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I Have Hidden Super Powers

I don't wear a cape around
My neck, breaking the speed of sound
Or capture bad guys in a web
My powers have never fled
From my heart that's where they stay
Secretly until the day
I see injustice come along
Others are treated so wrong
My super powers become stronger
When I can't take it any longer
Hearing stories of bullying
My special skills kick right in
Set loose, no holding them back
My love alert goes on attack
Not stopping for anything
It won't ease up until I bring
All this hatred to a low
I give one huge final blow
Across the land until there is
No more hate or prejudice
Until then, I'm on alert
Making sure there is no hurt
I will be here till the end
All my powers I will send
Into the hearts of those so weak
Mild mannered, shy and meek
That get pushed around each day
I'll make sure it goes away
This promise will be kept for sure
Any kind of hatred I abhor

Details | Robin Davis Poem

A New January Has Begun

Hello January it's been a year
Now it's time for you to share
All the wonder and great things
This special time of year brings
Soft white snowflakes that are falling
Cool slow breezes that are calling
You inside to get more warm
Cocoa's and blankets keep you calm
When the wind starts to blow fast
Against the windows it will pass
But your inner kid comes through
As you slip on rubber boots
Acting crazy and insane
Not caring about the pain
That's on your fingers and toes
Happiness begins to glow
As you play and act so young
While another years begun
And January leads the way
To more cold, then sunny days
Never knowing what will come
As a new year has begun

Details | Robin Davis Poem

Not Built Strong Enough

Erector sets and wooden blocks
Dominoes and house of cards
Built way up to be knocked down
Scattered all across the ground
Model cars and airplane kits
Making sure each piece will fit
Snapped together without glue
Just to fall apart on you
Puzzles without all the pieces
Will not work and it decreases
The fun and joy of finishing
A picture without it's full scene
All these things can fall apart
Or not be finished from the start
Like a love without the trust
Which is a necessary must
So it doesn't break and tremble
And you have to reassemble
Two hearts with a solid glue
So it doesn't fall on you
From a height that is too high
To complete---you let it die
From a lack of love and care
Broken too much for repair

Details | Robin Davis Poem

Venomous Vampires Rule The Night

Darkened eyes that pull you in
Fangs hidden under a grin
That are sharp pointy and long
They have powers that are strong
No escaping from their bite
They hunt in the darkest night
Once they find you it's all done
There's nowhere to hide or run
In their nest is where you'll stay
Your humanity will slip away
As your necks used as a treat
Just give in there's no defeat
From these creatures very scary
Making you so weak and weary
Injecting you with poison venom
Turning you into a demon
That invades your inner soul
You have just lost all control
Of the person you once were
Your past life is now a blur
As this poison starts to act
In the night you will attack
Searching for someone to be
Added to this family
Hungry fangs are coming out
Blood is dripping down your mouth
Your stronger with every drop
There is no way you can stop
Addictions starting to set in
Another victims claimed again

Details | Robin Davis Poem

Drowning In The Sea Of Life

We are all in the same boat
Just trying to stay afloat
Not drowning under the waves
That ripple and grow more each day
Life jackets can help us bounce
But something comes along to pounce
Dragging us down to the bottom
There's only so much we can fathom
Until we can't catch our breath
From the murky water depths
Of life that happens every day
From an anchor we just sway
Hoping to survive this fate
Of a weight that's much too great
Everyone is suffocating
We could use some incubating
So we can breath once again
Letting all this drowning end

Details | Robin Davis Poem

Approach Me Slow Or I Will Go

I am like a fragile deer
Approach carefully and beware
Not to startle me or I
Will run off, I'm very shy
If your slow and really quiet
With your love I just might try it
But be speedy and go fast
You will not even get past
Saying hello, you will lose
So be cautious how you choose
To start this relationship
Use a loose and gentle grip
You'll get all of my attention
My heart will have no objection
I will stay without the fear
Knowing your heart really cares
But a tight grip holding me
Will make me go wild and free
No chance of me giving you
Love and care a lifetime through
I've been run off by too many
Men who thought that they had plenty
Of charisma, grace and charm
Which just caused a lot of harm
So now I am very skittish
Think about the choices of this
Be smart, don't come at me quick
Because you think your so slick

Details | Robin Davis Poem

Surrounded By Memories Of You

Pictures dancing in my mind
Words making a flashing sign
Your voice echos in my ear
My heart holding you so near
Chills of your touch I still feel
Winds blowing a kiss I steal
Eyes of love I can still see
Your love keeps surrounding me
With everything I see and touch
I miss you so very much
I can't believe it's been a year
It's so very hard to bear
Since the angels gave you wings
Every minute my life brings
A new emotion I can't handle
Your death blew out a bright candle
That made my heart shine with love
Now it's dark since your above
And your angel voice is singing
Me a love song till I'm bringing
My wings up in heaven too
So I don't have to go through
This torture surrounding me
With so many memories
Of a love I can not hold
I feel so dead and cold

The Poet III
Robin Davis

Details | Robin Davis Poem

Who's A True Friend And Who's Not

Finding a true friend is rare
There are fake ones everywhere
Smiling and being nice
Be careful and think twice
About their actions and the way
They make you feel everyday
A true friend will never try
To cover up a blatant lie
That can deceive and become
Harmful in more ways than one
Or never be there when your down
Even though you are around
Everyone they need a hand
Or someone to understand
A clearer look will help you see
Which one is like family
Being there both night and day
Making sure you are O.K.
While having fun and acting weird
In your head your never scared
They will leave or let you down
A best friend is who you’ve found
Now and forever they’ll be there
Good memories you’ll always share

Details | Robin Davis Poem

Falling Into Lifes Sad Pit

I'm teetering along the edge
Of a long and deep sharp ledge
One more push and I will drop
Can someone please help me stop
The pain everyday that follows
Me into more bad tomorrows
That will not leave me alone
I would like to just be shown
What it's like to wear a smile
It has been too long a while
Since my days were filled with joy
Thinking fates out to destroy
Every ounce of happiness
Until there is nothing left
To live for and dream about
I just want to scream and shout
Take away all the dark clouds
Giving me the love allowed
That I see looking so grand
I want to hold someones hand
Feeling the soft warm rush
That makes my whole body gush
With sensations never felt
Because life has always dealt
A hand so unbearable
Days were too unlivable
For enjoying anything
My heart never got to sing
Any happy and fun tunes
Darkness and a lot of gloom
Is all I will ever feel
This world will never reveal
Any goodness night or day
I will just crawl up and stay
Tightly wrapped up in a ball
Until it's my time to fall
Into a nice peaceful slumber
My lonely life finally over

Details | Robin Davis Poem

Child You Don't Have To Fear I Will Always Be Right Here

My little one don't be afraid
My two arms were softly made
To comfort you and keep you safe
Please put a smile on your face
And let me hug you sweet and tight
Whispering you'll be alright
In a low voice helping you
Know that I will pull you through
Making sure you understand
I will always hold your hand
Pulling you up with such care
Making troubles disappear
Out of sight now and forever
I will do my best to never
Let you down in any way
My love for you will always stay
In your heart never to leave
I want you to please believe
There is nothing I wont do
To prove how much I care for you