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Quote LeftI just wanted to say that I have been a member of Poetrysoup now for about 2 years. I have received wonderful feedback from the members here, both in the way of constructive critism and praise. This site is a blessing as well as an inspiration and the members of this site are simply wonderful. It has been mostly through my active involvement with this site that I recently got the courage to put together a book of my poetry as well as inspirational writing which has just been published. I cannot thank all of you at Poetrysoup enough for this site.  Quote Right

Comment By: R

Quote LeftThanks so much. I feel great knowing that my work is being read. Quote Right

Comment By: J.C.

Quote LeftThe Soup is the best; it's as though you are attentive to the needs of each poet. My goal is to gain exposure so that I may eventually publish a book of poetry for teenagers and/or young adults. I believe we all genuinely like each other even though we have never met; it is you, PoetrySoup, that makes that communication possible.  Quote Right

Comment By: T. M.

Quote LeftPoetry Soup is the best online poetry site Ive seen so far. Ive been to several, but this one is easy to use, has a nice navigation area. I plan on using this as my poetry home. Quote Right

Comment By: a.s.

Quote LeftThank you so much for this opportunity! It is such an amazing experience to be part of this site. I feel like I have been able to grow as a poet and have learned so much already from the many talented poets that frequent your site. The information you provide to help poets from around the world is fantastic. Quote Right

Comment By: G.D.

Quote LeftI would like to take this opportunity to thank poetrysoup for allowing me unleash this voice that has been inside me. I am so grateful for being able to voice my feelings!! Thank you for a job well done!! Quote Right

Comment By: F. D.

Quote LeftThank you PoetrySoup. I never thought that I would have the chance to Share, Inspire, and Encourage others with my poetry until now. Being a member of PoetrySoup has encouraged,and helped me a lot. YOUR SITE IS AMAZING and as long as I am writing poetry I hope to always be a member of this wonderful site. Quote Right

Comment By: L.C.

Quote LeftI do like the "new Poetry Related Articles feature", and as well as the "Word of the Day", it increases my English vocabulary. Thanks poetrysoup...for what your doing for us the unseen poets, but well heard on this wonderful site. Keep up the good work. Again, thank you! ES Quote Right

Comment By: E.S.

Quote LeftI absolutely love poetrysoup and having my own acct. Poetrysoup serves as a home to all my poems and is a great start esp. For people who are nervous to show others their writings. Its the first step to feeling comfortable letting your work out to the public. Quote Right

Comment By: A.J.

Quote LeftI must be honest with myself to say that Ive been tremenduosly enriched by critique and friendly suggestions of other poets from this site. And as if that was not enough, the fact that one's poem occassionally get published is another challenge on its own. In all, this site has been a blessing and a source of encouragement to many people to keep on dotting until the ink finishes. Kudos for providing this wonderful platform.  Quote Right

Comment By: A.S.