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Quote LeftYou people are the good Samaritans in the background giving us a chance to be ourselves..i cant thank you enough....way to go PS. Quote Right

Comment By: Y.K.

Quote LeftI love the fact that so many people comment on your work, it really helps new and old writers evolve even more. I've learned so much already. I can't wait to learn more. Quote Right

Comment By: K. E.

Quote LeftI really like your site, it has a unique quality I haven't seen before. The people all seem really nice. Quote Right

Comment By: B.H.

Quote LeftI would just like to thank you for the opportunity you've given me: to share my feelings, and my beliefs... again, thank you! Have a wonderful day Quote Right

Comment By: l.s.

Quote LeftThank you Poetry Soup for all your wonderful comments and support. My first book entitle "Bits And Barges" is available through Publish America. I have multiple sclerosis and had a really bad flare up in January (I couldn't talk, write or walk very well). I made a promise to myself: if I returned to normal, then I would start trying to get my poetry published. Well, here I am with my first book (I can also walk, talk and write almost normally). Thanks all of you for your support. You're the best!  Quote Right

Comment By: E. B.

Quote LeftIt is an honor and humbling experience to see my work being displayed in this manner and gives me hope that it may touch the hearts and lives of those who read it Quote Right

Comment By: C.M.

Quote LeftHi im a 15 yr. old female and will be 16 on July the 10th. I just like to say that I been writing poetry for a long time now and I enjoy this site, to me its better than Well thats my opinion. Im loving this site  Quote Right

Comment By: d.b.

Quote LeftHello PoetrySoup and All....I just wanted to thank you for your kindness and your concern....I appreciate that very much! Oh, and don't think that i do not have a place for you in my heart....Because i surely do! Whomever you are; once again; "Have A Beautiful Day!"....  Quote Right

Comment By: J. R.

Quote LeftI would like to take this opportunity to thank poetrysoup for allowing me unleash this voice that has been inside me. I am so grateful for being able to voice my feelings!! Thank you for a job well done!! Quote Right

Comment By: F. D.

Quote LeftI really enjoy PoetrySoup, I finally found a site that enjoys poetry like me…being able to talk to others in the same interest! So glad I found you! Thank you! Quote Right

Comment By: E. A.