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Details | Sukmawati Komala Poem |

Owl in the dark night

Owl in the dark night

Dark Owl
That's how I call
on an Owl
who loved the darkness

Almost every night
he greeted  me 
with his unique voice

carved a longing
in my heart
for his visit

Will you attend

I miss your gaze
in the dark night

give a spirit
to meet

even if 
you were negligent
or forget
to visit me

i’ll hug your gaze
along my dream

~ (C) Sukmawati Komala
15 May 2013

Copyright © Sukmawati Komala

Details | Sukmawati Komala Poem |

Favourite Thoughts

blow me wind
o blow me away
To my favourite thoughts

dress in white satin
meet sweet jasmines
kiss red roses

white clouds 
come alive 
in their flapping tender wings

delicate drizzles
drop on my face
feel  with
glittering loves

kiss me wind
o kiss me wild
ruffle my hairs
 till i tickle giggle

blow me wind
o blow me away
to meet my sweetest memory

when i drank his first
stupid words
said “ i love you”
in a quite beautiful  nuance

blow me wind 
o blow me away
weather wise
such a lovely day

My favourite thoughts
i worship and adore

~sukmawati komala~
21 March 2013

Copyright © Sukmawati Komala

Details | Sukmawati Komala Poem |

where is your chirping

grievous becomes feels 
every time hear shouting heart squalling 
about his broken beauty of nature 
mountain and valley whimpering 
because of  slovenliness
humankind  hunt living needs 
and forget his beauty of natural 

i fear for 
loss of morn’s  chirping
beautiful song from my sweet birds
I seldom heard them all

maybe you confused
where should you step your feet 
might you fret 
saw  your shade trees broken  
shattered growled

sick  of your heart 
was so heartfelt
perhaps i  worried
to lose your beautiful chirping

you need the trees 
beautiful environtment
you need to shade
and  i need your beautiful chirping

no more fella 
you pickaback
with fret the woody stem 
to the city 
to the country

it is the ideal places 
for my birds to sing
yearning always 
where is your chirping

(c)Sukmawati komala
16 February 2013

Copyright © Sukmawati Komala

Details | Sukmawati Komala Poem |



on the green meadow
there was  a
a white lily
such beautiful

silence in the deserted
befriended harassment
echo heart

I could bargain this fate
I’d buy  dragonfly wings
achieved my right of freedom” said lily

was flying over
red dragonfly
cheerfully whistling
beautiful melodies

“I'm an admirer of art
devotee every beauty
I don’t  deny
you're the real beauty”
what a feeling
embraced  by the prince of love
alluring lovers
drunken romance
dazzling the lover’s eyes

I could bargain this fate
I’d  buy your charms” said dragonfly

Laughed and laughted
wise wind 
blew down the dragonfly
to hug lily

lily with dragonfly wings
require practises to fly
to treasure her freedom

dragonfly was simply enjoying
the beauty
and love

without flying

whispered wise wind
I am the Inexhaustible story
every second together
wishful tones
sweet dreams

if I could bargain this fade
i’d transform  the blue sky
into thoughtful poetry

~(c)sukmawati komala~
08 April 2013

Copyright © Sukmawati Komala

Details | Sukmawati Komala Poem |

If love as eternal as a mole

why would we doubt 
the existence of immortality

will love be eternal ?

perhaps we lost track of time
immersed in selfish ambition
hypnotized in beauty
floated above the charm

try to ask the mirror
who always tell the truth 

do we have
remained the same?
will get forehead wrinkles
eyebrows and eyelashes will change its colors

mirror said

“there is one point
a mole ...
yes, a mole 
Likely to grow 
but never shrink or lost
it remained immortal”

how wonderful
if love
as eternal as a mole

try to ask the universe
what is immortal thing in the world
Nature doesn’t has a mirror

nature says
all was measured by the reflection science
what was seen in the reflection of the water
different from the original
what was appeared on the shadow
different from the original

nature says
“there is one point
a mole ...
yes, a mole 
reflected by any object
remains the same
a mole
remains timeless

if love
as eternal as a mole

~ (c) Sukmawati Komala ~
18 April 2013

Copyright © Sukmawati Komala

Details | Sukmawati Komala Poem |

Fly dove fly

fly dove fly

blowing wind
pressed my silent leaves
in my longing space
stuck firmly
a lump of love

behind fatigue
I held tightly
a breath full of flavor

wait patiently

full of hope
nature on my side
waving the dove
fly closer

convey a whisper

fly dove fly
stretch your wings
beautiful sturdy
to challenge the horizon
and brush the dark storm

won’t fall 
smoldering soul
in a song
of pure joy

sing a hope
fly dove fly
convey a whisper
across the ocean

~Sukmawati Komala ~
17 April 2013

Copyright © Sukmawati Komala

Details | Sukmawati Komala Poem |

Jewel of dawn


heavy fog 

 when can
my jewel appreared
my  hope
ornament coolish drops 

clear choice
ripple of soft cold 
persuade patience

my smile danced
 jewel rays
silver hacked nosedive 
expanse of 
sky illuminating earth 

jewel dawn 
new hope

let me be 
your lover

 jewel of dawn 

~ sukmawati komala ~ 
2013 february 28

Copyright © Sukmawati Komala

Details | Sukmawati Komala Poem |

Carry my chant with you

I adore you
in every way
embroider my admiration
above of all

and i want you
to hear my chant
by heart

your eyes 
are widely opened
waiting for something 
that might be falling
from the sky
to catch and compose them all
into an everlasting story

your purest thought
is freely wandered
measuring those impossible things
let the rest of us
learn from you

your heart
is poetically bloomed
the fragrance 
of the elegant spring

let this chant
harbour in your heart
carry it with you
in everywhere you go

~(c) Sukmawati Komala~
Jan 2014

Copyright © Sukmawati Komala

Details | Sukmawati Komala Poem |

One Drop

One Drop

to a melancholic heart
one drop of love 
are blooming roses
arouse enthusiasm
sing thousands heart’s desire

in silent decending
of its sparking beauty
lay away veiled senses
imply enduring tranquillity

glorious fragrance
exclusive enchantment 
benign smile

one drop 
to reach life’ s abundance

wish i could just have
my only one

one drop of love

Sukmawati komala 
04 February 2013

Copyright © Sukmawati Komala

Details | Sukmawati Komala Poem |

My inner palace

to my  inner palace 
built in
sturdy passion
beautiful love

colorful garden
with fragrant flowers 
to greet you 
with my sweetest smile 

strong pillars
of verses and
created a temple of love

peaceful atmosphere 
in comfortable love

Though noiseless 
your whisphers 
reached  the ears of my souls

in a softest candle light dinner
patiently waiting
for your present

to enjoy your laughters
and stories

to drink
all sweet lovely tears patter 

i give you 
my special key called love
to welcome you
in my inner palace

~ (c) Sukmawati komala ~ 
07March 2013

Copyright © Sukmawati Komala