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Acrostic Nature Poems | Acrostic Poems About Nature

These Acrostic Nature poems are examples of Acrostic poems about Nature. These are the best examples of Acrostic Nature poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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F eeling enraptured, Autumn dances in the wind, then undresses.
A s bright robes fall to the ground, her passion paints the twilight skies.
L ike a nymph, she beckons, tossing her fiery auburn tresses.
L ongingly she sighs - September’s bliss lingering in her eyes.

I ndian summer days come; then they go.
N ights though chill, embrace her in indigo.

L ater, in November, her sweetness wanes.
O ctober cannot stay forever loving her.
V acantly she gazes through freezing rains.
E ndearments whispered - cease - when Fall loses ardor.

for the Romantic Acrostic Poetry Contest of Regina Riddle

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Alien Feet

ALIEN                             -NOT-                               HUMAN

Alien life form---                               ---Far from human toucH
Living among it self---                  ---In the heavens like a gurU
Intelligence kept from civilization------Scientist call it a phantoM 
Earth remains alone---                            ---Like a secret ninjA 
NASA's top secret---                           ---You are not humanN

BY:SKAT                              .                                   BY;PD

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Lily Of The Valley

Light searches softly for me down here in the loamy dark;
I offer my awakening self to the vast blue canvas of sky.
Leaves filter a soft sigh of air through trees
yielding their branches to the balmy, blossom-swirling breeze.

Open me gently to promises that still pulse in me, let me
feel the sweet green unfurling of hope and possibility.

Turquoise murmurings of water seep into my scented skin.
Hear me as my floral notes begin to sing of a happy return of spring;
efflorescing in sun-gold streams and trembling sunbeams.

Valleys sling their green hammocks between the hills
and pale fingers of light slide softly under my lucent skin.
Lucid memory will return again: how the sun's rays reached for me,
luminous upon my white fragrant frailty; how the vast expanse of blue
entranced me, as I awakened to ascend the ladder of light,
yearning for my perfumed release from the earth's cold clamp.

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In An Autumn Kiss

I t’s in an Autumn kiss I feel again
N ostalgic yearning for the yet-to-be.

A wakened, I’m released from the mundane.
N o other kiss inspires so magically 

A s fall’s! I breathe her colors in and sigh. . .  .
U nleashed, I soar with leaves, for it’s a thrill
T o taste the wind and dance into the sky.
U nclad and glad, I swirl with clouds until
M isgivings come to me. Then down I float.
N aive as always, I’ve been led by this

K iss, for now a melancholy note
I s drifting through a mist. Farewell to bliss.
S oon winter will embrace me though I know
S eduction comes less easily by snow.

An Acrostic in Sonnet form, Written Aug. 26, 2012 for Francine Roberts' Autumn Acrostic Poetry Contest

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Dynamic Autumn

Days of autumn enter late September,
Yearly glory in hues to remember.
Naked limbs cling to mem’ries of summer
As cool longer nights lead to sweet slumber.
Mountain tops catch the first drifts of snow
Inviting cold winds to the valleys below.
Copious colors patch a quilt beneath trees

And nature again gifts a harvest to please.
Under horizons of soft orange skies
The gathering of pumpkins soon will arise.
Upon Halloween each carved funny face
Meets with delight as children thrill to place
New costumes on for ‘trick or treat’ fun.

© Connie Marcum Wong

For Francine Roberts's Acrostic Contest

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We are known for our football, bratwurst, and beer,
Iridescent blue lakes with fresh waters, crystal clear,
Summer's sun blazes hot enough to make skin burn,
Cheese producing dairy farms are around every turn,
Our bright autumn leaves change their colors with ease,
Near spring, the scent of lilac floats upon the breeze,
Snowy winters, with temperatures below zero degrees,
In our green forests, raccoons and deer have a home,
Near the roadside, wildflowers grow wherever you roam.

Harley-Davidson was born, where the eagles fly free,
Wisconsin is as close to heaven, as home can be.

Kim Merryman's contest - "Tell Me About Where You're From"

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Objurgatory Crow

Objurgatory crow lookout
Cawing to obdurate friends
Telling them to flee fall garden
Opossum grins by Persimmon
Because berries gone as are figs
Every animal has eaten fill
Ready now for winter's rest

Excitedly written for:
"Fall Is Around The Corner"
Sponsored by: Carol Brown

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Maples Crying

Many are the Maples that encircle my home, my nest, my dwelling abode
And in the dark of night they tap on my frosty windows, crying
Past their deathly stance, a wintry scene 
Looking through their tangled limbs snow is falling, endlessly
Everything in my world is icy white, sky and earth mingling
Soon, I whisper to them, you will be wearing your emerald gowns

Creaking and groaning they mumble in their frozen rest
Reaching out gnarled fingers to me
Yes, my dears, soon, so soon you will stand in resplendence
Ice and snow will be replaced with fringes of delicate, filigree green
Now rest, now sleep Maples sweet
Gather your memories of Spring, Summer and Fall close and dream

Acrostic Personification

February 3, 2012

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Impetuous stems

Reaching out early in a quest for sun

Impatient to reveal their lavender glory

Spring harbingers

Emanate golden mustaches on cheerful faces

Showing a sense of humor

*Entry for Carol's "Flowers of Spring" contest

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LOVE: "Life, Birds, Bees and Trees"

“Life, Birds, Bees and Trees”

The beauty is nature in birds and the bees,
Hidden life within the hives and the trees,
Exact and complete, as nature doeth please.
Birds and bees are of life’s essence to please,
In most unique ways, nature take her ease,
Riding air currents, and nesting in trees,
Dawn of life’s freedoms still rustles in leaves,
Steadfast freedoms of God’s faith believes.

As we stand, in nature’s plan, in awe of bees,
Now of the bee’s honey how nature doeth please,
Dawn of life‘s freedom, still rustles in tree leaves.

The last shall become first, but shan’t be the least,
Hail!  “All good in nature comes from the east,
Enjoy, don't destroy, our nature's beast!”

Bees and birds of nature, beauty and sweet honey, 
Efficient to please, but man loves his money,
Employ not money, but Love life’s honey,
Sweet nature love makes honey, man makes money.

For Contest: The Birds and The Bees
In Honor of: Carol Brown

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Embracing Earth



* We should embrace earth, for it can thrive without us, whereas we are not so self sufficient.

July 08, 2014
Contest: Acrostic 1 in 4
Sponsor: Andrea Dietrich

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Embracing Earth


Every single plant and flower is my friend.
Many the forest path do I journey,
Breathing in the rich earth and clean air,
Reposing in a meadow green just listening,
Amongst the dancing daisies just resting.
Could anything else be more peaceful and healing?
I think within the soil there must be magic.
Nothing is more precious than this place called Earth.
Gathering my recycling each week I do my measure!

Every tree lost is agonizing and hurtful to watch.
At my building a company is cutting down the maple trees,
Roaring they fall and I am left weeping.
The ravage of nature is so devastating to endure.
How can we, the visitors, stop the ruination of Earth?

July 4, 2014


Submitted to the contest, 1 in 4, sponsor Andrea Dietrich

Third Place

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The Sun Rises- -The Moon Sets

These were set in motion from the beginning of time.
Heavens abound in each of their glory, power sublime.
Every excursion that they set upon revolves in rhyme.

Solar orb that secures life upon this planet we dwell.
Universally seen around our globe, for all to tell,
Never tiring it revolves, captured within its cell.

Rising up from its core, flares of powerful streams.
I respect what has risen from the sunny beams.
Sharing the glory that it has upon everyone, it seems.
Evident by the life that it supports even in dreams,
Solar star of daylight hours continue as nature deems.

Till nightfall approaches while another completes the set.
Helping to guide travelers for centuries the positions to get,
Evening ignites different phases upon this satellites debt.

Monthly revolutions of this celestial body sway the hours.
Orbital bliss has spoken richly along with romantic flowers.
Opening souls in sensuality and fulfilling romantic powers.
New moon to which many have fell into its magical showers.

Splendor of the night as it falls to set upon the new dawns light.
Exemplary versions follow a pattern, which marvels natural sight.
Take notice of what you may be missing each upcoming night.
Said, I’ve heard, old sailors delight, shining, enchantingly bright.

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Springing and bounding like a lamb 
Playfully, gamboling over the ground.
Rumbles of thunder assaulting the ear
Incessant lightning, earth trembling in fear.
Nature is fickle, and inscrutably wild,
Glowing with vigor--an unruly child.

Shimmering heat waves swim and rise, 
Under the blazing, noonday skies.
Mercury rising, seeking the sky.
My vision is bleary--sweat in my eyes.
Everyone wondering, “When will it end?” 
Remembering winter--bring it again.

Autumn colors flaming bright
Under azure autumn light.
Tender hearts holding fast 
Untold feelings from the past.
Mellow, yellow, harvest moons, 
Night time bonfires, off-key tunes.

White snow blanketing fallen leaves,
Icicles forming on dripping eaves.
North wind moaning through the trees,
Temperature falling below the knees.
Eagerly waiting for robins to sing,
Readily awaiting arrival of spring.

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E arth, the foundation of life underfoot,
L ife for the plants, grass and insects alike.
E ndearing is the flame that burns so bright,
M ovements that warm and illuminate our world.
E ncapsulating in sight is waters plight,
N ever ending as it’s concealed in all we see.
T esting is the wind, foundations should be strong,
S hrewdly the air brings oxygen, allowing all to grow.

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God's Rich Garden

God’s Rich Garden

Gorgeous cascade falling blind
On evergreen slopes of pines
Down to silver lake gone quiet
Stealing into a river feeding country wide.

Rich fields of crops and orchards dance
Imploring cultivation to abundance
Caressed by the sun’s warm presence
Highlighted by the colorful flowers’ fragrance.

Garden planted on a beautiful spring morning
Anticipating the presence of inhabitants to fill
Resort like land that would inspire the shaping of His will
Dedicated to the happiness of His offspring
Endowed with His power to governing
None other than the Kingdom of Heaven, eternal spring.

By CarolineCécile,
Copyright © 10.26.09

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The garden Prince

Singing trills in delightfully through my window
Perched upon my garden wall sits the little brown jacketed culprit, who
Always greets me with cheerful news
Regaling me with stories resounding from deep within his
Ruffled little chest
Often I wonder, as the years pass on
Will I always leave my window open to welcome in your good tidings?

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Love of the Ocean

Lingering waves surge into the shore.
Ominous glory, it rages for a score.
Vivacious peaks beautify its core.
Each one different, then the one before,

Once you have seen the power it holds.
From then on, the greatness unfolds.

Terrifyingly beauty raptures your mind.
Hearing its sounds enthralls us to find.
Earnest thoughts we once left behind.

Oceans beauty is spellbinding at dusk.
Creating fresh aroma, sometimes musk,
Every day delivering, treasures of mollusk.
After a day at the ocean, you may enjoy cusk.
Not one person denies the beauty so brusk.

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Fire From The Sky

Fire from the sky a burning July sun
In worship of flesh this scorching heat strikes.
Rant river of sweat from every pore run.
Every tranquil cloud spent in tempered skies.

Frosty dawn gone from my memories
Remembering not, those cold winter days.
Odious, abhorrent sun roasting me
Making each movement a labor of blaze.

Taking my breath, waving firestorm fills air
Hot air seals shade, a reprieve hard to find,
Etch bright shade burns, to give no relief there.
Sitting to rest is hot work of a kind.

Killing this sun, oh, this fire from the sky.
Yet, hotter is hell, souls surely there fry.

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As the sun begins to fade

Under the gradual onset of winter,

Tapestries of rich colour are

Unveiled as the

Metamorphosis of Mother

Nature begins once more.

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October - Acrostic

O pening up my front door this morning,
C ould not believe what I saw there.
T he aroma of wood smoke was in the air.
O vernight the entire world had changed,
B ountiful beauty as far as the eye could see.
E very leaved limb shivered in the cool air.
R eminding me of all my autumns gone by.

Written for Andrea Dietrich's contest
"Skipping Six, Going Straight to Seven-Acrostics Challenge #3"

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T-he haven of beauty with its brightest tree- flowers strewn in bloom,

H-ailing as masterpiece in one’s heart overwhelmed in deep admiration;

A-pril and May are chanting in triumphs claiming their grandest season,

I-n kaleidoscopic colors arching a warmest welcome to every nation.

L-et your tarried gaze saunters for a while, 

A-nd inhale the most scrumptious fragrance in squiggled file;

N-uzzle on their petals as you close your eyes,  

D-ream a dream that is never elusive in your life.

©2014by Leonora Galinta

April 27, 2014/12.20pm

Second Place
Contest: A poem you have not entered in contest #2
Judged: 6/12/2014
Sponsor: Dearest Poet Linda/PD

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T ulips in bloom, aligned in a row

U sing our eyes to see the beauty they show.

L et them burst forth with bright petals so bold,

I n various colors, a sight to behold.

P erfumed fragrances now fill the air,

S pring has arrived, there's signs everywhere!

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I Am Aquarius

Average? No, no - that’s just not for me,
Questioning everything’s where I must be.
Universally speaking, the stars are my home;
Art is my passion, where free-mind can roam;
Receptive and open I love, give and dream,
Ideas come quickly – I say what I mean;
Unique is my forte, I’m kind and I’m cool;
Sweeping, far-reaching - I make my own rules!

*inspired by Danielle's Acrostic Astrology Contest

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R eflection of light in drops of rain,
A rcing across the sky in multicolored bow.
I ncomparable beauty is displayed that
N o human hand could ever match.
B eloved rainbow, a sign of God's promise,
O men of joy and blessing,
W ishing you would never fade away.

9/25/12 by Kim Merryman
for P.D's Rainbow fun contest

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Out of the Blue

Suddenly, silently, 
        in the depths of an azure ocean
	they appear from out of the blue,

Hearts beat faster 
        as we are surrounded and fear makes
	adrenalin course through our veins

As one, we watch them 
        glide gracefully around us, and
	 one can’t help but feel the

Reverence and wonder of 
        being among these menacing,
	 magnificent creatures, these

Killers of the seas; glorious
        natural predators, often vilified for their nature, 
                 and who to many, are misunderstood

Suddenly, silently, just as they came,
        they disappear back into the blue
	leaving nought, but a sense of loss.

For the In Search of the Human Mind contest - topic 'Awe'

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Enter State Poetry Palace

P_  Pleasant place not an ILLUSION

O_  Opens mind's CREATIVITY

E_  EVENTUALLY enter Zen place

T_  Trance like state INEVITABLE

Y_  Yearn time all senses INFUSION

P_  Pleasant early morning garden

A_  Alone mountain with valley view

L_  Laughing next to lapping water

A_  Any one garden, mountain, seashore

C_  Caught up surrounded by nature

E_  Enter state poetry palace

Contest:"Poetry Palace"
Written by: Sara Kendrick

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Summer Rain

Standing on the sidewalk,
Underneath the trees,
My ears can hear it talk,
Murmuring with the breeze,
Every drop hits the street,
Running in it's own way,

Raining down it's own beat,
A song it just wants to play,
I can feel their dancing feet,
Near mine on a summer day.

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Generous nature nurturing our plants and family too
Altruism sprinkled with lots of hopes and loving care
Reaching for the sun and spreading warmth to many souls
Daffodils her Springtime flower pushing through the ground
Energetic grandchildren are fertilized with play
Neila My Forever Love, The Gardener of My Dreams

©2013 Rick Zablocki

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Buzzing Bee

My ears are buzzing
Carefully I listen
Keep still I say
Entangled is a bee
I chuckle to myself
Ending the life of the bee.

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Blow Bitter Wind

Before we were ready
Last days of summer came.
October blew in
With an abundance of rain.
Biting cold wind
Instead of warm sun
Told us Autumn was here,
Too soon it's begun.
Early mornings, now dark,
Remind us winter is nigh.
Wind blows and blows
In the grey clouded sky.
November is next, blustery and bold.
December will follow, bitter and cold.

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Flappers zoom with gentle reels of caprice In twinkling shade coated by moonlit fleece Roulette of wings dazzle to glaze skyline; Enchanted, aisles of boughs play with the vine Fireflies like jeweled dots swivel uphill Luring a garden to rouse; what a thrill Yellow their sheen, waxing ‘good night, goodwill’! Skipping Six, Going Straight to Seven- Acrostics challenge #3, Andrea Dietrich

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Priming September's Fall

~September of remembrance to savor, after grueling August drought, 
~Ever so pleasing, such as enjoying just one rain spout.

~Priming is timing an equinox change, adjusting period format,
~Timing is crucial as squirrels scamper about storing their winter’s fat. 

~Enormous are the compose piles in back yards and the wilds, 
~Major rich habitat, create images of squirming earth worm smiles.
~But yes, four seasons for good reason change human attitude, 
~Enough  recycles, and change rearrange human habitude. 
~Remembering the equinox of fall, expressing to Creator some gratitude. 

In Honor of Carol Brown
And Contest: Fall is Just Around The Corner

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Rhapsody of Fall, October

O Onto peaks the setting sun has splashed its brilliant red.
C Clouds cavort in skies cerise as geese soar overhead.
T Trees along the mountains’ ridges, trembling in the breeze,
O Ostensibly flaunt leaves bright scarlet, tangerine and gold.
B Beautific and bedazzling, and the mundane now flees.
E Eventide’s evtravaganza, such bliss to behold -
R Rhapsody of fall, October has me in its hold.

Inspired by Carol Brown's Contest:
"Fall Is Around the Corner"

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Honeysuckle Vine

H unger drives small wings to follow-
O n search of nectar to swallow.
N atures own sweet drink to borrow-
E ven if morning dew falls tomorrow.
Y ummy blossoms drench zealous air-
S ifting through briers with flair.
U nderneath the weeping willow-
C olored spouts in sun kissed yellow-
K eeping everything quite mellow.
L eaving frail stems to intertwine- 
E agerly small wings stop to dine.

V intage sweet blossom abundance-
I nvites even insects to chance.
N o spring is forever complete- 
E ating all so tenderly sweet.

Copyright © 2011  By Caryl S. Muzzey

Seventh Place Winner ~ "FLOWERS OF SPRING” Poetry Contest
Sponsored by: Carol Brown
May 15, 2011

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Touching the sky
Reaching new heights 

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S   uch dainty little bowing heads
N   ow dare to open up and blossom.
O   ver now is winters hold
W  hite flowers dance for joy.
D   ear little flower so brave and daring,
R   ising early in the year
O  bedient you are to natures call,
P   rompting thoughts of spring.

April 12th 2011 'Flowers of Spring Contest' 2nd place

June 10th 2011 'Best blossom' Contest H/M

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A Lone Leaf Falls

A lone leaf falls
Lifted by the breeze
On it's lonely journey
Nearing it's bed 'neath the trees.
Early Autumn's upon us,
Leaves are changing 'fore our eyes.
Each one, in turn, will fall
and 'neath the tree will lie.
Falling leaves are the start.
Frost will next be here
And summer's warmth forgotten,
Left behind for another year.
Leaves of red and gold everywhere
Say Autumn's definitely in the air.

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Dew drops of sunlight hum on sills As Mother Nature trails, to flow, Yearning for hours of her laced glow Dreams swirl in times of enchanting thrill. Rare like my inspired mind for life's refill Effervescent aisles run where blue lilacs grow; And to saunter in new worlds I'll never know My, freely riding with tassels of wind, mellowed. Weightless then, I tiptoe on sand One to wonder on her strips of gold. Naming each leaf that curls up to rest Dressed in fabric of glossy strands; Ever gracious, earth’s harvest brims twofold Reeling, I am fed by musings' honeyed fest! *Acrostic and Italian Sonnet ------ You Are My Inspiration Contest of Patricia Ellis By nette onclaud

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Captcha - TNBH

The world is clean and bright today.
Now the rain has stopped,
Bringing refreshing life back to
Help grass grow green and wildflowers paint the meadow.


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Winter's Blanket



Winter winds and snowflakes drifting
Ice bound trees all glittering
No noise except the white falling stars
Tiny snow birds are twittering in delight
Everything is white and pure and serene
Round the fireplace we gather warm and cozy
Soft and quiet the fluttering snow comes down

Bright, delicate snow floating
Landing silently are the perfect spheres
All my world is now dazzling
No noise except the dancing snow descending
Keeping warm by the fireplace with tea
Everything is blanketed white
The forest, the garden and even the house


Written by Constance La France

November 19, 2012

For the Winter's Blanket Contest
Of Gail Angel Doyle

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N atural niceties
A ffectionate afterthoughts in the afternoon
T antilising textures
U nderstanding the unseen
R epeated splendidness in the morning mist
E ssential oxygenated environment

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Awesome picturesque from a distance
Up and down colors so brightly seen in a glance
Thanks God for these breathtaking gifts
Underneath the piles of colorful trees
Majestically lies a carpet-like looks so lovely
Nothing compares the feelings I have in me

Dashingly walk in a beautiful day today
Always grateful for this autumn beauty
You and me will surely be happy

SEPTEMBER 16, 2012

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Frigid winds 
Indent the once silken
Radiance of a bygone,
Sun struck summer
Terrain .  It’s
Fall, and
All that 
Lingers is
Lightly coated with
Snow, a
Now troubling harbinger
Of surely approaching

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Emerald is Mother Nature’s favorite hue.
Mountains capture every sunlit verdant shade
Breathing in fresh scents of morning dew.
Rain drops add to rivers which cascade
Allowing rainbows to form in finest mist.
Clouds of cotton ride the wayward wind
In shadows dark and light, sun kissed.
Nature shares her beauty without end.
Gaia, with all the elements she shares

Entitles us with food and shelter grown
At harvest that the fruit trees bear,
Reaping all the blessings we have sown.
Trees and plants which we are well aware,
Have divinely taught us we are not alone!

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Autumn Memories

Alluring Fall dew upon spider silk,
Unerringly takes me back to my youth.
To a time of those magical days,
Uncanny, how the heart follows suit,
Melting away the years with each beat.
Nostalgic images of playing in leaves,
Melds with the draw of freshly baked goods, while
Earthly scents, sweetly perfume the crisp breeze.
Mom and Grandma, the house they'd transform, with
Ornamental gourds in willow baskets,
Red maple leaves nestled in with pine cones, 
Intricately quilted, down filled blankets.
Every Autumn, I take that long stroll,
Steeped in memories formed deep in my soul.


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My trip

Our trip

W e went up to Exmouth, it took us five days
I  nto hot furnace winds, the days were ablaze
N o relief was in sight for north we were bound
T here it is so rare that cool weather be found
E veryone goes there,  cause fish can be caught
R eports of good fishing make these places sought.

26 August 2013 @ 1203hrs.

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Majestic Eagle

Majestic Eagle Ever so faithful to her kind, the highest place she can find An eagle builds her nest so high, high as the sky Giving it her best, greatness is her quest Love in her breast, and in everything in the nest Every eaglet will live and inherit her best. 7/30/11 In honor of John Freeman’s contest Pure Thoughts On Nature a first place win

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...Formidable treat he stress
At the early hour of this day.
No pain, no gain- All is still well.
Centenary dream is a luxury few can reach.
Yours truly, let your fate decide. 


30th of April, 2013.

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Whirlwind of September


S _       September circles 'round us like the crisp, rustling leaves

  E_        Ending with a whirlwind of dwindling summer 

    P_       Painting a palette of bold, vibrant colors,

      T_       Tossing and turning with the wiles of her ways…

        E_       Evenings arrive with a whisper of chill

          M_       Mist in the mornings, and rust on the hill

            B_       Bluer the skies, and shorter the days

              E_       Echoes of school bells are calling to say,

                R_       Rich is the bounty, of autumn’s display….


In honor of Carol Brown's Contest: "Fall Is Around the Corner" (September)

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     ~~~ Nanaimo, B.C. ~~~

Nestled in the center of this Pacific isle,
a gem of a city, your heart it will beguile.
Nicest climate in all of our Country fair.
Air fresh from the ocean surrounding us there.
Imagine a city filled with parks all around,
mountains behind us as nature abounds.
Oh, the beauty of this place simply astounds.

Be sure to stop by if you're ever this way.
Chances are you will love it and you'll want to stay.

for Kim Merryman's  "Tell Me Where You're From"

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All Animals Have Souls

All animals
Live and 

Allow them to,
Let their young
Stay safe while, learning to survive.

A patient and loving parent is
Encouraging as they learn that lesson.

Safety in numbers is paramount.
Utilizing a
Love that’s tough, parents
See their little ones grow to adulthood.

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N-   Naturally Gorgeous
A-   Ajar with beauty
T-   Tuned for my eyes
U-   Utterly breathtaking
R-   ricochet  beauty
E-   Eternity's description

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Tiger in Aries

Tiger in Aries (acrostic)

Tiger mighty one are you
In deep shadows you lie
Great king of the jungle
Enjoying your slumber
Roaring out your anger

In fury when disturbed
Not a single leaf moves

As you stalk your prey
Ready now for a kill
Icy cold is your glare
Eyes brightly shining as
Silently you eat your fill


contest Zodiac sign

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I'm Falling For You

<                             Signs of the time
                               Enriched vibrant colors 
                               Painted on minds eye canvass
                               To inscribe it's beauty to another
                               Eventually leaving one in awe
                               Marching in it's parade of showings
                               Begining to end
                               Each and every year
                               Requesting for it's safe return

Entry For Carol Brown's 
Fall Is Around The Corner Contest
I Chose September
G.L. All

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Every sunset brings back same melancholy
veil of twilight weeps over the silent earth
even chirping crickets stop to listen to her cry
nest bound birds forget their songs for a moment
in the sky stars wake up one by one
nobody comes though my door is partly open
gardenia too forgets to send me message.


Placement --3rd (Oct--2013)

Contest--Acrostic poem

Sponsor--Andrea Dietrich

© kash poet (kashinath karmakar)

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Listen to the wind inviting
Each leaf on the tree to dance
And spin, as though in a
Vortex, or to drift alone,
Enjoying its freedom, and then to
Sleep with its siblings on the ground.

4th September, for Francine’s Autumn Acrostic contest

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Bird of Paradise

Buds of beauty begin to appear.
Iridescences sparkle in the sun. 
Robins start their trek up north.
Discovery has just begun.
Opulent life begins to emerge.
Flowers soon bloom amid color’s serge.
Perky pedestrians jog through the parks.
Artists are seen painting in the streets.
Rifles and guns are put away.
All of life enjoys a sweet warming show.
Daffodils display their cheerful smile.
Impatienses patiently watch. 
Springtime smells permeate the air.
Earth effervescently glows.

© April 12, 2011
Dane Smith-Johnsen

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September Remembered

Scent of fall whispers on the wind
Evenings lengthen as days drift by
Pace slows down as Summer wanes
Trees, russet and gold, start their display
Embroidered sweaters hold back the gentle chill
Mornings fresh perfume embraces
Blue skies give way to wispy clouds
Earth cradles the sleeping Spring time bulbs
Rebirth of memories from Autumn's past

For the contest; 
  Fall Is Around The Corner

Sponsored by Carol Brown
Placement: 1st

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Autumn is awesome in early fall with colors covering over all.
Utterly confused by weather changing, the leaf colors always rearranging.
This day warm, the next one cold, the wind is mild or else it's bold.
Until Autumn gets too close to Winter and very soon Jack Frost will enter.
Most of its days grow frigid then, the bear is nestled in her den.
Now Autumn packs her vivid hues, leaving only white for Winter's use. 

Written Sept. 29 for contest.

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Fall Splendor

Fall Splendor

F estive scenes on display
A utumn's colorful changes
L eaves of red and gold
L ending their special charm

S plendor all across the land
P icture perfect canvas blend
L eaves dancing freely in the air
E njoying the fun without care
N ature’s beautiful touch
D aylight is getting shorter now
O h,  and all the beauty within
R ainy season shall soon begin

Copyright 8.31,2012

Autumn- Acrostic- poetry contest Sept.27.

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A Velvet New Year

Hope is a promise that comes with new snow
 And fills our tomorrows with a newfound trail
  Pristine, untouched in the moonlit glow
   Pause for a moment, bid the midnight farewell
    Yearning for adventure, with new footsteps we'll go…

     New paths of discovery lie waiting for me 
      Each step I will tread, so velvety slow
       We’ll walk hand and hand, leaving yesterday’s bed

        Yesterday’s sorrow, left beneath downy lace
         Each step is brand an unwritten slate
          As we walk in this New Year, and a new hope begins
           Rejoice, in a gift of this velvety grace 


Happy New Year to You All !
For Francine's Contest

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Autumn Colors Are Amazing

A pageant of seasonal beauty,
unfurls amidst breath taking tree tops.
Teal leaves morph into umber and gold,
utilizing a painters pallet.
Muse to the most prestigious artists,
nature has inspired masterpieces. 

Color plays out like a rhapsody,
of subtle notes in a melody.
Lacquered patches of green leaves gather
onto branches of pines and cedar,
rendering colorful mosaics, as
scarlet and tangerine commingle. 

A celebration of bright pigments,
reveling before the landscape is
effectively stripped of its cover.

Apricot and orange interlace,
magnifying in intensity.
And groves of birchbark trees resemble
zebras or skeletons exposed as 
iridescent canopies ripple.
Nothing short of spring can rival the
glorious spectacle of autumn.

( A first letter acrostic poem spelling “Autumn Colors Are Amazing” )

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                            Left on my porch
                    In the middle of the night, it’s
              Like a purple pop in the morning light,
              A surprising, scented, burst of color, I
                Can’t help but smile as I pick it up – 

                  Won 1st place in "BEST BLOSSOM DESIGN" contest    
                  Won 8th place in  "FLOWERS OF SPRING" contest

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Sunshine, still bright and warm by day,
Evenings are so much cooler now.
Pretty soon winter will be on its way,
Too soon Summer takes her final bow.
Easily Summer slips into Fall,
Maple trees turn to colourful hues.
Beautiful oranges and reds and yellows
Entice photographers with their views.
Rightly, for its beauty, September I'd choose.

entered in Carol Brown's "Fall Is Around
The Corner" acrostic contest

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A Drone No More

Beyond the safety of the trees
In heaven’s realm of azure seas
Relying on the lifting breeze
Defying earth’s unwelcome hold
Serenely soaring as they please.

A feathered freedom calls to me
Neath humbling burdens of a bee
Despite the heart of one who’s free

Before I’m crushed beneath the strain
Escape, I must, this droning bane
Emerging bravely from my hive
Swept up, my flight I will obtain.

(For the Birds and the Bees contest)

I wrote this while trapped in the car pick up lane today, where I felt a bit too much like a 
drone bee!

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Silent Night

S ilver strands of clouds are drifting in the sky;
I nto night the world slips silently.
L ight withdraws its warmth by and by,
E bbing out to dark serenity.
N ew snow, beneath the moon and stars, falls with grace.
T rees, naked once, now glisten, dressed in lace.

N o sound is heard; there is no soul in sight.
I  mmersed in thought, I picture one still night:
G ood news was given of a baby boy,
H eard by lowly shepherds in radiant light
T hat streamed from sky with angels’ songs of joy!

For Francine Roberts'
Holiday Acrostic Challenge Poetry Contest

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If You Think

If You Think...

If you think a love like a mother will exist, there and then  
You must have been building castles in the air and thus 
 Need a medic or an injection to kill that feeling of an outcast-
 A shadow of falsehood you’ve been chasing.
 Friends like mothers will exist no doubt about that
I'm but particular about if boldly will exist in instant world, where 
Sailing through has no backfire or low indignation, where  
 Right to freedom and possession would not be denied, where 
 Behind your backs, you would have all sides’ safety
Like the baby in the mother's womb, or the sun in the sky.
 A bounty ground, a must be aftermath of the journey on free
 Bridge on the cross roads, and lanes, and water, and bushes
 Over the mountain; the rock, the valley and the hill, and on the
 Troubled memory of liquors, women, demigods and kings of miseries?
 Water full of love is only a reservoir for the Creator asides mothers. 
I may be viewed as uncivilized or sound barbaric by this logic, but reasons 
 Will proclaim reality in my tone, stand and modest mood.
 “Ease! Be at ease!!” The breeze from the mothers’ bosom’s recollections sway, that 
Your mind would seek forgiveness and refuge from her, then the All Forgiver. Then true
Mind will redeem and have the lasting rest of his life, yield to and fulfill mother’s wish. 


Note: Mothers addressed here may not necessarily be ones biological mother. It could be he or she who is never sick or tired of listening to you, hearing your plights or problems and helping you proffer solutions to them. He or she never discourages, never over-pampers and pray for your success at all times...
________________________________________ Please visit "About this poem"

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Ozark mountain autumn
Zig-zags across the terrain
Abundance of color    Red Gold Orange
Reflecting the sunset’s radiant glow
Kissing forests and fields
Simple    Inspiring    Timeless

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My motherland, the land of four colors, the land of sweetness As is described by its rich history, filled with wars and battles United it stands today, giving freedom to each and every son of its soil Revered as the land of the sun, sea and sand, the beaches, the golden skin It is where was found the lost Dodo, killed till its last by those hungry colonizers The land where I took birth, the land I admire, the land away from which I shall not survive Imagination pours strongly in every corner of this island, be it in songs or in poetry Unmistakably the jewel of all the Indian Ocean Sweet is its fragrance, sweet is its beauty, my homeland it is! A small retreat surrounded by the blue lagoon Loved by all those who upon seeing its nature, do swoon!

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September comes blowing a cooling breeze,
Escorting Summer on her way.
Pretty yellow and gold colored leaves,
Teased by the wind dance and play.
Exciting colors of orange and red,
Make the Maples a firey hue.
Bedecked so gaily from toe to head,
Ethereal Fall imbues,
Richness as Summer makes her bed.

                                               Judy Ball

For Fall Is Around The Corner Contest by Carol Brown

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Little crystals fallen angel tears smooching ground;
Instills cooling touch among grasses, buds and trees;
Facets rolling ambiguity ~ mystery;
Twirls then twines closely rush on branches bounds;
Inches white eerie cloud rhymes hang rest at key;
Nailing anyone to see natural history;
Garden fog silence~ conceals even tricks;

Tinge golden yellow linear streaks thread through
Hovering to break fogs' gloomy cold mood
Enchantment subsides, enlightening arise!

Fog succumbs ~ gradually disappears from view
Orchards' quiet green scenery renewed
Greets my cheeks breezy soft so prize...

(c)Olive Eloisa
July 06,2014

8th place, to God be the glory..:)

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The Moon In Pisces

T he Moon at full has many names both fierce and comingly,
H ere now, harken to the Wolf Moon's call on land or writhing sea.
E nlightened hearts greet The Full Snow Moon of freezing February.

M arch bring on the Full Crow Moon, the thaw, the caws make us wary.
O n April's Full, The Pink Moon reigns, the blush of phlox arrives, 
O bliging us May's Full Flower Moon brings tulips to fair skies.
N uptials in June's fair Strawberry Moon, bring lovers to new highs

I n hot July's the Thunder Moon seems to nag, scold, and chastise.
N ot be outdone, August has two, Full Sturgeon Moon and Blue Moon,

P reparing us for fall's Harvest Moon, where lovers often croon.
I n woods deep the deer hide from October's Hunter moon so bright.
S oon the ground will freeze traps set in November's Beaver Moon light.
C hristmas, time for Yule brings the Full Cold Moon to the longest days
E ach Full Moon shows a special path, each Moon lights a special way,
S oulfully, we respect the pull, the true gifts and the warnings. 

*Tarot Card The Moon

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Soothing sound of the murmuring breeze
Entwined with the sound of rustling leaves
Refreshing my tired worn-out spirit
Energizing it with the soothing bliss of
Nature's comforting balm of peacefulness
Inducing a state of deep tranquillity
Transporting me to a world of beauty as I
Yield to its deep and peaceful serenity


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October Acrostic

October ochre sage writhes betwixt winter’s loom and the summers gone     astray
Chartreuse spilling out of season’s way to darker afternoons bewitched by greys
Tainted tinge of hints upon newly painted trees and then plumes are plucked and fade away
Ocarina songs of birds once heard in winds becomes ossia as only silence plays
Brood does the bitter frost to traverse across the earth to lay
Evening into stronger shadow, where the lunar clutches hallow skies to longer stay
Reigns the fall in crowns of pumpkins and Indian corn, until the snowflake flood rains upon autumn parades

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Majestic leaves, trees, and flowers surrounding
Each deep breath feels empowering
Daoism adheres to “all is one” and “one is all”
Instantly… all chalkboard writing vanishes, nothing else befalls
The road to the energy center unveils
Air flows through the lungs, everything else pales
Time itself seems to slow to a halt
Instinct dominates the other senses in a sudden assault
Opening a gateway to a serene dimension
Nourishing the soul, meditation stretches the tension


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The Stars In Your Eyes

 S tars like pinpricks in the sky
T iny beads of light shining so high
A rranged in a way just so
I ntricately set, this we know
R emnant of a great explosion
W ild arrangements, was it really implosion?
A rrayed in what we see as confusion
Y et all placed just so without exclusion

T hought cannot take us there
O mniscient power our thoughts ensnare

T he stairs to the stars we can only seek
H allelujah, hear the cries from the meek
E luding our striving to catch them our chances weak

S tars that twinkle we cannot reach
T he barriers are there we cannot breach
A s we cannot reach stars in the skies
R each I can the stars in your eyes
S tars that are mine I beseech

Written by: Mandy Tams 20/02/2012 

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Singing birds outside my window
Every morning, merrily twitting
Purple tulips when I open the drapes
To let in the light; it pours over my face -
Except when the neighbor is on his mower,
Motor grumbling, closer and closer,
Bedsheets hide me as I curl in a ball, this
Evil noise is ruining my wake-up call! Eventually, the
Roaring subsides, and I’m revived, by nature’s reprise


Received 3rd place in "Fall is Around the Corner" contest

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Lighting up the surroundings
In a blaze of blinding brilliance
Generated by the forces of Nature
High up above in the clouds
Triggering an intense flash of
Nature's very own electricity
In a jagged streak of light in the
Night stretching down to earth in a
Glorious blinding flash of lightning

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Overhearing her shriek
At the trees, he 
Keeps gardening, whispering
Soothing sounds to the soil

for andrea's acrostic contest

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W inter's almost here now the apples are falling down
I n homage have the Winesap's dropped to hoary ground.
N ature nurtures honeybees with each fallen peach.
D eacons rise up home bound spirits with each sermons preached.
F rost has come and nipped the nose, given a rosy cheek
a mong the children in the rye fields, playing hide and seek.
L aughter often lingers with the pumpkins in the fields   
L overs toss in high hay mounds, with thoughts of springtime yields.

Date 9/5/12

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Cow Vetches


I am called Cow Vetches . . . 

Can you recall seeing me?
On a country drive perhaps?
Winding my tendrils, so tenderly.

Very tall, like six feet high, I grow wild!
Every field and grassland is my home from May to August.
Tendrils and spikes are my leaves.
Cows love my crawling, sprawling beauty!
Have lovely dense purple trumpet flowers.
Even along roadways my seeds will thrive.
Stop to admire me, but pick me and I will die!

Featured poem November 25, 2012

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Toddlers played in dry sand 
Hot sun made each cheek red
Ellen was their likable friend
Long before winter came
Enjoyed evenings with them
Always refusing to rest 
Fireflies were a child's game
Puppies chased them with haste
Aunt Lily was often bitten by bugs smelling perfume 
Vera told her not to scratch
Eddy laughed hard as Mitch
Daniel loved to startle the busy bees 
People stopped to watch the comedy of pet peeves
Across the leaf-paved path of ripe strawberries 
Torrents washed away all the pretty greens 
Hurricane Isaac made them flee quicker than thieves

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<                            Aerial excursion ride
                              Using buoyant enforcment to go way up high
                              To capture natures dance with an naked eye
                              Understanding winters brushstroke is so close by
                              Making it difficult to chose one that makes me sigh
                              Naughty or nice  I'll just give thanks to Heavens Big Guy

Written By
Katherine Stella 9/2/2012

Entry For Francine Roberts
Autumn Acrostic Contest 
G.L. All

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Leaves A Handiwork

Leaves on the trees in my yard
Even now some are falling hard.
All of them have their own distinct look.
Very often we keep them in a book.
Everyone of them is beautiful and so grand.
Seeing that they were made by God's great hand!

For Carol Brown's contest "Leaves"

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Fall Foliage

F ire on horizon this time of year,
A utumn ushers in winter’s sear.
L ight slowly fades a bit each day,
L ess time now for outdoor play.

F loods of colour on the trees,
O ccur before the big freeze.  
L eaves scatter as rain falls, 
I t’s our warning - winter calls.
A maple leaf gives the best show,
G olds, reds, orange all aglow.
E njoyed by all - a Thanksgiving.

Written August 27, 2012
For Francine Robert’s contest
“Autumn Acrostic”

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R-iding in a fast and coolest BMW,
O-verwhelmed by the fantastic view,
A-nother experience to be with nature,
D-azzling scenery, greenest earth so pure,

T-rip with a great mission in reality,
R-oads are smoothest away from the city,
I-nteresting discovery as we travel along,
P-eople are awesome as my companion. 

August 24, 2013
7th Place Winner
For Kim Merryman's "Road Trip" Contest

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Autumn Leaves Fall

As the autumn leaves fall
Under trees no longer green
The wind places them in a collage.
Upon the lawn, a mural seen.
Moving softly on the wind,
Neatly floating to the ground
Leaves in coloured layers lie
Everywhere, beneath and around.
As the autumn leaves fall,
Vibrantly coloured in red and gold,
Entirely covering the ground that was
Such a few days ago, green and bold.
Falling leaves on the wind
Arriving at our feet to lie,
Lift our spirits up and yet
Lay them low again that summer's gone by.

* an example ( though a poor one) for my current contest

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Winter Rhapsody

Winter though harsh and frigid holds a certain beauty
Ice frozen fingers grasp hold of my soul
Nothing is more exquisite than pristine snow falling
Today graceful, fragile snowflakes are drifting
Everything is white, fresh, pure and flawless
Rivers are ice covered, dense and firm 

Rhapsody is the song of the winter birds
Hopping on bare branches to sing
All is still and surreal in my snowy world
Perhaps, I will go for a walk . . . 
Something is calling deeply to my very soul
Outside is God's perfection it says
Deep under the snow life is waiting to renew
Yet, this frozen world holds a certain beauty for me


December 14, 2012

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Netherworld eclipsing the land of the living,
Invading the space not owned by the dead;
Grim hues take the land with force unforgiving,
Happily forcing the living to bed.
The living sleep 'til the horizon turns red.

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The Transformation

Shed the clay that strives to be an anchor
Tarnishing, but for awhile, the dreams of man
Addled hopes can rise in the morning’s mist
Instead of languishing beneath despair
Replenished strength awakens the spirit
With a simple drink from the Milky Way
And flirtations with Perseus opens up
Yielding beauty in heaven’s realm
The grave that holds yet, a soul to Earth,
Owns the judgment of defeat
There is none, but one, that must decide
How to build on wishes made
Even when the faltering of darkness
Shadows well the light of faith
There is a spark that burns the night
As gravity shows force, to mark a trail
Rise! Rise, you fallen man!
Strive to be among the stars

-Virginia Mitchell

Contest- STAIRWAY TO THE STARS (Acrostic)
Sponsor- Linda-Marie The Sweetheart of P.S. 

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I love the rain in the summer
Real snow falls before the sun shines!
Every bit of it I love
Lovely and refreshing
Any day it could pour down
Never ending unpredictable rain
Dublin is a beautiful city to live in even if you're born in rainy Ireland

My first attempt at Acrostic.

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A Jonquil Of A Different Color

N__Native of Europe, North Africa, Asia
A__Amaryllis is its family name
R__Rich is this plant in scent like fantasia
C__Common name in English, Daffodil; your fame
I__ In history, Narcissus died from starvation
S__Sitting close to water fasinated by his own reflection.
S__Sitting close to White Jonquil soaking in its beauty
U__ Under a full moon now with my love's affection
S__Soaking in Narcissus' scent, my great birthday!

Sponsor: Tracie~*~Indigo Dreamweaver
Contest: ~Flowers or Stones~

When coping from my notes, 
I left out a line..Thanks Robert
for pointing out my mistake..
Sorry Tracie for the corrections.

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This brings crystal tears to fall
A woodland where I love to roam
Pondering my life as nature weaves her carpet
Every tree a curtain in hues of green to dwell
Symphonies of bird songs drifting like my life
Those deep shadows a welcome shade to rest
Rippling streams flowing cool and serene for me
Yet, the solitude holds a thread of loneliness like life


For the contest "Tapestry"
Sponsored by Carol Brown

Featured poem October 13, 2013

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Into the foamy froth the mighty waves roll in
Nothing so great as when they crash again
Hell's fury can't equal the blue-green surge
Almost without equal the monster's purge
Life's greatest adventure is found in the sea 
Incredible journeys are carved out for me
Not for the comfortable got to want this ride
Going for broke I'm going to chase the tide

The moment is there for the confident soul
Here in this place resides excitement untold
Everyone watches but only a few take hold

See what's coming got to anticipate the wave
Energy's rush.. salt water splash that I crave
Awesome to breathe in, the sea's life to Dave

Contest: Andrea's "Inhaling The Sea" 
Date: 7-10-14

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S eptember the first month of fall
E njoys still some balmy days.
P retty asters in full bloom
T rusting that Jack Frost delays.
E very tree of crimson color
M ust lose its leaves to wind and rain.
B aring branches to the weather,
E nduring wintry blasts again.
R esistance will but cause them pain.

won a 3rd

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All I could see is the leaves falling away
Uniformly the grains pour in the store to stay
Tolerant we shall be to reptiles and rodents
Untamed are the cowboys natural is their scent
My grain my stomach no one dare to say
Now let’s prepare for winter for it come stay

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Autumn's Song and Dance


A cold wind rattles my window
Under blankets I snuggle warm
The beautiful flowers sadly will bloom no more
Until the cold weather has gone 
Merry still the birds that sing and dance
Now the trees lay down their emerald gowns
Silent flocks of birds fly away

Summer delight is over
On the ground the brittle leaves all lay
Nothing is green for it has turned to gold
Glittering, swirling, twirling in an Autumn dance

Around the fireplace at night we gather
Nights long with the sighing wind
Down the sun early

Dance the tumbling, trembling leaves
And the forest is crimson and golden
Naughty bandit squirrels steal things strange
Come dance the forest path with me
Everything is beautiful and changing magically

Written August 27, 2012

For the contest, Autumn Acrostic
Sponsored by Francine Roberts

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~*~ " I dreamt, I was a butterfly or was I, a butterfly dreaming . . . " Born to crawl at the ground nestled with grass and stones Under-estimated to be just a simple legged-insect To be at veneer, an engrossed delightful ala will come and appear from my side Taught to possess allured chromatic colour - enrapturing fragrant pigments Enchanting being came from within - from nowhere inside Real captivating metamorphosis took place - wholly changed for the best Fascinating dreams, daydreams and reality flow with the ticking of the clock Living - giving its elegant splendid paint for the very last fall of petals in her home Yelling...shouting - now an entrancing butterfly dreaming to be a HUMAN OF CHANGE " Nothing's permanent except CHANGES...Practice makes not perfect but the permanence of CHANGES. . . "

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S oon the rains fall to replenish mother earth
P lanting beauty for all it's glorious worth
R enewing life and splendor so very divine
I n step with Nature and God's holy shrine
N ew life bursting ever magnificently forth
G iving relief from cold winds from the North

S tarting billions of new lives serving us all
H eaping green all over this very precious ball
O nly this can replenish fruits of mother Earth
W hen the soil needs sweet liquid to gift birth
E ach drop serves to maintain Nature's firm grasp
R oaring down with each promise so dearly in clasp
S hifting fertile soil like a very finely honed rasp

Robert J. Lindley, 06-15-2014

Francine Roberts 
Contest Name ,  Summer Acrostic,  1)Spring Showers , 2) Summer Rain,

3)Morning Breaks 4) On the Beach, 5) Vacation Time 6)Summer Sunset

7) The Sun's Rays 8) Summer Moon....
Pick one of these for your acrostic
 and post the form as acrostic (even if it's also a rhyme) and also use
 it as your poems title.

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Birds and Bees

T he birds are singing merrily

H ummers sipping happily

E veryone is busy as can be.

B irds nesting in the apple trees

I n magnolia and in cherry trees

R aising babies is the game

D oing what comes naturally.

S wallows nest on porch again. 

A ll the mamas on the nests

N ow each male does what he does best

D awdling and puffing up his chest.

T rees are full of happy sound

H unting treasures in the ground

E nglish sparrows are around.

B umble bees mid flowering trees

E very flower is there to please

E nter now a gentle breeze

S ummer sweetness for the bees.

 Acrostic contest

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A Snow day comes.

Snowfall impedes our mobility.
Now some venture out to test their ability.
Our streets and yards are pristine white.
We're trapped 'neath Winter's cold, grey light.

Don't venture out on a day like this,
As Old Man Winter shakes his fist.
You wait for the snow plough, this is no jest.

Come bake some cookies or play a board game;
Or shovel the walk way till you've got the blains.
Most hunker down by the fire to stay warm.
Even rabbits stay in on this chilly morn.

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The Lilac

Light purple in color most of them grow,
Instant beauty when they bloom in the spring,
Love is the language the lilac does bestow.
Aroma of the gods it does bring.
Creating such peace, song birds sing.

Flowers of Spring contest entry

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Forget Me Not

Forget me not, for I bring beauty to thought.
One of my splendid ways, are my displays.
Require me to grow strong, stringing along.
Gorgeous clusters of blue, starlight true.
Each branch of green, so very pristine,
Towering two feet, never discreet,

Mellow dainty blooms, gently grooms.
Earthly seasons, for many reasons.

Need not forget, have no regret.
Over in your garden, I have a pardon.
Time is one season, though so pleasing.

written for
Sponsor Carol Brown 

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Never underestimate God and his outpouring of love.
Awesome is he who paints the pictures of our world.
Touching our sky with his brush of blues and thumbprints of white.
Under the waters, his beauty swims to the deepest of the depths.
Respect this landscape, this art from the masters hands.
Enjoy every ounce of nature, for it is God's gift to his chosen ones.

For contest: It's All About Nature
Sponsor: Poet Destroyer A
Date: 05-20-2014

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In Like a Lion, Out Like a Lamb

Inside the fierce beast, beats the heart of a king
No challengers come forth to contest his throne

Leisurely days spent dreaming of his pride
Ingesting meat taken down by his females
Knowing his reign ends when age betrays
Enjoying his vigor as he awaits that fate

Another, younger male, comes to call

Lying in wait while the females are serviced
Inhaling the scent of the pride in heat
Only caution stays his hunger and power
Not so when the mighty male is exhausted

Out of the bushes he rushes the fatigued king
Ultimate victory assured as challenge roars out
Though winded, the pride male answers swiftly

Like boxers they circle, searching for weakness
Incensed at the impudence, the elder attacks
Keen reflexes, the challenger moves like a ghost
Engaging the king with teeth, claws and fury

A fatal mistake, now the old king lays wounded

Limping away, weak from blood loss and pain
Already he dreams of the death that approaches
Maybe his time is over, but another will come
Behind him, the new king begins his reign

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Alchemy (An Acrostic)

Ancient science launches research towards new technology
Learning new disciplines to increase the power of their patron
Creating new magics; generating spendable gold from lead
Hinting at greater knowledge hidden in the realms of men
Evolving sciences increase the expertise of kingdom soldiers
Machines, potions and tactics to defeat enemies of the king
Yesterday's mysteries leading the world toward today's reality

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Volcano Acrostic

All big and
On its way down!

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Autumn colors are produced by transformation of pigments
Undetectable by the naked eyes;this color initially
Transforms green to yellow and orange,then red complements
Under bright sunny days,and cool nights following partially
Many trees display their brightest colors during the day,
New leaves are protected from the harmful effects of light,
Chlorophyll absorbs blue light before reflecting the ray,
On the leaves which absorb blue-green and make it bright,
Leaf peepers observe this foliage display with serious keen,
Often children born during this Fall are said to live longer,
Red leaves on apples which attract birds and insects are seen,
Shedding of leaves before snowfalls makes trees stronger.

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Embracing Earth

Embracing Earth

Embracing Earth I write this poem
Me, looking at the morning glowing
Being lost in flowers and trees
Reeling from life’s mystery
Air all filled with sweet bird song
Clearly it’s where I belong
Inspired By all life’s mystic charm
Nicely filled with peace and calm
Gleaming, feeling free from harm

Embracing Earth, I feel life’s power
And all those magic colored flowers
Really, they’re so beautiful
The sun shines down as the rain does fall
While fish swim in the shiny pool.

5 July 2014 @ 1535hrs.

Written for Andreas 'choose your Acrostic'  contest

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Beautiful melody permeating the air
Instilling precious feelings of joy and
Rapturous bliss that fills me with
Delight and ecstasy as I listen to its
Sweet serenade filling the airwaves
Overwhelming my being with
Nature's soothing music of the 
Glorious splendour of birdsong


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Ambivalent Autumn

Audacious Autumn rushes in,
Making her way on Summer's heels.
Bringing along big pots of paints,
Instantly Summer's thunder steals.
Vivid hues and ripening fruits,
Are some of the gifts she brings to all.
Lavishly bestowing them on
Each of us as we worship Fall.
Nodding with glee, she mixes  blends,
Turning the greens to shades of brown.

As summer fades we wave goodbye
Utterly charmed by Autumn the clown.
Tenth month October takes his turn,
Unlike ninth month, aloof and cool.
Mist, rain and wind are her late gifts,
Naughty Autumn plays game of fool 

Written August 27, 2012

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Dandelion Wishes

Dancing through a field of awakening childhood dreams
Anticipating summer days, life bursting at the seams
Nature calls a shy, young girl outdoors to explore
Dandelion heads of vibrant gold, beauty she cannot ignore
Eager to wish upon the wind, she picks a bunch to blow
Laughing as she chases fluff, seeds search for soil to grow
I remember that young girl and all she dared to wish
Often I slip back in time, soft memories I embellish
Never again have I felt that young, hopeful and free

Waiting for my tomorrows and life's possibilities
I could wrap myself awhile in ornate dandelion dreams
Savoring memories made in the summer sun's golden beams
Happiness danced along with me and petals in the wind
Each time I see dandelions, the joy returns like an old friend
Someday, perhaps I'll pick a bunch and chase childhood wishes again

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Winters frosty snowflakes fall
Ice runs through your desire
Never ending nippy nights
Tender moments by the fire
Evergreens flapping in the winds
Rivers frozen, slightly dire

Silent days and Shimmering nights
Overcast evenings so inviting
Loves flame slowly lighting
Sparkling, shivering so exciting
Tinsel dancing in the air
Icicles shining with such flair
Cold breezes blowing through 
Every nook and part of you.

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Autumnal Decree

A s the allure of the Fall lasts
U p in the sky it is overcast
T rue demeanor September brings 
U ntil the winds of winter sings
M ost of the birds still do fly
N ever as much as mid-July
A nd the colors are full of golds
L iving it up, the trees are bold

D istant breeze brings a peace
E verflowing with a calm ease
C reating motion from the leaves
R ustling about landing in the eaves
E arly snowflakes are sometimes seen
E arthly days are always keen

Russell Sivey

Entrant into Francine Roberts' "Autumn Acrostic" contest


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Playing with Fire

Pyromaniac element gracefully glides
Lightning strikes at menacing rates 
Away, retreat and resign from us
Young, yet determined Forceful Grace
Igniting nature and passionate glass
Natural and still controlled hazards
Growing frantically,swiftly in Number

Wild,burning Orange Orbs
Inner Pyromaniac yearns
Through the Fear However stubborn 
Hustiling unruly Fire

Fighting the rebillious flames
Inntrospective Fiery games
Ravishing the Frontal Brain 
Ever-winding Cerebral Grain

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Paint With Fire

Pouring lava into a cauldron
Atop the highest mountain
In the light of day and
Not resting till the end of day
To paint the sky scarlet;

With passion in my heart
I venture out at the break of day
To accomplish a task of
Herculean proportion:

Flames splashed across the sky
In a panoramic display of
Red, yellow and orange with
Ethereal grace and beauty!

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Beautiful, elegant, floorless butterflies,
Utterly glorious through the naked eye,
Two tone shades of colour,
Too many good traits to offer,
Enormous pleasure to watch,
Rapidly declining in numbers I feel,
Flightless fancy,
Ladie's love to create,
Yards of butterfly creations.

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R   eleasing in a glorious eruption

A    down pour of life

I    ndefatigable in a triumphant goal

N   atures  bequest to all

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Sultry sky
Undulating uplands
Majestic mountains
Magnificent moments
Exciting escapes.
Reality relieved.

© July 12, 2011
Dane Smith-Johnsen

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Dead Winter

Deadly frigid air flows thru into your skin.
Even though you are covered heavily not thin,
Ailing bones are chilled and ache from within.
Driving your soul to seek warmth, even in sin,

Winter is always brutal no matter when it does begin.
I endure the opacity, much as possible within my den.
Nearer the intensity grows; I know soon spring will win.
Traces of a devil in white, deceiver that brings chagrin,
Evil darkness with blinding whiteness portrays Mickey Finn.
Revelations that you hide will slip up unto pallid skin.

An Acrostic / Monorhyme

written for
Sponsor Sidney ~ LeeAnn 
Contest Name Dead Winter  

written by
Cecil Hickman

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Summer 2014 - Dorian 42

~Summer 2014~ 
(Dorian 42) 

Summer is fun,seasons hot 
Umm, temperature just  soar! 
Moving 'round, is kind of hard 
Makes one tired and rains some more 
End of summer brings next fall 
Rays from sun most folks adore 

Dorian Petersen Potter 
aka ladydp2000
aka ladylove 


"Dorian 42" created by Patricia Ann Farnsworth-Simpson, 
to honor  poet ladydp2000(Dorian Petersen Potter). 
 Created to honor poet ladydp2000 it is an acrostic style of poem done with a 6 letter word to create 6 lines x 7 syllables thus 42 in all. The 2nd 4th and 6th line must rhyme...As many verses as you wish with 6 letter word

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Autumn Breezes

Apples tumble all around
Underneath the laden branches.
Trees with autumn’s fruit abound.
Uberty of senses found.
Mom bakes pies and apple sauce.
November waits at winter’s door
Before the season’s color’s lost,
Resplendent on the forest floor.
Each day as floating colors fall,
Each day along the old stone wall,
Zealous squirrels dart to and fro
Eager to collect and stow,
Since autumn’s warmth soon will go.

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Now the winter has arrived,
Our breath suspended in the cold winter air.
Very soon the snow will blanket the ground.
Early sunsets are no longer rare.
Morning's dark when we arise.
By the time work's done, its dark again.
Every glimpse of sun is a prize.
Rain is upon us now....snow and rain.

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So thoughtfully planted, these treats for your sight
Long awaited blooms rising up to the light
Under your care as they thrive poised in the sun
Gorgeous petals admired one-by-one 
Beckoning those who should happen upon them 
As the slow and sly grasp roots for ascension
In expectation of the coming reward for their hikes
Thanks left in slime for the delectable bites.

Written on 03/21/2013 for Garden Contest

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B_ Balm of sun behind clouds
L_  Leaves singing long and loud
E_  Enemy heat and drought gone
S_  Summer's fury had lingered on
S_  Signs of blessings pouring down
I_   Inviting coolness and rain sounds
N_  Now can once more enjoy porch's
G_  Greatness without fear of sorch
S_  In just a few hours, gone is torch

We have had temperatures of high 90's 
with heat indexes of over a 100..Some 
days 110..The rain has been scarce and 
when it rained was 1/2 inch or less..
Praise God for the rain and the cooler air..

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Thanksgiving Day!

Tradition started long time back
Harvesters celebrate and relax
Attire of satisfaction seeing sack
Never give up spirit sold in packs
Kudos grows with result of work
Semblance of honesty and trust
Gift by Almighty to sow and reap 
Ignite lamp of prosperity deep 
Victory of heartily carried labour
Innocence cares for love treasure
Nascent to come next year again
Giving selflessly not just to gain
Date to remember not for holiday
Aspiration rather to work and pray
Yearn for prosperity each 

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Day at the beach turns to rain

B asking in the morning sun,
E njoying that the school years done,
A bsorbing the vast, crystal, blue sky,
C leansing water from the ocean rushes by,
H anging on to every sound,
B orrowing in the sand that’s all around,
L uscious strawberry’s, grapes and a peach,
A n astounding day at the beach,
K indly I help put lotion on a woman’s back,
E ven on the beach my manors are still intact,
T hen suddenly dark clouds quickly move in,
B efore I make it to the board walk the rain begins,
I  do not seem to even mind,
N othing is better than a shower, in this heat, at this time,
G oing towards the car I start to dance,
O verwhelmed with joy, I continue with a pitter-patter prance.

By: Sabina Nicole

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That Is Not My Elephant

That is not my elephant
High-stepping in the basement.
Ardently preparing for her pachyderm placement.
Tapping her trunk on the window’s casement. 

Instantly intriguing, oh, the fashion statement.
Surprisingly sprightly swinging resplendent pendant.
Nonchalantly swaying as she strolls, compliant. 
Opulence sparkles one gorgeous graceful giant.  
To top it all off, her temperament is pliant.
Metrical motion moves this perky pageant entrant.
Yesterday’s wildlife intellectually scathed though brilliant –

Ella is my elephant; she wears casual raiment. 
Laughs and eats spaghetti, always thinking, ideas salient.
Endlessly explaining the elephant’s Bill of Rights, relevant! 
Protecting second graders from every evil social rodent.
Heart-fully relating principles, she is strong and poignant.
An awesome able activist against any aggressive tyrant,
Nurturing each nascent one, noticeably effervescent.
Tenderly flapping her ears, because of pure love’s placement.

© January 15, 2011
Dane Smith-Johnsen

Form: Acrostic with monorhyme and alliteration

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A Fall Day

A  day to view magnificent color when
F  resh apples and pears cling to trees and autumn
A  utomaticly turns deep olive green leaves
L  epid burgundy, gold, deep red some fall drift
L  azily or lifted by zephry air or blow on by
D  elighting all eyes that view change and my
A  rt paints what beauty passes by my window
Y  earning now for that color to start falling  

Written: August 30, 2012
Sponsor: Francine Roberts
Contest: Autumn Acrostic

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One Autumn Night

Autumnal inspiration, the artist paints.
Using the burnt orange and rust colors scheme.
Teasing away the greens of summers growth.
Unabashed by the flavors of decay in the air.
Mocking the fall of nature on his canvas.
Nature shows her true colors as the trees weep.

One autumn night, the artist becomes one with the fall as he paints his own death.

For Contest : One Autumn Night in 7 lines
Sponsor: Poet Destroyer
Date : September 5-2014

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Delighted Dreamy Eyes

Beneath the golden sunset two lovers watch the skies.
Embraces race straight to the heart where true love lay.
Arise, oh, soul and sing; great joy brings this surprise.
“Charming,” held me on the beach; my prince passed life's way. 
Hopefulness bequeathed sweet tears to delighted dreamy eyes. 
Beneath the night-lights in the sky, a million twinkles sparked.
Loneliness was chased away; sorrows succumbed to daze.
Alluring dreams and tenderness anticipated; trust embarked.
Neolithic passion paved the way into my heart, oh, happy days.
Kisses and caresses tattooed two souls with love's eternal mark. 
Everlastingly life, now shared, grows, friendship still ablaze.
Together, walking winding roads through hardships and fairways. 

Before the sunrise burst the dream, blankets blew in sand.
Interspersed reality saw tomorrow amid floating clouds.
Nonetheless, a princess dreamed; her prince led her by the hand. 
Great, now, is the memory of an envisioned certainty.
Optimisms saved the day when “Happily-ever-after” came my way.

© July 4, 2011
Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen

Written for:  "BEACH BLANKET BINGO" 	
Sponsored by: Linda-Marie The Sweetheart of P.S.

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Carousel Floating

Circular motion within the blue hue upward,
As bright as the wondrous crystals below,
Reflections glare, shadowing things unheard.
Only at daybreak will we understand its glow.
Until dusk shall you see power, it does hold.
Solar orb of glory, which gives life to all,
Evangelical design drives away natures cold.
Listen you may hear the sizzle of this ball.

From winter to spring, growing closer everyday,
Living creatures await the warmth it brings.
Our hearts and minds, warmed in every way.
As it devours, the frigid cold and nature sings.
Take notice that it still warms us on days of gray.
Igniting passion, delivering precious new beginnings,
Never faltering continuing its carousel of play,
Glowing solar flares proceed above floating wings.

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October’s second half brings us new rains,
Copious and pouring with sodden days.
Torrential it turns and then it but wanes,
Our winter sets in with less of sun’s blaze.
But for cool nights, sans bark and bite it stays,
Efforts at birth control take a nosedive,
Respite from high heat is all we derive.

** Acrostic/ Rhyme Royal

Contest: "Fall is around the corner" sponsored by CAROL BROWN

By:  S.Jagathsimhan Nair,   01 sept  11

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Ormond Beach

Ocean’s mist creates fog at dawn
Ramble along the beach or take a
Morning hike on a nature trail
Observe the herons, cranes and pelicans
No species are unprotected here
Drop the rifle and pick up a camera

Boars will surprise you on woodland paths
Each river is filled with manatees and alligators
Awesome white-tailed deer prance through the forests
Children create sand fortresses on the beach
Hiding from nature’s beauty is impossible here

A canvas can only capture an image
But first-hand visits are truly a privilege 

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The fall contest

One sweet smell of fall can be easily obtained,
Captivated by the changes in the scent of tranquil rain,
Taking in the crisp, clean, breezy air
Original memories invade my head of times I have shared
Borrowing deep inside my silky sheets
Enjoying the fragrance of fire places burning on my street
Reminiscing of days of old, watching as the season unfolds.

By: Sabina Nicole

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Natures Treasure Chest

Natural glory is ours from Heaven’s sun.
Always continuing blessed from above.
True vivid colors to see lots of fun,
United and bonded out of God’s love.
Rebirthing of blooms again and again,
Explicit beauty flows from every petal.
Spiritually glowing, glistening again and again,

Toward the sky shining like metal,
Rewards not only from beauty alone,
Each of us enjoys the bounty that we eat.
All the fruits and vegetables so well known,
Sensual tastes and smells a special treat.
Up from the root nutrient flow,
Releasing so many flavors that cannot be weak,
Exploding with vitamins to make us glow.

Challenge not the prizes from our earth.
Health is a treasure we all should seek.
Each of us should have had since birth.
Search for hearty, silver and gold every week.
Toil not; devour Mother Nature’s worth.

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when the clouds turn gray the sky turns dark there’s no running because the rain doesn’t have eyes unlike the hills the rain can’t see more like cupid it is blind 
when it rain everyone is getting  wet rain doesn’t care if your white black or even a mocha frappe it doesn’t care if your rocking the new Jordan’s and that your hair just been tortured by chemicals and that you wore that new I love pink jogging suit that he really likes 
rain doesn’t discriminate unlike that next door neighbor who watches your every movement because in their mind the darker the skin the more sticker the fingers are 
Rain dosent stop because you decide to **** the world and be  who you want  cause no one else matter 
Rain doesn’t fall upon those with lighter or darker skin  it isn’t racist unlike that store clerks  who guards who watches Hispanics because he know there history of sneaking in and out why can we be more like nature more like the rain 

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Beach Blanket Bingo-w

(**I visited the Kuta beach in Bali, Indonesia in the early 90s.The expressions 
in the 
poem is the powerful of feelings recollected in tranquility today in 2009 
remembering the visit.)

Beach I remember of getting wind in my hair Eyes were full of tears of joy and not grief And to stand on the sand and simply to stare Clothes dampening while playing “run away” Hear the wavelets at play tickling our toes. Be seated on the beach with feet in the sand Listen to ocean’s song to clear the mind And watching the crimson sunset at the same time Not to bother for any cares, watching God’s bounties. Kept roaming on the beach to find colored shells Eavesdropping to hear the ocean’s deep roar The tired mind to be refreshed smelling the salt. Behold the beach! Here I have found peace I have found love too, here, here and here Nowhere but on grains of sand that blankets Graciously and gorgeously offering a bed of comfort. Oh, the freedom to run, fall, hold, cuddle and coil.
+++++++++ Date 12-30-09 The poem originally in Free Verse was turned into Acrostic contest in 2011 but before I could submit it, the contest was closed). Dr. Ram Mehta Form: Free Verse Third place win Contest: Impress Me II by Giorgio V. Motif - Romantic/Nature

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Rising above the horizon
An arc of varied shade and hue
Iridescent image of perfect beauty
Nature inspired after the rain
Bringing hope and promise bright
Offering comfort and peace to the soul
Work of art by divine hands

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Unique and
Ravage a
Young buds.

TLH  ©  06-15-2012

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©March, 2014

I dreamed one day of a place sublime
Secluded from the city noise.
Lingering there would be mighty fine,
Abundance of unending joys.
Never did I imagine this joy I’d find
Doubt my being filled.
So it’s now back to a wishful mind!

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Autumn Beauty

Autumn time is here once more 
Unique colors on nature’s floor.
The leaves fall from high above
Untapped beauty; just like a dove.
Months of snow will soon arrive
Now we only have piles of leaves to dive.
Before we must shovel drives of snow
Enjoy- before the cold winds blow.
Autumn colors of red and gold
Unveil the wonder that the season holds.
The joy’s of fall are all around
You must get ready; we’re autumn bound.


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The Birds And The Bees

The Nature at its best
Harbinger of peace
Entire earth in its bosom

Birds at the height of glory
Immensely pretty colours
Radiant and mellow
Dancing in the sky
Sunning amongst the leaves

All around one can see
Nature and her glory
Distant greys mingling with green

The nature at its best
Harbinger of peace
Entire earth in its bosom

  Bees drinking nectar
Enjoying the pretty flowers
Enjoying the heady juice
Summing it all into honey
Dedicated to Carol Brown

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Orange and yellow, brown and red,
Colours abound in this Autumn season.
The sun still shines, but the air is crisp.
October temperatures change without reason.
Before us lies the Winter we dread,
Ending our Autumn, all too soon.
Retiring its reign, with the full harvest moon.

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Misty Rain

M	oving steadily like bands of ghosts
I	ndifferent to the weakened rays of the sun
S	oft as rose petals falling on my skin
T	ickling, playfully teasing, fantasy
Y	ielding air as fresh as morning dew

R	endering these quiet moments for introspection	
A	s earth tone colored leaves dance in mid air
I	vites me for a quick walk through the park
N	o other season like autumn does it for me

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Captcha Acrostic T-E-Q-2

There we lingered, without moving, enfolding the timeless questions of the universe with quiet words... Queried sounds filled the night, we were mesmerized by mysteries of the moon 2 stars were only 2 million years from all the answers
_____________________________________ Inspired by the Captcha Acrostic Contest: Sponsored by Adam Hapworth 8/1/13

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Oh, to mourn the death of a season
Causing dread for the prediction of nature
Trampling through leaves plummeted from glory
Overt manipulations of human emotions
Barters the time of years gone by
Everlasting cycles of gain and loss
Remembrance eases the transition

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The Dahlia

D - Dawn of day and dawn of Spring made splendid by the Dahlia
A- Astonishing pinks, reds, oranges and yellows roaring with the life of several sensational suns
H- Harmonious eloquence perched on the tall stem of natural beauty  
L- Luxuriousness unrivalled by human composition or creation
I- Incandescently perfumed with the sanctimonious scent of Spring
A- Alive with life and love just like you and I

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Nine dozens of
Eight nothings
Veranda romance inside
Every man for no man
Running in place
Dearest husband
Or dearest wife
Urban legend
Brutal love
Tall tales
Hidden hate
Sex orgy
Three in a couple
Riot in the bathroom
Universal thought
Timeless fashion
Helpless god

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BIRDS acrostic


    B    reathless each day the winged ones burst and unite into the twilight frieze--
     I     s there a more delicate touch to the sight than the songbirds as they take to the sky?
     R    eveling while entwined with the tailwinds-- delighting the indigo breeze,
     D    ashing on the last rays of sun to nip the laziest mosquito on the fly --
     S    ong of the satisfied sung—they fade into the welcoming night bosom of the trees. 

Victoria Anderson-Throop ©

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serene evening

Stillness my vacant eyes dart around to feel, Evening’s redness is sliding into night’s lap, a glow alights its appeal. Road that converges into my apartment building seems lonely, Each window awaits the arrival of beings who are homely. Now I sit on the swing perched on my terrace garden, Every time I look at the green mountains, my stare it hardens…. Every bird I can see flying homeward in flocks, Valiant squirrel it runs around from coconut trees to garden rocks, Every leaf from the tree is closing itself to the world, Night slowly creeps upon me its shadow unfurled. Insects crowd around the light on the terrace wall, Now it’s time for me to listen to the wind’s whistling call. Grand wind chimes on the roof make sweet melodies as night befalls.

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a boy is boating on the yellow river 
singing songs and praising the nature 
singing loudly and thanking the creator 
woods are there beside the river 
the boy must be human race and woods, rivers are all nature 
the still water is not still now 
a seven headed snake 
is chasing underneath the water 
the body was dark and seven heads symbolize seven sins that are devils graces 
oh the boy is unware the snake 
like we and our fate 
wake up o' little soldier,u have to win 
against darkest nature

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Autumn - Alphabet Poem

Ashes prepare for the fire’s glow
Umbrellas twirl under the rain
The leaves voice a radiant symphony
Uttering a beautiful season
Many feathers thread their way south
Nature’s clock spinning a bridge to winter

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Canada True North Strong And Free

Canada winters bitterly cold
Avalanches cascade down slopping hills
North side faces steep and icy
A tiny town sits beneath trees that are old
Down the mountain whose beauty kills
Although their beauty is enticing

Tough and strong
Bold but true
Where everyday
Brings something new

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Jonquil Bulbs

Over the
Next hill
Quietly resting
Underneath the
Icy ground
Lay the jonquils.

Unscathed by
Long winter days
Bearing the promise of 

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Three months of fall

Starting off this season with a new school year,
Embracing students and colleges that I hold dear,
Preparing schedules and changing my inner time,
Taking off and editing my summer mind,
Erecting creativity to adjust from two months away,
Motivated by the nights under the stars where I lay,
Believing for prosperity and a new wage,
Enthralled by this fresh chapter and blank page,
Remembering things of long ago, helps me to cherish all the new I now know.

One sweet smell of fall can be easily obtained,
Captivated by the changes in the scent of tranquil rain,
Taking in the crisp, clean, breezy air,
Original memories invade my head of times I have shared,
Borrowing deep inside my silky sheets,
Enjoying the fragrance of fire places burning on my street,
Reminiscing of days of old, watching as the fall unfolds.

Nostalgia overwhelm me, my senses are keen,
Opening my heart to be thankful for all that can be seen,
Very grateful for all that I have because of our countries history
Enthralled by our freedom this is no mystery
Mesmerized by the vibrant colors calling out from my oak trees
Blessed to have all that I do, it brings me to my knees
Engrossed in giving all that I am
Relieved to live in a nation that is an extraordinary gem.

By: Sabina Nicole

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Light and Life

Petrified, broken, and lifeless, 
Earth lies below virgin snow flakes.
At its zenith the moon’s caress,
Cold light, falls on white cloak and lake.
Empyrean suns give voids brightness.

Orchids, blue berries, and pine line the lake.
New fish school under the heat haze, land bakes.

Empty souls bask frozen and lean 
Aurora unleashed joins light dance 
Ribons reach for their silver queen
The trees sway, caught in heaven’s trance.
Hear lonely wind sigh through evergreens

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Nearest to the end of the fall season we all know.
Our last look at beauty that unfolds in glow,
Visions of color falling everywhere we go.
Every wooded escape has transformed slow.
Magical colors have faded, nakedness now show.
Bare branches thrive, which nature does bestow.
Everyone awaits the freshness of the first fallen snow.
Rewinding time, nature prepares for cold winds to blow.

written for
Sponsor Carol Brown 

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When I found you I could hear the river running in the distance, as the water crashed over the rocks. When I found you I could smell the aftermath of rain hanging in the air. When I found you I could see the trees, greenery, rocks and river as they intertwine around me. When I found you I could nearly taste your kiss upon my lips as if it had never happened before. When I found you I could feel the breeze around me and the warmth as it grew inside me. When I found you...

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Apple cider, golden leaves
Unique sights and sounds
The scent of spices in the air
Under the eaves, the wind is whistling
Most of the harvest is finally done
Now it's time to rest.

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Hen ~

How Many

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Leaves are the desire of nature’s departure.
Each a delight of beauty for seasons aperture.
Again and again they flutter to a restful place.
Victims of death though rebirth is their race.
Enveloping landscape they provide cover.
So is the life of this countryside’s lavish lover.

written for
Sponsor Carol Brown 

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Disporportionally sooner

Inside needed
Great outside light diminished
Help needed
To end sad

(SAD is an illness that some people have when they don't get enough light in 
the winter and some people have an additional illness to getting too much 
light in summer which causes depression.)

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Beginning of an End

On this 
Everything that 
Loves will loose.
Everything that lives
At last will die.
Forts will crumble.
Fate will step back
And nap.
Lovers will cry and heartache will
Laugh. Tonight in the 
Still Wind Cold.  

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Beautiful Storms

Brewing in the near distance
Everything deathly still
Awaiting with anticipation
Under a darkening sky
Turning closed eyes to the heavens
I feel the first drops of rain
Fierce wind wildly whips the trees
Undivided, looming clouds
Living water hammers furiously

Slamming the beautiful earth
Transferring vitality from sky to land
Opening my eyes; the devout viewing god
Restored in her rapture
Making meaning from nirvana
Seeing through her eyes

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vile venomous vermin
intriguing intertwined insurgent
petulantly promenading  patrol
excruciatingly evil exile
ruthlessly relentless reptile

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Raging and

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End Times: Aspects

A time when signs increase
Some are brought level
Poison from Fukushima
Ecology and diversity drop
Comets show their aspects
Time to realise, determine
See the changing seasons

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Wonder - Double Acrostic

W hat fascinating thoughts to knoW
O ccupy its duckling mind sO
N otice how its focus is takeN
D iscovering the plane flying, anD
E xpressing in its eyes awE
R ealizing,  a bigger bird can soaR.

All rights reserved ~~~Cynthia Buhain-Baello~~~08.11.13

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A Cyclical Connection

Dawn drinks daylight.
Sunshine spreads supremely.
Briskly brightens bays and beaches. 
Restless readers reclined rise up.
Freshness flashes fair faces.
Wildlife awakens watches.
Life loves lusciously.
Man makes much merriment.
Responsibility reckons…repeatedly.
Continuity continues its cyclical connection.

© November 14, 2011
Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen

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The World I See

The morning sun rolls around
Here, like Tick Tock's on a clock
Even the current of the sea is flowing

Wallowing seagulls in there flock
Only the sea breezes have ever seen
Revealing, the sun begins to rise
Laying upon a sight every one should see
Dynamic rays of shine and Beautiful zodiacal lights

In the Clouds where birds view from the sky heights

Soon I wish to see with my own undying eyes
Endless Beauty and essence
Enchanting Love and harmony highs

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The Rain Lily

The majestic, strong-willed beauty I hardly know
Hued in perfection of limpid white, pink and yellow
Ever steady and loyal to the rich soil I’ve never sow

Rendering sweet bloom, even if, my summer waned
Alive always at the onset of rain…of sorrow and pain
At the lowest ebb of life, a smile, from you I truly gain
Nurturing in silence the swollen heart, again and again

Lovely charm of floral trumpet shaped lives, without me
In a tiny pot, but never raise a hue and cry, for me to see
Lonesome solitude, besetting her when cold winters pee
Yet, she keeps and maintains a rare elegance, just for me

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Awakening Spring (double acrostic and end line word)

Around the corner, the sun will show its new face after                               A
Well earned time of having endured through the cold of                              Winter.
Anticipation is felt as nature burgeons and animals wake                            Anew
Keenly sensing the coming of spring with all its love felt in its                      Kaleidoscopic
Emergence of colors everywhere and its fragrances brought by the             Elements.
Nature at its youth, feeling the excitement throughout, that we all                Naturally
Instinctively experience rebirth within the fiber of our hearts; yet still          Intimidated,
Not having yet forgotten the frozen breath of the dying icy season. But        Now
Gratitude moves into the soul from the lessons learned, and we thank         God.

Sweetly, we turn our eyes to the heavens above for the blessing of its          Smile
Pleasantly blowing to us in fragrant love with the breezes and the waters,      Preparing
Rebirth of nature, and the birds sing us their songs of love while                   rigorously
Investing their all in the building of their nest for their offspring,  so              impatient,
Nagging at times to their loved ones, then making it all a fun game to play.   Nature
Gathering their families and I remember my parents for whom I thank          God.

By CarolineCecile
Copyright © 02.20.10

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O – One of my favorite months	 

C – Crisp apples falling from the trees

T  - Trees are a kaleidoscope of glorious color

O – Obviously Nature’s finest moment

B-   Beautiful beyond measure

E -  Explosion of color everywhere

R -  Rendering of Natures Artists

Copyright©2011 Beatrice Boyle
(All rights reserved)

For Carol Browns Acrostic Contest

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S o fragile delicate crystalline formed
n uances of silent geometry wind born
o rnamental, wet,soft water reborn
w onder of wonder winter's snow adorns

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Sexy    Salsa
Unabashed Unions
Mellow Memories
Mounting Moments
Embracing Eyes
Rapture Ripples
Sizzling Summers

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Enchantment of Summer

Excitement begins before the first day of the season.
New plants are rising upwards to feel the warm sun.
Changing the green flowing show, for some reason,
Heaving the stems mounted with color just for fun.
Alone grows the Bachelor Button though clustered so.
Nearer to the ground, delight of the marigold shows,
Taking note of others such as the Morning Glorys show,
Miracles happen each day, when the Moonflowers close.
Each glorious color that spreads widely to be seen,
Nearer to Heaven, the scents recover brisk and clean.
Travel the countryside the beauty develops every scene.

Our hearts will gladly delight in every bud that sets to open.
From even wildwood plants that survive, no thanks to men.

Since the beginning of time and even into the future, we name.
Universally new species after loved ones we hold so dear.
Memories of Susan take upon one of humanity’s shame.
Many of the soubriquets whisper, many things sincere.
Every detail surrounds their beauty, is summers fame.
Revelry of the duration drives the enchantment so clear.         

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The Flood

Temple broken and floor fell in, leaked roof
Hinges groaning for a dark crumbling door
Enoch alone in sinners brazen bore

Faith and spirit still for portrait and proof
Loud Noah sparked nothing in the deaf conscience
Offering no comprehension to men
Occlusion of sun, terror clouds unfold
Deluge flash from sky and earth's deep den, floods rolled.

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Flowers Can Be

Floral fragrances fill the air
Lost memories appear everywhere.
Originally starting out as seeds
Wither without water and sun to feed.

Every morning they open up
Reminders of drinks taken from lifes cup.
Sent to show someone that you care
Caressing the senses, standing fair.

A flower to mark both joys and pain
Needing only soil, sun and rain.
Blossoming beauty ripe to be picked 
Evoking emotions no one can predict.

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A Season's Beauty

Spring brings on a pleasant change when nothing around us remains the same.

People are skirting about the more-

Running to and fro, enjoying the great outdoors;

Imaginations are beginning to fly just like the birds up in the sky.

Nature has again performed a glorious and wondrous thing---

Getting every thing:  the flowers, trees, birds, etc., ready for a new season - 

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Monsoon Storms

Morning deprived of fresh visions upon the break
Only the rising sun peers out of darkened wake.
Natures deserted ones stand tall, alone, forsaken,
Seemingly, sagely awaiting, moisture that’s taken,
Overtures of mystical dancers float in sky.
Opaque, grayish, clouds approach seeming to sigh,
Now building up with winds, which feel the cry,

Standing before the glorious power before me now,
Tends to overwhelm but fascinates me as I, bow.
Omnipotent view sends shivers up my spine.
Rendering my mind as well, calming it like wine.
My spirit warms as sounding rain begins to fall.
Such accumulation of mist, these things I saw.

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Daylight will break out in a few moments,
A sun would come up.
When dawn is here,
Now a new day would start.

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C ompiling drops of coated beauty,
L ightly crooning simplicity among
E arly blossoms of blooming colors,
A rdent sensations chant along…
N umerous droplets of tender rain, 
S hall sluice upon ebony pain, and shall
E ternally sway among the ivory of skies,

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Gently Picked Flower (Revised)

Going at the Pace of a little elF,
Eventually, It Ignites the floraL,
Nectar flow, Crowned with a fragrant halO.
Tantalizing,  Kisses of honey dew lay on it’s succulent pilloW.
Lapping the Evidence from my fingers and facE,
Yesterday’s Delicious, gently picked flowerR.

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     By The Poets Listed After the Poem

Practically perfect people in speedboats tease us manatees.
Long ago, as “mermaids,” we could swim the seas free as the breeze.
Even though propellers have replaced natives' canoe paddles,
A manatee's underwater world need not leave him rattled.
Swimming slow through shallow waters we're not looking for a fight.
Each one of us is trying to live free from this man-made plight.

So we glide below the surface in our one-piece swimming suit.
As we splash along, with no G-string thong.  Wow!  That's really cute.
Vibrations we send you, saltwater salutations please heed.
Endangered you call us we're thrilled; safe passage is all we need.

Under shallow sea my little calf died fish hooked in her feed.
Scar so deep by human's deed, my baby gone in red-hot bleed.

Months of cold weather, inland, slowly, we travel warm rivers. 
Allure of warm waters, drifting, feeding, no chilly shivers,
Now, the government wants to remove our protective label.
As if toxic foe and loss of mild winter was a fable.
Tell our painful story now, by written word or moving song,
Each passing day our prospects dim-our future may not be so long.
Every person can take part. So, one and all please share your heart.  
Save us manatee take action now.  Search the web; find out how.

CONTRIBUTING POETS in alphabetical order:  Charmaine Chircop, Carolyn Devonshire, 
Robin Gass, James Marshall Goff, Barbara Gorelick, Sean Kelly, Ruben Ortellao, Patricia 
Prescott, and Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen

I would like to dedicate this poem to Carolyn Devonshire, whose favorite animal is the 

Link to SAVE THE MANATEE Action Group.

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Sonnet LXXII

Coming from the Greek "krus anthemon" 
Heroic as the name implies, hath told
Revitalised each myth that once upon
Yearns wonder while a bunch of these I hold, 
Sufficient is the splendid orb that says, 
Another legend shuns the said sunrise
Note all, have in abundance grand displays 
Together in their sphere of stark surprise 
Hitherto, have I seen this utmost vast. 
Essential to the backcloth, those in front 
Might eagerly to reach new heights and cast 
Unequalled while those fairytales advance 
May gods appear so their religions last,
So they can be accepted unsurpassed.

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Birds and Bees

Brings expansion to life in style and grace,
Independency destroys affectionate lace.
Reality of dual sponsorship, nature’s base,
Delivers such beauty in everyone’s face,
Securing the future of a perpetual place,

All aspects of life and death take time.
Not to be stopped, for it would be a crime.
Directed in circles each one a new prime,

Birds, bees, animals, even humanity and trees,
Each one has procreation, as well in the seas.
Explaining it is difficult among many degrees.
Sincerely, life would end, without each of these.

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Where it comes from; where it goes,
I know not:
Neither can I hold it, nor can you.
Dancing it goes to and fro.

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Autumn Delight

A utumn delight fills the sky
U nderneath the old oak tree
T here the coolness fill the air
U mber is the color of the leaves
M any of them fill the ground
N ever will this time leave me

Russell Sivey

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Winters Adornment

While in the midst of a midnight storm,
I saw the blizzard grow strangely dark.
Never had I seen this awesome form.
That raged placing an indelible mark.
Even though I lived a half a century,
Releasing of power stuck in memory.
Slowly it ceased upon the break of day.

Animal like attitude played all night.
Daylight broke and from my first sight.
Ocellus objects appeared to surround.
Realistic, crystal shapes making no sound.
Nature’s glory of white stood all around.
Making my eyes see buried colors abound.
Evangelical shrouds covered, by the pound.
Now I know what I lost; now I have found.
Truth in beauty, winter’s adornment crowned

For Laura Mckenzie's contest.

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sun shine

s- is for sunday a day of the week
u-is for union that you have with your family
n-is for nagative when the rain poors from the sky

s-is for snowcone all frozen and cold
h-is for hunny that the beez like to eat
i-is for icecream that you eat everyday of the year
n-is for naughy or nice its almost that time of year
e-is for exacellent what a great poem i wrote!

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Surprising color
Uniquely heavenly
Nicely paints the sky.
Reverence restored
Individuals uplifted

© January 2, 2012
Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen

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Wet Caresses

Summer rain like windswept silk or
Kitten belly fur
Instilling feeling into leaves
Persuading cows to milk
Perhaps the drip from cabin eaves
Is edging to the flowered bed
Neath windowed view of Fall
Glowing in late Summer sun
A sparkling veil of dazzled drops
Lingering as they spill
O lowly summer raindrops they
Not driven only falling
Gleeful  feeling flowing to fill 

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Kennel Sleep

Stop now your tears of discomfort, for when the black cloud falls; I'll be waiting.

Nature spoils her clairvoyant temperament; ravages my intellect.

Orchids of snow; liquid lips like wire.

Opiates calm the masses, short term sweet release.

Prosperous beside her,

Yet solemnly miserable without.

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Raindrops Fall

                      Raindrops fall from the sky
                      From day to day by and by
                      It pitter patters on a window
                      While almost like a spindle
                      It looks like teardrops
                      That haven't been forgot
                      Some are big drops
                      Some are small drops
                      Each in it's own way
                      When the days are gray
                      The raindrops fall day and day

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Girl in the Night

Jaded by Perpetual Angst She Walks To an

Open, Vast Plain. Secluded here, Miles From any

Road. Nightfall Silks across the Sky, Bringing

Day to it's knees. She Observes and

Analyzes Every twinkling Hue, The Stars

Never Cease to Keep Her Company.

Awe Slips her into a Tranquilly, Lucid

Dream. And the Fading Light Caresses her into

A Deep Realm of Security. The Specks on the

Indigo Blanket Fade into The Daylight, as She

Rises to Her Feet.

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C aptured in scenic glory
A bundance in mountainous fine
N atures northern beauty
A wesome with lined tree's of pine
D ynamic tundra spread
A mazing, it must be said

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~ Slow~

Sluggish and settled
  or softened with age
Low speed and laid back
  a lagging old sage
Overdue and overwhelmed
   out of order and old
Wound down  and weary
   but her heart is pure gold

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Secular Moon

Secrecy of the brilliance upon the night so broad,
Everyone looks though each does not see your secret.
Circular reflection splendidly gifted from God.
Universe surrounding where you bravely sit.
Looking at the different shapes, you display.
Amazes those who truly see beyond simplicity,
Realms of possibilities you appear hidden in day.

Moonlight spreads upon the all in infinity.
Only those who choose to look deeply will see.
Only those with imagination will be guided by thee.
Now that your name has been ordained, you are free.

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Wet,wonderful, clean, and refreshing

(Allegory for something as well as plain water.)

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Age of Aquarius

A future to dream, we live in peace and love. 
Glorious time for all of Earths humankind, 
Eden reborn as promised from our Lord above. 

Only God knows when this will graciously unwind. 
From the sign Aquarius, we will truly find the key. 

Age of truth for average person and world peace, 
Questions, from the past now known for all to see, 
United as a planet, love will live, prejudice cease. 
Artists of inventions will grow in leaps and bound. 
Rockets beyond our galaxy will fly faster then light. 
In this era of technology, answers to quests found, 
Universe of ours and beyond will be the new sight. 
Songs of love and faith sang the world all around.  

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All It Takes

Could all it take is 
A single person to 
Realize a twinkling star
Over the Milky Way, near the 
Little Dipper or Orion's
Belt to become
Recognized by some
Others who gaze in a 
World and sky
Near my own?  Thanks for looking.

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Autumn Leaves

Again, they seem to watch as I walk slowly.
Under the faces of color which adorn lazily,
Talking amongst them in a whisper,
Usually I am calm and pay little or no attention.
My mind is wondering what favor they speak.
Never before have they whispered so intently.

Lingering, before tripping into the new season,
Each tone different though the same pattern.
Again the sound rises, just briefly then silences.
Viscously pounding me, covering in aggravation,
Escaping the clutches of debris from the source,
Scents of fall aroma, speaks volumes of their desires.

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Absorbtion squeezed in

Slip away for a moment
Into yourself
Listen to life’s sounds fade into fog
Kin to a hawk sighting possible prey
Awareness sliding into focus
Gaining momentum as you sink
Aspirations of creation
Inspiration raising neck hairs
Such is the way of selfish
Transferring feelings to thought
Making believe for the joy
Younger and older at once
Can this be held for the nonce
Held  in contentment lazily lax
Even as sweet Summer rain
Ever adance on smoky glass pane
Ken ye the source of my pain?

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Nature's Perfection

Nothing shall ever compare to the beauty so embellished
Amazing shapes, fragrances, colors, in combined detail.
Trace the fruits, vegetables, flowers, nectars relished.
Usually taken for granted, the grace and glory they entail.
Remember that all these things given for strength and life.
Evangelical perfection, from the mother, we know as Earth.
Securing ever-growing multiplication, revealing such rife,

Plentiful adornments, given from, way before our birth,
Examine a simple apple for it’s’ strength to withstand a fall.
Reach up, pluck a peach, and feel its softness surrounding,
Fresh juices so mouthwatering that make the young so tall.
Embark on a journey to find the treasure, which is astounding.
Cleverly, encased within ripening coconuts, of their shell,
Tantalizing richness in liquid and meat for a taste supreme,
Infinite delights, enticing, each broaden our sense of smell,
Only to further, invite our taste buds to enlighten the dream.
Nature’s perfection is the whirlwind of Mother Nature’s scheme.

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 A- April's National Poetry Month
 P- Part of every year
 R- Ready for it's heart felt punches
 I-  It's rarely not held dear
 L- Love is what it brings to me
           "April" is my favorite month out of the year

My name is Ruth Courtney and my first poem on Poetrysoup was APRIL, I wrote it in April my second poem posted GOODLUCK was honored as a highlighted poem right after.  I enjoy Poetry Soup contests, mail and conversing with fellow soupers.

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Mother Goose

Mother goose silks her feathers,
Oils her charms through crystalline water.
The time of male bird enhances her looks
Heavens found not a perfect match.
Ending mating season, she plucks herself to a nest
Resting her warm eggs until they hatch.

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acrostic of "NATURE"

Natural wonders still undiscovered
Astonishing sites of beauty
Too beautiful to destroy as of some are doing right now
Unreal caves of crystals and color
Residents of the wonderous animal kingdom
Exotic animals of silver pelts and blazing colors

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Human being’s mind rhyme
A moment of undefined time
Interacting with a fine chime
Kissing the fruit of a wild lime
Understand nature’s sublime

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Sunny days and flowers

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Seasons End

Seasons endure and return again
Everending, no surrendering
Awesome they are 
Stupendous sights
Outstanding colors

Elegant in style

" Inspired by Marillion "

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Sitatunga - an acrostic

Small, striped sensuous in form
In strength mighty
Tenacious in the cooling mud.
An antelope breed, Sitatunga named
Treading water with the surfing hippo
Under a canopy of okoume trees.
Needing home always to be in
Gabon's forested world but
Already, the chain saws arrive.

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Squirrel, shy by nature,
Quickness in its gesture,
Undulating with speed,
Influenced by greed,
Raking to make nest,
Rushing for maple harvest,
Eating acorn and nuts dispersed,
Long furry tail remains curled.

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Coastal road that leads to nowhere 
On the face of foreboding boulders,
Rugged cliffs overlooking the bay,
Narrow lane reaching out to the sea;

In this side road that’s meant to last 
Cars limp by, flirting with the dust;
Here I'm home again by the seaside,
Enthralled by the waves and the tide.

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Into My Own

Keep me away far from this harsh city life, 
Away from non-stop noise and all the strife;
Lights from dazzling neons make me dizzy,
Enough of this rat race, I’m sick of this reality!

Into my own I retreat, into myself I will escape,               
Doldrums and urban worries I cannot keep;        
Onto the farm amongst the sky and the trees   
So in silent prayer I'll drop down on my knees.    

Come with me, my beloved, let me take you 
Out of the blaring sounds of pulsating disco;  
Pastoral life awaits us there in the country,  
Ethereal beauty is all that we will ever see.   

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Dopamine Dementia

Doubting all the
Old memories
Painted in pastel hues,
Amine generated
In a biochemical soup
Nothing of all that has
Ever been mine.

Dying cells 
Elemental to
Memories that are the first to be
Eliminated in the
Neurotransmitted shell. 

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Under Thunder

Tremble the metal, ripple the sky
Hover in fresh sheets of clouds as they fly
Under my footsteps, beyond my view
Nestle in heartbeats which fluttered and flew
Dancing the lightning, twirling the rain
Ending a grumbling repeated refrain
River me listless, cozy and grey
Shaking off rain I get carried away.

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Tides wash over painted toes.
Rum rains down; Reptiles sun.
Ocean waves; Oracles with desired lies.
Palm treed Paradise with insects.
Islands with beautiful barefooted influences
Careless days and nights; secret caves and coves.
Abundant atmosphere; fruited alcohol attractions.
Lovers under the lagoon's night sky.

Leafy layers of Tropical Life.

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N ights sailed through many oceans
A cross many lakes, spreading its devotion
T aking the people by the hand
U ntil a pure light touches its sail's stand
R eaching for the sky so high
E limintating the theft night was about to try

M y eyes gazed upon the peaceful, quiet sky
Y ellowhammers prepared to fly

F inding their way back home
R esisting the pain of the mournful gnome
I nsensitive about the life during a day
E nding it with a hateful sway
N ourishing the seeds of the night 
D estroying every speck of the lively light

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Soaring leaves 
Erratic temperatures 
Artistic display
Sights of color
Open winds
Needles falling
Sudden change