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This Woman's Prayer

This Woman’s Prayer
I pray not for power or place, only for the 
simple grace to look my neighbors in the face.
I seek not for silver or gold but only for the peace of God that brings
contentment to the soul.
I pray for the devotion and virtue of Ruth.
For the wisdom to take kindly the counsel of years and 
gracefully surrender the things of youth.
For the courage of Esther I pray as before the king she 
stood that day.
Father, give me a will and heart to be all you created me to be, and prosper 
my hands to your work accordingly. 
I pray that my life be an example of Proverbs thirty-one. 

Copyright © Lori Lucas McClure

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Spiritual Workout

Start by warming up daily
with hands lifted in praise.
Running and jumping in
place as the spirit moves.

Drop and give God sixty
Sixty minutes in prayer that is!
This work out is especially good
for the heart as it will strengthen
and bring about eternal life.

Endurance training begins with walking
the straight and narrow.
Mountain climbing after a long walk 
in the valley is also highly recommended.

Begin a weight training program by carrying
his cross and increase to carrying burdens for others!
Such training is excellent for preparing for the final 
foot race to Glory!

Results will be felt and seen immediately if 
soreness or pain are experienced apply a generous 
amount of the Balm of Gilead.

Remember to rest often by leaning on Jesus,and
cool off with showers of blessings.

Before beginning an exercise program always
consult with the Great Physician. 


Copyright © Lori Lucas McClure

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Sacred Alter

“Teach me to pray,” I ask the Father.
He lovingly said, “Kneel down at my sacred alter”.
Looking around I could not see; where could this sacred alter be?
Then gently he instructed me his sacred alter was my knee.
In that moment it became the Holy of Holies.
Kneeling in humble prayer he assured me he would meet me there.
How sweetly he whispered, “Here you can always find me.
Here I will ever wait for thee, ever listening to hear your hearts plea.
It was with tear filled eyes that I finally understood that God’s alter is not made of 
Stone nor wood, but of a humble spirit and heart of love 

For Brian Strand's contest 
Any 2011 poem

Copyright © Lori Lucas McClure

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Kisses of Early Morning Dew

           Dew drops like diamonds scattered upon the ground.
           Jeweled kisses upon the soft cheek of dawn’s early light.

            Dew kissed roses moistened by nature’s lips.

            Glittering crystalline splinters upon blades of grass

             The fresh face of morning blush’d with the kiss of dew.

contest:Paula Swanson 
 How Due You Dew 

Copyright © Lori Lucas McClure

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Broken faith

                                        traitors breath
                                         love betrayed
                                         broken faith

Lori Lucas McClure
For contest Ellip sponsored by Gigno

Copyright © Lori Lucas McClure

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Music, Language of Love

                                  Melodious melody of love
                               Lyrical language of the heart
                    Calling continually entwined in loves duet
                          Touched tenderly by life’s opera
                        Musical movements caressing the soul
                    Seraphic song  of the soul a sweet seduction

Copyright © Lori Lucas McClure

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Behold, I saw the vision of the world
Smoldering in the ashes of hate
utterly consumed with terrors
Beaten, ragged and worn
blood touching blood
The gleam of liberty’s lamp dimmed
by the smoke of her burning
wail over her; wail and mourn 
For the smoke of her torment 
hath reached to heaven

 I turned and looked again, 
I saw the vision of the world
Hope birthed in the heart of man
Strength of an indomitable will
Faith’s torch glowing bright 
Freedoms light burning warm

Copyright © Lori Lucas McClure

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A Woeful Winter Dirge

Comes winter with its icy blast 
Across the land thy death shadow cast
Life purged by thy soulless wind 
With thy sting of death thou doest offend
Thy snowy shroud upon January’s cold ground lain
Bitter tears of crystal ice now rain
Naked branches broken and battered in sorrow doth wail 
amid thy northern gales. 
Woeful Winter Dirge!   
May the southern breeze push back thy artic surge
O Scourge of the seasons release your icy grasp 
May the sun shine at last!


Copyright © Lori Lucas McClure

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Crescendo of Love poem2

                                        aching, longing
                                   sacred romance kindled
                            l yrical expression heart’s journey

 Written by: Lori Marie McClure      9/9/11
  For Nette Oclaud's contest: Melody of Cinquain

Copyright © Lori Lucas McClure

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My Lemon Stella

She was called, Stella, my little yella lemon! 
A Chevy Citation,you can only imagine my elation!

 She started almost ever time I needed her too.

 As long as the wires were crossed the fire flew!

 No horn and a rattle in the end.

 The hood was buckled with a slight bend.

 You had to turn the car off, to turn her wipers on. 

 The bumper was duck taped and her muffler was wired on, its true!

 It even quit more than a time or two!

 She was a stick shift and got rubber in one gear, which made her hard to steer!

 Drivin’ down the road she would sway to the radio’s greatest hits

 Getting her grove on until a pot hole punched her dance ticket 

 and there we sit! Not to worry I cleaned her battery cable and post 

 once I got her to coast, the motor finally hit, her rods a 

 knockin’, and  we were back on the road listening to our radio and a rockin’!

For contest: Driven Me Crazy

Copyright © Lori Lucas McClure