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Better with you

Sun sets behind hill
Tries hiding but sky ignites
Enjoyed more with you

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My Guiding Light

As I sit here on this warm, solid shore
beneath a lighthouse I adore.
It stands perfect, beautiful and mint
the roof shingled, a lovely brown tint.
its beacons, a blazing blue hue, 
shine light upon all that I knew.

One day a while ago. Past the fog of the bay
my lighthouse shimmered and played
its beacons shown with a stare
at a new land, an island out there.
I had seen hints of it while looking around
though never thinking I’d leave this fertile ground.

As the fog lifted and cleared 
my lighthouse showed a path that was close. I steered
through this maze of perils towards the new shores
Glancing at the edge of this place, suddenly I want more.
I want to venture and explore it so
Thank you my lighthouse for your allowing glow.

This new isle of desire,
surrounded by a bright red ring of fire
has two beautiful blue pools, clear and deep
a cave so welcoming, sweet sounds did seep
Its lovely peaks were thoroughly explored.
with light patch of grass along the other shore. 

For all its beauty and wonderment, true enjoyment
lies within the relaxing feel of each moment.
Around this isle I can be myself without a worry.
It has welcomed me and listened to my stories.
I listened as the breeze told tales, many that related
The warmth felt upon these shores makes me elated
This isle has been so inviting 
every moment around it was exciting.
My delight in it became hard to evade
but the light from my home was beginning to fade.
I left for home for that is my place.
Having difficulty ignoring those feelings, I pace.

The fog rolled back hiding the isle
Knowing it was there made my mind go wild.
Thoughts that, maybe I could journey without my light
Knowing the trip was very treacherous and not right
For days I pondered it. Deciding to wait out the fog instead
Realizing that I was out of my head

For on my shore I have everything I adore
Stability and sanctuary surround my lighthouse and shores
Family and friends within safe distance
Loss of all this if I were to crash in an instant
That is why I have stopped trying to find
the isle of desire that consumed my mind.

Someday if the fog lifts and the lighthouse shines
I’d make the trip and enjoy the time.
The isle of desire that once consumed my mind.
Now is a place that if I happen to find
Will be fun and exciting as I venture its shores
But only when allowed by the lighthouse I adore.

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In and out of Seasons

The contrast of the
bluest sky to be 
and the crispest green
seen. Make one enjoy
the colors between.
From the petals,
whites thru indigos.
Robins red; Grey
squirrely fellows.
Outside you'll
find enough
to inspire.

The sunshine
beckons all
to appear.
Wave hit beaches
invite feet's splash.
Woodlands call fourth
picnickers cache.
Families spend time 
together amidst
clear warm days, into
short nights. Sharing their
laughter with delight.

Sun releases grip,
days light compresses.
Winds cool relief to
heat that oppresses.
Colors wane begins,
from brightest greens
of spring to shades
of golds and reds.
Browns of the dead.
Fresh harvest
abounds with
a bounty
of thanks
from all.

sets in.
hold begins.
Colors hide
beneath the
snows white covers.
There's beauty as
each flake hovers.
Each is unique
in size and shape but
together unite
as one. Same is true
for those who snuggle
until Winters done.

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burden upon back
falls to the floor while lifting
burdens of others

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CJ Forever More

No more seeing you pout when I walk through the door
    to find trash strewn across the kitchen floor.
No more picking old diapers from the lawn
    I never knew why you were drawn.
No more kisses from your wide wet tongue
    the first of many I got when you were so young.
No more lying against your back
    your warmth and love I will lack.
Forever more sweet thoughts of you
    jumping in my lap when you were two.
Forever more you’re in my heart
    it was so hard to have to part.
Forever more you will be missed
    during lonely nights you were my bliss.
Forever more than my pet
    you are family and one of the greatest friends I have met.

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Kiss sealed in bottle
Hurricanes, iceburgs, years
Lost loves lips refreshed

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A perception,
translated to feelings,
upon which joyful reveler's 

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Fishing Trip

Calm black lake water
Hidden world lurking below
Children stare at poles

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limits success
by keeping someone
from trying to defeat

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Tough Mudder

Today’s the day.
Our training is to be put on display.
Upon each is a test of the heart.
Guts to do it all from the start.
Here we go over the first wall, sublime.

Men and Women at the line.
Utter the words “HOO RAH” in time.
Determined to finish the challenge ahead.
Defined by how they react to others in dread.
Each of us who finish the course and stand.
Reach a new respect for those who sport the orange headband.