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Teen Alliteration Poems | Alliteration Poems About Teen

These Teen Alliteration poems are examples of Alliteration poems about Teen. These are the best examples of Teen Alliteration poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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my angel

i ask my self why!
the sky is always blue?
why the  sun  shining
when i always look at you?

i ash my self why.
you glow in the sun?
are you my angel
the girl  he sent from above?

but who cares where still keeping it strong.

i just like it when u hold my hand 
and you wont let go
seem like  YOUR AFAIR I WILL LEAVE you


i like everything you say
and everything you do
you are my angel
baby i love you

life is short
so lets make it go by slow
lets do everything we can 
just dont let go

if your sad and can't sleep  and just setting there in ur bed
i'll stay up all night untill you get your rest

im here for long run baby
and i am going to stay and keep my love true

and talk all night on the phone
stay up for hours just to talk to you

i keep you in my dreams
i no im in yours
your my angel
ur the one every one wish for and i adore

i put my hand on my cross and pray to him
thank you lord for this present you sent!

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To Conceive and Let Go

You lay down with a man 
For the very first time
Unknowingly conceive a child
That will soon die

And now you can’t figure out why
You didn’t make him wear protection
So you wouldn’t end up pregnant
And to save your body from infection

Now this child who deserved a chance
Will die before become a fetus

You could have taken care of that child
Or given it to family you could trust
But this one night 
Of infatuation and lust

Brought about unplanned pregnancy
But you choose not to
Face up to your responsibility

You go and abort this child 
Without thinking twice
But you know in your heart
That its just not right

You’re only sixteen
But what does that mean?

You were old enough to spread your legs
And old enough to have a man in your bed
But can’t take care of a child
You had without being wed

So because of your naïve childish ways
Your baby never got to see
The light of one day

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I Am

I am 
I am sick and tired of who I am
I feel like I'm stuck and I can't get out
I am annoyed of her 
I am annoyed of my family and I can't do anything about it 
I am
I am lost
I can't find my way through this feeling
I am scared
I'm scared that I will never be the same
I am
I am lonely
I don't have anyone to look up to
I am not allowed
I can't fight back I can't even run away from it even if I tried
I am

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F is for friends

Fantastic friends fry fresh fish friday for fun

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She girl

She lives with friends.
She meets her loves.
She starts her work.
She sits as a dove.
She runs her life.
She's got all that.
But then she's found
Dead on the track.

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Girl curls against unfurled hurls, builds badges of bruises,
Father rather gather rum, rages, reacts yet remorse refuses.

Posits in closets deposit whacks, warm welts, whispered wails,
Bombarded, discarded, called retarded, family services . . .fails . . .

Neigbours laboured, guilty, grieving, grovelling on gravelled ground,
Lost in frost, behold her body, branded and broken but no longer bound.

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The Days Go By, And Still I Think Of You

I'm suffocating in my skin
My happiness is wearing thin
Please just let this end
Please just comprehend
That you're hurting me now more then ever before
Oh how can I implore
How much I love you so
How much you'll never know
When you used to hold me in your arms
When you used to wrap me in your charms
Back when it was just you and me
Back when we knew how to be
Those were the days
But now its all so far away

Love is so confusing
And lust is so amusing
Perhaps we will never be happy
Perhaps we'll always think love is sappy

Then again, maybe happiness will come our way
Then again, maybe we'll be together one day
I hope you know that I hate this feeling
Being tormented by one human being
You're all that fills my head
As I lie awake in this empty bed
Oh how I hope to hold you're hand
Oh how I wish life werent so bland
Cause pain is the only thing real
The one thing that can't be concealed

But just know
That seeing you with her kills me so
But no one cares about me anymore
This heart becomes more sore

Waiting for someone to hear me
Waiting for someone to see
That my life is flashing before my eyes
Hoping someone can sympathize
Myself confidence has gone down the drain
Oh, I think I'm going insane
But dont worry about dramatic me
Dont worry about my life of misery
No, dont listen; no, dont care
Dont say that you'll always be there
I know I don't matter to you
I know you dont know what to do

I still dont know what went wrong
I still try to be so strong
But being near you everyday
Has left my heart astray
Our good times fade away
My happy days turn to gray
My heart burns to dust
How could you betray my trust?

If you only knew
All the things that I've been through
You'd understand
You'd comprehend
Why its so hard to survive
Why its so hard to stay alive
Well, goodbye, I'm slipping away
I might not see you after today
So let me leave you with this little piece, these little lines
Maybe you'll understand them in time....

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Glad,hedonistic lad;
Delighting in delectations,
Amusing affectations,
Posturing pretension
with ogling ostentation!

Professing pleasure seeking
Confessing,leisure leaning.
Reputation so revealing,
Passe peer appealing!

Superficial and artificial;
Pleasure without measure.

Sad,sad,sad ! Hedonistic lad!

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Thirteen and Five Sixths

Those eyes
Wake up exuberance
Welcome early rituals
Wittily warming pop tarts
Whimsy’s gaze flirts away frowns . 

Those eyes
Scan pages, screens,  faces
Strip lovely from ugly,
Sublime from crass illusion
Cynicism yet unsown. 

Those eyes 
Tears well up in wonder
Trying to comprehend
Troubling implications of
Truths terribly distorted.

Those eyes
Rest in grown-child slumber
Reaping dream’s mythologies
Reset to rap-fringed music
Receiving wisdom’s jewels. 

Those eyes
Beam gentle radiance
Blazing bright potential
Brilliant points of Monday’s hope
Bedazzling Friday’s despair. 

Those incredible eyes.

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House To House

House to house 
A passing, admiring scent

Hold me...we'll pass 
House to house 
You are still apart of me

Hold your horses
Fight the tears
Wipe them away until everything

House to house
Passing by torment
Do you know the hint?

When time runs out
I wait till some sun
Peaks in this forbidden forest
Tormented by breaking summers

Drenched...on no one's side
Just stay near...beside...abide
We'll stay house to house

Excited by curiosity 
There will be a house for us
At last

A key to joy 
Let us go...explore this terrain 

We'll have a roof
To push aside the rain
To clear our years away

We are definitely here to stay 

House to house
Torment to joy
We are invited
To stay here forever 

At last

Without no guilt
There is no way
That I'm moving
No more

This desire
Ruins me to the core

I'm sure
At last
With my lady friend
And began to tend 
Our wanted life
House to house 
Dealing with passing 
To and fro by searching
House to house 

At last!