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Quote LeftI love this site! This is a great place for anyone to express themselves. Everyone is so nice. It feels great when someone leaves a kind comment. This is a good place to improve poetry and writing skills. I first used this site to do a project for school, now I can't stop visiting! PoetrySoup rules!!  Quote Right

Comment By: L. H.

Quote LeftYou seem to have provided a good place for some of us out here to share our poems and to let them inspire others. I like the way you provide information about poetry that is easy, accessible and concise. I also like the way you are not bombarding my email with junk offers. It is nice to find a legitimate site with people who obviously believe in promoting poetry, not just making the almighty dollar. My hat is off to you. Quote Right

Comment By: E. P.

Quote LeftYou do a great job with a site this size to keep it from sinking into the mud. I appreciate your consistency in adhering to the standards. I think this is why so many continue to share poetry at The Soup.  Quote Right

Comment By: K.O.

Quote Leftthanks to PoetrySoup for providing such opportunity to expose our deep condolence for the United States people and their recent shocks caused by nature and our deep prayers to their speedy recovery. Quote Right

Comment By: S.R

Quote LeftI want to thank you for maintaining a site that continually exceeds the expectations of poets around the world. I encourage all poets to join Poetrysoup...I had previously joined other poetry sites prior to finding Poetrysoup, but it was specifically all of the wonderful members of this site that gave me the courage, the strength and the inspiration to become a published author. Quote Right

Comment By: D. S.

Quote LeftYou've charmed us. It is a privilege to compete in the inspirational poetry contests you design and judge. You give this community of poets something to write about; something to reach for; a reason to try new poetry forms; and a way to measure success. Your contests are enjoyable and your efforts are praiseworthy. Thank you! Quote Right

Comment By: C. R.

Quote LeftI only wanted to make a comment and compliment on the information on being scammed by other poetry sites. I ,myself have been scammed and I amm very disappointed by it. But your informative facts have cleared things up and given me a better understanding on how not to be scammed in the future.I appreciate your site and information,and I thank you! Quote Right

Comment By: L.

Quote LeftJust wanted to say thank you for this site. I think you guys are doing a great job I hope your around for a thousand years again,,thanks. Quote Right

Comment By: a.s.

Quote LeftDear poetrysoup I just wanted to thank you for a wonderful site ,it makes you work harder at being a better writer! I can honestly say this is the best site on the web. I look forward to coming on this site daily and enjoy the many talents on here! Thanks for everything! Quote Right

Comment By: L. M.

Quote LeftHello PoetrySoup and All....I just wanted to thank you for your kindness and your concern....I appreciate that very much! Oh, and don't think that i do not have a place for you in my heart....Because i surely do! Whomever you are; once again; "Have A Beautiful Day!"....  Quote Right

Comment By: J. R.