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Alice in Wonderland

Once there was a fairy by name Linda “fondly Alice”
Falls down a rabbit hole into a fantasy world pretty nice!
Literary nonsense genre
Influential fantasy genre
Bloody the fairy of my fantasy world “Alice”?

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People have lost sense

By evening five we started ,
Our christmas shopping activities. 
My wife on the lead, her purse full.
Me appreciating her choices elegantly;
Kevin, Andrea supporting my task ,
Our activities ended by nine.
tired we, wanted to sit and relax,
“How about a cool drink? “, my wife.
“Yes, Yes, we should “, I replied.
We walked in to a hotel, lights dim.
Seated we happily, bearer so quick ,
“Four royal falooda “, my wife.
“Da a jungle story”, my children
At last, I got a lead role to play, I thought .
“You know nothing to make these kids laugh”, my wife,
She started narrating a jungle story with expressions!
my children started listening, I too!
Royal falooda came. 
I asked bearer not to disturb. 
We got in to our world,
My wife,” Once upon a time a fox and a stork lived in a jungle”.  
I said, “might be near a lake”
“Yes, yes”, my wife.
“They were good friends. But the fox was very selfish”, my wife. 
“Could be like me”, I said.
“Yes,yes”, my wife.
 My wife, “One day he thought of a plan to tease the stork”.  
“Could be like you”, I said.
“Shut up Da”, my daughter.
“The fox invited the stork for lunch”, my wife.
“I know this story”, screamed my son!
“Go ahead, go ahead”, my daughter.
“The stork accepted his invitation happily- 
and reached on time for lunch”, my wife.
“Poor stork”, I said.
“Now the fox played a trick and presented -
food in a very shallow plate”, my wife.
“Poor stork”, I said.
My wife, “The fox finished his food in no time but- 
the stork was not able to have his food at all”.
 “Poor stork”, I said.
my son started laughing noisily!
My daughter too joined him.
I struggled badly to appease them.
 My son said, “Da, I too couldn’t have my falooda at all”.
we were offered a small plastic spoon!
falooda was in a narrow tall cup!
We know not, but we were struggling
I laughed at my wife. She was awe struck!
I said coolly, “I never follow etiquettes",
I threw the spoon and drank the whole falooda!
My children followed me.
My wife threw the spoon; screamed, “Idiot”
She was firing the bearer.
I was laughing silently.
Nowadays people have lost sense!

written on 15-12-2013 for the contest "Any poem #5" by Poet Destroyer A.

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rain,you come often for, I would live sane

For walking, by early morning sharp 6,
Parking my cycle by children’s park,
Started I, round the park.
Breeze severe, drizzle slow.
Rushing to shelter I see rain, 
no welcome face in park.
happy inside I showed aversion 
my surprise! Flowers smile, butterflies dance,
bloody some flies too joined the dance.
passion in me got triggered .
I wanted to dance with flies
try catching butterflies and flies .
I fear for, all in the shelter may laugh,
my dignity my respect I bother much.
envying the butterflies and flowers
Lucky fellows gifted to dance and smooch!
I saw a boy near me in my spirit.
tried sweet talk to make him dance in rain.
too smart this fellow, he wanted me to dance first.
I cursed the younger generation for not loving nature
I told him, “In our days we would dance the whole day”!
fellow said, “you country fellow, I have a date today”.
I cursed him “go hell. Dance with evil spirits”.
I became very nostalgic of my childhood days!
By school days ,I try all eccentric things .
Believe me,I even lay flat on the ground 
and look at rain in all angles.
Even research on reflection of light on rain drops.
Today I could never imagine for that in all rain 
probably I have to take a picnic for that.
But for sure, the sense of rain
always makes me nostalgic, 
a great cure for many of my untold pains.
rain,you come often for, I would live sane……

15-11-2013. by Jenish Soosai anthony for 
"Fragrance of rain" contest by nette onclaud.

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Jack and Jill

Once there was a handsome guy called Jack,
wedded a beauty named Jill, dressed in sack.
they went up the hill
to have a night of hell.
Bloody this Jack and Jill song rhymes fake!

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White Magic

Once there was an intellect called Muster Magic
They say,” fellow has an art of his own- white Magic”
“we couldn’t comprehend” they say
“we couldn’t hear his voice” they say
bloody  just a language of mind is white Magic!

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In to the gloaming

early evening
day following sunset
dare see changing good

dated 30-07-2013

written for the contest "One in three:write Beautifully" by Andrea Dietrich.

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Eighth wonder-King Kong

Once there were two writer friends Wallace and Cooper.
Into novelization of the original King Kong film, no souper.
“Edgar Wallace didn't write any of Kong, not one bloody word...
I'd promised him credit and so I gave it to him” Cooper’s word
Bloody, informal discussions do worth acknowledgement Cooper! 

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Super star

Once there was an actor called Solomon” the Super star”
Demonstration of falseness and pretense for Oscar
A show of diligence
No show of dog race
Bloody, ultimately no gold is super star better hopeless star!

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Uncle Duck

Once there was a man called Uncle Duck
no silly, a scholar with wide exposure is duck
Boasts Symbol of freedom is I,
symbol of happiness and fidelity is I
bloody post modern is duck.

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I sail boat

As drops from the clouds cease,
I stroll to meet a friend of mine
a paper boat in hand, a local boy
runs from the PDS shop queue, 
looks for water to sail his boat,
tried in a small dirty puddle,
embarrassed to see,the boat stay still!
tried in the nearby ditch, already choked!
Cursed heavens, a way out of embarrassment!
Looked around little boy, my gaze, he dislikes!
fellow doesn’t want others follow his passion!
I started walking away poker faced, 
Fellow jumped with a smile believing
I know not his embarrassment, got into
his fantasy world to try another fun….