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Best Windsor Roland Ramos Poems

Below are the all-time best Windsor Roland Ramos poems as chosen by PoetrySoup members

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Senryu Explicit v: Porn

Enlarged obsession, pictured odors of desire. Too bad, they are flat.
November 16, 2008

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Romance of Rain

This rainful haze but coldly dance atop that meekly warmth of eve a fancy frozen of a hum of feast and drink, we drown and live and half about our highly walls the windows keep the tease of dew – our roads run up some busied halls of damning damp, of dulling old and nightly drumming men of rain a crowd we are of wont by sleep our prance in wet a holy sight your calm, a godly icing breathe but we both know the sins of gray that dance we hear is opt to fade I am no moon, nor sun, nor day for ours is but, romance of rain.
August 18, 2012

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The Trader

The quick thumps made 
          me realize he is breaking 
down, little by 
          little –

As opposed to those 
          footsteps of his bolding 
audience – on a 
          rattan chair.

He must have thought
          of fortune as plenty as  Dinorado* .

However, he is a Chinese;
          he had no ornate of
cats, of Buddha, of dragons
          – he is allergic to them.

But he is a Chinese;
          and Chinese believe in
luck, charms, and 

*Dinorado is a rice variety.
Ca. 2007

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Senryu Explicit ii: Hermaphrodite

His pants on his toes wondering what he's holding - a nest or a bird?
November 16, 2008

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Else If

//Else If

#include < iostream.h >
int main (void)				          //like you, really


     cout << “As if you still make sense” << endl;

     float you = .0000001; 			  //like this bit here
                                                          //or whatever fits. Nicely.

     double fcuk = 0.0;	             	          //assigning value is of good practice
     cout << “Please enter the fcuks you give: “;
     cin >> you;				          //so as not to give too much fcuk

     fcuk = you;

     cout << “fcuks given: “ << you<< endl;

					                  //or thoughts to it
					                  //or whatever fits.

     while (i_do_not_really_care)

     if (you > 1)			                  //try to sound nice

cout << “it will just echo of “ << **** << “numbers of you“ << endl;
cout << “nothing odd, nothing“ << endl;

     else if (you == 0)			          //stay put and shut up
   	cout << “I will really prefer this,“ << endl;
cout << “this non-existence of yours, ours“ << endl;

     else if (you < 1)			          //ideally,

cout << “just walk away.“ << endl;
   	cout << “...” << endl;
   	cout << “...” << endl;

cout << “please, I beg of it” << endl;
	cout << “of this. << endl;

}					                  /*
                                                          i_do_not_really_care, really, 
                                                          otherwise this will make 
                                                          sense of things mundane, of
                                                          you, of us. Why not just end 
                                                          this, and by all this, never
return 0;

}						          //?

March 7, 2013

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Winter Wake

Winds, winds, they all freeze the warmth, singing birds, to sleep. Welcome, winter wake.
December 15, 2013

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Senryu Explicit vi: Beds

Covers uncovers skins of mostly selfish acts – four-cornered romance
November 16, 2008

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Eyes shot of hell's crimson,
Hands octopussed on keys,
He dreams of the morrow,
While at Facebook, he gazed.

April 22, 2014

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Fire Exit

Half between 
I was on that same 
old stairway, adoring 
your air.

You were standing against kettle people.
You were waiting for the next rocket bus.
You were radio-free and mob-less, as usual.

Half between 
I strummed my 
frustrating romances,
adoring your air,
though you’ll be 
far, always.

Ca. 2006

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Senryu Explicit iv: Prostitutes

Friendly neon lights. Friendlier lords of midnight. Unfriendly bed thrusts.
November 16, 2008