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Nailed to a Cross

Have you ever hung on a cross
Have you ever had too many
lines on the mirror
too many labels peeled of
bottles at dawn
cones that wreak
seen monsters
come out of waves you surf
eleven in the morning

Can you relate to this
attempt to catch
my attempt to
prompt you to think
without indoctrination
without malice
with empathy
congruence and


by quoting
have you ever hung on a cross

I have failed.
And He has conquered

In this sub urban crucifixion 
Of the mind
Have you found your crossroad
You know, the one where
Everything hangs in the balance
And your decision is a paradigm shift
Or is this where it ends?

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The Sign - It must be

Walking down a mountain trail

barely there and ever fading

absorbing nature's beauty

far ahead I see a sign

"Oh good"' I think

"It'll tell me where I'm going,

and how far to the next lookout

or waterfall."

When I get there

I see no sign

but I wonder,

Was that a sign?

Then a bird begins to sing

like I've never heard before.

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When Love Comes

When Love comes to town

so the saying goes

flee will the foes

except the sad clown

Love is always in town

and out of town

in fact has left the building


Love is in all places 

and nowhere at all

if you don't look

or lack the social graces

The sad clown is

a metaphor for you

for you are so blind

in your apparent happiness

Yet Love conquers all

gathers up the lost

when I am weak

Love does the most

(and so I must post)

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All In Due Sequence AIDS

All is not well 
In this kibbutz
Distant thunder 
Suffers, pardons

Armour crumbles 
In this temple
Does the keeper's 
Soul surrender?

Aren't the roots here 
In this dark soil
Drinking like some 
Suckers should?

And we will stay 
In this dim light
Dragging echoes 
Somewhere else

Aiming blame 
In others' corners
Dowsing these flames 
So we can breathe

And the wonder 
In our slumber
Dregs our blood 
So sick, so sick

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The guilt, it etches
deep into the soul
why is it that I
want what I
can't have

The shame, it harrows
your psychological well being
what is it
that makes it so

I am on my knees in
the garden of my Eden
wondering where
I've gone wrong

Really I am
on my knees in repentance
wallowing in a burnt down love
of human reasoning
and that's where it ends

In this trip of guilt
society is not one
will not reach
its full potential
will perish.

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Elected Neglected

If you come in 'like a wrecking ball' 
in your bare essentials,
you must expect
the shrapnel to cut deeper
than the skin,
lest you hide behind 'the party line'.

Politically speaking
if now we are being softened up 
for the deep and gruesome cuts 
in the budget to come, 
then who will save us 
when 'our beds are burning'.

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Sun Set

In my imagination
I see sets of Suns
Setting on the moonlit pond.

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Not Raised from the Dead

When all is said and done

you've stopped breathing 

nearly six days ago


visions of raising you

three years ago

it's all about psychology

you know


denial in the mind

is a powerful thing 

make believe



sometimes of grandeur

wreak havoc

in consciousness


God said:

"Make deciples  of all nations,

heal the sick and raise the dead."

 Context matters here. 


You're missing something

but you need to find it

for yourself


I can't tell you

even though I know

something other than

what you think

is true 


God's wisdom is


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Like a Sparrow

Sits content on the ridge cap 

of your roof, tweeting, mind fleeting

is happy to find a worm, a bug

cares not for the song 

of the nightingale

just as well

you'd place him in a cage

to hear him sing

cares not for the eagles flight

you'd tame him, make him hunt

for you

he is happy to be the sparrow

as that is what he was intended to be

how sad would it be

if there were no sparrows

in the big city marketplace

We humans so get off the track of life

end up derailed, marooned, shipwrecked

but of our own accord

carry too much baggage

What do we care about destiny

so are we caught up in our own

web of consternation

that we are blind to truth

You know that the mighty king,

the hippy, the judge, the baker

and the undertaker, and my dear reader,

even you, and me

we all stem from the same cell, originally

as we were taught at R I, in primary school

Yet all that matters little, cosmically speaking

as the earth spins about itself and about the sun etc.

it does not spin for or around you nor me

but it is so indescribably beautiful

that in the reflection of a puddle

in the street

we can see the moon, the sun, our faces

cathedrals and mountains

regardless of riches or poverty.

Like a sparrow

we ought to accept

what we have

as that is most likely

how it was intended.

Details | Uwe Stroh Poem

Salty Cocktail of Regrets

In the purple haze of the bar room
you muse lustful moves
like the true artist you are
you stumble but find yourself
in the midst of shipwrecks
swaying to the trash band
of suburban artifacts 
the dance floor groans
like a wooden sailboat
in a hurricane
pot smoke belly aches
too much acid
messes with your head
your sailor escorts you
like a tugboat down
the wonky lane
where in the backseat
of his Cadillac
you swallow the salty
cocktail of regrets
dawn breaks and
you'll do it all again tonight.