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Acrostic Rain Poems | Acrostic Poems About Rain

These Acrostic Rain poems are examples of Acrostic poems about Rain. These are the best examples of Acrostic Rain poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Summer Rain


Soothing and calming is this summer downpour,
Under the tin roof of my gazebo I listen to the score;
Murmuring and whispering in my sadly drooping garden,
Musical, the lovely dulcet melody of utter abandon;
Ebbing and fading and then rebounding loudly,
Reprising again a thunderous and soulful song proudly.

          Rhapsodic and exuberant the pulsing sortie,
               Absolute and utter is my repose so completely;
                     Impressive and dramatic the swaying foliage,
                           Nourished and totally free is my spiritual sage.

June 21, 2014

Acrostic (Rhyming)

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Summer Rain

Standing on the sidewalk,
Underneath the trees,
My ears can hear it talk,
Murmuring with the breeze,
Every drop hits the street,
Running in it's own way,

Raining down it's own beat,
A song it just wants to play,
I can feel their dancing feet,
Near mine on a summer day.

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Your Eyes

 (Dedicated to Folake)

Your eyes, woman
are like twilight rainbow
amorously bearing aloft passions of mine
toward androcytic ecstacy.
They tell of endless lights.

Night skies clarion the warmth of you
keep me balled-up till
i am tilted to your adorned essence.

May I call up words to adore you,
agglomerate them into a panoply of worshippers
unsandalled before you
like Moses at the burning bush.
And now you seem to fall asleep
but you tell me it's the heavy night
bidding toward a sunny dawn
wherein our love is lighted.

Slowly I let you fall asleep
impatient with the long night
waiting to gaze once more
into the eyes of my lovely love.

Then a lip is placed on yours
and you rouse up wide-eyed
smiling at my romantic move.
We enjoyed the night, cruising on.

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Run down the tears
A weeping  mother
In  absence of her son Sun 
Never ending  sorrow 

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Under My Umbrella

U nder My Umbrella,
N eeding protection and relief.
D etermined in life to be made complete.
E verlasting Father,
R endering my life underneath, Your cover.

M y Umbrella,
Y our mercy granted through God's, Son.

U mbrella,
M ade to use for my own protection in sunshine or rain.
B eneath the shadow of my umbrella there remains,
R easons the umbrella is simply unique.
L ovely for a sunny day, made complete.
L ong days of rain or in the days of sun rays.
A dds to a day, Under My Umbrella...Under the shadow of His wings.  

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Summer Rain

Sounds of tiny tap dancers atop my tin roof.
Umbrellas and goloshes cast aside.
More tempting to children than candy or ice cream;
Mud puddles to splash in have arrived.
Earthlings so grateful, a powerful thirst had begun.
Relief from a long, parching summer sun.

Run-offs to falling ponds, giving to rise;
Aquatic creatures there sing to the skies.
Ignighting our senses when a whiff is obtained;
Nothing like the smell of a fresh summer rain.

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Summer Rain

Softly the pitter patter starts,
Until it starts to pour.
Making grass and gardens grow
More and more and more.
Everything is now refreshed.
Rain washes over all.
Rays of sun peek through the shower
As we watch the raindrops fall.
Inside we wait for it to quit
Not really minding it a bit.


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Spectacular sight we saw the coming rain
Under the Hall's bridge our goal was plain
Masterpiece from Heaven, raindrop bliss
Marvelous setting for our first kiss
Every part of me enjoyed that storm
Rain soaked kids, our love was born

Remembering that day from long ago 
August heat met Heaven's show
In the summer time, rain speaks to me
Never will forget that day you set me free

Contest: Francine's Summer
Date: 6-29-14

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Refreshing, rejuvenating crystal clear 
Always welcome to water our gardens
I love walking in the warm summer rain
Need an umbrella or a rainproof coat
Deluge of water can take us by surprise
Really love the freshness after the rain falls
Often we moan but we can’t do without the rain
Precious diamond drops refresh our soils again
Sunshine after the rain and a glorious rainbow brightens the sky

Jan Allison
20th June 2014

~awarded 3rd place~

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Rainy days, overcast skies
Always dark and dreary
Immersed in so much madness
Nature's way of cleansing
Your world of all its sadness

Days like these remind us of  
Angst and so much sorrow 
Yet grateful in the knowledge the 
Sun will shine tomorrow

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Dancing Raindrops

D   Daisy plays, and Violet bathes in a sudden evening rain                       
A   Anointed too, is Rosie's face, with every gentle drop       
N   Narcissus squeals with laughter, too, and sings a sweet refrain      
C   Crickets dance, wear plaid berets, and do a Celtic hop! 
I    In the mud we’ll find two weeds, they flop about a lot!
N   Nanny Mum, and Granny Plum , play banjos in the band
G   Gardenia's cheeks are white and sleek, she scrubs from end to end
R   Rabbits hear the jubilee, and from their holes they pop
A   A squirrel or two, come down the tree, where all the fuss began
I    In spite of fear, the little mouse, looks out to see what’s up
N   Nearby, the cat, just waves his hat, allows the mice some fun!
N   Now dogs join in, start chasing cats, they splash, and play like kids
R   Rainbows fill the evening sky, where now the sun peeks in 
O   Overhead, the clouds are tinged, in greens, and blues and reds
P   Pretty is the world tonight, refreshed, and smelling good
S   Softly now the pitter-pat upon on the evening’s hood

Submitted for PD's Acrostic Contest:7/3/14

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S oon the rains fall to replenish mother earth
P lanting beauty for all it's glorious worth
R enewing life and splendor so very divine
I n step with Nature and God's holy shrine
N ew life bursting ever magnificently forth
G iving relief from cold winds from the North

S tarting billions of new lives serving us all
H eaping green all over this very precious ball
O nly this can replenish fruits of mother Earth
W hen the soil needs sweet liquid to gift birth
E ach drop serves to maintain Nature's firm grasp
R oaring down with each promise so dearly in clasp
S hifting fertile soil like a very finely honed rasp

Robert J. Lindley, 06-15-2014

Francine Roberts 
Contest Name ,  Summer Acrostic,  1)Spring Showers , 2) Summer Rain,

3)Morning Breaks 4) On the Beach, 5) Vacation Time 6)Summer Sunset

7) The Sun's Rays 8) Summer Moon....
Pick one of these for your acrostic
 and post the form as acrostic (even if it's also a rhyme) and also use
 it as your poems title.

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My Best Rain Poem

Mountains feel its cascade.
Yesterdays remember its destruction.
Blossoms drink its delightfulness.
Estuaries enliven effervescently.
Sunshine shimmers during sprinkles.
The freedom of rain exhilarates.

Rainwater refreshes.
Acclimates the atmosphere.
Invigorates the soul.
Nurtures all that lives.
Precious precipitation,
Omnipotent and cyclical,
Entices excitement.
Merrily mizzling..

© July 16, 2011
Dane Smith-Johnsen

Written for Poetry Soup Member Contest: best RAIN poem 
Sponsored by: ¥ Destroyer ¥ Poet

Note: mizzling - definition of mizzling by the Free Online Dictionary ...
To rain in fine, mistlike droplets; drizzle. n. A mistlike rain; a drizzle. [Middle English misellen ...

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B_ Balm of sun behind clouds
L_  Leaves singing long and loud
E_  Enemy heat and drought gone
S_  Summer's fury had lingered on
S_  Signs of blessings pouring down
I_   Inviting coolness and rain sounds
N_  Now can once more enjoy porch's
G_  Greatness without fear of sorch
S_  In just a few hours, gone is torch

We have had temperatures of high 90's 
with heat indexes of over a 100..Some 
days 110..The rain has been scarce and 
when it rained was 1/2 inch or less..
Praise God for the rain and the cooler air..

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The Rain Fell

The rain fell
Splattering upon my open face
Mixing with the tears 
Dripping, trickling down my neck
As if the stars above were weeping too
As if someone above was crying along with me
Helping my tears to fall.

The rain fell
Washing away the world
Taking with it the pains
And the horrors and wounds 
As if we were being given a second chance
As if we were to be set back to the beginning 
To start over.

The rain fell
Wails splitting the skies 
Clouds rushing across the blackness
Stars blurred, covered
As if everything were running away
As if something was chasing it all away
A memory, maybe.

And I still stood there
In the middle of it all
Raindrops and tears running together free 
Watching, crying, letting go

A new start, something told me
A chance to heal the hurts and bruises
To clear salted tears
And wipe everything away

And maybe, after it’s all over
I’ll be back at the beginning
Laughing this time, smiling
Thanking the stars above, 
Thanking the someone above
For this new chance
This new start

But for now, 
Just for now,

The rain fell. 

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when the clouds turn gray the sky turns dark there’s no running because the rain doesn’t have eyes unlike the hills the rain can’t see more like cupid it is blind 
when it rain everyone is getting  wet rain doesn’t care if your white black or even a mocha frappe it doesn’t care if your rocking the new Jordan’s and that your hair just been tortured by chemicals and that you wore that new I love pink jogging suit that he really likes 
rain doesn’t discriminate unlike that next door neighbor who watches your every movement because in their mind the darker the skin the more sticker the fingers are 
Rain dosent stop because you decide to **** the world and be  who you want  cause no one else matter 
Rain doesn’t fall upon those with lighter or darker skin  it isn’t racist unlike that store clerks  who guards who watches Hispanics because he know there history of sneaking in and out why can we be more like nature more like the rain 

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Summer rain

Summer rain

S ummer rain is beautiful
U nending sun’s, no good at all
M ind gets stale, when it’s too dry
M e, I Iove the rain, do I
E ndless heat is terrible
R ain makes life more beautiful

R ain comes down, and makes folk happy
A ustralians they get quite snappy
I n our summers harsh and hot 
N o rainfall, well most like this, not.

28 June 2014 @ 1140hrs.

Written for Francine Roberts 'Summer acrostic'

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Summer Rain

Summer rage, Sun at its zenith,
Umbrellas galore in vivid colours,
My skin gets tanned and parched,
Munificent , passion steams up in abeyance,
Enchanting showers we yearn for,
Respite from enigmatic heat is still far off !

Rain, Summer rain take us by surprise,
All of us writhe as intense heat waves rise,
In your embrace , fury is certain to tranquilise ,
Neglect scorches the most, cravings vaporise !

Written on 18/6/14
Contest- Summer Acrostic
Sponsor- Francine Roberts

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Summer Rain

Sky seems heavy today
Up on the hills the clouds gather
Musical chimes begin to sing 
My garden could use a soaking!
Enormous drops begin to fall

Rhythm of the rain of the roof
Air begins to freshen
Impulse to walk in the rain, but I
Nod off in the porch swing

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The rain starts to fall again

Today began much like any other day
Help for above must be on the way
Everything seems to get soaked by the rain
Realizing the sorrow it erases the pain.

Anything can happen I’m living proof
Inside I stay dry sheltered by the roof
No one can hear me, so what good are the words
Sounds so familiar like you’ve heard it before.

Too many emotions seem to get in the way
Against all odds I still arrive at today
Retreating to only gain the ground once again
To you, my love, I shall always send.

Some people come in soaked from the rain
Totally washed out, nothing was gained
Only the rain really knows for sure
Followed by sunshine it feels like a cure.

All of the pieces of the puzzle are in place
Leaving it behind just to join in the race
Losing it all and then starting over again
Answers I don’t know yet remember when.

Ghosts from the past come from out of the fog
Air is quite heavy saturated with smog
Inside the rain can’t get to me
No one shall know what the future may be.

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In the Way of the Storm

As the rain descended,
            the floods came, the
Winds blew, and the stream beat vehemently upon a house; but
It fell not.  It could not even be
Shaken because it was not founded upon the
Earth, but upon a Rock.
           The foundation was laid deep, and the 
Man who built the house dwelt safely for considering that the
Assaying would come, he heard and took precaution, and
Nothing of his household was lost.
           But there was another man who seemed right in his way,
And the rain descended,
           the wind blew, the 
Floods came, and the stream beat vehemently upon his house, and at
Once, it fell:  and great was the fall
Of it.  It was laid upon the earth, and the 
Labor that was labored in it was in vain.
It was built with no foundation ans was easily
Shaken by the violent winds and waters, so the
House, moved by the torrents, collapsed,
           and destruction was the end of the 
Man who built the house for considering not that the 
Assaying would come; he heard and took not precautionm, and 
Nothing was left of his household but ruin.