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Sandy Hook

You all were taken way to soon
To go and listen to an angel's tune
As you sit and listen to their song
You are not where you belong

You belong with your loved ones
Enjoying the thoughts of days to come
The world stopped on this day
They stopped and started to pray

I am a father, that word has new meaning today
I can't understand why you were taken away
As I sit and try to find a reason
I shed many tears over this act of treason

My heart goes out to the family and friends
Of the souls that met their untimely end
My thoughts and prayers are with you tonight
As you try to find solace in this plight 

As to the ones who witnessed this attack
I know it will be a long time to bounce back
My thoughts and prayers are with you too
My family and I will pray for you.

Lord take care of these souls
Let them succeed in their new roles
Lord hear my prayer
Lord hear everybody's prayer

Duane LaChance
December 14, 2012

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Submariner Memories

I have spent most my life on ships of steel
Things of fiction now so real
I pray for my brothers who have passed
From every nation that laid their wrath

Under the water these ships can go
Where they go nobody knows
They are the oceans ghosts
Riding under the waves, Neptune’s host

These are mans magnificent machines
That patrol the waters so grim, so mean
The ones that survive and are here today
Pay tribute to those that have gone away

I often wondered if I would share their plight
And often slept a sleepless night
Imagining the thoughts that ran their mind
As their ship of steel met the unkind

A torpedo’s blow, a depth charge boom
Crumpled these hulls sent them to doom
Many a year I traveled the seas
Hoping this would not be my destiny

I pray for the men that put up the fight
To keep their ships from dying in the night
These brave men gave all for their country
Doing the deed, keeping us free

I have lived a beautiful life all around
Made possible by these men that are down
I just want to keep their memory
Very much alive for all eternity

There is much pride in the submarine force
So many men proudly stay the course
Following in their brothers steps
Hoping they will not be inept

I am about to retire and go ashore
And live my life forever more
Thinking about what these men did for me
And hoping that I lived up to their memory

If you read this poem please bow and pray
For the submarine force and the men that stay
They protect you while you are asleep at night
And are willing to die in the endless fight

Duane A. LaChance - 2012

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The Love of my Life

I have finally met the love of my life
It won’t be long and I’ll ask her to be my wife
I hope and pray she will say yes
As she is the one that makes me feel the best

We are two peas in a pod for sure
I have never known love so pure
When we kiss the world does not exist
Just her and I in perfect bliss

I see our future as clear as day
This is the girl for whom I will not stray
I love you Melissa, with all my heart
I know that I loved you from the start

I hold a special place for you in my heart
I will never be willing to let you part
My love for you is strong and true
I will live the rest of my life proving it to you.

Duane LaChance Sr.  2012

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My Beautiful Life

Here is another poem for you to ponder
As I sit here and let my mind wander
Are you all you think you can be?
Or are you a drain on society?

Look in the mirror and stare at your soul
You are the one that has to carry the toll
It’s your life make the best of it
We only get one try, so be legit

Try to do your best each day
Before your life passes you away
Take the time to do it right
And you will sleep well tonight

When you feel your life is in turmoil
No need to let your blood boil
Look in the mirror once again
Tell yourself to make amends

Life is a wonderful and beautiful thing
Living to your potential, spreading your wings
Show the entire world who you are
Let the people know that you are a star

I end this poem with a final note
I love my life; I’m not trying to gloat
I look in my mirror and it’s easy to see
God has provided everything to me

Duane A. LaChance Sr.  -  2012

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A Fathers Love and his Mistakes

I am all alone in this great big world
My destiny is being unfurled
I am responsible for my plight
And what I may do tonight

There is no one else to put my shame
Only me, myself, and I to blame
What did I do wrong you may ask
Only I can unburden my task

She is gone so you maybe you can see
Her lost dreams are my reality
She passed on an October day
Leaving my boy behind with me to stay

It is a daunting thing this boy of mine
Looks like his mother time after time
I love my boy he is much like me
I just want him to be happy

I have been told time and time again
That I need to reel my boy in
I don’t see that he is doing any harm
He has gone through hell, that’s his yarn

His mom’s dreams were so easy to see
She wanted the best for him and me.
I have a big guilt because she is gone
And left me the ability to carry on

I only wish that I would have done the same
A love like hers was hard to explain
I left her for another a long time ago
Before I knew about the cancer so you know

When the news came that she was ill
I really wanted to take a bunch of pills
Pills to ease my guilty pain
Of leaving the woman I loved out in the rain.

To my son, if you ever read these words of prose
Please take the time to ensure that everybody knows
That I loved your mother very much indeed
And you were the product of love not a misdeed

I sit here with a tear running down my face
Trying to find another to replace
The girl I loved more than anything at all
Except you my son, you are the apple

The apple of my eye the fruit of my loom
My entire existence is for you to bloom
Your mother and I are proud of you
And are happy you are succeeding in all you do.

Son I hope you will forgive me for things I’ve done
I have one life to live and mistakes can’t be undone
I hope I will be forgiven in the afterlife
And be reunited with your mother and my wife.

I hope your pain eases as you grow older
Never forget, but get bolder
You are almost a man in this big world
Please learn from my mistakes before you unfurl

Your mother and I will be waiting for you
With our arms wide open to rescue
Rescue you from this world of pain
To come live in heaven with us again

Duane LaChance Sr.  -  2012

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Suicide Is Not an Option

Winter storms and I

Are sometimes one in the same.

Dark and gloomy, no blue sky

We feel no shame.

When the storm is done

Beauty is left behind.

No need to get a gun

Life is now aligned.

-Duane LaChance Sr. 2011

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Happy Birthday My Love

My Love, Today you are a year older
Our love has grown stronger and bolder
Today is a special day for you, I must express
It’s the day you were born into this world of mess

We met only a short time ago considering the years
We have already had our share of laugh and tears
I really start to think how it would have been
If you weren’t born way back then
The twinkle in your eye when you look at me
Provides me with a blanket of security
Your smile and laugh fill my heart
And I know we will never part

You were born Blankty one year’s ago
I suspect it was probably in a blazing snow
Cause only you would come out so bright
As bright as a winter storms finishing plight

My Love, Today is your special date
I am happily married to you although late
We will enjoy your special day today
We will enjoy our lives every day!

Duane LaChance 2013

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The Pen, the Sword, and the Lord

The pen is a mighty weapon
Many a people have said
One stroke of this crayon
Have left many people dead

The sword used to kill the pawns
Leaving many battlefields red
Bringing leaders into a new dawn
And many common folk dead

The Lord has not yet drawn
Beware the bloodshed
Nobody will be left to mourn
When he takes all our heads

Duane LaChance Sr. 2012

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A Perfect Night

The trees are swaying in the wind
The moonlight trying to get in
To shine on two people who have just met
To light up their world so they won’t forget

They fell in love on a perfect July day
They promised one another to never sway
Falling in love on a perfect night
Falling in love was their plight

Having the wind blow ever so slight
Having the smell of the air on this perfect night
Made for a peace and tranquility that is hard to find
Made for two people to share nature’s kind

As the moonlight faded away early in the morning
As the sun started rising without warning
You could see these two people were in a good plight
You could tell that they were victims of a perfect night.

Duane LaChance Sr. 2012

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Things that grow

I am not a poet or a master of prose.
I am a just a man who likes to write
About anything that grows.
Like flowers that bloom at first light
All lined up in tiny little rows
Beautiful petals at a perfect height
To be seen in the shadows.

The essence of man and his plight
To grow up to be a normal Joe
Lives in the day and sleeps at night
Waiting for love and ability to sow
The fates of the two are the last rite
Pray for all things that grow
Before they reach the afterlife

Duane LaChance Sr. 2012