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Acrostic Adventure Poems | Acrostic Poems About Adventure

These Acrostic Adventure poems are examples of Acrostic poems about Adventure. These are the best examples of Acrostic Adventure poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Alien Feet

ALIEN                             -NOT-                               HUMAN

Alien life form---                               ---Far from human toucH
Living among it self---                  ---In the heavens like a gurU
Intelligence kept from civilization------Scientist call it a phantoM 
Earth remains alone---                            ---Like a secret ninjA 
NASA's top secret---                           ---You are not humanN

BY:SKAT                              .                                   BY;PD

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Kiss Me in the Shadows

Keep well away from dark, forbidding dreams --
Instead, stay near the hearth and play your lyre;
Sleep even so will wait on wooden beams,
Seducing you beside your cozy fire.
Meticulous and careful you may be,
Evicting darting shadows with the blaze --
Inside your quiet cottage, patiently,
Night's emissary holds you in her gaze.
The cuckoo calls as midnight church-bells chime;
His warning message echoes from the walls --
Enchanted ears have lost all track of time,
So far from whispered fears as silence falls.
Her chilling hands then rip away your voice,
And images assail your inner eyes --
Denying you the act of conscious choice,
On captive lips she mixes truth and lies.
When sunlight climbs the sky and breaks her spell,
She blows a darkened kiss, and bids farewell.

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Gypsy King

Glorious are the days we ride, my love.
You and I riding in the morning light.
Passions racing hearts are thundering.
Sunrise explodes pink and purple streaks across the sky.
You and I smiling, riding together in the first light.

Kindred spirits racing together chasing the morning star.
Intoxicated on the morning air.
Nowhere, but here in this moment.
Glorious is the day we ride.

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Love came down at Christmas

L Long ago travelled Kings
O Opened their minds to prophecies
V Visiting from afar they brought gifts of Gold, Fracincense and Myrrh
E Eastern Star guiding them lighting the way

C Company of Heavenly Host
A Allelujah! Angels appeared to Shepherds, telling Savior born
M Manger for bed wrapped in cloths in Town of David
E Evangelically proclaimed Christ the Lord

D December 25th designated day
O On which we recollect
W Why/way Christ entered our world
N Nativity only part of His story

A A new testament
T Tells of new covenant between God and His people

C Christ's coming to Earth
H Hailed as new born King, Holy
R Risen Lord, righteous redeemer, 
I Intercedes for us as
S Spiritual Saviour to save sinners souls
T Time for Truth, Trust, Trinity
M Man's belief in God of Love,  
A As Father Son and Holy Spirit
S Shall be saved

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Reflections: Midlife Crisis

P     aranoia permeates, etching itself into your fractured face,
A     cacophony of constant pressure; life remains a stressful race,
N     othing to hope for, no positives like promotion in the workplace,
I      nability to love, relationships lift anchor and set sail without chase,
C     hildren crushing dreams under mortgages; age grows with disgrace

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RUNAWAY - from this - TRAIN

Riding in the kiddies section all day long at an amusement park Underestimating the number of people crowding every turn Noticed a train pass by ……… hmmmmmmm???????…. Always wondered what a thrill it would be…….. Walking toward the loading Depot with anticipation A fear grips my t-shirt and begins to pull me back “You sure you want to board this large train”? Fear whispers The conductor begins his call …”All Aboard!”…….”ALL ABOARD!!!” Recorded history begins to play and then .. click, clack .. chookie …choo …choo And the loudest whistle I’ve ever heard , TOOOOT….TOOOOOOOT I grip Mama’s neck and begin to scream loud sounds of my own Never again will I board an 8 MPH runaway train ==============

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Space Age

            Space Age
Ships float up forever out
Pilots who once sailed seas find new spirit 
Airborne crafts fill the air 
Children grow into machines that take them away
Earth was once their only home
And now the universe in endless boundaries is theirs
Geared up for foreign playgrounds, gone in an instant 
Eternity is only minutes away and just beginning there

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Save some cake for me?
It's okay
You can let go
Don't worry we'll be okay
Luv ya 
Don't steal
Be honest
Don't go 

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Road Trip

R aring to go on my first family road trip 

O nward bound to cross the ocean by ship

A tlantic ocean a remarkable vista to behold

D riving with my family traveling the open road

T urmoil  and tension inevitably begins to erupt

R aging tempers flare as our parents get abrupt

I nnocent children witness the beginnings of divorce

P arents should ask for directions when lost and off course.

Kim Merryman's Road Trip Contest.

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J  ourney, journey as I travel
O  ver hill and dale through
U  untold many quiet deep waters
R  emembering now hues
N  oted on pages all lifes' stages
E   very detail stored away for ages
Y   earning to retrieve for my sage


Combination of Poulter's measure and 

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Barry Manilow

Right? Fine. Finished.
During what avail, what time.
Shake this, crisps on bread.
Ultimo Dragon, wrestling and fights 
Likewise, Mr Artist.
Package this, like fries.
McDonald's, eat much.
Yum, yum, delicious times.
Screwball sassy.
Likewise this.

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Sophisticated city full of blitzkrieg, I am just a visitor interested in your history.
To travel so far, I must enjoy the sights I see.
Riding via the scenic view to capture some photography, 
Easy to relax and just be me.
Elfie and excited, I am pulsated by such beauty.

Living just for the moments of captivity, I send a shout out.
Ialysus is a place to drive.
Got the streetlights in my eyes, relishing the peace inside.
Heights I never figure I would reach.
This came from living right, I guess.
Shimmering sparkles of cava I will drink at my penthouse that sits in view of the   
Aegean Sea.
___________________________________________| VERLENA S. WALKER Scrambled Letters: T A R N D A I FOR FIND THE PUZZLE Contest! PENNED ON SEPTEMBER 29, 2014!

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Who Am I

Who am I?
Question indeed!

  W-eaned from tender 
age,in noble family of ten.
  H-urt by the demise of 
the tube that brought 
me into this theater of 
struggles and pains.
  O-rdered about by the 
whimps of this 
world,facing the hurdles 
of life daily from 
cradle,never giving up 
  A-fine young man of 28 
I am,who has the 
experience and wisdom 
of the aged.
  M-astering the arts of 
life-learning from lessons 
of life's victims and 
didactic poems 'cos man 
of fame I intend to be for 
I bear the name Bob.

  I-lost my poetic gift at a 
stage but recovered it in 
poetrysoup for invisible 
entities say a 
lesser being I shall be,but 
another encourages me 
to move on,for great is 
one who comes out of 
the shackles of life 
undeterred for this is who 
I am.

Name: Ifeanyi Bob 

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...Formidable treat he stress
At the early hour of this day.
No pain, no gain- All is still well.
Centenary dream is a luxury few can reach.
Yours truly, let your fate decide. 


30th of April, 2013.

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Tough Mudder

Today’s the day.
Our training is to be put on display.
Upon each is a test of the heart.
Guts to do it all from the start.
Here we go over the first wall, sublime.

Men and Women at the line.
Utter the words “HOO RAH” in time.
Determined to finish the challenge ahead.
Defined by how they react to others in dread.
Each of us who finish the course and stand.
Reach a new respect for those who sport the orange headband.

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Does Henrietta know

how every new roaming is ever true to adventurers?

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Poetry Soup Bowl

<                                    Pallets  profusely pulsating
                                      Over organic originals
                                      Emotions enormously emerge
                                      Through trident times
                                      Relic  rejoice recant
                                      Yes yearn yourself

                                      Solid structure's sanction
                                      Open  optional opinions
                                      Understudy understand unity's
                                      Poetry's passionate's pulse

                                      Because beauty bestows
                                      Over oversights objection
                                      Widespread whispers wanted
                                      Leaving lasting longevity

Entry For
Adeleke Adeite's
Poetic Picture Of Poetry Soup
G.L. All

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In The Mood For Love Again

Inside my heart I still ache.
Nothing can soothe my wounded soul.

Time they say will heal all wounds.
Help is just one date away.
Embrace the future, forget the past.

My heart still beats, it needs true love.
Old memories will fade into nothingness.
Of course my life must go on.
Dead souls are revived by new love.

Forget the failures, leave them behind.
Often love comes when it is least expected.
Restless hearts can be soothed.

Love can be found if you seek it hard.
Of course you have to truly believe.
Very soon two hearts will meet.
Everyone is searching for love sweet love.

Again into the fray I go with a hopeful heart.
Gladly I go seeking the girl of my dreams.
All good things come to true believers.
I go forward with my eyes wide open.
Now is indeed the time for enduring love.

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Road Trip


Red rocks in Sedona, Arizona
Old Faithful in Yellowstone
Arch in St. Louis, Missouri
Deadwood's graveyards full of bones

Tennessee's Grand Ol' Opry
Riding horseback at Ucross Ranch
In eighteen days, I toured fourteen states
Praise God for providing the chance

21 August 2013
for Kim Merryman's contest

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Yesterday you told me your love was here to stay 
All those cruel things you had to say
My love for you will never go away 
Troubles in my heart now heavily weigh 
Seemed as though to you I appeared as prey 
So the only thing left for you to do is to slay
Far from the dock of our once loving bay
Away I say with all this dismay

Now my dear lose all your fear
It is no longer needed hear 
Look upon the future with much cheer 
As though yesterday was always here 
Though tomorrows will never be clear
They're times when I wont be cavalier
Here is a time when I am being sincere 
To make you aware that I shall persevere 
Stay with yesterday without a tear 

Oh how I shall rue the day 
I pray that when tomorrow comes
Believe I will sing instead of hum if
In your eyes I see a sight that will convey 
Yesterday is here to forever stay

****** Roy Jerden's Yesterday Acrostic Contest ******

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Lost In Thought

Now who would of thought the thoughts that would truly get the mind lost in fragile thought?
 So much on our known life, 
about unknown death when we laugh at others but at ourselves we really cry, 
in our very own hidden truth lies, 
amongst our own poeple who we defy, 
until we fight, 
for wrongs for personal rights, 
**** the darkness is what make us appreciate the light, 
I dont talk the talk nor do I walk the walk because I walk my talk while I swagger and swerve im my talks through these walks,
 Life can get so messy with death that its time for those of us here to grab the broom so God can mop,
 I live life to the fullest with what little I have because I dont have a lot, 
I live life shitty sometimes like almost everyone else like it or not, 
Im not special Im so unique Im individual with word talent I know I got, 
I know what I dont have so its important more knowledge among me is sought, 
I can be wrong half the time but can still make it 100% right I was self-taught among a young soul that seems to be bought,
 I got a bad limp but dont get me wrong I can still gallup through darkness while I jog lost in the early morning fog waiting to be patiently found in the midnight lounge where I trot,
 Truly lost so easily in profound hard thoughts litterally running from the cops waiting to duck and dodge from open gunshots,
 Bodies and shells drop where caskets are made among a dying crop, 
I can still make a splatter where there was just but a tiny dot, 
I used to have merely nothing now atleast I can truly say I have a safe spot, 
I was found looking for truth in lies lost in thought....

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The Moon In Pisces

T he Moon at full has many names both fierce and comingly,
H ere now, harken to the Wolf Moon's call on land or writhing sea.
E nlightened hearts greet The Full Snow Moon of freezing February.

M arch bring on the Full Crow Moon, the thaw, the caws make us wary.
O n April's Full, The Pink Moon reigns, the blush of phlox arrives, 
O bliging us May's Full Flower Moon brings tulips to fair skies.
N uptials in June's fair Strawberry Moon, bring lovers to new highs

I n hot July's the Thunder Moon seems to nag, scold, and chastise.
N ot be outdone, August has two, Full Sturgeon Moon and Blue Moon,

P reparing us for fall's Harvest Moon, where lovers often croon.
I n woods deep the deer hide from October's Hunter moon so bright.
S oon the ground will freeze traps set in November's Beaver Moon light.
C hristmas, time for Yule brings the Full Cold Moon to the longest days
E ach Full Moon shows a special path, each Moon lights a special way,
S oulfully, we respect the pull, the true gifts and the warnings. 

*Tarot Card The Moon

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Video games control kids minds
In a lesser way than parents do
Definitely gives a channel for frustration
Extreme aggravation, or even humiliation
Or allows them to explore new world and improve reflexes
Games are just that, they're games
A parents job is to take control and if they don't agree with it
Make your kid play something else. 
Especially when they're adolescents, they need 
Structure. If parents don't provide it then we're all in trouble.

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The Glades

<                                Better grab out the coco-butter
                                  Even those designer shades
                                  All hearts will begin to flutter
                                  Cause were off to the glades
                                  Hear me right for I did not stutter
                                  Best hurry up before the sun fades
                                  Look for keys later father did utter
                                  All aboard now we got it made
                                  Nothing like ocean's viewing I rather smother
                                  Knowing once again to return upon it's raid
                                  Each and every year oh my brother
                                  Think I will even bring the poor old maid
                                  Because she's like no other
                                  In her class she passes the grade
                                  Now get your head out of the gutters
                                  Grow up cause noone is getting laid
                                  Oh my goodness good crothers

Written by Katherine Stella
Entry For Linda Marie's
Beach Blanket Bingo
Acrostic Contest
G.L. All

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Hooves, with majestic rhythm pound the ground
Off the beat'n path. Roam'n wild, roam'n free
Refined in grace, loyal, noble. So missunderstood
Stunning in appearance, with mane and tail adrift
Enchantedly each strand of hair, dances in the wind
Spirited, radiant, dynamic in every way.

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<                            Aerial excursion ride
                              Using buoyant enforcment to go way up high
                              To capture natures dance with an naked eye
                              Understanding winters brushstroke is so close by
                              Making it difficult to chose one that makes me sigh
                              Naughty or nice  I'll just give thanks to Heavens Big Guy

Written By
Katherine Stella 9/2/2012

Entry For Francine Roberts
Autumn Acrostic Contest 
G.L. All

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My First Acrostic

T-ake my hand sweet doll,
R-un with me,till we are
O-n our way to love spot.
U-ntill the sun goes down
B-enders of time we be
L-oving eachoda without
E-nd till we turned to mist

Iwas moved by different 
attempts some wonderful 
poets made. It spurred 
me into action.
Hope It was well penned.

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Happy Birthday

Happy birthday you're growing up fast.
A beautiful and amazing young woman
Pretty Cool and Funny
Pure in the heart
You just gotta keep on keeping on
Beautiful and Rad
Including that i will by sad that you are moving
Really just sweet and caring
The Best Girl in town
Happy Birthday to you
Delete all the bad memories and put yesterday in as a good one
Amazing funny and pretty
You just gotta Keep on Keeping on.

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On The Track

Being on the roll bring them a thought of eloquence,
Exempting the fact things in the giant tournaments,
Inside of which lies the origin of originality and dexterity;
Nexus, so true of either being alive or dead
Gentle souls, to be, should stay on the track.

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To get lost in the world’s everlasting trance 
Rarely moving, afraid you’ll miss a second glance
Amazed by all the sights that you see
Venturing to any place makes you feel free
Eloquent the old cities will always stay
Love for traveling can never be washed away

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Monkey see, Monkey do

    You cried wolf, I answered in a rash impulse.  You screamed out loud so I got 
quiet and ran all about.  I wanted you to stay, but you ran so far away.  I felt like I 
had been led astray.   
	You were my life, but you say things differently late at night.  I called 
you, but I can’t utter a single word!  I gave you less than you deserved! I tried 
working things out.  Yet I didn’t realize you would find the real truth out.
	I could walk away while you had the courage to stay.  Even when we 
seemed we were miles away.  We we’re even closer than every break of day.  
Then the devil’s came back with reinforcement to destroy us, but we had nothing 
further to discuss.  I watched our life turn to dust! 
	I love you so, but I can’t breathe in this undertow.  Through it all I will 
always cherish you.  I cried for help because of the way I felt.  Still you ran back to 
them.  I guess no matter how hard we all try we just can’t win.  
	True feelings aren’t supposed to die.  I guess true love lies with your 
friends, and real love only weighs thin.  Falling for you is my only bleeding sin.  I 
was your only true friend!

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Blue and wide is the blanket we have spread absorbing the sun's heat,
Enamored as Romeo and Juliet we feel what they felt: an increasing heartbeat;
Anticipating soft touches, followed by ardent kisses until moonlight arrives... 
Cuddled as they were, we ignore the glances of everyone taken by surprise.
Hushed words must remain whispers, if we are to satisfy our sensual needs. 
Bottles filled with messages are brought in by rolling waves, is ours still unread?
Lovely seagulls gather on splashing rocks, watching a lonely lady who weeps,  
Another heartbreak for someone who was happy in life, now completely sad;
Knowing the pain of betrayal, she will learn by error not to trust anyone again.    
Enticed by desire, we must roll back onto that soft blanket and revive romance, 
Totally unaware of our surroundings, we lose ourselves and become intense;    
Beholding what others never do, we know that faithful lovers always win.   
There's exceeding joy, an indefinite yearning to explore love in ways so new,  
Neither the distant stars nor the close moon refuse to shine on a blanket for two;
Grand as ever is their presence, luminous and breath-taking is their gleam... 
Onward they will slowly move, while we still embrace and continue to dream.

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Warped Reality

All the time I was descending into that deep, dense cavern of a hole

Between my shoulders an uneasy crick appeared and seemed to slip into my soul. 

Overhead, jagged, stalactites hung, daring any to allow this cave to be explored

Mystic webs floated within the shadows, trailing over rocks marked and scored.

Illusions I discovered, some buried, some cast by an evil mind, ate at my very soul

Numbing fear suddenly binds me and I am falling ever faster and deeper into the hole.

At the last minute I stop, hearing, angry sounds and howls in the shadows cast

Then I see a creature grotesque and ancient; a nightmare ripped from my past.

In the mists, the cloying stench of the mutilated destruction claws at my nose

Opting my brain to scream,'run', but too late the creature has come in close.

Nightmares everywhere fade, reality winks in and slowly I become aware

So maybe, I'll buy, just one more ticket,  'Abominations', is a  really cool scare!

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Polyphagia on board

Polyphagia on board is forbidden and not welcome ---------- when 
Everybody knows that should we ran out of food ---------- crickets 
Probably will not feed us anyhow and most of us will ---------- cry 
Pensive about victuals whilst starving madly. No ---------- seamen
Ever should go through famine. That's why we must ---------- stop 
Relapsing into gluttony in this ship. I approve of ---------- yodeling.

Pepper spray is going to be one of the ---------- calamities 
Any glutton will endure as a punishment. Thus, ---------- every 
Real seafarer will chant these words now: ---------- "Bearded 
Captain wants no fressing within his ship! Yes, ---------- captain!
Every single gob will ration the food. Frugality is a ---------- must!
Lashes and pepper spray those who fail shall ---------- undergo!"

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T he story of two brothers who fought for their country,

A ll wars did they fight with valour to victory,

L ife did give them honour and ranks,

E nd of the day life gave them only sorrows and regrets.


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The Life of a Land Lover

The journey of perilous seas-
a vessel so grand-
plunging into the darkest abyss-
eagerly searching as the house upon a rock-

Steering true through mutinies,
teetering on the brink of tipping!

Rallying, never to waver again!

Yet another voyage just dawning-forevermore!

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Live life living

Lay on the grass, breathe deeply
Imagination's peace
Very often make the choice
Even when you're scared

Lick a frozen lamp post
It will make you young
Fly across the world
Enjoy airsickness too

Love the one that hates you
Invite a stranger over
Voice every thought you fathom
It's better that than silence
Next when you walk outside
Give all you have and live

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Satan On Satin


*Satan On Satin*

Sinister movements enhance  
Advancements. Yoga pants,
Tight thighs, erotic prance.
Attraction at first glance.
Now, let me see you belly dance!

Opulent in your sexual fixations and you've
Nominated me because of my self confidence!

Sexy as hell and loves to dominate, that 
Apple bottom makes me want to procreate.
Teasing, kissing my abdomen, 
Increased flow rate!
Now, let me see your belly dance

Jared Pickett

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Thirty-Five Years

Thirty-five years in a fifty year old building where I repair all.
Having that many years of changes within, each one I have saw.
I answer calls each day to fix everything, either big or very small.
Reality is and this is not vainness, they expect me never to fall.
Truth is I listen to every word that is said, though it might be tall.
Years of paying attention watching closely to every bouncing ball.

Facilities maintenance is one title that my job holds so dear.
I just call myself a maintenance man, and no job do I fear.
Victory is mine if I can repair and keep it running so clear.
Eventually though all things must be replaced some year.

Years spent in one place can take a toll on anyone’s heart and mind.
Every soul needs a change once in awhile, so peace they can find.
Another twelve years is what spirit will endure, before I unwind.
Retirement is not what I seek, for I have always worked in a grind.
Service to others is more than a job to me, my life, existence refined.

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Open road

 Racing down the highway, enjoying the open road
 Off on another road trip to another zip code
 A stop for gas when needed
 Dashing off again, unimpeded

 Traveling through sunshine and rain
 Right turns then left again
 In and out of traffic in my jeep
 Passing other cars  until  my destination is reached

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BOOK (acrostic)

Best way to
Open up
Other worlds, and
Keep the travel expenses affordable!

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Spaceship (acrostic with rhyme)

Spend your hard-earned cash on fuel for takeoff.
Pray that the government does not find out until gone.
Allow your free time for checking weather, not golf.
Case the local food store for dry goods you can con.
Evaluate your water supply needs, no water in cosmos.
Secure a safe place for waste, body waste floats to easy.
Have welding knowledge, so your stored rocket is close.
Internet may bring suspicion making government queasy.
Plan to go up straight in the air, horizontal rockets scare.

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1st of the Last Men

Naturally is all you have to say
Ay i wake up to get my pay
Tell it through and true
U know i cant go our looking blue
Riding fancy clothes and wearing fast cars
All I have to do is aim for the stars
Lie to me like they lie to you
Looks like your dream has come true
You kneel then pray to see another day

Naturally that would be the last line but the lie i was told cant stop me from writing. It actually makes me write more and i know how it is on the road, coming out of bathrooms stepping on toads. Your life is pure so what is next, answer your phone very important text. Step outside to get some air, hiding from the people you thought you knew but found new friends in an empty room. Tired and breathing with fire from your chest, the door opens and you see that you will always be running from things you ran from in the past. Be a stop sign, posted on all most every street to stop the cars coming your way and when they pass you can resume your day.

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Her Blue Dress


**Her Blue Dress**

Hemp necklace with an ivory stone, hoop
Earrings and exquisite body tone!
Remarkable, I have her all alone! 

Blessed, she wears that blue dress
Low cut, she struts with such finesse.
Under a spell my hands caress
Every contour, a gift I must address!

Designer boots display her thighs, 
Red hair cut short and her chameleon eyes. 
Expressive, nothing left to imagination,
Smitten, areolas stiffen and I improvise. This 
Sultry vixens intentions undisguised!

Jared Pickett

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We Were Enjoying a Stroll in Our Neighborhood Just Past Dark

We were taking our nightly walk in suburbia.
Every evening after dark, the same routine-
Well, that night we were in for a surprise
Every light in the neighborhood went out!
Right then, I slipped off of the sidewalk.
Excruciating pain radiated from my ankle.
Even though I could see nothing, I reached.
Never had I felt so helpless, in my life.
Just when I was about to lose my balance again, I felt his hand.
Obviously, he saw that I needed help, I, screaming loudly.
Yet, again he calmed me, pulled me close, and held me.
I knew we had to look at my leg.
Not that it was broken, but probably sprained.
Getting home seemed like it would be impossible, ominous.
Almost apocalyptic!

Strongly, he shouted, “Come on, we’ll make it if I have to drag you.”
To my surprise, I felt his big hairy hands grab me.
Right as I was about to sink to the ground again,
Over his shoulders I was tossed!
Like a sack of potatoes, I hung there…not walking.
Laughing inside because I knew I was safe with him,
I clung on for dear life!
Not knowing what was next, and scared.

Ominous thoughts began to flood my imagination.
U. F. O. s appeared in my mind’s eye…abduction!
Reality turned fuzzy.
Nuclear invasions by aliens seemed factual. 
Explosions boomed all around.
I Screamed, not with pain, but with terror.
Gasping, I cried, “Get me out of here! “ 
“Hurry, please!”
Blackness everywhere and he looked at me weird.
Oh, how I wished for a flicker of light.
Raw fear was overpowering reason.
He, on the other hand, seemed to brave it well.
Often, in the past, he had shown courage, too.
Oblivious to the real world, I pounded his back.
Delighted to be safe, although half upside down!

Just then, he started hysterical laughing.
Usually, he was calm in every situation.
So, I wondered what was going on.
Terrible thoughts intruded; even shadows frightened me.
Practically frozen with fear, I could hardly breathe.
Afraid my heartbeat would be heard.
Sane, but wondering if I were crazy.
Trying to talk, but my voice kept cracking.	
“Desperately,” I shouted, “Look up in the sky!  
Aliens are coming to get us.  We are going to die!  
Reassuring me, he said, "You are going to be all right.
Keeping hope, he took me down the dark streets to the hospital!

©February 18, 2011
Dane Smith-Johnsen

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You Snooze You Loose

<                                        Artist searching for a muse
                                          Creativity is the key
                                          Recant those memories 
                                          Open your heart and soul
                                          Start spreading the news
                                          There's poetry to be found
                                          Inside each and everyone of us
                                          Can't you hear the music

                                          To the beaten drum
                                          Whistle while you work
                                          Or you'll snooze and lose

Entry For
Jared Pickett's Contest
Acrostic 2
G.L. All

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Electronically Speaking

<                                   elects not to open door by hand
                                     looks pretty stupid too                                     
                                     even an grandma can do it 
                                     calling all grandma's
                                     technology has gone to far
                                     really really to far now
                                     one does not need to be an rocket scientist
                                     nor an magician
                                     it's easy as one two three
                                     candidly smile
                                     tip your hats
                                     look both ways
                                     launch arms outward
                                     and pull or push  that's it

My Word Chosen Was

Written by 
Katherine Stella

Entry For Dakarai Cobb's
The Sonnet Man's Acrostic Challenge
GL All

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The Sound of Life

Saturated in sounds
Too intense to ignore
And of them you hear
It's raining cats and dogs
Right outside your window
Wondering if it'll ever let up
Aching echoes pound inside you
Yet it isn't enough, more is needed

The goal is to hear and understand more
Overcoming the mundane human limitations

Tough, but you'll try and manage the harsh burden
Heaving the unsure thoughts out of mind and ascending
Even the birds, the moon, the sun isn't as high as you feel

Still you are hoping to help those who reach out for a hand
That is your only way to know for sure it is really happening
And it isn't all in your head, I feel it too, it's excruciatingly sweet
Ready to burst forth and envelop you in it's beautiful horrific light
Suddenly, the sound comes to a complete stop and you're living again

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Elusive truth

Elusive truth, but still searching for it 
Loner at heart, but loath to admit 
Life is a game, but she does not commit 
Entering a phase, where her path is split 
Not trying too hard, but I'm sure she will fit.

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The Seaweed (3)

T he Almighty stood still
H eedful eyes watching the defeated lie with no will
E xcelling no more was the defeated, to stand up and fight!

C ourses of light emerged
H ailing the Almighty’s Win
I nstruments played during a march towards the woods
M elodies of happiness hailed the twin 
E ager to shake the hands of their country’s brave soldier
R aising their head up high
A cknowledging their marvelous Win
 ‘  twas a magnificent day
S alute thy Courage and Light

D enying the fact of wining was the wood’s deep thought
E nding in a glorious Win was their resurrection of hope
A s they cheered do lively
D ancing and yelling: “The Chimera’s dead”

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Lacy black shell
Ever so fine
Asymmetrically designed
For a love of mine.

Fingertips touched
Ever softly.
Asked whom this was for
Tell not my heart.
Her name I cannot reveal.
Eve of the year
Reunites us.

She rejoices now.
Her sadness subsided.
Evicted from her sylph
Enriched her temperament,
Lust love laid-up luxuriously.

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Acrostic: STOVE

S autee
T urkey
O ver
V eggies
E asy

Copyright McCuen 2009

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Abduction for Matt Caliri's "Poems to Movies" contest

"You here?"


"Never on" "He's going to 

win this case just because of these pictures"...He begins to look through the photos.

The private eye cracks a smile and begins to hum the Killers

"Of all the songs to get stuck in my head while waiting"

"The stupid song's been stuck in my head for what feels like a 

year." (stands up and appears to be getting apprehensive) "I should win a freaking 

award for the amount of work i'm putting into this case"

"I can't take the waiting anymore."  (He begins to pace and dials his phone)

"Will? ugh, voicemail"

"So, where are you? I can't take waiting here much more, GET HERE!"(hangs up the phone)

"You tell people to be on time and they 

haven't the respect for how busy I really am."

The setting is a bleak dark alley, a place where 

love is replaced by pain, where the light 

of day barely penetrates.

Humanity is replaced by brutality in these cold, dark alleys of the city.

For a moment our character looks to the sky between the buildings and sees a strange light.

It seems to stop flying for a moment, 

"Get outta here, is that??"

Off in the distance the light (which was small at first), begins to be getting brighter and closer.

"My GOD, is that a 

spaceship?" A blinding beam suddenly brightens the alley way and our character is gone.

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relam warrior

as he entrs the relam of the dead he she noruturn just human bone!the light does not exsist here only darkness and fear!he rasies his firey sword ready to strike if need be the demon is her he can feel it as it breaths!glowing from the light of goodnees inhis heart the warrior makeshis start!into th relam of the dead he goes in a under ground hell to catch the demon and return him too hell!

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R eciprocating LOVE in a secret escapade
E nding all CAUTIOUS behavior
N eeding the amorous touch of your lover's hand
D angerously close to being detected heart to heart
E ven in a tormented embrace, do not depart
Z enith of two LOVERS
V ivaciously drinking in each other's presence at Valentine's day
O ptimal BRAND NEW LOVE affair, true secrets never tell
U nbelievable emotions alarmingly charming
S oliciting some strange sentiments and experiencing deja vu

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Love's Reverence, a cover of ''A Boat Beneath A Sunny Sky''

Chivalrist of pure intent
Honoured by the ears that lent
A tale recounted to content

Resplendant wonders brought to ear
Laments that draw an unseen tear
Evasion of the heart's deep fear

Soft young mind and placid eyes
Lucid to the tale's disguise
Unseeing the truth behind the lies

There upon the golden water
Wimsically listening to the lauder
Inclines the middle Liddell daughter

Days have come and years have passed
Golden evenings couldn't last
Erosionary time has swept too fast

Dreary dawns and bitter nights
Overcame the muse's might
Dead and gone, that fragile light

Greiving when his heart was tore
Secreted to land of lore
On through Wonderland he'll soar

Now to dream forevermore

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Will I See You Tomorrow

Tomorrow is another day
Outstretch your wings and fly
Milestones can be reached
Only if you beleive in thy self
Relic in the thought
Relax your mind and soul
Or it just won't happen
Will be put off and forgotten
Instead of achieving set goals
So bask under the sun
Ask for a little help from above
Never doubt  miracles from God
Or question His motives
To make things happen
Hunger will disapate
Every plate shall be filled
Rejoice and sing aloud
Dance to your hearts content
Another sunrise is coming
You're going to just love to see

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Road trip acrostic

Riding the curves set before us
Only our senses respond
And there are also no setbacks
Drilling its Bravery to Us

Turning and tripping and twirling
Rough spins until we are strong
Inner desire preserving 
Proudly conquers Our Faults

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A Moment In Time

Taken aback by a moment in time
His full lips pressed against mine
Over and over, drenched in ecstacy
My way was his way
and that made it easy
Say what you will, this trip is to tease me

Adrienne L. Gresham

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Joy Is By Far The Way To Be Good

Journey across
Oblivion's gate
Your soul is what lies in wait.

If you accept my challenge you must
Succeed in traveling through Oblivion completely.

But if you fail it is
Your wife's soul I will take.

Far past the entrance to the
Afterlife must you go.
Rely on nothing-trust no one. All here is meant to keep you here.

The halfway point has come and gone. From
Here on out your journey gets

Wind your way past this last obstacle
You'll have reached the end.

To journey your way through
Oblivion complete has not yet been done...

Bring yourself to me, clever man, and
Everything I have done with be undone.

Goodbye, Traveler. May your journey through
Oblivion have strengthened your soul, and taught you what most men
Often cannot learn.
Death did not touch you here, and you leave here with my blessing.

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A Step at a Time

Some stumble on the first short step
Then are too afraid to try again
As they drift through life without a plan
In cowardly avoidance of the pain.
Resilient folks know though the road is rough,
With patience they also can reach their star
As steadily they put one step before the other.
Yesterday’s trials have brought them up this far.

Tomorrow steps for another brings him nearer
Or it may be he shall have reached his goal..

Taking the time to place each foot exactly,
He heartily has enjoyed his conquering role.
Excited that the climb is almost ended,

Still takes time to help his fellow man.
The long trip was surely worth the trouble
And once again he shouts aloud “I can.”
Realizing now that he has come so far,
Suddenly he touches his bright star. 

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water drizzles
from above
showering flowers 
with plenty of love 
come to life 
from a petal 
to full grown 
god smiles from
heaven above

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   Lost my dog, the leash slipped out of my hand, and I fel-l
   Obviously I searched high and Lo                                    
   Somewhere out there my dog was in distres-s
   The search continued and I started to fre-t
   Does a  dog  usually return to its  yar-d?
   Only hoping now someone would  be a her-o
   Glad someone was, he was found;  I got back my do-g!

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I saw a paper being dump on the ground
It slide as it hit the ground
But there was something disturbing
It was thrown by a diplomatic person

I felt like taking the paper to the bin
A sudden wind from easterly direction
This wind blew the paper

As I kept an eye on its flight
It reached the higher clouds and;
Suddenly it was beyond my horizon

As I felt the breeze of this wind 
I too wish the wind could blow me
So I too can reach the heights
Where I could find bliss and pure peace

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The climate has change
The species have evolved
Change is the word that eludes me
Change is what I want for me

I seek to change my behaviour
I so want to be a tree
A tree that lose leaves
A tree that gives shade
A tree that provide fruits

I need a change 
I want to change for them
Be the change they wants
Be their hero for lifetime

Time pass fast now
Times has come now
The time to make a change
The change for my children

It is a wish my staggering body need
It is the change my lungs seek
The change of new air filled with sweet smell
The change my brain approves
Oh hail my stubborn heart
Please let me change

Let me change for my father’s sake
Let me change for that fragile soul
Make me the hope for all
Make me lead the way for all

Change me!
Show me where to start
Show me ways of being smart
I only see shades of my figure
I see clouds engulfing my small figure

Change me now
I wanna see the light
I want to see it tonight
This is the right time
This is time for bright things

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Double Trouble! ~ ( a shadow acrostic)

Terrible two? or Normal ToT?
Rolling jumper; bouncing; kickeR?
Over head in the tree; what will you be? A dynamO?
Under the bed? Behind the door? Where are yoU?
Behave! be sweet! Yes I'll give your back a ruB.
Little boys are rough and tenderly tough as welL.
Everyday; Every second; a new adventure in LovE!

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Jacob and the Limping Luck

Jacob don't snob,
All others died but you just limp,
Contain your ego within realism,
Obsession discards good fame,
Beware of your luck joyfully.

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Gone With the Wind

G ravity held me; standing on my feet
O ne day, the wind blew and took me to a place
N avigating through the clouds it flew
E vacuating the shrills of fear

W ondering, I looked down
I magining how the world looks from up high
T he houses looked like small toys a child plays with
H orses looked like ants; walking around to build their home

T all buildings felt like delicious popsicles
H asty was the win, but I didn't know why
E ager I was observe where its flight would escort

W histles were heard from up high
" I missed you" were screamed 
N ow, I slowly landed on the ground I come from
D ashing through people to see my family once again

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I see through you

I see eyes that look wild like a hawk
The eyes that tell stories of precious love
Eyes that sees wonderful things
These eyes that will look upon souls
Sleeping on dust with bright eyes craving for success
Shocked and overwhelm by this splendid view
My heart beats vigorously with enthusiasm
The beats that paralyse nerves with happiness
I kick all the doubt to my thoughts
Thoughts that prey on the precious thoughts 
To all my surprises a smile let go of joy 
I surpass the deepest fears and insecure
Caught by soft hands that nudge my back
Back to reality I open my mind to you
Revealing all that I have kept from many 
But your heat blaze like wild fires to this heart
The heat that burns furiously in my lonely heart
But I see you and through you I trust
Overshadowed by your presence my heart fall in love.

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Hidden Answers

acrostic riddles

Among small creatures serving God’s purpose
Wrought was I to eat Jonah's shade.
On a hot day, a vine sprung up high,
Relieving the heat as plans were made. 
Meanwhile I ate my lunch. Who am I?

Lo, we’re strong beasts, we kept our mouths shut,
Ignored tasty treat, Daniel, all night long.
Order from our creator face to face -
Now the jealous take their turn with the strong. 
Starved, our mouths open, should we say grace?


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We Must Go On

Why must we continue onward you say my loyal one?
Eventually we must answer the quest of the spooky mansion.

Mansion upon the hill that is haunted, where murders are done,
Unique mysteries are our past, to succeed over our fluent imagination.
Stigma has no place when we are traveling in the mystery machine.
Take care Scooby; don’t be afraid, your Scooby snacks are here on scene.

Gear it up, we must save anyone else from disappearing, then found dead.
Our team can separate fact from fiction; we can discover clues, even under the bed.

Oh Scooby doo, where are you, grab another snack, never say Boo; go now find a 
Now we are on the case, we shall free this place, our last debut, let’s stay on queue.

written for
Sponsor Matt Caliri 
Contest Name Why We Must Go On 

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~A~ Alive and well thank you very much…check my heartbeats if you aren’t certain…pound to the ryhtm of my heart, long lost lover of lavender light {L} Live life to the fullest…the cup is half full instead of half empty! =I= I enjoy the thrills of the up and down ride, momma! XOXO! /V/ Vivid, yellow sun shines on me all along the road of paradise (E) Everytime I hear gross things slip out of my brother’s mouth, I cover my ears and say “ewww!” childishly, but him and I’s friendship’s bond is totally alive!

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If only

I touch myself hoping you are with; 
Days are long and through the night stars keep me awake
I keep having flashes of you but it’s all just the light
Do you feel this wind which keeps blowing outside?

If this is my last night in this light;
Will you come and switch it on for me?
Even the noisy dogs seems to not destruct me to this passion
What is this feeling i have for that it’s so hard to get it away?
Every day that pass is leaving a hole to my soul
No this is really the feeling i have been hoping for
But is it supposed to be like this;

If our destiny is keep surpassing me like this; can i let it pass
I planned so many yet none has happened.
If only we can just meet now, mine will be earth
So we can just enjoy this moment.

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Stone Cold Gaze

She said,” hurry tommy before the old lady sees”,
Take care not to touch the gate, or you will freeze.
Our goal tonight is to teach her, we are not too scared.
Never to be scared of anything is what we declared.
Each day the old ladies mansion, we all did tease.

Cautiously he did go closer to her front door.
Ogling every square foot, that was for sure.
Listening for noise or creak, deep in his core,
Donning Halloween costume, she wouldn’t adore.

Gently he rang the door buzzer, and then he did run.
Amazingly faster than any other that had already shun.
Zealously he yelled back, the spell we had spun.
Everyone still sees her stone cold gaze in the midnight sun.

written by
Cecil Hickman

written for
Sponsor Constance ~My Dear Heart ~  
Contest Name A Creepy, Scary Haunted House Poem, Please 

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Introduction: Hope in Freedom...The sentiment to rise within.

Home is where our lives survive,
Orphans don't know how to thrive
My soul prays to see a change,
Emotions written on their face

I know what you wish to feel,
Sure Almighty will help you heal

Life will find its way to you
Inside yourself you know it's true,
Find a way and skip this pain
Explore your fate before it rains.

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Case unlocked
Lone Ranger came out in theatres
Awesome! Johnny Depp is so brilliant and wicked!
Painstaking regrets shown on stage
Pangs of depression cling to me like the Pirates of the Caribbean monkey 
Iris turns blue...the pupils of many decrease in size
Never felt so much pride and happiness 
Grasp vast grace

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I waited for your call

It was your call
 If you did call
 I would have been home
 I would have not

 Those minutes, That time
 We would have talk
 We would have walk
 Now where I am
 Now I am lost
 Lost inside your heart

 Let this heat pass your heart
 Let it pass the heart
 You will shine bright
 You shall be my light

 Shine, shine brighter
 So that doubters will stop
 Never again will they be sceptic
 Never again will these feelings stop

 A feeling that makes flowers glow
 A feeling of happy future
 Shall I call you; 
Nor wait for you
 Wait for you to call
 Wait till I stop thinking
 The thoughts of you
 The truth about our dream

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Blessings ~ (Blessings Counted One By One)

Bible thumpers you call us
Less than willing to believe
Every action has an equal and opposite reaction
Scientific facts.. easier to trust
Something real to believe you once said
I smiled.. having walked down the same road myself
No need for me to let breath go wasted
Goodness and Mercy will find you yet
Should you ever take the time to count
Cant you even count that high
Over and over I hear your rant
Underpaid.. under loved.. pitiful you
Never take for granted the truth of life
Tender moments overlooked
Even the smallest of blessings 
Deserves to be recognized
Over and over I sang out loud
Never minding that my throat is dry
Eventually you slept.. peaceful at last
Barely able now to recall
Years of lean times.. basics the blessings
Oh how I cried and prayed
Needing something real to hold on to
Every day a trial.. every moment a blessing.


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rise and fall
your beat
throbs and thumps
hands keep time
measuring life's sweet melodies

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vile venomous vermin
intriguing intertwined insurgent
petulantly promenading  patrol
excruciatingly evil exile
ruthlessly relentless reptile

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Smile ,smile my seanie bonnie smile .

why must i smile ?, whilst i carry all these luggages to my soul

my soul , my poor soul !

with all the miserable happenings bringing intense suffering to my soul

why must i suffer ?

reconciliation mustn't be taken as a priority .

just because

the rivers ,the seas and the oceans are all full of nothing .

nothing but the blood ,the blood of innocent civilians

sons and daughters of Africa

our ancestors, who perished through slavery

and us the offspring still perishing in poverty

so why must i smile ?

i walked all the way from my poor past

and came all the way to my well equipped

i went deep down the mines ,in search for minerals

instead of my finding the gold ,the silver and the bronze

i met lions ,zebras ,kudus even lizards ,men !!!

instead of them devouring me , they said

" leave this poor african soul, he's looking for a better life

a life that will make him smile "

smile, smile my seanie bonnie smile !!!

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Passing time by sailing the mighty sea
Incognito we sometimes like to be
RRRR!! has always been our favorite cry
All the world is ours to spy
Treasures await us in the deep
Echoes stir as into caves we creep

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Something was special

The house is the honest witness

The house that was windowless

The walls that are written of our happiness

I see you walk through the gang fearless 

Love has seen my most weakness

The love that takes me to whole lot of limitless heights

Loving you makes everything meaningless

The pillows give me the high of love with an oozing smoke

Loaded with love my heart struggle like a cripple sheep

I take my last pieces of words to soothe my fragile love

But there was something special from those ups and downs

Something was special about our most decorated love

Maybe the talking stones were telling the truth

Thou the sweet scent of the flowers never stop giving courage

Today is a special day for me and you.

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Hidden Clues in Back

Bumper rusted with dents
Alley in the rear dark and tense
Coming around a behind the fence
Knife’s with gilded hilt shows finger prints

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Rudi Rudi

Rudi Rudi
My beloved wild
A poem for you
No one like you
Your soft claws and tiny teeth
Your hiss soft as a whisper

Rudi Rudi
My beloved child
The lessons you teach
Never will I forget
In the embrace cocoon 
I return you to the nest of love

My wild Rudi
A poem for you
My beloved child

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On The Blue

Crystal tears of sapphire hues drawn infinitely inwards
Resplendently into those eyes so true, not yet clearly
Yearning for the blue, I'm falling beneath your surface
Sailing the sea for a glimpse of you dear, surely
Time won't stop for me, until I find you there
All this time, waiting patiently on the blue
Longing for a drink of waters untouched
Spirits leading me on my mystic journey, soon my love.

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Pillars Of Venus

My Heart, Calls,
For A Hero.
To Sweep me out of my chains.
I will be, here.
Waiting for one day 
For your Glow of Victory
To Swipe me and Break this Chains
That Bind Me, against my will.
All keep Singing for you to get my Message.
The Little Will left for you, is what keeps me alive.
Now, your close so hear me, am Here..
Shining like the Pillars Of Venus.
Now hear this Song, that will guide you.
Near me,
I see you now.
I will be happy in your arms
So just keep on the belief and I will be waiting.
For you to defeat, the Darkness that seal me away from you.
Tears of Joy running down my Skin, in just seeing your presence at last. 
My Prince

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The Chef

Boyish giggles on an angelic face
Leaping boundries through time and space
Ask me forever and I'll give you a day
Zealots confined to never change
Effulgently ablaze through racing time

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once there was an old man on a lane
he always had many cats
then he took a train
and went down another lane

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Picky child I was
before & still am as
I’m writing this
picky, petite poem –

I am different
now…I’ve changed for
the better, though
it was a challenging
Clever and cheery
teenager I am in the
present and past,
getting used to
foods I once didn’t
Kangaroos hop with
hope happily, tigers
hunt wildly &
sneakily, cats meow
for people food & to
receive a feel-good
rub  (independent,
little &
dogs yap for
(dependent, little &
big buddies), ants
gather & work, flies
hover around a heap
of droppings, debris
& remains/deceased
bodies, hyenas
attack & laugh their
tails off, wolves
get into their
private packs, fish
swim playfully with
the family, gofers
barrel & eat up the
veggies from my
garden, cheetahs run
at full speed,
finches chirp their
chants, dutiful 
dolphins go with the
wave’s ascending &
descending flow,
rabbits hop & chew
on carrots
cheerfully, lions
RAWR & laze around
on fields of golden
grace, bears huddle
with cubs & hide in
solitary, dark
caves, enormous
elephants eloquently
walk about on the
African, swaying
savannas & tons of
terrains much like
California in some
sense, lambs graze
in their
looking eagerly for
their shepherd,
lizards explore,
roaches scatter
around on the
kitchen & bathroom
floor, bedbugs bite
for the sake of
their sick appetite,
etc. ; is there
something new to
learn every night
and day? (The answer
is yes by deh way) I
guess I have to do
some research and
explore some more on
these subjects –
that’s my next
chillaxing, cool
Yet, I still go back
to my picky, old,
childlike, yet
innocent habits –
picking foods that I
cherish most and I
implore for more
scrumptious dishes
that I can hardly
ignore & boast about
it more and more
till my mouth
becomes sore! SCORE!
(means SUCCESS!, I
nailed it, or other
definitions behind

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Individual choices.. Identities allowed

No King to rule.. to none we bow

Determined are you to reach the top

Each of us can rise or flop

Perhaps you're one who doesn't care

Even that's allowed.. It is! I swear!

No one will ever force you to matter

Dance if you would at the foot of my ladder

Energy and drive heeds freedoms call

New recruits prepared to fall

Can we ever forget the price they pay

Ever thankful for Independence day!

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Be all that you can be in life 
Elegance is all written within your life
Applying obedience is the base knowledge of your life
Unique is you’re name  
Trust yourself to do well in life
Intellectual is in you and it is part of your life
Fulfill your destiny 
Uniformed your life with passion
Love is all that can bring your life in peace

by stanley jean jacques

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Quotation Mark.....

There is no limit
to what you can dream....
or reach~
she used to say.....
and until she was gone....
I never forgot....
the wisdom....
between the words......

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Road Trip

Ready to go down the highway
Onward  to a brand new day
All we need is an open road
Driving to the songs on the stereo 
Time to head down South 
Remember the details of this path
It reminds us where we come from
Packed up the past, for our new home.

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Red, black,round and round
Odd, even, come up from down
Unusually crowded around number 9
Luck should have it,she's a favorite of mine
Ever changing the spectrums outter limit
Till zero enfolds the facet jewel within it
Theocentricly believing the fall will come
Exculpating the loss when the evening is done

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Geena Davis in Cutthroat Island

Geena Davis in Cutthroat Island

Generously endowed with spunk and spirit, GEENA 
Engaged a most unusual leading lady role.  And DAVIS 
Ever so skillfully brought the audience right IN 
Not one scene was lacking and it was definitely CUTTHROAT 
At death, she shaved her father's head for the treasure map to Cutthroat ISLAND. 

Delightful costumes enhanced her role as a pirate, never better PLAYED. 
And it appears that no expense was spared to make this fantastic movie.  For THE 
Violence, explosions, fistfights, and duels are blasting packed, UNPRECEDENTED. 
If ever there were awards for the most fun movie to make, this one would be LEADING. 
So often, her laughter reminded me of a child pretending, playing the pirate ROLE. 
If I were a movie critic judging on entertainment in action, I would give Geena an A. 
Naturally, I, who love fantasy, like her in this role; she was: pretty, happy, and FEISTY.

Clearly, she looked like a lady, but a lady would never fight a man with her FIST 
Until she was seen on a wanted poster in Jamaica, there had been no SLUGGING... 
Then, the pirate, Morgan Adams, and her newly purchased slave, Shaw, needed a GUN. 
The Governor's militia started surrounding them; soon bodies were SLINGING, 
Her getaway met stealing the Governor's carriage and fist fighting without a SWORD, 
Relentlessly pursued, fired upon by cannons with the carriage teetering, SWINGING,
Over ruts, out of town, wide eyed, escaping, and laughing, the epitome of RUTHLESS,
Real passions for a good fight, challenges, and she made pirating seem fun!  AND
Throughout the action, suspense captivated; scenery and costumes were BEAUTIFUL.

In the end, she killed her murderous Uncle Dawg in self-defense using a CANNON
She saved Shaw; remained behind briefly with the treasure. No guns were FIRING.
Luckily, they dove off of Dawg’s ship before it exploded, watched by every PIRATE.   
After the explosion debris had settled, up from the ocean emerged both he and SHE
Next, a marker barrel popped up. The treasure was brought on board; oh, the WOWS
Divvying was postponed; pirating would continue with Capt. “Morgan” . . .gutsy to ME!

© Name withheld for contest
February 17, 2010
Poetic form: Acrostic and End Line Word

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Galactic Escalator

S  somehow, some people seem to strongly, wrongly believe
T  that in the whole of universal time and space
A  aliens do NOT exist and life flourishes in no other place
I  it's only earth that's birthed a seed to breed
R  real waste of space if that's the case
W  we can't be the only ones, ever to have breathed
A  all throughout eternity only earths borne race?
Y  you must agree with me, it seems a notion most ill conceived!

T  the marvels this cosmos holds, resplendant rings of ice, majestic moons of gold
O  or Olympus Mons super volcano, or constantly quicker than light, the Neutrino

T  too many stars, I always lose count as they twinkle and dance
H  high up above me, wonder thrills with each fresh glance
E  evolution? A steady state? Maybe God's Creation? Or quite by chance?

S  some things hopefully could not be
T  the whole of outterspace, for example, being empty
A  another habitated planet? Or just lost humans lonely pipe dream
R  really is a big universe, to have all alone
S  surely something else, somewhere else, may also call it home?

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Pandoras Lament

Presents of beauty, music, and persuasion, given to her and more.
A woman most earnestly desired, the first completely created by lore.
Now call her name of Pandora, which means “All gifted” forever.
Desired by Prometheus, but given to Epimetheus a brothers love to sever.
Only her curiosity set forth a chain that will remain until the end of never.
Remember, she was gave a jar, told not to open, for anything ever.
Alas she broke the seal, opened the jar, she felt that she was so clever.
Sending out such evil to which we may still be paying, with such a score.

Let this be a warning, to all who are gave such things, by a higher power.
Anguish and despair, will come to you, as it did her within her living hour.
Misled by her curiosity, she scurried to catch the contents she had exposed.
Eagerly she tried, but all had escaped, but one item that remained un-disposed.
Now we all must find, what she never let escape, from the jar that was gave.
Tell you what it was; you say so bold, hope for now and beyond the grave.

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Behind The Scene- Acrostic

Behind the scene I will do my part.
Endeavoring to work with all of my heart.
Helping where I see the need.
I will do my best to plant a seed.
Never complaining or speaking harsh,
Doing my best right from the start.

Teaching others how to work together.
Holding on to integrity in every matter.
Encouraging others one by one.

Sowing good seed till the day is done.
Choosing always to make wise choices.
Enjoying the journey along the way.
Nurturing others from day to day.
Ending this poem with a big “Hooray”.

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Little moments; big ideas; grand schemes and flops!
Intimacies shared; secrets held; pennies saved in a box.
Friends laughing; enemies kept close; bills; brooms and Mops.
Every breath a different thing; a rose; a bird; or an Ox!

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Little by little befuddled
Overwhelmed; off track or muddled
Scatterbrained; astray and puzzled
Tapped out; tore up or bumfuzzled

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Totally peaceful~ a picnic in the park.
Restful~  relaxing~ fishing~ riverside.
Amazing~ building castles~ at oceans edge.
No strife ~ no stress~ cloud watching.
Quiet and calming~ a  misty midnight walk.
Untroubled ~ unusual~ under the moss draped oaks.
Idyllic ~ impressive~ stars on a black velvet sky.
Longed for~ nature's music~ lovers hand in hand.

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Middle Ages

M anors towering
Over the horizon
Western skies ablazon
With majesty possessing.

E arth trodden soil
Bearing feet of noble birth
Tramping blades of aged turf,
Hearts destined to inner turmoil.

D anger lurking in
Shadows of the silent souls:
Smoldering, burning coals
Leaving scares of ashes within.

I nsightful minds too
Rare to locate in this time,
Appearing so sublime
Their radiant light shining through.

E vening abbey bells
Sound the coming jubilee,
To mass we grandly flee
The Sabbath day the priest foretells.

V iking raiders come
Arriving by the ocean,
Longboats sail in motion,
Stealthy in their horrible glum.

A rmies marching near
Pillaging every city
Sorrow filled with pity,
Echoing cries of solemn fear.

L aughing now has ceased 
Only silence here to reign
With nothing left to gain
So many loved ones now deceased.

T ime is ticking to
A close, another plunder
Resounds like dark thunder
Beckoning to “The Red” anew.

I nto the misty,
Frosty air of the midnight
Eric leads the new fight
Away from the ruins gritty.
M an after man of 
Norsemen racing to the west
Shouting cries of the beast
Charging towards the mountains above.

E arly morning now 
Is here, but the Viking king
Is nowhere to be seen
He has fled after half a bow.

S ilent knights stand tall
For they have fended the 
Scoundrel attack; they see
New rays of hope starting to call
“Long live Christ Jesus,
 Savior of us all!”

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D edicated to her smile, to her love
A rt he speaks for her, to show his passion for her
R espect to his very step, speaking in love
K nowing of her smile, her dream; he dreams along her side
P aula my dear love
O xygen draws to his heart as it peaks in poetry
E ndless love dwells in his heart for her
T ime itself speaks of their love, as one para siempre

For my babybear, Paula

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Camping Family Style!

Cot's for each of us
Army style
Made up
Inside of a
Neatly set up
Great big green and white

Home to all 10 of us. For the weekend.
Everybody in one tent. Sleeping, Laughing.

Breakfast, eggs and grits on paper plates.
Lunch, cooked on the grill. Mama's Potato salad.
Always people to meet. Most to never see again.
Camping.. I am talking about Camping.. 
Kids tuckered out and ready for bed before Dark.
Soft. Soothing voices you hear from nearby.

Friends made and enjoyed for a few days.
Always something new to discover.
Mary even danced once in the pavilion.
I wanted to dance too but no body asked me.
Later I did win at Bingo though. Reuben won too.
Yes.. we did all those things deep in the woods. Down a long dirt road.
while we were camping!

Swimming in the lake.
Taking walks around the park. Clay roads. Dark.
Yet exciting to walk around at night. All together.
Listening; Laughing; Loving
Each other for wonderful camping weekends!

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Something More

Something more is pulling at my soul.
offering me more of what the Lord has in-store.
more than money or love can even buy.
everything around me but unable to call it “mine“.
telling me over and over again-
hurry and pick yourself up from the state that you’re in.
interceding for others time after time.
new things to touch-
girl you’re next in line.

Miles and miles of toiling on this path below.
obeying all the rules and 
reaching out for more.
everyday is brighter for the Lord is in control.

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a life but a death
a love but a fall
a turth in a lie and
lie with-in the truth.

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Resolve irreverently
Every violation of Godly law
Violence attending resistance
Others have failed
Let us succeed
Tyranical rule must be defeated

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Fishing ~She said/ He said!

Fling it over that way baby!
I said that way.. over there!
Shoot! you didn't fling it where I said!
How do you know there aren't fish there..
I saw one jump just a minute ago!
Never listen to me.. I'm just a Woman!
Good thing I didn't want fish!

First and Last time I bring her with me!
I know how to fish!!!
She did NOT see A fish Jump!
How does she know where the fish are?
I always fish here..
Now I have an EXPERT along!
Good thing I didn't want to catch any fish!

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Brother's Refreshing Run!

~"Run run as fast as you can."
~"Everybody knows you can't outrun Jimmy!"
~"Under the house! Quick! he won't follow you under there!"
~~BAM! "Reuben ~ duck! You can't just run up under the house!"
~"Eventually he will give up and go away. Then you come out!"
~"Now Reuben! Come out Now.. But run for the house!"

~"Curve and weave and he'll miss But don't you stop."

~"Bet ya money he could lasso a bull."
~"Lot's of practice make a bad boy good at what he does."
~"Actually he ain't all bad. He gave me some of his candy once."
~"Candy he dropped in the dirt I betcha! Or worse."
~"Keep your eyes open. He ain't gone far! Run! Run! here he comes again!"

~"Just let me lasso you one more time and I'll quit!"
~"Ah shucks! I didn't hurt ya! why ya wanna cry for?"
~"Mama better not hear about this!"
~"Ever think you might grow up to be a Bull? You need practice!
~"Someday when yall grown and learn about recreation ya gonna thank me!"

~"Everybody knows recreation is good for ya! Even a dummy knows that.

~"Babies cry and girls. Patsy's crying cause she's an old ugly girl."
~"Let her cry by herself.. Hush that up! Ya better RUN!
~"Alright, I won't rope yall no more today. Just one last time!"
~"Come on, eat this candy; It taste like dirt; But you will like it."
~"Keep yall refreshed is all I'm trying to do.. It's just recreation..It's good for yall. 

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Please don't think me demented
Until you have walked a mile
Zooming through my thoughts
Zest for life bubbling from your heart
Love for all a must
Excuse me? Were you speaking to me?
Damn; I was puzzled there for a minute!

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Behind the Wall

Willfully erected..obstructing..
    emotional velocity halted..
Armor.. imprisoning..
    safe and secure.. spiritless..
Layers of pain.. eclipse 
    and enclose..restricting ..
Languish not behind the wall..
    surrender to the magnitude of emotion..
Escape the enchantment of safety..
    passions unleashed.. fireworks erupting
Delight in the wonder of Love..
    thrill to the sensations of life!
    ~ rejoice as the bricks tumble..
    ~ shout as the wall falls....

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As each day goes by, I see your face.
The thought of you, brings needed light to this dark place.
Before you, my soul was lost, and confussed.
A novice at love, and the joy it brings.
Your here now, with you comes new found bliss.
Inside my heart, was a slow to sprout seed.
Which is maturing now, off your love it feeds.
I never knew, that one could make another feel so complete.
Like a bird flying through the air, you get the sense of being free.
From young to old, and old to new.
Reasons to be thankful.....just a few.

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Travels in hell

Thick sloughy forests taunted the eerie moonlight,
Rancid rivers flooded into slimy reeking pits,
Acrid fumes streamed out from mucilaginous black holes,
Violent vibrations shook the fragile godforsaken plateau,
Evil voices bellowed from bald mountains,
Large grotesque images scrawled on treacherous paths,
Shimmering stone circles blinded me with dazzling lights.

I continued my epic journey, braving all odds,
Nature envied my audacity as I conquered the distant summit.

Horrendous sounds, suddenly jarred me to the bone,
Evil talons squashed my tired leaden legs,
Lying on the death door, I heard a voice,
“Lucy, get some antiseptic, this bloody ant bit me.”

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I look Into my glass.
Viewed or wasting grace
Set, "would God It came to light
My Heart had melloy as rhyming
By Champagne grown fill cold to Me.
Could loney wait my endless rest with equanimity.
Time, to make me a poem understandable lines
Steals, lets part abide; and shakes this Champagne a toast
At Eve with applause of no even from the Outside I could sense
Inside of welcome, lack of abiding Life like Balloon's In the Air, a certain
Melody sounded a show loveness faith one now It's gone and read at this
Radio, each poem neatly my Ears He foundly call who He noctice wrote

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Tides wash over painted toes.
Rum rains down;Reptiles sun.
Ocean waves; Oracles with desired lies.
Palm treed Paradise with insects.
Islands with beautiful barefooted influences
Careless days and nights; secret caves and coves.
Abundant atmosphere; fruited alcohol attractions.
Lovers under the lagoon's night sky.
~ ~ ~   Leafy layers of Tropical Life.

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Patience of the saints, no doubt, in me deeply burn
I cry, in my nocturnal solitude, for your final return
Live…and die only in own image, to me, you entrust
I will love you and will cherish you forever, till I last
Peeling your brown smooth skin offshore, just to clothe 
I am your lasting joy, I know, but, dreams’ for us both
Never had I questioned your plea, for the world to see
Although I bleed, from repression, you’re certainly free
Sons and daughters, wherever you are, remember me…

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The Stream left the Mountain.......
Left The Magic Fountain..........
Through rocks ,small
Through rocks ,tall
It became a waterfall

Such Water,gave to all....
Such magic...........
tumbling stream
Part of the dream.........
The Water continued to fall

The Stream of Sighs..........
Flowed through the Whispering Trees
Here the beauty lies.........
What the love ,sees

The Water gleamed
For, all it touched........
Glowed brighter
Grew taller
Flew higher.............
So it seemed...........

The Moon glowed
The Stream flowed
Soft rippling into the night
How it gleamed in the Moonlight
The Trees Whispered
The Stream sighed
Such Magic it couldn't hide

The Waters reached the Castle well
The Stream of Sighs...........
The Waters fell
The Faeries could tell...........
for, they were wise.........
In waters that did dwell,
in Truth and Love,
from the mountain high above

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Tides wash over painted toes.
Rum rains down; Reptiles sun.
Ocean waves; Oracles with desired lies.
Palm treed Paradise with insects.
Islands with beautiful barefooted influences
Careless days and nights; secret caves and coves.
Abundant atmosphere; fruited alcohol attractions.
Lovers under the lagoon's night sky.

Leafy layers of Tropical Life.

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The last day.........
To fulfill
No tears to spill
Be it as it may

When you give all.........
All that you can
But it begins to fall..........
The failure of a good man

To see it through.........
The heart begins to bleed
No end in sight too..........
Can I find..........
The things you need...........
The things you pay no mind

The last day..........
So many things fail
but only fail
blaming others
The final nail..........
The final day

The last day...........
All I have to give..........
To give all I can
The failings of a good man
The words he wanted to say

Small kind things............
crushed underfoot
The hurt it brings
The heart to bleed..............
The small kind things you need

To see it through.........
To the last day...........
They do not see the way
They cannot see........
What is true

The last day.............
The head held high
I did try
Tried to find another way
On the final day