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A New January Has Begun

Hello January it's been a year
Now it's time for you to share
All the wonder and great things
This special time of year brings
Soft white snowflakes that are falling
Cool slow breezes that are calling
You inside to get more warm
Cocoa's and blankets keep you calm
When the wind starts to blow fast
Against the windows it will pass
But your inner kid comes through
As you slip on rubber boots
Acting crazy and insane
Not caring about the pain
That's on your fingers and toes
Happiness begins to glow
As you play and act so young
While another years begun
And January leads the way
To more cold, then sunny days
Never knowing what will come
As a new year has begun

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Not Built Strong Enough

Erector sets and wooden blocks
Dominoes and house of cards
Built way up to be knocked down
Scattered all across the ground
Model cars and airplane kits
Making sure each piece will fit
Snapped together without glue
Just to fall apart on you
Puzzles without all the pieces
Will not work and it decreases
The fun and joy of finishing
A picture without it's full scene
All these things can fall apart
Or not be finished from the start
Like a love without the trust
Which is a necessary must
So it doesn't break and tremble
And you have to reassemble
Two hearts with a solid glue
So it doesn't fall on you
From a height that is too high
To complete---you let it die
From a lack of love and care
Broken too much for repair

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Drowning In The Sea Of Life

We are all in the same boat
Just trying to stay afloat
Not drowning under the waves
That ripple and grow more each day
Life jackets can help us bounce
But something comes along to pounce
Dragging us down to the bottom
There's only so much we can fathom
Until we can't catch our breath
From the murky water depths
Of life that happens every day
From an anchor we just sway
Hoping to survive this fate
Of a weight that's much too great
Everyone is suffocating
We could use some incubating
So we can breath once again
Letting all this drowning end

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Poetry Dan

Dan's a man of poetry
Sweet and kind to you and me
Greeting poets with a smile
With his grace and gentle style
He builds you up with inspiration
That's why I write this dedication
To a man I call a friend
Great comments he will always send
A heart of gold he has inside
His friendliness he does not hide
I've know him for a week or two
I'm glad I met somebody who
Respects the poets in the group
Writing for Poetry Soup

This is for the contest "who am I"

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A Dedication To The Man

Your chats have been so delightful
Very charming and insightful
I am so glad we connected
I don't feel as neglected
When I turn on my computer
And see your words getting much cuter
Each comment, mail and more
Has me rolling on the floor
Sometimes we get serious
Leaving me delirious
Hoping you will be alright
And darkness turns into light
Other times we get so funny
I get laugh pains in my tummy
When we get hilarious
There's nothing to surpass this
We play question/answer games
And it's you I'm gonna blame
When I am shocked totally
With responses you send me
My revenge will soon come through
When I do the same to you
We always have a good time
Finding each other through rhyme
It has been so very grand
Enjoying days with "Chan The Man"

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Child You Don't Have To Fear I Will Always Be Right Here

My little one don't be afraid
My two arms were softly made
To comfort you and keep you safe
Please put a smile on your face
And let me hug you sweet and tight
Whispering you'll be alright
In a low voice helping you
Know that I will pull you through
Making sure you understand
I will always hold your hand
Pulling you up with such care
Making troubles disappear
Out of sight now and forever
I will do my best to never
Let you down in any way
My love for you will always stay
In your heart never to leave
I want you to please believe
There is nothing I wont do
To prove how much I care for you

Details | Robin Davis Poem

Falling Into Lifes Sad Pit

I'm teetering along the edge
Of a long and deep sharp ledge
One more push and I will drop
Can someone please help me stop
The pain everyday that follows
Me into more bad tomorrows
That will not leave me alone
I would like to just be shown
What it's like to wear a smile
It has been too long a while
Since my days were filled with joy
Thinking fates out to destroy
Every ounce of happiness
Until there is nothing left
To live for and dream about
I just want to scream and shout
Take away all the dark clouds
Giving me the love allowed
That I see looking so grand
I want to hold someones hand
Feeling the soft warm rush
That makes my whole body gush
With sensations never felt
Because life has always dealt
A hand so unbearable
Days were too unlivable
For enjoying anything
My heart never got to sing
Any happy and fun tunes
Darkness and a lot of gloom
Is all I will ever feel
This world will never reveal
Any goodness night or day
I will just crawl up and stay
Tightly wrapped up in a ball
Until it's my time to fall
Into a nice peaceful slumber
My lonely life finally over

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Think Before You Drink

Feelings I cannot explain
Sends chills through me everyday
Like a ghost is passing through
Haunting memories of you
That I dream of every night
Of a very deadly sight
That will not let go of me
I will never be set free
From tears rolling down my face
I live in a darkened place
With no lover by my side
Ever since we took that ride
Hand in hand-- sharing our hearts
Till a drunk tore us apart
When he didn't stop on red
Alcohol filled up his head
Causing all my dreams to crash
Fading away in a flash
Why can't others stop and think
Of the dangers when they drink
Getting behind a deadly wheel
Not caring how others feel
Ripping their lives all apart
Leaving them a broken heart
That can't be fixed--Put back together
Their happiness is lost forever

Details | Robin Davis Poem

Cupid Crowns You King Of Creeps

I crown you the king of stupid
Messing with a love that cupid
Sent your way for you to hold
But you have been very cold
Freezing her heart till it makes
Shattered pieces that just break
A loving woman's will to live
There's nothing else she can give
Her care showed through every day
With her actions she would say
How much you meant in her life
Never causing pain or strife
Thinking her love was enough
But you were so mean and gruff
Even through the months of sorrow
She'd be by your side tomorrow
Trying to give all she had
Through the good and all the bad
You just see her loving side
Not the tears she always cried
Wondering what she was doing
That you couldn't see her proving
Her desires and devotion
What ever gave you the notion
To push her love to the curb
Making you slowly disturb
The feelings she had way down deep
That you didn't want to keep
Now she's gone leaving you with
An empty feeling in the pit
Of your lonely soul that seeps
Because you were such a creep

Details | Robin Davis Poem


Romance isn't out of fashion
There can still be lots of passion
Here is what you need to do
When you find a love so true
When you whisper in their ear
Words that are sweet and sincere
You caress their tender lips
Softly with your fingertips
Trying to show your devotion
You keep a soft tender motion
As your eyes hold a locked glance
Putting them into a trance
You feel their heart beating faster
Wishing this night lasts forever
As chills run up and down their spine
And bodies start to intertwine
Nothing has ever felt much better
 Than when two souls mesh together
You want to stop the morning light 
Nothing has ever felt so right