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Quote Left2012 was the year I discovered PoetrySoup and your site has helped me grow as a poet more in the last year than in many of the years before Quote Right

Comment By: G.D.

Quote LeftI really like the new Poetry Related Articles feature. Thanks.  Quote Right

Comment By: V.H.

Quote LeftPoetrysoup has given me the opportunity to express my feelings. The website is so valuable for beginning poets as well as veterans. It is a place where we can visit daily to unburden the daily challenges of living. It is a haven where the freedom of expression is encouraged. The positive comments are great and infectious enough to enhance creative thoughts.  Quote Right

Comment By: D.A.

Quote LeftPoetrySoup has taught me alot. I became a much better writer when I started writing here. The comments are great. That's why I write on. Quote Right

Comment By: J. R.

Quote LeftI really enjoy PoetrySoup, I finally found a site that enjoys poetry like me…being able to talk to others in the same interest! So glad I found you! Thank you! Quote Right

Comment By: E. A.

Quote LeftPoetry Soup is the best online poetry site Ive seen so far. Ive been to several, but this one is easy to use, has a nice navigation area. I plan on using this as my poetry home. Quote Right

Comment By: a.s.

Quote LeftJust writing in to say thank you, great team that you are and hugs to you for being there. Quote Right

Comment By: Y.K.

Quote LeftYou guys are really awesome, i am a poet from nigeria and you have really encauraged me to continue writting poetry.  Quote Right

Comment By: I

Quote LeftWith these troubling times, it is so good to come to PoetrySoup for some inspiration. It is amazing how faith is such an important part of the lives of so many writers in our community. Quote Right

Comment By: K.O.

Quote LeftI just want to send you a note thanking you for giving us a chance to present our poetry to the public. I have been enjoying all of the beautiful work the poets post. I will admit I am not up on all of the new forms but one of these days I will even fool myself and try one. Quote Right

Comment By: M. B.