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Caged Silence

Caged Silence

A whispered voice
on a gentle breeze
hushed by the ripple
of rustling leaves,
goes unheard.

The silent spinning
of a mournful tale
inked on a page
soon grows pale,
goes unread.

Desires of hearts
straining the seams
stay tucked away
to cavort in dreams,
go unspoken.

All Rights Reserved by Debra Squyres

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Tapestry Tales

Her senses melded with the tapestry,
coming alive, 
as if the images woven 
stripped her spirit bare.
Each image bearing the tale
of the ancients;
Forbearers of a forgotten world
stitched in new world colors.

Interwoven remembered glory
mingling with horrors, gory.
Interlaced, now, in a threaded story
merging the old, 
with those of the new,
as if each needle threaded 
pricked her living soul.

© Debra Squyres

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Tapping to "The End"

The tap, tap, tapping of the keys
with the carriage thrown 
in rhythmic dings to the letters
appearing on the page. 
Each letter becoming a word
then turning into a sentences 
that flows into paragraphs
of the story living in his head.
Zzzzzzip !!!  Another page finished!!
Followed by the click, click clicking
of new paper being fed to address the
quick flow of his words.

He was at his work and had found
his muse, singing in rhythmic chorus,
through the quiet of the early hours
while others down below try to drift
asleep to the clicking,
dinging and tapping of his keys.
Better still, we all knew, than the pacing
and shuffling of steps round and round
the room--- The attic floor revealing 
the circles of worried creative thinking.

The storyline falls into place 
as the characters breathe on the page 
and new life appears in chapter after chapter.
He pecks on with his typing with writers
ferociously till his story reaches “The End”

For: “The Typewriter” contest hosted by Craig

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Secreted Jewels

We dared meet
in clandestine disguise
behind an overlay of water

from watchful eyes peering
amid crystalline dancing droplets

Our first kiss
concealed from lurking eyes
extracting  jewels of youthful joy

Rainbow arks,
captured floating crowning’s,
appearing and captivating gems

©Debra Squyres  

For Member Contest: “Some Form of Crystalline”
Sponsored by: Nette OnCloude
Form: Parallelogram de Crystalline created by Karan Naidu

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Inner Struggle

Inner Struggle 

is it the stars
on a cloak of midnight blue
or the moon beams
dancing through the canopy
that eases reality’s view?

the reflection
in the window pane
begs answer
for it’s tears, not rain,
that stream on the glass

silent cascades
bare the resistance
of approval
prayerfully awaiting 
the dawning acceptance

All Rights Reserved @ 4/11/ 2013

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Avoiding stress
while pocketbooks are stretched

Lost are
the reasons
Gifting frenzies
trying to top last year

©Debra Squyres  

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Peridot Renewal

August’s dry winds scorch the landscape
While I sit here in the shade of a weeping willow
Watching tiny dust devils twirl and spin along the pavement
Living heat dances, wavering gently the scenery before my eyes
While poppies and gladiolas wither limply on their stem
But the peridot sweet, with its pale green color
Reminds me instantly of renewing spring
As the sun sparks a glitter from this
Precious gift I wear on my finger
Perhaps or simply perchance
It’s why it was chosen
This transparent
Form of

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Heart's Choice

Heart’s Choice

Caged love’s
opened door
bonds that hold you within

in heart’s grasp
need to be loved in turn

loving self
the heart that lives within
set free

©Debra Squyres  

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Storybook Dreams

Storybook Dreams

As sunset paints sky with liquid gold
Gilded dreams wait to tease bold
Wrapped in crimson robe’s affection
Mirroring tranquil books reflection
Within the fringes of a dream
Dance fancies waiting to be seen
Tucked sweetly in illusions bed
Pillow plumped under her head
Drifting off to fairytale land
While angels gently hold her hand
As the hour strikes midnight song
Rapunzel lets down her hair so long
Three bears dance in their forest den
Golden locks race across the glen
Snow White’s eyes from a kiss flutter
This prince for her and for no other
A pumpkin carriage with horses prancing
While Cinderella sparkles inside dancing
Riding on storybooks golden star
Her dreams taking her ever so far
Into pictured window’s storybook world
Where only her imagination can explore

~~~ Debra Squyres @ 2013~~~

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This is my song.
 It strums the notes
 that are rooted
 within my being
 These cords
 filled with love
 surround me
 carried on wings
 to the heavens
 swirling about
 to engulf
 those around me

 The melody
 plays soft
 in the valley low
 and echo loudly
 the joys
 of mountains climbed
 my song
 springs forth
 branching out
 its welcome
 to those I adore.