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Quote LeftI really love poetry soup because this site helped me grow and develop my skills in writing poems.  Quote Right

Comment By: K. C.

Quote LeftThanks so much. I feel great knowing that my work is being read. Quote Right

Comment By: J.C.

Quote LeftThanks so much, I am honored. I am enjoying the site, great job by all. Quote Right

Comment By: R.L.

Quote LeftI just want to comment on how much I have enjoyed my experience here at Poetry Soup, and how much I appreciate all of your comments. They have been very encouraging.  Quote Right

Comment By: P. L.

Quote LeftJust writing in to say thank you, great team that you are and hugs to you for being there. Quote Right

Comment By: Y.K.

Quote LeftA great Poetry site with a unique and friendly community. I am indeed very happy to be a part of this group.  Quote Right

Comment By: M. O.

Quote LeftI just wanted to extend a warm and sincere thank you--you will never fully realize just how much poetry soup means to all of us. Not only do we have a place to share our heartfelt words; but we also have a place to make blessed new friendships and learn that we are not alone in our endeavor to exist in this vast world! Thank you from my heart for creating this wonderful world!  Quote Right

Comment By: D.G.

Quote LeftYour website is a great source for publishing companies. I know of a few poets that have received publishing deals because of PoetrySoup! Thanks for the exposure.  Quote Right

Comment By: M.P.

Quote LeftThank you very much poetrysoup for all the help you've given me. My fellow poets who wished to know me, and insisted that I shoulld write something about me, can now read my bio. Once again, thank you!  Quote Right

Comment By: E.S.

Quote LeftLet me express my big THANK YOU to all PoetrySoup menbers and staff, a soup without a bread doesn't taste much good, that is a poem not posted in PoetrySoup,is not much expressed. Quote Right

Comment By: Y.A.