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Alliteration Suicide Poems | Alliteration Poems About Suicide

These Alliteration Suicide poems are examples of Alliteration poems about Suicide. These are the best examples of Alliteration Suicide poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Surely enough
Silence ruled.
Swaying through my life
Sullen silence,
Swiftly sang,
Sang a sweet song.
Songs of affection,
Songs of challenge.
Sometimes even,
Simple songs of nothing.
Sweet nothings that mean everything.
Surely enough,
Sweet silence
Sang me another song.

Copyright © Andrea Torres | Year Posted 2016

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My Love

My love I can not find you anywhere, 
I feel like I lost my soul somewhere, 
because you are my soulmate, 
and us being apart can not be fate. 

You did not leave because you wanted to, 
It just was just something you had to do. 

I was not right, All I wanted to do was fight, 
and knowing you was the love of my life, 
yet I would not make you my wife. 

I know that's what you really wanted 
and now I am feeling haunted, 
by the things I should have done, 
and you being the only one 
I ever loved and will love forever, if it was'nt for me we will still be together. 
But you are gone 
and I can not go on, 
so I must say good-bye, I'm leaving myself to die.

Copyright © stephanie hanvey | Year Posted 2013

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Broken Record

Scars on her wrists

They never to seem to fade

This will be how it is the rest of her days

A broken record, 

Still trying to force its self to play

What kind of life is this

A smile on her face

But secrets hidden deep

If they knew their opinions would change

"She's crazy"

"She's a freak"



All of those things they'd say

They'd wrap around her throat like a rope

Tugging and choking her life away

She stays hidden.

A record, broken but silent

Still trying to force its self to play

This will be how it is the rest of her days.

Unless she speaks. 

How dare she speak?

 Uttering those words.

To whom she speak?

To the people? 

To the walls which upon she stares?

No one. No one is there to listen. 

No one. No one is there to care.

Copyright © no name | Year Posted 2015

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Surviving after suicide attempts

Life is like an everlasting 
Testing us in both 
triumph and torturing 
Honoring the humble, 
humbling the pride
Yet death have honored 

Sometimes smiles change 
their shapes
Sometimes lives lose their 
circumstances might 
rename our names
Yet athletes faithfully 
finish their miles

When we lose our loved 
Is there a real reason to 
still carry on?,
When we lose our 
Do we still stand firm and 
carry on?

In pain people search for 
a rope
We desperately try to 
hang ourselves
Several suicide attempts, 
but ropes untie 
Hurtful moments for 
torture carries on at or 
away from home

We seek death to find 
Yet our maker 
demolishes death to 
show us love
We think the end is 
worth the risk
Yet losing life quenches 
more hope
Look and see
Surviving after suicide 
Shows love beyond 
borders a human eye can 
It's thus a perfect 
Hence i call it a perfect gift

For contest
by Anne Currin

Copyright © Godwins Piyo | Year Posted 2013

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to easy

death the word is said to easily to be safe the letters fall out of my mouth as natural as saying my own name and yet i cant even speak at all sentences words letters get choked in my throat at the severity of my sadness it has destroyed me and built me back up this is me if this is true i wont be for long

Copyright © Jayce Collazo | Year Posted 2013

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Speak No Evil Ten Word Challenge

Exuberant emotions abound as I pack siutcases...
Suddenly, the sonorous of my phone and doorbell sings.
Posh police stand outside with opulent badges. 
Father? Suicide? I disengage into a desultory demise.
Tears truck down my cracked city cheeks.
Halcyon hallucinations haunt my deplorable grief.
Some cloaked in cynical attitude give me no sympathy. 
My creeping crepuscular shadows lust to become dust.
I'm jealous of moon, for I feel in a penumbra prison.
Stalemate soul with visceral venom I cry for Father!

January 31st 2016

Copyright © Chantelle Anne Cooke | Year Posted 2016

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Sweet Suicide

I'm all alone
though everyone's here
I'm trying not to cry
'cause no one will hear
they're not going to listen
to what I have to say
because they don't care
they're all the same way
I have to do something
to end all this pain
that I've kept all inside
I'm going insane
this is all your fault
but soon you'll pay
and know how it feels
to lose me this way
I can't wait to go
and see what they do
when they find the note
then they can blame you.

Copyright © Kylie Routley | Year Posted 2008