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Abc Angst Poems | Abc Poems About Angst

These Abc Angst poems are examples of Abc poems about Angst. These are the best examples of Abc Angst poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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A Yearn for a Smile 9-21-11

	A yearn… simply something that you want or long for. As a yearn to finish, a yearn to achieve, a yearn for a like, a yearn for a smile is something that you drastically want, a desire. Something that you spend long hours, nights even day dreaming hours thinking about how you can earn that smile. What can you do…. or what can you say … things such as a conversation sparks, likes even dislikes, mostly anything that will crack a smile. These are things that truly show signs of something far greater than fame, sex, money, power. What is it? Something more than I have yet to find. So as I search for the answer I over shoot the entrance with rapid thinking of what she wants, her likes, her dislikes. But truly it will only be earned by who you are, what you want to be, yourself, your feelings your desires, your yearn. So when you yearn for that smile or that special something it can only be earned by being you, no one else. Take a look at yourself in the mirror and try to see past the makeup or tan or piercing and just look at yourself… then take that image and imprint it to yourself forever because to find happiness and your yearn  can only be earned one way. Trying to watch her and she how she reacts to certain things just to make myself seem better when I finally open my mouth to her will only make you distant from that special someone.  With me I personally see myself as buff pierced orange person, while trying to continue to follow the people who I look up to the most. So as you struggle and go through life’s trials and tribulations always look at your yearn or what it once it what was. Think about how you felt when you failed or succeeded and try to make yourself a better person from it. Not by adding more glamour or appeal to yourself but by being closer to yourself. What you really are. Because only then can you truly say you earned your yearn of a smile or that special someone, even if there not with you, apart of them will be and that’s the part they left. The part that made you better. More complete. 			So never forget your yearn of her..

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Amassed bulging clouds Dashing enmity fusion, generously hovering In jellylike kneaded layaway Mysterious noir over Prairies quietly resting Suddenly trapped under Vicious wind’s X rated Yelling zeal. CarolineCecile - 10.15.12

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Anxiety Borders Crazy Dementia Erratic Frantic Grasp Hyde Introduces Jekyll Kooky Lunatic
Manic Neurotic OCD Psychotic Quack Rage Schizophrenia Tirade Unbalanced Valium Willing
Xanax Yearns Zen

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Prophecy's Peril

Armageddon approaches as
Charismatic characters'
Enlarges evil's
Grown too
Huge horror of
Jewish and Christian
Menacing multiple
Onto an ancient
Prophecy as
Quieter heads
Seeking solutions are
Upon by
Vituperate voices
Wailing war who wait
Xpectantly for
Zealots to enflame the world.

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Time and Immortal

As I sit here,
time flys by.
I look above,
toward the sky.
And then the lightning strikes
And the dreadful angels cry.

On this night,
my valentine,
we will die,
slowly in each others arms.

And the wounds will heal
and the tears that will fall
will be nothing at all.

And then we will lay under
the ground, lovers in the
darkness until death do us part.

Then my lovely valentine
we will be forever immortal.

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Don't Go

Don't go
Don't go
I said no
But I mean, I don't know.

The black moon is drowning over the opal sea.
And my heart is a giant eagle beyond my will.

Hold my hand,
Hold my hand,
I said I'm not ready,
But I mean, I don't know.

The red sun is exploding in a plum blue sky.
And my heart is a giant eagle beyond my will.

Sleep with me,
Sleep with me,
I said I'm not sure,
But I mean, I don't know.

The Lightening in my soul is burning, burning burning.
And my heart is a giant eagle beyond my will.

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The day my dignity was swept away

It was a mediocre and bearable day. 
I had sprinkled and smeared tiny fibers on my head to camouflage the humiliation. 
As I sedately wandered down the avenue I virtually blended in with the common folks.
All of a sudden a fierce breeze hit me hard. 
My cover was blown away. A barren field of desolation was all left.
Dear Lord, what treacherous move did you just pull on me?
People noticed me as I stood there bare naked.
I panicked and impulsively decided to flee away as rapid as possible.
I thought I was gonna be okay but then some men in black suits tracked me down.
They abducted me.
Shortly thereafter I was transported to a goverment concentration camp for miscellaneous Incels.
I was to be recycled for experimentation.
They sprayed my skull with some sticky elixir from a flask branded Minoxidil.
This was probably the animal testing phase where I was the subject.
It seems that these chemists where benevolent, chunks of my 
abolished humanity started to gradually restore.
Unfortunately the progress wasn't worth the effort.
I was thus banished back to my cellar. 

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blank page (by kimmy holmes my daughter)

see this blank
not me

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The Man Died

He lies a mangled heap of naked shame
dead to nagging worries, thoughts and sorrow
a worn dusty dress clings to his lean marrows
silent he lies in a noisy street with no name

All his lofty dreams and achievements
lie quietly with him in his exposed grave
all his prayers and high hopes none can save
mute the too heap a colossal embarrassment

The joy of an only male child is still
the cheer of giddy success is silent
tears from sobbing hearts are absent
only a crowd of sober vultures at his heels

Curious feet walk briskly away from him
who once lived, loved and sinned like many
who now heedlessly lies without a penny
facing a shy sky who turns away dim

He remains a terrible sight of cold shame
putrid morning, a cynosure of attention
crowds salute hand over nostrils in petition
to our commanding John Doe with no name

A corpse of our national soul lies
dead in the center of our patriotic eyes

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A new face to trace
Covet then embrace
Beloved thy trance
Diminishing glance

Flirtatious on air
Erroneous flair
Gelid, weary streak
Innovations weak

Heroic on flight
Justly proving right
Losing glossy tone
Keenly you dethrone

Mustering the nerve
Obey and observe
Novelty invades
Promises betrayed

Romantically loose 
Questions the abuse
Shine and gloss aloof
Unwoven with proof

Tarnished we believe
Vanished we deceive
Xerox of our life
Wasted upon strife


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The Girl I Used To Know

You criticized me to the end of my 
existence. I completely lost myself, simply 
sitting made me anxious.
I was always waiting for you to call my 
name and point out another mistake. Self 
worth. What is that?
Quite frankly, I'm trying to rediscover 
mine. Since it has been perished. 
Diminished along with the feeling of 
I'm not comfortable anymore. I'm sorry if 
you think I'm superficial for liking clothes.
But I'm forever searching for an outfit that 
I don't have to tug at and readjust like my 
Sorry if my attitude isn't chipper when I 
first wake up in the morning after only 
getting 3 hours of sleep
because I had lay awake and analyzed 
every single one of my actions for the day,
after you insisted on pointing out 
everything I could have done better. Sorry 
that you think I'm a perfectionist,
because I'm more than aware that I'm not 
perfect. More than aware, because you 
remind me everyday.
I actually don't strive to be perfect, I just 
strive to be accepted. Your voice is like 
acid to my ears. 
All I want is one day of not having to hear 
your icy tone after you call me ignorant.
But ignorance is bliss, don't you know? I 
am so lost now that I actually miss the 
days that I was naive to this world.
The days where I just nodded and obeyed. 
Thinking that it would eventually change 
But changed me. I've become a 
heartless *****. Actually, I care SO much.
Though, no one knows that. If I come off 
as a *****, I'm truly sorry. But I feel 
constantly on edge,
like I have to either defend or prove 
myself. If someone compliments me, it 
has to be a joke.
Who could compliment such a worthless 
piece of human existence.
That's what I think of myself now. Your 
fault? No, it's mine. My fault for not being 
able to overcome this.
My fault for turning to drugs because 
Molly was the only one who could make 
me happy. 
I counted how many times I genuinely 
laughed this year. Six. All of them when I 
was high.
My fault for locking myself in the 
bathroom and not being able to look in the 
mirror without bursting into tears because 
I hated myself so much.
I'd sit there and write out lists. Lists of 
everything I needed to change about 
myself, because what I needed to change 
about myself was everything.
But, then what does that leave? Nothing. 
And if I am nothing, then I no longer exist.
I spent so much time trying to be good 
enough for you, that I forgot about what 
was good for myself.
Gabriella? Yeah I knew that girl. But she 
disappeared the day that she met you.

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In Fields

Though I walk through valleys
And yet I do fear although 
I should not when the silence is 
Beating down inside my head

When scorn turns to shame
Turns to tears...that wash away
Something I cannot clean

When questions receive no answers
And time breeds nothing but
Unrelenting pain

And so I walk in fields
Where my father's hands have plowed
Searching without knowing
To follow a voice I cannot hear

And yet I know there is
A voice somewhere inside out
There is someone else there
I know and yet I can't

When lovely pain turns to gold
Turns to alabaster sunshine
Something I cannot see

When answers are elusive
And unexpected overcoming
Like the spring and the rain

And so I walk in fields
Written in the lines of someone's hand
Searching without knowing
Yet slowly drawing near

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An evil one again

        An evil one..
Not to go with soft referred as despotic rules are just.
Nothing quite defected if nothing softly despotic. They are nasty nice.
Some sublime ways are better empathy hearts. List to mores and law as made may then be good. Common all are simple normal looks. What is good? Are we right.
What is evil all are self that like then project to other.  .
Someways also some how must be thives to get and punished the thives.
Eyes with beams or eyes with sticks are all not keen or better eyes. Always supposing then always are greedy human natures that are egos. Certain ethics bear by natures. Empathy natures see a while between human creatures and other creatures. Empathy come as something sexy calls to please or beg the other in the very first. However you can learn and go sublimed and go to charity one by self. Certain worse than wrong are evil doing just with natures acquire by all of us as human being.
Freak to have control those all seemingly flexible also feeble are emperorship. Mostly they selected for always be self. Wealth to him and life to him and mostly better stuffs for him is so. Tribes and taboo can be right or can be wrong. By the ways for all of them are some projected from human natures then also culture.
Equality ways for men and girls are right.
Culture also traditional rites may influence life and wills of us.
Good or evil can inherently bear.. Passing genes have identities come with qualities. However what about our culture interference us and some are conventions. However those are come by tokenism reasons.
Some did mention names of Sigmund FREUD. Then our natures just as instincts all are some inflected with our sub-consciences. Some against the taboos which we have evils then there are some behaviors bad.
Most can be evils only with our themes of sexes or greedy egos. 
-----------Cheung Shun Sang=Cauchy3-------------                 

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Dreamless Alphabets


Aphelion my long time residence
Banished into a dreamless existence
Cannibals surround the escape routes
Diligently feeding my doubts
Eagerly anticipating my demise
Ferociously preparing for my conclusion
Gathering hippocampus, for seasoning
Hors d’oeuvres, bloody temporal lobes
Impulsive, angry, throwing away all reasoning
Jaded, crawling towards the scavengers
Knees embedded with gravel
Lesions seeping into my rib cage
Maggots, waiting at the next stage
Nightmares finally come true
Ominous my exile has been
Paralyzing everything, except fright
Quickly, carnivores begin to dance in delight
Rehearsing for the end of my rancid reality
Screaming, submitting myself as a sacrifice
Talons swoop down, and transport me
Uric acid pouring down, singeing my curls
Valedictions will just delay my final eviction
Wearily, watching, awaiting my crucifixion
Xenon, pestilent  odors rise from my body
Yelping orange, yellow flames, the last seen
Zooming out of this world, to be forever free

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consuming all
the fire burns
of how we yearn.....

waking up
my heads on fire
consumed with thoughts
my only desire
to understand
the world i see
to hold a hand
who understands me

A hand to hold
a hand to heal
im none too bold
i drown in fear

shaking fingers
convulsing mind
here i linger
trapped in my design

created this
with my own brain
simple bliss
kill the pain

numb the soul
lose the sight
lost my goal
yet i still fight

with all my strength
ill never yield
ill go the length
ill hold the shield

lost in the trees
a setting sun
will set on me
nowhere to run

i hold no glory
no famous tale
i wont be sorry
ill drive the nail

ill find you where
your body fell
your mind is near
but im in hell

lost to you
lost to them
found by me
im wearing thin

consuming all
here i burn
of how i yearn.

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Inquisition poetry 101

I stopped to stool siphon sip on a cool blue 
circumstance in the means between the in 
times loath listening to complacent
poetic prostitutional practices of stir my friends 
ego echoes doing the same f. u. c. k. e. d.
favor dance for me when I ego envy enter 
exist your contra content littered with
manic moronic mentaloronic maladies
of entrance entrocities. Lining words
pentamhextamater, rich rhyme, cleaveage crotch
clearance, colic c.u.n. t. coffiure
frantic fascist frames, abounding with 
wok out at me sillo sounds
composite of cruel crisp compound
cumulo capsules of I, me, mine
mousy miniscules in drop dreamy
lovelorn lostlust learned
limitations lauded longevity living
linguistic liquidlovelorn light
leaking lanterns, which bequeath 
*****in broth biscuited breveties
lucid laminated with word wornwaste 
catagorical crass. Leave wailwall  
enough alone when yr tackless 
trash talent is way less than spittle,
your poor prowess less than dodah duh, Po e tree?
So, my wordful children of BS, when writing yr so called pitypoetry,
devoid of dream dance diminutives coinciding correctly with wrenching wraps
of prostitutional ponder relentelessingly revealing a rapture 
of vast vile emoelements of comprosotory 
composites of fecalfroughtfrightfolly of fantasies in 
poet emeritus of urineyourns  a 3 way stretch non nobel poetlorietsupreme
goodfistingluckwiththatcrap;therefore u either play the game or 
risk reside in the zombie aperature camera obsecura word death orbit; therefore 

Assimilitate before u ass umulate, 
Build before u bridge buldge
Concentrate before u cumulo capsulate
Decide before u dildo dick tate
Engulf before u evo enevelop
Fragment before u fracture fantasize
Grasp before u geno germinate
Hallucinate before u hasty hippocrate
Initialize before u initiate
Jackulate before u Jillulasm
Literate before u laud luminate
Mentor before u mirror menstruate
Nurtuate before u neuro negate
Obliviate before u oogle obligate
Postulate before u priest present
Question before u quotionent quest
Recreate before u radical resonnate
Saturate before u semen sacrlidge
Tintalate before u trick translate
Utilize before u usurp ugly 
Victory before u vile vanquish
Want before u willful waste
X-turn right @ W follow the X signs
Yuletides before u yell yeildtides
Zeusotide before u zonk zerozilchotones. 

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For Animal Lovers

Ailing baby cats die exacting fear grief having inevitably just killed loving mothers not
only plainly questioning reasons some things understanding vile wrong-doing xanax yields

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What am I

Overly suspicious

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Thou hast no gain any trust,
O'er me your sensitivity crust,
Hast no fiery showing undoubted rust,
Without mercy thou showed blast.

Intensity corrupted thru's silence dart,
Thy had proclaim every doer's love,
Gushing of icy fluid covered thou's heart,
Nor charm and kinder as pure as dove.

Away!Thou not stand kinswomen o'er here,
Away!Thy not welcome ungrateful bear,
For kindred heart rules thy's sorority's life,
Thou turbulent of anger should not lived but die!

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Dear Lord (by kimmy holmes my daughter)

Dear Lord 
please receive me
i've been stumblin around
deceivin me
i wan't heaven now
how do I get that?
do I stop eatin meat
stop being me
How do I get to Heaven?
I NEEDS my mama
I need my Sons
I'm lyin
before everyones eyes

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Broken Alone

Broken Alone, 
not enough support,
to much weight,
so easy to hate,
little choices,
to much time,
 everywhere I turn,
no one to find,
left alone,
in the dark,
suffering great,
for me,
to late,
what's done is done,
no turning back,
alone again,
I see the crack,
in my soul,
I bear it for you,
but your not there,
were you ever?,
it's been so long,
I am not sure,
stuck alone,
hurt's to the core,
take the blame,
I can't deny,
such great shame,
still can't cry,
in my mind,
I walk an empty road,
Forever alone,
your secret showed,
always had my doubts ,
about your faith,
kept my eye's closed,
to your disgrace,
can't be surprised,
I saw it coming,
don't know what to do,
filled with fear,
The only one I trust, end could be near,
feel heavy,
cross to bear,
must find someone,
willing to share,
fooled myself,
too many times,
to many miles,
no more fake smiles,
numb to pain,
can not gain,
numb to all,
I've hit the wall,
scared and alone,
I don't want to bear it,
for him back,
I'd kill I swear it,
the only one who truly cared,
I pray I find you everyday,
yours alone my heart not shared,
thought I had another,
her beauty shined,
her heart divided,
can't be mine,
tried to take you,
maybe waited to long,
when I'm gone,
this is your song,
her house divided,
I could not stand,
when you cried,
I should've held your hand,
can not blame you,
I know I've shamed you,
waited to long,
another sad song,
saw you as perfect,
or am I blind?,
can't commit,one more kind,
I quit,
for good,
wish you would come to me,
I know that song,
but can't remember the words,
its our song,
As I lay you down,
fly away,
here I come,
are you there,
will you run,
down that empty road,
its just me,
I hope you'll come,
this time I'll let you see,
last chance,
I'll throw you a bone,
until we meet,
I'll stay Broken Alone.

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do I? (by kimmy holmes, my daughter)

you are
so in love
in love 
with me

i wonder
do  you know
i'm not the same
no not

look at what
you done 
you done did to me
made me too happy

i'm so happy 
i cain't do the same
i feel bad
make everyone mad

but i can't
I won't 
cuz I don't have to
do I?

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ME(by kimmy holmes, my daughter)


yOUR'E sO MUCH     better
i MAKES ME quiet
Not so mucH ME

you tell me I might be sad
I am ready

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Frivolous Chase

All eye admiration flood upon your presence
Beyond words, this mind bleeds,
Crushed by your metaphysical yet practical brilliance
Deafened by the hilarity of your quirks
Envying those that may embellish in your jests
Frozen in tears where the past brings smiles
Groveling beside the untouched potential 
How is it you excel among such fetid company?
Initiating your moon-shines like the sun is your god
Jumping jacks pounding these ever depressing soles 
Kittling the fingertips mindfully so 
Lackadaisically glancing upon our stranger-friend relationship
Mustering the audacity to surmount your eccentricities  
No one could ever quite notice before
Opulent in knowing you have captured so many 
Pained inside to the very last penny
Quenched from courage, I remain caged in your glory
Rabid to agitate your unacquainted waters  
Suckling upon the overflow—
The leftovers that offer richness I will never know
Understanding you wholeheartedly—I quiver
Violated by the comfort tease of your words
Wondering how love can surface upon unsteady oceans
X chromosome searching for a sharp fool within a current of chaos
Y chromosome spinning, slightly hidden with a small, sparkly smile
Zealous in the frivolous chase—I was latched from the start

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 I am so sorry I tend to whisper to my self while the wings on my back enfold me in my idiocy and bust in a furl of feathers and fire.
My authentic halo falling broken reinforcing my thoughts on transformations... 

My lush lies crept up into me whispering to you my secrecy and my merry go round patterns...
 I was adapted to serous sabotage and unconsidered volcanic eruptions... Having nothing to react to I made my own quake...
i deserve everything. 

But for you to say I can't feel is something that just shocked me at my core... 
But then again what should I expect? 
Secret boyfriends? 
are you kidding me...? 
But then again what should i expect... 
I gave you a reason to be suspicious a reason to say those things... 

With my viscosity on the subject I realize I have to be punished... and it has nothing to do with you...

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let me be

I'm through with living in these and shackles and chains,
erase me now, set me free from this world,
where blood pours and tears rain,
to a land of love, set me free from these chains,

I’m through with living a life of which i do not belong,
erase me now, let my life begin,
in a world thats just right, where there is no wrong,
let me for once feel that i finally belong,

I'm through with this life that carries on forever,
erase me now, show me my end,
let my soul and my body escape together,
no part of living says you'll live forever,

I’m through with living in the land of the blind,
erase me now, let me see where i lay,
forget who i was, my true soul i must find,
open up the world to which once i was blind,

I’m through with living I’m done with the hate,
erase me now, let my true love embrace,
let me not change my future, let me accept my fate,
show me how to be, teach me not of hate.

I'm through with living where i can not be me,
erase me now let me delve ever deeper,
let my mind dance let my heart run free,
where i think not of them, I proclaim of only me.

I'm through with living, my time is now,
erase me now, to never be forgotten,
to escape from this world, just show me how,
the end is finally here, my time is now.

darkness will fall, bring my eyes to rest, 
darkness will fall, no beat in my chest,
peace it will bring, to finally be me,
peace it will bring, to finally be free.

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why do we have.................................

why  do  we   have  clouds?
why  do  we  have   sky?
why do  we   have   music?
why do  we    have   computers?
just  think  why why  why!!!

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She said
Name that tune
and i almost danced
for hours...

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The color of my anger

It consumes me

Into a pit of black

I cant express the emotion

Nothing comes out!


Its overwhelming

The black, theres too much

I can't see anything

Feel anything

Hear anything

Its just black 

And I am angry 

No one can help me

And I cant help myself

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the end

the days go dark
i sit in this park
its lonly and cold
but these feelings are old
iv seen it before
shes out the door
i slit my wrists
and my blood slowly twists
down my arm and off my hand
my life is fading and its so sweetly bland
i bleed for you
but you never knew
the slow downfall
of my life and all
its miserable,sad and funny to
how much i really care for you
its ok now my life is fading
but no one knows i only evading
the sadness of losing
and heartbreak, blood oozing
the white light draws near
its almost over from here
i love you my dear
you touched my heart
now its time i fell apart
its me not you
see the picture i drew
thats my blood my note of suicide
im sorry im not ok im the one who lied
its over my life has finaly reached its ending
sleep well my love enjoy this last text im sending

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if you only knew

when you lose sight of what really counts
its easy to focus on only whats shallow
am i too fat is my nose too big
do i walk or talk weird whats wrong with me
when we forget the depth that is here in this world
and focus on things that are just absurd
so maybe im not a supermodel and my bums a tad on the thick side
and maybe im no a genius thats getting a scholorship on my side
but does that mean im nothing that i dont count
this world is getting sickening count me OUT
im ashamed of myself for even thinking like this
and obsessing to tears over shallow petty shit
i am praying that god hears my pleas for help
because i cant conquer this all by myself
i used to not care didnt care at all
but like any other i rise and fall
i am of the opinion that your body is a shell
and youll leave it behind when you go to heaven or hell
it will rot in the ground and count for nothing
and when i meet my maker he wont care how big my bum is
some women ONLY care about their looks and they dont get it
they dont see the big picture 
and i fear theyll regret it 
and other women dont care even at all 
about their looks because their depth is so massive and raw
but then theres me in the middle with so much depth and spirituality
why do i waste time wondering what are all the things wrong with me
im sick of crying over it ive done it for too long
im sick of getting angry when i cant crawl out of my bod
its a thought that i had reguarding a cacoon
like how catapielers go into them and out comes a butterfly zoom
if i could just crawl out my mouth my soul free for just a moment
and be allowed to have a different shell to live and own it
i wonder what its like to feel just for a second
not arrogance but a sweet compliment from someone who MEANT IT
my desperate pleas go out to you and anyone else who will listen
i hate my body im sick of my face and my voice is just ridiculous
so lets just drop it in the ocean let it sail away
cuz me im going to better places where i dont have to cry all day
where i know that my body is just a little shell a vehicle if you will
its our car or truck or limo or bus to use while we use our free will
and ive always said when you go you don't take your money your lambergini
or your watch expensive jewlery its all staying beind
and you should think about what YOUR world is while im trying desperatley to fix mine

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The love that didnt exist

I must of wished upon a million stars and hoped on many things 
The love that I was looking for couldn't compare to my every dream, The one girl I wanted was a mirage to my every thought 
The one feeling I felt, the most I realized couldn't stop, 
I would look upon the midnight stars where love was just a blur 
Laying back in bed wondering who you were, 
As my days and nights passed, I could feel the love fade 
I started to realize, the girl of my dreams was never made, 
I patiently waited, but my appearance was lonely 
I started to realize, I was my one and only, 
Nobody would accept me or look my way 
So I feel to my knees and started to pray, 
Dear God, I guess I wasn't meant for love or love wasn't meant for me I just wanted that special someone, who I could say was meant to be, I thank you Lord for all the blessings you gave 
But the love that didn't exist, was something, I took to my grave. 

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If time heals all, then when will my alarm clock ring,
If tomorrow is a new day, why do the morning birds not sing,
I want to be awoken, from this dream fueled by disaster,
The hands keep ticking, i just will them, tick faster,
My reasoning is affluent, yet it bleeds through stigmata,
If to sacrifice, is solution, then my soul freely martyr, 
My burdens weighed down, adds fuel to their meaning,
My clear image tarnished, by the scour of being,
My foundations pressed, as i confess, to all without believing,
My heart bleeds less, as i digress, to all without deceiving ,
My eyes feel weak, as i lose track, of the path i once walked,
As resistance feels futile, your mind becomes, warped,
The path becomes darker, as my demise is brought fourth,
But the path is now brighter, than at ones first thought,
If its my time, then how will i, know that i must listen,
To the bells that chime, at once as i, am freed by my admission.

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B ombs

O nly

S trengthen

T errorists

O wn

N arrowness

"Dedicated to the victims of Boston 2013"

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Fourteen Catfish

        Fourteen Catfish
Fourteen catfish swimin along
one was caught cause he went wrong
thriteen catfish swimin all night
two got hooked before daylight
eleven catfish in the brook
seven fell for the fisherman's hook
four big catfish sniffin bait
three of them just couldn't wait
one fat catfish all alone
got no girlfriend of his own.
      © ron wilson

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all she wrote

no im not that girl
im not like the rest of the world
i have brown hair, not blonde
can't erase my big bum with a magic wand
i wish i could,believe YOU me
anything but this is what i wanna be
now is this a way for a person to feel?
like you'd do anything even skip 4 days of meals
i wish i could make it so no girl in the world
would never have to feel like she is just a girl
i wish we could all love ourselves
im not perfect
beauty is in the eye of the beholder they say
and i believe thats truth
it doesnt matter anyway
i should be happy with my youth
when did someone decide that in order to be beautiful,we must all be the same?
we must be thinner,thinner,thinner
we must be winners,winners,winners
my chests not that small,my bums a little big 
and im brown haired not blonde i dont happen to think that makes me a pig
you wanna talk about a pathetic existence??
some blonde hair dye and a finger down your throat
that's all she wrote

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Love drugs

my drug
my cure
----- pure
it's high
it lie
i'll die
i'll try
to taste
a glance
i'll chase
my chance
and live
my life
in grieve

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Introspected ABCs

a burdened charity dost entail
faux generosity habitually inhaled

jaunts, keepsakes left macerated
nothing omitted, personally quantitated

reason sifted through ubiquitously
vehement will yearned zealously

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Fear is how he made you

You hold your side 
Because if you don't you know you will just fall apart 
Honesty, does nothing. Might as well lied 
You breathe deep to fill the empty space 
A place where hope should be 
But there's not a single trace 
You run to the space in your mind 
That's meant purely to hide 
You will never have a home 
Words just to make you cry 
The cold can't touch you 
Because the fear has already consumed you 
Fear you thought you could hide 
The pain you thought the world was bind too 
The hardest thing to know 
Is that your suffering is shown 
That those around you see you dying 
They reach out there arms 
But your not trying to get help 
You can do it alone
What's one more punch 
What's one more burse  
Or one more tear 
It makes you stronger 
Your just standing to close for it to be clear 
Enough is enough and you can't go one more day 
With a family of broken trust 
But your legs won't work and you clasp 
There's no more fight in you
There's nothing left to do 
You cry out to the heavens 
Screaming your sorry for everything you did 
And everything you didn't mean to do 
You know it's not your fault 
But it doesn't matter, His wrath is unwavering 
He didn't do it so it must be you. 
He tells you when the world blows up, it was simple to kill you 
Fear is something you learned at a young age 
Something that's stronger then love and stronger then rage 
Fear of losing everything he let you have 
You can wish and you can pray 
But one simply fact still remains 
He own you every day until breath leaves your body 
For fear and pain 
Is all that's left 
Because that's all he made

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The Appreciation

your voices is melodic,a hand in time disowned and misleading
used to lure the unsure to pure heavenly meaning
guide me,find me because ive lost my way in this forest of misery
sick thoughts are greedy and avaricious crows pecking at my mind,destroying me 
all of my life my tongue has never truly tasted,my efforts truly wasted
trying to find love,and failure,i unruly,cruelly based it
on my own so called flaws,cursin my reflection as i faced it
id envy others beauty,their perfection evasive
to me as i saw them on television,and in school wrapped in perfume and beards
the white hot pain despair,i feared
would burn me alive....
until u came along and showed me how flowers felt,and why ice cream melts
how soft hands were and how hands were dealt
u said beauty is only a mold,a mold everyone tries to fit everyone to
and if they dont have everything theres one thing they do
call you ugly,i cringe at it and despise the word
but as u subside my thirst for curse,
u gave me other things to feel besides the hurt...
oh gosh..
now as i stand here beside your hearse
i wanted to say thank you,my lady songbird...
i heard your final chirp...

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Mr propertied's car

-Birat Anupam 

Mr.  propertied belittles pedestrians  
whenever he drives his car 
hurling blows of horns at ears
raining acids of lights on eyes
during busy days, fatigue evenings and sexy nights
however, Mr. propertied ,too, desires walking 
so he secretly goes morning walks
where he glimpses sans his car

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A Sunny Wait...

Young days start with a nostalgia
for a lost freedom
Anxiety was the prime suspect.

As the age moves on,
truth consumes the virtue.
I hold this insult
in the throes of conscience with tears.

The dreams did not last long
in the wild eyes of geniuses.
Grace and dignity fell short of sinners.
The prince of blackness strode
on the white souls.

I could not have been a witness
of paradox.
Lacked in the old books
I still wait on the highway
for a sun to climb the hill.

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I felt like exploding. 
The back of my eyes were burning.

What had happened here? 
There must have been times when I felt more than this. 
There had to be. 

It was Tuesday afternoon, around 12.20pm, that I realised what had to be done. 
Someone had to pay!

I have lived, up until now, a privileged life. 
One really of no hard labour, unlike many of those around me. 
I suppose I felt superior to some people in many ways. 
Should I have thoughts like this as a member of the human race? 
There you go you see, human race, race, the word that we have put into who we are, its a race, we are racing, racing each other. 

Where will it be the race, who is in the, race, yes indeed!
Mumblings of a mad man corrode the in workings to such a degree that there seems no way out!
Surely we had felt more than this?


Scott. T . Williams.

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Trapped in this world of guilt,
Tangled in the world of misery,
Unnoticed by the people I love,

Want to smile but killed by angst,
Fall behind just to think it through,
Build myself up day by day,
By lying to myself,

The lies I start to belive.

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The Emo ABC

A is for angry atheist angst
B- you're bleeding bruised broken taking your allowance to the bank

C is for cutting, crimson and crying
D is for daemons, death, darkness, and dying

E is for everything gone wrong in your life
F is the freedom you find in the knife

G is for gothic, straight from the womb
H is for the latest hawthorne heights tune

I is for immortal- you've commited suicide ten times already
J is for the jaded and emotionally unsteady

K is the knife you "accidentally" misplaced
L is for losers, lost life and lace

M is for makeup that cakes up your face
N is the nightlight to keep away the dark you "embrace"

O is because you're obviously obscure
P is for poetry or prose- you're not sure

Q is for quiet, you sit all alone
R is for razors when no one picks up the phone 

S is for screamo you can't get enough 
T is for tears damn, being fourteen is tough!

U is for ubiquitous mental disease
V is for vacant vacuous vampire wanna-be's

W is for whiny,well-fed suburbanite teens
X is for Xanax- you know what it means

Y is for youth spent all about you and your anhedonia
No diamond in the rough, you're just another cubic zirconia

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A New Beginning

After bearing considerable difficulties, even foregoing great hopes, imagination justified 
kissing laughter. Merriment nicely overcame poverty, quenching ravenous sorrow, 
torment.  Ultimate vision:  wholesome xanthippe zappy.   

© November 14, 2011
Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen

Reference:  xanthippe 	ill-tempered woman
             zappy 	lively; entertaining

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A fire in my heart
Blazes brightly- for the entire world to see
Caressing the wind
Dancing on the wood
Effortlessly glowing
Feverishly hot

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Baby, it's rainin
I've gone out 
and put myself 
in the rain
what do you think
think of this thunder
you scared?
not me
I put it around my neck
put it where it should be
but I would really
I would really like it
If you would come
and just get me
ok, I'm scared and hungry
mostly scared
come get me

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The ABC's of Overcoming Fear

The ABC’s of Overcoming Fear
     By Dane Smith-Johnsen

Bear courage.  Delightfully!  Effervescently.
Form grand.  Hopeful, images.  Jest!  
Keep lucid mental notions.  Observe.
Practice.  Quench random satanic thinking.
Undo.  Vanquish weirdness- xenomorphic.
Yird zabernism.  (Bury bullying)

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The Fog

Into the steam filled abyss I found myself sitting upon a rock, lost, confused, hopeless. 
The light of a lark opened my eyes; the shadow of the devil closed them. 
My vision became faded and my mind was jaded, 
I was lost in the thoughts of an assassin and pushed into the actions of a suicidal animal. The rope clinched to my neck lets go ever so softly but when I slip it tightens 
Before I know it I am lost in the abyss of my own insanity and cannot find my way back to reality. 
Sometimes I forget who I am; sometimes I forget what good I’ve done. 
The fog takes over my very movements, thoughts, and actions. 
The laziness that unfolds upon me is like a quilt of guilt.
 Sweat, tears, and blood are stitched into the embroidery of this quilt. 
I try to open my eyes but they remain closed.
I am blind to the truth but to the fallacies I can see.  
I just wish to give my soul like a Faustian bargain feel completely whole again. Sadly...I know that I will never find.
I try to open my eyes again and I am alive, but falling into the depths of hell. 
The Egyptians encrypted my soul with this spell. 
The evil curse that will scar my skin with pain and have me walk as if I have survived the bloody gallows. 
My head hangs low and creates a correlation with my eye lids. 
The tears are hard to see in the rain, but the pain leaves a permanent stain.
 I am alive, but isnt living as bad as dying. 
The thought of the unknown lingers upon me like a mosquito
My love for you dwells forever as if it were a scar.

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The Night and Her Ways/Lost Under The Sun

there is a moon,
shining all alone
under all seas looming side to cloud
fall in our night and wait for the one who makes
slip in the prowl
the beasts hold night at growl
howling their sorrows
move midnight forever is tomorrow
come to our dark we run deep in the dusk
trust your lost soul while wait here for the sun

trust your yearning haven safely break
grey sky a-standing
standing far astray

lost under the sun
lost under the sun
lost under the sun 
lost under the sun

there is a place
marble floor and blue
there is a space 
that was meant for what was you
summer now white a different sort of lone
cold in our skin deeps
looking towards our glow

lost under the sun
lost under the sun
lost under the sun
lost under the sun

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I mmmm I

I have this desire
To believe it is not me
These people only conspire
Against who I am to be 
Thinking, fretting, as I perspire
Dwelling in agony
Please just let me expire
So I can find the audacity 
For my own SHIRE......

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Sometimes I Feel

Sometimes I feel neglected;
When somebody cares not for me,
Feelings feel crushed and shattered
Seas of sorrows overflow in me!!!!

Sometimes I feel frustrated:
When smiling leaves of my life 
Are plucked by the cruel siren,
Trees of joy bemoan in me!!

Sometimes I feel devastated;
The flood of tears tears the heart
Swaying away the remains of life,
Veins, dying and dried, course in me! 

Sometimes I feel suffocated;
When the wind with long nails
Caress my breathing life,
Sobbing soul cries out in me!

Sometimes I feel trapped; 
In the imbroglio of mysterious romance
That leads me from one heart to another
In search of soothing shelter!

Sometimes I feel dejected 
When rejected by the dear one
I have had in my heart since long
Blood of love has sunk in me!!!

Sometimes I feel elated
When all the sorrows engulfing me
Pave the way for panted feelings 
Seeds of thoughts sprout in me!

Bhaskaranand Jha Bhaskar

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Someone behind the door

There is someone that knocks on my door every night,
when the darkness and the cold freeze my soul.
He does not say anything, just gives me his hug.
I try to see into his eyes but the weariness closes my eyes and my dreams 
chase him away. 

I will try many years to make him friend,
but he is my greatest Fear...

Copyright Constantinos Grigoriadis © All rights reserved

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Welcome to my nightmare

Welcome to my Nightmare

In the confines of the dungeon walls
The gentle bull eats flesh and all.
While the Griffin with its eagle fire
Would burn up those of strong desire
Who'd enter through the burning gates
Oh they would surely meet their fate.

A maiden waits in sweet devotion
Should the devil take the notion
To send folk down to her allure
She looks gentle, sweet and pure.
But look into her deep green eyes
Then you may see through her disguise.

Those Vampires wait in fearsome lust
As through those nymphs
Some folk be thrust
To have their life sucked out of them
By these ghouly Vampire men.
But there's the lady of your dreams
She's knowing just what all this means

The fires of hell they must be known
Before there's any mercy shown
Through Ghouls and nymphs
And dark, dark fear
The lady's waiting everywhere.
As you pass those fires bold and free
You'll submerge within her mystery.

Socrares Dec 8 2003.

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An outsider won't stride like he owns the place, 
he's an open book with a hardened face, 
pure and true but stuck like glue on the shoe of the new review..clutches at straws and remains a mute, what's there to do? 
He's been given the boot, he's the colostomy bag, that is his duty, 
he's hopin' they'll start eating somethin healthy n fruity 
To relieve his position and grant him access to beauty

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Damn You

Why would you lie, and say Im cared for? 
I want to see you cry, theres no one Ive hated more. 
Your feelings are fake, dont involve me in them. 
No more lies I will take, my will is stronger than them. 
Cut me from your life, and you better make it fast. 
I have to much spite, for any relation to last. 
Will things go well for you? Well Im not wishing you sh**. 
Good night and damn you, I hope the devil has fun with your sins.

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Every Once In Awhile

every once in awhile, i wonder how you're doing
every once in awhile, the thought goes right through me
every now and then, i have a fond memory
every now and then, i remember you were in fact the enemy
every once in awhile i think about the birth of our child
every once in awhile it stings,but it's oh-so mild
every once in awhile i remember the first time we made love
every once in awhile i recall praying to the stars above
when you put me down,insulted me,always brought me to tears
when you shook me,choked me,slapped me,poked me for 3 whole years
every once in awhile i remember how it was to be so timid
every now and then i think my god he really did it
every once in awhile, i miss you,yes this is true
but only every now and then you see,you cannot make me blue
every once in awhile i have good memories and want to cry
but then i remember how the majority of our time was and me just wanting to die
every once in awhile i wonder what would have happened if we'd stayed
 i make myself keep on working ive to i got to get paid
every now and then i see a handsome,sweet,moral guy
that i left in my past,and flew right by,and then i wonder why
but if im honest with myself,which is sometimes hard to do
you and i were oil and water,and we both knew it true
you were agressive,i was submissive,that is a lethal combonation
i was a girl,you were a man,who knew what to say,i was taken
so yes.every once in while i miss you. 
id be lying if i said it wasnt so.
but the truth of the matter,i had to do..
i had to make you go
sometimes i think of you with positive memories,but thats mostly for our child
now and then i forget all the misery
but thats only every once in awhile

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Exclusion of immigrants from society makes their souls fall into insanity!

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The heart that lies

The heart that lied before,
Beats with dishonesty once more 
For it shares its love with one too many, 
And any one whose heart is shared by two,
is unable to care and love just you.

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In the Trap of My Own Confusion

I find it so difficult to focus,
My mind is always in a haze.
I want to get something done today, 
But I feel like I am trapped in a maze.
My thoughts are always wandering,
I can't focus much longer than a minute.
I want to get something done today,
But I always fall back in it.
Into the trap of my own confusion
Into the snare of my cluttered mind
I'd really like to reach for help,
But I'm afraid of what I will find.
Some people think that I am copping out,
That this is just some big excuse
I'd really like to reach for help, 
But I just think "What's the use?"
I feel like there is something more,
That's waiting out there for me.
Like so much life has passed me by,
That there is still so much more to see.

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I've felt guilt 
and I've broken down.
Ive been to cloud nine,
and I've broken down.

I've exprienced love,
and I've broken down.
I've walked the path and turned half way,
and I've broken down.

I've broken down,
Than I built myself back up

.....on lies

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Spinning upside down

Looking for direction
Some persuasion to go on
This life told me there'd be 
So I must keep moving on
No time to stop for thinking
Cause if so, you know it'd tear 
me down
This world has a way of 
spinning things
To where I look like a clown
So no matter if I'm drowning
And spinning upside down
I've got to find something to 
hold on to
Something to keep me going
Not just looking around.

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The Cries For Help

A hit and run in your side of the hood
You celebrate because the one hit was trashy and no good
But someone at one time loved this lifeless scum
It is a dog eat dog society never sharing the crumbs
No ambulance chasers come around
Nothing here in this castle but thorny crowns
Somewhere out there, paradise must exist
Nobody claims the victim, another Jane Doe on the Morgue's list
Surviving the streets is another dimension
Out in the open there is so much tension
Trying to figure out a way out of this type of life
Not wanting to resort to the barrel or the blade of a knife
The dumpsters sometimes provide the food you need
Five are homeless, so many to feed
Who knows Detroit, Chicago, New York or LA
There are more out there than the Government puts on display
Very few shining moments, piled on by zero glory
This is a tragic all too familiar story
It all falls under a street wise democracy
Behind a Government that feeds on hypocracy
Keep the inflation and poverty at an all time high
It is easy for the President to hit the mute button on financial remote control to 
silence their cries

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The ABC'S oF Addiction

A   ddictive
B   ehavior
C   auses
D   enial.
E   verything
F   eels
G   reat.
H   owever,
I     t's
J   ust
K   icks.
L   ife
M   eans
N   othing.
O   piates,
P   ot,
Q   uaaludes--
R   eality 
S   ucks!  
T   he
U   niverses'
V   ast
W   atseland.
Y   ou're
Z   apped!

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Stop Look and Listen

A poem that I myself must writ
Because the contest calls for it
Cautiously I grab my pen
Deciding words from end to end
Extracting words from who knows where
Feeling right, I put them there
Gosh I hope this wins for me
Happiness or perhaps top three
Ignoring all my failed poems past
Jonsing for a win at last
Kindly place this near the top
Loosing contests has to stop


Look I’m tired of loosing
On this you have my word
Objectively I write poems
So my words are heard
I’ve got to stop this loosing
No ifs or ands or buts
Give my poem a placement before I go plum nuts


Pretty Pathetic Pleading for Poetry Placement Perse
Loosing Leaves Libido Lethargic no Leeway

Mdailey	7/11/11 for Debbie Guzzi’s contest – Aye, Aye, and a Mistress

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Dear Mother (change the e to a u)

Dear mother, can you remember me
here a clue my name begins with d
the one you left so you could be free

Try to explain, you’ll be told

Thou in life I have failed
at least I tried, you fecking bailed

Dear Cathy, do you like to joke?
I do allot, but it’s a cloak
cover all feelings, emotions broke

Try to explain, you’ll be told

Thou in life I have failed
at least I tried, you fecking bailed

Dear miss Scott, I’m not unreasonable
I’m sure you were unstable
i always deal with what on my table

Try to explain, you’ll be told

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Life goes on

Another day of secure monotony. Yearning for something more, yet stuck in a form of melancholy. 
Someone must do this job, but is it me? I question my daily moves and stare at stagnation. However, I find something comfortable about waiting. The walls echo the basic form of existence around me. My body desires motivation, change, an artistic outlet. I focuse in too much. And yet I stand in the immediate.

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Reaping what you sow

I'm not saying your wrong
What I am sayin to your face is 
you're an educated racist
our children cannot inherit that
and you're angry with me now
I embarressed you
when you love our daughter
she is beautiful and latino
and suddenly, you're not true?
She is different?
You know I find it unbearable
how you emphatically stated
we should run all latinos out
you're racist comments
your very sin, not mine
but what you teached
I never agreed with 
these kids, they respect you
But my sweet, intelligent, darlin man
you are a damn fool

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Parlor room

Everybody wants to be 
Some body
Somebody wants to know someone
Someone doesn't know anybody
Every body is some body
Pleasantly I am me

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have you ever

  have you ever felt such loneliness  
even though friends and family is there
feeling lost and out of control
sinking deeper and deeper into dispair

im trying to fight these feelings
not wanting them to grow
im fighting hard to keep them
but for how long i do not know

there,s emptiness and sorrow
tears almost overflow
if i disappeared tomorow 
would anyone care or even know

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6:00 am

The alarm rings at 6:00 am
I'm still wrapped up in my sheets
I'm floating aimlessly in my world
A subtle world no-one can see
Let me stay
In my bed
Amid my sheets 
In my head
I'm eaten up by harmless thoughts
By virgin juvenile blameless dreams
I wish to propel my thoughts outside
Where merciless frigid cold presides
Where the heartless lions tear my thoughts apart
Into a world that knows no heart
I wish to float into the ice
But I prefer to stay inside
Here—I find breath
I find life
Picturesque shields
Masking strife
My haven—the sheets
I'm not willing to leave
The warmth—dust of thought
They make me believe
I'm unspoiled and free
Freezing cold amid flames
I'm safe and real
My reality's to blame
  I'm pure
I'm holy
And I'm pristine
Omniscient and powerful
Fragile—cracked—and freed 
What awaits outside for me
Still remains a mystery
The first step's the most painful
It's a step I will not make
I'd rather rot here, disdainful 
Instead to step outside and break
I'm not ready to wake up
Be rid of my own bed
I wish to drown into my dreams
The confusion in my head
I want to stay wrapped up in my cocoon
Where I can soar with all my might
In here it's fake; the sun can croon
And what's more fake is my own flight
Am I dreaming
Or is this true
Am I in bed
Or floating blue?
I'm not aware
I'm not too sure
The colors are dull
The crystal hues
I want to sink into the darkness
Stay invisible till God knows when
But what will I do if the clock—
Has really stricken 6:00 am? 

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Hold me tight, my friend,
I am going to sail in damnation.
Between devil and saint
I have lost my home.

A wooden ship is on fire
at the turbulent sea
and I am going to welcome you
on the starboard.
I would keep the funeral in waiting.

Flowering of the ashes has begun
in urn. Sitting in semicircle, you watch
the spilling. Bones meet mother earth.
Death creates the challenge.

Go for a tree, watch your silence,
we are going for a contradiction.
The thoughts are same, but not similar.
I am walking on sharp edges.


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Left by the Dust

My lover takes
My loneliness away
It's time to look
To look forward to a new beginning
And hope for happiness
In the new world of Where?
So we shall look longingly at her picture
And wonder

The loss
It does not shade me
My loss of success
Will hopefully only be
short lived
BUT WHAT IS THERE TO KNOW? (is it frown or foe)
Look deep inside your soul
Show me the paper and show me the

For the loveless angst has left me
The shores are cold yet the sea is deep
Pull the trigger and you get a smoking nigger
It takes away the pain -- it took HER AWAY
She is at the end of the stick
Poking a gun at your nose!

Endless smells:
I miss you - I want you back but under

But let's be friends
And NEVER speak 

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Electronic Shock

Give It Away
Living circuit, a long bamboo.
A heavy weight
Weapons Rise
Punch from the sky
An untold story
Henderson Money Maker
Soft like foam. Soft like chocolate 
We lie to here, thus more.

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Love and Pain

All betrayers cause deep emotions,
Fearing great heartache in jaunting knowledge,
Love may never overcome pain,
Quailing real sensitivity 
Time umbellate vessels
While X, yields zero

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I'll Wake up

Ill wake up and you will be here,
and the letter on the mirror will be gone.
The blood soaked in the floor will disappear.
No matter what I do I tried,
The truth you couldnt hide from.
The lies consumed you and your soul...

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Life's Jolts

After baring concern
Developing each focus
Grasping, holding it,
Jumping, karma lives,
Moving nowhere over
Preparing quaint replies,
Sweet tastes, unkind,
Visioning with X-rays
Yearlong; zap

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Darkness of Life

After being chary during every forthcoming gesticulation, her interesting kaleidoscope 
laughter, meticulously neurotically overzealous pleasantness, quickly restored 
suppressed...trembling; undeniably victorious wrinkled Xanthippe yelled zealously.

© January 2, 2012
Dane Smith-Johnsen

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In your fury you were consumed
Torched by the might of your hand
Locked away in your shadows
By a strange rage that took hold of you
I want to cover the blame
For you acted in the cloudiness of your mind
In anger that obscured your reasoning
What fueled up the furnace
I have no knowledge of
But I know of your heart’s recompense
Yet they seek to cart you away
Exert their revenge on you
Take you to where you can’t explode
And shut that fire anyway possible
I wish to save you from their hands
But your actions justify you not
Nor your act of anger and fury
You have given your accusers a pass
Now they tread on your anger
Despite your soberness or words of peace
They wish to shut you out completely
In all my wisdom and kindness
Even I cannot save you from the upshot of your fury
Too bad the jury finds you guilty

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I needed you

I needed you to stay,
but with every word you say.
I know it grows close to time,
time for you to go.

I've pushed until you pulled.
Away from me.
So kill me with the love,
you took from me.

I've searched for reasons.
Reasons to keep you here by me.
But nothing seems to matter.

I scream in you face.
I want to keep you here by me...

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How Much Longer Can Love Sorrow

I strummed my instrument
Called a tune
And invited
Challenged Rita to dance.

But she, un-heeding
Declined, oblivious.

I took the trumpet
Summoned the air 
To a sonorous thrill
‘Feeling for audience.’

But Rita sat, unmoved.

I turned minstrel
Enchanted the crowds
With drum and song
From morn till eve.

But Rita
She stayed at home.

I flew to town
Hired a band, an orchestra
And a ballet dancer
Flew back home
And staged a show
O Rita,
In this delight!

But Rita would not.

Stung, I strayed
flooded in thought.

Will return
The inviolate love…

And deep inside her
Will tick a theme
A quintessence, love!

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Artfully bilk, cheat, defraud…  embezzle!
Forgetting gainful, helpful, industrious jobs.
Keeping loot maliciously nervously obtained.
Pilfering, quickly. Robbing, swindling tearlessly.
Until final judgment sends them…  Away. 

© Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen
    January 17, 2010

Poetic form: ABC

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I've come to believe, thru disparate disease that this sphere's a shake us off like a bad case of fleas, we're gone viral, living in opposite land and we each ride the spiral,  obeying commands that come from the external, desire to come first place in a race that hastens to waste life eternal, chips off the new blocks, and we munch thru a shmorgas board of trees and rocks without replenishing stocks. Ain't enough voltage here to give us the shock, that we need to stop us fearing with our cocks, throw away the locks, release the keys to turn back the clock, bring time to it's knees and dump space at the docks.
This fabric sewn in two with chains and wire, relentlessly sets the human brain on fire, the mindless enquire about who/what made the stitch and only those who don't question don't get bit by the itch.
 Be a bridge for duality, accept both sides and love the brutality of everyday life, chimes of reality, a cold warm wind blows dry and soaks up the darkness to light the totality.

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my angst

oh thee my beloved
whence will thou return
whence will my dream be brought to life
whence will thou remember
for men you fought battles
battle of patriots and strong men
yet the war hath killed thee
whence will thou return to me
for your heart was stolen and your body returned
now i see only a shadow of my lover
your heart ran cold and our love disfigured
oh how the war has changed you
oh how the war has stolen what did only matter once
our love has been slain for the victories of war
please open yourself to me again
let me break thy walls of anger
melt thy frozen heart with my love
for i see not a man i once loved
o thee heaven and great mother
see my plight and search my heart
if my love be true
return my beloved back to me

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What im feeling rate now

I feel like the sky is turn black on me, 
feel like that there's s war about to
begin. I need to see that one thing is
those stare and the moon that I see
at your trailer tat one night. i love you
so much, your the one for me.

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Darkness secret

They tell me that they can help me.
But why cant they see, Im suffereing.
With a mind full of misery,
and a heart full of pain.
I take all of the blame.
When they question me they put me to shame.

Can they see behind these broken eyes.
Can they see behind all these lies.
As the blood pours from these wounds.
No one sees, the pain I feel.

This is my world, its all so clear.
This is me, all I wanted is to be left alone.
I would give up everything just not to feel 
this pain anymore.

All the things come crashing down on me. 
All these things so deep within me.
Some days are okay, but then my world 
falls apart and turns to grey. 
So many tears wasted.

Just want to make this go away
help me make this go away.

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Dickson Street

And I was there

My Dickson Street ,now
is so urban, sad, bare
I miss my Nasty Dickson Street
where I roamed without a care

We hoped, knew not to hurt another
we were all hurt, in a way
Spencer, he drank coffee, drew my feet
He gave me love and a different way

I miss those times
almost jealous 
when I see 
My own child
with the same thoughts
of being me

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Last night
moon was following me
skirting behind the trees.

A white splendor
like a dropped coin
on poor’s hand.

Did you see the blood
on roses?
The petals were wounded
in rain.

Casual violence
spreads in the streets.
I write a very hurt


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My Friend Ken

My friend Ken
He acts like a ten
Year old.

He steals my email accounts 
And spills tea all over my floor
He makes an awful mess in the kitchen
And you really don't want to use the loo "post Ken"

Ken smells too.
I hope that he reads this.
So there.

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Reincarnation (Circle of death)

The leopard crouching close to earth 
While stalking, dirt smells so divine
Eyes fixed through grass, the pounce, return 
…up top with golden shrine
When I come back wish I could be 
A graceful creature so in sync
O death please hurry, come to me
Before they go extinct

Law of nature, law of man
Survival is a killing game
A part that no-one understands
Insanely human, inhumane
We’re born with will and strength to choose
Ignoring all of nature’s signs
Abusing power, win or loose
Circle of death means turning tides

When you return to earth one day
At the bottom of the food chain
You’ve turned from hunter into prey
Death haunting shrinking plains
Ask not why, ask not how
Balance must be preserved
To cheat death, stop the killing now
Or your fate will be well deserved

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"Just one alphabet,
an imprint on the brain,
and you'll never forget
or be puzzled again.

If you use your head,
you can save your feet;
the mind must be fed
and a book is a treat.

Reading and writing
are private activities,
but mingling's the thing
in your towns and your cities.

The retail and wholesale
of popular cultures:
peacock and nightingale
enjoyed by vultures.

One day in the evening,
you'll want to impart
the frustrated meaning
that's hurting your heart.

the product of fear,
but all happy endings
are perfectly clear.

And something is learned
when professors are fooled
and the children are turned
into the over-schooled -

Don't study too long,
after you're literate,
go totally wrong
and still be an idiot."

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take off limits

been it,done it,second want it.shoulda fought it,now i bought it.sonnet bout playin 
around,everybody's down,if thats the thing.wheres my wedding ring,sheen?
shoulda seen the manuever,i'd motley crue her,whoo.

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Hopeless of Hopefull We'll never know

H e walks down the road 
O n the dark twisting never ending road
P ushing past the invisible chains that had once held him back
E arth breaking in bits and pieces, like crumbs from a cake, under his feet
L ooking at the road, but there was nothing there to see
E verything crying out for help but they were hopeless indeed 
S oon he saw a glint of light in the dead grass, a sliver of hope, 
S topping to see what it was, he saw a key

O nly he saw the key, the key invisible to others passing by, he picked it up and pocketed it
R ising in happiness he walked on, happy for being shown a sliver of hope in the darkness of life

H opping and skipping for joy... he spotted something else, a coin, old and rusted
O n he walked for it held no meaning to him without those whom he held dear to him
P ausing in disgust at the sight of a murky sea full of people 
E very crevasse of the sea was filled with dead fish, which the birds picked at
F or all animals were dead due to the pollutants, only that was not what disgusted him
U seless as the murky sea seemed, others were in the murky sea, staying till life’s end
“L ovely isn’t it?” a stranger asked him. All he could do was stare at the man in disgust 
“L ovely?!? It a sad excuse of a puddle, that’s what it is, Ugly!” He says and storms away

W alking along the road he came across a gate and became curious 
E ven though something inside him told him not to he tried opening the gate anyways 
‘L osing patience he tried breaking the lock
L ost in pure curiosity he tried and tried only to fail once again

N ot happy, he tried his one and only option left, jumping the gate
E cstatic that he would finally get over the gate he jumped into the black oblivion 
E xpecting to land but falling forever into the black oblivion
R egretting his carless decision 

K nowing that it would never end, but wishing it would
N ow as he fell he thought of the ones he left behind on his journey
O n and on he fell down through the black oblivion
‘W hen will it end?’ He asked himself but the answer, I’m afraid, would never come

(Key= Happiness, Coin= Wealth, Pond= Love, and Gate= Life after death)

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My lips are black,
I am drunk
on the hemlock, proferred by you –
my life. I am still in love with pain.

What not, the trial
tried to break my resistance.
I will walk on my hands
paraplegic legs lifting my eyes.

Why did you want me to fake a death.
She was my lover, my shadow
always walking along with me.

So, you did not authored the article
on my demise in ravines
watching the son eclipse?

Extinct, headless, corpse of a 
thin warrior, obliquely refers
to the pygmy moonrise.

Grey plaques in white mind
like snakeroots, glittering
in dark gulleys of time!


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Hunger comes back like a dagger
on face. With iris and fingerprints.
Live, fluttering butterflies, stuck
on lampshades. Wrecked, frozen, the ending
of seeming. Men in cages.

They were diluting the culture.
Chlorophyll siphoned off. No color,
no sprouts. The roads were dirty
with the ultimate truth, quarreling with the 
water, insanity and vertebrae.

The creamy stuff, shouts and pants,
shunting the definitions. People come
and go from the paintings. There is no age bar.
Spring will be released from the impulses
of flesh in naked zones.

Ideas become pacemaker, for the ailing
heart of polity.


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Your gifts, I do not want to keep.
Shapeless doves on the grass,
were ready to take a nascent flight.
My small hands prepare a daisy meal.

Dahlias will bloom when the sun climbs.
I pass the door, that moves like a
stranger, between the people,
looking out for black roses.

One by one the tribes are changing
the colors of flags.
Conversion into sleepless towers
watching the whistles blowing.

Do not throw dust on the graves
in the valley of golden stairs.
The voices are growing louder
after trampeling on the bones.


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Whisper of the Wind.....

I can hear him...
I missed a birthday...

And maybe the next...
during a light...
it'll be OK....

getting together....

Meeting a prince.....

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dusky hour
I'm tryin to sleep
these nite time showers
they become my beat
as I walk from bar to bar
wish I knew where you are
because you've clouded my mind

kim holmes

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If I Could Find My Muse...

I am always trying to grasp her, 
Yet somehow she eludes my reach.
I am searching for my muse, you see,
And that's not something you can teach.

I have written some impressive poetry,
And I can paint a beautiful scene,
But the inpiration is almost exhausted,
Missing an important part of the machine.

I am seeking the exhileration I felt,
When I painted pictures just for fun.
When writing poems was not an arduous task,
It was very personal, like for my son.

But what I learned as I was searching,
Was exactly where I should begin.
My muse had never gone anywhere,
As with all of us, she resides within.

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Ready to dismember the red geraniums
rains had no mercy.
Thunder did not show any preference
and hails had felled the pride
of tall grass.

Denuded, the hungry man
walked towards liberty.
Moral tapestry in scape after scape
the mystery endured the cradle –

Of personal god.
But I bled my truth in wilderness
to impose the religion,
of a non-believer,
for obedience to natural laws.

Talking to divine
brings relief. The direct, face to face
confrontation, for a twig of faith.
I pick up the seeds
for the sake of eternity.

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Shake me

shake shake shake 
shake me down
whasthat, your back pocket
that money?
Let me see
Baby you know 
is hard for me
to make a livin
you givin it up for free
You givin your love 
but me

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He Didn't Even Know Mee

 You wont even find i girl like me 

He didn,t even know me

i love your eye i love your smile i love te way you kissme how
you toutch me i love your face and i will miss you in my hear and my life im not 
taking you baby because what you did to me. He hurt me o bad
i wanted to kill my self, then i was thinking theres more fsh in th sea.

so bye bye

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And the lineage of existence
does not fade.

I try to wipe off, the heavy showers of 
death, daily.

The pains were rising, in every word,
in every talk.

As part of nothingness, I was trying to find 

Put the shadows down, touch the questions

The mentor wants blood, truth was in body,
small seeds of life.

Wrapped up, dry, cryptic, to suck at the 
fears of birth.

You are becoming a tree, roots, branches, leaves
against a serial killer.

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its an adventure.
to have my fingers just dancing on the piano.
tears streaming down my cheecks.
onto the sheet music.
echoing from me.
just turn into the beautiful music.
i forget it all.
as my feet flutter from pedal to pedal.
a, b, g sharp, and now c.
stop now.
dont cry.
im not miserable.
im not suffering.
im perfectly fine.
now practice that again.
just one last time.
have that sound eco through the empty house.
just one last time.

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Tie the knot with my mortgaged life –
I have started the self-descent.

Don’t leave me alone –
I have to unload some debts.
It was very disturbing. I have again forgotten
my alphabet and become illiterate.
Your consent is must
for starting a new journey.

I am neither afraid, nor worried
but fever is rising, like a flood
and ridge was collapsing.
The death was unknown to me –
it will come one day as a guest
and stay with me forever.

Times have rattled me enough
and sword hangs from the roof.
Why do I dream such?
The dichotomy between gold and lies
will start one day. I cannot go back
to my dilapidated house where I met the first words.


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a new skin

here i am laid out, flat out, in this new skin
left with nothing because of me and because of him.
so broken down and the pieces seem lost
and i'm left here almost hopeless, while paying the cost.
What is love anyway? broken hearts, lies and crushed dreams
has been for me while my life rips at the seems.
I am so strong, so courageous ... but so well hidden
so held back from the path that I've ridden.
And i don't trust anyone who says that they care
for me its a chance, a risk, a dare...
like, "i dare you to believe all of my bulls---"
"so later you're crying because you fell for it."
But i am me... and i have dreams
and he won't bring me down, its not what it seems.
i will be made better in this beautiful struggle
and in the mean time, i will not buckle.
who needs him anyway... i mean, right?
he couldn't see my love when it was so BLINDLY in sight.
time has taken a toll on my heart
and my bad actions have played a big part.
So i'm starting with nothing on this path to my life
and i could end up happy, a mother, a wife...
sometimes things are just unexpected
but it still hurts when you've been rejected.
i loved him... for what its worth now
i'll be okay, though i don't know how.

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People try to manipulate
I don't think people should anticipate
The good coming out of being used
By people on the streets who like to abuse
I hate being used, abused, and I blow a fuse
I choose to not manipulate
I'll do my own thing
I'll just flip your plate
I'll give you a sting
People try to rip off elderly people
It's so wrong, your wondering who?
I've seen it happen and done before
I just kept to myself, don't want to see any more
Life is different
Don't know what you'll run into
I'm sure you'll make it through and through
Wake up the next day
facing the same thing
I want to fly away
Just using my own wings
I run into stuff where people try to get money
It isn't funny, you won't out do me
People can't take no for a simple answer
It's annoying how their dumb as a hamster
Manipulation is not the way to go
To get what you want, take your own road
Just be bold and do what you have to
Don't be cold thinking you'll slack too
Get what you get but be straight up
No need to sweat if your not hated enough
Just don't manipulate

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ABCs of Love

A is for Abstract feelings that you can't make sense of.
B is for Boy. The boy who holds my heart.
C is for Caring about him no matter what.
D is for Deadly, love that could break or make you.
E is for Example: Romeo and Juliet.
F is for Forgiving that person for everything they've done to you.
G is for Gathering the strength to move on.
H is for Heart, the part of me that's in a million pieces.
I is for Infuriated at yourself because you let him hurt you.
J is for Just crying for two weeks straight.
K is for Keeping the memories you two made in your head.
L is for Love, that fuzzy feeling I never can figure out.
M is for Maybe tomorrow it'll be better.
N is for Next time I see you, you'll ignore me.
O is for Offering to just lay down and cry and forget what's in my head.
P is for Praying that maybe it was all just a dream.
Q is for Quiet on which I sit now.
R is for Reading over your notes again and again.
S is for Saying I'm sorry too many times.
T is for Time to realize I can't rewind time.
U is for Us is over.
V is for Victory over the tears but not over love.
W is for Wondering if maybe you still think about me.
X is for X-plaining what I don't understand.
Y is for Yelling at myself silently.
Z is for Zoning out for just a minute and letting go of what I felt before but remembering:
The one I love is you.

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i love him.

please. i have to go tonight.
tonight could be MY night.
this could the first new real move.
it was soo close. but of course. it got ruined once again.
i need this to happen. 
i want it SO bad.
i cant even explain it.
its like burning my heart.
and its turning black and curling.
and im watching it burn,
and suddenley its turned to ashes.
it hurts so bad.
i love him so much.
i just wish somebody understood.
that his kisses were different.
that the way he smiled was different.
that everything we ever did was different.
but now its all the same.

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dont care any more (edited)


Don't care anymore

people may think i do it for attention
but its rare that i break
but all this stress;
i dont know how much more i can take

dont look at me and see weakness
trust me,i know im not that strong
i put up an image
but you were the fool who believed it all along

im left with the broken pieces
of my bloody and shattered heart
these are the same pieces
that have been ripping me apart

im sorry im not perfect
and no i'll never be
but im not trying to impress you
i dont mind being me

so when i break down
its not for your pity
thats just a reminder to myself
of how life became so shi
theshat has scarred me
facking deep
and still a year later
all these secrets i must keep

from everyone around me
god knows what they would think
something kept me together
you're the missing link

i cant go back
to that moment in time
when you werent a part of me
when you werent on my mind

im sorry for being a failure
i guess i just give up
and even though im hurting
i make it seem like i dont give a fack

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get out right now.

stop. take him away.
im tired of you. 
dont you understand?
get out of my life.
i want to forget you.
im better off without you.
is this going to be easy?
something inside me definatley says no.
its not that easy.
your my dad.
i love you forever.
i just dontk now how i can.
i dont think its real.
its a dream.
matter of fact.
i hate you.
and i want to make you leave.
and i think ill do anything i can.
to make that happen.

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His Liquid

It came out slowly and it touched my cold body, while still keeping a deep part of me warm like when his body was wrapped around mine.

I knew our love was over when he decided to let the blood drip down instead of stopping it with his hand. 
The hand he first used to slowly touch my face while he began to hold me while he kissed me.

Why didn't I use my lips to kiss away the pain put there first by the girl who he loved before me?
Did I want to drain his heart of my love?

Both of our loves were draining actually.
Mine started draining when I saw him pour his blood into another's.

I couldn't take his love anymore, I undid what I thought was mine.
While the blood continues to flow, remember the beauty of your love.

It brought you sunshine once but now it is part of the darkness of your heart.

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First Step of Creativity

When insects were crawling
dreams had contradictions,
a sudden drop in temperature
brought the quantum touch.

Ending  of the grief
or grief of ending
rejected every intact truth
and death was trailing behind the candle.

Fear and agony were following
the footfalls of night
Blindness was weaving a broken moon.
The time will not be answerable for any plight.

Corners of childhood brighten up
for sweet nothings
I adore the fallen god,
he was inhaling the earth.

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she says she understands.
that she knows. shes been there.
i want something to happen.
but everytime we get close.
everytime he wraps his arms around me.
and finnaly leans in.
it just messes up.
and i back away.
even if i could stay there forever.
that it was the safest place i could EVER be.
and that it was the most important thing.
and that i cant take not having him anymore.

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First Date

first date  

Just because 
I ate
you paid
doesn't mean 
I lay 
I open
I preen
Take me home
fast as you can
I'm too young
your'e too much a man
I want to lay in my mama's bed
I want to watch the news
I want to hear how people died
that's not as scary as you

1st  put on my mama's site

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Dear Girl, I Still Love You.

I still love you, I wish I could stroke your hair
As long as you were in my arms, I didn't have a care 

Not one in the entire world
As long as I was your man and you were my girl

Now that your gone I can't even function
thinking to myself, how did we ever meet this junction

How could you do me file
I miss everything about you, you had the brightest smile

We had dreams daily how it will be when we'll walk down the wedding aisle
Now when I call your phone, all I hear is the dial

Being with you mad my day, it even mad my nights
Without you my days have no light

You laugh and lie to me, you no that ain't right
I know a bug you daily but I can't lose my baby without a fight

Even though things between us have became so tragic
Don't dwell on the bad, remember the good, baby you cant deny our magic

Remember our first date, remember our first night
That passion for you still exist, and hopefully a future with you is not out of sight.


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To search you
I am burning my wheels.

Put your hands
on my shoulders
for opening the book.
To read the message
between the words.

When the time comes
I want you
to smear my ashes
on the stones of footpath.
I want them
to walk on me
and dissolve their steps.

Stop looking
at me.
To reach you
I am burning my bridges.



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Wanted to pay
debts of gratitude.
There was a call from evergreens,
he was not ready to go.

Standing in pit of snakes
he was preparing himself for a random fang,
throat like a blue-bird
waiting for a song.

The solid waste of numerals
across the thinking,
developed plaques, while philosophy
was accepting innovation.

The authority had started
reading the couplets.
Glory came earlier
sea cracked into shells.


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There was no beginning
no ending.
Beyond tomorrow
you will be, what you were not.
Words would disappear,
only meaning will be left.

The interval ceases to be
from ’wasness’ to open pathway.
When you are not ready
I will be there to lift the veil.

My total pain surges forward today.
Quietly death opens the door
to welcome the lost child,
whose burden was his taste.

Farewell to the visitors of night.
The morning star is rising.


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Dying daily in eternity
for it to be,
a tear drop held all the pain of life.
You were lost in words,
between the phrases
time was in, time was out.

The color, the theme was fading,
a seduced century 
contriving the reasons to commit
the destruction of self-being.
I was struggling to empty my mind

To remain human in the loneliness
of ruins
I want to walk straight.


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shes my everything.
my important.
the one i can trust.
the one i can do anything with.
i want to know about her.
ive asked.
she just wont tell.
i wish she would rely on me more.
as much as i rely on her.
it make this feel more even.
there only a few people i mean i love you too.
and when i hear best friend the name that comes in mind is her.
shes my condom, my protection from my dad.
shes always there by my side.
some people ask if were always together.
the answer is pretty much yes.
my house, her house, somebody elses house.
ill do anything to be with her.
lie to my parents. one, once again.
just to see her.
to just get a hug.
im always grabbing for her hand.
i wish shed never let go.
im positive i wont fall.
if shes there gripping me tight.
and who wouldve known that last year when i got a wave in the hall.
that this year wed be this close.
but i know now.
i know how much i love her.
i know how much i trust her.
i know how much i cant live with out her.
i know how much she knows about me.
but most of all i truly know.
how much i fcking need her.
and how happy.
we really are.

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It drips -
my ocean.
One drop at a time
from the eyes of a grey stone.
Flows the anguish
in a cave.

A fallen grace from sky,
flickering like an earthen lamp.

Do not go
heart broken into crowd.
Tears were never sweet. 


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He was asking for, at least,
a passive euthanasia.

Rage or hostility
was giving pain to phantom limbs.
Race puts forth,
a trembling version
of ethnic choice.
A piped dream
which never took off.

On middle of the road
a dragon rumbles,
hissing flames.
Something not on the left
not on the right.
Cannot keep the sky open.
Nothing moves now,
not even leaves of a lone tree.

There was a random cry
unheard in the aloneness of fire.


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The fall
was imminent
on the moment of complete truth.
I was talking of annihilation
standing on scaffolding of fear.

Walking on burning coals
was a sacred commitment,
a spiritual solidarity,
with lake salt –
to lift the spirit
of sagging trees.

Of freedom of body
in camps of violence.
Without sound, I wanted to see
the creation in nothing.

Anything was happening
under the bald sky.


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The pain of the night,
flows in the blood.
I move in the sun, hot & bruised. 
From palace to hut, 
clock moves backward in time.
The children of love are 
going nowhere.

Space in space, 
flame in flame 
void fills the entire darkness. 
The mutation was incomplete. 
Unpetaled, roses are scattered. 
The fruits of 
impeccable perception went awry. 
Helix now uncoils giving pain.

Futile strength wavers and the apex burns.
A glint throws the outlines in tizzy. 
Sharp stings spread the venom. 
A breathless anguish,
conjectures a dream of death.


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There was existence,
without space.
I was afraid of my unborn child.

Inheriting the stammer
of history
I could not think of any brand abuse.

On the contrary, fumes
throw you off the road.
Full moon rising on the cleft.

I was, as I am, never being
to any threat of drowning
in contradictions.

A dignity in withdrawl
and coming back after sunset –
to walk in night, alone.


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Ending of the thought
does not bring a lull.
It is a sequel beyond 
my reach. An old extrication,
I dig for my roots. 
The forgotten names, 
the unhealing wounds of a doctrine,
a tiny memory of pulsating embryo,
not yet born !

Fear generates a kill. Ferocious movement 
inside the cells slowly,
you become zero without a center.
The tangent skips 
on your surface. Claustrophobia. 
You start breaking the walls.
Fighting anxiety & shame 
a timeless timber without a foliage.

My ignition point is hurt in
the new culture of game.
How we approach the road, 
which smells the death, 
blood or smoke? 
The passion is a hurricane. 
Uproots all the bones, 
shatters all the roots. 
A glory reckons after a while, 
for the election of sorrow.


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Tongue Tied-

Tongue Tied
thought a thought
meant something different
maybe a color 
would do be

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I look in the mirror
I can except what I see
I'm still ok enough
but I'm older
not so pretty
I'm just barely me

I must be vain
but I have to be pretty
Don't I?
I'm kinda smart
But that's not worked for me
in the past

I swear to you
I don't know
what to do

I know your gonna hate me
my complaining
my looks are waning

I'm uncomfortble
haven't learned how to be
My brains. My opinions

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I will watch the field,
but not play the game.
Do not want to win the toss,
for no one to loose the chance.

When you go for the final swim
rules must change.

The ugly knocks have resumed
their pilgrimage through blood and bones.
Timeless flesh will decide the event,
death of the soul.

The tryst with unknown begins
charting the resentment on hearts,
clinging like sorrow. Sun has sunk
deep in the blue lake. 


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My garden cries for no reason. 
Kindness melts into a rain 
of twisted petals. And that is it. 
Alone I whisper the translucent words, 
watching the death of dreams, living fossils.
The sun bakes the seeds.

The essence will not heal,
this bandaged soul,
the conceptual death of a thought. 
This fear is like a curled snake. 
Must I abandon the path ? I know, 
I will not forgive me, at this dim joint. 
I must move.

I do not know, what to think,
how to catch, the poetry of night. 
The light blinks on my eyes. 
I walk in the shadows of sounds, 
smashing the road signs.


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How sad you had been 
without wholeness for the,
price of having broken shoulders?
The people were shedding their skins 
to wear new masks. 
I was haunted in my sleep. 
Sun was not rising.

House to house from face to face, 
death makes a pause. 
Time sits for a while, when
we mourn in silence. 
A scream halts in our throats. 
In the courtyard a pungent smell spreads.
Atrophied limbs tremble.

The elegance foresakes the human touch.
The river dries up, 
sucked in by laments of earth. 
The unfolding of wounds 
festers on cheeks. 
Lips sluicing the grief,
spill benediction !


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Mirror to mirror 
a face floated in anguish
the mourning was deep 
whenever inquest for truth was made. 
Was it so terrible? 
I cannot read the human face. 
We were so used 
to wear the masks.

Stoned and deaf, 
fuzzy kiss of death levels the ferocious peak. 
The nameless murder 
of truth got a reward. 
Garden of strange foliage 
slurred on a song. 
A metaphysical experience 
sniffs the life.

Chained to the probity of the city
I bowed my head. 
Reluctant to move in a procession of ugly months. 
Lifetime’s nostalgia lifted a veil. 
No sleep will descend. 
I still carry 
my father inside.


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Fear of a mound,
tumbling down
on the half-buried, half dead
archives of desires, comes
like a stampede of hoops on my chest.
I lie alone in a desert of insanity.

From the sea of agony
one drop of salted tear,
the title of a wasted life, brings
the blood stained truth.
I want to wash my eyes again.

To watch the autumn leaves falling
on impeccable stones
for forgiveness.
We were not the fruits.

A song of blind water
enters the earth
to kiss the roots,
foo giving liberation from
sun leaked night.


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An evening primrose glides,
on my rough hands.
I pluck a laugh from the lips,
of a parched face. 
It knows the meaning of death, 
kissing the pink eyes. 
Of the lost fidelity 
and the innocence of the dying sun.

How to tell myself, 
you are not coming.
Gradually the house,
will go back to its still air.
The white ants, 
will draw a pattern 
on the stale books. 
The traffic of private tears,
will begin to move.

The truth is a happening,
with all the little gods.
I demand nothing,
only pink rose buds, of early winter. 
There is no one to know,
that weeping grass,
keeps me touching, 
holding my toes.


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Peace at stake,
it worked.
Withdrawal of rubber dolls
playing with fire.

Empty bowls in lunar month.
Concords were flying very high
noiselessly crossing the peaks
of great grudges.

Pure golden hair –
of grief.
It really was miracle.
Bald eagle was waiting.
Enough time to steer a murder.

The irresistable desire
to rub with a paranoid.
Extracting a genius from mediocre genera.
Life had become too genteel.


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Between the yellow moon
and black stones
pours the river of mourning
in maze of silent night.

At the top of the world –
blue eyes were buried live,
under the incense of palaces.
They stood, unmoved in the corridors of metal tracks.

Mowed down with concrete,
lights had gone from the windows.
Unlit walls returned the legends.
Dictators deferred the hanging -

Of truth. Decided to live in glass house
for sometime. Lilies were growing between the graves.
A green dagger was splitting open the wounds
of mirrors in shame and fear.

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Mask unmasked

To become or not to become a renegade,
or to die or not to die for a semi-god ?
These were some of the questions
thrown at an incomplete script.

What elevated you to a celebrity ?
Your hump or deep wrinkled groans ?
Age is abating, abattoir is empty.
Exile from the past is over.
When you intend to comeback to childhood
and become a simple star ?

Behind the mask lies the embrace of death
I am afraid the flames will engulf,
the genius of pathways.
Everything will turn into obsolete gossip.
A patch of sunlight becomes a costly exposure
bones are entwined in eternal cuddle.

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Give me,
some poison to live
I had been dead
for many years.

I burn my hands on a flame,
blank space has started talking.
I am ill at ease –
My lips are not moving.

The pellets, the bullets, the steel –
nothing matters now.
Dirty games can go on,
I am going on bromides
to ejaculate the pain.

Sleep will not come in dark
nor the relief in white robes.
I will remain awake till eternity.

Give me,
some thorns to bleed.
Rose petals
are hurting now.


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Movement spurts the truth-
an endless journey.
The constant search for beliefs creates confusion. 
Craving and wanting 
generates more conflicts. 
The meaningless life drifts. 
Can you go beyond your dreams, 
beyond your yearnings?

I wanted to disagree with death
the ultimate truth.
Life had many connotations,
there was no deliverance from reflections. 
No freedom from trepidation 
ego was the last refuge. 
The ending of self 
did’t  take you to liberation.

Urremitting flow of time 
awakens your soul.
Stillness of thoughts opens 
the muted doors of meditation. 
It suddenly transports you to the otherness. 
You are not your name. 
The indulgence to self 
becomes a second-hand event.


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One final leap
from high solitude
into city of dusk,
takes you to presence
of charred remains
of a fallen god.

A housewife moves in the kitchen
to prepare a farewell dinner
for the encounter of fatal descent.

A paranormal parting
to comeback to body of truth,
as you pick up your words.

Space odyssey in eyes,
palms folding,
to receive the punishment.

No complaints, no grieving
conclusion of foregone stopping.
A line will start from a dot.


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This terracotta urn
contains the ashes 
of an earth-baked dream.
You worship the setting sun,
rape of dawn will continue.

Intravenous entry of hope
had failed.
Outside the window
crowd of heirlooms, falling like stars.
Thoughts come and go, we hunted opportunities in vain.

Tonight I will drop the wheels
on the tarmac, to roll the pride.
My flight had knocked out
the sleeping pain. Now amnesia
will help me to climb on the moon’s shoulders.

They dragged her in the field,
the most deprived one. Was outraged.
I send you my grief, my sadness,
O, god. The flag was flying half mast,
rapist was absconding.


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poems,do they get you laid?like i say,may september,i could get her roses,if she 
can get me's kiss.wist till i remember,i see embers burnin on 
ground.god damn,im down.

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There was the hunger
and suicide.
In favor of my brutal truth
or virtue of my failure,
I do not want any comments on my trauma.
Morality has a dubious equation
with power, provoking my anger.

The days were full of abandoned kilns.
No more shaping of containers
in which one can put the moon,
and honey and roses.
Everything was turning brown
with infinite, sulphur smelling teeth 
ready to bite into golden flesh.

Convicts behind the walls were playing
with mirrors to throw the light on slick
towers. Death was laughing, waiting on the trees,
eating black berries.
And I was forced to taste the blood of sky
with sodium –
in sanctum sanctorum.


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old bones

Poetic Form: Heroic Couplets 
Printer Friendly Poem  
Old Bones  

Just throw these old bones in the backyard
I got tired of life
I've loved it hard
Don't go makin a fuss
Outta losin this old cuss
Just bury me
Like you married me
In my jeans
Take my pieces and maybe make some kind sense
Course, we'll argue about how you got it wrong


Originally submitted under my Mom's site

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Today I will shed my body
and meet you halfway at watery address.
My eyes were not blinking to hold the clouds.

To live or not to live was a great pain.
Two small hands and two bubbling eyes
glued to a broken wall was my hope.
And glitter of the road,
fallen trees,
dead panther,
had sacrificed my sun.

I think I live to die daily,
and die daily to live again
over the enormous property of shame.

Melting in my own blood
I was becoming dark.
The night was dancing on my sadness.
Now it was me, shaking in remoteness
of a distant voice!


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love you

he pushed me down
and so
i've spent a life
and maybe
my son's life too
I'm mean
I'm hard
I'm reckless
I am me
I smoke
love you

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In the culture of self, and wilting idol
who was going to interpret the truth? 
To resolve the inner conflicts
of an ailing mind? 
I tell no one my validity, 
my loss, and my sudden realization,
of a dying aura.

Give me a poem, a childhood, a dream
I wanted to live,
without maligning a mirror. 
Without a cold-blooded 
murder of truths. 
Life was becoming a waiting in blackness for an 
audience with god.

A thought sits whole life 
on a ruined model of a truth,
trying to get freedom from the 
celebrated events of greed and hate. 
Windows are not supporting the light. 
Time for the greens 
to make a decision.


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You gave me a name without asking. 
History of my pain 
did not need any label. 
I recalled only 
the blooms of bougainvillea, 
not the heat which gave them color. 
My burned lips 
remembered only the dew 
and rear view of life.

The total otherness of the moon and stars
did not heal the scars. 
My perceptions had 
given me hot tears. 
How the distance between us 
created the schizophrenia? 
The familiar laughs 
have frozen after all !

In the middle of night I lie awake
to count the door
and the closed windows. 
I listen to the moaning of walls. 
My eyes remained half-closed in freckled sleep. 
Heart blinks, unsnaps 
and weaves a moon.


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I stay connected out of the body,
with fireworks,
to widen the relativity,
to read the language of fear. 
Death of a tree was mourned 
by leaves in shadow. 
The dew lies awake crying.

The town was disappearing 
without a dialogue
with past, we were digging our heritage. 
In search of roots 
life was killing the tomorrow.
You an answer seeking 
which was not yet born. 
Over the mind 
an ancient prayer floats.

The house was on fire 
the words cannot cover the flaming body. 
It was dying beautifully. 
The space between the memories 
will shrink and we will destroy 
the ugly calender.


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One by one
leaves had gone,
several and many times.
Lone tree, standing naked in dry wind
was ready to walk.

In inward aloneness
to know the roots.
You look straight into the eyes of primeval
suffering. Under a cramped disguise of happiness,
behind the glassed life.

For the clawed, weeping silences
who had turned away from the shrill voices.
Night of burns,
and promised beach of immortality
shoulder to shoulder.


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Me and my pride,
me and my hurts.
Who are you, which you are not,
a verbless statement of nirvana?

No pain
no asking, narcissism.
A stream of unbecoming.
Eyes wide open
jaws tightly shut,
sitting in a corner, brooding,
Now what?

A stunning duplicity,
a surrogate god
was running an empire.
Precisely polygamous
on the name of a latter saint
annihilating the third image.

The future demands its past,
its mode of becoming endosperm
in a sleeping leaf.


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I do not display, but am. 
Where the heart lies.
In truth. I try to discover the centre 
of sorrow and bliss. 
Life has not given 
me full text of death.
The shadows are larger than reals.

You will not remember me
in endless night.
I am going on a long journey
to find out what is death of a name 
the death of a prayer,
and ending of self. 
The naked helices of truth are blazing.

Death of a dawn
some thing dies in me.
I don’t grieve. 
The frozen pain melts, 
legend withers. 
The shadow is liberated from image. 
The sadness leaves the fingerprints on my face.


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They manipulated the words
to cross the corridors of essence.
Crib was empty, child was stolen.
At blood stained altar
there was no clue to mystical death.

The contents now matter. Time
displays tools of murder,
snaps the sheet from the bed,
kills the neophyte at water hole,
unsucked breast swells, weeps endlessly.

Apes are coming.
Duplicates look brilliant like novae.
It was becoming crowded. Becoming
was destroying the matter. Fear
moves in water, on the earth.

Faraway a cuckoo sings
a saddest song.
Come, belong to my tears, drops
of my soul’s vessel, kiss the eyes
of planet earth.


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Tonight I will not sleep
I will call you in my eyes.

My hands were trembling
when I opened the book.
Words you uttered long back
tumbled out ashen-faced.
I started burning inside.

Where did we take a wrong turn?
The oven had baked a burnt-out
face. They are altering genes.
Suddenly it is going to start
a riot among the gods,
a pure kill.

Frightened I move in circles around
the little black hole in the center.
Martians would throw the boys
to appease the hungry angels.


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Somebody had put the feet
against the flame,
the street had become a wall.

Commitment had failed,
the doors were locked.
Collective guilt was seeking favour.

Repeating the same story
blurs the sky.
Sun will not come out.

You are speaking.
He was speaking.
Truth was speaking.

Solitude and silence
come before the summary.
I was responsible for myself.

Earth refuses to conceive –
fire in veins.
Doves had stopped flying.


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Your lips were me.
I wanted a kiss
which never came.

Insertion of a word, was committed
my wings took a flight
for anonymity.

To keep suffering alive
truth was accepting the hurts.
I was not speaking for myself.

Who was me to want a praise
for the custodian of morality?
Something for my name?

I must salute the fallen fingers,
who did not write death –
for my hugging blankness.


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Working the System

I got my squaw pushing out another papoose
I'm trying to increase my monthly government revenue
There is a sister soon to deliver number three
She is doing it out of greed, fear and love for me
A little redhead I am trying to give me a money maker
A couple of slaps should put her in line and awaken her
The special this month is 75 dollars for 50 in food stamps
The kids can live on water and corn beef hash
I am currently writing letters in the name of my hoes to our state rep
Telling them more revenue must be sent
I laugh as the middle income is paying for all this
They pay for our food, beer and cigarettes
Illegals cross the borders and receive a new life
Today I will find a Mexican honey 
No taxes once again on my money
I am using my street wisdom
I will always be working the system
Why should I work when I can get my income from my government hoes
When they beg for money, I tell them that's the way it goes
I tell them to sell themselves to support our children
They better have my money ready when a new month begins
I am now writing a book, that is forbidden
I will tell all how to work the system
If this offends you in one way or another
It's probably true, maybe you are one of my kid's mother

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The Moon-ed ‘I'...

Distance was increasing
in spewing rage.
I yearned for a solitude of desert
sand and rocks
away from musty tongues
and eros.

Counting my failed attempts
to reconcile with exits
and slant hopes.

Like an eclipsed moon
plying over the hill
to investigate a shorn lamb.
Plucking the hair from a beautiful scalp
to become a nun.

Arthritic  river brings back the waves.
Unreachable was the  crest.
Today standing alone on the summit
I watch the drop with grief.

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Reticent were moon, sky and birds.
A pall of gloom spread on the trees.
Stoically I rode on the wings of pain,
to watch the descending values.

A timeless truth separates the charm from lies,
and I long for the generosity of past
which could connect us to future.

A flame burns the eyes.
When we took the wrong road?
Still the fever is rising.

Gods sneak into our affairs.
A firebird flies in the space with long span of shadow, 
the helpless victim lies  in wait, to be dispatched.


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For the sake of lake, I climbed
on the weeping hills
to see the other side of moon.
The precipice of hunger weighs heavily
on shoulders.

Capricious time moves inwardly,
Strikes  at the chest.
I set free the love-birds.

Conflict of trees tramples the grass
All summer the smell of dry winds
was scorching tear drops.
Every word was crying.

Dark in my city
I am wandering alone in alleys
of hostile homes.
The collective guilt of the flesh
blazes the mind.


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Why did not you
cross the black river
and remained innocent ?
Unhealed, failed inside, broken and honest ?

You won the race,
the space, the heaven.
Moving away to the farthest blackness.
Your god sits crosslegged, clotting.

Brown hands on white shoulders, boneless
move in circle. Deportation
of words opens the green wounds.
Birds carry the snow on the wings.

I was confused, wanted to love
my broken vowels, for absolute you and me.
The baby face pops up again
in my perfection, speechless.


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A parallel pain walks with you
when you split into space and time.
You were too shy to die, to feel
the anguish and bliss of death.
Something inside you springs
into a tree for a half-life.
The search for the meaning of life
takes roots in calamities.

They get back at you, the paranoids
on the horizon line, where the galaxy
meets the paradox, the void, the fear.
Any physical possibility generates the sparks.
The realization takes you back in mud and grass
outside the body to rest in peace.
The formless listening, seeing without objects
furthers hyperesthesia.

You have found yourself in emptiness!


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In the service of flesh
new vision was perfecting a cult;
silence was going home.

It was not there 
freedom of defense for bread, but
I must pay the price of hunger.

The oblique afterthought
compelled by nocturnal infidelity
picks up the black threads,
minute by minute.
Death was very genial.

Comes silently behind the cacti -
across the intelligent green.
One has to pay for touching greatness.

The thoughts will never go
from the unwinking eyes.
I was listening to the footsteps.



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Blood splatters on walls, 
on earth. Erstwhile anointed idol
lies broken. Thatched roof was burning.
Navel crushed on the newspaper,
a rape was atoned by cash award.

A womb refuses to eject the ticking clock
wants to preserve the window of sin.
Mother do not cry for the ashen stranger
he will go to the roaring sea to wash the 
bleeding corn, and the mouth.

Salt in the eyes is hurting. Paper thin
purple child becomes the player of death.
Appetite of flesh for nirvana has cuddled
the religion of grizzly bears. Be or not to
be makes a body formless and slapped.

River is waiting for the shoreline to show
respect for the wandering fakir. He comes
once in thousand years and crosses the dams.
World will kiss his tattered toga. He wanted
nothing, he gave nothing.


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I will cross the twilight zone
to meet you in zero space
negating the fear.

The mauled city
strikes the dumb sky
in unilateral war.

Coming from a bleeding torso
a scream agitates the dolls
playing with pebbles.

Flaming death will not leave footprints
Violence was not coming to stop.
It had many faces.

The very existence had no meaning.
Darkness, was coming down the hills. 
Can you bring some flowers?

Sun was nowhere in sight?


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He faked a letter to god
and slept whole night.
(Fallen in a creek from a moving train.)
Indeed, he saddled himself with luxury
of oblivion.
The success around him was most obstinate.

Pretending to condone the arthritis
of social limbs, he walked straight
to become what he would be,
a fakir among riches without fanfare. The 
absolute renunciation, slapping the door –
shut, for blackness.

It was visible, the nakedness of brazen lies
falling like cottonwool around him. He touched
coral eyes of truth and wept, never to speak
again. Cosmos would split
for his journey to home.

This was meant for you, he said to himself.
Your own choosing without any regrets.
His fingers traced the figure of a mother
of the thin moon, who was assaulting
the crib of sun.


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Manipulating grief, dirty hands -
open the lid,
release imagos. Eyes are blank.

You unravel the last of roses.
Surface tension wavers. An imbecile
sky pours the eyes, nose and ears.

Courtyard fills again, morphed resurrection.
I am persona non grata
in my own home. The moon does not cry.

Mystical lights. Headstones not legible.
Lockjaw. Waiting for morning-glory.
Stars are blinking.

Still I am stupid, courting my failures.
Cushion of thorns, I am weary of heavens. 
Me, this earth, I do not die.


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Everybody was in hurry to unpack
the sins and reshuffle the names
of burns, by taking a holy dip
in mauve lake. I wanted to defang them.
Acid attack had the inversion effect
on the expressions.

It was an obscene vision
unrolling the infant
for bleeding an opponent. The procession
moved on. Details never came out.
Only the flaming bodies, loud thuds
and the screaming virgins.

This was unlucky for the hutments,
fragile poles crumbled down, unspeakable
emptiness on the faces. Something has
to be unlearnt. Too much pain of 
the knowledge. Ectopic pregnancy?


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A lifetime with a classic pain,
does not give me peace or freedom. 
Blind ideas scream, 
breaking the antique silence. 
Becoming was not,
the ending of desire, 
or senile decay of lips.

You were destroyed,
by your weird dreams. 
Silver spoon, 
seldom became the bread of poor. 
Sweated and smashed,
I picked up green 
sprigs of sorrow. 
It was a gift of sun and water.

Waiting for my turn 
to catch the sunset
and the new moon together. 
I wanted a life as a leaf, 
drifting out on the hill, 
touching the stillness of the thing, 
the emptiness.


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Whole world hides 
in your liquid eyes,
I need to return to my consciousness, 
to change my verse. 
The dry air has wiped out the beautiful words 
sitting on the edge, of a meaning
I write a new song.

Discovering your forgotten self,
was a pain,
I always avoided. 
Years touched me softly,
on the temples in vain. 
Dumb I was with grief, threading a pile of memories, 
to know my other self.

Somewhere a god smiles on me. 
God of my mud & water, 
wide open like a father,
who never died. 
The moon slaughters my clouds. 
I was always angry,
with my odd appearance.


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He did not depart
or reached anywhere,
and did not realize himself.
When words could not find the meaning,
where the man will go?

He thought he did not believe in ‘why’,
the limits of purpose,
dictating the sentence.
Stones were still floating on the sea
and he was standing on a shipwreck.

Thinking and unthinking do not solve the mystery
of human turnings,
the malignancy of artificial intelligence.
A rebirth of enlightment can take over?

The objectivity becomes the subject.
You trot on the grass
to retrieve the moon, 
fallen midnight.


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The tryst with path,
was full of voices of silence,
confronting its wrath & revenge. 
Nothing was new, soft matter divided the winds,
arithmetic of energy,
faced up to its agony of spent life.

Decently artful,
you manipulated the clouds, its music,
the bluebells went into trance. 
The shower laden 
leaves started dancing. 
Half solemn, half smiling
you preached the immortality 
of a sick downloaded wisdom.

The golden days had 
yellowed vision of time, but mutation was complete. 
The masts were broken. 
The air was scented with 
punch & humility. 
Adjectives had the 
advantage over nouns.


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Self – immolating silence 
softens the pain, an art of solitude. 
Evening drifts to come closer to moon. 
Night is summer washed. 
Small stars are trembling 
on blue waves. 
The night climbs down 
from the brown hill.

Agony of life filters 
in your eyes. 
Unspoiled tears leave a trail of liberation. 
Sorrow was insipid in your dark book. 
Possessing a blue surge, 
a nothingness bloomed 
into a smile.

Space fills the dreams, 
coarse picture and empty memories. 
The vacant frame holds only the waiting. 
Centre was gone. 
The boundaries have captured 
the colorless fragments of thought, 
dry bones.


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I always differed
for the sake of semblance.
Feathers did not agree.
You flew away for your sky.

Impatience had killed the defeat
my elixir, the baby sea in my eyes.
Genocide of the figs, unlearning
the sweetness of life.

Yet a white python was hungry.
A heart rendering feat to dig-out
a home after the earthquake.
Alligators were dying in midstream.

I was running after the desert.
Why bustards were disappearing?
Trees were hung upside down.
There was no suicidal note.


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For death of conflicts,
and conflicts of death,
the coming of cessation, I was waiting.
Tomorrow must come
before eternity,
that inness, I will come to terms with one day.

The absoluteness of certainties
creates a danger of half-truths.
An intelligent mind suffers _
in ther era of hoaxes and contradictions.
The happenings of existence
continue without dignity.

Hand-picked rainbow is dumped
face down in shallow creek,
drugged, raped and abandoned
to lose colours in water.
When the sky hangs on the shore
the blue sea sends the condolence.

The sharp cleavage of silicon breasts
weeps for a failed performance.


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Sometimes I think
and feel the wisdom
of the unborn trees
in the Spring air
are you listening?
Do you feel?
Do you wonder?

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The matrix drinks the words,
in the anonymity of opaque meanings. 
Heart slips a flutter,
to catch the unborn tomorrow.
The deep azure measures the depth, the fear, 
drowning the architect,
generic of doom.

A drop floats in an ocean of solitude,
a static milieu which has no quivering of its own. 
The roots always give pain. 
Your eyes are filled with tears. 
Now final image 
was a memoir of falling leaves.

The dark effect splinters,
into many seeds. 
The space widens between us in a
hush of loneliness. 
Egocentric wind scrapes our bones.


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No one owned the tears,
a tale of frozen pain,
prayed in dark,
making the silence harder to hear. 
A classic fire scalds the monument of life. 
A patch of grief here 
and there, lets out the mystery.

A reclusive self 
between window and moon,
unfeels the broken clouds, 
bangs the sky. 
Suffering the obscenities of the inverted earth,
life propels you to go empty hands 
in your domain.

Shadows are thinning. 
Waning moon crawls slowly
somebody said, catch me if you can, 
my being. 
The world never understood, 
went on digging the holes 
in the hearts, 
burning the boots.


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Confessional truth 
is not my aggressive ego,
it is my fault. 
The resolution of my conflicts with time,
the smell of the broken limbs,
my head in hoisted fever,
my eyes searching for a cloud.

The ultimate otherness,
of an idea baffles me.
Charity creates the misery,
you seek a window, 
not the sky. 
Looking for the gods, 
enjoying the sweet depression,
of a pseudo-hurt.

I wanted the sanctity of a tree, 
full of fragrant bloom.
To break the spell of hot arguments,
the fire of ideals, 
projects self worship. 
Town meets casually to select 
a hybrid of man,
and a beast.


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Watching the charred remains
of the toys
you want me to search for another house.
Eventually I decide
to go for a voiceless door.

Who was calling whom?
Eternity hurts me.
I want to come to a stop,
pause for the evening
and climb up the hearse.

A howl is waiting for me
to engulf me in myself.
The blind statement will sit as a judge
and decide the fate of the key.
I cannot open the lock!


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Question of me, 
vanquishing the existence, arises again.
At times life repeats the horror.
Insufficiency of a heart builds an orphanage, 
I play the game, then flounder. 
Poison is spreading -
the myth of absurdity overtakes,
truth breaks into splinters

Me and my dialogues with life speak of celebration
in vitro. Taking off the camouflage.
The body prints the friction,
but the descent of dark 
and other questions remain unreplied. 
The soul suffers in a hole.

All the pretty meanings,
become meaningless when time abstracts,
the stone prevails upon the daisies,
sin and desire go for a reward.
The door does not open,
I put aside the beholder
and give a voice to dead tongue.

Satish Verma

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The dazzling star
went through me.
I was undemanding
from dusk to dusk
hurting myself, not anybody.

Time to meet my twin,
to set he black on orange.
My guilt, my fear, my foreboding.
Let go off, my sap in the twigs,
fruits were coming down.

Under the guise of innocence
eruptiness entered into non-thought.
One by one snakes unrolled
with black eyes, under the succulent breasts,
the black poison clapping the pink lips.

The dirt was spreading
on the hands of unborn children.
Their eyes searching the seeds.
On dark beads of mother.
Father had been killed in a cave.


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Your window
was very small.
Why did not you throw the dice?
Walk away
without a want?

I had no courage
to tell the lies,
to hold the secrets
of brave tears,
which failed to live in red-bricked house.

And a naked womb
protecting the fetus
from scars and curtains,
will find a anointed bed to sleep for eternity,
for delivering, a new star.

An anode will discharge
on a galactic light,
a message of the hungry
birds of prey.
Death wants its share of flesh.


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Your window
was very small.
Why did not you throw the dice?
Walk away
without a want?

I had no courage
to tell the lies,
to hold the secrets
of brave tears,
which failed to live in red-bricked house.

And a naked womb
protecting the fetus
from scars and curtains,
will find a anointed bed to sleep for eternity,
for delivering, a new star.

An anode will discharge
on a galactic light,
a message of the hungry
birds of prey.
Death wants its share of flesh.


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Death in meadow
on leaves, under the sky.
History was walking over the bodies
of those who were in service
to move the wheels of sorrow.

The horror sinks slowly.
They were killed without war.
Unpaid debts of life, conflicts
at home. Amidst the laughter
somebody hangs in a noose.

Cry, cry, the possessed one,
your script had failed you.
Your chosen god was fake one
your unknown fear was real -
under the veil of sky-blue peace.

The faith has a price now,
put up for sale on the combed street,
from the opening of a number.
No wages are fixed for lying deep
round the pain of centuries.



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Self – immolating silence 
softens the pain, an art of solitude. 
Evening drifts to come closer to moon. 
Night is summer washed. 
Small stars are trembling 
on blue waves. 
The night climbs down 
from the brown hill.

Agony of life filters 
in your eyes. 
Unspoiled tears leave a trail of liberation. 
Sorrow was insipid in your dark book. 
Possessing a blue surge, 
a nothingness bloomed 
into a smile.

Space fills the dreams, 
coarse picture and empty memories. 
The vacant frame holds only the waiting. 
Centre was gone. 
The boundaries have captured 
the colorless fragments of thought, 
dry bones.


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Roses had gone wilting
after surgery.
of acrylic lenses
was projecting a corrupt green mount.
The rubber king had a papery laugh.

How you deal with a maverick –
matter – of – factly?
Pall bearers of a tall legend
were carrying nitroglycerine sticks

Saboteurs of moon night were scheming.
I was sick of pretentions.
Brown and black scars
become a honeycomb
hiding the agenda.

Stigmatized devotion gets back at you
after still birth of truth.
I will wait sine die for the verdict
of hope.


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King of sex,
the third gender
or hermaphrodite,
half male, half female,
existing on margin,
beheads the creator
to propitiate the deity of destruction,
starts a genocide
to create a new model,
new world, sexless, moonless

How could you remain normal
when you were being robbed of every myth,
every truth?
And you were walking under the guilty sky
unmindful of the pouncing, long legged tarentulas
to bite off your elements?
All of your tongue?
And the heat will give up the slaughtered spring
dried up in eternal shade?
Within the memory will lie the pain
of million years?


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The Human condition

Love those in need of care
Fill the hungry with food
Coddle the orphan with loads to bare
Believe in the misunderstood

Help the weak to fend for themselves
Help those without cause to believe
Excite the poor with prospects of wealth
Learn from the wise, teach what you conceive

Direct the blind who cannot see
Provide the cold with hope & heat
Release the caged, set them free
Salute those who admit defeat

Accept what’s written in the stars
Believe in fate and destiny
Bring peace to those at constant war
Shelter the scared, show sympathy

Live morals, grace and capability
Have faith in the human entity

Profit from the song I was born to sing
Promise the poet his dreams
Wolves in sheep’s clothing lingering
Not everything is what it seems.