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These Alliteration Funny poems are examples of Alliteration poems about Funny. These are the best examples of Alliteration Funny poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Sweet Sugar Cookies and Peanut Butter Bars

"I dream of Candy!"

Sweet cakes and peanut butter squares 
A living diabetic's nightmare
My heart sings to the beat under the Newton stars 
Sweet sugar cookies and peanut butter bars

Taunting whoopers, 
Dancing dum dum's, 
The sweetest shadow silhouette in my room
Dreamy, Creamy Cupcakes in the afternoon
Cinnamon Cheerios cascade on my spoon
Sweeter than my sweet tooth
Now and later - a forever honeymoon

Jiggling my jelly belly boo berry butt-erfinger delight
I'm in love, licking icee icing all night 
Extra freshness once I pop a top off of a mountain dew pop
My eyes sparkle like diamond dazzle razzles in the sky
I live to fabricate my own personal sugar extract R.E.M. Sleep
Savoring the sound of water lingering in my mouth
This night, ovulated buds, await to feast
Enjoying a delicious dulce music sleepy symphony

I'm here to brag and embrace a pinata pillow escapade
Enchanted by a cotton candy crave -calling my name

Lalaloopsy licorice and lemonade, tea
The best wet dream I'll ever see
Marshmallows of solitude dulcify every single fresh fantasy
Imbibing a bright slushy skittles daydream freeze

One fat sunny bowl of mix cereals and cane
Crackerjack jail and chocolate chip swirls, 
Caramel lumps constipate the brain
Sizing up -peanuts and candy, popcorn party payday
Wild winter fresh, Wrigley's Spearmint Breath parade
Gummy bear Dessert, Fruit Ninja hair 
Watermelon Taffy stuck on the top of my gums
Swallowing and indulging the witness of a whistle pop bar

Super bubble sweet tarts embedded deep down in my heart
Bubblicious, mint twist, Sunkist the best Twizzler breakfast
Yummy in my twinkie tummy, drooling over frosted pop tarts 
One more strawberry smoothie 44 oz cup   
Counting each and every Pez popping up
Goodnight my friends,
It's time to get lost under a midnight moon pie sky
SELFLY- Hugging and snuggling to a new sugar rush high


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Lucky at Home

You’d think a dog named Lucky,
Would lead a decent life.
But Lucky had his troubles,
And they followed day and night.

One day Lucky ran away
In search of greener pastures.
Just to find a field ablaze,
Thus the start of his disasters.

Although Lucky didn’t die that day
And no limbs or parts were broken,
Lucky smelled of smoldered hair
And you’d swear he kept on smokin!

And Lucky like to chase the cars,
Till the day he lost his nerve
When Lucky met a big ‘ol bus
That couldn’t stop or swerve.

I’m not sure just how it hit him
Or how he’s here today.
But he’s never walked straight since,
And one eye veers away.

Lucky always clashed with cats
And was leery of their paws.
Until a “Tom” of forty pounds
Let Lucky feel his jaws.

Hair and fur balls filled the air
Like Cottonwoods a bloomin.
Poor ‘ol Lucky lost an ear,
And now looks twice as stupid.

I confess, I named him wrong
And why he stays, I’ll never know.
I guess that I’m the lucky one,
To have Lucky here at home.

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Slippery Sloppery

A slippery sloppery slipping snail
Slithered slimed and slid on the floor
Feeling hurried harried hungry and helpless
As starlings screeched spiraled and saw
That slippery sloppery slipping snail
Who slithered slimed and slid on the floor
A fluttering of feathers fell frighteningly fast
Meant that slippery sloppery slipping snail
Who slithered slimed and slid was no more.


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Lounging licking leaping
Prancing pouncing peeking
Corners closets crouching
Tail twirling twitching
Sniffing sensing sneezing
Hissing huffing hunting
Pretty purring preening
Curiosity kitty killing
Nine long lives living

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"I can’t find the words I want to say! “
Under the moonbeam and sparkling scattered stardust, 
I can feel the dew, which surpasses through the night.
As I speak to you in tongue, this stale flavor becomes overdone. 
A taste of what is behind them luscious ludicrous lips.

I finally ask!
“Do you not feel what I feel?
Can you not feel my heart hesitating and holding hectically?
Addressed with attach anticipation on your side!
It is my hesitation, to answer with, “Please?”
The dwelling night disappears, underneath my deepen darken days,
In which makes every day, another night to come.
The wondering and whining worsens a little more.
I ache for seconds more, than my mind begins to mend.

The mornings keep approaching fast, the silences breaks!
Shattered scattered splattered words, finally released.

You start to nurture up around your notable noble nearsighted eyes.
For I have starved, just about all I can take.
Master of this crying slave… 
“Your perception burns, the prescription, of persuasive deception.”
Your inacceptable improper intention cannot heal me now!
Leaving an awkward awareness feel, which lingers to the lustiness’, lost inside of me.
With a wallow with a swallow, soaping and spiting the sight of you.
Meanwhile your thoughts focus on the painful pulsating pleasure. 
You will unleash on me…
For leaving all the crummy crumbling crumbs under our silver satin sheets.  
I will be smacking and snaking surrendering and yielding, yearning at your will.

Please Master Can I have another, Cracker in bed~~ ?


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12 Days of Christmas Craves

"12 Days of Christmas Craves" On the twelfth day of Christmas My true love sent to me 12 twinkling tiaras Eleven emerald elephants Ten Tiffany trinkets Nine naughty negligees Eight echoing elves Seven sequined stars Six sexy singers Five fake fingernails s s s Four furry foxes Three tingling tamborines Two turtledoves And peach tree in pail via e-mails s s s. *For P.D.'S 12 Days of Christmas. *Written by: Linda-Marie "Sweetheart".

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Stink Thinking

Poem by: Mr. Ronald Watson
Sep. 13, 2012
My Poetry on PoetrySoup

Stinking Thinking

Stinking thinking/ it leads to drinking./
What moisten the soul without an inkling?/
Unto making a wild left turn /while the right signal light were blinking./
Within a mild mix of rice, hops, and barley,
Since/ it is too much laugher at a karaoke party./
How Elvis sounds like,/ a broken Bob Marley?/
Now it’s as if,/ inhibitions are lowed/
Frozen in time/ and slipping far out of control./
As intuitions of minds does loathe,/ as such weariness echoes for tomorrow./
Yet,/ a stinking breath that smells just as death/ and it's where all funky asses dwells./
Though/ all hung over /and unjustified to flinging heavy heads into that porcelain king,/ 
Even this is a sight for red sore eyed Kings!/ 
It is an aftermath of ravishing through them royal purple cloth bags./
So/ afraid to admit that shallowness slowly drags!/
When,a sense of clarity which will just admit it.
That stinking thinking is difficult to kick, but
One day at a time, it is the only way to shine, or get fixed.  

Thank youMy Poetry on PoetrySoup
God Bless.

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Dung on a Rung

Surly Sally slipped and lost a flip flop
at a hearty party in a bungalow with Billy.
while dancing and prancing to hip hop
whirling and twirling and spinning silly.

Can you reverse and remember the flop she flipped?
Well it ludicrously landed in the party punch bowl.
Nobody noticed while they slurped and sipped
and the dancers dipped and ripped and rolled.

They dipped, danced, pranced and laughed,
pirouetted, and sweated,            
tipped and turned till totally daft.
Beer and booze abetted.

The next night they stayed sober and soloed somber.
Crashing and complaining Billy’s head hung,
both believed they’d been belted by a bomber.
Surly Sally swore she felt like dung on a rung!

Let this be a lurid logical lesson,
to those who think it’s only fun and frolick to abuse booze,
Or you too could be confessin’
And for lack of the light of this litany you’re liable to lose!

 An answer to a challenge for John Freeman’s Alliteration  contest
    by my poetry friend, Gwendolen Rix. 

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Silly spring alliteration

A pig in peplum and pearls
under a pergola twirls.
Pendulous petunias sway
while percussion plays.
Whispering spring breezes,
a tickle in my nose, i sneezes.

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Garrulous girls gather Glorious and giddy Giggling and gossiping Geared up endearingly Go out in groovy nights Getting glacial but gay Girls giving grief to guys
Syllables 42. Counted on +++++++ April 27, 2014 Form:PLEIADES Dr. Ram Mehta

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alliteration medley

telling tendrils twine
a lovers loop of longing
until finally touching

a shimmering swine
swirling and slick
hard to get

a tangible tableau set with
tasty taters and tomaters
touching my tongue with a tang

belligerent battles belittle
brains badly, but burlesque
beauty is a buoyant business

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Alliteration Holiday

Labor day holiday is laughingly laborious
Pack a punch of partying
On one only lonely playful day
Tonight the trio sets the timepiece to 
alarm again in the am another
Work and school worry with the rules day

Contest: Alliteration
Sponsor:  John Freeman

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For The Fun Of It

slight, shimmering, serene, silky, subdued, specks, swayed, strayed, staggered, shyly, drowning, desires delicated, pious, purety!


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Synathroesmic Cat

Oh, fickle friendly fearful feline,
Ne'er a pet be so sublime;
Playful licking leaping purring,
Even while you're sleeping stirring.
Watchful with a wary eye,
Careful cunning in disguise.
Our fussy flip and fuzzy friend,
We're thankful that you condescend
And bless us with your loving being,
Though the dog is disagreeing. 
We kneel before your regal paws
With which you shred and kneed and claw,
But with that warm and funny face,
A faithful friend we can't replace.

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The Princess and the Pimp

A preening promiscuous princess posed as "Penelope Prude."
With her poodle and parasol; well-perfumed, on Pine Street she stood.
A pompous pilfering pimp with a pink-painted poodle passed by.
He paused, popped his eyes, then approached while plotting to pounce and ply
the princess with persimmons and pearls, prepared to profit from her,
but Penelope quipped, “Poppycock! I’m a capitalistic entrepreneur!”

For john freeman's "Alliteration Poems Please Poetry Contest"

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For Foolish Fourth Wives 4 contest


Fordham Belfour, on 4th street, fell afoul of fabulous foreplay
Four minutes before he forgot to catch the 4:44
Fortunately his forgiving fourth wife
Fell for his foolish failure to perform

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Five Funny Fairies

Five funny fairies, Fond of fairy-cakes Flying far from fairyland, Foraging for food Five fairies feasted, on flowers full of fat Freesia, Fuchsia, Fairy-fluff, frosted with fig fudge Five fat Fairies, full of fairy food Floating back to fairyland, flying far from fast
Contest : Alliteration Poems Please 2nd Place

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The Q word

I felt qualm,
in the quagmire;
in a quandary
yes I quarreled,
as to mine
in this

In a quirk
the quip came:
“quiet the
of thine quixotic
out will come the

Suck on a slice of lemon, and I'd bet ya, 
that you can read this one !  
The definitions for the "Q" words are on just two pages 
in the dictionary ! Have fun dear poets !

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Six Simpering Thick-skinned Shifty Spinster Sisters

Six simpering thick-skinned shifty spinster sisters stiffly sit
Stitching sticky skid-marked scivvies of sixty sick stingy sailors.
Six sick from stitching scivvies of sixty sick scrimping sailors
Stickle over nickels; those insistent six thick-skinned spinster tailors!

For "the alliteration, nothing but sweet alliteration (must have alliteration in the title)"Poetry Contest of Nathan D

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Cleaning Sandcastle

                                        Soft sighing of tall Georgia pines
                                       Simmering stew bubbles on stove
                                       Sounds_scents envelope combine
                                      Sabotaged sage while she so strove
                                        To complete cleaning sandcastle
                                   Built in sand, shuttle there now scantle

In honor of John Freeman's
Alliteration Poems Please

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Wind Chimes

Wind chimes When ten thin tinkling tin things twinkle and tingle in the wind twinkling and tinkling the ten thin tin things make a tingling tintinnabulation of joy
The grandchildren think I’m off my head....

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Alliteration for an Old Goat


Buried under one oak in the old olive orchard, is the object of this Ode…

We are obliged to observe the occasion of one octogenarian's departure

This playboy professor proved to be pleasantly proficient in poetry

Writing the most wonderful, whimsical words, to willing, wealthy women

Fanciful words fell freely from feeble fingers, yet forming furrows in fed-up faces

Until too many wary, wealthy women watched him wither away from weariness… 


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Fickle Freddie

Freedom fighter Fickle Freddie's
forced to freefall on foe's field.
Freddie flirts with foe's fetching filly.
Fickle fighter falls to "friendly fire."

*Entry for Gwendolen’s Big Kid Tongue Twister”contest

(My friends think I'm crazy, but, yes, they did have some problems with all the "f" words.  LOL)

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`The 112th congress quibbles, fickle, frizzing, drizzle of dubious dribble, while we wait, …on the sick, fickle, trickle of dribble ,from their quibbles of fizzling sizzle. For and In Honor of Gwendolen Rix And contest: Big Kid Tongue Twister Challenge

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Pre Pumpkin Pie

Peter Pumpkin petted pink panthers' paws
Plastering purple push pins on pissed poetess
Producing panic in preheated porridge pot...

***Entry for Gwendolen’s  "Big Kid Tongue Twister” contest***

(My friends still display a twisted and  frozen smile... LOL!!! so the pie's for me)

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Banana Boat Bob

<                        Banana ~ boat ~ Bob ~ is ~ a ~ slippery..... Boob
                          Thought ~ that ~  this ~ town ~ lost ~ it's .... groove
                          No ~ spice  ~  no ~  life ~ no  .... nothing
                          Little ~ lost ~ boy ~ now ~ looks ~ for ~ his ~ Lucy's ....  ring

                          When ~ where ~ what ~ or ~ even ......  why
                          I'll ~ inquire ~ insist ~ innovate ~ or ~ even  ..... lie
                          His ~ history ~ of ~ having ~ such ~ big ....... hamstrings
                          Maybe ~ even ~ mighty ~ magical ~ musical ~ fruits ~ and .... greens

                         Or ~ having ~ big ~ over-sized ~ onions ~ olives  ~ and ..... Kiwi
                         screw ~ this ~ he's ~ scum  ~ skewered ~ tossed ~ back ~ to ... sea
                         Poor ~ precious ~ pretty ~  Lucy ~  got .......    pranked
                         Cause ~ curious ~ Bob ~ couldn't ~ control ~ love ~ so ~ he ....  sank


                        All ~ alone ~ and ~ now ~ very .... angry
                        Drowing ~ deep ~ in ~ own ~ do-do  ~ droppings .... whopie 
                        Luscious ~ Lucy ~ now ~ can ~ look ~ long ~ and ...... hard
                        For ~ another ~ fast ~ floating ~ free ~ salemens ~ not ~ selling.... lard

Entry For
Linda Marie's
Luscious Love Lingers Contest
G.L. All

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The BIG Event

Dangling diligently daring Debbie’s duos tries
Testing twin trapezes two ton Tony dies
did dangling Debbie dilgently try?

Comments from audience upon recitation.
"Meow" "Purrrrrrrrrrrrr"

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SNEEZING SOCKS ….. . .. .. . . . With petite purple pansies in her long and luscious locks Carly cleaned , creased , and darned her dirty, smelly socks, Her clover colored dress twirled around her fancy feet As apple –printed apron looked goody good enough to eat, With newly laundered laundry, billowing brightly in the breeze Oh, stray seeds from Carly’s socks, made her suddenly sneeze. © --------------- John Freeman’s Contest: Alliteration Poems, Please

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Salvation for a Stranger

The streets are busy with silence,
And Sammy is in his own little world,
Focused on his own private route.
His own secret place,
Private, it’s a funny word,
A funny word just like, secret,
Sometimes we fail to realize how we carelessly carry our secrets on our sleeve.
Sammy wants his feelings, emotions, his life to be hidden away,
Still, in the silence of the streets, 
I see the sadness and stress all over his stance.

The shops are packed with stillness,
And Sammy is doing his job, keeping stands tidy, 
Keeping customers happy,
Making his manager proud,
Happy, it’s a strange word,
A strange word just like proud,
Feelings for ourselves that we sacrifice for the satisfaction of strangers.
Sammy thrives on the temporary moods of others to determine his contentment,
Yet, in the stillness of the shops and the silence of the streets, 
I see the sadness and the stress all over his stance, 
In each fragment of his face.

Between the shops and the streets, 
Sammy finds a place that he can refer to as home,
But in the silence and the stillness of his slow beating heart,
He understands that something greater than his being is missing.
And Sammy needs a friend, a friend to show him the truth.
A friend to show him that in the stillness of the shops and the silence of the streets, 
He carries sadness and stress all over his stance, 
In each fragment of his face, and in each shy shift of each shoulder,
For one reason, and one reason alone. 
He’s missing one more word oozing sibilance, 
The one word that completes, this poem and will fulfill his life.


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  Winsome Wendy walked in winter's white
  Wondering when her window box wisteria would grow.
  Wintry wisps followed by winter's windstorm
  Wiped out her wonderful window work.

   Winsome Wendy wanted to whine
   "Without the wisteria, could winter be fine"?
    While still walking, Wendy happened upon Woeful Will
    Who worked without reward.

   Winsome Wendy withstood the wisecracks that
   Woeful Will had witlessly worded to her.
   Wendy's withdrawal, spurned the wishy-washy Will
   Which was witnessed by Watchful Ward.

   Winsome Wendy went to the windbreak
   Which Watchful Ward had wrought.
   Wincing in the wind of winter's weight
   Watchful Ward worded a simple warning to Wendy...

    "Watch out for the windchill".

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tongue twister

I am a sheet slitter, I slit sheets.  I’m the best sheet slitter that ever slit a sheet. (unknown)

The first time I tried this on someone, I got the bigest kick of of the fact that they didn't even know what they had said, until they looked back at the poem, then looked at me and said, "sleet s_itter?"

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Wanda Wages War At the Waldorf

Wednesday, while waiting for the waiter, wanting some waffles at the Waldorf,
a woeful, wimpy, wall-eyed Walter, 
witnessed a wicked, wanton woman (who was wearing a wacky wardrobe and 
wiggling her whoppers)
waddle in walking with her Welch terrior
winking, wooing with wily ways, 
wanting to weaken Walter’s willpower. Willing,.. Walter whistled
 as wife, Wanda, walked in. Well, Wanda walloped Walter with welter-weight wrath!!

Response :
Wonder when the workmen will wash Walter off the walls at the Waldorf?

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Tounge twister

Eight elephants ate eight eggs on Easter in England with eighty eight elves.

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Silly Sally Saved Several Ships contest

Silly sally sang so many silly songs,
Sometimes silly sally sang about secret storms,
 Suddenly silly sally sang about a sailing ship, 
Silly sally’s song saved several slips.

By: Sabina Nicole

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More Bounce Per Ounce

<            Betty Boop bought boyfriend Bimbo some basketballs to bounce 
              But being blind her boyfriend Bimbo bounced Betty Boop 
              Boy Betty Boop did boldly bounce bad

This Little Lady Is After My Own Heart
For No matter What She Does Wrong
Her Eyes Seem To Capture The One She Loves LOL
And Also One Of My Favorite Cartoons

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Alliteration in B

The blue ball bounced against the rubber baby buggy bumper.
Bobby Brown’s bright blue blazer matched Betty’s blue bloomers.
Baseball is business blessed beyond belief.
Brook’s brother boiled beetle bugs for breakfast.
The bow of the boat blocked the big barge.
Bill’s barrel belly button bares birthday bacteria.
Baboons beam beautiful ballads for bitter berry bush butter.
Bonnie’s buttons battle the bulge.

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Sweets for the Sweet

Tho' I might stumble, or stammer, or stutter a bit
I might shake while I sing you a love song or sonnet
I may silently swoon, or scatter my words
But seduce me a little, with sweet promise of splendor
And I will shower your sorrows with a sample of smooches..............SMACK, SMACK !!

For Adeleke Adeite's contest "unspeakable love"

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Becky Bubble Brown

Becky Bubble Brown builds a beautiful bungalow before
Beyonce Baker in buffalo boulevard.In buffalo boulevard
Becky Bubble Brown builds a beautiful bungalow before
Beyonce Baker;But Becky Bubble Brown got blown with
a bomb in her bubble bath.

*this is real tongue twisting~~Bubbling Becky Brown got blown with a bomb 
in her bubble bath.

Contest:"Big Kid Tongue twister"
Sponsored by Gwendolen
3rd place win

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Ravishing Rosie

Ravishing Rosie Redbud raced red roadsters rapidly down the roadside.
Racing recklessly, Rosie Redbud rammed Roger Reynold's red ranger, 
resulting in ruined wrecks and a raving, ranting Roger.

Ravishing Rosie wreaked havoc with tongues.
For Gwen's Tongue Twister contest

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Not for the finicky or fainthearted

My mind is experiencing a fastidious flatulence; slightly fiendish, and not for the
finicky or fainthearted. 
I fidget amidst it's fanatical far-fetched farce yet stand fearless, watching it's face
flounder in a foolhardy feeble-minded foible. 
With fervor I say farewell forever to it's festering, feverish fetish, as it's frantic
fiasco foams, flails and finally fails.

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Gabby Gertie garbles news.
Lusty Lester likes his booze.
Twixt the two, tall tales are told.
Seven salacious stories sold.
Tearful Tillie hides her face.
Loathsome lies lead to disgrace.

one of several no. 1s

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Bubbling bacon
basks on the bright blaze
blobs blow up, 
burning beautifically on coal beds

The bark below bothers me
as I lay back taking the bite:
the branch bears the burden
of my tired bones

*Just a note, this is basically a joke written to try and figure out a genre, not really a serious poem*

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That Sneaky Santa {Alliteration}

Sexy Sally saw Santa sneaking snacks
Cakes cookies coke cola  cold cuts
Belly bouncing busting buttons badly
Flop flop Fizz fizz  feeling full
looking like lazy lounge lizard
T.V. televised the terrible truth that
man made mistake mocking magic
while watching wild woman wander 

Happy Holidays To All


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Thirty Thrifty Thieves

Thirty thrifty thieves furtively foraged through their filthy things finding fifty thin forks
though the thieves find of fine thin frilly forks thriftily foraged failed to thrill

Thlipping Dithicult said the first
whos swolen tongue he nursed
The second thought it a trifle tricky
this can't be read as a quicky

Contest : Big Kid Tongue Twister Challenge

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  I'm a sheet slitter.  I slit sheets because 
  I'm the best sheet slitter that ever slit a sheet

Both people who read my twister had a large degree of difficulty saying the right words.  It was a real hoot to watch.  I still have a problem doing it unless I read it real slow and deliberate.

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Firecrackers (Alliterations)

In a pick pack boom a wonderful light in the sky
Beaming gleaming screaming people out in the street
Watching the parade of light danced, glanced tranced
Happy sappy snappy to watch the firecrackers so beautifully
Amazing as it make the sky lively sparkly wonderfully
It shone in the dark out in the park making the mark
A sign of celebration in a cloud nine look so divine
Graces in the space a part of beauty to embrace


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silly sally

Silly Sally sat on a stick smuthered with silly stickers.
The stick had six stickers smiling so silly.
Silly Sally stole a smelly sticker.
She had a soundly smile.
Silly Sally stamped her smelling sticker to her sad story,
So the story could smell soooooo sweet! 
Silly Sally, where is the story with the smelly sticker?

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Watch the Whiskey!

S weet smile, stretched so superbly circular
M akes mood mellow, Mary go make him some more!
E ighth extract gone in a blur
L ike Lady Lydia licking her liquor.
L ookout! Leaking lather loosing out of the Monsieur!!

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Weird Willy

Wacky Willie whittled while whistling weirdly
Widow Winnie winced at Willie's wacky whistling-
And wrecked Willie's weird wooden whittled whistle.......

Woefull winded grandchildren whooped with delight...
If you havent ...for the Tongue Twister contest...

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Many man are going mad
Just because Juno jumped
From haven,in from of a female
Men marvel
who won't want these women
They are treacherously tantalizing
Noble man navigating into their net
Capturing and charming
Lost in lust lid
Thanks to Them.....

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Two time tongue twister twisted two turns
Two turns twisted tightly torchered tongues touch
Two turns of tongue, twice, thrice
Thick tongue throbs in twisted torment.

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Tornadic Activity

Terrible tornados toppled trees tearing trenches through the terrain,
“Took my tonsils,” told Timmy Thompson, “like taking a tongue twister train.”

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play with words

cats crave catfish
people prepare pasta
animals anxiously await

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Strolling southern seashore in mists of September
searching for something set to stay,
her mind that meanders,
remarkable meters,
perplexing the phantoms at play.

Voices validating vague vagrant vocations
of poetry placed in parade,
with words waged in warring,
warning of the wheighman,
who knew you had dues left unpaid.

Before the seashore became her domain,
she’d wandered the wayside of pain,
locked in psychotic box
Doctor’s ticking clocks,
saying drain her poor brain once again.

Prefer sleep on the street keep her beat from defeat
she found sound vocation once more,
tourist response sterling,
shape sand to her seeing,
she sells sea shells, by the sea shore.

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I was born in Babylon
Everyday I want to be alone
I prayed not to get low
Everyday Babylon claim more soul
I just have to go, seek for more show
I grow with no shoes under my foots
Ganger is my food, 
Mosquitoes sing the reggae allover my room 
Webs block my views, killing my crews
What can I do to survive when am buzz

Where is that place to get crazy?
That place you cannot erase,
That camp with more space,
Where you don’t have to get late
That place where you just want to be free from
“Babylon” Babylon” Babylon…I want to be free

If there is a question, it should be about relation
My action will generate your reaction
Is substitution the way to be free from Babylon?
The game is always ON, grow horns like Capricorn
Cut the vegetables; let’s be able to be stable

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Big Busted Betty

Big busted Betty
Dressed her Double D’s
Using uplifting underwire
Creating a costume of cleavage 

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Peter's party

Peter put up potted plants on paths  and patted himself
Pasted posters on pitted  parts where people paid to pee
Praised and panned , through  pleas and plans, pots and pans he banned
Pipped  at the post in poles  and piqued, he put it all on press.

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Morning Mousie

‘Morning, mousie in the housie
Puss’s got the munchies
For yummy little crunchies –
You’d best be on your way

Rev ‘em up, your little pawses,
Cat’s relentless, never pauses
It’s just his nature and that’s because he’s
Been cravin’ mousie-pie all day

Little mouse, I’ve got a hunch
Puss-cat thinks your name is lunch
He’ll reduce you to a furry bunch
Of gristle, bones and clay

So, little rodent, if you’re smart
You’ll get yourself a good head-start
Pussie’s got his feline heart
Set on eating after play

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My Alliteration

Morose, mellow, and mysterious, my mind has made
An alliteration accented around random assets
Of ranting, riveting raves renewed
To try and tackle tiring thoughts 
Whilst wanting with wonder to withhold worn-out wittiness
Which can kind of, if continued, come out quite corny

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Thanksgiving Help Wanted

Help Wanted:

Posse of peelers
needed now
to trim tubers.
If interested inquire immediately.

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Winter Woe

Whispering winds of winter woe,
icy branches bend and bow,
catfish cradled in the mud,
winter waters slow their blood.

Scampering squirrels, fat & fluffed,
chasing, leaping, playing rough,
the birds are bent on staying warm,
surround the suet in a swarm.

Babs and Buster, canine friends,
stalk the squirrels who torture them,
they snort and sniff at gopher holes,
tormented by these mining moles.

In the western window, warm,
the felines flourish through the storm,
soon the sunshine's streaming in,
thus the cooking of cats begin.

Cloaked and covered, in cozy coats,
we wait for Spring with hallowed hopes,
to lay upon the dock again
and feel the sunshine bake our skin.

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Turkey in a Tailspin!

'Tis a twisted, tawdry tale !!
Poor Tom the Turkey is in a tizzy !!!
Tom's tongue is in a tangle, too terrified to talk !
Taunts and threats taking a toll
Tormented by a tip from tattle-tale townfolk
That Tom's in trouble!  Tom's time is ticking !!
Tom the Turkey so terribly tramautized !!
Trapped in terror....
Teary Tom is taking tranquilizers,
Tablespoons of tonics....
Trying to tame the tension and trepidation !
Tiptoeing through tall timber...
Trapezing through treetops !
Tongue-tied and tearfully trembling..
Taking tactics, trying not to tempt...
Those tyranical terriorists who torture and
Trace Tom's tracks...
Tom the turkey in a tailspin 
Told he's targeted for termination !!...
Tagged to be Thanksgiving treats and tidbits...
A tasty trophy topping Thanksgiving tables !!
This tale, this traversty, truely terrible !!
                TRAGIC !!!!

              !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!               !!
                !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!               P
                   !!!!!!!!!!!                L
                      !!!!                  E
                      ^^                H
                       0          <<<
                  xx      xx


Revised for Donna Golden's "Turkey Tribute Contest

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Garage Sale Score

Written for the tongue twister challenge


Aunty acquired an
antique armoire
for her red-leather yellow-leather
Unique New Yorker, she!

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Democrats or Republicans

Tonight we will see two parties debate
On the issues of this great country
Issues that are to not overrate
One side's mascot is the donkey

While the other's is the elephant
One side's color is blue
While the other's is red
And what they have to say will rock you

One side believes in gun control
While the other despises abortion
And it is both of the party's goal
To crush their opponent into dust

It is the Democrats against the Republicans
And they will fight to the brink
Until their enemy surrenders
Or they simply cannot think

Who will win this debate?
Who will win this fight?
I guess if you want to find out
Tune in to find out at 8 P.M. tonight

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Big Beautiful Bananas
Soft Sweet Succulant
Eat Edible Enjoy
Sandwich Shake Split

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Random Reasoning

Wow what words woven where wit was working!!

Well written words while I wondered what to write...weally wonderfully witty!

Two bees or
not two bees
that is the difference in 
and life!

Really random rantings
Rouse right reasoning
Reread and rear
Reason in season.

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Skinny Nick hid a jar of roasted peanuts;
a jar of roasted peanuts Skinny nick hid. 
If Skinny Nick hid a jar of roasted peanuts,
who found the jar of roasted peanuts Skinny Nick hid?

*My readers like this Nursery Rhyme,
because they love peanuts like
Skinny Nick did.

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Drunk Boy and the Hungry Cat

A boy named Bill began boiling the blood of a black cat
A cat called Claudia who came for his food
Fiesty and ferocious was the feline that was famished
And generous and glorious was a girl named Greta
Who gave good guidance, and made good feta
For the family, and the feast, and the feline she fed
But behold, Bill, her brother became belligerent and beastly
Who wallowed in his whiskey, and went as wild as western warriors
Went for the knife, and knew that he could kill the kitty
Who meowed and mourned for the milk in his mother's oh my
To tell the truth, Tommy the tiny toddler took a tormenting turn from Bill and 
begged him to stop
Stop the staggering stunt of a stupid man
A man who mainly managed to make a mistake with the putty tat
Who purred and persuaded poor people to provide its dinner daily
Devilish and demanding and greedy was the glistening ghoul
With evil eyes and ebony fur that fluttered up when frightened for
Bill blacked out, and butchered the bad stray
Startled were his sisters, and sobbing were their sons
Bad Bill became bluntly crazy and crashed the cozy party
Partly for the poison he pumped in his brain
A bottle of brandy, and a bottle of whiskey
Willing to worship the wit of a worm
Shameful and shattered was his share

To be continued....... 

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Glad,hedonistic lad;
Delighting in delectations,
Amusing affectations,
Posturing pretension
with ogling ostentation!

Professing pleasure seeking
Confessing,leisure leaning.
Reputation so revealing,
Passe peer appealing!

Superficial and artificial;
Pleasure without measure.

Sad,sad,sad ! Hedonistic lad!

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Weighty Wanda

When weighty Wanda 
Discussed her dreadful diet 
She sarcastically said
Easy! I eat everything I eyeball

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A storm's revving up in the Gulf
somewhere.  The screen door
slaps in a security lapse.  Back yard
furies (from the pen of The Bard)
strike up the band with a caveat

that's seldom been heard.  A small 
lake turtle lifts his garden hose
head to a once-tranquil surface
transformed into dread, and I, Dona
Quixote, go to fence with an owl

Who-who's out of his element
on a neighboring dock, but closer
inspection reveals no college professor,
just an owly imposter, a quasi-
transgressor chiseled from rock

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The postures of politicians,
a plausible,polite pretence,
persuasive,parleying portents;
Vain and vacuous,verily
void of verity ,in victory
ever evasive,elusive
and endlessly exhilerant;
So patronisingly perfect
with an ever-ready excuse,
an expert at everything,
except at telling-the-truth !

We have a General Election in the Uk this Spring.

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Girl Girl Girl

Whether we wander wistful
whether we wander wise
we waltz wedding’s waltz; whenever
whatever weather
we’ll wriggle with wishful wives

Wind wispy willow
willy-nilly we’ll whirl 
we’ll widdle we’ll weave; whenever 
whatever weather
we'll waltz with wedding's wench

Well worthy we writers
who with words wrench

Finishing Line Press.  Book FAREWELL TO THE DUST, by C. S. Leaf avalible March 2008

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Movie Anyone

Zesty zippy zombie sat checking out the Yummy yuppie Yankee that was wiggly 
wishy washy but wealthy as he could be. And even so vary vainly vaguely unfree. 
Till one day, a Tuesday I believe, the tiny twiggy twenty year old named Tracy Tori 
Tory was watching the toothy toughie trickster zombie sitting under the thistly 
thorny thickly ugly tree, watching our Yankee. Now strangely she was a strongly 
sturdy sweetie, and sweetly but swiftly suavely went to see the Yankee to let him 
know of the scummy squirmy spooky zombie checking him out under the seedy 
shaggy shabby little tree. Now to show his appreciation he was really ready to 
rarely ask this queenly quirky quaintly lady to promptly go purely proudly puddle 
popping on their way to a preppy peachy pearly pastry bar with oddly the only 
oldie oozy pastries in the nutty nightly nearly neatly town of Nietzsche where 
monthly a mystery mushy movie played. Since they were both loony lofty lefty 
laddie and lady and lastly the lengthy lively lovely movie was about to play, he 
keenly kindly knightly ask her in a jolly jiggly juicy way if she was iffy itchy 
interested in this imaginatively happy haughty history movie. Well in her giggly 
giddy goofy funny funky flirty easy earthy earthly duly dizzy ducky cutely cuddly crazy 
bubbly briskly bravely aussie arty amply way, said …….. NO!

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Ok I have never heard of alliterations…….. And was wondering if words like 
abbey, acme, and acne would go along with alliterations …  and just maybe the 
meaty mossy messy mold at the mucky muddy murky waters of the slightly 
slippery sloppy backwaters were on the right track of this choicely choosy classy 
way of expressing earthlings eating elephants in the early evening with a 
beautiful sunset easily edging ending a really nice time and how do they all 
come together and not torture the toddler that is tougher than the trader tracking 
the tractor up the tower with the trainer  trotting with the trooper right behind 
looking for the treasure and the traitor trekking with the trucker loosing his 
trousers while trolling in the backwater. , I thought even if it isn't it is different.

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Lions and Lollipops

The lively lion liked lollipops.
He loved to eat and lick his chops.
But when he looked like eating me,
I ran to climb the tallest tree.

"Leo," I said, "don't climb up here."
He sias,"I can't, dear sir,
I'm filled with fear of high places
I never venture."   He smiled
And showed his pearly dentures.

"Come down," he said, " and we'll have a party."
I simple replied,"Don't be upset
If I am tardy and if I remain healthey and hardy."

"I won't be sad, just very hungry."  And thus Leo
walked away with lollipops all sticking out
Of hungry chops.

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Read This Fast!

So we’re going on a picnic with the pygmy, Pixie Poggly, being the quirky queenly 
quaintly quickly person she is and her friend a raunchy rascal reverently named 
Andy Bailey. As you remember he was in the Aussie army association, barely 
battling the banshee that were bawdy blackly bloody in the boggy boundary briefly 
in the outback, and lets not forget pixie’s perky prominent pal that is a bossy, 
bluntly, brainy, bookie, breathing brashly, balmy, bits of boogie bookie chatter to 
all the cheery, choicely, chunky crowd around his choosey, cheesy, cheaply 
choice of chummy spots, and in his coarsely cocky way, he coyly clamors crafty 
creepy words that really don’t say what they needs to say, but confuses even the 
gentle, ghostly, gaudy, gawky, gabby, gypsy genie down in the gaily, gabby, 
ghastly valley town called Gatsby. I hear even Fatty Fannie the fancy, fleecy, 
flimsy, flowery, and foxy maiden that has her doggie, “Dotty” watching her dreamy, 
dressy, downy, dowry. And to make things easier Pixie’s dumpy daffy deafly, dinky 
donkey named Dixie is going to carry all the supplies, and we are going to the 
daffy damply dainty little dairy where the daisies  grow daily in the deeply densely 
droopy grasses next to the hay, and it sounds like it will be a giddy, giggly, goodly, 
goofy, goosey, grabby good grammar in all its Grammy award wining grandeur 
Parts of this poem were copied from another poem that I cannot display here, but 
that I did write, it is called “The Picnic” and I thought this would be some fun 
reading for all here.

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A Poem of No Purpose Done for the Sake of Writing

Dry skin caused by frozen winter winds
Caused by over washing
Too much caution given to cleanliness
The rough ridges distinctly defined
Will soon go away with care and time
These epidermal deserts
Are greatly in need of an oasis
Some lotion for lubrication
To make the redness in the deserts turn to tan
And now I wonder, why?
Why am I writing about my hands?

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Is It Soup Yet?

Peristalic pangs percolate
rumbling grumbling groans of,
"Feed me!  Feed me!"

Chocolate chomping 
does not curtail the hollow hollering,
"Real food!  Real food!"

A clock controls the
dashing diner of
lunch munch, breakfast break,
or dinner for a spinner
out of this humongous hunger.

A platinum plate if you please
piled provocatively
with a sprawling spread
of vital vittles ASAP.

Ring the bell
grant grace sublime
its time to eat
enough of this rhyme!!

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They say it's all a big mystery
Of how the human race began
To me, it's all ancient history
Who cares if apes evolved into man?
I know that I sure don't

They say that there's missing tapes
From the scandal called Watergate
How can there possibly be?
So many lies, theft, and hate
In the Land of the Free

They say that there's life outside of the universe
That aliens go everywhere from Pluto to the Sun
I guess it's this country's curse
For thinking that there's actually a place called Area Fifty-One
Could this country be anymore dumb?

They say that this country's about to have a revolution
You can either sit there
And blame it all on evolution
Or you can do something fast

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Watch Your Money (or Fun Comes With a Price)

A finder’s fee for finding their fill
Provided me some time to kill
The fee fully was so fair
As I had money to burn and time to spare

A sweet sexy sensational senorita
Made me think I had to meet her
With her hands all over, there was a cost
The money I had, is now all quite lost

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Tiny Timmy

Tiny Timmy

Today Tiny Timmy tries to talk. Terry Thomson tells Timmy that talking is too 
tough for a two-year-old. Tony Thomson tells Terry not to tell Timmy that. Tammy 
Tilson tells Tony, Terry and Tiny Timmy that Tinseltown has two tall towers, 
Tinseltown Toy Tower and Tinseltown Trinket Tower. Tammy tells Tony that 
there's a Two-Year-Old talking translator there. So Tiny Timmy, Too-Tall Terry, 
and Talkative Tony travel to Tinseltown. While traveling, Tony talked to their 
Treasurer, Tommy. Tommy told them to talk to Tina. Tina told Tony to travel 
tirelessly. Then, during the Thomsons travel, Tina traveled too. At Tinseltown, 
Terry taps a tambourine, Tony talks to a toucan, Tina throws a truck, and Timmy 
traverses to the trinket tower. Then he finds the two-year-old talking translator. It 
translated to this,”Why does this poem have so many T's?”

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Cranbery Float (part3)

Can you feel the awe in the air
caressing all with it's range
catering to the joys of this earthly paradise
created in the mind of it's author
care free children frolicking to and fro
capturing the sun in a tall glass of juice to sweeten it more
cranbery floats are best on these days

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Summer sultry sweat
Sends sea-dwellers,
Seeking some solace,
Satiating some.
Simply satisfying!
So, succumbing,
Seems so seductively soothing,
Simply stated!

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On seven hills, 
In seven countries,
Seven brides were set to wed
Seven grooms,
Not seven brothers,
Though all sevens’ fathers were all dead.
Seven maids 
And seven ushers,
Each stood seven and a half foot tall.
Seven priests
Seven services
Seven “I dos”, on brides lips fall.
Seven honeymoons,
Seven flights
Each couple went for seven nights.
Seven Minutes
In Seventh heaven
For seven sessions of pure delight.

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Yellow Fellar

Poor beautiful yellow snail just enjoying sitting on the railroad rail
So sleek in God's design
Moving so slowly just sliding, slipping along
Here comes the morning train
Well, it won't be very long

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gurgle coo;
then cry.

peal and crash.

roar ,rage
toot,hoot whistle;
cheer and yell.

zing and ring
hiss,moan and groan;
then kiss.