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Alliteration Love Poems | Alliteration Poems About Love

These Alliteration Love poems are examples of Alliteration poems about Love. These are the best examples of Alliteration Love poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Images of feathers

"Once upon a midnight Poe"

Underneath my midnight mask, I remove, the makeup at last,
The moon is anvil to my mood, mooring along the vacant vast 
I lay the Gin and Tonic, by my bedside, asking for more,
I hear a noise, a lost voice, the echoes of no rejoice,
I could not ignore the light coming from the cracks in the open door
Giving it some thought, 
My eyes twinkle, towards the tinsel tiles on the floor
Seemingly the light seems to be deeming, a distance, of resistance
Curiosity, came a crawling, and caressing, 
To feel and taste, sinful skin, 
Everything then, grew thinner than thin,
Suddenly, I hear a whisper, my love is near
"Darkness there, and nothing more."

A nerve impulse, hits the wall, of nothing nary, nevertheless 
I sadistically, stagger a sullen movement, notwithstanding
Is this, a moment, Edgar Whispered, "nothing more."
Many nights, I dream of demonic demons, demanding answers for
A sad --sadder voice, sits and whines, with the wind
"Only this, and nothing more!"
A notary, nauseate moment, sea sick, shipwrecked floor
Secular suicide spreading like gossip, sailing through my veins
Evilly and twisted, "This it is, and nothing more" - that remains

Tweaking, and repeating, the speeding, of needing
My drugs, of pain and passion, to end the illusion
Of the self inflicted - bruising, from the voices of my choices
I hear the whisper, a selfish whisper, asking for Lenore
How many nights, he comes into my room, dress like A Raven
Painted, and tainted, like the midnight dreary
Reciting, and exciting, like The Bells, of Annabel Lee, in fury
Never, never, nameless here forevermore, in my dreams
Under my evil doing skin, like the sum of sin, is how it seems

On the nights my soul mate does not appear, 
The anchor drowns and torments me with tears
I ravel up in fear, of the fear, when my ghost is not near
Rattling and trembling, by the bedside, 
On the dark side of the mental moon, when in gloom
I scratch my room, screaming to the bleeding, 
From my heart, who needs a killing, 
From a feeding and the feeling of letting Poe, go!

Inspired by The Raven

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Dark dull dawn
Sunset sad silhouette
After you’re gone

Pricking pain persists
Grief getting gross
You, still in dreams exist

Lonely long life
Sinking Spirit Subsists
Where, respite lies

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My Worst Christmas Ever

Snow falls around us 
as we hug for the last time
Niether of us let go
Our first Christmas apart
since you met my parents
I feel as if holding on forever
could possibly prevent the end
As I look into your eyes
You brush a tear from my cheek
"I'll always love you," you say to me
As we kiss for the final time
I remember all the time spent talking when we met
Knowing you was enough back then
I never thought I would lose you
We finally let go
You brush back my hair and said not to cry
As you walked to your mom's car
it felt as if I died inside
You climbed in and closed the door
and we waved our final goodbye

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' The Moon's Pilgrimage ... '

Moon’s Pilgrimage … Across The Sky To Praise
The Maker and All His Wondrous Ways
Moon’s Pilgrimage … Rises High, In Grace
Yet, Still In A Humble – Pilgrim’s Place

Moon’s Pilgrimage … Will Not Betray
All The Moonlight, GOD Lets Display
Tho’ She Moves In His Cosmic-Stage-Play
From His Theme-Theatre, She Will Not Stray

My Pilgrimage … Thru Deep, Dark Space
With Silver-Wings and Beams, I Chase
The Unknown and Known Questions Raised
Will Be Answered, When The Maker Says …

My Pilgrimage … To Touch Heaven’s Face
That Beauteous, Elusive, Mysterious Trace
Borne At The Blessed-Beginning’s Base
My Pilgrimage … Takes Me There To Pray …

My Pilgrimage … Takes Me There To Pay –
My Vows, My Voice, In Vesper-Vase
As This Moon, Is In Harvest – Phase
And Beams Brighter Now … Tho’ Slanted-Gaze

… The Moon … Glowing Ochre-Gold Or Silver
The Moon … Is Making Pilgrimage, Remember
The Moon … Is Trying To Help Deliver
Lost-Souls, Who Can Not Find … Moon River …

… Moon’s Pilgrimage … Keeps Steady Pace
Even Climbing Thru Dense, Cloudy-Lace
Moon’s Pilgrimage … Is Like A Dance, That Sways
Moon’s Pilgrimage … Into The Night’s Embrace … …

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Liquor Lips

If I were the bottle 
You would press your lips to my neck nightly.
If I were the liquid
 You would consume me multiple.
But I am just a woman
Who needs your attention always. 
If only you could
Liquor lips.

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Alliteration To the Mirror

      Alone, face to face, regrets capture me
      And all along your constant complain
      and your heart's in the right side
      and long before my despair closed the lock
      you let her go — and lone she slowly went. 

      How to know then what, now, no one wonders
      Now, that snow glows drowning shadows of hope
      following down our own path of sown rows 
      with the wind blowing hard against our vows
      and the wrong worries of yellow dreams

      Your frown, my frowzy mood, throwing up hands
      callow youth with words for crown, a worn out bow
      A show off that mowed down in slow motion
      and you still crow in front of the crowd 
      and in a low voice I flow through remorse

      to lower myself and to grow you up
      to plow under by doubts your tricks of clown
      to throw down the drain my many years' growth
      of hollowness, sorrow ... my drowsy world
      With no flowers and no windows, who won?

      How to know then she was the only one?
      How to know then when lone she slowly went?
      How to know now if it's too late?
      — Don't cry, I know it's late —
      yrros mi ... me too ... me too


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Desire's Fire

It is desire’s fire that frees me from the forgettable
derived from delusion’s wondering eye of dire,
roaming around in squandered robes of pretend,
it offends me…
Idly it bends the very mending of heart’s love
as loves exquisite stitch tries to weave her tapestry
I live in her…I desire her very soul…
as a whole I am absorbed by her in mutual absolute
like the root of an aged tree to the rained ground beneath me
this is we:
Gracious energy like the first touch of your skin,
you within me within love we are free,
beneath my fingertips you feel what my lips don’t speak,
three freaks…you, me and love unique.
Inside your eyes a cascading world is locked in mine
as I find I spiral to the depths of your desire…
that fire that frees me from the forgettable.
My hope exists in and beyond love this way
as I lay dazed in a maize of vivacious bliss
as though a first kiss of deep gentleness yet known…
I am alone waiting to fall.
When love knocks on my heart’s door she will know
through the windows of my wild wanting soul
a new kind of whole let go to the energies of life
as we swing rushing on passion’s wing
like the voice that sings lyrics of hear felt feeling
reeling you in…true believing.
I so crave every piece that exists as your being
seeing beyond just that sexual feeling,
devoured entirely by the way you move,
by the way you move me…
how I feel when I see you feel me
as love is desire’s fire that frees me from the forgettable.
Love bares no chains to those who really see
the exquisite stitch weaved in her tapestry be
her captivating eyes…
Home to her true desires.

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The Bleeding Heart of a Standing Wall

 I’m pouring my heart all over your soul,
But nothing can come without a toll,

My emotions are being torn to shreds,
Like a needle tearing through the threads,

But in the end no walls will fall,
In fact they’ll be standing tall,

Only to one with such a fate,
Your lies have arrived a little too late,

For in the end when the walls wont fall,
Your lies will surely get hanged in the hall.

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When Time Stands Still

Leaping in barefoot abandon
Soaring every which way from Sunday
Laughter effortlessly exhaling cool breezes.

Lounging on nature’s lush carpet
Silhouette illumined by carefree serenity 
Lapping up rays and shining them back

Licorice sticks and crackers and brie
Sweet plumpness of kiwi and mango and peach 
Licking ripe juices off contented grin

Long luscious showers in waterfall glory
Swirling delightfully playfully pure
Lingering loving caresses of freshness 

Last blush of daylight’s electrical charge
Sunset yields gracefully generously kind
Lights flicker syntax where space enfolds meaning

Lay here beside me
Savor my dream
Let my enchantment touch yours

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my angel

i ask my self why!
the sky is always blue?
why the  sun  shining
when i always look at you?

i ash my self why.
you glow in the sun?
are you my angel
the girl  he sent from above?

but who cares where still keeping it strong.

i just like it when u hold my hand 
and you wont let go
seem like  YOUR AFAIR I WILL LEAVE you


i like everything you say
and everything you do
you are my angel
baby i love you

life is short
so lets make it go by slow
lets do everything we can 
just dont let go

if your sad and can't sleep  and just setting there in ur bed
i'll stay up all night untill you get your rest

im here for long run baby
and i am going to stay and keep my love true

and talk all night on the phone
stay up for hours just to talk to you

i keep you in my dreams
i no im in yours
your my angel
ur the one every one wish for and i adore

i put my hand on my cross and pray to him
thank you lord for this present you sent!

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sworn to secrecy

This doesn't belong to me
here you can have it back
i held it now for almost seven years
its getting heavy
you can take it anytime
i don't want to hold this anymore
why cant you take it
it doesn't fit
and it doesn't belong
it tears me apart
the struggle goes on
go ahead and cry
i can hold onto that to
just drop it in and go right through
i'm just a stop
a shoulder to need
and you can go on lifting away free
i'm slowly falling
i'm tipping from side to side
i'm not quite stable
but i'm only here for the ride
i'm not going to take charge
i'm not going to sit
and stare out my window of regret
my window is clear
clear as glass
and gets bigger with everyday we pass
its making me sad
tears run down my eyes
 i cant let it go
that's no surprise
i tell you what i tell you
and hear what i hear
but what about everything inside
everything i fear
well wait
i got that to
right beside the picture of me and you
i know this is crazy
and i know i am to
but what about my secrecy
i have to follow through

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Te Amo

Your gorgeous blue eyes, 
I love your eyes on you.
Your sweet voice that’s like a song,
I love when you sing to me.
Your arms around me,
I love when you hold me.
Your love is real,
you still love me
and never stopped.
You’re so sweet,
I love how your kind to others.
Te Amo Pat
Always and forever. 

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Falling In Love

Love is like a bottomless pit,
it is neverending,
somewhat terrifying,
and I'm fallng in love.

Love is like a vast ocean,
it seems endless,
and now I'm diving,
and I'm falling in love.

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Sun beams like Hot Choclate on a blue day...

Soft silky and smooth on your skin...



Butterflies softly floating like falling feathers in the wind...

Gently gliding gracefully over the bright green grass...



Eyelashes brush against your cheek like soft snowflakes on your face...

Fingertips flit freely across your arm...



Together playfully prancing like horses running wild...

Spinning tops twiling tenderly....



Wishes whispered wimsically like pixies playing hopscotch...

Softly calling quietly,

I love you!

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A love note to her

Blanch, bloodless in thy absence,
Looks held in thrall, love's substance,
Theophilus Gould shew the essence of disconsolate,
Exigency madday my love, return before it's too late.

An imposition impetus impels loneliness,
I miss mezmerising pride thou showeth my lioness,
My voice rings out firmly, a deep and sonorous bass,
Earnestly echoring by dint of sheer hard thinking of thy return.

In each cold colloquy, unadmirable misunderstanding,
Surely i miss thy amicable understanding,
Each elongated night, gazing at stars in the sky,
I delightfully descry thy beautious memories and i cry.

Despite diversified retinue, im insecure,
Bitterness boasting in my heart boo, im impure,
Your summertime heat permeates my immune leaving no cure,
Your bossy beauty, chained my heart with a lure.

Let firm friendship betoken our love's blueprint,
And firm communication revolve longside us like a whirlwind,
By us and for us like democracy sayings,
Unbieased, un-upbraided but satisfying like bank savings.

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Her heart,,,

Deepest depths of love 
are her heart's origin
Miraclously mild, stunning 
fairy feathers sorrounding
Humbly i heard a smooth 
"Honey bunny, you are 

Her heart pure, perfectly 
My heart's cure, im 
blessedly blessed
Her Kindness kindles 
everlasting joy
My soul sings i'm now 
pure, my sadness  faded

Let these sprinkles of 
alliteration allow
Her ailing eyes to see a 
love design and heal
Unseal my love's sadness 
Unsealing smoothened 
vanilla ice love

Her heart is just beautiful
My mild eyes cry tears of 
My mind and heart 
knows she's beautiful
For her heart to brake, im 
always fearful
Willingly will look after 
hers like my own
A great girl of my kind, 
A girlfriend of my own

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Hey Boo

Take a look,
Into my eyes,
Chapters to my book,
No needed lies,
Trust me please,
I’ll bring you near,
A shiver; a breeze,
An imagination pure.
Gentleman style,
Falling down with desire,
Please stay awhile,
The flame to my fire.
Two sides to the half,
A perfect fit,
A smile shines; laugh,
Knocked down; hard hit.
The pebble to steal,
To set oneself a side,
Is this real?
Wanting to hide.
Hey boo,
I may never tell,
How I feel too,
Keep all well,
You remind me,
Of the princesses’ lost shoe,
A fantasy I see,
Holding onto hope-for me and you.

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Time and Again

Love comes in my life 
Time and again 
Makes me cry 
Makes me smile 
Leaves me ecstatic 
Time and again 
Time and again 
Today I have no love 
But O my friend, 
You are by my side 
Time and again 
When I felt alone, 
When I felt devastated 
You have held my hands 
And I have put my head 
On your shoulders 
Time and again 
Oh this feeling  
of having you  
in my life 
is so healing 
Time and again 
Time and again

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Welcome To Our Future

Welcome to our flawless future,
where everything is bright and beautiful.
This is our home- a priceless picture
of our world so wide and wonderful.

The day we met was a date with destiny
the skies sang and the Sun did smile.
My heart was placed on a special scrutiny,
your love made the waiting worthwhile.

Safety is having you always by my side,
peace is knowing that you will never leave.
Joy is a feel of your arms at eventide,
Love is the cord to which our soul cleave.

We count not day and hours but moments;
time melts on the platter of pure love.
We do not count errors but exquisite events,
knowing we both have a point to prove.

Sickness and death cannot do us part,
you are me and I am you; we are one.
Heaven is the hills of love, sweetheart,
we will meet there in the glorious morn.
(c) 2013
Adeleke Adeite

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Cheater's Chair

A destructive dance indeed,
betwixt the two we bleed.
A bellowing, bloody abate,
this stale, seductive state.

Simple, senseless steeds,
jealous fires feed.
Perjuring petty plights,
demons do delight.

A crimson, cheaters chair,
awful angers air.
No trust, truth or taste,
wallowed wantons waste.

Envious, eager eyes,
rejoicing a wrathful rise.
Coveting, careless couth, 
yesteryear's eager  youth.

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Every time I wake up, its mama,
Thank you for best gift ever, Gift of life,
Many cry for years, to give the Gift,
Few get the chance to give life,
Thank you mama, thank you mama.

A small fragile frail seed of life,
It grew in your live box below your food belly,
You told stories to me inside your womb,
They thought you mama must be insane,
Thank you mama, thank you mama.

Finally I was brought to this space and met mama Earth,
Where they call home, my first breath was met by a cry,
Tears which will always come when mama is not around,
Mama you did everything to me, always holding your tits,
Thank you mama, thank you mama.

  Mama I will always cherish you,
But it was mama and Tata who made the seed ,
The seed which saw me grow to me,
Earth, home has told me many lessons,
The lesson of love planted by mama and papa is the best.       

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Oh fantastic furry feline
So silent and still in slumber
White whiskers awaiting to wake
From dreams of docile dormice.

Mysterious and mesmerising moggy
Boundless beauty befalls you
Perfect plush paws and cutting claws
Bright beautiful eyes bestowed.

Oh valiant velvet cloaked vagabond
A spirit so wild and wilful
My love lies languishing in your heart
Come closer to comfort my soul.

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Joy and happiness dance in my beautiful soul
As i picked up my companion to write this eulogy,
Mother , i love and cherish you more than thousand luxuries
An epitome of beauty, pride of savador
Citadel of knowledge and wisdom you are
Woman of prestigious honour and peace.
I speak of your peace and reputation
When the air has gone on vacation
and The oceans on a journey faraway.
You give life to me upon many odds and misery
Behold me in your humble arms amidst joy,
Tribulation, pains and sorrow yet you complain not.
Call on the nightingale to sing melodiously to me
When i cry, you cry louder
You feasted on decayed food to give me better one
Led me along an arduous path of healing and wholeness.
I sing of your joy and love
among the heartless hyenas in the wild wood
You never leave me behind the stormy weather yet
The dimples on your cheek remind me of hope and success.
I adore you mother, queen of the east
Priceless gift of nature.
Nwanyibuife your native name remain me of woman value
I am on the other side of the world
To bring back the lost glories to your home.
Cry no more for the sake of your beauty
Your unfaded skin which remind me of African beauty.
I love you mother beyond human explanation.

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can't live without u

If i could never talk to you,
i would go crazy.
If i could never see you, 
it would break my heart.
If i could never hear our voice,
I dont know what i want do.
I cant live without you.
You make me happy.

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My Love

My love I can not find you anywhere, 
I feel like I lost my soul somewhere, 
because you are my soulmate, 
and us being apart can not be fate. 

You did not leave because you wanted to, 
It just was just something you had to do. 

I was not right, All I wanted to do was fight, 
and knowing you was the love of my life, 
yet I would not make you my wife. 

I know that's what you really wanted 
and now I am feeling haunted, 
by the things I should have done, 
and you being the only one 
I ever loved and will love forever, if it was'nt for me we will still be together. 
But you are gone 
and I can not go on, 
so I must say good-bye, I'm leaving myself to die.

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Two eloping evergreen hearts

Two eloping hearts evergreen like equatorial rainforests, entwined in the eternal escalator of love, leaving a trail of lovely lavender fragrance; her touchscreen face tempting him to touch, to caress carelessly and to bring about cascaded tapestry . ===================================== By:kashinath karmakar (19th Feb.2011)

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Up Up- Far Away

Faces; one now two,
Fluttering eyes,
Unknown to known,
Some turn away; shys'.

Shy away from flight,
One open now two,
Black view then white,
Mind takes off; flew.

Up Up- Far away,
Shaken to death; damn,
Your head down to lay,
Like a precious lamb.

So Real; Once Knew,
But no known sense,
An emotion unknown;new,
Friction feeling dense.

Glance then gone,
Gone then back,
A prayer to be,
One touch to lack.

The pieces rise;grew,
To save a soul,
Parts out one by two,
Push over now roll.

And Dont Give Up Till ITS YOUR TURN to go.

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Reiterate Our Love

Let's repeat our first dance....
Let's rebirth our forever promises....
Let's replay our sweet memories....
Symbols of red roses from you to me....
Flowers in my art to you as symbols of....
our love come true....
Let's reiterate our lovely vows for all time....
and eternity....
So, our love never becomes redundant....
Let's redeem our sweet love now....
Our red river of red roses rises and returns....
Our requited love....

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Trail at Twilight

Twin sweethearts melted into one, as soft skins swirled,
Stars sparkled as a sensual scenery skewed to the skies, 
dearest duo drowned into the depth of a delightful dream
dancing to a duel duet and drumbeats of doped desire at dusk.
Wildness wielded from the womb of wholesome wishes, 
walking in worlds of wonders, wooing wetness and warmth,
only to resume to the realms of reality after the rain of romance,
relishing the rarest rays of the Rainbow's radiance.
Filled with the freshest of feeling, under the fountain of fire,
nicely nursing a nude nature, nurturing a nifty need at night
till a yellow moon in a white morn mutter melodious musics...
to two sensual souls soaked in a speechless sensation,
swimming in the stream of serenity with sensible stupidity.
(c) 2012.Adeleke Adeite

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I am diaphanous, dappled
and dimpled in sunlight.

A lady of the lake waiting,
my spirit graced by vigor.

Smiling, romance tickles my nose.
I am giddy and dance in this oasis

of brightly colored blossoms,
veiled in the pollen of love.

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you stole my heart

Words! Those words took me to heaven. Had I known that they were just whispers,  the words that fed my smile and gaze my laughter. I surrendered to him as he request. I was addicted to his touch, you astounded me how could you be so wicked so heartless. I gave you my heart I believed in your love. I felt the gravity from Jupiter; he was my life, my hope, my love. All is gone, passed by thereof the hurt is such no one should bear what’s to life, why should I care? weep all night for my love gone My heart is sick, for death I long Mine eyes well tears for love that's lost I'll bear always for the great cost. You don't mean what you say and don't mean what you do You don't mean anything because it's not true. You broke my fall and stole my heart am already damaged, you let it fall apart. The tears I cry now fall with my misery, once covered up, now for the world to see whom I really am inside. For all to see rules to which I don't abide. The circumstances in which reality shall fade. The unwanted feelings your lies have made, the shame when I realized you gained my trust the truth fading as the dust Slips through my fingers grain by grain. My heart's not only torn but also slain as shards of glass fall from the sky. Tears of blood fall from my eye. Your words crawled across my skin and I forget what I don't believe in my heart pounds as I lift my head. Dare to enter where no one has tread And I looked deep into your eyes Found the source of all your lies And even though I know they'll never be true With all my heart, I'll continue loving you. My love for you is real and true and I keep on sticking to the basic that am still in love with you I cant deny it it’s the fact and the living truth. how can i ever alllow my self to forget how wonder you could be, although you are another in these hard days mesmerized are your thoughts but love you are still the only man I want to love. save my soul.

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I Love to P

I Love to P

Purposely penning a perfect portfolio 
Palpable poetry part of you permanently
Pleasant and pleasing infectious like polio
Purely providing me passion to some degree
Pretentiously piercing my skin with your perfume
Pulling me proximate of you imploringly
I perfunctorily plummet into you’re path I’m doomed
To play and to praise and to love you progressively 

Eugene Finley

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The Icy Remembrance Of The Northern Hills

I’m still in the memories of the frost of twelve
I always think how amazing your ideas are
With your wonderful smile 
you can heal all my scars
You are my angle with angle eyes 
and those angle lips I love to kiss
I’ve never seen a liaison like this
A girl like me and a guy like you
The night of cold winter when you 
hugged me in the blanket so tight
It felt so complete and so right
I felt the warmth of your body 
and this beautiful relation
I wish to give you the same 
warmth the same affection
I looked at the hills intently 
from the balcony of our hotel room
I was seeing the plants and the shrubs bloom
That frizzy morning I got up early
 scanning your face all over
Don’t ask me why? I have no answer
Baby, do you remember the night 
we walked through the dark place
I was holding your hand 
and in the dim moonlight I could see your face
Now the wintry memories will
always stay with me at any pace

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Letting you go

In the very very beginning
Our crazy crush was 
Our love life deeply 
depicted true love's 
In the dark clouds coding 
codes for love raining

Your lightining love 
struck my love labels
Powerfully purifying my 
doped eyes, clearly 
turning tables
Your bounding beauty 
jailed my jaws, speechless
Perfectly proving your 
pleasant presence, 

Nevertheless nature 
truelly manifests 
measuring stability
Nothing none could 
compare to thy heart's 
Not numerals could count 
thy hecta-million lies
Not even my 
compasionate eyes could 
confidently locate where 
beauty lies

You cleverly cheated your 
only one
You cleverly covered your 
little affairs to everyone
You severely struck a 
pure heart like a sudden 
heart attack
I was once pure at heart
But now darkly dark

Let love be considered 
My fellow folks say : "Le 
My ex-dear dearest please 
save me
Pretty please hit the 
narrow road

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Falling Without Winter Wings Alliteration Collaboration

In collaboration with Poet Destroyer
                                                                                                                                                                            CC                                                                                                                                         My mind sometimes goes there, somewhere, nowhere, 
amongst the shooting shining stars, floating like in a womb, yet not afraid, 
free falling flakes, weightless – wondering why, where 
from the highest branch I lost my grip gasping, grasping 
and tumbling hopelessly DOWN AND DOWN DEEP… into the unknown
DOWN AND DOWN DEEP, I allowed myself to fall like a raindrop, 
landing a little like winter, holding my breath, above the mountaintop, 
a tremble brought about by the breeze, losing myself completely, 
Wandering in welters of wasting words, Into the fire of all my torrid tears,  
I slip into despair into the cold, a chilling fall, after LETTING GO…
LETTING GO was the hard part, the horrid heartbreak, it always will be. 
We had climbed so high, so high we had to come down 
and as we stumbled we slipped, we slid, slowly away from one another 
because we had lost ourselves, our own identities. 
My journey now must be to like -- LOVE MYSELF AGAIN. 

LOVE MYSELF AGAIN, a never-ending task. 
Holding on to what was and always will be a falling star. 
Wishing, the wind would lift us up and put us back where we belong. 
Sinking, dipping, dropping, and drowning with the sea, 
A path I seek when I find myself losing grip of reality. 

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what u mean to me

You dont see what u do to me.
You dont see what u mean to me.
Cant words cant express enough.
u make me happy,
more then i've ever been.
u treat me right,
that means alot to me.
Your everything i want,
even more.
u amaze me in so many ways,
never met any one like u.
But i'm glad i did.
'Cause i've falling in love with u.

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If i lose you

Softly sinking into the 
deep pit
Deep down the heartless 
Falsely feeling the 
goblin's guilty
Dramatically doping my 

Without you, where 
would i be?
Your handy hand helped 
Sincerely snatched me off 
And today true love i have

Pretty please leave me not
Life seriously sucks, untie 
not our knot
Purple pupils dressed in 
secondary uniforms
Look lovely holding hands 
after classrooms
Please pretty please, we 
no longer wear school 

If i lose you
The first fruit of my poem
The first sad stanza 
Is how i truely feel
The true heartfelt answer

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Music, Language of Love

                                  Melodious melody of love
                               Lyrical language of the heart
                    Calling continually entwined in loves duet
                          Touched tenderly by life’s opera
                        Musical movements caressing the soul
                    Seraphic song  of the soul a sweet seduction

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A Wedding Vow

Corpulent cottagers clapping like clowns
a fat Friday festival, gobblers and gowns.
Merry mad munchers of muffins and mirth
do-si-do dumbly, eaters of earth.
Champagne sugar shoved in a shoe
If love lasts not long, love handles will do.

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The Environment, My Home

My Environment is my only homely home
That I know. Plants and animals alike love this lovely home.
I love to sit and marvel at the beauties of our beautiful E nvironment,
To see rivers flow freely in the democracy of the environment,
Grass green and as fresh as a fish in untouched natural free waters,
Births singing and ringing like universal timekeepers in all matters.
This wonderful Environment is the handwork of our ever-caring Father
And when it is well looked after, it could be next to our Father.
My health and my wealth all come from this cherished home.
How I wish foolish humans do not tarnish the harmony of this dear home!

I hate to see toxic smoke from industries go up carelessly and invited to Ozone
Because when Ozone shall have died, Sun will cease to be our friend.
I hate to see fishermen throw away a young fish
Just as I hate to see my neighbour dumping refuse into running waters.
A disorderly forester cannot be a friendly friend to me.
And why not he or she who farms into a river valley, bed and source?
I am sick when farmers burn bushes and
I cannot marry she who cooks just any kind of meat and kills the viper.
Pollution and anything harmful should not be in my Environment, our Environment,
Because I too will be harmful to those who tolerate such things
For I hate to live a brief life.

(Published in CHAINING FREEDOM, 2012)

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You'll always be mine

Signed signatures 
resemble our bond
Penned sweet scriptures 
pave our road
I will faithfully follow you
Even when yout ship 
shinks, i'l remain abroad

Building blocks of true 
Break barriers hindering 
our love
Up the High Hymalayas 
Shall surely love you from 

Flock flowers before your 
Gladly giving a beautiful 
Depart demolishes not 
our faith
A true lovely lover 
understands thee shall 

You'l always and always 
be mine
Under the overwhelming 
Under the mezmerising 
Through the seasoning 
Harsh headaches and 
punishing pains

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Blissful  blossoms blooming
Look LUSTFUL lovers
Listless lovers looming 

Krazy killer kisses
Sweltering SUMMER season
Belly breathing blouses

Bayside BEACHES burning
Winter worries wane
Glorious gracious gains

HAPPY hungry hearts
Dwellings do not depart
Picture pretty parts

Take the time to talk
Let listening lead to laughter
Commencing comfortable communications


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The dancer's Heart

I never did see a more beautiful expression
As if all four seasons had exploded
Imploded, eroded all the somber
A wonder so art she exposed
Utterly unopposed is the dancers heart
animations of vibrations move through her
A Van Gogh of flow
like aged, cellared Bordeux
Wreathes of wind, sun and soul weave
down around her roots through her being
freeing sensations into the air
As if with Gaia's divine love affair. 
Eyes drawn and beating heart unconcealed
She wields her radical, energetic shield...
The power to heal, to breathe, to love
above the brilliant sun, moon and stars
Oh what an orchestrated art in tune.
Spirit calls out to her from Earth
The birth of sound and soul unearthed
Oh what an art i've observed
To preserve the true art of a dancer's heart.

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Jimi's love poem

I gaze into those beautiful eyes
Your lips, they never tell me lies
Do you wonder what's going on inside?
What's this feeling I try so hard to hide
You see right through me, see me as a whole
Peer into my soul
I am open and vulnerable
Make me lose all control
Do I dare
Show how deeply I care? That anywhere
I would go, as long as you were there
All I ever truly wanted was already mine
How could I have been so blind?
Come to me and find a love so kind
Burning blue, pure and true
I feel the passion Inside of you
Wake me up in your embrace
Doesn't matter the time or place
As long as I can see your face
I crave you, your hands, your touch
Only you can make me feel this rush
True love is what I've found
Beauty spoken without a sound
His stare, his lips, his kiss
Not a moment of this dare I miss
The words you give to me, how could I forget?
Being yours for a lifetime is something I could never regret

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Wasteland of Shame

Bound by blame, broken by blight,
Scarred by a stolen satire,
nuzzling necrophiliacs within the night.

Tangled in torment, tied untamed,
blemished by the blasphemy,
of never speaking your name.

Shackled in sin, shredded sovereignty,
dealing death’s doses,
murdering you and me.

Cuffed with candor, calling our crimes,
to an impetuous enslavement,
tortured through time.

Set me free, to flee this fool’s game,
where we're always left wandering,
in this wasteland of shame.

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Banana Boat Bob

<                        Banana ~ boat ~ Bob ~ is ~ a ~ slippery..... Boob
                          Thought ~ that ~  this ~ town ~ lost ~ it's .... groove
                          No ~ spice  ~  no ~  life ~ no  .... nothing
                          Little ~ lost ~ boy ~ now ~ looks ~ for ~ his ~ Lucy's ....  ring

                          When ~ where ~ what ~ or ~ even ......  why
                          I'll ~ inquire ~ insist ~ innovate ~ or ~ even  ..... lie
                          His ~ history ~ of ~ having ~ such ~ big ....... hamstrings
                          Maybe ~ even ~ mighty ~ magical ~ musical ~ fruits ~ and .... greens

                         Or ~ having ~ big ~ over-sized ~ onions ~ olives  ~ and ..... Kiwi
                         screw ~ this ~ he's ~ scum  ~ skewered ~ tossed ~ back ~ to ... sea
                         Poor ~ precious ~ pretty ~  Lucy ~  got .......    pranked
                         Cause ~ curious ~ Bob ~ couldn't ~ control ~ love ~ so ~ he ....  sank


                        All ~ alone ~ and ~ now ~ very .... angry
                        Drowing ~ deep ~ in ~ own ~ do-do  ~ droppings .... whopie 
                        Luscious ~ Lucy ~ now ~ can ~ look ~ long ~ and ...... hard
                        For ~ another ~ fast ~ floating ~ free ~ salemens ~ not ~ selling.... lard

Entry For
Linda Marie's
Luscious Love Lingers Contest
G.L. All

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Look At My Man-go!

Look at my magnificent man.
So sweet and sultry and always has a plan.
Every lovely layer I pull back I find gold
When God gave me this glorious man He broke the mold.

Walking and whistling is what he does with ease.
He's always so sweet and satisfying to please.
Taking a bite out of him and take a trip to the dentist.
Any girl would be lucky to be on his love list.

However, this heavenly dream has become just mine.
He's a walking dish---so delicious and divine!
He became such a special surprise on those sultry summer days.
So refreshingly refining that he put me in a haze.

Others I find ogling at my oh so original man.
It used to brutally bother me but, now I understand---
Not many have such a sweet man to go home to.
But ladies, I'll let you look just once, and that's all I can do.

Ladies, I'll give a little advice on landing a good man.
Appreciate all his attributes, even the ones you can't stand.
His sweetness and his smile will always satisfy you.
Bumps and bruises in life will come, so learn to appreciate them too.

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Treasure Of Love

Nothing is found, except 
it is hidden,
Nothing is hidden, except 
it is a secret;
Nothing is a secret except 
it is a treasure.
you are a secret treasure 
hidden to be found.
you are a goddess of 
When l behold your eyes l 
see love,
l see us in you.
When l weighed your 
mind, l found courage,
when you smile my heart 
When you speak the 
burdens of my heart are 
lifted up.
In my dreams is you that l 
ln my nostrils is you that l 
ln my heart is you that 
braves me,
ln my visions is you that l 
ls you that l capture.
When l first saw you,
l met a stranger.
As l talked with you,
l discovered a divine 
embodiment with 
character and charisma.
As l thought of you,
l discovered my friend.
As l came closer,
l discovered my missing 
As l walked with you,
l found my wife.
When l gazed at your 
a spell of love gripped me.
I felt a sigh of relief in my 
You have l loved and you 
will l love.
Loving you means so 
much to me,
beholding your 
immaculate beauty 
beautifies the glory of 
our future.
My tears and fears is to 
lose you.
I am perfected in your 
you are the tender spirit 
of my heart,
the one that softens my 
your love have stolen my 
heart away.
I've never been so much 
in love,
not until l met you.
Losing you means loss of 
countless memories to 
ln loving you have l 
understood the worth of 
true and genuine love.
My soul bleed for the 
moment of our union as 
I long for the moment 
when we shall cleave 
together as birds in the 
singing the songs of love 
together as one,
shearing in an everlasting 
Then shall l tell you how 
much you mean to me,
how effective your spell 
of love have gripped me.
We're not only humanly 
designed for each other,
we're divinely designed 
from each other.
My love for you is forever

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Alliterations Allure

The breath of Briance, I believe to be...
Life that my lungs listens to lovingly.

Like dawn upon the lawn, her yawn is drawn,
Surreal as fawn in sun that shadow swan.

She's the warm wind whose works heal wounds inside;
Drenched, pinched with french our tongue and lips collide

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One time

They were once together
They asked
They wondered
They laughed
They taught
They loved
She was seed
He was water
She was bulb
He was electricity
The cold day one day decided
To separate them away
A heartless prove they both
Had to take
And in the end
They were never
Each others grace.

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Ur the

Ur the pic in the head.
ur the spark in my eye.
Ur the smile on my face. 
Ur the kiss on my lips.
Ur the arms around me.
Ur the words in my heart.
ur my everything.

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Lionise longing love,
Sprawling supercilious stuff,
Crystalline compatible craving,
Romantic rapturous revealing,

Inevitable intrepid iridescent,
Memorable mystic magnificent,
Vibrant vivacious vitiates,
Salubrious succour speculates !

Written on 5/7/14
Sponsor- Dr Ram Mehta
Contest- Alliteration

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Kith and kin

Have a heart and heartless be not. 
life is fleeting forlorn in hopes unfulfilled.
Seek truly caring kith and kin,
who love you still though flawed.
Loneliness by lasting love annihilated.
Passing passion ends in pain delayed,
though sought for sudden pleasures
and immediate delights.

Who cares for kin unknown and far removed?
The poor despised despite possessing huge hearts.

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Caesar Sees Her Alliteration

Sea Czar Caesar sees her seated on a cedar two-seater beside the East Sea Seder.  He grieves since he sees his sister, Esther Dexter, with her red festered blister, next her.  

Guinevere is pleased her eager leader, Caesar’s seen her.  In degrees, she breezes, “Sir, see our sea surf?  These sea treasures are pleasures to sea czars and we serfs.”

Caesar desires, if it please her, to seize her and squeeze her.

But Esther Dexter who’s next her interjects the elder perspective protector with an inflective reflector.

“Easy, wheezy geezer Caesar.  It may please her if you squeeze her at your leisure, but if you seize her in a fever, she’s sure to seizure; so leave her at ease, sir!”

Peeved Caesar, seethes, sneezes, wheezes, breathes and proceeds.  He’s pissed his less best pest of a sister, Esther Dexter, with her red festered blister, persists amidst this tryst.  

He flees to cleave Guinevere’s knees.  “See here, dear Guinevere.  I’m neither teaser nor misfeasor geezer and will not proceed to cede to my tongue twisted sister, Esther Dexter.  Please heed to receive my believable plead so I may leave relieved.”

Guinevere is pleased with her Caesar and suggests to Esther Dexter to leave her and Caesar forever.

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Friend And Foe

Always, Are, All
Each, Evenly, Extended
Hands, Honorably, Holding

Good, Gracious, Gratitude
Being, Beholder’s, Blessings
Trying, Teaching, Them

Life’s, Learned, Lessons
Unconditional, underlying, Undeserving 
Christ’s, Chosen, Children

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what u look like

No matter what you look like;
you always look beautiful to me.
I never cared what you looked like.
Skinny or big,
your still beautiful to me.
I still love you.

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No matter what

Beautiful No matter what
Dark Blue eyes looks back at me.
Eyes deep as the sea.
I get so lost.
... I want to get lost in your eyesm
never want to be found.

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Humility Perfected

The Great “I AM” that could not stand
Yet held the fate of man in hand.
Jehovah Jireh laid to rest
Upon the milk of Mary’s breast.
The Prince of Peace of priests despised
Would heal the lame and open eyes.
Infant, holy radiant infant
When God became a babe.
Through Christ, a way to God had come
And hope’s foundation laid.
Who scarce can ascertain the depth
And wonder of His birth.
Humility perfected,
When Jehovah came to earth.

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African Allliteration

#What we want#

Dear Dada,

What we want is worth

Let love live, 

Peace perfect praise...

...Let long lasting law

rule round reign.

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The truth that is We

I cannot find the words to free this out
To seek and speak the truth that is we.
I feel the galaxy within reside untapped
As a trapped mind collides with soul
Our eyes are blinded from the whole
Why do we hide...
Why do we hide?
At night I lay awake bathing in the day's dream
As a prey without words speaks out of me,
Stretching towards the universal beam of love..
And love...a home I feel so far from home.
This sound has become unbearable, 
silencing me ill of words yet spoken still
A breaking spirit, a healing heart
Yet it is out of spoken art we bare our wounds
And pray too sun and moon too soothe.
As the tide of light battles the lies of self
Why do we run...
Why do we hide?
With eyes alone I cannot see,
Hold my gaze a moment longer please
With words alone I cannot speak,
Embrace my hold a moment longer please...
For it is the truth that is we I seek.

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Fruit Of Seduction


Soul-mates Sara and Steve share
Times of titillation, while tasting
Sweet scarlet shaded smiles.
Their reaching fingers find fruit,
As aroma arouses their appetite.
They’re helpless against a hearty hunger,
Yet, yearning is part of the yielding.
Planted for pleasurable picking,
The stem, still pliant secures temptation.
Softly, Sara squeezes juicy secretion 
While sensations slowly spiral. 
Steve licks lightly at the edge of her lips,
Sampling and savoring freckled spots.
Then, he drops downward to devour
What was offered to him without restraint.
The mouthwatering morsels make him eager,
But, patiently he puts Sara’s preferences first.
This is the way it should be, taking their time,
Lingering; as two lovebirds share lunch
Of strawberries, sweet and succulent.

Sponsored by: Linda-Marie The Sweetheart of P.S. 

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my world

Your the sun,
that makes the world light up.
Your the stars,
that shine in the dark.
Your the spark,
thats in my eye.
Your the picture in my head,
that i see.

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Sugarcane Butterflies

Sugarcane Butterflies

Over the tarred road lies a land we seldom search
of whispering winds through sugarcane hills,
spills of sunlight chilled on butterfly wings
carrying me graciously through the open space
as my heart’s bass beats to the insects sound...
the freedom of the hills is unbound, wild 
like the sunflower’s yellow to the sky
trickled water marks over the dry stream bed
out here...
even the dead is still alive.
Sugarcane butterflies of mad colours bristle
through the breeze that whistles around my limbs
as whims of flying invade my soul...
persuade my heart to melt out into the day
and rediscover what it is to play...without dwell
Earth’s love swells and grows my mind,
finds that sparkle that finds my smile
as I am left fertile in the land that surrounds.
Noises of the tarred road are drowned by the depth,
by the breath of the tree leaves that rustle,
the birds that bustle about the deep, green valley,
vitality, out here, is rich like pure honey without dime
 just life...
just time existing as it should
could this be magic misunderstood.
Sugarcane butterflies... 
you make me love more.

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the reason

Your the words in my head.
your the reason i write. 
Your the reason i write stories.
I want to be wherever you are.
want you to be here with me.
You make me happy,
like no other.

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Undermining Light

Despising, Deceiving, Denying
Lying, Lynching, Looting
Mindless, Morals, Misconceiving

Opening, Options, Obsolete
Treacherous, Treasonous, Thieves
Thinking, They, Them

Boasting, Bullying, Blinding
Forsaking, Forbidding, Friends
Uniting, Under, Unity

Sending, Signals, Selfishly
Can’t, Control, Consciousness
Everyone, Escape, Earth

Holding, Here, Hell
Never, Not, Now
Win, We, Will

Yearning, Ye, Yes
Illumination, Inside, Increasing
Evil, Ending, Extinct  

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Withstanding Love

Through troubled times of struggle, hearts were muddled, I'd dissemble,
I'd drop your hand, chest buckles, you withstand and reassemble,
you've restored so many times what I've tore down, disassembled...
you understand my loss, first hand, "I love you", your lips trembled.

Though record shows my deeds forgo your love, you're more than gentle,
refused the bounds of apprehension, tension disassembled,
unleashed affection, your devotion, yet emotions tremble,
there's something uncontrolled, it has a hold within, it's mental.

Your intuition, my acts of indecision, temperamental,
propriety, on my behalf, falls way short of monumental.
Your heart permits my love, undeserving, unconditional,
though reservations pull back elation, unpredictable.

I promise you my heart, my spirit, it's unequivocal,
you complete the parts of me I thought were integral.
Burdens, troubles, tension, dissension, all now invisible,
all replaced by exuberance I once thought was mythical.

Trepidation, dread, fixation on perceived forged fictionals,
bring forth false truths expected to be unpredictable.
Look forward, opened heart and eyes, keep close what's fundamental,
I understand your fear, first hand, "I love you", my lips tremble.

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Arms of love

When I lay in ur arms,
i feel safe. 
Laying in the arms of love,
never wanting to leave,
I wish i could lay in ur arms.
Forever and never leave.

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Sweetest Starling

Sweetest starling, stand astounding.
Sleeping soundly, seasons passing,
Stay the startling sounds. Outstanding
Music sung, silence surpassing.

Sweetest starling, sight is sparkling.
Saturn stunned and Venus spiteful!
Scarify the sinful darklings,
Stillness of your style insightful.

Sweetest starling, swift as sunlight.
Sprawling, spreading luminousness.
Scraping stratosphere and space height,
Sponsoring salubriousness.

Sweetest starling, swaying sadness.
Stripèd sails, they soar sublimely,
Seizing sovranty with broadness,
Sealing it so secretively.

Sweetest starling, seeming stronger,
Kiss me soft and set out flying.
Though supposed to strive for longer,
Sweetest starling's slowly dying. 

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Renee's Rabbits

Renee’s rabbits rowdily romped and ran round the room.

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Little Lucy Lancelot lunching on an apricot,
Looking like a lovely London lady.
Bully Billy Ballantine wants to be her valentine,
But Lucy loves the goodly Graham Grady. 

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Tender Trail at Twilight

Twin sweethearts melted into 
one, as soft skins swirled,
The Stars sparkled while our 
sensual senses soared to the 
Drenched, we drowned in  the 
depth of a delightful dream,
dancing to a duel duet -- the 
drums of doped desire at dusk.

We wielded wetness from the 
womb of wildest wishes;
walking in the worlds of 
wonders, wooing warmth;
only to resume to the 
realms of reality... raindrops of 
we relished the rarest rays of 
the twilight's

Filled with the freshest of feeling 
under the fountain of fire,
nursing a nude nature; nuturing 
a nifty need at night...
till a yellow moon in a 
white morn mutters melodious 
to two sensual souls 
soaked in a speechless sensation.

We swam in the stream of 
O, what a magnetic moonlight 
on a sweet night!

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The Prime Directive Quiz ( P D Q ) or Prolix Drama Queen Part Three of Three

‘Cause, Priests and Prophets Must Pray for The Reign…
and for Pre and Post-Op-Apocalyptic–Novocain ! …

Yet… It Doesn’t Matter, What Distress to You
 On the Planet, however Polluted or Profane
It Doesn’t Matter, What Distress to You
 Wherever the Delusional -Dimensional Plane
It Doesn’t Matter, What Distress to You
Or Danger-Plot, Prison-Door or Deepest Pain
Or Present-Defeat, or Darkest-Hours-View
even Thru Dying-Breath, Devout Prayers Proclaim
to Be Delivered- New, True, and Pulled-Thru
to Claim The Prize of Life-Perpetually-Sustained

… For Particularly, By God’s Unpronounceable Power
Thru His Son’s Unparallel- Principal-Purchase… Dower
God’s Dependents and Dreamers Will Prosper-Gain
The Prophecy,  The Promise,  The Paradise-Preordained 
The Perfect-Future  and  The Victory-Parade

… The Distant, Destiny of Eden – Never Been Doused Nor Degrade 

Then… It Won’t Matter…So, Please Dismiss The Paltry-Strain
The Days of The Deformity and Damage-Train
Will Be In The Past … Departed-Detained
Disaster and Disloyal Will Lay In A Destroyed-Plain
Damned For All Of Time –Proliferate-Blamed
A Suppository-Prophylactic-Puddle-Shame
 Patience-Persevering…Demands Punishment - Prediction-Sang… 
… Final-Draft …Stop-The-Presses!... Poll-Loudly-Refrains

When You Really Discern and Pragmatically-Attain
The Divine God and His Son’s King- Domain
Publicize Their Progenitor and Predominant Names
and Preach and Deify Like-Doting-Platoon-Swains,
 with Pedestal-Passion and ‘Plum-Plumb’, Persistence-Ingrained 

For On Position-Comparison, We   ‘All’   Pale-to- A-Feigned …
…Puppets and Peons and Dim-Witted-Parasitic-Great Danes
and Dopamine Defective, Demerol Addicted – Darwin-Poisoned-Sprains
Disoriented-Drivel, Droll-Drooling-Inane
or Just-Plain ol’ Dire-Derelicts-Insane
(and now… I have a P D Q,… for Me and You… Migraine)
Oh… May They Accept This Poor-Placard-Crane

                    Amen… Again… Amen

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I Breathe

My moon shun windows have been unhinged
and a panoramic mind binged on self deplore freed
Indeed by the defined journey I’ve moved through.
Through you the miraculous reflections of self-love I find
once blind, now bare to the rendezvous of this world,
of sound mind I realize my every breath is filled
as I am willed towards the prodigy I feel around me
I breathe…
and life is seethed by the seed that we breathe.
My solo soul drum beats its pure sound
of unbound rhythms found above ground as I stargaze
my eyes glaze over raving in shimmering light,
feeling every word that I write authenticated,
painted across my heart untainted…
I aspire to be a living love…
and I breathe…
as life is seethed by the seed that we breathe.
I am not alone with thought as I walk,
wobbling along the road of existence I implode
knowing another heart in hand senses what I feel
as though the wheel of vitality destined it to so be…
so it be…
A waterfall of awakening spirit I drink its sugary taste,
mingled around my space…that place you give me,
and a gift I graciously give to you…
my undistorted expression undressed I stand astonished,
forgiving regrets I’ve gathered on my shawl of shame
as if a new name within my name has unearthed me
and I breathe…
as life is seethed by the seed that we breathe.
The bird of dreams sang to me one morning I woke,
invoked in me the music I once spoke without doubt,
and now as you attract me out from my hiding place,
leave your unforgettable trace amidst my days
I find new ways to stroke my pen across this page…
Uncaged…an aged energy of new I feel within you
and I breathe…
as life is seethed by the seed that we breathe.

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Like ur own

Never could find a guy,
who wanted both of us.
They looked at her,
then left.
Until I met you,
Even though she's not yours.
Yove love her like your own.
Like a stepdadfathers opposd to.

You didnt have to.
but u never saw her,
like another man's daughter.
You saw her like she was urs.
You loved us both,
with so much love.

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Today I sit silently still…love ill
I watch raindrops drip from hanging leaves,
weaved clouds change colours of pink and gray
while a stray drop tumbling finds my fingertips
as if nature’s lips have kissed my skin.
I breathe in to find you just perfectly there
amidst the rare beauty that steals a breath,
that feels a heartbeat against my chest,
a thought as a memory caught of love in my soul.
In an instant my whole world is still,
love ill…I feel the drop run down my wrist
and twist beneath my humbled smile
like a young child soaked in the sunlit sky,
mind dancing high upon your physical gaze
as the days grow aged my heart grows more
and I am raw behind the door I silently stand.
My affection is drenched by your sensual soul,
deep brown eyes that feel what hands fail to
I see in you the raindrop of a lover’s tear
and the fear found in the field of life’s call
I fall as I wish to tell you all…
that I love the way your being moves
the way your energy moves me when I am near,
how I hear you laugh from inside your heart
an exquisite art of timeless sound,
how we play around with words and visions,
created collisions that fascinate my mind.
I love the way I find your brilliant smile
while it floats around like the air we breathe
like a bud flowering as Spring sheathes the ground
I am spellbound by your everything.
That I love how you think of light touching shade,
how you find the frayed edges of life intrigued
intriguing by how I have seen you bleed
tears of two worlds you walk between
obscene how I feel loved when you’re against me,
that I love the energy that is we…
that I love the way your mind pierces through
that I am so very in love with you.

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not good enough

maybe its self pity maybe its self doubt one i cant shake this extremity this urge to fall and stop breathing her soul is altered her actions falter and all i can do is watch her fade away from view and become what no one can anticipate I'm relentless and persistent but her interests seem to differ every moment from my very own i am no longer certain of anything

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What I Love Most About Poetry Soup

Poetry Soup There are so many things I love about you:

"P" your alpha - etches pride within forming an
 O  asis by which to harbor my inner feelings- my
 E  xasperator of all that understood me not.
 T  enderer of non judgemental praise which,
 R  aises courage capable of
 Y  ielding elated works of art.

S   ince we've first met the 
O  il of your very poetic pen has
U  nleashed a passion for you no other
P  en can begin to create.

Valerie Sherman

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Echoed Love

Delivering deeper devotion
Sweet sensual sensations
Bring belief beyond bond
Driving delectable decisions
Combining casual caressing

Written for

Sponsor Adeleke Adeite 
Contest Name unspeakable love! 

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Gosh I Love to Garden with My Guy

Sweltering sun on your tea stained skin
such a sensual aphrodisiac,
pungent wafts of fresh worked soil
scorching my sandy soles,

brackish trickle between ample breasts
now heavy bellied with desire, 
brooding for but a single kiss 
bestowed by burnished brow. 

Let loose your laborious implement, 
languidly lie with me my love,
where last autumn’s littering lingers still,
liberate my lustful lips.

Carelessly where the cornflowers crown,
cast all caution to the wind, 
as coppery caresses wantonly crave, a  
covering of common nakedness.

Deny me not this delicious deluge
of self indulgence, as I dare,
to demand away the doldrums, by
day dreaming in the dirt.

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Doesn't love know that i'm dying inside

Much time has passed since I last inked a page,
unlinked the chain caging my blemished heart
bleeding sorrow art upon this stage of limbo still
I clutch the air to feel, yet I feel ill of love
as she eludes the days beyond my tears that fall.
Behind this door disguised not one person knows
the decay that flows through my withering soul
as a broken hull would tardily sink a vast ship
waters of solitary time drain my veins of love,
her pain raw… 
with each rise of sun she conquers me more.
This deafening voice has silenced me with doubt
as violent bouts of crazed loneliness creep,
plundering into my life it seeps through my lips
and spits out swallowed words of stars and moons
beyond the cloud and the sun that swoon the day
I lay alone...
my heart shivering between lungs that breathe life
like a cold knife pressed against my shriveling skin.
Doesn't love know that I am dying inside,
that I hide defeat with fake acts that keep me away
from pity and pray in a faith I practice none
yet I am the one brought down to my knees 
curled as a fetus praying through tears
that wash my face with bitter taste…
I’m dying for love to find my soul,
find that place where two become whole.

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A love that was, a love that is, a love that may be

These feelings have drawn me to the water's edge
Under the swaying branches of a eucalyptus tree,
Flickers of sun's light stream through the leaves
Dancing gently around my eyes...
The breeze of mother touching me.
A bird, she sings so sweetly my dear
As the trickle of water accompanies her,
A sonnet of nature...
A sound so queer
And i am here, absorbed in her love.
All of my senses are alive now
Oh how i have dearly missed your breath,
Missed the love you leave beating in my breast,
How breathtaking...
How arresting the sky forboding above,
Oh love...
Oh love i am melting,
Out here i am melting away
Into this day of dreaming you are near.
The enigma of air, it never tasted so good
The fear of the forgotten breathed away
Breathing a pathway for my heart too play,
Do stay love...
Open the door...
The paint, it has faded, the wood is scorn
The facade torn from its tender flesh
Exposing all...
Exploring more...
Do play love, open the door
We have danced before, beyond this dream
It may seem our lips have touched before
For it is within just one gentle kiss
The magic of a treasure box of bliss unfolds
Of all the stories told of love's intrigue
Rendering me...
Utterly intrigued...and so i breathe...
I just breathe.

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Lips Touch

When we wake at dawn
Languidly and Longingly

When we part for a time
Avidly and Ardently

When we make love
Passionately and Powerfully

When we fight and Make-up
Vehemently and Vigorously

When we lay in the dark
Sedately and Serenely

We move through the day
To come alive
When our lips touch

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apoligy to god

god i was mad at you today forgive this ipray and all because thing didn't go my way!i chilled out and figue you had you reasons,even thouth ididnt under stand i talked to you in a way i can't bear too say!yuor people they love me so  sorry to them too without i wouldn't know what to do!you and them keep me from losing my mind i love you god all the time!your angel begs your forgivness now iknow your people will forgive me somehow!

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Death of a discordant love

A soul in flames daunting the discordant canvas, eradicating the supreme veil. To be 
drenched in apathy coincides inversely with the stench of a bitter legacy. Severed 
souls search asunder for a subversive scent, only to be oppressed in an overt art. 
Begging death for a drenching darkness to obliterate this dire desolation. Complete 
in nocturne this grotesque being of infinite hate commands coercively.

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closer to being urs

When I walk down that aile.
knowing that closer to the end,
I'm urs.
Only one eyes I look at.
Only one face i see.
I see your gorgeous face,
falling in love with you all over again.
Knowing i'm closer to being yours.

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Caresses and Kisses

Pockets and Playfulness

Bras, Beauty and Belt loops

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His Hands

Handsome Hands
With a ring on the left
Hold my happy heart

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Unspeakable Love

No one knows the higher heights to which their love had climbed Or how their simultaneous thoughts, fluidly flow Required replies to queries crisscross from minds in sync And countless compliments and sweet gentle gestures, he lays upon her heart Popular redundant rhetoric, now unnecessary is made extinct by…unspeakable love ~*~
For: Adeleke's "Unspeakable Love" Contest

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whats happening

the text i sent i love you sweetheart seems as just another failed attempt at opening her eyes to the ways of her actions altered her ways aren't as full as they were not as joyous or emotional but rather quiet, bleak, and sad using the pen for release instead of the blade is beginning to not be quiet as satisfying why cant i have her back why is this new person filling her shoes i don't want her i want my life back! give her to me! i need her! but it appears she is no longer here... never to be seen again for her physical self is alive and well but her MIND now that's different her mental state has changed died and come back as something else i cant find her i don't know where she is why cant i find her?! come back! please! please come back for i"am anything but found without you... please come back..

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Moving Forward

Lasting memories linger lightly,
Swarming in a sensitive soul;
Weaving waves of wishes,
Taking a terrible toll.

Nasty nightly nervousness,
Results in ranting rhymes;
Harvesting of high hopes,
And savoring sensual signs.

Conspiring cosmic circles,
Whisper winter warnings.
Briefly believing blasphemy,
Fights feelings forming.

Insecurity injects inspiration,
Rotting the ropes of revelation,
Killing the chance of consolation,
Providing the pride in proclamation.

Empty enriched envy.
Loose longing lust.
Love lasts a lifetime.
Try total trust.

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The skaldic 2- death has an end

Their poetic justice *was blind
Resurrection's*arms reach for all Whosoever will*welcomes life to gain Love's bride*pain's end of harm no more at all * in awe section
Prose the penalty * for Death's end
beast prophet's false*satan the foe dragon devils*demons descend Lapping lake o'fire*burns to no end death hell grave dead*headlong tossed

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Check all views, others may not view,

Via a long route, even to the roots

Say to your father, “I want some bad manners”

Say to your Friend, “I want to be a fiend”

Ask from thugs, how to grow tough

Bring cheats and tricks that leak

Your tricks and cheats are not but risks

All these, are to show your love for me

This is all I think

I’ll always love your ways no matter the delay

You are the matter that matters!

I love you! 

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A Voice For Sanity 2008

This may cause horror or consternation
Or spark your deep imagination
It may be met with fascination –
I’d be honored to die by assassination
Ghandi, Kennedy, Martin Luther King
Lincoln and John Lennon, ‘tis of Thee I sing
I want my life to be the difference
That helps us rise beyond indifference
Make peace and joy our only preference
Be the turning point for future’s reference
I’d like to be a voice for sanity,
Offer some other choice than vanity,
Speak of truth and not insanity,
And thus bring love back to humanity

If it’s any indication of my utter indignation with the madness inter-nation,
I‘d like for my narration from creative imagination to live on in syndication
I’d spread the information that increases man’s elation
And love for all creation ,thus avoiding all damnation for eternity’s duration

Yes, I’d love to be the voice for sanity
And thus bring man back to humanity
So it is -- So be it -- So I say -- So Amen

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Fragrant strawberries
resembling plump lips,
when no other fantasy could ever excite us more;
creating a lover's luscious desire
anytime you stare at them with a tempting eye...
taste their sweetness and sigh! 

Fragrant strawberries
growing in sunny fields to delight everyone;
pick many and enjoy them with appetite,
don't forget to fill up your basket 
for your noon snacks and strawberry cake...
taste their sweetness and sigh!

Fragrant strawberries,
dreamed by lovers for their red, attracting color
to invigorate their passion at a later hour;
O sweetheart, kissing you is like tasting them!
Shouldn't I enjoy this feast without haste...
taste their sweetness and sigh?

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Loving me

No matter how much hurt you went through,
You still love me.
You never stopped loving me,
Even after what we went through.
You showed me real love,
A love I never had.
Then gave me the greatest gift,
Our little girl. 

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Love Untethered

Adeleke Adeite asks for amour,
Portions of love in a plentiful pour. 
Sharing sweet sighs
And Heavenly highs, 
Fabulous fantasies forevermore.

"Unspeakable Love Contest

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The Beast

Burning, burning, the breath of the beast
Beating, beating, the heart of the beloved
The beast beset a black-hearted betrayal
Bestowed by the beast upon the beloved
The bellowing, unbelieved by the beloved
Boundaries bitten, bonds broken
Becoming a beast, to the beloved

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Morning Movements

Those morning movements in bed,
Your silken sleep seeps into me
Like cooling waters washing over 
Hot lava rock, rolling me towards you.
Under these sheets you are my Maker, my muscle, my memory of love.

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I Am Today

Living, Learning, Loving
Fasting, Faithful, Fruitful
Determining, Divine Desires

Always, Aspiring, Ascension
Call, Creator, Come
Heavens, Holy Spirits, Help

Grain, Gaining, Growth
Dry, Drips, Drenched
Wells, Water, Wishes

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Is it love

I feed my hands…yes! With inks,
The ink does what?... Oh! My heart gives words,
Words from…yes! My brain thinks a lot, 
A lot?
Of course, from my lot!

I love to…,
Do I really love to?…
Or I’m forced to…,
Em, I’m pushed to…,
No, compelled to…
I don’t know!
What makes me write?!
All  I see,all  sees
All I hear, even all are “all ears”
How can I see a can and say “yes I can!”
Oh…I can’t stop” I can”
My “can’t” can’t stop my “can”.

I’m disconnected but, still connected
‘Prefer isolation but, I’m still among
‘Love to be away yet, I’m still around
My ink…or me sees a lot,
Thinks a lot,
Reveals my lot!

I wonder if it’s love,
Let’s give it a thought 
I think it’s my lot 
Or is it really love?! 

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Past pains Self-born

Daylight breaks as the mind wakes upon first breath
and swallows the punctual death of yesterday spent.
Intent now lies in the present of foreseen fading time,
just a mime a moment forward of the words we utter,
of cluttering acts we will our bodies to wonder through,
blindly we pursue the pleasures of our probing intellect
and inject our pulsing veins with poison’s vigor.
Of past pains kept we gain nothing but a taunt trigger cocked,
shocked at our own suffering unlocking lived lies
we see through slits that were once open eyes of ripe
as if a clay pipe in the petrified hands of others to hold…
cautiously controlled…a mould that meets infraction.
I lay back… smoke the cigar of sensations,
deeply cracked I find the cures I’ve been craving…
a kind of meditation in my own revelations of real
as the mind’s wheel turns my burning brain against shame
I feel…
and the game of blame ingests the same that is me.
Silently we disagree with our own visions and voices
of choices chosen by the ideals of what we’ve been
as though we have gainly grown insane by future’s unknown
we exist as calculating clones drowning in droves,
flashing our fabricated fears in circumstances self born…
torn apart by past pains kept.
We are adept by the tools of fool’s lost flame
as we proclaim in promises that we love the truth,
in ruth reality we want to believe that which we love is true,
a brew of heart’s tricks often mastered by disillusion
a failed fusion of thought’s want and need…
and we bleed…
by past pains kept we are turmoiled in trouble’s clutch
like rotating winds of repetitive failures forlorn..
touch it…break it…
you will see…
it is nothing but self born.

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Better Man

You’re a wonderful man,
With a big heart. 
You have so much love,
You love every one.
Even those who hurt you, 
You show what real love is, 
You never stopped loving me.
You’re trying to get somewhere better,
Becoming a better man. 

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Touch of Passion

Suttle serenade builds over time like a lovers rhythm, Passions rhyme sends seductive sensations swirling, Fulfilling senses surround sensual serene sanctuaries, Touching from a hairs width of touching, Lovers feel the aura of authentic energy radiate, Escalating synergy transports through static places, Where soul mates kiss from a breath away, Traveling through time, whispering lips, and glowing faces. ~ William Wooding ~

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Emilys eyes

Your eyes so gorgeous.
Your eyes light up,
also getting a sparkle in your eye.
It just makes me smile,
Seeing how gorgeous your eyes are.

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To Captivate In Seconds

~ breathlessly bold I vacillate vicariously the depths of desire desecrate taunting and teasing my poem pretty princess poised perfect sumptuous stimulating and steamy my seven second seduction starts........ ~

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Beyond Barriers

God's love is a light, it lives 
beyond laws of
location and languages,
His love is a creed that 
cruises beyond the
corridor of colours and 
His love is like the rainbow, 
radiating beyond the realms
of race and religion,
His love is a treasure, it 
triumphs over the terrain 
of tongues and tribes,
His love is like diamond, it 
has dominion over our
differences and diversity,
His love is like the butterfly, 
blessing us with bonds of 
boundless beauty,
His love is intriguing, it 
gives indemnity against 
insecurity and iniquity.
His love unviels the 
understanding of the 
uniqueness of unity.
God's love made Him sent 
His sinless Son to be soiled 
in the midst of sorrows 
and stains,
cursed on the cross as a 
convenant of eternal cure 
for our cruelty, choas and 
He came to complete the 
course of compassion and 
crush eternal 
Copyright 2012.
Adeleke Adeite.

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Hurt Prowls Down this Loss

Heartbreak’s hollow hold has hardened.

Piercing past pools pain has pardoned.  

Dying dreams drift on dire descents.

Lost in the loneliness, languid love’s lament.

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What makes a great mom, dedication to all moms

What makes a great mom, 
Is love from the heart. 
You’re a great mom. 
We try our best,
To raise our children right. 
Teach them wrong and right. 
Guide them in the right direction. 
Even in the good and bad times, 
We still love them with all are hearts. 
They have our hearts, 
Even when they grow up. 
A love from a child is forever, 
It’s a gift from god,
Also the greatest love. 
We raise our sons and daughters right,
It shows and will always show. 

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African Rose

Genes of motherland made her, black, tender of lips of praise.
Her kind hand, wise mind and loving heart never fails.
Like the rose of covers but bear, of unders, but there.
Though sterm is thorny, rosiness is clear.

There’s a Rose in my heart, rooted deeply via art
There’s a Rose in my heart, weeds rounding her I cut
There’s a Rose in my heart, alive I sense the tune of delight
There’s a Rose in my heart, peer in my soul and uncover my insight

There is a Rose in my heart, flawless of reality finally discovered 
There is a Rose in my heart, balling my crystal this time I thee wed 
There is a Rose in my heart, introspection I made sight of beauty I gained
There is a Rose in my heart, providential I became thorns of disaster I destroyed

A hell of toy once folded my well, and then the rose came by
And uncovered the dark, and I now once again have a well of joy
Oh! Sweet Rose stay, then forever stay
Oh! Dear God I pray for this sweet Rose I Pray 

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as the day ends

I sit by the door 
 waiting for news
if she's in the hospital
or if it was just a fluke
I stare at the sky waiting
for realy great news
all of a sudden mom 
turns her head with
Tears dripping to
the floor

Its true she's in the
hospital i dashed
through the doors
thinking its just a bug 
come to find out she
has cancer an nothing can be done
as i sit by her i pray
to god she will makeit
as i goto leave her 
docter walks in with a 
tear or two dripping from his sleve 
i ask do i need to know or does it matter
  he said by the looks of her chart 
she wont make it to much longer

I dropped to my knees screaming
and crying she cant go she cant leave
thats my grandma i screamed 
she means the world to me
as i standup an realize the day is
ending and she can barly breath 
shes pale an sickly thin 
i kissed her with tears dripping from my chin

But as the day ends i wished her goodluck till then

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Make me Happy

Never been this happy,
Till now.
How can some one have so much love,
That it warms your heart?
You have a big heart,
You Love every one.
You never hold a grudge, 
Even when some one does you wrong.
You forgive,
Never get any one back. 
You treat me right,
Never had any one like you.
You make me happy.  

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Lasting Love

Ravaging roundness renews romance when you are near.
Your raspberry shaded lips linger lovingly to be admired.
Firm and flavorful, flirtingly flaunting each New Year.
Succulent and sweet, sending Sapphic desires inspired.

Latitude of our lasting love litigates to our passion.
Summarizes sensuality securing the scent which fires,
Excitement and endearment, enriching eager fashion,
For favorable forever fervor, fuels favorite desires.

Raspberry aroma allures anticipation of one kiss from thee.
Luscious lips of my LuAnn, I await, another kiss for me.   

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black and white photos
 with no black
  they're blank
	i blinked
  and banked
my book
      would not
     be a 
  blanc album
  of a full life
    we never lived

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When I see your smile

Dedicated to my baby girl
When I see your smile,
I see how much you really mean to me.
Every day when I feel like I can’t do this, 
You just make everything worth it.
I know I can get through this. 
A beautiful girl from God,
With so much love.
A love that is like no other, 
I love with all my heart and soul.
No matter what good and bad I go through,
You get me through it.
With a smile, 
It gets me through a lot.
You hug me, 
Then everything disappears.
When you say “I love you mommy”
It just melts my heart. 

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Sullen Sylvia

Sullen Sylvia sadly 
Departed deeply devestated by 
Her husband's heartless 
Departure for a deadly damsel

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As I Watch you Sleep

I watched you sleep. In the dark of the night
With such a smile on my face, That brings joy to my heart.
Night after Night, We're so out of sight, Nobody knows.
Alone so empty, Betrayed by love,  Ones we trusted.
Ones so close to our very heart, Ones we thought so true. 
Yet what could we do. 
Lost souls of the heart, Its what we'd become .
Now we bond as one, You said yes , Im so glad as did i , 
On that very site, To our delight .
Then we spoke , How could we have known.
What we'd feel, On that very first night. 
So much in common, It took us by surprise, 
So alike my love, In so many ways.
Miles apart yet, So close in our hearts .
They beat as one .
So much passion, Our open hearts share . 
Yet so much pain, Just the same .
Our betrayed loves, Its what they done .
Destroyed us bit at a time, Then came back for more .
Now its us, In so little time, yet so close we've become.
A feeling so strong, A bond so close.
One of a kind,  We're both the same.
I give you me, Heart, body and soul.
I promise you loyalty, truth and never will i betray.
A love so strong you'll never want let go.
A heart so pure, You'll always believe. 
No cause to doubt, Its just me. 
Thats what you'll see. 

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Blue Eyes

Your eyes grayish blue.
Deep blue as the sea. 
They light up, 
When u smile.
I get hypnotized by your eyes,
Getting so lost.
Everything just disappears when I’m with u.

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Empty Jars

Empty things-

Empty rooms-filled with things-
Empty vases-empty jars
Empty seats-
Cupboards that are bare-

Corridors-in my mind-
Long and narrow-alone I stare-
Vacant land -
You once – were there!  


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My Aphrodite

I once had a love
Who was most beautiful to me.
I even went as far
As to call her Aphrodite.

Because she was the one
From which I learned to care.
I loved her deeply back then,
But now she is no longer there.

Though I still have much to learn,
Since I am a mortal man,
She showed me I can do anything
If I truly believe I can.

Just like ancient Greeks of old,
My Aphrodite made me feel like a Hero,
And, just like Hercules, she told
Me, I am no longer a Zero.

I am grateful to have asked
Her to be with me.
And now that she is back in the Heavens,
She is now truly my Aphrodite.

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The man I want

Remember when I first met you,
It was in math class. 
You smiled at me and said hi.
I’ve wanted to be with you,
Ever since u wrote me that poem.
 I never knew what love was,
Until I was with you. 
Never had any one like you,
You treat me right.
I found the man I want to be with,
You’re everything I want.
You’re the man I want. 

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The Days Go By, And Still I Think Of You

I'm suffocating in my skin
My happiness is wearing thin
Please just let this end
Please just comprehend
That you're hurting me now more then ever before
Oh how can I implore
How much I love you so
How much you'll never know
When you used to hold me in your arms
When you used to wrap me in your charms
Back when it was just you and me
Back when we knew how to be
Those were the days
But now its all so far away

Love is so confusing
And lust is so amusing
Perhaps we will never be happy
Perhaps we'll always think love is sappy

Then again, maybe happiness will come our way
Then again, maybe we'll be together one day
I hope you know that I hate this feeling
Being tormented by one human being
You're all that fills my head
As I lie awake in this empty bed
Oh how I hope to hold you're hand
Oh how I wish life werent so bland
Cause pain is the only thing real
The one thing that can't be concealed

But just know
That seeing you with her kills me so
But no one cares about me anymore
This heart becomes more sore

Waiting for someone to hear me
Waiting for someone to see
That my life is flashing before my eyes
Hoping someone can sympathize
Myself confidence has gone down the drain
Oh, I think I'm going insane
But dont worry about dramatic me
Dont worry about my life of misery
No, dont listen; no, dont care
Dont say that you'll always be there
I know I don't matter to you
I know you dont know what to do

I still dont know what went wrong
I still try to be so strong
But being near you everyday
Has left my heart astray
Our good times fade away
My happy days turn to gray
My heart burns to dust
How could you betray my trust?

If you only knew
All the things that I've been through
You'd understand
You'd comprehend
Why its so hard to survive
Why its so hard to stay alive
Well, goodbye, I'm slipping away
I might not see you after today
So let me leave you with this little piece, these little lines
Maybe you'll understand them in time....

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A Little Aliteration

Meaning? Maybe so maybe
Not necessarily. Know any
Good jokes? Good job! Golly gee
Whiz! Whatever. Where were we?

Reality runs rampant wrecking
Balls bring blues. Big bold brilliant blues, baby
Teeth talking trash, telling
Lies lazily, longingly, lusciously licking
Wounds. Whoa! Where were we?

Cautiously coming closer claiming
Deepening desire devilishly drawing
Semi-circles, selectively seductive, sensuous spirals of
Expectant exposure, expertly extinguished at the
First flash of fear or feeling foolish about feeling
Well, well. Where were we?


This is the third poem I posted on Soup.  Was the fourth po that I'd ever written that wasn't for a grade.

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I stand my ground and white is what is me
as fair a man as there could ever be
I'll not apologize to anyone
for what the world's dependent on
but love my own, for that's the way I see.

Excuses come from those who ever fail
or educated by their time in jail
and racist it may be
but it's the side of me
who stands by justice, in its final wail;

the die's been cast; and juries set the stage
and let out are the crazies from their cage;
while whites proclaim all guilt from high
and blacks can only live the lie
expecting things to change because of rage;

whose knife has cut the thread that's meant to bind
depriving all the love there is to find?
the greatest tragedy of all
is when our backs are to the wall
that's when our hate clouds every mind.
     ron wilson

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Still love me

You show me what real love is,
Still loving me.
Even after all we went through,
You never stopped loving me.
You always had my heart,
Always will. 
I never knew some one could love u that much,
But u show it’s possible. 

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Gorgeous Eyes

Your eyes so gorgeous,
They light up.
That they become breath taking,
Taking my breath away. 
I look in your eyes,
Getting so lost.
Never wanting to be found.

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Apart, Apart, in Ever-Dream

I come from Dawn to Night's long mile
Whose boyhood heard the songs of brooks
And mourned the sparrow's falling,
And Hope, those days did lift my wings
As lone I strode the gardened fields 
Of honied labyrinth...
Apart, apart! In Ever-Dream,
My bliss found full at giants feet-
Enthralled, bewitched at Sky's orations
Or what forests deep did tell...
And now the Day's long-bearded trek
But to endless shade proceeds...

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Love Life

Pain from promises
Life of love
Penance from passion
Life of love
Wails from whispers
Life of love
Sophisticated from simple
Life of love
Anger from agony
Life of love
Forgiveness from fault
Life of Love
Forgive and forget?
Love life 

By Rhonda Johnson-Saunders, January 22, 2012
Honorable Mention in Any Poem From Your Anthology contest

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Down to This

I've been standing here for so long
staring down at the stars on the sea
the wind a companion to comfort my reverie
as I question the things I've done wrong

Like loving you
was that so wrong
because it's only weakened me
this loving you for so long

I fell down the other day
stumbled on a word that brought you back to me
it must have choked off my air, so there, killing me without so much flair
and so I laid there still

Loving you was never easy
it came without warning before
but it doesn't leave so easy
wish I would have known this before

I fell in love with you through a kiss
a kiss of bliss that forever now I have missed
which leaves me emptied as it comes down to this

Alone, alone
so decidedly alone

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What'll I Write... he
Muses, surveilles the nil 
Wind, windowy visage, 

& gateswayed key-pad, 
like a cyber abacus
to touch & stroke, counted-

on to reveal it's 
whilom Mysterlex, vener-
able... Sunday, a 

small gaggle of Ibis, like a 
short-stack @ the Pamcake House,
gather to beak the 

night-sogged sand & soil - 
Yes, it is Raining, & what'll 
I Write onto this 

Sky heavy with no 
sound, Divemy - to Alpha-Bet- 
souper-bowl-Day to score 

& yield 1st-touch-Words, 
off-costume, aplenty like 
Muskmelonseeds al 

centro, resplendent 
like an occasion, of the 
Yes-twoDay's a mazed 

Prosetrycopia!, huh! - 
What shall I Write, In-
Deed!?, but Linnear... 

and Quantumescent,
A Sirge in Time to the
Muse of Rhyme, I Am...   


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An Indellible Ink

I wish I could wield the 
wildest words to woo this 
no flower can fit into the 
frame of this flawlesss 
no poem could picture the 
passion I have for this 
priceless princess,
I sap the serenity of the 
sunlight, yet my spirit 
screams in silence, 
If arts can't avail, how 
would I attract the 
allure of this angel?
Alas with an indelible ink 
flowing in me, I simply 
said... I love you!

Copyright April 10, 2012.
Adeleke Adeite.
For 1-6 Romance or Love 

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Thirteen and Five Sixths

Those eyes
Wake up exuberance
Welcome early rituals
Wittily warming pop tarts
Whimsy’s gaze flirts away frowns . 

Those eyes
Scan pages, screens,  faces
Strip lovely from ugly,
Sublime from crass illusion
Cynicism yet unsown. 

Those eyes 
Tears well up in wonder
Trying to comprehend
Troubling implications of
Truths terribly distorted.

Those eyes
Rest in grown-child slumber
Reaping dream’s mythologies
Reset to rap-fringed music
Receiving wisdom’s jewels. 

Those eyes
Beam gentle radiance
Blazing bright potential
Brilliant points of Monday’s hope
Bedazzling Friday’s despair. 

Those incredible eyes.

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Transcendent In Flight

Accepting, Almighty, Ascends
Bravely, Boldly, Beyond
Christ, Calls, Carries

Don’t, Do, Death
Each, Enters, Evolution
Fly, Free, Forever

Grace, Granted, God
Honoring, Hailing, Holy Spirit
Invite, Inside, Inner-connection

Join, Jubilation, Jesus
Knowing, Kindness, Kneels
Living, Learning, Loving 

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Tis In Me

Take my desires from me and replace them with thine own,
close my eyes that I may see, turn out the lights that are in me so You will shine.
Cut  off the side roads so I will not turn away,
draw me nearer so I shall not neglect my first love.

Have I made void these important facts to only replace them with my own desires,
my own wants, my own intents and my own ideas?
Such thoughts of ignorance occupy the space within me,
in my heart that ought to belong to God.

Now I ask? When will I see only truth?
When will this matter?

Lord, take my life and let it be, a shining vessel for thee-
Take me heart, and let it be; always filled with Your love!

(c) October 03, 2007
Rosemarie Schrock

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Left lusciously lingering

Left lusciously lingering
Thoughts twisting, tormenting
Her heart heretofore healed his hurt
She sometime said sweet something’s softly; 
That tranquilised their tiffs
Now nothing…

Left lusciously lingering, lost, lonely….
Does doom destructively devour?
Love lingering

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It Does Not Interest Me What you Do

I want to know what you ache 
And if you dare to dream of 
meeting your heart’s longing
It doesn’t interest me how old 
you are
I want to know if u'll risk 
looking like a fool for love 
For Ur dream, for the adventure 
of being alive
It doesn’t interest me what 
planets are squiring your moon
I want know if you have 
The centre of your own sorrow
If you have been opened by 
life’s betrayals
Or have become shrivelled and 
closed from fear of further pain
I want to know if you can sit 
with pain
Mine or your own without 
moving to hide it,
Or fade it or fix it
I want to know if you can be 
with joy 
Mine or your own
If can dance with the 
And let the ecstasy fill you to 
the tips 
Of your fingers and toes
Without cautioning me to be 
To be realistic
To remember the limitations of 
being human
It doesn’t interest me if the 
story you are telling me it’s 
I want to know if you an 
disappoint another to be true to 
If you can bear the accusations 
of betrayal 
And not betray your own soul
If you an be faithless and 
therefore trustworthy
I want to know if you can live 
with failure 
Yours and mine
And still stand on the edge of 
the lake and shout Yes!!
It doesn’t interest me to know 
where you live or how much 
money you have
I want to know if you can get 
up after a night of grief and 
Weary and bruised to the bone
And do what needs to be done
It doesn’t interest me who you 
Or how you came to be here
I want to know if you’ll stand 
In the canter of the fire with 
And not shrink back
It doesn’t interest me where, or 
what or whom you studied with
I want to know if you can 
sustain yourself 
What sustains you from the 
inside when all else falls apart
I want to know if you can be 
With yourself 
And if you can truly like the 
company you keep in the 
empty moments...

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Looking from a distance beyond the most wishing 
The ones who don't listen are there in an instant, 
Finding a way to tell you it's there 
Closer and closer, to soon to compare, 
In a world of feeling, In a dream of devotion 
If love is involved it shall never be broken, 
Step after step, my palms start to sweat 
The remembrance of your face I just cant forget, 
You caught my eye along with a smile   
I was to far away I'll be there in awhile, 
My heart was like silver turning to gold 
Your love was in my hands I couldn't let go, 
As I got closer my stomach turned, my heart was falling 
you looked deep in my eyes telling me not to stop walking, 
I was reaching to a world beyond our wildest dreams 
Is the word love really what it seems, 
I finally approached you and my body was heatless 
I didn't come to think you would leave me, Speechless. 

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DEAD Silence

You live in the same house, yet worlds apart,
conflicting interests rise without warning,
and you clash as if it were the first time.

You never talk anymore, it's as if you ignore one another,
passing the other by without even a second glance,
and you never look back.

Why wont you change this, and make an effort to be closer?
why do you just walk on by, when you see the other in pain?
or stop to say, " I love you! ".

Your skies are two different shades of blue,
your both standing in the rain, it's not who did waht,
but rather, who will admit, " It was I ".

Are you not tired of fighting, tired of clashing?
do you not feel as if your going to break in two?
can you not see that your world is a better place together?

It seems that neither of you try,
you just drive that wedge a little deeper,
don't stand against each other, but for one another.

I never hear you say " I love You " as often as you should,
I watch you spend less and less time together as a family,
don't forsake such a treasure.

Don't make a stand and turn away before due time,
point things out in love, instead of watching them fall apart,
your hearts  should quake and tears threaten, don't lose it.

Instead of making the same mistake twice,
make an effort to make none at all,
you shouldn't doubt one anothers love.

Desire that the other knows your love is true,
just like you do, keep them in your heart,
and forget not what you are together.

Why must you break apart, and follow after your own hearts,
when your hearts are decietful above all things,
your hearts can live on forever in Christ Jesus; alone.

(c) April 9, 2008
Rosemarie Schrock

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In the End

Silent, sarcastic sneering Dark, deadly deliberation Ignoring ignited ire Foolish fervor over fateful follies.

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my mark

a proud flare in my uplifting joy
all the people pray in there coy
a cownless madow to bare
as we stay out of freedoms way
take a look at what u say
a lost boy was found
around the bent feather

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A Sister

Dedicated to my sisters 
A sister loves.
A sister forgives.
A sister fights, but still loves. 
A sister trusts you.
A sister respects you.
A sister keeps you in their prayers.

A sister is family.
A sister is there for you.
A sister is there for you when you fall.
A sister is some one you can talk to.
A sister is some one you can cry on.
A sister is some one who won’t give up on you.
A sister is some one who you can laugh with.
A sister is some one who helps you in need.
A sister is some one who supports you.
A sister is some who is there with you in the hospital.
A sister is some one who encourages you to be a better person.
A sister is some one you can depend on to be there.

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See All That You Have Done

Desires, Drive, Deeds
He, Him, Heed
Child's, Chosen, Choice

Regret, Repent, Rejoice
Attune, Always, Around 
Savior, Sailing, Sea
Left, Land, Lost
Pitifully, Punks, Playing
Dying, Dead, Death 

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The Prime Directive Quiz ( P D Q) or Prolix Drama Queen Part One

When You Really Discern… 
‘Why The Drama?’ Pattern
and Pending-Adoration,
When You Perceive… 
Who Demands and Why?...  Proceed… 
… to Ply and Pry to Ascertain…
’ He Deserves This Portion-Acclaim’
  and Drumming-Heart, Soulful-Desire…
and Defer-Strength to Dry-Pyre
 and Humble-Pie, Donated-Data –
 in Your Plea-Bargain-Brain- Por-Nada
Disperse the Diaspora
Prefer Real-Deal and Retain Prerogative-Honor

 To, The Divine and Peerless… 
 Person of God – of Pure-Spirits
…  Whose Personage Positively… 
Remains Due-Homage and Dignity
…The Pinnacle… 
Of  The Direct-Pact - Empirical 
Drawn and Done, 
with His Precious DayStar-Son,
 Who Deigned to Come
by The Father’s Decree… 
 Was Dispatched with Poise-Prudently
as Probe and Provision… 
for Our Poverty and Pleurisy-Drain-Derision

He is The Pivot-Portrayal of Royal… 
and Portal-To-Pace-Immortal
This Diadem-Prince-Progeny… 
of Dazzling Famed-Piety and Propriety!
The Possessor and Presenter 
and The Permission-for-us-to Speak and Palace-Enter
The Premium-Derivative-Son,
 This Potentate Happy One...
 Proof-Explained and Patent-Won
Delving Mysteries; Described Memories; 
Drawing Forth Miracle-Draperies
and In Deference… 
As A Pro-Dative – Proconsul-Presence… 
He Maintains Preference
and Displays:  That, The Dynamic-Will… 
and Determined-Purpose Still,
Definitely,  is Top-Priority…
 One… and The Preeminent-Same… Pardon-Plea
He Is The Presiding – Deciding-Door-Key…
Precisely! -  Praise-Accordingly!

For We Are Wind-Swept, Droves of Dust… 
Dirt and Air-Gusts,  
Now, Plundered-Seeds… Still-Planted… 
Packed to Earth, Properly-Contained and Patted
 if We Continue to Divide… 
Disfigure, Pilfer and Hide 
From SonShine, then in Dirty-Prairie…
 We’ll be Permanent-Lain- and Perjury
If  ‘We Choose’ to Develop… 
Too Low-Down, to Peel-Hope
  or Plow-Perverted… 
The Preview, We’ll Not Regain…(We Deserted!)
Its Our Duty and Delight… 
to Reach Dawn-Heights
and Par-Policy:  Dump Rotted Produce…
and Pitch-Pit-Grain- Pro-Ruse

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Divine Goddess

Maternal maidens modestly make miracles
Incubating infants into incarnation
Loyally loving laundering life
Completing consciousness crowns, circulating
Fortuitous freedom, forgiving
Enlarged egocentric expulsions
Boundlessly boiling beseeching brothers
Preventing planetary peace
Wisely Worship women with wholeness...

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Tis Loves Enduring Promise

Salvation isn't about what you feel, 
but rather what you know and believe what Christ Jesus did for you...

                                Tis loves Enduring Promise!

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' Worse Than Lonely '

There’s A Thousand Things
Worse Than Lonely
There’s A Hundred Things More, That Hurt
There’s A Million – Murder – Moments
And A Billion More Bubbles Bursts

But, There’s Nothing Here To Tell
And No Soul Here To See
Yet, There’s A Thousand Things More Tragic
Worse Than Being Lonely

There’s A Thousand Things
Worse Than Lonely
A Hundred Hammers Can Hit The Heart
There’s A Million Movies Watched Melancholy
And A Billion Bacalls and Bogarts

There’s A Thousand Things
Worse Than Lonely
 A Hundred Hollers That Can’t Be Hushed
There’s A Million – Messed-Up – Madnesses
And A Billion More Backstabs To Brush

There’s A Thousand Things
Worse Than Lonely
A Hundred Holes of UnHappiness
There’s A Million – Merciless Moments
Like A Billion Bags Of Bitterness

There’s A Thousand Things
Worse Than Lonely
Hundreds Harmed, More Than I Am
A Million – Misery Memories
Buts Like A Billion – Bloody – Battering Rams

Yes,  There’s A Thousand Things
Worse Than Lonely
Under The Setting Sun…
But When A Solitary Soul Misses Love
… Well …    I Can’t Think Of One …

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Big Heart

You have a big heart,
Your kind to every one.
You have a heart of gold,
Forgive every one.
Even when people do you wrong,
you never get them back for it.
I love everything about you,
I want only you.

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The Ballet.

When I was a kid I wanted to be in the ballet  I just love the ballet.  I really wanted 
to be in the ballet but I wanted to be a brownie and a fork or spoon.  Better than  
Iever thought.  I love my family.  I love my parents and grandparents.  I really need 
to relax and enjoy the day with a cup of coffee or water.  I want a mug of coffee 
and I got one and have coffee all the time.

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love is power

 its root will always increase
love is like a fountain
love is the foundation that flow from the mountain

by stanley jean jacques

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Hurt: A Non-Curable Disease

It hurts, it hurts like hell For someone to hurt u, That u thought, u knew so well I can't explain the pain It hurts in every vein Everything's a lie All u can do is cry Cry so hard, ur eyes & head hurt Tears all on ur face & shirt Could it get any worse? It's just a curse Hurt seems to be a disease That grows on u with ease Inside, slowly dyin Symptoms are a broken heart & excessive cryin Like ur eyes are bleedin non stop & ur knees weak, u just drop U just wana be cured, it seems to never heal U wana be assured, that love is real U wonder, how does love feel U've forgotten the feeling of the real deal Ur so hurt, that ur heart goes numb But u still feel that hurt,sting, like a prick of a thumb Gosh, it's an unbearable feeling & everyday, u hurt more, instead of healing As soon as u get the least bit of relief Another bomb is dropped on ur heart & it's back to grief U wonder when will it stop, when will the pain go away? It's no medicine for it, so all u do is pray...

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A touch of love,
a drop of mercy,
a breath of life,
a measure of hope,
Whipped together in grace.

Unsearchable riches of Christ,
manifold wisdom of God,
confidence by faith,
strengthened  with might,
bound together in His eternal purpose.

O the fulness...
Tis' a recipe man can't fathom!

(C) February 14, 2008
Rosemarie Schrock

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A Fussion of Fate

I cherish the chains of her 
chocolate cheers, 
her chuckles charmed 
me like a cheap 
she lurks in love like 
lilly by the lagoon of 
my flawless flower 
flows... so fantastical.

A celebrity so sublime, 
with a celebral...celestial.
She dances  in the 
darkroom of my desire,
with drumbeats of delight in my 
dream at dusk,
Epic and exquisite, 
her elegance is so 

Rare, a ravenous 
rose, reigning on throne of 
glee and glow 
garnished her like 
golden glacia, 
bloom and beauty billows with 
bliss on 
her body,
O, what a terrific 
treasure, so timely and timeless.

Her inaudible 
voice slowly screams 
out loud,
her sweet smiles 
sound like effusive 
glamour gallivants 
all over her gorgeous 
wildest wishes 
whirls arround 
my wonder-willow,

She is the zenith of 
my zeal, a zestful 
cultured with colours of courage 
her tender tales are 
tainted with truth and 
on the hall of humility she 
hovers in a hall of honour.

Days drown into minutes and 
minuites melted into seconds
as we swim in the streams of 
serenity and simplicity;

I whirl in her wild world of 
warmth and wonder, 
in excessive exploration of the  
expanse of excelence.

Imprisoned, just to impress an 
emollient empress
taking my time to twist and trail 
from top to toe,
nurturing a nude nature in a 
nebulous night,
as the yellow moon of a moist 
morn moan mildly.

Under the rain of romance, we 
drolled to dance,
impervious to repellent, 
immersed in love,
in a fussion of fate, an irony of 
flying incognito, 
defiant to... desalinate, till we 
drank the dew at daylight.

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the stream-winners

well, that's a choice and many ascending-avatars spent eons of time in their caves trying to get out from behind the many-reflections of this sentimental-reality in flow -- this was the goal for awhile and they were called stream-winners when they'd finally grasped that the numinous moving-us is just a trick of the light --

however, the means of getting out of the stream all together was as illusive as stepping in the same stream twice, so they sat staring at forever, until wonder turned into awe and their eyes glittered with the beauty that they saw, and then they found that the stream returns in an infinite 'eternal-recurrence' which means that not only do you step in the same stream twice or more, but that the stream craves you more and more each time it passes by, longing for you in infinite waves, speeding up to feel you deep-inside; 'tis then that you have more and more deja-vu's flowing inside-out to open your eyes wide, from this free-flowing streaming-embrace, this free streaming-love in which we each take a step in grace ...

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You’re my Hero.
When I was hurting, 
You saved me from myself.
You never gave up on me,
And now will together. 
When I’m next to you,
I can be myself.
Even when I didn’t feel like smiling.
You made me Laugh and smile.
You make me feel secure,
When I’m scared.
When I’m upset,
You hold me and make smile.
When there’s nothing do,
You know how to have fun.
How when you walk into the room, 
You light the room up with your love.
You’re just a really great person.
How when you speak, 
It’s like a sweet song.
When you’re next to me, 
I can’t help but smile. 
When I talk about you, 
I become excited like a child with candy. 
When I kissed you,
You made all the bad go away.
You made the good appear, 
All the bad disappeared. 
Nothing mattered any more,
But you. 
I love you.
You’re my HERO.

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Infinite Number of Beings in a Lonely World

Have u ever felt so alone?

I mean,ur surrounded by others,but they don't hear u.

They don't feel ur pain.

They don't take ur hand, when u reach out to them.

They don't want to.

They are selfish.

Have u ever felt like u were in another world?

Like u were being ignored?

Like u were invisible?

Like the pain & hurt inside of u is a punishment for what u have done?

But what u've done, u don't know.

Have u ever wondered, what did I do to deserve this?

Ur heart is beating so rapidly.

Ur heart is crying so loudly;but still, no one can hear it.

The people in ur world just seem like the walking dead,

They are there,but it's no interaction.

Or could u be the dead one?

& could it be that u need someone to touch u to make u feel alive again.

Has ur body ever screamed out "Touch Me! Touch Me!" ?

Has ur heart ever cried out "Love Me! Love Me!" ?

Has ur soul ever hummed "Take Me! Take!" ?

Loneliness is an illness.

We die of a lack of companionship & longing for another's touch.

One can not live in a world of one.

One will go insane.

& If u shall feel this way, should u be near the point of insanity?

One will go crazy or die if one holds in waste,that shall be released.

It's more healthy to let out, rather than keep in.

But if u can not find a reliable object to direct, it does ur mind,body,& soul no good.

There's only so many days that go by that u can be content with urself,b4 u erupt.

A healthy mind, needs converstation. Talking to urslelf is pure insanity.

A healthy body needs to be consoled,nurtured,held. There's only so long,u can touch urself,without coming to realization that it's u.

A healthy soul needs to be calmed & at ease.

A healthy mind needs to be stimulated,with thoughts of peacefulness. When alone for so long, ur mind has negative thoughts & feelings.

Everyone seeks companionship,friendship,& a just a shoulder to cry on.

Most ppl have a cold shoulder or turn their back on a friend in need.

I just wanna know,is there anybody lonely out there?

Longing for someone to hold.

Growing out of patience, with no one to reach out to?

A room full of ppl,& u still feel alone?

Everybody needs somebody.

It really does take two.

Out of these many people in this whole wide world,Y do I feel so alone at times?

How can someone feel so alone in this world of infinite beings?

Its a question u've become all too familiar with.

& the answer is. .

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That stab of pain
it makes me so cold
I got all worked up
for you just to say no
I feel so tired
and I just want to sleep
but I'm not hurt that bad
I won't cry or weep
I wish you'd say yes
and get to know me
like I want to know you
but I'll just let it be
I guess I can take it
it's been worse you know
but that don't mean it's easy
to just let you go
I'd turn back time
if I knew how you felt
but I know that I can't
I'll play the cards I've been dealt
I'll find someone else
someone I'll love
who will also love me.

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Angel in my life

Walk in a room as it lights up.
Angel from heaven above. 
Sweeter then candy.
Smile is contagious
Arms warm around me.
Warrior who protects his love ones.
Being around you becomes a chain reaction. 
hazel eyes that you cant look away from. 
More to see that lies behind a gorgeous face.
The Angel in my life

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When I feel that I am alone

                                   When I feel that I am alone
                    It is your voice that brings me back to reality.
                                 When my reality gets distorted
                              It’s your smile that warms my heart.
                                    When my heart gets broken
                                       Blistered and wounded
                                    It’s your affection that heals.
                     It’s you, just you alone that makes me feel better

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Language of Love

Lalala is love    
Musical, melodious ~
Language from lips
Flowing from faith
Lalala is love
Lifting, leaping, landing
Lofty, languishing, longing
Lalala is love
Luring, loaded, lamenting
Light, luscious, leering
Lalala is love        
Lingering, lovely, lending
Loosening, lapping, lessening
Lalala is love
Lovers, lessons, lasting
Laughing, looping, loving
Lifting, leaping, landing
Musical, melodious ~
Language from lips
Flowing from faith
Lalala is love 

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You and Me

Let's fight for oneness
Let's fight for uniqueness
Let's fight for otherness
Let's fight for togetherness
Let's fight for all 
At the same time
Let's fight for all
All the time.

Let's the I in Me
Let's the You in You
Be at the very heart
Be the very heart
Of the We in Us.

Let's them meet
Let'sthem mate
Let's them be
The very one
They are meant to be.

Let's love
Be the main road
Let's love
Be the only road
To our life's main purpose.

Let's fight for love
Let's die for love
Let's love 
Be the smoothest road
Let's love 
Be the only road
Between You and Me.

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Girl Girl Girl

Whether we wander wistful
whether we wander wise
we waltz wedding’s waltz; whenever
whatever weather
we’ll wriggle with wishful wives

Wind wispy willow
willy-nilly we’ll whirl 
we’ll widdle we’ll weave; whenever 
whatever weather
we'll waltz with wedding's wench

Well worthy we writers
who with words wrench

Finishing Line Press.  Book FAREWELL TO THE DUST, by C. S. Leaf avalible March 2008

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Mothers love

A mother does more, 
Then just take care of there kids.
We go out of our way for our kids,
Even as a single mom.
We try to give our kids everything we can.
We try to give our kids the best we can.
No matter how tired we are,
We get up for our kids.
No matter how much pain will in,
We fight through it.
No matter how hard it is,
We still stand strong.
No matter what, 
A mother’s love is one of a kind.
We love our kids with all are hearts,

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My love is for you

When I say my love is for you
my heart jumps
a love that will keep still and
not bounce

in rhythmic tone my love for you
echoes in sound
knowing that you are the right one I have
a love that is heavier than a pound
Like a broken glass it will never fall
To the ground
in circles my love for you
goes round and round

my love is for you even when
I am in pain
when the time's hot or even when it rains.

Demeter Edwards

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the end

soo this is how it ends......
i get the best friend....and no goodnight kiss 
soo this is how it ends the one that knows you the best you just leave in the goodbye no i love you no i cant be here you just get up and leave with 
no warning well that is a good present from you i just want you to know 1 thing is 
that i still love you.....i took one big step and i looked aways and then i tought of 
alll the things i wanted to say i am always to late you never got your story straigh i 
am always up late i think i am everything that you hate......

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The Prime Directive Quiz ( P D Q ) or Prolix Drama Queen Part Two

and Par-Policy:  Dump Rotted Produce…
and Pitch-Pit-Grain- Pro-Ruse

It Was Due To Prior-Parent’s Vain-Disobey, 
so They Diminished, That-Dare-Day…
The Delectable…
 and Passed Up The Palatable –
 Main… Held-Accountable
Course (so  not  hard !) 
But They Failed to Avoid: 
 The Ditch, The Decline, The Devoid
They Deformed; Distorted… 
and Perished, at Path of Disdain- Deported!
Prithee, Who Wants to See… A Dashed-to-Pieces Pottery?
Not even-Periphery-me!... It’s No Longer Picture-Pretty 
Despite Protocol-Deficiency… ‘til I get a Decent Setting Plate
On Broken Dresden- my Pheasant-Dinner Won’t be Ate

And Now… Disorder of The Day… 
is Devious, and Double-Dismay
…  Disgrace, Depression… 
and A Putrid-Depraved-Puke-Stain-Progression
 Plunged into Disease and Death; 
Some Plummet and Pose-Deranged-Stealth
Percolating Panic… 
and Picking Up Pride-Plagues- Still-Pandemic
from-Cain’s Prozac-Paddock … Pathetic !

Though, All Are Not Dissidents-Decayed… 
Deteriorated …  or Dastardly-Dross-Sprayed
 Applaud- When Prodigal-Lost is Found, 
and Those ‘Punching-Back-At-Pangs-Bane’ Pound!
By Adhering to The Dedicated-Drive, 
of The Deft-Guardian-Defender’s Eyes
Who Points Where Our Polished-Pebbles’ Sling, 
Put-Practice-Ping-Ping-Aim (ing)
Dove(ing) Over to Dangle The Desist… 
or Meet Thy Downfall Pretenders-Risk…

For We Pummel Problems… 
and Dent and Pelt Puzzle-Plight-Chains (Pop ‘em!) 
Definitive Deeds, Decorous… 
Meant to Disable Dynamite Pipes-Porous 
To Prevent Our Pulverized-Maim 
and Proffer:  A Predicament-Slain

Our Pilgrimages In Pursuit of Paragon-Virtue… 
Must Make Distribution or Divesture:
the Property… of Pomposity
Pageantry… Profits and Desperate-Popularity
and don – Parsimony, and  Penury, 
Pariah, Pest-Control and Peculiarity
yet Pleasurably, we have heirloom-Pendants and Pence-a-Few …
and Pearl-Gates and Doubloons and Dew Drops Too
‘Cause, Priests and Prophets Must Pray for The Reign…
and for Pre and Post-Op-Apocalyptic–Novocain ! …

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So close
but kept so far away
by boundaries
that will break some day.
The question
still remains in mind
but I'll wait
until you're mine
I'll never know
what's planned in fate
but I count the days,
you're worth the wait.

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Like its our last

Hold me like you’re never seeing me again.
Kiss me like you’re never kissing me again.
Touch me like you’re never touching me again.
I want to live like there’s no tomorrow.
I want to know will spend are last moments together.

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Our love

Feeling like I've made mistakes
Like I'm breaking us apart
But our love is so strong
It never leaves the heart

It seems we argue more
In the past couple days
And everytime it's over
We're back to our usual ways

You kiss my lips
And hold my hand
And everytime 
I still turn to sand

I'm sitting here crying
But I am starting to heal
Your touch is what sooths me 
It's all i want to feel

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Everyday Forecast

Broken buried bond
Regretful recurring rain 
Pouring putridly passionless
Provocative priceless pain

Falling furiously fast
Ominous oath to obey
Torrential teary torment
Conventional course conveyed

Submersed soul stammering
Darkness deadening distantly
Drowning deep disarray
Methodically mocking me 

Laughter lingers lucidly 
Submerged suffering sight
Treading thoughts tenaciously  
For a fruitless fearful fight

© Stacy Lynn Stiles

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Hard to Put a Finger on

I used 2 be so in touch with my feelings, but now I can't touch my feelings. I can't feel my feelings, if that makes sense. It's hard 2 put a finger on how I feel I'm just goin through the motions, with no emotions Is this real? Is it a dream, cuz I can't feel anything I'm blank inside, if u know what I mean Could I be sad? I don't know, cuz I feel no tears down my cheek Am I mad? My feelings are playing hide & seek Could I be hurt deep inside, sittin here while my soul cries I could be heartbroken, waiting til each feeling dies I really don't know how I feel My soul's confused & doesn't know which feeling 2 choose .

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Pillow Talk

To be buried 
bound up tight,
surrounded sweetly by snuggles,
covered and cuddled 
oh so nice;
rollin' round
reaching for the top
grabbing and pounding you with pillows
playfully pummeling you with love

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Didnt know what love was

Didn’t know what love was, 
Until I was with you.
You touch my heart,
Warming it with your love.
You’re the words from my heart,
That I write.
Arms I want to lie in forever.
Voice I want to hear sing to me.
Gorgeous face I want to wake up to.
Love you like there’s no tomorrow.
I want to keep you forever.

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Loves lesson's loud
Ears echo endlessly
Always after another
Veering vague views
Eons ever empty

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                                             I talk to him all the time,
His only words are "Hi,"
His heart is already taken,
My crush for him has not gone by.

The sight I see is broken,
The love I share is lost,
A shattered mirror in my eyes,
Never saying anything is my cost.

If I ever mentioned the word,
A word much more to say,
So hard to reveal or share,
Is fading with each day.

I'm scared I'd mess it up,
That I'd say something wrong,
To let him know how I truly feel,
No one can explain in song.

Never been kissed before, 
Im saving it for "the one,"
There is always a first for everything,
I know it can never be done.

Lust is such a word,
To be used in much of the wrong way,
If I am committed to this,
I shall never do this today.

How tragic my life will be,
For I think I've suffered enough,
I'm sure much worse has happened,
Love, a broken path, so rough.

Touching skin on skin, 
His lips as pure as rain,
My heart left alone, unnoticed,
As another day passes again.

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New Vision

Love laps at the shore of my heart. 
Kinetically connected to kindness 
my soul basks sumptuously in the 
sunshine of creation. 

All thoughts of bitterness dissolved 
and washed away down the drainpipe 
of despondency, mingling with misery 
and disappearing from view. 

All is as new.  Blank page uncluttered 
with the disarray of disillusionment. 
Clean slate unsullied by the sullenness 
of sulky solemnity. 

Tradition tempered with tantalizing 
innovation.  History harmonized 
with modish originality. 
Awash with adoration of the sentient 

I make a new vow of vociferous 
worship to the universal source 
of our invention - for the grace 
of a God who loves unconditionally. 

The architect of my soul. 
The author of existence and the great 
writer of this infinite infinity 
called Life. 

Let love always lap at the shores 
of my heart.  Make me part of 
this new inception.  Make me an instrument 
of a new resounding peace - 

a piece in the jig-saw of perpetuity; 
A herald of an innovative message 
of hopeful anticipation; a bearer 
of the torch of tranquility. 

To all the world - truce, treaty, 
an armistice in Armageddon - Amen 

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I will love you forever

I love you so deeply
I love you so much,
I love the sound of your voice
And the way we touch
I love your warm smile
And your kind, thoughtful way.
The joy that you bring to my life everyday
I love you today As I have from the start,
And I`ll love you forever with all of my heart.

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Keep you forever

I want to keep you forever.
Arms to hold me and never let me go.
Wake up next to you every morning.
Hear you sing to me.
To smile every day, cause of you.
To laugh every day, cause of you.
To love every day, like there’s no tomorrow.

You have a heart of gold,
Your kind to every one.
Even those who do you wrong.
I want to keep you forever,
Never let you go.

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Your kiss

Your kiss
When you kiss me,
I feel something I can’t explain.
But all the bad goes away. 
Every one disappears. 
You’re all that is there
In that moment.

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I am drawn to you like
The stars to the midnight skies
The Earth to the burning sun
Water to thirsting flowers

I am comfortable with you like
An old pair of boots
A faded pair of jeans
My favorite sweater and scarf

I am at peace with you like
Sitting in a boat in the middle of a lake
Taking a walk in silence in the country
Listening to rain drops fall in the dark of night

I am alive with you like
The laughter that is uncontrollable
The heart that goes thump, thump, thump
Running through wildflowers in the wilderness

Every ounce of my being
Mind, body and soul are riveted by you
I am alive with you, free with you, comfortable with you

I love you

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My little Angel

A great love between a mother and child.
My little angel from heaven above.
Blond curly hair.
Beautiful grayish blue eyes.
Smile that touches my heart.
Laugh makes me love you more.
You make everything better.
You show me real love.

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Be Part Of You

If I could be part of you.
I would be the tears that fall from your eyes.
I would be the love on your cheek.
I would be the love in your heart.
I would be the covers that keep you warm.
I would be the voice in your head.
I would be the fire burning inside you. 
I would be the sun shining on your gorgeous face.
I would be the rain that falls from the sky and falls on your face.
I would be the wind that blows in your hair.
I would be the night hiding you from evil.
I would be the star that you wish on.
I would be the mask hiding u from the world.
I would be the Angel protecting you.
I would be part of you.

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Alliteration 7702


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Lusting for her attention my love will not astray
Lasciviously longing for her touch I am
Left as a lonesome lover
Longing for this looming emotion to be repaid

Attentively awaiting her response as I 
Adore her angelic prowess
Absorbing her passionate beauty
Allured with her benevolent touch I
Admire her decadent love from a distance

Ultimately aflame from her radiance
Unveiling this starry-eyed emotion
Unswerving this feeling that I longed to revive
Unusually risking the despair in hopes of
Undeniably finding her there

Riveting as the morning sun, her beauty is
Resonating through my veins like a drug
Rendering the urge to satisfy my desire

Enthralled in her glittering ambiance
Elated by her smile, I cannot 
Escape this everlasting trial

Nevertheless will she notice my devotion
Nervously wishing to numb my emotion, to
Nimbly evade this narcotic notion

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Fight for you

My family looks at you;
They don’t see what you mean to me.
They say your hold me back,
But there wrong.

You make me happy;
I don’t want to live another day,
Without you in my life.
I’m not going to let them break us up. 
Cause I know now, 
What you mean to me.

I don’t want to see you upset.
I don’t want to break your heart.
Give me another chance.
Give our love another chance.
I bet we get it right this time.
Let’s fight for us.

It don’t matter what any one says.
It don’t matter who is against it.
They don’t understand,
Without each other we are barley breathing.
So let’s get air in these hearts again.
‘Cause I can’t live without you. 

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My Love

Poetry is the way to get out your innermost feelings.
Poetry is the way to say your love sends me reeling.
Poetry is my life.

Poetry is the smiles or frowns you would get in a letter.
Poetry is the way I say bless you and get better.
Poetry is my home.

Poetry is how to get out of the world you live in.
Poetry is the way to make the sadness stop and the happiness begin.
Poetry is my heart.

Poetry is how I tell you what I've been through.
Poetry is how I say what I'm doing, too.
Poetry is my word.

Poetry is if I said, "Will you love me tomorrow?"
Poetry is how I wish there will be no more sorrow.
Poetry is my hope.

Poetry is getting my soul out.
Poetry is how I tell you what I'm all about.
Poetry is my inspiration.

Poetry is all my tress, walls, loves. My surroundings.
Poetry is rewards, privileges, even groundings.
Poetry is my world.

Poetry is sweet to my eyes and ears.
Poetry is truly lovely to see and hear.
Poetry is my music.

Poetry is no longer living with regret.
Poery is moving on, something I will never get.
Poetry is my second chance.

Poetry is all the happy places I've been.
Poetry is overcoming and loving you again. 
Poetry is my passion.

Poetry is simply my way of living.
Poetry is words in an order that have helped from the beginning.

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Body next to Mine

I don’t want to be live another day,
Without your body next to mine. 
Without your arms around me.
I want to be with you,
To be able to wake up next to you. 
I want to be able,
To kiss you whenever I want to.

You mean the world to me,
Love you more then life itself.
Never met any one amazing as you,
I want to be next to you forever.

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No matter what

No Matter What
No matter what happen in your past,
I will still love u. 
No matter how bad things get, 
I’ll still love you.
No matter what you do,
I’ll still love you.
No matter where you were born, 
I’ll still love you.
No matter how you dress, 
I’ll still love you.

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Keep You

Can I keep you?
I want to make you mine,
I want to be with you.
Want to make you happy, no one else.
Want to be in your arms, never leave.
Want to kiss you, whenever I want to.
Want to wake up to your gorgeous face, every morning.
Want to hear your voice, like music to me.
Want to know I’m yours.

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I'm dying inside. 
Shredding to pieces. 
Open me up. 
There's a dark empty hole. 
Deep enough to bury a thousand souls. 
The remains of a thousand lifetimes,lay bare,unyeilding. 
Fatally murdered by love. 
Love lost and not returned to sender. 
Painfull enough,one by one, surrender. 
I'm crying as I cringe in fear or getting deeper. 
I pay no soul. 
The cost of life; much cheaper. 
Cold and empty; with days 
Gets much colder. 
If my head had a heart,I'd lay it on my shoulder. 
Once unbareable,but it hurts no more. 
Just to remember love, 
I'd patch my heart and leave a sore. 
Numbness hurts even more. 
No feeling to explore. 
Just a memory of what was in your chest, 
Now in your head. 
I'd rather hurt, 
Than be dead. 
It's painful memories, 
But only in ur brain, 
If ur heart had sensation, 
U'd feel the pain. 
Ur paralyzed in a sense, 
Yet there's no sense of feeling there. 
Ur brain appears disconnected from ur heart and body 
So there's no feeling anywhere but up there. 
Dying of love,with no possible cure. 
And ur so deep, 
U can no longer endure. 
So u've lost. 
And only can remember what was 
As if love were a crime, 
And now u have to pay the cost. 
An endless rope can't pull u free 
Ur in love deep & dangerously. 
Painful memories. 
An indication of a hole so deep, a thousand lovers can't fill


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Eternal Kiss

You know why that  we can know
You have fought and made it whole
From here you can get on the back
Now then we got it back on track 

We must hold on
Take one that's strong
And you know why
That  I can’t lie 

Cause, when you come through my door
I can hold on no more
It must remain like this
I want your eternal kiss 
And now we’re on, can’t go away
We live on from day to day
Each day we learn how to make our pact
From here to the end it’s a matter of fact 

It’s a powerful way
The beauty of every day
It’s not always play
But the work will make us stay 

When you come through my door
And I can take no more
I have no other wish
But to retain your eternal kiss

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shes trying to make it easy

listen stop and think take a deep breath
think now dont imagine dont pretend
pay attention here this might be the end

you say you want one
your stuck with three
one runs away
but you cant let her be

we sit and we talk
reminisce about the good times
wow how does time fly by
I remember all the times we spent laughing for hours
but was it all worth it in the end when it devours

Im trying to make this easy 
Im trying to let you understand

I cant make it any simpler 
for you were like my second hand
you held me up 
you put me down
but did that ever stop me from coming back around
I need to feel the touch 
the touch of someone I love so much

but only for I know this is true
I know this wont get through to you
after years and years of drying my tears
I cant just let you go

ive tried so hard
ive changed my ways
you compliment me all of the time

but what about the other person
I’m still inside
she’s got me locked in
she put me away for showing you my sin

I am not troubled 
I have my ways
but this changed girl has had way better days
she wants to tell you all these things
for if she were out she would
she wants you to know that she cant let you go
and that the feelings she has she just keeps below

she has a mission
and the mission is you
but she cant seem to get that through

she knows what to do
she knows where to go
she just has to dig deep below
she needs your help
reach in and take
dont be shy to make a mistake
she wont spill out her thoughts
she wont tell you all her rough spots

but shes trying to tell you 
shes working hard on what shes got

and shes thought she got through
but she must have hit everyone else in the heart
except you

now shes trying to make this easy
shes trying not to make this hurt
but she cant just get up and give you all her dirt

Im going to leave now and let her come out
dont be worried and defiantly dont shout
she needs you
she needs your help
the support isnt always there

the other me was better
the emotions ran high
but the other me grabbed you 
and she never said good bye

Im not going to tell you
your going to have to guess 
but I just wanted you to know
that Im going to take a rest

now dont get hostile dont freak out
Im pretty sure you know what this one is about

now I tried making this easy
I tried not to make it hard
but Ive done all I can do right now
and someday I will explain how

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Zion (Part two)

I am still in Zion for you are the one I long to please, let this world, this town try 
and break me and attempt to bring me to my knees, for it cannot and shall not 
ever even come close to defeating this-what we have, what God gave to us what 
we have bled for and how we came so close, so close to perfection and to 
everything I have never known, you have loved me and you have finally shown, 
you have shown me what it is to desire a true but forbidden fire and the rest of my 
years here on this earth and the rest of my tears and fears I long to share with 
you and the temple I have raised in your name while I praise God that you came 
and shattered all the false dreams and hopes and for this reality I cope and try to 
deal with all of the farce that I must deal with and my sanity is now a blissful part 
of life for I have lost that pain and lost that strife that has plagued me I shall obey 
thee and strive to please you in the way only a King could please his Queen by 
offering her the world and all the jewels within it. Thank you for this

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Just like an angel

Without knowing we met
Unexpected encounters led our way
Never thought I was going to fall again
But as I saw you
I knew I was wrong once again

Couldn’t believe my mind
I thought an angel had crossed my eyes
I was so afraid and curious at the same time
Didn't wanted to make any mistakes
But the harder I tried the harder it got

Time went on so fast
I had let you go
And so deeply I regret
I cried and begged
Only to see you once again

As hours and days went by
The more love took my heart
Never thought I was going to fall again
But as I saw you
I knew god had proven me wrong once again

Couldn’t believe my eyes
God had mercy on me one more time
Like an amazing gift from heaven
There she was
With her beautiful smile and eyes
I felt what love was one more time

Never thought I was going to fall again
But as I saw you
I knew I was wrong 
Once again

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Love Heals

Love lead lives leisurely.
Love listens lazily too.
Sensuality surrounds slow.
Passion picks places.
Tenderness takes time.
Healing hearts hurt.
Moments move minds.
Protest plays pain.
Eager endurance erases.
Love lingers lightly.
Healing hurt hearts.

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Running in Circles

Another twist and turn
Another life unlearned
What makes us change
Why do we turn around 

We’re just here with no agenda
Is there a place for this
I’m just looking for the reason
But the ride that you take 
Doesn’t always make the trip
Some things we can’t always count on 
You put your trust is some
You don’t believe in most
If you knew what would come
Then you would be more frightened 
I’ve been here before
I guess I’ll be here again
Although it’s hard
It’s better than the alternate 
I know what to expect
I don’t want to deal
That’s not the choice that all of us get
We become lovers then become others
That’s the cycle of making our bed 

We’re running in circles
To find an answer
We’re looking for something
Without the directions 

We’re running in circles
Without a compass
The search will lead you
To yourself

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Our Creation

Loco lonely liaison
Passionless painful prize
Who we were withering
Erroneous empty eyes

All alone aimlessly 
Sitting silent suffering
Soulless stranger sadly
Ruthless regretful ring

Astute audacious affection 
Brings betrayed blasphemy
Pleading posing practicality
Misleading mental me

Destruction deviated distance
Afar against all advice
Cries crafting compassion 
Disarmed disloyal device  

© Stacy Lynn Stiles

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A short while ago.


                               A short while ago, we tried to start a life together.
               But something happened. so now were trying to start a life apart.
                            Hoping we will always be in each others hearts.
                            We wont ever forget going through the motions.
                                 Almost destroying each others emotions.
                                         But i guess we did all we could.
                         Now all we can do is wonder in our desperation.
                                             Hoping to find our destination.
                           And if by chance, our destinations should ever meet.
                              Than i am more than sure we would be complete.


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Love Pawn

The raging storm occurring outside my window
Can not compare to the constant choler
That tempers my heart this maniacal moment.
Why? Would you like living a pawn of love?
Forever being forced to feel painful pangs
Caused by a cruel manipulator. Like a captured
Pawn without a pertinent part in the game of love.
Only to stand alone among the active players.
On the sidelines, stagnating, unable to sever
Yourself from the fray. A preordained pawn!
Whose role resembles " love's labours lost"
A cruel comedy rendering me a pathetic prisoner
That must persistently prove my legitimacy.
Rage on teapot tempest! At least your wrath will wane.

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Amusing Decor

Unfaithful useless utter
Demeaning devoured décor
Violent vicious venom
Mockingly medaling more

Creative cautious coalition 
Against all amidst abate
Struggling sanely satisfied
For a ferocious frigid fate 

Dominate destructive deity 
Proud pacifying past
Loathing lustrous lividity
Fictitiously falling fast

Gallantly ghastly grounded
Remaining reluctantly recluse  
Distance desired deadliness
Amusing agonistic abuse  

© Stacy Lynn Stiles

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I Wish

I wish fatherhood could be written into words.
Let daddisms be put into pages.
Papaness be published in poetry for people without.

Let little surprises that the old man fixes,
be signified and simplified into single syllable sentences.

I wish wisdom for such a task could be reserved for the young,
at seventeen I can manufacture miracles in mass quantities,
but I can't write the simulation of a father in so many words,
for a dad can only be replaced with time,
and on second thought,
I have all the time in the world.

I may know next to nothing about booboo's,
but in teenager-isms I'm miles ahead.
Instead of knowing how to play peek-a-boo,
I know teen angst and it's many symptoms.
I know fake love at first sight,
and true love in hindsight.

Maybe I can be a good father after all.

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Summer sultry sweat
Sends sea-dwellers,
Seeking some solace,
Satiating some.
Simply satisfying!
So, succumbing,
Seems so seductively soothing,
Simply stated!

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Something New

I’ve seen the beauty, 
I’ve seen the devil
I’ve been around the purity, 
I know why Cain killed Abel

There are blockades in our life 
There’s right and wrong 
So we wish we could ignore
But we don’t know which to do 
Sometimes everything seems wrong 
There are things you have to choose
We left when we want more
That’s not the right thing to do

When life tears you apart
It makes a life that choice
That's when you think real hard
And come up with what’s yours 
Bury me in the sand
Lift my name up high
From wounds of a wanted man
To the cape that allows you to fly

You can’t always take it with you
But you can find a home
You are welcomed everywhere
But some places you can’t go 

Just when you’re at you lowest
Your peak will surely grow
You can’t always pretend 
And I know you know

Even though you can’t find me
You know where we are
This is where I come in
And take us to the stars 
And I know what to do 
I know I can’t stay
Stay away from you 

Just when you got down
You think you’re not around
But I know that ain’t true 

Take a look around
We got plans to make
I can’t get away from you 
And you will always find something new
You know it’s what we’re meant to do
No matter what we’re going through 
You will always find something new 

And I know where we are And you know where we are
You can’t always pretend 
And I know where we are And you know where we are
Even though you can’t always find me 

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Take the chance

This how is it happens to people
Look out how we have to live 
We can’t take a part of something
If we’re not going to give 

Thought you had to be good at something
You always have to win 
You never even considered
The game might some to an end 
So take it always, Take it always
This is how we feel it for real 
Make it always, Don’t break it always
From here we can see our home 

Look at you and what you know
That’s all you can ever count on 
But that doesn’t diminish your ability
That just portrays how to attain you goal 

Now we have the gifts to prosper
What you do is up to you 
Make the most no matter what your age 
It’s never too late to rule the world 
What happens to me
Can happen to you 
We move together
Across the moonlight

Call the others
We're like thoughts in the night
Make the most of it 
No matter who you are 

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The players word

Love you say the word so fast and so quick. 
Your  type of love will never last .
you say you care but your never there.
when your out you flrit with every pair of legs in pumps.
but now I am her to let you know that you have been played and you have to go. 
So when your out and you think you have game laugh now player the jokes on 

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love like

love, love like lilies love light
adore admire and achieve
for fantastic fun future 
it's idiolistic in itself
past present particular
join journeys 

love like lemons love lime
for fiery future fulfilled
lovers last lifetimes
sweet songs so sour
beauty beast beats best

money makers move
for fickle fortune 
other offers open
every escape exceeds
can't copy canopy's
admires admire afar

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Blue Without You

My red heart is blue,
because I'm missing you.
Every day, I think about you,
and I imagine how great
every hour,every minute,
and every second would be
if you were here with me.

Every night, when I lie in bed,
I dream that you're beside me,
holding me close to you.
If you were, I'd whisper in your ear,
how much I love you.

Since you came into my life
nothing has been the same.
I've experienced love to its fullest,
and I've tasted a beauty that never ends,
because you're where my happiness begins.
I'm incomplete without you, and
I'll never stop loving you.
You're the world to me,
in brilliant colors.

You're my best friend,
a favorite song that will never end.
And together is where we should be.
Someday soon, I pray,
that you'll walk through the door
and take this heartache away

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begining of your past

am ii your everythiing?
wat do ii mean to you?
do u stiil want me?
how long can we do thiis?
ii wonder can u answer these questiions,
r we falliing off...
so do u stiil love me?
do ii stiill capture your eye?
for so long ii have wondered these thoughts,
and ii have yet to figure them out,
iits liike a niightmare and ii cant wake up,
 somebody pinch me please!!!
what do u really want from me?
liike really,,,, 
how do ii keep your attentiion??
have you grown tiired of me?
iis that iit?...
but ii refuse to beg...
NOPE!!!!! NOT ME!!!
but ii love you..
do u understand me?
do u hear me....? I LOVE YOU!!!
ii have giiviin up alot for you..
but only to b put to the siide by another..
ii went from beiing your everythiing to beiing.....

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Desire afire,
passions pulsating;

Inflamed frenzy,
fervid fierenzy;
impetuous emotion,
devoted devotion.

Sentimental and  sensuous,
animated oscilation;
the rapture so personal,
a passion eternal.

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I am still in Zion , I am taming love's lion, with these wings I spread I will fly on,
I shower you with diamonds, with my hands I lay to waste all of these mountains,
You to me, you are a treasure that took a lifetime to find.
You to me, you are a star that crashed down upon my earth and landed in my sea,
You are the heaven, for which I seek to find,
You are the eternity after life that I cannot define.
I stand proud against all these mobs that rise against me,
I fight back and scream with courage and intensity!
I lead my army against your foes and my foes and all the other fiends,
I use my sword and with my word I devour them and destroy those who wish to 
strike and sting,
I sing a new song that describes your majestic beauty and praise the way you 
I am the one that conquers and divides and offers to you the sun and the silver 
All of the world I offer to you with all of her gold, silver and precious gems,
I give you more than your heart could ever desire, I give you so much more than 
I have built a temple to worship your perfect body with all of your God-given 
I am studying the history of this world and striving to know more about you, for 
you I constantly learn.
No longer does my world revolve around you for you have become my entire 
No longer does my sun and moon shine upon you for you are the one that I have 
learned to serve.
I shower you with a million rose petals and tulip blossoms that would cover the 
country side!
I abide in your spirit and praise your gorgeous self for no longer do I choose to 

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All I know is that I feel lost
as the waves of despair wash over me
ample amounts of pain rip into me
allowing for more despair to enter
after shocks rumble through my core
all I know is that I feel lost