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Best Ralph Mason Poems

Below are the all-time best Ralph Mason poems as chosen by PoetrySoup members

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My Heart It Never Lies

my heart    it never lies 
with the morning light 
I pause      and close my eyes 
Dawn is a lovely prize 
still I unpack each night 
my heart    it never lies 
she presses on my thighs 
soft and wrapped in white 
I pause      and close my eyes 
Dawn’s warmth is but disguise 
I feel her cruel bite 
my heart    it never lies 
she slowly makes her rise 
then showers golden bright 
I pause      and close my eyes 
staring in her mirror 
I reach for something sharp 
my heart    it never lies 
I pause      and close my eyes

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The Beach

crisscross clouds
leave unseen tracks

warm sands 
ruffle velvet shoals

ocean sprays
release salty tears

fine pebbles 
squeeze wrinkled soles

sapphire waves
grind sparkling glass

supple limbs
explore hazy shores

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calm water
rock skipping
mist rising

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Mama Said

beware short

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Day 1

golden sun
white hand
green apple
red lips
black clouds

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Pink Butterfly

Oh pink butterfly where have you been
did you see the mighty river where the wild flowers sing
have you touched your wings on the honey dew
did you lay in the sun til I saw you

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No More

henceforth be known
all men are weasels
and carry their pride
forlorn and inept
yet waxing with sand

hear the bell – satan
your parcel retrieve
no more

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Painted Floor

I painted a fire, a little fire on my floor
then I sang a sweet song and made a soft sound
and the flames did grow higher, higher my hound

I jumped in the middle both feet shod flat
then I let my hair down and tore my shirt off
and the flames grew still higher, higher my hound

I called for the dove and I called for the swan
then I leapt from the fire and ran to the door
and the flames grew still higher, so much higher than my floor

I strained to escape, my sinews pulled taught
then with all of my strength I did flee the wild light
and the flames grew ever higher, as I passed out of sight

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t’wer the last day
if memory be well
cats on the porch
rug full of shells

a smile from your eyes
a sent from your hair
the vice of your grip
loose with despair

feathers flying south
the silence of the night
gave hint that our time
soon would pass by

your last act of will
so delicate, so sweet
to pray for our souls
in heaven to meet

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To The Bride

he is a small sampling of nuptial bliss
grampa and gramma we thank you for this
your prodigy abound both near and far
they’ve spread like the seeds of a hollywood star

and here in the state where the big reds rule
we find your family all fit in one room
there long and there short and they’re so in between
I’m certain tonight there will be more than one scene

so if by chance you should hear the groom cry
don’t be startled, and don’t turn away
It’s a family trait that goes back quite far
you see my cousin’s a Grisetti and a sensitive guy

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