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Quote LeftA huge THANK-YOU to all of you for your comments, warm wishes, and feedback. I'd also like to thank everyone at poetrysoup for featuring my poem. Quote Right

Comment By: F.S.

Quote Left"...let me say that I love this site and everything you are doing for aspiring writers. PoetrySoup has been a great learning tool for me and I have met some of the most wonderful people..." Quote Right

Comment By: C. B.

Quote LeftI just wanted to extend a warm and sincere thank you--you will never fully realize just how much poetry soup means to all of us. Not only do we have a place to share our heartfelt words; but we also have a place to make blessed new friendships and learn that we are not alone in our endeavor to exist in this vast world! Thank you from my heart for creating this wonderful world!  Quote Right

Comment By: D.G.

Quote LeftI do like the "new Poetry Related Articles feature", and as well as the "Word of the Day", it increases my English vocabulary. Thanks poetrysoup...for what your doing for us the unseen poets, but well heard on this wonderful site. Keep up the good work. Again, thank you! ES Quote Right

Comment By: E.S.

Quote Left...I really love this sight, and as I said I think that thie Soup is doing a great service with these stylized poems postings. The staff of the Soup is doing an amazing job with the massive volume of work that comes in everyday. Thanks again for everything. Quote Right

Comment By: C. F.

Quote LeftHi, I just wanted to let you know that this site continues to be a source of joy for me. Yesterday a gift shop in Scotland used one of my poems from PoetrySoup on their site and thanked me for it. Another Hungarian based site used one as an example on Prezi. Thanks for being there.  Quote Right

Comment By: J.L.

Quote LeftA site of imaginaition, passion, creativity, and a potent connection...Thank you Soupers and thank you Soup! Quote Right

Comment By: F. C.

Quote LeftI just want to tell you that this poetry site is amazing. I am a poet and a writer, And this site is cool. Keep up the good work.  Quote Right

Comment By: a.b.

Quote LeftThank you all so much for giving me the inspiration to write more. Quote Right

Comment By: M.C.

Quote LeftThank you very much for accepting my suggestion and applying it so quickly.  Quote Right

Comment By: v.h.