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Quote LeftI love this site! This is a great place for anyone to express themselves. Everyone is so nice. It feels great when someone leaves a kind comment. This is a good place to improve poetry and writing skills. I first used this site to do a project for school, now I can't stop visiting! PoetrySoup rules!!  Quote Right

Comment By: L. H.

Quote LeftI love this site! I don't have all my work here but this site is far far better than I don't even go there anymore! I always felt they were a rip off anyway! Quote Right

Comment By: C. M.

Quote LeftThank you, for such an excellent site! I really am enjoying the opportunities you provide for online publication with so many talented individuals who share their world through poetry. Poetry is truly alive here!! Quote Right

Comment By: C. P.

Quote LeftGreat site, thanks for the opportunity to unveil my poetry. Quote Right

Comment By: a.s.

Quote LeftI received your e-mail, and I'm thrilled! Thanks for featuring my poetry. Quote Right

Comment By: T. M.

Quote LeftI just want to say that I have really enjoyed my membership here at PoetrySoup. There are so many wonderful poets here and I'm glad we have the chance to come together and share our work as well as our comments. Thank you PoetrySoup for making this possible! Quote Right

Comment By: L. S.

Quote LeftLet me express my big THANK YOU to all PoetrySoup menbers and staff, a soup without a bread doesn't taste much good, that is a poem not posted in PoetrySoup,is not much expressed. Quote Right

Comment By: Y.A.

Quote LeftI wuold just like to take the opportunity to say what a wonderfully diverse yet communal feeling poetry soup has,i have searched many sites and found many to lack the hand of freindship and real appreciation that has allways been shown to me here at poetry soup.and this comes from a man of a sceptical mind and a reletively new member.i look forward with great anticipation and a little less scepticism........thank you once again. Quote Right

Comment By: D.S.

Quote LeftI came apon this website in the last month or so and must say so enjoy it. I love getting feed back from other talented writers. Thank you to all the staff at poetry soup!  Quote Right

Comment By: L.M.

Quote LeftThank you so much. This means a lot to me. This is an inspiring and innovative site for poets at every age and level of ability. You are much appreciated. Quote Right

Comment By: j.l.