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Tag You are It

When I die, will you wail and cry?
Or grin and do the dance of the Beagle?
Will you touch my skin to feel cold setting in,
As my blood is congealing.
Will you raise my lids to view pupils wide
verifying my organs stopped working?
Now on the phone, will you pretend to sad moan,
While holding in a giggle and wriggle?
As I float to my deserving place,
My spirit cannot inform you, my Beloved’s face.
You will follow me as if we’re tethered.
By infection I was claimed, no visuals to say, 
that you shouldn’t have touched me at all.

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Pink Reality

Medical Center. Sadness.
Placed in room. Sadness.
Treatment begins.Sadness
Chemical given. Sadness.
Radiation used. Sadness.
Stomach queasy. Sadness.
Image in mirror. Sadness
Hair  gone. Sadness.
Future unknown. Sadness.
Centennial Birthday. JOY!

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Best for Last

Best for last

Lizard lips
Blizzard tips
Cow pies
Cannon fodder
Tobacco breath
Primitive Quest
Papilloma’s daughter
Whale droppings
Frantic knocking
Eutectic solder
Anal eyes
Flabby thighs
Don’t bother

Petal pink
Purple ink
Sugar water
Melon slice
Sticky rice
Bubbly juice
Fruit tree
Pretty feet
Bustin loose
Air guitar
Morning star
Spruce goose
Genius type
No hype
Sweet night

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Better accomodations for a God

Better Accommodations for a God
Oh Stately spire from distance seen.
Your young visage, causes you to preen .
Your Circular face, shows no time.
Boisterous Bells, comfort minds Divine.
Though haughty and Sanctimonious you are. 
You owe your fame to a kin not far.
Upon a plain that shares the name
You were given in another King’s Reign
Not still grand like you.
Henges  strewn from nature’s rage
Resided their God of another age.
Blocks of stone, that simple people Raised.
Not long before, they shared a Cave.
Both sites no more sanctified.
People built them at a sacrifice
Money and Sweat and their Lives.

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no choice soon

Gluten free.
Not Me!

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Cz I sed So

It’s Dead! Buried! Murdered! By
Societal  Evolution. Technology has 
Guillotined it, chopped to,
 Shards of quick transference.
Paperless, Ephemeral, Unbounded By
Chemical mixtures, giving  whole
Recognition, permanence. Now
It is whisked away, as Dandelion fluff
In the wind of electrons.
Meaning given by consent of,
Ignorant users, only capable of,
Mangling, what they could not 
comprehend in full form.
Butchers trying to extract more 
Time for Air Head endeavors of
Tactile and Visual and Auditory,
Sensations of Erotic Exercises,
That soon callous the senses.

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Sun Furnace desiccating.

Man and Beast moving,

In crazed circles of Corral Mirages

Seeking shade.

Moisture-less Sky and Land.

Buzzards, certain of,

Meat Jerky repasts. 

Timing air currents,

Until the Western Buffet

Is finally stocked.

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The Dysfunctional Family Welcomes Autumn

It’s Autumn!
Throw open the Windows
Get out the Leaf Blower
What falls on the Lawn
We’ll just Mow over
Get out the Shotguns
To clear out the spiders
Be careful about Grandma
In the cellar making Cider
We have new neighbors
What’d you say,Hoke?
Our cleaning may scare’ em ?
Screw Em’ if they can’t take a  joke
Light the Fireplace
And see if it smokes.

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By Kieran Pavlick

26 October 2012

Stitch me back together,
whether it hurts me or not.
I still don’t know if I was
Blown up or shot.

The brain plays tricks,
maybe a bullet or
shrapnel from bricks.
I ain’t afraid of dyin’
I’m in a macho clique.

We expect the worst to happen.
Part of that is Rappin’ and
Some of it is Shtick.
You doin’ it with super glue?

How modern of you.
From assembling model airplanes,
To jigsaw puzzles, Dude
Technology took away stitches, so
 I won’t look Frankenstein crude

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A Black Dress simple
Gains entry to ample
Fun places of Rich
and People Beautiful.  

But careful,Naive
A glance lustful
will soon deceive.
Keep the intake
of Brain Fog