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Abc Nature Poems | Abc Poems About Nature

These Abc Nature poems are examples of Abc poems about Nature. These are the best examples of Abc Nature poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Snow White




Zambonice-ing  Your X-winter Whiting-rinks, Visible & Unusual Tough Snow-flurry, Racing Quietly Precipitation, Overflows, Nightfall, Mocking Like-little Keys Jiggling, Inside Hailstorm, Getting Frigid, Every-second, Drifting Clouds, Building ANGER!

for: ABC contest

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Namagyan Beach

A beach captivating deprived eyes, Fascination, grandiose haven in July, Keeping lovely mountains nearby, Of Pacific, quixotic, refulgent sunset/sunrise. Tarry! Unwind! Vast waves eXtrudes Yuletide-like Zephyr.
Written: Aug. 16, 2012 This is a beautiful beach in Tamurong, Candon, I.S. It is located near my place or compound just a walking distance from my house. Its name was officially given by the people living in that area who are mostly relatives. The word "namagyan" means "relatives." Many visitors are going to this place and enjoy the nature, their moments and most especially the whole day of Sabado De Gloria (Black Saturday) and ecumenical services are held on this beautiful beach on the dawn/sunrise of Easter Sunday! It's a very fantastic place to visit! Come and see!

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Z is for Zaria

A-Z Latin and Common names of plants.

A is for Acanthus Mollis the Latin name but this does teach us
B is for the common name we know it as bears Breaches.

C is for Campanula some are short and some of them tower
D is for the common name the pretty blue Dalmatian Bellflower

E is for Erigeron a daisy like flower not keen on the rain
F is for its common name, a strange sounding Fleabane.

G is for Galtonia its nodding head like a bowing nymph
H is for the common name the snowdrop or summer Hyacinth.

I is for Imperata Ruba not so hardy let me tell you alas
J is for the common name It’s known as Japanese Blood Grass.

K is for Kniphoria Triangularis a tall flower when unfurled
L is for the common name the pretty Light of the World.

M is for Morus nigia a stately tree with hearts shaped leaves 
N is not for the common name but NEEDS care when pruning as it bleeds 

Oenothera biennis is for an ephemeral beauty a perfume delicate on the nose 
P is for the common name, and we know it as the Evening Primrose.

Q is for Quercus Ruba a fast growing plant that looks tremendous against a wall
R is for the red leaves that this plant displays when in the fall

S is for Salvia greggii you will of heard of this I’ll will wage
T is for its common name we know it as a Texas Sage.

U is for Ugni a fruiting tree with leathery leaves that is second to none
V is for variety in fact in this tree there is only one.

W is for Wisteria that loves to ramble up wires and twist
X is for Xeranthemum the flowers are straw like and crisp

Y is for the Yucca plant a flowering beauty that last for weeks
Z is for Zantedeschia a lily, a variety of colours for you to seek.

© 27/03/2013 

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Besides Love Men Need Fishing,


Besides love men need fishing, 
And for both, most are wishing, 
Catching trophies chosen best,
To be envied by the rest.

Fishing is a game of sport 
Loved by all, both tall and short.
We must fool the fish’s eye, 
If we plan to stir and fry,

Some use boats while others wade, 
As they fish the sun or shade. 
Ice-cold drinks help pass the day, 
While life’s troubles fade away.

Most men feel they've everything, 
With their rod, hook, cork and string.
Be it river, pond or lake, 
We all pray our line won't break.

By Tom Zart 

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Am from the backseats of mean streets
I got my eye aiming the Wall Street
They said education is the key
I wonder why they made it expensive for we,
Am sitting around hood rats,
Gangsters and Ex- prisoners
Sniffing, snatching, stuffing stuff
Mama expects a lawyer, a doctor, a mayor,
We are in the middle of a crisis
Am the original copy of a son-of-a-gun
I define the odds
I believe to break a law,
Is to make a road
You go east or west,
Home is still the best
But with a bullet in your chest
Don’t mess with these streets
They will give you a free ride to hell
Pot and crack do rounds all over,
It’s a mess,
I am needed, you are needed,
We are needy
We are in a man eat man generation
You either survive or succumb
There’s a billion ways to die,
Choose one,
It’s time for a change,
Change of perspectives,
Change of attitude,
Change of behavior
Let’s get out of our comfort zone,
Coz that’s what’s drowning us,
We need a change
Change for the better
It’s revolution time!!

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O' Christmas Card

              *                               *
A bountiful cascade, delivers enchantment,     *    *
             featuring, glittering holograms.
Iridescent jubilance, kindles loveliness.       *
Moonlight nestles over peaceful quietude.

Resplendent stars, twinkle,           *
            uncovering velvet’s wonderland.   *

                                         Xanadu's yuletide zeal 

For the Contest: Snow ABC
Sponsored by yasmin khan
By Carrie Richards 3/13/12

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Amassed bulging clouds Dashing enmity fusion, generously hovering In jellylike kneaded layaway Mysterious noir over Prairies quietly resting Suddenly trapped under Vicious wind’s X rated Yelling zeal. CarolineCecile - 10.15.12

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Grandma's Garden


Apples.. beetles.. caterpillars..
daisies everywhere.. 
fertile ground.. hollyhocks.. 
Ivy jumbled kegs..
leafy mint.. nematodes..
quiet rest sunsets.. tomatoes under vines.. 
wheelbarrows.. xanadu yearning zeal!

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An Oak

I have never seen a living thing
That looked so very dead--
Lacking elegance and color,
Seeming dolorous, instead.

And its limbs were much distorted,
Like an old, arthritic hand,
As it leaned there, hunched and crooked,
As if it hurt to stand.

But while it had the look of death
It bestowed the coolest shade,
Leaving me to wonder why...
This God so oddly made?

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Africa, beautiful continent
Dreamy echoes fascinate
Giraffes heighten inclines
Jurassic known linger
Madagascar nestles offshore
Primates quest reform
Savannah tribes umbilical
Visioned waves x-ray
Young zebra

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A Shady Tree

I know its the summer time because of how naturally 
Your beauty compliments the caress of a summer breeze
As I watch the world from beneath a shady tree
I take in the delightful comfort of everything I see
But in the same breath I am holding up my hands
Lord will you please give me back the things I no longer have
They are even more a part of me now that they are gone 
As the sun falls below where the horizon is still holding on
Somewhere between the falling light and a star lit night
Is a dream that last forever and will never say goodbye
As the wind gently blows through the brush and shakes the leaves
It begins to hum a melody that I want to sing
At that very moment I smile for all the joy I have
Its so uplifting for me to see melancholy dance
Soon the morning sun will rise and capture my eyes
As I watch the hand of God paint a brand new sky
With every stroke of color I swallow all my pride
And I find a new place to dream of endless times
If I should ever get to the place I left my broken heart
Only then will I believe this brand new day will start
Again Im reminded of why my heart beats so restlessly
Only the speed of thought and my soul beneath this tree

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Manifested Palettes

Ablaze, Beyond Curious Domains, Energy Fills Gorgeous Hills. Initial Joy Kindles Low, Manifested 'Neath Opulent Palettes. Quiet, Rests Stalwart Trees, Uttering Virtuous Whispers, Xanadu's Your Zeal.

For the contest; Natures Bounty
Sponsored by John Freeman

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Nature's Opus

Absolutely Breathtaking,
Colorful Delight,
Eager Fanfair,
Golden Highlights Illuminating
Joyous Kaleidoscopic Light
Making Natures Opus Perfection
Quietly Regal,
Unique, Valient Wanton Xenon,
Youthful Zeal


For John Freeman's Natures Bounty contest

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For the love of Sol

Alluring, beckoning;
brushing each droplet with his tantalising golden touch.

Charmed by his searching warmth,
dewy debutantes
eagerly follow, rising effortlessly from a
field of naive dreams, 
giving their virtue to his
heaven sent heat.

Innocence is lost, as
jewels of youth and inexperience,
kissed by his fiery passion,
levitate in brief rapture then disappear,
mourned only by carefree bare feet on a morning stroll.

Narcissistic, he admires his reflection,
over and over, 
pearlescent on a gossamer haze of 
quivering souls,
replaying the pleasure of a
selfish sacrifice
to satisfy his own thirst.

Unquestioned by nature,
victory is his alone, and though
whispering branches sing softly of
yesterday’s dew knows it never existed.

Zephyrs bring a cool twilight air, laden with tomorrow’s oblation.

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The Earth dry and bare; waiting eagerly for the drops of care;

Caught in the hot, steaming summer’s snare;

The flowers and creepers decorating window sills; all look desolate and ill;

As the nature withers away in the sun’s merciless glare.


The men and the wives; the kids and the wild;

All are enduring the summer’s waterless exile;

They are waiting for the rain; to relieve them of the heat pain;

And of that life which has become a sweaty turmoil.


The wind strong and gusty; makes the roads yellow and dusty;

And the air around becomes suffocating and musty;

The birds forget to sing; their lilting, musical thing;

Even as the tree leaves wristle and make noise so husky.


Then come the Monsoon showers; falling first on boughs and flowers;

Making the trees and plants glisten and glower;

So the monsoon comes in grace; driving away summer’s trace;

Lashing at window-panes with its all-reigning power.


As the monsoon drives away the summer heat; with its raining rhythm off-beat;

And the flower buds open up to return it’s greet;

And as the water seeps in soil; a refreshing fragrance arise;

While the rain continuous to cool down hot gardens and streets.


The Earth grows green; and water droplets gleam;

On the smooth, waxy surfaces of the leaves;

Everywhere the flowers grow; in pink, red, white or yellow;

While buds make their way blushingly between tendrils.

 The wet and soft soil; now grows fertile;

And tender green plantlets push through the Earth in style;

Through soil the tiny saplings peep; as their sown seeds begin to reap;

And the plants and crops shake off the Earth’s temporary curse sterile.


As the raindrops go pitter-patter; water in puddles begins to gather;

And the little birds begin to chirp, twitter and chatter;

The insects begin to hum along; their irritating and happy song;

While due to rain and wind the roofs on houses begin to chatter.


As the showers for some moments cease; after giving Earth life’s new lease;

And the pitter-patter of rain is gently appeased;

The sun coyly shines; a cloud it half hides behind;

While the fluffy clouds move along with the cool breeze.


The fields now green and bright; are an artist’s sheer delight;

Pleasing to the senses of smell and sight;

The fresh air so sweet to breathe; that with pleasure the body writhes;

In the newly born rainy sunlight.


But this sunlight so quickly goes; as thunderstorms blow to and fro;

And Earth engulfs in darkness that now grows;

The wind rises and howls; with a voice that trembles all souls;

And day and night this gale roars.


The trees in fear tremble and shake; as leaves, twigs and branches break;

And the life of these trees is put up at stake;

Birds in nests cower with fright; and due to cold shiver with all their might;

And live in fearful anticipation of what else the storm may rake.

The monsoon now shows its ugly face; gone are its days of grace;

Rainy calamities take its place;

Cyclones and floods destruct worldwide; the raging sea throws up its tide;

“Nature reigns supreme”, we are forced to say.


Same is the life of man; may he do what he can;

But destiny will always play a hand;

What all will man control? So he should let destiny play its role;

And enjoy life and act as the situation will demand.


Somedays will shine the sun; those days life will be fun;

And work will be successful how much ever it’s done;

Somedays by the fun you will tire; and will long to get back into the attire;

Of normal life, however boring or glum.


Sometimes hope will come out; like a tiny plant sprouts;

And will remove from your mind every shade of doubt;

It will be a bright, hopeful ray; but for long it may not stay;

So we must make most of it when hope sprouts.


Just as the shower of joy; after summer comes out shy;

So shower of success will come when you have almost given up the try;

It will wash away your helpless sigh; and will give you a new will to try;

Which will help you succeed by-and-by.


Just as the sun goes behind the cloud; when thunder is heard aloud;

And darkness suddenly falls on Earth all around;

So also failure will touch you once; its upto you to prevent its repeated occurrence;

Or due to failure remain depression bound.


Sometimes through demotivation you will go; sometimes loads of success you'll know;

For we need all types of experience to make us grow;

Like some days it is wet; some days the sun for long doesn’t set;

But then it needs both the rain and the sun to make a RAINBOW…

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Green Paradise

A beautiful creation -delighting eyes  for glittering  happiness, 
Impetuously  jives kindred’s  lifelong moments, 
nature’s omnipresent picturesqueness
quiet , resplendent smiles  to us
ventilation whirls,

March 1, 2013 9am
©2013by Leonora Galinta

Tenth Place
Contest: Go Green
Judged: 3/12/13
Poet Sponsor: Poet Sandy Ivy D.

Seventh Place
Contest: 100% Nature
Judged: 3/1/13
Poet Sponsor: Greatest Poet PD

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Glimpses of epiphany

Glimpses of epiphany

Once, a long, long time ago
I was filled with cares and woe
I thought that I was going to die
And the fear of it, it made me cry
As life became a misery
Self-pity came enfolding me.

And then one day amidst the trees
Something did take on over me
The trees lit up like Christmas lights
Glistened silver, sparkling bright
And I fell beneath the mystery
My heart all filled with untold glee

A whisper seemed to fill my soul
The world seemed pure, and sweet, and whole
And I knew, I had no doubt at all
That everything is wonderful
And since that day a peace has been
Making my world so serene

20 July 2013 @ 1725hrs.

For the Glimpses of epiphany epiphany contest

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Amber-blaze combustion: dazzling embers flare, golden hues igniting; jasper kindling lighting molten night; orange pyrotechnics quickening, rippling sparks, topaz undulations; Vesuvian wheatfields' xanthic yellow zeal.

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Arctic Jewels

Arctic baubles clustering, drifting earthward, fulgently glinting; hushed iridescent jewels kissing landscape, mounding newly on parkland, quietly refracting, settling tentatively upon vales: winter xenocrysts, yuletide zircons.
by Charlotte Puddifoot for 'Snow ABC' contest

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The Amazon Jungle (If I Had A Voice)

I am a vast area of trees, animals, and
The worst animal of all (man) is causing
my devastation,
I provide food and support life each day,
As my very own life is being stripped away,
Who will take care of my animals and plants,
At this rate they don't stand a chance,
When will I be left alone to live,
Probably when it's too late, when I have 
nothing left to give.

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The Vanishing

A Bronze Colored Dusk Embraces Flaxen Grasses. Hills, Ink-like, Joyously Kiss
Luminescent Magic. Night’s Onset Pauses. . . Quivering. Released Shadows Tug, Unrelentingly, Vanishing Warmth: *Xanthocera’s Yellow Zest.

* A plant that can have yellow leaves and flowers which are called
zestful flowers for how well they do in hot or cold climate.

For John Freeman's Nature’s Bounty Poetry Contest

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My Unique Line JMF

A Beautiful Cast Dawns, Effortlessly, From Glorious Heights: Incumbent, Just King Light, Motivates Nature; Options Prescribe Quickly, Reasonable Service…Timely Unison Visions, With Xylems Yielding Zealously. Xylems type of plant tissue: the woody supportive plant tissue that carries water and dissolved minerals from the roots through the stem and leaves This would be my line PD, though without you look at the photo that inspired it, it means nothing. The photo if you want to look at it, it is my current contest photo. Why it is my greatest line. Well it describes nature and the God of precept light motivating nature to produce life all in the same breath.

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Nature's Bounty

Absolute Beauty’s Celestial  Delineation, Evening’s  Festoons , Golden Hues,  Inviting  Jubilation,  Kid’s Laughter, Myriad Nodes Of Picturesque Quietness, Resplendant  Swathes,  Tufts,  Utilitarian Vision  Weaving ‘Xtra Youthful Zest.

For: John Freeman's contest

By: S.Jagathsimhan Nair,   29 OCT 11

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Nature's Bounty

A Bountiful Creation Dawning Early From God's Heaven; In Joy, Kind, Love...Moving Naturally.  Optimal Precious Quantum Reflecting Sunshine - Thespian Uniformed Visions Without Xanthippe, Yesterdays Zephyr

Rosalyn M. Lampkin
For John's Nature's Bounty Contest

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Abracadabra! Bountiful crystals drop effulgently from God’s heaven. Icy jewels kissing landscapes move - nacreous - over pristine quietude. Refreshing souls, this unruffled, velvet white Xanadu yields zephyrs! Written by Andrea Dietrich For the "SNOW ABC Poetry Contest" of yasmin khan

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----------------------- Zenith's Blizzard------------------------

Alignments Boldly Cultivating Dimensional Effervescence, Familiar Grey Highlights, Illuminating Joyful Kingdom, Luxurious Mecca, Nimbus Orbs Penetrating Quixotic, Revealing Snowflakes Tranquil, Universal Vantage, Winter Xanadu, Yielding  Zenith  

~~~Entry for Yasmin Khan
~~~~Contest Name: SNOW
~~~~~~ABC Form  (nature)

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Look arround,
every thing you see
are bright freshness of air
in which man,
dwells heather.
Yeah, the environment,
it's the swelling of nature.

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Above Barley, Clouds Dance Enchantingly. Flooding Glorious Hills In Jubilant Kaleidoscope. Lending Motion, Natural Opulence, Peacefully Quiet.  Ranges Slumber Tranquilly, Undisturbed. Vibrant Wheat Xylan Yellow.    Zetland.

World English Dictionary
xylan ('za?læn)  
biochem a yellow polysaccharide consisting of xylose units:occurs in straw husks and other woody tissue
[zet-luh nd]  
former name of Shetland Islands.

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The cloud

O, cloud, how you travel,
As slow as a thirsty camel,
And waft above morning breeze,
And above thirsty lands at ease
To watch cities drown in smog,
presents wrapped in yellow fog,
you migrate from wheels' squeals,
and strange music of morn and eve,
O, cloud that is migrating fast,
You are the first, the second and last,
To forsake the rice fields and valley,
With remorse, with urge to cry,
For a lone rose that wants to fly,
So spreads her aroma to your sky
To be consumed around gently,
To be left with her yellow dignity.
O, cloud the tutor of integrity;
The vying rose is eager to learn,
How wherever and whenever 
You fall, Satisfying all longed for rain, 
you glide to your mother
To the vast sea to reborn again,
Tell her, your mysteries are the same
To enjoy generous and eternal game.

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Pitter, patter
Drip, drop
Wet green leaves.
Plants rustle
Creak, shriek
Of the rainforest's sleeves.
Thunder crackle
Boom, clap
Pour of dark rain
Tweet, tweet
Birds' feet
Soaked sugarcane
Quiet night
Dark sight
Tomorrow is another day.

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Natural Beauty

Acknowledge beauty
Convey delight
Enjoy fully

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The ABC's of Snow

Alabaster beauty, cold, delicate elegance, freezing glory, heaping ice jams, 
kaleidoscopic luster, Mother Nature's overload, perfectly quiet, reflective snow. transfixing, utterly victorious, winter's xpected yearly zenith.

By: Joyce Johnson

Described for she who has never seen snow!!!  Won a first

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Yosemite Valley

A glazed view, as through a glass that magnifies
Between the granite banded with blue and umber
Cruel paths of glacier, ancient swords of hunger
Deeply carved a threshold one can hardly grasp
Each turn of compass, leaves a gasp
Forever brings our talking to a halt
Green rivers whipped to white by waterfalls
How gaunt the pines climb high upon the ridge
Itself, a place exempt from time
Justifies belief of Godly kind
Keeping watch above a valley floor
Looming monoliths of ancient lore
Morning bright of shimmering brooks that flow 
Next brings winter breezing through the mind
Ours the privilege of beholding
Past and futures coming here together
Question not the overwhelming wonder
Relished eyes behold the truthful splendor
Saturates the heart and soul forever
That if one stands too long within such glory
Under white peaks and folklore stories
Varying degrees of speechlessness and thrill
With sun above,  and human form so small
Xanadu is not of fiction, it is real
Yosemite, this place, this land of royal grace
Zenith, this land of majesty, my eyes and heart embrace

Inspired by Deborah Guzzi's contest: "Do You Know Your A B C s?"
Dedicated to My Dad....Where he spend his childhood

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Rock of Ages

Allah, Brahma, Christ, Dionysus, Each Favorite God Has Inspirational Jazz Keeps Love Manageable.  Nature Offers Presence Quite Remarkably Solid Teaching Undeniable Virtue Waxing X-ray's Yonder Zygotes.

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July's jealousy justified your jilting,
yet love's luminescence lingers long.
Wrapped in refulgent reminiscence;
recollecting summer's soothing solace
under scrutiny of somniferous stars.


Autumn burns crackling daylight,
evenings flame. Grains harvested
illuminate jars; khaki leaves
meander noiselessly on pavements.
Quiet roseate sunbeams
tremble upon vibrant wheat's
xanthous yearly zeal.


Light searches softly for me down here in the loamy dark;
I offer my awakening self to the vast blue canvas of sky.
Leaves filter a soft sigh of air through the trees
Yielding their branches to the balmy, blossom-swirling breeze.

Open me gently to those promises that still pulse in me, let me
Feel the sweet green unfurling of hope and possibility.

The turquoise murmurings of water seep into my scented skin.
Hear me as my floral notes begin to sing of a happy return of spring;
Efflorescing in sun-gold streams and trembling sunbeams.

Valleys sling their green hammocks between the hills
And pale fingers of light slide softly under my lucent skin.
Lucid memory will return again: how the sun's rays reached for me,
Luminous upon my white, fragrant frailty; how the vast expanse of blue
Entranced me, as I awakened to ascend the ladder of light,
Yearning for my perfumed release from the earth's cold clamp.

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The Ocean Speaks

    I sit on the sand dunes, lost in my thoughts, as the summer breeze swipes my face, freeing my hair....the salt air makes my inner-self come alive, as the ocean waves offer a private showing, reminding me of the power they own. A seagull flies overhead, as it speaks to me oh so gently, and a voice without a face commands me to"Relax and Feel Peace"......I feel a connection to God, as none other I've known, and all my worries and fears I once pondered, now seem trivial and unimportant.

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Xanadu at Dawn

Amber Brilliant Clouds Define Each Frontier’s Glory.  Heaven Is Just Launching Love’s Mood Near Our Planet’s Quilt, Resting Serenely, Touching Upon Vast Wheat Xanadu, Yearning Zealously.

*ABC Poem Entry for John Freeman’s “ Nature’s Bounty” contest.
By Carolyn Devonshire, October 24, 2011

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Natures Bounty

Articulate Beautiful Colors, Design Elegant  Floors – Gleaming  Hyssops, Immaculate  Juleps  Kiss  Lovingly  Mornings  Nectar – Organized  Pearls,  Quite Rejuvenating,  Succulent -  Tenderly  Until  Violets  Weave   Xeroxing  Yesterdays  Zeal.   

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A Bulletin Concerning Deep Enough Flakes.
Great Heaps, Inches Just Keep Looming.
My New Open-toed Pumps Quite Ridiculous,
Since This Untimely Vicious White Xantippe.

                                                Judy Ball

For Snow ABC Contest by Yasmin Kahn

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Dead Winter

A black cloud discriminates effortlessly,
forms gauche haunting images
justifying Kraken legend.
Malevolent nimbostratus
orchestrate prejudice quotable rain squalls,
travelling unbiased verifying
what xtremes yonder zoom.

Harry Horsman for Sidney-LeeAnn contest

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Golden Grain

                                             Amazingly alive and appealing
                                                         Crop ready
                                                Delightful bread bowl
                                      Wheat golden ripe ready for harvest..

Contest:Nature's Bounty
Sponsor:John Freeman

The second choice of ABC form 
from this site's definition...

Click on:
"About This Poem"

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All Braying, Cooing Density, Everything Flames, Glides, However Inanimate, Jostling, Knowing, Love.  Milo Nudges Orion, Pouring Quiet Radiance So Tomorrow Understands, While Xanthic Years Zig-zag.

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Am not a painter
But the picture is broken
With a maze background
Its shape, loop
In the pent house
This picture stands
The man inside melancholic
Though the setup fervent
Scenarios fatalistic
To the novice fallacious
And spell binds many
Making the modest definition
The zenith of Hades
Color-flies the entire texture
That maroons the spear contrast
Benching a murky frame
Lights on, lights out
The close fastidious
And remains obnoxious

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Alluring, bewitching, cool, delight
Entrenching   freeze
Glacier’s heady invite
Joking, kicking, loose.
Mystic  no-no’s,
Orhan Pamuk’s
Quiet  ‘read’-‘ SNOW’
Telling, unique.
Virgin  waters
XO’s,..  yawn, ..zzz…

S.Jagathsimhan Nair, 26 mar 12
For Yasmin's SNOW-ABC

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Snows Glorious Realm

A Blizzard can drive even flurries graciousness hard intensifying journeys kingdoms laboring missions neighborhoods overridden pure quests reveal storms terrorizing unknowing victims with xenobiotic yielding zoothapsis.

Snow can be so beautiful and serene.
Though wet and bitterly chilling.
Unifying the countryside in brilliancy,
Victimizing the ground in slumber,
It must truly be experienced to appreciate its wonders.

ps I wrote one of both type : ABC

written by
Cecil Hickman

written for
Sponsor yasmin khan 
Contest Name SNOW ABC  

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A butterfly

A butterfly can dance
Every flower gives hint
In joyful kindergarten’s lawn.
Morning-dews now one-by-one perish
Quenching rising sun’s thirst.

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Moonlit Snow

Another blizzard covers December
Enveloping fields--golden hills,
Inviting January's kaleidoscopic luminescence.
Moonlit night--opulent playful quivers.
Rolling sparkling terraces unfold--
Vivid, white, xilinous--
Yankee zephyrs.

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JAMESTOWN 1607=They ate their horses, dogs, cats and rats


Four hundred years ago high-born Brits sailed to America
Seeking fast fortunes, adventure and fame.
Many would never endure their first year here
Cultivating, foraging, and hunting game.

Arriving in Virginia they came ill-prepared
In search of gold and a route to the South Seas
What they found were hostile Indians,
Insects, starvation, and disease.

“Virginia is Earth’s only Paradise!”
The laureate of England would proclaim!”
However by August of 1607,
Every day there was anguish, and pain.

They ate their horses, dogs, cats and rats
One man ate his wife and hid her bones in the ground.
Despite their hardships, half managed to survive 
Becoming America’s first permanent, English town .

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Autumn Breeze

Autumn brings cold darkness
Enveloping fog gathers
Hanging in joyless khaki
Leaves mound noiselessly
Offering people quiet rustles
Should the unsuspecting vegetation
Whirl xcitable-as-a young zephyr

Please excuse the minor indescretion on the last line :)

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A billowing cloud descends effortlessly from great heights
Languishing momentarily near ominous
Peaks, quietly resting,
Surrounding tree-lined unspoiled vistas, while exploiting yon  zenith

A poem written in the duel styles of ABC and Acrostics

Bob Quigley

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Love Beneath Autumn Sky

We lay beneath autumn trees
And autumn leave gently falls.
Laying beside you I'm lost in your eyes,
I'm lost in the presence of you
And autumn leaves gently falls.

We lay there and autumn breeze blow.
Would I trade this moment, no, no.
The rose in your hair is white like winter snow,
beauty lies before my eyes and sparkles glow,
And autumn breeze gently blow.

We lay beneath autumn trees,
We lay in love of autumn breeze.
We lay together in each other eyes,
We lay beneath the season of autumn sky.

Autumn breeze blow and leaves of autumn trees fell,
Staring in your eyes I see the unspoken love for me it tells. 
Autumn leave, red, brown, yellow,
in autumn wind they rattle a love symphony of being hallow.

Small rays of sunlight,
between autumn trees had you glow.
And as we lay together beneath autumn trees,
softly in our love we watch a autumn day goes.

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From the moment I sleep
to the moment I wake
From the moment of death
to the moment of birth
It wasn't the amount of breaths I took that ment i lived,
it was the amount you took away.
                                                             Death never came on swift feet for me.
                                It came on the wind pushing me off the cliff blowing in my ear,
                                                                      Pushing thoughts in my head
                                             Throwing my emotions stronger than any hurricane

Your sweet voice carried on a soft breeze
It speaks to my heart in rhyme
It can even pick me out of before to now
 and throw me back in time

                                                                 Every moment I see you I gasp.
                                                   Knowing you don't have to put effort in for me 
                                                                  to collapse from your beauty,
                                                   Hoping the next time I do you give me the kiss of life.
                                                                      tell the next breath i tack......

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The eternity-W



Fifth Place win in:
Contest: Nature's Bounty by John Freeman

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The rising sun

To watch the disk of life, illuminate
give birth to colors, hold dear
it speaks to my spirit, my implicate innate 
there is nothing in this world to fear
each living tree three hundred year
each year all the more to contemplate
for we are kept alive by this warmth so clear
returning forever, every year a new slate
it does not judge, it bathes you in light.
But while I enjoy summer, others will fight.

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They swoop and droop in loops,
They sing and dance to natures music,
They tweet and chirp, but never will they burp,
Birds, are birds,
And that's what they'll always be

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purpose of existence

Deep within the realms of my inquisitive mind is burdened a thought. Given birth 
by silent amazement as I pondered upon nature, its beauty eternal.

Ages bloom and fade like flowers, yet remains this burden, this thought does not 
Like a lonely flower in the midst of the midnight forest of vast mysteries

I am lost!

I stumble upon thee, a desolate leaf, shrivelled and ebbed of life. It clinches with 
what strength remains to its master, a great tree. An ocean of sympathy floods 
my soul as I stand here and glance upon thee.

“ Do not feel sorry for me”, it whispers, “ for I myself have no regrets in these 
fading moments of my life. Let my appearance deceive you not, for it is infinite joy 
not fear that surrounds me. Tis not melancholic darkness but heart sweetening 
light that dances within my soul.

Many an idle day have I served my master, my purpose in life have I fulfilled. For 
since the dawn of spring, my brothers and I, have welcomed the morning sun, 
the light of life to dance upon us. Throughout the duration of  summer have we 
gathered this light and served our master, our purpose of existence. Now that 
autumn has awoken my life nears an end. The breeze of the forthcoming winter 
hath blown farewell to all my brothers, thus only I remain. When I go from hence 
let this be my parting word:

I have given my life, sacrificed my soul to fulfil thee with life, my master, so if the 
end comes here, let it come!...

A gentle breath of wind blew the proud leaf into the distant horizon......

The thought that burdened me for an eternity had finally found it resting place.

What is the purpose of my life?

To serve thee, my lord, my master, the purpose of my existence.....

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 As I fly,
miles high,
out across,
the deep blue sky,
I look for prey,
on the forest floor,
as I elegantly soar,
I can spot a hare,
a mile down,
and dive at 100,
to the ground,
I am the acrobat,
of the air,
and the king of the sky,
without a care.

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In Abandonment

Airy, Buoyant Clouds, Defiantly Float  Gaily, Heedlessly, In Joyful Kaleidoscopic Light.
More Nautical Oval Players Queue Rashly, Stirring Thunderous, Unexpected Violence With Xrated, Yeasty Zealousness.

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Snow Day

A bitterly cold day entered.
Front gathered hard -- imagine jagged knives.
Looks more northerly, opined pundits,
Quite raw -- snow tires useful.
Very wondrous; xerophytes yearning zocalo. 

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Dead person does not harm 
Or love any one
Why people scare of them!
After death

Surgeon knows dead person 
Does not oppose
While dissects corpse

Difference between the dead
And slept is
One can speak
Another cannot.

All know this irony fact
Even cannot trust in that

Like in cinema role remains apart
People in life perform vast
With a fact along belief of act

Thus the life rolls on rolls on 
Until fate defaces task

So in time keep with tact of nature 
And forget to fear with dying act

Surgeon knows dead person
Does not oppose 
While he dissects corpse.  

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a beautiful Autumn day

                                                            A beautiful Autumn day
                                                  everyday i sit of the door of our house
                                                but sometimes instead i see a mouse
                                                   it doesn't have to look obvious 
                                                that you spent all the Autumn with her
                                                    the voice of the charted valleys 
                                                         have given me some hope
                                                       but then finally i realize
                                                          that leaves fall from trees
                                                                   and they die
                                                 so i went down in the deep,shallow woods
                                                                 just looking for you
                                                        but again i say, what's useful
                                                    what's useful of hiding down the trees
                                                      watching animals taking care of each other
                                                                 won't that be a reaction
                                                                 trees fade
                                                               but don't come back to life
                                                         suddenly one leaf fell on me
                                                            it was orange 
                                                            and then another leaf fell on me
                                                                  it was yellow
                                                                 but i see
                                                             non were green
                                                        i thought what could cause this
                                                          while i'm only 10
                                                            maybe you did something to them
                          maybe you said something bad about me, or it was hopeless love.

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Fall Days

There's a certain chill in the air,
Surrounding us all everywhere
Brown, yellow, orange, and red,
Leaves are swirling over head
Shorter and colder during the day,
Means that Winter's not far away
Pumpkins and apples are all around,
For when it's Fall they abound
Ghosts and goblins appear too,
Wanting to try and frighten you
I really love the season of Fall,
It's my very favorite one of all

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A Blizzard

A Beautiful white Covers Daffodils A blizzard in the month of March
Contest:Snow ABC Sponsor:Yasmin Kahn Penned by: Sara Kendrick

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The Blanket Of Fog

A fog Blankets Cows Delicately As they graze green grass this early spring morn

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A pauper's tale

You glance down upon my desolate soul......
Entrapped within your eyes the silent glitter of the universe.
Your beautiful hair is enlightened by the sunlit waves of the Ganges.....
Let me kneel beneath the ends of this earth and with my tears cleanse your feet, my Goddess, the embodiment of love.
My offerings at heart are traumatized by the eternal wave of arrows, my fate.......
You have blessed this world with sweet music, your enchanting voice......
Yet drowns my joy, this immutable rhythm of endless cries.
You have subjected me, a lonely flower, amidst this realm of thorns......
my roots cannot compete any longer, my soul is being ebbed of what joy remains.

“Speak to me my Lord, tell me what I have done wrong!”

The gentle agitations of a cocoon, disrupt my train of thought....
She slowly struggles her way out with what strength she has, this beautiful butterfly...
Oh how sweet is this symbol of freedom gracefully flapping its wings.
I see my Lord, I see everything now.......
Only through suffering can one reach salvation.........
With this thought engraved, I shall prolong my love for you, forever and ever....


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Copper Sky Meditation


......................................................................... In Honor of John Freeman's ABC Contest: "Nature's Bounty

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Blue feathers, black eyes
Squeaking calls are no surprise.
Snapped twig, wing twitch
Nimble and small as a Golden Snitch.
Hop below or soar above,
Robin, wren, jay, or dove,
Let us all give a toast
To the birds, the animals we love the most.

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Virgin Paradise Lost

As bright crystals descent, Earth’s frozen ground huffs indignantly, just knowing late March never offered permanence. Quickly rain, sleet teem upon virgin white – Xanadu’s youth zapped.
*Entry for Yasmin’s “Snow ABC” contest by Carolyn Devonshire

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Alligators bellowing chorous dance.
Eerie freshwater gator holes.
Intense jaws, killer lizard-like.
Marshes nest offspring, population quickly rebounds.
Southeastern territorial. 
Underwater vegitation. Wetlands xylem.
young zoologist.

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The silent sound of falling tree
The oil that chokes the dying sea.
They push our planet to it’s ruin.
Those foolish ones what be they doing?
A tree it falls to sorry end.
My mystic tree, my dearest friend.
Oh how I loath the things they do
They’re taking life from me and you.

As men get rich with worthless things
Through corruption, greed does bring.
They spill their slime each where they go
Making sure that naught can grow
With seas a dying, choked of life
As grey green slime be causing strife.
Sea creatures cry and scream with fear
The planet dies, cause greed won’t hear.

The ozone layer’s  looking sick
As populations grow more thick
The greenies try to combat greed
But their advice there’s none that heed
This thing weighs heavy in the air.
The tower crumbles, they don’t care!!.
This Planet dies ‘it heeds them well!’
As man, he paves his way to hell.


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Rightful Snow

Awesome beauty chilled, 
Definite effort forgives, 
Generating hourly igloos, 
Just kidding lovely maker, 
Nor'easter operating possible quiet rightful snow, 
Thoughtfully underneath, 
Very wonderful,
X-cited young zealot

Russell Sivey

Entrant into yasmin khan's "SNOW ABC" contest


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Kingdom covered in snow ABC contest

After blizzards crystals develop,
Extraordinary fluffs glisten.
Heavenly images, 
Jubilant kingdoms, 
Lavishing masterpieces. 
Naked openness, 
Purest quality,
Richest snow. 
Trails untouched,
Valorous white, 
‘Xploring youthful zeal.

by: Sabina Nicole

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Army suits they wore at war.
Butterflies flying at the bar.
Change their colors like cheetahs and cats.
Dark comes i'm scared of bats.
Easy for them on hide and seek.
Find them not, i'm getting weak.
Giant trees you see in the forest.
Hidden with dangerous beast. 
Iguana and giraffe are endangered species.
Jaguars are strong can't torn them into pieces.
King of animals they are lions.
Like leopards they are union.
Makes me sick, makes me confuse.
Nothing i can do makes me anxious.
On that wall a beautiful woman.
Pink and silver she's holding a fan.
Queen Elizabeth looks not for me.
Reminiscence of Helen is what i see.
Teary eyes, you can't refuse.
Unidentified, i'm confuse.
Very concealing but amazing.
With your color so exaggerating.
Xenon is weakly interacting.
You beautiful creatures get some rest. 
zebras and tigers are the best.

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Nature Colors

Green the nature beauty
To decorated  with colourful  flowers 
Under the blue sky
With golden rays of sunlight 
 Lovely birds twittering
On a brownish tree
Makes them happy.
Blue waves with sound of nature
Over the white sand
Created with immense beauty.
Roses with rose
Spreading with fragrance
Colourfull butterflies flying
All these makes Mother Earth beautiful
With the magic of colourful world.

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Rush forward to greet the shore-bound partner
Send away to hide in the sea
Come back, come back to the sunny altar
Away from the darkness and smothering algae.
Sucked in where underwater, a world moves along
Through death and life and blackness too
Down deep, where there lives a fatal throng.
That simmers in the profound blue.

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As the Crow Flys


Trying out new styles

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Every Sound

(A)  A gray cloudy morn  
(B)  Beautiful sounds surround
(C)  Cool damp air flows
(D)  Delightful time
The wonderful sounds delivered by excited roosters, Mockingbirds, and Hoot Owls float to my waiting ears..

ABC form
The second choice
Listed on soup

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No Other Place But Snow

No Other Place But Snow

Alone and
bound of 
Dust of snowflakes 
echoed in the air. 
Filled of 
gigantic ice 
heard crust.
Icy ice went down below.
kind of
liquid under a 
melting snow.
place nowhere to go,
shifted and
took back on that
vast of cold  
white snow
yearning below

Leila Mijares

For Snow ABC Contest
By Yasmin Khan

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Robin Bird In My Yard

Mother Robin bird in my yard,
Looking for food really hard,
To take it back to her nest,
So she can feed her babes best
Sometimes it's seeds or better yet,
It depends on if the ground is wet
And if it's rained, it's a worm delight,
That's sure to please her young tonight

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my god

 i praise my god,
all the times,
and i can,t fool him,
day and night.

God is great,
according to what he did,
i can,t disgrace his name,
the king of the kings.

The nature of the lord,
it,s hard to estimate,
but the wise try!

My god,
really you're great,
day and night.

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Sunset in Xanadu

Alluring Brightness Connects Darkened Earth: Fully, Gravity Heeds Illumination’s Jihad… Kilometers Lengthen, Mankind Notices Observable Places, Quarks, Rotations; Sunsets Thrill, United Valiantly; Watching Xanadu’s Yellow Zeniths.

© October 30, 2011
Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen

Written for Poetry Soup Member Contest:  Nature’s Bounty 	ABC Form
Sponsored by: john freeman

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The fish

A fish called Bob was twisting in the pot. He met another in the mirror and he was happy to twist.

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I was underwater and I wandered what's above. It was a beauty in the air but had to breath for the next jump.

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A bee was on me. Let them say I can't be.

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The lonesome visitor approaches
With its thriving exuberance
With an infinite endurance
It meanders and broaches

It moves with blithe and glee
Clothing all that comes its way
Whether big or small; it ne'er say
"I wont for you give me no fee

It arrives from nowhere
But abides silently with us
It leaves no wailing thus
With its presence felt everywhere

A companion of the cardinals it is
From North it steers headway
From the South it nears everyday
For East and West will attest to this

It moves above you as a ringed halo
It strides with you as a compatriot
It bows before you as an abbot 
It slithers beneath your feet as a shadow. 

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Avalanched blizzards' cold dustings 
envelope forrests, gulleys, hillsides--
intentionally juxtaposing life--making 
necrose obstacles painstakingly 
quiver releasing 
Snow!...Tons!...Ubiquitious vagabond 
wielding xenaphobics' yielding zone.

deborah burch

For:"ABC-form;  Yasmin's 'SNOW' 

*xenaphobic: abnormal fear of the 
*necrose: necrotic; dead-like; dead...

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Night time

The dark with glittering glow
Shining moonlight
Calm pleasant sleep
Of the world
Hoping for nextday
To woked up with a freshmind.
The lovely sound of breeze
As a lullaby for flowers
Trees as bed for birds
Through their hardwork
All the day along
Diminishes by the lovely sleep with nature music of breeze.

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Sun Down

A bird cascades during every Fall gambling
hopeful idle journeys knowing long migrations
navigating over peacefully quiet reddened sunsets 
towering under very windy xanadu
yawning zest..

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Unique Nature zone

Unique Nature zone

A Blissful Calm Dusk,East From Green Hills;
Imbedded Jungle;Kale,Legume,Mahogany;
Naturalized odious Paddock;Qualifies Red Sun.
...The Unique Vetch with Xerophytes Yielding Zone.

N.B:Xerophytes are plants that can survive in an environment,such
as the desert,where water supply is scarce.

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Nature's Spirit Song

Angelic Beasts Capture, Daily, Every Face. Grouping Happily In Jaunty Kin, Leading, Moving None Out. Pleasant Quests, Refined Sounds, Tones Universally Valued. Whimsical Xylophone Yields Zeal. 

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Beautiful place

This world is beautiful place
This beautiful place with lass
With her sunset
When her sun raises
It's beautiful
And the moon in alight move
Is beautiful
Through out of her night
Is beautiful
The gleaming of her stars
And morning shines
Is beautiful
Her mood
As the waves of her ocean
The blooming of her sight
Her oldness of her blessing saint
And  breezes of her beaches
Her mountains and her meadows
Teaching for us her love

The beauty of her fall and fame
The difference of her four seasons
The pouring water of rains
As roaring of her mount river
Or floating hovering fog of her face
The beautiful secret sigh 
As ease of her drizzle shower
All her flagrance her fun
Different faces
And different voices
Of her
So beautiful place for lass
Is  beautiful place for love

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My Rain

Knocks my door, the sound of rain outside
together sings along, all my blues inside
a sad melancholy, in its thunderous recite
flood of thoughts, not willing to go aside.
Not a scale above or a level of grain below
filling those sockets, dancing in their shallow
once again brim full, letting that river flow
volume in abundance, there's always more tomorrow.
Scenes pass abreast, the leftover days before
always find deceived, there's no one outdoor
moments in escape and waits by the shore
worn-out and weary, whats to say more.
Snared between ends, a tough of war
road of maze unwinds, never sure how far
disguised in cold, pillars no more in fear
another fate descends, a price to pay forever.

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The Last Leaf

The last leaf
The leaves are beginning to turn these days.
As the seasons ready, itself for the season change.
Brown, yellow and some green are falling to ground.Where they will stay.
The wind blows these last few days to carry the leaves to the ground.
There near the top I see one leaf all alone. 
Hanging on to the branch as if it wanted.
To be For some reason, the last leaf of the season.

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A lonely tree

At a road where the road is off
Where the lonesome is the road
At mid of nowhere
Lonely tree is standing there
Waiting no one but the dust
Dust of the passing time
Tarnish the color of this tree
This lonely tree to gray
Praying in this lonely place
For the passing van
A gray lonely van
For the lonely bird
Staying for while
When the nights
And days go
the lonely tree
praying there
When the war rage
And peace walking shy
The lonely tree
Praying for the peace
No one is waiting there
But the lonely tree
Is waiting the morning sun
Waiting the rain in may
Waiting wind from the north
Waiting when no one is waiting there
This lonely tree
Gave a name for this nameless place
The land of the lonely tree

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birds beautiful opus

All Birds Chirp Delightfully Early, for God’s Heart Is Joyful. Keeners Loudly Maintain Nature’s Opus, Positively Quintessential, Raising Spirits Through Uninhibited Visceral Warbling. Xenial Year-round Zen.

Received 8th place in "nature's bounty" contest

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A small, ethereal
Butterfly, with
Crystalline wings
Deepens my conviction that
Everything comes
From an infinite source of
Goodness and Light.
Heaven is at our fingertips.

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To My Unborn

Ten little fingers, ten tiny toes.
What a burst of joy the thought of you unfolds.
Two pretty eyes, mommy’s pretty nose,
The heavens know I long to hug you close.
Your smiling face, your happy coos,
O’er gems and gold I’ll always chose.
A lad or lass, you’ll keep my lips,
Off the old block, the perfect chip.
A gift from God, my blessed gain
To keep me sane and ease this pain.
I’ll hold your hand, I’ll guide your feet
From ways of shame and Gog’s deceit.
I’ll keep you safe under my wings
And fly you far from harmful things.
You will not like some things I’ll do,
But bear in mind they’re shields for you.
I’ll love you true, a love I owe
And try to match the love I know
From Granny’s hands, its soothing glow,
The very hands that groomed me grow.
Your ‘semblance of no import, but then,
I pray you get your daddy’s pen.
This crazy world, we’re born and die,
And just before, we pause and sigh.
But then I’m glad, for when I’m gone,
A piece of me will carry on.

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You never can fly like a bird

If you want to fly 
First of all, learn to walk. 
If you learn to walk, 
Walk a lot before to fly. 
Always remember though 
You are not a bird. 

The oldies don't count with years. 
It is the experiences that makes somebody to feel old. 
The knowlege comes from inside the experiences 
But you can fly all you life in the sky of knowledge... 
And you never can fly like a bird.

Copyright Constantinos Grigoriadis © All rights reserved

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An Autumn Scene

A falling leaf,
a step in time,
the tune of my thoughts,
set in rhyme,

The autumn sun,
sets a scene,
through the shadow,
of the trees,
it spreads it's beam,

A ray of colours,
fills the sky,
up and over,
the hills so high,

A fresh watery breeze,
brushes my face,
as I stand and stare,
at this wonderful place,

This place is our home,
where we belong,
full of beauty,
and nature's song,

whenever we can,
we should embrace,
the gift of nature,
and all its grace.

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Space is a Jungle

A jungle can be massively big and so deep
And possibly full of creatures that we'll never see
Likewise trillions of ants claim the biomass throne
Over two hundred species on any one tree alone
A fascinating insect by engineer and design
If it had intellect its brain may be as brilliant as mine
The chances of ants in a jungle to see us are very slim
Unless we explore nature and go looking them
Although most of us in the real world don't really care
We have Discovery Channels and we know that they are there
But we just live our lives and let nature take its coarse
An insects life can be really boring when you compare it to yours
But turn the tables around and lets talk about earth
In the middle of this jungle we call a vast universe
How arrogant of a species to think we're all alone
When we have identified other planets that we could call home
So something light years away is a species far more advanced
And to them our world is just a tree of different kinds of ants
Nothing for them to bother with, we have nothing they want
But like National Geographic from a distance they watch
Or maybe they are just waiting for us to mature as a race 
A primitive planet in the jungles of outer space 

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Look at it,
it's a rough plant,
red and blue,
with very small flowers.

It's found on waste land,
and mountain sides 
at large.

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Volcano In Iceland

An eruption burst suddenly in Iceland.
Billowing smoke lingers in the air. 
Chaos has now increased on the earth,
Destroying the paths before us.
Everywhere, there is dust and ash.
Flaming, hot, lava bubbles constantly,
Gasping for new openings.
Heavy breathing and clogged pores now
Interrupt our daily flight patterns.
Jesters of nature playing their tricks,
Killing our spontaneity.
Lonely travelers wait for announcements.
Mountains of luggage pile up on runways,
Not knowing if they will ever arrive.
Obsidion shards fly through the sky, falling on
Plants suffocating under the pressure.
Quickly, we search for answers, wanting solutions, but
Rescued only by mother nature when she is ready.
Sensations of loss and captivity hold us ransom.
Trusting no one to tell us the truth, we
Understand very little.
Volumous, smelly, clouds engulf us.
Willful displays only frustrate our existence.
Xenophobic fears dissipate as we are all affected.
Yesterday, we knew what time it was, and today, this
Zenith in the sky has cancelled all our plans.

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kook ya kaisi obhri ha sakoot_e jahn mn 
Sada_e_pakher ha Zara goor sy suno...

                                            (  jawed pakhre)
It is an urdu language's shortest stanza  in which poet  wants to convince people for hearing a voice(kooK) and saying that who's   voice is this?  than he replies himself that it is a voice of a new bird(pakher) which want to tell you some thing new and different in thoughts version. Actually poet "pakhre" want to express God's nature in different style..I don know what is different style but you can  read and think about this new style...

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Abundance bone chilling, defrosting everything, fells great herbaceousness, icebound January kills lawns made nearly opaque, quelling riotous snow. Toppling under volatile winds xylocopa yearns zealously

By Mandy Tams

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Pastures of greens meadow in this place,
Beau of white lilies,red and yellow rose covered it's grace,
Mocha colored trees stand handsomely on it's base,
While the pink hummingbird singing along it's nest.

Can you smell the sweetness in the air?
Do you feel the freedom even when it is bare?
Will you dance on Monday's morn till no end?
When another hay comes,do you care to spend?

Oh the sounds of the River Dale,
Melodically trumps in one's dream,
Peaceful of serenity conquers every tale,
Together they sing a beautiful hymn.

Oh the anointed love from Green Gables,
Mesmerized in the heart of loving couples,
The magical song that binds two together,
Will forever make them cherish one another.  

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from sunset to dawn

the sun sets as a cloak of evil prevails like a disease

spreading like wildfire eating as the light falls down

its glowing throat into its star covered stomach eating

away like black locust at a new golden harvest eats

till no more is left at suddenly like an atom bomb a

glow so bright the birds sing of its victory as the

morning dew dance off there twisted vines and the

meadow laughs in a roaring crowd of gust as the 

golden goddess triumphs again.

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THE MOON by any other name it's still the same Full moon

SEE the Moon!              Where is the moon?
Over there rising big bright round and full
 High in the night sky is the moon

Wolf  moon/Full hunger moon/Sugar moon/Walking  moon
January          February               March          April
Milk moon/Strawberry moon/Thunder moon/Lighting moon
    May              June                       July	    August
Harvest moon/Hunter's moon /Blood moon / Long night's moon
     September         October       November         December

Dark moon/Bright moon/ Silver moon/Pink  moon/ Blue moon
 Rose moon/ Peony moon/Lotus moon/Chrysanthemum moon
Spring  Summer   Fall and Winter               
Winter moon/Trappers moon/Planters moon/Honeymoon
Dog Day's / Fish's /Beaver's /Dragon's/ Worm's /Crane/Hare's
Moon of horses /Planting moon         

Hungry Ghost moon/Old moon/New moon 
Moon of the winds/Moon of Ice /Snow moon
Bitter moon/Kindly moon/Dispute Moon/Singing  Moon
 "Sleepy moon"...Sleep in the full moon light.. moonlight madness
Moonlight/Moon Beam.......See the moon..... Moon of calming
Turn your head here and see the man in the moon
Super Moon Saturday 11:45 pm May 6, 2012  Jbs

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love child

tempted mistress bore a son
acid spit from serpents tongue
sinners sin with no remorse
natures crule and twisted course
passions lust fades away
embedded in the soul to stay
pain conceived of rage
trapped with in a lovers cage
hatreds blade sheds scarlet tears
glaring eyes, ringing ears
adultery's sorrowed tail
an innocents life impaled

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Magical Sunset

Magical Sunset

As the day ends to rest
The sunset does its best
Setting on fire the lively waves
Colouring orange the nature he saves
its pure ancient glorious perfection.

The great ocean will receive
The burning sun who's going to leave.
Slowly comes the night
Devouring that magic light:
we are still suspended in a great delight.

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Snow Day

As billowing clouds drape endlessly, flurries gently hover indelibly;
jovial kids leave mom's nest, outside playing, quickly racing snowfall,
tumbling under vigilant watch, eXperiencing youth zealously.

By Rhonda Johnson-Saunders, March 10, 2012
for Snow ABC Contest (Yasmin Khan)
Fourth Place

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Always Be Careful Darling...
Even Flowers Get Hopeless
In July
Kindness Leaves Many
Only Pansies Question
They Usually Vie
With Xtra Yielding Zinnias.

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Luck of the Writer

Good luck in poetry
Good luck in writing
Good luck in finding yourself
in an artsy world so inviting.

Grand luck at finding the luck
Luck all ladies can have
Old golds around her neck
along with a Leprechaun and his laugh.

Luck speaks through nature and its spirits,
gracefully guarded along China's Great Wall.
Its lucky beauty of silence is full of brilliant luster.
Witness faded colors of green inside the fog windfall

The luckiest of dragons fly
with patterned wings of peace.
At last, the inspiration
to exist in a space in harmonise

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Wave Alone

Resist putting the clamps on thoughts of a sick demeanor
Let them flow uninhibited by malice, shame or pride
Watch them slink and diffuse and leave the temple cleaner
Pain comes to the temple to be translated to neutrality
Claws inscribe the walls inflamed
Black-hole sheen tempts agony to seep from the cracks
Gravity weeps rejuvened veins
Refracted solidity crushed destruction 
Built Self resisted Earth's waking function
Gripping familiar while splinters shudder
Shivering knowing and reach for reflecting quiver
Turn to One's Being and see each other
Arrow extracts itself from seed
Fits like a key in aerial matrimony
The eye sees it coming as it pierces ether
And beneath sheerity beholds the Believer
As an ice chip on a smoldered iron will pool
Truth will condense and swell lagoon
Enriched deep soils hum of roots and web and stone
Moth on ram's horn angled to the Moon
Unspool the woven tangle of nerves
Tips fasten to the grasshopper's intricate melody
Remedy smoothes spirit, mind and bone
Swerves distilled to stillness alone

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Autumn leaves cling high in the tree tops
As acorns drop to the bottom.
Summer’s hot days have long since gone
Replaced by the coolness of Autumn.

The roses and mums are still in bloom
For the nights are brisk without frost.
Halloween is just around the corner
With the brilliance of Autumn soon lost.

Dead leaves create the rainbows of Autumn
Red, yellow, orange, purple and brown.
Soon winter shall blanket nature in white
As the seeds of summer lie dormant in the ground.

Wild geese call as they fly in formation
Across the star filled skies of night.
The moon seems larger and has more color
Reflecting with wonder its light.

Autumn for most, is their favorite time of year
Till winter passes and it’s spring once more.
A time of harvest and transformation
As the light of day is shorter than before.

How many Autumns have come and gone
Only God could tell the story.
How many Autumns have we left to enjoy
With their fulfillment, radiance and glory.

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Loving Tennessee Spring

White trees-dogwood,
Purple trees-redbud,
Magnify beauty
As only Tennessee could.

Yellow jonquil-slips
Colorful tulip-cups
Enhance Tennessee
As spring interrupts.

The chill of the ice-white
The winter wind-long
Gives way in Tennessee
To a palette of song.

Oaks in squirrel-scurry
And birdcall-ring
Announce that  there's nothing
Like Tennessee in the spring.

by E. Marshall Evans

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The Atlantic Blues

Along its bounty shores i stand,
Watching its sandy beach so grand.
Then hither comes its lovely wind,
The page of love so clear and clean,
From the atlantic,blue, and calm.

The mer, with bubbles straight from god,
That seem themselves to praise the lord
With each coming wave from far,
Breathing inspiration from the stars;
Tha atlantic, blue, singing psalms.

A broken heart? See! The blue mer;
Its foamy deep, its vastness rare,
That appeases the troubled mind,
To bring peace you can only find
In the atlantic’s soothing balm.

A hungry mind? Just roam its beach,
And watch its waves within your reach.
Then you would get to understand,
Like all other mysteries of our land,
The atlantic flows from god’s palms!

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A Starry Night

Among those twinkling stars,
One just finds me and stares.
Among the many crowded people,
I look at the star through the water ripple.

As the night goes on and on,
The star uses its shine to don,
In order to hide from me,
As I disappear into the sea.

I wander how we will ever,
Again come to see each other,
By the night of this very river.

In a single star, I find memories.
In a single star, I find love.
In a single star, I find loneliness.
In a single star, I find respect.
In a single star, I find poetry.
In a single star, I find my mother, my only mother.

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Across the Swiss and Austrian Alps
brutal gusts steadly blow,
calling for heavy snowflakes
dancing as lost butterflies...
falling as summer's lonely stars.
Ginger bread smells good,
honey in tea is superb;
I inhale the steamy swirls that
jackrabbits love to smell.
Kaffe Klatsch is strong
lurching through their nostrils,
making them too hyper.
Northern Italy's wooden shacks
over the wide, frigid vallies...
point to a warmer South
quiet only at evening or night.
Roam as deer on snowy slopes,
stunning is the alpine scenery:
trees as tall as redwoods
ululate louder than hungry wolves...
vulnerable to snowdrifts' attacks. 
Watch the skiers having fun,
xelophones making music,
yummy polenta being eaten...
zealous alpinists singing.

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Undesirable whispers

I was not afraid that my life one time will finish.
I am afraid that it will never start.
Death always was ahead and whispers to me
"Live because I am coming".

The biggest injustice in this life is if you have arrived and depart without travel...
The joy of the journey that you never live

Copyright Constantinos Grigoriadis © All rights reserved

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The Dying Banksia tree

The Dying Banksia tree.

The garden be a sad old place
The tree is slowly dying
My lovely ancient Banksia tree
Why look at it, it’s crying!
We built our house around this tree
It was a blessing from the wild
Now, too much water’s taken toll
And cramped the poor tree’s style

The parrots, they come to this tree
Galah’s, Corellas, too
Came here to eat it’s candle fruits
They’d come the whole day through
But now my lady slowly dies
These birds no longer call
I loved my grand old Banksia tree
At times life can be cruel.

I’m going to cut it’s branches off
And let it stand in death
Then grow some climbers up it’s form
So up it’s trunk they’ll spread.
Yes, morning Glory, scented jasmine
Honeysuckle too
Will clamber up this old dead tree
And make it look brand new. 

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When i was schooling,
one of my friends,
taught me about God,
and his power.

I doubted the presence of  God
in my life until i discovered,
that really is alive,
ever present and listens every time,
when we pray.

During my first job,
i found a hen's head in my chair,
i feared and cried,
but  i prayed to him,
because i know that God is supreme,
and stronger than satan

No one in the world,
can bewitch my work,
because my faith protects my life,
and keeps me going.
What about you?

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The EARTH is an inquister of the present HOUR
Full spectrum of consciosness to raise the contempt 
Of the ever changing journey
A pathway into the doors of harmony
Seek or to be sought
A regiment of desighn, that embodies
Green vastness, rolling thunder, and blue waters
The mountains overflow with the eagles wing, in the open shores
I see a shimmer in the prismed glass of the ancients
reflecting on the smoky distance, of a new tomarrow.


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Mother Natures Waltz

Standing in front of my picture window
after drawing open the drapes
I see the sun stretching over the horizon
showing off mother natures shapes

before i knew it i was looking out over the valley
watching the night settle in
As the sun falls deep below the mountain tops
yet another day comes to an end

It was like seeing it all for the very first time
and i found it hard to turn and look away
From all the wonderous sights
that start and end each day

As i reach across the table 
to turn up the oil lamp light 
I felt a scence of ease
When i realized i could watch it all again 
all through the day and night

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A is for apple her favourite food.
N is for nelly fortado her favourite singer.
G is for green her favourite colour.
E is for easter her favourite holiday.
L is for lilly her  favourite flower.

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First Time

You see me i see you
It's just us two
As we begin to kiss
Our bodies turn into a twisted bliss
Moving slowly but steady
Until I say  I'm ready
First time 
First time I'm feeling this 
First time I wanted this 
Nothing like the first time

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Deer running through the forest,
As graceful as can be,
Her white tail in the air,
Saying "I know you're there",
As majestic as this beast could be,
It will be in great agony,
For the motorized beast has caught it.

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Doctor Nature

As the sun dips low into a haze,
A gentle breeze blows & tickles my face,
I relax my forlorn face into a smile,
Forget all my troubles for a while.
I slowly get out of my thoughts' trap,
Let myself fall into the nature's lap,
Its a pleasant weather with a chill in the air,
My most favorite season winter is here.
The pinkish sky & the almost set sun,
Capture my attention on the horizon,
Pretty chirpy birds are seen there too,
Flying away to the tree tops few.
A cold gust of wind blows into my face,
With great joy, against the flow I race,
It freshens me up and clears my mind,
In the company of nature happiness I find.
That's how nature in our lives plays a role,
Offering solace to the forlorn and wounded souls,
Every sight of nature on my wounds is a balm,
And I return to life's battles rejuvenated and calm..

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Smile... the Death will change to Birth

How long can stay the happiness?
How long can stay the sadness?

Nothing in this world can go always up
Nothing in this world can go only down.
Nothing in this world remains the same forever.

As the day changes to night,
And the night changes to day.

As the cold changes to warm,
and warm changes to cold.

As this natural law always change everything,
up to down and down to up.

So long as there is nothing without an opposite, smile... 

The Death will change to Birth !

Copyright Constantinos Grigoriadis © All rights reserved

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Another Storm

Another blizzard continually dampening even finally gaining hindsight into just kind light mountains over Neanderthal peaks quietly riding stormfronts towards under valleys withering x-factor zealous

By Keith James

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Montaulk Point

Montauk Point 

Ridge sides slope  amidst  the ancient seas 
grass sown seed from storm winded shores 
lighthouse beacons light the shores 
laden seaweeds on ragged rocks meet the crashing seas 
driftwood grey smoothed lines in withered age 
lay barren on sheltered coves 

Ochre sand dunes Waves of gold green beach grass 
sway against the winded tides 
sand pipers dance on rushing surf and leave their 
footprints on moistened sand 
amidst nesting shells do perch 
where sea sand meets the rhythm of the tides 

The morning break and nights that fall upon the earthly shores 
lights of misted spray of ocean winds that wake the day 
eons of ages through forces of time 
spontaneous movement it rides 
have shaped its shores through storms   
and ebbs and flows of time   

Where ripples wash and spray it clean 
the lineless lines castaway in the sediments of endless days 
the chorus sounds to life 
bubbling froths from shinning rocks 
multitude mosaics of algae left by tide 

The sound of rhythms of breaking waves 
the silent voice of whispering beach grass on the wind  
the smells of briny salt and wildflower air 
that wakes the senses 

Pristine clean fresh alive 
draws us back to where all began 
seagulls wail and tremble in the air 
through wind that moves like breath 

Looking out seaward bound 
blue gray leviathans breed amidst the blue green sea 
water gushes from their spouts and belly flops in cheerful play 
on a summers day   
- See more at:

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Some call this Life

Don't search for apples anymore.
The apple tree has died.
It gave all the apples that it had.
Now it is nothing more than a piece of wood.
Nobody has interest for an apple tree without apples.
Nobody gives it some water to survive.
Not even the dry mother earth.
This is the fate for every apple tree that has nothing to give.
This is the fate of everything alive being on the earth.
This is the law of nature.
Some call this life.

Copyright Constantinos Grigoriadis © All rights reserved

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The sun rises ahead
Angel wings on both sides
The morning calm and sweetness
Beauty undefined

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Lioness Dreams

Young sweet lion,
the forbidden jungle rythm
forcing your walk.
Now I long to have you at my side,
sleek , proud.
Wild beast of paridise,
lean, hungry,
you stalk the outer edges 
of  my dreams.
Bidding me enter your domain,
daring me to cross the fringe
of territorial balance.
Taunting me with the promise
your tawny body holds.
How I long to run at your side,
free in the night storms,
free in my dreams,

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A grace of desighn
You uplift the very presense of beauty
A monarch of the heavens 
You kiss my spirit
Prisms of colors radiate from your tender wings
You are natures own sweet honey
Unbound in your transforming brillance and splendor
Lovely to the eyes, and home in my heart

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Murmur of A Tumbleweed

As you read this, I have gone. 
After all, I belong somewhere in nowhere. 

When you are by the sea, or on a mountain site, 
Think of me, even just for a brief moment. 
Then, my soul will be set free.

Don’t be sad. 
When fairytale comes true, you will see me again. 
Through a cloud floating in the sky, or in a leaf whistling by .....

I am leaving now; it is time to say goodbye. 

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A luminous sun steadily glaring
Becomes a phenomenal scene
Can blind the observer's eyes
Diffusing its light very quickly
Effulgent as a winter's moon
Fascinating as the calmest sea
Grand illusion of the unreachable Paradise
Herald of the unconquerable skies
Image of the painter's mind
Jocular clouds turning gold
Key West resembles a desert
Lambent dense buckwheat
Masterpiece of His handiwork
Nascent serenity exalted by bells
October's imminent farewell
Piercing the peace of a perfect morning
Quotidian prayer recited by the fisherman
Ravishing his sincere soul
Satisfying the unwavering belief
Tending to instill more faith
Unimpeachable as integrity
Veracious as Christ himself
Wayward as untamed wind
xenon turning to sweet aroma
Yellow bay guarded by black rocks
Zenith's color is tangerine not blue

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The castle

The days were going by, making years 
And the castle was being built, brick by brick 
I knew it would never finish 
I would end up with just ruins 
But the castle was getting built 
and I was feeling happy 
Copyright Constantinos Grigoriadis © All rights reserved

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Stuti Chhand

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?????????????????? ??????????????? .. 

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??????????????????? ?????????????????? .                
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???????????????????? ?????????????? .  
????????????????????? ???????????????? .    
??????????????????????? ????????????????? .
??????????????????????? ???????????????? ..

????????????? ??????             
???????????????????? ?????????????????? .   
????????????????????? ???????????????? . 
???????????????????????? ????????????? .
??????????????? ??????????????? .. 

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?????????????????????? ???????????????? .
???????????????????? ????????????? . 
???????????????????? ?????????????? ..   

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??????????????????? ????????????? .
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???????????????????????? ??????????????? .
?????????????????????? ???????????????????????? .
???????????????????????? ?????????????????? .. 

?????? ?????????? ?????? 
???????????????????? ??????????????????? .
????????????????????? ?????????????? . 
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??????????????????? ????????????????? .. 

?????? ?????? ?????? 
???????????????????? ????????????????? .
??????????????????? ?????????????? .
???????????????????????? ?????????????? .
????????????????? ????????????? .. 

??????? : ????? ??????? ?????????? '?????'   
??????: 09415047020, 05862244440 UNSUPPORTED CODE

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all butterflies can dance, endless frolic
gliding high into jasmine. kites lofty
meander neath oval ponds
quiet refrains softly traverse
under velvet wings 'xploring,

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Summer Sunset

Summer sunset in the West,
Is among one of the best
That I was lucky enough to see,
As I walked along leisurely
And when the colors faded away,
It was a lovely end to a great day

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Why feel so upset and look so glum,
Just because a few things in life went wrong,
Troubles will go and troubles will come,
They are there just to make us strong!
Look at the wonderful nature all around, 
a great example of a cheerful fight against all worry,
Although in threads of care nature too is wound,
Yet each component of it is worth some individual glory.
When the power of storm casts on the Earth a gloom,
And the world is enveloped in a dull darkness,
The sun suddenly spins out on its invisible loom,
A thin ray of sunshine which spreads some brightness.
The seemingly carefree birds so happily keep flying,
Chirping and singing cheerful songs with no mortal fear,
Oblivious of the snare & the trap & the net & the birdlime,
Never hopeless for they know that there is hope even in despair!
Each part of nature has a message to convey,
So learn from the nature all around,
Even the moon peeping from behind the cloud seems to say,
‘Fear not friend for there is light behind every cloud!’

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Did i mention she's green?

Green girl
Green girl

She gathers leaves on a blue and green night
Her emerald eyes make me ignite

Dream catchers gather on her wall
She makes stars none shall fall

Green girl
Green girl

Light candles, red hair reminds me of autumn
Fire red forest she will come

Dream catchers gather on her wall
She makes stars none shall fall

Green girl
Green girl

Change like the seasons
For unknown reasons
Nothing left to give
Baby I would relive

Green girl
Green girl

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The Bird

The bird 
A little green bird flies to my window sill.
He sits so still that you think he is part of the window.
He watches the other birds fly by just moving very little.
He makes a sound as if to say I want to get out.
He then flies about with a cry so loud. 
Then right back to the window sill.

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There she is

There she is,
Lurking over the mountain.
Her sparkling hair,
Bright against the black cape. 

There she is,
Her beauty that spreads from a fountain.
Like the hiss of the midnights air,
A new day gradually taking shape.

There she is,
But this time more dark.
Her light not so bright anymore,
A veil in front of her face.

There she is,
Her eyes without the spark.
The teardrops so unsure,
Now the magical night for a time replace.

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The Night and Her Ways/Lost Under The Sun

there is a moon,
shining all alone
under all seas looming side to cloud
fall in our night and wait for the one who makes
slip in the prowl
the beasts hold night at growl
howling their sorrows
move midnight forever is tomorrow
come to our dark we run deep in the dusk
trust your lost soul while wait here for the sun

trust your yearning haven safely break
grey sky a-standing
standing far astray

lost under the sun
lost under the sun
lost under the sun 
lost under the sun

there is a place
marble floor and blue
there is a space 
that was meant for what was you
summer now white a different sort of lone
cold in our skin deeps
looking towards our glow

lost under the sun
lost under the sun
lost under the sun
lost under the sun

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the nature is filled with colours
like the ice-cream flavours

the wind is whistling
and the trees are dancing
the birds are dancing
and the grass is waving
say it loud

the nature is filled 
white are the clouds
shout aloud
peacocks are with colours
like the ice-cream flavours

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Another Day

A mulberry tree white blooms ringing
Between the dry woods no leaves singing
Crows fly by armed and prepared to steal 
Daybreak rises in the weed-born fields
Another breathless day at rest

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Frozen Prickly Pear

The prickly pear cactus is frozen
And the plant has toppled over
As the temperature rises, clouds cover
And the plant thaws will it spring approval
In the spring will it be a trooper
With the instinct for survival all over

(This was the morning that Cody had phone calls at three AM and he didn't wake up to 
answer them and I finally just got up. No excuse.  I should have checked my work. Sara)

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it pours

… it pours.

The orange horizon embraced the sun tenderly 
The wind groaned in disgust
Dashing into the swaying forest to put-up for the night
Puffing clouds chased each other up the sky
Screaming and flashing cruel rapiers
Piercing the sky heartlessly in their rant
All of a sudden
The sky wept
Tears of anger,
Vented for ages
And nothing was the same again that has been

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The ocean's alluring color
may appear to be aqua or blue;
it changes with the density of light,
and all its dazzling beauty it can endue
to make an amazing sight!


Hurtle as agile seagulls do 
Over its rageful waves glide
Westward purple clouds meet a dawning sun
Beware of the furious wind when it howls
Eeastward the sloggish moon approches
Another night filled with mysterious sounds
Utter nothing to yourself, move forward
Trees hide owls with their scary coos
Inside the moon's sphere many faces appear 
Funny how they look staring at the bright ocean
Urging it to turn dark, so they can easily rule
Long enough to captivate the human mind! 


Once the ocean was a huge valley,
then God made it wasn't folly;
for countless days and nights it came down
as it was filled to capacity an early dawn.

But there's was something missing,
and God thought, " Beautiful fishes I will place into it:
from big to small to give it life everlasting."
So that divine thought gave the Earth another aspect!

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Ode to Snow

Ode to Snow 


From the cloudy sky

It floats softly down,

Drifting silently by

Quickly blankets the ground.


On skeletal tree limbs and evergreen boughs

Covering dead leaves and pine cones,

As thick as weight will allow

The arms of branches take the burden now.


It dances on errant breezes

Or flies swiftly to the side,

The wind will carry it where it pleases

Coming down heavy now, spreading far and wide.


I walk among its chilliness

And wonder if it knows,

That it brings me such happiness

The peacefullness of snow.


Soon spring will come upon the land

Winter storm clouds will part,

Drifty mountains once so grand

Will quickly start to melt.


Then rain will wash the snow away

Rebirth of blossoms, new growing grass

Summer flies quickly by, Autumn seems only a day

All too soon the stormy snow clouds will amass.

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Spectrum Delight

Against Blazing Countryside Delicate Eternal Flora Grows Having Intense Jurisdiction, Keeping Limitless Motion Now On Prairie, Quiet Rolling Skies, Take Undeniable victory, With Xanthous Yielding Zone.

written for
Sponsor john freeman 
Contest Name Nature’s Bounty  

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Juvenile Mind

Another day gone
By and Winter’s rage just
Climbs and climbs.
Dead flowers blooming in my mind, so sweet the smell and
Exult I must
For life’s precious surprises keep my head out of the
Hydrotherapy for the plants rooted
In my
Juvenile mind.


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Autumn Snow

In Michigan we received Autumn Snow,
You'd think that we would already know
That our weather can be really severe,
During any certain time of the year
This just makes me miss Autumn more,
Cause the changing colors I do so adore
I'm hoping Autumn will reappear,
For it only comes but once a year

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I love you Africa,
the land of peace,
minerals and trees.

Welcome to Africa,
the land of joy,
day and night.

I love you Africa,
the land of hope,
honey and fruits.

Welcome to Africa,
the continent of the Blacks,
the whites and the Arabs.

I love you Africa,
my joy, my heart.
Africa, oh! Africa.

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Fall Memories

leaves fall as swiftly as the wind blows threw my hair the cold breeze brings out the goose bumps the wet leaves stick to my memory as fondly as they stick to me losing track of time as dad pulls me out of the leaf pile we exchange smiles for the last time before i had back to reality once loved, lost ,found again , lost again .. ...

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All around rain drops fall
Beneath my feet is cold and wet
Count the puddles on the ground
Dance to the sound of the storm
Every second at least a thousand drops fall
Far away I hear it roar
Getting closer by the minute
How it soothes my soul
It makes me feel relaxed inside
Just feel the wind in your hair
Keep listening
Loud thunder roars in my ears
More and more rain fall
Now the clouds are clearing up
Over the hills I see sunshine
Place your mind in peacefulness

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Life is Beautiful


Life is beautiful; see the nature and its call
Life is gracious see the abundance of rainfall
Life gives us smile see a baby and its crawl
Life is also a struggle see the sorrow and downfall

Life gives you precious pearl, if leader is our GOD
Life has its own art see inside your heart
Life is full of love; shower them to all
Life will be worth living with blessings and rewards

God bestowed us a living creativity 
His Nature speaks it all
Find a new life everyday, for God’s glory revolves
Life is really beautiful, See Superb Art of GOD .


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                       TAKE SOME STEPS

                 Let not fear control your life
                regardless of any strife or figurative
                knife and be neither a puppet nor a victim
                of any kind

                 If a talking horse and his owner can
                overcome fear with out beer anyone can-
                there is no need for a pan but to push 

                 The proverbial match has been lit
                you have to hatch a plan soon and take
                some steps or burn-the best decisions
                are never made hastily nor selfishly

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Breeze Of Hope

Amidst the mountains so tall an straight,
I begged the horizons to know my fate.
As I glimpsed through the curtains so hard,
There it was all across the sward.
Within my soul,fluttered the fresh summer breeze,
Flows over the rivers and goes across the seas.
Brought about hope in life, and fresh light,
No leaves withered,none blossoms blight.

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Victorious hummingbird

Hummingbird flitting 
to and fro
whizzed sound 
of beautiful colors
making my heart flutter fast
like wings of the beauty I watch

holding still 
in gentle breeze
poised graceful midair
the warm air pressing

As he drinks sweet nectar
smoothly he hovers 
drinking with greed

added to picture of delight
another hummingbird appears
suddenly diving aggressive
in his plight to quench thirst

circles do these two go!
fighting for treasured feast
but the wisest award goes to
patient little one on the side

swooping around chaos
eating peacefully

while the others fight

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Moon At Noon!

I was lying leisurely on my back
on mid-morn Monday of May second
My gaze and glance heavenbound
The cloud forming into mountainous sheet, i observed
And disintegrating, like surf they dissolved
Disintegrated but in characters so hieroglyphics
Like Michelangelo's renaissance sculptural acrobatics
Through it i  had a permitted view
Of the noon by its arc in lieu
Of its fullnes, without its alluring presence
Stripped of its illumining essence
Appeared grey, blue and off-white
Stood plainly and passively tight
Like a lone spectator in an arena
So, the moon at noon seen but no sooner
Gone, like a spy that was almost unmasked
In consipracy by the uniting cloud concealed

This poem intends to capture a moment of passing day in time in rhyme for 
posterity, May 22nd 2005. 

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The mirror

I looked in the mirror 
Life was drawing on my face 
Happiness and sorrows
Lines engraved 
My own moments
Lost in time 
Deep experiences
Dug in my skin.

Copyright Constantinos Grigoriadis © All rights reserved

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The hiss and snap of a lethal snake
Crackling through the sky, through the forest he rakes
Down all of the trees, plants, and innocent creatures
Burning them horribly to grotesque features
Red, orange, and yellow consuming the earth
Taking the forest away from its worth
And leaving behind the tattered old remains
The snake has won, the land in its chains
Of greed, power, the snake's lifelong slave
For when all hope is gone, there’s no room for the brave.

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Sleep makes us happier, healthier and sexier
Though millions of Americans suffer without.
24 –7 = TV, sports, video games and deadlines
Make us wonder what life is about.

Cigarettes, booze, coffee and the new born
Can all rob you of  precious sleep.
Being broken hearted over someone lost
As you lie without them and weep.

Multitudes pop the little green butterfly
Or some other pill to obtain precious rest.
Making time for prayer, love, laughter and song
Improve our sleep to endure God’s test .

While sleeping we dream of now and here after
The good, the bad and who we wish not to be.
Passing our burdens to the hands of God
Who fashioned all we hear, breath and see.

The magic of sleep sustains the heart beats of life
Our ability to reason, overcome and succeed.
Without its presence, we wither on the vine
Victims of exhaustion, worry and greed.

By Tom Zart


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I smell your tender necture
I feel your colored dance singing
To the soft rain dust, of spring
You bloom with an aroma of lillacs and lillies
A quick glance and you see beauty 
In the presence of the

Taryn Thompson
5 min. 4-11-12

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Down the sandy ground
Where the magma floats
Deep down in there
I bury my doleful thoughts

Upward near the space
Where the stars shine
I let my aims fly
To make my future an ideal sign

Right and left
Like the trees sway
I sway my qualities
And push the bad ones
Miles and miles away

Each day,
Inspired by the sinking sun
I drown my badlucks
To succeed in the long run

When I observe
A flame of fire
My heart tells me
Catch it..Jump higher..

The marvellous sight of natur
Motivates me
I live life king size
And stay happy for free..

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Lot 47,Eagle Canyon

By Robielynn Collins 

 What a gorgous morning, 
I'll have to say, 
a wonderful start, 
to a beautiful day, 
with the sky so blue, 
and the glistening snow, 
with it's shades of hue, 
it may be only 20 degrees, 
but the spectacular view, 
will surely please, 
with the thundering rockies, 
and enormous pines, 
and the wild animals, 
of every kind, 
Craig, Montana, 
can steal your heart, 
you'll realize it, 
from the very start.. 

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I hate the snake,
my enemy in the world.
I hate it a lot,
day and night.

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Snow Leached

All brimming crystal drizzled earth frazzled glory hugged;
Icicles jousting kaleidoscopic light, meets
Natures overfrosted pinnacled quiverings.
Raining snow tumults us, Life-like vanities: 
Waning xylems' younger zeniths 

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Food to eternity

And you small human being who really will know that you were here? 
After three generations you will be deleted from human memories. 
Who will know that you have passed from the earth?  
Time is the killer of  all the memories.
And the natur is your killer. 

Don't try to understand. 
Try to give, 
and share.
Life is always bitter sweet 
get only what gives to you. 
If you want more you will never be happy. 

Your life is the beginning from your end. 
Nature does not recognize you as personality, 
You are a piece of the puzzle of life. 
You are not all the puzzle. 
Your mission is just  to give life and food to eternity. 
And the eternity is the reason that you exist.

Copyright Constantinos Grigoriadis © All rights reserved

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My favorite poet is God above
Who gives Earth its rhythm and rhyme.
Not pied pipers of misguided souls
Who promote distrust, hatred and crime.

Poetry is nature serenading in song
The peaceful roar of the oceans waves.
The wind through the trees and over the hills
And the flowers in the fields by the graves.

The sound of rain as it waters the thirsty
The songs of children at play in the park.
The far off rumble of trains or thunder
As they pass through the night in the dark.

The joy of our babies first words and steps
The passion of life with its heroes and clowns.
The on going struggle to survive our sins
As we proliferate in hamlets and towns.

My favorite poet is our father of love
Who was first to know us before birth.
His poetry prolongs every thing we love
As his deliverance gives life its worth.

By Tom Zart

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Our old barn

Our barn sits 
so quiet and empty 
yet as I stand inside listening
it starts to talk softly
whispering of yesterday

telling me of past times
how proudly it stood as it was made
so tall and grande

it speaks to me of the many people 
it has held sheltered 
throughout the years
of smiles and laughter
on the floor all the tears
that have fallen

o how many people inside
some losing themselves
others finding themselves
hearts beating
souls yearning
friends gathering
in this old barn

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Moon Mirror

The sun, going about her daily chores, 
glimpses a new star in the sky, 
one smaller than herself, 
yet strangely familiar.

Used to catching her image first in puddles, 
then growing larger in lakes, 
she at first only sees a stranger, 
then catches herself 

spread in the moon's reflection 
across thousands of miles of sky.
Hypnotized by the beauty 
of this strange new view of herself, 

she can't ignore it, 
sneaking looks time after time; 
she can't take her eyes off herself.
Daily, as the moon moves about in the sky, 

the sun catches tantalizing glimpses 
of herself from multiple angles. 
By then, the sun imagines herself to have 
the moon's full attention, 

claiming it as her mirror.
Like Snow White's wicked stepmother, 
the sun asks this mirror repeatedly, 
methodically, almost hypnotically, 

"Who is the fairest of them all?"
The moon answers all questions 
bringing the sun back time and again, 
puppet on a string 
seeking a definitive answer.

By day, the moon untangles 
its strings of moonlight, 
puts out its nets.

Their dialog moves sideways; 
the sun's questions, always direct, 
glance off the moon; 
the moon's answers slip around behind it 
as the sun tries to get a better look 
at what the moon might be saying.

Who was created in whose image? 
Which came first, 
the chicken, the egg, or the yolk, 
small sun caught up in the quicksilver lies 
of albumen?

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In The Distance

As I gaze in the distance of the field, 
a field of wildflowers and thickets. 
I see in the distance, a blemish of temper 
and scorch. The harmony of the field is 
plagued and tarnished by raged flame. As 
the flames makes it way through the field, 
devouring everything in it's path. 
The wildflowers, wilted and scorched, torn 
in their own beauty. The thickets, lay 
blistered, weeping in sorrow. The sky brings 
a cool mist of rain that has justice in it's 
nature. For the field of wildflowers and 
thickets are in harmony from the rage. The 
dance of the wildflower and thickets, was 
the beauty that I have gazed at, in the distance.

By William P. Darnell Sr.

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Day and Night


relatives of the sun constitute the night.

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Beautiful Fields

I lay here sleeping with the smell of jasmines in the air. One brushes against me 
lips and I enjoy every minute of this. The clouds dance about my head, peacefully 
enchanting my mind. A black cat comes and lay's on my chest I awake to 
knowing everything's just fine. I capture the smell of the ocean, I stand before it 
with my white dress flowing flowing in the air. I think why be anywhere but here in 
these wide, open, beautiful field?

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The Storm

After the five days of sweltering heat
I look up from my writings
as the sunlight falters 
and the skies begin to darken.

I step outside and gaze
at the lowering clouds,
feeling the wind freshen and gust,
tussling my hair and teasing the fallen Autumn leaves.

And as I stand before the gathering darkness
I hear afar the first rumble
of the approaching storm,
invisibly rolling towards me.

I count slowly upwards, as a child would,
afraid and cowering under the covers.
One...Two... and at six
the thunder comes again, but nearer now.

Still no rain, but the skies
are darker, heavy and oppressive.
eager to unburden themselves
of their burgeoning cargo.

At four the thunder sounds again
and following the receding echoes
a brilliant flash of incandescent light.
For now the lightning comes.

I flinch automatically as the darkness spits asunder.
Torn apart by a jagged blazing bolt.
then suddenly it is gone
and the night surges backwards like an irresistible tide.

Unable to contain themselves longer, the clouds empty
and rain falls in sheeting waves, slowly at first
then driving hard against the ground,
creating a myriad tiny streams that spread, mingle and pool.

The storm is here now, overhead and immensely powerful.
Thunder cracks, seeming to explode above me, and I realise that I am afraid.
Apprehension wars with the intense joy and excitement 
coursing through my veins. I stand silent.

In the face of nature one feels so small, 
insignificant against the colossal majesty of the skies.
My heart sours as the heavens rage.
My thoughts scattered and blown apart.

It may have been a minute or an hour I stood there,
drenched and shivering and oblivious of either.
I felt myself slowly returning as the storm receded.
The rain gone, the wind dropping and the skies clear.

Was the storm the realisation of the turmoil of my heart ?
Was it real or just my imaginings ?
I do not know, but I now I feel scoured clean, pure, reborn almost.
I see my way before me as I walk back into my life


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Absolutely breathtaking! Coldly dancing…enchanting…falling gracefully. Hope in jeweled kisses. Lingering meticulously. Naturally ostentatious. Perfection quietly rains slowly, tickling unblushingly. Velvet wafts xposing yielding zephyr.

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Only an Inkling

Glistening stars
Why do you hide your faces
Radiance unavenged in cloud

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Natures Display

Always beautiful creations delivered.
Each form generated.
Has idealistic journey.
Living movements,
Natures own power,
Quaint resolute serenity,
Transferring ubiquity valiantly,
Wafting xenia,
Yearlong zealousness

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ABC Animal Twist

ABC Animal Twist

Adored and diverse, life thrives on earth; each day nature sees new births.
Big and small, abundantly in seas and trees; great beauty breathes.
Chameleons, cats, corn snakes, and coots, survive great threats in life's pursuit. 
Delightful dragonflies from dart frogs duck; drake-crakes scoot upon lakes. 
Eagles and egrets soar blue skies; an elephant endangered cries.
Fabulous fauna: fairy flies, and deer upon flora feed needs.
Graceful purple gallinules, young goats, and giraffes bring joyful laughs.
Hag-fish, halibut and hammerhead birds…birds?  Yes!  Nature preserves.
Insects and ibis work their charm; crusty isopods cause alarm.
Jaguars enjoy tasty meals; leftovers are the jackals' appeal.  
Kiwi that fruits, kiwi that flies both species in New Zealand resides.
Living world the Creator made; since the beginning, wisdom stayed.
Matchless miracles, wonders, and births together blessed on our earth.
Never alone, no matter where, life exists here, there, everywhere.
Oh how beautiful, artfully wonderful, God-primed blissful place.
Planet earth and outer space together share a glorious race.
Question not; God loves this world. See creations glide, slide, swim, and swirl. 
Reverence life; it was made with love; He still watches from up above.
Still breezes and sunshine please; sturgeon, shrimp, salmon, and sardines feed; 
Termites, thrashers, terriers and teal find niches that have appeal.
Under God's skies, the umbrella birds fly.   Man ponders; God replies.
Venomous snakes make rodents quake; Vultures clean up for good health's sake.
Weeping willows watch wolves whelp; chirping yellow warblers sing to elves.
X-Ray fish known since early days leave modern man looking amazed.
Yosemite toads, yetis, and yaks live on the lands without lack. 
Zoology on earth from alligators to zorilla zings!

© Name withheld for the contest
February 24, 2010

Poetic form: ABC

See> ANIMAL HABITAT PICTURES LINKS for my ABC Animal Twist poem It was posted 
separately as a list poem.  OK I hope.  Smiles

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amazingly beautiful, colorful dazzling
eloquently flowered gems,harmony
irridescent, junebugs kissing lilies
milking natures opulent petunias
quenching roses, soaring through
ubiquitous verdures

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Reincarnation (Circle of death)

The leopard crouching close to earth 
While stalking, dirt smells so divine
Eyes fixed through grass, the pounce, return 
…up top with golden shrine
When I come back wish I could be 
A graceful creature so in sync
O death please hurry, come to me
Before they go extinct

Law of nature, law of man
Survival is a killing game
A part that no-one understands
Insanely human, inhumane
We’re born with will and strength to choose
Ignoring all of nature’s signs
Abusing power, win or loose
Circle of death means turning tides

When you return to earth one day
At the bottom of the food chain
You’ve turned from hunter into prey
Death haunting shrinking plains
Ask not why, ask not how
Balance must be preserved
To cheat death, stop the killing now
Or your fate will be well deserved

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New Beginning's

The night closes and the dawn begins. 
Dew falls from the morning sky, 
covering what lies beneath. 
The wind blows softly, 
as the clouds roll through the sky. 
The sun peeking back and forth from the 
horizon and the nature of the sky. 
The fields, now glistening with the dew 
that sets the new beginning. 
The flowers drink of the dew that lies 
on thier pedals. 
New growth begins from all forms of nature. 
And now the new beginning has begun.

By William P. Darnell Sr.

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John and Joyce
are not really twins
but they love themselves
like flies on meat.

Every  time  they  meet
they  feel  so great
with a lot of joy.

John stands up
straightly  like  a  nail
to  eat  his  fruit  hidden 
all  the  times.

He  twist  his head
left  and  right
when   his  plan 
it's to  penetrate  her cave.

What  makes  us laugh
he's  really  a blind man
without   single eye
up and down.

But on his time,
he can't  miss the road
although it's  dark.
Oh,what a funny love they have!

he  can't  miss  the   road
although  it's   dark !

Joyce  and John
they   love themselves
and  what  separates  them
it   will  be only  death.

Really  their  love
it's  a gift  from  God
but  their  neighbor Dan
he  separated from  them
according to the way  he behave
to  produce  a  dirty  food
that  attracts flies.


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A Waterfall
A Tropical Rain 
A Hurricane
All a Symphony
Conducted by the Great Conductor
Tempo, Beat
Nature a Treat
To the ears
Nothing to fear
Perfect in all ways
Created in seven days
A Symphony

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A Pool of Burning Fire

As I look into
the pool of burning fire,
I can hear
the hiss of the motionless creature inside.
I can see
the swollen embers
scortch the dark starry sky,
the miniature blazing flames
churn the face of the earth.
You can feel the weep of Mother-Nature,
as the burning coals scar her skin.
The blistering warmth catches your body.
There is no hope,
but the scar to get bigger.

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Iam tired of its greed,
and some times its life,
to travel arround the world,
without legs and hands.

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Now That's Relativity

Astronomers behold celestial delights,
Endlessly finding glorious heavenly insights.
Joyfully keep learning more natural obscurities.
Previously quite routinely seen targets usually viewed with x-rays,
Yet zoomed in using Hubble Space Telescope lens, hits home Einstein's Theory of Relativity!

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Day 4

I'm a new creation, going through 
construction; He's replacing and 
erasing my sinful nature that had 
me facing destruction...

Finally I've awakened, after all the 
breaking, I've been shaken, no 
mistaking, this walk I'm delightfully 
taking, no more giving my goals to 
satan, no more faking, all the fallen 
leaves I'm raking, shaking, all the 
flaking, residue that had me aching, 
my world was quaking, like a pipe I 
needed snaking, now my blessings 
I'm retaking, for I was never 
forsaken, a testimony in the 

I'm a new creation, going through 
construction; He's replacing and 
erasing my sinful nature that had 
me facing destruction...

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Without a doubt, I am grateful
To experience and to be alive
And to drink in this resplendence 
That allows my spirit to revive.

Oh, how I have patiently waited
To lay down under blue sky,
Watching virgin white clouds
As they lazily meander by.

I am gratified to know that
The days are growing long
As I smell blossoming lilacs,
With their fragrance so strong.

It is the simple things in life
That I cherish so very much,
Like the fresh scents of spring
And the Sun’s warming touch.

What a miraculous thing it is
This wonderful time of rebirth,
For this season affects us all
On this planet, we call earth.

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You promised thing to me you never kept. I thought he was the one for me
but i guess i was wrong. He ment th world to me, and i still love kyle and i always 
will. I will never love anyone guy like i loved kyle.

so it's best to say good bye beby for good. but we are just friends
now eve tho i wont even talk to him and he wont even talk to me 
so it will take along time for us.

He hurt me.. but i had do do this becausr it for that best because im right.
I cant be hurting like this over him i have to move on with my live 
he didn treat me with respect all he wanted is one thing. I didn't like that
im a leady.


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My Deck

My deck
My deck is a nice place. 
You can see for miles away.
The trees on the mountain tops.
Leaves that is starting to change.
To the right the city, I do see.
What a pity to the green trees. 
Cars and trucks the sound do pound their ears away.
To the left the woods I see. A deer standing as still as could be.
As if he belongs there at the edge.
Over the rail in front is the pool for a place to get real cool.
My deck the place I want to be. How about you?

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Florida Nature

February 10, 2015
Wild Symphony
Majestic Pose

It sits quietly off the loud road of life. Tall pines hide the treasures inside. The water sparkles as the 

bright hot sun lights the cranes majestic pose. Not a single leave moves as a gentle breeze blows. 

The bare tree sits proud in the middle of the pond its arms reaching up to the blue skies. Three

mouths open, nesting in needle straw, waiting to receive mom’s gift of love. Standing on the boardwalk

I see her soar and fly. Oh such beauty brings peace to my heart.   

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Night owl

Night owl.
I sit on my pouch at night and hear the night owls hoot.
First one then another call back and forth
You can hear them far away.Another here and there.
Hoot hoot they cry just to see who answers them.
A coyote off in the far distance answers with a howl.
Hoot hoot at times I think they are talking to me. 
The night owls up late like me.

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In unthinkable death how do you carry
yourself ?
An intimate dialogue with death
Fearless, undaunted .
I admire your grit.

One thin blade, one silken noose
but you want to face the bullet
straight in your heart.
The death should come instantly, because you
want to be witness, your head falling with

Why did you chase death
whistling on the beach,
taunting the eccentric sky
like muted revenge.

The grave will be too small for you
Your legs sticking out.
Lime burning your eyes.
Turning back the grave diggers may
not like to face your moved earth !

Satish Verma

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Leaving the faint traces,
of some diluted thoughts
You empty yourself completely.
Poverty and shame without an arithmetic, 
is the poetry of life. 
Using the body instead of words. 
Always needing currency,
to open the doors of clarity.

Naked without skin,
we survive on crumbs of charity.
Lending our organs to develop,
an order of mortality. 
I refuse to taste the bitterness, 
preserve my sanctity, 
go for another version of god, 
thinking, how to think.

For the inward freedom,
I forsake safety pins,
walking, bleeding on the jagged stones. 
Pain of realization is deeper,
than the hurt. 
Cry silently in the veins 
pure resistance will not  work now. 
I will try the fiction path.

Satish Verma

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Clouds had refused to part.
A fractured moon was walking in dismay
stroking the gazing stars.

Cornwhite belonging of ashes was
to fire, beloved sky was enchanted
with water ceremony
as a sign of gratitude to earth.

The wind decided to reverse the clock
and navigate in trees of waxing summer
blowing yellow crystals of sulphur.

A red admiral lands on a lone marigold
with detachment, surveys pollen, pie-eyed,
dangles, tilting a nod, emerges for another sortie.

If there was an action, I think in between:
live with it in fire of mind. The voyage
begins when the song of eternity starts.


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All the wayward words
mock me for inadequacy.
I remain detached from meaning, 
emigrating to eloquence of wordless solitude.
The hymen breaks.
Dumb poems cry. I don’t want to be buried
in ruins of daydreams.

Sandstorms have a strange melancholy, holocaust.
A legitimate uprooting of faith. 
Sometimes I feel a hot patch
of sun on my face.
One moon away was my cool,
abode in a green painting,
but the frost never melted.

This darkness is only companion, 
I will talk to winds.
The comments on riddles will continue. 
A selection of memories,
will make my meditation.
The friction in history was shame.
May be love will win.

Satish Verma

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Spiders prowling silently
Their next meal close to snatch
Ugliest formed creation 
Vilely waiting for their next feast to catch 

I hate spiders!

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I missed the heartbeats for a vessel of stars, 
while death was always near, 
circling the house.

The network of sorrow, 
beams to world.
Can symmetry of pain 
provide a plank for the sinking mind?
I cannot hold the curling smoke of a tainted fact. 
The fear, the anxiety, 
empowers the animal look.

An uncovered seed sprouting into 
tiny root on my hand
starts a conspiracy. 
People talk about the meditation,
and senile body shrinks. 
There is a song above the sorrow and
freedom from the assassination of ideologies. 
Hold my arm !


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There's a secret in the world,
that needs to solve 
before the sun sets.

It's good to inform the world,
what's good and what's bad
to live in peace.

In the community we live,
everything is good
but depends on how the demand it is.

The secret in life,
begins at home and dominate the world
as the wise say.

That's the reason why,
cultures are good
and we should keep them
the whites and the blacks.

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Long night will start the pincer movement;
pyrexia is rising.
Something like an extraterrestrial hand
digs deep in the mind to open the tomb
to unravel the tragedy of nuts and bolts
which could not fix
the mutation of the hour of death.

Dark blinking lashes of soul
measures the cliffs of silence
and then pours the hot red 
vermilion in parted wisdom of sky.

The clang of bones again penetrates
the liver. The green flaming jelly of
innocent bellies.
The hyacinth is choking the village pond
hiding the corpses of precious flowers
with green blood.

One day foundation of skeletons will build a 
temple of hope.


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                    What about  us…!!!     
The life of an ENGINEER  is not more less than of a NOMAID
Away from home
Days so good & bad
In a world of their own , they are all Dwelled 
  For them the world is all there, where they have nothing to loose
Nothing to fear
No difference of colour
 caste or creed is found there 
all runninG in one gear
Young brains with  truthfull hearts
Like the tides of oceans,, rain in skies ,breeze in mornings
they are flowing  within the tides of  fate where the destiny is a dream to them.
After all the hurry n furry for such a long time,,
The souls are all lead to dark.
Unaware of the world outside , they keep grooming their faith .
But its All watered when they come to know,,, that time was like a woe.
Broken hearts with shrinken thoughts look for the way…in the land of greedymen
The unlonging hope is all graved like a parrot in lion’s den
& the minds with quest wonder with thrust  ,, where to rest
& what  is best.
We are no beasts from mars or Neptune, 
We are the beings of distant thought.
We are the part of a world you are,
We seek refugee from the curse of fate & the curse of  being called as a fresher.
No men are born with everything learned,, with a fine coarse of time all have to learn..
To learn & earn is the soul aim ,
To progress and prosper everyday ,
But we are still at the same bay,,, when they return us with same astonishing  say…(fresher)
Itsn’t we are incompetent but u are…
Itsn’t we have  left the hope. .we always will walk for us
For whatever & however it is we are still in our way,,
 singing the same 
What  about  life…
What about us..!!

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Wisdom is not age,
but really a gift,
incredible in life.

Wisdom is not wealth,
but  a  source of joy,
every where we're!

In the communities we live,
they need a wise man,
who can assist  the world.

Wisdom is not words,
and really  not  school,
but plan and trust.

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-- Distant Shores

Twilight song of a cuckoo
taps the window softly.
Gothic tree and drooping sky
humble my thoughts.
Past was me.
I will know then
why your hills turned away my clouds
by shifting sands.

Was it a colossal guilt of tomorrow?
Which never wanted to become present
and enter my house.
But my memory was sharp
and days were numbered.

I wanted to invite the death discreetly
while praising the life and listening to birds
without dropping the history
from my crooked fingers.

Between yourself and myself
a sea was surreptitiously raging.
The waves were dividing the shores.


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The template had the fault,
I was buried alive.
Brick by brick they erected the cell
around me.
I could see only the reflection
of a moon at night
in my glass of water.

During the day sun peeped through the cracks,
was hurting and very disturbing,
forming a skull and crossed bones
on the walls.

I watched a piece of sky
as a hub of pallisades.
I planted a word in that hole.

After one seed, there were many
echoes. Starting in the distant hills.
I was rising in red fog.


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Homeless wanderer
my bohemian moon.
I continue my journey
till the clouds manipulate.

Crisp sky favours the stars
in dark night of gloom
of your failed promises,
and my goddess of ruin.
self-deception was a great relief !

Golden praise can do no harm.
You were targeting the great sentences,
and easy flows the river under sun,
there was nothing left in the desert
and slowly burns the cauldron of craft.

That sudden spurt of rage and tears,
strangle of dreams, roses and hopes.
My empty hands, white skin, leafy eyes
Why ? Am I tremendous, expanding like sea ?


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Why do you run away 
from the primordial fear?
Of tight emptiness?
A shapeless entity of drifting psyche?
This was your home 
where carcasses of cliches 
hang from the doors of wisdom. 
Unplanted seeds 
of vacant connotations.

Inch by inch you were eating 
your prophetic pauses
salt had become tasteless. 
Counting the kisses of 
moths on the screen 
a candle burned furiously. 
I never picked the colors of cloud, of rain, of blood.

What becomes of happening, 
of being, of reaching?
The stones of truth are very sharp. 
The roads were conspiring 
insects collecting, under the surface. 
Circling winds had 
a heavy stench of death 
but words were very intelligent.


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Symbols are true, because they are there.
Your solemn ache
proud of failure
traces a circle.
Dark and eternal, in all its purity
punishment becomes an award for life.

It is not difficult to know
whether a god exists.
You commit suicide to become a god.

Inoculating falsehood
dying daily unto death was not my pitch.

Your mind breaks the moon in dark,
into hundred bright crumbs.
Each bit becomes a metaphor
To shock the garden.


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Trapped in your body
a city starts

The master has broken off
a huge iceberg.

An Antarctica is burning
like hermitage
from the spark of a red robe.

Lips are riddled
with lies.
No face is left
to smile.

Ruthless with the words
and meanings,
they have manipulated the winds.

The puppets
have come to stop
in complete silence.


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Why, you can see
no  one  knows
but  only the lord 
knows your life.
It's  great!

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Children of stink, cannot smell the rose.
Lithium in their blood
fathers were happy.

Power over the fire of groins,
was a music to ears.
Everything else was secondary.

The wishes squealed
on the mattresses.
Grief was served in the bed.

Big tears flowing
on the cheeks of ice.
Antarctica was crying.

Sexed up vendetta
did not kill a fly.
Bee was hovering over the heads.

I will expand till infinity.
Life will take care
of ferocious clauses.


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Who am I to know 
the abstract silence
when you drink the moonlight all alone ? 
The black toes of a dying woman 
haunt me in a stream 
of white shrouds. A night
of shattering perceptions, 
defaults and ignorance. 
Time bomb was ticking.

It had been troubling me 
the betrayals in night
mothering a vegetable past. 
A single finger defines 
the authority of future.
I traced the proud shadows of a god for, 
a useless reference of illegible wisdom,
untold misery of green waves mirrored in sky.

For extracting death 
from life at every step
I knew the answer. 
Dying was not a private thing. 
The truth and the path would die.
How you dreaded the closed doors? 
The explicit fear of drowning 
in beliefs with brothers of 
sorrow and feet of clay. 


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In the shell lies the eye of a dark sea
I call for a boat in delirium.
Waves drown the hunger of a climax.
I do not know where all the gulls have gone?

Time slips like flesh between the knuckles
and an extra pain of your separation.
I am shipwrecked on the slopes of whispers
and don’t want to have a second death.

Looking back at the years
as a sentence in exile,
I never reached the home.
Ultimately you need the hunchback to
climb the stairs.


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Hydrangia was in full bloom
when I left.
Machine had failed me,
when I was looking at the 
third eye of the sun
in crimson sky of west.

I was running away from myself
keys were chasing unbroken latches
the moon was yet to be born
in blackness.

The foetus turns
strikes the womb with violent kicks
who was the father of unknown child?

Let’s go and meet in dementia.
Three cheers for the wedding boot
turns the man into a snail.

Death now enters
to cross the threshold of tears
and listen to soulful


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Ambling on beach in dark
when the lake  laps the feet.

Sometimes I wish to walk away
on the water like a dragonfly.


Trying to figure out
what happened ?
Lake Huron went
into flames!


Up, above
a white ship was sailing.
On water,
thousands of boats.


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When i'm thirsty,
i use it  to drink.
 when i'm dirty,
i use it to bathe,
and some times wash.

To cook my  food,
i use it every day,
and  washing  my hands,
i can't forget  it at all.

When i'm sick,
i take just a drop,
and back in life
as if i'm a king.

The plants i grow,
they need it a lot.
Ducks and pigs,
i can't forget them.
oh! water is life.

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Not like fox,
It's common at home,
and have a nice love with man.
Oh! really it's god for security
at home.

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Praise the lord,
respect his name,
and his son, Jesus Christ.

The lord is good,
not only in joy,
but in problems at large.

Don't despise him,
and his name,
the master of all.
God is great!

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I have a garden on my head
covered with grass,
black and white
when i grow old.

I have small fans
on the sides of my head
that can't help me to fly
like the plane.

I have big head,
designed like a car
with round bulbs on it
that help me to see.

I have a funny head
the structure it is!
the source of my joy
my  brain, my life.

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I'm proud of my life,
and all what iam,
the friend of every one.

I just stand on the way,
and attract every thing,
the birds and the flies.

Really am the boss,
who can't struggle a lot
to get what to eat.

When rain falls,
all the flying birds,
use me as a shade.

I'm proud of my life,
i can't get sick,
years and years.

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I'm unlucky to use my belly
to crawl on the ground
when it's hot and some times  cold
as if am a lame.

I really struggle alone
to sleep in the cave,dirty and small
not like  man who sleeps like a king
smart at home.

I wake up very soon
and start slowly the way
to look for food.
But what makes me cry,
the son of man strike my head.
Oh! i regret what i did.

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Now me, now not, 
a thought is always there. 
My genes navigate on collapsing walls, 
words, dark mind, broken dreams. 
But thought is always there. 
I hold on firmly to sounds, 
voices, tongues, 
the thought is always there.

Brain goes into a nameless friction, 
of aimless voyage
I rediscover the myth and abandon the zone of thoughts. 
Distance becomes a wailing music. 
Sitting between the flesh and bones
I recognise the relic of a window.

Let us drop the years, 
become timeless, empty and hollow.
Egocentric wind violates the lungs. 
We cannot sing in praise of earth. 
I walk through the body, 
stripping to the bones, to find the seeds. 
I refuse to pluck the flowers.


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It was dull green
under the weather,
foliage of a tall weeping Ashoka.

All day the sun had beaten down mercilessly
At night, under the shimmering shade of stars
somebody left a body of a  child
wrapped in  a red rag at the foot of the giant, 
where the roots were jutting out from earth like a basket
to receive a birthday present.

A gift from a veiled shame.
Shutting out the breath,
a purple death by asphyxiation
A pink doll: mist draped in dew and flower.
Death was no stranger
among the saints and beasts.

Stone to stone,
stunned me.
I was discovering the life.


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Flying like fools
not like wise
the flies are mad
not like birds.
But all they fly.

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Let it remain
ovarian pure. After strangulating
the truth,
for hypoxic euphoria.

Flies in your face
the dirt,
the denial, the terracota
of superposition of speech
hiding self-interest.

Blackened crozier
for wrinkeled crotch
drops the ashes of love
on unopened buds.

Weeping willow sways
in warm winds of prayers.
Strawberry in holes
nothing like bruise.


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Going back foot
he looked inside himself and felt a breeze
on empty stomach.
he was a sand grain in the eye
of a storm.

He wanted to shut off all beliefs
to further the search of truth,
be happened,
and walked alone on the sand dunes
to meet the sun,
and smell the salt of tears,
aloft in sky.

In the stillness of a shadow
he forgives the past
and prepares himself
for the negation to create 
a pause.


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To become or not to become a renegade,
or to die or not to die for a semi-god ?
These were some of the questions
thrown at an incomplete script.

What elevated you to a celebrity ?
Your hump or deep wrinkled groans ?
Age is abating, abattoir is empty.
Exile from the past is over.
When you intend to comeback to childhood
and become a simple star ?

Behind the mask lies the embrace of death
I am afraid the flames will engulf,
the genius of pathways.
Everything into turn with obsolete gossip.
A patch of sunlight becomes a costly exposure
Bones are entwined in eternal cuddle.


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tu vedes mihi se voles et in loci que voles, ego sum diversus-
scribo versum, 
entro spaci Mnemosiae,-
sunt in verbi, dolori et desideri,
et verae
sunt gratitudinae
da cordi a medici Hospitali Sanctae Mariae,-
sapenti viae
Misericordiae et Vitae,
inclino genoculi a heroi veri,non da miti,
Gratiae multi mundi
et multae stellae,
pulcher est laboris pro genti
en Urbi de Venti.
Ivan Petrysyn Chicago USA 05/13/07

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    Early in the morning
as soon as  they  wake up,
they leave  their nests,
when they are  hungry,
they  fly in the air  to look for food.

    What's funny,
they don't like to  dig,
but they  like to eat same as man,
who sweats every day.

     Lucky as they are,
God  blessed them,
to live in peace not like man,
the trouble causer of the world.

    Shame upon them,
not to clean their eyes,
when their  job,
it's only to eat and sleep.

    Foolish again,
they lost their  knowledge,
and uses  the  dirty  claws,
to catch what to eat.

    Ignorant as they are,
 they can't close their nests,
and the enemy  come,
 strike their heads and die.

    Funny as  they are,
they  wave in the sky,
and run quickly  on the ground,
to pick what to eat and fly.

     Oh! Oh! Oh!
they  feed on fresh,
but they  can't get sick,
really like snakes that feed on dust,
and crawl on the ground when it's hot.

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He did every thing  to  make me
what  iam,
and  helped  me  to  grow
in  peace  and joy.
He's   my God.

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The insult to sober conviction
unsettles the saints.
Give me your hand, 
to solve this problem.
An abstract idea joins
the postures of different conflicts,
the worship of crumpled illusions. 
After great sufferings
only proverbs give a soothing effect.

Images blur, misspent energy 
distorts the palisade  of love.
Perhaps history repeats itself. 
Moon cries at midnight
looking beneath the soft clouds, 
to follow eternity.
Past & present are losers. 
The trustworthy future 
does not hold any promise.

Again questioning brings 
the numbness on surface.
The agony of realization, 
moves away from just mistakes.
It is hard to smash
the strong beliefs.
A self-denial brings 
the death of truth.
 I am alone in the heat 
of an argument, pathless, rising, sinking.


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I was very restless today
somebody had overplayed the hand
to grab the absolute.
Light was searching the earth
and earth was moving inside me.

I wanted to pack up and go
to meet the truth.
The lips had left their print
on the empty cups.
The ragpicker was waiting.

My toes had met the brutal stones
of godhood. I was puzzled by new
methodology to make man free.
As the grass grows through the carcass
a cataract is trumpeting blind.

I was afraid of the huge web.
The spider was nowhere in sight. 


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In troubled times
he just walked away
carrying the antiquity in briefcase….

The new man.
Ending the anonymity of stubbornness,
rejects the yesterday
but I wanted not to be a participant
of terrible decay.

Who will understand? Enough was 
the midnight ecstasy,
for in the hour of loneliness
the sentence will be stretched for eternity.

This young history
may try to build a new order
by dirty hands.
Life will give its verdict on death
understand it, when it was not there.

Reason becomes the law if you don’t
alter the purity and a face has a meaning.
The experience never ends
as for as the voice reached micropains.


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Must we go beyond 
the black holes of burned books ?
The flight from the edge of circles
leaves the dust behind.
Inside our wings are embedded 
the years. In the sky 
we must part. The parallax is here.
I will pursue the centuries 
circling over the memories.

A single page flutters, 
rest of the book is silent
not skillful technicality,
only a smuggled simplicity.
I fall into the stillness 
of a ceaseless motion, 
fall into yesterday. 
The feeling to put out
the bright candle is very strong. 
A burning solitude.

Face to face with motionless dream
the wide space between letters unfold a meaning.
The absence of central thought
was the essence.
Refusing to  churn the evidence,
we forgot that our territories could,
not hold the bliss of another self,
of another relay.


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Non-eye vision penetrates. 
The silent song trembles
I weave a pattern 
to resolve the crisis
the escape to white
space was useless. 
The ending of sorrow 
was a movement on circuit 
the center has started vanishing.

Thinking was preventing
the completeness of self.
A single flower is answer of nature.
The echo of pulsating memories.
the landscape is full of quotations. 
No one reads. Denials 
and evasions want more attention.

A new road enters the body
on the edge of a prayer
infinitely small, a handful of vowels
sailing in my mind,
give powerful eyes to faith.
The abstracted meaning
leaves a sweet taste in mouth. 
I lay out a mud path for the reader.


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Beauty Within

Beauty is like a flower, It blossoms all 
time. When its ready it will bloom the 
it will be a butterfly. But no matter
how many times it blooms beauty will ne-
ver die, cause beauty grows all the time.
Is beauty the skin? No its whats within!


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Recalling memories was difficult.
I presume, today was not my day.
Theme uprooted, I stood for the branches,
the spirit, the truth, the roots.
Do I see more than what was needed?

Only eyes to eyes speak without words, sound,
vision or reality.
All the flowers have shed their petals. Now 
seeds are shining. I feel liberated. The 
faultline has defiled me. Bilingual insult.
Time leaves the questions in air, suspended.
You have to find the answers, yourself, in the
debris of arguments.

Bell’s palsy. Face, lips distorted, lids drooping,
speech slurred, you clog
the brain with help of anti-depressants,
how many endings you have seen?

I have not lit my dark cell,
moonlight, mauls the window,
jostles to enter
hurts in my face!


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Tiger lilies

All alone, Beautifully 
Caressing, Daring
Eventually, Fading
Gifted, Honest
Intentions, Justly
Kind, Lavishing
Majestic Notions
Opon Puple Petals
Quietly Singing
To the Utterly Vacant
Wind, Xcitingly

Zephyrus is a greek god who personifies the gentel west wind

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None knows me, 
the structure i am. 
They just estimate 
about what i am! 
Iam really a walking man, 
miles and miles, 
and always where i pass, 
i leave every thing cry. 
I have a special force, 
to break some hills, 
i have great force, 
to break the rocks. 
None in the world, 
can block my way, 
i pass where i need 
though it's night. 
Really i am a man, 
a man from men 
to shake the world 
as heavy as it is! 

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An answer becomes a question 
without an effort.
The world hisses 
in filaments of joy. 
My hands become 
green branches of a huge tree. 
Terrified sun moves away 
with all its glory. 
I empty myself in a circle of voidness.

It was a sad chapter 
the beginning of violence-
the heat dries up the sweat on brows. 
Standing in the sun I watch, 
how we are dismantling each other. 
The innocence of civility, 
eclipsed by ferocious flesh, loses symphony.

The fatal, brutal, savage times. 
We are running
to reach nowhere.
The tension creeps under the skin.
The impurity of thought
hurts like broken glass.
A barren land forgets
the man & remains loyal to death.


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He was worried about the thumbs,
so that he could not write
or fire a gun.

The last convulsion was a drag
every pain was going to be memorable,
he etched on translucent arms.

Between the shouts a silent sob
scatters the rainbow.
The writing on the lips becomes invisible.

Sweetheart, don’t go into the rain.
Clouds are wounded and sky is dark.
Shadow of talking tree is becoming longer.


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I rain like a mad,
without mind at all,
whether it's light,
or it's dark.

I don't have time,
i just come as i need,
day and night.
Oh, what iam?!

I move far away,
miles and miles,
but i don't have legs,
to walk and run.

When i reach on the ground,
the plants looks fresh,
the pigs and ducks,
enjoy the world's joy,
because of me.

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The space was widening. Opacity was
Being. Antimatter in. You were scared.
Why this disintegration? Unthinkable hunger,
Incompleteness. Antithesis of universality. My
smallness. His greatness. The heat sucks the
blooms. Celestial dance of the destroyer begins.

The body makes I. Soul is me. The death
was climbing up the stairs. Hiding
in attic you were singing, refusing to see
the visitor, Dismissal of blast. Was a global
failure. How many bodies you are going to
count? Not enough graves. Mass burial?
or descent in tower of silence?

The sludge. Delta is disappearing. Nystagmus.
No land to build a home. Withdrawal. Poachers
are killing the tigers. Claws for power, killer’s
strength. A tall tree stands on ridge, meditating.
Peacocks are watching. Will be their turn
now? Eyes on the plumage. For clarity,
vision and wisdom.


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In the blue  sky
There  come clouds
moving  like wool
that  makes rain to  fall.

Men  and women
prepare their hoes
but ducks and pigs
enjoy a nice time.

Flowers and grass
keep  them selves  cool
by  waiting  water to eat.

when  rain falls
all the growing plants 
enjoy the  sweet world.

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In search of a missing clock
he went to the city of a fake encounter.
It was irrelevant to find
the lost tunnel.

There was no street without a rustle.
The sap of tall trees had bloomed
into jaws of death.
He stepped on a land mine
and blew himself
to reach the truth.

And his gift was an
apostate of me.
The tenth day moon will
celebrate my becoming nobody.

The rivals will have
a field day
dancing on my shroud.


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There were two shades of truth. 
All the facts were true
and all the facts were wrong. 
Reality was always drowning in a shapeless pit, 
confusion reigned between two statements, because
import was nil and walking
amidst ruins was painful.

Worthless conflicts hover in the night.
Exchanging the dialogues with death start in vain.
I go back to my fire and burn my thoughts. 
The world around me is adjourned,
sine die for the sake of peace. 
I became what I am.

You wait for a whole life to tell the truth,
and then die for it.
My god was crazy. 
He did’t ask me for a prayer because he was me, 
and there lies the absolute. 
For umpteen times I felt the need of, 
resurrection from the dead lies.

Satish Verma

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I must not go beyond sunset
to discover the consciousness of night,
Standing alone on a cliff
I was ready to jump for salvation
atoning for guilt of survival

My regret was time
and timeless suffering,
Where was the maturity of age ?
Mind must go for the beloved ones
for a virginal touch of flawless blaze.

They should have come to join the prayer
not for me, but for the dying sun,
and white valley of fears.
Half my tongue sings for the shade
and half I  cry mutely.


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They fly like bees,
sense like nose,
and greedy like ducks,
to eat  dirty things.

I hate them a lot,
because of their life,
familiarity and greed,
to eat dirty food.

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Slicing thoughts, destiny
timeness of present, trying to watch
inside. The inverted question. Mask

Your own progeny spying on you,
disowning the moon bears. Beyond
truth was a huge wall. Ensnarement.
Whispers silenced.

A vast void. Interpretation of disguised
Voilence. Hostilities in elliptic orbit. Moon
slaughtered. Death was quick, spurting
the blood. Smearing the intelligence.

Paper weight. Surface tension. Shrinking
supreme. Parthenogenesis. Breaking
the square. Ending of scrolls. Cosmic
disorder. What brains were thinking?

Long speeches. Verbatim fuel. Nubile
bombers. Circus of mediocre legends.
Failed epidurals. History is squinting.
Select values are outworn. I am watching
a very red sunset.


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Remember it not.
Let it slide into cave.
The annual rings of old wood are
Tree of life burning inside.

It cannot happen
it can happen.
There is no certainty.
this is certainty.

Bread with hoofs
no butter, no udder
no milk.

A spider in the bottle
slumbers on gaint legs
watches with red eyes.
Time to feed.

The aroma of sea.
Pungent smell of brown algae
the bathing moon,
a lone boat.

Did you know why I admire defeat,
retreat :
Perfect  solitude,
featureless calm.


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Distance was increasing
in spewing rage.
I yearned for a solitude of desert
sand and rocks
away from musty tongues
and eros.

Counting my failed attempts
to reconcile with exits
and slant hopes.

Like an eclipsed moon
plying over the hill
to investigate a shorn lamb.
Plucking the hair from a beautiful scalp
to become a nun.

Arthritic  river brings back the waves.
Unreachable was the  crest.
Today standing alone on the summit
I watch the drop with grief.


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Creeping in waking night
was fear of fear
and you wanted to accept the defeat
It gives you  solitude of
blank space, featureless.

The terrorist mask of blazing guns
bribing the absent gods,
for whom you are aiming?

The holy man on road
crushing the grass
lilies getting flattened under the giant wheels.

Moving an bloody toes
festering heels
carrying the sacred earth under the nails
all night.
peeling the time, throwing the skn
and waiting
for the dust to settle.


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In despair,
beyond-pain, I will watch my dreams
in rimless eyes of wet faces.

The lake had been sending back
the white and black shrouds

They were jumping one by one
old and young,
from the twisted planks
holding geraniums.

A warm prayer on the lips,
what was left worth enduring ?
The innocence, the guilt, the shame ?

Clinging to bloody lumps of happiness
who is going to have a last laugh ?
Time is breathing gloom,
body is attached to a pole.


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I have a heavy load on my head
   I can't lift it at all
using one hand.

I have a heavy load on my head
     full  of many things
I can't lift at once.

I have a heavy load on my head
      If i measure  it all
It's more than a drum.

I have a heavy load on my head
      When put on the weighing scale
It's fifty kilograms and above.

What a heavy load bulky  every time
     Since i was born!

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Up  in the  sky,
There  are two  circles,
round  like melon.

One moves  in the  night,
and another in day time,
producing  enough  light
that  help  plants  to grow.

Men  and  women,
some times   in  the  year,
enjoy  the round  balls,
which  lightning the  world,
day  and  night.

One  it's   hot,
and another  it's  cold
throughout the year.

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Again you made friends, words
wanted to leave the paper blank
for the parched lips,
crying eyes,
trembling hands.

Missing stanzas,
flowing river,
rootless floats.
You did not feel like-
time filled you every minute,
you were empty, poor.

When you read the end
you understood beginning.
Will to die was not sufficient
you had not completed the script.
Alone in crowd you wanted words
to commit suicide.

Democracy was a funny name.
Everybody was sad, except the lead
who did not know where to go.

One day you found your voice
and were surprised
you were everybody
when you were hurt, you bled inside
and your blood then mixed with 
the blood of everybody. Then everybody cried
and you became separated from you and did not say anything!


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Pardon my mask
I will put you on pedestal to torment me,
because you were necessary
for my existence.
When I prepare finally my death wish
you can smile.

Your eyes are looking through my head,
I know,
you were hurt from my moon face.
I will wash your feet with my tears now.

Exhausted, nameless in a crowd
I was counting my see-through triumphs
all piled up as burned out bones.

To live without meaning is very painful.
Everything is abused for self gratification.
Over a black sky, against the mountains
the old silence becomes teeth of a dead faith.


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Good Morning

The light	
A silent yet vibrant call
As if a shout from the east
Upon the wake of the day
The round surfacing presence
Calls upon us all
To stop, take notice
Pay heed
As we rub our eyes
And stretch to
The welcoming sky

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He created the world,
using his hands,
and all belongs to it,
using his knowledge.

He created the sea,
the sun and the moon,
to lighten the world,
day and night.

He created the trees,
the animals and the birds,
to boost the world
in joy  and love.

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covered are the sea reefs,
                            hidden from our eyes,
covered are the mountain tops
                            high up in the ski,
covered is the green land fields
                            once a natural site,
covered is the history that is ours
                             the history of the fight,
covered for us not to see
                            covered but I can't let that be.

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Behind my head
There's a peak
that help my skull
to keep the brain.

My funny peak
it's blind every time
and can't help me at all
to see at the back.

Seeing at the back
i just change my head
to know what's wrong
and defend my self.

Behind my head
There's  a peak
without  a nose to breath.

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Unlived death, that was me
waking in exile from the bones.
He said I remember your verse
a split open bloom!

Given away your gems to sea
ready to become ash, green blood, 
you have killed a white cloud
now go for a floral burial.

He said I remained unpacked
like an open wound.
How far space will hang on the shoulders,
how far the sky will remain blue?

Snow will not melt I presume
I will burn my shirt with stain.
Life will not stop but conceive
the proud burning pain.

I stand today without complaints
grieve for my silence, ignorance.
There was a home I could not save
miles from water like bright dome.


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It's white as snow,
shaped like  a corn,
and sharp every time.

It's hard as a bone,
shaped like a hole,
and sometimes decay.

It's protected by mouth,
saliva and the tongue,
up and down.

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Oh! oh! oh!
my life is hard,
i can't walk like a dog,
but i walk like a lame.

I can't fight my self,
when the enemy come,
but i just hide my face,
to escape death.

In  time  of pain,
i really struggle alone,
and every where i pass,
they laugh at me.

I'm really a laughing stock,
the structure i am,
and my big eyes,
makes babies  cry!

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I love my tongue,
the source of my joy,
my life, my love.

I  use it at home,
to communicate with mum,
my brothers and daddy.

I love my tongue,
my language, my life
every where i go.

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Some times i plan,
to fly like a bird,
and wave in the sky
to fight the sun!

But  i lost my wings,
thousand years back,
i would have killed it,
the enemy of my life.

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Moms Memories

I can clearly see its a beatiful day.
The sun is giving me all its rays.
The sky is blue and the grass is green.
Enjoying all nature has to bring.
Now I know why mom sit here so much.
To be close to nature to feel its touch.
I notice there is a breeze blowing the leaves in the trees.
I can feel moms presence here with me.
I feel such peace and content.
 And a afternoon could not be better spent.
Sitting here withe moms memories.
In the swing,with nature all I see.

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Who created it?
None knows at all,
but God only knows.

Who brought it in the world?
None knows that,
but started long ago.

Is it a good thing?
Really it's bad,
and breaks people's homes,
day and night.
Adultery is a curse!

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Where you staying from?
don't ask me,
i'm a walking man
who can't rest at all.

Ask your self,
you will get the truth
that  am a flying guy,
fly the whole day.

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Sometimes in the sky
sound like bomb
that wakes all the flies.

Doves and Ducks
Run very fast
to seek for shelter
because of the shock.

But dogs and cows
Bark and moo
by fearing to die
at the terrible time.

Oh! When the thunder strike
shakes all the ground
for human beings to run.