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                        Tonight like a child,
                           caring not the time
                                  nor the place.
                         Studying you as only an
                                artist could know.
                          The lines and features
                             of your face.

                          I've painted this picture
                               a thousand times,
                             remembering you,
                                  when we're apart.

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Old Shoe Box

                           I'll take our times together,
                             and put them away
                           in a old shoe box.
                            Wrapped in yesterdays newspaper.

                            Brought back when things
                               weight me down.
                            Hidden from prying eyes,
                              and those who may

                             For when the clouds arrive,
                                   and storms brew over the 
                             I'll hide away and open my shoe box,
                               and smile the day away.

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Waiting a Long Time

Tucker Carwile

                                   So many years,
                                    always wondering,
                                      if these works are real.

                                    Finding you with
                                          just a click.
                                     A place to post your thoughts.

                                     Reading others,
                                         that have been hiding
                                      as I , 

                                      Thank you poetysoup,
                                            for making my 
                                       feelings come true.

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                                     As I walk the beach
                                        a seagull
                                      a lone sentinel,
                                      announces my coming.
                                      His shrill cry beckoning,
                                             his comrades to fly.

                                      When I pass,
                                             they will return
                                       as though I'd never passed
                                           that way before.

                                       Covering my tracks with their
                                           thousand little feet.
                                         And again that lone sentinel,
                                          Posted to guard against

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Winter Walks

                                Winter walks,
                                   on summer beaches,
                                 but for you and I.
                                 Marking our steps 
                                        in soft sand,
                                  that soon,
                                 the tide must wash away.

                                  Months from now,
                                     our walks will have been

                                 Beaches crowded with bodies dressed,
                                     in summer styles.
                                   We will have become
                                        last years news.

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                             Mornings are meant for me,
                                 quiet times to think,
                              gathering data for the afternoon.

                              Watching the morning sun rise
                                   against the turning sky.
                               Able to recount my past evenings

                                As the morning ages,
                                      the quiet is broken,
                                  by the business of the coming day.
                                 As my thoughts are pushed back.

                                 Until the next mornings sun.

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                     I hardly know you,
                           your favorite color,
                       or what makes you
                                 smile or cry.

                     What is your favorite movie?
                     Or does that really matter.

                     Tomorrow when I roll over,
                          you will be gone.

                      And if by chance we meet on a street,
                           will you remember my name?

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Store Bought Words

                                    Words can be bought for $2.50,
                                          in any bookstore.
                                     And can be used for less---

                                     It's not what you say,
                                          but how you say it.

                                      Need you speak,
                                        when you can show me
                                                     well enough.

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                           The oceans and the mountains
                                 are my sanctuary.
                            The ocean with its rhythmic
                                pounding of the surf
                              and cool breezes.
                             The mountains with its
                                 solitude of tall trees.

                             Both are clean and pure,
                                when untouched by human hands.
                             These are my friends,
                                 who calm the ravaging storms,
                               that gather in my soul.

                              Whenever I am troubled,
                                   I return to my friends
                                for guidance and direction.

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Daylight Enters

                                  Coming quietly,
                                       into the darken room.
                                  Moving though the shadows,
                                      as does a cat 
                                              in the night.

                                  Sliding bemeath cool sheets,
                                         and touching,
                                     as though each act
                                       had been rehearsed
                                   a thousand times.

                                   When the daylight enters,
                                         and you have gone.
                                   Leaving only rumpled sheets
                                         where you had laid.