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Acrostic Water Poems | Acrostic Poems About Water

These Acrostic Water poems are examples of Acrostic poems about Water. These are the best examples of Acrostic Water poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Bridge Over Troubled Waters

If finding yourself means going it alone, You shouldn’t—a fact that is painfully plain. Need is a naturally human bemoan, A collaboration helps you remain, a Friend to those who also have needs to atone. I'm clearing a path, a push straight ahead, Sailing stress free in my life stem to stern. Right where I should be, clarity widespread, Behind me no wake or substantive churn. Like all things in life from which one must glean, A period of time flowing under Bridge where it is swept quite far out to sea, Over vastness like far distant thunder Troubled and troubles, mere seconds they flee Water healing life’s fires placed asunder. I promise you one fact I now cherish Will power alone is power itself, so Ease your mind with the faith you’ll not perish Your success assured, fear placed on the shelf Mind over matter, peace you’ll inherit. © David Wegman 2014 Submitted for Roy Jerden’s Poetry Contest: “Bridge Over Troubled Water - Word Acrostic”

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Wedding In Cana

W hen a wedding took place
A t Cana in Galilee
T he mother of Jesus said to Him
E very wineskin is empty
R emember the story from long ago

I nto the ceremonial pots* water was poured
N ot wine but just plain water to wash hands and feet
T o clean away the dirt(sin) of the world
O ut came wine(His blood) a New Covenant

W ine to cleanse away all sin
I nto the ceremonial pots* water
N ew wine, great wine, the best wine came out
E ternal love, grace, salvation _Eternal Life came in  

Ceremonial Pots were pots that contained water 
for washing away the dirt of the world or the 
sin that the Jewish people came in contact _
Remember Jesus washing their feet..
The water = the law
The Wine= allegory or metaphoric language to speak of His shedding of His blood on Calvary or of drinking His Blood at the Passove
or in our communion of today...

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Bridge Over Troubled Water

If you are sad or are lonely
You will need a helping hand
Need friends to gather around you
A cry of help I will answer
Friend is what you will always be
I'm sailing through rough waters
Sailing to you fast as can be
Right now I can feel your sorrow
Behind you leave your problems now 
Like they never had existed
A problem shared is halved
Bridge's are there to help you cope
Over time you will learn and grow
Troubled mind will then be at ease
Water flows washing them away
I will help carry your burden
Will support and ease your passage
Ease and peace will flow over you
Your time is now not tomorrow
Mind set free to flow like water


written by Shadow Hamilton

Contest: Bridge Over Troubled Water

sponsor Roy Jerden

I have sat at the table in the pub where this song was written there is a plaque
on the wall commemorating this wonderful song and a view of the river as it rushes 
past in turmoil you can also see the bridge from the table they used.

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                                    Sitting comfortably at my veranda on sunny day
                                Yet my heart still searching and longing for something
                                    Thinking of the cool blue water splashing nearby
                                Makes me decide to take a deep and refreshing plunge 

                                                                July 20, 2013
                                   For Adam Hapworth “CAPTCHA ACROSTC” contest

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Bridge Over Troubled Water

If at any time in your life
you feel the desire and the
need for someone to be
a source of comfort and a
friend in all situations

I'm always around for you
sailing on the waters of life
right through the darkest hour just
behind you in fair or foul weather

Like a log on the river banks I will be
a path across for you just like a
bridge stretched from bank to bank
over the raging turbulent river
troubled by the wind churning the
water into a mass of liquid fury

I am right there at your side and 
will always be there for you to
ease all of your burdens and
your fears and to comfort your
mind to peace and tranquillity

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Spaceship (acrostic with rhyme)

Spend your hard-earned cash on fuel for takeoff.
Pray that the government does not find out until gone.
Allow your free time for checking weather, not golf.
Case the local food store for dry goods you can con.
Evaluate your water supply needs, no water in cosmos.
Secure a safe place for waste, body waste floats to easy.
Have welding knowledge, so your stored rocket is close.
Internet may bring suspicion making government queasy.
Plan to go up straight in the air, horizontal rockets scare.

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Bridge Over Troubled Water

B  ridge Over Troubled Water...
R  ealizing I am not above trouble...
I  am human to a fault...
D ecisions in life to be crossed...
G  od knows my life stands at the alter...
E  ternity is my bridge over troubled water...

O  ver Troubled Water...
V  ictory in the mist of my troubles...
E  ven when I make the same mistakes...
R  ivers of troubled water will take place...

T  roubled Water...
R  eality sinks in, through the flow of the river...
O  nly that can be seen, by the unseen eye...
U  nderneath the bridge there lies...
B  eneath the waters that flow...
L  ies awaiting the answer to our call...
E  very decision that can be made over...
D  ecides our destiny through troubled waters...

W  ater...
A  s clear as the answer to our troubles...
T  akes us on to a new life...
E  ternity, forever illuminated by the living Christ...
R  ealizing that He is the answer to, Bridge Over Troubled Water... 

By:  Cinda M Carter

Contest...Bridge Over Troubled Water



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Niagara Falls

N ever ending water cascading continuously down

I ncredible beauty nestled in a small quaint town

A lways bustling,  a town that rarely does not sleep

G ambling at casino. will you jump for joy or weep

Arm in arm couples walk and gaze at the wondrous view
R ediscovering their love, they cherish each other anew

A magic mist fills the air as it crashes into the gorge below

F rom far and wide people visit to see the fascinating water flow
A mazing rainbows are seen quite often,  a  sight to behold

L isten to the roaring waters and let this natures beauty enfold

L ively shows at the many theatres are guaranteed to beguile

S top by for a visit I guarantee this town will make you smile


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a boy is boating on the yellow river 
singing songs and praising the nature 
singing loudly and thanking the creator 
woods are there beside the river 
the boy must be human race and woods, rivers are all nature 
the still water is not still now 
a seven headed snake 
is chasing underneath the water 
the body was dark and seven heads symbolize seven sins that are devils graces 
oh the boy is unware the snake 
like we and our fate 
wake up o' little soldier,u have to win 
against darkest nature

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River Rapids


R- Riding in a raft, heart racing, water splashing.
I- Intense situation, always careful, of any crashing.
V- Voyage underway, up and down is the motion.
E- Extreme class 6, dangerous magic without a potion.
R- Rock splats, load the back, warning signs are flashing.

R- Regulations, Qualifications, essential things to know.
A- Alluring, addicting, as the excitement starts to grow.
P- Pirouette executed, avoiding obstacles in the way.
I- Incoherent unaware, of the prices that you`ll pay.
D- Dangerous waters, unforgiving, but curious in your mind.
S- Scary tension starts to mount, as the time starts to wind.

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Bridge After Bridge

If the days seem too long to bear
You should call on God, he is always there.
Need someone to talk to?
A person who you know will always be true?
Friend, talk to jesus, he will deliver you

I'm struggling with doubt and sorrow
Sailing through this world is harder than I thought it would be
Right in front of me lies tomorrow 
Behind me are the mistakes, always taunting me
Like the seprent did to Eve 
A woman was walking, searching for "The Healer"
Bridge after bridge she crossed, with no one there to help her
Over and over she fell, growing weaker with every step
Troubled with her sin, she wondered, will God's promise be kept
Water! She found water, and the Master was waiting, and into his arms, the woman lept.

I am the Lord your God, and I'm so glad you found me.
Will I heal you? Of course, my child. 
Ease your mind, little one. Your soul is now set free
Your heart has been hurt and you've been sick for a while
Mind you, I'm your father. I've been with you, mile after mile.

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We drink it and use it for many things. It’s as
Ancient as the dinosaurs. We drink and use
The same water that they consumed. The water cycle is an
Ever going process that
Reuses water in all three forms.

wrote 2-2-10

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The Stream left the Mountain.......
Left The Magic Fountain..........
Through rocks ,small
Through rocks ,tall
It became a waterfall

Such Water,gave to all....
Such magic...........
tumbling stream
Part of the dream.........
The Water continued to fall

The Stream of Sighs..........
Flowed through the Whispering Trees
Here the beauty lies.........
What the love ,sees

The Water gleamed
For, all it touched........
Glowed brighter
Grew taller
Flew higher.............
So it seemed...........

The Moon glowed
The Stream flowed
Soft rippling into the night
How it gleamed in the Moonlight
The Trees Whispered
The Stream sighed
Such Magic it couldn't hide

The Waters reached the Castle well
The Stream of Sighs...........
The Waters fell
The Faeries could tell...........
for, they were wise.........
In waters that did dwell,
in Truth and Love,
from the mountain high above