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Abc Suicide Poems | Abc Poems About Suicide

These Abc Suicide poems are examples of Abc poems about Suicide. These are the best examples of Abc Suicide poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Suicide Tendencies

The world spins as I stand still
Trees grow as I Shrink
Looking in a mirror is alike a big Black Hole
With nothing but disastrous toils
My heart is Shattered in tiny, tiny Microscopic pieces
I no longer have a soul
My Hopes and Dreams as all disappeared
My taught are lost within a razor blade
Jumping off the San Francisco Bridge or Eiffel Tour has always been a desire
Hanging myself is a priority but living life to the fullest is my biggest enemy
I plan what i want to be en carved on my tombstone" REST IN PIECE YOUR NOW FREE FROM THIS DISASTROUS PALACE"
My heart is a Dark Paradise
My razor  as become my Paintbrush and my skin the Canvas
I have discovered that cutting is my bliss
Sitting on the floor, crying for more as my body screams in pain
Trying to move but my hands are stuck
Trying to get up but i'm restrained
My masterpiece is disturbing yet creative
People think they are just scars but they are a history book based on my life
My art work is all over my body
Watching blood flows feel great
As I laugh in the face of death
I may have a smile on my face but I also have cuts on my wrist
My soul grows cold like a tombstone
Don't ask me to unmask my demons 
As my Demons as already won.

Copyright © Shaneka Adams | Year Posted 2015

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tear drop

Light as a feather, sensing the wind passing fast
And feeling free from everything at last
Happiness and joy have found their way
And in her soul they’ll forever stay
The long trail of memories passing by
Every word he said and every lie
Everything that was hunting her was gone
Leaving her spirit pure and as white as a swan
All her emotions were confused
To this big mix of feelings she wasn't used
Should she laugh? Should she cry?
Nothing matters anymore when you’re in the sky
But now she’s had enough and wants to stop
And it’s too late because she hit the ground like a tear drop.

Copyright © dreamersis poems | Year Posted 2014

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You Left because of me

You left?
Because of me is it?
It was all my Fault was it?

I did Everything for you to love me,
I did Everything for you to accept me,
I did it all because I love you
But why?How could you?!

You left and break the Promise,
Which you were suppose to not Break it,
Your words were all a Lie was it?
And This is Just a Game then you`ll end it

I was just a Replacement,My Love
and YOU slap it on my Face like how it hurts
I tried and Tried to Move on,
But it still hurts

You were Mad because of a Worthless Lie,
You were mad just like how someone Died
But My Dear,You don`t need to Prove it on me
`cause I know I`m not the perfect one to thee

And Now may I tell you this,
That my Love is never Ending,
Whenever you hurt me
It just makes me love you more...

It makes me Feel heaven to fall for you,
But your life was in hell when I did too
So now I`m leaving and won`t come back
Because you left me Because of me.

Copyright © Pretend Its Poetry | Year Posted 2013

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Hanging on the rope of depression

I was sad and scared, in the middle of the silence, hanging on a string of blades 
that is about to snap, a mirror in front of me, cries beneath me, depression was raging around me.

Copyright © Emily the band geek | Year Posted 2014

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For You

By Robielynn Collins 

 You are my best friend, 
through think and through thin, 
and I guess you didn't realize, 
that it was a sin, 
but I prayed to God, 
to make you whole, 
and to take you to HEAVEN, 
and to save your SOUL, 
I know he will, 
becaus HE'S a loving GOD, 
and HE can do anything, with just a nod.

Copyright © RobieLynn Collins | Year Posted 2014

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Let me go

Let me go,
gently, into that sleep
where the noises cannot reach
and lies can not hurt.
let the ground covers me
with all my worries along

Copyright © nova teji | Year Posted 2014

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Oh my dear
Big sharp knife
Slit my throat
Take my life

Take my hunger
Dry my eyes
Load the gun
Say quick goodbyes

Take the blade
Cut my wrist
Feel the pain
Tighten my fist

Lights fade
Time flys by
Get the rope
Frantically tie

Get a chair
Place it right
Once you jump
Don't try to fight

Seeing your life
Flashing past
You remember everything
In your horrible past

The flashing stops
Everything's black
Finally dead
There's no going back

Copyright © Destiny Rose | Year Posted 2015

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The Tide

The wave are turning and I want 
To pull you from the tide, 
You go under, yet you use
The blue-black water to hide.

What are you hiding from? 
There's nothing to fear in this world.
Don't you want to curl up with me,
In love, tangled and furled?
Don't you want to breathe your last,
In a place you feel serene?
Don't you want to watch your family grow,
Your children reach their dreams?

Your conscience, it takes over.
You want to just lie down.
You want to go in peace and quiet,
Where you can't hear a sound.
It's not a choice between life and death,
But a choice within your mind.
You cannot search for who you are,
If you decide to hide.

I look at you, you look at me,
And it's all so surreal.
The worst is holding onto your soul, 
But, nothing you can feel.

I know you want to touch the bottom,
And surface to the top.
But you're convinced that there is no way,
You'd ever want to stop.

I know you want to break free,
And swim back onto land.
Even though you tell yourself
That you won't stand a chance.

Don't tell me any differently,
I can see it in your eyes.
You want to live, you want to love,
Do it all before you die.

It's not your time to leave this Earth,
And fly into the sky.
Let's get you dry and take you home,
No sorrys or goodbyes. 

Copyright © Kirby Browning | Year Posted 2014

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One Last Time

 It's hard for me to explain,
how I feel,
these emotions I'm having,
or how to deal,
I can't get over,
what's going on,
and I don't want to believe,
that your really gone,
I keep wishing to see you,
for one last time,
you were so wonderful, caring,
and in your prime,
I would tell you,
"I LOVE YOU", and I need you so,
and that I never, ever,
want you to go.

Copyright © RobieLynn Collins | Year Posted 2014

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will i

will I...see you again?
Now in a grave,and then a 
Broken dreams,a heart to 
Will I...know when the time 
Is it right or wrong?the 
feeling I get when I hear your 
I'll never fast or 
The time it takes,to finally go..
Suicide,that's a no.
Contemplated many 
times,and when I do that's 
when it shines.
Eyes open,but lights blind.
Will i....i will not.

For Ariel,and anyone feeling 
suicide is the only way out..its 

Copyright © paul martinez | Year Posted 2013

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i wonder if i will ever be missed

I am not like the others 
they laughand make fun of me
my eyes painted black by the shining sun
dark in my mind dark in my heart

deep inside i am torn apart
over years of neglect and anomosity
i wished i was a eagle then i would flee

to the highest mountain near the deepest sea
i would hide my sorrow under my wings
and i would no longer be the fool of whom they sing

i am a man full of compassion my love is deeper than a abyss
but my sorrow is deeper than the ocean in front of me 
as i dive off the cliff i wonder if i will ever be missed

Copyright © autry emanuel | Year Posted 2013

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Silence isn't always fun

The car door slamming shut
I knew what was about to occur
memories flew into my head
scattered like a scrapbook 
I start to tear up
running fast towards the 
hospital room, she was
already gone.
My face tear stained
as the world around me
stops. Silence is all I hear
as I say goodbye.

Copyright © Emily the band geek | Year Posted 2015

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By Robielynn Collins 

  I have a thousand thoughts, running through my head, 
but I still can't believe, that your really dead, 
because you were so happy just hours before, 
your heart in the heavens,and ready to soar, 
I could never believe, 
that you'de do such a thing, to just take your life, 
and give it a fling, 
what about the people,that cared so much, 
how could you do that? we loved you such!, 
maybe you didn't know it, 
or maybe you didn't care, 
whatever the reason,it just wasn't fair, 
now you left us all here, 
to live wih this pain, 
what the hell in this world, 
did you think that you'de gain?

Copyright © RobieLynn Collins | Year Posted 2014

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Black Dog

I can't remember a time without you.
You've always been here, following one step behind.
I've always known where our path would go.
It's  time for you to lead, old friend.
I will follow.

Copyright © Jeff King | Year Posted 2014

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the end

the days go dark
i sit in this park
its lonly and cold
but these feelings are old
iv seen it before
shes out the door
i slit my wrists
and my blood slowly twists
down my arm and off my hand
my life is fading and its so sweetly bland
i bleed for you
but you never knew
the slow downfall
of my life and all
its miserable,sad and funny to
how much i really care for you
its ok now my life is fading
but no one knows i only evading
the sadness of losing
and heartbreak, blood oozing
the white light draws near
its almost over from here
i love you my dear
you touched my heart
now its time i fell apart
its me not you
see the picture i drew
thats my blood my note of suicide
im sorry im not ok im the one who lied
its over my life has finaly reached its ending
sleep well my love enjoy this last text im sending

Copyright © austin owens | Year Posted 2013

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I am tired

I am tired
Tired of smiling 
When inside I'm dying
No one sees
No one will understand
That though I'm smiling
I have cuts on my hand
I let them believe
That I am happy as can be
But on the inside I bleed
I never said it
And I never will
But I'm dreaming of hill
The grass so green
The most beautiful thing I've ever seen
Yet all I have on my mind is:
How will it feel to jump off
And fly ?

Copyright © charlize pretorius | Year Posted 2015

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angel pain

pain in the eyes of angels
 crimson tears run down their arms

 looking for a reason to live
 to become someones reason to breath

 marks of shame on their hearts
 every scar is a work of art
 high and low like a canion of sorrow

 ladders climbing up every arm
 a symbol of strength never seen
 by an outer soul

 tears of blood like a never ending rain
 tears will forever be stained

Copyright © Mathew Pugh | Year Posted 2015

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I’m all alone,
no one hears my screams.
I still remember the smell of your cologne,
Remember how you conquered my dreams.
I shout for you to come back,
Please I miss you.
I cant breathe through this attack,
Im feeling down, I feel blue.
No one is here,
No one is there.
Im full of fear,
I feel despair,
I cant repair.
I see the shadows,
stop you’re not real.
All the voices echo,
They say they know how I feel.
But none of them are real,
How can I deal,
With this pain I feel?
Im so alone, me, myself, and I,
Watching all this time fly by.
My heart is dark, my soul is cold
I just want you back to hold.
Just one more time,
Ill be fine.
Im all alone, 
but my voices accompany me,
In the shade I roam, 
The Raven sits in the old oak tree.
Why is he always watching me?
Maybe, Im not so alone after all,
The crow waits for me to fall.
they all wait, 
for the end, its my fate.
Im all alone,
Did you hear my scream?

Copyright © Member Area Only | Year Posted 2015

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By Robielynn Collins
 It wasn't my fault, 
that 45' to your head, 
what was going through your mind, 
could not be said, 
the pain you we feeling, 
the hurt that you felt, 
the emotions gone crazy, 
because what life had dealt, 
so in one little moment, 
you took your own life, 
and ended the turmoil, 
the pain, 
and the strife, 
but for those left behind, 
especially me, 
I had to come to terms, 
It would no longer be 'we'!

Copyright © RobieLynn Collins | Year Posted 2014

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Flying Freely

Wednesday Evening
7:10 p.m.
September 16, 2015
Kansas City, Mo
Stephen Becker pen Brian Stoaks

                         "Flying Freely"

Depression is a deadly disease for even those that are treated
It only takes one night alone for the world around depression to fall apart
If you think that depression is a sign of weakness
Please come into my mind and live for a day

Suicide is often a thought of those who have never truly felt happy
While writing I cry for the secretes inside my mind are enough to die for
So you think the world is peachy and I believe its rocks of lava
Will you remember those who slowly die around you and pretend you didn't know

Love songs bring back memories of days gone by and loves never forgotten
Some songs remind me of those I miss that can only be seen in dreams
Like in the arms of an angel my mom has long since gone
But yet here I cry these tears of pain while her pain no longer exists

So don't ask me if I'm ok for I'm never ok even while smiling
Most comics make others laugh to soothe their pain deeply hidden from you
They beg to laugh with you but inside they're slowly dying
Tonight I am not trying to cry but trying to find a reason to smile

As I live for tomorrow my brain haunts me with visions of the past
Not believing that your sun will always shine on me but burn me like hells fire
No wrecking balls can tear down these walls to free my spirit to fly
I can only shed tears of disasters that have caused this brain to fight for death

So with twelve days from forty four I struggle to find a reason to breathe
I have made videos to be noticed and written poems and stories to be heard
I have helped the stranger find their way home or the sad to find peace within their heart
Still here I sit alone in my mind wishing all this empty space would finally close around me

I ask your forgiveness ahead of time whomever knows me for me
Although my heart may no longer beat for your ears to hear it
Know where ever I may land, heaven or hell, I'm always watching you
I ask that you smile knowing that star above your head is just me flying freely from the pain of being alive

Copyright © Stephen Becker | Year Posted 2015

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My thoughts are dipped in 
So is my pen;
Delivering god's wrath with 
My soul screams for a suicide 
Oh let me die! let me Die!
Death is a reasonable friend 
Evades the innocence with 
Tormenting me each night and 

Copyright © Ernest Badounts | Year Posted 2014

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Going home

Life is only a dream, my awakening would have it seem. I came with 
no direction and was taught love and affection. Quickly that all 
changed and my thoughts were re-arranged.I built a wall out of hate 
and aggression.  Now i look for what's hiding because true love is my 
obsession. There are but a few that share this view and I 
lost contact the day of my inception. I want to share another, one 
from my mother. It came from her loving perception. God loves you 
and I do too, So when you feel like coming home, don't worry honey. 
Just go you'll be greeted with a loving reception

Copyright © Matthew Hennix | Year Posted 2014

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Shake it off

Wipe your tears you'll be all right
shake it off and smile for once in awhile
trust me honey you'll be alright so shake it off
and don't let go of him through the night
cause honey you'll regret when you let go,
he's one in a million, so is your life and your soul.
So honey shake it off and show your smile it only comes
every once in awhile.

Copyright © Emily the band geek | Year Posted 2015

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crimson tears

I just want to end it all
I can't take it anymore

The crimson tears
run down my arm
and hit the ground

i want to yell for help
but don't make a sound

i hurt on the inside 
so i hurt myself on the outside
everyone stares but they
don't understand 
i'm dying

i'm chained to this sorrow
i can't break free
i look like i'm happy 
but i'm dying inside

the blade is my friend
my only companion 
even though i'm living
i feel like i'm dying

Copyright © Mathew Pugh | Year Posted 2015

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Final rambles

Not many would pay attention
Even fewer would care
If I went beyond pretension
And did as I dare

If I let go of ambition
And released my tortured soul
No glory or recognition
Playing the undertaker's role

I wish not any sympathy
For I've created my own hell
Look at me with no empathy
Let no tears leave their trail

In days you'll learn
My presence wasn't vital
You'll carry on with no concern
For this friend once suicidal

My hand clasps tight
Around the grip of this gun
At last, I'll be alright
In a world I'm forever done

The taste of cold steel
With my mind on one track
In  a few seconds a life surreal
No care to turn back

In memory the laughs we had 
The times we would smile
Life wasn't always this bad
But got worse by the mile. 

Copyright © Gary Hatfield | Year Posted 2014

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PJ My Love

By Robielynn Collins 
He wasn't a coward, 
though he took the easy way out, 
no one really understood, 
what it was all about, 
but I know the truth, 
and the pain that he felt, 
and the hurtful feelings, 
that life, 
he had been dealt, 
so he ended his life November 1st.., 
knowing that everyone would feel the worst, 
but still he did it, 
with that gun to his head, 
II still can't believe, 
that my best friend is dead !!!!! 

Copyright © RobieLynn Collins | Year Posted 2014

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To Late

 I know now,
that you loved me,
with your heart and soul,
and I know in your mind,
that you had a goal,
you wanted me more,
then just in your life,
you wanted to make me,
your forever wife,
I know all this,
because you told me,
all the time,
but I was unwilling,
to make that climb,
you gave me everything,
on a silver platter,
I never thought in my mind,
that I'de see your brains splatter,
because with one little word,
I tore your heart in two, I never meant to hurt you,
or to make you blue,
I believe you were wrong,
when you said,"you won", 
I just think it was an excuse,
an excuse to run,
So with that gun,
to your head,
you left this world,
way to soon,
now me and you will never watch,
another rising of the moon,
so in this poem,
I just want to let you know,
I loved you much{ditto},
but I have to let you go..
good-bye my love

Copyright © RobieLynn Collins | Year Posted 2014

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Mr Trigger

Beyond the moon with the speckled stars - Solaris burnsthe spell of Mercury - Unwanted in the need to want - Spirals the greed by the infinity of space - Polluted by the mind on fire - The cross of my sin in the shadow of hate - Restless - Stirring - Explosive - Nailed into my coffin of pleasures - Accepted by the hammer inside the agility of pure agony - I breath only to consume sulfur - I am at the end - There is no door to open - There is no hand for help - There is no shoulder for a tear - Crying - Wounded - Resentful - I am not looking for a gun - I am staring down the barrel - Guess who is calling my name - Mr Trigger

Copyright © uniC CJonr | Year Posted 2013

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I scoffed at the fact of my simplicity
laughed at the fact of my one deminsion mind
never to figure out what i need to find 
to live in a time of such sutrosity
to care when no one cares for me

to reach out but again denied 
to hide my eyes and the tears i have cried
to be rejected neglected and lead away unaware
to fill my head with all my fear

undoubtless times i have tried
i call it love suicide 
as i stand all alone with only my dignity
my name my real name autry

Copyright © autry emanuel | Year Posted 2013

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I'm dead, and my wrists are red

I slit my wrists
At the memory of two fists
Coming down on my face
I can't help but feeling out of 
Why does happen to me
I can't help who I might be
Don't you have any memory of 
I never put up a fuss
But you still hate your youngest 
Even though you are my father
I used to love you dearly
But now I hate you clearly
I can't take the abuse
When I only get used
I'm going to die
So it's time to say goodbye
Are you even worth my time?
Because I'm running out
Why you are up and about
Abusing me so
Why did you have to get so 
I have taken enough blows
My heart is broken
And my mind is coming undone 
My wrists are bloody
Look at them and study
That's my life
And you had no right
To force them into this light
They are red
And I am now dead

Copyright © Emo Rawr Gurl | Year Posted 2014