carol brown Don Johnson

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I Took the Dare

There were Indians just over the Brazos
With a buffalo herd in between
They weren’t trying to stay hidden 
They wanted to be seen
The chief of these Comanche
Buffalo Hump by name
They say no one's looked him in the eyes
Was ever quite the same
The COL said go parlay
Invite the chief to sup
I want to look him in the eye
And determine just what’s up

With our white sheet fluttering in the wind
Like the scalps on the big Chief’s lance
We started out across the plain
Taking quite a chance
Our crooked-tooth Pawnee scout
Led the way through the herd
Through the smell of a thousand animals
And the sound that would drown each word
I felt and smelled their hot breath
As I rode my pony near
I turned my pony into the throng
A pathway none too clear
Inching through the buffalo
Blinded by the dust
I held on fast to the reins
Just riding my pony's trust

Once through the thundering buffalo
I glanced up to the rise
The Indians still were waiting there
Much to my surprise
The Pawnee scout then turned to us
Said if they should attack
First take out the big chief
Then that little one in the back
I can understand the big chief
But why the little guy
He said he’s like a badger
He’ll fight until he dies
He said that one's a horse thief
The best you'll ever find
He'll snatch a horse from under you
As if you had gone blind

The big chief started towards us
Shut up the Pawnee said
You young boys keep your damn traps shut
I’ll do the talking instead
The Comanche’s body shone with grease
Had a necklace made of claws
He had a stench about him
That made you gag and pause
My eyes met the chief’s eyes
My hand rested on my gun
He had a look could kill a soul
But I was too scared to run
The Pawnee and Comanche
Spoke in some foreign tongue
I vowed to learn their language
While I was still young

Then all at once the chief turned
And rode on up the hill
Our Pawnee scout turned back for camp
But I just sat there still
For he had pointed at me
With that scalp encrusted lance
And said he’d have MY scalp one day
If he ever got the chance
For last week on the Brazos
Someone had killed his son
And looking me right in the eye
He knew I was the one

Mdailey	2/26/12

1st place finish in contest

For PD’s contest dare.  Chapter 11 of Dead Man's Walk by Larry McMurtry.  It has been years since I read a western but am finding this one interesting.

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Drought gone

Yes Good one Frank...but now for the strange one johnson hehehe... over a number of years my mother has been predicting droughts.... we usually get a drought after one good year! then 3 years of drought! the last 4 have been climate change but wet years...? NO DROUGHT IN AUSTRALIA??? with my practice of visualize healing bulging aortas by seeing them shrink in my mind... i took to seeing L s coming to the south east here, we really need water! we have had lows coming south??? coincidently we have had lots of rain ...this last month i have been seeing the L on the weather map on tv coming here to Brisbane...more coincidence hey...safer predicting a low than a cyclone mum is almost convinced ??? The last few days we had a low form in the gulf of carpenteria and travel down the coast 2 thousand miles to Brisbane, where it is very wet and soggy currently.....Don xo

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I am trying to read a heart.
To read it from a pair of beautiful eyes.
Nothing that I can see.
Only a heart alone can see.
There is a heart I can hear. 
Singing along in a tiny voice I feel.
A whisper from it makes me smile.
A smile that eternally lives in the heart.
A memory to remember. 
I love you, peace.
Layag Sug!

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us deranged poets doubt the day, if sharp of mind is on display, or am i somewhere up the creek looking for to find the leak, me mentals gone astray... up the creek with a brain thats addled, calamity till im unsaddled, or freak so watch yer back, 4 gross attack , from some deranged of snyde, imagination is on track, sidestep ol suicide.... re "Edge of Insanity" good work Anthony Nutter! Don

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Tom Tit

beware of the triple curse, aflame, green fire burns out a name, on a tombstone sombre lit, beware of ol Tom Tit, a legendary name... half wit... insane... a bit... so lame ...... re Russell Siveys "Where Skeletons Lay" Don

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Yes memorys are in our heads.  
My sister worked in a drapery shop,
 and had an older guy putting his hands on her at 14 (stop)
....she could have told father who would have slam dunked his hide....(flop)
my dad that threw an insurance guy over the front gate,
 for trying to sign this boy up for unwanted insurance. mate,  (tried)
So you see George Dibly was walking on dangerous ground:)  
So he put his hands on her once more, round,
 and she jabbed him with a long hatpin, 4 inch or more
he fell to the floor in near death shock, 
and didn't do it no more...
completely cured, for sure:)
hatpins sure do rock...


thanks Mikki....

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its awesome. 
let us enjoy this for the moment
and plan the things for our future. 
i think i found my way.
that way and destination is you.
that's not right.
what is right for you
i shouldn't be the destination
its the language of art.
to mean i would be with you
go beyond me.
i am just one piece
we go beyond you together.
after reaching you, we can go beyond together.
i don’t know, dream big for yourself. 
i will support you
if you want to change things, change society, do things
i will!

layag sug!

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Road Rager Gnome

Road Rager Gnome There I was a going home, 4pm traffic going flowing, driving me little Corolla, going, when I saw this fool Road Rager , he seemed to lunge his car at me , and stop just short deliberately, to try to cast some fear, in me, just a bit of temper black, I must have cut him off, perhaps, His new Ford shining glass like wax, He flew up the inside track, And cut me off sharply, Whack, I’d left the braking a little late, My bumper bruised 2 doors his fate, His fear now multiplying, Me ole car was critisising, this silly flaming chap, He roared amongst on-coming cars, Put one on the footpath, shocked alas, Flew down a side-street, so harassed, His tyres had smoke arising, So I kept on a driving home, No bumper bent on me bloody own, A lesson taught, the Rager Gnome, Don’t try it I’m advising. Don Johnson

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Trish n Joan

Trish n Joan In life you sometimes do see, A person almost identical, gee, The funny laugh the little quirks, One like the other smirks, almost identically, then one is drawn to the other, Greenslopes hospital to die for one, Age difference of a daughter and mother, But strangers definetly seem to come, One soul two people see, Together, one set free, Nursed by the other one, She smiles at death and leaves, Her alter ego grieves, Remembers well this one, I told the nurse that Joan had fish, Goldfish in the swimming pool, A loud voice in Trishs’ head, “Said they’re Koi you bloody fool,” a connection overruled, Joan had the last word said, Death aint no barrier, cool!!! Don Johnson

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I know You Cape Breton

Hey, how are you

	Have you heard this one?
	Where there’s a midnight sun

		Listen to me now,
		Listen up young one
		One day I left someone

	Where did you say
	you were going?
	She looked so sad
	with her tears showing

		showing her a map of you,
		around the world to you,
		flying so fast at you,
		I left my Papua New Guinea,
		my home sweet home for you.

			So... like déjàvu, 
			You look so...
			Do I know you?
			No, don't say no...
			I know you!
			you were in my dreams

	You know that moment, 
	when you see her, 
	the light,
	that shines, 
	that lifts you high 
	into outer space so high

oh how I longed for you,
Just you and me,
your seasons, my wonder..
I wonder when thunders,
remind my mind, 
my sleeping child,
suddenly awake,
But Nova's away..

	They say people say,
	you'd miss home, 
	you'll miss POM..
	you said no,
	No, No, No
	you'll be home
	From winter to Autumn
	Just you and I
	you'll be fine

		So when the leaves fall,
		Or when snow falls,
		Remember me,
		Remember us,
		Our time, may be dying,
		Maybe someday I'll find,
		My child no child,
		and the sun so fine,
		I'll be home bound,
			To my Ocean playground..


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Deep Thought

Deep thought reality sometimes lets you in, thoughts are deeds, see em pass, across the mind, what a blast, without a hint of sin.... let no evil thought exude, see your sister healthy dude, see aorta shrinking bulge, see it happen , me indulge, cos it can be true, xray says it do, Worked on cousin Alice…. Link her face with trouble too, See her getting better, blue, Thoughts are deeds, the magic place, Within your mind the interface, The helper can be you! Positivity IS our place…. Don Johnson Thank you Joe Maverick….

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Men were given total dominion
over all living things, and when
they subdued their enemy:
they were granted immortality!

Beside every great warrior of old, 
there was a strong woman of humility,
who gave him a victorious  sword;
and helped him change the course of history! 

Emperess Theodora was one of them to show adversity;
when Noka's revolt broke out:  she decided to stay,
while her hushand, Justinian, fled the city;
what an admirable act of feminity!

Beside every great warrior of old,
there seems to be a look of invincibility,
a defying moment to obtain glory;
and the cost for a golden crown is well-known!

Be the warrior of modern times, treatened by fear and fragility, 
seek out the man you were destined to be;
trust that woman who posseses internal beauty,
and beside this warrior, her courage will guide you with dignity!

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Hard World

I'm addicted to a dangerous love affair
This town is so crazy the rules isn't fair
I'm in church alone on the phone wondering if I'll ever found my home

Laughing with life thinking its not right
Run a mile through  the night
Dirty sneakers that the life
Walking in the rain with you by my side
Thinking about you all day
Sitting on a bench texting you on the phone
Everyday is my way
Knowing I'm young I still got to be strong
People tell me this is a hard world
But it'll be okay

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heart broke

The broken heart brings forth the anguish felt
, the taste of love now gone was so svelte.... 
now black n white the picture almost seems, 
a water colour now lost amidst my dreams
, another true love coming always helps, 
come 2 me baby doll, want nothing else, 
in prison here amongst my sadness scheme...

Ole johnson

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Ancient evil never leaves us, Greed it operates for gain, Dollar rich but spirit poor, poor in death you do remain, Come again to suffer pain, Keep on coming till you’re sane, Again, again and yet again, Till you reach the final shore, Linger longer, use the brain? Written is you will endure, Till you get it right, yet sure, Death an birth you come again. Don

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Corpse Bride

The braeþ of lyf -- I've Learned to fear
Though, ta'en it was, so long sinsyne
I've wroot my song of skreighs
He tore the lyf out of me
In sooth did she speke this to me - Cassandra was she to me
Wistful - I am no bride to be
Wistful - is this soliloquy of skreighs

I cede to thee, deathly colleen 
Though remains - façades of humanity 
Angel kind - wicce of my welkin dreams
Casted by the lote of she
Ta'en the hollow Herefro way - ne'er!
Caught with twain
W'ie or swain

Angel dearest so fair - love does not share
Seemed a crux, when eath is lone
I rose for thee - cede all of thy love to me
Or was this not meant to be
Eros's deceit 
So wistful - corpse bride I remain to be

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They resembled two spoiled kids
getting what they wanted and not settling for less,
so they took on the challenge of an unthinkable task:
to gather the most food before dusk.
But neither the rabbit nor the fox
had thought hardly enough to get it done timely without ever slowing done and rest;
they knew there should have been been a max
and the less they brought back to their hiding, the more they were put to the test.

Frantically, the rabbit and the fox scurried back and forth,
of course the rabbit was slower and the fox much faster...
whom do you think would have won this bet,
when they had quitted and held their breath?
Many gess it would have been the speedy fox,
other may have not considered the feeble rabbit!
But in being so lazy and hasty, the anxious fox
dropped may findings along his way, never minding
of stopping, even glancing back...thinking it would slow him down!

How clever and careful was the laborious rabbit:
he gathered more than the fox and not wasting a minute!
Oh, how proud was the rabbit...oh, how envious was the fox!

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She drives me up the wall like a slave-driver
O yes, she does ! but even though she may wield 
the rod in her hand ever so threateningly at me 
At the slightest suspicion of insubordination, 
Leaving me cowering with fear, I love her just the same, 
Perhaps much more than I ‘ve ever loved anybody else before! 
I may ‘ve become certifiable as a result, who knows, 
But whatever the case may be, 
pray don’t judge me harshly until you ‘ve heard me out.

I love her for the same farcical reason that Socrates
Ostensibly loved that cantankerous woman Xantippe.
By temperament and upbringing, I find a woman who 
Stands up to a man much more appealing than one 
Who’s obsequious and complaisant!
What happened to me, therefore, was no accident but a 
quantum leap; I had no control what so ever over the turn of events
That got us this far in our fledgling relationship.
Ever since I met her, my life, which had hitherto been
Fairly peaceful and uneventful, has, all of a sudden,
Taken a dramatic turn.

And like a minx, she has so turned my head around
I can’t tell for certain whether I am coming or I am going!
Suffice to say I’ve been acting up silly and rather foolishly
For a grown up person (I don’t know whether or not I still
Have any semblance of an ego left, what with this 
Attractive je ne sais quoi I find so irresistible about her!)
Oh no, don’t tell me I’ve been doing this all for the
Wrong reasons ! or that I am laying it on thick.
It’s only me who knows exactly what I am feeling.
Besides, I am not talking morals here, I am talking
About what it feels like to love somebody to a fault.
If she did walk out on me now I can guarantee you
That would certainly be the death of me!
I am sure that’s not what you would all like 
To see happen to me just yet unless of course
You’ve been spoiling for my death while pretending to be my friends.
When all else is said and done, I’d rather be
Henpecked than let go of this maverick specimen of womankind
Who has lodged herself in my life uninvited,
Making it her home, and has since then never failed
To drive me up the wall like a slave-driver with her rod.
Not only is she good sport, but like a morning
Star she’s such fun to be with, I promise you!


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Russells magic mirror pieces

an round n round the curses go, beneath the ancient misletoe, little mirror faces show, the cursed the cursed yet cursed, do flow.....Don "As curses do go, they lose their flow, when they come around, to my abound, its a safe blow," from Russell Sivey

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chip remains

the shoulder chip remains, the world disdains, till the casket thinks its over, and we come together, cant explain, just some ancient tale of lovers, with just the smell of rain, sweet rolling in the clover, perchance again, not over till its ova, return my angel swain, though i be daed an slain, when a new century past october, i will wait again :) just johnson reborn, the rover, too early 2 explain.... Don

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camel eye

4 the super rich, the bullys fate, what's in store, 4 the hogs debate, very true Harry mate, but will they slip through the, camels needle eye gate, when judgement comes, true blue, when money wont suck you through, a pain in the ole prostate, get it gone the ill gotten dues, how do it go "the rich have more chance, of slipping a camel through the eye of a needle, than entering the kingdom of heaven" ? Don re: On the Soles of your Shoes Harry J Horsman

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Black Poison2

Black Poison 2

Black Poison was on Cubbie ,
the famous cotton station,      (just sold $300 million to the Chinese)
Bronco Don swapped him off, to a future relation
Bill Brummell wanted to try him in the sulky,
Yes in the rough n bulky ,
But not no more a riding,
yes sweetheart, no bloody way.
20 Pigsnouts was the payment, that Bill did pay, (wild pig bounty paid)
So he strapped him in, to try the black by half,
So he reared and struck and kicked a bit,
Snapped off both the sharves,
He kicked the rough n bulky ,
Scattered it all around the yard,
And chased Bill round the horse paddock,
To bite n strike n kill,
Billy jumped the fence,
No not a bloody thrill.
So Don gave back the Pigsnouts ,
And the black he went away ,
Up to the gulf country 2 thousand miles, I say,
Territory drover brought him back so fat n shiny,
Don saw and laughed and said you couldn't ride him, hey.
Boss drover swore and said " you can't ride him either,"
A carton was the bet , (fourex beer)
Don rode the pigrooter in his Snieder , (poley saddle )
He bucked around the Billlabong,
He tried running under low trees,
The spurs they gouged him proper ,
He sprang up from his knees,
Couldn't drop Don either.

Don rode him back to town ,
To see my mum to be,
Her father Charlie Brummell, said with a frown,
Don, do just one thing for me,
"Never ride this black demon"
And so it was you see.
Poison now joined the Rodeo ,
and ran with their bucking horses,
he'd throw you off n stomp on yo,
and bite n strike of course.
So he wound up in the long paddock,
The Stock Route fed him well,
But no they couldn't ride him ,
Black Poison came from hell.

Don Johnson

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Equality revolution

Equality revolution Oh he raised 5 thousand million, The anquidated poor, The estimated 5 billion, The persecuted sure, In passive revolution, Equality of state, All equal under the sod, The equalizer fate, (Death) Superich reduced to naught, The wealth regenerates, The robber barons'greed, owed ought, No pennies on their plate, South island of New Zealand, A penal place 2 hold , The greedy rich of criminals and, Igloos for the cold. Drop from 2o thousand feet, Cold blooded murderers, without soul, To shatter on their impact, sweet, Aim 4 the old south pole? Don Johnson

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imagination is

I have tried the visualization for 2o years, it worked to fix a broke back on myself,
which it 100% today....tried shrinking a bulging almost bursting aorta on my poor cousin Alice ...the xray said it shrunk twice by half an inch...
Imagination is a powerful tool, we have forgotten how to use!

When you get proof its more interesting:)

I do see the Lord in my mind and ask for people cures, eg my neuralgia which went immediately with a shudder as i saw the Christ, great faith or imagination???

God is reality for me, i have no doubt!

loves you


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introduction: We have two eyes, two ears, two hands, two feet but one soul.
We came to this world for many purposes, for many tests. And among all the tests, we are
here to find our perfect companion to make our lives actually complete and start a new
expedition. Two tracks merged into one that can never be separated. And to make the ground
not get cracked, we need to be that strong enough…no matter how many earthquake drives by.

When the glowing sun will shine,
I’ll start my quest to seek my fate
The moment when you will be mine,
You will know why you’re so great

Now, I’ve tried so hard to make you realize
You really don’t have to be afraid,
Of all the things you feel alive
Your soul is as elegant as a pure jade

When time comes we all have to go,
Because life never stays all frozen
And when the night falls upon your door,
I need you to be Notbroken.

When I’m gone, you be strong
I need you to wipe your tears and believe,
No matter how far away, I’m always here with you
As you’re my truth, my fate, my everything... 

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the smell

The smell What is that smell? Can’t you tell, It’s just some tory twit, Crawling up to the masters well, To see if he can fit, They whinge an whine about the time, When we all worked for naught, Unions got us money fine, But then, greed for cheap was thought, So the rich Hoggy went offshore, Sweatshops in Asia still, Greedy piggy he wants more, Exploit the poor he will, A hundred thousand workers came, Cheap labor in our land, Get em cheap, overseas the same, The poor are in demand, So vote for your master, The one who despises you , Cheap labor for-ever after, Till eternity does spew… Don:}

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nastiness of degenerate souls,
 hate and murder in their guile,
 seething, never happy, whole,
 causing pain, etched on their dial,
 hatreds face, is not worthwhile,
 black-hearted EVIL demon style,
 Logic thinks a suffering soul,
 pays a price for murder's role,
 where to suffer something vile... 

re: "Grey of Today" Laura Breidenthal

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Greenslopes Greenslopes Army hospital was , For the returned soldiers cos, They needed repatriation, For war causes sickness of, BEWARE Bronco-Don was there again, Suffering trauma and the pain, Till a scan was sought because, THEY Put his head in a vice like grip, Said it wouldn’t hurt a bit Pumped in dye, bad hurt, Tom-Twit, But Johnson didn’t cry, THEY Took his head out of the stocks, HE Grabbed the specialist by his frock, Strangled him right to the floor, “you said it wouldn’t hurt for sure?” near death came as a shock, for doctor macintosh, bad Johnson evermore, his bloody lot, the score, SOMETIMES THE BLOOD GETS HOT, You bastards know whaffor…. Don Johnson

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                                by Frank Halliwell
                                 Jimboomba, Australia.
                                  Public Domain.

               In the northwest foothills of the mount
               That's known as Tamborine,
               When the evening mists swirl up
               In a surrealistic scene,
               The landscape writhes beneath the moon
               And black-lined, scudding clouds,
               And in the swamps, the tea-trees
               Wear their foggy, dripping shrouds.

               When the purple shadows lengthen
               On the flanks of Tamborine,
               And the bleak wind wails in lonely gums,
               Then races on unseen,,,
               The somber ribbet of the frogs,
               The music of the night,
               And suddenly a hunting owl
               Glides by in silent flight.

               Amid the high-pitched cricket sounds..
               The lowing of a cow..
               A hint of sound just past that dam,
               The frogs fall silent now..
               And even the cicadas cease
               As if in deadly fear...
               The world stands still...
               There's not a sound..
               A silence
               you can

               And then, a sobbing, strangled cry,
               like someone sorely maimed..
               The monster then, has struck again,
               Another victim claimed.
               It prowls around Maclean's bridge,
               Verses dripping from it's jaws.
               The locals live in terror
               Of that huge voracious maw.

               For years he's fed it bits of rhyme,
               To whet it's appetite,
               Then loosed it on a trusting world,
               One dark and dreadful night.
               The populace has vanished,
               From this land of brave, bold men..
               For Johnson's rhyming monster
               Is upon the land again !!!
  Dedicated to Don Johnson, of Nash road who must bear much of the responsibility for inflicting the monster on the world.

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her delighted mind

she seems like a saint in my dark moments
as she graces me with her gentle smile
because her nomadic heart came to rest for
a butterfly's moment within my grasp
and with noble intent i heart and soul to her attentions
so she unsticks my head
with her own road of good intentions

she is tender in my wilderness
placing small acts of cataclysm in my path
to dislodge my mud filled head
and with her devices nailed to my mind
it is easier to think so i think

so with her delighted mind she tinkers
with my comfort zone
trying to find the greasy spoon
that i eat my metaphysical meals with
leaves me hungry for words
when it comes time to put pen to paper

my head full of mud
grapple with the notions of her divinity
but the weight of thinking too much
keeps me from doing freestyle take to wing
so it is me that must unstick
from her influences
and her rubber band heart
that keeps bouncing back

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It is...within the tiny things of early morning, that moment breaths alive, it is within the tiny whisperings, that a melodye the very dear and the antelope, play home on the range.

so goes the melodye of heart beat, that plays quietly the songs of soul,

here a rhyme is born of day-light coming so soon, through the early morning eyes of the moon-light, and the starry dreams of twilight's transitioning...

into the light of a love letter written to dawn.

soul to soul conversing, as in this love letter, the letters just join hands with the words and just march across the sky...and at the end of the rainbow, there be plenty of golden time,

way down deep on the inside, the inspired choir, of a bumble bee, or a butterfly, starts to sing, like tiny things that live,

flower to flower,
blossom to bloom,

watered and deeply cared for...

O' Eden.

I say, deep beneath the surface of a wishing well...where the pennies lay,

I wish a sun-rise.

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The tree of life feels the woodsmans axe, and thinks such is life when the timber cracks, and consciousness is free, departing from this tree, not dead the spirit see, the tree of life is whacked, let the buggers be! re: " Hammer In Hand" Debbie Duncan by Don

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Grandma and the Selkie

My grandmother came from Ireland from far across the sea. She had romantic tales to tell to Sister and to me. She angered my darling mother by filling up our heads with stories of the little folk who lived beneath our beds. She whispered us a secret that our mama didn’t know. She said that it would be better if we would keep it so. When she crossed the sea from Ireland, she had a little lad. He was already two years old before she met Granddad. She told Grandfather her story, a selkie stole her heart. He came as a handsome mortal and fooled her from the start. He loved her and then he left her, was claimed back by the sea. The only thing she had of him was a wee lad to be. She knew right from the start, her son was borrowed fom the sea. In time his tie to land would end however long that be. She watched him growing tall, with dread, as handsome as his sire. He wandered near or wandered far, girls gathered to admire. Before our eyes our grandma changed and she became the girl who long ago had loved a man who set her heart awhirl. He had deep eyes of darkest brown, and unreal velvet skin. He charmed her as no Irish lad would know how to begin. “Where is he then, our dear uncle?” My sister and I cried. “I guess the folks who knew him well, would tell you that he died. They saw him walking by the sea, watching the tide come in. Though we searched for many a day he was not seen again.” Now when I see the silky seals on warm rocks in the sea I fancy one is a selkie, who looks a bit like me.
( I have read that male selkies are very handsome in their human form and have great seduction powers over mortal women. Poor grandma then was a young Irish lass, full of dreams and he was so handsome. In their true form they look very much like seals.)

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Electric car by radio powered

Leccy Powers in the Air Nikola Tesla knew the score, back there, wayback in 1894, send-em power through the post, bloody radio antennae, sends the ghost , wireless sends the power, from the insulated tower, tuned aeriel sucks the most, fine tuned it is the host, a quarter wave deflowers, when electric car un-powers, recharge from power radio remote, a constant radio wave, unquote, or constant flow empowers, Leccy car you Billy Goat ! :}- So ac power is in the air, detected by the car, right there, powered then the Billy Goat, tuned aerial , sucks in the voltage, know it! Leccy car can run 4 sure! Don't need no petrol, where? just leccy techs, leccy motors go-at, says johnson, with a slight unquote, the new world is to share, if it catches em by the throat, the dimwits wouldn't dare, but some ones got to show it ? Eg frequency of 27 megacycles cb radio 27,000,000 a second. So put a 9 foot antennae on you car to receive the signal current? It works out shorter for much faster frequencies like your mobile phone. A few inches, a few centimeters etc... So the sent electricity gets collected at the right length antennae and runs the leccy motor in your car...sounds cool to me … id be wearing wellies or gum boots to avoid a shock from the powered antennae 250volts maybe, if I touched it:} kill switches needed hey... Don Johnson BEFORE 20,000 YEARS AGO THE ATLANTEAN PEOPLE OF THE RED SKIN TYPE, HAD SUBMARINES AND AEROPLANES. {VALIXI}. POWERED AND CONTROLLED BY RADIO WAVES TECHNOLOGY REMOTELY..{ARE WE TOO RETARDED TO DO IT???}...INDUS VALLEY PEOPLE HAD VIMANA FLYING MACXHINES TOO AT THAT TIME....AND WROTE HOW FIX THE MERCURY ENGINE... Do we have to res-surect ole Tesla? to get it to work? ac electricity can be transmitted through the air! as he said... easily converted to dc voltage by in power supplys.... like having your own power pole on the car...

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New front door key

New front door key If your lock wont keep out a friend. Check the house for other locks {same}is the trend, if it has also a key, do like I did diddlee did de, swap the key barrells over , and a new front door has key, that wont open ah heheheh... till you use the right key, poor Rover.... Don Johnson

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I remember after about 1990,
 i was using a computer xt type, speed 1o megahertz, 
screen used to burn me eyes, so i used dark glasses,
 i had just put some story on the hard drive and it died,
 leaving me stranded with no back up of a few hours of work...
always make a back up hey....Don

ps..S C B love the flow an rhyme of this poem..."Bumpy Cyber Space" Carol Brown


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The structure of our soul

The semblance of existence remains in the worth of our lives,
In the structure of what grows within;
Yet the good of all mankind is measured by its worth 
And not by the makeup of those lives;
Still ponder the signs of our thoughts and beliefs
And the structure of the ideas therein     

We remain beneath the starlit side of the moon,
Forever lost in a light still unseen;                                                                    
And the intention of ones worth is measured by its character 
Until the structure of that character is consumed;
Farewell to the uncertainties of our faith
And what is held in the structure within

Could time in passage take the worth of us all?
Like a faun in the winter of its being;
But instilled our memories seem so long to depart
That the structure of thought is no more!
For a shadow is lost in silent demise 
Hidden in the structure within

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O Halloween Night

Upon this night I worrie about this sight
It is to dare be in fright
All the thing will be among the souls to tell run from here to scare us all to hell
Now we must try with all I might to not lose our faith upon this night
For the gates of hell will surly open up and send among us all evil demons 
This I am sure will animal and humans both give a fright
Please we all need to take heed tonight
Stay indoors tonight out of sight
Lie the morning light come so bright
Right her might so all the demons will lose their might 
So they will return to hell with out the right
No more souls did they take this night

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I know, you do know, 
I love you. 
But I'm sure, God knows
I love you. 
I swear, by my only Lord.
The only, like my love to you. 
You're my love.
Remain deep in my heart. 
I love my love. 
I swear, by the Lord, and my God.
I love you 
I love you
I love you
So much!

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Just grab a seat on that stump lad, and I'll take centre stage, 
With a yarn about a small brown donk, and a lad about your age.
And thanks much for the offer, but I'll give the beer a miss, 
I've got half a cup of coffee here, and I'll be drinking this.

One afternoon, just as the sun was starting to go down, 
Dad chased him on an errand, to the little shop in town.
Now this young fella blazed along, the old ute fairly flew, 
About as close to the speed o' light as the four wheel drive would do.

And as he roared up a small hill, just standing past the top, 
Was a jenny donk with a half grown foal, and the young lad couldn't stop.
The jenny was the closest and she took the deadly blow, 
But her body saved her little one, although she'd never know.

The young lad checked the jenny out, but she'd begun the flow, 
To that great green meadow in the sky, where all the donkeys go.
The foal was badly bashed up, with her hide all torn and slashed, 
But her eyes were bright and she might be right...stitched up where she was gashed.

So he huffed and puffed and heaved and swore, and he got her in the back, 
And he set out for the vet that lived a bit further down the track.
And the vet, he laboured mightily to save that battered foal, 
And by dawn's first light after that long night, he finally reached his goal.

So young lad took the small donk home, and in the course of time, 
They left the territory, for Queensland's sunny clime.
He finished up in barracks, for the company took him in, 
And gave him work, down in the mine, scratchin' round for tin.

He'd seen the poincianas bloom, their crimson flowers aflame, 
And so he called her 'Blossom', and that became her name.
Now the Isa's not the most thrilling place there is along the track, 
So he taught young Blossom a trick or two, to help take up the slack.

To stand with forelegs on his shoulders, (gawd, that lad was game!) 
And to stretch out on an empty bunk, a trick that brought her fame.
For the common ass is pretty smart, her funny looks aside, 
And she soon preferred the soft-sprung bed to the cold hard dirt outside.

And though the blokes would chase her out when time had come for rest.
She'd soon sneak back through the open door to the bed she liked the best
And most of the guys didn't really mind, and felt a little quiet pride, 
In this funny donk who made them laugh, but left her souvenirs outside.

Ah yes, and she had one more quirk, that I'll add to this log, 
On a hot day, she'd walk up to you, and lick you, like a dog.
I guess it was a need for salt, that's found in many forms
To fill her need she found a source on miners sweaty arms.

Now the office took a new man on, and assigned him to his shift, 
To start on monday morning, at the number seven lift.
And this was friday, fairly late, so with the weekend free, 
He took his wad and went to town, to celebrate, you see.

So several hours later, and much the worse for wear.
This fella staggered back again, without a single care.
He managed to remove his clothes, with a lot of crashing sound, 
Then held on tight with knuckles white, as the room went round and round

Eventually he fell asleep as the booze turned out his light, 
And Blossom, at the same time, gave up grazing for the night.
She came on tiptoe down the room, as only donkeys can.
And gazed in silent disbelief at this new, intruding man.

Who'd taken without sanction, her comfy little bed.
And left our donk with no good place to rest her weary head.
She put her head down close to his and snuffled in his ear
Well then, perhaps a slurp or two, might bring him past the beer.

At last in desperation, she put her lips up to his ear
And loosed a mighty donkey's bray, that those in town could hear, 
And followed with a lot of slurps to help her win the toss, 
And ensure that he would stay alert 'till she got her point across.

Yes lad, I woke in terror, and much dismay at those
Two big brown eyes like dinner plates, and enormous roman nose.
And ears like radar dishes and a voice like a cannon's roar.
So I up, and out, and down the road, and I run for a mile or more.

So that was when I took the pledge and swore right off the grog.
And vowed that I'd spend no more nights in alcoholic fog.
And when I feel that stirring urge, I'll go out and get some grub, 
And never, never, ever, chat up sheilas in a pub.

I've spent lots of nights, out on the grog, when we had got our pay, 
And woke beside some dreadful dogs, come the cold gray light of day.
But let me tell you matey, no one's ever seen a sight, 
Like her that woke me with a kiss, that awful friday night. 
Frank Halliwell
Submitted: Sunday, September 28, 2008

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The Goat Cheese Craving Disease

A clever work indeed,
But you must really need,
Either a doctor or a goat,
It's up to you to vote,

In this poem you come acrostic,
To shepherds as diagnostic
As a woman a tad too caustic,
Of their herd's fruit a bit bombastic

I think they see with herder's eye,
You had too much Shepherd's Pie!!

Ha! Ha!

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cobalt is the friendly tide,
eaten dolphins caught an fried,
is north Korea just at bloody war,
or atom singed ole suicide....

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beauty fades

beauty fades, personality is the bottom line, pretty boys get faded jaded, personality remains , sublime.. Don Johnson

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you held me close, to smell my fear
i froze in time, when you came near
lips on lips, you taste the bitterness
truth be told, you need forgiveness

i speak my heart, you remember lies
my soul cried out under midnight skies
the pain would leave, as it always would
my scars remained but i hid as best i could

its hard to speak with a mouth sewn shut
i want to heal from the deepest cut
scared to breathe my heartbeats loud
i felt alone in the biggest crowd

my tunnel vision started to cure
the vision of life is a powerful lure
so i said goodbye to the darken night
and crawled my way back to the beacon of light.

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Riding Alone

Poetic Lyrics By Thomas Lam Hsi

SAVE FROM Satan...who plays 'all' roles...the devil...the 'Lord Jesus'...
the 'Father'...the 'Holy Spirit'...all 'Other Gods'...and 'alien gods'...HE...THE
IS THE ONLY WAY TO GOD THE FATHER...and to an Actual Heaven!

Dusty roads...'n'n...DIED!
How...would...I...EVER ALL A LIE?
He said..for better...or...FOR WORSE...and I...said...EVEN...FOR WORSE!
NOTHIN..BUT...LIES...till...I...DIED...AND money...HIS LIES!

Summer Camp...a...TIME...IN-THE-SUN...'n BOWLS of FUN...and...CHILI 'n DOGS!
Journals 'n FUN...circling 'round...DUSTY ROADS...alone...LOST...TILL FOUND!
HE...WAS...SO I...till...I DIED...when...SHE CAME 'ROUND!
I...came...'round...FROM ROUND-TO-ROUND...till...I CAME AROUND!
And...BEAUTY...did...HE...say...HE FOUND [from, "You're a fatty...and a ROUND NOSE!"]!

Riding alone...on...a...WHITE STALLION...'n MY BLUE...SUEDE BOOTS!
Cool as a cucumber...HOTTER...than...WHISPERED... GOLDEN-FLAKES....on a 
What starts as...GOLDEN-BURSTS & WHITE LILIES...and...leads...TO ALTARS...

From...dusty ROADS...from...SYLVAN
'N...MY...BLUE...SUEDE BOOTS...THE...MAN...ON-THE-MOON...whispered...
YOU...were...ALONE...AGAIN! LOST...AGAIN...the...JEWELS...

I...came 'round...FROM...ROUND-TO-ROUND...a...HEART...I...FOUND...

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derriere... the spirit spark within me laughs, thinks when death does get his chance, my mates be there with bulldust chaff, for spirit wise, few bloody harps, perhaps, i should have learned some craft, but i don't bloody care :) wingless without a prayer, the wanderer is where? some other bugger laughed... you're on your derriere... at last…. Don Johnson

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Picture Perfect QB

Poetic Lyrics By Thomas Lam Hsi

SAVE FROM Satan...who plays 'all' roles...the devil...the 'Lord Jesus'...
the 'Father'...the 'Holy Spirit'...all 'Other Gods'...and 'alien gods'...HE...THE
IS THE ONLY WAY TO GOD THE FATHER...and to an Actual Heaven!

Sentient and pre-escient...a mo-men-tary...'lef hint,

Pure 'n simple...pic-ture per-fect...SHINY GRIN,
'N a...toss 'TA WIN...OF AN ALL...TIME-HIGH!

'Niny yards away...FANS SWING AWAY...OH-IT-AIN'T 'MAH DAY!
'Yella tiny ring...DOESN'T HOLDA THING...shiny X-mas wrapper...'DOWNA 

SO BOMBS AWAY...a pitter patter drill...two 'lefs...A-NOTHER SPILL...



When the lights go there's no tears...or shouts.





Pure 'n simple...pic-ture...per-fect...SHINY GRIN,
'N a toss 'TA WIN...OF AN ALL...TIME-GUY!






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Last Of The Mohicans

Once existed an indian
Tribe from Algonquian 
Linguistic stock.
Warlike in nature:power
Of the colonists were 
The hammer of God, 
Fearless,death looms 
Wherever they tread.
Fierce-looking on horse-
Backs-the foreign 
Shackles of slavery,they 
Slaves from other tribes
They made.
An ally of the English,
They triumphed over the
The only shinning star in 
The region,this dreaded 
Tribe its identity it lost:the
Death of their fallen 
Leader-the last of the 
Mohicans,was the demise 
Of a new birth.

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White light of healing

White light of healing See yourself in mind of eye, Christ spirit is a drawing nigh, Bright of white a flowing through, Black blockages a changing too, The healing power of white, The lords love and his might, A healing, just for you! White of light with tint of blue See it filling all of you, Casting woe, depression, it, Washed away, white light, Tom-Tit, Till there is no more blue, The lords light filling you, To make you well and fit! Spirit in your body holds, Nasty blocks from days of old, White light can banish this, Black blockage is dismissed, White of light takes hold And you are good as gold, Your spirit would insist! Don Johnson We are spiritual beings who inhabit an imperfect human body, we can use our spiritual being to improve our health by removing the black blockages, By seeing it happen in our minds eye…

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Religions Take a good look at the bigger religions, All started by God to give us some law, His son Adam/Christ, in a multitude of regions, Do you think that the others, he really abhors, His only begotten son, came as Enoch of old, But never to die, he was carried away, A chariot of fire, and burning brimstone, Returning to God, his will and the way, As ye sow, so ye reap, and karma subtle so sweet, Doing time, on little hell earth, Hell hinted at, upon you, surely does creep, Next time you’re coming , Your value , your worth? In the earth, If any today:) Don Johnson

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I am small never been tall..
I take risk but i scare to fall..
I put my heart as well as my soul..
Ultimately and completely my all...

They said i have a big amazing heart..
What they don't know it's only like a quart..
I love the character and the art..
These all that i always regard..

Hugs and kisses are for free..
These are simple gestures, for free..
I do not want nor need any fee..
Wholeheartedly, i'll be doing it with glee..

I give as much as i can give...
I love as much as i can love..
All i know is that i have only one life to live...
Whatever, i desire to do i will now...

For if i may not do it now...
There might come a time..
I will regret why i did not do...

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Purple Thoughts

Purple Thoughts
Purple thoughts inside my head,
Spinning clockwise I said,
Looking for the blockage fix,
Poor ole heart goes tickity tic,
But spirit does remain,

Picking up a little speed,
Turning vortex tumble-weeds,
Purple flashes coming through,
Intuition has the flu,
No blockage will impede,

Closed-doors coming into view,
See them opening, I do,
Round an round in the purple dew,
Till clarity does lead,

See the purple growing bright,
Till it almost fills the night,
Opened doors for looking through,
Blockage gone, yes woopi doo,
My spirit is the main frame. {computer}
too bloody right...
Don Johnson 10-01-13

Intuition has the flu??? my computer put it here??? a reject line

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Snickering sods with feet of clay, Who can we friggen rob today, Knock down the cleaners wage some more, Contracted 200 less a week 4 sure, And yes it is a fact, The tory bustards hate the poor! Ironic is the icy grip, As death creeps closer on a bit, Give money out, a bribe do it, Salvation bought haw haw, Think again fat hog, whaffor? Don Johnson {Australia where the government cleaners were forced to take a FORCED ON CONTRACT wage drop of $200 a week} the incessant need for greed, till you get old and frightened of your future prospects, the oh so noble :} philantrophist....... RETURNING THE ROBBERY PROCEEDS OF 70 YEARS ETC...

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Mirror Image

Mirror Image The mirror image sometimes cast, Beneath your earthbound feet, At last, Toe to toe and heel to heel, Inverted image sweet, But real, Red image there a reaching down, Your earth connection, do not frown, Your earth connection neat, Recharges the spirit, if it’s low, Solemn there ‘tween toe n toe, Till angel flow does meet, The flow comes with some heat, From fiery center earth below, Makes now for sweaty feet. Another hologram exists, Above your head, quite in-discrete, Brain to brain, head to head, the mist, Purple flashes-white completes, a system that was lame, a cosmic union tweak, Suspended brow to brow, uh-oh, Sublime, when all do meet, Passion of the power flow The overself there, envelops so, Soul path and body seeks, Intuition flows, so dreaming stops, The knowing is complete. Don Johnson

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Let There Be Sunlight

“Let There Be Sunlight”

What happened to my world.
Everything is gone now.
Step by step, down into darkness.
Away from clouds, water, sky.
From all that lives and thrives.
From that which fed me,
now I am served up poison.

My spirit is offended
I mourn.  Too much.  Too much.

Doing every possible thing
to keep eyes open, mind sharp.
Protect myself again.
Hold myself sacred.
No matter the insult to my dignity.
My intelligence will go down with me, I’m afraid.
I’m trying so Very Hard.

Let there be sunlight at dawn
and I’ll count the stars
If only I could touch compassion again.
True and pure.  Will I be able?
I will lovingly share all that I possess
Let me live in That World again
for it is a holy place and is
that from which I was born.
So shall I take up a pen and paper
til the day I can longer write words…

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sancturary so far away and so close, within the mind... a sweetness peace and sancturary, that most will never find, though tempests toss the stormy sea, and mankind is so blind, receive the great awakening, when into spirit climb... Don when it all gets fixed babe ..

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not the reaper

so rear up like a young mountain goat, head butt the horror okey doke, rip the skull from offa him, body slam him with a grin, johnson says its orright, its deathless time tonight...:( re: "The Reaper" Anthony Nutter Don

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Cap'n and the Wench -part the fourth-

Cap'n & the Wench *part the fourth* Says the Wench t'the Cap'n "Me thinks I'll 'ave me some White Lightnin' " So says the Cap'n t'the Wench "Go right ahead Me Dear~ Fer y've ne'er been quite so Frightnin' " With an Evil Grin & a Twinkle in his Eye~ So's the Wench did notice & then By & By~ & did say to the Cap'n "Be mindin' Yer P's & Q's!" "Fer Me's the Wench what Decides that which Ye Do!" "Yer no Grinnin'Porpoise & that there's no Danged Flipper!" "Har!" says the Cap'n ~ "I am though the Skipper!" The Wench danced along the Bowsprit of the Great Vessel that Night~ Whilst Mighty SeaWolf stormed along the Decks with all of his Might~ Sails which had lay flat now filled Fastly with Breeze~ Now came that night most Confused sort of Seas~ The Great ship did lay over as Far as she'd Go~ And 'twas the Wench who no longer Ran to & Fro~ Now did those geat waves Break o'er the Ship Not even the the Great SeaWolf could give 'em the Slip~ Upon the Great Ship and all Her Captain & Crew~ Had befallen the luck Uncommon to but a Few~ For the Great Ship No longer Sailed O'er the Oceans~ And the Mighty SeaWolf drifted toward other Notions~ Says the Wench to the Cap'n "Me thinks I'll rap ya up side o'yer Head!" So says the Cap'n to the Wench "Go right ahead Me Dear!~ Fer 'twas you brung young Mimi to Bed!" With an Evil Grin & a Twinkle in his Eye~ So's the Wench did notice & then By & By~ & did say to the Cap'n "Be mindin' Yer P's & Q's!" "Fer Me's the Wench what Decides that which Ye Do!" "Yer no Grinnin'Porpoise & that there's no Danged Flipper!" "Har!" says the Cap'n ~ "I am No Longer the Skipper!" The Great Ship is Never Seen Sailin' Agin on the Seas.... Spirits were Never that with which this Hardy Wench to Please! SeaWolf

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Yes its true enough, the ones of negative thought, they want to see you fail, plum duff, for naught, to no bloody avail, yer caught so there you are, dropped short, by the dopey, report....\ the wind gone from your sail. Don

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Come by chance

RHYMER FRANK HALLIWELL SENT ME POEM BY FAMOUS AUSSIE BANJO PATTERSON, ABOUT A MYSTERIOUS COME BY CHANCE TOWNSHIP, THAT DON'T EXIST.... to Frank so come by chance becomes a poem, for the dreamers of the garden gnomes, till the witless in their folly, give up this ghasty dance, and the sheep do run it terror, from their romantic advance, bleating c'mon termorrer, it's our only Kiwi chance, begorrah... (AUSSIE JOKE ABOUT POMS AND SHEEP MAKING KIWIS , New Zealanders) Don

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The Sea-Farers And The Sea

Flow! Flow! Flow!
Thou sea of silence
Carrying friends and foes
The gentle sounds of 
Waves lapping thru the
Evening like a moving
 Blow! Blow! Blow!
Thou east wind,thy 
Tender hands caress our 
Gliding bark as we break 
Into the warm waters.
Look! The sun gazes at 
These sea-farers whose 
Quest we know not.
Far beyound the horizon
Lies treasures of untold 

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prince of persecution

The prince of persecution, A petty little man, Petty ponsy polititian, Who picks on the poor, And thinks it’s grand? Blinded by it’s giant ego, Arrogant, bloody boor, a grinning, Has corruption opened doors? The evil side is winning, “People power” will turf him sure, If, not as brainless as before, Haw de haw haw… . Don

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Jerusalem, Jerusalem

parody,  ballad

I was a child creating kidstuff,
I lied and cheated just enough
to feel the guilt when all alone at home.
I copied homework from friend Sue
and passed it down the row to Lou.
We knew so little of Jerusalem.

Jerusalem, Jerusalem  (chorus repeats after each verse)

When in the end, I turned a teen
I tried the drug and boozing scene.
With just a few bad trips, it all hit home.
I spent a weekend in the jail
I thought I’d died and gone to hell.
No peace in that place,  no Jerusalem.

So glad was I when they said to me
let’s go to church as family.
It was belief that brought us to Shalom.
We’d fought like cats and dogs for aye
There had  to be a better way.
True contentment began at Jerusalem.

Of course, there is a God above!
I know Him as the God of love.
He  made the rules and guides us on to home.
He wrote the law, then paid the price
Son, Jesus  came as sacrifice
so we could know the way to Jerusalem.

'Twas there I learned to place me last
to put God first;  now when they ask,
“How come on Sundays you never stay at home?”
I am one who found that lost chord
no longer scared to serve my Lord -
I’ve found the peace that comes in Jerusalem.

I did not take Christ’s name in vain
I am a Christian with much to gain
and thus I greet you with a hearty Shalom.
I cannot keep Christ to myself
I cannot put Him on the shelf
for He is the Way to blest Jerusalem.

Jerusalem means  place of peace;
Jerusalem needs no police.
we’ll see that when God comes to take us home.
Salvation means that we have learned
forgiveness never will be earned.
This gift is from the Hope of Jerusalem.

substituting these lyrics for Larry Cohen's Masterpiece 'HALLELUJAH.'
I make no apology for the up-beat nature of this parody.
Cohen and I just found different lost chords.

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I have not seen this sea, which you 
speak of so fondly every once in a while.

but I'd hear the slowed-down breathing,
the long pause
when you tell stories of old people 
that died, of brave men that once 
sailed with their boats
to cross vast continents
and trade,
and then sail again for home
where they’d find their wives and children
waiting for their return.

You are still out there sailing,
and I am here 
hoping you'd reach home soon.
I know where that home is.
But you have to fight to get there.
I could wait for centuries
and be still until 
you're home finally. Don't fret.  
Sail, love, wherever that sea 
with its raging current  
takes you.

And when you reach shore,
You'll find me there standing,
waiting for you.

This piece is an interpretation of “Layag Sug” 
sent by someone known only as Samantha Buendia.
I am posting with permission.

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dodge dat trukkk

i just shoulda not jumped in front of dat trukkkk....joke sent to me.. saw it happen going to work one morning, guy jumped in front of a speeding bus in his little car, and braked for the amber light, ......kerlunkkkkkkkkkk.....writeorfff If ya drivin in ya car, ya dumb dum galah, and ya thinking of dicing with a truck, the buggers caint stop, pull up, till ya deadly ded-head, out of luck, and the bitumen is red from your guitar, so stay away from truckers bumperbars, cos funerals always seem 2 bloody suck, stay in that other lane, ol hound-dog Huck ... Don Johnson Been a trucker and seen people cause accidents by jumping in front of speeding Trucks 18 wheelers etc.....they caint stopppppp...if they is carrying several tons, to grind you into jam:(

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Where the Rockfish Lurk

Where the river runs into the Chesapeake Bay. 
The currents run strong and they say "Beware". 
Many a man has ignored it and sunk to his doom.

On white capped waters beneath a crystal blue sky 
where a thousand men live by the tide, 
one boy drifts and awaits the return of the moon.

In a tiny row boat with a four horse Merc. 
He braves the bay to where the Rockfish lurk. 
Gonna catch him a big one and prove to his Dad he's a man.

When the waters went still and the wind began. 
He was too young to know the mess he was in. 
He never turned back when the bay started yelling it's name.

The boat pitched forward and rocked to the back. 
Waves so high that the sky went black 
but the boy stayed steady and never showed any fear.

A white Bucktail on ten pound test, 
he dropped the line off the side and grabbed a life vest. 
He held on tight to his rod as the storm drew near.

Thunder clapped and the sky lit up. 
The boy got excited when his rod gave a tug. 
He never noticed the water that was filling his boat.

He started reeling with all of his might 
when the angry old bay joined in on the fight. 
Against a boy no longer, a fight against a full grown man.

When the storm passed by and the sky turned blue. 
A boat on the beach with a small red shoe 
and the biggest Rockfish ever landed in the Chesapeake Bay.

In a tiny row boat with a four horse Merc. 
A boy braved the bay to where the Rockfish lurk 
and lived to tell his story over and over again.

The Applethoughtrotten

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Ghosties oh i believe in ghosties mate ... had evidence several times to date.... the hook that held back the door, a floggin flogging flogging, sure, against the wall, till i said, "what is it mate." "Ring your mother she is sad, upset about Diana, her daughter cut her off, how grand, mad as a Sand-Goanna." So i phoned my mum and she was sad, and we talked and talked for hours, it was only 2 am, ~the dead do have these powers~ Another time Dad touched my arm, and said yes come with me, into the purple bedroom, bloody white ants you will see, so i scanned the walls and sure they were, a bubbling under paint, my old Dad you cant ignore, he is there, never aint :} Don Johnson

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Tourist traps

Tourist traps Can a plonker should a plonker, love a San-Goanna stonker, not unless he’s bloody bonkers coming is de crazy cats in white, see crazy San-Goannas running, sucking birds eggs, an out a hunting , Kookaburra eating snakes humming, Ha, ha. ha, ha, sweet delight… Mr tourist, watchem watchem, Keep the eyeball sharp insight, Funnel web, dodge and sidestep, Death is coming with his bite Watchem mr death by adder, Step on him will fang ya badder, Piddle from the bloody bladder, Hysterectomy of fright, Mr Death do say goodnight… Don Johnson no bities are getting ironed out by Aussies, some are protected like brown snakes, Brisbane still has Brown snakes and Kangaroos, though they are rare here...Funnell web spider is found in the Toowoomba mountain area and in Sydney suburbs out for trapdoor web over an inch or bigger hole in ground....

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Babysitting bloody Goats

Babysitting bloody goats, Babysitting bloody goats, Baaaa baaaa twinkletoes has notes, Trying to get some bloody sleep, Sounds like a rabid rancid sheep, a lonesome goat, you know it, wheres that bloody clive a sitting, climbing screen doors, its not quiting, Sue heard one on the ole tin roof, twinkle toes tap tap 2 do it? Blaurgggggght says the nanny goat, Crazy bludger's tunes out of note, Drops poor ole Johnson in it? Ferret dog emasculated, Banged and thumped and castigated, Head butted by 2 nannies sure, Doesn’t want it any more, Sidestepping Ferret voted! Waiting for ole Clive to come, With the red van goats do hum, Head butting ole screen door, Blaurgh where are you clive, whaffor? Goat chops for tweededum, Cant eat your mates they hum, Be quiet my moral core, They won….Don Johnson 79219/posts/10203114820445074?comment_ id=10203114886406723&offset=0&total_comments=7

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FATE? Some say that retribution's fine, high intervention seems divine. The spark of lightning's suffered break, no satisfaction do I take, coincidence doth make this rhyme. by vk4pr Don Or how a knockers early 1990 8088, 10 megahertz computer got scorched by lightening years ago when i was using Ham radio a bit more often Carolyn, poor ole radio sits alone, used to talk to my dad on it, i own, recorded his stories on an ole reel tape, perhaps frequency movie i can ape, hope ya healthy happy babe, a going, johnsons gone so hold the phone:) on ya baba, love....Don John Smith, I annoyed a Ham, lightening hit his antennae mast, scorched his modem and toway radio,what a blast, jumped into the old xt computer box, an blue the bejesus out of its socks, onetimes not:) MORAL don't pick on poor ole johnson:(

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~A Thief~Good Grief~

Behin' bared doors, beneath yer floors, in cozy dens and caverns deep y'll find me der down under de stair where gutter rats scamper and silverfish sleep. "Who can I be, hmmmm let me see. I be a thief Good Grief!" On to Ol' Town's docks walks Goldylocks decked in de heights a fashion in 'er purse I peeks, I rummage, I sneaks discoverin' coin for me passion! Den off to de park fer another mark, I grimace and frown appearin de clown Whilst signin' for de gang we makes a plan ta break all de rules in de 'ole damn town. Soon der's a tussel wid all of dis muscle den me fingers kin creep in 'is pockets deep grabbin' the loot I's trained ye see yet, what I find i donna na keep. Who can I be, hmmmm let see, I be a thief Good Grief! At Marchant's Oak near Fayrin's rest Down forest paths,through high grass I stalk de traders, cause I loves dem best Why let me see who can I be so crass? Who can I be, hmmmm let see, I be a thief Good Grief! But surin what I find I will na keep Dough stealing be me duty, I'll give ye back whats in yer pack Fer I be an Honorable beauty. And if per chance ye needs a hand Wid opening treasure boxes cutie.. Donna get smart wid some other tart who'll walk off wid yer booty! Just 'ave a cheer fer I be 'ere ~Honoravillana at yer duty!
Dis 'err piece a work be dedicated to de Raven ‘aired beauty name of Constance La France

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Lady Arcane

[Daughters of Lamia] Today we walk from our graves You can't wish, pray it away The Inflamed Coven's emerged You Will receive what you deserve Retribution of the flaming shade Your Malice will be paid, In Harm's way [Aharhel] Her Convoluted face burning with fear Of the fall of the gate seering their minds with the deft of the legion The Army of the plague Scourges your land Scourges your Children Scourges your hope [Lady Arcane] I, The White Madonna - The Poison Mistress Hold The Rose to Salvation - Hold The Fruit to Arcane Closer, Come, Child you are mine [Daughter's of Lamia] Lady Arcane wants your fear Lady Arcane wants you near Lady Arcan is here Lurking In your tears clinging to your spilled blood the east has always been near The Left hand reaches to the right side in disguise In Malice's Disguise Therionacy break you down to thy knees To Thy Knees!

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if i was born a girl next time, id be chasing lovely women fine, androgenous right here don't fit, since god separated adam from eve a bit? as i tell my ex grandaughter, my new grandson....wrong body hun:) SO MAKE THE BEST OF IT... Don re: Therese Bacha "A to Z"

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Fowl karma

haha...yes no laughing matter mate..."
Chicken Karma" by Peter Duggan 

the fowl strikes back , 
a chook attack,
 the humans slack, 
might get their come uppance, 
and come a crupper, 

 love it mate..... 

Reply....As ye sow, you get corny, 
and reap uncooked forlorn prawnys .... 
ones deed comes up to speed , 
car on the racing track, 
comes around yes indeed, 
next time it gives you a smack,
 karma on the racetrack steed, 
a hurting memory Jack

.... Don

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THE LAND THAT BELONGS TO ROBIN HOOD The days of Robin Hood finds youthful good. A rightful mind he has, when he is defensive. He travels to land beyond for adventure. While he trek, he came upon a Clan of Bobcats. He took his sword and deployed to kill, if they did not conform. He spoke and said, “I seek to conquer!” They fought a great battle. Robin Hood and his men ended their travels and reformed a world. The Clan of Bobcats became normal and their women and children rejoiced. Today where this Robin fought is a landmark. ________________________________________| Sponsor: Isaiah Zerbst Contest Name: Robin Hood Entry Date: 03/22/2014 Date Written: 03/22/2014 Motif: Travel

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No penality

No penality...(in Australia) There is no penalty aint no penalty mate… The old crim smirked and laughed out loud As they sat with a beer and a steak Do what you like he told the crowd The doo gooders laws are cake Break the law in Singapore get flogged for your mistake the penalty there will make you sure don’t get caught in that island state the druggie drove with his foot to the floor cursing motorists in his wake nocked down old Thelma dead for sure 3 months for his mistake We know it is a system fault That stops a computer mate Do we have nothing up top in our vault Do we control our fate Minority groups control the world The masses have no say Anarchys banner is unfurled And the terrorists protected hey Don Johnson Should we have a referendum to return the old respected system of law and order That worked well in the sixties …yes for sure .. Without discipline anarchy prevails

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Desert Head

Desert Head The tales they told of ole sailor Fred, Had skin-grafts a grafted on top of his head, To keep out the baldness, a triangular patch, Touch of a p smell coming, perhaps, with the new hairy faerie thatch, stay upwind & have a care, They Hand grafted his pubic hair, The curly stuff sort-ov a growing there, no cause for blinking despair, like a new turf a growing instead, on yester-years billiard ball head, there goes Freddy the Lair * : }- tuit sweet, complete with new hare, and the curls begot curls, so they said, {pretty boy} Don Johnson

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Luekemia luekemia, the atomic bloody curse, Menzies the magnificent allowed 12 atom bombs to burst, The order of the garter for the boofhead Aussie clown, Became a sir or mr on the tory side of town, 15,000 bones were kept, suspicious deaths the score, Old soldiers still die today, Luekemia abhor, Aunty Clare was 21 back in the nineteen fiftys, Cancer killed her, smoking sure, Liuekemia wasn't bloody nifty., Strontium 90 in the milk, Radioactive was the grass, Bulging bloody thyriods in the sheep, Where ole Marston looked and asked, (CSIRO) Right across Australia. The convict spawn of Australia were deemed Expendale by the Pommy overlords... Don Johnson A lot of children died of the radiation. People died young of Lukemia, cancer, eg my Aunty Clare at 21, Dirranbandi Heather Lindsay died young too at Dirranbandi. She was just one of many. John Brummell died 40 years later as did Harvey Johnson, so we had quick and slow deaths....

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Joe Black-Cat

Joe black Cat black as the night, gone in flight, when you turn he isnt there, locks dont hold, the black im told,, has buggered off orright, brown snakes do run in fright, cos the black he isn’t there, and Halliwell tears his hair, as Joe bestalks the night…. Don Take yer eyes off Joe and he's gone, tangled with a few deadly Brown snakes already, wheres the antivennine hey..... LORIKEET IS the owner of the black kitty

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Mommas are the little ones, who carry us for most a year, Prop us up till we are strong, forgive us for the hurt and fears, so look after Mum, She is the one so dear... Don Johnson been spending 3 days a week with my 90 year old Mum...

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Another job

Another job Get yourself another job, Says the bloody Tory snob, Commo’s under the bed he says, Dead an buried are those days, Few Commo’s left Magog… (Communists) Trying 4 a job to get, Tory buggers will not let, Want the contract, just with me, Lowest wage bidder, gets it see, paltry greedy type of snob, Cheapest worker gets the job, Builds a Tory money tree, More greed & frequently, The rich get richer Bob, On the sweat of thee, Yet the unions had their way, Got us wages for today, Greedy master wants it cheap, Keep down the worker, it’s a sheep, Exploited in every day, As the super rich do say, Import cheap workers, cheep, but judgement comes to they, born poor and in the ditch, next time 2 suffer nasty itch, more suffering the more on bones of butt 4 sure, clean bowled without a stitch, why the suffering deplore? Not knowing, doesn’t click, Un-remembered crimes before, Logic, God’s and mans do mix, Cool reaping, are you poor? Ol sheep… Don Johnson

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not bliss

after my wife left me, i had 8 women on the go, guess that makes me a so n so, but i was lonesome, missed, but i wasn't to find bliss, so lonesome stays with this, i know.... Don called em all mate?

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Foul fowl I was staggering to the mall, in my own decrepid way, When I got accosted by a Shiela, who shook my hand said ‘hey’, Busy as a flustered bee, I brushed her off today, A parting quip from her it came, “With rotten breath, I'd not be game, To walk the streets, like sweet Igraine, A toilet duck would drown in pain, This bludger is insane, Beware foul, fowl, hey, hay.” Don Johnson i have this affect on women....

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I can only see you from a story.
I can feel your face physically in the air.
Drawing, laminating and framing with pride.
The pride that keeps you firm up high. 
I will stand to defend you. 

The truth shall be my weapon. 
The enemy will never win.
Stand firm my hero. 
My beloved swishing blade
sculptured in my heart. 

As my point of loving you
love you like Rasulallah
that Allah has commanded every man.

Keep going my beloved warrior of the high seas.
Your name is eternally inscribed in the Luh Mahfuz.
You are the people of the path.
Walk through that path firmly. 
Allahu Akbar!

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Coming from the misty lake Lough Leane
Came a beautiful maiden of the name of Niamh
Upon a mare, for she is not from the world of man
A seraphic princess from Anwnn
Upon the shores she claimed around his kin
"I have came for Oisin son of Finn"
"Maiden you come to me so alluringly 
I am he, if we marry for all eternity!"

And so he rode upon her horse to the secrets of Anwnn
For he and she, they'd be happy for all eternity 

Come with me to Anwnn
I am she, your queen Niamh
I have come for you Oisin, son of Finn
Don't leave me or you'll see 
The age of man
The age of man
The age of man

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The Boy and the Dragon -PART TWO OF TWO-

“Very good” the young boy said,
And walked up to the cave.
“I bet you cannot burn this.
No one is that brave.”

“Why not! The dragon roared,
And took another breath.
He exhaled the heated fires of Hell,
Making the cave wall as black as death

“Impressive.” The boy smiled.
But this last one may be a push.
This task is near impossible:
I want you to burn that dry bush.

The dragon let out a hearty laugh
And prepared for one last slaughter
But the boy ran over to the river
And filled his bucket with water.

The boy closed his eyes and concentrated
On never being afraid
“I’m okay; I can beat this monster.”
He gripped tighter to his blade.

The boy was small and very weak
And he wasn’t too quick with a blade,
But the boy was smart and much too clever
And he never acted afraid

So the dragon inhaled one last time
And heated up his throat
He closed his scaly eyes,
And prepared to give the bush a firey coat.

But the boy jumped in with his bucket
And doused the dragon’s mouth
Then he grabbed his flask and drank a potion
To make him unseen if things go south

The dragon looked about in confusion
For everything happened so fast
“Where did you go, you stupid boy?
And where is my fire?” he asked

“I am invisible!” the boy said with glee
It’s my dad’s secret potion.
And you’ve run out of fire because of this bucket
Which was filled up with water and set into motion

The scaly dragon hung his head
And sighed a smoky sigh.
“I’m just so glad that you helped me out
And now I must say goodbye.

“You see, I couldn’t stop my terror
For I am simply much too scary.
But now that you have stopped my fire,
I can laugh and be cheerful and merry!”

The boy smiled and watched the dragon 
as he flew off into the night.
The boy turned around and headed home,
Worn out from the fight.

But when the boy reached his home,
He was greeted with a cheer
There was shouting and laughing and singing and dancing
And quite a bit of beer

The king stood up to give a speech
And raised his bubbling cup
“To the boy!” he yelled and sat back down
As a chant began to rise up

“The boy is small and very weak
And he isn’t too quick with a blade,
But the boy is smart and much too clever
And he never acts afraid”

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The big wheel

The speed, invigorating,
damp mist, breeze through my hair,
aghast at the roar's and scream's from a far,
faster and faster,
my palm's getting clammier and clammier,
stillness in mid air,
my heart skips a beat,
please, please get me to my feet.

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Distant Shores are Calling

Light pours down 
  on mallorn trees
The eyes of the elves
peer out in the woods
Their home is Lothlorien 
Their royalty Celeborn and Galadriel
Yet sadness overcomes them 
Since they realize they must 
leave their beloved home
  Distant shores are calling
The Elven - folk's time in 
        Middle - Earth 
is coming to an end
    Ships await them in the harbor
They are called to travel 
to Western shores beyond 
the rolling waves 
The age of Men is coming
  Many fair things will disappear 
As mortals stride upon the lands
  once meant for immortal elves 
Distant Shores are calling 
For elves a thousand years is a brief moment 
For men a thousand years means the rise and fall 
of entire civilizations 
Yet in Middle-Earth 
the brief lives of men 
will be the sign posts 
by which the land is ruled 
There is a power which causes change
Even for immortal beings, change 
is an ever present companion 
Distant shores are calling
(first published in Beyond Bree August 2012)

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Elvis-worm Eternity comes when you’re out of breath, breathless paralytic your stone deaf, when the funny stroke is due, your body melting too, all part of the deef n deaf, an overheated you, is left, the flaccid blue, Elvis worm the building left, Bugger, No diddle-dum diddly too, Bereft, bay-lou… Don

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Freddy the Fly

Dapper Freddy,
the house fly
and this is a fly
not prone to lie

he does buzz around
at breakneck speed
he wears his crown
a fly-king,  indeed

a cinch for him
to ceiling walk
or climb up walls
he can even fly-talk!!

yes Freddy is cool,
he really is
just passed my eyes
he sure did wiz

well Freddy was in search
of a Mrs. Freddy Fly
tired of being a bachelor
I don't know why

he did woo his share
of lovely gnats
everytime one went by
he'd remove his hats

Freddy was also brave,
fearing not insect spray
nor swift used swatter
the more he was hunted
the more his temperature got hotter

one day Freddy will likely die
perhaps his fly-body landing 
on a window sill
seems the place they end up
more oft than not
even without an insect spray shot

so go on your merry way for now,
Freddy Fly, my dear little fly-friend
just stay away from my food
or meet your Freddy Fly end!!

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Sir Archibald and The Black Knight - Part 2

“That girl’s going nowhere; she’s got socks to clean!”
The Black Knight did answer, he really was mean.
“If you’ve come here to get her I’ll give you a kick,
And knock you over with my big pointy stick!”

“So be it,” said Archie, “I’ll give you a chance,
To beat me on horseback, with sword or with lance!”
The Black Knight closed his visor and climbed on his horse,
A steed known as Twilight (he was black too of course!).

They rode at each other as fast as they could,
Both aiming their lances as all good knights should,
Sir Archibald’s lance hit the Black Knight square on,
He fell off his horse and our hero had won.

“Oh please do not hurt me!” the Black Knight did cry,
“I’ve grazed both my knees and got mud in my eye.
You can take the fair maiden. I’ll look after my health,
By not picking fights and doing housework myself!”

The girl was so happy her eyes filled with tears,
She had been locked in that tower for years and years.
She’d been there for so long her beautiful hair,
Had grown longer and longer, it lay everywhere.

The poor maiden cried, “I may have to stay,
I cannot escape here. My hair’s in the way!”
 “Don’t worry my dear; I’ve got something for that!”
And he scooped it all up in a big purple hat.

And so ends our tale, just as it should be,
With hero and maiden both safe and happy,
And the evil Black Knight, whom we mustn’t forget,
Is now whiter than white, and owns a laundrette.

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Night's a groovy lady

Orange lights shine from street lamps, 
orange lights shine on what is paved,
Something about the tail end of our conversation 
left me feeling slightly vague. 

This car has 
Translucent windows, 
like a submarine out at sea, 
the current swallows red headlights
while exhaling shiny, tipped waves 

Looking through the rearview mirror, 
The night was staring back at me. 
She’s a delicate, psychedelic lady
Ripe with her purity. 

Reading the white lights of the city, 
I place a book mark for a rainy day. 
gliding towards the illuminated tunnel 

(traffic sounds)

Into Bustling traffic, 
and faster paced people,     
I never considered cigarettes, 
until I washed up,
 onto this flickering scene.  

Sirens sound, 
Traffic skates, 
strangers smile and frown. 

got myself a traveling circus, 
of people I call friends. 

Funny how little flares of imagination 
send us shooting to the stars-

(party sounds)

like banging of pots and pans
The ruckus in the room, 
has me bouncing off the walls

Police Officers, 
neon green tuxedos-  
Penny Lane.  
we are all just here tonight, dancing, 
along this colorful, crazy row-boat of life.  

we are all just here tonight dancing- 
like sunlight touching diamonds, 
we are dancing   

Funny how little flares of imagination, 
send us all stringing along.

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Treasure chest

On an Ancient forbidden 
Arrived Pirates of The 
Jack Sparrow and David 
Joined forces to expose 
my bones
Off my flesh, 
accompanied by their 
dead boys(Crews)

A fierce battle occured in 
the jungle
I faught for unseen 
treasure bearing faith of 
an angel
Like underground 
scorpions my traps struck 
their ankels
I became the last man 

I found my way to the 
chest spot
I dug and dug
Guess what, just an 
empty box
Only a piece of paper 
with printed 
instructions :" Survey thy 
heart and thee shall not 
be lost".

The letter explained :
A treasure chest lies 
Sacred places where the 
mind has been
A land of good and evil 
Depending what is 
allowed in,,

Then i searched and 
Nothing was there to find
Till a chicken's egg 
And i remembered, it is 
Realising my heart was 
the Treasure Chest
I felt stupid and releaved

Now I can confidently 
say :
In my treasure chest 
resides good
Good to be called "Soul 
Sugar, spice & everything 
My treasure
My pride

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Our Worth

Our Worth
The curse on the half smart scammer,
Born next time in-to a slum,
Toothless the gift of the paltry damned,
when Karma is verily summed,

Sow nasty and you reap of the nasty,
Plant good and the good it will come,
An eye for and eye, if you ask me,
The thief loses all, till there’s none,

Why we return to ole prison earth,
Doing our time, when we come,
The greedy will now be as poor as a serf,
The rich man a poor stumble chum,

To sum up the reason, of why ,
People find hell, right from their birth,
The soul is weighed in the balance, sigh,
Devalued from rich to a twerp,
Angels, just aint got a feather to fly:}

Don Johnson

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Little Troll

Little Troll a little troll i said to she, that is your friend, at work she be, and then the dollars missing went, and down the shop she went and spent, ole johnson said it, see, the nursing home cast her free, and there was no dissent, cept the Troll, she wanted a wee, beware some Trolls are bent.... Don Johnson Re: The Trouble With Trolls Debbie Duncan

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Void et Time suffering

Void et Time suffering 

Perceived across the void of time, little crimes are little crimes, but pay for them you must, though we return to dust, the spirit aint doing fine, it gets a bit nonplussed? A better life it thought 4 sure, be born to riches haw, haw, haw, come uppance on the cusp, the shitty stick is just, you earned this place, pore, paw, so sow to reap what kind of sheep, or stay down with the poor, greed and avarice drives you deep, dog paddle for the shore, Logic is of this world, the games afoot tuit sweet, ignore it, pay the price, be hurled, where darkness shows bare feet? Do you want it anymore? Be a nicer sheep you bleat, if suffering, karmic logic bores, if why is incomplete? Son Johnson

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Super Pawn

Super Prawn
The super pawn can win the game,
You reach the Queen spot,
 not insane?
To stretch the brain do-try-it do
God power induced, right on bloody cue,
“Pawn of fire” gives him name,

The Bishops have the Knight powers too,
The Knight is also diagonal, can will doo,
A very different same,
Him, Johnson does explain

New field of battle lines are drawn,
Just watch out for the devils s-pawn,
More pieces getting slain,
Perhaps a bitter frame,
The rotting dead a few,
Pawn of fire wins the game…

Don Johnson
Needs work …help hehe

thank you babe...

Rose Avatar
Mystic Rose

Are you playing a sweet game of chess Don,
 In the battle field the lines are drawn
 We break the devils horns, 
and pawn All his pieces overthrown and slain 
He's forced to leave in Jesus name, amen xxx 
Of course it's me, who else would leave a comment like this,
 be good babe xxx

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Not Gone

Not Gone side stepped, left stepped through the veil, still around though words do fail, still connected there with you.... in thoughts an things you do, upon your lonesome trail....:{ Don re: Anne Rutherford "Whispering"

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Stroke meditation 4 u


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Dont go

Don't go
Don't go
I said no
But I mean, I don't know.

The black moon is drowning over the opal sea.
And my heart is a giant eagle beyond my will.

Hold my hand,
Hold my hand,
I said I'm not ready,
But I mean, I don't know.

The red sun is exploding in a plum blue sky.
And my heart is a giant eagle beyond my will.

Sleep with me,
Sleep with me,
I said I'm not sure,
But I mean, I don't know.

The Lightening in my soul is burning, burning burning.
And my heart is a giant eagle beyond my will.

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card from the deck

Sometimes we draw, the card from the deck, a pain in de rissole, painful as heck, fate fakes the magic, And fatal we swoon, prearranged so tragic ironic the tune, till we do our time in the sack, no escape no going back, till we escape from the light of the moon? a sanity attack, and over all too soon, alas and bloody alack... don

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forgotten soul immersed in time,
born to live till death sublime,
not too sure what was my crime,
but we will endure it,
7th level, sings n chimes...

great poem babe.... Debbie Duncan

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Putin v Abbot

G20-Blue At the G20 meeting, many nations steps they trod, where the Abbot in his Budgies, tried to fight the Putin sod, oh it came down to leaders, now to fight a war for us, no casualties no bleeders, just the fisticuffs and stuff, {ideal war let the leaders do it} the new age brought a war change, it was just a man on man, and the victor won the battle, and the boundaries changed again, Putin with a drop-kick, caught ole Abbot by the ear, and he would have bit it off, but the dandruff tasted queer, cos he said it needed salt? so they frolicked and they tussled till the Abbot got a chop, and he sent it to the kitchen, needed onions on the top? Putin was disgusting when he got the Christmas holt, and the budgie smugglers cringed, did his testes bloody moult? But Abbot whispered in his ear, and took it up a gear, Pissle whipped the Rusky dolt, who had given up his holdt, cos he said he wasn't queer, just a Russian farm boy colt, Abbot he did sneer at the Billy Stinker Goat, and they sat there sucking beer, till the lights were dim with bloat, : return we will at daylight, when the rooster crows his note, to fight another day, a winner yet, unquote? Don Johnson

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The throb of heavy engines rises swiftly to a roar, 
The brakes released; the asphalt strip unwinds, 
Airborne - she passes low above the surf along the shore, 
The island's runway quickly drops behind.

The bomber claws for altitude beneath the star-strewn sky
Her name will bring a chill in years ahead, 
And whether it was right or wrong the world will wonder why
And the weapon's name will be intoned with dread.

Some fifteen hundred miles north-west the history books await
On that monday morning back in forty-five
Seventy thousand victims, unsuspecting of their fate
Wait unknowing for extinction to arrive.

And forty thousand feet above, a mere speck in the sky
Enola Gay, on final; starts her run, 
The bomb bay doors deliver their dire cargo from on high
And the day will shortly see a second sun.

A city bathed in sunshine waits unknowing for its doom
As its citizens began their final day
And at 8: 15 that morning saw the deadly flower bloom
And the heartland of a city swept away! 

And thousands of the innocent, before their time to die; 
The young, the old, the babes at mothers breast...
As the mushroom cloud expanding hurtled headlong for the sky
Were vaporized along with all the rest.

In the heart of Hiroshima is one building that still stands
With its rafters gaping open to the sky, 
And it stands as a reminder of the folly that is man's
And all the world will always wonder why.

8: 15am Monday, August 6 1945.

>>> Hiroshima is gone.<<< 
Frank Halliwell

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Amiens 1918

Amiens 1918 So line up in the trenches boy, Aussies go over the top, If you don’t walk into the machine guns, For cowardice you’ll be shot, (choices hey) The smell of death is on the wind, Pay it no never mind, The rotting corpses, soldiers, thinned, The reaper doesn’t mind, …………………………….. Walter Leeson had been wounded twice, Last time shot through the knee, At Amiens he hobbled forward slowly, nice, Machine gun got him see, Three times into the machine guns walked, They killed him finally, So we have his photo on the wall, A soldiers, French grave, you see, My mum’s uncle Walter … Don Johnson

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subtle strokes for different folks, 
from the subtle analyser,
sins of the many, holy smoke,
 i wonder if im ready to fry fer:) 


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Social Injustice

Social Injustice Purging Purgatory holds a few, of numb nuts on the planet, reprobates could make you spew , like a bloody half baked Gannet, social justice is sinking low, where the LNP does rule, [ tories] careful how your words do go, incorrect-u-mundo, bloody fool, National party in the bush, In the likes of Longreach town, Wear the Drover Moleskins, pants, the push, And blue shirts, come to frown, Drive on past the local cafes and stores, In their big ole four wheel drives, Out to the Airport, bloody sure, How Sir and Mister [class] survives, Cotton came to Cubbie station, Now owned by the great Chinese, I was there on the woodheap yeah, When class distinction had some freeze, Jackaroo & Manager, sit in the dining room, Station hands, into the kitchen creep, But we are cool, with the Aboriginal rule, Eating: On the woodheap, down with the sheep, For we are the despised working class, The brainless as a sheep, Swallow lies and propaganda, alas, Pawns of the super rich, come cheappppp :} Don

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warm december

we seem to spend some time together, alas one of two must leave, we grow apart ...separate, surrender, another's time to grieve, the mood is sometimes blue, when looking back remember, good times we received that warm december..... too. Don re Debbie Duncan "Change of Season"

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Avarice To sit at the right hand of God, See the Angels read from evil lists, The great whore of Babylon, aint happy, she has the greed of the Devils mist, money was made in the mines were, a greedy un sufferable ditch, not enough to be worth many millions, cheap labor, she sure has the itch, an eye for an eye says Jehova, Somalia, her tent there to pitch, And hungrier still when it’s over, When Karma puts in her next stitch The wealth of the earth comes to nothing, And you leave just as poor as you came, And nastiness sticks in your craw now, Old stupid she played the greed game:} Don Johnson

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Come an get the gall-fat Harry

Come an get the gall-fat Harry, Dirranabandi in the thirties , Poor ole Crothers had to frown, Boomi-Jack’s got a sheep down, Sucking chops an eating, clown, Come an get the gall-fat Harry, Harry Crothers was the local Squatter, Boomi the bush arsonist, Burnt out the Eight mile, good an proper, Was partial to some sodgy parsnips, Come an get the gall-fat Harry, Boomi-Jacks got a sheep down, Harry owned the Eight mile, Harrys grass was burnt and gone, Burnt out for ole Lindsay, Harry sacked him, fore he’d gone, Come an get the gall-fat Harry, Boomi-Jacks got a sheep down, Payback of the Boomi-Jack, Ten bob paid to Boomi-Jack Burning Belah trees on the track, Burnt em into little logs, Fascinated by cross-burnt nogs, But no he wasn’t slack? Boomi crossed the ole Balonne, River bridge, his shadow cast upon, Copper spoke from the other side, on on, “Boomi-Jack, you’re jailed tarred and gone”, Boomi dumped the jolly jumbuck, In a river running a banker, but, “Want the evidence swim for it copper, Otherwise you is outa luck”:} Don Johnson gall fat was the fat round the kidneys on a sheep, used for cooking on the nineteen fiftys, wood stove i used to have my eggs fried under kidney fat, great tucker never mind the cholestrial ... YOU AINT LIVED TILL YOU TRY THIS DELICASY:} Fifty years ago in Dirranbandi 400 mile west of the Brisbane coast, people were robbed of their rightful wages and took an occasional Sheep off the master who was MR or Sir ....The Sir Squatter ate his neighbours sheep or cattle too ... If it dared to eat his grass it paid the price:}

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Comment on Blasphemus Bill by Robert Service Old Billl had left the valleys green and gone away northwest, to the snow and ice and the and freezing vice, of a subtle winters chill, survived, till the ice his heart had filled, deadly cold instilled, demise.... Don

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Ethel-red add-on

then there came the fiery one, red headed rancid Reeta, she threw hot coals into his bed, an flew on him the cheater, they wrestled and they fought like dogs, but she was fierce with anger, the smoke n fire did billow, fog, burning flesh ere the manger, so they sprang into the icy sea, made love till they were soggled, Odin looking down, with a tiny frown, dubbed em hairy Gog n Magoggle Don

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passion flows

yet passion flows in every word, the bard has spoken, we have heard , the rhapsody of life, cuts cleanly like a knife, it flutters like a bird , a kite... Don good one Joe Maverick ole mate.... re: "passions play"

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to change the past,
erase the line,
write happy words ,
erase the crime,
to dwell on hurt,
burnt acid time,
with alas alack,
 i'm doing fine?  
or am i?

methinks we are here to suffer,
at different levels, for our souls rhyme???  
good luck mate...

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Tip the balance

Tip the balance If you tip the balance and bugger the score, Like we’ve been doing a hundred years and more, Billions of tree their life force gone, Tree spirits like a billion pawns, Cut down and burnt to ashes, Indonesian skies were black, From burning fires, mass smoke attack, Malaysia disappeared into the fog, The smoke from a burning billion logs, Where the Orangataung, he dashes, The Amazon trees in billions gone, And drought comes now where it don’t belong, But money greed is fierce and strong, Forests gone, butchered by the greedy nong, Once Feet of rain fell and there it belongs, where now there are no splashes .:{ just eco system ashes…. Don Johnson IT WAS THAT BAD A FEW YEARS BACK THAT MALAYA WAS COMPLETELY ENSHROUDED BY SMOKE FOR WEEKS....

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Another harsh Winter we must face It Matters not, no one can escape Fate Not Even The Gods With Bravery we shall Stand Strong In Care we shall advance onto Vigrid Fenrir Will Lay dead By Dawn's Perch Trim Your Nails, to Prevent Naglfar It's time to suit up; We Are The Einherjar Protector's of Ragnorak The Army of The Gods The Lovers of Valhalla All of Midgard will sing Of our triumph and their Defeat Sadly all will come, In a twinkling To An Utter End Madi, Magni, Sons of Thor Balder, Hod, Residence of Hel Lif, Lifthasir, of Yggdrasil Do us well Remembrance of our noble deeds Is all well enough Sing the Song We Are The Einherjar

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the Pansy Pink

The Pansy Pink Twenty second of October, 2013 almost over, A new Bikie gang was formed called the pansy‘Pink’, Their brother now in prison 15 years with no remission? Cos he wore a Bikie, belt? Ah yes I think, Down on the dusty borders, Police men wait with their orders? To intercept any Bikie, who does from interstate, try to creep, Old Soldiers on their Harleys wear their colors, been to Bali? Arrested and searched, like some other lousy sheep, The moral code of many, including Police men, drops the penny, The law is wrong that they are forced to keep, Power crazed polititians, laughed at with sardronic gasp derision, its enough to make an angel bloody weep And the bikies forced to wear the prison pink, Bikies say they wear the pink for breast cancer ladies, stick that one up you, son of hades?? Cos the madness and the badness, You wouldn’t do to sheep, But lunacy abounds in Queensland, madness, surrounds, Just ask anyone you meet…

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Consider the Chimpansee,

Consider the Chimpansee, are we from them ? I wonder, these, This one is smart and can use tools, Our elder caveman, murderers, rules, The cannibals from the trees? They kill in battle other Chimps, And eat an enemy dead an limp, Jungle rules are these, Invested with spirit man, A lonesome spirit in command, The conscience part 2 understand? A spirit & the gimp, Who controls the wimp, Monkey power & a wimpy spirit grand, Power struggle by passion damned, Foul murder, angers quilt,? Psychiatrist may wilt, If its just a monkey , grand! Weak spirit, feet of sand! Don Johnson Edgar Cayce said we took over the bodies of animals when when we arrived here on the planet in spirit was fun to try out different Animals and birds...stay in the body too long and harden in and wait for the Animal to die...simply Possession....

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Imbecilic By the shores of imbecilic, Butt painted with acrylic Was a lunatic without much enterprise, By the shores of linga-longer Out past the dead Dingoes donga, Was a man not used 2 telling many lies, With a fornication permit, And an itch that needed, worm wit, Eyeball on a different orbit, In his eye, Cos he cannot find his dinger, Bells frigged without a ringer, Cos OP rum will only paralyze, Guess ya canna well absorb it, Being well rubbed with de morbid With vix he needs to daub-it Till the maggots multiply, Till the imbecilic spell, Leaves ole Johnson fairly well, And he staggers off, With all unbuttoned flys… Don Johnson

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Waterfalls of Terror

It started as a nature hike - 
First sunny day in weeks
It was me and my boyfriend Mike
Upon the mountain peak

All was good till we reached the falls
Then Mike, with his dull shoes
Lost his grip on the slimy walls
And off the ledge we flew
When I finally heard Mike’s voice 
I swam hard, like a fish  
But the rapids left me no choice
And took me in their grip

Without much air I gagged and gasped 
And tried to stay afloat
But with fear I was sinking fast -
I prayed for rescue boats

Mike went over and then I went
Headfirst into the rocks
I came out bruised, battered, and spent
Choking out water sobs

I looked for Mike everywhere   - “MIKE!”
But I never found him
Search and Rescue said, “You survived,
Now don’t you be so grim”

But what everyone didn’t know
Was that this WAS MY FAULT
Mike was on his knees to propose
Before we both fell off 

Received 3rd place in p.d.'s "hardest form" assignment contest
assignment: ballad form + "Waterfalls of Terror" title, write in 3 hours

Received 11th place in "Your old Ballad or Rhyme, best of all time" contest

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Clay No, time will roll n take its toll, till shit returns 2 clay, A man he has a bitter soul, Perhaps he's built that way? By the johnson

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Traffic Controller

Tuaoi stone air traffic controller There is nothing new under the earth, Or even under the water. Glowing green fog landing crew, Tuaoi stone, auto, aero, sings and moans, The automatic, powered sorter, 20,000 years ago, during the ice age slaughter, the poles did shift, Atlantis slipped, under Atlantic waters, {green grass in the frozen Mammoths} {animals and whales flogged into caves} a seer he spoke, from the stone, awoke, “get to high ground” came the order, “go to Egypt or Yucutan by boat, or death will take your daughter!” Tuaoi stone hums generates, alone, Prismatic colours long and shorter, Used for controlling aircraft drones, {Valixi} Landing fields now under water The tractor fog of green, magog, Just one colour used of many, The white light sheen, of the stone unseen, Controls the path of any!!! So venture not down Bermuda’s slot, Ole stone is still on duty, Do have a care, or you can share, The underwater beauty, Or bloody not :}- Don Johnson Two super powers then… Valixi = Alantean Aircraft 20,000 bc Vimana = Indian Aircraft mercury fueled 20,000 bc The Indians even wrote of the repair manuals….

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alone but crowded

To be alone in a bloody crowd, feeling of loss it is my shroud, but act another part and then, change your mood, be young again, and bloody laugh out loud, mood swings are allowed , im having one of them (me) who am i today and when??? Don re Therese Bacha 'Beauty Of A Sunset'

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Leprechaun The Leprechaun sprung from the corn, said "me name is Paddy, Dontcha be looking all forlorn, I aint a real gone baddie," "For me pot of gold, sell ya soul, Needing it quite badly," "Egg sucking leaves me cold, Specially when their addley," "Sign this deed ya little nasty weed, Gives me ya souls proxy," Arfur sidestepped to buggery, indeed, poor leprechaun, crotchety…. Sponsor Debbie Guzzi Contest Name Creepy Irish Creatures

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See the Ascend result

See the Ascend result… Try the stellar mind-thought end, Picture, she will come descend, See her coming into view, Ideal shiela just for you, From obscurity she can, Will her on your chosen path, Attract the moth, 2 own and laugh, Cos she is out there 2, Booze just dulls the view, The seeker finds one sent, The great unwashed of conscious dew, Holds the key, releases few, Does ya comphrende, Im asking you :}- Cos ya must keep looking blue, Till the feather does ascend… A works of {mind}, not new :} Don Johnson

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re: Johnsons Antidote

re:  Johnsons Antidote   by    Banjo Paterson   a great  poem.....

Yes Good morning sir ...maybe it just worked for old goanna:)

We in the 1950's used condys crystal jammed into the snake bite after cutting and sucking the poison out of the bite area.
one poison to beat another they said...others shot a finger off or used an axe to get rid of the offending bite.
my old man had bull terrier x cattle dogs for bailing up wild Scrubber cattle and then he'd bring tame cattle to them and the wild ones would join the herd for safety...these dogs would go snake hunting in the night often, and some would get bit by the 9 foot long Mulga brown snakes they fought...what to do 30 miles from town no Vet pinch up the obvious bulge of the bite and use sheep shears to cut the lump off the dogs hide?  dogs survived this rough treatment if bit only once....but were sick for days after....Don

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Heart darkness

Poet Destroyer ~ A Contest Name ANY POEM YOU POSTED THIS WEEK. Heart ~ Darkness Heart of darkness, tortured by sin, Pain and misgivings, anger within, Born of the working class, Never to win, Slave to the master, Of the previous life Kept down for centuries, Now heart of ice Hopeless of caste, Remembering the game Driven to madness, Murderer, quite insane, Stares down the master, Cringes, he grins, Cuffs him, slaps harder, Nobody wins, Insane laughter, Grins… Don Johnson Tony, Born to suffer in silence, to carry the load and enthral, no other way but the darkness, till return of the one frees us all...

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Green Glass Healing

Green glass healing Sunshine through green glass you’ll find, Is power of the healing kind, Ask Nelly she will tell you how, A two year ulcer is closed up now, Though she battled two years, a cure in mind. Read Edgar Cayce the healing prophet man, Google him, they say he’s grand, Of Blue glass with sunlight passing through, To kill infection in the body too, Or infrared through blue or green of glass, The healing light a minute passed, Closed mind wont let it through? The truth waits there for you... Don Johnson my 89 year old mommas ulcer is completely healed... GOOGLE EDGAR CAYCE the American Prophet. search green glass for more info... The green glass filters out the harmful radiation and lets the healing rays through.. Im also trying 20% ultraviolet green window i can nap in the green sunlight.. no sunburn either:)

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Oh yes its very popular to walk the Kokoda Track,
And people by the dozen have done just bloody that,
I you were there in forty two it wasn’t as much fun,
With a hundred weight upon your back and a ten pound threeo gun,

You climbed the golden stairs knee deep in the mud,
The mountains just got higher and the mossies wanted blood,
A little pimple on your leg became an oozing ulcer,
Iodine rag screwed in the wound by some flaming vulture,

The Jap would lay in ambush so you watched the bloody bush,
And you couldn’t stop a watching and no bloody food you wuss?
Then its raining food and ammo bully beef splat up a tree,
Dog biscuits shattered breadcrumbs fill your pocket up for free,

Till they got mouldy,

You’d be alone in the jungle and you would meet a scouting Jap,
He’d fire all his bullets from his Arisaka . Crack,
Then he’d come for you with a bayonet on a rifle at hi port,
And you’d try the bayonet fighting or plonk his brisket sport?

The bloody Diaorea made you weak , no strength in your knees,
The woodpecker is buzzing taking bark off all the trees,
So your eyes are full of bark chips Joes throwing sticks at me ,
And the bulldog ants are biting what an awful place to be,

Choices bitten, shot or clubbed by friendly sticks ?

Stop jumping around you’re drawing the crabs,
Woodpecker hammers my tree,
And the bloody ants are biting,
And I can’t quite bloody see.

Don Johnson

How it was for Don Johnson 2/25th btn Kokoda New Guinea 1942

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Queen of The Vultures

One step into her aflamed path
With even an intention so good
Anyone could, yet none should
She knits your lips with her name
So you won't remember 
the one who's heart you hold
Your lovers' bane

Her Eden's Revenge is all she contains
The destruction of your soul is all that remains
The Queen of Vultures and Wargs
She serves Asmodeus and nothingmore
Sitra Achra you will surely find
Misstress of Mayhem
The lights grow dim 
You've found the blood of your love

"Just dream if it was only you and me
Far into the left side far from The Hand of God
Run with me into the deeps of Sitra Achra"

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i used to think i was born with a curse, 
but time ever moving,
 changed me bloody verse...

 expect good times mate, 
happy santa claw, 
n new year haw haw hore...:) Don

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US Under Alien Stars

Here's to all that put up a good fight. A tough battle of day, so we can all safely sleep  tonight.

Our brother troops on a foreign ground, wide awake with evil all around. 

Outcasts in a bleak lifeless place. Any free time, just trying to picture your face. 

Day falls away, and out comes glimmering stars. Not much else to see here, but broken walls and burned up cars. 

Within many U.S. troops, thrives a common hope. To defeat these psycho groups, is what we all mainly scope. 

Day by day, days drag on. More time here and more friends gone. 

Many wish on these stars in the sky. A common wish to finally say goodbye! 

Some time from now and not too long, mission complete and soon to sing the song. 

These years have come and past. We all have grown very strong, and the bond will always last. 

Next up coming, will be our ride back home. Back with our family and freedom to roam.

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Circle interupted

Circle interrupted The circle of life an death to comprehend? The 7 levels, able to climb or descend, Be not a bugger, a step up will lend, Or slide with the lowest, for bad deeds offend, so many times, I’ve tripped and I fell, the murder of friends, slipping down to the hell, but upwards I’m climbing, not doing so well, damnation around the polititian, the pompous its smell, a spiral not seen, the camoflagued spell, for we travel blind, with a clue, yet unspelt? So have yet one care, when you’re robbing the poor, Robbed in your turn, only ten times the more, Payback does come, for an eye or a tooth, Sow an ye reap, a slap down forsooth, Within his eternal law, So will you be returning some more, haw haw? Don Johnson

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Swiss secret bank accounts exposed

Swiss secret bank accounts exposed The Swiss banks are ordered to show the dirty deeds of the tory polititian with their hoards of dollar greed, in this coming age of honesty all will be surveyed, and the dollars in the kickbacks, all to be displayed, and the greedy shake in terror of the evil honesty, as all the swiss of numbers expose their gallantree... Don Johnson great mission really the graft and corruption needs exposing to keep people honest in this very case

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Anchovies On My Pizza

yessir ole guys sure, do love anchovies on our pizza.... right back to 74 when as a bouncer on the door, at 3am id get me some , from luckys Pizza some, In the valley, bloody yum... and the crowd would yell for more... re: Robert Pettit " Anchovies On My Pizza" yum Don

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Thrill From Above

The rush I get while moving higher
With beauty surrounding me
A cloud goes past my heart beats faster
We wait to soar down to the sea

I jump to fall right to the ground
A leash of life upon my back
The wind hits my ears breaking sound
I need to open up my pack

The reach to pull the cord of life
I feel the air flow through my hands
It's cutting like a cold sharp knife
Now waiting till my body lands

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Evil at

Evil at the door In darkest day and brightest night, Evil is an awe-ful sight, Beware the beast is at your door, Be prepared, life is the score Be valiant in the night, Adrenaline ignite, Destroy destroy destroy... Don Johnson?

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Star Wars part 1

Captain Cleopatra was feeling very pleased today, as she stood, on the bridge of the Federation's Moonblaster 5

This was her first command after passing out of the "Universal Academy of  Feline Officers" and she held her tail high

Being in command was alien to her  but with the experienced Probate Officer  "Moon Martial Macafferty"  by her side she was feeling good and relaxed inside

Orders were clear, war had been declared on Dalmatian Galaxy U,  after intelligence reports had spotted a Special Forces Dog Unit, stealing bones from Feline Cemetery Interior 2

Now they had been tasked with this campaign and she would follow her orders through but to do it they would have to travel three thousand light years  to Cosmos Blue

Moon Martial Macafferty had issued the crew,  with extra large aniseed balls which he knew,
would tempt the Special Forces Dog Unit out of their bolt hole, on Moon Alpha Seven, next to "Mount King Cole"
Cleopatra looked out of the bridge window, at the distant sun, she put her paw to the holster,  which held her stun gun,  She thought "soon", very very soon, we will pass the twinkle line, on the dark side of the moon

Planet Atropolis looked beautiful at night,  with its seventy six,  astral fire flames, dancing in the light.  Her Mother was Resident Queen Mouse Clearer,  The highest  honour to bestow,  to rid the place of vermin mice,  she had took the vow

Macafferty with his long golden whiskers and his full length fur of  blue, whispered "your in charge girl"  it was time to go, she knew

She stepped up to a loud hailer,  "ATTENTION CREW,  GOOD DAY"   fasten all your harnesses, we are on our way

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reap bad deeds

As ye sow, you get the maybe corn, and reap, the stinking uncooked prawn, cos ye n me are slack .... ones deed comes up to speed , like car on the racing track, it comes around yes indeed, next time it gives you a smack, karma on the racetrack steed, a hurting memory Jack, why the silly bludger always bleeds, elementary, it talks back.... Don

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the balance stick

the balance stick, am i the joke, stop you on the middle stroke, cut you short bloody quick, hold you close, give you the flick, tough love the voice does croak, between those thighs betwixt, sandlewood the smoke, here loving thoughts exist, i hope...:} Don re: Dr Ram "A Lady Hamlet"

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Waking up in Prodromi

Pulling back the sleepy Shawl
Sliding open the glass doors
New Light hits my tired face
And floods across the tiled floor

The room grows with clarity
Gloomy corners lighten
Radiance washes the white walls
My eyes slowly widen

Stretching and yawning
A cold kiss of balcony on bare feet
I step into the fresh glow of morning
Above the scent of trees and sparrow tweet

Waking up over mountains and sea
I stare out to the colours of Cyprus
Towards Aphrodite's baths
And the rich hues of the Akamas

Across this exotic landscape
The sunbeams illuminate all
A cool morning air glides over my skin
And pours into my pores

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Knowing Knob Enlightenment

Knowing Knob Enlightenment

For fifty years I rode and rammed,
With Mr Knobby never planned,
Like the other dum, dumb, dum, dumm, damned,
Until I got enlightenment,

The nose cap on the missile end,
It tickles if you use it when,
Access denied, nose cap it sends,
The ladies just excitement,

Tremors of entitlement,
So think about it then?
No brain-dead-headed men ?
Short jabs inside, it’s meant
The rapture of alignment…

 Don Johnson

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When someone close goes away, forever and a bloody day, or your best girl/boy leaves, wont talk , hey hay, its then again we grieve.... Don re Anne R " Asunder "

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Arsenic cures of 1900

Over a hundred years ago in the bush of west Queensland the cure all for everything was, a mixture of axle grease blue stone and arsenic. It was known to heal up skin cancer, sore backs on horses kill swamp cancer on a horses belly ... .it killed the skin cancer on old lumpy an Aboriginal about 1900 ad.. .bluestone was used to get rid of proud flesh on a horse... .My great great grandpa Joe White, when asked was it any good? He replied it will heal up a dogs ass in 3 days, and grow hair on it on the 4th ... arsenic puffed into white ants kills many and they cannabalise till the last ant goes hungry thanks for your time... Don

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Cap'n and the Wench -part the second-

Cap'n & the Wench *part the second* Says the Wench to the Cap'n "I thinks I'll have Me a Tequila!" So says the Cap'n to the Wench "Go right ahead Me Dear~ I'll be hard a'lee ta feel Ya!" With an Evil Grin & a Twinkle in his Eye~ So's the Wench did notice & then By & By~ & did say to the Cap'n "Be mindin' Yer P's & Q's!" "Fer Me's the Wench what Decides that which Ye Do!" "Yer no Grinnin'Porpoise & that there's no Danged Flipper!" "Har!" says the Cap'n ~ "I am though the Skipper!" The Wench ran afo'rd from foc'sl to the Sprit~ The Cap'n knew this'n Wouldn't Swoon & Quit~ Up & Down all Headstays~Chasin' Each Other Fast~ 'Til all Sharks in the Channels were Quite Aft Aghast~ The Mighty North Wind did so Howl that Wild Stormy Night.... The Great Ship did Roll with Nary a Wave in Sight.... When then there a'sudden was a Tremendous Bolt from Darkened Blue.... "Har!" Says the Wench " ~ 'Twas Me... I Figgered Ye Knew!" Now & Then that Cap'n was so rightfully a'Top~ Yet Lil'Wench was the One Who simply wouldn't Stop!~ She Screamed from the MastHead & Hollered from the Riggin'~ Har! Mighty Cap'n let's keep on just a'Friggin'! The Ol' Cap'n soon Found Hisself Danglin' from the Mizzen~ Only that which Held 'im Fast had Now completely Risen! Slidin' down the Backstay was the Only Proper Choice~ Fer the Wench's Little Thighs were Stronger than her Voice! Now in Ports where all Pyrates finally to a Dock come a'Side~ Ne'er does a Man or Woman really Know how was that Wild Ride~ Now the Bows & the Belly of the Ship were Finally Quiet~ The Wench had gone Below with Her Bellyachin' Pyrate! The Great Ship is Seen Oft enough Sailin' Agin on the Seas.... With Always enough Tequila with which that Hardy Wench to Please! SeaWolf

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I worked as a wardsman, at the hospital RBH, male nurse he patted asses man, said the old guys in debate, they found it irritating, the patting fondling touch, so we thought upon an answer, the answer wasn’t much, one old guy, he saved a fart, the nurse was petting him, he jerked away with such a start, from the farting odor grim, he ran squealing like a tart, the wardmen had to grin, the old guy had done his part, ill wind it came from him, A big type nurse she said to me, Are you really on with Tim, I said come to my bedroom babe, When the lights are low an dim. Nope… Don Johnson

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9 toes

9toes The bloody 9toes needed boots, Cos he had just nine toes, Big toe in the back wheel had slipped, Push bike has caused his woes, got him for carnal knowledge, Merle, But all he dug was dirt, Riding the ten bob, dollar, Shirl, Poor will got bruised an hurt, Later on he went way north, To get another lady, The bridge crossed was fifty feet below, Got airborne flying maybe, Cunnamulla fella, buried him, The local ladies wept, Nine toes had now crossed the styx, And Charon was perplexed … Don Johnson

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Premonition We have this hidden talent in us, which often gets denied, we think that cos we're different, that we will get despised, sometimes the religous, think that Satan comes to ride, when you make a prediction, and the truth does come to pass, from inside, then you worry did you cause it, with thoughts of happenings, at last, and doubts an worry for which, he died alack, alas, I said Charlie could be dead by monday, and by God, oh yes he was, bloody premonition one day, feeling bad, for just because... Don Johnson Russell it is my sometimes curse, to relate the awful worse, no enjoyment comes, with thoughts of death of some, a curse becomes.... on ya Nancy of the Jones, knowing thaings me dog jus moans, poetry is good for some, suk it up i''ll have to sum alone...

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the ID, storm,

Logics spirit burns in the ID, storm, occupys the conscience right, The animals hatred fury spawns, Explodes, mayhem fills the night, The ID is sometimes in control, aspect, The animal body, the emotion driven part, Emotion gives ID just no respect, The butchers blood runs dark??? ID he shudders just a bit When the animal makes manure, Repulsive animal discharge it, ID, dislikes a thought of sewer, Animal lusts they do take charge, While the ID shudders large, Animal passion has control, ID in parked garage? The duality of man, 2 parts to make the whole??? A mismatch fit, where the soul do sit, With an animal ego large? The beast HAS from spirit stole,, When emotion has control, Beware the beast in charge, Stinking animal is at large, Do find the remote control? Don Johnson

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Those Rare Jewels Called Positive Determination

I Am in 
My dreams 
have taken 
me there,
My stood 
gotten me 
Health and 
At least I 
am not 
found in 
How else 
could I be 
and God's 

If the 
were to be 
you would 
If I took 
defeat for 
would I 
till my 
Dying day,
If I didn't 
my dream, 
would I 
daily at 
For as A 
Man I 

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Heritage is our past.
It is our compass.
A direction forward.
A trail of facts.
Heritage is indeed a fact.
Lets walk our lives' tract.
I am never in the dark.
I will stay out of the trap.
Like a dog did the bark.
I sail my Layag to trace what is back.
Indeed heritage is a trail of martabbat.
To move, start with one step forward.
I love you heritage.
Layag Sug!

Martabbat means a pride, honor and morality.

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i think we do agree, before we are born , to spend some time together, the ones that draw and startle some, but never stay no never, one, a flash in the pan, a labour of love, and then they're gone forever??? some? Don re: "Another Life" Debbie Duncan

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The Death of Lig Na Basate

Lig Na Basate was a dragon of Celtic lore.

Lig Na Bastate travels the breadth,
Of Ireland for his meal.
Beware the brimstone of his breath,
Your fear you must conceal.

To stand and claim your victory,
Against this Devil’s tool,
To send him into history
A true heart must be cruel.

Grasp ye the handle of your pike,
Sleep with it in your clutch.
Care for the sharpness of its spikes
The coldness of its touch.

The lance that this hero carries,
Can kill from either end.
Whether he must dodge or parry,
The thrust of death he’ll send.

Beware ye weepy little man,
The beastie wants your bones.
He cares not of your hearth nor clan,
He cares not of your homes.

He only wants to eat you down,
To fill his empty gut.
Be quiet now don’t make a sound,
Lay flat inside the rut.

Lig Na Bastate sniffs at the air,
Trying to catch a scent.
Deciding if anyone’s there,
‘Till asleep and again content.

Now wee small man the time is right,
To curse the beastie’s birth,
Strike against him with all your might,
Return him to the earth.

But the head of the lance was broke,
Striking against a scale.
With rage the dragon soon awoke,
Smiting man with his tail.

Then turned he to gobble his prize,
But froze as in a trance.
For there before his flaming eyes,
The man stood with his lance.

The dragon blinked to clear his sight,
The man hurled with God’s speed.
He pierced the monster in the fight,
The beast was left to bleed.

The warrior’s bride took the scales,
From off the dragon’s hide.
She made a hero’s suit of mail,
And a shield for his side.

Remember this my little child,
When howling winds do blow.
He will protect you from the wild,
Of this you need to know.

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curse of the twenty two

Curse of the twenty two Ole Con he was a Yeoman at bloody El Alamein, And he lifted out the mines where lead fell like bloody rain, Driven sort of crazy, with death buzzing all around, And the butcher shop of blood an guts, sort-of made him friggin frown, Bronco Don had earmarked Bally Watson, after a fight at the bar, Put a bullet through his earhole , So he left the town hurrah, And the coppers couldn’t find, A witless witness, bloody now, cOs they thought ole Johnson, might get the word of “top-off” any how? {Aussie, Police spy or dobber} Con he did borrow the same rifle, That earmarked Bally’s ear, And his son was using it the rifle, To shoot Rabbit, eat him here, Rolled up in his swag ole twenty two went off, As the swag it hit the ground, Shot the boy dead .22 lead, Bloody sadness all around, Ole Con came racing up the stairs, Plane crash very near, Four Dirran. Men, were burning when, The word old Don did hear, At a hundred miles an hour he drove, to save the lives of none, The police said they are bloody dead, Though he battled the flames yes some, Four funerals we all went , Our friends were surely dead Four young men to heaven sent, Our hearts had the weight of lead, So I swapped it away, the bad luck gun, Ole Nodder Smith he got it, He built a special case for that one, The curse of the twenty two, on-nit… Don Johnson

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Black Poison

Destroyer ~ Poet Contest Name 5TH POEM ON THE SOUP..
POISON! 1st first. I was coming up from Tamworth, riding on a tired horse. Past Barraba we wandered north, on a slow and dusty course. Near Barraba I drew short rein, and paused to watch a sight. A boy was thrown off again, a black horse who'd buck and fight. It's there I made an offer grim, to the farmer and his son. Swop you horses and I'll ride him, with this bludger I'll have fun. I mounted and he bucked away, I spurred and drove him on. I was the winner on the day, cantered off and I was gone. He was a black and evil thing, he wouldn't give me half a chance. He'd bite and kick like lightning, surely buck and root and prance. Saturday morning in Moree, saw aunt Mona at the pub. She said "get a paper for me", said "I'll get it for you love." Dirty Shirt Molloy got a paper for me, for I couldn't leave the horse. Black Poison rooted like a flea, reefed his head up, used some force. An Irish cop he grabbed the reins, and held them in his hand. Arrested us we had no brains, he'd jail us both quite grand. My spurs they gouged him proper, the black lurched down the street. He bucked and kicked the copper, clean bowled him off his feet. We galloped for the border through a sea of clinging mud. Coppers chased us in flivver, to a river choked by flood. So I dived him in the Gwyder, off a steep sharp falling bank. Then we surfaced horse and rider, wet as shags from nose to flank. Ride round the coppers came the order, and bypass all the towns. Swam the river at the border, dodged the police, we'd lost those clowns. Don Johnson
A true story of my father's visit to Tamworth Australia in 1936...

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The Ballad of Delilah Logan

Delilah, the young woman with the yellow locks
Light skin, brown eyes, vengeance in her walk.
On the run from a past filled with gloom
Can’t escape her curse; suffering and doom

The darkness calls her name as she runs from the devil
Monsters of the night out to terrorize and revel
Blood left in her path but not by her own doing
For the gift of immortality, death is ensuing

Oh wow what she’d give to not have to run
Every life and every soul, another mistake
Her soul she would give to see the demons be gone
But her curse is eternal, no way to break

Delilah, the beauty with a heart of stone 
The queen of the dance, lonely hearts as her throne
Intoxicating kiss, she brings men to their knees
A hundred years of running, yet she can’t drown out their pleas

To be in her bed is both a blessing and a curse
One night in bliss; and the next night in a hearse
But the curse is not so absolute, there’s more to it than death
The trail of blood goes deep before the final breath

Oh wow what she’d give to not have to run
Every life and every soul, another mistake
Her soul she would give to see the monsters be gone
But her curse is eternal, no way to break

All she wanted was to be loved; she didn’t know what it would cost
All she wanted was him; but in the end he was lost
Lies and deceit, adultery and sin; the price the heart pays for a fading moment
A hundred years later, there’s nothing within. An eternity of torment, cursed to repent

Oh wow what she’d give to not have to run
Every life and every soul, another mistake
Her soul she would give to see the evil all done
But her curse is eternal, no way to break

Visit my blog to read the rest of my Free Supernatural Poem Novel:

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reality burned

Reality of current Aussie politics Class distinction pins the poor, On the bottom rung of the ladder sure, Wakey wakey worker here, Rich men want you cheaper, sneer! That a worker could want more??? Wake up worker its your game, Pinned to contract, rich man saying, Forced onto contract sure, What the bloody hell for, Cheap as chips will work the poor, The paltry bosses gain...

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Atlantis dipped

In Yucutan beneath the crypt, Beneath the floor Atlantis script, Narrow minded science abhors, The mention of a myth, deplores, Any mention that it sits, Beneath the ocean gripped, Atlantic knows the score, Ten thousand years and more, Sanity eclipsed, The records never bore, You will know the rest of it, At the opening of the door, For there the records sit, Amazing as before, The continent kinda dipped... Don Johnson

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Cap'n and the Wench -part the first-

"Cap'n & the Wench" *part the first* Says the Wench to the Cap'n "I thinks I'll have Me a Beer!" So says the Cap'n to the Wench " Go right ahead Me Dear!" With an Evil Grin & a Twinkle in his Eye~ So's the Wench did notice & then by & by~ Did say to the Cap'n "Be mindin' Yer P's & Q's!" "Fer Me's the Wench what Decides that which Ye do!" "Fer Yer no Porpoise & that there's no Danged Flipper!" "Har!" says the Cap'n ~ "I am though the Skipper!" The Wench did then Tumble down the Companionway.... The Cap'n figgered was his time now to Play.... 'Round & 'Round to the Foc'sl they Wrestled.... Twere Both quite Surprised when in the Crow's Nest they Nestled! The Mighty North Wind did so Howl that Wild Night.... The Great Ship did Roll with Nary a Wave in Sight.... When then there was a Tremendous Bolt from the Blue.... "Har!" Says the Wench "'Twas Me I figgered Ye knew!" The Ol' Cap'n was all a'Shivered from Timber to Timber.... "Nay not to Worry" says the Wench "I'll be gettin' ye Limber!" Now the Rest o'this Tale is Told from Time to Time.... The Ending is always said to be Mighty Rightly So Fine..... The Great Ship is Seen Oft enough Sailin' Again on the Seas.... With Always enough Beer with which that Hardy Wench to Please! SeaWolf ©

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Solitary Admiration

Since my first glance
Of the lady like a gazelle 
Along the silent street
I have hoped
To meet her again.

Since the first gaze—
My solitary admiration of her ebony figure
Along Joseph Harrison street,
Passionately have I scripted
My heart’s sequential expressions:

“Let me fill your heart
with bundles of gazania flower,
let me into your warm arms and
hover my lips over yours
in the confines of my gazebo.”

“Let me have a taste 
of your succulent breast--
a sweet cherry in the forest--
to bedew my rusty heart
for being in love again!”

Severely, Shallion hissed
And grasped my thigh,
Slowly she clung her red-lips
Tighter to my subtly moistened lips
Along the silent street. 

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Mr Wise Man, show me the way
I can't keep walking into walls all day

Quitting jobs wasn't easy but the reasons we're wrong
I felt like I was feeding King Kong
Left my life to help those that need it
Got mistreated, left, all to repeat it

The lessons are eternal they won't ever change,
That's your gift to me so that I won't be deranged.
So now that I have gotten better please give me my strength
My life is something that is losing it's length.

Mr Wise Man, show me the way
I can't keep walking into walls all day

Tolerance has always been my strongest feature,
Made me forget about every evil creature.
Test my limits all you want, I know it's vital
That is all a case of survival.

I don't know why I just keep trying
In the end I know I'll be dying.
My faith has been put to test
A test that will put me to rest

All the worlds I've been to
All the places I've gone through
Every single man woman and child
Every single one would make another mild

Stronger than the rest
This should make me the best
Or maybe it's best I don't know
Maybe it's best I just go

So Mr Wise Man, don't show me the way
I can't keep walking into walls all day

I'll walk my own path

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1930s Dirranbandi Mucky eye fix

1930s Dirranbandi Mucky eye fix Coming back from bloody Cobar, where the dust storms used to blow, came the mucky eyed with Sandy Blight, as the mucky eyed do go, back in the thirties - forties, Ning-a-Ning Joseph saw em, hah, When ole man Wise took to fixing, Mucky eyeballs, yes bloody sah! Widdle in a bottle, swirl the mixture, sweet delight, Add a little drop of Ainaseed, to kill the smell orright, Splash it on the eyeball, let it trickle tickle there, Just a widdle bit of seeing, Till yer sight was bloody fair, The mucky eyed no longer gummed up, & eyelid red, just the trickle on the eyeball, fixed the mucky yucky head, Ole wise was up 4 sainthood at the Black stump water hole, A widdle bit of widdle cleans the eye and soothes the soul? Don Johnson

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Cheat I could cheat but it is wrong, To rob your brother of his song, To undercut his wages, worse, To bring on self the awful curse, But you knew it all along. Power of thought can win a game, But cheating is just a thieving same, Build for self the future pain, Be born in old Uganda. Without a bloody veranda, Black in the face again? Propaganda brainwash cheat, Lies are spilling into the street, Mass media are indiscreet, To the super rich they pander, Will Africa be sweet, No bloody veranda. So their persecuting you today, Sucking muddy water, no fun hey, Machete, sidestep duck away, Hide under the veranda. Don Johnson

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the wants of the many, all wet with the dew, the heartbreak of many, are stirred in the stew, the wants become will-ing....... of racism few... Don Johnson

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say no 2 Rancid soap

Rancid soap Rancid bloody cooking oil, In the bloody soap to spoil, Sniff the soap before you buy, Rancid smell, do pass it by, If not stinking, is your soul, Rotten stinking oil is used, to make the soap, Sometimes you’ll use, Never bloody smell amused, When rancid lather cries, Begone with the greasy fries, Cos all yer friends y’all lose… be rancid smelly too, The stink that some despise, But you’ll attract the flies, The stinking blowfly blues, So sniff the soap yes do! Don Johnson Check your soap for rancid!!!

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a jolly Drongo

Once a jolly Drongo sat on the riverbank, sucking Go-anna eggs till it brought insanity, oh he tried a bit of thinking, but his mind was just a blank, Fourex beer he'd be a drinking, But the Kiwis' are owning that so he chewed on some burnt Damper, and drank some Billy tea, and thought about the master, and his obscenity, bloody torys on a working class attack, 15 thousand in Queensland got the sack, sacking Nurses, Doctors, closing bush hospitals a fact, advertising lies on tv, “we're fixing hospitals' ole chap,” but all two faced tories, do agree, a fixing debt is bloody good for thee, get crippled or sick, you'll feel the smack, when Medicare is dead? and the poor die back! just like the first war slaughter, when they killed off humanity, march into the nice machine guns, are you bloody cowardly? but slaughter bloody slaughter does attract, the monkey morons will attack, for any cause they can find, it ought to be? and greed is taking over, don't you see? It will affect the poor tory, alas & alack? And the fat toads are laughing, laughing, sucking cigars on the track, “And the rich are getting richer and the poor a certainty?” so do you like any part of that?!? Don Johnson ........... Drongo is dumb Aussie bird

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Yesterday i've known

peals the bell of sweetest sweet romance,
Where Mystic Rose begins to memorise the dance,
where love was sweetest ever known,
where passion was mesmerised and overthrown,
by the mystic wielder of the lance,
suggestive in its very overtone...


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Don Johnson's heart attack fix

Don Johnson’s Heart Attack fix Oh he drank and he smoked and lived through a war, His arteries were blocked so they said, Massive heart attack got him, almost for sure, Chest tromping horses , walking the more, Almost crushed him to death, Driven by ambulance hundreds of miles, A truck sideswiped it, a pest, Up onto the footpath under awnings with style, We aint got to the hospital just yet. Doctor he said “stay in your bed,” “You know them big bloody stop signs,” So he went to bed for 2 years or so Fred, His heart was a thumping those lines, A book did appear that altered his fear, Vitamin E and the heart, It was around 1973, oh dear, Grabbing at straws from the start, Two thousand milligrams did he take, The daily dose fixed him, Went opal gouging at Lightening Ridge, Almost buried, death by whim? The side effect was energy bent, You now felt so alive, Your little friend beat you out of bed, Pre viagra’s sexual drive. Don Johnson ANTIOXIDANTS ARE GOOD FOR YOU AT THE CELL LEVEL REPAIR... I was amazed in the improvement in my Dad he got another 20 years out of that worn out heart, his hardening of the arteries improved. He was always one for doublng treatments for best effect, the Book should still be in production in the US. "Vitamin E and the heart" The book got you back on your feet and sent you back to work:) My mum is annoyed that she cant take vitam E with her wolfren medications, she was on Vitamin E almost 40 years. Seems the arteries improve the flow of blood and it thins the blood too like asparin. Ask you doctor can you do it?
I worked with a guy in the eighties who had a heart attack, I told him of Vitamin E, he was rejuvenated by the vitamin, and very pleased with himself!

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the ether

just sidestep through the ether, sucking on a bong or reefer, till you reach the land of sweet forget me not, see the shades and ghosties shiver, crossing the styx ole man river, remembering sometimes, is forgot? Don thank you Dr Ram great poem. "The Twin Worlds"

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Maralinga, Maralinga, where the white mans fire still burns, Where atomic radiation made the little creatures squirm, Where walked old Nooran Gurra with the Emu fella dance, Where the bloody fire an brimstone didn't give em any chance, bloody radiation, awful fire of death still burns, An his bone are bleaching whiter, Has his spirit come to terms, Not bloody likely, So they give us Maralinga, So linger longer, yes we can, Does luekemia point the finger, If we live upon the land.? ?? Don yes by crikey, death and sand... Maralinga was just one of the 1950s, British, 12 atomic blast sites, before the radiation blew to the four corners of Australia giving us the sweet subtle strontium 90 in the cows milk off the radioactive grass that the cows did eat. And the geigher counter service guy couldn't stop the counter working franticly cos the radioactive rain was falling in Brisbane in 1955...

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Halliwells hill

let the fetters fall where they will, when they put me down there, under the 6 foot hill, or perhaps to hang there on the hook, trim me gall bladder, gone forsook, at the university... a course ol Halliwell, says he took.... but i swore to steal him from the drawer, bring him home, yes once more, lower him beneath the door, in the backhoe hole ole chook, long as me back holds out for sure, Ol Halliwell neath the door... Don Johnson my mate Frank says the university can have his bones, to hang on the hook so i can moan , but steal his bones perhaps i must, place beneath the door on his 2 acres, just, its what he wants for sure..... Frank Halliwell ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Mail - Homepage at ************************************************ While prose may carry all the facts, the voice of verse is sweeter For poetry transports the soul on lilting rhyme and meter. ~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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New Contracter So they are forcing you out on to a contract, Playing silly buggers with you today, What happened to your holidays, a fact, Did long service go on its way, No lifelong job in the future, But vote for the buggers you may, Cheap labor for the LNP is fruit-ful, As long as you work cheap today, But Drongoes vote without a thought, (dumb birds) On who wants to lower their pay, Good wages won are brought to naught, If the Liberals rule today, In short the Queensland way? Don

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Hoodoo Sea

Capt'n Jack ‘ere and dead I be
drowned in the Hoodoo Sea.
Fire lit the sky as we sailed by
not far from Bim’ni.

Dey say ders nothin’ strange out der
off de coast of Bim’ni.
But dey’v naught seen de ‘alf of it
de compass spinnin’ free.

Columbus sawr it too dey say
or so ‘is log records.
A blindin’ light, a fire ball
stunn’d all of de yeo men on board.

Some say it were a meteor
some ‘allucination
Others say it’s a mystery
yarn'd by lower stations.

Dey say ders nothin’ strange out der
Off de coast of Bim’ni
But dey’v naught seen de ‘alf of it
De compass spinnin’ free

Fishermen ‘ere ‘ave der own lore
and say ‘ere monsters be.
Some name the dev’ls triangle
I calls it Hoodoo sea....

*The mystery of the Bermuda Triangle brought to you by Capt'n Jack
please feel free to write me music!

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BOOM yelling BANG

Awakened by the loud pistol shot
A battle commenced blood was hot
“Where am I?” Alexzander thought
Noises progressing where the battle fought

Curiosity took hold, he dressed quickly
CRACK! Up above the sound sickening 
A voice he heard and recognized instantly
“Reassuring” he said admittedly 

Up the stairs sprinted the young lad
Once on deck the vision was sad
Sailors were dead and he was mad
Then tears welled up feelings bad

Something moved to quick to feel
The blade ran through, pain was real
Cold was the sharpened steel
His eyes closed shut, then he kneeled….

As the blade slew through his chest
His eyes caught hold of a man abreast
A shaven man of unknown test
Had regret in mind of his lawful jest

A boy so sickly murdered made the man ill
Took all his fight and spirit still
Then he turned towards the shrill
Of Capitan Red Beards final kill!

Over the planks he stammered over
To the boy with blood filling odor
Then to the man steel now shouldered 
Now it’s his time of death to lower.

A swing of a sword severed his head
A feeling of guilt for a child now dead
I shouldn’t have left my bed
His only tear is now being shed

A witch doctor tattooed from eye to foot
Covered the wound with a grainy soot
“A life still breaths in this crook!”
“Quick my magic and my book!”

12 days and 12 nights his magic cast
The wisdom of his darkened past
Healed the boy his color fast
Dreams were plotting a mind so vast

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the first sunrise

the first sunrise ... the dawning of the ages yet to come ... when Adam walked on earth and all were one .... before greed and evil caused no mirth , and brought us all, down to earth, undone.... “depart from Eden everyone.” Don

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Ode rise of poetry death of the owl king part 1

Never make deals with devils or run from them                                                               fight tooth and nail strike the root kill the stem                                                              who rides Dark wooden trails poet’s wild hunt                                                           crossing paths light shatter the cold front                                                                        riding a goat, great red beard with goat's hooves                                                          evil’s king many cloven slippers behooves                                                                      storm of lies hold truth as bosom’s bride                                                                        showing as angel of light but death hides                                                               Beneath the willows of time in alder realms                                                                dark past under the flowering wicker’s elm                                                                    night rituals try to reclaim what is not theirs                                                              hounds run devil-may-care Harlequins dare                                                                   krampus jolly olé nick Binding birch whip                                                                       eight legged lies bloody tongue does drip                                                                        *                                                                   -  based upon Erlking, Der Erlkönig and his supernatural death 

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Who was it

Who was it? Who was it sacked the fifteen thousand, Who enjoys the sacking, he just smiles Who has the public informing on public servants, On who went to McDonalds for lunch with style, Who was it fixed the hospitals, Sacked the nurses, closed the wards, Tory Doctors stopped complaining, Not a whinge from them is heard? Who was it? Who was it promised the Public Servants, Oh yes your jobs are safe? Who wants contracts for all the workers, Cheaper labor across the state, Who was it, blames poor Anna, For the cost of floods an cyclone, Who is the meanest penny pincher, uncrowned king upon the throne? Nah not him, his brain’s on loan, … Who was it? Who turfed out the handicapped, From Council caravan parks and places, Took Carer pensions from the parents, While he smiles and laughs, erases, Who never wanted the Clem7 tunnel, And said it wasn’t me, And in the council t’was mouth a funnell, Who now lies so eloquently, Who was it, the tunnel pusher in council, was, Clem 7 failed to make the rich, richer, undermined ole Brisbane, just because, too dear, no money in the picture, the greedy tolls, failed thereof, the money guys are surely bitter, because of no shiny glitter, money of, no money of …. very sad hey…. Who is running our state? Don Johnson

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Search Meditation

Search Meditation Find your way by trial and error, Keep a looking for the way, For the book you want is rarer, Than is in the print, does say, So you search for a millennia, Path is long and hard, don’t stray, Lack of focus your dilemma, But you’re getting closer hey, But around a shabby corner, See a bookshop in your way, And by one darkened mourner, Dusty volumes seem to prey, Select the most unlikely, In it words to take away, Search has ended oh so quitly The answer, thought-full words in play, Cos imagination it fuels, Many many, thoughts to stray. Don Johnson

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MIND SEE So you don’t believe in visualization, You don’t think that magic can work, Look up at a little cloud in the sky see it dissolve, it can’t hurt, when you find that it works for you, mind see, on a cloudy day, see the sun now, a breaking through, the sky bright an blue, it happens, just as I say, see it in your mind of eye, when chickens fart and try to fly, and feathers flap, some get so high, a bird thing just perhaps, doubt will surely let you fail, faith puts the breese within your sail, mental strength the holy grail, you power house, yes you~ drought it comes the water gone, see a low a circled form, see it on the weather map adorn, and rain may come to you~ If you believe it true, Then Faith can bring it through, “Mind see” the magic tool, Disregarded by the fool, All through eternity:} Don Johnson

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Home Port Friends

In the Bay of Slaves the ships home port
The pirates lived in a wooden fort
Stealing and fighting was their sport
A modest abode for their knavish sort

Many children joined for class inside
Rules were kept for those to abide
Alexzanders eyes swept side to side
Behind the captain he tried to hide

“From now on you’re my son and this your home.
Other children are here, no more alone.
Your teacher is a professor from Rome.
So enjoy this land and make it your own.”

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Malgavent Goldrunner

To some he is a myth or legend
But I am here to answer your questions

Is he real? Merely a tale to scare?
Oh he is real and you best beware!

None have seen him in decades it is said
Because he waits till your asleep in bed

Master swordsman, pirate, and sniper all true?
Only you will know when he comes for you

I suppose he cast spells on those he sees
Believe it boy he’ll bend your knees 

Seems unnatural or a cheap lie at best
You will realize it when you’re a bloody mess

This interview is over you senile old fool
Take him away and serve him extra gruel

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Atlantis files are buried

Atlantis will be proved, one day soon. when the moon the planets are in tune, and we will see 4 self, crystals were yes, used for health, used for power, perpetual motion, Tuaoi stone the great crystal, could direct you on the ocean, conversation's, spirit's dwell, came direction high Priest tell's, the one Gods word to fear dispel. and for computers we might tune, Tuaoi stone the seers rune, the guidance system 4 Valixi, (aircraft) submarines & electricity. all proved of the seers loom, when brought forth from the sunken room. Egypt's and Yucatan's rooms, the lesson's of history.... thanks Tamas & Vienna, I scanned the well... Don Johnson Yes Russell, If you apply pressure to a crystal it produces a voltage, power....the vibration at the frequency the crystal is cut for, can become a power supply....ultrasonic machines apply power to banks of crystals to shake the dirt off blinds and jewels in the cleaning water at the speed of the crystal vibration, i used to build them 4 a boss.....Tuaoi stone was the ultimate power supply and also a means of talking through the veil... Vienna, very interesting story on the light coming on above a power crystal .write a poem on it perhaps..yes crystals do put out a voltage sometimes old mum got a small jolt from my crystal ball :) she said it didn't want her handling it :) We use crystals cut to frequencys to hold a certain speed and vibration in radio , tv, computers etc... they are magical devices, crystals...everything vibrates , we vibrate 6 times a second and 10 times a second can make you sick as an elevator was doing the story is the other part of the equation... we do have mental unknown forces methinks... 110% of faith can and will produce more than the expected outcome. on the healing side, which i dabble in...peace n love....Don

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Tylwyth Teg Cader Idris

Tylwyth Teg Cader Idris Tylwyth Teg Cader Idris Tylwyth Teg Cader Idris Sleeping atop a Mountain Far from Greenwood village enthralling people of Folly Under calamity Thou Doesn’t notice Thou Do not take notice of Tylwyth Teg Cader Idris veiled as Travelers Believe they’re always here So pay Heed and forever be benevolently And Fortuna pursue thee provide them with Strife They will show Thee what adversity fills our world Light-Hearted-Ale Intoxicated trickery singing blissfully Awaiting Audience, Wait and see shown Thy Hospitality With Bread and Cheese O' Morgan ap Rhys Play the Harp so Enchantingly All Will dance Until death bestowed following the Revenging road Abuse the will Of The Unseen Tylwyth Teg Cader Idris Thy gift made thou so blithe With retribution Thou Couldn’t see how enchantment Curses Evil For In the Night All Will Disappear

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Meditation burns blockages

Meditation burns blockages Spirals turning all clockwise , Chakras sucking in so nice, Red base turning growing twice, Serpent rising blazing thrice, See the coils a lifting free, See the serpent stretching be, Blue flames coil so frequently, Through navel chakra, vice? Orange growing so severe , Yellow knowing it is near, Burning, the sick/blockage device, Dis-ease a fading in the size, Up through yellow, coils the snake, Fiery path is burnt awake, Rising, rising, rising till, Heart a flutter green of will, Green is a growing very bright, Green of grass fills with delight, Onward up the spine it goes, Fiery path the serpent knows, Blue of throat fire coils do see, Blue of growing destiny, till Purple see, a burning free, penetrates, the awesome sight explodes through, the ice of White, a shuddering delight, of estacy…. Don Johnson

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Palm reading

Ok Russell Palm reading, thing is these readers might ... get insight... by focusing on ya palm... voices, words come in their heads... like poets use their charm... b grade readings appear too...(garbage) words can you alarm... but if you believe and expect it you... may produce the wanted maam... on ya mate ...Don

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clink clunk permeates the night,
is me heart a pounding right,
teeth are gripping with me bite,
shut up johnson say goodnight...:)

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i'm a book collector of the old,
ham radio books to me are gold,
the ancient ones with valves and such,
I make long wire aerials to keep in touch,
i'm vk4pr of  Queenslands fold...

dont do it now so much...


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Nemesis Wayne

yes i set out to say one thing, inadvertently say another, and how they read between the lines, disturbs me cousin, brother, good ole wife stealing cousin Wayne, sidestepped almost yet again, but up an died, suffered pain, prostate specified... bit lame. nah johnson hasn't lied.... Lizzie Treetops, "Truth or Fabrication " I found this poem in my comment on it
Don I used to live with Cuz and he showed me a girl that i caught an had for 22 years, but true to his colors he finally managed to entice her away....after 20 years of trying:)

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Dementia Schizophrenia

Dementia Schizophrenia Dementias' child is oft reviled, in voices judgement way, another personality cramps the style, when nasty comes to play, Dementia loosens of mind grip, lucidity disappears, the personality away does slip, a vacancy is here, control returns on Lucid terms, and all is sweet today, surfaced like a “whale of sperm ,” oh bloody “hip hooray”.... Don Johnson

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With the current climate of dumb down the poor,
 so they are less of a challenge to the Liberal/National Tory type masters….
 (Creating greater Class distinction between the Sir and Mr. vs. the lower class
 jones and smith.)

Now that the University fee has become unobtainable by the average person.
Australians need the fairness of a free online university, 
perhaps run by retired professors world wide. 
(They would have to pass the dementia test?) 

We the people call on Clive Palmer our “national treasure”
to set up a university in his own name, to show the future
 educatable children, rich or poor, the shining light of good fella Clive,

Who else could save the day for the poor? A regular Robin Hood fighting for 
fairness in our great country!

• under the southern cross we stand,
• and liberty is our demand,
• you stand on us , we will stand on you, 
• careful how you treat us blue,
• cos we will fight , be damned....its true....

Don Johnson

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Shrinks Nancy

Nancy's Shrink, goddess, Yes we write of life and all the strife, and the mind ferrets,will want to know today, does ya hate ya momma, dadda, was they really nasty badder, or did ya personality, really blossom just this way? Could we earn anudder dollar, could we squeeze out, a little holler, cos me gambling has dropped me cheque book, lotsa smaller, this i say, an i really need the money, anyway:) So ya worried that ya crazy, but like me, ya mostly sane, an ya thoughts a little hazy, but ya really feel ok, so take a look in the mirror, and tell the bugger, coming nearer, that its really got indigestion, needs another hugger, yes today, and sanity is not the poets way, inspirations dog is yapping, and the sparrows ever tapping, birds are flopping flapping, poor ole johnson's yapping inner sanity is how the poet plays... Don Johnson Vienna, The loon's in tune with the largest moon, entertainment, hopes arising, insanitys voice does sweetly croon, her words so hypnotising, a loon sometimes surprising:) this poet thing is normal, looney tunes installed, worm in all, the rattle of the brain box, mystifying in its way, no need to bloody worry , just suck upon ya curry, poetic lunatics are bloody here to stay... Tony mate, How i see it little mate, who am i to gesticulate:) using both sides of the brain, ricocheting thoughts svelte in train, dummy does his little trix, sometimes seems a loonatic, but that's the poet's price...

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I had a visitor yesterday,
 a lady driven crazy by her husband ...
he has the kids, she has the road...
in and out of institutions, madhouses..
she is getting crazier now, than she was last visit...
we talk and drink wine ...
a faded rose now this time ...
and im sorry but shes drifting on the tide...
a disillusioned bride ...
life is less than divine...
till the next visit ...inside, 
i know death might release her this time,
it's on her mind...

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Angels fall first

 In a blink of an eye
 The angel appears on the sky
 I see the innocence in her face
 While she tries to fly with grace

 A broken wing under a devil skin
 Her face is full of lust and sin
 She can not reach the sky again
 She sinned so much she will remain

 She is so perfect for this world
 But she will stay, she gave her word
 Even the Heaven closed its door
 And let the girl sleep on my floor

 No more wings and no more grace
 She is a human in a place
 A place of beauty, joy and sorrow
 The girl won't stay until tomorrow

 The gates of Hell have opened wide
 To get the girl that sinned with pride
 There she will pay for what she gave
 Beauty, joy, sorrow and all with ave

 But will she ever meet again
 The one that crossed her path, the man?
 Will she have the everything
 Even though she has now nothing ?

 But the memories remain
 And they bring her joy and pain
 She fought the war and she has won
 And now she bears her unborn son

 The gates of Hell await the muse
 She wants not but she must choose
 The being that she will gave birth
 Will mum or she return to Earth ?

 A soul has fallen from the sky
 Born in a family, but born to die
 Which one is she, the she or mum?
 I do not know but she will come!

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Yes suffering brings the taste of gall, cultres rise and then they fall, man is the worst enemy of all, his money greed impractical..... when death walks down his hall. Great leaders needed by our call, great faith for the divided, might be provided, if a man of concience, all, is not denied us? Don

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The boy scans the horizon looking into his soul
And the beauty of the waves as they roll

Sun sits just above the lowest cloud in the distance
Today there is no resistance

Breaking into a run for Neptune’s playground
The beat against his board a familiar sound

Smiling to himself for the freedom he knows here
A break he sees the next one is clear

A few strokes and he stands guiding his board
Through the enchanting spray and the roar

A dolphin joins him on the wave their fun evident
A blessing of conjoining spirits now spent

A swell surges from the kiss of the tempest wind
Enraging the boys inner sin

Take hold of the reins Neptune he shouts
Again he braces for the watery bouts

The beach clears of visitors he makes his stand
Today I am no longer boy, but man

The companion sees his courage and swims near
Drowning is his inner fear

The crest of his wave broke only to rise again
Awaking the instincts within

He swims in front of his beast and stands proud
Turning his waist smartly to ride it out

He slips under the ripcurl entering the tunnel
A roar inside hint at disgruntled

The water closes in to seal him in
A chance to break him his back to end

Not quick enough he thinks to himself
As he races back to the beach in health

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Ba-ba They called him ba and sometimes ba, The bubba Heenie one, Caught with a sheep in his ute to keep, The owner caught him some, No chops for ba-ba, none Bells boxing tent saw him fight, Big bugger thumped someone, He raised his arms, he won the right, His pants fell down, dum dum, Interesting sight ole son, His doctor ripped a kidney out, Ba-ba he wasn’t thin Doctor said he’d get a dozer about, To put his guts back in, ole ba-ba had to grin, the doctors wage won’t come, the dollars all doubtful in, an overdraft unsung… Don Johnson

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Sitting in the dark,
Waiting for a spark.
Alone lost on an island,
No one, no familiar hand.
Sorrow sinking in,
Watching the storm begin.
Alone far away
For far longer than a day.

Sitting on the sand,
Observing sea and land.
Alone near the ocean,
Rain the only potion.
Gazing at the moon,
Hoping night may pass soon.
Alone in a place so far,
Home feeling as distant as a star.

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Fly blown soul

Fly blown soul Seven levels to attain, It aint what the preachers’ saying, Different spheres and worlds in void, Different times, some get destroyed , Fly blown soul it travels on, {meanwhile psychic downloading} No-nettete known as treacle draws, Often downloads two by fours, {4x2} Builds a mental laughing sock, Keeps a battery in her frock, Cos sometimes are enjoyed, Drifting through the nether void, Seeing places I’m employed, The child of a nasty Jock, Killed my cat, got bashed a lot, But spirit caint be destroyed! Soul entangled here and there, Different ages colours rare, Doing time, gills sucking air, It’s all a Linga-lung-fish, got? Seven levels to attain, Getting home can test the brain, Don’t rob the poor, is understood, Greed does drag you down, it should, Back In the lower ranks again, Going black 2 Nigeria for the pain, 2 Slide Up a level, please abstain? twisted virus maker serves, ironic twists he gets, deserves, a frozen puter is his lot, {sue hickey bit} down with frozen Dingo Dot. Plug-in sheep 4 wireless server? Or bloody not:} Don Johnson

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yes i agree, Frank...

what is my crime, i'm doing time, locked away from the light, its so unfair, the birds out there, are in flapping floating flight, Don

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deep as

deep as, subtle as the water, under the lake of frozen time, ask not what is that ding, don't listen to that ring, hear the bloody Angels sing? bell a tinkle, is it mine? sorta.... its fine... plonk or wine? benzadrine just aint my thing, talk to you another time. Don re: "The Great Swan" Debbie Duncan

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Mushrooms Mikkie

mushrooms can beguile the mind, 
and toadstool eaten is unkind, 
once gave my love wrong one to eat, 
sickness came it wasn't sweet, 
dangers for the blind..


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Phantom kisser-

A masquerade ball was in full concert when
A charming young man stepped in

He bore a green tunic with gold trim
Mask devilish with a wry grin

His mask bore five feathers atop his brow
In full view of the whole of the crowd

The music stopped and no servant bore his name
No mark of royalty or note of fame

Who is this man whispers a girl
A mystery man, man of the world

His eyes a radiant green breaching the mask
The music starts with a nod no questions asked

His manner quite and shy though confident
Both hands resting behind his torso defiant

Utterly refusing any hand placed before him
A mission is what makes him grim

One girl and only one is his treasured fox
She is sitting at a table near the clocks

A common girl young enough for school
A starving pain runs through him almost cruel

A slow melody is played by the maestro
The gentleman gaze at him to and fro

A hand his placed before her tired eyes
Shear delightful sounds as she cries 

An angry man in a red mask stalks toward them
When an older woman steps in front of him

“Let them go” She says
“Why should I” eyes furiously red

To the center of the dancing floor they stroll
The beat picks up with a flick from maestro

Soft beats sound as they come together
Then silence…..weightless like a feather

A dazzling dance wows the place
Enough so to put awe on each face

After the last step and last beat coincide 
Their masks come up no more reason to hide

Their lips meet and cheers break out
Like those at a fight awaiting the bout

The commotion was too much for the old man
He stumbled forward to greet the brigand

A chase commenced with the house guards
Even some of the house bards
The Youngman fell and was detained quickly
Then a sound arose from the courtyard sickly

The sound of a sword piercing flesh
A pool of blood and a mess

Unveiling his mask bore only a lad
At this the old man felt sad

The young girl never knew what became of him
Her father detailed his absence to be of a decided whim

In reality he survived after his body was left for dead
A long fever and a month in bed

A preacher picked him up and healed his impaled breast
With medicine and well needed rest

He awoke later to a dream of his lady fair 
When he smelt the perfume of roses in the air

A second chance the preacher stated 
Yes it was not to be he debated

Now he is an old man sitting and writing this tale
Letting my grandson know not to bail

For I will leave it in my will for his eyes only!

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Snake Chess

The night was dark an stormy, The Billy goat went blind, It flew into a barbed wire fence and tore its never mind, {anonomous?} Ole Don he drove the A model Ford, At least it was a ute…{utility/pickup} He ran over a big brown snake, In this dark blue bag of fruit, Up through the floor it wriggled then, To bite a piece of the driver, Through the gear stick hole, Came a snake with soul, Wake up bloody McGyyver, Don bashed and flogged the snake, agog, With the crank-handle for bloody sure, The snake he left the floor except, The floor was no survivor, No floor left, gone bereft, Of for the nervous riders, Uncle Les with the gold teeth yes, He was my step-Grandfather, 37 Ford bag of fruit, Ute, {Bloody Utility} a brown snake he was after, Brownie he swung around the axle, ho hum, Ole Les he was still poking at him, He was poking him well, But after a spell, The snake was poking at him, While he was bent at the back wheel he sent, The snake through a hole in the floor, In the back of the ute, inspection hole for galoots, Came ole brownie for bloody sure, Over Les he did track, six foot brownie Jack, Suspended to clear our Les, poker, Grandma cut short any shouted retort, And our snake was a sport, dropped behind him, quite the joker, Don Jonson Cobra Venom, kills 10 Elephants, one bite Brown Snake Venom, 100 Elephants, But he don’t skite :} Aussie Tiapan maybe a thousand :{ don't play with him..... we have a rattler type, almost , short and deadly Death Adder, one bite you are dead.......ole timers cut the bite sucked out venom and applied condys crystals .....poison to kill poison they said....seemed to work!!!!

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Amilius 500 thousand years ago we came upon the earth, in spirit form our natural state, the blue green planet searched, Amilius the first Adam came, first born of the one true God, We sprang into animal bodies, a subject of much mirth, no Frogs, death was no annhilatation. Some stayed too long in animal form and hardened, had to wait, went through the pain of death, the spirit joins his mates, 5 races started by Amilius, colors, black, white, brown, yellow and the red, Were started in 5 places, thoughts are deeds of the one Gods thought form, so the human race was bred. The Atlantean race were red of skin , In the mid Atlantic ocean, High explosives were used to rid them of Dinosaurs, Gas pockets joined the explosion, sunken land caused a commotion, almost annhilation.. Ra and Hermes built the great Pyramid, It took one hundred years, They were from Atlantis, where the sea drowning did, rear. Hermes the first and last Adam, Did float big blocks in the air, Thought form generated, Cut an shaped with perfect fair. Baptist John and Jesus studied, At the pyramid of Cheops, Initiated, prepared, thoughts flooded, Then they left the land of Egypt. Adam has returned many times, To help us here on earth, Not always noticed, steps Jesus climbed, Showed us the way to worth. Thoughts are deeds, from times of old, Could stop you dead, in deathly cold, Thought’s Indus valley Priests could hold, Your life gone in an instant. Don Johnson Why do we still have murderous terrorists, Fear is a great generator of thought form worry. Mass thoughts become deeds.

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I think it’s best to stay he said
And sail the ocean blue
To find and seek that tale unread
Before we lose that too

To see the world with men and beasts
Then turn and shake my head
To wonder why we drink and feast
When each day we might be dead

For a candle will be blown
And my will will bend
Away all life is flown,
For this? This is the end.

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Wrestler Bill

When you're 18 and young and you are looking for something to do...
Then wrestling with a bear might appeal to you.

The challenge was given and accepted by three...
But wrestling with a bear doesn't appeal to me.

Each year the Heart of Texas Fair and Rodeo provides many a thrill...
But there is a special memory for one named Bill.

Some ride bulls and others a bucking horse...
But still others pursue a different course.

When the challenge was given he said o.k....
And then Bill found out that wrestling a bear is not child's play.

Very few people have ever wrestled a bear...
But in 1970 at the Heart of Texas Fair and Rodeo you would 
have seen Bill if you were there.

Bill now sings in the choir and is a great Christian too...
And he loves to share memories about the crazy things he used to do.

Wrestler Bill has put bear wrestling on hold...
But he fondly remember be a teenager and trying to act bold.


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Welcome To The World Of This Certain King

"Bring Me Wine,Myrrh and My Sweetheart Daughter Anabella,
My Little Anabella Loves To Listen To The Voice Of Salome,Her Lyre and Her 
Happy Serenade..
Tell My Scribes To Be Fast About Compiling The Exploits Of Their King In His 
Last Battle Campaign..What Is a King Without An Updated Chronicle..
Send In My Little Prince For His Voice As He Reads Through His Texts Of 
Poetry..Lures The King His Father To a Closer Salient Walk With The gods..
Tell The War Generals To Give Me A detailed Brief of Our Next Campaign.."

At Morn..
"Send In The Finest Of Thy Young Warriors..So I can Test My Stealth In The Very 
Face Of Battle and Danger...
What Have Young Men Turned Themselves into..So Lazy,Wanton and Unmanly..
Off My Sight Before I Seek Thy Skulls This Very Instant..
(In Privacy With The Head Warrior)..Oh! Sarskaas Your Young Boys Are one of the 
Best in The Region My Training Sessions Are Truelly Refreshing..Tell this not to 
them Lest you build the Fruits of Pride and Treachery in their Young Minds..
Do Usher in My Seductive Belles to Show Off Their Waists in Acts of 
Poetry,Dance and Linguistic Body Embellishments..."

At Noon..
"You The Dreaded Most Notorious KING Of the Valley..A Demi god,Invincible and 
Indestructible..As I Speak Kiss The Sole Of My Feet and eat this dish of Camel 
Dung mixed with fine desert sand..
Ax-Man when he finishes his dessert Bring me his Head on My 'Royal Golden 
Usher in the Wise Men of the South..For I want to converse with them in this 
same spirit of Saliency..
Stuff the roast Calf portions with a lot of herbs and Spices..You well know its the 
Obsession of the Men from The south.."

At Sundown..
"Usher in the different contingents of Musicians to Entertain my Salient Guests...
Wrap My 'Lotus Fumes' Quickly so I can Smoke this Life's Troubles Aways..And 
See Through the One Eye of the gods in Solemnity and Blissful Thinkings,
Head Eunuch Do Send A Servant to The Harem..He Should Tell My Queens to 
get A-Ready For Their Lord is in Good Shape for Royal Rumbles and More..
Oh! My Faithful Knights your War plans were excellent..Go Now Enjoy and Excite 
your souls as much..Retain your honour and have the War at the Back Of your 
Depart In Peace..Many A-Waists in The Harem are Restless.. 
I go in to Satisfy My Very Own.."
Welcome Again To The World Of That Certain King..

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Mars Awaits

Mars Awaits Twenty thousand years before our time-line, Rad Arrigo would see it through, Rad Arrigo of the bronze wing warrior sign, Martain Aeronautic too, Looked and saw the comet coming, Spluttering on the horizon due, To impact the northern hemisphere, coming, Ever coming, coming, coming, Bugger all what he could do, Guided missiles, Rimfire rockets Failed the deflecting, hull-a-baloo, becoming deadly, as in a nightmare, kill this world it came to do, death of planet nothing new, bugger all that he could do? Anti-Grav the ship was ready, Inter-stellar pure-bred lines its true , Partenered with the Bo-Bo-Freddy, Shirt-lifter, dirt-track-rider too, Ladies please come into view, Sent to search for a new planet, Save the race survivors few, Came to Terra old Lemuria, Fore the continents were split in two, Ricochet of comet was a slamming, poor old bloody earth, in waves, Tidal waves, tsunamis growing, Sharks and animals washed into caves, thousands was a death, a knowing, Pole-shift poor old Mammoths knew Sucking on the grass a growing, Snap frozen drowned in artic dew, Poor ole bloody Mammoth blue, Mars got shattered by the comet, Water, air, went into space, Three kilometers bloody deep, to vomit was gouged out of place, gone is planet interface, For the Martains it’s just too late, Pyramids there still do await, For the man, some stellar Gromit, Mars is waiting on your fate, So pull on your travel-bonnet, Coming, New Universal Empire state. Don Johnson

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The late afternoon sun filters through spruce and hemlock
as I sit here with my juice and my jacket on.
I was ready to say goodbye to this so long so.
As beautiful as this leafy world is, it is not serving me.

I know I am a child.  I know I am not my age.
I cannot reason the way that would help me function best
and make the appropriate decisions.
Knowing that doesn’t make it any easier.  I live with this.

Choosing another city wasn’t easy.
It’s ripped me apart, exposed my harsh vulnerability
which just makes me want to run and hide.
What if?  and that?  I don’t have what I used to have
which was also the protection of a Family.  A Place.  People.  A Life.

It is my task now to create a new one from a fabric so thin,
not sure I know how to weave anymore.
Serves me not to think about the past and all I did then.
All that exists is putting one painful foot in front of the other.

Will I have enough to eat?  A clean pretty place to sleep?
Is my mind so confused that I cannot put up a lamp to read?
Can I wash a tub that isn’t yet mine?  Will my mark stay on it?
Do I contain enough of an imprint any longer that it will stick?
Become mine?

As a woman, this is what I’ve done is leave my mark
on things, people, places.
My territory.  My boys.  My bathroom.  My car.
I need to fashion some way out of air to make this mine now.

Trying to remember...........don’t rush.
How can a calligrapher create a beautiful character without time and a brush?
Breathe.  Water.  Sit.  Affirmations.
Do some and then begin again. 

I remember this from a past life.
Just do the task in front of you which will lead to the next one.
Small parts, that’s what I Can do, is small things.
Trust.  Believe.  Have faith.

I shall weave something glistening
out of nothing much to speak of.
Or better yet, get of the way and let it become what it shall.
This is a puzzlement, a new city, a new life.
But, I will be with it.  I will be present as this new life shows me all there is to see.

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Bronco Don visits

Bronco Don visits…. A cancer took my father away, The smokers curse he had to pay, But he returns, we hear him still, When he pulls my big toe, With subtle skill, As he did when I was little, “Come on boy up you get,” In dream we are horse riding yet, Left handed holes in the Coolabahs set, Where the Cubbie tribe got bird eggs, The latch behind the door did flog, It woke me up from sleep, agog, I asked what is it mate “ring your mother she is upset” so I phoned little Nelly then, she was tortured in her mind, so we talked for an hour, when? 2 am the bloody time, and back to sleep again, just a sitting in my chair, a tug on hand I felt it there, the voice it came “come with me” white ants, bubbled paint I did see, in my purple room the termite tracks, renovations for the slack? not me, The smell of smoke the uncoiled whip, When he is around the ether slips, Cecily took a photo of the wall, A face appeared looking part of it all, Like a painted mask it fits, Bronco Don does visit, As time and space recalls, It….. Don Johnson yes the old veil slips between n betwixt, where souls have cause to wonder, old friends reach back , through soft veil cracks, like Bronco Don down-under....

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look n see the wanted outcome, imagination comes into play, thoughts are deeds, keep thinking some, improve the outcome of your day... re: 'Power of the Eyes' Russell Sivey Don

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Fridgerator trauma

Fridgerator trauma Electrolux kerosene refrigerator, Brought a sound not so sweet potater, Must have been back about forty nine, The Boogie man was doing fine, Om, om, om, om, says the instigator, The grey dead ones stood round my bed, I couldn’t speak nor raise my head, Never spoke of it or even said, Until a time much later, It got that way most every night, That I was paralysed with fright, My darkness held this awe filled sight, The grey ones, of sour nature, The om om om says Krishna law, Opens third eye a little more, A four year old wanted it shut for sure, So I jammed the bastard tight, Seems I got it right, It don’t open now no more:} But still they seem to come to me, The dead do speak incessantly, A light touch and words do come, Come to the purple room, son, And there you will see, White ant has been, paint bubbly, {termite} Dads thoughts flowed to me chum, NO doubt about this one, It happens frequently? Don Johnson So I had this trauma as a child, it got that way with the om om om of the refrigerator, that a click would open the door in my head, the all seeing one came to my bed, a chill was in the air , cos I was captured there, in my bed, no escape the dread boogy man of fear, with staring eyes so bloody near , begone you bastard Fred :} I’d feel the door opening and would finally force it shut, I didn’t want to see the mongrel mob :} But I was only four ???

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faith is the important thing, 
to make things work,
 the ding a ling...
of life... 
does bring ...
side step around the strife...


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waters way

When I saw the river it was not new to me I had often
seen it my dreams, its brownish water steadily seeking the ocean
and unquestionable becoming inconsequent.

It was obeying the law of the nature and not asking why it
could not run the other way back to white water of innocence.
I’m a rusty leaf in this water being dragged downstream trying 
to hide under the long grass of the embankment trying to learn 
once more that sex is not love, I nod in deference but I do not
understand why coitus should be wrong even if it is the wrong
Time, wrong woman in a house of ill repute. I say; let me do my 
Mistakes again and learn nothing of interest. 

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Kokoda 1942 See-saw battle

Kokoda 1942 See-saw battle Red blood was a running, emerald green saw it pour, In the mountains of Kokoda, death on the see-saw, 400 fifteen to eighteen year old boys knew the score, Just ole .303 rifles to stop the Nip. for evermore, YANK General Macarthur was screaming in Melbourne haw, haw, He’d just escaped from the Phillipines , Where the planning it was flawed, Where lots of his fighters, Still grounded, burnt, what bloody for? His conferences went on, as the Nip fighter planes scored. Gona and Buna New Guinea. Ten to 13 thousand Nipponese attacked from the shore, Just 100 boy soldiers tried to hold em up some more, Like soldier ants a-coming Nip. flowed round the sides, Cut off in the jumgle, crawl away on belly slide, Or your blood an guts on the green jungle floor? Run Rabbit run said Aussie General Blamey and it gnawed, Boy soldiers they tried, Nippon, swarm a coming poured, Big brothers would stop em second 25th Brigade coming ensured, {3 battalions 2500 men} Irabiawa great slaughter, Nippon retreat from, with no bloody score! Don Johnson What really irked the 39th battalion of boys , fighting on the sides of 7 to 10 thousand feet high, jungle enveloped mountains, where you never saw the sun. Was the screaming Macarthur, “die, defending Australia,” and the Aussie general Blamey “run rabbit run” you retreated or died as the swarm flowed around and over you? Choices hey….would you have stayed till death with your ten shot 303? The Nips had and used 75mm mountain guns British made, the shells exploded in the trees above you shrapnel would kill you. Nambu Woodpecker machine guns and Mortars too, versus .Lee Enfield 303 rifles….not good odds:{ 10,000 Nips versus 400 boys…. The older boys were all in the Middle East fighting Churchills', war against Hitler and Mussolini....

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Insanity of man

Insanity of man Is the raging human quite insane? has the animal-human lost control by brain? if the spirit has a weak control? animal lost control by soul? is on its own again, not whole, the duality of man, the spirit plays a role, a conscience word extols, but rager listens not, is by the aggots got, does Lucifer enfold? When sanity is forgot, no spirit in control? Incensed to madness, what???
Don Johnson

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Insincere Be you so insincere, You fail the quest of time, Here for a reason? No? do not hear, Once again doing naught sublime, Immortal at the end, by death, Reborn new mortal whole, Learn the truth, don’t get rich, uncouth, bring filth to burnish the soul, Let your spirit bright, enfold the night, Keep the human beast under control, Your place right here, unknown to steer, But spiritual of soul, Truth and honesty are here to hold, Be ye so insincere, this time, As in the days of them of olde, Re-punished 4 many crimes? Don Johnson

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Silent pulses of Krileanine’s Pentagram Lure the young men of the hamlet Lönam Oh how she sains them with The Heptagram Curiosity killed the cat And made the Nightbeast Darkly, she commenced the ancient rite Performing in her Sluttish ways She’s preparing for the Full-moon Night Scream! Lycanthrope Lover Her host’s fangs Will pierce every innocent "Submit to my will You carrion ghoul Welcome to my Esoteric Hell" Scream! Lycanthrope Lover Whore of everything unholy You must Fear the Coming Of Muspelheim, Cassandra

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The sapphire sun of what-were dreams
Setting in the forsaken east
My winters' desperation clung to your silent voice
Let death be a choice
Dusk revealed your truest nature
Before her argentine eyes
'Tis the darkest of tragedies, romances' maladies
Let your forgiveness be la Vie In this frozen air
The wings of my deepest despairs

Friend or foe?
The dagger close to my heart--
If your forgiveness is nigh
Let me know--or is this all a lie

Lilyheart Swain
Please don't give into your pain
You hold my soul on Eden's Edge

Your innocent flesh
Cradled in my broken arms
Forever you will be mine, forever you will stay
The snow caressing us as we tangle in deathly embrace
This darkness fades into amber innocence 
Hatred no longer exists
Forgive me
Come back my only

The winterwind tears carress me
With whispers, (of) Someone I Once knew
Calming the fears inside
But the pain remains
--hallcunary rains 

Dreams fading with the Enya in your eyes
With the darkness of your hands
The silverfears of the pale moon
Shine on you

Lilyheart swain 
Please don't give into your pain
You hold my soul on Eden's Edge

Your innocent flesh
Cradled in my broken arms
Forever you will be mine, forever you will stay
The snow caressing us as we tangle in deathly embrace
This darkness fades into amber innocence 
Hatred no longer exists
Forgive me
Come back my only

Your eyes search for mine
Oh how they shine, blue 
Sacrdice has a price
Heaven is calling us tonight

Cursed In shadowed illusions
Shall we dance?
Would there be a chance
Forgive me now
I will rip out every nail 
Of your coffin
I don't care if it's God it will offend

Lilyheart Swain
Please don't give into your pain
You hold my soul on Eden's Edge

Your innocent flesh
Cradled in my broken arms
Forever you will be mine, forever you will stay
The snow caressing us as we tangle in deathly embrace
This darkness fades into amber innocence 
Hatred no longer exists
Forgive me
Come back my only

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Vengeance Vengeance is mine saith the Lord, You’ll be downtrodden and abhorred, upon your resurrection, look for the good and see the light, an eye for an eye gets your tooth alright, your turn in the resurrection, as ye sow, so shall ye reap, its been spelled out for the bloody sheep, yes karma is the order deep! Reincarnation…selection, or bloody resurrection, the great religions all have their say, kill not the brother be kind today, be soulful of reflection, spiritual perfection, your greed, a price to pay, reborn, sad resurrection… Don

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Karmic Irony

Have you been nasty an bits-ful, caused pain with a liars deceit, comeuppance oh so dreadful, will grab you by your seat, interesting concept auto planned, sucker punch oh so deep, gotta give fair play, it's command, karma gets ya subtle, an sweet, ironic, justice, slaps ya down, yer bloody well flogged, an now beat. Don never mind vengeance ...the lord will apply it....

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Ancient Evil

Sponsor FRANK H. Contest Name WHAT ANNOYS YOU Ancient evil never leaves us, returning constant as the rain, slave of the 2 horned demon, using people,weak of brain, causing pain for the many, pitiless, so wreathed with smiles, bending truth, beguiling any, truth, will have to wait awhile, have you seen his glassy eyes, glistening with his evil will, destroying lives, of the many, soulless, yet, black hearted still, bare faced liar so deceitful, dreadful words, of awful lies, owned by the evil master, cloven hoof, till eye 4 eye, common man is so despised, brainwashed & so hypnotized, media owned by these guys, though ‘white of light’ is a rising… Don Johnson

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Motorcycle Persecution gone mad

Motorcycle Persecution gone mad. Are they persecuting Posties? On the streets of Brissy town , Cos them brawny bloody bikies, Have made the Police to frown, Hells Angels on Vespas, on the footpath interviewed, Do you have the drugs upon ya, Is ya doing something lewd? Nah we just taking Teddys to the kiddys hospital mate, To put a little smile on the sad ones dial or plate, Worried weekend bikies, being jerked off the bloody road, And poor old guys at seventy, grilled for the bikie code, The muttering and whinging, it’s all about the super sap, The prince of persecution he knows just where it’s at, Motorbike of persecution, good ole Police know where to pat. Ludicrous say the locals, as bikie Posties cringe in fear, {postman} The Syndrome sure is biting, And me “put put’s” acting queer. Don Johnson Of course we have bikies and Hells Angels etc and gang wars... We also have a state Premier who persecutes people including bikiers and the handicapped, tossing the cripples out of their housing and taking their carer payments from them...big smiles all the time too:}

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fog in mind, i have been there, brain damage got me yeh, 15 years to get away, shut up brain, now speak you may, onetime! re: Russell Sivey 'Fog Creeping in' Don race horse kicked me in the head, lame 4 a week the boss had said, dented me forehead double vision fed, but im alright cor strike me dead:) sometimes....

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Pelican 20-20

Pelican 20-20 The Pelican stood an cursed awhile, The air was like duck soup, He'd been forced to walk 4 thirty miles, His flapping got him poop, The pollys here still deny, There is no climate change, Lock him up ol johnson, why? His mutterings are strange, The airports closed, no planes you knows, The airs unfit to try? Jumbo's gone, chicken barns, the go, And sultry Pelicans caint fly. Don JOhnson

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Good listener, please lend your ear
To share my history
Before I take the poison drink,
I’ll tell you my story.

They’re coming even now to take
The city that we love
And hope is often lost and so
My tale i’ll tell you of.
	When Carthage took upon itself
To find by light of day
A general? Well your in luck!
Great Hannibal did say.

He planned to cross the mountains great
Twas thought the only way,
But first to cross the river Rhone,
Great Hannibal did pray

The river Rhone rose up and warned
	Don’t cross my waters grey!
	No way to cross? Then all was lost
	Great Hannibal did say

	Then at once stood Hannibal
	We’ll cross by th’end of day!? 	Take down those trees to make a raft
	Great Hannibal did say 

	Over the water blue they went
	Lined up in an array
	And now to Rome and battle great!
	Good Hannibal did say.
Due north he found an obstacle
	That willed him to give way,
	The northern tribes with battle cries
	Great Hannibal did slay.

	The biggest problem now was here
	Across the mountains stray
	“Great danger now we face, my men,”
	Great Hannibal did say.

	Across the mountains none did think
	That they would last a day
	Just one more hill or mountain top,
	Great Hannibal would say

	The crew were weary lost and torn
	That made them curse the day
	“But we are almost there, you see?”
	Great Hannibal did say.	

	And soon enough the walls of Rome
	Rose up as if to say
	Who ventures here with war in mind?
	Come greet us at our gates!

	But in the Roman city there
	Scipio here to stay
	“No one can beat us, no one can,”
	Great Hannibal did say.

	At Rome’s great gates for 15 years
	He waited patiently
	We can’t stay here, for food is dear,
	Great Hannibal did say.

	So he turned back to Carthage’s gates
	But met along the way
	Scipio and his army great
	Hannibal could not slay

	When all was done his quest was lost,
	And Rome would live too great,
	A treaty signed so punishing
	That Carthage lost its gate.

	And Hannibal the general
	That lost the city too
	Was forced to go to lands beyond
	And help as best he could.

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Re Ann Rutheford - The Chase

watching little animals and their antics ?
 very amusing ....

Patches cat brought home a Kangaroo Rat,
 and set it free in the night,
  it was hopping around our bedroom,
 to our squeals of delight,
so i shepherded it back to the doorway ,
back to the bush goodnight...


Rat size marsupial that hops about like a Roo {kangaroo}

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LIKE AN ANGEL …………………angels…they really do exist…….. 

Looking into your eyes, 
I could see your undying love, 
Your wonderful smile brimming me up in joy, 
I just want to know, what makes you come back, 
To fill my soul with life and joy, 
You make me wonder of my soulless existence. 

Like an angel, you cast your spell upon me, 
Leaving me caught up in my memories. 
Your faith in me makes me to carry on 
To transcend over the horizon, 

You placed your hand upon my empty soul, 
You brought me back to life, 
Making my dreams real, 
Looking towards the sky, I could see your fragnant smile 

Like an angel, you rid me of my perils, 
You caress my soul as if I were your own, 
Dressed in white, you shine your light upon me, 
Helping me to wake from my soulless dream 

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Purkle fog

Purkle fog The purple fog descends anew, Behind the battered green door too, Purple flashes cross the room , A yellow candle burns in the gloom, On a rough hewn table true, Behind the battered door of green, Where meet the misty shimmering , astral figures come to gather here, a tryst for lovers may appear, if I get me landing lights on blue? Large yellow candle splutters here, And wax it drips on the table near, My feet caint touch the bloody floor? I’m drifting back out the bloomin door, Swinging by me toe-nails, little more, Get a grip ole mate, try to, I grab the beams just overhead, And launch myself at the table dread, And she appears in translucent dew, My thoughts do swerve, now wadd-ya do, Just take the babe to bed? But this I canna do??? {what do ya do} Don Johnson

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The Dream

A giant tree spoke in clicks
A man was hidden, some kind of trick?
A field of grass, at his foot a stick
Then a vision of Red Beard sick…

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Yuan Oranaga-Taunga was here

Don Johnson Yuan-orang

We was in Coles a shopping center,
The wild man from Borneo appeared,
He reared up an started spraying 
Yuan Oranaga-Taunga was here

Followers in their blue-gum robes,
With bark a prickling round their ears,
With dollar coins attached to ear lobes,
Dodged and sidestepped as they savoured
Uric acid and sweet urea,

Holy-man was gesticulating,
Gonads flashing so sincere,
Red hairy waistcoat ever stating,
Yuan a Tanga was the seer,

Deported then he was so,
Dropped by parachute we hear,
Back to the wilds of Borneo,
Thought blinking Wombats bloody queer…


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spirit is eternal,
overcoat wears out,
all is sublime, mental,
never in doubt...


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Maelstrom In this little hell world, with its thorns all unfurled, it seems we are all born to suffer, subtle as hell, fire burning so well, into the maelstrom we’re hurled., plum-duffer, ( bum soker…dumb fker} born stupid by chance, me brains didn’t dance, just too long out in the rain? the bloody hot heat, cooked me brain incomplete,, wonder if I'm bloody insane, but I cannot complain, bout brainless, de-brained, as a hell is so subtle, so neat, we notice it not, till I bloody forgot, that we all cop it sweet, a connection deletes, till, ole Quartpot’s doing his rain dance again. Don Johnson …

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Poor Ba-ba Sheep

Poor Ba-ba Sheep Oh the new year resolution, That us weak brained types can’t keep:} To think for ourselves hereafter, Not be brainwashed like Bo Peep, Ba ba poor bloody sheep, Intelligence is subtle, The thoughts upon ya creep, I hate to burst ya bubble, But the rich want to work you cheap, Ba ba poor bloody sheep, The greed of the rich is crafty, Half truths he feeds the sheep, Put in a figure head, whose brain is dead, Or maybe half a sleep, Ba ba poor bloody sheep, Philantrophists are rare today, Their greed has made them weep, Try to buy back some SELF goodness, hey, After robbing a million sheep, Ba ba poor bloody sheep? The idiot votes for his master, Thinks Master a special Sheep, The voted for one bought and paid for some , By some fat rich slug on the cheap, Ba ba poor bloody sheep, The moral of the story is, Don’t think like Ba Ba sheep, The elected few, aren’t controlled by you, they are owned by a big fat creep, who wants its way and will not pay, snorts n snickers in its sleep, Ba ba poor bloody sheep. Don

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returned to sender

The ultra awesome wheel of life, And when you're dead, in spirit twice? Returning ones remember sure, Things they'd often learned before, Like greed and avarice, The gifted ones have known before, The musican who already knows the score, Born with the gift, amazing sure, Past, memory rolls the dice, Obsession was the price, A hundred years before, So random it seems the scene, Be born to squalor so obscene, Bitterly ironic, justly deemed, 4 the greedy new-born poor, If judgement intercedes? Does Logic key the door? Don Johnson

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sadness reaches here, yet some, and i feel the hurt right here, the string of fate , cut early or late, but Gods work is done, and life says hurry up wait, cos its only just begun.... Don

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Sandy Blight

Sandy Blight D’Lise he was about ole Dirran town, Back in the early forties, When Sandy Blight could make you frown, Interfere with your naughties, …….bad-sex? When running eyes came shortly, Yer Eyes were plastered tight.. Fine sandy dust as red as rust, It blew, came in from Cobar, The sky was red, as yer eyeballs Fred, from June until October. People came in their wagonettes, no lie, To get away from Cobar, With mattery eyes, like the bite of flies, Yes bungy eyes all over. Old D’Lise saw these sore eyes, And hatched himself a cure, Sure it wasn’t from the bloody flies, Bottled piddle could be a doer. A spit in the eye could cure the flys, If you suffered the blow-fly bite, Slapped em down with an axe you clown, An they’d buzz on outa sight. Ainaseed in the piddle bottle, Was the sweetest disguise, delight, Bit a yellow belly color, .............Aussie fish What looked like Snotty-gobble, Cured too bloody right … Dingo Dog Trappers used Ainaseed for their decoys, To kll the smell of man, when setting their Dog traps for Dingoes. Snotty-Gobble Bliss-bombs are the yellow fruit on a tree Miseltoe, sweet fruit of the Aussie bush. Don Johnson

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In and out like that of a play
His wound now bore a mysterious clay
The Capitan’s voice made him stay
As he bowed now in silence to pray

As he awoke in the morn he slips
A water glass to his dry sweet lips
The witch doctor smiled and came to grips
To the startled son that time forgets

Smells of food ensnared his hunger
A bellow followed its sound was thunder
“Morning child! A hungry monger?”
The boy sat up his food placed under

Hot rolls, sliced ham, and sausage links
“A bath today, this boy now stinks!”
The captain agrees to what doc now thinks
To wash away the blood that leaks

His wound stung when the water struck
A model ship and a rubber duck
Shared the tub, the lads in luck
Red Beards love has finally struck

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There was a time in yesteryear
When I had lived alone,
I had come across a certain fear
Of things that dwell below

My mind kept leaping back inside
The dark holes of the unknown
Till one night I felt cruel eyes
Burning into my own

I hadn’t welcomed it I swear!
—please do not get me wrong
I couldn’t remain, I wouldn’t dare
Stay there for too long

I fled towards my bathroom,
As if that would scare it away!
I’d lose it, I assumed
As long as I didn’t stay

For a full hour I sat there
On the toilet seat
Sitting in the darkness where
I stared at my cold feet

Finally, standing, I opened up the door
I heard the screech of the hinge,
That creak and nothing more…
But still, it made me cringe 

Each night I felt the eyes upon me
Fixedly, more and more 
But one dark, cold night I suddenly saw
A figure at my bedroom door

My eyes couldn’t leave the sight
Of the insidious, insisting guest
My heart thumped drastically in fright
As you probably would have guessed

It stood there upon the blemished floor
Watching me in my bed
Its body leaned against my door
Tilting and jerking its head

I screamed and clutched onto my covers
Stabbing to stay my heart
Trying to reach the telephone for others
But it was just too far! 

I looked out of my window
Watching the rain patter against the sill
I was trying to distract my terrified woe
That haunted me against my will

I must have been losing my mind
But one night I felt braver and sane,
Trying to be courteous and kind,
Though scared I asked, “What is your name?”

The atmosphere grew darker within the room
I thought that I would die of fright 
“My name is Tsustaroth,” it said
“And I am kissing you goodnight” 

In horror I saw it moving towards me
My blankets flew away
Its fiendish look of reptile beast
Was zooming towards my face!

I moved to the corner of the room
And it turned its head towards me
I felt the burning of terror and doom 
Revel inside of me

Then I saw it disappear
Into the dusty floors
But thrashing footsteps I could still hear
Closer and closer…thumping on the floorboards

As soon as it had left the scene
I felt the earth beneath my skin
I felt so alive, so eerily keen
I felt the darkness lurking within

“And every night, yes every while,
I’ll visit you at your door,”
As he spoke I felt myself hysterically smile!
“ And we won’t be lonely anymore…”

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Ring of Power

Ring of power Ring of power enhances it, Gives it volume just a bit, Getting bigger will it fit, 8 inch round is ole Tom tit, Obsession comes when you get sold, Flaccid, with his heart so cold, If you want him big n bold, Warm him just a bit, Get the right size ring, to fit, As strong as days of old, Beware of ole Tom tit, Stripper guys they wear the ring, Too keep it hard, its just the thing, Not too tight on the dingaling, Adjust to size and passion, Enhanced by more tongue lashing, Home truths for passions pit, The keeper ring will do its bit…. Don Johnson

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Russell's genius

Russell... i agree at least with thee, the line is finer still, between the great Philantropist, and the bloody Murderer's will... good guy on the one side, suicide bomber the other, it's enough to put you off your stroke, where you fail to be a lover, so you are programmed for the bad, and are such an evil druid, hatred sickens self, makes mad, be nice the thoughtful dude... Don Johnson Write A Poem For Yourself Enter Contest Sponsored by: Carol Brown

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the Rich

Of course you know the super rich, The rich miners use you as their bytch The propaganda tells you what to think, The morality is cast aside, in a blink, It really isn’t funny, she’s on the nose yes honey, (ex Premier Anna) and so you’ve cause to think, all for lots of money. (miners don’t want the tax might lose em a few pennys? ) Morality it is gone, when leaders scream about the miners tax, Who do you think owns the bytch, Import cheap labor, Jack. The rich owned television and the papers too, are biased in their telling of what is really true, The forked tongue of the master, Is seen in every word, Otherwise your sacked ol mate, after, If the truth, IT you do employ. But the master is there for the master, Not for the working clown, Menzies dropped 12 atom bombs hereafter, (1955-56) Was made sir an and the gartered clown, We had 12,000 dead after the atom bomb, But they swept it under the carpet, the land of the convict strain, lived on. (ABC shop or sbs will have the video) Don

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Linda's empty shell

Linda-Marie… Know about the empty shell, lonesome is the place i dwell, just on the blue side Elvis said, need some moonshine fore me bed, but then, i do a bit of rhyming:) Karma Nancy J perhaps my sins are listed, so when me feet get blistered, a karmic do read my "thinly wangmoo ?" on ya mate... Robert H heheheh....women who care with jealous stare, aint that rare, i've met some..... Yes Robert, Murder bloody murder, where you get blown right to hell, death waits on every corner, not a lovely place to dwell:( Afghanistan... Don Johnson

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Arthur Sly

Let it be known that Arthur Sly
Was caught red handed and sentenced to die

For he trespassed and stole fine things
Like loaves of bread, diamonds, and rings

This urchin of Satan horded all
And the others to answer his call

This gangsters hideout was well concealed
 Till we tortured his mates to seal the deal

No matter how slight he might be in years
His mind is best amongst his peers

To rid us of this Haynes threat
Let him be hung by the neck!

The date is uncertain of this jest
My  magistrates motives are blotchy at best

He says there is more and wishes to show
Her majesties guest at the ball in snow   

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Metaphor of multi plug

Metaphor of multi plug The metaphor of the multi plug With lines and leads connected lugs, To keep you on their lead, Believing all their krappy creed, from some dirty unwashed thug, You poor mental as passive weed, Do you dig the drain I’ve dug Or has you brain gone off to seed, The master holds a grudge, Deceptive television yes do heed, It’s fool the drongoes, brainwash, drug, The millions watch and get a feed, Of Tory bullkrapp every seed, You are treated like a mug, The Super rich will tug your weed, Brainwash, every deed, Your television it does shrug, Repetition keeps you up to speed? Jammed in your brain poor slug? The unsuspecting brainwash need, Manilipulated poor, poor dud… When the Rich control the news media effectively, You are battered with propaganda, Television always showing no respect for thee, Your goose is cooked old Gander, To the Drongo rich they pander, Their connection, pull the plug……………… Don Johnson

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Thelma Leeson

Thelma Leeson....... is in a nursing home, dementia will take her, and I will recite this at her funeral. Thelma Jane was a Leeson and she was premmie born Size of a sauce bottle to a tent her tiny form Oh thy bathed her in olive oil, good for her premmy skin And mother Eva said to Tom no tent for it’s a sin! Because she needed better care Jane Tattam took her in Jane and Morry they were childless, second Mum and Dad did grin May,1930 the ninth, was when she came to earth Cool day in a rug , snug as a bug, this tiny babies birth Her parents then lived in a tent for Tom he was a fencing With Walter, May, and Henry some of the older kids I’ll mention Little sister Marge arrived, sugar diabetes so grim Mum Eva did her best to do the doctoring Thelma would return to Eva and live in the big old tent But she was used better things a house and all it meant Marg was in the Warwick hospital, Thelma drove the sulky in She clung to the reins, but the horse knew the way there and back again At school in the forties two Soldiers did walk in One asked for Fay and Thelma, just brother Walter tall and slim Nervous Thelma took em to see Tom and Eva at home Eva said it’s your brother, he’s been a Droving on his own Thelma would become a nurse, but first she worked in a store Aunt Jane didn’t like the hair clips in Thelma’s hair she saw It was in Toowoomba forbidden clips were then a sin Aunty Jane she made the rules, and Thelma wore em thin . Thelma was a great Nurse with a timid gentle humor Prince Alfred in old Sydney, and Mt Olivet would groom her Michael Lalor of the Irish had captured Thelma’s heart And Mary arrived a love child, right from the very start. Then Michael he was called away the lord had taken him Mary married in the church of Michaels christening….Ireland.. Thelma loved the wedding place, in old Ireland lovely crowd Mary is her father's daughter, Thelma was so very proud We always laughed with Thelma for at parties she would cook At cousin Nell’s the Great Grandkids ate her cakes and sometimes chook We all miss our lovely Thelma, it’s sad she goes away But written on the mist of time is Thelma this I say…..Don Johnson A much loved lady....

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My Dad he waits for Nelly, but she's still on this side, almost 90 nearly, little momma caint decide:) Don re: Anne Rutherford "Heavenly Message"

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love fails

     If i can hold you to the promise , that you made me yesterday.
     Id search my heart for the answers, there's so much i can say.
     Its better off to forgive ,then place any blame ,
     For sometimes love fails ,it never stays the same .
     Seasons change ,like the wind and the rain.
     So many broken promises,a love down the drain.
     Crying out in the darkness, deep in the darkness sets.
     Ones mans love lost ,another mans regrets.
     From the wings of an angel, sent down from above.
     another man found ,another new found love ..

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murder madness

yes murder madness in the breed, of stupid human, tainted seed, not as smart as the average dog, brain distorted in a fog, and murder is his need? so suffering proceeds, by maniac Magog. re: 'The World Above Me' Laura Breidenthal Don

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The Ballad of Stinking Mick

The Ballad of Stinking Mick Now Mick hung close to a Butt verbose, And the cheese it ran like treacle, Some said it was on the bloody nose, That he lived, was thought unbelievable, For he was a hairy Wombat Louse, Hitchhiking on a vehicle, He tried sucking up to a Mouse, got dislodged by a Gay Boll Weevil, There came a blast, hot and sticky cast, Aroma, most unpleasant, With bowel movement, he was passed, Hot an steamy, flavoured, masked? Mick thought it effervescent, He’d spring and slide upon the tide, His gumboots trickled full, (Kiwi slippers) On a passing Rat he snagged a ride, High speed, for a Wombat Louse, I aint being snide, no bloody Bull, On a Tom-Tit sure he’d been before, The Wren had flown him high, Caught by a Cat, he did attack, with some ten thousands more, Puddy left with an open jaw, Thought and pondered bloody sure, Perplexed with thoughts of why? The food was flapping high, The itch stuck in his craw? Poor puddy bloody paw, Was reduced to sigh Should I this underscore, apply? This part I will deny, No lice no bloody moer….( new aussie slang) Don Johnson

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If we were both in Paris

If we were both in Paris
We on different time zones
Always coming and goin
I’m on this lonely balcony
Cigar smoke blowin
I’m as lonely as Gatsby
Cloaked in white with blue 
All the way down to my sox
Looking at the time on the clock
It’s awful lonely when does your ship dock
When does your flight land
When does your car  port
Get out the flutes, Pop the cork
Roll out the red carpet, 
Your outfit crème and sorbet
Deliciously clad in a dessert shade of sherbet
Make up perfect

You glided in floating
Amongst the stars
And I’m gloating
You finer than a miracle
You celestial, angel
Hot air balloon delivering
A cold piece descending
My face says it all no pretending
That’s when I awaken 
From this dream
So real it all seems
The neighbors heard me scream
I miss you terribly
I’m just too embarrassed
This wouldn’t happen if we were both in Paris

I just had to ask
Didn’t want to come off crass
I think fast, on my feet and I outclass
The best of them and the rest of them 
we give shade as we pass
I come baring gifts, not to harass
A one way trip outta here
Imagine if we were both in Paris
Staring at the Eiffel, surrounded by fine
Art, and fancy cuisine, can’t you feel the love in the air
Let’s get into a little espionage
Pull back the shades sleep in 
It almost feels like a mirage
Love is my alibi
Passion is my disguise
If I’m captured head quarters will disavow any knowledge of my mission
Will you come to find me enlisting the foreign legion?
If there was any doubt whose kiss is sweeter
Sweeping me off my feet with a daring rescue
I found a keeper!
Together atop this most romantic of city views 
from the highest peeks on top this terrace.
This fairytale could truly happen if we were both in Paris.

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Shy Actor

Shy Actor Oh I used to be terribly shy once, But then I hit up-on a plan, I’d act the part in the movies , And be the lover quite grand, So “Arthur” came out, and he ponced all about, And he called all the shielas “hey darling “, Surprised what he caught, had sex quite un-bought, Some starved for affection, some charming, So every woman I met, I’d practice on, get, My words out there, to enchant her, a married one pined, about hubby divine , I said bring him along, poor side-winder? The ladies I’d try, in dozens came by, And cuddles divine, I’d soon add 2 venture, Called em all mate, coming early or late, Details so clear, I cannot say here, About my intentions, to enter. Don Johnson

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Barcaldine, Tree of Knowledge

Barcaldine, Tree of Knowledge One hundred and seventy years ago, The shearers had enough you know, Of working for almost nothing, then, Decided to form a Union, bend ! The master to cough up a quid or so? We all got better dough:} Daylight to dark the men did work, Maybe Sunday off to go to church, But all for the greed of Joe, Called mister don’t ya know, Class distinction it was worse, The Tree of Knowledge, Ghost Gum its, Tradition for the worker, it tis, A beacon for the slow, Equality on show, Cos that’s just how it is? Union bashing is their game, Sparks from every tory flame, Cos the unions made em pay, Good wages we have today, The hated union so-and-so , So when you hear a tory squeak, about lower wages for the simple weak, his greed is on to show, cos we all bloody know, that’s how old fat ass squeaks….Don

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angelic kisses

angelic kisses from the missus, no it wasn't she? bludger had some spiky whiskas awful bugger werent a 4 me, watch out for dem shirt-tail lifters, bugger off stop bugging me... re: 'sweet nothings' Dave Williams... good on ya mate.....Don love is sweet, but incomplete, if ya strike a gal with whiskers neat:(

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Ballad of Dreams two: Insidious Darkness part one

started May 2013, completed 08.06.2013 (miss placed memory stick I had it saved on... oops)
A wasteland of empty space, void of light A fearsome nowhere, a darkness not even night Can this really be the realm I once called home The broken empty caverns, the dying light of chrome Nothing appears to make much sense in this version Doubtful whispers taunting the air. A fearful incursion A fearsome empty air, nothing can penetrate not even light, a foul beast; dark, darker, darker, than night... How long it has been since I've seen the blanked face friend I know not; I wander in this dark wasteland with no hope for end Caverns empty and broken with light that's dying...dying, dying and a sound is heard, faint, but much like crying, crying, so much crying I cannot make sense of it all, in the darkness I see that red bird of old Perched on it's roof top in a nest of straw made of gold the fantasy realm that turned into this nightmare reality what happened? What happened-I have nothing but uncertainty Beneath the realm of Reality Lies a secret- a world of fantasy fantasy, fantasy...fantasy burns away into boiling nightmares a world that burned in black flares Reality reality when did my reality burn into this fright fest Delving into a vast world of the unknown-no rest no rest feasting eyes, festering eyes bleeding...bleeding eyes make them stop make them stop STOP THE CRIES! Where protector have you gone was I right to worry about you all along was it you who brought to this insidious darkness inside this foul..foul, foul, foul beast-the prince of darkness My faith in you demon protector has died my heart heart has cracked, and my heart has cried I never knew why I loved you Everything was so new... Demon demon, master of fright, I implore thee Why have you imprisoned me here in this, the emptiest place of my mind where nothing, not even light, can find Why....why did I ever love you Did you love me too you never did say but still foolishly I fell but silently, silently silently...there was nothing left to tell You promised, promised, promised your return to me but still, the darkness, the black, the fear is all I see The hooded mystery is gone as well And still...there is nothing left to tell A wasteland of empty space, void of light A fearsome nowhere, a darkness not even night Can this really be the realm I once called home The broken empty caverns, the dying light of chrome

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Whaffor bertie

whaffor bertie ...YOU MUST??? Moraly bankrupt bloody berk, rancid rabid jabbering jerk, grabbing dollars for of his perk, from fat jabba of the west coast hut, dirty stinking greedy but, propiety is observed, on her ugly big asses butt, Tory governments must serve, bribe dollars, spent her taxes cuts? Cheap labor is her perv... Australia suffers, sometimes must??? voters get what they deserve, iron ore magnates, in the rust... why bother to amass billions, & then yer dead an rotten penniless, whaffor bertie ...YOU MUST??? Don Johnson

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the rich of hores

The terrible curse of the tory boor, To cheat your brother, rob him sure, To steal away his downtrodden wife, To want not yours, Then curse does bite, Moral flaws 4 sure, 4 greed doth oil the wheels and cogs, Avarice aplenty tory dogs, Would steal the fur right off the frogs, If they had sign of any? So seveny years if ya heart dont fail, You can rob all of wages stale, And death can jerk your gorged entrails, But can you pay ole charon any? So poor again beside the styx, You sob with other tory hicks, Accursed by the greed that sticks, Saint peter isnt friendly??? Don Johnson

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Japanese Scout 1942

Japanese Scout 1942 Oh yer poncing on Kokoda and you see a little Jap, Like a Rabbit with the Myxo, he dunno where he's at, So he plonks at you with bullets, per Arisaka gun, 5 shots an he's on empty, now will come the fun, Bandy legs come staggering, forward at the trot, His bayonet fixed to score you, the bayonet fighting slot, So play fair and bayonet fight with old Tom-Tit, Parry and a butt slap, till death does do it's bit, Another for the Pigs to eat, When all are left to rot, Of jaw bones there were many, From the Japanese, a lot, The first to see the other, Got first shot, 20 yards away, Another death another, And the sadness came to stay, So you never stopped a watching, In the jungle clearings green, Let your guard down, bullets costing Blood n guts, it was obscene, On the booze and home again, Keep them white coat guys away, no leccy shocks to keep me sane, Behind the green fence isn’t, aint, ok, Cos it's not, behind the fence of green, Where I have bloody been, 2 never, never, never bloody stay…. Don Johnson

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Fight laughter

I taught my ex to fight a bit, she'd shape up and throw punches quick, when we had an argument, she would jump up throwing punches thick, sortof broke me up to see, some fisticuff 4 me ... cos laughter ended it.... re: "Fight like a man" Cory long Don

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Veterans Honored Everywhere

My daddy served till I was six.
A Navy man.  He loved his ship.

Rejecting Hero he would proclaim.
"Those who died should have that name."

Sailed many times across the waves.
Rescuing prisoners from cells as graves.

A Coxman warning of things to come.
That sound still echos to setting sun.

Blow the whistle as bugals blare!
Today Veterans shall be honored everywhere.


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jam on hide

shades of bog on the old cars hide, shiny still as off she rides, a coat of jam until, she shines brightly still, no head on suicides,,, the thrill, denied... Don

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Josette, Drive the Faerie out of me

She's Lost--I'm the one left to blame Forsaken by my potent manipulating game I've killed the one, My starcrossed heart Desires ...But not By My hands I Try To Follow her ghost But the fog and mist are too strong My eyes are rendered useless "You're Never going to Find Josette" The netherworld Spirits sang I Won't lose Heart I Will Win this Fight For My Sacred Josette's Right to Life This is what happens when The Devil's Adovocate Falls for Jesus's Greatest Bride This is what happens When The life of the disease Loves the cure it desperately hates Drives you mad But Wasn't I already? Josette, I'm begging you To Drive the Faerie out of Me

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A Horseman

A Horseman Just watching the Magnificent Seven again, Seen it many times of course, Yul Brynner and Steve Mc Queen, Two horsemen a sitting their horses, When horse and man move as one, You know, these are men that can ride, Old drovers could tell in a heartbeat, Yes it’s a matter of pride, For when you have lived in the saddle, And you feel the beat of his heart, Your horse does carry you gladly, gets a grip, like your only sweetheart , but my friend and I are now parted, no longer his whinny or sigh, but I still have his saddle, just a horseman, a waiting to die. Don Johnson 18-sep-11

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So seldom does this word prevail;
How shall it seek you too?
Seldom is a spark renewed,
Ephemeral and divine it appears;
Its light seems certain to no purpose;
Like sparklers in the brain,
They thrive in numbers but exist
No longer than thought sublime;
Seldom do they stay,
They only drift and shine towards decay.

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NORMAN Norman was a character a funny man its true, He was a country copper, till the force said bugger off blue, He was there in Mungindi when two Squatters piddled on plants, Grabbed onto ole Carruthers and booted him up the pants, You cant do that said ole Loostrang, he’s the mayor of Dirran-bandi town… You must be the bloody horse, said Norman to this drunken slobbery clown, So he threw ole Carruthers into the Black Maria, {squatter = Land owner} Loostrang went there swiftly hobnail booted, Ass on bloody fire, So he got moved to Texas by the Squatter whinging boys, And Norman booted the wrong asses, in Texas too just to bloody annoy, {Texas town population 500} So Norman left the force, In Dirranbandi town he left his mark, A drunken guy was whinging, Bad toothache said the drunken nark, Dentist, Norman, thoughtful, was a singing, So he sat on ole Aspro Jack to shut him up, Jerked a few teeth, till he fixed the squire, Who Sobered quick, got his mouth to shut, Cos Norman wheeled the pliers, Norman found some revolvers, In a Squatters great collection, The photo was in the paper, In my mommas recollection, Of the guy who held up the bank, Was Norman to perfection, Then his wife phoned up, said why, Is there money not too dry, In the ice box frozen section? Don and Nell knew bye and by, Norm was the master of mis-direction, Had money parked in all the banks, On the commercial travelers selection, So there in Goondiwindi, he was eating breakfast at the caffe, when three thugs arrived, tipped soup into his bloody lap, so he punched piss n pickhandles, out of three of the would be stars, and mopped up the floor, threw all three out the door, some really terrified Galahs* {aussie pink n grey parrots} I was having a beer with Norman, He said “we’ll pick the bar,” {fight em all} I said which end, just the Mormons, He said “not yet, ah ha ha”:} Don Johnson

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a man of words ..better by a third,... than the rich man's, potentality, likely not to be read or heard, when the san-goannas wee... thanks Dave Williams .... Don

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Angel of YWYW

Angel of YWYW Milky way we knew it well, Surfing solar winds dispel, Planets like heaven, others hell, Always seeking new horizons, Eons traveled, cataloging , What has changed since last we saw, Looking for developing life forms, Meat an bone and blood and gore, Life now gone from old Mars, Planet ripped and bloody torn, Giant meteor gouged, from the stars, Water air and and death to mourn, Earth was heaven in its way, Two hundred thousand years ago, Amilius came with other spirit angels, Lingered longer stayed you know, Orangtaungs were cute, swinging there among the trees, Spirit form is very fine, lacking feeling, sensitivity, Jump into a body, climb, be a monkey swinging free, So they tried take over a body, don’t stay long or harden in, stay too long, you are a monkey now Poddy, wait to die some suffering, So the Solar Surfers rested here, Enjoyed R & R and stayed too long, Soon there was a thriving community, Of the monkeys changing, maybe wrong? Spirit form knows the magic, How to will the changes there, Create with mind the sometimes tragic, Forms with feathers or with hair, 5 suitable forms were rendered, 5 colours Black Brown, Yellow, Red and White, So the human race engendered, Eve from Adam, sweet delight, Lost in the vastness of time, Were the thought ways to help the self, You are what you think you are, Fat and lazy, change it Ralph, Thoughts are deeds and they become, What you think creates the sum, Doubting only makes you glum, Try positive energizing! Take in air and charge the self, Stronger is a stronger Ralph, See the rainbow enter you, All the colours charging too, You believe, it is your wealth! What spirit man must do, For the self !!! Don Johnson First Adam studied Apes and the Chimpanzee,

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Drongo Leery

Drongo Leery Riding on old drongo Leery, poor old bugger, ticks n lice, Dodging Traps, Police n Troopers, Catch a racehorse would be nice. Robbed a fellow down the river , Had no money, he was nice, Didn’t have no dung on liver, Gave him a quid, he thanked me twice. Country full of Pommy, ex convicts, Ticket of leave men, yes too right, Keep yer mouth shut, is their motto, Seeing nothing, their delight. “Don’t give your guts, “ is what they’re saying, Don’t tell the Traps, which way I went, Buy all the beer at the pub, I’m staying, Black tracker on me trail is sent. Ride in front of a bullock team, Eradicate my tracks, just a bit, Leave the track on rocky ground, Leave no tracks, you dumb tom tit. (finch) Got meself a squatter’s, blood horse, Saddled and she rooted twice, (bucked a bit) Need some more tomato sauce, On me lamb chops very nice. Cantered up to the mail coach, Cobb n Co, 6 horses pulling here, Held em up with old forty four, Gave jewelry back, to some old dear. Punch in chest, from shot of rifle, Down I fall, the pain intense, Drongo so close, is sniffing, idle, Death is coming, caring less. Don Johnson

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Tuaoi stone dwells in silence

Tuaoi stone dwells in silence Tuaoi stone dwells in silence Beneath the Atlantic waves, Director of the traffic flow, Controller of Aeroplanes, Valixi flew with power guidance, from point to point with ease, Submarines were directed and powered, by this crystal fired machine, Perhaps it doesn’t really know, It’s work still done, unclear? Beneath the briny undertow, Does it work it’s magic here? Remote control of Aeroplanes, Controlled, a few thousand years , Perhaps Bermuda Triangle Has some landing lanes, I fear, And controller of the ages, Is still at work right here, When tractor beams engage, Sits traffic controller one? Landing another straying Jet, It’s just its job, gets done?… Don Johnson

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Ram Lamb

Ram Lamb They called him the Ram lamb, Ole Tommy Lamb, But his name was really Arthur, He swapped names with his brother Ram, They kept em ever after, Tom was a sulky mailman, A boundary rider too, A horse man at the gallop, Could catch-em Kangaroo, To see him chasing horses, at the gallop through the mulga, {tree} light hand on the bridle yes, when he yarded em on Tolga, his money tin was buried in, then he went off to hospital, the fowl-yard, beneath the water tin, where entry wasn’t possible, red cattle faggot lived with the fowls, she’d let no bugger in, her and the fowls by hook or jowl, were mates, and kinda kin when he died they were surprised, to find his name was Arthur, inheritors soon realized, Ram Lamb had caused some laughter Don Johnson 1-03-14 i wanted to use red cattle *****... which is the Aussie/Kiwi term for a working Aussie shepherd female dog.... but i got censored by a fool machine, get Mt T on the case!

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1 Constant

the one constant in the universe, the one who cares and doesn't rest, to be loved by him, is to be blest, his creatures since creation, sometimes we are a pest, with patience he is waiting, our return to the nest... re: Debbie Duncan 'A lovers Quarrel' Don

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we have to laugh at our bloody self, cant dodge the rhyme, do i need help, but then it aint a crime, me worry not himself, this time:) (i even think in rhyme?) Don Joe Flach i think we get the intuition of the mind, an flows the lines some sweet n kind, from other buggers sure, poets beyond deaths door, to lead the blind:) Dave Williams no brother you don't bore, i like the way you rhyme and fit, get to flow the words of wit, and i am bloody sure, no boring bit...

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Venus The Queen

A cold sullen night it was the day where the lights would come out and play A dream of dreams in which we couldn't wait The coronation of a celestial queen The brightness's everlasting fate This day was the time where we all could see unless the truth is too blinding Oh sweet bearer of light who's name brings all ignorant fright. Here she comes venus the queen etolie jolie Safe and serene you are the guide Comely and cunning Venus the queen, Etoile jolie Here she comes venus the queen etolie jolie Safe and serene You are my Lucifer Queen Comely and cunning Venus the queen, Etoile Jolie. How great we are to have such a light Where I can finally know my life A guide throughout this eternal night. Freedom and Independence is what you are Never astray a far But tonight the clouds are unchained. Here she comes venus the queen Etolie Jolie Safe and serene You are the guide Comely and cunning Venus the queen, Etoile jolie Here she comes Venus the Queen Etolie Jolie Safe and serene You are my Lucifer Queen Comely and cunning Venus the queen, Etoile Jolie.

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yet sure

yes sure:> but if you dont support the underdog, just crawl to the Boss, the fat greedy hog, and only support the greedy master, weak brained sheep, are even smarter, you don't get the needed brownie points, to get to heaven, here after, heaven do say, you been smoking dem joints, till de brain just a chicken krapp plaster, you just return to little hell earth, reborn to learn, just what you are worth, where you get to suffer at subtle levels, no mirth, of doing your time for your crime, why so many bad dudes are in, bad places to pay for their sins, where they whine and they whine, bloody whine, "The Nigerian Scammer Club", ......Don

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Debbie Guzzi Contest Name For Love of Language Cricket-Rounders A new bloodsport in the town, We call it Cricket-Rounders, The bowler runs up to the pitch, (22 yard run) And the bouncer surely crowds ya, (rising ball gets ya) A cricket ball as hard as iron, At a hundred miles an hour, If it gets you in the head, On ya grave we put the flowers, So ya better wear head protectors, Good gloves upon ya hands , (broke fingers) Borrow Joel Garner from the West Indies yes, (world champ bowler, cricket) He’d bowl ya outa the grand stand. When ya run tween the bases, keep ya eyes upon the flic, The ball is coming to knock ya down , with bruises bloody quick, (knock down yer out) If ya hit the ball over the fence it’s a bloody six, And to the boundary only four, so eat your weety bix, (3 strikes yer out) 11 men a side till they’re bowled or caught/knocked out, Bruises are good for heroes, yes no bloody doubt, A world wide game it is to be, a war on the field of battle, Don’t forget to duck your head for sure, Or yer brain might start to rattle… Cricket bat or baseball bat for the batter. … Pad up… Don Johnson invention 3-nov-11

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The Rumble from Below

They heard the rumble from below
Drinks were spilled; they stopped the show.
The scream was heard, the tension rose
The crowd was still, the music froze.

The lights flickered, a roar was heard
Wild lion appears, then massacred
All the zebras, flailing around
So their stripes were safe and sound

This lion though, was smarter than that
2 weeks he’d been a hungry cat
Such silly follies were no match
To save lives on this grassland patch.

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Stroke fixer

Stroke Fixer : for the loss of arm function etc Visualize in eye of mind, corroded wires, bad connection kind, see em flowing from your brain, hard to use, heat up the flame, see a new wire in your head, copper wires there instead, see the corrosion go away, copper wires are better hey, see new wires a burning bright, copper glowing in the night, see the copper thicker still, shut up Jack you’ll get your fill, when everything is right, imagination takes flight, and it is stronger till, everything is right, So says the imbecile…. Don Johnson Give the subconcous some mind pics to reinforce healing by visualizing change and it will, If its your will, daffodil, arrange, instill, alright….

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Purple haze

Purple haze Came a purple haze one of those days, Back home in Dirranbandi Amongst the trees grey haze we see’s Just the spirits walking grandly If you please old Joe he see’s , a mate who was old Jack, down at Dancy’s paddock, the old cementry outback. I know 40 of em in there, They all would answer back, They’d say that there is poor ole Johnson, Is he in the red or black. Beezly is in there somewhere, “Don’t let Beasly bury me Jack,” Said the note from Skipper Tracy, On his death note, bullet whacked. Suicide was common, If ya fell out with the wife, Load up the bloody 12 guage, Send ya tonsils to paradise. Ole Jock Woodwin struck the lords sign, alas and alack, We was hoeing some burrs, When he dared the lord a fact! “Strike me dead lord,” he laughed , But in looking back, He fell out of the ole tilly the wheels they crushed him flat. Moral don’t tease the lord… Don Johnson

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God Orisis

God/Orisis In the Jippo book of the dead , {Egyptian} Weight judge-ment, black hearted is read , Against the weight of an Ostrich feather, A failure is seen evil fed If you aint been divine, Just robbed people, fine, Anubis may fill you with dread, {hades-hell} Good people have a lightness of heart, The evil ones weigh-down with their guilt, Conscience, knows every nasty bit part, Anubis takes care of the filth, Assess, reassess, deeds-knife-point to the hilt, how it’s written on your timeline? If yer like me you’d struggle to see, Cos I surely aint the divine:} Don Johnson One God policy, pay for your deeds :}

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Patch Katt

watching on the back verandah,
Patches cat she has a feed,
behind her at the other bowl,
a magpie is feeding yes indeed,
perhaps they have an understanding,,
hunter Patch could kill with ease?

re: "The Chase" Anne Rutherford

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Biltmore Estate

As I sit here by the mountain stream
I begin to fall into a dream
Of a magical and majestic place
That always puts a smile on my face

Whenever I get to go there
One can just stop and stare
At its beauty and majesty
This place is what made me

Pick up a pen and write
This place made me see the light
After so many years and miles away from Asheville
I am in love with this place still

I fell in love with this place from the start
For it will always hold a special place in my heart
I cannot take it any longer
I thought that I was stronger

I am leaving today
Don't worry, I know the way
I can no longer wait
I have to go back to Biltmore Estate

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yes waiting for the end to come, the lord of hosts returns for some, fulfil the prophesy, its about, return he will there is no doubt, Apocalypse thou ... Don re : "Dawn" Debbie Duncan

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Sleeping Kangaroo

The sleeping kangaroo The sleeping kangaroo took me into the abyss of sour grapes.~~~
a wildlife with wildfire turned over by the wildflower.~~~ Seascapes; full of sand that no one dared to understand!~~~~ Drowning underwater in a universe that had no expand.~~~~~ Where the passer-by's felt the expression of sadness in his sleeping face.~~ Experiencing the world with one lonely look, is all it took. ~~~~ A grain of salt, in the night sky! ~~~~~ Where clouds ‘walk-sneak and / clouds-cry like a whirlpool’, ~~~~~ Tears from a near by fountain deep in a valley. ~~~~~ Where we can sing for roo's sleeping heart. ~~~~~ Death in a wild flower mourning asleep on the hour. ~~~~~ Seeing’ is believing ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~p.d.

The Nullabor it does abhor~~~the desert  in it standing~~~~
The broken heart~~~~he keeps apart ~~~~where Eagles are a landing~~~~kangaroo is prolific cos good seasons bring in millions~~~~~they shoot them for the last hundred years,
Hoppy is still there in millions~~~~Almost a plague after rain~~~
The cure the joy the madness ploy, just catch a little shiela~~~but broken hearts tend to self destroy~~~
The one true love, to feel her~~~so searching for the lock of eyes upon the Nullabor~~~kangaroo does abound, dead straight the road for sure~~~~  Ironic tale sour grapes inhale,
He sleeps upon the plain~~~ his swag is near the old Ute, and the dog is ever watchful~~~his protector is a beaut ~~ civilisation calls~~~he has to go back to the city streets~~~
And searching ever searching for the eyes of lady sweet~~~
 For our Sweet Destroyer Poet,
was lost during contest????

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Black listed

Class distinction is always with us, Dollars are important to the rich, Jobs went offshore in the 60s , Cheaper overseas, for the greedy rich, In the 50s, scabs were brought in, To force the shearers wages down, Black listed were the honest workers, Bosses wrote names, black balled the clowns. 2112, still nothing changes, cheaper labour, sweat of brow, grind the worker into the ground, bring them workers, cheap to town, striking miners still on strike, blacklisted by the super rich, all the names are on computer, don’t employ any one on it!!! Morality bankrupt are the greedy, Death will balance, evil books, Brought to heel yes indeedy, Born, poor, poor me, wrong turn I took??? Don Johnson

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Chilling N Rocking Away

Poetic Lyrics By Thomas Lam Hsi

SAVE FROM Satan...who plays 'all' roles...the devil...the 'Lord Jesus'...
the 'Father'...the 'Holy Spirit'...all 'Other Gods'...and 'alien gods'...HE...THE
IS THE ONLY WAY TO GOD THE FATHER...and to an Actual Heaven!

Steel, blood and blue…the gritty streets are all too true!
A crystal pearl on a crystal shell…an diamond lies ‘an a life of hell!
With dues to pay...‘an golden dreams on lay-away!
A gust of wind...a sonic crack...‘an a cosmic crash!
The winds have rocked my way!
So rock away!

Pennies in my pocket…with another bottle rocket!
Simple lovey-dovey...bangers and the bills!
Swirly-dwirly drinks…and penny copper mills!
Up all night…up all night!

A party of a life...a party of a life!
Silvery stones and...pretty golden lockets!
Up all night...up all night!

Coolest winter’s chill...with only thrills!
A shattered golden heart…for a royal golden tart!
A heady frothy malt…with ‘an endless open spout!
So rock away…so rock away!
Royal silken flags are raised…as the royal clippers sway!
So rock away…so rock away!

Party’s…bangers…sweets…drummers tapping beats!
So rock away…so rock away!
So rock away…so rock away!

A party of a life...a party of a life!
Silvery stones...and pretty golden lockets!
Up all night...up all night!

Party's...silver...golden wings...secret hidden things!
So rock rock away!
Diamond golden rings...and 'any' other thing?
So rock rock away!

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old friends

old friends return again, again, our helpers share in our pain, and happiness breaks through, great friends are here for you, again again & again, they do.... re: 'Who Would Have Known' Laura Breidenthal Don

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Integrity I suppose you think it’s all worthwhile, To crawl to the rich, if that’s your style, To swing your vote, left, right and center, On a whim, just hit enter. Just a touch of bile, don’t bleat. If you were truly honest, within yourself, You’d help the poor, not someone else, Rich people, force the wages cheap, Treat the workers like half- mulesed sheep, Any excuse is allowed:) Overseas shearers, shore the masters sheep, In the 50s scabs, sure, about did creep, Undercut the workers wage, Sweat of the brow, ten bob was saved, Made the wives of shearers weep. Of miners bringing in the labor cheap, A dollar saved, fatso can keep, Are scabs a coming from offshore, Yes buddy thousands more, Don’t be chuckling in your sleep Morality is gone this political day, Integrity is dead in Canberra hey, Fake emails to bring down the government, 9 times has Thompson been tried and left, Or is he still not guilty, Yet….. Don Johnson

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Writing In The Ability Of This One Saliency

We Must Make Way For Princes and Paupers,
Yes Pave Way, Blaze the Paths for Dukes and Drinkards,
Duchesses and Their Harem Of Rowdy Wanton Belles,
Who is She A Dame or A Damsel,
In Relating My Jaguar To Your Aspen We delved into spelling out the qualities of 
Their Opel,Citroen and his Jagged Hummer,
Who Will quell This Auto Duel Maybe A Benz,Toyota or A Funny Looking 

Angels that sat to crack and eat nuts,a sequel to the Epic "The Squirell",
Estates Reserved for the Esquire,One How many beds didst he deem to sleep a 
Your Nutty Officials,Their Sherriffs and Our Squires,
Issues We sat In saliency to discuss In Atlantis And The Consorted Eighteen 
Galaxy League,
Their Medula Lacks One and More Attractions..Hehawed Without a Glorified 
Nebulae..A Glitter to Sparkup Our Day,
Allow me beat these drums to herald the coming of My Asteroid Race Friends.

Friends Who deemed it feat to pay us Two Salient Visits,
Passing The soul of Man Intelligence..And Deep Understanding to matters we all 
had a light Alienated Idea Of...
Speaking of our Salient Meetings..I Foresee your Frighted Thinkings,
Augmented Thoughts In Wild Ratings..Men's Forbidden Call To Eat Warranted 
Fruits..May the Father Grant Men The Sight To See Through in Wisdom and More..
Men who have set the pace and Our Forever Lessons,
For Many are the Hurdles that Wise Men Scale To Achieve Perfection..

Let Guitar Strings Strum Slow Waltz,
To Enable Webster's Tricks and Magic in Grammer's Slow Rock,
Maybe Writing To Heads That have Seen The More..
Stiil I bid Godspeed To The Morrow And More..Selah.

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Crystalean As Mars

Poetic Lyrics By Thomas Lam Hsi

SAVE FROM Satan...who plays 'all' roles...the devil...the 'Lord Jesus'...
the 'Father'...the 'Holy Spirit'...all 'Other Gods'...and 'alien gods'...HE...THE
IS THE ONLY WAY TO GOD THE FATHER...and to an Actual Heaven!

Veiled in the dimensions of the darkness of space.

An image...a voice...of an alien race?

With hair so golden...and flashing...streaks of lightning!

Your...pulsing blue eyes...draw me your beautiful...FACE!

If my very...own voice...ever rose...against the... PITCHNESS OF RACE!

A Super's...FINEST...would...STAND IN...LAST PLACE!

With a...pout so royal...and colors so clear. heart...IT'S YOUR THRONE...for a...MASTER RACE!


The glory of your...EYES...SHOW YOUR PAIN!


Hope or it a...SPLENDOR THING?

Can a HEART OF it's...A NOTHING?

I would...FLY TO MARS...but it's...JUST...TOO DAMN COLD!


Your LUKE WARM...assurances...that there was...PEACE...but the...PAIN AND TEARS

Your LUKE WARM...assurances...that there was...PEACE...but the...PAIN AND TEARS

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When i had pain of a broke leg, i laid back in me bloody bed, and said go away, yes there you go, old friend my pain, just go... bye bye by by i said instead , to let me sleep again, and pain was leaving as i said, it went away convinced myself that it would Fred, no way can it remain... thanks Russell. so i trancified meself and dodged away from the pain of broke leg, collar bone, ribs, glass in me forearm 38 stitches there. Wife stealing cousin Wayne was driving my car into the head on ...bad eh.. Don

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Modesty is for the one not seeking more,
I came crashing like a wave to rage 
my battle over the undeserving one;
I declared my right and proclaimed it on stage..

Give a crown, not a trophy...
I struggled through years of obstinacies,
while others celebrated their life with garb:
nothing was given to me, I earned every degree;
when courage was scarce, I clinged to myself,
hoping that a better day would come!

Riches can make an individual's life free of needless pain,
and from that inheritance I never received a dime:
my careless dad squandered it on a wicked woman,
whose lust for pleasure was as lurid as her mind;
and my quest for a brighter tomorrow remained silent,
but this inner voice was guide my step!

Give a crown, not a trophy...
I outran everyone tripping and falling,
and my stamina got me to the finishing line;
my sweat felt like warm rain  
and its raindrops seemed the jewels on that crown
that I had dreamt of winning!
Give a crown, not a trophy;
and do I ask much for this formidable try?

Wealth keeps many from being famous,
it may be rooted in laziness, or a life-style of comfort:
I have neither felt it nor enjoyed it...or even come close;
it isn't given without a must be earned without haste,
and if it is a crown you are after,
put away all your stubbornness and dare!

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Butt smoker

Little chant for ya... bloody ciggie takes me breath, the stinker comes between, nicotene pfinger pokes , me dad is dead it means, dont get so dead ice-scream..... suck slack tobacco is the joke, says the man from nicotene.... chant it babe........Don ~got to have a hobby hey, suck a ciggie all the day, reaper waits for the END of play, dodge the bludger if you may :{-~ GOOD ON YA MATE:} THANKS 2 JOHN L.....

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A Merry Band of Adventurers Part 1 of 2

There Are A Thousand Treasures Of Kings
Worth More, Than All The Wealth, There Could Be !
Some Say, It’s In A Kingdom Of Dreams
Others Say, It’s As Real As You & Me

The Legend Says, There’s A Kingdom Of Love
In A Kingdom, Far Away & Above
Kings-Treasures, To Be Claimed By The Best
Those Worthy Of Courage, To Quest

& So, This Is Where I’ll Start, My Friend,
Tho’, This Isn’t Where The Real Tale Begins
You See, There Was A Merry Band Of Adventurers
Who Went On A Quest, As Treasure-Gatherers

There Was Moses, The Freedom-Circle-Rider
Stayed His Course, Like An Eagle-Glider
There Was Goff, The Monk Of Sky and Trees
His Visions Of Life, Were As Open As Doors With Keys

There Was Kendricks, The Keeper Of ‘Interesting’ Tracks
& Marty, Of The Hale & Hearty & Power-Pen Pack
There Was Adell of Deep Wells  … & Dio, The Devoted
& Dame Brown Of Mountain-Ground, So Sweetly-Noted

There Was An Irish Lass, O’Leary Of Laughter
& The Golden Daughter Of Grace & Audrey Of Gifted-Banter
& Devonshire, The Dove &  Highlander Of Heather-Cove
Of First To Join Search:  For Soup & Treasure-Trove

Of Course, We Have A Prince Of Passion Land
& Ismael, A  Dream-Merchant From His Own Island
The Prince, Paints Of Pleasures; The Islander Speaks of Treasures
Both Know Of Biggest Royal Cache That We Could Ever Measure !

There Came Tim, The Archer Of The Wit-Forest
& A Determined Mother with Son, The Lady Doris
Maid Adams, Who Teaches How To Keep Cold Away
& The Lightning-Voice Of Linda Marie, Keeps Wolves At-Bay

There Is Sir Lamoureu of Sir Lancelot's Order
He Wields Words In Articulate Axes & Armor
And To Those Who Dare Say Chivalry Is Dead ...
Is Because -The Sonnets of Sir Lamoureu, They Have Not Read
& The Legendary Language That  Sir Lamoureu Pledge

Then There's Lady Linda, A Chatelaine & A Poet Destroyer
But  She Only Versus The Verses of The Vanity Voyeurers
Her Skill With Quill Accurately Quite Accords
As Proof of Pens Being Mightier Than Swords

We Have A Pretty Elf Known As Anne Lise Andresen
Her Piquant Topics of Poetry Makes Her Our Taliesin
And We Have Our Very Own Kind Maid Merryman
She Transports Adventures Better Than A Ferryman

Part 1  of  2

Written & Copyrighted By:  MoonBee Canady

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Candy Dish Pirates

The candy dish a hidden treasure,
round, clear crystal, it sits exposed,
the pirates seek it sweet pleasure 
wanting the valuable contents enclosed,

They travel from abroad
In there ship they sail by the dozen,
as they reach there gold they applaud,
Its every man for his self they would sell out there only cousin,

The round clarion crystal shell is staggering in beauty,
hearts and lace wrap around making it's seemless impression
the lid on top is heaving enforcing it's duty,
and all who reach the inside must make a confession,

The rainbow of color it controls
yellow, green, pink and red,
completes the seekers ultimate goal,
as the delightful pleasure moves through them they are fed,

On to the next treasure they sail,
searching for more treasure wrapped beneath a crystal veil.

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Said she was Sitting Bulls great, great, great
from Bill Cody's rodeo days in Germany ~
I did see a resemblance ~ pix, side by side!
Germany ~ before and after ~ Nazi's!

Now Monica a left-over immigrant to USA
proud in stature, limping, leg twisted
all alone on a RV campground ~ Winter!
Froze up plumbing, living on hand outs!

Husband in the Secret Service ~ military
murdered in his own bed ~ at home
used to fly to Monica's side ~ helicopter
only week-ends ~ secretive!

A green barret instructor to U. S.
Never found out why ~ no evidence
Monica now  ~ on German pension, 63
last Birthday, celibrated with friend & me!

Each Sunday ~ after church
I picked her up ~ her RV ~ loaded w/cats
Her family ~ pix of German folks
all over ~ flowers ~ stacks of goods!

RV ~ crammed with poop ~ couldn't flush
No one wanted Monica on their premise
The Santee Sioux ~ campground, near Casino
Sitting Bull's relative ~ now stuck!

The Sitting Duck predicators
used to be the Indians ~ hunting, self taught
now educated Internet gamblers & the like
What a revolution of choice!

Local hardware ~ wouldn't help no one
open her frozen lines ~ all Summer
Til now ~ backed up with poop & cats!
Finally Monica OD'd,  a diabetic!

RV blew up, she threatened to do often
Hospital, Psychiatry, Santee moved RV
To County garage, Center, Ne.
Want her story ~ it's up for grabs!

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and yet the pain seems quite insane, this suffering that i see, will of God does all arrange, before i became just me, though suffering yet i be, 2 sow n reap this earth-bound destiny? re: FOR FEET TO RUN nette onclaud... Don

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A Travelers Tale

It’s been so long
Since I’ve been home
Many a year
I’ve been on the roam
As the years turned to days
Days turned to years
Time is an hourglass
Showing ones deepest fears
As I sit here
In this barroom 
Smoking a cigarette
Leave I must soon
Following that, I must check out
Of the mediocre hotel room
Though my mind clearly sees
Visions of joy from the past
This hotel bill
Will surely by the last
Always ladies
Night keep me warm
Even through the most
Furious storms
Make my way
Home once at last
Not yet young son
This old man’s not done
Please don’t leave this bar
For this story hasn’t ended
Oh no thus far
All my life I have desired
Some sort of reckoning
For my sins
Now I’ve finally realized
I must go see my kin
And a new life I may
Finally begin
But son please listen
Realize you shall
As you grow old
Happiness not be bought
With any amount of gold
Happiness lies
Within your very heart
You alone
Hopefully shall start
Having your very own dreams
Even though they may seem
Unachievable, son
 You’ve just got to believe
For without dreams of your own
You shall bitterly become
Full of hatred and greed
Dreams are not money
They are actions you make
Dreams do not happen
When you are asleep
They come to you
When you’re beginning on your feet
But you must be careful
For come people are amused by
Actions of deceit
For one who uses trickery
Are not as lucky as you
They are to ashamed of themselves
And their life is hell
They are weak
You are strong
Envy they of you
And in society they just don’t belong
Don’t think I have sided
With the pitiful and weak
On their behalf
I only speak
Oh, son, I have seen
More than any old king
I’m even friends
With Mr. BB king
But never have I
Been so satisfied
Than when I told this story
And you looked me in the eye
Not many have been
All the places I’ve seen
This all was my very
Very first dream
I must be going now
But before I do
Bartender, 2 shots of José
We must make a mighty salute
For on your future young son
We must drink

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dual exhaust

Just watch your sneezing with a dual exhaust,
kitty litter holds the wet remorse,
Hay fever can be a pain in the rear,
Remember the kitty litter dear,
And stay in the tray of course.

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Santee Sioux now all stuck ~ Casino, road
under water !~ Missouri River, talkin' big
it needed water, the River valley dried up
Governor's howling, blaming Corps!

Our nation always at odds
Monica brought her silverware ~ Mom & Dad's
on Sunday ~ Spring to now ~ eating - talking - laughing
3 languages ~ Italian opera director!

Organizer ~ Secretary for Military Academy
Father ~ German military ~ stood up to Hitler,
wouldn't salute ~ up his ~ Father demoted to Norway
he had his pride ~ after War ~ selling on road!

With Monica & Mother ~ sleeping in car 
then their own RV ~ all over Germany, Italy ~ finally free!
The "long fork" is in my belongings ~ part of family set
Monica's long fork found a home, with me!

She wanted back ~ Her trails and trials in America
her longest fork 
in the road ~ you see ~ Indian looking homeword
left to perish all Winter ~ no water, diabetic!

While her cousins played, reaped & sowed
gambling just up 300 yards
Sitting Bull's rodeo days in Germany
& Monica ~ a longest fork ~ of returning home!

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Buzzy's Legend

Poetic Lyrics By Thomas Lam Hsi

SAVE FROM Satan...who plays 'all' roles...the devil...the 'Lord Jesus'...
the 'Father'...the 'Holy Spirit'...all 'Other Gods'...and 'alien gods'...HE...THE
IS THE ONLY WAY TO GOD THE FATHER...and to an Actual Heaven!

The Legend of Buzzy...fantasy or fiction...or simply...a mindless dereliction?

The spontaneity of...cloves and garlic...the well-worn charms...or a worthless 

The innocence of a laddish boy...or simply...her well used toy?

Riverboats and trees...brackish booted-knees!

Bows 'n arrows...pickled toes...'fer twice 'yer sparrows?

Sons 'a courage...'n 'notta sweets...'tho warmed...ricey 'pur-rage!

Piper's 'ol yeller's lie!

'N a lacky...'fer...some...old...pipe 'tabacky?

The Legend of Buzzy...strange or true...the drunken crew...of a...shipwreck fluzzie?

A one-eyed'goddamit...blew '!

'Po boy's charms...lucky rimes...hairy arms...'an some dirty rimes?

Mama's spoon...Pop's a loon...'n a blackened...lifa crime!

Bows 'n arrows...pickled toes...'fer twice 'yer sparrows?

Sons 'a courage...'n 'notta sweets...'tho warmed...ricey 'pur-rage!

Piper's 'ol yeller's lie!

'N a lacky...'fer...some...old...pipe 'tabacky?

Gold dabloons...'n 'ol cartoons?

Sissy's purse...'n a pirate's curse!

The Legend of Buzzy...weird or true...a 'Kuma-Kazee's...'ol peez...or a
...worthless 'Squeeze?

A slivery hand...on...her...candied land!

Toothy tease...'n a...cousin 'ta 'Squeeze?

'Po boy's charms...'n a lifa crime...'selling...dirty 'ol rimes!

Bows 'n arrows...pickled toes...'fer twice 'yer sparrows?

Sons 'a courage...'n 'notta sweets...'tho warmed ricey 'pur-rage!

Piper's 'ol yeller's lie!

'N a lacky...'fer...some...old pipe 'tabacky?

Gold dab loons...'n 'ol cartoons?

Sissy's purse...'n a pirate's curse!

The Legend of Buzzy McGoon!

The Legend of Buzzy McGoon...worthless 'ol tunes...harlot's swoon
...or yella-belly...'n pure spi-toons!

'N a lifa crime...she 'taint worth a dime...gotcha 'spin-in on...tattered

Gamblin boats...'n long-tailed coats...oh 'mah's 'mah katoozie!

'Po boy's charms...she licked 'mah rimes...a pink bee-hind...'for-evr set
...'n a...lifa crime!

Bows 'n arrows...pickled toes...'fer twice 'yer sparrows?

Sons a courage...'n notta sweets...'tho warmed...ricey 'pur-rage!

Piper's 'ol yeller's lie!

'N a lacky...'fer some old pipe 'tabacky?

Gold dab loons...'n 'ol cartoons?

Sissy's purse...'n a pirate's curse!

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The Many Insinuations In Your.......Eyes

Religion and his spiteful visions,
Race and her unholy irrations,
Madness the first lady of Death the Destroyer,
Sadness the Arch-enemy of Peace and Bliss,
Oh! His breathe just ceased,
To whom,To what shall we plead,
On what mountains shall Volcanoes feast,
To what unholy Earthquakes shall men not shake and kneel with skeletal frames 
that creak,
I have written for Kings and Monks,
Yes through My writings Paupers have become Princes,
The Affected the Most effective,
I have written for Salient minds,
This long have I beaten the Gongs of the gods to awake your passion for Nature,
Yes, Yes I have beaten this Drums so soft to herald the coming of a generation 
that will enjoy true bliss between Beast and Man,
Aliens as my info tech clerk, Oh what jerks,

The alchemy of Time and Fate,
It hovers around You your blessings of days agone, Just have faith,
Stretching to catch the Salient spirits of creativity the sage blows off his turbo 
nerves,like you thus fainty,
I have seen Men drink stale wine off Pigskins called"The Happy Flagon",
Amalgamation of Love and Truth has held me this Strong,
Naked am I, immersing financial wealth into this pool of Humility,
Do try when walking with my father not to look directly at his eyes,but following 
every pace,
Oh! The signs of time, Seeing my children whose bones are really filled with oil,
My spine's creak,cry and wail from this much spankings and your grandmum's 
severe waist rolls,
Only whales know the true disciplines of Gentlemanness,
Clumsy Spades,Hungry gents...Oh! Satisfying my willing maids.

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So the phone rang, 

"its about your computer, 
its causing trouble on the internet,
 i'm with microsoft" 

so knowing he was a conman out to get my dollars ..
I said 

"i know you Ralph you are a conman!" ..
.he hung up how rude hehe 


--my 89 year old mum said i dont have a computer:)...ive had aboutb 5 calls from these dont feel bad bout ya computer upsetting aint!

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Gabbie With no thought of sweet romance, All alone and couldn’t dance, When I met a lady sweet along the way, She was strong and healthy too, Came one day to see me Blue, And pinned me, I just couldn’t get away, The great love affair did start, Little Gabbie did her part, And passion flowed throughout the livelong day, An old camera on the bench, Been on charge, I told the wench, But she thought I was taking piccys, bloody aye, Put old camera in the bin, Battery charging given in, But the lady dumped me any bloody way, So to light a fire with passion, Keep them camera lights from flashing, Do the right thing, get your ration, Try not to scare the sweetest girl away… Don

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awful sad

awful sad the lives we see,
the why is hidden, suffering thee,
is there logic so mesmerising?
in a hell world surprising?
work it out logically...?


thank you Carol Brown

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Underdog Could you support the underdog, Could you take the poor mans part, Could you support the fat rich hogs, Yet money it’s all about. More dollars 4 the super rich, In a trough 4 piggy’s snout. Public servants in their thousands, Sacked, lose their houses have no doubt, Secret police to watch em, Crawlers, to dob em in and shout, (informers encouraged to talk about public servants) Ex miners Aussie workers, no job in the mines about, blacklisted on computer, overseas worker, take the job no doubt, is the country still in drought? So you are the bosse’s crawler, And you love him just the same, Will you be a crawler, still, If he sacks ya, petty lame? Or a crawler once again.

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HO ho

ghouls from the grave do creep, an pumpkins pretending to be sheep, don't come near the misletoe, cos death it waits just down below, nuff 2 give ya the creeps, look out you bloody sheep, HO HO... re Russell Siveys 'Halloween Treat' Don

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Swinging Goat

Swinging Goat Goat a swinging in the thunderbox, (outside toilet) in the dunny like a bagged ox, Kids come home from the flics ol mate, (movies) Bowels ready to operate, Jerk open door, what a shock! Ghost a lurching, creaking, bloody what! Smell is just so bitter sour, pants aint filled with sweetness, flowers, Forget me nots? Says johnson's frat, grot…. F…rat grumpy tot Police arrive an take away, Goat-nap father, (thief) Next doors hey, (neighbour) Chops 4 brekky we aint got, (breakfast) Coppers eating every chop, Justice revealed in thunderbox, In its way, food wasting not… Don Johnson

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Pawns play

Pawns play Two accidents in Queensland reminder to two pawns, both owned by the super rich two crawlers had been warned, to change their ways to good of will, stop persecuting their brother/sister till, not be so paltry, reject still, the evil of their master. Fair play is no disaster. Or is nastiness really your will, ‘Sow then of course you’ll reap,’ The master’s lies, are for the dills, The downward path you keep, So just keep on slip a sliding, 10,000 public servants sacked, no black hole said Costello, the half grin smile on the dial, but relatives get work backing. This no surprise? Conflict of interest, changes the law, The leader owns, but he wants more, Corruption coming Fitzgerald saw, The rules are there for writing. Some fool, the self is lighting, fire of subtle judgement score, Igniting. Don Johnson

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The eyes of the immortal (part 1)

The fever comes upon the mortal
Through it he seeks his mind to see
What lies behind the hidden portal
Behind the scenes of his reality

He sees forces that furiously unravel
Upon the souls of the flesh and blood
They seek the despair, the power, the emotion
To discovery the new in their immortal now

They sense his eyes looking at them
His consciousness swimming in their unknown
They look back, with a desire for pestilence
Troubled as he is, afraid he now becomes

Rotten his reality, begging for the something
To the few that notice .. his futility on the streets
He craves for his status, his power and his money
The things that depraved him of his soul

Yet nobody looks, nobody hears and no one understands
The earth has closed his gates to his mouldered soul
Trapped between the world of vision and the world of now
His mind starts planning his devious return

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a new york warmth

On and on  I don’t wanna go home
Just the lovely words of another sad song
Holding on, it’s too late to go home
Just the lonely words of another sad song

Every now and then
I don’t wanna turn left 
Just the path I martyr 
On the way to no where
Could you envision me 
No longer sadly
These are the lovely words 

As we go
On and on  I don’t wanna go home
Just the lovely words of another sad song
And we sing
Holding on, it’s too late to go home
Just the lonely words of another sad song

Back and forth 
Are the trials we cure
Would you hold me more
If you found me impure 
And we’re holding on 
Cause it’s too late to go home

As we go
On and on  I don’t wanna go home
Just the lovely words of another sad song
And we sing
Holding on, it’s too late to go home
Just the lonely words of another sad song

On the park side of town
Silence is a muffled sound
No apologies
Like sea gulls 
We are standing free
We’re holding on 
Cause there’s no better place to be

So let it snow
Go here, there, and before
She asked me to leave 
I kindly closed the door
Theses are the times 
We wish not to endure
We look for warm meals
Band aids
A sore throat to absorb the cure
Lungs commenced to whispers 
Profoundly within your ear 
A little something
To keep your thoughts pure
I could ask for no more
Than sun lit days 
That hover above the clouds 
And shadow 
The doubts we adore

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Ballad of Dreams two: Insidious Darkness part two

started May 2013, finished 08.06.2013 (miss placed the memory stick I had it on... oops)
Why were you not there... I thought you cared, why did you not catch me...catch me when I fell still having something left to tell This darkness claws at my back and chokes my pleas I can hear it's laughter, it's cackle of glee I'm so lost, and alone, alone, alone I long, I Dream for the castle upon the hill, the beautiful stone That forest land I wish to see once more But I have lost my way, trapped in a darkness forevermore Kept away from what I so desperately yearn for To return to that mysterious home I adore But I am lost, and trapped in space No where can I find the entrance to that place silence fills the ever darkening void All my hope, my faith in you destroyed Beneath the realm of reality lies a secret world-a fantasy beneath the world, a secret of lies all but the cold, and petrifying darkness dies Beneath the realm lies a wasteland of empty space, void of light A fearsome nowhere, a darkness not even night long ago I was taken from my home far, far away from everything I've ever known

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not grey

colours bright an beautiful, can move your face to smile, stay away from dull and grey, let dark thoughts wait awhile ... Don

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Words of a dead scholar

You take the road I never had taken before,

a lock set with no keys only for two endless doors,

Grasses a withering in the wind and the rain,

a breath left short of a loves unsober insane,

for my hands in my fortune and I ran from mt fame,

if you are my hero then make me see,

what is left of your heartless glory that stands before me,

as painful as this love with a sting like a bee,

for dying wishes of this lady that dwell in the sea,

what's luster of a tale as tall and so shy

the price for the journey that left me to die,

a secret so cold, 

to when we ask why,

from the touch of the man that fell from the sky.

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Green at Soylent

Green @ Soylent
So then the poor looked and saw,
Some tory bastards thinking,
Depression pills 4 all the dills,
Yer sex life aint fair dinkum,
Dumbing down of the savage clown,
Lobotomy oh so fearsome,
Brain dead is poor ole Fred,
What me worry, insincere-some,
Stay away from lobotomys hey,
Keep yer brain on auto pilot,
Depression bugger off today,
Deprive the green of Soylent ?

Don Johnson

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The Moonie

Moonie It was in the seventies I was out at St George, Playing pool with the locals, and the blacksmith from his forge, I was winning, had a winning streak, But I was getting a bit drunker, So it was time to drive 300 miles, in me Holden, the old clunker, I was on a 200 mile stretch, Black forest all around, Drunk as 40 cats, Glassy eyed, half alkie sorta drowned, I came up the darkened valley, Not a bat or ne’er a sound, Hair jumped up upon me neck, great golden ball, sat on the ground, Big as a house the golden ball, I sobered oh so quick, Just the bloody full moon that’s all, No sign of mean ole Nick, Cos, it was the highway Moonie

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Finnegan remembers

Finnegan Remembers…. Oh i can look and almost see, My time in Ireland, verily, Where I staggered drunken, oer the sod, And had my way, perhaps a clod, And fought the British see, Finnegan, I was he, who lived on taters merrily, in Northern Ireland, we weren’t free, to be deported it was odd, to leave old Ireland, me, Minerva sailed, but she went down, My fate, yes indeed to drown, But the shark had me for tea, Great white shark ate me, the sod, It was the will of God, No bloody chips were there? Yes I was bloody rare, tomato sauce ran free, Resentment burns, no reason, where? Underneath, deep memory yeah, A prisoner of the crown, Transported, 7 years around, But the shark had set me free, Till Joeys spirit came to me, Memory of it makes me frown, Cos Johnson now I be… ah yes underneath the kettle boils, the fire burns, injustice calls, and vengeance yet will come, embroils, our memories are as one... unfoiled, then some... Don Johnson

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bowels fowl

The corn flakes flew acRoss the room,
The raisins hung in air,
Eruption sticky as the glue,
Vibrating rectum fair,
He slung a towel about his waist,
He needed a a flaming shower,
But then the bowel in recital haste,
Did paint the walls a shower,
No need 2 sit upon the throne,
He quietly closed the door,
And whistling a  regretfully tune,
Sultana .brand he swore
Don Johnson

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Peace harmonic

and the presence felt was so svelte,
just a brush of angel wings,
a heart an soul were lifted helped,
freedom floating yes was felt,
and gone were earthly things,
peace harmonic brings....


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The War General..Not Just another Field Marshal

He is the African War General,
After his massive Digestion of Seven "JUMBO" Spliff Joints and more,
The sage wont forget to mention his Gulp-in of four pints of dark 'Wicked' Rum before 
His Very taste of a Healthy,Well-Balanced Breakfast,
His soul must be very Strong or Twice this Dead..'Once a soldier must I die a 
soldier'..Words that put the heart of man to rest.

To carry-on...thus to Tarry-on...We must Carry-on 'Words I learnt from The very Lips of 
the King of the Clan..He Truelly Tarried-on,
In Tarrying-on what shall we do...Bowing to worship 'Man' what oxygen shall we breathe,
How many campaigns did He Launch,
Sitting before this campfire chanting war Slogans,Songs and corrosive War Slangs,
I believe it was his very words that made those Flames and Sparks leap this High,
In the battle's very heat did he Unsheath the Heads of Three War Chieves and more.

He is the African War General...
Please do imagine him as he Emerges so strongly from the burning coals that attendeth 
the paths of a locale warlord,
Steaming red foaming blood...It is a hard sight..Really not too Dark a sight for an 
Intelligent promising Lieutenant,
Who took that last life saving accurate shot that saved 'The-Then-Fiercest-of-War-
Who slung that same lethal...killing shot..Pumping in Hot-Lead into the same Man we all 
slaved to Save.
The Sundry Deeds of a Highly Martial Mind...Appraising Salient Field Marshals and More.

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Pickles n Moogah

Pickles Graham heard the woosh, Amber liquid showered his moosch (face) Startled by the sudden shower, Aromatic pizzle power, An Mooga Wilson going crook, "What are you doing there Pickles, At this time and hour?" Empty piddle pot empowered, Stop moaning theres no grounds , for a sook, And now you've had your early shower, A bath is all you took, A sweeter smelling little flower, So bugger off ole chook... Don johnson SEEMS Pickles was on dawn patrol in Dirranbandi early in 1942, the Japanese were coming???

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Try this on for size

Try this on for size. We’ll be friends to the end, though we’ve never met, And should we greet when we meet let’s hope without regret. Talk is cheap and easy to keep when you’re half a world away, But we should try, don’t ask me why, to communicate this way. We’ll hear their sighs when we win the prize and finish in first place...Tony Lane An johnson says now "talk is cheap, don't be talking down to me, i'm flabbergasted, out of sorts, going behind this tree, i never did have a friend, so far away from she, waters flowing good just here, the flowers say heheh, so climbing down from me horse it's time for we we we." Don Johnson 'Grab a mate and collaborate.... Sponsored by: tracie edwards

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Byron McGovern true story 1900

Byron McGovern (true story 1900) At Denowan near Goodooga, lived Mc Govern so they say, At a Church of England mission, Aubrey lived there anyway, now Byron McGovern got arrested, Black Trackers they said sure, in jail he was invested, his tracks came to the door, the murderer was cunning, tiptoed to Byrons' camp, pulled on Byrons' muddy boots, tiptoe running, in his dance, Frog Morton he had no chance, foul murder it was done, axed to death, the Emus wept, bad signatures on the cheque book, one, Byron sidestepped the gallows, no death for murder him, the forgers face was sallow, slip knot got tight and grim, and the corpse did swing a swing, and justice came ashore, some stupid bloody ding a ling , got his karma bloody sure.... Don Johnson

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remembers not

corruption and greed are everywhere, including where i live, gather money do, not share, lost when the spirit goes to where? hatred burns but God forgives, mortal fool with lives undid, tomorrows baby there, remembers not the kid.... Don

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Arrigo Arrigo of the rusty knife , Got bad headaches , saw things, strife, Asked a mystic man could he , Tell Arrigo what was to be, Arrigo just asked why? Dr Fritz spirit would occupy, Do some doctoring, bye n bye, Arrigo in trance would be, Dr. Fritz would set cancer free, And you didn’t die. Dr. Fritz died in World War One, to Brazil, he chose to come, Saw untimely death, was there, came the spirit helper, rare, Rip the cancer from your body, Cut it out, and painless there, Bloodless almost operation, Healing quick, no infection, yeah, Arrigo operated daily without rest, And if he took time away, Headaches visions, they returned, Back to work the only way, All this happened in the fifties, Arrigo saw the black crucifix Knew the lord would take him swiftly, Car accident, left us crossed the styx, Brazil has mourned the loss. Don Johnson

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not vix or wd40

The vix and the vaseline, got mixed up in the dark, While whispering sweet nothings, with me kangaroo in park, It was 1963 ole mate, nah wd40 didn't try, With oohs n ohs a plenty, Me aggots set to fry, like a kangaroo dog climbing a post, Till it gave up the bloody ghost, Got up for tea n toast, Nough to make a sand goanna cry?? Don ....don't do it....

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A Mariner

A mariner leaves for months at a time
With a wind in his sails and a goal in mind

He doesn’t know what lies ahead
And he eats lots of fruit with dry wheat bread

The adventure calls and ignites his soul
But Mother Nature bawls and takes her toll

Hurricanes and wind tear at his nerves
After he makes it he finally learns
The lesson taught by life itself
Your stories not finished till it’s on the shelf

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The Onya Adventures of Skeet and Rich

With all the world a thousand feet below
 'Twas the morn on New Year's Day:
  And 'neath a shining weightless wing,
The sea cliffs steep of Botany Bay.
  Thus there we were in old Sydney Town
  New drunk on expectation to come!
Taxied through her sleepless city streets
  And in haste made for the colosseum

There she was - that vast noble edifice -
  Mortals did her sidewalks pound.
  Through those gates the arena roared
Inside the Sydney Cricket Ground!
  And later that balmy night wandered
  On dark and faceless streets lost,
But ever closer drew the burning lights
  In the noisy heart of King's Cross

Among the pushers, hookers, and pimps,
  The city underbelly we did follow:
  Bordellos, dives, strip joints, and bars...
Well Rich and I, we took in a show!
  At first light the heights of Centrepoint
  With its towering crow's nest view:
Behold that eucalyptus haze in the west,
  To the east the sea off Bondi so blue

Away Port Jackson shoal to Sydney Cove
  Where convicts and mariners sailed:
  The tall ships that her garrison moored
Unloaded those from Albion jailed.
  And upon fine granite cathedral walls
  A new age do new virtues espouse:
Its geometrical tinted topaz glass arcing
  Shining on that grand Opera House

Plotted destination - the Capital Territory,
  And a disappearing lake's rivermouth:
  Through hinterland plains and gorges deep
And Snowy Mountains to the south.
  Then onward in our journey far we went
  At the wheel of our V6 Commodore,
Over "The Bridge" up the Pacific Highway
  On seawatch north to Maroochydore

To Byron Bay, Coolangatta, Surfers rode
  The adventures of Skeet and Rich!
  And after a thousand miles at our backs
It was an "Onya" hot son-of-a-*****!
  On arrival at Cotton Tree a cold brew
  Into the night did a desert thirst abate:
And with a tinny here and Sambuca there
  We got fair dinkum messy, mate!


April 1996

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The Prince of self delusion


The Prince of self delusion, a whiny tory clown, who hasn't money for the using , thinks crawling brings it round, pathetic in his fervour, to be the masters hound, like sharks sucking on a surfer, when moralitys' unwound, honesty has left the room, where charity escapes, fair play is on the mouldy moon, NOW a greedy-moron-state? So hated is the working man, so callous is the master, & greedy fat sluts have a plan, to rob yer grave hereafter:} Don Johnson our tory governments are persecuting the pensioners and the unhealthy, while propping up the POOR NEEDY in Australia.. $50,000 PER YEAR FOR THE RICH MOTHERS...who are having a child... a lot less for the workers wife per year...CLASS DISTINCTION HEY:}---

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i think we all swore, way back an before, it was time to get us some manners, the 4 letter words don't bother the birds, just upsets the sad social planners...Don re: Sara Kendrick "Young Man and the Older Man"

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Onward ever onward down the awesome lanes of time, Coming going, dying reborn, another life inclined, One time in Tasmania the Pommy hunters killed us out, A prisoner in irons, cat of nine tails cut about, Ever suffering for my crime, What is it all, this doubt? Ironic is the suffering feel, in Ireland I was starved, Potatoes stole, caught and flogged, Escaped and was at large, Informer talked and I was caught, Transported on the Belle, Bonded servant, flogged, yes sport, In the cotton fields of hell, But I lived awhile orright. Cannon roared, hot lead, aboard, The yard was crashing down, Over the side, a Spaniard to board, Cutlass slashing blood n gore, death there to seek me out. In the dark, in a tribe away out west, Speared a bullock for the tribe to eat, The Squatter shot us with his friends, The Troopers not so sweet, The Crows would not be denied, Another death I tried? My bones are incomplete…Don Johnson

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Clowning Around-..NOT!

The boy was only four years old
but he’d watched Scoobey Doo
Seen them chase many a monsters
who’d escaped at the zoo.

The October sun was soon down.
His parents day was through.
His Mom had hand sewn his costume
SHE thought he looked real cute!

The boy was only four years old
but even small men new;
you didn’t stop the mean monsters
as a clown at the zoo!

In many stripes of red and white
a white ruff at his neck;
he thought of Shaggy and Thelma
and monsters soon on deck…

The boy was only four years old
HE can make a RATTLE!
So, he ran into the kitchen
for an empty soda bottle.

A few small stones dropped down the neck
some yarn made it dangle
and he’d made a fine hoodoo charm
and bring it to battle!

He’d seen Shaggy fighting zombies
witch doctors in their day.
He’d watched Scoobey scare the monsters
He knew just how to play!

Frankenstien and Dracula 
frightened kids in his line 
but when they came to that cute clown
HE scared THEM you’ll find!

He shook his homemade hoodoo charm
and watched them skedaddle
cause theirs nothing quite so frightenin’ 
as a MAD CLOWN with a rattle!

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To The Honour of This Page

See as they 
wave their 
to you and 
the wind,
to my Jazz 
and Waltz,
waltzing it 
by the 
Are they 
Belles or 
Are these 
ones Fellas 
or Brutes,
The good 
guy or 
your comic 
To Egypt, 
Paper and 
This Salient 

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Budgeri Jim

About the 1880s Joe came to the Hebel area...
He passed by an Aboriginal camp...
Saw one sick man a lying there..
Bad food gave him the cramp..
Poisoned Joe thought, so they purged him..
castor oil in, to make him well...
With a touch of Epsom salts, so grim...
But sickness grip still held its spell...

The Witch Doctor came to the rescue...
Said "too much white man's tucker you eat"...
Sucked the badness out from his navel....
Spat blood and froth, not so sweet...
Witch doctor had been spitting blood...
 a bite made in his own mouth...
He then spat out the bottle cap...
sauce bottles were lying about...
greedy fella too much tomato sauce...
spoke the Doctor with a sly grin...
you swallowed the bottle cap, like a horse...
cured you are now Budgery Jim....

Budgery rose and stepped, oh so lightly...
As only the Aussie native can....
Just like a young emu just might be ... 
No death song for Budgery man....
Don Johnson

Budgerigar ...good bird ...
Budgery fella  good fella...

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Pendelum 2 c

Pendelum to see the unsee able bug… Driven mad inside your head Mites a dancing in your bed Toss it out also the pillow Slept in tent wind was chilly Tropical fowl mites so minute Can’t really see them, not so beaut Love to hang around your neck Sticky tape will catch to check Rats had got into my ceiling Itchy bird lice I’m a feeling Bombed the ceiling killed the lice They came to see me once or twice House infested with the mites 4 times sprayed, still had lice Though they were gone Felt them jumping still Live nightmare unbelieveable Pendulum I asked to see If the mites were biting me Is it now my imagination Yes it said, mind elevation So I checked each room Divined and killed these bugs so soon Little lesson have I learned Trust a pendelum in me burned!....Don Johnson I have been using a pendulum to identify where the mites are in my ceiling and the floor of the house….A pendulum can be a needle with a bit of thread held over a drawing of a room with the bed etc in it.. I use a clockwise circle as yes{as the clock hands move }and anticlock circle as no..If the pendulum moves just up and down no circle it means they are dead..YOU MAKE THE RULES FOR YOURSELF…I mark an x where the bugs are and spray them. Sometimes you feel the pull of the needle when your soul is showing you a spot yes. This is just the same stuff as when you are divining water, and works on the invisible. IT DOES WORK your higher self gives advice if you want it? At 10 pm last night I tried the pendulum and found a clockwise circle in the room , so I sprayed the area…and went to bed… At 2am I thought I was being invaded by itchy buggers felt small bites and became so convinced agitated I got up and went to the toilet…Coming back I asked the pendulum was it real And got no…I checked the bed area and the room by pendulum and got NO… bloody neurosis imagination I have been driven from my bed a dozen times before and spent bad nights …but the pendulum doesn’t lie….so convinced by the pendulum I went back to bed and slept till 7.30am…to see the unseeable…. Don Johnson April 16 2009

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Filthy rich

Filthy rich Filthy rich now control the poor, Howards contracts will hurt 4 sure, Government cleaners by the contract blest, $200 less in their poor pay packets, Per week im telling you, Pick on the poor these scum will too, A greed of hogs attack, Morality died in days of old, Todays scumbags would sell your soul, No decency, in fact, the greed 4 bloody gold? Don Johnson

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Deirdre III

Don't you know Deirdre's Gone? 
Don't you know Deridre's Gone?

I stepped into room 8-16 only to feel tragedy 
The gatekeeper says your addicted to your pain
A lifeless cold barren soul put In the closet with the shades
Will he ever let you out?

How many days will this passion bleed away
We will be the ones to blame
Beware we've became their prey

An exodus from pain
Her life spent breathing in shame
Am I the one to blame 
Don't you know Deirdre's Gone? 
Don't you know Deirdre never said wrong
Don't you know Deirdre's Gone? 

"my decadence was just for you 
Though you have never cared what I've been through
Enter a world where empathy is clandestine
A world created by thee, just for me
The destruction in my mind 
Is why you want to throw the stone
Today I go past the gate''

I call your name towards nightfall's reign
But the guards take you so far away
A dark angel so divine
Cursed by the ones of Eden's Heart
I will avenge every tear

An exodus from her pain
Her life spent breathing in shame
Am I the one to blame 
Don't you know Deirdre's Gone? 
Don't you know Deirdre never said wrong
Don't you know Deirdre's Gone? 

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Lauras War

The war, the constant murder, seems necessary to bring, a cull to the numbers? 7 billion in this spring....:( no pleasure, can of it sing, a bloody awful thing, predators in human form, sort of have me wondering, too much animal in our jeans, so much murder is the cost, perhaps its a survivor gene, fight or flight the bridge is crossed thanks... Laura Breidenthal's War... Don Johnson

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Doug Wilson

Doug Wilson…. True Story….NEW YEARS EVE 2012 5 or 6 thugs suckin on dere ciggy drugs, attacked a paper delivery man, they robbed him of his mobile phone, the pack animals weren’t worth their scran, (tucker) no brains in the head, just bone, Cecily looked and saw, at her front door, The blue, and the loud commotion, Rang the Cops, so did others, sure!!! local Men hid, cowed down the more, Seems sharks were in the ocean? Cecily tried to ring ole Doug to bring, Some help, cos the Police weren’t coming, An hour passed, was death now cast, Police were 5 minutes away, but they were busy humming n harring, Discussing plans of the flogged and damned, Yet coming, coming, coming, Doug appeared in his uniform gear, Forerunner, flew amongst them, The thugs n bugs fell back in fear, Doug saved the paper man, give a cheer, The cowards off and running, Paper man and Doug gave chase, And drove into the park, Cornered men, aggressive then, Doug faced them down, ha ha, The mobile phone it was found, where the thugs had surely dropped it, threats did vent, but Doug was the gent, seeing em off, too right!!! Police woman did appear, Near the park oh dear, Doug then threw up his arms, She drove over the top, Of broke bottle, flop, Ignoring warnings, harms? The fat ladies delight… Tyre from air, was outa sight, Ignorance can alarm, It might? My psalm orright. Don Johnson HAPPENED NEW YEARS EVE 2012 Doug is my brother in law...

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"Self esteem is what we need, very necessary yes indeed, you are better than the rest, convince yourself the hardest test, you are nobodys weed, yes in bloody deed." low self esteem is your opinion to be changed, upgraded to "great" so bloody-well do it mate... Don

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Healing for Andrea D

Andrea of the Dietrich, needs good health, I ask our Lord for it too, Unwind her suffering, please oh Lord, let your light come shining through. Don

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Charleys prediction

Charleys prediction I predicted one mans death, dead by monday, he was yes, as i said in casualness, The heart attack did kill him, I turned to Crab and this i said, give up the beer or you are dead, he went an saw old Doc Fred, who said you will be dying, your liver is implying, God will strike you dead! so he lived till - he got back on the beer:) thank you 'Grim Reaper' Debbie Duncan Don

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7 years of a decade

It was my first day of summer school
I dipped out and said "i don't know how to lose"
Time passed fast
And i'm quite sure i failed to last
So welcome back to the one-way road

The summer i met Vicki Marie
told me if there's one thing she'd change
It'd be my way of thinking
Living so carefree
I can't turn back or keep from sinking

Brandon played and ripped that guitar
Madison said we wouldn't get far
Everyone else said "you don't know who you are"
Taking shots down at the local bar
The riots outside the Dejavu
Holly's telling me "I miss you too"

said you were my brother
We'd be friends forever
I can't tell you howmany times 
I think back on those days

But i wouldn't change a thing
I would've fought a little harder
Two for one at the local pub
I don't wanna die a martyr
when things fall apart
you got to try a little harder

If i could go back i wouldn't change a thing
Even if it wasn't meant to be
She said, "hey dude
you guys are living so carefree
I too, want to have the time of my life"

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Dirran-bandi Paddy

Dirran-bandi Paddy Paddy Stewart from the Dirran, drove them cattle in the truck, up and down ole Balonne, the river, where the Yellow Bellys suck, … narrow bridge a coming down, bloody car will sideswipe me, looking swerving dodging past, need a bloody. Wee. Wee, We, …..piddle bloody flat tyre on the truck, Ninga Ning Josephs, plurry luck, bleedin from the nose a lot , struggling with the wheel he got, ole Sherriff arrives with bloody help, ripped up Nellys petticoat, driving it up his snozza a bit, ….nose wedged screwdriver bulging it, till blood from brain, the blood forgot. So he didn’t bleed to death… Don Johnson

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Harry and George

Harry and George Harry West and Georgie Leonard, were climbing up the hump, Hot lead was a falling down, through yer hat and foot, ka-thump, So steep were the sides, dropped grenades, a bouncing fell, Japanese held the hilltop, with machine guns as well, Till the Aussies got above em, and grenaded em to hell, And charged in amongst em, squealing Japs did dodge away, So many died for the Emperor, on that bloody day, The green was turned to red, with a mouldy hay-like smell, The one you got upon the breeze, with the jungle Japanese, Aussies learned to know it well, A stink to say they’s nearby, dodge his bullet for a spell, plonk the bugger quickly, or spike the bludger well, Don Johnson Ninety-nine Australians were killed in the battle of Eora Creek in just a few days…in 1942...on Kokoda...

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Dont see it lady May

Don’t see it lady May…. Dark demon from the nether world, From into-outer space was hurled, And came by Dumbo jet, He came to prey on lady May, An older shiela, ninety say, Who liked dem toy boys just a bit, But lost her glasses in a fit, While Counting her blessings hey, Aint love grand? Ooray, Devonshire had seen his like, While poncing through the mist, all night, A second son, down under come, The bastard son of the prince of fun, Got sent down-under, right? {australia} That he was just a parasite, Her head it entered, never might, In passionate decay, sweet delight, Procrastination day, Would never come her way, So Blinded by the light, Ecstatically so blocked with blight, Sweetie pie ON her parasite Her prince she had to pay, Tad grumpy sometimes may, 2 Some poetry recite, Sir Rhupert of the browning twist, Bad Poetry, he sort-of missed, But he was a tad ok, FOR A POMMY BERK, I say, {prisoner of mother england} An never past, dis-may, Dem pommys talk this way, The point I’ve poorly mist? As for the pontificating fits, Rabbiting on, subtle mindless gits, Galahs and sand-goanna nongs, In Japanese phallic ding ding thongs, Who had the mango ****ttts, {manure} Playing chess for sanity say? Be careful boy you’ll slippp, Will madness win the day, And tremors start to hit, Ok, The parasite spoke up with scorn, Like royalty I’m so high born, Bow down to me sweet little worm, Us Parasites hold sway, And so I seemed to say? “Begone thou foulest dip-stick twit, The misel-toe does shon-kily sit, {con man part} On a healthy tree today “ :} But do we really have to pay? 4 Attention’s, draught a bit? :} Don a ponce was a pimp for the ladies of the night , and if you were poncing about like a pimp it was orright, suspected pimps were poncy too right to get my poncifocation trite... --

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Wally Brummell, fed em on Crow

Wally Brummell, fed em on Crow, ... johnsondon2•261 videos 444 views Uploaded on Oct 3, 2008 Wally some call him Zip (fed em black duck) (crow actually)Kakadu song man of Gulf town Karumba Australia Stay alive in 55 and 56 said the roadside sign.. As the Ford Mercury whizzed by on local Brisbane time... A flat head v8 jumped into a muffled roar... And Bronco Don gave it its head full bloody bore.. Bill Brummell was a waiting aunty Nell was coming by.. And of course she'd bring the Johnsons little grubs like Mark and I... So we lurched and wobbled cross country to the coast... And aunty Grace was awaiting for sure shed cooked a roast.. So I followed cousin Wally about the Cleveland farm.. And watched him eat a melon from the inside without harm Cut a hole put his head in, call him melon head?.. Just like a giant white ant this I say god strike me dead?.. Down in the valley my love is so low... Sang old Slim Whitman on the valve radio.. old Don bought an inter truck a droving we would go.. to the Moonie floods back more than 50 years or so... then Zip some call him Walter, he got a grand idea... went to shoot some wild duck with a threeoh and some beer.... .303cal so he lined up a wood duck but a crow got in the way.. so he reefed and pulled the trigger, just tough duck is all he'd say... yes these ducks had big black feathers when talking they said ark...(not like them squeaky yank crows) Wally plucked and filled the stew pot says its duck or just a lark.. Drunken ring barkers were hungry scoffed the lot in one quick feed... And they were farting feathers till the crowing parts were freed... Don Johnson...

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your crime

Your crime What was your crime last time you were here Were you a cruel and nasty master, Will you be born in Africa, no not clear, To suffer ever after. So you resurrect again, you feel that you’re due something better, a wages slave for half an age, you’ll rise, but will they let you? Talk to your quiet voice self to learn, Of your prison on the earth, Be kind an gentle points to earn, For your coming next rebirth. Sometime. the Lord cometh, mend thy ways, satan will plummet,end of days....thanks Vienna It makes more sense, if there's recompense, a reason for our lives, perhaps the training does commence, your first birthday now alive, intense. great suffering eases great sins, I had fifteen years in a fog, brain damage saw to that, but the light came on, dumbness was gone, now i'm just a crazy cat... thanks Tony

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Artist says

Artists says, color flows, a picture forms, personality shows, the view informs, of love n life n summer storms, there flows a bolt of lightning, formed, mentally inciting.... as Johnson's bloody writing.... of: Karen Deeks Sable Wings and White Spirit love it mate....Don

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Harry West was an Aboriginal stone age hunter, on the Kokoda trail Second World War in New Guinea in 1942... HARRY WEST of KOKODA... One man from Goodooga, black, yes a "Murray" so true He carried a sugar bag on his back, filled with grenades, primed too.... He left camp wearing a loincloth new, went native I'll relate... Went behind the lines to a Jap H.Q., fed them hand grenades old mate. ... The Japs did, the natives brutalise, worked them hard as mules as well. ... When a " Fuzzy " fell and couldn't rise, hamstrung him where he fell.... {and there he died so slow} 'Fuzzy Wuzzy Angels' bore our friends, mortally wounded down the track... Our Goodooga boy he made amends, with Jap carrier parties black.... He killed the Samurai swordsmen, mean, set Jap slaves many, free to run,.. Sent them back to the hills so very green, this fight for them he'd won... by Don Johnson. .. After three months of killing Japanese by stealth, he was near to our side of the fight an fell breaking his leg. He crawled a few mile to the Aussie lines. He developed "Scrub Typus" and died in the Port Moresby Hospital, Harry was now buried with his mates in the Bomana cemetry. Harry could track and hunt with the silent stealth and homing instinct of the true stone age hunter, there was no one better at jungle warfare. This Aboriginal Stone Age man could move from point to point by instinct, no need for moonlight, overcast or raining made no difference! Never lost!

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dark magic

So I used the magic sort-of- black, Put a crimp in his bowel, painful Jack, Thoughts are deeds, but they hit back, In your next life I’m advising. Just a little black in me face, Reborn in Africa’s darkest race, Born to suffer, no solace, Ol crimped bowel with me rising. So we become the best of friends, Old enemy crimped, he still pretends, A knowing look,his eyeball lends, Watch this bludger, I’m surmising . So use your visulation, only for the good, Shrink the bulging Aorta, minds eye could, Try to help the sick as you should, No nastiness on your horizon. Don Johnson

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The Duality of man 2

The Duality of man 2… Picture the beast getting its own way, When weak of “spirit” steps aside, Animal lust comes out to play, Control your body, have some pride, Yes it is a Monkey body, Rhesus monkey blood, have I, Give in to its wants and needs? Go to jail sometimes to cry, Cos the Monkey passion won? When the animal has control, Madness bloodlust does persist, Watched in horror by the soul, Conscience chatters, does insist, I fight 4 some control. Don Johnson so the weak soul loses control and the monkey body lets passion or bloodlust satisfy its wants and primal needs... and the concience screams enough!!!

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Come To The Well

Lord make us courageous to fight,
Lift up our hands towards Your light.
Jesus friend of sinners,
Open our eyes to the world at the end of our pointing fingers.
May we shine to that city on the hill,
Your already there waiting with our hearts for you to fill.
May we hear the toll of the ringing bell,
Make our hearts thirsty to come to the well.

May the glory of Your name be the passion of the church,
Let the righteousness of God be a Holy flame that burns.
We believe Your all to us.
To You the nations bow down,
To You creation cries out.
All things we hold together,
Your name will stand forever.
Majesty! You are Majesty!
For You and You alone awake our soul awake our soul and see,
For the world You love Your will be done let Your will be done in us.
In our hearts Lord,
In this nation.

Lord make us courageous to fight,
Lift up our hands towards Your light.
Jesus friend of sinners,
Open our eyes to the world at the end of our pointing fingers.
May we shine to that city on the hill,
Your already there waiting with our hearts for you to fill.
May we hear the toll of the ringing bell,
Make our hearts thirsty to come to the well.

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Sunderland N for Nuts

Sunderland N for Nuts 461 Squadron Sunderland fought alone the Battle Of Biscay in.1943 Big old seaplane Sunderland, fought in the Battle Of Biscay Had 4 engines, would she float, would German cannon make her pay? Aussies put in belly guns, 2 old machine guns Vickers. fired only .303 bullets Poms might laugh about this deed, the Germans didn't snicker Only 8 of these Ju88s attacked, to shoot a Sunderland down Aussies cut the crutch out of German might, with the Vickers caused a frown Sunderland like a Swiss cheese, had so many holes left in it 5 ju88s went into the sea, 3 ran for home that minute Germans said it wore heavy armour plate And it fired a 37mil cannon?..... Said bullets bounced off it mate? Its death were still a planning So she waddled back to the British coast And landed on the beach at Cornwall Aussies got sausages, tea and toast Brave Sunderland then did fall
Don Johnson
Moral:Don't fight with the Aussies they might give you a touch up. The fight by Sunderland N/461 against 8 JU88s on 2nd June1943. One man died on the Sunderland Ted Miles a Lewis gunner, most of the men were injured. All 8 ju88s were hit by the Aussies. When a fighter/bomber ju88 started firing the Sunderland went into a corkscrew move, to evade cannon shells each time, during the twenty attacks made on it. Sunderland had been a pre war 4 engined sea plane, the current Jumbo Jet of its day. The bullet riddled old warhorse carried them home to England.and broke up on the beach Friday 13th August in 1943 their luck ran out 6 more Ju88s attacked Sunderland DV968 eight of the earlier surviving Airmen from the deadly Nuts Flight disappeared

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Salient Mild Daze In Writtings

These were found Amidst the flames of Creativity that Burn deep down Salient 
Is there a Likelihood between Bats and Platypuses....
Or maybe between Vampires and Dragons...
Aha! The writings of Saliency on these mild pages...
Damning Thy Six Mad Spirits sending Them Off to that City of Rages...
Life is to be taken in Stages...
Honouring My Quail,Ink and This Wise and Humble Page.

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Tumor consciousness

Tumor consciousness Tumor of the bloody brain, lays me low and causes pain, consciousness does slip an slide, other lifetimes can't decide which one is the self? Leap aboard a ME109, here are coming British swine, tracers bouncing past just fine, weave a little, stick back, smile, never mind the Hitler heil, inverted v12 thrumming, climbing, mein gott im flying. Shake n shiver tremor over, see the brown snake in the clover, coming between she and me, 4 year old I bloody be, biteys , grab Diana she be 2, up the stairs to tell mum, too, perhaps i'm getting older, blinking with a flash of pain, black and red and blue insane, bloody big tits are a pain, they are dragging down me shoulders, who is that drooling jerk, snickering a piece of work, cod kick soon drops the perp, i'll have fun when I get older? Blinking twice, I look around, fog is covering the ground, sword or pistol is the call, checking for a musket ball, back to back the taste of gall, and then we are a pacing, 10 is called we come about, bullet sears my ear and mouth, got his shoulder pain no doubt, debt settled, pulse is racing.,.. old an grey I wait for death, incontinence pads, piddle bags bereft, at 5am they're coming, to shave and shower they're humning, but under the bed i'm strumming, enjoyment in it yet, invisible-becoming. Don Johnson

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Coast watchers

Coast watchers, coast watcher in the Solomons, Mad Aussie Coast watchers, Mad Aussies behind the Japanese lines, Sucking coconuts, coast watchers, When JFK’s PT109 was cut in half, who got him, The coast watcher, Evans got him saved his life, Downed pilots yes they’d spot ya, From Rabaul right down the slot , The Japanese were hotter, Every island seemed had one, crazy Aussie or Kiwi coast watcher, Of 42 as Admiral Halsey said , An early warning on a raid, Aussie Teleradio caller read , 40 Jap. planes, the bearing made, Australia had these men, who worked as planters in the islands, District officers some of them, With natives there to guide em, Gaudacanal, big island Aircraft Carrier, Knew when Japanese came down the slot, Dauntless dive bombers, Yanks were there, Ironbottom sound still holds em yeah, Japanese ships still parked, in lots, Carrier Enterprise fought battles there, Was bombed, but didn’t die, Coast watcher saw Jap. Carrier where? And Yanks they filled the skies. 2am 6-nov-11 Don Johnson

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Sam Vix


Sam McRoon came from Bollon soon,
When he heard bout Galoon de Batey,
He fell in love with her, sure did swoon,
And she loved being called just Matey,

His nose did itch like it as full of pitch,
And he though upon a cure, come lately,
Jerked up the snout, cotton bud no doubt,
The vix burnt a path to his tooth platey,

Itchy ears without a fear, 
he plunged the cotton bud in,
vix lifted the wax right outa da ear,
not deef like rin tin tin,

Don Johnson

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Indigos heat

Indigo's heat... hotten not for the hottentot, way down there in sweet Victoria, wears cool pants n bra, cooly-cold yah, from the freezer is my story-are .... Don Johnson

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the twist

could i resist, the awesome bliss, though danger says abide, she has a husband/boyfriend this, the sweetest loving bride.... the twist, is suicide, ... Don re p.d. comment on 'Eye c'

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Wyoming Winter

It’s a Wyoming winter--there’s snowflakes and sleet coming down,
The cowboy is hiding away from the trouble in town.

Now, the gambler he cheated the cowboy of wages,
With cards that he chose to conceal,
So the cowboy he pulled out a pistol and shot it,
And the gambler, he lost his last deal.

Then the cowboy, he rides toward the line-shack and stays there,
While Wyoming winter-winds wail,
Soon the store-keeper’s daughter arrives with provisions,
And a posse that’s close on her trail.

Now the posse gives up and turns back in the blizzard,
While Wyoming winter winds roar,
Then the lovers, they travel from Cheyenne to Denver,
And they marry, and open a store.

It’s a Wyoming winter, there’s snowflakes and sleet coming down,
It’s a Wyoming winter, they’re safe from the trouble in town.

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CULLING2 The culling of the Kangaroo, has been here a hundred years or two, And they are there in millions yet, Cos they'll out breed you blue, (we got Kangaroo plenty in Australia) Human culling on the planet, overstocked with humans, damn-it, monkey man does slaughter out, millions dead not caused by drought, standing room still on the moon, shotgun wielding great Baboons, duck yer head there Mr Gannet, or you'll be shot dead 2, Australian Rabbit could feed the world, Moron's, Myxo. 2 death is hurled, got poisoned out true blue, better making rabbit stew, if intelligence is unfurled, just here it never do! Don Johnson if you get a rabbit plague, eat em hey ...dont waste em :{

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D’weep "Still round the corner there may wait, a new road or a secret gate." J.R.R. Tolkien Around the corner and up the creek Lies in wait the horrible D’weep, Watch out old man the hunger gnaws, Will rip you from your horse an more, Till you go to deathly sleep, Perhaps perchance, you will sidestep round, And dodge the fate of other clowns, For just across the yonder hill, Bloodsucker waits to have his fill, sucked down like nice coleslaw, hobbits haven’t never hid, neath the sod of this godless crib, Haddok fought an finally slew, The mighty awful D’weep curlew, Gone now the awful blight. Tracie ~*~ Indigo Dreamweaver Contest Name In a land called fantasy..3rd.

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If You're Jealous

if you're jealous, then you have something to say
i know that we say it in wierd ways
but all the same, say it
and expect me to be  the same way
they say that "love is a two way street."
with a little bit of jealousy it's easy to defeat
but jealousy says i love you, even in deceit
is it really true that you want my attention
i doubt if word's will make you listen
so what am i left with to show my affliction
there is no easy way to show you my condition
my only hope is that you feel some perdition
if your any thing like me you'll feel the pain
if you really love me you'll go a little insane
give me what you promised me
your faith and nothing else
in the sight if jealousy, my only wealth

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Francis H

Francis H. Down in old Jimboomba is me old mate Francis H And he wants to go to the Uni, just to hang around the place, So I said just get a backhoe to dig a bloody trench, And swing a door above it, for easy access, it is meant, Of course he’d have to get me word, To plant him in the ground, A hole would sure be handy, planted quietly down, Or would I steal the body, yes slightly absurd, from the uni freezer, when I’ve found, to get him so interred. will I be done like Burke n Hare, for bloody body stealing he wants to be a buried on his acres, over the Maclean bridge with some wheeling, jerk open trap door and you are there , a few words said with feeling…. Dunno perhaps I might? Dark side is so revealing. Don Johnson

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Scone's Lament

Scone’s lament Bronco Don rode into the Dirran… café, It was owned by the Spiro the Greek, The patrons went into a Magpie smother flap hey, Big brown horse and a whip cracking, geek, Ole Brownie the horse would go any where, So up the front steps he did canter, Curses flew rare, young Scone couldn’t bear, And Don booted his butt, like bad Santa, An underage girl was the cause, yes sweet Merle, When push came to shove in the game, Don booted the Scone all around the Balonne, And the river was running again. Don’s half sister Clare, flew out of her chair, And ran off to catch the train, Bronco Don was still chasing the Scone everywhere , So Clare went to Goondi-windi, it rained. True story in 1947…..Don

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Dirran Aggie

Dirranbandi Aggie Agnes was a local lady, slight, who had a different view, Didn’t trust no lectric light, might just burn her eyeballs too, fat lamp a bubbling. yes she lived in a ole brown house, built yes for her, by her soldier husband, 2 pommy ladies offered to paint her roof, (english) Silver frost paint on the iron did land, Yes McGovern. (old Aubrey, me mate) So she asked about the walls, Cheapest was the silver frost, Shining in the blazing sun, Knock ya eyeballs flat, the cost, Burnt eyeball loving? Sheep head soup, was on the menu, Eyeballs swimming in the soup, In the rainwater tanks were a sleeping, Chooks n rellies, in a group, (relatives) They was stubborn. (coots) corrugated igloos held galoots, eggs sometimes found an lost, long as the rooster got the boot, bit fowl if he was crossed, cook him in the old wood stove oven… Don Johnson

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San-Goanna Blue

San-Goanna Blue Morning Halliwell are you right? {rhymer halliwell is 85} or have your toes tucked up so tight, are you with us or cantered through, beyond the vale Saint Peters Zoo, no brown snakes there tonight? Or are you dancing an Irish jig, With some well fed porker pig, And playing snooker too, Or bilious Kangaroo, and on into the bloody night, with Sand-Goannas what a sight and lacy Monitors joined in too, Brownie snake said bugger off Blue, that Goanna just might bite... Don Johnson

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Joe White

Back in 1880 you will find, Joe White he was about. The brumby runner master mind. Of this I'll leave no doubt. He took from Mugan station, 600 brumbies yes my friend. Had the best riders of the nation, on which he could depend. From Mungindi to Sydney town, drove brumbies didn't fail. They'd stop em block em right around, horse broke em for the sale. The horse who broke and left the mob, got grabbed by the tail and threw. A sideline or a hobble's job, made of green hide it'd do. Wet greenhide sideline when applied, front to back the legs were held. He couldn't canter if he tried, to stay he was compelled. Joe saw the difference in every track,to read from them he knew. He was as good as any black, he'd track ants across the dew. Two Dancy boys they wandered lost, were gone a day or two. At black tracker's, oh these kid's did scoff, Joe found them pay his due. These small dark boys they had some fun,yes hid their tracks with care. Joe saw the tracks of only one, or the other ones were there. One boy would carry piggy back, then came the others turn. A way to hide one fellows track, gave the tracker some concern? Joe followed cantered in their wake, knew their tracks in any bunch. To find them was a piece of cake, so he took em home for lunch. Joe's brother Dick was branded bad, now an outlaw on the run. A publican robbed him, made him mad, Dick smashed his grog, the bum. The traps they came but couldn't find, Dick's cave the hideout site, Couldn't follow the White's, who didn't mind, scrub galloping day or night. So Dick White he then set off, with brothers Joe and Charlie too. They rode due west three states they'd cross, till Broome came into view. Dick's wife and kids by ship did pass,then on to Broome by overland. Joe left Dick there safe at last,rode east through desert sand. Joe and Charlie back they came,through the land that worked the horse. They'd throw scrubbers, brumbies they were game,horse breakers yes of course. They'd throw a brumby on his side,quickly lugged his head by force. Would saddle up and mount and ride, and coax him home a horse. Joe entered the open campdraft mate,with a wee small handicap. Left his bridle and girth straps on the gate, won the Mungindi cup old chap. Joe's brumby runners one was Dan, at Glenrowan hadn't died. Alex Wilkie chased as off they ran, and Moffat he could ride. The legend lives of Joe this man, true master of the horse. The drovers talked of him and Dan,and Hippy yes of course.

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Spotlighted like a Kangaroo

Spotlighted like a Kangaroo Spotlighted like the Kangaroo’s And the bloody Dingoes too, White light spotlights overhead, Reaching down for me I dread, What will the bastards do, Big white light, soundless it’s true, Followed us over the Moonie dew, I asked Mark and Wayne did you see, The white light ever leave us be? It never buggered off blue ? Arrested by one-eyed Fred, Face turned sideways, fish eye’d red, Looking with one eye he said , Booked for speeding now was Mark, By a drunken copper nark? In his singlet and thongs, A private car belongs, A game of sport a lark? Perhaps an alien too? In looking back now I see, The saucer hovering over me, Narrow spotlights coming down, Pinned was Wayne with the light around, And me and Mark were too, Like spotlighted Kangaroo, More meat for the Roo box clown? In a saucer not from town, The memories sneaks back few, Of the white light wandering due? Through memories wiped but sound? Cause mesmerizing frowns, Saucers can’t be hurting you? :}- Copper Fred chased our mate Crow, Who thought it was a game, Till his back tyre was shot out, gee’s hello, The Wilson his other name, Booked for speeding don’t ya know? Don Johnson 7-02-14 See my UFO White Light did pace the Ute Mackey (nee Dean) Brummell My cousin Don's wife had an experience about that same time, with the big white light following her and the kids home, not far away north on the St George Mitchell road.... She had to get the kids to open gates and was nervous of this thing that followed them..... Her son Keith 10 years later was out roo shooting in the night with a local St George man and they saw the light too,(much the same area) the passenger refused to leave the car to open gates on the Station property they were shooting on, the light changed direction and eventually left them at high velocity... -- Don Johnson

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intuition light

Where darkness reigns ,
The door is shut,
Let in the light,
Intuition says, yes But,
Unfasten the ether door,
blockage eye of third abhor,
2 really see you must,
This aint a metaphor,
Just take it with some trust,
There stands the open portal door, 
all covered in some rust,
Use wd40 4 bloody sure,
All seeing and nonplussed?
Or too frightening jammed shut!
User friendly, isnt more,
Gate-keeper its your door,
Unused the fearsome slut.
Don Johnson

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A night in Rotgut The Saga of Zack Waverly

I've been insulted, 
And been challenged
Been shot at
And been cursed
But listenin'
To these locals
I know things 
can't get worst

The music, 
if you call it
Missing notes
from missing keys
But no one pays 
When the player 
Cuts the cheese

The dance hall girls
Are dancing 
Like a heard of
And they're danced 
Their way from places
That I don't want 
To Know

They call 'Her' a 
Saloon Girl, right !
Maybe 30 years ago
and if that
Dress was
Any tighter
We'd all sure 
Have a show

And that train wreck
Called the owner
She's still smiles 
As she greets
Every cowpoke 
That walks in
Even though
She's lost her teeth

Now, I'm sittin'
In the corner
Of the only
Bar in town
And if one more
Local talks to me
I'm gonna shoot'em down

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So-Cal Life, It's Our Life

Waken' up to a brand new day. Hitting up the crew to see what's new.
Hitting up the homies. Let's see what they want to do.

As time grows by, the group gets bigger. 
Then someone will eventually pull the trigger.

A good idia will lead the way,
and only kooks are left to stay. 

As we roll-out in our only cars,
driving high to reach the stars.

Now in this point in time, 
we reach the caves and ascend our climb.

Hours pass since we left our start.
Now here comes the best part.

Cracking open the case of brew.
"Here, have some. Take one or two."

Suddenly, here comes a stranger walking our way.
He soon spots us, smoking a "J." "Yo, can I get some? I can pay."
Just come smoke with us. Relax and stay.

The sun then lowers in the sky.
We all now are pretty high.

We begin our trek back to the car. 
Having so much fun, we pass the bar.

"Hey, my buddy just got out of the barber."
So we swooped him up and cruised to the harbor.

If I kept writing, I'd loose so much time.
Our lives are too big, for this tinny-ass rhyme.

So now, our story has come to an end. 
This is our life. This story I'll send...

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WOLFMAN MEETS HIS MATE-- wolfman contest ---


In the morning mist she saw him
Saw him prancing near the hill
When she saw his eyes so brazen
It gave her heart a thrill

She had seen his secret changing
From a wolf into a man
But it mattered not she figured--
Grab your loving while you can.

She had heard the local stories
Of the wolf that prowls the night
And the morning hours that change him
To a man that walks upright.

No fear breathed through her body
She opened up her arms
Into them he entered
To embrace her heady charms.

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The birth of a star

This wall stands stronger
Stronger than any man
Yet so difficult
It was to defend

Completely out matched
Thunder came in the dark
But those on the wall
Put up one hell of a fight

The wall never ended
Nor was it straight
Yet inside those men
Had doom as fate
Those who are left
With nothing to lose
Immortally fight

As if death they choose
After days and nights
Sleep came to none
Fate had came
At the rise of the sun

Heroes are made
In this very spot
This place where our ancestors
So valiantly fought
And fight they did
Taking far more than given

Unstoppable sit the man
Who is cause driven
Surrender they could
Lives may have been spared
Where would we be today?
If our men had been scared
Heroes and legends
Were made at this spot

This spot where our ancestors
Oh, so valiantly fought

A tribute to those at the Alamo 

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7 levels suffer pain

7 levels 2 a soul, 7 parts 2 make it whole, 7 levels 2 attain, 7 levels suffer pain, All may strive, or maybe not? Some will bloody lose the plot, Though decency grows mold, character some might see as good, Gets you out of bad neighbor hood, Down a level gets you could, Cos nasty gets you cold, Better levels do appear, 4 the ones who are sincere, Try to play a better game, Rise a level from insane, Wheel of life belongs 2 you, Better levels are there 2, Cut yeself a slice, Do. its...orright...2 Don Johnson We are here for a reason... make the best of time and season... have you noticed how we suffer, worse in ONE place than another, war zones get you too, murder isn't new, GO KINDLY WITH YOUR BROTHER... its the decent thing you do....

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Lonely Heart

As I sat here, I often think of you.
I think of you in my arms as we listening to the rain fall.
I think of you when I think of warmth.
I think of you whenever I need to smile.
I find myself often thinking of you.
I think of you when I take my first bite.
That it could be you I'm feeding it to.
I think of you when I take each step.
That it may be one last step it takes to get to you.
I think of you as the sun rises in the morning.
That like a bloom on a dew morning, you have
brighten my day before my eyes even open.
I think of you while I'm lying here.
How wonderful it would be, if you was here with me.
I think of you as my heart feels loneliness.
But it is there I am fulfilled.
As my loneliness is far too real.
For it's there my heart cry's loud.
For a lonely heart to find its fire.
For there a thought of you is.
As mine is a burning of desire.
For you have filled a lonely hearts desire.

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I’m flying through the air,
Now swooping towards the ground,
I’m being chased by a bear 
Knocking dad’s crops down

I’m soaring through the dreamland
From dream to awesome dream
Watch out for those nightmares,
They’ll give you quite a scare

I’m flying, swooping, soaring, twisting
That’s right, I’m a bird
This is dreamland dude
Nothing's so absurd

I’m soaring through dreamland
From dream to awesome dream
Be sure to watch where you’re going
You almost hit a beam

I’m walking through a factory
Turning gears around
Everything turns backwards,
And candy comes in mounds

 I’m soaring through dreamland
From dream to awesome dream
See ya gotta go!

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repay the debt of old

Yes the wheel still turns, and we feel the bite ....another time and yet we might, repay the debt of old.... Great Grandaddy had a sister sure, who was my wifes' Ancestor, did time together, children bore, and the dice was surely rolled, perhaps we have to do our time, with mismatched partners in the crime, the balance stick begins to chime, times up, a bell is tolled? The dice is surely rolled, chance meeting's surely gold, the hungry eyes seek 2 enfold, wheel a turning for the soul, the next event is waiting, still waiting 2 behold... Don Johnson

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the cleansing of the world until, we start again just cave men till, we find the thoughts of clever, we seek the never never, till intellect do fill though stupidy instills , greed, money power will, be, a wasted bitter pill, no rich man lives forever... of David Williams "The End" Don,...

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yes Laura

be thou lonely in a crowd, my case too, till i allowed, strangers creeping into sight, begone foul demon such a fright, but i was such like dreaming, its orright:)

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Specially For The Lady I Love

In Stars, 
In moons, 
I take in 
your smile 
along with 
Sweet so 
We are 

lets take a 
Do let's sit 
on this 
beach to 
and savour 
Of Mother
Nature and 
Oh! Our 
love for 
this waves 
Lets play 
wiggle.. My 
sweet love, 
lets prance 
and get 
Oh! my 
lady of I 
for.. I will 
see you 
Believe ME

My Sweet 
Passion so 
Deep.. We 
My bank of 
words is 
Maybe In 
later lines 
shall I find 
words to 
Poem to 
Honor The 
Lady I 
The Sage, 
His Quail, 
Ink and 
This Page.. 

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Don Johnson :}-

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Songs of Louis Capart

Songs of Louis
-by Bob Atkinson

simple phrases

although messages
pass me by

deep within the
voice of sentiment

moves a heart toward

driving again down a

ample farms of crops

to Dijon up from

could have been just
any place

City of Light still

six story limit
gives up an aura

possibilities for

room for sidewalk
dining tables

Treff am Rex written
on pages

a story told of
feckless craving

someday bright
screen will show

how heart's desire
grows and grows

Capart's voice
transcends my mind

could be from any
decade past

language used to
paint the sun

drives in toward all
meanings of

past good times or
future fun

satisfaction sipping
a coffee cup

successful endeavor
or busted run

no matter, has all
been fun

no matter now, all
will wait

for this album to
run its pace

settled feelings of
quiet grace

all bodes well, no
wild cast rage

thank you Capart for
morning mood

of my time within
mind's groove

language meaning
escapes my thought

yet this feeling
ever locks

me into awareness of

allowed this morning
from reaction

to words describing
your desire

to entertain with
heart filled fire

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Purple Hall of Isa-Dor

Purple Hall of Isa-Dor The purple halls of Isa-Dor The guardian of the gate, Is sworn, To keep the door shut, ner ajar, Protect the feeble mindset, bar, See through the veil, dimension’s far, If strength is in your gall, To bar the weak brained, not enthrall Not 4 all this vision are, Some do try the purple stone, Forehead some-times, try to own, Where purple flashes flit, Where pictures come and sit, The purple door does groan, If you aren’t afraid to see the light, And get the door to open right, Of faces seen in Isa-Dor, Plain as sweet daylight, The dead aint dead, You caint ignore, In this channel’s working, sight… Don Johnson

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ah the rockin rolling seat , dem bowlaigs sure hard to beat, when ya poking them ol dogies , heading home and life is sweet, when the cattle are a grazing , and the sun is setting low, an the night watch is stargazing, a sweeter life i do know, back when life was walking slow, but then complete... thank you "Cowpoke Meyers" an wrangler Bob Hinshaw... Don

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Punctured souls1

Armed at all time, cap-a-pie.
leaving no room for tete-a-tete
Dwelt amongest enemy and snake
when enemy; our land they inevade

other, 'r death serves as joy
like the death on cross calvary
oh! ay, 'r life oft citizen's life
we hast forgotten our home

Gun bullet o'er our head? 
't is either kill or be killed
widow turn our women
Nay, our children, orphan

for 'r punctured soul, they paid
Twenty shekels, thou remembered
cry, joy; on our return home
cry for puntured soul, joy for enemy

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Sue Hickey reminising

Sue Hickey reminising In the land of the Kiwi where the sun forgets 2 shine, Sue had been cooking up some ole purple dyed cat mince, Home staggered a boyfriend and a Drongo glassy eyed, And hunger called a meeting, I’m convinced, The cat mince was a cooling on the table, tasty but unstable, It was a bit manky, im advised, Not the sweet aroma of jolly aunt Ramona, with the taste of unwashed toes, but not 2 rotten I suppose, the eggs sucker and the Drongo weren’t so wise? So toast was made and mince got scoffed, And cats were deprived until, The Drongo heaved, and brought some back to try, He was sucking from the bucket, till he got his bloody fill, Twice eaten cat tucker and the red of purple dye, But the cats were vengeful still, When the Drongo finished swill, They pounced upon him at his open fly, They were chewing on his stoneys, As he said softly moany, Aunt Rita you’re a gift I can’t deny Don Johnson Apologys to the Aussie Drongo bird Bad mouthing you say he is a Drongo or a Galah, Both birds ….

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Cobber from the bush

Cobber from the bush. We had the Rockers an the Surfies Crazy wild buggers true, I was walking down the street , An they said “what are you ?” I said “I’m a Bushie, don’t be pushy Or you’ll smell the gum leaves too,” So I went a riding Nortons, And the Trumpys, just a few. (Triumph motorbike) Would ya persecute an rob me, Said shelia,giving me a push, I’d hold ya down an scruff ya , Said me Cobber from the bush. Would ya live off sin of harlots, Would ya think it bloody good, Would ya skim a quid to start with, “my flaming oath I would “. Beatle long hair was a flowing, And we’d catch em one or two, Short back n side, just one side, Sometimes fisticuffs, a blue. Don Johnson 1960s when I came away from the bush in Australia to the big smoke. craig cornish Contest Name Talk That Way

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Boomi Jack

Boomi Jack Boomi Jack he wasna slack, Called Boomi some of the time, He thought he’d be a liberal hack, Crawl right in the masters hide, He figgered he’d look good, If he praised the liberal way of thinking, The moral cost when your rights were lost, Wack it over the worker, without blinking? Of course he thought that he was smart, To drop the workers pay, Get um contract, catch-em Bart, The cheapest wage, hey hay, You think the God of men would like? This cheating way of life, Next time your turn upon the bike, Be cheated, blow yer fife? So back to darkest Africa, Fishing in the rubbish dump, Here you be a little sad one, ah, Sow bad, you reap, the chump…. Don

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Robert Ds Bad mouthin

Bad mouthin, good bloody point! the hurtful glare the snicker there, the put down look so odd, the power play out there today, by some egg sucking sod... thanks Robert Don Johnson

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A Son of Erin

Oh Mick McGrath, man of daring do
What will the family make of you?
A forgotten ghost from the past,
Standing trapped in a die well cast.

Oh Mick McGrath, will they hear your name?

Born to peasants in a land of famine
You sailed the terrible seas from Erin.
A southern land of promise found
Only to find the bias still bound.

Oh Mick McGrath, can you feel the shame?

Starving on a selection too small
Relying on native wherewithal.
Mick, you ranged the mountains at will
Seeking the mark, the chase and thrill.

Oh Mick McGrath, were you in the game?

 The traps thundered to Campbells Creek
Seeking the McGraths and others weak.
And so you came before the law
An old hand had up the mantel you bore.

Oh Mick McGrath, were you to blame?

Your fate sealed they squealed long and loud,
This Tipperary man remained unbowed.
You argued your case with alacrity,
Though all was forfeit to her Majesty.

Oh Mick McGrath, no gaol cell could tame!

Suspicious eyes peer down the years
Hands loose clasped your fiery gaze sears.
Ten years on the roads - justice done,
To Berrima a stranger to the sun.

Oh Mick McGrath, Ma still burns the flame!

Ten years off what should’ve been
Because of the things  you had seen.
Droving  in the families’ employ,
A broken and unwanted toy.

Oh Mick McGrath, so you went insane!

With no monument lost in the past
From new pages your place held fast.
A grainy picture in shadowy relief,
A man who kept his family’s belief.

Oh Mick McGrath, now they know your name!

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if it don't stand to attention, i just thought i'd mention, i slap it in the furrow to plow, keep on a plowing, allowing intention, just as long as it works anyhow, things perhaps get hard, snug cuddle bug card, disturrbed and is a rising, just keep playing the game, it aint quite insane the end result is surprising. :re THE VANISHING ORGAN delysia hendricks Don

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Just dehydrate a dead dingo's donger, till it isn't any longer, grind it down till he is feeling speyed, Porkupine is great, on the Aboriginal plate, a favourite meal, they might relate, op rum is stronger without battery acid is stronger, if ya get a splash, the right water bottle mate, Avrodisiac is stronger, out past Linger Longa, sprinkled on the Emu on ya plate, move a bull camel off camp, with just a touch of cramp, Old Croc will come by to draw me pay... Emu will not get flyblown if you hang it in the open air, most meat will blow, in Aus... cook it with corn meat ...tastes the same... Don Johnson

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Earth Gurlz R EZ NOT

Poetic Lyrics By Thomas Lam Hsi


Earth Gurlz...R...EZ...2-B...OR NOT! 2-B...OR NOT!
An-cient 1...SEZ...NOT...NOT...2-B...NOT!


An-cient 1...SEZ...WE...R...NOT! WE...R... NOT!
OIL...TO FOIL! He sez...OIL...TO FOIL!

Earth Gurlz...2-B...2 EZ...Earth Gurlz...2-B...2EZ!

Earth Guyz...R...2EZ...Earth Guyz...R...2EZ!
Earth Gurlz...SAY...TIN...'N PLAY!
Earth Gurlz...SAY...TIN...'N PLAY!

An-cient 1...SEZ...PLAY...NOT! He sez...PLAY...NOT!
OIL...TO FOIL! He sez...OIL...TO FOIL!


An-cient 1...sez...NO...WAY...NO WAY!
An-cient 1...sez...NO...WAY...NO WAY!

Earth Gurlz...R...EZ...NOT!
Earth Gurlz...R...EZ...NOT!


Earth Gurlz...R...2 EZ! Earth Gurlz...R...2 EZ!
Tecky and smart...THEY'RE...ALL TARTS!


Tecky with parts...ALL...TIN HEARTS!
Tecky with parts...ALL...TIN HEARTS

An-cient 1...sez...WARP...TO PLAY!
An-cient 1...sez...WARP...TO PLAY!



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Tory doors

Tory door

The terrible curse of the Tory boor, To cheat your brother, rob him sure, To steal from his downtrodden wife, To want - not yours, The curse does bite, Moral flaws 4 sure, 4 greed doth oil the wheels and cogs, Avarice a-plenty 4 Tory dogs, Would steal the fur right off the frogs, If they had sign of any? So seventy years if ya heart don't fail, You can rob the poor, get wages stale, And death can jerk your gorged entrails, But can you pay ole Charon any? So poor again, beside the Styx, You sob with other Tory hicks:( Ac-cursed, by the greed that sticks, Saint Peter isn't friendly??? Don Johnson

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Queensland crow

if ya lived awhile in west Queensland, out in the red soil dust, where the crows will take your eyes out, and bore water is a must:( if ya saw a thin and starving cow, with not a blade of grass to eat, the summer sun, death will come, the crows are wanting meat:( thanks to Dan K Don

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Queensland hero

Queensland hero Vain-glorious, evil too, Little Hitler is it you, Sacking thousands for a lie, Poor as Spain is his cry, But Spain owes 50 billion blue? (We owe twenty seven and sixpenceJ) Secret watchers dob you in, Informers tell of your sin, If you stop for lunch, you do, Pimp on a Public servant, do you, Bosses crawler, is your due! The crawler never wins! Legal aid gone by decree, Pay the judge now, money comes from thee, Win or lose, dearer for, The often sacked, poor bloody poor, What will become of me… Retarded me, pushed down the tube, Walked all over, bloody rude, Caravan parks sold, people dumped, Handicapped cast out gazumped, The homeless I include… A thousand police he does want, His army to fight the union, Liberal voters to applyJ For government or miner grooming, Better well kept the lie? Of peaceful time is all we need, Persecution from the grinning weed, Evil is as evil do, Eye 4 eye will get you 2, YHYW judges the deed… Don Johnson

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A Tale From Old

this is a tale of which all men should know
It began in a time so very long ago.
A tale of one man's troubles and woe.
A prince fell in love; you may say "SO!"
His mother was angry but father was firm
Out into the land he must go, to learn.
Mother gave him money to hurry his return,
father took it back saying his way he must earn.
Early next morning to his mothers tears
he starts upon his journey with only his fears.
Frightened of a world unknown by his peers
First try at earning his bread are meet by jeers
He wanders through village and town,
slowly his spirit sinks to the ground.
He can't understand since he is to  wear a crown.
And can someone explain why everything is BROWN!
Then comes the morning to his surprise
simple jobs can he get, telling no lies.
Soon does he realize its easy to rise
Again on his way, beginning to get wise.
Finally one evening he enters the gate
glad to be home though it is quite late.
Rushing to his arms as if she can't wait
Is this really the woman he wished as a mate?
The moral is plain for us all to see
Each person must grow into what they can be.
Learning ourselves will cost us no fee.
Lean back; and think of this tale while drinking your tea.

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Prayer Subtle Lord I ask for me, That I should be reborn for eternity, resurrection, suits me fine, any color any clime, on me death bed set me free, jerk my spirit out of me, agree I do, to come again, poor old memory gone and then, baby mullet swimming see, baby Johnson is it he, then there I be. Sponsor frank herrera Contest Name Compose a Prayer

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A Night In Russia

I am chilled by the icy-breeze
I am loved by the deep thickness of night
I am haunted by cruelty of the historical accounts
The Baltic Sea has become my silent escape
The Arctic Ocean has taught me not to be colded-hearted
Yet, the influence of the peasants and those without
has gave me a solace that many fail to do
Yes, I admire thecold beauty of the slopes and mountain-peaks
Nevertheless, A Night In Russia has romance my soul
and tolded me how to survive the elements of a Russian Night
Do make provisions for a journey to this land within the mind of me

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us poets

us poets, poor bugger me, don't take sweat of brow, from a brother see, just hope to write some 4 immortality, to leave behind a good verse verily... 4 the millions yet to be.... Don thank you Dave Williams

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Another Bullet From A Sniper

It's a war story. One shot... One kill... No guts, No glory...

Out in some country you didnt know existed. Getting ready to know the mission your gathering your throughts but your minds twisted. Captain tells you, your on a sniper mission. He tells you "Get your gear and meet back here so I can explain your explain." Next thing you know your geared up so you won't get spotted, Your rifle loaded and your ready to go. Soon at your location with your friend who was made your eyes, To tell what to look for, Who to kill and when to shoot. In the room of the 22nd floor of an abandoned hotel peeping out the window awaiting instructions while staying unseen, You get your instructions to keep a lookout at the ravine. You await the presence of a masterminded Leader who you know what he looks like and his nickname is Viper. You spot him take your chance and got him. Another bullet from a sniper.

Still trying to stay unseen, You head to the back window and parachute out. Head to the vehicle and attempt a get away before word gets out the Leaders been killes, Then while your thinking we did it, an RPG on the roof top fires hits road aside the jeep and flips over, And all plans before you are spilled. Your knocked out. Your friend calls for back up. You awake hearing gun shots and explosives. Under heavy fire, your squad asking "What do we do Srg.?" Some saying "We're gonna die!" You grab your sniper rifle and gun down the RPG's. The sign of defeat is no longer in sight. Your squad fighting for all your might. Srg. calls in an air strike. Your squad takes cover. Hearing the roaring jets and the sounds of explosions over and over. Your squad gets news the enemy has surrendered and look out only to see smoke and bodies laying everywhere, Headed back home with a victory along with an almost scare. All from another bullet from a sniper.

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to strive n fail at lifes travail, i know the path you speak, yet i know the struggle failed, we altogether seek. we go on...not weak... pardon ... re Catie Lindsays "Outlands" Don

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Bull Camel blunder

ancient thunder echoes still, in the caves ringing, ding-bats say 'chill,' and the cattle dorg do wonder, in a place called down-under, sperm whales are sucking krill, poor johnson's lost his skill, short in the brain, a blunder, the dingo howls until, a bull camel spits n chunders, shut up ya dill... re: 'Medieval Man' Russell Sivey Don

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Grandpa Les

Uncle Les

My step grandfather was uncle Les,
Gun shearer of wooly sheep, he was,
Travelled the country, yes I says,
 and at crutching, He was beaut,    

false teeth of gold his mouth did hold,
just me funeral expenses,
He never seemed to get too old,
The gold the shiny dentures?

He hated scabs who under cut,
The wage of other shearers, 
He tried to run one down in Bourke
Wife Tuppy almost had a seizure.

Les wanted his ashes scattered,
 over the river Barwon,
daughter Pat flew there, did just that,
at Mungindi, the darling.

Memories of Grandma or Grandpa or Both 
Sponsored by: Carol Brown

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Eye c

the different view, where love has been, tropic of cancer in between, the taste of sweet delight, no babe not yours tonight, perhaps im too insane, or on the ole left brain, tonight.... Russell Siveys "Eye see your heart" applies....Don

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Maverick Joe

Think you may have been an Aussie Joe, last time on the planet, south, probably fought in some British war, till yer chips were cashiered out, used ol .303 enfield, no bloody doubt, but life n death, was turn about, but nothings bloody sure, perhaps amongst the Boer, did ya lifeblood here run out.... Don Johnson

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Drifting Drifting here, mongst would be demons, Cursing all who come their way, Laughing how its computer, feeds one, Smouldering thoughts be yours today, Damaged minds, so full of hate, Working making misery, Oh I can upset you in the thousands, Makes me feel, a bird of prey, Subtle terror on your computer, Worms unloosed to your dismay, Killing off your computer boota, Darkness fills the void n stays, Always there amongst the human, Hatred of mankind does stay, Black heart demon, a world beater, fickle fated, ironic clay. The biter it gets bit for sure, Payback only ten times more, “Sow and reap” kicks down your door, Ironic twists the knife, the more, Know the feel, I’m sure implying, What comes next, just after dying, Haw haw haw, It’s frightening….. Don Johnson

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Aquarian Dream I-- The Rebellion

Centuries are unfolded Filled with corruption and lies Where's the change A tyrant has an iron hand But we are the diamonds We appear to be coal darken by ash But with so many years of pressure we became diamonds Ready to strike We are the vein cut open The red, working for the gold Deter the tyrant We can win, Rise up against the guards Fight for our voice Our suffering will not go on You'll know what it's like to purge from your sins So many years of pain So many lies gilded with hope So much death and decay This will not go unheard Deter the tyrant He'll know what it's like to cease to exit Fight for our voice Fight for our freedom There must be a way

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Cindy Caytons step up

"the path to paradise is really worth the price, where is me bed-pan nurse, bowels gone inta reverse... oh fine... still love ya babe.... till im swinging in the hearse.." on ya Cindy Don

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POQ P O Q AND D C B, means 2 U I can assure, Is piss off quick and don’t come back, No don’t come back, no more So you hit it over the arrrs with the bridle, Don’t wanna catch this hoss, paw poor, Let it suck aigs with lucky legs, If its brains so full of straw? Lucky legs might snap and wedge, Up a butt-bit-bloody sore POQ & DCB new lover needed for, Drongo Fred who aint outa bed, But his farts is solid bore, In the pig trough swill we leave this dill, Shut up Johnson , sure…. Don Johnson Lucky legs were likely to snap off and run up ya, ask yer mother for sixpence to see the jerry giraffe, Freckles on his eyebrows and big ones on his ask.etc a saying back before 1960?

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subtle hell world, has the smell, of nasty on this planet, no shortage of murder, slaughter spells, just suffering of poor mortal, well, a hell world symetry, more beastiality... by some crazy Gannet, a blight on history... :read Russell Sivey 'A Psycho Killer' Don

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what a mix two souls betwixt, so closely come together, the lovers chance for sweet romance, escaping thoughts of never, perhaps perchance of happenstance, this time, next time forever? of: 'Michellesque' by Joe Maverick - Michelle Mac Donald Don

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Door opens

Door opens And the door shall be opened, At humanitys fall, And the thief and the beggar, hoping , That the share is for all, The evil and bad, will shamefaced be, When the great judgement comes , Comes by air, land, and sea, Conmen an shysters, all liars of course, Will be caged with the dealers, of cars and the horse, The bully so nasty will be made to feel small, And the morally corrupted will swing off one ball, If you don’t get a mention, perhaps you will be, To sit with the Righteous, in good company, Be good, be generous, where eer your gaze falls, Our Master comes bringing some taste of the gall. Sponsor Paula Swanson Contest Name Opened Doors

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Voyeur Cuz

Voyeur Cuz Wife stealing cousin Wayne, was the true voyeur, He’d appear in the room, the silence soon, Disturbing me and her, He’d get in the nurses for an orgy, But he’d just sit an watch, Drink in the picture, Don’t step on a Corgi, He preferred a cuddle not, Momma was a rented lady, Cuz stole a few quid on the side, When the action in the bedroom, Got him money, wallet slide. Don Johnson

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A Titanic Episode

So the ship will sail
For those who have the price to pay
And I have a tale
To leave here if I pass away
This journal will speak
To the journey I now shall take
From life here so bleak
To sunrise future that shall break
Come back with me to the cinders flying
To Kelly's coal yard and my story
My skin made black and my age is hoary
Time is hard and, no bit worth living

And over there not far away building
A ship of dream unsinkable real
And in my heart dreaming a fervent zeal
To be aboard with the sailing

I am a coal man, that is who I am
I know the heat, and I fan the flame
So I'm hired for furnace to move the frame
Across the deep cold Atlantic dam

I have no kith to love me,  kinfolks gone
To America for a promised land
It does not matter then my blistered hand
I seek too another better dawn

What was it, I did not know, yet awake
Her sunlight hit the deck, made it glow
And my heart was warmed on the lake like snow
The first day aboard, my sugar cake.

And all I had to do was rescue her sack
From wayward trampling feet, then aboard
I brought it, gallantly and without sword
I cut the prejudice swiftly back

Kindness is the key that opens love door
And that was all my life did own
I went down, and she a next stair shown
The rich is well closed off from the poor

Would she forget what I remembered still
Her soft sweet skin, her sun shining smile
My heart young again, pining all the while
To know if her pearly ever will

We soot black ones never got a permit
To see from atop the eager sea
But she touring her palace came down to me
Found my furnace, and sweating did sit.

She preferred the flame to the faceless sea
The flickering fires, the frantic eyes
The tiger tenaciously stalked the prize
Of rippling muscles soft humility.

And so like birds we scraps of dreams sharing
From day to day discover afresh
The human worth in our human flesh
The long and sultry sweet of longing

My heart cast off from life boat and reason
Blackened her with accidental touch
And she overcame, into me rushed
The first kiss has so short a season.

Five days is a long time for love to grow
An eternity for a kiss
What did I know of icebergs and cold mist
What could my furnace not melt below

And yet this clamouur, and frights wild uproar
And all the pushy orders given
I got her a lifeboat, a boat's heaven
And wept that she was gone evermore

But she looking back, saw me there weeping
And jumped to swim back that dismal sea
Hence Diary my last entry to thee
For I must jump in, farewell, I'm going. 

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intuition, thoughts invade the night, am i, have the one that's right, ask the question deep within, of him watch for frown or grin, shows doubt, evict the cat tonight damn right... thank you Linda Xiao.... Don

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Onward with the game Death, just the parting of the ways, Till we return beyond the haze, Universal ebb n flow, Spirits flit, they come n go, Rejoin the two half wits. Beyond the haze we meet again, To talk of all the suffered pain, Decide to never come again, Back on earth 2 baby’s sit, Can’t leave another half of wit, Start another game. Sometimes one will die in pain, The other fades and joins again, Beyond the haze the other sits, And welcomes her with love and it’s, Onward with the game….. Insane world , or is there logic in the universe? Man/God/logic? Don Johnson

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Honor thy glory,thou hast braved servants.
Grace hath thy patriot,ye pride oh thee
Glory ye excellence,prime mover oh thee.
Let thee alma mater flourish
Thou hast union,not diminish.
Hoy!  One Country
Equipped with love and bravery.
Shine as one,thy works of ye weaver
Light up freedom,always and forever.
Let ye glory conquer and gleam thy illusion
Exalt thy Aethiops liberty,save us from confusion.
       Hoy!   Thy kingdom
       Hoy!   Thy Queendom
       Hoy!   Thy Cradle
Thy freedom within martyrdom
Thy glory within liondom.
Laureate liberty,laureate light
Thou shalt be ye merit ,insight within insight.
Freedom Alpha liberty Omega
Liberty Alpha freedom Omega
Love Alpha, love Omega.
Liberty in freedom,freedom in liberty
Unity in alma,mater in unity.


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notes are written on my ledger, suffer for this, also 4 that, agreed before i was born alive, suffering no, just tit 4 tat, accept your measure, it's be brave time, sow n reap the hurtful treasure, next time will be mighty fine, reap the measure yours 2 keep, logic, reason, a paltry crime, another sad lost sheep... re: 'I run from the pain' Russell Sivey Don

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Faces seen

Faces seen Sometimes in a different light, I see another face not very nice, Who really isn’t really surely me, A nasty Irishman, hate filled I see, Who would free our Northern Ireland, Other remembered face does dwell, The face so different, Scotch as well, Swung the Claymore, delivered hell, Amongst the English yeoman, Another face fought in the war, Me 109 shot down for sure, But died a fighting, blood an gore, No parachute would save him. Sponsor Matt Caliri Contest Name Mirror

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The Unknown

My name is darkness
They are afraid of me
I am associated with evil
Nothing can be seen in darkness
Darkness and Light God created them both
But light is well liked, darkness is well hated
I darkness, the devil has used me to deceive and scare people
I wish I can be understood that nothing evil resides in me
It is just my nature that I am dark and fear of the unknown follows people who encounter or see me
When people die they think that darkness holds their loved ones
OR they are resident there 
Rooms and houses become desolate because it is dark
Darkness or night I am just as friendly as light or day
God created us both not the devil
Crying does not only belong to darkness even joy brings some tear
People even celebrate at night
It is deception and ignorance that brings the fear of the dark
I darkness am not evil God created me. 

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60s threads

I was there in the 60s threads, we had the skin tight shirts n jeans, keep ya warm on winters nights instead, the pill arrived, mind blowing scenes :} the porkupine has been, by the quill of ethelred...

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who owns your grave

Who owns your grave in Brisbane?

Who signs for internment of body to ground
With undertaker becomes the owner
Though someone else owns the grave
He or she are not the owner?

A friend of mine buried her hubby 
in a triple deep grave  and then
Discovered she’d have to ask the son in law 
To go to her only grave, just when?

So you are in the nursing home
And then you’re buried by them
You probably paid for the plot they bought
When strangers to God they send

So auntie is in the ground over there
With her are Arthur and Rick?
Burial sites with spare plots in the ground
Old auntie don’t want em one bit

Don Johnson

This old lady had to threaten to go public about the fact she paid but didn't,
have her own  grave, that the son in law owned it and had bought the next 3 deep one
alongside it, now had graves for 5 ...  but he signed hers back :)poor fellow him...

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Fatso cops it sweet

Fatso Greedy fatso, super rich, Fat miners and some lunatics, Tumor on brain seems to be, Another treasure a certainty, Are you following this pitch, He he… Imported workers, paid $1000 less, A week for their distress, To take the wage of Aussies sweet, Like scabs of old, low moral feat, The blackballed certainly, Computer has the name of thee, Aussie workers, to delete! Only a thousand dollars a week, From each wage the boss can keep, Does it stick in the Aussie workers craw, Scab labor brought in from offshore, Or will they cop it sweet, Haw haw…..

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Bismark Sea 1943

BISMARK SEA 1943 It was early nineteen forty three, Kokoda fight was over, Thirteen thousand Japanese were dead amongst the clover, New Guinea still had fifty thousand more, in wait, To kill a few Australians, Yanks were helping us old mate. Then across the Bismark sea, came the troopships eight, With 8 destroyer’s coming too, 5 thousand soldiers fate, Aussie Catalina watched at 90 miles an hour, Reinforcements coming for the Japanese, Still thought they had the power. U.S. B17s dropped from twenty thousand feet, The bomb loads that they carried, Aussie Beaufighters went in at mast height , Sinking ships and deathly harried, 8 troop ships were sunk, and 4 of the Destroyers, Japanese fought to the death in New Guinea, Hand to hand there was no quarter, 10 machine guns firing forward, Beaufighter, caused a slaughter, Ships n boats an all that floats, Were killed there in the water. Don Johnson

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kno the feel when ya turn on heel, an stagger down the road, talk to self aint got the wealth, just freedom to seek with patience, of "Alone again naturally," by Sherese Gooden Don

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Idyll of Daybreak Lake

Dreaming of idyllic forms
Puzzle pieces mold as one
Imaginary lines unrooted
Petty pebbles sink in twilight
Then suddenly I’m awake
Laying here at daybreak lake.

Early enough to see the dew
Abreast my cold feet wading
I watch ripples promptly cease
As new ones dawn the trip
A cycle our lives can relate
Halcyonic touch of daybreak lake.

Morning glory’s violets bloom
Across the rivers foothill edging 
Streams aroma guides my pining
To faded footprints of my youth
Where aspen branches quake
Sunny haze at daybreak lake.