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EYES that were veiled

EYES that were veiled
Beauty of my love lies in the eyes
for her, fire in them resides
a few shield them with lies
but why, veiled have to be these?
It is the dust, father joked
Religious texts mother said
Others gave a look weird
When asked why they' ve to be veiled
Culture?or Religion? Or something else
A taboo for sure there exists
Born for stealing those cherubic hues
But why those beautiful eyes under veils?

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A Kiss In My Dream

       shine soft,
   The kiss, yours
Ablaze,deep,eyes lull

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Lights On Water

Lights On Water

Lights  adorn lovely night waters,sparkling flecks of diamonds 
Ripples  mercy of  silly  pebbles , or  windy rebuke
Serene beauty ruffled ;what gains ,what pains -left  unaware.

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Dancing Eunuchs Of India

                       Dancing Eunuchs Of India
Eunuchs they were, who sang at doorsteps for alms
At birth and death alike; blessed the bride and groom too.
They danced their dark bodies heavily gyrating,with
 busted breasts, hairy chest and hefty forms tightly clad 
in saris candy colored ,sequined and six feet long.
Painted smiles, jingling bangles, tinkling anklets
sang bawdy ballads  of glorified virgins and stillborn children,
in a third gender voice-a hostile blend of two opposite sexes.

Mehnaz Veetil
Entry for 8 lines contest on a native culture, sponsored by Debbie Guzzi 

Note: Most of the eunuchs in India live by begging. They normally come out in groups of about five to ten and spread out in streets approaching small shops and restaurants for alms. Normally people give them alms out of fear of being cursed. It is widely believed in India that the curse of a "hijra" is very effective; same with their blessings. They offer to dance at small family functions like naming ceremonies of newborn children, weddings and other village functions. 

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              scent of the rose
           kindles love in her eyes--
             wine glass clinks

the lovers drink
wild thirst in their first kiss--
golden moon shines

              supple skin fades
             yet love swells over--
              is nature envious?

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In A Hotel Room

The ghats,grey serpents in green thickets
cool and moist, dampens restless midgets

There ,in  a hotel ,in the lushness of the tropic's crown
are trees mighty tall with neat flights of stairs hanging down.

stood  perched on trees, a cabin each of uneven logs
with wooden planks hand-polished to parqueted  floors

A large cypress cot,an inviting bed ,the sensuous Umrao-Jaan
on canvas overhead, glowing in hues from a crystal pan

white porcelain figures, lovers dancing  on mantle;love lounges,
windows open to wild flora , a few ripe mangoes hanging in bunches

On the rails ruddy jasmine vines flaunt little white stars
antique bamboo lanterns at the door , happy to be ajar
warm aroma from oils of wild-herb toiletries exude
wanting a trickle on the heated hearts' pursuit

cute candles whispers roses and jasmine in the air
nothing more,  the imp of the mind feasts on love in the air. 

on the small balcony , the cool breeze of the underwoods caress
In this tree-house,bask in its best to soothe five senses. 

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A Life Lost

A Life Lost

    blue ocean waters
jewel- like fishes abode
   old sucker -cat dies..

*my sweet n brave goldy(golden sucker cat fish)dies of white spot disease . :-(

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Mother, Middle Aged

Mother, Middle Aged.

Forlorn, she sinks into the abyss of a middle aged
mother,  her pupae no longer the apple of her eye.
Baffled, she sees her cocoon tear open and barge
hastily, fumbling in quest of sham grown ups’ pride.
A mother she remains, middle aged. Spiteful and void.

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The Lamp In The Shrine , She Kept Aflame

The Lamp In The Shrine , She Kept Aflame

(To give life and love, is the substance of a woman )

Every dawn, sprite in self, since her childhood 
a midst white frost, run to a shrine she would.
Among the Himalayan folds it stood, 
fed with virgin snow and made of  thin wood.

Aflame ,a lamp she kept, under a hood
in that shrine so sacred , where all found food
for body and mind, old and young, lewd and rude,
 weak and  strong ,life and love, holy and good.

Never once since her day did the lamp brood,
 fed it with substance of her own and brewed
She knew she should, as did other folks too, 
lamp of love if gone , life, would be gone too.

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           'cross rough noon sky
           rain and shine couple...
                fox's wedding.

note: When I was a kid my grandmother  never let me go out when rain and shine came together saying that , that was the time when foxes held their secret weddings.(a folk lore,which she believed in)....Years later I watched a similar concept   so well presented in  Akira Kurosawa themes..I miss my granny...Always did...