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Quote LeftI just want to say that PoetrySoup makes my day. Everytine I come here it is a joy. I enjoy reading the poetry and responding to the poets.  Quote Right

Comment By: c.b.

Quote LeftA huge THANK-YOU to all of you for your comments, warm wishes, and feedback. I'd also like to thank everyone at poetrysoup for featuring my poem. Quote Right

Comment By: F.S.

Quote LeftWhat attracted me to the site is your simplicity and devotion to the art of poetry. It's a pleasure to support something honest and decent. Quote Right

Comment By: David

Quote LeftI just wanted to extend a warm and sincere thank you--you will never fully realize just how much poetry soup means to all of us. Not only do we have a place to share our heartfelt words; but we also have a place to make blessed new friendships and learn that we are not alone in our endeavor to exist in this vast world! Thank you from my heart for creating this wonderful world!  Quote Right

Comment By: D.G.

Quote LeftThe Soup is the best; it's as though you are attentive to the needs of each poet. My goal is to gain exposure so that I may eventually publish a book of poetry for teenagers and/or young adults. I believe we all genuinely like each other even though we have never met; it is you, PoetrySoup, that makes that communication possible.  Quote Right

Comment By: T. M.

Quote LeftI would like to take this opportunity to thank poetrysoup for allowing me unleash this voice that has been inside me. I am so grateful for being able to voice my feelings!! Thank you for a job well done!! Quote Right

Comment By: F. D.

Quote LeftI really love the comments from all that have read my poem. It feels good to have others enjoy my work. Thanks so much Quote Right

Comment By: A.W.

Quote LeftA site of imaginaition, passion, creativity, and a potent connection...Thank you Soupers and thank you Soup! Quote Right

Comment By: F. C.

Quote LeftI really enjoy the kind people here. Quote Right

Comment By: Y. G.

Quote LeftIt's a pleasure for me to be a member of this site. I was invited here by other friends of mine from another site. Quote Right

Comment By: J. S.