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Abc Song Poems | Abc Poems About Song

These Abc Song poems are examples of Abc poems about Song. These are the best examples of Abc Song poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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An ABC Love Song

Leaves have fallen around us throughout these many years Mist has clouded our eyes with vapors of vast confusion... No one told us then, how storms might come, how skies would gather tears Or how the sun would often hide, and seem to disappear Perhaps those years, might have done such harm, to have shattered our illusions Instead, we lean into each other's arms, and will stay until conclusion...
________________________ For Alfred's Contest: ABC of Love

Copyright © Carrie Richards | Year Posted 2013

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The Weeping Willow Tree

The weeping willow is outside you see
Even though it is beautiful it wasn't meant to be,

Our willow is huge and hangs to the ground
When the wind blows you hear it all around,

It's beauty is timeless and very much alive
But, on a sad note it is not wanting to survive,

It will be sad to see an empty space
Till the new tree we plant that will take its place,

The weeping willow will definitely be gone
I am sure late at night you will hear its song,

Weeping and crying for all of us to hear
Because after all the roots are left that will shed its tears.

Written By: Unique Poetry 2010

Copyright © Michelle Born | Year Posted 2015

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Wolf Song

         The old wolf sang a song to the moon so far and long.
   A song of prayer as the aging moon sat there.:
        Show me moose, so I won't starve.
   Break me loose so I won't be bored.
         Shall I take a break from a long, long run, give me light from the sun.

Copyright © Mika Simonson | Year Posted 2016

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I  think  about   her
I  think  about   her

When  am   sick
I  call  her  name
I can't  forget  her
the   sweet  of  my  heart

I  really   love  her
And  her  name  is  my  dream
day   and   night
I  will  praise  her
All  days  of  my life

At  the time of my   death
It will be  a war
to  separate  our love in sorrow and toil.
She's my sweet,
the light of my life forever and ever.

I  really  love  her with all  my  heart
the  pole of my rib
from  Adam  and  Eve
the woman  was  great

She's my home
She's my  love
my soul

When am sick i call her sweet
to get back in life
Oh! she's my salt
She's my lamp,
my stars
I don't know  where to hide her
with her beautiful face
my heart

I think  about her
I  think about her
my love, my friend.

Copyright © sekitto kisakye | Year Posted 2007

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Flying Song Lyrics

I'm flying so high
I don't remember why
I was ever on the ground
And you know, it doesn't matter anyhow
Because we're all circling around the sun
And he's having himself so much fun
Exploding in warmth 
Exploding warm

Look out on all those stars
They seem so very far
But you know,  they're just waiting
for you to see them
Because after all, they're shining in your eyes
You've got starlight in your eyes
You've got the sun in your hearts
What more, how far
What more, tell me how far

I'm glad to wake up everyday
And I've got some thanks I want to say
Because I know
We're all part of this life
And we are living ours so alive
With a chant upon your lips
You sail on like a great big ship
That is powered by the winds of change
And you are never the same

Now go one and look at all those stars
they only seem so very far
Because you know they're waiting for you to see them
After all they are shining in your eyes
You've got starlight in your eyes
You've got the sun deep and warm in your hearts
What more, how far
What more and how far

I'm flying so high
I don't ever want to leave this sky
I can see forever
And I swear to you it gets better
You've go starlight shining in your eyes
You've got the sun deep and warm in your hearts
What more, How far
What more, tell me how far!

Copyright © Charles Knapp | Year Posted 2016

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Piano man

I've got nowhere to go and 
this place is nowhere I should be. 
I can see it in your face forever isn't 
what you see when you're looking at me. 
I always try to run 
because safe feels better than when you 
leave and done Is all I become!
But, there's just something 
in me that's held tight in your grip. 
I can't help but stare at the 
shape my name gives your perfect lips.
I hear you calling my name, 
and I know tomorrow I will never be the same. 
Still, I always run into a just love me fight 
knowing its just to get you through your lonely nights.
I listen to you play your piano, singing to me with a 
smile "girl take me home, sweet baby girl, it's better than wondering around all alone"
And it's so sad knowing tonight is all of me you'll ever want to know. 
And knowing all of this...
still I dance for you! Still, to you I always go.
And every time you kiss me and promise everything is alright
you promise tomorrow you will call... 
but, I know it'll only be a call creeping towards the night!

Copyright © Kerrie Sursely | Year Posted 2013

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Group of stars, gas, and dust like astronomers would see with a telescope. It's held together by gravity which introduces galaxy. Scientists stress their mind while mediating the question what's the difference between comets and asteroids. Approximately, their are numerous answers to research like if a comet has a long tail, smaller in size, a rocky surface, or a irregular shape. The correct answer would be the difference of size the comets differs from asteroids.
- Loverboi

Copyright © Kenneth Melvin | Year Posted 2013

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The Garbage Truck

As we stop, I pull out my jar of Vic's vapor rub 
I put some up my nostrils, this job you cannot love 
But it pays the bills, I make my living 
Trash day is when people are most giving 
They are selfless when getting rid of what they see as junk 
Whew! That smell from the back of a garbage truck 
I spot a pair of shoes for my kid 
I will wash them first, get rid of the odor of rotted squid 
My niece's birthday is coming up soon 
I found a playhouse with dishes, forks, cups and spoons 
It's family night tonight at home 
The unknown video I found will be shown 
Finding the right stuff is a matter of luck 
It is just my point of view from the back of a garbage truck 
I found a half a bucket of KFC 
I take a smell, it smells as fresh as can be, what a surprise for my family 
Two hours later, the family can't keep their meal down 
They are so ungrateful about the food I found 
I am on a strict budget, I have to find a way to save a couple bucks 
More dinners will be found because I work on the back of a garbage truck 

Copyright © Eugene Carmen | Year Posted 2008

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She is not my real sister
Nor found her on twitter.
She met me in an institution 
And got an intuition 
She taught me English 
Which i never relish.
After some days she started teaching me sociology
Since she then became my ideology
In the meantime we became good friends 
Then she was both my start and end.
I called her sister
Became happy and showed blister.
Like this our relation stretched 
For relations there no occasion or trend.
Now people know her as my adopted mother
And i don't care of mindset of other
I love her the most 
And have faith utmost.
She slaps me on my mistake
and she is the who bakes me a cake.
I share all my grief
She handle it softly and treat.
She is an advocate by profession 
And lives in a tashan.
She keep slapping guys
So no guy ever try 
She is the best human i met
In my life,i have her threat.
I fight 
Then hug her tight.
I love u vaishali sista 
Please Please find some Mr.
Find some handsome man. 
of whom i can become a fan....
your child cum sista ... i love u di .


Copyright © alka pal | Year Posted 2015

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The Government song

This Life and Government have found it's ways,
everyone dying and having bad days,
today it is raining from all i can see,
bullets and shot guns aiming towards me,
yelling and screaming just to get out,
if they take this life of mine i have no dought,
I traval the road that no one could know,
working hard for nothing to show,
taking my mind and making it weak,
sticking me in the dark hole that i seek,
try to run from theses Chasing fools,
this type of government has taking it's tool.
Politcal lies by one and another,
trying to get by to feed each othere,
they live poor just get through the door,
the empty sad hearts without family's,
feeling it go through my vains it's like a diseases,
Plant the visions in my mind,
killing people around me all the time,
for i have sined many times for no reason,
Living out here in the desert for all the seasons.
theres nothing i can do untill it's over,
i look over and theres a body to cover
So i traval the road no one could know,
Working hard for nothing to show,
taking my mind and making me weak,
sticking me again in this hole that i seek.

Copyright © BrentLee Rohr | Year Posted 2007

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Holding you close to my heart, I will sing a song
The songs tune is you
In eyes without seeing  In heart without knowing
The picture that blossoms is You
Please Come
as this song’s raaga
Please Give this picture in colors
Gave love which showered from my heart to you moonlit dusk
In return making my eyes wet, where have you disappeared
Holding you close to my heart, I will sing a song
The songs tune is you
In eyes without seeing  In heart without knowing
The picture that blossoms is You
When  my desires flutters its wings to see you 
You became a wind of love caressing me
In the words of eyes , only your face remained
In the eyes of dreams, there is only your color
Don’t disappear away, away, away
Holding you close to my heart, I will sing a song
The songs tune is you
The poems which were written to recite
became Hindolam**  that blossomed in your lips
Oceans and rains gave only your voice
In thought’s shadows your breaths
Searching near, where are you now
Holding you close to my heart, I will sing a song
The songs tune is you 
In eyes without seeing
In heart without knowing

            vinayak pratap

Copyright © vinayak pratap | Year Posted 2013

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No song for a raggy boy

Ragged forlorn a burden being born

A pale face framed in coal black hair

longing for a soft caress

Suckling from a mother's breast

Salty tears wet his lips instead
No music fills his heart

Life a painful existence to be endured
Unloved the world has forgotten him.

Copyright © Marie Roche | Year Posted 2009

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Rainy Disappointment.

The rain is starting to pour.
The clouds are turning gray.
All my hopes I had in you .
are slowly fading away but fast.
Always thought this would last.
you said believe in you.
I gave you every chance. 
and this is all you could do.
Was take my heart and throw it away.
Say things that don't mean nothing.
touch my hands I feel nothing.
Kiss my lips and your numb to me.
numb to me.....

Copyright © tiffany coats | Year Posted 2006

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Last song of the preacher man

Cold gentle nights,
as owls wings flutter of these same ole lights,
I'm a sayin ,"you my good friend",
for the same ole empty faces, doin the same ole sin.

Cursed you, do these things to me,
for my body is a dangling from beyond the tree,
is it only in you i see,
just the same ole friendly me.

Why it is you hate me boss,
I know that all things are taken with a cost,
remember the nights the gentle frost,
when i spoke of the blessings when all was lost.

But the same ole empty faces, doin the same ole sin,
i knew you was just like um, but still my friend,
a letter to you, still my good friend!!!  

Copyright © thelast don | Year Posted 2013

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Love Song

'We' you and i
drink not from same water,
But in ablutions
We prepared in spring
For a beautiful day

Have you ever had a dream
Tell me, if yes
In whispering- hold my head
I know soon, they will get jealous

Ibasepe- is not in our dictionary
Ti nba ti mo, we speak not,

Let the love flows
Osun- so ngbo.

Copyright © Oluwadamilare Adedayo | Year Posted 2013

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Come Along

Just come along
With me on this road 
not so long
A road that is very 
To learn a little about 
my world of all sort!

Come along and read
The things that are 
here for us to lead
Ourselves and others 
to the promised land
Which makes us look 
like magicians with the 
best wand!

Come along and correct 
Where you notice flaws 
that be
Then do not fail to 
The ones that are 
straight and not bend!

OH God my Creator
The Lord of the world 
and Saviour
Make these lines 
And not make me a lamb 

Copyright © Adesina Idris Dolapo | Year Posted 2012

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Demon in the Night

I stand brave at might within my room 
Without a single sight of fear 
As thunder roars from outside 
My heart as pure as gold 
This ugly bloody demon came upon me 
Face so gruesome yet posed expression without a soul to take 
Here in a home of faith that lingers in 
Thou demon in the night you can not have my heart nor soul and steal it within this night 
As the demon spoke to me in tounges 
I could not understand words that's been spoken 
And as I pray on my knees with my merry roseary beds in palm 
I wished for this demon to banish forever from my sight
And never again to appear to me within thee night 
That demon in the night can harm me no more 
By Brian Otoole

Copyright © Brian Otoole | Year Posted 2013

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A True Friend

One day a lucky star dropped on the earth,
And asked me what do you want?
Atrue friend or a million dollars,
Or either of the none?

I said a million dollars would I take,
For a nice future for me to make,
As I already have you-
Who forever did my happiness sew.

He is one of my friends I am lucky to get-
To lend his helping hand he is never too late;
He is the one I can never hate-
He is my buddy since my childhood days.

I wish I have you for the rest of the life;
Let our friendship go more ripe;
When we rest in peace let's do together--
And wish we be like this ,times and after.

Its for sure 
He will shine
As the best 
Amongst the nine!!! 

Copyright © Sonnet Mondal World Poet | Year Posted 2008

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Nature's Spirit Song

Angelic Beasts Capture, Daily, Every Face. Grouping Happily In Jaunty Kin, Leading, Moving None Out. Pleasant Quests, Refined Sounds, Tones Universally Valued. Whimsical Xylophone Yields Zeal. 

Copyright © Jacque Graham | Year Posted 2011

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ABC of A Breaking Heart - Based On Song Titles

All I do is think about you
Baby come back
Can’t get by without you
Don’t leave me this way
Every day hurts
Forgive me
Give me just one more night
I can’t stop loving you
Just don’t wanna be lonely
Keeping the dream alive
Lost without your love
My world is empty without you
Nothing compares to you
One more chance
Please forgive me
Quit playin games with my heart
Reconsider baby
Still the one
The best was yet to come
Unbreak my heart
Victim of love
Without you
You are the one to make me cry
Zip mouth baby

Jan Allison
27th April 2014

First attempt at an ABC so I cheated using song titles - 'z' was tough
but the lyrics of the song fit the theme

Copyright © JAN ALLISON | Year Posted 2014

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Dance to the song that is in my head

i can heard the beat as I move I see that I’m the only one dancing but as look down the hall i see a picture of you, but as we dance the song never stop as we are dancing it starts to rain and somehow we don’t get wet cause of the fact the only thing that we are thinking of is each other as it get darker we still dancing till the sun comes out and set as the rain is still falling and the people are waken through the dreams they have had we have been dancing in each rain pool till the song stop but in  head my song never stop cause how deep I love you our song will never stop till death and we will dance the night away till death do us apart, it doesn’t matter if I’m not married to you now, but what I believe that we are meant to be together forever no matter how deep our love goes but you are only man that I am willing to be with for the rest of our lives

Copyright © Sheena Casanova | Year Posted 2013

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Footprints in my heart

It should never end
Says this hungry heart of mine.
The lyrics and tunes keep ringing in my head
Even when though am put to rest

The list I've ever played is endless
As much as the sand which is countless
But many of them could not stand the light of day
And without regrets, I threw them away

But what is in this song
That I can see no wrong.
It has become a part of me
Or lets say taken over my whole being

This song will soon end
My heart bleats
But I must enjoy every bit of it
And this I know
That the song never stops down below

Copyright © Okunsebor Williams | Year Posted 2012

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seeds of God

God gave us everything
We have faith
And we're still learning
God, be our teacher
God, be our guide
It is through the seed of love you've sown that we survive

God give me strength
God take the fear away

It begins with you and me
God planted little seeds
To grow arms like branches of a tree
We reach to everyone
Grant me compassion today

Make us strong in spirit
Guide us to a lamp that's lit
With the golden light of truth
Bring us, God, closer to you

Our job is to teach and be taught
Given two hands
One gives while the other receives his love
Manifest his reality ask and it is given Speak do and think
Love gratitude, peace and harmony
All that you desire, all that you need
Will be provided if only you will receive

God like the ocean
Let us heal each other amidst the waves of commotion
Give us courage and strength too
On our path through this life and in our hearts on our way to you
Let your angels guide us in our time of need
All will be provided through them when we are open to receive

copyrighted by penny lapsley  2007

Copyright © penny lapsley | Year Posted 2008

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Be not harried by apostasy spates
Surcease ye flux of basilic imprecations
Adhibit ye ,supernal paracletes  
The pith of divinity

An Achates,
Vae victis
In this temporal realm

Chatoyant fanfaronade
Sursurrant congeries
Erelong abate
Shun the gaffer's gammon
Arcadian maundering

Avaunt kaleidoscopic zealotry  
Bandy a cutlass perfervid
Ex aequo et bono

Beneficence's glaive bandies.

Preside atheling echt
In pharos of Nestor

Bestow succor to the augean Boeothians!
Malign them not--for now come the celestial shower
To halidom, shepard, solace and anele
Ye benighted churls

vocabulary- spate-flood;  arcadian-rural/simple;  echt-adj.-genuine;  Nestor-the god of
wisdom;  Achaetes-any faithful friend;  chatoyant-possessing a changeable luster;
rein-v.-to curb or restrain;  amative-amatory;  anele-v.- to annoint;  harry-to torment by
constant attack;  perfervid-ardent/very fervid; ex aequo et bono-L.-according to the
principle of fairness and good; bandy-to beat to and fro;  vae victic-L.-woe to the
vanquished;  gammon-nonsense; gaffer- an old crone;  flux-flow;
fanfaronade--n.-bragging/ostentation/bluster; congeries-heap; susurrant-adj-whispering;
basilic-lowly/base; pith-vigor/force/strength; supernal-celestial; imprecations-curses;
halidom-a holy place/holiness; Pallas Athena-Gr.goddess of wisdom; quotha-arch.-indeed!
Forsooth!; paracletes-someone who aids and supports; glaive-sword; pharos-lighthouse; 
atheling-ancient crown prince; adhibit-to let in/admit; benighted-adj-overtaken by
darkness; bestead-to aid; anele-to annoint; contemn-v.-to view with contempt; solace-n.
comfort in sorrow

Copyright © David Hart | Year Posted 2006

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For my song you are star

My words for you
And they are at morning
What you like
A cup
Of coffee
Or may you like
A tea
Have you then
Your breakfast
with smile
Pass your day time
with my song
May it a boost
At evening
May you get
A hint
How to date
Or may you stay with my song
To know that you are not alone
As my song adore you 
And for you my song
To cheer 
Your soul
 to find
The hidden secret
In heart
 prettiness of your soul
A garden of roses
In your heart
May you're in crowd
Grey and blue
But for my song
You are a star
So feel good
May you don't have
A cash
Or credit card
But for my song still
You are star
So feel good
No matter what
Or where
But I know in many ways
You are like me
And in your way
You are unique
So wear the rainbow
And put the rays of sun
 on your head
And feel good 
for my song
You are star
So feel good
And goodnight

Copyright © Sallam Yassin | Year Posted 2013

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Will you read
the snow on the grass knitting
the big eyebrows

of moon at night
which will never know hidden
hands of a wetland ?

The tears implant
green circles on cheek.
Spring was coming back.     

Copyright © Satish Verma | Year Posted 2013

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A Song Of Praise

Sing your best song to the Lord, for He is great.
Let the desert, the land, the sky, the wind, the birds, 
and everything that has breath praise the Lord, 
for He is great to be praise.
Let the people from the east, the west, the north and the south
raise their hands in praise, because of the love God has for us.

God created the heaven and heavens above with the breath of His words.
The earth stands to attention when He past. The trees wave their leaves,
Let the mountains stand still, the ocean and the sea obey His call,
the fish, and all animals, domestic and wild come to His side for 
they know His call. Let every thing that has breath sing praises to the Lord.

Copyright © Julius Lawrence | Year Posted 2016

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Don't You Wish You Could Dress Like Me

So you wanna know my secret of my wardrobe success 
It is all in my shopping habits I must confess 
Why spend a fortune to look like a million bucks 
I catch the bargains, I guess it's all in the luck 
I am the only one in style as you can plainly see 
Don't you wish you could dress like me 
From hospital scrubs to camouflage capris 
Just admit it, you are jealous of me 
I notice so many of the females have no fashion sense 
Look at my closet, so many clothes, I need a table of contents 
I will soon open my fashion hot line 
Just call 1-800-so-fine 
Now a contractor will expand the closet for more wardrobe capacity 
Don't you wish you could dress like me 
Joan Rivers is now requesting I join the Red Carpet Fashion Police 
She wants to bring me in instead of her niece 
I tell sorry, there are so many women screaming for my help here 
One example is Zena, her taste in fashion isn't too clear 
I just won a Pulitzers prize for my book titled Queen, the Fashion Authority 
With a little self discipline, you have a slim chance, if none, to be able to dress 
like me

Copyright © Eugene Carmen | Year Posted 2008

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Anthem (part one)

In a tunnel under earth, we were given a curse
In this world, we am called reverse
Eager to think and question
These things bring out nothing but aggression

We are one in all and all in one

Sent to the house of the street sweeper
Keep my thoughts from them, ill think deeper
In a subway we find the device
Must show the council word of advice

We are one in all and all in one

Copyright © David Savage | Year Posted 2007

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lover's lullaby

Her song is of the night so sweet
Her feel is of a gentle breeze
A song that lifts lashes to freeze
O! My love your song make me glow
Your night fragrance makes me a watchman
Sleep my love sleep let your heart beat of me
Let your love pour out like breads bam
Your braid my night toy and I flow 

His song arouse my tenderness
His touch at night gives me freshness
O! My love you are my pomegranate
Your lips ah! Your chest is of magnate
How I die for you to live my love
Touch me and feed of me your dove
Love me as you‘ve always done
Hurry and tenderly before the day’s brightness

Let my love be your night light
My love I see you clear and bright
To you I sing an ever-loving ode
And your children are mine till old
He is my pride and diction
She is real and not a fiction
My love is her hymn and hum	
My touch is his dream and we zmmmmm

Copyright © OJOBO EMMANUEL | Year Posted 2012