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Billy The Kid

There were many outlaws in the old west.
But one outlaw stood out more than the rest.
And his name was Billy the kid.
He was a very fierce gun fighter, that showed no fear, or remorse on who he killed.
Billy was quick at the draw with his colt 45.
So whoever went up against billy the kid, was surely to die.
So the next time you think of a outlaw from the old west, Think about 
Billy the kid because that outlaw was one tuff cowboy.

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war horse

There once was a horse named joey that a little boy had as a pet.
As the war came to town the boy's dad took joey the horse to sell it to the army.
The horse was in the war for 4 years before the boy joined the amry and he was eventually reunited with his horse joey again.
When the war ended they both went home toghter.

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Love will find a way

If all of the flowers fade away, and if all the  storm clouds  decided to stay, then you would find me each hour the same way you are tomorrow and I am today because you are the sunlight the sun is gone and if loving you is a heartache for me and if holding you means I have to bleed then I am the martyr love is to blame you are the healing and I am the pain and he take this life of regret for my heart to learn to forget tomorrow I will be happy with you more than I ever was and if I fall I hope your there next to me for I know I'm so close to you more then I ever was before because loving you is all that I ever wanted, love will find a way tonight I know one day that you would come and find me I waited for loves sake one day to be loved if I see beyond . Here and now I know that love is reaching out tonight to find me with you beyond what I can say what love can do with every moment leading me to you tonight.

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choices of life

The way we choose to live our lives is like a path on an empty road. 
We can either take the path for the better or the path for the worst.
So it's up to all of us to make the right choices on what path we all must make.
Because if we don't make the right choices on what path to take,
That could be our biggest mistake to our faith of what we make too ourselves.

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If love is free .
why are we charged ?

If love has many side .
why can't i find one ?

If love is here .
why can't i find it ?

If love has a boundary .
why is it hard to find ?

If love cries .
wh dont we feel ?

If love is you .
were am I ?

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What life offers

We live our lives as though everything around us doesn't  even exist.
If for a moment we all stop and see what beauty lies within ourselves, From the air we breath, To the sound of the wind blowing through the trees.
To the mountains that stan so high.
And to the sun that shine ever so bright.
These are the things most people ignore to see.
But it's up to you and me to take a moment just to see what life has to offer for you and me.

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Indian boy

There is a little boy that is on a quest to find his sprit.
The sprit will help him throught his quest to become a man.
He found his sprit and it is a bear, So he will become big and strong like a bear, And a very strong man.

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Endless love

Oh my love, I love you so, I'll never ever let you go. Every day that passes by my love for you only grows. Like the flowers and the trees that blossoms every springs. Is a long growing love that will never fade away. So I will hold you close to my heart untill that day comes where we must part.

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God Bless America

To all the troop's that fought for our country, Without you we would have no freedom.
So I'm sending you this poem to all the troop's that are fighting in the present, And the past.
People really do appeciate everythng you have done for our country.
So we all take off our hat's to all the troop's and say thankyou for serving our country and makeing it a better place to live.
                               GOD BLESS AMERICA LAND OF THE FREE 
                                         AND HOME OF THE BRAVE

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old maid

There was a old maid that lived in a house, That old maid took a look under her house and she could not tell what is down there. The old maid took a candle and went down there and she saw a dead body and it was an old maid that was there before her. The old maid did not know what to do ? So she said I am out of here no more old maid in this house bye.