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Abc Song Poems | Abc Poems About Song

These Abc Song poems are examples of Abc poems about Song. These are the best examples of Abc Song poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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The Weeping Willow Tree

The weeping willow is outside you see
Even though it is beautiful it wasn't meant to be,

Our willow is huge and hangs to the ground
When the wind blows you hear it all around,

It's beauty is timeless and very much alive
But, on a sad note it is not wanting to survive,

It will be sad to see an empty space
Till the new tree we plant that will take its place,

The weeping willow will definitely be gone
I am sure late at night you will hear its song,

Weeping and crying for all of us to hear
Because after all the roots are left that will shed its tears.

Written By: Unique Poetry 2010

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Group of stars, gas, and dust like astronomers would see with a telescope. It's held together by gravity which introduces galaxy. Scientists stress their mind while mediating the question what's the difference between comets and asteroids. Approximately, their are numerous answers to research like if a comet has a long tail, smaller in size, a rocky surface, or a irregular shape. The correct answer would be the difference of size the comets differs from asteroids.
- Loverboi

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Piano man

I've got nowhere to go and 
this place is nowhere I should be. 
I can see it in your face forever isn't 
what you see when you're looking at me. 
I always try to run 
because safe feels better than when you 
leave and done Is all I become!
But, there's just something 
in me that's held tight in your grip. 
I can't help but stare at the 
shape my name gives your perfect lips.
I hear you calling my name, 
and I know tomorrow I will never be the same. 
Still, I always run into a just love me fight 
knowing its just to get you through your lonely nights.
I listen to you play your piano, singing to me with a 
smile "girl take me home, sweet baby girl, it's better than wondering around all alone"
And it's so sad knowing tonight is all of me you'll ever want to know. 
And knowing all of this...
still I dance for you! Still, to you I always go.
And every time you kiss me and promise everything is alright
you promise tomorrow you will call... 
but, I know it'll only be a call creeping towards the night!

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Demon in the Night

I stand brave at might within my room 
Without a single sight of fear 
As thunder roars from outside 
My heart as pure as gold 
This ugly bloody demon came upon me 
Face so gruesome yet posed expression without a soul to take 
Here in a home of faith that lingers in 
Thou demon in the night you can not have my heart nor soul and steal it within this night 
As the demon spoke to me in tounges 
I could not understand words that's been spoken 
And as I pray on my knees with my merry roseary beds in palm 
I wished for this demon to banish forever from my sight
And never again to appear to me within thee night 
That demon in the night can harm me no more 
By Brian Otoole

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Footprints in my heart

It should never end
Says this hungry heart of mine.
The lyrics and tunes keep ringing in my head
Even when though am put to rest

The list I've ever played is endless
As much as the sand which is countless
But many of them could not stand the light of day
And without regrets, I threw them away

But what is in this song
That I can see no wrong.
It has become a part of me
Or lets say taken over my whole being

This song will soon end
My heart bleats
But I must enjoy every bit of it
And this I know
That the song never stops down below

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lover's lullaby

Her song is of the night so sweet
Her feel is of a gentle breeze
A song that lifts lashes to freeze
O! My love your song make me glow
Your night fragrance makes me a watchman
Sleep my love sleep let your heart beat of me
Let your love pour out like breads bam
Your braid my night toy and I flow 

His song arouse my tenderness
His touch at night gives me freshness
O! My love you are my pomegranate
Your lips ah! Your chest is of magnate
How I die for you to live my love
Touch me and feed of me your dove
Love me as you‘ve always done
Hurry and tenderly before the day’s brightness

Let my love be your night light
My love I see you clear and bright
To you I sing an ever-loving ode
And your children are mine till old
He is my pride and diction
She is real and not a fiction
My love is her hymn and hum	
My touch is his dream and we zmmmmm

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A beautiful stranger

Who is this remarkable image I see with slight of joy and perfection 
I was struck I see you dancing in the flashing lights with desire shinning brightly 
It's like a work of art I'm sprung hypnotized by the beauty 
Preview quite romantic who knew you'd be so lovely maybe I'm nieve for wanting you 
Did not know that a love could be so bad but feel so good 
As the dance floor flashes I'm trapped in another world I envy your perfect kind of life 
This beautiful stranger can not wait to be in your arms of passion 
And your heart like stone struck me in vain this beautiful stranger I long 
By-Brian Otoole

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Play your cards right you could just win
An ace of spades is your best bet
Don’t come around here if you know you can’t win
She’ll pick up the deck and play you again
She says all you want to do is just play games
Her life is a board and she plays the same way

Walk alone in that city at night, dark of night
Looking for the spot where you first saw her eyes
Like a grey shadow falling over the sky
She won’t be there, she’s in disguise

Take a moment
Breathe the mist of the day
Too dark outside and you can’t find your way
Down the road you traveled with her before
Go back
Go back

And she made that mistake of choosing you
She said I chased my dreams so they’d come true
It’s all over now
It’s all over now

Bring it back somehow
Bring it back somehow

You know you’ll be alone
She can’t find you now
And on this night she’ll change her mind
So you see her now
Out of the shadow somehow
Drive her home tonight

And she made that mistake of choosing you

It’s strange how you change
You change direction
No longer grasping at her for her affection
Too many times she saw you walk by
Too many times you saw her in the window 
And she cried

Take out that deck of cards and play again
Tonight you play it right
You could maybe win
You got 52 cards you can only take one

She’s going to walk away
She doesn’t want to play
You drew the Ace of spades
Now she’s gone
She’s gone

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song to Jesus

song to Jesus

my heart sings a wonderful song.
my soul your home
the way you make me so strong
i never listen to the words until
you made them a song that plays out
each day in my heart
i feel like i am in your heavenly choir
my voice my soul rings higher
your heart is so vast like the enormous
please show me how to sing
use my voice use my soul
your in control, here take my heart
sing the song jesus
i know we will
never part
i hear your message jesus they play like a
song that never ends with sweet harmony
i play my guitar and musical colors draw
love on my heart
you my jesus are special song
i hear it in my heart and want the world to hear it
may your golden light shine on me and show me how to play your special song 
every day of my life

thank you jesus for helping me and courage me to write all the time
copyrighted by penny lapsley 2008 

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She is not my real sister
Nor found her on twitter.
She met me in an institution 
And got an intuition 
She taught me English 
Which i never relish.
After some days she started teaching me sociology
Since she then became my ideology
In the meantime we became good friends 
Then she was both my start and end.
I called her sister
Became happy and showed blister.
Like this our relation stretched 
For relations there no occasion or trend.
Now people know her as my adopted mother
And i don't care of mindset of other
I love her the most 
And have faith utmost.
She slaps me on my mistake
and she is the who bakes me a cake.
I share all my grief
She handle it softly and treat.
She is an advocate by profession 
And lives in a tashan.
She keep slapping guys
So no guy ever try 
She is the best human i met
In my life,i have her threat.
I fight 
Then hug her tight.
I love u vaishali sista 
Please Please find some Mr.
Find some handsome man. 
of whom i can become a fan....
your child cum sista ... i love u di .