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Best April Walter Poems

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Ready for Love

I've loved you for awhile.
I know now I can share my heart with you.
You have proved to me that I can trust you with it.
Can you help me put it back together again?
All i ask is for you to handle it with care because it is fragile.
So here it is my heart open but broken.
Ready for you love.

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Hurricane Sandy

She was tropical.
Moving closer to home,
The more she felt from where she was coming from.
The coolness that met her made her angry and sad at the same tiime.
She knew our weakness and used it to her advantage and caused much pain when she came.
Crying, she brought the rain that came crashing down into the water in the ocean,
Which then crashed into the oceans floor.
Then the winds came with her, blowing hard she moved everything that was in her way.
Her anger and sadness was known to all.
Then we felt like we couldnt repair what was broken.
All we could do was wait for her to pass.

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The Storm Has Past

The clouds move in fast, crackel's from the roaring thunder.
Lightening flashes across the sky; Rain pouring down inches at a time.
The wind races in-- Stand still and hear the voices whisper:
"Peace be still."

The clouds are gone,
The rain stops,
The trees sway no more from the winds,
And the sun is shinning 'cause the storm has past.

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Daddy loves me

Thank you for never turning your back on me
and always believing in me when I had nothing to beleive in.

The smile you always kept on your face even when the things I did
hurt you kept me going you always remined me I was your little girl and 
you would always love me no matter what mistakes I make and when I felt worthless.

Just wanted you to know you gave me strengh to overcome the obsticles that I have 
over came and the ones still to come I never thanked you before now and I wanted to take this time to let you know that I love you and Im glad your my daddy.

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The Back Diamond Night

I started my journey to find the speacisl jewel the black diamond.
I knew it wouldn't be easy but iI thought of the reward once I found it.
I traveled long and wide with the darkness of the night surrounding me.
I thought I was  defected.
Then i looked ahead and I seen a shine so bright I thought i would be blinded.
So i keep forwar and when i reached the spot where the light was coming from.
The journey was over abecause i found the jewel. 
It was  the Black Diamond in the night and to my surpise it wasn't black at all.
It was beautiful and bright and full of life.
so what I thought I was looking for was more wonderful then I thought.
And it was called the Black Diamond Night

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If tou take one minute to take a look at the things around us we would notice so much.
The leaves on the trees can tell us so much if we just look and listen.
They tell us when it's windy because it starts to sway.
It even tell us when it's ready to rain cause if we pay attentin and look they turn themselves upside down.
They also tell us when the seasons change because the leaves start to change colors.
The after awhile there beauty starts to change it then start to whither up and fall tio the ground 
It takes just one second to look up at all the wonders around and know just because the tree is bear it will be beautiful again.

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Beauty FLys

Beauty Flys


I wondered around wondering what my purpose in life was.

I always felt out of place.

Then one day, I could feel a change occouring within myself.

It was like I was in a cacoon; trapped.

I was so lonely.


Then one day I could see the light for the first time, so I strengthed out.

Finally I was free.


There was something different about me.

My body, and color had changed.

I felt beautiful for the first time.


Then, I noticed I had wings.

So I did what felt natural; I spread my wings and with all my might, I started to flap them, and I flew for the first time.

The world was like a new place to me, I could see everything differently.


With all the changes you may go through, it will one day make you into something beautiful.


And beauty always flys


By: April Ann Artis-Walter, 8-24-2012


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I put my hand in yours as me emback on this new journey.
I will follow all your intructions in order to do what i must to get a good grade.
I'm looking forward to hearing what you have to say.
iI will always do what you ask of me.
Because you are my teacher and my future is in your hands as well as mine.

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No Other LOve

Wondering where you was.
I waited up for you and you never came home.
Was you with someone else or just out on the town
My mind starts to play tricks on me and then races with thoughts of you not around
I couldn't say nothing not even a word
All the possibities that could be going on.
i was now scorn
I prayed that night 
with all my might
that i wouldn't lose my love with no other in sight.

Details | April Walter Poem

First Snow

The soundless snowflakes falls leaving a white wonderland
Trees bareof leaves covered with a white blanket
Snow angels are being formed by children even children at heart
Snowmen are being made
Snowballs are being thrown
Sleigh rides all around
when the snow hits the ground
After being outside awhile I open the house door and smell the aroma of apples in the air
It was warm apple cider that was waiting on the table
Mom knew exactly what we needed so she peeled off our snow covered clothes.
She smiled and lead us to the table
It was the best first snow ever outside and even better when we came inside.