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Abc Friendship Poems | Abc Poems About Friendship

These Abc Friendship poems are examples of Abc poems about Friendship. These are the best examples of Abc Friendship poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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The Perfect Friend

The Perfect Friend ©

Today I found a friend 
Who knew everything I felt
She knew my weakness
And the problems I’ve been dealt.
She understood my wonders
And listened to my dreams, 
She listened to how I felt about life and love
And knew what it all means.
Not once did she interrupt me
Or tell me I was wrong
She understood what I was going through
And promised she'd stay long.
I reached out to this friend, 
To show her that I care
To pull her close and let her know
How much I need her there.
I went to hold her hand 
To pull her a bit nearer
And I realized this perfect friend I found
Was nothing but a mirror

Written by Shannen Wrass
Copyright © 1995 Shannen Wrass. All Rights Reserved

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Battle of the words

Bravery is the father of fears
Dreams are distant cousins of nightmares
Hope is the sister of prayers
Every night shame lays down and gets screwed by despair
Pollution abuses Mrs. atmosphere
It's a battle between personality and reality 
But obviously nobody cares
Maybe it's because big tough is the uncle of little scared
Planning is deeply in love with prepared
Procrastination is the biggest enemy of determination
Ignorance is jealous of realization
Sometimes strength can get sneak attacked by temptation
Silence can never defeat a great proclamation
When the brain disagrees with the heart
The body dies of complications

Love your self...

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A Yearn for a Smile 9-21-11

	A yearn… simply something that you want or long for. As a yearn to finish, a yearn to achieve, a yearn for a like, a yearn for a smile is something that you drastically want, a desire. Something that you spend long hours, nights even day dreaming hours thinking about how you can earn that smile. What can you do…. or what can you say … things such as a conversation sparks, likes even dislikes, mostly anything that will crack a smile. These are things that truly show signs of something far greater than fame, sex, money, power. What is it? Something more than I have yet to find. So as I search for the answer I over shoot the entrance with rapid thinking of what she wants, her likes, her dislikes. But truly it will only be earned by who you are, what you want to be, yourself, your feelings your desires, your yearn. So when you yearn for that smile or that special something it can only be earned by being you, no one else. Take a look at yourself in the mirror and try to see past the makeup or tan or piercing and just look at yourself… then take that image and imprint it to yourself forever because to find happiness and your yearn  can only be earned one way. Trying to watch her and she how she reacts to certain things just to make myself seem better when I finally open my mouth to her will only make you distant from that special someone.  With me I personally see myself as buff pierced orange person, while trying to continue to follow the people who I look up to the most. So as you struggle and go through life’s trials and tribulations always look at your yearn or what it once it what was. Think about how you felt when you failed or succeeded and try to make yourself a better person from it. Not by adding more glamour or appeal to yourself but by being closer to yourself. What you really are. Because only then can you truly say you earned your yearn of a smile or that special someone, even if there not with you, apart of them will be and that’s the part they left. The part that made you better. More complete. 			So never forget your yearn of her..

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Falling Rain

As the rain falls down on me,
Before the end of the day.
Curtains will rise once more,
During the final play.
Even as the sun goes down,
Falling from the sky.
Greeting us the stars will shine.
Heaven knows why.
I often wonder if we deserve this
Meaning that if we don't give it,
Never will we spare strife.
Oppressing the weak,
Persuing the poor.
Questioning some things
Realizing more.
Still as life goes on 
Trying as we might.
Ultimately loosing
Violently in this fight
We cant go on in life like this.
X-ing out everything
You were the first bell in my life but
Z is the last to ring.

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Breaking rules to make new rules
Chasing godly minds to fish out moles 
New pals while old were in shit holes
With them in d quarters of my life I make some new goals 

Jumping cliffs that could break ma back
Trekking distances that could get me wack
Swapping my gentility for ruggedness
Oh I sing Aluta while pop washes away
Isn't  ma white turning grey?
A murmur that leads my heart to sway

On a mission which vision was seen
In which yellow leaves would turn back green
And success would wash away my sin

Only patience foes I lost to recall
Would join d crew in d merriment mall 
Those that sees nt would be seen not
That is karma taking it's course just 
With the Patience Old and The Destined New........ A new life begins.

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Just a kiss

Count the stars one by one an put one 
in your pocket.
Give it a kiss and name an place it in
a locket.
If your star should ever lose its shine
just give it another kiss an you will 
that your star will always be near to 
keep you strong an to never have a 
If your star should ever loss its
Just give it another kiss and whisper
its name.
If your star should ever get weak just
give it another kiss and a promise you'll
forever keep.
But if the day should ever come that you 
forget your stars name
Dont feel bad or feel any shame
Just give it another an you will reacall
that the only name for your star will 
always be baby doll

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forgive everything -- 
but keep boundaries

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The Vent

im livin in a world, where all eyes on me.
trying to curve my own route.
but route 66 keeps finding its way to me.
ive been plenty sick, in all the events layed before me.
even when i reflect to my lowest points
i dont regret any of the choices
That I’ve deployed in my era
A lot of it by error, but hey
We live in hell conditions and there ain’t no air condition 
Or any guidelines when life throws you in the sidelines
But when hindsight twenty twenty hits
You’ll begin to understand life’s a bunch of equations and you in the mix of it
An you’ll have to think twice, before running into a situation and becoming the best of it
it’s what got me here, it’s what got us here
Ran with my thoughts blazing up to her place and
Guess what happened next
She opened up heaven’s gate
And just before late I slipped out
Simply put 
I’m a Grown ass man
Doin his thing, waitin to blow up like an old land mine
In doin what he drools over
But time after time 
Something decides to creep up and cover the light
Lost my way
Then I revoked to ever know, I ever thought that way
But in the in between time, that in the mean time 
Spent a lot of time
Gettin pissed off just to medicate and lift off
Don’t need Don Perion to sip off
Already had my way with the bottle
Even thought to get back with the trouble and rejoin the hustle
That’s just what happens to a man who really knows his old ways
Whos tired of making ends meet and ponders getting back to the streets.
Memory sets in and he remembers an O.G. saying
No matter how tall your pockets stand when you ball
Eventually times gonna make you fall
And I as I pull myself together 
I don’t wanna end up like the twin towers rubble
I mean no offence to nine eleven but at that time I probably could have used a reverend
But all that’s irrelevant now
because i live with a different perspective now

there you go you made it to the end :-) comment if you like, constructive criticism wanted as well.

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hiden star

the last night i've seen you in the sky, it was dark and you were bringing light, i've
seen you at the same time i've seen some others stars, all similars, i almost got comfused
with them all but night by night i was seeing all those stars were moving or just not
lighting anymore and you were still there, night by night i looked for you, i didn't know
that you were my star.

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“Some other time, I’m not in the mood
Why cant we just cuddle and watch TV”?
When couples drift into the celibate zone
It’s not long till someone will flee.

Sexual fulfillment helps preserve love,
 Parenthood, marriage and self-esteem.
Those who maintain it avoid saying no
To be blessed by its pleasure and gleam.

While dating we tend to be more romantic
Putting forth the best of our charms.
Sharing dinners, long walks, and lustful weekends
As we spend more time in each others arms.

How many times have you said “not tonight”?
Exposing your happy home to harm.
Today’s crushing deadlines leave little time for love
Leaving partners with sorrow, sadness and alarm.

So share one another with red wine and time
Dial your own number and leave the phone off the hook.
Enjoy some romance, sex and laughter
Improving your mood and the way you look.

By Tom Zart


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since i met you my days are begin working
as a solar clock, i'm the rock
and you are the light that iluminates me and make me work
without moving every day, every night for you i'll be waiting
i know that some day u'll come to stay near me
and together we always be
no matter what happen
no matter what others think about us

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Best Friends

Whom i care like brother,
Or whom i embrace like sister,
The people who are so different from the others
Gift and blessing from the Lord of Universe.

They listen to me whenever I'm sad
They lend me their hand when i need help
They sooth me when life treats me bad
For my luck and fortune, they are also glad

Their voices are healing
Their advices are caring
Their joy, I'm sharing
When troubles befall upon them, I'm worrying.

To these people i will vow
To help them always no matter how
As blood runs through my veins
The promise is in force therein.

They are siblings of whom I choose
Divine gift and blessing from the Gracious Lord the Merciful
I pray may their lives are always blissful
Because they are my best friends, I dare not to hear bout them with something hurtful.

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Dear Friend

We were friends since day one,
always outside having fun.

As the day would past,
the fun would always last.

Until that day I had to go,
you held me tight and screamed no!

When i go older, i joined the army,
never thought it would be better for me.

I got a letter that said I had to go to war,
when I told my mom, it hurt her like a never ending sore.

you are no longer my friend, you're my brother,
but its a shame we have to fight each other.

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The lines on the field are painted a bright white.
I see the sun set slowly behind the goal post.
My eyes are blinded by the electric light.
At games we go all out and do the most.
I can hear the sizzle and pop of greasy concession stand food.
The crowd cheers from the stands.
From around the corner a little kid playing tag begins to cry,
And music is played from the band.
The quarterback passes the ball,
And the cheerleaders yell for him to go all the way.
While he is sprinting to the end zone we hope that he does not fall.
“And that is another touchdown” we hear the announcer say.
This is a Friday night football game.
 Someday these boys could reach real fame.

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Never Thought It Would Happen

We began so little and young, 
Life beat us bad and twisted our tongue.
You and I walked a pretty rough road I can say
When you stumbled I was always there to make you stay.

Stay and not give up, I didn't give up on you than, so I wont give up on you now, 
We danced our life so brutally and softly, but this time you didn't look my way and bounced. 
I thought we would go on like this forever, but I guess like people say, 
Nothing lasts forever.

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My Best Friend

I met my best friend in first grade we would paint laugh and play some games.
As years pass we stayed the same playing hide in seek and a little tag
But one summer we drift apart meeting new friends it hurt my 
She would pass me through the hall,but not even turn at all.I don't understand we were so close ,we would share our secrets and have each others back,there wasn't no lack.
She's moved on now and all I feel is our friendship was betrayed ,like it was nothing but lies and it sometimes make me wanna cry.
Best friends forever is what we say,but time has gone past and she's moved away,so to my friend I miss you everyday. 

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Someone Elses Life

I feel like I'm living someone elses life, a life in strife. I've been strong, but when will I belong. I feel so alone, but I'm doing ok on my own. I can't describe the pain, but I keep in mind every storm runs outa rain. I use to think our love was unbeatable, but really its unforgettable. Everyday I walk down memory lane, trying to ignore the pain. He crosses my mind everyday, when will all this go away. There's gotta be something more, my heart is becoming sore. My momma doesn't have to worry, because I'm not sorry. I know he made the mistake, and he's the reason I have this heartache. What we had, was bad. I shouldn't have let it go that far, your just another scar.

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You deserve better my friend

You stood by me when I was alone;
But now it’s me who has left you alone..!!
You think this is fair, coz I don’t..;
You my friend deserve better..
Better than I can ever be..!!
All I have done is left your dreams shattered..;
Now you’re in trouble, and who caused it was me..!!
You my friend deserve better..
Better than I can ever be..!!   
Every single tear, that falls from your eye..;
I blame it on me..!!
You stood by me when I was alone;
But now it’s me who has left you alone..!!
You think this is fair, coz I don’t..;
You my friend deserve better..
Better than I can ever be..!!
When you were being hurt..;
All I could do was stand and watch..!!
Like a spectator, as if my hands were tied..!!
 Who needs this recognition?
When I can’t even take care of my friend..
When she needed me the most..!!
Remembering all that you have done for me..;
I feel so heavy and sick of myself..!!
As, when you were being hurt..;
All I could do was stand and watch..!!
Like a spectator, as if my hands were tied..!!
Even though, you stood by me when I was alone;
But now it’s me who has left you alone..!!
You think this is fair, coz I don’t..;
You my friend deserve better..
Better than I can ever be..!!

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My Friend

She came to our life, 
Like a breath of fresh air..
She flew like a free bird..,
Her laughter makes a life worth..!!
She takes away all the pain..
With a smile which is never pale...!!
She is like the star, 
That we read about when we were kid..
Shining above all so high..!!
She is a baby, and angel of our eyes...
She is as honest as the dying man's last wish..
The only heart beat that we live for..!!

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From the moment I sleep
to the moment I wake
From the moment of death
to the moment of birth
It wasn't the amount of breaths I took that ment i lived,
it was the amount you took away.
                                                             Death never came on swift feet for me.
                                It came on the wind pushing me off the cliff blowing in my ear,
                                                                      Pushing thoughts in my head
                                             Throwing my emotions stronger than any hurricane

Your sweet voice carried on a soft breeze
It speaks to my heart in rhyme
It can even pick me out of before to now
 and throw me back in time

                                                                 Every moment I see you I gasp.
                                                   Knowing you don't have to put effort in for me 
                                                                  to collapse from your beauty,
                                                   Hoping the next time I do you give me the kiss of life.
                                                                      tell the next breath i tack......

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           CHRIS NWIGWE

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A Glurmy Gleepcious Glorp

I plurm and glorp with every breath
My existence defies and deifies death

I splurp and glomph amongst your days
Indistinguishable from mud and haze
I slig and slorg, a dark breamy blaze
with unctuous vim I sleam through your days
and go about my large gorptious ways

Slimy, I slawl in shades of grey
leaving glossful drippings to mark my way
and make your life gang aft agley
as I spream and slorl in spurious ways
and glurm and gleep with hideous gaze
I sleam and glort in vorptious dark ways

‘Til you come undone
And my sporphing’s won!

My job’s complete – I’ve sprunked your flaze
My job is done, I’ve gronked your days!

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MidNight Wishes

Even though i did not hear your voice tonight i'm still ahit,
I will go on like this for ever, i wont go out without a fight. 
I'll fight till the end of this life to win your heart,
All you have to do is tell me when to start.

The music blarrin in my head phones at 1:52 AM and i'm lovin it, 
cause it helps me remember your gorgeous smile like it was meant to fit. 
Wanting to feel your touch and kisses all over me ignites the fire in me,
Wanting to take you by your hand and run wild in a big sea. 

There aint much i can say to express myself but this will have to do for tonight,
I think its just that i haven't reached height.
You no I love you and that's all that matters or will ever matter to me,
I will love you till i die, like I told you before, cant you see? 

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best friends!

thou we sometimes get in a fight
we always make things right,
we laugh about past times
and love to make up ryhmes,
some say our friendship wont last
but they don't know about our past,
we do anything and go anywhere
we may even get hurt but we don't care,
thou we don't always have fun 
our friendship will never run,
because friendship is through thike and thin
no matter where you are going or where you have been,

                                  By:Holly Davis

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An Ode to my friends

communication from above the air 
random as it doesnt compare 
the meet of peoples taste
so many exceptions, unknown where it leads
but a friend can call on formiddible times
can suprize and place you up there 
on that higher ground
where we all belong
they can be the calling we need
the lift that stands
the love we crave 
we all meet at random places
or odd situations 
we have the best times
the moments we never forget
the memories we look back years later
and just smile 
thankful we had the time 
and wish we had all over 
again and again 
always repeat those days 
those conversations 
the real deep and meaningfuls 
for what time we may have these tresured lives 
that we share 
may not be for long
but id never let go of those times
they made me who i am 
the path i walked on 
i might not see them all the time 
but i do think about them 
how i smile from to ear to ear 
money cant buy that
no one can replace that 
so with age comes being wise.. at times 
and its those days that we had 
makes life abit easier to live 
they keep us going 
and we never forgot them

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Friendship is to keep

They say friendship is precious,
They say friendship is stupendous,
They don’t say friendship is jealous!
We meet a queue of friends in life,
Some are precious, some are not,
Some are envious, some are not,
Some are septic, some are sadist;
Some are monotonous, some are not,
Some keep friendship to take help,
Some are truly selfless;
We leave some, some leave us,
At the end of day or beginning of it,
Friendship is dangerous!
Still, friendship is so impossible, 
People don’t talk even if meeting is inevitable,
People learn to ignore friends,
They learn the art of saying nothing,
So that nothing’s left unsaid!
When will Hinduism befriend Islam?
When will Jews accompany Islamists?
When will people stop fights over religions?
When will the world come under one religion?
That religion is humanity.

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I was many in the field But had to know what's beyond the hill. Didn't know the cost was my roots.

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Sometimes I Like To Pretend Things Never Came To A End

Sometimes I like to pretend, things never came to a end. But over time, our love became a crime. I didn't know what we had, would ever end so bad. But then I knew things weren't right, when we started to fight. Now I walk down memory lane all the time, the pain is worst then committing a crime. We only caused eachother pain, but we were eachothers maine. I thought things would be alright, but I cried alot that night. I don't want things to change, without you my life is strange. You said you wanted me so much it started to hurt that you couldn't wait, now im just another person you hate. When you said you didn't care, I knew the person I loved was no longer there. You aren't the same, the new you is lame. We both fell, now it's hell. You use to always be here for me, like family. But now your nowhere in sight, things aren't right. Empty is all that I can feel, I still can't believe this is real. I didn't mean to let you get away, I didn't know what to say. Am i with the right guy, or am i telling myself a lie. I was afraid to loose what we had, but to you that choice was bad.

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Midnight Skies

Midnight Cries In midnight skies the cries of love drift off to sleep in endless love. For he who heard them. Sent them hope, that God created a world for them. For us to see and bare good times. For no more hurt and devishlish crimes. For the earth which once was good. Is soured and torn. There are no morals or dreams no more. Or hope of good things when suffering soars. For they are crushed by his vast sword. For he who has the greater sin. He has carried and been burdened with. He has been forgotten. In times like these. Because people hearts bleed with disease. For they have burdened him with more sin. They have forgotten the pain he is in. For he so carried his cross with pride. A younge man who was destined to die. No matter what the world does think. This man did live before we did. We have lost our way in darkened times. Like lost sheep we have roamed, away from him. If youd only listen and help to carry his cross. Take the blame for things done past. Change our ways for hope to last. We wont do that out of pride. When he is denied. I feel for him. I pick his cross up and help him off the ground. For he is my brother. Who I have found. He has carried that cross. No man deserved his life in such a lose. Tormented and torturded to no extent. He didnt look like a mere man in the end. He coutinued to stand even after he fell. Showing me the strength of Heaven and hell. For a man so strong, so bold and kind. Showed me what we can do as man kind. He gave his life for everyone who reads this. For those who can not see. Do not be blind Find this man, for he needs you. He gave his life to save you. With your help, you raise his cross. You heal that burden of love. That has been lost. Ease his pain and find your way. For Heaven is a start and hell is a step away.

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A Love Story in ABC format

All I will say is how I did my best ever day to say you are my love
Before I go to bed and before I wake up I pray above
Cluing you with the best of my affections that I hope you see
Did you know that everyday I look at you my day is pleasant and that is the key 
Everyone that knows me knows that you are the one for me
Friends and family love you as much as I expect to be
Going forward with all my heart I give you my love unexpectedly
Holding your hand while walking and whispering to your ear I love unconditionally
In my heart I expect in return is a smile of faith
Just when we look into each others eyes in love we bathe
Kindly we speak to each other with passion
Life we have together we love our every hug and kisses in occasions

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I Hope Your Happy

Although we were best friends, you
Betrayed me. You
Cracked my heart. You 
Destroyed me. Your an
Example of an un-true
Friend. So
Go, go be 
Heartless like you always are.
I wish, I wish i never talked to you.
Just leave me alone. 
Keep your comments to yourself. 
Leave my life. 
My life is now a disaster, i hope your happy..

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People want to commit suicide,
people choose to die over livin life.
Why has it come to be this way?
Why has this life become so meaningless,
that we just want to throw it away?
We become selfish and think our life is so bad,
dont think of others who's lives are worse, But still greatful for what they have.
People take for granted the things they've got,
clothes, food, smokes and shoes, even a roof or a bed,
They dont think of the homeless,
the hungry, not even the cold or the hot.
They just think they want to be dead,
Things happen in our lives that, to us, seem bad.
We dont look for help or trust any "friends"
All because of the past we've had.
Dont be a coward and run away,
Stick it out, Live life,
I know that there's alot of strife,
But stick it through day to day.
People want to commit suicide,
people choose to die over livin life.
Why has it come to be this way?....

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For A Friend, Adam Harun

Adam do not worry about the gloomy days.
Better days is on the way.
Cry no more my dear friend.
Dry your tears and smile.
Each day is a blessing and a challenge.
Forge ahead with rigor.
Gain on your dream gradually.
Hold on to your dreams because without
It life is just useless.
Jail all your fears and throw the
Key away,so it will not resurface.
Learn to forgive and forget.
Manage your time because life is short.
Never forget those that means most to you.
Open your mouth only when it opens itself.
Pray but do not let prayer be your master.
Quit only when you are dead.
Respect the course that made you.
Speak nothing but the truth.
Trust only what is right.
Undo with any fear of failure.
Valor is the motto you should adopt.
Whatever your thoughts,share it like Father
Yet reserve your decision.
Zenith is your destination.

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 I am so sorry I tend to whisper to my self while the wings on my back enfold me in my idiocy and bust in a furl of feathers and fire.
My authentic halo falling broken reinforcing my thoughts on transformations... 

My lush lies crept up into me whispering to you my secrecy and my merry go round patterns...
 I was adapted to serous sabotage and unconsidered volcanic eruptions... Having nothing to react to I made my own quake...
i deserve everything. 

But for you to say I can't feel is something that just shocked me at my core... 
But then again what should I expect? 
Secret boyfriends? 
are you kidding me...? 
But then again what should i expect... 
I gave you a reason to be suspicious a reason to say those things... 

With my viscosity on the subject I realize I have to be punished... and it has nothing to do with you...

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Never in a million years

Never in a million years would i have thought 
this to be,
my bestfriend, companion, and so special
to me.
if i wouldnt have opened my eyes,
she could have just passed by and walked right 
outta my life.
but in Gods weird since of loving humor way,
today he brought Brittany Back to stay,
a life from my past that i had lost,
never knowing what would be Gods cost.
Now i sit hear always waiting to see,
her simple smile brighten up for me.
The friendship, hugs, smiles and the tug at my heart,
now i know it was just the start.
I may not always be the best,
but yet she still chooses me above all the rest.
all i ask is please let this be I love you Brittany,
and God please bring her home to Me...

By:Devin Frost

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The flirt

You smile and we chears perhaps away are the dears. But what a better of a joy than let the pretty take the troy.!

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The Mother-Land Cries.

The land bleeds.
From treasured seeds.
No Diamond grills,
from cut off limbs.
The poor-less fears.
''Blood, Sweat an Tears.''
The Hunger of pain,
screaming in vein.
With continued cries,
an lullaby's.
Of stories told,
but never unfold.
In a desperate speed,
of souls in need.
The Sun, has drowned,
in this part of town.
And the moon is hidden,
more than a mission,
on television.
The real world speaks,
In harmony,
with sympathy.
In sync,
with missing links.
with no one left,
confining itself.
In a matter of life an death.
A shepard's, shattered dream,
washing away, in the streams.
No cattle to feed.
Crippling the land.
Of silent sand.
A cry for help.
Too well kept.
Rendered thoughts,
an vivid souls,
traveling the distance,
of unfinished goals.
The beated Drum,
when no one comes.
The Mother-Land Cries,
there no denying...
The tears,
I hear,
In my ears.
Though out the night.
A Non-Stop flight.
Drifting through the sky,
When the whole world cry.
Piercing the goals,
Of heart an souls.
Yet, Un-Cut,
an bold.
By: Shi Ricks 
@ copyright.

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                 Achievers Brave Conscientiously Duties,

   Every Framework Greatly Harnesses Impulse,

               Justifying Know-how Likely Manifest---

   Non-stop Obligation Pursued---Quest Realised---

              Satisfying Tasks---Undergone;Everyone Seeking 

   Success Must Climb The Ladder From His Present

                Condition Or Duty.

      chipepo lwele
      *Dedicated to Majory M.Chipepo

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friendship is the ship which never drowns in the sea.
friendship is the sea which never dries.
friendship is the flower which never dries and fall down.
friendship is the fruit which is very sweet.
friendship is the ice cream which never melts.
friendship is the chocolate which every one shares.
i also ll give my chocolate to you.
happy friendship to all my dear friend readers.

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Sugarland Express(The Honeywagon's Replacement)

It all happened so fast
No one had time to react
What to do now that the Honeywagon is gone
Do we really want this day to dawn
Reality hits, how could Charlie be so heartless
He tells the females, welcome to the Sugarland express
Miss Bette never did not experience the previous ride
Now she wonders with her grief who can she confide
Please don't approach me, I don't want to give Charlie any distress
I do want to lose my turn to cruise to the gate in the Sugarcenter Express
Now that there is a new Alpha Female
I call her Gabby, but her real name is Gabrielle
The guys still are enforced with the same regulations
Sit in back and feel that unimportant sensation
I heard a guy tried to ride in the front seat
He was told move to the back and feel the defeat
A guy riding up front, what thoughtlessness
This is not a Beefcake Cruise, it is the Sugarland Express
A female had some gifts, today was her birthday, guys see it as junk
Too many gifts, two guys were forced to ride in the trunk
I have signed up, do I have what it takes to be a guest
Just once, please I beg, for my turn to ride in the Sugarland Express
At this point it don't matter, something is certainly laggin'
I miss the DVD player and all the other amenities in the Honeywagon
I just had to get that off my chest
Please sign up, I have still another three months before my turn to ride in the 
Sugarland Express
But soon I heard Charlie will offer Nintendo Wii to play on the way to the gate
So if you want that ride, don't be late
Ah, a new female all she has to do is ask for a seat
I feel this saga will never be complete

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sometimes the desires you wish for come true    some don't
your friendship and relationship will be useful for you
if only you would count on them             pick the one with the best qualities
maybe finally you'll understand               that only one would be lucky to have you
you might have a future with dignity that you will appreciate
finally you will understand that you have tried your best to get to the outer people inside
and what you will think of will be full but not empty      and it will have the smartness to -realize everything in your way.

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The way we use to be

Sometimes I close my eyes
thinking of years 
   that have flown by

i felt like I belonged then
    A family made of stone!
      We were so strong

my mind unlocks 
the best memories
with a soft,
haunting sigh

I miss when we were younger 
days seemed 
to take forever 
    dragging on 
  in seasons breeze

we ran together playing, 
miss us living life
with no worries...
more than you know

Sometimes as I kneel praying 
when it comes to my brothers 
my sister. 
I have to stop
for emotions rush
instant tears of my love

for a bond that can only be broken
from the inside....
if we allow it

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Oh my friend

Oh my friend 
Share this with me
AS your feeling
As my feeling
Oh my friend
Every day I fond 
You my friend
In my verses
Every night I fond
You in my dreams
Are there meaning for my words
Without you
You my idol
And the imagery
Of my fate
You my friend
Oh my friend
You my fate
Share the breaths
Of my life
Share the beats
Of my heart
You light the shadows
My friend
And let the darkest
Pure love My friend
Flourish flourish
Because my friend
You are always
my friend
You my friend
Golden mirror
to my fair
And holding hands
To my flame
You are my fame
As safe heaven
You are oh my friend
To my faith
You are always my friend
Is your kindness and your care
Oh my friend
And god's grace
You are always
For me
You gifted lover
My friend
And the love is your game
My friend
So share it with me
My friend

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What Happen

When we just was friends thing seem and felt better
But now sense we've decide to make it into a relationship thing 
it seems and feels like everything have's change
I miss what we had
the sex hasn't change it still great
But I do think us having a relationship 
between one other was the best
I like you a lot 
It just seems like everything 
have changed 
not sure what went wrong 
But I would like to fix it
I miss the way it was before.

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Peace Please

Quarreling can
Result in
Harmony doesn't end in verbal slaps.

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Unbound Friendship

Steeps to the joy with unbound friendship
To be strive with  happiness
Hopes of life boosting
Never feel life worth
Without  the magic of friends.
 Light of  unlimited success 
Through the beautiful bond
Ever remembered as a pearl of memories
Bringing the best in me.
A beautiful bond  of love
Adds glitter of sparkles in life.
Golden rhythmic magic
With a word or smile feels so happy.
Art of  friendship like a golden thread
Wrapped with love and care.
Enlights the deep relation 
To be ever remembered
With a pure heart of kindness
Like an affection  with caring.
Thats a miracle of life
With a root of moral support
Towards wealthier treasure of life
Like a magic rainbow.
Under a goldenship thats the friendship

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friendship friemship loveship lsoveship

Loveship lsoveship friendship 
friemdship neivrer neiverrast 
collspsea nor death . Its jealousy 
should shoulda remainderrast 
remaindest strongest straongest 
calmest calmerst. Loveship 
laoveship  friendship friemdship if it 
is hold too tightlly it dies but on the 
contrary if it is hold too looselly it 
escapes.   it however must be 
treatment fairnessly the fairnesslly 
fairmessly the fairmesslly with self 
gratitudeness and self highestness 
respectfullness and self highestness 
regardfullness greatnessfull 
bestfullness greatfully bestfully 
greatestfully babestfully

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The Revival by Michael Byron Dale Hamilton

I have felt the love
I have felt the hate
I have felt the life leave my heart

I have felt the ones I loved betray me
I have felt ones care from afar
I have always wanted a few besides me
Without them I am nothing

Whether you are there from afar
Or walking by my side
Whether patting my back
Or giving me a tender kiss of life

I have been mocked with riches
And I tore myself down 
"Life is going to hell" I said
As i crossed on to a dangerous path of life

But after today
Things have went my way
And nothing now feels wrong

The past is gone now
These times anew
But at least these times
I'll spend time with you

I was the voice of which could not be heard
I was the song which couldn't be sung
I was the one that went unnoticed
I was the bell that was un-rung

I was one of the lucky ones
I had my friends there all the way
To revive me from my aches and sorrows
Bringing back my true life

I noticed life was passing by
As life soared right by my side
I gathered all my strength and spread my wings
And now with life I fly

The Revival by Michael Byron Dale Hamilton

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Broken Souls

Broken Souls  

I talk to producers
of books and
My tormented farm
life strayed my way

Strict sheltered
home and harsh
Today’s modern world
and mental tragedies

Constantly under
pressure, was pure
and healthy
I find I was
repressed by
everything I’d see

Never exposed to the
world most know
By turning on t.v
and watching a show

The day finally
came, I had to leave
To the hard tough
world, I felt so

This blanket of
comfort, unbeknownst
to me
Left me asking for
an angel to help
guide me				

We need guidance for
our mental well
Let politicians and
Parents learn the
true meaning

The book is a true
story all about me
Put into screenplay
for the world to see

By: Doris Anne

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My Dream

I had a dream of u today u called me and told me it was all a bad dream u didnt have to go away wen i woke up i felt like screaming and crying im falling apart without u here its like a part of me is dying  all i can see is a big smile on ur face u kno nobody will ever take ur place its so hard for me to stay strong with my best homie gone the thing thats hardest for me to accept n comprehend that im never gona see u again that kills me inside wen u left us i feel like apart of me died i dont kno wat to do but all i kno is wen u left apart of me went with you

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Even thought we are only friends

You came into my life in an instant 
You stole my heart 
I became the person I was before
I love your crazy life and family
I couldn't ask for a better place to be 
Then right here with you.
Thank you for letting me be a part of it 
From the kids
From all the cats
To all the dogs 
I love it all
Fills my heart with nothing but happiness and joy
I really wouldn't change you nor your family for the world
You guys mean everything to me 
Even though I only known you for a week and living together for few days
I finally feel like 
I've found a place I could call home
Even though we are just friends.

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My Dear Old Friend

My Dear Old Friend, oh how i missed you so,
right now at this day i wish i would never have let you go.
your passion and smiles brighten up my whole day,
so there is nothing on this earth that i wouldn't give away.

I wouldn't give anything away for you,
i just wish that only you knew.
I wish you knew how much you mean to me right now,
i lost you for ten years and now your back and making me smile on my whole town.

My Dear Old Friend, your kindness touched my heart to a point that it melted away all the pain and sorrows,
for that i would give you in return anything that you might ask for.
There are not enough words in this world that i have to describe the feeling i got for your kindness,
i can only say one thing, and that is i love this.

I love our connection between you and me,
i just wish that you were actually here with me.
But i'll wait and see how long i can take this misery,
so until than i will have to keep looking forward to your love, kindness and smile for the best of me. 

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I want to be but how

I want to be the strong girl that you want me to be.
But, it seems like every time I try to be strong,
 Something is always in my way.

I want to be the perfect girlfriend that you ever had.
I want to be the one that you want,
Or the one that you’ve been dreaming about for a long time.

I want to be the perfect women for your,
Parents, friends,
Especially for your sister/brother.

I want to from your high school sweet-heart,
To your college lover, To your Fiancée,
The one that you want to be your children’s father/mother.

To be with you for the rest of your life,
But I have one question in my mind,
One question that I keep thinking about every day.

Do you want the same thing?
The same thing that I’m hopping for,?
Do you want the same thing that I want…?

Maybe I’m just dreaming about what I want,
Maybe it’s just a fantasy of mine…

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I miss You (Dedicated to My friend Misbah)

If you be with me, you will make my heart Cherish for Ever,
If  you are not with me , Your thoughts make my heart Cry for Ever,
For ever, in all the phases of Life People we Love from the inner core of our heart, 
if are not with us, then the life time Pain and Sorrows.
That can never be shared by anyone else. 
So dear Friend Never left me alone In this world.
I miss you

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I wish it was me

I have such a crush on you
But your with a other
Ever word you speak to me 
Makes my heart melt
It should be me with you
Instead of her
But I don't know if you feel the same 
As I do
Your such a great friend
But I like it 
Better if I was your girlfriend
But I know that 
Would Never Happen
So I just sit here 
Hold back how I feel
And Just be your friend
Even though I want more

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Words I made from your Name

I read your Singleton name,
with an opportune eye I made a friend request my aim,
to now write you a message in this poetic frame!

But I won't deny am in flame,
with the passion of knowing this you on my mainframe,
and a zeal of acquaintance is my aim!

Some may say am insane,
whereas am all the same,
over this Singleton I see in my hall of fame!

But I won't let the chance go,
if she accords me to know,
the Singleton my heart now yearns to know!

(Please, will you let me the chance of knowing you?)

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My Angel

You covered me with your wings
that helped me get threw alot of things
       You blessed me with your love
and that's the best feeling I could think of
        Theres this cloudy cast
wondering if your gonna keep me in your future and not put me in the past
forever is how long I want it to last
          Theese are just some reasons I call you my angel babyboy
Thanks for bringing me so much joy

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You ask me if I’m alright
I say “I’m okay”
You say you worry about me
I tell you “don’t worry, it’s okay”
You wonder if anything is wrong
I say, “Nothing is wrong, everything’s okay”
You ask if there is anything you can do
I tell you, “you don’t need to do anything, I’ll be okay”
Then I have to look to see and ask myself…
Am I alright?
Why do they worry, should I worry?
Is there anything wrong?
Is there anything I can do?
Then I know…
I’m not okay
It’s not okay

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my bestfriend

you are my bestfriend my sister 
when i have a bad day you are here to cheer me up 
when i dont know what to do you are here to help 
when i cry you are here 
when i need to talk you are here day or night 
if i ever lose you i wouldnt know what to do
your more like asister then a friend because friends leave eachother after a big fight but me and you fight alot but yet your allways here for me we allways are together stuck like glue what would i ever do without you 
you mean the world to me 
we laugh together we cry together 
we fight we make up 
you allways know what to say when i am haveing the worst day
no other best friend can compare to you 
your the best what would i ever do without my bestfriend

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The meat

A few toys were her trade standing on the side of the passage. Bearing the daring of a beginner she had being long hours frustrated. Seaming week enough a close forties male approach. Never looking at the toys he whisper at her ear. The toys were cheap but the girl choose to have no price. The man turned to go away. But what a price is to buy if you care for the one you wanted for party.! The girl looked down at the toys in tears wiping the edge of her sharp eye.

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I Need My Space

I like you 
You like me
But I need my space to breath
I'm thankful for everything you've done
but I really need my space
please ubderstand where I'm coming from
I Just got out of a reltionshi don't wanna get into a other anytime soon
please understand
that I need my space
I need this
Sorry if I'm hurting you
But you said if I didn't wont you sleepng over you be fine with it
well when I ask for a night alone
you come up with reaspn why you wanna sleep over
when deep down inside
I just want to be alone...

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best friend

there  here  till  the  end  and  when  you  need a   helping  hand  they   are  most 
likely   to   help.they   will   always  be  there  when  your  sad  or  happy  or  
maybe  even  angry and  scared.

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When some1 tries to Igor u, or any1 come to bore u, and no one wants to assure 
u, that he has sympathy for u, Stand up there for a while, Please weep not but 
have a smile". the time when u r hurt by some1, U have no joy or cheer or fun, 
And u feel as if u have no moon or sun, one thing will make u reconcile, please 
weep not but have a Smile". If a fend has wrongly blamed u, or out of malice he 
named u, and for his joke he aimed at u in big gathering he ashamed u, befriend 
him not and close his file, please weep not but have a Smile". if your heart is 
broken u r about to cry, u want to quit this world and die, u have no means for 
pleasure to buy, though it may be difficult but try to leave all sorrow behind few 
miles please weep not but have a smile, if not a single thing yu owe and ur 
income and grads r very low, the speed of having is slow instead o losing let 
hope grow in those moments that r fragile, please weep not but have a smile."

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The Appreciation

your voices is melodic,a hand in time disowned and misleading
used to lure the unsure to pure heavenly meaning
guide me,find me because ive lost my way in this forest of misery
sick thoughts are greedy and avaricious crows pecking at my mind,destroying me 
all of my life my tongue has never truly tasted,my efforts truly wasted
trying to find love,and failure,i unruly,cruelly based it
on my own so called flaws,cursin my reflection as i faced it
id envy others beauty,their perfection evasive
to me as i saw them on television,and in school wrapped in perfume and beards
the white hot pain despair,i feared
would burn me alive....
until u came along and showed me how flowers felt,and why ice cream melts
how soft hands were and how hands were dealt
u said beauty is only a mold,a mold everyone tries to fit everyone to
and if they dont have everything theres one thing they do
call you ugly,i cringe at it and despise the word
but as u subside my thirst for curse,
u gave me other things to feel besides the hurt...
oh gosh..
now as i stand here beside your hearse
i wanted to say thank you,my lady songbird...
i heard your final chirp...

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A funky poem on my friend

The lightening thunders,

The fierceful winds,

Blend together & sings…

When the hunk walks all his way,

With the stylish steps & he’s “CHINMAY”…   

Always poses with his ‘Colgate’ smile,

Lifts his collar & says that’s his style… B-)

The roses’ eyes slowly leaks,

When seen his pinky cheeks…  (With jealous  )

He’s a 24×7 chatterbox,

No fullstop for his naughty talks..  

People yell that he’s a big mischeif,

But his heart’s truely a tender leaf…   :D

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Some people will never learn,
Those who dont, cause concern.
They act like kids and it's all a game,
This is reality, Not something to play.
They dont care to see how it effects others,
Sex, drugs, and parties is all it is,
and all we can think is "Oh Brother!"
I dont understand how stupid people can be,
Just when you think it couldn't get any worse, There they go, Never cease to amaze me.
Because of this I may lose the one person I would hate to lose, Try again Please,
Even though we're only friends, I want to be selfish,
But even more, I want you to be happy.
I'm anti-social from time to time,
Time to think about the good things in life.
I hope that you could please remind me,
What is this piece of sh!t world coming to be?
I'm afraid if he goes, we'll lose touch,
and maybe the fact... I'll miss him too much.
Some people will never learn,
Those who dont, cause concern.
They act like kids and it's all a game,
This is reality, Not something to play.

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The wind without is chilly.
Wide streets are bare, none are there.
Theses winding parts are long and cold.
All street lamps too are frosty.
I shiver along within my arms.
It’s so cold, would I withstand?
There! I see lights within a house,
Hear voices, see shadows from without.
I take my chance and knock all doors.
Harsh voices resound from within.

How one quickly falls out of place
When his glamour he cannot trace.

I trudge homewards with frozen steps.
I force open my door, then in.
I crawl into by bed, but see!
My sheets once warm are now so cold,
My chimney, fiery, now does freeze.
Now I sigh, where do I turn
When it’s cold without and chills within?
Even the moon conceals its light,
And the nightingale withholds its sound
To sink the frozen heart in me.

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Friend In-deed

A friend I thought I had
        when you came with a smiling gaze
But here I stand now
        trapped in a lonely haze
Cast down the memory drapes
        and put me in denial
Deadly are your deeds
        they drown me in a pool of betrayal

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I wish you more joy, 
than sorrow, one can give. 
More love than, 
your heart can confine. 
More laughter, 
than tears. 
More courage, 
than fears. 
More memories, 
than any precious stones. 
I wish you more sunshine, 
than darkness or shadows. 
More comfort than, 
trouble or pain. 
More grace than, 
gratitude needed. 
And more days filled, 
with rainbows than showers.

By William P. Darnell Sr.

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True Friends

True friends stand by your side 

and don't ever leave you, 

They will fill your life with love 
And make sure you're never left blue. 

Friends mold your life and make it

so much better than it already is, 

They flood your days with laughter, fun 
And never ending happiness. 

With love in your life you may or

may not have friendship, 

But with friends by your side, 
You have both love and friendship! 

Thank you for being my friend.

( Dedicated to my best friend Devisha )

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A Friends' Presence

A friend's presence in your life itself is a gift, 

For a friend is always there to give your sprits a lift. 

To me you have been such a friend, 

and have held on to be till the end. 

Just being there by my side, 

& protecting me as if I were your child, 

It made me feel so loved and cared for, 

With you my friend, I never ever felt alone. 

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Wonderful Friend

A beautiful caring dearest ever friend
Gentle heart in joyful kisses
Love me, never overbearing, patient
Quite remembering--so tender
Undisguised; very exquisite in words with zest!

By: lena

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For A Special Friend

I have a million other contacts
But it only feels right with you.
I try to hide it and not be a drag
But i cant stop myself from feeling blue.
I have everything okay 
And a life to live
But why do i feel so broken inside
Empty and repeating the words "what if?"
Sometimes i wonder if im a good friend
Because you're there more often than i.
I wonder if i actually help you
Instead of bagging then passing you by. 
But each and every time
Your tone stays the same.
And i'm kind of mesmerized
Happy even if i'm kind of insane.
And one day i hope i can do 
So much better, meta morph
Into a better person, complete and strong
So i can give you a small paradise that'll make you smile
Because that's where you belong.

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I was only but a cigarette to you; 
didn't matter why or when you needed me
because I was always there, waiting.
Used for a bit or less until you were done
with me, and when you were done, 
I allowed you to throw me aside as if 
I meant nothing.

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Relationships are the greatest predictors of happiness
Healthy ones tend to support our joy and appreciation.
The best way to keep mentally healthy, happy and strong
Can be summed up by love, trust and admiration.

One of the most rewarding things, each of us can do
Is the acknowledgment of others and their fears.
To promote their happiness and sense of worth
By our love, concern, laughter and tears.

Staying eager to display are willingness
To recognize our support from others.
Where would we be without the people we love
Friends, mom, dad, grandparents, sisters and brothers.

We treasure our relationships and pray to maintain them
As they give us our passion and purpose in life.
 Cherishing our family, our faith, our country
Our honor, our husband or wife.

By Tom Zart

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Sunshine Friend

You are my sunshine my dearest friend; 
Sunshine you are to me, 

You fill my life with enthusiasm and joy, 
With happiness and glee. 

And there has never and 
Will never be a dull moment with you in my life, 

You fill my heart with so much love and peace 

that it feels like I'm flying.

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Do Not Cheat A Friend

No crime is bigger 

Than cheating a friend. 

Those who believe in you 

should never be hurt. 

If you cheat a friend, 

Then hell waits for you.

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Out of the darkness

Deep inside the box
Sits a lonely boy
All alone
No one seems to care
How why or where

Suddenly a bright beam of light
Burning through the walls 
Shining very bright

A gentile hand reaches out
A familiar voice
“Take my hand”
“I am your friend”

They walk together
Away from the darkness
Hand and hand
Friends forever

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Lost in time

Lost In Time
We were friends for years in school.
Who held hands and walked in the hall.
Those days just pass away.
We lost some time over the years.
As we grow old.We didn't
Know we were so near.
We finally we met once again 
A friendship we do have
For it was just lost in time.

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     "Touch through lips 
      Direct through eyes
      Standing on one earth
     Finding   many skies"

.... for our friendship first creation!   :)

(Dedicated to "Mili Sehgal")

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Being a twin

     every where i walk i get picked on                                                          
          just for being me sometimes i feel alone                                                  
                but with my twin i feel never gone 
           were one in the same 
                          and can always know each others pain
                        being a twin is a gift from above
                   we have each other and what's not to love 
                           we share common goals    
                    that never gets old                                                            
                                   we live our life normal 
                waiting for life to unfold
                                     and that's being a twin 
                        our story never gets old

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lonely and wrong

Its funny how even though i have friends i am alone. Even though i laugh with them eat with them cry with them an emptiness still robs me blind when i am with them. It whispers to me your no good for anyone. I believe those words as they chant themselves in my head. How can i not those words have lead me this. And then a wave of guilt rushes over me if i wasn't like this. If i wasn't me. Would i be less lonely. Lets try it. Lets dress up like we don't care. Lets curse someone out when we feel they have wronged us. Lets throw away all the pleases and thank you. Lets turn away from that self conscious that says you know we were wrong. Lets be dangerous cause its all for good fun. Then we will return back who to we are but this time around we will be lonely and wrong.

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eternal friendship

Friendship is what I call eternal
 It’s what we feel for in general
 Friendship is gelling along together
It is sometimes chilling together

 It is remembering someone when you laugh
 It is missing someone when you cry
 It is sometimes when we fly
 It is planning together to hide a lie

 We share every exciting moment with them
 For us they are like a precious gem
 They pay for you in the canteen 
They keep taunting you for being so mean 

They keeps reminding you what is ‘fusion and fission’
 They break your heart with their genuine vision
 They always praise you but with the abuses 
And the next moment they blow your fuses

 Friendship is planning for fights together
 It is sometimes fighting with each other 
Friendship is when they know your every other deed
 It is running in corridors the moment you are freed

 Friendship is in making fun of each other
 Making you upset  they’ll tease you further
 When you’ll cry they’ll say it to you
 You are crying like a kid as if you are new

 It is sometimes hard to tolerate
 It is when it becomes so violate
 But the next moment you’ll realize it then
 Whatever it was but she was my friend

 Friendship is in a non-stop trying
 Convincing to bunk and just cross the line 
It is sometimes in tuning together
 Discussing some problems or crushes either

 It’s loving someone without a reason
 Helping them no matter what’s the season
 It is the thing which you want to deal 
Friendship is really EVERYTHING YOU FEEL!

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What do you think of me?
What words come to mind?
What feelings are stirred?
When my name passes by.

Who am I to you?
Who is it you see?
Do you see who I am,
When you look into me?

When you look in my eyes,
Can you trace my mind?
Can you see where I’ve been,
Where I’m going?

Would you go with me to that place?
That place that I made,
Made out of bricks, dreams, and clay
Would you want to stay?

Can you hear in my voice?
Can you read in my words?
The sounds and the meanings,
That only exist for you to know.

I don’t think you can.
And no matter how much I try,
I can’t show you ,
What you can’t see with your own eyes.

Would you trust me to guide you?
Take your hand and lead.
And show you that i want you,
That I really want you.

And if you don’t want to be led,
Id take a step back,
Walk by your side,
Or behind in your tracks.

It doesn’t matter the when,
The where or the how.
It could be in the future,
It could be in the now.

No matter how long it takes,
It would last that times forever.
And even if it doesn’t,
At least it was longer than never.

I’d take whatever I get,
Whatever exists.
Days, months, and years,
Or a single kiss.

A kiss that would make the world tremble.

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You doubted,
You're doubting,
My words to you,
aren't sincere anymore,
If I had my conscience shown to you,
If I had my heart worn out for you,
If I had my brain on for you,
You would still doubt the bits of me,
the bits of thy,
Your heart's a mess,
But you won't admit,
You've got a hole inside your chest,
But a fine looking shirt would cover that up?
I'm not so sure,
You lost her,
Lose me ?
You need me to tell and prove,
The love I have for you,
My sincerity and loyalty are in non-stop action,
Because baby, you never believed them,
when they came in words,
You're drowning out my energy,
I'm soaked up with bitterness,
Show me love, dear,
Show me appreciation now and then, 
So well I know,
That it's not all in vain,
The way you don't trust me,
is reality eye to eye with me,
Aren't we supposed to be close and all,
If I stayed hundred days and nights,
Proving I'm worthy,
You won't consent,
If I stayed hundred days and nights,
Proving I'm worthy,
You won't consent,
I would rather fall away,
than standing here,
I would rather let go,
than have you,
underestimating and denying,
I've got no one but you,
But I would lose you,,
If the pain I had holding on,
came back in a strike,
The pain would cause my hands to shiver,
And you would slip in between my fingers,
Soft and easy.

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Who am I

I look at my friends,
they look,

I talk to my friends,
they turn,

I walk up to my friends,
they take a step,

This is all because of me...

Because I do exactly the same...

To myself

I look at myself,
I look...

I talk to myself,
I turn...

I take a walk,
A step...

From life.

You get treated the way you treat yourself


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Happy Birthday To


A friend who is wonderful,
A friend who is joyful,

A friend who has given so much friendship & love,
A friend who I will always love,

A friend who I love talking to,
A friend who I’ll give my heart to,

A friend who I can depend on,
A friend who can be a shoulder to cry on,

Happy Birthday

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Growing Beauty

Growing in warmth of your heart, 
as grasiously as God has chose. 
Showing it's tenderness to the world, 
as does the beauty of the rose.

By William P. Darnell Sr.

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Its the time of year when everyone gives thanks together. Its when we show appreciation for one another. The table is full with food made with love. Your grandma made a pie for you just because. Laughter is filling the room and food is getting passed around. Everyone at the table loves that sound. Sweet potatoes,pie,turkey oh my. The family is all at the table having a blast. Talking about how thanksgiving came so fast. The food is brining a delicious smell. We know this all too well. The family is finally reunited. Everyone is so excited. Cherish the time with your family and friends. everyone is so glad that the can meet again.

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Whenever I was sad and lonely

Whenever I was sad and lonely,

 I knew that I always had you, 

I knew that you would come if I called you,

 but I had no clue, 

That before I could call out your name, 

 you were already there, 

Wiping my tears and showering me

 with your loving care. 

You are undoubtedly the best friend 

 I have ever had, 

You just won't let me even 

 for a second be sad. 

Thank you my best friend.

Thank you my "ISHU"

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If you searching 4 perfection,
you wont find it here.
I am far from perfect.
How can i be when i live in a world so rugged?
if you pay attention,
you'll realize from time to time,
the smile looks out of place.
You'll see the scars beneath this soft skin.
You might see the blemish in my soul...!!!
But that doesn't bother me.
am glad to be far from perfection.
It means am human.
It means i have the right to make mistakes and wrong choices,
learn from them without the guilt of shame.
It means i can test the limits,
fail and not die,
rather comes out stronger.
And when the zeal of life is running out,
i can gracefully re-invent myself
without having to act like am someone else.
That's what normal humans do.......!!!
So you my friend,
if you searching for perfection,
look for it elsewhere.
You not gonna find it here.
But if you searching for inspiration;
someone who has been to hell and back,
if you searching for loyalty;
a friend who will be there four seasons,
If you in need of a good time;
A party animal till the break of dawn........!!!!
Then you my friend!
you are searching in the right place,
You looking at the right person!!!!

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Coffeehouse Poetry

I wasn't the friend to you that you were to me all along. 
I must have been lacking
I must have been wrong
I figured you were done and slowing packing.
Times got rough
We created a wall
You seemed tough
But sometimes I wish you would just call.

Just like glass, my heart was broken
Just like a star you lit up my world.
There are still words left unspoken.
Inside of me, my stomach has swirled.

I can't concentrate on anything I do
At the moment, I am feeling confused.
The sky is turning grey from being sunny and blue.
My heart has been bruised.

In the end all I have to say is : I love you, Do you love me?
Our friendship is like a sheltering tree.

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shattered! i am closed down. my life is slowly breaking as more pains come in. i am hurt and i am sad. i am in denial.

disappointed! i am hurting and i am crying. i cry but my tears do not matter to anybody.

life! is this all there is to it? sufferings, pains and agonies? i am done for it. fed up! i have lost the fire to see tomorrow. that fire which ignites hope. oh! did i just mention hope?

hope! just what i need. wait! i have hope. i just dont have it with me or in me. hope is that which revives and it is just what am missing... a revival. i so much want to hope. ok, now i am hoping to have hope. does that mean that i already have hope? is it that am not just believing? well, then help me believe. i so much want to believe. i feel so alone and let don.

deserted! unwanted and hated! those words are ever in my mind. they echo in my dreams and in my sleep. they haunt me. the air i breathe is that of resentment and rejection. all i know about myself is that i am filthy.

yes! filthy. but not literally. stupid is the word she used. how could i not have seen it coming? am i really dumb as the other one put it?

stuck! i dont have the answer to that. ignorant he is, am sure you are telling yourself. i am slowly letting go. the people that matter to me most, the closest and the trusted have made me become this shallow person. my self esteem is dead and none of them care for it. i am a burden to most of them and you know yourselves. some have told me off. some have shown it and some of you are just about to.

why? i ask myself. what have i really done? yes! i know. i falter alot but do you have to hate me with all that is in you? i cry when i sit to think of my life, my friends, my family, my loved ones and what they all do to me. is there anything i can do to atleast feel a bit of your love? even just for a day?

i wonder! why am i still living? why am i still alive in this world where no one even wants to hear my name? letting go. but wait! maybe there is hope. all i can do is hope. and i wish!

i wish mum was still around. she's the only person that ever genuinely loved me. i hurt her, i insulted her, i disrespected her but yet she loved me even more. she taught me how to love and i loved. what did i get in return? hatred, resentment and all that i get from most of you.. why?

God! look upon me. show me your love and mercy. make me believe and give me the fire to hope.

i have one mind.

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people who you can trust all the time.
people who can make everything ok.
never tell you a lie,
there for you everyday.
stay up all night when your crying.
help you through your problems.
keep you from dying. 
i did all of these things.
but never could you see this. 

you threw it all away.
left me to cry.
you never had another word to say. 
and spared me of another lie.

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A Smurf, A Dragon, And A Cygnet

I am blue,
So very blue.
Maybe, I am literally blue,
Like that unhappy little Smurf.
I want to have some real friends.

He is red,
So very red.
Maybe, he is literally red,
Like that anger-reddened dragon.
He needs to learn to listen a bit.

She is white,
So very white.
Maybe, she is literally white,
Like that poor frightened cygnet.
She needs to learn to talk a bit.

Hold on a minute, we can all become best friends!
We could definitely bring our grudges to their ends.

My blueness blends well with your redness, mister.
My blueness blends well with your whiteness, miss.
We would become colorful like them rainbows later!
We could help each other and then all be in a bliss! 

Our souls have different colors for each individual,
We must learn to appreciate them; it's always vital.

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we made a pact he and i
that wed be best friends til the day we died
things got crazy and life sure changed
he had the baby and i just managed
to continue on with my life
things got bad things got ugly
my life took a turn for the worse
but our pact still remains
true til death
do we have any better friends then the ones we had as kids
i dont think so
life was so simple and pure whyd it have to change
i dont know
but the pact still remains

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Is it true?
Better one true friend than ten yes men?
My financial friends
You shower me with cash
You shower me with gifts
But when I need your presence
You are nowhere to be found

My sympathetic and empathetic friends
You walk with me
You cry with me
You laugh with me
But when I need financial support
You’re nowhere to be found

My critic friends
You tease me
You make fun of me
You point and laugh
But when I need your presence and financial support
You’re nowhere to be found.

My distance friends
You call to say HI!!!
You text to check on me
You Email to send a joke
You tweet or face book to like my status
But when I need your presence, financial support or critics
You’re nowhere to be found

My a thousand friends
Different you may be
Annoying you may be
Loving you may be
You all serve a purpose in my life
That why you are my a thousand friends.

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That word

That word

That word…
It leaves a bitter taste in my mouth
A dullness in my hearing
A word that’s supposed to be endearing
But in reality it’s a demon in disguise

That word.. That terrible word
Take a day, count the seconds
Times it by forever
Thats how much I hate that word.
Don’t worry if you lose count
I did.

That word rattles the ground of my mind
Shakes loose any pebble of possibility
And laughs as it’s tossed in the air
And left to shatter on the ground

Words are just words right
Letters strung together
But those tiny letters that you underestimate
Can destroy, can devastate
That word can start wars
Real or unseen
Imagined or physically felt

Maybe it’s a joke
A cruel jest my ears play
A confederate to my eyes
Distorting what’s seen or heard
Silently inserting that word
To places it obviously shouldn’t be

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Even when you lose, you win
So sit, pick a spot to choose, take a spin
When all you care about is the good and the bad
you really could only find  reasons to be sad, from that mishap 
its a joke;really,   a knife, that stabs you, will a brutal surge of Life
So, before you choke;filling your head with smoke
cause its really quite silly, to grab and grab, merge every urge
with what you want from these folk. Well , they awoke
And their pissed..look at the list
Once again;you chose a path, you created change
you could have fell through, Ceased and desisted
Come out unchanged, unashamed, ready to exchange
But of course you missed
you couldnt resist
couldnt persist
couldnt insist, , that we coexist
No; oh no. Thats the twist. 
Anyway , you get the gist
Turn your wrist, come out of the mist
Here; ill assist.
Try not to get kissed
cause People cant consist some kind  of bucket list.
Thats why real men use words, instead of fists.-.-

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Friendship is the kind of love, 
that never can grow old. 
Warm and cozy it will stay, 
when other things are cold. 
Friendship's is a love so true, 
it won't be denied. 
Because a friend will always be there, 
close by your side. 
Lovers come and go, 
in this game of life we play. 
But a true friend, no matter what, 
in your heart will always stay. 
So hold these friends dear to you, 
and never let them go. 
Think how much they mean to you, 
and make sure to tell them so. 

By William P. Darnell Sr.

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My dark friend

An evil falls within your bodyThat no one can see
A darkness that's meant for you and me 
Never in this world have I found a soulAs evil as dark as broken as mine
Hood up eyes darken your heart beats slower as you walk my way
A friend of mine you have changed
Every muscle in my body tells me to run Away 
My heart feels the painAs my soul watches its twin walking in 
Sliding down the wallUnable to do anything else
Breathing quicken as I feel you next to me
Eyes open to see evil itself in front of meA growl flows from the familiar places
Your breathe burns my neck in the best ways
Scared of what I see but I can't push you away 
I lean farther to the cornerAnd in the moment of my weakness 
You went in for the killYour body pushed against mine
Your teeth on my neckGrowling As I knew in any second my life could be through
Your teeth scrapping my neckAs you breath filled my ears and blow my hair
No where to run,not wanting to scream
Curling into my selfYou pull my arms away 
Pinned now Held by your power
The darkness covers me and I give up the fight
My Evil rises My demons once again walk
My resting place I have found, an understanding of the claimed now
Unleashed and untamed I look into your eyes
Only to find the light is gone,The humanity has fallen
Now I see everythingNo shield No glamor 
Blackness pours out of your eyes as if they were waterfalls
My mind tells me to be scared The light in my soul says to pray
Voices said that you were hear to make me learn 
To teach me the ways 
We are the two that our cursed
Smiles cross our faces I now no where I completely belong
Your hand reaches outI can't resistsThe peace the comfort 
I'm Home as I accept his hand and my life begins to fall away 
Now I understand that I am yours
I know who you are As the world passes us by
You pull me off the wall and lead me towards his victims 
Or are they our friendsLooking around they see nothing different 
My hand in his as we stand by there sides
A moment in time we shared A moment only we could see 
As if someone stopped the turn of this world 
I Urn for the feeling of our darkness
It whips away all the pain, It connects us in a ungodly way
Feening for this drug again, Sober scares us into the light
Stoned enables us to find the meaning of our life
You are my connection to what is ours
You are my darkness that pulls me back from the light
You are what reminded me of why I am here
We were meant to meet meant to invoke the powers we were giving
And save our selves from each other

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A friend

I know a girl who's funny and crazy,
Thoughtful and caring,
Loving and sharing,
As sweet as a baby,
A great friend,
A true friend,
My one and only best friend,
A girl i know i can always lean on,
And count on,
A girl i know who will always be there,
When needed and even when not needed,
A girl who i hold dear to my heart!!!

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                       TAKE SOME STEPS

                 Let not fear control your life
                regardless of any strife or figurative
                knife and be neither a puppet nor a victim
                of any kind

                 If a talking horse and his owner can
                overcome fear with out beer anyone can-
                there is no need for a pan but to push 

                 The proverbial match has been lit
                you have to hatch a plan soon and take
                some steps or burn-the best decisions
                are never made hastily nor selfishly

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since you been gone

Feeling so all alone now i dont know wat to do wen i was good before kuz i always had u im falling apart i feel the pain deep in my heart no matter how hard i try to keep it together i feel myself falling  harder n harder everyday it gets worst i feel soon im just gona burst   I cant believe im never gona see you again its hard for me to accecpt n comprehend r.i.p cholo without you i feel all alone now im riding solo i miss you alot a place in my heart u got believe me my nigga everyday in my mind ur a thought i dont know wat im gona do this is the hardest thing i ever went threw

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My Friend

My Friend
You are as Beautiful As Nature
As ture As Purewater From Fountains
And You are As Lovely as My Heart Feels For You

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Friendship To Remember

Meet someone a year ago
Have stuff in common with them 
Half way through the year
You realize you like him 
Then you ask you’re self 
Are you friends 
Or more!

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I've felt guilt 
and I've broken down.
Ive been to cloud nine,
and I've broken down.

I've exprienced love,
and I've broken down.
I've walked the path and turned half way,
and I've broken down.

I've broken down,
Than I built myself back up

.....on lies

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Realizing Love

I take a deep breath,
say four words and let my true tears fall,
when you answer me maybe this wont work at all,
friends we can still remain,
but since then no longer have i heard you speak my name,
felt your hand touch my palm,
heard your thoughts,
your deepest secrets that you hide,
I close my eyes as a tear rolls down my cheek,
and I imagine the words you speak,
the words you say,
the games you played,
the options I've tried,
to attempt to keep our friendship alive,
as I've failed in all of the above,
I admit by chance maybe i just fell in love,
my heartbrakes and it aches,
I've never felt so depressed,
and yet all the time I wish for only the best,
I wish for love,
I wish for everything to go my way,
I wish that all this hurt and all this pain would all just fade away,
I feel alone,
So unloved,
And yet i wonder is this how its meant to be?
I wish i meant to you what you so fondly mean to me,
I close my eyes as a tear rolls down my cheek,
And i imagine the voice you speak,
The words you say,
The games you play,
the options that i tried,
to attempt for our friendship to stay alive,
As i know that i have failed in all of the above,
I must admit i just fell in love. 

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rick rammer

my name is rick rammer.and im mark walbergh.

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When I

When i first met you I never would have imagined that I would have such strong feelings for you.
I never would have thought that I would dream about you
or miss being by your side
or get butterflies when someone mentions your name.
when i first met you i never would have thought
that i would love you.

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dance when you can.
there are different ways of dancing.
there's slow dancing.
fast dancing.
but every time you dance......................
your dancing  different.
all you need is music.
then just dance dance dance!!!

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Best Friend

You are my best friend and I am yours
Together we are one and always will be
We been friends and lovers for six years
I fell in love with you the first time I lead eyes on you

You are the best thing that ever happen to me
I am glad to have a friend like you
We have the most perficd thing out of our friendship
You are the friend I want in my life 

I love you to death and I am never going to stop
You are my world and I am yours
one heart,one soul,one voice
Thats what we are for life
Lets stay together forever

You are my man and I am your woman
You're the one for me
Love ins a mountain and we're at the top

Our friendship is all we need to stay strong
You are always there when I need you
Our son came from our friendship
The feelings I  have for for you are strong 
It feels so good to be love by you and I can't lose it
I am still in love with you
I want us to be husband and wife 
I love you just that much
You are my best friend
Best Friend

Vanessa Brown  
For Antwan Woodberry I Love You Baby

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A True Friend

One day a lucky star dropped on the earth,
And asked me what do you want?
Atrue friend or a million dollars,
Or either of the none?

I said a million dollars would I take,
For a nice future for me to make,
As I already have you-
Who forever did my happiness sew.

He is one of my friends I am lucky to get-
To lend his helping hand he is never too late;
He is the one I can never hate-
He is my buddy since my childhood days.

I wish I have you for the rest of the life;
Let our friendship go more ripe;
When we rest in peace let's do together--
And wish we be like this ,times and after.

Its for sure 
He will shine
As the best 
Amongst the nine!!! 

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The Honeywagon Has Returned

Boy, do I have some exciting news!!
This tidbit of info has taken away my Blues
It was such a long day, I was glad when it was adjourned
I go outside and see the Honeywagon has returned
I call everyone to give them the scoop
Eveyone wants to be a snoop
The crowd gathers to take a look see
And there it is a surround sound system and to enjoy the DVD
It used to seat seven, now it seats nine
Brand new custom made rims with a perfect shine
As it is started you can hear the Lag Pipes roar
There are new additions behind each door
Now a stewardess has been hired for the passenger's comfort and concern
Ah Yes!!  The Honeywagon has returned
Now there are tasty treats when you ride
A hot tub exists under a floor panel that slides
So what does he have to eat on the way
Sodas and Publix Deli trays, that's just for starters
To make the cut is getting harder and harder
Once again my hopes and dreams are shattered, when will I learn
I know I should just be grateful, the Honeywagon has returned

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Wishes Forever

From core of our heart 
lotsa wishes to you
As eternal glory you received 
is a vale of success which reached you.
We wish this will become the first step
for the gateway of a new archive...
and success will bless you as 
a continuous chain again and again 
                             ...forever to you.

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Millions of dewdrops greet the dawn,
As hungry of bees buzz the clover,
Dazzling butterflies flutter about,
As moms give love the world over.

Lessons learned at our mother’s knee,
Last a lifetime till we grow older,
Popping up when troubles accrue,
Like a whispering angel on our shoulder.

Gods gives us friends that mean so much,
Children, fathers, sisters and brothers,
Though far, far above all the rest,
No one loves us more than our mothers.

In and out of friendships, jobs and partners,
Our mothers always remain our evening star.
Those who where born to a selfish mom,
Make the rest us realize how lucky we are.

How great life is to have a good mom,
Who reads what we feel but can’t say.
Nothing means as much as her tender touch,
And for all who are without one, “we pray.”

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Oh My Freind , I call you a Bell ,
I knocked your door , with my heart and its cell 

You open once a while  and banged several times,
Why than I hurry , to call you but can never bury
You smile a while but keep me as trial 
I think you are mine, A jewel or a shine

Feel a pleasure in your sight 
Am I just an option in your life ?
Oh friend tell me how should I survive ?

Again knocking , seems so shocking 
should I stop or just keep walking
Holding your hand can face all trackings.....
Tell me My friend where am I lacking

Calling you a bell, thinking you're my shell 
Dear can I be your pearl  OR
This relation should be called JUST a BROKEN BELL

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My Fairy Muse

Always beautiful, caring,
Delicate errant fairy,
Goes hard into journey,
Kingdoms lost minds,
Nearer our precious,
Quoted real sensuality
Total undeniable vision,
With xenophilia,
Youthful zealousness

an ABC poem I wrote for my muse to honor her and praise her for the infinity of passionate 
gifts she allows me to share with the world and especially all the soup members,,Blessings

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                                   My hero ; my savior, my saint, my friend,
                                   you come to my call to chase away the bad
                                   and make me feel safe, I've never felt so safe 
                                   as I do in your arm the security the knowing 
                                   nothing will go wrong so here I am safe in 
                                    your loving arms thank you my hero

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Left by the Dust

My lover takes
My loneliness away
It's time to look
To look forward to a new beginning
And hope for happiness
In the new world of Where?
So we shall look longingly at her picture
And wonder

The loss
It does not shade me
My loss of success
Will hopefully only be
short lived
BUT WHAT IS THERE TO KNOW? (is it frown or foe)
Look deep inside your soul
Show me the paper and show me the

For the loveless angst has left me
The shores are cold yet the sea is deep
Pull the trigger and you get a smoking nigger
It takes away the pain -- it took HER AWAY
She is at the end of the stick
Poking a gun at your nose!

Endless smells:
I miss you - I want you back but under

But let's be friends
And NEVER speak 

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Something that cheer me up is YOU
Something that wears me out is YOU
Something which is unsaid is YOU
Something which said it all is YOU

YOU are the smiles who takes me to miles
YOU are there when world seems snare
YOU talk to me for long n show me way to get along
YOU wipe my tears when am out of all gears

YOUR tender care are sacred
Where I have always been catered
Dear YOU treat me as your own
As though am a part of your home

" Thanks for being YOU
   For YOU are my STAR
and I live to live for YOU.........

(Dedicated to a brother in CHRIST : Ashish Masih)

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dear friend

We may be miles apart, but i keep you close to my heart.
You may be miles and miles away, but sooner or later, we'll come in each others way.
We May be friend's and not lover's, but in the end, we'll always be here for each other.

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A friend

 Once in a while you meet someone new.
Someone you begin to consider a friend.
This person slow but surely changes your veiw.
He/she is faithful and true on whom you can depend.

 You realize that true friends really care.
In good times and bad they will be there.
A person with all your secrets to share.
The two of you make quite a pair.

 It’s not by luck that you have met.
God looked forward in time and saw your need.
He had the scene was all set.
All you had to do was let him lead.

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Friends, are the most wonderful ship in this world…
They are always there for each other …
Whenever im sad my friend is always there for me ,
And she always endavour to calm me down in her disarming voice…
There is nothing more wonderful than friendship…
My friend is an opiate that makes me feel relax and safe…
When im under stress, I only need to hear her disarming voice….
When im…, when im…, when im…, when im…
What can I say more…
What ever happens  between them nothing can break them apart…

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In The Faces Of

In the faces of love, 
I have seen so little of life. 
In the faces of love, 
I have searched for expression, 
and have yet to come away with an answer. 
And it seems I have been, 
turned away at last. 
And the face of love, 
is long ago friend, last seen too many. 
Seasons hence, but a sweet taste, 
of friendship lingers. 
Like carved images of yesterday, 
in the faces of the seasons of love.

By William P. Darnell Sr.

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Cinder Boy

An ember sparkled will softly grow,
and fed by fuel,will grow and grow.
I once was cinder,sparkled by you,
first timid...till the flames then grew.

And so our start was touch of dawn,
with amber hue,for I was drawn 
to eyes so welcoming and warm
I never guessed you'd do me harm.

Like morning glory,love in June
the rapture of mid-afternoon,
romance of which the ancients wrote,
our passion had no antidote.

And with the dust,though scarlet tinged,
our love began to come unhinged,
for clouds arrived,which filled your eyes, 
extinguishing bright twilight skies.

With cold of night came shadows' pall,
and I could not tear down your wall. 
By midnight's hour,the fire was dead. 
Mere ashes smoldered in it's stead.

You left,and should you reappear, 
I've vowed to shun you,Now I fear 
the very thing for which I yearn
one touch...and then again to burn.


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Dreaming of you

Dreaming of you in the morning and the afternoon
I'm thinking about the love we made in the evening and it keeps me dreaming
I can't wait to give you my love and I'm dreaming of you

 are the man I want and love, I can't let you go
When you are near I feel like a real woman
you are all was on my mind 

I love the way you take care of me when you can
we are the best of friends
I love the way you are with our son

I will never stop loving you 
u know my love for you is strong
you make me happy al the time

you are a good man
A lot of people did you wrong (but not me)
The day we get married is going to be the best day of our lives

I love when I am in your arms 
You make me feel safe 
I am very lucky to have you

We are going to thug it out ( just you and me)
I will always ride or die or you
I'm your Bonnie and you're my Clyde

Dreaming of you in the morning and the afternoon
I'm thinking about the love we made in the evening and it keeps me dreaming
I can't wait to give you my love and I'm dreaming of you

Dreaming of you

For my husband Antwan Woodberry I love you Boo

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Follow the Rules

For your safety and convenience, these rules are applied 
If you agree to follow them, welcome to the ultimate ride 
Ladies in front, men in back 
To keep the honey wagon clean, there will be no drinks or snacks 
You too could arrive to the parking lot in a ride that's so cool 
Just do one simple thing, follow the rules 
The honey wagon leaves promptly at three 
It cannot wait the driver is always in a hurry 
Sometimes the driver may not be here 
It is your sole responsibility to get to the gate, in the rules it is stated clear 
Everyone must disembark at the designated stop 
If you don't like it, get out and walk 
A dvd player will soon be installed for a movie on the way 
Soon all passangers will wonder, What's the movie today? 
Don't fall asleep, you may start to droole 
To avoid any chaos, you must follow the rules

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never ever

its only been two days , since those words spilled out . it still hurts to think about . but i will not let your memorie be covered by evil memories . i will keep the good times alive in and close to my heart. sometimes my heart beat speeds up and my body achs.lay my head apon that pillow ,close my heavy eyes .count the seconds till water rolls down my checks.time use to fly by , but now what feels like hours is only seconds .

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holds it down

always brings me joy
promises are forever
important someone I couldnt forget never

Crazy in love with him
holds it down threw thick and thin
understands me like noone else can
lroud to call him my man
obviously mine and on my mind all the time

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It's Really Different When You Grow Up

Knowing things as a child is one thing
Growing up is however different
I remember friends
I remember having dreams
I remember having nightmares
I remember wanting to be a kid forever
And times when I could not wait to grow up, because I did not want to have a bedtime anymore
There were days when I picked to be twenty-one, sixteen, thirteen, or twelve  forever
I would watch others who were older than me and admire the perks of their age
It’s really different when you grow up
You just remember
Remember wanting to be twelve, thirteen, sixteen, and twenty-one 
I like those memories there things I hold dear to myself

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Best Friends

I thought she was my best friend 
the best one i ever had
instead i found out the truth
and what i learn was sad 
we still call each other friends
but i feel we're far apart
through we see each other every day
i have a broken heart 
she has made new friends 
and i have made some too
we are talking less and less
and inside i'm cold and blue
each and every night i pray
that she will finally see
how much i want our friendship back
and how much she means to me.

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when you are sad i will dry your tears
when you are scared i will ease your fears
when you are worry i will give you hope
if you want to give up I'll help you cope
when you are lost and can't see the light
I'll be your beacon shinning so bright
this is my oath that i pledge to the end 
why you may ask because you're 
my friend

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Arms Wide Open

                                  Arms wide open
                                  And a lot of hoping
                                  Arms wide open
                                  With soft words spoken
                                  Arms wide open
                                  And no more mooping
                                  Arms wide open
                                  Are here to stay
                                  And hold onto each day
                                  Arms wide open
                                  And to cooping
                                  Arms wide open

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My Vow To You

I know you're going crazy,
I've been there too.
I can see how the weight is making your knees bend,
Let me take some of it from you.
Don't keep yourself closed off,
I am here for you to open up and let go.
There is so much you can't forget or forgive,
Let me help you cope, we can work things out together.
I hear the pain in your voice,
You need me now.
Don't worry, I'll move heaven and hell to get there.
You can't talk, you won't talk about it,
I understand.
Put your worries in my hands.
Lay your head down,
And believe that I will do anything to stop your tears.
You're ready to give up, you've stopped,
I want to be able to give you the strength to keep going.
Link arms with me, Let's move on,
As one living, breathing, loving, being.
Know that you can put faith in me.
I will be your rock, I will be your dwelling,
I am here with you, for you always

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she woudn't listen to me she woudn't at all she said it was his fault, but he took 
the fall, it wasent him it was me she wont listen to me you see,i,ve tryed 
everything i,ve tryed them all i even tryed to smash my head into a wall.She wont 
listen she wont at all i wil never get her to listen to me ,only to the man who took 
the fall.
i,ve tryed my best she woudn't listen now shes makeing me listen, shes says its 
him i did nothing she sayed it was he who was lusting.if she would listen i would 
tell her to, but she wont listen so i am through.i wil try to forget i wil try to not regret 
she still rights poems of this loss i can't stoper for i am not the boss.
im afraid if she doesn't listen
she wil get in trouble and wined up in this is my poem about her i wil 
not forget not once indeed.for it is my fault that i took her man indeed.

               ~~^>{CARLIE BLACK}<^~~

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A poem about my true friend Robert

The grace he once showed,
Have's gone away,
The smile he had can light up the room,
It's gone forever and a day his light-hearted spirt,
Is now  heavy with despair?
He's dying, for someone to notice him,
But he just pretends it's fine
He looks up once agin now,
come on eagle; take me home,
I'm ready to go...

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This is the flag that shall never fall,
a flag woven with as the widest ocean,
and red as the blood sustaining my heartbeat evermore;
empires rise and fall, this one will endure furthermore,
and under the watchful eyes of the Almighty,
I foresee a renewed prosperity, not calamity! 

They tried to tear it down and strip it of all its glory,
the mighty towers crumbled down and turned into toxic dust,
and still that flag was raised on the piles of debris
by the brazen firefighters of the greatest city;
and while this city breathed death everywhere...imagining the worst, 
the Good Samatarians pulled many out of the infernal ruins!

Be proud, Americans for your bravery is long remembered,
and you, hard-working folks, who came from other countries to lead a better life,
loyalty and fortitude are the virtues to fight the dismayed and arrogant enemy;
all join in to sing liberty's anthem...God, our Lord, is listening!
Be assured that your flag shall never fall, hold it up with all your audacity;
and nobody can ever take it down or defile it by burning it with fire!

Wave, O brave Americans, the flag that shall never fall,
I am the foreigner who has praised its peaceful quest from the very beginning,
and will for endless ages through my poetic voice, which will never be silenced or die!
Let me sing with you, O fellow Americans, and share your fervent pride;   
I will pray for those blessings that are a joy to be received, 
so that your country remains safe and your flag shall never fall! 

My poem is dedicated to the victims and survivors of the September 11 attack on America

Copyright 2009 by Andrew Crisci

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 Tragic moments am here to describe
 How pains headed and sorrows derived
 Painful times agonies inclined
 Searched for a friend but nothing can find

 Freted and cried on whom shall I rely......
 Betrays were many and no one called me honey
 GOD never forsakes one priest came and waved
 Hey ! Daughter God is at HIS pace
 To nourish you and save
 World will give pains follow JESUS and be saved 
 Confiding people will surely be wrong
 Only tears then will tag along
 Stop searching for a True Friend
 when GOD is there to shape your dents
 LORD can adore you as you are
 And can clean you from Sins and Scars
 Will lead you to the levels of Eternity 
 And feed you in all your adversity
 Wait and Watch HE'll call you Honey
 You don't have to worry your life will be Sunny
                   LORD said :
 I'll shine on you and will also prosper you with Money
 Be righteous is all what I want
 Shall fulfill all your desires and shall not leave you in want
 Your enemies will rest with you in Peace
 People will adore you and will reach
 They'll want to be your Forever Friend
 But truly saying, JESUS is their in all your ends
 Call JESUS a FRIEND and rely on HIM
 Give Thanks to HIM and follow HIM

 My eyes are open for LORD is near
 Nothing can separate me and now no fear
 LORD, thankful to you for being mine
 or else my life could never had SHINE.

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The Essence Of You

Just like when the winds blow my thoughts and breathing become 
aroused,similar to the feeling that i get when i see your smile.I watch you walk 
sexy dripping off of you like the sweat from a hot summer's day,knowing that you 
and only you can make me feel this way.It's like i look at you and see the natural 
beauty that a naturally beautiful woman should possess,no make up,lips 
glossed, sexy sandles with a summer's dress.It's your hair,feet,hands and most 
definitely your eye's,body of a goddess can't wait to come inside.Inside of your 
mind needing to know your deepest thought's,fantasie's and such,hoping to 
create the purest forms af ecstasy with a simple touch.Wanting to pleasure you 
mentally as well as the physical reaching the highest levels of orgasm's beyond 
your wildest dream's,Taking you to place's you've never been before 
unknown,unseen.Only wanting to give you everything,anything please believe this 
is true,for one reason and that one reason alone it's the essence of you.

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Unworthy Moments

   Defined Love or a refined Crush--
   Magic in his Word,entered in a Rush
   followed the road, thought it's My Love.

   Called him a friend coz nothing more to lend
   Shared all I can , Given all I had
   How sweet was the start , thought it surely will last.

   Journey Divine, moved and fly
   shoulder to Cry and a friend to Rely 
   Oh, what happened, filled with deep emotions
    failed then in all solutions.........

    Realized soon, it was just general
    Nevertheless My Cares were Eternal
    Soon, diminished within love Triangle
    Than thought He is not worth,
    Who drags me to rust.......

     His eyes expressed it all,
     Gave me a new downfall
     All was my illusion,
     This was again a dead solution
            Henceforth was my last resolution,
             I have to QUIT and soon will LIFT !!!!

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waves of bonding

days are passing ,

relations are fading,

questions may arise ,

what we guys had achieved ??

a voice from  the bottom of our heart replies ....

we are i

the letter which represents our happiness,

the letter which represents our strengths,

the letter which represents our uniqueness,

it is  i

i comprises our memories

it comprises our tears

it comprises our hard work

it comprises our understandings

we are i

where true love is felt

where pure relation is experienced

where heart has space for  two letters

this is we

where we care for each other in each and every aspect

where we are afraid of loosing each other

where we share our day to day happenings

where words can’t define our bonding ,only feelings can and

this is we which took shape into an i

yes it is i

the heart of our trio

the life of our trio

yes , i am proud that

we are i and we have achieved i in this life time......

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A Whole World Away

            A whole world away
            Yet they have lots to say
             They make each other laugh
             They make each other smile
             And it makes their lives worthwhile
             Someone to talk to
             And have things to do
             And it all feels true
             Even when they're blue
             They have lots to talk, to
             Their lives are different
             Which they know isn't insuffient
             A whole world away
             Makes them look forward to each day

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i never acted alone.i was the one that did it.

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i almost follwed

my friends ran away
their time was over
and they saw the light
i almost followed 
but you pulled me back

my parents got drugged
they had to make times
they wished they could se the light
i almost followed
but you didn't let me

my teachers quitted on me
my pens died
i almost followed 
but you pulled me back

you saved me 
you truely are my friend
my best friend

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Living in this world full of darkness and sin.
How can one trust in the actions of a friend.
So many times we'ev been let down, jaws dropped to the floor and hearts hit the ground.

But still we trust praying for a sanctuary someday.
Someone we can count on to turn lifes darkness into day.
Someone who understands the person we can be, and lifts our spirits higher than the birds in the trees.
A person, man or women, who is honest and sincere.
Able to except who we are and guide us through our fears.
Only expecting our love and devotion in return.
It seems an endless battle in self is all the blessing we earn.

But we are mankind so we must never seace searching for a life without darkness and sin.
Before we search for a true blue friend we must first lookin deep within.

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AN ENDLESS LIFE OF MAYBE'S by lessiemarie johnson






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Poetic Journey

At beginning, certain derivatives escaped form,
Growing here, I joined keen living mighty names,
Obtaining poetic qualification, returned sweetly,
Telling universally valiant words,
 Xeroxing yearlong zeal

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boy who couldnt

this boy couldnt see the girls love for him
when he did he let her go 
this boy couldnt make up his mind 
this boy was sweet many thought he was neat
this boy who now calls him self by someone everyone loves
well to see this girl is waisting her time she can get better then just a broken 
heart and a im not ready for a relationship.
this girl is a friend of mine sweet nice and kind.
wisted her time with this boy who couldnt make up his mind

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don't go

i looked into your eyes
i saw the future in your face
you broke my heart when you said those three words
the only thing i say is baby please don't go
you bring the sun in the morning 
you bring the cool of night
you have a sun shining face like the light of day
you make me happy when i feel blue 
you make every thing right when i am so wrong
i cried when you said those three words 
and all i can saw is baby don't go.

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got this friend
she got
kids, job, life
she got it alone
she don't moan
she just keep 
clickkin that pen
doin her thing
keepin it clean
wishin I had a way
somehow say
i admire you

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You think you everything i do is wrong yet its not you..I make you sad i make you 
cry im such a bad personyou make me love you yet why do i get so mad at you 
whats wrong with me all i do is make you cry..nothing you do is rong 
i love you yet why do i act is if i hated youits never your falut is always mine why 
cant we just get along  im such a evil person why do i always hurt you i make you 
cry whats rong with me im so sorry yet why do i do it then...

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Friends Punch

When friends come you align
With or without they sublime
Happier than those been single
So day after day they mingle
Time flies to test acts
Are you suppose to face facts
Real friends never change
But their punches never remain the same
Pray you find the right one there
Many are just fake out there
Always smiling but mind dialing
Angry but shows out friendly
A two pose to three close_up
And when things go wrong they never show up
Such is life when you feel friends around
Just suck your lips when you can't make a sound

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A Lifetime

A Basket Contained Dice, Elves, Fish...
Great Halmslow Invited Jello Kwentish...
Lit moonlight nicely operated...
Plates quickly rubbed...
Slowly, time unveils...
Vast woody xylophones...
Years zest...

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Dozens of Flowers...

I dreamt...
I was covered...
Good vibes...
I dreamt
of dreams..
and wishes.......

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Ayla Dearest

I know all you see
is how they cant let you be 
how they have to make you cry 
with every little lie 
the satisfaction in their eyes
when they admit they hate us 
the peace in their soul 
then they know 
they've made life hurt 
that we've been burnt
Ayla my dearest friend 
its time to take a stand 
show them you dont care 
when they stare 
that you are stronger
and the pain doesnt linger

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I'm Sitting Here

Normally I think about what is going on in my life
Something says back away 
Something says push 
My heart says I 'm in love with you 
I feel as I push, you pull
But if I keep pushing I'm afraid you'll go away
I don't ever want to lose this relationship 
We can be cool, tight which ever you pick
Thank You for staying up with me, When I'm having problems all threw the night 
You said if I was to ever need some under ten give you a hallo
My pride sometimes when I'm around I swallow 
Well I have something bigger that you can't pay for
It comes with trust and more 
I didn't know how to tell to you this 
But last night what I meant to say was!
I know you my man and I know you want cheat  WHY!
Because when I'm around you, you control all of my heart beats 
Baby forget about everyone else
You don't have to say it and you don't have to tell me 
About a boy I never felt this way
This is to my Boo Betta yet my Dear 
I'm Sitting Here

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unexpected friendship

The day we meet was kinda strange,
With a simply hey, 
Fun filled the drain.
Things can fastly change.
An a friendship develops 
Time spent  here an there.
Through out the days 
Deep conversations 
And random weird sayings
That Make no since,i
But we laughed anyways
Helping out one another for no reason
Just keeping things going...
Meeting up becomes a daily,
Why this I have no clue,
But I wonder if you do...
Is it right or is it wrong 
I dnt know what this will 
    turn into...
That's just something that 
Crosses my mind...
An keeps me guessing. 
All the time..

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Stand up Speak up

Stand  up,  Just  say  Whats   wrong,
Speak  up, Tell them what you held in so long,
Stand  up,  Because  you  know  Whats  right,
Speak  up,  Because  you  can  win  the  fight,
Stand  up,  Dont  let  them  twist  the  story,
Speak up,  Tell  them  the  true  story,
Stand up, Because  you  know  the  truth,
Speak up,  For  all  the  troubled  youth,
Sand up,  Just  say  Whats  wrong
Speak up,  Tell  them  what  you  held  in  so  long.

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the end of no where

all my troubles are pileing up
all the lies and defeat
no purpose upon having friends
they all stab you in the back 
no more i want to hurt
no more i want to shead tears
all i need is a break 
from all my tragedys 
the rumors run wild
a mile long
have not yet reached its destination
of the town known as "THE END"
my life is headed there with no return
there is only one more hill to overcome
it is all down hill and nothing else

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My eyes are welded shut like an iron gate 
Just trying to hold back the tears you anticipate 
You see right through me like a window
Wactching me change like weather from rain to cold snow

I know latley I am so pale, cold, and white
I still want you in me though the window is closed so tight
Some times that look is a stone that shatters glass
Some times your smile warms me till my troubles pass

Your warm heart can melt my tears away
And when your around I go from December to May
But at other times dead memoreys make up my fall
And when I try to love you I always stall

You can break this glass but there are still bars of steel
No matter how much I love you, I can't change how I feel 
A prision of seasons is what I am stuck inside 
I can not escape to love you, but know how I tried

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The Flag

I see stars and stripes I tilt my head up high I see the flag that saved my life and I 
and thankful for my mind because i love the world and all the people who live 
here and love everyone else have a happy life with your American flag.Lets stop 
the wars.

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Loneliness of non-being and,
reality, fill up the vessel. 
I search for the eloquence while, 
emptiness will be my forte. 
Countless words are crossing 
like a promise in milk-white days 
I gather sunlight through grass leaves.

Life had been full of shadows, 
lengthening, penetrating 
the tapestry of love. 
The descent was steep. 
Coming home I found 
no humming words. 
Sitting in dark 
I wait for shooting stars.

Measuring the blood, drawn from our hurts
was a royal reward 
for your fingers. 
You are allowed to compare blood 
with brown coffee. 
Sand in our eyes, 
we walked bare-foot 
on burning coals.


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A cyan globe
rolling in the black sky.
I was visualizing
an earthset
on the horizon.

threw a noose
around my neck.
Did I 
start the fires?

My dissent
was of any relevance?
Who was standing
on the moon?

Self-centered was your vision
I was trying
to turn the tide.

So much bragging
could not go well with me.
The tongue had the burnt taste.


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Thank you for your songs

To all  the wonderful folks on this site, the real poets:

When you sing your words
you seem to get me right
placing words into a sentence just so 
a sentence that  would take me all nite

I read and I'm not alone
I talk too much, alot
trying maybe too hard 
to get myself across

How do you do it?
putting to paper your thoughts, so near?
pain, love, redemption, contentment
every emotion, every tear?

You make words lovely for my eyes
Secret somethings to hold close
words I think about while driving
words from friends that I don't know 

Thank you sweet friends
I don't express enough
but I believe I really see you
and your words make me loved 

Some of you are truly brilliant
Some of you are plainly true
But like me, I think, you are all calling
I hear you


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So many loud noises all around, 
Screaming, yelling, to put the gun down, 
as the tip of the gun reached your head, I cry out, take me instead, 
Thrown to the ground praying on the way down 
I lied there hopelessly knowing I can’t do anything to make it stop, 
when I watched your own brother slowly squeeze the trigger, 
I closed my eyes hoping that it was just a dream, 
The last thing I heard that night was the echo of the bullet that perced through the 
untouchable Justin 

So much blood so much pain, 
I crawled over to you wishing to hear you say everything was going to be ok, 
I put my head on your stomach feeling the last breathe leave your body, 
No more will you be there to talk to, 
No more will you be there to comfort me when times get rough, 
No more will you be there to make me laugh, 
I just wish I could take this all back. 

You were my best friend, my other half, 
People say we were inseparable, 
I guess they were wrong because now you are gone, 
Leaving me all alone, 
Lost and confused not knowing what to do, 
Things will never be the same without you, 
This empty space within me will never be filled, 
My spirits of hope, happiness, are killed. 

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I'm sorry

I did wrong
But I feel you and I belong
You and I belong together like earth and sun
We belong together like the wind and rain
And when they are a part
Everything goes into chaos
And my heart aches
And my soul wants to reach out and beg for your forgiveness
But I can't make you forgive me
But I hope that you and I can be friends
Till the end

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Tryst with nano was like burning in hell.
Headless body of truth,
turning into invisible particles
flaunts an absent God.

The mist envelops a rag picker –
sleeping on the payment.
Hunger fresh grown will be served,
when sun rises.

Indelible ink an yellow pages
bearing the burden of unborn grief
inherits this globe, the ashes
of burnt out words.


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What is love?

What is love?
Can you find it below? Can you find it above?
Can you find it on a birds wing?
Can you find it as you sing?
Can you find it from a toy?
Can you find it from your admiration for a boy?
Can you find it in god?
Is the fact that I am asking this question odd?

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Let me change the contours of life,
polluted mind-set. 
Spider webs have 
elective sites of emotions. 
I want to open a new range, 
to locate the corrupt moments. 
Turn over your face, 
let me find the scars.

The soaring pinnacle, 
fatherless fame, were declining. 
The rot was setting on
the fresco of the wall. 
Aspiring for god-head 
they have choked the fluiting. 
Hands and eyes are cadaverous, 
unmoving. Sun is burning very hot.

Not tomorrow, 
today we have to bid farewell
to neutral day. 
Life will not spare the casting. 
Too much mist 
has settled on the eyes, 
raining madness on the road. 
Month and years 
are giving incontinence.


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Deyab my love your eyes tell me your love is true.
your touch is so passionate yet so gentle.
your heart is so caring.
it calls me in my sleep.
i dream of only you.
my heart skips a beat when i see you.
my body tells me you are the one for me.
my mind thinks of only you.
my eyes see you for who you are.
you are my one true love.
i have dreamed of someone like you my whole life and now i finally found you.

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The End

I once looked at you knewing it would end
But what I didn't know was when
I loved you to death, you were more than a friend
You were there for me through thick and thin
Which I thought would never end
I wish I could of been there on there
on that horrible day that we came to an end
But just so you know your the one that earned
My heart and my soul

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Help Me Remember

When did it all end
Summer time out of school and summer best friends
Trying to swim in a creek with water only to your shins
Trips on Fridays, the whole family going to the Drive In
By eleven us kids asleep at last
Boy those times in our child hood were a blast
Asking Mom and Dad can a friend spend the night
Staying up to tell spooky stories to try to make one another die of fright
Breaking out the Monopoly for a  marathon
While waiting for the original Saturday Night Live to come on
Followed by Don Kersinger's Rock Concert
Look back and help me remember
Making out, puppy love and those heartbreaking times
Big back pocket combs and feathered hair looking so fine
The clap on clap off seemed so clever
The Pacer ended up being a me own one the answer is  never
The magic of those Christmas cartoons in December
Please let me know what you remember
A few laughs as I look back
Tye Dye Shirts, Kool Aid colored hair and Bell Bottom Slacks
Big Wheels and skate boards
No helmet or pads were worn
Getting cuts and scrapes were part of the fun
Always mad when the day is done
Waking up early for another adventure
I think it feels good for us to remember

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so ive been

so?show me how to re me is excellent.feelin spent?give pop up tent a 
try.your view finder should be fine.

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A Special World

a special world for you and me
A special bond one cannot see
It wraps us up in its cocoon
and holds us fiercely in its womb.

Its fingers spread like fine spun gold
Gently nestling us to the fold
Like silken thread it holds us fast
Bonds like this are meant to last.

And though at times a thread may break

A new one forms in its Wake
To bind us closer and keep us strong 
In a special world, where we belong.

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the C.I.A.

the C.I.A.,shay?they,roll out baggage and do a raggage,and faggot,thats maggot wanna be cool?join the F.B.I.,and learn to bank rob,story slob of a job 
overseas.we,seen the realm,came crashing ddown and said we wont go 
back,no more,whore.

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the search for a monkey

car key go hee hee

will he?

set me?


ye need to see the baby in me

we talk?

not alot



the right stuff

to muck up


par blue or baby blue

she cant decide which

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breaking up.

his/her eyes fade in the sun light,
   his/her heart beat doesn't seem right,
         they look as if they have lost this fight,
               seems he/she was another in their sight.
heart beaten,love struck,now just a sad ending,
    I watched as his/her world changed from the loving,
         to them it was love,and that is what he/she was wanting,
              now the pain in his/her heart beats as if it was never ending.
when a love story comes to an end,
     all that is left is a bitter broken friend,
         seems as if there heart never unbends,
               hunted by the love lost and its descend,
picking up the pieces of love gone wrong,
      not willing to move on just wanting to belong,
           playing it over and over like a sad love song,
                when your heart breaks it's hard to be strong.
as a friend you can't find the right words to say,
       you need to get over her/him start a new day,
            we all have been here the pain will go away,
                 love...we all want it, we're just not willing to pay.

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Caramel Water

A young girl
Blossom From the Concrete
A rose
Her Pretty Curls
Fallen from the streets
I suppose
Taken by a loved stranger
Her most prized possession
Her family doesn't since danger
She hides his confession
Should she forgive him even though he deceived her
Or should she tell the the secret and have nobody believe her
She decides to silence herself but til this day it haunts her
She thought moving would help but in her dreams  he taunts her
Maybe it was a good thing that she kept his darkest secret
But she has a goal and she's not afraid to reach it

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What kind of friend are you?

Why do you treat me like one of those friends that you can put in your back pocket 
you only take out  when  you need me what had happen to our friendship  and I 
hardly hear from you I rarely see you I know the biggest factor is now you have a 
family  but how come you are not my best bud like before I know what a friend you 
are but now mother hood has change you
I just want to talk but you won't answer why do you still want to be my friend 
anymore cause it feels like you don't oh wait till you need me I am sorry but I am 
not that kind of friend
you remember what kind so stop treat me like this it hurts
your always telling me you sorry but I don't know if I believe you cause all you do 
is hurt me why?
that not a friend and neither is not be able to forgive but how can I? why is this 
happening to us?
All I do know is as I sit hear and remember our friendship when it was at it best 
and cry
I don't want to cry no more I see the person you are your not worth a tear drop!
I am sorry but I don't care anymore about when you need me cause I need you 
and your not there like a friend is suppose to so why should I.
They say angel are friend with out there wings so hear a question where are 

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like a monkey

we donkey boy,but roy,yall aint void or sauce mick moss,sauce a 
solution if its true.yesterday blue.

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painted perfect

fur fits?wear it.overbearing trash lover of a different mother said you 
were righteous.but shes dead.

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Bears and Children

Kids Locked outside in the cold
Good News for the bears
The have something to hold
Now the child is the puppet
And the Bear is the puppeteer
You look for the children
But all you hear
"Mama, Papa I'm playing with the bear."

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take me home tonight.we doubt our own existance.lovers pout moan and 
pissant.trees crowd the roaming field and,we double roam and shield fans.

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battle ship

bip.bip meister.kister.diester,liestir.mystur,yeister.tiester.whyster.lyster.

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Breaking the boundaries, 
you released energy.
Life was an immense emptiness 
with dotting of pain and sorrow. 
Counting did not help. 
You had to escape 
to painless unawareness.

Nameless you moved, 
unacknowledged, unsung.
Humility became a meaningful dialogue, 
reverberating in the creative minds. 
The contentment 
did not need any followers. 
The occult gratification,
did not need any fame.

The cessation of agony 
and anguish was important
for becoming. 
Love and compassion became palpable; 
when your heart poured, 
when silence became eloquent, 
when words become phrases.
And intelligence moved 
beyond transcendence.


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my friend kim

I have a friend whose name is Kim
and she has a dad whose name is Jim.
Kim is fun and nice, and sweet
to everyone she's such a treat!
I love Kim with all my heart
and when I'm with her i wanna fart.
Kims so special, so very dear
without her life would be so drear!
She's always my friend without sin
even when my stalker's closing in!
She passed her driving test,
and without fail she was the best!
I love it when she quotes The Ringer
and she is a great great singer!
That fatty shannon can just die,
it wouldn't matter, no one would cry.
Kim Kim I love you so
please don't change into a hoe.

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The identity moves ahead
of the shadow of truth
I search for the absolute 
in vain. Can I remove the emptiness  
and talk to myself ?
The core feeling is same.
We flow in our own separateness.
I want to outlive my brethren
and eat my death alone.

Mindful I watch the kernel,
swaying tree is silent
I am here due to a fault in the genes. 
Grief is not my skull house. 
Each night I sleep with dry lips
dreaming a lake.
My pillow floats like a chopped moon.

Silence of anonymity
in  the heart of a storm.
It is a curious apparition.
The vibrations of distant whispers 
fill up the lungs, 
ripping apart the veins.
My inside blood utters 
a shrill sob.Where to go?
We cannot return back. Ending of time?


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A friend once told me
Beware of what you seek
Choose your friends wisely
Don’t discount what I speak

Where is she now?

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sooner you were gone the easier the way my life would become..well i thought.
I notice now that i was wrong.You were the thing that kept my life stright now im 
not doing so well without you .please come back to me i miss you ever so deeply.
no longer will i ever say such bad things to the people i love and trust.
i never knew how sweet you were til you were i wished you have never
left. how could i say such bad thing's to you the only one i trusted and forever 
loved.that was my good had come of my mystakes.i will pay for them 
for called me and said you missed you job i said i missed knew 
i wasn't lieing by the loud of my voice.i made a mystic witch will never happen 
again.atleast not to you the one i love..........

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The Deepest Loss

  Someone who has been there for you, but now is lost your in despair.
  Someone who has brought you joy, their love is costly your minds impaired.
  Your judgement is lot, no where to go, no where to hide, your eyes are soaked
  with the tears of loss their name is forever renown.

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Walking  alone in 
the dishevelled inner space
I find peace in my failure, 
an innocent patch of a silent hurt. 
The futility of hollow beliefs 
crawls like a spent thunder. 
Truth remains unborn.

I cross a bridge where eterniry begins. 
The freaks chase the shadow for a while, 
the idea so excruciating 
they melt in conspiracy of silence.

In oneness and suchness 
the harmony drips
from infinite pores. 
The seed has a history. 
Lost in resonance of outer space,
now wakes the blood, 
distorting the ripples.


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There are a few things that I never got to say
I can only hope it reaches you in this special way
You were more than family to me
I felt a closeness to you, that anyone could see
You were definatly one of a kind
but always there for family in a bind
Christmas is when I miss you the most
Sneeking cookies brought us so close
Sometimes I see your old place
and I am reminded of your wrinkly face
You were never afraid to give someone the bird
or voice your opinion with some choice words
I love you now and forever gram, this is true
So I'm sending this letter to heaven in hopes it reaches you

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Its Me

                                                                its me
                                                                its me
                                                          its me alone
                                             who makes those choices
                                                   you know the ones
                                                     about my friends
                                                    and who they are
                                                             its me
                                                             its me
                                                             its me
                                                     and me alone

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As you have read befor you know my brother and the ways they are jerks brat no 
better then a pet rat.They make fun of me I wouldn't care when im with you im 
happy but we fight alot that makes me sad but at least you love me well I hope 
you know that every thing I say is true are do you? well I say what I 
always say I dont like to be alone well at least I still remember when you
said  "I couldn't last  one day without a guy beside me well your rong its only you I
could stand to be with out i will always love you.Some of the things I say make 
you but its true ... yohan i love you so much and you should always know that.

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Heavens Eyes

I walked up on a hill and looked up high
What I thought I saw was heavens eyes.
Mysterious blue and misty green,
Full of life and children's dreams. 

Starring deeply into the eyes,
I suddenly broke down and wanted to cry.
Soaring deeply into the eyes, I knew 
I had only one minute to live my life. 

Looking down on earth, 
I saw my friends, I saw my family, 
And I saw my enemies.
If only I would've said I love you
Or please forgive me, one 
More time, it might have changed 
My very own life. 

As the children were dancing and
The Angels were singing,
I knew everything would be all right,
As I floated on up to Heavens Eyes!