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Quote LeftI wish to thank you for featuring my poem, but also I'd like to thank you for giving everyone the opportunity of posting their work. It means a lot to many and most. Poetry can be a wonderful way to alleviate tensions and helps the ones who write...but it might also give support to the reader. Then there is the poetry that just lifts the mind...and takes it elsewhere. :) Thanks again.. Quote Right

Comment By: m.m

Quote LeftPoetrySoup is a wonderful site for inspiration and sensible reviews. Quote Right

Comment By: s.h.

Quote LeftThank you, for such an excellent site! I really am enjoying the opportunities you provide for online publication with so many talented individuals who share their world through poetry. Poetry is truly alive here!! Quote Right

Comment By: C. P.

Quote LeftI think that PoetrySoup is giving young adults an opportunity to express themselves. Many would love to see their work in print, but many just love the fact that their emotions, their feelings, their dreams are being shared through poetry with everyone. Quote Right

Comment By: A. D.

Quote LeftThank you for a great poetry site. It's wonderful that I may not only post my poetry but also, receive comments back from other poets. The positive support is overwhelming and really boosts the spirits. Quote Right

Comment By: R. G.

Quote LeftThank you for giving me a chance to showcase my work and to see how others really feel about my work not just "yes men," saying what they think I'd like to hear. Quote Right

Comment By: L. W.

Quote LeftI really like the new Poetry Related Articles feature. Thanks.  Quote Right

Comment By: V.H.

Quote LeftI am really glad to see a lot of great poets coming together to share all of our talents and hard work. Plus I love all of the feedback that i get from those who respond. Thanks and I love you all. Quote Right

Comment By: C. M.

Quote LeftI just wanted to say that I have been a member of Poetrysoup now for about 2 years. I have received wonderful feedback from the members here, both in the way of constructive critism and praise. This site is a blessing as well as an inspiration and the members of this site are simply wonderful. It has been mostly through my active involvement with this site that I recently got the courage to put together a book of my poetry as well as inspirational writing which has just been published. I cannot thank all of you at Poetrysoup enough for this site.  Quote Right

Comment By: R

Quote LeftI really love the comments from all that have read my poem. It feels good to have others enjoy my work. Thanks so much Quote Right

Comment By: A.W.