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She Was a Poem

Trapped in the room 
Her heart was travelling 
To the utmost edge of the world 
Following the stars 
While she was painting 
And writing poems 
Genuine, shy, sweet poems 
Pursuing essential 
Truth and beauty 
And she was a poem too 

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Angelic People

On starry, starry nights
On sunny, sunny days
Angelic people, whose eyes
Resemble wounded deer`s eyes
Angelic, fragile, gentle  
People sadly pray
You can hear their cries
And they say:
`We do not want any more lies
Take your evil deeds today,
And stay out of our way.`

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If You Were

If you were a painting
You would be a painting of the sky
If you were a book
You would be ``A Catcher in the Rye``
If you were a bird
You would fly high, so high
So please, don`t be shy
Because your dreams will die
So please, don`t deny
That you can do anything
If you just try

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Everything you so desperately want to hide
Everything that is hidden deep, deep inside
Struggles to show its ugly or pretty face
And wants your recognition and embrace
Because, without it you are not complete
And everyone somehow knows that you cheat
Eventually, it will conquer and find its way out
With your help, or alone, without any doubt
Perhaps you`ll experience pain and grief
But, finally you won`t feel like a liar or a thief
And you will have more strength and self-belief

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This Night

This night is a dancer
In a dark, velvet dress
This night is a singer
With a deep, rich voice
We are sitting, we are silent
And suddenly, we remember 
Something and start talking
The window is opened
We are watching a small cloud
Floating beside the Moon
We are watching the stars
And their light is reflected
In our eyes, the light made of
Many, many millions of years

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If she makes the mistake
Of loving him, he will make her
Suffer terribly for her utter lack of taste
And when he leaves her
After she had undergone
The great pain of rejection
She will find another HIM
For there is no end to the
Foolishness of a woman`s heart

Details | Vesna Kovrlija Poem

My Songs

When they sing within me
I am seized with a capacity
For admiration and wonder
When they sing within me
I can feel an angel burning
In my heart like a rose
And melodies rise out
From the clear depths
Of my soul

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Where there is love, there is life
Where there is pain, there is life
When there is joy, there is life
You can not find happiness
By avoiding life
So may you live
All days of your life

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I am silent
I am trembling
I am singing
I am dreaming
And waiting
Under blue sky`s veil
To see some poem`s trail

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Soul Searching

There is the light in your soul
Something deep, deep inside
That you want to hide
Because its your precious guide

People are curious and cruel
They want to reveal 
The treasure they will steal
And you will never heal

The part of you will be gone
You will never be whole
If you let them unroll
The valuable secrets of your soul